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Rugby developed as an important market centre on the main routes from Leicester to Oxford and from Northampton to Coventry. Further development followed its establishment as a major railway junction. The borough of Rugby includes a number of villages scattered round the main town. At the centre of England, Rugby has excellent access to the road network with direct links to the M1, M6, M45 and M69 motorways and the A5, A45 and A14. There are good rail links, with London less than an hour away. Key sectors of employment in Rugby are distribution, manufacturing, banking, finance and insurance. Alstom (formerly GEC) and Cemex (previously Rugby Cement) have headquarters in the town. There are 17 industrial estates in the Borough and hundreds of firms of all sizes providing a wide diversity of products and services. Rugby Borough Council is a key employer. Many big companies have chosen Rugby as a place to store goods and transport them round the countr y. GAP Clothing has its European headquarters at Central Park near the M6.Alba and Britivic soft drinks are also delivered round the country from Rugby. Other large companies use Rugby for storage, such as Tesco, Asda, Argos and Britvic. Rugby is also one of the most important farming areas in Warwickshire, with around 500 farms and smallholdings.

Newbold Tunnel, Oxford Canal, near Rugby

North Warwickshire

Nuneaton & Bedworth



Leamington & Warwick Stratford upon Avon

How many people live and work in Rugby?

The 2001 Census recorded 87,453 people living in the borough of Rugby, of whom 43,385 were in employment.

What industries do people work in?

Distribution, hotels and restaurants Public administration, education and health Manufacturing Banking, finance and insurance Construction Transport and communications Other services Agriculture and fishing Total % 24 20 17 17 9 7 5 1 100 Source:Annual Business Inquiry: Employee Analysis 2005

(These are the jobs found in Rugby ­ It doesn't include jobs where residents travel to work elsewhere)

What sort of jobs do people do?

Managers and senior officials Administrative and secretarial Professional occupations Associate professional and technical Elementary occupations Skilled trades Sales and customer service Personal service Process plant and machine operatives Total % 15 14 13 13 13 12 5 8 7 100 Source: Local area labour force survey (April 2005 and March 2006))


Average weekly wages for full-time work

Rugby £438.00 West Midlands £416.50 Great Britain £449.80

Source: Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2006

Produced by LSC and Connexions Coventry & Warwickshire September 2007

Jobs in Rugby - change since 2003

What areas of employment are growing?

Banking, finance and insurance Construction Public administration, education and health Transport and communications Other services 2003 5,390 2,914 7,602 2,635 1,988 2005 7,071 3,847 8,268 2,874 2,121 % change +1,681 +933 +666 +239 +133

Source: Annual Business Inquiry: 2003 and 2005

What areas of employment are shrinking?

Manufacturing Distribution, hotels and restaurants Agriculture and fishimg 2003 9,183 10,800 370 2005 7,362 10,317 362 % change -1,821 -483 -8

Source: Annual Business Inquiry: 2003 and 2005


Unemployment in Coventry and Warwickshire 2007

North Warwickshire Nuneaton & Bedworth Coventry Rugby Warwick Stratford-on-Avon Number 720 2,204 8,031 1,056 1,540 948 Rate 1.9 3.0 4.2 1.9 1.7 1.3

Source: Office for National Statics, Claimant count figures, January 2007

Produced by LSC and Connexions Coventry & Warwickshire September 2007

Key employers

Alstom ­ formerly GEC ­ has been in the town for over a hundred years. Rolls Royce at Ansty. Cemex - formerly Rugby Cement. GSI Lumonics, based in Swift Valley Industrial Estate, makes industrial lasers. Gap, Alba PIc and Britvic distribution centres. Stena Line Freight has offices just north of Rugby. Garden Organic - the working name of Henry Doubleday Research Association, a charity that researches and promotes organic gardening, farming and food, has a base at Ryton. There are also a number of commercial and other organisations with their headquarters based in Rugby such as Relate, the Institution of Chemical Engineers, the Institution of Public Lighting Engineers, the Auto Cycle Union, and British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Rugby cement works

Rugby canal

Key developments

There are plans to develop tourism, leisure and retailing in this area. In Rugby town centre plans include a possible hotel, new apartments and a public plaza. In Ansty plans are underway to develop a new medical technology park and the former Peugeot Citroen plant in Ryton, which closed in December 2006, will be developed to provide jobs and opportunities for local people.

There are job opportunities available for people with the right skills in most industries - even in those industries that are declining.This is because there is a need to replace workers who retire or leave.

Statue of William Web Ellis (Inventor of Rugby Football)

Produced by LSC and Connexions Coventry & Warwickshire September 2007



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