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70336 70450 70480 70486 70490 70496 70498 70540 70544 70547 70551 70551 70554 71250 71275 71550 71555 72125 72128 72131 72141 72146 72148 72158

Injection procedure for shoulder arthrography or enhanced CT/MRI shoulder arthrography MRI Temporomandibular Joint CT Head/Brain CT Orbit CT Maxillofacial/Sinus CT Soft Tissue Neck CT Angiography, Head CT Angiography, Neck MRI Orbit, Face, and/or Neck MRA Head MRA Neck MRI Brain


MRI Internal Auditory Canal

72159 72191 72192 72196 72198 73200 73206 73220 73221 73225 73700 73706 73720 73721


MRI Lower Extremity, other than Joint MRI Lower Extremity Joint

Functional MRI Brain CT Chest CT Angiography, Chest (non coronary) MRI Chest MRA Chest (excluding myocardium) CT Cervical Spine CT Thoracic Spine CT Lumbar Spine MRI Cervical Spine MRI Thoracic Spine MRI Lumbar Spine Magnetic resonance (eg, proton) imaging, spinal canal and contents, without contrast material, followed by contrast material(s) and further sequences; lumbar MRA Spinal Canal CT Angiography, Pelvis CT Pelvis MRI Pelvis MRA Pelvis CT Upper Extremity CT Angiography, Upper Extremity MRI Upper Extremity, other than Joint MRI Upper Extremity Joint MRA Upper Extremity CT Lower Extremity CT Angiography, Lower Extremity



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