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Shoeshine Girl

Optional Lesson, Book 16

Sample Summary:

Sarah Ida was not happy about spending the summer with her Aunt Claudia. Because she had spent her all her allowance, Sarah Ida talked her neighbor, Rossi, into lending her money. When Aunt Claudia found out, they had an argument and Sarah Ida decided to find a job. Sarah Ida convinced Al at the shoeshine stand to give her a chance. She learned to shine shoes. As the summer went on she was more responsible about her job. One day, Al showed Sarah Ida a medal, but she hurt his feelings and insulted him. When a car struck Al, Sarah Ida kept the shop open and gave him all the money. When she left, Al gave her his medal. Sarah Ida learned how to care of herself and for others.


Using the completed graphic organizer, have students write summaries of the first section; then have volunteers share what they have written and discuss them briefly. Then have students write summaries of the remaining sections of the book independently. Have students share their summaries and discuss ways to improve them.

Decoding Longer Words

Base Words with Suffixes -ment, -ness, -ion Teach/Model Review the term suffix (an ending that changes the meaning of a base word or the part of speech). Readers look for suffixes and find the base word in order to say and understand the longer word. Three common suffixes are -ment, -ness, and -ion. Have students name each base word and suffix listed in the first column of the chart. Read aloud the Meaning Note as students follow along. Have students restate the note in their own words. Use the first row to model building a word and thinking about meaning. MODEL The base word is excite. When the suffix -ment is added, the word is excitement, which names a feeling of being very excited, as in the phrase "thrills and excitement." There is no spelling change in the base word. Have students take turns similarly modeling the building of suffixed words using the example in each row of the chart. Prompt them to note the y changed to i in happiness and the dropped final e in confusion. Review students' answers to the questions under the chart. Help them to verbalize their understanding of why and how to look for base words and suffixes.

Making Words

Letter Cards: e i o u n q s s t Book Word: questions (page 1) · · · · · · Take two letters to make it. Add a letter to make sit. Add a letter to make suit. Change a letter to make quit. Add a letter to make quite. Change a letter and rearrange to make quest. The knight went on a quest to find a treasure. · Add the suffix ion to make question. · Add the ending s to make a word from the book, questions. Sorts · · · · words that rhyme words with qu words with two chunks words with a suffix

Connect to strategy CLARIFY/PHONICS Have students review the steps of the CLARIFY/PHONICS strategy (Poster 3). Write this sentence on the board and read it aloud, skipping the word invention. Why was the printing press an important invention? MODEL I know every word in the sentence except this one (underline invention). There might be a base word before the suffix i-o-n. I see invent. An invention is something that is invented, or created. That makes sense in the sentence. Practice A Partners complete items 1­6. Students take turns saying the longer words, using each in a phrase or sentence, and identifying the base word. Practice B Read the directions, and go over item 1 with the group if necessary. Students complete the items on their own. Afterward, discuss the meanings of the phrases. Apply/Comprehension Check Students work independently. For the Apply items, have students tell how they used the CLARIFY/PHONICS strategy to figure out the words with suffixes, as well as any other words in the text. Discuss responses to the Comprehension Check.

Making Words

Use the activity to the left. See pp. T65-T67 to review the procedure.

Optional Lesson, Shoeshine Girl



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