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Vol.6 No.2

Spring 2008

Vol. Six No. 2 The Rabbi's Corner Hear Ye Oh Israel

Spring 2008

Many of us have seen the bumper sticker asking us to "Practice random acts of lovingkindness." Two thousand years ago, our sages taught "Al Shlosha Devarim haolam omed." On three things the world stands: on Torah (study), on Devotion (prayer), and on deeds of lovingkindness. In essence, what this teaches us is that we must integrate mind, heart and action. How many of us grew up hearing about doing a "mitzvah"? Of course, literally, a mitzvah is a commandment. But the more common usage has to do with doing a "good deed." Indeed, we are "commanded" to do deeds of kindness. Jewish teachings on social action and kindness abound. The Torah commanded us to leave the corners of the fields for those in need. The prophets exhorted us towards a just society, calling on us to care for the widow, the orphan, the immigrant and the poor. The rabbis taught us about the obligation of giving tzedakah, helping the needy bride and groom, and visiting the sick. The "Jewish Reform movement, from its inception to the teachings on present, urged us to bring these teachings the societies social action into 1960s, Rabbiin which we lived. And in the Abraham Joshua and kindness Heschel, who bridged the Chassidic world and modern America, inspired us by taking abound." stands on civil rights and the Vietnam War. Today, leaders in the movement for Jewish Renewal, such as Rabbis Arthur Waskow, Michael Lerner and Naomi Steinberg, have drawn on these traditions and organized on behalf of peace, labor and the environment. In our own community, our children learn this important lesson in a practical way. As part of Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparations, each of our students takes on a "mitzvah project." They have worked with young children, visited elders, cared for animals, and raised money for worthy causes. They are often both inspired and inspiring. This year, Chadeish Yameinu has formally taken on the project of raising consciousness about the threat of global warming/global scorching. Having already sponsored an educational event on the issue, members of our community decided to try to bring this learning to action. And so, we have been encouraging carpooling, using less paper at our events, and distributing compact fluorescent bulbs. (continued on page 2)

The CY Board is proud to announce the Town Hall Socials, a great opportunity for the Board to meet YOU and for YOU to share your great ideas about what you would like to see us grow into or questions you may have. We have mission statement for CY that we are working on/love to see if you love it. It's also just a time to shmooze and have some social time together. Sound interesting? Intriguing even? There is also the reality that the CY Board has to make important "We need your decisions about the future of CY while sitting in the cave of the Aptos input ..." Firehouse. And though everyone is certainly welcome to come to those very fun meetings, (sometimes they really are) we are hoping that by the Board coming to you it will make things easier. WE NEED YOUR INPUT on some pretty central activities that we are aiming for: Increased Shabbat services.... number, duration, location, joint services, content, accessibility. How is that going? Membership welcome.... how did you feel coming into CY. What would or wouldn't help you to join or remain a member of CY? Social Action activities... What would you like to see in this area? How do you like the Green Menorah campaign? Family Learn/ childcare / family needs....How can we bring more families into CY? CY Finances.... Do you have questions about how we are doing? Other ideas you've been brewing?

The next Town Hall Social is scheduled for Sunday March 2, at 7pm at Michelle and Eliahu's, 422 Escalona, on the Westside. Refreshments will be provided. Contact Batya at [email protected] for more information.

A huge thank you to Alisa Klaus for her

vigilant and creative years editing the Aleph Branch. Please send contributions to new editor, Deborah Allen at [email protected] Or call (831) 465-9298.


Vol.6 No.2

Spring 2008

Rabbi's Corner (continued from page 1)

Of course there are so many issues that are in need of attention, and it is of great comfort to know that so many of our members are involved- from opposing the war in Iraq to working for affordable housing in this county, from equality in marriage to the Arab-Israeli conflict, from the rights of migrant workers to the health of our living oceans... to creating and maintaining a vibrant and inclusive Jewish Renewal community. And yet, we cannot forget that right here and now, there are members of our own community who are in need of an act of kindness. There are folks who are in need of a ride, a visit, or a call. If you are able to offer an occasional ride or grocery shopping or a visit, please contact me so I can help you make the connection. Its a mitzvah.

Three Shabbats Creating Jewish Identity Step by Step

Note: As the new editor of the Aleph Branch, I wanted to reignite interest in sharing our writing. Rose has offered a beautiful poem. I figure I might as well be brave as a way to introduce myself. Please send your writing that you are willing to share to me at [email protected] When I was small, the only Jewish women I knew who lit candles on Shabbat were in the movies. My heart would tug with longing (Id like to do that) and then shut down quickly (Its weird to do that). When my brother became a Conservative Jew, I would sit quietly with his family, watching. My heart would tug with longing (Id like to do that) but I would turn down invitations to join (I dont know what to do and am afraid to ask). What was I afraid of? Could my reason be as embarrassing as "Im afraid to look stupid"? Am I afraid to be Jewish? Wouldnt it be easier to be Buddhist? The first time I lit candles, I made sure no one was watching. I stood at the counter in my kitchen, alone with a big-print Hebrew made easy to pronounce prayer book. I could have just done the prayer in English, but it was the sound of Hebrew that had made my heart open, long ago and still today. Each time I visit any Jewish event where a cantor sings, I cry. So I knew I had to find my prayer voice in its root language. My candlesticks (a gift from my hopeful sister-in-law) were tarnished. I wasnt sure what to do with my hands, but the HowTo book on Shabbat said circle three times. Do I circle away first? Towards me? Does God care? I could feel the everydayness around me while I asked the Angels of Difficult Womanly Tasks to share their strength. I am sure I pronounced every word wrong. (continued on page 3)

Teachings of the Baal Shem Tov's Mishpocha (Family)

This winter, Reb Lori will be teaching three classes on early Hasidic masters. On Sunday, January 27, we will have completed teachings attributed to the Baal Shem Tov (founder of the Hasidic movement). On February 24, we will learn from the Degel (the Baal Shem Tovs grandson). And on March 30, Rebbe Nachman (the Baal Shem Tovs great-grandson) will be our focus. Reb Lori will select a theme that we will follow through all three classes. Each of these sessions will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the home of Jeanne Rosen. Please join us for this very special treat. If you want to bring a little food to share, that would be fine. PLEASE, RSVP and receive directions at least a few days in advance by contacting Jeanne at [email protected] or 685-8350. "When a person knows that everything which happens in one's life is for hisor her good, one has come to a level of awareness which is a foretaste of the World to Come." Rebbe Nachman, Likutey Moharan #4.Brachot

Rebbe Nachman and Hitbodedut

He taught that his followers should spend an hour alone each day, talking aloud to God in his or her own words, as if "talking to a good friend." This is in addition to the prayers in the siddur. Breslover Hasidim still follow this practice today, which is known as hitbodedut ("to make oneself be in solitude"). Rebbe Nachman taught that the best place to do this was in a field or forest, among the natural works of God's creation. From the Encyclopedia of Religion

Chadeish Yameinu member Eda Balsam tells the story of her family's escape from the Nazi occupation of Belgium. Reviewed by Martin Goldman, Director of Survivor Affairs, US Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC. and Harold Prince, Broadway Producer. Escape from Terror to Paradise is available @10.95. Contact Eda at 831 425 5083 or ebalsam From Eda Balsam about her book "Escape from Anterp": This 111 page booklet took about four years! So, what was the impetus? About seven years ago, during my battle with cancer I watched CNN obsessively and was aghast with the mass genocide in the Balkans. At that time Slobodan Milosovic was ordering mass murders in Bosnia and Kosovo. This "scorched earth policy " reminded me of Hitler. That is when I started writing about our escape from the Nazis. We need to sound the alarm about all the genocides of our century.

Adult Education

Adult Education (7 pm ­ 8:30 pm) and Beginning Hebrew ( 6 pm -7 pm) meet Wednesday nights at the Aptos Fire Station. See the Chadeish Yameinu Yahoo group email list or for updates.


Vol.6 No.2

Spring 2008

Last night we had friends for Shabbat. One man, half Jewish, had expressed interest in knowing more about his hidden side. His girlfriend, Jewish on both sides, came from an assimilated family and had long ago left Judaism behind. One of my oldest friends came because he loves me. And he brought two new friends, a German man and his Irish girlfriend. My husband reminded to me to slow down, to trust myself to share what I loved and not hurry. I have been rushing through the ritual because I am afraid that no one will really be interested (see paragraph one).

Three Shabbats (continued from page 2)

Eight more months went by. The second time I lit Shabbat candles, I was in Zagreb, Croatia, facilitating a workshop on archetypal female energies: the mother, the lover, and the crone. An unrelenting inner command compelled me to include Jewish women in this great chain of being. In the shyness of my "coming out," I chose a group who knew nothing about Jewish celebration. I was the only Jewish person most of them had ever known. In truth, thousand of Jewish people had died only miles away from where we gathered. What was I thinking? But these women loved me. And I know that prejudice disappears in the flame of love. I still wasnt sure if I was pronouncing all the words right. Why hadnt I asked someone? (See paragraph one.) But on I trotted, stumbling over the prayer, using pumpernickel bread covered with a paper towel for HaMotzi (the prayer over bread), and tiny shot glasses from the hotel bar for Kiddush (the prayer over wine). Remembering "Intended or what Sartre had written over his not, I had typewriter, "Act as become an If", I looked at ambassador their curious, earnest faces. Intended or not, I for the had become an essential ambassador for holy story of the essential holy story of my my people." people. Not for specific gestures or correctness, but for a deep soul love of the divine that we could share. All of us wanted to believe that we have this clear call to the mystery in common. For it to come through an awkward Jewish newbie made no difference. Mystery is mystery. God is God. Longing threads us all together, bead-to-bead.

It was fun. I let them know that Shabbat was sincere but not serious. We laughed a lot. My husband supported with his wonderful gift, where dinner appears on the table without Isaac interrupting the flow of conversation and everyones glasses are always full. We yes listened to the logos inside the words and my father bought the land shared from a nourishing soul place. I did the deed said eternal my own translations of the prayers and then I am eternally grateful spoke the Hebrew, which (after six months of yet I remember his knife lessons) I feel more confident to offer. All of the blade sinking the weeks of quiet study in my office bore the with slow pressure most beautiful fruit. I could through my soft skin "Now my share what I and I gratitude grows loved about my not yet a man faith. And from became adult daily for those this place of I too who have kept it fierce inner saw the massive face direction (learn at at the brink of forever alive, so those my own pace), they say I am too quiet now the still small who return can unlike my commanding father voice had her I am beyond words way with us. The find the essential I have no response German man had soul of Judaism." the wonders of Creation tears in his eyes unfold as they will after Kiddush. "It I simply breathe means a lot to me to be here, as a German the desert air man." Thats all he said. And my bothparents Jewish friend added "Im so grateful to be here. I didnt know this stuff existed Rose Lobel inside Judaism. I have been so ashamed to be Jewish" I have been frightened to be Jewish. Here she was, feeling ashamed. And yet all around us was evidence of magnificent ways to worship. What had happened? Of course this is the subject of hundreds of books, but here is my two cents. In America, a lot of the Jewish people got really still. Some came after the pogroms, some after the Holocaust. It was an overwhelming legacy to carry and try to survive at the same time. Jewishness went underground or turned and ate its own tail. So when we return to it, of course it feels strange and foreign. Only after gentle unwrapping does the magic reappear. It has always been there, we just moved away. Now my gratitude grows daily for those who have kept it alive, so those who return can find the essential soul of Judaism. It occurs to me that the candles are doing their work, week after week. Deborah Allen

Two years later, I am still creating Shabbat at home. Ive joined Chadeish Yameinu, paid my dues, and still have made it to only one of their Friday night services. Im taking Hebrew with Akindele. I dont want anyone elses input yet. I am protective of my experience. If I can inhabit my own relationship with the Divine, practiced from my own inner calling, then I will own it. The relationship will live deep inside of me and not just in my head. I am still frightened to be around those who have known this world for a long time and rattle off their Hebrew zippity zap. People who know what everything means. I need, for now, the shyness, the unfolding wonder I feel. I love sitting quietly each week and reading the Torah portion and then surfing the web to find out what other people have thought about it. I love my modernist Jewish renewal commentators and the ancient Hassidic masters.


Vol.6 No.2

Spring 2008

Chadeish Yameinu Donations October 2007 through January 2008

Chadeish Yameinu is blessed, honored, and grateful for the tremendous generosity that the community has been showing to keep CY a growing and flourishing community. This is obviously a community that knows the power of honoring each other and values the gift of a spiritually vibrant community. Here is a list of our beloved donors. If we somehow missed acknowledging your gift, please let us know. We will make corrections in the next newsletter. Thank you. --Batya Kagan and Ellen Abrams Lynn LeRose and Ed Garner honor Ian Garner, Buck Bliden, Jay Dravich, Joseph Katzman, Jan Leininger for Michaela Braveman in honor of Julian building our most beautiful and holy sukkah. Lacey's Bar Mitzvah Lynn LeRose and Ed Garner honor Shira Belford on her Etiel Herring in honor of Howie and birthday. new home (Chanukat Habayit) Diane's Janice Rose, in memory of her father Lynn LeRose and Ed Garner honor Michael Yosef for Sam Fidelman decorating our most beautiful and holy sukkah and honor his recent LeRose and Ed Garner in honor Lynn birthday. and LeRose and Ed Garner honor Lynngratitude for the old CY Board Jesse Garner, their Lynn LeRose and Ed Garner in recent talented and deserving son, on hishonor Bachelor of Science and gratitude for the from the Art Institute of CA ­SF. Degree as a 3-D artistnew CY Board Ten Le Rose and Ed and Linda Byrne LynnLeaves from JohnGarner to congratulate Shalom in honor of the High Barad volunteers Bravemen and KarenHolidayon the publications of their new John books. and Linda Byrne in honor of Shira's birthday Lynn Le Rose and Ed Garner honor the Bravemans 20th Seven Leaves from wedding anniversary.Len and Marian Cohen in honor of Holly and Phillippa, Jeanne Rosen, Jay Dravich and Tofah Karen Zelin and Bill Underwood honor Kobi & Zev for their Yragui, new officers of CY, and Reb Eli Bar Mitzvah and Sephy Elizaiold officers as their teachers. of CY, Michael Yosef, Howie and Nanci Rosenberg and Eiji Suzuki honor Rabbi Eli Cohen. Diane's new home Paula Levine and Jeff Brody honor the High Holidays & Ron Feldman.Donations in Memory

In Honor Of... Tree of Life

In Memory Of... Lynn LeRose and Ed Garner in memory of Zalmo Bloombecker. Dr. Linda Bloombecker, Mia and Genna in memory of Jay Bloombecker. Michael R. Dilts in memory of Helen Sachs, mother of Jenny D'Angelo. Faye Levinson and Joe Vela in memory of Lorin Trodermans father Tree of Life Doris Leavitt in celebration of her mother, Libby Leavitt making it to 97.5 years old. Etiel Herring honors Shiras birthday Michaela and Shalom Braveman honor Tofah Eileen Yraqui on her initiation as a Sheikah. Michaela and Shalom Braveman for Shiras birthday. Michael and Shalom Braveman honor Lynn LeRose and Jeanne Rosen. Etiel Herring honors Lynn LeRose and Jeanne Rosen. John and Linda Byrne for Shalom Bravemans birthday. John and Linda Byrne for Devorah Starks birthday. In Honor Of Lynn LeRose and Jeanne Rosen, and their special Shabbaton, the following people gave tributes: Deb and Jeff Roisman Dick and Diane Klein Karen Belford & Jonathon Adler Rima Lieben Lester Reichek Josephine Koven Special Donations Lynn LeRose and Ed Garner in wishes for healing for Debra Ruiz and Jesse Garner. Sheila Namir, PHD special donation supporting the mailing lists. Glen Saltz ­ 40 Chai donation to CY. George Lewis and Barbara Nicoara for High Holiday supplies. Herb and Lil Safron have graciously underwritten the CY

of a Loved One Michaela & Shalom Braveman honor Holly Blue Hawkins with great appreciation for her inspiration and leadership of Lynn Drumming/Music circle. the CYLeRose and Ed Garner in memory of George Maxwell Rooth, Tom Rooths Linda Crabill and John Byrne honor Reb Eli. beloved brother

Lynn LeRose and Ed Garner in Memory Barbara Nicoara and George Lewis in honor of the of Saul Feldman, Ron Feldmans Bravemans anniversary. beloved father Richard & Diane Klein honor Shiras birthday and Shalom & Lynn LeRose Anniversary. Michaelas 20thand Ed Garner in memory of Betty, Alissa Goldrings beloved sister Molly Herring in Memory ofof CY. Etiel & Lee Jaffe in honor her parents, Yosef ben honors & Chaya bat Jay Dravich Yaacov Batyas efforts for carpooling Avraham v'Katya Shalom and Michaela Braveman honor Reb Eli & Akindele Julia Lorraine honors the Bnei Mitzvah of Jesse Abrams, Zev and Kobi Underwood, and Dylan Troderman. Dick & Diane Klein honor Joe Roses birthday Rabbi Eli's Discretionary Fund Larry and Diane Levin Jeff and Deb Roisman Dick and Diane Klein

4 newsletter.

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An ALEPH-affiliated Jewish renewal community of Santa Cruz _______________________________________________

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Please choose one of the following:

___ Enclosed is my 2007-2008 donation of $475-$1000 for my Chadeish Yameinu membership. ___ I pledge ______ per month ($40 minimum). Enclosed is my first payment. ___ Please contact me about a direct deposit for my monthly contributions. ___ (No one is turned away due to lack of funds) I would like to speak to someone about a reduced membership donation or payment plan. ___ I'm new to CY and not ready to become a member. Please put me on the mailing list on a complimentary basis until the High Holidays. (A donation to help sustain CY is appreciated. Suggested donation is $90.) Name: _________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________ City/State/Zip __________________________________________________ Phone _______________________ E-mail ____________________________ Members, check one: Yes_ No_ include my above information on the member roster, available to the CY community. For more information, to volunteer or join a committee, please contact: Volunteer Coordinator Diane Brayman (831) 425-7779 [email protected] · Membership: Shira Belford (831) 426-9271 karenbelford© · Shabbat Committee: Batya Kagan (831) 419-6574 [email protected] · Adult Education: Jeanne Rosen (831) 685-8350 [email protected] · School & Family Learning: Stephanie Barnes-Castro 429-6030 [email protected] · Social Action/Co-caring: Shlomo Cooperstein (831) 655-8670 stevec36o© Finance: Jeanne Rosen (831) 685-8350 [email protected] Spirit in Action Shlomo Cooperstein (831) 655-8670 stevec36o© Please return this form to: Chadeish Yameinu, P0 Box 3578, Santa Cruz, CA 95063-3578

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March 2008

Adar ­ Adar II 5768

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 Parashat Vayakhel Havdalah 7:15 PM 2 3 4 5 6 7 24 Adar 5768 8 Rosh Chodesh Adar II Shabbat Shekalim

7-8:30PM Town Hall Social Home of Eliahu & Michelle Hodah All Welcome

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Exploring the Prayer Service Aptos Firehouse

7-9PM Meditative Chanting Shabbat Services The Garden

10-12:30PM Community Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Adar Potluck Center for Conscious Living

Parashat Pekudei Havdalah 7:22 PM 1 Adar II 5768 15

25 Adar 5768 9

26 Adar 5768 10

27 Adar 5768 11

28 Adar 5768 12

29 Adar 5768 13

Candlelighting 5:51PM 30 Adar 5768 14

6-8PM CY Drumming & Music circle Home of Janice Rose in Aptos

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Exploring the Prayer Service Aptos Firehouse

5 Adar II 5768 19

7-9PM Parents of Bnai Mitzvah meeting

7-9PM Traditional Style Shabbat Center for Conscious Living

Candlelighting 6:57PM 7 Adar II 5768 21 Purim Parashat Vayikra Havdalah 8:28 PM 8 Adar II 5768 22

2 Adar II 5768 16

3 Adar II 5768 17

4 Adar II 5768 18

6 Adar II 5768 20 Ta'anit Esther

10-3PM Multicultural Purim Festival Palo Alto 2-4PM New Members Tea 7-9PM Board Meeting Aptos Firehouse

9 Adar II 5768 23 Shushan Purim 10 Adar II 5768 24

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Exploring the Prayer Service Aptos Firehouse

7:15-9PM Family Learn & Purim Celebration / Roller Skating Party Santa Cruz Roller Palladium 7-11PM Purim Celebration & Megillah reading Temple Beth El

7-9PM Renewal Style Services Center for Conscious Living

10-1 PM Joint Shabbat services with TBE Potluck Temple Beth El

Candlelighting 7:03PM 14 Adar II 5768 28

Parashat Tzav Havdalah 8:34 PM 15 Adar II 5768 29 Shabbat Parah

11 Adar II 5768 25 7-8:30PM

12 Adar II 5768 26

13 Adar II 5768 27

Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Exploring the Prayer Service Aptos Firehouse

19 Adar II 5768 20 Adar II 5768

Candlelighting 7:10PM 21 Adar II 5768

16 Adar II 5768 30

17 Adar II 5768 31

18 Adar II 5768

Parashat Shemini Havdalah 8:40 PM 22 Adar II 5768

11:30-1PM Reb Lori teaching on Baal Shem Tov RSVP needed

23 Adar II 5768 24 Adar II 5768

April 2008

Adar II ­ Nisan 5768

Sunday Monday Tuesday









5 Shabbat HaChodesh

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

7-9PM Meditative Chanting Shabbat Services The Garden

Candlelighting 7:16PM 28 Adar II 5768 11

10AM-12:30PM Special Shabbat Service with Michael Yosef The Garden

Parashat Tazria Havdalah 8:47 PM 29 Adar II 5768 12 Shabbat Shekalim

6 Rosh Chodesh Nisan


25 Adar II 5768 8

26 Adar II 5768 9

27 Adar II 5768 10

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Exploring the Prayer Service Aptos Firehouse

7-9PM Parents of Bnai Mitzvah meeting

7-9PM Renewal Shabbat Rabbi SaraLeya Schley Center for Conscious Living

10-12:30PM Renewal Shabbat Rabbi SaraLeya Schley Center for Conscious Living

1 Nisan 5768 13

2 Nisan 5768 14

3 Nisan 5768 15

4 Nisan 5768 16

6-8PM CY Drumming & Music circle Home of Janice Rose in Aptos 7-9PM CY Board Meeting Aptos Firehouse

8 Nisan 5768 20 Pesach I 9 Nisan 5768 21 Omer 1 Pesach II

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Aptos Firehouse

5 Nisan 5768 17 Ta'anit Bechorot

Candlelighting 7:22PM 6 Nisan 5768 18

7-9PM Renewal Style Services Center for Conscious Living

Parashat Metzora Havdalah 8:53 PM 7 Nisan 5768 19 Erev Pesach Shabbat HaGadol

10-1 PM Joint Shabbat services with TBE; potluck follows Temple Beth El

10 Nisan 5768 22 Omer 2 Pesach III

11 Nisan 5768 23 Omer 3 Pesach IV

12 Nisan 5768 24 Omer 4 Pesach V

Candlelighting 7:28PM 13 Nisan 5768 25 Omer 5 Pesach VI

Parashat Acharei Mot 14 Nisan 5768 26 Omer 6 Pesach VII

6-10PM CY Passover Community Seder Location TBA

Havdalah 9:01 PM 15 Nisan 5768 27 Omer 7 Pesach VIII 16 Nisan 5768 28 Omer 8

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Aptos Firehouse

7-9PM Shabbat of the Monterey Peninsula Location TBA Contact Shalom Braveman

19 Nisan 5768 Candlelighting 7:34PM 20 Nisan 5768 Havdalah 9:05 PM 21 Nisan 5768

17 Nisan 5768 29 Omer 9

18 Nisan 5768 30 Omer 10

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

Havdalah 9:06 PM 22 Nisan 5768

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Aptos Firehouse

25 Nisan 5768

23 Nisan 5768

24 Nisan 5768

May 2008

Nisan ­ Iyar 5768

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Omer 11


2 Omer 12 Yom HaShoah


3 Omer 13

7-9PM Meditative Chanting Shabbat Services The Garden

Candlelighting 7:40PM 27 Nisan 5768 9 Omer 19

10AM-12:30PM Bar Mitzvah of Noah Malone Long Marine Lab

4 Omer 14

5 Omer 15 Rosh Chodesh Iyar

6 Omer 16 Rosh Chodesh Iyar

7 Omer 17 Yom HaZIkaron

11-3PM CY Board Retreat

26 Nisan 5768 8 Omer 18 Yom HaAtzma'ut

Parashat Kedoshim Havdalah 9:11 PM 28 Nisan 5768 10 Omer 20

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

30 Nisan 5768 12 Omer 22 1 Iyar 5768 13 Omer 23

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Aptos Firehouse

2 Iyar 5768 14 Omer 24

7-8PM Parents of Bnai Mitzvah meeting

3 Iyar 5768 15 Omer 25

7-9PM Traditional Style Shabbat Center for Conscious Living

Candlelighting 7:47PM 4 Iyar 5768 16 Omer 26

10-1PM Shabbat Services; potluck follows Center for Conscious Living

Parashat Emor Havdalah 9:17 PM 5 Iyar 5768 17 Omer 27

29 Nisan 5768 11 Omer 21

6-8PM CY Drumming & Music circle Home of Janice Rose in Aptos

6 Iyar 5768 18 Omer 28 7 Iyar 5768 19 Omer 29

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Aptos Firehouse

7-9PM Community Led Services Center for Conscious Living

10 Iyar 5768 22 Omer 32 Candlelighting 7:52PM 11 Iyar 5768 23 Omer 33 LaG B'Omer

Parashat Behar Havdalah 9:23 PM 12 Iyar 5768 24 Omer 34

8 Iyar 5768 20 Omer 30

9 Iyar 5768 21 Omer 31

7-9PM CY Board Meeting Aptos Firehouse

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Aptos Firehouse

5-10PM LaG B'Omer Bonfire, song, fun Twin Lakes Beach (TBD)

7-9PM Shabbat of the Monterey Peninsula Location TBA Contact Shalom Braveman

Candlelighting 7:58PM 18 Iyar 5768 30 Omer 40

10-1 PM Joint Shabbat services with TBE; potluck follows Temple Beth El

Parashat Bechukotai Havdalah 9:29 PM 19 Iyar 5768 31 Omer 41

13 Iyar 5768 25 Omer 35

14 Iyar 5768 26 Omer 36

15 Iyar 5768 27 Omer 37

16 Iyar 5768 28 Omer 38

17 Iyar 5768 29 Omer 39

7-8:30PM Trope Class Contact Reb Eli

Havdalah 9:06 PM 20 Iyar

6-7PM Beginning Hebrew 7-8:30PM Adult Ed Aptos Firehouse

21 Iyar

22 Iyar

23 Iyar

24 Iyar

Candlelighting 8:03PM 25 Iyar

Parashat Bamidbar Havdalah 9:34 PM 26 Iyar

Chadeish Yameinu Community School 2007-08

Family Learns - fun activites for the whole family

Offering Jewish education & community, events centered around celebrating Jewish culture and Jewish holidays. Families with children of all ages , CY members and non-member guests, and families unaffiliated with the CY Community School are all invited to join us for these fun-filled family events.

Themes, location & dates to be announced via email throughout the year To get on the Chadeish Yameinu email list to receive information about upcoming events contact: Karen Shira Belford at [email protected]

Upcoming Family Learns:

March 20 -7:15-9 PM Purim Family Learn. Location: Santa Cruz Roller Palladium May 22 - Lag B'Omer Beach Bonfire. location TBA

Starting In Fall..

Registrations due mid August - Classes begin in early September

B'nai Mitzvah Class (for 11-12 year olds)

Preparation to become Bar/Bat Mitzvah - Jewish studies are offered in an engaging, supportive environment while providing peer support and connection. Once a month parent meeting provides useful resources and support for parents through the B'nai Mitzvah process. In the final year leading up to Bar/Bat Mitzvah, students will also need to pursue private tutoring in conjunction with this class. Requires basic Hebrew reading and assessment of your child's skills by one of our teachers prior to registration. This class is expected to fill and will likely have a waiting list for the 2008-09 school year. Please contact Stephanie as soon as possible if you are interested in this class.

Thursday evenings at Santa Cruz location Contact : Stephanie Barnes-Castro, 426-6030 daytime, 429-9308 evenings or or [email protected]

Kitah Aleph Class - Jewish Studies (for 9 & 10 year olds)

A Sweet Place for Study to Begin

This is a fun and nurturing place for 9 and 10 year olds to begin learning basic Hebrew and Judaica. Classes meet twice a month on Thursday evenings, from 7:00 - 8:30. This class is a wonderful way to gradually begin preparing your child for our more rigorous Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation program. A new group of students will be starting this coming Fall. In this two year class, students start with learning the Hebrew alphabet and then move onto to developing vocabulary and learning to read Hebrew while observing and deepening their understanding of the yearly holiday rhythms.

Thursday evenings, Twice a Month at a Santa Cruz Location Contact Debra Sloss, 426-4800 or [email protected]


Continuing Students will be mailed Registration Forms in July New Students should contact Stephanie Barnes-Castro at [email protected] to receive registration forms.

Vol.6 No.2

Spring 2008

Convenient Ways to Support CY

Buy a Leaf on our living Tree of Life (planted at The Garden) to honor friends and family. Send $18 or more with your tribute to CY, PO Box 3578, Santa Cruz, CA 95063-3578. New Leaf Market - gives us a percentage of all our purchases. Just get a New Leaf card from Shira ([email protected]) and show it when you buy your groceries. Escrip - donates a portion of your purchases at selected area merchants, including Safeway. To enroll, visit the website at Our group ID for Chadeish Yameinu is 500002562. The CY Store - purchase gorgeous shirts, cards, calendars, mugs, magnets and more with our fabulous logo designed by Michael Yosef Robinson. Go to or just follow the link from our website: its easy!

Summer '08 Taglit-Birthright Israel Trip with Aleph

Go to Israel for Free with Aleph and Birthright! RENEWAL IN ISRAEL is a 10-day trip designed especially for ALEPH members and friends. We will pray at the Kotel (Wall), float in the Dead Sea, participate in a traditional Bedouin feast and tour Jerusalem. Our special Jewish Renewal focus will add visits with Israeli Renewal teachers and peacemakers, an ecstatic welcome of Shabbat, the mystical energy of Sefat, chanting, drumming and singing, ecological teachings and visits, sunrise prayers at Massada and more. Israel Outdoors brings an active, engaged focus to the trip that will add memorable components like kayaking, water hiking and dancing on the Galilee.

Yashir Koach to our CY Board

Executive Committee: Howie Schneider, President, [email protected] Jan Leininger, Treasurer, [email protected] George Lewis, Secretary, [email protected] (The position of Vice President is currently vacant) Members at large: Jillian Aronstam, [email protected] Barbara Nicoara, [email protected] Joseph Katzman, [email protected] Rabbi Eli Cohen, [email protected] Batya Kagan, Program Consultant, [email protected]

The following businesses donate

their earnings from sales made by CY referrals: Jay Dravich, Realtor (831) 479-9278

a percentage of

Julie Lorraine, Event planning & invitations (831) 688-0888 Marigold Fine, Full Circle Video Productions (831) 459-8300 Michael Yosef Robinson, Yosefs Dreams Jewish Art

Submissions for the Aleph Branch

To submit articles for the next issue of the Aleph Branch, email all copy to Deborah Allen at [email protected], no later than April 25, 2008. All articles must be in Times New Roman 12 pt, no spacing between paragraphs, no special formatting, and no borders. The Aleph Branch welcomes submissions of poetry, essays, book reviews, and news. Contact Deborah Allen at [email protected] or Michael Yosef Robinson at [email protected] with your suggestions.

Classified Advertisements

Ads cost $18 for 4 lines and $36 for 9 lines. Professional listings $18/listing of 4 lines. One line consists of 5-7 words. Class listings of 6 lines cost $18/listing. E-mail your ads/listings to Michael Yosef Robinson [email protected] and mail your payments to Chadeish Yameinu, PO box 3578, Santa Cruz, CA 95063-3578. The Aleph Branch is published quarterly. The deadline for our next issue is April 25, 2008.


Vol.6 No.2

Spring 2008

Yahrtzeit List

I am happy to announce that Chadeish Yameinu will now be offering a very important service to our members: we are compiling a Yahrtzeit list. A yahrtzeit (Yiddish for year-time, or anniversary) refers to the anniversary, by the Hebrew calendar, of the death of a loved one. Traditionally, one observes yahrtzeits for parents, and also for siblings, children and spouses. Some have the custom of also observing the yahrtzeit for other loved ones, such as grandparents, or aunts and uncles. The yahrtzeit is observed by lighting a special 24-hour candle and by remembering the loved one in a number of ways, such as saying Kaddish or giving tzedakah (charity) in his or her memory. Chadeish Yameinu will now record and keep track of the yahrtzeit, and inform you each year in advance of the date. We will also read the name of your loved one at our Shabbat service during that week. If you would like to record the yahrtzeits of your loved ones, please send me: (1) your name; (2) the name of any person for whom you will be observing a yahrtzeit; (3) the relationship between you and the loved one; (4) the Hebrew name if you know it; (5) the Hebrew and/or secular date of passing, including the year. May their memories remain a blessing through the years.

Dear CY Friends,

As some of you know, I have been ill for several years now, had a couple of serious accidents and spent time in a wheelchair, and now am going on 3 years with this acute sensitivity to all kinds of fluorescent and halogen bulbs, inside and outside, computer screens, DVDs, TVs - specific technology with a frequency of some kind. I have no problem with the sun and incandescent lights, Thank G-d. I have seen numerous doctors of all types in many places and no one has seen this extreme sensitivity. I have spent almost $100,000 out of my pocket on medical bills the past 5 and a half years and have been unable to work. I came to the High Holy Day services blindfolded, and otherwise am unable to participate in just about every building in Santa Cruz, including offices, bookstores, health food stores, markets, synagogues, concert halls, and restaurants, etc. The Garden, thanks to Tofah Eilenn and Jay, remained a sanctuary. The new church on Felt Street, which I know we need for more room, I probably will not be able to participate in. Most places have gone "green" to "save the planet." The Aptos Firehouse has terrible fluorescent lights, although for a 6-week class with Eli, people offered to bring lamps. After being involved on a small scale, but for 30 years, with Temple Beth El, I wrote them a membership withdrawal letter, due not only to financial difficulties, but also because I can't participate, and haven't been able to be in the sanctuary, library, hallways for several years because of the harsh lights. CY feels closer to home. And so, my dear ones, I wish to stay on as a member of this blessed group, with our learned and compassionate rabbi and members with incredible hearts and wisdom. Perhaps someone might know about this affliction and help me. With love, Andi Berrin

Reb Eli

Please send your yarhtzeit information to Rabbi Eli Cohen, Chadeish Yameinu Jewish Renewal, PO Box 3578, Santa Cruz, CA 96060 or to [email protected]

In Memory

Chadeish Yameinu sends its condolences to our members whose loved ones have passed in recent months: Debra Ruiz, on the passing of her beloved aunt, Anita Ayala. Helen Nunberg and her family, on the passing of her beloved mother, Blima.

Mazel Tov to...

Mazel tov to Tofah Eileen, our host at The Garden, on her initiation as a Sheikha with the Sufi Ruhaniat International. May she continue to inspire and be inspired. Mazel tov to Jasmine Berke and Scott Roseman on the birth of their first grandchild, Baer Walter Darling, on November 23. Blessings of health and happiness to their daughter, Ishtar and her husband, Luke Darling, and their new son. Mazel tov to Aryeh Richard Nanas and Rabbi Paula Marcus, and to Penina Green, on the birth of their twin grandsons, Coleman Samuel and Asher Dylan Nanas. Mazel tov to Alisa Goldring on the birth of her great-grandson, Fergus. Mazel tov to Dylan Troderman, son of Lorin and Jill Troderman, on becoming Bar Mitzvah (January 19, Parashat Beshalach.) Mazel tov to Kovi and Zev Zellin, sons of Karen Zellin and Bill Underwood, on becoming Bnei Mitzvah (January 26, Parashat Yitro.) Mazel tov to Solomon Bundy, son of Andrea Cohen and Mr. Bundy, on becoming Bar Mitzvah (February 16, Parashat Tetzaveh.) Mazel tov to Noah Malone, son of Stefanie and Mark Malone, on the becoming Bar Mitzvah (May 3, Parashat Kedoshim.)


Vol.6 No.2

Spring 2008

Sunday, April 20 ­ CY Community Seder Time: TBA Location: TBA Friday, April 25 ­ Community initiated services or dinners at homes. Friday, May 2 ­ Meditative services. Time: 7:00PM Location: The Garden


CY Shabbat & Holiday Schedule

March ­ May 2008

Our regular schedule of the 1 Friday being a meditative service at the Garden, the 2nd and 3rd Friday and 2nd Saturday being at the Center for Conscious Living continues. Traditional style Shabbats are the 2nd Friday. In addition to our regularly scheduled services, there are a few Bnei Mitzvah celebrations and, continuing by popular demand, joint services with Temple Beth El . Minyan! (This has been a very well received Shabbat, enjoyed by all). The 4th & 5th Fridays (and some Saturdays) are left open for Shabbat at home.. maybe youd like to invite a few people over and welcome Shabbat at your pace, in your own way. Batya and Reb Eli are available to help with questions/ access to prayers etc.

Friday, March 7 ­ Community style Shabbat. Time: 7:00PM Location: The Garden Saturday, March 8 ­ Community style Shabbat. Parashat Pekudei Time: 10:00AM Location: Center for Conscious Living Friday, March 14 ­ Traditional-style services; potluck follows. Time: 7:00PM Location: Center for Conscious Living Thursday, March 20 ­ Family Learn & Purim Celebration / Roller Skating Party Time: 7:15-9PM Location: Santa Cruz Roller Palladium Thursday, March 20 ­ Purim Celebration & Megillah Reading Time: 7:00PM Location: Temple Beth El Friday, March 21 ­ Renewal style services. Time: 7:00PM Location: Center for Conscious Living Saturday, March 22 ­ Joint services with Temple Beth El Minyan. Parashat Tzav Time: 10:00AM Location: Temple Beth El Friday, March 28­ Community initiated services or dinners at homes. Friday, April 4 ­ Meditative services Time: 7:00PM Location: The Garden Saturday, April 5 ­ Special Shabbat services in honor of Michael Yosef. Parashat Tazria Time: 10:00AM Location: The Garden Friday, April 11 ­ Renewal style Shabbat led by special guest Rabbi SaraLeya Schley from Berkeley. Time: 7:00PM Location: Center for Conscious Living Saturday, April 12 ­ Renewal style Shabbat led by special guest Rabbi Sara Leya from Berkeley. Parashat Metzorah Time: 10:00AM Location: Center for Conscious Living Friday, April 18 ­ Renewal-style services. Time: 7:00PM Location: Center for Conscious Living Saturday, April 19 ­ Passover begins this evening.

Saturday, May 3 ­ Bar Mitzvah of Noah Malone. Parashat Kedoshim Time: 10:00AM Location: TBA Friday, May 9 ­ Traditional style services. Time: 7:00PM Location: Center for Conscious Living Saturday, May 10 ­ Shabbat morning service; potluck lunch follows. Parashat Emor Time: 10:00AM Location: Center for Conscious Living Friday, May 16 ­ Community style Shabbat. Time: 7:00PM Location: Center for Conscious Living Saturday, May 22 ­ Lag BOmer fire, stories, songs probably at Twin Lakes Beach Time: 5:00PM Location: TBA Saturday, May 24 ­ Joint services with Temple Beth El Minyan. Parashat Bechukotai Time: 10:00AM Location: Temple Beth El

Rosh Chodesh - the Head of the Month

On new moons the Jewish calendars start their month. It is traditional to sing a whole lot of praises on those new moons... they are auspicious beginnings and we want to bring them in with revelry. Rabbi Shalom Bochner, the Rabbi at UCSC Hillel and Richard Becker from Kol T'fillah, the Conservative congregation in town, have put together their musicianship and their passion for singing Hallel and have invited the CY community to come join in the singing. Since that is one of our specialties, along with a bit of drumming, it is hoped that some of us will make the trek to Ben Lomond on Thursday, March 6th at 9:30 pm and to Santa Cruz Westside on Sunday, April 6 to raise the bar of joy and feel the connection to those divine energies that singing brings. For information, contact Batya.

Drum Your Way to Yah!

Have you heard the latest Chadeish Yameinu beat? CY now has a monthly "Drumming & Music Circle." While free-style ,,soulful drumming and finding the beat to the Shabbos Bruchas are the foundation of these gatherings, we also experiment with other instruments that will enhance this truly spiritual experience. Inspired by Holly Blue, all are welcome to take turns leading these free transformative events. The focus is based upon finding ones own rhythmic voice and joining others in a blessed drumming conversation! So if you are interested in drumming and/or music, dont miss this wonderful and spiritually based opportunity! Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary. You dont even have to own a drum as many of us own and bring more than one and are willing to share! The CY Drumming & Music Circle meets on the second Sunday of each month from 6 ­ 8 pm and is graciously hosted by Janice Rose at her Aptos home. If you have any questions, please contact Michaela @ 649-1972 or Janice @ 684-1639.


Vol.6 No.2

Spring 2008

CY Community School Update

Chanukah Family Learn: In early December families and children of all ages gathered at the Quaker Center for a delightful Chanukah Family Learn. The CY Community School Families were joined by other CY members and happily by several guest families. Despite the darkness and cold pouring rain outside, a sanctuary of warmth and light could be found inside. Reb Eli gave a lovely teaching about Chanukah including many lesser know facts about the holiday, followed by his playful (and becoming famous) Chanukah Question Game. Michelle "Hodah" Newman and Batya Kagen then introduced the "Green Menorah Project" of ALEPH and announced Chadeish Yameinu's adoption of global warming as our Tikun Olam (repair of the world/social action) Project. Chanukah waspresented as the original resource conservation holiday (after all...that little bit of oil was made to last 8 days!) and families were given activities to help them lessen their carbon output. Energy efficient light bulbs were then distributed to families. Perhaps this corny little rhyme will summarize the evening... Songs were sung and dancing was done, the candles lit and the dreidles spun. Holiday joy was had by all, while sharing delicious food and the making of much fun. Upcoming Family Learns - fun activities for the whole family March 20 - Purim Family Learn, location TBA May 22 - Lag B'Omer Beach Bonfire. location TBA New Classes are now forming for Fall 2008: The CY Community School offers two Classes: A B'nai Mitzvah Class (for 11 & 12 year olds) and a Kitah Aleph Class (for 9 & 10 year olds). See the enclosed flyer for more information about what is going on at the CY Community School and please contact us if you are interested in our activities and/or classes. Special Thanks to the CY Community School Committee and all the parents of students who volunteer their time and creative energy to make the school run. We also want to express our appreciation for our talented and dedicated teaching staff: Rabbi Eli Cohen, Sephy Elizai, Michelle "Hodah" Newman and Aliya Floren Shendelman Davis. The current CY Community School Committee Members are: Ellen Abrams, Bonnie Barisof, Rabbi Eli Cohen, Laura Davis, Sara Isenberg, Joe Katzman, Stephanie Malone, Debra Sloss and Karen Zelin.

Chadeish Yameinu Jewish Renewal Community PO Box 3578 Santa Cruz, CA 95063-3578


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