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Medical Terminology & Common Diseases

Instructor: Patricia Hassel HTEC-060A-64Z Spring 2011 Call # OO994 3 Units

De Anza College Distance Learning Center · LC107 · Phone: 408-864-8969 · FAX: 408-864-8245 · · M-Th, 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.


Orientation to medical terminology; basic structure of medical terms and their components: prefixes, suffixes, and roots with emphasis on analysis, definition, spelling and pronunciation.


Health Technologies 50 (may be taken concurrently); those students not enrolled in the health technology programs do NOT have to take the pre/co-requisites.


Lab hours have been shortened this quarter! The required on-campus exams can be taken during the following hours only: Monday to Thursday: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Friday: 7:00 AM to 12:00 noon If you cannot take the required on-campus exams during these hours, then you must decide whether or not you will stay in the class. Dropping the class is your responsibility.


Patricia Hassel is your course instructor. She is the Program Coordinator for the Health Technologies Department at De Anza College, a position she has held since 1982. Ms. Hassel graduated from Montreal General Hospital's School of Nursing and worked as a staff nurse in several specialties: operating room, cardiology, and pulmonary diseases, and in outpatient pediatrics. She has been a fulltime instructor at De Anza College since 1969 and holds a degree in Business Administration. Office Hours Held: Days/Hours: Phone/Voicemail #: FAX Telephone(s): Office Location: E-mail Address: From April 4 ­ June 24, 2011 (by phone) Phone Message only (24 hrs/day) (408) 864-8789 (408) 864-5444, 864-8245 S-77a [email protected]


HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)


Be prepared to spend 7­9 hours per week using and studying course materials. 1. Attend On-Campus Orientation (recommended) on Friday, April 8; 6:00 ­ 7:00 PM in S-74 or complete the Online Orientation and submit the Student Information Form by Friday, April 8 at noon. (Online Orientation may be found at this address): Pre-registered students who do not attend the campus orientation or complete the online orientation by the deadline will be dropped to make room for students on the wait list. 2. Watch the nine, two-hour video programs or view them on videotape or online (checkout-copies for home use are very limited). 3. Complete all reading assignments. 4. Complete and turn in all assigned chapter tests, take-home exams, and review exams in the Workbook. 5. Pass all four examinations and a take-home final exam.


After completing the reading assignments and watching the video programs, you should be able to: 1. Identify and define the four word components of medical terminology. 2. Identify common surgical suffixes and apply them to whole medical terms. 3. Identify and apply common prefixes and suffixes that would indicate disease process or condition. 4. Classify medical terms that apply to medical instruments and machines. 5. Interpret medical terms that identify medical specialties or specialists. 6. Distinguish between the singular and the plural endings for medical terms. 7. Select medical terms that pertain to body parts or organs. 8. Analyze medical terms that include colors, bacteria, and other root words. 9. Define directional, positional, and numerical medical terms. 10. Interpret medical abbreviations as used in prescriptions. 11. Interpret medical abbreviations that pertain to diagnoses and the clinical laboratory. 12. Analyze medical terms that apply to the structure of the body. 13. Analyze diagnostic medical terms that apply to the various body systems. 14. Interpret medical terms that would indicate diseases or conditions of the various body systems. 15. Pronounce all medical terms appropriately. 16. Spell all medical terms accurately.


Purchase at the De Anza College Bookstore: [Phone: 408-864-8455 · 1. Prendergast & Fulton. Medical Terminology: A Text/Workbook. Addison-Wesley Longman, 4th 2. Taber, Clarence Wilbur. Medical Dictionary. FA Davis Company, 18th ed. (optional text). 3. Four Scantron Answer Forms (1/2 page brown and white) and a #2 pencil. 4. PowerPoint materials, available on the instructor's website: or at Distance Learning (LCW 102) [Textbook refund date: Wednesday, April 6]


Nine two-hour Medical Terminology and Common Diseases video programs. View On-Line (information will be available on-line) or view tapes Available for overnight check out from the De Anza College Library West Computer Lab. Not available for rental.

2 HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)

Viewing Options for Medical Terminology and Common Diseases video programs. 1. Watch at home during the cable TV broadcasts (see attached TV Schedule). 2. Tape record your video programs during the telecasts and view them when convenient. 3. View programs in the De Anza College Library West Computer Lab. (Learning Center West ­ lower level) 4. Check out tapes from the Library West Computer Lab to view overnight at home. · SMART DASB Card required. The Smart Card Office is located in the lower level of the Hinson Campus Center. · DLC ID Card required (available at the De Anza College Distance Learning Center, LC-107). · One tape at a time may be checked out for 48 hours. · Return tapes to Library West Computer Lab or in the drop box outside of the Distance Learning Center, LC-107. (please report any videotape technical problems). · Late fines: $2.00/day (maximum fine-$25.00); replacement/lost tape charge: $25.00/tape. 5. The video lessons are also available by videostreaming. See below for videostreaming instructions. 6. This course is available on iTunes! The nine video lessons can be downloaded from De Anza iTunes U. Go to the main De Anza home page: and find the iTunes link at the lower left corner of the page. Click it and follow the links to select HTEC 60A lessons and download them. You will be able watch the lessons on your iPod.


This course utilizes streaming video which can be accessed via the Catalyst system. Please view the Catalyst website at to login. Please note that you will be unable to login until the first day of class. Be sure you are using your correct username and password-do not use your social security number or international "99" number. If you need help logging in or finding your student ID, please view the short instructional video at Https:// Additional instructions and assistance can be found on the Catalyst website. Due to licensing restrictions, video programs are not available for downloading. The quality of the videostream can be affected by Internet congestion on the De Anza Campus or network congestion with your Internet service provider.


The primary course content comes from the readings. The videotape programs are intended to emphasize and illustrate the reading material. You will be tested on information from both the readings and video programs. If, for any reason, you miss watching a video program during the assigned week, you should still keep current with your reading assignments. Work on the lessons in the following order: a. View the video program: 1) at home on TV during the broadcast or the repeat broadcast, or 2) on videotape in the Library West Computer Lab, in the De Anza Learning Center West building, or 3) on videotape checked out from the Library West Computer Lab (limited copies available). b. Read the Workbook assignment. c. Complete the assigned chapter tests and review exams and turn them in to Pat Hassel's mailbox outside S-77a or at the Distance Learning Center(LC107). To review material prior to each exam you may: 1. Review the course videotapes. 2. Study the workbook chapters.

3 HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)

3. Create a set of flashcards (3 x 5 index cards) with the terms printed on them.


You will complete selected questions from some of the Chapter Tests and Review Exams in the workbook, but not every test and exam in every chapter. See the Assignment Schedule in this syllabus for specific information. The chapter tests and review exams must be turned in to Pat Hassel's mailbox outside SA-77a or at the Distance Learning Center by the due dates listed on the Assignment Schedule. You must turn in or FAX the original pages from the textbook: photocopies are not accepted. Submitting Assignments [copy and attach the cover sheet on the last page of this syllabus]: · Turn in your paper to Pat Hassel's mailbox outside S-77a or at the Distance Learning Center, room LC-107. During regular hours drop them into the Homework Drop Box inside the office and sign in your name on the "Student Coursework Sign-In-Sheet" so there is a record of your paper being turned in there. After hours, drop them into the Homework Drop Box located by the Distance Learning Center entrance (LC-107). · FAX your paper to one of the two Distance Learning Center FAX machines (408) 864-5444 or (408) 864-5546. Graded homework is returned for review to the DL Center about 7­10 days after its due date. You may take notes on the homework but you may not take it with you. Please present your DASB Photo ID to the Distance Learning Center staff to review your work.


There will be several questions about the weekly assignments, so this will clarify where the assignments are located-in the back section of your text (see "assignment sheet" in your course syllabus for page and question numbers).

True-False Questions (example-Chapter #5 assignment)

There are several assignments that include "True-False" questions. Some are the usual true/false (in other words you circle the "T" or the "F"). However, some are different-if the statement is true, you circle the number of the question and if the question is false, you do not circle the "F", and you write the correct answer beside the statement. Please follow the instructions so that you will not lose any points.

Fill in the Blank (example-Chapter #7, 8, 9 assignment)

Several assignments include guessing which medical terms and definitions are appropriate. Actually, the instructions state that I will dictate words for the blanks, but that is not possible, so you have to guess which words fit in the blanks (there might be more than one correct answer-I will accept your answer if it makes sense). These assignments will take more time than any other assignments, so be prepared!

Complete Diagrams (example-Review Exam #1)

At least two assignments have extra pages with diagrams that have to be identified. Please do not forget to complete these extra pages and include them when you submit your homework.

Grading of Your Weekly Assignments

Your weekly assignments are due in the Distance Learning Center twelve days after the initial broadcast on the Community College Network (Tuesdays) . Your graded assignments will be placed in your folders 2 weeks after the initial broadcast. You may review your graded assignments during (LC107) Distance Learning Center's hours (Monday­Thursday, 9:00 AM­6:00 PM/closed on Fridays and weekends). You may not take your graded assignments out of your folder. They have to stay in your folder in distance learning.

4 HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)

FAX Cover Sheet

Please remember to use the Fax Cover Sheet (attached to your course syllabus) each week if you plan to FAX your assignments to Distance Learning; however, I have encouraged you to send your assignments to my FAX number (408-864-5444) without the cover sheet, but write your name on every sheet you fax to me.

Submitting Your Assignments

Please FAX your assignments to me (408-864-5444); if mine is busy, then fax to distance learning. Remember, you must use BLACK PEN is you plan to FAX. If you do FAX your assignments, please write your telephone number on your cover sheet/first page just in case! However, you do not have to FAX your assignments. You may deliver them to my office (S-77a) and place them in the white locked mailbox to the right of my door (available 24 hours/day).


The four scheduled exams consist of multiple-choice questions. There is a take-home final exam from the text. See the Assignment Schedule for specific exam information. There are no make-up exams allowed after the exam dates! Testing Materials: Bring one Scantron Answer Form (1/2 page brown and white), a Photo ID, and one #2 pencil to each exam. Exams: You may take exams early but not after the exam dates! Many exams will be left in the testing locations. You have three sites to choose from. Use your Scantron Answer Form and a #2 pencil to record your responses. Write your name, social security number, and the exam number on the Scantron. You must complete the exams by Friday of the week the test is given.




Allied Health Resource Center (S-82) *408-864-8687

5 HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)

*call to confirm their hours just before you travel to take exams Alternate Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Exams Exam #1 May 2 May 3 May 4 May 5 May 6 7 AM­12 noon 7 AM­12 noon 7 AM­12 noon 7 AM-Noon 7 AM­12 Noon 1:00­2:00 PM 1:00­2:00PM 1:00­2:00 PM Exam #2 May 16 May 17 May 18 May 19 May 20 7 AM­12 noon 7 AM-12noon 7 AM­12 noon 7 AM-Noon 7 AM­12 noon 1:00­2:00 PM 1:00-2:00 PM 1:00-2:00 PM June 2 Exam #3 May 30 June 3 May 31 June 1 Memorial Day 7 AM­12 noon 7 AM­12 noon 7 AM­12 noon 7 AM­12 noon Holiday 1:00­2:00 PM 1:00­2:00 PM Exam #4 June 14 June 16 June 17 June 13 June 15 7 AM­12 noon 7 AM­12 noon 7AM­12 noon 7 AM­12 noon 7 AM­12 noon 1:00­2:00 PM 1:00­2:00 PM 1:00­2:00 PM



Science Resource Center (SC-3101) *408-864-8921

*Call to confirm their hours just before you travel to take exams Alternate Exams Exam #1 Exam #2 Exam #3 Exam #4 Monday May 2 8:30 AM­3 PM May 16 8:30 AM­3 PM May 30

Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday May 3 8:30 AM­3 PM May 17 8:30 AM­3 PM May 31 8:30 AM­3 PM

Wednesday May 4 8:30 AM­3 PM May 18 8:30 AM­3 PM June 1 8:30 AM­3 PM

Thursday May 5 8:30 AM­3 PM May 19 8:30 AM­3 PM June 2 8:30 AM­3 PM

Friday May 6 8:30 AM­12 PM May 20 8:30 AM­12 PM June 3 8:30 AM­12 PM

June 16 June 13 June 14 June 15 June 17 8:30 AM­3 PM 8:30 AM­3 PM 8:30 AM­3 PM 8:30 AM­3 PM 8:30 AM­12 PM


6 HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)

Exam Scores: Graded exams are available to review about 5­8 days (after the last day the exam is offered) at the Distance Learning Center. You may review your exams there but not take them with you. You are not permitted to take notes on the questions on the exams. Please present your DASB ID Card to the Distance Learning Center staff to review your exams. Final Grades: The final grade is determined by the percentage of your accumulated points (from your assignments, exams and take-home final) for the course. To keep tract of your %-add your points then add possible points-divide your total by possible total=your %. 80% is based on assignment results, 20% is based on exam results. Your assignment and exam scores are not available on-line; you have to review your folder in distance learning to monitor your progress. A = 94 ­ 100% B = 86 ­ 93% C = 76 ­ 85% D = 70 ­ 75% F = 69% and below Remember to review your graded assignments and exams in distance learning! Policy on Copying and Cheating: Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on exams or other assignments receive a failing grade in the course and are reported to college authorities. Your assignment and exam scores are not available on-line, so you will have to visit distance learning to see your scores. Remember, you cannot take your assignments or exams from your folder. You may access your final grades through the Internet [].


HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)

Medical Terminology & Common Diseases Class Schedule Spring 2011

Class Week of 4/11 View the Class Read the Workbook Chapter Intro 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Topics discussed in Class

Class 1

Ch. 1/Introduction and Basic Medical Words Ch. 2/Surgical Procedures Ch. 3/Medical Conditions and Diseases Ch. 4/Medical Instruments and Machines Ch. 5/Medical Specialists and Specialties Ch. 6/Plural Endings Ch. 7/Additional Prefixes Ch. 8/Additional Suffixes and Root Words Ch. 9/Bacteria, Colors and Review Ch. 10/Directional, Positional and Numerical Ch. 11/Additional Terms Ch. 12/General Abbreviations Ch. 13/Diagnostic/Laboratory Abbreviations Ch. 14/Basic Pharmacology Ch. 15/Structure of Body Ch. 16/Integumentary System Ch. 17/Musculosckeletal System Ch. 18/Cardiovascular System Ch. 19/Respiratory System Ch. 20/Gastrointestinal System Ch. 21/Urinary System Ch. 22/ Female Reproductive System Ch. 23/Male Reproductive System Ch. 24/Nervous System and Psychiatric Terms Ch. 25/Special Senses: Eyes and Ears Ch. 26/Endocrine System


Class 2 Class 3



Class 4


Class 5 Class 6 Class 7




Class 8


Class 9


HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)

Spring 2011 Assignments and Exams

Exam Chapter

#1 #2 #3 #4 Ch. 4 (pages 26, 27, 28) Ch. 8 (pages 58, 59, 62, 63) Ch.17 (pages 142, 144, 145 146) Ch. 22 (pages 203, 204, 205, 206)


" " "

Exams (see chart)

NO MAKE-UP EXAMS NO MAKE-UP EXAMS NO MAKE-UP EXAMS NO MAKE-UP EXAMS May 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 May 31, June 1, 2, 3, June 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Terms & definitions May 2, 3, 4, 5, 6





Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3


page 282 page 284 page 285 pages 287­8 pages 289­290 page 295 pages 291­294 pages 297­8 pages 299­300 page 301 pages 305­6 pages 307­8 pages 309­310 pages 311­2 page 313 pages 317­8 pages 315­6 pages 319­320 pages 325­6 pages 327­8 pages 331­2 pages 335­6 pages 339­340 pages 343­6 pages 347­350 pages 353­4 page 357 pages 361­2 page 363 pages 365­6 pages 371­5


#13­18 #16­25 #1­15 #1­6 #1­23 #1­16 all but #1­10 # 1­10, 21­35 #1­25 #1­20 #1­25 #1­20, #34 #1­48 + bonus #1­20, #25-26 #1­12 + bonus #1­21 all but #1­10 #1­26 #1­30 #1­34 #1­50 #1­27 #1­20 all but #1­10 #1­35, 50­58 #1­29 #1­20 #1­34 + diagram #1­18 #1­28 #1­120

Due Date

April 21 April 21 April 21 April 28 April 28 April 28 April 28 May 5



Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Review Exam #1

#6­different suffixes

don't forget pp. 293­294 no dictation­GUESS !!! " " " " " "


Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9

May 5 May 5

May 12 May 12 May 12 May 19 May 19 May 19 May 19 May 26 May 26 May 26 June 2 June 2 June 2 June 2 June 9 June 9 June 9 June 16 June 16 June 16 June 16


Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Review Exam #3


Chapter 16 Chapter 17Alt Chapter 18


Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Review Exam #4

do not forget pages 345-6


Chapter 22 and 23 Chapter 24­1 Chapter 24­2


Chapter 25­1 Chapter 25­2 Chapter 26 Final Exam

Take-home Final Exam


HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)

Medical Terminology & Common Diseases TV Schedule

Spring 2011

Video programs for this course are shown weekly on local cable TV in the south Bay Area on the following cable networks: COMCAST, CCN1: Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Saratoga, San Jose, Campbell ­ Channel 27; Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford University, Menlo Park and Atherton ­ Channel 75. For broadcast problems on CCN1 and 2, the Broadcast Media Center can be reached at 408-864-8300 during the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Mondays through Thursdays. Voice mail messages may be left at other times and will be returned during the normal hours of operation.

Medical Terminology and Common Diseases TV Schedule Spring 2011

Week Lesson Lesson Title CCN 1: Mondays 12:00­2:00 PM 4/4/11 4/11/11 4/18/11 4/25/11 5/2/11 5/9/11 5/16/11 5/23/11 5/30/11 6/6/11 6/13/11 6/20/11 CCN 1: (Repeat) Saturdays 8:30­10:30 PM 4/9/11 4/16/11 4/23/11 4/30/11 5/7/11 5/14/11 5/21/11 5/28/11 6/4/11 6/11/11 6/18/11 6/25/11

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

No Broadcast Text Chapters 1­3 Text Chapters 4­6 Text Chapters 7­9 Text Chapters 10­12 Text Chapters 13­15 Text Chapters 16­18 Text Chapters 19­21 Text Chapters 22­24 Text Chapters 25­26 No Broadcast No Broadcast


HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)

Distance Learning Center Homework Cover Sheet Please make a copy of this cover sheet and attach it to all assignments that You turn in or fax to the Distance Learning Center.

FAX #'s: (408) 864-5444 (preferred) (408) 864-5546

HTEC-060A-64/ Hassel / Spring 2011

Assignment Title:____________________________________________ Your Last Name: ____________________________________________ Your First Name: ___________________________________________ Your Student ID#:___________________________________________ Total pages included: Cover Sheet + _____ pages

When sending this assignment by FAX: please include a telephone number where you can be reached in case there is a problem in transmittal: Your Phone #: ____________________________

Do not fax an assignment twice.


HTEC 60A­Telecourse (Hassel)


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