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Parent Talent Survey 1. Name: __________________________ Scout: _______________________________ 2. My job or business that may be of interest to Cub Scouts: ________________________________________________________________________ 3. Hobbies: ________________________________________________________________ Sports: __________________________________________________________________ 4. Childhood scouting experience: Cub Scout Boy Scout 5. I might be interested in serving the pack as: Committee Member Secretary Volunteer Coord. Den Leader Pack Trainer Community Service Coord. Fundraising Coord. Activities Coord. Sports & Academic Dir.


6. I would be able to help at some Pack Meetings with: Setup Breakdown Food Purchasing/Gathering 7. I would be willing to occasionally help the Pack with: Making Phone Calls Shopping Constructing Things Manual Labor

Decorations Young Sibling Events

Food Prep Hauling (with truck)

8. I have the following skills that may be helpful to my Den or Pack: Carpentry Drama Sewing Set Building Crafts Lighting Publications Sound Music Photography PowerPoint Nature Art Videography Web Pages Webmaster 9. Committees I'm interested in serving on: Camping Christmas Party Blue & Gold Food Drive Pinewood Derby Family Fest

Christmas Parade Blue & Gold Banquet Graduation

10. Other Ares I can help: ______________________________________________________ 11. Someone I know with helpful skills: ___________________________________________ 12. Times of unavailability: _____________________________________________________ 13. Comments: ______________________________________________________________ 14. Contact Information: Phone Number: ____________________________ Best Contact Method Email: ____________________________ Best Contact Method


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