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Grips - 2 piece · European walnut · Satin finish · Stainless steel frame .44 caliber · Stainless steel · 8" · Tapered octagon - .720" at breech to .660" at muzzle · Button rifled .009" deep · 1-32" twist · 6 lands - .438 & 6 grooves - .456 · Front sight- ramp style w/blued steel blade · Rear sight - target style w/adj. windage and elevation IGNITION Percussion - #11 size caps · Six-shot · .449 chamber dia. FEATURES Brass triggerguard · 13 3/4" overall · 2 3/4 lbs. ACCESSORIES Nipple 5.5mm x .9 (#NP2040-steel) LOAD 22 gr. FFFg · .454 round ball · .44 revolver wad MFG. Uberti / Italy STOCK BARREL

No. SS1180 (Target Model)

Price . . .

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$ 395.00

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June 30, 2011

Dixie Gun Works, Inc. P.O. Box 130 Union City, TN 38281

PEDERSOLI LIGHTNING PUMP RIFLE & CARBINE: Modern long gun rules apply. STOCK BARREL IGNITION FEATURES MFG. Buttstock & Checkered forearm · European walnut · Satin oil finish · 3" drop · 13 1/4" trigger pull .45 LC Caliber · Blued · 20" or 24" · Tapered octagon · .900 at breech to .736 at muzzle · Broached rifling .004" deep · 1-16" twist · 6 lands - .443 & 6 grooves - .451 · Front sight - Blued steel base w/silver blade, 3/8" dovetail · Rear sight - Blued steel semi-buckhorn open style w/push elevator, 3/8" dovetail .44/40 Caliber · Blued · 24" · 1-36" twist · 6 lands - .421 & 6 grooves - .429 .44/40 or .45 LC black powder cartridge (or) factory loaded ammo · 10 capacity magazine (Has block to limit capacity.) Blued steel furniture · 43" overall · 7 1/4 lbs. Pedersoli / Italy

SS1217 Lightning Rifle - 20" - .45 LC SS1219 Lightning Rifle - 24" - .45 LC SS1218 Lightning Rifle -24" - .44/40

SPECIAL . . . $ 995.00 ea

Compare at . . . $ 1,400.00

Guns this page - ONLY 1 each!

UBERTI LIGHTNING RIFLE: Modern long gun rules apply. STOCK BARREL Buttstock & Checkered forearm · European walnut · Satin oil finish · 2 ¾" drop · 13 1/4" trigger pull .45 LC Caliber · Blued · 24 1/4" · Tapered octagon ­ .860 at breech to .760 at muzzle · Broached rifling .004" deep · twist · 6 lands - .442 & 6 grooves - .450 · Front sight - Blued steel 1 piece base & blade, 3/8 dovetail · Rear sight - Blued steel semi-buckhorn open style w/ push elevator, 3/8" dovetail. .45 LC black powder cartridge (or) factory loaded ammo · 13 capacity magazine Blued steel furniture · Color casehardened receiver & triggerplate · overall Uberti / Italy


. . . $ 1,375.00

Buttstock & Forearm, checkered · European walnut · Satin finish · 3" drop · 13 1/4" trigger pull .44/40 Caliber · Blued · 24" · Tapered round - .900 at breech to .700 at muzzle · Broached rifling .004" deep · 1-36" twist · 6 lands - .421 & 6 grooves - .429 · Front sight - Blued steel base w/ brass bead, 3/8" dovetail · Rear sight - Blued steel open style w/flip up elevator, mkd to 800 yds. .44/40 black powder cartridge (or) factory loaded ammo · 10 capacity magazine (Has block to limit capacity.) Blued steel furniture · Color casehardened frame · 41" overall · 7 lbs. Pedersoli / Italy


SS1201 Lightning Rifle ­ .45 LC

. . . $ 825.00

UBERTI HIGH WALL SINGLE SHOT RIFLE - "WINCHESTER" STYLE: A John M. Browning design manufactured circa 1885-1920 - total production 139,725. Modern Long Gun Rules apply. STOCK BARREL Buttstock - straight grip / schnabble forend · European walnut · Satin oil finish · 2 1/2" drop · 14" trigger pull .40/65 caliber · Blued · 30" · Tapered octagon - 1.060 at breech to .895 at muzzle · Cut rifling.005" deep · 1-18" twist · 6 lands - .400 & 6 grooves - .410 · Front sight- 3/8" dovetail, blued steel base & blade · Rear sight - 3/8" dovetail, semi-buckhorn w/push type elevator, blued steel IGNITION .40/65 black powder cartridge (or) factory loaded ammo FEATURES Steel furniture · Color cased receiver, lever, hammer, breechblock & single trigger · Drilled & tapped for tang sight (not included) - 2.150 center to center · 47" o/a · 10 lbs. CR1360 SPECIAL . . . $ 835.00 ACCESSORIES Brass cleaning rod in buttstock MFG. Uberti / Italy

UBERTI 1873 WINCHESTER REPLICA SPORTING RIFLE: One of the most famous and successful rifles of all time. More than 700,000 were made from 1873-1919 in a bewildering array of variations. This rifle features the short stroke favored by most Cowboy Action shooters. Modern Long Gun Rules apply. STOCK BARREL IGNITION FEATURES MFG. Buttstock & forearm · European walnut · Satin finish · 3 1/2" drop · 13" trigger pull .45LC caliber · Blued · 24 1/4" · Tapered octagon - .860" at breech to .725" at muzzle · Cut rifling .004" deep · 1-18" twist · 6 lands - .442 & 6 grooves - .450 · Front sight - 3/8" dovetail, 1 piece steel base & blade · Rear sight - 3/8" dovetail, blued steel semi-buckhorn, open style w/push elevator .45 LC black powder cartridge (or) factory loaded ammo · 13+1 capacity magazine Blued steel furniture · Color cased frame · Single trigger · 43 1/4" o/a · 8 1/4 lbs. SPECIAL . . . $ 995.00 SCR1241 Uberti / Italy

WINCHESTER STYLE 1892 LEVER ACTION RIFLE: Modern Long Gun Rules apply. STOCK BARREL IGNITION FEATURES MFG. Buttstock & forearm · European walnut · Satin finish · 2 1/4" drop · 13" trigger pull .44/40 caliber · Blued · 24 1/2" · Tapered octagon - .840" at breech to .705" at muzzle · Broach rifled .004" deep · 1-24" twist · 6 lands - .424 & 6 grooves - .432 · Front sight - .360" dovetail, 1 piece blued steel blade & base · Rear sight - .360" dovetail, blued steel, open style w/push elevator .44/40 Black powder cartridge (or) factory loaded ammo · 13 + 1 capacity magazine Color casehardened receiver, lever, hammer, buttplate, nosecap & triggerplate · Has 1 filler screw 2.200 center to center with tang screw · 42" overall · 6 ½ lbs. Armi Sport / Italy


SPECIAL . . . $ 875.00 Page 2

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TRADITIONS 1851 BRASS FRAME NAVY REVOLVER: The brass frame "Navy-type" revolvers are identified with the Confederate Griswold & Gunnison, and Leech & Rigdon revolvers. Since there was a scarcity of iron in the Confederate states, brass was used for the frames. It is said that church bells from all across the South were melted down to provide brass for these guns. STOCK BARREL Grips - 1 piece · Select hardwood · Satin finish · Brass frame .36 caliber · Blued · 7 1/2" · Tapered octagon - .710" at breech to .630" at muzzle · Button rifled .006" deep · 1-30" twist · 7 lands - .360 & 7 grooves - .372 · Front sight - brass bead · Rear sight V-notch/hammer nose IGNITION Percussion - #11 size caps · Six-shot · .368 chamber diameter FEATURES Brass backstrap & triggerguard · Color casehardened loading lever & hammer · Cylinder engraved w/naval scene ·13" overall · 2 3/4 lbs. ACCESSORIES Nipple 6mm x .75 (#NP1355-steel) LOAD 15 gr. FFFg · .376 round ball · .36 revolver wad MFG. Pietta / Italy

SS1202 1851 Navy-Brass Frame Mfg. Sug. Retail $ 212.00

Special . . . $ 199.95

UBERTI 1873 COLT CATTLEMAN "NEW MODEL" REPLICA: This revolver features a short stroke favored by Cowboy Action shooters. Modern handgun rules apply. Guns must be shipped UPS Next Day Air. STOCK BARREL IGNITION FEATURES MFG. Grips - 1 piece · European walnut · Satin finish · Steel frame .45 LC caliber · Blued · 5 1/2" · Tapered round - .765" at breech to .700" at muzzle · Broached rifling .004" deep · 1-18" twist · 6 lands - .442 & 6 grooves - .450 · Front sight - blued steel blade · Rear sight - V-notch-top of frame .45 LC black powder cartridge(or) factory loaded ammo · Six-shot Blued steel backstrap, triggerguard & cylinder · Color casehardened frame & hammer · Spring loaded cylinder pin release & oval half-moon ejector rod head · 10 3/4" overall · 2 1/2 lbs. Uberti / Italy


PRICE . . . $ 425.00

DIXIE REMINGTON NEW MODEL ARMY "SHOOTERS" REVOLVER: . STOCK BARREL Grip-2 piece · Euro. walnut · Satin finish · Steel frame, blued .44 cailber · Blued · 8" · Tapered octagon - .710" at breech to .680" at muzzle · Cut rifling .008" deep · 1-32" twist · 5 lands - .440 & 5 grooves - .456 · Front sight - .270 dovetail, blued steel base & blade · Rear sight - V-notch in top strap IGNITION Percussion - #11 size cap · Six-shot · .456 chamber diameter FEATURES Brass triggerguard · Blued steel backstrap · 13 3/4" overall · 2 3/4 lbs. ACCESSORIES Nipple 6mm x .75 (#NP1355-steel) LOAD 22 gr. FFFg · .457 round ball · .44 revolver wad MFG. Pietta / Italy

SS1173 Reg. $ 795.00

SPECIAL . . . $ 695.00

DIXIE REMINGTON NEW MODEL ARMY REVOLVER: .44 caliber 8" octagon barrel with blade front sight - Brass triggerguard, straight, plain six-shot cylinder and 2 piece walnut grips. 13 1/2" overall.

#SS1039 - Finished Revolver #SS1040 - Revolver Kit SS1132

SPECIAL . . . $ 235.00 SPECIAL . . . $ 219.95


Reg. $ 450.00 ...$


TEXAS or BUFFALO REVOLVER & KIT: This revolver closely resembles the Dixie "Wyatt Earp" revolver. Should be able to handle just about any job you see fit to use it for! The blued octagon .44 caliber barrel is 12" long and is fitted with a blued rear sight adjustable for both windage and elevation and a ramp style target front sight. Brass frame is the rugged Remington style. Backstrap and triggerguard are also brass. Cylinder, hammer, trigger and loading lever are blued to match the barrel. Overall length is 17 1/2". Walnut grips. Available in complete or kit form. Kit requires only minor polishing, sanding and finishing. ROGERS & SPENCER REVOLVERS: .44 caliber · 7 1/2" octagon barrel · 6-shot cylinder .449 diameter Steel frame w/top strap · Steel furniture 2 pc. walnut grips · 6 extra nipples · Nipple wrench · 13 1/2"

SS1071 Reg. $ 350.00

Special . . . $ 275.00

TARGET MODEL Blued steel · Rear sight - adjustable for windage & elevation · Ramp style target front sight #SS1148 LONDON GRAY MODEL All steel is polished bright · Rear sight -sighting groove in top strap Brass bead (cone shaped) front sight #SS1023 $ 450.00 Value

1860 ARMY .44 REVOLVER Blued round barrel · Engraved rebated cylinder · Bead front sight Casehardened steel frame, loading lever & hammer Brass triggeruard & backstrap · Walnut grips 13 1/2" overall · Cut for shoulder stock

SPECIAL (each) . . .

$ 350.00 Page 3

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SS1212 Volunteer Target Rifle Reg. $ 1,400.00 PARKER-HALE VOLUNTEER 2-BAND TARGET RIFLE:

Special Price . . . $ 1,200.00


Fullstock - checkered wrist & forearm · European walnut · Satin finish · 43 1/2" length · 1 3/4" drop · 14" trigger pull .451 · Blued · 33" · Tapered round - 1 1/16" at breech to 13/16" at muzzle · Alexander Henry Rifling - .006" deep · 1-20" twist · 7 lands -.451 & 7 grooves -.463 · Front sight -blued steel globe w/bead post · Rear sight -blued steel w/elevator, marked to 1000 yds. IGNITION Percussion - Musket size cap FEATURES Brass nosecap, triggerguard, buttplate · Blued steel barrel bands · Color casehardened lock · Engraved lockplate marked "AlexR Henry" ahead of hammer & crown on tail; barrel marked in one line on top "Parker Hale LTD Birmingham England" and"Alexander Henry Rifling .451" in one line on left side · 49" overall · 10 lbs. ACCESSORIES Steel ramrod w/brass tip & muzzle protector - 10 x 32 thread · Nipple 5/16 x 20 (#NP1480-steel) LOAD 70 gr. FFFg · .451 elongated bullet MFG. Gibbs Rifle Co. - Parker-Hale / Italy PEDERSOLI USSARO M1786 MUSKET: Also known as the Light Cavalry musket, reproduction of one of the most famous French muskets. The lock has the Saint Etienne Arsenal marks and is made on the traditional An IX system, but with smaller dimensions compared to those of the pistol and the infantry musket. Can be employed in the re-enactments and, for its easy handling, can be used for target shooting.



Halfstock · Walnut · Satin finish · 28" length · 2 1/4" drop · 13" trigger pull .69 caliber · Armory Bright · 27 311/416" · Tapered round 1.190 at breech to .840 at muzzle · Smoothbore - .690· Front sight ­ Brass lug on top of front barrel band Flintlock ­ 7/8" flint Brass buttplate, sideplate, upper barrel band & pan · Armory bright lock, trigger, triggerplate, triggerguard, lower barrel band, saddle bar & ring and ramrod · Lock marked with St. Etienne Arsenal markings · 42 5/8" overall · 6 3/4 lbs. ACCESSORIES Steel ramrod, unthreaded LOAD 60 gr. FFg · .680 round ball · .010 patch SPECIAL . . . $ 750.00 - 25% OFF! SS1231 Reg. $ 995.00 MFG. Pedersoli / Italy TRADITIONS 1860 ARMY REVOLVER - BRASS FRAME: Grips-1 piece · Euro walnut · Satin finish · Brass frame .44 caliber · Blued · 8" · Tapered round - .710" at breech to .670" at muzzle · Button rifled .006" deep · 1-30" twist · 7 lands - .440 & 7 grooves - .452 · Front sight - brass blade · Rear sight - V-notch/ hammer nose IGNITION Percussion - #11 size caps · Six-shot · .447 chamber diameter FEATURES Brass triggerguard & back strap · Color casehardened loading lever, hammer & trigger · Rebated cylinder w/engraved naval scene · 13 3/4" o/a · 2 3/4 lbs. SS1203 1860 Army Revolver ACCESSORIES Nipple 6mm x .75 Mfg. Sug. Retail $ 259.00 (#NP1355-steel) LOAD 2 gr. FFFg · .451 rd ball · .44 revolver wad Special . . . $ 235.00 MFG. Pietta / Italy TRADITIONS REVOLVERS SHOOTER'S KIT: All the essential accessories you need for shooting blackpowder revolvers. Kit includes 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) .44/.45 Caliber Wonder Wads treated with TRADITIONSTM WonderLube 1000 PlusTM Brass Powder measure for accurate loads Composite flask for convenient powder handling Handy capper for convenient percussion cap installation Nipple wrench with pick for quick nipple removal and cleaning TRADITIONSTM WonderLube 1000 PlusTM to cover chambers and lubricate nipple threads STOCK BARREL

$ 235.00 Value

SPECIAL ... $ 195.00

1851 NAVY - BRASS FRAME: This .36 caliber revolver was a favorite of the officers of the Civil War. The 7 1/2" rifled, octagon barrel is blued. We recommend using a .376 round ball. Bead front sight. Plain round cylinder is also blued. Hammer and loading lever are color casehardened. Walnut stained grips. #SSB204.

SPECIAL .. $ 229.00

TRADITIONS CROCKETT PISTOL: This halfstock pistol features a 10" octagonal barrel (1 in 48" twist), 7/8" across the flats with brass blade front sight and open style steel rear sight. Percussion lock has casehardened plate with engraved scroll pattern; single trigger, brass furniture. Hardwood stock. .32 caliber. #SS1168

rchase h the pu E wit ours FRE rmy revolver! Y of this A - A Value of $ 43.99 -

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WHITE SYSTEMS WHITETAIL INLINE RIFLE STOCK BARREL Halfstock · Composite, black · 29 ½" length · 1 3/4" drop · 13 1/2" trigger pull .50 caliber · Stainless Steel · 22" · Tapered round - 1" at breech to 13/16" at muzzle · Broach rifling .004" deep · 1-24" twist · 12 lands - .504 & 12 grooves - .512 · Front sight ­ blued steel ramp w/brass bead · Rear sight ­ Williams, open style, adjustable for windage & elevation IGNITION Percussion - #11 size caps FEATURES Rubber recoil pad · Sling swivel studs · Drilled & tapped for scope · 39 1/2" overall · 5 3/4 lbs. ACCESSORIES 3/8" Super rod, black w/ 1 brass tip threaded 10 x 32 LOAD 80 gr. FFg · .50 caliber conical bullet MFG. White Systems / USA SS1242 Mfg. Last Sugg. Retail - $ 400.00

SPECIAL . . . $ 300.00


ONLY 1 of each!

Halfstock · Composite, black · 29 ½" length · 1 3/4" drop · 13 1/2" trigger pull .54 caliber · Blued · 22" · Round - .980 dia. · Broached rifling .004" deep · 1-28" twist · 12 lands - .540 & 12 grooves - .548 · Front sight ­ 3/8" dovetail, blued steel w/brass bead · Rear sight ­ 3/8" dovetail, blued steel, open style, adjustable for windage & elevation IGNITION Percussion - #11 size caps FEATURES Rubber recoil pad · Sling swivel studs · Drilled & tapped for scope · 39 1/2" overall · 7 lbs. ACCESSORIES 3/8" Super rod, black w/ 1 brass tip threaded 10 x 32 LOAD 90 gr. FFg · .54 caliber conical bullet MFG. White Systems / USA SPECIAL . . . $ 300.00 SS1243 Mfg. Last Sugg. Retail - $ 400.00


ONLY 1 of each!

Halfstock · Composite, black · 31 1/4" length · 1 3/4" drop · 14" trigger pull .451 caliber · Stainless Steel · 24" · Tapered round ­ 1.115" at breech to 13/16" at muzzle · Broach rifling .003" deep · 1-22" twist · 6 lands - .451 & 6 grooves - .457 · Front sight ­ blued steel ramp w/brass bead · Rear sight ­ Williams, open style, adjustable for windage & elevation IGNITION Percussion - #11 size caps FEATURES Rubber recoil pad · Sling swivel studs · Drilled & tapped for scope · 43 3/4" overall · 8 lbs. ACCESSORIES 3/8" Super rod, black w/ 1 brass tip threaded 10 x 32 · Black nylon sling & swivels included LOAD 70 gr. FFg · .45 caliber conical bullet MFG. White Systems / USA SS1244 Mfg. Last Sugg. Retail - $ 600.00

SPECIAL . . . $ 500.00

DIXIE 1861 ARMY ­ SHERIFF'S MODEL STOCK BARREL IGNITION FEATURES Grips - 1 piece · European walnut · Satin finish · Steel frame, color casehardened .36 caliber · Blued · 5 1/2" · Tapered round - .710" at breech to .690" at muzzle · Button rifled .006" deep · 1-30" twist · 7 lands - .360 & 7 grooves - .372 · Front sight - brass blade · Rear sight - V-notch in hammer nose Percussion - #11 size caps · Six-shot · .367 chamber diameter Brass backstrap & triggerguard · Color casehardened loading lever, trigger & hammer · Cylinder engraved w/naval scene · 11 1/2" overall · 2 1/2 lbs. · Cut for shoulder stock Nipple 6mm x .75 (#NP1355-steel) 18 gr. FFFg · .376 rd ball · .36 rev. wad Pietta / Italy . . . $ 245.00




Compare at . . . $ 595.00

SPECIAL . . . $ 525.00

SS1211 1861 Army ­ Sheriff's Model

PEDERSOLI CHARLES MOORE ENGLISH DUELING PISTOL: Faithfully copied from an original duelling pistol produced by Charles Moore of London. STOCK BARREL Halfstock - checkered grip · Euro walnut · Satin finish .45 caliber · Polished bright · 11" · Octagon - 13/16" flats · Button rifled .008" deep · 1-18" twist · 12 lands - .450 & 12 grooves - .468 · Front sight - .225 dovetail, blued steel base & blade · Rear sight - .225 dovetail, blued steel, open style flat top IGNITION Percussion - #11 size caps · Single-shot FEATURES All furniture, underrib & thimble polished bright · Blued drum & screw heads · Single set/double phase trigger · 16 1/2" overall · 2 1/2 lbs. ACCESSORIES 5/16" hardwood ramrod w/brass tips - (1) 10 x 32 thread · Nipple 1/4 x 28 (#NP1365-steel) LOAD 25 gr. FFFg · .440 round ball · .015 patch MFG. Pedersoli / Italy

SHARPS RIFLE CASE: Heavy duty case made just to fit your Sharps Blackpowder Cartridge Rifle. Leather textured case of moulded plastic has hunter green finish with medium brown trim. Recessed carrying handle and three brass combination locks. Interior has heavily padded red lining with the compartment for the rifle including a velcro band to secure around the wrist for extra protection. Interior also features a 22" x 4" storage area. Overall dimensions are 53 1/2" x 10" x 4". Inside length of the rifle area measures 52". Rifle not included! #SS6041

Price . . . $250.00

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VEGETABLE FIBER WADS: Pre-cut. Tough as plastic, fire & water resistant, biodegradable, NRA acceptable for BPCR Nationals, smooth cut sides, absolutely consistent card like material and they're ready to use. They leave no barrel residue, no plastics, and are made basically of flax, are even lighter than plastic wads of equal thickness. Available in caliber sizes .38, .40, & .50. Packages of 100; please state caliber when ordering. PA1200 Reg. $ 4.95

SALE . . . $ 2.00

FLASK SPOUTS: These replacement flask spouts will fit most powder flasks, namely the Zouave, Remington, Navy, and others that have a thread size of 10 x 1. All spouts are made from solid brass and may be reduced in length by filing to adjust for the exact powder charge required. Spouts are available in the following measurements: 24 grain - 48 grain - 72 grain - 100 grain - 120 grain Order SS2025 Reg. $ 1.00

SALE . . . $ 5.00/10

LAUREL MOUNTAIN FORGE BORE LUBE: A highly refined blend of high temperature and pressure lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and moisture displacing agents. Bore Lube allows more shots between cleaning, improves accuracy and forms a polar bond to steel, displacing moisture, stopping rust and corrosion cold. 8 oz. LA9214

BRASS TWO PIECE WORMS: These 1/4" diameter brass worms from England are made with extra nice steel threads on the worm with the outside hull of brass. Each has a screw on brass cap. These are great for cased sets. UA5114 Reg. $ 11.95

SALE . . . $ 7.50

Now Only - $ 5.00

SPOUT MEASURE: Unique solid brass shooting aid accurately measures black powder from 45 to 110 grains. Flat base allows it to stand without tipping, or the base can be removed and the body affixed to most powder flasks or horn valves. Patterned from an original. NEVER load directly from powder source! NA0760 Reg. $ 8.95

ORIGINAL BROWN BESS MUSKET FLINTS: Dating from the Napoleonic Wars (1798-1815). For use with all period flintlock muskets, these British flints were knapped to regulation pattern at Brandon in the County of Suffolk in england at the close of the 18th Century. An opportunity unlikely to ever be repeated. Order SS2168. $ 4.00 ea. OR $ 10.00/3 LARGE POLISHED HORNS: Light natural toned horns with white areas, highly polished. Larger and in very nice condition for making a high quality powder horn. Each measures approximately 16". Tip has not been drilled and they have no base plug. Order SS2138.

SPECIAL . . . $ 3.00

PURA-FIT DISPOSABLE EAR PLUGS: Manufactured from a unique sound-aborbing foam, these plugs were carefully designed to help meet the latest criteria for successful hearing conservation programs. Designed for easly inertion, then gently expand to allow a custom fit for almost any size ear canal. 1 pair per package. MA0401. Reg. $ 2.50

SALE . . $ 1.25/4 pkg.

SPECIAL . . . $ 25.00

BREECHLOADING RIFLE RAMROD SET: .50 caliber fiberglass ramrod is 34" long with brass tips and a 5" wooden handle. Set consists of ramrod, slotted brass patch holder, brass cleaning jag, swab, bore brush & cleaning patches. # SS2177. Price . . . $ 35.00 G.I. GUN CLEANING ROD: Very popular with muzzleloaders and centerfire shooters for years, the government made them to clean .50 caliber machine guns. But like so many "war surplus" items now, the originals are no longer available. These rods are made by TRESO with a one-piece steel shaft and aluminum "T" handle as on the original. These are 12" long. An added improvement, specially with the muzzleloaders in mind, is a small hole through the handle and shaft of the rod to slip a small nail or piece of wire through to lock the handle from spinning on the shaft. Comes in handy when using bullet or patch puller. Otherwise, the shaft spins freely in the handle allowing the cleaning patch to follow the rifling for a more thorough cleaning action. End of rod is threaded 10 x 32. Rod can be used for nearly all calibers .32 and up with either the button jag or the traditional long shank cleaning jag. Accessories are sold separately. SSE010 Reg. $ 15.95 POWDER HORNS: These polished cowhorns have wooden base fitted - attached by tiny nails, and hole drilled for plug which is attached to rawhide strap. Both plug and base need final finishing. Horns are in various sizes and a mixture of colors. Average size is 7" to 8" long. Order SS2149.

A Super Buy.

Only . . . $ 10.00

Price . . . $ 25.00

MILITARY SURPLUS RIFLE CLEANING KIT: Kit is housed in a canvas pouch. Kit comprises a brass two compatment oil container, string thong for pulling cleaning attachments through the barrel, a metal bushing (cap) of unknown purpose and a bristle bore brush which attaches to a cleaning rod. Russian Military surplus - for 1954 SKS. Order SS2117.

HOPPE'S BARGAINS: The following are being closed out by DGW and are 1/2 OFF the retail price. Boiled Linseed Oil - Penetrates and brings out natural beauty of wood grain. Mellows unfinished wood surfaces. (2 oz.)- #SSE011 Woodglow - high sheen polish for gunstocks & other wood products (2 oz.)- #SS2121 Retail


$ 4.50

$ 2.75 $ 1.75

$ 3.50

Special . . . $ 3.95

LEA HUMIDICAP: Use on the Lea Compound to keep the contents fresh. Plastic. MT0305. Reg. $ 2.00

SALE . . . $ 1.00

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LY M A N M O U L D BLOCKS: Most of these moulds are obsolete - long since discontinued by Lyman. Some just "got lost" in our warehouse for one reason or another. Anyway - moulds are new & unused. Use Lyman small handles unless otherwise noted. All are single cavity. Most of these we only have 1 or 2 in quantity! CONICAL: SS2274 - .548657 ball size, 450 gr., flat nose, for .54 Plains Rifle - Use large handles ROUND BALL: CA0403 - .369 SS2066 - .445 Reg . $ 76.50 ea.

CHALLENGER BULLET MOULDS w/ HANDLES Just the ticket for some hard to find .58 caliber size minie balls. Blocks are made of aluminum - heat up quickly and don't - rust. A steel sprue cutoff plate mounted on the top makes casting and sprue removal a breeze. The hollow base forming die is mounted with two screws which allows the mould to be opened and closed while leaving the forming die in place making casting easier & faster. The blocks are clearly marked indicating diameter and grain weight. Handles are made of aluminum with wooden grips. All have a hollow base. Order No. SS2027 SS2031 SS2037 SS2039 SS2041 SS2043 SS2047 Dia. .575 .577 .580 .582 .582 .582 .585 Wgt. 515 600 600 460 515 600 515 Style Wad cutter Wad cutter Wad cutter Conical minie Wad cutter Wad cutter Wad cutter

Order No. SS2048 SS2049

Dia. .585 .585

Wgt. 545 600

Style Wad cutter Wad cutter

$ 10.00 ea. - OR - $ 20.00/3

SPECIAL . . . $ 38.25 ea.

RAPINE BULLET MOULDS: Rapine moulds have gained an outstanding reputation for quality and durability. Machined from a high strength aluminum alloy to a precise caliber with a highly polished cavity for smoother bullets and fast release. Longer wooden handles protect against heat migration and are placed close together to reduce hand fatigue. The first three digits of Rapine's numbers are the size of the cast lead slug, not the cherry which is slightly larger. The last three digits are the bullet's grain weight. Round Ball Moulds (double cavity) MO1512 .445132 Reg. $ 79.95

SHILOH RIFLE MOULDS: All of Shiloh's bullet moulds are manufactured from an extremely rugged aircraft aluminum alloy. These moulds are lighter than conventional designs and offer complete freedom from casters fatigue and mould rusting. Mould blocks are single cavity. Please use correct stock number when ordering. Lyman large mould handles will fit with some modification. .445 round ball. CA2805 Reg. $ 10.00

SPECIAL ... $ 5.00

BLUE WONDERTM ARMADILLO: A polymer protectant providing a dry, hard shell finish designed to protect firearms from the elements while in the field hunting; inhibit rust and corrosion; provide hard, dry lubrication for slides, rails, magazines, bolts, etc.; inhibit dirt, dust and powder residue buildup; protect against body perspiration on concealed carry firearms; protect during storage in gun cases etc.; and protect against fingerprint oil and acid during handling. Apply with a warm damp cloth, allow to dry then buff with a clean dry cloth. 1 oz. LU0602 Reg. - $ 9.95

SALE . . . $ 3.00

ACCRALUBE PRECISION OIL: A very special custom oil to protect possessions that are subject to wear, corrosion or friction. Accralube pours freely at -50 degrees F, is nongumming at high temperatures, and meets the 400 hour humidity cabinet test. It is extremely pure, highly stable, low ash content, and contains no acids to etch metal. Inhibits electrolytic action between dissimilar metals under extreme humidity, protects blued or browned metal surfaces, resists displacement from high unit pressure contact surfaces, as on firearm sear engagements, permits close fitting bolts and extractors to operate freely. Totally compatible with black powder arms. 1 oz. squeeze bottle. LU0402 Reg. - $ 6.95

SALE . . . $ 65.00

Reg. $ 79.95

Pedersoli Ramrods

REPLACEMENT RAMRODS: Fiberglass ramrods for muzzleloading guns. Perfectly interchangeable with those made of wood and each is equipped with brass ends, female threads ­ 10 x 32, enabling the use of different accessories. These rods are .395 diameter and 28" long. SI2032 Ramrod - .45 caliber SI2031 Ramrod - .50 caliber Reg. $ 24.50

SPECIAL . . . $ 3.47

UNCLE MIKE'S ACCESSORIES Barrel Brush & Cleaning Jag Combo Brass jag, bronze bristle brush. .54 caliber #SS2142.

AEROSOL SILICONE WATER REPELLENT: Spray for clothing and fabrics. Lays down an invisible, long lasting barrier against moisture. Dries in minutes. This clean odorless, special formula still lets the fabric breathe and it retains its neatural feel. For natural or synthetic fabrics. LA0801 - For Fabrics/Clothing Reg. $ 6.25

SALE . . . $ 17.50

Reg $ 4.95

SPECIAL . . . $ 1.95

SALE. . . $ 3.15 ea.

RICE BARREL CO. GUNMAKER'S SWAMPED BARRELS: Barrels feature square bottom CUT match grade rifling .012" deep, lapped bore, plug installed at .625", 60° crown, flats as machined to a high finish. After the rifling has been cut, a carbide bore-sizing die is pulled through the barrel to insure bore dimension continuity and to eliminate any tight or loose spots inside the barrel. This critical procedure leaves the top of the lands smooth and polished, equaling the traditional lead lapping procedure. Each barrel blank is heat treated in an electric furnace. This procedure eliminates stress ad warpage and helps control harmonic vibrations or barrel whip. Barrels are machined between centers on a planer mill following a template. The barrel is not bowed or arched in order to machine the profile, which eliminates subsequent straightening. The Chambers barrel is available in either .50 or .54 caliber; the Transition in .54 caliber only. Twist os 1/66", all other dimensions are listed in the diagram. Be sure to state caliber with each stock number.


The Chambers Series Jaeger................... Reg. $ 275.00

CAUTION: Do not cut dovetails or drill for barrel pin loops in the "waist" or smallest part of the barrel. Dovetails should not exceed .050 in depth. Do not force (hammer or vice) barrel into barrel channel as it will bend or kink. You own it! Also, slot the barrel pin hangers. Barrel steel expands when hot and stock wood changes size with humidity. A good fit - yes, pressure - NO!


The Transition Series

Reg. $ 275.00

SPECIAL . . . $ 200.00 ea.

Place your order today!

These barrels are only available in quantities of 1 or 2.

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Toll Free Orders Only 800-238-6785 · Info. 731-885-0700 · Fax 731-885-0440 E-mail [email protected] · website

We have uncovered a small cache of "odds & ends" gun parts in our warehouse. Some items are plentiful and others are extremely limited in quantities. Hopefully you'll find several items of use..... you can't beat the prices! All are pictured on a 1" grid. SIDEPLATES - Stamped brass or silver, 3/32" thick. Can be used for right or left hand. SS2178 Brass SS2179 Silver SS2184 Brass SS2185 Silver SS2180 Brass SS2181 Silver SS2186 Brass SS2187 Silver SS2182 Brass SS2183 Silver

Miscellaneous Rifle fuRnituRe

SIDEPLATES - Cast brass or silver, 1/8" thick. SS2189 Silver only SS2190 Brass SS2205 Brass SS2191 Silver SS2206 Silver

Dixie SpeCial - $ 5.00 eaCh -or12 for $ 35.00

SIDEPLATES (Lock Washers) - Cast brass or silver, 3/32" thick except for SS2203/2204 which is 7/64" thick. SS2192 Brass SS2194 Brass SS2198 Brass SS2203 Brass SS2193 Silver SS2195 Silver SS2199 Silver SS2204 Silver SIDEPLATES (Lock Washers) - Stamped brass or silver, 3/32" thick. SS2200 Brass SS2201 Silver SS2202 Silver only

Compare @ $ 10.00

EXCEPT . . .

SS2196 Brass

SS2197 Silver

. . . . .$ 1.00 each

Order Today . . . most quantities are limited!

Dixie SpeCial - 10 for $ 12.00

TOEPLATES - Both are stamped brass or silver and each is 3/32" thick.

Compare @ $ 3.00

SS2207 Brass $ 2.15 SS2208 Silver $ 2.65 SS2209 Brass $ 3.75 SS2210 Silver $ 4.50

Compare to Catalog itemS to2740 @ $ 4.25 & to2742 @ $ 5.25 Compare to Catalog itemS to2330 @ $ 7.50 & to2331 @ $ 8.95

INLAYS - Stamped brass or silver, 3/32" thick except SS2220/2221 which is cast and is 1/8" thick. SS2215 Brass ____$ 5.00/5 SS2216 Silver ___$ 10.00/5 SS2217 Brass ____$ 5.00/5 SS2218 Silver ___$ 10.00/5

PATCHBOX - Daisy head design commonly used on both Kentucky and Pennsyl- SS2264 Brass ___$ 5.00/5 vania rifles. This one is stamped brass, 3/64"thick with soldered hinge. We have no SS2219 Silver ___$ 10.00/5 sidepanels or springs Compare to our Zp5751 - you must furnish these! SS2220 Brass ____$ 5.00/5 SS2222 Brass only _

$ 15.85


@ $ 31.75

reaSonably priCeD - Compare @ $ 1.75 or $ 3.50

Page 8

Toll Free Orders Only 800-238-6785 · Info. 731-885-0700 · Fax 731-885-0440 E-mail [email protected] · website

BUTTCAP - Grotesque mask, cast.

SS2211 Brass _____ $ 14.95

you'll finD Similar itemS may be $ 25.00 or higher!

BARREL WEDGE - Wedge is 5/16" wide and 7/64" thick. Cast. SS2213 Silver only _ $ 10.00/12

regularly Sell for over $ 5.00

FRONT SIGHT - Brass base w/ 9/64" tall silver blade. .350 dovetail. SS2214 Sight _________$ 5.00

regularly Sell for over $ 11.25 Compare at $ 10.95 or more!

NOSECAPS: Rifle or pistol these are made from sheet brass or silver .040 thick and are two piece construction. End cap is soldered in place; however, these are rough and must be filed and polished. Rifle nosecaps are 1 3/4" long and pistol nosecaps are 1". Round bottoms. SS2226 SS2228 SS2227 SS2229 Pistol - 13/16" - Brass Pistol - 15/16" - Brass Pistol - 7/8" - Brass Rifle - 15/16" - Silver

TRIGGERGUARD - Heavy, Hawken style guard. Cast. Attaches directly to the triggerplate by screws which you supply. SS2223 Brass ___________________$ 5.00/3 SS2224 Silver ___________________$ 7.50/3

BRASS CARTRIDGE CASES - UNPRIMED: The following empty, unprimed, centerfire cases are drawn cases made to exacting tolerances to take the same amount of powder shell after shell. Precisely controlled annealing operations and the latest metallurgical technology guarantee the cartridge will stand up to repeated use.

50% OFF!

Price/ Box $ 23.50 SALE PRICE $ 11.75

PERCUSSION HAMMER: Rough cast hammer blank has 1 1/2" throw. SS2225 ____________ $ 7.50

Stock No. KA2203

Caliber .32-20 Win.

Bullet Dia. .311

Primer Qty./ No. Box 6 1/2 50

Compare @ $ 15.00



Rifle - $ 10.00/3 Pistol - $ 5.00/3

All Dremel accessories listed here are reduced more than 50%

Some items are 1 or 2 only in quantity!


When ordering, you must use Dixie's "DM" stock number; however, we have listed Dremel's part number ( ) for your convenience. HIGH SPEED STEEL CUTTERS - Steel w/1/8" shanks DM9532 (197) DM9510 (114) DM9519 (134) DM9524 (189) DM9515 (121) DM9520 (141) DM9527 (191) DM9508 (112) TUNGSTEN CARBIDE CUTTERS - 1/8" shanks DM7504 (9910) DM7506 (9912) DM7501 (9907) DM7502 (9908)

Reg. $ 9.95 Reg. $ 5.25 ea.

Usually priced - $ 6.50 -rifle & $ 3.25 - pistol

Case Trimmer Shell Holder - (.30-40, etc.) Reg. $ 8.75 ea. Case Trimmer Pilot - .40 caliber Reg. $ 6.25 Reg. $ 13.50

SALE - $ 4.75 ea. SALE - $ 3.00 SALE - $ 6.75

Reg. $ 2.75

RL6322 Primer Pocket Uniformer - Small

MOUNTED ALUMINUM OXIDE WHEEL POINTS - 1/8" shanks DM9569 (911) DM9576 (924) DM9578 (941) DM9585 (963) DM9591 (984) DM9573 (921) DM9579 (943) D M 9 5 8 6 ( 9 6 4 ) DM9592 (992) DM9574 (922) DM9580 (945) D M 9 5 8 7 ( 9 7 1 ) DM9593 (997) DM9575 (923) DM9582 (953) D M 9 5 8 8 ( 9 7 3 ) DM9570 (913) DM9583 (954) DM9589 (974) DM9571 (914) DM9584 (962) DM9590 (981) DM9572 (915) PLAIN SHAPED WHEEL POINTS - 1/8" shanks DM9594 (8143) DM7102 (8159) DM7115 (8193) DM9596 (8145) DM7107 (8174) DM9599 (8151) DM7108 (8175) DM7103 (8160) DM9603 (8157) DM7114 (8191) DM7110 (8181) DM7117 (8202) DM9595 (8144) DM9598 (8149) SILICON GRINDING POINTS - 1/8" shank DM7510 (83702) DM7518 (85622) DM7511 (84382) DM7514 (85342) DM7412 (84642) DM7507 (83142) DM7517 (85602) DM7513 (84922) POLISHING ACCESSORIES DM9547 (414) DM9549 (421)


DM9559 (443)

SANDING ACCESSORIES DM9544 (411) DM9545 (412) DM9546 (413) DM9541 (407)

Reg. $ 3.50

NOW. . $ 5.95/5

NOW. . $ 7.95/5

NOW. . $ 10.95/5


Reg. $ 2.75 ea.

SALE. . $ 4.95

NOW. . $ 5.95/5

DM9548 (415) - Dressed emery wheel points. 3/8" square x 1" long. Reg. $ 2.75 SALE . . $ 5.95/5 PR7519 (550090) - Adapter sleeve. Required for No. 260 Moto-Tool when used w/No. 223 Universal Stand and No. 210 Drill Press. Reg. $ 3.50 SALE . . $ 7.95/5 DM8001 (480) 1/8" Collet Reg. $ 2.75 SALE . . $ 5.95/5

MOTOR BRUSHES - 1/8" shanks DM7521 (90827) DM7523 (90825) DM7522 (90828) DM7524 (90826)

Reg. $ 3.75

NOW. . $ 8.95/5

HIGH SPEED STEEL ROUTER BITS - 1/8" shanks DM9562 (632) DM9561 (610) DM9563 (640)

Reg. $ 8.50

SALE . . $ 4.25

MODEL CANNON TAIL PIECES These tail pieces are made of bright yellow brass, not polished. The are what we have left-over from our old MC1200 model cannon pictured below. If you look in the right places, you might just luck up on a barrel and some wheels.The only other item you must need to complete the kit is the long bolt that goes through the two tail pieces (just behind the cannon barrel) as illustrated in the photograph. If you just happen to already have wheels or barrel this is a great opportunity. Remember - all we have are the tail pieces. #SS5080. Reg. $ 52.00

NOSECAP: Brass pistol nosecap is 7/8" long and for 7/8" octagon barrel. MP0512

Price . . . $ 3.00

HAWKEN STYLE TRIGGERGUARD Iron, high quality cast, needs to be annealed and polished. Apx. 9" long. #SS2277. Reg. $ 5.95

SPECIAL . . $ 35.00

SPECIAL . . . $ 3.00

Toll Free Orders Only 800-238-6785 · Info. 731-885-0700 · Fax 731-885-0440 E-mail [email protected] · website

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~ ~ ~ ~


The following parts will fit Dixie's Japanese made 1861 and 1863 Springfield Rifle-Muskets. Some of these parts have not been listed in our catalog for several years. Parts and quantities are very limited. Manufactured by Miroku Regular Special SS2249 Ramrod Stop ...........................................$ 5.00 .......................$ 2.50 TP7002 Mainspring ..............................................$ 12.95 .......................$ 6.00


These are closeout prices - these items will not be restocked!

Remember -

1863 SPRINGFIELD KIT - Unassembled. Needs final finishing. RK0900_____________________ $ 495.00

DGW TENNESSEE MOUNTAIN RIFLE LOCK: Made for the Dixie Tennessee Mountain rifle, but nice on any Kentucky/Tennessee rifle. Lock is 4 3/4" x 7/8" wide, left "in the white" for browning or bluing. Tumbler cut for fly. LP0903 TN Mtn. Perc. Lock, L/H - Reg. $ 160.00

SALE. . . $ 99.95

BREEHLOADING HAMMERS: Assorted, unused shotgun hammers. Right hand only! SS2291. - PaRts foR RePRoDuction & oRiginal guns newly MaDe unless otheRwise noteD Parts were reproduced from an original Philadelphia Derringer. May be fitted to some originals or reproductions. Very high quality although none are engraved or polished. Made in Italy. GP4802 DP4803 EP4810 YP4708 MP4709 YP4710 MP4807 SP4702 SP4704 SP4705 Fly ...........................................................................$ Bridle .......................................................................$ Rear Sight, brass ......................................................$ Trigger, steel ............................................................$ Trigger Pin ..............................................................$ Triggerplate ..............................................................$ Forearm Cap, German silver ...................................$ Hammer Screw ........................................................$ Forearm Cap Screw .................................................$ Lockplate/Triggerguard Screw ................................$ NIPPLES & WRENCHES: All steel with blue/black finish. The twopiece T-shaped nipple wrench works fine for many rifles, especially for the Kentucky and Pennsylvania style rifles and the Wesson rifle. Includes 6 1/4 x/ 28 blued steel nipples. Order #SS2020. Reg. $ 4.95 ea. 3.50 4.50 3.50 3.50 3.50 3.50 3.50 3.50 3.50 3.50


Reg. $ 3.00

SALE . . . $ 1.50

PERCUSSION HAMMER BLANKS: We have a supply of left hand percussion hammer blanks. Unpolished with 1 1/2" throw. # SS2159. Reg. $ 5.00


SPECIAL . . . $ 2.50

ORIGINAL COLT SHORT REVOLVER NIPPLES: Not marked. Steel, use #10 percussion cap. Very limited supply #SS2268

Some may require a minimum of hand fitting. Each parts set includes cylinder stop, hand & spring and trigger spring. Screw sets include10 screws. Values to $ 20.00 Rogers & Spencer Revolver Parts Set Rogers & Spencer Revolver Screw Set #SS2081 #SS2080

SPECIAL ... $ 19.95 SPECIAL ... $ 6.00

SALE . . . $ 250.00

TARGET SIGHT:Montana Vintage Arms Co. sight copied from the Sharps M1874/75. Will work on other sights of similrar configuration. Base mounting holes are 2 1/4" apart. No windage adjustment. - #SS2267

SALE . . . $ 9.95 ea

Special . . . $ 3.50 ea.

T/C IN-LINE CAPPER: Solid brass body with steel jaws. The unique design allows the plunger spring to be locked in compressed position for easy loading. Holds seventeen #11 percussion caps. American made. TC7025. Reg. $ 20.20

BALL PULLER: Threads onto a T/C ramrod and successfully removes stuck balls or bullets from the bore. A brass disc is attached near the lag threaded end and has a minimum clearance in the barrel assuring that the screw is centered above the ball; thus preventing the screw from deflecting to one side of the ball and gouging the barrel. 10 x 32 thread. .54 calibers. TC9015 Reg. $ 4.25

Thompson Center CLOSEOUT

T/C IN-LINE NIPPLE WRENCH: For standard nipples. 3/4" head; 6" long NT0203. Reg. $ 7.50

SALE . . . $ 3.75

1/2 Off!

SALE . . . . $ 2.45

SALE .. $ 16.50

REPLACEMENT RAMRODS: Each polymer coated fiberglass rod is fitted with quality hardware. Tips are threaded 10 x 32 to accept T/C worms, jags and bullet pullers. RP0805 - White Mountain Carbine Ramrod Reg. - $ 23.80 SALE . . . $

SALE . . $ 1.95 ea. 11.90

T/C CLEANING JAG: We are offering this solid brass jag in 10 x 32 thread. Available in .54 caliber. Please specify correct stock number. Reg. $ 3.50 TC9084

MAXI-HUNTER BALL: BA1201 .45-255 gr. - unlubricated - $ 4.95 BA1205 .45-255 gr. - pre-lubed - $ 9.65

T/C ENCORE PRIMING TOOL: Designed specifically for use with the Encore 209 x 50 Magnum rifle. Holds two #209 shotgun primers ready for instant action. Complete w/ pocket clip. MT1020. Reg. $ 6.45

REPLACEMENT RAMRODS: T/C's plastic impregnated wood ramrods are stronger than untreated wood rods and less abrasive than standard fiberglass rods. All rods are fitted with quality hardware. Tip threaded 10/32 for T/C accessories. TC9021 - Scout & Inline Rifles TC9038 - Cherokee Rifle TC9113 - Grey Hawk Rifle TC8901 - TreeHawk Rifle (RealTree Camo) TC8903 - TreeHawk Rifle (Mossy Oak) Mfg. Sug. Retail - $ 14.50 ea.

Place your order today - many items are

SPECIAL . . . $ 5.00

CLOSEOUT ea. - $ 7.25


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Toll Free Orders Only 800-238-6785 · Info. 731-885-0700 · Fax 731-885-0440 E-mail [email protected] · website


209 MULTI CAPPER & EXTRACTOR TOOL: Holds 7 209 primers. Ideal for range shooting or hunting. Quickly removes 209 shotgun primers. AC1711 Reg. $ 12.95

RAPID SEE THROU SCOPE MOUNTS: Provides the option to use open sights or a scope. Scope removes and reattaches in less than a minute to the original zero point. AC1645 - Black - CVA guns w/octagon receiver AC1646 - Black - Knight Wolverine/Legend Reg. 29.75 AC1647 - Black - Knight MD/BK Reg. $ 26.95 -

Special . . . $ 7.50 Special . . . $ 7.50

AC1649 - Brushed Aluminum - Knight Wolverine

Special . . . $ 5.00

BULLET BAG: Soft polar fleece, lighter, quieter and softer than most others. Draw string with cord lock assures closure. AC1542F Reg. $ 7.35 -

RAPID REMOUNT DETACHABLE SCOPE RING SYSTEM: AC1635 - Black - CVA AC1636 - Black - Knight Legend AC1638 - Black - T/C ThunderHawk AC1640 - Brushed Aluminum - CVA Apollos Reg. $ 49.95 Reg. $ 52.95 -

AC1637 - Black - Knight

Special . . . $ 15.00 Special . . . $ 15.00

Special . . . $ 3.65

FT2008 Marking

SWISS NEEDLE FILES: Absolutely necessary for fine gun work.5 1/2" w/ No. 2 cut. Handles knurled for positive grip. Reg. $ 12.25 ea.

DIAMOND HONE & STONE: Very effective in hard to get places, carbide table saw blades, router bits, deburring. Many uses include - hunting and fishing knives, axes, woodworking tools and carbides. Each has a 3/4" x 2" Diamond pad on a 6" plastic handle. Available in medium or coarse. MI5903 Coarse Reg. $8.95

SALE . . . $ 2.50 ea.

FT2009 Crossing

SALE . . $ 2.50

EZE-LAP DIAMOND NEEDLE FILES: Great for gunsmiths, tool & die makers and jewelers. 12 different shapes of diamond needle files in two efficient grits - fine (600 grit) and coarse (200 grit). Here are two sets per grit, each consisting of 6 files. Each file is 5 1/2" overall with shank diameter of .118". Each set comes in plastic pocket style pkg. MI5906 Set #2 - Coarse Reg. $ 35.50 ea.

SALE . . . $ 17.75

SURFORM FILE & BLADES: Have one round file with handle and two replacement blades. The round files are great for fast forming, shaping and enlarging holes. 5/8" round Sheffield tool steel blade. The replacement blades are 1) round, as just mentioned and 2) regular flat cut blade. FI1005 Round File w/handle $ 12.50 FI1002 Round, blade only $ 7.50 FI1003 Flat Cut, blade only $ 5.00


PRIMITIVE BOWIE: This huge knife is made to resemble what many think "original" Bowie knives looked like. It has a 13 1/2" long, 2 1/2" wide clipped point blade with a brass strip pinned along the back of the blade from the beginning of the clip point to the brass "S" shaped guard. There is a brass ferrule behind the guard that reinforces the hand filling, tropical hardwood handle. The narow tang passes the length of the handle and is secured by a nut on the end. 19 1/2" overall; 2 lbs. Black leather sheath is included. SS5100.

MOUNTAIN MAN DAGGER: Double ground from point to guard, the 8 1/4" blade is 1 1/2" wide at guard. Brass guard is 4 3/4" long and is made from 1/4" stock. A tropical hardwood handle is pierced by a narrow tang secured by a nut on the end. 13" overall, 11 1/2 oz. Overall length is 13" and total weight is 11 1/2 oz. A black leather sheath secured by copper rivets is included. Order No. SS5099.


SPECIAL ... $ 45.00

SPECIAL . . . $ 29.95

M E D I E VA L L A D D I E S DAGGER: Great for ladies or for the knight at a "casual" social gathering. Dagger ha a highly polished, sharply tapering, double ground 1/2" blade with a fuller running to within 2 1/2" of the point. Brass double guard has turned quillions. The bone handle is wrapped with copper colored twisted wire and the brass pommel is a hexagonal helmet shape. Also included is a wooden sheath, leather covered with brass throat and tip. 12" overall length. SS5112.

SCOTTISH KHUKRI: A curved Nepalese knife used as both tool and weapon. It is also a part of the regimental weaponry and heraldry of The Royal Gurkha Rifles. Used in religious ceremonies as well as in wars. It functions as a cross between knife and axe. Wooden handle is 5 1/2" long with brass pommel and collar. Blade is apx. 12" long with 5" narrow fuller running across the top of the blade. Comes with sheath. #SS5105

PRICE . . . $ 19.95

KNIFE POMMEL: Brass wax casting - 1 1/4" x 7/8" x 3/8" tall.Needs polishing,buffing and fitting. Drilled for screw. You furnish screw. SS2130

Price . . . $ 29.95

BOOT KNIFE & SHEATH: This knife can be worn on your belt but was designed short and stout to fit nicely in a boot. Blade is double edged, 5 1/2" in length. Overall length is 10". Blade is made of 400 series stainless steel with solid brass hardware and hardwood handles. Leather sheath is included. Made by Pedersoli of Italy. #KE0210 Reg. $ 64.95 SALE . . $ 35.00

Price . . . $ 4.00/5 Page 11

Toll Free Orders Only 800-238-6785 · Info. 731-885-0700 · Fax 731-885-0440 E-mail [email protected] · website

LIGNUM VITAE: Lignum Vitae means "wood of life" and is one of the heaviest, strongest woods known. It exhibits a green luster with black highlights when polished and is filled with natural oils and requires no coating when finished. 5"x1"x1". SS5077. FORGE & ANVIL BLADES: These are high carbon blades that developed rust in storage. Some have more rust than others, but all can be polished out or left as is -- they're going to stain when used anyway! Flat tangs. - Great buy! SS5113 3 1/2" Blade - 7 3/4" o/a SS5114 3 3/4" Blade - 7 1/4" o/a Reg. $ 25.00 ea. Reg. $ 10.95

FLAT GROUND 01 TOOL STEEL: For knife blades. Easy to grind and file and simple to heat treat. Fine for making Bowie knives and other large designs. Heat instructions are printed on the wrapper of each bar. Bars measures 1/4" x 2" x 18".

SPECIAL . . $ 5.00


Reg. $ 58.95

SALE . . . $ 29.45

SALE . . . $ 12.50 ea.

GRAB BAG SPECIAL! We recently purchased a quantity of knife supplies and among them was a box of unidentified wood knife handle blanks. Even our resident wood expert isn't sure what some of these blanks are. All are high quality deep grained tropical and American hardwoods such as black walnut, bubinga, rosewood, coco bolo, purpleheart, etc. Don't ask us to pick one because if we knew we'd sell them as such! Dimensions will vary, but each is about 5"x 3/4" x 1 1/2". SS5078.

STAINLESS STEEL THONG HOLE LINERS: The perfect item to give your handmade knife a custom look. These stainless steel thong hole liners are 1" long and 1/4" in diameter. SS5067. Reg. $ 1.25 ea.

SPECIAL . . $ 2.50 ea.

SPECIAL . . 3 for . $ 2.50

SANBAR STAG - Available in slabs or crowns -- crowns are available in two sizes Small Crown 4 1/2" x 7/8" x 1" #SS5115 Large Crown 6" x 7/8" x 1" #SS5116 Slabs (pair) 4" x 1" #SS5117

$ 1995 $ 2500 $ 2500

KNIFE SHEATH - Made of leather, machine stitched and riveted for durability. Works well for blades up to2" wide 9" in length. Sheath is 15 1/4" overall. Black leather with snap closure. Has two 3" slits for attaching to belt. Order SS5058.

Price. . . $ 15.00

POLYMER IVORY BLANKS: For those large scale scrimshaw projects. Available in rectangular shape measuring 4 5/8" x 5 5/8" and 1/2" thick. A piece this size can be used for a larger wall plaque or can be cut up into smaller pieces. Top surfaces of the flat polymer ivory are polished and ready for scrimshawing. We have about 3 pieces which have a few nicks or tiny chips missing. #SS2275 Reg. $ 28.00

SPECIAL . . . $ 15.00

FRINGED KNIFE SHEATHS: Made from heavy cowhide, these sheaths are 10 1/4" long, 3 1/4" wide and will accommodate knives with blades up to 9" long and 1 1/2" wide. Will fit belts up to 3 1/4" wide. Assorted colors. #SS5108.

Price . . . $ 15.00

BRASS TIPS for ENFIELD BAYONET SCABBARD: Quite often scabbard tips come unglued and are lost in the field! Why spend time searching through grass, leaves and branches when you can order 2 or 3 of these to keep on hand. Our highly polished brass tips are approximately 3 1/4" long, 13" across at the top tapering to 5/16" across the bottom. Each is triangular with a flat bottom. Simply make sure the scabbard tip is clean and glue tip into place. Good heavy quality. #SS5016. Reg. $ 3.95

SPECIAL ... $ 10.00/10

PIPE AXE: 1/2" steel tip is embedded in a decorative brass head w/heart cut-out. The 17 1/2" hardwood pipe handle is lightly stained and drilled. Head measures 7" overall. Highly polished brass. SS5087. Reg. $ 24.95

SPECIAL ... $ 19.95

THROWING HAWK: Head features a 3 1/2" cutting edge, about 6" overall. 17 1/2" slightly tapered hardwood handle is stained and varys in color from medium to tan to light brown. #SS5098.

SworDS & SworDS & SworDS SpeCial StoCk itemS -- reDuCeD

M1850 STAFF & FIELD (MOUNTED) OFFICER'S SWORD: This sword is almost identical to the M1850 Foot Officer's sword adopted the same day. This sword was no longer mandatory after 1860 but was used by many until 1872. Blade is slightly curved, singleedged with false edge extending back 8" from point. Wide deep fuller runs from ricasso to beginning of false edge. Grips are wood, leather covered, wound with twisted brass wire. Pommel is Phrygian helmet shape decorated with floral sprays. Guard is half-basket design with two branches on obverse. Spaces between branches is filled with pierced floral designs and the letters "US". The extra branch on the guard and "US" distinguish this sword from the foot officer's sword. Scabbard is black metal with brass mounts including throat, middle band and tip w/drag. Suspension rings on throat and middle band. Blade is 33" long and 1 1/8" wide at hilt; 39" overall. #SS5096.

Price . . . $ 19.95

Some items only available in quantities of 1 or 2 Order Now!

M1860 U.S. NAVAL CUTLASS: Cutlass has slightly curved blade with broad fuller from near hilt to within 4 1/2" of the point. Grip is wood, covered with leather and wound with twisted brass wire. Helmet shaped brass pommel. Brass knuckle bown with a flange on the obverse side that expands to form an elliptical counter-guard as it crosses the blade. Large brass plate shaped to form a solid half-basket guard is soldered to the obverse of the knuckle bow. Scabbard is black leather with brass throat and tip. Stud on throat for attaching frog (included). Blade is 27" long and 1 1/4" at hilt. Cutlass is 34" overall. #SS5097.

SPECIAL ... $ 69.95

SPECIAL ... $ 59.95

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MOUNTED ARTILLERY OFFICER'S SABER, 1830-1840 Curved, single-edged blade has false edge at point. Broad fuller runs from ricasso to within 6" of point. Grips are wood covered leather; wound with twisted brass wire. Wide ferrule at base of grips. Grips are surmounted by backstrap expanding into a lion-head pommel. Knuckle bow is short brass strip bent in reverse P. Blade is 33 1/8" long x 1 1/8" wide; 38 3/8" overall. Scabbard is bright metal w/2 sus-pension rings and drag. Order SS5026. (Reg. $ 64.95)

SPECIAL ... $ 50.00

M1832 FOOT ARTILLERY SWORD Based on the French pattern resembling the popular conception of a Roman infantry sword. Regulations for 1834 and 1839 stated also used by infantry. Straight blade, double edged is elliptical in cross-section. Single fuller runs 3 5/8" long near hilt then skips a 1" space then runs again 12 1/2" center of blade. Grips are moulded in a scalloped decoration to suggest eagle feathers. Pommel is trilobate and decorated on both sides with an American eagle and shield. Straight cross quillions. Scabbard is black leather with brass throat and tip. Stud on throat for attachment of a frog. Blade is 20" long x 1 5/8" wide. 25 5/8" overall. Order No. SS5094.

"AMERICAN LIGHT HORSE" SABER, 1785-1800 This representative saber has a straight clip-point blade. Grip and pommel is brass as are other parts of the hilt. Grips are grooved in a spiral pattern with lion's head pommel. Divided guard connected by cross members. Leather scabbard is brass mounted bearing a stud for a frog. Blade is 24 1/4" long x 1 1/8" wide. 29" overall length. Order SS5092.

SPECIAL ... $ 49.95

Price ... $ 59.95

CONFEDERATE FIELD OFFICER'S SWORD This specimen roughly conforms to the US Field Officer's sword of this period but has open spaces with "CS" instead of floral decorations between the branches of the guard. Laurel leaves decorate the forward portion of the pommel. Knuckle guard has slot for sword knot. Wooden grip is leather wrapped and wound with twisted brass wire. Flat-backed blade has fuller and false edge at the point. Scabbard is black metal with brass mounts, rings, throat and drag. Blade is 32 1/2" x 1 1/8" wide at the hilt. Sword is 39 1/2" overall. Order SS5088.

SPECIAL ... $ 69.95

1840 ARTILLERY SABER The 1840 Artillery Saber was one of the favorites of Civil War horse artillerists. This replica is a faithful reproduction of that saber. The quality is almost as good as our SE0103 Light Artillery Saber. The brass knuckle bow guard encloses a brass wire wrapped leather handle. The brightly polished, single edged, curved blade is 1 1/8" wide and 33 1/2" long, and tapers to a point. It is furnished with a steel scabbard which has two rings for attaching to a sword sling. Not high quality, but functional. Order No. SS5010.

SPECIAL ... $ 49.95

Special Stock Items ~~~ Reduced

BUNKER HILL SWORD Closely resembles the 1751 British Infantry sword. This sword was present in the colonies at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War and was used by many American soldiers. There are many variations. Our sword has slightly curved, single-edged blade with false edge 3 1/4" back from point. Brass grip is moulded in a spiral pattern with ball-shaped pommel. Large capstan rivet gives it the appearance of a vase. Knuckel bow is a four-sided strip which expands on either side of the blade toform a heart-shaped counter-guard. Halfbasket guard. Scabbard is black leather with brass throat and tip. Stud on throat for attachment of frog. Blade is 24" long x 1 1/8" wide and is 29 1/2" overall. Order SS5090.

1860 LIGHT CAVALRY SABER This replica of the famous Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber, while not the quality of our superb SE0105 Light Cavalry Saber, is nonetheless a very good example of the famous saber used in the Civil War and on the Western frontier during the Indian Wars. The heavy brass guard and butt enclose a leather wrapped, brightly polished, brass bound handle. The curved blade is 1 1/8" wide and 34" long, single edged, tapering to a point. A narrow fuller extends from about 6" in front of the guard to about 13" back of the point. A steel scabbard with two rings for attaching to a sword sling makes this saber one of the best buys available. Not high quality, but functional Order No. SS5011.

SPECIAL ... $ 59.95

SPECIAL ... $ 49.95

NON-REGULATION, MODEL 1840 MILITIA ARTILLERY SABER This saber is very similar to the regulation M1840 Mounted Artillery saber differing only in having a lighter and narrower brass guard with a slightly different curve at the pommel. A well made saber, it is suitable for any mounted artillery unit. The slightly curved, highly polished steel blade is 33 1/2" long and 1" wide just in front of the guard. There is a fuller from the ricasso to 8" from the point. Grips are leather wrapped with twisted brass wire. The solid brass butt is secured by a nut and the knuckle bow curves gracefully from the butt forming the guard. A polished steel scabbard with two rings for securing to a sword sling is furnished with the saber. Order No. SS5012.

M1850 FOOT OFFICER'S SWORD This is similar to the sword adopted April 9, 1850 for all foot officers of Infantry, Artillery and Riflemen; based on the French Pattern of 1845 and worn from 1850 to 1872. Straight blade has a false edge running 3 1/2" back from point. A fuller runs from ricasso to within 14" of the point. Wooden grip is leather covered and wound with twisted brass wire. Brass pommel is Phyrgian helmet pattern decorated along forward border with a leaf pattern. The knuckle bow is ribbed and is pierced for sword knot where it joins with pommel. Oval counter-guard; obverse side decorated with a pierced design of branches and scrolls. Scabbard is no longer as pictured but all polished white metal w/two suspension rings and drag. Blade is 34" long and 1" wide at the hilt. 40 1/2" long overall. Order SS5095.

SPECIAL ... $ 69.95

Price $ 35.00

Some quantities are limited!

CONFEDERATE NCO SWORD Closely resembles sword by W.Walsoneid of Solingen, Germany. Straight blade has single stopped fuller, is 33 1/2" long and 7/8" wide at the hilt. Brass grip contains parallel ridges, flat knuckle bow joins a ball type pommel on one end and turn-down counter-guard on the other end. Counter-guard bears raised "CSA." Scabbard is bright metal with drag. Sword is 39 1/2" o/a. Order SS5089.

SPECIAL . . . $ 49.95

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EARLY AMERICAN STYLE MILITIA SABER: Slightly curved blade has flat back with false edge near point and a broad fuller. Wood grips are wound with tristed brass wire. Brass helmet shaped pommel has integral backstrap. Brass guard is 4 tined with slightly curved counter-guard. Blade is 34" long x 1 1/8" wide; saber is 39 1/2" overall. Bright metal scabbard has two suspension rings and drag. #SS5091.

PRICE . . . $ 49.95

INFANTRY OFFICER'S SWORD: The plain straight blade is apx. 32" long with a 2 1/2" false edge. Outside of the brass guard is pierced in a decorative manner. Laurel sprigs adorn the edge of the brass pommel which is held to grip with a brass nut. Grips are leather wrapped with twisted brass wire. Overall length is about 38". Metal scabbard has two bands with carry rings and drag. #SS5103 PRICE . . . $ 39.95

EAGLE HEAD SWORD CANE: Sporting a heavy brass stylized eagle head, this sword cane is made from a reddish ornage-stained wood. Eagle head hilt/handle is attached to 11" blade, 36" from top to tip. Handle twists onto body of cane to lock blade inside. Order SS5101.

SPECIAL . . . $ 19.95

The Rush is on.....

OUTLAW HOLSTER: An old west style suede lined holster with six .45 caliber sewn cartridge loops. Plain, walnut oil finish with brass hardware. For the SAA or Vaquero w/ 5 1/2" or 7 1/2" barrel length. Available in either right or left hand. HL4515. (R/H not available for 7 1/2" barrel.) Reg. $ 80.00

U.S. STAFF AND FIELD OFFICER'S SWORD, 1850: A sturdy and dependable weapon. The 34" blade is very slightly curved, single edged, with a false edge extending back about 7" from the point. A narrow fuller starts about 8 1/2" from the ricasso and runs about 13 1/2" down the blade on both sides. Blade is marked "INDIA". The grip is wood, covered with black leather and wrapped with twisted wire. The pommel is decorated with laurel sprays and the half-basket hilt guard is pierced in a grape & vine motif and the letters "US". The scabbard is black metal with brass throat, middle band, tip and drag. #SS5104 PRICE . . . $ 49.95 FRINGED SHOOTING POUCH: Medium brown sueded leather pouch of machine sewn construction for durability. Body of pouch is 8" wide x 7 1/2" tall with fold-over flap of approx. 6" (without fringe). Fringe encircling the pouch is 3 3/4" long. Pouch has thick smooth leather tab w/ thong for closure and one inside pocket. Strap is 1 1/2" wide and 27" long. Can be adjusted shorter. Also, has small knife sheath sewn onto strap. Well made pouch. #SS3051.

SALE - $ 53.35

LARAMIE HOLSTER: Made from a single layer of heavy skirting leather with a full welt construction. Features a hammer thong and a one piece front strap. Use on either a drop or straight belt. For the SAA or Vaquero w/5 1/2" barrel length - left hand only. HL4521 Reg. $ 76.00

SALE - $ 37.50

Price . . . $ 29.95

COWBOY HOLSTER: Made of top grain saddle skirting, this holster may be used on any straight cartridge belt. Plain, walnut oil finish with brass hardware. For the SAA or Vaquero w/5 1/2" and 7 1/2" barrel lengths, in either left or right hand, and Schofield with 7" barrel length available in left hand only. HL4507 - SAA / Vaquero HL4511 - Schofield Reg. $ 81.00

BEAVERTAIL SHOOTING POUCH: This small beavertail pouch is approximately 7" wide, 7 1/2" tall and 1" deep. Our sample is a grayish brown leather, fairly smooth. One inside pouch. Strap is 32 1/2" long and can be adjusted shorter. Knive sheath sewn onto strap. Pouch is machine stitched for durability. #SS3052

Price . . . $ 25.00

POSSIBLES BAG: This x-large possibles bag is made of soft leather in various colors, machine stitched. The body of the bag is about 18" long w/7" fringe along the bottom. Bag width of 7" gives plenty of room for some of today's necessities such as wallet, checkbook etc. Just tuck into belt and fold over - very handy! #SS3074 Price . . . $ 25.00 BELT POUCH: This is a rather large belt pouch, measuring 7 1/2" x 7", about 1" deep (front to back). Machine stitched, our sample is a rusty brown color with one inside pocket. Two loops fit belts up to 3" wide. Smooth leather. #SS3053.

SALE - $ 54.00

REVOLUTION ERA WALLET: An authentically designed Colonial Era wallet and document carrier made of high quality leather. Wallet is tri-fold style with two stitched pockets inside; outside, a wrap-around strap is secured through a loop insuring compactness. 11" x 8"' unfolded; 8" x 4 folded. Very good quality; reasonable price. Order SS3049

Reg. $ 89.00

CIRCA 1890 HOLSTER: Authentic Western design. Wear it strong side, cross-draw or through the slot on a Western belt. Plain, walnut oil finish with brass hardware. For the SAA or Vaquero w/5 1/2" barrel length in left hand only or 7 1/2" in right or left. HL4517

Price . . . $ 17.50

DRAW-STRING BAG: Our sample bag is a little larger than most ball/bullet bags, measuring 6 1/2" across at the widest point and 7" tall. Light brown sueded leather with 6" fringe. Would make a nice pouch for ladies or small tykes. #SS3054

Price . . . $ 10.95

SALE - $ 45.00

SPECIAL ... $ 15.00

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AMERICAN MADE TIFFANY STYLE BUCKLES: These buckles are brass plated and of the finest quality with great detail. Each is designed for a 1 3/4" leather belt and is complete with a hook on one end and a loop on the other. Here is a sample of the buckles we have to offer...all those listed are not pictured. Limited quantities. Order No. BG0100 and give description.

Abraham Lincoln Commemorative In Memory of Our Dear President Adams Express America's Heros Fire Dept - Boston American Express Co. Safety Dispatch Indian Territory American Express-Wells-Butterfield & Co American Watch - New York (watchworks) An Idyl of Spring Anheuser Busch - St. Louis, MO Aunt Sarah's Eagle Burgers Barnstormers Blatz Boones Farm Strawberry Hill Boone's Farm Wild Mountain Grape Wine Budweiser - Trademark Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Bugatti - Ettore Bugatti Buster Brown Buy USA Bonds Campbell Express Central & Union Pacific Railroad (depicts loading cattle onto rail cars) Champion Bronco Buster - Montana Cobb & Co Coca-Cola of Atlanta, GA USA (Trans-Pan San-Francisco Exposition Souvenir) Coca-Cola, Atlanta GA USA Refreshing and Delicious Colorado State Penn Colt Revolvers - The World's Right Arm Committee of Vigilance San Francisco Confederate Flag Cutty Sark Dalton Gang Dolphins Drewrys Express Wells Fargo Y CIA -- Republica Mexicana Fading Face GAR The Hangtown Jerkline - Sierra Humps and Saddleback (depicting a stagecoach) Liberty Licensed to Perform Exorcism - San Francisco Asylum Maxwell Metro Goldwyn Mayer - All Talking Picture Studio - Personal Bodyguard Mile High Club Model 1929A1 Colt T Sub-Machine - US Property Mothers & Fathers Italian Assoc. Native American Design Nymph Peace on Earth Peace - James Garfield Pinkerton's Gallery - The James Boys, Jesse James & Frank James Pinkerton's Gallery - Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid

State Buckles:

Connecticut Delaware Georgia Hawaii Idaho

$ 2.95 each

Colt's Patent Firearms Mfg Co. Police Dept. - Banks & Express Co. Propert's Leather and Saddle Soap Range Canning Co. - Roast Mutton Fort McKavett, Texas, U.S.A. Santa For President - 1927 Schlitz Scroll Pattern Seventh - 7th Cavalry - Rough Riders

Maine Maryland Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire

New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oregon Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Utah Vermont Washington

Si Non Oscillas Noli Tintinnace - If you don't swing, don't ring! (depiction of doorbell plaque at the Playboy Mansion) Sitting Bull - Chief of the Sioux Southern Comfort Summer Union & Pacific Central Omaha to California "US" Sword Belt Plate Wells Fargo Ocean to Ocean Prometheus Wells Fargo & Company Since 1852 (depicts stagecoach scene) Western Union Telegarph Company Will Rogers For President Winchester Repeating Arms - New Haven, Conn.

CARTRIDGE POUCH: Mady of heavy leather w/ flap that completely folds over the top and latches by a leather strip fastening onto a brass stud on the bottom. Pouch is 8 1/2" x 6" x 2 3/4". Pouch is fitted with two brass buckles on bottom for attaching a shoulder strap (not included). Small opening on front of pouch gives access to cartriges inside. SS3056 Reg.$ 39.95 SIX TUBE BLAKESLEE BOX: A six tube cartridge carrier with a wood block, bored with longitudinal holes to hold six tin tubes. The wood block was encased in smooth black leather, with a hinged leather lid to protect the open tops of the tubes. A leather strap held the loaded box under the trooper's left arm, close to his body. Handccrafted in USA #SS2266

BRASS BUCKLE: Heavy, solid brass buckle is 2" wide x 2 1/4" tall. Will work with belts up to 1 3/4". Buckle is smooth with an antique looking finish. Great size to be used for belts - pouches etc. #SS3088. Reg. $ 9.95

SALE . . . $ 4.95

1/2 Off!

SALE . . . $ 35.00

carefully researched. Girls' Dress - size 4-14. #MG0641.

CLOTHING PATTERNS These two patterns most typify the styles of the Colonial and Fur Trade eras. Each has been Reg. $ 4.50

SALE . . . $ 1.95

PRICE . . . $ 250.00

INDIAN TRADE SILVER: These reproduction pieces are carefully patterned after originals. Cast from German silver with excellent detail. Has a 3 dimensional effect - backs are concave, as were the originals. #TS0346

Price . . . $ 10.00

BEAD STRIPS: Strips of seed beads in multi-colors are used in many places; head bands, hat bands, arm bands, cuff bands, lining the outer seam of trousers and skirts and bordering collars. Patterns/colors will vary. SS3082 19 rows, 10" long SS3083 32 rows, 10" long

See the Clothing Section of our parts & supplies catalog for many more "jewlery" items.

TEA DYED COTTON: All of us who wear period clothing want our finished garments to have character, be unique and above all, be as close to an original garment as possible in both construction and appearance. This 100% cotton is tea dyed, giving the fabric a naturally aged look. Plaids only; blue/natural and red/natural. State 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice of colors when ordering. 56" wide, pre-washed and pre-shrunk. Machine washable, tumble dry. Sold in 4 yd. lengths. #AG6800

$ 4.75 $ 6.95

Price . . . $ 19.95

ANIMAL PELTS: Professionally tanned full body hides -- red fox and raccoon. Great for making shooting pouches, possible pouches, hats and for decorating your buckskin garments. Assorted sizes; of the two pictured the red fox is 46" long and the coon is 34" long (including tail). SS3036 - Red Fox -

Price . . . $ 40.00

S T R I P E D C O TTON: Light weight 100% cotton cloth is 45" wide. Cloth has a natural background with either red or blue stripe. Great for shirts, summer skirts etc. Machine washable, tumble dry. #SS3089

Price/yd . . . $ 6.00 Page 15

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SHOULDER STRAPS FOR OFFICERS Shoulder straps were worn by lieutenant generals, major generals, brigadier generals, colonels, lieutenant colonels, majors, captains, first lieutenants, second lieutenants, brevet second lieutenants and medical cadets. Indications of rank, respectively, were: three stars, two stars, one star, eagle, silver leaf, gold leaf, two gold bars, one gold bar, plain strap, plain strap, and a strip of gold lace in the middle of a green strap. Shoulder straps are 4" long, 1 1/2" wide. Strap colors are midnight blue for staff officers, light blue for infantry, and gold for cavalry. All straps have a gold embroidered border. Large shoulder straps for overcoats, 4 11/16" x 2 1/8", are also available. Please indicate rank when ordering. SS3018 Midnight Blue/Staff Officer - Lt. Gen. .3 star - Brig. Gen. .1 star SS3020 Gold/Cavalry -- Capt. .2 bars - 1st Lt. ..1 bar - 2nd Lt. ..plain SS3022 Blue/Infantry -- Same as above except large size.

Price . . . $ 7.00/pr. Price . . . $ 10.00/pr. Price . . . $ 10.00/pr.

ELK SPLITS: These are the same splits as our FR7400 but, they are smaller in area and do have some holes. However priced at just 1/2 of our regular price of $4.50 per square foot they are a real bargain (size per split approx. 3 sq ft) Order SS3046

Price . . . $ 4.50 per sq. ft.

DOUBLE POINT BLANKETS: Historically accurate replicas of the double three point blankets that were a standard of trade throughout North America, from the fur trapping era of the late 1600s through the early 1800s including the Corps of Discovery/Lewis and Clark Expedition. The 100% virgin wool blankets are loomed in the historic fashion of weaving two, single blankets end to end and were used as an early precursor to the sleeping bag. These blankets are acccurately reproduced right down to the raw ends and the woven-in points that designated a blanet's price in the number of prime beaver pelts it took to purchase it with one major exception. Rather than the coarse, scratchy wool so commonly found in years past, these blankets are woven using a special mix of Targhee/Merino wool which has become so legendary for its comfort next to you skin that it sports the WoolSoftTM label. Each blanket is made to authentic dimensions (apx. 50" x 152") and are numbered, limited editions per year depending on the amount of wool produced by these specific flocks of sheep. Available in Natural (white), Cochineal red, and Indigo blue, all with black stripe. State preference. Order. SS3073. Reg. $ 350.00 Price . . . $ 225.00 OBSIDIAN SPEAR POINTS These beautiful black volcanic glass points are great for collecting. Available in two sizes. Very finely knapped. SS6028 X-Large Points - 1 3/4" to 3" long SS6036 Medium Points - 1 1/4" to 1 3/4" long

TIN CUP: Reasonably priced tin cup holds 12 oz. liquid & has good wide handle. Cups are embossed "C.S." Get one for everyone in camp! #SS3084

SPECIAL .. $ 9.95 ea

SALE . . . $ 7.95

SPECIAL .. $ 2.95 ea

PRISONER ROPE: A prisoner rope of this style with leather loop was used around the 1800s. One loop of the rope is inserted at the middle of the handcuffs while the other looped end is either carried by the policeman in his hand or shackled to his duty belt. Made of 3/4" heavy cotton cord with the loop on each end covered with leather. About 4' long. #SS6023. Reg. $ 13.95

ARROWHEADS: Knapped from Mexican flint. Available in an assortment of sizes ranging from approximately 1 1/2" x 1" to 1" x 1/2". Sold in lots of 4. #SS6033.

PRICE . . . $ 2.00

PRICE ... $ 9.95

SPEAR POINTS: These Indian style spear points are roughly knapped of agate. Varying shades of gray, brown, pinks etc. Mostly large sizes, approximately 2" in width and ranging in length from 3" to 4". (Pictured right in photo) #SS6027.

CHASTITY BELT: The perfect protection for the male ego! Made of lightweight steel for milady's comfort, this wonderful device will keep her true to milord's love and safe from the wandering varlet. The 31" waist is hinged on each side so that it may be installed with ease. The crotch is 25" from top of front to top of rear and hinged fore and aft. It is perforated with two long oval openings. The front closure is to be fitted with a lock to ensure milady's purity. Weighs 1 3/4 lbs. #SS6040

SPECIAL .. $ 3.95

Price . . . $ 59.95

MODEL SOLDIER KITS: Diecast metal kits are approximately 3" tall. Each kit includes directions for assembly plus detailed painting instructions. Not recommended for children under the age of 14.

MEDIEVAL LOCKS: Reproduction steel mediveval padlock for castles (1700 period) ...or...for locking your car to a post! With odd keys. Talk bout something different! The lock is 6" tall; weight 3 lbs. #SS6024. Reg. $ 33.95

Price . . . $ 19.95 each

Individual: (1/24 scale) SS6045 Confederate Infantry (a) SS6046 Union Infantry (b) Mounted: (1/32 scale) SS6047 Gen. J.E.B. Stuart (c) SS6050 Gen. Robert E. Lee (d) SS6048 Gen. N.B. Forrest SS6051 Gen. U.S. Grant SS6049 American Cavalry Officer - 1870 SS6052 Sioux Warrior

SPECIAL ... $ 29.95

Great Any Day!

If you can't make up your mind what you want to give someone for that secial day why not give him/ her a DGW Gift Certificate and let them make the choice for "just what they wanted." Just call us on our TOLL FREE ORDER LINE (1-800-238-6785) and tell us the amount you want to spend. We can charge your Visa, MasterCard or American Express and mail the gift certificate to YOU or DIRECTLY TO WHOMEVER you choose.

Gift Certificate

For From John Doe

$ For Merchandise of your selection to the value of

No. 000000


Jane Doe

DIXIE GUN WORKS Union City, Tennessee

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ver O


40% OFF

all cassettes!

AUTHENTIC POETRY OF THE CONFEDERACY: Dedicated to the memory and honor of all those who lived and died and struggled to survive in that great and terrible conflict for the Southern cause of independence. We can now only remember; but as long as we do not forget what was and what might have been, then their sacrifices shall not have been in vain.Our beloved poets of that galant nation have left to us for all time their rememberances of a world long ago and far away, but to us as close as yesterday. Rediscover the Old South in all of its war and hopes and dreams. Featuring the voice of Randy Davis, a Southern writer, native of Foxworth, MS. All Civil War period music. 43 min. Cassette only. MU0349 Reg. $ 11.95 - Special . . . $ 5.00

TENTING TONIGHT: The concept for this collection of songs began shortly after William Coleman became a Civil War reenactor. Several of the songs were part of his repertoire as a professional singer/songwriter, and were recorded after much prompting by his fellow reenactors. As the collection developed, it seemed natural to include readings from the dairies/letters of participants in the Civil War. As readings were added Tenting Tonight expanded into a live stage presentation -- includes Coleman's wife Carla and a supporting cast of up to seven actors. Tenting Tonight currently consists of five separate shows tailored to the area of interest and size of the audience or group in attendance. Topics for the shows range from "Camp Life & Medical Conditions" to "The Woman's Role in the War." All presentations are fully costumed in both Union and Confederate uniforms and period clothing, and include music such as Bonnie Blue Flag, Goober Peas, Abrahams Daughter, Aura Lea, Marching Through Georgia, American Trilogy and more. Cassette only. MU0323 Reg. $ 9.95 -

SONGS OF THE CIVIL WAR: Music was an important part of Civil War soldiers' lives, and they typically carried along guitars, fiddles, banjos, mandolins, and harmonicas to play in camp or even on the march. The 97th Regimental String Band recreates both the men and their music - just as they would have sounded 130 years ago, singing the words that expressed the moods and feelings of the soldiers. Of course, they sing the patriotic aires of both sides, their extensive repertoire covering all the emotions that soldiers experienced: longing for home, absent loved one, army food, unfair treatment by officers, love of strong drink, dancing ladies, murders and battles. 12/15 selections per volume including Johnny Comes Marching Home, Goober Peas, Cindy, Clementine, The Gypsy Rover, Saturday Night at Sea, Sail Away, Sad and Lonely, The Vacant Chair, Old Dog Tray, Camptown Races, Marching Along, Gentle Annie and Home! Sweet Home! Available here in cassette only. Vol 5-Raise A Ruckus Vol 7-Brass-Mounted Army MU0022 MU0344 Reg. $ 9.95 ea.

Special . . . $ 5.00

Special . . . $ 5.00

TUNES OF GLORY: This second and newest release by William Coleman is a collection of Victorian music that relies on the American Civil War as its central theme. There are four original pieces in the collection: Jubal, Antietam, Tunes of Glory, and Mr. Lincoln's Army, three of which were written by Mr. Coleman. All of the music is deeply steeped in the romantic mood that reflects the Victorian era. Cassette only. MU0324 Reg. $ 9.95 -

Special . . . $ 5.00

HOMESPUN SONGS OF THE C.S.A. and SONGS OF THE UNION ARMY: Recapture the feel of camp life during the Civil War. These are the actual songs sung by soldiers on both sides, accompanied by instruments of the time, played in the style and manner of the 1860s. Bobby Horton of Birmingham, Alabama, has gone to a great deal of trouble to recapture the spirit and meaning of these tunes. Instruments include a banjo, played "double knocking" style, made in 1880; a fiddle made in Austria in 1795 and a cornet once played by a man named Murtz in a Yankee regimental band. Other instruments are: guitar, drum, dulcimer and piano. Selections include old favorites such as Dixie, Lorena, Bonnie Blue Flag and The Yellow Rose of Texas. Others not so well known are: Cumberland Gap, The Young Volunteer and The Plains of Manassas. Favorite hymns included are Rock of Ages, Battle Hymn of the Republic and God Save the South. Vocal. Available here on cassette only. Songs of the Union Army Volume 3 MU0035 Homespun Songs of Faith Volume 1 MU0034 Reg. $ 8.95 ea.

11th NORTH CAROLINA REGIMENT BAND (1st N.C. Vols): Familiar and heart rending tunes which spurred the spirits of both the Conederate and Union forces during the Civil War. This music comes to us via a Confederate Reenactment band, using the original arrangements and instrumentation of that period. These 5 volumes consist of over 100 selections of both North & South such as the National Anthem, God Save the South, The Yellow Rose of Texas, Yankee Doodle, Auld Lang Syne, The Star Spangled Banner (1853 version), Rock of Ages, Amazing Grace, and the original Jingle Bells. Cassette only. Volume 1 MU0013 Volume 4 Reg. $ 8.50 ea.

Special . . . $ 5.00

MUSIC OF THE CHARLES CARROLL FAMILY - 1785-1832: Performed by David & Ginger Hildebrand of Severna Park, Maryland, this beautiful period music (just after the Rev. War) is a must for collections of early American entertainment. They state, "....we invite you to imagine a pleasureable evening in the Carroll family home in Annapolis, with Mary playing the harpsichord, perhaps accompanying [a family member]. Imagine also the delighted father, weary from a long day of legislative meetings and business affairs, listening to some of the same music in this collection." A wonderful example of late 17th / early 18th century music. MU0090 Cassette Reg. $ 8.95 - Special . . . $ 3.95 THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: Symphonic Trilogy by Margaret Buechner performed by Royal Scottish National Orchestra - John Varineau, Conductor. An unprecedented progression of descriptive and lets you partake of experiences, feelings and sentiments of the people at that time. Its three parts, "Life on the Plantations," "The War" and "Elegy" portray life-like battles and the pounding of cannons. Hear orchestral renditions of melodies selected from three spirituals and six Civil War songs. Cassette only. MU0102 Reg. $ 12.50 VO I C E S FROM CANYON DE CHELLY: Performed by the family group Chinle Swingin Echos. Good voices and good Navajo songs mean good times for the listener. MU0048 Reg. $ 10.95 -

Special . . . $ 5.00


Vol. 5-Hymns


HISTORIC CIVIL WAR MUSIC: The 1st Brigade Band, 3rd Division, 15th Army Corps is a recreation of a band which left Brodhead, Wisconsin in 1864 to march with Gen. William Sherman in the campaigns of Northern Georgia and the Carolinas. Dressed in authentic blue uniforms and playing original instruments and authentic musical arrangements, this recreated band is making history live. Enjoy camp melodies, quicksteps, stately marches, music for dress balls and concert selections. Includes Dixie/Bonnie Blue Flag, Cheer Boys Cheer, When this Cruel War is Over, America, Mocking Bird Quickstep, Air from "The Magic Flute", Grand March from "Norma" and many, many more. Cassette only. Dusty Roads & Camps - Vol. 10 MU0006 Reg. $ 10.00 ea. -

Special . . . $ 5.00

Special . . . $ 5.00

Special . . . $ 5.00

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ver O


BALLADS & SONGS OF THE CIVIL WAR: A stirring collection of Civil War music from both sides of the conflict performed on historic instruments by Wayne Erbsen. It has been featured in NPR's Wireless catalog and selected by "American Heritage Magazine" for inclusion in their new CD-ROM on the Civil War. Lorena, Bonnie Blue Flag, Just Before the Battle Mother, Battle Cry of Freedom, The Southern Wagon, Here's Your Mule, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, Dixie's Land and More. 12 vocals, 2 instrumentals; 50 minutes. Available on cassette only. MU0318 Reg. $ 9.95 ea. -

HARDTACK & HARMONY - Boys of Company `C': This Civil War Period music is unique in that the performers are Canadian. Over 50,000 Canadians fought in the American Civil War. Union Regiments recruited in Toronto and in towns all along Lake Ontario and Lake Erie paying up to three hundred dollars for replacement troops. These talented re-enactors share the love and hobby of a genuine interest in the most momentous period of North American History. Half the songs are original, written in the style of the Civil War Period. Cassette only. MU0113 Reg. $ 11.95 -

Special . . . $ 5.00

Special . . . $ 5.00

40% OFF

all cassettes!

CIVIL WAR SONGS by Keith and Rusty McNeil: The folksong is the spokesman for the people -- expressing their problems, hopes and desires. The sixty songs and the dialogue on these two tapes reflect the pathos, tragedy, irony, humor, pride, hope and frustration which accompanied the War Between the States. The War Begins - The Realities of War - The Changing War The Union Forever includes selections Lincoln and Liberty, God Save the South, Battle of Shiloh Hill, Just Before the Battle, Mother, Oh Freedom, Go Down Moses, The Last Fierce Charge and Marching through Georgia and more. Includes songs and history on two stereo cassettes along with notes on the songs. MU0044 Reg. $ 19.95 -

Limited quantities!

Special . . . $ 10.00

OPENING GUNS - FORT SUMTER TO FREDERICKSBURG Ed. Albert A. Nofi Well over a century after its conclusion, the Civil War still remains the gravest crisis in the history of the Republic since the attainment of independence. It was a vast complex struggle which touched the lives of far more Americans than any other war in which the nation has fought. A conflict of momentous import, it still retains an immediate and continuing impact on the life of the nation. After all these years there exists no better way of looking at the Civil War than to see it through the eyes of those who lived through it, the thousands upon thousands for whom the war was a daily reality. This is the first volume in a series...Eyewitness History of the Civil War with each volume covering a distinct aspect of the war as seen by the people who lived through it, as expressed in their personal letters, private diaries, historical accounts, and even in their songs. This volume covers personal narratives extending from the Secession debate to the end of the first year of the Civil War. Soft cover, 439 pages. SS4081. Reg. $ 16.95

OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE TO CIVIL WAR COLLECTIBLES 2nd Edition by Richard Fritz Indispensable. Pieces from all levels of society during the War between the States. Order SS4119

Great Reading and Research!

Price . . . $ 12.50

CONFEDERATE GENERAL WILLIAM R. "DIRTY NECK BILL" SCURRY, 1821-1864 by Charles G. Anderson William Read Scurry grew up at Gallatin, Tennessee, shortly after the War of 1812. In 1840, at the young age of nineteen, Scurry joined his brother, Richardson, in Texas where he became active in the practice of law. This was interrupted in 1846 by The War with Mexico and Scurry enlisted with the 2nd Texas Mounted Volunteers. During the years leading up to the civil War, Scurry represented East Texas in the legislature where he and Sam Houston became biter enemies. When the Civil War began, curry joined forces with General H.H. Sibley in New Mexico, He was killed at the Battle of Jenkins' Ferry in Arkansas on April 30, 1864. Hb w/dj, 8 1/2 x 11, 237 pages. Order SS4147. (Reg. $ 35.00)

Special . . . $ 15.00

Special . . . $ 15.00

WAR ON TWO FRONTS - SHILOH TO GETTYSBURG Ed. John Cannan The second volume in the series Eyewitness History of the Civil War. A dramatic selection of personal narratives contrasts the search for a decisive battle in the East with the protracted war of maneuver, sieges and raids in the West. Soft cover, 413 pages. SS4082.

Price . . . $ 16.95

THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG Comte de Paris Hardbound, 315 pages. XMS322. Reg. $ 30.00.

SALE .. $ 22.50

THE CIVIL WAR YEARS: A Day -by-Day Chronicle of the Life of a Nation by Robert E. Denney: In this fascinating day-by-day chronicle of the war, relive the courage and conflicts of our divided nation as North and South struggle both to destroy and to survive. Follow the story of these difficult years as it unfolds in the words of the people who lived through it. From the diaries, letters and books of solders and civilians, from newspaper reports and historical archives, the events of the war are retold without false glamour as they happened, in the powerful phrases of statesmen and haunting stories of soldiers, and with the authenticity that can only be achieved with first-hand accounts. Soft cover, 606 pages. Order SS4072

THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG Francis Marshal Hardbound, 337 pages. XMS325 Reg. $ 30.00

Price . . . $ 19.95

SALE .. $ 22.50

GETTYSBURG TO THE RAPIDAN The Army of the Potomac July, 1863 to April, 1864 - A.A. Humphreys Hrdbk. CWB006

GEORGE B. McCLELLAN - THE YOUNG NAPOLEON - Stephen W. Sears Soft cover, 482 pages. SS4110. Reg. $ 12.95

PRICE .. $ 17.50

SALE .. $ 9.70

THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN, June 3 - August 1, 1863 - Richard Allen Sauers Hb, 277 pages. CWB011

PRICE .. $ 18.50

HANDGUNS AMERICANA by DeWitt E. Sell, Ph.D. The pageantry of American enterprise in providing handguns suitable for both civilian needs and military purposes. It encompasses a fascinating story of interest to everyone who is genuinely concerned with all facts f Americana. Hardcover, 160 pages, 6 x 9, 68 photos. No biblio. No index. BK2073 Price. . . $ 17.50

GENERAL MEADE - Isaac R. Pennypacker Hardbound, 402 pages. Reg. $ 30.00 Order CWS003. GENERAL HANCOCK - Francis A. Walker Hardbound, 332 pages. Reg. $ 30.00 Order CWS004.

SALE .. $ 22.50 SALE .. $ 22.50

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EvErything BlackpowdEr

From replica firearms of yesteryear to today's blackpowder hunting and sport equipment...Dixie's 2011 catalog is packed with more than 10,000 items including blackpowder shooting supplies, antique gun parts, and accoutrements.

· Authentic reproduction blackpowder rifles, pistols, revolvers, military firearms and kits · Civil War arms and accessories · Clothing, patterns, uniforms · Cannons, swords, knives · Books, period music, videos, CDs and DVDs. · Military and primitive camp gear · Muzzleloading hunting gear · Cowboy action shooting · Revolutionary, Mexican and Indian War firearms

$ 5.00 USA ~ $ 15.00 Canada ~ $ 20.00 elsewhere



by William A. Gary


Deluxe Edition - Leather bound. Confederate Revolvers is a highly informative update on Confederate handguns made both in the South and in Europe. New historical data on their manufacture and the companies that made them. Over 200 illustrations. Covered are revolvers made in Georgia, Texas, Europe (some of which were not under contract to the Confederate Government) and a final chapter regarding fake revolvers. Hb, 8 1/2" x 11", 194 pages. Order SS4138. Reg. $ 100.00 Sale

William A. Albaugh III - The great grandson of a Confederate officer, Mr. Albaugh's interest in the Civil War dates from his early childhood. His large firearms and curio collection of the period was inspired by his grandmother's stern remembrances of Union soldiers smashing in the door of her plantation house in 1864. This interest has continued and deepened with the years and he is now well known in the field of Confederate ordnance having authored a number of books and magazine articles dealing with various aspects of this specialized subject. SS4049 The Confererate Brass-Framed Colt & Whitney SS4053 Handbook of Confederate Swords SS4056 Tyler Texas SS4054 More Confederate Faces

. . . $ 75.00

$ 25.00 $ 30.00 $ 40.00 $ 40.00

OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE TO MILITARY COLLECTIBLES Richard J. Austin Covers a vast scope of pieces from varied conflicts.. Illustrated with nearly 400 photographs, this unique price guide takes a historical perspective by focusing on the origins of objects and offers de-tailed descriptions taken from original source material. #SS4120.

$ 20.00

SHOOTING THE FLINTLOCK RIFLE by Major R. O. Ackerman Two booklets of what was once a four volume set -- long thought out of print -- however, as usual, we found some lost copies! These cover, in detail, instructions for the use of muzzleloading firearms and how to load, clean, what powder to use, the different grains of powder, what type of lead and what charges to use in different types of guns. 19 and 24 pages respectively with illustrations. Paperback. Sold as a set only. Order SS4044. Previously $ 1.50 per copy -- --

THE ALAMO by Frank Thompson Based on the screenplay written by Leslie Bohem, Stephen Gaghan and John Lee Hancock Suspenseful novel of courage and heroism on an epic scale. In the spring of 1836, nearly 200 settlers in Texas revolted against the new dictator, General Antonio López de Santa Anna. This action provoked one of the most fascinating and extraordinary battles in history. Led by three men--the young, brash Colonel William Travis; the violent, passionate, and infamous knife fighter Jim Bowie; and the larger-than-life living legend Davy Crockett--the Texans felt they had no choice but to defend their fortress to the bitter end. The Alamo reveals the many sides of the battle and the personal struggles that the Texans and Mexicans were determined to reconcile for the cause of liberty. This powerful novel tells a story of endurance and sacrifice, and uncovers the glory behind one of the most dramatic and inspirational battles in history. Soft cover, 4 1/4" x 6 3/4", 372 pages. Order SI8214. Price . . . $ 6.99

NOW -- -- Set of 2 - $ 1.50 Page 19

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