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Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series (titles now in print) 11. 21. 22. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. Han Shi Wai Chuan: Han Ying's Illustrations of the Didactic Application of the Classic of Songs, translated and annotated by James Robert Hightower The Chinese Short Story: Studies in Dating, Authorship, and Composition, by Patrick Hanan Songs of Flying Dragons: A Critical Reading, by Peter H. Lee Population, Disease, and Land in Early Japan, 645­900, by William Wayne Farris Shikitei Sanba and the Comic Tradition in Edo Fiction, by Robert W. Leutner Washing Silk: The Life and Selected Poetry of Wei Chuang (834?­910), by Robin D. S. Yates National Polity and Local Power: The Transformation of Late Imperial China, by Min Tu-ki Tang Transformation Texts: A Study of the Buddhist Contribution to the Rise of Vernacular Fiction and Drama in China, by Victor H. Mair Mongolian Rule in China: Local Administration in the Yuan Dynasty, by Elizabeth Endicott-West Readings in Chinese Literary Thought, by Stephen Owen Rememhering Paradise: Nativism and Nostalgia in Eighteenth-Century Japan, by Peter Nosco Taxing Heaven's Storehouse: Horses, Bureaucrats, and the Destruction of the Sichuan Tea Industry, 1074­1224, by Paul J. Smith Escape from the Wasteland: Romanticism and Realism in the Fiction of Mishima Yukio and Oe Kenzaburo, by Susan Jolliffe Napier Inside a Service Trade: Studies in Contemporary Chinese Prose, by Rudolf G. Wagner The Willow in Autumn: Ryutei Tanehiko, 1783­1842, by Andrew Lawrence Markus The Confucian Transformation of Korea: A Study of Society and Ideology, by Martina Deuchler The Korean Singer of Tales, by Marshall R. Pihl Praying for Power: Buddhism and the Formation of Gentry Society in Late-Ming China, by Timothy Brook Word, Image, and Deed in the Life of Su Shi, by Ronald C. Egan The Chinese Virago: A Literary Theme, by Yenna Wu Studies in the Comic Spirit in Modern Japanese Fiction, by Joel R. Cohn Wind Against the Mountain: The Crisis of Politics and Culture in Thirteenth-Century China, by Richard L. Davis Powerful Relations: Kinship, Status, and the State in Sung China (960­1279), by Beverly Bossler Limited Views: Essays on Ideas and Letters, by Qian Zhongshu; selected and translated by Ronald Egan Sugar and Society in China: Peasants, Technology, and the World Market, by Sucheta Mazumdar Chinese History: A Manual, by Endymion Wilkinson Studies in Chinese Poetry, by James R. Hightower and Florence Chia-Ying Yeh

48. Crazy Ji: Chinese Religion and Popular Literature, by Meir Shahar 49. Precious Volumes: An Introduction to Chinese Sectarian Scriptures from the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, by Daniel L. Overmyer 50. Poetry and Painting in Song China: The Subtle Art of Dissent, by Alfreda Murck 51. Evil and/or/as the Good: Omnicentrism, Intersubjectivity, and Value Paradox in Tiantai Buddhist Thought, by Brook Ziporyn 52. Chinese History: A Manual, Revised and Enlarged Edition, by Endymion Wilkinson 53. Articulated Ladies: Gender and the Male Community in Early Chinese Texts, by Paul Rouzer 54. Politics and Prayer: Shrines to Local Former Worthies in Sung China, by Ellen Neskar 55. Allegories of Desire: Esoteric Literary Commentaries of Medieval Japan, by Susan Blakeley Klein 56. Printing for Profit: The Commercial Publishers of Jianyang, Fujian (11th-17th Centuries), by Lucille Chia 57. To Become a God: Cosmology, Sacrifice, and Self-Divinization in Early China, by Michael J. Puett 58. Writing and Materiality in China: Essays in Honor of Patrick Hanan, edited by Judith T. Zeitlin and Lydia H. Liu 59. Rulin waishi and Cultural Transformation in Late Imperial China, by Shang Wei 60. Words Well Put: Visions of Poetic Competence in the Chinese Tradition, by Graham Sanders 61. Householders: The Reizei Family in Japanese History, by Steven D. Carter 62. The Divine Nature of Power: Chinese Ritual Architecture at the Sacred Site of Jinci, by Tracy Miller 63. Beacon Fire and Shooting Star: The Literary Culture of the Liang (502­557), by Xiaofei Tian 64. Lost Soul: "Confucianism" in Contemporary Chinese Academic Discourse, by John Makeham 65. The Sage Learning of Liu Zhi: Islamic Thought in Confucian Terms, by Sachiko Murata, William C. Chittick, and Tu Weiming 66. Through a Forest of Chancellors: Fugitive Histories in Liu Yuan's Lingyan ge, an Illustrated Book from Seventeenth-Century Suzhou, by Anne Burkus-Chasson 67. Empire of Texts in Motion: Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese Transculturations of Japanese Literature, by Karen Laura Thornber 68. Empire's Twilight: Northeast Asia Under the Mongols, by David M. Robinson 69. Ancestors, Virgins, and Friars: Christianity as a Local Religion in Late Imperial China, by Eugenio Menegon


Microsoft Word - HY series list web Feb 2010.doc

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Microsoft Word - HY series list web Feb 2010.doc
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