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Issue 4

October 2007

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Falmouth Independent

EU control structures in Britain - see page 5

Family delighted Our Westminster

The Garvey grandchildren, barbarically snatched by Cornwall County Council for forced adoption, are to be returned to their mother after two years in care. This happy occasion is all the more remarkable, because only one percent of families who campaign against this evil council practice actually win. Loving parents The grandparents, Mr and Mrs Paul Garvey, who are competent and loving parents in their 40's, had been looking after their grandchildren while their daughter had post natal depression. That was the excuse the Council used to snatch the children, but after two years Paul's campaigning has finally won through. He asked the Cornish Free Press to help in April and we are proud of our part in the affair. We publicised the entire miscarriage of justice on our front page and our sister paper, the Plymouth and Devonport Column, played their part too. Corrupt family courts The Council had arranged a plethora of manipulated court hearings and consultant reports, and both sets of solicitors dragged it out over two years, which must have cost you the taxpayer close to a million pounds, as solicitors are usually paid by the hour. But at the end the pressure brought to Our Parliament and Queen are due to ratify the European Union's Reform Treaty next summer. Many EU Ministers including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Barroso, confirm this treaty is the EU Constitution, by which they mean it has all its powers. EU Constitution abolishes ours Article 6 says the EU Constitution has Primacy over our constitution. This is its method of concealing the fact the British Constitution will be abolished: a nation cannot have two constitutions. Throughout its 50 year history the European Union has achieved its goals through stealth. This is just another example. No place for Westminster Only one constitution will then apply: the 465 page EU Constitution, and there is no place in it for a Westminster Parliament. All power is reserved for the EU and Brussels. No powers are reserved for Westminster. The only hope left is that the EU can choose to bestow minor powers on former nations; but cleverly, there are no institutions defined to receive them. Westminster a County Council? So does the EU Constitution leave Westminster with the powers of a County Council? No. The EU Regionalisation Plan cuts Britain up into twelve regions, each of which reports directly to Brussels, not to

Children Snatched by Social Services returned

Parliament: to be closed by the EU

Westminster. For example, the Capital of the South West Region is Exeter; the Exeter Regional Government will report directly to the EU. The regional Capital of the South East Region (which excludes London) is, unbelievably, Calais. Red Ken, not Westminster So Parliament won't even have the powers of a County Council. Ken Livingstone, who we interviewed recently, already has the nod from the EU he will continue to be the boss of the new London EU Region, and will therefore have more power than Westminster and all its 646 MP's put together. Will the European Union, in grateful recognition of our MPs voting for the Reform Treaty, and their own extinction, thank them by allowing them to sit in Westminster, doing nothing, but still drawing their £240,000 salary and expenses? EU's Absolute power The EU Constitution gives the EU absolute power in clause I-12 to I-27. (Clause I-18 alone would be enough: If the Constitution forgot powers the Council of Ministers want, they can just add them, unilaterally.) The EU unquestionably will have the power to close Parliament whenever it so chooses. Every reason to shut Westminster There is no reason for the EU to keep Parliament open. continued on page 4

Paul Garvey, with a photo of his grandchildren

bear by the publicity and some expert litigants in person forced the courts and the council to let go. And the New Battle for Britain Group turned up in force at court hearings, some (NBFBG) in Plymouth and one at Exeter, to ensure justice was done. Foot Anstey: Arresting our editor Foot Anstey, who were recommended to the mother by Social Services staff, continued on page 6

Falmouth Council vote 11-1 against building on the Rec

At 7pm on Monday 3rd September the Council Chamber was packed and overflowing outside into the corridor. Carrick Council had asked Falmouth Town Council to vote on their plans to build on the Falmouth Recreation Ground. Mayor handles tense meeting The Mayor, Cllr Mike Varney, chairing the meeting, warned he was going to have to be strict to get through the business in the time. The public were not allowed to speak continued on page 6

EU methods and corruption are sweeping through our councils, courts and legal profession.

October 2007


Thames Valley Police - Guilty of misprison of treason


he letter on the right is all the proof a court needs that Thames Valley Police is guilty of misprision of treason. A government department is guilty of misprision if it has been made aware treason has been committed, and does nothing about it. Policeman against the police Albert Burgess, a retired police officer, who knows police systems inside out, has presented overwhelming evidence that Treason has been committed with the signing of the 1972 European Communities Act. In the attached letter Superintendant Jim Trotman decides not to investigate because Sara Thornton, chief of Thames Valley Police. Few pictures of her exist. "he believes it is not prudent" Police concealing crime There cannot be anything less prudent than to refuse to investigate a crime that allows your nation to be abolished in favour of an EU communist state and enslavement for our population, but Trotman seems quite happy to break the law and be an accessory to the greatest criminal act in our history. available on the website.

A jury to convict This evidence is conclusive; a typically corrupt judge would dismiss it with the usual dishonest phrase "lack of evidence." A jury, however, would convict. Mr Burgess had foreseen that Thames Valley Police would refuse to do its duty, and is proceeding with the steps available inside Official Secrets Act - 30 year rule Mr Burgess has used secret government doc- the system to force them to obey the law. uments released under the 30 year rule that You can do it prove Ted Heath and his colleagues, many You can do the same. Just go into your police still alive today, knew they were committing the ultimate act of treason and knew their station and present the documents on eutruth. treachery would abolish Britain around the Mr Burgess will help you - call him on 07733 177590. turn of the century. They also subborned the Foreign Office Sara Thornton and the BBC, in a campaign to deceive the British public about the EU, and ruthlessly The Chief Constable of Thames Valley is undermined the anti-marketeers. This is a Sara Thornton. How did she get promoted to criminal misuse of the Foreign Office for the top job over the heads of many more exHeath's private political agenda. One exam- perienced officers? She is an "active alumiple of hundreds of pages of proof is the letter nus of the Windsor Leadership Trust," which works closely with the EU's criminal Comon the right facing page. The damning evidence includes the FCO mon Purpose control organisation, which is 30/1048 document, which is among those the quick route to power.

back child snatching


ith help from a black shirted bouncer, an equally rude and aggressive member of BBC Radio Devon barred UK Column supporters from entering a `Child Adoption Workshop' in Plymouth's Civic Guildhall. Our crime? To encourage the BBC staff to read the recent Column article on `Child Stealing by the State'. The reaction was stunning. BBC black T-shirt man became red in the face and intimidating in his desperation to prevent entry. Although clearly a public event, in public facilities, the BBC `bouncers' tried to say that the Adoption Workshop was private and on private property. Aggressive Programme Director When asked the reason for this deliberately inaccurate statement, the BBC duo became yet more verbally aggressive and said they would call the police. The Column team were staggered to find that the lead `bouncer' was none other than Mr John Coates, a programme Director with BBC Radio Devon. The black T-shirt man, Alex Habgood, was in haste to find a mobile phone and call the police. The BBC promotes its `Family Wanted ­ Could You Adopt or Foster?' programme as if it were working for Social Services. Yet evidence from across the UK now shows that in 3,000 cases a year Social Services snatch children from loving parents, advertise them on the internet, and place them with abusive parents of various sexual preferences, whilst their parents are destroyed by false evidence and psychiatric statements by Social Services, Law firms and the Judiciary. After extensive recent media exposure of this `child stealing' it is unbelievable that the BBC should now be using our TV license fees to give free advertising to, and physically guard, the council participants in this illegal break up of families. BBC in criminal activity Councils hitting the top adoption targets are rewarded with grants. Surely the BBC should be revealing the truth of this vicious government campaign, not participating in criminal activity? Shouldn't the BBC work to protect vulnerable children, not assist in the advertising of children as if they were animals to be sold? Just why were Mr Habgood and Mr Coates so aggressive? Fear of the truth? Our sister paper, the Westminster News, first broke the story on forced adoption, which was implemented by Tony Blair and now supported by Gordon Brown. It is reminiscent of the early nazi SS programme to take children for the State. It is one of hundreds of Frankfurt School subversion techniques the EU has successfully implemented in Britain.

BBC Blackshirts







October 2007

Treason exhibit 1 - see left page

Unitary Authorities: Gordon Brown breaks

the British Constitution

Gordon Brown's government has illegally declared that five counties, Cornwall, Durham, Wiltshire, Shropshire and Northumberland, will get Unitary Authorities imposed on them. The Cornish people, by a vote of 81% against, made it crystal clear they did not want Cornwall County Council to become a Unitary authority, when it will be larger, more corrupt, and yet more wasteful by gobbling up the six local District councils including Penwith, Kerrier and Carrick. Under our long and written British Constitution, Brown only governs under the power vested in him by the British people. His power is limited to implementing the wishes of the British people. This was confirmed as recently as May 2007 by the High Court ruling in the Chagos Archipelago case. The six councils should have been consolidated down into the towns, where they can be more accurately administered on a small scale without the waste associated with big government. And Cornwall County Council should be abolished. That would effectively give Cornwall the American system - the towns administer everything, allowing the USA to have low taxes. But Gordon Brown, in an abuse of power, illegally decreed against our wishes.

John Redwood MP: the EU's liar


n "John Redwood's Diary" on his own web site he makes the following deceptive statement: "The Conservative Party opposes the Euro in principle, opposes the European Union's constitution in principle, wishes to get powers back from Brussels and opposes many of the directives and regulations that come to vex us" -that's a typical statement for Redwood. The truth is the opposite. There would be no EU in Britain without the Conservative leadership, which has voted for all five of the EU treaties: the 1972 European Communities Treaty, the 1987 Single European Treaty, the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, the 1997 Amsterdam Treaty and the Nice Treaty. Each one of these changes our long and written British Constitution and is a step towards its abolition. Our criminal Parliament Parliament cannot change our Constitution; it may only obey it and is controlled by it. Each Treaty was not only treason, they illegally broke our Constitution, and yet the Conservative leadership backed every one. We now have 1,000,000 immigrants a year instead of 40,000; we can thank the Conservative Party leadership, who gave the EU control of our borders by voting for the 1997 Amsterdam Treaty. On 19th January 2001 only 32 of our 200 traitorous Conservative MPs voted against the bill amending the Act of Settlement and the Treason felony Act of 1848. This bill changed the constitution to allow an EU style Republican state without a monarchy. This bill too is treason, and wholly illegal: because Parliament is again attempting to change our constitution. The treasonous Conservative leadership is the EU's principal agent inside Britain, and here is John Redwood continuing the propaganda disinformation campaign started by Ted Heath, who put Her Majesty's most accomplished Foreign Office liar, Norman Reddaway, in charge. See exhibit 1, left. Every EU regulation is illegal How many of the EU regulations does Redwood oppose? There were 111,000 of them by last year, only 10% are enforced so far and they are already crippling small business. It was the Conservative leadership that set up the use of Standing Orders so that 3,500 EU regulations could by-pass Parliament each year and be automatically implemented. Our written 1689 Bill of Rights, part of our constitution, specifically states `the writ of a foreign power, and its laws, are illegal in Britain.' Every EU regulation is illegal. Redwood a saboteur But Redwood, like most of the Conservative leadership, is working for the European dictatorship, not for the Conservative Party or its voters.


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Don't feel well since the stress management course? Frightened of Common Purpose? Trouble with Social Services? Feel `they're' ganging up on you? Partner did a course and `changed'? Bullied by the police? Thrown out of your church? Your children taken away?

We are interested in people who have had trouble with the `system'.

You may like to sign the petition at: EU-treaty-NON/

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October 2007

The Christians Column

Prison for remembering the fallen.

Milan Rai became the first man to be sentenced to prison under new "demonstration" laws. His first crime: reading out the list of our soldiers who have died in Iraq. He was arrested at the Cenotaph in Whitehall in October 2005 with Miss Maya Evans and fined £500 under the European Union's Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, implemented here by Tony Blair. SOCPA makes this innocent act of reverence a crime, defines it as a demonstration and calls it illegal as it took place within a kilometre of Westminster. Rai's second crime was to remember the dead on the anniversary of the murderous American storming of Iraqi city of Fallujah, and both he and Maya were convicted again in May 2007. Rai refused to pay the fines, and went to Wandsworth prison for two weeks. They had already lost a High Court battle when Lord Justice Waller and Mr Justice Jones broke the British Constitution and the 1789 Bill of Rights by declaring that this new foreign law was "compatible with human right legislation. You would think this law unnecessary, as our corrupt politicians are all under 24 hour machine gun guard in Parliament and its associated buildings like Portcullis House. But these politicians get more frightened of reaction from us as the post democratic era approaches. One wonders if the real use of the machine guns is to throw the MPs out of Westminster after the Reform Treaty abolishes Parliament soon after they ratify it next year. If so, it serves them right.

continued from page 1 Indeed they have every reason to close it: It could only cause trouble as a rallying point for those dissatisfied with the EU. Hatred of British politicians We have often seen how EU politicians despise British politicians just below the surface. The EU has the power, the motive and the prejudice to close Westminster; it certainly will. Armed forces, EU oath The Reform Treaty comes into effect on the 1st January 2009. As soon as our Army, Royal Navy and Air Force have taken the oath to the EU (many soldiers have already been threatened with the sack if they refuse) Westminster will be closed, probably in spring 2010. Lib Lab Con abolished But it doesn't stop there. Clause I-46-4 of the EU Constitution discourages national political parties. The Madrid Party financing

EU to close Westminster

document of July 1999 defined national parties as "those with voters in less than 10 countries." The Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem parties have voters in only one EU country - Britain. The last time political parties were abolished in Europe was with the half page Enabling Act of 23rd March 1933. That innocuously sounding German document didn't even mention political parties, but it was corruptly used to abolish them. EU Corruption The EU is far more corrupt now than was Hitler's Germany in 1933. For example, Martha Andreason, the EU Budget Director, was fired for stating that 95% of the EU's expenditure could not be accounted for; its auditors have refused to sign off its accounts for 12 years. Corruption is rife throughout its institutions, and that corruption is fast flooding across the English Channel into our own courts and institutions. The 465 page EU Constitution bestows many more dictatorial powers than the Enabling Act; and with corruption on this scale we must assume the EU will use them.

Turkeys voting for Christmas So our 646 MPs really are turkeys voting for Christmas: when they vote for the Reform Treaty next year they will be voting for the abolition of their nation, our Westminster Parliament and their £240,000 a year, and for the abolition of their Lib Lab Con parties; they will commit the worst criminal act of treason in a thousand years. EU's communist command economy We will then exist, not live, under the dictatorship described in the EU constitution and it's police state laws, obligingly passed on its behalf by Tony Blair ready for the EU to enforce them. Its 111,000 regulations will then be enforced, closing small businesses and turning us into a communist government controlled command economy with millions of unemployed and soviet style poverty. Party leaderships serve the EU The truth is our Party Leaders do not serve us the voters, they don't serve Parliament, or even their own Lib Lab Con parties; they quietly but ruthlessly serve the European Union, and a vote for any of those parties has long been a vote for the EU dictatorship.

The Daily Telegraph and Russia - 3/4 Britain's size Conservative Party Catch up

Russia may have just over double our population at 143 million, but its economy is only three quarters the size of Britain's. Its GDP is only £900 billion versus our £1,200 billion. Nuclear planes airborne In spite of that President Putin, her new communist ruler, has again permanently launched aircraft carrying nuclear missiles to re-initiate a phoney cold war. Twice TU-95 bombers have threatened Scottish airspace this year, and they've done the same to their southern neighbour, Georgia in Asia. Its a distraction exercise: the US Republicans, the leaders of the EU and Putin's government are very much working together in their plans for the New World Order. The EU is just our bit of it. On 23rd August the Telegraph reported that the Conservatives had unveiled the costs of our 8,500 Quangos at £123 billion a year. Well done. Our sister newspapers first published that fact in December, and it appeared again in the May edition. Our source was the Cabinet Office, and the figure from them was £124 billion. It seems odd that the Cornish Free Press and Westminster News have better research than the Conservative Party. Quangos are largely used to give huge salaries to people well disposed to the EU; they do no good and huge harm. They are largely administered by members of Common Purpose, part of the EU's local control structure in the UK. The Telegraph calculates the cost to be £1,700 per family. With 15 million families surely the result is £8,300 apiece? As we always say, if all these new EU quangos were closed it would release enough cash to give the most hard up 10 million workers an extra £12,000 a year each for ever.

Pro referendum rally

Saturday 27th October 2007 London

To stop the Queen and Parliament's criminal act of treason by signing the Reform Treaty abolishing Britain.

Put the date in your diary The government will, as always, ignore a demonstration. We have to stop the criminals in Westminster breaking the British Constitution and our laws. One way or another, Parliament, which works for the EU, not for us, will seek to nullify this referendum; we must be ready for them.

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Our front page flag was first presented to Prince Arviragus of Cornwall in AD 37 by Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus's uncle, the rich and powerful man who claimed Jesus's body and lent him his tomb in the Bible. Arviragus's elder brother, Guideras, was King of both Cornwall and Southern England; and in AD 44 it fell to him to repulse the Roman invasion. Guideras was killed in the second battle, and Arviragus became King of Cornwall and Southern England. He painted his Cornish Cross on English shields from about AD 46 onward, and this red and white Cornish Cross then became an English Cross too. Arviragus fought the Romans for 60 years. Joseph's two sons married Arviragus's daughters. Joseph of Arimathea never got to use his own tomb - he was buried in Glastonbury in AD 56 near Jesus's Mother, Mary, who had been buried there in AD 48. The cross was misnamed St George's Cross about 1200 AD.

October 2007


The EU's control structure, inside and outside Britain

The following are all involved with building the EU dictatorship. An estimate of the percentage of members involved with this agenda or its associated corruption is shown alongside. This is not an exhaustive list. main target. They know from our long history the EU dictatorship cannot be built while there is a strong and freedom loving Britain on its doorstep. For that reason the EU's British sympathysers have been undermining us with scores of Frankfurt School subversion techniques since the 1950's, including control of the media, the corruption of our courts, political correctness to prevent debate, undermining teachers and the family. That is why, for example, the French don't implement many EU regulations, but in Britain our fifth column implements the lot, and gold plates them. the Conservative Party is the primary instrument of the European Union in Britain. Francis Maude stated the Party founded Common Purpose in 1970. The Conservatives say at elections they will do something minor about the EU (eg. Cameron promised to leave the European People's Party; he didn't). They never do - its leaders are deeply dedicated to the EU; the likes of Cameron and Francis Maude would rather be in the EU than be in power, traitors to their nation and to Conservative voters. Law Lords 80%, Lawyers as a whole: 65%. British justice is now utterly corrupt. See our August issue. Law Lords refuse to enforce our long and written British Constitution, under which the EU is an illegal regime. They are themselves guilty of misprision of treason - the crime of refusing to act when they know treason has been committed.

The Legal Profession:

A society of 140 politicians and the powerful, whose main concern is building the EU police state: 96%. All our Prime Ministers since Ted Heath have been Bilderbergers. This society has sufficient members within the leaderships of the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties, that it can choose the candidates who stand for leader. It chose John Major, Tony Blair, David Cameron and Gordon Brown (who joined in 1991), all of whom work for the Bilderbergers and for the EU, not for the voters they pretend to represent. That is why your vote makes no difference. Has the Queen been persuaded by the Bilderbergers to sign the five illegal treaties? She risks prosecution for treason, and has failed in her personal constitutional duties as a monarch. Britain is the target Amongst its 27 nations, Britain is the

The Bilderbergers:

The Deutsche Verteiderungs Dienst Intelligence department

Controls development of the EU. Set up by Adolf Hitler for this purpose. Recruits British politicians including Heath, Rippon and Jenkins, and major British newspapers for the EU. Some of our top politicians are DVD controlled, we may not know who until their deaths. Inside Britain: the fifth column:

Their leaderships (60%) have been EU controlled for 15 years. A vote for these three parties is a vote for the EU dictatorship. We have a one party state.

Labour and the Lib Dems

The leadership: 75%. Penetrated by a pro-EU leadership since the 1960's,

The Conservative Party

The top 10% of Britain's 400,000 freemasons. Most freemasons would be horrified if they knew what their own leadership are up to, or what their real goals are. See http://www.bilderberg. org/masons.htm to find out. (It is difficult to be promoted above the rank of sergeant in the police if you are not a freemason, slightly higher ranks in the Army, Royal Navy and RAF).

The Freemasons:

The EU's criminal local control organisation with 25,000 members: 60% involved. Many members think its all above board, and do not realise they have not been selected. Common Purpose have penetrated the BBC, where four hundred of them control news and current affairs, our newspapers, council executives, the Church of England, the NHS which over 20 years they have deliberately destroyed from within, social services, our police and many more. Common Purpose members control the Quango budget, £124 billion, and the NHS budget, £90 billion, ie about £210 billion, or 1/3 of our taxes. See our Book Review article. Among all the above, there are about 25,000 dedicated British traitors sabotaging our nation, with 100,000 useful idiots iimplementing the EU's corruption. and feeding off its gravy train.

Common Purpose:

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October 2007

The Cornish Free Press

No building on the Rec

under standing orders they have to give three days notice. The three Carrick officers sat on the rostrum, and Louise Dwelly, Affordable Housing Strategy Manager, made the presentation in favour of building on the Rec. Cllr Stephen Eva asked: In the light of their plans to build 235 affordable houses a year, wasn't the Rec a short sighted option? If they say the Rec might take 150 houses of which 50 might be affordable, where would they put the other 185 to make up 235 in a year? And what about the 235 next year? Was it worth losing the Rec for one quarter of only one year's target? Carrick negligent? Cllr Noakes asked if Carrick's internal legal advice was suspect. One of Carrick's points was: The lease granted by Carrick to the Rugby club did not allow public access, so the public would not be losing rights if it were built on. Noakes pointed out that the deeds made the Rec public land with public access, and Carrick had broken that covenant with that lease; had not Carrick therefore been negligent? He pointed out that Carrick had simply given the Rugby Club the 50 year lease, worth around £9 million pounds in today's money, for nothing. No one else just gets given £9 million pounds, and wasn't that gross negligence by Carrick? (Carrick did the same with Custom House Quay - it just gave it to the wholly undemocratic Falmouth Harbour Commissioners to administer. Now we the public have no control over our own Quay. There is a pattern of gross negligence at Carrick, which will get worse when power is moved even further away to the new Unitary Authority.) Numbers too vast for the Rec Noakes further made the point that one million immigrants a year are now arriving under the 1997 Amsterdam Treaty, which gave the EU control of our borders. Cornwall's share of that is 20,000 people. Immigrants move into the eastern half of Britain, cities like London Birmingham and Bradford. The infrastructure can't cope, and to escape the overcrowding the locals either emigrate, or move down to Cornwall. The result is our house prices have gone through the roof and our infrastructure can't cope. You can't drive to Truro in the rush hour: you crawl. Whole new city needed In the face of these huge numbers 150 people living in, say, 50 affordable houses on the Rec isn't even a drop in the ocean. Carrick needs a whole new city, perhaps on the abandoned mining land around Chacewater. They could give themselves planning permission, which would make them a fortune to finance the project. Noakes asked whether Carrick's housing policy is a policy or a farce? Refusal to acknowledge causes Ms Dwelly replied that it was disingenious to bring in the subject of immigration. This paper's view is that it is disingenious of this council officer to ignore the very reason why her job and her policy exists at all. Dealing with the symptoms is never as effective as dealing with the causes. She appeared to be toeing the EU's politically correct line, and too politically motivated to consider either the causes or the scale of the problem. Carrick breaking the law? Cllr Noakes stood up again and pointed out that under our long and written British Constitution, government and councils are only permitted to

continued from page 1

implement the wishes of the public, and not the private agenda of council staff. There are 5,000 public signatures against building, and yet Carrick continues to be determined to concrete over the Rec against the wishes of the public. Isn't Carrick breaking the constitution and exceeding its powers? The ruling by the High Court in the Chagos Archipelago case on 20th May 2007 recently re-confirmed this constitutional limit on powers. £10 Million for Falmouth Town? David Bascombe then made a presentation in favour of keeping the Rec. The Rec was bought by Falmouth Town in 1936 for £4,500; that's about £1.4 million in today's money. Cllr Noakes asked Mr Bascombe if Carrick had ever paid Falmouth for the Rec? If not, did it not surely still belonged to the people of Falmouth Town? Mr Bascombe agreed this was probably the case. The point here is if it were ever sold Falmouth Town, not Carrick, should receive the £10 million pounds anticipated proceeds. Each time a councillor spoke there was a rousing round of applause from the public. Resolution 11-1 against Cllr Diane Merritt proposed the motion that the council vote on whether the Rec was to be built on or not. Cllr Barry Elliott seconded it. The Town Clerk Mark Williams interrupted to say this was not the question Carrick wanted. The Mayor replied that it was up to Falmouth Council, not up to Carrick, to decide the events inside the Falmouth council chamber. The vote was then held; it was 11 councillors against building on the Rec, with only Cllr Sterrat voting for building. Cllr Oliver Cramp abstained. Discrimination against Cllr Body Cllr John Body, Chairman of the Rugby Club, was then able to re-enter the room. The disgraceful and cynically named "Standards Boards for England" code of conduct forces Councillors with an opinion on or knowledge about a subject, to leave the room. In this way in the Standards Board successfully undermines councils, removing both their competence and their democratic authority. Thank you Falmouth Rugby Club This paper would like to make a vote of thanks to Falmouth Rugby Club for the enormous efforts they put into sport for the young. Since Cornwall County Council abandoned their duty to provide sport though schools, our Rugby Club volunteers have taken this on, with 250 youngsters a week playing sport. People like Arthur Williams and John Body give up huge amounts of their time, and it is absolutely vital the Rugby Club secures a second pitch, possibly Tregenver fields, permanently, because one pitch cannot hope to cope. Frankly as the world's fifth richest nation we should be able to afford to keep the Rec and spend £2.5 million on Menehay Farm for the Rugby Club. And we could easily, if the government didn't waste £300 million a year on pointless quangos in Cornwall alone. Success for Falmouth This 11-1 vote is a huge success for Falmouth, for the Mayor and his ambition for Falmouth to decide its own future, the Save the Rec Campaign, and might we say for this paper, which has campaigned to keep the Rec as open space. Most Falmouth Councillors now believe Carrick will start obeying the law and implementing the wishes of the people. Lets hope they're right.

Cornwall -where our ancient civilisation adds to the beauty

continued from page 1 County Council the children were to stay with their mother. Illegally, the court never gave us the judgement: they regularly do this so parents can't appeal in the 28 days allowed. There is still one nasty twist in this happy ending. Social Services are vindictive, striking back cruelly each time a parent stands up for their children's rights. Foot Anstey and Cornwall County Council made unpleasant and unjustified accusations against Paul Garvey in their attempt to get him arrested, and Social Services are now using their accusations to ban him from seeing his own grandchildren. And Melanie is still isolated under the ruthless control of Social Services in a village north of Dartmoor; we don't even know if she is still drugged. Warned by Jack Frost Jack Frost, author of the "Gulag of the Family Courts" (see page 8) warned Mr Garvey Social Services would victimise his own children if he won, and this has indeed happened. Amber Garvey, age five, the youngest of Paul's own six daughters,, is now to have a "Psychological assessment" by the Common Purpose controlled Cornwall Council Partnership Services for Children. A Mrs Tracy of SENCO and "Educational Psychologist" Daniel Williams are involved. These Social Services bodies do little good but huge damage, and are highly politically motivated. Coincidentally, a "Psychological Assessment" was the method they used to snatch Jack Frost's children. ¶

Snatched children returned

were supposed to be the solicitors working for that mother, but you'd never believe it from their actions. They seemed to side with Cornwall County Council, and served both Paul Garvey and David Noakes, our Editor, with applications for arrest, in an apparent attempt to stop the case being published. Publicity has always been essential to ensure justice is done; but that does not appear to have been Foot Anstey's aim. Perjury threat and a deal They employed a top independent London QC, plus a barrister, and a solicitor in court against us; we had no legal people on our side. But our defence was that Foot Anstey's case could be shown to be based on perjury, and if they proceeded we would attempt a prosecution on that basis. The judge, conscious there were a dozen NBFBG members as witnesses in court, then persuaded the QC to go for a deal rather than embarrass his solicitor associates. The QC seemed to be the one honest legal man in the room; he appeared to be very uneasy with the case he had been asked to represent, and readily assented. The deal was then done: Foot Anstey agreed to stop attempting to arrest David Noakes and Paul Garvey, if they would agree to cease publication until the 30th July. We wrote to Foot Anstey asking for their comments; the senior partner declined to provide any. Children returned We finally heard unofficially from Cornwall

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The Cornish Free Press

October 2007


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After 35 years in the European Union, it is now 80% of our government, and responsible for most of what's wrong, from homosexual teaching for four year olds, to child snatching, to its emerging police state. The EU has the constitution of a dictatorship. We support the people of other European countries who are as horrified by the impending abolition of their nations by the EU as we are. In particular we support the Dutch and French, who voted against the EU dictatorship in referendums, which were then ignored. We want the five EU treaties, signed since 1972 by the Queen behind our backs, repealed. All the 300 plus major EU laws, and its 111,000 regulations, passed by Westminster, repealed before they are fully enforced, and before they close down most small businesses completely. We ask that the EU's criminal Common Purpose organisation be closed, its 25,000 members banned from public office for life, its 8,000 quangos closed, and the £124 billion they cost in taxes returned to us. We support Britain, the fifth largest economy among the world's 200 nations. We and this newspaper are independent, not politically aligned, our aim is national survival. We have an estimated 120,000 readers between our three papers, and we would like to thank all the people who are helping us with information, subscriptions, donations deliveries and otherwise.


ulia Goldsworthy, elected MP for Falmouth and Camborne in May 2005, had the European Union explained to her in depth that year. She is fully aware the EU Constitution will abolish Britain as a nation, and was given copies of the documents that prove it. She also knows the EU Regionalisation Plan will then abolish Cornwall, replacing it with the South West Region, a new county stretching from Lands End to Gloucester to Poole, with a Regional Government at Exeter. Supports Cornwall's abolition Through her complete backing for the European Union, she is in favour of this, and Julia Goldsworthy therefore fully supports the abolition of both Cornwall and Britain. We heard a rumor she was standing

Julia Goldsworthy MP - selfish traitor to Cornwall and Britain

up for the referendum, and called her Parliamentary office in high hopes. No. It turns out she's dutifully following the Lib Dem leadership party line as usual. Her career, now on the Front Bench, comes first, long before her Falmouth & Camborne constituents, who according to the 2004 European Election results, are the most anti-EU in Britain.

Procrastination technique The party line is the Lib Dems are waiting until November, to see what Gordon Brown has signed. With this devious procrastination technique, pro EU politicians have been pushing the EU's agenda forward since 1972, by putting off all resistance to future dates that never materialise. At the moment, Goldsworthy is still on course to vote with her leaders to ratify the Reform Treaty next summer and

abolish our nation; Cornwall then goes two years later. It is a disgrace that her fearful intellect seems to be directed at her own political advancement, and not used for the good of the Cornish and British people. Such is the indoctrination of MP's in the sumptuous luxury of the Palace of Westminster, further cushioned from reality by their £240,000 salary and expenses, MP's like Ms. Goldsworthy don't bother to wake up enough to realise they will be voting for their own abolition next summer, not just Cornwall's. It unfortunately seems our first impression of Julia Goldsworthy was the right one: She appears to be the most ruthlessly selfish career MP our papers have yet interviewed.

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners:

Rogue regime

to the Duchy of Cornwall, and free anchoring has been a constitutional right for three thousand years. They charge you again if, as a visitor, you attempt to go ashore. They have priced many local people out of the harbour. You need a London salary to keep a boat in Falmouth. Seizing other people's assets They persecute you if you try to leave a dinghy tied to the shore, and they've tried to take the foreshore between Custom House Quay and Gas Works Quay so they can charge for its use. The residents had to spend considerable sums to prove they, not the FHC, own the foreshore. In the 1960's everyone had their own mooring. In 1967, again against strong local opposition and a petition rased by the Falmouth Sailing Centre and signed by every mooring owner, the FHC simply seized all our moorings, laid down their own trots, and charged us to use them. A high court injunction probably would have stopped that in the 60's; in those days there were many honest judges still around. In 1991 they persuaded the government to allow them to grab Falmouth Bay. Ships have been able to shelter there under the lee of the Lizard Peninsula for millennia as a natural right; they now have to pay the FHC twice - once to anchor, then the insult of pilot's fees " be shown how to handle their ships in the open sea." More money than Falmouth Council The FHC now take nearly £2 million a year out of the harbour in charges and fees - a harbour that used to be completely

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The FHC are one of Britain's 8,500 quangos and run the lower half of Falmouth Harbour below Penarrow point. They don't do the Penryn River, St Mawes, or the Docks, who have their own harbour masters. The seven Commissioners used to be appointed by bodies like Falmouth Town Council. Democracy withdrawn Aided and abetted by Alistair Darling and Philip Carey of the DfT, the Commissioners forced through an EU style internal constitution in the teeth of local opposition and against a petition in 2004. The interesting clauses are 62: the Commissioners are accountable only to the chairman of the Commissioners, and 66: the Chairman is accountable only to his own commissioners. No accountability This rogue regime is completely unaccountable to local people, or indeed to anyone at all. Other interesting clauses are that the Commissioners are in charge of their own selection process, and only the Commissioners can dismiss a Commissioner. Freemasonry is rife in the FHC. A Judicial Review under common law would probably rule the FHC illegal and disband them, if an honest judge could be found (very unlikely, see our article "British Justice is Finished" last month), and if someone would cough up the £40,000 in court costs. Money grabbing The FHC charge for anchoring. They have no right to do so - the fundus belongs

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free for our use. And they keep the money -it doesn't come back to us or go to the council. Compare that with the £850,000 Falmouth Town Council gets to administer the Town. A town with seven thousand houses, sewers and water pipes, electricity and telephone, streets, lighting, an entire infrastructure that would cost billions to rebuild. The harbour is hole in the ground filled with water; the infrastructure negligible by comparison with the town. And yet they take £2 million a year from us. Think what Falmouth Town Council could do with that money if they administered the harbour. As the local democratic body, they rightly should. That's how Truro Harbourmaster works they are part of our council democracy. The National Picture Quangos like this are another EU Frankfurt School technique. They cost us £124 billion a year according to the Cabinet Office in 2006, or enough to give the most hard up 10 million of us an extra £12,000 a year for life. That all comes out of our taxes. The plan is quangos pay huge salaries, often hundreds of thousands a year, to local officials, often freemasons or Common Purpose members, sympathetic to the EU's aims; and we are bled with taxes to pay for it. It is deliberately demoralising and unjust, but that too is part of this, yet another control technique for the EU, which is now 80% of our laws and government.

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October 2007

Gordon Brown, EU collaborator

Gordon Brown confirmed again on 22nd August that he is working for the EU, and not the British Public. Immediately after a Downing Street visit by communist German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Brown declared he would not hold the referendum he had promised on the sixth and final EU treaty, which effectively abolishes our nation. Illegal abuse of power There can be no greater abuse of power than to deny us a referendum on handing our nation over to a foreign power after over a thousand years of independence. Brown's plans are completely illegal under our written British Constitution; breaking it for the EU has become a national past time for every British Prime Minister since Edward Heath. According to our Constitution our government governs through the power and consent of the British people as their representative, not as their ruler. In this blatant destruction of democracy, Brown could not be acting more criminally. Communist links Brown conceals that as a young man he was closely involved with the Communists. He edited the The Red Paper on Scotland where he also seemed to display an admiration for Gramascian fascism, which had similar methods. In his first two speeches as Prime

No referendum from An election to dodge

Minister, he spoke of pushing continual change and said "we must find unity around Common Purpose," blatant references to the EU's control method and mechanism inside Britain. Perfect match for the EU On 19th March 2007 he was described by Lord Turnbull, Secretary to the Treasury, as a ruthless and centralising stalinist. Gordon Brown could not be a better political match for the EU, which was conceived by the Nazis on 22nd June 1942 but converted to a communist basis in 1946. Our August article "Brown's EU Masters" showed clearly that Brown, like Blair and John Major, is not here to serve us. Together with Angela Merkel, they are members of the Bilderberg society, which is the motivating power behind the creation of the EU dictatorship. Brown has been a member since 1991. "All EU" General Election instead If he calls a General election now, it will be to sabotage the EU referendum - he'll claim a mandate to abolish Britain with the Reform Treaty when he's re-elected. And with the Labour, Conservative and Lib-Dem leaderships all controlled by the EU, it will be the biggest electoral fix in history - no matter which of those three parties we vote for, we will be voting Yes to the EU dictatorship. See adjacent article.

the EU referendum?

Why on earth should Gordon Brown call a General Election? He has a safe majority of 69 seats in the House of Commons until May 2010. Just by sitting tight, if the Reform Treaty passes in 2008 he can be Britain's last ever Prime Minister. There can be only one reason. Gordon Brown is determined to sign that treaty this month; abolishing the nation is the ultimate criminal act of treason however he does it; it just looks worse if done without a referendum. But he knows we British don't want our nation abolished, and he could lose that referendum by as much as 80% against. But what if he takes the "traditional" approach, and gets a so called mandate for his program from the electorate? Election between three pro EU parties An election nicely sabotages a referendum. A contest between the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties, with all of their leaderships dedicated to serving the EU, gives a "Yes" vote to the EU, whichever way people vote. It doesn't matter which party wins; it can claim a mandate for its policies and for the EU's Reform Treaty. David Cameron, one of Brown's EU allies, has done his job well: he's undermined the

Conservative party with continual change and irrelevancies to paralyse it, so it too will play its part in the abolition of the nation. The Conservative leadership now believes in nothing, not even Britain. It is so despised by the electorate (as demonstrated by Camerons drubbing by Yorkshire Conservatives) Brown can call an election without even risking his job. EU wins each way In the unlikely event he loses, the Conservatives leadership will claim that same mandate, pass the Treaty, and abolish the nation; so their joint EU cause will still be won. Brown's only loss would then be to his considerable ego. Make sure you vote, but don't vote for the EU dictatorship by voting for the Lib-LabCon. Stand as an anti-EU candidate yourself if there isn't one. To stop the EU, look in the phone book for the number of your MP's party; ask for the date of his next surgery and visit him. Warn him he's voting for the abolition of his own £240,000 salary and expenses. Give him a copy of the article, "Why the EU will close Westminster." Instructions are at http://

" The Gulag Of The Family Courts"

by Jack Frost ISBN 9 781430 316350

The Book on social services child snatching

Available from Amazon, Lulu, The Book Depository, Waterstones and independent distributors The book exposes a secret UK judicial system that is not recognised by Parliament, and is not accountable to its Minister. The scandal concerns social workers making a huge number of false allegations of child abuse against innocent and vulnerable parents in secret, so that their children can be forcibly taken from them and traded, often into an industry of `connections & corrupt cronyism', in a nether world that gags the press with threats of imprisonment, and is completely opaque, unscrutinised and unaccountable.

· The police frustrate prosecutions of the criminal actions of social workers · The BBC is in breach of its Charter, by failing to publicise the scandal. · The book takes Essex County Council as an example, and shows senior officials have a determined policy of misleading their elected County Councillors, obstructing elected officials and protecting those public officials who have abused their office. Web site : Price £14.50p

Contact the author: Gulag Publications. PO Box 9819. Braintree. Essex CM7 0BU.

October 2007



ndividual councils are beginning to hold their own local referendums on the EU. Some are fed up we've been denied a referendum on the European Union for the 35 years we've been inside, and now Gordon Brown has illegally ruled it out again. (In that time our government has spent an estimated £2 trillion of our money on the EU without our consent.)

Councillors hold referendums


Who will be the Germans' new slaves?

Britain principal EU contributor

Germany, with 90 million population, pays the largest EU contributions at £6,375 million. But after Tony Blair surrendered part of our rebate, Britain, with 62 million people, now pays a net £6,100 million, and we're going up to £6,800 million, according to our Treasury on 12th August. They've refused to publish the league table because, like our ministers, they are working for the EU. We will then be the EU's biggest contributor. France with 63 million people pays only £2,325 million, and Italy with 59 million people pays £2,550 million. Its surprising how many people think this is fine, just because we got a dribble back as small regional payments like Objective One. But all this pales into insignificance with the fact that implementing the EU's 111,000 regulations costs us £100 billion a year, or 9% of our entire economy. (Better Regulation Commission Annual Report 2005). Zbigniew Mazurak

This constitutional limit on government power was confirmed as recently as May 2007 in the High Court ruling in the Chagos Archipelago case. Government has been breaking the British Constitution for some time - they must be stopped. "Do it yourself" YOU can force a referendum on your council, using Part 3, Schedule 12, paragraph 18, sub paras 4&5 of the 1972 Local Government Act as follows: 1. Six residents must sign a letter announcing a parish or town meeting with at least 7 days notice, and it must start after 6pm. 2. Inform the press and local dignitaries. 3. At least 10 people on the electoral role must show up. Propose and second a motion that a parish poll should be held on whether or not the EU's Reform Treaty should be ratified. At least 10 voters, and 1/3 of those present, need to vote in favour for the poll to take place. Under the Act, the council must hold the poll within 25 days. This question gives the council the power to take direct action if our utterly corrupt Westminster Parliament continues to refuse to obey the wishes of the people. We call upon all Britain's 19,579 paid councillors and 20,000 unpaid councillors to propose a motion for a referendum in their council.

17 councils to hold referendums? Many people doubt we'll ever be given a referendum, so the local councils of East Stoke, Purbeck, in Dorset, Charfield in South Gloucestershire, Newton and Noss Mayo, and possibly South Hams in Devon are holding their own referendums on the EU. The Campaign Alliance for Referenda in Parishes has now got 17 other councils in the South West interested. In our view their question "Do you want a referendum on the EU" is the wrong one. It should be "Do you want your council, county or nation to be abolished by the EU (currently by the Reform Treaty?)" Referendums legally binding Under our British Constitution these referendums are legally binding on the government, whose power is legally limited to implementing the wishes of the people.

In 1945 after VE day I was a Lieutenant in the 15th Reconnaissance Regiment (later the 13th/18th British Hussars), and was moved on from Tank Commander to the unusual task of releasing slaves. I went around German villages asking the locals which families had been allocated slaves as workers. Villages didn't want to cooperate and the families were loath to give their slaves up, and I met with hostility. If I hadn't have been armed I probably wouldn't be alive today. I got to know the German slave system. The Poles were allocated by Hitler as the slave nation for the Germans. Able bodied Polish women and lesser numbers of men (most were dead) were shipped to Germany in the war to be slave labour as a gift to a grateful German people by their Fuhrer. Many women were condemned to forced prostitution, and faced short and brutalised lives. I also met young Germans who spoke perfect English, because they had been trained to run regions of Britain after Hitler's planned invasion. If it had been successful, Britain, not Poland, was to have been the slave nation. Through history the natural state for mankind has been enslavement, under dictatorships like the Roman Empire. Today its under China, Burma, Zimbabwe, Putin's Russia etc. In this EU dictatorship, conceived on 22nd June 1940 by Germany and still run by them, there is no doubt in my mind the slave nation this time will be Britain.

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We are fighting for you, exposing the corruption in Britain, and Plymouth City Council. It is no accident there is so much waste, so much upheaval. Why is it happening? You will know that over the last 34 years five EU treaties have been signed by the Queen. The result of these treaties is that Britain will be abolished and replaced by a new nation, the European Union. You may not know that the sixth and final treaty is expected to be ratified in summer 2008. The handover of power to the EU is well underway; not many people know its being done at a local level as well as the national. Plymouth was chosen to be the guinea pig - we are the most advanced city in the handover of power. As a result EU corruption sweeps through our council as our officials are bribed to take power and democracy away from us, and hand it to officials whose loyalty is not to us, but to the EU. Like the ruling clique in the council, who we oppose. We also fight the European dictatorship, and its police state, nationally. We meet fortnightly to plan our campaigns. You can join as an active member, the joining fee is £20 depending on circumstances, or just support us by giving us a donation. We are not based on any political party, and indeed this is not politics: it is national survival. If you wish to join us, please call 01752 312743 and ask to be put through to the Battle for Britain. Or write to Box No 4371 at this paper.

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October 2007

The abysmal journalism award

The winner of this month's coveted Abysmal Journalism from the Award is

Cameron Drivel Daily Mail

The Daily Telegraph

for their Editorial:

The Comment Column delights in "At last! Mr Cameron is talking like a Tory"

It waffles on about the umteenth mini manifesto on the "crime crisis" as though its something original, and bemoans the lack of prison places. It lauds Cameron's new solutions, including yet more prison and his first original idea, prison ships. As usual, the Mail studiously ignores the causes of all this and concentrates with coworker Cameron on fixing the symptoms. The cause of the crime and the prison overcrowding are twofold: the 1997 EU Amsterdam Treaty which gave it control of our borders; a million immigrants a year now arrive, overcrowding our prisons. The second is the EU's Frankfurt School subversion program, which has undermined teachers, destroyed family life and the young, who now grow up without definite morals and crime has risen as a result. David Cameron is 100% behind the EU and is therefore part of the problem, not the solution. But the Mail is in the business of concealing the truth too. EU prison ships? Prison ships are just the future the EU police state plans. Like a good EU collaborator, Cameron is busy doing its work. On the fifth September the mail follows this up with an attack on Michael Ancram, for criticising Cameron. "...That was the old Cameron, he's changed now...." Does the Mail really expect us to believe drivel like this? If Cameron was "talking like a Tory", he'd promise to take Britain clean out of the EU dictatorship the day he was elected Prime Minister, and to build on our position as an independent Britain with the fifth largest economy of the worlds 200 nations. He'd then win that election with a landslide. But David Cameron would rather be in Europe than be in power. The Daily Mail doesn't even remember what a Tory was, and in its business of concealing the truth, has no business being a national newspaper.¶

Lawyers are the newspaper editors

How does the government control the press? How does it prevent the real issues, particularly the truth about the EU police state, from being published? Its not just by D-notices. Its not entirely Common Purpose, the EU's control organisation that censors the BBC, and has members exercising varying degrees of control over national and particularly local newspapers. Freemasons too are only partly to blame. In this deliberately litigious society editors have turned more and more to their own internal lawyers for advice on what they can and can't print, and now the main control over newspaper content is exercised through lawyers, not editors. The result is papers that print soft porn nationally, insipid "Parish Pump" news locally, and avoid the real issues. Our 48 counties are to be abolished by the EU's Regionalisation Plan. How often do you hear that from your local newspaper? Britain will go first under the Reform Treaty next year Our lives will change beyond recognition. What papers have been warning you of that little matter? The most corrupted profession There could be no worse profession or one more corrupted by the EU to edit newspapers than the Legal Profession. It is Law Lords who refuse to enforce the British Constitution and stop the entirely illegal EU in its tracks. It is solicitors, guided by senior freemasons and peer pressure who implement, most without knowing it, the plans of the Frankfurt School in our courts, which are now utterly corrupted. There is one profession, above all others, that is the EU's fifth column in Britain. It is the legal profession.

"We must stop giving away Britain's powers."


his truly exemplary piece, which ranks up there with "I suppose I should stop killing my wife," invokes in the reader a powerful lack of emotions. The Telegraph makes it sound as though someone's been naughty at a tea party. The article is about "the new constitutional treaty" and their reasoning for the headline is based on the distractingly minor matter of Learco Chindamo, a murderer who, when released, we can't deport under our new EU laws (EU Free Movement Directive 2004). Concealing with understatement As always the Telegraph conceals the fact this Reform Treaty will replace the British Constitution with the European one, which will abolish our Westminster Parliament, our democracy and our nation after a thousand years, and Gordon Brown is going to sign it next month. But the Telegraph does get jolly cross we can't deport this rotten prisoner chap. It fiddles with the fact the EU is now responsible for over three quarters of legislation in member countries (- or 80% in Britain, as we have been said for so long.) It weakly mumbles Brown's refusal to allow a referendum on the treaty is cynical and indefensible. If the Telegraph had done its research in British Constitutional Law it would know it is illegal and treason, but as always it conceals the facts by deliberately and massively understating the case. Telegraph subversion This is a proven technique for allowing the EU steamroller to proceed without the knowledge of their readers. Even the Telegraph is part of EU subversion. The editorial ends with "this is perilous territory for Mr Brown." It can't be very perilous if the fiddling Daily Telegraph can't put the pressure on by telling us what the true peril is. Mr Brown is not going to be worried by a newspaper that is itself too timid to fight its way out of a paper bag. The Deutsche Verteiderungs Dienst Intelligence department, which controls development of the EU, has over 35 years organised funding (often Deutsche Bank) to put key British newspapers under ownerships subservient to the EU. It looks certain the Daily Telegraph falls into that category.¶

Immigration - the press is beginning to catch up with us


ndrew Green of Migration Watch reports in the press that one third of Londoners are foreigners, and one in four children in Britain is now born to a foreign parent. Newspapers report that London Boroughs are complaining the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has seriously underestimated immigration numbers, with the result councils are underfunded to cope. The government told us 13,000 would arrive from the EU; its now 1 million a year. The boroughs of Westminster, Newham and Enfield have asked again for their funding levels for immigrants to be raised in the last month. It is estimated that 73% of our population growth is now from immigration, and that excludes children born to immigrants. A million immigrants in, 385,000 British out 385,000 wealthy and qualified Britons emigrated last year to escape the overcrowding, to be replaced by a million immigrants Government figures show 80% don't earn enough to make a positive contribution to our economy and are a drain on our resources, education or benefits. And yet the Poles alone send £1 billion Sterling annually to Poland according to their central bank, exposing yet again the government lie that immigration is good for the economy. It is good only for big corporations, as it depresses wages and makes it much more difficult for locals to get a job. The emigration means the original population of Britons is actually falling in numbers. A study by the Institute for Public Policy Research shows there are 5.5 million Britons now living overseas. Escape overcrowding in the west? Many British that don't emigrate try to escape the overcrowding in their own cities by moving to the West Country. Its not their fault - its EU policy. Cornwall is flooded out with people from London, Leicester and the East, and our infrastructure can't cope. Cornwall has acquired a rush hour in the last ten years. Forecast of 1.5 million Our editor forecast in the January edition of the Westminster News Britain's immigration this year would hit 1.5 million, the highest in the world, more than the USA's who are 50 times our size. Our infrastructure cannot hope to cope. House price rises, overcrowding multiculturalism, ghettos and language problems are all the result of the 1997 EU Amsterdam Treaty, which flung our immigration doors wide open. Our masters in Brussels made the decision that Germany, France and Italy would not accept the 2.5 million Bulgarians and 1 million Hungarians that wished to immigrate after their nations joined the EU on 1st January 2007. They decided Britain would be the EU's dumping ground. There is a simple solution. Repeal the 1997 Amsterdam Treaty and put our old border controls back. In polls seventy five percent of us wish immigration to be curbed; but government illegally no longer implements the wishes of their electorate; it is blatantly obvious our government works for the EU, not for us.

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October 2007


Communist Chancellor deceives Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, from East Germany, dishonestly won the election on the false prospectus she was centre-right; portraying herself as similar to Margaret Thatcher. She was elected as Chancellor by the Bundestag on 22nd November 2005, the equivalent position of our Prime Minister. Her actions now conclusively prove her to be a communist dedicated to the rebuilding of the soviet system inside the European Union. A Bilderberger Merkel is a Bilderberger, a member of the society of international politicians and the powerful dedicated to forcing the EU on us. Margaret Thatcher was the opposite: the 1989 Bilderberger Conference decided she was a threat to the EU. In 1990 Thatcher privately criticised the Bilderbergers for building the totalitarian EU state and left. Within two months the Bilderbergers in the Conservative leadership had stripped of her role as Prime Minister and John Major, a dedicated Bilderberger, was manoeuvred in on 28th November 1990. It says something of the power of the EU over other senior ministers in the Conservative Party that, against her wishes, Thatcher had still been forced to commit treason and sign the Single European Act in 1987. The Bilderbergers' front woman Merkel has been forcing the EU forward since she insisted the EU constitution should be implemented in a speech on 10th October 2006. Her EU presidency achieved that with the Reform Treaty; all heads of state were made to agree to it on 23rd June 2007. She has since been visiting Prime Ministers in Europe compelling them to drop plans for referendums. The EU has a hold over each Prime Minister. The usual one is money; but paedophilia is another (note the Scottish Cullen paedophilia report on Dunblane, sealed for 100 years). Germans anti EU and anti Merkel Like us, the Germans have never been allowed a referendum on the EU, because they too would vote against according to polls. Many Germans are angry that Merkel is the opposite of her promise: a ruthlessly anti democratic communist hiding in Christian Democrat (CDU) clothing, and that they were duped in the election. Opposition to democracy Merkel has Hitler's old job as German Chancellor, and Poland's Deputy Prime Minister Giertych confirms she has the same goals: to unite Europe under the rule of a totalitarian state, and all the signs are it will be controlled by Germany. Merkel's opposition to democracy is more advanced than Hitler's, who used the little 1933 Enabling Act to abolish political parties and take power fairly legally. The EU Constitution goes much further than the Enabling Act. Merkel decreed on the 11th October 2006 she will have the constitution signed and

German Chancellor Angela Merkel with EU President Barrosso, with whom she seems to spend rather too much of much of her time.

sealed before the next round of EU elections in June 2009. She is deliberately planning to deprive us of elections and referendums. More power than the Enabling Act The EU Constitution bestows far more power on its dictatorship than did the Enabling Act; and it specifically mentions national political parties are to be discouraged in clause I-46-4. The constitution ensures the EU will have ample power to abolish them whenever it so pleases. Merkel is aiming much higher, or should we say lower, than was Hitler. Britain abolished 1st January 2009 The sixth and final EU treaty, The Reform Treaty, which with the five already signed contains all the powers of the constitution, is to be signed by Gordon Brown in October, and ratified by the Queen and Parliament in July next year in their final act of treason. The treaty is to come in to force on the 1st January 2009, when Britain will formally, but very quietly, cease to be a nation. The Post democratic era On that date the "post democratic era" will begin; we will lose the ability to withdraw from Europe, and be at the mercy of any dictat the totalitarian EU state issues. By 2011 the words Britain and England will have been removed from maps, the legal police state Tony Blair built here for the EU will be enforced, and we will experience persecution on a daily basis; the 111,000 regulations will then be fully enforced, giving us a state run command economy, and we will begin a rapid descent into Soviet style poverty. What will Merkel's role be in 2009? When democracy is withdrawn it is usually more ruthless dictators that take over from the likes of Merkel. But perhaps Merkel is more ruthless than we know. What can you do? Want to stop it? We need a mass permanent demonstration at Westminster to prevent our Queen and Parliament committing treason and breaking, for the last time, our long and written British Constitution, which specifically forbids the writ of a foreign power like the EU to run inside Britain. But you'll have to act soon: The EU Constitution will destroy the British Constitution and our Westminster Parliament in just 15 months. Meanwhile please fight the campaigns at MPs: Turkeys voting for Christmas Get a group of you to visit your MP in turn at every weekly local surgery and warn him repeatedly: When he votes to ratify the Reform Treaty he'll be a turkey voting for Christmas. He will lose his £240,000pa salary and expenses when the EU closes Westminster, and his political party, be it Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem, will be banned. Give him a copy of page 1, "Why the EU will close Westminster."


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The European Union has the constitution of a dictatorship, and the laws of a police state.


October 2007

The Cornish Free Press

Mr Carver, veteran editor and owner of the St Ives Times and Echo, doth protest too much in attacking our article on corruption over the Dr Palemon Best public land. He seems to reveal himself as part of the establishment he is so inaccurately protecting.

Corruption in St Ives: The "Echo" on the wrong side

Council Insider dealing Our article reported on insider dealing in land by Councillors, processed by County Council solicitors using false statutory declarations to register land they had no right to. (Read it at`) The £49,000 was not for an unfathomable purpose as Carver states; our article plainly said it was to buy the land from Dr Best's Trust for the fire station. The problem is after exhaustive research by Andrew Mitchell, County Executive member, St Ives Cllr and Trustee of the Dr. Best land, he has been unable to find where the £49,000 went. Carver's article cleverly distracts people from this truth by pretending it is the purpose that's the problem. Well done Mr Carver. It looks like a good example of misleading us by substitution. No, corruption is easy Mr Carver says the "Code of conduct for councillors" makes it "jolly hard" for councillors to be corrupt. He could not be

more wrong, as he well knows. The Code is a new system implemented by the cynically named "Standards Board for England" that is often used to silence councillors that speak the truth. The board puts a "Monitoring Officer" spy on main councils to ensure they toe the EU and government line. Judge and jury in their own case This Code is implemented by solicitors - the very same people who are making the false statutory declarations. These people protect themselves and their own, and the corruption too is protected. County Solicitor Ian Kennaway is the solicitor who authenticated the statutory declaration, and he is also the Monitoring Officer !! They are judge and jury in their own case. Corruption could not be easier! Echo Red Herring The need for a fire station is Mr Carvers next red herring - not the point - everyone seems to be agreed a fire station was needed. The point was public land in trust should not have been chosen - and the highly dubious Charity Commissioners (sponsors of the criminal Common Purpose "charity") do not have the right to override other people's trusts.

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Can't register, can't sell Even so they would have got away with it if the false statutory declaration had not effectively "stolen" part of David Law's land. As a result to this day he has been unable to register his house, and therefore can't sell it. Mr Law would have sold up and emigrated years ago just to get away from the County Solicitors department if they had simply done the honest thing, withdrawn the false statutory declaration, and registered his land. 19 years and still no redress Cllr Andrew Mitchell, Cllr Bert Biscoe, Ex Cllr Varnells, Cllr Rob Lello, and Cllr Peter Mates have all agreed at a meeting at Mr Laws house this wrong should be righted, and he should receive compensation for his 19 lost years. But Mr Williams of the County Solicitors department has still not yet made it happen. Cornish Mafia Three days after Mr Carver's article Mr Law's car had its windows smashed in (Crime No. 391-A1-07-716 11.08.07). It was parked at his house, which is difficult to find. This establishment corruption is headed up by solicitors in suits, but it has a violent arm too. "The Cornish Mafia" is not so unsuitable a description. The cringingly sycophantic letter from Eric Kemp the week afterwards weakly threatens us there will be libel cases; this is unlikely; the matter is too embarrassing for court action. We are led to understand from Mr Kemp's letter he may be implicated too. Mr Kemp has "every faith in Mr Carver's investigation". So why doesn't he begin his investigation by visiting Mr Law and reading the documentation, instead of talking about mine collapses on a different site altogether? Is that substitution to mislead us again? Mr Carver, like most local editors, seems incapable of conforming to the basic ethics of journalism.

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