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natural English

Shortlisted for the Ben Warren Prize



Reading & Writing Skills



Theresa Clementson (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate) Maggie Baigent (Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate)


A modern, speaking-centred general English course that helps students use language naturally.

Students typically have gaps in their language knowledge and performance which inhibit their progress. The natural English syllabus is based on research into these language gaps and the course brings together current ideas in a stylish, principled, and easy-to-teach set of materials.

F `natural English' is a syllabus strand which

A series of photocopiable resource materials for teachers. Ideal for study or work contexts.

F Topic-related units based on authentic texts. F Develops `real life' reading and writing skills. F Advice on text types and sub-skills. F Teacher's notes in easy-to-use grid format. F Use to complement the Student's Book or as a dip-in resource.






enables students to integrate frequent, natural language into their language framework. Students learn to use real language naturally, through thinking and rehearsal time, confidence-building practice, and task-centred speaking. The three-stage approach to listening plus regular tapescript analysis and integrated pronunciation exercises help students learn to be better listeners. Teacher's Book lesson plans, a product of the authors' teacher training expertise, talk teachers through the course materials. Teacher's Book chapters cover teaching principles, techniques, and ideas, plus a selected bibliography. Humour engages and motivates through cartoons, jokes, and the listening and reading material. Join the Oxford Teachers' Club for access to the natural English website, which offers downloadable and customizable teaching, teacher training, and revision resources, and links to the natural English student's site. provides revision and extension activities, interactive games and puzzles, and selected web-links for extensive reading. The website that develops your teaching skills.

"Excellent! What the classroom has been waiting for."

Tim Urwin, Premier College, London

A " more contemporary feel; a 21st century course book."

Ian Jenkins, Languages Direct, Cardiff

"I particularly like the way the grammar is dealt with."

Roger Hunt, IH, Barcelona

New natural English Elementary 438849 2 Student's Book 438857 3 Teacher's Book 438853 0 Workbook with Key 438852 2 Workbook without Key 438854 9 Class Cassettes (2) 438855 7 Class Audio CDs (2) 438856 5 Student's Audio CD 438851 4 Reading and Writing Skills Pre-Intermediate 438858 1 Student's Book + Listening Booklet 438868 9 Teacher's Book 438864 6 Workbook with Key 438863 8 Workbook without Key 438865 4 Class Cassettes (2) 438866 2 Class Audio CDs (2) 438867 0 Student's Audio CD 438862 X Reading and Writing Skills Intermediate 437325 8 Student's Book + Listening Booklet 437329 0 Teacher's Book 437327 4 Workbook with Key 437328 2 Workbook without Key 438389 X Puzzle Book 437330 4 Class Cassettes (2) 438383 0 Class Audio CDs (2) 438385 7 Student's Audio CD 438387 3 Reading and Writing Skills Upper-Intermediate 437331 2 Student's Book + Listening Booklet 437335 5 Teacher's Book 437333 9 Workbook with Key 437334 7 Workbook without Key 438390 3 Puzzle Book 437336 3 Class Cassettes (2) 438384 9 Class Audio CDs (2) 438386 5 Student's Audio CD 438388 1 Reading and Writing Skills Test booklets are available for all levels. Please contact your local OUP office for details.

Puzzle Books


For fun self-study or classroom warmers and fillers.

F Word puzzles, jokes, cartoons, and anecdotes. F Expand students' vocabulary and encourage

reading for pleasure.

TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.

Young Adult / Adult Courses



INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED Simon Haines and Barbara Stewart (Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate) Simon Haines (Advanced)

In English


A pocket-sized, bright, friendly course that gives adults confidence.

This accessible course teaches the essential language for Starter, Elementary, and Pre-Intermediate students. The gentle pace and practical approach make it ideal for less-confident learners. It breaks language down into short chunks, which are easier to remember, and also provides plenty of practice activities to build students' confidence and give a real sense of progress.

F Grammar and core vocabulary are constantly practised and revised. F Communicative approach, with role-plays and dialogues.

56 EVERYDAY ENGLISH F The pocket-sized format means convenience and easy reference on the go!

An intelligent course that takes students seriously.

Landmark builds on what learners bring to class and respects their knowledge and experience. Using real-life listening and reading, Landmark gets students thinking, noticing, and reacting.

F Strong focus on skills pushes students to extend

Landmark Intermediate 433080 X Student's Book 433081 8 Teacher's Book 433082 6 Workbook (With Key) 433083 4 Workbook (Without Key) 433084 2 Class Cassettes (2) 433073 7 Class Audio CDs (2) Upper-Intermediate 433085 0 Student's Book 433086 9 Teacher's Book 433087 7 Workbook (With Key) 433088 5 Workbook (Without Key) 433089 3 Class Cassettes (2) 433074 5 Class Audio CDs (2) Advanced 437960 4 437963 9 437961 2 437962 0 437964 7 433062 1 437965 5

their knowledge and ability. F Texts and tasks help students explore and activate their vocabulary. F Practical approach to writing. F Discovery approach to grammar actively involves learners.

F 3-in-1 Practice Pack contains Vocabulary and Grammar Practice Books, plus

How to use this section FREE Audio CD. F The Practice Pack includes a picture dictionary, word games, test-yourself Inside your 3 in 1 Practice Pack there is a square of red plastic. sections, grammar exercises, and cover the text with this square youto learn.the words in bl When you `Everyday English' dialogues can read

but you can't see the words in pink.

Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate

F Authentic reading with supportive tasks. F Graded exposure to authentic listening.

Student's Book Teacher's Book Workbook (With Key) Workbook (Without Key) Class Cassettes (2) Class Audio CDs (2) Student's Cassette


F Unscripted recordings and authentic texts

PLUS test yourself with the ingenious red plastic square! It makes words `disappear' so you can remember and say.



challenge and stimulate the adult learner.

F Short units avoid topic fatigue.

CAE Study Pack

ADVANCED Richard MacAndrew

I = Put the red plastic square over the conversation.

Helps teachers meet the needs of examfocused students in a general English class.

F Exam workbook and audio CDs cover


1 Read the conversation. 2 I Put the red plastic square over the conversation. 3 Complete the conversation. Remember the words in pink. Say them to yourself.

See also

Advanced Masterclass CAE

PAG E 7 3

techniques, strategies, and practice of all five papers, plus one complete practice exam. F Suitable for self-access or group work. F Linked by topic to Landmark Advanced.

437967 1 CAE Study Pack



Milestones combines thorough language presentation and practice with human-interest topics and texts. Extension sections allow extra flexibility. 70­100 hours per level. F Discovery approach to language: students are encouraged to work out rules for themselves. F Detailed Grammar reference section. F Emphasis on functional English provides practical, relevant language. F `Conversation pieces' and `Vocabulary file' sections. F Strong skills development with wide-ranging and varied practice, recycling the language of the unit.

Elementary 433869 X Student's Book 433870 3 Teacher's Book 433871 1 Workbook (With Key) 433872 X Workbook (Without Key) 433873 8 Class Cassettes (2) Pre-Intermediate 433859 2 Student's Book 433860 6 Teacher's Book 433861 4 Workbook (With Key) 433862 2 Workbook (Without Key) 433863 0 Class Cassettes (2) Intermediate 433864 9 Student's Book 433865 7 Teacher's Book 433866 5 Workbook (With Key) 433867 3 Workbook (Without Key) 433868 1 Cassettes (2)

In English Starter 434050 3 437744 X 434052 X 434053 8 438650 3

Student's Book Practice Pack Teacher's Book Class Cassettes (2) Class Audio CDs (2)

Elementary 434056 2 Student's Book 437745 8 Practice Pack 434058 9 Teacher's Book 434059 7 Class Cassettes (2) 438651 1 Class Audio CDs (2)

Pre-Intermediate 434062 7 Student's Book 437746 6 Practice Pack 434064 3 Teacher's Book 434065 1 Class Cassettes (2) 438652 X Class Audio CDs (2)

TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.


Young Adult / Adult Courses


BEGINNER Briony Beaven and Tim Falla with John and Liz Soars

A short foundation course for absolute beginners.

Headstart 435721 X 435723 6 435722 8 435724 4 435745 7 Student's Book Teacher's Book Workbook Class Cassette Student's Cassette

Streamline English Clockwise

ELEMENTARY TO ADVANCED Heather Potten and Jonathan Potten (Elementary) Bruce McGowen and Vic Richardson (Pre-Intermediate) Will Forsyth (Intermediate) Jon Naunton (Upper-Intermediate) Amanda Jeffries (Advanced) BEGINNER TO UPPER-INTERMEDIATE Bernard Hartley and Peter Viney

A four-level course which provides comprehensive and effective coverage.

Streamline English operates as a complete, integrated course, taking students to Cambridge First Certificate level. Alternatively, each level can be used as a self-contained intensive course.

Streamline English Departures 432221 1 Student's Book 432222 X Teacher's Edition 432233 5 Workbook A 432234 3 Workbook B 432225 4 Cassette Connections 432227 0 Student's Book 432228 9 Teacher's Edition 432235 1 Workbook A 432236 X Workbook B 432229 7 Cassettes (2) Destinations 432241 6 Student's Book 432242 4 Teacher's Edition 432237 8 Workbook A 432238 6 Workbook B 432243 2 Cassettes (3) Directions 432272 6 Student's Book 432273 4 Teacher's Edition 432239 4 Workbook A 432240 8 Workbook B 432274 2 Cassettes (2)

Clockwise Elementary 434096 1 Classbook 434097 X Teacher's Book 434099 6 Class Cassette 433817 7 Class Audio CD 434098 8 Teacher's Resource Pack Pre-Intermediate 434074 0 Classbook 434075 9 Teacher's Book 434076 7 Class Cassette 433818 5 Class Audio CD 434087 2 Teacher's Resource Pack Intermediate 434078 3 Classbook 434079 1 Teacher's Book 434080 5 Class Cassettes (2) 433819 3 Class Audio CDs (2) 434088 0 Teacher's Resource Pack Upper-Intermediate 434082 1 Classbook 434083 X Teacher's Book 434084 8 Class Cassettes (2) 433820 7 Class Audio CDs (2) 434086 4 Teacher's Resource Pack Advanced 434092 9 434093 7 434095 3 433821 5 434094 5

A complete short course series for practical progress.

Clockwise is designed for learners who want to make effective progress in a short time. It concentrates on developing fluency, refreshing key grammar areas, and extending vocabulary. 40­60 hours per level.

F Practical syllabus includes pronunciation and lots

See also

English Channel

PAG E 8 6



of oral practice, as well as memory skills and timed activities to encourage fast, relevant learning. Introduces work on features of spoken English, conversational tactics, and high frequency idiomatic vocabulary. Clear objectives in each lesson encourage achievement and progress. Short lessons can be used in any order, allowing choice in topic and syllabus coverage. All-in-one Classbook, with Practice section and writing activities. Photocopiable Teacher's Resource Pack at each level for supplementing and adapting.

Streamline English Video

PAG E 8 6



Classbook Teacher's Book Class Cassettes (2) Class Audio CDs (2) Teacher's Resource Pack

A gently-paced three-level course with an optional video component.

Grapevine develops beginners' confidence by introducing and practising language points gradually, with regular recycling.

Grapevine Level 1 425381 3 425382 1 425383 X 425385 6 425384 8

Student's Book Teacher's Book Workbook A Workbook B Cassettes (2)

Level 2 425386 4 425387 2 425388 0 425390 2 425389 9

Student's Book Teacher's Book Workbook A Workbook B Cassettes (2)

Level 3 425391 0 425392 9 425393 7 425395 3 425394 5

Student's Book Teacher's Book Workbook A Workbook B Cassettes (2)

See also

Grapevine Video

PAG E 8 6 Join the Oxford Teachers' Club for access to the Clockwise website, which offers downloadable materials for teachers, including tests and extra grammar practice, as well as resources for students.

TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.

Young Adult / Adult Courses




American Headway


American Headway online

Join the Oxford Teachers' Club for access to the American Headway website for online support for teachers and students. The Teacher's site offers additional downloadable materials for teachers.

American Headway is the complete languagelearning package for students who are serious about learning English.

American Headway combines a comprehensive treatment of grammar, vocabulary, and functional language with up-to-date topics and levelappropriate skills work to deliver real results in the classroom.

F In-depth approach to grammar provides a firm

foundation for language learning.

F Systematic vocabulary syllabus helps students

understand language patterns and acquire important vocabulary learning skills. F `Everyday English' sections introduce students to practical, functional language. F Balanced skills syllabus builds students' confidence and leaves them with a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

American Headway Starter 435387 7 Student Book 437175 1 Student Book A 437176 X Student Book B 435389 3 Teacher's Book (Including Tests) 437177 8 Teacher's Resource Book 435388 5 Workbook 438902 2 Workbook A 438903 0 Workbook B 435390 7 Student Book Cassettes (2) 437178 6 Student Book Audio CDs (2) 437944 2 Workbook Cassette 437945 0 Workbook Audio CD Level 1 435375 3 Student Book 437926 4 Student Book A 437927 2 Student Book B 435377 X Teacher's Book (Including Tests) 437928 0 Teacher's Resource Book 435376 1 Workbook 438904 9 Workbook A 438905 7 Workbook B 435378 8 Student Book Cassettes (2) 437929 9 Student Book Audio CDs (2) 437930 2 Workbook Cassette 437931 0 Workbook Audio CD Level 2 435379 6 Student Book 437932 9 Student Book A 437933 7 Student Book B 435381 8 Teacher's Book (Including Tests) 437934 5 Teacher's Resource Book 435380 X Workbook 438906 5 Workbook A 438907 3 Workbook B 435382 6 Student Book Cassettes (2) 437935 3 Student Book Audio CDs (2) 437936 1 Workbook Cassette 437937 X Workbook Audio CD

Level 3 435383 4 437938 8 437939 6 435385 0 437940 X 435384 2 438908 1 438909 X 435386 9 437941 8 437942 6 437943 4 New Level 4 439274 0 439275 9 439276 7 439283 X 439284 8 439280 5 438910 3 438911 1 439285 6 439286 4 439287 2 439288 0

Student Book Student Book A Student Book B Teacher's Book (Including Tests) Teacher's Resource Book Workbook Workbook A Workbook B Student Book Cassettes (2) Student Book Audio CDs (2) Workbook Cassette Workbook Audio CD

The Student's site

Student Book Student Book A Student Book B Teacher's Book (Including Tests) Teacher's Resource Book Workbook Workbook A Workbook B Student Book Cassettes (3) Student Book Audio CDs (3) Workbook Cassette Workbook Audio CD offers extra practice for students.

Test booklets for Starter and Levels 1­3 are available. Please contact your local OUP office for details.


TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.


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