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Find a center that has weekly lesson plans so you can follow your child's progress

Finding the Best Fit for Your Family

Choosing Child Care in Cy-Fair

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Written by Cynthia Schlosser Photography by Deb Colson

Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions working parents face today. When looking for the perfect child care setting, there are many factors to take into consideration. If you're a new parent, or even still pregnant and want to get your child's name on a waiting list for your ideal child care choice, it's imperative to do your homework. Most parents look at trustworthiness, location, fees, and student/teacher ratios. Especially with young children it's important for parents to feel at ease with their choice in child care providers.

Get Referrals

Great ways to find the perfect spot for your child are through referrals or word of mouth. Ask your friends where they send their kids. Another way to cut down on the footwork is to do your research online. See if the daycare has a website. Many schools have very informative websites with tips for parents and daily lesson plans so that your can follow your child's progress throughout the week. The most important thing to do once you have narrowed your list of possibilities is to call a few places to set up appointments for tours and meet with the director and the prospective teacher. At this meeting, you will get a feel for how they run their center and what kind of leadership is present.

Ask to see a classroom schedule to find out what activities are in a typical day

Do Your Research

Parents need to keep in mind a few important criteria when picking out childcare. First, what does the facility look like? If it smells unclean and the outside play area is only big enough for a few children at a time, a red flag should go up for parents. Second, what is the student teacher ratio? The lower the number the more attention your child will receive. Third, what is the staff turnover rate in the facility? If there is high turnover, the comfort level for both you and your child will be decreased when there are always new faces and ways of teaching to learn. Fourth, what is the schools discipline policy? All state licensed schools have rules and laws to abide by in discipline arenas. And lastly, what kind of curriculum does the school offer your child? There are state approved curriculums that many child care facilities follow, and these help ready your child for public school in the future. Jennifer Nolen, Director of Kids R Kids on Fry Road, explains, "The biggest difference is that we prepare kids for kindergarten. We have some of the same rules as school does, but we offer kids more of a creative, natural way of learning." Many schools are also offering extra-curricular activities even for toddlers. Outside coaches come to the schools for small monthly fees paid by parents to teach children basic principals of everything from dance to sports to music lessons. This enrichment during their school day is a good way for parents to de-stress instead of rushing children from lesson to lesson after work.

Many centers offer extracurricular activities such as computers, music, and dance

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What Works for You

Building Rainbows Day School in Cypress does fulfill the need of many young children and has done so since 1982. Angela Tamez, Director for Building Rainbows Day School, says what makes their daycare different from others is the neighborhood feel they have. "We have some teachers who have been here for 10 years. There's not a lot of turnover in the staff, so there's a lot of stability here. We have some children who attend our school whose parents also attended here." It's the perfect place for the son of Nydia and Kwame Twumasi. Nydia was attracted to this day school because of the warm and friendly staff. She said, "It's not just a place where they are babysitting your child. They teach the kids life coping skills and valuable life lessons. They have taught him things at his young age that I didn't learn until later on in my life." These parents can rest assured knowing their child is in such a nurturing environment. And for Cy-Fair ISD employees, the district offers two childcare facilities as options for their working parents. Cheryl Bradford takes her daughter to Cy-Fair Early Learning Center. She said, "I love ELC. We are so lucky to have our daughter attending here. The teachers are so attentive." Many corporations and school districts are providing these services because they understand that their employees are more effective and productive whenever they feel that their children are in good hands. "I would recommend ELC to any of my teacher friends who are looking for a safe and clean environment." She's at ease knowing she can trust the teachers who are with her child so much of the day. It's never easy to leave your child for eight to nine hours a day while you go to work. But for many Cy-Fair families it's a necessity. And by following these easy steps, it will help you know that your child is in good hands during the day when you cannot be with them. CFM

CYNTHIA SCHLOSSER is a Cy-Fair mother who has a variety of creative writing experience up her sleeve, including restaurant reviews, community newspaper reporting, and company newsletter writing. She enjoys spending precious time with her loving husband, Michael, and toddler son, Matthew. Special thanks to Primrose Schools and Building Rainbows Day School for participating in this child care photo shoot Make sure the center has plenty of hands-on activities for children to do

Observe the playground to make sure the equipment is safe and the children are well-supervised

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It's important to tour the facility to see how the staff and kids interact

Kids at Building Rainbows enjoy painting

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Kids R Kids*

"The biggest difference is that we prepare kids for kindergarten. We have some of the same rules as school does, but we offer kids more of a creative, natural way of learning."

- Jennifer Nolen, Director of Kids R Kids

Finding the Perfect Childcare

There are several factors that go into choosing the right preschool or daycare for your little one. Here are some tips to get you on the right track

Locations in the Cypress Area

Building Rainbows Day School*

13922 Schmidt Rd., Cypress 281-890-7498

Get a personal recommendation Do your research Interview the school staff Take a tour of the facility Make sure the school meets your criteria Check a school's licensing status by visiting

Montessori Child Development Center

11707 Huffmeister Rd., Houston 281-469-0872

Primrose Schools of Copperfield*

15550 Ridge Park Dr. 281-858-5600

St. Timothy Lutheran School

Primrose Schools of Crossroads Park

14225 Hargrave Rd., Houston 281-469-2913

9701 Wortham Blvd., Houston 281-469-3500 7410 N. Fry Rd., Cypress 281-463-3700

Whiz Kids Academy

9561 FM 1960 Rd., Houston 281-955-7160

Mackel Private School

12811 Cypress N. Houston, Cypress 281-955-2002

For a more complete list, visit the Child Care and Preschools page at

Red Flags

Complacent staff Not staffed well Bored, listless children High turnover rates

Be on the lookout for these potential problem areas

Drab rooms and broken toys

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Choosing Child Care in Cy-Fair

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