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Clive Oxenden Christina Latham-Koenig

100% NEW

Advanced Student's Book


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Clive Oxenden and Christina Latham-Koenig

A brand new level which turns New English File into a complete six-level series.

With its irresistible topics and clear focus on useful and natural language, New English File Advanced motivates your higher-level students so they keep talking and continue to improve all aspects of their English. > Completely new level. > Lively, challenging topics that stimulate response and discussion amongst higher-level students. > DVD with authentic, unscripted interviews and an appropriate level of listening challenge. > Purposeful speaking activities that push students to use an advanced range of language. > New lexis in context feature focusing on high-frequency natural language in a variety of different registers. > Student's Practice MultirOM with a link to an online exam practice test (at C1 level) at

Turn to page 22 to see the new 8th edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

iPacks Study Link self-study materials DVDs Test and Assessment CD-ROMs Student's Practice MultiROM Online practice test at Students' website Teachers' website

New English File iPack


Digital classroom resources for interactive teaching.

With new Beginner and Advanced iPacks in 2010, New English File has iPacks for all six levels.

"...the iPack stands head and shoulders above other digital tools currently on the market." Robert Anderson, British School, Rome


For the complete list of ELT titles available from Oxford please see

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New English File Advanced


English for Life





Tom Hutchinson

One page, one lesson, one focus ­ everything you need in an English course, made simple.

> Clear, straightforward one-page lessons are easy for teachers and students to use. > A single learning objective per lesson encourages a positive Now I can attitude. > Teacher support includes an interleaved Teacher's Book, extra photocopiables, and a customizable test CD.

English for Life iTools



Tom Hutchinson

One page, one lesson, one focus ­ and now interactive whiteboard-friendly!

English for Life iTools is an easy-to-use presentation pack which gives teachers digital material for interactive whiteboards, and a set of flashcards for vocabulary lessons. Featuring content that has been pre-selected from the Student's Book, these packs make it simple to present vocabulary and grammar on the interactive whiteboard. > Includes all Student's Book visuals, which aid drilling, eliciting, and setting contexts. > ready-made grammar PowerPoint® presentations give teachers structure and flexibility ­ the presentations can be adapted and saved. > The set of flashcards provides an alternative way of presenting and practising new vocabulary from the Student's Book. > Class audio with interactive scripts develops listening and pronunciation skills.

English for Life iTools Student's `Catch Up' MultiROM Customizable Test CD Students' website Teachers' website

See pages 29­31 for New Titles index and ISBNs





English Result Upper-intermediate



NEW Business Result


Exams Result

Inspire students to better results with Exams Result, the multi-level preparation series for Cambridge ESOL exams.

ELEMENTAry TO ADVANCED A1­C1 Kate Baade, Michael Duckworth, David Grant, Christopher Holloway, Jane Hudson, John Hughes, Jon Naunton, Jim Scrivener, and Rebecca Turner

PET Result

INTErMEDIATE B1 Jenny Quintana

Mark Hancock and Annie McDonald

Enjoy the experience and experience the results ­ English Result is now a complete four-level course with full teacher support and resources.

> Highly-visual impact pages make every lesson enjoyable and keep motivation high. > Practical outcomes take students from how to to can do in every lesson. > Clear, realistic learning goals sustain motivation throughout the course. > Speaking syllabus includes spoken interaction and spoken production. > New Teacher's resource Packs (available 2010) include photocopiable activities for every unit. NEW for Upper-intermediate: > Extra skills material in every unit. > Authentic BBC audio material.

Business English you can take to work today.

With a highly communicative syllabus and interactive multimedia support materials, plus expert tips and advice from one of the world's leading business schools, Business Result helps learners develop the skills they need, quickly and effectively.

A new level for the Exams Result series ­ with an Online Workbook.

> Student's Book available with or without code for the Online Workbook accessed via > The Online Workbook offers: ­ Exercises with automatic marking, instant feedback, online dictionary and grammar look-up. ­ Access to either one complete online PET practice test, or PET for Schools practice test. > Option for teachers to assign online tests via the Learning Management System (LMS) at Institutions need to buy LMS access first. > Workbook also available as a printed resource Pack with MultirOM and a link to an online practice test. > Teacher's DVD shows real students and examiners doing a complete Speaking test, with analysis. > Suitable for the new PET for Schools exam.

New Student's Book and DVD Packs

From 2010, all English Result Student's Books come with a DVD. > Culture-rich material, linked to Student's Book topics. > Documentary-style clips and vox pop interviews. > DVD activity worksheets, available in the new Teacher's resource Packs.

English Result iTools Student's Book DVD Workbook MultiROM Teacher's Book DVD Online practice test at Teachers' website Students' website

English Result iTools

ELEMENTAry, PrE-INTErMEDIATE, INTErMEDIATE AND UPPEr-INTErMEDIATE English Result iTools gives teachers integrated digital resources to use on interactive whiteboards ­ and make lessons even more motivating.

Student's Book audio MP3 files Interactive Workbook on CD-ROM Teacher Training DVD Teachers' website Students' website

Online Workbook with automatic marking Teacher-directed learning via Learning Management System Online practice test Teacher's DVD Students' website Teachers' website


For the complete list of ELT titles available from Oxford please see

See pages 29­31 for New Titles index and ISBNs






the THIRD edition the THIRD edition

Teachers around the world comment on the THIRD edition of New Headway Pre-Intermediate ...

work, `Languageall verypronunciation, and skills work are well integrated.' `Practice tasks are personalised the whenever they can be, which makes Elementary language more memorable.' Student'sdesign, photos, was impressed by the `Iupdated and well-chosenBook texts. ...the third edition will continue the success of the series.

the THIRD edition

New Headway Pre-Intermediate

The world's most trusted English course

New Headway is the course teachers and learners can rely on. Why? An authoritative integrated syllabus, motivating topics, and clearly focused tasks combine with a real understanding of what works in the classroom. It all makes for effective teaching and effective learning. Tried and tested all over the world, it's probably the most popular course ever written! What's different about the THIRD edition of New Headway Pre-Intermediate? NEW 90% new texts and topics NEW Streamlined syllabus NEW Integrated writing syllabus and pairwork activities NEW Music of English boxes focusing on stress and intonation NEW Streamlined Grammar Reference with integrated practice exercises NEW Fresh new design NEW Interactive practice CD-ROM with dictation and video excerpts


Pre-Intermediate Student's Book

John and Liz Soars


Liz & John Soars New Headway Elementary the THIRD edition Student's Book

John & Liz Soars New Headway Pre-Intermediate


Liz and John Soars

There is a contemporary feel to the material, `it will certainly hold the interest of learners. and '

PLUS · Class CDs/cassettes · Workbook (with or without key) · Student's Workbook CD/cassette · Free-standing pronunciation course with CD/cassette · DVD/Video with student's activity book · Headway online: interactive exercises available at

the THIRD edition Student's Book

John and Liz Soars are internationally renowned authors, and highly experienced teachers and teacher trainers.






New Headway Beginner


A new Beginner edition from the world's most trusted ELT course.

This fully revised, reviewed, and rewritten edition from Liz and John Soars gives teachers refreshed, modern material for the Beginner classroom. > Complete English language syllabus for the absolute or near beginner. > Step-by-step approach encourages steady progression ­ and avoids any unnecessary overload. > regular opportunities for students to listen, speak, and read build the essential skills for confident communication. > Clear, fresh design includes plenty of photos and illustrations.

New Headway iTools


New Headway iTools gives teachers integrated digital resources to use on interactive whiteboards so they can add an interactive dimension to their lessons.

10 For the complete list of ELT titles available from Oxford please see

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Liz and John Soars


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Business Venture

ELEMENTAry TO PrE-INTErMEDIATE A1­A2 Roger Barnard, Jeff Cady, Angela Buckingham, Michael Duckworth, and Grant Trew Business Venture, a popular American and international English course for in-work students, has been updated and redesigned for its third edition. Each level now also includes 20 pages of TOEIC® practice. > Transparent new design ­ easy to use. > Flexible modular structure. > Language that helps students communicate confidently at work. > Student Book Audio CD with all the listenings, and a link to an online TOEIC® practice test at > 20 pages of TOEIC® practice in each level.

English for Telecoms English for Legal Professionals English for Cabin Crew English for the Pharmaceutical Industry English for Negotiating

INTErMEDIATE TO ADVANCED B1­C1 Express Series books are short, specialist English courses for different professions, work skills, and industries. They can be used as: > Stand-alone intensive courses. > Supplements to any other adult course. > Self-study resources, using the interactive MultirOM.

EXPRESS: The fast route to English for work

New Headway iTools Interactive Practice CD-ROMs DVDs Online practice test at Teachers' website Students' website

TOEIC® practice test online

Student's Practice MultiROM with every title Students' website

For the complete list of titles in the Express Series, please go to

See pages 29­31 for New Titles index and ISBNs



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