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Patrons Dr. D. Hemachandra Sagar, MBBS, MS, Member of Legislative Assembly Govt. of Karnataka, Chairman, DSI Dr. D. Premachandra Sagar, MBBS, Former-Minister, Govt. of Karnataka, Vice-Chairman & CEO, DSI Sri. B. Galiswamy, Secretary, MGVP Trust,DSI

ICSE - 2010



Chairperson Co-Chairpersons Deputy Chairperson : Conference Secretary Overseas Convenor National Convenor National Joint Convenors Joint Secretaries : Dr. P Rao, Director, Center for R&D in Life Sciences & Engg. DSCE .S. : Dr. Netaji S. Ganesan, Principal, DSCE Prof. T.B. Ninge Gowda, Principal, DSCASC Dr. V. Ramprasad, Director, Centre for PG Studies in IT & Mgt., DSCE : Dr. A. Sreenivasan, Director, Centre for P Studies in Engineering, DSCE .G. : Dr. G.S. Jagannatha Rao, Professor & Head, Dept. of Biotechnology, DSCE : Prof. H.V. Lakshminarayana, Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engg., DSCE : Dr. D. Ramesh Babu, Head, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, DSCE Prof. C.P Prakash, Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, DSCE .S. : Prof. M. Puttaraju, Professor & Head, Dept. of Medical Electronics, DSCE Dr. L. Manjunatha Rao, Director, PG Studies in Computer Applications, DSCASC Dr. G.V. Kesava Rao, Dean, PG Studies in Mgt, DSCE Deputy Secretaries : Prof. S.A. Vasanth Kumar, Professor, Dept. of IEM, DSCE Dr. H.C. Srinivasaiah, Professor, Dept. of Telecom, DSCE Dr. S. Kiran, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Bio-Technology, DSCE Dr. A.R. Rajendra, Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, DSCE Mrs. Kiran Gupta, Asst. Professor, Dept. of E&C, DSCE Dr. P R. Vijayasarathy, Professor & Head, Dept. of Chemistry, DSCE . Dr. (Mrs) Nutan Lata, Professor, Dept. of EEE, DSCE Members : Prof. B. Thyagraja, Director, HR & QA, DSI Prof. M. Shivkumar, Director, Centre for Innovation and Leadership, DSI Dr. (Mrs) B. Sampoorna Naidu, Vice Principal, DSCE Dr. M. N. Neelakantan , Professor, Dept. of Information Science in Engineering, DSCE Dr. B.S. Thandaveswara, Professor & Head, Dept. of Civil Engineering, DSCE Prof. S.K. Raman, Professor, Dept. of Electronics & Comm., DSCE Dr. P Kulkarni, Professor & Head, Dept. of Telecommunication, DSCE .T. Dr. G.R. Srinivasa, Professor & Head, Dept. of IEM, DSCE Dr. R. Ravishankar, Professor & Head, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, DSCE Prof. M.J. Shanthi Prasad, Professor, Dept. of E&C, DSCE Contact Persons : Dr. G.S. Jagannatha Rao, Overseas Convenor Mobile : 09342660206 Dr. H.V. Lakshminarayana, National Convenor Mobile : 09880993599 Phone: (080)-42161736 (O), Fax : (080)-26660789, E-mail : [email protected], Home page : http//


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Center For Post Graduate Studies in Engineering

Center for Post Graduate Studies in IT and Management Center for Research & Development in Life Sciences & Engineering

ICSE - 2010



Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Sciences & Commerce

Shavige Malleswara Hills, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore-560 078 Karnataka, INDIA


ICSE - 2010

OBJECTIVES Science and Engineering are the boom of the day. Its applications are wide in all spheres of activity. Objectives of ICSE-2010 is to Bring awareness of Science applications in Engineering design/development. Create a forum for free exchange of ideas, discussion and debate on the theme. Key note addresses and plenary sessions from experts and presentation of contributed papers. Bring Academia / Researchers / Industry together to discuss future trends of Science and Engineering. A pre-conference workshop is planned on April 20th, 2010 for participants of the conference. Participants may visit official homepage of the conference for more details. DAYANANDA SAGAR INSTITUTIONS Dayananda Sagar Institutions (DSI), a front-runner in the field of education today, are run under the aegis of the Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Peetha Trust, Bangalore- known as the Silicon Valley of India. These institutions are characterized by the quality of education across a wide range of disciplines from pre-university courses to post-graduation and doctoral programs covering Arts, Commerce, Sciences, Pharmacy, Engineering, Dental Sciences, Biological Sciences, Nursing, Allied Health, as well as Business Management and Information Technology. DSI commitment to internationalization is expressed in its collaborative research and exchange programmes involving institutions from across the globe. The Dayananda Sagar Schools and Colleges of Science, Arts and Commerce are pioneering institutions founded by late Sri. R. Dayananda Sagar in the early sixties. Progressively a number of institutions offering diploma, degree and postgraduate programme in Engineering, Dental Sciences, and Pharmacy were added. Management and high-end Information Technology education programmes have also been

CALL FOR PAPERS Professionals working in Universities, Engineering Institutions, R&D, Academic, Govt. and Professional Organizations, Industries are invited to contribute papers and participate in the conference. An abstract in PDF Format not exceeding 300 words may be submitted on any of the following tracks :

CIVIL ENGINEERING Sectoral Head : Dr. B.S. Thandaveswara, Professor & Head Sectoral Co-Ordinators : Mr. B.V. Kiran Kumar/Mr. K.N. Viswanath Impact of Nano, Bio, Information & Material Technologies on Civil Engineering Research, Teaching & Education, Disaster Management The Soft Computing application in Civil Engineering Role of Civil Engineering in Global development and marketing Reduction of Global Gas Emission - Carbon Management Sustainability with modern construction materials. Impact of recession on Civil Engineering Projects i.e. Govt. & Private Projects Impact of Climatic changes o Food Production, Hydrology, River flow & forecasting costal zone management, Energy etc. Housing Solution for increasing population and its impact on energy water-new alternatives initiatives, Urban design. Lack of Urban planning and its impact on Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Intelligent Transportation System. Any other Topic in Civil Engineering relevant to theme MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sectoral Head : Dr. K.G. Sudhakar, Professor & Head Sectoral Co-Ordinators : Prof. C.P Prakash/Mr. Shivashankar Srivatsava .S. Design Engineering, Finite element analysis ­ stress analysis Fracture mechanics ­ vibration of noise control, Tribology and bearing Manufacturing, CAM/FMS/CIM Rapid prototyping, robotics- advance machine tool technology ­ tool design engg PLM, Advance materials Composite material ­ smart material, nano materials ­ ceramics & powder metallurgy - MEMS Heat transfer and flud flow, Propoulsion, turbo machines Refregiration & air-conditioning, Cryogenics, Optimizing techniques Artificial intelligence, CAPP ­ SIX sigma ­ operation research Non ­Traditional optimization, Automotive engineering & energy Automobile engineering ­ Non conventional energy ­ bio fuels ­ fuel cells ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Sectoral Head : Dr. K. Srinivas, Professor & Head Sectoral Co-Ordinators : Dr. (Mrs) Nutan Lata/Mr. B.S. Vishwanath Power System Planning & Scheduling Protection, Operation, Stability & Control Recent trends in HVDC Transmission & FACTs Controllers Power Generation & Sustainable Development Power System modelling, Simulation & Analysis Power Market and Power System Economics Integrated Hybrid Power Systems Modern Heuristic Optimization method in Power System Parallel Processing in Power System ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Sectoral Head : Dr. K. Karibassappa, Professor & Head Sectoral Co-Ordinators Prof. M.J. Shanthi Prasad/Mrs. Kiran Gupta Embedded and communication Technology VLSI- Embedded System ­ Communication Digital hierarchies (SDH), Mux and optic Mux Multimedia proceding neural networks DSP Digital Communication Networks , TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING Sectoral Head : Dr. P Kulkarni, Professor & Head .T. Sectoral Co-Ordinator : Dr. H.C. Srinivasaiah Satellite and Space Communication, Wireless Communication Optical Communications, VLSI & Embedded Systems Security & Reliability in Communication Systems Data Communication & Networking, Signal Processing Selected area in Communication COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Sectoral Head : Dr. D. Ramesh Babu, Professor & Head Sectoral Co-Ordinator : Prof. N. Bhaskar Rao/Prof. K.A. Ramarkishna Artificial Intelligence, Bio informatics & Scientific computing Computer graphics & virtual realities, Computer networks & security Computer vision and NLP High performance computing , Robotic & knowledge base system INFORMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Sectoral Head : Dr. M. Ravishankar, Professor & Head Sectoral Co-Ordinator : Dr. M.N. Neelakantan IT in Medicine, Jurisdiction, Governance and Education IT in disaster Management, IT in agriculture and Retail Chain IT in Rural Development Information Management & Cyber Enterprises CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sectoral Head : Dr. R. Ravishankar Professor & Head Sectoral Co-Ordinator : Mr. G.K. Mahadeva Raju Global warming, Environment energy ANAERO BIC treatment, Pinch technology Sustainable development, Bio process & Biotechnology Pollution and preventation INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT Sectoral Head : Dr. G.R. Srinivasa, Professor & Head Sectoral Co-Ordinator : Prof. S.A. Vasanth Kumar Total quality mgt for efficient energy utilization for power and productively with emphasis on human factors World class manufacturing for efficient management MEDICAL ELECTRONICS Sectoral Head : Prof. M. Puttaraju, Professor & Head Sectoral Co-Ordinator : Prof. Srinivas Halvi Nano Medicine and medical systems, Medical imaging systems Bio medical Instrumentation, Artificial organs Bio medical DSP Nano technology in medicines. , INSTRUMENTATION TECHNOLOGY Sectoral Head : Prof. Suresh, Professor & Head MEMS, Nano and Optical Sensors Application in Instrumentation DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES Sectoral Head : Dr. (Mrs) Laxmi Jagannathan, Professor & Head Strategic issues in emerging technologies & incubation. Leadership styles of the future to combat global competitiveness. Societal issues of the corporate entries for effective CSR. Global melt down and financial reforms. Managerial challenges of cyber enterprises and virtual business. Global recession and HR challenges' Higher Education at a time of crisis-challenges and opportunities. COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Sectoral Head : Dr. Y.A. Kumaraswamy, Professor & Head IT in service sector. e-Banking, e-Journalism/Printing & publishing e-Commerce, Virtual reality. ICT in Advertising, e-Medicine, e-Governance, e-Education APPLIED SCIENCES Sectoral Head : Dr. B.H. Veena, Professor & Head of Mathematics Waves & flows, Simulation & modeling, Numerical methods Finite element analysis & Advances in Q in theory and replacement theory and graphic theory Sectoral Head : Dr. P Vijayasarathy, Professor & Head of Chemistry .R. Nano Technology , Nano systems, Characterization of nano materials for applications in environment sciences Sectoral Head : Dr. C.M. Joseph, Professor & Head of Physics Thin film & devices technology, Ferro electic & piozo electric devices Nano structure & nano compute devices, Opto-electrone & nono wires Tribology corrosion resistant thin film, Solar circuits LIFE SCIENCES/BIO-TECHNOLOGY/BIO-ENGINEERING Sectoral Head : Dr. G.S. Jagannatha Rao, Professor & Head Sectoral Co-Ordinator : Dr. S. Kiran "Embryonic, Fetal, and Adult Stem Cells Nanomaterials for therapeutics and diagnostics Smart Drug Delivery Systems, Nanobiosensors Digital biology: promising new discipline GM Crops and Food Biotechnology Advances in Bioimaging, Medicinal Plant Biotechnolgy/Bioprarmaceaticals

introduced. Keeping in pace with technological growth, courses in Biotechnology and Microbiology are being offered catering to new demands from industry, research institutes and the overall market needs. For further details : visit

DAYANANDA SAGAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (DSCE) DSCE offers 16 Post Graduate courses in the following disciplines apart from the 15 Branches in UG Programmes. Highway Technology. Computer Network Engineering. Structural Engineering. Computer Science and Engineering. Design Engineering Chemical Engineering. Master of Engineering Management. Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Power Electronics. Micro-electronic & Controls. Digital Electronics and Communication. Bio-Medical Signal Processing and Instrumentation. Master of Business Administration. VLSI Design and Embedded System. Digital Communication and Networking. Master of Computer Applications. Departments of Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer Science, Information Science, Electronics and Communication and Telecommunication Engineering have M.Sc (Engg) by Research and Doctoral Programs. These Engineering and Management programs are affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka, and approved by All India Council for Technical Education. Centre for R&D in Life Sciences & Engineering is recognized a R & D Center with the following PG Programs affiliated to Bangalore University., (Mircobiology), M.Sc., (Biotechnology), M.Sc., (Biochemistry) SPONSORSHIP Sponsorship in the form of stalls, banners & advertisements are solicited from Industries, Professional Bodies, Educational Institutions and other Organizations. Sponsorship Tarrif Platinum INR 50,000/Silver INR 25,000/Foreign Sponserers : USD $ 2000 Gold INR 40,000/IMPORTANT DATES Submission of abstract : October 30, 2009

Notification of acceptance : November 30, 2009 Submission of full text Last date for registration Conference dates : January 01, 2010 : February 02, 2010 : April 22-23, 2010

Guidelines for submission of full text of accepted papers : Main body of the text; as per (IEEE FORMAT) 12pt Times roman, headings; 14 bold capital, tables/figures/graphs; numbered and labeled, and placed at relevant body of the text. Referencing to follow standard format. Electronic submissions in PDF Format may be e-mailed to Conference Conveners. Registration Fees

Persons from Academic Institutions: Rs. 2,000/Persons from R&D Centers, Industries & Govt. Organizations: Rs. 4,000/Student delegates Rs. 750/Foreign delegates $ 250 Registration fee covers conference materials, Food & Beverages during the conference. Participants are requested to make their own arrangements for travel, and stay at Bangalore. Organizers will assist for the stay at Bangalore and also guide for Travel Plan. Cheques/DDs may be drawn in favor of `DSI-ICSE-2010', Bangalore, and payable at Bangalore. Master & Visa Cards payments are also accepted.

Stalls / Exhibition space and other supports & sponsorships are welcome.

ICSE - 2010


ICSE 2010

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