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Concretes & Sundaes


Kiddie (8 oz.) Mini (12 oz.) Medium (16 oz.) Papa (24 oz.)

Concrete & Sundae Flavors

Almonds Brownie Caramel Coconut Heath® Bar Marshmallow Oreo® Peppermint Raspberry Sprinkles Andes® Mint Butterfinger® Cherry Cookie Dough Hot Fudge Mixed Nuts Peanut Butter Pineapple Reeses® Strawberry Banana Blueberry Butterscotch Cappuccino Chocolate Flakes Chocolate Forrest's Favorite Gummi Worms M&M'®s Malt Nerds® Nestles®Crunch Peach Pecans Praline Pecans Pumpkin Snickers® Spanish Peanuts Whoppers®

Ice Cream Cones

Frozen Custard comes in our awardwinning Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate or 98% Fat Free Vanilla LITE on a cone or in a cup. Junior Dip in a Cup or Cone Single Dip in a Cup or Cone Double Dip in a Cup or Cone Single Dip in a Waffle Cone Double Dip in a Waffle Cone Single in a Chocolate Waffle Cone Double in a Chocolate Waffle Cone

We also offer 12 flavors of Blue Bell Ice Cream

SUNDAES Small or Regular

Specialty Concretes

All Shook Up-- Peanut Butter, Banana & Chocolate Flakes Berry,Berry,Berry­ Blueberry, Raspberry & Strawberry Black Forest ­ Brownies, Hot Fudge & Cherries Butter Brickle ­ Butterscotch & Heath Bar Cappuccino Crunch ­ Cappuccino and Heath® Bar Cheesecake ­ Cheesecake Pieces & Fruit Cherry Smash ­ Cherries, Chocolate Flakes & Mixed Nuts Chocolate Monkey ­ Chocolate Syrup & Bananas Drumstick ­ Waffle Cone Pieces, Chocolate Flakes & Mixed Nuts German Chocolate ­ Chocolate Syrup, Coconut & Pecans Grasshopper ­ Chocolate Syrup & Andes Mints Green Eyed Monster --Crème de Menthe, Chocolate Flakes & Oreos® Mud Slide a/k/a Libby's Latte ­ Hot Fudge, Cappuccino & Oreos® Mocha Almond--Swiss Chocolate, Almonds and Cappuccino Nanabutter ­ Banana & Reeses® Cups PB&B ­ Peanut Butter & Brownies Raspberry Truffle ­ Raspberry, Chocolate Flakes & Pecans Salty Mama -- Caramel & Pretzels Smore ­ Swiss Chocolate Custard, Chocolate Flakes, Graham Cracker Crunch & Marshmallow Cream Strawnana ­ Strawberry & Banana Tiger Tracks -- Swiss Chocolate Custard, Peanut Butter & Reeses® Cups Triple Chocolate--Swiss Chocolate Custard, Brownies & Chocolate Flakes

*some flavors vary at each location

(See store flavor list for choices)

Other Frozen Favorites

Banana Split-- 1 scoop of each vanilla frozen custard, swiss

chocolate and strawberry ice cream with strawberry, pineapple & chocolate syrup, sliced banana on sides, whipped cream, cherry & mixed nuts Referee Sundae a/k/a Black & White Sundae - 2 scoops of vanilla frozen custard with Hot Fudge on top, one scoop of Swiss chocolate custard with marshmallow on top, whipped cream & maraschino cherry

Specialty Sundaes

Turtle - Caramel, Hot Fudge & Pecans All American--Strawberries, Blueberries & Marshmallow Cream. Double Fudge Brownie - Hot Fudge & Brownies Earth Worm Sundae ­ Oreos® Hot Fudge & Gummi Worms Hawaiian Delight - Pineapple, Coconut & Banana Mississippi Mud - Hot Fudge, Marshmallow & Pecans Peanut Butter Crunch - Peanut Butter, Hot Fudge & Mixed Nuts Strawberry Shortcake - Shortcake topped with Strawberries Tin Roof - Hot Fudge & Spanish Peanuts

*whipped cream & cherry complimentary on all sundaes

Drumstick--vanilla frozen custard dipped in hard chocolate shell and mixed nuts Decorated Clown Cone-clown face upside down on a cone Baseball Helmet Sundae -major league helmet sundae Root Beer Float­ frozen custard and Root Beer Shakes (any one flavor from flavor list with whipped cream on top)

Refreshing Drinks


Take Home

QUARTS Vanilla or Swiss Chocolate or Specialty Flavor

Bottled Beverages 24 oz. Cherry Limeade

Custard Cakes: Vanilla/Swiss Chocolate Frozen Custard with Fudge Cookie Crunch Middle

A blend of vanilla frozen custard, ice and one of the following flavors: Strawberry * Triple Berry *Tropical Toffee Coffee * Mocha

Products may vary at each location. Please check with your location for availability.

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice



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