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2007-2008 Annual Report

Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report

Board of Directors FY 2008


Michael L. Moran, Chairperson John P. Keegan, Vice-Chair William J. Mott, Jr., Treasurer Irene Tanghe, Secretary Paul J. Van Tiem, Immediate Past Chairperson


Brenda K. Balas Rick A. Bialobrzeski Richard A. Calice Pablo Calzada Sr. Barbara Celeskey, SJ William J. Curry Walter P. Czarnecki, Jr. Annette M. DeLorenzo Donna V. Duffield Julie K. Fernandez Sr. Jane Fox, RSM Constance A. Franko Mary B. Hines Otto Kern Rev. Msgr. Charles G. Kosanke Priscilla L. Lamb Barbara J. Lanahan Douglas H. McDonald Mark McNash Paula M. Zimmer

Advisors to the Board

Thomas J. Bender James Bobalik David L. Currin Mary Jo Dawson James Duprey Jon P. Everly Gary R. Halls Terrence E. Keating Richard Lewnau Linda M. Luchi Mary Martin Edward M. Murphy Rita Rinner

Honorary Advisor

Elizabeth M. Mahoney

Executive Staff

Margaret A. Huggard, President Edward Redlin, Vice-President and CFO Susan T. Masiak, Director of Major Gifts Director of Agency Relations Peggy Akrigg, Director of Family Ed & Support Services Staci Allmand, Director of Family Counseling Services Kerri Gentry, Director of Older Adult Services Herschell Masten, Director of Senior Volunteer Services Cristina Peixoto, Director of Child Welfare Services Maria Luz Telleria, Director of Hispanic Outreach

A special thank you to Michele Favoretto for designing the beautiful "cross" seen on the cover of this report.


Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report

Dear Friends,


ur friends and supporters often wonder about the many different types of programs we offer at Catholic Social Services of Oakland County. Is there a common thread? Indeed there is, and it is based on the concept of the "common good."

History, religion and personal experience all teach us that our communities are healthier when we promote the common good; when more people can earn wages to have a stable place to live, when families are functional and provide a child a safe and loving home. To have someplace to live, you need a job that pays a living wage. For this, you need education and training, and the "soft" job skills that help a person succeed at work. To have a nurturing family, you need to know how to create positive family dynamics and strong bonds. To raise happy children, you need good parenting skills to help your children be successful socially and academically. To grow and thrive, a child needs to have a safe and loving home and parents. At CSSOC, we build the common good by helping people to gain these skills, so eventually the success flows from generation to generation. We do this because of our faith but also because the idea of common good is planted deep in the heart of everyone. At Catholic Social Services of Oakland County, we believe that our work for the common good is even more important during these difficult economic times. Our professional services protect children from abuse and neglect, prepare children for educational success, help older adults retain their quality of life and help families that experience hardships to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Right now, we must be able to continue to provide these services. We must be there for those who might not ever have needed to ask for help before. With you, our individual, corporate and parish partners, we are able to continue most of these wonderful and necessary services. Giving time and financial resources, our loyal donors are the reason why so many families have been touched. In the following pages you will read a few of the success stories that come from your gifts. We want you to hear the true impact. Our doors are always open if you would like to see first-hand the difference you can make. Or, we can come to talk with you individually or in a group setting. Just give us a call. We hope this Annual Report shows you how believing in the common good provides so many wonderful resources to help the children, families and elderly in Oakland County. Thank you, once again, and God Bless!

Margaret A. Huggard President

Michael L. Moran Chairman, Board of Directors


Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report

Protecting children from abuse and neglect

rotecting a child from abuse and neglect can take many forms. It can be shielding them from current abuse taking place. Or, it may start with educating parents, who may never have experienced good parenting, on successful ways of parenting while reducing stress and frustration. St. Francis Family Center, Family Education and Support Services and Hispanic Outreach looks at every stage to make sure those children are safe from harm. Each year, CSSOC: u Cares for nearly 500 children who have been abused or neglected u Helps approximately 250 birth parents who hope to reunify their family u Recruits, trains and supervises foster parents in more than 150 homes, including providing the tools and knowledge to care for and successfully parent these children u Helps young mothers get prenatal care to deliver a healthy baby, as well as make sure she knows the parenting skills needed during the first months u Helps parents learn parenting skills as the child develops so the parents are prepared for the different stages u Supports families with the challenges of adopted or foster children



little girl at five days old should be surrounded by love and safety. Unfortunately, when Sara* (five days old) and her older sister Tina (two years old) came to our St. Francis Foster Care, they had neither love nor safety and were in serious need of temporary housing. They were placed with a loving foster family while the St. Francis staff worked with their mother, Tonya. Tonya had two serious problems: she was struggling with addiction, and she did not have the skills to be a parent. People often think parenting is natural, but if you are not raised by a loving mother, you do not know how to be one. Tonya was often angry, challenging and inconsistent with her visits. She refused to believe that the "system" would deal with her honestly, and she tested every step. St. Francis was careful to match Tonya with a caseworker who saw Tonya's potential to be a good parent. With the caseworker's daily phone calls and "tough love" talk to show Tonya that no one was giving up on her, this mother started to believe that she could learn the skills needed to be a successful, loving parent. Tonya worked hard and learned a great many things at St. Francis. The staff was impressed with the obstacles she had to overcome, and her persistence and hard work. After one year of sobriety and a new understanding of what parenting is all about that she learned from the caseworker, Tonya was able to welcome home her two daughters. Sara and Tina were so happy to be reunited and again start their young lives in a loving home. Their lives will forever be different because of St. Family Francis Services.


*All names have been changed to ensure confidentiality.

Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report

Helping older adults retain quality of life

hether it is a retired senior citizen looking for an opportunity to remain connected with the community, or a family seeking help for their elderly family member who is dealing with the symptoms of Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, CSSOC's Older Adult Volunteers program and Sheltering Arms Adult Day Centers assist the elderly in maintaining their dignity and quality of life. Each year, CSSOC: u Keeps more than 600 older adults connected to the community where they tutor children oneon-one, work in hospitals, or visit homebound elderly who need to see a friendly face u Provides a safe and fun environment at Sheltering Arms Adult Day Centers for the elderly in our community who are dealing with a form of dementia, including Alzheimer's, as well as helps family members who are caring for their loved ones find needed resources


fter Nicole was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2000, her two daughters promised to keep her at home. As her illness progressed, the daughters started alternating care; but having to make sure their families were taken care of, they still needed to work full time. Wanting to keep their promise of keeping her at home, they looked for help. Unfortunately, the first place they took their mother wasn't able to help as their mother's illness had progressed to the point that she was wandering and "redecorating" the walls whenever she wanted. After trying in-home care solely, they found Nicole wasn't receiving enough stimulus. The daughters were relieved when they found Sheltering Arms, and in 2005 we welcomed Nicole with open arms even though she was in later stages of dementia. At Sheltering Arms, Nicole found the daily activity she needed; and when in-home care became necessary, it was great that the familiar faces from the Day Center were there with her at home. Although Nicole passed away recently, her daughters were happy that they had fulfilled their promise of keeping their mother comfortable at home with the help of Sheltering Arms.


arl, who is in his 80s himself, takes special care of "his" seniors as he has dedicated the past nine years as a full-time Senior Companion volunteer to help those around him less fortunate. Carl spends about 20 hours a week playing cards, having a cup of coffee, going on doctors' visits, or just sitting and sharing fond memories of family with Tom, a man nearing 70 with Alzheimer's. After his visits with Tom, he makes sure to visit "his" other seniors, who have now become his friends: 46-year-old Kevin who is blind, 84-yearold Natalie who is completely dependent on oxygen 24-hours a day, and 82-year-old Ron who cannot speak due to a medical condition. Many times, Carl just sits with these seniors as he shares his patience and devotion with those less fortunate than himself. He is truly a wonderful volunteer and friend.

*All names have been changed to ensure confidentiality.



Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report

Preparing children for educational success


child sitting in class wants to know the answer to what their teacher is asking. Parents want their child to succeed, but for many who walk in our doors, they don't have the skills to help start the education at home. As research shows, education starts at home at an early age and then continues through school. CSSOC's numerous educational programs assist families and children at all stages. Throughout the year, CSSOC: u Educates pre-school and young children to prepare them for school u Provides home-based family literacy training so both the parents and children learn together u Tutors children in elementary school to help them be successful in class u Holds after-school programs that encompass both tutoring and parenting education


hen Teen Parent Services staff first met Natalie, she was pregnant, frightened and had no idea what to do. Natalie's parents were not supportive of her pregnancy, so she needed assistance with locating a doctor for her prenatal care, housing, school completion, parenting, household and baby items. Natalie was quickly paired with a case manager who helped her with her current needs. The case manager helped Natalie through the delivery of her baby and then cared for both the new mother and baby. Natalie, who is now a nursing student at a local university, recently called the Teen Parent Services staff to interview them for a school project in which she needed to write about a person who has had a great influence on her life. Her daughter is now six years old, is in the first grade and reads at a third-grade level. Natalie credits her personal/professional growth and her daughter's reading proficiency to her case manager who brought books and toys with her to the weekly home visits. Natalie expressed that until she was in our Teen Parent Program, she had no idea the impact daily reading and playing with her daughter would have on her daughter's being ready for school.

aving a secure job to support his family and being a role model for his teenage daughter were the two most important things for Larry when he came to our Family Counseling program. Unfortunately, when he came in, Larry had just lost his job due to binge drinking. With the help of one of our counselors, Larry realized that his drinking stemmed from feeling he was not good enough for anything because he hadn't finished high school. After creating goals and going through three months of treatment, Larry was no longer binge drinking; he had begun studying to take his GED and enrolled in OCC so that he could learn the skills needed to maintain a full-time job for his family. Larry can now happily say that he is the role model for his daughter that he always had hoped he could be.


Helping families facing hardships to achieve economic self-sufficiency

t isn't new to hear that times in Michigan are hard. For some families it is a difficult time that they have never had to face before, and they are looking for help to deal with new emotions and needs for their family members. For many families who were already facing difficulties, it is that much harder to get on their feet. CSSOC is here to help these families. Throughout the year, CSSOC: u Presents education programs for young parents to complete school and receive job training u Provides family counseling for every member of the family to learn how to handle stresses that arise during difficult times so they avoid abuse and addiction u Holds financial literacy classes for immigrants and low income families



*All names have been changed to ensure confidentiality.

Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report

Highlights of 2008

Life Skills


In-home Care for the Elderly

new program in 2008, Life Skills helps adolescents and adults (referred by the Department of Human Services) to learn essential life skills through one-on-one time with a "coach" from CSSOC. This includes skills such as how to clean and make your house safe for children and other family members, how to organize bills and other documents, how to grocery shop on a budget, and other day-today activities that are needed for a successful household.


he Sheltering Arms Adult Day Center staff noticed that many of their participants' family members needed additional assistance once they were home. After receiving a grant, we were able to address this need by offering in-home care for those families who already have a loved one in our program. This includes assisting with getting their loved one ready for the day, serving breakfast, etc.

Appreciation awards and special thanks

Leonard R. Jagels Award We cannot express enough the gratitude we feel for our wonderful Spring Gala Committee members who work so hard to deliver an elegant

Vicki Iagnemma Jennifer Keegan Sarah Krueger Barbara Lanahan Rita Tinetti Trish Mervenne Patricia Moran Kathy Murnen

Larry and Linda Luchi

Volunteer of the Year Award

Betty Desmond ­ Foster Grandparent Program Jeff Finken ­ Hispanic Outreach Services Michael D. McCulloch ­ Hispanic Outreach Services

event that raises funds for our programs: Chair ­ Linda Luchi Tawnya Bender Jim Bobalik Anne Calice Danielle Farnstrom Michele Favoretto Gina Forbes Mary Hines

Spirit of Hope Recognitions

Juanita Rodriguez ­ Hispanic Outreach Services Gabriela Ortiz ­ Hispanic Outreach Services


Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report


Catholic Social Services of Oakland County provides professional and volunteer services to protect children, strengthen families, and care for the elderly.

Catholic Social Services of Oakland County works with local, state and national organizations to strengthen resources and serve as a source of stability to the people and communities it serves.


Alliance for Children & Families Archdiocese of Detroit Catholic Charities USA Juvenile Assessment Center Michigan Federation for Children and Families Recycling for Charities United Way for Southeastern Michigan

CSSOC would like to show recognition and appreciation to the Parishes/Churches who supported our agency throughout the 2007-2008 year. We thank you for your continued in-kind donations, gifts and community services. Christ The Redeemer Church St. Hugo of the Hills St. John Fisher Chapel University Parish Archdiocese of Detroit Church of St. Fabian Church of the Holy Family Church of the Transfiguration Holy Name Church St. Andrew Catholic Church St. Gerald St. Irenaeus Catholic Church St. Mary of the Hills Guardian Angels Catholic Church Our Lady of Fatima Church Our Lady of LaSalette Parish St. Anastasia Church St. Anne St. Columban Church St. Daniel Church St. James of Novi St. Patrick Parish St. Perpetua Church St. Thomas More St. Vincent de Paul Church Our Lady of Sorrows Church

Licensing and Accreditation

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Michigan Bureau of Child and Adult Licensing (BCAL) Michigan Office of Substance Abuse Services (OSAS) Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (MCBAP)

Contract Partners

Area Agency on Aging 1-B Easter Seals Michigan Department of Education Michigan Department of Human Services Macomb Oakland Regional Center Oakland County Department of Human Services Oakland County Substance Abuse Services Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation


Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report

With sincere appreciation, we acknowledge and thank you...

Individual Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Adam Mr. and Mrs. Michael Akrigg Mr. Dwayne Alampl Ms. Staci Allmand Ms. Hilda Alvarado Mr. Christopher Aslanian Ms. Janice Baker Mr. and Mrs. Paul Balas Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bankert Ms. Jackie Banks-Jones Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Baringer Mr. David Barks Mr. Joshua Barron Mr. Thomas Basile Ms. Valerie Baudoen Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Baughman Mr. Andrew Bawol Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bearre Ms. Suzanne Becker Leida Becuchmp Ms. Pamela Beech Mr. and Mrs. James Belknap Mr. and Mrs. Guy Belleau Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bender Mr. and Mrs. Ray Benitez Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Beres Mr. Joao Bergasse and Mrs. Cristina Peixoto Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bialobrzeski Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bindbeutel Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Black Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blank Mr. James Bobalik Ms. Jacqueline Bodzsar Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Paul Borucki Mr. and Mrs. A. Jerome Bosley, Jr. Ms. Cynthia Boudreau Mr. and Mrs. James P. Bowe Ms. Cheryl Bowman Ms. Simone Bradford Mr. and Mrs. John Breault Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Bresnihan Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Briar Mr. Jose Brione Mr. and Mrs. Randall Brodzik Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Brooks Mr. William Brower Mr. Peter Brown Ms. Eleanor Brown Fr. Jerome Brzezinski Mr. Hugh Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Ray Buratto Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Burke Mr. and Mrs. Brian Burke Ms. Vaudie Byrd Mr. Oscar Caldeeon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Calice Mr. Pablo Calonge and Ms. Maria Trutillo Mr. and Mrs. Pablo Calzada Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Campbell Ms. Raquel Campbell Ms. Rosalba Campuzano-Gomez Ms. Mary Cancro Dr. Marcia Cardelli Mr. George Caronis Dr. Brian Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Brian Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carroll Mrs. Margaret Cassar Mr. Edward Castillo Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cattel Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Cavanaugh Mr. Walter Cetima Reverend Paul F. Chateau Mr. Donald Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Christie Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cibor, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cieslak Dr. and Mrs. Brian Clark Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clements Mr. and Mrs. Brian Condit Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Girtz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Richard Corey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cornillie Ms. Sara Corrid Ms. Teresa Cortes Mr. Andrew Creamer Ms. Mary Cuneo Mr. and Mrs. David Currin Mr. Michael Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cyccone Mr. and Mrs. Walter Czarnecki, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Czarnecki, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis D'Angelo Ms. Patricia Dahlin Mr. and Mrs. James Davis Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Dawson, Jr. Ms. Annette De Lorenzo Ms. Pat De Nio Ms. Hildegard Dean Mrs. Lynette DeBene Mr. and Mrs. Armando Decapite Mr. and Mrs. Dan Degen Mr. and Ms. Richard Deighton Mr. Dennis Delikta Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Delke Mrs. Agnes Denes Mr. and Mrs. Peter DeSteiger Ms. Carolyn Diciuccio Mr. Daniel Diciuccio Ms. Helen Diegel Ms. Lynn Diegel Mr. and Mrs. Landelin Dillon, III J. M. Dilts Ms. Dalia Dimock Mr. Joseph Dombkowski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Donnellon Ms. Jeanine Doremus Ms. Tracey Duff Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Duffield Mr. and Mrs. James Duhart Mr. Jeffrey Dulzo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dundon Dr. Thomas Dunne Mr. and Mrs. James Duprey Mr. and Mrs. John Dziurman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Eklund Mr. and Mrs. Eric Emmons Mr. and Mrs. Paul Erickson Mr. William Erken Ms. Mary Ermatinger Ms. Joan Faber Mr. David Faling Mr. and Mrs. Todd Farlow Mr. and Mrs. Craig Farr Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Farrar Mr. and Mrs. Gene Fava Ms. Michele Favoretto Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Fedorisin Mr. and Mrs. Santiago Fernandez Ms. Berni Ferrari Mr. Brian Fineran Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fioravante Ms. Kay Flogaus Ms. Eugeina Florek Ms. Alejandro Flores Mr. and Mrs. Glen Flowers Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Flynn Mr. Francis Fodale Ms. Alice Fogarty Ms. Mary Lou Fogarty Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Forbes Ms. Constance Franko Ms. Eleanor Froehlich Ms. Lisa Gajeski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ganfield Mr. Miguel Garcia Mr. Ignacio Garcia Mr. Gabriel Garrido Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gdowski Mr. Jeffrey Gembis Ms. Marie Gemmel Ms. Kim Geralds Dr. and Mrs. Leo Gerhardstein Ms. Carol Gilhuly Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gilhuly Mr. and Mrs. Don Gill Ms. Joan Gilleran Mr. and Mrs. David Gilmartin Mr. and Mrs. Dave Goike Ms. Carol Goldstein Ms. Genevieve Gomez Ms. Paulette Gray Ms. Stacey Gray Mr. and Mrs. Gary Griglak Ms. Elayne Gross Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Grudzen Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gundle Ms. Tamara Hagar Ms. Margaret Hagerty Mr. and Mrs. Gene Halderman Mr. Thomas Hall Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hanchin Mr. and Mrs. William Harber Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harper Mr. Michael Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harrison Mr. John Hartley Ms. Elizabeth Heid Mr. Isido Hemondez Mr. Don Henderson Ms. Elena Hernandez O. Hernandez Mr. Raul Hernandez M. Herpel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Heuerman Mr. Thomas Heure Mr. and Mrs. David Hines Ms. Joan Hoisington Ms. Mary Lou Holls Ms. Judy Holmes Ms. Elizabeth Holquin Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hopeck Margaret Huggard Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Iagnemma Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ingberg Mr. and Mrs. Tim Jaeger Mrs. Leona Jagels Mr. and Mrs. John Jagels Mr. and Mrs. Justin Jagels Mr. Michael Jagels Mr. and Mrs. James Jagels Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jagels Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jagels Mr. Sean Jagels Mr. and Mrs. David Jamroz Ms. Bonnie Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Jerneycic Ms. Desma Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Jones Ms. Susan Jones Mr. and Mrs. Arkan Jonna Mr. and Mrs. David Joswick Mr. and Mrs. John Jurgia Mr. James Kalasky Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kaliszewki Mr. and Mrs. Pranciskus Kaunelis Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Keating Mr. and Mrs. John Keegan, Jr. Ms. Evelyn Keller Mr. and Mrs. Philip Keller Ms. Donna Kelly Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kern Ms. Vivan Kerr Ms. Bethney Kerr Mr. and Mrs. James Kirchoff Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kitz Mr. and Ms. James Kleinschmidt Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klima Ms. Diana Kndtek Mr. Richard Koehn and Ms. Donna Leach Ms. Maria Komasaro Msgr. Charles Kosanke Mr. David Fukuzawa and Ms. Toni Kovach Ms. Mary Kramer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krause Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Krivda Mr. and Mrs. Reinhold Krueger Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kucia Mr. Pat Lalama Ms. Geralynn Lama Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lama Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Lamb, Jr. Ms. Barbara Lanahan Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lance Mr. Tomas Leal Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ledwidge Ms. Diane Leier Boguslawa Leja Ms. Patrice U. Leland Mr. and Mrs. Brian LeMessurier Dr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lewnau Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lindauer Ms. Theresa Lingl Mr. and Mrs. Richard Link Ms. Deborah K. Lobring Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lokar Mr. and Mrs. Richard Loria Ms. Theresa Losiowski Mr. and Mrs. Lowe Mrs. and Mr. Linda Luchi Mr. and Mrs. Edward Luchi Mr. and Mrs. Rob Lundberg Ms. Mary Lou Lynch Mr. Paul Lyons Ms. Ella Mae Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mac Innis Mr. and Mrs. David MacFarlane Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Maes Mr. and Mrs. Rinaldo A. Maffezzoli Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Mahern Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mahoney Ms. Elizabeth Majchrzak Mr. Michael Manier Mr. and Mrs. Philip Martens Mr. and Mrs. Mark Martin Ms. Diane Martin Mr. Gabriel G. Martinez Mr. and Mrs. William Martz Mr. and Mrs. James Masiak Mr. and Mrs. Todd Mason Ms. Diana Matthes Mr. and Mrs. Richard May Ms. Mary Jane Mayne Reverend James A. Mayworm Ms. Vicki Mazurek Mr. and Mrs. John McBrearty Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCoy Dr. and Mrs. William McDevitt Mr. Douglas McDonald and Ms. Kathy Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Martin McGough Ms. Kathleen McGuire Mr. and Ms. Peter McInerney Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMahon Mr. Mark McNash Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mehraban Maximino Mejia Mr. Philip Melcher

Ms. Anne Mervenne Mr. and Mrs. David Mervenne Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Meter Mrs. Olga Meyer Ms. Maria Michalik Mr. and Mrs. James Mies, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Milewski Mr. and Mrs. John Mills Mrs. Jeannine Minock Mr. James Mitchell, J.D. Ms. Bernice Mittelstaedt Mr. Charles Moceri Ms. Patricia Montemurri Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moran Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morelli Mr. Lance Moses Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Moss Mr. and Mrs. William Mott Ms. Laurie Mueller Mrs. IsaBelle Muha Mr. and Mrs. Peter Murnen Mr. James W. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John Nachazel Ms. Loretta Nagle Mr. Carl Neppach Mr. and Mrs. Jon Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. John Nicolai Ms. Michelle Nowak Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Brien Ms. Jane O'Halloran Mr. and Mrs. Jack O'Hara Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Rourke Mr. Nicholas Oancea Mr. and Mrs. Harry Oderman Mr. and Mrs. William Orlow Ms. Maria Ortez Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Ortiz Mr. Paul Ottolini Mr. and Mrs. Rogelio Pacis Mr. and Mrs. John Pale Mr. and Mrs. Warren Palmer Ms. Cheryl Panczak Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Paprocki Mr. Jeffery Parent Mr. and Mrs. William Parker Mr. Adam Parsons, D.D.S., PLLC Ms. Blanca Pasillas Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Pasquier Mr. Lukasz Paszek Mr. and Mrs. Priya Patel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pauwels Ms. Wendi Peake Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Drew Peslar Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Peters Ms. Eve Pidgeon Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Pietron Ms. Karen Piper Ms. Alina Plascenia Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Plets Dr. and Mrs. Richard Plezia Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Plotzke Ms. Mary Poniatowski

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Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report

Individual Donors--continued

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Prange Mr. and Mrs. Erik Prater Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Puhy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quackenbush Ms. Sara Radstake Mr. and Mrs. John M. Rady Mr. and Mrs. Mario Rea Ms. Jule Redwine Ms. Helen Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reinlein Ms. Catherine Reisig Ms. Charlene Rencher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rhoa Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rich Mr. and Mrs. David Rieden Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ritter Mr. Charles Rivetto Ms. Inez Robertson Ms. Ana Robles Mr. Ramon Rodriguez Mr. Felix Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rohlman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenbaum Ms. Clare Rourke Mr. Thomas Royal Ms. Patricia Rubio Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Ruiz Mr. and Mrs. Fadi Samuel Ms. Patricia Saulnier Ms. Clara Sawyer Ms. Valerie Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Schiffer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schlachter Ms. Mary Beth Schoeninger Mr. and Mrs. William Schramm Ms. Ev Schwartz Ms. Mary Ellen Scott Mr. and Mrs. Jerold Scovie Ms. Julia Scully Mr. Martin Sema Mr. and Mrs. Albert Serra Ms. Joan Shaughnessy Mr. Ronald Sheets Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shubnell Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Shutt Mr. Bradley Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Simoncini Ms. Debra Smith Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Sosa, M.D. Ms. Lisa Sowa Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spall Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Spaller Mr. and Mrs. John Spencer Mr. Daniel E. Springer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Stanislawski Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Stembridge Ms. Mary Jo Stenger Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Stobbe Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stroebel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stuart Mr. and Mrs. John Stubbins Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah H. Sugrue Mr. and Mrs. David Susalla Mrs. Elizabeth Sylvester Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tanghe Ms. Lucille Tavis Ms. Luz C. Telleria Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thompson Mr. and Mrs. John Tierney Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Tierney Mr. Daniel Tierney Mr. Patrick Tinetti Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Tinetti

Ms. Rosemary Tinetti Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tobias Mr. Michael A. Tokarz Mr. and Mrs. Rick Topous Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tracy Mr. and Mrs. David Trush Mr. and Mrs. Tom Turczyn Ms. Yvonne Turner Mr. Matt Twomey Ms. Cynthia Umphrey Sr. Mary Van Gilder Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van Tiem Ms. Lindsey Van Tiem Ms. Veronica Vera Mr. Ralph Vigliotti, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Vlasic Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Waldorf Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wall Mr. David Walters Dr. and Mrs. John Wangler Dr. and Mrs. William Ward Mr. Robert L. Warrington Mr. and Mrs. William Weatherston Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webb Ms. Judith L. Webb Mr. David Weber Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weber Mr. and Mrs. Peter Webster Mr. and Mrs. Donald Whitton Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wilberding Ms. Sarah Wildgen, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Hedley Williams Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams Mr. and Mrs. Merle T. Wolff Mr. and Mrs. John Wright Mr. Michael Wullaert and Ms. Barbara Yagley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yago Ms. Lois Yeagley Ms. Betty Yuhas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zafarana Mrs. Paula M. Zimmer and Mr. David Zaffina Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Zurbriggen

Corporations, Foundations and Others

Allegra Network, L.L.C. Alternative Canine Training Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Apromex Ashley Capital Backyard Soaps & More Bahama Breeze Barton Malow Speciality Contracting Battersby Title, Inc. Beaner's Coffee Beaumont Hospital Beverly Hills Grill Big Boy Restaurants International Birmingham Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra Bloomfield Hills School District Bob Athey Gallery Animation Bordines Nursery Brio Tuscan Grille Buddy's Pizza Buick Open Camp Sancta Maria Carl's Golfland Cars 4 Causes Charity Motors, Inc. Chateau Chantal Chief Pontiac Credit Union Chrysler - Jeep Fund, Inc. Churchill's Fine Cigar's and Executive Gifts Citi Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Civitan Club of Pontiac Comcast Financial Agency Corporation Comfort Inn County of Oakland Cranbrook Institute of Science Detroit Institute of Arts Detroit Lions Detroit Pistons Detroit Red Wings Detroit Symphony Orchestra Detroit Tigers, Inc. Diamond Jim Brady's Bistro Doubletree Hotel DTE Energy Foundation Dwyer and Sons Volvo/Subaru Ecotec Elayne Gross Photography English Gardens Estate of Ray Flesher Faith @ Work Frame Your Face Freedom Hill Ampitheatre Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue Fringe Salon Frittata Golden Basket Family Restaurant GreenPath Debt Solutions Gregory Schwartz & Co. Inc. Hagopian World of Rugs Henry Ford Health Systen HHA Services Hiller's Markets Hockeytown Cafe Holly Hotel Hollywood Supermarket Huron Lady II J.L. Adjusting Insurance Co. Johnson and Johnson Families of Companies Just Us Hair and Nail Salon KC Masonry Kimi K Salon & Spa Knights of Columbus Michigan State Council KPMG Community Giving Campaign Kruse & Muer Restaurants Ladies of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul Legatus

Leon & Lulu Home Furnishings Lily's Seafood Grill & Brewery Lourdes Campus Main Street Auction Maplewood Dental Group Marian High School Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle Market Square of Birmingham Massoud Jewelers McCormick & Schmick Seafood Restaurant Meadow Brook Theatre Mercy Bellbrook Retirement Community Metzler Locricchio Serra & Co., PC MGM Grand Detroit Michael's Lamp Shop Michigan Catholic Credit Union Michigan Design Center Michigan Opera Theatre Microsoft Giving CampaignMatching Program Midwest Pro Painting, Inc. Modernistic Cleaning Service Music Hall Napier's Kennel Shop Neuromuscular Wellness Center New You Salon Nino Salvaggio International Market Oakland County Alano Club Oakland County Parks Oakland University Golf & Learning Center Otis Elevator Co. P.F. Changs China Bistro P.S.I Panera Bread Payroll 1 Penske Corporation Planet Rock Plante & Moran, LLP Port Huron Museum Portraits by Sayles Premier Pet Suppy PRP Wine, Inc. Purple Rose Theatre Company Quay Street Brewing Co. Raven Cafe Red The Salon Redford Lock Co. Inc.

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Every attempt has been made to accurately acknowledge all who support us. Please accept our sincere apologies if your reference in this report has been omitted, misspelled or represented incorrectly. We would appreciate you notifying the Department of Development of any needed corrections by calling 248.333.3700 extension 3304.


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Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report

Financial overview for fiscal year ending June 30, 2008


Investment Income -1% Contributions & Non-Government Grants Revenue 5% United Way Community Services 11%


Fundraising 1% Programs 84% Management & General 14%

Program Service Fees 14%

Government Grants & Funding 72%

Contributions & Non-Government Grants United Way Community Services Government Grants & Funding Program Service Fees Investment Income

Management & General Programs Fundraising

Contributions & Non-Government Grants United Way Community Services Government Grants & Funding Program Service Fees Investment Income Total Support and Revenue

$317,386 $765,431 $4,907,656 $943,911 ($75,051) $6,859,333

Programs Fundraising Management/General Total Expenses

$6,654,870 $110,757 $1,143,419 $7,909,046


Counseling & Mental Health 19% Foster Care & Adoption 45%

Foster Care & Adoption Hispanic Outreach Sheltering Arms Adult Day Centers Family Education & Child Development Senior Volunteer Programs Counseling & Mental Health

Senior Volunteer Programs 12%

Family Education & Child Development 10%

Sheltering Arms Adult Day Centers 8%

Hispanic Outreach 6%

Catholic Social Services of Oakland County, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving Oakland County since 1947. CSSOC is not funded by the Archdiocese of Detroit or the Catholic Services Appeal.


Catholic Social Services of Oakland County

2007-2008 Annual Report

Central Administrative Offices

50 Wayne Street Pontiac, MI 48342 Telephone: 248.333.3700 Fax: 248.333.3718

Family Counseling Services Locations

Main Family Counseling Telephone: 248.548.4044 6637 Highland Road Waterford, MI 48327 1424 East 11 Mile Road Royal Oak, MI 48067 3300 South Adams Road Auburn Hills, MI 48326 715 North Lapeer Road Lake Orion, MI 48362

Family Education and Support Services

53 Franklin Boulevard Pontiac, MI 48341 Telephone: 248.334.3595

Hispanic Outreach Services

295 West Huron Pontiac, MI 48341 Telephone: 248.338.4250

St. Francis Family Center Foster Care and Adoption Services

17500 West Eight Mile Road Southfield, MI 48075 Telephone: 248.552.0750

Sheltering Arms (Daycare and Caregiver Support)

18310 West 12 Mile Road Southfield, MI 48076 Telephone: 248.557.7373 3300 South Adams Road Auburn Hills, MI 48326 Telephone: 248.537.3300

Senior Volunteer Programs

18310 West 12 Mile Road Southfield, MI 48076 Telephone: 248.559.1147


Visit the CSSOC website at


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