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Spring 2006

Carizzma makes hot stuff hotter.

Show Stopper

dazzles with BASF paint.

BASF--OEM Trusted Partner

Matching High Standards


The Perfect Blend

Reviewing the Blending Process

As seen on

Carizzma® custom colors practically burn with intensity. These deep, brilliant dyes can be intermixed with each other. And, because they're an extension of the R-M® Diamont® line, they can be mixed with Diamont bases to create an infinite number of colors. Carizzma is quick drying and easy to use, too. And the line keeps expanding with hot new products like Carizzma Effect Powders. Put some five-alarm color into your designs. Look for the "Carizzma Inside" sign at your nearest distributor or call 1-800-825-3000. And check out and

AD2881 100M 0206 (BC/BC Printed in USA) © 2006 BASF Corporation

R-M--FOR THE RECORD At BASF, we have always prided ourselves in understanding our refinish customers and their needs. We understand the collision repair business and what it takes for a jobber or a body shop to be successful. As a result, we have been able to thrive in a changing and demanding industry, and we have helped our customers thrive as well. But BASF is the company that makes things better. We firmly believe in continuous improvement, not only in our products and services, but also in our ability to understand the needs of our customers. Every jobber and every body shop is unique. Each of our customers faces a different set of issues and competitive pressures. Even the definition of success varies. All of them, however, share a commitment to customer satisfaction, doing the best job they can every day, with the best people in the business and using the best products available. At BASF we understand all that, because that is also our commitment. But we also realize that we cannot stand still. As the industry changes, so do the needs of our customers, and we have to stay ahead of the changes. "One-size-fits-all" solutions don't work for us and they don't work for our customers. That's why we have dedicated ourselves this year to understanding our customers even better, to getting closer to you and learning even more about your needs and concerns. We will work with you to improve our products and services in ways that help you be even more successful. I am excited by the opportunities, as well as the challenges of the new year, and I invite you to join us in being winners in 2006.

New R-M CTR Production Clear-- another cycle time reducer from BASF

1st Q 2006 Vol. 4 No. 1

The Winning Spirit is published by BASF Corporation Automotive Refinish. All rights reserved. Magazine or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher. For more information about BASF products and services visit us at Copyright © 2006 Trademarks of BASF Corporation: Glasurit® R-M® UNO HDTM Crystal BasesTM Limco® SmartTOOLS TM SmartCART TM SmartSCAN ® VisionPLUS® Carizzma® Flash FillTM Diamont® CTRTM Aero-MaxTM COLOR-MAX®2 SmartTRAK ®III SmartLINK TM SmartCOLOR ® ColorSourceSM Power Fill® COLOR-MAX®mobile

DC5600 CTRTM (Cycle Time Reduction) Production Clear is a fast-drying, twocomponent acrylic urethane designed for clear coating Diamont® basecoat colors. Used together, the products form a system that can create a perfect finish that lasts a lifetime. DC5600 not only provides speed and durability, but is also extremely easy to apply.

This new clear provides a glossy and chemically resistant automotive finish that's ideal for smaller repairs--from a small spot up to two panels. DC5600 CTR Production Clear has also been qualified for use in the R-M® CTR Repair System. As always, BASF is working to create newer, more advanced products to better serve the collision repair industry. DC5600 CTR Production Clear will take its place this Spring as the newest member of BASF's family of CTR products that are specifically engineered to reduce your cycle time and boost your productivity.


BASF... Recognized the World Over

BASF Mexico is taking top honors once again.

When it comes to outstanding automotive coatings suppliers, BASF Coatings de Mexico (Silao and Ramos Arizpe assembly plants) take the cake --and the GM Supplier of the Year award for the second time since 2002. The GM Supplier of the Year award honors suppliers who have consistently performed in the areas of quality, service, technology and price. Not an easy task, considering that of the 417 GM suppliers in Mexico, a mere 16 were recognized for the award. "Only a few GM suppliers qualify for the award each year," said Peter Fischer, Manager Director of BASF Coatings de Mexico, who accepted the award on behalf of his plant. "We are proud of the fact that BASF is the only coatings supplier to receive the award worldwide as well as in Mexico." He's not the only one taking pride in BASF's achievements. Rafael Laguna, Purchasing Supply Chain Director of GM Mexico, also recognizes BASF's outstanding qualities, and is confident that their 2015 vision offers something uniquely focused on GM--a commitment to helping them be more competitive. And being competitive is what it takes to be number one in this business... an honor BASF is proud to say we can claim yet again.

Taking China to a new dimension in waterborne technology.

Waterborne basecoat technology isn't new to BASF, but for China, it was an eye opening experience into something that could dramatically change the way they do business. With the roll out of an SGM Excelle-- a vehicle designed exclusively for the Chinese market, China got a glimpse of the first waterborne basecoat technology to be used in the history of the Chinese automobile industry. A major milestone for them, as well as for BASF Coatings Shanghai and Shanghai GM. Widely used in Europe and North America for nearly 20 years, these environmentally friendly paints were virtually unknown in China until now. "BASF is the first company to successfully launch waterborne basecoats in China," said Rainer Blair, Group Vice President for BASF's Global Automotive Coatings Solutions business. "The launch demonstrates a key part of our global strategy--being the first to market with environmentally sustainable products that offer `intelligent solutions' for our customers everywhere." 3


Glasurit 839-90 the body filler that's helping to shape the future.

When it comes to repairing plastic, Glasurit® 839-90 gives body shops the flexibility to get the job done quickly--and more economically. Made from polyester and styrene that is universally suitable for use on all paintable automotive plastics, Glasurit 839-90 is a body filler that works like putty. Designed for use in repairing parts like fascias and bumper covers that have been scratched or cracked, 839-90 can be applied up to 100 mils thick and won't 2 shrink or crack when it dries. In addition, because 839-90 has a fast curing time, good adhesion, and the ability to be sanded soon after application, it's the perfect replacement for the old 2-pack epoxy kits--and the perfect way for body shops to save time and money. In fact, body shops are turning to 839-90 now more than ever. When used with an existing hardener-- Glasurit 948-36--it can be mixed well before use, and still maintain its flexibility. Glasurit 839-90... just one more way BASF is helping to shape the future of the Glasurit system, and keeping body shops and customers satisfied in the process.

Celebrated Sculptor Woody F Extreme art A

errari red. BMW black. Porsche yellow. That's part of the color palette for a remarkable artist who enhances his bronze sculptures using BASF paints. Meet 79-year old David Hostetler, a celebrated American wood carver, bronze sculptor and professor emeritus of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

American Rods & Rides logo

comes to life in

goes to

for his

Hostetler discovered his artistic career accidentally. Recovering from a leg wound suffered in training during World War II, Hostetler made a life-changing decision. He turned from engineering to fine arts, after a Red Cross volunteer gave him drawing materials to pass the time.

"Extreme was just gorgeous," Hostetler says, "and since I was doing some Deco-style women at the time, the two just went together."

In his 60 years as a working artist, Hostetler has always honored the female form. His graceful works appear in more than 25 museums and galleries, including public collections in Nantucket, New Mexico and the Netherlands. The asking price for one of his 42-inch pieces starts at $18 thousand. Real estate mogul Donald Trump commissioned a Hostetler bronze for the pocket park at his Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York.

For an artisan who's used to bronzes that develop a beautiful antique-looking patina, Hostetler also loves Glasurit's extraordinary qualities. "These paints are so just hiplooking--so pure," he says.

fter over 2,000 hours, two hundred thousand dollars and a multitude of body and chassis modifications, "Wildwood" was born. It's the brainchild of Don Freedman and his group at American Rods and Rides. Remarkably, it's an actual recreation of the company's logo, right down to the red surfboard.

Sculptor discovers Glasurit's lasting beauty.

Hostetler appreciates the Glasurit lineup for more than just its exceptional good looks. The sculptor recalls his eleven-foot bronze, "Summertime Lady," that has been on display in a New Jersey outdoor museum for nearly 10 years, unchanged. "I remember the owner asking what happens if it turns pink, `cause it's painted Ferrari red. And I said have you ever seen a pink Ferrari?" Hostetler believes "Summertime Lady" is the largest piece of sculpture with BASF product anywhere in the world. Hostetler is a true craftsman, but when it came to applying BASF paints on his bronzes, he turned to professional body shop refinishers. They told him that Glasurit represents the top of the line in coatings. And after baking the finish on one of his painted sculptures at 600 degrees for 8 hours in infrared light, Hostetler appreciates the purity of BASF's product. "By the time it's through, it's just this beautiful, solid, gorgeous color that's part of the form," he says enthusiastically.

Glasurit + celebrated sculptor = unique art.

Hostetler was inspired to try something different with his sculpting by an unusual source--his BMW R69 motorcycle. "The idea [to paint sculptures] came from my biking addiction," Hostetler laughs, "and the guy who owns the local bike shop [Ken Holt]. He's really into BASF paints and does some gorgeous bikes." Holt specializes in BMW sales, service and restoration paint at his shop nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near Hostetler's 40-acre farm. The bike shop owner knew about the sculptor's work, and thought Hostetler might be interested in using BASF paint on some of his pieces. Holt introduced the sculptor to Glasurit paints and then to Extreme Colors--Glasurit's line of brilliant automotive paints that change color as the viewing angle changes. 4

"We needed an attention grabber," enthused Freedman, whose web-based business, is an internet classified listing service that thrives on traffic. His site refers web-surfers to cars and parts for sale, vendors, events and more. (Hence, the surfboard.) The car was showcased at BASF's booth in Hot Rod Alley at the 2005 SEMA show in Las Vegas. It immediately grabbed the spotlight and created a lot of buzz with enthusiasts. Based on the logo crafted by Ed Flanagan, Wildwood was fabricated out of a fiberglass sedan delivery body by car designer Rick Valenza. The only actual wood in the prototype is in the headliner. Pieces were painstakingly cut out and recessed during construction to craft a realistically slick model of the 1937 Woody. Wildwood is loaded with extras and upgrades like air conditioning, power steering, disc brakes, an air-ride suspension--and even a 10-disc CD player. The car is painted with Glasurit® 55 Line green and finished with Glasurit 923-255 HS multi-clear. Adjustments were made in the pearl and flake of the green "so that the finish would grab the light outside as well it does inside," added Freedman, a former automobile dealership manager.

The wood grain was simulated by sign-painter extraordinaire Dane Geez. Although his technique is top secret, he did reveal that the fiberglass panels were prepped with single-stage beige and brown before the true artistry began. "You can actually feel the wood grain," Freedman explained. "On the surfboard, he continued, "the red and orange fade together seamlessly--straight out of the gun. Glasurit goes on super easy." The artists pored over every detail on Wildwood during the nine-month process --down to the palm tree on the license plate and the "V8" in the emblem. The trunk doesn't open, but it sure looks like it does because Valenza created a groove in the fiberglass and carefully airbrushed the shadows inside. The finish on Wildwood is "flawless" because, according to Freedman, "BASF is the Cadillac of automotive paint." Wildwood will be exhibited at about a dozen shows during the 2006 season. And after that--Freedman exclaimed, "we plan to drive the heck out of it!"

With amazing attention to detail, Dane Geez magically transforms fiberglass into wood.


B A S F T r u s T e d O e M pA r T n e r around the world

As a global leader in coatings technology and trusted partner with the automotive industry, BASF is delivering the highest quality finishes at OEM automotive facilities around the world. BASF offers a broad range of technology and competence in e-coats, primers, basecoats and topcoats, as well as supporting our customers worldwide through research and development, production and technical service. Together with our partners, we continue to develop innovative coating processes. BASF Automotive Refinish shares that same technical expertise to create refinish systems that match the high standards of the OEM finish as closely as possible. It is a natural extension of our technology platform. This is why BASF refinish systems are approved by the major car manufacturers for the repair of their vehicles. For your business, that means certified quality, higher productivity, better color matches, more customer satisfaction--and greater profitability.

LandJaguar Rover


General Motors BMW

Saturn Toyota




Bentley Suzuki


Why use anything else for the refinish work?



Nissan Mazda Renault Ford MotorVolvo Company


DiamlerChrysler Audi


The auto manufacturers displayed here represent just some of the OEMs who use BASF as their coatings partner.


The Perfect Blend

DAMAGE Experienced refinish technicians are always fusing craft and science as they work to restore vehicle finishes to factory condition. Where the damage has been repaired, the painter must make a seamless transition between old and new. And that's true whether he's blending a spot or an adjacent entire panel. If the painter has done the job properly, his work will be invisible, but critical to the collision repair shop. In general, panel repairs with basecoat, including complete refinishing of the repaired body part are fairly straightforward, but when color differences beyond allowable limits are to be expected, it is better to even out those differences by blending. In fact, blending is usually much more efficient and economical than color tinting. Here's a brief review of the blending process-- spot blending within a panel and blending in on an adjacent panel. Of course, in both situations, prepare the vehicle per the product specifications of the paint you are using and mask as needed. REPLACEMENT PANEL

Spot Blending Within a Panel

Blending in on Adjacent Panel

Apply basecoat to repaired area until hiding is achieved

Use reduced pressure to minimize overspray

Use the blend technique, blending in over the edges of the repaired area

Use reduced pressure to minimize overspray Flash according to product specs

Apply basecoat to repaired area until hiding is achieved

Use temporary masking of adjacent panel to avoid overspray See product specs for number of coats

Remove temporary paper. Use the blend technique, blending in over the edges of the repaired area

Use reduced pressure to minimize overspray Flash according to product specs

Apply to hiding

(For high metallic or difficult colors; do this before step 1)

(Complete this step for high metallic or difficult colors)

Pre-spray entire panel being refinished with highly reduced clear or blending clear

See product specs for mixing ratio 1 thin, coherent spray coat See product specs for ratio of clearcoat, hardener and reducer

Spray clear over entire panel

See product specs for number of coats See product specs for mixing ratio

Remove temporary paper. Spray entire replacement and adjacent panels with highly reduced clear or blending clear

1 thin, coherent spray coat See product specs for mixing ratios

Spray clear over entire replacement and adjacent panels.

See product specs for number of coats



Sizzling sales


hew on these facts for a minute: $12 million in annual revenues. BASF inventory and associated products to the tune of $1 million. A 99 percent order fill rate. Those are just some of the impressive figures generated by Leading Edge Auto Refinishes, Inc., a 13-year old, family-owned firm headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, where triple-digit temperatures are routine, and this valued ColorSourceSM distributor customers' paint department inventory has always been a hot commodity. But --some 60 handpicked collision shops numbers alone don't tell the whole story. in Phoenix alone.

for Arizona's Leading Edge Auto Refinishes

Using tech `toys' to help their customers grow.

Johnson says their non-traditional approach includes equipping account reps with BASF's SmartCARTTM Pro, a handheld inventory management tool. "They key in every order to our warehouse using a PDA that's linked to our server," he notes. The company also stresses marketing and training initiatives for its customers. Matt says that springs from selling BASF exclusively, "an unbelievably high quality product," noting BASF's excellent performance helps Leading Edge be more productive. "And because our shops need marketing help, we work with them to develop and maintain web sites, create professional e-mail addresses and brochures." The collision industry is being asked to be more professional, so contemporary marketing is critical. If that means pushing customers to grow, Johnson's team is happy to oblige. "We have more people in marketing than we do out in the field," Johnson admits, "because we believe that's where the need is." They also operate the country's only privatelyowned, factory-certified paint and training facility, annually certifying some 100 painters. Techs love it because the trainers are local; they can get an expert on site to show how a particular product works. Johnson summarizes their strategy, "If we don't help our customers be more profitable, productive, market their business, and get them more work, then we can't be a profitable, growing company. So, we are partners. There isn't any word that describes it better." And BASF is Leading Edge's perfect partner, offering support that Matt terms essential. "If you looked at my blood under a microscope," he laughs, "I think it has BASF logos in it. When they say let's grow, I know they're saying let's grow your business." 10

One cool customer

Raintree Auto Body


ndy Val, president/owner of Raintree Auto Body in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a man who laughs easily, and often. Val, the first customer to trust ColorSourceSM jobber Leading Edge Auto Refinishes with his business back in 1989, has a lot to smile about these days. Since buying the firm, Val has pumped up his repair volume a staggering 600 percent. Monthly revenues have grown to nearly $600 thousand. Today, Raintree Auto Body, a certified Mercedes-Benz collision repair facility, handles close to 3,000 luxury cars a year. Most of their business comes from Mercedes' vehicles, but Raintree also repairs Lexus, Jaguar, Porsche and an occasional Bentley. He has always used BASF products. And as a certified Mercedes facility, BASF is the carmaker's choice for refinishes, too.

people can improve customer satisfaction and get referrals, or how to measure the shop's performance, the `U' is a great resource for us," he says. "They help us be more organized and more profitable." Currently, there are 58 employees at Val's Scottsdale shop, including two of his sons, seven employees in the paint department, 12 technicians, and three apprentices who oversee 30 repair bays.

Timely tips from BASF

Val has occasionally turned to BASF to help solve problems that aren't their own. "We don't really have warranty issues," says Val, "but I know our paint guys needed some tips with aftermarket bumpers." He recalls BASF providing practical solutions so his craftsmen could get paint to properly adhere to a few troublesome plastic bumpers. "Otherwise," he laughed, "we'd still be sanding and redoing them!"

Andy Val has ambitious plans to grow his collision shop yet again, and that involves building a new facility. Equipment alone will cost him some $500 thousand, a significant investment for any entrepreneur. He's counting on the solid reputation he's built with BASF over the years to help him accomplish his latest dream. "They definitely keep us abreast of everything that's going on and that's necessary to be successful in our business. They strive to be at the top, and so do we, and it's a good partnership that way."

President/owner Andy Val shown with son Tom.

They're not your father's paint distributor.

Co-owner Matt Johnson concedes that Leading Edge is not your "normal" paint distributor. Instead, imagine forward thinking, non-traditional-- leading edge. Together with partners John Rang and Ella Cranton, Johnson has helped the firm take total responsibility for

Partner Matt Johnson.

"We've earned that responsibility," says Matt. There are no commissioned sales people, so Leading Edge can help shop owners lower their paint bills from 15 to 25 percent versus with non-BASF shops. Customers work with a team: an account manager, a technician, a business consultant and a marketing manager. Improving productivity is the goal, and delivery drivers, not the shop's painters, re-stock paint department inventory.

Counting on ColorSource Jobber, BASF

Raintree's persistent growth isn't accidental, and Val is quick to acknowledge the role his BASF distributor has played. "Leading Edge understands the collision industry inside and out," says Val. "When I need technicians, painters or information, Leading Edge is the first call." Andy praises the coursework and the insights afforded his company through VisionPLUS® University seminars and workshops. "Whether it's learning how our


" BASF took me to new frontiers."

-- Joanie VanOrman JM Lexus Margate, FL

Joanie VanOrman launched a whole new career with JM Lexus back in 1991. Managing a shop that repairs 350 vehicles a month requires using only the best -- BASF. "It's great," she says, "we use less product, it dries faster, we get cars through quicker and we don't have comebacks." Explore a new world of greater productivity and profit, call 1-800-825-3000. Or visit


© 2006 BASF Corporation



Dr. D k

u n r i te

one. Then re-melt the clearcoat blend edge with blending agent. Apply blending agent twice at 25 to 35 PSI. Allow for 2 to 3-minute flash between applications (see technical specs). Be careful not to blend over un-sanded clearcoat. Characteristics Blending agent provides nice, smooth transitions. It's usually a special resin system designed to re-melt dry overspray into existing paint finish. Steps First, polish lightly. Variable speed buffers work best. They're safer, plus you're less likely to cut through. Inspect the area. Move the vehicle into a well-lit space, but avoid direct sunlight. Choose sandpaper matching the defect's severity, starting with least aggressive, moving to coarser paper if needed. Use clean water and hand sanding pad to remove the defect. Every 10-15 strokes, inspect and re-mil the surface. Don't remove too much! Buff to remove sanding marks. Select correct compound/cleaner/polish or glaze. At low RPM, buff 2-foot areas. Using appropriate glaze/polish and pad, remove swirls to create high gloss. Wipe down panel to remove excess product. Finally, clean with fresh towels and water.

INDUSTRY VOICES Fact: Change is going to happen, with or without you. Fact: There's an overcapacity of collision repair shops in the U.S. market, and this excess supply will sooner or later result in decreasing numbers of shops. Fact: Until those numbers shrink-- bringing demand more in line with supply--things are going to get worse before they get better (i.e. there's a good chance that labor rates are actually going to decrease over the next few years). Fearful or not, shop owners need to find smarter ways of doing business. But to do this, they're going to have to let go of their preconceived notions. One such notion: that you can't deliver repairs cheaply, quickly and correctly. Small pockets of progressive shop owners out there are realizing that if you define quality as, "Doing the job exactly right, the first time," then it has to be both cheaper and faster. The real problem is that most shops don't have a business model that can make more money except by running up the price. All shops are being pressured by insurers to lower costs. But instead of addressing these challenges, too many shop owners are letting fear cloud their judgment. They're either fighting the changes or making decisions that, short term, bring in volume but, long term, can't sustain them. In the minority, however, are those who are keeping costs down and increasing profits by implementing such things as standard operating procedures and the principles of "lean manufacturing." And by doing this, they're able to achieve the impossible --they're delivering cars cheaply, quickly and correctly.

Georgina K. Carson is editor of BodyShop Business Magazine, a leading national publication in the collision repair industry. Georgina has been with the magazine nearly 12 years and according to her has enjoyed every minute of it. She can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


How long should clearcoat flash before applying blending agent?

No need to flash, just start blending. The "two-gun" approach works best-- one spraygun for clearcoat, a second for blending agent. Remember, technique is everything! Pointers Any time you blend, extend successive coats 4 to 6 inches beyond the previous

Usage Spray medium wet coats over blending area until you get desired result.

Georgina K. Carson Editor-in-Chief BodyShop Business Magazine


Do I need to buff clearcoat with fine compound?

Change Happens, With or Without You

Fear permeates this industry, causing too many shop owners to make bad, emotionally-charged decisions. But rather than letting your emotions run your business, you need to face your fears--and the facts.

Yes. You're aiming for perfection, but sanded areas need a little finesse to get back a gloss. And there's overspray, even with particular paint pros!

Please e-mail any questions you have to [email protected]

Modern Paint and Body Supply earns BASF's

Modern Paint and Body Supply, a ColorSource distributor since 2002, emerged as the best of the best for 2005. It takes a special combination of commitment and performance to be called "exceptional" in an already select group. A committee of BASF sales and marketing managers considers all of the following before determining the winner of the ColorSource Distributor of the Year award: · Consistency in dollar volume increase · Participation in the ColorSource Preferred Supplier Programs · Community involvement · Supporting the collision industry · Top intermix installations · Highest record attendance for each BASF training program · Greatest use of BASF Value Added Programs 14

ColorSourceSM Distributor of the Year Award.

About the winner.

Among Modern Paint and Body Supply's many achievements in 2005 was posting one of the biggest sales increases--including converting a number of body shops using competitive products to BASF. Modern Paint also made maximum use of BASF's Technical Service Specialists whose knowledge and skills help support both ColorSource distributors and their body shops. They've been a big booster of the ColorSource program, too, staging BASF product-line promotions and supporting the program at every opportunity. Partners Dan Cowdry and Gary Wanjon run their California-based business with four stores covering a 300-mile radius. Dan takes care of all the inside operations, while Gary handles the sales staff and most of the customers. They credit BASF and their ColorSource distributor status for helping their business grow.

VisionPLUS 20 Group members benefit from another great year.

BASF's VisionPLUS® 20 Group program continued its winning ways with an impressive 2005. Thanks to coordinated efforts from our sales staff and most importantly our Business Development Managers, two new groups were successfully launched in the year, bringing us to a total of four groups. Facilitated by the Chelsea Group, group members enjoyed meetings with discussions on financial and performance KPIs, best practices and more. The meetings also featured guest speakers from the insurance industry, aftermarket auto parts companies, repair review auditors, estimating consultants and Theory of Constraints consultants. The first year with the Chelsea Group was highlighted with a visit to the headquarters of a top tier insurance company. The group members were in awe that they were at the heart of the company and were able to meet with the top policy makers. 2005 also saw the kick off of the new Multi-Shop Operator (MSO) group. With the addition of this group, our 20 Group membership consists of nearly 50 members representing 108 shops which equals over $280 million in collision repair business. The year was capped off with a combined group meeting in Las Vegas. Inspired by motivational speaker Richard Flint, group members left fired up about their people and their business. "Things are definitely moving in the right direction and we're extremely excited about the value our 20 Groups are bringing to our customers," advised Stanton Thornbury, VisionPLUS Program Manager.

Who's next?

The ColorSource program is a unique and mutually beneficial partnership between BASF and its most valued customers. With so many exceptional candidates, winning this award is a special achievement. Our congratulations go to Modern Paint and Body Supply for its award-winning performance. In May of this year, BASF will announce the winner of the ColorSource Distributor of the Year award for 2006. Now's the time for all ColorSource distributors to make that final push for excellence--it could put you at the top of a very exclusive group.

"Things are definitely moving in the right direction and we're extremely excited about the value our 20 Groups are bringing to our customers."



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