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Dic tionar ies

Oxford Essential Dictionary

elementary and Pre-IntermedIate (a1­a2) 24,000 words, phrases, and meanings Helps students learn the most important words and how to use them. learn at this level marked as keywords.

Oxford Wordpower Dictionary

Third Edition IntermedIate to UPPer-IntermedIate (B1­B2) Over 46,000 words, phrases, and meanings Focuses on building vocabulary and boosting accuracy and confidence. The Wordpower Trainer booklet helps students get the most from their dictionary. words to learn ­ are clearly marked.

Oxford Student's Dictionary

for learners using English to study other subjects M Joint Winner, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

ESU English Language Book Award 2008

· 2,000 most important and useful words to · 500 Focus Notes on spelling, grammar,

correctly. and pronunciation help learners to avoid mistakes.

"... an incredibly useful aid for teachers and students."

JUdges' comments

· Oxford 3000TM keywords ­ the most useful · Vocabulary-building notes give words on · `Help' notes give learners the information

particular topics, as well as synonyms for over-used words like `nice' and `good'. they need to avoid errors.

UPPer-IntermedIate to advanced (B2­c1) 52,000 words, phrases, and meanings Helps students learn the vocabulary they need to use English to study other subjects (biology, history, mathematics, etc). Recommended for CLIL, bilingual or vocational schools, and for students preparing for international exams (IELTS and TOEFL®). write about topics (e.g. art, describing trends, the legal system, health). vocabulary using synonyms (mention, refer to, cite, quote, allude to). know, marked with a .

· 13,000 examples help students use words ·

Over 400 illustrations throughout the dictionary and a 16-page colour Picture Dictionary section explain difficult words or show different meanings.

· Photos and drawings clarify difficult words or

show the difference between similar words.

· Collocations boxes show how to talk and · Thesaurus boxes show how to expand

· Oxford 3000TM, the words students need to · 16-page study section gives extra help on · Sixteen pages of colour illustrations show · Activities develop dictionary skills so that · Search the complete Wordpower · Look up words you know in the

Dictionary. Oxford Learner's Wordfinder Dictionary, and learn words you don't know. Wordpower CD-ROM

· All words from the Academic Word List are · 40 reference pages support academic

writing and improve study skills. marked to help with academic writing.

words in topic groups to build vocabulary. learners get the most from the dictionary.

· Lower-price version available, see page 78.

Essential Dictionary CD-ROM

topics such as talking on the telephone, letter writing, and talking about dates and numbers.

· Hundreds of diagrams and illustrations

Student's Dictionary CD-ROM

help to describe scientific and technical processes.

· Search the complete A-Z dictionary. · Hear spoken British and American · Prepare for exams like KET, and the

pronunciation of all the words and listen to thousands of spoken examples at keyword entries.

· Search the complete Oxford Student's · Search the words needed for each

Dictionary and the Oxford Learner's Wordfinder Dictionary. content area in the Topic Dictionary. lists in the My Topics Dictionary and add your own notes to entries. practice exercises.

· Use the Oxford Genie to look up words · View entries from Wordpower under ·

when you are online or using a Word document. topic headings, for example all words connected with computing or the environment. Games and exercises help learners build vocabulary and prepare for exams.

978 0 19 439924 1 978 0 19 439927 2 978 0 19 439928 9

· Create your own glossaries and word · Vocabulary-building and exam

Starters, Movers, and Flyers Tests with the games and exercises.

See also Cambridge Young Learners English Tests page 62

Oxford Essential Dictionary Paperback with CD-ROM 978 0 19 431718 4 978 0 19 431722 1

Oxford Wordpower Dictionary With CD-ROM and Wordpower Trainer Special Price Edition (only available in certain markets)

Oxford Student's Dictionary for learners using English to study other subjects Paperback with CD-ROM 978 0 19 431747 4 Paperback 978 0 19 431746 7 Special Price Edition (only available in certain countries) 978 0 19 439869 5


Dic tionar ies

Oxford Collocations Dictionary

Oxford Learner's Thesaurus

for students of English UPPer-IntermedIate to advanced (B2­c2) Shows the words that work together to help students write and speak natural-sounding English. Shows over 250,000 common word combinations (collocations) essential for natural-sounding British and American English. a 2-billion word corpus that provides authoritative information on the most typical collocations. American English are clearly labelled. American English, show how collocations work in context. of speech and meaning.

A dictionary of synonyms M Shortlisted for the British Council 2009 ELT Innovation Award

"... very clear, very thorough, helpful and comprehensive."

JUdges' comments

UPPer-IntermedIate to advanced (B2­c2) No two words are exactly the same. This learner's thesaurus helps students distinguish between over 17,000 similar words and expressions and use them correctly.

· Based on the Oxford English Corpus, · Collocations only found in British or · 75,000 examples, using British and

· include between three and ten near-

The 2,000 entries:

· help students understand the differences · provide over 4,000 notes to enable · include over 2,000 opposites.

synonyms, showing the differences between them in terms of meaning, grammar, register, collocations, and frequency. between familiar words such as easy and simple while learning expressions, such as effortless, painless, and plain sailing. students to distinguish between very close synonyms, choose the best word for the context, and use it correctly.

· Collocations are grouped according to part · Usage notes show collocations shared · 16-page study section.

by sets of words such as languages and seasons.

· Searchable index that makes it

Collocations Dictionary CD-ROM

The Oxford Learner's Thesaurus also includes:

· an alphabetical index and a topic index, · 16 study pages focusing on topics, with

exam-style exercises. to find any word or expression in the thesaurus.

· Pop-up definitions of every word · Search the complete dictionary. · Practice exercises.

easy to find the collocation you are looking for. included in the dictionary, with spoken pronunciation of British and American English.

· Search the complete Oxford Learner's · Practise and expand vocabulary with

over 250 extra practice exercises.

Oxford Learner's Thesaurus Pack (Book and CD-ROM) 978 0 19 475200 8

Thesaurus CD-ROM Thesaurus.

Oxford Learner's Pocket Thesaurus

UPPer-IntermedIate to advanced (B2­c2) Essential information about 25,000 synonyms and opposites in a handy pocket-sized book. Based on the Oxford Learner's Thesaurus which was shortlisted for the 2009 British Council ELT Innovation Award.

Oxford Collocations Dictionary Pack (Dictionary and CD-ROM)

978 0 19 432538 7

Oxford Learner's Pocket Thesaurus Paperpack Counterpack (5 copies)

978 0 19 475204 6 978 0 19 475205 3


Dic tionar ies

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Eighth Edition UPPer-IntermedIate to advanced (B2­c2) a s HornBy edItor: Joanna tUrnBUll This is the dictionary teachers and students love to use ­ it's the world's bestselling advanced learner's dictionary. The new edition, with Oxford iWriter, develops the skills students find most difficult: writing, and developing the vocabulary to express ideas and opinions.

· Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM and 32-page Oxford Writing Tutor help · 1,000 new words and meanings cover technology, lifestyle, slang,

to know in English and the most important meanings of those words. students plan, write, and review their written work.

· Oxford 3000PlusTM keyword entries show the most important words · Topic Collocation notes and synonym information in the Oxford · 64-page Visual Vocabulary Builder with colour photos and · Academic Word List words marked.

illustrations builds vocabulary on topics such as landscapes, the environment, leisure activities, and `inside the house'. 3000TM keyword entries enable students to extend their vocabulary to over 7,500 words.

the economy (carbon trading, citizen journalism, malware, staycation).

Oxford 3000PlusTM shows the most important meanings of the words students need to know

Oxford 3000TM keywords give information that helps students reach the 7,500-word vocabulary advanced learners need

Explanations are easy to understand because the defining vocabulary uses the Oxford 3000TM words Corpus-based examples show how words are used


"No other dictionary explains words better than OALD."

sayed JamIl, stUdent, canada

Dic tionar ies

"Students can easily find and understand the meaning of a word, and aren't afraid of actually using a dictionary."

elIna BeatrIz Beccaría, teacHer, argentIna

"It makes me more confident than ever before."

XIaoBo yang, cHIna

Interactive whiteboard-friendly CD-ROM

· Oxford iWriter guides and supports

View a demonstration at students with writing an argument or comparison essay, a report, review, cv/résumé, etc.

· Thesaurus, Cultural Guide, 1,000s of extra · Topic vocabulary banks make it easy to

example sentences, illustrations and Word Origin information integrated with the A­Z entries for easy reference. learn words used in society and politics, science and technology, culture, education, etc. develop listening skills needed for passing exams. Academic Word List.

· Dictation exercises in a variety of accents · Exercises to practise and learn the

· Downloadable dictionary skills worksheets

help students get the most from the dictionary.

Oxford Writing Tutor gives tips and guidance on tackling writing tasks, oral presentations, and writing emails ­ an online dictionary you can trust

· Access to the complete A­Z dictionary. · Hear all headwords spoken to practise

pronunciation. list, usage notes, and images.

· Access the Oxford 3000TM list, the Academic Word · Set up the OALD search box on your own website.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th Edition Paperback 978 0 19 479900 3 Paperback with CD-ROM 978 0 19 479902 7 Hardback with CD-ROM 978 0 19 479904 1 International Student's Edition* 978 0 19 479912 6 International Student's Edition with CD-ROM* 978 0 19 479914 0 *available in certain markets only, please check with your local OUP office


Dic tionar ies

Oxford Phrasal Verbs Dictionary

for learners of English Second Edition IntermedIate to advanced (B1­c2) Understand over 7,000 common British and American phrasal verbs and use them correctly.

Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary

Fourth Edition IntermedIate to advanced (B1­c2) 38,000 words, phrases, and meanings Essential information on basic English vocabulary in a pocket-sized book. Includes 38,000 words, phrases and meanings with corpus-based examples and grammar information.

Oxford Business English Dictionary

for learners of English IntermedIate to advanced (B1­c2) All the help and information learners need to do business in British or American English. from a wide variety of business areas.

·Shows common subjects and objects to help

learners use the verbs appropriately.

·Includes 30,000+ words, phrases, and meanings ·Groups of common phrases show words that are ·Special notes build vocabulary, and give

information on aspects of business. concepts and processes. language. always used together (to open/close/have/hold an account).

·Helps students with synonyms, allowing them to ·25 pages of tips and photocopiable exercises for ·`Guide to the Particles' explains the most

practice. important meanings of the main adverbs and prepositions used in phrasal verbs to help learners see patterns. decide whether a phrasal verb or a single-word verb is the more appropriate choice.

Oxford Learner's Wordfinder Dictionary

IntermedIate to advanced

HUgH traPPes-lomaX

·Illustrations and diagrams explain business ·Study pages focus on specific areas of business


Helps learners enrich and expand their vocabulary. Students look up words they know to learn other related words.

Oxford Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs


a P cowIe and r mackIn

Oxford Photo Dictionary

BegInner to IntermedIate 2,400 words are presented in colour photographs illustrating a wide range of topics.

CD-ROM contains the dictionary, with extra words and phrases, more examples, pronunciation, listening practice, and exercises to help prepare for Business English exams.

Over 11,000 phrasal verbs and fixed verbal expressions are explained.

Oxford English Picture Dictionary

BegInner to IntermedIate

e c Parnwell

A topic-based picture dictionary for all ages which teaches over 2,000 words.

Oxford Primary Dictionary for Eastern Africa Oxford Idioms Dictionary

for learners of English Second Edition IntermedIate to advanced (B1­c2) Explains more than 10,000 of the most frequently used idioms in English today. newspapers to up-to-date informal English. New Edition elementary to Pre-IntermedIate The words and help that primary school pupils in Eastern Africa need.

Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary of Business English

IntermedIate to advanced (B1­c2) A pocket-sized dictionary of Business English based on the Oxford Business English Dictionary.

·More than 16,500 words and phrases including

the vocabulary used in the primary school English syllabus.

Oxford Phrasal Verbs Dictionary Oxford Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs Oxford Idioms Dictionary Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms Oxford Basic Dictionary of English (only available in certain countries) Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary, Fourth Edition Oxford Learner's Wordfinder Dictionary Oxford Photo Dictionary Oxford English Picture Dictionary Oxford Primary Dictionary for Eastern Africa, New Edition

978 0 19 431721 4 978 0 19 431285 1 978 0 19 431723 8 978 0 19 431287 5 978 0 19 431719 1 978 0 19 439872 5 978 0 19 431308 7 978 0 19 431360 5 978 0 19 431160 1 978 0 19 450100 2

·Coverage includes expressions used in business and ·Idioms from British and American English, and other English-speaking countries. ·Focus on opposites and related words to build ·Study pages explore groups of idioms to find ·Pronunciation for all key words and stress for all

idioms. common themes. vocabulary.

·Words from Eastern African English. ·Words for topics such as food, crops, and animals. ·More than 500 illustrations. ·1,000 notes to help with grammar, spelling, and ·Special Pages to help pupils prepare for the endof-school exam. pronunciation.

Oxford WordSmith Tools Version 5


develoPed By mIke scott

Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms


a P cowIe, r mackIn, and I r mccaIg

Concordancing software for exploring the way real language works. Distributed exclusively via the Internet. Download the program to explore its features and purchase a software licence from product/

Over 7,000 idioms with examples of their use.

Oxford Basic Dictionary of English

elementary and Pre-IntermedIate (a1­a2) A lower-price version of the Oxford Essential Dictionary (see page 74).

Oxford Business English Dictionary for learners of English Dictionary 978 0 19 431584 5 Dictionary and CD-ROM Pack 978 0 19 431617 0 Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary of Business English 978 0 19 431733 7







Bilingual Dic tionar ies


View these titles online See


Diccionari Oxford Pocket Català


Dictionnaire Oxford Poche

Bilingual Learners' Dictionaries

· The dictionary tells learners in detail what they need to know about English. · Notes in the learner's own language provide targeted help with grammar, usage, and · The entries are selected on the basis of frequency and relevance to the learner's level and · They are compiled by a team who have experience of teaching English in the relevant · Oxford bilingual learners' dictionaries share the features of our monolingual learners'

dictionaries: ­ reliability guaranteed by corpus research. ­ active help with using English as well as understanding it. ­ numerous example sentences reflecting contemporary usage. ­ cultural notes, study pages, and appendices on areas of particular interest.



Oxford's bilingual dictionaries are written exclusively for learners of English, and not for English-speaking learners of a foreign language.

Das Oxford Schulwörterbuch, New Edition Das Große Oxford Wörterbuch, Second Edition with CD-ROM


vocabulary points where it is most needed. needs.

Oxford English­Greek Learner's Dictionary Oxford Greek­English Learner's Dictionary Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary


country, who know the exams that students are preparing for, and understand their problems.

Oxford angol­magyar szótár nyelvtanulóknak


Dizionario Oxford Study per studenti d'inglese, Second Edition



Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Korean Dictionary


Oxford Wordpower Dictionary

for Arabic speakers of English NEW New Edition IntermedIate (B1­B2) Now revised to include up-to-date vocabulary plus a FREE online practice test at

978 0 19 431611 8

Oxford Studijní slovník

výkladový slovník anglictiny s ceským pekladem NEW A Czech edition of the Oxford Student's Dictionary IntermedIate to advanced (B1­c1) This new bilingual dictionary covers general English plus curricular and academic vocabulary for students studying other subjects in English (biology, history, mathematics, art, tourism etc.). CD-ROM

Oxford Wordpower: slownik angielsko­polski/polsko­angielski Oxford Pocket slownik kieszonkowy


Oxford Elementary Learner's Dictionary NEW

English-English-Arabic elementary (a1­a2)

·Instant look-up of words on either the English or ·Pronunciation of the headwords in British or ·Reference pages to support academic writing ·Hundreds of diagrams and illustrations help to ·Fun games and exercises. ·Oxford Genie looks up words when you are

online or in a Word document.

978 0 19 430655 3

Dicionário Oxford Escolar para estudantes brasileiros de inglês, Revised Edition Aprenda Definitivamente 100 Phrasal Verbs Oxford Pocket Dicionário bilingue para brasileiros


·Simple English definitions with Arabic ·Oxford 2000TM keywords show students the most ·16 pages of colour illustrations show words in ·500 notes on spelling, grammar, and ·Arabic-English index.

978 0 19 431671 2

Czech sides of the dictionary. American English.


Dicionário Oxford Pocket para estudantes de Inglês


important and useful words to learn at this level. topic groups to build vocabulary.

and improve study skills.

describe scientific and technical processes.

Oxford English-Serbian Student's Dictionary


pronunciation help learners avoid mistakes.


Oxford Elementary Learner's Dictionary NEW

English-English-Persian elementary (a1­a2)


Diccionario Oxford Pocket

para estudiantes de inglés NEW New Edition elementary to IntermedIate (a1­B1) This new edition has hundreds of new words and extra help for Spanish students using English to learn other subjects, and new study material on vocabulary development and conversational skills.

978 0 19 441927 7

·Simple English definitions with Persian ·500 notes on spelling, grammar, and

978 0 19 431630 9

·Oxford 2000TM keywords show students the most

important and useful words to learn at this level. pronunciation help learners avoid mistakes.

translations at the bottom of the page.

Diccionario Oxford Study Diccionario Oxford de Phrasal Verbs Diccionario Oxford Pocket Edición Latinoamericana Diccionario Oxford Pocket Edición Rioplatense Diccionario Oxford Escolar Edición Andina Diccionario Oxford Escolar para estudiantes de inglés (Central American Edition) Diccionario Oxford Escolar para estudiantes mexicanos de inglés


Oxford Türkiye Sözlük ngilizce­Türkçe


ame r ic an Dic tionar ies


Oxford American Dictionaries

for learners of English

lower-IntermedIate to advanced These dictionaries are the key to academic success. They build language skills, covering the most important words for general and academic English, and developing content area vocabulary for studying other subjects in English.

· Definitions use a limited vocabulary so students understand what words mean. · Examples show how words are used. · Reference pages provide information on punctuation, irregular verbs, etc. · Colour illustrations make it easy to understand more difficult words. · Note boxes help with synonyms, words that go together, vocabulary building, etc. · Oxford Writing Tutor and interactive Oxford iWriter help students improve their writing

skills (Oxford American Dictionary and Oxford Advanced American Dictionary only).

2,000 keyword entries show the most important words to learn

Colour illustrations and a spacious design reassure learners moving from picture or bilingual dictionaries

Reduced sample pages from Oxford Basic American Dictionary

Academic Word List words are marked

Content area vocabulary is labelled with its subject

Useful notes help with words that go together, vocabulary building, synonyms, confusable words, pronunciation and grammar


ame r ic an Dic tionar ies

Open the door to academic success

Oxford American Dictionary Vocabulary Builder NEW

IntermedIate to advanced keItH Folse 50 lessons with more than 100 activities help students consolidate and extend their vocabulary and achieve academic success. Write-in exercises make it suitable for class or home study. for example content area vocabulary, and the Oxford 3000TM . dictionary entry (taken from the Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English), to learn how a dictionary helps with pronunciation, parts of speech, and to use words correctly.

Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM

Oxford iWriter shows students how to plan, write, and review their written work. Only available on the dictionary CD-ROMs for Oxford American Dictionary and Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. have to prepare from the menu. plan and structure the writing.

· Each lesson focuses on dictionary skills or an area of language, · Activities encourage students to explore different parts of a

· Students select the type of written task they · The model for each task type shows how to · Language Banks show students how to

express opinions, sound objective, be more formal, etc. iWriter provides the framework to structure the writing, and guidance for every stage of the writing process. work, before saving it as a Word document to print out and hand in to their teacher.

· When students are ready to write, Oxford

· Students use the checklist to review their

Oxford Basic American Dictionary 27,000 words, phrases, and meanings 15,000 examples 500 colour illustrations 25 Reference pages Oxford American Dictionary 42,000 words, phrases, and meanings 35,000 examples 650 colour illustrations 45 Reference pages, including 16-page Oxford Writing Tutor Oxford 3000TM keywords marked Oxford Advanced American Dictionary 180,000 words, phrases, and meanings 85,500 examples 750 colour illustrations 65 Reference pages, including 26-page Oxford Writing Tutor Oxford 3000TM keywords marked

Dictionary CD-ROMs

· Hear words spoken (and spoken sample

sentences at Basic level). own voice' facility. Dictionary. It's easy to search the full A-Z and picture dictionary using the CD-ROM for each level. Students can also:

· Practise pronunciation using the `Record your · Focus on content area vocabulary with the Topic · Create personal word lists with My Topics. · Look up words on Internet pages, in Word

available at Basic level). documents, or emails using the Oxford Genie.

2,000 keyword entries (from the Oxford 3000TM)

· Improve writing skills with the Oxford iWriter (not

Dictionary CD-ROMs are available at each level, only with the dictionary.

Oxford American Dictionaries Oxford Basic American Dictionary for learners of English with CD-ROM Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English with CD-ROM Oxford Advanced American Dictionary for learners of English with CD-ROM Oxford American Dictionary Vocabulary Builder

978 0 19 439969 2 978 0 19 439972 2 978 0 19 439966 1 978 0 19 439995 1

See also Q: Skills for Success page 66


ame r ic an Dic tionar ies

Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas

Second Edition BegInnIng to IntermedIate dorotHy kaUFFman and gary aPPle Program consUltant: kate kInsella assessment eXPert: margo gottlIeB

Accelerates academic language development

The Oxford Picture Dictionary for Kids

BegInner Joan ross keyes Over 700 words in the context of pictures which tell stories, and 60 topics which can be presented in any order. Kids' Readers Stories based on the Dictionary to enhance children's vocabulary and reading skills. See the online catalogue for further information.

Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas, Second Edition English Dictionary 978 0 19 452500 8 English-Spanish Edition 978 0 19 452502 2 Teacher's Edition 978 0 19 452545 9 Workbook 978 0 19 452504 6 Academic Language Accelerator 978 0 19 452505 3 Reproducibles Collection Pack 978 0 19 452507 7 Reproducible Social Studies: People and Places 978 0 19 452508 4 Reproducible Social Studies: History and Government 978 0 19 452509 1 Reproducible Life Science 978 0 19 452510 7 Reproducible Physical Science, Earth and Space Science 978 0 19 452511 4 Reproducible Math and Technology 978 0 19 452544 2 Class Audio CDs (5) 978 0 19 452556 5 iPack 978 0 19 452555 8 Teacher's Pack with iPack 978 0 19 452525 1 Teacher's Pack without iPack 978 0 19 452523 7 Classroom Set Pack 978 0 19 452526 8 Assessment CD-ROM 978 0 19 452559 6 Content Areas Readers Letters from Canada and Mexico Two Villages: Two Hundred Years Apart Inside the Human Body Use Your Senses Science Lab How The Earth Gets Its Shape The Weather Math Every Day Measurement All Over the World The Computer Age Teacher's Book with Audio CDs (2) Library Pack (pack of ten Readers) The Oxford Picture Dictionary for Kids Monolingual English Dictionary (paperback) Monolingual English Dictionary (hardcover) English-Japanese Dictionary English-Spanish Dictionary Teacher's Book Workbook Worksheets Stories Beats! Word & Picture Cards Reproducibles Collection (Worksheets, Stories, Beats!, Word & Picture Cards) Cassettes (4) Audio CDs (5) Wall Charts (60)

· Dictionary with over 1,600 words and 77 topics organized into 10 · Workbook with additional vocabulary practice, focusing on the

over 1,350 word and picture cards. thematic units in social studies, science, and maths. same grammar point, academic language, or critical thinking skill found in the Dictionary.

A complete programme that develops the academic language and content vocabulary skills students need to succeed.

· Reproducible Collection with reading and writing practice, and

customizable lesson plan CD, and an Instructional Assessment Usage Guide to document students' progress. readings in the Reproducibles Collection.

· Teacher's Edition provides a research-based instructional routine, · Class Audio CDs with pronunciation of all the Dictionary terms and · Academic Language Accelerator with 100+ suggestions for

facilitating content vocabulary and concept learning. Website.

978 0 19 430951 6 978 0 19 430952 3 978 0 19 430953 0 978 0 19 430954 7 978 0 19 430955 4 978 0 19 430956 1 978 0 19 430957 8 978 0 19 430958 5 978 0 19 430959 2 978 0 19 430960 8 978 0 19 430974 5 978 0 19 430964 6

Content Area Readers

BegInner serIes consUltant: dorotHy kaUFFman Ten colourful 24-page books present content area readings in science, maths, history, and social studies. The Readers provide practice and extension of vocabulary, language, and concepts introduced in the Dictionary.

978 0 19 434997 0 978 0 19 434996 3 978 0 19 436664 9 978 0 19 436662 5 978 0 19 434998 7 978 0 19 435218 5 978 0 19 432507 3 978 0 19 432508 0 978 0 19 432509 7 978 0 19 432510 3 978 0 19 435200 0 978 0 19 435199 7 978 0 19 438401 8 978 0 19 435201 7


Oxford Picture Dictionary

M Winner American Inhouse Design Award BegInner to IntermedIate Jayme adelson-goldsteIn and norma sHaPIro A popular picture dictionary for young adult and adult learners, available in 13 bilingual editions, that builds vocabulary and develops critical thinking skills.

Interactive CD-ROM

Jayme adelson-goldsteIn, norma sHaPIro wItH JennI cUrrIe santamarIa, and Jane sPIgarellI Brings the words and illustrations in the Oxford Picture Dictionary to life with sound and animation. reading, and writing practice.

ame r ic an Dic tionar ies

· Hundreds of hours of speaking, listening, · Vocabulary Notebook allows learners to

provide useful language for travel.

· Clear, vibrant illustrations define over 4,000 words and phrases. · Practice activities enable students to immediately use the target · Sub-topics organize words into logical groupings. · Intro pages, Story pages, and More Verbs and Phrases sections

as a fully-integrated course. vocabulary. help learners improve their vocabulary as well as reading, critical thinking, and speaking skills.

· Videos with civics and life-skills activities

Reading Library

create an electronic notebook of words and images facilitating independent learning.

· Extra resources mean teachers can use the Oxford Picture Dictionary

Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive


· Provides contextualized reading practice

students need to learn and retain new vocabulary. Reading activities review and reinforce vocabulary, ensure comprehension, and build critical thinking skills. a visual glossary for easy reference. the readers.

Nine readers based on topics in the Oxford Picture Dictionary with narratives on issues including society, study, and the workplace.

· Before Reading, Reading Check, and After · Links to the Oxford Picture Dictionary provide · Audio CDs include recorded versions of all

· Encourage independent learning. · Reinforce new vocabulary with contextualized language practice, · Print word and picture cards based on their individual needs. · Create an electronic notebook of words and images.

Oxford Picture Dictionary Classroom Presentation Tool NEW

including video clips, reading, and conversations.

Available online and on CD-ROM, the Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive offers students over 300 hours of individual practice to:

· Engage and focus students as they build their active vocabulary · Bring vocabulary to life in real-world contexts with videos, · Reinforce vocabulary with 241 downloadable activity worksheets

and the ability to create customized materials. animations, and story pages. through teacher-directed guided practice.

This interactive teaching resource for whole-class instruction will:

Oxford Picture Dictionary, Second Edition Monolingual English Edition English-Arabic Edition English-Brazilian Portuguese Edition English-Chinese Edition English-Farsi Edition English-French Edition English-Haitian Creole Edition English-Japanese Edition English-Korean Edition English-Russian Edition English-Spanish Edition English-Thai Edition English-Urdu Edition English-Vietnamese Edition Low-Beginning Workbook Pack High-Beginning Workbook Pack Low-Intermediate Workbook Pack Lesson Plans Classic Classroom Activities Vocabulary Teaching Handbook Assessment Program Pack Dictionary Audio CDs

978 0 19 436976 3 978 0 19 474010 4 978 0 19 474011 1 978 0 19 474012 8 978 0 19 474020 3 978 0 19 474013 5 978 0 19 474014 2 978 0 19 474015 9 978 0 19 474016 6 978 0 19 474017 3 978 0 19 474009 8 978 0 19 474018 0 978 0 19 474021 0 978 0 19 474019 7 978 0 19 474040 1 978 0 19 474044 9 978 0 19 474048 7 978 0 19 474022 7 978 0 19 474023 4 978 0 19 474024 1 978 0 19 430196 1 978 0 19 474053 1

Overhead Transparencies OPDi online with English Dictionary (12 months' access) OPDi online with Spanish Dictionary (12 months' access) OPDi online Student Access only (12 months' access) Classroom Presentation Tool Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive CD-ROM Single User Licence Network Licence (11­20 users) Oxford Picture Dictionary Reading Library A New World at the Library Annette Succeeds in Class A Big Night at Maria's Café A Busy Morning at the Bank Driving in the City Finding Good Childcare An Important Visitor at the Shelton Hotel Healthy Eating Math and Max Library Pack (9 readers) Audio CD

978 0 19 474060 9 978 0 19 474069 2 978 0 19 474073 9 978 0 19 474071 5 978 0 19 474052 4

The Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary

Second Edition BegInner margot gramer teacHer's Book: norma sHaPIro and Jayme adelson-goldsteIn A topic-based picture dictionary programme that reflects the needs of beginner-level adult and young adult students.

The Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary, Second Edition Monolingual English Edition 978 0 19 437232 9 English-Spanish Edition 978 0 19 437235 0 Teacher's Book 978 0 19 437237 4 Dictionary Cassettes (3) 978 0 19 434470 8 Dictionary Audio CDs (3) 978 0 19 438598 5 Teacher's Resource Book 978 0 19 434469 2 Teacher's Resource Book Audio CDs (2) 978 0 19 438599 2 Workbook 978 0 19 434567 5 Picture Cards 978 0 19 434565 1 Overhead Transparencies 978 0 19 433973 5 Literacy Program 978 0 19 434573 6

978 0 19 474025 8 978 0 19 474026 5

978 0 19 474030 2 978 0 19 474035 7 978 0 19 474033 3 978 0 19 474032 6 978 0 19 474031 9 978 0 19 474036 4 978 0 19 474037 1 978 0 19 474038 8 978 0 19 474034 0 978 0 19 474039 5 978 0 19 474059 3



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