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SECTION 1: GENERAL TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE RIG 1. The rig design and manufacture conform to the following principles: The 1500HP drilling rig, with the design and manufacturing principles of being advance, reliable, safe, economic and practical, conform to SY/T5609, ISO9001, API quality control procedure and HSE requirement. Some main parts of the rig like the mast, the substructure, the drawworks related parts, the traveling block, the crown, the swivel, the rotary table and related parts of the mud pump conform to API specifications. And also, the rig adopts international advanced and reliable techniques which have been tested by practice. The performance and quality of the rig reach the international technical level of the same kinds of products. The reasonable dimension and construction of all the rig parts is suitable for sea, railway and highway transportation. The rig can worked normally within the environment temperature range from-18 to +50 and the humidity90%+20.


DEVISION OF PETROLEUM ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT" 11. SY/T6276-19ISO/CD14690 "OIL & GAS HSE MS" 3. The rig main technical parameters 3.1 Nominal drilling depth range 127mm (5"drill pipe): 2,8004,500m 114mm(4 1/2"drill pipe): 3,5005,000m 3.2 Max. Hook load: 3,150kN


3.3 Max. Drill string weight: 160t 3.4 Input power of drawworks: 1,440kW Transmission of drawworks: 1+1R, driven by AC variable frequency motor, stepless speed regulation 3.5 Max. Lines of hoisting system (parallel strung up): 12 lines 3.6 Diameter of wire rope: 35 mm (1 3/8") 3.7 Outer diameter of sheaves for hoisting system: 1,270 mm 3.8 Hoisting parts (crown block, traveling block, and hook) Max. Static load: 3,150kN Max. Static load of swivel: 4,500kN I.D. of swivel stem: 75mm 3.9 Diameter of rotary table opening: 952.5 mm (37 1/2") Transmission of rotary table: 1+1R, driven by AC variable frequency motor, stepless speed regulation 3.10 Number & Power of mud pumps: driven by 3×1,176kW AC variable frequency motor through narrow Vbelt 3.11 Type & effective height of mast: "K" type, 45m 3.12 Height of drill floor: 9.9m Area (length × width): 12×10.31m Clear height: 8.517m 3.13 Drive type: AC-DC-AC digital variable frequency 3.14 Electric drive system Model of diesel generator set: CAT3512B/SR4B Number of generator set & output power: 3×1,900kVA Power of diesel engine: 1,310kW Rotational speed of diesel engine: 1500r/min Voltage, Frequency, & Factor of generator: 600V 50Hz 0.7 Number and Power of auxiliary generator set: 1×300kW Voltage, Frequency, & Factor of auxiliary generator set: 400V 50Hz 0.8 three phases Number and Power of AC variable frequency motor: 1×600kW, 2×720kW, 3×1200kW, 1×45kW AC variable frequency control unit (VFD): one-by-one control 6+1 units Input voltage: 600V AC Output voltage: 0600V adjustable 3.15 Effective capacity of mud pump 320m3 3.16 Dual standpipe high pressure manifold: 4"×35MP 3.17 Air supply system Total capacity of air source tank: 4.5 m3 Working pressure of air source purification plant: 1Mpa 3.18 Total capacity of diesel oil tank: 2×50m3


3.19 Capacity of industrial water tank: 2×80m3 4. Overall scheme The whole drilling rig consists of the following systems: main sub-assembly system, mud circulation system, air supply system, oil & water supply system and electrical drive system. 4.1 Main sub-assembly system This system contains the mast, substructure, crown block, traveling block, hook, dual-purpose swivel, rotary table and independent rotary table drive, drawworks, drill floor auxiliary devices, wire line spooler and drill pipe rack and so on. The traveling system adopts 6×7 lines structure. The line is parallel strung-up. The maximum hook load is 3150KN. All the components are mature products designed and manufactured in compliance with API Spec and stamped with API monogram. The nominal opening dimension of rotary table is 952.5mm (371/2") which matches 51/4" square driven roller bushing; it is designed in compliance with API Spec 7K and stamped with API monogram. The mast is of "K" type with 45m in effective height, and mounted on the drill floor. The bottom span is 8m and the top span is 2.1 m ×2.05m, the maximum hook load of mast is 3150kN. There are three heights (24.5m, 25.5m, 26.5m) to be adjusted, the racking board is 5,000m drill pipe (41/2") in capacity, and attached air hoist (0.5t) and windshields around; it is also equipped with deadline anchor (mounted on the right leg of mast opposite to the driller), deadline stabilizer, fast line stabilizer, hydraulic casing stabbing board, lifting buffer device, aid-climbing device and stand pipe operation board. The substructure is of slingshot type; all the floor equipments are installed at ground level before being raised. The drill floor is 9.9m in height, 12m in length and 10.3m in width. The maximum static load of rotary table beam is 3,150kN, the static load of setback (180 strings 5"×28m) is 1,600kN, and they can function simultaneously. The clear height of the substructure is 7.517m, which is convenient for mounting the whole BOP stack, and the sliding guide rail device is equipped for lifting BOP. The substructure has the following characteristics: fewer modules, simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, quick movability and installation. The rated power of drawworks is 1,440kW, and the groove of drum fits 1 3/8" wire line (35mm). The drawworks is of single shaft structure and transmitted by two sets of reducer casing of two-grade helical gears. The drawworks is driven by two 600V, 720kW AC variable frequency motors; the hoisting speed of the hook realizes stepless speed regulation within 0-1.3m (12 lines). The drawworks has the following characteristics: little in occupied area, light in weight, good in seal, safety and reliability. The drum has lebus grooves. The main brake is disc brake, and the auxiliary brake is performed by the motor that generating power into braking resistor. The drawworks is not only equipped with an crown-o-matic valve traveling block anti-collision device, but also equipped with intelligent traveling collision avoidance system to prevent the traveling block from colliding with the crown block and drill floor.


The drilling rig is provided with a 45kW constant pressure auto-feed driller, which can not only realize automatic tripping-in during drilling operation, but also lift the maximum load of the drill string as emergency tripping-out device. The rotary table driven independently by a 600V, 720kW AC variable frequency motor can accomplish stepless speed regulation of constant torque within 0-240rpm. It is transported with the rotary table beam together as an independent transportation unit. The drilling rig is equipped with mechanical-operated auxiliary equipments and tools, such as hydraulic wire line shear, line reeve, air winch, hydraulic tong, 16t & 15t jacks, rotary table bushings, bushing elevator bail device and wire line spooler equipped under the drill floor. 4.2 Mud circulation system The system has three sets of 3NB 1600 mud pump units, high pressure manifold, and solid control system. The 3NB 1600 mud pump units are driven by an AC variable frequency motor with capacity of 1,200kW through integrated narrow V-belt and a set of transmission device. The pump stroke can be adjusted as per drilling technology, and the tightness of transmission rubber belt can be adjusted by adjusting the adjuster bolt which is at the rear of the pump set. The solid control system is composed of eight tanks; the total capacity of mud tanks is 360m3 and the effective capacity is 320m3. The system covers shale shaker, desander, degasser, desilter, high speed centrifugal machine, mixer, shear pump, cyclone, sand pump, mud gun and so on. 4.3 Air supply system The system includes an air source purification plant, air storage tank, connecting manifold, and control system. The air source purification plant includes two aircooled electric screw type compressors, a no-heat recycle dryer, all the pipeline and valve sets. It is equipped with pneumatic-electrical auto-control device, the air compressor actuates automatically when the pressure below 0.8Mpa and stops when the pressure exceeds 0.8Mpa. Two air compressors can operate together and also work independently. The above mentioned equipments mounted in the auxiliary generator house. Actuate the auxiliary generator sets to supply power for air compressor before starting the main diesel generator sets. Start the main diesel generator sets one by one when the discharged compressed air makes the pressure of the buffer tank reach 0.8Mpa. The air source device has two outlets, one reaches drill floor, the other is used for supplying oil to actuate the generator and connected to air supply inlets of each diesel engine by the pipelines in the pipeline tray. A 2m³ air storage tank specially used for supplying air to the pneumatic equipments on the drill floor is installed under the rear brace of top part of drill floor. The inlet pipelines are communicated with the air storage tanks in the control rooms; the outlets are connected with the collecting pipes at the two sides of the drill floor. 4.4 Oil & water supply system Oil supply system matches one 50m3 oil storage tanks. Water supply system matches one industrial water tanks.


The design of pipelines is standardized and modularized. The air supply pipelines, water supply pipelines and stream pipelines are all installed in the pipeline trays which are laid side-by-side and fixed separately; just take apart the joints of the connecting hose between the pipeline trays when making a remove. It is convenient for assembly, disassembly and transportation. 4.5 Electrical drive system The electrical drive system is not only designed as the basis of the following principles: advance, reliability, safety, convenience and economy, but also takes advanced and mature new technology & structure. It is modularly designed in power control system, AC outlet feature, control operation, protection functions and interlocking function to meet the requirements of working parameters and transmission performance of 5,000m drilling rig and to accord with drilling technology. The drilling rig has excellent speed regulation property, strong over-load capacity, great reliability, strong anti-jamming capacity, reasonable design, simple operation, easy maintenance and other features. The system takes advantage of the IPC, PLC and fieldbus to optimize control and monitor the whole drilling process. The system is designed by incorporating machinery, electricity, fluid, air, digital, instrument and telecommunication as a whole and takes right and reliable measures against explosion, shock, moisture, water and fire; it is in compliance with the safety operation requirements. The system has reached the advanced international standards with the convenient transportation and quick assembly. The power section of the system includes three CAT3512B, 1900KVA, 600V, 50Hz main diesel generator sets and one auxiliary generator set; each generator set has a control room separately. Three generator sets are arranged side by side to form an integral control room during final assembly. As required three main diesel generators set can work together or two of them work synchronously. The load is distributed evenly. AC variable frequency system adopts one-by-one control by means of seven AC variable frequency motors (one for rotary table, two for drawworks, one for each mud pump and three in total, and one for auto-feed driller). The driving property meets the transmission requirements of the drawworks, rotary table and mud pumps. The following drilling parameters gathered by the data collection unit (site sensor, encoder, and transformer, etc) are calculated and treated by PLC, and then are shown on the touchable screen on the driller's console (IPC can be used for real-time monitoring, storing, recording, and printing out): weight in suspension, weight on bit, well depth, mechanical drilling speed, rotational speed of rotary table, rotary table torque, pump stroke, pump pressure, mud pit fluid level, return flow, total pump strokes, traveling block position and other parameters. And the relevant parameters can be remotely displayed in the office of drilling foreman. 5. Layout of the rig site 1) The rig site layout principle * Conform to relative requirement


* Save field possession, convenient for operation, safety operation, helpful to the environment protection. 2) Reference standards API RP 500 "RECOMMENDED METHOD OF THE DEVISION OF PETROLEUM ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT" SY5225 "SAFETY REGULATIONS ON FIRE AND EXPLOSION OF THE PRODUCING, DEVELOPING AND TRANSPORTATION OF OIL" "PRINCIPLE AND TECHNIQUE REQUIREMENT OF THE SY/T5958 LAYOUT OF THE WELL SITE" "WELL SITE ELECTRIC INSTALLLATION TECHNIQUE SY/T5957 REQUIREMENT" Note: This section (Section 1) is a brief description of the rig, for the details of it, please refers to Section 2 (The detailed rig parts supply range and description).










Part 1: Main Parts of Rig 1 Crown block TC315 EEC/CHINA set 1

The crown block applies to API Spec. 8A/4F and stamped with API monogram. The crown block are provided with a 610mm sand line sheaves, four 400mm auxiliary sheaves, and a gin-pole with 5t load rating. The crown frame has connecting beam, lug plates and installation ring for installing top drive. The crown frame is also equipped with rubber-made buffer beam, protecting mesh and protecting chain. Max. Hook load (6×7 lines): 3,150kN Number of main sheaves: 7 Diameter of main sheaves: 1270mm Diameter of wire line: 35mm Structure type: The wire line is strung up in parallel.







The mast applies to API Spec 4F and stamped with API monogram. The mast is of front opening type and divided into four sections, which are connected by single and double lug plates, and the back parts are connected by slanting braces and cross beams. The deadline anchor is installed inside the right section of the mast. The outriggers of the mast are on the rig floor, and the mast is raised and lowered integrally by the power of drawworks with the help of A-frame. After the mast is erected, the front & back alignment to the well head is realized by extending the tension screw on top of the A-frame, and the right & left alignment to the well head is done by adjusting the gaskets at the supporting base. The mast is equipped with two straight ladders with protecting cage; the left one is to the crown block, and the right one is to the racking board. Max. Hook load: 3,150kN (6×7 lines) Type: "II" shape Total height: 45m Working height: 45m (from drill floor to the bottom of crown block beam) Top span (front × side): 2.1m×2.05m Base span (front× side): 8m×2.65m Height of A-frame (from the drill floor): 7.65m Theoretical weight: 69,000kg

2.1 Mast accessories EEC set 1


The mast is equipped with single racking board. The board has wind shield in three sides; the left side is set with safety escape door (with safety chain on it); the entrance is set with a safety door opened from inside; the wind shield is removable. Each finger beam on the racking board has protection chain and the dive board has safety chain at two sides. The handrails inside has toe board. Installation height of racking board: 24.5m, 25.5m, 26.5m; Wind load capacity: a) Full setback & no hook load: 47.8m/s b) No setback & no hook load: 36m/s c) Raising & lowering the mast: 8.3m/s Setback capacity (114drill pipe, 28m setback): 5,000m (180 stand), 10"DC 4 stand, 8"DC 6 stand The mast is equipped with raising assembly two (2) cantilever boom, two (2) standpipe operation platforms, tong counterweights, sheaves, deadline anchor, fast line stabilizer, and packing rack for mast, etc. The A-frame is equipped with two (2) sets of hydraulic cylinders working as bumpers during the raising and lowering process of the mast.

2.2 Mast accessories CHINA set 1

One (1) set of escape device of racking board (cw a whole set of escape line and safety devices). Fall down protector and corresponding hang off pad eye, 16t mechanical jack, 50t hydraulic jack. Two (2) sets of climb assistors inside the protecting cages. JZG34A deadline anchor conforms to API Spec 8A. It is installed at the bottom of right section one of the mast; it has pull sensor and uses jumping bar to prevent the wire line from tripping out. Specification: applicable to 1-1/2wire line; Max. Load 340kN.

3 Substructure DZ315/9-S EEC/CHINA ton 170


The substructure is in compliance with API Spec 4F and labeled with API monogram. The substructure is slingshot type (parallelogram) with 2.75m in ground level height. The handrails on rig floor adopt inserting type and are made of square steel tube. One (1) 1.5m to 1.8m protection column is set at two sides of V-door ramp respectively, and three safety chains are equipped separately. The toe board with 150mm in height is set on the edge of the rig floor. The rig floor is equipped with two (2) bases for 5t air winches. Two supporting frames for dog houses are mounted; one is at left side and the other right side. The bottom layer of the substructure is set with connecting holes for removing the guy line of blowout preventer. The substructure is equipped with two (2) sets of buffering hydro-cylinders which are used for raising and lowering the substructure. Two snubbing posts of manual tongs (B tongs) and one snubbing post for hydraulic tong are on the rig floor. Height of drill floor: 9m Clear height of rotary table beam: 7.617m Area of the drill floor: 12m×10.31m Max. Rated static load of rotary table beam: 3,150kN Rated load of setback: 1,600kN Setback capacity (114drill pipe, 28m setback): 5,000m (180 stand), 10"DC 4 stand, 8"DC 6 stand


Sub. accessories




The rig floor is equipped with three slanting ladders; two of the ladders are straight slanting ladders; one of them is 90°slanting ladder which leads to the mud tanks directly. The footplates of the ladder are made of saw-tooth flat steel and with rim around. The ladders uses slant support to strengthen. The handrails of the ladders are of inserting type and made of square steel tube. The drill floor is equipped with corrugated type ramp (the drill pipe rest board can be turned) and emergency escape slide. Under the rotary beam a mud saver bucket and diversion trench are installed. A mud umbrella is installed under the rig floor. The raising assembly include: two (2) pieces of 76mm×46000mm raising lines BOP handling system is set below the rig floor. BOP guide rail are set under the rig floor, and the guide rail is marked with safety working load. There are two dog houses with 10000×2800×2800mm in dimension set at the both left and right side of rig floor. The dog house adopts steel structure welding frame and skid-mounted base. An air receiver and its walking platform are set at the back of substructure.

3.2 Dog houses EEC/CHINA/CHINA set 2

The rig floor is equipped with a 9,000×2,200×2,800mm dog house on the right side and a 7,600×2,200×2,800mm on the left side.

4 Traveling block YC315 EEC/CHINA set 1

YC315 traveling block applies to API Spec 8A and labeled with API monogram. Max. Hook load: 3,150kN Number of sheaves: 6 Diameter of main sheaves: 1,270mm Applicable diameter of wire line: 35mm








DG315 hook applies to API Spec 8A and labeled with API monogram. Max. Hook load: 3,150kN Diameter of major hook: 220mm Spring travel: 200mm

6 Swivel SL450 EEC set 1

SL450-5 swivel conforms to API Spec 8A, and labeled with API monogram. The main supporting part are welded and forged with high-strength alloy steel. It adopts float type washing pipe and quick-discharge packing device. Equipped with the two direction swing up motor and used in single joint connection. Max. static load: 4,500KN Max. rotary speed: 300r/min Max. working pressure: 35MPa Internal diameter of swivel stem: 75mm Angle from the centre line of the gooseneck to the vertical line: 15°

7 Rotary table ZP375 EEC set 1

Rotary table adopts two pieces of screw spiral bevel gear transmission; the base is casting and welding structure. Labyrinth sealing is used between rotary table and substructure. Rotary table is equipped with two sets of brake assembly which can lock the rotary table in forward and backward direction. Rotary table is fixed by V-type settled block and adopts tension screw as the borehole centralizing. Independent drive device of the rotary table (including chain box, inertia brake, and two universal shaft) connects motor and rotary table. Max. Input power is 800kW. Max. Rated static load: 5850KN ID of the open-end hole: 952.5mm Max. Working torque: 32000N.m Max. rotary speed: 300r/min

7.1 8

Electric motor Independent RT drive

600KW ZJ50DB


set set

1 1

Independent rotary table drive is composed of AC variable frequency adjustable speed motor, input shaft, sprocket device, chain box and air duct. This device is driven by a 600kW AC variable frequency motor. The rotary table can do stepless speed regulation within 0~124rpm according to requirements of drilling technology. The table drive is equipped with LT500/125 air tube clutch as the inertia brake of rotary table. Rated power: 600kW Max. Input rotary speed: 1,180 r/min Rated speed of motor: 661 r/min Rated torque of motor: 8678N.m Rated torque of rotary table: 32000N.m Weight: 4,210 kg

9 Drawworks JC50DB EEC/CHINA set 1


JC50DB drawworks is designed to be an integral, a signal shaft gear drive. The two-reduction gears reducer casing is driven by two 720kW AC variable frequency motors with high speed, wide frequency and big torque. The main brake is hydraulic disc brake; the auxiliary brake is motor generating into braking resistor. The drawworks is equipped with auto driller and crown-omatic system. Input power rating: 1,440kW Max. Pull of fastline: 340kN Transmission of drawworks: 1F+1R AC variable frequency motor drive, stepless speed regulation Dimension of main Drum (Dia. ×length): 685×1,245mm Proper applicable diameter of wire line: 35mm Main brake: hydraulic disc brake Main brake wheel disc dimension (Dia. ×width): 1500×76mm Auxiliary brake: power is generated into braking resistor

9.1 9.2 Electric motor Auto-driller 720kW CHINA EEC/CHINA set set 2 1

The drawworks is set with an auto-driller driven by a set of 45kW AC variable frequency motor, which is explosion-proof and with an encoder of auto-driller. The auto-driller should be realized by VFD and MCC system.

10 Main brake system PSZ75A Renqiu Boke/CHINA set 1

The hydraulic disc brake system can meet the requirements that the drawworks of 5000m drilling rig will realize working braking, emergency braking, parking braking and crown-o-matic valve protection braking functions. The device adopts four normal open working pliers and two normal closed safety pliers. It is equipped with two air-cooled braking discs which are installed at the two ends of drawworks drum. The braking blocks of the working pliers and that of the safety pliers can be exchanged. The hydraulic power unit has double oil sources, double return lines, and multiple protection functions to ensure the reliability of performance. Technical parameters: Nominal drilling depth: 5,000m Rated working pressure of disc brake system: 9MPa Qty of normal open plier: 4 Qty of normal closed plier: 2 Diameter of braking disc: 1,500mm Cooling type of braking disc: Air cooled Working plier: Model: PSZ75A Max. positive pressure of single side: 75kN Safety plier: Model: PSZ75A Max. positive pressure of single side: 90kN Hydraulic power unit: Rated flow of single pump: 15L/min Volume of oil tank: 80L Power of motor: 2.2kW Input voltage of motor: 380V Input frequency of motor: 50Hz Accumulator: 4×6.3L



Driller's Cab





The driller's console incorporates PLC, electric, air, hydraulic control & display, monitor, touchable screen, & telecommunication to realize overall monitor & control for the rig. The operating system adopts fieldbus Profibus-DP telecommunication to obtain parameters integration of electric control & drilling instrument. The driller's console is divided into two control boards, main & auxiliary. The main board is installed at both sides (L & R) of driller's rotary chair and can rotate, ascend & fall with the chair. At the left side of the chair, there is a hand lever of control for the drawworks, operating switch of dual-purpose swivel, and control switch of auto- driller. At the right side of the chair, there is an operating handle of disc brake for the drawworks, braking button, and emergency braking button. The auxiliary control board is at within driller's vision of 120° and includes four industrial video monitors (crown block, racking board, drawworks, solid control section), hydraulic weight indicator, standpipe pressure gauge, touchable operating screen, integral drilling instrument display screen, and electric driving system control board (equipped with given hand wheel of speed & torque, run & alarm indicator lights).On the top of auxiliary control board (R) reserves a position of top drive control board. The driller's console is made of stainless steel with water-proof and sealing functions. A charge positive pressure explosion-proof system (dry air pressure 50-100Pa) is provided. The cable enters into the driller's console from the bottom of driller's console. Perfect emergency control system is equipped to switch to Bypass system when PLC system is in malfunction. The driller's console is stainless steel structure and welded frame; heat insulation layers are equipped in the wall. The house's rigidity, strength and overall dimension are available for handling and transportation. The observation window is of totally-closed type double-layer rubber toughened steel glass with a wiper; the top of the window is equipped with a removable protecting screen. The room is complete with an explosion-proof air conditioner, 1 set of electrical heater, and 1 set of explosion-proof &shock-proof double-tube fluorescent light.

Part 2: Accessory Equipment 1 Hydraulic station TDYZ160/16-8D TENGDA/CHINA set 1

The Multifunctional Hydraulic Station can supply the hydraulic power for hydraulic tong, Cathead, Mast & Substructure cylinder, elevator and drill spooler etc. The Hydraulic Station equipped with double sets of hydraulic pump-motor group. It can working in parallel or in single. Rated working pressure: 16 MPa Max. output working pressure: 21 MPa Rated Motor Oil Power


flow of

single power: electric




120L/min 37kw, Heater:


+ 2


L/min 11kw 650L kw×2

set 1

Working medium: antiabrade hydraulic oil (winter L-HM32, summer L-HM46)

Hydraulic tong


Applicable stem: 3-1/2"connected hoop-8 "main part Max. torque 125KN·M High shift rotary speed of the tong head:40r/m Low shift rotary speed of the tong head: 2.7r/m Rated pressure of the hydraulic system: 16MPa Rated flow: 114 L/m Removal of the cylinder:1.5m

3 Hydraulic casing tong TQ340-35 RUSHI/CHINA set 1

Applicable Max. torque Max. torque High shift rotary Low shift rotary Rated pressure Rated flow: 114 L/m

4 Hydraulic cathead

stem: in in speed speed of


of of the

high low the tong the tong hydraulic

5-1/2"-13-3/8" shift: 2.5-3KN·M shift: 35KN·M head: 60-86 r/m head: 2.6-5.3 r/m system: 16MPa

set 2


Hydraulic catheads are matched with lifting tong, and are used in make-up & brake-out of the drill pipe and drill collar. Rated working pressure: 16Mpa Working flow: 120L/min Pulling force: 16T Pulling force travel: 1.2m Diameter of the wire line: 24mm Speed of the pulling force: 12m/min

5 Hydraulic wire line spooler TDS-10/5 TENGDA/CHINA set 1

Rated pressure: 16Mpa Rated flow: 40L/min Working medium: anti wear hydraulic oil ( L-HM32 in winter;L-HM46 in summer) Input torque of the wheel: 8000N·M Output rotary speed of the wheel: 0-5r/min Max. load of the wheel: 10ton

6 Drill floor elevator CHINA set 1

A hydraulic tool elevator is installed at the left side of rig floor (just for lifting tools); Max. Hoisting height: 9m, Max.Hoisting weight: 1500Kg; Rated working pressure: 16MPa.

7 BOP handling system ZX-Y50 LANSHISUO/CHINA set 1


Rated hoisting Rated hoisting Rated hoisting speed: Rated lowering Rated transverse Rated working pressure Rated working flow Dia of Specification of wireline: 6×37S+FC

8 Casing stabbing board YFT400-4.3

2×250=500KN height: 3.2m (with rated load)0.8m/min speed: 1.6m/min traveling speed: 12m/min of hydraulic system: 16MPa of hydraulic system: 120L/min wireline: 28mm





The hydraulic casing stabbing board adopts hydraulic power to lift. The worker can be carried to a proper height from the rig floor to set and centralize casings. It is equipped with a protector for wireline and telescoping protecting handrails, etc. Working Max. Hoisting pressure:16Mpa match to Flow: height: 200

XJFH-5/35 (L) CHINA set



station 36L/min 4.3m


Load: Hoisting speed: 14m/min

9 Drill floor air winch

Adopting pneumatic motor as power, Pneumatic winch model XJFH series can tow and lift heavy goods through speed-reducing gearbox to drive the roller. It is used on the drill floor to lift some heavy things. Max. lifting weight: 50kN Max. line speed: 35m/min Rated power: 16kW Rated inlet air pressure: 0.8MPa Wireline capacity: 100m Wireline dia.: 3/4"

10 Derrick board air winch JQH-5X48 CHINA set 2

The Pneumatic Winch is a kind of single roller and manual operation winch, which takes piston pneumatic engine as impetus. It is mainly used to help the derrick man arranging the pipes on the derrick board. Rated air pressure: 0.8MPa Rated pull force: 5kN Rated speed : 48m/min Applicable wireline dia.: 8mm

11 12 Slick line Fire-fighting water tank CJ6000F 80m



set set

1 2


Adopt two tanks, the smaller one is in the bigger one. Therefore, the occupying area and the vehicle for transportation are reduced. The tanks have two sets of pipeline pumps; one is used for operation and the other one is a standby. A set of water pump of big dischargement and big flux is used for fire fighting, and a whole set of fire-fighting devices are supplied. All the circuit adopts explosion-proof design which is suitable for drilling requirement. Overall dimension: 9150*3000*2728 small tank is put inside the big one Volume80m3 (The maximum)

13 50M3 Fuel tank EEC set 2

Two (2) fuel tanks. One is used as a reserve tank, other one is equipped with two oil pumps and liquid level-indicator and the relevant pipes. The tank bodies all adopt weld-on column barrel type and have their own skids respectively, so as to meet the requirement of transportation.

14 Warehouse EEC set 1

Length×Width×Heightmm:10000×3100×2400split type door; Two shelves inside the house: 2m in height, with 4 layers, between which the gap is 500mm.

15 16 17 mouse and rat hole Pipe rack Pipeline Troughs EEC EEC EEC pcs pcs set 2 6 1

Including oil, air and water pipelines. Modularized design. High intensity, convenient for transportation and installation, reliable use. Pipelines on the rig floor adopt fold type and are lifted up with rig floor simultaneously.

18 19 Catwalk Drill line 35mm EEC/CHINA CHINA pcs mete r 1 1200

Specifications: 35mm Structure: 6*19S-IWRC Rank: EIP Unit weight: 5.3Kg/m Standard: API 9A

20 Master bushing 952mm (37-1/2") CHINA pcs 1

One (1) 952mm (37-1/2) SMB Split Pin Drive Master Bushing body assembly, complete with integral API #3 bowl.

21 22 Elevator Link Elevator Link 180"/500ton CHINA CHINA set set 1 1

One set Elevator Links for drilling, rated capacity of 350 ton, length of 3048mm (2-1/4" x 120"). One set Elevator Links for casing, rated capacity of 500 ton, length of 4572mm (180").

Part 3: Power System 1 Engine generator set CAT3512BDITA CATERPILLAR/USA set 3


The oilfield used land rig engine generator set, with the capacity of 1500KVA. Power factor is 0.7, output voltage is 600VAC, and frequency is 50Hz, 3 phases. The engine rated power is 1462 BHP(1090BKW), 1500rpm. Equipped with after cooler core, corrosion resistant, regular duty air cleaner. the governor is WOODWARD EG6PC actuator. With magnetic pickup speed sensor. Adopt hydra-mechanical air inlet shutoff system. (low oil pressure, high water temperature and overspeed) and low oil pressure, high water temperature alarm. air starting motor start, with the air source pressure of 90-150psi. SR4 generator, frame 807, brushless SR4 generator, oversized for electrical drive land rig service. rated output 600VAC, power factor is 0.7, 1900KVA, 50Hz, 3 phase, wye connected. form wound, VIP, class H insulation, 80 degree C temperature rise, two bearing. also with 1200watt space heater.

2 Stand by engine generator CAT3406DITA CATERPILLAR set 1

Engine generator set, with the capacity of 365KVA. Power factor is 0.8, output voltage is 380VAC, and frequency is 50Hz, 3 phases. The engine is started by the electrical motor with battery. Equipped with low oil pressure, high coolant temperature and over speed alarm and shutoff system.

3 Air compressor WS3710AC SULL SULLAIR set 2

Rated capacity: 5.8m3/min Full load pressure: 10 Bar Max.discharge pressure: 10.5 Bar Operating pressure set: 3.5-10.5 Bar Cooling type: AC Capacity modulation range: 40%-100% Motor: 50HP 380V/3ph/50Hz Oil content: 1PPM Overall dimension: 1574*875*1562mm Weight: 1020kg

4 Air dryer RD-6SA CHINA set 1

Standard Compressor Working


air Processing

cooled capacity power Mpa

refrigeration 0.7


dryer. 6.5m3/min 2HP 0.4-1.0)

set 3


Power Supply 220V 50Hz

Generator set house


The overall dimension of a single generator house is 10×3×3.1m (The base of the house is 10×2.7 m in area.) .The house adopts steel structure welding frame and the skid has anti-corrosion treatment. A drain trench is set on the top of the house. At the end of fan of diesel engine, split type door is set; The generator houses form a complete part in the well site. Between the generator houses and electrical control house, there are cover plates to prevent rain and sun. The rigidity and strength of the houses are suitable for lifting and transportation. Cable trays are arranged in the top part inside generator house. All the cables are laid in the troughs and lead to the electrical control house through bridge rack of cable. All the fuel lines, engine oil lines, air lines of the diesel engine and interfaces are arranged in the skid of it. The lighting system adopts two sets of explosion-proof & shockproof fluorescent lights, and alarming system is set inside the house.

6 Air source house EEC set 1

The auxiliary generator set and air source purification plant are set in the air source house together. The house adopts steel structure welding frame and the skid has anti-corrosion treatment. It also has shock-proof and heat preservation properties. The roof of the house has water drain trench. The two ends of outside wall of house are equipped with pushing & pulling door. The house is equipped with explosion-proof & shock-absorbing fluorescent light; The inlets and outlets for the cable to SCR/MCC house are reserved. The rigidity and strength of the houses are suitable for lifting and transportation. The overall dimension of the house is 10000×3000×3100mm (the same with that of the generator set house).

7 VFD system 50DB EEC/CHINA set 1

Electric drive system is designed with two control houses (13mX2.9mX3m). It is composed of 3 sets of generator sets control, of which the control components adopt ROSS HILL or 6RA70 controller, 7 sets of VFD device, adopting SIEMENS MASTERDRIVS 6SE71frequncy converter, SIEMENS brake unit and brake resistance, SIEMENS S7-300 PLC, SIEMENS PROFIBUS-DP industrial site Fieldbus, MCC, master transformer and air conditioner system, etc. It also provides power supply inlet of top drive. The motors with capacity above 30kW (including 30kW) of MCC control center are concentrated control and operated in two places.

8 9 Standard circuit in well site Lighting system EEC/CHINA/CHINA CHINA set set 1 1

Include fixed lighting system, emergency lighting system, portable flood lights, and navigation signals, etc.

Part 4: Circulation System 1 Mud pump 3NB1600 EEC set 3


3NB1600 mud pump is integral skid-mounted unit. Mud pump and transmission unit are parked on one skid base; DC motor and small belt pulley device are parked on one adjustable skid base, and the tightness of narrow V-belt can be adjusted by lead screw. One mud pump device is one transport module. Each mud pump is driven by two 750V 800kw DC motor and transmitted by narrow V-belt pulley devices. Rated RPM of mud pump is 120s/min. Each mud pump is equipped with one set of 2.2kw electric driven sprinkle pump which is installed on skid base; Complete seal type belt guard is equipped. Safety guard is equipped on adjustable lead screw. Mud collecting tray and valves are used on fluid end, discharge oil outlet is equipped with valves; One set of extra hex tool of manual disc; Each of filter is on mud pumps; Complete tools. Equipped with charging pump, one for each pump. Model: 3NB1600 Rated input power: 1176kW Max.dimension of the cylinder liner: 180mm Max. pressure: 34.4MPa Stroke RMP: 120s/min Gear ratio: 3.81 Rated input rotary speed: 458r/min Stroke: 305mm Max. pressure: 34.4MPa Max. diameter of liner: 190mm 170mm Rated power & nos Rated match stroke RMP: 120s/min liner with of the ex-work motor: product 800KWx2

1.1 2

Electric motor High pressure line

1200kW ZJGH-35(S)


set set

3 1


High pressure manifold meet the requirement of reasonable layout, reducing 90°elbow; pressure gauge should be anti-knocked metric and British unit. Rig floor valve assembly consists of five 5in×35MPa gate valve, two 2in×35Mpa gate valves, six sets of 2in weco1502 union interface. Equipped with two anti-shock pressure gauges. Dual stand pipes are from gooseneck to rig floor, one is 21.5m, another is 17.5m, equipped with 4×5000PSI L=23m & L=19m hoses. Union welding structure is installed on the connection between hose and swivel. Mud return line adopts 2in×15MPa mid-pressure hose, one end connected with tee 4in mud valve on the outlet of mud pump, one end connected with mud suction tank. Dual stand pipe tee is installed between ground horizontal pipeline and stand pipe. Equipped with blow-down valve and external 21502 union. Six ground valve assembly of the mud valve are installed on the junction of three mud pumps. High pressure drilling hoses are adopted on the pipe connection of ground valve assembly and substructure. Model of high pressure manifold: dual stand pipe, dual surface pipeline manifold structure Max. working pressure: 35MPa Nominal diameter: 103mm Working temperature: Connection valve drive way: manual

Part 5: Solid Control System 1 Mud tank 50DB EEC set 6

-29 way:

121 union

Basic Total Qty

parameter volume: of mud 360m3 tank: 6

Applicable temperature: --15 60 Size of the mud tank (L*W*H) : 12000mm×3120mm×3570mm (including pegs at two sides and handrail on the top, except equipment on top of the tank ) Size of the main body of the mud tank (L*W*H) : 12000mm×3200mm×3100mm (Panel boxes outside the tank are not included) Space between tanks: 1000mm

1.1 Shale shaker tank 50DB EEC set 1


Shale shaker tank contains 3 mud chambers: Mud supply chamber, sand settling chamber and degassing chamber. The right end of shale shaker tank is mud supply chamber. A set of 7.5kW agitator is arranged at the upside of this mud chamber, and a set of SB100 charging sand pump is arranged on the base of the right end of the tank. The mud in the supply chamber comes from low-pressure mud gun pipeline or mud distributor. In the process of coming out of hole, use SB100 charging sand pump to supply mud. The middle part of shale shaker tank is sand settling chamber which is conical mud chamber. The relief line of well head passes through the lower part of this chamber. Three sets of shale shakers are installed on the upper part of sand settling chamber. The left end of shale shaker tank is degassing chamber, on the upper part of which a vacuum degasser and a set of 15kW agitator are installed. The mud of this chamber comes from the overflow mud of sand settling chamber. The vacuum degasser is used only when drilling in oil gas mixture layer. Since this mud bin is used as the mud supply chamber of desander, the suction line of the mud supply sand pump of the desanding part of mud cleaner is installed in this chamber. The supply chamber and degassing chamber are respectively equipped with a set of low-pressure mud gun and a set of clean water joints; clean out gate is installed at the rear part of each chamber.

1.2 Intermediate tank 50DB EEC set 2

There are two intermediate tanks. 1# intermediate tank contains 2 mud chambers: desanding chamber and desilting chamber. The right end of 1# intermediate tank is desanding chamber. A mud cleaner, a set of 15kW mud agitator are arranged on the surface of the tank, and 2 sand pumps are arranged on the basement at the right end. The left end of 1# tank is desilter chamber. The grouting pump of mid-speed centrifuge and a set of 15kW mud agitator are arranged on the surface of the tank. A set of lowpressure mud guns and a set of clean water joints are arranged in each mud bin. A clean out gate is installed at the rear part of each mud chamber. 2# intermediate tank covers 2 mud chambers: intermediate-speed centrifugal chamber and highspeed centrifugal chamber. The right end of 2# tank is intermediate-speed centrifugal chamber, at the upper part of which a set of intermediate-speed centrifuge, a set of 15kW agitator and the grouting pump for a set of high-speed centrifuge are installed. The left end of 2# tank is highspeed centrifugation bin, at the upper part of which a set of high-speed centrifuge and a set of 15kW agitator are installed. A set of low-pressure mud gun and a set of clean water joint are arranged in each mud bin; a clean out gate is installed at the rear part of each mud chamber.

1.2 Reserve tank 50DB EEC set 2

There are two reserve tanks. 1# reserve tank contains 2 mud chambers: Mud storage chamber and chemical chamber. The right end of 1# tank is mud storage chamber, and 2 sets of 15kW agitators are arranged on the surface of the tank. The left end of 1# tank is chemical chamber, and a set of 7.5 kW agitator and a set of cyclone are arranged on the surface of the tank. A set of sand pump and a set of shearing pump are arranged on the base at the left end. A set of low-pressure mud gun and a set of clean water joints are arranged in each mud chamber, a clean out gate is installed at the rear part of each chamber. 2# reserve tank is divided into 2 mud chambers: Mud storage chamber and mud weighting


chamber. The right end of 2# tank is mud storage bin, and 2 sets of 15kW agitators are arranged on the surface of the tank. The left end of 5# tank is mud weighting bin, and a set of 7.5 kW agitators and a set of weighting cyclone are arranged on the surface of the tank. 2 sets of sand pumps are arranged on the base at the left end. A set of low-pressure mud gun and a set of clean water joints are arranged in each mud chamber, a clean out gate is installed at the rear part of each chamber.


Mud suction tank





Mud suction tank contains two mud storage chambers. The left end of mud suction tank is 1# mud storage chamber. 2 sets of 15kW agitators are arranged at the upper part of the surface of the tank, and the suction lines of 2 sets of mud pumps are arranged at the front part. The right end of mud suction tank is 2# mud storage chamber. 1 set of 15kW agitator are arranged at the upper part of the surface of the tank, and the suction line of a mud pump is arranged at the front part. A set of low-pressure mud gun and a set of clean water joints are arranged in each mud chamber; a clean out gate is installed at the rear part of each mud chamber.

2 Shale shaker CQ-2 Xian Changqing/CHINA set 3

Main technical parameters: Model: CQ-2 Throwing index G: 5.2g Double-amplitude A: 8.5mm Vibration track: linear track Spec.of screen: 40-210 cloth

3 high speed centrifuge LW400-842N Feida/CHINA set 1

disposal capacity: 40m3/h, power: 18.5KW

3 Low speed centrifuge LW450-842N Feida/CHINA set 1

Main technical parameters: Disposal capacity: 40m3/h Minimum separation point: 4-7mm Rotary speed: 1600-2000 rpm Separation factor: 670-1300 Power of main motor: 18kW

4 Vacuum degasser ZCQ-4A Feida/CHINA set 1


The degasser is equipped with degassing tank, vacuum pump, and discharge pipe. Disposal capacity: 4m3/min Power of main motor 15kW Rotary speed: 876r/min Vacuum degree: 400-530mmHg Explosion-proof rank of motor: DBT4 Transmission ratio: 1.67 Power of vacuum pump: 3kW

6 Desander & desilter CQ-2 (L) Xian Changqing/CHINA set 1

1) Shale shaker: Model: CQ-2 Throwing index G: 5.2g Double-amplitude A: 8.5mm Vibration track: linear track Spec.of screen: 40-210 cloth 2) Desander: ModelZQJ250×2 Diameter of cyclone: 250mm Working pressure: 0.25-0.35MPa Disposal capacity: 200m3/h Separation partile: 74m Qty of cyclone: 2 3) Desilter: Model: ZQJ100×10 Diameter of cyclone: 100mm Working pressure: 0.25-0.35MPa Disposal capacity: 200m3/h Separation particle: 40m Qty of cyclone: 10

5 Poor boy separator YQF8000 CHINA set 1

Main technical parameters: ID of the tank: 1,200mm Dia of fluid inlet: OD×ID 140mm×120mm(5-1/2") Dia of fluid outlet: OD×ID245mm×225mm(8") Dia of air exhaust: OD×ID245mm×225mm(6") Working medium: Drilling fluid (with H2S100ppm) Max.working pressure: 1.5MPa Design temperature: 100 Max. disposal capacity of drilling fluid per day: 8,000m³/d Net weight: 5,800kg (except manifold Overall dimension: 2,435mm×2,435mm×8,130mm(except manifold

Part 6: Well Control System



13-5/8" Annular BOP





Bore: 13-5/8" Working Pressure: 5000psi (35Mpa) Top Connection Type: 13 5/8"-5000PSI 6BX BX160 Studded Bottom Connection Type: 13 5/8"-5000PSI 6BX BX159 Flanged Anti-H2S: Yes

2 13-5/8" Double ram BOP 2FZ35-35 CHINA set 1

Bore: 13-5/8" Working Pressure: 5000psi (70Mpa) Top Connection Type: 13 5/8"-5000PSI 6BX BX159 Studded Bottom Connection Type13 5/8"-5000PSI 6BX BX159 Flanged Anti-H2S: Yes

3 13-5/8" Single ram BOP FZ35-35 CHINA set 1

Bore: 13-5/8" Working Pressure: 5000psi (70Mpa) Top Connection Type: 13 5/8"-5000PSI 6BX BX159 Studded Bottom Connection Type: 13 5/8"-5000PSI 6BX BX159 Flanged Anti-H2S: Yes

4 5 6 Drilling spool Top flange BOP control unit FS35-35 FH35-35 FKQ800-7B CHINA HRSB/CHINA Beishi/CHINA set set set 1 1 1


1) Remote Control Console Qty of control object: 7(annular, semi-closed, total-closed, semi-closed, open, open, standby) System working pressure: 21MPa Control pressure: 10.5MPa Time for charging pressure: 15min Accumulator unit: 40L11gal)×20=800L(176gal)Arranged at two sides each accumulator has a ball valve at the bottom; the load can be discharged separately. Electrical pump unit: 18.5kW 380V/50Hz,flow40L/min. Air pump unit: two air pumps, which can work separately or together. control of Annular loop line: annular loop line control ,with remote (driller's console) pneumatic regulation of pressure (diaphragm valve), pressure regulation range0-14MPa. Volume of oil tank: applicable volume 1600L 420gal)with four 4" observation holes and with double drain holes. 2) Driller's control console: for controlling seven (7) control objects (annular, semi-closed, totalclosed ,semi-closed, open, open, standby)of the remote control console, with annular remote regulation of pressure. 3 Auxiliary control console: having the same function with driller's control console, can be operated in duty house to control BOP, without annular remote regulation of pressure. 4) Alarms: Sound and light alarms, include: a.Low pressure of accumulator b.Low pressure of air source c.Low liquid level d.Display the running of electrical pump Standby nitrogen: consist of six (6)40L nitrogen bottleswith system pressure 15MPa.

7 Choke manifold JGKY103/65-35 CHINA set 1


JGKY103/65-35 lifting hydraulic choke manifold mainly consists of six (6) 2-9/16"-5,000psi plate gate valves, six (6) 4-1/16"-5,000psi plate gate valves, one (1) 4-1/16"-5,000psi hydraulic plate gate valve, one (1) 2-9/16"-5,000psi hydraulic choke valve, one (1) 2-9/16"-5,000psi manual choke valve, one (1) 4-1/16"×2-9/16"×2-1/16"-5,000psi, three (3) 4-1/16"-5000psi cross joints, one (1) 2-1/16"-5,000psi plate gate valve, one (1) 5,000psi pressure gauge, one (1) 2-1/16"-5,000psi gauge valve, one (1)5,000psi gauge stop valve, one (1) 4-1/16"-5,000psi welding flange, two (2) 2-9/16"-5,000psiblinding flanges, two (2) 4-1/16"-5,000psi buffers, two (2) 4-1/16"-5,000psi welding neck flanges, hydraulic choke valve console and one (1) 4-1/16"-5,000psi inner control line (4.5m long), etc. Technical parameters: Rated working pressure: 5,000psi Nominal bore: main bore: 4-1/16" side bore: 2-9/16" Rated temperature class: P.U Material class: E.E Product specification class: PSL3 Performance requirements class: PR1 Executive standards: API16C

8 Kill manifold YGK103/65-35 CHINA set 1

YGK103/65-35 lifting single wing kill manifold mainly consists of one (1) 2-9/16"-5,000psi plate gate valve, two (2) 4-1/16"-5,000psi plate gate valves, one (1) 4-1/16"-5,000psi hydraulic plate gate valve, one (1) 4-1/16"×2-9/16"×2-1/16"-5000psi five-way, one (1) 2-9/16"-5,000psi check valve, one (1) 2"-1502 union, one (1) 5,000psi pressure gauge, one (1) 2-1/16"-5,000psi gauge flange (Rc1 1/2"), one (1) 2-1/16"-5,000psi plate gate valve (R1 1/2"), one (1) 5,000psi gauge stop valve (R1 1/2"), one (1) 4-1/16"-5,000psi welding flange, one (1) 2-9/16"-5,000psi blinding flange, and one (1)4-1/16"-5,000psi inner control line (4.5m long), etc. Technical parameters: Rated working pressure: 5,000psi Nominal bore: main bore: 4-1/16" side bore: 2-9/16" Rated temperature class: P.U Material class: E.E Product specification class: PSL3 Performance requirements class: PR1 Executive standards: API16C

Part 7: instrumentation 1 1.1 Drill instrumentation Weight Indicator SK2Z11 WLA-Type E (75) CHINA China set set 1 1

To indicate total hook load (inner-dial) and bit weight (outer-dial). Weight indicator system receives signal from hydraulic load cell mounted in a wire line anchor. System capacity - 0 75,000 lbs. single line load.

1.2 Mud Pressure Indicating System China set 1

1 Mud Pressure Indicating System to indicate mud pump pressure.



Tong Torque Indicating System




One (1) Tong Torque Indicating System to indicate amount of line pull being applied to the drill pipe or drill collars.

1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 Electric Rotary Torque Meter RPM Meter SPM Meter Pressure Gauge Drilling Recorder SK2Z11 China China China China Shanghai Shenkai/China set piece piece piece piece 1 1 3 3 1

One (1) Electric Rotary Torque Meter to indicate amount of torque being applied to drill string. One (1) RPM Meter to indicate rotary table revolution per minute. Three (3) SPM Meters to indicate mud pump strokes per minute. Three (3) Pressure Gauges, 0 - 5,000 psi capacity. One (1) complete set of Drilling Recorder to record but not limit to the following parameters in English Units: Weight unitPenetration unit RPM unitPump pressure unit 5,000 psiSPM unitElectric rotary torque.

1.9 Mud Watch System China set 1

One (1) Mud Watch Mud Monitoring System provides accurate information on critical drilling fluid parameters during drilling, tripping and other mud sensitive rig activities. Utilizing large scale, easily readable liquid crystal displays, Mud Watch supplies rig personnel with important circulation system values and relative alarm point settings in a rugged, stainless steel compact display unit designed for use on the rig floor. Signals are processed by the Mud Watch data acquisition unit, and then transmitted through network to the display. Information can be interfaced to VIP for remote display archiving and printing. Mud Watch supplies user-definable channel and ability to activate audible alarms and drive chart recorders.

1.1 0 2 Manual Tong Pull Indicator Rig camera China China piece set 1 1

The rig equipped with a set of explosion proof industrial camera, with 4 pictures LCD monitor and 4 industrial cameras.

Part 8: Project Completion 1 2 3 Final assembly Painting & Packing Inland transportation & goods loan set set set 1 1 1

SECTION 3 PAINTING AND PACKING 1. Painting 1.1 Specification & standard The rig painting should conform to the following specifications: 1) The CS-3006, CS-3007, CS-3011 painting specifications 2) Steel Structure Painting Council (SSPC)


3) National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)

NACE RP-01-76 Corrosion Control of Offshore Platform Steel-Made Equipments Relevant to Petroleum Production 4) American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1.2 Color of Products Crown block: red Traveling block: yellow and black Hook: yellow Swivel: yellow High pressure manifold: red Handrails: yellow Diesel engine set, Sullair air compressor and other imported equipments: original color All other equipments (cw purchased equipments): gray-and-white ( color number: CKSC-836 RAL-7047) 1.3 Painting Material and Thinner 1.3.1 The outside surface adopts ALESCO (Tianjin Zhongyuan Guanxi). Prime coat: SD ZINC 500 epoxy zinc rich primer Intermediate coat: EPOMARINE EX500 epoxy intermediate paint Top coat: RETAN 6000 polyurethane top paint Thinner: epoxy zinc rich thinner, epoxy thinner 20#, polyurethane thinner 1.3.2 Inside surface Prime coat: quick-drying iron oxide red acrylic epoxy primer Top coat: quick-drying acrylic modified polyurethane magnetic paint 1.3.3 Oil-resistant surface Prime coat: X06-1 etch primer; C06-1 alkyd primer Top paint: C54-31 alkyd oil-resistant paint Thinner: X-6 alkyd thinner 1.4 Surface Treatment before Painting Before painting, the surface should be treated with sand blast, shot blast, or power derusting to reach the technical requirements of painting. The painting should be done in four hours after the surface treatment. 1.5 Painting Coating

Technical parameters Technical requirements

Prime coat SD ZINC500

Intermediate coat EPOMARINE EX500 0475553/0475910 one track GRACO 163-519 523 or the equivalent

Top coat RETAN 6000

Serial number of product Track number of coating Nozzle of spray gun

0425203/0425204 One track GRACO 163-523 529 or the equivalent

0388***/0386220 two tracks GRACO 163-517 521 or the equivalent


Thinner & cleaning agent Thickness of wet coat (m) Thickness of dry coat ( m)

epoxy zinc rich thinner 140 80

epoxy thinner 20# 200 120

polyurethane thinner 100 80 (40×2)

2. Packing 2.1 General Requirements 2.1.1 The packing of products should adopt different packing types and protecting methods according to the features and storage & transportation conditions of the products. The packing should conform to the following requirements: scientific, economic, fixing, beautiful, and convenient to users. 2.1.2 First, the products should be inspected and the documents supplied with drilling rig should be complete. Then do well the relevant inner packing. And finally, carry through the packing. The export products should conform to the relevant export regulations first before packing. 2.1.3 The overall dimension and weight of the packing goods should conform to the regulations and rules about over limit and over load and issued by the relevant sea, land, and air transportation departments in China and foreign countries. 2.1.4 The packing materials should employ economic, fixing, and beautiful materials which have sufficient supply source. The packing materials used for export products should conform to export requirements. 2.1.5 The packing goods in the cases should be fixed stably and arranged in order. 2.2 Packing Requirements 2.2.1 The packing needs to be done well as the following: water-proof, damp-proof, anti-rust, shock-proof, and dust-proof. 2.2.2 The packing must make the arrangement of products reasonably as well as possible. The center of gravity and the handling position of the packing should be marked. 2.2.3 The packing material can use wood, paper plate, and wood veneer, etc. The export products can not use the material which needs asepsis immunity formality among countries. It is better to use steel material as packing material. All the used packing materials must conform to the quality standard and regulation of material. 2.2.4 The documents supplied with the products should be put into the file pockets and put into the packing case marked with "DOCUMENTS ARE HERE" after sealed. 2.2.5 The seal surface of flange on all the spare parts should be coated with anti-rust grease and covered with blind plate, of which the dimension must coincide with that of the flange. 2.2.6 All the couplings and connections must be coated with anti-rust grease first and then protected with plastic and rubber jackets, so as to prevent them from damage. 2.2.7 All the packing cases and packing racks must be painted with the same color. 2.4 Packing Marks Marks on packing case include the following items: a. Model, name, and quantity of product. b. Ex-Work number and number of case.


c. Dimension of case (length × width × height), unit adopts millimeter (mm). d. Gross weight and net weight, unit adopts Kg.

e. Date of packing: year, month. f. Station/ port of destination and consignee. g. Station/ port of loading and shipper. SECTION 4 AFTER SALE SERVICE AND OTHERS 1. Training and service 1.1 The operating maintenance instruction manual will be supplied to the buyer. 1.2 During factory installation and commission, the seller will organize the technique engineers to give the training to the people from the buyer. 1.3 When the rig arrive the well site, the seller will send the service engineers to the site to help the buyer to rig up. 1.4 Some special equipment which the seller buys from the other company, if any and need, the training will be fulfilled by the company engineer. 1.5 The first well service will be charge free, but the buyer should supply the seller convenient to help the seller finish the first well service. 1.6 Before the delivery and during pre-commissioning of the rigs, the seller shall provide 14 days training for the buyer's 8 personnel in the seller's factory 2. Quality guarantee 2.1 All the rig parts should first be confirmed to suitable for the rig (Those bought from other factory should have certificate) can be used. 2.2 The rig should be tested according to the schedule agreed by both sides. 2.3 After the testing of rig, the quality control department should prepare the testing report according to the testing schedule. 2.4 The guarantee duration should be within 18 months from the EXW, or with 12 months from using (Which comes earlier). 3. Document 3.1 Certificate (English, Chinese) 4ea 3.2 Copy of API and ISO9000certificate 4ea 3.3 Bill of the equipment 4copy 3.4 Drawing 6ea 3.5 Operation and maintenance manual 6ea 3.6 General drawing, foundation drawing 4ea 3.7 Spare parts and tools list 4ea 3.8 Test report of the main equipment and the whole rig 4ea 4. Others This agreement shall become effective upon the signature of both sides and be treated as the part of the relative contract. Both parties agree to keep all details and information with respect to this agreement secret and no party has the right to reveal the content of this agreement. This agreement is prepared in two copies and signed by both parties and both copies


have the same value.



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