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Lorton Jazz Festival of 1960

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[Key] Signatures 1 Best Wishes Velma Middleton 2 Billy Kyle 3 Barney Bigard 4 Louis Armstrong 5 Sincerely ­ Most Herbert 6 Best Wishes [illegible] 7 Aloha Danny Barcelona 8 Thank You Masses & Prayers Fr. Carl J. Breitfeller, O.P. 9 Sincerely Nancy Wilson 10 Best Wishes Eddie Phife 11 Patty [?] NBC WRC Monitor 12 Father Nicholas P. Pearl 13 Keter Betts 14 Ike Isaac 15 Gildo Mahones 16 Charlie Byrd 17 Gildo Mahones 18 Felix Grant 19 Dave Lambert 20 Annie Ross 21 Ralph [illegible] 22 Sincerely [illegible] Photography......................ELLIS HOLMES

[Page 3] [Text transcription] GOVERNMENT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA THE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS The Reformatory Division Lorton, Virginia Dear Mr. Grant: In the past three years that you have accepted the burden of helping us with our Lorton Jazz Festival I have never taken the opportunity to formally than you. As emcee you do a marvelous job in that you never try to steal the show but carry out the important task of introducing the entertainers with good taste. More importantly, your advice concerning the individual entertainers and the staging of the show has proven invaluable. Believe me, during those hectic hours it was a great comfort to me to know that Felix Grant was right along side in case something came up. I realize the imposition that the show places upon you especially with the long evenings work facing you upon leaving the Institution and it is therefore with some misgivings that I say we are looking forward to 1961 and the years to follow. All of our Masses and prayers.

Sincerely, Fr. Carl J. Breitfeller, O.P. Catholic Chaplain CJB:mac

[Page 4] [Photograph] Felix Grant shakes Fr. Brietfeller's hand.

[Page 5] [Text transcription] The Unique and Meaningful LORTON JAZZ FESTIVAL "Nation's most unusual jazz festival." "Talk of the music world." These are a mere sampling of the expressions used by the press to describe what has become known as the Lorton Jazz Festival. Several years ago, Sarah Vaughan inaugurated the Festival with a tremendous performance in which she held the audience spellbound for an hour and a half. In 1957 Louie Armstrong and his All Stars with Jack Teagarden increased the tempo set by Sarah Vaughan. The show took on festival proportions in 1958 with the appearance of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, the Hi-Lo's, Charlie Byrd and Trio plus the Kai Winding Septet. 1959 continued this festival style with Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson and Trio, Stuff Smith and the Charlie Byrd Trio. On August 11th, 1960 the Festival reached new heights with such names as the Count Basie Band with Joe Williams, Louis Armstrong with Velma Middleton, the Lambert, Hendricks and Ross group, the Ike Isaac Trio, the Charlie Byrd Trio and Miss Nancy Wilson. The duties of m. c. have been masterfully handled by Felix Grant of local radio station WMAL. The above named greats have never appeared at a festival more unique than the one at Lorton. This annual show is attended by the 2,000 felons serving long terms in the Lorton Reformatory. Another unusual aspect of the festival is that it is not pre-arranged or pre-staged but rather, is spontaneously produced and directed by Fr. Carl J. Breitfeller, O.P., and his fellow Catholic Prison Chaplains. Again, this annual show is unique in that it presents the best of jazz exclusively -- and finally, 1960 presented an innovation by introducing a comparatively new personality to the world of jazz. This year Miss Nancy Wilson gave an impressive performance supported by the Basie Band. The Festival is not a coddling or pampering of prisoners but an annual reminder that prisoners are understood and thought of as human beings. These are the things that money cannot buy so it is only fitting that they not be obtained with money... rather, through the large and generous heart of jazz.....

[Page 8] [Text transcription] [Newspaper Articles] [Title] 1900 Inmates Cut Loose At Lorton Jazz Festival D.C. Jail Skeus Blowout But of Jazz Variety (first line) One of the Biggest jazz Prison Jazz Festival features top stars The True Jazz Followers Are Usually the Top Men... Prisoners Have a Ball With Louis Jazz Festival Coproduced In Prison By Chaplains It's Great to Be Back Ex-Inmate Returns to Prison to Perform at Nation's Most Unusual Jazz Festival No Riots There Prison Is Scene of Unusual Jazz Show Basie, Armstrong to Perform for Lorton Inmates Cool Caper In the Prison Yard Beating it Out Behind the Bars Jazz Greats Play in Prison Priests Produce Jazz Festival in Reformatory Audience to Have `Penned In' Feeling Virginia Jazz Festival Slated Priests Produce Jazz Festival in Prison in Lorton Prison Concert Cheered by 2,000 Lorton inmates No Joshua Here Jazz Greats to Play at Prison No Student Riots Here: Columbus Priest Responsible For Lorton Jazz Festival [Publication] Washington Post Variety The Baltimore Sun Baltimore Afro-American Washington Daily News? Washington Daily News? The Catholic News New York City Pensacola Journal

Tampa Tribune Evening Star S.F. Examiner Boston American Massena, NY The Register Catholic Virginian Washington Afro-American Newark Sunday News

Catholic Times Columbus, Ohio

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[1] I tell you Home-Boy `twas a gasser, groove, and the END JIM. But face it man if you are free when the JAZZ SHOW returns just remember SO CAN YOU Ellis Holmes '60 ------------------------------[2] Like Jack The Bear, you ain't no WHERE Like Dad get thin this out DEN Man we'll HIBERNATE like COOL, til the '61 JAZZ SHOW -----------------------------[3] Doc, I can't BARK only WAIL man like, LOUIE! SNAP POP ------[4] THE MUSIC STILL LINGERS ON Our time is your time All the time `Cause your time Was so fine And really a gasser So pretty please Make it soon We miss YOU...

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[Key] Signatures 1 Frank Foster Tenor Sax 2 [?] 3 Benny Powell Trombone 4 Sonny Cohn Trpt 5 Al Grey Trombone 6 Marshal Royal alto sax 7 Henry Cohen 8 Charles Faulker [?] Baritone 9 Joe Newman 10 Thad Jones, trpt 11 Count Basie 12 Bill Mtichell 13 Joe Williams 14 Thank you father From Sonny [?] 15 Frank Wess 16 Eddie Jones, [?] 17 Count Basie 18 [?] Best Wishes Fr. [?] F. Sheehy, O.P.

Cover......................Herbert H. Hall


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