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The orientation, previously scheduled for Clarkston Tues. Jan. 11th, will now be held online due to school closing. The orientation will now be Wed. Jan. 12th at 7 pm in a Wimba Live Classroom (accessed via iCollege).You will receive extra credit for participating. This will be a great help to getting you started as I will demo our online text EN LINEA and review course requirements, materials and iCollege. You will also meet others online and have time to chat about schedules to find a partner for the oral recording exercise in each chapter.It is ESPECIALLY important to participate if you have not used EN LINEA before. To obtain your iCollege username and password, go to .

Instructor Course Code for EN LINEA FECFKJ338

Instructor Course code for WEBSAM: BMMXKK977


SESSION: SPRING 2011 EMAIL: [email protected]

INSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Langston TELEPHONE: (770) 278-1247 (office) (770) 856-0980 (mobile)

(OFFICE HOURS: Newton Building 1 Office # 2467 Tues. 12:45 ­ 6:15 PM and Thurs. 12:45 ­ 1:15PM Online office hours dedicated to online students; instructor will be logged-on to iCollege): Tues. 9-11pm and Wed. 10am-noon

Please email me in iCollege once the course begins. You can expect a response within 24 hours M-F. COURSE CATALOG DESCRIPTION:

This is an Intermediate Spanish course. This course continues the work begun in Elementary Spanish and completes the survey of the grammatical structure of Spanish. The skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed through linguistic exercises used in the context of everyday situations. This course continues the work begun in SPAN 1001 & 1002 with further study of the culture of Spanish-speaking regions. CONTENT:

This course will cover chapters 11-14 of the text. ARE YOU IN THE CORRECT LEVEL OF SPANISH?

If you have taken SPAN 1002 (Elementary Spanish II), you are in the correct level.

We have a free placement exam available online to students. If you feel you need to be at a higher level of Spanish and it is still VERY early in the semester, please take it and send your instructor your results. See . COMPUTER EXPERIENCE, TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS AND TECH SUPPORT Please go to the very end of this syllabus for a detailed explanation of what you will need. MATERIALS and REQUIREMENTS:

If you purchase your materials prior to class beginning or if you cannot access iCollege once class begins, email [email protected]

All Spanish classes (face-to-face, online and hybrid, 1001 through 2002) use the same package of materials.

The name of the package is "EN LINEA Custom Package". It contains the EN LINEA version 2 ecode for access to the online course program, the VISTAS binder (physical binder that will be shipped to you for offline study) and the VISTAS 3rd edition WEBSAM (based on VISTAS binder and EN LINEA version 2; this is NOT the same as the WEBSAM based on Panorama that we have used in the past for face-to-face classes). This is another way we have seen the package listed: EN LINEA 2.0 PACK (includes EN LINEA 2.0 book key code + VISTAS 3/E QUIA WEBSAM book key code + COMPANION VISTAS PHYSICAL BINDER).

There is NO refund from our bookstores once the shrink-wrap material is opened. Whenever purchasing any materials for your classes, whether online or in the bookstore, always be aware of the return policies. Students' materials are good for two years from date of purchase. You will find more information on the course materials and how to obtain them in the first module in iCollege (Al Empezar - Getting Started). You'll find instructions on how to set-up your online account to use your ebook EN LINEA and on how to do work in EN LINEA in the first week's learning module (EN LINEA Orientation). Finally, you will need access to a computer with internet access (hi-speed) to access iCollege and (where you will do your assignments and quizzes in EN LINEA) with a microphone (required for graded oral activities) and speakers or headphones for this course. You can purchase a simple microphone that plu0067s into your computer from Walmart or Target for around ten dollars.

If you don't have high-speed internet access at home, use the GPC open computer labs (or another computer with high-speed access) to save LOTS of time. COMMUNICATION WITH INSTRUCTOR: We will be using iCollege for this course. All important course information will be posted to this course's iCollege page, including instructions, grades, some tests, review sheets for the midterm and final exam, due dates on the calendar, reminders, withdrawal notifications, etc. It is imperative that you obtain a GPC iCollege username/password if you do not already have one It is also important that you log into the iCollege page and check emails/announcements/calendars/updates often. You will not receive emails in the traditional sense; you will have to log into iCollege frequently to check your emails/announcements for this class. If you are not able to gain access, you will need to sign up for a username and password. Use the following link to obtain your username and password and/or to find answers to iCollege questions and troubleshoot. RESOURCES FOR SUCCESS IN THE COURSE: Be sure to take advantage of my iCollege reviews (per chapter you will find written reviews, mp3 audio reviews and sometimes video tutorials that I've recorded). Also, when I announce a review session in Wimba Live Classroom (free webinar platform through iCollege), do your best to participate. You may either use your computer mic or call in on the phone. If you cannot make the live event, listen to the archived version. Don't wait until the last minute to get help. Let me know if you are having a problem. The Wimba classroom is a great portal for answering your individual questions with both a written and an oral response. FREE TUTORING:

Because it is assumed that you have retained the material from the previous Spanish class, it is a good idea to review that content before beginning this course. Review those areas that you do not remember well from lecciones (chapters) 1-10. This is especially important if it has been awhile since you have taken a Spanish class or if you did not take your previous Spanish class at GPC recently using EN LINEA. The ISS (Instructional Support Services)/ LTC (Learning and Tutoring Center) offers free tutoring.

Most campuses have Spanish tutoring for free. Also, you may use the following online Spanish tutorial (1001-level) for free: and log-in with username: gpc2009 password: spanish WITHDRAWAL INFORMATION: If you wish to withdraw yourself (if you are not making satisfactory progress in the course), you must do so by the midpoint (Tues. Mar. 15th) to avoid receiving an F or a WF later . You are responsible for withdrawing yourself

(in person at the Enrollment and Registration Services) and must take care of the appropriate paperwork to initiate that withdrawal. GRADING GUIDELINES AND COMPONENTS: You'll find due dates on the calendar in iCollege and at the bottom of the syllabus. Students will be graded on a point system based on 1,000 points: Quiz over EN LINEA usage/demo...Take as often as you like until the deadline...............10 Quiz over syllabus......................Take as often as you like until the deadline................10 Chapter Quizzes .....4 chapters @ 60 points with lowest/missed quiz grade dropped.............180 Chapter Assignments........4 @ 100 points with lowest/missed chapter grade dropped ........300 ("Assignments" include all assignments for each lección in EN LINEA; details below) Graded Oral Recordings....4 @ 20 points with lowest/missed chapter grade dropped............. 60 Participation in iCollege Discussions (written).............................................................40 Participation in iCollege VOICE BOARD Discussion (ORAL).........................................50 Proyecto Oral Final ­ Final Oral P.....................................................................50 Midterm Exam................mandatory & comprehensive...................................... ..............100 Final Exam............................mandatory & comprehensive...............................................200 TOTAL POINTS...........................................................................................1,000 GRADING SCALE 900 - 1,000 = A 800 ­ 899 = B 700 ­ 799 = C 600 ­ 699 = D 599 or less = F Students are responsible for keeping up with their grades. You will see ALL your grades in College ("my grades" icon). Keep record of how many points you earned for each assignment and of how many total points possible there were per assignment. You can then keep a running tally of your points earned. To determine your average at any time, simply divide your point tally by the total possible points at that time to see your grade as a percentage by moving the decimal two places to the right. For example, if I had 440 points out of 500 available, my score would be 440 ÷ 500 = 0.88, which would be 88 on a scale of 100. Extra credit: Many opportunities will be given throughout the semester (posted on iCollege). They will count

as points towards your total average. You may earn up to 30 points of extra credit (on the 1,000 point scale).

EN LINEA DEMO QUIZ ­ This quiz is mandatory for all. The En Linea Demo Quiz is on iCollege. You may take it from any computer and you may retake it until the deadline (see bottom of this syllabus for deadlines). SYLLABUS QUIZ ­ This quiz is mandatory for all. The Syllabus Quiz is on iCollege. You may take it from any computer and you may retake it until the deadline (see bottom of this syllabus for deadlines).

TESTING: All tests (chapter quizzes and exams) will be done online and on your own from a computer of your choosing.

CHAPTER QUIZZES --There will be quizzes for each chapter/lección. Each chapter has a "contextos quiz" (an objective quiz over vocabulary), an "estructura quiz" (an objective quiz over grammar) and an "escritura quiz" (a subjective quiz in which you write complete sentence answers to questions and a composition or dialogue). Quizzes are graded for accuracy (grammatical, spelling, accents, etc.) Each student may drop his or her lowest score on each type of quiz (lowest contextos, estructura and escritura as they may be from different chapters). A student may drop his/her lowest quiz score only if he/she has taken all four of that type of quiz. If a quiz is missed, it will automatically be dropped. This means a student can miss one (of each type of) quiz (one contextos, one estructura, one escritura); however, the student will not be able to drop another. Also, because one missed quiz is allowed, there are no make-up quizzes. Any quiz missed over one results in a zero that remains in the average. You must take them by the deadline given or your results will not be submitted to me for grading. You will have a wide window of time to take the chapter quizzes and you may take them at any time (day or night/weekday or weekend) during that period.

Review notes: You will see review notes in the learning modules of iCollege for the quizzes. Be sure to review these before taking any of the quizzes for a chapter in order to best understand concepts.

The chapter quizzes are open book/open notes, but are timed and graded for accuracy. EN LINEA does not have a running time clock like iCollege. You must keep up with your own time when taking the contextos and estructura quizzes. This means that you have the resources at your disposal to help you, but due to time constraints, if you do not study in advance, you will not be able to submit the quizzes in time if you have to look up all of the answers. If the quizzes are not submitted within the time allowed, they will be assigned a zero. This will ensure that you study along the way and not just before the midterm and final exam. Your success in using a foreign language depends upon your committing to memory vocabulary words and grammar structures. Also, I will only grade your first submission of any quiz. Quia may allow you to take a quiz more than once, but only your first attempt (recorded by the computer) will be graded by me. I would request that you not take it again, but just the once. If you experience technical difficulties while taking a quiz, email me before beginning a new attempt. Each chapter allows 60 points for quizzes. Each of the three parts is worth 20 points. Each part is timed and graded separately and you must enter and complete each of the following for every lección/chapter. You do not

need to do all three at the same time. You may take them on different days as you complete and study various sections of each chapter/lección. They must all be completed by the deadline on the calendar, though. You should take the three parts of the quiz in the order in which they appear below as each builds on the previous:

PART I: THE CONTEXTOS QUIZ (the vocab. quiz online through EN LINEA (at for each chapter) You'll see this quiz as the last activity/step of the contextos page. You should complete the tutorials and contextos assignments and study the vocabulary before doing the contextos quiz. You will be allowed 20 minutes for the Contextos Quiz. If you submit your answers past that time limit, they will not be graded. Use the floating accent toolbar for fill-in-the-blank sections when necessary. This portion of the quiz is graded by the computer. This means that you must enter the answers 100% accurately. If you are unsure of spelling or accent marks, look them up before submitting. Be sure to study the review sheet for each chapter as review sheets warn you in advance of fill-in-the-blank sections that require articles (like el/la/los/las) and which ones do not, as well as other helpful tips. Remember to keep track of your time on this quiz. EN LINEA does not have a running clock. PART II: THE ESTRUCTURA QUIZ (grammar quiz online through EN LINEA (at for each chapter) You'll see this quiz as the last activity/step of the LAST estructura section of the chapter. For example, for chapter 1, it is on the page with "1.4 Telling Time" because that is the last estructura (grammar) section. There is only one estructura quiz per chapter/lección (not one per estructura section). You should complete ALL estructura sections (tutorials and assignments) and study the content before doing the estructura quiz. You will be allowed 25 minutes for the Estructura Quiz. If you submit your answers past that time limit, they will not be graded. Use the floating accent toolbar for fill-in-the-blank sections when necessary. An answer will not be considered "correct" by the computer unless it is correctly entered (correctly spelled w/ any accent marks). Review your answers carefully before submitting them. This portion of the quiz is graded by the computer. This means that you must enter the answers 100% accurately. If you are unsure of spelling or accent marks, look them up before submitting. Be sure to study the review sheet for each chapter so that you will be warned in advance of tricky questions or those that could have multiple answers, etc. Remember to keep track of your time on this quiz. EN LINEA does not have a running clock. PART III: THE ESCRITURA (WRITING) QUIZ: (on iCollege); located in the last learning module for each lesson) This will consist of a few questions in Spanish to which you'll need to give complete sentence answers and/or a short composition (usually a paragraph). You will only be given one attempt. This attempt will be timed and you must submit the answers within the allowed time for them to be received. You will be allowed 25 minutes for the Escritura Quiz. If you submit your answers past that time limit, they will not be received by me in iCollege. This portion of the quiz is graded by your instructor who will enter feedback. You may open the quiz back up to review feedback after it's graded. A careful review of feedback will

go a long way to helping you improve your writing and communication skills.

PARTICIPATION IN ICOLLEGE DISCUSSIONS (WRITTEN): For each topic, in order to receive full credit, you must post one message in Spanish (four complete sentences). You must also select one message from each discussion to reply to in order to receive full credit. Your reply should be two complete sentences in length in Spanish. You do not need to worry about accent marks in the discussion messages; I will grade on the content of your message (feel free to express your own opinion, but be sure the language is comprehensible and that you address the topic). You do not need to worry about accent marks in the discussion messages; I will grade on the content of your message (feel free to express your own opinion, but be sure the language is comprehensible and that you address the topic). PARTICIPATION IN ICOLLEGE VOICE BOARD DISCUSSION (ORAL): There will be a discussion topic posted in icollege (WebCT Vista). This will be a mandatory discussion and you will post orally using VOICE BOARD. There will be a link on the homepage of icollege (WebCT). The function is very similar to the text discussion tool. The difference is that you will need to record your post using your microphone (no written text). In order to receive full credit, you will need to post a response that is ontopic, comprehensible (to me and your fellow students). I will grade on the content (not on the accuracy) of your message (feel free to express your own opinion, but be sure the post is comprehensible, on-topic and answers all of the Spanish questions you hear in my original post).

PROYECTO ORAL FINAL - FINAL ORAL PROJECT This is a mandatory component of your grade. You'll receive an email in iCollege with all of the details.

MIDTERM AND FINAL EXAM: The midterm and final exam are comprehensive (the final will be over all four chapters; the mid-term will be over the material covered in the first two chapters). Your assignment completion will prepare you for them. They are both mandatory. They are not chapter quizzes and cannot be dropped. If you miss them, you will receive a zero for them. Review sheets will be posted for both on iCollege. You will take each on iCollege by the deadline (see bottom of syllabus). No make-ups are allowed. You are allowed one attempt for each and you must complete the attempt in the same sitting in which you begin it. They will only be available during the dates listed on the calendar. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING ALL TESTS AND COMPLETING ALL ASSIGNMENTS ON-TIME ACCORDING TO THE CALENDAR in ICOLLEGE (also, see bottom of syllabus). Instructions on getting set-up to do assignments in EN LINEA and on using EN LINEA are on iCollege under "EN LINEA Orientation". If you have used EN LINEA and WEBSAM before, simply log into with your existing username and password. Enter the new instructor course code for each. The course code for EN LINEA (needed after you purchase materials as you get ready to do online coursework):


Select the correct course section from the class list (001 or 002). If you do not know which

section you are in, iCollege will show it when you log-in. The course code for WEBSAM is PRNKR497

If you have not used EN LINEA before, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you view the video tutorial at You will need to view En Linea Demo Part I and En Linea Demo Part 2.


A student must complete online assignments by the deadlines. All of these assignments are to be done online at through the EN LINEA online text (be sure to enter /books at the end). This website requires certain computer settings, browser settings/versions, etc. If an assignment is not done, a zero will be given. If an assignment is not complete, points will be deducted proportionately. Homework assignments will be checked for completion and effort instead of accuracy. If you complete all of the assignments, you will receive 100%/full credit. You must not leave any blanks in order to receive 100%. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. THERE WILL BE NO HOMEWORK MAKE-UP OPPORTUNITY. Assignments submitted after the deadline will be for practice only; the computer will not submit the results to your Instructor. I will drop your lowest chapter assignment (total) score. Thus, if you miss a chapter, that will be your dropped grade and will not hurt you. You cannot miss more than one chapter without your grade suffering. If you do miss a chapter by its deadline, it is best to do those assignments before testing or moving on to the next chapter (even if they are not submitted for a grade) because each chapter builds on the previous. It is important that you not fall behind. Assignments are automatically given a time stamp online and the time you complete the assignments will show on my screen. If your own computer is not functioning, you may use an open computer lab for free at any GPC campus. Personal computer failure/internet trouble is not considered a valid excuse for not having the assignments completed on time; you should not wait until the last possible opportunity to begin work on your assignments. Remember that high-speed access is suggested for the websites we use. After you have created an account you will log-in at with your username and password and then click "open" next to the EN LINEA book icon. You will see each chapter/lección listed in the left margin. When you click the + sign to expand that lección/chapter, you will see the various sections (like "contextos", "estructura," etc.) For each lección/ chapter you will have a variety of exercise types. You'll have tutorials that teach you the content. These are critical for online students as they give you the same kind of content presentation and grammar explanations that you'd receive in a live course. While you will not submit answers for tutorials, you should go through of the tutorials for the sections where they are provided before doing your assignments. Most exercises will score you based on how many you answer correctly and then will show you what the correct answers are. This is to help you improve. I do not grade based on how many you answer correctly; I grade based on what you've completed. When doing your assignments, you must click submit for each exercise that requires input in order for your work to be recorded. Also, you should do activities in sequence and not skip around. When you are finished, be sure a check mark appears next to each exercise in the "assignments" window to show that it has been recorded. You may do assignments multiple times for practice. Be sure to do each at least once. Which assignments should I do? After you "open" your online EN LINEA book, you will see a link at the top right that says "assignments." Click there to see which assignments you'll do that week before beginning work. You will not be assigned all exercises for the chapter. You're welcome to do them all for practice, but be sure to submit the ones that are assigned. The exercises I've assigned will be noted with a symbol and will have the due date next to them. Also click the "Messages" link (below the assignments link) for important instructions that will save you time. You may want to print the assignments page at the beginning of each week for ease of reference. Use the following guide to get an overview of the types of homework activities (this will be much easier to see when you are logged into and are in EN LINEA). Don't link to the exercises through the assignments link because you will miss out on the tutorials and content that form the basis of the exercises; you'll be very lost. Instead, print the assignments page at the beginning of the week and then navigate through the online book using the left-hand margin. * tutorials (in the "contextos" and "estructura" sections; listen and learn only; no written submission; these prepare you for the activites and quizzes) * written assignments (usually labeled "inténtalo" or "práctica"; can be in any section) * listening assignments ( "práctica" exercises with the headphones symbol require you to listen to the audio in order to complete the activity; can be in any section), * comunicación oral partner activity (one per chapter; requires recording a conversation via microphone with another student who is also online; three of them will be graded for accuracy of pronunciation and grammar for your oral grade; will be assigned from either the "contextos" section or one of the "estructura" sections) ­ see details below under "Graded Oral Recordings" *comunicación oral individual activity (these are for you to practice your oral skills on your own via microphone) * fotonovela video activity/ies (this will require you to view the fotonovela video online in EN LINEA

in order to complete the activity/ies). NOTE: Although you may have assignments from many different sections ( "contextos", "fotonovela," "culura", "pronunciación", "ortografía," "estructura," "adelante" [lectura, escritura, escuchar, en pantalla, oye como va], and "panorama,"), the sections that you will need to study for the lección/chapter quizzes and the midterm and final exams are the "contextos" and "estructura" sections. The "vocabulario" section is a glossary of all vocab taught in a particular section with the audio and English equivalent. It makes for a handy study resource but does not contain assignments. The section entitled "Prueba" will be inactive; you will not have assignments from it. Instead, your chapter quizzes will come from the "quiz" in the "contextos" and "estructura" sections of each chapter along with the "escritura" (written) quiz on iCollege for each chapter.

Note: You will be able to work ahead (begin a chapter's assignments early), but you will not be able to "submit" late assignments. However, if you work ahead, you may be doing more activities than will be assigned. You can go back whenever you like and practice any activity in any chapter, but I will base grades on the submissions that were prior to or on the due date.

SPOT CHECKS ON HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS: Your instructor reserves the right to deduct points from your assignments grade if short-cuts are found to have been taken in your work (or if your work is incomplete or off-task).


On your assignments page you'll note that you'll have one activity per chapter/lección that requires you to record yourself conversing with another student in the class. To see which of the activities it is, click the "messages" link next to the assignments link in EN LINEA. You must do at least three of these for the course (as the lowest one of four drops). You may do one from each chapter (all four). I suggest doing as many as possible in order to get the most practice you can. This oral partner recording will be graded for accuracy (pronunciation, grammar, content, comprehensibility). Each partner will be graded separately. This is the area where most online students feel they suffer the most due to lack of oral communication in a live classroom with other students. This is why I need to hear you in a conversation with another student FROM YOUR SAME CLASS (same section). You will find detailed oral partner recording instructions in iCollege. Be sure to read the instructions in iCollege completely. If you experience technical difficulties, you'll need to contact tech support (NOT 24 hour, so don't procrastinate oral partner recording to due date): QUIA TECH SUPPORT 1-650-372-4040 [email protected] Also, stay tuned for feedback. EN LINEA allows instructors to hear and grade what you record and to record feedback so that you will know if you are incorrectly pronouncing a word or are using the incorrect form of a verb, etc. When you see your oral recording grade on iCollege, you'll know the recording has been graded. Then, you'll go into and go into the oral recording activity that was graded and open the activity (through My Results). You may listen to my oral feedback about your speaking skills. This is very helpful to students in the process of improving oral proficiency. It's especially helpful to hear pronunciation. COLLEGE POLICIES:

ATTENDANCE: A student must log in to iCollege within the No Show Attendance period (usually the first week of class; check academic calendar at STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that students log in to iCollege the first day of class so as not to miss any important announcements. If you do not log-in during this period, you will be dropped from class as a "No Show." If you cannot access iCollege, notify your instructor immediately so that you are not dropped from the class.

PUBLISHER TECH SUPPORT [email protected] (800) 618-7375

Flu Policies and Procedures

In compliance with Centers for Disease Control recommendations, students should NOT attend class or any public gatherings while ill with influenza. Students with flu symptoms should not come to campus and should remain at home during recovery. The illness and self-isolation period will usually be about a week. It is very important that individuals avoid spreading the flu to others. Students with the flu do not need to provide a physician's certification of illness. However, ill students should inform their instructor by submitting the GPC Illness Notification Form as soon as possible

that they are absent because of the flu or flu-like symptoms: The most effective strategies for avoiding the flu are hand-washing along with cough and cold etiquette procedures, such as coughing into a tissue or the sleeve of your shirt. Students who miss work because of illness will have a reasonable opportunity to make up missed work. As you know, you may drop your lowest grade of each type already (lowest homework grade, lowest contextos quiz, lowest estructura quiz and lowest escritura/escuchar quiz). This policy is in place to allow you to miss one of each without your grade being impacted. That policy will remain in place. If your illness causes you to miss more than one of those grades or if you have missed one already, you will be allowed to make-up the missed assignments/quiz(zes) within a week of "returning" to class (in the case of an online class, this means within a week of logging-in to iCollege). All of your work, quizzes, exams, oral recordings and projects are already done online, so you are encouraged to keep working on your own when you are able. In the event that face-to-face courses are no longer able to meet for a period of time because of a widespread health emergency, this online course will continue online as always and should not be impacted. Please continue to view the "assignments" link in EN LINEA to see what is due and when. I will continue to post review sheets, video tutorials and audio mp3 files to iCollege. You will need to check iCollege frequently (as you are already accustomed to doing) for announcements, instructions and updates from me as that will be my mode of communicating with you. It is preferred that you contact me through iCollege or via phone (my cell number is 770-856-0980 and my office number is 770-278-1247). If you need to email outside of iCollege, please email to [email protected] using your own GPC email address. Should I become ill, I will do my best to continue my instructor responsibilities. I already have all of your reviews, quizzes, exams, etc. created for the semester and do not foresee any reason that they would be delayed. It may take me a day or so longer to grade your assignments/quizzes if I contract the flu. For additional resources, here is a link to the GPC libraries page: COLLEGE POLICY ON CHEATING AND PLAGIARISM: Honesty: Cheating is against school policy. Cheating includes any attempt to defraud, deceive, or mislead me, your instructor, in arriving at an honest grade assessment, and may include copying answers from other students or using unauthorized notes during tests. Plagiarism is a particular form of cheating that involves presenting as one's own the ideas or work of another, and may include using other people's ideas without proper attribution, quoting from other's work without indicating that it is a direct quote (even if attribution is made) and submitting another person's work as your own. Copying material from the internet and presenting it as your own work without noting the author and source is plagiarism. Violations of the cheating policy will result in a grade of '0' for the assignment in question and a referral for violation of the Student Conduct Code, and may result in a failing grade for the course at my discretion. See the Student Conduct Code in the Student Handbook for details and for a review of the appeals procedure. DISABILITY SERVICES: Accommodations are individualized and flexible based on the nature and impact of a disability and the educational environment. Documentation of a disability from an appropriate professional is required. Contact a counselor at 678-4075146. (see Student Handbook p. 10). It is the policy and practice of GPC to make all Web information accessible to students with disabilities. If you, as a student with a disability, have difficulty accessing any part of the online course materials for this class, please notify the instructor immediately. THE REGENTS' TEST: The University System of Georgia requires each student to pass both parts (reading and essay) of the Regents' test before you earn 45 hours of college credit. If you don't, if you accumulate 45 hours without passing the test, you must take the 3-credit Regents' Prep class (Essay = RGTE 0199 or Reading = RGTR 0198) in either or both parts of the test you haven't passed, even if you have never taken the test. Note: If students have not already passed English 1101, they are strongly advised to register for English 1101 with the Regents' Test. You will find further information about the Regents' Test at

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT No person shall, on the basis of age, race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or disability, be excluded from participation in, or be denied benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity of Georgia Perimeter College.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION STATEMENT Georgia Perimeter College adheres to affirmative action policies designed to promote diversity and equal opportunity for all faculty and students.

GPC NETWORK USE POLICY: Please read information found at the link below concerning your rights, responsibilities, and restrictions regarding use of the GPC network. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS, TECH SUPPORT AND COMPUTER EXPERIENCE: For this class you will need to have the following computer experience: using a word processing program, navigating web browsers and websites, using iCollege (at ) and using EN LINEA (at ) You will find the online orientation to iCollege at the link below. It is vital that you do this orientation if this is your first time using iCollege. Also, you should check your browser at: Should you have technical difficulties with iCollege during this course, please visit: You will also need to become familiar with using EN LINEA (our online book for this course). You will be able to view a two-part video demo of EN LINEA at: If you have technical difficulties with EN LINEA during this course, please visit: or email [email protected] or call 1-650-372-4040 If you experience computer problems that are not related to either iCollege or using EN LINEA, contact your computer manufacturer (such as HP or Dell). You will need frequent access to the internet as ALL of the coursework is done online. You will have a physical companion for offline study, but all else is done while connected to the internet. While online, you will need to allow pop-ups from the two sites we use for the course (at and You may use the GPC open computer labs. Keep in mind that you will need to bring a headset for listening activities so as not to disturb others in the lab (the same is recommended for library/learning resource computers). For the recording activities, you must be in a place where you can speak out loud into your microphone. Your computer will need internet access (high-speed HIGHLY recommended for all work; hi-speed required for oral partner recordings), a sound card, either speakers or a headset for listening activities, an inexpensive computer microphone (either built-in or purchased separately for around $ 10). You will NOT need a special Spanish keyboard or a Spanish language bar plug-in. If you need special accented characters, they will be provided to you in such a way that you can insert them or copy and paste them. To use EN LINEA 2.0 to its best advantage, you must have the appropriate software, plug-ins, and network connection. Please take the time to download the following software, if you do not have it installed already. Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista or Mac OS X. CPU: 233MHz RAM: 64MB Browser: PC: Internet Explorer 6.x or higher or Firefox version 1.x or higher. Mac: Firefox version 1.x or higher. Network Connection: A high-speed connection with throughput of 256 Kbps or more is recommended to use audio and video components.

Equipment: You will need speakers or a headset to listen to audio and video components, and a microphone is necessary for recording activities. Plug-ins: You must have the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player. You may download these for free: Flash & Shockwave Player On a PC, you will also need Acrobat Reader. On a Mac, you will need this PDF plugin.

COURSE CALENDAR (IMPORTANT DATES): iCollege course calendar will have these dates, too. Complete all assignments/recordings/quizzes and take all exams by dates listed on calendar below:

All assignments for a lección/chapter are due by the same date. "All assignments" includes any EN LINEA assignment given (noted with a symbol on the "assignments" link on EN LINEA in the top right corner of the webpage). The assignments for all sections of that lección/chapter consist of any tutorials, written activities, listening activities, video activities, oral communication activity (done with a microphone and a classmate) and the quizzes for that lección/chapter (all three parts: contextos, estructura and the icollege (WebCT) escritura). The chapter deadlines are just that. You may (and are encouraged to) submit the assignments earlier; do not wait until the last couple of days to begin work, as there are many assignments. You have until 11:59pm the evening of the due dates listed below to have all work completed. Please see the EN LINEA "assignments" link to see individual due dates for each homework assignment.

SYLLABUS QUIZ on iCollege: Tues., Jan. 23rd EN LINEA USAGE QUIZ on iCollege: Tues. Jan. 23rd

LECCIÓN 11 / CHAPTER 11: Mon., Jan. 26th The first half of the chapter's assignments on EN LINEA will be due on this date and the contextos (vocabulary) quiz on EN LINEA for the chapter will also be due on this date. Mon., Feb. 7th All other lección/chapter activities including the second half of the chapter's assignments (EN LINEA), the oral partner recording (EN LINEA), estructura (grammar) quiz on EN LINEA, the escritura (writing) quiz on iCollege and the written discussion on iCollege will be due on this date.

LECCIÓN 12 / CHAPTER 12: Wed., Feb. 16th The first half of the chapter's assignments on EN LINEA will be due on this date and the contextos (vocabulary) quiz on EN LINEA for the chapter will also be due on this date.

Mon., Feb. 28th All other lección/chapter activities including the second half of the chapter's assignments (EN LINEA), the oral partner recording (EN LINEA), estructura (grammar) quiz on EN LINEA, the escritura (writing) quiz on iCollege and the written discussion on iCollege will be due on this date.

MIDTERM EXAM: Take on icollege during the period of Tues. Mar. 1st ­ Fri. Mar. 4th The midterm exam covers chapters 11 and 12.

WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE / MIDPOINT: Tues. Mar. 15th (by end of business day) LECCIÓN 13/ CHAPTER 13: Tues. Mar. 22nd The first half of the chapter's assignments on EN LINEA will be due on this date and the contextos (vocabulary) quiz on EN LINEA for the chapter will also be due on this date. Mon., April 4th All other lección/chapter activities including the second half of the chapter's assignments (EN LINEA), the oral partner recording (EN LINEA), estructura (grammar) quiz on EN LINEA, the escritura (writing) quiz on iCollege and the written discussion on iCollege will be due on this date. PROYECTO ORAL FINAL : Mon. Apr. 11th LECCIÓN 14 / CHAPTER 14: Sat. Apr. 16th The first half of the chapter's assignments on EN LINEA will be due on this date and the contextos (vocabulary) quiz on EN LINEA for the chapter will also be due on this date.

LECCIÓN 14 / CHAPTER 14: Mon., April 25th All other lección/chapter activities including the second half of the chapter's assignments (EN LINEA), the oral partner recording (EN LINEA), estructura (grammar) quiz on EN LINEA, the escritura (writing) quiz on iCollege and the written discussion on iCollege will be due on this date. iCollege VOICE BOARD Oral Discussion Posting: Thurs. Apr. 28th FINAL EXAM: Take on icollege during the period of Mon. May 2nd ­ Sun. May 8th. The final exam covers chapters 11-14.


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