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Attend FREE Chronic Disease Self-Management Classes!

Tomando Control de Su Salud · Receive free training on how to manage your chronic condition such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Respiratory Disorders and Arthritis · Attend a six-week course provided at locations throughout East Orlando · Learn healthy eating and exercise · Change your behaviors and better your health

¡Inscríbase en clases Gratuitas! Tomando Control de Su Salud


· Aprenda a manejar condiciones como enfermedades del Corazón, Diabetes, Artritis y enfermedades Respiratorias · Asista a un curso de 6 semanas, 1 vez a la semana en el este de Orlando · Aprenda a alimentarse y ejercitarse mejor · Cambie su estilo de vida y mejore su salud

Health Care Resource Guide Guía de Recursos para la Salud

Apply for Medicaid or Florida KidCare!

· Visit an enrollment clinic in East Orlando · Allow a Bilingual Enrollment Specialists to guide you through the process · Remember that you must meet eligibility requirements

¡Regístrese en los programas de Medicaid y Florida KidCare!

· Visítenos en localidades de registro · Permita que un especialista bilingüe le guíe en el proceso · Aprenda sobre los requisitos de elegibilidad

Use this Resource Guide to find a doctor and low-cost medications!

· Find low-cost prescription medications · Find free or low-cost community health clinics · Find physicians who accept Medicaid

¡Use esta Guía de recursos para encontrar clínicas y medicamentos a bajo costo!

· Oriéntese sobre programas de prescripciones a bajo costo · Infórmese sobre clínicas a bajo costo o gratuitas · Conozca los médicos que aceptan Medicaid


Clinics (Clínicas) Clinics (Clínicas)

Low Cost (Bajo Costo) Lake Underhill Family Health Center Low Cost (Bajo Costo)

5730Underhill FamilyRd. Lake Lake Underhill Health Center Orlando, FLUnderhill Rd. 5730 Lake 32807 407-956-4320 Orlando, FL 32807 Central Florida Family Health Center 407-956-4320 11881-A E. Colonial Drive (Alafaya Trail) Central Florida Family Health Center Orlando, FL 32826 Drive (Alafaya Trail) 11881-A E. Colonial 407-275-4048 Orlando, FL 32826 Central Florida Family Health Center 407-275-4048 5449 S. Semoran Blvd., Ste. 14 Central Florida Family Health Center (Hoffner Ave.) 5449 S. Semoran Blvd., Ste. 14 Orlando, Ave.) (Hoffner FL 32822 St. Luke's Lutheran Shepherd'sLutheran St. Luke's Hope Health Center Open: Tues.Hope2nd & 4th Shepherd's and Health Center Thurs. Tues. and 2nd & 4th Open: 6-8:30pm 2021 West State Road 426 Thurs. 6-8:30pm Oviedo, FL 32765 2021 West State Road 426 407-366-8066 Oviedo, FL 32765 Azalea Park Centra Care (2 blocks south of the 408, across Azalea Park Centra Care from Orlando Baptist Church) (2 blocks south of the 408, across 509 South Semoran Blvd from Orlando Baptist Church) Orlando, FLSemoran Blvd 509 South 32807 407/277-0550 Orlando, FL 32807 407/277-0550 Downtown Orlando 407-366-8066 Shepherd'sOrlando Downtown Hope Health Center Open: Wed. HopeThurs. 6-8:30pm Shepherd's and Health Center 101 S.Wed. and Thurs. 6-8:30pm Open: Westmoreland Drive Orlando, FL 32805 Drive 101 S. Westmoreland 407-836-7158 Orlando, FL 32805

Crisis Programs (Programas de Crisis) Crisis Assistance Program Crisis Programs (Programas de Crisis)

MableAssistance Program Crisis Butler Center 2100 East Michigan St. Mable Butler Center 407-836-6500 2100 East Michigan St. Union Park Office 407-836-6500 10244Park Office Union East Colonial Dr. 407-249-6160 10244 East Colonial Dr. Family Resource 407-249-6160 Program 2100 E. Michigan Street Family Resource Program 407-836-6512 Street 2100 E. Michigan Seniors First 407-836-6512 407-292-0177 Seniors First Jewish Family Services 407-292-0177 2100 Lee Rd. Services Jewish Family WinterLee Rd.FL 32789 2100 Park , 407-644-7593 32789 Winter Park , FL 407-644-7593 Catholic Charities of Central Florida 1771 North SemoranCentral Florida Catholic Charities of Blvd. 407-658-1818 1771 North Semoran Blvd. 407-658-1818

Dental Health (Salud Dental) Orange County Health Department Dental Health (Salud Dental)

407-207-7756 Heart Failure Clinic Orlando, FL 32822 By Referral Clinic Heart Failure 101 S. Westmoreland Drive By Referral Orlando, FL 32805 Drive 101 S. Westmoreland 407-836-7195 Orlando, FL 32805

After Hours Clinic 407-836-7195 2604Hours Clinic After N. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32804 2604 N. Orange Ave. 407-303-7298 Orlando, FL 32804

Walker Shepherd's Hope Health Center 407-836-7158 Open: Tues. and Thurs. 6-8:30pm Walker Shepherd's Hope Health Center 150 Amidonand Thurs. 6-8:30pm Open: Tues. Lane Orlando, FL 32809 150 Amidon Lane 407-850-5100 ext. 301 Orlando, FL 32809 407-850-5100 ext. 301

832 W. County Health Department Orange Central Blvd. Orlando, FL 32805 832 W. Central Blvd. 407-836-2616 Orlando, FL 32805 **For children with Medicaid and for 407-836-2616 emergency adult cases only.**and for **For children with Medicaid emergency adult cases only.**

Prescription Assistance Programs (Programas de Prescripciones) Prescription Assistance Programs Together RX Access (Programas de Prescripciones)

1-800-444-4106 Together RX Access 1-800-444-4106 Needy Meds Needy Meds Target Target $4.00 Program Target Target $4.00 Program

Urgent Care (Clínicas de Urgencia) With insurance (Clínicas de Urgencia) Urgent Care plans (con seguros

medicos): With insurance plans (con seguros Waterford Lakes medicos): 250 N Alafaya Trail Suite 135 Waterford Lakes Orlando, Florida 32825 135 250 N Alafaya Trail Suite 407-381-4810 Phone Orlando, Florida 32825

HIV/AIDS Services 407-303-7298 832 West ServicesBlvd. HIV/AIDS Central Orlando, FL 32805 832 West Central Blvd. 407-836-2680 Orlando, FL 32805 407-836-2680

Emotional Crisis (Crisis Emocional) Care Crisis Center - 24 hour Emocional) Emotional Crisis (Crisis hotline

407-425-2624 - 24 hour hotline Care Crisis Center 407-425-2624

Free Clinics (Clínicas Gratuítas) Colonial Shepherd's Hope Gratuítas) Free Clinics (Clínicas

Dr. Diebel, Jr. Memorial Health Center Colonial Shepherd's Hope Threshold Center for Autism Open: Mon., Tues. and Thurs. 6-8:30pm Dr. Diebel, Jr. Memorial Health Center Center 6100 Oleander Drive Thurs. 6-8:30pm Mon., Tues. and Open: Mon., Tues. and Thurs. 6-8:30pm Orlando, FL 32807 Rd. 6100 Oleander Drive 3550 N. Goldenrod 407-482-6300 ext. 1003 Orlando, FL 32807 407-482-6300 ext. 1003

Conway Centra Care 407-381-4810 Phone (Corner of Semoran Blvd/Hoffner Ave) Conway Centra Care 5810 S.of Semoran Blvd/Hoffner Ave) (Corner Semoran Blvd. Orlando FL 32822Blvd. 5810 S. Semoran 407/207-0601 Orlando FL 32822 407/207-0601

Walmart Walmart $4.00 Program Walmart Walmart $4.00 Program Kmart Program 1-800-866-0086 Kmart Program 1-800-866-0086

Additional Resources (Recursos Adicionales) Additional Resources (Recursos Orange, Osceola, Seminole 211 Adicionales) Orange, Osceola, Seminole 211 or dial 211 or dial 211

Winter Park, FL 32792

RX Outreach 1-800-769-3880 RX Outreach 1-800-769-3880

Medicaid and Kidcare (Seguros del Gobierno) Kidcare (Seguros Medicaid and For help applying for these services del Gobierno)

call help applying for these services For Cuidate at 407-303-6495. ParaCuidatecon407-303-6495.llame call ayuda at estos servicios al 407-303-6495 Para ayuda con estos servicios llame al 407-303-6495



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