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LRS 300 Gateway Fall 2007 Social Science Content Standards Activity Individually: 1. Visit the National Parks Service's web site on standards based lesson plans: Find a lesson plan in the list that reflects a California State Standard. Visit the "inquiry page" of that lesson plan. Print it out and bring it in with your answer to the question formulated. You will probably need to read other parts of the lesson plan to find the answer. You should also write on that sheet the standard number the lesson plan relates to. 2. Think about and be prepared to discuss: How do the Social Science standards prepare students to think about the nature of historical inquiry? What kinds of materials can historical inquiry be used on? What other Social Science disciplines relate to the inquiry you've chosen? How do they relate? Submit your answers in writing to your instructor.

As A Group: Discuss and compare your findings and your answers to the above questions. Organize your thoughts and create a 10-minute presentation that will engage your classmates and to share what you discovered about the Social Science standards. Each member of your group should have the opportunity to speak.


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