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Drumbeat is pleased to bring you their Catalog of

Music of the Sioux

crow hop songs, fancy dance songs, men's traditional song, elders song. Lead singer is Curtis Assiniboine. Other singers are Glen Tait, Feralin Assiniboine, Darryl Kingbird, Curtis Meeches, Shane Red Star, Cyril Assiniboine, Kenny Pratt, Darren Cameron and Hank Hotain. 6229 Cassette $9.98 - VOL. 4 INTERTRIBAL SONGS; LIVE AT O'ODHAM TASH The ASSINIBOINE JR. group, from Long Plain First Nation, Manitoba, Canada, was founded in 1985 and continues the pow wow tradition for their community. Ten intertribal songs. Same singers as on Volume 3. 6230 Cassette $9.98 - VOL. 5 POW WOW SONGS Seven intertribal songs plus Our Children's Song, Song for Benny Norman Wero, Jr. and Tammy Sparvier's Song. Singers: Curtis and Feralin Assiniboine (Sioux/Ojibway);Glenn Tait, Cyril Assiniboine, Curtis Meeches, George James, Rodney Patrick, Billy Atkinson, John Martin and Cecil James (Ojibway); Jimmy Lefthand (Stoney); Ray Stevenson and Dana Goulet (Cree); Forest Funmaker (Winnebago/ Saulteaux); Ted Napoleon (Lillooet/Cree); Mark Smith (Gros Ventre/ Shoshone); Wayne DeLowe (O'odham); Kenny Pratt (Sioux) and Jim Todome (Comanche). 6231 Cassette $9.98 - POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE TRIBUTE TO FERALIN A fitting tribute to a very special person with the gift of making friends with everyone he met. Feralin was introduced to the drum at age 12. He loved what the pow wow trail gave him and loved what he learned from all he met. Feralin will be remembered always and his voice will be carried in the music of ASSINIBOINE JRS. Ten songs: Straight Dance Song, Intertribals, Crow Hop and Fancy Dance Shawl. Liner notes, tribute to Feralin and words to songs. WRAJ 001 (Out of Print.)


- VOL. 1 - ROUND DANCES Twelve original songs from Glenevis, Alberta, by the Alexis family - Logan, Eugene, Kodi, Arnold, Robbie and Daphne plus John Scabbyrobe, Leon Aginas, Frank Hart and Craig Lewis. SSCT 4130 Cassette (Out of Print.) - VOL. 2 - JUST JAMMIN' ROUND DANCE SONGS This long awaited second release from the LOGAN ALEXIS SINGERS is a tribute to the late Logan Alexis. The group pays homage to the man who promoted the tradition and practice of round dance songs in his family and community. Just Jammin Round Dance Songs has 14 contemporary round dance songs in Cree including Logan's Last Song and Remember. SSCT4288 (Out of Print) - I LOVE TO ROUND DANCE SGLA 40197 Cassette $2.00 - ROUND DANCE TIME 13 songs composed by the late Logan Alexis and Logan's Boyz. Singers are Arnold Alexis, Eugene Alexis, Robbie Alexis, Neal Alexis, Dwayne Alexis, Leon Alexis, Mervin Kootenay, Josh Alexis, Jeremiah Alexis, John Thomas, Rocky Morin, Don Kootenay, Daphne Alexis, Leah Alexis, Jennifer Paul, Shannon Alexis and Baby Faustina. SSCT 4402 CD $15.98

- THE SACRED SONGS OF NATIVE AMERICAN HEALING - SONGS TO LEARN BY The songs presented on this recording are featured in Howard's book "Native American Healing." On this CD, Howard, accompanying himself in three part harmony, sings more slowly and enunciates the Lakota words of the songs more clearly than would be the case in an actual ceremony. This has been done to assist non-Lakota speakers in learning the songs. The harmonies and tonal qualities of this recording also make it an excellent choice for contemplative or meditative listening. HSP-90251 CD $16.98 - LAKOTA SACRED SONGS - SUNG AS IN CEREMONY (to accompany the book NATIVE AMERICAN HEALING) The songs presented on this recording are featured in Howard's book "Native American Healing." On this recording, Howard, using a hand drum, and Tom Teegarden sing the songs with the pace, style and volume that might be used in an actual ceremony. HSP-90252 CD $16.98


- STRAIGHT FROM THA REZ Bad Nation have been singing together for the past several years but only formed the "Oyate Sica" BAD NATION SINGERS less that a year ago. They have made drum roll call at several major Northern Plains Pow Wows. It is with quiet pride and conviction that they declare themselves to be drug and alcohol free in their quest to bring honor and recognition to their drum. In a sacred manner it has begun and so may it continue. Ten songs never before recorded. Singers include Kevin Wright, Richard Hudson, Glenn Shields, Gerald Zephier, Whitney Recontre II, Darrell Zephier, Clark Zephier and Pauline Zephier. MWM 0001 (Out of Print.) - FOR THE PEOPLE 2003 The BAD NATION SINGERS have been traveling together since 1998 and consist of singers from various reservations in South Dakota. Throughout their travels, they bring their unique sound to the pow wow circle with encouragement and good feeling. Singers include Foster Cournoyer, Chris Janis, Michael A. Spears, Miles Miller, Jermaine Bell, Gary Twostars, Gerald Zephier, Justin Miller, Darrell Zephier and Whitney Ren Countre. 12 songs including 6 Intertribals. RCR 9800 (Out of Print.) - ALL IN Recorded live at Red Earth, Bad Nation Singers




- SINGER OF THE DAWN Florentine Blue Thunder presents this collection of spiritual songs. MOI-AI003 CD $19.98


Howard Bad Hand is a Sicangu Lakota from Rosebud, South Dakota, and was educated at The Lenox School, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, and Sinte Gleska College. He is a singer and composer of Lakota songs and is the lead singers of the Red Leaf Takoja and Heart Beat singing groups. This music... the ceremony, carries the healing sounds that can entertain the body's rhythms with the universal rhythms. When approached in a sacred manner, it offers the opportunity to experience these healing vibrations of sound in a most profound way.


- VOL. 3 POW WOW SONGS - LONG PLAIN FIRST NATION, MANITOBA, CANADA Ten songs including four intertribal songs, three


present 11 songs. Singers include Darrell Zephier, Gerald Zephier, Jake Miller, Whitney Rencountre II, Jonas Taken Alive, Jermaine Bell, Cameron Smith, Kenny Pratt Sr, Kenny Pratt Jr, Chris Condon, Louie Sheridan, and Miyo One Arrow. DHOP 1400 CD $16.98


- LIVE AT SANTA FE - MAY 1994 Recorded "live" at the 4th Annual Santa Fe Powwow at Pojoaque Pueblo, New Mexico, May 27-30, 1994. Singers are Seymour Eagle Speaker, Bill Runsabove, Delray Smith, Chuck Spotted Bird, Merle Tendoy, and Harry Three Stars Jr. 13 songs including Honor Song, Grass Dance Songs, Kahomini Song, Nathan Crazy Bull Flag Song, Air Force Veteran's Song and more. IH 4109 CD $15.98


Quanah LaRose, Maurice Hernandez, Henry Greencrow Jr., Mervel LaRose, Skyler Clairmont, Ginew Benton, Tito Ybarra, Everett Moore, James Day, Hokie Clairmont, Phil St. John, McAllen Garvin, Bonnie Clairmont, April Clairmont, Misty Greencrow and Pat Decora. DHOP 0300 CD $16.98 - ACROSS AMERICA See the Video Catalog for this concert footage. - ONE MORE Recorded live in Indio, The Boyz bring you 13 more great pow wow songs. Songs include Geek Squad, It IS What It Is, Timeless Wonder, and On The Road Again. DHOP 1800 CD $16.98 - BOYS WILL ALWAYS BE BOYZ 16 of the latest pow wow tracks from TBZ! Recorded live from Hinckley, Minnesota and includes songs that were heard on their 2008-2009 pow wow tours. DHOP 3500 CD $16.98 - LIVE IN LAPWAI Coming to you from the "Twin Cities," The Boyz have added another eclectic recording of contemporary pow wow music from the 2009-10 pow wow tour. Recorded live at the Clearwater River Casino Pow Wow in Lapwai, Idaho, this special edition is filled with songs that have won numerous singing championships across the United States and Canada. Eleven songs including seven intertribals, three contest, and one side step. DHOP 3700 CD $16.98


- 2 BE OR NOT 2 BE Recorded live on location in Bismarck, North Dakota on September 11, 2005. Five straight songs by Bad Nation and five straight songs by North Bear. They join together for the final straight song on the recording. WW 0501 CD $17.98


TOP CANADIAN POW WOW PERFORMERS Finally available - this fantastic package of the best Pow Wow groups in Canada. From the east coast (Ontario) to the west (Alberta) - four different compilations of the top pow wow groups. A must for any Pow Wow collector. (Two other compilations found in the Northern Plains catalog and one in the Cree catalog.) The art work of Leonard Bighetty of Winnipeg, Manitoba is another collection of its own. Definitely a must to listen and see! Featuring: Chiniki Lake, Logan Alexis, Pigeon Lake, Tail Wind, Hawk River, Stoney Park. SSCT 4328 (Out of Print)


- ASSINIBOINE-SIOUX GRASS DANCE Ten songs by Lyle E. Denny, Rusty Denny, Gary Drum, Ben G. Hawk, Gerald Lambert, Gary Red Eagle, Adrian C. Spotted Bird, Sr., Leland Spotted Bird. Recorded at Brockton Montana. IH 4101 (Out of Print) - SOUNDS OF THE BADLAND SINGERS Ten grass dance songs by an Assiniboine Sioux group, winners of the 1974 and `75 United Tribes International Championship Singing Contest at Bismarck, N. Dakota. Recorded at Poplar Montana, 1975. Sung by Roy A. Azure III, Mathew Big Fork, Russell Denny, Gary Drum, Ben Gray Hawk, Gerald Lambert, Adrian Spotted Bird, Leland Spotted Bird. IH 4102 (Out of Print) - LIVE AT BISMARCK Four traditional honoring songs, 4 grass dance songs. a Kahomini song, and a round dance song sung by Mathew Big Talk, Rusty Denny, Gary Drum, Ben Gray Hawk, Gerald B. Lambert, Adrian Spotted Bird, Leland Spotted Bird, and Donald White Bear. Recorded live at the 6th Annual United Tribes Days International Championship Dancing and Singing Contest at Bismarck, North Dakota. IH 4103 (Out of Print) - THE BADLAND SINGERS AT HOME 10 grass dance songs sung by Bradley Buffalo Calf, Russell Denny, Gary Drum, Ben Gray Hawk, Earl Jones, Jr., Bill Runsabove, George Squirrel Coat, Mike G. Talks Different, and Donald Whitebear. Recorded at Brockton Montana. IH 4104 (Out of Print) - KAHOMINI SONGS 10 Kahomini songs (similar to the owl dance) sung by the same singers as IH 4104 IH 4105 (Out of Print) - LIVE AT UNITED TRIBES - VOL. 1 Grass dance songs, traditional war songs, Arikara war songs and Traditional Song to Pick Up Feather. Sung by Roy A. Azure III, Lyle E. Denny, Russell Denny, Gary Drum, Ben Gray Hawk, Gerald R. Lambert, Bill Runsabove, Chuck Spotted Bird, Sr., Leland Spotted Bird and George Squirrel Coat IH 4106 (Out of Print) - LIVE AT UNITED TRIBES - VOL. 2 11 songs continued from Volume 1, recorded at the 10th International Championship Dancing and Singing Contest, Bismarck, North Dakota. IH 4107 (Out of Print)


- LIVE AT HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY (1996) The BOYZ are the 1996 World Class Singing Champions Albuquerque, New Mexico. This dynamic pow wow drum is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have been on the pow wow trail a few years and are one of the fan's favorites. Recorded live a Haskell Indian Nations University, this is a heart pounding rhythmic first ever recording. TIM 10001 CD $17.98 - BOYZ N' THE HOOD NRC-060 (Out of Print.) - WORLDWIDE NRC-090 (Out of Print) - "LIFE AND TIMEZ OF TBZ" Singers Hokie Clairmont, Charles Lasley Sr., Opie Day-Bedeau, Marlin Dickenson Sr., Pow-wow Standing Rock, Vinson Charette, Darian Wakefield, Jeremy Dearly, Everett Moore, James Day, Mervel LaRose, A.J. Redman, Reuben Crow Feather, Kevin Yazzie, C.J. Lasley, Marlin Dickerson Jr., Carlso Day, Butch Sinette, Maurice Four Cloud, Limon Standing Rock, Jr. Green Crow, Tom Williamson and Buffalo Campbell. Also providing backup are Bonnie Clairmont, April Clairmont, Pat Decora and Misty Green Crow. The release contains 12 songs including Pow Wow Time, Native Soul, Tay Dogg and Outlawz. AR 1129 CD $17.98 - DOWN 4 LIFE Northern & Southern drums THE BOYS and YOUNG BIRD together on one recording. See Intertribal Pow Wow Collections for more information. 6334 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 - FOR A LIFETIME Recorded live at Prairie Island Dakota Wacipi, THE BOYZ bring you 11 songs - nine straight, an intro and Oldie But A Goodie. Members of the group include A.J. Redmen, Jeremy Dearly,


- LIVE AT PRAIRIE ISLAND WACIPI The Brave Heart Singers are proud to present their newest recording with songs straight from the heart of Oglala country. Cante T'inza means Brave Heart in Lakota Sioux and is the given name of the drum. Please enjoy this fine collection of songs from the Brave Heart Singers live at Prairie Island Wacipi. 15 songs include two grand entry, one round dance, one foot slide, one traditional and ten straight. BTDM-1012 CD $16.98


- BUFFALO LAKE SINGERS Nine pow wow songs recorded live. Hailing from Sisseton, S.D. the singers are Fred, Baby Gary, Gary Sr. and Rita Holy Bull, Sam Hapa, Hank Hontain, Earl Essie, Harold Blacksmith, Donald Buffalo, Gary Taylor and Irene Yazicapi. SSCT 4184 (Out of Print) - 2000 SCHEMITZUN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF SONG AND DANCE Recorded live at the World Championship of Song and Dance at Schemitzun 2000. Members of the drum are from South Dakota and include Fred Holy Bull, Darren Crawford, Delmar Bernard, Darwin Bernard, Wambdi Gill, Eugene Bissonette, Joe Jackson, Kenny DuMarce, Clifford Robertson, Jared High Bear, Gary M. Holy Bull, Gary J. Holy Bull and Thomas LeBlanc. 12 songs. SGBL 091700 Cassette $2.00 CD $12.98


Earl Bullhead is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Lakota Nation.

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- WALKING THE RED ROAD Fourteen Lakota songs including Hesapa Olowan Wan (Black Hills), Sinakaki He Wakiye (Family Camp Circle), Sunska Akan Olowan (White Horse Riders) and Wakatakiya (Encouragement Song). Earl said of these songs, "As we walk down the Red Path of life, we sing these Lakota songs to help keep us in step with our culture." SOAR 141 CD $18.98 - KEEPER OF THE DRUM Traditional singing with Lakota and English narrative translation. Ten songs including Black Hills Song, Victory Song, Wakiksuya, and more. SOAR 164 CD $18.98 - SACRED DIRECTIONS Earl Bullhead dedicates this recording to his friends and relatives who have patiently and consistently encouraged him to continue his efforts to preserve their mother tongue through the singing of these sacred songs. Although orignally reluctant to release these types of songs, he realized that these songs are for the people; these songs are needed to help those who study with respect and appreciation what has been given by their ancestors. Earl presents 14 songs needed to uphold the philosophy of the Common man. Each song is accompanied by a translation and an explanation of its history and proper use. Liner notes. SOAR 185 CD $18.98 - TOUCH THE HEART Earl Bullhead is a member of Standing Rock Nation. He was born in Fort Yates, North Dakota. As well as being a Dakota/Lakota Language instructor, he travels to educational institutions doing presentations on Dakota/Lakota language and songs. Earl composes and sings his own songs as well as being the lead singer for the COMMON MAN SINGERS. 13 songs with lyrics and free translations of the songs. (Includes two children's songs - The Wheels on the Bus and Ask Your Mother for 50 cents.) RCR 9710 (Out of Print.) - LAKOTA DRUM An educational step-by-step Pow Wow drumming recording with vocals. 25 tracks teaching the crow hop, sneak up, jingle dress, grass dance and many more. Also included is a healing song and a song of departure. SOAR 212 CD $18.98



Recorded live at Carry The Kettle. CHINIKI LAKE, Morley Alta, Nakota Tribe. The group was formed in 1977 by Rod Hunter. The group started touring in 1978, placing in pow wows in the USA and Canada. CHINIKI LAKE singers are Charles Powderface (lead), Johnny, Frank, Darryl and Clifford Powderface, Ryan Young, Lee Poucette, Cameron Daniels, Orville Daniels, Darren Kootney, and Colin Fox. 12 songs including Intertribal, Pow-wow Straight, Crow Hop, Men's Fancy, Indian Pride, Grass Dance, Spirit of Pow Wow and more. SGC O72896 (Out of Print.)


Dance Of The Young Men, Song Of The Strawshoot, Friends Have Arrived and more. SOAR 157 CD $18.98


A set of 6 booklets, narration's for lessons one through six, an introduction to Lakota alphabet and pronunciation guide. These will guide the student into basic conversational Lakota, and Lakota philosophy. Lesson 6 ends with a prayer. (cross listed under Eductional Collections - Language.) COMPANION TAPES A set of six tapes developed by Sioux educators for teaching the Lakota language. "A person can learn to speak Lakota in seven days listening to the tapes for ½ hour each day." The tapes teach a basic vocabulary of approximately 150 words. The teaching methodology used in the tapes has been proven successful by the best language instructors. The Lakota speaker is Garfield GrassRope. CON-LAKCD - CD set $70.00 CON-LAK-BK--Set of 6 books (aprox. 16p. each) $30.00


- RESURRECTED: A NEW BEGINNING The Chiniki Lake Singers are a Stoney/Nakoda singing group from Morley, Alberta, Canada. In 1977 the original Chiniki Lake Singers formed. After several members left the drum group, Clifford, Charles and Frank continued to run the group. In the year 2001, the younger generation of Chiniki Lake started to pow wow led by these three men. This new generation of Chiniki Lake is proud to present these 13 songs which include Soft Breeze, War Smoke, Traditional Honour Song, and Swift Eagle. WP-00092 CD $17.98 (Out of Print.)


- LIVE IN THE HILLS From Pine Ridge Agency, CRAZY HORSE SINGERS are proud to present this collection of 13 songs including Veteran's songs, Honor songs, a round dance, Flag song and more. Singers include Brian Thunder Hawk, Terry Spoon Hunter, Delbert New Holy, Charlie Eagle Hawk, Joe Picotte Jr, Silas Red Cloud, Adrian Eagle Hawk, Brent Spoon Hunter, Jack Red Cloud, Sam Long Black Coat, Bruce Bad Milk, Reuben Looks Twice and Emanuel Black Bear. WWCH 0301 CD $17.98 - 1876 (TASUNKE WITKO OKA) The CRAZY HORSE SINGERS originated in the late 1960's and consisted of singers from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Along their path, the drum experienced many trials and most of the original singers have passed on to the spirit world. Since 1986 the present day CRAZY HORSE has made the transition from passionate radical youth to conservative middle age family men. 12 songs. AJNP 0001 (Out of Print)


- STONEY POW WOW SONGS From the Stoney Nation in Alberta, six intertribal songs, three traditional songs, owl dance, drum song, and fancy contest song. Rod Hunter, Allistair Twoyoungmen, Patrick Twoyoungmen, Randy Baptiste, Lambert Smalleyes, Charles Clifford, Frank, Floyd and Evan Powderface, Sammy Ear. 9003 (Out of Print.)


Grand Entry, victory song, two crow hops, three intertribals and men's fancy. Recorded live at Pequis, MB. Chiniki Lake Singers are Clifford Powderface; Charles, Frank and Paul Daniels; Aaron, Cameron, Orville and Kevin Keywake; and Cliff Jr., Johnny and Curt Jim. SSCT 4178 (Out of Print)


- SPIRIT OF THE SONGS Earl Bullhead is joined by Frank Louis Bullhead, Thomas Anthony Bullhead, Larry Tortilida, Kenny Billingsley, Jodi Lugar - The Common Man Singers. The songs collected here are the result of their commitment to preserve and protect their culture. This is a medium in which they attempt to relay a message of balance and harmony amongst people and nature. 13 songs including North Dakota Flag Song, Victory Song, South Dakota Flag Song, and Kahomini Round Dance. SOAR 214 CD $18.98 - VOL. 1 - SIGNALS FROM THE HEART Ikceya wicasa means "common man" but this collection of Lakota love songs is anything but common. 12 songs including I'll Be Waiting, The Letter, My One And Only, Many A Time, Last Time I Saw You, and more. Liner notes includes English words. SOAR 136 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98 - VOL. 2 - SPIRIT OF SONG Fourteen Lakota songs including North Dakota Flag Song, horse stealing song, grass dance, Sobriety Song and Kahomini song. Singers: Earl and Tom Bullhead, Ken Billingsley, Jody Luger, Gabe Kampeska, J.D. Buckley, Duane Steel and Cedric and Evelyn (Sissy) Goodhouse. SOAR 149 (Out of Print) - SONGS FOR THE COMMON MAN The COMMON MAN SINGERS led by Earl Bullhead, delivers an outstanding collection of Lakota songs. 13 songs including Chief Drum Song, Hunting Song, Come To Take your Gifts,


- VOL. 1 - DAKOTA HOTAIN 14 songs from Sioux Valley, Manitoba. Includes Canadian Flag Song, traditional intertribal songs, Nasdud Wacipi song and Wopida song.. Singers: Henry, Edward and Michael Hotain; Ken Pratt; Karl Essie; and Kenny Pratt. SSCT 4059 (Out of Print) - VOL. 2 - SONGS OF THE DAKOTA Grand Entry, sneak-up, round dance, and eleven intertribal pow wow songs. Singers: Hank and Edward Hotain, Ken Pratt, Dana Goulet and Ronald Hall. SSCT 4069 (Out of Print) - VOICE OF THE DAKOTA Dakota Hotain was first formed in the early 1980's singing original Dakota style word songs. They are a well known Dakota drum group from Sioux Valley, Manitoba, Canada. They have been around for over two decades singing at pow wows. The songs are sung for the elders, dancers, and those on the pow wow trail. Singers include Ken Pratt Sr., Ron Hall, Dwight Demas, J.C. Pratt, Kenny Pratt


- FATHER TO SON Earlwin, and son LeLand, perform 15 traditional songs. Songs include Wokiksuye Odowan (My Friend Has Gone), Woeté Wakan Olowan (Food Offering Song), Wacikiya Olowan (Black Hills Songs), and Kahomni Odowan (Take Me Home). AR 1169 CD $17.98

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Jr., Amos Yazzie III, Nathan Hall, Jamie Hall, Stacy Sinclair, Brad Pratt, Mike Demas, Cedric Gordon, Rod Taylor, James Pratt and Carl Gordon. 15 songs include Dakota Duck, Honouring The Desert Warriors, Stompin' Grass, and Pezi Wacipi Odowan. WP-00052 (Out of Print)


Mills. They present 12 straight songs and one footslide. DHOP 1900 CD $16.98


singing skills to the furthest reaches of the Pow Wow highway. Forged in the traditions of their Ihanktowan roots, they effortlessly blend contemporary singing with the words that carry a message of pride and strength to all Native peoples. 12 Pow Wow songs recorded live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Songs include Lightning McQueen, Oscar The Grouch, Stomp The Yard, and The Raven Strut. 6431 CD $15.98 - THE ELK DREAMERS "They call us Elk Soldier" Dancers in the pow wow circle jump to their feet and present their best dance moves when this group sings. Elk Soldier prays their songs will bring all Native people blessings in a spirit of respect for their ancestors and the drum. 13 songs including Butters, The Drum Hopper, Rezmerized, Speedway, and Elk Medicine. 6453 CD $15.98


- POW WOW SONGS RECORDED LIVE Ten songs - Dakota Flag Song, crow hop, jingle dress, grass dance, sneak up and intertribals. Andy, Marshall, Marlin and Preston DeMarce, Wesley Big Track and Napoleon Fournier (all Devils Lake Sioux), Charles Lastly (Winnebago-Omaha), John Wells (Hidatsa-Mandan-Arikara), Don and Randy Kingbird (Red Lake Chippewa). 6245 Cassette $9.98 - EAGLE TAIL SINGERS Grass dance, jingle dress, drum song, intertribal eleven songs total, Lead singers; Andy Demarce Sr., Napoleon Fournier, Preston Demarce Jr., Larry Jonhus and Marlia Demarce, singers are members of the Devils Lake Sioux tribe from North Dakota. SSCT 4140 (Out of Print) - SINGING FOR THE PEOPLE SGET 41699 Cassette $2.00 CD $12.98 - JAMMIN' ON THE REZ Singers are Andy Demarce, Marshall Demarce, Marlin Demarce, Preston Demarce, Charles Demarce, Sage Demarce, Wes Big Track, and Kid Little Sky. 17 songs including contest songs, crow hop, women's traditional, chicken dance and more. AR 1164 CD $17.98


by Agnes Ross (Santee)

The Dakota (Siouxan) Nation is comprised of many sub-nation speaking the Dakota language in a number of dialects. Each dialect has slight differences but not enough to prevent Dakota people from understanding each other. The material here represents only the Dakota Eastern `d' dialect as Agnes has learned since childhood. (cross listed under Eductional Collections Language.) FC 3001 (Out of Print.)


ELK'S WHISTLE philosophy is to sing from the heart for the people and they try their best to enjoy singing for the purpose it was intended. They are proud to be singers, believing that this is one of the most important things that identify us as the original people of the North American continent. - VOL. 1 - ELK'S WHISTLE Thirteen pow wow songs including crow hop, women's fancy dance, men's trick song and more. Singers: Angeo, Riel, Jason, and Gordon Wasteste; Curtis and Larry McKay, Terry Grey, Anthony Mark, Joseph Favel. Recorded in Saskachewan, Canada., EW 140689 (Out of Print.) - VOL. 2 - ELK'S WHISTLE Singers: Kim Worme (lead), Angelo Wasteste (lead), Gordon Wasteste (drum keeper), Riel, Jason and Jeremy Wasteste; Robert Schuyler, Mike Esquash, Sage Worme, Robert Standing, and Wilson Brown. 12 pow wow songs: All Nations Coming From All Over, Many Dancers Coming and more great songs. EW 053193 (Out of Print.) - VOL. 3 - SING FROM THE HEART - SING FOR THE PEOPLE Dedicated to their father and past drum keeper, Mr. Gordon Wasteste, this recording was titled "Sing from the heart...Sing for the people" to remind themselves about the responsibility of the drum. ELK'S WHISTLE makes their best effort to carry on and remember the values that their drum carries. Includes 12 songs with literal translations. Their best album yet. EW 062496 (Out of Print.) - LIVE - SCHEMITZUN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF SINGING AND DANCE ELK'S WHISTLE sings their own songs and occasionaly songs of other groups they respect and whose songs they like. Singers: Angelo Wasteste (lead), Gordon Wasteste (drum keeper), Jason, and Riel Wasteste; Wilson and Raymond Brown; Kimball Worme; Jeff Taylor, Larry and Darryl McKay, Robert Schuyler, and Kevin Haywahe. 10 pow wow songs including: Grand Entry, Vicotory Song,, traditionals, intertribals, grass and round dance songs. SGEW 091594 (Out of Print.) - TEN YEARS LATER "Here we are ten years later and still fortunate enough to share our music with you, the people. Some faces have changed but the name remains.


(formerly Sioux Assiniboine)

- THESE SONGS ARE FOR YOU DAKOTA TRAVELS singers are Pat McAther, Lenny Lonechild, Shane and Richard Ramsey, Frank Daniels, Terrance Brown, Curtis Assiniboine, Frank Brown (lead singer) and Sam Hapa. Since their name change to Dakota Travels, this group continues to provide the pow wow trail with the highest quality Indian Music found across the country. WRDT 002 (Out of Print) - LIVE AT PRAIRIE ISLAND Formerly Sioux/Assiniboine and Dakota Travelers, DAKOTA TRAVELS, explodes onto the pow wow scene with this debut album. Recorded on location in Minnesota this album is filled with DAKOTA TRAVELS pure live energy. An excellent drum addition to the pow wow circuit. Singers include Frank Brown, Terence Brown, Tyrone Brown, Wilson Brown, Thomas Brown, Sam Hapa, Steve Eyashapi, Patrick McArthur, Lori Pratt, and Audrey Wambdisha. 14 songs including victory songs, straight songs, intertribals, and more. AR 1162 CD $17.98


- STONEY POW WOW SONGS Eleven pow-wow songs by the Eden Valley PowWow Club. Recorded in Calgary, Alberta. Singers: Don Rider - lead, Jack Crawler, Dora Crawler, Jacqueline Rider, Didrienne Rider, Lorinda Rider, Bruce Beaver. 6136 Cassette $9.98


- SPIRIT DRUM Twelve Lakota pow wow songs including Our Friend the Four Directions, Eagle Nation Dancing for Mother Earth, and Chief Eagle Bear (Fools Crow) Honoring Song. The producer has intertwined rattles, flutes, nature sounds and other effects between the songs and with the singing. The singers from the Oglala community on the Pine Ridge Reservation are: William Good Voice Elk III, Stanley Good Voice Elk, Charles Good Voice Elk and John Stewart. NS 51014 (Out of Print.)


- VOL. 1 - RECORDED LIVE SSCT 4125 (Out of Print) - VOL. 2 Featuring EAGLE CREEK, RED SCAFFOLD, BUFFALO LAKE, & SIOUX VALLEY. SSCT 4218 (Out of Print)


- "LIVE" Eight pow wow songs including Victory Dance Song, Intertribals, Contest Songs and Grass Dance Song. SSCT 4213 (Out of Print)


- A SOLDIER'S DREAM With fierce singing and earth-shaking drumming, Elk Soldier takes you to the heart of pow wow with their debut recording. Recorded live on the plains of South Dakota at Fort Randall, the powerful songs of Elk Soldier resound throughout the four directions with spirit and honor. 14 songs including Showtime, The Time Has Come, A Soldier's Dream, and a Grand Entry Medley which includes Snakes & Sparklers, Redman, and The People's Champ. 6418 CD $15.98 - THE ELK WAY Like a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder from across the Plains, Elk Soldier has brought their


- SINCE 1980 Eagle Mountain Singers are Coleman Phelps, Matt Phelps, Ted Phelps, Dennis Curry, Brandon McBride, Byron Phelps, Tre Phelps, Stacy Phelps, John Little Sky, Roger Mills, Jordan Phelps, Jaron Phelps, Lee Tenario, Dusty Phelps, Ben Iron Hawk, Steve Her Many Horses, Russell Steele, and Tyson

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To all those who have lent us a helping hand or encouraged words, Creator bless you all." Elk Whistle. This widely acclaimed drum group has established themselves as one of Canada's leading groups composing their songs in their Dakota dialect. This release is sure to be one of the best selling cassettes across Indian Country. 10 pow wow songs with liner notes. Singers: Curtis Assiniboine, Wilson Brown, Angelo Wasteste (lead), Cammy and Ray Brown, Darryl, Moses and Baby `G' Dreven, McKay, Jason Wasteste, Kimbal Worme, Riel, Justin, Tyrell, and Jeremy Wasteste, and Robert Shuyler. WREW 003 (Out of Print.) - JUST JAMMIN' WREH 011 (Out of Print.) - INDIAN STYLE The songs presented on this recording are ones that will make you dance. Singers on this album include Angelo Wasteste, Jason Wasteste, Wilson Brown, Terrance Brown, Cam Brown, Darrell Brown, Ray `Teddy' Brown, Hartley Bear, Errol Tawiyaka, Buffalo Cawbell and Billy `Bead' McKay. Joining ELK WHISTE are Curt McKay, Don Wajuntah, Jeremy Wasteste and Anthony Mazawasicuna. 12 songs. WREW 031 (Out of Print.) - "STILL WITH US" WAMBDI HOKSHIDA The ELK WHISTLE SINGERS have been well traveled over the years and are well received and respected throughout their journeys. They have come to know and understand many other Indian cultures and singing styles. It is with the greatest repect that they are honored to sing their style of the Ruffle Dance. 11 songs including straight songs, jingle dress, crow hop and more. TIM 10055 CD $17.98 - LIVE FROM WIND RIVER 2003 Singers Charles Larabee, Angelo Wasteste, Curtis McKay, Anthony Mazawasicuna, Darrell McKay, Jeremy Wasteste, Billy McKay, Errol Tawiyaka and Jason Wasteste are proud to present this `LIVE" recording featuring 15 songs including 2 grand entry, 4 crow hop, 2 victory, 3 intertribal, a ruffle, an honor song, a sneak-up and a round dance. WWEW 0303 CD $17.98


Willie Camera Dude, Slap Me Silly...Jennifer. TIM 10014 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98 - ...ENTERS THE CIRCLE WREN 015 (Out of Print) - LIVE AT MANITO AHBEE Enjoy the live sounds of Manito Ahbee featuring Eya-Hey Nakoda! Formed in 1994, Eya-Hey Nakoda continues to impress the pow wow world with powerful and uplifting music. From Morley, Alberta comes one of the pow wow worlds' premier singing groups to share their gifts with Winnipeg, Manitoba and the world. 16 songs including Mountain Music, Sioux Styles, Warrior Still Standing, Northern Flava and Respect Mother Earth. RZ 2635 CD $15.98


Liner notes with words to songs and explanations. MC 0113 CD $16.98 - TIWAHÉ TIWAHÉ is a collection of contemporary and traditional songs sung by Sissy Goodhouse, her family and friends. The importance of woman, mother, wife and the contributions to tiwahé family are played throughout this collection of Lakota musical expression. Fourteen songs including Wise Spirit Boy, Lullaby, If It Feels Good, Kahomini Song, Love Song, Pehnin Hanska, Veteran's Song, Wopila Olowan-Wiwayang Waci, Women's Veteran Song, War Boy, My Brother Young Bull, Canky Waste. Liner notes with meanings to songs. MM 0140 Cassette $2.00 CD $16.98


This is a narration by Frank Fools Crow. One side in Sioux, the other in English. Contains a letter of address to former U.S. President, J. Carter. NS 5001 (Out of Print.)


AR 1109 (Out of Print)


- BROTHERS 12 songs including Give U the World, Baby of Mine, Angel Beside Me, and Someday. ECR 000107 CD $15.98 - INDIAN SUMMER 12 songs including Smiling Eyes, Gone Away, Just One Prayer, and Remember the Night. ECR 0131808 CD $15.98 - WARRIORS PRAYER 12 songs including Moving Waters, No Dream, Little Precious, and Been So Long. ECR 0342009 CD $15.98 - LOVE, LAUGHTER, JOY & GRATITUDE 14 songs including Loving Arms, Stand By Me, Give Me the Time and Birds of a Feather. ECR 052509 CD $15.98 - MEDICINE LINE Indians called the border between the United States and Canada the Medicine Line. During the 19th century Indian Wars the American troops respected it as if by magic. The Medicine Line deserves our respect for the peaceful co-existence it represents and the model it offers for the future. Nakoa Heavy Runner is joined by Rocky Morin to present these 12 traditional round dance songs. ECR 04324 CD $15.98 - ALL THINGS GOOD Nakoa Heavy Runner is joined by Roger White to present this collection of traditional songs. 12 tracks including Our Relations, Loving Thoughts, Spring Time, and How Sweet It Is. ECR 04686 CD $15.98


- VOL. 1 - RECORDED LIVE AT FORT QU'APELLE A recording of war dance songs by one of the great singing groups of the Northern Plains. Includes Canadian Flag Song, sung by the Sioux Valley Singers and United States Flag Song by the Fort Kipp Singers. Album recorded live during the Fort Qu'Appelle Celebration, summer, 1971. 6079 Cassette $9.98 - VOL. 2 - MONTANA GRASS SONGS Another album by this fine group from Poplar, Montana. James Black Dog, Matt Black Dog, Sr., Archie Bearcub Sr., Gary Red Eagle, Clifford Young Bear, Gary Drum, Jerry White Cloud, Ben Gray Hawk, Jr. 6101 (Out of Print) - VOL. 3 - FORT KIPP CELEBRATION The third album by the Fort Kipp Singers. Contains twelve songs, including Fort Kipp Theme Song, Kahomni and grass dance songs. Nineteen singers including Jim Black Dog, Clifford Young Bear, Jerry White Cloud, and Eunice Alfrey. 6152 (Out of Print) - VOL. 4 - `77 LIVE The fourth album by the FORT KIPP SINGERS of Poplar Montana. Recorded live during a pow-wow, July, 1977. Ten intertribal songs, and two contest songs with Jim Black Dog (head singer), Bob Cappo. Clarence Adams, Bill Piegan, Clifford Young Bear, Junior Bearcub, Jim Buffalo Calf, Gary Red Eagle, Buddy Adams. 8034 Cassette $9.98


EYA-HEY NAKOTA was formed in September, 1994 by Ronald Hunter and Desi Rider, lead singers of other groups. They won the drum contest at the first pow wow they attended as EYAHEY NAKOTA in 1994 and have been winning ever since. A great drum group with a great sound! - SACRED MOUNTAINS Singers: Daniel Wildman, Leroy House, Desi Rider, Cam Hunter, Ryan Young, Gavin Far, Shanda Hunter, Tyler Far, Rod Hunter, and Rod Anders Hunter Jr. Twelve songs including Theme Song, Dancing Feather, The Cure, We Choose to Dance. Nearly one hour of great pow wow tunes. Liner notes and translations to songs. TIM 10006 CD $17.98 - LIVE AT CHILLIWACK Singers: Danile Wildman, Gavin Rider, Desi Rider, Cameron Hunter, Harum Smalleyes. Brandon Daniels, Joel Rain, Leroy House, Rod Hunter Sr., Rod Anders Hunter Jr., Charles Powderface and Ryan Young. Twelve songs including 49th Parallel, PowWow People, Terry S., Happiness,


- THE THIRD CIRCLE Sissy Goodhouse explains that the story of the drum as told to her by her grandfathers has helped her find her role and direction in her relationship with the drum. Sissy Goodhouse explains that there are four circles, the first is created by the drum itself, the second is formed by the men that sit around the drum, the third is the Wicaglata, or women singers who are depended upon, adding strength to the song, carrying it on a little longer. The fourth circle is the people. 12 songs including Women's Veteran Song, Woman's Song, Children's Song, round dance and intertribal songs, and more. - LAKOTA HANBLACEYAPI AND YUWIPI SONGS 28 songs presented by Lorenzo Eagle Road. Booklet included contains Sioux transcriptions and English translations. MOI-HW012 CD $19.98


- TRADITIONAL SONGS OF THE SIOUX Nine songs including Sioux National Anthem, veterans honoring songs, flag dance, grass dances and rabbit dances. Recorded at Cheyenne River, South Dakota. IH 4301 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98

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- RABBIT DANCE SONGS OF THE LAKOTA Born in 1905 in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, William Horncloud is perhaps the most well-known and respected traditional Lakota singer of the 20th Century. His repertoire of songs reached back into the 1800's and he was instrumental in keeping Lakota culture alive. With this recording, Horncloud performs classic songs of the Rabbit Dance, a traditional Lakota social dance whose words are often humorous but most often reflect the sadness of unrequited or painful love. Thirteen of the favorite rabbit songs, sung as only Bill Horncloud can sing them! LP jacket notes include the story of the first Rabbit Dance, as well as Horncloud's translation of each of these amusing songs. Now on CD. 6081 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 - SIOUX SONGS OF WAR AND LOVE Eleven songs sung by William Horncloud and a special Honor song by Chief Charles Red Cloud. These songs express a wide range of Lakota values: the honor of a chief, and the emotions of young people in love. Included among the war songs are songs that tell of battles against the Pawnee, Crow and Germans. 6150 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98


- SIOUX SONGS FROM ROSEBUD Eleven Sioux songs from Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota. Includes Flag Song, grass dances, Korea War Song, Penny Song, and rabbit dances. Ben Black Bear, Sr., Irving Yellow Robe, Sonny Hare, Harry Larvie, Winfred Red Cloud, Ernie Running and Dave White. 8030 Cassette $9.98 - LIVE AT SCHMITZUN, 1997 SGIW 90697 Cassette $2.00


are a Sioux Tribe and have been friends with many other cultures around the world. We wish to share what means so much to us, our drum and our music. Singers include Dwayne Alexis, Honah Letendre, Sidnay Potts, Shane Potts, Don Kootenay, Rob Alexis, Heston Letendre, Titus Alexis, Josh Alexis, Charles Alexis, Jeremy Alexis, and Tyrone Letendre. 15 songs including Pow Wow Trail, Eagles Coming In, and Walking The Good Road. AR 1265 CD $17.98


- VETERANS SONGS Veterans songs are used at the opening and closing of celebrations and ceremonies, from small gatherings to intertribal pow wows. The sound of the drum echoes the heartbeat of the Lakota Nation. These songs honor warriors from the past to the present. Included are songs of Sitting Bull, Battle of the Little Bighorn, continuing through the World Wars, Korea and Viet Nam. LAKOTA THUNDER is composed of Lakota drummers and singers from the Standing Rock Reservation bordering North and South Dakota. Lead members Courtney Yellow Fat and Dana Yellow Fat teach culture and language at Standing Rock Community High School and have been singing pow wow and ceremonial songs since they were very young. 13 songs include Sitting Bull's Memorial Song, Flag Song/World War I Veterans Song, Six Islands and Lakota Hoksila. MM 0163 CD $16.98 - WAY OF LIFE GRAMMY® nominated LAKOTA THUNDER is proud and honored to present their second release singing traditional Lakota drum songs in a manner not previously heard. Way of Life includes songs of sorrow, happiness, praise and remembrances. The collection spans many generations and will live long into the future. There is a song for every part of this life and this recording is only a fraction of them. LAKOTA THUNDER is composed of Lakota drummers and singers from the Standing Rock Reservation bordering North and South Dakota. Members include Courtney Yellowfat, Dana Yellowfat, John Gamio, Virgil Taken Alive, Wayland Badhand, Jesse Taken Alive, Anthony LittleDog, Frank Bullhead, Louis Snider, Wade Claymore, and Lionel Jewett. 13 songs including They Brought Us A Victory, Cherish The Dance, My Friends Take Courage, and Black Butte. MM 0187 CD $16.98 The Maza Duta (Red Iron) Drum Group was formed in January, 1997. All members of the drum are descendants of Maza Duta, one of the last Headmen of the Pheasnat's Rump Nakota Band. Singers include Daniel McArthur, Ira McArthur, Matthew McArthur, Tracy "Twitch" Delorme, "Scuba" Stephen Eashappie, Leslie "Lollypop" McArthur, Terrence Brown, Joel McArthur, Patrick McArthur, Little Eagle McArthur, Crystal McArthur, Tina Brown and Marietta Akachuk. 12 songs SSCT 4417 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98


- LAKOTA SUNDANCE SONGS 16 songs. Two entrance songs, 12 prayer songs, one prayer and thanksgiving song, and one exit song. Singers: Elmer Running, Lorenzo Eagle Road, Gilly Running, Anthony Running, Harold White Horse and Elva White Horse. Recorded in South Dakota. A companion song booklet is available for the cassette, it is included with the CD. RR 004 CD $15.98


- LAKOTA SWEATLODGE SONGS 24 Lakota sweatlodge songs with accompanying book complete with words in Lakota and translations in English and German. Songs include five four directions songs, two stone songs, a fasting of vision quest song, a prayer song, a spirit calling song, and more. HTP 0101 CD $21.98


- KAHOMANI SONGS VOLUME 2 SSCT 4375 (Out of Print.) - KAHOMANI SONGS The MOOSE MOUNTAIN NAKOTA SINGERS are comprised of members from the Ocean Man, Pheasant Rump, and Whitebear First Nations. The endeavor was initiated by Armand McArthur and Peter Bigstone. As our elders have passed on many have taken with them much of the cultural traditions and languages, but they have left us with their teachings and these songs. This is one of the very few recordings that celebrate the Kahomani culture. It is the hope of all involved that these songs will help to carry on the tradition and the joy of the Kahomani to future elders to pass on. 11 songs. SSCT 4440 CD $15.98


- LAKOTA SUNDANCE SONGS The Sundance is one of the seven sacred ceremonies given to the Lakota people. It is a very powerful and sacred ceremony that has withstood severe oppression many times since it was given to the People. Piercing is the most sacred part of the Sundance ceremony. It is representative of the sacrifice that the individual makes for the good of the tribe and all of mankind. James Ironshell presents 13 songs including two pipe songs, two four directions songs, five sundance songs and a fasting song. CRM 022501 CD $16.98


- LIVE AT ROSEBUD FAIR: SONGS OF THE SIOUX Eleven songs recorded live at the Rosebud Fair. Flag Song, honor songs. war dances, and others. Ben Black Bear, Sr., Kenny Haukass, Harvey Larvie, Ernie Running, David White, Ervin Yellow Robe. IH 4321 Cassette $8.98 CD $15.98 - LIVE AT THE 106TH ROSEBUD FAIR Fifteen songs including sneak-up, love, grass dance, songs for warrior wounded in battle, charge the enemy, stomp, veterans, and trick contest songs. Singers: Harold Condon, Kenny Haukas, Robert Kim King, Harvie Larvie, Stan Pretty Paint, Ernie Ray Running, George Whirlwind Soldier, Dave White and Sandra Black Bear. IH 4322 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 12 songs including Buffalo Nation, Song For Happiness, Song For Encouragement, Song For Father Sky, Smokey Sage, and Song For Mother Earth. AR 1251 CD $17.98


- CHICOS' TRAIL A youth traditional drum formed in 1994 at the ages of 9 to 12, NAKODA LODGE SINGERS are now 14 to 24 years of age and one of the hottest and youngest groups on today's circuit. They have taken contemporary Pow Wow to a new level...they have pushed the limits. They have been labeled as a "Boy Band." The `boys' include Everett Hunter, Cory Smith, Benji Hunter, Lynden Hunter, Randy Hunter and Reuben Fiddler. 12 songs. SSCT 4410 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98 - DARK REALM The "Aboriginal Boy-Band" from Morley, Alberta, Canada perform contemporary Pow Wow. Members include Cory Smith (age 23), Everett


- LAKOTA MEMORIAL AND SACRED SONGS Viola and Dwight Provancial present this collection of Lakota Memorial and Sacred songs. MOI-LW006 CD $19.98


- GAMUBU Pow Wow songs from the Nakoda Sioux Nation. We are all family in the eyes of the Creator. We

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Hunter (age 25), Randy Hunter (age 16), Kaylen Hunter (age 13), Trent Hunter (age 12) and Lane Bearspaw (age 10). 13 songs performd in a fresh new style. SSCT 4425 CD $15.98


- VOL. 2 - TRADITIONAL SIOUX SONGS Nine traditional songs: dance, veterans, honor and others. The Porcupine Singers are well known for their dedication to the traditional Sioux music. Same singers as Volume 1. 8007 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 - VOL. 3 - CONCERT IN VERMILLION Traditional Lakota songs recorded in a concert setting at the University of South Dakota at Vermillion. Includes drum song, Warrior's Taunt, Old Singer's Song, Drum Keeper's Song and six others. 8008 Cassette $9.98 - VOL. 4 - AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA Included intertribal pow wow songs, Heart Butte Special, giving-away-a-horse song. New Year's song, and more. Recorded live. 8010 Cassette $9.98 - VOL. 5 - RABBIT SONGS OF THE LAKOTA, PART 1 The rabbit dance is a traditional Sioux couple's dance with romantic lyrics. All songs are sung in Lakota with the text and English translation included in the liner notes. Songs date from the 1920's through the 1950's. Eight songs including: Crush on You Song, From Katie to Grandma Kate, and The New Deal Will Break Your Heart. Singers: Severt Young Bear, Calvin Jumping Bull, Ronnie Theisz, Melvin Young Bear, and Tom Thunder Hawk. 6191 Cassette $9.98 - VOL. 6 - RABBIT SONGS OF THE LAKOTA, PART 2 Eight songs from the late 1940's through the early 1960's. Includes, Black Hills Special, Take Me Home Song, Song of the Mistreated Woman and Raisin Special. Continued from Part 1 (# 6191) 6192 Cassette $9.98 - VOL. 7 - WITH THE BROTHERHOOD SINGERS: "REMEMBERING THE SINGER" Ten songs including Honoring Song, Memorial Song, Maza Sa Olowan, - Penny Song, Southern Plains War Dance Song, Pounding Heart Grand Entry Song, Get An Education Song and more. 6237 Cassette $9.98 VOL. 8 - PORCUPINE AND BROTHERHOOD SINGERS: "KEEP THE TRADITION" Ten songs including Sad For Four Days Song, intertribals, It's Good To Be Here Song, Sunkah Olowan - Giving Away A Horse Song, Pow-Wow Princess Honoring Song, Among Strangers Song and more. 6238 Cassette $9.98 - VOL. 1 - SONGS FROM PORCUPINE HONORING IRVING TAIL - NEW YEARS AT PORCUPINE The current generation of PORCUPINE SINGERS is proud to carry on a long-time Lakota tradition singing from the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. Singers have been in their families since the 1860s. The PORCUPINE SINGERS have traveled widely, going where their music leads them. These songs were performed at the New Year's Celebration, Jan 1997, in Porcupine on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. Singers: Melvin, Cedric and Severt (Jr.), Young Bear; Tom and Bryan Thunder Hawk, Scot Means, Kristian and Ronnie Theisz, Irvin Tail, Calvin Jumping Bull and Clyde Squirrel Coat. 11 songs including intertribals, rabbit and grass dance


songs, World War I Veteran's Song and more. Liner notes TIM 10008 CD $17.98 - VOL. 2 - SONGS FROM PORCUPINE NEW YEARS AT PORCUPINE Continues from Volume One with the same singers. 12 songs including intertribals, contest songs, Friendship Round Dance, World War I Veteran's Song and more. Liner notes. TIM 10009 CD $17.98 - ALOWANPI - SONGS OF HONOR Representing singing legacy going back generations, the Porcupine Singers have become a legendary presence among the Lakota people and all of Native America. Their singing and commitment to Lakota culture inspires countless young people to explore and sustain their culture through traditional ways. This collection demonstrates that the Porcupine Singers are an enduring voice of a proud and vibrant people. 12 songs including Remembering the Warrior, Powwow Princess Song, Memorial Song, and Song of Encouragement. 6484 CD $15.98


- REPRESENTIN' THE VALLEY IN THE PIT Recorded live at the 2004 and 2005 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. Members of the drum include Brandon Brave Heart, Amery Brave Heart, Aaron Giaigo, Jenny Ghost Bear, Lee Tenatio, Virgil Poahfbitty, Jerome LeBeaux, B.J. Brave Heart, Ben Iron Hawk, Dennis Cuny, Garfield Steele, and Foster Counoyer. 12 songs including a men's traditional, a woman's traditional, a men's chicken dance, a woman's jingle, a double beat, and more. DHOP 0600 (Out of Print.) - LIVE FROM HOLLYWOOD, FL 17 songs recorded live include four intertribals, four straight songs, two chicken dance, a foot slide, a sneak-up and more. RCR 9900 CD $17.98


- LAKOTA HANBLACEYAPI AND YUWIPI SONGS 16 songs presented by Lorenzo Eagle Road. Booklet contains Sioux lyrics and English translation. MOI-OY011 CD $19.98


- VOLUME 1 2 prayer songs and 10 sun dance songs sung by James L. Chase, Silas Drum, Tom R. Escarcega, Victor Fast Horse Sr., Albert Foote Sr., Donald Iceman III, Anthony Bear Roberts, Chuck Spotted Bird, Elwayne Spotted Bird, Leland E. Spotted Bird and Bernard N. Youpee. Dakota lyrics provided in liner notes. Recorded at Fort Peck Reservation, Montana, June 12, 1999. IH 4141 CD $15.98 - VOLUME 2 2 prayer songs and 9 sun dance songs by the same singers from Volume 1. Includes the Four Directions Prayer Song. IH 4142 CD $15.98 - VOLUME 3 2 prayer songs and 8 sun dance songs and Thank You song sung by the same singers from Volume 1 and Volume 2. IH 4143 CD $15.98


- POW WOW SONGS Eleven songs by a Lakota drum, Includes Kuwait Victory Song, jingle dress, intertribals, grass dance and veterans songs. Singers: Steve, Eternity, Adam Sparrow, Thomas, Bobby and Bloka DuBray, Waylon Gaddie, Mahpiya Not Afraid, Dean Rouillard, Robert Rendon, Samuel Long, Chaske Johns and Santee Luke Witt. 6248 Cassette $9.98 - GENERATIONS TIM 10021 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98


- 16 SIOUX SONGS (FT. PECK) Originally recorded on January 31, 1972 at Poplar, Montana and released on CD in May 2006. Poplar Singers include Earl Jones Jr., Allen Lester, Thomas Martin, Sherwin Davis, Doren White Hawk, Eunice Birth Mark and Mary Red Eagle. Songs include eight grass dance songs, four fast grass dance songs, one ka-hom-ni (round) dance song and three round dance songs. IR 1190 CD $17.98


- 9 SIOUX WAR DANCE SONGS The Red Cloud Singers are from the Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation. The singers include Oliver Red Cloud, John Blackbear, Marty Red Cloud, Guy Red Cloud, Sam No Moccasin and Rydell Eagle Hawk. Originally recorded on May 30, 1977 on Memorial Day after a Pow Wow at Lame Deer, Montana. Released on CD May 2006. (Now on CD.) IR 1198 CD $17.98


- VOL. 1 - LIVE AT RING THUNDER Six intertribal pow wow songs plus Flag song and Veteran song. The songs were recorded live during the Ring Thunder Wacipi pow wow near Mission South-Dakota. This Sioux group is very popular and has traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada. James Clairmont, Severt Young Bear, Ronnie Theisz, Severt Young Bear, Ronnies Theisz, Francis Menard, Henry Green Crow, Phillip Wright, Calvin Jumping Bull, David Clairmont. 8006 Cassette $9.98


- DAKOTA The RED IRON SINGERS hail from the Pheasant Rump Nakota Nation. They have traveled extensively throughout Indian Country in the past few years sharing the spirit of the drum and the songs at pow wows and sun dances. All the songs recorded were composed by the singers with a special meaning and spirit, and this is the gift they wish to share with you. 11 songs including

Prices subject to change without notice.


intertribals, women's fancy, women's traditional, men's traditional, men's fancy, and women's jingle. SSCT 4433 CD $15.98


is captioned in Lakota with English translation. Songs include nine Lakota Victory songs, Grass Dance Song, Memorial Song, and eight other songs. 90 minutes. (Also listed in Video Catalog.) HSP-34307D DVD/CD $24.95 - LIVE AT FT. DUCHESNE 14 songs originally released as a cassette in the Spring of 1984. Songs include four intertribals, two contest songs, a social song, and more. HSP 08-0304 CD $14.98 - A LIVING HOOP - SONGS FOR CELEBRATING LIFE 11 more songs originally released on cassette in February, 1989. Songs include Dancers Come to the Center!, Come to the Grass Dance, Rio Grande, and Fantasy. HSP 08-0301 CD $14.98



- VOL. 1 - DAKOTA KAHOMINI SONGS Ten kahomini songs sung in Sioux and English by a group from Canada. Includes Deary Please Come Back to Me, I'm the One and Only One, and Deary My Love, My Sweatheart. The English and Sioux words to the songs are printed on the cassette insert. Lead singers Sam Hapa, Frank and Terrence Brown, plus nine more singers. SSCT 4115 (Out of Print) - VOL. 2 Ten songs including grass dance songs, intertribals, sneak up, foot slide, victory songs, woman's fancy, jingle and round dance songs. SSCT 4136 (Out of Print) - VOL. 3 Men's fancy, women's traditional, foot slide, sneak up, grass, intertribal. Ten songs by the same singers as on Volume II. SSCT 4152 (Out of Print) - LIVE RECORDING Ten Pow Wow songs recorded live at Sandy Bay and Sioux Valley, Manitoba. Includes fancy shawl, contest, traditional and thank you song. Frank and Terrence Brown, Lenny Lonechild, Herb May, J.J. Ramsey, T.J. McArthur, Joe and Fred Mursette, Pibbs Baker and Jim Todome. SSCT 4187 (Out of Print)


- LAKOTA VICTORY AND VETERANS SONGS - A TRIBUTE TO THE ELDERS The present RED LEAF SINGERS dedicate this recording to the old RED LEAF SINGERS. These individuals were their teachers and have kept these songs alive for many years. They wish to honor them, and all other past, present and future veterans, with these old Warrior Society songs. Singers include Pat Bad Hand Sr, Al Bad Hand Sr, Pat Bad Hand Jr, Wopila Bad Hand, Ray Bad Hand, Leslie Makes Room, Don Roy Makes Room, Gary M Hacker, Londel Seaboy and Dave White. 15 songs include nine victory songs for warriors, a Korean veterans song, two World War I veterans songs, two old penny songs, and a one star family song. IH 4325 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98


- VOL. 1 - LIVE AT UNITED TRIBES, 1987 RNS 001 (Out of Print)


- VOL. 1 - SONGS OF THE WARRIOR Songs of the Warrior was initially recorded in 1986 to honor the Red Leaf Singers and their tradition of singing without mentioning this intent to the world. In the years between the original recording and the publication of this CD in March 2008, all of the original Red Leaf members have passed on. Willie Bad Hand was the last to die in September 2007. In issuing this CD conversion, it is intended to be a special honor to their memories by making this bit of their legacy more accessible to the world. Songs include A Korean Veteran's Song, Bald Eage Veteran's Song, Charlie Chip's Soldier's Pipe Song, and A Peace Song. This is the third generation of singers to carry the name Red Leaf Singers. Percy Roy, Willy, Alphonso, Pat, and Howard Bad Hand, Burgess Yellow Cloud, and Leo Chasing in Timber, Sr. HSP 08-0302 CD $14.98


The drum group RED SCAFFOLD reside in Cheyenne River Reservation, which is home to many Sun Dance Ceremonies. During the sacred Sun Dance ceremony a drum group can find themselves singing Sundance songs in length of an hour or more. This amazing stamina has given Red Scaffold some of the strongest singers in pow wow country. Red Scaffold also takes pride in their Veteran Songs. RED SCAFFOLD singers are Romanus Bear Stops, Steve Charging Eagle, Vernell Sitting Crow, Amos Cook, Lloyd Bald Eagle, Roy Circle Bear, Ted Knife, Delvin Bowker, Burdell Blue Arm, Gloria Sitting Crow, Geraldine Bear Stops, and Phyllis Bald Eagle. Eleven songs including Traditional, WWI Veteran Song, Giveaway/Appreciation Song, Wounded Veteran Song, Ceremony Song, Victory Song, Woman's Fancy "Live", Sneak-Up "Live", Whistle Song "Live" and more! SSCT 4212 (Out of Print)


- VOL. 1 - 1987 Thirteen songs including crow hop, shake, grass, intertribal and traditional songs. Singers are from Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada. Frank Brown, Feralin Assiniboine, Darryl Goodwill, Raymond Brown, Oxzzie McKay, Glen Tait, A.J. McArthur, Angelo Morrisseau. SA 1987-1 Cassette $2.00 - VOL. 2 - 1987 Five intertribal and five traditional songs recorded at several pow wows. Same singers as Volume 1. SA 1987-2 (Out of Print.)


- TAOS BLUE LAKE POW WOW - 1985 Recorded live in early July, 1985. Seven original compositions by members of Red Leaf Takoja, Includes Strong Dancing Song (Shout Song), Honor Song, Jennifer's Lullaby, Willie Bad Hand's Song and Howard's Concerto. Although members come from a wide area, their singing style has its roots in the Red Leaf and Black Pipe Communities of the Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota. Singers: Howard, Terrie, Pat, Dale and Al Bad Hand, Tom Teegarden, Richard Archuleta and others. HSP 08-0303 CD $14.98 - ECHOES OF THE UNIVERSE Ten songs of original and rearranged contemporary dance music. An historical slice of Takoja song from the twelve year period 1975-1987. This musical collection utilizes the singing talents of Donna and Michele Concha, Alice Martinez and Margeret Tyon. HSP 88-0301 Cassette $2.00 - SONG OF THE HEARTBEAT Hosted by Wes Studi and Howard Bad Hand, this is a story, told in song, about one of the late 1980's and early 1900's supergroups on the pow wow trail. This hour long DVD is accompanied by an audio CD of Lakota songs recorded at the Denver, Rosebud, and Taos pow wows. Each song on the DVD


- VOL. 1 HUNKPAPA SIOUX A fine Sioux drum well-known throughout the Midwest. The ROCK CREEK SINGERS are dedicated to preserving the Lakota culture and this dedication is reflected in the fine performance on this tape. Most of the songs have Lakota words (English translation is provided on the tape cover) and include Sioux Flag Song, New Year's Song, Veteran's Honor Song, Victory Song, Kahomini songs (with words) and intertribal songs. Singers: Fenton Takes the Hat, Oley Little Eagle, Lew Foote, George Archambault, Norman Shoe String, Dale Brave Crow, Tom Steele. 8032 Cassette $9.98 Fourteen selections which our Sioux listeners have made through the years. A collection of love songs, honor songs, grass, Omaha and rabbit dances by singers from Fort Thompson, Cheyenne River Pine Ridge and Rosebud. Album includes the Sioux National Anthem as sung by William Horncloud. 6059 (Out of Print)


- IN MEMORY OF WAMBDI HAD SKA KAIHDGEHDGA MANI Sioux Nation formed in 1998 as Sundance and ceremony singers. They started on the pow wow trail in 2002. Singers include Geoff Essie Sr., Joel Essie, Tyrone Essie, Colton Tacan, Jeremy Blacksmith, Jeffrey Rattlesnake, Jonathan Essie, Isobel Essie, Geoff Essie Jr., William McKinney, Charnelle Essie, and Bradley Sioux. 12 tracks including three intertribals, a grass dance, 2 ruffle, a grand entry, a family song, a women's fancy shawl, a men's traditional, the drum theme song, and personal introductions WP-00042 CD $17.98


Eight pow wow songs from Fort Yates, ND. Singers: Archie, Steve and Robert Sr., Fool Bear, Paul Roddegg III, Billy Manywounds, Casey Wise Spirit, George Red Eagle, Jim Picotte, Web Three Legs and Monte Lebeau. SSCT 4185 (Out of Print)

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- 12 WAR DANCE SONGS IR 1193 Cassette $2.00 (Out of Print.)





from Morley, Alberta, Canada. Coleman Poucette, lead singer. Includes Flag Song, owl dance, crow hop, ladies' fancy, and intertribal songs. 9014 Cassette $9.98 - SWEET GRASS PRESENTS... STONEY PARK STONEY PARK singers are Coleman Beaver (Lead Singer), Coleman Beaver Jr., and Lenny, Harlan, and Greeves Beaver, John Blackbear Jr., Kydd Littleshi, Jaycee Killspotted, Tahlee Redbird. 11 songs including Drum Song, The Flying Eagle, The Powwow Trail, A Traditioanl Dancer, Peji Song(s), Indian Way, Bust A Move, All Tribes, The SPP Song,and War Party. SGSP 72893 (Out of Print.) - AUDE'S JOURNEY STONEY PARK was formed in 1981 by the late Paul Beaver. Paul was raised to believe and retain the Indian culture and passed this on to his sons. Paul's final journey was to Hartford, Connecticut where the group won the World Singing Championship of 1993. In March of 1994 the group was nominated for a Juno award in the new category of Best Aborigianl Music of Canada. 11 songs including Aude's Journey, Thousand Miles, Respect, Grandfather, Restless and more. SGSP 051494 (Out of Print) - HARTFORD, 1994 The STONEY PARK SINGERS are from the Westley Band, A Nakoda Tribe, near Morley, Alberta, Canada. The group has traveled throughout North America sharing joy and happiness through their songs. They have won many awards as well as nominations "Best Aboriginal Music In Canada" and consecutive World Championships in 1993 and 1994. 12 powwow songs including Grand Entry (High Noon), Aude's Journey (Intertribal) and more. SGSP 091894 (Out of Print.) - DON'T LOOK BACK SGSP 062195 (Out of Print.) - LIVE AT SCHMITZUN, 1995 Recorded Live at Standoff, Alberta in September of 1995. 11 songs including Men's Traditional, Contest Red Thunder, Contest Hoop Dance, Intertibal, Straight Contest "Copenhagen Express" and more. SGSP 091495 (Out of Print.) - POSSE Ten songs including Eliminator, Don't Worry, Be Happy, Bighorn Rising, Wolf Man, High Traveller, Guidance, Cool Water and more! SGSP 071396 (Out of Print.) - LOOKING FOR A ROUND DANCE Ten more exciting songs songs by an exciting drum. I'm So Lonely, Baby Baby, Thoughts of a Fool, Summer Time Blues, What the Cow Girls Do, King of Broken Hearts and more! SGSP 071496 (Out of Print.) - LIVE AT SCHMITZUN, 1997 SGSP 90497 (Out of Print.) - BEST OF STONEY PARK SGSP 101699 (Out of Print.) - WOLF PACK The journey is never complete. Once you think you have come to the end, a new trail begins. Many individuals have joined STONEY PARK from different tribes and nationalities, making the drum the first multinational group. Making songs for the


- VOLUME 1 - LAKOTA SACRED SONGS From Rosebud, South Dakota Harold White Horse, Joe Yellow Robe, Johnson Running and Elva Thompson present this collection of Lakota sacred songs. MOI 014 CD $19.98


- VOLUME 2 - LAKOTA SACRED SONGS Singers Dwight Provancial Sr., Harold White Horse, Joe Yellow Robe, Jason Running and Cy Sanchez with Wicaglata Elva Thompson bring you another collection of 12 sacred Lakota songs. Songs include Cannupa Opagi Olowan, Tatuya Topa Olowan, Wakan Wica Gahapi Olowan and more. The accompanying booklet includes the Lakota and English translation of the songs. MOI 012 CD $19.98

- ROSEBUD SIOUX POW WOW SONGS The Spring Creek Singers are Marty Makes Room, Tyrone Head, Rufus Cloudman, and Ario Lame Omaha. Originally recorded on April 9, 1981 at Spring Creek, South Dakota on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation. 12 songs including eight war dance songs, three rabbit dance songs, and one traditional war dance song. Released on CD May 2006. IR 1172A CD $17.98


- SPIRIT OF SONG The SPIRIT OF SONG recording is dedicated to preserving Lakota culture and continues the Lakota way. "Ikceya Wicasa Philosophy teaches that Tunkasila Wakan Tanka has provided a way to live and cope as Lakota in today's society. This is known as the Canku Luta (Red Road). This path incorporates ceremonies and traditional ways, which in turn rely on songs orally passed on for generations to come. This SPIRIT OF SONGS is a medium in which we attempt to relay a message of balance and harmony among people and nature. We make an effort to interrelate our personal and professional lives with the history, message and Spirit of the Songs we render". Sixteen singers including Earl Bullhead (lead singer), Sissy Claymore, Marge Edwards, Frank Bullhead, Tom Bullhead, Donald Ducheneaux, Salina Steele, and several others. Thirteen songs with translations and meanings. MC 0110 CD $16.98


Recorded live at Porcupine South Dakota, New Year Pow Wow, `96-'97. Featuring the PORCUPINE SINGERS, MANDERSON S I N G E RS , P AS S C R E E K S I N G E RS , KIYUKAYPI SINGERS, and the EAGLE MOUNTAIN SINGERS. TIM 10007 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98


Recorded on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation, South Dakota, by F. Dennis Lessard. Featured in this album are Omaha songs, penny song, grass dance songs, kettle dance songs and round dance songs. 6062 Cassette $9.98


- THE BEGINNING Fourteen drums, ten rounds, thousands of votes to find the best unsigned drum group in Indian Country! Pow Wow Idol is an online drum contest. Throughout the contest drums were asked to submit different styles of songs such as Fancy Feather, Veteran, Crow Hop, and others. Congratulations to the winner of the 2008 Pow Wow Idol - Standing Horse. The drum officially started in May of 2007 with members from the Dakota, Lakota, and Umo'ho' Nations. Members include Whitney Rencountre II, Luke Colud, Grant Weston, Dave Lone Elk, Jonas Taken Alive, Jarod Weston, Isaac Weston, Damon Rooks, Jeremiah Moreno, Joe Picotte, Jermaine Bell, Cameron Smith and Milton Eagle Star. Back-up singers include Erin Taken Alive, Jessie Rencountre, Tiffany Weston, Jennilee Rooks, Kara Condon, and Dawn Mestein. 17 songs including Rain Walker, Star Bird Woman, Dakota Jam, Naaman Elk, Native Beauty, and Feels Good. DHOP 3000 CD $16.98 - COMING TO A REZ NEAR YOU The 2008 Pow Wow Idol winners are back with their second release. Standing Horse Singers set out to make the dancers dance and the people feel good. 12 songs including Omaha Warrior, Step to the Side, Stop N Go, and Dakota Winyan. OTRP 5001 CD $15.98


Eighteen songs - includes Sun Dance, hand game, love songs, Omaha dances, Peyote songs. Christian hymn, society songs and ghost dance. L 40 Cassette $4.00


- RECORDED BETWEEN 1911 AND 1915 Twenty seven songs including Sun Dance songs, war songs, grass dance songs, healing songs, honor songs (Sitting Bull and Gabriel Renville), games songs, songs of societies. L 23 Cassette $4.00




- POW WOW SONGS The STONEY PARK SINGERS are one of the top pow wow groups in the country. Twelve songs

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people without discriminating against race, religion or lifestyle; it is their hope to have a positive impact on the lives of their listeners. Lifting peoples spirits makes them feel good and that is what they hope to convey in their songs. Singers include Harlan Beaver, Timothy Beaver, Lenny Beaver, Coleman Beaver Jr, Coleman Beaver Sr, Boye Ladd Beaver, Ronald Rice Jr, Travis Beaver, Rod Patrick and Greaves Snow. 12 songs. SGSP 81100 (Out of Print.)


tions, he presents these sacred songs that illustrate the Lakota spiritual way of life. 13 Lakota pipe and ceremony songs. 6402 CD $15.98




(Gilly Running) Tape and booklet of Lakota ceremonial songs. Booklet has the Lakota words for each song, the literal translation for each song, and a dictionary containing each word used in the songs. The dictionary is also spoken on the tape so pronunciation is easier to understand. - VOL. 1 - I'M SENDING A VOICE Sixteen Lakota ceremonial songs including Pipe Filling Song, Four Winds Song, Spotted Eagle Spirit Song, Sacred Pipe songs, Sun Dance songs and others. SAV 001 (Out of Print.) - VOL. 2 - I'M SENDING A VOICE Sixteen old traditional Lakota ceremonial songs. Pipe songs, Sun Dance and prayer songs and more. The booklet includes tips and techniques on Lakota singing styles. SAV 002 (Out of Print.) - VOL. 3 - I'M SENDING A VOICE A collection of fourteen Lakota ceremonial songs dedicated to the Animal Nations including songs for the Buffalo, Eagle, Turtle, Horse, and Dog and the White Buffalo Calf Maiden Pipe Song SAV 003 Cassette & Booklet $8.00 - VOL. 4 - I'M SENDING A VOICE A collection of thirteen Lakota ceremonial songs. Prayer songs, thunder song, water song, Sun Dance songs, offering song, four directions song, doctoring song, stone song. SAV 004 Cassette & Booklet $8.00



Lakota Sundance Songs from Rosebud, South Dakota. Song booklet included with each volume. - VOLUME 1 13 songs. Eight prayer songs and five pipe songs. Singers: Dwight Provancial, Harold White Horse, Florentine Blue Thunder, Roy Yellow Hawk and Lee Smith. Wicaglata: Elva White Horse and Bea Running. MOI 003 CD $19.98 - VOLUME 2 15 songs. 11 prayer songs, three pipe songs and one thank you song. Singers: Dwight Provancial, Harold White Horse, Florentine Blue Thunder, Roy Yellow Hawk and Lee Smith. Wicaglata: Elva White Horse and Bea Running. MOI 004 CD $19.98 - VOLUME 3 15 songs. 12 prayer songs, one pipe song, one water song and one thank you song. Singers: Dwight Provancial, Harold White Horse, Lee Smith, Joe Yellow Robe, Roy Yellow Hawk, Florentine Blue Thunder, Viola Provancial, Bea Running and Elva White Horse. MOI 005 CD $19.98 - VOLUME 4 13 songs. Eight prayer songs, three pipe songs, one entrance song and one song for the Sundance Tree. Singers: Dwight Provancial, Harold White Horse, Florentine Blue Thunder, Roy Yellow Hawk and Lee Smith. Wicaglata: Elva White Horse, Bea Running and Viola Provancial. MOI 006 CD $19.98 - VOLUME 5 16 songs. 14 prayer songs and two pipe songs. Singers: Dwight Provancial, Harold White Horse and Lee Smith. Wicaglata: Viola Provancial, Suzanne Valandra and Elva Thompson. MOI 007 CD $19.98 - VOLUME 6 15 songs. 13 prayer songs, one White Buffalo Calf Woman's song and one pipe song. Singers: Dwight Provancial Sr., Harold Thompson, Johnson Running, Cy Sanchez and James Shot With Two Arrows. Wicaglata: Viola Provancial and Elva Thompson. MOI 008 CD $19.98 - VOLUME 7 More Lakota Sundance Songs from Rosebud, South Dakota. Singers include Dwight Provancial Sr., Harold White Horse, Joe Yellow Robe and Cy Sanchez. Wicaglata are Viola Provancial and Elva Thompson. MOI 010 Cassette $5.00 CD $19.98 - VOLUME 8 Lakota Sundance songs from Rose Bud, South Dakota. Singers Dwight Provancial Sr., Harold White Horse, Joe Yellow Robe, Johnson Running and Cy Sanchez with wicaglata Viola Provancial and Elva Thompson. MOI 011 Cassette $5.00 CD $19.98


- A DREAM TAKES FLIGHT SGTS 31498 Cassette $2.00 CD $12.98 - MILLENNIUM 2000 - NEW BEGINNINGS TIM 10032 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98


- LAKOTA YUWIPI SONGS Elmer Running, Medicine Man, Rosebud Reservation, tells us that these songs are recorded with good thoughts in order that their children will carry them into the future. He states that they are doing this for the sake of the people, because they say there is no end to this pipe. A companion song booklet is available. STP 002 CD $15.98


- LAKOTA SUNDANCE SONGS In memory of those who have passed on. 18 songs. Six prayer songs, three pipe songs, one coyote song, one entrance song, two piercing songs, one good day song, one spotted eagle song, one horse dance song, one water song and one exit song. A companion song booklet is available for the cassette, it is included with the CD. STP 001 CD $15.98


- PILAMAYE (BREATH OF LIFE) BREATH OF LIFE is a selection of sacred song offerings recorded by the WHITE HORSE SINGERS of Mission, South Dakota. They are highly regarded ceremonial singers with seven previous recordings to their credit (Wakan Hoye Yapi Volumes 1 - 7). BREATH OF LIFE contains 15 tracks including sun dance, heyoka, and healing songs in their original format. Liner notes describe the story and origin of the songs. BREATH OF LIFE is believed to contain the most extensive selection of heyoka songs commercially available. The WHITE HORSE SINGERS are Dwight Provencial Sr., Harold White Horse, Johnson Running and Joe Yellow Robe; wicaglata Elva Thompson. PR 0001 Cassette $4.00


- LAKOTA YUWIPI SONGS Elmer Running, Medicine Man, Rosebud Reservation, tells us that these songs are recorded with good thoughts in order that their children will carry them into the future. He states that they are doing this for the sake of the people, because they say there is no end to this pipe. A companion song booklet is available. STP 003 CD $15.98


- LAKOTA PIPE AND CEREMONIAL SONGS Performed by noted singer Joseph Shields, Jr. this collection presents rarely recorded songs that accompany the sacred Pipe ceremonies of the Lakota. Sung in honor of the Great Spirit, these songs reflect the spiritual traditions of the Lakota people and include pipe songs, Calling of the Spirit songs, healing songs, an eagle song and Emptying of the Pipe song. 6285 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98 - REMEMBER ME GRANDFATHER Of Ihunktowan Dakota/Sicangu Lakota heritage, singer Joseph Shields, Jr. was raised in the traditional way as a ceremonial singer and medicine man. Carrying on the tradition of his forefathers, he is a keeper of Lakota culture and song. Feeling that they should be preserved for coming genera-


- LIVE AT WA PA HA SKA SGWL 882397 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98

- WHITELODGE 14 songs in the `old-style' include Lollipop Song, Vietnam Song, Dakota Weya and Saddle Butte Special. The WHITE LODGE SINGERS are Randy Phelan (Lead singer), Leo Standish (Elder), Ambrose Phelan, Tony Phelan, Jude Phelan, Armand McArthur, Patrick McArthur, Ira McArthur, Les McArthur, Kyle Mandan, Elmer Lone Thunder, Alex Gwin, Nick Grinnell, Ira Eashappie, Stephen Eashappie, Russell Young Bird and John Bearstail. AR 1133 Cassette $2.00 CD $17.98

Prices subject to change without notice.



SSCT 4211 (Out of Print)




YA-IYO-WAZA is a Lakota group from Eagle Butte, South Dakota. They are a favorite of many Sun Dance Ceremonies that take place on the Cheyenne River Reservation. They can be found traveling throughout South Dakota, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and other south/ central and western states. Singers: Tim Black Bear, Eugene Condon, William Condon, Simon Frazier and Kevin Red Buffalo. 10 songs including grass dance, intertribals, woman's traditional, men's traditional, and woman's fancy. SSCT 4214 (Out of Print)


- STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART SWR 2000 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98

**** For Sioux Peyote music please see the Peyote Catalog.

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