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The 9th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference Series - EWTEC 2011 - 5-9 September 2011 at the University of Southampton, UK

. 7:30 - 10:00 Opening 10:00-11:10 Parallel Session 1 Marine current resource and modelling - 1 Numerical modelling of high energy tidal regions using three-dimensional CFD Characteristics of the Onset Flow Turbulence at a Tidal-Stream Power Site Phasing of tidal current energy around the UK and potential contribution to electricity generation Modelling the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Tidal Flow in the Pentland Firth Energy Potential of a Tidal Fence Deployed Near a Coastal Headland REGISTRATION / Refreshments Please note this currently a draft programme - some of the time slots and individual presentations may change within the overall programme.

Opening Ceremony

See separate programme ID 222 97 296 317 158 Presenter Ian Jones Ian Milne Abhinaya Iyer Susana Baston Scott Draper ID Presenter 102 Matt Folley 101 Joao Henriques 246 Marco Alves 304 Scott Beatty 385 Olivia Thilleul Parallel Session 2 Wave energy converter modelling - 1 Validation of a spectral-domain model of an OWC using physical model data Performance Evaluation of a Two-body Heaving WEC with Latching Control Using a New Numerical Method Implementation Verification and Validation of a Time Domain Model to Describe the Dynamics of WECs Sensitivity of point absorbing WECs to physical parameters of the reacting body Complementary use of a linear potential code, a RANS and a SPH solver for the optimisation of a Wave Energy Converter ID Presenter 220 Stephen Salter 271 Erik Lejerskog 41 Rich Walker Parallel Session 3 Deployment, maintainance, and mooring for WEC Two Impediments to Wave Energy and Ideas for Removing Them Lysekil Research Site, Sweden: Status Update Weather Windows for Device Deployment at UK Test Sites: Availability and Cost Implications Extreme environmental parameters for Wave Energy Converters and moorings at bimep Pico OWC - the Frog Prince of Wave Energy? Recent autonomous operational experience and plans for an open real-sea test centre in semi-controlled environment

1120-1140 1140-1200 Session I 1200-1220 1220-1240 1240-1300

251 Olivier Duperray 303 Frank Neumann

Monday 5/9/11

1300-1400 ID 47 53 71 Presenter Julia Fernandez Chozas Ed Mackay Jean-Baptiste Saulnier Brendan Cahill Lucy Cradden Lucia Margheritini Wave energy resource and modelling - 1 Predictability of the Power Output of Three Wave Energy Technologies in the Danish North Sea Modelling and Description of Omnidirectional Wave Spectra Wave Hub test facility: sea state directional analysis from an array of 4 measurement buoys ID 33 Presenter Joseph MacEnri

Lunch / Exhibition

Design and optimisation of marine current energy converters - 1 Influence of Tidal Parameters on SeaGen Flicker Performance ID Presenter Marine energy policy and standards 404 Cameron Johnston Equimar: Development of Best Practices for the Engineering Performance Appraisal of Wave and Tidal Energy Convertors. 337 Matt Folley Standardized Performance Assessment of Wave Energy Converters 376 Jonathan Flinn Risk Management in Wave and Tidal Energy

1400-1420 1420-1440 Session II 1440-1500

193 Jonathan Torque Ripple and Power in a Variable Pitch Vertical Axis Tidal Turbine Winchester 205 Stephanie Tow tank tests of tethered marine turbines to determine system dynamic response Ordonez-Sanchez 253 Conor Fleming 127 Dimitri Val 347 Theo Devaney Design and analysis of a bi-directional ducted tidal turbine Reliability-based design of rotor blades in tidal stream turbines Investigation of the Fundamental Operation of a Novel Tidal Energy Device at Circa 1:16 Scale Tidal Flyer Junior

1500-1520 1520-1540 1540-1600 1600-1630 1630-1830 1900 - 2130

83 221 407

Wave Energy Resource Characterization of the Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site Joint exploitation of wave and offshore wind power Characterization of Wave Climate at Hanstholm Location with Focus on the Ratio between Average and Extreme Waves Heights

454 Stefano Parmeggiani 424 John Huckerby 165 John Griffiths

Performance Evaluation of Wave Dragon Wave Energy Converter Applying a Methodology Proposed by the Equimar Project Implementing Agreement on Ocean Energy Systems: Next Five Years Benefits of Standards to Ocean Energy Development

Refreshments / Exhibition Symposium 1: Policy (See Separate Programme) Symposium 2: Showcasing the USA (See Separate Programme) Welcome reception

ID 82 122 114 307 315 94 Presenter Nick Yates Matthew Easton Iain Fairley Andrew Cornett Thomas Adcock Joel Culina Marine current resource and modelling - 2 Appraising the Extractable Tidal Energy Resource of the UK's Western Coastal Waters Characterisation of a Tidal Energy Site: Hydrodynamics and Seabed Structure Potential Array Sites for Tidal Stream Electricity Generation off the Pembrokeshire Coast Modelling the hydrodynamic impacts due to tidal lagoons in the upper Bay of Fundy, Canada The open boundary problem in basin scale modelling of tidal energy extraction Comparison of different resolution models and observed current profiles in the Bay of Fundy, Canada using turbine-relevant metrics ID Presenter 59 Stefan Siegel 132 Diego Vicinanza 159 Yasutaka Imai 227 Sam Weller 263 Elisa Angelelli 419 Merrick Haller Wave energy converter testing Experimental Wave Cancellation using a Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter Wave pressures and loads on a small scale model of the Svaheia (Stavanger, Norway) SSG pilot project An Experimental Study on Generating Efficiency of a Wave Energy Converter "Backward Bent Duct Buoy" Two-Dimensional Motions of a Shallow Draft Wave Energy Converter Undergoing Regular Wave Excitation Experiments on the Wave Piston wave energy converter Laboratory observations of waves in the vicinity of WEC arrays ID Presenter 225 Jan Westphalen 66 Giovanni Bracco 92 61 Bin Li Philip Cross Control of wave energy converters Control strategies for arrays of wave energy devices Control strategies for the ISWEC Wave Energy System Reactive Causal Control of a Linear Generator in Irregular Waves for Wave Power System State dependent feed-forward control of a wave energy converter model Toward a biologically inspired, neural control mechanism for multiple degree of freedom wave energy converters Optimal Causal Control of an Ocean Wave Energy Converter in Stochastic Waves

0840-0900 0900-0920 Session III 0920-0940 0940-1000 1000-1020 1020-1040 1040-1120

397 Timothy Mundon 414 Jeff Scruggs

Refreshments / Exhibition

ID 54 57 155 176 356 Presenter Robert Beharie Melanie Broadhurst Ralf Starzmann Environmental assessment Measurements of shoreline wave action to establish possible environmental and ecological effects from wave energy converter arrays. Short term temporal behavioural responses in Pollack, Pollachius pollachius to marine tidal turbine devices; a combined video and ADCP doppler approach. Assessment Method of Sound Radiated by Cyclically Operating Wells Turbines ID Presenter 423 Robert Thresher 290 Sonja Pans 428 Neil Adams 264 Thomas Roc 429 Chul Jo Modelling marine current energy converter arrays - 1 ID Presenter A Large-Eddy Simulation Study of Wake Propagation and Power Production of an Array of Tidal- 447 Francis Farley Current Turbines A decision support tool for the optimisation of large tidal power arrays 141 Kevin Banister Modelling and Optimisation of Tidal Arrays Applying a numerical decision-making tool for tidal current turbine (TCT) planning projects to the Puget Sound estuary - Early Results Interaction Effect Analysis for Tidal Current Power Farm Feasibility Study Applied to Projects in Korea 204 Tiger Jeans 60 39 Gerold Kloos Morten Kramer Novel designs and installations of marine energy converters Free floating clam wave energy converter WindWaveFloat: Combining offshore wind turbines and WEC in a single structure. Irregular Deep Ocean Wave Energy Conversion Using a Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter The bioWAVE and bioSTREAM Test Unit Performance Evaluation of the Wavestar Prototype


Tuesday 6/9/11

Session IV

1140-1200 1200-1220 1220-1240 1240-1300 1300-1400

Adrien Poupardin Hydrodynamics perturbations generated by waves and submerged structures such as energy converters. Dominic Reeve Impact of climate change on wave energy generation near the Wave Hub, Cornwall, UK

Lunch / Exhibition

ID 241 235 133 306 398 411 Presenter Wave energy converter modelling - 2 Matthieu Guerinel Nonlinear Modelling of the Dynamics of a Free Floating Body Katherine Silverthorne Rui Gomes Remy Pascal Raul Guanche Donnacha Gallagher A New Numerical Representation of Wave Energy Converters in a Spectral Wave Model A Study on the Wave Energy Conversion by Submerged Bottom-hinged Plates Parametric models for WEC performances Numerical simulation of a submerged Wave Energy Converter (Torres Wave Energy Device TWED) Time Domain Modelling of Floating Wave Energy Devices Using Non-Linear Shock Protection Force Components ID 65 Presenter Luis R. Rivas Design and optimisation of marine current energy converters - 2 The GESMEY Project.Design and development of a second generation TEC Effect of a diffuser on the power production of an ocean current turbine Design and model testing of an optimized ducted current turbine Embedded RANS-BEM Tidal Turbine Design Flow Field and Performance Analysis of Bidirectional and Open-centre Ducted Tidal Turbines Structural and hydrodynamic model testing of the Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine ID Presenter 336 Spyros Mavrakos 162 Shahab Natanzi 244 Sergio Camporeale 259 Paul McKeever 293 Dara O'Sullivan 144 Jiyuan Jin Wave energy converter power take off systems - 1 Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Performance of Heaving WECs Coupled with DC Generators A Novel High-Efficiency Impulse Turbine for Use in Oscillating Water Column Devices Performance of a Wells turbine in a OWC device in comparison to laboratory tests Snapper WEC Device Development - The Grid Interface System Offshore Testing of a floating OWC Device with Movable Guide Vane Impulse Turbine Power Take-Off Transient Calculation of Impulse Turbine for Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Convertor

1400-1420 1420-1440 1440-1500 1500-1520 1520-1540 1540-1600 1600-1700

Session V

95 Johannes Van 332 Niekerk Luquet Romain 272 Simon McIntosh 278 Clarissa Belloni 340 Ross McAdam

Refreshments / Exhibition / Posters

ID 401 84 50 110 197 198 Presenter Luke Myers Katarina Yuen Jo Whelan Sian Tedds Rob Poole Samuel Rose Marine current energy converter testing Operational issues surrounding the use of towing tanks for performance quantification of marine current energy converters The Soderfors Project: Construction of an Experimental Hydrokinetic Power Station Arguments for modifying the geometry of a scale model rotor Scaling of a tidal turbine using non-dimensional parameters Experimental Investigation Of Horizontal Axis Tidal Stream Turbines Investigating experimental techniques used for measurement of the downstream wake of a tidal turbine ID 86 Presenter Christian Senet Technology for marine energy resource characterisation A Review of Wave and Tide Measurement Gauges for Use in Renewable Energy Offshore Production Regions Extreme value analysis of tidal current velocity perturbations Tidal Current Measurement Using the TanDEM-X Satellite Formation VHF Ocean Radar for surface currents appraisal at ocean power sites Study of Sea-State Variability and Wave Groupiness Using TerraSAR-X Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Using HF radar to measure the directionality of the wave energy resource. ID Presenter 203 Antonio Falcao 201 Marcos Blanco Wave energy converter power take off systems - 2 A New Radial Self-rectifying Air Turbine for Use in OWC Wave Energy Converters

0840-0900 0900-0920 Session VI 0920-0940 0940-1000 1000-1020 1020-1040 1040-1120

226 Samuel Harding 239 Steffen Suchandt 305 Malcolm Heron 275 Teresa Pontes 69 Lucy Wyatt

Multi-objective Differential Evolutionary Algorithm for Preliminary Design of a Direct-Drive Power Take-Off Hydrodynamic and Electromechanical Simulation of a Wave Energy Converter with a Novel NonLinear PTO 232 Kristof Schlemmer Design and Control of a Hydraulic Power Take-off for an Axi-symmetric Heaving Point Absorber 160 Richard Crozier 322 Esmeralda Tuccimei 331 Francisco Garcia Development of air turbines for small power OWC plants Efficiency calculation of direct-drive power take-off

Refreshments / Exhibition

ID 262 245 250 240 351 Presenter Gregorio Iglesias Pierpaolo Ricci Izan Le Crom Louise O'Boyle Luigi Cavaleri Wave energy resource and modelling - 2 Wave resource characterization and WEC selection - a comprehensive methodology applied to NW Spain Sea state characterisation for Wave Energy performance assessment at the Biscay Marine Energy Platform Incident wave climate at the OWC Pico plant: Validation of a feed-forward based propagation method (ANN) and a numerical simulation (SWAN) with measured data Assessment of Wave Basin Homogeneity for Wave Energy Converter Array Studies. The accuracy of modelling waves at coastal locations ID Presenter 212 Tom McCombes Marine current energy converter modelling - 1 Navier-Stokes Modelling for Contra-Rotating Tidal Turbines ID Presenter 373 Valentin Heller 314 Luke McEwen 341 Limin Yang 342 Peter Davies 430 Robert Wood Marine energy converter materials and construction Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Rubber Used in Anaconda Testing Composite Blades for Tidal Turbines Versus Wind Turbines at Multi-Megawatt Scale Prediction of long-term fatigue damage of a hydraulic cylinder of a wave energy converter subjected to internal fluid pressure induced by wave loads Evaluation of the durability of composite tidal turbine blades Tribology and surface engineering of marine energy systems

1120-1140 Session VII

Wednesday 7/9/11

1140-1200 1200-1220 1220-1240 1240-1300 1300-1400

228 Richard McSherry 3D CFD modelling of tidal turbine performance with validation against laboratory experiments 257 Esteban Ferrer 308 Gareth Gretton 471 William Batten Development and validation of a high order numerical solver for cross-flow turbine hydrodynamics Results from blade element momentum and RANS analyses of a practical full-scale horizontal axis tidal current turbine The accuracy of the actuator disc-RANS approach for predicting the performance and far wake of a horizontal axis tidal stream turbine

Lunch / Exhibition

ID 36 89 297 310 388 403 Presenter Gordon Dalton Paddy Kavanagh Jochem Weber Linus Hammar Ralf Bucher Andrea Copping Environmental and economic assessment Performance and economic feasibility analysis of 5 wave energy devices off the west coast of Ireland Environmental aspects of developing Ireland's Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS) Integrated WEC system optimisation - Achieving balanced technology development and economical lifecycle performance Applying Ecological Risk Assessment Methodology for Outlining Ecosystem Effects of Ocean Energy Technologies Adjusting the financial risk of tidal current projects by optimising the 'installed capacity/capacity factor'-ratio already during the feasibility stage The Contribution of Environmental Siting and Permitting Requirements to the Cost of Energy for Marine and Hydrokinetic Devices ID 40 49 Presenter Bruno Borgarino Benjamin Child Wave energy converter arrays Impact of the separating distance between interacting wave energy converters on the overall energy extraction of an array The development of a tool for optimising arrays of wave energy converters Experimental Evaluation of the Performances of an Array of Multiple Oscillating Water Columns ID 52 Presenter Mat Thomson Modelling marine current energy converter arrays - 2 The Development of a Tool for the Design and Optimisation of Tidal Stream Turbine Arrays The Influence of Tidal Stream Turbine Spacing on Performance The applicability of semi-empirical wake models for tidal farms Numerical analysis of the acceleration and wake effects resulting from changes in tidal turbine array position in a channel Layout Optimisation of 1st-generation tidal energy arrays Noise Modelling of Tidal Turbine Arrays for Environmental Impact Assessment

1400-1420 1420-1440 Session VIII 1440-1500 1500-1520 1520-1540 1540-1600 1600-1645 1645-1830 1900 - 2230

131 Rami Malki 219 Moritz Palm 387 Tim Daly 395 Bradley Keogh 400 Thomas Lloyd

252 Davide Magagna

258 Barbara Zanuttigh Hydrodynamics around DEXA devices and implications for coastal protection 276 Pasquale Filianoti On the Performance of a Resonant Breakwater for Protecting Coast 361 Raffaello Antonutti Optimisation of Point-Absorber Arrays

Refreshments / Exhibition / Posters Symposium 3: Showcasing the UK (See Separate Programme) Conference Banquet

ID 91 96 117 128 283 319 Presenter Tim O'Doherty Ian Milne Paul Mycek Dimitri Val Tim Stallard Claudio Consul Marine current energy converters: factors affecting performance Interaction of Marine Turbines in Close Proximity Tidal Turbine Blade Load Experiments for Oscillatory Motion Numerical and Experimental Study of the Interaction Between two Marine Current Turbines Probabilistic evaluation of failure rates of mechanical components in tidal stream turbines Interactions between Tidal Turbine Wakes: Experimental Study of a Group of 3-Bladed Rotors An Investigation of the Influence of Free Surface Effects on the Hydrodynamic Performance of Marine Cross-Flow Turbines ID Presenter 410 Rebecca Sykes 104 Majid Bhinder 135 Jose Candido 151 Shuichi Nagata 312 Adi Kurniawan 73 Chris Signorelli Wave energy converter modelling - 3 Predicting the hydrodynamic pressure in a fixed and floating undamped OWC using a simplified piston model. Assessment of Viscous Damping via 3D-CFD Modelling of a Floating Wave Energy Device Frequency and stochastic domain models for two geometries of the IPS wave power buoy Frequency Domain Analysis on Primary Conversion Efficiency of a Floating OWC-type Wave Energy Converter 'Backward Bent Duct Buoy' Assessment of time-domain models of wave energy conversion systems Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation of a Heaving Wave Energy Converter ID 85 Presenter David Kavanagh Marine energy converters: transmission and power quality Challenges Posed by the Integration of Wave Power onto the Irish Power System Control strategies for the grid integration of wave energy converters at the BIscay Marine Energy Platform Dynamic Electrical Ratings and the Economics of Capacity Factor for Wave Energy Converter Arrays Transmission Cable Protection and Stabilisation for the Wave and Tidal Energy Industries Flatness-Based Control of a Three-Phase Inverter Connected to Electrical Network Development and Operation of a Power Take Off Rig for Ocean Energy Research and Testing

0840-0900 0900-0920 Session IX 0920-0940 0940-1000 1000-1020 1020-1040 1040-1120

181 Elisabetta Tedeschi 214 Fergus Sharkey 360 James Beale 377 Hani Alhamed Aldwaihi 394 Judy Rea

Refreshments / Exhibition

ID 45 126 129 136 163 Presenter Wave energy converter power take off systems - 3 Christopher Cargo Optimal design of a WEC hydraulic power take-off unit in irregular waves Joseba Lasa Marco Torresi Ronan Costello Rico Hansen Construction of a Universal Hydraulic Power Take-Off for Wave Energy Converters. Mathematical Modelling and Validation Testing Improved Design of High Solidity Wells Turbine Comparison of Two Alternative Hydraulic PTO Concepts for Wave Energy Conversion Modelling and Control of the Wavestar Prototype ID Presenter 112 Michael Togneri 218 Andreas Ruopp 321 Rachel NichollsLee 386 Barry Carruthers 390 Tom Blackmore Marine current energy converter modelling - 2 Parametrising turbulent marine flows for a blade element momentum model of tidal stream turbines Automatic Blade Optimization of Tidal Current Turbines Using OpenFOAM A Method for Analysing Fluid Structure Interactions on a Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine Device Modelling, Simulation and Vibration Analysis The Sensitivity of Actuator-Disc RANS Simulations to Turbulence Length Scale Assumptions ID Presenter 180 Tiago Duarte 362 Jack Giles 323 Pedro Vicente 76 Idoia Iceta Deployment, maintainance, and mooring for MEC Experimental Study of a 2D hydrofoil for application in ocean mooring systems The commercialisation of foundation-based flow acceleration structures for marine current energy converters Non-linear slack-mooring modelling of a floating two-body wave energy converter Dynamic Maintenance Strategy Optimisation tool Deployment and Testing of Commercial Scale CETO Wave Energy Converter


Thursday 8/9/11

Session X

1140-1200 1200-1220 1220-1240 1240-1300 1300-1400

338 Jonathan Fievez

Lunch / Exhibition

ID 81 88 216 299 457 Presenter Paul Prickett Merin Broudic Ida Kathrine Bjerke Raul Gonzalez Alan Mortimer Marine energy converter deployment, operation and impacts Consideration of the Condition Based Maintenance of Marine Tidal Turbines A Comparison of Underwater Noise at Two High Energy Tidal Stream Sites Experiences from Field Testing with the BOLT Wave Energy Converter The Impact of a Wave Farm in Southwestern England on Large Scale Sediment Transport Islay Tidal Demonstration Array - The Development Process and Fishing Issues ID Presenter 368 Andrew McCabe Design and optimisation of wave energy converters The Effect of Wave Climate on the Optimization of the Shape of a Wave Energy Collector by Genetic Algorithm 192 Rui Gomes Design of a Floating Oscillating Water Column for Wave Energy Conversion 249 Andreas Josefsson Performance of a Wave Energy Converter with Mechanical Energy Smoothing 294 Aurelien Babarit 406 Lucia Margheritini 121 Wei Li On the maximum and actual capture width ratio of wave energy converters An Innovative Way of Utilizing Wave Energy to Counteract Eutrophication and Hypoxia Optimization of the dimensions of a gravity-based wave energy converter foundation based on the heave and surge forces ID Presenter 134 Kester Gunn 236 Carlos Villegas 260 Francesco Fusco 273 Jahangir Khan 300 Marcos Lafoz 369 Giorgio Bacelli Control of marine energy converters An Independent Validation of the Optimality of Latching and De-clutching Control by Evolutionary Methods Implementation of Pitch Stability Control for a Wave Energy Converter A Model for the Sensitivity of Non-Causal Control of Wave Energy Converters to Wave Excitation Force Prediction Errors Evaluation of Maximum Power Point Tracking Methods in Hydrokinetic Energy Conversion Systems Study of a linear generator control used for inertial point absorbers A Geometrical Interpretation of Force and Position Constraints in the Optimal Control of Wave Energy Devices

1400-1420 1420-1440 1440-1500 1500-1520 1520-1540 1540-1600 1600-1645 1645-1830 1830 - 2130

Session XI

Refreshments / Exhibition / Posters Symposium 3: Policy (See Separate Programme) Curry Evening Closing Ceremony Conference Summary, Best paper / Presentation awards, Future conferences and closing remarks Refreshments / Exhibition

Poster Session I (Tuesday 06/09/11) 1600-1645 ID 34 Presenter Fuat Kara Time Domain Analysis of a Point Absorber WEC in Regular and Irregular Waves ID 80 Presenter Amanda Pound Poster Session II (Wednesday 07/09/11) 1600-1645 Diversification opportunities for businesses in the South West of England to engage with the growing Marine Renewable Energy market through supporting the wave energy industry. Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a Novel Breakwater Combining Coastal Defence and Energy Generation for Near Shore Environment Study of Coherent Structures Suitable for Numerical Testing of Tidal Current Energy Devices Model study of the oceanography of the Pentland Firth and adjacent waters.

Friday 09/09/11



35 63 74 75 Poster Session I (Tuesday 06/09/11) 1600-1645 and Poster Session II (Wednesday 07/09/11) 1600-1645 78

Wanan Sheng Johannes Van Niekerk Ahmed El-Baz Anne Blavette Paul Prickett

Numerical Investigation into Hydrodynamics of Moored Floating Wave Energy Converters Numerical simulation of a wave energy conversion system Laboratory Testing of a Novel Float-Type Sea Wave Enegy Converter Using a Smart Wave Generator Grid Compliance of Ocean Energy Converters: Control Strategies and Recommendations An Investigation into the Possible Effects of Cavitation on an Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine

98 99

Ming Li

Oghenevwori Okorie 108 Peter Bowyer 142 Tim Divett

Optimisation of Multiple Turbine Arrays in a Channel with Tidally Reversing Flow by Numerical Modelling with Adaptive Mesh 206 Stephanie Tidal Turbine Wakes: Small Scale Experimental and Initial Computational Modelling Ordonez-Sanchez 256 Jonas Sjolte 280 Richard Karsten 281 Deborah Greaves 346 Joaquim Barbosa 363 Scott James 418 Pedro Mayorga All-Electric Wave Energy Power Take Off Generator Optimized by High Overspeed Assessment of Arrays of In-stream Tidal Turbines in the Bay of Fundy The SOWFIA Project: Streamlining of Ocean Wave Farms Impact Assessment Early Design Stage of a Floating OWC Off-shore Wave Energy Prototype and Mooring Hinges Flow Sensitivity to MHK Energy Generation from Currents Using the SNL-EFDC Model Characterization of the tidal current resource and main constraints in Gibraltar Straits

169 185 215 224 265 285 344 379 436 461 463 465 466 468

Isidro Padron Christian Jonsson Mathew Topper Kieran Monk Stuart Easton Tracy Somerville Olle Svensson Mark Leybourne Ekaterina Sultanova Laura Finlay Sigurd Ovrebo Peng Yuan Fengmei Jing Simon Neill

Wave energy, a complement to the insular energetic systems. Energy extractors in turbulent flow: wake decay and implications for farm layout Identifying the Frontier of Knowledge for Marine Renewable Energy Research Numerical and Analytical Simulations of Wave Interference about a Single Row Array of Wave Energy Converters Techno-Economic analysis of tidal turbine installation and access A Numerical Investigation into the Tuning of an Oscillating Water Column Sensors and Measurements inside the Second and Third Wave Energy Converter at the Lysekil Research Site Computational Modelling of the OWEL Wave Energy Converter Analysis of biological safety of orthogonal turbine Design of an experiment for field testing of the interactions between 1:10 scale horizontal axis tidal turbines in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland Cost analysis of electric drive trains for tidal turbine farms Flexible Vane Turbine Tidal Current Energy Conversion Device - From Concept to Application Experimental Research on Tidal Current Power Station Impact of Tidal Energy Converter (TEC) Array Operation on Sediment Dynamics

422 Masoud The Potential of Tidal Power from the Doragh Estuary Sadrinasab 425 Ben Timmermans Uncertainty in wave power from a wave model 437 Viacheslav Sobolev 438 Themistoklis Andrikopoulos 451 Even Hjetland 460 Bruno Pereiras 472 Stephen Haynes Wave power plant with air orthogonal turbine Paddle-Wheel Turbines for Tidal and Wave Energy Installed on Stable - Unsinkable Floating Platform Based on Articulated Joints Truss Technology A Brief Introduction to the BOLT-2-WaveHub Project Design of a Turbine-Generator joint for an oscillating water column Tidal Stream Turbines and Sediment Dynamics: An Overview of Archetypal Factors

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