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Agricultural &Foodstuffs

Agricultural crops Animal feed Baby food Beverages, Drinks Biscuits, Crackers Bread Canned fish Canned fruits Canned products Cereal products Chocolates, Chewing gum Cumin seeds, Barberry Dairy products Dates, Raisins Dried fruits Edible vegetable oil, Olive Oil Extracts Flour Food products Fresh fruits Frozen products Fruit concentrates Fruit juice Ice cream Jam, Honey Lemon juice Macaroni & Vermicelli Meat products Mineral water Paste Pastries, Cakes, Cookies Pickled cucumbers Pickles Pistachios, Almonds, Nuts Potato chips, Snacks Poultry products Powder Saffron Sea products, Fishery Seasoning Spices, Essence Starch, Glucose, Gluten Sugar Tea Trading services Vegetables, Mushrooms Vinegar, Sour grape syrups Wafer, Poffak, Toffee, Bon bon misc

References: Iran TPO Exporters Data Bank, Exemplary Exporters Directory Iran Trade Yellowpages, Iran Export Directory


1 & 1 CORP. (DASHT MORGHAB) Head Office: No.4. 8th Alley, Ahmad Qasir St.. 14168. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88535680-4 Fax: (+98-21) 88535690 Factory: (+98-711)2244198 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Peyman Sadi Iran Exemplary Exporters Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Tuna Fish. Canned Food, Olive Oil, Rose Water, Honey, Jam, Lemon Juice, Macaroni, Tomato Paste, Pomegranate Paste. Pickled Cucumbers. Pickles, Ketchup. Spices, Vinegar, Sourgrape Syrups. [M.E.I] 777 FOOD INDUSTRIES CO Head Office: No.159, East Farjam St., After Heydarkhani Cross Rd., 16847, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77491906 Fax: (+98-21) 77491906 Factory: (+98-21) 55290614-6 Email: [email protected] MD: Mortazavi Activity: Prepared Food [M] ABBASPOUR CO Head Office: No. 30, Homa Alley, North Kargar St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66437076, 66439564 Fax:(+98-21) 66439564, 66437076 Factory: (+98-411) 6372736 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Akbar Abbaspour Activity: Chocolates, Toffee. [M.E.I]

AFSHOREH CO Head Office: Bldg.No.225/1, Opposite Jam St., Motahari St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 888721452 Fax: (+98-21) 888721452 Factory: (+98-192) 4282751-2 MD: Sasani Activity: Fruit Juice, Marmalade, Jam, Pickled Cucumbers, Pickles [M] AFZOODANIHA CO Head Office: 1st FI., No 25. Mohamadi Alley, North Eskandan St ., Azadi St., 14197,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66433486. 66424406 Fax: (+98-21) 66948183 MD: Hamid Saghatchi Activity: Baking Powder, Edible Potassium, Edible Sodium Phosphate. [M] AGRICULTURAL SERVICES SPECIAL HOLDING CO Head Office: No.11, Corner of 4th Alley Bokharest SI.. Beheshtl St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88728368-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88722353 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Nasrollah Khadem Activity: Caviar Fishes [E] AKBAR HAJ KAZEMIYAN TRADING CO. Head Office: No.3, Ramm Alley, Opposite Khabarnegaran Javan Club, After Jaame Jam St., Vall-e-Asr SI, 1966843341, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22022331, 22042580 Fax: (+98-21) 22056759 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Akbar Haj Kazemiyan Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Raisins, Dates, Export of Pistachios. [E] ALALEH CO. (ADISH MACARON) Head Office: Part 208, 5th St., Sanat Blvd, Industrial Town Phase 1 , 918511, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 5413623,5410230-1 Fax: (+98-511) 5413623 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Khosro Homayouni Activity: Macaroni, Mineral Water [M-E] ALBORZ FLOUR CO Head Office: 2nd amid St., Shahryar Rd., Simin Dasht Industrial Town, 31659. Karaj Tel: (+98-261) 6604848 Fax: (+98-261) 6603900 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammadreza Meysami Fard Activity: Flour [M-E] ALBORZ STARCH CO Head Office: Unit 42, 6th FI., Block 1, Rose Bldg., Eram Blvd., Mehrshahr, 61866. Karaj Tel: (+98-261) 3324064 Fax: (+98-261) 3324066 Factory: (+98-282) 2222292 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Sogol Afshari

Activity: Starch [M-E] ALIA GOLESTAN CO Head Office: No. 85, Malayeripour St., North Mofatteh St., 7th Tir Sq., 1575716611, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88300983 Fax: (+98-21) 88300931 Factory: (+98-173) 3222282-4 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Tavakolizadeh Activity: Liquid Oil, Ketchup, Mayonnaise. [M-E] ALIFARD CO Head Office: No. 25, 12th St., North Kheradmand St, 15858. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88828222 , 88846264-5 Fax: (+98-21) 88838553 Factory: (+98-255) 2342347-48 , 234229 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Sasan Meyar Activity: Beverages, Fruit Juice [M·E·I]

Activity: Dates [M-E] AMLAH IRAN MINERAL CO Head Office: No. 14, Shohada St., Mirzaye-Shirazi St.,15867, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88718845, 88702908 Fax: (+98-21) 88716564 Factory: (+98-232) 4543194 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Akbar Sadati Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Purified Edible Salt. Sodium Sulfate Powder [M-E] AMOL KALLEH MEAT PRODUCTS CO.021 Head Office: Nos. 99 & 1 03,East Azerbaijan St., Bet. Daneshgah & 12th Farvardin Sts,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66467755, 66960378 Fax: (+98-21) 66488525 Factory: (+98-122) 3234980 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ramezan Soleimani Activity: Sausages. Hamburgers [M] AMOL PAKHSH MFG. CO Head Office: Imam Reza SI, Before Hezar Sangar Sq., 46139, Amol Tel: (+98-121) 3232441 Fax: (+98-121) 3232111 MD: Mohamad Vaez Javadi Activity: Wafer [M] AMOLO MINERAL WATER CO Head Office: NO.145, Opposite North Iranshahr St. Karim Khan St.,15856, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88844922-6 Fax: (+98-21) 88835293 MD: Abbas Mir Shafiee Activity: Mineral Water. [M.E] ANATA (NEJATI IND. GROUP) CO Head Office: 6th Km of Tehran Rd, 5159138888, Tabriz Tel: (+98-411) 6372020-30 Fax: (+98-411) 6373637 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Salek Nejat Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Snacks, Toffee, Wafer, Bonbon. [M-E-I] ANBAR GOL CO Head Office: No.58, 3rd FI, Saraye Payande, Next to Melli Bank, Sirous Cross Rd., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 33501015 Fax: (+98-21) 33501014 Email: [email protected] URL: www. MD: Mohammad Saeed Anbari Activity: Saffron [E] ANJOMAN SAFFRON CO Head Office: NO.1 09/1, 2nd Golestan St., Derakhti Blvd., Park St., Farahzad Blvd., Qods (West) Town,1468766813, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22081325 Fax: (+98-21)22072413 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Assadollah Salimi Activity: Saffron [E]

ABBASZADEH SAFFRON CO Head Office: No. 2/1023, 2nd Bazaar, Reza Bazaar, 91667, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 3640117, 3643970 Fax: (+98-511) 3643970 Factory: (+98-511) 5411521 Email: [email protected] URL: M D: Ali Abbaszade Activity: Saffron. [M-E] ACEE ARD CO Head Office: Units 8 & 9. 3rd FI., No.2, 4th Alley, Gandi St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 87798686,88797102 Fax: (+98-21) 88878339 Factory: (+98-512) 3563564-6 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Amir Omidvar Activity: Flour[M·E·I] ACHACHI CO Head Office: 118th Sabouri St., After the Railway, Mohamad Shahr Rd.,31839, Karaj Tel: (+98-261) 6701142-3 Fax: (+98-261) 6700962 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Irani Activity: Chocolates. Chocolate,Sohan,Jelly[M]

ALP PASTEURIZED BUTTER CO Head Office: No.46, East Anahita Alley, Mina Blvd., Soodmand St., Alborz St, Mirdamad Blvd.,1918843383,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22224300 Fax: (+98-21) 22228204 Factory: 34th Golestan St., Shahid Akbari BlVd, Mohamad Abad Vijeh, Kahanz Rd.,33561, Shahriar Tel: (+98-262) 3762221 Fax: (+98-262) 3762223 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Parviz Faraji Varzaghani Activity: Butter, Pasteurized Unsalted Lactic Butter [M-E -I]

AMIN TRADING CO.(SEPTICO) Head Office: 13th Taleqani, Siman Rd., Hemat Abaad, 9149193111, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 2422013-4 Fax: (+98-511) 2423705 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Aminoltejari Activity: Vinegar [M-E] AMINO CO Head Office: NO.5, 8th Saman St., Aderan T-Junction, Save Rd., 3764118868,Save Tel: (+98-21) 88448592-3 Fax: (+98-229) 4584249 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ramin Ravaie Activity: Raisins, Dried Fruits, Hazelnut, Almond, Pistachios [E ] AMIR KABIR BORNA CO Head Office: Unit 1, No.2, 11th Koohestan Alley, Pasdaran St., 1953775384, Tehran,lran Tel: (+98-21) 22290528, 22805206 Fax: (+98-21) 22807357 Factory: (+98-344) 3462180 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Mehdi Shojafar

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

APAK ARARAT CO Head Office: Unit 5, 3rd FI., No.15, Behnam Alley,Vesal Shirazi St., 14177,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88954831-2 Fax: (+98-21) 88954832 Factory: (+98-912) 1754127 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Saeed Nouri Activity: Flavors, Alcohol. [M-E-I] ARAK CULTIVATION & IND. CO.(SALA) Head Office: No.15, 8th St., Corner of Q. M. Farahani St., Motahari St., 15868, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88757235-7 Fax: (+98-21) 88757243 Factory: (+98-861) 3134922 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohsen Davoudi Activity: Dairy Products. [M] ARAS BAZAR PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES Head Office: 2nd FI., No. 179, Corner of 4th Alley, Q. M. Farahani St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88757156-7,88734189 Fax: (+98-21) 88745229 Factory: (+98-122) 2232035,2234939 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Eskandar Parkavousi Activity: Veterinary Drugs, Vaccines, Vel. Drugs. [M-E-I] ARAT CO., L TD Head Office: 3rd FI., No. 83, Miremad St., 15878, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88752333, 88751909 Fax: (+98-21) 88753058 Factory: (+98-262) 3432422 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Siamak Shahriari Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Export of Dried Fruits. [M·E] ARD IRAN CO Head Office: No.136, Varamin St., Varamin T-Junction, Rey Town, 1873698536, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 33741125 Fax: (+98-21) 33759079 MD: Ahmad Saee Activity: Flour. [M] ARDE SETAREH KORDAN CO Head Office: Setare Flour Co., 15 Kms. Karaj-Qazvin Free Way, 33651, Tehran Tel: (+98-262) 4525530-9 Fax: (+98-262) 4525530-9 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Malek Hossein Agha Taher Activity: Flour. [M] ARDINEH STARCH CO Head Office: Unit 7, No. 52, 10th St., Bokharest St.,151470, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88752681, 88756896 Fax: (+98-21) 88752681, 88730523 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Hossain Amini Activity: Starch, Glucose, Gluten. [M-E]

ARIAN MILAN CO Head Office: Unit 302, No. 442, North Mofatteh 51., 15878, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88747422, 88740757 Fax: (+98-21) 88740841 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Hossein Karimipour Activity: Dried Fruits. [E] ARJAN FOOD & HYGIENIC CO Head Office: Golshan Intersection, Amir Kablr Blvd., Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 8221917 Fax: (+98-711) 8229038 Factory: (+98-711) 7742086-7 MD: Karimi Activity: Churned Sour Milk, Bulter, Cheese, Yoghurt, Ice Creams, Baby Pads, Sanitary Napkins, Tissue Papers. [M-E] ARJAN NOVIN VEG. OIL CO Head Office: No.31, East 16th St., Beyhaghi St., Argentin Sq.,151560, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88738754-6,88737055 Fax: (+98-21) 88510163 Factory: (+98-672) 2622644-8 Email: [email protected] MD: Golrokh Azarmi Activity: liquid oil, Edible Oil. [M] ARJOMANDI GROUP OF COMPANIES Head Office: Opposite Vali-e-Asr Police Station 2nd Gate, 5th Km. of Khalij Fars Blvd., Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 7222271-5 Fax: (+98-711) 7206545 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Jila Beladi Activity: Export of Fresh Fruits. [M-E] AROMA CO Head Office: 2nd FI., No.2, Corner of Bagher Pour 51., After Poonak Sq., Ashrafi Isfahani Exp.Way, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44460102 Fax: (+98-21) 44422070 Factory: (+98-292) 3423494 URL: MD: Khodadad Mir Eskandari Activity: Dried Fruits. [M] AROMA TRADING GROUP Head Office: 5th FI., No.25/1, Zokaee Alley, Opposite the Gas Station., After Seyyed Khandan Brdg ., Shariati St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22884314-6 Fax: (+98-21) 22883459 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Khafi Activity: Chocolates, Baking Powder. [M.I] ARPANOOSH CO Head Office: 4th FI., Ministry of Science Ex Bldg. Beheshti St... Takhti Sq .. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88529296-7 Fax: (+98-21) 88740607 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Rouzchang Activity: Nonalcoholic Beer. [M]

ARTA MAHNOUSH CO Head Office: Before Air Port, 11th Km. of Astara Rd., Ardebil Tel: (+98-451) 8283421-3 Fax: (+98-451) 8283420 Email: [email protected] MD: Hadi Kaboli Activity: Churned Sour Milk, Cold Drinks, Mineral Water. [M-E] ARYA RAMA CO. Head Office: Blocks g2 & g3, 3rd Balout St., Chamran Blvd., End of Emam Khomeini Blvd., 12th Km. of Tehran Ex-Rd., Shokouhiyye Town, Qom Tel: (+98-251) 3343050-2 Fax: (+98-251) 3343053 Email: [email protected] MD: Hamidreza Yousefzade Activity: Dairy Products, Cheese Powder, Dried Milk [M-E-I] ASIA SHOUR CO Head Office: Corner of 16th 20-Meter st., 1st 30-Meter 51., Salimi Industrial Town, 5375113-335, Tabriz Tel: (+98-412) 4328251 Fax: (+98-412) 4328539 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Siavash Mohammadiyan Activity: Beverages, Jam, Honey, Lemon JUice, Plckles, Sauces. [M.E] ATA CO Head Office: After Shir Pastorize, 5th Km. of Ex-Rd. Karaj Rd., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66809286-9 Fax: (+98-21) 66808671 Factory: (+98-21) 66809286-9 Email: [email protected] MD: Abbas Moradi Activity: Canned Products, Tomato Paste, Pickled Cucumbers, Pickles [M-E] ATA TEA CO Head Office: No.8, Rezaee Monfared Alley, Reis abdollahi St., Next to Akbar Abadi Hospital, Molavi St., 1168694963, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 55637161,55631137 Fax: (+98-21) 55818859 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohamad Bagher Moghadam Activity: Tea. [M-I] ATLAS DAM ROOD CO Head Office: Unit 8, 4th FI., No.81, Shahrtash 51., North Sohravardl 51., 15597, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88767544, 88765044 Fax: (+98-21) 88766424 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammadreza Gholami Activity: Casing Export [E-I] AVID FOOD INDUSTRIES CO Head Office: Unit 9, 4th FI., No.4, Shohada Alley, North Mirzaye Shirazi st. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88550457,88728735 Fax: (+98-21)88729111 Email: [email protected] MD: S.Ali Moghaddaszade Activity: Jam, Pickles [M-E]

AYDA CHICHAK ASL- SANAY CO Head Office: No. 554, Sheykh Mahmoud Shabestari 55-Meter Blvd.,5381637451, Shabestar Tel: (+98-471) 2223799,2221499 Fax: (+98-471) 2220928 Email: [email protected] MD: Hosseini Activity: Candies. [M] AZAR KAM CO Head Office: NO.1 0, 7th Alley, Vali-e-Asr st., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88799143,88796984 Fax: (+98-441)2353731 Factory: (+98-441) 2353502, 2355531 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mir Akbar Hashemi Activity: Cold Drinks, Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Juice. [M-E] AZAR SHAHD CO Head Office: No.3, 7th Alley, Vanak Sq., Tehran Tel:(+98-21)88799143 Fax:(+98-21) 88788591 Factory: (+98-441) 2780600-2, 2773248-9 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Miladi Hashemi Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Chewing Gums, Toffee [M-E] AZAR TAK CO Head Office: 2nd FI., No.7, Emami St., North Sohrevardi St.,15516,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88731797 Fax: (+98-21) 88750916 Factory: (+98-441) 2351875 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Abdorreza Mehdizade Activity: Raisins, Export of Pistachios. [E] AZARBAYEJAN SARIN SHAHD CO Head Office: End of 7th St.,lndustrial Town Phase 1 , 14914-57361, Oroumiye, West Azarbayjan Tel: (+98-441) 4343639 Fax: (+98-441) 4343655 Factory: (+98-441)4343311-2 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Kalantari Activity: Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Juice. [M.E-I] AZIN SHOUSHTAR CO Head Office: Shoushtar-Ahwaz Rd., Shoushtar Tel: (+98-612) 6225858,6223837 Fax: (+98-612) 6221683 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Majid Ghanadan Activity: Beverages, Canned Non-meat Products, Dried Whey, Herbal Extracts, Fruit Juice, Jam, Lemon Juice, Pomegranate Paste, Sauces [M-I]

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer


BANDAR ABBAS FISHERY PRODUCTS CO Head Office: 15th Km.of Sirjan Rd., Industrial Town No.2, 7933166461, Bandar Abbas Tel: (+98-761 )2363571-2 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hossain Masoumi Activity: Tuna Fish. [M] BAREZ CHOCOLATE CO Head Office: No. 19, Khajeh Abdollah Ansari St., After Seyyed Khandan Brdg., Shariati St., 16616,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22863026 Fax: (+98-21) 22864595 Factory: (+98-262) 5332036, 5332126 MD: Arlen Galestian Activity: Chocolates. [M] BARIJ ESSENCE CO Head Office: No.789, Corner of Tamaddonpour Alley, Azade Alley, Resalat Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77190980 Fax: (+98-866) 4362187 Factory: (+98-362) 3364451-2 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hossein Hejazi ActiVity: Rose Water, Herbal Extracts, Vegetable Essence, Essence, Pharmaceutical Essence. [M.E.I] BARIJ OSAREH CO Head Office: No.876, 20th Alley, Hasan Feyz St.,3rd Phase, Qods (West) Town, 1466746441 ,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88368988-90 Fax: (+98-21) 88366198 Factory: (+98-111) 3122968-71 Email: [email protected] MD: Araghi Activity: Edible Colors. [M-E]

Head Office: No.37, Iran Alley, South Ekhtiarie St., Kolahdooz St., Pasdaran St., 1959983551, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22575373,22575050 Fax: (+98-21)22589117 Factory:(+98-255)2344191-4 Email:[email protected] URL: MD: Dr.Mohamad Bagher Tahvil Zade Activity: Dried Milk, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials. [M-I] BEHESHT BISCUITS CO Head Office: After Emam Khomeini Free Way Refinery, Abzaran Industrial Zone, Isfahan Tel: (+98-312) 5244988 Fax: (+98-392) 2218691 Factory: (+98-21) 224988 URL: MD: Javad Abaiyan Activity: Biscuits [M] BEHIN MEAT & MILK CO Head Office: No.72, 10th Alley, Opposite Tax Office, Bokharest St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88534773 Fax: (+98-21) 88534774 Factory: (+98-291) 2333450 URL: MD: Hasan Tavakkoli Activity: Meat Products. [M] BEHINEH WAZIN FOOD CO Head Office: 5th FI., Mah Gol Bldg., No.34, East Babak Alley, Farid Afshar St., After Naft, Zafar St.,1919813411, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22224296 Fax: (+98-21) 22911504 Factory: (+98-262) 4228895 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ghamarzad Activity: Butter, Cream. [M-E] BEHKARAN VATAN CO Head Office: 3rd FI., No.16, 22nd Bahman Alley, 12th Bahman St., East Mirdamad Blvd., Modarres ExpWay, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22924429 Fax: (+98-21) 22924430 Email: [email protected] MD: Masoud Sabaghpour Activity: Snack. [M] BEHNAB KAVIR CO Head Office: Unit 1302, 13th FI., Sarv Saee Tower,Vali-e-Asr St., 14338, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88554501-2 Fax: (+98-21) 88555094 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hojjat Ranjbar Activity: Dried Fruits. [M.E] BEHNOUSH SETARE CO Head Office: Next to Indamin Saipa Spring Making, South Chitgar St., 12th Km. of Karaj Special Rd., 13861-43351, Tehran Tel: (+98-21)44196718, 44195730 Fax: (+98-21)44196811 Factory: (+98-21) 44195730, 44196718

MD: Kamaleddin Bayrami Activity: Alcoholic Beer, Cold Drinks. [M·E] BEHPAK IND. CO Head Office: 1 st FI., No.28/1, Opposite Pastor No Hospital, Corner of 7th St., Ahmad Qasir St., 1513736611, Tehran P.O.Box: 11365-1894 Tel: (+98-21) 88704294, 88705289 Fax: (+98-21) 88722122 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Dr.Sharifi Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Soya, Soyabean Meals, Olive Oil, Liquid Edible Lecithin, Soya Protein, Soya Flour. [M-E-I] BEHPARVAR PRODUCING GROUP CO. Head Office: West 4th FI., No.162, Tousi St., Tohid St., 14197-44465, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66914212-20, 66438654 Fax: (+98-21) 66914209 Factory: (+98-131) 66125003 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Gholamali Fareghi Activity: One-day Old Chickens. [M-E] BEHPARVARAN MOSHKAN BAM CO Head Office: No.102, Next to Shahbazi Alley, Takhti St., 1198763316, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 55603462, 55572752 Fax: (+98-21) 55603462 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mozaffar Fatemi Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Dates. [M·E] BEHRANG CO Head Office: 3rd FI., No. 70, Corner of Nemayandegi Alley, West Niayesh St., Tohid Sq.,1457993379, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66930857,66423633 Fax: (+98-21) 66930857 MD: Nader Sharghi Mojarad Activity: Pickles, Mayonnaise, Ketchup. [M-E] BEHROUZ FOOD IND'S CO Head Office: Corner of 4th Alley, 16th St., 8th Km.of Karaj Special Rd, 13897,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44536090-7 Fax: (+98-21) 44536092 Factory: (+98-262) 4373906-9 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S.Abbas Hashemi Hamadani Activity: Jam, Pickles, Sauces, Ketchup. [M·E.I] BEHROUZ NIK FOOD CO Head Office: Corner of 4th Alley, 16th St., Bet. Shahab & Tehran Diesel, Karaj Special Rd., 15156, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44536092 Fax: (+98-21) 44536092 Factory: (+98-262) 4483424-8 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hamedani Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Canned Products, Tomato Paste, Pickled Cucumbers, Pickles, Mayonnaise. [M·E·I] BEHSHAHR IND. CO

Head Office: After Arj T-Junction., Fath Exp.Way, 8th Km.,1386933841 , Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66250417, 66250441, 66250435-41 Fax: (+98-21) 66250013 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Abbas Ali Pour Iran Exemplary Exporters Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: liquid Oil, Vegetable [M-E-I] BEHSHEIDAN PROTEIN CO Head Office: No.13, Beginning of Sheykh Mofid, North Sheykh Sadouq St., 8164763793, Isfahan Tel: (+98-311)6614266 Fax: (+98-311)6613483 Factory: (+98-312) 6222004 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Asghar Hossaini Activity: Canned Fish, Canned Non-meat Products. [M] BERESHTEH FOOD PRODUCTS CO Head Office: 2nd FI., No. 95, Sabounchi St., Beheshti St.,1533753417,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88749867-8 Fax: (+98-21) 88766715 Factory: (+98-21) 88754252 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammadreza Jafari Activity: Peanut, Corn ChipS, Potato Chips [M] BIJAN CO Head Office: 1st FI., No. 64, East 10th Alley, Beihaghi St., Argentin Sq.,15156 ,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88733528, 88733512 Fax: (+98-21) 88735447 Factory:(+98-21)66807178 Email: [email protected] MD: Behzad Mohajerin Activity: Mayonnaise. [M-E-I] BIOCHEM CO Head Office: No.267, Opposite Saeidieh Station, Before Yaaser T-Junction., Niyavaran St., 193657511, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22705582-3 , 22711771 Fax: (+98-21) 22578589 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Naser Heydari Activity: Poultry Feed Complementary, Food Complementary. [I] BISOTOUN SUGAR CO Head Office: NO.10, 1st Behesht Alley, After Mirdamad .,Shariati St.,1948813951, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22850941-4 Fax: (+98-21) 22847894 Factory: (+98-832) 3722122-3 MD: Mohammad Ali Zakerzadeh Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar. [M]

BEH POKHT CO Head Office: No.10, 3rd Helal Ahmar Alley, Namjou St., 4751917999, Fereydounkenar P.O.Box: 47515-155 Tel: (+98-112) 5657757 Fax: (+98-112) 5666196 Factory: 1st Km.of west Fereydounkenar Amol Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S.Mehdi Taheri ActiVity: Rice, in Ten & Twenty-kilo Packets. [M·I]

BEH SABA CO Head Office: Unit 8, 2nd FI., Faramarz Abbasi Cross Rd., 9197977389, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 6040500 Fax: (+98-511) 6040500 Factory: (+98-511) 6625555 MD: Mohamad Rahimi Activity: Jam, Honey, Sauces. [M-E] BEHDASHTKAR CO

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer


BISTOON DAIRY CO Head Office: Bistoon, 30th Km of Hamedan Rd., 67371-17915, Kermanshah Tel: (+98-832) 3722032, 3722253 Fax: (+98-832) 3722200 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Homayoun Radi Activity: Churned Sour Milk, Yoghurt, Butter, Milk, Dairy Products, Cacao Milk, Cream. [M-E] BON SALEH Head Office: Unit 5, No.4, H. Sadr Alley, Corner of Fatemi & Vali-e-Asr St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88919235-7 Fax: (+98-21) 88919235-7 Factory: (+98-262) 3434040, 3432443 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammad Reza Memarian Activity: Macaroni, Spaghetti, Snacks. [M] BONAB BEHFAM POWDER CO Head Office: East1st FI., No. 141, Mirdamad Blvd.,1911618354, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22257665,22271446 Fax: (+98-21) 22257665,22271446 Factory: (+98-412) 7280140 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ebrahim Khalil Kamrani Bonab Activity: Frozen French Fried Potatoes. [M·E] BOOBA FOOD CO Head Office: Shahid Ansari St., 1 st Entrance, 4337185518, Rasht Industrial Town Tel: (+98-131) 3382825-6 Fax: (+98-131) 3382827 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Rastgard Langroudi Activity: Cookies, Snack, Wafer. [M·E·I] BOUSHEHR IND. COMPLEX Head Office: 1 st FI., No.4, East Kalantari St., Qarani St., 15846, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88824941, 88826552 Fax: (+98-21) 88828254 Factory: (+98-772) 4226936, 4225036, Email: [email protected] MD: s. Ali Asghar Mousavi Activity: Dates.[M-E] BOUSHEHR MARINE PRODUCT CO Head Office: 2nd FI., Bldg. No.1.119, Beheshti St., Sohravardi Cross Rd., 15516, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88740074 Fax: (+98-21) 88750191 Factory: (+98-771) 4543727-8 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Maryam Jan Rayani Activity: Canned Fish, Shrimp Breeding. [M-E] BOZORGMEHR KHORASAN CO Head Office: 25th Km.of Asiaee Free Way,Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 8801611, 2463555, 2463556 Fax: (+98-511) 2463519 MD: Mohammad Moghaddas Yazdi ActiVity: Tomato Paste.[M] BRIS FISHERY IND. CO Head Office: East 1 st Unit, No.26, West Zartosht St., Vali-e-Asr St.,14158, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88914090 Fax: (+98-21) 88914087 Factory: (+98-546) 3243421-2 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Asgari Activity: Tuna Fish [M] MD: Siamak Nikou Activity: Aquatic Creatures, Poultry. [M-I] CHOCO PARS CO Head Office: 2nd Km.of Karaj Special Rd., 13916, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44649838-41 Fax: (+98-21) 44654201 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Houshang Sanaee Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Chewing Gums, Chocolates, Cocoa Powder, Toffee, Wafer. [M] CHOOPAN AGRO IND. CO Head Office: Units 1101, 11th FI., Paytakht Computer Complex, Vali-e-Asr St., Mirdamad Blvd., 19697, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88881885,88774522, 88777763 Fax: (+98-21) 88774522 Factory: (+98-862) 6225251 Email: [email protected] URL: MD:MS.Behzadi Activity: Herbal Extracts, Spices, Vegetable Essence, Herbal Drugs.[M] CHOOPAN CO Head Office: Choopan Bldg., No.70, Tohidi Alley, Corner of 4th Golestaan St., Before Heravi Brdg., Sayyad Shirazi Exp. Way, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22577247-52 Fax: (+98-21) 22595606 Factory: (+98-232) 4772226 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Homayoun Baaheri Activity: Churned Sour Milk, Cacao Milk, Yoghurt, Cheese. [M] CONFECTIONERY MANUFACTURERS COOPERATIVE CO Head Office: Unit 10, 5th FI., 2nd Alley, Qanbarzade St., Beheshti St., 1533957881 ,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88752556, 88500702 Fax: (+98-21) 88761483 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Panahande Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Cookies, Associatlon [E] COOLAK SHARGH CO Head Office: Next to Tabriz Tile Co., Abyari St., After Police Station, Tabriz Tel: (+98-411) 6306436, 6306801-2 Fax: (+98-411) 6306803 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohamad Majdoleslami Activity: Cold Drinks, Carbonated Churned Sour Milk, Carbonated Fruit Juice. [M.E] CRUNCHIPS CO Head Office: No.70, After Kordestan Brdg., Mollasadra St., 1435873864, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88047623,88035173 Fax: (+98-21) 88035171 Factory: (+98-511) 5411236 Email: [email protected] MD: Lorenz Activity: Potato Chips, Snack. [M]


CARAGUM PARSIAN CO Head Office: Unit12, 3rd FI., No.4, 1st Alley, Mir Emad St., Motahari St., 1587913143, Tehran Tel:(+98-21)88531277 Fax: (+98-21) 88531276 Email: [email protected] MD: Siamak Mohagheghi Activity: Food Industries Ingredients. CHESHME INTL. TRADE CO Head Office: Unit 20, 6th FI., Bldg.No.28, Fatemi Sq., 14158,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88805700 Fax: (+98-21) 88805800 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Dr. Mahmoud Jahromi Activity: Meat Products. [E.I] CHICHEST GLUCOSE CO Head Office: Kargaran St., Kalantari Exp.way, Industrial Town Phase1, Oroumiye Tel: (+98-441) 4343216-7 Fax: (+98-441) 4343218 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Amir Mohamad Jalili Pour Activity: Starch, Glucose, Gluten. [M-E] CHIKA SEPAHAN FOOD CO Head Office: Unit 10, 3rd FI., No.48, Shadab St., Villa St., Karimkhan St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88910312-3 Fax: (+98-21) 22064351 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Karbasizade Activity: Prepared Food. [M-E-I] CHIN CHIN AGRO IND. CO Head Office: 2nd Km.of Fariman Rd., 91735386, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 3920225-8, 3920226 Fax: (+98-511) 3920224 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammad Ali Shamlo Iran Exemplary Exporters Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Canned Fruits, Fruits, Jam, Tomato Paste, Mayonnaise, Ketchup. [M·E] CHINEH CO Head Office: No.27, Corner of Hasani Alley, South Nos rat st., Tohid Sq., 1457, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66930648-9, 66423751 Fax: (+98-261) 6929089 Email: [email protected]


DADASH BARADAR CO Head Office: Next to Pegah Co., After Shir Pastorize Sq., Karaj ex Rd.,11387, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66817941-5,66808881-2 Fax: (+98-21) 66819557 Factory: (+98-411) 6372625, 6373716 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Parviz Boyouk Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Chewing Gums, Toffee, Bonbon. [M·E.I] DADLY ICE CREAM CO Head Office: No.62, Sanatgaran Alley, Esmaeil Abaad Blvd., 19th Km. of Karaj Rd., 3754175599, Tehran Tel: (+98-262) 3884451-2 Fax: (+98-262) 3865000 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Reza Khosravi Far Activity: Ice Creams. [M] DALAHOO DAIRY CO Head Office: Tavous Alley, Golha St., Next to Saba Battery, 17th Km.of Tehran-Save Free Way, 67618-6784146, Kazem Abad Tel: (+98-229) 4576107 Factory: (+98-832) 5227014, 5230574 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Amir Hossein Safari Activity: Churned Sour Milk, Cacao Milk, Yoghurt, Cream, Cheese. [M-E]

CIB TAK CO Head Office: Unit 55, 5th FI., No.197, North Sohrevardi St., 1577637349, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88734765 Fax: (+98-21) 88731646 Factory: 10th Km.of Mahabad Rd., 5371115651,Oroumiye Tel: (+98-441) 2350397,2339700 Fax: (+98-441) 2333440 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: AmirJafar Karamad Activity: Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Juice, Tomato Paste, All Varieties of Fruit Concentrates As Apple, White & Red Grape, Sour Cherry, Pomegranate, Cherry & Strawberry Concentrate, All Varieties of Fruit Puree like Peach, Apricot & Apple Puree, Tomato Paste. [M·E·I)

COFFY COLA CO Head Office: 2 Kms.from Airport Rd.,J Industrial Zone St.,8159500000, Isfahan Tel: (+98-311) 5722121 Fax: (+98-311) 5214543 Email:[email protected] MD: Mohammad Ali Mousa Khani Activity: Cold Drinks. [M-E-I]

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

DAM TOUSHEH NOVIN CO Head Office: Unit 9, 3rd Fl.. No.39. Ali Akbar St., Kaj Sq .. Saadat Abad, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22376928 . 22358765 Fax: (+98-21) 22373473 Factory: (+98-191) 212401251 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hasan Maghsoudi Activity: Shrimp Breeding. [M.E) DAMAVAND MINERAL WATER CO Head Office: 2nd Fl.. No. 73. Shahr Tash Alley. North Sohravardi St.15597. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88767530 Fax: (+98-21) 88767531 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Besharat Activity: Cold Drinks. Minerai Water [M-E] DARUSAZAN IRAN PRODUCTION CO Head Office: Unit 6. No.6. 19th St.. Bokharest St.. Argentin Sq ., 15139. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88719782. 88724159. Fax: (+98-21) 88721680 MD: Youssef Babash Zade Activity: Poultry Feed Complementary. [M] DASTCHIN CO Head Office: Unit 701, 7th Fl.. Marjan Tower, North Mofatteh St., 7th Tir Sq . 1116958647, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88346587-8 Fax: (+98-21) 88847927 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Habibl Tanha Activity: Dried Fruits. [E] DELANGIZ FOOD INDUSTRIES CO. (BEHBAR JOUYBAR) Head Office: Next to Truck Drivers Syndicate. Beginning of Qaemshahr Rd 138,Jouybaar Tel:(+98-124)3224488 Fax:(+98-124)3224488 MD: Youssef Tavakoli Activity: Beverages. Canned Food. Tomato Paste. Pickled Cucumbers. Pickles. Hot Sauce. [M-E] DELOSE CO Head Office: No.5, 3rd FI., Bldg.No.1. Niloufar St.. Apadana St.. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88868611 Fax: (+98-21)88511691 Factory: (+98-121) 2203501-3 MD: Jamshidi Activity: Canned Beans, Canned Peas. Tomato Paste. Pickled Cucumbers. [M-E-I] DEMES MEAT PRODUCTS CO Head Office: 5th Fl.. Delta Bldg .· Corner of Ordibehesht St.. Felestin St.. Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 2300959. 2303225. 2300506 Fax: (+98-711) 2334871 Factory: (+98-711)4816556 Emaii: [email protected] MD: Hossein Oji Activity: Meat Products. Sausages. Hamburgers. [M-E]


DERAKHSHAN MACARON PARS CO Head Office: No.2018. 14th St., Gol Afshan St.. Dadman Blvd .· 6th Phase, Qods (West) Town, 14679-73347, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88368261-5. 88372334-41 Fax: (+98-21) 88372337 Factory: (+98-711) 6302944 Email: [email protected] MD: Behzad Dadgar Activity: Bread. Flour. [M) DINA FOOD CO Head Office: No.8. Kian Alley. After Hemat Brdg .· Africa Blvd .. 9185113111. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88779700 Fax: (+98-21) 88779700 Factory: (+98-511) 5413995-9 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Naser Yaghmaee Activity: Potato Chips. Poffak[M-E-I] DONYAYE CHEMIE CO Head Office: 3rd Fl.. NoAO. Amrr Bldg., 14th St.. Ahmad Qasir St., 1514755415.Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88734260-4 Fax: (+98-21) 88733466 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Naser Sadri Activity: Food Ingredients Import. [I] DORAJ RAFSANJAN CO.(DAACH) Head Office: 3rd & 4th Fls .No.212, Sartip Fakouri St., South Kaj St., Fateml St., Golha Sq., 1413884448. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88330735-6. 88005546 Fax: (+98-21) 88010832. 88330734 Factory: (+98-391) 8225131-5. 8225142-4 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Javad Agha Mohammad Hasani Activity: Export of Dried Fruits. Export of Pistachios [M·E]

Imam Hossain Sq ., 13156-93536, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 33337272. 33342721 Factory: (+98-261) 2306672-9 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Biouk Rasoulavi Activity: Cookies, Cakes. Wafer. [M·E] DORRAG CO Head Office: 1/5th Km.of Emam Khomeini Air Port Rd . Save Rd.37619 , Before Robat Karim Tel: (+98-229) 4224052.4224052, 4225652 Fax: (+98-229) 4225652 Email: [email protected] MD: Abdollah Maleki Activity: Sweet Paste [M·E] DUPLON PARS INC Head Office: Unrt 9, 4th Fl., No. 37, Pooya Tower. Shah Nazari St., Mirdamad Blvd. Mohseni Sq .. 15459-43443.Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22259385-9 Fax: (+98-21) 22259390 Factory: (+98-229) 4223031 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Morteza Janecke ActiVity: Fragrances, Essence, Flavors. [M]

ESFAHAN SUGAR CO Head Office: Unit4, 2nd Fl.,No. 121, Hamsian Alley. Keshavarz Blvd ., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66420044, 66420014 Fax: (+98-21) 66435307, 66420044 Factory: (+98-311) 5210810-1 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mr. Chenari Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar [M] ESFEDAN FINEST PERSIAN SAFFRON CO Head Office: No. 19. Olfati Passage, Bet 10th Emam Reza & Danesh Cross Rd ., Emam Reza St.,91666-75549, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 8530830 Fax: (+98-511) 8549378 Factory: (+98-511) 8549510 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Salari Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Saffron. [M-E] ETKA ORGANIZATION INDUSTRIES CO Head Office: 3rd & 6th Fl., Etka Bldg., East Bastion St., Imam Khomeini St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66404417.66402581 Fax: (+98-21) 66401102 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hossain Mansouri ActiVity: Vegetable Oil, Macaronr, Sugar. Hygienic Products, Canned food. Canned products. [M-E] ETMINAN AZARGOL CO Head Office: 10th 20-Meter St., 35th Km of Tabriz-Azar Shahr Rd.,Shahid Salimi Town Tel: (+98-412) 4328221-4 Fax: (+98-412) 4328223 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Samad Rouhi Activity: Ice Creams, Cotton Candy. [M.E.I] EXPORTERS & IMPORTERS UNION OF FRUITS, VEGATABLES, FLOWERS & PLANTS Head Office: No. 254, After Forsat Cross Rd., Taleqani St., 15814. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88825111,88846031-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88306124 Email: [email protected]


EAST AZARBAIJAN NUTS EXPORT CO Head Office: No.l03, Vozara St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88737749,88730874 Fax: (+98-21) 88675717 Email: [email protected] MD: Mojtaba Rahmani Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Export of Dried Fruits. [E] EAST TEHRAN ZAM ZAM Head Office: No. 51, Khark St., Enqelab St.,11337. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66701104-8,66727010 Fax: (+98-21) 66701109 Factory: (+98-21) 66030485 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ahmad Hadad Moghaddam Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Cold Drinks, Churned Sour Milk. Mineral Water. [M·E·I] EBRAHIMABAD AGRICULTURAL CO. Head Office: Vakilabad, Orzuieh, Baft, Kerman Tel: (+98-347) 4743335. 4743315 Fax: (+98-347) 473325 MD: Behrouz Ebrahimzadeh Activity: Citrus Fruits, Fresh Fruits. [M] EDMAN SAFFRON CO Head Office: No. 353.Bet.17th & 19th Danesh Sts ., East Danesh St.. Imam Reza St.. Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 8541015-16 Fax: (+98-511) 8593913 Email: [email protected] MD: Mahdi Amiri Activity: Saffron.[E]

DOREEN KHOZESTAN CO., LTD Head Office: Unit 7, 4th Fl.. Plshtaz Bldg., No 983. Fadaiyan Eslam St., Tehran P.O.Box: 17665/377 Tel: (+98-21) 33758160. 33052780 Fax: (+98-21) 33391116. 33391082. Factory: No.88, Opposite Khoozestan Strategic Zone. Corner of Golbahar, Abazar St.. Ahwaz Tel: (+98-611) 2218847-8 Fax: (+98-611) 2219169 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Gh.Hossein Lotfi Zade Activity: Animal Feed, Poultry Feed, Edible Salt. Water Treatment Materials. Concrete Admixtures, Chemical Industrial Materials, Water Softening Salt. Chemical Raw Materials. Export of Chemicals, Import of Chemicals, Industrial Powder, Micronized Mineral Powder, Mineral Pumices, Lime, Calcium Carbonate, Fireclays, Bentonite, Microsilica, Industrial Salt, Sand Foundry, Export of Non-ferrous Products. Export of Minerals, Drilling Chemicals. Shel Fish, Walnut Shells. [M-E-I]


URL: MD: Masoud Darvish Activity: Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Association. [E-I] FADAK SHOMAL CO Head Office: Chamestan Industrial Town, Nour, 48457, Mazandaran Tel: (+98-122) 5225813-5 Fax: (+98-122) 5225804 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ahmad mousavi Activity: Churned Sour Milk, Cold Drinks. Fruit juice. Mineral Water. [M]

DORNA FOOD INDUSTRIES CO Head Office: No. 147, Iran Mehr T.Junction,

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

FANOOSE CHABAHAR CO Head Office: Unit 39. 10th Fl.. Leon Bldg., Corner of Bisotoun St., Fatemi Sq., 1431654418. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88986757-8 Fax: (+98-21) 88956087 Factory: (+98-546) 4229012, 4229075 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Salah Mobaraki Activity: Tuna Fish [M-E] FARAVAR SAZAN MFG.CO Head Office: Unit 13, 5th Fl., Bldg. No. 37, Fatemi St., Vali-e-Asr St, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88978500, 88950890, 88954463 Fax: (+98-21) 88978380 Factory: (+98-292) 4353273,4353459 Email: [email protected] MD: Saeed Hadiyan Activity: Poultry Feed Complementary. [M.E.I] FARAZE ABI TEHRAN CO Head Office: Unit 6, No.5, 3rd Alley, Vozara St., 151360, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88715162-4 Fax: (+98-21) 88715343 Email: [email protected] MD: Hossain Mirzaee Activity: Food Ingredients Import. [E-I) FARDNOUSH SHARGH CO Head Office: No.4, South Danesh Sara St., End of Doktora Kooy, 9183663561, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 8442176-7,8431243 Fax: (+98-511) 8425570 MD: Hediye Bohloul Activity: Fruit Juice, Mineral Water. [M] FARDAN NOOSH CO Head Office: Unit 3, 2nd FI., Nos. 51 & 53, Khorramshahr St., 15576, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88733956, 88765556, 88768104, 88769847 Fax: (+98-21) 88764227 Factory: (+98-262) 5332205-7 Email: [email protected] MD: Maryam Soltanian Activity: Sauces. [M-E) FARMAND CO Head Office: Unit 107, 1st FI., Sarvestan Bldg., Saadat Abad St.,Kaj Sq., 1997998348, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22376529-30, 22074992-3 Fax: (+98-21) 22088905 Factory: (+98-262) 4383836, 4383456 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mehdi Shanjani Activity: Beverages, Chocolates, Ice Creams, Cocoa Powder. [M-I] FARS MEAT IND. CO Head Office: 18th km. of Sad Drood Zan Rd ., Marvdasht Fars Tel: (+98-728)4692115-17 Fax: (+98-711) 2221019 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammad Bag her Khademi Activity: Salami, Sausages, Hamburgers. Meat Products. [M]

FARYAB TEA CO Head Office: No.15. Salmasl St., Varzande St.. South Mofatteh St., 7 Tir Sq., 157170.Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88840410. 88832958 Fax: (+98-21)88840410 Email: [email protected] URL: www.faryabtea.ccm MD: Mohammad Karim Fariabi Activity: Tea. [M-E] FARZAD CHIPS CO Head Office: Unit 5. 2nd Fl., North Amir Abad St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88963329 Fax: (+98-21) 88963329 Factory: (+98-282) 4453251 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Taghi Farzad Activity: Potato Chips. Snack. [M·E] FORAT CO Head Office: No. 23, Shahid Javad Zandiyeh St., West Yaft Abad St., Alqadir Sq., Saveh Rd . 1377637438, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66201070. 66228280. Fax: (+98-21) 66222815 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Jalal Ghanadi Activity: Fruit Juice, Fruit Juice, Lemon Juice. [M]

GHOLBEHAN FOOD IND. CO Head Office: 4th FI., Bldg. No. 192, South Shariati St.,51378,Tabriz Tel: (+98-411) 5565522,5564872 Fax: (+98-411) 5584872 Factory: (+98-412) 4223091,4227091, 4228091 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Gholam Ali Rouygari Activity: Food Products. [M-E-I] GHUFLUNKOH CO Head Office: No.919, Before Minoo Cross Rd., Alter Sar Sabz Cross Rd., Narmak, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77451071,77896449 Fax: (+98-21) 7703146 Email: [email protected] URL: www.ghuflunkoh.ccm MD: Mostafa Ghodrati Activity: Chocolates. [M] GILAN GHOOT IND. & PRODUCTION CO. Head Office: No. 22, 4th Bimeh St., Karaj Special Rd., 1393743173, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44649806,44670849 Fax: (+98-21) 44670848 Factory: (+98-131)6690376 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ahmad Zade Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Chewing Gums, Poffak. [M.E] GLUCOSAN CO Head Office: No. 61, Sepand St., O. Nejatol-Lahi St., 15988, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88890750,88908843, 88905125, 88899567, 88902768 Fax: (+98-21) 88891701 Factory: (+98-282) 2223550 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Dr.Esfandiyari Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Liquid Oil, Cornhulls, Starch, Glucose. [M-E-I] GOL ASAL CO Head Office: Petrochemi Rd., Next to the Refinery, Tabriz Tel: (+98-411)4203522,4200815 Fax: (+98-411) 4203359 Email: [email protected] MD: Taghi Hosseini Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Fruit Juice, Toffee, Wafer. [M-E] GOLBAR CHEMI DANEH CO Head Office: Unit 1, 1st FI., No.204, Forsat Shirazi St., Tohid St.,119933711, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66432312,66435045-6 Fax: (+98-21) 66435700 Factory: (+98-866) 3230491-2 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammadreza Yousefi ActiVity: Poultry Feed Complementary. [M-E-I] GOLCHIN TEA CO Head Office: Unit 18, 6th FI., No.2, Firouzeh Alley, Vali-e-Asr St., 15938, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88936093-5, 88936082-3

Fax: (+98-21) 88935240 Email: [email protected] MD: Bahram Haji Karimlou Activity: Tea. [M-E-I] GOLDASHT FOOD INDUSTRIES CO Head Office: No. 238, North Iranshahr St., 1584714835, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88842497, 88826253 Fax: (+98-21) 88300833 Email: [email protected] MD: Saeed Golrang ActiVity: Canned Fruits, Canned Non-meat Products. [M-E] GOLESTAN ALBORZ OLIVE OIL CO Head Office: Unit12, 4th FI., AI-Qadir Complex, Khayam St.,3413699759, Qazvin Tel: (+98-281) 2230544, 6422579, 8421000 Fax: (+98-281) 6421000 Factory: (+98-132) 6421000 Email: [email protected] MD: Majid Keshavarz Moghaddam Activity: Canned Olive, Olive Oil, Pickles. [M-I]


GADOOK FIRUZKUH DAIRY CO Head Office: Unit 16, No.5, 1st Golestan St, Sadeqiyye 2nd Sq, Tehran-Iran. Tel: (+98-21) 44043888 Fax: (+98-21)44054615 Factory: (+98-221) 6220139 URL: MD: Mostafa Esfandyar Activity: Dairy Products, Fruit Juice, Mineral Water. [M] GHAEMSHAHR CANNED FACTORY Head Office: Behind Guni Bafi Mill, Saari St., Shohada T-Junclion., Qaemshahr Tel: (+98-123) 3242547,3243875,3243042 Fax: (+98-123) 3243042 MD: Saber Jabbariyan Activity: Canned Food, Jam, Tomato Paste. [M) GHAHESTAN SUGAR CO Head Office: No. 226, South Felestin St.,13168,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66463949 Fax: (+98-21) 66463949 Factory: (+98-562) 3223422-4 MD: Shams Khajavi Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar. [M] GHAZAL MEAT PRODUCTS CO Head Office: No.121, Tos Industrial Town, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511)8412807, 8433914 Fax: (+98-511) 6620232 MD: Ali Sadeghi Activity: Meat Products, Hamburgers, Sausages. [M]

GOLESTAN CO Head Office: No.5, Golestan 35-Meter St., Ashrafi-Isfahani Exp. Way, Sadeqiye 2nd Sq., 1476785475,Tehran P.O.Box: 147685475 Tel: (+98-21) 44401101 Fax: (+98-21) 44410519 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S. Ahmad Gerami Activity: Rice, Pistachios, Spices, Tea. [E-I]

GOLESTAN DEZFOOL CO Head Office: No.18, Ardeshir St., Parvin Etesami St., Fatemi St., 14145666, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88951201-2 Fax: (+98-21) 88971519-20 Factory: (+98-842) 3253401-6 Email: [email protected] MD: Golestani Activity: Liquid Oil, Edible Oil. [M-E] GOLFAM UROUMIEH CO Head Office: 2nd Km.of Darya Rd., Before Reyhan Abad Village, Uroumieh Tel: (+98-441) 2331984-5 Fax: (+98-441) 2332132 URL: MD: Yousef Salmasi Activity: Beverages, Herbal Extracts, Tomato Paste, Pickles, Vinegar. [M] GOLNAN CO Head Office: 3rd Fl., No.2411, Ladan Alley, South Yas St., North Sardar Jangal, Niayesh Exp. Way, 14477768183, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44824751-2 Fax: (+98-21) 44824753 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Habibollah Haddad Activity: Bread Developing Materials. [M-I]

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

GOLNAZ VEG. OIL CO Head Office: No.41. Shadi Alley, Opposite Belal Mosque, Vali-e-Asr St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22040327, 22038388-9 Fax: (+98-21) 22038390 Factory: (+98-341) 2230809 MD: Javad Varzideh Kar Activity: Vegetable oil. [M] GOLNOOSH CO Head Office: Anbar-e-Naft Sq., Shahriar Rd., Malard Rd., Simin Dasht Industrial Town, Karaj Tel: (+98-261) 6601587,6608070 Fax: (+98-261) 6601588 Factory: (+98-261) 6601888 URL: MD: Hassan Khani Activity: Cold Drinks, Tuna Fish, Jam, Tomato Paste. [M.E] GOLPICH SAFFRON CO Head Office: 2nd FI., Tous Passage, Imam Reza St., Beyt-<ll-Moghaddas Sq., Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 8543774 Fax: (+98-511) 8542846 Factory: (+98-511) 8599974 MD: Mohammad Nami Activity: Saffron. [M-E] GOLRIZAN TEJARAT KHAZAR CO Head Office: Unrt 31, 3rd FI., No.80, Corner of 20th St., Gandl St., 1517984447, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88884243 Fax: (+98-21) 88879236 Factory: (+98-122) 3252078 URL: MD: Amir Hossein Partovi Amoli Activity: Mineral Water. [M] GOLSHAN FOOD CO Head Office: Unit 3, No.9, Next to Behzad Clinic, Opposite Sepah Bank, Before Marzdaran Blvd ., Ashrafi Isfahani Exp.way, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44000189-90 Fax: (+98-21) 44000186 Factory: (+98-352) 5343450, 5343442 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Rahimi Activity: Canned Products. [M] GOOSHTIRAN CO Head Office: Next to No Zohour Co., Behind Pasturized Milk Co., 17th Shahrivar St., 5th Km. of Karaj Ex-Rd., 1371937981, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66807786-7 Fax: (+98-21) 66802888 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ramin Pars Mohamadl Activity: Sausages. [M] GORGAN AGRI-IND.CO. Head Office: 5th FI., No.23, Anzali St., Valie-Asr St., 1593643718, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88944089 Fax: (+98-21) 88947852 Factory: (+98-171) 6621402,6624580 MD: Mohammad Mehdi Kiamarz Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Canned Products, Jam, Pickles, Pickles, Jam [M-E]

GORJI BISCUIT CO Head Office: No. 12, 18th Alley, Bokharest St., Argentin Sq., 15148, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88737463,88756480-4 Fax: (+98-21) 88731308 Factory: (+98-229) 4222040-3 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Abbas Saraf Yazdi Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Crackers,Biscuits. [M·E.I] GOVARA CO Head Office: No. 409, Bet. 19th & 21st Tohid Sts , 9195637386, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 7244913,7248838 Fax: (+98-511) 7267761 Factory: (+98-511) 6627498 MD: Mehdijouni Activity: Cookies, Cakes [M] GRANDIS CO Head Office: 3rd FI., Paya System Bldg Eslami Alley, Soleyman Khater St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88810248 Fax: (+98-21) 88798288 Factory: (+98-812) 4226700 Email: [email protected] MD: Ali Akbar Zebardast Activity: Garlic Products, [M] GREEN DIAMOND CO Head Office: No. 268, Motahari St., 15886, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88824706, 88823059 Fax: (+98-21) 88828035 Factory: (+98-352) 5224770 Email: [email protected] net MD: Amrr All Asgaroladi Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Pistachios, [M-E-I] GREEN GOLD CO Head Office: Main St., J Industrial Town. 8148873585, Isfahan Tel: (+98-311) 5722201-3 Fax: (+98-311) 5722204 Email:[email protected] URL: MD: Mehdi Ashje Activity: Almond Peel, Pistachio Peel. [M]

Activity: Sweet Paste [M-E] HAM BISCUIT CO Head Office: 6th Km.of Azarshahr Rd., Tabriz Tel: (+98-411) 4203464, 4202440 Fax: (+98-411) 4203399 MD: Ahmad Soleimanzadeh Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Cakes, Wafer [M-E·I] HARATI PISTACHIO CO Head Office: 5th Km.of Zangi Abad Rd., Kerman Tel: (+98-341) 2752530 Fax: (+98-341) 2752530 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammad Ali Bagharizade Activity: Pistachios. Export of Pistachios. [M-E] HASAS EXPORTIVE CO., LTD Head Office: No. 268, Motahari St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88843312-6 Fax: (+98-21) 88308491 Factory: (+98-511) 3711537 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Assadollah Asgaroladi Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Cumin Seeds, Oiled Fruits, Pistachios, Almond, Spices. [M-E] HEGMATAN SUGAR CO Head Office: Unit 8, 2nd FI., No. 14, Mousavi St., Forsat St., Ferdowsi Sq., 1581637534, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88828058-9, 88829204 Fax: (+98-21) 88828058 Factory: (+98-812) 4683681-2 MD: Masoud Honarvar Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar, [M] HELAU FOOD CO Head Office: Next to Laleh Alley, Diesel Abaad, Tabllz Tel: (+98-411)4455133 Fax: (+98-411)4456190 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Bahman Helali Activity: Cubic Sugar, Wafer, Toffee. [M·E] HOUFARD FOOD TECHNOLOGY CO Head Head Office: 3rd FI, No.22, Corner of 1st St., Fatemi Sq. 1415784784, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88986300-5 Fax: (+98-21) 88954120 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Kaviyan Activity: Traditionalherbal Extracts, Food Stuff, Jam. Lemon Juice, Tomato Paste, Pickles, Sourgrape Syrups.[M] HOUKAMEH CO Head Office: 2nd FI., Mellat Bank Bldg., Kalantari St., Qarani St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88831271,88310029 Fax: (+98-21) 88827238 Factory: (+98-242) 5226445 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mahdizade Activity: Prepared Food [M]


ICE PACK CO Head Office: Opposite Ettehad St., Damavand St., After Tehran Pars TJunction, 1766839111, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77341847 Fax: (+98-21) 77931166 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Bakhtiyari Activity: Ice Creams ILLIA GOSTAR SIRJAN PISTACHIO CO. Head Office: NO.8, Nawab St., Sirjan, Kerman Tel: (+98-345) 5232002, 5232400 Fax: (+98-345) 5230367 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Pour Jafar Abadi Activity: Export of Pistachios.[E] IMAN MEHR CO Head Office: Unit 23, 6th FI., Opposite Jalinous Pharmacy, After Naft St., Zafar St., Shariati St., 1919819349, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22273061 Fax: (+98-21) 22275260 Factory: (+98-362) 3782351 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammadali Rezaee ActiVity: Rose Water, Natural Herb Essence, Spices, Dehydrated Vegetables. Medicinal Plants. [M.E] IRAN BEHNOUSH CO Head Office: Mahmoud Pouri St., 9th Km.of Special Karaj Rd., 13956, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44504777, 44515289 Fax: (+98-21) 44504776 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Kamaleddin Bayrami Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Soft Dllnks, Carbonated Cold Drinks, Maolsharr, Delester, Malt, Malt extract. [M-E-I] IRAN CHASHNI CO Head Office: Corner of 2nd Milan, After 1 st Sq., Chahshak, 15th Km.of Senato Rd, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 2404141 Fax: (+98-511) 2404441 Email:[email protected] URL: MD: Abdollah Yazdan Bakhsh Activity: Sauces, Fruitroil.[M-E-I] IRAN CHOCOLATE CO Head Office: 10th FI., I Tak Tower, Golshahr Blvd, Africa Exp .Way, 19156, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22059383 Fax: (+98-21) 22057689 Factory: (+98-411) 4247851-3 Email: [email protected] MD: Akbar Shanezan Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Cakes, Wafer[M-E-I]


HABIBI TRADING CO Head Office: 3rd FI., No 24, Lotfi St., 7th Tir Sq., 1589833349, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88843880, 88843892, Fax: (+98-21) 88848989 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hamid Habibl Activity: Export of Dried Fruits[IE] HALVASHEKARI BAZ CO Head Office: Gole Sorkh St., 1st Phase, Emamzade Abdollah Rd., Emamzade Abdollah Industrial Town, Amol Tel: (+98-121) 2203212-3, 2203893-7 Fax: (+98-121) 22033772 Email: [email protected] URL: www.halva-bazcom MD: Ebrahim Bazrafshan

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

IRAN COTTON FUND Head Office: No.33, 51h Fl., Sepid Bldg., 16th St, Bokharest St.,15148, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88732750-2 Fax: (+98-21) 88732782 MD: Mohamad Hossain Kaviani Activity: Cotton. [E-I] IRAN DAIRY INDUSTRIES CO. (PEGAH ) Head Office: No.1, 23th Gandi St., Jahan Kodak Cross Rd., Vanak Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88875011-8, 88785091-8 Fax: (+98-21) 88661123-4 Factory: (+98-229) 3382433, 3382374-6, 3382512 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammadreza Yazdanpanah Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Churned Sour Milk, Yoghurt, Cream, Butter Milk, Cacao Milk, Cheese, Sterilized Milk, White Cheese, Dried Milk, Cocoa Milk Powder. [M-E-I] IRAN DAIRY INDUSTRIES SOCIETY Head HeadOffice: Unit 500, 5th FI., Golzar Bldg., Jalale Ale Ahmad Exp.Way, 14458, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88824546, 88266984 Fax: (+98-21) 88277414 URL: MD: Mehdi Tabatabaee Activity: Dairy Products, Association IRAN FOOD INDUSTRIES CO Head Office: Unit 3, 1 st Fl., No.345, Corner of 37th St., Asad Abaadi St., 1434653316, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88064350, 88062357 Fax: (+98-21) 88061981 Factory: (+98-191) 3234850 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Farokh Sarmad Activity: Cold Drinks, Fruit Juice [M-E] IRAN GHATRAN GOL AGRO IND CO.(KAMO) Head Office: No.3, 15th St., Bokharest St. 151380, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88706096-7 Fax: (+98-21) 88716378 Factory: (+98-362) 3782303 Email: [email protected] MD: Kamran Monzavi Activity: Herbal Extracts, Rose Water, Pharmaceutical Essence, Natural Herb Essence. [M-E-I] IRAN GOLAB CO Head Office: Iran Golab Bldg., No.1345, Before Daman Afshar Alley, After Vanak Sq., Vali-e-Asr St.,1669743111, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88674081-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88674077 Factory: (+98-361) 5513503, 5525345, 5575745 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Akbar Vesall Ghamsari & Payam Raheb Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Cold Drinks, Canned Food, Herbal Extracts, Rose Water, Mineral Water, Export of Food Stuff. [M-E-I]

IRAN IND. ENZYMES CO Head Office: Unit 4, 2nd FI., No.22/1, Dafine Alley, Daman Afshar St., West Mirdamad Blvd., 1969764759, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88784671-2 Fax: (+98-21) 88784675 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hassan Momeni Activity: Rennet. [M-I] IRAN MANA CO Head Office: No.508, Corner of South Eram, Sanabad St., 917351446, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 8411452 Fax: (+98-511) 8432935 URL: MD: Mansouri Tehrani Activity: Macaroni, Lasagna [M] IRAN MELLAS CO Head Office: No. 209, 23rd Khayyam St., Khayyam Blvd., Malakabad Blvd.,9185736977, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 7631223-7 Fax: (+98-511) 7620055 Factory: (+98-512) 6222005-7 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hassan Ali Seyrafi Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Baker's Yeasts. [M-E] IRAN PISTACHIO ASSN Head Office: Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Jomhouri Blvd., 7619653498, Kerman Tel: (+98-341) 2475644 Fax: (+98-341) 2475645 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohsen Jalapour Activity: Pistachios, Association IRAN PROTEIN CO.(SHIL TON) Head Office: 1st FI, No.14, Azimi Alley, Sattarkhan St., Tohid Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66567522-3 Fax: (+98-21) 66567522-3 Factory: (+98-262) 4383701-3 Email:[email protected] URL: MD: Saeed Shojaee Activity: Tuna Fish, Canned Products [M] IRAN PROTEIN PRODUCTS CO Head Office: Jahangir Khan Ghashghaie St., Mir St., 250 Ab Cross Rd., Isfahan Tel: (+98-311)6624149,6618954 Fax: (+98-311) 6624149, 6618954 Factory: (+98-311) 5724003-4 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Kazemzadeh Activity: Soya, Sausages, Meat Products. [M-E] IRAN TARGOL AGRO INDUSTRY CO Head Head Office: No.20, Hajipour St., Resalat Exp.Way, 1631813454,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22504141 Fax: (+98-21) 22502829 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Jafar Kazerounian Activity: Traditional herbal Extracts [M-E] IRAN TAYTWO CO,

Head Office: Unit 1, 1st FI., No.236, Opposite Refah Bank, Azadi St., Navvab Cross Rd., 1345785466, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66934762 Fax: (+98-21)66936441 Factory: (+98-262) 3432670 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Nighaz Activity: Hens. [M] IRAN VEEJ CO Head Office: Unit 1, 3rd Fl., Pam Tower, Comer of lafar & Africa Sts. 1968634137, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88782230, 88782213, 88782212 Fax: (+98-21) 88782230,88782213, 88782212 Email: [email protected] MD: Alireza Talaee Activity: Edible Additives, Food Industries Ingredients [I] IRAN ZAK CO Head Office: Unit 3, 10th FI., Pam Tower, Africa St., Zafar Intersection, 1968634193, Tehran Tel:(+98-21) 88664894, 88664299 Fax:(+98-21)88664894,88664299 Factory: (+98-282) 23523 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Safaee Rad Activity: Chewing Gums [M-E] IRANIAN VEGETABLE OIL INDUSTRY ASSN Head Office: No.4, 14th Alley, Pakestan St., Beheshti St., 1531754114, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88755147-8 Fax: (+98-21) 88755038 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Abolhasan Khalili Activity: Vegetable oil, Association ISFAHAN PEGAH DAIRY CO Head Office: Opposite Refinery, 5th Kmof Tehran Rd. Isfahan Tel: (+98-311)3802091-5 Fax: (+98-311) 3802090 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Tahmasb Ali Bakhshi Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Yoghurt, Milk, Butter, Cheese. [M-E] IVAND PACK CO Head Office: No.203, 16th Head Office: No.203, 16th Alley, Khak Shenasi St., 7143737371, Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 2297048 Fax: (+98-711) 2297048 Factory: (+98-711) 7794141, 7793939 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ghorbanali Kayran Activity: Dried Fruit Packaging. [M-E-I]

JABAL DRAK CO Head Office: No. 114, zimens Bldg., Zeinali St., North Sohravardi St., 15776, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88744439, 88754942 Fax: (+98-21) 88758951 Factory: (+98-711) 8226364-5,7122256-8 Email: [email protected] MD: Masoud Mohammadi Activity: Snack. [M] JAHAN SHIL CO Head Office: 3rd FI., No.118, End of Vanak St., 1991815881, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88048381,88051349 Fax: (+98-21) 88048382 Factory:(+98-766)2233400 Email: [email protected] MD: Alireza Arab Iran Exemplary Exporters ActiVity: Shrimps [M·E] JAHAN VEGETABLE OIL CO Head Office: No. 39, Daman Afshar Alley, Vall-e-Asr St. 19697,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88797795-6 Fax: (+98-21) 88885355 Factory: (+98-241) 2462204-9 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Tabesh Iran Exemplary Exporters Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Lecitin, Liquid Oil, Cornhulls, Vegetable Oil, Soya. IM-E] JALALI TRADING CO Head Office: Jalali Storage, End of Zanbaq St., Farhang Shahr St.,7187115389, Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 6311001 Fax: (+98-711) 6309232 Email: [email protected] MD: Hossein Jalali Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Fruits. [E] JAVAN FOOD INDUSTRIES COOPERATIVE (ABZIAN JONOUB) Head Office: Unit 9, 11th Fl.. Head Office: Unit 9, 11th Fl No.1056, Negin Saei Bldg., After Beheshti St, Vali-e-Asr St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88723246, 88723073, 88729327-8 Fax: (+98-21) 88723246 Factory: (+98-772) 2222671,2222834 Email: [email protected] MD: Majid Marandi Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Shrimp Breeding, Fish [M-E]

JONOUB PRODUCTION EXPORT CO Head, 2nd FI., No. 73, Khosrow Alley, O. Nejat-ol-Lahl St., 1598838131 ,Tehran 32 Head Office Unit 1,2nd, Fl.No.73.,Khosrow Tel: (+98-21) 88804065 Fax: (+98-21) 88803255 Factory: (+98-652) 2322633 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hossain Raeesi Activity: Dates, Dried Fruits, Pistachios [M-E]


M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

JOREH FLOUR CO Head Office: Next to Goldis Town, Tehran Rd., Isfahan Tel: (+98-312) 5260701 Fax: (+98-312) 5260702 Email: [email protected] URL: www. Joreh. com MD: Mohammad Asarzadegan Activity: Flour [M]



K SINGS CO Head Office: Unit 2, No.36. Arabali St.. Khorramshahr St., 1533884851, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88500181-2 Fax: (+98-21) 88765770 MD: Kamran Kazemi Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Casing Export. [E] KACHILA CO Head Office: Yas St., 1 st Phase, Emamzade Abdollah Industrial Town. Amol Tel: (+98-121) 2203343 Fax: (+98-121) 2203787 Emaii: [email protected] URL: www.kachila.4t. com MD: Younes Balou Activity: Chocolates [M]

KALLEH DAIRY PRODUCTS CO Head Office: No.103, Bet 12th Farvardin & Daneshgah Sts , East Azarbayejan St ., 1316633936, Tehran Tel: (+98-21)66974511, 66467755, 66480956-7 Fax: (+98-21) 66488525 Factory: (+98-121) 2265050-4 Email: [email protected] URL: www. MD: Bahman Soleymani Activity: Dairy Products, Ice Creams [M-E-I] KAMBIZ FOOD INDUSTRIES CO Head Office: No 88. Rezale St Yaftabad Blvd. Moalem Sq., Saveh Rd .. Sahebozzaman Town. 1377676867. Tehran Tel: (+98-21)66228211, 66224132 Fax: (+98-21) 66228211, 66203777 Factory: (+98-262) 3432489-91 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Hamidi Activity: Beverages, Jam, Pickles Spices [M-E] KAMNOOSH CO Head Office: Unlt2, 3rd Fl. No.35. End of 64th St Asad Abaadi St.,1436995111. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88033673 Fax: (+98-21) 88033595 Factory: (+98-173) 2763460-4 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Habib Ashkavan Activity: Tomato Paste [M-E] KANDELOOS DAIRY PRODUCTS CO Head Head Office: No. 31, NIII Alley, Sazman Ab St.. Tehran Pars, Hakimlye Town. 16596366481, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77312338, 77311722 Fax: (+98-21) 77312338 Factory:(+98-192)4942313-4 Email:[email protected] MD: Mehran Karkhanei Activity: Churned Sour Milk. Milk, Yoghurt, Fruit Juice. [M] KANDELOUS AGRICULTURAL CO Head Office: 1st FL, No.149. Opposite Amir Atabak St.. Motahari St., 1584894516.Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88742521. 88521682 Fax: (+98-21) 88742521. 88521682 Factory: (+98-191) 3362338 Email: [email protected] com URL: MD: Eshtiyaghiyan Activity: Essence. Herbal Drugs [M-E] KANDOU HONEY CO Head Office: Opposite Saderat Bank. Imam Khomeini St ., Khansar Tel: (+98-371) 2232735-39 Fax: (+98-371) 2222739 Factory: (+98-371) 2230701 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Akbar Kamrani Activity: Honey [M-E]

KANSAR DANEH CO Head Office: Ladan Passage. Zand St., Amiri Cross Rd. Abadan Tel: (+98-631) 2225667 Fax: (+98-631) 2222606 Factory: (+98-631) 4440130 Emaii: [email protected] MD: S. Ahmad Amininejad Activity: Poultry Feed Complementary. [M] KARAJILIA CORN FLOUR CO Head Office: Unit 110, Yekta Complex. Fajr Sq.3133795959. Karaj Tel: (+98-261) 2700424-5 Fax: (+98-261) 2719943 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: MS.Ghadam Kheyr Mohammadi Activity: Meal Corn Flour. [M-E-I] KASHEFAN KAVIR FARMING CO Head Office: No. 55. 20th (Shahid Abtahi) Alley. North Kargar St.. 1439983693. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88002985,88009901 Fax: (+98-21) 88010832 Email: [email protected] URL: www. MD: Mohamad Hosein Agha Mohamad Hasani Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Dried Fruits [E] KAYVAN FOOD CO Head Office: No 23. 7th Alley, Apadana St., North Sohravardi St., Niloufar Sq . Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88534359 Fax: (+98-21) 88737057 Factory: (+98-811) 2542348-49 Email: [email protected] URL: www. MD: Rahim Nemat Pour Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Chocolates, Cookies. Jelly Powder. [M-E] KESHT SANAT CO Head Office: No 38, 3rd St .. Bokharest St..151360, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88721352 88710307 Fax: (+98-21) 88712706 Factory: (+98-151) 2332081-5 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hamid reza izadi Activity: Edible Oil. liquid Oil [M-E-I] KHATOON DAIRY CO (SARA) Head Office: 1st Ave.,1st Entrance. Industrial Town. Rasht Tel: (+98-132) 3382408 Fax: (+98-132) 3382172 MD: Ebrahim Asayesh Activity: Churned Sour Milk. Cream. Yoghurt. Milk. Cheese. [M] KHAVAR DASHT FARMING CO Head Office: No.84. Next to Farhangiyan Clinic. Beginning of Lashgar St . 49175653. Gargan Tel: (+98-171) 2236016-7 Fax: (+98-171) 2236019 Factory: (+98-173) 6222610 URL: MD: Mahmoud Maleki Activity: Edible Oi1. Cornhulls. [M-E]

KHAVARAN GOSTAREH CO Head Office: Unit 12, 4th FI ., Ziba Bldg N0428, Taleqani St .15636. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77533979-80 Fax: (+98-21) 77533968 Email: [email protected] URL: www. MD: Parviz Shahpar Activity: Food Stuff [E] KHAZAR TOLID CO Head Office: Parking 2nd Bell, No.14, Azae Alley. Safaa Alley, West Roshanayee St., North Kaaveh Blvd, Sadr Exp.Way. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22231503-4 Fax: (+98-21)22231501 Factory: (+98-182) 2352439 Email: [email protected] MD: Afshar Activity: Canned Fish, Canned Food [M] KHOI SUGAR CO Head Office: 6th FL, Shahd Bldg ., Ferdowsi Sq ., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88809078-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88809080 Emaii: [email protected] MD: Ali Akbar Karim Nejad Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar. [M] KHORAM NOUSH CO Head Office: Iran Zamin Blvd., Koot Sheykh St., 6419731198. Khoram Shahr Tel: (+98-632) 4232495. 4234090, 4231700 Fax: (+98-632) 4232496 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Yan Activity: Cold Drinks, Mineral Water. [M-E] KHORASAN SARCHIN AGRO-INDUSTRY CO Head Office: Unit5, N04 , Nobahar St., Malayeri Pour St., South Sohravardi St., 1579617516. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88301948 Fax: (+98-21) 88837723 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Akbar Alami Pour Activity: Food Stuff. Tomato Paste. [M-E] KHORASAN SUGAR CO Head Office: 2nd FL. No. 233. Mir damad Blvd., 19189.Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22227983-5 Fax: (+98-21) 22276061 Factory: (+98-511) 3920231-7 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Jamaleddin Abbasian Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar [M] KHORRAM FOOD PRODUCTS CO Head Office: After Bahr Abaad, 6th Km of Qouchan Ex-Rd., 91987-95883, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 6651153 Fax: (+98-511) 6651077 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Reza Hatefi Activity: Canned Fruits. Canned Products, Tomato Paste. [M-E]

KADBANOO CO Head Office: No.60, End of 7th Fath St., Opposite Pegah Milk Co. ,Karaj Ex-Rd. 1387683831.Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66808770. 66806501, 66806997 Fax: (+98-21) 66808262, 66808770 Factory: Kadbanou St., Pedam St., 15th Km of Mahdasht Rd.,31788-56311, Karaj Tel: (+98-261) 6308100-4 Fax: (+98-261) 6304181 Email: [email protected] URL: www.kadbanoococom MD: Farhad Zoroufi Activity: Tuna FiSh, Canned Non-meat Products. Vegetable Oil, Olives. Fruit Juice, Honey, Tomato Paste, Pickled Cucumbers, Sauces, Tea, Hot & Cold Sauce: (Ketchup, Hot ketchup, Mayonnaise, Omega3 Mayonnaise, Low Fat Mayonnaise, Salad Dressing (Lemon, Chili, Thousand Island, French. Yoghurt) Canned Food (Backed Beans, Backed Beans With Mushroom. Pasta Sauce, Green Peas, Corn, Lentil. Mushroom. Green Peas With Soya, Ghaymeh Stew, Egg Plant), Tea (Earl Tea. Tea), Honey. Olive (pickled). Cucumber (Pickled), Oil (Frying Oil, Canola),Tuna Fish, (Juice (Apple, Peach. Orange. Cherry, Pineapple. [M-E-I]

KALBER DAIRY CO Head Office: No. 26, 2nd Alley, Mofateh St., Beheshti St .. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88740514,88733810 Fax: (+98-21) 88749775 Email: [email protected] URL: www. MD: Lotfollah Nayebzadeh Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Dairy Products [M-I]

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

KHOSH RAVESH TAK CO Head Office: 2nd FI., No.125/1, Motahari St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88744237 Fax: (+98-21) 88742367 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Reza Khosh Ravesh Tak Activity: Export of Dried Fruits. [E] KHOUSHE FARS FLOUR CO Head Office: 6th FI., No.231, Corner of Azadegan St., Mirzaye Shirazi St., 1586743116, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88701711, 88701775 Fax: (+98-21) 88701780 Factory: (+98-711) 7202251 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mehrzad Jamshidi Activity: Chicken Feed, Flour [M.E] KHOUZESTAN CANNED FOOD CO Head ce: Head Office No. 15, 4th FI., Leon Bldg., Fatemi Sq., 14316,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88956740, 88962126 Fax: (+98-21) 88962126 Factory: (+98-612) 3273330 MD: Fereidoun Sabzivand Activity: Canned Fish, Canned Grains. [M]

(+98-21) 88502701-2 Fax: (+98-21) 88502707 Factory: (+98-121) 2203207, 2203316 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Behrouz Sadeghi Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Wafer. [M] KOOT BEVERAGES CO Head Office: End of Kar Afarinan Blvd., Sepehr Industrial Town, Nazar Abad, Tehran Tel: (+98-262) 5333012 Fax: (+98-262) 5333012 MD: Hasan Shomakhi Activity: Cold Drinks. [M] KOSAR BIDOKHT CO Head Office: Next to Melli Bank, Taleqani Blvd., 96941-36463, Bidokht,Gonabad, Khorasan Razavi Tel: (+98-535) 7333001 Fax: (+98-535) 7332612 Factory: (+98-535) 7333301 MD: Mehran Vahabi Activity: One day Old Chickens, Breeder Hen Culture. [M]

LORESTAN SUGAR CO Head Office: 2nd FI., No.24, West Farzan St., Africa St., Before Zafar St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88656553-7,88799422 Fax: (+98-21) 88661547 MD: Jabar Ali Zare Mamghani Registered In


Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar. [M] M. T. ALAGHBANDIAN TRADING CO Head Office: No.250, 36th Alley, Vozara St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88713625, 88718385 Fax: (+98-21) 88714365 MD: Mohammad Taghi Alaghbandian Activity: Export of Dried Fruits, Carpets [E.I]

MAHDAVIEH IMPORT EXPORT CORP Head Office: Unit 102, 1st FI., Bldg.No.118, Corner of Golshahr Alley, Africa St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22023762-3,22019730 Fax: (+98-21) 22019432 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Taher Mahdavie Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Dried Fruits. [E] MAHIDASHT VEGETABLE OIL CO.(NAZGOL) Head Office: No.38, 3rd St., Ahmad Qasir St., 19186, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88707905-15,88721352, 88710307 Fax: (+98-21) 88712706 Factory: (+98-832) 4622227-8 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Javad Modlel Activity: Vegetable Oil [M-E-I] MAHNA NOUSH HYGIENCE IND. CO.(BOJENEH) Head Office: No.9, 11th St., Vozara St., 15137, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88723000-5 Fax: (+98-21) 88712836 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Farid Nourbakhsh Ghanad Activity: Cold Drinks. [M] MAHNAM FOOD PRODUCTS CO Head Office: Next to Karaj Bar Inst., After the Exp.way Brdg., Hesarak,3199785475, Karaj Tel: (+98-261) 4800010-12, 4800048-49 Fax: (+98-261) 4803371 Factory: (+98-261) 4800010-2, 4800048-9 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Manouchehr Gholamhossaln Goudarzl Activity: Food Stuff. [M] MAHRAM MFG. CO Head Office: No. 343-345 After Tehran Grand Hotel, Motahari St., 159571713111, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88726164-7,88659195 Fax: (+98-21) 88726193 Factory: (+98-282) 2223435, 2222434, 2222887 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Amir Mohammad Gangi Iran Exemplary Exporters Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Canned Food, Jam, Pickles, Sauces. [M·E] MAHVAR GHANE CO Head Office: Aftab Bldg., No.150, Corner of 6th Dashtestan, Pasdaran St., 19478349415, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22886544-8 Fax: (+98-21) 22881805 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Ghaneei Activity: Grains, Dried Fruits. [E]


LAHIJAN PEYMAN COOKIES CO Head Office: Opposite the Gas Station, 3rd Km.of Rasht Rd., Lahijan Tel: (+98-141)2292681, 2292811-2 Fax: (+98-141) 2292682 Email: [email protected] MD: Shaban Alijani Activity: Cookies. [M-E] LALEH BAHAR HAMADAN CO Head Office: No.41, Eslami Alley, Soleyman Khater St., After Mofatteh St., Motahari St.,1578637911, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88810248 Fax: (+98-21) 88319313 Factory: (+98-812) 4226701, 4226700 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Akbar Zebardast Activity: Pickled Cucumbers, Pickled Garlic Plckles Spices. [M] LAZAK KHALlJ FARS CO., LTD Head Office: No.65, Shahid Safaviyan Alley, North Naft St., 1919715153, Tehran Tel: (+98-772822) 2370 Fax: (+98-21) 22221844 Email: [email protected] MD: Saeed Moghaddamfar Activity: Fish, Shrimp Breeding. [E] LINA NIK CO Head Office: No.12, Mahtab Alley, Apadana St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88516050-1 Fax: (+98-21) 88516050-1 Factory: (+98-251) 3342141-3 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Saeed Yousefzadeh Activity: Snacks. [M.E]

KIMIA FARAVARE NABE SHARGH COHead Head Office: Unit1, No.4, 6th Negarestan St., Pasdaran St.,1664644853,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22858529-30 Fax: (+98-21) 22890323 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohamoud Motaghed Activity: Lecitin, Cocoa Powder, Food Industries Ingredients, Guar Gum Powder, Caramel, Edible Glycerine, Sorbitol, Edible Phosphunc Acid, Coconut Oil, Glucose Syrup. [E]

MACNON MIAMIN CO.,L TO Head Office: Unit 5, No.480, Beginning of Mofatteh St., Beheshti St., Tehran P.O. Box: 13465-313 Tel: (+98-21) 66387403 Fax: (+98-21) 66387894 URL: MD: Ghasem Talebi Activity: Export of Dried Fruits, Export of Fresh Fruits, Saffron, Flowers, Gabbehs, Export of Carpets. [E] MAEDEH FOOD CO Head Office: Azadegan Ring Rd.,1Oth Km.of Karaj Ex-Rd., 1389819979, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44906415 Fax: (+98-21) 44903599 URL: MD: Eshaghi Activity: Canned Products. [M-E-I] MAHALLAT TAK FOOD CO Head Office: 1st FI., No. 686, Corner of Dehqan St., Sattar Khan, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66514245,66556011-2 Fax: (+98-21) 66500601 URL: MD: Hassan Ghods Activity: Tomato Paste, Pickles Ketchup. [M-E] MAHAN CO Head Office: No. 118, Tabrizchi Alley, Esteqlal St., Azadi Sq., Kerman Tel: (+98-341) 58185, 58187 MD: Ezatollah Ghorbani Activity: Hens. [M] MAHBAN CO Head Office: Nos. 343 & 345, After Tehran Grand Hotel, Motahari St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88726193-5, 66227516 Fax: (+98-21) 66212322 MD: Nouriyan Activity: Canned Peas, Canned Beans, Mushrooms. [M.E]

KISH CHIPS CO. (MAZ MAZ) Head Office: Bldg.55 , East Mirzaye Zeinali St., North Sohrevardi St.,Keihan Cross Rd.,1569617511, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88448000-14 Fax: (+98-21) 88448018 Factory: (+98-255) 2343034-5 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Razavi Activity: Potato Chips. [M] KOLIN TRADING CO Head Office: Units 2 & 3, 1st FI., No.280, West Fatemi St.,1418643863, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66945672-3, 66945676, 88991338 Fax: (+98-21) 66945672-3 Factory: (+98-411)6374731-2 Email: [email protected] MD: Maryam Golnari ActiVity: Agricultural Crops, Agricultural Products. [E.I] KOMAJ SABA CO Head Office: Unit1, No.34, 10th St., Bokharest St., 1514748613, Tehran Tel:

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

MALARD CO Head Office: 1 st Fl.. No.1. sardar Jangal St., Hemat Exp.way, Mirza Babaie Cross Rd., 1476736461, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44401184, 44465175 Fax: (+98-21) 44436922 Factory: (+98-261) 6462114,6463771, 6463111,6463112,6454335 MD: Javad Angourani Activity: Mushrooms. [M] MALARD PACKAGING & PRODUCTION CO Head Office: No.894, Moallem st., sar Asiab, Malard. Karaj Tel: (+98-261) 6455570, 6455580, 6460664 Fax: (+98-261) 6459636 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Jafar Badi Activity: Beverages, Canned Fruits, Pomegranate Paste. [M] MANA CO Head Office: Unit 22, 2nd FI., No.107, Mollasadra st., Vanak Sq. ,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88211637-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88211605 Email: [email protected] URL: www.manamacaron,com MD: S.Mehdi Asarian Activity: Macaroni. [M] MANI INTL. CO Head Office: No.103, Bet. 11th & 13th sts., Vozara st., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88715851, 88723662 Factory: (+98-412) 7225329-40 URL: www.mani& MD: Mohsen Rahmani Activity: Dried Fruits, Peanut [M-E-I] MARGARINE MFG. CO Head Office: Modiriat Bldg., 8th Km.of Fath Free Way, Karaj Ex-Rd., 15156, Behshahr Industrial Town Tel: (+98-21) 66250435-41 Fax: (+98-21) 66250013 Factory: (+98-21) 33400431-3, 33400247 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: All Akbar Abedini Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Vegetable Oil, Liquid Oil [M-E-I] MARIAN AGRO-INDUSTRY CO Head Office: Unit 6, Bldg.No.15, Corner of 5th st., Balouchestan st., Jalal AI Ahmad Exp.Way, 1446663138,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88285558-60. 88285521 Fax: (+98-21) 88285521,88280610 Factory: (+98-269) 83232 MD: Ali Reza Javid Activity: Food Stuff. [M] MARIN CO Head Office: Units 2 & 3, N014, Azimi Alley, sattarkhan st., Tohid Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66907365-7 Fax: (+98-21) 66439722 Factory: (+98-262) 53332256-7 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Abbas Hamze


Activity: Hens, Shrimps, Fish. [M] MARJAN ASAL CO Head Office: No. 120. Asad Abadi 8-Meter st., Khazane Bokharaee st., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 55319490,55316413 Fax: (+98-21) 55060310 Factory: (+98-21) 55318413 MD: Alireza Sheykh Alizade Activity: Chewing Gums [M) MARVDASHT SUGAR CO Head Office: 2nd FI., No. 53, Sony Bldg., Jomhouri st., Sheikh Hadi Cross Rd, 11396.Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66468705-6 Fax: (+98-21) 66468703 Factory: (+98-728) 2224112-3, 2224116-7 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammad Hossein Tavanayan Fard Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar. [M] MASH HAD FOOD PRODUCTS CO Head Office: Ground FI., N02, 10th Boustan st., Pasdaran st., 14349, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22546130 Fax: (+98-21) 22546120 Factory: (+98-511) 6902164 MD: Mohammadreza Moshar Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Canned Fruits, Jam, Tomato Paste [M] MASHHAD JOUJEH CO Head Office: No. 62, Chamran st.,91337, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 2211820,2212880,2235109 Fax: (+98-511) 2223268 Factory: (+98-511) 5592141 MD: Mohsen Bagherzadeh Activity: Egg-laying Chicken, One-day Old Chickens. [M]

MIDDLE EAST PRODUCT EXPORT CO Head Office: No.58, West Nahid Blvd., Africa st., 19669, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22059185 Fax: (+98-21) 22051262 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammadreza Farshchiyan Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Dried Fruits, Pistachios. [E] MIHAN ICE-CREAM & DAIRY CO Head Office: saveh-Tehran Rd. Opposite Qaemiyye Town, 33169, Eslam shahr Tel: (+98-228) 2464245,2464240-3 Fax: (+98-228) 2464245 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ayoub Paidari Activity: Cream, Cheese, Milk, Ice Creams [M] MILAD FEED MANUFACTURING CO Head Head Office: 5th Km of Ouromiye Rd .. 196, Mahabad Tel: (+98-442) 2221399.2227500 Fax: (+98-442) 3443440 Email:[email protected] MD: Abdorrahman Mahmoudi Activity:Feed Concentrates, Egg-laying Chicken Feed. Aqua Feed. Chicken Feed [M] MIMAS CO Head Office: 9th Fath st., After Pasturized Milk Sq., Fath Exp.Way (Karaj Ex-Rd.), Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66808541-3,66490541 Fax: (+98-21) 66800204 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammad Zahi Activity: Cream Chocolates. Dairy Products, Cream Yoghurt. Lemon Juice [M-E] MINOO GROUP Head Office: 10th Km.of Karaj Special Rd., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 48831275 Fax: (+98-21) 44543077 Factory: (+98-242) 5528050 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Parsi Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Candies, Poffak. Toffee, Wafer [M] MIRJALILI FRUIT EXPORT CO Head Office: Mahdasht Rd., Great Valad Abad, After Mohammad shahr, 3184868688, Karaj Tel: (+98-261) 6302118,6302281,6301800 Fax: (+98-261) 6303500 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S. Kazem Mir Jalili Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Fresh FrUits, Vegetables [E-I]

Email: [email protected] URL: MD: sarrafan Activity: Rice, Tea. [M-E-I] MORVARID SEYD CO Head Office: 3rd Fl. No.14. 6th St., Q M. Farahani St 1586856713, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88735770-1 Fax: (+98-21) 88735770-1 Email:[email protected] MD: Habib Mokhtari Activity: Aquatic Creatures. [M-E] MOZAFFAR TEA CO Head Office: West Mozaffar st., Lahijan Tel: (+98-141) 2233168 Fax: (+98-141) 2233165 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Amir Mozaffar Nouri Activity: Tea. [M] MULTI MILK CO Head Office: No. 20, 3rd Alley, Gandi st., 15176, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88870200 Fax: (+98-21) 88663381,88771604 Email: [email protected] URL: www.multlmllkcom MD: Jalil Afshar Nejad Activity: Milk Powder, Coffee [M-E]


NAB OIL CO Head Office: No 11. Jashnvareh st., Tehran Pars,16549, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77328072-3, 77324111, Fax: (+98-21) 77335332, 77329069 Factory: (+98-21) 77328072-3. 77324111, Email: [email protected] MD: Hosein Mosleh Nia Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Vegtable Oil [M-E-I] NADER GOHAR CO Head Office: No.31, Aqdash Alley, Qods st., 5513645711. Maraqeh Tel: (+98-421) 2224589.2238602,2238436 Fax: (+98-421) 2239184 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Karim Maleki Activity: Dried Fruits, Export of Food Stuff, Raisins, Dates, Walnuts. [E] NAGHSH JAHAN SUGAR CO Head Office: No. 44. Magnolia Alley, Jam st Motahan st., 158864714, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88838228, 88847645 Fax: (+98-21) 88847645 Factory: (+98-311) 3326321 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mojtaba Karavan Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar [M]

MASROOR FOOD INDUSTRIES CO. (AZIN MASROOR) Head Office: 4 Kms. After the Pay Toll, Before Vavan Brdg., Qom Free Way, 1817117798, Tehran P.O. Box: 18164-114 Tel: (+98-21) 56537360-4 Fax: (+98-21) 56537553 Email: [email protected] MD: Majid Rouhi Hojjati Activity: Olives, Lemon Juice, Pickled Cucumbers. Pickles,Sauces, Ketchup, Vinegar [M-E-I] MAVAHEB SEPAHAN CO. (MIAD FOOD GROUP) Head Office: North 4th FI., No.100, sanaee st., Karim Khan St.,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88313678,88842242, 88847103-4 Fax: (+98-21) 88839282 Factory: (+98-311) 2214041 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hosseinali sarrafan Activity: Rice, Tea. [M-E-I]

MOHSEN CO Head Office: Unit 4, 2nd FI., Iran Bldg., South Khayyam st., Mohammadiyye Sq., 1165774559, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 55572896 Fax: (+98-21) 55572650

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

NAHAN GOL CO Head Office: 1st FI., No. 11, 37th St., Khaled Eslamboli St., 1516833513, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88778661, 88789483, 88879286,88881009 Fax: (+98-21) 88771305 Factory: (+98-382) 4221300-400 Email: [email protected] URL: www MD: Gholam Hossain Hossainkhani Activity: Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil [M-E-I] NAM NIK CO. (ASHTARVIAN) Head Office: After Saderat Bank Storage House, Mahmoud Pouri St., Opposite Pars Khodro, 9th Km of Karaj Special Rd .,13966, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44705051-4, 44703939, 44716221-2 Fax: (+98-21) 44704839 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Dr.Hossein Danyan Activity: Cookies, Cakes. [M-E]

NAR IRAN CO Head Office: 2nd FI, No.47, North Negar St., Vali-e-Asr St., 19698,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88779179 Fax: (+98-21) 88789976 Factory: (+98-255) 2343077 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Danoush Arfaiyan Activity: Pomegranate Concentrate, Fruit Juice. [M-E] NARGES SHIRAZ VEGETABLE OIL CO. Head Office: Nos 75 & 77, Fajr St., Q M Farahani St.,15896, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88307451, 88841652-4, Fax: (+98-21) 88640645 Factory: (+98-711) 2290256 Email: [email protected] .com URL: MD: S. Adibeddin Sadrnejad Activity: liquid Oil. Vegetable Oil [M-E-I] NARGOL CO.(NOVIN BORNA SABZ) Head Office: 17th Fath St., 4th Km of Karaj Ex-Rd ,1387654384, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66791584-6 Fax: (+98-21) 66791586 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Mansour Ba Hagh ActiVity: Biscuits, Cakes [M] NEGIN DASHT KHORRAM CO Head Office: Unit 8, No.11, Sazman Ab St , Sadeqiyye 2nd FI., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44008327 Fax: (+98-21) 44008328 Factory: (+98-242) 5754084 MD: Masoud Taheri Activity: Olives. [M] NEGIN FOOD CO Head Office: No.122, Next to Norouzi Alley, Golestani St., Emamzade Masoum Brdg., Beryanak Sq., 13568-55183, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 55777542-3 Fax: (+98-411) 6307080 Factory: (+98-411) 6306510 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammadreza Vazife Activity: Chocolates, Cookies. [M-E] NEGIN MAGHDAM KHAVARAN CO Head Head Office: Unit2, No.23, Baq St., North Sohravardl St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88525107-8 Fax: (+98-21) 88742548 Factory: (+98-534) 2225994 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Dr.Saeed Mortazavi Activity: Grains, Dried Fruits [M] NEISHABOUR SUGAR CO Head Office: 18th Km.of NeishabourSabzevar Rd, Neishabour Tel: (+98-552) 4523400-3 Fax: (+98-552) 4523275 Email: [email protected] MD: Abbas Hajizade Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar [M]

NEMOONEH TEA TRADING CO Head Office: 4nd FI, No.102, Torkmanestan St., Motahan St., 156590, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88435702, 88435715, Fax: (+98-21) 88436100 Factory: (+98-141) 2292261 . Email: [email protected] MD: Abdolsamad Gharavi Activity: Tea [M-E] NESTLE IRAN CO Head Office: No.12, 21st St., Vozara St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88729585 , 88729076-87 Fax: (+98-21) 88729861 Email: [email protected]· URL: MD: Glas Vax Mot Activity: Baby Food, Dried Milk, Coffee Mix, Coffee. [M·E·I] NIK NOUSH RASHT CO Head Office: Shahid Ansari Blvd, Rasht Tel: (+98-131) 7724698,7726598,7726598 Fax: (+98-131) 7726733 MD: Ahmadi Activity: Cold Drinks. [M] NIKI MEHR CO Head Office: Unit 2, No.92, West Malayeri Pour St., Beginning of North Mofatteh St., 7th Tir Sq , Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88822349,88328057-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88310030 Factory: (+98-252) 4383442-3 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Norouzi Activity: Fruit Juice, Cakes, Poffak [M-E] NIKMANESH SAFFRON CO Head Office: No 472, Khorasan St, Rey St,11776, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 33556051 ,3313443 Fax: (+98-21) 33568309 MD: Ahmad Nik Manesh Activity: Saffron [E] NIKOU SHABNAM KOUHESTAN CO.(TORSHI SEVEN) Head Office: No.5212, Opposite Yekta Groccery Store, Before Kalantan Alley, Ahangaran Bazaar, 15th Khordad St, 11656, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 55811655 , 55814808 Fax: (+98-21) 55811655 Factory: (+98-491) 2262634 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Behrouz Fazlollahi Activity: Pickles. Peanut, Fruitroll, Sloe. [M-E] NOBAR SABZ CO Head Office: No.27, Arian Mahmoudi St, Kaboli St, After Seyyed Khandan Brdg., Resalat ExpWay,1631676731, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88467007 Fax: (+98-21) 88467014 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hadad Activity: Export of Fresh Fruits, Frozen French Fried Potatoes, Vegetables [M-E]

NOBAVEH CO Head Office: 5 Kms. From Police Station, Isfahan Rd, Shahre Kord, Chahar Mahal Bakhtyari Tel: (+98-382) 2425005-6 Fax: (+98-382) 2423456 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ehsan Behzadnejad Activity: Baby Food [M] NOOSH MAZANDARAN INC Head Office: 4th FL, No. 24, Mansour Alley, Motahari St.,159571-48166, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88722917-8 Fax: (+98-21) 88725530 Factory: (+98-192) 4722002-7 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Nosrat Zabehi Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Juice. [M.I] NORTH TEA FACTORIES SYNDICATE ead Head Office: Chaye Shomal Factones, Corner of Azadegan, 4414883118, Lahljan Tel: (+98-141) 3227010,3220180 Fax: (+98-141) 3220506 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammad Sadegh Hasani Activity: Tea [E] NOUSHAB CO Head Office: Shohadaye Sanaye Felezi St., Corner of 17th Shahnvar Blvd, 5th Km. of Karaj Ex-Rd , 13787, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66809980-2 66794772-77 Fax: (+98-21) 66803366 Email: [email protected] .net URL: MD: Babaee Activity: Carbonated Cold Drinks. [M-E] NOUSHGOVAR CO Head Office: No. 53, West Payambar St, South Shahin St., Kashani St, 1471944374,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44001085 Fax: (+98-21) 44064338 Factory: (+98-173) 3883261-4 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammadreza Neshati Activity: Cold Drinks [M-E] NOUSHMAK CO Head Office: Unit 16, 2nd FI., 110 Medical Bldg., Azadi St ,14566-14559, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66009429, 66037711 Fax: (+98-21) 66017000 MD: Tofigh Najdi Activity: Fruit Juice [M-E-I] NOVIN SAFFRON CO Head Office: No 490, 28th Alley, Eshrat Abad St., Sh HashemineJad St, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 2227715. 2228891 Fax: (+98-511) 2229765, 2255226 Factory: (+98-511) 5413103-7 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Shariati, Moghaddam Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Dried Fruits, Saffron [M·E]

NAMAK AMIN VARAMIN CO Head Office: Unit 7, 4th Fl., Pishtaz Bldg., No 983. Opposite Somayye Ins., Fadaiyan Eslam St., Tehran P.O. Box: 17665-377 Tel: (+98-21) 33391116,33384970, 33758160 Fax: (+98-21) 33391082 Email: [email protected] uk MD: Masoud Ghasemi Activity: Edible Salt, Industrial Salt. [M]

NAMI NIK NAHAD CO Head Office: Unit 301, Doubral Bldg., Corner of Iran Zamin St. & Khovardin Blvd .,Qods (West) Town, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 99370699 Fax: (+98-21) 88574064 Factory: (+98-261) 4760080 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Nematollah Babaee Activity: Bread. [M-E] NAN AFZA CO Head Office: Unit 3, No.28, 3rd Alley, Mirzaye Shirazi St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88317167-9 Fax:: (+98-21) 88308480 Factory: (+98·261) 7858611 Email: [email protected] MD:Farrokh Farin Activity: Bread Developing Materials. [M.I] NAN RAZAVI CO Head Office: NO.6, Razavi Bldg., Corner of 4t St, Hasht Behesht St., Fatemi St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88971713-5 Fax:: (+98-21) 88952799 Factory: (+98·261) 6654002-5 Email:[email protected] MD:Ghasemiyan Activity: Crackers, Biscuits, Bread, Cookies, Cakes. [M-E]

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

NUTS EXPORTERS UNION Head Office: No.19, Fereydoun Shahr St., Azarshahr St., North Iranshahr St., Karim Khan St., 158483114, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88311384-5 Fax: (+98-21) 88823000 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Hasan Shamsfard Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Dried Fruits,[E]

Activity: Fruit Juice. [E]


PADIDEH ASHENA NAFIS CO, Head Office: Opposite Tabriz Tiles, Abiari Rd, After Tehran Police Station, Tabriz Tel: (+98-411)6306957-8 Fax: (+98-411) 6306957 Email: [email protected] URL: www. MD: Mohsen Chehri Activity: Cakes, Cookies [M-E] PAJOUHESH CO Head Office: 1st Km.of Qazvin-Takestan Rd., Takestan Tel: (+98-282) 5224448, 5222284 Fax: (+98-282) 5222782 MD: Abdollah Imani Activity: Honey, Jam, Tomato Paste, Pickled Cucumbers, Pickles. [M] PAK DAIRY CO Head Office: Shir Pastorizeh Sq., 3rd Km.of Karaj Ex-Rd., 1387695451 ,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66808396-8 Fax: (+98-21) 66809535 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Taleb Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Cream Chocolates, Chocolate Milk, Milk, Cream, Butter, Yoghurt, Ice Creams. [M.E.I] PAKDIS MFG. CO Head Office: 7th Fl., No. 1074, Bet.Kalej & Vali-e-Asr, Enqelab St., 1133766544,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66724525,66727012 Fax: (+98-21) 66760848 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Naser Samadi Activity: Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Juice [M·E·I] PAKIZEH CHAVOSH CO. (PAKDANEH) Head Office: Unit 9, No.4, 1st Alley, Miremad St., Motahari St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88735127, 88735128 Fax: (+98-21) 88765127 Email: [email protected] MD: Ali Asghar Jabarian Activity: Dried Fnuits, Dried Nuts[M-E] PALIZ SEPAHAN CO Head Office: 6nd St., 3rd Phase, Mobarakeh T.Junction Industrial Town, Isfahan Tel: (+98-335) 5373012,5373359 Fax: (+98-335) 5373012, 5373359 Email: [email protected] MD: Kourosh Sararian Activity: Cakes. [M] PAMCHAL ASIA CO Head Office: Unit 10, 4th FI., Bldg.No.9, Arash Mehr St., Shahr Ara St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88263918-47, 88781369-70 Fax: (+98-21) 88255525 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Majid Adeshi

Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Sheep& Cattle & Poultry Products, Sheep& Cattle & Poultry Packaging. [M.E] PARD IS PISTACHIO CO Head Office: No.19, Fereydoun Shahr Alley, Azarshahr St., North Iranshahr St., 1584683111, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88832522 Fax: (+98-21) 88832072 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammad Mehdi Tabatabaee Activity: Dried Fruits, Export of Pistachios. [E] PARS ADVIEH CO Head Office: East Unit, 1st FI., No.51, Khorramshahr St., 1557617364, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88754633-4 Fax: (+98-21) 88754654 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohsen Hendi Activity: Maize, Raisins, Dried Fruits, Pea Flour, Pepper, Spices, Starch. [I] PARS ANIMAL FEED CO Head Office: Next to Tejarat Bank, No. 35/1, Tohid St.,1419913441, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66925014-5,66926782, 66921223 Fax: (+98-21) 66933811,66921223 Factory: (+98-21) 4425637-8,44525637-9 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Alireza Sadegh Mohammadi Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Animal Feed [M] PARS DRIED FRUITS CO Head Office: 1st FI., No.135, North Kheradmand St., 15859, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88304835, 88842426 Fax: (+98-21) 88825897 Factory: (+98-631) 3335491 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammad Idi ActiVity: Raisins, Dates, Export of Dried Fruits. [M·E] PARS GOLAB CO., LTD Head Office: Unit 7, No. 159, Motahan St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88744389,88744392 Fax: (+98-21) 88742681 Factory: (+98-711) 7300031 Email: [email protected] MD: Hossain Sadraie Activity: Dried Whey, Olive Oil, Rose Water, Herbal Extracts, Lemon Juice, Vegetable Essence. [M] PARS KADOOS FOOD CO Head Office: Unit 8, 3rd FI., No. 32, East Sepand St., a Nejat-Ollahi St., 1598994711 ,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88802172,88947587 Fax: (+98-21) 88802173 Factory: (+98-182) 2253468, 2253581, 2253568 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S. Hossain Shirazi Activity: Kilka Fish in Oil, Smoked kilka Fish in Oil, Kilka Fish in Sauce, Sardin, Tuna Fish, Canned Food. [M-E]

PARS MINERAL WATER CO Head Office: No.103, Bet. 1st & 2nd Sajadiyye, Farhangshahr, 71876-63758, Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 6312002, 6310007-9 Fax: (+98-711) 6314004 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hasan Zargar Activity: Mineral Water. [M] PARS MINOO IND. CO Head Office: Pars Minoo Bldg., 10th Km. of Karaj Special Rd.,1399736311, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44543031-3, 44543042-5, 44543134 Fax: (+98-21) 44543070, 44543005 Factory: (+98-242) 5525005-9 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hossein Hasan Zade Iran Exemplary Exporters Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Cakes, Snack, Toffee, Wafer.[M-E-I] PARS SUGAR CO Head Office: 2nd FI., No. 28, 1st Alley, Kouh-e-Nour St., Motahari St., 1587656714,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88735711, 88731288 Fax: (+98-21) 88732484 Factory: (+98-712) 5623142 MD: Akbar Najaran Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar. [M] PARS TADAROCK CO Head Office: Unit 11, 2nd FI., Bldg No 239, Between Naft & Modarres, Mirdamad St., 19189, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22254952-4 Fax: (+98-21) 22228141 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Yazdani Activity: Export of Dried Fruits, Export of Pistachios. Export and Import. [E-I] PARS VEGETABLE OIL CO Head Office: No. 483, Nofel Loshato Intersection, Hafez St.,11365, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 55635617-9, 66701012-15 Fax: (+98-21) 66708584 Factory: (+98-21) 55060171-5 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Abolhasani Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Vegetable Oil. [M.E.I] PARTO DANEH KHAZAR CO : Head Office: Head Office: No.20, 27 St., Alvand St., Argentin Sq., 1516619811, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88876400 Fax: (+98-21) 88876393 Factory: (+98-152) 5553252-3, 5553259 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohseni Nejad Activity: Margarine, Edible Oil. [M]


OGHAB HALVA CO Head Office: No.47, 7th Boustan St., Pasdaran St., 166160,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22873781-4 Fax: (+98-21) 22584178 Factory: (+98-262) 3225228-32, 3223922 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: S Jalal Nasseri Activity: Sweet Paste. [M-E-I] OLBA MEAT PRODUCTS CO Head Office: No. 98, Negah Hall, Mirdamad St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22276747,22253719, 22271594 Fax: (+98-21) 22271582 Factory: (+98-124) 4332090-4 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S. Morteza Larimi Activity: Meat Products, Sausages. [M·E]

OMID NIKAN CO Head Office: 1st FI., No.3., 15th Alley, Vozara St., 1513813511, Tehran, Iran Tel: (+98-21) 88707816-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88706608 Factory: Beginning of zanjan-Khoramdarre Ring Rd., zanjan Tel: (+98-242) 5533023 Fax: (+98-242) 5522576 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Farshid Gohari Activity: Dried Fruits, Fresh Fruits, Fruit Juice Concentrates, Fnuit Juice. [M]

OROUEI HAMBURGER CO Head Office: 4th FI., No.4, Bijan Tower, Mohseni Sq., Mirdamad St., (1911915463) Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22254975,22856740, 22258971 Fax: (+98-21) 22258972 Factory: (+98-112) 5224030 URL: MD: Hossain Arouee Activity: Hamburgers. [M] ORUM NARIN CO Head Office: 6th Km.of Qara Aqaj Rd., 5716165618, Oroumiye Tel: (+98-441) 2332339 Fax: (+98-441) 2330199 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Isa Shams Molavi

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

PAYA CONSERVE CO. Head Office: Unit 6, 4th FI., Soleyman Carpet Bldg., Meshki Alley, Zanjan Tel: (+98-241) 7295525-6 Fax: (+98-241) 7295525-6 Factory: (+98-241) 7295525-6 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Houshang Asadi Activity: Tomato Paste. [M·E] PEDRAM KASRA CO.(ENTEKHAB COOCKIES & PiES) Head Office: Unit 5, Enterance A, Golestan Bldg., Sattari Exp.Way., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44044961 Fax: (+98-21) 44044968 Email: [email protected] MD: Ali Ahadi Activity: Cookies, Cakes. [M-E] PEGAH ISFAHAN CO. Head Office: Sikaro Bldg., After Kazemieh Mosque, 2nd Apadana,8166663351, Isfahan Tel: (+98-311) 6303495-9 Fax: (+98-311) 6302525 Factory: (+98-335) 5262228 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad AIi Taherian Activity: Tuna Fish, Canned Products. [M-E] PEGAH SAFFRON CO. Head Office: 4th Km.of Mashhad-Qouchan Rd., 9198133479, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 6656294 Fax: (+98-511) 6652532 Email: [email protected] URL: www MD: Mohammad Javad Rezaie Activity: Cumin Seeds, Saffron. [E] PERSIAN TEA CO. Head Office: N0.3, 5th St., North Kargar St ., 1439613137, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88026038,88027021 Fax: (+98-21) 88027021 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mandali Gheytasi Activity: Tea. [M-E-I] PIAZAR CORP Head Office: 24 Kms.from South West of Tabriz, Khosroshahr, 53551-83798, Tabriz Tel: (+98-411) 4458381 Fax: (+98-412) 2682834 MD: Mir Mohammadzade Khatmi Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Food Stuff. [M] PICHAK CO. Head Office: Omidiye Town, Shahriar Tel: (+98-262) 3642960-2 Fax: (+98-262) 3642962 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Rahimi Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Tuna Fish, Canned Chicken, Canned Beans, Canned Peas, Lemon Juice. Tomato Paste, Pickled Cucumbers, Pickles, Sauces. [M] PIRANSHAHR SUGAR CO. Head Office: No.27, 19th St ., Yousef Abad St, 1433813813, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88717352 Fax: (+98-21) 88717895 Factory: (+98-444) 4224005-6

Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Talebian Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar. [M]

POFFILA - HAJIM DANEH MIHAN FOOD INDUSTRIES CO. Head Office: 4th FI., No.16, Next to Forouq Iran Kindegarten, 22nd Bahman Alley, 12th Bahman St., East Mirdamad St., Modarres exp.way,1549939414, Tehran P.O. Box: 19395-7519 Tel: (+98-21) 22904209, 22904207 , 22924429 -30 Fax: (+98-21) 22904207 Factory: Andishe No St, Kavoshgaran St, liya Industrial Town, Qazvin, Iran Tel: (+98-282) 4454405,4454405,4454502 Fax: (+98-282) 4454405 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Jamaleddin Chahardah Gougani Activity: Popcorn. [M-E]

PURIA SPAGHETTI CO Head Office: No.6, 1st 12-Meter St., 5th Sheydaee St., Sazman Ab St., Ab Ali Rd., 16598,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77339723,77355314, 77352222 Fax: (+98-21) 77967137 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hosseini Activity: Macaroni. [M·E]

RAY NAN CO.(HOORSUN CO Head Office: NO.105, Mir Abedini Alley, Beginning of Varamin St., Varamin TJunction., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 33392666, 33392323 Fax: (+98-21) 33392324 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Saee Activity: Bread. [M] RAYEHE KHORASAN CO. Head Office: Green Door, Dirt Rd., 73rd Tous St.,Taus Blvd., Danesh T-Junction, 9198113113, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511)6651651, 2218130 Fax: (+98-511) 6651652 Email: [email protected] com URL: MD: Ahmad Reza Shariati Moghaddam Activity: Dried Fruits, Saffron. [M-E] RAZAVI CANNING & COLD STORAGE CO. Head Office: Opposite Razavi Hospital, Senato Rd.,After Qaem Brdg., Asiaee Exp.Way, Qouchan Rd., 91735, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 6617003 Fax: (+98-511) 65770027 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Kasiri Activity: Canned Fruits, Canned Food, Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Juice, Jam, Tomato Paste, Pickles Mayonnaise. [M-E-I] RAZAVI DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Head Office: Next to Sigol Hall, Park Sq., Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 6044400,6084858 Fax: (+98-511) 6084858 Factory:(+98-511)3960512 Email:[email protected] URL: MD: Mehran Daneshvar Activity: Cream, Yoghurt, Cheese, Ice Creams. [M] RAZAVI YEAST CO. Head Office: 2nd FI., No.95, 13th Sanabad St, 9183794455, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 8462751-2 Fax: (+98-511) 8462753 Factory: (+98-582) 6283500, 3700 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ostadi Activity: Instant Yeast [M.E-I] REZA YAD CO Head Office: 2nd FI., No.166, Corner of Kheradmand St., North Sohravardi St., 15577,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88748631, 88748630 Fax: (+98-21) 88765917 MD: S.Abbas Emami Activity: Export of Dried Fruits. [E] REZVAN CHOCOLATE CO Head Office: No.534, Corner of North Jamalzade St., Fatemi St., 1416983676, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66913585-9 Fax: (+98-21) 66938015 Factory: (+98-261) 4708440-4 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Habib Khodaee Activity: Chocolate Coatings. [M·E]


QAZVIN SUGAR CO Head Office: 25th Km of Boueen-Zahra Rd ., Qazvin Tel: (+98-281) 2550975-6 Fax: (+98-281) 2550976 Email: [email protected] MO: Bahram Ramezani Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange ActiVity: Sugar. [M·E-I] QUALITY MANAGEMENT ENG.SERVICES CO Head Office: Unit 7, No.34, East Babak St, Farid Afshar St., Dastgerdi St., Shariati St., 1919819113, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22220037 Fax: (+98-21) 22258860 Email: [email protected] MD: Ali Mobaraki Activity: Food & Agriculture Industries Technical Consultant.

POLUR MINERAL WATER CO. Head Office: 2nd Fl., No.42, 14th St., Ahmad Qasir St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88526292 Fax: (+98-21) 88533060 Factory: (+98-122) 3242400-1 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Manouchehr Montazeri Activity: Mineral Water. [M-E] POOK POOK CO. Head Office: 4th Km.of Darya Rd., 5735184414,Oroumiyye Tel: (+98-441) 2352367, 2347566 Fax: (+98-441) 2352367, 2347566 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Rahim Pirvash Activity: Toffee, Wafer, Poffak [M·E] POUNEL CO. Head Office: 2nd FI ., No.8, 21st St., Argentin Sq., 1513934817, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88720788, 88710496, 88552531 ,88100061-5 Fax: (+98-21) 88720789 Factory: (+98-182) 4673541-5,4673360 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S. Mostafa Hossaininejad Activity: Tuna Fish, Sausages, Fish Powder. [M-E] POUYA FLOUR CO. Head Office: Next to Sherkat Naft Blvd., After the Burrow, 12th Km.of Arak Rd ., 3745175478, Qom Tel: (+98-251) 8700500-4 Fax: (+98-251) 8700710 Email: [email protected] com MD: Ali Pahlavanzade Activity: Flour [M·E] POUYA KABAK CO. Head Office: No.19, Beginning of Fathi Shaqaqi St., Vali-e-Asr St., 1433634674, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88704360, 66048849 Fax: (+98-21) 66018008 Email: [email protected] MD: Dehmorde Activity: Confectionary Ingredients. [I]


RAFSANJAN PISTACHIO CO. Head Office: No 36, Opposite Standard Office, 49th Motahari S1., Rafsanjan Tel: (+98-391) 3221265,3221255 Fax: (+98-391) 3221255 Email: [email protected] MD: Gholamreza Rezamand Activity: Pistachios [M-E-I] RAFSANJAN PISTACHIO PRODUCER COOPERATIVE CO Head Office: N0.20, East Anahita, Alborz St., Corner of Modares Exp. Way., East Mirdamad St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88724536-8 Fax: (+98-21) 88717595 Factory: (+98-391) 3223072-80 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ahmad Hashemiyan Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Pistachios [M·E] RAMAK DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Head Office: 2nd Fl., Delta Bldg., Corner of Ordibehesht St., Palestine St., Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 2352499, 2358759 Fax: (+98-711) 2300923 Factory: (+98-711) 8235932-3 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hashem Nasiri Activity: Milk, Butter, Yoghurt, Cheese, Cream. [M]

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

REZVANDOUSTCHOCOLATE CO.(PARMIDA) Head Office: Unit 2, No.37, Golbarg St., Tehran Pars 1st Sq., 16517644763, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77864763,77290771 Fax: (+98-21) 77862400 Email:[email protected] MD: Ali Rezvan Doust Activity: Chocolates. [M] RIFAN SALT CO. Head Office: Unit 701, 7th FI. White Tower Pasdaran St.,16666394396, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22567471-2 Fax: (+98-21) 22567471-2 Factory: (+98-345) 4221582-3 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mozafar Shahabi Activity: Edible Salt. [M.E.I] RISHMAC CO. Head Office: Amir Kabir Blvd., Rishmac Cross Rd., Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 8222001-2 Fax: (+98-711) 8222004 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mahmoud Sheykh Zeynoddin Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Liquorice Extracts. [E] ROOZ ICE CREAM CO. Head Office: No.41, Opposite West 7th St., Ettehad St., Ab Ali Rd., 1658919613,Tehran Tel: (+98-21)77336171, 77349656 Fax: (+98-21) 77337967 Email: [email protected] MD: zolfaghari Activity: Milk, Ice Creams. [M] ROSHD CO. Head Office: Unit 2, No. 70, 7th Alley, Daemi Alley, End of West Zartosht St., Fatemi Sq., 1415643463, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88985151 Fax: (+98-21) 88985131 Factory: (+98-351) 8220030-3 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Mohammad Rezaie Moayed Activity: Flour, Macaroni, Baking Powder. [M]

Tel: (+98-21) 88042415-6 Fax: (+98-21) 88042429 MD: Abdolhamid Zarbakhsh Activity: Tea. [M·E]

MD: Ali Ashtiyani Activity: Hamburgers [M] SADAF SEPID DELIJAN CO Head Office: Umt 9, 2nd FI., No 14, 5th Alley, Bokharest St., 1513718619, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88703238-40 Fax: (+98-21) 88703255 Factory: (+98-866) 4443221-5 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Ali Jalali Activity: Edible Salt, Industrial Salt. [M-E] SAFA NOUSH CO Head Office: 17th Km.Malayer Rd., AshtarNian, Boroujerd Tel: (+98-665) 3222552,3222910 Fax: (+98-665) 3222910 MD: Fattane Yar Ahmad, Activity: Cold Drinks. [M-E] SAFFRON UNION OF IRAN Head Office: No.205, Bet. 17th & 19th Moallem, Moallem Blvd., 9188617414, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 6053479 Fax: (+98-511) 6053479,6065830 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohammad Hossain Meshkani Activity: Saffron, Association(3). [M] SAHAND CO Head Office: 7th Km. of Tehran Rd., Tabriz Tel: (+98-411) 6374749, 6372961-4 Fax: (+98-411) 6372960 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Safar Ghanbari Activity: Chocolates, Cakes, Poffak. [M.E] SAHAR FOOD CO Head Office: West 2nd Fl., No.18, Corner of Damel Alley, Fayazi St., Vall-e-Asr St., 1965716713, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22669236-7 Fax: (+98-21) 2269240 Factory: (+98-811) 4383308, 4383287 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Masoud Toutounchian Activity: Canned Fruits, Jam, Tomato Paste, Pickled Cucumbers, Sauces. [M-E] SAHAR MUSHROOM CO Head Office: No.4, 1st FI., No. 21, East Nahid St., Jordan St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22046359 Fax: (+98-21) 22046369 Factory: (+98-262) 5253424 MD: Gholamreza Jenaghi Activity: Mushrooms. [M] SAHAR PROTEIN & DAIRY PRODUCTS CO Head Office: NoA09, Next to 11th fath, After Pastorize Sq , Karaj ex Rd., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66827510-16, 66827520-4, 66827530-4

Fax: (+98-21) 66808806 Factory: (+98-282) 2852707 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Mehdi Tabatabaie Activity: Milk, Da,ry Products, Cheese, Fruit Juice [M·E·I]


SABET KHORASAN SUGAR CO. Head Office: 1 st FI., No. 233, Mirdamad Blvd.,1918954581, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22255097-100,22227980-5 Fax: (+98-21) 22255097-100 Factory: (+98-512) 6223982-6 MD: Morteza Elahi Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar. [M] SABZ NUTS EXPORT CO. Head Office: No. 36, 16th St., Bokharest St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88747440-2, 88747433 Fax: (+98-21) 88747431 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Rahmanian Activity: Export of Dried Fruits [E] SABZDANEH HORMOZAN FOOD CO Head Office: Unit18, 5th Fl., Ferdos Bldg., No.156, Mollasadra St., Vanak Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88065922,88065250-1 Fax: (+98-21) 88065249 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Jamshid Kalantar Hormozi Activity: Grain Packaging, Cereal Packaging. [M·E] SABZEH IRAN EXPORT CO. Head Office: 3rd FI. 17th Bldg., Sepahbod Qarani, St., 15847, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88305985, 88306754 Fax: (+98-21) 88831458 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Majid Kamlakh Activity: Export of Ra,slns, Export of Dried FrUits. [M.E] SABZI IRAN CO Head Office: Unit 5, 2nd Fl., Bldg. No. 273, Khajeh Nassir Tousi St., Sharati St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77539155 Fax: (+98-21) 77527797 Email:[email protected] URL: MD: Akbar Fathollahi Activity: Spices, Dehydrated Vegetables [M·E.I]

SAHARKHIZ SAFFRON CO Head Office: No 135, 1st Phase, Tous Industrial Town, 91851-13111, Mashhad P.O.Box: 91895157-337 Tel: (+98-511)5413308 Fax: (+98-511) 5410139 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Farhad Saharkhiz Activity: Saffron, Spices, Teaffron, Saffron Candy, Saffron Desert [M-E]

SAHEL TUNA CO Head Office: Unit 1, No.65, Corner of 15th Alley, Shahr Ara St., Sattarkhan St., 1445673316, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88278038 Fax: (+98-21) 88278009 Factory: (+98-761) 6674223 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: S.Mostafa Mir Mohammad Activity: Tuna Fish. [M] SALAMAT BISCUIT CO Head Office: 5th Ave., 11th St., Foroudgah T-Junction, J Industrial Town, 8376100000,Isfahan Tel: (+98-311) 5721136-42 Fax: (+98-311) 5721138 Emaii:[email protected] URL: www MD: Abbas Sanaat Activity: Biscuits, Wafer. [M] SALAMATSAZANE SABZ CO Head Office: No.100, Sanayee St., Karim Khan St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88847103 Fax: (+98-21) 88839282 Factory: (+98-311) 8552121 MD: Farakhan Activity: Food Stuff. [M] SALEM BUITER CO Head Office: 1st Alley. Anbahaye Omoum, St., 10th Km. of Karaj Ex-Rd., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66250870, 66250525, 66250869 Fax: (+98-21) 66250506 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Hasanali Abedinimanesh Butter [M-E]

ROWGHAN FARAYAND KHORASAN CO. Head Office: 4th FI., No.21, 31st St., Alvand St., Argentin Sq., 15166, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88878811, 88878822 Fax: (+98-21) 88777576, 88878822 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Hasan Shariat Jafari Activity: Vegetable Oil, Edible Oil, Liquid Oil. [M-E] ROYAN FARDAD CO. Head Office: Unit 20, 10th Fl.,Venus Tower, No. 130, Mollasadra St., Vanak Sq., Tehran

SADAF HAMBURGER CO Head Office: No.225, After Sarsabil TJunction, Komeyil St., Azad, St., 1354735643, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66879101 Fax: (+98-21) 66887196 Factory: (+98-221) 4531100-6

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

SALEM CHABAHAR FOOD INDUSTRIES CO Head Office: Unit 101. 1 st Fl.. Vanak Passage. Vanak Sq .· Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88777954,88885538, Fax: (+98-21) 88777954 Factory: (+98-545) 2224194 MD: Enayatollah Kalantariyan Activity: Tuna Fish. [M-E] SALEMIN CO Head Office: Azadi Blvd .· Sanati Sq., Kaveh Industrial Town, 39141, Saveh Tel: (+98-255) 2342710-5 Fax: (+98-255) 2342001 MD: Amir Hossein Taghdisi Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Biscuits. Wafer. [M] SAMAREH FOOD CO Head Office: Unit 5, 3rd FI., No.39, After 8th Alley, Beyhaqqi Blvd., Argentin Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88754180-1 Fax: (+98-21) 88754180-1 Factory: (+98-261) 4703263 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ahmad Karavan Activity: Canned Fruits, Jam. Pickles [M] SAMIN NAN SAHAR FOOD CO Head Office: 1st FI., Sahar Bldg., No.1633, After Sadr Brdg .. Shariati St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22674565-8,22674570 Fax: (+98-21) 22205092 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Khan Mohammadi ActiVity: Bread Developing Materials. [M] SAMIRA MACARONI CO Head Office: Unit 603, 6th Fl.. No. 85. Corner of Sheikh Bahaee & Shiraz Cross Rd., Molla Sadra St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88211637, 88059517-20 Fax: (+98-21) 88059517 Factory: (+98-261) 6600928 MD: Nabiyoullah Nouri Nasab Activity: Macaroni. [M] SARANG INTL. SUPPLIES CO Head Office: Unit 54. 4th FI., Bldg.No.141, North Iranshahr St., 1583753539, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88813372-4 Fax: (+98-21) 88813375 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ettehadi ActiVity: Flavoures Import, Food Industries Ingredients. [I] SAROUNEH CO Head Office: Unit 6,6th Fl.. Jam Bldg .. Corner of Ravanpour Alley. After Jaam-eJam St., Vall-e-Asr St., 1966843171, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22011715-25 Fax: (+98-21) 22051840 Factory: (+98-441) 2330170, 2332339 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Isa Molavi Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Juice. [M-E]

SASAN CO Head Office: Sar Asiyab, Mehr Abad, Karaj Ex-Rd .· 13867,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66649301-15 Fax: (+98-21) 66610054 Email: [email protected] URL: M D: Morad Abadi Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange ActiVity: Soft Drinks. [M-E-I] SAVEH MFG. CO.(MA CHOCOLATE) Head Head Office: No. 37. 6th St.. Ettehad St., Abali Rd .· 16587, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77337701. 77346558 Fax: (+98-21) 77339352 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Fereidoun Doroudi Activity: Chocolates. [M] SCIENCE LABORATORY CO Head Office: 1st Fl.. No. 77, Kajabadi Alley. Africa St.. 1966914775, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22055750 22016123 Fax: (+98-21) 22055750 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mehrdad Sarhangmehr Activity: Poultry Feed Complementary. [M] SEE GOAL ORUMIEH CO Head Office: 1st Fl.. No.6. Parvin Alley, West Fatemi St.. 1418635844,Tehran Tet: (+98-21) 66941225-7 Fax: (+98-21)66941314 Factory: (+98-441) 2351415 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ehsan Sanati Activity: Cakes. [M] SEFIDROOD OLIVE OIL CO Head Office: No. 254 , Kh. N. Tousi St.. 16117, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 77509931,77539990 Fax: (+98-21) 77602367 Factory: (+98-132) 6442080 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Jamshid Shahrestani Activity: Olive Oil. [M] SEKKEH GAZ CO Head Office: Imam Khomeini St., Jomhouri Sq., 1591613114, Isfahan Tel: (+98-311) 3310357. 3325284 Fax: (+98-311) 3327744 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Gohariyan Activity: Gaz[Sweet}. [M·E-I] SENAN CO Head Office: Unit 301. 3rd Fl.. No.2, Doubral Bldg., Bakhshi Alley, Iran Zamin Intersection. Khovardin BlVd., Oods (West) Town, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88370669-73 Fax: (+98-21) 88574064 Factory: (+98-261) 4760080-90 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Nematollah Babaee Activity: Bread. [M]

SEPIDAN WATER CO Head Office: 2nd FI., Bldg.No.116. Felestin St.. Moaddel Cross Rd., Shiraz Tel: (+98-711)2303933-4, 2303006 Fax: (+98-711) 2300634 Factory: (+98-712) 7223782-86 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Moosavi Activity: Mineral Water. [M.E] SEYYEDAN TOOS FARMING INDUSTRY CO Head Office: Part 120, 1st Phase, Toos Industrial Town, 91735, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 5413477-8 Fax: (+98-511) 5413477 MD: Mohammad Mousavi Activity: Canned FrUits, Canned Beans, Jam. Tomato Paste. [M-E] SHAD CHIN FOOD INDUSTRIES CO Head Office: Unit 58, 5th Fl.. Sadaf Tower, North Sheykh Bahaee St.. Mollasadra St.. Sheykh Bahaee Sq .· Vanak Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88041528,88211109 Fax: (+98-21) 88069813 Email: [email protected] MD: Gholam Reza Heidari Activity: Canned Food, Tomato Paste, Pickled Cucumbers, Pickles(1). [M-E] SHADAB KHORASAN CO Head Office: After Kal Zarkesh. 12th Km.of Oouchan Ex-Rd., Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 6778267-9 Fax: (+98-511) 6778267-9 URL: MD: Farid Mozafari Activity: Canned Fruits, Tomato Paste, Canned non-meat products, Jam. [M-E] SHADIANEH SHAHD SHAHIR CO Head Office: G128A, 8th Pamchal St., Chamran Blvd., 15th Km.of Oom Ex-Rd .· Shokouhlye Industrial Town Tel: (+98-251) 3343269-70 Fax: (+98-251) 3342397 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammadreza Aliyan Rad Activity: Bread, Cookies. Cakes, Cookies. [M] SHADMEHR JONOUB CO Head Office: Unit 58. 5th Fl.. SadaIT ower. Mollasadra St., Sheykh Bahaee Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88041528, 88069813 Fax: (+98-21) 88069813 Email: [email protected] MD: Mahmoud Afzalan Activity: Biscuits [M] SHAFEE CO Head Office: Next to Radfarman, 5th Km.of Asiaee ExpWay. Oouchan. 91878. Mashhad Tel: (+98-511)6671065. 6514509. 6650550 Fax: (+98-511) 6514516 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Gholam Hossain Shafei Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Dried Fruits, Pomegranates, Fresh Fruits. [M-E]

SHAHD ARANG CO Head Office: Unit 6, 3rd FI., No.86, Larestan St., Motahari St., 159590. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88904005 Fax: (+98-21) 88892696 Factory: (+98-282) 2223016-7 Email: [email protected] MD: Dariush Safaee Activity: Candies. [M-E] SHAHD IRAN INC Head Office: No. 72. Corner of 2nd Milad St., Saliad Blvd .. 91877, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 7620411-19 Fax: (+98-511) 7619627 Factory: (+98-511) 6514300-12 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Sadegh Mortazavi Alavi Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Fruit Nectar, Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Juice. [M-E-I] SHAHD SAHAND CO Head Office: 3rd FI., No.8. Sabzevar Alley, Golbar St.. Tohid Sq .. 14197,Tehran Tel: (+98-21)66918696-8 Fax: (+98-21) 66923310 Factory: (+98-421) 3252226 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Nastar Activity: Beverages, Fruit Juice Concentrates, Fruit Juice. [M-E] SHAHD SHAHANG FOOD CO Head Office: No.1. 5th Boustan St., Pasdaran St., 16646. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22581717, 22581710-2 Fax: (+98-21) 22561265 Factory: (+98-292) 3423323 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mostafa Hosseini Activity: Chocolates, Jelly Powder [M-E] SHAHD VINA CO Head Office: Unit 16 .. 3rd Fl.. No 56., Najm Dd.End, Felestin St.. Bet. Enqelab & Bozorgmehr Sts .. 1416843776, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66495614 Fax: (+98-21) 66492715 Factory: (+98-832) 5323232-3 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Alireza Ebrahimpour Activity: Fruit Juice, Fruit Concentrates. Fruit Juice. [M-E-I] SHAHDAAB CO Head Office: Behind Uromieh-Mahabad Police Station. 57189. Uromieh Tel: (+98-441) 2355585-6 Fax: (+98-441) 2351418 Factory: (+98-441) 2351418 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohamad Reza Sanjaabi, Mohammad Afshar Iran Exemplary Exporters Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Fruit Juice Concentrates, Fruit Juice. [M-E-I]

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

SHAHDAB KHORASAN CO.(TABAROK) Head Office: No.346. Opposite Brehyan Passage. South Khayyam St.. 11689.Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 55623535 Fax: (+98-21) 55619809 Emaii: [email protected] URL: www.tabarok. com MD: Mahour Activity: Canned FrUits, Canned Beans, Tomato Paste. Sauces, Green Peas. [M] SHAHDE KOOHRANG CO Head Office: 1 st FI., No.51, Zamzam Bldg., Khark St , Enqelab St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66741305, 66717256 Fax: (+98-21)66741306 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Baalaee Activity: Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Juice. [M-E] SHAHDINE ARAN CO Head Office: No 167, Tayeb T-Juncllon. Masjed Seyyed St., .8165100000,lsfahan Tel: (+98-311) 3363874. 3361917. 3354001 Fax: (+98-311) 5721760, 3361917 Factory: (+98-311) 5721755-9 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: S. Mohammad Taghi Naghavi Activity: Animal Feed, Gluten, Glucose. [M] SHAHO NEGIN URAMAN CO Head Office: Unit18, 5th Fl.. No.15, 2nd St.. North Kagrar St., 1413683453, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88630153 Fax: (+98-21) 88630153 Factory: (+98-832) 6623216 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Jala Shahoune Activity: Animal Oil. [M] SHAHROUD SUGAR CO Head Office: 2nd FI., No.4, 17th St., Bokharest St., Argentin Sq .· 151380, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88701392-3 Fax: (+98-21) 88701391 Factory: (+98-273) 3319000-5 MD: S Mohamad Abtahi Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar. [M] SHAHRZAD TEA CO Head Office: No.172, Comer of 26th Alley, Qaem Magham St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88811168-9. 88810684 Fax: (+98-21) 88810685 URL: MD: Shahriar Daryani Activity: Tea [M-I] SHAHSAVAND ZARRIN CO Head Office: End of 43th Fath St. Mofatteh St., Mofatteh Blvd., Tollab St., Mashhad Tel: (+98-511) 2573031-4 Fax: (+98-511) 2573035 Factory: (+98-511) 5412122-4 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mitra Tavakoli Activity: Rice. Grains. Tomato Paste, Pistachios, Saffron, Tea [M·E]

SHAKELLI FOOD TRADING CO Head Office: No.3, 49th St , 14/5th Km.of Karaj Special Rd., 1396166981, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44196671-3 Fax: (+98-21) 44196674 Email: [email protected] MD: Mohsen Shokravi ActiVity: Butter. Animal Oil, Honey. SHAM SHAM CO Head Office: No 843, Corner of Asan Motor St., Ahmad Abad Mostofi Rd., Azadegan Free Way. Tehran Tel: (+98-228) 2724851-3 Fax: (+98-21) 22846079 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD:OJI Activity: Meat Products, Sausages [M] SHANDIZ CO Head Office: Unit 101, 1st FI., No.3, Ahmadiyan St., Vozara St, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88707663-5 Fax: (+98-21) 88707840 Factory: (+98-242) 5524488 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Taeb Activity: FrUit Concentrates, Fruit JUice. [M.E] SHAYAN KENARAK FOOD PRODUCTS CO Head Office: Unit 29, 8th FI , Leon Bldg .. Corner of Bisotoun, Fatemi Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88973266-8 Fax: (+98-21) 88958865 Factory: (+98-546) 3222778 MD: Majid Safavi Activity: Tuna Fish. [M-E] SHEKAR RIZ CO Head Office: Modarres St., Modarres Cross Rd., Kermanshah Tel: (+98-831) 7228971 Fax: (+98-831) 7292399 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Alireza Shekar Riz Activity: Bread, Cookies. [M·E] SHEKARI FOOD CO Head Office: Ground FI., No.12. Barazande St., Next to Seyyed Khandan Brdg., North Sohrevardi St., 155570, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88742082,88751686 Fax: (+98-21) 88754973 Factory: (+98-662) 4443949 URL: MD: Shokri Activity: Beverages, Marmalade, Jam [M] SHIL GOSTAR CO Head Office: 2nd Fl.. No.4, Chehel Shahed Alley, Nezami Ganjavi St., Tavanlr St , Vahe-Asr St..1434894184. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88778139 Fax: (+98-21) 88778139 Factory: (+98-771) 5843211 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohsen Gharayee Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Shnmps, Sea Products, Fish [E]

SHILANEH CO Head Office: Unit 32, 8th Fl.. Leon Bldg .. Corner of Bisotoun St Fatemi Sq , Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88950722-5 Fax: (+98-21) 88959124 Factory: (+98-282) 2222205 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Gholam Reza Shaker Activity: Tuna Fish, Canned Food. [M·E·I] SHIR POUYAN CO.(POUYAN MILK) Head Office: Unit 15, 4th FI., No.15, Golshahr Blvd, Afnca Blvd, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22056192, 22057387 Fax: (+98-21) 22019840 Factory: (+98-812) 6222051 Email: [email protected] URL: www. MD: Dr.Saeid Farahi Fard ActiVity: Bread Developing Matenals, Dairy Products, Cheese Powder, Sports Supplements [M-E-I] SHIRAVARAN CO. (HAMOUN SHIR) Head Office: Unit 2, 1st FI., No.18. Aras Bldg , Behzad Alley, East Sarv St., Kaj Sq .· Saadat Abaad, 1998613515. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22067422 Fax: (+98-21) 22086650 Factory: (+98-451) 5213438 MD: Reza Khandehrou Activity: Cheese, Dairy Products. [M] SHIRAZ RAMAK DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Head Office: No.3, 3rd Sath St., Shlr Pastorize Sq., Karaj Ex-Rd., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66810209-10 Fax: (+98-21) 88953135 Factory: (+98-711)4816589 Email: [email protected] com URL: MD: Kamal Nassiri Activity: Canned Products, Jam, Pickled Cucumbers, Sauces. [M-E] SHIRIN ASAL CO Head Office: No. 151.2. Asgan Alley, Felestln SI, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66463370 Fax: (+98-21) 66485366 Factory: (+98-412) 4328021-5 MD: Nasirzade Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates. [M-E-I] SHIRIN DAROU CO Head Office: Nasr Blvd. 8th Km., Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 7212702,7214525 Fax: (+98-711)7213211 Emaii: [email protected] MD: Dr Niknahad Iran Exemplary Exporters Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: lIquonce Extracts. [E] SHIRIN GAZZ CO. Head Office: N02, Beginning of Hafez St., Naghshe Jahan Sq. 81476-16461, Isfahan Tel: (+98-311)2222281, 2222811 Fax: (+98-311)2222811 URL: MD: Mahmoud Sheykh Bahaee Activity: Gaz[Sweet][M·E-I]

SHIRIN MANESH CO Head Office: NO.834, Azarbayejan SI, 1345939436. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66839974.66836832 Fax: (+98-21) 66836832 URL: MD: Mohammad Nosrati ActiVity: Cookies, Cakes, Sohan. [M] SHIRIN NAB CO Head Office: 4th Kmof Sarv Rd., Jahat Lou Village. 57491-43111, Oroumiyye Tel: (+98-441) 2788885-8 Fax: (+98-441) 2788889 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S.Reza Hashemi Activity: BISCUits, Cakes. [M-E] SHIRIN NOVIN CO Head Office: Unit 7, Bldg.No.319. After Eskan, West Mlrdamad St, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88798484 Fax: (+98-21) 88879155 Factory: (+98-232) 4772150-2 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Amir Hosseln Shaghaghi Activity: Biscuits, Chocolates, Cakes. [M-E] SHIRIN SARV CO Head Office: Unit 16, 8th Fl.. No.9, 19th St., Bokharest St., Argentin Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88724917.88724926 Fax: (+98-21) 88726790 Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Peyman Bakaee Activity: Tuna Fish, Canned Meat, Canned Non-meat Products, Tomato Paste, PicklesSauces, Ketchup. [M] SHIRVAN SUGAR CO Head Office: 4th FI., No. 121, HamSlan Ailey, Keshavarz Blvd.,1418765445. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66945810,88701392-3 Fax: (+98-21) 66420045 Factory: (+98-585) 6353671-7 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Asghar Davtalab Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar. [M] SHOKOUH MIHAN CO Head Office: No.21. Moayeri St.. Monlnyye Sq., 1317847614, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66492605,66954920 Fax: (+98-21) 66488407 Factory: (+98-231) 335233-4 MD: Peykani Activity: Cookies [M] SHOKOUH SHADSHANJAN CO. (AYSUDA CHOCOLATE) Head Office: No.2. 15th St · Sasan St., Behind Meilat Bank (Pars Khodro Branch), 8th Km. of Karaj SpeCial Rd., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44504647, 44535920 Fax: (+98-21) 44504648, 44511562 Factory: (+98-471) 2224422, 2222527, Emaii: [email protected] URL: MD: Mehdi Tavakoli Activity: Chocolates [M-E]

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

SHOURCHIN CO Head Office: Corner of Sahand alley, Emam St., Before Abresanl Cross Rd., Tabnz Tel: (+98-411) 6306201 Fax: (+98-411) 6307228 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S Younes Seddigh Activity: Dried FrUits, Dned Nuts.[M-E] SlANA FOOD IND. CO Head Office: No.419, Next to Kave Steel Co., After 13th FathSt., After Shir Pastorlze Sq., Karaj Ex-Rd Tel: (+98-255) 2343288 Factory: (+98-255) 2343288 MD: Afaiyan Activity: Biscuits, Macaroni, Cakes, Cookies, Cocoa Powder, Toffee, Wafer, Poffak·[M] SIMA BLOURE MORVARID CO Head Office: Unit2, 5th FI., Mlthra Tower, Kavous, Far St, Beheshtl St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88757610-4 Fax: (+98-21) 88533685 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S.Kavous Kasbi Activity: Lentil. Food Stuff, Sugar, Tea.[E.I] SIMIN FAR CO Head Office: 91 st Ave., 9th St., J Industrial lone, Isfahan Tel: (+98-311) 5720628-9 Fax: (+98-311) 5720628 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hassan Jafaryian ActiVity: Pepper, Dehydrated Vegetables, Onion, Garlic. [M] SIMORGH CO Head Office: No.86, Corner of Golfam, Africa Blvd., 1915673438,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22050495-7, 22054622, 22050479 Fax: (+98-21) 22050459 Email: [email protected] MD: Ali Taghavifar Activity: Hens, Eggs. [M·E] SIPA PRODUCTION CO Head Office: Andlshe No. St., Kavoshgaran St., New Liya Industrial Town, 3449134756, Qazvin Tel: (+98-282) 4454361,4454508-9 Fax: (+98-282) 4454362 Factory: (+98-282) 4454361,4454508 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Majid Hosseini Activity: Cold Drinks, Mineral Water, Snack. [M·E] SIRJAN BONYAD AGRICULTURAL CO. Head Office: S. J. Assadabadl Blvd., Sirjan Tel: (+98-345) 5225430. 5224403, 5221183 Fax: (+98-345) 5225243 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Alireza Samei Nasrabadi ActiVity: Agricultural Crops, Barley, Maize, Wheat Starch, Apples, Grapes, Pistachios, Olives [E]

SOHEIL CO Head Office: 3rd Door on the Right, North Sa lame St., Velayat Blvd., Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 7244511 Fax: (+98-711) 7244510 Email: [email protected] MD: Esmail Soheil Activity: Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Export [E] SOMAYEH FOOD PRODUCTION CO Head Office: Corner of 2nd St, Ordibehesht Blvd., Safadasht, 33551. Kara) Tel: (+98-262) 3432860-2 Fax: (+98-262) 3432103 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Abdollahi Activity: Canned Products, Rose Water, Jam, Lemon Juice, Tomato Paste, Pickles,Sourgrape Syrups [M-E-I] SPOOTA FOOD INDUSTRIES CO Head Office: Unit 4, 2nd FI., No. 156, After Sheykh Bahaee St., Mollasadra St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88065920-1 Fax: (+98-21) 88065923 Factory: (+98-441) 4344433-4 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Nahed Activity: Dairy Products, Fruit Juice. [M] SROOSHE ROSHD CO Head Office: 1st FI., No. 69, Forsat ShiraziSt., Tohld St.,1419815671 ,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66940301-2, 66940304-5 Fax: (+98-21)66432141 Factory: (+98-262) 3432817 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S Ali Sabzevan Activity: Poultry Food Enzymes, Poultry Feed Complementary. [M·E·I] SUGAR CANE TRADING CO Head Office: No.8, Lale Alley, ,East Brazil St., Vanak Sq., 141557793, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88878207-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88878207-9 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hamidi Activity: Animal Feed, Sugar, Alcohol, Papers. [M] SUN SUN SHAHD CO Head Office: Unit 28 .. 7th FI., No.16, 2nd St, Shah Nazari St, Mirdamad St.,Mohseni Sq., 1547914415. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22221323, 22221356 Fax:(+98-21)22256952, 22221323 MD: Rasoul Vafa Mehr Activity: Stenlized Milk, FrUit Milk, Fruit Juice Concentrates, Tomato Paste. [M.E.I ] SWEET GUM CO Head Office: 202 St., North Koushesh St., Koushesh Sq., Great Industnal Town, 71581-94151, Shlraz Tel: (+98-711) 7743203-6 Fax: (+98-711) 7743202 Email: [email protected] MD: Mansour Azadi Activity: liquonce Extracts. [M.E]

Factory: (+98-564) 3243451-2 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Ali Haji Amou Asar Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Sea Products [M·E·I] TABRIZ COCOA PRODUCTS CO Head Office: Akhoundi Passage, Jomhouri St., Tabriz Tel:(+98-411)5543720 Fax: (+98-411)5541910 Factory: (+98-412) 4328392, 4328404 MD: Shaere ActiVity: Cocoa Powder. [M-E-I] TABRlZ SHIRIN TAK CO Head Office: Next to Atlas Telephone, Before Saeed Abad Gas Station, 25th Km of Tehran Rd, Tabriz Tel: (+98-411)6372115 Fax: (+98-411)6307462 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Yousefzade Activity: Coconut Cookies [Bun], Jelly Powder, Wafer [M-E] TAJINEH CO Head Office: Nos.202 & 204, Opposite Emamzade Yahya Alley, East 15th Khordad St, 1166674411, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 33129333, 33138998 Fax: (+98-21) 33122824-5 Factory: (+98-441) 4343425-6 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Morteza Pour Nasiriyan Activity: Candles, Toffee. [M] TAK MAKARON CO Head Office: No. 1067, Before Saal Park, Vall-e-Asr St ,1511733847, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88701450-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88724497 Factory: (+98-21) 33130004-5 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Morteza Meisaml Fard Activity: Olive Oil, Lasagna, Macaroni, Cornflakes. [M-E-I]

of Concenrates, Producer of Tomato Paste. [M.E]

TAKNOOSH CO Head Office: Next to Tabriz Power Plant, 12th Km.of Azarshahr Rd, Tabnz Tel: (+98-411)4202912 Fax: (+98-411)4200766 Email: [email protected] MD: Abdolhossain Safarzadegan Activity: Tomato Paste, Plckles. [M] TAKSAN ZAREEN CO Head Office: Unit 5, No.142, Corner of Tandls, Africa St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22017833.22015990 Fax: (+98-21) 22051831 Factory:(+98-232)4443264 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S.Mohamad Reza Razavi Activity: CheWing Gums, Candles, Toffee. [M-E] TAKSOU CO Head Office: Ground FI . No.188. 2nd Alley, Mahestan St., Iran zamin", St., Qods (West) Town, 1465813671, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22368923,22064917, 88366674-5 Fax: (+98-21) 22368358,88366609 Factory: (+98-424) 4253568-71 Email: [email protected] MD: Taghi zade Activity: Cold Drinks, Minerai Water [M] · TALA TEA CO Head Office: No.38, Next to Besharat Art School, Tavanir St., Vali-e-Asr St., 1434885331, Tehran-Iran Tel: (+98-21) 88791222,88779259-69 Fax: (+98-21) 88884948 Factory: Chabahar Free lone Tel: (+98-545) 4444433 Fax: (+98-545) 4444434 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mam Mobayen Activity: Tea, Tea Packaging In Tin & Packets, Tea Trading In India, Ceylan, Kenya, China & Iran. [M-E]

TAKALOM CO Head Office: N091, Parcham St, Tohld Sq., 1458667113. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66426737,66426751, 66426781 Fax: (+98-21)66431850 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Fereydoun Rafiee Activity: Domesticated Bird Feed, Domesticated Animal Feed, Domesticated Animal Vaccines, Domesticated Animal Drugs. [M·E.I]

TAM AFSHAN BARTAR CO Head Office: Unit 117, 2nd FI, Rezaee Passage, Opposite Akbar Abadi Hospital, Moiavi St., 1164965696, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 33152940, 55815605 Fax: (+98-21) 55890486 Factory: (+98-292) 3423646 Email: [email protected] URL: www MD: Akbar Paknejad Activity: Sloe, Fruitroll [M-E] TARA FOOD PRODUCTS CO Head Office: Corner of 17th Mosalla St., Mosalla Blvd., 9167694916, Mashhad Tel: (+98-511)3650090-92 Fax: (+98-511) 3644281 Factory: (+98-512) 3553377 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Rezaee Activity: Canned FrUits, Dates Jam. Tomato Paste [M.E] TARVAND AGRO-INDUSTRY CO Head Office: 3rd FI, No.281, Opposite Sanayee St., Motahari St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88708721-2, 88724533 Fax: (+98-21) 88718335 Factory: (+98-232) 4772271-6

SIVA SAR MINERAL WATER CO Head Office: No.99, South Kheradmand St., Karimkhan St.,1584853117, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88860348,88321253-4 Fax: (+98-21) 88305230 Factory: (+98-192) 4562640-1 Email: [email protected] MD: Tavakkoliyan Activity: Minerai Water. [M-E]


TABAN DARYA CO Head Office: Unit 110, Ground FI., Jami Tower, Mahan Complex, North Paknejad Blvd., Saadat Abad, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22112317-8,88315834-5 Fax: (+98-21) 22112319

TAKDANEH CO Head Office: 3rd FI., No. 15. 17th St., North Kargar St., 1439833474.Tehran P.O.Box: 14395-166 Tel: (+98-21) 88003598. 88000065 Fax: (+98-21) 88013238 Factory: 6th Km.of Marand-Bazargan Rd., Marand Tel: (+98-491) 2242024-7 Fax: (+98-491) 2241629 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ebrahim Razaghi Dariyan Activity: Fruit Nectar, Fruit Juice Concentrates, Fruit Juice, Tomato Paste, Producer of Fruit Juice in Tetra pak, Producer

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Chit Saz Activity: Half-prepared Food [M·I] TARVAND SAFFRON CO Head Office: No. 18, Oraman St., South Sohravardi St.,1578654631, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88845885, 88305355, 88831739, 88810088 Fax: (+98-21) 88305355 Factory: (+98-562) 5224061 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohsen Ehtesham Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Saffron. [M-E] TATAO CO Head Office: Corner of 3rd 51 After 1 st Sq., Sepehr Industrial Town, Nazar Abad, Karaj Tel: (+98-262) 5332220-9 Fax: (+98-262) 5332269 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mahmoud zare Activity: Cookies, Cakes [M] TATAO CO Head Office: 11th Km. of Salmas Rd., 5737139111, Oroumiye Tel: (+98-441)2620911-2 Fax: (+98-441)2620916 Email: [email protected] com MD: Ms.Entezar Activity: Canned FrUits, FrUit Juice Concentrates, Fruit Juice, Jam, Tomato Paste. Pickled Cucumbers. Plckles [M-E] TAYHOO NUTRITION IND. GROUP Head Office: 1st FI, Bldg.No.55, No.14, Jouybar St., Fatemi Sq., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88903503,88905999 Fax: (+98-21) 88905405 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mozafar Mirzaye Hekmati Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Canned Fish, Canned Chicken, Sausages. Chicken. [M-E] TEEN CO.(DAMDARAN DAIRY) Head Office: Unit 11, 5th FI, No.172, zafar Intersection, Africa Blvd, 17713113, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88789906-8,88879872-3 Fax: (+98-21) 88789906-8 Factory: (+98-262) 3423507-9 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Nour Bakhsh Activity: Churned Sour Milk, Yoghurt, Milk, Cacao Milk. Cream. [M-E]

TEHRAN DASHTE NESHAT CO Head Office: NO,9, 3rd Nlstan St., Before White Tower, Pasdaran 51, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22588427,22587877 Fax: (+98-21) 22587877 Factory: (+98-711) 4443705 Email: [email protected] MD: Majid Rezaee Activity: Fruit Concentrates, FrUit Juice [M] TEHRAN PEGAH CO Head Office: 4th Km of Karaj Ex-Rd., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66808372-9 Fax: (+98-21) 66808384 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Vasefi Activity: Baby Food, Churned Sour Milk, Cream, Milk, Cheese, Butter, Dried Milk. [M-E-I] TEHRAN SUGAR REFINING FACTORIES CO Head Office: No.191, Opposite Arian Tower, Mirdamad St., 196643151, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 2202413-4 Fax: (+98-21) 22024720 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Dr.Shokrali Activity: Sugar Purifying. [M-E] TEHRAN ZAR-GOUSHT CO Head Office: No.7, All land Alley, Rajabl St., Astaneh St., Oom Blvd., Shahr-e-Ray Tel: (+98-21) 55934750,55905156 Fax: (+98-21) 55905156 Factory: (+98-229) 3433844-5 MD: Mohammad Eshraghi Activity: Red Meat [M]

TOP CHIN TEHRAN CO Head Office: Opposite Abolfazl High School. Mehran St., Mahdasht Karaj Tel: (+98-261) 7307605-6 Fax: (+98-261) 7307605 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohamad Ali Jahansar Activity: Canned Meat, Canned Non-meat Products, Jam, Lemon Juice, Pickled Cucumbers, Pickles(1). [M.E] TORANJ NOOSH CO Head Office: Unit 5, 1st FI, Azadi Bldg., Corner of Habib Elahi St., Azadi St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66006002, 66027439 Fax: (+98-21) 66013990 Factory: (+98-262) 4373100 Email: [email protected] MD: Taheri Activity: Cold Drinks [M] TORBATE JAM SUGAR CO Head Office: Umt 162, 12th FI, Nader Tower, Mirdamad St., 1549752443, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22262035-40 Fax: (+98-21) 22220879 Factory: (+98-529) 2223305-7 MD: Ahmad Ensan Registered In Tehran Stock Exchange Activity: Sugar [M] TOUTI HALVA CO Head Office: No 14. Yakhsazi St , Ettehad St Rajaie St . 18876. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 55916509-11 Fax: (+98-21) 55903490 MD: Reza Jasbi Activity: Sweet Paste [M-E] TUNA FISH CO.(SHILAN) Head Office: Unit 1, No.38, Fakhr Alley, South Kargar St., Enqelab St., Jomhouri Cross Rd., 1316683343, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66491263, 66952153 Fax: (+98-21) 66952195 Factory: (+98-56) 4229035-6 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hassan Toutounchian Activity: Tuna Fish [M·E]


VARAMIN AGRO-IND. CO Head Office: Unit 503. 5th Fl.. No.202. After Nosrat Cross Rd .· North Kargar St. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66907680-3 Fax: (+98-21) 66938577 Factory: (+98-292) 2225000. 2229000. 2226000 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Leila Hadi Activity: Canned Beans. Canned Non-meat Products, Canned Meat. Tomato Paste. [M-E] VARAMIN FLOUR CO Head Office: Unit 36, 8th FI., Block A, Borj Saz Bldg , Azadi St, 1313654966, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66922857, 664250200 Fax: (+98-21) 66922573 Factory: (+98-291) 3236540-4 Email: [email protected] com MD: Ziaeeian Activity: Flour. [M.E] VARDA CO Head Office: 1 st FI., No. 48, Corner of 14th St, Gandl St, 1517643915, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88773316,88777678, 88777740.88787212 Fax: (+98-21) 88776524 Factory: (+98-21) 44988540-2 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Gholam Reza Bahar Doust Activity: Vinegar. [M] VETAQUE CO Head Office: 3rd FI., No. 59, Modiriat Brdg., Chamran Exp. Way. 1994918464, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88681659-60 Fax: (+98-21) 88681661 Factory: (+98-347) 3472964 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Eshraghi Activity: Food Complementary, . Insecticides, Phanmaceutlcals. [M-E]

TELAVANG CO Head Office: 4th FI, No.241 ,Corner of North Eskandari St., Azadl St., 1419935183, Tehran-Iran P.O. Box: 14195-337 Tel: (+98-21) 66439801-20, 66421650-1 Fax: (+98-21) 66439806 Factory: Nos.70 & 71, End of 7th Sarv St., After Sanat Sq, Tehran Rd., Nasirabad Industrial Town, Robat karim Tel: (+98-229) 4390266-71 Fax: (+98-229) 4390266 Email: [email protected] URL: www. telavang .com MD: Mehdi Masoumi Esfaham Activity: Chicken Feed, Hens, Eggs, Broiler Concentrates. Feed Meal, Livestock & Poultry Minerai & Vitamin Supplements, Packaging Table Eggs. Pastuerized liqUid Eggs, Broiler Day-old Chickens. [M-E-I]


URUM ATA CO Head Office: Beginning of Choubtarash Village, 5th Km of Mahabad Rd., 5731139141, Oroumiye Tel: (+98-441)3563951-2, 3563684 Fax: (+98-441) 3563757 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Mohammad Nejad Activity: Canned FrUits. Marmalade, Honey Jam, Tomato Paste. [M-E] URUMADA FOOD PRODUCTS CO Head Office: Unit 311, 3rd FI, No.101, Ardalan Bldg., Bet. Marzdaran & Hakim Brdg., Ashrafi Isfahani Exp.way, 1461753167, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44235196, 44205443 Fax: (+98-21) 44235314 Factory: (+98-441) 2353163, 2339888, 2340644 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hassan Entezar Activity: Canned Fruits Canned Food, Fruit Juice, Tomato Paste, Pickled Cucumbers, Pickled Garlic, Plckles, Mayonnaise. [M-E-I] YAR TRADING CO Head Office: Unit 12, 6th FI., No.142, Sarv Bldg., Opposite Saderat Bank. Bet Shiraz & Sheykh Bahaee Sts., 1435864377, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88059356-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88049611 Factory: (+98-111) 3123792 Email: [email protected] URL: MO: Maryam Amiri Iran Exemplary Exporters Activity: Export of Dried Fruits. [M-E] YASAN FOOD CO Head Office: 6th Km of Qoochan Ex-Rd., Mashhad YAZD NILOO MEHR CO Head Office: Unit 4, 10th FI., Goldls Tower, Sadeqlye 2nd Sq., 1481795675,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44051993, 44073138 Fax: (+98-21) 44051993 Factory: (+98-351) 7272719,7272041 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Hossein Zare Activity: Chocolates [M] YEKTA JAVANEH CO Head Office: Next to Kasra Carpet Store, Nikou Industrial Town, Saddouq City,89441, Yazd

TEHRAN BAKHTAR CO Head Office: No.28, Shobeyri St., Shamshiri Sq. 1351943113,Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66691997 Fax: (+98-21) 66693924 Email: [email protected] MD: Esmaeil Mohajer Activity: Flour. [M·E·I] TEHRAN DAIRY CO Head Office: No.379, Bel 7th & 9th Fath, Shll Pasrorize Sq., Karaj Ex-Rd Tel: (+98-21) 66808785 Fax: (+98-21) 66808789 Email: [email protected] MD: Tarikhi Activity: Cream, Butter [M]

TINA NOOSH ASIA CO Head Office: Unit 1, No.234, Next to Social Insurance, Emam Khomeini St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66737398, 66712831 Fax: (+98-21) 66737332 Factory: (+98-292) 3424947 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Reza Mostafazade Activity: Fruit Juice, Potato Chips [M] TOOSKA·E·KHORASAN TRADING CO Head Office: Unit 1005, 10lh FI" Daryaye Nour Tower, Beheshti St., Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88749370-3 Fax: (+98-21) 88749370-3 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hamidreza Naghizade Activity: Edible Ingredients [I]

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer

Tel: (+98-352) 3623620, 3622977 Fax: (+98-352) 3622977 Email: [email protected] com URL: MD: Mohammad Mehdi Zamanian Nia Activity: Macaroni, Baking Powder. [M]


ZAGROS NOOSHAN JAHAN CO.(AGHIGH MINERAL WATER) Head Office: 2nd FI, No.13, Comer of West 3rd Golestan St, Abazar Blvd., Kashani Blvd., Ariya Shahr. 1471647563, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 44000147-8 Fax: (+98-21) 44046725 Factory: (+98-861) 3626277 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Ali Mohammadi Activity: Mineral Water. [M] ZAM lAM IRAN CO Head Office: No.51, Khar1< St, Enqelab St, 11337566713, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66701104-8 Fax: (+98-21) 66701109 Factory: (+98-21) 66804008 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammadzade Activity: Churned Sour Milk. Cold Drinks, Mineral Water ZAM ZAM SHIRAZ. CO Head Office: Zam lam Cross Rd., 1st Km.of Bridgestone Rd., Modarres Blvd., 71579-43114,Shiraz Tel: (+98-711) 7208111, 7206012-3 Fax: (+98-711) 7200089 Email: [email protected] MD: Amir Abolghasemi Activity: Soft Drinks. [M·E] ZAMZAM AZARBAIJAN CO Head Office: Next to Tabriz-Mianeh Pohce Tel: (+98-511) 6651000, Md : Rezayee Activity: Canned Food. [M-E]

Station,20th Kmof Tabriz-Tehran Rd, 5495151818, Tabnz Tel: (+98-411) 6300582, 6300575, 6300578 Fax: (+98-411) 6300582, 6300581 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Rasaul Ranjbari Activity: Soft Drinks. [M·E] ZAMZAM KHOOlESTAN CO Head Office: Beginning of Fatemi St, Holial Sq., Ahvaz Tel: (+98-611) 3338926 Fax: (+98-611) 3332559 Factory: (+98-611) 3331490, 332453, 3332221 Email: [email protected] MD: Omidvar Activity: Cold Drinks, Mineral Water. [M-E] ZAMZAM TEHRAN CO Head Office: No.522, Corner of Jeyhoun St, Azadl St ,1343861198, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 66020020-4, 66030485 Fax: (+98-21) 66014703 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: S. Mahmoudreza Omid Imani Activity: Carbonated Cold Drinks, Soft Drinks. [M-E] ZARBAL CO Head Office: Unit 8, 4th FI, No.246, Opposite Mir Emad St, Motahari St, 13456. Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88346481-3 Fax: (+98-21) 88301347 Factory: (+98-122) 2352650-58 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Nader Ahadi Activity: Meat Products, Hens [M] ZARIN GROUP Head Office: 3rd FI., No.555, Opposite Sepand St, North Iranshahr St, Karim Khan St, 1511943966, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88652323, 883492304 Fax: (+98-21) 88318957

Factory: (+98-282) 5420225 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Hasan Hajjariyan Activity: Churned Sour Milk, Butter, Yoghurt, Dairy Products [M] ZARIN TABA FOOD CO Head Office: Part 149, 1 st Phase of North Talash St 216, Tous Industrial Town. Tel: (+98-511) 5411066-7, 5413247 Fax: (+98-511) 5410146 Factory: (+98-512) 2533247 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Jafar Tavakkoli ActiVity: Candies [M] ZARMAKARON IND. GROUP Head Office: 1st Fl., No.43, Saba Bldg., North Sheykh Bahaee St, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88055457-9 Fax: (+98-21) 88049907 Factory: (+98-262) 4385564, 4385565 Email: [email protected] URL: MD: Mohammad Ali Nateghi Activity: Macaroni [M·E] ZARNEGIN CO Head Office: Andisheh No St .. Kavoshgaran St, Lia Industrial Town, Qazvin Tel: (+98-282) 4454238 Fax: (+98-282) 4454575 Factory: (+98-281) 3335140 MD: Babashpour ActiVity: Macaroni [M] ZARRIN GHAZAL CO Head Office: No.160, Narvan Alley. Chenchene Cross Rd, Shlraz Tel: (+98-711) 2273184-6 Fax: (+98-711) 2273185 Factory: (+98-711) 7742043-5,7742014-15 ,7742052 Email: [email protected]

URL: MD: Ali Mohammad Ebrahimi Activity: Ice Creams [M] ZARRIN SHAD SEPAHAN CO Head Office: Unit 2, No.1, Beginning of Saadat Abad St, Azadl Sq., 8168645463, Isfahan Tel: (+98-311) 6694433, 6693344 Fax: (+98-311) 6699035 Factory:(+98-312)5642171 Email:[email protected] URL: MD: S. Ali Asghar Tahenyan Activity: Dried Milk, Cheese Powder. [M] ZYARAN MEAT PRODUCTS PACKAGING & PRODUCTION CO Head Office: N02. Sasan Alley, East Atefi Alley, Jordan St, After Zafar St , Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22050054-7 Fax: (+98-21) 22050058 Factory: (+98-282) 2822159 MD: Alireza Lotf Doost Activity: Meat Products. [M·E] ZOMORROD ASIA CO Head Office: Unit 8, 3rd FI., No.8, 11th Alley, Sar Afraz St., Beheshti St.. 158760, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 88750522 Fax: (+98-21) 88750271 Factory: (+98-851) 2227573 Email: [email protected] MD: Mehdi Ameli ActiVity: Raisins [M-E] ZOUEI TRADING CO. (JASMIN) Head Office: Unit 6, 2nd FI., No.234, Mlrdamad Blvd., 15499, Tehran Tel: (+98-21) 22273699 Fax: (+98-21) 22279323 Email: [email protected] MD: S. Mohsen Zouei Activity: Dried Fruits, Fruits [E]

M = Manufacture

E= Exporter

I = Importer


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