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Drumbeat is pleased to bring you their Catalog of

Native American Music and Movies



Once again available on cassette! Side A is devoted to musical styles, region by region and includes Northwest Coast and Eskimo, Navajo, Pueblo, Plains and Eastern Woodlands. Side B shows the relationship between Indian music and their culture and includes songs for the very young, war songs, songs for the dead and others. (Companion book available - 94127053-BK.) FE 37777 Cassette $5.00 CD $20.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections) Gypsy and Corby, setting the stage for the saga's dramatic conclusion. Starring Sidney Poitier, Michael Moriarty, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Wirth, Regina Taylor, Joanna Going, and many more. 120 minutes. Rated R. VM 7048D DVD (Out of Print) (Hollywood Movies) logical excavations, purloined pots, and slain pot hunters, set against a backdrop of Navajo witches, spirits, and love. Starring Wes Studi, Adam Beach, Peter Fonda, and Graham Greene. 95 minutes. Not Rated. TTIM 601D DVD $27.95 (Hollywood Movies)


A collection of 18 traditional and original Christmas songs presented by various artists from the Manitoba area. Singers include Mia Kulba, Tash `n' Alex, Randy Hiebert, Cheryl Paille, Lionel Desjarlais, and the Westminster United Church Choir. Songs include So This Is Christmas, Santa Baby, Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree, Mary's Boy Child, and Hallelujah Chorus. SSCT 4447 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christmas)


Sixteen of your favorite Christmas songs performed Country style featuring Edmund Bull, Winston Wuttunee, Connie Mike, Brandy McKinnon, Ray Villebrun, Amber Andrews, Curtis Cardinal, and Andrea Menard. Songs include Beautiful Star of Bethlehem, White Christmas, Huron Carole, What Child Is This, and Jingle Bell Rock. TIM 10056 Cassette $2.49 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christmas)


Ancient Ballcourts have been well known in the Mesoamerican world for hundreds of years. Here games were played in stone courts and held deep religious meaning that often ended in the sacrificial death of the players. Since the 1930's over 200 earthen ballcourts have been identified in Arizona, some dating to over 1,000 years ago. Venture out with archaeologist Dr. David R Wilcox from the Museum of Northern Arizona to visit ballcourts and other archaeo-logical sites throughout the Southwest. Listen as he discusses his theories on the religious and economic meanings of these courts. You will visit the Arizona desert Hohokam sites of Casa Grande and Pueblo Grande; Colorado Plateau country including Wupatki National Monument; and the impressive Anasazi ruins of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. 30 minutes 4441 VHS (Out of Print.) (Videos/Documentary)


Richard Harris stars in this carefully documented epic that attempts to realistically portray the life of the American Sioux in the early 19th century. When an English lord is captured by a Sioux Indian tribe, he is given to the chief's aging mother as a servant. Gradually, he embraces the tribe's way of life and falls in love with the chief's sister. But before he can be accepted with honor as an equal member of the tribe, he must endure the Sun Vow a savage ritual far beyond the realm of anything dreamed of in the civilized world. Also starring Jean Gascon and Manu Tupou. 115 minutes. Rated R 37766D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


The glory of summer gives way to harvest, to solstice and to the preparation for the slumbering earth. "A Winter Celebration" gives us a gorgeous grouping of music in celebration of this time of year, featuring traditional and original instrumentals and vocals. Included is one selection each by R. Carlos Nakai with Peter Kater and Joanne Shenandoah with Peter Kater and twelve other selections by non Native New Age artists. SC 906 (Out of Print) (Gospel/Christmas)


- ACE'S WILD The debut album from ACE'S WILD brings you 10 of their favorite songs . Songs include Baby Don't Go, My Little Runaway, Needles And Pins and Here I Am, I'm Drunk Again. AW 101 CD $16.98 (Country) - LIVE 2003 - WHAT YOU HEAR IS WHAT YOU GET From Chinle, Arizona, ACE'S WILD is happy to present nine more popular country/rock songs. Songs include Brown Eyed Girl, She's A Lady, Cocaine and Knock Three Times. AW 102 CD $16.98 (Country) - WEEKEND MEMORIES - OH...SHI HEART! 10 more great songs presented by ACE'S WILD. Songs include Gloria, Born On The Bayou, China

A TATTOO ON MY HEART - The Warriors of Wounded Knee 1973

This documentary tells the dramatic and emotional story of those men and women who struggled for survival inside the bunkers and ravines at Wounded Knee. In their own words they talk about the reasons for their decisions, their pride in being a part of history, and how the red movement changed history. BF 2004D DVD $25.95 (Videos/Documentary)


Following the near massacre of his tribe, a young Cheyenne brave is brought by renowned bounty hunter Gypsy Smith to live with white settlers John Maxwell and his wife Nora. As the boy, renamed Corby, becomes a man, he captures the heart of Maxwell's beautiful daughter Rachel. But when John learns of their relationship, he sends Rachel off to school in St. Louis, while Corby rejoins his native people. Gypsy, meanwhile, becomes marshall of Freedom, the Oklahoma territory's first black settlement. But the new town ignites a firestorm of hatred among the local Ku Klux Klan, secretly led by the wealthy and influential Shelby Hornbeck. After marrying Rachel, Shelby embarks on a malicious path that pits him against both


Some secrets should stay buried. In this scorching new thriller based on Tony Hillerman's best-selling novel, Navajo tribal cop Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee delve into the netherworld of illegal archaeo-


Girl, Lookin' Out My Backdoor and Trouble. AW 103 CD $16.98 (Country) - CRUIZIN' The fourth release from ACE'S WILD brings you another ten great songs. Songs include Words Of Love, Go To Pieces, Crying, Hot Child In The City and Don't Be Cruel. JCM 0251 CD $16.98 (Country) - ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE REZ Ace's Wild's fifth release of 13 songs includes Susie Q, You're The One, Stand By Me, and Don't Go City Girl On Me. JCM 0481 CD $16.98 (Country) - LIVE 2007 18 more songs including Crazy Love Of Mine, Don't Be Cruel, Stop The World, Black Magic Woman, and Sweet Dream Woman. JCM 0721 CD $16.98 (Country)



- SPIRIT FLIES Leonard Adam is one of those special people who has been gifted with the power to reach our souls through his music. He was born in Uranium City and raised by his grandparents in Fond du Lac in the everlasting traditional ways of the Dene culture. 10 songs with lyrics printed. Songs include Young People, Who's To Blame, and Dreams He Had. TIM 10028 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Country)


SSCTE 427989 Cassette $2.49 (Gospel/Christmas) - BLOOD RED EARTH At last, a new release from Inuit singer/songwriter Susan Aglukark. It's been a while since we have been thrilled by Susan's beautiful, melodic voice. Enjoy these 13 new songs including As Only A Heart Would Dare, I Will Return, All Alone, and Citizens Of The World. Liner notes include the lyrics of her songs. AR 1256 CD $17.98 (Contemporary)


- HEARTBEAT OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON With a great love and respect for her Cree/Dene heritage, Carol embraces cultural diversity. She is currently National News Anchor, InVision News APTN. She is pleased to bring you 10 traditional Christmas songs performed in her own indigenous style. She hopes they will bring you joy, health and happiness during the festive holiday season and throughout the year. Songs include Little Drummer Boy, Jingle Bells, We Three Kings, and Good King Wenceslas. SSCT 4401 Cassette $2.49 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christmas)


- INTERTRIBAL PEYOTE SONGS VOL. 1 A Native American traditionalist and feathertrader, J.J. Ahboah resides in Anadarko, Oklahoma. He is a member of both the Kiowa and Cheyenne tribes. After years of traveling the pow wow and Native American Church circuits, both nationally and internationally, J.J. has achieved many accomplishments as a Champion Fancy Dancer, pow wow and N.A.C. singer. CRM 062308 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


ACROSS INDIAN LANDS is a superb collection of traditional and authentic music by Native Americans. This collection features singers and musicians from various nations who will take you on a journey to the heart of their lands. All of the artists appearing on this album are alive today, and have contributed their works specifically for this collection. They are proud that their people, their culture and their music have survived. It is hoped that this music will inspire a spiritual awakening within your soul. Artists include BRIAN AKIPA, EARL BULLHEAD, JAY BEGAYE, WIL NUMKENA, PAUL GUY and TEDDY ALLEN. SOAR 201 CD $18.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)


- LIVE AT GRAND RONDE Recorded live at the 4th Annual Agency Creek Round Dance, March 19-20, 2006. 13 tracks with Randy Paskemin, Dallas Waskahat, Damien Totus, Elgin Scabbyrobe, Jack Bull and more. DHOP 1700 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- TRUE LIES FROM THE ROAD From the Kiowa, Comanche and Cherokee tribes of Oklahoma, Glen Ahhaitty's songs spin tales inspired life on the Pow wow highway. Having traveled for decades with the most renowned Southern Plains-style drum groups, his Round Dance songs express the people, experiences and feelings that inhabit life on the long and winding road of the Pow wow singer. With shades of country blues and accompanied only by the beat of a hand drum, Glen shared the often lonesome ups and downs of life on the open road. 12 songs including I Should Have Been There, Wish Come True, Daddy's Coming Home, and When I'm Far Away. 6410 CD $15.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - NO MORE LIES Acclaimed singer and songmaker, Glen Ahhaitty, channels the twists and turns of life into songs of romance, reflection and redemption. Glen's round dance songs are fueled by his life experiences and carry messages sung with deep personal conviction. Though many of the songs deal with the troubles of life, Glen eloquently charts a path to redemption with the song My Path. Other songs include Ring of Fire, All She Wrote, It's Not Easy, and Missing You. 14 songs. 6463 CD $15.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- THIS CHILD "It's mind over matter, which way do I go; And do I trust myself enough to journey alone; And do I know which way to turn, if I turn at all" , Susan Aglukark. Liner notes includes words of thanks and words to the songs. SSCTE 32075 (Out of print.) (Pacific Northwest - Inuit/Eskimo) - ARCTIC ROSE Susan dedicates this album to her parents whose faith in God has always been a source of strength and inspiration in her life; to the Inuit, a people with the ability to enjoy life to its fullest regardless of circumstances and situation; and the youth to whom she sends her very best wishes; and to victims of abuse, whom are all beautiful, regardless of the past. Ten songs including: Arctic Rose, Song of the Lord, Still Running, Wanderin' Child and more. Liner notes with songs. SSCTE 28605 (Out of print.) (Pacific Northwest - Inuit/Eskimo) - DREAMS FOR YOU Songs include: Let's Help Him, Believe In Me, I Thank You Lord, He Loves Me, His Own, Anaanaga, Dreams For You, Old Stories. SSCTACT1 (Out of print.) (Pacific Northwest - Inuit/Eskimo) - CHRISTMAS Ten traditional Christmas carols performed in the Eskimo language and English. Share with her the spirit of Christmas through her beautiful voice. Songs include: O Come All Ye Faithful, Away in a Manger, The First Noel and Santa Claus is Coming To Town.


A celebration of Four Corners country. Four film specials in one special DVD edition. A Land Of Arches - Arches National Park, located in beautiful southeastern Utah, is like no where else on earth. In this inspiring presentation, you will see an incredible diversity of rock formations and natural arches that nature, through the ages, has sculpted into a wondrous landscape. Visit the Land of Arches. (15 minutes) Discovering Canyon De Chelly - See Canyon de Chelly like you have never seen it before. Visit this amazing territory on the Navajo Reservation and experience the story behind the scenery. Learn the history of this sacred canyon that the Navajo people call home. (30 minutes) The Mesa Verde Story - This beautiful presentation tells the history of Mesa Verde from the time of the ancient puebloans to the coming of the Spanish, and the mountain men, and the first Anglo cowboys, who discovered the cliff dwellings. Learn how Mesa Verde has become a premier National Park. (25 minutes) Monument Valley Land of Mystery - Experience Monument Valley in this superb film set to soothing melodies and ancient rhythms. Colorful vistas await you from sunrise to sunset as you delve into the canyons, cliff dwellings, and mysteries of this special place in the American Southwest. (20 minutes) Total time 90 minutes DBP 104 DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- OKLAHOMA STYLE with Comanche Little Ponies 21 wonderful songs recorded live at the 35th Annual Southern California Indian Center Pow Wow. 15 gourd dance songs, a grand entry song, four round dance songs, and an intertribal. SOAR 229 CD $18.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


AIRO (American Indian Rock Opera) were formerly known as Brule. Members are Shane, Nicole and Paul LaRoche of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe

Prices subject to change without notice.


of South Dakota and Eagle of the Apache Nation. Fans of Brule will want to add these exciting new recordings to their collection of up-beat, new age music. - TATANKA 12 songs including Buffalo Jump, Coming To America, Circle Of Celebration, Ghost Dance and Sacred Love. BMP-0510 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - TRIBAL RHYTHM Ten instrumental songs including Dance in the Sky, Spirit Of The Pacific, Dakota Blue and Endless Trail. BMP-0520 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - SILENT STAR NIGHT See listing with Brule for their holiday recording. BMP-0630 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christmas)


(Flute/New Age)


- ETSI SHON - GRANDFATHER'S SONG Jerry Alfred is a singer, songwriter and shaman's son from the Yukon's Northern Tutchone Nation. Though he is a traditional artist, he has chosen to present his art in a contemporary form. Straddling two cultures, Etsi Shon is an uncommonly successful integration of traditional chanting with an almost psychedelic spectrum of sonic colors; it is filled with infectious hooks and sounds. Etsi Shon is a soulful, moving piece of work that deserves to find a larger audience. RHR 93 CD $16.98 (Contemporary) - NENDAÄ - Go Back Jerry Alfred, singer, songwriter and artist continues to bring us more great, soulful, music. Traditional teachings and contemporary sounds combined to make this album a unique work representing the very ancient traditions of the Northern Tutchone Nation. RHR 97 Cassette $2.00 (CD Out of Print.) (Contemporary) - KEHLONN From an oral tradition predating recorded history, songkeeper Jerry Alfred's music resonates in the modern world with a poignant truth that defies categorization and speaks to our spirit. Alfred sings in his native Northern Tutchone language. Like the church in the snow, or the cry of the great black bird, his music is a Yukon song. This is an evocative journey that will confirm Medicine Beat followers and captivate new listeners, as it transends the boundaries of culture and speech. RF 2001 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98


- VOL. 1 - ROUND DANCES Twelve original songs from Glenevis, Alberta, by the Alexis family - Logan, Eugene, Kodi, Arnold, Robbie and Daphne plus John Scabbyrobe, Leon Aginas, Frank Hart and Craig Lewis. SSCT 4130 Cassette (Out of Print.) (Sioux) - VOL. 2 - JUST JAMMIN' ROUND DANCE SONGS This long awaited second release from the LOGAN ALEXIS SINGERS is a tribute to the late Logan Alexis. The group pays homage to the man who promoted the tradition and practice of round dance songs in his family and community. Just Jammin Round Dance Songs has 14 contemporary round dance songs in Cree including Logan's Last Song and Remember. SSCT4288 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - I LOVE TO ROUND DANCE SGLA 40197 Cassette $2.00 (Sioux) - ROUND DANCE TIME 13 songs composed by the late Logan Alexis and Logan's Boyz. Singers are Arnold Alexis, Eugene Alexis, Robbie Alexis, Neal Alexis, Dwayne Alexis, Leon Alexis, Mervin Kootenay, Josh Alexis, Jeremiah Alexis, John Thomas, Rocky Morin, Don Kootenay, Daphne Alexis, Leah Alexis, Jennifer Paul, Shannon Alexis and Baby Faustina. SSCT 4402 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - CHRISTMAS TIME HAS COME The Alexis family is pleased to present an album that has more meaning, as well as special additional sequences that show their appreciation to the Creator for the blessings brought to them through the healing powers of the drum. Christmas is a special time in everyones lives and the like to celebrate with family and friends. The holidays are a happy time for them and they would like to share this feeling with everyone. It is a time to remember our ancestors, spend time with family and pray together as a community. It is also a time to bring in the New Year in a spiritual manner. 17 holiday songs performed on drum including Little Drummer Boy, Kokum Song, Holy Lord, and Underneath The Mistletoe. AR 1210 (Out of Print) (Gospel/Christmas)


- THE FLUTE PLAYER Nine selections blending the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary. Features traditional Dakota flute songs mixed with sounds of nature (wind, birds, elk, horses and thunder) based on the meaning held within the songs. Includes: Heart is Sad/The Morning Star, Meadowlark Song, The Photograph and Emmy's Song/Amazing Grace. Bryan Akipa is a member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. Liner notes by Bryan. MC 0105 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - MYSTIC MOMENTS - Dakotah Flute Music Songs, blending old and new, featuring traditional Dakota flute, synthesizers, rattles, piano, percussion, and nature sounds that will uplift your heart include: Thank You Grandfather ...`So much has changed, but love, like the wind, is still here'; Mystic Moments; My Heart is Alive; and six more songs filled with love and hope. SOAR 162 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age) - THUNDERFLUTE Native American flute music from the Dakota Nation. A combination of drumming and singing. A powerful new release from Indian America. SOAR 196 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age) - EAGLE DREAMS Traditional Native American Red Cedar Flute songs are sweet and graceful, adding a new dimension to ones appreciation for American Indian music. Come closer to the light of nature and Native culture. Relax, enjoy, meditate; let the flute and birdsong be your teacher. Nine songs including Buffalo Nation, Cherished Grandmother and Dakota Love Song. MM 0186 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - SONGS FROM THE BLACK HILLS An enrolled member of the Dakota Sisseton/ Wahpeton tribe, Bryan Akipa proudly presents 10 songs from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Songs include Soaring Eagle, Prairie Skies, Reflections of Paha Sapa, Sage Offerings, and Buffalo Nation. SOAR 231 CD $18.98



Meet Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, the internationally renowned Warrior Woman and elder of the Apache People. Long before the Green movement, Native Americans knew how to care for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. In this entertaining and educational film, Oh Shinnah demonstrates powerful yet easyto-follow practices such as smudging, feathering, and food blessing. These ancient rituals will help you to: reduce stress and anxiety in your life, center yourself and connect to those around you, and take charge and protect this planet for many generations to come. Oh Shinnah also reveals what she considers her most important work today: The Journey of the Waters, a sacred pilgrimage following the Apache trail of purification and transformation. The documentary also features Nuclear Scientist and Astrophysicist Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, who validates multiple Native traditions from the scientific point of view. 65 minutes. Not rated. VLT 15220D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Healing)




- NAVAJO PEYOTE SONGS A collection of peyote songs for you to enjoy. CMP 122 CD $15.98 (Peyote)



- A GIFT FROM ABOVE #1 Teddy Allen and his wife Genevieve Hoxie present 24 Native American Church songs. It is hoped that these songs bring you many blessings. Some of the songs were composed by our elders and some are


Prices subject to change without notice.


newer. They are gifts from the holy people and it is hoped that they comfort you and bring you peace and happiness. CMP 119 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - A GIFT FROM ABOVE #2 Teddy & Genevieve Allen bring you another collection of Native American Church songs. CMP 132 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- PART 2 - THE COMMUNITY The American Indian Church is a community in the making even after 25 years. Every person who has stepped through the doors of the Sunnyside Elementary School multi-purpose room, where the Gathering meets, has impacted and added to that community. In this segment we see how the seeds that have been planted by Little Crow's oral tradition have affected the members of the "TIYOSPAYE" (community). The shifts in people's lives that are documented in this segment are what Little Crow calls "my life's work." They happen with every breath. We just need to remember. 60 minutes. Bonus segment: A tribute to Riley B. Sunrise, Hopi Elder and member of The Gathering. 7 minutes. LPP-002V VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary) - PART 1 - THE MESSENGER AND PART 2 THE COMMUNITY Part 1 and part 2 are presented on one DVD. Total time 103:50 minutes. LPP-001D DVD (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary) - PART 3 - THE MESSAGE This segment opens with reference to the thousands of years old basis for the Lakota/Dakota oral tradition - that being: the stars. Following this, the fundamentals of the message of the American Indian Church are covered and the tenets are shared. Presented in a direct and concise manner, with a little humor thrown in, the oral tradition (as interpreted by Little Crow) is a beautifully pragmatic message that can and will make requirements of you. It is deceptively simple: Breath is the Creators and the Creators are everything...everything! In closing, the Gathering and community members share what the message has brought to them. 29:48 minutes. LPP-003V VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary) - PART 4 - THE LEGACY OF HOPE Little Crow talks about the children coming back to bring us home. This is a belief based on the Dakota/Lakota oral tradition. The children are more `recently returned' and therefore are closer to the Creator. In this segment the Sacred Children of the Gathering are honored and they have a chance to speak for themselves. The narration of this segment is drawn from the books of Little Crow. 26:52 minutes. Bonus segment: A tribute to Alice Bryant and Little Crow, the co-founders of the AIC. Gathering members share their perceptions and give thanks. The maker then offers a conclusion and a small challenge to the viewers. 7:20 minutes. LPP-004V VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary) - PART 3 - THE MESSAGE AND PART 4 THE LEGACY OF HOPE Part 3 and part 4 are presented on one DVD. Total time 64 minutes. LPP-001D DVD (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary)


performed on stage and at outdoor pow wows on their US and international tours. Includes hoop dance, eagle dance, Apache crown dance, Zuni rainbow dance, pow wow dances (grass, men's traditional and fancy, women's fancy shawl), plains snake and buffalo dance and others. Narration included. Very colorful. 60 minutes 4400 VHS (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - VOLUME 2 - DANCES FOR THE NEW GENERATION Dances from the Northwest - Makah and Kwakuitl and the Northeast - Seneca and Penobscot and the Plains. Video also includes instructions and comments by the elders of the tribes. The American Indian Dance Theatre is the only national company of dancers and musicians performing traditional American Indian music and dance. The 30 member troupe is a collage of many Indian tribes. 60 minutes 4400-2 VHS (Out of Print)


- VOLUME 1 - AT THE GRAND CANYON This video cassette presents the Wisdom Dancers in eight dances, including hoop, Northern traditional, shield and spear, eagle, and war dance. It begins with an introduction by Willie Nelson and ends with the popular Indian song Go My Son done in Indian sign language. Dennis Alley and his family are well-known throughout pow wow country and appear in their colorful dance outfits against a beautiful Grand Canyon background. 25 minutes 4401 VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - VOLUME 2 - AT MONUMENT VALLEY Ten dances filmed in Monument Valley, AZ., with an introduction by Crystal Gayle. Includes hoop, pipe, southern fancy, shawl and eagle dances and a song by Crystal Gayle performed in Monument Valley. 25 minutes 4402 VHS (Out of Print)

(Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


- CHRISTIAN INDIAN HYMNS IN CREEK Christian songs in the Creek language. A collection of "Special Prayer and Inspirational Songs" by a Muscogee Creek choir. The richness of unaccom-panied human voices is captured in a musical style that blends Native American and Christian sounds. 611 Cassette $9.98

(Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)



- THE WARRIOR'S EDGE SWR 9909 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98


Narrated by Dr. A.C. Ross Author of Mitakuye Oyasin We Are All Related (Ojibway, Hopi, Paiute, Sioux, Maya, Navajo, and Aztec.) Now the popular series is available on DVD. - VOLUME 1 - SUN DANCE VISION Narrated by Dr. A.C. Ross Author of Mitakuye Oyasin We Are All Related (Ojibway, Hopi, Paiute, Sioux, Maya, Navajo, and Aztec) Compared with predictions by: NOSTRADAMUS, EDGAR CAYCE, RUTH MONTGOMERY, GORDONMICHAEL SCALLION. Discover how to prepare for the coming earth changes; how the Black Hills can be returned; when spiritual unity will occur; what to invest money in for the future; what is causing the increase in earthquakes, volcanic activity, and unknown diseases. 30 minutes. 4425-1D DVD $25.00 (Videos/Documentary) - VOLUME 2 - THE WHITE BUFFALO An interview with "Ehanamani" a.k.a. Dr. A.C. Ross. Due to popular demand, Dr. Ross discusses the prophecies presented in Volume 1. Interviewed by John Belindo, issues to be discussed include: the return of the White Buffalo; the Mayan calendar's connection to the "Quickening"; biblical prophecy comparison; when will the spiritual unity occur; will Tribal Governments survive; Black Elk's Vision of the Flowering Tree; who is guiding us into the next century. 30 minutes. 4425-2D DVD $25.00 (Videos/Documentary)

(Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


Little Crow (Dakota/Lakota), along with his wife Alice Bryant, founded the American Indian Church back in 1978. Based in Garden Grove, California, it has come to be known as "The Gathering." Together, they created a diverse community, and "the only one of its kind" in the United States. The worldview of the American Indian Church is based on the sacredness of all things, and has no equal in any organized religion, and yet is connected to it. It stems from Little Crow's oral tradition. Little Crow is an Emeritus Professor in the American Indian Studies Department at California State University, Long Beach, where he has shared his worldwide view with students for 30 years. Presented on 4 VHS or 2 DVD. - PART 1 - THE MESSENGER This segment opens with the maker's introduction. Little Crow's beautiful opening blessing follows. Little Crow is an interpreter of his oral tradition. He is The Messenger of the American Indian Church. We see his transformation from substance abuse into this life long dedication to `holding the torch' for his oral tradition in the face of hostility and hardship. Ultimately, he will take The Message back to his ancestral homeland in Minnesota. 36:50 minutes. LPP-001V VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary)


- VOLUME 1 - FINDING THE CIRCLE This tape is the same as seen on PBS's Great Performances in the spring of 1990. Includes exciting dances from many Indian tribes as


Prices subject to change without notice.


An interview with "Ehanamani" a.k.a. Dr. A.C. Ross. Interviewed by Jeff D. Alley, Dr. Ross discusses additional prophecies including: Black Elk's Sacred Hoop of Nations Vision; will the Sweat Lodge Ceremony survive; Dawson No Horse Vision of the Future; prophecy of the androgynous beings; what is meant by "medium of exchange"; a dream about the American Indian Prophecy series; Wounded Knee memorial ride prophecy. 30 minutes. 4425-3D DVD $25.00 (Videos/Documentary) - VOLUME 4 - HALE-BOPP - COMET OR



The six members of the band are Justin Francisco (saxophone, violin), John Manuel (guitar, harmonica, accordion), Richard Salazar (guitar, vocals), Phillip Joe Valentine (drums, bass), Melissa Jo Antone (percussion), and Norbert Lorenzo (drums). Norbert was absent from this recording and Alvin Salazar stepped in on bass so that Phillip could play drums. 20 songs including St. Cecelia's Waila, Low Rider Cumbia, Ladies' Choice Cumbia, and Sha Na Na Cumbia Style. AI 2008 CD $17.98 (Chicken Scratch)


(Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)


A new recording with some of your favorite Canadian recording artists, old and new. Ernest Monias and Winston Wuttunee sing some of their old time favorites. Frank Montano plays two new songs on flute. Other artists include: Jim Beer, Aaron Peters, and Moody X 2. SSCT 4344 Cassette $2.49 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christmas)

A comparison of information concerning the HaleBopp comet. Topics presented include: the correlation between the Blue Star and the comet Hale-Bopp; what do the Hopi and Lakota have in common with the Blue Star; is Hale-Bopp a harbinger for destruction or peace; discover the connection between the Bible and Hale-Bopp; why has NASA discontinued publishing information concerning Hale-Bopp; is there a correlation between Hale-Bopp and the 12th planet; how is Hale-Bopp ushering in the second coming. 30 minutes. 4425-4D DVD $25.00 (Videos/Documentary)


Winner of 12 major awards in North American film festivals. Breathtaking footage. An exceptional human rights film defining its message that the United States acquisition of tribal lands under the guise of legality continues today. It is the story of two Western Shoshone sisters, Carrie and Mary Dann, and how they endure terrifying roundups by federal marshals in which thousands of their horses and cattle are confiscated for the crime of grazing them on open range outside their private ranch even though that range is recognized by the U.S. as Western Shoshone land. After being sued by the government for trespassing, their dispute went to the Supreme Court, and eventually the United Nations. Why has the U.S. spent millions persecuting and prosecuting two elderly women grazing a few hundred horses and cows in a desolate desert? The Dann sisters say the real reason is the resources hidden beneath this seemingly barren land, their Mother Earth: it is the second largest gold producing area in the world. Bonus materials include a short film, Crisis at Mt. Tenabo, featuring a new song by Joanne Shenandoah. 56 minutes. Not rated. FRF 913829D DVD $26.95 (Videos/Documentary)


This recording gives you a sample of the many talented country/western artists from the Manitoba, Canada area. This `Jam Session' was organized by Gerry McIvor along with friends and was recorded live off the studio floor. Sit back and listen to the Aboriginal Showcase of Manitoba's best. Artists include DELANEY MONIAS, SUZANNE BIRD, TIM CURLY, GERRY McIVOR and JIM FLETT. SSCT 4398 (Out of Print) (Country)


This is a Smithsonian/Folkways recording. The Smithsonian Institution acquired Folkways Records in 1987 in order that the sounds and the genius of the artists would be preserved and available to future generations. This recording is a compilation of recordings collected between 1897 and 1966. 29 songs with extensive liner notes with historical, biographical and cultural background information FE 34001 Cassette $5.00 CD $20.98


- VOL. 3 Polkas, Chotes, and cumbias. 11 songs including Ghost Riders and Morning Star Chote. John Manuel, Justin Francisco, Alex Cruz, Simon Cruz, Richard Felix, Greg Francisco. 8072 (Out of Print)

(Chicken Scratch)

- PLAY WAILA This collection brings together two classic recordings by THE AMERICAN INDIANS, one of the most innovative bands in the saga of waila, the lively social dance music of southern Arizona's Native peoples. Also known as Chicken Scratch, waila features the intricately intertwined melodies of saxophone and accordion propelled by the rhythms of guitar, bass, and drums playing polkas, two-steps, and cumbias. While staying true to the traditions of waila, THE AMERICAN INDIANS played with a highly original flare making them legends of chicken scratch. Tracks 1-12 were recorded and originally released in 1974 as "The American Indians Play Chicken Scratch (item# 6120). Tracks 13-24 were recorded and originally released in 1976 as "Waila - Social Dance Music: The American Indians Album 2 (item# 6155). These 24 songs include Cactus Song, Come Home Tonight, El Capitan, San Xavier Polka, Topawa Two-Step, Palo Verde Stands, Taverna, Arrowhead Two-Step, White Dove Polka, Song From Way Back, and Coolidge Polka. A great collection any lover of chicken scratch will have to have. 6120 CD $15.98 (Chicken Scratch) - O'ODHAM CANTINA Recorded live at the O'odham Cantina at Magdelena, Sonora, Mexico at the Fiestas de Octobre 2004. 16 songs including Magdelena Waila, A Night In San Tan, Chicken In A Straw, My Girlfriends Cumbia, and Palo Verde Mazurka. PC-06 CD $16.98 (Chicken Scratch) - WHERE'S THE PIAST 2008



- SONGS FOR INDIAN VETERANS Various artists of six tribes. This is the second anthology of Native American songs co-produced by Mickey Hart and Thomas Vennum, Jr., a Smithsonian Institution ethnomusicologist and an authority on American Indian music. Focusing on the centuries-old warrior tradition of using music and dance before, during, and after their exploits in battle, AMERICAN WARRIORS features material selected from a variety of sources to give an overview of Native American veterans' songs from the Battle of the Little Bighorn through the Gulf War conflict. The performances from six tribes - Ojibway (Chippewa), Menominee, Blackfeet, Hochunk (Winnebago), Kiowa, and Lakota (Sioux) - date as far back as 1910 (wax cylinder recordings from the Library of Congress archives) and honor veterans of all branches of the U.S. Armed Services. Songs include: War Paint (Soldier Boy); In The South The Birds Are Flying; Lakota Little Bighorn Victory Songs; Kiowa American War Mothers' Chapter Veteran Song; World War I, World War II; Canadian Lakota Flag Song; American Lakota Flag Song; Winnebago Service Song - Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force; Menominee Vietnam Veterans Song; and Blackfeet Desert Storm Veterans Song. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this recording will be donated to a fund creating a national memorial in the nation's capitol honoring Native American veterans. RCD 10370 (Out of Print) The Ancient America series is hosted by Cherokee actor Wes Studi. Wes has received rave reviews for his starring role in Geronimo: An American Legend. Praised for his riveting performances in Last of the Mohicans and Dances With Wolves, Wes was called "one of the scene stealers of the year" by Entertainment Weekly. AAV-2-5 VHS - ANCIENT AMERICA SERIES (SET OF 4) (Out of Print.) (Videos/Documentary) - VOLUME 2 - INDIANS OF THE NORTHWEST The world of Northwest coast Indians comes to life in this portrait of a diverse people whose contributions continue to enrich our lives. Discover the origins of the totem pole, and see how it became a universal symbol of Indian culture. Examine ancient legends passed down through the ages - like the story of Mt. Mazama's eruption, which occurred 7,000 years ago. Retrace the roots of Ming Dynasty porcelains found in prehistoric villages, suggesting a link with China predating arrival of the first Europeans. Learn about the fierce Haida, who traveled hundreds of miles by sea to raid Puget Sound villages. Marvel at the prosperity of the peoples who revered wealth and status. Winner of International Television Video Association Award (ITVA) for best documentary. Hosted by Wes Studi. 60 minutes AAV-503D DVD $19.95 AAV-003P PAL - European format $24.95 (Videos/Documentary)

Prices subject to change without notice.


- VOLUME 1 - INDIANS OF THE SOUTHWEST Journey back in time to the prehistoric metropolis of Chaco Canyon with it's vast network of roads and its intriguing astronomical observatories. Observe the Anasazi's thriving civilization built with one simple tool - a digging stick! Visit the impressive ruins of Chimney Rocks, which was built on top of an 8,000 foot high mountain. Examine the routes of the Hohokam's sophisticated canal and irrigation systems, which are still in use today! Admire the artwork of the Mimbres, Salado, and Anasazi people, who were considered the master potters of the Americas. Explore Mesa Verde's awe-inspiring cliff dwellings. Hosted by West Studi. 60 minutes. (Now on DVD.) AAV-502D DVD $19.95 AAV-002P PAL European format $24.95 (Videos/Documentary) - VOLUME 4 - NOMADS OF THE WEST This enlightening portrait of a proud and noble people is riveting from start to finish. Travel to Bighorn Range to see the ancient Medicine Wheel, which was used as a ceremonial site and an astronomical observatory. See how Indians of the Great Basin adapted as ancient ice age lakes disappeared and their rich land turned to desert. Discover how the Indians - like early sea explorers may have used the stars to navigate the vast plains. Learn how the Plains Indians invented smoke signals to send messages over great distances. Study the origin of sign language which was used in trade negotiations by tribes that spoke hundreds of different languages. Hosted by Wes Studi. 60 minutes. AAV-005 VHS (Out of Print.) AAV-005 PAL European format $24.95 (Videos/Documentary) - VOLUME 3 - INDIANS OF THE EASTERN WOODLANDS The spirit of the Native American Indian lives again in this stirring program which reveals the marvels and wonders, the rituals and secrets of the majestic world of the Eastern Woodland Indians. Discover the mysterious Effigy Mounds, which reveal the shapes of animals and are only visible from the air. Examine the complex road systems built in the Ohio Valley - even though the wheel was not in use. Invest-igate the ancient structure called Woodhenge similar to England's Stonehenge, which pre-dicted celestial events. Marvel at 100 foot-high Monk's Mound which took laborers 300 years to build. They moved 22 million cubic feet of earth using only baskets! 60 minutes AAV-504D DVD $19.95 AAV-004P PAL European format $24.95


pictographs - in North America, and consider the fate of the artistic, innovative people who learned to live in balance with the mountains and deserts of Arizona. 60 minutes AAV-513D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary) (Flute/New Age)


- NATURE GODDESS A musical tribute to the feminine deities of the native cultures of North, Central and South America. Perfect for dance, movement and exercise. The music is strongly influenced by the indigenous cultures of South, Central and North America with some African, Indian (India) and modern elements. It expresses the qualities of strength, vitality, intuition, passion, wisdom, joy and healing powers that are embodied by the Nature Goddess in all her forms. Instrumentation includes female vocal chants inspired by ancient mantras and shamanic chants, Taos drums, native drums and other Ethnic percussion, Lakota and other flutes, guitars, synthesizers, and sounds of nature. 14 songs including Goddess of the Full Moon, Goddess of the Canyon, Goddess of the Amazon, Goddess of the Andes, and more. ASTRO-034 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - MACHUPICCHU MEDITATIONS Machupicchu Meditations is meditative music inspired by Machupicchu and ancient Peru. It is a perfect accompaniment for yoga, meditation, relaxation, massage, spas, Tai Chi and more. Performed on Peruvian wind and string instruments with soft percussion and new age background textures. This is a magical, musical, meditative journey to ancient Peru and Machupicchu. Featuring Enrique Cardenas, a Native South American musician. 11 songs including Sacred Ceremony, Spirits of the Ancestors, Shamanic Journey, and Vision Quest. ASTRO-048 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)


ANCIENT BROTHERHOOD is Gerald Jay Markoe on percussion and celestial synthesizer soundtracks, and A. Brent Chase (Diné) on Native flute. Gerald tells us that in the summer of 1994, through a series of unusual events he landed in Sedona. Together they worked on an album that would blend Brent's earth element of Native music with Gerald's synthesized celestial music. Although Brent and Gerald did not know each other before this they were amazed at how the music came to them, as though created somewhere in the universe, flowing through them. They felt as though they were ancient brothers, finally reunited. Their music creates the unique experience of dancing among stars while being connected to the earth - Vol. 1 - WHERE THE EARTH TOUCHES THE STARS; recorded in Sedona Brent and Gerald state that they feel that they were inspired and guided by the great spirit in producing this album. Songs include: Anasazi Stardance, Moonrise at Bell Rock, Vortex Ceremony, Pleiades Rising, Desert Night Riders, Keepers of the Tradition, Sacred Lands, and Twilight Between Two World ASTRO-012 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - Vol. 2 DANCES FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM DANCES FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM is a unique blend of the past, the present, and the future; of tradition and technology - music from different parts of the world and different centuries harmoniously coexisting in the present. It represents a vision of the new Millennium as a harmonious world united by a balance of spirit and technology. The spiritual traditions of Asia and Native America are a powerful source of practical wisdom in relating to one's self, others, nature and the universe. Music is one of the many expressions of these teachings, and has a relaxing, energizing effect on the performers and listeners alike. A joyful reunion in music and dance of Native Americans and their Asian sisters and brothers. ASTRO-025 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - VORTEX RHYTHMS A blend of Native American, Flamenco and New Age music. Drums, flutes, guitars and synthesizers express the energy and magic of Sedona, Arizona. Composed in Sedona for listening, dancing and sacred ceremonies. People come from everywhere to feel the vortex energy in Sedona. This album recreates this experience. ASTRO-029 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - STAR SPIRITS Music of the Night by ANCIENT BROTHERHOOD. Native American flute melodies, a soft "heartbeat" medicine drum (at 60 beats per minute) and nature sounds of the night, transport you to a world of peace, beauty and harmony. Composed in Sedona for deep relaxation, sleep and healing. ASTRO-030 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98


Nearly 100 works from a master of Western photography come alive with beautiful music that will hold you in awe of the natural beauty of the ancient lands of the Southwest. Tom Narwid's photography brings one close to the canyons and surreal landscapes that define the American Southwest. These are the lands that have been home to cultures that are lost to the distant past. Once buried by ancient seas, these lands are a constant source of wonder to all who view them. Areas included Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion. 58 minutes, set for continuous play. 15186D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Art Dvds)



8 songs based on the music of the Alabama Tribe by John S. Kitts-Turner. Arranged for Three Native American Flutes, SAT Recorders, or in some cases, Gemshorns. The upper voices in these trios are themes derived from Frances Densmore's field work with the Alabama Nation. Buffalo Dance Song, Chicken Dance Song, Duck Dance Song, Frog Dance Song, Horse Dance Song, Rabbit Dance Song, Quail Dance Song, Terrapin (Turtle) Dance Song. 12 pages. FOS 25-BK Booklet $6.95 (Educational/Sheet Music-Music Books)


An Arizona Highways (magazine) video. Rising from the majestic , windswept landscape of the American Southwest, the ruins of ancient civilizations haunt us with their compelling beauty. The powerful influence of the Mogollon, Hohokam, Sinagua, Salado and Anasazi cultures reverberates through the centuries. revealed by the wealth of artifacts they left behind. Explore the dramatic history of the ancient peoples. Visit the sites that continue to fascinate us: Betatakin, Canyon de Chelly, Keet Seel, and more. Learn about the importance of ritual and ceremony, and of the underground kivas that represented the link between the worlds of man and spirit. View some of the finest examples of rock art - petroglyphs and


- POW WOW FROM MINNESOTA Songs include: Intertribals, crow hop, grass, woman's fancy, and sneak-up dance songs.

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Singers: Dean Jordain, Brian "Bines" Goodwin, Scott, Mike and Frankie Graves, Daniel Buffalo, Corey Joseph, Mike Lussier, Bill Staples. ARCS 1001 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- VOL. 1 - CLASSIC INDIAN COWBOY The original Indian Cowboy now retitled. 12 songs including If I Were a Carpenter, Delta Dawn, La Bamba, Gloria, and Never Ending Love. AS 666 Cassette (Out of Print.) AV 2224 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 2 - MOVIN' ON (Classic) The second recording from Apache Spirit, now a classic, has finally been released as a CD. 12 songs including the title song Keep Movin' On, Ashes of Love, Silver Threads & Golden Needles, Since I Met You Baby, and Good Girls Gone Bad. AV 2016 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 3 - TAKIN' CARE OF BUSINESS Originally titled APACHE SPIRIT, this is the reissue of Volume 3. The original 12 songs include Black Magic Woman, Ramblin' Man, and That'll Be The Day. AV 2232 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 4 - ONE MORE FRIEND This is a reissue of volume 4 of the popular Country/Western band APACHE SPIRIT. Songs include Did It Go Away, Flame River, Apache Spirit, and It Hurts. AV 1904 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 5 Not available yet.


Mathew and Lisa Ethelbah, Joaquin Manuel, Brandon Nuvamsa and Tinker Nez. AVJ 11115 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 11 - INDIAN CARS Seven original songs by Evelyn and Matthew Ethelbah and the title song Indian Car by Keith Secola. Original songs include You Gotta Dance, Seasons and the Times', and The Life Song, which begins as a traditional song in Apache and is transformed into a song in English with a rock beat. AV 30309 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 12 - NATIVE COUNTRY Eight songs including The End Is Not In Sight, Rock Me, If I Had A Cheatin' Heart, and more. AV 2099 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 13 - THE LAWMAN Winner of the Native American Music Award, Best Folk Country Group. Ten songs including Natural Man, Sweet Navajo Love, and Weekend Woman. AV 2015 CD $17.98 (Country) - GREATEST COLLECTION #1 Volume 1 of the Greatest Collection from Apache Spirit presents 15 songs including Indian Cowboy, Sweet Navajo Love, Amie, and Copperhead Road. AV 2220 CD $17.98 (Country)


- OJIBWAY LANGUAGE Finally a recording to teach the Ojibway language. A collection of nine songs with lyrics included to help young and old learn this language. You will have as much fun learning the language as the presenters had in making the album. Songs include Mishomis (Grandfather), Nbwaakaawin (Wisdom), Zaagidwin (Love), and Kiinwe Gwa (It Is Up To Us). SSCT 4459 CD $15.98 (Educational/Language)


Another great intertribal pow wow release recorded live in the University of Michigan's Chrysler Arena in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1996. 11 drums from across the continent features both long-standing performers as well as more recent talent. Each drum has been faithfully reproduced for your listening enjoyment. Drums featured: WHITEFISH BAY, MILWAUKEE BUCKS, YOUNGBLOOD, LITTLE OTTER, BLUE LAKE, LITTLE WIND, RED LAKE, WISCONSIN DELLS, YELLOWHAMMER, and RAINBOW AND SKIN TONES. SSCT 4298 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- VOL. 6 - FROM ME TO YOU 12 songs including Oh Lonesome Me, Let Me Be There, Heartbreak Hotel, and Ramblin Fever. AV 0192 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 7 - 5 IN 1 This reissue features a mixture of vocals by both the male and female members of this ever popular Country/Western band. The twelve songs include Amy, Whiskey River, and Louisiana Man. AV 2222 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 8 - INDIAN COWBOY (original title "The Spirit Is Back") Ten songs by the APACHE SPIRIT BAND from Whiteriver Arizona. Includes standards and original compositions - Poor Side of Town, Your Love is Like Roses, The Key's in the Mailbox, and The Time I Spent With You. AV 9120A CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 9 - TOUR OF LIFE APACHE SPIRIT is driven by a desire to reach and meet as many fellow Native Americans as possible, Their goal is to enterain you through the gift of music that comes from their heart. Their life is a TOUR OF LIFE, for as long as the Creator allows them to continue along the path they have chosen. Nine songs including Eagle's Wings - TOUR OF LIFE, In The Persian Gulf, Power - Spirit and Breath, and more. AV 10401 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 10 - EL MOSQUITO MEDLEY Nine Spanish favorites by the APACHE SPIRIT band from the Fort Apache Reservation. Includes Rumbo Al Sur, Flor De Las Flores, and Mi Tinajita. Like Spaghetti Westerns, the Red Westerns are classic American Westerns created far, far from the American West--in this case, by Communist East Germany's legendary DEFA Film Studios. But unlike westerns made in the West, these beautifully shot films, with plots based on historical sources, made the Native Americans the heroes and cast the white settlers as villains. Starring Serbian actor, stuntman and director Gojko Mitic. These movies are in German with English subtitles. On the eve of the Mexican-American war, a young Apache warrior sets out to avenge the extermination of his tribe, which has been led by an American geologist. Filmed in Romania and Uzbekistan in 1973. A novelty for Western lovers. 94 minutes. 91237D DVD (Out of Print) (Videos/Foreign)


- SINGER OF THE DAWN Florentine Blue Thunder presents this collection of spiritual songs. MOI-AI003 CD $19.98 (Sioux)


- Compiled by Alan Lazar The selections presented in this two set recording can only be a broad overview of the different Indians of the area and their different musical expressions. At one time the area of Central & South America was the home of diverse Indian cultures and civilizations. Many of the peoples that once inhabited these lands are extinct or on the verge of extinction. Others have been assimilated into the dominant European culture and have given up their traditional ways. Conquered but not assimilated, a large number remain passively yet stubbornly maintaining an older way of life. Included on this recording is the music of the Yaqui, Tarascan, Venezuelan Yekuana, Jivaro; music of Chile, Bolivia, Tierra del Fuego, Guatemala, Brazil, Peru, Upper Amazon and more. FE 4542 Double Cassette $10.00 (Mexico/South America)


From Mel Gibson comes the thrilling historical epic Apocalypto. This intense, nonstop actionadventure transports you to an ancient Central American civilization, for an experience unlike anything you've ever known. In the twilight of the mysterious Mayan culture, young Jaguar Paw is captured and taken to the great Mayan city, where he faces a harrowing end. Driven by the power of his love for his wife and son, he makes an adrenaline-soaked, heart-racing escape to rescue them and ultimately save his way of life. Filled with unrelenting action and stunning cinematography, Apocalypto is an enthralling and unforgettable film experience. Original Mayan language track with subtitles in English, French and Spanish. 138 minutes. Rater R. WD 50646D DVD $17.95 (Hollywood Movies)


APACHE SPIRIT is a group of three guys and a gal from Whiteriver, Arizona. They sing a combination of their own original compositions and popular Country/Western standards. Many volumes of their music have been out of print for years. We are happy to now be able to bring to you some of their original oldies but goodies.

Prices subject to change without notice.



- VOL. 1 - HONORING THE ANCIENT ONES A collection of pow wow songs sung in the TainoArawak dialect. The ARAWAK SINGERS are: Al Bold Eagle, lead singer (Taino/Arawak), Lou Tureyguari - drum keeper (Taino/Arawak), Jorge Baracutey (Taino/Arawak), Cliff Standing Deer (Eastern Cherokee), Tonee Robels (Chiricahua Apache), Lizzy Sarobey (Taino/Arawak), John Henry (Jicarilla Apache), and Maria Robles (Taino/ Arawak). Songs include: Prayer Song, Everybody Dance, Dance Dancers Dance, Song of the Cotton Flower, Dance With Your Heart, Honoring the Ancient Ones plus five more. SOAR 154 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - VOL. 2 - FEEL THE THUNDER Thunderous pow wow drumming and singing from New York State. Singers: Al Bold Eagle, lead singer (Taino/Arawak), Louie Tureyguari - drum keeper (Taino/Arawak), Ray Elk Silva (Laguna Pueblo), Tree Ceibo Rivas (Taino/Arawak), Cliff Standing Deer Mathias (Taino/Carib/Eastern Cherokee), Lizzy Sarobey (Taino/Arawak), Joan Henry (Jicarilla Apache). Songs include: Here Come The Dancers, Feel the Thunder, Shake Dance Time, Tribal Voices, Senorita Linda plus five more. SOAR 167 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


(old scouts) song, one honoring (American Legion war dead) song, one honoring (Vietnam) song, one round dance song, one ka-hom-ni song, one flag song and two contest songs. IR 175 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains)


Hide Me Rock Of Ages, Sweet By And By, and Flow Through Me Holy Spirit. TM 332258-16 (Out of Print.) (Gospel/Christian)


This pow wow takes place in April outdoors on the band practice field of Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. This particular v event was the student's 21st annual pow wow and features both Southern and Northern dance contests in all categories. This is a great springtime pow wow as April's weather is pleasantly warm but not hot. This DVD captures all the excitement of Adult, Teens, Juniors and Golden Age competitions. HSPW-010D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - RATTLE & DRUM This contemporary a cappella Aboriginal women's trio from Canada include Debbie Houle (Cree Metis), Sherryl Sewepagaham (Little Red River Cree), and Sarah Pocklington (Cree Metis). ASANI carries with them the traditional influences of First Nations and Metis music. Their repertoire is composed of original compositions in Woodland Cree and English. Fans of Walela and Ulali will not want to miss this one. Liner notes include lyrics. 11 songs including Weyaho, Little Angel, Rattle Dance, and Iskwesis. AR 1228 CD $17.98 (Contemporary)


- LORD'S PRAYER SONGS Peyote songs by Alfred Armstrong (CheyenneCaddo), Alice Armstrong (Ute) and Francis Little Crow (Otoe). 8025 Cassette $9.98 (Peyote)


- ENROUTE TO BATOCHE FIDDLE Presenting 14 fiddle tunes including Snooky's Favorite, Cherokee Shuffle, Florence Killiam Waltz, Woodchopper's Reel, Black Mountain Rag, and St. Laurent Breakdown. TIM 10138 CD $17.98 (Country/Fiddle)


- PICKING SWEETGRASS The cedar flute plays an important role in the traditions of Plains Indians. It is used in healing, meditation and spiritual rituals. This collection of songs is based on Picking Sweetgrass which is burned on significant occasions such as weddings, a birth, a death, or before ceremonies to purify the body, spirit and ceremony lodge. 12 songs including Mountain Storm, Campfire Blues, Manitou Nipiy, and My Alberta Meadow. AR 1301 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age) - APACHE COUNTRY GOSPEL Band members Armond Armstrong (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Winky James (lead guitar, bass) and Fabien Enriquez (drums) are proud to present this collection of eight songs praising the Lord. Songs include We Are One in the Lord, Wait Upon the Lord, One More Valley, and Growing. AV 3670 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- NORTHERN CHEYENNE WAR DANCE 10 songs by Daniel Foote, La Force Lonebear, Henry Sioux, Corlett Teeth, Harvey Whiteman, Oran C. Wolfblack, Wesley Wolf Black. Recorded at Lame Deer, Montana. IH 4201 Cassette $9.98 (Northern Plains)



By R. Carlos Nakai and James DeMars with additional material by David McAllester and Ken Light. This book is a summation of R. Carlos Nakai's years as an educator, performer and student of the Native American flute. Part One includes discussion on tuning, fingerings, performance technique, tablature, style, history, standard notation, traditional ornaments plus a section on the care and maintenance of the flute. Part Two includes sixteen transcriptions of songs from Nakai's recordings CHANGES, EARTH SPIRIT, EMERGENCE, JOURNEYS, CYCLES and WINTER DREAMS, plus two DeMars compositions, The Colors Fall (from SPIRIT HORSES), and Crow Wing (from NATIVE TAPESTRY). Part Three is an analysis of Nakai's role in Native American culture as a recording artist and performer by ethnomusicologist David P. McAllester. More than a performance guide, this book is an important source on the Native American flute and a concise review of the care and artistry of one of the most important ethnic artists in America. 132 pages. 88608-BK Book $19.95 (Educational/Books)


- A GATHERING OF TRIBES Celebrate the beauty and heartbeat of life that is the Arctic Wildlife Refuge! This benefit album features a powerful offering of prayers, songs, native flute, drumming and chanting from many tribes. Presenting a wide range of Native American music with time-tested favorites and new songs composed especially for this album. Native American musicians and friends come together to protect these sacred lands and preserve the traditional culture of the Gwich'in people of northeast Alaska and Canada who have depended on the annual migrations of the Porcupine Caribou Herd for over 20,000 years. Sixteen songs by artists such as R. Carlos Nakai, Jerry Alfred, Tsa'ne Dos'e, and Cornel Pewewardy. SP 7159 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age)

- VOL. 1 NAVAJO PEYOTE CEREMONIAL SONGS 24 peyote songs by the grandson of Dlin-Di-Bah (Wilson Aronilth Jr.) and Yah-De-Bah (Hanson Ashley). Includes English translation of words to songs. A beautiful album. IH 1541 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOL. 2 NAVAJO PEYOTE CEREMONIAL SONGS 24 peyote songs by the grandson of Dlin-Di-Bah (Wilson Aronilth Jr.) and Yah-De-Bah (Hanson Ashley). Includes English translation of words to songs. 24 peyote ceremonial songs continued from Volume 1. IH 1542 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOL. 3 NAVAJO PEYOTE CEREMONIAL SONGS Wilson Aronilth Jr. (grandson of Dlin-Di-Bah) and Hanson Ashley (grandson of Yah-de-Bah) present six sets of four songs each. Three sets sung by Wilson Aronilth Jr. and three sets sung by Hanson Ashley. Originally released on cassette, now on CD. IH 1543 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOL. 4 - NAVAJO PEYOTE CEREMONIAL SONGS These songs were composed for people that are in


Recorded at Whiteshield, North Dakota on February 2, 1972 and released on CD in April 2006, singers John Fox Sr., Dan Howling Wolf, Dan Hopkins, Terry Howling Wolf, Bobby Bear and Alvin Well bring you 18 Arickara pow wow songs. Songs include ten grass dance songs, one honoring


- HOW GREAT THOU ART Ten popular Gospel songs, five in Navajo and five in English. Songs include Blessed Light Shine On,

Prices subject to change without notice.


the need of help or comfort, and for the generation to come, and for Native American Church members. They were composed so that members can learn them and keep these songs at home for their own enjoyment. Six sets of four songs each. Alternating sets sung by Wilson Aronilth Jr. and Hanson Ashley. IH 1544 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


(Comanche). 6231 Cassette $9.98 (Sioux) - POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE TRIBUTE TO FERALIN A fitting tribute to a very special person with the gift of making friends with everyone he met. Feralin was introduced to the drum at age 12. He loved what the pow wow trail gave him and loved what he learned from all he met. Feralin will be remembered always and his voice will be carried in the music of ASSINIBOINE JRS. Ten songs: Straight Dance Song, Intertribals, Crow Hop and Fancy Dance Shawl. Liner notes, tribute to Feralin and words to songs. WRAJ 001 (Out of Print.) (Sioux)


ANCIENTS We are the Ancient Ones who were promised to come here and to bring peace to all people. The Great Change is soon and we send this CD filled with our original songs of long ago. They are all healing songs to touch your spirit. To the ones who hear these songs we promise your spirit will soar. Hear with your spirit! We speak all the Ancient languages and have many messages. Peace is our way and the reason for these songs is felt by your soul. Feel the songs! 11 songs including Celebrating The Grandfathers, Building The Ancients, and Walking The Good Road. SWR 1001 CD $16.98 (Eastern) - FOUR WOLVES PROPHECY Atsiaktonie (vocals, acoustic guitar), is joined by Matt Dailey (acoustic guitar, back-up vocals), Billy Lashomb (drums, back-up vocals), Bobby Jacobs (bass guitar), Stacy Herne (back-up vocals), and Dave "Bodingo" Anderson (lead guitar). They present 14 songs including NDN Man, Fly With Me, Waterfall, Inside This Broken Heart, and Mother Earth Too. SWR 1387 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


- STONY Navajo Country / Western singer Antone Ashley's recording originally released in the 70's has been re-released. 11 songs include Fire On The Mountain, Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry, and Catfish John. (Now on CD.) AA 01 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Country)


- JUST FIDDLING AROUND WITH... 17 great fiddle tunes including Logger's Breakdown, Caribou Reel, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Black Mountain Rag, Lone Star Rag, and Sleeping Giant Two Step. KA 60025 CD $17.98 (Country/Fiddle)


- BEING OF ENLIGHTENMENT Ashok's album is a collection of spiritual healing songs beautifully arranged for traditional Native American flute. An internationally renowned native flute maker and performer, Ashok draws from his Cree, Anishinaabe and Hindu heritage to create music that transcends all cultures. He travels the globe on a journey to bring this healing music to the world. Let the power of Ashok's music heal your spirit as you join the voyage. Nine songs including On Our Way Home, With Out Doubt In Our Being, Moving Toward Stillness, and As Awaken. AR 1326 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age)


- YOUTH & FRIENDS Lead singer of Atikamihk Singers, Albert Whitefish, hopes this CD will bring good feelings to all. Join these young people as they perform for you this collection of 14 round dance songs. Singers include Wayon Thomas; Miranda, Cadrey, Ronald, Albert, Darren, Harlow, Harry & Kihew Whitefish; Michelle, Marquis, Natalie & Nora McAdam; Meranne & Tiffany Oliver; Sherry Ann, Gerald, Sidney & Verna Ballantyne; Leanne Harris; Britney & Roy Morin; Brennon, Michael & Justin Naytowhow; Drew Meetoos; Virginia Bird; Roger Chase and Wesley Kisenew. AT 60015 CD $17.98 (Cree)


This is one of those movies that will grow in stature as word-of-mouth gets around. Harsh and brutal...intriguing, agitating and thrilling. Long simmering hatred and racial tensions explode into over-the-top violence and savagery. A realistic view of the trials and tribulations of a gang growing up in a society that alienates ethnic minorities. Set against the backdrop of a troubled, rundown, working-class neighborhood, multi-ethnic gangs engage in brutal fights for money, power and vengeance. The martial arts mayhem, set against a pounding techno soundtrack, is nonstop. This adrenalinedrenched gangster film takes you to a level beyond such Australian ultra-violent classics as Once Were Warriors. Starring Nunzio La Bianca and Joe Murabito. 90 minutes. Closed Captioned. Rated R. ARD 27264D DVD (Out of Print) (Hollywood Movies)


- VOL. 3 POW WOW SONGS - LONG PLAIN FIRST NATION, MANITOBA, CANADA Ten songs including four intertribal songs, three crow hop songs, fancy dance songs, men's traditional song, elders song. Lead singer is Curtis Assiniboine. Other singers are Glen Tait, Feralin Assiniboine, Darryl Kingbird, Curtis Meeches, Shane Red Star, Cyril Assiniboine, Kenny Pratt, Darren Cameron and Hank Hotain. 6229 Cassette $9.98 (Sioux) - VOL. 4 INTERTRIBAL SONGS; LIVE AT O'ODHAM TASH The ASSINIBOINE JR. group, from Long Plain First Nation, Manitoba, Canada, was founded in 1985 and continues the pow wow tradition for their community. Ten intertribal songs. Same singers as on Volume 3. 6230 Cassette $9.98 (Sioux) - VOL. 5 POW WOW SONGS Seven intertribal songs plus Our Children's Song, Song for Benny Norman Wero, Jr. and Tammy Sparvier's Song. Singers: Curtis and Feralin Assiniboine (Sioux/ Ojibway);Glenn Tait, Cyril Assiniboine, Curtis Meeches, George James, Rodney Patrick, Billy Atkinson, John Martin and Cecil James (Ojibway); Jimmy Lefthand (Stoney); Ray Stevenson and Dana Goulet (Cree); Forest Funmaker (Winnebago/ Saulteaux); Ted Napoleon (Lillooet/Cree); Mark Smith (Gros Ventre/Shoshone); Wayne DeLowe (O'odham); Kenny Pratt (Sioux) and Jim Todome


- CEREMONIAL PEYOTE SONGS From Rock Point, Arizona, brothers Atrez and Byron Begay bring you these prayer songs. These are appreciation songs, prayer songs, healing songs, different season songs, all season songs, evening songs and happy occasion songs. RAB-CPS (Out of Print)


This is a compilation recording benefiting the American Diabetes Association. BRULE, DOUGLAS SPOTTED EAGLE, LISA LA RUE, SAMANTHA RAINBOW and CORNEL PEWEWARDY are but a few of the notable artists represented on this fine recording. Twelve songs include Human Rites, She Walks In Beauty, Breathe, and Peace Is All Around. NV 129 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98



- N 2 THA MILLENNIUM ATSA' BUTTE SINGERS are from the Diné Nation, Whiterock, New Mexico. All 11 songs on this recording are composed by members of the drum and include a sneak up, a jingle, a woman's traditional, a men's traditional and an honor song. Singers include Junior Succo, Cleavon Succo, Ivan Succo, Janell Succo, Tanya Brown, Myron Brown, Adrian Yazzie, Alvin Yazzie, Jeremy Kanneth, C. Bengi Pioche and Miranda King. CRM 121600 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98

(Flute/New Age)


Discover the entrancing beauty of the Native Spirit with tranquil melodies performed on Native American flute and a host of traditional instruments rattle, drum, etc. - SEASONS CHANGING Experience a complete journey of Mother Earth circling around Brother Sun while enjoying this musical collection of traditional Native elements fused with a hint of modern soundscapes. Ayaapii employs authentic cedar flute and hand drums to express the senitments surrounding the changing

(Navajo Pow Wow)



Prices subject to change without notice.


seasons. Eight tracks. AR 1211 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age) - SPIRIT SONGS Ten songs including Grand Medicine Lodge, She Is Laughing, Medicine Wheel Path, and You Are Not Alone. AR 1252 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age) - FIRE CIRCLE Eleven more songs including A Warrior Sleeps, Grey Owl Walking, Sweetgrass Lake, and The Water Falls At Night. AR 1253 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age) - IT IS QUIET AT NIGHT Ten tranquil melodies played on the Native American flute. Songs including Aki (The Earth), Naaji (Seek), and Nibaa (He Sleeps). AR 1254 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age)


cal music. Portraits is a collection of compositions and arrangements for classical guitar ranging from Spanish favorites to folk ballads to Bach's mighty Toccata & Fugue in D Minor. A total of 11 songs. 7086 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age - Classical) - SONORAN NIGHTS The contemporary world music trio known as ARC - Gabriel Ayala (guitar), Vince Redhouse (Native American flute and tenor sax) and Will Clipman (percussion) - brings a sound both fresh and familiar to the world stage. Gabriel Ayala (Yaqui) is at the forefront of a new generation of Native Americans performing classical music on the classical guitar. Two-time Grammy® nominee Vince Redhouse (Navajo) is a leading innovator in adapting the Native American flute to the jazz and classical idioms, and has developed a unique technique for playing it as a chromatic instrument. Ayala's flamenco and tango-flavored classical guitar is interwoven with Redhouse's jazz-inflected Native American flute and tenor sax; both are subtly propelled by the pan-global percussion of four time Grammy® nominee Will Clipman. This avantgarde ensemble defies easy categorization, but might best be described as new world fusion. Ten songs including Ave Maria (Franz Schubert), Pavane (Gabriel Faure), Canon in D (Johann Pachabel), and four original compositions by Gabriel Ayala. GA 0579 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age - Classical) - REMEMBRANCE An accomplished guitarist with impeccable technique formed by his training as a classical guitarist, Gabriel Ayala of the Yaqui is a master of diverse musical guitar styles. This recording displays his expressive powers in the genres of flamenco, traditional Spanish, and jazz plus compelling original compositions. 11 songs including Cancion de Cuna, Malaguena, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, and Verano Porteno. 7095 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age - Classical) - PASSION, FIRE & GRACE Native American Music Award winner Gabriel Ayala and five-time Grammy® nominee Will Clipman incorporate classical guitar flavored with flamenco, jazz, tango, and Native American influences and enlivened by the beat of pan-global percussion. A fresh blend of cultures, their music is in a new world. Eleven songs including Monsoon, Cacophony, Black Orpheus, and Allegro. 7098 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age - Classical) - SHADES OF BLUE A member of the Yaqui people of Southern Arizona, Gabriel Ayala (guitarist) is at the forefront of a new generation of Native Americans making a career of performing classical music. Gabriel has been breaking stereotypes amongst Native and nonNative people by performing classical, jazz, flamenco, and new compositions. He presents 11 songs on this release including Inhiapsi, Duenre, SambaNova, and Sewa Ania. DM-001 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age - Classical)



- ONCE UPON A GENOCIDE Native American Rap; not Gangsta, but a real strong recording with political lyric content. 12 songs including Genocide In Progress, There And Beyond, Indian Fan and Twisted Dreams. WAR 605 CD $18.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - INJUNUITY 12 songs including Revolution, Free Peltier, and All Nations Recognize. HOT 2012 (Out of Print) (Contemporary - Rap)


(Spokane) - POW WOW SONGS The first recording by a drum from the Spokane tribe. Recording was made at the 1980 Omak Pow Wow. Includes six war dance songs, three owl dance songs, and three exciting stick game songs. Singers: Ben, Evelyn, Rachael, Rose Mary, Paul, Mavis Albert and Chico Corral. 6174 Cassette $9.98 (Pacific Northwest/Northwestern States)


GABRIEL AYALA (Yaqui) was born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1972. He attended Del Mar College and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas A & M University. He attained his Master's of Music degree which focused on music performance - classical guitar from University of Arizona in Tucson in 1997. He has performed throughout the United States and Canada. Gabriel has master classes with some of today's leading teachers including Manuel Barrueco, Roberto Aussel, Paul O'dette and many others. He resides in Tucson, Arizona and continues his studies planning to receive hi Doctorate in Musical Arts soon. Five classical masterpieces performed on classical acoustic guitar include Bach's Toccata and Fugue BWV 565, Brouwer's Berceuse, Albeniz's Asturias, Seinz de la Maza's Campanas del Alba, and Barrio's Prelude and Andante. GA 01 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age - Classical) - TANGO! Gabriel Ayala is one of the up and coming musicians of his time. As a classical guitarist he has become well-known throughout the United States performing on live radio broadcasts, as well as public and national television. Now residing in Tucson, Arizona, he received his Master of Music degree from the University of Arizona. On this recording he performs nine classic tangos including Por Una Cabeza, Tango, El Choclo, and Buenos Aires Hora Cero. GA 02 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age - Classical) - I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS A long time in the making, this collection of favorite Christmas songs is made very special by Gabriel Ayala. 21 Christmas carols played on the classical acoustic guitar. Songs include White Christmas, The First Noel, Canon in D, Once In Royal David's City, We Three Kings, and many more. A delight to listen to. GA 03 CD $15.98 (Gospel - Christmas) - PORTRAITS A member of the Yaqui people of Southern Arizona, Gabriel Ayala is at the forefront of a new generation of Native Americans performing classi-


Howard Bad Hand is a Sicangu Lakota from Rosebud, South Dakota, and was educated at The Lenox School, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, and Sinte Gleska College. He is a singer and composer of Lakota songs and is the lead singers of the Red Leaf Takoja and Heart Beat singing groups. This music... the ceremony, carries the healing sounds that can entertain the body's rhythms with the universal rhythms. When approached in a sacred manner, it offers the opportunity to experience these healing vibrations of sound in a most profound way. - THE SACRED SONGS OF NATIVE AMERICAN HEALING - SONGS TO LEARN BY The songs presented on this recording are featured in Howard's book "Native American Healing." On this CD, Howard, accompanying himself in three part harmony, sings more slowly and enunciates the Lakota words of the songs more clearly than would be the case in an actual ceremony. This has been done to assist non-Lakota speakers in learning the songs. The harmonies and tonal qualities of this recording also make it an excellent choice for contemplative or meditative listening. HSP-90251 CD $16.98 (Sioux & Educational) - LAKOTA SACRED SONGS - SUNG AS IN CEREMONY (to accompany the book NATIVE AMERICAN HEALING) The songs presented on this recording are featured in Howard's book "Native American Healing." On this recording, Howard, using a hand drum, and Tom Teegarden sing the songs with the pace, style and volume that might be used in an actual ceremony. HSP-90252 CD $16.98 (Sioux & Educational)


- VOL. 1 - SOUTHERN STYLE POW WOW SONGS - RECORDED LIVE AT SYCUAN Ten songs including Flag and Victory Songs, Old Timer's Song, squat dance, intertribals, contest songs, old fancy dance song, old Kiowa song, and


Prices subject to change without notice.


more. 6251 Cassette (Out of Print.) (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOL. 2 DANCE YOUR STYLE; SPECIALTY SONGS OF THE KIOWA This is BAD MEDICINE's second recording of Southern Style pow wow songs. They are an up-and-coming group of singers from Carnegie, Oklahoma. BAD MEDICINE is in high demand as a host drum on the pow wow circuit. They are best know for their unique southern style intertribal songs. They also sing many traditional Kiowa Songs. Highlights include a Snake Dance, Buffalo Dance, Horse Stealing Songs, Fancy Dance and many more. 6252 Cassette (Out of Print.) (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - BLAST FROM THE PAST BAD MEDICINE hails from Carnegie, Oklahoma and consists of members of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. They have travelled extensively and have participated in many celebrations. They formed in 1987 as a hand game team. Lead singer is Phil R. (Joe Fish) Dupoint. 14 songs recorded live at Schemitzun 2001. Songs include Old Fancy Dance Song, Old Kiowa Shake, and Horse Stealing Song. SGBM 082501 (Out of Print.) (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- ALL IN Recorded live at Red Earth, Bad Nation Singers present 11 songs. Singers include Darrell Zephier, Gerald Zephier, Jake Miller, Whitney Rencountre II, Jonas Taken Alive, Jermaine Bell, Cameron Smith, Kenny Pratt Sr, Kenny Pratt Jr, Chris Condon, Louie Sheridan, and Miyo One Arrow. DHOP 1400 CD $16.98 (Sioux) IH 4105 Cassette (Out of Print) (Sioux)



- 2 BE OR NOT 2 BE Recorded live on location in Bismarck, North Dakota on September 11, 2005. Five straight songs by Bad Nation and five straight songs by North Bear. They join together for the final straight song on the recording. WW 0501 CD $17.98 (Sioux)

- LIVE AT UNITED TRIBES - VOL. 1 Grass dance songs, traditional war songs, Arikara war songs and Traditional Song to Pick Up Feather. Sung by Roy A. Azure III, Lyle E. Denny, Russell Denny, Gary Drum, Ben Gray Hawk, Gerald R. Lambert, Bill Runsabove, Chuck Spotted Bird, Sr., Leland Spotted Bird and George Squirrel Coat IH 4106 Cassette (Out of Print) (Sioux) - LIVE AT UNITED TRIBES - VOL. 2 11 songs continued from Volume 1, recorded at the 10th International Championship Dancing and Singing Contest, Bismarck, North Dakota. IH 4107 Cassette (Out of Print) (Sioux) - LIVE AT SANTA FE - MAY 1994 Recorded "live" at the 4th Annual Santa Fe Powwow at Pojoaque Pueblo, New Mexico, May 27-30, 1994. Singers are Seymour Eagle Speaker, Bill Runsabove, Delray Smith, Chuck Spotted Bird, Merle Tendoy, and Harry Three Stars Jr. 13 songs including Honor Song, Grass Dance Songs, Kahomini Song, Nathan Crazy Bull Flag Song, Air Force Veteran's Song and more. IH 4109 CD $15.98 (Sioux)




- SOUTHERN Evolved from various Southern Pow Wow groups, BAD MOON RISING consists of members of the Ponca, Otoe and Pawnee tribes from Oklahoma. Singers include Stephen Little Cook I, Jordon Moore, Pat Moore Sr., Pat Moore Jr., Little Bear Little Cook, Johnson Taylor, Aaron Adson, OJ Little Cook, and Ronald Monoessy. One trick song and ten intertribals. CRM 052803 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- ASSINIBOINE-SIOUX GRASS DANCE Ten songs by Lyle E. Denny, Rusty Denny, Gary Drum, Ben G. Hawk, Gerald Lambert, Gary Red Eagle, Adrian C. Spotted Bird, Sr., Leland Spotted Bird. Recorded at Brockton Montana. IH 4101 Cassette (Out of Print) (Sioux) - SOUNDS OF THE BADLAND SINGERS Ten grass dance songs by an Assiniboine Sioux group, winners of the 1974 and `75 United Tribes International Championship Singing Contest at Bismarck, N. Dakota. Recorded at Poplar Montana, 1975. Sung by Roy A. Azure III, Mathew Big Fork, Russell Denny, Gary Drum, Ben Gray Hawk, Gerald Lambert, Adrian Spotted Bird, Leland Spotted Bird. IH 4102 Cassette (Out of Print) (Sioux) - LIVE AT BISMARCK Four traditional honoring songs, 4 grass dance songs. a Kahomini song, and a round dance song sung by Mathew Big Talk, Rusty Denny, Gary Drum, Ben Gray Hawk, Gerald B. Lambert, Adrian Spotted Bird, Leland Spotted Bird, and Donald White Bear. Recorded live at the 6th Annual United Tribes Days International Championship Dancing and Singing Contest at Bismarck, North Dakota. IH 4103 Cassette (Out of Print) (Sioux) - THE BADLAND SINGERS AT HOME 10 grass dance songs sung by Bradley Buffalo Calf, Russell Denny, Gary Drum, Ben Gray Hawk, Earl Jones, Jr., Bill Runsabove, George Squirrel Coat, Mike G. Talks Different, and Donald Whitebear. Recorded at Brockton Montana. IH 4104 Cassette (Out of Print) (Sioux) - KAHOMINI SONGS 10 Kahomini songs (similar to the owl dance) sung by the same singers as IH 4104


- LADY OF THE NIGHT 12 Country songs including Runaway, Wonderful Tonight, Lady Of The Night, and Knockin' On Heavens Door. JCM 0321 CD $16.98 (Country) - JOSE CUERVO 12 more Country songs including Earth Bound, Liza Jane, Blue Train, and I'm Coming Home. JCM 0391 CD $16.98 (Country) - UNDER THE COVERS Badlandz is happy to bring you another collection of their favorite Country hits. 11 songs including Silver Stallion, Wagon Wheel, With Or Without You, and Not A Moment Too Soon. TM 332258-18 (Out of Print.) (Country) - VOLUME 1 Shawn Manuelito (vocals, rhythm guitar), Nelson Tabaha (bass), Allen Hill Jr. (drums) and Jonathan Nelson (lead guitar) present 12 songs including Open Road, Wicked Games, Painted Horses, and Sweet High Class Woman. AV 56951 CD $17.98 (Country)


- STRAIGHT FROM THA REZ Bad Nation have been singing together for the past several years but only formed the "Oyate Sica" BAD NATION SINGERS less that a year ago. They have made drum roll call at several major Northern Plains Pow Wows. It is with quiet pride and conviction that they declare themselves to be drug and alcohol free in their quest to bring honor and recognition to their drum. In a sacred manner it has begun and so may it continue. Ten songs never before recorded. Singers include Kevin Wright, Richard Hudson, Glenn Shields, Gerald Zephier, Whitney Recontre II, Darrell Zephier, Clark Zephier and Pauline Zephier. MWM 0001 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - FOR THE PEOPLE 2003 The BAD NATION SINGERS have been traveling together since 1998 and consist of singers from various reservations in South Dakota. Throughout their travels, they bring their unique sound to the pow wow circle with encouragement and good feeling. Singers include Foster Cournoyer, Chris Janis, Michael A. Spears, Miles Miller, Jermaine Bell, Gary Twostars, Gerald Zephier, Justin Miller, Darrell Zephier and Whitney Ren Countre. 12 songs including 6 Intertribals. RCR 9800 (Out of Print) (Sioux)


- HONOR OUR ELDERS Originally from Black Mesa, Arizona, Carmelita now resides in Chinle, Arizona with her husband, Irvin Bahe, and children. She has been a member of the Native American Church since she was young, but recently started singing. With her debut album she presents 24 Peyote songs. CRM 072105 CD $16.98 (Peyote)

Prices subject to change without notice.


- HONOR OUR ELDERS #2 In her 2nd release Carmelita presents 24 Peyote Songs. CB 102 CD $16.98 (Peyote) (Peyote)




- INKA SUNRISE Wachan Bajiyoperak was born in Ciromayo Cusco Peru in 1962. His father was a HAMPIG medicine man. Since his early childhood Wachan showed a deep connection with the temples and the old ways of his ancestors. He was trained by his father in Natural Medicine, and by his mother in traditional Inka music and mythology. Wachan is working to restore and preserve the medicine, music, language, and religion of his culture. This music is for healing. The songs express the rhythms of life, like the wind that sings in the trees with the birds and the rivers and oceans that dance with the roar of thunder. Ten songs including traditional melodies and new songs composed by Wachan himself. Songs include Pachamama (Mother Earth), Mosoq' Illariy (Song of Hope), Elme (Love Song), and Hampiq' Taki (Healing Song). ASTRO-008 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean)


Originally from Tselani, Arizona, Irvin now resides in Chinle, Arizona. He has been involved in the Native American Church all his life. Irvin hopes that his songs will help the younger generation to realize how precious life is and also give encouragement and guidance through hardship and happiness in life.


- AZEE' HINAH BIYIIN NIZHONI Volume 11 from Irvin Bahe presents 20 songs. Songs include five straight songs and May We Prosper With Your Holiness, Birthday Blessings, and more. IB 111 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - SONGS OF GOOD BLESSINGS Volume 12 presents 20 songs from the Native American Church. IB 112 CD $17.98 (Peyote)

24 Native American Church songs accompanied by Tim Roy, John Curley Jr. and Ambrose Curley on waterdrum. Songs that are sung in the Diné language are translated into English on the inside cover. CRM 051399 CD $16.98 (Peyote)



- DINE PRAYER PEYOTE SONGS - Vol. 1 This collection features 24 Diné Prayer Peyote Songs by Irvin Bahe and David Johnson. Eight songs are presented in vocals only, 16 songs are accompanied by water drum and gourd rattle. Songs in the Diné language are translated into English on the inside cover. All songs on this recording are original and have been composed by Irvin Bahe and David Johnson. CRM 021199 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - DINE PRAYER PEYOTE SONGS - Vol. 2 This second recording by Irvin Bahe and David Johnson features 24 Dinê Prayer Peyote songs. Both singers are residing on the Navajo reservation and have been participating in the Native American Church all of their lives. With these songs they wish to inspire especially the younger generation so that they can find peace and harmony on the sacred road of life. CRM 071500 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - DINE PRAYER PEYOTE SONGS - Vol. 3 The long awaited third volume of songs from Irvin Bahe and David Johnson. Ten years after their last recording, Irvin and David come together once again to share more songs of the Native American Church. All 24 songs are original and both singers are proud and happy to continue this sacred road of life. CRM 010810 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- AMERICAN INDIAN SONGS FOR CHOIR The "Red People" of Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado. Seventeen beautiful Indian songs and chants sung in the distinctive manner of this wellknow choral organization. The 35 member choir represents 17 different tribes. Songs were originally transcribed and arranged for choir by Dr. Louis Ballard. 6110 Cassette $9.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections) - WALK IN BEAUTY MY CHILDREN The second album by this very popular Indian choir from Fort Lewis College. The album features sixteen traditional Indian songs from various tribes arranged for the 49 voice choir. Songs are from the Kiowa, Zuni, Pima and others. 6149 (Out of Print) (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)

Irvin Bahe presents his second solo recording of Native American Church songs. He is accompanied by David Johnson on waterdrum. Many of these 20 prayer songs address everyday needs. He gives thanks to parents and people in the military, and asks for better education for the children. The songs sung in the Diné language have been translated on the inside cover by Judie Johnson. CRM 071600 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - PEYOTE SONGS (Volume 3) 24 songs recorded in 1999. IB 103 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - DINE PEYOTE PRAYER SONGS (Volume 4) 24 Peyote songs recorded in 2000. IB 104 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - DINE PEYOTE PRAYER SONGS (Volume 5) 24 Peyote songs recorded in 2001. IB 105 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SONGS OF OUR ELDERS (Volume 6) 24 songs recorded in 2002. IB 106 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - DINE PEYOTE PRAYER SONGS (Volume 7) 20 Dine Peyote Prayer songs recorded in 2003. IB 107 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SONGS OF OUR ELDERS II (Volume 8) 24 songs recorded in 2004. IB 108 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SODIZIN SIN Irvin Bahe brings you his ninth volume of Native American Church songs. IB 109 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - DINE PEYOTE PRAYER SONGS VOL. 10 Irvin brings you 20 more Dine Peyote Prayer songs. Included are six straight songs. IB 110 CD $16.98


- UNITED WE STAND...REFUSING TO FALL! Dennis Banks brings you comtemporary 49 songs and more in his unique style. 12 songs with an introduction by Floyd "Red Crow' Westerman accompanied by Keith Secola. Special guest George Estes (Lakota George) plays Native American flute. Other singers include Angela, Darla, and Minoh Banks, Jerry Gaddes and Travis Sayers. RCR 9770 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)


- PEYOTE SONGS Randy and Veslie are both from Low Mountain, Arizona on the Diné Reservation. Their families have been involved with the Peyote Way of life and the Native American Church for a long time. Randy and Veslie look at life with appreciation of the knowledge and wisdom of their elders. Presented here are 24 Peyote Songs. CRM 110300 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- VOL. 2 - PEYOTE SONGS 24 peyote songs by Everett Barker with Larry Butler. 8021 Cassette $9.98 (Peyote)


- MORNING, HEALING & PRAYER SONGS Morning songs healing songs and Prayer songs of the Native American Church performed by Tony Bahe and A. Barton. These very pretty songs also contain original compositions by Tony Bahe. We hope these songs will be pleasing to all. DP 6066 (Out of Print) (Peyote)


A uniquely delicate and moving road movie, Barking Water uses the weathered and beautiful backdrop of rural Oklahoma to tell the story of Frankie, a proud Native American attempting to reconnect with his estranged family. Released from the hospital, but still very ill, he hits the road with his exlover Irene, who acts as Frankie's nurse but refuses

Prices subject to change without notice.


to offer forgiveness for his past indiscretions. But the journey really begins as they travel through the sun-dappled Oklahoman country to reunite with Frankie's daughter and grandchild, encountering various eccentric personalities. From motormouthed nephews to a philosophical pot-smoking loner, along the way. Starring Richard Ray Whitman, Casey Camp-Horinek, Jon Proudstar and Aaron Riggs. 78 minutes. Not Rated. 26681D DVD $29.95 (Hollywood Movie)


(Chicken Scratch/Non Native)




- MORE MEMORIES IN CABABI It is with great pleasure that the first tunes recorded on Memories In Cababi, and an additional 11 tunes are presented on this CD. Inspired by The Gu-achi Fiddlers, BAYOU SECO holds true to the spirit of Chicken Scratch music. 20 songs including Great Big White Tortillas, Pinto Beans, First Choice, Big Shoes, Memories in Ajo and Sonora Church TwoStep BS 8083 CD $16.98 (Chicken Scratch/Non-native)


- LIVE FROM THE REZ BATTLE RIVER is: Randy "Cheeks" Kingbird, Mike Roy, Keveon Kingbird, Jon Prentice, Don "BQ" Kingbird, Mark Kingbird, Kevin Kingbird, Terry "Dealer" Senogles, Frankie Graves. Guest appearance by THE BOYZ : Vinny Sherub, Marlin, Dickenson, Charlie Lasley. 10 songs including: Drum Song, Straight, Squaw Dance, Intertribals, Men's Fancy Dance, Obshing, Crow Hop and Women's Fancy Shawl. TIM 10004 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - COUPLE FOR THE ROAD 1998 World Singing "Northern Style" Champions, Battle River, from Red Lake, Minnesota have been making their mark on the pow wow trail with their unique and powerful style of singing. Best known for their "straight" songs, Battle River is blending a traditional style with a contemporary approach. Eleven of their newest songs. AR 1103 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - LIVE AT TAMA, IOWA The latest recording by BATTLE RIVER. 13 new compositions including straight songs, a side step and more. RCR 9790 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - HARD TIMES This collection of 12 pow wow songs includes Come On Now, Stay Down, Thirsty, and Red Bear's Song. DHOP 1000 CD $16.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway)

- WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE Two of the hottest drum groups on the pow wow trail today on one recording - plus a bonus track of the two groups performing together. BEAR CREEK of Ontario, Canada and SIZZORTAIL of Oklahoma bring you a total of 14 songs in their own original northern and southern styles. The bonus track begins with two verses of southern style and finishing northern style on the last two verses. DHOP 0200 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- L.I.V.E. Upon listening to this recording it's easy to understand how BEAR CREEK came in first place at the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow competition 2001. This exciting new group explodes onto the Pow Wow scene with their amazing 12 song debut release. BEAR CREEK is a 17 man Ojibway group based out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Their performance on this recording displays their unique sound and incredible energy. AR 1151 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - THE SHOW MUST GO ON BEAR CREEK is the new generation of powerhouse drum groups and they've started a collection of awards to prove it - winning first place at Gathering of Nations 2001 competition and Best Traditional and Best Contemporary drum group at the 2002 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. This is their second release with 11 songs including Toga Style, The AZ Flats, Holy White Rider, and Bring It In. AR 1199 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - THE WAY OF OUR DRUM Recorded live in Ethete, Wyoming, this collection of 12 pow wow songs includes Release The Hounds, Pukatawagan Blues, On The Trail, and What It Is. DHOP 1100 CD $16.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - THROUGH THICK AND THIN An earth-shaking and awe-inspiring live recording from Mt. Pleasant by one of pow wow's most popular and in-demand Northern style drums. This recording celebrates Bear Creek's tenth anniversary. The bold singing of this Ojibwe drum group is heard in all corners of Native America and places them firmly as a favorite of dancers and listeners. Bears Creek is a crucial presence on the pow wow trail. 6448 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - BEAR CREEK XI Having dedicated themselves to the way of the drum for over a decade, Bear Creek continues to sing from the heart with power, conviction and feeling. Combining intricate melodies with crisp singing, the Ojibwe drum group delivers another soon-to-be classic recording. Audio CD presents 12 songs including Rush for Roll Call, Cowboy Up, Sonic Boom, and more. The DVD includes three of the songs on the CD plus exclusive interviews. 6474 CD/DVD $20.49 (Northern Plains/Ojibway)


- SONGS OF BEAR HILLS - ROUND DANCE SONGS The BEAR HILL SINGERS are Francis Green, Marlon D. Francis Green (Drumkeeper), Arnold Pete, Jack Bull, Melvin Stone, Ken Saddleback, Frederick Rain, Melvin Abraham, Peter Lightening, Garrison Deschamps, Florence Nepoose (lead woman singer), True Dancer, Margeret Green, Alexandra Moonia, Dee-Dee Deschamps. Drumkeeper, Marlon D. Francis, nine at the time of this recording, composes traditional and contemporary songs and has sung annd written songs for several well known singing groups. Liner notes. SGBH 081294 (Out of Print) (Canada)


- ECHOES OF THE UPPER MISSOURI Keith Bear tells us that the NU E'ta (Mandan) People have had flutes among them for hundreds of years, using the wind, birds and water from along the Big Missouri and Little Missouri Rivers for accompaniment. He hopes that the music transports each listener back to the bottomlands as in the past. The natural sounds on this recording were recorded digitally in North Dakota, primarily along the bottomlands of the Missouri and Little Missouri Rivers. Keith is self-taught and has been playing flute since 1985. He tells us that the flute has been his way to find inner peace. MC 0109 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - EARTHLODGE Mandan/Hidatsa storyteller and flute player, Keith Bear, shares the songs of his people, recorded as they were first played in a Mandan earthlodge built on the plains of the Dakotas. These are songs that were sung in the lodges through the winter and into the spring, then taken outside in the summer and shared with the rest of the village. They were also shared with all travelers that came to trade for food and medicine. These are rich and beautiful prayers and stories to be taken into the heart and enjoyed like the sweet smell of a pretty wind in the morning. This enhanced CD contains a 10 minute video about Keith, his life and culture. 12 songs including Mandan Welcome/Warrior Return Song, Hidatsa Courtship Song, Hidasta Garden Song and Spirit Journey Song. MM 0153 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - MORNING STAR WHISPERED For generations people have looked to the heavens for guidance and hope. The Morning Star, as the mystical transition between light and dark, guides


- MEMORIES IN CABABI BAYOU ECLECTICO is Ken Keppler, violin; Jeannie McLerie, violin; Scott Mathis, mandolin; Linda Askew, guitar; Jefferson Voorhees, drums; Elizabeth Neely, Tarahumara drum. Elliot Johnson from Cababi Arizona, and Elliot's Uncle, Charlie Johnson of the AJO ORCHESTRA, and others, are the inspiritation for this group of performers. The Tohono O'odham (Desert People) have been playing fiddles for more than 200 years, ever since missionaries taught them to make fiddles and play for the Catholic Mass. Those early performers picked up musical styles of musicians that passed their way, the mazurkas, chotis, 2-step, cuadrillas and polkas. From these roots come what is now called "Chicken Scratch". Today this music is performed on accordians, saxaphone, electric guitar, bass and drums, and so the oldest tunes have nearly been lost. Fourteen songs including: Cuadrilla, Biscuit Cheeks, Big Shoes, Great Big White Tortillas, Pinto Beans, Memories In Aho and more. UB 27 Cassette $2.00

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the Sun in its path to the creation of a new day. For the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara it is this star upon which many still gaze. Inspired by the Morning Star, Keith Bear presents 7 melodies. Songs include Northern Lights, Turtle and Pretty Crane, and Night Dreamer. MM 0202 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)


songs including Warpaint, Wobble Rose, Crow Hopp `In, and Straight Shot. RR 100101 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- MELODIES OF COLORS Denise Becenti is from Tuba City, Arizona where she lives with her family. She started attending the Native American Church prayer services while attending high school. She continues to learn valuable teachings about the Native American Church and the healing powers of the peyote medicine. She presents this collection of Native American Church songs for your enjoyment and for the healing powers they possess may you find peace and tranquility. CRM 120110 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- CHRISTIAN SONGS IN NATIVE LANGUAGES For more than 300 years, Christianity has influenced Native peoples throughout the Americas. Hymn singing in Native languages has become a tradition, helping to keep highly endangered Native languages alive for future generations. Native peoples of the Americas, including Hawaii, raise their voices in song in their original languages, giving expression to the resilience of culture. Includes a 20+ page booklet with extensive liner notes. 33 songs from a variety of artists including TEWA WOMEN'S CHOIR, MAISE SHENANDOAH with LIZ ROBERTS and JOANNE SHENANDOAH, WALKER CALHOUN, ONEIDA HYMN SINGERS, CHEYENNE RIVER MISSION SINGERS, THE KINGFISHER TRIO, KYKOTSMOVI MENONITE CHURCH CHOIR, ST. HERMAN'S SEMINARY OCTET, SAVED BY GRACE CHOIR and many more. Songs include Amazing Grace, Rock Of Ages, In The Sweet By And By, Sweet Hour Of Prayer and many more. SF 40480 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- POW WOW SONGS TIM 10025 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- VOL. 1 - ALL AROUND INDIAN COWBOY Includes: title song, Home Is Where the Heart Is, Miss Pauline, Arkansas Woman, and six more. A fine singer, this multi-talented Canadian Cree follows the rodeo circuit and has appeared in many films as an actor and stunt man. 537 (Out of Print.) (Country) - ANGRY MOUNTAIN The second album by rodeo and country/western performer Cody Bearpaw. Originally released in the mid to late 70's it is now re-released. 10 songs include Rain Dance, Coca Cola Cowboy, Diggy Diggy Lie, and Pick The Wildwood Flower. D 106 CD $15.98 (Out of Print.) (Country)


- VOLUME 1 12 songs including Mr. Moonlight, Sweet Dream Woman, Heartaches By The Numbers and Looking For A Feeling. LB-01 CD $15.98 (Country)


- VOL. 3 - NAVAJO TWO-STEP AND SKIP DANCE SONGS Six skip dance songs and six two-step dance songs. Singers are Daniel Van Lee, John Blue Eyes, Henry Yabeny, Francis Morgan, Paul C. Benally, Dave Johnson, Harry Harrison, Jessie Smith, Rosemary Lee, May Lee and Helen Toglena. 7150 (Out of Print) (Navajo) - VOL. 4 - NAVAJO TWO-STEP AND SKIP DANCE SONGS Twelve songs including Grand Entry Song, Fraulein and Mom's Approval, We'll Go Steady. Same singers as Volume 3. 7151 Cassette $9.98 (Navajo)


- MORNING BLESSINGS Denise Becenti, from Tuba City, Arizona, is from the Salt People (Ashiihi) clan born for the Towering House (Kiyaa aanii). Her maternal clan is Honey Comb Rock People (Tsenjikini) ei shicheii and her paternal clan is Salt People (Ashiihi) ei shinali. She presents 32 Peyote songs as "Morning Blessings" to you, your family, and the many relatives both near and far. Songs of prayer, comfort, hope, and happiness for our children, families, friends, relatives and our special grandparents are presented. CRM 110605 CD $16.98


- ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK RECORDING BEARS is a Giant-Screen motion picture that explores the life of these fascinating animals. The emotionally evocative music on this soundtrack expresses both the beauty and the power of bears. Original film score by Violaine Corradi with songs by Native artists MARY YOUNGBLOOD and LAWRENCE LAUGHING. Non-Native artists include Lyle Lovett, Paul Reisler, Alice Gomez and Claude Carmichael & Pete Wasner. SD 930 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


- WARRIOR OF LOVE You know her best for her acting in movies like Naturally Native, Smoke Signals and The Lost Child. Now see another side to this multitalented Native woman as she performs 14 songs with Deni, Mary Spencer, Adam Levy and Tony Kelly. The music is explosive. A driving rock beat. Powerful lyrics. Songs include Bustin Out, No Explanations, Dream Of Point Hope, Welcome To The World, and Generation Landslide. KWS 2003 CD $17.98 (Contemporary/Rock)


- HUMBLE PRAYERS Denise presents another collection of 24 Native American Church songs. CRM 120406 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - A MOTHER'S BLESSING A mother prays for her children and relatives. She prays through her songs, she meditates to the medicine, and to the fireplace. She prays to the Holy People to bless the land so that we may always walk in beauty and to keep relatives safe while serving in the Armed Forces. Denise Becenti dedicates this album to all Native American Church members and families. May these songs bring happiness, comfort, and guidance. 24 songs. DB 2008 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VISIONS OF HOPE This is a collection of old and new songs. Songs for her children to bring them a vision of hope. Songs to bring you happiness. Songs for many more birthdays to come. 28 songs including straight songs, birthday songs and more. DB 2009 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- NOTHING TO LOSE In the summer of 1992 BEARSPRING formed as a drum group just to have fun. The group was made up of Dine, Ojibway, Luiseno and Mohawk members. The name Bearspring was chosen because the family that originally started the group came from Shush-Bi-Toh (Bearspring), Arizona. With respect for their drum they remain drug and alcohol free. Through their singing they try to help those not feeling well by bringing good feelings to them. They try to make the dancers dance and make the people happy through their songs. 12 songs including Drum Song, Slip-N-Slide, Razzel Dazzel and Duck It. Three songs are sung in the Luiseno language. PHMC 327 CD $15.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - STRAIGHT OUTTA CALI Recorded live at the 2006 Sherman Indian High School Pow Wow. Singers present for the recording are Randy Kinlicheenie, Charlie Arviso, Pearson Tahuka, Jackson Takuha, Ron Flores, Herschel Martinez, Julian Phoenix, Dennis Brown, Gene Begay, Josh Hayes and Glen Begay. 12


- REBEL ROUZER SOAR 105 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98


- RESERVATION OF EDUCATION A blend of contemporary and traditional music with powerful lyrics set to a rap beat. 12 songs include We're The Boyz, Pow Wow Girls, Seize The Day and Let's Save Our Mother Earth. WAR 604 CD $18.98



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Ten hard rocking songs including Renegade, I Fought the Law, Yellow Horse, Still Rocking, Reservation of Education and three more. SOAR 104 CD $18.98 (Contemporary/Rock) - REVEAL HIS GLORY Tom Bee heads in another direction with this Gospel recording. Songs include Awesome God, Joyful Victory, Sacred Warrior, I Wonder If God Cries, and more. RS 006 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Gospel/Christian)


enlighten the spirit, mind and body in the name of the living God. CRM 111200 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - MELODIES OF PRAYER Calvin's family was one of the first on the central part of the reservation to be involved with the Native American Church and the use of Peyote. He was brought up this way and he looks at life with appreciation of the knowledge and wisdom of his Elders. Calvin prays that the songs on this recording will enable, heal, and benefit those in need and those looking for salvation in Jesus Christ. He presents 24 original compositions on this recording. CRM 011202 CD $16.98 (Peyote) all sung in the Diné language. ICR 102 (Out of Print) (Peyote)



- HONORING STEVE BIRD Jessie Begay presents ten original compositions. Songs include a crow hop, four round dance songs, three inter-nation honoring songs, a side-step song and a straight song. CMP 133 CD $15.98 (Navajo)


- TURTLE ISLAND Jim's heartfelt lyrics and skillful musicianship move the heart and transport the listener to places both deeper and higher than one might first expect. Jim conveys through his music a strength and spiritual conviction beyond his years. A dynamic mixing of contemporary and traditional sounds. The acoustic rhythms of Jim's guitar combined with the ancient sounds of flute, drums and rattles weave the old with the new in a seamless flow of time. JIM BEER plays a message for his people. SSCT 4316 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary)


- MARLENA Eight songs praising God. Enjoy the sweet, clear voice of MARLENA. She has a fresh approach to some old favorites. Songs include When Shall It Be, Take My Hand, and I'll Be With You. CPR-MB0010 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - I'LL RUN TO YOU Marlena's award winning second album presents ten contemporary Gospel songs including I'm Alive, I'm Going To Make It, Return To Me, and Amazing Grace (in Navajo). CPR-019 CD $16.98 (Christian/Gospel)


- CHANTING WITH NATURE These intertribal peyote songs were sung by the Kiowa and other tribes when the Native American Church was first introduced among the Navajos. This is how many of the older NAC members remember hearing and learning these songs. The 24 songs on this recording are sung in commemoration to the old folks who first sang them and who were willing to share them. It is hoped that the younger generation and their families will relearn these songs and pass them on from generation to generation and to always be willing to share them with others. 54787 (Out of Print)


- GIFT OF LIFE Bryan Begay represents the Red House People and is born for the Folded Arms People. Bryan is from Lukachukai, Arizona and was raised through the Peyote Ceremony. He presents 24 peyote songs and hopes that these songs will benefit all listeners. JCM 0731 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - MELODIES OF LIFE Bryan presents his second album of songs from the Native American Church. He hopes you enjoy them. CMP 118 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- THE GIFT OF LIFE Nikki is originally from Shiprock, New Mexico. She began singing at age 13. The last set of songs on the album are the songs she learned at that age. The remainder of the songs presented were inspired by her son and her faith through the Native American Church. She is accompanied on water drum by her father, Dan Y. Begay. CRM 050308 CD $16.98 (Peyote)



- TURQUOISE SINGER Ethel Begay presents nine traditional Diné songs including Dress in Navajo Rug, Frizzy Boy, Little Cousin, Is She Our In-Law?, and Horse Whisper. CT1-500 CD $14.98 (Navajo)


- TRADITIONAL NAVAJO SHOE GAME SONGS 26 Shoe Game Songs. CT-400 CD $14.98 (Navajo) - STARS IN THE DESERT Pauline Begay performs twelve traditional songs with a contemporary flavoring of nature sounds and synthesized strings by Robbie Bee. Sung in Navajo and English. Songs include The Bluebird Song, Many Tears Ago, I Walk In Beauty and Navajo Nation Anthem. SOAR 152 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Navajo) - TO ALL OUR PRECIOUS ONES Pauline is an educator with a M.A. in Education. She loves to teach Native American children native songs and music. A beautiful recording of 15 Navajo lullabies and childrens songs. Each song has a short explanation of its meaning. Songs include Cradleboard Lullaby, Early Dawn Child, Weep No More, Donkey Song. CRM 081698 CD $16.98 (Legends/Children's) - DAHWIITAAL (Navajo Nursery Songs) Sure to be a winner with all the children of the world, Dr. Pauline M. Begay demonstrates a way to teach the Navajo language. She believes a new language can be learned through singing. By listening to this album, there is hope to learn a new language. 16 songs including Naaldlooshii (The Farmer In The Dell), Hastiin Farmer (Old McDonald), Sits'iis (Head, Shoulders, Knees,


- HEALING VISION Calvin Begay is from Burnt Corn on the Diné Nation in Arizona. His maternal clan is maideesh giizhni (Coyote Pass People), his paternal clan is hásh kham há zhónii (Yucca Plant People). His family was one of the first on the central part of the reservation to be involved with the Native American Church and the use of peyote. Calvin was brought up in this way and he looks at life with appreciation of the knowledge and wisdom of his Elders. He prays that the songs on this recording will enable, heal and benefit those in need and those looking for salvation in Jesus Christ. This album presents 16 original compositions. CRM 120899 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SACRED GATHERING Noted singer CALVIN BEGAY presents 24 original compositions accompanied by gourd rattle and water drum. He is from Burnt Corn on the Diné Nation in Arizona. As long as he can remember he has been attending and singing in Native American Church services. Through the use of peyote and prayers he composed his first song in late 1989. Calvin believes these songs are a gift from God. The songs on this recording are to


- VISIONS REVIVED This is Herman's debut recording as a solo recording artist. A veteran of the studio, and an accomplished Native American Church vocalist, Herman choose to share these heart-felt, emotional expressions with the public. Solo voice coupled with self drawn harmonies and melodic presentation, VISIONS REVIVED is at once complelling and thought provoking. He is also a member and lead singer of the drum group INDIAN CREEK, has appeared on Douglas Spotted Eagle's "CLOSER TO FAR AWAY", and was the head vocalist and lead dancer for the VOICES OF NATIVE AMERICA performing arts tour. ICR 101 (Out of Print) (Peyote) - MEDICINE SPIRIT Nine sets of songs of the Native American Church,

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Toes), and Kiish (Bluebird). CRM 052802 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Legends/Children's)


and creative songs call people to the Round Dance in beauty. For the last decade Begaye has fused his Diné (Navajo) heritage with the singing style of the Northern Plains and carried his music to native and non-native people throughout North America. The Round Dance is a courting dance for couples and is popular with Native Americans everywhere. Songs include Sunshine Beauty, Hush My Darling, Children's Prayer, and seven more. 6328 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Navajo) - SONG OF COLORS Respected throughout Native America, Jay Begaye (Diné) is known for his beautiful songs and singing. The Round Dances and traditional Navajo songs carry with them the vibrant colors of the Navajo people through Jay's enchanting voice. 10 songs including Hon-Dah Special, Natay's Song, Navajo Birthday Song, and Traditional Round Dance. 6356 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Navajo) - THE COLORFUL WORLD From the desert heartland of the Dine Nation comes the stirring voice of talented singer and songmaker Jay Begaye. Reflecting the rich beauty of the Dine culture, this collection of captivating vocal performances with drum accompaniment are sung by one of Native America's greatest voices in honor of his own beloved people. Special guests include Anthony Wakeman (Native American flute) and Darren Yazzie (acoustic guitar). 11 songs including Interstate 40, Purple Horizon, In Beauty We Walk, and Cotton Candy/Lollypop. 6403 CD $15.98 (Navajo)


together with his clan brother, Everitt White on Native American flute, to preform this collection of songs inspired by Navajo history and culture. Nine songs. 6288 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Navajo)


- PRAYER SONGS OF FAITH Peterson Begay is from Mexican Hat, Utah. He proudly presents this recording of peyote songs. Drumming provided by Ira Deschene. DMP 108 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- NATIVE ROSE Born on the reservation border town of Farmington , New Mexico, Kansas now resides in Waterflow. She was winner of The Rising Star Award at the 2005 Nammys. The round dance songs on this recording will be her first attempt to perform this style of traditional singing, they're different, and she does them well. She hopes to be an inspiration to young Native people - to hold on to their culture, tradition and language. 12 songs including Rumors, Falling Star, Healing Winds, and Yellow Corvette. SOAR 221 CD $18.98 (Navajo) - BEAUTY OF THE SPIRIT Kansas started singing when she was 10 years old. She shares her Navajo culture with many people through her songs and stories. In this recording she presents 11 songs including Go My Son, Sweet Sixteen, Good To Be Young, and Walk In Beauty Prayer. KB 37284 CD $18.98 (Navajo) - NATIVE DREAMS In Kansas Begaye's debut recording, re-released for you, she presents 12 songs. Songs include a round dance song, four NAC songs and seven others. At such a young age, her talent is truly evident as heard on this recording. KB 35262 CD $16.98 (Navajo) - SACRED REFLECTIONS OF TIME This album is a compilation of songs ranging from modern up-beat songs to NAC songs. The beautiful mixture is a different approach to new age Native music. It is truly a sacred reflection of time. Today we divide our lives into two worlds and this album helps create a bridge. Ten contemporary songs and four NAC songs. KB 35401 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


- WALK IN BEAUTY From Flagstaff, Arizona, Richard Begay brings you 12 songs accompanied by drum. Songs include Dance With Her, White Mountain Apache Girl, We Met By Mistake, and Shoshone Girl In Flagstaff. CRM 031005 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


- JUSTIN BOOTS Talibah started singing traditional Diné songs at an early age. She participates in various traditional events such as social song and dances, shoe games, and the yeibiche dances. Her debut CD contains original songs composed by her. At 13 years of age she exhibits a talent far exceeding her years. 16 songs including Since You Left, Grandma's Teaching, Princess Special, and Behoney Ashkii. CT-100 CD $14.98 (Navajo) - SALUTES THE VETERANS Talibah Begay performs eight songs to honor our Armed Forces veterans. Songs include Code Talkers, National Anthem, America The Beautiful, and Veteran's Special. CT-300 CD $14.98 (Navajo) - NAVAJO SONGS FOR CHILDREN Talibah Begay is a fresh young voice representing the Navajo people. Her children's songs reflect the traditions of her people especially respect for elders. Sung in Navajo and English, Talibah's songs are for fun as well as to teach the lasting values of the Diné. 16 songs including Spider-Man, Barney, Dora the Explorer, ABC 123 Song, and more. 6475 CD $15.98 (Legends/Childrens)


- NIGHT OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS Inspired by the wonder of the Northern Lights, father and daughter Jay and Tiinesha Begaye bring together the musical traditions of Native people from the American Southwest and the heart of the Canadian Plains. Blending songs in traditional Navajo style with the round dance rhythms of Canada, Jay (Navajo) and Tiinesha (Navajo-Cree), exemplify the spirit of all Native People across North America. Including special guest artist Anthony Wakeman on Native American flute. 12 songs including Grandfather's Teachings, Message From The Spirit World, Going To The Fair, and Together We Walk In Beauty. 6440 CD $15.98 (Navajo) - HORSES ARE OUR JOURNEY For Native Americans throughout history the horse has been central to their lives. Jay Begaye of the Diné (Navajo) and his daughter, Tiinesha Begaye (Similkameen-Diné) honor their horses through song and sing about other aspects of Native American culture in performances of Diné Traditional songs, Canadian Round Dance songs and a Pow Wow style song. 12 songs including Steamboat Akalii Song, Nevada Sunset, Scouts' Victory Song, and My Pretty Horse, Skoopa. 6467 CD $15.98 (Navajo)


- RHYTHM OF LOVE Daughter of famed singer Jay Begaye, Tiinesha sings a blend of Canadian style hand drumming with elements of Diné social singing and presents songs that capture the excitement and energy of native youth today. Ten songs including Hornet Pride, Dreams, Heart Broken and Short'ning Bread. 6357 CD $15.98 (Navajo) - MELODIES OF THE PURPLE HORIZON This recording is a compilation of 11 round dance songs composed and performed by Navajo singer/ song writer Tiinesha Begaye. Songs include Girls Like Me, Little Miss Muffet, Purple Dawn, Plain & Simple, and Where Are You. CRM 032211 CD $16.98 (Navajo)



A healing performance of 10 prayer and honoring songs from the Dineh Nation. Songs include: Lord's Prayer, Honor Your Drum, Rocky Mountain Special, Morning Prayers, and

six more. SOAR 170 CD $18.98



Jay Begaye sings Soldier Boys, Walking In Beauty, Navajo Code Talkers, Youth Honor Song, Diné Round Dance Special, and more. 6282 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Navajo)

- ROUND DANCE IN BEAUTY Jay Begaye's soaring vocals, rhythmic drumming


- THE LONG WALK - HWÉÉLDI Accomplished Diné singer and songwriter Jay Begaye has been praised throughout North America for his beautiful songs. This recording brings Jay

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- Second Edition

By Ruth Bradley Homes and Betty Sharp Smith. This book is the first of its kind to teach the rudiments of Cherokee, the native tongue of about 20,000 Americans. Cherokee has had several recognized dialects in the past. Two main dialects are the Northern Carolina, spoken on the Quella Reservation by about 3,000 persons, and the Oklahoma, or Western, which is a consensus of the different ways of speech among the Cherokees mingled there after removal from the East in the 1830's. This book uses the Oklahoma dialect. BEGINNING CHEROKEE was written to fulfill increased interest and demand for those who would like a convenient source book on the Cherokee language. The Cherokee language frames an outlook and an intellect that contributes much to civilization. Contains a Study Guide for 27 lessons, Vocabulary List - Cherokee/English - English/ Cherokee; 14 Appendices covering original & modified syllabary, Seqoyah's numeral system, tree-plant list; verbs, reading list and more. Companion cassettes sold seperately contain Lessons one through 16 0806114630-BK Book $29.95



- TRIBUTE TO THE NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH - VOLUME 1 This collection of 30 previously unreleased peyote songs is a special tribute to the Native American Church. It was recorded during an unprecedented session of some of the finest peyote singers of our time. They include Sammie Largo, David Johnson, Richard Blackhorse, LeRoy Nelson, Irvin Bahe, Delbert Blackhorse, and Verdell Primeaux. This album is the first in a unique two volume series. CRM 053102 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - TRIBUTE TO THE NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH - VOLUME 2 This collection of 32 previously unreleased peyote songs is a special tribute to the Native American Church. It was recorded during an unprecedented session of the following renowned peyote singers: SAMMIE LARGO, DAVID JOHNSON, RICHARD BLACKHORSE, LEROY NELSON, IRVIN BAHE, DELBERT BLACKHORSE, VERDELL PRIMEAUX and JOHNNY MIKE. This is the second release in a unique 2 volume series. CRM 053103 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


Sweat Lodge Song, Peyote Song, and Amazing Grace. IS 9901 CD $13.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)


TOP CANADIAN POW WOW PERFORMERS Finally available, these fantastic packages of the provinces' best Pow Wow groups in Canada. From the east coast (Ontario) to the west (Alberta) - four different compilations of the top pow wow groups. A must for any Pow Wow collector. (One other compilation found in the Sioux catalog and one in the Cree catalog.) The art work of Leonard Bighetty of Winnipeg, Manitoba is another collection of its own. Definitely a "must" to listen to and see! - MANITOBA POW WOW GROUPS: Featuring: Wandering Sound, North Buffalo, Circle Strong, Plains Ojibway, Sioux Assiniboine, Grassy Narrows, First Nations, Hi Bull, Red Sons, Two Feathers, Little Spirit, Red Wind. SSCT 4330 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Ojibway)


- NAVAJO REFLECTIONS Seventeen songs representing a variety of traditional Navajo songs and some other Southwestern and Plains styles. Includes riding, gift, round and skip dance songs, Shi Ni Sh'a, Y'e'i Bi Ch'ai, eagle dance, spear and shield and northern traditional songs. Jones Benally was born at Big Mountain, AZ, and tours throughout the world with his family, sharing his music and dance with others. Liner notes included on all the songs. 6275 (Out of Print) (Navajo)


This compilation CD represents the very best offerings from Chieftain Track Records. From traditional to country, gospel to rap, 17 tracks previously released on each individuals solo albums. Included are Justin Boots (Talibah Begay), True Tales (Chewy Kisses), One of These Days (Desert West), Just Another Show (Tritt Smith), Firedance Songs (Mary Smith), Shoe Game Songs (Gilbert Begay), Horse Whisper (Ethel Begay), and Look What the Lord Has Done (Thelma). CT1-800 CD $14.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections) - VOLUME 1 A compilation of some of the best in Country music. 11 songs. Wanted Man - FENDERS II, Tropical Depression - COUNTRY SIDERS, Baby Don't Go - STILLWATER, Just For Her and China Girl - ONE NINETY ONE, Indian Cowboy and El Mosquito Medley - APACHE SPIRIT, Rocky Top - HENRY WATCHMAN, Ya Ya - THE THUNDERS, Matilda - COUNTRY IMAGE and Because Of The Wind - ISLETA POORBOYS. AV 1124 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOLUME 2 More of the best from FENDERS II, COUNTRY SIDERS, STILLWATER, ISLETA POORBOYS, APACHE SPIRIT, THE MESSENGERS, HENRY WATCHMAN, THE THUNDERS, ONE NINETY ONE, THE COUNTRY IMAGE BAND, and HAROLD RUSSELL. 12 songs. AV 3936 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOLUME 3 18 of the best songs from FENDERS II, PUEBLO COUNTRY, COUNTRY SIDERS, KOOL COUNTRY, NATIVE JOURNEY, DESERT WEST, COUNTRY IMAGE, BRUCE HAMANA, SILVER CONCHO BAND, HAROLD RUSSELL, THE THUNDERS, BLUE NATIVEZ BAND, DIRTROAD COUNTRY BAND, DESERT SPRINGS, WIL NUMKENA, CLANSMEN, APACHE SPIRIT, AND 191. Songs include Beautiful Girls, Never Ending Love, Haystack Tonight, Suspicion and more. AV 3940 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOLUME 4 Volume 4 includes 16 songs of the Best of the Native Land. Artists include Native Journey, Pueblo Country, Stillwater, 191, Clansmen, Isaiah 53, and Fenders II. Songs include Una Mas Cervesa, Dancin' Bones, One More for the Money, Sals Got a Sugar Lip, Natural Man, and Tequila Sunrise. AV 3942 CD $17.98


- BETTER DAYS Benz is Benrick Begay. He brings you this hard driving album filled with 12 tracks featuring Stuntman, Sincere, Hevnsent, Supaman, Sahdow and Shane B. Songs include Unsafe Streets, Just to Get Thru, B**ch Natives, Shorty is a Rida, and Let It Go. B 1386 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip hop)


Featuring Grey Woody, Bill Curley, Ira Deschene, Stewart Shorty, Travis Gray, and Peterson Begay. A collection of peyote songs. CMP 120 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


TOP CANADIAN POW WOW PERFORMERS Finally available - this fantastic package of the best Pow Wow groups in Canada. From the east coast (Ontario) to the west (Alberta) - four different compilations of the top pow wow groups. A must for any Pow Wow collector. The art work of Leonard Bighetty of Winnipeg, Manitoba is another collection of its own. Definitely a must to listen and see! Featuring: Chiniki Lake, Logan Alexis, Pigeon Lake, Tail Wind, Hawk River, Stoney Park. SSCT 4328 (Out of Print) (Sioux)


- 11TH ANNUAL GRAND CELEBRATION 22 tracks from the most innovative drum groups travelling throughout Pow Wow Country today. Hear the excitement as these groups compete at one of the largest Pow Wow's today, Hinckley's Grand Celebration. Drums include SOUTHERN BOYS, PIPESTONE, THE BOYZ, LITTLE OTTER, MIDNITE EXPRESS, SOUTHERN CREE and many more. AR 1188 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


25 tracks of the finest in Native American recording artists. All tracks previously released. Artists featured include Fernando Cellicion, William Guiterrez, Kevin Lewis, Tome Ware, Millard Clark, Billy McClellan, and more. Songs include Corn Silk Song, War Dance Song, Trick Song,


SGS 91899 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)

Prices subject to change without notice.


(Country) - GOSPEL SUPER STARS Vol. 1 15 of the best Gospel songs from Harold Russell, Church on the Move, Tim Hinton, The Messengers, Eagle Wings Ministry, Armond Armstrong, Straight From the Heart, Woodrow Elmore, Isaiah 53, Landel Jim, New Harvest, Tim & Linda Hinton, and 2nd Coming. Songs include Lord Hear My Prayer, He's Everything to Me, I Saw The Light, Glory to the Most High, and Jordan River. AV 3937 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 5 19 songs presented by Apache Spirit, Pueblo Country, Clansmen, Isleta Poorboys, Bryon Ramone, Dirtroad, 191, Village Express, Kross Road Band, Henry Watchman, Desert Springs, Native Journey, Dennis Yazzie, Desert West, Midnight Rendezvous, Country Image, Country Siders, Cross Road, and Dreambox65. AV 5650 CD $17.98 (Country)


catalog and one in the Sioux catalog.) The art work of Leonard Bighetty of Winnipeg, Manitoba is another collection of its own. Definitely a must! - SASKATCHEWAN POW WOW GROUPS: Featuring: Eagle Claw, Stoney Eagle, Fly-In Eagle, Eagles Singing, Cree Spirit, Sask-Northern Drum, Little Island Cree, Seekaskootch, Eagle Hill, Four Little Feathers, Red Bull, Grey Buffalo. SSCT 4329 (Out of Print) (Cree)


EVOLUTION This video presents more than three hundred examples of prehistoric, historic and contemporary American Indian art. Carvings, paintings, sculptures, baskets, rugs, jewelry and pottery are interwoven with the hauntingly beautiful strains of the flute and guitar. The evolution of Indian art is traced through the centuries. The talents of Jerry Jacka, one of America's foremost photographers (noted for his work in ARIZONA HIGHWAYS magazine) are combined with those of leading Native American artists to present a visual feast as today's finest art comes alive through the magic of video. BEYOND TRADITION won the 1990 Emmy Award, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Rocky Mountain Division. A printed index to the art and artist is enclosed. Stereo sound. 45 minutes 4403D DVD $19.95 4403P PAL European format $31.95 (Videos/Art & Artists)


A collection of video segments from eight southwest art DVDs. Experience some of America's most celebrated artists work with an hour of music. An excellent background for entertaining. JD Challenger with Robert Mirabal, RC Gorman with R. Carlos Nakai, Rance Hood with AIRO, Alfred Dawahoya with Ancient Brotherhood, Amando M. Pena with Mary Youngblood, Charles H. Pabst with Paul Michael Meredith, Bev Doolittle and Frank McCarthy with ambient music. 60 minutes. Set for continuous play. 15486D DVD $24.95 (Videos - Art DVD)


- SPIRIT DANCER The BIG BEAR SINGERS were formed in 1973 and the original members came from the Thunderchild reserve in Saskatchewan, Canada. The name of the group come by virtue of the fact that the singers are original band members of the Cree Chief, Big Bear (Mistahi-Mashwa). One of the original members of the Big Bear drum group, Gary Okanee, maintains the beat of the drum along with the second generation of singers, his nephews, thus maintaining the same sound the BIG BEAR SINGERS started 26 years ago, ensuring that the legacy of the BIG BEAR SINGERS is maintained and will continue into this new millennium. Six intertribal songs, four contest songs and one original grass. SGBB 32100 (Out of Print) (Cree) - LIVE AT FORT HALL From Thunderchild, Saskatchewan, BIG BEAR has been making a name for themselves in both the U.S. and Canada with their new songs and original style singing. At Fort Hall in August 2001, BIG BEAR provided some great music for the dancers. This recording presents 9 grass dance songs, women's side step song, honor song, Crow doublebeat song, men's fancy dance song, and round dance song. Recorded live at the 38th Annual Shoshone-Bannock Festival, Fort Hall, Idaho, August 10-12, 2001. IH 4471 CD $15.98 (Cree) - LIVE AT TEMPE (ASU) The original BIG BEAR SINGERS, named after Chief Big Bear, first formed in 1973 at Thundercloud, Saskatchewan. In the past few years, the new generation of BIG BEAR has traveled throughout western Canada and the U.S. serving as host drum, winning many contests, and becoming widely known for their traditional style singing. The drum was very honored to be invited to serve as Host Northern Drum at the 17th Annual Arizona State University Spring Competition Pow Wow in Tempe. Singers include Luke Okanee, Willard Okanee, Gary Okanee Sr., Gary Okanee Jr., Everette Okanee, Sidrick Baker, Enos Baker, Jason Butler, Sean Sherman, Randy Strongarm, Wesley Strongarm and Amos Yazzie. Not present for this live recording was Gerald Okanee. Included are nine grass dances, three contest songs, a women's


SOAR 199 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- THAT'S AN OLD SONG Anthoney Betoney, from Wildcat Peak, Arizona, presents several old Dine Nation Jrz songs as well as some new round dance songs. Five songs from 1996, 1997 and 1999, and seven new songs including Living in Beauty, Boogey Man, and "Knight's Creed" - Greyhills High School Song. CRM 120208 CD $16.98 (Navajo) - MAKING FRIENDS A collection on ten round dance songs performed by Anthoney Betoney. Songs include three straight songs, Happy Birthday, Ace's Wild, I'm Just Jealous, and Voicemail. SNM 2006 CD $15.98 (Navajo)


TOP CANADIAN POW WOW PERFORMERS Finally available, these fantastic packages of the provinces' best Pow Wow groups in Canada. From the east coast (Ontario) to the west (Alberta) - four different compilations of the top pow wow groups. A must for any Pow Wow collector. (One other compilation found in the Sioux catalog and one in the Cree catalog.) The art work of Leonard Bighetty of Winnipeg, Manitoba is another collection of its own. Definitely a "must" to listen to and see! - ONTARIO POW WOW GROUPS: Featuring: Whitefish Bay Jrs, Spirit Wind, Dead Horse Creek, Hanisha, Northern Wind, Red Shadow, Chi-Geezis, Chi-Nodin, Whitefish Bay, Red Hawk, Medicine Drum. SSCT 4331 CD $15.98

(Northern Plains/Ojibway)


- SONGS OF BEAUTY Anthoney Betoney (Wildcat Peak) and Rodrick Nez (Coalmine Mesa) are pleased to present this collection of 24 peyote songs. They would like to share these songs with friends and relatives throughout Indian Country. SNM 2010 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


Seventy-five minutes of your favorites from Canada. Eighteen songs by Red Bull, White Fish Jrs, Elk's Whistle, Edmund Bull, Hawk River, Grey Eagle, Mosquito Singers, Northern Eagle, Little Island Cree, Stoney Eagle and Southern Cree from Montana, USA. Includes notes on the songs and on the Northern Plains style of singing and pow wow. SASK 15 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- A NATIVE AMERICAN COLLECTION A collection of songs by some of the worlds greatest Native performers. Join Douglas Spotted Eagle, Perry Silverbird, Tsa'ne Dos'e, Cornel Pewewardy, The Native Flute Ensemble, Bill Miller, R. Carlos Nakai, Chester Mahooty, Charles Jefferson and Primeaux, Mike & Attson as they perform 17 songs. Extensive liner notes on each artist depicting tribal heritage and more. ND 63915 (Out of Print) (Flute/New Age)


TOP CANADIAN POW WOW PERFORMERS Finally available, these fantastic packages of the provinces best Pow Wow groups in Canada. From the east coast (Ontario) to the west coast (Alberta) four different compilations of the top pow wow groups. A must for any Pow Wow collector. (Two other compilations found in theNorthern Plains



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side step song, and a round dance song. IH 4472 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Cree) - ROUND DANCE STYLE The singers of BIG BEAR are Gerald Okanee Sr., Gary Okanee Sr., Gary Okanee Jr., Willard Okanee. Everett Okanee, Troy Tootoosis, Sidrick Baker, Gordon Favel, Russ Wuttunee, Bradley Morin and Kelly Wapass. 13 round dnace songs. TIM 10070 CD $17.98 (Cree) - LIVE AT THUNDERCHILD Big Bear Singers maintain an original style of singing. This album is in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the 2nd generation Big Bear Singers. Gary Okanee Sr., former lead singer of the 1st generation, maintains the beat that was started 34 years ago in 1973. Recorded live at Thunderchild First Nation, Canada in July 2007. 14 songs including three grass dance, a chicken dance, a jingle dress, a round dance and more. RZ 2356 CD $15.98 (Cree)


1966. Released on CD in 2007. SC 591 CD $11.98 (Peyote)



Dreams, Bindo's Over, I'm Sorry, and My Heart Belongs To You. TIM 10071 CD $17.98 (Cree) - TOGETHER AGAIN 12 more songs from BIG RIVER CREE. Singers include Andy, Ronald, Ritchie, Warren, Hubert, Nail, Howard & Sara Whitefish, Matthew, Quentin, Kevin, Miles, Tyler, Eugene Baby Dawn, Alicia, Travis, Brian & Roland Thomas, Troy and Quentin Tootoosis, Vince Berland, Micheal & Jocelyn Dreaver, Michelle & Natalie McAdam, Heaven Masuskapoe, Natalie Crookedneck, Misty Mintuck and Virgil Singer. TIM 10081 CD $17.98 (Cree) - POW WOW TRAIL Another great collection of pow wow songs from Big River Cree. 12 songs including a chicken dance, a grass dance, an intertribal, a sneak-up, and more. TIM 10083 CD $17.98 (Cree) - JUST DOING WHAT WE LOVE Members Andy Whitefish, Michael Dreaver, Tyler Thomas, Myles Thomas, Travis Thomas, Jason Bird and Ronald Whitefish bring you 12 more great round dance songs. Songs include Listen to the Eagles Call, For My Mother, and All Over Again. TIM 10088 CD $17.98 (Cree) - YOU MAKE ME PROUD 12 more round dance songs from Big River Cree. Songs include Stand By Me, Proposal Song, I Said It's Alright, and Just Cruising. TIM 10097 CD $17.98 (Cree) - THE BEGINNING 13 more pow wow songs from Big River Cree. Songs include seven straight songs, Let's All Have Fun Dancing, Sweetheart, and more. DNA 60029 CD $17.98 (Cree) - GREATEST HITS 16 of the greatest hits from Big River Cree. Songs include Stand By Me, Highway Promise, Listen To The Eagle Call, and This Song Is For You. TIM 10112 CD $17.98 (Cree) - GOING HOME 12 more songs including Move On, Thank The Creator, Going Home With You, and Mooshum Santa. TIM 10117 CD $17.98 (Cree) - SONGS FROM THE HEALING LODGE This collection of songs chronicle the healing journey we have all have committed ourselves to, wanting to break the cycle of the residential school era. Some of the common shared effects include alcohol and drug abuse, loss of identity, and loss of spiritual and cultural values. Through sweats, elder's teachings and healing and sharing circles we are able to reconnect with our emotions. By healing our past we are better able to connect with the Creator. With this connection and introspection our songs have come to life. These songs capture the emotions we all felt as we face our inner conflicts head on. 12 songs including Good That You Came, Angel Eyes, Wave on Wave, and You Have My

24 spiritual peyote songs sung by Nelson Big Bow and Kenneth L. Cozad. Recorded at Medicine Park, Oklahoma in March of 1997, this album includes many old and new songs which have never been recorded before. IH 2521 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


28 Kiowa and Comanche peyote songs both new and old sung by Nelson Big Bow and Kenneth L. Cozad. Continued from Volume 1. IH 2522 CD $15.98 (Peyote)



The time is 1875. The place "the prairies." The smell of battle and death wafts across peaceful windswept prairies, where millions of buffalo once grazed. With the Government and settlers staking claim to the Cree Indian ancestral lands and hunting grounds, the slowly starving Cree are forced from the land they call home. Torn between loyalty to their leader, Chief Big Bear, and bitterness at the broken promises of the white man, the Cree are desperate. Pushed to the breaking point and rejecting Big Bear's impassioned pleas, Cree warriors launch a deadly attack at Frog Lake. With vengeful army troops relentlessly in pursuit, Big Bear knows another even more deadly battle will follow -- one that will change the lives of his people forever. An epic, gripping saga of betrayal, desperation and courage of a people's love for their land and of their leader's struggle for justice and dignity. Starring Gordon Tootoosis, Tantoo Cardinal, Lorne Cardinal, Kenneth Charlette, Patric James Bird, Michael Greyeyes, Ben Cardinal, Gail Maurice, Dianne Debassige and Simon Baker. 183 minutes. Not rated. Double DVD set. 85178D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)

28 Kiowa and Comanche peyote songs sung by Nelson Big Bow, assisted by Howard Cozad. Includes many old songs which have never been recorded before. Recorded at Medicine Park, Oklahoma, June 3, 1998. IH 2523 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


Acclaimed writer/director Jon Favreau stars as a struggling actor about to enter a weirdly comic twilight zone. After agreeing to deliver a mysterious suitcase to a remote desert truck stop in exchange for $25K, John Person (Favreau) finds himself trapped in a bizarre world of unusual characters. Is the whole town mad, or are the loony locals the only sane things about this strange parallel universe called The Big Empty? Starring Adam Beach, Daryl Hanna, Kelsey Grammer, Gary Farmer and Rachael Leigh Cook. 92 minutes. Close Captioned. Rated R. 12763D DVD $10.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- IT'S BEEN AWHILE BIG RIVER CREE is from the Big River First Nation located in northern Saskatchewan. They have been singing together since the early 90's. They are made up of family members and friends including Andy Whitefish, Ritchie Whitefish, Neil Whitefish, Quentin Thomas, Eugene Thomas, Hubert Whitefish, Matthew Thomas, Miles Thomas, Travis Thomas, Howard Whitefish, Steven Wahobin, Sheldon Rainey, Ronald Whitefish, Harry Whitefish, Warren Whitefish, Morris Whitefish, Sara Whitefish, Baby Dawn, Alicia Thomas, Cheyenne McAdam, Sonya Whitefish, Kirsten McAdam, and Nora McAdam. 12 songs including Old Snaggin Way, Twinkle Twinkle Little Nehiyaw, Highway Promise, and Macarena. TIM 10060 CD $17.98 (Cree) - JUST FOR U BIG RIVER CREE are Andy Whitefish, John Thomas, Howard Whitefish, Ritchie Whitefish, Eugene Thomas, Quentin Lard Thomas, Hubert Whitefish, Miles Whitefish, Matthew Thomas, Travis Thomas, Neil Whitefish, Warren Whitefish, Roland Thomas, Davide D. Thomas, Virgil Singer, Brian Thomas, Harry Whitefish and Aaron Whitefish. Ladies backup singers are Sara, Alice, Jocelyn, Cindy and Sonya. 12 songs including


- LIVE AT SAN MANUEL Members of BIG BEAR (Stan Pretty Paint, Sedrick Baker, Gary Okanee, Troy Tootoosis, Gerald Okanee, Luke Okanee, Gary Okanee Jr., and Everett Okanee) and members of WHITE TAIL (Gregg Grant, Mark Sheridan, Glen Ahhaitty, Terrance Goodwill, Jalen Goodwill, Mike Grant, Erwin Morris, Quanah Henry, Kelly Grant and Tim Grant) bring you 11 songs recorded live at San Manuel. Songs include five straight songs, a war dance, and intertribal and more. DHOP 0400 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- KIOWA & COMANCHE PEYOTE SONGS From the Original American Indian Soundchiefs Nelson Big Bow assisted by Edward Humming Bird present 13 Kiowa and Comanche Peyote songs. Originally recorded in 1993, re-released in

Prices subject to change without notice.


Heart. TIM 10132 (Cree) CD $17.98


not a written language, preservation of these stories and legends takes on a dual purpose - passing along for all time these stories and teachings and making them available for all the world for the first time. As the Chief explains, these stories are meant to be told at night. So, picture yourself meeting him somewhere in the mysterious Florida Everglades, as they unfold - under a chickee - with the sounds of the night mixed in. Selections include Legend of the Kissimmee River/The Snake, How the Raccoon Got Its Mask/Raccoon's Song and The Dog and the Alligator/The Traders. SOAR 204 CD $18.98 (Contemporary)


Fast, furious and colorful..... a winner! This breakthrough chopper flick exposes the savage, wild life of a biker gang as it relentlessly terrorizes an innocent California community. Telling its story forcefully and without compromise. It is a shocker with a message revved through every scene.......... A small army of rough and tough bikers roll into town and immediately launch a campaign of terror, wreaking havoc that ends with the rape of a number of young women. Threatening all who get in their way, the gang begins a rampage that even the police cannot stop. That is until a mysterious loner and ex-marine, BILLY JACK, arrives and says enough is enough. Single-handedly, he wages a one-man war to bring these renegades to justice. But they push the violence too far by mounting a final bloody assault that leaves few surviving. Starring Tom Laughlin, Elizabeth James, Jeremy Slate, William Wellman Jr. and a special appearance by Jane Russell. 112 mintues. Rated PG VENBJ 1001D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)

- STAND BY ME 12 songs by Big River Cree. Songs include Lard's Straight, Dream Girl, Don't Stop Dancing, and You're the Only One. TIM 10145 CD $17.98 (Cree) - THE OLD WAY 13 more songs from Big River Cree. Songs include Straight From the Heart, The One With Glasses, Love of Life, and One More Time. TIM 10148 CD $17.98 (Cree)


Experience the legend like never before. These four groundbreaking, action-packed cinematic adventures from 70's pop culture icon Billy Jack feature all of the fast-kicking, politically aware stories that had audiences cheering and clamoring for more. Influencing action movies for decades, the Billy Jack films broke the mold with their unique hero, a half-Indian/half-white ex-Green Beret bent on correcting injustice and hypocrisy to help America reach its full potential. Witness the heroism for yourself with this complete four-film set. Includes Born Losers, Billy Jack, The Trial of Billy Jack and Billy Jack Goes to Washington. Starring Rom Laughlin as Billy Jack. Other stars represented include Delores Taylor, Clark Howat, Bert Freed, Samuel Z. Arkoff, James H. Nicholson, Elizabeth James, Jeremy Slate, EG Marshall, Sam Wanamaker, Dick Gauthier, and many more. ID 4500D DVD $25.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- BEAUTIFUL WAY OF LIFE WORP 1037 Cassette $2.00 (Pacific Northwest/Midwest)


- SING FOR ME SOAR 202 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Navajo)


The most dangerous Billy Jack of all! Even though it was made during our nation's bi-centennial, it's as if the story was riped from today's headlines. Corruption, scandal, intrigue, murder.... they're all in this explosive exposé Washington found so dangerous it didn't want the movie released. See for yourself why Senators like Bradley, Rudman and Pell quit in protest of the rampant corruption. See why lobbyists drop like flys. See how the backroom deals and party powerbrokers have stolen the American dream of a government of, by and for the people and turned it into a government of secret deals and corporate greed. Like BILLY JACK, this film has survived the powers fighting to destroy it and is finally being released to expose the truth and win America back! Starring Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor, E.G. Marshall, Teresa Laughlin, Sam Wanamaker, Dick Gautier, John Lawler, Peter Donat, Michael Irving, Pat O'Brien, Victor Izay and Lucy Arnaz. 114 minutes. Not Rated VENBJ 1004D DVD $10.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- SACRED STAGE JAMES BILAGODY moves to another level with this release of Rock music with a Native beat. A little XIT, a little Ramones. A good blend. Members of the band include Cremona, Cosmo, and Kris Cremain, Avenetti, and James Bilagody providing vocals. 12 songs including She's Up North, Sing Remeber Me, Greyhills, and Truck Stop Cheii. 7068 CD $15.98 (Contemporary/Rock)


All four films! Born Losers, Billy Jack, Trial of Billy Jack, and Billy Jack Goes to Washington. Packaged in an attractive gift box. Includes commentary tracks by Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor. For a limited time. VENBJ 1000D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


- ALLIGATOR TALES The music of Chief Jim Billie reflects the influences he grew up with on the Seminole Reservation in the swamplands of the Florida everglades. His songs are all written from true experiences, often paying homage to and telling the world the ways of his ancestral past. He takes those influences and songs in an unusual direction from where one might expect, bringing instead a message of suffering and difficulties, a description of the positive aspects of life and where we can go from here. Happy to be alive, in love, and with his children, taking care of his tribe and to continue the quest for the betterment of his people - his is not a struggle, but more looked at as the business of a positive life. Spreading his outlook and stories through his music is his ongoing life's passion. 12 songs include Big Alligator, Old Ways Will Survive, Ways of the Glades, Master of Them All and The Rabbit and The Bear. SOAR 193 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Contemporary) - SEMINOLE FIRE Stories, teachings and legends from a world that has been largely unknown until recently are presented here. Using a combination of music, sounds and musical talents to tell these tales delivered by the Chief's captivating voice, we invite you in to his unusual world and his people's viewpoint on the rest of the world. As Seminole is


He's a warrior, a mystic, a martyr....capturing the heart and soul of a generation. Embodying all these and more, BILLY JACK quickly became one of the most unorthodox and magnetic movie heroes of all time. Tom Laughlin is the title character, a halfbreed Indian and ex-Green Beret returning to live in solitude on an Arizona reservation. He is drawn to the progressive Freedom School - and the idealistic woman (Delores Taylor) who runs it. But when the tensions flare between the students and narrowminded locals who fear what they cannot understand, Billy Jack becomes the school's protector. Once again, violence finds him. First released with little fanfare and dismissed by most critics, this film's gut honesty struck a chord with audiences, who later made it a box-office giant. BILLY JACK lives on as a powerful reminder of the hopes and turmoils of the `60s - and a cry for peace in our troubled world. Starring Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor and Chuck Howat. Rated PG VENBJ 1002D DVD $10.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- ANIMAL TOTEMS ANIMAL TOTEMS is a contemporary instrumental Native American violin/flute recording about animals and their totems. The selections blend classical technique with bluegrass and Celtic styles. Each song represents the powers and characteristics of the animal for which it is named. This album is unique in that is appeals to not only those interested in native American culture and music, but also to a diverse array of music fans and animal lovers. Arvel is a descendant of the Shivwit Band of the Paiute Tribes of southern Utah. 12 songs. SWR 90051 CD $15.98 (Country/Fiddle) - MY CABIN DON'T LEAK (WHEN IT DON'T RAIN) Fred Rothert and Arvel Bird reunite to bring you 17 fiddle/banjo greats. Songs include Sally Brown, Whiskey In the Jar, Oh Shenandoah, Worried Man Blues and Faded Love. SWR 90012 CD (Out of Print.) (Country/Fiddle) - RAKISH PADDY


Prices subject to change without notice.


10 songs with fiddle acoustic guitar, button accordion, uilleann pipes, flute, whistle and bodhran combine for a listening thrill. Songs include The Star Of The County Down, Road To Kerrigagh/The Butterfly, Star Of Munster and Trip To Sligo/Lark In The Morning/Toss The Feathers. SWR 90061 CD $15.98 (Country/Fiddle) - BIG CHIEF QUETOOS Paiute country fiddle at its best. Big Chief Quetoos brings together the sounds of the fiddle acoustic guitars, bass, percussion and drums, keyboard and banjo. 13 songs including Cheyenne, Cherokee Shuffle, Oklahoma Hills, Choctaw Stomp and Seminole Wind. SWR 90081 CD $15.98 (Country/Fiddle) - ARVEL LIVE! Nothing beats the excitement of a live performance. Sit back and enjoy some of Arvel's best performances from Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin, Colorado and New York. 27 songs including Red Tail Hawk, Wolf Totem Story, Cherokee Shuffle, Northern Arizona Story, Dine Bi Keyah and Cochise Stronhold. SWR 90301 CD $15.98 (Country/Fiddle) - BIRDSTOCK 2001 ­FIDDLE TUNES "FOR THE BIRDS" 16 tunes relating to `the birds'. Songs include Listen To The Mockingbird, Turkey In The Straw, Chickadee polka, Hot Canary and Birdie Makes Three. SWR 0041 CD $15.98 (Country/Fiddle) - ANIMAL TOTEMS II Arvel Bird brings you another collection of Animal Totems put to music in his unique style of fiddle and flute. Liner notes include a glimpse of the meaning of each totem. 15 songs include Badge Boogie, Dolphin Dances, Great Blue Heron, Spookie Spider and Canadian Geese. SWR 90302 CD $15.98 (Country/Fiddle) - JOURNEY OF A PAIUTE International award-winning World violinist Arvel Bird has returned to his classical roots to create his "soul's song." Tribal Music Suite: Journey of a Paiute has been 35 years in the making, and although it's not autobiographical, in many ways it follows Arvel's own journey. Classical in form, Arvel's violin blends classical, Celtic, and world music to weave the story of a young Paiute mixedblood, Quaninch born in 1829, who is taken from his home-land at an early age and then travels the world to find his way home. With an exciting twist, this concerto brings the power and drama of the Native American drum and flute to the symphony orchestra in eight entrancing movements. SWR 90403 CD $15.98 (Flute/Classical)


SWR 90601 CD (Country/Fiddle) $15.98 (Out of Print.) and more. DNA 60035 (Peyote) CD $17.98



- MUSIC OF THE PLAINS Eleven traditional and modern songs for the Indian flute performed by Gordon Bird, Mandan-HidatsaArikara. Includes the First Flute Song (considered to be the oldest Dakota flute song); Hidatsa honor songs, Dakota (Sioux) National Anthem; and modern day love songs You're So Far Away and Strawberries. FS 4007 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - CATCH YOUR DREAMS Gordon Bird sings eight songs including: Catch Your Dreams, Your So far Away (Anonymous), Angel, Living in Paradise (JoAnne Bird), Infinity (Gordon and JoAnne Bird) and more. FR 2017 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)

- FOR OUR CHILDREN #2 Five sets of Native American Church songs of Canada with a sixth set including a special tribute. DNA 60076 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- VOLUME 1 The Bird Songs recorded here tell stories of the travels of the birds and what the creator has made the animals, water, mountains, and the sky. These songs are very strong medicine for the Quechan and Mohave People. Singers are Joe Guachino, J.R. Holmes and Wally Antone. Recorded at Ward Valley, Needles, California May 20, 2005. IH 1801 CD $15.98 (Chicken Scratch/Yuman) - IN MEMORY OF UNCLE JOE Singers Wally Antone, J.R. Holmes, Desmond Saubel Sr., Arkamez Blankenship, and Ben Levi present these songs in the memory of Uncle Joe Guachino. Recorded at Ward Valley, Needles, California on January 20, 2007. 25 bird songs. IH 1802 CD $15.98 (Chicken Scratch/Yuman)


- FEATHERSTONE IN CONCERT Ten contemporary songs by Gordon Bird and family. JoAnne, Jackie, Sherry and Lori. Includes the 49 songs with instrumental backup. Lovesick Blues, I'm the One Who Loves You and Just Because, plus several original rock songs including Whirlwind Rider and Indian Nation. For voice with guitars, synthesizer and percussion. FR 2013 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)


Ten songs by ten drums - BLACKFOOT CROSSING, SINTE SKA, GOOD WOOD CREEK, EAGLE TAIL, CANNON BALL, RED THUNDER, HAYSTACK, BLACK WHISTLE, RED BULL AND EAGLE CREEK. Recorded live at United Tribes Pow Wow in September 1993. SSCT 4189 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- GENERATION TO GENERATION Jackie Bird, with her father, Gordon Bird, continue the long family tradition as music composers and producers. Gordon Bird has toured extensively throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. Songs include: Honey Love Me, Eagles, Buffalo Boy, Somebody Loves You and more. Songs in English, liner notes with words. FR 2016 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)


- VOL. 1 - MIDNIGHT SWEETHEART Twelve songs, most about love, including The Grandmother, Bye Bye Love, and Coffee Time Memories. The Bita Hochee Travelers are: Ned B. Morris, Sam Begay, Lee Begay, Larry Geshia. 6168 (Out of Print.) (Navajo)


- LADY Ten original songs by JACKIE BIRD and arranged by Gordon Bird in a light rock pop style. Includes: Lost in Your Kiss, Eagles In The Sky, Dreams and Warriors' Song. FR 2014 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - LOVE - HONOR - RESPECT (IT'S GOT TO BE REAL) Jackie's encore recording. You've been asking about this one for quite a while. Now it is available. Ten songs including The White Buffalo Calf Woman, Who, The Mountain Song, and Do You Remember. Lyrics to the songs included in the liner notes. FR 2018 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)


- NEW ERA Members of Black Bear Creek include Bryon Adson (Pawnee, Ponca, Navajo, Creek), Taylor Moore (Pawnee, Otoe, Navajo), Kyle Tipps (Cheyenne), Aaron Adson (Pawnee, Comanche, Dine), Bob Adson (Pawnee, Comanche, Dine), Wesley Roy (Pawnee/Otoe), Randall Brown (Pawnee/Creek), Patrick Moore Jr.(Pawnee/Otoe), Jordan Moore (Pawnee, Otoe), Rylon Gwinn (Pawnee) and Ron Rice (Pawnee). This truly intertribal drum presents 14 war dance songs. DHOP 2800 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


Arvel Bird is joined by John Loneeagle, Chris James, Vlasis, Peter Young, Ron Dela Vega, Andy Reiss, Pat Severs, and Shea Keck to bring you this recording featuring violin, Native American flute and percussion, with the addition of guitars and vocals. 12 songs including Spirit Lake, Trail of Tears, Rain Maker, and Celtic Pow Wow.


- FOR OUR CHILDREN From the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation, Wanita is Cree, Saulteaux. She presents 28 tracks in seven sets. Tracks include straight songs, birthday songs


- DANCE IN BEAUTY This Intertibal group is formed with members of the Shosone, Arapaho, Chippewa Cree, Assiniboine/ Blackfeet, Assiniboine, Shoshone/Arapaho and Arapaho/Navajo Nations. Singers include Everette

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McGill, Andy C'Hair, Justin Chiefstick, Dale C'Hair Jr, Dale C'Hair Sr, Herby Augustine, Mike Ute, Nakoa Heavy Runner, Lazure Takia Ereaux, Keno Gogales, Damain Black Bear and J.R. McCave. 15 songs. WWBB0302 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


People and the present Jemez Pueblo People. Members of the drum include Delvin Toya, Glendon Toya, Donna Concha, Dave Yepa Jr, Adeline Concha, Elston Yepa, Lloyd Yepa, Henry Tosa, Malcom Yepa, Deave Yepa Sr, Kendrick Casiquito, Terrence Casiquito, Winfred Chinana, Shawn Romero and Antonio Blue Eyes. 12 Hand Drum and Round Dance Songs include Pecos Journey, Native Girl and Beautiful Dancing Women. SOAR 210 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - FLYING FREE BLACK EAGLE has evolved over the years and will continue to do so for the better. The group respects the Spirits of the Drum, and is proud to be a positive influence for the rest of the Pueblo tribes and their younger tribal members. BLACK EAGLE will continue to maintain a positive reputation and continue to compose and sing the songs you have grown to know and love. 12 songs including Flight Of The Eagle, Beautiful Jingle Dances, Dancing Colors, and Get Up, Dance With A Good Heart. SOAR 213 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - STRAIGHT UP NORTHERN 2004 Grammy® winner for the Best Native American Music Album, BLACK EAGLE, from Jemez Pueblo, brings you another collection of great drum songs. The songs on this powerful recording are all vocables, they are refered to as straight songs on the pow wow circuit, They come straight from their hearts to yours. 13 songs including Vivid Dancers, Double Down, Dancing With A Good Feeling, and Victory Dance. SOAR 222 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - VOICE OF THE DRUM From NAMMY and GRAMMY nominee and winner Black Eagle, this collection of Hand Drum and Round Dance songs are composed by the members of the drum. Since 1989 Black Eagle has been composing and singing songs for the People. The spirit of the drum continues to influence and evolve this group of young men and women to become the musicians they were destined to be. From the Pueblo of Jemez in North Central New Mexico, they continue to live a traditional lifestyle that dictates everything they do. They are proud to be a positive influence for the Native American community at home and throughout the country. 13 songs including Morning Star, Your Precious Smile, Summer Breeze, and Coast To Coast. SOAR 228 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


ENNE PEYOTE HEALING SONGS Delbert "Black Fox" Pomani of the Wanagi Ska Dakota Tribe, is a Hunkpati full-blooded Dakota, a spiritual leader, and Road Man for the Native American Church. He is from Ft. Thomas, South Dakota, and together with Silas & Pierce Big Left Hand, both Northern Cheyenne from Lame Deer, Montana, they present 36 Peyote Healing Songs. All have been involved with the Native American Church for as long as they can remember. Marylin Johnson, Dine, accompanies Black Fox with backup singing and Alice Big Left Hand, Northern Cheyenne, provides backup singing for Silas. CRM 112811 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


A boxer faces his most formidable opponent-- himself - in BLACK CLOUD, an inspiring, awardwinning film highlighted by knockout performances. Fueled by his rage, Navajo Indian Black Cloud is an accomplished fighter both in and out of the ring. When he gets a chance to win a spot on the Olympic boxing team, Black Cloud embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will lead him to his greatest victory. Rick Schroder has done an excellent job directing this heart warming movie made up of an almost entirely American Indian cast. Starring Eddie Spears, Saginaw Grant, Russell Means, Tim McGraw and Rick Schroder. 97 minutes. Rated PG-13. N 8182D DVD $15.95 (Hollywood Movies)

BLACK FOX (Delbert Pomani) & THOMAS DURAN, JR.

- CONNECTION TO MOTHER EARTH Respected members of the Native American Church, Pomani (Hunkpapa Lakota) and Duran (Northern Arapaho) present this reverent collection of 40 peyote songs. Their voices blend together against a backdrop of delicate nature sounds reflecting the singers' connection to Mother Earth. 6316 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- VOL. 1 - POW WOW; JEMEZ PUEBLO, NM The BLACK EAGLE SINGERS are Malcolm, David, Lloyd, Elston, and Manuel Yepa, Terrance and Kendrick Casquito, Fidel Fragua, and Glendon Toya (lead singer). 12 songs including Black Eagle Drum Song, Straight Song, Eagle is Dancing Beautifully and it Sounds Beautiful, Men's Grass Dance, Woman's Fancy Song, Cliff Eagle is Watching Come Dance With Us and more! IS 2901 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - VOL. 2 - POW WOW SONGS - JEMEZ PUEBLO, NM The Black Eagle Singers were formed in 1989 by Malcom Yepa and a group of cousins from Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. As the group matured they encountered members of other popular drums groups who encouraged them to compose their own songs in their own Tewa language. This recording is a result of that encouragement. 12 songs including a grand entry, four straight songs, three intertribals, two side step, a chicken dance, and a crow hop. Now available on CD. IS 2902 CD $13.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - SOARING HIGH SOAR 195 CD $19.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - STAR CHILD The BLACK EAGLE SINGERS are a tight knit group that are descendants of the once powerful Pecos Pueblo People and the present Jemez Pueblo People. Their traditional lifestyle dictates all that they do. 12 songs including one sneak up, one fancy shawl, one honor song and one memorial song. SOAR 207 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - LIFE GOES ON From Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico, the BLACK EAGLE SINGERS were formed in 1989 by Malcom Yepa and a group of cousins. They are descendants of the once powerful Pecos Pueblo


- GO PROTECT US Peyote songs accompanied by rattle and water drum created and sung by two of the leading practioners on the Red Road. These harmonized songs help listeners on their spiritual quest. Six tracks of four harmonized peyote songs for a total of over 42 minutes of music prayers of the Native American Church. 6336 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- 16TH ANNUAL POW WOW CELEBRATION The top performances from one of North America's most popular Pow Wow events! This CD is packed with over 70 minutes of the best tracks from the top drums attending the 16th Annual Black Hills Lakota celebration. Drums include WHITEFISH BAY, BAD NATION, NATIVE THUNDER, LAKOTA TRIBE, BLACK BULL JR., ROCK BOTTOM, BAD HORSE, PRAIRIE ISLAND, RED VOICE, CHEYENNE CREEK, ELKS WHISTLE, and CRAZY HORSE SINGERS. AR 1196 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)

BLACK FOX (Delbert Pomani)

- SACRED MEDICINE GUIDE US HOME Delbert "Black Fox" Pomani is a full blood Hunkpapa Lakota from the Crow Creek Reservation. He is a respected Road Man and peyote singer. Performed with gourd rattle and water drum, peyote songs accompany the introspective ceremonies of the Native American Church. These spiritual songs, most of which are harmonized, are meant to guide one's spiritual journey along the Peyote Road. Six sets of four songs each. 6359 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - DAKOTA SIOUX & NORTHERN CHEY-


The BLACKLODGE SINGERS are from White Swan, Washington and are one of North America's leading pow wow drums. - LIVE RECORDING FROM CANADA SUNSHINE Nine songs recorded live in Canada at the Roseau River Pow Wow and the Onion Lake Pow Wow in 1992. Includes flag and veterans songs, jingle, grass, round, fancy and intertribal dance songs. Kenny, Louise, John, Elgin, Darwin and Matthew Scabby Robe. SSCT 4150 (Out of Print) (Blackfeet)

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- HARTFORD 1994- LIVE AT SCHEMITZUN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF SINGING AND DANCE The BLACK LODGE SINGERS was one of the host drums at Schmitzun `94 in Hartford, CT. Songs include: Grand Entry, Intertribal, Men's Fancy, Jingle, Fancy, Shake Song, Men's Traditional, Contest, Fancy Shawl, Round Dance. SGBL 091694 (Out of print.) (Blackfeet) - LIVE AT RED LAKE Eight pow wow songs recorded at Red Lake, MN, July 3 & 4, 1993. Grand Entry, flag song, Veteran, fancy shawl, crow hop, woman's fancy and intertribal songs. BLACK LODGE says "Our songs are meant to help young people and encourage them to have a better way of life." Kenny, Erwin, Shawn, Darwin, Elgin, Emerson and Louise Scabby Robe. SSCT 4176 (Out of Print) (Blackfeet) - VOL. 1 - POW WOW HIGHWAY SONGS Ten POW WOW HIGHWAY SONGS including: Chief Mountain, Don't Be Afraid to Dance, Dancin' Beautiful, Prayer Song and more. SOAR 125 CD $18.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 2 - POW WOW PEOPLE Ten pow wow songs by the Scabby Robe family. Songs include Love Your Ways, Powerful Dancers, Achy Breaky Song, Indian Time Again and Hearts and Drums. SOAR 150 CD $18.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 1 - POW WOW SONGS Twelve songs by the Scabby Robe Family of the Blackfoot Reservation. Includes: Intertribal songs, crow hop, grass dance, sneak-up, and others. Singers are, Kenny, Louis, Erwin, John, Shawn, Mike and Elgin Scabby Robe with Lillian Slim John. 6195 (Out of Print) (Blackfeet) - VOL. 2 - BLACKFEET POW WOW SONGS Eleven songs recorded live at the Numaga Indian Days, 1988. Includes women's and girls' fancy dance songs, Vietnam Veterans' songs, intertribal pow wow songs and others. All songs are in the Blackfeet or Navajo language. Singers: Erwin, Elgin, Kenneth, John, Thomas, Louis, Mike and Shawn Scabby Robe. 6202 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 3 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE Grand Entry, circle dance, chicken dance, crowhop, Song for Boys and four intertribals sung by the SCABBY ROBE FAMILY. Recorded at the RenoSparks Indian Colony, September 1988. Songs are made by Daphine Alexis, Ferlin Assinboine, Bernard Shouting, Albert Benally and Terry Paskimin. 6203 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 4 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW SONGS Two jingle dress songs, Roller Coaster Song, mens' traditional and intertribal songs. Ten songs total. BLACK LODGE SINGERS: Ken, Louise, Elgin, Erwin, Mike, John, Thomas and Shawn Scabby


Robe and Brian Howell plus members of the Blackstone Singers from Canada - Randy, Darrell and Lawrence Paskimin and Clint Frank. 6204 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 5 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW SONGS The BLACKLODGE SINGERS won the 1990 United Tribes International Singing Championship at Bismarck, N.D. and recorded these ten songs shortly thereafter. Includes: Soldier Boy, grass, contest, traditional and intertribal songs. Singers: The Scabby Robe family, plus Keith Kicking Woman, Corey Jim, Daphne Alexis, Melanie Ayoungman and Janet Pasquimin. 6208 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 6 - LIVE AT FORT DUCHESNE Twelve songs including grand entry, Blackfeet Flag Song, Vietnam-Desert Storm Song, men's traditional song, The Elders are Watching You and contest songs. 6209 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 7 - POW WOW SONGS Ten songs including: Veteran's Desert Storm Song, My Brother Eagle, Fly, Cree Round Dance, Jingle Dress Song, and Mickey Mouse. Kenny Scabby Robe, his wife Louise and the sons Erwin, Elgin, John, Thomas, Mike and Shawn. 6213 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 8 - VETERAN'S HONOR SONGS Flag song, veteran songs for WW I and II, Vietnam, Desert Storm, war mothers and songs to honor all veterans. Ten songs total. The Scabby Robe family (Blackfoot) - Kenny, Louise, John, Shawn, Thomas, Myron and Irwin with Lonnie Sammaripa (Yakima-Ute) 6214 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 9 - POW WOW SONGS Ten songs by the Kenny Scabby Robe Family. Includes: Mother Earth is Beautiful, Jingle Dress Side Step, Old People, Help Us, Bless Us, Good Horse Chief and more. 6215 (Out of Print) (Blackfeet) - VOL. 10 - ROUND DANCE SONGS Eleven round dance songs including Indian Pepsi Song, White Swan Blues, Boot Scootin' Boogie and Achy Breaky Heart. All songs composed by John, Kenny and Elgin Scabby Robe, Eric Tootoosis and Marshall Dreaver. 6216 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 11 - POW WOW SONGS Five word songs (text included) - horse stealing, sneak-up, intertribals and straight songs Connecticut Special and four more intertribals. Singers: John, Solomon, Kenny, Myron, Emerson, Louise and Elgin Scabby Robe; Devere Tsatoke, Albert Olney, Lonnie Sammaripa, Keith Kicking Woman, Don Kootenay and Eric Plain Bull. 6271 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 12 - POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE IN ARIZONA Recorded live at the University of Arizona Pow Wow and the Morning Star Celebration. 12 pow


wow songs include: People, We Are Here Singing For You; Indian People Try Hard; The Land of Gathering, intertribal song dances and more. 6272 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 13 - POW WOW SONGS - LIVE AT WHITE SWAN The BLACK LODGE SINGERS are one of North America's leading pow wow groups and this album, recorded near their home in White Swan, Washington, shows why they are in demand as a host drum. Their original songs are popular throughout the pow wow circuit. 12 pow wow songs including: Intertribals, straight intertribals, crow hop and ladies' jingle dress dance songs. 6273 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 14 - KID'S POW WOW SONGS The BLACK LODGE SINGERS are one of North America's leading pow wow drums and are constantly making new songs. They created these songs specially for children to dance during pow wows or anytime just for fun! Loony Toons; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Mighty Black Lodge Singers; Mouse; Bunny Hop; Flinstones; Kuna Matata; Tiny Tots Contest Song; "Indian People, Watch the Girls Dance!"; Ask Your Mom for Fifty Cents; Intertribal Music; Mickey Mouse; EightBall Song - Dedicated to Nathan Jim; Monster Mash; Here's Kenny! Total time: 38:30. 6274 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 15 - ENTER THE CIRCLE - POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE AT COUR D'ALENE Ten pow wow songs recorded: Intertribals, crow hop, round dance, Seasons, Memorial Song for Nathan Jim, Jr., Old Faithful, `96 Love Song. 6276 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 16 - ROUND DANCE TONIGHT! Recorded at Wild Horse. Round Dances are Native American social dances duting which all members of the comunity including couples are encouraged to dance and have a good time. For years the Black Lodge Singers have been regarded as one of the greatest pow wow drums in North America. Recently they have gained notoriety for their entertaining brand of Round Dance songs utilizing hand-drum and voice. This recording is sure to make you want to dance through the night! Eight songs. 6278 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 17 - THE PEOPLE DANCE Recorded live at Wellpinit. For over a decade the Black Lodge Singers have been one of the most popular pow wow groups in North America. Winners as Artist / Group of the Year at the first Native American Music Awards, Black Lodge has consistently provided the highest level of singing and drumming for dancers on the pow wow trail. Songs include Iwasil, Elder's Chicken, Dancing People, Prayer Song for Bryson, Litefoot, Fancy Dance and Round Dance. 6293 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - TRIBUTE TO THE ELDERS For over 15 years the Scabby Robe family has traveled and performed as the Black Lodge Singers throughout the U.S., Canada and overseas. Performing traditional Blackfeet songs,

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contemporary-style songs and classic Black Lodge songs, this recording captures the full scope of the Black Lodge sound. Six traditional songs, one traditional Blood song, a travel song, a blessing song and more make this recording a "TRIBUTE TO THE ELDERS." 6318 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - WEASEL TAIL'S DREAM BLACK LODGE, of White Swan, Washington, is one of the most respected pow wow groups in North America. This newest collection of songs is dedicated to the late grandfather of the many BLACK LODGE SINGERS, Jim Weasel Tail. BLACK LODGE is consistently honored for its fine singing and songmaking and was a Grammy nominee at the 2001 Grammy Awards for their previous release TRIBUTE TO THE ELDERS (ID# 6318). This recording includes new songs that are in demand on the pow wow circuit. 6337 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMIN' Grammy nominees in 2001, the BLACK LODGE SINGERS of White Swan, Washington are one of the most respected pow wow groups in North America and are known for their lively round dance songs. A prominent Native American courting dance, the round dance is an occasion filled with humor and good feelings. BLACK LODGE keeps dancers swaying to the rhythmic pulse of hand drums and the swing of their melodies with this collection of their latest round dance songs. 13 songs include Wild Summer Nights, Who Let The Dogs Out and Dancin' Queen. 6338 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - BROTHERHOOD 13 new songs from one of the leaders in Pow Wow music. Songs include Stillwater Straight, Trying Hard, Crow Hoppin', and Dancing Girls. SOAR 215 CD $18.98 (Blackfeet) - FAMILY TRADITIONS 12 more songs by this exciting drum. Three time Grammy nominated Blackfoot drum group whose members include Myron, Emerson, Shawn, Matthew, John, Tracy, Louise, Algin, Kenny, Soloman and Deanna Chief Scabby Robe, Anson Begaye, Don Jones, David Spotted Eagle, James Randall Jr., and Robert LaClair. Songs include Chunkie Boy, Good Times, The Calling, and The Prophecy. SOAR 218 CD $18.98 (Blackfeet) - MORE KIDS' POW WOW SONGS Grammy® nominated Black Lodge is one of North America's leading pow wow drums. This recording is a follow-up to their earlier hit - Kid's Pow Wow Songs - and includes pow wow songs for today's kids of all ages! 11 songs including Sponge Bob Square Pants, Scooby Doo, Brother Bear, and Old MacDonal Had A Farm. 6387 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - INDIAN SUMMER Originally released as The WHITE SWAN SINGERS this recording has been re-released with the Black Lodge Singers name in 2006. Singers are: Algin, John, Shawn, Mathew, Erwin, Myrona and Emerson Scabby Robe; Clayton Buck, William Whitegrass, Shawn Old Mouse, and Drum Keeper, Harry Buck (aka) Umch. Songs include: intertri-


bals, straights, Victory Song and more. TIM 10016 CD $17.98 (Blackfeet) - WATCH THIS DANCER! For twenty years Black Lodge (lead by Kenny Scabby Robe) has been one of the premier drum groups on the pow wow trail. Known for their always popular songmaking and tight ensemble sound, multi-grammy nominee Black Lodge presents the very best of northern style singing and drumming. 12 songs including three chicken dance, five intertribals, a fancy dance, a grass dance, a round dance, and a women's traditional. 6429 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - SPO'MO'KIN'NAN Continuing a singing legacy spanning generations, six-time Grammy® nominee Black Lodge is a living legend on the Pow Wow Highway. Their precision drumming and brilliant singing are always in demand at Pow Wow circles across North America. 15 songs including Dancing People, Good Times, Eagle Tails, Indian People, and Weaseltail's Dance. Pow wow songs recorded live at White Swan. 6435 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet)


Algonquin Indian guides nickname him "Black Robe." His young aide and translator, Daniel, falls in love with Annuka, the beautiful daughter of the Algonquin chief. Torn between his own desires and ideals of the priesthood, Laforgue's faith is tested as the expedition faces the elements. Attacked, captured and brutalized by hostile Indians, the traumatic experience challenges everything the young priest believes. But together with his young companions he escapes to complete his mission and comes to understand the true spirit of the land and the spirit he sought to convert. Starring Lothaire Bluteau, August Schellenberg, Aden Young, Sandrine Holt and Tantoo Cardinal. 101 minutes. Rated R VK 15833D DVD $17.85 (Hollywood Movies)


Eleven grass dance songs sung by Allen White Grass, Pat Kennedy, and Stanley Whiteman of Browning, Montana SC 100 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98 (Blackfeet)


12 grass dance songs and 6 owl dance songs recorded at Cardston, Alberta on July 15, 1962. Singers are Edward Morning Owl and Wilbur Morning Owl. Now on CD. SC 104 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98 (Blackfeet)


- HUNDRED DOLLAR HICKEY Hard driving rock beats make this a must for anyone of the Rock era. Liner notes include lyrics. Ten songs including Rez Girls, All Of Me, Crazy Little Thing, and Don't Tell Me It's Over. DNA 60031 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - UNDER THE GUN Black Rain returns to present their second album. Ten songs including Electric, Without You, Folsom Prison Blues, and One More Last Time. DNA 60062 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


- BLACKFEET HAND GAME SONGS Fourteen hand game songs by two very well known and well respected Blackfeet singers from Montana - Thomas Big Spring and Floyd Heavy Runner. 6188 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet)


- FIRST LIGHT Beautiful, powerful, ambient, contemporary southwestern flute music with a taste of indigenous, world, and classical elements create a true mix of influences, both traditional and today. This is truly a beautiful and esoteric flute album that rocks. BLACK RAVEN`s debut album will send you on a deep journey. First Light has a balance of beauty and power that is sure to please. Featured on the album are Daniel Hicks (flutes), Charles Button (guitars, bass, keyboards, drums), and Will Clipman (drums, percussion) with special performances by Aaron White (guitars), Richard Kosinski (keyboards), Mark Thomas (electric guitars), George Quirin (guitars), Danii Odudua (drums), Joshua Hichs (vocals), and Budda & Buddy (vocals). 14 songs including Windspirit, Lame Deer, Morning Dove, Spanish Heart, and Spirit Love. SM 6941 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) Singers Pat Kennedy, Clyde Heavy Runner, Kenneth Old Person and Alouysious Weasel Head originally recorded these 12 Blackfeet Pow Wow songs on October 13, 1968 at Browning, Montana in the Old Star School. Released in May 2006 on CD the songs include six grass dance songs, four owl dance songs, one contest song and one crow hop dance song. IR 220 CD $17.98 (Blackfeet)


- ONE NATION UNDER BLACKFIRE is a Native American (Diné) traditionally influenced, high-energy, politically driven group comprised of three siblings. Born into the heart of a political land dispute area called Big Mountain on the Navajo Nation, this power trio of two brothers and their sister combine their traditional roots with a youthful raw energy to create a real Alter-Native sound. BLACKFIRE's first full length album of fire-ball alternative punk, "One Nation Under," features Joey Ramone, Jones Benally, and 15 passionately burning songs of struggles, resistance, and hope. It is a wake up call to America and the world. Songs include Exile, Stand Strong, Prove Them Wrong, and Is This Justice.Winner Best Pop/Rock Recording at the 2002 Native American Music Awards.


In the rugged 17th century Canadian wilderness, Father Laforgue, a young, idealistic Jesuit priest, is assigned to go up river into the wilderness on a perilous journey to convert the Huron Indians. His

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7049 Cassette $9.98 (Contemporary/Rock) CD $15.98


songs including four intertribals, ten chicken dance songs, two contest songs, an exhibition song, an owl dance, and a grass dance. 6382 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - CONFEDERACY STYLE The BLACKFOOT CONFEDERACY drum group brings together some of the most respected singers in pow wow country singing proudly around the drum. They are committed to preserving the songs and unique traditional singing style of the four great Nations of the Blackfoot Confederacy: the Blackfeet, the Siksika, the Kainai, and the Piikani. Performing many decade-old songs of the Confederacy, as well as new compositions, the sound of these enduring peoples is maintained for generations to come. 13 songs - eight war dance songs, two intertribals, a sneak up, a contest song and a chicken dance song. 6405 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - HEAR THE BEAT Gathering together singers from the Kainai, Siksika, Peigan and Blackfeet tribes, the Blackfoot Confederacy drum group is devoted to maintaining the traditional Blackfoot singing style. Combining classic songs from the tribes of the Confederacy and new songs made in their traditional style, Blackfoot Confederacy has emerged as one of pow wow's strongest voices. 15 songs including seven intertribals, four contest songs, an honor song and more. Recorded live at Ft. McDowell, Arizona. 6428 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - HAIL TO THE CHIEFS Recorded live at Saddle Lake, Blackfoot Confederacy brings you 13 songs including a round dance, a contest song, an old chicken and more. DHOP 3400 CD $16.98 (Blackfeet)


Grey Owl Walking, Owl Dance, and Montana Crow Hop. AR 1250 CD $17.98 (Blackfeet)

- SILENCE IS A WEAPON Silence Is A Weapon is the new two-disc concept album from award-winning Diné musical group BLACKFIRE. This Arizona based trio of siblings continues to defy labels by fusing their unique PunRock energy and traditional Native American songs. This recording will take listeners on a journey of the past, present and future of Native American music. Disc one features 12 new songs of their unique brand of high energy-social political music which has been called "Fireball Punk-Rock." Disc two comprises a special selection of 12 traditional Diné songs. The album features guest vocals by Cyril Neville and Jones Benally. Songs include Turn Out The Lights, Peaks Song, The Wars They Wage, How Can We Confess?, American Indian Movement Song, and more. TR 0084 CD $19.98 (Contemporary/Rock)


Richard and Delbert Blackhorse are from the Crow Springs area in Utah on the Navajo Reservation. Both are members of the Native American Church. They would like to motivate the children to learn these traditional ways and songs. They are selftaught and have been inspired by their family. - DINEH PRAYER SONGS This is a collection of 24 Dineh Prayer Songs. They are either performed in the straight version or contain words in the Navajo language. Translation of the songs are included on the inside cover. Nominated for Best Traditional Recording in 1998. 47:41 minutes. CRM 030998 CD $16.98 (Peyote)



- VOL. 1 BLACKFOOT A-1 CLUB SINGERS A-1 Club Theme songs, 4 war dance songs, and 2 chicken dance songs sung by Andy Axe, Dennis Black Rider, Nick Breaker, Ralph Crow Chief, Raymond Crow Chief, Phillip Little Chief, Gerald Sitting Eagle, and Marcel Weasel Head. Recorded at Gleichen Alberta. IH 4001 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 2 BLACKFOOT A-1 CLUB SINGERS 2 war dance songs, 1 competition song, 3 chicken dance songs, and 6 owl dance songs sung by the same singers continuing from Volume One (above). IH 4002 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet)

At the turn of a new millennium, these songs are dedicated to all humankind. It is hoped that this earth and all of its children grow in beauty and be blessed by the prayer songs on this recording. 24 songs of the Native American Church presented by two of the most powerful voices of the Peyote Way. CRM 010999 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - 2000 With the beginning of the new millennium it is hoped that the traditional way of life may continue and that all people keep their Faith and Love for one another. The brothers present 24 original songs accompanied by gourd rattle and water drum. CRM 092599 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - INSPIRATIONAL CHANTS Richard and Delbert Blackhorse are pleased to present 24 Native American Church songs accompanied by water drum and gourd. The brothers are from Bluff, Utah, and have composed these unique inspirational songs under their own record label. In unity, the brothers bring forth these songs to enlighten and inspire the body, mind, and soul holistically. Through these songs, may love, faith and hope be instilled unpon us all. IRR 2002 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - EXPRESSIONS Richard and Delbert Blackhorse are pleased to present their latest recording of 24 Native American Church songs accompanied by water drum and rattle. Through trying times and good times, these unique songs have been composed with sincere and humble thoughts. The brothers hope that all who listen will gain some benefit spiritually and emotionally. IRR 040803 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - MELODY Richard and Delbert Blackhorse of Bluff, Utah present 24 Native American Church songs accompanied by water drum and gourd. They hope all who listen will benefit from these songs. IRR 030404 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - HAPPINESS


- VOL. 1 BLACKFOOT A-1 SINGERS A-1 Club Theme song, chicken dances, war dances, and owl dances by the Blackfoot A-1 Club Singers of Cluny, Alberta, Canada. Philip Little Chief, Nick Breaker, Andy Axe, Dennis Black Rider, George Good Eagle, Raymond Crow Chief and Marvin Wolf Leg. 6132 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 2 BLACKFOOT A-1 SINGERS Six traditional songs, four fancy dances, a sneakup, and the A-1 Theme song (by Alex Scalp Lock) are performed by this very honored drum from Cluny, Alberta. This drum is part of the A-1 Club, a Blackfoot organization that promotes the culture and history of the Blackfoot. Alex and Sheldon Scalp Lock, Clarence Wolf Leg, Philip Little Chief, Nick Breaker, Andy Axe, Radford Black Rider, Gerald Sitting Eagle, Raymond Crow Chief. 9007 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet)


Seven grass, three slow grass, one old time grass, two shake and two stomp dance songs. The singing style of BLACKFOOT CROSSING is a unique blend of old and new in which the singers try to retain the traditional Blackfoot style while adding some contemporary ele-ments of their own. All of the songs in this recording, except one, were composed by members of the group between 1985 and 1989. All the word songs in this recording are based on significant events in Blackfoot history. Recorded in Gleichen, Alberta IH 4003 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet)


- NORTHERN STYLE Enjoy some of the best northern style pow wow music brought to you by BLACK LODGE, STAR SOCIETY and MOCASSIN FLATS. All three drums are members of the Blackfeet Tribe and have traveled the Pow Wow circuit extensively. 18 songs - nine from BLACK LODGE, five from STAR SOCIETY, and four from MOCASSIN FLATS. SOAR 217 CD $18.98 (Blackfeet)


- SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT Together the Blackfeet, the Kainai, the Piikani and the Siksika form the Blackfoot Confederacy, one of the proudest and strongest alliances in the history of Native America. For the first time, some of the most respected singers on the pow wow trail gather to sing together at one drum for this historic recording. Recorded live in Browning, Montana. 19


14 traditional songs including Sweetgrass Lake,

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Delbert and Richard Blackhorse bring you a compilation of 24 peyote songs accompanied by gourd and water drum. Inspired by their late father, David June Blackhorse, and grandfather, Robert June Blackhorse, both brothers became active in the Native American Church at an early age. They learned the songs of their elders and began composing their own version. The songs bring special meaning to the youth, but are also intended for people of all ages to enjoy. These songs, both contemporary and traditional, reflect the brothers hardships, tribulations, and success. IRR 042805 CD $16.98 - BLACKHORSE 2006 These songs were composed with sincerest thoughts, remembering the struggles and triumphs we have endured thus far. As we embrace this way of worship, we hope our youth will embrace it and continue onward. Again, we hope all who listen to these songs will benefit from them spiritually and emotionally. IRR 030806 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - HUMBLE Delbert & Richard Blackhorse present another collection of Native American Church Songs. IRR 092607 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - HUMBLE 2 The renowned duo of Richard and Delbert Blackhorse of the Diné Nation proudly present their second album of the Humble series. This recording contains 24 peyote songs accompanied by the gourd and water drum. IRR 90712 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


original songs accompanied by his brother Richard on water drum. CRM 080104 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - NAJAH Delbert's fourth solo release is inspired by his daughter, Najah Blackhorse. As music and music styles change, so does Delbert with his creative and unique song making and singing abilities. He presents a variety of songs reflecting his traditional upbringing, but also incorporates his gift as a composer of popular children songs with English lyrics. Ten songs plus four bonus tracks with water drum. Songs include Spongebob Squarepants Special, Springtime Flower, Rodeo Superstar, and Holy Rain. CRM 011405 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Navajo) - FORWARD IN PRAYER One of the finest Navajo singers of his time, Delbert presents twelve all new and original compositions. Based on his upbringing in the Native American Church, and other traditional teachings, Delbert continues to influence Native American music in a creative and inspiring way. Songs include Father Sun, Be with us, creator, Thanking the creator, and The prayers have been answered. CRM 102506 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - THE FOUR DIRECTIONS Delbert Blackhorse, from Crow Springs, Utah, presents 24 original Native American Church songs. Apart from recording with his brother, Richard Blackhorse, on several occasions, this is his seventh solo release. Once again he shares his songs and prayers with you. All songs are accompanied by his brother Richard on waterdrum. CRM 011807 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - HUMBLY WE PRAY Delbert released his first recorded music in the 1990's as a member of the pow wow group White Ridge Singers from Bluff, Utah. He has recorded several other albums with his brother, Richard. Delbert now presents his eighth solo recording, a collection of Native American Church songs. CRM 010308 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SONGS OF HOPE Hajooba' Akwiindzin, to have Hope, is a sacred teaching taught by the elders. Delbert Blackhorse presents 24 peyote songs, which are inspired by personal experiences as well as events that occur in surrounding areas on a daily basis. He is accompanied by his brother, Richard Blackhorse, on waterdrum. Delbert sincerely hopes that these personal songs provide listeners with renewed Hope. JCM 0951 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - 2010 Delbert presents 24 Native American Church songs, all accompanied by Bill Curley on water drum. Delbert continues to share his singing and songmaking talent which is based on his upbringing in the Native American Church. CRM 041210 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SONGS OF INSPIRATION Songs can inspire and cleanse one's thoughts. Through songs and goals any dream can be accomplished. Visions can be shown to one about how to


achieve what one is striving for, Throughout the night singers sing their songs of inspiration for those in need of prayers so dreams can be foreseen. These songs are meant to be sung during the early morning. Delbert Blackhorse presents 24 songs of the Native American Church accompanied by Shaun Boy on waterdrum. JCM 1100 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- CHRISTMAS WITH THE BLACKHORSES Once more, Delbert and Richard Blackhorse invite you and your family to "bring in the Holidays" with theirs by presenting to you this unique album. This album is filled with ten songs that are harmonized in honor of this festive season. Beautifully presented for your listening enjoyment. JCM 0911X CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christmas - Peyote)


- NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH SONGS Delbert Blackhorse and Bill Curley present 24 songs from the Native American Church. They hope these songs will bring all listeners good fortune throughout the coming year. Six sets of four songs each - three sung by Delbert Blackhorse and three sung by Bill Curley, alternately. JCM 1001 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- BEAUTY Six sets of four songs each. Three sung by Brian Stoner and three by Delbert Blackhorse. DNA 60087 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- CHANTS OF HAPPINESS With his debut solo effort, Delbert Blackhorse showcases his talent as an outstanding singer/ songwriter not only in the Peyote Way but also in the more contemporary style. Adopting English lyrics into some of the songs, the focus is on the future and the children. With a clear strong voice, Delbert sings acapella with carefully selected sound effects. Here Delbert presents 16 songs, 8 songs in the traditional way of the Native American Church with his brother, Richard, accompanying him on water drum. CRM 121100 CD $16.98 - DELBERT BLACKHORSE Delbert enchants his listeners once again with his highly anticipated second release. He has established himself as a leading Native American Church composer and singer. On this recording he presents 20 original songs accompanied by his brother Richard on water drum. CRM 082201 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SINGING IN HARMONY Delbert Blackhorse heads in another direction with this recording of Plains style Round Dance Songs. 10 songs including Land Of The Free, Native Angel, Dancing Til The Morning Light, and When I First Met You, My Dear. CRM 080703 CD $16.98 (Navajo) - PEYOTE SONGS Once again Delbert enchants his listeners with 24


- DINE LAKOTA OLOWA Lester Blackhorse and Monique Foolbull present 24 Native American Church songs. Lester was raised the Peyote way and learned how to sing by listening to his Elders and people from different walks of life. Through these ways he met his wife, Monique, who is from the Lakota Country in South Dakota. Lester and Monique are accompanied on waterdrum by Delbert Blackhorse who also provides some of the backup singing and contributes two sets of songs. CRM 041609 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- SPIRITUAL EXPRESSIONS Richard Blackhorse is pleased to bring you his first solo effort of original songs - SPIRITUAL EXPRESSIONS. With a strong and powerful voice he presents four vocal songs and 16 traditional Native American Church songs. He is accompanied by his brother Delbert on water drum. Since their debut release, BLACKHORSE DINEH PRAYER SONGS - CRM 030998, nominated for best traditional recording in 1998 both brothers have been enchanting their listeners with their beautiful singing style. CRM 121200 CD $16.98

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(Peyote) - PEYOTE SONGS Richard Blackhorse, of the Deer Spring People Clan from Bluff, Utah, presents 20 peyote songs that are accompanied by water drum and gourd. 16 vocables and Praying To You, Our Mother, Beautiful Sunrise and Beauty Around Us. IRR 030805 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


women's fancy shawl dance. Singers: Terry, Leo, Darrell and Randall Paskemin; Shawn Standing Rock; Clint Frank; Curtis La Liberi; Pat Teton, Isaac Lehi, Stacey Small, Michael Roberts, Ervinal Denny and Sonny Dixey. Song text included. 6258 (Out of Print.) (Cree) - BUFFALO CLOUD - SPECIAL EDITION 1996 WORLD CONTEMPORARY CHAMPIONS Singers: Terry, Darrell, Dion, Randy and Leo Paskemin, Marvin Thunderchild, Keith Sharphead, Rocky Morin. Thirteen songs including: Drumming Hill Rumble, Swerve, Borderline, Buffalo Cloud, Warrior's Cry. Nahkowachee, Hoki'sma, and more. Liner notes with word and translations NRD-010 Cassette $2.00 (Cree) - TORNADO BOY - 1997 Terry (song writer/leader), Randy, Darrell, Dion Paskemin, Randy Pooyak, Marvin Thunderchild, Isaac Lehi, Keith Sharphead Rocky Morin and Garnet Whitecalf. Fourteen songs including: "Tornado Boy", I Saw the Eagle,Winds, Swaying Grass song, intertribals, contest songs and more. B97-020 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Cree) - IT'S A GOOD DAY TO DANCE BSM 01 (Out of Print) (Cree) - LONG RIDE HOME WRBS 021 (Out of Print) (Cree) - LIVE IN WILD ROSE COUNTRY BSM 02 (Out of Print) (Cree) - WAGON TRAIL BSM 03 (Out of Print) (Cree) - SEPTEMBER RAIN The world famous BLACKSTONE SINGERS, with brothers Terry and Randy Paskemin heading the group, are from Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan. They are well travelled and recognized for their unique singing style. Their exquisite singing makes this an album that cannot be missed. 12 songs. TIM 10042 CD $17.98 (Cree) - AROUND THE HORN Pow wow songs recorded live at Couer D'Alene. 11 songs include Soggy Bustle Boys, Mystique, Old Friends and Barn Burner. 6352 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Cree) - PICTURES OF YOU With this recording, the BLACKSTONE SINGERS of Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan, perform a special selection of their latest round dance songs. 12 songs. 6353 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Cree) - ON THE OREGON TRAIL From the Plains Cree people, BLACKSTONE SINGERS of Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan capture all the color and excitement of today's pow wow in their singing and drumming. Their distinctive songs have made them one of the most important,


influential and respected drum groups in the United States and Canada. This recording captures their singing live at the annual Lincoln's Birthday Pow Wow in Simnasho, Oregon. 10 songs including Show Stopper, Ode To The Spotted Bird, Veterans Song, and High Above The Eagle Soars. 6365 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Cree) - ROUND DANCE SINGIN' with the Logan Alexis Singers BLACKSTONE, of the Cree Nation of Saskatchewan, is one of the elite pow wow groups of North America. Their songs are always eagerly awaited and their singing is matched by only a handful of other groups. Ranking at the top in all major competitions, this championship drum group is well known throughtout the western United States and Canada. They are joned by the Logan Alexis Singers, another fine drum. 11 songs including Stromin', The "B" Squad, Just Like The Old Times, and Young Runner. 6239 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Cree) - BACK IN THE DAY Recorded live March 26 - 28, 2004 at Twenty-Nine Palms, California, BLACKSTONE brings you once again a collection of some of the finest in northern style drum music. 12 songs including Old Queen Flag Song, Enjoying A Way Of Life, Dances For The Elders, Blackstone Flag Song, and Come Dance, It's Beautiful. 6373 CD $15.98 (Cree) - A TIME FOR CHANGE 14 new songs from Blackstone. Song include Sisseton Blackout, War Dancer, and Dancers Are Dancing In. This recording includes two bonus tracks - Horses Stray from Wild Horse (DNA 60018) and Guns and Thunder from Walking Buffalo (DNA 60019). Liner includes the legend "How Coyote Brought Fire to the People." DNA 60017 CD $17.98 (Cree) - CLASSIC Classic Blackstone brings you an early recording that has never been released. Now, for the first time, hear these early songs. Ten songs include eight intertribals, a woman's contest song, and a grass dance song. DNA 60036 CD $17.98 (Cree) - BRING YOUR FEATHERS IN! For two decades Blackstone has been central to the growth of Pow Wow singing and songmaking throughout North America. The singing and innovative songmaking of lead singer Terry Paskemin and Randy Paskemin introduced a Cree style to a large number of Pow Wow singers and dancers, and the group's influence has extended far beyond its home in Saskatchewan. 13 Pow Wow songs recorded live at Shiprock Fair. Songs include Pigeon Lake, Fancy Shawl Song, Veterans Sneak Up and more. 6404 CD $15.98 (Cree) - LIVE IN ALEXIS Blackstone Singers proudly present this collection of Pow Wow songs recorded live in 2009 at Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation, Alberta, Canada and Onion Lake Cree First Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada. 12 songs including eight intertribals, a crow hop, a mens' fancy, a womans fancy and a


- N.A.C. PEYOTE SONGS This is a recording of old and new songs. Tom Blackhorse hopes you enjoy them. CMP 123 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- VOL. 1 - CONTEST SONGS - LIVE AT FORT DUCHESNE Northern contest songs including Women's Fancy, Men's Fancy and nine other contest songs. Singers: Terry Paskemin, Bradley Tootoosis, Michael Andrew, Darrell Paskemin, Randy Paskemin, Donovan Arcand Weenine, Leon Whitstone, Clint Frank and Issac Lehi. 6217 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Cree) - VOL. 2 - POW WOW SONGS - LIVE AT FORT DUCHESNE Ten songs including crow hop, grand entry, intertribals, We Hear Bells Over There and The Dancers Look Beautiful, sneak up and Gathering of Nations. Singers: Terry Darrell and Randy Pasekim, Bradley Tootoosis, Michael Andrew, Leon Whitstone, Donovan Arcand Weenie, Clint Frank, and Isaac Lehi. 6218 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Cree) - VOL. 3 - POW WOW SONGS Ten songs - contest, traditional, sneak-up, crow hop, intertribal and round dances. The BLACKSTONE SINGERS are a Canadian Cree group. Terry (lead singer), Randall and Darrell Paskemin, Clint Frank, Shawn Standing Rock, Garnet Whitecalf, Isaac Lehi, Michael and Dale Roberts. Liner notes include song translations. 6219 (Out of Print.) (Cree) - VOL. 4 - POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE Ten songs - Grand Entry, Canadian Flag Song, and intertribal songs. English song translations included in notes. Singers: Randall, Terry, Dion and Leo Paskemin; Donovan Arcand, Michael Andrew, Shawn Standing Rock, Delvin Stanley, Randy Pooyak, Fred Ike Jr., Delbert Wapass, Ralph Moran, Isaac Lehi and Marvin and Melvin Thunderchild. 6256 Cassette $9.98 (Cree) - VOL. 5 - POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE Nine Cree songs including intertribal, traditional, contest, victory, Canadian Flag Song and grand entry. Song texts included. Volume 4 singers. 6257 Cassette $9.98 (Cree) - VOL. 6 - POW WOW SONGS Ten original songs - 3 contest, 6 intertribal and

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Blackfoot song. DNA 60069 CD $17.98 (Cree)


MM 0118 Double Cassette $5.00 (Legends/Storytelling) (Flute/New Age)


- THE GREAT SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS This is a unique collection of Christmas classics. Nine songs in all, eight traditional songs and one original composition. All songs feature the Native American flute playing the melody lines, accompanied by keyboards. Songs include "What Child Is This", "Joy To The World", "O Holy Night", and "Silent Night." HMA 50143 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christmas) - TIME FOR TRUTH Time For Truth blends haunting melodies on the Native American flute with both contemporary and traditional sounds, taking the listener on a spirit filled musical journey. Douglas is joined by Arvel Bird, Charles Thaxton, Danny Voris, Jamie Oxendine, Kenny Rice and Brian Henke on various songs. 12 songs including Ancient Memories, Mystic Traveler, Horses In The Clouds, Weep No More and Kokopelli's Dance. HMA 0492 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - HEAL THE EARTH Heal The Earth is a sacred healing journey of soothing contemporary melodies featuring the Native American flute. It is music that touches the heart and soul in a way that Native American Music Award winner, Douglas Blue Feather, is known and loved for. 11 songs including Rivers Of Time, Cherry Blossom Moon, Listen To The Wind, and When Angels Dance. SHR 1111 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - STAR NATIONS Star Nations is a re-release of an earlier album entitled Rise of the Star Nations. Some songs have been removed and three new songs added. This is a new galactic voyage with the Native American flute. 13 songs including Nebula, Guardian Visitors, Celestial Dreamer, and The Ancient Ones. HOA 15614 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - SPIRIT OF THE FLUTE A collection on 13 peaceful solo Native American flute songs played from the heart by multi award winning flutist, Douglas Blue Feather. Songs include In The Canyon, People Of Peace, Call Of The Elk, Shadows on the Wall, and Fire Dance. SHR 1212 CD $16.98 (Flute / New Age) - A CROWN OF STARS Douglas Blue Feather is joined by Douglas Allen Dunlap (keyboards, loops, environments, lap steel guitar, classical guitar, bass guitar and sampled percussion) and Brian Henke (electric and acoustic guitars) to bring you this collection of nine ethereally beautiful songs. Songs include Heart Of Night, Dancing The Dream, Dragonfly At Dawn, and Flight Of The Owl, Call Of The Wolf. DW 1054 CD $16.98 (Flute / New Age) - SACRED SPACE Multi award winner, Douglas Blue Feather, creates heartfelt melodies on the Native American flute surrounded by ethereal keyboards to make SACRED SPACE his ultimate CD for meditation, relaxation, and healing. Nine songs including Early Morning Mist, Into Euphoria, Temple of Light, and Shores of Atlantis.


- COLLAGES African Negroes were kidnapped from West Africa over 500 years ago and brought to North, Central and South America and sold as slaves. During the first 200 years strong alliances were built while working side by side with the indigenous people, the Red Indians. From this union came the Black Indian, or the Maroons. This 2-disc collection contains 31 Native American Hip-Hop songs. Parental advisory is cautioned for explicit content. Songs include The Prophecy, Sons of `81, The Elders Are Watching, Untie The Knot, and many more. TIM 10111 CD $21.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop) - BLU THUNDER This drum formed in 2002 after members of two Hopi drum groups, Blu Springs and Thunder Creek, left their beloved homeland and moved to the city. Members decided to keep the two drum groups names as a sign of respect. Members include Jaye Seckletstewa, Pernell Mahle, Ryon Polequaptewa, Palmer Lomakema, Jarvis Qumyintewa, Kris Silas, Raye Seckletstewa, Lamar Barehand, Eldrid Matt (Apache), Lamon Barehand, Selwyn Selina and Brian Silas. Songs include five intertribals, an honor song, a sneak up, three contest songs, three grass dance songs, a men's traditional and a fancy & jingle. 60238 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


Music blending Native American and Celtic sounds to create a harmony of tribal music from these two ancient and still thriving indigenous cultures. - WHISPERS OF THE TREES Natural, organic music to relax by. What do the songs of the trees sound like? An instrumental CD of music made using only wood instruments: the Native flute and Celtic harp over a background of nature sounds to soothe and relax you. Perfect for meditation and massage! 17845 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - TRIBAL THUNDER 11 songs including Diedra's Farewell to Alba, Morning Star Round Dance, Gathering of the Clans, and Song of Exile. 53384 CD $16.98 (New Age) - JOURNEYS THROUGH THE MIST This CD guides you on a path through time to the blending of the Native and Celtic cultures. Ethereal vocals entwine with the Celtic harp and Native flutes over the gentle background of the bodhran and Native drums to relax and sooth you. Nominated for four NAMMY's. 12 songs including The Trail Where They Cried, Journey From the Other Side, Going to Gath'ring?, and Wisdom's Path. 15952 CD $16.98 (New Age)


- BLUE CANYON Blue Canyon Band from Tuba City, Arizona bring you ten great Country songs. Songs include Nowhere Road, That's How I Got To Memphis, Tropical Depression, and Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues. JCM 0431 CD $16.98 (Country)


Douglas is a Cherokee from Dayton, Ohio. He is an award winning songwriter, recording artist, and performer of contemporary and traditional Native American flute music. He has been recognized by Native Peoples Magazine as being one of the top performers on the native scene. He has been featured on Fox TV's Morning Show in Cleveland, Ohio and has preformed at numerous nationally advertised pow wows and events. He is the winner of the 2002 Native American Music Award for "Best Independent Recording of the Year." He blends his music with modern keyboards, guitars, and drums. His melodic music creates a healing vibration that touches and uplifts the spirit. - SEVENTH FIRE SEVENTH FIRE is a spiritual journey, blending modern keyboards and drums with the Native American flute. 15 songs. SW 1399 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - RISE OF THE STAR NATIONS This is a galactic voyage with the Native American flute. 14 songs. BR 1040 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - ARRIVAL Douglas creates a spiritual celebration of meditative soundscapes interwoven with the beauty of the Native American flute. Winner of the 2002 Native American Music Award "Best Independent Recording of the Year." 14 songs. HOA 7911 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - RIDE THE LIGHTNING On this recording Douglas brings forth traditional expressions on the Native American flute. 18 songs. HOA 12121 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98


- VOL. 1 Five polkas, five chotes, and two cumbias including Lalo's Cumbia, Catch You (Anyway) Polka, and Lonely Lady (chote) by Joe Miguel, Richard Garcia, Leo Jose, Ervin Gabriel Lopez, and Layne Miguel. 8052 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)


- CUSTERS FAVORITE SCOUT This audio book tells the story of Bloody Knife, often referred to as Custer's Favorite Scout. Bloody Knife and George Armstrong Custer had a special bond; each respected the other. Like the story of Custer, the story of Bloody Knife transcends the man, and has come to symbolize an era.

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SHR 1313 CD $16.98 (Flute / New Age) - ROLLIN' LIKE THUNDER Rollin' Like Thunder is filled with driving rhythms, energy, and upbeat melodic music that fills the air with electricity. Featuring Douglas Blue Feather on Native American flutes and drums, Danny Voris on electric and acoustic nylon guitars with additional musicians: Charles Thaxton, Jamie Oxendine, Mark Kenworthy on keys and Jay Luis, Chico Brown, Michael Di Mattio on bass guitars. 12 songs including Stand Tall, Wild Horses, Journey to Shambala, and After the Storm. SHR 1701 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - THE BEST OF DOUGLAS BLUE FEATHER This recording is a collection of meditative music that spans a decade of award winning music. This exciting remixed and remastered CD features 13 songs that defined Douglas's masterful style on the Native American flute and is sure to delight both new listeners and dedicated fans alike. Songs include Ancient Memories, Celestial Dreamer, Shadows of the Wall, and Shift of the Ages. SHR 1414 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)


- VOLUME 2 Blue Nativez Band brings you their second collection of songs. 11 songs including Little Black Egg, If I Were A Carpenter, Sweet September, With Or Without You, and Earth Bound. AV 9021 CD $17.98 (Country) - THE WIND BLOWS The Blue Nativez Band is happy to bring you their third release with 12 songs. Songs include Summer Nights, Treadin' Water, Cowgirls Don't Cry, and Country Boy. AV 9022 CD $17.98 (Country) - THANKS TO YOU Blue Nativez Band presents their fourth album with 12 songs including Memphis Tennessee, Proud Mary, Silver Stallion, Cherokee Fiddle and Bad Moon Rising. AV 4463 CD $17.98 (Country)


and Gil Gerard. Close Captioned. 90 minutes. Rated PG-13. 23603D DVD $27.95 (Hollywood Movie)


- NO LIES Tracy Bone has a fresh folk rock style. She wishes to bring you along on her musical journey. Ten songs including Lonely With You, Soldier Of Love, Sweetest Surprise, and The Air I Breathe. Lyrics included. AR 1290 CD $17.98 (Contemporary)


- FROM THE HEART - APACHE STORIES AND SONGS Side A: Mountain Spirit; Side B: Apache Love, Yellow Wickiup, Water, Go Home. BONI-1 Cassette (Out of Print) (Apache) - LET'S BOOGIE Eight songs including: Tulapia Special, I Walk In A Good Path, Where Are You Going and more. BONI-2 Cassette (Out of Print) (Apache) - HEAVY DUTY APACHE JAM Eight songs: From Mount Turnbull (In the Beginning); Blessing From the Mountain, Chirichua Mt. Spirit and more. BONI-3 CD $15.98 (Apache) - HEAVY DUTY APACHE JAM 2 Delmar brings you eight more Apache songs. Songs include Eastern Crown Dance Song, Walking With The Mountain Spirit and Blessing Prayer With The Gan. This is Delmar's fourth recording of traditional Apache songs. If you enjoyed Heavy Duty Apache Jam you're sure to enjoy this one. BONI-4 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Apache) - APACHE JAM 3 Delmar is happy to bring you seven more songs. Songs include New Mexico Mountain Spirit Song, Bylas Mountain Spirit Song, Whiteriver Mountain Spirit Song. BONI-5 CD $15.98 (Apache)


- THE BLUE STONE PROJECT The Blue Stone Project is award winning Native American guitarist and flutist Aaron White, guitarist/bassist Gary Rasmussen and drummer Ed Michaels. Their music is a rock oriented sound flavored by contemporary Native American life in America. They are joined on one selection by the poetry and voice of rock legend John Densmore. 14 songs including Sacred Road, Wild Horse Stomp, Cross Winds, Songs Of Freedom and Moonlight Shadows. 7076 CD $15.98 (Contemporary/Rock)


In the small town of Blue Gap, Arizona on the Navajo reservation there lives three brothers known as James, Jessie, and Jodie. The three of them combine their talents to form one of the greatest, because it's the only one, band Blue Gap has ever known! The youngest of the three, James, a full time custodian at the local school, has the responsibility of being the band's manager, simply chosen because he can't sing or play any instruments. The other two brothers, Jessie and Jodie, are the semitalented driving force behind the struggling band trying to make it big time. By chance, the brothers hear about an exciting opportunity to audition for a German music producer, Rolf May, in Phoenix, Arizona and win a trip to tour Europe with him. The comedy picks up speed as the brothers journey from their little town of a few people to the big city of Phoenix with a few million people. The three brothers get caught up in the outrageous hype so much that they find themselves committing to do whatever it takes ti win, even if it means doing things they normally would never even consider. The adventure takes another twist as the brothers are persuaded to `sell out' with the hope to gain the advantage over the competition and secure the covenanted trip to Europe. Starring James Bilagody, Ernest David Tsosie III, Vincent Craig, Jana, and Guilty Wilson. 90 minutes. Not rated. BW 15488D DVD $27.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- NAVAJO TRADITIONAL TWO-STEP & SKIP SONGS 6 two-step and 6 skip songs including:Apache Girls, Let's Go Home, Traditional Beauty, Too Young, Single and Perfect, You're Far Away, She Plays For Keeps and more. Singers: Robert L. Begay, (manager & drummer), Jimmie Williams (head singer), and Leonard Nez. 7165 (Out of Print) (Navajo)


-BPR A Native American Metal band from the Tohono O'odham Nation. Their first recording of 10 songs including Autopsy, Ecstacy, Strictly Drugs, and Marauding Beast. RAB-BPR1 (Out of Print) (Contemporary/Rock)


- FROM CONJUNTO TO CHICKEN SCRATCH Eighteen traditional and contemporary recordings of the Tohono O'odham and Yaqui of southern Arizona and Mexican-American musicians of the lower Rio Grande valley. Native American musicians and selec-tions are Southern Scratch (Madre Mia Chote), Gu Achi Fiddlers (Ali Oidak Polka), Virgil Molina (Old Man Rooster), Francisco Molina and Marcelino Valencia (San Javielpo Chu'kuy Kawi), and the Murrietta Brothers (Uwaldina Juan Gonzales). Mexican-American songs include Angel De Mis Anhelos, Corrido de Gerardo Gonzales, Un Adobe y Cuatro y Velas & Gregorio Cortez. SF 40418 CD $16.98 (Chicken Scratch/Yaqui-Tex/Mex


- A TRIBUTE TO... NATIVE AMERICAN BANDS OF THE SOUTHWEST Band members include Adrian Lee (Vocals, lead guitar), Hamilton H. Manuelito (rhythm guitar), Edwin Gruber (bass guitar), and Monty Smith (drums). In paying tribute to other bands, Blue Nativez Band, proudly presents some of the best songs performed by other Native bands of the southwest. 11 songs including Shotgun Rider, Wagon Wheel, Beautiful Girl, Una Mas Cervesa, and Knocking on Heavens Door. AV 9020 CD $17.98 (Country)


A construction worker breaks ground on what is said to be Indian holy ground. The crew soon uncovers an ancient artifact and removes it from the earth, unleashing an evil spirit known as the Bone Eater. With every victim, the Bone Eater grows more powerful. Sheriff Evans, his daughter, and the town doctor seek the help of a wise Indian girl to uncover the secret before it's too late! Starring Bruce Boxleitner, William Katt, Michael Horse,

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BORDERLINE: Richard Quintana (vocals and bass), Hardy Phelps (vocals, lead, rhythm & accoustic guitar), Tim Shorty (vocals, lead & rhythm guitar), Francis Mike (drums), and Larry Howe (vocals, drums). 12 songs including Bound To Go Away With You, Please Please Baby, Modern Day Romance, I'm On Fire, Baby's Got A Hold On Me, La Bamba, and more! 561 (Out of Print.) (Country)


Don't Wash Your Tears Away. TWP FC97 Cassette $4.00 (Contemporary) - alterNATIVES The latest by Jim Boyd. 12 songs written by Jim Boyd. Includes a 13th bonus track, I'll Be There, with Annie Humphrey. Songs include Rebel Moon, Full Circle and The More We're Together. TWP AN01 Cassette $4.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - GOING TO THE STICK GAMES The Stick Game is a traditional game that at one time was used as an ice breaker between two tribes when they would gather - today, these games are still played. These games are used to both distract the other team, and to pump your team up. Jim dedicates this recording to the people who keep the Stick Games and those songs alive. Jim manages to create an experience unlike any other - mixing his original contemporary songs with traditional songs. 12 songs in all including 3 traditional stick game songs and Fry Bread Line, Stick Game Blues, and Hidden Beach Days. Lyrics included on liner notes. TWPSG 04 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - LIVE AT TWO RIVERS Jim Boyd and his band bring you 14 more great selections of contemporary style music. Songs include Inchelium, Legend of Franco, Blame It All On Rock & Roll, Highway High, and Them Old Guitars. TWP 2R06 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary) - BLUES TO BLUEGRASS 12 more songs from Jim Boyd. Songs include Kyot's My Name, Alaskan Woman, Riding The Wind, and Same Old Door. TWPBB 07 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - VOICES FROM THE LAKES In 1956, the year Jim Boyd was born, the Canadian Government declared the Arrow Lakes Indian Band extinct, even though thousands still live today. This collection of 14 songs, written and arranged by Jim, speak of the Voices From the Lakes. Songs include The Hunt, We Are Sinixt, Turmoil, Canoe Journey, and Magic In The Night. TWP VL10 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)


world. He spent a year in New Brunswick, as well as Japan, Germany, and Cyprus. He has been involved in many fiddling contests to help promote this art. Hap performs 17 songs in the Métis style. Songs include Red River Blues, Caribou Reel, Roadhouse Rumble, Smokey Island Breakdown, and Maple Sugar. TIM 10033 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Fiddle) - THE VERY BEST OF... Metis fiddler Hap Boyer presents 16 of his favorite fiddling tunes. Songs include Louis Reil Reel, Up Jumped The Devil, Tag Time Annie, Heel & Toe Polka, Rocky Mountain Waltz, and Rabbit Stew Jig. HB 60022 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Fiddle)


- I NEEDED A SHOT GUN RIDER Nine Country songs including Fallin' Again, Low Down Ways, I Need You Tonight, and The Longer You Wait. JCM 0501 CD $16.98 (Country)


- LIVE AT HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY (1996) The BOYZ are the 1996 World Class Singing Champions Albuquerque, New Mexico. This dynamic pow wow drum is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have been on the pow wow trail a few years and are one of the fan's favorites. Recorded live a Haskell Indian Nations University, this is a heart pounding rhythmic first ever recording. TIM 10001 CD $17.98 (Sious) - BOYZ N' THE HOOD NRC-060 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - WORLDWIDE NRC-090 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - "LIFE AND TIMEZ OF TBZ" Singers Hokie Clairmont, Charles Lasley Sr., Opie Day-Bedeau, Marlin Dickenson Sr., Pow-wow Standing Rock, Vinson Charette, Darian Wakefield, Jeremy Dearly, Everett Moore, James Day, Mervel LaRose, A.J. Redman, Reuben Crow Feather, Kevin Yazzie, C.J. Lasley, Marlin Dickerson Jr., Carlso Day, Butch Sinette, Maurice Four Cloud, Limon Standing Rock, Jr. Green Crow, Tom Williamson and Buffalo Campbell. Also providing backup are Bonnie Clairmont, April Clairmont, Pat Decora and Misty Green Crow. The release contains 12 songs including Pow Wow Time, Native Soul, Tay Dogg and Outlawz. AR 1129 CD $17.98 (Sioux) - DOWN 4 LIFE Northern & Southern drums THE BOYS and YOUNG BIRD together on one recording. See YOUNG BIRD for more information. 6334 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - FOR A LIFETIME Recorded live at Prairie Island Dakota Wacipi, THE BOYZ bring you 11 songs - nine straight, an intro and Oldie But A Goodie. Members of the group include A.J. Redmen, Jeremy Dearly, Quanah LaRose, Maurice Hernandez, Henry Greencrow Jr., Mervel LaRose, Skyler Clairmont, Ginew Benton, Tito Ybarra, Everett Moore, James Day, Hokie Clairmont, Phil St. John, McAllen Garvin, Bonnie Clairmont, April Clairmont, Misty Greencrow and Pat Decora. DHOP 0300 CD $16.98


Jim Boyd is a singer/songwriter from the Lakes Band of the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington state. His music best fits into the Native American contemporary catagory fusing many music genres with lyrics of Indian issues. Boyd has worked with writer and friend Sherman Alexie both in concert and in studio, and also was in the Native American rock group XIT. His music allows you to see into the Native American culture. It gives you energy to live in a world that would otherwise be impossible at times. It gives hope to look forward to a positive future for all peoples. - RESERVATION BOUND Jim Boyd's first solo release brings up many Native American issues from hardship to hope. A great introduction to Jim's solo career. Nine songs including Red Blues, Writing on the Wall and Hard Times. TWP RB89 Cassette $4.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - UNITY Boyd takes you on an uplifting journey with this recording. Many of these songs are very motivational or spiritual and "Just make you feel good." Songs include Let the Colors Fly, Makes Me Proud, Beneath the Rainbow and six more. JBP V93 Cassette $4.00 (CD Out of Print.) (Contemporary) - RESERVATION BLUES This recording blends Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Indian writer Sherman Alexie's words with Colville Indian songwriter Jim Boyd's music to form a very moving collaboration. Three songs from this album were placed in the miramax motion picture SMOKE SIGNALS and also appear on the TVT soundtrack. The song Small World was placed on the benefit HONOR album which includes many others such as Bonnie Raitt, the Indigo Girls, John Trudell and many more. 14 songs including Treaties, Urban Indian Blues and Old Man Singing. TWP RB95 Cassette $4.00 (Contemporary) - FIRST COME, LAST SERVED This is Jim Boyd's latest record. It has proven to be a best seller. If you've never heard his music, start with this one. It's a great mix of folk, rock and blues, thoughtful lyrics and guitar riffs. Strong vocals can be heard throughout. 11 songs including A Million Miles Away, Magic in the Night and


- LIVE Winner `Best Pop/Rock Recording' at the 2003 Native American Music Awards. This is a live recording of a benefit concert for the Medicine Wheel Project which took place on March 10, 2003 at the Met in Spokane, Washington. Jim is joined by Kyo-T members Alfonso Kolb, Brad Green and Marty Meisner. All songs were written by Jim Boyd and arranged by Jim and Kyo-T. Ten songs including Magic In The Night, Bush Fires, Highway High, and As Time Goes By. TWP 8409 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)


- FIDDLING METIS STYLE Hap received his first fiddle at age 7 and began entertaining at 14. He has entertained around the

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(Sioux) - ACROSS AMERICA "Across America" features pow wow music recorded live by THE BOYZ from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. These singers were formed at a very young age and have endured the test of time to become one of the most popular drums on the pow wow trail. A well-traveled group, The Boyz have gained popularity from coast to coast. They have served as a host drum at numerous events and have won in some of the most prestigious singing contests on the pow wow circuit. This video was shot live "ACROSS AMERICA" and captures their eclectic style of singing and shows viewers why they have enjoyed success in pow wow country. 75 minutes. 71639D DVD $17.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance - ONE MORE Recorded live in Indio, The Boyz bring you 13 more great pow wow songs. Songs include Geek Squad, It IS What It Is, Timeless Wonder, and On The Road Again. DHOP 1800 CD $16.98 (Sioux) - BOYS WILL ALWAYS BE BOYZ 16 of the latest pow wow tracks from TBZ! Recorded live from Hinckley, Minnesota and includes songs that were heard on their 2008-2009 pow wow tours. DHOP 3500 CD $16.98 (Sioux) - LIVE IN LAPWAI Coming to you from the "Twin Cities," The Boyz have added another eclectic recording of contemporary pow wow music from the 2009-10 pow wow tour. Recorded live at the Clearwater River Casino Pow Wow in Lapwai, Idaho, this special edition is filled with songs that have won numerous singing championships across the United States and Canada. Eleven songs including seven intertribals, three contest, and one side step. DHOP 3700 CD $16.98 (Sioux)



- NORTHERN STYLE OTOE MISSOURIAN & PAWNEE Singers: Sid Brave Scout Moore, Ted Moore, Pete Moore Sr., Ock New Rider, Crickets Shields, Edward Yellowfish, Conrad Gayly, Rick Tosee, Dynomite Mitholo, Tee Tee Shields, Gwendy Williams, Sydna Yellowfish, Dot Moore. Ten songs including Terry Williams Memorial Song, War Dance is Good, and intertribal dance songs. 6172 Cassette $9.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


nates a modern Trail of Tears, giving voice to the conflicts faced by indigenous peoples who struggle to survive in the face of Western imperatives. NVG 9764D DVD $22.95 (Hollywood Movies)


Disney proudly presents BROTHER BEAR, an epic animated adventure full of comedy and heart. With five great new songs from Academy Award® winner Phil Collins, it's pure Disney magic from beginning to end. When an impulsive boy named Kenai is magically transformed into a bear, he must literally walk in another's footsteps until he learns some valuable life lessons. His courageous and often zany journey introduces him to a forest full of wildlife, including the loveable bear cub Koda, hilarious moose Rutt and Tuke, woolly mammoths, rambunctious rams and more! BROTHER BEAR is an unforgetable tale of courage, honor and selfdiscovery that is a charming, enchanting story for kids of all ages. The 2-disc DVD is loaded with bonus features including an outrageously funny "Moose Commentary" starring Rutt and Tuke, outtakes, deleted scenes, games and more! You're never too old for good animation. 31553D DVD $19.95 (Hollywood Movies)


Nominated for three Academy Awards, Broken Arrow is a landmark western for its compassionate portrayal of Native Americans. The year is 1870, and former Union soldier Tom Jeffords is recruited to remove a tribe of Apache warriors who have been interfering with U.S. mail delivery. But Jeffords refuses, preferring to learn about Apache culture in order to attempt a peace treaty. Not only does Apache chief Cochise promise at least temporary peace by "breaking the arrow," but Jeffords falls in love with - and marries - a Native American woman. Tragedy strikes, however, and it is now Cochise's challenge to stop Jeffords from acting out in vengeance in this classic western "with plenty of action" that is also a compelling love story. Starring James Stewart, Jeff Chandler, and Debra Paget. 93 minutes. Not Rated. 43679D DVD $15.95 (Hollywood Movies)


We're back in an all-new movie, eh? Beauty. And not just us moose, but the large bear (that's Kenai) and his little brother bear (that's Koda) and also this new girl named Nita. She's a handful, eh? Nita knew Large Bear way back when he wasn't a bear. That was in the first movie, remember? Anyway, they thought they were gonna be together forever even though they get along like two angry beavers in a mud hut. Okay, so now the Great Spirits say they have to go on a great big, exciting journey to break the pact. So, don't trample off. Join me and my brother - oh, and there's a couple fetching moosettes in this story, too - for all sorts of laughs and wild adventure. (See what I did. I used the word "wild" cause we're out in the woods.) Beauty. It's gonna be tons of fun for the whole family, eh? 73 minutes. Rated G. 39679D DVD $23.95 (Hollywood Movies)


In the midst of the Revolutionary War, two Iroquois tribal brothers are caught up in a fight to keep their people and their land from the destruction of approaching settlers. But when they are forced to choose an alliance with the Europeans, their loyalties become divided, a brutal battle pits tribe against tribe, and the Great Peace of the Iroquois Nation is on the verge of being destroyed. Based on a true story THE BROKEN CHAIN is an extraordinary epic of brotherhood, betrayal, and the vanishing American Wilderness. Starring Pierce Brosnan, Eric Schweig, Wes Studi, Graham Greene, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, J.C. Whiteshirt and Buffy Sainte-Marie. 93 minutes. Not Rated BC VHS (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


- IN JESUS' NAME Like the shimmer of a dawn's first light, the angelic voice of LeeAnn Brady carries a message of faith, prayer and hope from the singing traditions of the Native American Church. Six sets of four songs each and four a cappella Native American Church songs. 6477 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- VOL. 2 - BROWN EAGLE Intertribals, jingle, shake and dream songs; ten in all. Singers; Jamie, Barry, Mark, Chris, Shaun and Harvey Mandamin; Ricky and David McDonald; Howard and Mark Carpenter; Andrew Letander and Eugene Kejick. SSCT 4175 Cassette $2.00 (Canada) - VOL. 4 - BROWN EAGLE Singers; Jamie, Chris, Shaun and Eric Mandamin; Ricky and Richard McDonald; Howard and Mark Carpenter; and Gerald Lewis. 12 pow wow songs including: Intertribals, crow hop, traditional and shake dance songs. SSCT 4310 Cassette $2.00 (Canada)


Passionate and compelling the Academy Awardwinning Broken Rainbow is the heartbreaking tale of the forced relocation of 12,000 Navajo's from their ancestral homeland in Arizona that began in the 1970's and continues to this day. Broken Rainbow bears witness to the machinations of energy companies and their government proxies as they eagerly cast aside the peaceful Navajo to make way for oil, gas, uranium and coal exploration. In their own words, elders and outside experts discuss the rich culture and history of the Navajo as well as their close friends and neighbors the Hopi. The film follows these Native Americans as they take their protest to Congress and join with the militant American Indian Movement, turning their tragedy into acts of heroic resistance. Beautifully photographed and scored, the film captures the sweeping majesty of sacred Native American lands and the people who inhabit them. Narrated by Martin Sheen, Broken Rainbow compassionately illumi-


- LIVE AT PRAIRIE ISLAND WACIPI The Brave Heart Singers are proud to present their newest recording with songs straight from the heart of Oglala country. Cante T'inza means Brave Heart in Lakota Sioux and is the given name of the drum. Please enjoy this fine collection of songs from the Brave Heart Singers live at Prairie Island Wacipi. 15 songs include two grand entry, one round dance, one foot slide, one traditional and ten straight. BTDM-1012 CD $16.98 (Sioux)


- TONTO'S FURY 12 round dance songs including Love's Nursery Rhyme, Good As It Gets, and Moonlight Special.

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CRM 021401 (Navajo) Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98


- LAKOTA PIANO On this album, La Roche went through the song book of the legendary Native American group of the 1970's, XIT, and chose melodies that spoke to his heart. LAKOTA PIANO, has the wide open sound of the central plains with a unique Lakota keyboard style that takes your breath away. NV 123 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age) - ONE NATION Lakota composer Paul LaRoche has been hailed "the Native American Yanni." He has appeared on Regis & Kathie Lee and CNN Worldbeat. ONE NATION includes special guest appearances from Navajo Elder Kee Chee Jake, James Bilagody (Navajo) and Cornel Pewewardy (Comanche). Songs include Sunrise Offering, All My Relations, Touched By A Vision and eight more. NV 128 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age) - STAR PEOPLE The Lakota share common traditional beliefs with many other indigenous peoples of the world. Among them is the legend that we are all descendants of the "Star People" and that we were first placed below the earth and were born unto the land from a place called Wind Cave in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Our cosmic origins are seven stars of the Pleiades star system. We hope you enjoy this most recent release by BRULE. 14 songs include Dakota Stardust, Sacred Direction and Celebration of the Heart. NV 133 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age) - THE COLLECTION BRULE at its best. A collection of 15 songs previously released. Songs include All My Relations (One Nation), Spirit Horses (We The People), Man In The Sky (Lakota Piano), and Celebration Of The Heart (Star People). A must have for any fan of Brule. NV 137 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age) - KINSHIP Musicians Paul LaRoche, Nicole LaRoche, Shane LaRoche of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of South Dakota and Moses Brings Plenty of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe bring you 13 more songs. Songs include Within The Red Circle, Walk With Honor, Year Of The Buffalo, With A Warrior's Heart, and Clouds Of Fire. NV 140 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age) - LAKOTA PIANO II Paul, Shane and Nicole LaRoche are enrolled members of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. Moses Brings Plenty is an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. Together they are Brulé. They present 12 songs on this recording. Songs include Voices in the Wind, Piano on the Prairie, Beyond Buffalo Moon, and Dream Shield. BMP-0910 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)


concert features 14 songs from the Brule catalog of award-winning contemporary Native American music including the never before released Dakota Rainstorm, a Brule autobiography in vocal format. Brule's trademark fusion of traditional Native American dances and contemporary Native American music has been recognized worldwide as the benchmark in contemporary Native American theatrical performances. BR 883D DVD $22.50 (Videos/Music-Variety)

- BRAND NEW DAY Ten round dance songs including Last Goodbye, Navajo Land, and three straight songs. CRM 010807 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


- SOUND OF LOVE Five sets of four songs each. Songs include straight songs, a Comanche songs, Sioux songs, and a HoChunk/Winnebago song. JCM 0851 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - RHYTHM OF THE HARMONY Six sets of four songs including straight songs, Lakota songs, a Ho-Chunk/Winnebego song and more. JCM 0931 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- SILENT STAR NIGHT Eleven holiday songs performed as only Brule & AIRO can. Songs include Song Of The Bells, Joy To The World, Canon Of Life, Sacred Coming, and Listen To The Silence. A great addition to your collection of Brule and holiday music. BMP-0630 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christmas) - AMERICAN INDIAN ROCK OPERA 2006 HOLIDAY TOUR The 2006 Brule and AIRO Holiday Tour DVD features footage from one of the most cutting edge and profound Native American performances on tour to date in the U.S. - "Red Nativity." This is a captivating holiday concert that blends traditional rhythms and dance, while delivering the powerful message of peace, unity, and reconciliation of cultures. The powerful music of Brule and AIRO, accompanied by breathtaking Native American dance and fantastic theatrics, stands alone in its beauty, emotion, and spiritual message. Featuring 12 music selections from four of the group's groundbreaking CDs, as well as a special "behind the scenes" bonus feature. Songs include Silent Star Night, Creator's Prayer, Song Of The Bells, Star People, Buffalo Jump, and Thunder Across The Plains. BR 071D DVD $22.50 (Videos/Music-Variety) - LIVE AT MT. RUSHMORE: CONCERT FOR RECONCILIATION OF THE CULTURES This CD was recorded live in front of an audience of over 11,000 people at Mt. Rushmore National Monument in July of 2007. The concert itself was conceptualized over the course of nearly 10 years. Musicians featured include Paul LaRoche (keyboards and vocals), Nicole LaRoche (flute), Shane LaRoche (guitars), Moses Brings Plenty (traditional Native American drum, percussion and vocals), Clay Bryan (traditional Native American drum), David Moore (traditional Native American drum), Kurt Olsen (drums) and Kriste Belt (vocals). 13 songs including Thunder Across The Plains, Dancing Feathers, Vision Quest, One Spirit, and Star People. BMP-0877 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - LIVE AT MT. RUSHMORE: CONCERT FOR RECONCILIATION OF THE CULTURES This is the DVD of the same live recording as above. BR 881D DVD $22.50 (Videos/Music-Variety)


- GLUSKABE STORIES Joe Bruchac transmits the living spirit of these ten Abenaki tales that were traditionally told only from September to May, in this way insuring that during the busy summer months people were working and not dreaming. Joe tells the stories in his own way while remaining true to the original form. These stories lead us to an understanding of who we are and what our place is in the world. They help us find respect for ourselves and respect for the earth. Joe accompanies himself with drumming and chanting. An Adirondack native of Abenaki ancestry, Joe brings a rich and varied knowledge to his storytelling. This 80 minute recording has received the 1993 Parent's Choice Classic Honor Award as well as the 1990 Silver Award received the year it was released. YMP 101 Cassette $2.00 (Legends/Storytelling)


Brulé, a.k.a., Paul La Roche, plays the piano, an instrument that does not fit with the stereotypical image of a Native musician, but then again nothing about La Roche is typical. Paul, discovering he is Lakota after his adoptive parents died in 1993, moved back to the reservation where his spiritual awakening has deeply affected his life and his music. Immersing himself in Lakota music gave him back a spiritual dimension that he'd lost sight of living in the city. Besides a trained pianist, Paul is an accomplished musician on guitar and numerous other musical instruments. He is also a composer, arranger, producer and audio engineer. Paul's goal is to be a positive role model for other aspiring Native American artists and musicians - WE THE PEOPLE: A TRIBAL GATHERING OF MUSIC Performing with Paul on this album of original pieces are chanters and vocalists: Jay Begaye (Dineh); Bryan Akipa (Dakota), Earl Bullhead (Lakota) Lizzy Sarobey (Arawak), Jack Anquoe (Kiowa); Guy & Allen (Dineh); and Comanche (Comanche). Songs include: Sacred Praises, Brave Hearts and 10 more. NV 113 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age)


- LIVE FROM BRANSON Filmed at the beautiful RFD-TV The Theatre in Branson, Missouri, this performance captures the true essence of the Brule mission and encompasses Brule's 17-year journey between two worlds. The



Prices subject to change without notice.


NATIVE AMERICAN SONGS & STORIES See listing under Duncan, Ken for information on this title. TD 0905 CD $15.98 (Legends/Storytelling)


Buffalo Horse include R.J. Smith, Robert Lincoln, Terry GoodSky, Shannon Ross, Teddy Porter, Cletis Mark, Brandon Fones, Brian Kingfisher, Liv Harv GoodSky, Sean Fleming, Eddie Padilla, and Nate Gibson. Womens backup included Netawn Smith, Deanna Porter, Stephanie Gouge, Christian Clarquist, and Nicole Smith. Recorded live at the 2007 Indian Summer Music Festival, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. AR 1298 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


wow trail and the drum. He has sung around the nation with various drum groups such as Nakota Lodge, Walking Spirit, and Sweetgrass. He has his own unique style. Some of his songs explain life's lessons, for many humor is added for balance and healing. Ruebin's songs will touch your heart and you will feel great when you hear his gift. 21 songs including Indian Loving, Ex Girlfriend, Moccasins With Fur, Round Dance Queen, I Want to Come Home, and Cree Man. SSCT 4572 CD $15.98 (Cree)


- INDIAN FUNK 11 tracks including Medicine Man, My Rez, No More Cryin', and Why Did You Hurt Me. Recorded in 1995. BEAR 101 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary - Rap) - INDIAN ROOTS Nine tracks including I Can't Be Stopped, True 2 My Race, Nowhere 2 Run, and Reservation Hoods. Btaka is joined by Matonth B., Toby T, Thomas Brown, and Silky. BEAR 102 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary - Rap)


- BUFFALO LAKE SINGERS Nine pow wow songs recorded live. Hailing from Sisseton, S.D. the singers are Fred, Baby Gary, Gary Sr. and Rita Holy Bull, Sam Hapa, Hank Hontain, Earl Essie, Harold Blacksmith, Donald Buffalo, Gary Taylor and Irene Yazicapi. SSCT 4184 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - 2000 SCHEMITZUN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF SONG AND DANCE Recorded live at the World Championship of Song and Dance at Schemitzun 2000. Members of the drum are from South Dakota and include Fred Holy Bull, Darren Crawford, Delmar Bernard, Darwin Bernard, Wambdi Gill, Eugene Bissonette, Joe Jackson, Kenny DuMarce, Clifford Robertson, Jared High Bear, Gary M. Holy Bull, Gary J. Holy Bull and Thomas LeBlanc. 12 songs. SGBL 091700 Cassette $2.00 CD $12.98 (Sioux)


Edmund Bull is naturally talented in the art forms of traditional and contemporary music. He began to sing pow wow as a small boy with his father. He sang in school and church choirs in the sixty's. Edmund started playing guitar at age 14 and learned to play chords by ear. He started a band, the "Native Tones", at age 21. After this accomplishment, he turned back to traditional pow wow singing and formed the renowned and world champion Red Bull Singers. Edmund developed his talents and skills as a musician in the art of traditional and contemporary music. He has combined the two forms to create a very unique style and sound. He sings and composes his music with thoughts and feelings to express the way of life of the people of Turtle Island. - I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE While growing up on the Little Pine Cree Reservation near Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Edmund Bull watched his father, Walter Bull, perform traditional songs. At the age of ten, Edmund had already begun to show many of the same musical abilities that had made his father well know. I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE is Edmund's solo recording. Accompanied by the RED BULL SINGERS, Edmund has performed throughout the U.S. and Canada, and internationally with the FOX WOODS DANCE GROUP. I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE offers the same quality that listeners have grown to expect from the recordings of RED BULL and remains true to the spirit of First Nations traditional music. Eleven songs including: Morning Song, It's Been A Long Time Since I Saw You, Wedding Song, I've Been Everywhere and more. SGEB021294 (Out of Print) (Cree) - INDIAN BOY It has been Edmund's dream to record a contemporary album. His musical roots can be heard in these songs which are inspired by country and traditional cultural music. The music is to be played and enjoyed by all peoples. Nine songs include Pow Wow Time, Sleep Baby Sleep, Beat of the Drum and Long Ago an Indian. TIM 10035 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Contemporary) - END OF THE TRAIL Edmund's newest traditional recording. 12 songs including When The Flowers Bloom, Boogie Van and When I Look At You. TIM 10045 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Cree) - THERE WAS A TIME Another great collection of round dance songs from Edmund Bull. 12 songs including two straight songs, Cookies & Tea, Boogie Van, Sweet Lips, and Serenading Song.


- The Buc Wild Singers, from Chinle, Arizona, are proud to present their debut album recorded live at the Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow. Featuring 12 intertribal and contest songs of Southern Plains style singing presented in the highest quality digital sound. Buc Wild proves why they are one of the hottest up and coming drums on the pow wow trail today. BTDM-1016A CD $16.98 (Navajo Pow Wow)


- COM'IN ALIVE THE BUCKS are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are a contemporary Northern style drum gaining in popularity throughout the mid-west. This is their first release. 12 songs including six intertribals, a side step, two contest songs, a chicken dance, a sneak up, and a round dance. RCR 9611 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 16 SHOSHONE-BANNOCK SONGS The Buffalo Lodge Singers are Austin Gould, Agnes Gould, Audrey Gould, Verlen Gould, Lloyd Top Sky, Charles Top Sky and Duane Wahtomy. The 16 Shoshone-Bannock Pow Wow songs on this recording include eight war dance songs, 2 round dance songs, 2 owl dance songs, one contest stop dance song, one crow hop dance song, one shake dance song, and one Chief's honoring song. Originally recorded on April 3, 1973 at Fort Hall, Idaho. Released on CD in May 2006. IR1160 CD $17.98 (Pacific Northwest/Great Basin)


- "MY LIFE ON THE NORTHERN PLAINS 1840-1890" In this compelling narrative Buffalo Bird Woman tells how the Hidatsa people lived on the Missouri River in western North Dakota during the late 1800's. Buffalo Bird Woman's story takes the listener through her early childhood, training, courtship and marriage and continues with the role of the woman on a buffalo hunt and the birth of her first baby. Told by her great great granddaughter Bonnie GoodBird Wells. MM 0111 (Out of Print) (Legends)


Eleven songs in the Déné language by an Athabaskan group from Dillon, Saskatchewan. Includes Four Directions, Grandfathers, The Call of Nature, The Loon, Déné and Gathering Song. Singers: Marius Catarat, Gilbert Benjamin, Phillip Sylvestre, Darren Billette and James Sylvestre. BR020893 Cassette $2.00 (Canada)


- POW WOW SONGS 13 songs from various drums including PIPESTONE CREEK, WILDHORSE, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, RED BULL and BLACKSTONE. TIM 10047 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- YOUZ LOOK GOOD THE WAY YOUZ DANCE This album is dedicated to the memory of Lance Corporal Hatak Yearby, an enrolled member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. He was killed in action in Iraq on May 14, 2006. As a Northern traditional Dancer, Hatak was poetry in motion. Buffalo Horse present 15 songs including Let's Have A Good Time, The Warriors Are Leading The Way, Listen To The Sounds Of The Jingles, and The Creator's Looking Down On Us. Members of


- SINGING FOR LOVE Ruebin Bugler is from Red Feather Nation Saskatchewan. He began singing at a very young age and was raised around the round dance and pow

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TIM 10082 (Cree) CD $17.98


- SPIRIT OF THE SONGS Earl Bullhead is joined by Frank Louis Bullhead, Thomas Anthony Bullhead, Larry Tortilida, Kenny Billingsley, Jodi Lugar - The Common Man Singers. The songs collected here are the result of their commitment to preserve and protect their culture. This is a medium in which they attempt to relay a message of balance and harmony amongst people and nature. 13 songs including North Dakota Flag Song, Victory Song, South Dakota Flag Song, and Kahomini Round Dance. SOAR 214 CD $18.98 (Sioux)


sung by her mother and grandfather, COLORS OF MY HEART celebrates family, Mother Earth, and a connection to all living things. Both English and Navajo lyrics. Twelve songs including Earth Child, All Is Beautiful (T'áá Át'é Nizhóni), We Are Here and Little Star Shine (Nizhóni Yázhi At'ééd). Navajo lyrics and English translations are included. 536 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Legends/Children's)

- FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS Edmund Bull brings you 10 more Country hits. Songs include No One To Welcome Me Home, Running Bear, Alone And Forsaken, and Love For Eternity. TIM 10110 CD $17.98 (Country)


Kelvin Bizahaloni (Diné), on Native American flute, Aaron White (Diné-Ute) on acoustic guitar, rattles, synthesizer, and Michael Bannister drums, percussion, dumbek. - BURNING SKY BURNING SKY, is their self named premier album that took the southwest by storm. Music for the Native American Flute, guitar and percussion, the album incorporates original instrumental music influenced by Native American themes and sounds and contemporary musical styles. Navajo Luna, Morning Spirits, Mother Earth and eight more selections. Liner notes on the compositions included. 7025 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - BLOOD OF THE LAND The fluid, soothing tone of the traditional cedar flute is joined by an imaginative cascade of percussion and an acoustic guitar accompaniment that mixes folk, jazz and classical styles. The result is a contemporary sound enriched by the wealth of Native American tradition. Songs include: Native Funk, La Primieda Tierra, Elk Child, and ten more songs. 54 minutes. 7026 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - CREATION Respect and reverence for Mother Earth has always been important in Native American culture. Joining the haunting sound of the Native American flute with guitar, bass and percussion BURNING SKY creates an evocative musical prayer. Songs include: Sun, Wind, Rain, and Earth. 45 minutes of music. 7027 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - ENTER THE EARTH Burning Sky's Native American flute, acoustic guitar, bass, and percussion conjure up the spirits of the ancients to dance among, and with us. The seventeen tracks of Enter The Earth invoke the powers of the four directions who call mankind to the sacred places with warnings to heed Mother Nature. RAC 10448 (Out of Print.) (Flute/New Age) - SPIRITS IN THE WIND Joining the haunting Native American flute with acoustic guitar and ethnic percussion, BURNING SKY takes you on a musical journey imbued with the enduring spirit of their people, the Diné. Joining Aaron White (guitar, Native American flutes, and rattle) and Kelvin Mockingbird (guitar, Native American flutes, and didgeridoo) for this recording is John Densmore (dumbek and rattles). 12 songs including Medicine Dance, Road Less Traveled, Shadow Moon, and Beauty Beside Me. 7047 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


Earl Bullhead is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Lakota Nation.


- WALKING THE RED ROAD Fourteen Lakota songs including Hesapa Olowan Wan (Black Hills), Sinakaki He Wakiye (Family Camp Circle), Sunska Akan Olowan (White Horse Riders) and Wakatakiya (Encouragement Song). Earl said of these songs, "As we walk down the Red Path of life, we sing these Lakota songs to help keep us in step with our culture." SOAR 141 CD $18.98 (Sioux) - KEEPER OF THE DRUM Traditional singing with Lakota and English narrative translation. Ten songs including Black Hills Song, Victory Song, Wakiksuya, and more. SOAR 164 CD $18.98 (Sioux) - SACRED DIRECTIONS Earl Bullhead dedicates this recording to his friends and relatives who have patiently and consistently encouraged him to continue his efforts to preserve their mother tongue through the singing of these sacred songs. Although orignally reluctant to release these types of songs, he realized that these songs are for the people; these songs are needed to help those who study with respect and appreciation what has been given by their ancestors. Earl presents 14 songs needed to uphold the philosophy of the Common man. Each song is accompanied by a translation and an explanation of its history and proper use. Liner notes. SOAR 185 CD $18.98 (Sioux) - TOUCH THE HEART Earl Bullhead is a member of Standing Rock Nation. He was born in Fort Yates, North Dakota. As well as being a Dakota/Lakota Language instructor, he travels to educational institutions doing presentations on Dakota/Lakota language and songs. Earl composes and sings his own songs as well as being the lead singer for the COMMON MAN SINGERS. 13 songs with lyrics and free translations of the songs. (Includes two children's songs - The Wheels on the Bus and Ask Your Mother for 50 cents.) RCR 9710 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - LAKOTA DRUM An educational step-by-step Pow Wow drumming recording with vocals. 25 tracks teaching the crow hop, sneak up, jingle dress, grass dance and many more. Also included is a healing song and a song of departure. SOAR 212 CD $18.98 (Sioux) - FATHER TO SON Earlwin, and son LeLand, perform 15 traditional songs. Songs include Wokiksuye Odowan (My Friend Has Gone), Woeté Wakan Olowan (Food Offering Song), Wacikiya Olowan (Black Hills Songs), and Kahomni Odowan (Take Me Home). AR 1169 CD $17.98 (Sioux)


Raised in the traditional Navajo culture in New Mexico, Sharon spoke only Navajo until she began school. Sharon performs regularly at folk festivals, fairs and schools. She has appeared in concert at Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles and the Heard Museum in Phoenix. Sharon has performed in Europe and Japan as well, but always looks forward to returning home to the Navajo reservation to sing for her people. - YAZZIE GIRL Seven songs in Navajo and two in Navajo and English. Includes: New Born Blessing - a prayer for a new baby; The Chant - from the Blessing Way ceremony; Sacred Mountains - a song to honor the four sacred mountains of the Navajo and her grandfather's traditions; Mother Earth - expressing the Navajo's reverence for Mother Earth; and YAZZIE GIRL - a song about the special bond among four generations of Sharon's matrilineal family. Liner notes on the songs including Navajo text with English translations. 534 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - TOUCH THE SWEET EARTH With William Eaton, harp guitar; Will Clipman, percussion; Allen Ames, violin; and Rachel Harris, cello. Sharon Burch's music for voice and guitar is the contemporary expression of traditional Navajo ways and living. Most of Sharon's songs are in the beautiful Navajo language and capture the sacredness of Mother Earth and Father Sun and the importance of family and place to the Diné. Listening to Sharon's music is to "walk in beauty." Twelve beautiful songs including: First Cry, Sacred Wind, Grandmother's Ways, I Walk Alone, Welcome Home, In The Balance, Hooghan, Earth and Sun, Keyah, Corn Song, Trail of Life, and Brother Warrior. 535 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - COLORS OF MY HEART The music of Sharon Burch captures the beauty of traditional Navajo ways, and shares an intimate glimpse into the relationship of mother and child in the traditions of the Dine. Inspired by the songs


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- A SIMPLE MAN Grammy nominee BURNING SKY feature the haunting sound of the Native American Flute accompanied by guitar and bass. This multitalented trio melds traditional melodies and contemporary forms to create a new music that reflects today's Native America. Special guest artist Martha Redbone is featured on the song A Simple Man. 11 songs including the title track plus Wisdom Keeper, Blood And Faith, and Land Of Lightning. 7063 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


over General Custer at Little Big Horn. The action centers on the struggles of three characters: Charles Eastman, a young, Dartmouth-educated Sioux doctor; Sitting Bull, the proud Lakota chief who refuses to submit to U.S. government policies designed to strip his people of their identity, their dignity and their sacred land - the Black Hills of the Dakotas; and Senator Henry Dawes, one of the men responsible for the government policy on Indian affairs. While Eastman and schoolteacher Elaine Goodale work to improve life for the Sioux on the reservation, Senator Dawes lobbies President Grant for kinder Indian treatment. Epic in scope, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee is a new Western classic. 94221D DVD $19.95 (Hollywood Movies)



- #1 DRAFT PIKK 12 Rap tracks including Navi Steez, Skalpin On Wax, Ya Makeover, and How I Do. CT-500 CD $14.98 (Contemporary - Rap)



- Bemidji, MN Eight songs recorded live at Bemidji State University. Traditional pow wow by four drums from the U.S. and Canada - WHITEFISH BAY SINGERS, ANISHINABE SINGERS, BATTLE RIVER, and KINGBIRD SINGERS. SSCT 4172 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway


- YOU MIGHT BE A REDSKIN It is written to fully understand a culture, you must understand their humor. Get ready to understand First Nations People. Don's debut album will have you howling with laughter, with his humorously exaggerated look at the lifestyles, quirks and cliches of the Native American people. Don takes the listener on a non-stop roller coaster ride of laughter. With a style similar to Jeff Foxworthy and Paul Rodriguez, Don's material subtly breaks through cultural barriers with humor that ultimately appeals to all people, whatever their heritage. SSCT 4372 (Out of Print.) (Legends/Humor) - REDSKIN CLUB Don Burnstick has done it again! He takes First Nation humor right to the edge and back again. He is constantly touring to sold out audiences all over Canada and will soon be touring throughout the U.S. and Europe. It's New! It's Funny! It's a roller coaster ride of laughter and wit that everyone can relate to. Don invites all people to become a member of his "Redskin Club". Routines include Viagra, The DT's, Red Skin Games and seven more. SSCT 4382 (Out of Print.) (Legends/Humor) - REDSKIN RADIO Don Burnstick is a Cree from the Alexander First Nation located outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. REDSKIN RADIO is the long awaited third release from Don. He uses humour and performance to provide a holistic approach to healing. He humourously portrays First Nations people, their habits, likes and dislikes. Don's high energy takes you on a non-stop roller coaster ride of laughter. 16 tracks including Redskin Soap Opera, Redskin Weather, and Lunch Time At Headstart. SSCT 4463 CD $15.98 (Out of Print.) (Legends/Humor)


Since their High School graduation, former Spokane Reservation best friends Seymour and Aristotle have taken different paths. Both ventured off to college in Seattle, but while Seymour embraced the opportunities of the white world, Aristotle returned home embittered. Sixteen years later, they are brought together following the sudden death of an old childhood buddy. Seymour, now an openly gay poet and unofficial spokesman for American Indians, is met with resentment on "the rez." At the wake, tensions are heightened, and Aristotle's long festering bitterness is dangerously exposed. Written, directed and featuring poetic works by Sherman Alexie. A powerful story of growth, death and the choices that define us all. Starring Kevin Phillip, Rebecca Carroll and Swil Kanim. 103 minutes. Not Rated. FLV 5379D DVD (Out of Print) (Hollywood Movies)


- KEEPING THE TRADITION An 18 member drum group, CACHE LAKE is from the northern section of the Saddle Lake First Nations Reserve. CACHE LAKE formed in 1993 with four dedicated singers! Although a young group at the time of this recording (1996), they will surely be "Keeping The Tradtion" with the guidance and teaching of Leo, Lyman and Hector McGilvery. The CACHE LAKE SINGERS are known for their straight style of singing. All songs have been composed by their singer. We all hope you enjoy listening to this fine group. 11 pow wow songs. SGC 062696 Cassette $2.00 (Canada)


- NAVAJO PEYOTE SONGS Sammie Byjoe Jr. is a member of the Navajo Nation, originally from Lukachukai, Arizona, currently residing in Chinle, Arizona. He presents 24 peyote songs. JCM 0791 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - PRAYER SONGS Sammie wants to share these beautiful songs which were passed on from his late father, Sammie Byjoe, Sr. May we all keep our strength, our faith, our love, our hope, and our charity, and remain strong for our selves and our families. He hoes that you enjoy these songs as they uplift, encourage and support our way of life and beliefs with great humbleness. CMP 113 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


Recorded at Anadarko, Oklahoma, March 26, 1955. Singers are Mr. And Mrs. Houston Edmonds, Mr. And Mrs. Lewis Edmonds, and Lowell Edmonds. 19 songs including turkey dance songs, duck dance songs, green corn dance songs, bell dance songs, fish dance songs, and a stirrup dance song. Now on CD. SC 300 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- ANCIENT METROPOLIS Ancient mounds stand as sentinels of the past - a lost civilization. But a thousand years ago they stood at the heart of a great Native American city...An ancient metropolis of thousands of people and grand monuments. A city of art, commerce, power and wealth. A city whose inhabitants created the largest earth-works in America. The reasons for the decline of Cahokia are not clear, but come explore its legacy with this fascinating look into the past. 60 minutes Now on DVD. AAV-507D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- STR8 UP Hosting Pow Wows throughout Canada and the midwest BURNTSIDE LAKE has released their much anticipated debut recording, "Str8 up." This recording has been inspired by the love of sharing their original Northern Style music. AR 1121 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway)


- PEYOTE SONGS Sammie Byjoe, Jr. from Many Farms, Arizona and Martin Byjoe , Sr. From Lukachukai, Arizona proudly present this collection of Native American Church songs. Through many years of being members of the N.A.C. they have gained a lot of wisdom and teachings as well as beautiful songs. They want to share those songs with you. May you place them in your heart, mind, body and soul and continue to live on in beauty forever. CMP 115 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


Inspired by Dee Brown's acclaimed bestseller, the HBO Films event Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee begins powerfully with the Sioux triumph


The CALF ROBE SINGERS are Carolla, Stephanie, Steve, Marvin, Bonnie and Teena Calf Robe; Kyla Crow, Kerry Day Chief, Darryl Black Plume and

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Linda Rabbit. - VOL. 1 THE NEXT GENERATION Pow wow songs from the Blood people of Alberta, Canada. Twelve songs composed by Ed and Steve Calf Robe. Includes men's traditional, men's fancy, jingle dress, crow hop, sneak up and intertribal songs. Notes include English translation of songs. 6226 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 2 - POW WOW SONGS Ten pow wow songs including: Intertribals, traditionals, crow, round, fancy and honor dance songs. 6227 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - FAMILY POW WOW Ten Blackfoot pow wow songs including Four Directions, Be Proud of Your Heritage, The Exhibition Dancer and Show Them Your Moves. Singers: Stephanie (lead singer), Stephen, Bonnie, Marvin, Teena and Sunshine Calf Robe, Kyle Crow, Lisa Starlight, Linda Rabbit, Kerry Day Chief and Darryl Black Plume. SOAR 135 (Out of Print) (Blackfeet)


SF 1289 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues)


winner, and his Mighty 602 Band have opened for the Wailers, Culture, and Burning Spear. HSPW-017D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Music-Variety) ***Casper CDs are found under (L) Lomayesva.

CANO w! Double Scoop

- ...HUMAN CANO along with former members of CLAN/ DESTINE present a new recording CANO W! DOUBLE SCOOP. All of the excitment of the CLAN/DESTINE recordings, but with a new style. This should be a great addition to anyone's collection of Native rock. The 4 songs on this extended play CD are What U C, Night Flight, Make It Right and Is It Enough. 73092 CD $9.98 (Contemporary/Rock)


- VOL. 1 - TRADTIONAL SONGS BY MURPHY CASA This album was recorded in the mid-sixties by Murphy Cassa of San Carlos, Arizona. Traditional Apache songs that include Songs for Gan, Social Dance, Sunrise Dance, Healing Song and Prayer Chant. This album presents a fine example of the beautiful Apache singing style. 703 (Out of Print) (Apache) - VOL. 2 TRADTIONAL SONGS BY MURPHY CASA Ten songs including four songs for Gan, Oklahoma Trail, deer and social dances. Continues from Volume One (above) 704 (Out of Print) (Apache)


Leon Skyhorse Thomas narrates the story of the Navajo people of Canyon De Chelly and it's history as seen through Navajo eyes. Reenactments starring Jim Manygoats, Galen Lomatuway'ma, Shaw Leon Natay, Alberto Gallogos, Charles Swanberg, and Dr, Marjorie Thomas. 27 minutes. SP 2002 DVD $29.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- WHERE THE RAVENS ROOST CHEROKEE TRADITIONAL SONGS From the Big Cove community on the Qualla Cherokee Reservation in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina come these songs and stories. Includes green corn, horse, beaver, bear, quail, booger, peace pipe, eagle, Six Nations and friendship dance. Also includes: The Trail of Tears Song (Guide Me, Oh Jehovah). Walker Calhoun recorded these songs at age 72 and received the first Sequoyah Award for his contribution to the folklife of the Cherokee Tribe at a gathering of the Eastern and Western Bands of the Cherokee in 1988 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Trail of Tears. Extensive notes included with song texts, notes on the dances and biography of Walker and life at Big Cove. MHC 1 CD $17.98 (Eastern)


- NO LIES 12 songs including Every Breath You Take, House Of The Rising Sun, Pass Me By, and Love Will Keep Us Alive. TIM 10051 CD $17.98 (Country) - I BUILD THE WICKIUP Most of the songs in this recording are happy social songs as is the case with most girls' songs. The texts of the songs are patterned after the philosophy of Apache social life, culture and courtship. Thirteen traditional songs with translations and liner notes. 6102 (Out of Print) (Apache)


- FOR OUR O'ODHAM ELDERS Carl J. Conde and his Buddies - Byron Gregorio, Hansen Toro, Eric Lopez, Ed Ramon and Mando Wilson perform 14 chotes and other favorites. Songs include GA Fiddlers Chote, O'odham Kua:lia, Los Indios Waila and Never On Sunday Chote. RAB-CB1 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - LIVE! Eight Chicken Scratch tunes recorded live at the Rock-A-Bye Music Fest 2002 in Casa Grande, Arizona. RAB-CB2 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - HONORING OUR VETERANS 15 songs including San Isidro Chote, Old Folks, Kualia, Crazy Waila, and Hu:Jud Musulga. RAB-CB3 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - SAM & CARLYLE'S JAMS 10 songs. Eight Cumbias, one polka and one mazurka. RAB-CB4 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)


- APACHE Sister and brother, Patsy and Philip Cassadore, sing the songs inherited from their father, Broken Arrow, noted clan chieftain and medicine man. Includes Patsy's popular I'm in Love With a Navajo Boy. 6053 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Apache)


- TO ALL OUR RELATIONS Callin' Eagle are members of the Dine Nation from Northeastern Arizona. The eleven members range in age from 12 to 20 years old. They have traveled extensively across the U.S. sharing their songs. Singers are Jared Brown, Malcolm Murphy, Jucinda Begay, Clinton Murphy, Dominic Largo, Jordan Jones, Isaac Jamaal Jones, Arienne Sheka, Matthew Sheka Jr., Fred Murphy, Samantha Murphy, Karen Eagle Speaker, and Wanda Brown. 11 songs including Jamster, Sage, Ya-Ya Beasts, and Optimus. CES 82209 CD $16.98 (Out of Print.) (Navajo Pow Wow)


- VOL. 1 - CATHEDRAL LAKE SINGERS Eight pow wow songs including Washte Ye, Retiring the Colors, and grass dance songs. The group is from Keremeos, British Columbia, and is composed of singers from B.C. and Navajos from Arizona. Jay Begaye (lead singer), Tiinesha Begaye, Art Cleveland and John, Laurie, Wendy, Harriet, Kathy, Janet and Jeanine Terbasket. Most of the songs are sung in Navajo. SOAR 116 CD $18.98 (Navajo - Navajo Pow Wow) - VOL. 2 - CATHEDRAL LAKE SINGERS Includes Flag Song, jingle dress song, crow hop, honor song, grass, traditional and intertribal dance songs. SOAR 122 (Out of Print.) (Navajo - Navajo Pow Wow) - VOL. 3 - CATHEDRAL LAKE SINGERS Recorded live at the first annual Cathedral Lake Singers Winter/Summer Pow Wow in Toyei, Arizona. Jaye Begaye - lead singer and song writer. Nine songs including: Memory of 1st


- LAZY JAMES This talented Canadian artist is from Manitoba, and is quickly becoming one of the most revered performers in the industry. Lazy James is loaded with soulful, bluesy songs that were all written from the heart. Ten songs including The Grind, No Lies, Far From You, and Slide.


This DVD captures Hopi reggae recording artist Casper Lomayesva live at an outdoor concert in Warm Springs, Oregon in June of 2008. Casper combines his native roots with the positive vibes of reggae. His lyrics tell the realities of reservation life. Casper, a Native American Music Award

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World, Wizcheed (Baby Eagle), The Long Walk, Mother Earth Blessing Song, Honor Song For Mother Earth and more SOAR 134 (Out of Print.) (Navajo - Navajo Pow Wow) - VOL. 4 - AMERICAN POW WOW Eleven songs by a Navajo and Canadian group led by Jay Begaye. Songs include Lazy Lead Song, Eagle Plume Song, National Indian Finals Rodeo Prayer Song and Windsong. Other singers are Lauren Terbasket, Wendy Terbasket, Emmett Shorty, Alton Shepard, Norvelle Nelson, Marvin Nelson, Jody Hildreth, Norman Shorty, Garrett Mego and Donald Shirley Jr. SOAR 142 CD $18.98 (Navajo - Navajo Pow Wow) - LIVE AT WINDOW ROCK Led by songmaker Jay Begaye, the Cathedral Lake Singers are in demand for their unique Pow Wow songs throughout the United States and Canada. Recorded live at the Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock, Arizona this recording features Healing Prayer Song, Wellpinit Special, Songees Special, Cowboy Horizon, Red Lake Special, Litefoot Wedding Song, Mother's Round and three intertribals. 6296 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Navajo - Navajo Pow Wow) - ROUTE 66 Cathedral Lakes Singers are one of the top well known drum groups in the United States and Canada with members from both the U.S. and Canada. They have composed many beautiful Navajo songs and have taught many young aspiring singers to compose as well. The Navajo songs composed by Jay Begaye are prayer songs, talking to the Creator like a healing song. 11 songs including Lazy Lead, Carnegie Blues, and Northern Reflection. SOAR 225 CD $18.98 (Navajo - Navajo Pow Wow) - REUNITED Recorded in San Diego, California at the 21st Annual Sycuan Pow Wow 2010, the Cathedral Lakes Singers present 14 songs including Honoring Mother Earth, Canada Down, Dine Nation Flag Song, Honoring White Shell Buckskin Dress and more. MS 3689 CD 16.98 (Navajo - Navajo Pow Wow)


Tenequer. Songs include: Intertribals, Southern men's and women's straight dance and men's fancy ruffle dances. SGCT 91896 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


Fourteen songs including Zuni, Hopi, Navajo, Jemez, Acoma and gospel songs, How Great Thou Art and Jesus Loves Me. Some songs are for solo flute and some have singing, drumming and nature sounds accompaniment. 48 minutes. IS 5061 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - BUFFALO SPIRIT Fernando Cellicion is not only an accomplished flutist, but he is also a composer, singer and dancer. He continues to participate in traditional Zuni ceremonies and dances where only the Zuni Pueblo language is spoken. He also participates in pow wows across the country serving as emcee, arena director, head gourd dancer, and head southern singer. Buffalo Spirit presents ten songs including Zuni Love Song, Arrow Dance Song, Navajo Skip Dance Song, and Buffalo Dance Song. Now available on CD. IS 5062 CD $13.98 (Flute/New Age) - KOKOPELI DREAMS Ten flute songs by Fernando Cellicion of Zuni Pueblo. Includes: Zuni Sunrise Song; Flight of the Eagle; Corn Silk Song; Amazing Grace; and Zuni Comanche Dance Song. IS 5063 CD $13.98 (Flute/New Age)


- FEATHER ON THE WIND FEATHER ON THE WIND blends the music of the Native American flute with the mellow sound of Alto and Bass flute to create a unique duet which will inspire and relax you. Christine Ibach's Cree heritage and Al Jewer's French lineage produce a combination of music and culture that reflects historical tradition, yet produces a new sound that is sure to please you. Fifteen songs including Father Sky, Swallowtail, Wind Spirit and Morning Star. LC 1500 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age - Non Native) - KINDRED SPIRITS 17 new songs by Native American flute players Christine Ibach and Al Jewer. Other instruments heard on this recording are the silver alto and bass flute, crystal glass pan flute, Tibetan singing bowls and meditation cymbals, Japanese and Italian bells, African Kalimba and South American tongue drums. The songs include Anasazi Voices, The Beauty Way, Coyote Moon and Dance of the Fireflies. LC 1502 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age - Non Native)


Journey to the Wild West in the sweeping, sensational epic drama Centennial: The Complete Series! Relive the grand hopes, dreams, loves, and adventures of generation of residents in Centennial, Colorado - from their risky attempts to establish a settlement in 1795 through the politics and power plays of the 20th century. With over 26 TV hours of content on DVD for the first time, this incredible set gives fans the opportunity to own the complete chronicle that showcases one of the finest casts ever assembled, including Richard Chamberlain, Robert Conrad, Timothy Dalton, Mark Harmon, Andy Griffith, Raymond Burr, Dennis Weaver, Lynn Redgrave, Sharon Gless, Stephanie Zimbalist, Sally Kellerman and many more. Based on James Mitchner's best selling novel, this Primetime Emmy Award-nominated saga is a captivating look at the intertwining lives of the brave men and women in a fictional American town that endured the growing pains of a nation on the rise. Bonus features include a retrospective look celebrating Centennial's place in television history and more. Six disc set. 20 hours 52 minutes. Not rated. 61103921D DVD $59.95 (Hollywood Movies)


Celebration! Tells the story of the Plains Indian Museum Pow Wow, held in June at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming - this year commemorating its 25th year. Every summer, Native Americans travel to pow wows throughout North America to renew family and tribal ties and celebrate traditional arts, dance, music, and cultures. Using interviews with Native participants, historical images, songs, and dances, Celebration! Traces the evolving pow wow tradition - from 19th century Great Plains warrior society dances, through the hardships and restrictions of reservation life, to the contemporary revitalization of Plains Indian arts and cultures. Whether you are new to pow wow or a long time participant, you will enjoy this entertaining and informative program. WH-D1050D DVD $19.95 (Videos)


Southern Style singing at its best. Ten songs including A Tribute to My Father, Oklahoma Intertribal Club, California Dream and Wildfire. AR 1111 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


Fernando Cellicion was born in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, into a very traditional family. Fernando began dancing at an early age and has traveled extensively as a member of several traditional Zuni dance groups and as a solo flute performer to present his centuries old culture to others. - THE TRADITIONAL INDIAN FLUTE OF FERNANDO CELLICION Ten traditional songs including melodies from the Zuni, Laguna, Sioux and Acoma tribes. A pleasant, relaxing, solo flute performance. Some songs include natural bird calls. IS 5060 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - TRADITIONAL AND CONTEMPORARY FLUTE OF FERNANDO CELLICION


- IN THE HEART OF NAVAJOLAND Eight each Navajo Two-Step songs and Skip songs. JCM 0821 CD $16.98 (Navajo) - SECOND TIME AROUND Central Navajo Wranglers are Bennie John, Eddie Jones, and Lorenzo John. They proudly present this collection of eight Two Step songs and seven Skip Dance songs. Songs include Mexican Girl, My Pretty Sweetheart, Flagstaff Girl, and I'll Be Yours, You'll Be Mine. JCM 0971 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


- SCHEMITZUN, 1996 - SOUTHERN STYLE The CEDARTREE SINGERS are an Intertribal Southern drum group dedicated to excellence and the preservation of fine traditional American Indian music. Accomplished performers hailing from the Washington D.C. area, they have, amongst other things served as host drum at Schemitzun `95 and were commissioned by the U.S. Postal Service as the featured drum group for its commemorative American Indian Dances stampfolio. The CEDARTREE SINGERS are: Jason Porter, Jody Cummings, Michael Rose, Jeff Bailey, Dan Addi, Austin Sebastian, John Mark Rose, and Bob

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- VOLUME 1 Perry Botonie, Jr., O.J. LittleCook, and Stephen LittleCook are proud to bring you this collection of six sets of songs, plus one bonus song with all three singers taking turns singing the song. CRM 073005 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 2 In the summer of 2005, Stephen and O.J. Littlecook and Perry Botone Jr. recorded two volumes of Native American Church songs. The first volume was released in February of 2006. Perry Botone Jr. has since passed on to the spirit world. By request from his family, and from all throughout pow wow country, from within Native American Church circles, and from all who knew him , we would like to share this second volume of 25 Ceremonial songs from Oklahoma. CRM 073105 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


singers that perform them. Drums include BLACK LODGE, THE BOYS, YOUNG KING BIRD, SOUTHERN BOYS, THA TRIBE, BATTLE RIVER, RED LAKE, THREE AMIGOS, ROCKY BOY SINGERS and WOODLANDS. 18 songs. AR 1209 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- ANGEL SPIRITUAL PEYOTE SONGS 24 N.A.C. songs, eight are vocals only and 16 are presented with water drum, gourd rattle, and a parrot, Blue Sky, whistling along. BP 101 (Out of Print) (Peyote) - SPIRITUAL PRAYER PEYOTE SONGS The sisters bring you another recording of 24 N.A.C. peyote songs. With these songs they wish to inspire the younger generation. The songs express their children's lives, from childhood to adulthood. Elizabeth's husband provides the drumming. BP 102 (Out of Print) (Peyote)


A compilation of some of the finest Round Dance songs today. Various artists include EYABAY, WHITEFISH BAY SINGERS, SPIRIT SANDS SINGERS, WALKIN BULL and LAKE VERMILION SINGERS. Nine songs by these exceptional drums include Thuggin N' Snuggin, Jingle Dress Round Dance, Daisy Duke's and Round Dance Old School. AR 1108 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- INTERTRIBAL POW WOW SONGS From the Chemewa Indian School in Salem, Oregon, come 14 songs; including intertribals, grass dance, crow hop, circle dance and horse giving songs. Most of the songs were composed by Alice Neskahi in 1986 and 1987. Other singers are Nathan Williams, Annie Evans, Gina Big Beaver, and Michelle Crowe. 6196 (Out of Print) (Pacific Northwest)


- ARCTIC VOICES Phillip is an Oregon Resident of Alaskan Native and Canadian descent. He is a full time artist who honors his culture through his contemporary expression of traditional Yup'ik masks. In 1997 he began making and playing Native wooden flutes. He writes his own songs and has been performing at galleries, museum receptions, weddings and special events for six years. His debut recording features 10 songs including Arctic Bird, Tundra Flutterby, Long Cold Winter, and Raven Finds A Meal. SV 10103 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age)


The members of the sacred grounds start watching for signs, as the warm days begin to be more and more, to return to their respective grounds to begin their age old ritual. For when the time is right, the sacred fire will be rekindled again to start the cycle all over again. Seven ceremonial dances led by John Proctor (Tallahassee), Jimmy Gibson (Duck Creek), Eunice Hill (Nuyaka), Phillip Deere (Nuyaka), Leon Bell (Tallahassee), Billy Joe Jackson (Gar Creek), and Thomas Yahola (Tallahassee). IH 3008 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Eastern/Southwestern States)


- FROM THE CHEMAWA INDIAN SCHOOL, SALEM, OREGON A group of fine singers from Chemawa Indian School, Salem Oregon, who made a hit at the World's Fair EXPO `74, in Spokane, Washington. Songs include: Chemiwai Honor Song, Naxsh-koPaxaar-ko-chow-tun, Chimiwai-pum, celio falls, Chemewa Indian School, Wal-limpte, Sweet Grass, Ayi-yat- Ti-chum and Stampede, Thunder of Hoofs. 6121 Cassette $9.98 (Pacific Northwest)


- HARMONY WITHIN Yolanda Charley is from Chi-Chil-Tah, New Mexico and was crowned Miss Navajo Nation 20082009. She presents 13 hand drum songs including National Anthem, Navajo Code Talker Song, Apache Boy, Morning Bird, and Soldier's Birthday Song. YC 201 (Out of Print.) (Navajo)


We may never know the reason why, but 1000 years ago this rugged canyon came alive! Giant public buildings rose like cities from the desert floor. But were they actually cities? There is no doubt they were carefully planned... built upon and expended over 300 years, all the while adhering to a master architectural design. Hundreds of miles of roads converged on Chaco Canyon. Trade networks extended to distant oceans and deep into Central America. It was the ceremonial heart of the Ancestral Puebloan world. Here, in the midst of a harsh desert, was a cultural oasis. What was Chaco? Like Mecca, it may have been a religious destination. While archeologists debate the question, the descendents of the Chacoans have stories to tell: insights that go back to one of the most remarkable places in all of Ancient America. 60 minutes. AAV-516D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


Chenoah Egawa is an enrolled member of the Lummi Nation of Washington State. Chenoah also works with native peoples of North and South America on issues of land rights, human rights, cultural preservation and sustainable economic development of indigenous peoples. - CHENOAH - SACRED FIRE - A Collection of Night Lodge Prayer Songs Chenoah is a member of Red Cedar Chapter Native American Church which assisted her with the Dineh language used on this recording. New Age Native American songs include: Prayer Song To You, We Are Praying To You, Morning House, Beautiful Prayer, Protecting Song, Beautiful Meeting, Elder's Song and 12 others. A beautiful recording. SOAR 190 CD $18.98 (Peyote) - ROAD OF LIFE CHENOA is Lummi and S'Klallam Indian from the Pacific Northwest Coast of Washington State. Her involvement with the N.A.C. has led her on many journeys throughout the United States, down to the deserts of Mexico and into the highlands of Guatemala - learning about many beautiful traditions and ways of life. Many of the songs on this recording are in the Dineh language and have been sung across the Dineh Reservation for many, many years. They talk about the sacred road of life,


- AZEE' BE'IINA SIN This album features 24 inspirational songs of the Native American Church. The songs express love, happiness, spirituality, peace, comfort and life experiences. It is hoped that these songs will benefit, inspire and uplift those who are carrying the heavy burdens of life. CRM 031007 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


For many tribes and clans the Native American Hand Drum has been an integral component of ceremonial and social activites for generations. Honorable singers throughout North America perform songs of respect, thankfulness, love and laughter using Hand Drum songs. Eastern tribes use the songs to tell stories of battles, hunting expeditions or daily life experiences. Northern Plains tribes gather for Round Dance ceremonies. In recent years many of the largest Pow Wows have hosted Hand Drum competitions. Presented here is a collection of the best Round Dance songs and the - SPIRITUAL PEYOTE SONGS Originally from Whiterock, New Mexico, Rita proudly presents 26 Spiritual Peyote Songs. CRM 020306 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


Sisters from White Rock, New Mexico, Rita Charlie and Elizabeth Hale offer these songs in the Navajo language with English translations on the liners.

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and the beauty and magic of the medicine. They speak of the teachings of the elders and how one can live a good life. Being able to sing these songs is a blessing. They are an expression from a place deep within, a way of communicating that which is sacred in this life. 15 songs. 10749 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - SPIRIT OF SALISHAN Chenoa is a Coast Salish native of the Lummi and S'Klallam Nations in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state. These songs are offered to represent the heart and strength of her Coast Salish roots and express the influences, inspirations, and experiences of her travels throughout the United States, Central and South America. 12 songs including Lummi Morning Song, Song For The Salmon, Canoe Song, and Thunder Song. This is Chenoa's first recording of traditional music. Her previous titles have been Native American Church (Peyote) songs. CE 004 CD $17.98 (Pacific Northwest/Northwestern States) - SONGS OF STRENGTH AND BEAUTY Chenoa Egawa is joined by Johnny Monroe, Howard Byjoe and Alex Turtle to present 32 Native American Church songs. Each singer presents two sets of four songs each. CRM 121507 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


and dyeing buckbrush to selling it at a museum show. The history of the Cherokees and her life in the hills of Northeastern Oklahoma are featured. 24 minutes EMB VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Arts & Crafts - "How To")



A revision of PRESERVING THE CHEROKEE LANGUAGE by Prentice Robinson. This course is in booklet form with three 60 minute volumes containing vocabulary with sentences and phrases of common usage. The first lesson volume includes vocabulary. The second lesson volume moves on to sentences and phrases. The third volume includes an understanding of the syllabary with instruction on how to read and write Cherokee. The full syllabled form of pronunciation is used rather than common usage or slang form. Robinson has spoken the language since childhood. He is a retired school teacher and has served as Education Director for the Cherokee Heritage Center at Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Many students report ease of usage. No other study is as clear and simplified. CLC-3CD CD with book $45.95 (Educational/Language)


2ND ANNUAL AMBLER, PENNSYLVANIA, MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 1995The SOUTHEASTERN CHEROKEE CONFEDERACY OF PENNSYLVANIA was formed in July 1988 when Chief Buffy "Red Feather" Brown was appointed Chief of Pennsylvania by the Tribal Office. Chief Red Feather was responsible for bringing together the Cherokees of Pennsylvania. The Confederacy has been successful in educating the people of Pennsylvania about the Cherokees with programs at universities and public and private schools. The First Annual Cherokee Festival was held in May, 1994. Featured drums: YOUNGBLOOD; RED HAWK SINGERS; FOUR WINDS SINGERS. Songs include Flag Song, jingle, fancy shawl, round dance, intertribals, retreat song, women's traditional. Liner notes. SSCT 4268 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 3RD ANNUAL - AMBLER PA Drums from across North America gathered in Ambler, PA to celebrate the SOUTHEASTERN CONFEDERACY OF PENNSYLVANIA at the 3rd Annual Cherokee Festival. The Confederacy formed in 1988 to bring Pennsylvania's Cherokee people together and to remember the Trail of Tears of 1838 when the military forced the Cherokee people west. Featured drums include YOUNGBLOOD, SILVERCLOUD, WHIRLWIND and RED HAWK. SSCT 4304 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 5TH ANNUAL - AMBLER, PA SSCT 4362 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- CHILDREN'S SONGS IN THE CHEROKEE LANGUAGE The CHERKOEE NATIONAL CHILDREN'S CHOIR performs 12 songs in the Cherokee language. Joining the children are Anna Huckaby, language teacher and Cherokee linguist, and master basket maker; and Lisa LaRue, recording artist and composer, basket maker and shell shaker at a Cherokee ceremonial ground. Songs include I'm A Little Terrapin (I'm A Little Teapot), Three Sisters (Row, Row, Row Your Boat), Three Crawdads (Three Blind Mice) and Bright and Shiny Star (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star). All songs are repeated a second time without vocals for use in assemblies, classrooms, etc. CNCRC 002 (Out of Print.) (Legends/Children's) - VOICES OF THE CREATOR'S CHILDREN Rita Coolidge joins with the Cherokee National Children's Choir to present VOICES OF THE CREATOR'S CHILDREN. Members of the choir include Holly Backwater, Rebecca Cook, Heather Crittenden, Alese Christie, Amanda Gibe, Devon Kirby, Kandra Lilies, Haley Noe, Holly Noe, Ashley Proctor, Jon Ross, Kayla Sharp, Chris Smith, Samantha Spiker and Amy Watkins. Under the direction of Jan Ballou the Children's Choir presents 12 songs, many featuring Rita Coolidge, as well as flutist Choogie Kingfisher. An added bonus is a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace sung by Rita Coolidge in Cherokee. Other songs include God's Children, Canaan's Land and Beautiful Home. CNCRC 003 CD $15.98 (Legends/Children's-Gospel)

CHENOA with Alex Turtle

- HEARTBEAT OF LIFE Chenoa Egawa is from the Lummi and S'Klallan Coast Salish peoples of Washington state. This is her third recording of prayer songs. Alex Turtle is Navajo from Jeddito, Arizona and Southern Cheyenne from the Turtle family of Oklahoma. This is their first recording together, Chenoa on lead vocals and Alex on drum and background vocals. These songs represent beauty, spirit, strength and the heartbeat of Mother Earth. They also acknowledge the teachings of our ancestors and remind us to respect nature and the four life giving elements fire, earth, water, and air. Through these songs it is their intention to share their hearts and spirits in a way that will uplift and bring healing to all people. 20 original songs. 21212 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


Stand Waite, a full-blooded Cherokee, was the only Native American Indian to attain the rank of Brigadier General - North or South - during America's Civil War. As leader of the Cherokee Mounted Rifles, Stand Waite fought for the Confederacy and was the last general to surrender to Union forces. Learn about the Trail of Tears, the rise of Stand Waite as a Cherokee leader, and the common destiny many Cherokee Indians shared with the Confederacy. This compelling video is a must for anyone interested in the Civil War, General Stand Waite, and the enduring saga of the Cherokee Nation. 45 minutes 4443D DVD $22.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- SONGS AND TEACHINGS FOR CHILDREN BY TRAVIS HARDEN AND THE FEATHER NECKLACE SINGERS This recording has been created as a teaching tool for young children and educators. This is meant as a fun learning experience as well as a sharing of cultural knowledge. Children are refered to in the Lakota language as wakanyeja (sacred beings) and so let us regard and teach them as such. A truly wonderful recording for children and adult alike. 12 songs include Elephant Song, Don't Talk to Strangers, Power Rangers and Children's Tribute to Veterans. MWM 0002 (Out of Print)


- BUILDING ONE FIRE The latest recording of the CHEROKEE NATIONAL YOUTH CHOIR 2002 with Gil Silverbird presents 13 songs including The StarSpangled Banner, America, Alleluia, and Jesus My All. An inspirational and moving recording. Winner of Best Gospel/Christian recording at the 2002 Native American Music Awards. CNYC 004 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian) - JESUS IS BORN TODAY


- VOLUME 1 CLC-1 Cassette $2.00 CD $21.95 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 2 CLC-2 Cassette $2.00 (Gospel/Christian)


The life of a traditional Cherokee, known for her native buckbrush baskets, is shown in the tape. Mrs. Blackbear shows her work, from gathering

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The collection of Cherokee Christmas songs presented here were recorded at the historic Park Hill Presbyterian Church in Park Hill, Oklahoma. The 170-plus year old congregation of the present day Park Hill Presbyterian Church take pride in the fact that their church is one of the oldest churches in the Cherokee Nation and Oklahoma. It was in this church in the 1800's that the Bible was translated into Cherokee and a Cherokee Almanac and Cherokee Hymn Book were prepared. Listen now to the CHEROKEE NATIONAL YOUTH CHOIR and the voice of the Park Hill Presbyterian Church as they celebrate Cherokee Christmases of the past and those yet to come. 10 popular Christmas songs sung in Cherokee include What Child Is This, Joy To The World, Silent Night, O Holy Night, and Angels We Have Heard On High. CNYC 005 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christmas) - CHEROKEE SUNDAY MORNING More Christian songs sung in the Cherokee language by the very talented youth from Oklahoma. Ten songs including At The Cross, Blessed Be The Tie, How Great Thou Art, and Redeeming Love. CNYC 006 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian) - CHEROKEE SUNDAY MORNING SONG BOOK This song book contains the stirring renditions of traditional and contemporary gospel favorites as found on the CD of the same name (CNYC 006CD). Songs include At the Cross, How Great Thou Art, Redeeming Love, and Farther Along. The song books contain all ten songs from the original CD and include Cherokee syllabary with translation, sheet music, and lead sheet. CNYC 006-BK Song Book $19.95 (Educational - Sheet Music/Song Books) - COMFORT AND JOY The Cherokee National Youth Choir is proud to present their second release of Christmas music. 12 all time favorites including Joy To The World, Angel We Have Heard On High, Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem, Away In A Manger, and Jingle Bells. CNYC 007 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christmas) - PRECIOUS MEMORIES 11 more songs performed by the Cherokee National Youth Choir. Songs include Sweet Hour of Prayer, In the Sweet By and By, One Drop of Blood, and How Beautiful Heaven Must Be. CNYC 008 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian) - PRECIOUS MEMORIES SONG BOOK Precious Memories is a collection of songs intended to provide comfort in those trying times of our lives. This song book contains all of the songs from the original CD of the same name (CNYC 008CD). Songs include Sweet Hour of Prayer, Beulah Land, Amazing Grace, and Sanctuary. The song books contain all eleven songs from the original CD and include Cherokee syllabary with translation, sheet music, and lead sheet. CNYC 008-BK Song Book $19.95 (Educational - Sheet Music/Song Books) - FOR OUR FUTURE The 2008 Cherokee National Youth Choir presents 10 songs including O Happy Day, City of Gold, Victory in Jesus, and When the Roll Call is Called Up Yonder. CNYC 009 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- THEN & NOW It has been a decade since the start of the Cherokee National Youth Choir. The Choir has inspired Cherokees and have set an example for young people, touching many lives with their appearances at the White House, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, Ground Zero, the Oklahoma Capitol, as well as many schools, churches and committee meetings. Over time members of the Choir have grown into leaders, statesmen and ambassadors. This Special recording is a collection of 13 songs including Canaan Land, Alleluia, Turn Your Radio On, I'll Fly Away, and The Lord's Prayer. CNYC 010 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian) - LEARNING AS WE SING This CD gives an opportunity for listeners to learn songs in Cherokee. This collection of common songs allows the Cherokee language to be shared with many. The CD starts with many patriotic songs and then moves into some well known Christmas tracks. 13 songs in all including The Star Spangled Banner; America, the Beautiful; This Land is Your Land; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; Frosty the Snowman; and Little Drummer Boy. CNYC 011 CD $15.98 (Educational/Language)



- BALANCED BY TRADITION You are invited to the world of CHEROKEE ROSE & SILENA. They are mixed blood Cherokee women...a mother and daughter duet. They have been referred to as the Judd's of the Indian world. Their songs are written from an Indian perspective. They believe that music is the universal language that speaks to the heart. They have taken words from their hearts and put them to a very popular style of, blues, and contemporary. Journey along the Red Road, and share the vision of history. 10 songs including Half Breed, Along the Red Road, and The Morning Star. SSCT 4428 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)


This is a basic beginning study containing sixteen lessons with some everyday vocabulary, sentences and phrases. It gives the student an opportunity to practice writing the Sequoyian Syllabary and at the same time learn the correct pronunciation using the companion audio tape. Included are tests for each lesson with the answers in the back of the book so the student can test themselves. This study is in the Western or Overhill dialect, but can be used by the Eastern or Kituwah as well, as there is very little difference in the two dialects. Prentice Robinson taught Cherokee at Tulsa Junior College and in community centers for over 20 years. As in each of his study programs, every effort has been made to produce accurate and authentic material in both the written and the audio with the intent that an absolute base of information be established for generations to come. CLC-4CD CD with book $24.95 (Educational/Language)


A Cherokee/Choctaw artist from Nashville, TN., Rose has been gaining national acclaim as a talented singer/songwriter. Inspired by her country music roots, Rose writes contemporary country music from her own Native American perspective. Rose emanates warmth and vibrancy. She makes you feel at ease. Her first two recordings BUCKSKIN and TRACKS SOUTH were nominated for regional music awards as best country album, best country singer/songwriter. Also see listing under ROSE MOORE. - VOL. 1 - BUCKSKIN Cherokee Rose sings eleven songs including I'm Not Ready, Sweet Fire, Black Irish Indian, Let's Ride, Gypsy Wind, Maybe Next Week, and more. CLM-1 Cassette $2.00 (Country) - VOL. 2 - TRACKS SOUTH Twelve songs in Cherokee Rose's great style. Cherokee Rose tell us that these songs reflect her travels and soul journeys to the southern states of North America and likewise, the mystic south path of the medicine wheel. Songs include Albuquerque, Downtown St. Louis Hotel, Love That's Real,Yipi, and more. Liner notes with words to songs. CLM-2 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Country) - VOL. 3 - TO ALL THE WILD HORSES More great music by Cherokee Rose. Ten songs including To All The Wild Horses, Cherokee, Ma Ko Wey, I Will Be, Baby of the Sky, and more. CLM-3 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98 (Country) - VOL. 4 - LOVE MEDICINE MUSIC Cherokee Rose performs another ten of her favorite songs including I Watch Him Fly, Clouds, Deep In A Dream, and Where Do Lovers Go. CLM-4 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98 (Country)


A continuation of the CHEROKEE STUDY COURSE 1 presented by Prentice Robinson. This course contains 22 lessons with accompanying quizzes. This course delves deeper into the Cherokee language teaching more phrases than simply words. It asks the questions - Who?, What?, Where?, When?, and Why? The perfect companion to the first course for anyone interested in a functional understanding of the Cherokee language. CLC-5 Book with single cassette $12.00 CLC-5CD CD with book $24.95 (Educational/Language)


Restored for home video to its original length, CHEYENNE AUTUMN ranks as one of John Ford's best. `It is a beautiful and powerful motion picture that stunningly combines a profound and passionate story of mistreatment of American Indians with some of the most magnificent and energetic lore ever put on the screen,' Bosley Crowther - The New York Times. The Trail-ofTears-like saga was filmed in the canyons, buttes and mesas of Monument Valley. It is the story of a resettled Cheyenne Nation desperately struggling to return to its Yellowstone homeland across 1,500 treacherous miles. Starring Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker, Karl Malden, Sal Mineo, Ricardo Mantalban, Gilbert Roland, Edward G. Robinson, Dolores Del Rio, and James Stewart as a lighthearted, quick-fingered Wyatt Earp. 155 minutes. Not Rated 39807D DVD $19.95

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(Hollywood Movies)


The Cheyenne began to pray with peyote in the late 1800's. In 1884 they were visited by Quanah Parker who ran several meetings for them. At about that same time, Leonard Tylor and John Turtle went to Kiowa country and learned the ceremony. Thus, Cheyenne peyotism has been close to the Comanche and Kiowa tradition for a very long time. A few of these songs have been sung by the Cheyenne, Comanche, and Kiowa for so long that it is now difficult to determine where they actually started. It is the feeling of the singers that it is not so important where the songs started, but that people might get some good benefit and inspiration from them. Recorded at Calumet, Oklahoma, 1975. CD released in 2004. - VOLUME 1 25 songs by Arthur Madbull, Lee R. Chouteau, Toby Starr, and Allen Bushyhead. IH 2201 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 2 24 songs by Toby Starr, Allen Bushyhead, Arthur Madbull, and Lee R. Chouteau. IH 2202 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


Get Ready, Opijay Gwah, Grass Song, Traditional (Learning) Song, Sneak-Up, Honor Song. SSCT 4312 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - (SH)-STA-TA-HAH SSCT 4365 (Out of Print.) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - JINGLE DRESS SONGS Dedicated to Jingle Dress Dancers everywhere, Chi-Geezis Singers have combined a very unique collection of jingle dress songs that is a must have for all jingle dancers and fans of jingle dress music. Twelve songs include straight & sidestep songs. SSCT 4378 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway)


chicken. It is a full body dance that incorporates head, shoulders, arms, hips and legs. Good chicken dancing is also about attitude - you must "strut your stuff" to try to win the attention of a mate. 15 songs including 5 men's chicken dances, a straight chicken dance and These Moccasins Are Made For Walkin', Born 2 Move, and Calling Card. AR 1171 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- VOLUME 1 13 popular chicken dance songs performed by Battle Creek, Eyabay, Sweetgrass Singers, Wanuskewin, Little Island Cree, Wildhorse, Pipestone Creek, Star Blanket Jrs. and Eya-Hey Nakoda. All songs previously released on other recordings. VA 60000 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- NAOTKAMEGWANNING 11 songs including contest songs, intertribals, straight songs, a round dance and a drum song. Members include B.J. Copenace, Travis White, T.J. Henry, A.J. White, John White, Manno Copenace, Jyles Copenace, Ian Crow, Terence White, Makwa Copenace, Josh Maloche, Chris White and Beemus Goodsky. SSCT 4424 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Canada)


- SIX GREAT BANDS Together on one album - SANTAN, THE BLOOD BROTHERS, THE MOLINAS, ELVIN KELLY Y LOS REYES, EL CONJUNTO MURRIETTA AND THE AMERICAN INDIANS. This album is a perfect showcase of music that characterize the happy sound of chicken scratch music. 8055 (Out of Print.) (Chicken Scratch)


Recorded on October 23, 1979 at Fay, Oklahoma these 32 Cheyenne Peyote songs are sung by Garrett Connahvichnah (Comanche) and Charles White Antelope (Southern Cheyenne). They alternate singing each four songs. Released on CD in May 2006. IR 7941 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - SAULT STE MARIE This is an exciting addition to any one's music library. The 11 man drum sings original compositions in a contemporary Northern style with an Ojibway drum. From Saulte Ste Marie, Ontario, the Chi-Nodin Singers are well known at traditional and contest pow wows throughout mideastern Canada and the US. Helped into being by the Eyabay Singers, Chi-Nodin Singers promises to entertain with songs like: Whistle Song, Drum Song, Men's Traditional and Intertribal Songs. SSCT 4293 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Midwest) - AT BATCHEWANA POW WOW CHI-NODIN (Big Wind) singers are an Ojibway group from Rankin Reserve, Ontario. CHI-NODIN composes songs reflecting their lives using their own, as well as other First Nation languages. This recording was made at their annual celebration held in September, 1996. Singers: Rence Vannett, Heidi Goodwin, Theresa Hindsley, Kevin Syrette, Dan Sayers Jr., Harvey Goodsky, Tom Peters, Chris Neveau, James Roach, Brian Moore, Darryl Ostamis, Mike Tegosh, Joe Syrette, John Syrette, Nick Hewson, Harvey Goodsky, Joel Syrette, Rob Essexs, and Sunny Roach-Syrette. 10 pow wow songs: Side Step, Honor Song, Veteran Song, Whistle Song, Men's Grass, and intertribal songs. SGC 9696 Cassette $2.00 (Northern Plains/Midwest)


- DRUM DANCE MUSIC OF THE DOGRIB Déné songs by a Northern Athabaskan group from the village of Rae Edzo, north of the Great Slave Lake, N.W. Territory, Canada. Fourteen songs. Each singer has his own hand drum. Two caribou hide threads stretched across the head give a distinctive sound to the drumming. Singers: Angus Beaulieu, David Tlokka, Joe Tlokka, Peter Eyakfwo, Jeffrey Football and Ricky Drybones. 6260 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Canada)


- VOL. 1 - SONGS OF THE OJIBWAY/ ODAWA The CHI-GEEZIS SINGERS are Greg Dayfox, Steven Dayfox, Joe Medicine, Jim Gasco. Songs include: Chi-Geezis Drum Song, intertribals, Meegwetch Wendun, Sherry's Song, Kaa Gwish Keyi, Kina Anishinabek, Kinoomage `Nishinabe. SSCT 4276 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - VOL. 2 - "NEE SAUN DWINN" Same singers as Volume One. Songs include: Flag Song, Veteran Song, Crow Hop, Jingle Dress, Traveling Song, Children's Song, Memorial Song, Woman's Traditional Round Dance, Contest Song, and Traditional. SSCT 4277 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - VOL. 3 - ESGKIAMDEK Ten songs including: Have a Beautiful Day (Jake's Prayer), Keep a Good Heart (Intertribal), SneakUp, Let The Music Do The Talking (Contest Song), My Car is My Home, Take Time In Life and more. SSCT 4311 (Out of Print.) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - VOL. 4 - AMBAE NEEMDAH - LET'S DANCE Singers: Steve and Greg Dayfox, Will (Pedro) Rhynes and Joe Medicine. Songs include: Kinah Ensabezhig, Crow Hop, Jingle Dress, Fancy Shawl,


Among our nation's firefighting forces, Native American firefighters have received almost no measure of the public recognition they so justly deserve. And yet more than 70% of all of our nation's wildland firefighters are Native American. This documentary honors the Native American firefighting forces of this nation by acknowledging the great debt we owe them. This story focuses on the renowned Chief Mountain Hot Shots of the Blackfeet Nation. Over the past few years this crew has come to be included among the elite corps of the wildland firefighting forces in the nation. We watch them launch an initial attack on a wildfire, armed with the essential weapons of the skilled firefighter - a chainsaw, a shovel, and a pulaski. We listen to respected elders reminising about the days they led the crews in the 1940's and set the highest records of excellence in the firefighting world. We also explore the ways in which these firefighters identify themselves culturally as both traditional Blackfeet warriors and also thoroughly modern and technologically sophisticated firefighters. 60 minutes. 4451 VHS (Out of Print)


The 1980's saw a revival of this traditional style of dance from the central plains of Canada. Today it has become a regular dance event at Pow Wows across North America. The outfit of the dancers vary widely, but most often it includes a feather bustle fastened around the hips and a porcupine hair roach. Fans, dance sticks, hoops, rattles and some animal pelts are also regularly included as part of the chicken dancer's regalia. Traditionally, the dance is a simulation of the courtship of the prairie

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- RESURRECTED: A NEW BEGINNING The Chiniki Lake Singers are a Stoney/Nakoda singing group from Morley, Alberta, Canada. In 1977 the original Chiniki Lake Singers formed. After several members left the drum group, Clifford, Charles and Frank continued to run the group. In the year 2001, the younger generation of Chiniki Lake started to pow wow led by these three men. This new generation of Chiniki Lake is proud to present these 13 songs which include Soft Breeze, War Smoke, Traditional Honour Song, and Swift Eagle. WP-00092 CD $17.98 (Out of Print.) (Sioux)



- VOL. 3 Ten songs including When You Were Young and Single, Eskimo Girl, and Wishful Thoughts. Singers: Eddie Jones, Jimmy Shorty, Bennie Begay, Gjermundson Yazzie, Harry Yellowhair, John Hardy and Pat Ashley. 7141 (Out of Print) (Navajo) - VOL. 4 Ten songs including Navajo Nation Cowboy, She Was Taught by Her Grandpa, and My Blue Eyed Girl. Singers: Jimmy Shorty, Bennie Begay, Gjermundson Yazzie, Harry Yellowhair, John Hardy and Pat Ashley. 7142 Cassette $9.98 (Navajo)


It's been seven years since the Wyoming Indian High School Chiefs have won a state championship in basketball. For most schools, this is a rather unremarkable statistic. But for the inhabitants of the Wind River Indian Reservation, who have experienced a century and a half of injustice, basketball is a form of empowerment, self-expression, and access to the world outside "the rez." By using basketball as a vehicle, "CHIEFS" explores what it means to grow up Native American at the turn of the 21st century. 87 minutes. Un-rated. LIF 1031D DVD $24.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- With Kashtin, Susan Aglukark, Shingoose A compilation and definitive cross-section of some of Native Canada's best music. Featuring KASHTIN, Willie Dunn, Susan Aglukark, Don Ross, SHINGOOSE, FARA, Gerry Saddleback. Thirteen songs with a concluding message in the artists' native languages encouraging our youth to stay in school. Songs include: Cree Grass Dance (Gerry Saddleback); The First Ride (Don Ross); Indian Time (SHINGOOSE); Pakuakumit (KASHTIN); Little Charlie (Willie Dunn) and more. PPF-2023 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary) - STONEY POW WOW SONGS From the Stoney Nation in Alberta, six intertribal songs, three traditional songs, owl dance, drum song, and fancy contest song. Rod Hunter, Allistair Twoyoungmen, Patrick Twoyoungmen, Randy Baptiste, Lambert Smalleyes, Charles Clifford, Frank, Floyd and Evan Powderface, Sammy Ear. 9003 (Out of Print.) (Sioux)


- VOL. 1 - NAVAJO TWO-STEP, SKIP & DOUBLE TIME SONGS Six two-step, six skip-dance and four double-time songs. A nice tap that is a little different from the others. An all women singing troupe. Elizabeth Davis, Elsie Deswood, Anita Davis, Esther Davis, Linda Teller, Geraldine Little. 7134 (Out of Print.) (Navajo) - VOL. 2 - MEMORABLE SONGS OF THE OLD TIME Six two-step and six skip-dance songs including, Stay With Me, Billy Goat Song and You Broke My Heart. All songs are originals by Elizabeth Davis. Singers: Kinda Teller, Anita Davis, Elizabeth Davis and Elsie Davis Deswood. 7135 (Out of Print) (Navajo) - VOL. 3 - CHINLE VALLEY SINGERS 7171 Cassette $9.98 (Navajo)


Grand Entry, victory song, two crow hops, three intertribals and men's fancy. Recorded live at Pequis, MB. Chiniki Lake Singers are Clifford Powderface; Charles, Frank and Paul Daniels; Aaron, Cameron, Orville and Kevin Keywake; and Cliff Jr., Johnny and Curt Jim. SSCT 4178 (Out of Print) (Sioux)


Like Spaghetti Westerns, the Red Westerns are classic American Westerns created far, far from the American West--in this case, by Communist East Germany's legendary DEFA Film Studios. But unlike westerns made in the West, these beautifully shot films, with plots based on historical sources, made the Native Americans the heroes and cast the white settlers as villains. Starring Serbian actor, stuntman and director Gojko Mitic. These movies are in German with English subtitles. Based on a story by James Fenimore Copper, the author of The Last of the Mohicans. In 1740, as English troops seize French settlements in North America, the Huron and Delaware tribes are enlisted as mercenaries on opposite sides of the conflict. But an Indian warrior attempts to unite them. Filmed in Slovakia and Bulgaria in 1967. A novelty for Western lovers. 86 minutes. 91238D DVD $20.95 (Videos/Foreign Films - Hollywood Movies)


- VOLUME 1 Inspirational music from Navajo Country. Songs include: Lord I Will Go, God Is God, I Saw The Face Of Jesus and nine more song. CHG 1 (Out of Print.) (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 2 - NAVAJO COUNTRY GOSPEL Ten favorite gospel songs including Amazing Grace, Why Me Lord, I Saw The Light, and Will You Meet Me Over Yonder. Features Roland Dixon. CHG 2 (Out of Print.) (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 3 Ten more songs by this inspirational Navajo gospel group. Songs include King Jesus, Let Me Be There and more. CHG 3 (Out of Print) (Gospel/Christian)


(7 groups)

- VOL. 1 NAVAJO TWO STEP SONGS Recorded live at Chinle, Arizona, April 1986, by seven groups from Arizona and New Mexico. Fourteen songs, 2 songs by each group: Toh-DenNas-Shai Singers (Kayenta, AZ); T/L Swingers (Twin Lakes, NM); Smoke Signal Travelers (Smoke Signal, AZ); Four Corners Singers (Shiprock, NM); Beclabito Valley Singers (Beclabito, NM); and Chinle Valley Boys (Chinle, AZ). 7132 Cassette $9.98 (Navajo) - VOL. 2 NAVAJO SKIP-DANCE SONGS Recorded live at Chinle, Arizona, April 1986. Two more songs by each of the same seven groups as Volume One, 7132. 7133 Cassette $9.98 (Out of Print.) (Navajo)


Recorded live at Carry The Kettle. CHINIKI LAKE, Morley Alta, Nakota Tribe. The group was formed in 1977 by Rod Hunter. The group started touring in 1978, placing in pow wows in the USA and Canada. CHINIKI LAKE singers are Charles Powderface (lead), Johnny, Frank, Darryl and Clifford Powderface, Ryan Young, Lee Poucette, Cameron Daniels, Orville Daniels, Darren Kootney, and Colin Fox. 12 songs including Intertribal, Pow-wow Straight, Crow Hop, Men's Fancy, Indian Pride, Grass Dance, Spirit of Pow Wow and more. SGC 072896 (Out of Print.) (Sioux)


- VOL. 1 SOAR 110 (Navajo) (Out of Print)

- VOL. 2 - VOICES FROM CANYON DE CHELLY The Paul Guy family and friends present eleven traditional Navajo songs including Flag and Veterans Song, Basha's Special, Squaw Dance Memories and Oshi Heart. SOAR 130 (Out of Print) (Navajo)


Fifteen Minnesota Chippewa game and social dance songs, both contemporary and others dating back to 1900. Includes Moccasin Game Songs,

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Migwitch Mahnomen, 49, pow wow. Singers include Jacob Redbird, Walter Drift, Ray Robinson, August King. Recorded 1970-75, notes included. FE 4392 Cassette $5.00 (Northern Plain/Chippewa-Ojibway)


tinuing influence throughout the generations. 60 minutes. RHF 1002 DVD $27.95 (Videos/Documentary) - NATIVE AMERICAN HEALING IN THE 21ST CENTURY This video traces the ancient healing methods of the Indians, discusses the invaluable contributions they made to our frontier heritage and shows how many of those same healing plants and herbs are an important source of today's modern medicine. Learn from today's respected physicians the crossover of ancient native remedies to present-day medical practices. Learn from Tribal Elders traditional healing practices and philosophies. Discover the contents of a recently found 350 year old medicine bag. Explore for healing plants and herbs. Compare the similarities of Native American and Chinese healing. Herbal healing remedies for Arthritis, Asthma, Skin conditions and more. 35 minutes. RHF 1003 DVD $27.95 (Videos/Documentary) - TALES OF WONDER An enchanting collection of Indian stories and legends handed down from generation to generation that are entertaining for both young and old alike. Presented by Gregg Howard, of Cherokee/ Powhatan descent. Illustrations by Kathleen Raymond Roan. Traditional flute performed by Nash Hernandez. Nine stories that will amaze and amuse while teaching lessons to live by include Rabbit and the Bear - the value of working together for the good of all, Little Gray Bat - what happens when you lie about who you are, Why Rabbit has a Short Tail - the result of playing tricks on others, The Ruby Necklace - an origin story of the first corn, Why Possum's Tail is Bare - when ego gets in the way, Origin of Fire - how nature and humans work together, Pleiades and the Pine Tree - a story of six mischievous Indian boys, How Deer Got Antlers the disgrace of cheating and Little Turtle - what happens when we try to be someone we're not. Great entertainment for the whole family. 60 minutes. RHF 1004V VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary) - TALES OF WONDER II Fireside Stories told in the Native American tradition and award winning style as the original TALES OF WONDER. Presented by acclaimed storyteller Gregg Howard and accompanied by flutist William P. Gutierrez. Illustrations by sketch artist Haley Burke. Nine stories including Dream Catcher - the story of the Native American cycle of life, Daughter of the Sun - the story of the four seasons, Democracy - the origin of the United States Constitution, Sky People - the story of beings that live in the sky, Strawberries - the story of the first Cherokee man and woman, Flying Squirrel illustrates the power of believing, The Ball Game the smallest can be the bravest, Origin of the Bluebonnets - the power of a little girls love, and Hawk and the Hunter - a story of the mythical hawk. 60 minutes. RHF 1005V VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary) - TALES OF WONDER I & II Both of the above VHS on one DVD. An enchanting collection of Indian stories and legends handed down from generation to generation. 18 stories in all! 120 minutes. RHF 1004CD CD $17.98 RHF 1004D DVD $27.95 (Videos/Documentary)



Recorded on location at the Stoney Mountain Correctional Institute. Singers: Pini-say-kin Awapa-mit (Don E. McDonald), Gilbert Star, Jackson Muminawatum Jr., Marvin McLean, Vernon Cardinal, Louie Lathlin, Phillip Jason Ashum. 12 pow wow songs including: Grand Entry, Honor Song(s), grass, eagle, intertribals, whistle, and woman's fancy dance songs. Liner notes. SSCT 4249 (Out of Print) (Canada)


A surprise visit to the Sky Mountain Resort by a major travel guide sparks mayhem, romance and comedy in this critically praised holiday feature. Resort manager `Ray Clouds on Fire' must deal with his vegetarian chef, his lovesick assistant and his jeep-obsessed father, while struggling with his own romantic feelings for the woman he mistakes as the Worthington Travel Guide guest. In the midst of all the mayhem, the real reviewer and secret guest befalls a myriad of problems that leave him questioning not only the resort, but his own sanity! Shot on the stunning grounds of the acclaimed Sundance Institute, "Christmas in the Clouds" is a thoroughly enjoyable comedy and an instant holiday classic that viewers will enjoy over and over again. Starring Tim Vahle, Graham Greene, Sheila Tousey, Sam Vlahos and Mari Anna Tosca. Appearances by Wes Studi and Rita Coolidge. Rated PG. (Back in Stock.) TCV 4940D DVD $16.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- VOL. 2 PAPAGO CHICKEN SCRATCH Five polkas, five chotas, cumbia and a mazurka by Francis Enriquez, Frank Joaquin, John Lewis, Jr., David Narcho. Benny Martinez, and Damon Enriquez. 8058 Cassette $9.98 (Chicken Scratch) - VOL. 3 PAPAGO CHICKEN SCRATCH Polkas, chotes, and cumbias. Eleven tunes including Fast as a Skunk, Hawaiian #2, and The Gate. Francis Enriquez, Phillip Miguel, Benedict Martinez, Mervin Joaquin,Damon Enriquez, Ronnie Juan. 8073 (Out of Print.) (Chicken Scratch) - VOL. 4 THE CISCO BAND The CISCO ENRIQUEZ BAND from Sells, Tohono O'Odham Reservation, Arizona. Eleven dance tunes - chotas, cumbias, polkas and more including Centipede Polka, and Don't Just Sit There Jitterbug. 8089 Cassette $9.98 (Chicken Scratch)


Experience an Aboriginal Christmas with Carol Adams, Ernest Monias, Teddy Boy Houle, Winston Wuttunee, Lionel Desjaarlais, and Alex & Tasha. 12 songs including Mary's Boy Child, Infant Holy, Pretty Paper, As I Look At The Star, and My Favorite Time Of The Year. SSCT 4485 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christmas)


- IT'Z OFFICIAL Cinatra, of Triple Crown, presents this solo production. 11 tracks including Shake Sumthin', So Seductive, It Goes Down, and Sunny Daze. He is joined by Overflow and Night Shield. All scratching provided by the "Notorious" CJ FunkDaddy. NSE 2004 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop)


- POPULAR DANCE MUSIC OF THE NATIVES OF SOUTHERN ARIZONA The Cisco Band & The Joaquin Brothers are two legendary bands in the history of Waila, popularly known as "Chicken Scratch." The energetic dance music of the Native peoples of southern Arizona, Waila features the intertwining melodies of saxophone and accordion propelled by the rhythms of guitar, bass and drums. Playing Polkas and TwoSteps that are hallmarks of the "Scratch" sound, these two renowned bands exemplify this innovative confluence of music from the Tohono O'odham and European culture. Tracks 1-12 were recorded and originally released in 1975 as The Cisco Band - Popular Dance Music of the Indians of Southern Arizona (CR-6138). Songs include Where Were You Last Night? Love of My Life, Like It Was, and Mountain Chair. Tracks 13-24 were originally recorded and released in 1975 as The Joaquin Brothers Play Polkas and Chotis (CR6139). Songs include La Pachuca Polka, Hohokam Choti, Never on Sunday Polka, El Ebanto Choti, and Corazon Corbarde Polka. 6138 CD $15.98 (Chicken Scratch)


- HOW TO TRACE YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE An informative new video that will help you discover your Native American Heritage...for you, for your children and for their children after them. Use this guide to search out the path of your ancestors and establish your roots within the Circle of Life. You will learn how to obtain a CDIB card, how to obtain your Tribal Membership, how and where to search the Dawes Rolls, and more. 35 minutes. RHF 1001 DVD $27.95 (Videos/Documentary) - BLACK INDIANS: AN AMERICAN STORY This video brings to light a forgotten part of America's past - the cultural and racial fusion of Native and African Americans. Narrated by James Earl Jones, this presentation explores what brought the two groups together, what drove them apart, and the challenges that they face today. From the Atlantic Seaboard to the Western Plains, family memories and historical highlights reveal the indelible mark of this unique ancestry, and its con-


The highly anticipated compilation by SHADE and MISTIC, displaying their own style of mixing their traditional language in the hip hop format. They

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are joined by other artists including TRIBE 2, ROLLIN, LIL' SPADE, and others.



- AZEE' BIYIIN Azee' Biyiin is a Navajo word meaning Peyote Songs. These songs are composed to worship in the Native American Church with the use of peyote. When peyote is partaken of, one begins to meditate. In the state of meditation, prayers and songs come to you naturally and spiritually. These songs are sung during prayer services with the accompaniment of the gourd and water drum, and puts one in touch with God. Jimmy Cody was born and raised in Sweetwater, Arizona. His clan is Salt, born for the bitter water; his maternal clan is Yucca Fruit strung in a line and his paternal clan is Folded Arms. He began singing when he was seven years old. 28 songs. AIS JC02 (Out of Print.) (Peyote) - PEYOTE SONGS Jimmy Cody presents 20 brand new peyote songs for you to enjoy. He is accompanied by his brother, Robert Cody, on the waterdrum. Together they hope these songs are carried on by the younger generation. JCM 0801 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - KESHJEE SIN Jimmy Cody releases his fourth recording. This time he proudly presents 12 Dine Shoe Game songs. The Dine shoe game is a guessing game which is played only in the winter time. According to Dine history, the first game was played as a contest between the day animals and night animals to determine whether only day or night should be allowed for all time. The game began at night, and by sunrise neither side had won so the game remained unfinished. Therefore, today we still have night and day. JCM 0871 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


- VOLUME 1 15 tracks including In The Trenches, Full Blood, Payday, and Red, Bald and Brave. T2E 1003 CD $16.98 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary - Rap) - VOLUME 2 16 tracks including Darkskin, Dirty Savage, Hogback Special, and Reflectionz. T2E 1004 CD $16.98 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary - Rap) - NAVAJO PEYOTE SONGS 24 songs including straight songs and Elder's straight songs. CMP 103 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - FOR ALL WALKS OF LIFE 24 songs dedicated to all walks of life from all the four corners of the world. CMP 104 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


Mixing rock, acoustic and reggae with the sounds of their Native American heritage, Clan/Destine creates their own exciting original music. Clan/ Destine's eleven original songs captures the energy of today's hottest sounds and the spirit of traditional ways. A local band with the energy and vitality to capture the world. - NATIVE AMERICAN ROCK AND ROLL CLAN/DESTINE is: Frank Poocha - vocals, keyboards & trumpet, Dave Montour - bass, cedar flute, vocals, Chuck Harris - lead & acoustic guitar, Steve Gatlin - drums, Juan Sanchez - vocals & congas. 7037 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - DEEPLY ROOTED RD 9156 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - AMAJACOUSTIC The newest offering by CLAN/DESTINE, winners of the Native American Music Award Best Pop/ Rock Recording for their second release Deeply Rooted. RD 7112 CD $15.98 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary - Rock)


Six cloud dance songs sung by Joe M. Abeyeta, Cipriano Garcia, Jerry Garcia, Peter Garcia, Carpio Trujillo and John R. Tujillo. Recorded at San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico, February 27, 1972. IH 1102 (Out of Print) (Pueblo)


The Navajo Shoe Game is played during the night. It is mostly played for creation, but may be performed as a chanting ceremony. It is played only during the winter, and sometimes into late spring. The first shoe game song was played by the day and night animals to decide if there should be only a day or night. Neither side won, therefore there is night and day. It is a counting game and yucca reeds are used to keep score. The team with all the yucca reeds are the winners. - NAVAJO SHOE GAME SONGS AIS CF04 (Out of Print.) (Navajo) - NAVAJO SHOE GAME SONGS #1 10 songs. CF 2004-1 CD $16.98 (Out of Print.) (Navajo) - NAVAJO SHOE GAME SONGS #2 10 songs. CF 2004-2 CD $16.98 (Out of Print.) (Navajo) - NAVAJO SHOE GAME SONGS #3 Another collection of shoe game songs performed by Jimmy Cody and family. CF 2004-3 CD $16.98 (Out of Print.) (Navajo)


- WITHIN THE FOUR DIRECTIONS Traditional songs were, and still are, an integral part of the Navajo way of life. The purpose of the songs presented on this album are primarily to reintroduce, especially to the young, the Navajo traditional and cultural teachings. The songs, being lessons within themselves, touch upon the essence of the everyday life of the Diné, beginning with the early dawn from inside the hooghan to family, grandparents, livestock and protection. It is hoped that these songs will appreciate the rich culture of the Diné take the innitiative to learn more...and to seek to retain that knowledge and pass it on to generations to come. Fifteen songs include Grandma's Lullaby, Miss Navajo Nation Song, The Navajo Flag Song and The Navajo National Anthem. CRM 031000 CD $16.98 (Navajo) - SEED OF LIFE RADMILLA CODY sings traditional songs of the Diné (Navajo) that embrace the heritage of her matrilineal line. Raised in traditional ways, Radmilla's music provides the listener a glimpse into the life of the Navajo. Her heartfelt performance includes two patriotic songs, God Bless America and America The Beautiful, in the elegant Navajo language. Nine more songs include Child to Young Woman, Corn Grinding Song and Grandmother. Complete Navajo lyrics and translations by Herman Cody included. 6345 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98


Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves) is Arthur, an imposing local tribesman who is outraged by the destruction of his land from the lumber mill owned by Bud Rickets. Peter McGuire is a city lawyer, trying to protect native Indian land through the courts - until he meets Arthur. Enraged at the sight of his people's land being ruined, Arthur takes the law into his own hands. He kidnaps Peter and Bud Rickets and engages them in a "Deliverance-style" revenge to pay for their environmental crimes. Follow as Arthur's torturous journey leads him down a path of Clearcut destruction! Starring Graham Greene, Ron Lea, Michael Hogan, Rebecca Jenkins and Floyd Red Crow Westerman. 98 minutes. Rated R CLC VHS (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


- MY WAY The songs on this album contain tidbits of accounts derived from life as Herman lived it as a child and adolescent around the Grand Falls area of the Diné Nation. In the Native American way of life, a prayer can be chanted, and thus songs can be construed as prayers. Life is not complete without a song and prayer in one's heart and in one's mind. One must thank his niece, Radmilla Cody, for goading him into recording this album. 12 songs including The Sacredness of the Horse, The In-law, A Sheepherder's Song, and Rodeo Cowboy. CRM 052007 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


- PATHFINDER Four-time Grammy nominee Will Clipman blends exotic wind instruments, tuned melodic percussion, and vocal chants with his pan-global palette of drums. 13 timeless tales told in the universal language of rhythm. Songs include Daybreak, Bodhisattva, Ma Mere La Mer, and Barefoot in Cholla. 7075 CD $15.98 (Native Influenced/Non-Native)


Prices subject to change without notice.


(Navajo) - SPIRIT OF A WOMAN Navajo singer Radmilla Cody continues her musical exploration of the cultural treasures of the Diné in newly composed traditional and contemporary songs. She is joined by Herman Cody, Miguel Batista, Klee Benally and Robert Tree Cody. 14 songs including Prayer To The Creator, A Child Of Water, A Beautiful Dawn and The Fancy Dancer. 6384 CD $15.98 (Navajo) - PRECIOUS FRIENDS Award winning Navajo singer, Radmilla Cody presents songs for very special friends. These songs for children include well loved classics with Navajo lyrics and original compositions for children by noted educator and songwriter Herman Cody. Navajo lyrics with English translations are included in the booklet. 14 songs for children include Little Horned Toad, Fry Bread Song, Little Donkey, Lamb Lullaby, and Bah, Bah, Black Sheep & Mary Had A Little Lamb. 6424 CD $15.98 (Legends/Children's) - SHI KEYAH Radmilla Cody with Herman Cody present these Songs for the People. Sung in the traditional style of the Dine, these new songs honor Mother Earth, the homeland of the people and the veterans who served our country as well as a humorous look at life in Dinetah. All songs composed by Herman Cody. 14 songs including Beautiful Mother Earth, Navajo Warrior, Commodity Blues, and Code Talker. 6502 CD $15.98 (Navajo)


THE NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE Ten selections including traditional Kahomenei Round Dance; South American Sunrise Song; and original compositions Young Eagle's Flight; Maze; and Remembering the Sinagua. Includes notes on Tree Cody and the tunes. 553 Cassette $9.98 (CD Out of Print.) (Flute/New Age) - DREAMS FROM THE GRANDFATHER Eleven songs for Native American flute and voice, based on his Lakota - Maricopa heritage as well as Dakota, Zuni, Acoma and Cherokee peoples. Includes Grandmother Earth, Lakota Lullaby, In Camps of Times Past, Stomp Dance, and Buffalo's Journey 554 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - WHITE BUFFALO; featuring Rob Wallace and Will Clipman The Buffalo, Tatonka, has long been a potent symbol of the Creator's wisdom and generosity to native people. It provided food, clothing, medicine, and shelter with the skull of the buffalo serving an important spiritual role in sacred ceremonies. Native American flutist and singer Robert Tree Cody draws upon his heritage collaborating with keyboardist/synthesist Rob Wallace and percussionist Will Clipman, combining their musical perspectives into a new expression inspired by traditions that honor the spirit of the buffalo. 555 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - MAZE Cody leads this musical journey among the native people of the Southwest. Joined by synthesist Rob Wallace and percussionist Tony Redhouse, Cody melds the tranquil tones of the traditional flute with voices from the Hopi, Navajo, Apache, Yaqui and Tohono O'odham. 556 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - NATIVE FLAMENCO See Ruben Romero for complete information. 7033 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - HEART OF THE WIND with Will Clipman The haunting melodies of the Native American flute evoke the flow and cadences of breathing while the pulsing rhythms of the drum evoke the beating of the heart. This recording brings together these two very primal and human instruments in a collection of new and transforming compositions by two award-winning artists, Robert Tree Cody (Maricopa-Dakota) and Will Clipman. 12 songs including Gila River Sunrise, Totem Dance, Turtle Island Waltz and Lightning Over Sonora. 7072 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


the Southwest, and Xavier, who is well known throughout southern California as part of the group America Indigena, present 12 songs including Dance of the Sunset Feathers, Calling of the Spirits, Procession of the Jaguar Kings, Festival of the Deer and Gathering of the Sacred Fires. 7041 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


- REFLECTIONS Robert Tree Cody (Dakota-Maricopa) and Hovia Edwards (Shoshone/Bannock) present solos and duets on the Native American flute which best exemplify the grace and healing power of this timeless instrument. 12 songs including The Heavens, Water Spirit Song, Divine Peace, Silvermoon's Song, and Buffalo Prayer Song. 7058 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


- HYMNS FROM THE PRAIRIE Music is the most central expression of Comanche life. These Christian inspired songs come from the Numuhuviyanuu Songbook (August, 1960), a 116 song compilation by the late Elliott Canonge, a linguist who researched and recorded Comanche song composers from the 1940's and 1950's. The songs date back as early as 1895 and largely originate from two area Comanche Indian churches in Oklahoma. Eleven songs including Follow On, Only Trust Him, I Want To Go On Father's Road, What Must I Do To Be Saved and more. Singers are Mark Wauahdooah, Vernon Cable, Cornel Pewewardy, Billie Kreger, Verna Cable, Cordelia C.D. Leeds, Lucille McClung, Gloria Cable and Rita Barnhart. Liner notes. NV 118 Cassette $4.00 (Gospel/Christian)


Robert Tree Cody (Dakota-Maricopa), is a well known flutist, northern traditional dancer, lecturer and teacher of Indian crafts. He has performed throughout the US, Canada and Europe and has learned songs from the elders of various tribes and new songs have come to him through traditional fasting. - TRADITIONAL FLUTE MUSIC OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN Fourteen solo flute selections including Cheyenne, Lakota, Maricopa and Ojibway. Some songs are original compositions and others are old traditional songs Tree Cody learned from tribal elders including Frank Fools Crow and Iron Eyes Cody. The cassette contains notes on the songs and on Robert Tree Cody. 551 Cassette $9.98 (Flute/New Age) - LULLABIES AND TRADITIONAL SONGS FOR NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE Commonly called a "courting flute" by the Plains and Woodland people, it was used to woo the affections of young ladies and also to express deep emotions and provide soothing background music during times of quiet and relaxation. It is in these traditions that Tree Cody presents this collection of fourteen lullabies, courting songs and other traditional selections of Native American flute songs. A digital recording. 552 Cassette $9.98 (Flute/New Age) - YOUNG EAGLE'S FLIGHT; SONGS FOR


The second chapter in the Lonesome Dove saga. This epic story of men of honor torn between their duty as Texas Rangers and the women they must leave behind. Starring Wes Studi, Val Kilmer, Steve Zahn, Linda Cardellini, Karl Urban and Rachel Griffiths. Extended version only available on two-disc DVD. 284 minutes. Not rated. 22647D DVD $29.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- VOL. 1 Of the tremendous number of peyote songs sung at Native American Church meetings across the country today, a good many are of Comanche origin, especially the songs which are sung toward morning. This volume presents 24 Comanche peyote songs sung by Roy Simmons, Joy Niedo, and Roy Wockmetooah. Drumming by Roe Kahrahrah, Mary Poafpybitty, Jessie Poahway, and Ida Wockmetooah. Recorded at Apache, Oklahoma. IH 2401 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOL. 2 23 more Comanche peyote morning songs. Continued from Volume 1. IH 2402 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- CROSSROADS CROSSROADS brings together, for the first time, the music of the native people of the Great Plains and ancient Mexico. Featuring the award winning Robert Tree Cody (Dakota-Maricopa) and Xavier Quijas Yxayotl (Huichole), CROSSROADS is a colorful blend of indigenous flutes (Native American, Mayan and Aztec), pulsing drums and ancient chants from the first peoples of North America. Tree, who performs regularly throughout

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- NATIVE AMERICAN HEALING SONGS Come To Me Great Mystery is a collection of traditional Native American songs intended to heal body and spirit. Each song exhibits a profound depth and beauty and invokes a compassionate and mystical presence. Eight songs from Thirza Defoe, Doug Foote, Lorain Fox, Allen Mose and Dorothy Tsatoke. SD 949 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)


- VOLUMES 1 & 2 Originally released on 2 cassette tapes, now on one CD. These are songs, many of which belong in the Annual Osage War Dances, the Annual Ponca Pow Wow, and Ponca Heluska. These are not trick songs as commonly called by tribes who are unfamiliar with them. The Poncas, who have been singing for the Osages for several generations, say that many of these songs are so old that the origin has been lost. Singers include Jackie Anquoe, Jim Anquoe, Jack Anquoe, Herb Adson, Millard Clark, Larry Cozad, Molly Ann McKinley, Anita Anquoe George, Mary Ann Anquoe, and Claudina Snake. IS 2012 CD $13.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


the Uto-Aztecan linguistic family. Their music is similar to other Indian tribes of northwest Mexico in both its emphasis on rhythm and its instruments. Cora music is largely rhythmic and much use is made of percussion instruments. Even the violin seems at times particularly rhythmically oriented so as to provide a beat for the dancing rather than as music in its own right. The first nine tracks were recorded in the Cora village of San Blasito on the San Pedro River, the final selection in the neighboring Mestizo mountain village of San Pedro de Honor. Included are a knife dance, violin improvisations with flute accompaniment, flute solos, music and revelry and a ceremonial dance at San Pedro de Honor. Descriptive notes enclosed. FE 4327 Cassette $5.00 (Mexico/Yaqui-Mexico-Central America)


- YOU KNOW THE NAME Committed are Philthy, H2, DZC, Play Boi, Chunk, Ron G, Durrty, Bad Newz and Big Snapper. They are presenting 17 tracks which include Pockets on Swoll, Ridin' on Glass, Chrome Crawling, Life Is Worth Living, and Don't Get Caught. Committed are joined by Night Shield, Trey Lane, DayWalkers, Danny Boy, and others.


A set of 6 booklets, narration's for lessons one through six, an introduction to Lakota alphabet and pronunciation guide. These will guide the student into basic conversational Lakota, and Lakota philosophy. Lesson 6 ends with a prayer. COMPANION CDS A set of CDs developed by Sioux educators for teaching the Lakota language. "A person can learn to speak Lakota in seven days listening to the tapes for ½ hour each day." The tapes teach a basic vocabulary of approximately 150 words. The teaching methodology used in the tapes has been proven successful by the best language instructors. The Lakota speaker is Garfield GrassRope. CON-LAKCD - CD set $70.00 CON-LAKBK - Set of 6 Books (aprox. 16 p. each) $30.00 (Educational/Language)


- CORN-BRED Corn-Bred was first formed in 1999.Over the years band members came and went. The current lineup has a groove together as a band. Current members include Jerome Lazore, Lenny Printup, Curtis Waterman, John "JB" Buck from the Onondaga Nation and Morris Tarbell from the Mohawk Nation. Corn-Bred is Central New York's only all Native Band. Their popularity and fan base has grown beyond the central New York area. They have played in all of New York's casinos, the President's Inaugural Ball in 2005, the National Museum of the American Indian first anniversary celebration, the 100th anniversary of Harley Davidson, and more. Their sound is toe-tapping danceable. 11 songs including Velcro Blues, Boogie Woogie, Honest I Do, and Got You On My Mind. HMR-003 CD $14.98 (Contemporary-Rhythm & Blues)

NSE 09589

CD $15.98

(Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop)


- VOL. 1 - SIGNALS FROM THE HEART Ikceya wicasa means "common man" but this collection of Lakota love songs is anything but common. 12 songs including I'll Be Waiting, The Letter, My One And Only, Many A Time, Last Time I Saw You, and more. Liner notes includes English words. SOAR 136 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Sioux) - VOL. 2 - SPIRIT OF SONG Fourteen Lakota songs including North Dakota Flag Song, horse stealing song, grass dance, Sobriety Song and Kahomini song. Singers: Earl and Tom Bullhead, Ken Billingsley, Jody Luger, Gabe Kampeska, J.D. Buckley, Duane Steel and Cedric and Evelyn (Sissy) Goodhouse. SOAR 149 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - SONGS FOR THE COMMON MAN The COMMON MAN SINGERS led by Earl Bullhead, delivers an outstanding collection of Lakota songs. 13 songs including Chief Drum Song, Hunting Song, Come To Take your Gifts, Dance Of The Young Men, Song Of The Strawshoot, Friends Have Arrived and more. SOAR 157 CD $18.98 (Sioux)


- DESCENDANTS The COPPER CREEK SINGERS were established in the summer of 2002. The majority of the singers are from the Mosquito - Grizzly Bear's Head - Cree Man Band. Singers include Jeff Moosomin, Steven Wahobin, Quinton Bull, Jason Stone, Chopper Checkosis, Walter Oxebin, Stephen Moosomin, Tanya Moosomin, Arnold Moosomin, Earl McLeod, Alex Moosomin, Quincey Moosomin, Orville Stone and Scott Bull. It is their hope that this debut compilation of songs and drumming style gives others as much hope and joy as it does them. 12 songs including Stone Cold, Napawan, North Way, and Drumstick Special. SGCC 270303 CD $12.98 (Cree) - WHERE IT ALL STARTED Copper Creek brings you a collection of 12 new round dance songs. Songs include Blue Jeans That Darn Tight, My Bro Junes, Trey's Song, Birthday Song, Mother's Day Song, and a straight song. TIM 10107 CD $17.98 (Cree)


- ALL MY BEST Don Corrigal has been singing for over 35 years. He is the founding member of the band DC and the Boys, which includes his sons and friends. This compilation includes songs from previous recordings done over the years with a number of different band members. 16 songs including Only In My Dreams, Storms of Life, Sparkle in Her Eyes, Angel in My Arms, and California Road. TIM 10124 CD $17.98 (Country)


- LIVIN THE GOOD LIFE Kyle Councilor is an Ojibwé from a little reservation in Northwest Ontario called Northwest Bay (a.k.a. Nagaajiwanaang or Niacatchewenin). Kyle incorporates his spiritual beliefs and lifestyle into his original flute compositions. Attending numerous Pow Wows, Kyle shares his flute songs with the many spectators attending. Ten songs including The Woodpecker, Evening Star and The Song of Love. AR 1105 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age)


- VOL. 1 - THE CONTEST IS ON! TRICK DANCE SONGS - PAWNEE & PONCA What pow wow dancers have been looking for - a complete tape of trick dance songs, chiefly Ponca and Pawnee. IS 2010 Cassette $2.00 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOL. 2 - THE CONTEST IS ON! TRICK DANCE SONGS - PAWNEE & PONCA These contest songs are part of the annual Osage War Dance, Ponca Pow Wow and Ponca Heluska. The Poncas, who have been singing for the Osage for several generations, say that many of these songs are so old their origin is lost. IS 2011 Cassette $2.00 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


In remote regions in the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains of Western Mexico, there still remains pockets of Indians who have not adopted the predominant Mestizo culture of Mexico. By virtue of their remoteness, they have kept their own tribal identities, cultures, and languages. Such a tribe is the Cora, living in the mountains of the northwestern part of the state of Nayarit, Mexico. A relative to the ancient Aztec, the Cora belong to


- "ON THE RUN FROM NAVAJO GIRL" COUNTRY CRUIZERS bring you their debut recording of 11 songs. Band members are Lance Whitman (Lead/Vocals), Timmie Johnson (Rhythm), Harrison Charley (Bass), and Calbert Wilson (Drums). Songs include China Girl, Run-

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away, Wonderful Tonight, Ring Of Fire, and Last Kiss. AV 4447 CD $17.98 (Country/Western)


Woman, Perfect Stranger, Wanted Man and Looking For Ways. CM 01 CD $16.98 (Country) - VOLUME 2 Back in stock, the highly anticipated follow-up to the first release features 15 bands from across the Dine Nation. Performers include ACE'S WILD, REGULATORZ, DESERT SPRINGS, RICHARD QUINTANA, CROSS WIND, STILLWATER, STATELINE, KORNELL JOHNS, SONS OF WAYMORE, FULL DIAMOND, BORDERLINE, NIGHT BREEZE, SOUTHERN STRAIT, REDLAND COUNTRY and COUNTRY REBELS. Songs include I Need You Tonight, Till I Found You, Trouble, Designated Drinker and Fallin' Again. CM 02 CD $16.98 (Country) - VOLUME 3 Volume 3 brings you 14 more songs by STATELINE, DENNIS YAZZIE AND THE NIGHT BREEZE BAND, SONS OF WAYMORE, REGULATORZ, CROSSWIND BAND, RICHARD QUINTANA, and SOUTHERN STRAIGHT. Songs include Will The Wolf Survive, Knockin' On Heavens Door, Missin' Faith and Good Ol' Boys. CM 03 CD $16.98 (Country) - VOLUME 4 15 more songs from ACE'S WILD, COUNTRY REBELS, CROSSROAD BAND, DENNIS YAZZIE AND THE NIGHT BREEZE BAND, FENDERS II, KORNELL JOHNS, KOUNTRY OUTSIDERS, NORMAN McCORK, OUTLAW HEARTS, RICHARD QUINTANA, SONS OF WAYMORE, STATELINE, STONE COUNTRY, THREESOME and YOUNG NATIVES. Songs include Golden Rainbow, China Girl, Memphis, Rainy Day Woman and Diana. JCM 0271 CD $16.98 (Country) - VOLUME 5 Another collection of songs by BLUE SHADES, STILLWATER, ROY RAMONE, ACE'S WILD, DENNIS YAZZIE AND THE NIGHT BREEZE BAND, STONE COUNTRY and more. 16 songs including Mr. Tambourine Man, Fire On The Mountain, and Early Morning Rain. JCM 0351 CD $16.98 (Country) - VOLUME 6 In the sixth volume of Country Music From The Navajo Nation enjoy some of your favorite songs by some of your favorite bands. Bands include SONS OF WAYMORE, BADLANDZ, ACE'S WILD, DENNIS YAZZIE & THE NIGHT BREEZE BAND, STONE COUNTRY, NORMAN MCCORK, BLUE SHADES, BLUE CANYON BAND, and CROSSROAD BAND. 16 songs including Folsom Prison Blues, Gloria, Working Man Blues, One Woman Man, and Golden Rainbow. JCM 0441 CD $16.98 (Country) - VOLUME 7 The 7th collection of country favorites from the Navajo Nation. 17 songs by Ace's Wild, Dennis Yazzie and the Night Breeze Band, Young AZ Dreamers, Stone Country, Richard Quintana, Norman McCork, and CR-1 Band. Songs include What goes On, Shotgun Rider, Dance With Me,


Tender Love, Sugar Coated Babe and more. JCM 0781 CD $16.98 (Country)


- THE COUNTRY SIDERS Band members include Jake McCray, Albert McCork, Norman McCork, Melvin McCork, amd Jerry McCork. Ten songs include Tropical Depression, Nowhere Road, Tequila Sheila, and Gloria. CS 0621 CD $17.98 (Country) - GO'IN UP THE COUNTRY The long awaited second recording by this up and coming country band. Ten songs including China Girl, Baby Don't Go, Honky Tonk, and In My Dreams. AV 3193 CD $17.98 (Country) - MY LAND OF ENCHANTMENT 12 more songs including Got No Reason, I Threw Away The Rose, Lovin' Pain, No Condition, and Just for You. AV 9111 CD $17.98 (Country) - MCCORK AVENUE The Country Siders fourth release. 12 songs including Green Beret, Wherever You Go, Donna On My Mind, and I Believe In Music. AV 59002 CD $17.98 (Country) - GREATEST HITS COLLECTION This collection includes 15 of The Country Siders greatest hits. Songs include China Girl, Tropical Depression, Gloria, Jolena, and more. AV 4455 CD $17.98 (Country) - THE LEGENDS OF THE COUNTRY SIDERS The sixth recording from the Country Siders presents 12 songs including Baby Your Baby, Good Hearted Woman, Waymore Blues, and What A Crying Shame. AV 9130 CD $17.98 (Country) - BACK INTO THE OLDIES Country Siders brings you their sixth recording of popular country songs. 12 songs Time to Bond Again, Backstreet Affair, The Longer You Wait, and Why Not Me. AV 4602 CD $17.98 (Country)


Inspirational songs with a strong Navajo flavor from Farmington New Mexico. Gospel themes are expressed in The King Is Come, This Little Light of Mine, Sorry I Never Knew You, Get All Excited, Indian Spiritual and six more songs. 601 Cassette $9.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- FROM THE WHITE MOUNTAINS The first recording available from this new band. Ten songs including Brown Eyed Girl, Born On The Bayou, It Never Rains In Southern California, and Tequila On Sunday. AV 3037 CD $17.98 (Country) - JUST PICKIN' AND DANCIN' The second release by the COUNTRY IMAGE BAND proves to be more of the same great Country music you've come to expect from them. 12 songs including Susie Q, Mustang Sally, Ramblin Fever, and What A Cryin' Shame. AV 3221 CD $17.98 (Country) - SOMETHING DIFFERENT The band proudly presents their third recording of popular Country tunes. 12 songs including Rachel, Knockin' On Heavens Door, Wonderful Tonight, and The Man In The Moon (Is Crying). AV 9900 CD $17.98 (Country) - STIRRING UP THE WILD NIGHTS 12 more Country songs by COUNTRY IMAGE BAND. Songs include Lucille, Hard Luck Woman Wasted Days & Wasted Nights, From Hell To Paradise, and These Arms. AV 9925 CD $17.98 (Country) - BACK BY REQUEST This popular Navajo Country band is happy to present 12 more songs. Songs include Dance The Night Away, Baby Don't Go, Green River, and El Mosquito. AV 9927 CD $17.98 (Country) - BAND OF BROTHERS In their sixth recording, Country Image Band presents 14 songs. Songs include Desperado Love, Beautiful Sunday, Designated Drinker, Operator, and Sticks and Stones. AV 9932 CD $17.98 (Country)


- WAKING FROM THE ROOTS Comprised of composer and multi-instrumentalist Colin Farish and Native American flutist JohnCarlos Perea, Coyote Jump sculpts a musical tribute to Native America with the sound of the cedar flute at its core. Inspired by traditions of Indigenous knowledge, the music from their debut album is a love song to Mother Earth: unfathomably mysterious, ever changing and heartbreakingly beautiful. Nine tracks include Lightning Drum, Salish Sound, Midnight Moon, and Migration. 7099 CD $15.98 (New Age)


- VOLUME 1 Back in stock, this compilation has been released for the enjoyment of Native Country music fans throughout the Navajo Nation and beyond. 16 songs performed by SOUTHERN STRAIT, ACE'S WILD, STATELINE, STILLWATER, NIGHT BREEZE, CROSS WIND, REGULATORZ and COUNTRY REBELS. Songs include Sweet Dream

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Since 1986, Coyote Oldman has evolved a powerful fusion of ancient wind instruments and creative sound design, and has set the standard for the NonNative Native flute genre. Coyote Oldman are Michael Graham Allen and Barry Stramp. Coyote Oldman begin with flutes, panpipes and ocarinas from Indian cultures of the Americas, transform them with state-of-the-art studio techniques, and open up a timeless world of sound. - THUNDER CHORD Hand crafted cedar flutes from the endless prairies, panpipes from the high mountains of the Americas, titanium thundersheet percussion and electronic magic paint a haunting landscape of subtle harmonies. This is new music for ancient American flutes. Eight songs including Ascent, Turtle Island, Field of Clouds, and Wind Shadows. HOS 11022 CD $16.98 (Flute/Native Influenced-Non Native) - IN BEAUTY I WALK Eleven of the best of Coyote Oldman. With its awesome panoramic vistas and earthy Native American reverence for nature, IN BEAUTY I WALK brings you the very best of this groundbreaking group's seven albums. Songs include Ancient Light, People of the Glacier, Tear of the Moon, Lunar Symphony, and A Splendid Sky. HOS 11074 CD $16.98 (Flute/Native Influenced-Non Native) - HOUSE MADE OF DAWN Their subtle, creative approach to the Native American flute has inspired a host of imitators, but no one has ever matched their inspired studio transformation of these archaic instruments of wood and breath into the ecstatic realm of ethereal sonics. HOUSE MADE OF DAWN achieves a seamless equilibrium between man and nature, earth and sky, sound and space. 16 songs including Into the Vast, Luminous Expanse, Walk in My World, and In Warm Velvet Darkness. HOS 11093 CD $16.98 (Flute/Native Influenced-Non Native) - UNDER AN ANCIENT SKY Michael Graham Allen shapes ancient flutes and flowing melodies, while Barry Stramp shapes the time and space in which this unique music unfolds and expands. Coyote Oldman's serene storm of lovely chaos is pure magic. This recording features the Anasazi flute, and is part of the reintroduction of this, until recently extinct instrument of the New World. Seven songs including Timeless, Between Colors, Translucent Shadows, and Luminescence. HOS 11419 CD $16.98 (Flute/Native Influenced-Non Native)


B9009D DVD $29.95 (Hollywood Movies)


SOAR 224 CD $18.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- BLOOD OF MANY NATIONS COYOTE ZEN comes at you from the outside, through your ears, into your soul - and departs through your mind and body, leaving you refreshed, whole and at peace. This will take you on a journey, conjuring images of sunlight and water, hawks in flight, and a myriad of other soundscapes that sooth the soul. At one accessible and melodic, it honors the native tradition of the human relationship to all things of the earth. BLOOD OF MANY NATIONS combines native flutes, percussion, and ethnic instruments from around the world to create organic music, textured with acoustic and electric guitars, piano, synthesizers, digital drums, and the sounds of nature. Ten songs include Kokopelli Mountain, Umculo Yomhiaba (Earth Song), and Buffalo Twins. DB 00062 Cassette $2.00


- PEYOTE SONGS FROM THE KIOWA NATION Kenneth Cozad presents 24 peyote songs. He is assisted by Ned Tofpi on water drum. The songs presented on this album carry tremendous power to heal one in need of healing. Most of the songs presented are "old songs." JCM 0991 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


Born in Crownpoint, N.M., Vincent spent many hours listening to songs on a battery powered radio and singing for his family. Early in his school age years he learned to play the guitar and took part in talent shows, writing his own music. Vincent joined the Marines and while stationed in Hawaii met his wife, Mariddie Ann Johnson, from the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Together they raised her younger brother and sister and their own three sons. Vincent credits their success to his family and fans who have supported them through their journey. Vincent has traveled extensively sharing his special talents. - Vol. 1 - Featuring "RITA" & "CODE TALKER Songs include: Someone Drew a Line, Buffalo Woman, A Viet-Nam Tribute, Navajo Code Talker, Take Your Troubles to the River, Chief Manuelito, Too Many Graveyards, Goodbye Miss Rodeo, Rita. VC-01 (Out of Print) (Contemporary) - Vol. 2 - "THANK GOD FOR POLYESTER" Don Young, steel guitar/guitar; Gail Ridgely, Bass; Vickki Rae, vocal harmonies; Eddie Rae, drums. Songs include: Mornign Song, Lady I'm The One, Catch the Spirit, Just a Rodeo Cowboy, The Nn-Ai & Me, C´hizzi, Thank God For Polyester and more. VC-02 (Out of Print) (Contemporary) - Vol. 3 - BOARDING SCHOOL FISH STORIES Laugh with Vincent Craig as he recalls stories of learning and life in BIA boarding schools. "Dedicated to all BIA boarding school survivors". Songs include: "Yer Jus Somehow", Indian Romance, Navajo Foreign Accents Learn'n To Spoke'N-lish, Boarding School Bullies & Ch'iindees (Ghosts) Dorm Mudders, Rez Sound- Effects, "Jaws", O-Yeh, God's On My Side, Granma's Song, AQUA-NET & Stomps, Hello Operation?, Board'n School Nightgowns, When Navajos Fall, Lights Out, and more. (Now on CD.) VC-03 CD $15.98 (Legends/Humor) - SONG WEAVER (double length CD) More beautiful song by Vincent Craig. 14 songs including: Somebody Drew A Line, A Viet-Nam Tribute, Navajo Code Talker, The Morning Song, The Legend of Chizzie, Rita(hhhhhh) "LIVE", selections from Volume 3, Do Navajos Ever Get the Blues?? and more. Liner notes. VC-CD CD (Out of Print) (Contemporary) - COWBOYS N' STUFF Guitar, harmonica vocals by Vincent Craig.

(Flute/New Age)

- MEDICINE DOG Taking the concept that was established on COYOTE ZEN's first release, BLOOD OF MANY NATIONS, Jeffrey Gray Parker of Tahlequah, Oklahoma stretches his creative horizons to weave many contemporary world music influences into the 12 song selections on MEDICINE DOG. MEDICINE DOG was a nominee at the 5th Annual Native American Music Awards for "Top New Age recording." Songs include Pueblo Puppy, Rabbit and the Mourning Star, Green Corn Dancing, and Crow Hop (as featured on the Discovery channel documentary "King Of The Cowboys." PR 5560 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


- LIVE AT SCHMITZUN, 1995 SCHEMITZUN LIVE CHAMPIONSHIP OF SONG AND DANCE. The COZAD DRUM consists of Lead singer Leonad Cozad Sr., and his ten sons and grandsons. Nephews, daughters and other extended family members sing with them at times. They are from the Kiowa Nation in Oklahoma and are rich in their tribal heritage. Ten songs including Straight Kiowa Original Song, Southern Fancy, Horse Stealing Song and more. SGC 091595 (Out of Print) (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - LIVE AT RED EARTH SGC 61497 (Out of Print) (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - CALIFORNIA POW WOW COZAD singers Leonard Cozad Sr., Leonard Cozad Jr., James Cozad, Patrick Cozad, Millard Clark, Freddie Kadahzinne, Marie Cozad Moses, and Naomi Cozad Svitak present this recording of 16 southern style songs. Songs include an assortment of contest songs, intertribals, gourd dance songs, buckskin songs, round dances and more. SOAR 219 CD $18.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - FAMILY & FRIENDS Recorded live at the 34th Annual Southern California Indian Center Pow Wow. All songs written by Leonard Cozad Sr. and Leonard Cozad Jr. Five phases with four gourd songs each - 20 songs in all.


Navajo sleuths Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee are on the trail of Butch Cassidy in the latest MYSTERY! adaptation of the best-selling novels by Tony Hillerman (Skinwalkers). A drunken Navajo shaman is holding the murder weapon near the scene of a cop killing, but Chee has a hunch he's innocent. Their legwork turns up a CIA spook, a giant coded message, and a century-old bank heist proving that Butch Cassidy didn't die like they say in the movies. Produced by Robert Redford and starring Wes Studi (The Last of the Mohicans, Dances with Wolves) and Adam Beach (Windtalkers, Smoke Signals). 107 minutes. Close Captioned. Not Rated.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Keyboard by Nephi Craig. Songs include: She Said (The IX), How Are'ya Doin'?, Peace Officer Tribute, I Believe In You, Coffee Chili, Chizzie Part II, Lady Do You Remember Me, There Was A Sioux Cowboy, and An O'Fender Song. VC-04 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - YER JUS SOMEHOW Recorded live at San Juan College, Vincent thrills audiences with his humorous stories and songs of Navajo life. Have you ever tried to teach someone Navajo? Listen as Vincent tells how. Did you know Tarzan lives in the mountains across the railroad tracks? Are Indian men romantic? It's one laugh after another. VC-05 CD $15.98 (Legends/Humor) - HER LAND The long awaited sixth volume of Vincent Craig's unique musical style. His sometimes humorous song/stories are truly a joy to listen to. Nine songs including Two Little Girls, Microwave Cowboy, Mountain Brotherhood, and Aliens N' Commodity. He dedicates this recording to the White Mountain Apaches. VC-06 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - VOLUME 1 & 2 Vol. 1 - Songs include: Someone Drew a Line, Buffalo Woman, A Viet-Nam Tribute, Navajo Code Talker, Take Your Troubles to the River, Chief Manuelito, Too Many Graveyards, Goodbye Miss Rodeo, Rita. Plus... Vol. 2 - Don Young, steel guitar/guitar; Gail Ridgely, Bass; Vickki Rae, vocal harmonies; Eddie Rae, drums. Songs include: Morning Song, Lady I'm The One, Catch the Spirit, Just a Rodeo Cowboy, The Nn-Ai & Me, C´hizzi, Thank God For Polyester, Custer (In'din Version) and Soothsayer. VC-01-2 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)


Yet Crazy Horse endures as an iconic and tragic figure of freedom and bravery. BIOGRAPHY travels back to the waning days of the frontier for a revealing portrait of one of the greatest Native American leaders. Leading historians and elders of Crazy Horse's Sioux tribe offer insight on his life and legend, while original period accounts depict his courage and passion. Witness the saga of one of the great warriors, from his early battles against U.S. troops in Wyoming to the Battle at Little Big Horn to the signing of his own death warrant. Crazy Horse - The Last Warrior offers a moving profile of the noble warrior who gave everything in a desperate struggle to preserve the freedom and dignity of his people. 50 minutes. Not rated. AAE 73030D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Documentary) his Family. 97829D DVD $23.95 (Videos/Documentary)


CRAZY HORSE AND CUSTER Long before Little Big Horn, two legendary enemies find themselves trapped together in deadly Blackfoot territory. Now, for the first time share the astounding adventure of George Armstrong Custer and the wily Indian Crazy Horse, as they are forced to form an alliance in their life or death struggle against the murderous Blackfoot tribe. Starring Wayne Maunder, Slim Pickens and Mary Ann Mobley. Not Rated. 44056D (Out of Print.)

(Hollywood Movies)

- PART 3: THE BATTLE OF THE LITTLE BIGHORN The series on Crazy Horse and His Family continues with this DVD. In Part Three, the Great Grandsons of Crazy Horse continue to reflect on Crazy Horse's life in the years between the birth of his daughter and the days just following the final shot at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. They reveal for the first time how the Lakota acquired the rifles and ammunition used in the battle. They also reveal who actually killed Custer. Accounts of courageous family members who escaped and those who fought bravely are shared. John Doerner, Chief Historian and Ken Woody, Chief of Interpretation for the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument offer further analysis of government and military strategies during this defining moment in history. 46259D DVD $23.95 (Videos/Documentary) - PART 4 - SURRENDED, DEATH & THE FAMILY SURVIVORS In Part 4, the Great Grandsons of Crazy Horse recount Crazy Horse's life just prior to his surrender and his subsequest murder at Fort Robinson. They reveal what happened to the family after his death, accounts of the Wounded Knee Massacre and his first cousin Bigfoot; and explain why, in the year 2000, it was time to tell the story. John Doerner, Chief Historian for the Little Bighorn National Monument and Tom Buecker, Curator for the Fort Robinson Museum provide their expert analysis to explain the government and military side to the story. 44268D DVD $23.95 (Videos/Documentary)


For over a century the story of Crazy Horse has been shrouded in mystery. Many writers have attempted to unravel the story by identifying what they perceived to be the "facts" of his life... But they never interviewed those who were truly closest to this spiritual leader. The true story of Crazy Horse was kept by his most immediate blood relatives. His Brothers and Sisters. His Nephews and Nieces. It was passed down generation to generation. It never left their circle for fear of government persecution... Until the release of these exclusive documentaries. - PART 1: CREATION, SPIRITUALITY, AND THE FAMILY TREE In Part One, the Great Grandson of Crazy Horse set the record straight as to who were his immediate relatives. They tell stories about their family that most thought were lost forever, like that of young Crazy Horse's maternal grandfather, Black Buffalo, and his meeting with Lewis and Clark. These stories provide personal insight into the culture and spiritual values of Crazy Horse. 16872D DVD $23.95 (Videos/Documentary) - PART 2: DEFENDING THE HOMELAND PRIOR TO THE 1868 TREATY In Part Two, the Great Grandsons of Crazy Horse take a closer look at Crazy Horse's life both spiritually and as a warrior. In this compelling DVD, they reveal for the first time where he actually performed his visionquest, what his vision was, and his many roles in the fight to save his homeland prior to the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty. Historians from Crazy Horse Memorial, Fort Laramie, Fort Phil Kearny, and Fort Caspar augment the family's oral history with backgrounds on government and military strategies and actions during this time period. These stories provide further personal insight into the cultural and spiritual values of Crazy Horse and


- LIVE IN THE HILLS From Pine Ridge Agency, CRAZY HORSE SINGERS are proud to present this collection of 13 songs including Veteran's songs, Honor songs, a round dance, Flag song and more. Singers include Brian Thunder Hawk, Terry Spoon Hunter, Delbert New Holy, Charlie Eagle Hawk, Joe Picotte Jr, Silas Red Cloud, Adrian Eagle Hawk, Brent Spoon Hunter, Jack Red Cloud, Sam Long Black Coat, Bruce Bad Milk, Reuben Looks Twice and Emanuel Black Bear. WWCH 0301 CD $17.98 (Sioux) - 1876 (TASUNKE WITKO OKA) The CRAZY HORSE SINGERS originated in the late 1960's and consisted of singers from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Along their path, the drum experienced many trials and most of the original singers have passed on to the spirit world. Since 1986 the present day CRAZY HORSE has made the transition from passionate radical youth to conservative middle age family men. 12 songs. AJNP 0001 (Out of Print) (Sioux)


- MEMORIES (with The Undecided Takers) 12 songs including Sweet Dream Woman, Sylvia's Mother, Bed of Roses, and Bobby Magee. D 104 CD $15.98 (Country) - BRAND NEW ME 11 songs including For The Rest Of Your Life, Run Like A Gypsy, It's Going To Take A Miracle, Steady As She Goes, and Saving It Up For Saturday. D 109 CD $15.98 (Country)


- SUMMERS RAIN Cooder Crawley is from Kayenta, Arizona. It is an honor and privilege for him to present these songs of the Native American Church. He is thankful to have endured his trials and tribulations so that the may continue on his path. D 110 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC ANTHOLOGY Presented by the National Museum of the American Indian. Ceremonial, social and contemporary music of Native Americans who present ancient,


His desperate battle to protect his people's land resulted in his death, marking the end of an era.

Prices subject to change without notice.


living traditions along with innovations and crossovers to Euro-American musics. These 1992 and 1993 recordings of music from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Bolivia were selected by musicologist Charlotee Heth (Cherokee). An elegant expression. Seventeen excellent songs, liner notes with in-depth background information. SF 40410 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)


ern Smoke, and Dayz Of Our Livez. WP-00102 (Out of Print.) (Cree)


- OLD STYLE 10 pow wow songs including: Grand Entry, intertribals and straight intertribal, straight dances, men's and straight traditionals, and chicken dance songs. Singers: Calvin Isaac, J.R. McArthur, Jason Sparvier, Trevor Ewack, Percy Isaac, Albert Isaac, Bernard Bob, Terry Bob, Bob Natewa, Rook Sparvier and Lenny Kinistino. CL 040796 Cassette $2.00 (Canada)


- VOL. 2 - CREE SPIRIT Ten contest and intertribal songs. CREE SPIRIT: Morley, Derek, Craig, Linus, Terrance, Jason, Lonny, Perry and Jarvis Littletent and Claude Kay. SSCT 4159 (Out of Print) (Cree) - VOL. 3 - CREE SPIRIT Ten pow wow songs from Regina, Saskatchewan. Includes grass, traditional, intertribals, Eagle Song and Kawacatoose Song. Singers: Craig, Ross, Terrance, Linus, Morley, Derek, Blair, Jarvis, Lonnie, Perry and Jason Littletent; Gary and Howard Dustyhorn and Stacey Poorman. SSCT 4208 (Out of Print) (Cree) - VOL. 4 - LIVE IN ARIZONA Recorded on location at the Oodham Tash Pow Wow, Casa Grande, Arizona, February 17-19, 1995. Ten songs including Flag Song, Victory Song, intertribals, fancy dance, men's fancy dance, round and traditional dances. SSCT 4245 Cassette $2.00 (Cree) - VOL. 5 - CREE SPIRIT This is the fifth release from CREE SPIRIT and the Littletent clan in Regina, Saskatchewan. This group of young singers continues to turn out top class round dance songs. They often host Pow Wows throughout Canada and the U.S. A must for pow wow fans. SSCT 4301 Cassette $2.00 (Cree) - FAMILY & FRIENDS 14 songs from Cree Spirit. Songs include Beautiful, Straight Hoppin', Don't' Worry Be Happy, and Looking Good. Singers include Presley Kay, Ross Prosper. Kinew Machiskinic, and Craig, Morley, Linus, Ryan, Jayson, Calvin, Shelby, Blair, Archie II, Derek, Justin and Land Littletent. AR 1244 CD $17.98 (Cree)


- UNITED Recorded live at Saskatoon Cree Confederation are the 2008 FSIN Original Style Singing Champions. Members of the group include Dallas Waskahat, Dana Goulet, Nathen Pelly, Desmond Meguinis, Damian Greene, Nathen Rattlesnake, Ricky Coyne, Trevor Wesley, Dwayne Wesley, Sharona Seymore, Earl Wood, Darrell Wright, Monty Sunchild, Gerret Francis, Jr. Waskewitch, Fawn Wood, Raven Wood, Natasha Thomas, and Nadien Obey. They proudly present 12 songs including five intertribals, four contest songs, a sneak-up, a grand entry, and a crow hop. DHOP 3200 CD $16.98 (Cree) - PAKOSIYIMITAN Like a thundering herd of horses galloping across the Canadian Plains, Cree Confederation has created a style that is a bold blend of original and contemporary style Pow Wow singing. Listen to the performance that earned them the 2009 Spotlight 29 singing title. This is the sound of Cree Country. Audio CD contains 15 songs including Treaty Six Confederation, Minute Man, Sweetgrass, Retreat Song, and more. The DVD portion has seven songs and includes an exclusive interview. 6481 CD/DVD $20.49 (Cree) - HORSE DANCE Representing the people of Treaty Six First Nations, Cree Confederation bridges the older Pow Wow singing style with the contemporary evolution of today's vibrant Pow Wow culture. The collective energy of singing, drumming and the powerful message of Plains Cree song lyrics have lead Cree Confederation to multiple singing championships across Native America. 13 songs including This Is It, Drum Time, I Tried So Hard (Round Dance), Taste of Red Bull (Crow Hop), and Crazy Bear. 6491 CD $15.98 (Cree)


- TOUGHER THAN THE REST From Shiprock, New Mexico, Crossroad Band brings you 12 songs including Six White Horses, Cocaine, She Wore A Red Dress, and Wolverton Mountain. JCM 0541 CD $16.98 (Country)

CROW CELEBRATION - Recorded Live Recorded live at the Crow Indian Fair and Celebration, 1971. Includes ten visiting tribal groups: Kiowa, Assiniboine, Arapaho, Cree, Cheyene, Blood, Crow, Yakima, Mandaree, Mesquakie. Songs include war dances, contest and gourd songs. 6089 Cassette $9.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) CROW FAIR

- 84TH ANNUAL VICTORY CELEBRATION Crow Fair is located south of Billings, Montana along the Little Big Horn River, just a short distance from the site of Custer's last stand. Several hundred tipis fill the camp ground making the Crow Fair renown for being the tipi capitol of the world! Dancers come from all over the country to take part in the celebration. This album highlights the top groups performing at this 84th annual celebration. 20 songs performed by 19 different drums. Drums include NIGHT HAWK, BAD MEDICINE, WHITELODGE, WALKING BUFFALO, ROCKY BOY RAMBLERS and BLACK WHISTLE. AR 1205 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- LIVE - TORONTO SKYDOME SGCW 112997 Cassette $2.00 CD $18.98 (Cree)


- 1994 Witness the excitement of pow wow dancing and parades at the 1994 Crow Fair, Crow Agency, Montana. You will see 200 to 300 dancers in the arbor at the same time during the grand entry. Enjoy the color and costumes of thousands of Native Americans from all over the United States and Canada as they gather at the campgrounds of the Crow Indian Reservation. These first Americans set up their teepees, celebrate their heritage and culture and give thanks. Visitors are welcome to come and enjoy the celebration of Crow lifeways through their unique music and songs. 60 minutes CF 94 VHS (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow -Dance) - 1995 Native people dance and sing year round, but in August, thousands gather at the campgrounds on the Crow Indian Reservation. This is a giant family reunion and cultural celebration for the Crow Nation. Enjoy the rich pageantry of old and new beautiful costumes, dancing, rodeo, horse racing,


This is a collection of children's songs sung in the Cree language and in English. Ruby Beardy and Victoria McLeod have chosen 18 of the most loved children's songs to be presented here. Children love to sing, what better way to introduce and teach the Cree and English language to children but through song. The songs recorded create a great way for children and adults to join in and sing-along. Songs include How Much Is That Doggie In The Window, B-I-N-G-O, Skip To My Lou, Old McDonald, and Wheels On The Bus. SSCT 4442 CD $15.98 (Legends/Children's)


The CROOKED LAKE AGENCY SINGERS got together in the mid '70's. In the beginning they were taught the traditional (original) style of singing and they have maintained the same style since. - THE GOOD OL' DAYS Singers: Calvin Isaac Sr., Albert Isaac Sr., Charles Buffalo Calf Jr., Eric Redwood, Shaun Buffalo Calf, J.R. McArthur, Jason Sparvier, Trevor Ewack, Percy Isaac, Albert Isaac, Bernard Bob, Terry Bob, Bob Natewa, and Rook Sparvier. 12 pow wow songs including: Opening Song, straight, grass, old time grass, and intertribal dance songs. SGCL 4997 Cassette $2.00 CD $18.98 (Canada)


- DON'T GET MAD 17 round dances presented by Cree Society. Songs include Angel's Bliss, First Love, Memories, South-

Prices subject to change without notice.


teepees, music and song. A unique portrayal of Native American lifeways from the Plains of Montana. 60 minutes CF 95 VHS (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 1996 Della Big Hair, Miss Crow Nation, welcomes visitors to the 1996 Crow Fair and Pow Wow. This exciting Pow Wow reunion is an ongoing cultural celebration of the Crow Nation. Della Big Hair hopes that your visit to the Teepee Capital of the World will be an experience of a lifetime! 60 minutes CF 96 VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 1997 Every year on the third weekend in August, the Crow Tribe celebrates this annual event which has the largest Indian encampment in the world. This event has over 700 Native American men and women dancers from across the United States and Canada. All the color that anyone can imagine is seen in the parade which is held daily. Participants parade throughout the circle of teepees and tents dressed in traditional regalia. The 1997 Crow Fair video features the Taiwanese dancers. This was their only appearance in the United States that year. Their colorful costumes and beautiful dancing add another culture to this event. 60 minutes CF 97 VHS (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)



14 Crow Grass Dance songs. Singers include Warren Bear Cloud, Fern Bear Cloud, Robert Other Medicine, and Joe Picket. IR 475 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains - Crow)


Harrington Narcho, David K. Narcho Sr. and special guest Steve R. Vavages. 12 songs include Thon-Tha Cumbia, Long Road Waila and Monster Under Your Bed Chote. RAB-CH1 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)


Nine grass dance songs, two war bonnet dance songs, six owl dance songs and two push dance songs originally recorded on June 9, 1968 at Crow Agency, Montana. Singers are Warren Bear Cloud, Fern Bear Cloud, Robert Medicine and Joe Picket. Released on CD in May 2006. IR 476 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains) - VOLUME 1 A collection of Cumbias by some of the top selling performers. Bands featured are RED FEATHER BAND, T.O. PRIDE, YOUNG WAILA MUSICIANS, T.O. VETERANS, PISINEMO & CO., NATIVE CREED and LOPEZ BAND. 18 songs previously released. RAB-CU (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - VOLUME 2 This compilation recording of cumbias contains 14 songs by a variety of bands including WARRIOR, CROWHANG, NATIVE CREED, RED FEATHER BAND and more. All songs have been previously released on other Rock-A-Bye recordings. RAB-CU2 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - VOLUME 3 A collection of previously recorded cumbias. Bands include GROUP PAPAGO, TOO JAZZY, T.O. PRIDE, YOUNG WAILA MUSICIANS, SANTA ROSA BAND and more. 12 songs including Yeeaah!, Party Tonight Cumbia, Braves, and Meneito. RAB-CU3 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - VOLUME 4 14 Cumbias performed by O'ODHAM IN THE MAZE, RICHARD GARCIA (LIVE ALL NIGHT), WILSON'S FIDDLE COMBO, CARL & BUDDIES, LOS PAPAGOS MOLINAS and NATIVE CREED. A great collection. RAB-CU4 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)




- VOICES UNITED Peyote songs from the Lakota Nation. JCM 0831 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


Montana's Crow Fair Celebration takes place at the "Teepee Capital of the World" in mid-August. Over 1500 lodges are erected in a camp over a mile wide. Experience the music of outstanding drums like Midnight Express, Poundmaker, Chippewa Cree, North Bear and southern champs Young Bird. This DVD includes the best contest sessions and the finals in the All-ages Chicken and Crow Style. Check out the Round Bustle dancer's footwork during Crow Hops and Shakes. View contest finals in Men's and Women's Northern and Southern Traditional, Men's and Women's Fancy, Grass and Jingle Dress and a variety of teen contests, Sit back and enjoy the world's largest encampment pow wow because you are at the Crow Fair! Crow Agency, Montana. HSPW-018D DVD $22.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


- SPIRITUAL MELODIES Lance Crowe presents this collection of 20 straight songs. DNA 60083 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- FIRST NATIONS CEREMONIAL CHURCH PEYOTE SONGS - VOLUME 1 A collection of six sets of four songs each including 22 straight songs, a Cree song, and Bless Our Church. All songs composed by Lance Crowe with the exception of four straight songs by Edmond Poochay. DNA 60056 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- REMEMBERING THE PAST...PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE With feelings of hope and happiness for a better future, Billy Curley honors the elders for their sacrifice in helping the Navajo people to practice this way of life. He presents 24 peyote songs assisted by Everett Jumbo on waterdrum. Together they hope that listeners will be provided with feelings of hope and comfort. JCM 0671 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - OUR ELDERS PEYOTE CHANTS VOL. 1 These songs are dedicated to the elders who first used mother peyote on the Dine Nation. These are the songs that they sang back then. When you hear these songs, think of them. The 24 songs presented here are for your learning and enjoyment needs. DMP 101 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - OUR ELDERS PEYOTE CHANTS VOL. 2 This is the second chapter of songs from our elders. Hopefully it will help you to remember them and to live life to the fullest every day. DMP 102 CD $15.98


12 grass dance and four owl dance songs sung by Lloyd Old Coyote, Frank Backbone Sr., Robert Other Medicine, Lindsey Bad Bear, Warren Bear Cloud and John Strong Enemy of Crow Agency. SC 116 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98 (Northern Plains)


AR 1136 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains)


- BLACKFOOT, ALBERTA This fine drum is from Cluny, Alberta and provides an excellent recording of five traditional songs, four chicken dances, two fancy dances, and a sneak-up song. Robert, Henry, Leo, Gary and Aldon Sun Walk, Don Scalp Lock, Bruce and Noran Calf Robe, and Willy Mills. 9009 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet)


- VOLUME 1 A great collection of 16 songs performed by Battle River, Black Lodge, Northern Wind, Ta-Otha Spirit, Blackstone, Little Island Cree, Pipestone Creek, Red Bull, Sweetgrass Singers, Elk Whistle, Star Blanket Jrs. and Wandering Spirit. All songs previously released on other recordings. VA 60003 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- ETERNITY Musicians include Leonard Enos, Tony Jose,

Prices subject to change without notice.


(Peyote) - SONGS OF OUR ELDERS This album is proudly dedicated to all elders, past and present. As you listen to these wonderful songs may you remember their teaching and their guidance. DMP 103 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - OUR ELDERS PEYOTE CHANTS #4 This is the final album of the Songs of Our Elders series. These are the songs that our elders sang in Peyote meetings along the peyote road of life. These songs can be carried on by our new generations and may they pass them on to the next generation...and so on. CMP 112 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


including Praise The Lord, O Ye People, Lord You've Been Good To Me, and Oh, Bless That Wonderful Name. HCM 0005 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - IN LOVING MEMORIES II Johnny Curtis is a Christian evangelist of Apache heritage who has been spreading the Good News to people of all races. Johnny's sixth recording now available in CD. 12 songs including Precious Jesus, Ring Those Golden Bells, New Jerusalem, and Lord, You've Been Good To Me. HCM 0006 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 7 - LIVE IN CONCERT Fifteen gospel songs recorded live during a concert at the Window Rock, Arizona, Civic Center. An exciting album by a gifted singer/composer. Includes Guardian Angel, I Really Want To Thank You, Let Me Feel The Love Of My Jesus and He'll Roll Your Burdens Away. An exceptional 60 minutes of recorded music. 625 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 8 - TRAVELIN' FOR JESUS The eighth recording by well know Apache gospel singer/composer, Johnny Curtis, features ten songs sure to please you. Praise His Name, Gospel Road, Happy Birthday, Precious Love and more. 626 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - SOMEBODY CARES Apache gospel singer. Eight songs including, I Feel So New Inside, Born Again, Gloria's Song, and Victory in My Soul. Johnny Curtis with Jay Cummins and Robbie Robinson. HCM 0010 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - ONE FOR THE BEARHATS You Were Always There For Me, Indian Time, There's a Light, Born Again Man and six more gospel songs. This is the tenth recording by the very popular and inspiring Apache gospel singer Johnny Curtis. HCM 0011 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - THE BEST OF JOHNNY CURTIS TWENTY YEARS OF APACHE GOSPEL Sixteen songs that cover his development as a singer, guitarist and songwriter that makes Curtis a favorite throughout the U.S. and Canada. Songs include Thank You Jesus, Hold My Hand (in Apache), Spirit of God, Travelin' for Jesus, Guardian Angel and You Never Gave Up. HCM 0012 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - DEVOTIONAL LOVE Johnny's 12th recording brings you 11 songs including Love Can Grow, A Song In My Heart, Thank You Lord For Your Word, and I Give It To You. JC 4724 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - HOLY GHOST In this recording Johnny presents 10 great songs including Oh How I Love You Jesus, Through Christ I Can Do All Things, and Thank You Jesus. HCM 0013 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- GREATEST More of the greatest hits of Johnny Curtis chosen from his most recent recordings. 18 songs include Holy Ghost, Mighty God, Born Again Man, Devotional Love and Holy, Holy, Holy. HCM 0014 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - MIGHTY GOD In Volume 15 Johnny performs eight Gospel songs including I Will Bless The Lord At All Times, My Soul Cries Holy and Your Will Be Done. HCM 0015 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - HEART & SOUL JC H&S (Out of Print) (Gospel/Christian) - CHRISTMAS ... WITH JOHNNY CURTIS Apache Gospel singer, Johnny Curtis, presents traditional Christmas songs. Ten songs sung in English include White Christmas, Having A Wonderful Christmas Time, and The First Noel. CPR-JC (Out of Print) (Gospel/Christmas) - NATIVE AMERICAN COUNTRY GOSPEL Native American gospel singer and evangelist, Johnny has spent the last 25 years spreading the Good News to people of all races. This collection of 18 songs covers his development as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter and captures all the feeling and soul that makes him a favorite throughout the United States and Canada. Songs include Born To Love The Lord, Go Down Moses, It Takes Jesus To Make A Home, You Were Always There For Me, and Sweet Comfort. HCM 0017 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - RHYTHM SPIRIT OF NATIVE LIFE A new recording by Apache Gospel singer Johnny Curtis. 12 songs including Use Me One More Time, Come Holy Spirit, Precious Love, and Thank You Lord. HCM 0018 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - NEW MOON The most recent recording from Johnny Curtis. He performs with full orchestral accompaniment. Eight songs including I Remember, No Other Name, Faith, and Listen Brother. HCM 0020 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - WONDERFUL Released in 2002 Johnny Curtis presents eight songs including If Jesus Said It, Standing Fast, Can't You See, and Alright. HCM 0016 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - HEAVEN Released in 2006 Johnny Curtis presents eight more songs including Let Me Live, I Surrender All, Now and Forever, and Let Me Live. HCM 0019 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian)


Johnny is a Native American Gospel/Christian pioneer and evangelist of Apache heritage. He has spent the last 27 years spreading the Good News to people of all races. - APACHE COUNTRY GOSPEL Johnny is a Native American Gospel/Christian pioneer and evangelist. He has spent the last 27 years spreading the Good News to people of all races. This collection of nine songs captures all the feeling and soul that makes Johnny Curtis a favorite throughout Indian Country. Songs including Romans Six 23, Balaam-Numbers 22:22, Help Me To Understand You, Old Things Are Passed Away, Thank You Jesus, Born To Love The Lord, Jesus Answers Prayers, Neither By The Blood, and Take My Yoke Upon You. HCM 0001 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 2 - LEAVIN' THIS RESERVATION Thirteen more songs from Apache gospel singer Johnny Curtis including Forever God, New Found Friend, Sweet Comfort, Heaven Bound, Use Me Once More, Go Now Moses. HCM 0002 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 3 JOHNNY CURTIS & APACHE GOSPEL SOUNDS Apache Christian music performer, Johnny Curits, leads his twenty five voice APACHE GOSPEL SOUNDS (from Whiteriver, Arizona) in ten more songs that include When the Saints Go Marching In, The Mansion On the Hilltop, Jesus Knows and Hold My Hand (sung in Apache). 515 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 4 - IN LOVING MEMORIES The highlights of this country gospel album are two original songs by Johnny Curtis, I Need You and Thinking About My Lost Friends. Included are ten gospel standards including Amazing Grace, King Jesus, Mansion In The Sky, City of Gold and Roses Never Fade. A rich country gospel sound by a fine Native American performer. 516 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 5 - SPIRIT OF GOD An Apache gospel singer and composer who has traveled and performed in churches in the Northern Plains states and the Southwest. Eleven songs


Explore the life of the most infamous commanders in U.S. military history through expert interviews, period accounts, art and artifacts. He was rushed

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into action in the Civil War after graduating last in his class at West Point. He earned a permanent place in American folklore at the battle of the little Big Horn. George Custer was never destined for greatness. That he achieved immortality is testament to his own bad luck and judgment more than anything else. George Custer: Showdown at Little Big Horn is a revealing examination on the ill-fated life of this notorious commander. Trace his exploits in the Civil War, where he became a brigadier general at the age of 23, fighting at Gettysburg and Bull Run. Discover how he petitioned for permission to fight for Mexico, and follow him west where he enjoyed a moderately successful career as am Indian fighter. Finally, a point-bypoint examination of the battle of Little Big Horn reveals how Custer led 264 men to death and secured a unique place in American history. Through rare photos, dramatic re-enactments and the commentary of leading historians, BIOGRAPHY explores the tragic life of George Custer. Color and Black & White. 50 minutes. AAE 73717D DVD-R $25.95 (Videos/Documentary) (Country)



Desert Warriors, Stompin' Grass, and Pezi Wacipi Odowan. WP-00052 (Out of Print) (Sioux)


- `08 MIXTAPE 22 songs including What A Job, This Is Why I Got...., Miss U, Ain't No Shame, Make Things Happen, and Savage Anthem. DJ 08 CD $14.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - `07 MIXTAPE 23 mix tracks including NDN Summer, Here We Go, In My Blood, Who Stole The Soul, and Down For A Struggle. A must for fans of Rap/Hip Hop. Don't forget the `08 Mixtape too. DJ 07 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip Hop) - THE BEST THUS FAR MIXTAPE 35 tracks of the best from Yaiva and DJ Kiss. Featured on some tracks are JayNez, Night Shield, Project X, Rez Hogs, and more. Songs include In My Blood, Lost Souls, Sounds of the AZ, Bigg Thangs, Counting Coup, and We Run the Streets. DJ 09 CD $14.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop)


by Agnes Ross (Santee) The Dakota (Siouxan)

Nation is comprised of many sub-nation speaking the Dakota language in a number of dialects. Each dialect has slight differences but not enough to prevent Dakota people from understanding each other. The material here represents only the Dakota Eastern `d' dialect as Agnes has learned since childhood. FC 3001 (Out of Print.) (Educational/Sioux)


(formerly Sioux Assiniboine)

- THESE SONGS ARE FOR YOU DAKOTA TRAVELS singers are Pat McAther, Lenny Lonechild, Shane and Richard Ramsey, Frank Daniels, Terrance Brown, Curtis Assiniboine, Frank Brown (lead singer) and Sam Hapa. Since their name change to Dakota Travels, this group continues to provide the pow wow trail with the highest quality Indian Music found across the country. WRDT 002 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - LIVE AT PRAIRIE ISLAND Formerly Sioux/Assiniboine and Dakota Travelers, DAKOTA TRAVELS, explodes onto the pow wow scene with this debut album. Recorded on location in Minnesota this album is filled with DAKOTA TRAVELS pure live energy. An excellent drum addition to the pow wow circuit. Singers include Frank Brown, Terence Brown, Tyrone Brown, Wilson Brown, Thomas Brown, Sam Hapa, Steve Eyashapi, Patrick McArthur, Lori Pratt, and Audrey Wambdisha. 14 songs including victory songs, straight songs, intertribals, and more. AR 1162 CD $17.98 (Sioux)


- LARCENY BY TRICK "If the war on injustice toward the Indian could be won with words, Richard Cyr would be the champion". Richard Cyr on guitar and vocals. All songs written by Richard. Songs: Salt & Pepper Table, Freedom Of A Sort, Lac Du Flambeau, Buffalo, Larceny By Trick, Land Of The Free, Falcon, Oka. CYR-1 (Out of Print) (Contemporary) - 500 YEARS Seven songs including: 500 Years, Tecumseh, James Bay, Land Of The Greed, Custer II, Tears Of Mother Earth, and Borders. CYR-2 (Out of Print) (Contemporary) - DRUM Recently released...the third recording by seasoned songwriter/performer Richard Cyr. All original ballads are poignant and intense. If you liked his two previous releases - LARCENY BY TRICK and 500 YEARS, you're sure to like this one. CYR-3 (Out of Print) (Contemporary)


- YORK BOATS & LEGENDS This themed album includes four new original tunes by this 18 year-old sensation as well as numerous fiddle standards by some the greatest fiddlers Canada has ever offered. The York Boat theme was a natural for a guy coming from Norway House. If you listen closely, you can still hear the sounds of fiddle and guitar as their melodies drift over the rivers, streams and lakes. 12 songs including Bully Of The Town, Festival Waltz, St. Laurent Breakdown, York Boat Days Reel, Turkey In The Straw, and Faded Love. AR 1274 CD $17.98 (Country/Fiddle)


- VOL. 1 - DAKOTA HOTAIN 14 songs from Sioux Valley, Manitoba. Includes Canadian Flag Song, traditional intertribal songs, Nasdud Wacipi song and Wopida song.. Singers: Henry, Edward and Michael Hotain; Ken Pratt; Karl Essie; and Kenny Pratt. SSCT 4059 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - VOL. 2 - SONGS OF THE DAKOTA Grand Entry, sneak-up, round dance, and eleven intertribal pow wow songs. Singers: Hank and Edward Hotain, Ken Pratt, Dana Goulet and Ronald Hall. SSCT 4069 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - VOICE OF THE DAKOTA Dakota Hotain was first formed in the early 1980's singing original Dakota style word songs. They are a well known Dakota drum group from Sioux Valley, Manitoba, Canada. They have been around for over two decades singing at pow wows. The songs are sung for the elders, dancers, and those on the pow wow trail. Singers include Ken Pratt Sr., Ron Hall, Dwight Demas, J.C. Pratt, Kenny Pratt Jr., Amos Yazzie III, Nathan Hall, Jamie Hall, Stacy Sinclair, Brad Pratt, Mike Demas, Cedric Gordon, Rod Taylor, James Pratt and Carl Gordon. 15 songs include Dakota Duck, Honouring The


When the Kidabanesee Reservation is shocked by a brutal murder, four teenagers find their friendships put to the ultimate test. The struggle to become men and women becomes entangled with a fight for justice as they find their friendships and romances maturing into something unexpected. This 1995 slice of Native Canadian life was a landmark ensemble piece that opened eyes to life on the modern reserve. The offbeat drama mixes growing pains with crime and old fashioned tribal justice. Starring Ryan Black, Adam Beach, Lisa LaCroix, Michael Greyeyes, Kevin Hicks, Jennifer Podemski and Sandrine Holt. 91 minutes SHA 1645D DVD $20.95 (Hollywood Movie)


D. C.

- HOME OF THE BRAVES 12 tracks including Tru Nativez, Take Your Time, There's Something About You, and Streets Keep Callin'. D.C. is joined by Btaka, Rollin' Fox, LDub and Angel Wilson. SNE 3000 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap)


- PARTY TIL DAWN DC and the Boys are Don Corrigal, Donny Corrigal, Nick Daigneault, Kelly Dinsdale, Roland Corrigal, and Travis Lalibirte. 12 songs include Beautiful Sunday, I'll Be With You When I'm Gone, Stuck In The Middle With You, and Good Bye Little Darling. TIM 10125 CD $17.98


Kevin Costner is Lt. John Dunbar, a lonely, brave soldier on a remote outpost who cautiously meets and slowly develops a friendship with a tribe of Sioux warriors. Untrusting of each other, but desperate to know what the future holds, Dunbar and the Indians face their fears in each other. Over time, Dunbar learns of their culture through a Sioux woman whom he slowly comes to love. But his

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newfound loyalties are put to the test when he is faced with the difficult task of not only warning, but preparing the Sioux for the white man's looming conquest - one that will destroy a thousand years of proud native existence. Action packed adventure that stunned audiences. Starring Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene and Rodney A. Grant. 181 minutes. Rated PG 13 1006372 D DVD $17.95 (Hollywood Movies)


hear Peyote songs being sung at Long Plain. It is Eric's hope to inspire young people with this music so that this tradition, belief, and way of worship will not be lost like so many of the old traditions have been. SSCT 4406 CD $15.98



- CIRCLE OF DAWN Eleven songs including My Father's Name (Assonet Song), Sweatlodge, Rain Forest Rain, Restless Natives, Wildfire, Rhythm Heart Code Talker, Waterfall, Tarzan-Billy and Jim, Wampanoag. RW002 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary)



- BLESSINGS FROM A HUMMINGBIRD Kelly Daniels presents seven sets of four Native American Church songs accompanied by water drum and rattle. TIM 10144 CD $17.98 (Peyote)

DANCES WITH WOLVES (Special Edition)

Now available on DVD with special features like never-before-seen additional scenes, making-of featurette, audio commentary with Kevin Costner and Producer Jim Wilson, audio commentary with the director of photography and the editor, a retrospective documentary, original music video, a photo montage, poster gallery, TV spots, original trailer and more! 1003949D DVD $32.95 (Hollywood Movies)


This is a compilation of 13 heavy metal songs. Artists and songs include Fracture Point - Rage Will Tear, Sacred Blood - Day You Die, Black Orchid - Government, Undying Hate - My Angel My Demons, Kaoma - Morbid Thirst, Creosote More Than A Drinking Buddy, Dark Artillery Dark Arts, Pagan Funeral - All Shall Fade, Dehumanizer - Divine Sacrifice, and more. NM 7394 CD $14.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


Alabados and bailes. Albados The music of albados (from albar, "to praise"), Spanish Catholic hymns of New Mexico preserved by the Penitente Brothers, members of a lay religious society of the Roman Catholic Church. Los Hermanos Penitente, formerly found in most Hispanic villages in New Mexico and Colorado, the Brotherhood is strongest now in rural north central New Mexico and the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. They serve as a welfare agency commited to mutual aid and charitable activities. The Brothers' pious observances are centered around the Passion of Jesus and the spirit of penance. Many of their traditions are long standing and deeply rooted in old European and especially Iberian forms of Catholicism. Most rites, hymns, prayers and sacred artifacts are strongly influenced by the Franciscans who were the first and for over a century the only clergy in New Mexico. The profound feeling of sadness and loneliness of the albados seems to be intimately related to the land of northern New Mexico and to the history and lineage of the people who live there. The music of the Bailes, social dances, is as different from the alabados as light is from dark. It is like two sides of a people's character, one side obsessed with suffering and death, the other delighting in the dance. Dancing is a pastime and has been an integral part of the Spanish people of New Mexico since earliest times. The music truly reflects the cultures and traditions of a vibrant village life. Seven Albados and thirteen Bailes. Extensive liner notes with historical background information on the songs, musicians and music sources. NW 292 CD $18.98


- 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION M 22176D DVD $21.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- PEYOTE EARLY MORNING CHANTS 42 Kiowa and Comanche peyote songs sung by Horace Daukei and accompanied by Lee Chester, drummer. 6158 Cassette $9.98 (Peyote)


Over 1 hour and 45 minutes of music featuring The Gomez Band, Tucson Fiddlers, South Image, and T.O. Combo. WAILA 07D DVD $25.95 (Videos/Music-Variety)


- A JOYFUL DEFIANT TONE Chuck Harris and Frank Poocha, former members of Clan/Destine, bring you their debut album. 12 songs including Long Time Coming, Phone Call to My Daughter, King Steppa, and Get A Little Bit Funky. DT 62701 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


Over two hours of music featuring The Santa Rosa Band, Tucson Fiddlers, Valenzuela & Company, and Henry Juan and Friends. WAILA 08D DVD $25.95 (Videos/Music-Variety)


- I'M GOING HOME If ever there was a soundtrack to a woman's heart, this album would be it. A fresh bluesy, country style - her songs are filled with emotion. Ten songs including Goodbye To The Blues, This Is Love, Sorry Won't Do, and Just No Way. SSCT 4464 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - HEALING JANE Kimberley was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and raised by loving and supporting parents. HEALING JANE is a powerful, truthful expression of healing. It sends a beautiful message of hope to victims and survivors everywhere. 13 songs include The Bear Clan Teachings, We Reach For You Creator, Meeting Of Our Spirits, and The Dew Comes Down. SSCT 4477 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)


- THE WAILA FESTIVAL - LIVE! Waila is a family and community activity. It is amazing how many waila bands include the sons and daughters of band members. The young musicians are encouraged to join the veteran performers. They learn quickly from this kind of immersion. This recording is dedicated to all the musicians, dancers, and festival-goers who have supported waila music over the years. 14 songs recorded live by DESERT SONS, CROW HANG, SANTA ROSA BAND, GROUP PAPAGO, and SAN XAVIER FIDDLE BAND. Also tracks of the MC's including Angelo Joaquir Jr., Jim Griffith, Ron Joaquin, Debra Narcho, and Ofelia Zepeda. BB 00014 (Out of Print.) (Chicken Scratch)

(Mexico/Hispanic-New Mexico)


Filmed on location, THE DARK WIND brings to life the popular hero of several Tony Hillerman best-sellers, Navajo cop Jim Chee. Chee is a student of the old ways who wanted to be a medicine man before he became a lawman. Now as a cop covering the Arizona territories belonging to the Hopi and Navajo Indians, he is torn between both worlds. When the badly mutilated victim of a Navajo skinwalker is found on Hopi land, Chee is suddenly plunged into a world of mystery filled with drug dealers, F.B.I. agents, witchcraft, intertribal politics and revenge. Starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Gary Farmer and Fred Ward. 111 minutes. 14678D DVD $15.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- ONE LOVE Imaginative and much-admired singer Opie DayBedeau draws upon his Ojibwe culture and years of singing experience to craft songs that convey the power of love. With bold lyrics and suave vocals delivered with quiet intensity, his soul-stirring songs will echo throughout Round Dance country. 13 songs including Back on the Prowl, Smooth


- NAC PEYOTE HEALING SONGS Eric Daniels, Dakota Sioux/Ojibway, is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 1949 Eric's relatives were traveling from Arapaho County and brought with them some Peyote songs. This was the introduction of Peyote songs to the Long Plain First Nation Indian Reservation. To this day you will

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Operator, Hurtful Things, and Crazy Ones! 6485 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway)


drawn to determine which of the invaders will live and which will die. Accompanying the men on this trek is the colorful, amply fleshed whore known as the Great Western - Matilda Jane ROBERTS. In Austin, Gus meets the love of his life, Clara Forsythe, and, in San Lazaro, they encounter the great English lady, Lucinda Carey, who, in the startling climax, helps them survive a last encounter with the wild men, led by the great Comanche, Buffalo Hump. Starring David Arquette, Keith Carradine, Patricia Childress, Jennifer Garner, and Eric Schweig. 283 minutes. Not rated. 11375D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


Wind! Experience the best in AlterNative Folk Rock. A seamless blend of ancient and modern sounds, music from the heart! With Atsiatonkie's inspired lyrics and guitar, Randy's haunting lead guitar, Donnie's quicksilver lead guitar, Terry's thundering bass, Dan's native percussion, and Darman's lightning sharp heartbeat drum, this music will stir your soul. 12 songs including Butterfly, Ghost Dancers, Custer's Greed, and Dance To The Sun. SWR 1002 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


- DEAD BY DAWN Maniac & F.Dux are Daywalkers. They present this recording of 19 tracks with featured artists V. The Noble 1, J-Reno, Psyco Jesus, Pony Boy, Night Shield, Vagabond, Ron G, Danny Boy, and Philthy Fresh. Songs include The Ghost and the Darkness, Heavens Rejects, How Will I Laugh Tomorrow, Bumpin Heads With the Devil, and Lonely Halloween. NSE 17849 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop)


- LOVE HURTS, DUDE Two of today's eminent young singers and songmakers, Jeremy "Worm" Dearly and Marcus Denny have created many of the classic songs for the legendary Midnight Express drum group. With strong singing and hilarious lyrics they join forces in this collection of Round Dance songs that lay down the law about the rollercoaster of modern romance. 11 songs including It's Too Late, Buckskin On? Buckskin Off?, Cross-eyed Queen, and Cheaters. 6480 CD $15.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - IT'S A LOVE/HATE THING The acclaimed singing duo of Dearly & Denny return with another collection of Round Dance jams. With songs that tell tales of infatuation, heartbreak and snagging, Dearly & Denny create a humorous portrayal of the love/hate nature of relationships. 12 songs including Straight Cruisin', All Apologies, The Classroom Blues, and When You're All Alone. 6496 CD $15.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - THE SHOW GOES ON Marcus Denny (Menominee/Potawatomi/Oneida) and Jeromy "Worm" Dearly (Lakota/Ojibwe) are proud to present their third album of round dance music. Denny and Dearly are members of the world renowned drum Midnite Express. They have made a name for themselves as accomplished singers and song makers for both Pow Wow and Round Dance alike. Joining them are their fellow drum brothers Sapatis Webster, Joe Rainey and John Teller. Enjoy this Midwest flavor of round dance music. 14 songs including Showtime, Snake Eyes, Was It A Dream, and The Walk of Shame. BTDM-1015 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - ROUND DANCE Irvine, Brian and Delia Waskewitch perform 11 round dance songs. Irvine has been the lead singer for the popular drum RED BULL. This is his first recording with family members Brian and Delia. Songs include Heaven, This Is For You and Magic Moment. SGW 051501 (Out of Print.) (Cree) - UNDER THE SAME SKY The singers on this recording have been singing for a number of years and have sung with a number of different groups. 13 new songs by Delia, Brian, Irvin Jr., and Irvin Waskewitch. Songs include A Time For Healing, Love One Another, Hand Game, and Listen To The Elders. SGDW 021904 (Out of Print) (Cree)


(Formerly Thunder Mountain) - DEAD HORSE CREEK Recorded on location in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Singers: Wayne Creighton, Ryan, Clement, Charles and Owen Gustafson; Shawn Gillingham, Norm Barratt, Charlie O'Keese. Songs include I See Myself Dancing In The Sky (dedicated to Alex Skead), Get Back, In the Nick of Time, Remix, Old Timer Boogie, Gone Fishin', Looks So Good, OiwWee, Shake, Rattle & Roll, Start Your Engines. SSCT 4321 (Out of Print) (Canada) - VOL. 2 - DEAD HORSE CREEK Recorded on location in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Singers: Wayne Creighton, Ryan, Clement, Charles and Owen Gustafson; Shawn Gillingham, Norm Barratt, Charlie O'Keese. 10 pow wow songs including: Intertribals, Whistle Man Song, chicken, contest, fancy and round dance songs. SSCT 4322 Cassette $2.00 (Canada) - VOL. 3 - LIVE Songs for the People. Recorded on location in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Singers: Wayne Creighton, Ryan, Clement, Charles and Owen Gustafson; Shawn Gillingham, Norm Barratt, Charlie O'Keese. 10 songs including: Welcome Song, jingle and jingle side step, shuffle slide, intertribals, Pen Pal Song, All Tribal Dance, Flag/Retreat. SSCT 4324 (Out of Print) (Canada)


The San Juan Deer Dance, called paa-share in Tewa, is performed each year in mid February. It begins in the late afternoon on the eve of the dance. With the exception of the Ange'in, all of the songs are very old and sung every year. The Ange'in in this recording was newly composed for the deer dance in 1979 by Cipriano Garcia. The four early morning songs are unique in that fourteen different animals are mentioned in the Apache language during each song. For this recording the first seven are sung in the first and third songs, with the second seven being sung in the second and fourth songs. There are four daytime songs. The first three were shortened to three parts. The fourth was sung with all five sections. The running away song is also sung with all five sections. We are very happy to present these beautiful deer dance songs of San Juan Pueblo. IH 1103 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Pueblo)


Set in the Texas Republic in the early 1840's, a time in which three cultures - Anglo, Hispanic and Comanche - were in furious conflict over the same harsh land, we are introduced to Augustus McCrae and Woodrow Call, the heroes of LONESOME DOVE. Gus and Call are young Rangers, ripe for adventure, and they get it with the Texas-Santa Fe expedition, an ill-conceived effort on the part of some freebooters and adventurers to capture Santa Fe and annex New Mexico. Led by the land pirate Caleb Cobb, and guided by the legendary Bigfoot Wallace and his mountain-man friend Shadrach, the group fights several engagements with the great Comanche war chief Buffalo Hump, is whittled down by the silent Apache, Gomez, and is captured without resistance by the Mexican army. Marched south by a resolute Mexican officer, Captain Salazar, they survive bear attacks, ice storms, and the rigors of the barren desert known as the Jornada del Muerto. In the end, they arrive at the leper colony of San Lazaro, where black and white beans are


December Wind plays driving acoustic folk-rock infused with their Akwesasne Mohawk culture. Their songs are filled with stories of love, hope, the struggles of native peoples and the beauty of their culture. Their energetic performance provides inspiration to all those on the Red Road as well as people of all walks of life. Eleven original songs include Eagle Cries His Song, Share My Blanket, Gentle Thunder, Where Are My People, In The Sun and Sacred Drum. 7038 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - SECOND WIND The eagerly awaited new CD from December


Detective Dwight Faraday is a burnt-out cop demoted to the "weird calls" desk until a series of bizarre murders suddenly grabs his attention: Several men killed by massive blunt force trauma while in a state of sexual arousal, all last seen in the company of a sexy Native American woman. But when it's discovered that these corpses were trampled into hamburger by what appears to be hooves, Faraday must hunt a killer who may not be totally human. Will one cynical cop be caught like a deer in the headlights or has a horrifying seductress risen from legend to slaughter the horny? Experience terrifying visions from one of the greatest minds in the Horror genre. From the Director of An American Werewolf in London, John Landis, with grisly

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gore effects by Gregory Nicotero and Howard Berger. Starring Brian Benben, Cinthia Moura, and Anthony Griffith. An erotic horror comedy. Closed Captioned. 57 minutes. Not Rated. 14462D DVD $16.95 (Hollywood Movies)



- VOL. 3 7130 (Out of Print.) (Navajo) - 14 KARAT MIND Navajo Two-Step and Skip Dance songs are traditional songs about love, courting and honor, and are a central part of Navajo culture. A classic singing group, the Dennehotso Swinging Wranglers, present songs that portray the social life, with its pathos and humor, of the Navajo. Six Two-Step songs and six Skip Dance songs. Songs include Wasted Days/Wasted Nights, Blue Eye Blonde, Broken Heart For Sale, Heart Break Highway, and When You Used To Dress Up So Pretty. Singers: Harold Richards, Johnnie Richards, Herbert Featherhat, Wesley Gray, Reeder Dee, Tulley Blackmountain, Dickson Hoshnic, Al Gray, Phillip Begay, John Bigman, Cody Deschene and Bobby Thomas. 7136 CD $15.98 (Navajo)



- PRAYERS FOR MY FATHER From the famed Denny family in Montana, Clinton Denny (assisted by Gerald Primeaux, Sr.) sings eight seats of four songs each of original harmonized songs for the Native American Church in honor of his late father, Bill Denny, Jr. Included is a special encore of four songs recorded by Bill Denny, Jr. over two decades ago. 6427 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- DENESULINE DRUM SONGS Denesuline Drum songs have been passed on from generation to generation and have never been recorded. They have a unique rhythm with a double beat tone the Dene People have practiced at many gatherings. Traditional Dene Hand Drum songs keep the people together with happiness, love and charity. 14 round dance songs performed by three elders. SSCT 4441 CD $15.98 (Canada)


Sixteen pow wow songs recorded live by eleven groups: RED LEAF TAKOJA - Taos, New Mexico; KANSAS ALL NATION SINGERS Shawnee, OK; TWO VALLEY SINGERS - Los Angeles, CA; GREY EYES - Oklahoma City, OK; PORCUPINE SINGERS - Porcupine, SD; RUNNING ANTELOPE - Little Eagle, SD; IRON WOOD SINGERS - Rosebud, SD; OYATE IYUSKIN PI - Rosebud, SD; ED BOX FAMILY Ignaciio, CO; WHITE SWAN - Ravina, SD; BLACK HILLS SINGERS - Rapid City, SD. HSP 87-31 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


Of Cherokee descent, Denean has a quality unlike anyone else. Her songs have a lilting, etheral quality. Contemporary music with a touch of the traditional. Her three early CDs plus a new CD all back in stock. - FIRE PRAYER Mystical chants and penetrating vocals make FIRE PRAYER a favorite for personal and group listening. Take flight with Denean's haunting lyrics. Ideal for women's circles, easy listening, or healing work. 21 songs and interludes including Passage To The Earth Mother, Walk In Balance, All My Relations and Path of Beauty. WW 88007 CD $16.98 (Contemporary) - THE WEAVING Songs honoring our Mother Earth flow freely in THE WEAVING, a continuation of her first work, FIRE PRAYER. Spiritually enlightened songs delivered through Denean's angelic voice highlight this album that shares the true woman's heart. A moving experience not to be missed. Ten songs including To The Children, Angels Calling Me and Ray Of Love. ETH 7102 Cassette $2.00 WW 88008 CD $16.98 (Contemporary) - THUNDER Featuring Lakota special guest Howard Bad Hand, Denean has infused THUNDER with songs reflecting her Native American philosophies and practices. Fans of Denean will find both familiar and new musical directions on this, her third, recording. Poignant lyrics with enchanting melodies. 12 songs including Children's Dawn Blessing, In Spirit's Realm, Butterfly Concerto and Let There Be Peace. ETH 7103 Cassette $2.00 WW 88009 CD $16.98 (Contemporary) - CALLING THE SACRED Denean's recently released album is a return to Native influences and is a celebration of life. 21 songs including I Send My Prayer, Wakinyan Thank you song, Children of the Seventh Generation, Let the Rains Come Down, and Sacred Being of Light. WW 88006 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


Bill Denny Jr. (Cree) and Clinton Denny (Chippewa-Cree) from Rocky Boy, Montana.


- VOL. 1 INTERTRIBAL PEYOTE CHANTS Intertribal peyote songs with harmony from Rocky Boy, Montana. Lead singer is Bill Denny Jr., with Clinton Denny, drummer, and harmonies by Roberta Denny and Jerry Saddleback. 8027 Cassette $9.98 (Peyote) - VOL. 2 INTERTRIBAL PEYOTE CHANTS More intertribal peyote chants with harmonizing. Same singers as Volume 1. 8028 Cassette $9.98 (Peyote) - VOL. 3 INTERTRIBAL PEYOTE CHANTS Continued from Volume 2. More intertribal peyote songs. 8029 Cassette $9.98 (Peyote) - VOL. 4 INTERTRIBAL PEYOTE CHANTS 26 intertribal peyote chants with well known singer Bill Denny Jr., from Rocky Boy Montana. Continued from Volume 3. 8035 (Out of Print.) (Peyote) - VOL. 5 INTERTRIBAL PEYOTE CHANTS 29 peyote songs sung by Bill Denny Jr., from Rocky Boy, Montana. Continued from Volume 4. 8036 Cassette $9.98 (Peyote) - VOL. 6 INTERTRIBAL PEYOTE CHANTS Bill Denny Jr. (Cree) and Clinton Denny (Chippewa-Cree) from Rocky Boy, Montana, sing forty intertribal peyote chants including Birthday Song. 8038 Cassette $9.98 (Peyote) One of the largest and most prestigious American Indian Cultural Festivals, The DENVER MARCH POW WOW is now on video. The Pow Wow is a modern-day Native American social phenomenon that brings dancers, drum groups, traders and spectators together to celebrate the rich Native American culture that is alive today. This program will captivate you with all of the brilliant colors of a dancer's regalia, the enchanting sounds of over 60 drum groups and all of the sights and sounds of a Pow Wow weekend. 53 minutes - 1999 DENVER MARCH POW WOW 4444 PAL $29.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2001 DENVER MARCH POW WOW 4452 VHS (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2002 DENVER MARCH POW WOW 4460 VHS (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - DENVER MARCH POW WOW 2005 Denver March Pow Wow is one of the earliest national caliber pow wows of the season. Held indoors in the Denver Coliseum, Denver, Colorado, this celebration attracts top dancers and drum groups from all over the United States and Canada. The Grand Entry of dancers is absolutely spectacular and is featured on this DVD. Also included are both southern and northern contests and an Adult Team Dance Special. HSPW-005D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


Blackfeet musician and flute maker, Troy grew up on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana where he was surrounded by family artisans who instilled an appreciation of traditional art forms. As an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation, he has carried this respect of tradition with him and is recognized as one of the few authentic flute makers

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in the country, making each flute by hand - without machines. - SHAMAN'S BONE WHISTLE: Native American flute music SHAMAN'S BONE WHISTLE is Troy's first recording. All of the songs with the exception of Zuni Sunrise are original compositions. The album is a solo performance of straight flute music. When you listen to the tape you will hear several songs that sound like two flutes. These were recorded using a double flute that Troy created as the result of an old photo from the Smithsonian. The right side is a six hole flute and the left side is a drone. The combination creates a unique harmonious melody. All the flutes used on the recording are ones that Troy made, by hand. SS 1001 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - LISTEN MY PEOPLE In keeping with tradition so that you may hear the voice of the flute, no synthesizers are used in this music. These are original songs by Troy - each song played from his heart, each flute played made by his hands. 14 flute melodies. SS 59448 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - JOURNEY FROM THE HEART Troy is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation. All flutes used on this recording were created by the artist. Troy presents nine songs including Dreams Are Forever, Prairie Nights, Pony Soldier, and Eagle's Journey. SS 9239 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age) - EAGLE'S JOURNEY Originally released in 2000, this newly remastered recording presents traditional Native American flute music by Troy De Roche. Troy is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation. These are all original compositions performed on flutes Troy created. No synthesizers were used in the recording. 15 tracks including Dawn Flight, Message From Dragonfly, Moon Child's Melody, Spirits of the Lake, and Prayer Catcher. SS 2000 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age) - JOURNEY ACROSS THE WATER Blackfeet flute player, Troy De Roche, introduces Native Hawaiian guitarist and flute player, Manu Josiah, in this collaboration which blends the musical traditions of their heritage across the Pacific Ocean. 12 songs include Zuni Sunrise, Song of the Chanter Ka'ehu, Kohola, Forever More, and Holei. SS 43498 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age)



- WE SING FOR OUR CHILDREN Ira Deschene presents this recording of peyote songs. He is accompanied by Peterson Begay on drum. DMP 106 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - FOR THE CHILDREN #1 Dedicated to our youth these 24 songs are presented for your listening needs. CMP 105 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - FOR THE CHILDRE #2 This recording is dedicated to the children of the present and future. May these songs encourage them and help them to accomplish their goals. CMP 106 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - HYMNS OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH Another collection of songs of the Native American Church. CMP 107 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - HYMNS OF THE NAC #2 Growing up in the Native American Church has brought many insights to Ira Deschene that he will be forever grateful. The hymns on this album are songs by many people that he heard growing up and attending church. He is grateful and feels privileged to be able to share a part of his past with you. CMP 116 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- JUST A LAD From Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico, DESERT SPRINGS are Phillip Castillo, Waston Castillo Sr., Robert Toledo and Shaun Willeto. They present 13 songs including Sweet Dream Woman, Stars On The Water, You're Still On My Mind, and Pure Love. DS 01 CD $16.98 (Country) - LOVE COMES AROUND From Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico, DESERT SPRINGS are Phillip Castillo, Waston Castillo Sr., Robert Toledo and Shaun Willeto. 12 songs including Honky Tonk Blues, Can't You See, Dancing Eyes, and Folsom Prison Blues. JCM 0331 CD $16.98 (Country) - 101 PROOF 11 mores songs including Swinging Doors, Desperado Love, Rainy Day Woman, and Tennessee Whiskey. AV 8920 CD $17.98 (Country) - TONIGHT Desert Springs presents another great collection of country favorites. Eleven songs including Wagon Wheels, Indian Cowboy, Shotgun Rider, China Girl, and Pass Me By. AV 89212 CD $17.98 (Country) - YOU AND ME Desert Springs presents their third release with this collection of ten songs. Songs include Together We'll Fade Away, Heard it in a Love Song, Love Them Everyone, and If Tear Drops Were Pennies. AV 8960 CD $17.98 (Country) - LAST CALL! Proudly bringing you their sixth recording, Desert Springs presents 12 songs including Just a Ladd, Gloria, Proud Mary, and Burning Love. AV 5664 CD $17.98 (Country)


- THE CHILDREN OF OUR CREATOR Ira and Peterson dedicate this album to all the children that the creator has blessed the earth with. DMP 107 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- FAITHFULNESS It was through faith that Ira and Paul were able to come about learning the peyote way. Through this, they were able to compose and sing each of these prayer songs in hopes that they will reach your home and each of you would enjoy them. May you each find faith through this music and the wonderful music of the Native American Church. CMP 114 CD $15.98 (Peyote)

DESERT SUNS (Tohono Tats)

- VOL.1 DESERT SUNS (Tohono Tats) Singers: Leander Miguel, percussion, Phillip Miguel, Bass, Keyboard, Sylvester Oliver, Sr., guitar, Benedict Martinez, accordian and saxaphone, Vernon A. Francisco, drums, Fidelis Manuel, sax, accordian, and bass. Twelve songs including: Plan S. B. Waila, Taz Mazurka, Phillip's Tune Waila, Little Tuscon Chote, Celebrate Cumbia and more. 8105 Cassette $9.98


- FIRST MOTHER This husband and wife duo blend traditional music and stories in a celebration of Native American culture. Troy is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation and is proud to be recognized as one of the few authentic Native American flute makers, each flute being an original handcrafted piece of art. Liz is Metis and her stories reflect the heritage of the often overlooked Metis people whose artistic style permeates many of the Northern Plains nations. 11 songs. SS 59449 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age)


- SUNSET TO SUNRISE Waila (Chicken Scratch), is the popular dance music of the Native peoples of the southern Arizona deserts. Saxaphone and accordion are accompanied by guitar, bass and drums in these renditions of polkas, cumbias, mazurkas and shottiches. One of Waila's hottest young groups, DESERT HORIZON has made a name for themselves delivering their fresh Waila sound in their debut recording. 8116 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Chicken Scratch)

(Chicken Scratch)

- VOL. 2 DESERT SUNS (Tohono Tats) Singers: Leander Miguel, percussion, Phillip Miguel, Bass, Keyboard, Sylvester Oliver, Sr., guitar, Benedict Martinez, accordian and saxaphone, Vernon A. Francisco, drums, Fidelis Manuel, sax, accordian, and bass. Twelve songs including: M+M's Waila, Not Today Cumbia, Big Iron Waila, Murchy's Special Chote, Super Star Waila, and more. 8108 Cassette $9.98 (Chicken Scratch)

Prices subject to change without notice.



- DESERT WEST You might call them the real Reservation band. All members are from the prairies and desert of the Navajo Nation. Singers include Alan George, Kyle Hahtatley, Llewellyn Paul, and Jay. Their debut CD features ten songs including Waymore's Blues, One Of These Days, Diana, and You Win Again. CT-900 CD $14.98 (Country) - I NEEDED TO KNOW Band members Paul Hahtatley Jr., Alan George, Kyle Hahtatley and Tritt Smith present ten songs. Songs include Cowboy Cool, Hank Done It That Way, Wagon Wheel, One Woman Man, and Falling Rain. AV 40102 CD $17.98 (Country) - LIVE AT TOTAH THEATER 16 songs including Wagon Wheel, I need You Tonight, Drunk Again, Dream Lover, Beautiful Sunday, and Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way. CT1-400 CD $14.98 (Country) - LIVE 2 - LET'S ROCK! 14 more songs including That Ain't My Truck, She's A Lady, Still On My Mind, Una Mas Cerveza, and Runaway. CT-20092 CD $14.98 (Country)


SWR 6969 Cassette $2.00 (Navajo/Navajo Pow Wow) (CD Out of Print.)



- RESPECTING THE TRADITION CRM 051698 (Out of Print) (Navajo/Navajo Pow Wow) - STR8 TRIPN CRM 123098 (Out of Print) (Navajo/Navajo Pow Wow)


- CLASSIC DIRT ROAD COUNTRY Dirt Road Band is comprised of members from Isleta Pueblo, Laguna Pueblo, and Albuquerque. They are Tony Jaramillo (steel guitar), Norman Jojola (drums), Melvin Anzara (rhythm, lead guitar), Andy Harris (lead guitar), Phillip Riley (bass guitar), and Charles Lente (vocals, acoustic guitar). They present 12 songs including Night Riders Lament, Tequila Sunrise, Indian Rodeo Cowboy, and Rocking With My Baby. AV 40142 CD $17.98 (Country)

- SPIRIT IN FLIGHT Mishi captured the hearts of thousands with her release of this album and its "Best Music of Aboriginal Canada Recording" juno award. This is a mixture of new and traditional styles, sometimes reflecting on the dreams and aspirations of the present. Mishi's music has the ability to grab hold, transform and heal the soul with incredible velocity. Ten songs include Dream Man, Chosen One, Indian Heart and Test of Time. SSCT 4199 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - THE SPIRIT WITHIN All songs written by Mishi Donovan (Pretty WhiteDove-Bear Child). Mishi provides vocals, backup vocals, and accoustic guitar with others playing electric and accoustic guitar, piano, drums and percussion, strings, bass, saxaphone, piano, organ, and flute. Ten songs including: Letting Go (A Prayer Song), Forgotten Yesterday, Vision Quest, Bartender's Song, Go On And Run, As Seen Through A Child's Eyes, Does It Take Death (To Make It Clear). SSCT 4258 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - JOURNEY HOME Mishi is a Chippewa/Cree singer, songwriter, and actress from Canada. She uses haunting melodies to sing of strong timeless themes of love, perseverance, and healing. 14 songs include Moshom's Song, Almost Broken, Stronghold and Stand As One. Another winner from an award winning artist. SOAR 203 CD $18.98 (Contemporary) - STORM BEAUTY In Mishi's 4th release she continues to impress you with her beautiful songs. 12 songs including Ghost Walker, Kia Ka Hai, Spider of Life, and Tears For Me. AR 1257 CD $17.98 (Contemporary)


Five ditch cleaning songs and five picnic songs sung by Ramos Duran. Recorded at Picuris Pueblo, New Mexico September 11, 1966 and January 22, 1970. IH 1051 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Pueblo)


- OMAHA ROSE The U-maha People currently reside in Eastern Nebraska along the Missouri River. U-maha means Peaceful People, and was written as Omaha by the settlers long ago. The U-maha have been involved with the Native American Church for a little over 100 years. All the songs are provided with interpretations of what the songs are about. The Elders taught us to understand what songs mean before they are sung, especially if they are from other tribes. Presented here are 26 peyote songs from the Omaha Nation. These songs are sung with great sincerity and respect. JCM 0771 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- WINTER WARRIORS #1 - YE'II BI CHEII SONGS Members include Gino Morgan, Dino Morgan, Daniel Morgan, and Daven Yazzie. The singers are proud to bring you twelve Ye'ii Bi Cheii songs. Some of the songs on this recording have been passed on for generations. JCM 0401 CD $16.98 (Navajo) - WINTER WARRIORS #2 - YE'II BI CHEII SONGS This is the continuation of the first recording. These songs have been passed on for generations and it is hoped that listeners are provided with feelings of comfort, happiness, and hope for a better future. JCM 0402 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


Declared wards of the state, Native Americans negotiated housing, education and healthcare in numerous treaties with the U.S. Government. Like so many other federal promises, these too have not been met. The budget shortfall to the Indian Health Service continues. Add to this the generational trauma of subjugation, reservations, boarding schools and alienation, their health and their healthcare is in a critical state. This is the story of the program's inception under the Department of War through the latest promise - renewed recognition of our government's obligation to America's first people. Presented by Peter Coyote. Narrative readings by August Schellenberg. 60 minutes RHF 1010D DVD $29.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- OUR FATHER'S TEACHINGS 23 songs with each artist singing and taking turns drumming. Background singers include Summer Dick, Travis Cloud and Junebug. Songs include Omaha songs, Ponca songs, a Sioux song, two straight songs. DNA 60027 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


Hunter is a half Cherokee cursed with the unfortunate affliction of hemophilia, a white man's disease. Guarded by his overprotective mother, all he really wants is to be able to hunt like his father. On his first and only hunting trip, he mistakenly kills a doe, a major taboo that earns him his nickname "Doe Boy," and the disappointment of his father. As he moves forward in life, his grandfather teaches him the importance between hunting and killing and gives him the courage to find the love he desperately seeks. A good comingof-age story about a young man trying to find himself. Starring James Duval, Kevin Anderson, Jeri Arredondo, and Gordon Tootoosis. 87 minutes. Not Rated. FLV 5335D DVD (Out of Print.)


- LIVE AT SOUTHERN OREGON UNIVERSITY Recorded live at the 8th Annual Spring Pow Wow at Southern Oregon University this is DINE NATION JRZ third recording. There are 13 songs including 2 intertribals, a round dance, a rabbit dance, 2 round dances and a flag song. Singers are Orland Dugi, Joe PoorThunder, Randall Beaver, Farrell Nez, Dakota Phillip, Jamie Bedonie, Anthoney Batoney, Calvin Miller Jr and Jonathon Bedonie.


- SOLDIERS OF CHRIST The debut album of the two man band DOUBLE EDGE, a Native American Alternative/Rock band has 4 songs written by Harold Eskeers. In the past few years they have performed in every corner of the Navajo Nation. Through their music they hope

(Hollywood Movies)

Prices subject to change without notice.


to inspire young people with a message, and sound, that is positive in this hard and uncertain world. DOULBE EDGE has taken the step to extreme Christian music. Songs include Soldiers Of Christ, Road To Eternal Life, Thank God I'm A Christian, and God Will Judge This World Someday. CPR-013 (Out of Print) (Gospel/Christian)


wow celebration. It can be used to heal and unify all people. The drum represents the circle of life. Once a drum is made it is usually given to an individual or group. The drum is never created as a craft or toy. Before it can be sounded at a Pow wow it must be blessed through a special ceremony, either led by an elder or group of elders. DRUM BEATS will offer you the very best of 18 Pow wow groups displaying their great talent for your dancing and listening pleasure. Drum groups include: RED BULL, BLACK LODGE, WHITEFISH BAY, NORTHERN WIND, EYABAY, and NAKODA LODGE. SSCT 4438 CD $15.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) SSCT 4501 CD $15.98



- VOL. 2 - WITH THE TOOTOOSIS FAMILY (PLAINS CREE) John Tootoosis and sons, Wilford, Austin, Gordon, Eric, Arsene, and Leonard. Ten Grass and Round Dance Songs 6157 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Cree)


- DESERT DREAMIN' Dreambox 65 are Richard Ortega (lead guitar, vocals, bass, backup vocals), James Manning (drums), and Mark Canning (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, bass, backup vocals). They present 12 songs including Gentle Breeze, Midnight Blue, El Rancho, and Ballad of John and Yoko. AV 5610 CD $17.98 (Country - Country Rock)


- LIVE AT INDIO The Dry Lake Singers are from the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana, home of the Ah-Ah-NiNin (Gros Ventre) and Nakota (Assiniboine). The singers of this group are truly grateful for the support and knowledge shared by older singers in regards to these old songs as well as singing in general. Songs include five grand entry, one flag song, four intertribals, a chicken dance, and seven more. Singers include Alfonse Obey, John Stiffarm, Blake Stiffarm, Winston Stewart, Terry Brockie, Tony Rider, A.J. Stiffarm, Brent Spencer, Jon Powderface, and Mike Rider. IH 4615 CD $15.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - LIVE AT KYI YO Recorded live at Kyo Yo `06 at the University of Montana, Missoula, Montana. Singers include Aaron Brien, Mike Rider, Alphonse Obey, Justin Whiteclay, Brent Spencer, Aaron Starblanket, Ron Doney, Tony Rider, John Stiffarm, Monty Wolfchild, Jarroll Thomson, and Greg Anaquod. 11 original style songs. DHOP 1300 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


SSCT 4358 (Eastern) (Out of Print)


From the heart of a story came a young man's journey to the soul. A century-old storyteller and his grandson, a troubled 17-year-old boy, embark on a cross-country journey toward self-discovery. Like old Pete's wise tales themselves, DREAMKEEPER is important and illuminating storytelling for the entire family. The groundbreaking Hallmark Entertainment television mini-series DREAMKEEPER available on DVD in March 2004. The 4 hour mini-series explores nine traditional Native legends through the eyes of an old storyteller and his 17-year-old grandson as they head out on a cross-country journey of selfdiscovery. The production employed more than 500 Native Americans, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes - actors, musicians, technicians. The various stories include Dirty Belly Legend (Pawnee) starring Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Dakota House and Tantoo Cardinal; Quillwork Girl and Her Seven Brothers Legend (Cheyenne) starring Teneil Whiskeyjack and Michelle Thrush; Ghost Hunter Legend (Blackfeet) starring Travis Dugas and Sammy Simon; Bluebird Woman Legend (Lakota) starring Sean Wei Mah, Gordon Tootoosis, Gerald Tokala Clifford and Sage; Thunder Spirit Legend (Mohawk) starring Michael Greyeyes and Alex Rice; Coyote and Iktomi Legend (White River Lakota) starring John Trudell and Gary Farmer; Legend of the Raven: The Salmon Story (Multnomah) starring Cliff Solomon and Jimmy Herman; Eagle Boy Legend (Lakota) starring Chaske Spencer and Saginaw Grant; Tehan/Red Headed Stranger Legend (Kiowa) starring Scott Grimes, Nathaniel Arcand and DeLanna Studi. 14419D DVD $18.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- VOL. 1 - ROUND DANCE SGDH 72197 Cassette $2.00 CD $18.98 (Cree)


- SONGS AND STORIES OF THE YUP'IK ESKIMO. Chuna McIntyre, from the village of Eek on the Bering Sea in southwestern Alaska, shares original songs and stories he learned from his 91 year old grandmother. Includes: Walrus Song, Grandmother's Song to the Morning Star, Thunder song and many more. Chuna has traveled throughout the world performing the music of the Yup'ik Eskimos. WSC 1603 Cassette $2.00 (Pacific Northwest/Inuit-Eskimo)


- VOLUME 1 (contains no singing - drum beats only) Medium War Dance Beat - slow beat; Medium War Dance Beat accompanied by bells; Gourd Dance Beat accompanied by gourd rattle; Northern Drum Beat accompanied by Deer toes; Fast War Dance Beat, accompanied by bells; Ruffle Dance Beat, accompanied by bells; Sneak-up Dance Beat, accompanied by Deer toes; Hand Game Beat accompanied by gourd rattle. IS 9701 CD $13.98 (Flute/New Age) - VOLUME 2 (drum only - no singing) Similar to Vol. 1 in style and instruments. Side 2 contains one arrangement of slow beat for meditation and a medium war dance beat. IS 9702 (Out of Print.) (Flute/New Age)


- THE HEARTBEAT OF MOTHER EARTH NATIVE AMERICAN SONGS & STORIES James Peshlakai (Navajo), Ken Duncan (Apache) and David Brush (Lakota) present a collection of over one hour of traditional songs and stories. They include Butterfly Dance, White Shell Woman and The Weaver (Navajo); Rainbow Dance, Native Prayer and Bow and Arrow Song (Apache); Men's Grass Dance, Horse Stealing Song and Woman's Fancy Song (Lakota). TD 0905 CD $15.98 (Legends/Storytelling)


- CIRCLE OF LIFE (DANCING TO THE HEARTBEAT OF MOTHER EARTH) Five-time World Champion and 2011 World Champion Hoop Dancer, Tony Duncan shares the story of the Hoop Dance. A dance to celebrate and honor the circle of life. The circle represents the many cycles of life from the early morning sunrise to the twinkling of the night stars; from the spring, summer, fall and winter. All of life dances in a circle with no beginning and no ending. We are all a part of the sacred circle of life. We give honor, respect and gratitude to the circle of life. Spinning and jumping through the hoops, weaving intricate designs while keeping the rhythm of the drum. We celebrate all life's creations. We sing, we dance, we share stories of our ancestors through the dance we call Hoop Dance!


- WITH WHITEFISH JRS SGMD 020295 Cassette $2.00 (Cree) - GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN SGMD12898 Cassette $2.00 (Cree)


SWR 1267 CD $15.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


This compilation CD is another in the Native American Series offering 15 selections with 15 drums. Included are Veteran Song (Black Lodge), Hot Stepper (Eyabay), Dragon Tales (Nakoda Lodge), Woman's Song (Little Otter), and Go Ahead and Dance (Moose Mountain). All songs previously released.


- 18 POW WOW DRUM GROUPS People use different drums for various occasions. The Pow wow drum is a large drum, approximately one meter in diameter. It is the center of the Pow

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TD 63414D DVD $18.95 (Videos - Dance) - EARTH WARRIOR - Light of Our Ancestors Walk upon Mother Earth in a good way with the spirit of a warrior, as an Earth Warrior, Light of Our Ancestors...with these words in his heart Tony Duncan (Estun-Bah) (Apache/Mandan/Arikara/ Hidatsa) performs songs for the Native American flute expressing his devotion to his family, traditions and music. 14 songs including Zuni Sunrise, Grandmother Moon, Canyon Winds, Dance of the Coyote, and Words from My Father. 7094 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) ***See more Tony Duncan selections under the name Estun-Bah.


ROP 002D DVD $29.95 (Videos/Documentary) SSCT 4218 (Sioux)


(Out of Print)


One listen to Eagle & Hawk's distinctive sound and you'll be hooked. Blending inspired vision with musical talent, Eagle & Hawk have created a progressive style of rock steeped in roots, fusion, and solid songwriting. Core members of Eagle & Hawk are Vince Fontaine, Gerry Atwell, Kevin Radomsky, Lawrence Mulhall, and Jay Bodner. - ON AND ON Native American Rock & Roll. 12 songs including Pow Wow Princess, Medicine Wheel, Listen To The Wind and Running With The Wolf. SSCT 4403 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - MOTHER EARTH Rock, funk, groove, acoustic pop - they prefer to look at themselves as a modern rock band with an edge - a new wave of rock with an ethnic or world edge. "Mother Earth" is their latest creation and it features their incredible musical diversity and indefinable rock style. 11 songs including Cowboys & Indians, Sundancer, Indian City, and Stand Alone. AR 1216 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - LIFE IS... Their 6th recording with eight songs: Dance, Last Song, Indian Summer, The Way, Wild West Show, Residue, Life is a Circle, and Circles. RSP 1999 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - RED ROAD STORIES Their seventh recording offers seven songs: Dance, The Way, I See Red, Last Song, Sundancer, Wild West Show, and NDN Kars RSP 2268 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - SIRENSONG In their eighth recording they present eight songs: Someday, Sirensong, Where We Last Left Off, It's About Time, Song For The Sundancer, Another September, You Own This Town, and Eternity. RSP 2308 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


- VOL. 1 - EAGLE CLAW SINGERS People Having Fun, Kid's Song (Disneyland), Whistles, Fancy Ruffle and six more pow wow songs from Saskatchewan. The singers are the children of members of the Stoney Eagle and Cree Spirit drums and range in age from 5 to 15 years old. Waylon Littletent (lead singer); Terrance, Bradley, Jason, Gavin and Preston Littletent; Bradley Nehnepowisk; Roy Ryan and Ira McNabb. SSCT 4207 (Out of Print) (Canada) - VOL. 2 - EAGLE CLAW SINGERS This young singing group is originally from Kakacatoose Reserve. This is EAGLE CLAW'S second recording of round drum songs. The singers all originate from one family and are the 3rd & 4th generations of singers. They are well known throughout North America. SSCT 4302 (Out of Print) (Canada)


- KIOWA PEYOTE SONGS Joe Fish Dupoint (Kiowa) and Dewayne Tofpi (Kiowa-Ute) sing 36 Kiowa Peyote Songs. Liner notes with background infromation. 6307 Cassette $9.98 (Peyote)


- "LIVE" Eight pow wow songs including Victory Dance Song, Intertribals, Contest Songs and Grass Dance Song. SSCT 4213 (Out of Print) (Sioux)


- LIFE GIVER THOMAS DURAN, JR. of the Blue Sky People (Northern Arapahoe), sings in the traditional style of the Northern Plains to help listeners on their spiritual journey on the Red Road. Songs include 20 peyote songs and four peyote morning songs. 6343 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- DINE POW WOW SONGS CRM 040498 CD $16.98 (Navajo Pow Wow) - LIVE AT CEDAR CITY, UTAH Eagle Creek Singers, from Dennehotso, Arizona present this recording of original Diné pow wow songs. Members of the drum include Delbert Lee, Dennis Cly, Patrick Cly, Lander Boone, Rydell Jackson, Jarvis Redhouse, James Redhouse Jr., Javis Redhouse, Ambrose Redhouse, Jonathan Yazzie, and Travis Dandy. 12 songs include two grand entry, three intertribals, a whistle song, two crow hop, and more. ECS 32908 CD $17.98 (Navajo Pow Wow)


- TREAD AMONG THE ANGELS Ten Heavy Metal songs including Hero, Tread, and Embrace. CT-20103 CD $14.98 (Contemporary - Rock)



The prophecy of the 8th fire is one of many ancient prophecies that refer to the year 2012 and the years directly preceding it... To the Aztecs this is the time of the 6th sun, a time of transformation, and the creation of a new race. To the Mayans, it is the end of time as we know it. To the Incas, it is the time of meeting ourselves again. In Egypt, according to the Great Pyramid (stone calendar) he present time cycle ends in the year 2012. The calendars of both the Mayans and the Cherokee end in 2012. Dave Courchene Jr., whose traditional name means Leading Earth Man, is an Elder and spiritual advisor from the Anishnabe Nation, Eagle Clan. Descended from a long line of chiefs and leaders of his people, he felt compelled to quit his job as an educator and go on a ceremonial expedition of peace around the world. Through his dreams, and visions, the experiences of others who have accompanied him on his journey and the words of the visionaries-past and present.... The 8th Fire - One Earth - One Whole Circle - Again.... a message of hope, for the future, for the earth, for the children.


- HEROES, WARRIORS & SAINTS: A TRIBUTE TO VIETNAM VETERANS Bobby Eagle is a Sioux Veteran. A warrior for peace, he now carries the message in concerts throughout America and Canada. All songs written by Bobby Eagle. Songs include: Vietnam, M.I.A., Freedom Bird, Friend, Never Ending Dreams, Coming Home, Hill 875 (Chuck's Song), Lonely Indian Man, By Faith, Cadence. SOAR 126 (Out of Print) (Contemporary)


- J. HUBERT FRANCIS & EAGLE FEATHER - REVERENCE Singers: J. Hubert Francis (lead vocals, rhythm guitar); Byron "K" Simon (bass guitar); J.F. "Wawa" Goguen (lead & classical guitar, back-up vocals); Scott Girvan (keyboards, back-up vocals), J.J.Francis (drums). Ten songs including: Grandfather, Booglatamootj (The Indian Song) The Dream, Alcatraz, and more. SSCT 4190 CD $15.98 (Country) - NO BOUNDARIES Singers: J. Hubert Francis (lead vocals, rhythm guitar); Byron K. Simon (bass guitar); J.F. Wawa Goguen (guitar); Peter Stevens (acoustic guitar, vocals and back-up vocals), Stan Johnson (keyboards), Keith P. Dawson (drums). Eleven songs including Honour Song, Tribute (The Healing Song) (featuring the Red Sons Singers),



Prices subject to change without notice.


Thinking of You, Wishful Thinking , Hear The Children (featuring a number of children's voices!), Mother Earth, and more. SSCT 4230 (Out of Print) (Country)


- POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE Ten songs - Dakota Flag Song, crow hop, jingle dress, grass dance, sneak up and intertribals. Andy, Marshall, Marlin and Preston DeMarce, Wesley Big Track and Napoleon Fournier (all Devils Lake Sioux), Charles Lastly (Winnebago-Omaha), John Wells (Hidatsa-Mandan-Arikara), Don and Randy Kingbird (Red Lake Chippewa). 6245 Cassette $9.98 (Sioux) - EAGLE TAIL SINGERS Grass dance, jingle dress, drum song, intertribal eleven songs total, Lead singers; Andy Demarce Sr., Napoleon Fournier, Preston Demarce Jr., Larry Jonhus and Marlia Demarce, singers are members of the Devils Lake Sioux tribe from North Dakota. SSCT 4140 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - SINGING FOR THE PEOPLE SGET 41699 Cassette $2.00 CD $12.98 (Sioux) - JAMMIN' ON THE REZ Singers are Andy Demarce, Marshall Demarce, Marlin Demarce, Preston Demarce, Charles Demarce, Sage Demarce, Wes Big Track, and Kid Little Sky. 17 songs including contest songs, crow hop, women's traditional, chicken dance and more. AR 1164 CD $17.98 (Sioux)


WHISTLES drum. When they won the singing contest at the 80th Crow Fair in 1998, they were invited back to serve as host drum the following year. This was decided to be a good place to make a new recording since their last recording was in 1986. 21 songs recorded live include Hidatsa Flag Song, Fort Berthold Victory Song, Santee Sioux Slide Song, Crow-Style Double Beat Song, Old Sioux Trick Song and Chicken Dance Song. IH 4601 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains) - IN DINETAH In early 2009, Eagle Whistles was honored to be an invited drum at the Navajo Nation Fair Pow Wow. It was explained to them that the people in Window Rock needed to hear Eagle Whistles original-style singing and songs. It was with that thought in mind that they came to Dinetah (Land of the Dine). 20 songs including four Grand Entry, grass dance songs, contest songs, double-beat songs, and more. IH 4602 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains)


Twelve songs by a group of 16 young singers from Rouseau River, Manitoba lead by Roy Coyote from Hobbema, Alberta. Songs include drum song, sneak-up, traditional, grass, round and intertribals. SSCT 4144 Cassette $2.00 (Canada)


- SINCE 1980 Eagle Mountain Singers are Coleman Phelps, Matt Phelps, Ted Phelps, Dennis Curry, Brandon McBride, Byron Phelps, Tre Phelps, Stacy Phelps, John Little Sky, Roger Mills, Jordan Phelps, Jaron Phelps, Lee Tenario, Dusty Phelps, Ben Iron Hawk, Steve Her Many Horses, Russell Steele, and Tyson Mills. They present 12 straight songs and one footslide. DHOP 1900 CD $16.98 (Sioux)


- VOLUME 1 WITH PASTOR TIM HINTON Ten songs performed by the Eagle Wing Ministry Choir. Choir members include Kimberly Thompson, Miranda Tointigh, Nantha Sanchez, Amber Cody, Kimberly Nosie, Fronco Nosie Jr., Rose Massey, Farlene Cosay, Gilbertson Nastivar, Armand Armstrong, and Ramonda Holiday. Lead singers are Tim Hinton, Michelle Johnson, Delta Hinton, and Joshua Cosay. Backup band members include Joshua Cosay, Stevie Johnson, Steve Williams, Linda Hinton, and Theodore Childs. Songs include Holy Ghost, Amazing Grace, Jordan River, and Running For My Lord. AV 3614 CD $17.98 (Gospel / Christian) - VOLUME 3 Reverend Timmy Hinton and his choir present 12 songs including Wade In The Water, I Will Bless The Lord, Lord I Lift Your Name On High, Jesus Is The Sweetest Name, and I'm Just Praising The Lord. AV 3650 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- CAMPFIRE BLUES Singers include Percy Potts Sr., Ronald Potts, Sydney Potts, Tracy Potts, Shane Potts, Lionel Potts, Don Kootenay, Julian Kootenay, Allan Susan, Josh Alexis, Lyndon Aginas, Leon Aginas, Misty Potts-Sanderson, Eva Potts, Andrea Kootenay, Janice Kootenay, Brenda Kootenay, Kathleen Alexis, Tara Adams, Tahnee Bull, Bernice Bull, and Mariah Thunder. They present 15 pow wow songs including a greeting by Percy Potts Sr. Songs include Cree Country, Secret Love, Choba Mne, Uncle Sam's Love Song, and Nikoodi Rhythm 1, 2, 3, & 4. AR 1314 CD $17.98 (Canada)


- SPIRIT TRACKER EAGLE WARRIOR, a member of the Eastern Lenape Indian Nation brings you his debut album. The haunting sounds of the Native American Flute are beautifully and expertly captured in this album of music to treasure, relax by, and for all those special moments. 13 songs including Honoring The Drum, Grandmother's People, Flight Of The Eagle, and Song Of The Dolphin. LQ 608 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


- BLACKFOOT GRASS DANCE SONGS Twelve songs. Five grass dance, three war dance, one slow war dance, two fancy dance and Robert Sun Walk Family Song. Recorded at Cluny, Alberta, Canada. Singers: Robert, Henry, Trent, Wesley and Gary Sun Walk, Donald and Irvin Scalplock, Clarence Wolfleg and Ed Calf Robe, Jr. IH 4011 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet)

EAGLE WHISTLES; 1986-1987 Mandaree

- VOL. 1 - LIVE AT BISMARCK, 1986 Recorded live in Bismarck, North Dakota, September, 1986 and in Taos, New Mexico, June, 1987. Popular and Traditional songs from Bismarck and Taos. Red Leaf Style Song Taos, Popular Song Bismarck with whistle and several more. HSP 87-1201 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains) - VOL. 2 - LIVE AT TAOS, 1987 Recorded live in Bismarck, North Dakota, September, 1986 and in Taos, New Mexico, June, 1987. Popular and Traditional songs from Bismarck and Taos. Pow wow and traditional songs, including: The Eagle Song Bismarck, traditional Song Taos, Sneak-Up Song Bismarck and more. Follows HSP 87-1201 HSP 87-1202 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains) - LIVE AT CROW FAIR EAGLE WHISTLES was formed in Mandaree, North Dakota in 1973. Although originally all Hidatsa, the membership of EAGLE WHISTLES has changed over the years, and many top singers have represented their tribes at the EAGLE


This is the debut album of the latest discovery on the Pow Wow trail. EAGLES SINGING is a family drum consisting of seven members. Although the drum is based in Saskatchewan, the group participates in pow wows across the nation. A wonderful new drum we hope you will enjoy SSCT 4303 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- POW WOW SONGS A collection of 14 Pow Wow songs by LITTLE ISLAND CREE, RED BULL, NORTHERN WIND, FLY-IN EAGLE, BLACKSTONE, WILDHORSE, and more. TIM 10057 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


Now that you know how to play the 6-hole flute you need this collection of 35 songs from Laura Lee Perkins. Both the non-music reader and the accomplished musician will enjoy this collection. This book uses the same simple finger numbering system as her NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE TUTOR book with accompanying CD. 65572-BK Music Book $19.95 (Educational/Sheet Music-Music Books)


- LIVE SSCT 4361 (Eastern) (Out of Print)




Prices subject to change without notice.


THE MIKMAQ NATION OF EASTERN CANADA Thirteen pow wow songs including Flaunt Your Shawl, What Dreams Are Made Of, Keep On Dancing, Feathers In Flight, Yat-Yo, Flat In The Grass and more. Singers: Gary, Ivan and Brian Knockwood, Colin, Mark and Jason McDonald, Billy Joe and David Meuse, Mike and Nathan Sack, Sam Greer, Simon Nevis, Darren Myo, Scott Taylor and Jonathan Marshall. SOAR 169 CD $18.98 (Eastern) TRADITIONALLY YOURS TRADITIONAL SONGS FROM THE MIKMAQ NATION OF EASTERN CANADA Ten songs including Mi-Kmaq Honoring Song, Gathering Song, Kwan-Do-Daey, Ko-Ju Wa-Kena, Eagle Circling and more. SOAR 178 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Eastern) - MIC MAC EAST SIDE CONNECTION (formerly FREE SPIRIT) Singers: Brian Knockwood, Greg Marn, Jonathan Marshal, Billy Meuse, Mark McDonald, Simon Nevin and Nathan Sack. Ten songs including: Copenhagen Joe, Bomberry Song, Scotian Bay, Duff Land, East Side Connection and more. SSCT 4345 CD $15.98 (Eastern) - SACRED FLIGHT The EASTERN EAGLE SINGERS are a group of young Mi'kmaq men from the Indian Brook First Nation in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, Canada. They proudly represent the Mi'kmaq Nation. They have been singing together since 1993 and have travelled to pow wows throughout Canada and the United States during the past four years. 13 songs including Mi'Kmaq Pride, Native Princesses and Gusto. AR 1160 CD $17.98 (Eastern) - GOOD MEDICINE Over the past few years, this crew of Mi'kmaq pow wow singers from Canada's East Coast has become one of today's premier singing groups. This recording was inspired from the exhilarating feeling derived from a well-balanced mind, body, and spirit. Lose yourself in the voice of the drum. Members present on this recording are Greg Marr, Brian and Gary Knockwood, Jason McDonald, Jonathan Marshall, Robert Gloade, Jerrich and Tania Morey, Levi Herne, Pipogoes Augustine, and Matt Sanipass. Flute played by Stewart Augustine. 16 songs including a gathering song, a chicken dance, a side step, honour songs, women's and men's traditionals and more. AR 1220 CD $17.98 (Eastern) - SIPEKNE' KATIK One of the ancient seven directions of the Mi'kmaq Nation meaning "where the ground nut grows." 15 more pow wow songs from this Mi'Kmaq drum. Songs include As The Sun Sets, River Of Fire, War Scout, Duck and Dive, Love Spirit, and Our People's Medicine. AR 1267 CD $17.98 (Eastern)


for sound quality..." CD Review. Inspired by places and cultures of the Southwest, this evocative collection of impressionistic compositions features William Eaton on a variety of unique stringed instruments he has designed and built himself including the lyre, koto harp guitar, o'ele'n strings, harp guitar and 26 string guitar. He is accompanied on some songs by the following musicians: R. Carlos Nakai (Native American flute), Rich Rodgers (shakuhachi, percussion), Claudia Tulip (flute), Arvel Bird (violin) and Udi Arouh (tablas, guitar). Sixteen original compositions including Jupiter and Sage and Between Sacred Mountains. Notes on the instruments and performers included. William Eaton performs with R. Carlos Nakai on several recordings including CARRY THE GIFT, ANCESTRAL VOICES and WINTER DREAMS. 55 minutes. 7008 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/Native Influenced-Non Native) - WISDOM TREE William writes "Limbs strong and roots deep. Hold earth and sky together. Nurturing the wisdom tree" as an introduction to the recording's thirteen compo-sitions. Liner notes include a short poem on each selection. Original compositions include: Beginnings; Water Bearer; Seeds of Tomorrow; and Winged Rhythm. William Eaton performs on guitar and several unique stringed instruments of his own design. Other featured artists are Edgar Meyer (double bass), Robert Tree Cody (cedar flute), Udi Arouh (guitar), Arvel Bird (violin), Ia Tulip (flute) and William Clipman (gourd water drums). 7009 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/Native Influenced-Non Native) - WHERE RIVERS MEET WHERE RIVERS MEET melds the diverse sounds of William Eaton's unique stringed instruments with flute, violin, mandolin, cello and ethnic percussion from around the world. The resulting impressionistic arrangements of graceful melodies take the listener on a journey to the far reaches of the imagination. 7012 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/Native Influenced-Non Native) - NAKED IN EUREKA: Featuring the William Eaton Ensemble, and vocals by Mary Redhouse Guitarist and luthier, William Eaton, joins the unique sounds of his lyre, spiral clef and lyraharp guitar with flute, violin, ethnic percussion and the vocalizations of Navajo singer, Mary Redhouse to create a musical journey that evokes the sweep and color of the great Southwest. Approximately 57 minutes of listening. 7022 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/Native Influenced-Non Native) - SPARKS & EMBERS This double album contains over two hours of new music by the WILLIAM EATON ENSEMBLE that will take you on a musical voyage into worlds of wonder and peace. The ensemble's music is a melding of sounds from diverse origins and different instruments. Members include William Eaton, Claudia Tulip, Will Clipman, Allen Ames and Mary Redhouse. The recording features the sounds of Eaton's unique instruments including lyraharp guitar, 26 string guitar and spiral clef plus pan pipes, mandolin, violin, ciolira, bass and ethnic percussion from around the world. Disc one, "SPARKS," presents 14 songs including Falcon's Flight, Earth Speak, Spiral Slide, and Dancing On The WInd. Disc two, "EMBERS," adds 13 more songs including Caverns Of The Deep, Wild Flower


Waltz, Earth Pulse, and Forever In Our Hearts. 7061 CD $15.98 (Flute/Native Influenced/Non-Native)


The ECHO SKY SINGERS originated in and around the Pyramid Lake Paiute area in the 1980's. This new generation of ECHO SKY SINGERS decided to bring back this drum name begun by their fathers and uncles. Most of the ECHO SKY SINGERS are Pyramid Lake Paiute, but there are also other tribes represented from Canada and the United States. They have an original style of singing. All the songs are original compositions and are mostly non-word songs. Head singer Wakan Waci Blindman is joined by Louis Cervantes, Matt John, Hank Johnson, Mac Padilla, Jamie Stump, Forest Light, Wakinyan Blindman, Caley Can't See, Sky Light and Delson Williams. There are 12 songs on this recording including an honor song, a victory song, a round dance 49 girls song, a traditional sneak-up song and 3 intertribals. SSCT 4405 (Out of Print) (Pacific Northwest/Great Basin)


As a classic piece of filmmaking, Echoes From The Ancestors breathes spectacular scenic beauty and life back into some of the first wise and powerful inhabitants of this land we call America. Hearing the famous quotes of great Native American leaders such as Sitting Bull, Black Elk and Chief Joseph, to mention a few, we are reminded of and see the pure and magnificent landscape of the American west before these proud and Spiritual people were forced onto reservations. Dare we hope to believe that there is still some time to heal some of the pain and damage that has been done to the Indigenous people living today? The answer is a resounding "yes!" if we will only listen and hear where they have been, and then obtain a clearer understanding of where they are coming from. Echoes From The Ancestors can be that open door whereby the beginning of a deeper understanding and healing begins. Listen carefully to the words of the wise ones' as you enjoy the majestic wilderness scenery of New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming which was and is their homeland. EP 2006D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- NATIVE SPIRIT PRODUCTIONS... BH-02VHS VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


- STONEY POW WOW SONGS Eleven pow-wow songs by the Eden Valley PowWow Club. Recorded in Calgary, Alberta. Singers: Don Rider - lead, Jack Crawler, Dora Crawler, Jacqueline Rider, Didrienne Rider, Lorinda Rider, Bruce Beaver. 6136 Cassette $9.98 (Sioux)


When new man in town Kenny Williams takes a new job as an English teacher at the Three Nations Reservation in Utah, he finds it difficult to fit in with the close-knit Native American community. But by taking on the challenge of coaching the


- TRACKS WE LEAVE "A feast for the ears..."9" for the performance..."10"

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women's high school basketball team, both the girls and he learn what it takes to finally believe in themselves and in others. A heart-warming tale that you shouldn't miss. Starring James McDaniel, Irene Bedard, Tim Daly, and Wes Studi. 106 minutes. Closed Captioned. Not Rated. SHO 1149D DVD $17.95 (Hollywood Movies)


520 CD $20.98 (Country) - VOL. 2 - CHUCK'S BOOGIE El Coochise with the COUNTRY EXPRESS play Lookin' For a Feeling, Hank Williams You Wrote My Life, Invitation to the Blues, plus eight more favorites. 521 CD $20.98 (Country) - VOL. 3 - BETTER THAN EVER This album is really better than ever. El Coochise's singing and playing are at their best as he performs Driving My Life Away, Crazy Arms, Amanda, and seven other country hits. 522 CD $20.98 (Country) - THE MOST REQUESTED 14 of El Coochise's most requested songs. Songs include Sad News, Tulsa Time, Play Guitar Play, Amanda, and Ride Me Down Easy. 523 CD $20.98 (Country) Elk and John Stewart. NS 51014 (Out of Print.) (Sioux)



- A SOLDIER'S DREAM With fierce singing and earth-shaking drumming, Elk Soldier takes you to the heart of pow wow with their debut recording. Recorded live on the plains of South Dakota at Fort Randall, the powerful songs of Elk Soldier resound throughout the four directions with spirit and honor. 14 songs including Showtime, The Time Has Come, A Soldier's Dream, and a Grand Entry Medley which includes Snakes & Sparklers, Redman, and The People's Champ. 6418 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - THE ELK WAY Like a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder from across the Plains, Elk Soldier has brought their singing skills to the furthest reaches of the Pow Wow highway. Forged in the traditions of their Ihanktowan roots, they effortlessly blend contemporary singing with the words that carry a message of pride and strength to all Native peoples. 12 Pow Wow songs recorded live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Songs include Lightning McQueen, Oscar The Grouch, Stomp The Yard, and The Raven Strut. 6431 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - THE ELK DREAMERS "They call us Elk Soldier" Dancers in the pow wow circle jump to their feet and present their best dance moves when this group sings. Elk Soldier prays their songs will bring all Native people blessings in a spirit of respect for their ancestors and the drum. 13 songs including Butters, The Drum Hopper, Rezmerized, Speedway, and Elk Medicine. 6453 CD $15.98 (Sioux)


James Cromwell (Babe) stars in this heartwarming adaptation of the acclaimed best-seller about an eight-year-old Cherokee boy in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains during the 1930's. That boy is Little Tree, sent to live with his mountain-dwelling grandparents after the loss of his mother and father. It's the beginning of a new life for Little Tree, filled with joy, discovery, setbacks, triumps and good friends like mystical Cherokee seer Willow John. Life is hard during the depression, but for Little Tree it is an unforgettable time of growing up. Starring James Cromwell, Joseph Ashton, Graham Greene and Tantoo Cardinal. Rated PG PAR 33614D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


- FLUTE MUSIC OF THE OKANOGAN Twelve selections for solo flute by Herman Edwards of the Okanogan Tribe of British Columbia, Canada. Including Loon Cries of the North, in honor of the loons on the lakes of B.C.; and Mourning Dove's Love Song from an ancient Okanogan legend about the mourning dove's search for her lost mate. 549 (Out of Print.) (Flute/New Age) DAKOTAH & OJIBWAY STORIES OF THE LAND - told by Gourd Woman and Eagle Heart With a simple offering of tobacco, the "Old Ones" unfold ancient stories and make known a mystical and spiritual land. The storytellers speak of a land where the waters, buttes, stones, plants and animals reveal the lessons and origins of Humanity. These places and their stories are all around us and speak to us today. Gourd Woman and Eagle Heart, with kindly hearts and a genuine desire to preserve these rare stories for future generations, share them on this remarkable recording. Great for children, adults, students, educators and those simply wanting to be entertained. Gourd Woman is a Dakotah/Hidatsa elder born into a family of storytellers on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation of North Dakota. Eagle Heart is an Ojibway elder and storyteller born on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation of North Dakota. MW 0164 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Legends/Storytelling)


- MORNING STAR The newest star in the firmament of Native American flutists is Hovia Edwards of ShoshoneNavajo-Okanogan heritage. A second generation flutist, Hovia performs original and traditional melodies in s style that is fluid and youthful yet with a surprising maturity for an artist so young. 557 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


ELK'S WHISTLE philosophy is to sing from the heart for the people and they try their best to enjoy singing for the purpose it was intended. They are proud to be singers, believing that this is one of the most important things that identify us as the original people of the North American continent. - VOL. 1 - ELK'S WHISTLE Thirteen pow wow songs including crow hop, women's fancy dance, men's trick song and more. Singers: Angeo, Riel, Jason, and Gordon Wasteste; Curtis and Larry McKay, Terry Grey, Anthony Mark, Joseph Favel. Recorded in Saskachewan, Canada., EW 140689 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - VOL. 2 - ELK'S WHISTLE Singers: Kim Worme (lead), Angelo Wasteste (lead), Gordon Wasteste (drum keeper), Riel, Jason and Jeremy Wasteste; Robert Schuyler, Mike Esquash, Sage Worme, Robert Standing, and Wilson Brown. 12 pow wow songs: All Nations Coming From All Over, Many Dancers Coming and more great songs. EW 053193 (Out of Print.) (Sioux) - VOL. 3 - SING FROM THE HEART - SING FOR THE PEOPLE


A beautiful 30 minute tribute to the clothing and finery made by American Indian women. Includes outfits from all regions: early hide clothing, Woodlands tunics and ribbonwork, exquisite Plains beadwork, a Navajo wedding dress, a Tlingit blanket - 44 models repre-senting 24 tribes show 70 different outfits. This is a shortened version of the Bartlesville Indian Women's Club presentation of their traditional dress style show. 30 minutes. EV VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Art & Artists)


In Three Part Settings for Native American Flutes or Soprano, Alto & Tenor Recorders by John S. Kitts-Turner - The upper voices in these trios are Native American themes derived from Alice C. Fletcher's field work with the Omaha Nation. Peace and Fellowship (2 settings), Paint My Face, Approach of the Warriors, The Gods Decree our Fate, I Am the Wolf, My Sister, Song of War. 16 pages. FOS 28-BK Booklet $6.95 (Educational/Sheet Music-Music Books)


- SPIRIT DRUM Twelve Lakota pow wow songs including Our Friend the Four Directions Eagle Nation Dancing for Mother Earth, and Chief Eagle Bear (Fools Crow) Honoring Song. The producer has intertwined rattles, flutes, nature sounds and other effects between the songs and with the singing. The singers from the Oglala community on the Pine Ridge Reservation are: William Good Voice Elk III, Stanley Good Voice Elk, Charles Good Voice


Hopi, Apache and Navajo musicians provide backup for the vocals of Hopi musician and singer El Coochise in songs with a solid western flavor. - VOL. 1 - SAD NEWS Twelve songs including Ride Me Down Easy, Ramblin' Fever, and Keys in the Mailbox.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Dedicated to their father and past drum keeper, Mr. Gordon Wasteste, this recording was titled "Sing from the heart...Sing for the people" to remind themselves about the responsibility of the drum. ELK'S WHISTLE makes their best effort to carry on and remember the values that their drum carries. Includes 12 songs with literal translations. Their best album yet. SASK 062496EW (Out of Print) (Sioux) - LIVE - SCHEMITZUN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF SINGING AND DANCE ELK'S WHISTLE sings their own songs and occasionaly songs of other groups they respect and whose songs they like. Singers: Angelo Wasteste (lead), Gordon Wasteste (drum keeper), Jason, and Riel Wasteste; Wilson and Raymond Brown; Kimball Worme; Jeff Taylor, Larry and Darryl McKay, Robert Schuyler, and Kevin Haywahe. 10 pow wow songs including: Grand Entry, Vicotory Song,, traditionals, intertribals, grass and round dance songs. SGEW 091594 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - TEN YEARS LATER "Here we are ten years later and still fortunate enough to share our music with you, the people. Some faces have changed but the name remains. To all those who have lent us a helping hand or encouraged words, Creator bless you all." Elk Whistle. This widely acclaimed drum group has established themselves as one of Canada's leading groups composing their songs in their Dakota dialect. This release is sure to be one of the best selling cassettes across Indian Country. 10 pow wow songs with liner notes. Singers: Curtis Assiniboine, Wilson Brown, Angelo Wasteste (lead), Cammy and Ray Brown, Darryl, Moses and Baby `G' Dreven, McKay, Jason Wasteste, Kimbal Worme, Riel, Justin, Tyrell, and Jeremy Wasteste, and Robert Shuyler. WREW 003 (Out of Print.) (Sioux) - JUST JAMMIN' WREH 011 (Out of Print.) (Sioux) - INDIAN STYLE The songs presented on this recording are ones that will make you dance. Singers on this album include Angelo Wasteste, Jason Wasteste, Wilson Brown, Terrance Brown, Cam Brown, Darrell Brown, Ray `Teddy' Brown, Hartley Bear, Errol Tawiyaka, Buffalo Cawbell and Billy `Bead' McKay. Joining ELK WHISTE are Curt McKay, Don Wajuntah, Jeremy Wasteste and Anthony Mazawasicuna. 12 songs. WREW 031 (Out of Print.) (Sioux) - "STILL WITH US" WAMBDI HOKSHIDA The ELK WHISTLE SINGERS have been well traveled over the years and are well received and respected throughout their journeys. They have come to know and understand many other Indian cultures and singing styles. It is with the greatest repect that they are honored to sing their style of the Ruffle Dance. 11 songs including straight songs, jingle dress, crow hop and more. TIM 10055 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Sioux) - LIVE FROM WIND RIVER 2003 Singers Charles Larabee, Angelo Wasteste, Curtis McKay, Anthony Mazawasicuna, Darrell McKay,


Jeremy Wasteste, Billy McKay, Errol Tawiyaka and Jason Wasteste are proud to present this `LIVE" recording featuring 15 songs including 2 grand entry, 4 crow hop, 2 victory, 3 intertribal, a ruffle, an honor song, a sneak-up and a round dance. WWEW 0303 CD $17.98 (Sioux)


Phoenix, Smokey Mountain Rain, Diana, and Rambin' Man. LE-0910 CD $16.98 (Country) - JUST FOR YOU The most recent release from gospel singer Larry Emerson. He has put together another collection of nine songs including He's My Heavenly Father, I Still Believe, Thief in the Night, and Apple of My Eye. LE-JFY01 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian)


This powerful collection of 11 songs speaks to us of the importance of song and demonstrates faith in tradition as the core of contemporary life. Feel the power. By blending traditional instruments and rhythms with contemporary music, the artists have created a unique but definitely native sound. EMERGING POWER features some of the best known and top award-winning Native American artists including Joanne Shenandoah, R. Carlos Nakai, Jerry Alfred, Bill Miller, Brule, Andrew Vasquez, Burning Sky, Quiltman and Lawrence Laughing. RF 3002 (Out of Print) (Contemporary)


- HOLY WRATH Hip-hop rap gospel. All songs written by Ramondo Emerson. Guest artists include Steve Williams, Fresh I.E., and Larry Leask. 13 songs including Tha Last Hour, Delivered Us From Evil, Holy Ghost Power, and I'll Praise You. CPR-016 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- VOLUME 1 - SKYWARD MESSAGE LARRY EMERSON & SKYWARD sing ten gospel songs including He's In My Heart, Jesus Is The Answer and Lord You're My Everything. Singers: Larry Emerson, Frances Emerson, Joanne Begay, Frankie Woods and Emmett Fowler. CPR 498-LE Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Gospel / Christian) - VOUME 2 - NOW IS THE TIME Nine gospel songs including I've Been Saved, Thank You Lord and Jesus is Coming Again. All are original compositions by Larry Emerson. CPR-LE0499 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Gospel / Christian) - GO YE THEREFORE Eight more songs performed by Larry Emerson including Jesus Is The Answer, Because He Lives, City Of Gold, and I'll Fly Away. CPR-LEGY01 CD $16.98 (Gospel / Christian) - NOW AND FOREVER Eight songs including Always and Forever, Beautiful in My Eyes, and He Didn't Bring Us This Far to Leave Us. LE-NF01 CD $16.98 (Gospel / Christian) - SOMEBODY LOVES YOU Another seven Gospel favorites including Love You Forever, Precious Holy Spirit, and Everpresent GOD. LE-2006 CD $16.98 (Gospel / Christian) - ...SINGS ELVIS FAVORITES Larry Emerson heads off in another direction with his collection of favorite songs from Elvis. 10 songs include CC Rider, Don't Be Cruel, My Way, In The Ghetto, and Blue Suede Shoes. LE-SE01 CD $16.98 (Contemporary) - VARIETY CLASSIC TUNES Larry Emerson and Heartbeat present a collection of Country hits. Nine songs including Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town, By the Time I Get to Bev Doolittle's work reflects her love of horses, passion for the natural world and her affinity for the Native American's spiritual relationship to the land. Her phenomenal success has been a by-product of her desire to work hard at what she loves to do most - create art with meaning. Musical accompaniment provided by Grammy-nominated pianist Peter Kater. 50 minutes, set for continuous play. 15166D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Art Dvd)


Recorded on the San Xavier Papago Reservation by two popular dance bands - Mike Enis & Company and El Conjunto Murrietta. 6085 (Out of Print.) (Chicken Scratch)


- CREE NATION POW WOW LIVE AT BEAR PARK SGE 80199 Cassette $2.00 CD $18.98 (Cree)


A celebration of friendship for cultural understanding. Recorded live at the Eschikagou Pow Wow, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, September 2000. Various drum groups include THA TRIBE, NORTHERN WIND, BEAR CLAN and BEAR CREEK. Special features include IROQUOIS SMOKE DANCE and LITEFOOT. The sale of this recording supports financing of the 2001 Eschikagou Pow Wow. GON 101 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


Twenty songs recorded on St. Lawrence Island in the village of Savoonga and Gambell by Miriam C. Stryker. Some of the selections are contemporary Helicopter Song, Cowboy Song, Eskimo Rock and Roll - while others are ancient songs. Comments and notes are included. FE 4069 Cassette $5.00

Prices subject to change without notice.


(Pacific Northwest/Inuit-Eskimo)


TD 0906 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - FROM WHERE THE SUN RISES Estun-Bah, (Apache "for the woman") features Native American flutist Tony Duncan, guitarist Darrin Yazzie and drummer Jeremy Dancing Bull. Estun-Bah blends the music of Native traditions with a contemporary acoustic sound. 14 songs including Spirit of Mother Earth, Moonlight Reflections, Sedona Sunrise, and A Prayer to the East. 7093 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) ***See more Estun-Bah selections under the name Tony Duncan.


Enjoy the live sounds of Manito Ahbee featuring Eya-Hey Nakoda! Formed in 1994, Eya-Hey Nakoda continues to impress the pow wow world with powerful and uplifting music. From Morley, Alberta comes one of the pow wow worlds' premier singing groups to share their gifts with Winnipeg, Manitoba and the world. 16 songs including Mountain Music, Sioux Styles, Warrior Still Standing, Northern Flava and Respect Mother Earth. RZ 2635 CD $15.98 (Sioux)


Recorded by Laura Bolton, General editor Harold Courlander (1954 copyright). An ancient people, the Eskimo are still loosely organized. There are no organized tribes - only dialect areas or linguistic provinces and the local communities. In the Hudson Bay region the Eskimo still pursue their nomadic existence. The recordings on this cassette are typical of the Hudson Bay area. The underlying rhythm is 2/4, the tones are from 2-tone to 5-tone scales. 19 songs including dance songs, story songs, animal songs, and more. Liner notes included. FE 4444 Cassette $5.00 CD $20.98 (Pacific Northwest/Inuit-Eskimo)


- RECORDED LIVE AT THE 16TH ANNUAL SIFC POW WOW (SASK) Ten songs by 1992-93 United Tribes International Singing Champions and 1994 SIFC Singing Champions. Includes All Nations Song, men's fancy/trick song, sneak-up, whistle song and grass dance song. EYABAY consists of 15 Ojibway, 2 Winnebagos and 1 Sioux from the Red Lake Chippewa Reservation in Minnesota. Singers: Jerry Cleveland, Mike Roy, Todd Smith, Lee Lussier Jr., Darren Defoe, Roger White Jr., Misty Green Crow, April Clairmont, Briggette Whipple, John Morris, Terry and Philip St. John, Darren Cook, and Jason, Mack and Kevin Kingbird. ES 040794 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE Eleven original songs made by the EYABAY SINGERS from Red Lake, Minnesota. Includes Double Lead Elder Song, Gravy Boy, fancy, round, Vietnam Veterans' and intertribal songs. They are the 1992 United Tribes Pow Wow Champions. Singers: Lee Lussier Jr., Darren Defoe, Todd Smith, Darren Cook, Frank Beaulieu, Roger White Jr., Eric Gahbow, Mike Roy, Terry St. John, John Morris, Clint Green Crow, and Jason and Kevin Kingbird. 6250 Cassette $9.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - KICKIN' IT IN DA `90'S Sixteen singers from the Ojibway, Omaha, Winnebago, Sioux, Arickara, Hidatsa, and Menominee tribes. Ten songs including: Intertribals, Kunu Green Crow Song, "The Rump Shaker", Thank You Song and more. SSCT 4233 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - VOL. 2 Fourteen singers from the Ojibway, Omaha, Winnebago, Sioux, Arickara, Hidatsa, and Menominee tribes. Ten songs including: Pop Corn Song, I'll See You Again, Hot Stepper, Old Milwaukee, Woman's Fancy, Woman's Traditional and intertribal songs. SSCT 4270 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - "THUGS -N- HARMONY" EYABAY SINGERS have done it again, releasing yet another soon to be hit volume of powerful drumming. THUGS -N-HARMONY is their third recording on the Sunshine label; their sixth overall recording on all labels. After successful releases one after the other, Eyabay is definitely untouchable, proving that they are one of the best liked pow wow groups in the world. SSCT 4332 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - KEEP THEIR HEADS RINGING


- FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY, COMPASSION The Etcitty's are brothers Roy, Everette, and Luther, and sons Huron and Allyn from Shiprock, Arizona. They present these 12 holy yei songs. CT-20105 CD $14.98 (Navajo)


- FOR THE WOMAN Music is and always has been an important part of Native culture. As traditional sounds blend with more contemporary sounds one element remains forever embedded in the sounds of Native America - the love and respect for all life. These are songs and melodies of the heart. Tony Duncan, Seneca Silverhorn and Angelino Wood present 11 songs performed on cane flute and guitars. Songs include Within The Canyon, Zuni Sunrise, Stormy Night, and Tears Of The Sky. TD 1001 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - TRADITIONAL CANE FLUTE 15 traditional flute songs written, arranged and performed by Tony Duncan. Songs include Mountain Spirit, A Dream Of Love, Within The Canyon, Zuni Sunrise and Kokopeli Dance. TD 0902 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - MELODIES OF THE CANE FLUTE - VOL. 2 Tony Duncan proudly presents the follow-up release of Melodies of the Cane Flute. A beautiful landscape of dancing colors unfolds before your ears. Listen to the many sounds that echo across the crimson canyons of the Southwest. Immerse yourself in the sounds of serenity. Find peace as you follow a river of melodies that meander through landscapes of emotions we call life. By far his best work yet. 15 songs including Beneath a Blanket of Stars, Apache Lullaby, Falling Leaves, and Native Serenade. TD 1003 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - SOUNDS OF BEAUTY Joining Native American flute player Tony Duncan are Darrin Yazzie (acoustic guitar) and Jeremy Meyers (percussion). Special guests include Ric Flauding (classical guitar), Kevin Huang (violin), and Eli Secody and Ken Duncan (vocals) 14 songs including Violet, Birds Dancing, Soaring Eagle, Desert Stars, and Native Ways. TD 0904 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - BRIGHT BLESSED DAY Estun-Bah (Tony Duncan) brings you 18 songs performed on Native American flute. These are bright, happy songs representing morning and a beautiful day. Songs include First RAYS OF Light, Within the Canyon, Blessings for a New Day, Through Clouds, and Across the Golden Horizon.


- BLOOD LAND Ethnic De Generation is best described as a young Native American heavy metal band with all the right influences that make up a hardcore heavy metal band in the 21st century. Based out of Kayenta, Arizona on the Navajo Nation, they have created a national and international fan base delivering aggressive, high energy and high adrenaline heavy metal music. 10 songs including Self Infliction, Casual Tease, Zone, and Dishonesty. DR 30302 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


EYA-HEY NAKOTA was formed in September, 1994 by Ronald Hunter and Desi Rider, lead singers of other groups. They won the drum contest at the first pow wow they attended as EYAHEY NAKOTA in 1994 and have been winning ever since. A great drum group with a great sound! - SACRED MOUNTAINS Singers: Daniel Wildman, Leroy House, Desi Rider, Cam Hunter, Ryan Young, Gavin Far, Shanda Hunter, Tyler Far, Rod Hunter, and Rod Anders Hunter Jr. Twelve songs including Theme Song, Dancing Feather, The Cure, We Choose to Dance. Nearly one hour of great pow wow tunes. Liner notes and translations to songs. TIM 10006 CD $17.98 (Sioux) - LIVE AT CHILLIWACK Singers: Danile Wildman, Gavin Rider, Desi Rider, Cameron Hunter, Harum Smalleyes. Brandon Daniels, Joel Rain, Leroy House, Rod Hunter Sr., Rod Anders Hunter Jr., Charles Powderface and Ryan Young. Twelve songs including 49th Parallel, PowWow People, Terry S., Happiness, Willie Camera Dude, Slap Me Silly...Jennifer. TIM 10014 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Sioux) - ...ENTERS THE CIRCLE WREN 015 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - LIVE AT MANITO AHBEE

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The energy of the drum and the singers is evident in this latest recording of the remarkable "1995 Contemporary World Singing Champions". KEEP THEIR HEADS RINGING was recorded live at the 1996 Saddle Lake Pow Wow. EYABAY was invited to sing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. TIM 10002 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa/Ojibway) - 4-LIFE SSCT 4360 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - NO LIMIT Eyabay is one of the most aggressive and innovative drum groups of this decade having the most consecutive championships in Bismarck and Schemitzun. This Northern Style drum from Red Lake, Minnesota has become favorites among dancers and singers. Ten songs. AR 1101 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - THE BEST OF.... The Best of Eyabay showcases their very best songs spanning four previous recordings. This collection is twelve songs of Eyabay's very best including 4 Life, Pop Corn Song, Birthday Song, Pow Wow Highway and Thugs N Harmony. SSCT 4373 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - 2000 - AIN'T NUTHIN' BUT A "E" THANG SSCT 4397 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - LIVE 2000 Voted #1 contemporary group by the popular Pow Wow Poll web site. Eyabay is proud to present their latest live recording. 12 songs include grand entry, flag song, jingle dress contest, grass dance and retreat song. AR 1118 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - 2001 ETERNAL-E Head singer Lee Lussier Jr is joined by Terry St. John, Darren Cook, John Morris Sr, Philip St. John, Jason KingBird, Darren Defoe, Brian Thunder Hawk, Lance Saunsoci, Andre Saunsoci, David Henry and Roger White Jr. 14 songs. TDR 9630 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - MIRACLE The best selling drum group of all time is back with their 13th recording. These boys from Red Lake, Minnesota are the crowned kings of the pow wow scene and this new release clearly answers why. Miracle was recorded live on location in Grand Forks, North Dakota and delivers all the intensity and power that you have come to expect from EYABAY. Ten songs include Cheddar Dawg, This One's For You, and Ol' School. AR 1161 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - SOLDIERZ The Kings of pow wow have returned with their first studio album in three years. EYABAY will be hitting the pow wow trail hard this year and SOLDIERZ is proof that this innovative singing power house is back. 12 songs including Hate To Say Goodbye, Indian Girlz, Never Again, and Here With Me. AR 1219 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway)


- RETURN OF THE E EYABAY are back. Singers on this recording include Lee Lussier Jr., Terry St. John, Jason King Bird, Darren Defoe, Gee St. John, Darren Cook, Brian Thunder Hawk, Tonch St. John, Gerimiah Holy Bull, Wesley Jourdian, Wambli Charging Eagle, John Morris Jr., Mike Jourdian, and Charlene Hindsley. 13 songs including Knight Ryderz, Young Buck, and Bustle Breaker. RCR 2545 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains-Chippewa-Ojibway) - WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS Eyabay's 2007 release presents 12 songs including Pow Wow Angels, Save The Last Dance, Daddy's Pretty Girls, and Don't Tell On Me. RCR 1109 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - A TRIBUTE TO HAYNA FATZ Another great collection by one of the best drum groups in the Nation. 17 songs including Karma, Itz A Wrap, Skillz, Shell Shock, Young Money, and Arikaree Mix.. RCR 1965 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway)



The remarkable, one-of-a kind series that tells it all. The amazing story of America's original inhabitants - crystallized as never before into a powerful epic event. The insight actor/filmmaker Kevin Costner brought to his Dances With Wolves serves as a springboard to this thrilling chronicle, filmed on actual locations from the Central American jungles to the Canadian arctic. A cast of star voices and state-of-the-art computer recreations bring this rich untold history to vivid, moving life. Eight volumes on VHS 49 minutes each, 4 DVDs and a CD-ROM. DISC 1 contains Volume 1: The Ancestors - - Visit surprising early cultures of North America - including Cahokia, the largest city in the U.S. before 1800. Volume 2: Mexico - Through revealing eyewitness accounts, follow the rise and fall of the great Aztec Empire. DISC 2 contains Volume 3: Clash of Cultures - - Who met Columbus in the New World? Find out in a program that includes De Soto's plundering march through the southern U.S. Volume 4: Invasion of the Coast - - How Thanksgiving really began...the true Pocahontas story...the bloodiest of all colonial Indian wars...and more. DISC 3 contains Volume 5: Cauldron of War - - Trade transforms the Indian world, the American Revolution devastates the Iroquois, the oldest democracy on the continent. Volume 6: Removal - - Tecumseh stands against the tide. The Cherokee , and other Southern nations are forced west of the Mississippi. DISC 4 contains Volume 7: Roads Across the Plains - - Missions take hold in California, gold rushers pour in from the East and Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and others are caught in between. Volume 8: Attack on Culture - - Chief Joseph, Cochise and Geronimo resist confinement. The very cultures of Indian nations are put under seige. Recently released on DVD. DDWA 4577D DVD $55.95 (Videos/Documentary)



- THE SECRETS OF NATIVE AMERICAN BALANCED LIVING Tobacco. Sage. Sweetgrass. Cedar. For generations, the Native American people have relied upon these four medicines as integral ingredients in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. This CD is intended to be a complimentary element in an existence steeped in intentional balanced living. Let the ancient secrets of the Native American people guide you in your journey toward all-encompassing health. Nine tracks. AR 1214 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age)


22 songs presented by Dobbin Monoessy, Ida Faye Knifechief, Charlene Cozad, Mabel Cozad, Mia Cozad, Ori Lyn Ahboah, Marie Moses, Marlena Starr, Beverly Chasenah, Barbara Cozad, Alana Sadongei Owings, Lana White Shirt, Ella Fay Pace, Jolynne Toehay, Larry Cozad, Millard Clark Sr., Kenneth Cozad, Freddie Cozad, Daniel Cozad Sr., Howard Cozad, Vernon Cozad, Edgar Redbone, Edmond Tate Nevaquaya, Norman L. Clark, Russell Coshehe Mashunkashey, Jeff Toehay, and Gaylon Edge. IS 4949 CD $13.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOLUME 1 - KIOWA PRAYER SONGS 28 Kiowa and Comanche peyote songs sung by Daniel K. Cozad Sr., Joe Fish Dupoint, Kenneth L. Cozad and Howard J. Cozad. Recorded at Medicine Park, Oklahoma, June 4, 1998. IH 2541 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 2 - KIOWA NAC PRAYER SONGS 28 Kiowa, Apache and Comanche peyote songs sung by the same singers as in Volume 1. Continued from Volume 1. IH 2542 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- LIVE AT WILD HORSE PASS CASINO Comedy at it's best. Join James Junes, Ernest Tsosie III, Tatanka Means, Pax Harvey, and Adrianne Chalepah live at Wild Horse Pass Casino. Some of their best stand-up. 28 tracks inducing Hitch Hiker Love, Jealousy, Pendleton Style, Tough Women, Bed Time, Hardcore Accent, Native GPS, Wrong Restroom, Valley of the Oven, and Hollywood Indians. You won't stop laughing. (See James & Ernie for more comedic selections.) 49L 2012 CD $21.98 (Legends/Storytelling - Humor/Comedy)


- VOLUME 1: NATIVE AMERICAN DANCE SERIES The old people called it the crazy dance. Born in the Southern Plains, its color, power, and excitement have become the highlight of the modern pow wow. In this video, tribal elders tell the history of the fancy war dance; learn about a fancy dancer's outfit and how to wear it correctly; meet the championship dancers and the singers who create the music and see cham-pionship dance contests with close-ups of footwork. 30 minutes WH-D119D DVD $19.95

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(Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


the brutal wilderness. His journey ends when he returns, stronger and wiser, to reclaim his life and stop the curse that has divided his people. Majestic and timeless. In the Inuktitut language with English text. 161 minutes. Rated R COL 00235D DVD $17.95 (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies) RS 003 CD $18.98 (Gospel/Christian)





- `TIL THE END Thousands witnessed the special day at the 2009 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow when Dallas asked Fawn to marry him. Many felt the special power behind their music. It was proof that music comes from the heart, and can be shared with all who hear. In `Til The End, Fawn and Dallas share some of the special songs which led up to that day. Nine round dance songs including Necimos, Blessing Song, and Let Me Be. DHOP 3800 CD $16.98 (Cree)

- KEEP THE FAITH Jim Felix, Sturgeon Lake First Nations Cree, is joined by Sheldon Corbett (keyboard/horns), Richard McFarland (guitars), Brian Will (bass) and Gleen Ens (drums/percussion) with backup vocals by Dickson Lesser, Neil Meckelborg, Terry Long and Alicia Mattheis on this recording of original Gospel songs. Nine songs including Miracle Worker, I Hear You Calling, God's Gonna Move, and Do The Walk. RS 012 CD $18.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- ONCE MORE AROUND (Navajo Country Western 1969) Thirteen songs including Rubber Dolly, Bad Moon Risin', Games People Play, All I Have To Offer You, Good Deal Lucile, Country Rag, and more! F 11969 CD $15.98 (Country) - INTRODUCING THE FENDERS Twelve songs including Let Mother Have Her Way, Tiger By The Tail, Jambolia, Guitar Rag, Tell My Baby I Love Her, If Tears Were Pennies, and more. F 21996 CD $15.98 (Country) - THE SECOND TIME AROUND Fourteen songs including Your Cheatin' Heart, Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor, Love's Gonna Live Here, One Woman Man, I'm Walking the Dog, Counterfeit Love, Mule Train, and more. F 31996 CD $15.98 (Country) - ON STEEL Twelve songs including I Got A Hole in My Pirogue, Swinging Doors, Fenders' Special, and more. F 42000 CD $15.98 (Country)


The latest in the Native American Dance Style Series, FANCY SHAWL includes rare interviews with the first Fancy Shawl dancers. See champion dancers at Northern pow wow contests. This video features competition steps - Straight and Crow Hop. Enjoy the beautiful regalia close-up. Includes expert tips on design, color and sewing. 30 minutes.


15 more songs by 15 drums in this compilation from the Native American Series. Tracks include Flag Song (Black Lodge), Warrior (Maza Duta), Sneak Up (Red Wind), Memorial Song (Little Otter), and Shake Song (Whitefish Bay). All songs previously released. SSCT 4499 CD $15.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)




(Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


Michelle Yeoh, Sean Bean and Michelle Krusiec star in this chilling epic thriller about the battle for survival, unexpected passion and the temptation of revenge. Haunted by a violent past, Saiva (Yeoh) and Anja (Krusiec) share an isolated, brutal existence in the desolate Arctic tundra. When Loki (Bean), a wounded stranger, enters their lives, a romance quickly develops, and the betrayal that follows leads to consequences as shocking as they are bloody. 89 minutes. Rated R. CEL 4995D DVD $28.95 (Hollywood Movies)


Recorded live at the 2004 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Feathers & Fringes is the second release in the Pow Wow Gold Collection. These contemporary sounds of Native America include traditional, new age and alternative sounds. Artists include Gabriel Ayala (Classical guitar), Eli Secody, Arvel Bird, Terri Tsotigh (Native American Flute), Delia & the Waskewitch Boys, Robert Mirabal Ensemble, Michael Roberts, and the music of Nadjiwan. 13 songs. GON 112 CD $17.98 (Contemporary)


- OUT IN NEW MEXICO The next generation of the popular Country/ Western group THE FENDERS perform on their first album. The members are Alvin Miles, Jameson Saunders, Bryon Ramone, Donald Barboan, Sandy Ramone and Frank Peterson. 12 songs include Last Kiss, Never Rains In Southern California, and Still On My Mind. F 2111 CD $17.98 (Country) - STOMPIN' FENDERS II second release. 12 songs including Who'll Stop The Rain, Sugar Coated Babe, How'd We Ever Get That Way, and Louisianna Man. AV 8029 CD $17.98 (Country) - "HOLDIN' ON..." TO THE GOOD TIMES! FENDERS II bring you their third recording with 12 songs including Whole Lotta Shakin', Good Deal Lucille, Gloria, and Indian Car. AV 3704 CD $17.98 (Country) - FLAMING STARS 12 more songs from FENDERS II. Songs include


- VOLUME 1 15 popular fast and fancy songs performed by Black Lodge, Battle River, Blackstone, Rose Hill, Eagle Mountain, Red Bull, Pipestone Creek, Elks Whistle, The Boyz, Star Blanket Jrs., Wild Horse and Sweetgrass. All songs previously released on other recordings. VA 60005 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- DAUGHTERS OF THE EARTH Feather River Singers is a Native Women's drum group dedicated to singing traditional Native American music in native languages as well as English. They are of Cherokee, Choctaw, Blackfoot, and Comanche heritage. Of the 12 songs on this CD, eight songs are in Cherokee and four are in English. Songs include Beautiful World, Fry Bread, Women Warriors of the 507th, and Eternal Fire. The singers are Jesse Harris, Gwen Cochran, Anna Eyre, L.E. Honeycutt, Barbara Warren, Kathleen Shain, Seth Honeycutt, and Pamela Ames. FRS 5238 CD $15.98 (Cherokee)


One of the most acclaimed films of the year, THE FAST RUNNER, is an extraordinary, triumphant experience. Set amongst the Inuit people of the arctic, the film is a thrilling, passionate story exploring the universal themes of love, revenge and survival. When a small, nomadic community is cursed by an unknown shaman, the curse is still felt years later. Atanarjuat falls in love with Atuat, a woman already promised to the son of the clan's leader. In a fight, she is won by Atanarjuat causing vengeful clan leader Oki to plot to attack Atanarjuat and his brother in their sleep. Atanarjuat manages to escape and sets off running across the ice, embarking on a harrowing adventure to survive in


- CONTAGIOUS CONTAGIOUS describes the music and evangelism of popular Gospel singer JIM FELIX. From First Nations Canada to the reservations of America his music has touched hearts and changed lives everywhere. 13 inspiring songs include Power Belongs To God; He's Alive and I Can Hear Him Calling. Complete lyrics on jacket liner.

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Just A Lad, Fishing In The Dark, Love And Pain, and Do You Want To Dance. AV 9078 CD $17.98 (Country) - ONE DAY AT A TIME Another 12 songs from FENDERS II. Songs include Breakdown Lane, Never Was A Fool, I'm Coming Home, and Shadow Of A Distant Friend. AV 9079 CD $17.98 (Country) - WAGON WHEEL FENDERS II bring you their sixth recording with 13 songs. Songs include Stars on the Water, China Nights, Sweet Dream Woman, Louisiana Saturday Nights, and Blue Without You. AV 9081 CD $17.98 (Country) - TO YOU In their seventh recording Fenders II present 12 songs including Louisiana Man, Honky Tonk Man, Shook Me All Night Long, and Uno Mas Cerveza (in Navajo). AV 9085 CD $17.98 (Country) - GREATEST HITS COLLECTION This collection contains 16 of the Fenders II all time greatest hits. Songs include Indian Car, Wagon Wheel, Sweet Navajo Love, Flaming Star, and One Day At A Time. AV 4461 CD $17.98 (Country)


- CHEYENNE NATION A soulful mixture of traditional flute and contemporary instrumentation promoting the unity of the Cheyenne people. Cheyenne Nation is the passion and power of the music of Joseph Fire Crow. When Joseph sings, centuries of his peoples heritage - their pain and suffering, their love and happiness, their pride and accomplishments, and most of all their honor - shine brightly throughout. Joining Fire Crow on this album are Jovino Santos Neto on keyboards, Jon Nyborg on guitars, John Scalia on bass, Dale Heib on drums, and David Swenson on additional percussion and keyboards. MM 0154 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - LEGEND OF THE WARRIOR Songs of courage, bravery, strength...songs of acceptance, power and love - these songs spur the warrior to do great deeds so that his name will always be remembered. For the true actions of the warrior define his name, his people and his family. Eleven new songs honoring the warrior from a master flute player. Songs include Sweet Medicine, Where Is My Angel?, Cheyenne Man and My Elders Speak. MM 0181 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - RED BEADS Discover the healing, togetherness and hope of Grammy and Nammy award winner JOSEPH FIRE CROW's flute, hand drum and vocals. His music has set new standards for the Native American flute. His melodies are meditative, luscious and soul-stirring. 14 songs including Sundance Horses, Intertribal War Dance Song, Eagle Boy, Whatever Happens, and Summer Changes the Heart. This enhanced CD is Man OS X, Mac Classic and Windows compatible. MM 0193 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - FACE THE MUSIC Joseph FireCrow presents his fifth recording of Cheyenne flute music. 13 songs including Spirit Lives, Medicine Power, Lizard Blues, Maheo' Walk With Me, and Silent Warrior. This will surely be one of your favorites. FCP 6820 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - LIVE AT THE WINSTED GREEN Joseph FireCrow's live performance includes some old favorites , some newly released songs, an improvisation and an unreleased title. As an extra bonus you will enjoy an interview with him. Approximate running time is 64 minutes. Songs performed include Wind in My Mind, The 49's, I Walk With You, Eagle Song, and Redtail Hawk. FCP 2746D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Music-Variety)


SKIN TIGHT BLUES is the first compilation of contemporary blues performed by First Peoples' musicians. This recording features seven Native musicians from Canada and seven from the United States. The wealth of Native blues talent across North America deserves to be known around the world. Whether it's the hard hitting blues of Jimmy Wolf or the historical journey of Ulali, First Peoples' Blues will introduce you to many shades and styles of blues by some of the most talented Native artists in North America today. Artists include Ulali, Gary Small Band, Billy Joe Green, Murray Porter, Jani Lauzon, Keith Secola and many more. North American Indians do have a strong connection to the blues, just like black Americans, and it strikes deep to the soul. They both have reasons to sing the blues...sit back and enjoy SKIN TIGHT BLUES. SGB 2002 (Out of Print) (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues)


Fish Hawk is a lonely and aging Indian hunter, struggling to overcome both the lure of the bottle and the contempt of the local townsfolk. Alone and grieving from the loss of his family, the once-proud Osage Indian has lost his direction in life and only drifts, lost in a whiskey fog. It takes the love and friendship of a small boy to show Fish Hawk the path back to self-respect. But the way is hard, with both wild nature and ignorant men challenging his every step. Filmed in the Canadian wild, this warm and inspirational family drama shows the power of friendship to heal an old man's wounded heart and to sooth a young boy's troubled soul. Starring Will Sampson, Charles Fields, Mary Pirie, Chris Wiggins and Geoffry Bowes. 95 minutes. Not Rated 51635D DVD (Out of Print) (Hollywood Movies)


This compilation album features 16 tracks of jigs, reels, waltzes and more from Eric Ashdown, Hap Boyer, Corny Michel, Just the Boyz, and Rez Boyz. Songs include Dene Breakdown, Fiddle Fingers, Bear's Kitchen, and Caribou Reel. TIM 10134 CD $17.98 (Country/Fiddle)


On the frontline, there's no time for fear. For 70,000 marines who fought with bombs blasting and guns blazing, the bloody battle for Iwo Jima was more than the turning point of World War II; it was the defining moment in their lives. In this epic director Clint Eastwood taps into the single greatest emotional truth of warfare: soldiers may fight for their country, but they die for their friends. Hailed by critics as a film of awesome power and blistering provocation. Flags of Our Fathers is a powerful true story of heroism and bravery that should be shared and remembered. Starring Adam Beach, Ryan Phillippe and Jesse Bradford. Closed Captioned. 132 minutes. Rated R 11782D DVD $26.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- MOON LODGE (ITTA'TBACHIASH) SINGERS Moon Lodge is a collection of traditional ceremonial songs and dances of the Crow Tribe. The songs are presented as they have been preserved from antiquity by oral tradition. These songs were used by the tribe to help warriors prepare for battle, and to pray for their success and safe return. The dances also honored the warriors, their return of a successful raid. These songs are now performed at pow wows, their original meaning and spiritual significance remembered only by a few traditional families. WW 10001 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains)


- MEMORIES OF CHILOCCO The FLAGSTAFF NATIVE ECHOES come from the southern part of the Navajo Reservation. They were formerly known as the Flagstaff Singers. Members of the group are Richard Begay, Dannie Largo, Rita Begay, and Helena Largo. 12 songs all composed by Richard Begay. Songs include Zuni Girl Came To Dance, Travelling With Pueblo Girl, Wait And See, and Follow Her Back To Idaho. CRM 080102 Cassette $4.00 (Navajo)


- FIRE CROW - NORTHERN CHEYENNE FLUTE Fire Crow brings history to his art and music as he lectures, conducts workshops and performs. His music is a reflection of his dedication to his people and his home, the land of the Cheyenne. Joseph only plays flutes crafted by his own hand. Songs include: First Flute Song; Creator's Prayer; Wolf Song; Standing Rock; and 13 more songs. MM 0130 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)


Grand Entry, hoop dance, shake, jingle dress, traditional and intertribal songs. Singers: Rick Richard; Ken Guiboche; Melvin Starr, Morley, Morley Jr. and Bruce Redwood; Sean Spence; Raymond Jack and Henry Acoby. SSCT 4183 (Out of Print) (Canada)




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- RECORDED LIVE AT ARLEE, MONTANA A Live Recording of a Stick Game in Progress During the July 1972 Arlee Pow-Wow, Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana. At the Arlee PowWow stick games are played under the shelter of a large tent, open on the sides. Two long logs are placed parallel on the ground a few feet apart. Two teams of players sit or kneel outside the logs and sing as they play, beating out the song rhythms on the logs in front of them with short sticks. Betting adds to the excitement and as the game proceeds the singers become more excited by shifts of fortune. Liner notes. 6105 (Out of Print) (Pacific Northwest - Great Basin)


Chontay Her Many Horses, Lakota Clairemont, Pernal Semagenis, Terry and Quentin Chickosis, Dion and Jonas Tootoosis, Burton Ward and Arnold Pete. Twelve pow wow songs including Fancy Dance, Shake, Woman's Traditional, intertribals, and traditionals. 6232 Cassette $9.98 (Cree) - VOL. 2 - THE STRAIGHTER THE BETTER (LIVE) This lively drum brings us more great pow wow sounds. Songs include Intertribal(s), Fancy Dance, Contest Song(s), Honor Song, Jingle Round Dance, and Round Dance songs 6233 Cassette $9.98 (Cree) - VOL. 3 - THE SECOND WAVE; STRAIGHT POW WOW The up and coming Cree pow wow group, FLY-IN EAGLE, bring you 12 exciting songs from Canada. These songs are sung in the straight pow wow style, containing vocables only - sounds and words that have no specific meaning. 6234 Cassette $9.98 (Cree) - VOL. 4 - RED & BLUE; CREE POW WOW SONGS FLY-IN-EAGLE singers (Cree tribe members unless otherwise noted): Dever Tsatoke (KiowaComanche), Arnold Pete, Alan Bonaise (lead singer), Quinnton Checkosis, Clyde and Dion, Jonas and Quinton Tootoosis, Carl Kennedy. Eleven songs including: Peking, I'll Be Home, Veteran's Victory Song,Taking Out The Trash and more. 6236 Cassette $9.98 (Cree) - THUNDER SHAKER Recorded live at the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College Pow Wow 1997. Includes Thunder Shaker, A Long Way Home, I'm Back, Rush and ten more. TIM 10011 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Cree) - SPIRITS WITH U WRFE 013 Cassette $4.00 (Cree) - TEARIN' IT UP TIM 10027 Cassette $4.00 (Cree)


Keenatch, Amos Yazzie, Arnold Wuttunee, Dwayne Benson, Scott Paskemin, and Bill Podquing. Songs include Wild On, Let It Loose, Sunset, Return of the Brave, and Eastside. SGFE 4305 CD $12.98 (Cree)


- PEYOTE SONGS FLYING HIGH WOMAN is Ethel Rachel Red Bear (Wankal Kiye Win). Her grandmother, Mary Bullman, is the daughter of Chief American Horse, and was the first in the family to be baptized in the Holy Peyote way of life of the Native American Church. She attended her first peyote meeting at age seven. The first time she sang with the holy instruments of gourd, fan and staff was in 1974. She now sings at every meeting she attends. CRM 010400 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


(Kootenai, Montana) - LED BY MARY ANTISTE While playing stick game songs, a person is undoubtedly happy. The two teams involved sing with vigor and vim whenever their side has its turn. 8017 Cassette $9.98 (Pacific Northwest - Great Basin)


Mary Ingles is pregnant when she and her two sons are captured from their homestead in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains by Shawnee Indians. Her husband, Will, narrowly escapes death during the attack. Impressed by her grace under pressure of captivity, Wildcat, the Shawnee chief, confers special privileges on Mary and her children, eventually proposing that Mary become his mate. Surprised by her attraction to the handsome brave, Mary nonetheless opts to remain faithful to Will and engineers a plan for her escape. Separated from her children, Mary joins another female settler, and together they embark on a harrowing homeward trek. Her odyssey comes full circle when she is finally reunited with her long-lost children. Exploring our ambivalent relationship with Native Americans, Follow The River is an enthralling epic of one woman's grit, loyalty, and determination. Rated PG. 28639D DVD $12.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- LIVIN LIFE FLAWLE$$ From St. Paul, Minnesota this hustler gives you 15 cuts showcasing his unique vocals. Each track from this tight new Rap artist gives you a deeper glimpse into his Flawle$$ lifestyle. The whole CD represents unflawed street life while giving you tightly produced beats. Sure to bring out the bass in your system. Guest apperarances by Litefoot, Tony G and Daybi. Parental Advisory RVR 9678 (Out of print) (Contemporary - Rap)


- RECORDED LIVE Eight pow wow songs by an intertribal group who get together to sing at pow wows. Allan Bonaise from Cutknife, Sask. is the lead singer. Ten other singers from the US and Canada (Cree, Assiniboine, Sioux, and Comanche). Recorded live at S.I.F.C. Pow Wow in Regina, Saskatchewan. SSCT 4164 (Out of Print) (Cree) - VOL. 1 Reissued by the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Center. Eleven pow-wow songs. Allan Boniase lead singer. FE 051492 Cassette $2.00 (Cree) - AT WANUSKEWIN HERITAGE PARK Eleven northern pow wow songs - jingle dress, crow hop, fancy, shake, veterans, intertribal and more. Singers are members of the Cree, Sioux and Comanche tribes. Allan and Alex Bonaise, Lakota Clairmont, Sean Washahat, Henry Gardipy, Wes Cook, Chontay HerManyHorses, Burton Ward, Donald Speidel, Craig Cross, Pernelle Semogains and Jeff and Arnold Moosomin. FE 051393 Cassette $2.00 (Cree) - VOL. 1 - POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE Members of the Cree, Sioux and Assiniboine Nations. FLY-IN EAGLE is Allan Bonaise, Arnold, Steve and Jeff Moosim, Donnie Spiedel,


- LITTLE CHILD SLEEP WELL This charming album is the ideal compliment to bedtime. Combining contemporary classics with traditional Native American lullabies in a perfect balance that will gently soothe your child. Whether resting by day or slumbering by night, it will bring a touch of enchantment to your passage into sleep. 12 Native American flute melodies including Don't Cry My Child, It's Time To Sleep My Baby. I Love You My Child, and Hush Little Baby. AR 1212 CD $17.98 (Legends/Children's)

CD $17.98

- BRO STYLE - ROUND DANCE CRM 040500 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Cree) - DREAM TIME It's been a while since their last studio recording. DREAM TIME is dedicated to the late Ferlin Assiniboine and the late Art Moosomin, both of whom inspired the drum. 11 songs including Still Fly In, Footslide, Let The Good Times Roll, and Side Step. TIM 10058 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Cree) - KAYAS FLY-IN EAGLE proudly presents another great collection of 14 pow wow songs. Singers include Allan Bonaise, Pat Benson, Nathan Pelly, Aaron Whitehead, Leon Baldhead, Shawn Kaboni, Donnie Speidel, Aaron Tootoosis, Sanford Strongarm, Lynale Benson, Blake Chief, Dean Smith, Jacky


This is a narration by Frank Fools Crow. One side in Sioux, the other in English. Contains a letter of address to former U.S. President, J. Carter. NS 5001 (Out of Print) (Sioux)


Native Spirits takes the viewer to a higher level of consciousness through their visual musical journey. Their peaceful and hypnotic music reflects their vision of honoring the Great Spirit - Creator - Giver of Life. The Southwest region where they live (Santa Fe, New Mexico) is historically made up of

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two cultures that at one time were at war, the Native Americans and the Spanish. To find peace, balance and forgiveness in this, the group has found a way to embrace the two cultures in a peaceful bridge of unity and harmony through their melodic musical journey. New age style flute, guitar, drums and rattle filmed around the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. 24828D DVD $17.95 (Videos)


Cappo. Clarence Adams, Bill Piegan, Clifford Young Bear, Junior Bearcub, Jim Buffalo Calf, Gary Red Eagle, Buddy Adams. 8034 Cassette $9.98 (Sioux)



Twelve Yei-Be-Chai songs from the Navajo Nation by the Four Corners Yei-Be-Chai Singers: David Jim, Willie Jim Redhouse, Ernest Saltwater, Kenneth Curley, John McDonald and Jack Willie Jim. 7152 Cassette $9.98 (Navajo)


- WHEN HE PAINTS HIS FACE... SOUTHERN STYLE POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE AT MESCALERO. Fort Oakland is the tribal reservation community of the Tonkawa/Lipa Apache tribe located near Tonkawa, Oklahoma. The FORT OAKLAND RAMBLERS music reflects on the lifestyle of their people and is presented in strict accordance with the rich southern traditional singing style. Singers: Joseph Begs-His-Own (Sioux/Tonkawa), Jacque Senecal (Blackfoot/Cherokee), Tonia L. Cozad (Kiowa/ Paiute), Randy Flores (Catawba), Sonny Kadayeso (Mescalero Apache/Tonkawa), Henry Patterson (Tonka/Lipan Apache), Antone Street (Tonkawa/ Ponca), Junior Tofpi (Kiowa/Sauk & Fox), Junior Flores (Ponca/Tonkawa), Don Patterson (Tonkawa/ Lipan Apache), Buffy Shanta (Mescalero Apache/ Lipan Apache), Ernest Kadayeso (Apache/ Tonkawa). Eleven songs including Grand Entry, Memorial Flag Song, intertribals, straight intertribals, Fort Oakland Traveling Home Song and more. 6281 Cassette $9.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - OKLAHOMA INTERTRIBAL AND CONTEST SONGS The FORT OAKLAND RAMBLERS are comprised of members of the Ponca, Otoe, and Tonkawa tribes and are located in north central Oklahoma. Six intertribal songs, four contest songs, two patriotic give-away songs, two Ponca songs. Singers are Perry Lee Botone Jr., Jim Grant, James Kembie, Garland Kent Jr., Gregory Lieb, Oliver and Stephen Little Cook, Don and Henry Patterson, Jade R. Roubedeaux, Sophina Buffalohead, Tesa Goodeagle, Roberta J. McIntosh and Dobbin Monoessy. Recorded at White Eagle, Oklahoma. IH 2015 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


-TODAY'S STORY OF THE HOOP DANCE Every formation tells a story and every story should be told. Witness the stories of the hoop dance unfold as championship hoop dancers from all across Indian country share their stories of the origins, meaning and love of the hoop dance. Filmed at the world renowned Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, with special guest narration by screen legend Saginaw Grant, Formations of Life is a truly insightful look into one of our first nation's most popular styles of dance. A wondrous journey by the producer of "Echoes in the Canyon" two-time Nammy nominee, Brian Hammill. BH-03D DVD $16.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


Traditional and original compositions for Native American Flute by Carl Bludts. Includes a companion CD. 20 songs including Sioux Love Song, Sleep Little One Sleep, Comanche Hymn, Dancing with Kokopelli, and Little Bluebird. 971960620-BK Music Book $21.95 (Educational - Sheet Music/Music Books)


- VOL. 1 NAVAJO CHANTS - POW WOW SONGS THE FOUR MOUNTAIN NATION SINGERS are one of the most popular and authentic native chanting and drumming groups in America, performing and winning at pow wows throughout the Southwest. Songs are inspired by personal and spiritual experiences. They encourage young people to take part in their culture. Singer: Rudy, Henry, Emery, Vertina, Percy, and Emerson Thompson, Ronald and Deanna Todacheenie, and Shawn Wero. Songs include: Dance For Us, Fancy/Contest, Dance in Beauty, Show Your Style, plus seven more. ASTRO-023 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes present the 2005 Fort Hall Festival. Host drums were Northern Cree and Sizzortail. Other drums present were Cozad, Dry Lake, Wild Rose, Thunder Hill, Sage Point, Pipestone, White Lodge, War Scout, Southern Boyz and The Boyz. 15 songs - 12 intertribals and three gourd dance. DHOP 0900 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- VOL. 1 - RECORDED LIVE AT FORT QU'APELLE A recording of war dance songs by one of the great singing groups of the Northern Plains. Includes Canadian Flag Song, sung by the Sioux Valley Singers and United States Flag Song by the Fort Kipp Singers. Album recorded live during the Fort Qu'Appelle Celebration, summer, 1971. 6079 Cassette $9.98 (Sioux) - VOL. 2 - MONTANA GRASS SONGS Another album by this fine group from Poplar, Montana. James Black Dog, Matt Black Dog, Sr., Archie Bearcub Sr., Gary Red Eagle, Clifford Young Bear, Gary Drum, Jerry White Cloud, Ben Gray Hawk, Jr. 6101 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - VOL. 3 - FORT KIPP CELEBRATION The third album by the Fort Kipp Singers. Contains twelve songs, including Fort Kipp Theme Song, Kahomni and grass dance songs. Nineteen singers including Jim Black Dog, Clifford Young Bear, Jerry White Cloud, and Eunice Alfrey. 6152 (Out of Print) (Sioux) - VOL. 4 - `77 LIVE The fourth album by the FORT KIPP SINGERS of Poplar Montana. Recorded live during a pow-wow, July, 1977. Ten intertribal songs, and two contest songs with Jim Black Dog (head singer), Bob


An endearing, comic and eternally universal love and death story set among the modern traditions of the Oklahoma Indian. Starring Cody Lightning as Cufe Smallhill who finds his usually silent father even quieter than usual...dead from an overdose of medication. Without fanfare or hesitation, Cufe sinks his father's body in a pond according to his father's wishes. Without an autopsy or funeral, Cufe's deed creates a crisis in his family as he tries to understand who his father was and what kind of man he himself wants to become. It seems that only one girl really understands Cufe and may hold the key to understanding the bonds holding a family together. Also starring Tamara Podemski, Laura Bailey, and Jeri Arredondo. 81 minutes. Rated R FLP 12139D DVD $26.95 (Hollywood Movies)


The Four Corner Singers are from Teec Nos Pos, Arizona. These are Navajo skip-dance and twostep dance songs. Singers: Ben Salas, Bob Mitchell, Bennie Woody, Tommy Lowe, Tommy Lee, Johnny Descheny, Leo Johnson, Tinker Joe, Harvey Nelson, David Jim. - FOUR CORNERS SINGERS VOLUMES 1 THROUGH - 7 CASSETTE ONLY Vol.1 -- 8044 (N/A) Vol.5 -- 7143 $9.98 Vol.2 -- 8045 (N/A) Vol.6 -- 7144 $9.98 Vol.3 -- 8048 (N/A) Vol.7 -- 7145 (N/A) Vol.4 -- 8049 (N/A) (Navajo) - WELCOME TO FOUR CORNERS U.S.A. 12 new Skip Dance and Two-Step songs including Being Young, Zuni Girl, When We Were Young and Enjoying The Song & Dance. The singers are Johnny Pete, Tommy Pete, Leo Johnson, David Jim, Clarence Weston, Bob Mitchell and Tommy Lowe. CRM 071801 (Out of Print) (Navajo)


- FOUR WINDS SINGERS - IROQUOIS SONGS Recorded May 28, 1995 at the 2nd Annual Cherokee Festival, Ambler Pennsylvania. The FOUR WINDS SINGERS are Arnold and Grace Greenberg, Joseph Leon, Nick Apongalook and Ralph Malendez. Twelve songs including: Jack Peterson's Song, Kiowa War Dance, Ojibwa War Dance, Fish Dance, Eskanye,Men's Traditional and more. SSCT 4267 (Out of Print) (Eastern)

JERRY FRANKLIN - with the Navajo

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Country Four

- VOLUME 1 Jerry's first recording just made available again now on CD. 12 songs including Me And Bobbie McGee, Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You, Here I Am Drunk Again and Running Kind. JF 01 CD $15.98 (Country) - VOUME. 2 In Jerry Franklin's second recording he performs 12 songs including Good Time Charlie, I'll Be There, and The Longer You Wait. JF 02 (Out of Print) (Country) - SAL'S GOT A SUGAR LIP In volume 3 Jerry Franklin brings you another 12 great songs including I Can't Get You Off My Mind, Long Black Veil, and Walk Through This World With Me. JF 03 (Out of Print) (Country)



- MIC MAC (MI' KMAQ) SONGS Eight Mic Mac Songs from the Indian Brook Reservation, Nova Scotia, Canada. Songs include Mi' Kmaq Honor Song, round dance, gathering song, Ko' jua and Mi' Kmaq Feast Song. Singers: Garry Knockwood, Michael Doucette, Vaughen Doucette, Anthony Morris, Darrel Morris, Roy Herney and Greg Marr. A welcome addition to our selection of songs from the Eastern Tribes. SSCT 4093 (Out of Print) (Eastern)


- JAMMIN' BAR TUNES In their second volume Chad Antone and Kirkland Chico join the band on percussion replacing Lyle Reams and Gilbert Jose. They play a variety of cumbias, wailas, muzurkas, and chotes. 22 songs include Frenz Cumbia, Fiddlers Muzurka, Grande Vida Cumbia, Indians Chote, Down South Waila, and Chain Gang Cumbia. F 102 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - BLAST FROM THE PAST The band presents 23 more cumbias, wailas, chotes and muzurkas in their third album. Songs include Jazzy Cumbia, Jalisco Waila, Looking Good Chote, That's The Way Muzurka, Ghostriders Waila, and Pineapple Cumbia. F 103 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - FRIENDS (Volume 4) The original members present another 23 songs including Blue Stairway, Up & Down Waila, Never On A Sunday, Molina's Mazurka, Lambada, Paloma Blanca, and Scratch King Waila. F 104 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - MUMSIGO The original members want to thank Delphine, Ann and Buzz for playing percussion on their fifth recording. This album is dedicated to all musicians who passed away through the years. The band recognizes their musical talents and will remember them always. They present 20 songs including In The Mood, Cross City Waila, Cool Town Chote, Cobra Cumbia, Macho Belero, and Tejanita Cumbia. F 105 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - CHICKEN SCRATCH Thomas Rivas steps in for Lyle Reams in the bands sixth recording. They present 22 more rousing wailas, muzurkas, chotes and cumbias for your listening enjoyment. Songs include Galluping Waila, Native Muzurka, Tierra Cumbia, All Night Chote, Gambler's Waila, Dance Till Dawn Chote, and Ko'Kol Hidod Muzurka. F 106 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - CUMBIAS Thomas Rivas again steps in for Lyle Reams. FRIENDS brings you 22 more great tunes including Solterito, Pretty Baby, Hey Nineteen, University Dr., Coconut, and Celebrate. F 107 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - BACK WERE WE CAME FROM Three of the originals (Corwin Norris, Archie Miguel and Gilbert Jose) present 20 songs including Second Chance Cumbia, Papago Express Mazurka, Verde Chote, Norris Waila, Sombrero, Side Stepping, and Thinking Of You. F 108 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - CHAKA & FRIENDS - All 4 The Love Of Music Archie, Chris and Corwin are joined by Wilbur Benally Jr. (rhythm guitar & vocals), Brandis Joaquin (bass & accordion) and Kirk Chico (percussion) to present 14 great tunes. Songs include Never Ending Love, La Bamba, Never Rains In Southern California, Wipe Out, and Cumbia Del


- MASEECHO SSCT 4335 Cassette $2.00 (Canada)


- RED LETTERZ Christian music like you've never heard before. FRESH.I.E brings you his songs in the Rap/HipHop style hoping to reach those who need to hear the word in a way they can understand. 16 tracks including Glory, I Need You, Fire, He Loves You, and Make A Choice. RS 007 CD $18.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- ELECTRIC WARRIOR You may not recognize the name, but you will definately recognize his accomplishments. Discovered by KISS member Gene Simmons, Micki moved to Los Angeles in the late eighties. He has been nominated for three Grammy's with the group SHALAMAR, and won the Grammy in 1985 for "Best Album of Original Score Written for a Motion Picture" for the movie "Beverly Hills Cop" with Eddie Murphy. He also has received three platinum records for the song "Footloose" from the movie of the same name, and a gold record for the song "Don't Get Stopped In Beverly Hills" from "Beverly Hills Cop." He has worked with the likes of Gene Simons and Paul Stanley of KISS, Prince, Diana Ross, and Janet Jackson. His latest accomplishment is winning "Best Male Artist of the Year" at the 2002 Native American Music Awards. He was nominated in seven catagories. His blues-rock style is haunting and reminiscent of the late Jimi Hendrix. ELECTRIC WARRIOR is a true example of his talents. 12 songs including Wounded Knee, Waterfall, Gypsy Son, and The Restless Heart. CF 3697 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - THE SUN CHASER The latest by MICKI FREE shows you another side to the blues/rock Male Artist of the Year winner from the 2002 Native American Music Awards. This recording shows a ligther, more mellow Micki. His playing of the Native American flute is inspiring and a joy to listen to. Eight songs written, produced, arranged and performed by MICKI FREE include Mother Earth, Love Child, Spirits On The Wind, and True Native. DI-1124 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - SEDONA FREE Native American flute love songs performed by Nammy nominated and winner Micki Free. All songs written and performed by Micki Free. 18 songs including Crickets & Nighthawks, Moon Of The Cottonwood Trees, Cactus Flowers, Monsoon Afternoon and Coyote Speaks. CF 2004 (Out of Print.) (Flute/New Age)


- GOSPEL SONGS: BE WITH ME Travis Friday of Stateline shows you his Gospel side with 12 songs to glorify Jesus. Songs include Where Could I Go, Amazing Grace, Because He Lives. I'll Fly Away, and Glory To His Name. TM 332258-7 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - NAVAJO GOSPEL SONGS Travis Friday brings you 10 Gospel songs in Navajo. Songs include How Beautiful Heaven Must Be, Sweet By And By, Just A Closer Walk With Thee, and Close To Thee. TM 332258-1 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - DANCE WITH ME 10 more Country songs by Travis Friday. Songs include Don't Stop, One For The Money, She's A Lady, and Shotgun Rider. TM 332258-9 CD $17.98 (Country)


- ...JUST THE COVERS Travis and Merle bring you ten songs including Shotgun Rider, Heart Of Stone, Chains, and Still On My Mind. TM 332258-2 CD $17.98 (Country)


- CHICKEN SCRATCH Dedicated in loving memory to Virgil Jose, the founder and long time leader of the band. Twelve dance tunes including Take My Hand Mazurka, Virg's Waila, Jose's Cumbia and Adios, Adios Waltz. Ronnie Juan (accordion), Gilbert Jose (sax), Arnold Paul (guitar), Terrance Jose (percussion), Neal Norris (bass) and Archie Miguel (drums). 8099 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)

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Sol. F 109 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - HA-KAIDAG WAILA A collection of 20 more songs from FRIENDS. You won't be able to stop yourself from dancing to this collection of waila, chotes, mazurkas and cumbias. F 110 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - PIAST NE'NE FRIENDS 11th recording presents a collection of 21 chotes, wailas, cumbias, and mazurkas. Songs include Broken Record Chote, Las Mananitas, Going Away Waila, Early Morning Mazurka, Out Of Control Cumbia, and Garza Ranchera. F 111 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - NEVER FORGOTTEN This collection presents 22 cumbias, wailas, chotes, a mazurka and a Pasquala. Songs include Mariposa Cumbia, San Antonio Rose Waila, Cold Ones Chote, Tequila Cumbia, Fast as a Shark Waila, and Mariach Pasquala. F 112 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch) - CHAKA N FRIENDS - PASSION FOR THE MUSIC The band presents 15 songs including Folsum Prison, Picking White Gold, Ball and Chain, Jambalaya, and Susie "Q". F 113 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch)




- MUSIC FROM SAN JUAN PUEBLO All songs composed and arranged by Jerry, Peter, Chip and Santiago Garcia. Songs include Cloud Dance, Turtle Dance, Green Corn Dance, Basket Dance. Recorded by James Lascelles on August 3, 1986, at the San Juan Reservation. TMI-07 (Out of Print) (Pueblo)


FULL EPHEKT was formed in January, 2000 by nine energetic rappers and dancers ranging from ages nine to 19. The band was formed to promote the message of living a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. Their performance gives a positive message to the young people who watch and it gives them an idea of how exciting life can be when you block out drugs and alcohol. FULL EPHEKT writes their own music, all songs are free from any profanity.No parental advisory necessary. 13 songs include Native Pride, Message To My Mom and Reality Check. SSCT 4416 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap)


BROTHERS - SONGS OF MY PEOPLE Includes English translations of many of the song texts in the Tewa language. Extensive notes on Pueblo music and the individual songs is enclosed. MOTW 133 (Out of Print) (Pueblo)


- FLUTE DREAMS Native American flute maker and clothing designer from the Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) Nation of Wisconsin, Martin Funmaker presents his first musical release, FLUTE DREAMS. A blend of jazzy, acoustic rhythms coupled with traditional elements allow Funmaker to weave his own unique style of flute playing into songs that move the mind and soul. Nine songs including Of The Heart, Sacred Dawning, Burning Sky and Walk in Peace. RVR 0969 (Out of Print) (Flute/New Age)


- LIVE ALL NIGHT 29 songs performed by Richard Garcia, Sr. in memory of Frances A. Garcia, Virginia Ramon, and Rofus Ramon. Recorded at a live Chicken Scratch dance. RAB-RG1 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)


Jody feels that remembering our past and our tradition is important - history is dynamic and we must also reflect how our people are living today in a positive light. Jody is also the lead singer for The Soldier Lake Singers. - NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE SONGS Traditional songs including: Big Lake Song "Kik'chig' gumni Niigomowiin"; Thunder Beings "Nimikiig"; and 7 more pieces played on Jody's traditional flute with nature and animal background sounds - including whale voices blending exquisitely with Jody's flute. SSCT 4231 (Out of Print) (Flute/New Age) - PART OF BEING ANISHINABE Twelve songs including It's Part of Being Anishinabe, Death in the Blankets, Apple of My Eye, The Beat of the Drum and more. With his gift, Jody sings to make a difference in this world. He calls "Stop and think!". SSCT 4254 (Out of Print) (Contemporary)




- ABORIGINAL FIDDLING Join fiddlers Hap Boyer, Henry Gardipy, and Kelly Atcheynum as they perform ten great fiddle songs. Over 30 minutes of some of the finest Métis style fiddling by three of the best fiddlers. Songs include Red River Jig, Bush Rabbit Hop, and Logger's Breakdown. TIM 10017 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Country/Fiddle)


Life in Massena is as harsh and barren as the frigid landscape. In this bleak terrain, two hardened single mothers are trying to make lives for their children. Lila is a widowed Mohawk whose mother-in-law "stole" her newborn son a year ago. Ray is a mother of two whose gambling-addicted husband just left town with the down payment for their new trailer home. Faced with little opportunity to make ends meet, Ray and Lila embark on an illegal venture transporting immigrants into the U.S. across Mohawk territory. With the money for the down payment within Ray's grasp, the women are determined to make one last run. When circumstances spiral out of control, the two women must make life or death decisions based on their friendship and love for their children. Starring Melissa Leo, Misty Upham, Charlie McDermott, and Michael O'Keefe. 93 minutes. Closed Captioned. Rated R. CO 27180D DVD $21.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- BRIGHT BLUE MOON As one of the original Native recording and performing artists, EDWARD GAMBLIN continues to pave the way for Native acts and audiences abroad. With country songs and bluesy rockers it's no wonder that Edward's name is known in every community throughout Canada. This recording is currecntly nominated for "Best Producer of the Year" at the 2003 Aboriginal Music Awards. Ten song including Heart Made Of Stone, Evil Hearted Woman, Shelter From The Storm, and Lovely In White. SSCT 4465 CD $15.98 (Country/Western) - CREE ROAD 12 songs from Edward Gamblin and his band Randy Hiebert, Billy Joe Green, James Flett, Clint Dutiaume, Sierra Noble, Cheryl Fosseneuve, and Daniel Natyna. Songs include All Over Me, Take It Easy On Me, Love Is Like A Candle, and Soldier Blue. AR 1247 CD $17.98 (Country)


Examines the struggle of the Sioux generation that came of age in the '70's and '80's to redefine the nation's identity. The piece starts with the 1990 Big Foot Memorial Ride; and addresses contemporary socioeconomic issues, spirituality and traditional wisdom. The work depicts Lakota spirituality as expressed in the Vision Quest and Sun Dance, and boldly states the lessons that Lakota world view has to offer Indians and nonIndians alike. 30 minutes 4408 VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary)

Traditional flute songs include Muskwa Ginew (Strong Eagle), Weegwahsii Quay (Birch Bark Woman), Nilmkii Naysheen Quaisance (Little Thunder Girl) and six more. SSCT 4370 (Out of Print) (Flute/New Age) - THINK GOOD THOUGHTS On Jody's newest release he has taken a slight musical departure from his past three recordings. The flavor of this release is Aboriginal folk/rock done with the same passion and spirit that Jody is known for. You will love the change. 12 songs. SSCT 4380 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)



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The Gathering are Sean Vasquez (Native American flute), Greg Reiter (guitars and bass guitar), Three Trees (percussion), and Gabriel Browne (guitar). This debut recording presents traditional flute songs as well as alternative songs with a new age style. Eleven songs include a special rendition of Amazing Grace, Sunrise, Dance Of The Hummingbird, and Rising Moon. SV 9277 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


- GATHERING OF NATIONS 1995 Live recording from the nations largest pow wow. A collection of some of the most popular drum groups including: YELLOWHAMMER, COZAD, BLACKSTONE, RIO GRANDE, ROSE HILL, SIX NATIONS WOMEN SINGERS & more. SOAR 180 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - GATHERING OF NATIONS 1996 The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is the largest Pow Wow In North America. Performers include: THE BOYZ (Northern World Class Drum Contest 1st Place), SOUTHERN CREE (Northern World Class Drum Contest 2nd Place), HAYSTACK, LITTLE ISLAND CREE (Northern World Class Drum Contest 3rd Place), SOUTHERN CREE, YELLOWJACKET (Southern Challange Drum Contest 1st Place), COZAD (Southern Challange Drum Contest 2nd Place), ZOTIGH, and REDSTONE (Southern Challange Drum Contest 3rd Place). Songs include: men's traditional and fancy dances, men's grasss dances, intertribals, Southern contest song, women's cloth dances. Liner notes. See also RELENTLESS WARRIORS FANCY DANCE CONTEST SOAR 186 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - NORTHERN GATHERING 1997 SOAR 191 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - SOUTHERN GATHERING 1997 SOAR 192 Cassette $4.00 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - GATHERING OF NATIONS 1997 SOAR 197 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - GATHERING OF NATIONS 1998 SOAR 198 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 1999 - 16th ANNUAL The Gathering of Nations is an annual event held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in April. The Gathering attracts some of the top dancers, drum groups, celebrities and people from around the world; making it the largest gathering of it's kind in North America. Recorded live, capturing all of the excitement of this spectacular event, it's the one and only gathering pow wow . . . One hot weekend, one hot pow wow. Drum groups include THA TRIBE, WILD HORSE, MGM, SOUTHERN CREE, STONEY PARK,, THE BOYZ, PAINTED HORSE, SAGE POINT, WHITE CLAY, SEEKASKOOTCH, FLY'N EAGLE, BEAR SPRINGS, HIGH NOON, MASKQUAKI NATION, NORTHERN CREE, and TRAIL MIX. SOAR 200 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - MILLENIUM CELEBRATION VOLUME 1 VARIOUS NORTHERN DRUMS The winners list of Northern Style drums from the Gathering of Nations 2000 Pow Wow is WALKING BUFFALO, THA TRIBE, WILD HORSE, BEAR CREEK, BLACK STONE and THUNDERHORSE. Also on the recording are RED BULL, MYSTIC RIVER, MANDAREE, SAGE POINT, THUNDER CREEK, BLACKSTONE and KAUTANOH JRS. 20 songs from the best of the Northern Drums. SOAR 205 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- MILLENIUM CELEBRATION VOLUME 2 VARIOUS SOUTHERN DRUMS The winners list of Southern Style drums from the Gathering of Nations 2000 Pow Wow is COZAD, SIZZORTAIL, ROSE HILL, YOUNG BIRD, ZOTIGH and CEDAR TREE. Also included on the recording are EAGLE CLAW, SOUTHERN BOYZ and RIO GRANDE SINGERS. 17 songs from the best of the Southern Drums. SOAR 209 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 2001 Recorded live at the 2001 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, Albuquerque, NM, April 2001 - North America's biggest pow wow. Champion drum groups include BLACKSTONE, ZOTIGH, COZAD, THUNDER HORSE, OMAHA LODGE, BAD MEDICINE and more. Special Grand Entry with Jay Begay and the RIO GRANDE SINGERS. A special musical performance by ULALI. GON 104 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 2002 - MAGIC Champion drum groups and more recorded live, April 2002, at North America's biggest pow wow. 21 songs by LITTLE ISLAND CREE, SIZZORTAIL, HIGH NOON, SOUTHERN BOYS, THA TRIBE, SOUTHERN CREE, DELPHINE TSINAJINNIE, PRIMEAUX & MIKE, and more. GON 108 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 2003 - EAGLE'S DREAN Listen to the music of the 20th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. Recorded live in April 2003 at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Featuring the WHITE EAGLE SINGERS, the "Gathering of Nations" song, and a tribute to Pfc. Lori Piestewa. 22 tracks including music by ELI SECODY, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, SIZZORTAIL, COZAD, MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, THA TRIBE, HORSETAIL, WHITETAIL, HIGH NOON, and many more. GON 109 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - CHICKEN DANCE Recorded live at the 2003 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico, CHICKEN DANCE is the first Volume in the Pow Wow Gold Collection. 10 songs by HORSETAIL, MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, PLAINS DRIFTER and HIGH NOON. Experience the Chicken Dance at North America's biggest pow wow. GON 110 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - WORLD SPIRIT Relive the excitement of the 2004 Gathering in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Listen to this LIVE recording of your favorite drums. 21 tracks featuring STAR BLANKET JRS., YOUNG BIRD, COZAD, SIZZOR TAIL, BIG BEAR, MYSTIC RIVER, ZOTIGH, EYABAY, BATTLE RIVER and more. GON 111 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - NEBULA - IN FIRST LIGHT Recorded live at the 2005 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 24 songs from BATTLE RIVER, RIO GRANDE, YOUNG BIRD, EYABAY, NORTHERN CREE, COZAD, ASANI, ZOTIGH, SIZZORTAIL, and many more.


- THE WINNERS' CIRCLE: BEST OF 19921994 GATHERING OF NATIONS Recorded live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, during 1992-1994. "Canada has produced some of the top drum groups in North America. This recording was respectfully assembled to honor some of these outstanding drum groups from our good neighbors to the north. May the Creator continue to lift your voices to the sky. Aho", the producers. Four Drums and 16 songs: WHITEFISH BAY, Song For The Drum; WHITEFISH BAY JR., Ladies' Buckskin Dance; ASSINIBOINE, Boy's Fancy Dance; and ASSINIBOINE JR.; also, grass, traditionals, teen grass, retreat, trick, and cloth dance songs. SOAR 171 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- GATHERING OF NATIONS 1991 Recorded live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the largest PowWow of its kind comes alive on this exciting recording featuring some of the best drum groups in North America. Featuring: SIOUXASSINIBOINE SINGERS, BLACK LODGE SINGERS, WHITEFISH BAY SINGERS, NORTHERN WIND DRUM, CATHEDRAL LAKE SINGERS. Liner notes name all contest winners. SOAR 133 Cassette $4.00 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - GATHERING OF NATIONS 1992 Features live recordings by the top winning drum groups - WHITEFISH BAY, BLACKSTONE, SIOUX-ASSINIBOINE SINGERS, WHITEFISH JRS. and ELK WHISTLE. Twelve songs plus an opening trumpet solo by Wynton Marsalis. SOAR 144 Cassette $4.00 CD 18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - GATHERING OF NATIONS 1993 Songs by five great Drum groups: WHITEFISH BAY, STONEY PARK, BLACK LODGE, WHITE FISH JR. and ASSINIBOINE JR. This is the third annual recording from the popular Albuquerque, New Mexico pow wow. SOAR 158 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - GATHERING OF NATIONS 1994 One of the largest gatherings of champion singers and dancers in North America. Songs by LITTLE EAGLE, STAR SOCIETY, NOSHAME, SEVEN STAR, COZAD, GRAYHORSE, INDIAN CREEK, HAYSTACK, Elaine Miles, RED SANDS, ROSE HILL, WHITEFISH JR., PASS CREEK, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, YELLOWHAMMER, WHITEFISH BAY and STONEY PARK. SOAR 165 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)

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GON 113 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - MEDICINE JOURNEY Highlights of the 2006 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, the largest pow wow in America. Drum groups include The Boyz, Cozad, Iron Boy, High Noon, Southern Boyz, Southern Cree, Yellow Face, Bow Guard, Eya Hey Nakoda, War Scout, Southern Extreme, Dakota Nation, Thunder Hills, Star Feather, Southern Outlaws, Rio Grande, Young Bird, and Eagle Whistle Jr.'s. 24 songs. GON 114 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - HAND DRUM BLUES 14 songs from the 2006 Hand Drum contest. Either 2 men and one woman - or - 1 man and two women. Groups include Stone Creek, Eya Hey Nakoda, The Group, Comman Man Lakota, Thunder Hill, Sounding Cree, Soaring Eagle, Northern Mix and Ruben Littlehand. GON 115 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - THE SOUNDTRACK Recorded live at North America's biggest Pow Wow, the 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, Albuquerque, New Mexico (2007). Highlights from the weekend are presented here by Southern Boyz, Meskwaki Nation, Perfect Storm, Midnite Express, Battle River, Stoney Creek, High Noon, The Boyz, Wild Band of Comanches, Chippewa Cree, Star Feather, Sizzortail, Southern Outlawz, War Scout, Eya-Hey Nakoda, War Thunder, Rock Hill, Yellow Face, Little Island Cree, Thunder Hill, Southern Slam and Jamin Paskemin. 27 songs including a grand entry, a victory song, women's Northern buckskin, mother & daughter dance, men's chicken dance, and many more. GON 116 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - SWEET & LOW HAND DRUM SOLOS 18 hand drum solos performed at the (2007) 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Artists include Brian Waskewitch, Jamin Paskemin, Cheevers Topah, Delia Waskewitch, Chase Sayer, Wayne Silas Jr, Fawn Wood, Nathan Kelly and more. GON 117 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 25TH ANNUAL WORLD CELEBRATION Recorded live at North America's largest pow wow. 22 tracks featuring Cree Supremes, Rock Hill, Honeybuns, Whitefish Bay, Buffalo Red Thunder, Cree Confederacy, Keres Nation, Midnite Express, Cozad, Poundmaker, Eyabay, Pipestone Creek, Meskwaki Nation, Sizzortail, The Boyz, White Tail, Young Bird, and Ky-Mani Marley. A great collection of songs including hand drum songs, men's Northern traditional songs, women's jingle, men's Northern & Southern fancy, and more. GON 118 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - THUNDER MORNING Recorded live at the 26th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 23-25, 2009, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Drum groups represented on the recording include Thunder Hill, Bear Creek, Midnite Express, Meskwaki Nation, High Noon, Mandaree, Cree Confederation, Eyabay, Plains Ojibway, Smokey Town, Headstone, White Fish Jrs, Wild Band of Comanches, and Buc Wild.


20 songs include a flag song, an intertribal, women's jingle, men's grass, and more. GON 119 CD $17.98 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - A SPIRIT'S DANCE This compilation recording of Native American music, recorded live at the 2010 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is intended to provide the listener with the complete experience from the great event. Hear and feel the thunder of the drums and the harmonious singing accompaniment, while experiencing the excitement, emotion, spirit, and pageantry of North America's biggest pow wow. 21 tracks including an intro by Chief Leonard Crow Dog, and music by Midnite Express, Tha Tribe, Buc Wild, Eyabay, Hail Creek, Cree Confederation, Headstone, Rocky Boy, Wild Band of Comanches, Nakoda Nation, Mile High, Eagle Mountain, Cozad, and the crowning of Miss Indian World. GON 120 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - SACRED JOURNEY This compilation recording of music, recorded live at the 2011 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is intended to provide the listener with the complete experience of this great event. Hear and feel the thunder of the drums and the harmonious singing accompaniments, while experiencing the excitement, emotion, spirit, and pageantry of North America's biggest pow wow! 23 songs featuring Northern Cree, Midnite Express, Fawn Wood, Young Bird, Zotigh, Young Spirit, Cozad, Wild Rose, The Boyz, Hail Creek, Wild Band of Comanches, Eyabay, Waskewitch Family, White Tail, and Cree Confederation. GON 121 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


4436-03D DVD $16.95 Sale $12.75 (Videso/Pow Wow-Dance) - 1998 HIGHLIGHTS - 15th Annual Narrated by Roy Track and Beaulah Sunrise. Blessing by Radmilla Cody, Miss Navajo Nation. Winner of the Miss Indian World Pageant April Whittemore (Lumbee). Interviews with dancers, singers, contestents and crafts people. You can watch all the contests on this recording. Dancers and singers include Derrick Davis - Hoop Dancer, Kicaput singers and dancers (Eskimo), Rocking Horse Singers, Stoney Park, The Boyz, Cozad, Zotigh Singers, Sizzortail and many more. 4436-04D DVD $19.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 1999 HIGHLIGHTS - 16th Annual Narrators Roy Track and Beaulah Sunrise. Winner of the Miss Indian World Pageant Mitzi Tolino (White Mountain Apache/ Diné). Interviews with spectators, pageant contestants, dancers and contest judges. Performers include Walela, Derrick and Vince Davis, Sizzortail, Zotigh, Rio Grande, Wild Horse, Young Bird, Rose Hill and many, many more. Shows all contests. 4436-05D DVD $19.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2000 HIGHLIGHTS - 17th Annual Narration....Winner of the Miss Indian World Pageant...Interviews...Performers...Contests. 4436-06D DVD $19.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2001 HIGHLIGHTS - 18th Annual Once again three days of pageantry and celebration are captured and preserved for generations to come on this seventh video recording of the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Relive the spectacle of the Grand Entry, featuring thousands of dancers in a dazzling array of colorful traditional regalia. Listen again as the rhythms of the drums and the chants of the singers mix together in ancient song. Learn the lessons of time honored traditions brought to life at the Miss Indian World competition. 4436-07D DVD $19.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2002 HIGHLIGHTS - 19th Annual Enjoy all the excitement of the largest pow wow held in the United States. Recorded live at the 19th annual world celebration. See the hottest drums of 2002. 4436-08D DVD $21.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2003 HIGHLIGHTS - 20th Annual North America's biggest Pow Wow. Watch and listen to the excitement of this exciting celebration. Recorded live at the 20th annual world celebration. 4436-09D DVD $21.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2004 HIGHLIGHTS - 21st Annual Welcome to the 21st Annual World Celebration in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With voices joined together in song, drums beating like the beating of one heart, and dancing together as one we came together to meet and greet old friends and celebrate with new friends. 4436-10D DVD $24.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2005 HIGHLIGHTS - 22nd Annual We joined our voices together in song to celebrate a bond to Mother Earth. The drums, like the loud


Experience the excitement of one of the largest Pow Wows in America - from the Grand Entry featuring numerous drums performing in unison to the final day of competition and closing prayer. Enjoy exerpts from the Miss Indian World Pageant. - 1995 HIGHLIGHTS - 12th Annual Past Miss Indian World, Beaulah Sunrise narrates and interviews various Native American celebrities including Litefoot, Elaine Miles, Robert Mirabal among others. 90 minutes. 4436-01D DVD $16.95 (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 1996 HIGHLIGHTS - 13th Annual Narrated by Sammy Tonkei and Beaulah Sunrise. Winner of the Miss Indian World Pageant Andrea Jack (Yupik Eskimo). Numerous interviews with various dancers, singers and craft people. Dancers include past World Champion Hoop Dancer Derrick Davis. 4436-02D DVD $16.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 1997 HIGHLIGHTS - 14th Annual Narrated by Roy Track and Beaulah Sunrise. Master of Ceremonies Sammy Tonekei. Winner of the Miss Indian World Pageant Shayai Lucero (Laguna/Acoma). Interviews with Sammy Tonekei, Cheryl Tofpi, Loren Samparipa, pageant contestants to name a few. Dances include Men's Southern Fancy, Women's Northern Buckskin, Men's Grass, Junior Boy's Fancy/Grass, Junior Girl's Traditional and many more.

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beating of one heart, proclaimed our heritage, our traditions and our beliefs. We danced for different reasons, but we came together to dance as one. We will return to this sacred place again to see and greet old friends, and celebrate with new friends. Welcome to the 22nd Annual Gathering of Nations Pow wow. Recorded live April 28, 29, and 30, 2005 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 4436-11D DVD $24.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2006 HIGHLIGHTS - 23rd Annual The highlights of the 23rd Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow from Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of the oldest and largest pow wows in the United States. Attended by thousands. You don't want to miss out on these great highlights. The dances, the regalia, the music. 4436-12D DVD $24.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2007 HIGHLIGHTS - 24th Annual Highlights of the 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow held on April 26, 27 & 28, 2007 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Watch and enjoy the largest pow wow in America. Three hours of pow wow excitement. 4436-13D DVD $24.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2008 HIGHLIGHTS - 25th Annual Experience the 25th Anniversary of the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. Get a glimpse of what makes the Gathering of Nations special. Featuring over 3000 dancers, and 40 drums. Plus the excerpts from the Indian Market, Stage 49, the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico, the Walatowa Singers, and Miss Indian World. Every type of dance and every drum from Fancy Shawl to Buckskin, Traditional and Fancy Feather. Experience our joined voices in song to celebrate a bond to Mother Earth. Four hours of excitement. 4436-14D DVD (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2009 HIGHLIGHTS - 26th Annual Experience the 26th Anniversary Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. Get a glimpse of what makes the Gathering of Nations special. Over 3000 dancers and 40 drums. Excerpts from the Indian Market, Stage 49, Miss Indian World, and the contests. 4436-15D DVD $24.95 Sale $12.75 (Videso/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2010 HIGHLIGHTS - 27th Annual 2010 proved to be a unique year for the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. Dancers and singers from around the globe came together as a family to celebrate in song and dance outdoors under the stars in Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 23, 24, 25, 2010. Experience the energy, passion, beauty, and a renewal of the bond with Mother Earth, as we joined as one with a single voice to call the Creator and celebrate our heritage. From the extreme pride of the Relentless Warrior to the rapture of the subtle sway of Buckskin all can be felt as over 3000 dancers answer the call of the drum to contest. This 27th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow DVD contains approximately 3-½ hours of footage. 4436-16D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 HIGHLIGHTS The magic returned to the World Famous Pit as the 2011 Gathering of Nations drums called the dancers. The Eagle staff was brought forth to celebrate the familiar embrace of mother earth as over 2500 dancers and 40 drums gave life to POW WOW.


Tradition, family, and old friendships renewed as the Pow Wow trail was joined by tribes from all over North and South America. Welcome to the magic that is the Gathering of Nations. Approximately 4 hours recorded at the 28th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. 4436-17D DVD $31.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


lection of Fancy Shawl contest footage. FS 2008D DVD $17.95 Sale $14.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2008 GOURD DANCE From the 2008 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoy this special collection of Gourd Dance contest footage. GD 2008D DVD $17.95 Sale $14.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2008 GRASS & CHICKEN CONTESTS From the 2008 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoy this special collection of Grass and Chicken contest footage. GC 2008D DVD $17.95 Sale $14.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2008 HAND DRUM CONTEST & WALATOWA From the 2008 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoy this special collection of Hand Drum contest & Walatowa footage. HDW 2008D DVD $17.95 Sale $14.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2008 JINGLE DANCE CONTESTS From the 2008 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoy this special collection of Jingle Dance contest footage. JD 2008D DVD $17.95 Sale $14.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2008 MEN'S TRADITIONAL & SOUTHERN STRAIGHT CONTESTS From the 2008 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoy this special collection of Men's Traditional and Southern Straight contest footage. MTS 2008D DVD $17.95 Sale $14.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2008 WOMEN'S TRADITIONAL & BUCKSKIN CONTESTS From the 2008 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoy this special collection of Women's Traditional and Buckskin contest footage. WTB 2008D DVD $17.95 Sale $14.75


The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is filled with activities from start to finish. One of the most exciting are the various contests - dancing, singing, drumming. You don't want to miss these. - 2007 FANCY FEATHER It took a while, but finally the Fancy Feather Contest from the 2007 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is finally complete. Filmed at the 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, NM April 26, 27 and 28. FF 2007D DVD $17.95 Sale $11.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2007 FANCY SHAWL This DVD features the Fancy Shawl Contest from the 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow held April 26, 27, 28, 2007 at the University of New Mexico Arena (The Pit), Albuquerque, New Mexico. FS 2007D DVD $17.95 Sale $11.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2007 GRASS DANCE A collection of Grass Dances at the 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico filmed April 26, 27, & 28, 2007 GD 2007D DVD $17.95 Sale $11.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2007 HAND DRUM A collection of Hand Drum performances at the 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico filmed April 26, 27, & 28, 2007 HD 2007D DVD $17.95 Sale $11.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2007 JINGLE DRESS A collection of Jingle Dress Dances at the 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico filmed April 26, 27, & 28, 2007 JD 2007D DVD $17.95 Sale $11.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2007 MOTHER, DAUGHTER, TEEN DANCE A collection of Mother, Daughter, Teen Dances at the 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico filmed April 26, 27, & 28, 2007 MDT 2007D DVD $17.95 Sale $11.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2008 FANCY FEATHER CONTESTS From the 2008 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoy this special collection of Fancy Feather contest footage. FF 2008D DVD $17.95 Sale $14.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2008 FANCY SHAWL CONTESTS From the 2008 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoy this special col-

(Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)

- 2009 HAND DRUM - WOMEN'S BACK-UP SINGERS Listen and watch the Women's Back-up Singers from the Hand Drum contest at the 26th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico in April, 2009. BS 2009D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2009 MEN'S FANCY FEATHER CONTEST The Men's Fancy Feather contest filmed at the 26th Annual Gathering of Nations World Celebration in Albuquerque, New Mexico in April, 2009. FF 2009D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2009 WOMEN'S FANCY SHAWL The Women's Fancy Shawl contest filmed at the 26th Annual Gathering of Nations World Celebration held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in April, 2009. FS 2009D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)

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- 2009 MEN'S GRASS AND CHICKEN CONTEST More contests from the 26th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow held in April, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Enjoy these Grass and Chicken Dances. GC 2009D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2009 GOURD DANCE A collection of Gourd Dances from the 26th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow held in April, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. GD 2009D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2009 WOMEN'S JINGLE CONTEST See the women perform a collection of Jingle Dress Dances from the 26th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow held in April, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. JD 2009D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2009 MEN'S TRADITIONAL & SOUTHERN STRAIGHT CONTEST Watch as the men perform traditional and southern straight dances at the 26th Annual Gathering of Nations World Celebration from Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 2009. MTS 2009D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2009 WOMEN'S TRADITIONAL CLOTH & BUCKSKIN Filmed at the 26th Annual World Celebration in Albuquerque, New Mexico in April, 2009 this is a collection of Women's Traditional contests. WTB 2009D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2010 FANCY FEATHER Approximately 60 minutes filmed at the 27th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, NM. FF 2010D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2010 FANCY SHAWL Approximately 120 minutes filmed at the 27th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, NM. FS 2010D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2010 GRASS AND CHICKEN Approximately 90 minutes filmed at the 27th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, NM. GC 2010D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2010 GOURD SONGS Approximately 120 minutes filmed at the 27th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, NM. GD 2010D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2010 JINGLE DANCE Approximately 90 minutes filmed at the 27th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, NM. JD 2010D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2010 MEN'S TRADITIONAL AND


SOUTHERN STRAIGHT Approximately 120 minutes filmed at the 27th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, NM. MTS 2010D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2010 WOMEN'S TRADITIONAL AND BUCKSKIN Approximately 120 minutes filmed at the 27th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, NM. WTB 2010D DVD $18.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 MEN'S CHICKEN & GRASS Individual DVDs representing the various contests at the 28th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 1 hour long. CG 2011D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 MEN'S FANCY FEATHER Individual DVDs representing the various contests at the 28th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 1 hour long. FF 2011D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 WOMEN'S FANCY SHAWL Individual DVDs representing the various contests at the 28th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 1 hour long. FS 2011D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 GOURD SONGS Individual DVDs representing the various contests at the 28th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 1 hour long. GS 2011D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 HAND DRUM Individual DVDs representing the various contests at the 28th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 1 hour long. HD 2011D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 WOMEN'S JINGLE Individual DVDs representing the various contests at the 28th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 1 hour long. JD 2011D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 MEN'S NORTHERN TRADITIONAL & SOUTHERN STRAIGHT Individual DVDs representing the various contests at the 28th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 1 hour long. MTS 2011D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 SMOKE DANCE Individual DVDs representing the various contests at the 28th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 1 hour long. SD 2011D DVD $19.95


(Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 WOMEN'S CLOTH & BUCKSKIN Individual DVDs representing the various contests at the 28th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 1 hour long. WCB 2011D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is held every April in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There are activities going on throughout the three days of this celebration. From the Grand Entry to the very end, you are surrounded by the music, the regalia, the food, and the pageantry. One thing you don't want to miss is the Midnight Special. Recently released are Midnight Specials - old and new. - RELENTLESS WARRIOR From the 13th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 1996. MS 1996D DVD $15.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - MEN'S GRASS DANCE From the 15th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 23, 24, 24, 1998. MS 1998D DVD $15.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - MEN'S AND WOMEN'S TRADITIONAL From the 16th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April 1999. MS 1999DVD DVD $15.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - RELENTLESS WARRIOR II From the 18th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April 2001. MS 2001D DVD $15.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - SUPER SHAWL II From the 19th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April 2002. MS 2002D DVD $15.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - CHICKEN DANCE From the 20th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April 2003. MS 2003D DVD $15.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - TWO STEP From the 21st annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April 2004. MS 2004D DVD $15.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - JAMMIN GENTS From the 22nd annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April 28, 29, 30, 2005. MS 2005D DVD $15.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - SMOKE DANCE From the 23rd annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 2006. MS 2006D DVD $15.95 Sale $12.75

(Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)

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- BUCKSKIN & FEATHER BONNETS From the 25th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April 2008. MS 2008D DVD $22.95 Sale $14.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - OL STYLE FANCY SHAWL, SISTERS & JINGLE CONTESTS From the 26th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 2009. MS 2009D DVD $24.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - RELENTLESS WARRIOR III Get a glimpse into the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, North America's biggest Pow wow. Don't miss your chance to experience more of the Gathering of Nations by collecting the entire collection. Over 3000 dancers, 40 drums, and a celebration that continues on in your heart from year to year. The Gathering is a memory you will not soon forget, and will want to put next years date on your calendar now. This is the Midnight Special from the 27th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. The Relentless Warrior III. Approximately 2 hours. MS 2010D DVD $21.95 Sale $15.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


the crowning of Miss Indian World 2003. Filmed at the 23rd annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 2003. MIW 2003D DVD (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2004 MISS INDIAN WORLD Enjoy the spectacle of the Miss Indian World pageant from beginning to the climatic conclusion and the crowning of Miss Indian World 2004. Filmed at the 23rd annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 2004. MIW 2004D DVD $13.95 Sale $12.75 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2005 MISS INDIAN WORLD Highlights of the Miss Indian World Pageant. Filmed at the 23rd annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 28, 29 & 30, 2005. MIW 2005D DVD (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2006 MISS INDIAN WORLD Enjoy the spectacle of the Miss Indian World pageant from beginning to the climatic conclusion and the crowning of Miss Indian World 2006. Filmed at the 23rd annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 2006. MIW 2006D DVD (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2007 MISS INDIAN WORLD Enjoy the spectacle of the Miss Indian World pageant from beginning to the climatic conclusion and the crowning of Miss Indian World 2007. Filmed at the 24th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 26,27,28, 2007. MIW 2007D DVD (Out of Print) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2008 MISS INDIAN WORLD See all of the 2008 Miss Indian World competition. Filmed at the 23rd annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 2008. MIW 2008D DVD $22.95 Sale $12.75


Thomas L. Brown, and Rollin' Fox. Songs include four snakehead songs, two Pomo two steps and Dear Grandma. SNE 3017 CD $12.98 (Pacific Northwest - California)


- HEAVENLY JOYFUL CHANTS #1 D'Marco Gee, of Naschitti, New Mexico, presents his debut recording of Native American Church Songs. Ira Deschene and Carmelita Blackhorse provide additional drumming on this recording. Six tracks. CMP 126 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - HEAVENLY JOYFUL CHANTS #2 Another collection of Native American Church songs performed by the 20 year old inspiring artist D'Marco Gee. CMP 130 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- UNCIVILIZED A native of Browning, Montana, Darren Geffre has been involved in music since he was 12 years old. He has developed a rich and distinctive voice for the perfect accompaniment to his pop/rock music. With the help of pop maestro Pete Amato, Lee Ann Rimes and Duncan Pain, Geffre is proud to release his debut solo recording. 11 songs including Josephine, Feeling California, We Can Turn This Around, and I Am The One. FG 54000 CD $16.98 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary - Rock)


The Miss Indian World pageant is held annually at the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is one of the highlights of the Pow Wow weekend. Just released are some old, and some new pageant event coverage. - 1998 MISS INDIAN WORLD Enjoy the spectacle of the Miss Indian World pageant from beginning to the climatic conclusion and the crowning of Miss Indian World 1998. Filmed at the 15th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, April 23, 24, 25, 1998. MIW 1998D DVD (Out of Print.) (Videos-Pow Wow-Dance) - 1999 MISS INDIAN WORLD Enjoy the spectacle of the Miss Indian World pageant from beginning to the climatic conclusion and the crowning of Miss Indian World 1999. Filmed at the 16th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April 1999. MIW 1999D DVD (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2001 MISS INDIAN WORLD Enjoy the spectacle of the Miss Indian World pageant from beginning to the climatic conclusion and the crowning of Miss Indian World 2001. Filmed at the 18th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April 2001. MIW 2001D DVD (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2002 MISS INDIAN WORLD Enjoy the spectacle of the Miss Indian World pageant from beginning to the climatic conclusion and the crowning of Miss Indian World 2002. Filmed at the 19th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in April 2002. MIW 2002D DVD (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2003 MISS INDIAN WORLD Enjoy the spectacle of the Miss Indian World pageant from beginning to the climatic conclusion and


- STRUGGLE II SURVIVE This extended play CD offers seven tracks written and performed by G.E.N.O., Rollin Fox and Btaka. Songs include Hate On Me, Tell Me Lord, and Eyes On De Prize. Parental advisory for explicit content. (Back in stock.) SNE 2402 CD $11.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip Hop) - MANIFESTO More Rap tracks from G.E.N.O. on his second full length recording. He presents 12 tracks including Push Everyday, We Taking Over, By My Side, and Through The Genocide. Special guests include Feat, Nomadic, Spooky the Savage, and Young G. NO-9122 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - FAITH & LOYALTY Native rapper G.E.N.O. presents 13 tracks with guest artists Mo Moe, Smoke, Ladie Era, Nomadic, Smorg, Supaman, Bigg B, Casper, Savage Family, and Night Shield. Songs include Betting on Our Lives, Block Stay Hot, The Bigger Picture, and I'm Raw. Parental Advisory for Explicit Content. NO-1933 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop) - DA MIX TAPE G.E.N.O. presents 14 tracks with guests Blest One, Young G, PJ Walker, James Ciphurphage, Rollin Fox, DJ Deeko, B Macc, and Chosen. Tracks include Manifesto, Love For the Game, Eyez on Da Prize, and Warrior Blood. Parental advisory for explicit content.

(Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2009 MISS INDIAN WORLD

Experience all the glamour and excitement of the 26th Anniversary Miss Indian World pageant. See who will wear the crown. MIW 2009D DVD (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)

- 2010 MISS INDIAN WORLD Don't miss your chance to glimpse more of the 27th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. This DVD contains approximately 2 hours of the 2010 Miss Indian World Pageant. Watch this pageant from beginning to end as they crown Miss Indian World 2010. MIW 2010D DVD $21.95 (Out of Print.) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - 2011 MISS INDIAN WORLD Footage of the 2011 Miss Indian World Pageant filmed at the 28th annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Watch all of the excitement as the new Miss Indian World is crowned. MIW 2011D DVD $31.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


Seven traditional Pomo songs featuring Btaka,

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NO-2010 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop)



- PROUD EARTH Indian philosophy narrated to traditional and contemporary song and music. "Grammy Award" nominee. Narrated by Chief Dan George (Coast Salish Tribe). Vocals by Arliene Nofchissey Williams (Navajo); Rick Brosseau (Mohawk). Indian flute and drum by John Rainer, Jr (Taos Pueblo). Includes: Chief's Lament, Rhymes and Reasons, Kindred Spirit, Proud Earth, Canyons, Here Is Heaven - Here Is Home, The Eagle And The Hawk, Moentimmi, Spring, Mountain Air. PE 60 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


and John Tormey. Closed Captioned. Rated r. 11489D DVD $14.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- BOOM BOOM ROOM The concept of the Gentlemen's Club originated from the admiration the members have for the Round Dance style of hand drum singing. Each member is a lead singer in his own right and brings his own style of song to the group. This particular group has been brought together to share the different styles of hand drum music performed in the Midwest. The members represent the Ojibwe, Menominee, Oneida, Lakota, Dakota and HoChunk nations of the Great Lakes area. Singers include Opie Day-Bedeau, Jason Kingbird, Joe Rainey Sr., Crow Bellecourt, Wayne Silas Jr., Mike Sullivan Sr., Wanbli Charging Eagle, Thomas "Two Braidz" Butcher, Buffalo Campbell, and Ahsinees Larson. Bringing together some of the greatest singers from the Great Lakes region, the Gentlemen's Club perform Round Dances loaded with the smoothest lyrics and slickest singing in the Midwest set to a rock-solid hand drum beat. 18 songs including Funkadelic, They Dance For You, All That Jazz, Still Missin' U, and The Only One For Me. 6498 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains - Midwest)


Here the silent ruins speak of a time seven centuries ago when the GILA CLIFF DWELLINGS were much more than just cold stone walls... The homes in Cliff Dweller Canyon were aglow from the fires that burned into the night. Small children played and families laughed together. Yet, the walls are just the visible legacy of an ancient culture that intrigues archeologists today. Who were the Mogollon people? What happened here centuries ago? Come explore the fascinating story of these mysterious people. At GILA CLIFF DWELLINGS, a brief chapter in the epic trek through time is frozen in stone... for all to read. 15 minutes. AAV-508D DVD $16.95 (Videos/Documentary)


An American legend comes to breathtaking life in this explosive epic western starring Jason Patric, Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman and Wes Studi as Geronimo. Studi (Last of the Mohicans) gives a stunning performance as the fearless warrior who was the last Indian leader to surrender to the white man. Betrayed by the Army's legendary "Indian fighter" General George Crook, Geronimo leads a small band of warriors in escape. Pursued by a principled officer, a grizzled Army scout, and a gung-ho West Point graduate, Geronimo evades capture through brilliant military strategy and cutthroat courage. His true story is both an action adventure and a spiritual journey through the heart of a warrior. 115 minutes. Rated PG 13 COL 5870-D DVD $17.95 (Hollywood Movies)


Jack grew up immersed in the rich oral tradition of the American West. His great, great grandfather Red Crow, a chief of the Blood tribe, was a legendary warrior and leader. Many of his stories were related to him by his Blackfeet grandmother. He is masterful at blending legend, history and metaphor into song. With his knowledge and insightful communication skills, he enlightens his audiences and provides an alternative perspective of humanism, with reverence and concern for the world and all living beings within it. From his touching and uplifting songs to his epic ballards of historical events and biographical profiles, Jack presents a clear picture in our mind of what has transpired. His style is contemporary country/ western. - LEGACY An anthology of Jack's favorite songs from the early years of his career. In compiling this collection of Country/Western songs, Jack chose those which have meant the most to him and his listeners over the years. Legacy also includes Spiritual Brothers and Children of the Blackfeet with guest artist Rob Quist- not previously released. HS 44179 Cassette $2.00 (Country) - BUFFALO CAFE This album highlights Jack's smooth vocals and guitar skill and was nominated for a Wrangler Western Heritage Award. A celebration of the Northern Plains, its heritage and its people. Both folksy and country, BUFFALO CAFE begins on the prairies of Montana, glides through history and makes several critical stops along the way. Gladstone tells stories with his music, peering back to a time when Montana was untamed and buffalo thundered across the Northern Plains. A funny, poignant and sometimes critical look at the history of the Northern Plains. HS 44444 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98 (Country) - NOBLE HEART Originally released in 1995, Jack's stories through song are inspiring and heartfelt. He brings history to life through songs referencing the Hudson's Bay Company trading posts, the Navajo code talkers of World War II, the love of a dog for his master and best friend, the traditional Blackfeet myth of Poia venturing to the Lodge of the Sun to win the love of a girl, and more. A truely moving recording.


This five member band is from the heart of the Navajo Nation - Chinle, AZ. They formed in November 2001. Four members are original members of 191. A good description of their music is Hank Williams jams with Lynryd Skinner and Alan Jackson drops by for a cold one - country with a kick. 12 original songs written by band members. "Genuine" country with a kick - they rock! Songs include Honky Tonk Town, It Ain't Fun, and I Just Want To Be With You. MH 9748 CD $17.98 (Country)


Ride the trails of the Old West to learn the incredible story of the formidable Indian whose singlehanded crusade held the U.S. Army at bay for a decade. When the government told Geronimo he had to leave his native lands for a newly established reservation, he refused to go. In the next ten years, his raids of Western settlers and repeated escapes from captivity made him a legend. Journey to the waning days of the frontier to learn the incredible story of the great Apache warrior who didn't know the meaning of surrender. See how he managed to cheat death time and time again in battles with the army. Learn how his reputation grew with every escape and every encounter, until he was a largerthan-life figure even to those who knew him and fought against him. Historians reflect on his legacy and why the government was obsessed with capturing and, eventually, winning him over. Hear from experts from his autobiography and see incredible photos of the old warrior marching in Teddy Roosevelt's inaugural parade. Explore the legacy of Geronimo's life and resistance in fascinating detail. Color and Black & White. 50 minutes. AAE 73993D DVD-R $25.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- SINGS KARAOKE Alan George of Desert West presents 12 songs. Songs include Tennessee Whiskey, Amarillo By Morning, Kiss An Angel Good Morning, and Lord Have Mercy. CT-20093 CD $14.98 (Country)


- FIVE SHOTS OF WHISKEY Alan George & Tritt Smith of Desert West present 12 songs. Songs include Cowboy Cool, Moving On, Falling Rain, Do You Remember?, and I Need You Tonight. CT1-700 CD $ $14.98 (Country)


- RODEO HIGHWAY 14 tracks with music by Tritt Smith and lyrics by Bryson George. Songs include Take It Away, Love Her So, Native Fire, Beneath the Grave, and Reservation Men. CT-20091 CD $14.98 (Country)


East meets West in this hip-hop infused samuraigangster pic in which Forest Whitaker plays a professional killer who goes by the name of Ghost Dog and who lives by the age-old code of the Samurai. When Ghost Dog's code is dangerously betrayed by the dysfunctional mafia family that occasionally employs him, he must find a way to defend himself without breaking the code of the Samurai. Also starring Cliff Gorman, Henry Silva

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HS 44858 (Country) Cassette $2.00


Many Indian leaders have spoken the thoughts of this song - that education is a ladder to help reach success and happiness, "Go My Son, climb the ladder". Plus eleven more songs with a contemporary message. 544 (Out of Print) (Contemporary)


features Native American Flute music with accompaniment. Liner notes help you to better understand the music and the motivation behind them. All songs are original compositions by GOLANA'. 11 songs. SHM 6037 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - FEATHER ON THE WIND Native American flute music with accompaniment featuring guest performances by Grammynominated keyboardist Armen Chakmakian (formerly of Shadowfax) and Indie award-winning composer Michael Hoppé. A stunning blend of Native American flute, acoustic guitars, piano, keyboards, cello, violin, and hand drums. 11 songs. SHM 6038 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - MOON OF FIRST SNOW Twelve new songs from widely acclaimed recording artist and composer GOLANA'. His fourth album features his unique style of Native American flute music accompanied by subtle touches of acoustic guitar, piano, cello, violin, harp, and hand drum. Once again GOLANA' mesmerizes with his distinctive approach to the Native American flute. SHM 6039 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - LONE PINE CANYON Enchantingly beautiful music from this multitalented five time NAMMY nominee, winner of two COVR awards, and member of the Bear River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation. GOLANA's fifth release finds this innovative master of the Native American flute stretching the boundaries of his meditative, nature inspired music. Created amidst the beauty of the Angeles National Forest, Lone Pine Canyon features 11 compositions, including stunningly beautiful resettings of two classical works, with strings, guitar, piano and percussion accompanying GOLANA's entrancing flute stylings. Songs include Yacqui Girl, Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini, May There Be A Road, and Walk Softly. SHM 6046 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - MIRROR LAKE Six-time Nammy nominee, and winner for Best Instrumental Recording at the 10th Annual Nammy awards for this recording, Golana', acclaimed master of the Native American flute, returns with his sixth album of meditative, nature inspired music. Ten compositions created in the rugged mountains of Southern California, Mirror Lake is a plaintive, heartfelt evocation of the majesty of nature. Songs include Beside Still Waters, Flume Canyon Trail, Hand of God, Inspiration Point, and As The Deer. SHM 6050 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - FIRST LIGHT - THE BEST OF GOLANA' First Light is a `best of' collection drawn from six widely acclaimed albums of meditative and relaxing music. First Light is a stunningly beautiful evocation of the limitless restorative power of nature. 11 songs include Call To Prayer, To Love and Be Loved, Cloud's Rest, Beloved, and Magic Canyons. SHM 6053 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)

- BUFFALO REPUBLIC Ten new songs by Jack include In Search of York, Shadow in My Dreams, and Lewis and Clark's Traveling Magic Show. Includes lyrics in liner. HS 3290 Cassette $2.00 (Country) - TAPPIN' THE EARTH'S BACKBONE This enhanced CD includes 15 songs plus bonus multimedia materials to be viewed on your computer. Songs include Legends Of Glaciers, Thunderman, Sometimes Eagles and Barn Dance. HS 1825 CD $17.98 (Country) - ODYSSEY WEST A multimedia presentation commemorating the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The legend of the American West is woven from many people's dreams. Every person who called this place home had a vision - a vision of betterment for themselves, their families, their communities. Through vivid photographic images, lively narrative and original songs this enhanced CD tells the tales of the people and events that shaped the cultural landscape. Join Rob Quist and Jack Gladstone on an unforgettable journey through time as they revisit the expansion of a nation. 13 songs include Somebody's Dream, Lewis And Clark Rag, In Search Of York, Hudson Bay Blues and Roll On Forever. HS 4410 CD $17.98 (Country) - BLACKFEET LEGENDS OF GLACIER NATIONAL PARK 12 stories and songs of the Blackfeet from Glacier National Park. Included are Legends of Glacier, When Napi Becomes a Wolf, The Bear Who Stole the Chinook, How Mountain Chief Found His Horses, and White Fur's Beaver Clan. HS 0117 CD $15.98 (Legends/Storytelling) - NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY Montana's Blackfeet troubadour, Jack Gladstone, presents these songs as a testament to the Indian nations of the 20th century and their service in the military. His cast of musicians, both instrumental and vocal, is extensive and includes Will Clipman, R. Carlos Nakai, Ta-tonka-ska Howard, Glacier High School "Echoes" Choir, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Honors Choir, "Fossil" Gospel Choir, and many others. The 14 songs presented here include Wolves of Ice and Snow, Chapel of Sea, Remembering Private Charlo, Rainbow Medley, and Providence Ferry. HS 3645 CD $21.98 (Country)


Sheet music with Indian sign language instructions. Many leaders have spoken thoughts of this song, GO MY SON, - that education is a ladder to help reach success and happiness, "Go My Son, climb the ladder." Words and Music by Carnes Burson and Arlene Nofchissey Williams. Look for the song on B.Y.U. PRODUCITIONS - GO MY SON (544). BYU 9404MUS Booklet $3.50 (Educational/Sheet Music)


- LOVE FLUTE Based on the book by Paul Goble published by MacMillan, Inc. Narrated by Tom Bee with Dakota flute music by Brian Akipa. It is the story of how the Sioux people received the flute from the elk men and a shy young man won the heart of a beautiful girl. DAK 101 (Out of Print)


- STAR BOY Based on the book by Paul Goble. Narrated by Tom Bee with special songs Birth and Awakening written and sung by Tom Bee with the music of XIT. It is the story of the son of Morning Star and an earthly bride, his banishment from the sky world and his journey to make peace with the sun. DAK 102 (Out of Print) (Legends/Storytelling)


GOLANA', whose name means "Raven", is of Cherokee descent. He calls himself a "rock-sitter" and composes his music while he is out in nature. Nominated for two Native American Music Awards, two New Age Voice Awards, and winner of two Coalition of Visionary Retailers Awards, GOLANA' is one of the most celebrated artists in his genre. Not being raised on a reservation, his music is influenced by the sounds of his childhood - church hymns, pop songs, and classical composers like Chopin and Mozart. His music is powerful and yet meditative - slow, emotive, and spiritual. Hauntingly evocative, his musical skill is little short of magic. - PATH TO THE HEART Soul-stirring music. These solo flute melodies shimmer with a quiet fire. A finalist for Best Meditation and Healing Album - New Age Voice Magazine Music Awards. PATH TO THE HEART features ethereal melodies performed on a variety of Native American flutes. His music uplifts, inspires, and expresses a reverence for the Earth and all of humanity. Nine original compositions. SHM 6036 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - WALK BETWEEN WORLDS Recorded in 1999 and nominated for Best Instrumental Album at the 2000 Native American Music Awards, WALK BETWEEN WORLDS


- BLACKFEET STORYSMITH This 2 disc set contains over 2 hours of stories by Wallace Gladstone plus 4 bonus songs by Jack Gladstone. 40 stories. Stories include Navy Boxing, Island Hopping Warfare, The Legacy of Lewis & Clark, General Custer's Scout, and Gramma Red Crow. HS 7517 (Out of Print.) (Legends/Storytelling)


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- SACRED MOUNTAINS - Meditation Songs from the Diné Raised in the traditional healing ways of his people, Diné singer Louie Gonnie began singing as a young boy. Weaving gentle vocals and the sounds of nature, his songs of meditation and healing are inspired by the sacred mountains which surround the vast homeland of the Diné people. Evoking their majestic beauty and deep significance, the spirit of these songs illuminates and connects the inner and outer worlds of the Diné. Ten songs. 6383 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - ELEMENTS With layers of subtle vocals and spiraling melodies, Louie Gonnie honors the elements of life with songs enriched with his Diné heritage. Against a backdrop of gentle rain, blowing wind, shifting earth, and crackling flame, these songs bring healing to the spirit and peace to the mind. Ten meditation songs from the Diné. Songs include Dawn Of Fire, Sandstone Dreams, Crimson Skies, and Of Air And Wind. 6415 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - SONGS OF THE SACRED CIRCLE Diné songwriter and singer, Louie Gonnie, illuminates the harmony of the spirit in this collection of Peyote songs. Anchored by gourd drum and sustained by waves of his flowing vocals, Gonnie leads an inner voyage from dreams to actuality, from earth to sky and from the past to eternity. Ten songs including Dreamscapes, With The Flames, Twilight, and Beauty In Music. 6446 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - RHYTHMS WITHIN A TURQUOISE DREAM Diné songmaker Louie Gonnie channels the power of prayer and tradition into songs that evoke the mystical blessings of the Peyote ceremony. This is an unprecedented presentation of Peyote songs by the genre's most innovative and sought-after singer-songmaker. The delicate balance of melodious singing, ethereal harmonies and gentle sounds of Mother Nature are created to evoke the feeling of a deeply-felt dream. 6454 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - BREATHE DEEP THE DUSK FALL Dine songmaker Louie Gonnie chronicles the phases of the night with these songs from the fireplace of the Native American Church. The passage from dusk to dawn mirrors the soul's journey through the cycles of existence. Seven songs including Ending of Another Day, Orion's Light, and Transcendence and the Dawn. 6478 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - PATHWAY TO DESTINY Dine singer Louie Gonnie illuminates the search for one's own destiny with resonant, meditative songs drawn from the ancestral traditions of the Dine and the healing traditions of the Native American Church. Gonnie's reflections touch the inner world alive in all of us and encourages us to embrace our own journey in life. 14 songs including Southern Winds, Falling Leaves, Corn Pollen Road, and White Cone. 6497 CD $15.98 (Peyote)



513 (Out of Print) (Gospel/Christian)


- THE THIRD CIRCLE Sissy Goodhouse explains that the story of the drum as told to her by her grandfathers has helped her find her role and direction in her relationship with the drum. Sissy Goodhouse explains that there are four circles, the first is created by the drum itself, the second is formed by the men that sit around the drum, the third is the Wicaglata, or women singers who are depended upon, adding strength to the song, carrying it on a little longer. The fourth circle is the people. 12 songs including Women's Veteran Song, Woman's Song, Children's Song, round dance and intertribal songs, and more. Liner notes with words to songs and explanations. MC 0113 CD $16.98 (Sioux) - TIWAHÉ TIWAHÉ is a collection of contemporary and traditional songs sung by Sissy Goodhouse, her family and friends. The importance of woman, mother, wife and the contributions to tiwahé family are played throughout this collection of Lakota musical expression. Fourteen songs including Wise Spirit Boy, Lullaby, If It Feels Good, Kahomini Song, Love Song, Pehnin Hanska, Veteran's Song, Wopila Olowan-Wiwayang Waci, Women's Veteran Song, War Boy, My Brother Young Bull, Canky Waste. Liner notes with meanings to songs. MM 0140 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Sioux) - VOLUME 5 - I'M BOUND FOR THAT CITY Twelve songs including the title song plus, Old Country Church, Born To Serve the Lord, Consider The Lilies, Greater Is He and more. 617 (Out of Print.) (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 6 - THAT ISN'T LOVE He Walks With Me, Lord Feed your Children, Jesus Loves You and nine more songs by a very popular group from the Navajo Nation. 618 Cassette $9.98 (Out of Print.) (Gospel/Christian)


- BAD BOYS & ANGELS The band joining Mike Gouchie includes Greg Morrow, Jeff King, Mike Rojas, Gary Primm, Alison Prestwood, B. James Lowry, Dan Dougmore, Darrell Scott, Kenny Malone, with background vocals by Suzy Ragsdale, Katie Mission, Becky Moonen, Brett Kissel, Samantha King, Michael Carey and Aaron Goodwin. 12 songs include Somethin' Bout A Bad Boy, Troublemaker, If Only, Whole Lot A Love, and Angels Unaware. AR 1264 CD $17.98 (Country)


In this beautiful presentation, you will journey through some of the most spectacular country on Earth. From the rims of the Grand Canyon, through the Four Corners, towards the Colorado Rockies, the Grand Adventure is the ultimate tour of the American Southwest. Includes scenery from over 30 National Parks, Monuments and destinations including Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Canyonlands, Monument Valley, Zion, Bryce, Arches, Lake Powell, Taos Pueblo, Capitol Reef, Goblin Valley, Hovenweep, Canyon de Chelly, Hubbell Trading Post, Cumbres & Toltec S.R.R., The Gomez Ranch, Cowtown, Mar M Chuckwagon, Slim & Cody's Cowcamp, Bluff Utah, and Sedona Arizona. Bonus feature: The San Juan Skyway. A spectacular journey on the road called "Grand Circle of Southwest Colorado." Visit the areas in and around the rich historical towns of Durango, Silverton, Ouray, Telluride, Cortez, Dolores and more! 70 minutes. DBP 101 DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


15 inspirational songs from Thelma Emerson, Alan George, Deidra Simpson, Larry Kaibetoney, and Jane Nahkai. Songs include God Gave Me A Song, Faith In Me, Someone to Care, and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. CT-20102 CD $14.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- VOLUME 1 - INTRODUCING Twelve songs by a truly inspirational gospel group including How Great Thou Art, At The Cross, Amazing Grace and more. Two songs in Navajo, the rest in English. 511 Cassette $9.98 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 2 - JESUS DIED FOR ME Twelve gospel songs of glory and hope from Window Rock, Arizona. The Lord Is My Shephard, No Tears In Heaven, Lord Lead Me On and more. 616 (Out of Print.) (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 3 - TO MY MANSION IN THE SKY Beautiful songs of faith and hope including eight in English and four in Navajo. Singers: Alfred Larry Jim, Cynthia Jim, Sharon Yazzie, Louis Jim, William Tso and Stanley Jim. 512 (Out of Print.) (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 4 - LIFE'S RAILWAY Songs in English include Oh Come Angel Band, Let My Life Shine, Come Unto Me and seven others. Songs in Navajo are Blesseth Light Shine On, Jesus Hold My Hand. Same singers as Volume 3 plus Kerleana Ann Tso and Paul Bitsuie.


Mollie, her two daughters Justine and Alice and her son Sheldon have been expelled from the Lokaya Indian Reservation following the death of her husband. With nowhere else to go, Mollie takes her children to a place she once called home Grand Avenue, and her cousion Anna. Without a husband and father, Mollie and her children will have to forge their own way of life. Whether in the old ways of the Native American, or in the ways of a modern world, whatever they are searching for, they must find it on GRAND AVENUE. Starring Sheila Toussey, A. Martinez and Tantoo Cardinal. 167 minutes. Not Rated GA VHS (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)

Prices subject to change without notice.



- RECORDED IN 1958 A commemorative reissue of four songs recorded at the Hopi House at the Grand Canyon in 1958. For many years visiting the Grand Canyon was highlighted by the Grand Canyon Hopi Indian Dancers, who performed these traditional dances. Four songs - Feather Dance, Eagle Dance, Buffalo Dance and Hoop Dance. 15 minute tape. GCHOPI-01 (Out of Print) (Pueblo)



- BLESSING MOMENTS A collection of harmonized Peyote songs. CMP 110 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


the Seminoles of Florida; the Shawnee, whose Chief Tecumseh formed a confederation of eastern tribes to protect their land; the Navajo of the southwest; the Cheyenne of the Great Plains; and the Lakota Sioux. Majestic landscapes, dramatic reenactments, historical photographs and authentic music combine to preserve the richness of these Native American histories and cultures. 110 minutes. QD 3689D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE This recording has been dedicated to the late Dickie J. Gray. With his strong belief in the Native American Church he has inspired and helped many people on and off the Navajo Reservation. His wisdom and knowledge have provided strength physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Travis and Stewart hope these songs touch and inspire listeners. DMP 109 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - BLESSING THROUGH SONGS 24 Native American Church songs hoped to inspire the listener to stay on the positive side of life. DMP 113 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


The year 1540 was a crucial turning point in American history. The Great Indian Wars were incited by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado when his expedition to the Great Plains launched the inevitable 350 year struggle between the white man and the American Indians. From that point forward, the series of battles between the United States and the Native American Indians began, where blood was shed and ultimately tens of thousands of lives were lost on both sides. The Battle of Tippecanoe, the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, all three Seminole Wars and the Battle of the Little Big Horn were some of the most important conflicts that led up to the last massacre, the Battle of Wounded Knee, where America's landscape would be changed forever. This 3 DVD set is filled with insightful and entertaining bonus features including biographies on notable Cavalry Officers and Indian Chiefs including Tecumseh, Colonel Custer, Black Kettle, Wild Bill Hickock, Crazy Horse, Kit Carson, Geronimo, Sitting Bull and many more. 235 minutes. Not rated. 45981D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- HAND DRUM SONGS The latest release from the HINCKLEY POW WOW SINGERS, recorded live at the 4th Annual Grand Celebrations Pow Wow held in the arbor of the Grand Casino in Hinckley, Minnesota. The Hinckley Pow Wow represents the largest of its kind in North America. Drums represented to sing their music with the best the world has to offer include: WHITEFISH JRS, NORTHERN CREE, ROCKY BOY, EYABAY, ROSE HILL, PIPESTONE CREEK, and more. SSCT 4285 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- VOL. 1 - GOURD TALKERS Eighteen Kiowa gourd dance songs and one buffalo dance song. Includes Tiapiah Start Song, several old gourd dance songs and several family songs. Jack Anquoe is the lead singer. SOAR 143 CD $18.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOL.2 - SHAKE IT UP Seventeen shake dance songs from Oklahoma. Songs include Cedar Smoke, Dancers Arise, Painted for War, Standing Buffalo and Hoka Hey. Jack, Redcloud, Jim, Rick, Warren and Jimmy Anquoe plus Louis Sheridan, Jason Good Blanket, Jimmy Reeder & LaVerne Little Calf. SOAR 148 CD $18.98 (Out of Print.) (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOL. 3 - SPIRITS WHO DANCE SPIRITS WHO DANCE is the third recording by the GRAYHORSE SINGERS, a popular drum from Oklahoma. This recording carries on the southern drum style that has made the GRAYHORSE SINGERS a drum of great renown. SPIRITS WHO DANCE is a mixture of Kiowa, Ponca and intertribal songs including Snake Dance, Buffalo Dance, Fancy Dancers Dance, Grass Dance and more. SOAR 177 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- VOLUME 1 15 of your favorite grass dance songs performed by The Boyz, Battle River, Eya-Hay Nakoda, Rose Hill, Black Lodge, Wildhorse, Northern Wind, Red Bull, High Noon, Star Blanket Jrs., Blackstone, Sweetgrass Singers and Yellow Hammer. All songs previously released on other recordings. VA 60004 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- IN THE SPIRIT GREAT MYSTERY are Milton Tso, Michael Edmonds, Paul Cassarino and Charles Button. A very impressive debut album. You will hear an honest and vibrant array of songs that is sure to captivate your soul, capture your heart, and take you places. Relax, listen, and let yourself be carried away. SM 1001 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - AWAKENING 27 Native American flute songs including Sound Medicine, Morning Prayer, Still Waters, and Prayer For The Elder. NV 134 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age) - HERE & NOW Here & Now features Mitlon Tso (flutes and vocal chants), Charles Button (guitar, bass and keyboards), Will Clipman (pan-global percussion), and Anthony Betoney (traditional Diné singing). Here & Now blends the timeless spirit of Native Americana with the contemporary freshness of folk-rock, pop, and world music sensibilities into a sound as expressive and evocative as the Southwestern landscape and culture form which it arises. 15 songs including The Touch of Dawn, Trail in the Sand, Echo Canyon, Two Winds, Sacred Heart, and Harmony Trail. SM 2008 CD $16.98 (Out of Print.) (Flute/New Age)


- GRASSY NARROWS SINGERS 10 pow wow songs by singers: Jason Fobister, Michael Fobister, Adrian Kejick, Jason Kejick, Glen Kejick, Barry Assin, Kevin Strong and Robbie Wiliamson. Songs include:Grand Entry, Veteran Song, Intertribals, and Grass Dance. The GRASSY NARROWS SINGERS are from Grassy Narrows, Manitoba where the eight-man drum creates their songs. This is an album of ten songs including Veteran Song, Grass Dance and many intertribal songs. Their debut album promises they will be a huge hit on the pow wow Circuit. SSCT 4296 Cassette $2.00 (Out of Print.) (Northern Plains/Ojibway) VOL. 2 - GRASSY NARROWS SINGERS 10 songs including Drum Song, Contest Song, Intertribal Songs, Woman's Traditional, Grassy Narrows Song and more. SSCT 4348 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - THE ARRIVAL The Grassy Narrows Singers are Mike Fobister, Jason Fobister, Jason Kejick Sr., Adrian Kejick, Glen Kejick, and Kevin Strong. They are from Canada and sing in the traditional Ojibway style. 12 songs including The Old Times, Stand Up and Dance, a straight fancy song, and a jingle dress. AR 1337 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway)


Two great programs in one package. Great Indian Leaders is an award-winning program that etches vivid portraits of four extraordinary figures who were willing to dies to preserve their way of life. Crazy Horse refused to bring the Lakota people into submission. Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce on a 1700 mile flight from the United States Army. Geronimo, of the Apaches, used his powers to confound pursuers. Quanah Parker, "Last Chief of the Comanche," and son of a white woman, guided his people between two worlds. This is the poignant and tragic story of the end of the American Indians' way of life and freedom. Great Indian Nations, another award-winning program tells the moving story of six mighty Indian nations: The Iroquois, the most powerful of the eastern tribes;


Prices subject to change without notice.


- A COLLECTION OF 19 SONGS A memorable collection of ninteen songs by nine Plains Indians groups: Kiowa, Arikara, Shawnee, Southern Cheyenne, Northern Cheyenne, Ponca, Phoenix Plains Singers, Sioux, and the Northern Arapahoe. 6052 Cassette $9.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)




- VOL. 1 - OLD TIME O'ODHAM FIDDLE MUSIC Twelve dance tunes including Ali Oidak Polka, Black Mountain Mazurka, and Sonora Church Two-Step. Dance tunes were originally played by bands like the Gu-Achi Fiddlers - composed of fiddles, guitars, snare and bass drums. This traditional style began in the mid 19th century and is the basis of the modern Chicken Scratch band of the Tohono O'Odham (Papago) and Pima. Musicians: Lester Vavages, Wilfred Mendoza, Elliott Johnson, Gerald Leos Sr., and Tommy Lopez. 8082 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Chicken Scratch) - VOL. 2 - OLD TIME O'ODHAM FIDDLE MUSIC Twelve polkas, mazurkas and two-step dance tunes including: Saint Rose of Lima Mazurkam Big Shoes Two-Step and Tohono Special Polka. Instruments are fiddle, guitar, and drums. Lester Vavages, Gerald Leos Sr., Elliott Johnson, Wilford Mendoza and Mike Francisco. 8092 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)


- BLUE MOON OF KEHEWIN SGGE 12099 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Cree)


- ROUGHIN' IT Billy Joe calls himself a blues based rock and roller. His virtuosity on the guitar is formidable. His music is not straight up blues - some has a little more rock and roll in it, some a little more blues. There is a smokin' version of Carlos Santana's Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile; if you like to feel melancholy Little Boy Blue is a pensive moody number sure to fog you into a blue funk; if you like to boogie Keep The Circle Strong will help you forget the arthritic old football injury to your left knee. If you haven't heard Billy Joe, take a listen this debut album is long overdue. SSCT 4260 (Out of Print) (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues) AR 1109 (Sioux) (Out of Print)


From the Director of "Gandhi" comes the remarkable true story of a 1930's frontier trapper who adopted the ways of the wild and found love among its people. After discovering a world slowly threatened by extinction in the woods of the great north, one man's passion led him to fight for the protection of the land he loved. Pierce Brosnan stars as Archie Grey Owl in this epic adventure about a man who had the courage to defend and lead his people in war and victory, and the strength to become their voice to the world. Also starring Annie Galipeau. Closed Captioned. Rated PG13. 4722D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


Grey Buffalo Singers are a Cree-Saulteaux singing group from the Gordon's First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada. Singers include George Longman, Jeff Longman, Ashley Whitehawk, Lee Tootoosis, William Whitehawk, Danny Longman, Jason Bitternose, James Gordon, Clarence Cyr, George Gordon, Jeremy Longman, Tommy Twist, Jared Bird, Brandon Twist and Brian Jackson. Harmonizers include Shayla Bird, Sharlene Longman, Sheila Gordon, Sherrie Cyr, Angel Gordon, Andria Bird, April Gordon, Alyssa Bird and Melissa Bird. - VOL. 2 GREY BUFFALO Singers: George Longman Jr., Jeff Longman, Dan Longman, William White Hawk, Ashley White Hawk, Samuel Max Cyr, Rick Cyr, Clarence Kasheep and Cecelia Twist. 12 pow wow songs including: drum song, Grand Entry, grass, fancy, round, Flag Song, intertribals, traditionals and Honor Song. SSCT 4238 (Out of Print) (Cree) - LIVE AT LONG PLAINS GREY BUFFALO is a northern style pow wow singing group. Members are of the Cree/Saulteaux language and most originate from the Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan. Traveling to different locations for gatherings and celebrations, their belief is to maintain their culture through song and dance. 12 songs including a grand entry, a flag song, a victory song, a grass dance and more. AR 1230 CD $17.98 (Cree) - JUST TRYING TO GET THERE 12 songs including Grand Entry Song, Come Have Some Fun, Pow Wow Time, and Lard's Special. WP-00022 CD $17.98 (Cree) - STRAIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING 12 songs including Gordon's Groove, Gone In 60 Seconds, Buffalo Bounce, Moccasin Flats, and Above The Rim. WP-00032 CD $17.98 (Cree)


Recorded on January 29, 1972 in Mary Talks Different's home at Fort Belknap Agency, Montana. Singers include Bobby & Carol Talks Different, Gordon & Edith Lodge, Ray Gone and Mary Talks Different - all are of the Gros Ventre tribe and Gordon Gray of the Assiniboine. 16 songs include eight grass dance songs, one flag song, one chiefs song, two owl dance songs, two ringtail round dance songs and two brave heart honoring songs. Released on CD in April 2006. IR 490 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains)


- WAILA GP STYLE 16 polkas, cumbias, mazulgas and chotes performed by Ben Jose - accordion and sax, Joseph Frank - bajo sexto, Tony Jose - bass, and Pat Flores - drums. RAB-GP1 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - WAILA - IT'S ALL GOOD The band performs 20 songs including Cafe de Roma, De Monterrey A Reynosa, It's Ours and Mala Mujez. RAB-GP2 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - STILL JAMMIN' - PART 1 The third release by GROUP PAPAGO brings you 11 more toe tapping "Scratch" songs. Songs include El Año Viejo, Swingin, Between Friends, Found You, and Tan Bella y Tan Presumida. RAB-GP3 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - STILL JAMMIN' - PART 2 10 more songs including Vamos Al Fandango, Mi Ranchito, La Negra Tomasa, and Topo Chico. RAB-GP4 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)

GUADALUPE, OUR LADY OF THE ROSES In December 1531, the peasant Juan Diego had a miraculous encounter with Santa Maria that forever changed Latin America society and culture. This opera retells that fateful story in Spanish and English with internationally recognized singers Isola Jones as the Virgin of Guagalupe and Robert Breault as Juan Diego. R. Carlos Nakai adds the haunting melodies of the Native American flute to the exotic sounds of Aztec flutes performed by Xavier Quijas Yxayotl and percussion and African drums. Also featured are Carole FitzPatrick, Robert Barefield, Fr. Jorge Ridriguez Eagar,OSB, and the Guadalupe Festival Orchestra and Chorus. Composed by James DeMars. Total playing time approximately 73 minutes.

7090 CD $15.98 (Flute/Classical)


Guilty Wilson is Mike and Roxanne Thomas and Kree Johns. Additional musicians Doug Hutchcraft and Roscoe Meek. All songs written by Mike and Roxanne Thomas to the glory of our Lord. A fresh hip-hop beat. Nine songs including Wait, Broken, Rules For The Church, and Help Me. CPR-015 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian)


William Gutierrez (Southern Ute & Dineh) is an accomplished Native American flute player and flute maker, as well as an acclaimed performing and recording artist. William travels throughout the U.S. and Canada performing on a variety of flutes he handcrafts from red cedar and other exotic woods. - CALLING THE EAGLE William performs traditional songs taught to him by the elders of various Indian tribes as well as

Prices subject to change without notice.


songs that he has composed. Songs include: Eastern Plains Love Song; Zuni Sunrise Song; Lakota Wedding Song; Honor Song, and more. IS 5076 Cassette $2.00 CD $13.98 (Flute/New Age) - EAGLE CANYON This album comes as a continuation of CALLING THE EAGLE and includes several traditional songs taught to him by his friends of the Lakota, Winnebago and Navajo nations, as well as those he composed. IS 5077 Cassette $2.00 CD $13.98 (Flute/New Age) - RAVEN'S SONG In this album you will hear and feel William's deep, heart-felt love for his family, elders and friends. Tunshin, is a dedication to all on their present paths of life; Courting Song tells of a young man who relies on his heart to guide him in his efforts to court and win the heart of a young woman; Raven's Song is inspired by stories William has heard from his ancestors, his understanding of their importance and his desire to share them as he is instructed. Liner notes. IS 5078 Cassette $2.00 CD $13.98 (Flute/New Age) - KEEPER OF THE SONGS In this long awaited fourth solo release, William continues on the path chosen for him by the creator. Listen to the haunting and mystical sound of his flute. Allow his songs to into your heart. You will soon find yourself accompanying William on his path, feeling the same things he feels, experience the same experiences, see the things he sees, and even hear the songs he hears. You will begin to understand why he and his music are so unique, why his songs touch and affect so many, and you too will call him "Keeper of the Songs." IS 5079 Cassette $2.00 CD $13.98 (Flute/New Age)


- MY FATHERS CHAPEL Performed with gourd rattle and water drum, peyote songs accompany the introspective ceremonies of the Native American Church. Noted Diné singers Paul Guy Jr. and his father Paul Guy Sr., a respected Church leader and Road Man, perform 24 peyote songs meant to aid the spiritual journey along the Peyote Road. (Each track contains four songs.) 6294 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


including Love Lives Here, I'm On Fire, and My Friend Phil. SSCT 6036 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- LAKESIDE MELODIES BH-01 Cassette $4.00 (Flute/New Age) - ECHOES IN THE CANYON BH-02 Cassette $4.00 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - FORMATIONS OF LIFE -TODAY'S STORY OF THE HOOP DANCE See write-up under Formations of Life. BH-03D DVD $16.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance) - REFLECTIONS Join Brian Hammill on this soothing journey of Native American flute music. Seven songs including Waters Edge, Hearts Journey, and Canyon Dance. BH 0252 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - GENERATIONS Take a spiritual journey with Brian and his Native American flute. Also performing with him are Bryan Schroeder, Wayne VanZee, Todd Boston and Jonathon Fleig. Nine songs including Youthful Journey, Twilight Dance, Upon the Wind, and Native Pulse. BH 0302 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)



- LAKOTA HANBLACEYAPI AND YUWIPI SONGS 28 songs presented by Lorenzo Eagle Road. Booklet included contains Sioux transcriptions and English translations. MOI-HW012 CD $19.98 (Sioux)


- THE HAIDA WAY The first female Native American rap artist, and member of the Haida and Arapaho tribes, HAIDA has performed widely on her own throughout Indian country. She has shared the stage with other rappers, most notably Tommy Boy recording artist Coolio. HAIDA, Indian country's leading young female role model, continues to tour in support of her latest release. RVR 9676 (Out of Print) (Contemporary - Rap)


- INDIAN MUSIC OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST COAST Over 20 songs collected, recorded and annotated by Dr. Ida Halpern, PhD in Musicology from the University of Vienna. The Haida are the native inhabitants of the Queen Charlotte Islands off the northern coast of the Canadian province of British Columbia. The Haida were known and feared by the other peoples of the Pacific Northwest. The music of the Haida has been seriously neglected. The reason for its omission is that their ceremonies, rituals and legends all sprang from music as their central core. Music was so sacred that out-siders rarely heard it, let alone record or study it. FE 4119 Double Cassette $10.00 Double CD $23.98 (Pacific Northwest/Northwestern States)


- 49ERS 13 popular 49'er songs performed by Northern Cree, Little Island Cree, Wild Horse, Black Lodge, Big River Cree, Star Blanket Jrs., Red Bull, Elks Whistle, Pipestone Creek and Rose Hill. All songs previously released on other recordings. VA 60006 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 49ERS VOLUME 2 This is a collection of 19 previously released 49er songs. Singers include Dallas Waskahat, Aenold Moosoomin, Walking Buffalo, Lard Thomas, Young Confederation, Big River Cree, Andy Whitefish, Dana Goulet, Quinton Magwa Tootoosis, Eddi Cardinal, Natha Rikishi Pelly and Hubert Whitefish. DNA 60079 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - OLD STYLE STRAIGHT 13 popular straight hand drum songs performed by High Noon, Sweetgrass, Red Bull, Wild Horse, Crooked Lake, Star Blanket Jrs., Little Island Cree, Big River Cree, Pipestone Creek, The Boyz, Yellow Hammer and Rose Hill. All songs previously released on other recordings. VA 60008 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - ORIGINAL OLD STYLE VOLUME 2 20 previously recorded original old style hand drum songs preformed by Cedrick Baker, Melvin Kenatch, Brad Crain, Irvin Waskewich, Eugene Cardinal, Gerald Baptiste, Jeff Moosoomin, Young Confederation, Hector McGilvery, Big


- PEYOTE CANYON SOAR 129 (Out of Print) (Peyote) - PEYOTE MEDICINE SOAR 138 (Out of Print) (Peyote) - PEYOTE BROTHERS SOAR 151 (Out of Print) (Peyote) - PEYOTE STRENGTH SOAR 161 (Out of Print) (Peyote) - DINE PEYOTE SONGS Performed with gourd rattle and water drum, peyote songs accompany the introspective ceremonies of the Native American Church. Respected singers Paul Guy Jr. and Teddy Allen, of the Diné people have become highly regarded for their peyote songs and their dedication to the Native American Church traditions. This collection of Navajo peyote songs brings together their newest songs with some of their older favorites. 6295 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- RATTLESNAKE Hopi musician, Bruce Hamana, presents 12 country songs for your listening enjoyment. Songs include Truckin, Navajo Times, Lodi, Against The Wind, and Crazy World. AV 9045 CD $17.98 (Country)


- WARRIOR IN CHAINS Born in North Alberta and having lived through an abusive childhood, Bill Hamelin shares with you his grief and sorrow through his music. Having found his love for God, he has learned to forgive his past and has learned to love himself. 10 songs


Prices subject to change without notice.


River Cree, Quinton Magwa Tootoosis, Sheldon Rainy, Nathew Thomas and Frank Moosoomin. DNA 60080 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- VOLUME 4 After taking some time out of their busy schedule, Hanisha composed some new songs and are proudly presenting them on their fourth release. 13 songs include Jingle Dress Round Dance, Honor Song, Chicken Beat and Veteran Song. Singers include Howard Copenace, Travis "Chabaz" White, Steve "She-Shash" Jack, Leslie "Wasa" Copenace, Eldon Copenace, Teddy Copenace, Murphy Payompee, Toowaas, Jyles Copenace, Scott Crow and Tommy White Sr. SSCT 4404 Cassette $2.00 (Northern Plains/Ojibway)


- NATIVE JOY FOR REAL Native Joy For Real marks Joy Harjo's debut as a singer/songwriter. An album so strong, so brimming with soul and beauty that even long time fans will be astonished by the power of its poetic vision. She has created ten singular invocations of contemporary life, on and off the reservation, that deal with the joys and tribulations of everyday existence. The music blends traditional Native rhythms and singing with jazz, rock, blues and a touch of hip-hop. Joy's trademark intensity is inspiring. The songs feature memorable refrains, smoky sax, subtle pow wow based beats, and uplifting lyrics. The unifying factor is Harjo's poetic and political vision. Ten songs include The Last World of Fire and Trash, This Is My Heart, Reality Show, and The Had-It-Up-To-Here Round Dance. MEK-001 CD $17.98 (Contemporary / Rhythm & Blues) - SHE HAD SOME HORSES Joy Harjo recites poetry from her book She Had Some Horses. She began her journey with poetry over 30 years ago. Her style was raw and fresh. She didn't think about poetry, she just was poetry. She struggled for indigenous and women's rights. A bonus track is included with Joy reciting and playing the saxophone. Spoken word. MEK-1897 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues) - WINDING THROUGH THE MILKY WAY Here is a little road music to accompany us as we make the timeless journey between earth and sky. We're on a story that will always include the ancient while riding to the outer edge. We'll get there with music, poetry, lyrics, stories, sheer sorrow and joy. Start with a voice. Let it fly free. Bring in a saxophone to touch those places the words cannot reach. Add an insatiable guitar, some heavy philosophical bass, a little piano and Mvskoke and other tribal rhythms to take us back to Congo Square and before, back up into the Milky Way. Add the good thoughts of those we've met along the way. We've got it and we're traveling now. The 12 tracks include Morning Song, This is My Heart, Rabbit is Up to Tricks, and Witchi Tai To. FH 019 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues)


- VOL. 1 CARNEGIE ROADRUNNERS VS. BILLY GOAT HILL Twenty three handgame songs sung by these two teams during an actual game. More than 60 singers. Recorded live at Carnegie, Oklahoma. IH 2501 (Out of Print) (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOL. 2 CARNEGIE ROADRUNNERS VS. BILLY GOAT HILL Twenty one handgame songs recorded during a very close game. Another game by the same singers as in Volume 1. Recorded live at Carnegie, Oklahoma. IH 2502 Cassette $9.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- AN HISTORICAL PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT, 1968-2006 Photographer Dick Bancroft has documented the American Indian Movement for over 30 years. He has been present at many of the movement's crucial conflicts and has captured them in powerful still images. In 2006, Shirlee Stone curated the first photo exhibit of the American Indian Movement at Ancient Traders Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Vernon Bellecourt and Dick Bancroft take you with them on a tour of this exhibit and tell the history of this powerful civil rights movement that changed the future course of Indians in America. ER 16199D DVD $11.98 (Videos - Documentary)


HANISHA - The name is derived from a Traditional Ojibway legend. The Singers from the Naotkamegwanning First Nation (WhiteFish Bay) are strong in the beliefs and practices of the Anishinabe. - VOL. 1 HANISHA TRADITIONAL SINGERS The songs on this tape are dedicated to the elders who have passed on their knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation. Singers: Tommy White, Lead Singer, Pipe Carrier; Murphy Paypompee, Drumkeeper, Pipe Carrier; Leslie Copenace, Pipe Carrier; Teddy Copenace; Howard Copenace; Alan Crow; Bill Girard; Dave Kabestra; John Namaypoke; Thomas Payompee Sr.; Thomas Poyampee Jr.; Alan White, Pipe Carrier; Peter White, Pipe Carrier. Songs include: Drum Songs, Intertribal, Grass Dance, Honor Song, Round Dance, Round Dance "Mother Earth" and more. SSCT 4273 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - VOL. 2 HANISHA TRADITIONAL SINGERS This album, following their successful first release, with drum songs continues to spread the band's message through the Ojibway speaking drum. This drum is a regular feature at traditional pow wows throughout Canada and the United States. They continue to explore their beliefs in the Anishinaabe way through their songs. SSCT 2492-4 Cassette $2.00 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - VOL. 3 HANISHA TRADITIONAL SINGERS The name is derived from a traditional Ojibway legend. A long time ago a man lives in the bush. The people were amazed at his powers. He communicated with all the living environment. Everything he needed came from the bush. The man lived a simple life. Eventually he became known as Anishinaabe as he possessed many valued beliefs and customs. These singers from Naitkamegwanning First Nations (Whitefish Bay) are very strong in the beliefs and practices of the Anishinaabe and hence their name. This is their third release. SSCT 4325 Cassette $2.00 (Northern Plains/Ojibway)


- GOSPEL FAVORITES Henry Chase, Victor Thompson, Jensen Dabbs, Travis Friday, and Cherilyn Thompson are The Hard Knocks Gospel Band. It brings them great pleasure to share with you ten of their favorite gospel songs. Songs include Purple Robe, After Calvary, Sweet By And By, and Bound For That City. TM 332258-11 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian)


Joy came of age in the midst of a shifting, political national native consciousness. She carried her mother's love of singing and songwriting with her, and her father's oratorical and artistic accomplishments. Then one day she had to have a saxophone. That led her back to the stomp grounds of her heart. She began to sing. - LETTER FROM THE END OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY Poet Joy Harjo, best selling author of several books including The Woman Who Fell From The Sky (1996) and She Had Some Horses, plays saxophone and speaks poetically potent lyrics over a Native American-jazz-rock-reggae musical backdrop. JOY HARJO & POETIC JUSTICE have toured extensively throughout the United States. They opened for the INDIGO GIRLS on their Honor The Earth Tour and have also performed with Bonnie Raitt & Toad The Wet Sprocket. "We play what has been called `tribal-jazz-reggae,' which also contains elements of rock, blues, prophecy and poetry. Our audiences have been know to dance wildly in the aisles." Joy Harjo SD 914 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues)


- LET'S TELL THE WORLD A popular Navajo gospel group performs twelve songs including Let's Tell The World, Lord I'm Coming Home, Lily Of The Valley, Heaven's Sounding Sweeter and Ten Thousand Years. 603 Cassette $9.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- 16 KIOWA 49 SONGS Singers Hugh and Della Doyebi and Bruce and Gertie Haumpy originally recorded these Kiowa 49 songs on November 7, 1979 at Fay, Oklahoma. Released on CD in May 2006. There are some English words in the songs. IR 650 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- PEOPLE OF THE BLUE GREEN WATER Rex Tilousi is the Keeper of the Traditional Songs and Stories of the Havasu `Baaja, also know as the Havasupai. Havasu `Baaja means People of the

Prices subject to change without notice.


Blue Green Water. Rex has lived his entire life on the rim and within the depths of the Grand Canyon. He has spent his life preserving the Traditional Songs and Stories of countless generations of Havasupai. He explains that the stories and history of the People who have lived in the Canyon have never been revealed, never been written. In this DVD he reveals some of the secrets of the Canyon to help those that visit the Grand Canyon to better understand what they see. Original music by Keith Secola. Subtitled in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. 30 minutes. 50099D DVD $29.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- 19TH ANNUAL - HONORING THE THIRD CIRCLE Recorded live in Rapid City, South Dakota on October 7-9, 2005 at the 19th Annual He Sapa Wacipi Championship Pow Wow and Fine Art Show. 14 tracks include eight traditional, a side step, two crow hop, a women's fancy and two intertribals. Drums include Elk's Whistle, Iron Boy, Bad Nation, White Lodge, Eagle Mountain, Porcupine, and Badlands. DHOP 0800 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 2006 BLACK HILLS POW WOW 12 songs including seven intertribals, one grass dance, two fancy dance, one sneak-up, and one double beat. Drums include Fort Peck Sioux, Eagle Mountain, Eagle Creek, Bad Nation, Lakota Tribe, Porcupine, North Bear, and Iron Boy. DHOP 2200 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 22ND ANNUAL BLACK HILLS POW WOW Recorded live at the 22nd Annual (2008) Black Hills Championship Pow Wow. The He Sapa Wacipi is an impressive cultural event held annually at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. Hundreds of Native American singers and dancers converge on the Civic Center to compete for thousands of dollars in song and dance competitions. It is a public event and features not only Lakota, Dakota and Nakota, but also many tribes from as far away as Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and the northwest, northeast, Canada and the southwest. Many tribes are represented in the actual competition. Over 700 dancers and 35 drum groups represent 57 different tribes. 20 songs from drum groups including Thundervalley, Bad Nation, Cante Tiza, Eagle Mountain, White Tail, Standing Horse, Elk Soldier, Crazy Horse, Battle River, and Rock Hill. DHOP 3300 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 2010 BLACK HILLS POW WOW Northern Cree performed as host drum for the 24th annual He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate recorded live at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, South Dakota on October 8-10, 2010. The honor drum was Young Thunder. One grand entry, nine intertribals, two men's fancy, two men's grass, one women's fancy, one women's jingle, one men's traditional, and one round dance. Drums include Northern Cree, Stoney Park, Bad Nation, Young Bird, Iron Boy, Wahpe Kute, Young Thunder, Cante Tiza, and Standing Bull. DHOP 3900 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 25TH ANNIVERSARY BLACK HILLS POW WOW 20 songs featuring Bad Nation, Iron Boy, The Boyz, Young Bear, Canta Tinza, Badlands, Porcupine, Crazy Horse, Elk Soldier, Standing Horse, and Native Thunder. Songs include five intertribal, ten contest, a woman's fancy, a woman's jingle, and two men's traditional with an introduction by Tim White Eyes of Bear Creek. DHOP 4300 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


selections for the Chippewa, Sioux, Yuman, Northern Ute, Papago, Makah and Menominee tribes. Illustrated, informative brochure includes text and translations of songs along with notes. FE 4251 CD $20.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)


- VOL. 1 - HEART BUTTE SINGERS Includes Flag Song, traditional song, contest song, trick song. round dance, slow war dance, Heart Butte Society Song and Heart Butte Special. Fred and Beatrice Marceau, Tom Bear Grant, Gordon, Clarence, Gary, Franklin, and Ernest Comes At Night, Clifford and Jolene Eagel Speaker and Chuck Dusty Bull. 6177 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 2 - HEART BUTTE SINGERS Twelve songs including war, grass, traditional, round, intertribal, and 49 (Old Gray Mare). Singers are Stan White Man, Gary and Franklin Comes At Night, Clarence Old Rock, Leo Wells. Arnie Calf Boss Ribs. Thomas Big Springs, John Nomee, Jolene Eagle Speaker and Clifford Eagle Speaker. 6187 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet)


- NIKOODI RHYTHM "Dedicated to the round dance circuit singers and dancers." Ancestors, Old Style Owl Dance, Sister in Law's Love Song, Oldtimers' Rock 'n Roll, and six more round dance songs - some with English words. Percy Potts - lead singer with Sidney, Daisy, Richard Shane and Misty Potts; Tracy, Stephanie, Tony and Lance Alexis; Aaron Bird; Adrian Bull and Keith Rain. Hawk River is Dakota Sioux from the Alexis Band, Glenevis, Alberta. SSCT 4157 Cassette $2.00 (Canada)


A second tape by a Nakota Sioux drum from the Alexis Band in Alberta. Ten songs including Eagle Whistle Song, I'll Kiss You By The Moonlight, Eagles Around The World, grass and intertribal songs. HR011593 Cassette $2.00 (Canada)


- ANNUAL ROUND DANCE & FEAST Welcome to the Annual Round Dance and Feast presented by Jay Begaye featuring Big River Cree, Cathedral Lakes, Freeland Jishie, Southern Outlawz, Calling Eagle, Glenn Lewis, Little Island Cree, and Randy Paskemin. CRM 021806 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- LIVE AT PIAPOT Recorded live at the Piapot Reserve Celebration in Saskatchewan, Canada, in August of 1996, this lively album has 12 songs including grass dance songs, Crow Hop, Sneak-up, Fort Berthold Flag Song, and World War II Victory Song. Singers include: Jonathan Windy Boy, Sherwin Obey, Bob Natewa, Taite Honadick, R.G. Harris, Arthur Windy Boy, Junior McArthur, John Muire, Delvin Keeswood, Lloyd Irvine and Adrian Main. Original style singing. IH 4411 Cassette $9.98 CD $15,98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa/Cree)


- VOICES OF FIRST NATION WOMEN SF 40415 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections) - HEARTBEAT 2 - MORE VOICES OF FIRST NATIONS WOMEN SF 40455 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)


- VISIONS OF TEN MOONS Original Native American style flute music, intertwined with beautiful soothing rhapsodies of flute, guitars and synthesizers. A magical journey unfolds before you. 13 songs include Washte Anpetu - Beautiful Day, Nagi Cante - Spirit Heart, and Hanblecas Of Evolution - Spirits Are Born. HF 1971 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)


- A TIME IN MY LIFE JNHN 2001 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues)


- 17TH ANNUAL - LIVE IN THE BLACK HILLS 17 songs by the following drum groups - BAD NATION, PORCUPINE, EAGLE MOUNTAIN, LAKOTA TRIBE, WALKING HORSE, NIGHT HAWK JR., OYATE TECA, CHEYENNE CREEK, PASS CREEK, LITTLE SON, NORTH BEAR, HUNKPAPA, and MAHTO CANGLESKA. Four Grand Entry, one flag song, four intertribals, two grass dance, four traditional, and two contest songs. WWBH 0401 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- HEART AND SOUL The HEARTLAND SINGERS are Morley Cooke, Wes Cooke, Edmond Poochay, Blaine Cooke, Russell Buffalocalf, Chris Oudie, Ralph Poochay, Bryce Buffalocalf and Billy Torrance. Ten songs. SSCT 4399 Cassette $2.00 (Canada)


Ninteen songs recorded on location by Dr. Frances Densmore for the Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution. Includes representative


Prices subject to change without notice.


- ABORIGINAL WOMEN'S VOICES In the winter of 1997, Aboriginal women from various nations, cultures, languages and musical traditions came together at Sleeping Buffalo Mountain in Banff, Alberta. Each woman brought with her one song that was representative of the music place she came from. As a group they created, rehearsed, performed and recorded their new songs. Featuring Sadie Buck (Seneca, Turtle Clan), Cornelia Bowannie (Zuni), Jani Lauzon (Métis), Jennifer Kreisberg (Tuscarora, Katenuaga Band), Olivia Tailfeather (Kainaiwa, Blackfoot Confederacy), Sharon King (Potawatomi), Elizabeth Hill (Mohawk) Flora Wallace (Salish), Joyce Fossella (Salish), Soni Moreno (Mayan, Apache, Yaqui), Cherokee Blood (Kainaiwa, Blackfoot Confederacy), Jerriann Buckskin (Kainaiwa, Blackfoot Confederacy), and Amber Weasel Head (Kainaiwa, Blackfoot Confederacy). Liner notes about the musicians and their songs. SGAWV BANFF (Out of Print.) (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)


- ALL THINGS GOOD Nakoa Heavy Runner is joined by Roger White to present this collection of traditional songs. 12 tracks including Our Relations, Loving Thoughts, Spring Time, and How Sweet It Is. ECR 04686 CD $15.98 (Sioux)


make HIDALGO one of the most thrilling adventures ever. Starring Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif and Said Taghmaoui. 136 minutes. Closed Captioned. Rated PG-13. 32425D DVD $29.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- VOL. 1 - ST. CROIX WILD RICE FESTIVAL SSCT 4234 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - VOL. 2 - ST. CROIX WILD RICE FESTIVAL Featuring: LITTLE OTTER, DAKOTA NATION, LITTLE EARTH, BLACK HAWK, FIRST NATION, THE BOYZ, PORCUPINE SINGERS, MGM SINGERS, WHITEFISH BAYS SINGERS, PIPESTONE CREEK. SSCT 4235 Cassette $2.00 (Northern Plains/Chippewa/Ojibway) LEGENDS OF THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS - VOL. 1 Twelve stories told by Jackalene Crow Hiendlmayr (Cherokee/Creek). Stories of brave deeds of warriors, of family love, of animals and birds. We tell the stories "to teach our young people to care for themselves that they might grow up strong and fulfill their visions, and teach us to respect and thank the Mother Earth who sustains our lives". Includes Circle of Life, Legend of Lake Okeechobee, The Magic Buffalo, How the Bobcat Lost His Tail. IS 9041 (Out of Print) (Legends/Storytelling) - VOL. 2 For thousands of years...before there were books or radios, storytelling was used to teach young people about the past to instruct them how they should behave in the future. These legends were the slender threads that tied these youth to their ancestors. Storytellers were given the gift of the legends to instill pride in the past and hope for the future. Today, there are still legend keepers among the people and in the forefront is Jackalene Crow Hiendlmayr. Flute music by Fernando Cellicion. Includes Wolf Man, Hummingbird and Crane, Fox and Rabbit, Cat Cousins, Eagle Touch the Sun. IS 9042 Cassette $2.00 (Legends/Storytelling)


On a crisp December morning two homeless men join forces to exploit the only possession they own - an electric space heater. Without a place to plug it in, Ben convinces `The Man,' his newfound unstable partner, to return the heater for a cash refund. What follows is a poignant and often hilarious chronicle of the two men's journey from the inner city to a suburban shopping mall, battling bitter cold, ruthless fellow human beings and their difficulty in clinging on to one another. Starring Gary Farmer and Stephen Oiumette. 87 minutes. Not rated. VF 3102D DVD (Out of Print) (Hollywood Movies)


Flag Song, shake, grass and intertribal dance songs; ten in all. Singers: Raymond, Garry, Derek, Jan, Sonny, Wayne and Linus Hotomani; Peter Parisian, Dustin Johnson, Sterling Crowe, Terry Delmore, Todd Crowe and Cal Hunt. SSCT 4162 (Out of Print.) (Canada)


- PEYOTE SONGS Robert & Leander Hicks are originally form Kayenta, Arizona. Their clans are Red Running into Water and Born for Manygoats. They hope that this CD brings joy and happiness to everyone who listens to it. 24 songs. CMP 108 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- BROTHERS 12 songs including Give U the World, Baby of Mine, Angel Beside Me, and Someday. ECR 000107 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - INDIAN SUMMER 12 songs including Smiling Eyes, Gone Away, Just One Prayer, and Remember the Night. ECR 0131808 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - WARRIORS PRAYER 12 songs including Moving Waters, No Dream, Little Precious, and Been So Long. ECR 0342009 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - LOVE, LAUGHTER, JOY & GRATITUDE 14 songs including Loving Arms, Stand By Me, Give Me the Time and Birds of a Feather. ECR 052509 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - MEDICINE LINE Indians called the border between the United States and Canada the Medicine Line. During the 19th century Indian Wars the American troops respected it as if by magic. The Medicine Line deserves our respect for the peaceful co-existence it represents and the model it offers for the future. Nakoa Heavy Runner is joined by Rocky Morin to present these 12 traditional round dance songs. ECR 04324 CD $15.98 (Sioux)


- WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN The story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman narrated by Martin High Bear, Lakota Spiritual Leader. FC 3002 (Out of Print) (Legends/Storytelling)


- HOO'ZHOO'JII AZEE'BIYIIN' Terry Hicks and Stanford Hicks are from Bodaway, Arizona. They are joined by Paul Clitso. May these songs touch the hearts of your loved ones and others as well. 24 songs of the Native American Church for your enjoyment and listening pleasure. CMP 134 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- BLACKFEET MUSIC 16 old style and traditional songs with an introduction and farewell by Clyde Heavy Runner. Powerful drumming and singing. Songs include four old style chicken dance songs, six old style straight songs, two fast and fancy songs and more. HS 2002 (Out of Print.) (Blackfeet)


A sandstorm of epic proportions. A swarm of locusts so massive it obliterates the relentless sun. Deadly traps that defy imagination. These are just a few of the astonishing obstacles Frank T. Hopkins, the greatest long distance racer ever, faces in the rousing action-adventure HIDALGO. Based on a true story , Hopkins and his mustang Hidalgo enter the ultimate extreme sport of its time - the Ocean of Fire. Underdogs challenging the finest Arabian horses and riders, they must not only survive the grueling race across 3,000 miles of the Arabian Desert's punishing terrain, they must thwart the evil plots of competitors who vow victory at all costs! A great story of personal triumph, amazing special effects and memorable characters


The HIGH NOON SINGERS were formed in 1975 on the Thunderchild reserve Saskatchewan. They were taught to sing the original style of pow wow by the group's late father, Simon Noon. As a result of hard work and commitment, their presence and original style of song is known throughout North America. - HIGH NOON HIGH NOON SINGERS celebrate twenty years of music making on the pow wow trail. Singers: Ted Noon (lead); Ron, Rodger and Dennis Noon; Eric and Louis Kakesim; and Tim White Eyes. 13 pow wow songs including: Intertribals, grass dance,

Prices subject to change without notice.


men's traditional dances, contest songs and more. SGHN 052795 (Out of Print) (Canada) - WORLD CHAMPIONS 1995 Recorded live at Cool Runnings Pow Wow Window Rock, Arizona. HIGH NOON SINGERS became the 1995 World Champion of drumming and singing at Schemitzun 1995 after competing against 43 of the best pow wow groups in North America. With their dedication to music this drum continues making itself known throughout North America with their "original style". Singers: Tim White Eyes, Ted Noon (lead), Ron Noon, Bob Taylor, Louis Doctor, Devere Tsatoke, Jack Littlechild, Dale Roberts and Calvin King. 14 pow wow songs including: Grand Entry, men's traditional and fancy, intertribals, side step, grass, contest, teen shawl and Jr. boys' dance songs. SGHN 112495 (Out of Print) (Canada) - ON THE TRAIL AGAIN 1995 & 1996 World Champions. HIGH NOON SINGERS is apprecitaed for singing the original style, the style of our forefathers. Singers: Ron, Ted, Roger, Chopper Noon; Quinton and Terry Chickosis, Gerald, Willard and Luke Okanee; Carl Kennedy; Solomon and Harrison Bull; and John Noon Jr. 12 pow wow songs including intertribals, contest, trick, and round dance songs. JNR-020 Cassette $2.00 (Out of Print.) (Canada) - HIGH NOON - 1997 In 1996, the HIGH NOON SINGERS won back the 1995 Schemitzun Festival in Mashantucket, CT., where fifty of the best drums across North America gathered to compete for this title. Singers: Sean Waskahat, Louis Doctor, Ron Noon, Terry Chekosis, Solomon Bull, Ted Noon (lead singer), Willard Okanee, Gerald Okanee and Allan Bonaise. 12 pow wow songs including: Straights, shake, crow hop, Honour Song, and Round Dance. SGHN 20997 Cassette $2.00 CD $18.98 (Canada) - LIVE AT TAOS IH 4451 Cassette & CD (Canada) - TWO THOUSAND - ORIGINAL STYLE CHAMPIONS HIGH NOON is a family that has held on to the original style grass dance music. This group has travelled extensively from one side of the country to the other, sharing their talent with all tribes and singing strong for their people. HIGH NOON has received six world titles in five years. 11 songs including lady's fancy, slide song, men's intertribal contest song and seven intertribals. WRHN 027 (Out of Print) (Canada) - LIVE AT TAOS 2000 Singing since 1976, HIGH NOON has built an international reputation for their original Northern style singing. Having won many singing contests across the country, including six world championships at Schemitzun in Connecticut, HIGH NOON continues to inspire audiences wherever they sing. In this latest album they again demonstrate the beauty and power of their original style singing. Singers are Ted Noon, Ron Noon, Faron Lujan, Sean Sherman, Jason Butler, Quinnton Cheeckosis, Clinton Perkins Noon, Darryl Debassige, Nicholas Concha, Louis Doctor, Hector Soosay-Noon, Tyron Tafoya, Elisha Noon,


Betty Noon, Tanya W. Lujan, Jessie Lightning, Sally Concha, Donna Concha, Adeline Okanee, Esther Winters, Michelle Concha and Alice Martinez. 13 songs include five intertribals and eight grass dance songs. IH 4452 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Canada) - SONGS FOR OUR PEOPLE 2002 Gathering of Nations Drum Champions; six time Schemitzun Drum Champions. Started on the Thunderchild Reserve, Saskatchewan, HIGH NOON is widely respected for their original style pow wow singing. Their travels have taken them all over the United States and Canada and their singing has won them many drum contests. 12 songs including eight intertribals, a contest song, an honor song, and more. 6355 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Canada) - HAVE DRUM, WILL TRAVEL Started on the Thunderchild Reserve, Saskatchewan, HIGH NOON is widely respected for their original style pow wow singing which has won them many drum contests, including six World Championship titles. 12 Pow Wow songs recorded live at Siksika include Grand Entry, intertribals, contest songs, and an honor song. 6254 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Canada) - THE WAY IT ALL BEGAN Holder of six World Championship titles for their singing and drumming, HIGH NOON carry one of pow wow's most enduring and honored singing traditions. Begun more than two decades ago on the Thunderchild Reserve, Saskatchewan, they continue to be among pow wow's most respected groups. Singing in the original Plains Cree style, HIGH NOON maintain the pride of their people and sing from the heart whenever they sit around their drum. Eight intertribals, two contest songs and a grass dance song. 6374 CD $15.98 (Canada) - GENERATIONS Originally from the Cree Thunderbird Reserve in Saskatchewan, Canada, High Noon is an exceptional drum group that consistently tours across North America winning numerous competitions. 11 songs including a grass dance, a round dance, three intertribals, a jingle dress, a contest song and more. AR 1277 CD $17.98 (Canada) - LIVE AT HINCKLEY From Thunderchild First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada, High Noon members represent the Cree, Sioux, Taos Pueblo, Blackfoot, Chippewa, Mandan, Arikara, and Hidatsa nations. This album was recorded live at the 17th Annual Grand Celebration Pow Wow in Hinckley, MN where High Noon was honored to serve as host drum. 13 songs including two grand entry songs, four intertribals, three contest, a chicken dance, a foot slide, a grass dance, and a veterans. BTDM-1004 CD $16.98 (Canada)


place at pow wows from Oklahoma to Montana, Colorado to Washington, D.C., and the Pacific Northwest to Connecticut. The contestants demonstrate their winning styles while dancing to some of the best singing groups in Indian country. Some of the best in men's dancing. HSPW-003D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


Compiled from three years of pow wow footage filmed in 2004-2006. These dance contests took place at pow wows from Oklahoma to Montana, Colorado to Washington, D.C., and the Pacific Northwest to Connecticut. The contestants demonstrate their winning styles while dancing to some of the best singing groups in Indian country. HSPW-004D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


Compiled from three years of pow wow footage filmed in 2004-2006. These dance contests took place at pow wows from Oklahoma to Montana, Colorado to Washington, D.C., and the Pacific Northwest to Connecticut. The contestants demonstrate their winning styles while dancing to some of the best singing groups in Indian country. Some of the best in women's dancing. HSPW-001D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


Compiled from three years of pow wow footage filmed in 2004-2006. These dance contests took place at pow wows from Oklahoma to Montana, Colorado to Washington, D.C., and the Pacific Northwest to Connecticut. The contestants demonstrate their winning styles while dancing to some of the best singing groups in Indian country. HSPW-002D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


Dan was born and raised on the Cattaragus and Tuscarora reservations near Niagara Falls. Besides being a performer and flute maker, Dan is proficient in other Iroquois crafts which he learned from his mother and grandmother with the urging that he continue in the ways of his people and "never let these things die." Dan Hill has traveled throughout the US and Canada selling his crafts and performing for ever increasing audiences. Dan's music is part of the original score of the movie Pow Wow Highway. - WINTER NIGHT SONGS This recording is Dan's musical interpretation of snow swept plains, glittering forest pathways, the great Spirit Moon's midwinter rainbow and breathlessly starry nights. These songs are an outgrowth of the dreams, prayers and visions of the winter night. Eight selections for flute (some include drum and rattles). Hill-01 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - WATERLANDS OF TURTLE ISLAND Before there was the Earth there was the sea and


Compiled from three years of pow wow footage filmed in 2004-2006. These dance contests took

Prices subject to change without notice.


out of it came Turtle who rose to carry the first mother on its back and he became this great continent known as Turtle Island. and home of "the People." The selections are performed on several different types of hand-crafted Native American flutes, rattles and drums and include many natural sounds of nature and animals. Seven selections. Hill-02 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - WALK THROUGH CREATION Several types of instruments are melded into the melodies along with nature sounds and Dan's prayers to create this album. The Kiowa and Cree flutes, elk flute, double ceramic flute, jazz flute, Doc's flute, horn, rattles, Taos and Tarahumara drums, squash and melon gourds, clapper and rain sticks, and Northwest Coast seed pods. Songs include: Who Set the Stars; Condors and Eagles; and eight others to walk with you through creation. Hill-03 (Out of Print.) (Flute/New Age)


Hinckley, Minnesota Grand Casino outdoor Amphitheater. Featuring: THREE FIRES SOCIETY, CHIPPEWA CREE SINGERS, THE BOYZ, EYABAY, THE BROS., DAKOTA NATION, and NORTHERN CREE. SSCT 4241 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - VOL. 2 - 3RD ANNUAL GRAND CELEBRATIONS POW WOW Continues from Volume One. Featuring: THE BENTON'S, WHITE FISH JRS., CHIPPEWA CREE SINGERS, THE BOYZ, EYABAY, THE BROS., DAKOTA NATION, and NORTHERN CREE. SSCT 4242 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


Studio/Walk With Me." Eight songs including Walk With Me, Jordon River, My God Is Real, and Pass Me Not. TH-3 Cassette $2.00 AV 3603 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - NAIL SCARRED HAND Volume 4 - eight songs including If Jesus Said It, Near To Thee, and Victory In Jesus. TH-4 Cassette $2.00 AV 3610 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - BECAUSE HE LIVES Volume 5 is now available on CD. Eight songs include Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Reveal Yourself In Me, Where Could I Go, and I Know Who Holds Tomorrow. TH-5 Cassette $2.00 AV 3606 CD $17.98 (Gospel / Christian) - LET'S HAVE CHURCH Just released on CD, Dr. Timmy Hinton brings you eight songs including Jesus On The Main Line, This Little Light Of Mine, and Bless That Wonderful Name. TH-6 Cassette $2.00 AV 3101 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - I AM ON MY WAY TO HEAVEN Volume 7 previously titled "I Am Going Up To Heaven." Eight songs including Stand By Me, Amazing Grace, Thank You Jesus, and Send The Rain. TH-7 Cassette $2.00 AV 3601 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - REZ GOSPEL BLUEZ This multi-tribe recording includes members from the White Mountain Apache Tribe, the Navajo Arapaho Tribe, and the "Shawnee" Pawnee Tribe. 11 songs including Will The Circle Be Unbroken, I'll Trust In The Lord, Old Time Religion, and City Of Gold. AV 3618 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - OLD TIMER In this new recording Tim Hinton brings you nine songs including Great Speckled Bird, Job's God Is True, Hold My Hand, and Jesus Remember Me. AV 3612 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- VOL. 1 - 3RD ANNUAL MINNESOTA POW WOW Recorded on location at the 3rd Annual Grand Celebrations Pow Wow, July 29-31, 1994. Volume 1 features: YELLOW HAMMER, MANDARI, NORTHERN CREE, HAYSTACK, IRON WOOD, DAKOTA NATION, LAKE SHORE, EYABAY, EAGLE CLAW, and WHITEFISH JRS., SSCT 4243 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - VOL. 2 - 3RD ANNUAL MINNESOTA POW WOW Continues from Volume One. Features 12 Drum groups inlcude: SIOUX ASSINIBOINE, YELLOW HAMMER, HAYSTACK, RED SPIRIT, NORTHERN CREE, MANDARI, WHITEFISH JRS., IRON WOOD and more. SSCT 4244 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- 1993 GRAND CELEBRATION Intertribal pow wow songs recorded live at Hinckley, Minnesota. Fourteen songs by eight drums - BLACK LODGE, MANDAREE, BLACKFOOT CROSSING, STONEY PARK, BLACKSTONE, EAGLE WHISTLES, NORTHERN CREE and BATTLE CREEK. Songs include Grand Entry, grass, slide, jingle dress, French ruffle and retreat song. 6263 Cassette $9.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - GRAND CELEBRATIONS POW WOW, 1995 NORTHERN STYLE The first is a collection of Northern style drum songs from drums such as EYABAY, BATTLE RIVER, NORTHERN CREE, THE BOYZ, DAKOTA NATION, SPIRIT WIND, WHITEFISH JR., WHITEFISH BAY, LITTLE OTTER, ELK'S WHISTLE. Songs include: Grand Entry songs, intertribals, Flag Song, contest songs, side-step, woman's traditional, grass dance, straight song, and more. SSCT 4283 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - GRAND CELEBRATIONS POW WOW, 1995 SOUTHERN STYLE The second volume features Southern Style songs from ROSE HILL, YELLOWHAMMER, NO SHAME, and SOUTHERN SLAM. Songs include: Woman's Southern Cloth, Woman's Southern Buckskin, woman's and mens' traditionals, contest and Flag songs. SSCT 4284 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - SOUTHERN STYLE AR 1115 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - NORTHERN STYLE AR 1116 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- 9th ANNUAL

Hear the energy and excitement as the most innovative Northern Style and Southern Style drum groups of today compete at one of the largest Pow Wow's in North America, "Hinckley's Grand Celebration." - NORTHERN STYLE - VOLUME 2 16 songs. Drums include LITTLE OTTER, NORTHERN WIND, THE BOYZ, HIGH NOON, KINGBIRD, and PIPESTONE CREEK. AR 1141 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - SOUTHERN STYLE - VOLUME 2 16 songs. Drums include ROSE HILL, COZAD, YOUNG BIRD, and WHITE TAIL. AR 1142 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- 40 GLORIOUS YEARS IN MINISTRY Join Reverend Timmy Hinton and Linda Hinton as they celebrate 40 years of ministry with backup vocals by Linda Hamilton, Miranda Tointigh, Gilbertson Nastivar, Laura Pinal, Nantina Sanchez, Lavonne Tessay, Christie Vicente and Lana Elmore and band members Akeem Vicente, Armand Armstrong, Woodrow Elmore, and Franco Nosie Sr. They perform ten songs including Keep Holding On, Lift Up Jesus, To God Be The Glory, and Praise Him. AV 3660 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- COUNT ON HIM Volume 1 - eight songs including No Other Foundation, If That Isn't Love, and Build My Mansion. TH-1 Cassette $7.98 AV 3608 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - TALK TO ME TH-2 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - LIVE ACROSS INDIAN RESERVATIONS Volume 3 previously titled "Live at Right Track


- VOL. 1 - 3RD ANNUAL GRAND CELEBRATIONS POW WOW Recorded live at the 3rd Annual Grand Celebrations Pow Wow, July 29-31, 1994,



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Nine songs including Sioux National Anthem, veterans honoring songs, flag dance, grass dances and rabbit dances. Recorded at Cheyenne River, South Dakota. IH 4301 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Sioux)



- MEN'S TRADITIONAL 17 traditional songs by Eyabay, The Boyz, Black Lodge, Blackstone, Bear Creek, Fly-In Eagle, Battle River, Pipestone Creek, Star Blanket Jrs, North Bear, Elk Whistle, Red Bull, Painted Horse, Wild Horse, Wandering Spirit. Sweetgrass and Mountain Soul. All songs previously recorded. TIM 10085 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - MEN'S FANCY DANCE Fancy Dancing is the result of trying to entertain visitors at reservations in the early 1920's. The outfit combined the popular bustles of the traditional dancers and made them larger, brighter, and more exciting and added feathers, fluffs, and colors wherever they would fit. The Fancy Dance has traditionally been a young man's dance, although many older dancers who are still in shape participate. The Fancy Dance belongs to no one tribe - it started in Oklahoma and is now all over the country, with some differences in dress and style in the North. To be good at this dance, the dancer must train for stamina and agility. The dance is fast and features jumps and twirling. The regalia is said to represent the rainbow spirits in its bright colors and flying feathers and ribbons. The dancer typically wears two bustles of bright colored feathers with added ribbons, feathers, or horsehair hackles and bright arm and head bands repeating the colors and patterns. The dancers also wears a headdress roach trimmed in colored horsehair and featuring two eagle feathers. Dancers also carry coup sticks which are highly decorated with ribbons or feathers. This recording features 21 songs performed by YELLOW HAMMER, ELK WHISTLE, ROSE HILL, HIGH NOON, BLACK LODGE, NORTHERN WIND, RED BULL, SWEETGRASS, BATTLE RIVER, BLACKSTONE, FLY-IN EAGLE, STAR BLANKET JRS., EYABAY, PIPESTONE CREEK, THE BOYS, WILD HORSE, PAINTED HORSE, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, and WANDERING SPIRIT. All songs previously recorded. TIM 10089 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - GRASS DANCE The beginning of the Grass Dance has many stories. One story tells of the Grass Dance originating with the nomadic people of the central plains. When a new camp site was chosen, the young warriors were asked to dance to flatten out the grass, but also to bless the area. To keep the tribe safe from any danger that may be nearby. The Grass Dance movements also reflect the warriors understanding of the world in which he lives, but can also be interpreted as the wind blowing through the long grass. Many aspects of the dance reflect the need to find equilibrium - what is done with one side of the body is replicated on the other side. The outfit for the dance is comprised of long strands of yarn, ribbon, or fabric attached to the body. This is reminiscent of the long grass that once was so abundant and to pay homage to Mother Earth. The roach has two feathers attached in such a way that they rock or twirl as the dancer moves. The Grass Dance is fluid, with slow natural movements of the body. It reflects the connection of all things. 16 songs previously recorded on other Turtle Island Music recordings. Drums include BLACKSTONE, PORCUPINE, STAR BLANKET JRS., SWEET GRASS, NORTHERN WIND, MANDAREE, WILD HORSE, YELLOWHAMMER, BIG RIVER CREE, TA OTHA SPIRIT, FLY-IN EAGLE, PIPESTONE CREEK, RED BULL and BATTLE


RIVER. All songs previously recorded. TIM10092 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - CHICKEN DANCE In the spring of the year Prairie Chicken gather in great numbers to perform one of nature's most beautiful mating rituals. The male Prairie Chicken gather to dance for the female's, to strut and show how good of dancers they are. The first people of this land have a connection to Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants including the Prairie Chicken. They have adopted the style of dance from the Prairie Chicken to celebrate life and the beginning of a new year. This dance was a secret society dance used on special occasions to evoke the spirit world for help or guidance but also to give thanks. It has become a social dance, seen at many pow wows as part of the dance competition. The Prairie Chicken dance outfit consists of pants and shirt with beaded rondels and chicken plumes attached. The sleeves of the shirt are held in place with garters and beaded cuffs. The Chicken Dancer wears decorated aprons both front and back and a wide beaded belt with beaded side drops. The dancer wears a roach and a beaded headband with side drops, enhancing his movements as he dances. Around his ankles, the dancer wears garters, fringe, and bells. He might hold an eagle feather fan or a hoop of sweergrass. Drum groups include Eyabay, Big River Cree, Pipestone Creek, Star Blanket Jrs., Sweet Grass, Little Island Cree, Battle River, Red Bull, North Buffalo, Wild Horse, and Fly-In Eagle. 13 songs all previously recorded. TIM 10094 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - JINGLE DRESS The jingle dress dance has its beginning with the Anishinabe people of the Lake of the Woods area in Ontario and part of Minnesota. There are a few stories as to the origin of the dance, but one thing is agreed on, it first came to the people as a way of healing the sick and infirm. If one danced this with the jingle dress, miracles would happen and the sick would be healed. The dress features tiers of seven rows of jingle cones. The cones may have originally been metal lids from Copenhagen snuff, and are now made of various other metal materials. Some instances of use other noise making materials occur, such as bird bones or deer hooves. Dresses are decorated with ribbon, appliqué, paint, and beadwork with matching beaded leggings, moccasins, purse and hair ornaments. Eagle or other feathers and plumes are worn and a fan is carried and raised during the honor beats of the song. Old style jingle dancers do not wear plumes and do not carry a fan; they raise their hands on the honor beats in order to receive healing. 16 songs by LITTLE ISLAND CREE, WILD HORSE, ELK WHISTLE, RED BULL, PAINTED HORSE, SWEET GRASS, FLY-IN EAGLE, NORTH BUFFALO, PIPESTONE CREEK, BATTLE RIVER, TA OTHA SPIRIT, BIG RIVER CREE, and NORTHERN WIND. All songs previously recorded. TIM 10096 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - WOMEN'S FANCY The Women's Fancy Shawl is one of the newest dances of the pow wow. It is much more vigorous than the other female dances. This dance has it's beginning in the southern United States. When one looks at the Fancy Shawl that adorns the dancer, it looks much like a butterfly in flight. This is distinctive of the Women's Fancy Shawl dance. The fancy shawl outfit is intricate in beading details.


- 32 CHEYENNE PEYOTE SONGS Archie Hoffman and Lou Chouteau alternate singing each four songs. Originally recorded on May 19, 1979 at Fay, Oklahoma. Released on CD in May 2006. IR 7921 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- INTERTRIBAL PEYOTE SONGS VOL. 1 32 Intertribal Peyote songs by the Southern Cheyenne singers Archie Hoffman and Alfred Franklin, alternating each four songs with Archie beginning. Originally recorded on April 18, 1986 at Fay, Oklahoma. Released on CD in May 2006. IR 328A CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- PEYOTE SONGS Native American Indian singing artists Archie Hoffman (Southern Cheyenne) and Clifton Peshlakai (Navajo) present 32 songs on eight tracks alternating each four songs with Archie beginning. Recorded August 28, 2008 at Fay, Oklahoma. IR 82808 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


A benefit for the Honor The Earth Campaign, Honor is a unique blend of Native American musicians and non-native musicians joined together in a common cause. A never before collection of some of the best contemporary artists of today, including ULALI, Keith Secola, INDIGO GIRLS, SOUL ASYLUM, TOAD THE WET SPROCKET, INDIGENOUS, Bonnie Raitt and many more on this double cassette. DR 19012 (Out of Print) (Contemporary)


- SONGS OF THE GREAT LAKES INDIANS This recording documents a Native American pow wow featuring Ojibway, Menominee and Winnebago tribes of Northern Minnesota. A celebration of life to honor the earth and thank the Creator with a night of song, dance and drum. Performers: Little Otter Singers (Mille Lacs Lake Reservation, Minnesota); Lco Soldiers' Drum (Lac Court Oreilles Reservation, Wisconsin); Smokeytown Singers (Menominee Indian Reservation, Wisconsin); Bad River Signers (Bad River Reservation, Wisconsin); Winnebago Sons (Baraboo, Wisconsin); Bear Claw Singers (Hertel, Wisconsin); Three Fires Society Singers (Lac Court Oreilles Reservation, Wisconsin). Informative liner notes. RCD 10199 CD $13.98 (Out of Print.) (Northern Plains/Midwest)

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Fully outfitted women fancy dancers wear cloth dresses of colorful material, appliqué, beaded moccasins and leggings, a single plume in the hair, with a large beaded barrette. The coordinating fancy shawl is tucked under the cape at the shoulders or hanging, folded over the arm. The dancer uses the shawl and shoulders creating smooth movements while keeping her footwork in harmony with the fast paced drum rhythm. High steps are a part of the motion of the dancer as she twirls and bounces freely. This is a dance for energetic women as it takes a great deal of stamina. 15 songs from WILD HORSE, SWEET GRASS, RED BULL, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, FLY-IN EAGLE, BATTLE RIVER, PAINTED HORSE, PIPESTONE CREEK, NORTH BUFFALO, TA-OTHA SPIRIT, and BIG RIVER CREE. All songs previously recorded. TIM 10100 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - WOMEN'S TRADITIONAL Women Traditional dancers represent the connection that all women have with Mother Earth. When they dance, one foot is supposed to always be in touch with Mother Earth. That is why the foot is lifted very little from the ground and little steps are taken when they dance. The movement is slow, with rhythmic steps that allow their fringes to almost touch the ground. They swing and sway representing the slow, steady movement of life on Earth. The dance may also consist of bending the knees in time to the beat of the drum, giving slight up and down movements to the body while subtly shifting the feet to turn. A women's traditional regalia most often consists of leather, but can also be made of fabric. Their leather regalia is often adorned with extensive heavy beadwork. These women will often have a full length breastplate going almost to the ground. The skirt comes to the top of her leggings or can come to the top or her moccasins. Traditional women dancers carry a folded shawl over one arm and usually a feather fan from an eagle which they hold in the air for the honor beat of the drum. 12 songs from WILD HORSE, FLY-IN EAGLE, BIG RIVER CREE, NORTH BUFFALO, STAR BLANKET JRS., RED BULL, ELK WHISTLE, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, BLACKSTONE, MYSTIC RIVER, and TA-OTHA SPIRIT. All songs previously recorded. TIM 10101 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - HONOR SONGS Life is beautiful and tough at the same time, so Honor Songs can be asked to be sung for different reasons. It can be sung to give thanks to the Creator for the blessing one has received at a time of celebration. Or in a time of loss and sacrifice an Honor Song may be sung to aid or help the one who is sick. An Honor Song is a gift that involves the whole community. They are sung mostly at community gatherings. All people who are in attendance get to be a part of the celebration of courage and sacrifice. A collection of ten honor songs by Black Lodge, Big River Cree, The Boyz, Sweet Grass, Pipestone Creek, Northern Wind, Porcupine Singers, Copper Creek, and Red Bull. TIM 10122 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow ) DP 4044 (Peyote)


(Out of Print)


- THE BEST OF THE CLANSMEN VOL. 4 12 more songs including Whole Lot Of Shaking Goin' On, Folsom Prison, Jalisco, and Goodbye Lonesome. AV 8580 CD $17.98 (Country) - THE BEST OF THE CLANSMEN #5 The Clansmen bring you their latest compilation of songs. Ten songs including Cherokee Fiddle, Stars on the Water, Don't Stop, and She's So California. AV 5688 CD $17.98 (Country)


- NORTHWEST BAY, ONTARIO CANADA TRADITIONAL SONGS The HOPE LAKE SINGERS are a traditional Ojibway drum debuting in this self titled album. The drum has traveled extensively to perfect their music in traditional pow wow gatherings. You can't help but enjoy such songs as Grandpa's Song, Sparrow Song, Thank-you Song and many more. SSCT 4292 (Out of Print) (Canada)


The sights and sounds of a vital thousand year old culture in northern Arizona. Intimate scenes of family life, work and rituals as seen through the role of corn in Hopi daily life - an essential daily food as well as a key element in religious rituals. Shows how communal values and survival skills that have kept their culture alive for centuries are passed on. Produced for the Museum of Northern Arizona. 15 minutes 4405D DVD $19.95 4405P PAL European format $24.95 (Videos/Documentary) - RECORDED LIVE Rare and unique is this first publicly released record of an actual performance of the Butterfly Dance at the Hopi Village of Hotevilla. The intermission background sounds capture the flavor of the occasion. 6072 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Pueblo)


- AND SIX OTHER SONGS BY HOPI CHANTERS Seventeen songs and dances recorded by Dr. Jesse Walter Fewkes in Arizona during 1924. This collection of songs represent a pioneer effort by a man who felt that music was a key to understanding Indian culture. FE 4394 CD $20.98 (Pueblo)


Although Stanford and Seymour Lomakema have been composing and singing Big Buffalo Songs for years, this is their first attempt at recording these songs. The two brothers enjoy sponsoring buffalo dances at Shungopavi Village for the local youth. This CD is a result of encouragement from many fans who have enjoyed this style of Big Buffalo Singing and Dancing. They hope you will enjoy listening to these songs. Six tracks including an entrance song, four sets of Ti Tawi - Ef Tawi, and an exit song. LHM 63603 CD $16.98 (Pueblo - Hopi)


FROM SHUNGOPAVI, SECOND MESA - VOL. 1 An exciting recording of a group of Paiute and Buffalo dance songs from Shungopavi, Second Mesa, Arizona. Bernard Dawahoya, Riley Polequaptewa, Alaric Polequaptewa, Loren Sakeva, Seymor Lomakema, Milland Lomakema, Sr, Milland Lomakema, Jr., Alde Qumyintewa, Patrick Lomawaima. 6107 Cassette $9.98 (Pueblo) - VOL. 2 Butterfly, Water Maiden, Ribbon, Clown and Elk Dance songs. Continued from Volume 1. Same singers as Volume 1. 6108 Cassette $9.98 (Pueblo) - HOPI SOCIAL DANCE SONGS For millennia, the Hopi people have graced the great deserts of the southwestern United States and have preserved an enduring culture centered around their agricultural way of life. Although primarily sung to accompany social dances from January to mid-May, these songs also include prayers asking for good crops, rain, health, and other blessings. These vintage recordings feature singers Bernard Dawahoya, Riley Polequaptewa, Alaric Polequaptewa, Loren Sakeva, Alde Qumyintewa, Seymour Lomakema, Milland Lomakema Sr., Milland Lomakema Jr., and Patrick Lomawaima. These songs were originally released as Hopi Social Dance Songs Vol. 1 (6107) and Hopi Social Dance Songs Vol. 2 (6108). Eight songs. 6107CD CD $15.98 (Pueblo)


- VOLUME 1 Recorded at the Phoenix Indian School in Phoenix, Arizona in 1965. Relive `60s style rock with this trip down memory lane. 14 songs include Route 66, Queen of the Hop, and Only The Young. AV 5803 CD $15.98 (Country) - BEST OF THE CLANSMEN Vol. 2 The latest by HOPI CLANSMEN. Revitalized after 34 years, the bands first recording was made in 1965. On June 18, 2002 the CLANSMEN performed live before a large crowd on Hopi FM radio and received an awesome public welcome. Two new members both named after their fathers have joined the group. This is the first new recording of this revitalized group. 15 songs include Act Naturally, Bobby McGee, Matilda, Jambalaya, and Louisiana Man. AV 8590 CD $17.98 (Country) - THE BEST OF THE CLANSMEN VOL. 3 15 songs including Girl From Texas, I Recall A Gypsy Woman, Tropical Depression, Suspicion, and Past The Point Of Rescue. AV 8579 CD $17.98 (Country)


- VOL. 1 - HEALING SONGS These beautiful songs of the Native American Church are rendered by the powerful voice of Leroy Magpie Hoof. These songs are a must for any collector.

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- NORTHERN STYLE POW WOW SONGS, LIVE! FROM CANYON RECORDS' 30TH ANNIVERSAY POW WOW The HOPI SUNSHIELD SINGERS sing in the Northern pow wow style and have won many drumming awards. Songs include: Sunshield Theme Song, War Chief Honor Song, fancy feather dance, contest song, and intertribal songs. 6180 Cassette $9.98 (Pueblo)


yon, he knew he was descending into the past. Defiantly, the stone walls had withstood the onslaught of time... of untold summer storms and winter snows. He called this place Hovenweep: desert valley in Paiute. But at one time, these canyons were alive with the sounds of village life. Most intriguing were the towers: sentinels of a culture that, in the distant past, had spread across the four corners region. Who were these people? And, how long had it been since these canyons had slipped into the silence of the centuries? Hovenweep villages were built on a human scale. Like water, the stones gracefully flow from the bedrock that supports them. With computer animation and award winning photography, the ancient villages come alive once more. 40 minutes. AAV-518D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


how to do lazystitch beadwork on a "larger than life" model. Learn how to bead on a variety of materials - including ball caps, jean jackets and leather. Includes printed instruction sheet, graph paper for planning designs, and supply list. Great for young people and adults. Perfect for beginners, 10 and up. 30 minutes BEAD 2D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Arts & Artists - "How To") - VOLUME 3: PEYOTE STITCH BEADWORK Now beading around objects is easy with the help of this DVD. Learn how with this beginning project - an eye-catching American Flag key chain. The larger-than-life method shows you how stepby-step. Make zig-zags, straight lines and fancy shape designs. Expert tips from Rusty Lowe (Creek/Seminole). Includes printed instruction sheet and supply list. For young people and adults, ages 11 and up. BEAD 3D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Arts & Artists - "How To") - VOLUME 4: MEDALLIONS RUNNING STITCH BEADWORK Now you can bead single-needle running stitch. Learn how with this beginning project, a beautiful starburst medallion you can use for a barrette, jacket, ball cap, or on regalia. Our "larger than life: method shows you how step-by-step. See how to bead curved lines and floral shapes using running stitch beading. Learn how to finish your projects with edge beading. Includes printed instruction sheet and supply list. For young people and adults, ages 12 and up. 30 minutes BEAD 4 DVD $19.95 (Videos/Arts & Artists - "How To") - VOLUME 5: TWO NEEDLE APPLIQUÉ STITCH BEADWORK Now you can bead two needle appliqué stitch. Learn how with this beginning project, a striking Northern Plains design that you can use for a belt buckle, barrette, or sew on a jacket, ball cap or on regalia. Learn how to bead on cloth or leather. See how to bead curved lines and floral shapes using two needle appliqué stitch. Our method shows you step-by-step how to do it. Includes printed instruction sheet and supply list. For ages 12 and up. 30 minutes BEAD 5 DVD $19.95 (Videos/Arts & Artists - "How To")


- RABBIT DANCE SONGS OF THE LAKOTA Born in 1905 in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, William Horncloud is perhaps the most well-known and respected traditional Lakota singer of the 20th Century. His repertoire of songs reached back into the 1800's and he was instrumental in keeping Lakota culture alive. With this recording, Horncloud performs classic songs of the Rabbit Dance, a traditional Lakota social dance whose words are often humorous but most often reflect the sadness of unrequited or painful love. 13 songs. Now on CD. 6081 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - SIOUX SONGS OF WAR AND LOVE Eleven songs sung by William Horncloud and a special Honor song by Chief Charles Red Cloud. These songs express a wide range of Lakota values: the honor of a chief, and the emotions of young people in love. Included among the war songs are songs that tell of battles against the Pawnee, Crow and Germans. 6150 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Sioux)


A compelling documentary of the epic struggle for the American West. Witness the tragic plight of five Native American nations: the Navajo, Nez Perce, Apache, Cheyenne and Lakota. They didn't just fight for territory - they fought to preserve a proud way of life. With poignant recollections from the Indians' descendants, spectacular videography, rare historical documents, and archival photographs, HOW THE WEST WAS LOST will give you a thought provoking new perspective on this haunting era of American history. Volume 1: A Clash Of Cultures - I Will Fight No More Forever. Volume 2: Always The Enemy - The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian. Volume 3: A Good Day To Die - Kill The Indian, Save The Man. (Original soundtrack also available - SC 801 cassette & CD) 10655 VHS (set of 3) (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary)


- POW WOW SONGS OF THE NORTHERN PLAINS - HONORING OUR ELDERS The drum group began its journey in 1998, set up and named THE HORSES because not all members of Painted Horse were available at that time. The name stuck and the crew of Wesley, Kenny, Andrew, Jarod and Calvin began a long trek to hit as many pow wows as possible. In 2000 THE HORSES officially established a solid reputation for dynamic and powerful singing. The singers compose all their songs with the intent of giving the dancers the best song possible. CRM 110703 CD $16.98 (Northern Plains)


Seven new episodes of HOW THE WEST WAS LOST explore the Native American experience during the 18th and 19th centuries. These new episodes chronicle the history of the Iroquios, Cherokee, Seminole, Dakota, Modoc, Ute, and the Indian Territory. Winner of the 1994 Cable Ace award. Volume 1: Divided We Fall - The Unconquered. Volume 2: The Trail Of Tears - As Long As The Grass Shall Grow. Volume 3: Death Will Come Soon Enough - The Utes Must Go! Volume 4: Let Them Eat Grass. (Original soundtrack also available - SC 901 cassette and CD) 10656 VHS (set of 4) (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary)


A perfect tape for beginners! Learn the parts of a war dance song. Master the basic step for men and women. How to dance "on the song". Learn from expert Native American dancers, Mike Pasetopah and Nancy Fields. Great for any age. Suitable for ages 5 and up. (Also listed under How-To videos). 30 minutes WH-D111D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Dance - "How To")


- ANISHINAABE CHRISTMAS Lawrence "Teddy Boy" Houle sings many of your favorite traditional Christmas carols. This collection of Christmas songs is designed to help preserve the Language of the Anishinaabe (Chippewa/Ojibway) people. Songs include: "Jingle Bells," "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer," "Silent Night" and "The First Noel." SSCT 4192 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christmas)


- VOLUME 1: LOOM BEADWORK An easy way to begin beading! Make a colorful beadwork strip, perfect for a friendship bracelet or headband. See exactly how to bead step-by-step on a "larger than life" model loom. Learn to create your own designs. Includes printed instruction sheet, how to make a loom, graph paper for planning designs and supply list. Great fun for young people and adults! Perfect for beginners, 10 and up. 25 minutes BEAD 1D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Arts & Artists - "How To") - VOLUME 2: LAZYSTITCH BEADWORK Make a colorful 8-Point Sioux Star. See exactly


A symbol of respect and tradition a shawl is always proper in the dance circle. Includes simple stepby-step directions, examples of design ideas, instructions for ribbonwork strip, and special fringe knotting techniques. With basic sewing skill and


In 1874, as pioneer photographer William Henry Jackson clambered down the boulder-strewn can-

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this video you can make a beautiful dance shawl. Also includes printed instructions and a supply list. For young people and adults, ages 12 and up. 29 minutes. WH-D118D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Arts & Artists - "How To")


songwriter/activist of substance and promise focusing on the experiences of America. The title cut "Edge Of America" was chosen by independent film producer Chris Eyre to be a part of his new feature film's soundtrack. After working with Annie's music he has renamed the film "Edge of America." The film will debut on Showtime later this year. Until then enjoy Annie's music with this recording of 12 songs. Songs include Edge Of America, Mother's Rain, Justice Hunters, and Precious Moon Daughter. MM 0182 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


BJH 8107 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christmas)


- PSYCHO DANCING EVERETT HUNTER celebrates life with his debut solo album. As founder and lead singer of the contemporary boy drum NAKODA LODGE, Everett's voice is no stranger to the recording industry. An original, fresh, young voice accented by aboriginal chants gives a unique blend of techno-pop, aboriginal style. Lyrics included. 12 songs including Wildman, The Bomb, and First Nations Anthum. SSCT 4461 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap)


- VOLUME 1 - PLAINS INDIAN HARD SOLE STYLE Enjoy the comfort of traditional Native American footwear. For men and women of all ages. Now you can make a pair of authentic Plains Indian hard sole moccasins. Our simple teaching methods show you how STEP-BY-STEP. Learn how to make a custom pattern that fits - any size from infant to adult. Beautiful examples of different tribal styles; a beginners project; baby moccasins; tips on high-top styles and more. Includes printed instruction sheet and supply list. For young people and adults, ages 12 and up. 30 minutes WH-D116D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Arts & Artists - "How To")


BONNIE JO HUNT (WICAHPI WIN - Star Woman) Hunkpapa Lakota (Standing Rock Sioux), is great-great granddaughter of Chief Francis Mad Bear, prominent Teton Lakota leader, and Major James McLaughlin, Indian Agent and Chief Inspector for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. She is an operatic concert artist of international acclaim who is determined to share her talent in order to inspire American Indian youth. She is the founder of Artists of Indian America (A.I.A.) Bonnie Jo combines her love of heritage and music to bring you her songs. - WIYU'KCAN (Contemplation) Mesmerising melodies from the four directions given to her by those dedicated to preserving the beauty of Native songs. WIKU'KCAN is a collection of melodies of Plains, Woodland, Desert, Southeast and Northwest Coastal peoples. This album is recorded to share and help preserve melodies of her rich American Indian heritage. 16 songs including Kwakiutl Cradle Song, Zuni Pueblo Sunrise Prayer Song, Apache Morning Song, Hopi Lullaby, Amazing Grace with more Christian and traditional influenced songs. BJH 2000 Cassette $4.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - SPIRITUAL BOUQUET (A Heritage of Hymns) SPIRITUAL BOUQUET includes some of the most meaningful songs in Bonnie Jo's life. The messages in these songs of praise continue to influence and help guide her actions on this earth. It is her hope and desire that these songs in praise of our Creator will inspire all who hear them. 11 songs including The Lord's Prayer, How Great Thou Art, Agnus Dei, Hymn Of Promise, and Close To Thee. BJH 2002 Cassette $4.00 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian) - A TIME TO SING Listen to these songs....let them touch your heart. So beautiful are these songs that they bring tears of joy. Through her songs, Bonnie Jo touches both the past and the future. Through these songs she brings back memories of happy times of love and family togetherness into the future of peace and goodwill to all. 12 songs including It's All In The Hands Of God, The King Is Coming, Crystal Sea, Ave Maria, and Coming Home. BJH 2003 Cassette $4.00 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian) - MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL Classically trained, Bonnie Jo Hunt brings you 17 of your favorite carols sung in English, Lakota, Spanish, and Huron. Songs include Silent Night, Shepherds Watched, The First Noel, What Child Is This?, and Angels We Have Heard On High.


- LOVE, FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY From Chinle, Arizona, Jarvis Hunter brings you his debut recording. He has been participating in the Native American Church since a young age and believes that there is Love, Faith, Hope and Charity in the holy sacrament and our Father in Heaven. With that in mind he presents these heart touching songs that he composed. 24 Navajo Peyote Songs. CRM 102307 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - DINE PEYOTE SONGS Jarvis Hunter and his wife Juliette present 24 Dine Peyote songs. These songs are sung to remember the elders. With these songs the children can learn and listen so that they may live in harmony. CRM 041610 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - DINE PEYOTE SONGS VOLUME 2 Jarvis Hunter and his wife Juliette Hunter present 24 Dine Peyote Songs. They continue to share their songs with friends, family, and relatives with the hope that especially all children may learn about the Peyote way of life, and grow to live life in peace and harmony. CRM 060911 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- PEYOTE SONGS 33 Native American Church songs. Singers are Wesley Howlingwolf (Southern Cheyenne/ Arapaho) and Dean Washa (Southern Cheyenne/ Kiowa). Alternating each four songs with Welsey beginning singing and Dean drumming except the fifth segment where Wesley sings five songs. IR 790A CD $17.98 (Peyote)


Young Huck and a slick-talking card shark (Graham Greene) hit the road in search of Huck's long-lost eccentric Grandfather. From the backroads of Hannibal, Missouri to the fast lanes of Los Angeles, to the neon lights of Las Vegas they find adventure, friendship and courage....and most important, they learn to believe in themselves. A heart warming coming-of-age film for the entire family. Starring Chauncey Leopardi, Dee Wallace Stone, Joe Piscopo, John Astin and Graham Greene. Rated PG LG 1223D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)



- NEW NATIVE MUSIC Moving to ancient pulse and modern beat, embodying rhythm and movement, new native music is a meeting of the world's people within and without the widening circle of Native American song. The artists of I AM WALKING share a deep respect for Indian traditions - but are not locked in the past. Unconstrained by ceremony or ritual, these performers are free to interpret traditional forms and augment them with music unlimited by chronology or locale. Distinctive cultures merge, Native rhythms and melodies mesh with those of Europe, Africa, Japan, and many other lands. Cedar flute is joined by piano; human voice and synthesizers harmonize; water drums and modern percussion lay down a vital pulse of ancient rhythms in contemporary signatures. Artists include Andrew Vasquez, Little Wolf Band, Gary Stroutsos, R. Carlos Nakai, Joseph Fire Crow, Joanne Shenandoah, Walela and Yeha Noha from the Sacred Spirits album. 13 songs. ND 63933 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)


- THE HERON SMILED Anishinaabe singer/songwriter Annie Humphrey sings insightful love songs and thought-provoking political anthems. Her contemporary style has an extra edge....a stronger-for-surviving aspect that provides deep feelings to the words. Good friend, John Trudell, contributes poetry and vocals. 13 songs include Spirit Horses, I Can Hear You, Another Horse and 500 Years. MM 0168 Cassette $2.00 (Contemporary) - EDGE OF AMERICA Annie Humphrey, on vocals, acoustic guitar and piano, erases social boundaries with engaging lyrics about the realities of life. Annie's experiences have given her the drive to continually seek social justice for all, the call to protect our environment, stop abuse and questions our political decisions. Her vocals are a potent combination of intelligence, wisdom and compassion. Annie shines as a singer/

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A poignant and moving drama about a young priest who, unaware that he is dying, is sent to a remote parish in Canada to minister to an Indian community. Father Mark's gentle struggle to reach an understanding with the Indians mirrors his inner struggle to understand his own situation. Starring Tom Courtenay, Dean Jagger, Paul Stanley, Marianne Jones and George Clutesi. 79 minutes. Not Rated IHAO VHS (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


Winner Best Film at the 32nd Annual American Indian Film Festival. Rated PG-13. MTI 2114D DVD $21.95 (Hollywood Movies)


(without the Lakota people's consent), two FBI agents drove onto the reservation without warrant or notice. The resulting mayhem lead to the deaths of two FBI agents and a Native American. Four men were indicted for the murder of the agents (no one was charged for the murder of the Native American). One was released and two were acquitted. The fourth, Leonard Peltier was not tried until the following year after coercive tactics were used to gain a statement against him (prosecutors have since admitted that these affidavits were fabricated). The Justice Department has admitted they do not know who killed the agents yet Leonard Peltier continues to serve two life terms for that incident. Peltier's case has been the subject of numerous book, TV and film projects and internationally renowned leaders have asked for his release. Liner notes provide background information and directions for ways to help. Fourteen songs by various renowned Native American artists. An excellent collection of soulful, stirring, evocative music. LP 1001 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary)


Examine the latest theories, and some of the discredited ones, surrounding the arrival of man in the New World. It is generally accepted that mankind arrived in the Americas approximately 12,000 years ago, coming by way of a land bridge across what is now the Bering Strait. But there are some who challenge this assertion. The First Americans is an authoritative look at the theories surrounding the population of the new World that have been proposed since Columbus' day. Learn of the fantastic imaginings of the 15th century Europeans that the Native Americans were survivors from Atlantis. Others theorize that they were descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. More recently, surprising discoveries have some archeologists pushing the date of human arrival further back into the past. The First Americans examines all the evidence, visits significant archeological sites and talks with the world's foremost experts for a comprehensive look at this still controversial subject. Color and Black & White. 50 minutes. AAE 72338D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Documentary)


Ned Romero, Sam Elliott, Graham Greene and James Whitmore star in this critically acclaimed retelling of the powerful story of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce tribe. It is the summer of 1877 and President Grant proclaims the Wallowa Valley open for white settlement triggering a clash of cultures and warriors. Unwilling to accept the resettlement of his people on the Lapwai Reservation, Chief Joseph, through a series of shred military maneuvers, outwits the pursuing U.S. Army for over 3 months on an incredible 1,700 mile fighting retreat. Finally, exhausted and out-numbered, the great leader surrenders with is memorable speech ending with the unforgettable line "from where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever". This faithful re-enactment presents the complete story of the Nez Perce, and of their Chief, who in only 108 days, won the hearts and minds of the American people. 100 minutes. Not Rated. 40307D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


A Murder. A Mystery. A Mockery of Justice. What are the facts? What are the truths? In 1975, armed FBI agents illegally entered the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Gunfire erupted - a Native American and two FBI agents fell dead. After the largest manhunt in FBI history, three men were apprehended - only one, Leonard Peltier, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. This is his story. From the very beginning, Peltier's case has been dogged with controversy. INCIDENT AT OGLALA is a riveting examination of the case and the very real story of what may be one of the most outrageous abuses of justice in American history. 90 minutes. Rated PG 12903D DVD $16.95 (Hollywood Movies)


In the 1940's, twenty-nine young men from government-run Navajo reservations bravely heeded the call of a nation, which once nearly wiped out their ancestors and the memory of their culture completely. During the second world war, the United States and its allies were struggling to find a code by which to communicate across the Pacific Ocean - one that could not be broken by the Japanese enemy. The solution came in the form of the Navajo people, whose language was as elusive as it was complex. Through their incredible linguistic skills, the Allied forces were able to convey life-ordeath information to one another - information that, in some cases, altered the very course of the war. In this eye-opening documentary presented by the History Channel, renowned historians and several Navajo veterans relate how a mere handful of WWII marines devised the only unbreakable code in modern military history. Color and Black & White. 50 minutes. AAE 74741D DVD $17.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- E5-770: MY MOTHER'S NAME "In the 1930's and 40's Canadian Government administrators assigned disc numbers as a way to register Inuit individuals who's Inuktitut names made them difficult to identify. Canada was divided into east (E) and west (W) and then into 12 regions. The Igloolik/North Baffin region began with E5. By 1950 almost all Eastern Arctic Inuit were registered with E5 numbers." Thus the title of this CD. Lucie Idlout possesses a great talent. Her debut album is both powerful and driving. She reminds you of the old school of rock. Her lyrics will stay with you for their honesty and compassion. Ten songs including I (Will Rise For You), Sounds Of Sadness, and Freedom. AR 1200 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


Turkey Dance, Rainbow Dance and White Buffalo Dance. Also featuring the Native American flute music of Fernando Cellicion - the Zuni Sunrise Song. Since 1984, the Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers have been performing and sharing their social culture with people from all over the world. The Cellicion dance group, composed of Zuni Tribe members, performs the traditional Zuni social dances which have been passed down from one generation to the next for many years. They have performed throughout the United States and in many other countries and have become very well known both nationally and internationally. Fernando Cellicion is a versatile musician and is very well known for his expertise on the traditional Native American wooden flute. He has arranged many of the social songs he heard as a youngster into flute music. He has also revised many other tribal social songs given to him by people from different tribes and also performs many original compositions. 30 minutes 4430 VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


Shayla Stonefeather, a Native American attorney prosecuting a Lakota teen in a controversial murder trial, returns home to the reservation to visit her dying father. Strange visions and ghostly voices propel her on a journey she doesn't expect. Though Shayla initially rejects a spiritual explanation for her experiences, she begins to uncover what she believes is a link between the visions and her brother's disappearance two years earlier. Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Shayla deliberately confronts and follows the apparitions, leading her to a horrifying revelation and a purpose she could never have foreseen. Starring Tonantzin Carmelo, Michael Spears, Carla-Rae Holland, Cory Brusseau, and Charlie White Buffalo. Produced by Chris Eyre (Smoke Signals) and Linn Productions. - SONGS FOR LEONARD PELTIER Between 1972-1976 on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, numerous criminal incidents occurred. Chief Frank Fools Crow reported that "... [while police figures show lower total] we Oglalas claim that more than one unsolved (and uninvestigated) murder-a-week was committed at Pine Ridge in 1975 and that a total of eighty had been reached by mid-October". The violence was aimed at destroying members of the American Indian Movement (AIM), their supporters and families. Tribal traditional leaders were attacked by U.S. government backed tribal leader, Dick Wilson, who did not understand or support traditional culture. On June 26, 1975, with Dick Wilson in Washington D.C. negotiating a sale of Lakota reservation lands to the federal government


- STAYIN REAL INDIAN FUNK CREW is one of the Reservation's baddest rap groups. Pomo/Apache brothers - Rollin and Btaka Fox - have captivated audiences with

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their positive lyrics and values. Their songs tell the true story of the constant struggle of Native Americans and the beauty of their Native American culture. They rap about the struggle of their Native American people as well as their own personal struggles. INDIAN FUNK CREW will touch the hearts of many different races. The 18 songs include Mama Don't Cry, Struggle After Struggle, Come & Get Me and Renegade. IFR 9030 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - V.I.P. Indian Funk Crew bring you their latest collection on the EP CD. Eight songs including Mo Brown II, Can't Explain, and Breakdown. SNE 3016 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop)


Huichol - Squash Dance, Seri - Religious Song, Cora - Harvest Chants. Descriptive notes enclosed. FE 4413 CD $20.98 (Mexico/Central America) - (1957) An Album by Laura Boulton Music of the Zapotec, Yaqui, Otomi and Maya. Songs include Fireworks Music, Flying Pole Dance, Deer Dance, Pascolas, Matachines, Ancient Instruments, Notched Stone, Ocarina, Bronze Bells, Flute and Rhythms. Missing notes. FE 8851 Cassette $5.00 (Mexico/Central America)


contest, and more. IH 4802 CD $15.98 (Pacific Northwest/Northwestern States)


- SUNG BY NATIVE AMERICAN CHILDREN 19 songs (recorded before 1951); includes Seminole, Creek, Sioux, Potowatami, Navajo, Tewa, Picuris, San Juan, Kiowa, Cherokee and Tlingit. L 36 Cassette $4.00 (Samplers/Intertribal groups and Collections)


- TARAHUMARA, MAYO AND WARIHIO Music of the Tarahumara, Mayo and Warihio Indians of Sonora, Chihuahua and Sinaloa. Contains Pascola, Deer, Matachini and Yumari dances and a beautiful harp solo. Produced in cooperation with the Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona. Songs include: Mayo Pascola Dance (Cuervo-"The Crow); Warihio Harp Solo; three Tarahumara Matachin Dances; Tarahumara Yumari Dance; Mayo Pascola Dance (Palomo Macho-"The Male Dove"); and Mayho Deer Dance (Chole-"The Partridge") 8001 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Mexico/Central America)


Seventeen songs from the INDIAN SUMMER MUSIC AWARDS. Artists include Lucie Idlout, Ray St. Germain, Chester Knight, Slangblossom, Cherokee National Youth Choir, Eagle & Hawk, Howard Lyons, Joanne Shenandoah, Indigenous, Derek Miller, Bradford Smith, Peter Kater, Robert Mirabal, Andrea Menard, Broken Walls, Eyabay and Al Jewer & Andy Mitran. AR 1226 CD $17.98 (Contemporary)


- NOON RECORDS GREATEST NRC-080 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


On his ninth birthday, Omri is presented with many gifts - the most unusual being a cupboard. But this is no ordinary wooden box. It is endowed with magical power that transforms Omri's plastic toy figures into living creatures. The first miniature to be animated is a 19th Century Iroquois warrior named Little Bear, who is terrified at first by his alien surroundings, but soon bonds with his gigantic playmate. But when Omri's friend Patrick gets in on the act and brings a six-shooting cowboy to life, their fantastic secret is in danger of being revealed. Terrific family entertainment. Starring Hal Scardino, Litefoot, Lindsay Crouse, Richard Jenkins, Rishi Bhat and David Keith. 98 minutes. Closed Captioned. Rated PG. Now on DVD. 11642D DVD $15.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE CIVIL WAR The common view of the American Civil War has always been largely black-and-white: North versus South, rural versus urban, slaveholders versus abolitionists. However, from the conflict's origins to the complicated progression of its major events, the reality of what took place is far more complex. In this illuminating documentary, discover one of the more obscure, yet fascinating aspects of the Civil War era: the contribution of thousands of Native American soldiers. With the help of respected authors Thom Hatch and Lawrence Hauptman, this compelling program reconstructs the forgotten stories of such men as Ely Parker, the Seneca leader who fought alongside General Ulysses S. Grant: Stand Waite, a highly skilled Confederate general and member of the Cherokee Nation; and Lumbee Indian Henry Berry Lowrie, who led a group of philanthropic outlaws during the conflict. From North to South, Union lines to Confederate ranks, THE HISTORY CHANNEL proudly presents this journey to recover a valuable piece of Civil War history. In color and black-and-white. 50 minutes. AAE 77284D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Documentary)


This CD is a custom-made copy of an archival recording from the Smithsonian-Folkways collection. The original LP liner notes are available as a PDF file on the disc. This double CD includes 27 songs including wolf songs, ghost songs, grizzly bear songs, raven songs, potlatch songs, and more. FE 4523 Double CD $25.98 (Pacific Northwest/Northwestern States)


This CD is a custom-made copy of an original recording from the National Museum of the United States. Every effort has been made to preserve its historical and aural integrity. The original liner notes are included as a PDF file on the disc. There are 19 songs - nine Cree, one Assiniboine, seven Blood, and two Blackfoot. FE 4464 CD $20.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


This is a classic Folkways recording oringinaly recorded in the 1940's by Laura Bolton. Includes in-depth liner notes on the history and performance of the songs. Songs by Hopi, Zuni, Navajo, Taos, San Ildefonso, Santa Ana, Mohave, Papago, Pima, and Apache. FE 8850 CD $20.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)


- (1952) Recorded by Henrietta Urchenko The Seri are one of the most primitive groups in Mexico. They are the remnants of several related tribes native to Tiburon Island and the shores of the nearby mainland of Sonora. The Yaqui are the northernmost of a group of related tribes known collectively as the Cahita, formerly living along the coastal lands of southern Sonora and northern Sinaloa in northwestern Mexico. The Huichol and Cora live in the remote mountain districts of the State of Nayarit in the western highlands of Mexico. The Tzotzil are a Maya speaking people living in the highlands of the State of Chiapas in southern Mexico. Songs include Tzotzil - Fiesta Music, Tzotzil - Boloncon, Tzotzil - Fiesta Song, Tzotzil - Song for St. Peter, Yaqui - Pascola Dance, Yaqui - Deer Dance, Huichol - Peyote Dance,

- INDIAN NATION Recorded live at the 2nd Annual Wildhorse Pow Wow at Umatilla, Oregon, July 4-6, 1996. This is the first album by this well known group from Washington state. The album has 14 new Intertribal, Grass Dance, Foot Slide, and Contest Songs. Sung by Frank L Totus, Irma Totus, John Totus, Joseph Totus (lead), Sugar Ray Totus, Rodney Totus, Wilson Totus, Gary Smith, Frank Eagle Speaker and Merle Tendoy. Original style. IH 4801 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Pacific Northwest/Northwestern States)

- LIVE AT SAN FELIPE PUEBLO INDIAN NATION SINGERS served as northern host drum at the San Felipe Competition Pow Wow. 18 songs including a duck and dive, a jingle dress side step, a round bustle contest, a trick song


- BLUES FROM THE SKY - LIVE By 1997 INDIGENOUS has traveled over 150,000 miles and performed over 125 shows. INDIGENOUS is a family band of three brothers and a sister, Ptehcaka Wicasa (bass harmony), Wanbdi Wasta Win (drums), Mato Nanji (lead voice and guitar) and Tsunka Horse (congas); from the Nakota Nation with roots that run as deep in the earth as the oldest trees in the Western Hemisphere. This music comes from the heart and the Blues from The Sky. MAZ 1 (Out of print.) (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues) - THINGS WE DO Possibly the most brilliant blues album of the year. This band from the Great Plains has crashed the big

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time. A Rock/Blues powerhouse. Indigenous is three brothers and a sister ranging in age from 19 to 24. Twelve songs including Blues This Morning, Now That You're Gone and Holdin' Out. PCE 0001 CD $18.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues) - BLUES THIS MORNING PCE 0002 (Out of print.) (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues) - LIVE AT PACYDERM STUDIO PCE 0003 CD $18.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues) - CIRCLE Eleven new songs from the ground breaking group. This new studio recorded album will elevate blues to spectacular heights. Songs include Little Time, Evolution Revolution, Rest Of My Days and Remember. PCE 0004 CD $18.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues) - INDIGENOUS This garage rockin' blues-rock album is the long awaited latest album from INDIGENOUS. 13 songs include C'mon Suzie, Want You To Say, What You Do To Me, and You Turn My World Around. 53480 CD $20.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues) - LIVE AT LA ZONA ROSA AUSTIN, TX `99 INDIGENOUS has leapt into national prominence with their hit release THINGS WE DO, recent appearances on Conan O'Brien, CBS Saturday Morning and NPR's All Things Considered. INDIGENOUS toured across the U.S. in the summer of 1999 with B.B. King and Kenny Wayne Shepherd to rave reviews and enthusiastic ovations. This "LIVE" concert video features performances of all their hits. The concert footage is full of explosive and fiery fury. The crowd in attendance was on their feet and exhorting every screaming note. PAC-7 VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Music-Varitey) - INDIGENOUS - LIVE Shot on location at House of Blues, Chicago Luther Allison's, Madison - Gothic Theater, Denver - McCormack's, Omaha - Pacyderm Studios, Cannon Falls - Native American Rights Fund, Denver. 10 songs plus interviews with each member. Songs performed include Blues From The Sky, Rest Of My Days, and Things We Do. 4457 DVD (Out of Print) (Videos/Music-Variety) - CHASING THE SUN Indigenous offers blues-rock elevated to spectacular heights. Mato Nanji is in the same league as Jimi Hendrix and Santana. Ten new songs by this innovative group including Fool me Again, Runaway, and Feel Alright Now. Song lyrics included. 79800 CD $19.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues) - BROKEN LANDS The latest recording from Native Rhythm & Blues group Indigenous. 12 songs including Eyes Of A Child, All Night Long, It's Alright With Me, Place I Know, and Still Remember. 79824 CD $19.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues)



- LAKOTA SWEATLODGE SONGS 24 Lakota sweatlodge songs with accompanying book complete with words in Lakota and translations in English and German. Songs include five four directions songs, two stone songs, a fasting of vision quest song, a prayer song, a spirit calling song, and more. HTP 0101 CD $21.98 (Sioux)


have combined to produce religious overtones in many different parts of the world. While in many religions the snake is primarily a symbol, direct worship of the snake as a god-like creature (rather than as an indirect representation) is not uncommon. Python worshippers are found in Africa, and the cobra cults of India are well known. Quetzalcoatl was the feathered serpent of the Aztecs. In the U.S. the serpent is also an active symbol for certain Protestant sects and Hopi Indians, and Burmese snake charmers, who end their ceremonies with a kiss on the top of the cobra's head. Handling of snakes is done both as a gesture of belief and faith in the power of the gods and as an act of defiance of the same power. These songs celebrate the double headed serpent. 13-070 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean) - ART FROM SACRED LANDSCAPES With guest artist Jose Luis Reynolds on charango, bandurria, guitar and vocals. With the style characteristic of INKUYO come songs of heritage and place; Kantu, a traditional piece - the kantu rhythm is characteristic of the Callawayas of Charasani, Bolivia. It is believed that the majestic kantu rhythm was the official music of the Inca guards which they played to accompany religious processions and parades. Kalasaya, is about the walled compound know as the Kalasaya which was the main ceremonial center for seasonal festivals. 13 more songs with deep and meaningful relationships to the land, the people and their history. 13-088 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean) - ANCIENT SUN ANCIENT SUN follows in the same tradition as INKUYO's previous recordings with songs deeply linked to traditions, places and people. 13-093 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean) - WINDOW TO THE ANDES A glimpse into the magic of the Andes mountains (and culture) where music plays a vital role in Andean daily life. This music has proven to be indomitable, and ever-present. Influenced by the Moon, Sun, landscape, trees, animals, crops and weather of the Andes. Inkuyo's music reflects how strongly Andean daily life, as well as religious beliefs are connected to nature. Window to the Andes is perfect fusion of traditional cultural influences with modern compositions resulting in another priceless jewel in the treasure chest of Andean music available. 13-173 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean) - PACHAKUTI: THE OVERTURNING OF SPACE-TIME The two cultures that developed in the Andean region, Aymara and Quechua, were rich in their traditions, myths and knowledge of astronomy, which they lived by. In the Andean concept of time, it was believed that long periods of time were linked by severe events which they called Pachakuti, from the Quechua/Aymara word Pacha, that means both space and time, and kuti, that means to overturn or to turn back. Together Pachakuti means the overturning of space-time; a millennial moment in which one world ends and another begins; a total transformation of things. Although the concept of pachakuti doesn't really relate to music, with the realities we are living with the beginning of this millennium - world and religious events as well as natural disasters - one would think


The Incas used music as a medium to transmit their history. As they had no written language, they recounted events and stories through their music. Owing to this tradition, the Incas not only were able to preserve their history, but also the music and instruments that were played in their festivals. To this day daily chores and significant events are played out in music - musical rhythms born from numerous cultural mixes and influences. INKUYO offers listeners a variety of Andean-born rhythms while emulating the sounds of ancient songs, dances and festivals which remain popular and celebrated today. Listeners are joyfully carried back to the earliest Incan civilizations through a combination of modern compositions and traditional pieces inspired by the land and its people. It is works such as this that are not only beautiful but preserve and perpetuate culture and history while informing and cultivating a broad and appreciative audience. INKUYO: Pamela Darlington, guitar, sikus, charango, pututu, drums, vocals and the founding member of INKUYO; Gonzalo Varga, quena, violin, sikus, antara, drums, vocals; Daniel Zamallo, guitar, violin, mandolin, bandurria, bass guitar, vocals. - LAND OF THE INCAS This album is a mix of contemporary and traditional pieces. Songs include: Camino A Inkuyo - inspired by a trip to Inkuyo, a remote mountain village high in the heart of the Andes where people still live as their ancestors have for centuries; Uña, a contemporary piece in the traditional Huayno rhythm, one of the oldest and still most popular rhythms in Peru, Bolivia and northern parts of Argentina and Chile. Plus seventeen other pieces telling the story of a people with a rich and deep cultural heritage. Liner notes on all the songs. 17-064 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean) - TEMPLE OF THE SUN One of the most important aspects of the Inca culture was its religion. The Incas linked much of their daily life and worship with their religious beliefs, natural the elements, such as the sun, moon, thunder, pachamama (mother earth) and many other marvels of nature. Songs include: T'iskuy Vicuna by Fredy Vargas, a modern composition inspired by the gracefulness and agility of the vicuna, the smallest and most beautiful cousin of the llama; Estampa Tapacarimanta, a traditional festive song selection from festival days; and eleven other songs and dances inspired by locations, honoring events and cultural practices and traditions of the Incan people. Liner notes tell the stories of the songs. 17-080 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean) - DOUBLE-HEADED SERPENT The serpent is a recurrent figure in religious beliefs, ceremonies, activities and legends. Folktales and legends surrounding it in practically every culture

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we are going through a pachakuti. 14 songs representing a change in space-time as only Inkuyo can. 13-276 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean)


(Hollywood Movies)


Eleven songs recorded live at the Rosebud Fair. Flag Song, honor songs. war dances, and others. Ben Black Bear, Sr., Kenny Haukass, Harvey Larvie, Ernie Running, David White, Ervin Yellow Robe. IH 4321 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - LIVE AT THE 106TH ROSEBUD FAIR Fifteen songs including sneak-up, love, grass dance, songs for warrior wounded in battle, charge the enemy, stomp, veterans, and trick contest songs. Singers: Harold Condon, Kenny Haukas, Robert Kim King, Harvie Larvie, Stan Pretty Paint, Ernie Ray Running, George Whirlwind Soldier, Dave White and Sandra Black Bear. IH 4322 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Sioux) - SIOUX SONGS FROM ROSEBUD Eleven Sioux songs from Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota. Includes Flag Song, grass dances, Korea War Song, Penny Song, and rabbit dances. Ben Black Bear, Sr., Irving Yellow Robe, Sonny Hare, Harry Larvie, Winfred Red Cloud, Ernie Running and Dave White. 8030 Cassette $9.98 (Sioux) - LIVE AT SCHMITZUN, 1997 SGIW 90697 Cassette $2.00 (Sioux)


See listing under Smith, Alex E. (Flute/New Age)


A collection of 20 songs including wailas, chotes, cumbias, and more. Songs include Lady With A Red Ribbon, Let's Go Dance Waila, High Heels Cumbia, American Indian's Chote, Achky Breaky Heart, and Margarita Waila. TOWB 101 CD $16.98 (Chicken Scratch)


- PEYOTE SONGS These are songs of the Native American Church rendered by the knowledgeable Ordell Iron Shell of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. DP 5055 (Out of Print) (Peyote)


- 8TH ANNUAL SPRING TRADITIONAL GATHERING The Anishinabe Student Coalition brings you the following great pow wow drums: Eyabay; Kingbird Singers; Phonemah Ramblers; Snider Lake Singers; North West Bay. SSCT 4255 (Out of Print.) (Northern Plains/Midwest)


- MAZA HOKSILA The Iron Boy Singers are a northern original style singing group from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. The name Iron Boy is in honor of the late Marlin Dickenson, Sr. The old style sound of Iron Boy is heard live as they sing their latest contest and intertribal songs at the Hinckley Grand Celebration. BTDM-1014 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! The Iron Boy Singers are an eclectic group of young singers originating in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. The group was formed in 2009 in memory of the late Martin Dickerson Sr. 12 songs recorded live at the Black Hills Pow Wow in Rapid City, South Dakota. Songs include Old Chippewa Song, Full Throttle, Bunny Mission, and Dubble Beat. DHOP 4400 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- VOL. 1 Thirty two Native American Church songs by Archie Hoffman (Cheyenne/Arapaho) and Dean Washa (Cheyenne, Kiowa and Kiowa-Apache). IS 8061 (Out of Print.) (Peyote) - VOL. 2 An excellent recording of Native American Church ceremonial Peyote morning songs recorded 5-2892. 32 songs are presented in this volume by Archie Hoffman (Cheyenne/Arapaho) and Dean Washa (Cheyenne, Kiowa and Kiowa/Apache). IS 8062 (Out of Print.) (Peyote)


- VOL. 1 - IROQUOIS SOCIAL DANCE SONGS Standing Quiver Dance, Old Moccasin Dance, Cold Dance, Round Dance, and Delaware Skin Dance. 15140 CD $15.98 (Eastern) - VOL. 2 - IROQUOIS SOCIAL DANCE SONGS Rabbit Dance, Scalp Dance, Duck Dance, Robin Dance, War Dance, Raccoon Dance and Alligator Dance. 15141 CD $15.98 (Eastern) - VOL. 3 - IROQUOIS SOCIAL DANCE SONGS Strike-the-Stick Dance, New Woman's Shuffle Dance, Naked Dance, and Pidgeon Dance. 15142 CD $15.98 (Eastern)


- LAKOTA SUNDANCE SONGS The Sundance is one of the seven sacred ceremonies given to the Lakota people. It is a very powerful and sacred ceremony that has withstood severe oppression many times since it was given to the People. Piercing is the most sacred part of the Sundance ceremony. It is representative of the sacrifice that the individual makes for the good of the tribe and all of mankind. James Ironshell presents 13 songs including two pipe songs, two four directions songs, five sundance songs and a fasting song. CRM 022501 CD $16.98 (Sioux)


This hour-long video shows the vitality and variety of the pow wow. Slow motion sequences of national champions show the grace, power and intricate steps of men's and women's dance styles. Interviews with tribal elders, dancers and singers will help you know what to look and listen for. Historic photographs and eye witness accounts relate how the pow wow began and how it is still evolving. 58 minutes WH-D105D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


- HEAVENLY EXPRESS Melvin Vandever (vocal & guitar), Evangeline Vandever (background vocals), Chris Chavez (bass), Savannah Lee (bass), Mac John (lead guitar), and Jarrod Ignacio (drums) are Isaiah 53. They proudly present nine songs proclaiming the glory of Christ. Songs include Amazing Grace, Suppertime, Where Could I Go, and Rise and Walk. AV 9097 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - ANGELS CRYING HOLY Isaiah 53 present their sixth recording of Christian songs. 11 songs including I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, Sweet By and By, Jesus Loves Me, I remember Calvary, and Lord, I'm Coming Home. AV 4200 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian)


Experience one of the most definitive and triumphant chapters in American history with this powerful 4-disc DVD set. This 12-hour event contains all 6 timeless episodes of the action-packed miniseries and boasts an entire disc of exclusive bonus features. Chronicling the struggles, heartache and conquests of two inspiring families, Into The West captures the hopes and perseverance of both explorers who risked everything to fulfill their dreams and the land's indigenous people forced to watch their way of life disappear. Featuring an ensemble cast of Hollywood's brightest stars, including Beau Bridges, Graham Greene, Matthew Modine and Keri Russell. 9 hours, 12 minutes. Not rated. 94481D DVD $38.95 From deep within the heart of Cree Territory in Saskatchewan comes this powerful up and coming contemporary drum group. In their debut album and DVD, the beautiful Sturgeon Lake Cree Reserve in Canada sets the backdrop for this live recording of 18 all new songs guaranteed to have you dancing and singing. Songs include Smooth Tune, The Ball Joint Song, and a grass dance, a side step, a foot slide and more. DVD plus bonus CD. DNA 60066D DVD/CD $25.95 (Videos/Music-Variety)



Prices subject to change without notice.



Recorded 1911-1914. Ishi was the last surviving member of the Yahi, a Northern California tribe. Pursued by white settlers throughout the latter part of the 19th and 20th Century, the last of Ishi's family disappeared in 1908. After successfully eluding pursuers for three years, Ishi was found in 1911 and taken to the Museum of Anthropology (UC) in San Francisco. He made a recording of the Yahi language and documented and interpreted Yahi myths, songs and historical narratives. Ishi died of tuberculosis in 1916. 13 Yahi songs. Liner notes. WSC 1604 Cassette $2.00 (Pacific Northwest/California)


7001 Cassette $9.98 (Flute/New Age) CD $15.98


the first time. In the Mood is played along with Angel Baby plus four polkas, three cumbias, two two-steps, a pony (The Housekeeper Song). Verton Jackson, Leonard Harrison, Elmer Ray, Harry Ray Jr., Marvin Webster. 8066 (Out of Print.) (Chicken Scratch)

- WEAVINGS Ten compositions including the haunting, Native American influenced Dog Soldier, the jazz flavored Iron Car, and the Latin feel of Mex-Sal. R. Carlos Nakai, Larry Yañez, Darrell Flint (percussion instruments from around the world), and Richard Carbajal (guitar). 55 minutes by a group that has been described as having "exceptional imaginative powers." 7002 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - BOAT PEOPLE BOAT PEOPLE is a musical satire that takes a sardonic, hard-edge look at the American experience since 1492. "The original Boat People sailed out of the east and landed only 8,000 miles and two continents off course. They turned the world upside down and now, 500 years later, we're all native, all Boat People." Ten highly original and creative selections including As Tecka Moon Yekka, Leaves Eric's Son, On the Border, and Rasta Perro. R. Carlos Nakai (Native American Flute) and Larry M. Yañez (keyboard synthesizer), also, added performances on percussion, guitar, trumpet, shell horn, chanting, and the sounds of "found objects" to create a unique sound experience. Notes on the selections included. 7003 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - DANCES WITH RABBITS The distinctive songs and amazingly varied courtship dances of the JACKALOPE (lepus antilocapraerectus) deeply influenced the music on this recording. JACKALOPE combines Native American melodies, ethnic percussion, traditional Native American flute, synthesizer, guitar and bass to produce a unique sound. DANCES WITH RABBITS is eleven selections including Anasazi and Fried Bread Grease Blues. Adds the talents of David Muniz and Will Clipman. 7005 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


JAMES AND ERNIEFIED From the Four Corners area comes a Navajo comedy duo known as James and Ernie (James Junes and Ernie Tsosie III). With their side splitting humor, the duo captures the humor of everyday Native life and gives it a new twist live and on stage. From capturing the glory days of the 70's and 80's with their hysterical musical reenactments, to comical skits on Native American government and Indian Health Services, James and Ernie are sure to leave you laughing and begging for more. Filmed in Farmington, New Mexico, James and Ernie take you on an outrageously hilarious journey to their world of comedic mayhem and slapstick antics. This award winning movie delivers one of the best comedic acts to emerge from the Navajo Nation to your living room for you and your family to enjoy time and time again. 62 minutes. Back in Stock. 38802D DVD $29.95 (Videos/Music-Variety) - FUN IN THE SUN James Junes and Ernest Tsosie III of the Navajo Nation are two of the Native America's funniest comedians. Their unique style and mixed up combination of humor was first witnessed in their award winning debut DVD James & Ernie-fied. Well the time has come again to hold on for a wild and funny ride to witness the comedy duo's second DVD Fun In The Sun filmed at Phoenix College's Bullpit Auditorium in the "Valley of the Sun" in Phoenix, Arizona. This second DVD will leave you laughing for more. Straight from the "Rez" and into the city, James & Ernie promises to leave you gasping for air, and holding on to your fun filled gall bladder, from this humorous assault on your funny bone. 60 minutes. Not Rated. 30583D DVD $29.95 (Videos/Music-Variety) - LIVE AT THE EL MORRO THEATRE, GALLUP, NM Navajo comedic duo present their comedy on CD. 15 tracks of some of their most funny stories. A great compliment to their DVDs. Tracks include Drinking Days, Feeling Old, Cartoons 24/7, and Tall Indians. NSR 2010 CD $18.98 (Legends/Humor) - 49 TIME! 49 LAUGHS COMEDY SHOW The 49 Laughs Comedy Show is filled with an amazing amount of talent and award-winning comedians! These five individuals have been excelling in the entertainment industry for years, performing on stage and on movie screens. The styles of each solo stand-up comic are so unique and original that there is always something for everyone. Each comedian gives strong, clean and always outstanding performance every time. This blend of amazing talent is proving week after week to be one of the best American Indian comedy shows in all of North America. 49 Time! Captures the essence of the live show taking the viewer across Indian Country for non-stop laughs. Includes James Junes, Ernest David Tsosie III, Pax Harvey,


Based on Scott O'Dell's Newbery award-winning children's classic ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS is the heartwarming adventure of a 19th century Indian girl who becomes stranded on a remote island off the California coast. The true story of Karana and her dramatic fight for survival features breathtaking color photography and a cast that includes actual members of the Pomo Indian tribe. This outstanding film was given a special citation by Parent's Magazine for its extraordinary merit and matchless beauty. It is an inspirational experience for the family to enjoy together over and over again. Starring Celia Kaye, Larry Domasin and Ann Daniel. 93 minutes. Not Rated IBD VHS (Out of Print) (Hollywood Movies)


- JUST PLAY `N GOOD Nine country western songs by Clarence Jojola of Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico. Includes Indian Rodeo Cowboy, Walking on Thin Ice, Exit 209, and Getting Over You. AV 10911 CD $17.98 (Country)



- TRADITIONAL NAVAJO SONGS CRM 060798 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


- REFLECTIONS OF LIFE This is a collection of 24 songs for your enjoyment. These songs are for your continual pursuit of happiness. It is hoped that you reflect on your own thoughts and feelings of life as you enjoy listening to these songs. DJ 2006 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - NATURE AND HARMONY It has been said that we are brought into this world in balance with Nature and Harmony. Our prayers and songs dwell in the existence of four directions earth, sun, sky and stars. With your thoughts through these songs, experience the sweet harmony and essence of Mother Nature, the changing seasons, the continual survival of our beliefs, traditions, and culture. Darren Jackson is joined by Marian Mike to present these 24 Native American Church songs. DJ 2007 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


Featuring: R. Carlos Nakai and Larry M. Yanez A New Age group with an ethnic twist and a sense of humor. The music mixes Native American melodies and ancient rhythms with hi-tech sounds. Indian flutes, trumpets, whistles, game calls, shakers, and handmade drums blend with guitar and synthesizer to create Synthaccoustic-


- JACKALOPE Nine original selections including the blues influenced "Coyote Mint," the Japanese flavored Lord Fumamota, the syncopations of Festival of the Cows and the rhythmic layering of Roadkill. Features R. Carlos Nakai (flute and trumpet), Larry Yañez (synthesizer), and Steve Cheseborough (guitar).


- PIMA CHICKEN SCRATCH Chicken scratch and the swing sound together for

Prices subject to change without notice.


Tatanka Means and Adrianne Chalepah. 49L 2011D DVD $29.95 (Videos/Music-Variety)


to a new world in song. Her beautiful vocals blend with powerful instrumentals. Liner notes include the printed story as well as lyrics. Ten tracks include The Journey, The Sacred Gifts of Mother Earth, The First Celebration, The Enlightened Time, and The Medicine Woman's Vision. SOAR 227 CD $18.98 (Legends/Storytelling) - NEW MOON BORN Jana proudly presents her latest CD. 16 songs including Osiris' Star, Take Me Back, Angel, Lessons Learned, Chameleon, and Sunday Morning. Includes booklet with lyrics. MMR 510 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


- RIVER CROSSING River Crossing serves up the beautiful and haunting sound of the Native American flute, with touches of light percussion and floating harmonies. It is a spiritual journey in sound, rendered by a master musician. 21 songs including Golden Bird Duet, Joyful Sunrise, Water Spirits, and Fire Dance. LC 1402 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age-Native Influenced - Non Native)


- ME, MYSELF & JAMES In 1909, the Shiprock Navajo Fair was established and it has provided entertainment for generations on the Navajo Reservation. Little did the founding members know that a century later they would be subjecting fair-goers to the hilarious antics of James Jules, half of the world ­renowned comedy duo James & Ernie. In this intimate setting on an October night, James takes the stage solo to share his thoughts on life, love, and his own personal childhood. He and director James Hunt have teamed up once again to produce and direct this once in a lifetime performance. So, grab a bale of hay, have a seat and enjoy the world as it can only be seen through the eyes of one of the world's funniest Native American comedians. TT 2009D DVD $29.95 (Videos/Music-Variety)


- TIME CHANGES...TRADITION CONTINUES From Round Rock, Arizona located on the Navajo Nation, Jay-R grew up being actively involved with the Native American Church. He has carried the waterdrum many times for various Roadmen. JayR presents 24 Native American Church songs, assisted by Jerold Francisco on waterdrum. Jay-R has composed these songs to share with all listeners and hopes you will be blessed with comfort and happiness. JCM 0521 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- MY FAMILY A dynamic new artist. His style will remind you of main stream recording artist "Usher" but with a true Native flair. 12 original tracks written by JAYNEZ with two bonus tracks. Songs include Out Of My Head, Heart Of Mine, That's What I Would Do, and In The Sky. IR 26382 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - DO U WANNA DANCE? The second release from rapper Jaynez presents ten tracks. Songs include Never Gonna Luv Again, Heart Of Mine, At Da Club, and Rain Rain, Please Just Go Away. NM 3772 CD $14.98 (Contemporary - Rap)


- DINE PEYOTE SONGS OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH - VOLUME 1 These tender and beautiful songs are rendered by the beautiful and heartwarming voice of Davidson Kee James and Derald Spencer on water drum. May these songs sooth and comfort you. DP 1011 (Out of Print.) (Peyote) - VOLUME 2 This is the second recording blending the artistic talents of Davidson Kee James and Derald Spencer. There are tender and beautiful songs. We hope they will soothe and comfort you. DP 1012 (Out of Print.) (Peyote)


- PEYOTE SONGS FOR THE NEXT GENERATION Jay-R and Julius Jim present six sets of newly composed songs for the next generation. They hope these songs will be carried on for generations to come. Through the uniqueness of these songs, children of the present and upcoming generations will receive many blessings in their daily lives. JCM 0961 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- MELODIES FROM THE HEART 24 peyote songs composed from the heart, mind and soul presented by Ryan Jeff and his wife, and assisted by Randell Morris on drum. JCM 0741 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - MELODIES FROM THE HEART 2 Ryan Jeff presents 32 peyote songs with accompaniment by Jerold Francisco on waterdrum. Ryan and Jerold hope these songs give listeners a feeling of humbleness and hope for all time. JCM 0901 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- IN HARMONY WITH NATURE #1 Six sets of four Native American Church songs each alternating singing and drumming with each set. JCM 0531 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - IN HARMONY WITH NATURE #2 On a cold winter evening, with the temperature hovering around zero degrees, the gentle night is filled with the powerful voices of four brothers singing newly composed Sacred Peyote Songs of the Native American Church. The thunderous drumming is echoed throughout the valley accompanied by the beautiful rhythm of the peyote rattle. These sacred songs have tremendous powers to spiritually uplift one in need of healing or comfort. Jay-R Jim and Art Neal are joined by Ryan Neal and Julius Jim. Eight sets of songs. JCM 0911 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- FLASH OF A FIREFLY The long awaited first full-length CD by three time Nammy winner (Best Pop Performer, Song of the Year, and Female Artist of the Year), Jana. Her music is insightful, endearing and serene. She wrote all but one song on this recording. 16 songs including You And Me, Survive The Night, Out The Window, Through The Eyes Of A Woman, and From A Tightrope.Lyrics provided on the liner notes. RAD 90082 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - AMERICAN INDIAN CHRISTMAS American Indian Christmas is a thread that brings people together during a season of caring and hope. Jana's renditions of holiday standards in Native tongues touches all and increases respect for Native cultures. She breathes new life into endangered American Indian languages. Ten traditional songs in ten different Native languages. Songs include O Holy Night (Navajo), What Child Is This (Cherokee), Winter Wonderland (Ojibwe), Silent Night (Arapaho), Joy To The World (Chiricahua Apache) and Amazing Grace (Lumbee). SOAR 226 CD $18.98 (Gospel/Christmas) - AMERICAN INDIAN STORY Jana weaves an American Indian story of adventure


- PRAIRIE PLAIN SONG PRAIRIE PLAIN SONG blends beautiful flute melodies with the relaxing sounds of nature - from gentle rain to forest sounds. Featuring hand-made Indian flutes, silver concert flute, and the deep mellow tones of the alto and bass flutes. Al shares his original music and his vision of tranquility with nature. Nine songs including Celtic Song, Honor Song, Star Symphony, and Echo Canyon. LC 1400 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age-Native Influenced - Non Native) - TWO TREES Al is joined by Andy Mitran and other celebrated musicians on this recording. Joyfully original and relaxing, this instrumental music is an honest celebration of brotherhood through music. 11 songs including Dragonfly, Secret Forest, First Rays, and Walk To The Water. LC 1800 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age-Native Influenced - Non Native)


- BEAUTY ALL AROUND US With firm dedication to the power of prayers, JayR Jim and Brian Sloan are proud to present 24 peyote songs of the Native American Church. They are accompanied by Jerold Francisco on waterdrum. Together they hope that beauty will continue to lie ahead of people from all walks of life. JCM 1071 CD $16.98 (Peyote)

Prices subject to change without notice.



He did it all. And he did it better than anyone. Oklahoma Indian Jim Thorpe played pro baseball, almost single-handedly put pro football on the map and won Olympic gold medals - yet knew nothing of organized sports before enrolling as a young man at Carlisle School for Indians. When selecting "the greatest athlete of the 20th century," American sportswriters really had only one choice: Jim Thorpe. Burt Lancaster brings dignity, determination and his trademark physicality to this exciting film loaded with thrilling sports action. And he brings dramatic power to his portrayal of Thorpe's greatest triumph: the climb back to a successful life after a bitter slide into obscurity. Also starring Charles Bickford, Steve Cochran and Phyllis Thaxter. Black & White. 105 minutes. Not Rated. Available for a limited time. 117750D DVD (Out of Print) (Hollywood Movies)


Records' archive of Native American music. Originaly organized in 1957 while playing in Los Angelas, California, the JOAQUIN BROTHERS have played in many places on the Pima and Papago reservations, in Phoenix, Tucson and other towns across Southern Arizona. The JOAQUIN BROTHERS are members of teh Papago tribe from Covered Wells. The JOAQUIN BROTHERS are: Daniel, saxaphone; Fernando, saxaphone; Angelo, guitar; Leonad, bass guitar; and Jerome, drums. Twelve songs including: No Sabemos Poka, El Ebanto Choti, La Pecosita Polka, Never On Sunday, Corazon Cobarde, La Puchuca Polka, Hohokam Choti, Hohokam Polka and more. 6139 Cassette $9.98 (Chicken Scratch) (Country)


- VOL. 8 - HONKY TONK MAN 12 more favorites. Songs include Heard It In A Love Song, Luchenbach, Texas, and Different Kind Of Flower. BJ-08 (Out of Print) (Country) - VOL. 9 - THEY DON'T CALL ME INDIAN COWBOY FOR NOTHING White Lightning, Goodbye Lonesome-Hello Babydoll, Return To Me, and 9 more. BJ-09 (Out of Print) (Country) - VOL. 10 - LONESOME NUMBER ONE 14 more songs including Matilda, Rambling Fever, and I Got The Feelin'. BJ-10 (Out of Print) (Country) - VOL. 11 - PRETEND I NEVER HAPPEN 13 favorites including Never Been To Spain, Good Time Charley Got The Blues, and One Day At A Time. BJ-11 (Out of Print) (Country) - VOL. 12 - BORN ON THE BAYOU Release Me, I'm Not Your Stepping Stone, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, Kung Fu Fighting, and 7 more. BJ-12 (Out of Print) (Country) - VOL. 13 - C.C. RIDER 12 songs including Midnight Hour, Jailhouse Rock, Ramblin' Man, and La Bamba. BJ-13 CD $15.98 (Country)


JOHNNY GREYEYES is a powerful story of a Native American woman struggling to maintain strength, love and spirit. Since the shooting death of her father, Johnny has spent most of her life in prison. There, she forms a new family and falls in love with her cellmate, Lana. But her responsibilities to the outside world weigh heavily as she attempts to pull together her fractured natural family. With a release date near, she valiantly strives to keep her two worlds together. Starring Gail Maurice. Columpa C. Bobb, Jonathan Fisher and Gloria May Eshkibok. Sundance Film Festival official selection. 76 minutes. Not rated. 76173D DVD (Out of Print) (Hollywood Movies)


- SIDE STEP SONGS The Jingle Dress is also called a prayer dress. The dress was seen as a dream, as an object to bring healing to affected people. Side Step songs are one of two contest songs sung for the Jingle Dress Dancers at a social gathering. This album contains 12 original songs from NORTHERN WIND, LITTLE OTTER, MYSTIC RIVER, WHITEFISH BAY, WALKING BUFFALO and WALKING BULL. AR 1148 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - VOLUME 2 16 jingle dress songs performed by 16 different groups. Included are High Noon, Eyabay, Whitefish Bay, Mandaree, Rock Hill, Kingbird, Lynx Clan, Northern Wind, Thunder Mountain, Young Kingbird, Red House, Lone Creek, Little Otter, Grey Buffalo, Lightning Strikes, and Grassy Narrows. AR 1172 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- TALES FROM A RAILROAD TOWN 10 songs including A Girl Like Emmylou, My Blue Angel, Heard It In A Love Song, and Some Gave All (dedicated to the memory of Lori Piestewa). KJ 01 CD $17.98 (Country/Western)


- SACRED PRAYER David Johnson is of the Diné Tribe from Kayenta, Arizona located around the Four Corners Area of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. Currently residing in Chinle, Arizona, David has been participating in the N.A.C. since the age of six and started composing songs in 1992. As he expresses his songs, David has been committed to his Church to guide him along the way of his life. He prays that you will find comfort, strength and confidence within yourself to go on to live in peace and harmony on the sacred road of life. He dedicates these 24 songs to our people of the past, present and future. CRM 092399 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - PRAYER SONGS Originally from Kayenta, Arizona and now residing in Chinle, Arizona, David Johnson presents 25 Native American Church Prayer Songs. Participating in the Church since he was six years old, David has been composing songs since 1992. He believes and prays that everyone will find comfort, strength and confidence within themselves to live in peace and harmony on the sacred road of life. CRM 012503 CD $16.98 (Peyote)



Here are the long awaited reissues of Country/ Western great BILL JOHNSON. All recordings were originally released in the `70s. Young and old alike will enjoy these classic songs. Bill Johnson and the Jamborees have been a long time favorite at Eddie's Club in Gallup, New Mexico. - VOL. 1 - HERE I AM IN GALLUP 12 songs including Bayou, Love Me Tonight, and Lovely Lucy. (Now on CD.) BJ-01 CD $15.98 (Country) - VOL. 2 - DON'T GO CITY GIRL ON ME 12 more songs including Sugar Coated Love, Can't You See, and Donna On My Mind. BJ-02 CD $15.98 (Country) - VOL. 3 - AND THE JAMBOREES Your Cheatin' Heart, Sweet Dream Woman, Johnny B. Goode and 9 more favorites. BJ-03 (Out of Print) (Country) - VOL. 5 - STATESIDE Sweet Little 16, Whiskey River, Rhinestone Cowboy, Makin' Believe, and 8 more. BJ-05 (Out of Print)


From the makers of INTO THE CIRCLE comes the continuation of the Native American Dance Styles series. See champion dancers at Northern contests. Featuring competition steps: Straight and Side. Enjoy the beautiful outfits close-up. Learn how to make and attach cone jingles. Discover the history and evolution of the dance. 30 minutes. WH-D149D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Pow Wow-Dance)


- VOLUME 1 17 great jingle dress songs performed by Black Lodge, Northern Wind, Ta-Otha Spirit, Red Bull, Little Island Cree, Battle River, Eya-Hey Nakoda, Pipestone Creek, Wildhorse, Elk Whistle, Fly-In Eagle, Sweetgrass Singers and Wandering Spirit. All songs previously released on other recordings. VA 60002 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- THE JOAQUIN BROTHERS PLAY POLKAS AND CHOTIS (reissue) A classic chicken scratch recording from Canyon



Prices subject to change without notice.


David and Jonathan are originally from Kayenta, Arizona near the Four Corners area. They are proud to present their first father and son recording where they present four sets of four songs each and six solo songs for a total of 22 Native American Church songs. CRM 092310 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- SPIRITUAL BLESSING SONGS From Kayenta, Arizona, Johnathan presents this recording of Native American Church songs. His uncle, Patrick Yellowman provides the drumming on this album. May the Lord bless each and every on of you. CMP 111 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - BEAUTYWAY MELODIES May you learn these songs to help you with all of the wonderful things that you want out of life. A collection of peyote songs. CMP 121 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


chotes, three cumbias and one mazurka. Your Last Chance Polka, Broken Record Chote and Till We Meet Again Mazurka. 8088 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)


- PAPAGO CHICKEN SCRATCH This band has a unique sound. Joe Henry Jose plays organ on some of the selections. 12 tunes including wailas, chotes, waltz and a cumbia. Includes O'odham Ha-kaidag Waila, Sifoidak Chote, and Waw Giwulk Waila (Baboquivari Mountain). Alex Gomez, Joe, Tim aClifford and Nick Jose. 8074 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)


Eddie and Brian Johnson are from Turtle Mountain, North Dakota and play very enjoyable fiddle music performance of tunes from the traditional fiddle repertoire, modern favorites and some original tunes. Eddie "King" Johnson on fiddle and Brian Johnson on guitar and fiddle. - CHIPPEWA CAJUN - VOL. 1 14 Cajun style fiddle tunes including: Turtle Mountain Breakdown, Red River Jig, Somewhere My Love, The Flop Eared Mule, and Lord McDonald's Reel. CC-001 Cassette $2.00 (Country/Fiddle) - CHIPPEWA CAJUN - VOL. 2 St. Ann's Reel, New Year's Eve Waltz, Cajun Fiddle, Waltzing Through the Leaves, and nine more fiddle tunes. CC-002 Cassette $2.00 (Country/Fiddle) - CHIPPEWA CAJUN MUSIC CHIPPEWA CAJUN VOLUMES 1 & 2 on one CD. Enjoy your favorite Cajun style fiddle music now available on CD. CC-003 CD $16.98 (Country/Fiddle) - CHIPPEWA FIDDLE Ten selections for fiddle and guitar including Orange Blossom Special, Under the Double Eagle,, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, and Blue Skirt Waltz. CCF-003 Cassette $2.00 (Country/Fiddle) - VOLUME 1 - MY KIND OF GOSPEL Twelve songs including: Just A Closer Walk With Thee, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Isaiah 49, Amazing Grace, One Day At A Time and more. EBJ-01 Cassette $2.00 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 2 - TOGETHER IN GOD'S LOVE Ten songs including I Saw The Light, Where Could I Go But To The Lord, It Is No Secret and more. EBJ-02 Cassette $2.00 (Gospel/Christian) - GOSPEL FAVORITES The 22 gospel fiddle songs found on the above two gospel recordings. EBJ-03 CD (Out of Print) (Gospel/Christian)


- EVERLASTING MELODIES Johnathan Johnson, originally from Kayenta, Arizona, presents 24 Native American Church songs. He is happy to have his nephews singing and drumming with him. CMP102 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


Part History, Part Mystery... Although little is known about Sacagawea, her story has captivated the nation. Sacagawea's contribution to the Lewis and Clark expedition has made her one of the most honored heroines in American history. Numerous statues have been erected in her name, and more mountains and lakes have been named for her than any other Native American woman. This one-hour documentary explores the life and legend of Sacagawea as told through the rich oral history of the Shoshoni, Hidatsa, and the Nez Perce tribes, as well as the historical accounts taken from the journals of The Corps of Discovery. Travel in the footsteps of Sacagawea as the film takes you through the wilds of the American frontier. Hosted and narrated by Rita Coolidge. SGWA 601D DVD $29.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- WHISPERING WINDS A Cherokee/Shawnee, Grady Shadow Hawk Jones is a self taught Native American flutist. He has entertained crowds at pow wows, festivals, banquets, and schools across the southeast with his dancing, stories, and flute playing. These original compositions have been inspired by nature and his ancestry. A 2002 Native American Music Awards nominee. 12 songs including Amazing Grace, Sacred Water, Cherokee Love Song, and Shawnee Sunrise. SR 890031 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98


- CHEWY KISSES 13 Rap tracks including Wicked Return, Late Awake, Broken Days, and Second Guess. CT-600 CD $14.98 (Contemporary - Rap)

(Flute/New Age)


- A WAY OF LIFE Milton Jordan is from Lukachukai, Arizona located on the Navajo Nation. He proudly presents 24 Native American Church songs, assisted by Jay-R Jim on waterdrum. JCM 0511 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- SHOTGUN RIDER Just The Boyz are Jason Burnouf (Vocals, Guitar), Dean Gauthier (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Darwin Roy (Vocals, Keyboards), Barry Kimbley (Drums), and Fred Roy (Bass), with Darrel Burnouf (Sound), Tom Palmer (Keyboard/Piano), and Greg Edmunds (Keyboard/Sax). Their debut album presents 13 songs including Bad Moon Rising, Black Coffee, Sail Away, and Life Of Illusion. TIM 10078 CD $17.98 (Country) - WHITE ALBUM 11 more songs from Just The Boyz. Songs include Tequila Talking, Oh What A Crying Shame, Third Rate Romance, and Tall Tall Trees. TIM 10108 CD $17.98 (Country) - FEATURING DAVID DUROCHER 12 more songs including Teach Me To Forget, Margueritaville, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, I Saw Her Standing There, and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. TIM 10109 CD $17.98 (Country)


- VOL. 1 - CHICKEN SCRATCH Formerly of the popular group SANTAN, Virgil Jose has put together a hot new band: Arnold Paul, Neal Morris, Lyle Reams, Donnie Manuel. Six polkas, three chotes, a pony, a cumbia and a mazurka. 8067 (Out of Print.) (Chicken Scratch) - VOL. 2 Chotes, wailas (polkas). and cumbias by a Pima band from the Gila River Indian Community. Includes Zacatecas Waila, Big D's Chote and Wild Wood Flower Waila. Lively dance music with sax, accordion, guitar, bass drums. 8080 Cassette $9.98 (Out of Print.) (Chicken Scratch) - VOL. 3 Twelve selections including five polkas, three


- CIRCLE DANCE SONGS FROM DEATH VALLEY - PAUITE AND DRUM SONGS WORP 1033 (Out of Print) (Pacific Northwest/Great Basin)


Prices subject to change without notice.




Approximately one hour of music that will excite your spirit. ES 1010 Cassette $2.00 CD $14.98 (Flute/New Age) - WORLD FLUTES 1: Peter Kater, R. Carlos Nakai and guests World music at its purest from some of the world's most loved wooden flute players all masters in their genres together with master pianist Peter Kater. From Celtic to Japanese, Native American to Tibetan, South American to North Indian. These new solo flute performances are each exquisite on their own, but side by side on this collection are a deeply satisfying journey into timelessness and unity. Includes artists: Steve Gorn, Kazu Matsui, Ara Tokatlian and R. Carlos Nakai. ES 1020 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - RED MOON Pianist and composer PETER KATER brings together a stellar cast of Native American musicians to create a dynamic recording that encompasses haunting flutes, soulful chants, and driving rhythms all framed within Kater's remarkable contemporary arrangements. Performed by a world class ensemble of musicians, this spirited recording gathers the sounds and music of diverse peoples into one unified and deeply inspired voice, as we all come together to chant, dance, live and love under one Red Moon. Kater is joind by Mary Youngblood, R. Carlos Nakai, Robert Mirabal, Chenoa Egawa, and Ara Tokatlian. 11 songs including Night Realm, Never Ending Journey, Looking Glass, Deep Waters, and Dream Catcher. SD 934 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - FACES OF THE SUN Peter Kater is a three time Grammy nominee and prolific record producer who has collaborated with Native American artists for almost 20 years, creating many of the quintessential recordings of contemporary Native American music. On Faces Of The Sun he draws from many superb elements of his outstanding career: the sensitivity of Migration, the drama of How The West Was Lost, the excitement of Red Moon, and his own dynamic piano and inspiring keyboards. These brilliant soundscapes are complimented by an exceptional lineup of guest artists who all combine to make this a joyous union of melody and rhythm. Guests include Mary Youngblood, Bill Miller, Arvel Bird, Kevin Locke, Douglas Blue Feather, Jeff Ball, and Joseph Fire Crow. SD 947 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)



On this DVD, you can experience the art of Hopi artist of Alfred Dawahoya with the music of Ancient Brotherhood. Since the middle of the 19th century, Kachina dolls have attracted the attention and fascination of people everywhere including scholars, art collectors, and tourists. Today, some people collect Kachina dolls as curios or objects of art. Others collect them because the Kachina dolls somehow seem to give them a kind of spiritual link into a world about which they know very little. Listen to the music of Ancient Brotherhood while viewing the ever changing artwork presented on your TV screen. Your TV will become a canvas for over 100 pieces of art with each DVD. Never again will you have to look at a blank TV screen. 46 minutes. Set for continuous play. 15286D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Art DVD)

KAIBAH - (Kay Bennett)

- NAVAJO LOVE SONGS Songs include: Beautiful Sunrise, Who Are You Looking For, You Are So Far Away From Me, I Am Waiting For A Very Intelligent Man, Enemy Way Dance Song and seven more. Song liner notes included. 7167 (Out of Print.) (Navajo)


- DOO LADO SHI DIYIN DA Larry proudly presents ten songs, sung in Navajo, praising the Lord, Jesus Christ. Songs include Adizi Nihea Holo--We Got The Power, Chris Also Shanili--Jesus My All In All, and Tobaahdiish Alah Niidii Doo-Shall We Gather At The River. CT-2009 CD $14.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- ECHOES OF A PROUD NATION Recorded live at the 13th annual Kahnawake Pow Wow. 13 years ago, 20 individuals from all sectors of the Kahnawake community shared the same dream. They wanted to bring people together to share a native spiritual celebration of life. The dream also included highlighting the entrepreneurial endeavors of the aboriginal peoples - exhibiting cultural expression through dance and the growth and development of the Kahnawake community. Their dream is a reality in its 13th year. 25 songs including intertribals, crow hop, straight songs, smoke dances, round dances, grass dances, chicken dances and more. Drums include WHITETAIL, WHITEFISH JRS, POPULAR SINGERS, WEMOTASSE, WASHESHKWANA and BILL COUSE. AR 1221 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - GRANDFATHER'S GIFT Ralph Karsten is from the Powhatan Confederation. Six original & six traditional selections for flute. Includes Dream Song, Spring Song, Zuni Sunrise Song, and Mandan Lullaby. C-004 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age)


- KASHTIN Twelve songs including E Peikussian/ Solitude and Nitanish (N'Teish)/Ma Fille. KASHTIN is the number one contemporary native group in Canada today and has achieved great popularity within both the Native American communities and the general population. KASHTIN is composed of Florent Vollant and Claude McKenzie who are from Eastern Canada and sing in their native languages with a band of guitars, keyboards, violin, drums, and harmonica. Notes in French. 80210 Cassette $5.00 (Contemporary) - INNU Eleven songs including Nikanish/My People, Apu Tshekuan Nikan'kuian/Nothing Can Stop Me, and Ishkuess/Girl. Notes in English and French. 80211 (Out of print) (Contemporary) - AKUA TUTA Twelve songs including Akua Tuta (Take Care), Uasset (All The Children), Ne Puamun (My Dreams) and more. An exciting collection of KASHTIN works. Liner notes with words and translations. 80209 (Out of print) (Contemporary)


The Blood Reserve covers 540 square miles and is located in the southern portion of the province of Alberta. The Blood Indians are a part of the nation called Blackfeet or Blackfoot. The Blood call themselves Nitsitapi, the Real People, or Ahkainah, or Kainah meaning "Many Chiefs". The people, feeling a need for a learning, teaching, and participating society to preserve their culture, organized the Kai-Spai Society in 1970. The KaiSpai Society sponsors many social gatherings that are conducive to teaching and learning the culture of the Nitsitapi. Pow wows are their most popular activity today. Pow wow dance is highly individualistic although there are common steps and common body movements. Singers compose hundreds of pow wow songs every year and usually, at a pow wow, you will not hear the same song twice. - SONGS FROM THE BLOOD RESERVE The KAI-SPAI SINGERS are: Wayne and Dean Plume, George White Man, Dominic Cross Cild, Joe and Wayne Beebe, Theresa Plume, Georgiana White Man, Diana Bull Shield. Eleven songs including: Traditional Two Feather Song, Chicken Dance, Traditional Round Dance. Liner notes included 6133 (Out of Print) (Canada)


From Robeson County, North Carolina, KAU-TANOH JRS. is the second generation of Northern style singers from that area. They have been singing for four years. Their style can best be described as Northern original. Singers are John Oxendine II, David Locklear, Brian Graham, John Chavis, Quinn Lowry, Tere Locklear, Matthew Chavis, Eric Freeman, Chris Ammons, Sam Pedro, Oniya Locklear, Timothy Locklear, Donovan Joe, Kay Oxendine, Darice Sheppard, April Whittmore, Vanessa Locklear, Miranda Locklear, Billy Joe Brooks, Tracy Locklear, and Yolinda Joe. Ten songs including a double beat, a contest, a sidestep, a crow hop, and more. SSCT 4446 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98


- ECO CHALLENGE: Composed by Peter Kater with Chris White, R. Carlos Nakai, & Flesh & Bone Discovery Channel, Eco-Challenge. An expedition-competition of teams of five men and women is a non-stop race over 300 miles of harsh and unforgiving terrain. The adventurers, using multiple disciplines, are propelled not only by physical strength and endurance, but by the indomitable strength of teamwork and human spirit.

Prices subject to change without notice.


(Intertribal Pow Wow)


- SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF THE NAVAJO BLESSING WAY At the center of the Navajo culture is the Blessingway ceremony, the ancient Diné system of bringing humans into harmony with spirit and all life. It is said, when one is in harmony, they are Walking in Beauty. Vida Khow presents seven basic principles for living a balanced, fulfilled life. These practical, health-giving values are part of the Blessingway. Vida combines tales of growing up in the remote desert home of one of Arizona's largest indigenous cutlures. She weaves the wisdom of her ancestors with modern sensibilities and has put together a practical, powerful approach to life, family, healing and spirituality. Through the agile mind of Vida Khow, the simple truths of Diné Blessingway speak directly into the heart of our modern, rushing world. They give the gift of another way of looking at how we choose to live our lives. WB 0916 CD $15.98 (Navajo & Educational)


6200 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 5 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE Jingle dress song, round dance, women's traditional song, two traditional songs, 49 song, and three intertribal songs. Same singers as on Volume 4. Recorded live at Many Farms Arizona Pow Wow 1988. 6201 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 6 - POW WOW SONGS Eleven songs recorded live at the St. Ignatias Pow Wow, Montana, October 1991. Includes owl dance, crow hop, contest sneak-up, grass dance, intertribal songs, Honor Song for Miss Blackfeet, Kaelyn Kicking Woman. Singers: Maynard, Ronnie, Merlin, Kevin, and Raelynn Kicking Woman, Doug Bronson, Alfred Woodcok, Joe White Grass, Wallace Shorty, Loren and Patty Young Running Crane. 6223 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 7 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW SONGS Ten songs: fancy, owl, women's traditional, traditional, grass and five intertribal songs. Recorded live during the North American Indian Days, Browning, MT, July 1992. Singers Rae Lynn, Maynard, Ronald and Merlin Kicking Woman; Dianna Strawer; Patty Young Running Crane; Doug and Travis Branson; Alfred Woodcock; John and Rupert Brown; and Wallace Shorty. Singers are members of the Blackfeet, Okada, Flathead, Northern Cheyenne and Navajo Tribes. 6224 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 8 - POW WOW SONGS American Flag Song, fancy dance, sneak-up, old Blackfoot round dance, Theme Song, retreat and six intertribals. Recorded at the Reservation Pow Wow in Cutbank, MT. Singers: Maynard, Merlin and Rae Lynn Kicking Woman; Loren and Patty Young Running Crane; Stan Whiteman; Farley Cardinal; Brian, Cody and Robert Black Kettle; Richard Madman, Peter Favel; Chris Conrad, Todd Beebe, Lawrence Campeau and Jesse Eagle Speaker. 6253 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet)


DONNA KAY with Little Island Cree

- THE JOURNEY Nominated for Western Canada Music Awards-- Best Aboriginal Recording and Canadian Aboriginal Awards--Best Female Artist, Best Traditional Female Artist, Best Songwriter, Best Producer/ Engineer. THE JOURNEY blends a wonderfully eclectic mix of aboriginal tradition, blues and rock to form a unique, provocative cultural statement. Elements of myth dance and drum combine with an honest, modern, pop-fueled introspection that engages the listener in a unique multidimensional listening experience. The Journey is more than a discovery: it is an assembly, a gathering of spirit. Donna is described as a drummer who puts the groove in a pocket and drives the rhythm on through. With Alvin Chief and Little Island Cree, their original creations capture the presence of nature and fill your mind with a story, a melody, a rhythm, and a feeling that life is good. 12 songs including Round Round Round, Dream Dancer, Blame It On The Moon and By The Water. DKM 005 CD $15.98 (Contemporary)


Join host drum, The Boyz, at the 2006 Kickapoo Pow Wow Days. Other contesting drums include Cozad, Young Eagle Whistle, Sizzortail, Young Kingbird, Little Soldier, and Whistling Wind. 12 songs include three grand entry, three intertribal, and six contest. RCR 9955 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


Keith Carradine and Annette O'Toole star in this powerful family drama adapted from the best selling novel "The Sign of the Beaver" by Elizabeth George Speare that's become required reading in schools throughout the country. Keeping The Promise begins as the hopeful tale of a colonial family seeking a new and promising life in the deep wilderness of Maine in 1768. But their hopes, dreams, and very survival as a family are severely tested when the father reluctantly leaves his 13year-old son, Matt, alone in the wilderness to protect their claim until he can return with the rest of the family and their belongings. Weeks of waiting turn into months, and months into seasons, as his family struggles against a deadly epidemic and other hardships in their journey to rejoin their boy. Young Matt's ability to survive his lonely and dangerous vigil becomes more questionable with each passing day...until he's befriended by a band of Penobscot Indians. The experience transforms Matt as his Indian benefactors teach him life's most important lessons about survival, trust, loyalty and hope. Family approved. QD 3177D DVD $15.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- VOL. 1 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW SONGS Includes Grand Entry, fast and fancy and six intertribal songs. Maynard Kicking Woman (Blackfeet), K.J. Bear Medicine (Blackfeet) Casey Eagle Speaker (Blood), Paul Old Chief, Sr. (Blackfeet), Iris Heavy Runner (Blackfeet), Stan Pretty Paint (Crow), Lloyd Little Plume (Blackfeet/ Blood), Tonia Gurdipee (Assinniboine/Sioux). 6178 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 2 - POW WOW SONGS A very special performance, Includes Flag Song, Grand Entry song, round dances, honor song, sneak-up, fast & fancy intertribals. Same singers as in Volume One plus Pat Armstrong (Blackfeet), Sheila Armstrong (Blackfeet-Cree), Fred Horn (Blackfeet), Keith Kicking Woman (Blackfeet), Ervin Kicking Woman (Blackfeet). 6181 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 3 - CONTEST & INTERTRIBAL POW WOW SONGS Fancy dance, fancy trick, men's traditional slow war dance, traditional dance, and four intertribal songs. Ronald, Maynard, Rae Lynn, Merlin, Keith and Woodrow Kicking Woman, Iris Heavy Runner, K.J. Bear Medicine, Fred Horn and Paul Old Chief, Sr. 6183 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet) - VOL. 4 - NEW KICKING WOMAN SINGERS Ten songs recorded live at pow wows during the summer of 1988. Includes crow hop, sneak-up, traditional contest songs, and other pow wow songs. Maynard, Ronnie, Raelynn and Merlin Kicking Woman, Gabby Cut Finger and Leslie Lahr - to form the NEW Kicking Woman Singers.


- LIVE AT IGNACIO, COLORADO 2008 From the Great San Felipe Pueblo Nation comes a new pow wow singing group. The word "Keres" is the language spoken within that region. Since 2002 the Keres Nation Singers have participated and served as host or invited drum at many celebrations throughout Indian Country. Their unique style of song making and original singing attracts both singers and dancers. 11 songs including two intertribals, a side step, and eight contest songs. Members of the drum include Sidney Valencia, Jason Valencia, Emilio Valencia, Ben Trancosa, Patrick Sandoval, Lydell Sandoval, Isiah Sandoval, Cody Valencia, and Brandon Sanchez. KNS 41408 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)

SGKW 62597


(Out of Print)

- OUR WAY OF LIFE The KICKING WOMAN SINGERS have long been recognized throughout pow wow country for their lively singing and devotion to the traditions of the Blackfeet. This recording of twelve new songs was made live at the Sovereignty Celebration / Lincoln's Birthday Pow Wow at Shimnasho, Oregon. Songs include Fancy Dance, Sneak Up, Grass Dance, Honor Song, and other Intertribal, Traditional and Contest songs. 6299 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - LIVE AT SIMNASHO SWR 1208 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - PIKUNI STYLE


Prices subject to change without notice.


For over two decades the KICKING WOMAN SINGERS of the Blackfeet people have been performing at pow wows around North America. Recorded live in their hometown of Browning, Montana at the annual North American Indian Days Pow Wow, their classic talents and newest songs are presented in this exciting collection. Songs include grand entry, chicken dance, contest song and 7 intertribals. 6333 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - THE 4TH COMING In the early 1970's, the Kicking Woman Singers was founded by three brothers - Melvin "Chicken Boy", Louis John, and Woodrow "Tinyman" Kicking Woman. The group has been passed down from generation to generation and is now led by the fourth generation. 14 songs including four intertribals, two crow hop, two grand entry, and more. AR 1327 CD $17.98 (Blackfeet)


AR 1296 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway)



12 Kiowa Black-Leg Society songs sung by Leonard Cozad, Jasper Sankadota, Oscar Tahlo, and Laura Tahlo. Recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma, January 22, 1964. Now on CD. SC 305 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- PEYOTE PRAYER SONGS Gene Kinyaaanii is accompanied by his brother Patrick Hardy on this recording of 24 peyote songs. These ceremonial peyote songs came to him spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. They helped to strengthen his mind and spirit, helping to overcome all obstacles. These songs are presented with the intent to share with good feelings, strength, guidance, and a good future. CRM 020709 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- VOLUME 1 22 Kiowa Christian church songs sung by David Apekaum, Ray Cozad, Harry Domebo, Walter Geionety, Tom Tointigh, Ruby Beaver, Kathleen Redbone, Joyce Robinson, and Nancy Tointigh. Recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma. IH 2506 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian) - VOLUME 2 More beautiful Kiowa Christian church songs sung by David Apekaum, Ray Cozad, Harry Domebo, Walter Geionety, Tom Tointigh, Ruby Beaver, Kathleen Redbone, Joyce Robinson, and Nancy Tointigh. Recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma. IH 2507 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- KIOWA BLACK LEGGINGS WARRIORS SOCIETY SONGS - BILL KAULAITY, LEAD SINGER Kiowas Flag Song, eight war mothers songs and ten Black Leggings Society songs. Recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma, by an outstanding group of singers selected by Bill Kaulaity for their ability to sing traditional Kiowa music. Bill Kaulaity - lead singer, Daniel Cozad, James Cozad, Georgia Dupoint, Roberta Toehay and Flora Weryackwe. 6167 Cassette $9.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- THE BEST OF THE ALLIGATOR MAN 18 of JIMMIE KING JR's greatest hits including Alligator Man, Jealous Heart, Wondering Eyes, Rainy Day Woman, and Never Gonna Do It Again. JKJ-02 CD $17.98 (Country/Western)


- CHIPPEWA GRASS DANCE SONGS Seven pow wow songs by the well know KINGBIRD FAMILY SINGERS of Ponemah, Minnesota. McKinley, Mark, Royce, Johnson, James and Albert Kingbird. 6106 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - LIVE AT WHITE EARTH 1979 Ten intertribal songs and two old-time grass dance songs the KINGBIRD SINGERS of Ponemah, Minnesota. Recorded at the White Earth Pow Wow. Mickinley, Vernon, Royce and Mark Kingbird; Michael Hawk, Roger White, Vincent Belcourt and Gerald Hawk. 6170 Cassette $9.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway)


A group of songs for social dancing. Contains seven 49 songs, a semi-private social dance held usually after some public celebration, and five round dance songs. Singers are Mr. and Mrs. John Emhoolah Jr., Hershel Kaulaity, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Botone, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bointy, Mr. and Mrs Bruce Haumpy, Ted Creeping Bear, Ray White Buffalo. 6087 Cassette $9.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


Twelve round dance songs by Leonard Cozad, Jasper Sankadota, Oscar Tahlo and Laura Tahlo. Recorded at Carnegie, OK, 1964. Reissued in 1993. Now available on CD. SC 278 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


For hundreds of years, Indian people of many tribes have celebrated and honored the birth of a child by creating cradleboards. These lavish works link together families and generations. Vanessa Jennings, a Kiowa beadworker and cradleboard maker, is carrying forward this tradition. This program features the role cradleboards play in Kiowa tradition, examples of Vanessa's work, beautiful close-ups of beadwork and cradleboards and Kiowa cradleboards from the Gilcrease Museum. 30 minutes KCM VHS (Out of Print.) (Videos/Arts & Crafts - "How To")


Seventeen Kiowa "49" songs sung by Gregory Haumpy, Billy Hunting Horse, Ralph Kotay, Bill Koomsa Jr., Barbara Ahhaitty, Pearl Kerchee, Anteline Koomsa, Nan B. Koomsa, and Wilda Koomsa. Recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma. IH 2505 Cassette $9.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- BRINGING IT BACK The original Kingbird Singers began in the late 1960's. Members included the late Johnson Kingbird, the late Mckinley Kingbird, as well as Johnson's sons and nephews. They traveled to many pow wows throughout the U.S. and Canada in the 70's and 80's. The Kingbird Singers now include Mark Kingbird Sr., Mark Kingbird Jr., Sheldon Smith, Montana Kingbird, Naygahj Kingbird, Mike Needham, James Kingbird, Jerry Hawk, Michael Hawk, Art Cloud, Jay Barrett, Albert Kingbird, Michael Frank, and Calvin Spears Jr. Presented here are 20 straight and round dance songs including 3 grass dance, a men's traditional, a straight jingle dress, an intertribal, 3 rabbit dance, 6 jingle dress side step, and more. WP-00112 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Ojibway) - IKWE NAGAMONAN Kingbird Singers presents a collection of 12 Jingle Dress Songs. The songs have remained unnamed to keep in the old traditions.


From the Original American Indian Soundchiefs Nelson Big Bow, Edgar Gouladdle, Harding Big Bow and Walter Ahhaitty bring you 23 peyote songs originally recorded in 1994. Released on CD in 2007. SC 507 CD $11.98 (Peyote)


War Mother's Songs, Round Dance Songs, Comanche 49 Songs. IS 2501 Cassette $2.00 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


Four songs by Emmett Williams (ApacheTonkowa), four songs by Nathan Doyebi (Kiowa), four songs by Edgar Gouladdle (Kiowa), and eight songs by Nelson Big Bow (Kiowa). Now on CD. SC 548 CD $11.98 (Peyote)


- VOL. 1 12 gourd dance songs recorded live at Carnegie, Oklahoma. Singers: Daniel Cozad, Joe Cozad, Larry Cozad, Leonard Cozad Sr., Bill Hunting Horse, Adam Kaulaity, Vincent Spotted Bird, Yale Spotted Bird, Velma Cozad, Barbara Ahhaitty Monoessy, Dobbin Monoessy, Namomi Svitak. Dancers: David Apekaum, Marty Autaubo, Richard Kauahquo, Elrod Monoessy, Curtis Tointigh.

Prices subject to change without notice.


IH 2503 CD $15.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOL. 2 11 gourd dance songs. Continued from Volume 1. IH 2504 CD $15.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)




(Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- VOLUME 1 Eight groupings of four songs each. Joe Fish Dupoint presents two sets accompanied by Howard Cozad on drum. Howard Cozad presents two sets with Joe Fish Dupoint accompanying on drum. Herbert Redbird sings two sets with accompaniment by Lonnie Emhoolah. Lonnie Emhoolah and Kenneth Cozad each present one set with drum accompaniment by Howard Cozad. IH 2545 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 2 Another eight sets of Kiowa Peyote songs. Lonnie Emhoolah, Kenneth Cozad and Joe Fish Dupoint each present 2 sets, Herbert Redbird and Howard Cozad each present a single set. Recorded at Hog Creek, Oklahoma, October 29, 2000. IH 2546 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 3 32 more Kiowa Peyote songs sung by Howard Cozad, Herbert Redbird, Lonnie Emhoolah, Kenneth Cozad, and Joe Fish Dupoint. IH 2547 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 4 Prayer was used by all involved with this recording to ensure the sincerity and inspirational aspects of the singers thoughts. They have turned to the Creator for both comfort and consolation, mentally and physically as did their forefathers. With these songs they want to ensure their forefathers' legacy is continued for future generations to come. 32 songs by Kenneth Cozad, Joe Fish Dupoint, Herbert Redbird, and Lonnie Emhoolah. IH 2548 CD $15.98 (Peyote/Kiowa)


12 songs sung by The Soundchief Singers, James Aunguoe, Nathan Doyebi, Ernest Red Bird, and Ruth Red Bird. Originally recorded on September 16, 1959. Songs include Princess Moon Bird, Little Mountain Maid, Rainy Nights in Taos, and Fried Bread Boogie. SC 274 CD $11.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


Mr. and Mrs. Vince Bointy, Mr. and Mrs. John Emhoolah, Jr., Herschel Kaulaity, Ray White Buffalo, Mr. and Mrs., Billy Botone, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Haumpy, Ted Creeping Bear. 14 songs. 6103 (Out of Print) (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


From the Original American Indian Soundchiefs collection please enjoy these traditional songs. 12 Kiowa Gourd Dance songs (Leonard Cozad, Jasper Sankadota, Oscar Tahlo, and Laura Tahlo) recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma in 1964, and four Buffalo Dance songs (White Fox, Little Chief, and Harry Hokeah). Released on CD in October 2009. SC 301 CD $11.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


Singers Ronald Horse (Tsatoke), Billy Hunting Horse, Helen Horse (Tsatoke) and Dorita Hunting Horse originally recorded these 17 songs on April 8, 1974 at Fay, Oklahoma. Released on CD in May 2006. IR 656 CD $17.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


An extraordinary set of recordings documenting the Peyote ritual of the Kiowa Indians. The Kiowa conducted rites which transcended boundaries between languages and antagonisms. The music was recorded with the Anadarko, Oklahoma tribes and consists of both words and syllables with emotional connotations. The songs are sung and explained by various Kiowa. Recorded with extensive notes and Peyote drawings by Harry E. Smith. Booklet enclosed. Back in Stock. FE 4601 Double CD $25.98 (Peyote/Kiowa)


Sung by Ernest Aunguoe, Nathan Doyebi, Ernest Red Bird, Ruth Redbird. Twelve Kiowa Tribal Warrior Dances including Arikara War Chief, Chief Thundercloud, Brave Hearts Must Travel, Eagle Chief, An Eagle Wings, Forty-four Winchester and more. Now available on CD. SC 139 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- VOL. 1 - SONGS OF THE O-HO-MAH LODGE The KIOWA WAR DANCE SOCIETY O-HOMAH- LODGE singers are Parker Emoolah, Ralph Kotay, Bill Ware, Mac Whitehorse, Roland Whitehorse and Florene Whitehorse Taylor. The O-ho-mah Lodge is the original war dance society of the Kiowa and is over one hundred years old. Most of the songs recorded in these two volumes are very old individual Songs which belong to Oho-mah members and their families. They have been recorded here for the first time with the permission of the owners for everyone to hear and enjoy. It is the desire of the owners of these songs that they be learned and sung and enjoyed and used in good way for many generations to come. They do not give up ownership of the songs, but give permission for everyone to use and enjoy them. 15 songs from 15 members. Liner notes. IH 2510 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOL. 2 - SONGS OF THE O-HO-MAH LODGE Continued from Volume One with the same singers. 15 more songs with liner notes. IH 2511 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOL. 3 - SONGS OF THE O-HO-MAH LODGE 13 songs from the Joe Shunkamolah family, Philmon Berry, the Botone family, Ed Tsotaddle, Wilson Ware, Trenton Mitchell, Skeet Russell, Richard Tartsah, Walter Komome, Gus Palmer. Marlon Aitson, Bill Ware, and Seth Morgan. Now available on CD. IH 2513 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98


- VOLUME 1 From the Original American Indian Soundchiefs James Aunguoe sings 15 Kiowa Peyote Songs. Ernest Humming Bird, drummer. Side two was recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma, January 28, 1956. Re-released in 1996. Released on CD in 2007. SC 549 CD $11.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 2 From the Original American Indian Soundchiefs James Aunguoe, Ernest Red Bird, Allen Tsontokoy, Francis Tsontokoy and Oscar Tahlo present 22 Kiowa Peyote Ritual songs. Re-issued in 1994. Released on CD in 2007. SC 580 CD $11.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 3 From the Original American Indian Soundchiefs Edward Humming Bird presents 15 Kiowa Peyote songs. This is a reissue of the original 1966 recording. Re-issued in 1993. Released on CD in 2007. SC 590 CD $11.98 (Peyote)


- 16 OLD TRADITIONAL KIOWA SONGS Roland Horse, Bruce Haumpy and Billy Hunting Horse recorded this collection of 16 old traditional Kiowa songs at Fay, Oklahoma on March 1, 1969. Tracks 1 thru 8 are Kiowa war dance songs, 9 thru 12 are Kiowa round dance songs, and 13 thru 16 are Kiowa 49 social dance songs (originally called war expedition songs). This CD has been enhanced with new digital technology for improved sound. IR 655 CD $17.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


26 selections including war, round, trot, and buffalo dances, War Mothers songs, Flag song, and gourd dance songs featuring the traditional bugle calls. Kenneth Anquoe - lead singer. Recorded live during the early 1960's. Liner notes included. FE 4393 Cassette $5.00 CD $16.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


Twenty five Native American Church songs by Bill Kaulaity, Daniel Cozad and James Cozad. Recorded in Carnegie, Oklahoma. 6144 (Out of Print.) Songs sung by the SOUNDCHIEF SINGERS. Songs include Round Dance Song, Miss Indian American Coronation Song, 13 round dance songs. Now available on CD. SC 266 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98

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(Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOL. 4 - SONGS OF THE O-HO-MAH LODGE 13 more songs from Jeremy Keahbone, Paul Tahlo, Bruce Kaulaity, Stanley Geimausaddle. Matthew Kaulaity, Jim and Joyce Vinyard, Kenneth Anquoe, Perry Horse, Richard Archilta, Bobby Dunlap, George Saloe, Fagon Tahbone, and John Henry Laurentz's son. Now available on CD. IH 2514 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - VOL. 5 - SONGS OF THE O-HO-MAH LODGE Singers on this recording are Joe Fish Dupoint, John Glenn Hamilton, Galen Holder, Jeff Toehay, Bill Ware and Matthew Whitehorse. 13 songs. IH 2515 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


IH 1510 CD $15.98 (Navajo) - VOL. 3 - NAVAJO SONGS ABOUT LOVE 15 contemporary Navajo Dance Songs including 3 spin dances, 8 skip dances, and 4 two-step dance songs. IH 1511 Cassette $9.98 (Navajo) - VOL. 4 - NAVAJO SONGS ABOUT LOVE 9 contemporary two-step songs including Idaho Girl; I Tried To Be With You But You Don't Want Me and Mexican Girl. IH 1512 Cassette $9.98 (Navajo) - VOL. 5 - NAVAJO LOVE SONGS Eighteen songs by Ted B. Bonnie, Ned Tsosie Clark, Frank J. Begay, Robert P. Roan, Arthur P. Roan, Bennie Silversmith, Johnny Dealison. IH 1513 (Out of Print) (Navajo) - VOL. 6 - NAVAJO SONGS ABOUT LOVE Eleven more Navajo love songs by the same singers as Volume 5 (IH 1513). IH 1514 Cassette $9.98 (Out of Print.) (Navajo) - VOL. 1 - NAVAJO TWO-STEP DANCE & SKIP DANCE SONGS 7138 (Out of Print.) (Navajo) - VOL. 2 - NAVAJO TWO-STEP DANCE & SKIP DANCE SONGS 7139 (Out of Print.) (Navajo)


Pioneer Award. Kifewing was the 1995 Native American Male Vocalist of the Year. Fourteen songs including: First American Heroes, Spirits In The Wind, Si:wolo Song, Words Go Unsaid, Talk To The Children, plus more. Performers: Knifewing Segura, Beverly Newman, Ray Tsethlikai. Liner notes on the songs. KSR 7003 Cassette $4.00 (Contemporary)


- STANDING STRONG Eleven new songs written by CHESTER KNIGHT. This is his third recording. He is joined by recording artist DEREK MILLER on guitars, as well as the St. Margaret's Anglican Church Choir in Winnipeg. Lyrics included. Songs include Cochise Was A Warrior, Love Fades Away, Broken Promises, and Spirit Journey. WAR 617 CD $18.98 (Country)


Eight Kiowa Warriors Dance Songs and seven Kiowa War Expedition (49) songs. Sung by The Soundchief Singers - James Aunguoe, Nathan Doyebi, Ernest Red Bird and Ruth Red Bird. Now available on CD. SC 131 Cassette $9.98 CD $11.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- FREEDOM Recently reissued first recording of CHESTER KNIGHT & THE WIND. 11 songs including Love Me Strong, Sail On Silver Moon, and Voices In The Winds. WAR 613 CD $18.98 (Country) - WINDFALL Chester Knight's voice defies conventional categorization. His nasal, plaintive voice is similar to Dwight Yoakun and Bob Dylan. He is a member of the Muskody First Nations Cree of Canada. Rock music with Native American flair. 12 songs including I'm A Warrior, Falling Down Again, Little Angel, and The First Man. WAR 614 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Country)


The Klagetoh Maiden Singers began singing as a group in 1968 when they first appeared at the Navajo Tribal Fair in Window Rock. They were immediately popular, and in the following years performed not only at several more Tribal Fairs, but also at the Northern Navajo Fair in Shiprock, New Mexico and at numerous chapter house events at Christmas time and Mother's day. The Maiden Singers have a natural singing style. They sing with an ease and skill which makes even difficult songs seem easy and pleasant to hear. They have a unique combination of both old and new singing styles - modern, yet traditional. All of the songs on the album are social songs from the Enemy Way Ceremony. Some of the songs are very old, others are more recent. Old or new, they are some of the favorites of the Maidens Singers. Songs include four spin dance songs, five skip dance songs, five round dance songs, and ten two-step songs. (Now on CD.) IH 1508 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Navajo)


- KNIFEWING - FIRST AMERICAN HEROES: INSTRUMENTAL More great music from members of Zuni Pueblo. Lyrics and music by, Knifewing Segura and Beverly A. Newman. Additional vocals by Bernard Duran and Knifewing Segura; guitars by Jerry Tabor; additional percussion by Gibbs B. Othole, Shilo Knifewing Segura, Hawk Lightstar Segura, Zuni, New Mexico. Songs include: The Indian and the Eagle, Born Of Blood, Indian Love Song, First American Heroes, Proud to Be Indian, Warrior of the Past. KWS-101 Cassette $4.00 (Contemporary) - KNIFEWING - FIRST AMERICAN HEROES: VOCALS & INSTUMENTAL Same performers as on their FIRST AMERICAN HEROES - INSTRUMENTAL recording. Songs include: The Indian and the Eagle, Born of Blood, Indian Love Song, First American Heroes, Proud to Be Indian, Warriors of the Past. KWS-102 (Out of Print) (Contemporary) - KNIFEWING - ONE SPIRIT, TWO WORLDS This edition features Waylon Jennings, harmony vocals on Talk To The Children. 55 million TV viewers witnessed the birth of a new sound when this 6 member Native American Band was featured on national television. Their music captures the essence of the Native American culture to take you to another world. Winners of the 1996 White Buffalo Award and the 1995 Native American


- NAVAJO HEALING SONGS OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH Healing Songs are a newer style of soothing chanting from the Native America Church without the accompaniment of the peyote water drum or rattle. These songs are meant to facilitate meditation and prayer and provide comfort and peace for the singers and listeners. The echo effect of the singing enhances the spiritual quality of this gentle "prayer in song". 18 Healing songs; liner with background notes. 6308 Cassette $9.98 (Peyote) - NAVAJO HEALING SONGS VOL. 2 Healing songs are a newer style of singing from the Native American Church (or Peyote Church) without the accompaniment of the peyote waterdrum or gourd rattle.They are meant to facilitate meditation and prayer, also to provide comfort and peace for the singers and listeners. This is a soothing collection of Navajo healing songs in the Native American Church tradition. 6330 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


The Klagetoh Swingers are Amos J. Begay, Ted B. Bonnie, Ned T. Clark, Ben J Johnson, Joe J. Roanhorse, and Frank J. Begay. - VOL. 1 - NAVAJO SONGS ABOUT LOVE Eight Skip Dance Songs including The In-Law, Mexican Girl, and I Met an Apache Girl and five Two-Step Songs including A Hopi Girl From Oraibi and Jumbolaiya. Originally recorded in 1976 now released on CD. IH 1509 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Navajo) - VOL. 2 - NAVAJO SONGS ABOUT LOVE Seven Skip Dance Songs including Go See My Hopi Girl, I Need a Quarter, and Idaho Sweet Potatoes and six Two-Step Songs including Navajo Nation, Gypsy Rose, and No Vacancy.


- DESTINED LOVE TRAVELER KOLJADEMO is Lennie Gomes, Cal Hopper, Tom Hayashi and Randy Quan - four unique individual

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talents from diverse cultural backgrounds working together to combine contemporary styles with traditional songs, creating a harmonious blend of music, spirit and stories. Many listeners have remarked on the visual quality of the music -- that it makes you see things.... Although there is pain and injustice in the history of the Indians of Northern California, KOLJADEMO has sought to portray the love, dignity, and hope one can experience through family, spirituual visions, and cross-cultural understanding. NV 122 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age)


Stoney, Never Been to Spain, and You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone. AV 5654 CD $17.98 (Country) - HANGIN' OUT Kool Country present 11 songs on their fifth album. Songs include More of You, Navajo Country Star, Evil Ways, and Mental Revenge. AV 56962 CD $17.98 (Country)


Begay (bass guitar), and Merlinda Lewis (vocals & drums) present their debut album featuring 12 songs. Songs include Lay Down Sally, I'm Just So Lonely, Sail Away, and Seven Year Ache. TM 332258-5 CD $17.98 (Country) - SOMEWHERE Jay R. Lewis (lead vocals & lead guitar) and Fernando Begay (bass guitar) are joined by Molina Lewis (vocals & background vocals) and Melvin Grey (drums) in their second album. 12 more songs including Rhiannon, Peaceful Easy Feeling, One Love At A Time, and Memories. TM 332258-8 CD $17.98 (Country) - THREE The KO Band brings you 12 more songs in their third album. Songs include Got No Reason, Evil Ways, Ring Of Fire, Who Am I, and Ride Me Down Easy. TM 332258-14 CD $17.98 (Country)


- INUIT THROAT SINGERS We are proud to present this second recording of Inuit throat music. The first introduction to this style of music now offered is heard in a few songs on NUNAVIK CONCERT (SSCT4236). A unique style of singing you won't want to miss. SSCT 4275 (Out of Print.) (Pacific Northwest/Inuit-Eskimo) - KIOWA WAR, 49 & HORSE STEALING SONGS This recording contains three seldom heard horse stealing songs, seven old Kiowa war dance songs that date back to the 1920's, ruffle dance song, and nine 49 songs. Singers: Bill Koomsa, Sr. - lead singer; Billy Hunting Horse, Wilbur Kodaseet, Bill Koomsa, Jr., Lonnie Tsotaddle, Georgia Dupoint, Ann Koomsa, Martha Koomsa Perez and Pearl Woodard. 6145 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - GOURD DANCE SONGS OF THE KIOWA Thirteen gourd dance songs plus the Kiowa Flag Song. Includes White Bear's (Satanta's) Family Song. Recorded at Carnegie, Oklahoma. Singers: Bill Koomsa, Sr. - lead singer; Billy Hunting Horse, Wilbur Kodaseet, Bill Koomsa, Jr., Lonnie Tsotaddle, Georgia Dupoint, Ann Koomsa, Martha Koomsa Perez and Pearl Woodard. 6148 (Out of Print) (Southern Plains/Oklahoma) - KIOWA SCALP AND VICTORY DANCE SONGS Sixteen songs. These songs are not sung much any more; very few people know these songs today. Scalp dance songs were sung when warriors returned from raids; today they are sung during the Veteran's Day celebration. Singers: Bill Koomsa, Sr. - lead singer; Billy Hunting Horse, Wilbur Kodaseet, Bill Koomsa, Jr., Lonnie Tsotaddle, Georgia Dupoint, Ann Koomsa, Martha Koomsa Perez and Pearl Woodard. 6166 Cassette $9.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- FEATURING ... KEVIN JOHNS This live recording features Kornell Johns (lead guitar), Kooch Kevin Johns (vocals and rhythm guitar), Jack Yazzie (bass), and Kree Johns (drums). Ten songs including Treading Water, Love Them Everyone, China Girl, and Looking For Live. AV 3098 CD $17.98 (Country)


- LIFE OUT OF BALANCE Prepare to experience a truly remarkable film - a cinematic masterpiece so extraordinary that it regales the senses, stimulates the mind and actually "redefines the potential of filmmaking" (The Hollywood Reporter). Celebrated director Godfrey Reggio, innovative cinematographer Ron Fricke and Golden Globe-winning composer Philip Glass have created a spellbounding film so rich in beauty and detail that with each viewing it becomes a new and different film. KOYAANISQATI contrasts the tranquil beauty of nature with the frenzied hum of contemporary urban society. Uniting breathtaking imagery with a hauntingly evocative, awardwinning score, it is original and fascinating. An astonishing symphony of sound and image - a work of art. 87 minutes. 1003766D DVD $21.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- KEEP IT COOL WITH..... KOOL COUNTRY bring you their debut recording. Members are Albert McCork (Rhythm/ Vocals), Donald Barboan (Lead/Vocals), Ellias Ponce (Bass), and Harry Plummer (Drums). Ten songs include Midnight Special, Jambalaya, Your Cheating Heart, and Stars on the Water. AV 4021 CD $17.98 (Country) - GET TOGETHER Volume 2 from KOOL COUNTRY brings you 10 more songs including Angel Baby, China Night, She's A Mover and Love & Pain. AV 9050 CD $17.98 (Country) - KEEPIN' IT COOL WITH THE GOOD TIMES Volume 3 from Kool Country presents ten more great Country hits. Songs include I Need You Tonight, Can't You See, Shot Gun Rider and Shadow Of A Distant Friend. AV 3044 CD $17.98 (Country) - GREATEST HITS COLLECTION Another collection of greatest hits, this time featuring Kool Country. They present 15 of their greatest songs for your enjoyment. Songs include Shot Gun Ride, China Night, Stateside, Just A Lad, and Stars on the Water. AV 4453 CD $17.98 (Country) - KEEPIN' IT KOOL AND MOVING ON! Kool Country presents their fourth volume of new songs. 12 songs including Someone, Let's Dance,


- STILL GOIN' STRONG Kross-Road Band presents 15 songs on the debut recording with New Mexico based Alta Vista Records. Songs include Bandy the Rodeo Clown, Sharp Dressed Man, Chance I'll Have to Take, Don't Go City Girl on Me, and State Side. AV 3060 CD $17.98 (Country)


Teaching Through Hopi Songs is an expression of the Hopi culture in songs. Hopi oral history teaches us that at the beginning of life in this fourth world Maasawu' allowed us to live on HIS EARTH provided that we take care of it for HIM. HE provided us with a bag of seeds, a planting stick, and a gourd of water. Therefore, from that time we became farmers and stewards of this land, growing foods is our primary purpose. The animal that we sing about is Koona (Chipmunk). He is a symbol of Hopi life on the mesas and is indigenous to our rocky mesas. Therefore when we sing about the Koona we envision the value that these animals possess. They provide sensitivity and respect about life and its importance. They are part of the ecosystem of Hopi life. NAU 01D DVD $17.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- NINE NORTHERN PLAINS DRUMS Nine drums recorded during the annual Kyi-Yo Celebration, Missoula, Montana. Includes Chippewa-Cree, Crow, Blood, Blackfeet, Yakima, Northern Cheyenne and Fort Belknap. Drums: PARKER SINGERS, DONALD DEERNOSE SINGERS, KANAI BLOOD SINGERS, STARR SCHOOL SINGERS, HEART BUTTE SINGERS, WEASEL TAIL CLUB, ALL NATION SINGERS, LAME DEER SINGERS. 6111 Cassette $9.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- FEELIN' BLUE Jay R. Lewis (lead vocals & lead guitar), Fernando


- DO'O WUD HEGAI A little scratch, a little rock, a little country, a lot of

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great dance music. Band members include Ronnie Juan, Lyle Reams, Archie Miguel, Ace Kyyitan, and Chuck Peterson. 15 songs including Sweet Home Chicago, I Shot The Sheriff, Born On The Bayou, and more including a few cumbias. It's just as if you were at the dance. MKR 101 CD $19.98 (Chicken Scratch)


LM 1628 CD $17.98 (Legends/Humor) - 4 REAL Drew Lacapa is more than an accomplished Native stand up comedian, he is a skilled master of ceremonies, a dedicated volunteer, a former service man in the U.S. Navy and most important a family man and grandpa. An Apache/Hopi/Tewa, Drew enjoys life on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. His humor has an eclectic, vibrant vein of rich humor of the American Indian. Most assuredly, the funniest man in Indian Country. Enjoy his antics on his first DVD recording live from Hondah Resort & Casino, May 31, 2003, recorded by `Real Live Professional Indians.' LM 70489 DVD $22.95 (Videos/Music-Variety) (Northern Plains/Ojibway)



- ONAMANI ZAAGA-IGAN Hosting a number of traditional and contest pow wows, Lake Vermilion Singers have been establishing a strong following in the northern United States. This Ojibway drum has been singing together for nine years and are ready to share their well crafted songs with the world. AR 1104 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Ojibway)



- THE PROPHESY OF THE EAGLE AND THE CONDOR The sounds of North and South American cultures are united on this remarkable recording by Tito La Rosa, sound healer and renowned Peruvian master of ancient instruments. Performing on numerous exotic instruments on Incan and pre-Incan cultures, La Rosa is accompanied by North American Native musicians Mary Youngblood (INDIE and NAMMY Award Winner) on flute and Shkeme Garcia (from the band `Native Roots') on vocals. Wind instruments, percussion, and chant combine with contemporary sounds to create an emotional and joyful musical telling of this ancient prophecy of unity. Tita La Rosa is a descendant of the Quechue Indians of the Andes Mountains. Mary Youngblood is of Aleut and Seminole ancestry. Shkeme Garcia is from the Santa Ana Pueblo of New Mexico. 12 songs including All One Nation, The Dance of the Puma and the Wolf and Celebration. SD 928 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean)

LAKOTA DREAM SOCIETIES plus How To Interpret Your Dreams

This lecture was given at a state university by Ehanamani for an American Indian Day celebration. Ehanamani describes the role of Dream Societies in Lakota culture. He compares Jungian Psychology on Dream Analysis with Lakota Dream Symbology. He explains what to look for when interpreting your dreams. This presentation is excellent for anyone who would like a better understanding of Dreams and Dream Analysis. 90 minutes. Now on DVD. 4459D DVD $22.50 (Videos/Documentary)


- ROUND DANCE SONGS BY CREE WOMEN The inspiring story of Delia Waskewitch has brought on this eclectic recording from some of the most well respected women singers from Saskatchewan and Alberta. Dedicated to all the women who love to sing, and recorded for all the women who sometimes felt discouraged because they were told it's not their place to sing, this CD honors and encourages all lady backup singers to sing what is in your heart - sing for yourself - sing from your inner spirit because tonight's Ladies Night. 15 round dance songs presented by Delia Waskewitch, Fawn & Rave Wood, Penny McGilvery, Candace Scabby Robe, Wendy Singer, Sarah Waskewitch, and Nicole Waskewitch. DHOP 2500 CD $16.98 (Cree)


- PLUS HOW TO MAKE THE SHIFT INTO HYPERSPACE This presentation is a television interview from a program dedicated to solving questions concerning psychic phenomena, metaphysics, and interstellar research. Dr. A. Ross Ehanamani compares current discoveries about cosmic life with traditional Lakota star stories. This presentation also includes two other short television interviews with Dr. A. Ross Ehanamani. 4461D DVD $22.50 (Videos/Documentary)


- BELOVED TRIBAL WOMEN: Instrumental Keyboard Music Honoring Native Women An incredible tribute to the thousands of women of many tribes that walked a trail full of sorrow, either forced by necessity or by the laws of others. Each song is inspired for these women who lived and died and survived to build new lives and nations. Trail of Tears, for these thousands of women; Betrayed and Honored, for Milly Francis who saved the life of a young captain and was later forced to travel the Creek Trail of Tears to Indian Territory but was later granted the first Congressional medal ordered for a woman; The Core of Discovery, for Sacajewa, the Shoshoni woman who was an integral part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition; A Mother's Love, for Charlotte Vickery, Cherokee Medicine Woman and midwife who helped many and saved her child by killing a wild cat with her bare hands and lived to tell her many grand-children her stories. Seven other songs dedicated to Native women of who individually and collectively touch the soul of the nation. These songs, each one a tribute, fill a void in musical literature about women. NV104 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age)


- LADY WILDEFIRE In their debut album Lady Wildefire present eight songs. Members of the band are Lady Wildefire (vocals), King Louie (guitar), Louis (guitar), Allen Hill (drums), and Myron Peterson (bass). Songs include Jealous Bone, Twist, Dream Lover, and Wayfaring Stranger. AV 9350 CD $17.98 (Country)


- VETERANS SONGS Veterans songs are used at the opening and closing of celebrations and ceremonies, from small gatherings to intertribal pow wows. The sound of the drum echoes the heartbeat of the Lakota Nation. These songs honor warriors from the past to the present. Included are songs of Sitting Bull, Battle of the Little Bighorn, continuing through the World Wars, Korea and Viet Nam. LAKOTA THUNDER is composed of Lakota drummers and singers from the Standing Rock Reservation bordering North and South Dakota. Lead members Courtney Yellow Fat and Dana Yellow Fat teach culture and language at Standing Rock Community High School and have been singing pow wow and ceremonial songs since they were very young. 13 songs include Sitting Bull's Memorial Song, Flag Song/World War I Veterans Song, Six Islands and Lakota Hoksila. MM 0163 CD $16.98 (Sioux) - WAY OF LIFE GRAMMY® nominated LAKOTA THUNDER is proud and honored to present their second release singing traditional Lakota drum songs in a manner not previously heard. Way of Life includes songs of sorrow, happiness, praise and remembrances. The collection spans many generations and will live long into the future. There is a song for every part of this life and this recording is only a fraction of


- HONOURING OUR ELDERS From the first thunder crack of the drum LAKE OF THE WOODS SINGERS deliver straight ahead pow wow singing in the tradition of the Ojibwa People of northwestern Ontario, home of the "Jingle Dress." Offering a mix of both new and classic songs, this is the debut recording for this group. They wish to dedicate this album to all of the elders, and to honour all the traditional drums and carriers from the Lake of the Woods area. AR 1124 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - SONGS OF THUNDER This is the second release of Ojibwa drum LAKE OF THE WOODS SINGERS. Members of the drum group include Boy Redsky, Brennan Wapioke, Alex Greene, Roger Greene, Ed Greene, Dex Greene, Herb (Kwebs) Redsky Jr, Stan Skead and Pat Skead. They present 12 songs including a jingle dress, a round dance, a chicken dance, a grass dance and more. AR 1137 CD $17.98


- A ONE NIGHT STAND IN PARADISE Live from the Quechan Indian Tribe Paradise Casino, Yuma, Arizona. It's humor with an Indian flair. Nine comedic skits including KYEA!/H.U.D. Homes, Hot Water/Tortilla Making Fool, Diggin Up Bones/Rez Cars/Navy Memories?1996 Olympics, and Puttin' on the Dress/Edifying Woman/Being a Good Wife.

Prices subject to change without notice.


them. LAKOTA THUNDER is composed of Lakota drummers and singers from the Standing Rock Reservation bordering North and South Dakota. Members include Courtney Yellowfat, Dana Yellowfat, John Gamio, Virgil Taken Alive, Wayland Badhand, Jesse Taken Alive, Anthony LittleDog, Frank Bullhead, Louis Snider, Wade Claymore, and Lionel Jewett. 13 songs including They Brought Us A Victory, Cherish The Dance, My Friends Take Courage, and Black Butte. MM 0187 CD $16.98 (Sioux)


productions. This special edition re-release includes Go My Son and Ancient Days, as well as Navajo Baby and I Walk In Beauty. 12 songs. Remastered from the original vinyl recording. BYU-LE CD $21.98 (Contemporary)


songs that comfort ourselves, our family and children. 24 songs are presented here. CRM 121602 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - AZEE' BIGHIIN 24 songs presented to you. It is hoped you will enjoy these as much as his previous recordings. CRM 011404 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - NAVAJO SHOE GAME SONGS - KESHJEE SIIN Sammie Largo sings 20 songs including Antelope Song, Man Chewing Beans, Cougar Coming With No Noise, Mouse Songs, and many more. CRM 101405 CD $16.98 (Navajo) - PEYOTE RELIGION CEREMONIAL SONGS Released in 2006, Sammie Largo presents more Native American Church songs. JCM 0451 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - FAMILY PEYOTE SONGS Peyote songs feed, regulate and cleanse the mind naturally. These natural songs are the key to good health. JCM 0681 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SPIRIT OF THE SONG 24 Native American Church songs performed by Sammie Largo accompanied by Jerold Francisco. Native American Church Peyote songs, and traditional ceremony chants, are for healing, to help the youth, and for members to really look at the bright side of life. Sammie hopes that the youth of today will be able to gain from these songs, to hopefully be able to come back to their homes, sit with their families, and think about how life is very important. Maybe they will be able to glimpse into the future while listening to these songs. JCM 0761 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SURROUNDED BY BEAUTY Sammie Largo presents 24 brand new peyote songs. He is assisted by Darren Tahe on waterdrum. JCM 1091 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


A Brigham Young University musical variety show co-sponsored by "The Tribe of Many Feathers". Songs include Go My Son, Warrior's Dream, Spirit of a New World, Wonderful World of Aloha and six more. BYU 9404 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


12 songs including Buffalo Nation, Song For Happiness, Song For Encouragement, Song For Father Sky, Smokey Sage, and Song For Mother Earth. AR 1251 CD 17.98 (Sioux)


In 1900, if you wanted to be a writer in California, you had better be a man. There were socially acceptable professions for women, if you wish to consider either teaching or homemaking, Mary Austin sought so much more. This is her true story. Drawn to the Native Americans and the ways of the desert, she embraced the Indian culture. Caught within an unhappy marriage and with an autistic child, life on the frontier edges was lonely and frustrating. Mary Austin lived a fascinating life. She became a poet, novelist, critic, and playwright, exercising her feminist ideals and becoming one of the first and foremost American writers to document the complex culture and heritage of the American southwest. Starring Helen Hunt as Mary Austin. MON-32816-V VHS (Out of Print) (Hollywood Movies)


- LAKOTA MEMORIAL AND SACRED SONGS Viola and Dwight Provancial present this collection of Lakota Memorial and Sacred songs. MOI-LW006 CD $19.98 (Sioux)


Presenting six stories from Joseph M. Marshall's award winning book, The Lakota Way, read by the author and enriched with musical performances by noted American Indian musicians Keith Bear, Joseph Fire Crow and Andrew Vasquez. Rich with history and folklore, these traditional Lakota stories about life remain as relevant today as when they were first told. Stories include The Story Of Giants, The Story Of The Eagle, and The Story Of The Snake. MW 0189 CD $16.98 (Legends/Storytelling)


- SUPAI JESUS NAMMY Award Nominee Wade Large is proud to present his debut album. Born and raised on the Ute Reservation in Utah, his passion is the word of God and to help to bring others to know Jesus. Nine songs to the glory of God sung in his own Reggae style. Songs include He's So Strong, Tongues Of Fire, Cry At Night, and Know My Jesus. CPR-WL018 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian)


Anger that's been swirling for 100 years finally explodes like a force of nature in LAKOTA WOMAN - SIEGE AT WOUNDED KNEE. This is the inspiring true story of the 1973 uprising that united Native Americans in their fight for survival. One woman rises from ignorance and fear to meet the challenge of her proud heritage during a bloody siege in which 2,000 Native Americans stood their ground and vowed never to be silent again. From the convent school where Mary Crow Dog was encouraged to reject her culture, to an historic moment in which she joined her people to make a stand, LAKOTA WOMAN is the stirring account of one woman's triumphant journey in one of the most significant moments in Native American history. Starring Irene Bedard as Mary Crow Dog, Tantoo Cardinal, Joseph Runningfox, August Schellenberg and Floyd Red Crow Westerman. 113 minutes. Not Rated LW VHS (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


- PROTECT OUR SACRED BELIEF Sammie Largo is a Diné from Crownpoint, New Mexico. He has been brought up in the way of the traditional ceremonies and the Native American Church. His grandparents were traditional healers and his parents have been prominent in the Native American Church. 24 songs. CRM 103000 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SPIRITUAL MEMORIES Sammie Largo is a member of the Diné Nation from Crownpoint, New Mexico. In his second recording he presents 24 Spiritual Diné Peyote Songs. He hopes these songs will bring happiness into your hearts and souls. CRM 120101 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - THE PEYOTE SPIRIT This third album is a new start for Sammie Largo who comes from Whiteridge and currently lives in Tseyatoh, New Mexico. He believes we all find


In 1800 there were 300,000 Native Americans living in California, by 1900 only 20,000 remained. Of those thousands who witnessed this slaughter, it was thought that none remained wild, until the day in 1911 when the man they called "Ishi" was captured raiding a slaughterhouse. Dr. Kroeber and his wife Henriette discover that Ishi is the last survivor of the Yahi tribe. In his head, he carries the secrets of his people, how they lived and died. These are secrets no white man knows - but Dr. Kroeber makes it his mission to uncover them before the last of the Yahi is gone forever. The Last of His Tribe takes you into a world of violence, mystery and survival - the world that was still the Old West, before it became new. Starring Jon Voight, Anna Archer, David Ogden Stiers and Graham Greene as Ishi. 90 minutes Closed Captioned. Rated PG-13 90693D DVD $10.95


- LAMANITE GENERATION The Lamanite Generation is a musical variety show featuring talented American Indian, Polynesian, Mexican Americans, and native Latin American students in both traditional and contemporary

(Hollywood Movies)

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Louis Gates is a bounty hunter haunted by the past, hired to track down three escaped convicts in the Oxbow region of the Rockies. Their trail leads him to a secluded spot and signs of a struggle, but no bodies - only a strange arrow shaft remains. Gates takes the arrow to an expert in Native American culture, Lillian Sloan, and together they set off in search of an impossible mystery - a tribe they believe cannot exist, massacred over 100 years ago. What they discover deep in the Oxbow may prove an answer to both Lillian's dreams and Lewis's nightmares. But for now, it is a desperate race against time if they are to save the last of the Dogmen from the destructive forces of the modern world. Starring Tom Berrenger and Barbara Hershey. 118 minutes. Rated PG WHV 1202-D DVD (Out of Print) (Hollywood Movies)


McGowan and Jurgen Prochnow. Rated R. 7525D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies) 94 minutes.


musical gift provided by the singers. Our effort in this lesson is to help you hear the pow wow songs made today and heard all over North America in recordings or at dance gatherings. Song excerpts from "Songs for the People," The Next Generation," and "Remembering" by Smokeytown Singers. Narration by Myron Pyawasit, Lead singer. NB 1009 CD $9.98 (Educational)


- NOW OUR MINDS ARE ONE NOW OUR MINDS ARE ONE (Onen enska ne-iokwa-ni-kon-ra) is the Mohawk phrase used to acknowledge a prayer. With his deeply resonant voice, Lawrence Laughing (Mohawk) turns each song into a heartfelt prayer that honors human life. Accompanied by a unique collection of ethnic acoustic instruments, he expresses compassion for our struggles, respect for courage and gratitude for love. Lawrence performes with Joanne Shenandoah on the 1999 Native American Music Award winning release ORENDA. 12 songs include I Wish You Peace, Togetherness, Unity Song, Crying His Tears and Men of Peace. SD 925 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)

LEARN TO PLAY NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE Tapes, Volumes 1 and 2 by Dave

Powell - Vol. 1 Thirty-two minute cassette tape with instructions for playing the Native American wood flute. Includes instructions and demonstrations on playing the scale and techniques for producing several different sounds, attacks and releases of notes. Lessons for playing four tunes are also included on the tape. EDP-01 Cassette and Booklet (Out of Print.) (Educational) - Vol. 2 A continuation from VOLUME 1. More tips on playing the flute and seven more songs in the traditional style. Comanche Lullaby, Cheyenne Love Song, Ute Love Song, Lodge Song, Prayer Song, Song of the Hawk and Honor Song. All with flute fingerings. EDP-02 Cassette and Booklet (Out of Print) (Educational)


An epic adventure and passionate romance unfold against the panorama of a frontier wilderness ravaged by war. Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Hawkeye, rugged frontiersman and adopted son of the Mohicans, and Madeline Stowe is Cora Munro, aristocratic daughter of a proud British Colonel. Their love, tested by fate, blazes amidst a brutal conflict between the British, the French and Native American allies that engulfs the majestic mountains and cathedral-like forests of Colonial America. 114 minutes. Close Captioned. Rated R 2001089D DVD $16.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- BLUE VOICE NEW VOICE Prominent on the Canadian Rhythm & Blues scene as a BLUE'S VOICE, this album bursts forth a NEW VOICE. A fiery connection to the Earth and radiating the joy of the gifts of the creator. BLUE VOICE NEW VOICE bridges her aboriginal ancestry with her love for rhythm, and celebrates the luminous sound of women's voices coming together in joy, love, pain, laughter and sharing. It is a reflection of a personal journey and the threshold of a musical identity. Very active in the native community, Jani hopes to be a positive role model for aboriginal youth looking for ways to express their passion and fire. Her first full length recording, BLUE VOICE NEW VOICE has been nominated for a Juno Award. Jani has also been successful as an actress and puppeteer, being nominated for the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best Female Actress. RR 0113 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues) - THIRST The long awaited latest release from the 99-poundsof-blues queen is up-n-kickin'. Jani has reached new heights in THIRST. She moves in a new direction on this recording. The blues and First Nations colours are still there, but there are now many more. An almost flawless performance bolstered with the best backup band and arrangements that friendship and experience can muster. 13 songs include Wishing, Real Rez Blues, Every Proud Step and Peace And Quiet. RR 0115 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rhythm & Blues)


Finally, a CD to help teach the Hopi language. Anita Poleahla and Ferrell Seckuku have prepared a recording that teaches the Hopi language in a fun and easy way. Seven popular Hopi children's songs for you to sing along to are presented here. Liner notes have all the Hopi words printed so you can follow along. If you have ever wanted to try to learn the Hopi language this will be your best opportunity. Songs include Dipping Into The Paint Can, Grandpa Donald, Frog, I Dance, Little Boy, I've Grown Up, and Preparing For A Hunt. PS 01 CD with booklet $17.98 (Educational/Language & Pueblo)


The Battle of Little Big Horn, known as "Custer's Last Stand," has been one of the most frequently depicted moments in American history - and one of the least understood, still shrouded in myth. The battle has inspired over 1,000 different paintings and works of art, calendar displays, comic books and cereal boxes. The golden-haired general and his doomed 7th Cavalry have been wiped out by Indians in more than 40 films. Yet the battle that left no white survivors also left two very different accounts of Little Big horn: one white; one Native. Using journals, oral accounts and Indian ledger drawings as well as archival and feature films, a Native American novelist, James Welch and a white filmmaker, Paul Stekler combine talents to examine this watershed moment from two views: from that of Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne and Crow who lived on the Great Plains for generations; and from that of the white settlers who pushed west across the continent. Pulitzer Prize-winning Native American writer Scott Momaday narrates. 60 minutes. Not Rated. WG 26189D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- SWEPT AWAY Up and coming new artist, EVAN LEE, presents nine original songs. Gospel songs with a Rock / Hip Hop beat. Lyrics printed. Songs include Let The Healing Begin, Don't Judge Me, and Take Me Back. CPR-EL2002 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christian) - HEAVENLY This bright young star brings you another collection of inspirational Christian songs. 14 songs including Rescue Me, Joy Unspeakable, House of Cards, Broken Past, and Forgive. CPR-017 CD $16.98 (Gospel / Christian)


They're trapped at the end of the road, but the nightmare has just begun. A raging blizzard has trapped lone State Trooper Jason, his ex-lover Nancy and a group of strangers inside a remote lodge in the Colorado mountains. But when a grisly murder and a bag filled with cash is discovered by the proprietor, Jason must find the murderer among them. And whoever lost the cash will continue to kill until they get it back. Someone is guilty. Everyone is suspect. No one is innocent. Time is running out. Starring Adam Beach, Rose - GREEN DRESS Canadian country/folk artist Wayne Lavallee presents this exciting album. His music comes from the heart. 13 songs including Sacred Journey, Dusty Warrior, Powwow Honey, Breathe, and Savanna. AR 1227 CD $17.98 (Country/Folk)


While the Greeks were building temples in the old world, incredible monuments of earth were being constructed across eastern North Amer-ica. Thousands of mounds and mile upon mile of earthen embankments are part of the rich Legacy of


Learning to hear pow wow songs is a way of sharing in the experience of the dance circle and the

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the Mound Builders. This is the story of a lost civilization born in the heartland of America; of advanced peoples with an elab-orate trade network which extended over half the continent...and this was 2,000 years ago! Some scholars now believe the overall work of the mound builders exceeds that of the pyra-mids and the ancient works of Egypt. But just who were these people? Discover some of the surprising answers in LEGACY OF THE MOUND BUILDERS. 17 minutes AAV-506D DVD $17.95 (Videos/Documentary)




- PEACE IN THE VALLEY From the Leupp Arizona Presbyterian Church. Ten songs including five in Navajo: Wonderful Grace of Jesus, Peace In The Valley, I'm Bound For That City and five songs in English: The One Who Died For Me, Far Away Is The Land. Fifteen singers plus musicians. 623 (Out of Print) (Gospel/Christian)


A passionate journey into the darkest secrets of love, betrayal and the unbreakable bonds of blood. Winner of 1994 Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Starring Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn, Julia Ormond and Henry Thomas. 135 minutes. Closed Captioned. Rated R. 78727D DVD $17.95 (Hollywood Movies)


Frightened and alone in the Arizona desert, two boys fight for their lives against a vicious mountain lion. The beautiful and desolate Navajo tribal lands of the desert Southwest are among the wildest and most rugged areas anywhere. Many legends haunt the windswept mesas and many creatures stalk the lonely canyons. The native people tell the tale of Cougar Canyon, where danger and wonder walk hand in hand. When a young goat wanders away from the herd and into the haunted canyon, two young boys must go alone and find her. What they find, and what finds them, is an adventure into danger! Colorful Navajo folk tales, breathtaking scenery, and incredible footage of the fight for survival in the animal world make this a story for all ages. The canyons sing their secrets to the wind, and sometimes one can hear the song, calling from COUGAR CANYON. Staring Holger Kasper, Steve Benally Jr., Johnny Guerro, and members of the Navajo Nation. 74 minutes. Not Rated. 9421D DVD $13.95 (Hollywood Movies)


Legendary Kit Carson is carrying out his ruthless military campaign against the Navajo people. His orders from General Carleton are to force the Navajo to surrender by whatever means necessary, then make them walk 300 miles to the reservation at Fort Sumner. The year is 1863 and the Southwest is filled with fortune seekers. During the infamous long walk, two cavalry soldiers - Ernest Mitchell and James Merrick - take note of the silver jewelry several of the Indians are wearing. Coercing an old, tired Indian, Mitchell and Merrick get a map to the source of the silver - hidden deep within Monument Valley. Once out of the Army, they follow the map on their fateful quest for the secret mine. This action-packed true story includes interviews with Navajo elders, historians, and local folklore experts. Bonus feature: The Goulding Story. 60 minutes. DBP 102 DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)

- CONFLUENCE OF TIME AND COURAGE Journey back 200 years and follow in the footsteps of Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as they explore the unknown reaches of the wild Missouri River, cross the Rockies, and ride the turbulent waters of the Columbia to the Pacific ocean. CONFLUENCE OF TIME AND COURAGE traces the Corps for Northwestern Discovery through 17 states. But the journey actually began in the mind of Thomas Jefferson almost two decad before. With special effects, ancient Mandan earth lodges are recreated, buffalo herds once more roam the plains,and teepee villages dot the horizon. Reenactments help bring this remarkable journey to life. Observe centuries-old tribal rituals, dances, and oral histories of the Indian peoples who befriended the Corps of Discovery. Filmed on location along the trail, this program features award winning film cinematography. NPV 513D DVD $25.00 (Videos/Documentary)

LET'S 49

Now on CD, this classic recording originally released in 1982. Some of the most outstanding songs and singers of this era are captured on this CD. Singers include Frank Adson, Herb Adson, Kenneth Anquoe, Pete Bailey, L. Anthony Ballard, Millard Clark, Larry Cozad, George Valliere, Tom Ware, Chris White, M.A. Anquoe, Anne Ballard, Anita George, Juanita Heap-of-Birds, Lily M. Kauley, Kay L. Kemble, Jereaux L. Nevaquaya, Jean Packhorse, Eva Kay Rice, Wanda Tsosie, Clarise Whiteskunk, Hallie Whiteskunk, Tweet Whiteskunk, and Alberta Whiteskunk Zotigh. Some of the singers on this recording have since departed from this world. They shall live on forever through these songs. IS 4901 CD $13.98 (Southern Plains/Oklahoma)


- SOUNDS OF DISCOVERY Music can transport us through time in a fashion no other means of communication can. SOUNDS OF DISCOVERY is a musical jourmey recreating songs and sounds as they may have been heard by members of the Corps of Discovery. The journey begins in Washington D.C. in 1802 and follows the route of the expedition to the West Coast and back. Follow along key points of the expedition with the 24 page booklet. The history of Lewis and Clark has been told many times, but the emotions of those explorers are better expressed through music and art. These are the feelings that drive to greatness. 37 songs included traditional Mandan, Shoshone, Lakota, Nez Perce and Yakima; also Irish, French, Scotch and fiddle. MM 0150 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


Julie, a lonely 14-year-old, is in for the most amazing summer of her life when she finds an ancient coin on the beach and uncovers a local Native American legend about long-lost mountain treasure. With the help of her grandfather and his friend, Standing Elk, Julie embarks on a fantastic adventure to find the Tillamook gold. Starring Suzanne Marie Doyon, Max Gail and Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman. Winner - Best Family Film - Newport Beach Film festival.107 minutes. Not Rated. QD 3776D DVD $15.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- PAPAGO CHICKEN SCRATCH Five polkas, four chotes, a wailaand two cumbias by this very popular band. Ronald Maldonado, Albert Alverez, Don Corella, Al Pablo, and Dave Pablo. 8060 (Out of print.) (Chicken Scratch)


The powerful companion to Flags Of Our Fathers starring Adam Beach as Ira Hayes. From Academy Award-winning director Clint Eastwood comes the untold story of the Japanese soldiers who defended their homeland against invading American forces during World War II. With little defense other than sheer will and the volcanic rock of Iwo Jima itself, the unprecedented tactics of General Tadamichi Kuribayashi and his men transform what was predicted to be a swift defeat into nearly 40 days of heroic and resourceful combat. Their sacrifices, struggles, courage and compassion live on in this taut, gripping film described as unique and unforgettable. Starring Ken Watanabe, Kazunari Ninomiya, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Ryo Kase and Shidou Nakamura. 140 minutes. Rated R. 111292D DVD $34.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- VOL. 1 - NAVAJO PEYOTE SONGS Twenty peyote songs with Navajo words. Kevin is Navajo/Cherokee. Contains a Happy Birthday song in Navajo and English. IS 8001 (Out of Print.) (Peyote) - VOL. 2 - NAVAJO PEYOTE SONGS Over 40 peyote songs sung by Kevin Lewis; some old, some new. Drumming by Herschel Kaulaity, Cheyenne-Kiowa. IS 8002 (Out of Print.) (Peyote) - VOL. 1 - CEREMONIAL SONGS AND DANCES OF THE CHEROKEE Kevin Lewis sings fifty songs accompanied by a gourd or drum. Kevin learned the songs from his grandfather, Bud Lewis, who was 116 years old at


- MUSIC FROM THE LEGENDS PROJECT A mix of contemporary and traditional Native music with legends told by Native Story Tellers. An exciting blend of Native American storytelling and song. Journey through time with Pura Fé, Bill Miller, Murray Porter, Wapistan, White Eagle, Gloria Eshkibok, Elizabeth Hill and others as they relate these legends orally and through song. Y 10018 double length Cassette (Out of Print.) 77737 CD $19.98 (Legends)

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the time of this recording and was still an active singer. Includes corn dance songs, running songs. bear dance songs, women's songs, marriage songs and black star songs. IS 9001 CD $13.98 (Eastern) - VOL. 2 - CEREMONIAL SONGS AND DANCES OF THE CHEROKEE Songs by Kevin Lewis. Black Star Society Songs, Trail of Tears, turtle dance, stomp dance, "Maturity" and social dance songs. Recorded in Oklahoma. IS 9002 (Out of Print.) (Eastern)


Davis Begay, Wesley Begay, Anthony Jackson, and Vincent Larry. CRM 090708 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


year anniversary as the first Native American Rap artist. Over 73 minutes of material take you on a listening voyage from Litefoot's first studio demos to a new cut from REZ AFFILIATED. Eight exclusive interviews, live concert out-takes and two bonus tracks make this the all in Litefoot experience. Featuring Let Me See Ya Move It, Native Tongue (bonus track), For My People, Brown Eyes (bonus track) and Dedicated. RVR 9610 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary - Rap) - REZ AFFILIATED The latest offering from Litefoot features a hot collaboration with Coolio, and firmly establishes him as the "Father of Native Rap." Litefoot takes you on a ride from reservation to reservation throughout this no skip button heater, weaving tales of reservation reality over 23 bangin' beats and tightly produced skits. Guest appearances by Wicked, Flawle$$, and War Paint. RVR 9611 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - THE CLOWN KUTZ The must have Litefoot recording contains six previously unrelesased songs from a lost master tape. Two favorites in their original "Raw" version and two brand new bonus tracks. Featuring Let Friendship End, Dance With Me, The Money (uncut version) and Roll On. RVR 9612 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - TRIBAL BOOGIE This 2002 Nammy winner provides sizzling production and lyrically gives further proof as to why "Mr. Foot" is still Indian Country's premiere Native MC. 14 songs include Warrior Trilogy, Count Coup, Ghetto Queen, and The Young Die Old. RVR 9614 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - THE MESSENGER A classic! A powerful and inspirational album layered with uplifting messages for listeners of all ages. This album blends Native music with hiphop like no other Litefoot project has done before. 11 songs including Stereotipik, Supa Chief, Gonna Miss Ya and Kreator. RVR 9615 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - NATIVE AMERICAN ME Litefoot continues to perfect his craft as a lyricist and offers another impressive album that will keep his most loyal supporters faithful and reaches out and gathers new fans by the thousands. 15 new tracks by the leader in Native American Rap. Songs include Trybe, Blind 2 Me, Ancestor, and Medicine Fathers. RVR 9616 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - REDVOLUTION Litefoot pulls no punches as he crafts an album that leaves no room for confusion as to the ongoing stereotyping and mistreatment of Native Americans. His lyrical approach causes the listener to better understand the issues at hand by offering a "walk a mile in my shoes" approach. Features the songs Equality, Speak Truth, Free From the Lies, and Sometimes. RVR 9617 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - THE LITE YEARS VOLUME 2 The latest by 6 time Nammy winner. 18 blazin'


Litefoot has been recognized as an artist who is worthy of respect within the diverse Hip-Hop community. After years of traveling, performing, and movie making we will be stocking his complete catalog again. For all you hip-hop fans, the leader in the field has returned. - CHEROKEE, CREEK AND YUCHI, STOMP GRASS SONGS This is Litefoot's second installment to further promote and preserve the songs of Native people from the southeastern portion of Indian Country. Tommy Wildcat lends his voice to these songs as he did in Litefoot's first Stomp Dance recording (RVR 0968). RVR 0965 (Out of Print) (Eastern) - NATIVE TONGUE (single) NATIVE TONGUE "Bringin' it with a type, a style of vengence - Can you comprehend this comin' from the tongue of an Injun - A red man with a plan to take his land back - React when I stack the facts can't forget we got jacked"... (from the song). Includes Native Tongue and Native Tongue (NDN mix) Liner notes with lyrics. RVR 1968 (Out of print.) (Contemporary - Rap) - SEEIN' RED (full length) Litefoot's first CD featuring all the songs that began his rise to stardom and the innovation of TRIBALISTIC FUNK. These are the songs that Litefoot performed nationwide as he gained his tremendous following one fan at a time. 11 songs including Seein' Red, N-D-N (Native Doin' Naughties), The Money, Strike It Up, Gotta Be The One, Answering Machine, Around the World and more. RVR 1942 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - GOOD DAY TO DIE There's a mixture of songs from cruising songs to political statements. The music deals with contemporary issues, but from a Native perspective. It's going to open a lot of peoples eyes to what Indians are about. Litefoot is battling a fight not only to inspire youth, but to help change misconceptions about Native Americans worldwide. 15 songs including Intro-Warriors Road, Willin' 2 Die, Don't Take It Litely, NDN Summer, Cruzin' Round and more. Liner notes with lyrics.. RVR 9607 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap) - THE LIFE AND TIMES Glued together with clever skits, the tracks and lyrics both keep it real to hip hop while still representing Litefoot's Native ancestry. Boomin' systems fans, cruisers and conscious minds will all find something to bump. Guest appearances by Wicked and The G'Fella's. A Native American Music Award winner. RVR 9609 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap)


- DANCING WITH THE THUNDER BEINGS Lightning Bolt presents his debut recording, delivering his unique interpretation of traditional and modern sound both in individual and electronic wholeness. With a sweat lodge pouring ladle in one hand, a flute in the other and a rock guitar slung over his back, Lightning Bolt takes you on a powerful journey. Hailed in the Pacific Northwest as "Revered Flutist," he has opened for names like John Trudell and Wilma Mankiller. 12 songs including Little Hollow Bones, Eagle's Flight, From The Mists Of Time, and Spirit Traveler. LB 5083 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)


- GAMUBU Pow Wow songs from the Nakoda Sioux Nation. We are all family in the eyes of the Creator. We are a Sioux Tribe and have been friends with many other cultures around the world. We wish to share what means so much to us, our drum and our music. Singers include Dwayne Alexis, Honah Letendre, Sidnay Potts, Shane Potts, Don Kootenay, Rob Alexis, Heston Letendre, Titus Alexis, Josh Alexis, Charles Alexis, Jeremy Alexis, and Tyrone Letendre. 15 songs including Pow Wow Trail, Eagles Coming In, and Walking The Good Road. AR 1265 CD $17.98 (Sioux)


- THE UNFORGIVIN Lil Spade presents 13 tracks including Can't Stop Me, No Questionz, No Time 2 Waste, Rest in Peace, and Exscape Me From My Ways. SP 102 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop)


- VOLUME 1 Main singers include Steven Dale Jr., Davis Begay, Wesley Begay, Nikolai Begay, Earl Edison, and Wilbur Smith. 13 tracks including an introduction by Mr. Ray Tsosie, 8 Night Ye'ii Bi Cheii songs and 4 Daylight Ye'ii Bi Cheii songs. JCM 0281 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


- VOLUME 2 Eight Night Ye'ii Bi Cheii songs and two Daylight Ye'ii Bi Cheii songs. Singers include Steven Dale Jr., Enfamio Billie, Pat Tsosie, Carmelio L. Yazzie, Earl Edison, and Wilbur Smith. Substitutes include

- THE LITE YEARS - The Best of Mr. Foot A collection of favorites celebrating Litefoot's 10

Prices subject to change without notice.


new tracks. The official mixtape CD! Hosted by DJ Funkdaddy. NS 2004 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary - Rap) - RELENTLESS PURSUIT This release is filled with 20 groundbreaking original songs and HOT beats. Litefoot's abilities as an award winning MC and song crafter are on full display throughout the entire album. It screams Hip-Hop classic! Listeners will be thoroughly entertained and left with a new appreciation for Litefoot and the uniqueness of his Native American culture. A must have for anyone who loves and appreciates Hip-Hop! RVR 1111 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rap)


be one of the biggest liars who roamed the West. Also starring Faye Dunaway, Chief Dan George, Martin Balsam and Richard Mulligan. 139 minutes. Rated PG-13. 37721D DVD $17.95 (Hollywood Movies)


LITTLE EAGLE JRS are a new and exciting pow wow group from Santo Domingo Pueblo in the state of New Mexico. Young and proud, they believe in all tribes coming together in song and dance. From this point on, anything goes! 14 songs including Heatbreaking (Women's Traditional), Pueblo Revolt (Victory Song), You Just Go Girl (Fancy Shawl) and Bring It On (Intertribal). SOAR 206 CD $18.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


The LITTLE BOY SINGERS are from the Paul Band of the Stoney Tribe, Alberta Canada. - VOL. 1 - STONEY POW WOW SONGS Singers: Daphne Alexis (lead singer), Arnold Alexis (head drum keeper), Darren Rain, Kimberly, Jennifer, Darcy, Dwight and Sharon Paul, Lydon and Leon Aginas, Eugen Alexis, Jeff Moosomin with Donald and Douglas Rain. Ten songs including: Little Boy Singers' Theme Song (Grand Entry), straight fancy dance song, traditionals, intertribals and more. 6206 (Out of Print.) (Cree) - VOL. 2 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW SONGS LITTLE BOY SINGERS: Stephanie, Daphne (lead singer), Eugene, Robin, Arnold (head drum keeper) and Tony Alexis; Sharron, Kimberly and Jennifer Paul; and Melodie Ayoungman. Ten pow wow songs including Honor Song, intertribals, men's grass dance songs, ladies' jingle dress songs and more. 6207 (Out of Print.) (Cree) - VOL. 3 - ROUND DANCES The LITTLE BOY SINGERS bring you ten exciting Round Dance songs. 6220 Cassette $9.98 (Cree) - VOL. 4 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW SONGS Eleven dance songs - 2 women's traditional, 4 intertribals and 5 round dance songs. Singers: Daphne, Eugene, Arnold and Robbie Alexis; Jennifer, Sharon, Kimberley and Darcy Paul; and Pammy Whitford. 6221 Cassette $9.98 (Cree) - VOL. 5 - ROUND DANCE SONGS Ten round dance songs some with English words. Daphne and Arnold Alexis, Jennifer Paul and John Scabby Robe. Songs made by Clifford Crooked Neck (Cree), Edward Running Around (Cree), John Scabby Robe (Blackfeet) and Logan Alexis (Sioux). 6222 Cassette $9.98 (Cree)


- 1942-1975 A musical history starting with the arrival of Christopher Columbus through Wounded Knee. A truly unique recording. Beautiful booklet with lyrics and art displayed. 14 songs including Gold, Slavery & Christianity, Invasion, The Sand Creek Massacre, and Hear Me My Chiefs. Back in Stock. AR 1229 CD $17.98 (Contemporary)


- CHICKEN DANCE SONGS Little Axe continues the Blackfoot traditional style of drumming and singing. This recording includes some of the original songs composed by Andy and George Good Eagle. Ten songs. IH 4012 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Blackfeet) - LIVE AT NAPI SGLA 12598 Cassette $2.00 (Blackfeet) - 98' LIVE AT BEARDY'S SGLA 81598 Cassette $2.00 (Blackfeet)


- LITTLE ISLAND CREE SINGERS Ten pow wow songs including men's fancy, grass, traditional and intertribals. Singers: Jeffrey, Clifford and Lorne Crooked Neck; Clayton, Patricia, Dale, Joey and Diana Chief. They are from Ministikwan, Saskatchewan. SASK 022593LI (Out of Print) (Cree) - LITTLE ISLAND CREE Fancy, grass, round, intertribal, and traditional woman's fancy dance songs. Ten songs in all. Clayton Chief - lead singer; Clifford, Emil, Jeffy and Ricky Crookedneck; Dale, Joey and Jonathon Chief; Dion Buglar and Barry Switzlea. Recorded at Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. SSCT 4181 (Out of Print) (Cree) - WORLD CHAMPION ROUND DANCE Singers: Dale, Johnathan, Alvin, Clayton, and Joey Chief; Jeffery Crookedneck, David Kytwayhat, Gerald Waterhen and Clifford Ochuschayoo Ten songs: We Are Here To Sing For You, PocahontasEat your Heart Out, Fiance, Hip Old Granny and more! SGLIC 9696 (Out of Print) (Cree) - LIVE AT BATCHEWANA POW WOW Recorded live at Batchewana First Nation, Ontario Pow Wow. Singers: Dale, Johnathan, Alvin, Clayton, and Joey Chief; Jeffery Crookedneck, David Kytwayhat, Gerald Waterhen, Clifford Ochuschayoo, and Nathan Mitsuing. Ten songs: Intertribals, contest, Crow Hop and more. SGLIC 9796 (Out of Print) (Cree) - LIVE AT BEARDY'S 1998 SGLIC 81698 (Out of Print) (Cree) - FOR OLD TIMES SAKE SGLIC 11399 (Out of Print) (Cree) - LITTLE ISLAND CREE AND FRIENDS SGLI 103099 Cassette $2.00 (Cree)

CD $18.98

CD $18.98


The grandson of one of Custer's Native American scouts tells the stories handed down to him about the battle that has become a touchstone of American history. The Battle of the Little Big Horn "Custer's Last Stand," - has been examined and reexamined so many times that it would seem the subject has been exhausted. But Little Big Horn: The Untold Story proves otherwise. The product of over 20 years of research, this study draws some of the most impressive source material imaginable, including restored footage of the first-ever reconstruction of the battle, filmed in 1908 with many of the Native Americans who took place in the real fight. The Red Horse drawings - 40 vivid color portraits made by an eyewitness - offers another privileged view of the famous battle. But perhaps most intriguing are the on-camera accounts of Dr. Medicine Crow, who as a young man knew five or six Crow scouts in Custer's employ, as well as Sioux and Cheyenne veterans of the fight. Through these authoritative accounts, kept silent and unseen for decades, a remarkably cohesive, new view of the legendary battle emerges. This is a must-have DVD for anyone who wants to know what really happened at the Little Big Horn. Color. 100 minutes. AAE 71220D DVD-R $30.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- POW WOW SONGS Includes: Four Tribes Coming Together, Crying in the Chapel, owl, honor, traditional and five intertribal songs. Clyde Heavy Runner, Keith Kicking Woman, Mike LaFromboise, Gayle Heavy Runner, Myron Heavy Runner, K.J. Bear Medicine, Woodrow Kicking Woman and Stan Whiteman 6189 Cassette $9.98 (Blackfeet)


In this sweeping epic that swings from high comedy to drama, Dustin Hoffman gives a "virtuoso performance" as the 121-year-old sole survivor of Custer's Last Stand. Narrating his colorful story, he tells about everything from his adoption by Cheyenne Indians to his marriages and friendship with Wild Bill Hickok. His tall tales indicate he just may



Prices subject to change without notice.


- INDIAN COUNTRY As musicians, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, wishes to keep alive the drumming and singing heritage of the Cree people. Their goal is to bring a clarity and understanding of self and to provide a vehicle and means for the observer and the listener to gain healing, inner comfort and emotional, physical and spiritual strength. The cadence of the drum and the emotions liberated by the singing will bring in the conscious mind a peace of mind and soul strengthened through the experience. 12 songs including Payback With Pepsi Eh, Round Dance Teaser, You're the Only One and Don't Squeeze Me. SGLIC 12800 (Out of Print) (Cree) - SHADOW OF THE ISLAND The newest release by LITTLE ISLAND CREE features singers Alvin Chief, John Berland, Johnathan Chief, Lorne Crookedneck, Colin Chief, Dean Singer, Dwayne Chief and Eric Chief Jr. 13 songs including a chicken dance, a crow hop, a jingle dress and other intertribal and contest songs. TIM 10043 CD $17.98 (Cree) - TILL THE END OF TIME TIM 10050 Cassette $4.00 (Cree)


side step songs, six traditional side step songs. DHOP 2400 CD $16.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - LIVE IN MILWAUKEE Little Otter is proud to present to you a new collection of 12 pow wow songs. Songs include four contest, two whistle, a grand entry, three intertribals, and two old style traditionals. BTDM -1001 CD $16.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway)


- PEYOTE SONGS FROM THE NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH OF OKLAHOMA O.J. Littlecook of the Ponca, Otoe, Osage and Acoma Pueblo Nations and John Ballard of the Shawnee, Ottawa and Southern Modoc Nations of Oklahoma present 32 Peyote songs. Together, they hope all Native American Church members will receive many great blessings throughout their daily lives. This album contain Straight, Ponca, Shawnee, Navajo and Caddo songs. JCM 0891 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- CREE POW WOW SONGS The LITTLE PINE SINGERS are Walter, Albert, Edmond and Larry Bull. Songs include Grass Dance songs and Round Dance Songs. 6169 (Out of Print) (Cree)


- PEYOTE SONGS FROM OKLAHOMA #1 32 Native American Church songs performed by Oliver and OJ LittleCook, Ponca Chapter. Both come from the He'sude Clan of the Ponca Tribe. It is in the spirit of their ancestors that they bring these Native American Church songs to you. They hope you will both enjoy and receive a blessing from this recording. CRM 123105 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - PEYOTE SONGS FROM OKLAHOMA #2 Oliver and OJ LittleCook, of the Ponca Chapter, present these 40 Native American Church songs in the spirit of their ancestors. They hope you will both enjoy and receive a blessing from this recording. CRM 081306 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


Singers in this all women pow wow drum:

Priscilla, Sheena, and Marsha Hotomani; Jamie and Angie Parisian; Allison and Tana Daniels; Venesa McKay, Angie and Michelle Champagne; Ian Hotomani (coach). Songs include:Flag Song, Victory Song, The Old Grand Entry Traditional Song, woman's traditional, old style grass dance, intertribal, jingle dress, round dance, crow hop, men's fancy, girls' fancy SSCT 4272 (Out of Print) (Canada)

CD $17.98

- ROUND DANCE BLUES 12 new songs including I'll Be Back, Still Beautiful, Sweet Jonetta, and Just Get Up And Go. TIM 10059 CD $17.98 (Cree)


- LITTLE OTTER Ten songs including jingle, intertribal and woman's songs. Little Otter is from Mille Lacs, Minnesota. Members: Pete Gahbow, George Gauthier, Darrell Kingbird, Robert Sam, Larry Smallwood, Auddie Conner, Gerald Kingbird, Erik Gahbow, Cory Joseph and Ron Brandt. Little Otter has been singing across the US and Canada for over thirteen years. SSCT 4171 (Out of Print.) (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - WAY UP NORTH WITH LITTLE OTTER: COME DANCE WITH ME NB 1006 Cassette $2.00 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - IKWE NAGAMOWINAN 2001 LITTLE OTTER took first place in the song contest at Schemitzun 2001. This Northern style drum is of Ojibwe origin. 12 great old style round dance songs performed by this world class drum from Mille Lacs, Minnesota. RCR 9670 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - THE RETURN LITTLE OTTER bring you their latest recording of 13 pow wow songs. This recording takes you through the pow wow from the grand entry to the retiring of the flag. Songs included are a flag song, a veteran's song, a crow hop, a men's traditional, a women's side step, a couple intertribals and more. AR 1181 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - SIDE STEP SONGS Recorded live at Hinckley, Minnesota 2007. Seven A new release by a new talent, LITTLE THUNDERBIRD SINGERS. These six young girls are more than happy to be welcomed into the growing number of Native American recording artists. Their style is fresh; showing a great deal of enthusiasm. Have a listen and you will hear why they are proud of their recording. SSCT 4333 (Out of Print.) (Canada)


- WHISPERS OF EARTH MEDICINE Charles Littleleaf's inspiration began with two of the world's greatest Native American flute players, R Carlos Nakai and John Rainer, Jr. A former student of R Carlos Nakai, he focuses his talents on what inspires him the most...his closeness with the Creator, Earth and the beauty of life. All of his sounds are simple yet touching, his melodies are breathtaking. Littleleaf shares his heart-felt sounds with people of all walks of life Songs include Buffalo Spirit, Voices in the Wind, The Fire Spirit and eight more. RWP 1001 (Out of Print.) (Flute/New Age) - ANCIENT REFLECTIONS RWP 1002 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age)


- DREAM SONG "This was the way of it. Let our circle be strong and full of medicine. Hear me this is my dream song..." David Carson teaches that the old songs were good. In the old days you were considered rich or poor by the number of songs you had. There were songs for just about everything. You were poor indeed if you had no song at all. Families kept songs and the very old songs were prized gifts from the ancestors. Songs were used to empower, to heal, to charm, for love, or to celebrate animals, life and the approach of death. These songs are medicine songs to celebrate the new, for songs are a doorway to a different system of being. Thirteen songs including: Prayer Song, Oweegon, Coyote Dance, Song For The Journey, Eagle Dream, Moonlight, Jaguar, Night Chant, Buffalo Nation, Raven, Twisted Hair. Black Elk reminds us that "Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking." 82022 Cassette $2.00 (Contemporary) - WOLF MOON 82023 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary)


- ROUND DANCE The EAGLE CLAW SINGERS second release, Round Dance Songs, is a mature follow-up to their debut album Eagle Claw. Kirby Littletent, wellknown in Pow Wow circles, has undertaken the responsibility of directing this drum following the departure of several original members and the addition of new voices to the group. This youthful Cree drum continues their quest to inspire their generation to find the right direction to a good future. SSCT 4299 Cassette $2.00 (Canada)


Filmed entirely on the Rosebud Sioux Reserva-tion, the film opens with a look inside a Sweat Lodge

Prices subject to change without notice.


Ceremony. It includes an intimate dis-cussion with Lakota Sioux elders, traditional dancers and medicine men. The production focuses on sacred traditions as portrayed through song and dance, oral traditions, living today, and medicine and the spirit world. In-cluded in the production are Ben Black Bear Sr., the Ironwood Singers, Kevin Locke and many others. Includes hoop dance and eagle dance. 29 minutes 4407 VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary)


(Flute/New Age) - MAKE ME A HOLLOW REED Thirteen solo flute selections and one vocal song from the Lakota and other tribes. Includes: Chief Song; Navajo Beauty Way Chant; and Zuni Sunrise Song. MC 0102 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - THE SEVENTH DIRECTION The seven directions include the four compass points, the heavens above, the earth below and the seventh, the most important, inward, into the territory of the heart and spirit. Twelve solo flute selections including Takuwe Oyaglake and First Flute Song. MC 0103 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - FLASH OF THE MIRROR A collection of Meskwaki or "Woodlands People" songs. Fifteen selections including Far Away Place, Catch the Light, Muskrat Song, Four Directions and Grandfather Look at Me. Kevin says the melodies of the flute are the "wind that purifies and breathes life into the heart." MC 0104 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - DREAM CATCHER Traditional flute selections from the Lakota, Dakota and Meskwaki. In addition to the flute, synthesizers and nature sounds are used on this recording. Songs include, Whispers on the Wind, Circle of Life, Night Vision, Dream Catcher, and eleven more selections. EB 42538 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - KEEPERS OF THE DREAM This follow-up to DREAM CATCHER blends the Lakota flute tradition with chants and the sounds of wilderness - water, wind, buffalo, meadowlarks and others. The recording transports the listener to the Northern Plains of the Lakota and reveals a rich and uninterrupted soundscape echoing a spiritual journey and the People's renewal. Nineteen selections including Circling the Four Directions; Morning Star; Muskrat's Blessing; Entering the Spirit Lodge; and Sleep, Little One, Sleep. EB42573 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - OPEN CIRCLE This is Kevin Locke's eighth album and he continues with his great style. Eight different flutes - each with their own personal histories - are heard on this recording. Along with the flutes are other instruments including the berimbau from Brazil, the dun-dun from West Africa, the apetemma, a wooden drum from Ghana, and a Haitian style boula drum. No electronic synthesizers were used in the production of this album. Liner notes include songs and stories. MM 0135 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - THE FIRST FLUTE THE FIRST FLUTE is the ultimate presentation of American Indian flute, heard as it first was among the birds, wind, and waters of the Dakotas. Recorded at Sitting Bull's camp along the Grand River on the Standing Rock Reservation, internationally acclaimed traditional flute player Kevin Locke interprets centuries-old songs of the Lakota. Fourteen songs. MM 0147 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)



- ROUND DANCE SONGS LODGE CREEK is a combination group of both the young and the elderly singers. They have combined their experience and methods to develop an exciting new sound that amplifies their talent. They hope that this recording shines light upon the simple truths and ways of the Northern American Native People. This recording will bring much listening enjoyment. 13 songs including Out Love, Pia Pot, Ocean Man Chant, and Five Bucks Gas. SSCT 4443 CD $15.98 (Canada)


- THE LAMANITE GENERATION A celebration and showcase of American Indian, Latin American and Polynesian cultures, presented in stunning video, recorded in the de Jong Concert Hall at Brigham Young University - Provo, Utah. BYU 4904 VHS (Out of Print) (Videos/Documentary) - SEASONS The latest video presented by THE LAMANITE GENERATION. More of the celebration and showcasing of American Indian, Latin American and Polynesian cultures. This volume will replace the earlier release. BYUD DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- ORIGINAL LANDLORD Ten songs include Mr. President, Hundred Years Of Redemption and Love Me Love Me. TMM 6004 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Reggae) - THE SOUNDS OF REALITY TMM 6006 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Reggae) - HONOR THE PEOPLE It's finally here. The third album from Reggae artist Casper Loma-da-wa. 12 great tunes in the reggae style but with a definite Native theme. Lyrics included. Songs include Mighty Rebels, Who Is The Enemy?, Babylon World, and Brother Leonard (Set Him Free). If you've never experienced Native reggae, now's the time. If you are a true Casper fan, you can't miss this one. TMM 6008 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Reggae) - BROTHERS KEEPER The latest from Casper. Ten songs including Murderer, Children Cry, Give Me Peace and Chillin on the Rez. NMR 1101 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Reggae)


In July 2007, Ferrell Secakuku, passed away at the age of 69. For the many that knew him, he was among the wisest, humblest, and hardest working people known. He knew that with the passing of his generation, more and more of Hopi knowledge and tradition would be lost. During the last months of his life, he composed seven songs for the Hopi people. Through these songs he wished to send a message to Hopi children to live a good Hopi life, learn the Hopi language, be proud of who you are. This CD is one of Ferrell's final works, the third in a series of songs that he composed. PS 03 CD $17.98 (Language/Pueblo)

KEVIN LOCKE (Tokeya Inajin)

A Lakota of the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota, Kevin Locke is a renowned traditional flute player and hoop dancer, and was awarded a National Heritage Fellowship by the National Endowment for the Arts in 1990. Kevin Locke is considered by many to be one of the foremost Lakota Sioux musicians of today. He travels widely performing both as a flutist and as a traditional Lakota singer and dancer. - LOVE SONGS OF THE LAKOTA Twelve songs for solo flute including the very popular and well known Sioux song Ink Pa Ta, Morning Star Love Song and The Original Flute Song. Recorded at Storm Mountain in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota. IH 4315 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - LAKOTA LOVE SONGS AND STORIES A very pleasing mixture of stories about the flute, flute melodies and vocal songs. Two selections with stories, flute and vocals and four selections presented both as a flute solo and as a vocal song. The six flute solos presented here are also included on THE SEVENTH DIRECTION. MC 0101 (Out of Print)


- BACK ON THE TRAIL The LONE CREEK SINGERS are Jeff Cappo (lead), Mike Pratt, Darren , Jason and Bernard Tapaquon; Fred Lumberjack, and Ron Taypayosatum. Includes intertribal songs, lady's traditional and traditional dance songs, grass dance, sneak-up, and crow hop dance songs. SSCT 4347 Cassette $2.00 (Cree) - ROCKIN THE FLATS LONE CREEK is a family drum group from Regina, Saskatchewan. They have been singing together since 1997 and have traveled throughout Indian Country. Singers include Jeff Cappo, Mike Pratt, Beryl Kaiswatum, Ron Taypayosatum, Travis Bigstone, Louis Desjarlais, and Alvin Matechuk. 12 songs including three Intertribals, two grass dance, three jingle, a fancy and more. AR 1243 CD $17.98 (Cree)


- NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH SONGS OF THE WINNEBAGO/HO-CHUNK NATION One set of four tracks of straight Native American

Prices subject to change without notice.


Church songs and six sets of four tracks each of Ho-Chunk Native American Church songs. Brian Stoner assists with drumming on track six, Travis Could assists on Set three. Track 13 is a straight song with English lyrics. DNA 60041 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - SONGS OF PRAISES Six sets of four songs each presented by Ho-Chunk singer Lance Long. In his second recording he sings 13 straight songs, a Cheyenne song, a HoChunk song, an Ojibwa song, a Shoshone song, a Dine songs, a Cree song, a Sioux song, two Birthday songs, a Lord's Prayer song, and a song entitled Our Lord My Saviour. DNA 60051 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - SOUTHERN FLAVOR Lance Long presents five sets of four songs each. Included are straight songs, Ponca songs, and Comanche songs. He is assisted by Idell Grant. DNA 60075 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- CHICKEN SCRATCH LOPEZ BAND performs 12 cumbias, chotes, wailas and mazurkas. The members of the band are Dean Lopez, Dennis Lopez, Daniel Lopez, Ronald "Elmer" Corella, Russell Alvarez and Erik Lopez. RAB-LB1 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)


LOS INCAS dedicates this album to the Maya Quiche Nation and its descendents, whom they feel have been able to maintain a profoundly civilized and humble human existence despite persistent violations. LA 1959 (Out of Print) (Mexico/Andean)


Frankie B. Lopez sings 11 great favorites. Songs include Matilda, La Bamba, Pass Me By, and So Fine. BMC-01 (Out of Print.)


- VOL. 5 PAPAGO CHICKEN SCRATCH More lively chicken scratch music from Virgil Molina and his band. Includes cumbias, rancheras, a pascola, a bolero, polkas, and chotes, many vocals in Spanish. A different sound! 8063 (Out of Print.) (Chicken Scratch) - VOL. 6 - CHICKEN SCRATCH Eleven polkas, chotes, cumbias, and rancheros including Crazy Chicken Cumbia, 911 Polka, and Juan Marta Ranchero. Virgil Molina (sax, accordian & vocals), Tony Pena Velasco (vocals), Jeffrey Johns (drums), Bonny Molina (accordian, sax & keyboards), Richard Felix Sr. (guitar), and Arnold Molina (bass). 8087 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - RETURN Band members include Virgin Molina Sr, Virgin Molina Jr, Daniel Molina, Arnold Molina Sr, Richard Felix Sr and Tamitha Zepeda. This recording features 13 songs including and Introduction and Finale and Blackwater Polka, Keyboard Cumbia, Mambo Molina Style and Border Lizard Waila. RAB-LPM1 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - LIVE Recorded live at the Rock-A-Bye Music Fest 2002 in Casa Grande, Arizona. Special guest Richard Garcia joins the band. 12 great tunes. RAB-LPM2 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch) - CROSS CITY CHRISTMAS DANCE DECEMBER 24, 1970 Recorded live at the Christmas Dance in 1970. Band members include Arnold Molina, Virgil Molina Sr., Ross Lyons, Bonnie Molina, Richard Felix Sr., and Elsie Molina. RAB-LPM3 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)


LOS INCAS is comprised of Yovani (Quechua), Juan (Diaguita/Mapuche), Raul Chachapoyas (Qheshwa), and Pedro Diaz (Qheshwa). LOS INCAS is not just a musical group but an expression of those who understand the message of La Raza. Their music is not a cry of a broken spirit, but an affirmation of human survival. They have created a mystical and sweeping sound that evolved from blending a variety of tra-ditional and contemporary indigenous music of the Americas. LOS INCAS made their television debut with Carole King on Entertainment Tonight, followed by guest appearances for international television and two feature films. In 1992 LOS INCAS was honored to represent The Year of Indigenous People at the United Nations. LOS INCAS performed across three continents with Paul Simon on his 1993-94 tour. During 1996-97, Yovani collaborated in the appearance and performance of the musical score in Tim Allen's Walt Disney film Jungle to Jungle. - DEDICATED TO TUPAC AMARU Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui Noguera Thupa Amaro II, known as Tupac Amaru. An Incan, El Tupac's most notable and noble contribution to the South American Indigenous Movement was his formation of a self-governing nation. He was interested in unifying all ethnicities and sectors of South America. His witnessing of the abuses committed by the Spanish invaders against his nation inspired a massive Indian revolt that shook the dominance of the Spanish Americas. Tupac Amaru paid with his life and the lives of his wife and three children. Out of this injustice a seed of self-determination and desire for independence was planted and has grown into what is now Central and South America. LA 502 Cassette $2.00 (Mexico/Andean) - FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VOLCANO LOS INCAS tells us, "In 1992 we were commemorating 500 years of holding on to our way of life for our 7th generation ...through our music we make an urgent call for all people to come together to help mend the sacred hoop...on the morning of Monday, June 22, 1992, while this album was being created, a massive violation of human rights was taking place: 900 innocent men, women and children joined in passive resistance to protect and preserve their human rights and their land, were camped out in the Plaza Mayor in front of the Government Building in Guatemala City. Without warning, they were awakened with violence by police and security forces - tents were slashed and their money and personal belongings were stolen. They were then divided into union workers and farmers, and kidnapped. This was all administered by the Minister of Government".


The year was 1864. Thousands of Navajos were marched to a barren reservation in New Mexico near the Texas border called Bosque Redondo. It was called THE LONG WALK. Many died along the way and during their four-year incarceration. It is one of the most important stories of the American West, a story of heartbreak and triumph through enormous adversity. The boarding school aftermath would shake their identity. Narrated by motion picture/television actor Peter Coyote. Not rated. 80979D DVD $19.95 (Videos - Documentary)


- A WARRIOR'S JOURNEY An eclectic mix of Native American traditional singing with flute and sound scape music that will take you on a mystical ancient journey. 12 songs including Medicine Woman, A Warrior Is Born, The Passage, and Besgoshi Retreat. NV 135 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age) - ENCHANTED The second remarkable release from Native American collective Longhouse, takes you on a powerful journey through centuries of Native American culture using a captivating blend of traditional and contemporary rhythms. Eight songs including Water Maiden, Ride The Wind, and Face Of Wisdom. AR 1213 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age) - THE GUARDIAN The Guardian is the third installment from the Juno nominated Longhouse series. Longhouse blends the power and precision of modern day electronic music with the traditional sounds of Native America. Ten songs including Inferno, Window Of The Creator, Envelop Of Bones, and Nature Unleashed. AR 1255 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age)


As a young child, Rebecca Hoffman was raised by a loving and caring family, knowing she was adopted. Following her parents' deaths, Rebecca begins a search for her natural family. She is contacted by a Navajo woman looking for her own siblings, who were stolen from her mother at birth. As the two women talk, they suddenly realize they are sisters, and that Rebecca has found her family. Excitedly, she decides to take her children to meet her family on the reservation. They are welcomed with open arms, and begin learning the language and traditions of their rich ancestry. Her husband, however, is branded an outsider and has difficulty becoming accepted as a part of the Navajo community. As the differences between the two cultures come to the surface, the family discovers a commitment to each other that runs deeper than circumstances and a heritage that captivates their hearts. Starring Mercedes Ruehl, Jamey Sheridan,


Prices subject to change without notice.


Irene Bedard, Dinah Manoff, Tantoo Cardinal, Ned Romero, Michael Greyeyes and Cristine Rose. 98 minutes. Not Rated 11386-D DVD $21.95 (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


- ALL TOGETHER HERE Combining ambient techno with haunting Native American chants soaring over drum and bass tinged beats that take you to some place like the moon. LUNAR DRIVE weaves a tapestry of earthy folk, ambient and techno rhythms to tell a road-movie story quite unlike any other you'll hear again. This album is just about the only place where LUNAR DRIVE can be found "all together" as they live nowhere near each other and never have. 13 songs. BBNYC 017 CD $16.98 (Flute/Native Influenced - Non Native)


A magnificent blend of inspirational Native American songs and chants united with intricate ambient world beat music. Ten songs including Elders Honor Song, For Our Seventh Generation and Yahne Yah Ho. SOAR 211 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age)


- MINE TO DISCOVER Ron Loutit is joined by his band - David Loutit, Scott Stewart, Brian James, Phil Bocksteal, Micah Braun, Jack Sharipa and Elaine Markwart - to bring you ten hand clapping, toe tapping Country songs. Songs include Bar Stool, Doggy Doggy, Close The Gate, and Once In A Blue Moon. AR 1260 CD $17.98 (Country)



- LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH & LEARN Six sets of four songs each. Three by Utin Machiskinic and three by Edmond Poochay. DNA 60086 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- VOL. 1 - SUMMER MEMORIES Six two-step and six skip dance sons. Includes Gandpa Got Admired By A Young Lady, She's Showing Off With My Partner and Buy a New Car Boy. Singers: Louise Joe, Martha M. Nelson, Mary R. Joe, Laura Francisco and Eleanor Spencer. SOAR 106 (Out of Print) (Navajo)


- MEDICINE WIND Tiger Lovestory presents 11 soothing, healing songs from his heart. Even most of the animal sounds produced on this album are made by the flute! Of Cree/Chech descent, Tiger plays the traditional Native American flute straight from the heart - being tone deaf and unable to read sheet music. He presents his music acknowledging the healing that it has given him. TL-1 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age)


- DOUBLE BEAT SONGS OF THE CROW 14 historic double beat songs of the Crow recorded for the first time on one album. These double beat songs are sung in the Crow style dance often called the "Crow Hop." Sung by Seymour Eagle Speaker, Dale Old Horn, Henry (Sarge) Old Horn Sr., Robert Corky Old Horn, Stanley Pretty Paint, Bill Runsabove, Merle Tendoy, Barbara Bearskin and Rachel Three Irons. Recorded at Crow Agency, Montana. IH 4621 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains)


- ANISHINABE MIIKINAA This traditional drum with the 4 drum staff's has been singing at pow wows within the treaty 3 area for over a decade. The traditional songs come from the Lynx Clan family, Whitefish Bay, Ontario. Lynx Clan is often called upon to sing the original jingle dress initiation song. Listen and watch for this group and their beautiful songs at a pow wow near you. 15 songs include three intertribals, a traditional grass, a boy's grass, a men's traditional and more. AR 1241 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - GRANDMOTHERS ORIGINAL JINGLE DRESS SONGS The Lynx Clan Singers are from the Whitefish Bay First Nation Treaty 3. They have grown up listening to and singing the original style jingle dress song. Singers include Peter White, Stuart Nash, Leslie Copenace, Steve Tucker, Anthony Morrisseau, Ron Prelvitz, Ernie Cobiness, Marlon Baptiste and Irene White-Sobowah. 17 tracks including Straight Jingle Dress, Elders Teachings, Go To Sleep Big Mama, Old Time Shuffle, and Traditional Round Dance. WP-00072 CD $17.98 (out of Print.) (Northern Plains/Ojibway) - SPIRITUAL HEALING METHODS Does your life seem out of balance? Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Have you ever considered suicide? Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life? Are you missing work due to alcohol or drug abuse? Do you feel you are missing something? Learn about Anishinabe Spirituality. This special recording is for all who are going through their own personal healing journey. It is hoped that these spiritual songs will help you to overcome all obstacles that come your way, and to help you with good health and balance in your life. 15 songs including Eight Eagles, Jingle Dress Healing Song, Pitobbon Nayskung, and many Spiritual Healing Songs. AR 1308 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Ojibway)


A lone killer whale helps an entire community find their way home. Luna, an orphaned whale, becomes the center of a controversy in a small coastal town when a government official is sent to capture it and return it to its pod. The community bands together under the leadership of the local chief to protect the stray whale and let it live freely in the bay. Inspired by a true story, `Luna: Spirit of the Whale" is a tale of two cultures fighting over the freedom of one whale. Starring Jason Priestley, Adam Beach, Tantoo Cardinal, Aaron Miko, Erin Karpluk, Michelle Harrison, David Lewis, Tom McBeath, Barbara Tyson and Graham Greene. Closed Captioned. 93 minutes. Rated PG. 21350D DVD $15.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- BIRD SONGS OF THE HUALAPAI Keith Mahone sings a variety of traditional Hualapai songs including bird dance songs, salt songs, circle and ghost dance songs. Keith feels that he was given a gift for singing and dance and he shares his singing gift with many different people. His strong clear voice can be heard at gatherings of all kinds. Bird songs, an important part of the Hualapai culture, demonstrate respect for the spirit of the area. Thirteen bird songs on Side One and fourteen bird songs on Side Two. 6280 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Chicken Scratch/Yuman)


Intermixing beautiful spoken word pieces and poetry with modern electronic dance and Tecno muisc LUNAR DRIVE provides a journey into the American Indian culture unlike any other. The band is primarily the creation of Sandy Hoover and Sam Minkler with assistance by Ed Walksnice (Northern Cheyenne from Escabana, MI - modern grass dancer), Reuben Fast Horse (Lakota dancer, singer, flautist, drummer, storyteller and educator from the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota) and Rey Cantil (Navajo poet from Flagstaff, AZ). Their first show was at a WOMAD concert in England. Whatever they did, they did it right. - HERE AT BLACK MESA, ARIZONA The debut album for LUNAR DRIVE was primarily written by Sandy Hoover and Sam Minlker. Guest appearances on the album are world-renowned Lakota musician and dancer Kevin Locke and Navajo poet Rey Cantil. 9 songs. BBNYC 005 CD $16.98 (Flute/Native Influenced - Non Native)


- EVERY SECOND OF THE NIGHT In their debut album Majestic presents ten songs including Premonition, Beautiful Day, After the Fire, and Waymore Blues. AV 5656 CD $17.98 (Country)


- 101 PROOF Ten tracks including Playas Don't Exist, Thot I'd Holla, and Let the Beat Roll. CT-1000 CD $14.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop)


- CELEBRATING 10 YEARS Formed in 1995, the music of Makoché is inspired by ancient traditions. The name Makoché comes from the Lakota word for earth - maka. The word makoché refers to the land, all that is in it and the interdependency among all living things. The music



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presented by makoché is influenced by Native American culture; both traditional and contemporary. THE MAKOCHE MASTERS is the highly anticipated anthology from the award winning Makoché archives. A bonus limited edition multimedia CD-ROM includes videos and interviews with the artists, stories about the sessions, full length songs and much more! Featured artists: Annie Humphrey, Gary Stroutsos, Keith Bear, Lakota Thunder, Sissy Goodhouse, Andrew Vasquez, Joseph Fire Crow, Kevin Locke and Nellie Youpee. MM 0191 CD $16.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)



- TRADITIONAL MUSIC OF THE ANDES Lively renditions of indigenous Andean musical traditions will take you to another place and time. These joyful rhythms and upbeat melodies of the dynamic Ecuadorian band MALKURI carry the spirit, energy and wisdom of the ages to the present. Passed down from generation to generation, the traditional music salutes the Otavalo heritage of the members of MALKURI, who all come from several villages in the Andes Mountains north of Quito. Fifteen songs include Condor Pasa, Tabacundeña and Carnival de Oruro. SP 7143 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Mexico/Andean) SGM 052395 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains)


- LIVE AT SCHMITZUN, 1995 World Championship of Singing & Dance. Includes: Grand Entry, Intertribals, Traditionals, Fancy Shawl Trick Song, Grass Dance Trick Song, Victory Song, Intertribal Song.. Lead singer Sidrick Baker. SGM 091695 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains) - FOR THE PEOPLE 16 new songs by the all time favorite drum group MANDAREE including grand entry, 2 tiny tot specials, 2 crow hop, a jingle dress, a man's fancy, 4 grass dance, a shake song and 3 intertribals. Singers include Norman Baker, Angus Fox, Rex Fox, Clement Baker, Sidrick Baker, Scott Baker, Wade Baker, Mike Short Bull, Alfred Morsette Jr. and Fred Morsette. Voted #1 all time favorite drum group on the Pow Wow Poll web site. AR 1132 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains) - LIVE AT CROW FAIR 2000 Eleven grass dance songs, an Arikara warrior song, a Santee Sioux foot slide song and a sneak-up song. Recorded live at the 82nd Annual Crow Fair & Rodeo, Crow Agency, Montana, August 18-20, 2000. IH 4612 Cassette $9.95 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains) - LIVE AT FORT BELKNAP, MONTANA The Mandaree Singers are comprised of three affiliated tribes - Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nations from the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota. They are firm believers in their cultural traditions and are happy to present their original style of singing wherever their travels take them. These 12 songs were recorded live at the 37th Annual Milk River Indian Days Pow Wow in Fort Belknap, Montana. Songs include two grand enrty, an intertribal, a jingle dress, a side step, two chicken dance, a grass dance, two contest and two fancy shawl. SGM 072403 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains) - GATHERING 13 more songs form Mandaree including three intertribals, two women's fancy, an honor songs, a women's jingle, a men's fancy, and more. AR 1276 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains) - NOW & THEN All of the songs presented on this recording were sung at one time from the early 1960's "River Bottom Days" to the late 1980's by the original Mandaree Singers. There have been many gifted and talented singers from the Three Affiliated Tribes in the past that have composed veteran's, individual, and pow wow songs. Many songs were traded and exchanged with the Bloods, Blackfoots, and Crees in the late 1950's, 1960's and into the early 1970's. Singers include Mike Short Bull, Shorty Bearstail, Wade Baker, Nelson Baker, Shilo Baker, Enos Baker, Charles Eaglespeaker, Sidrick Baker, Leonard Baker, and Shawn Baker. 12 songs including ten straight songs and two Arikara songs. DHOP 3100 CD $16.98 (Northern Plains) - REVISITED Recorded live in Shakopee, MN the Mandaree Singers present 12 songs. Nine grass dance songs,


- DESERT BREEZE Rarely can anyone play flutes and make them with such a variety as Alex Maldonado. The recording is strictly Native flute music with a variety of songs and melodies. Distant Song has a nice clear quality and the flute is a cedar waterbird flute with a straight, strong pitch. DESERT BREEZE done with a Mesquite Eagle Flute recalls warm deserts with soft winds. Hummingbird's Flight is a faster, upbeat song. A flute song that you may not hear with other Native artists is the Pascolas Dance, a dance for the Yaqui Pascola dancers. DESERT BREEZE presents a variety to the Native flute music market. Native flute fans will find this recording refreshing. SOAR NV121 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Flute/New Age) - MESSAGES FROM THE PAST ALEX MALDONADO, of the Pascua Yaqui Nation, lives in Guadalupe, Arizona onthe same land as his Grandfather, Lorreto Luna. Alex started making flutes in 1991 after hearing one at a rest area in Oregon one night. He never knew or saw who was playing the flute that night; it didn't seem important then. He also did not know how much it would change his life. He taught himself to play. All the songs on this self produced recording were composed by Alex himself. Each song has a brief explanation of his thoughts when writing it. 12 songs including Butterflies Dance, Where Hawks Fly and Yeome Lullaby. AM 1001 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - MASO MASO captures Pascua Yaqui father / daughter musical virtuosity with flute and song. Recording artists Alex and Melissa Maldonado have achieved a musical breakthrough with MASO, an exciting sonic palette that captures the fire, serenity and spiritual power of Yaqui-influenced song, flute and percussion. You will hear the sounds of their native land and native language along with modern day rhythms through various flutes, vocals and percussion in this inspiring collaboration of native music. All compostions on this recording are original. The energy of the music will feed your soul and enlighten your inner spirit. 12 songs including Amazing Grace, Casting A Spell, The Prayer, and In The Cave. AM 2002 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age) - NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE Instructional video with Alex Maldonado. listing under "N". 4450 DVD $25.00 (Videos/Arts & Crafts - "How To")


THE MANITONES are happy to share with you the music that used to echo now and then in their community. Songs by such songwriters as Conway Twitty, Sonny & Cher, Johnny Cash and Dwight Yoakam. 12 songs include Folsom Prison Blues, Brown Eyed Girl, Desperado Love, and Turn Me Loose. SSCT 4421 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Country)


- 17 MANDAN-HIDATSA POW WOW SONGS 17 songs include eight grass dance songs, three door way songs, two round dance songs and four veterans honoring songs recorded on February 1, 1972 at Mandaree, North Dakota. Singers include Bill Baker, Norman Baker, Clement Baker and Berthold Yellow Wolf. Released on CD in April 2006. IR 740 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains)


- MANDAN - HIDATSA SONGS Mandan-Hidatsa songs from Fort Berthfold, North Dakota. Includes three doorway, two scout, three round dance, two grass dance and two Veterans songs by Bill, Norman and Clement Baker with John Sitting Crow. 6114 Cassette $9.98 (Northern Plains) - VOL. 2 - CONTEMPORARY POW WOW SONGS 12 contemporary pow wow songs by this popular group from Fort Berthfold, North Dakota. Bill, Norma, Clement, and Emerson Baker; John Sitting Crow, Brooks Good Iron, Frank Driver Sr. and Curtis Young Bear Sr. 8002 Cassette $9.98 (Northern Plains) - LIVE AT STANFORD 14 contemporary pow wow songs. Lead singer Sidrick Baker. Songs include: Grand Entry, Intertribal, Grass Dance, Men's Grass, Ladies' Fancy Contest, Men's Traditional, Sneak Up, Women's Fancy, and Side Step. SGM 051196 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains) - A TRIBUTE TO BILLY BAKER 6 original grass dance songs, 4 straight contemporary songs and Scenic 23. Singers: Sidrick Baker - lead singer, Bert Yellow Wolf and Bill Baker.


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a footslide, a side step, and an intro by Billy Baker. DHOP 4200 CD $16.98 (Northern Plains)


group includes the following singers: Irma AmaroDavis (Yaqui/Chicana), Kristy Orona-Ramirez (Taos Pueblo/Rarumuri), Carrie Dunn-Anderson (Creek/S eminol e/ Chick a mauga) , Maggi e Escobedo-Steele (Chiricahua Apache), Michon Eben (Paiute/Shoshone), Tina Toledo Rizzo (Jemez Pueblo), April Carmelo-Frank (Wintu/Maidu), Fawn White (Yurok/Hupa), Genevieve Markussen (Yurok/Karuk/Yaqui), Sawar Young (Yurok/ Karuk), Geneva Shaw (Yurok/Karuk), and Rain Archambeau-Marshall (Ihanktonwan/Penobscot/ Choctaw). - THE MANKILLERS Originally released in 1997, this recording has 10 songs including a Grand Entry, Veteran's Honoring Song, a grass dance, a couple's dance and intertribals. WORP 1030 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - COMING TO GETCHA! Originally released in 1999, the songs on this recording include vocables (melodies without words) and songs sung in many languages including English, Choctaw, Pueblo and Timbisha Shoshone. 11 songs including a flag song, a round dance. a jingle dress, a tiny tot's contest song, a men's traditional, a women's traditional and more. WORP 1040 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - KILLING YOU SOFTLY 11 new songs by this highly acclaimed women's drum group. Songs include a victory song, a straight song, a veteran's song and more. TMK 4328 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)



From the acclaimed director of What Dreams May Come, Map Of The Human Heart is a visually stunning love story that would last a lifetime! When a half-Eskimo boy named Avik leaves his Arctic home with a British mapmaker to seek medical attention in Canada, it marks the first steps in an epic personal journey. In Montreal Avik meets Albertine, a half-Indian girl with whom his life will be forever linked. Spanning decades and distance through war and adversity, their starcrossed relationship becomes a grand romantic adventure of never-ending intensity! Featuring a memorable appearance by big-screen favorite John Cusack - you'll agree with critics everywhere who raved about this outstanding motion picture. Starring Jason Scott Lee, Anne Parillaud and Patrick Bergin. 109 minutes. Closed Captioned. Rated R. 35142D DVD $16.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- PARANORMAL: THE WAR WITHIN Irreverent, witty and deep into conspiracy theories Maniac puts out one of the best hip/hop albums of the year. 19 tracks including The Devil's Infection, Eternal Champion, Everything's Eventual, and Hip Hop is Dead. Supaman, Night Shield, Overflow and more are featured on some tracks. NSE 55942 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rap/Hip-Hop)


- VOLUME 1 22 songs presented by 6 drums. Drums include High Noon, Battle River, Dakota Travels, Grey Buffalo, Grey Horse, and Northern Wind. Songs include a grand entry, a crow hop, some intertribals, some flag songs, and more. AR 1299 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - VOLUME 2 22 songs presented by 10 drums. Drums include Red Bull, Red Wind, Rivreside Dakota, Rock Hill, The Boyz, Whitefish Bay Singers, White Horse, Wild Horse Singers, Wolf Trail, and Grey Horse. Songs include some intertribals, a shake song, an honor song, a memorial song, and more. AR 1300 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


This DVD features a variety of Native Hip Hop artists performing in a concert held at Wapato, Washington's Hideaway Tavern in march of 2008. Artists include Mr. D.O.G., Big Chiefin, Rez Hogs, Bigg B, Native Mist, Sean One, NMC and others. HSPW-016D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Music-Variety)


"A fascinating exploration of the history and significance of prehistoric rock art. "In special places throughout the Southwest, unusual artis-tic images appear on boulders, cave walls and cliff faces. These "rock art" sites were once considered meaningless scribbles made by ancient cultures hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Today, scholars recognize rock art as another window into the lives of these ancient people. MARKS OF THE ANCESTORS explores six different regions in Arizona with archaeologists and Native Americans. Together they share the meanings of these symbols, shed new light on the ancient people who created them, and suggest how this unique heritage can be protected. Diverse and remote rock art sites in Arizona include Canyon de Chelly and Red Rock Country. Filmed in cooperation with the Museum of Northern Arizona. 60 minutes 4438 VHS (Out of Print) (Videos-Documentary)


- VOL. 1 Recorded live at the 3rd Annual Manitoba First Nations Peoples International Pow Wow. Featuring: Roy Bison, RED LAKE, ROSE HILL, ELK'S WHISTLE, HAYSTACK, MANDAREE, EYABAY. Songs include: Blessing of the Eagle, mens' grass, fancy, straight and traditional dances, woman's traditional and jingle dances, and trot songs. SSCT 4286 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - VOL. 2 MANITOBA FIRST NATIONS POW WOW Continues from Volume One. Featuring: BUFFALO LAKE, ROSE HILL, MANDAREE, WHITEFISH BAY, ASSINIBOINE JR., EYABAY, and HAYSTACK. Songs include: MANFF Honor Song, and 11 intertribal dances. SSCT 4287 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- BATTLE CRY Shawn is joined by Jerrold Todacheenie, Travis Friday and Merle Friday to present ten songs on his debut recording. Songs include Lips Of An Angel, California Road, Uno Mas Cervesa, and Turn Away. TM 332258-15 CD $17.98 (Country)


- A NATIVE AMERICAN COLLECTION Many Blessings is an impressive collection of award winning Native American musicians - Mary Youngblood, Joanne Shenandoah, Robert Mirabal, R. Carlos Nakai with Peter Kater, Lawrence Laughing, Alice Gomez, and Tito La Rosa. Songs, chants, flutes, and drums all come alive as they are brilliantly surrounded with visionary arrangements and modern productions to create music that is uplifting, inspiring and authentic. A celebration of Life, Nature, Earth, and Spirit. 15 songs including Passions To Ignite, Wind Spirit, When Worlds Collide, The Great Law Of Peace and many more. SD 940 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


AKA Wapistan, Lawrence is the 1994 Juno award winner for Best Aboriginal Recording. He has his own Contemporary Country style with some chanting thrown in as well. - THE BEST OF LAWRENCE MARTIN This is a compilation album of songs Lawrence has written and recorded on his previous three CDs no longer in print. 15 songs include Amazing Grace, Bingo, Red Road of Life, Anishinawbe Child, and Heaven Here on Earth. SSCT 4532 CD $15.98 (Country) - DANCING FOR LIFE Lawrence is proud to present this new album. It is a unique recording that will move you emotionally and spiritually. 14 songs include Blueberry Fever, Casino Heaven, Oohwah Noosism, Misiway Kee-


A First Nations Elder and an architectural historian uncover ancient symbols in a Canadian Government building, symbols which validate a present day Native American prophecy that speaks of the return of the people to the center and the revealing of the seven sacred teachings of the Indigenous people. 49847D DVD $29.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- AMERICAN CLAN A reissue of rock music by the Navajo group, MANY HOGANS. 12 songs include Jumpin' Jack Flash, Mabellene, Summertime Blues and Fannie May. MH 01 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


The MANKILLERS all woman Northern drum

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shigook, This Is My Last Cigarette, and Sleeping My Troubles Away. SSCT 4565 CD $15.98 (Country)


begins with strong, powerful, informative Native American songs then moves on to a collection of Blues, Country, Latin and a variety of upbeat songs that truely show the growth of Yolanda's talent. LONELY WARRIOR strives to capture a balance of both worlds when one is mixing tradition, stories and heritage to music. It slips us into the past when man and women were warriors. The back ground music are the sounds and feelings of today. Her music is deeply rooted in her Apache and Mexican Indian heritage. Ten selections including Apache Moon, Empty Dreams and Medicine Line. MART-4 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - RESOUNDING SPIRITUALITY This is Yolanda's first recording of drumming and chanting, just made available to us for distribution. 17 songs including original compositions as well as compositions by Brook Medicine Eagle and others. Songs include Amazing Grace, Soaring Eagle, Ancient Altar Song, and I Am Pure. MART-5 Cassette $2.00 (Contemporary) - DESERT SONG Yolanda's most recent collection of contemporary drumming and chants. Includes lyrics. 23 songs composed by Yolanda Martinez and Brook Medicine Eagle. Songs include Spirit Of The Wind, Land Of Enchantment, and Buffalo Woman Is Calling. MART-6 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)



The Maza Duta (Red Iron) Drum Group was formed in January, 1997. All members of the drum are descendants of Maza Duta, one of the last Headmen of the Pheasnat's Rump Nakota Band. Singers include Daniel McArthur, Ira McArthur, Matthew McArthur, Tracy "Twitch" Delorme, "Scuba" Stephen Eashappie, Leslie "Lollypop" McArthur, Terrence Brown, Joel McArthur, Patrick McArthur, Little Eagle McArthur, Crystal McArthur, Tina Brown and Marietta Akachuk. 12 songs SSCT 4417 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Sioux)


- LITTLE SUN IN THE BLUE SKY Shanadoah Martineau is a Southern Paiute from the Shivwits Reservation near the town of St. George, Utah. She is an accomplished dancer, beadworker, and quillworker. She presents 15 Paiute flute songs, eight of which she composed. Songs include Mountain Lion, Paiute Love Song, Northern Paiute Lullaby, Paiute Circle Dance Song, and Bird Song. IS 5066 CD $13.98 (Flute/New Age)


- REJOICING IN CREE 14 Gospel songs sung in Cree. DM 2002 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - THE OLD COUNTRY CHURCH 14 Gospel songs including Old Rugged Cross, Jesus Signed My Pardon, Man of Galilee, Circle of Life, and Forest For The Trees. TIM 10120 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - THE GOSPEL SIDE OF DARRELL McCALLUM Darrell McCallum is proud to present his "Gospel Side." On this album he brings to you 12 songs including Jesus Remembered Me, Child Of A King, Jesus Died For Me Long Ago, and God Of The Mountain.. DM 2004 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - THE GOSPEL SIDE VOLUME 2 Darrell brings you another collection of some of his favorite Gospel tunes. 12 songs including No Other Fountain, It Takes Jesus, God Came to Earth, Peace is Following, and City of Gold. TIM 10130 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - REJOICING IN CREE II Eleven more songs of praise sung in Cree. Songs include Mikwac Ota Askihk, Jesus Ke Kapihanow, Ispimik Wasisoyan, and Oma Piko Nitakawatin. TIM 10131 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian)


Born in Southern New Mexico, Yolanda Martinez is a Mescelaro Apache, Mexican Indian. Growing up with nature as her playground, Yolanda is deeply inspired by her relationship with Mother Earth and her culture. Yolanda's music has been the strength and foundation for many seeking reconnection with nature and life. - NATIVE HEARTBEAT A collection of traditional/contemporary songs. Yolanda Martinez, lead and background vocals, drums, and percussion; Adam Greenberg, acousitc and electric guitars, bass, percussion, keyboards; Don Lewis, fiddle and mandolin; and Gary Dillard, pedal steel guitar, harmonica. 10 songs including: Desert Song, Love Journey, Native Heartbeat, Wolf Legends, Coyote Woman, Walking the Desert, Always & Beyond, Soaring Eagle, Waking Up, Inkpata. MART-1 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - PRAIRIE MOTHER - DRUMMING AND CHANTS "Dedicated to the many people who feel their inner heart beat as well as Mother Earth's and are on their path of discovery". Various songs and tempos illustrate the versatility of the drum and other natural, traditional instruments. Backup harmony, drums and rattles. Liner notes with words to songs and chants. 10 songs including: Prairie Mother, Soaring Eagle, We Are Here, Shameful Love, Inkpata, Sun Dancer, Walking With Spirit, Desert Song, Thunder Trail, Great Ones. MART-2 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - DREAMING WOMAN Yolanda shares that while making this album she was deeply moved towards the female side of life; the creator side and the warrior side, struggling to keep life in order. Yolanda acknowledges all the women who have stepped beyond being Home Makers and are fullfilling their dreams and needs with the help of their own Dreaming Woman. These are contemporary songs honoring woman. All songs written and composed by Yolanda Martinez. 10 songs including: Prairie Mother, Circle of Four, So Much There,Wanting You, Always And Beyond and more beautiful music by Yolanda. Liner notes with words to all the songs. MART-3 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - LONELY WARRIOR Released in June of 1999, LONELY WARRIOR


- SOCIAL AND RELIGOUS MUSIC OF NORTHERN NEW MEXICO - VOLUME 1 Matachine music from San Juan Pueblo, Alcalde and Chimayo. Joe Sanchez, violin; Delio Villareal, 12 string guitar; and Ray Casias, guitar. Featuring the beautiful, mesmerizing rhythms and melodies of traditional New Mexican folk and dance music. The matachines is a traditional dance performed throughout New Mexico on various Saint's Days and Feast Days. 10 songs including Matachines of Alcalde/Chimayo, Sanchez Valse, Entrada De Los Comanches, Matachines of San Juan Pueblo and more. Liner notes provide background information on the songs. MAT-01 (Out of Print) (Mexico/Hispanic-New Mexico)


Ante up - for laughter and action aplenty! Mel Gibson is sly gambler Bret Maverick, Jodie Foster is a charming scam artist and James Garner is a laid-back lawman in Maverick, the crowd-pleasing hit that deals you a winning hand. With more twists than a switchback trail and more sleights of hand than a shell game, Maverick is a rollicking proof of how the West was fun. A riverboat poker tourney promises a winner-take-all $500,000... and Bret aims to be the winner who does the taking! But first he must cope with the hangman's noose, a runaway stage, a wily Indian chief, outlaws, ingrates, a bagful of rattlesnakes and more close calls than a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. So don't miss the excitement. The jokers Gibson, Foster and Garner - are wild! Also starring Graham Greene, James Coburn and Alfred Molina. 127 minutes. Rate PG. 13374D DVD $13.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- VOL. 1 - SONGS OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH Billy McCellan, a well-known Iowa-Otoe-Sac and Fox singer, presents us with a group of Native American Church songs. IS 8051 (Out of Print.) (Peyote) - VOL. 2 - SONGS OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH By Billy McCellan of Oklahoma. Includes Sac and Fox songs, intertribals and songs without words. IS 8052 (Out of Print.) (Peyote) - SONGS OF LIFE Billy McClellan Sr. is a member of the Sac & Fox/ Otoe and Ioway Tribes of Oklahoma. He is well know throughout Indian Country as an accomplished peyote singer. On this recording he

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presents 24 Native American Church songs with rattle and waterdrum plus two special birthday songs. He hopes these songs will bring you joy and happiness when you need it and comfort you in times of sorrow. CRM 120400 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - OUR SONGS More than one and a half years before his passing, Billy recorded this album of 36 new songs. He called them simply "Peyote Songs". He wanted to share these songs with everyone - especially those attending Native American Church ceremonies. Billy had a good heart and was a good man. He will be greatly missed throughout Indian Country. CRM 012703 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


6398 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - BLESSINGS Noted singers, Jeff McClellan, Kyle Robedeaux and Brian Stoner join together in this reverent collection of Peyote songs from the Southern Plains of Oklahoma. Accompanied by the pulsating rhythm of water drum and gourd, their singing is firmly rooted in the spiritual traditions of the Native American Church. These songs of prayer guide the listener and provide healing and encouragement on one's journey along the sacred Peyote Road. Ten tracks with songs sung in Sac & Fox, Apache, Ponca, Navajo, Shawnee, Comanche, Otoe, and vocables. 6399 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


Gordon McGilvery, of the Plains Cree of Saddle Lake, Alberta, Canada, has been making and singing round dance songs for over 50 years. This special recording of historic songs contains round dance songs dating back generations and were passed to Gordon by his father and grandfather. Gordon and members of his family sing these historic songs to keep them alive for today's generation and for the generations of the future. 13 songs. 6368 CD $15.98 (Cree)


- INNU TOWN INNU TOWN. A place perfectly suited to this modern 21st Century world, yet as old as the earth. From this mythical, long forgotten place comes a music of the senses, a raw and powerful voice full of emotion and tenderness. Witness the voice of Claude McKenzie, soaring with nature and sharing the legends of the village on his debut solo album. With these twelve songs, Claude shares his universe of infinite richness. Ten of the songs were written and sung in Innu, a language that has been passed along orally for centuries, and which is now spoken by only 12,000 Native Canadians in Northeastern Quebec. Thousands have become familiar with this language due to the exceptional success of Claude and Florent Vollant's singing duo KASHTIN. For the first time Claude has recorded songs in English and French. A fine mix of contemporary and traditional sounds. PPF-2018 Cassette $2.00 (Contemporary)


- DOWN SOUTH (N.A.C. SONGS) Jefferey McClellan is a member of the Sac-N-Fox, Otoe, Iowa, Shawnee and Seneca Tribes of Oklahoma. He grew up in the Native American Church. Both sides of his family are members of the N.A.C. While some of the 40 songs presented here are old songs, Jefferey also composed new songs in the Sac-N-Fox language. He hopes that these songs will comfort those in need. CRM 021803 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- LOOK AT THE SUN SHINING 13 Native American Church songs by Jeff McClellan and Brian Stoner. Songs include five straight songs, five Sak and Fox songs, two birthday songs, and one Ponca song. DNA 60038 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


- ELEVENS Singer/songwriter Norman McCork presents ten songs. Songs include Gallup City Lights, It's Alright, Cowboys Silver and Blue, and Dancing. AV 4462 CD $17.98 (Country) - TRIBUTE TO NATIVE AMERICA In Norman McCork's second album he presents 11 country songs including Marie, Building Bridges, No One Else But Her, and More Than I Can Say. AV 6882 CD $17.98 (Country)


- PEYOTE SONGS FROM THE SOUTHERN PLAINS Jeff McClellan (Sac & Fox, Iowa, Otoe, Shawnee, and Seneca Nations) and Kyle Robedeaux (Otoe, Creek, and Seminole Nations of Oklahoma) proudly present 32 peyote songs from the Southern Plains of Oklahoma. This album contains Sac and Fox, Caddo, Ponca and Straight songs. JCM 0751 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- ELECTRIC WARRIOR Music performed and created by Robby Bee with words by Russell Means and Tom Bee. Sung in English in a rap style with synthesized strings and flute, electronic drums, traditional singers and English narration. Sixteen songs including AIM Is Still Alive, Wounded Knee Set Us Free, Indian Cars Go Far, and Lost At Sea. Russell Means is a long time leader of AIM and Tom Bee is the lead singer of XIT. WAR 603 CD $18.98 (Contemporary) - THE RADICAL On this recording: Russell Means, vocals and drums; Chris Pinnick, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, Tom Thomas, drums, bass, backup vocals, keyboards, Lynne Fanelli and Janelle Sadler, backup vocals; Don Markese and Mitch Reilly, saxaphone, Brantley Kearns, fiddle; Robbie Alpert, keyboards. Eleven songs: Chief Joseph, The Radical, Nixon's Dead Ass, Ain't No Prison For The Corporation, Channel Surfing, I Love You I Love You I Do, Halls of Congress, Waco The White Man's Wounded Knee, Anarchy Lives, Conspiracy To Be Free, and Chief Seattle. AIM 001 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary)


- FOR OUR LOVED ONES Noted singers Jeff McClellan, Kyle Robedeaux and Brian Stoner join voices in this reverent collection of peyote songs from the Southern Plains of Oklahoma. Accompanied by the pulsating rhythm of water drum and gourd, their emotive singing is deeply-rooted in the traditions of the Native American Church. Providing healing and encouragement, these 36 songs guide the listener on the spiritual journey along the sacred Peyote Road. Includes songs from the Otoe, Comanche, Kiowa, Ponca, Sac & Fox, Cree, and many straight songs. 6397 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - PRAYERS FOR LIFE Jeff McClellan, Kyle Robedeaux and Brian Stoner join voices in this reverent collection of Peyote songs from the southern Plains of Oklahoma. Accompanied by the pulsating rhythm of water drum and gourd, their stirring singing is firmly rooted in the spiritual traditions of the Native American Church. These songs of prayer guide the listener and provide healing on one's journey along the sacred Peyote Road. Eight sets of four songs each including Sac & Fox songs, Otoe songs, Ponca songs, Kiowa songs, Cree songs, and straight songs.


- RESERVATION WAY OF LIFE Tom "Furcap" McCrary performs ten songs which he has written and composed. Songs include Life On The Rez, Walk In Beauty Always, Indian Child, and She's Gone. MC 1 Cassette $2.00 (Country)


- FOR THE FIRST TIME - ROUND DANCE Recorded at the Jim Omeaso Cultural Center on the Samson Cree First Nation. Francis Green and Gordon Edward McGilvery sing original, unique and innovative Round Dance songs that reflect the wonderful enthusiasim of the Round Dance Spirit. Songs include: Going To The USA, If I Had Fun Like This Forever, Straight, Bear Hills Three plus seven more. SGMG 011995 (Out of Print.) (Cree) - SHINING ELBOW SGMG 61798 Cassette $2.00 (Cree)


- TALL, INDIAN & ALL SOMEHOW Tatanka Means comedy is spreading smiles and laughs all over North America with his high energy stand up comedy show! Tatanka is from the Oglala Sioux Nation, Omaha and Navajo nations. His comedic style of humor is leaving audiences gasping for more. Tatanka is one of the youngest Indian

CD $18.98



Prices subject to change without notice.


comedians performing today and has been sharing his comedy all over Indian Country in front of sold out audiences. TM 2011D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Music-Variety) - BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY One of Native America's funniest young comedians, Tatanka Means (Oglala Sioux, Omaha and Navajo) has been hitchhiking all over the U.S. and Canada spreading smiles and laughter with his fresh insightful stand-up comedy. He is proud to be an alcohol and drug-free performer. He is a member of the 49 Laughs Comedy group. This new unseen footage filmed from several different shows features his unique and original views on life, holidays, respect for women, and performing along side his famous comedian friends. Now sit back and enjoy some laugh out loud moments as Tatanka gives us his take on comedy. TM 2012D DVD $23.95 (Videos/Music-Variety)


author. GATHERING: The Sacred Breath is a phenomenal breakthrough in the genre of Native American and World spiritual music. Featured on this album are songs which can be used to build and dedicate energy in daily life, as well as in community circles and ceremonial gatherings. This project uses all indigenous instruments, and includes vision quest, circle dance, and gathering songs that are brought to life with driving rhythms, soaring flutes, and beautiful, swirling choral harmonies. Brooke is joined by Niles Urry, the esteemed shamanic, trance, world percussion, and indigenous flute virtuoso. Extensive liner notes and lyrics. 13 songs including Walk In Beauty, Ancestor Cave, Stones And Bones, and Spirit That Moves. TLR 7702 (Out of Print) (Flute/New Age)


music from Canada. This volume brings you Adonius Benson, Gilbert Tyner, Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, and Ashley Benson on eight tracks with drumming by Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, and Gilbert Tyner. A wonderful compliment to the first two albums. TIM 10087 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - IN LOVING MEMORY In their fourth volume of N.A.C. songs from Canada, Meewasin Oma brings you another collection of nine tracks with four songs each. Singers include Darwin Daniels, Elmer Ballantyne, Gilbert Tyner, Kelly Daniels and Jake Tyner. Each takes a turn drumming. This recording is dedicated to all the Native American Church Elders, the Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers who have conducted ceremonies using kind prayers, and to the Grandmothers who supported by bringing morning water. TIM 10095 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - MORNING PRAISE UNTO OUR CREATOR Volume 5 in this popular series bring ten more sets of Native American Church songs presented by Elmer Ballantyne, Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, Lorenzo Shields, and Ashley & Adonius. TIM 10105 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - GREAT SPIRIT HEAR OUR PRAYERS In the sixth volume of N.A.C. Songs from Canada, ten more sets of fours songs each are presented by Ashley Benson, Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, Edmund Poochay, and Skylar Benson. TIM 10106 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - GREATEST HITS This seventh volume includes ten sets of four songs each presented by Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, Elmer Ballantyne, Gilbert Tyner, and Ashley Benson. Songs include many straight songs, many straight ceremonial songs and many, many more. TIM 10139 CD $17.98 (Peyote)


Graham Greene stars as Will, an international photo-journalist who hasn't been home for 20 years. When he returns to Medicine River for his mother's funeral, he falls prey to Harlan Bigbear who draws him into a series of hilarious situations that turn his life upside down. Will struggles with the past and with the mystifying interconnected lives of the Blackfoot community, and it's not long before he comes to know much more than he ever expected about the hearts and minds of MEDICINE RIVER. Starring Graham Greene, Tom Jackson and Sheila Tousey. Not Rated MR VHS (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


- MAWIO'MI MEDICINE DREAM combines rock and progressive sounds with traditional Native American vocals and instrumentation in 12 songs that express the beauty of the ancient ways. Songs include If We Were Wolves, Lightning Flashes The Sky, If You Dream Of Eagles, True Friends and We Belong. 7039 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - TOMEGAN GOSPEM Honoring the heritage of indigenous people throughout the Americas while looking to the future, MEDICINE DREAM, led by Paul Pike of the mi'kmaq Nation, blends the ageless sound of traditional singing, drumming, and Native American flute with the expressive energy of the guitars and drums of rock. 12 songs including The Ancestor Song, People Of The Dawn, Ktaqmkuk, and In This World. 7048 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - LEARNING TO FLY Medicine Dream are Paul Pike, George Newton, Buz Daney, John Field, Steven Alvarez, Ralph Sara and David Helzer. 12 songs include Way Of The Warrior, Lakeside Blues, The Great Mystery, and Women Are Sacred. CA 3723 CD $16.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


- MAN AND NATURE Whispering voices call out as the lightness of the drum and the softness of the water radiate with the healing spirit of Mother Earth thus uniting Man and Nature. The drumming, chanting and environmental sounds on this recording are as audio medicine for the mind and body. Six haunting melodies for a new age. NV 116 Cassette $4.00 (Flute/New Age)


- N.A.C. OF CANADA - VOLUME 1 The SunRise Chapter of the Native American Church is the local Chapter for the Sturgeon Lake area in Saskatchewan, Canada. They began in 1970. The songs on this recording reflect the struggles everyone has. Each singer expresses the prayers asked for from the Creator - good health, love, understanding, child upbringing, long life, and a good/safe road on the Walk of Life. The singers hope healing takes place upon listening to their prayerful songs. Eight blocks of four songs each sung by Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, Elmer Ballantyne, Adonas and Ashley Benson. Most of the songs are in Cree. TIM 10069 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - N.A.C. OF CANADA - VOLUME 2 Kelly Daniels, Elmer Ballantyne, Adonas Benson, Ashley Benson and Darwin Daniels bring you another collection of songs of the Native American Church of Canada. Eight tracks of four songs each. TIM 10079 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - N.A.C. OF CANADA - VOLUME 3 The third in the series of Native American Church


- IMAGERY & DIALOGUE WITH OUR ANCESTORS Dr. Mehl-Madrona comes from a mixture of cultures: Cherokee and Scottish from the Appalachian Mountains of the USA on his mothers side, and Quebecoise and Oglala from South Dakota on his fathers side. Because of this, he has been trying to bridge cultures and facilitate genuine cross-cultural communication throughout his life. He has written three books all of which show the value that aboriginal healing traditions have to offer the modern world. Throughout history, the world's indigenous peoples have relied upon their ancestors for guidance - through stories passed from generation to generation and through direct contact with those spirits. Imagery & Dialogue With Our Ancestors builds upon this idea, facilitating a process in which we become able to directly communicate with one of our ancestral spirits. It will work just as well even if you don't believe in spirits. It will help facilitate a process of self-discovery, knowledge, and healing either as metaphor or as real dialogue with an ancestral spirit. The results do not depend on whether you believe in this process as real or as metaphor. If you will, let yourself feel just a little bit (or maybe a bit more) of what it feels like to live within this belief system and worldview.


- MEDICINE DRUM MEDICINE DRUM singers are: Darrell Medicine (lead); Arlan, Dave Jr., and Myron Medicine; John, Fred, Shannon and Sandra Copenace; and Marshall Morriseau. Recorded on location at Big Island First Nation, Ontario. 10 pow wow songs including: Grand Entry, Flag Song, intertribals, jingle and grass dance songs. SSCT 4324 (Out of Print) (Canada)


- GATHERING: The Sacred Breath This CD features the music of Brooke Medicine Eagle, legendary Native American Earth wisdom teacher, singer, ceremonial leader, and best-selling

Prices subject to change without notice.


TIM 10104 CD $17.98 (Flute/New Age - Meditation)


- Collector's Edition An original American Indian Soundchiefs recording. Twelve Menominee Tribal war dance (6) and women's dance songs (6) sung by John Awonohopay and Howard Raine. Eight Winnebago songs: (4) Winnebago Tribal War Dance Songs, Winnebago Tribal Greeting Song, Chief Song (soldier dance), Air Raid on Iwo Jima (victory dance) and Korea War Song (victory dance). Winnebago songs sung by Winslow White Eagle. SC 117 CD $11.98 (Northern Plains/Midwest)


recorded live at Haskell University, 2002. Singers are Lydell Bear, Cha-go Hale, Quinton Pushetonequa, Anthony Hale, Lusius Bear, Brenton Pushetonequa, Willis Davenport, Martel Pushetonequa, Jarvis Bear, Gubba Hale, Cody King, Gee St. John, Jeremy King, and Jaro Jackson. Seven intertribals, two contest, a women's fancy, a men's fancy, and a women's traditional. RCR 9810 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Midwest) - LIVE IN MAYETTA 12 songs performed by this popular northern drum. Songs include Bells N Feathers, Just Dance, Shiny Beads and The Bustle. BBR -8181 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Midwest) - ALL YOU INDIANZ Tyler Lasley, Jarvis Bear, Wes Bear, Clinton Bear, Heath Brown, Steadman Brown, Cody Davenport, Quinton Pushetonequa, Brenton Pushetonequa, Martel Pushetonequa, Chago Hale, Gubba Hale, Naseka Hale, Wahpi Hale, Jeremy King, Jancita Warrington, Tanksi Clairmont, Mittina Hale, and Roxy Pushetonequa are Meskwaki Nation. 13 original songs include The One, Butterfly Girl, Buffalo Hunter, and Dust Kicker. BBR-8180 CD $17.98 (Northern Plains/Midwest) - NDN WORDS 18 more songs from Meskwaki Nation including I'm So Sorry, Beautiful One, Dilemma, and My NDN Boy Eyes. MNR-8182 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains-Midwest) - GATHER THE CREW Meskwaki Nation proudly presents this collection of 14 pow wow songs. Songs include Young Ones, Mister Good, Dance For Them, United, and Pretty Shawl. DHOP 2900 CD $16.98 (Northern Plains-Midwest) - ROCKIN THA BELLZ Meskwaki Nation present 10 Pow Wow songs recorded live at the 2010 Hunting Moon Pow Wow in Milwaukee. Songs include Go With the Flow, Enahay, Bam!!, Blue Dream, and Thunderstruck. DHOP 4100 CD $16.98 (Northern Plains-Midwest)


- WE WERE JUST PLAYING, JIMMIE KING JR. Eleven songs including 14Kt. Mind, Memory Sure Gets Around, Alligator Man, It All Depends, and more. JKJ 01 (Out of Print.) (Country)


A collection of Men's Grass Dance Songs performed by Spirit Sands Singers, Northern Wind, Mandaree, Eyabay, Young Kingbird, The Boyz, Whitefish Bay, Red House, Young Grey Horse, Little Otter, Painted Horse, Walking Bull, Lake of the Woods, Bear Creek and Pipestone. All previously released on separated recordings. AR 1170 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- LIFE IN HARMONY Ten songs performed on the Native American Flute include Amazing Grace, The Woodpecker, Before The Rain and Missing Home. RCR 9530 (Out of Print) (Flute/New Age)


Men's Northern Styles showcases the beauty and excitement of the three dance styles of men's northern competitive dance styles, the Traditional Dance, the Grass Dance, and the Chicken Dance. Interviews with champion dancers, elders, and singers explain the history and outfits. Included are Josh Williamson (Sac & Fox) as he demonstrates wearing traditional dance clothes, Emil Her Many Horses (Sioux) discussing men's northern traditional dance from a Lakota perspective, Kenny Scabby Robe (Blackfeet) an elder and leader of the Blackfeet Chicken Dance Society, and Marty Pinnecoose (Ute) a champion Grass Dancer. A must for anyone who seriously wants to experience Northern style dancing. 60 minutes. 37122D DVD $22.95 (Videos/Dance - "How To") - LEGACY OF STONE AND SPIRIT Sheltered from the centuries, the Cliff Dwellings cling to sandstone ledges... as if clinging to another time. The stone villages of Mesa Verde serve as our best window into the world of the ancient Puebloans. What happened here? Discover the fascinating story of Ancient America and the pueblo builders who made this remote, high plateau their home so long ago. Mesa Verde is not only one of America's most important parks preserving the prehistoric past, it is a United Nations World Heritage Site: a world park. It is a place that transcends international boundaries... as well as time. Crafted in stone and hidden by protecting cliffs is a vital link in the story of human striving and accomplishment: a Legacy of Stone and Spirit. AAV-512D DVD $17.95 (Videos/Documentary)


Born in the Southern Plains, this dance style is known as the "gentleman's dance." You will hear Tribal elders tell the history of the straight dance, learn about a straight dancer's outfit and how to wear it correctly, and learn the differences between ceremonial straight dancing and contest straight dancing. See championship dance contests with close-ups of footwork and close looks at dancers and their outfits. Perfect for dancers and fans of pow wow alike. Filmed on location at pow wows throughout the Southern Plains. D 3716D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Dance - "How To")


Located on a high plateau in the Four Corners country of Southwest Colorado lies Mesa Verde National Park. In 1906 Mesa Verde became the first park to preserve the words of man, and the remnants of a Native American culture long passed. In 2006 the Park Service celebrates 100 years of its history by protecting these cultural sites so future generations can experience this amazing area. Learn the story of the Ancient Puebloans, that for centuries, built and lived their lives in these cliff dwellings. This beautiful presentation documents Mesa Verde National Park like never before. Bonus feature: Experience the wonders of Arches National Park. 45 minutes. DBP 105 DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


This double disc set brings you hours of pow wow entertainment. A total of 30 songs including Grand Entry, Intertribals, chicken dance, round dance, women's fancy, women's jingle, a flag song and more. Northern drums include Meskwaki Travelers, High Noon, Black Lodge, Smokey Town, Mandaree, Meskwaki Nation, Battle River, and Bad Nation. Southern drums include Southern Boys, Bearheart, Cozad, Thunder Hill, and Rose Hill. RCR 1100 CD $22.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)




-LIVE AT HINCKLEY The MESKWAKI NATION SINGERS are a young group formed in 1994. Since appearing on the pow wow trail they have placed at many of the largest celebrations. Special thanks to Alvin Bear. WRMN 007 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Midwest) - MESKWAKI NATION - 2002 LIVE @ IOWA CITY, HASKELL UNIV. MESKWAKI NATION bring you 12 songs



- WAR DANCE SONGS Songs based on the traditional Plains rhythms but sung by the Bear Singers in a style distinctly their own. This is a group from a family of singers, members of the Mesquakie Tribe, the Red Earth


Prices subject to change without notice.


People of Tama Iowa. War dance songs and contest songs. Singers: Wayne Pushetonequa, Adrian Pushetonequa, Alvin Bear, Gaylord Bear, Mike Mitchell. 6090 Cassette $9.98 (Northern Plains/Midwest)



Finally, the long awaited new release we've all been waiting for from MIDNITE EXPRESS. It's Time continues in the same dynamic style as their previous releases. Singers present on this recording are Opie Day-Bedeau, Sr., Crow, Bellecourt, Jeremy Dearly, Mcallen Garvin, Peter Ybarra, Buffalo Campbell, Carlos Day, Chris Whipple, Keith Smith, Jerry Dearly, Jr., Erik Gabbow, Everett Moore, Randy Tewawina, and James Day. They regret that Marcus Denny and Charles Eagle Speaker were not available to record with them. 10 songs include six intertribals, a grass dance, and a double beat. DHOP 0100 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - STRAIGHT UP 16 songs. Three contest songs, six intertribals, three traditional, a foot slide, a woman's song, a sneak-up and The Living Legend. TC-03 CD $16.98


- MEDICINE RAPIDS Born in Flin Flon, Manitoba and raised in the Northern Saskatchewan community of Pelican Narrows, CORNY MICHEL, listening to his father play reels and jigs was inspired to play on his own and develop a unique Northern style of fiddling. In this his debut release he presents 13 songs including Ragtime Annie, Polka Bear, Red River Jig, and Whiskey Before Breakfast. TIM 10046 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Country/Fiddle)


Gospel singers, THE MESSENGERS have released their original recordings in CD. Listen to them from their earliest recording to their latest. Starting with three members and adding to make a five member group. Many songs are written by Joe Lopez. - REJOICE The original recording with three members. Eight songs include No One Like You, He's Alive, Jesus You're Worthy, Gracias Senior, and Who Shall Separate Us. AV 7091 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - WE ARE AN OFFERING The group now has four members performing nine songs including Crucified, Last Call, Greater Is He, and More The Conquerors. AV 8803 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - SPIRIT AND BRIDE SAY COME The five member group performs ten songs including Draw Me Closer, Sing For Joy, In Your Presence, and Justified By Faith. AV 10212 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian) - REACHING OUT Nine more songs by the five member group. Songs include Dale Gracias A Dios, We Belong To You, Psalm 19, and Te Pido Del Corazon. AV 2122 CD $17.98 (Gospel/Christian)


- SINGS TRADITIONAL NAVAJO SONGS Twelve songs including Mother Earth, Together We Will Walk In Beauty, Can You Come Home With Me?, A Blessing for the Baby and I'm Proud to be a Diné Woman. 7146 (Out of Print.) (Navajo)

(Intertribal Pow Wow)

- LIVE IN CALI 12 more songs recorded live at Trump 29 Casino. Songs include five intertribals, three contest songs, a grand entry, a trick song, an Ojibwe style women's song, and more. TC-04 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - MNX 2006 12 original intertribal songs composed by members of Midnite Express. TC-05 (Out of Print.) (Intertribal Pow Wow) - WELCOME TO THE BIG SHOW Welcome to the 2006 pow wow tour of Midnite Express, Julyamsh, Milwaulkee, Minnesota. 14 songs recorded live plus special features with Tito and McAllen. 66 minutes. DHOP 2100D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Music-Variety) - REMEMBERING OUR BROTHERS 12 more pow wow songs recorded live at Hinckley Grand Celebration 2007. Songs include nine straight songs. TC-06 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - BAND OF BROTHERS Midnite Express have traveled to pow wows far and wide throughout Indian Country. The outstanding songs and powerful singing on this album incorporates the dedication and hard work the group members have put forth over the years. Their classic sound is evident in this recording and is without a doubt one of their finest achievements. 14 songs including eight intertribals, two traditionals, three contest, and one grass dance. BTDM-1002 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - SHARP SHOOTER Midnite Express is proud to release their 10th recording in honor of one of their elders and teachers, Jerry Dearly, Sr. - Sutapi which means "Sharpshooter" in Lakota. Originating in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, they have grown from local Great Lakes area favorites to one of the most prominent drums on the circuit today. Their unique rhythm and sound are captures on this recording. 13 songs including eight intertribals, a traditional, an honor song, a contest song, a grass dance and Sharpshooter.


Midnight and morning songs, and others, performed by Mick Curley, Johnson Billy and Desmond Chee. DP 3333 (Out of Print.) (Peyote)


- LOST IN YOUR EYES Midnight Rendezvous are Sheldon Cheromiah (vocals, guitars), Ernie Fernando (drums), and Phillip Riley Jr. (bass). They present 11 songs including I'm Lonesome Too, Sweet Surrender, Seventeen, and I've Cried My Last tear for You. AV 8894 CD $17.98 (Country)


- POW WOW SONGS Seven intertribal songs plus grass dance, slide song and Eddie Mahseet Song. MGM Singers: Ted Napoleon (Lillooet/Cree), Forrest Funmaker (Winnebago/ Saulteaux), Mark Smith (Gros Ventre/ Shoshone), Paul Pacheco Jr. and Pat Pacheco (Dakota Sioux), Dana Goulet (Cree), Glenn Tait (Ojibway) and Jim "Tuba" Todome (Comanche Kiowa) 6244 Cassette $9.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- FROM DUSK TO DAWN The lead singers from THE BOYZ, EYABAY, MYSTIC RIVER and MESKWAKI NATION join together in making this intertribal Northern Style recording. 12 songs including 5 intertribals, a traditional, a contest, and an honor song. RCR 9660 CD $17.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - 2002-LIVE FROM MINNESOTA The second recording of MIDNITE EXPRESS. Singers include Opie Day-Bedeau Sr, Jeremy Dearly, McAllen Garvin, Crow Bellecourt, AJ Redman, Carlos Day, Jerry Dearly Jr, Chris Whipple, Pete Ybarra, Buffalo Campbell, Keith Smith, Mike Sullivan, Everette Moore and Leon Lussier Sr. Eight intertribals, four contest songs, a traditional, a grass dance and an honor song. RCR 9661 CD $17.98


- MICMAC SONGS - Contemporary Sarah is from Nova Scotia, Canada. She performs her songs at various Maritime gatherings, schools and pow wows. Contemporary style songs in English and Mic Mac with guitar and drum. Eleven songs - Be Proud, Listen to my Heartbeat, Grandmother and Gather Around Little Children. SSCT 4163 (Out of Print) (Eastern) - FLOWERS IN BLOOM All songs written and performed by Sarah. Twelve songs including The Eagle Flys, The Love I Sent You, Tipi Of Love, Laura, I Am Mic Mac and more. SSCT 4232 (Out of Print) (Eastern)

(Intertribal Pow Wow)


Northern & Southern drums MIDNIGHT EXPRESS and YOUNG BIRD together on one recording. See YOUNG BIRD for more information. 6361 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - IT'S TIME

Prices subject to change without notice.


BTDM-1005 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - CHASING THE SUN The Midnite Express singers are proud to release this album recorded live at the 2nd Annual Chasing the Sun pow wow in Glendale, Arizona, home of the Native American Basketball Invitational. This recording is presented in the highest quality digital sound with a mix of straight and word songs featuring intertribal, contest, and change-up songs like the Crow Double-beat, Cree round dance, and Ojibwe side-step. Listen live at the Chasing the Sun as once again Midnite Express singers are at the top of their game, truly one of their best recordings yet released. 12 songs including five intertribals, three contest, and more. BTDM-1008 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - WICAHPI IZITA Recorded live at Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow outside Phoenix, Arizona, the sounds of Midnite Express are heard here in tribute to the late Tanner Albers. They hope you enjoy this excellent collection of pow wow songs. 13 songs including three intertribals, two Ojibwe side-step, a foot slide, a traditional song, a horse stealing song, a grass dance, , and four contest songs. BTDM-1010 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) - WALKS FIRST Midnite Express proudly presents 12 songs in honor and memory. Included are songs honoring John Dearly Jr., Marlin Dickerson Sr., Floyd Silas III, Ambrose Day-Bedeau and more. BTDM-1018 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- MY SPIRIT SOARS Grammy winner Johnny Mike expresses the healing power and renewing spirituality of the peyote ritual in these harmonized songs. Peyote songs, accompanied by rattle and water drum, are musical prayers of the Native American Church to enhance peace and harmony. Six sets of four songs each. 6425 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- LOON, MOUNTAIN AND MOON Native American flute songs. Nine songs including Loon, Mountain and Moon, Canyon Dance, White Road - Red Heart, Mohican Lullaby and more. RR 104 CD $18.98 (Contemporary) - RESERVATION ROAD - LIVE Vocals, guitar, Indian flute, percussion, bass and keyboards. Ten songs including: Reservation Road, Different Drum, Orphan Child and more. 79568 CD $16.98 (Contemporary) - THE RED ROAD Native American singer, songwriter Bill Miller offers his major label debut with an inspiring collection of both traditional, contemporary, but always original music and songs. This album is an inspired journey through the Native American experience that reveals a universal and human heart. WW 45324 Cassette & CD (Out of Print.) (Contemporary) - RAVEN IN THE SNOW On his second album, critically acclaimed Mohican singer-songwriter Bill Miller explores universal themes of personal struggle and redemption. The music is contemporary and tough including both Native instruments as well as electric guitars, bass and full drums. WW 45991 Cassette $2.00 (Contemporary) - GHOSTDANCE 79565 Cassette $5.00 (Flute/New Age)


When it comes to depicting life on the Navajo Nation, Mile Post 398 captures the essence of surviving day-to-day living as the shadows of alcoholism pound at the door. From his earliest memories, Cloyd has witnessed the uglier side of life while being surrounded by alcohol abuse and domestic violence. Each time he attempts to turn over a new leaf his friends Marty and Jimmie mastermind a plan to sway Cloyd from his ultimate hope of saving himself and his beloved family. A choice must be made, but only Cloyd holds the power to salvage what is left of his life, or allow it to slip away into despair. Mile Post 398 truly touches the heart and captivates the spirit. Starring Beau Benally, James Junes, Kim White, Ruth Bradley, Ernest David Tsosie III, Gerald Vandever, Shaylynn Gilmore, K.J. White, Jim Van Winkle, and Dwayne Lake. 110 minutes. Not rated. 32947D DVD (Out of Print.) (Hollywood Movies)


- LIVE AT FORT BELKNAP, MONTANA The Grass Dance way of life has been lost on many reservations. It was the goal of the 37th Milk Dance Committee to bring back the spirit, soul, tradition and respect to the dance arena. Years ago the Grass Dance Singers were a significant few. A drum was placed out in the middle of the arena and only a select few were invited to sit on that drum. The audience knew who the prominent singers were and they respected that value system. All singers of that discreet forum are now gone, however, the host drums MOUNTAIN SOUL and MANDAREE brought back that forum. They brought back the respect to the dance arena in Fort Belknap. Drums include MANDAREE, MOUNTAIN SOUL, DRY LAKE, CHIPPEWACREE, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, BIG BEAR, BUFFALO STONE, EAGLE CLAW and YOUNG GREY HORSE. 14 songs include two grand entry, nine traditional, two contemporary, and one side step. (This really is from the 37th Annual Milk River Indian Days, not the 27th as is printed on the CD jacket and actual CD.) SGFB 072403 CD $15.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow) CD $16.98


- VOL. 2 Six polkas, four chotes and two cumbias. Joe Miguel, Richard Gracia, Ronnie Joaquin, Layne Miguel and Jose Valesco, Jr.. 8068 Cassette $9.98 (Chicken Scratch) - VOL. 3 Twelve selections - three chotas, four cumbias, four wailas (polkas), and one bolero. The musicians are members of the Pima and Tohono O'Odham tribes. 8077 Cassette $9.98 (Chicken Scratch)

- SPIRIT RAIN Bill Miller is a storyteller and five time Native American Music Award winner. His music is prolific, earthy, organic, sophisticated, and elegant. He blends a mix of folk sensibilities with his Mohican heritage. SPIRIT RAIN is Bill Miller's musical and spiritual evolution, a collection of songs relating to spirit, faith, and heritage. SPIRIT RAIN is about reconciliation, the healing between father and son, the healing beyond hatred or racism. Miller's songs are about the love and hope that can be found in each of us, the inner strength that can survive. A mix of roots, blues guitar, and straight ahead folk rock. 14 songs including Red Sky Red Heart, Prayers For The Truth, and Rain Down Your Love. RFP 1126 (Out of Print.) (Flute/New Age) - HEAR OUR PRAYER Reminiscent of his Mohican heritage, Bill Miller's HEAR OUR PRAYER is a Christian worship album that is so intriguing that it compels you to listen. As he mixes his guitar and plaintive flute melodies, he seeks the heart of God in a fashion that is both evocative and inspiring. Bill's fluid voice makes for passionate vocals in worship songs like I See The Lord, Holy Lands, Praises and Father. 11 songs 17972 (Out of Print.) (Gospel/Christian) - A SACRED GIFT Ancient Indian legends tell of a sacred star that was seen so many moons ago. Some call it Morning Star, while others call it the Star of Bethlehem. All describe its brilliance, its mystical essence, and the hope it represented. There is no mistaking that Bill Miller has had an amazing journey filled with


- A WAY OF LIFE From the past, to the present, to the future. Johnny Mike presents 12 compositions. Songs include Beautiful Vision, With Love I Say: My Child, Silent Prayer, and My Baby, My Children. CRM 073103 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - HEAR OUR PRAYERS Grammy® winner Johnny Mike of the Diné is assisted by Art Neal in new harmonized songs for the peyote ritual. Peyote songs, accompanied by rattle and water drum, are musical prayers of the Native American Church to enhance peace and harmony. Six sets of four songs each. 6385 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- OLD DREAMS AND NEW HOPES More great music by Bill Miller. Ten songs including: Westwind, I'll Wait For You, Old Dreams And New Hopes, Dance the Blues Away, and more. Liner notes with words to songs. WSM 102 (Out of Print) (Contemporary) - THE ART OF SURVIVAL Ten songs including Westwind, Legends Never Die, Some of Shelly's Blues, I'll Wait For You. RR 101 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Contemporary)

Prices subject to change without notice.


hardship, sorrow, and joy. Thankful for the road behind him, he reflects on the season and the brightness and spirit of that star. Picking his favorite Christmas melodies and creating new treasured holiday songs, he arrives with A SACRED GIFT. A beautiful holiday blend of cultures and sounds from World music, Southwest Flamenco, Indian chant, Smooth jazz to Americana. Nine songs including four new original wonders - I Saw The Star Of Bethlehem, Sacred Gift, Christmas Morning, and Cedar, Sweet Grass, and Sage. PRC 1130 (Out of Print.) - CEDAR DREAM SONGS A Mohican Indian from northern Wisconsin, Bill Miller has long been one of the most admired figures in the Native American music arena and beyond. As an award-winning recording artist, performer and songwriter, he has been a voice for the voiceless, a link between two great and clashing civilizations. CEDAR DREAM SONG is a showcase for the Native American Flute. The album is textured with piano, drums, guitar and chants. It is quite literally a collection of musical portraits created on the flute. CEDAR DREAM SONG is an instrumental masterpiece that is sure to please all those that have the good fortune to hear it. Nine songs including Unspoken Prayer, Pathway To Dreams, Birds Of The Air, and Calling The Rain. CS 2301 CD $16.98 (Back in Stock.) (Flute/New Age) - SPIRIT SONGS--THE BEST OF BILL MILLER From the first lyrics of "Praises" you know you are being taken to some new territory in the land of rock `n' roll. The hymn like poetry takes you back in time, the visions paint the beauty of this land before it was paved over. The sounds of Bill Miller's music, from traditional Native American flute to rich lyrical folk and rock, are as exciting and awe-inspiring as the swell of thunder approaching on the horizon. Miller's songs, while spiritual and highly celebrated in the Native American community, are universal, tightly-crafted, catchy, incredibly diverse and deep. Bill Miller's music is found in several categories in the Drumbeat Catalog--Gospel/Christian, Flute/New Age, Contemporary and even a Christmas recording. 16 songs including Faith Of A Child, You Are The Rain, Ghostdance, Reservation Road, Geronimo's Cadillac, and The Art Of Survival. 79729 CD $16.98 (Contemporary) - SPIRIT WIND NORTH Spirit Wind North is the first in a series of sacred directions honoring all the tribes of Turtle Island. These songs honor the tribes of the North. Nine songs include Together as One, Vision Quest, Amazing Grace, and Lost Canyon. CS 2305 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - SPIRIT WIND EAST Spirit Wind East is the second in a series of sacred directions honoring all the tribes of Turtle Island. These songs honor the tribes of the east. 13 songs include Eastern Woodland, Morning Bird, Evergreen, and Sacred Secrets. CS 2306 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - CHRONICLES OF HOPE Bill Miller exposes his soul in this recording, It took over three years to complete this project and during that time he questioned life and death. He opened himself up to himself. These songs are


truly songs of hope. 12 songs include Hurricane, You Can't Hide, Blind Faith, and Last Breath. CS 2310 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


these authentic Native American solo flute recordings by Robert Mirabal. Gently enhanced with sounds of nature and native percussion. SONG CARRIER is the story of a man and the music of his soul, his land, and his people. MTI-295 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Flute-New Age) - WARRIOR MAGICIAN WARRIOR MAGICIAN is the alchemical magic of Mirabal's solo flute melodies intertwined delicately with sounds of percussion, didjeridoo, ambient keyboard and guitar. A stirring companion to his critically acclaimed release SONG CARRIER, WARRIOR MAGICIAN continues to represent highlights of Mirabal's earliest works. MTI-296 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - "ALTER-NATIVE" The "ALTER-NATIVE" album - is a bold musical statement that finds the noted Native American composer melding ancient sounds with rock and pop influences in a series of passionate songs that stretch from the Arizona desert all the way to cyberspace, proving beyond a doubt that the combination of cultures is quite compatible. Featuring Hope, a song that moves through the valleys, peaks and plains of emotional and spiritual quest; Medicine Man, Little Indians and The Dream containing a certain mystical quality that is brought to life by the unmistakable sounds of Robert's flute. Mirabal ends on a high note with the lighthearted beat and fun "space-native" lyrics of Cyberspace Warrior. (More selections are available in the Flute/New Age catalog.) WW 46344 CD $15.98 (Contemporary) - TAOS TALES In song, chant and music, Robert Mirabal tells stories of the land known as Taos. Haunting and spirited, the words of his Tiwa language ring forth in a powerful and evocative musical setting highlighted by Native flute and Mirabal's band on cello, guitar and percussion. Taos Tales is a brilliant cross-over recording bridging the gap between his previous ethereal flute releases and his recent contemporary rock oriented titles. Mirabal was a featured artist in the PBS specials SPIRIT and ONE WORLD. SD 922 CD $16.98 - MUSIC FROM A PAINTED CAVE MUSIC FROM A PAINTED CAVE is the exciting and dynamic live concert recording from the nationally broadcast PBS-TV Special of the same name. It features new songs and fresh versions of some of Robert Mirabal's greatest hits in a stunning live performance by this talented Native American (Taos Pueblo) singer, flutist and percussionist. VHS and DVD now available. SD 927 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age) - MUSIC FROM A PAINTED CAVE The PBS-TV special with 10 additional bonus minutes. MUSIC FROM A PAINTED CAVE is an evolutionary vision of one man, from his birth's breath through the metamorphosis of time. Join with Robert Mirabal, Rare Tribal Mob, special guests Star Nayea and Kenny Aronoff and a collection of singers and dancers as they present this exciting visual experience. 252596 D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Music-Variety)


- NATIVE SUITE A collaboration of three of the leading Native American artists. It includes whirlwind flute duets, pow wow drumming, and singing brought together in extended movements. Pulitzer Prize winning Native writer Scott Momaday contributes to the liner notes and the album cover features original art by Bill Miller. WW 45858 Cassette $2.00 (Contemporary)


- MUSIC IS THE MEDICINE Singer/Songwriter Derek Miller was born and raised on the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada. His new recording MUSIC IS THE MEDICINE is a perfect amalgamation of influences culled throughout his 14 years of performing. Blues based rock inspired by the likes of Link Wray, Jimi Hendricks, Bob Dylan, and Hank Williams Sr. Derek has been compared to Neil Young and Kris Kristofferson...but better, because he has a Mohawk heart. 10 songs including Wheels On Fire, Into The Storm, and Corn Cob Soup. WAR 621 CD $18.98 (Contemporary - Rock) - THE DIRTY LOOKS Contemporary rock great, Derek Miller, presents 12 hard driving songs with the help of Ken Hoover, Christian Dugas, Dave Deleary, Matt Campbell, Lucie Idlout, and more. Songs include Ooo La La, Wishing Well, Throw The Hammer Down, and Stormy Eyes. AR 1306 CD $17.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


Recorded live at Hinkley, MN, 1993. Eight Drums from the US and Canada - Whitefish Bay Jr., Little Otter, The Boyz, Thunder Mountain, Stoney Park, Northern Wind, Sioux Assiniboine and Heart of the Earth. Nine pow wow songs. SSCT 4174 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Midwest)


Robert Mirabal is an honored Taos Pueblo composer, flutist, writer, and artisan. He is a featured artist in the PBS specials "SPIRIT" and "ONE WORLD." And has been touring with the "SPIRIT" production on stage across the United States. He has performed with composer John Tesh. - LAND LAND was recorded virtually live with traditional Native instruments. Conceptually, the score moves from creation of the earth through the evolution of life and the struggle of Nature to grow and survive. WW 45992 Cassette $4.00 (Flute/New Age) - SONG CARRIER Hear the voices of Mother Earth and Father Sky in

Prices subject to change without notice.


- INDIANS INDIANS Musician...Writer....Singer....Storyteller. Robert Mirabal is one of Native America's most dynamic artists. On INDIANS INDIANS Mirabal goes back to his tribal roots with heartfelt and humerous stories, songs and music about the people and cultures that surround him. This provocative new recording will make you laugh and make you cry. Mirabal gives a powerful, raw, and sensitive performance, creating a deeply moving listening experience. 11 tracks of songs and stories including Black Jack Daisy, Ruler Of My Heart, and Shine. The enhanced CD also includes a video mix of the title piece Indians, Indians. Here is the next evolution of Mirabal...enjoy. SD 935 CD $16.98 (Contemporary) - SACRED VISIONS The art of JD Challenger accompanied by the music of Grammy Nominated Native American recording artist Robert Mirabal. Over 120 works of Challenger's powerful art come alive with Mirabal's evocative music. JD Challenger's signature style depicting Native American warriors, women, medicine men and storytellers has generated perhaps some of the most compelling works dominating the Southwest art scene today. Robert Mirabal's music is haunting and spirited. The worlds of his Tewa language ring forth in a powerful and evocative musical setting highlighted by Native flute and Mirabal's band on cello, guitar and percussion. 55 minutes, set for continuous play. 15096D DVD $24.95 (Videos/Art DVD) - PUEBLO CHRISTMAS On Christmas Eve at Taos Pueblo, mixed with the smoke of bonfires and the echo of gunfire in the frigid air, the church doors open and you hear traditional hymns sung in Spanish and English accompanied by a violin and native drum. On this night, nowhere in America do Hispanic, Anglo and Native cultures mix so freely and powerfully to share the spirituality of the season. To mark this yearly celebration, Taos Pueblo artist and musician Robert Mirabal introduces this spectacular CD. One dozen classic Christmas Carols, plus a contemporary Mirabal rocker, that he has charted and arranged for an array of Native American flutes and a single cello. He is joined by Santa Fe based cellist Michael Kott and his brother Patrick Mirabal on flute and percussion. 14 total songs include Angels We Have Heard On High, The First Noel, We Three Kings, Silent Night, and his original composition Green Chili Christmas. SRR 6975 CD $16.98 (Gospel/Christmas) - IN THE BLOOD After a four year hiatus, Robert Mirabal is back with the strongest album of his career. The 13 tracks presented here blend scenes from the American experience - past, present and future - with themes from contemporary Native life. Sung in both English and Tiwa, love songs merge with ghost songs that roll into Americana ballads and full-on tribal rockers. Songs include Medicine Man, Brave New World, Pottery Shard Man, and Holding Up The Sky. Song lyrics included in liner notes. SRR 002 CD $16.98 (Out of Print.) (Contemporary) *** See Johnny Whitehorse for more Robert Mirabal as Johnny Whitehorse, a character creation.



With a history of feuding, horse rustling and violence, the Franklin and Red Eagle families are well known rivals in the lawless western frontier. When disaster strikes, these two families will be forced to confront their many differences as lives hang in the balance. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Wyoming's majestic open range, Miracle at Sage Creek is an uplifting Western classic; a story of faith, filled with action and suspense that will thrill the whole family. A wonderful family friendly Western like they used to make. Staring David Carradine, Wes Studi, Michael Parkes, and Irene Bedard. 83 minutes. Closes Captioned. Rated PG. 30115D DVD $20.95 (Hollywood Movies)


T2E 1001 CD $16.98 (Sale Price $10.98) (Contemporary - Rap) - THE HITS VOLUME 1 Mistic has a new release. This collection presents 17 tracks in his distinctive style. Songs include Where I'm From, War Dance, Where My Warriors At, Rezurection, and Through These Eyes. T2E 1011 CD $16.98 (Sale Price $10.98) (Contemporary - Rap)


- THE ALBUM 12 new songs by MISTIC and SHADE. They continue to be on the cutting edge. A good beat. Makes you want to party. Songs include Still Grindin', Broken Circle, I Miss Ya, and It Ain't Ever Gonna Stop. T2E 1006 CD $16.95 (Sale Price $10.98) (Contemporary - Rap)


Maggie is a young plainswoman raising her daughters in the desolate wilderness of New Mexico. When daughter Lily is snatched by a dark-hooded phantom with shape-shifting powers, Maggie's long-estranged father appears suddenly, offering help. Though stunned by his return, Maggie knows she must swallow both hurt and pride if she is ever to see Lily again. Unaware of the frightening events that lurk in the distance, father and daughter set out to track down the fiend that took Lily. But lying in wait is horror so unspeakable it will change them forever! Starring Cate Blanchett, Tommy Lee Jones, Aaron Eckhart and Eric Schweig. Close captioned. 137 minutes. Rated R. COL 02543D DVD $20.95 (Hollywood Movies)


17 tracks featuring Mistic, Btaka, T.O.N.Y., Raypent, Meta, Jivin' Scientists, Wahwahtay Benais, Nomadic, and more. Songs include Bury The Hatchet, Take It As It Comes, Broken Dreams, Hustlin', and When It Rains. T2E 1014 CD $16.98 (Sale Price $10.98) (Contemporary - Rap)


A collection of Native rappers including SupaMan, Rollin' Fox, Btaka, Mistic, Yaiva, Shadowyze, Nomadic, Ncognito, and more. The 18 songs presented on this album include Deadly Penz, Feel My Pain, Make It Right, Diary of a Hustler, Time After Time, and Every Single Weekend. T2E 1015 CD $16.98 (Sale Price $10.98) (Contemporary - Rap)


Sweeping and visually resplendent, The Mission is a powerful action epic about a man of the sword and a man of the cloth who unite to shield a South American Indian tribe from brutal subjugation by 18th-century colonial empires. Starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons. Disc 1 includes a fulllength commentary by the director. Disc 2 includes a bonus documentary which visits the film's South American location shoot and examines the heartrending lives of the Waunana Indians who portrayed the film's Guarani tribespeople. 125 minutes. Rated PG. 23497D DVD $28.95 (Hollywood Movies)


- LAKOTA SUNDANCE SONGS 16 songs. Two entrance songs, 12 prayer songs, one prayer and thanksgiving song, and one exit song. Singers: Elmer Running, Lorenzo Eagle Road, Gilly Running, Anthony Running, Harold White Horse and Elva White Horse. Recorded in South Dakota. A companion song booklet is available for the cassette, it is included with the CD. RR 004 CD $15.98 (Sioux)


- REZURECTION The long awaited solo debut album of Navajo rapper MISTIC. Special appearances by Storm Bird, Slim, Shade, Koz, War Paint and Litefoot. Songs include Shattered Dreams, Wash the Blood, Broken Arrow and 11 more. RVR 9660 (Out of print) (Contemporary - Rap) - TRIBAL SCARS MISTIC, a full blood Navajo from Two Grey Hills, New Mexico, has been rapping for over nine years. He is recognized as the first Native to rap in his own Navajo language. TRIBAL SCARS deals with the harsh realities among his native people. From tradition, language, and cultural awareness, to violence, crime, and poverty - issues not normally spoken about. 14 tracks including So I Pray, Wardance, Through These Eyes, and Now They Know. Special appearances by ROLLIN, JAKE 6, SUZY and SHADE


Lecture by Ehanamani, a.k.a., Dr. A. Chuck Ross, a Santee Dakota educator and spiritual guide at the Institute for the Study of American Cultures. An introduction to Sioux religion & philosophy as detailed in his book We Are All Related. 60 minutes Now on DVD. 4420D DVD $25.00 (Videos/Documentary)


- SWEET GRASS RECORDS 10 YEARS From a dream that began in the basement of the family home, Sweet Grass Records is now celebrating 10 years of providing quality recordings of Native music. Sweet Grass Records has recorded a cross-section of Native music from

Prices subject to change without notice.


many different tribal groups across North America thus enabling future generations to embrace the knowledge and history of First Nations people. This double CD is only a sample of the vast talent among Native artists representing three styles Northern Style (traditional and contemporary), Southern Style and Round Dance. 17 songs on each disc. Groups include MOUNTAIN SOUL, BLACK LODGE, STONEY PARK, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, HIGH NOON, SOUTHERN CREE, WHITEFISH JRS, ELK'S WHISTLE, EYABAY, THE BOYZ, ZOTIGH, RED BULL, PIPESTONE CREEK and many more. SGSG 103103 (Out of Print) (Intertribal Pow Wow) SOAR 107 (Navajo)


CD $18.98


courages everyone to continue passing down the traditional teaching to our children. TIM 10116 CD $17.98 (Canada)

- VOL. 2 - THE NAVAJO KID RIDES AGAIN Ten traditional Navajo songs. Includes Save the Last Dance for Me, Apache Girl's Plans and She's My Friend -You're My Love. SOAR 112 (Out of Print) (Navajo) - VOL. 3 - A GOOD YEAR FOR THE ROSE Ten traditional Navajo songs including Saturday Nite Memories, How Wonderful It Is To Be A Cowboy and The Good Old Days. SOAR 121 (Out of Print) (Navajo) - VOL. 4 - SONGS FROM A DISTANT DRUM A collection of original Navajo songs sung in the unique vocal style that helped make Davis Mitchell famous throughout Indian America. Songs include: What Do You Think Of Me Dear, Mesa Donkey Trail, For the Time Being, Oh Dear Hopi Girl, and six more. SOAR 137 (Out of Print) (Navajo) - VOL. 5 - DRUMMER BOY Ten beautiful Navajo songs from the voice and drum of one of the best traditional singers of all times. Songs include Wonderful, I Told You So, Girl You Confuse My Mind, Me and My Old Car, Dreaming, Old Faithful, I Come, Take This, I wonder How Old You Are, A Warriors Dream. SOAR 181 CD $18.98 (Navajo) - COUNTRY ROAD With a voice as clear and exciting as the immortal Ed Lee Natay, Diné singing star Davis Mitchell presents ten new songs about Navajo life and loving. A great performer who needs no comparison with anyone, the ever-popular Mitchell is a favorite throughout all corners of the Dinetah and beyond. Songs include five two-step songs and five skip dance songs. 6421 CD $15.98 (Navajo) - THE BALLAD OF OLD TIMES Ten songs by Navajo singer Davis Mitchell. Songs include Saturday Nite Memories, Sweetheart From Ft. Duchesne, The Good Old Days, and Where Have You Gone. SOAR 230 CD $18.98 (Navajo)


- TRIBAL HEAT Recorded live at Napi Pow Wow, Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada. 11 songs including two grand entry, six intertribals, a shawl, a girls' traditional, and a teen boys' fancy. SGMF 12398 Cassette $2.00 CD $12.98 (Canada)


A collection of songs of the Native American Church sung by some of the best men in the genre. - VOLUME 1 Men include Gregory Woody, Sammie Byjoe Jr., Billy Curley, and Paul Clitso. 14 songs. CNS 101 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 2 This is the second collection of peyote songs from different previously released albums. It is hope that you enjoy this wonderful healing music. Singers include Greg Woody, Antone Woody, Sammie Byjoe Jr., and Robert Hicks. CNS 102 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 3 Included are Greg and Antone Woody, Sammie Byjoe Jr., Bill Curley, Leander Hicks, and Paul Clitso. CNS 103 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- SACRED FIRE Grammy nominated flutist (Burning Sky - Spirits in the Wind, Best Native American Album) Kelvin Mockingbird, provides eight special songs created to enhance meditation and contemplation. The solo Native American flute is one of the most popular instruments in music for meditation, and Mockingbird (of the Dine) is one of the masters at creating melodies that help the listener find moments of peace and relaxation. Songs include The Flames Within, Wind Child, and The Healing Of Hand. 7073 CD $15.98 (Flute/New Age)


INDIAN MUSIC OF CHIAPAS, MEXICO The music of the indigenous people of the southern Mexican state of Chiapas reflects many varied influences, past and present. They refer to their music as the "Real Song" and their language as the "Real Speech." The four languages spoken here are Tzoztil, Tzeltal, Chol and Tojolabal and all share their basic Mayan roots with both Aztec and Spanish borrowings. Music is always performed in the context of `custumbre' or custom, never for its own sake. - VOLUME 1 (1975) A collection of songs recorded in 1972, 1973 and 1974 from San Juan Chaluma; Fiesta of San Bartolo, Venustiano Carranza; Fiesta of San Sebastion, Zinnacantan; Chalchiuitan Carneval; Fiesta of San Miguel, Huistan; Fiesta of San Alonzo, Tenejapa Center; Majosic, Tenejapa Carneval; Tenango; Guacitepec'; Petalcingo; Tila and the Fiesta of "El Senor de Tila." All recordings were recorded live at actual festivals in Indian communities. Descriptive notes enclosed. FE 4377 Cassette $5.00 (Mexico) - VOLUME 2 (1977) Songs in this collection include a Metonic Christmas Eve service; a Chalchiuitan Carnival from San Pablo; from San Bartolo Venustiano Carranzo, Fiesta de San Bartolo and a selection from the Fiesta de Miguel in Huistan - all Tzoztil speaking. Side two continues with Tzeltal speaking songs - Majosic Carnival of Tenejapa; songs from Tenango and the Fiesta de Ascencion at Petalcingo; the Tila Fiesta de Santa Lucia - Chol speaking people; finally a selection from Guacitepec (Tzeltal). Descriptive notes enclosed. FE 4379 Cassette $5.00 (Mexico)


- WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I WAS SINGLE? In his own words, Blackhorse "grew up with hardly anybody around except a large herd of sheep and the sheep dog." So he sang to his sheep when herding and pretty soon started composing his own songs. Since then he has become an educator, lecturer, entertainer, and artist. He sings ten songs on this recording including Brand New Vehicle, She'll Grow Up, American Bar, Young and Beautiful, and Mystery Cowboy. CRM 021606 CD $16.98 (Navajo) - DON'T LET GO! Blackhorse Mitchell is an educator, lecturer, entertainer and artist. He presents his songs at various conferences and workshops. In his second CD he shares 12 songs with you. Songs include Horseback Riding Song, Let's Stroll, Grumpy Old Man, and Dine Wagon Song. CRM 071107 CD $16.98 (Navajo)


- SONGS FROM THE REZ A collection of pow wow songs from the Blood Tribe of Canada featuring the songs of Arnold Mountain Horse. This exciting northern drum is blazing trails across the pow wow highways of the U.S. and Canada and gaining legions of fans along the way. Songs include Drum Song, Looking Good, Dancing Fancy, Prayer Song, Jingle Dress Slide and six more. SOAR 194 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 (Canada)


- VOL. 1 - NAVAJO SINGER SINGS FOR YOU Song writer and singer Davis Mitchell performs ten traditional two-stop and skip songs. Includes Granddaughter of Apache Woman, Making Summer Plans, and Let Me Take You Home.


- FRIENDS & FAMILY Formerly the Saulteaux Singers, the Moccasin family presents 14 traditional round dance songs. The family hopes you enjoy these songs and en-



Prices subject to change without notice.


Chicken Scratch fans - here it is!! Super Scratch Kings Number One Molinas Mo Ab Co:di T-Ab Wud Lalai KC Wud Si We:pegkam. A classic chicken scratch recording from Canyon Records' archive of Native American music. THE MOLINAS are Virgil R. Molina Sr. (alto sax and vocals), Larry A. Molina (drums), Richard Garcia (accordian), Leonard W. Enos (guitar), Ruben Orduño (bass). No one knows how old chicken scratch is or how it was aquired by the Papago and Pima. It has always been an instrumental form of music played first on violins and guitars and later with the sax, bass, accordian and electric guitar The Molinas became known as Super Scratch Kings Number One after winning the Battle of Bands during the 1974 National Indian Trade Fair at Salt River, Arizona. 13 songs including Oik Oik Oik Polka, Rufalina Polka, Old Man Rooster Polka, Dawn Mazurka, Open Up Your Heart Ranchero Polka, Guess Who Chote and more. Liner notes with words and translations to songs. 6128 (Out of Print) (Chicken Scratch)


Monias), Don't Walk Away (Billy Simard), Goodbye Angel (Robbie Brass) and Soldier Blue (Edward Gamblim). SSCT 4395 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Country) - A TRIBUTE TO HANK WILLIAMS Hank Williams has been an inspiration to many of the world's country western artists. This recording is the result of that inspiration - a way of expressing the impact he has had on ERNEST MONIAS. The songs presented here are sung "Monias Style". 16 songs including Honky Tonk Blues, Your Cheating Heart, I'm So Lonesome, and House Of Gold. SSCT 4429 CD $15.98 (Country) - LIVE AT THE GOLDEN EAGLE CASINO Yes, the `Elvis of the North' is back with a new "LIVE" album. Recorded in North Battlefield, Saskatchewan, this new release will be a serious addition to all MONIAS fan's collections. Performing numerous MONIAS classic originals and tunes that are sure to bring hours of enjoyment. This recording is a must have that celebrates his Rockin' Country career. See and hear him at his partying best. 11 songs including I Hear You Knockin', Midnight Special, and Cold Hard Truth. SSCT 4444 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Country) SSCT4444 DVD $25.95 (Videos/Music-Variety) - MY LIFE IN SONG Known as the "Elvis of the North" Ernest is truly a Northern musical legend. From countless years on the scene with numerous albums, he has built a following that defies description. Born and raised in Cross Lake, Manitoba, Ernest soon found that he had a gift for touching people with music. Over his career he has released 18 albums and has performed in many different styles of music including gospel, country and rock. Entertaining coast to coast, his unique vocal resonance and delivery distinguish him from all other entertainers. 22 songs including I Hear You Knockin, I Saw The Light, Achin' Breakin Heart, and Tear In My Beer. SSCT 4500 CD $15.98 (Country/Western) - LIVE AT THE WESTBROOK This two-disc set features two shows by the "King of the North," Ernest Monias. 24 Country/Rock songs recorded at two live performances. SSCT 4544 CD $15.98 (Country) SSCT 6061 CD (Gospel/Christian)




- SINGING WATERFALL & OTHER GOSPEL FAVORITES Ernest Monias has been entertaining for many years and has recorded numerous albums - Country and Gospel. He has always enjoyed singing Gospel tunes and in this recording you will find many of his favorites. He is joined by some of his close friends - Lionel Desjarlais, George Anderson and The Why Knotts. 12 songs including I Saw The Light, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Amazing Grace, and I Was There. SSCT 6046 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian)


One of Ernest Monias' early recordings now brought to you. Recorded in 1993, listen to the songs that made him into the great performer he is today. Ten songs including Susie Q, Out Of Time, and Barroom Dancing Girl. SSCT 4027 Cassette $2.00 (Out of Print.) (Country)


- THE GOSPEL SIDE OF..... SSCT 6008 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christian) - CHRISTMAS WITH ERNEST MONIAS Ernest Monias sings many of your favorite Christmas carols with a Country/Western beat. Songs in English. Includes: "Silver Bells," "Jingle Bell Rock," and "Winter Wonderland." SSCT 4124 Cassette $2.49 CD $15.98 (Gospel/Christmas) - GREATEST HITS A lot of music packed into one recording! This compilation contains a selection of previously recorded songs from 1979 through 1996. These are the most popular of songs among Ernests' fans. Nineteen songs including If I Wanted you Girl, Stay Awhile, Call Me The Breeze, Getting Suspicious, Shadow of Your Distant FriendDevil's On The Loose, When I Was Young, Chicken Truck, and more! SSCT 4262 CD $15.98 (Country) - LIVE - VOLUME 1 In this live recording Ernest Monias performs 12 songs including House Of The Rising Sun, Green River, Life Still Goes On, and California Girl. SSCT 4265 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Country) - LIVE! - VOLUME 2 Another live recording. Over 50 minutes of some of the best of Ernest Monias. 13 songs including Proud Mary, Suzy Q, Stay Awhile, and I Hear You Knockin'. SSCT 4278 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Country) - NORTHERN LEGENDS There are many legends of the North, but one of the most exciting legends is the legend of its music. You will now experience the best of the North. The crème of the crème. Ernest Monias, Edward Gambli, Robbie Brass and Billy Simard are truly NORTHERN LEGENDS. Four amazing artists originating from Northern Manitoba. Now for the first time ever this recording combines some of the very best talent for your listening pleasure. 12 songs include Sometimes I Feel Like Crying (Ernest


- NEECHEE Ten Songs in a light rock style by a popular Canadian singing family. Includes Face in the Crowd, I've Been Down That Road Too and Honkey Tonk Blues. All songs in English. SSCT 4111 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Contemporary - Rock)


Old time bar-room numbers, tear-jerkers and stomp-ers by a Hualapai Indian group from Peace Springs, Arizona. Country-western. Joe Montana, singer, lead guitar; Del Havatone, rhythm guitar; Neil Jackson, drums, lead guitar; Chum Shrum, bass.Black Jack's Bar, Sensuous Woman, Redneck, Whitesocks, Blue Ribbon Beer, plus eight more. 501 (Out of Print.) (Country)


Frank Montano is a traditional flutist who has written and performed with the guitar as well. Frank is an accomplished and skilled performing artist. - ETERNAL JOURNEY BY ANAKWAD From the Red Cliff Chippewa Reservation in Wisconsin come eight original compositions for the Indian flute. Includes drum on some selections, sounds of nature and the outdoors of the northern Great Lakes area. Selections include: Soaring with Spirit Friend and Late Night Serenade. Frank says the tape allows one to fly and soar with the eagles, while relaxing to the sounds of the calming flute. AVL 89119 Cassette $2.00 (Flute/New Age) - RESERVATION REFLECTIONS by ANAKWAD (Frank Montano) Eleven songs with spirited messages. Reservation Reflections, We Must Hunt No More, Commodity Blues, We Are the Keepers of Our Mother Earth, My Spirit Friend, You Can't Take the Spirit From


- UNDER THE COVERS Another Country/Rock style recording from the versatile Ernest Monias. He is joined by 'The Boys' on this recording of 12 songs that all should enjoy. Songs include Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues, Cold Hard Truth, Sweet Dream Woman, and Baby Please Don't Go. SSCT 4454 CD $15.98 (Country/Western) - JESUS IS ON THE MAIN LINE Ernest Monias (vocals, acoustic guitar) is joined by Jimmy Flett (mandolin, lead guitar), Shane Ward (drums, acoustic guitars), and Linda Michaels (background vocals) in his third gospel recording. 14 songs including Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Man of Galilee, Old Rugged Cross, Amazing Grace, and Precious Memories.

Prices subject to change without notice.


the Indian, The Sacred Fire, My Prayer to the Grandfathers, Travel Back in Time, Common Folks, and Son of Mexican Joe. M-RR 101 (Out of Print.) - SKY SPIRIT SKY SPIRIT, featuring Ojibwe singer and flute player Frank "Anakwad" Montano and IMAX extreme composer D.J. Free, takes the listener on a hypnotic journey with Native American flute, sacred chants, nature sounds and ambient realms. Seven songs including Manitou (Spirit), Wigwam (Earth Lodge), Nimke Nagamon (Thunder Song), and Gimiwan (Rain). SF 007 CD $16.98 (Flute/New Age)


- KAHOMANI SONGS The MOOSE MOUNTAIN NAKOTA SINGERS are comprised of members from the Ocean Man, Pheasant Rump, and Whitebear First Nations. The endeavor was initiated by Armand McArthur and Peter Bigstone. As our elders have passed on many have taken with them much of the cultural traditions and languages, but they have left us with their teachings and these songs. This is one of the very few recordings that celebrate the Kahomani culture. It is the hope of all involved that these songs will help to carry on the tradition and the joy of the Kahomani to future elders to pass on. 11 songs. SSCT 4440 CD $15.98 (Sioux)


Cecile Moosomin and her daughter present 28 Native American Church songs. They are originally from the Assiniboine/Cree Tribe Mosquiteo First Nations of Canada. They were born and raised through the peyote way of life. Special thanks to Darwin Begaye for drumming. These songs are meant to be shared throughout the peyote road. CMP 117 CD $15.98 (Peyote) - A NEW DAWN These new and old prayer songs are presented in faith, love, and charity to the young and wisely aged. It is hoped that these songs journey into the hearts of oneself as the sound of the waterdrum beats to a rhythm for deep healing and spiritual awakening. Six tracks. CMP 129 CD $15.98 (Peyote)


- TRADITIONAL NAVAJO SONGS The MONUMENT VALLEY SINGERS are Eddie Yazzie, Daniel Chee, John Yazzie Atene and Ricky Chief. Not present for this recording were Scott Bosley, James Fatt, Herman Chee and Jimmie Chee.18 songs include three spinning songs, five round dance songs, a wake up song, and in-law song and more. 7178 Cassette $9.98 (Navajo) - FOR JAPANESE GIRLS Six Two Step Songs including Japanese Girl Take Me By Mistake, Mohave Girl Come Back To Me and Be With Me For A While. Six Skip Dance Songs including Ute Lady's Granddaughter, Navajo Nation Girl and Pretty Dear Zuni Girl. 7180 Cassette $9.98 (Navajo)


- STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART TIM 10030 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Cree) - IN HONOUR OF ART MOOSOMIN - LIVE ROUND DANCE As lead singers gathered in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, the excitement rose as the evenings special event was to pay tribute to a singer who has inspired and taught many round dance singers over the years. Art Moosomin has been singing since he was eight years old. He has shared, and continues to share his lifestyle and talents with all who are interested in the traditional values and songs. 12 songs with singers including Mervin Dreaver, Albert Whitefish, Jack Bull, Brad Crain and Edward Running Around. SGAM 12700 Cassette $2.00 (Cree)


It has become the most popular film about Native Americans ever produced! Bows doc-uments the contributions of the American In-dians to the development of the United States and Canada. From net fishing off cliffs over a Northwest river to prehistoric mounds that rival the pyramids of Egypt. From early mines and medicine men to the ancient Hohokam irri-gation canal system in Arizona. MORE THAN BOWS AND ARROWS tell an uncommon and unequaled story. Narrated by N. Scott Moma-day, Pulitzer prize winning Indian author, MORE THAN BOWS AND ARROWS has received numerous national and international awards for film excellence. 60 minutes AAV-001 PAL European format $24.95 AAV-001 PAL GERMAN $24.95 AAV-001 SECAM FRENCH $24.95 AAV-501D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- HOLY BLESSINGS Moonlight Chanters present 13 skip and two-step songs. Songs include White Moutain, Why Oh Why, Let's Dance. MC 2009 CD $16.98 (Navajo)



- ONE MORE TIME The latest release by Art Moosomin. He is joined by the Mosquito Singers. They perform ten straight songs plus three others. TIM 10048 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Cree)


- OUT OF THE ASHES Never before has Native American music been so provocatively combined with the modern Pop music world. Morningsong is both a powerful singer and outstanding songwriter, and her original music and profound lyrics are filled with the essence of her Native American heritage. All it takes is one listen for the Pop laden hits on this electrifying recording to ignite your spirit and make your heart soar. Award winning producer Larry Mitchell augments Morningsong's captivating voice with sizzling electric guitar, bass, and drums artfully intertwined with Native percussion, tribal drums, and vocables. Morningsong adds more magic to the mix performing Native American flute. The result is a spectacular mix of mainstream and ethnic sounds that deliver Pop songs in a way the world has yet to experience. Of Northern Cheyenne heritage and raised in the entertainment rich climate of Southern California, Shelley Morningsong has been a performer on stage and screen since early childhood. Most recently she has been touring with Native American superstar performer Robert Mirabal. SD 946 CD $16.98 (Contemporary) - FULL CIRCLE Shelley Morningsong (Vocals, Native Flutes, Ocarina, South American Bird Whistle, Acoustic Guitar) brings you her second collection of contem-

ROSE MOORE (Cherokee Rose)

- SPIRIT OF SILENCE If you like Enya, you will love ROSE MOORE (Cherokee Rose)! This haunting Classical Crossover/New Age release gets better with every listen. The female voice from SACRED SPIRITS II collaborates with "THE BRAVE" to create a collection of spiritual tales. These are stories of a "woman on the road," the spiritual tales of a seeker who presents her experiences to the listener with sympathetic understanding of the challenges in store. The music is hard to categorize--it's New Age, yes... but has a multi-layered, multiinstrumental cross cultural flavor like Adiemus or Enigma and the added bonus of a meaningful message. 13 songs including O Spirit Tree, Blessed By The Angels, Softly The Wind, and Heaven & Sky. Also see listings under CHEROKEE ROSE. OM 12756 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)


- A TIME FOR HEALING Of the Cree/Assiniboine Tribe from Saskatchewan, Canada, Cecile Moosomin, has been involved in the Native American Church since birth. Cecile presents these songs ever so gracefully, in dedication and acknowledgement to the spiritual influences from the Native American Church. 24 songs including ten straight songs, six Cree songs, a Cree morning song, two Cree healing songs, a Sioux song, two Dine songs, a birthday song, and a "Song for my Children" composed by Cecile Moosomin. DNA 60052 CD $17.98 (Peyote) - HONORING OUR CHILDREN A descendant of the Assiniboine/Cree tribe of Canada, Cecile Moosomin humbly and respectfully presents 24 ceremonial songs of the Native American Church. She hopes that these medicine songs bring a positive inspiration to the children for they are our future, our Faith, Hope, and Love. Accompanied by drummer G. Woody. CRM 041009 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - COURAGE OF OUR SACRED BELIEF


- KAHOMANI SONGS VOLUME 2 SSCT 4375 (Out of Print) (Sioux)

Prices subject to change without notice.


porary songs. She is joined by Larry Mitchell (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards); Fabian Fontenelle (Vocals Zuni Language, Native Percussion, Bells, Rattles); Dawn Avery (Cello); John Rangel (Keyboards); Paul Fowler (Keyboards); and Shane McConnell (Acoustic & Electric Guitars). Ten songs include Return, Morning Song, I'm A Warrior, and Invisible People. 55603 CD $16.98 (Contemporary)



- MOSQUITO SINGERS Fourteen traditional round dance songs from the Mosquito Reserve near North Battleford, SK. Songs include Round Dancing All Night, Macho Man, White Swan Blues, Angry Grandma and straight round dance songs. Leo Calabaza Jr., Marshall Dreaver, Art Moosomin, Mervin Dreaver, Elgin Scabby Robe, Jeff Moosomin and Glen Lewis. Singers are Nakota/Cree. MS032493 Cassette $2.00 (Cree) - THE YOUNG AT HEART Lead singer Art Moosomin tells us that long ago the Round Dance was used for healing purposes. It is still used for healing as well as for weddings, birthdays and memorials to signify respect and honor. Art sings from the heart to lift the spirits of his people and bring joy and happiness to all. Singers: Art Moosomin (lead), Clayton Chief, Quin, Jeff, Susanne, Joanne, Dianne and Roseann Moosomin; Marshal Dreaver, and Randy Harris. 14 songs including Dont' Give Up, I'll Be Wearing a Cowboy Hat, I Regret..., straight songs, and more. SGM 110794 Cassette $2.00 (Cree) - KEEP ME IN YOUR HEART 14 Round dance songs including: Straights, Don't Look at Me They'll Get Jealous, To See Her Once Again, Scabby Lips, and more great music. SGM 101995 (Out of Print) (Cree) - YOU BELONG TO ME Round Dance songs. SGM 102897 (Out of Print) (Cree)


pian culture. Today this city is called Moundville. Its inhabitants were highly organized and with organization came power, trade, and wealth on a scale never seen before in Ancient America. They created huge earth works and mounds, but also refined works of art. Their influence spread across almost all of eastern North America. Yet, we never know the city's real name... or the name of the peoples who inhabited it. They remain a mystery... shrouded in the fog of time. Come explore this fascinating city of Ancient America. 17 minutes. AAV-509D DVD $16.95 (Videos/Documentary)


- SONGS FOR THE NEW GENERATION Randell Morris of the Diné Nation, assisted by Sammie Byjoe Jr., presents 24 Peyote songs. JCM 0471 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - WHAT WE BELIEVE IN Randell Morris presents 38 Native American Church Songs. CRM 081506 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - SONGS OF JOY & HAPPINESS Randell brings you 28 peyote songs accompanied by Jerold Francisco on waterdrum. JCM 0472 CD $16.98 (Peyote) - TEYADA From Mexican Springs on the Navajo Reservation, Randell presents 28 Native American Church songs. He was brought up to respect and practice Navajo traditional ways and attend the Native American Church. Both traditional and religious practices are a way of life for his family. They provide an unfaltering foundation that sustains everyday life. CRM 111608 CD $16.98 (Peyote)


- Vol. 1 - MOUNTAIN MUSIC OF PERU INSTRUMENTS AND VOICE The Smithsonian Institution acquired Folkways Records in 1987 in order that the sounds and the genius of the artists would be preserved and available to future generations. This diverse compilation runs from the ceremonial music of isolated mountain herding villages to the mountaininfluenced popular music of industrial Lima. These remastered high quality recordings capture the various stringed instruments, flute, panpipes, drums, brass bands, and interlocking voices of Peruvian music. Recorded in Peru, compiled and annotated by film-maker and musician John Cohen, this recording is considered the best anthology of Peruvian Andean music ever issued. Contains liner notes. SF 40020 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean) - Vol. 2 - MOUNTAIN MUSIC OF PERU INSTRUMENTS AND VOICE This Folkway reissue contains 74 minutes of music, featuring 10 previously unreleased selections and pre-sents the music of the Andean people as it is performed within their own communities. Although best known for its stunning panpipe ensembles, which are well represented on this album, the Andean region's music collected here contains a wide variety of vocal and instrumental styles. This is the companion to VOLUME ONE MOUNTAIN MUSIC OF PERU INSTRUMENTS AND VOICE. SF 40406 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Andean)


- NASHVILLE REBEL 11 songs include Time Marches On, Wonderful Tonight, I Walk The Line, and Indian Car. AV 2017 CD $17.98 (Country) - WHO YOU'D BE TODAY Volume 2. 14 songs including Lodi, Jalisco, Folsom Prison Blues, and Who'll Stop The Rain. AV 2019 CD $17.98 (Country) - KEEP MOVING FORWARD Most Wanted presents their third collection of ten Country songs. Songs include Down and Out, She's So California, Ring of Fire, and Tonite the Bottle Let Me Down. AV 2018 CD $17.98 (Country) - SHOOTING FIRE In their fourth release Most Wanted presents 11 songs including Blue Moon Night, Learning to Fly, Long Cool Woman in Black, Tequila Sunrise, and Ghost Rider. AV 2030 CD $17.98 (Country)


- ENTITY From Blue Gap, Arizona, Allen Mose Jr. of the Dineh nation now resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is pleased to bring you this collection of solo effects of original songs. Eleven songs including a crow hop, three straight vocabal and a straight vocabal with a poem. BR 1741 CD $15.98 (Navajo)


- SOUL LIVES ON At Rocky Boy, Montana this young drum group followed a proper protocol in seeking instruction in the pow wow ceremony. Singers include Dale Zorthian, Craig Roan, Clay Roan, Avery Roan, Calvin Rattlesnake, J.K. Roan, Charlie Favel, Tyrone Roan, Elmer Rattlesnake, Fred Roan, Daniel Roan, Aaron Zorthian, Rienhart Roan, Ira Roan, Jayson Zorthian, Ian Roan and Stuart Morin. This recording contains four intertribal songs, one jingle side step, one chicken, one contest, one straight jingle, one traditional and one Northern fancy. SGMS 61500 Cassette $2.00 (CD Out of Print.) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Cree) - IN THE VALLEY OF THE SUN - VOL. 1 From Mountain Cree Camp in Northern Alberta, MOUNTAIN SOUL, the host drum at ASU provided some outstanding singing and songs at the 15th Annual ASU Spring Competition Pow Wow at Tempe, Arizona, April 20-22, 2001. Singers include Fred Roan, Reinhart Roan, Elmer


- HOLISTIC BLESSINGS Allen Mose is joined by his son, Orian Jay, to bring you these original solo songs. Allen is an Award winning Native American recording artist, performer, lecturer and jeweler. Orian started singing at the age of six. Since then he has composed a few songs. Orian mixes Northern Plains style with elements of his Navajo social singing which captures the energy and excitement of today's youth across Indian Country. Allen and Orian hope that you enjoy these songs, and that you receive good blessings from them - that you find strength, comfort and confidence within yourself to go live in Peace and Harmony. Ten songs including Foot Slider, KTNN Special, White Bison, and N8tuv Soul Ja. BCR 1537 CD $15.98 (Navajo)


800 years ago a city stood on the banks of the Black Warrior River. It was a prehistoric metropolis, the ceremonial heart of an advanced Mississip-

Prices subject to change without notice.


Rattlesnake, Clayton Roan, Wayne Roan Jr, Daniel Roan, Avery Roan, Craig Roan, Aaron Zorthian, Jason Zorthian, Dale Zorthian, Ian Roan, Ira Roan, Stuart Morin, Bradley Morin and the Ladies of the Southwest. Presented here are eight grass dance songs and one owl dance song. IH 4462 Cassette $4.98 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Cree) - IN THE VALLEY OF THE SUN - VOL. 2 Volume 2 of the live recording from the 15th Annual Arizona State University Pow Wow, Tempe, Arizona April 20-22, 2001. Eight grass dance songs, a slide song, a shake song and a round dance. IH 4463 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Cree) - LIVE AT FORT BELKNAP, MONTANA Originating from Small Boy Camp near Edmonton, Alberta, MOUNTAIN SOUL was one of the host drums at the 37th Annual Milk River Indian Days Pow Wow. They helped to bring back the respect of the dance arena. They present for you 14 songs including two grand entry, two jingle dress, two contest, two chicken dance, five grass dance and a sneak up. SGMS 072403 (Out of Print) (Northern Plains/Chippewa-Cree)



Recorded at a ceremony on the night of July 12, 1956 in the town of Huautla de Jimenez in the Mazatec mountains in the northern corner of the State of Oaxaca. The curandera, or shaman, belongs to the Mazatec people and speaks only the Mazatec language. She is a woman with presence, of outstanding spiritual power and integrity. Mazatec is a tonal language, and some words are differentiated by tone only. The ceremony begins Chjon Nka, Chjon Nca Catsin, Santo Nana, Papa, Papai, Na? Ai-Ni Tso, Santo Ji Nai Na, Jan Jesu Cri, Ji Nai. Side two continues with San Pedro, So So So So, Name of Plants, Pedro Martinez, `Don't Be Concerned Old One', Birds, Humming - Ect, Soft Singing and Finale. Descriptive notes enclosed. FE 8975 Cassette $5.00 (Mexico/Yaqui)


Dance Songs and Rabbit Dance Songs. 28 pages. FOS 15-BK booklet $9.95 (Educational/Music Books)


- NORTHWEST (PUGET SOUND) 11 songs: Lummi paddling song, Klallam and Quinault love songs, bone game songs, Shaker Church songs, Skagit guardian spirit song, tsaiyak songs, Chinook jargon songs. L 34 Cassette $4.00 (*LP available* $4.00) (Pacific Northwest/Northwestern States)


Recorded in Indian communities by Willard Rhodes. Includes an introduction by Harry Tschopik Jr., and liner notes by Willard Rhodes. 13 songs including Moonlight Song (Taos), Gambling Song (Taos), Eagle Dance (San Ildefonso), Rain Dance (Zuni), Butterfly Dance (Hopi), Night Chant (Navajo), Enemy Way Song (Navajo), Devil Dance (Western Apache), Sunrise Song (Western Apache), Birds Song Cycle (Yuma), Saguaro Song (Papago), Funeral Song (Walapai), and Stick Game Song (Havasupai). FE 4420 Cassette $5.00 CD $20.98 (Samplers/Intertribal Groups and Collections)


- SOUTHERN PLAINS TRIBES The ALLIANCE WEST singers are: Cornel Pewewardy, lead singer, (Comanche/Kiowa); Vince Toya, lead singer, (Jemez Pueblo); Chuck Gibbon, lead singer; Joe Toya (Jemez Pueblo), Tommy Spotted Bird (Kiowa); Mike Blackstar (Comanche); Kurt and Kevin Adakai (Navajo/Chippewa). Songs include: Kiowa War Mother's Flag Song, Buffalo Dances, Memorial Song, round, gourd, war and War Journey (49) dances. TMI-03 Cassette $2.00 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


CONTEMPORARY NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AND DANCE by Bryan Burton, D. Mus. Ed. A collection of 24 social songs and dances, flute songs, guided listening experiences, and instructions for working instruments. The material represents the music of the Pueblo, Lakota, Kiowa, Nanticoke, Hidatsa, Haliwa-Saponi, Seneca and other peoples, and indepth cultural and historical backgrounds. 18 musical transcriptions, numerous photos and illustrations. Features R.Carlos Nakai, XIT, Jackalope, Tom Bee, Haliwa-Saponi Singers, Tigua Youth Dancers, Chester Mahooty and others. General background on American Indian music and dance and annotation on every selection. Book (8½ x 11, 176 pages) and Cassette tape (64 minutes, 24 songs) MWC 203439 SPECIFY Cassette and book set $15.00 CD and book set $32.95 (Educational)


by Daniel Chazanoff for the Native American Flute or Recorder. Introduction with a brief overview of the history of the Cherokee Nation and their music. In two volumes. - VOLUME 1 - Ceremonial Songs, Ceremonial Dances. 32 pages. FOS 14A-BK booklet $9.95 (Educational/Music Books) - VOLUME 2 - Social Dances, Women's Dances, Songs related to courtship, Lullabies, Corn Dances, Hunting Songs. 32 pages. FOS 14B-BK booklet $9.95 (Educational/Music Books)


A timeless selection of crossover music with some of the greatest names in contemporary Native American music. A collection of country, rock and rhythm & blues. These artists invite the listener to hear with their hearts as well as their ears. Artists include Buddy Red Bow, Chester Knight and the Wind, Red Blaze, Jani Lauzon (Juno Award nominee 1999) and others. TIM 10024 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 (Contemporary)


- HEART OF NATIONS The music on this album is a diverse mixture of traditional and contemporary songs. It is hoped that you can take this music with you as you make your way in this world. Artists include Leonard Adam, Edmund Bull, Jocelyn Michelle, Shawn Michael Perry & Only The Brave, Curtis Cardinal, Ray Villebrun & Red Blaze, Denise Lanceley, Winston Wuttunee, Greg Edmunds, Jay Ross, and Delia Waskewitch. 13 songs include Spirit Flies, Freedom, Beyond The Days, and Somehow, Somewhere, Someway. TIM 10075 CD $17.98 (Contemporary) by Daniel Chazanoff for the Native American Flute or Recorder. Introduction with overview of history, Choctaw music, Choctaw music characteristics. In two volumes. - VOLUME 1 - War Songs, Ball Game Songs and Bullet Game Songs, Tick Dance Songs, Drunken-Man Dance Songs, Duck Dance Songs, Snake Dance Songs. 30 pages. FOS 23A-BK booklet $9.95 (Educational/Music Books) - VOLUME 2 - Steal-Partner Dance Songs, Bear Dance Songs, Stomp Dance Songs, Terrapin Dance Songs (Tortoise), Quail, Turkey and Chicken Dance Songs, Pleasure Dance Songs. 30 pages. FOS 23B-BK booklet $9.95 (Educational/Music Books)


- VOLUME 1 36 Shoshone-Paiute Peyote songs sung by Claude Siwash and Delray Strawbuck. Recorded on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. Mud Creek, Idaho. On July 26, 1982. Released on CD in April 2006. Singers alternate singing in each set of four songs. IR 1161A CD $17.98 (Peyote) - VOLUME 2 36 Shoshone-Paiute peyote songs sung by Delray Strawbuck and Claude Siwash, singing in that order, alternating each four songs. Originally recorded on July 26, 1982 on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation at Mud Creek, Idaho and Owyhee, Nevada. Released on CD in May 2006. IR 1161B CD $17.98 (Peyote)


by Daniel Chazanoff for the Native American Flute or Recorder. Introduction with overview of Alabama music, dances by women, precussive instruments and rhythms and the Alabama Flute. Corn Dance Songs, Buffalo Dance Songs, Nateka Dance Songs, Woman's Dance Songs, Horse Dance Songs, Chicken Dance Songs, Duck Dance Songs, Quail Dance Songs, Terrapin Dance Songs, Frog


- FEATURING ROGER MASE & SINGERS FROM SECOND MESA All songs composed and arranged by Roger Mase, Ivan Selestewa - drummer, Sidney Sekakuku, Carl


Prices subject to change without notice.


Talayumtewa, and Andy Selestewa. Recorded on December 8, 1986 at Keams Canyon on the Hopi Reservation. 13 songs including: Entering Kiva; butterfly, Commanche, rainbow, buffalo, corn dances and Exit Kiva. TMI-06 (Out of print.) (Pueblo)


by Daniel Chazanoff - An introduction with a brief overview of the Native American flute as it relates to the various tribes represented. Includes melodies from the Great Lakes and Eastern Woodlands, Southeast, Plains, Southwest, Pueblo, Great BasinPlateau, Northwest and California Indians. For the student of music there is much to be learned from the Native Americans in the use of sustained and broken line melodies; simple, compound and changing meters; rhythmic diversity; a variety of scales; chromatic alteration; and antiphonal singing, alternating between a soloist and chorus (when phrases overlap, polyphony results) 32 pages. FOS O3-BK booklet $9.95 (Educational/Music Books)


FE 4252 Cassette $5.00 CD $20.98 (Southern Plains / Oklahoma)


by Daniel Chazanoff for the Native American Flute or Recorder. Introduction with overview of flutes, drums, whistles, rattles and Santo Domingo Pueblo music characteristics. Songs of Medicine Men, Songs related to irrigation and crops, Songs related to corn, Songs related to wheat, Buffalo Dance Songs, Songs of the Winter Solstice Ceremony, Bow and Arrow Dance Songs, Historic Pageant and Mimic Bullfight songs, OPI Dance Songs. 34 pages. FOS 16-BK booklet $9.95 (Educational/Music Books)


Recorded, edited, and with liner notes by Craig Mishler (1974 copyright). The Kutchin Indians are a relatively small Athabascan tribe of about 1500 people occupying a vast area in northeastern interior Alaska. The music on this album was recorded in 1972 - 1973. The most beautiful part of traditional Kutchin culture is the music. The ceremonies have all disappeared, yet there are some older people who can still sing the old songs. The style is always solo a cappella, no drum or other musical instruments. Their songs address a wide variety of subjects and fall into the following catagories: dance songs, love songs, medicine songs, story songs, songs of tribute and farewell, and New Year's songs. 33 songs, some grouped together. Liner notes included. FE 4070 Cassette $5.00 CD $20.98 (Pacific Northwest/Inuit/Eskimo)


- HISPANIC TRADITIONS SF 40409 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Mexico/Hispanic-New Mexico)


- MUSIC OF MICHOACA & NEARBY MESTIZO COUNTRY (1970) A collection of music recorded in the lake region of Lake Pátacuaro (La Laguna), the thickly wooded highlands (La Sierra) and the Ravine of Eleven Towns (La Cañada) as well as music from nearby mestiso towns. Recordings were made in lake villages like Jarácuaro and highland villages like San Lorenzo near Uruapan. There are three tracks of Tarascan string music from Paracho, San Lorenzo and Uruapan in Michoacán, five tracks of Pirecuas from Uruapan, Jarácuaro and San Lorenzo, and two tracks of Abajeño from San Lorenzo and Patzcuar on side one. Side two is comprised of seven tracks of music for religious fiestas from Jarácuaro, Cheranatzícurin, Pacanda Island, Paracho, Zicuirán and Apatzingán. Descriptive notes enclosed. FE 4217 Cassette $5.00 (Mexico)


- NATIVE AMERICAN TRADITIONS This Folkways recording represents a portion of the many varied Native American music styles of New Mexico, including Pueblo, Navajo and Apache traditions. These recent recordings include Navajo two-step songs and skip dance songs, Taos Pueblo round dance songs, contemporary Apache music, San Juan Pueblo cloud dance songs, Picuris Pueblo two-step songs and more. Contemporary performers include Paul Ortega, Sharon Burch, John Rainer & Geraldine Barnery. SF 40408 Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98 (Intertribal Pow Wow)


- THE RABINAL ACHI AND BAILE DE LAS CANASTAS (1978) This music was recorded over a two month period in the areas of Rabinal in the Eastern section and Chajul in the Western highlands of Guatamala. In both locals first recordings were made of dancedramas of the pre-columbian period. Recordings were also made in the districts of Solola, (the Lake Area), Totonicapan and Quetzaltenango among the Kekchi, Kakchiquel and Zutujil speaking Indians, and also the Ixils of Nebaj, Cotzal and Chajul. Most of the music is instrumental; the few songs in the collection are from Chajul. The first track is two musical fragments of the Rabinal Achi recorded in Rabinal, Baja Verapaz. Also included are the Baile de las Canastas (Dance of the Baskets) recorded in Chajul, Quiche and the Finale del Baile de las Canastas or Final Scene; two flute solos recorded in Rabinal, Baja Verapaz and three flute solos recorded in San Juan, Chamelco. The Baile del Venado (Deer Dance) was recorded in Rabinal, Quiche. Son de Cuaresma (Music for Lent) was recorded in Chajul, Quiche. Side two containes the Baile de la Conquista (Dance of the Conquest) recorded in Momostenago, Totonicapan. The Baile de Ajitz recorded in Rabinal, Baja Verapaz and another Baile de la Conquista with the Son de Pedro Cartocarrero recorded in Chichicastenago, Quiche and the Son de Santa Maria recorded in Nabaj, Quiche. There are three songs for the Indian Marimba (the Baile de San Miguel, Dance for Saint Michael) recorded in Chichicasten, Quiche and three Ladino Marimba Music recorded in Nabal, Quiche. The final selection is the Son de San Gaspar (Music for Saint Gaspar) from Chajul played for dancing during the Christmas season. Descriptive notes enclosed. FE 4226 CD $20.98 (Mexico/Central America/South America)


In the 1920's, 26 Nez Perce drummers and singers first gathered to perform traditional music of their tribe. 50 years later, in October, 1972, three surviving original members, Oscar Broncheau, Cyrus Red Elk and Jim Morris meet for one final performance. This music is their legacy. 14 songs: Smoke Song, Slow War Dance, Circle War Dance, Soldier Boy Circle Song, Love Lament, Duck 'n' Dive, Prarie Chicken, Stop Song, Salute to the Stalwart War Dance, Seven Drums Discussion and Owl Song, (2) War Chants, Lament of the Returning Warriors and Drummers Discussion. WSC 1602 Cassette $2.00 (Out of Print.) (Pacific Northwest/Great Basin)


by Daniel Chazanoff for the Native American Flute or Recorder. Introduction with overview of the Tohoho O'odham (Papago) people, their musical instruments and their use, and music characteristics. In two volumes. - VOLUME 1 - Songs Connected with Legends, Songs used in the Treatment of the sick. 30 pages. FOS 24A-BK booklet $9.95 (Educational/Music Books) - VOLUME 2 - Songs Connected with Ceremonies, Songs Connected with Expeditions to Obtain Salt, War Songs, Dream Songs, Hunting Songs, Song of the Bat Dance, Songs for the Entertainment of Children, Flute Melodies. 30 pages. FOS 24B-BK booklet $9.95 (Educational/Music Books)


Just released on CD, this archival recording includes 10 medleys of songs sung by Mark Evarts. The original liner notes are included as a PDF file on most of the newly released discs. Medleys include A) a bear song, an old hand game song and a ghost dance song; B) four deer dance songs and two mescal bean songs; and C) a love song, a man's love song, three woman's love songs and a peyote song; and seven more medleys. FE 4334 Cassette $5.00 CD $20.98 (Southern Plains / Oklahoma)




Just released on CD, this archival recording includes 15 songs. The original liner notes are included as a PDF file on most of the newly released discs. Songs include a wolf song, a turtle song, a turkey song, a snake dance song, a buffalo dance song and more.


Chester and Dorothy Mahooty with the Rainbow Dancers have been performing for many years around the USA at state fairs and ceremonials. Chester sings and plays drums with Dorothy on gourd shaker, bells and singing, and their grandson, Brenner, rattles the shaker on some of the dances. Most of the dances are social and are sung in native

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Pueblo tounges. Songs include: Sunrise Call, Butterfly Dance, Pottery Dance, Blessing Song, Eagle Dance and eight more. Recorded at Zuni Pueblo, June 13, 1990. TMI-08 (Out of Print.) (Pueblo)


Mike Thomas, Jeff McDonald, Tyson Merrick, Eric Plain Bull, Wayastie Richardson, Crow Belcourt, Chris Newell, Glenn Tait and Albert. Ten songs. WRMR 029 (Out of Print.) (Eastern) - ROUND DANCE MYSTIC RIVER STYLE RCR 9741 (Out of Print.) (Eastern)


The people of the Andes have lived in the highlands of South America since approximately 1400 B.C. They have passed on their culture, traditions, art and music from one generation to another. The last pure generation of these highland people were the Incas. The traditional music which lives in the mountains and valleys of the Andes, to this day remains a central part of the societies living in this region. Thanks to the musicians who continue to use the same instruments as their ancestors before them, that music lives. This is the first anthology of modern Andean music with musical instruments that have been played for generations and melodies modernised by the incorporation of the classical guitar and Charango. The wind instruments and some string instruments used in the recording are characteristic of the Aymara culture which was located in the high plains region of Bolivia, South America and was part of the Incan Empire. Ten songs including El Condor Pasa, Llamor and Ojos Azules. HR 9502 CD $15.98 (Mexico/Andean) - IN CONCERT LIVE! Some of Mystic Warriors' finest songs performed live in concert. A pleasure to listen to, an even greater pleasure to watch. The energy. The excitement. The stage is on fire as these eleven performers entertain. 11 songs including The Shadow of the Sun, Behind the Waterfall, Echo of the Desert, and The End of the Rainbow. HR 8507 CD $15.98 (Mexico/South America-Andean) HR 8507D DVD $19.95 (Videos/Music-Variety) - 24K ANDES GOLD Nine new songs presented by Mystic Warriors, Andres Mallea and Marco Mallea. They are joined by Francisco Fernandez and Christopher Vega on some of the tracks. Hear Andean Pan Flutes, Flutes, Charango, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Percussion blended together to bring you closer to the Peruvian Andes. Songs include The Glass Garden, Behind The Waterfall, Vertical Flight, and Lamento. HR 8508 CD $15.98 (Mexico/Andean)


- TRADITIONAL DAKOTAH STORIES The lessons and character of humanity and how to live in a civilized way are taught through traditional stories and are exemplified by the animals, wind and stars observed around us. Eight wonderful stories told by Mary Louise Defender Wilson, also known as Gourd Woman. Stories include The Blue Heron Who Stayed For The Winter, Why The Fawn Has Spots and Earth Beans. MW 0185 CD $16.98 (Legends)


A group of 5 young musicians with various backgrounds and nationalities, MYSTIC WARRIORS has been performing in the Washington DC area since 1982 exposing the essence of Andean music in a modern & unique way. The music played is a feast of Indian flutes, pan pipes of different sizes and Indian drums that go back to the times before Columbus. The music is characteristic of the Andean mountain range which sits in what today are the countries of Bolivia, Ecuador, the northern parts of Argentina and Chile and the southern parts of Columbia and Venezuela. Wind instruments used in their recordings are characteristic of the Aymara culture which was located in the alti-plano (high planes) region, a part of the Inca empire, and blend in complete harmony with their string instruments, Indian imitations of the guitar brought by the Spanish. MYSTIC WARRIORS has earned a well-deserved reputation for their originality, professionalism and musical integrity. Their haunting melodies reflect the powers of nature transcending time and space, exposing the social, political and cultural feelings of the common people of Latin America with high energy tunes. - MYSTIC WARRIORS MYSTIC WARRIORS is: Andres Mallea on Winds (Panflutes, and flutes), Bass, Key-boards, Classical Guitar, Churango, Percussion and Vocals; Marco Mallea on 12 String, Classical Guitar, and Percussion; Omar Martinez on Musical Support; and invited musician, Juan Carlos Robles on Keyboard #5. Liner notes explain the musical instruments HR 9501 Cassette $2.00 (Mexico/Andean) - THE SHADOW OF THE SUN While the music of MYSTIC WARRIORS might appear to fit into the "New Age" classification, it often sounds like contemporary jazz, alternative rock or mainstream popular. The group believes that their style crosses all these without leaving the boundaries of Andean music. MYSTIC WARRIORS will transport you to a time long forgotten but yet to come. Liner notes explain the musical instruments. HR 8501 Cassette $2.00 (Mexico/Andean) - BEYOND REALITY MYSTIC WARRIORS have created a sound uniquely their own. It is fresh, fun, and filled with the passion of The Andes. The pan pipes and other wind instruments are quite exotic, with the largest bass notes resonating powerfully. Each of the ten tracks is a jewel. The wind instruments and some string instruments used in this recording are characteristic of the Aymara Culture which was located in the high plains region of Bolivia, South America and was part of the Incan Empire. HR 8502 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 (Mexico/Andean) - ANTHOLOGY OF THE ANDES


The MYSTIC RIVER SINGERS are from the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe. - MYSTIC RIVER SINGERS Randy Phelan (lead), Mike Thomas, Chris Pegram, Tyson Merick, Jeff Pegram, Bill Runs Above, Delray Smith, Happy Three Stars Jr., Marvin Bull Tail, Jim Todome. Ten songs: In