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1999 - 2009

Come, Let us rebuild... Neh 2:17(b)



Decade Celebration

KuKi Worship service ­ Bangalore

January 23-25, 2009


KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Souvenir Editorial

Lenjalun Haolai Khupminthang Haokip Nengneilhing Haokip

About Editorial Team Lenjalun Haolai (Johny):

He is an SAP Technical Consultant working in IBM. He is an M.Tech from IIIT Allahabad. He is currently the Vice Chairman in KWS Bangalore. He is also the Assitant Editor of the KWS monthly newsletter `Lhagao Thimthu' and is the Web Admin of KWS website along with Thangboi Hangsing. He is also Asst. Inf. & Pub. Secy. cum website operator of KSO Bangalore - and is the manager of FC Zalen Club.

Nengneilhing Haokip (Neneng) :

She is a Customer Service Representative, Unison Industries(GE) working in Genpact. She is a Graduate from Mount Carmel College in Bangalore and is pursuing her M.A in Economics from Bangalore University. She has held the post of Treasurer in KWS Bangalore for many years now.

Khupminthang Haokip (Romeo) :

He is a Corporate Trainer and Consultant. He is currently the Director of Training and Development for Tekton Academy of Leadership and Entrepreneurship. He is an MBA in Human Resource. He has trained in a number of companies and is also the present General Secretary of KSO Bangalore.

A Publication of Kuki Worship Service ­ Bangalore [email protected] KWS(B) All views expressed in the publication are that of the authors. Souvenir Editorial is not responsible for any of the published articles or advertisements provided herein. - Editorial KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 2



KWS BANGALORE AT A GLANCE .................................................................................................................. 4 From The Desk The Editorial .............................................................................................................................................. 5 The Chairman, KWS(B) Decade Committee .............................................................................................. 6 The Pastor, KWS(B) ................................................................................................................................... 7 The Chairman, KWS(B) .............................................................................................................................. 8 Greetings Dr. H.T. Sangliana ...................................................................................................................................... 9 Rev. Dino L Touthang .............................................................................................................................. 10 Rev. Letlal Haokip .................................................................................................................................... 11 Alfred C. Chiru ......................................................................................................................................... 12 T. Changsan ............................................................................................................................................. 13 KWS Bangalore History .............................................................................................................................. 14 Pastoral Report ........................................................................................................................................... 23 SEMINAR PAPER 1 - Future Prospects of Kuki Worship Service ............................................................... 24 SEMINAR PAPER 2 - Love, Sex and Marriage............................................................................................. 28 Articles Nehemiah, Role Model for 21st Century Christians ­ D.P. Haokip .......................................................... 34 Ten years later, the Journey Continues ­ Jack Misao ............................................................................. 38 Leadership from the Life of Daniel ­ Rev. Kamgin Gangte ..................................................................... 40 Amaho Pumkhat Ahithei Na Dingu ­ Rev. Thongsei Haokip ................................................................... 43 Houbung le anatoh ­ Rev. Dr. Angam Haokip......................................................................................... 46 Theology of Kuki Gam ­ Onkhothang Haokip ......................................................................................... 49 Finding the right Life Partner ­ Thangboi Haokip ................................................................................... 54 Obedience Brings Blessings ­ Alfred C. Chiru ......................................................................................... 58 Hinkhua Lamsuk Lamto ah Lalpa Lemguat Dan ­ Thiankhanlal ............................................................. 60 The Meaningful Christian Giving ­ D.P. Haokip ...................................................................................... 62 Seven Perceptions Changes that can help transform the Kuki Society ­ Romeo Haokip ....................... 65 Five Lessons from Obama ­ Kofo Baptist & Paominlen Dimngel............................................................ 70 Thenna leh Damna ­ Rose Mary Haokip ................................................................................................. 72 Testimony ­ Bobby Abraham .................................................................................................................. 74 Letter from Sajan George ........................................................................................................................ 76 Come, Let us Rebuild ­ Lalboi Haokip ..................................................................................................... 78 PHOTO GALLERY ......................................................................................................................................... 80 ADVERTISEMENTS ...................................................................................................................................... 86 KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 3



Introduction: An inter-denominational fellowship "opened for all the Kuki people in `Bangalore, the Garden City of India and Silicon City of India which is also known as a Theological City '" (as coined by a Kuki Theologian). Polity: Trustee Board, Advisors, Executive Members, Members (attained by filling of membership form), Pastor and Assistant Pastor, and guided by its constitution. Purpose: To glorify God, to worship God, to edify one another, to evangelize the unreached, to nourish the believers, and to help one another in spiritual and physical realms. Activities: Regular worship service - every Sunday (approximately 150 members, regularly). Women Fellowship and Children Sunday school. Special Occasions: Christmas Day, New Year Day, Good Friday, Black Day (fasting prayer) and Gospel Adontes (thanksgiving day) every year. Project: Church Building Project. Communication Channels: Monthly newsletter - Lhagao Thimthu,, and SMS Gupshup - KWSBANGALORE: 567673434.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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First of all, we thank God for this wonderful opportunity given to us, the Editorial team, to work on the Souvenir for the KWS(B) Decade Celebration. We extend our gratitude and appreciation to each and everyone who wrote and contributed messages, greetings, articles and reports for this souvenir. We also thank all who contributed photos, materials, insights and guidences. Last but not the least, our heartfelt indebtedness to all the advertisers, without whom publishing of this Souvenir would not have been possible. It is a time of happiness, thanksgiving and reflection of the past ten years. Words are not enough to express how happy and grateful we all are to God for this auspicious occasion. One cannot count the blessings of God upon us for all these years. Ten years is a milestone but it is a journey and we still have to travel the road together for years to come. We would like to leave you with these lines from Robert Frost. "And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep."

May the good Lord continue to guide and lead us in this journey.

KWS(B) Decade Souvenir Editorial Board

Johny Haolai

Neneng Haokip

Romeo Haokip

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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At the very outset, I give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever (Ps.118:1). On this auspicious occasion I, on behalf of the Decade Committee extend my warmest greetings to all of you in the matchless and precious name of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. Samuel said, "Thus far has the Lord helped us" (1 Sam.7:12). The Lord led us thus far and helped to reach this milestone since the inception of KWS (B) in 1999. This is our Ebenezer. Indeed, this is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it (Ps.118:24). As we celebrate, the highlights of the KWS (B) Decade celebration are: to give glory to God for His faithfulness in the past TEN years, to acknowledge the establishment of the TENTH unit of KWS in India and to rebuild the TEN gates of Jerusalem (Decade Theme). The number ten has its own Biblical significance. We are happy to welcome Rev. Stephen Touthang, as Speaker, Miss Hechin Haokip, as Invited Artiste, Rev. Dino L. Touthang and Rev. Paothang Haokip, as Resource Persons. I am sure Rev. Stephen will ignite our hearts and stir the souls and minds of people to the passion of Christ. He will be sharing from the theme of the decade:"Come let us rebuild..." (Neh 2:17). Rev. Dino Touthang and Rev. Paothang Haokip, the main stalwarts of All India Kuki Worship Service are presenting relevant Seminar Papers with brain storming sessions followed by discussions, Question and Answer hours. Participate and enjoy yourself. May the Lord, the God of your fathers, increase you a thousand times and bless you as He has promised (Deut.1:11). Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness (Ps.115:1). Yes, the Lord will instruct us and teach us in the way we should go; He will counsel us and watch over our future journey. It has been a journey of commitment and fostering of goodwill and unity in the Spirit for which we all aspire. We have just begun to run the race of unity and fellowship in the Lord Christ. To achieve the set target, let us do one thing: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead. Press on toward the goal for the prize. God bless you.

Yours in Christ,

D. P. Haokip, IRS Chairman, KWS (B) Decade Committee KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 6


Amasapen in Decade Committee ten kipah na thuphuon piethei ding a mun awng ei siemsak ziek un kakipak hi. Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore {(KWS (B)} in Pathien panpih na zieka kum sawm titna (Decade) Souvenir suohthei a progamme te mangthei ding ahih tak ziekin kipak um kasa a, puitu Pathien min pahchak in um hen. Zieban a chun, tuni tieng a KWS (B) tih min phakpuok theih zing dinga tawm ngai taka hun puo tou zel, Executive Committee te chungale kipah thu ka gen hi. Tawbanga, taksa leh thagau lama ki puih huoina leh ki et kawl na "KWS" ineih uh, India sung maile hilo a Khawvel mun chuom chuom a le ana um hih, KUKI kahi kiti phawt ten ngaihthah louh ding ahih zie, kei mimal hinkhuo ngei a le ka muh ziek in KUKI kahi ti a mitphei pu chengin ngaikhawka bel chiet dingin iki phut in iki ngen ahi. Chuleh KWS hi Kuki chate a ahia, en iki siemhoih a iki bawlphat louh leh kuo mah dang ei hung bawl hoih sak ding umlo ahih hi kihet a, aphat na dingdinga pan ilak chiet ding uh ahi. Decade committee ten thupi dinga ahun tel uh Come let us rebuild, tithei chiet dinga pan ilak guot chiet ding uh ahi. Kuki chate chengin KWS hi ki neihsak chiet hitiu. Israel chate'n Pathien deihlouh banga thil abawl phatphat uleh gawtna achangsek ua gamdang mite khut ah suok in a um sek ui, tih iheu hi. Mihiem hih na dawl ah achang leh Pathien zakdah ding ana bawl khasek mah leng, Pathien lama vaihkit lung gel hitiu. KWS tih kiloih khawm theihna ineih uhi thil kipak um tak ahia, Pathien deihlamtak ahih ngei le gin chak ahi. Ziekchun, tukhel tuban a le ahun puo tou zel ding ten lungsiet na nei tak leh Pathien lau kawm taka na hunpuok touh zel ua pawlpi khantouh theih na dinga hangsan taka pan lazel dingin iki ngen ui. Pathien in KWS (B) umpih zing ta hen.

Krista a na suok uh

Rev. T. Kamgin Gangte Pastor, KWS Bangalore KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 7



Amasan penin THANGVAHNA CHOIATNA PACHATNA chuleh LOUPINA eihuhhing pao iPakai u Jesu Christa a hihen. Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore ahung kiphudoh a pat tu kumsom chanpha eihin pui uvah chuleh thangvahna program DECADE CELEBRATION 2009 zong mangthei tadinga hinkho phatpha le phathoi eipeuvah Pa Pathen Thangvah in umkit hen. Kuki chate namlhomcha hizong leuhen Pathen lungset nin India gamsung city ho ah Lekhasim ahim, tohletham ahim chule kindang dang hozeh in igamsung, ikhosung chuleh ihoubungsung dalhan ikhosaovin ahi. Hiche a hin Hingzing Pathen houte ihizeh un migam hizongleh ipaova taokhom, sahkhom ding deisahnan anaum masa sopi ulenao tehon KUKI WORSHIP SERVICE hi anaphut doh un Bangalore goh hilouvin city dangdang ho a zong mitamtah in iphatchom piuvin ahi.Tunin, aching athem lunggelthei masa ho zallin avellin Pathen thangvah kit uhite. India gamsunga khopi nomtah leh hoitah Bangalore khopi (Garden City of India) tia kiminvo na muna zong KUKI WORSHIP SERVICE akichepi-in, tukum Pakai kumsem 2009 ahitolhonin kiloikhom nazong kumsom ahunglhingtan ahi. Pathen lungset na zallin phat le nikho ahung chen kiloikhom nale kivaipoh nazong amachaltou peh zingin, tunzong administration pilhingtah in akikivaipohtan ahi. Kipa umtah khatchu houin sah nading tohgon kigonto lhon nin amun zong chohdoh in aumtan, tun houbuh sahdoh nading tohgon zong nasa tah in makho a gon nin aumzing nalai in ahi. Tunichan geiya eihinpui zingu Pa Pathen in maban na zong eimapui zing taohen. Decade Celebration 2009 lolhing henlang, KUKI WORSHIP SERVICE, BANGALORE Pathen nin phatthei bohzing tahen.


Doukhohen Dimngel KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Chairman, KWS Bangalore Page 8


KWS(B) Decade Celebration Greetings

A Happy and Blessed Year in 2009 to all Brothers/Sisters in Christ Jesus. It is heartening to know that Kuki Worship Service in Bangalore is celebrating its 10th year on 23-25 January, 2009. I am glad to know also that a good theme has been selected from Nehemiah for focusing our attention to the need of building and rebuilding our every day relationship with the living God. In Nehemiah we saw how God was displeased by the Israelites by deserting God's Laws. They worshiped idols and married non-Israelites (Non-Christians for us which the Bible does not approve) etc., which led them to sins. We too, in light of what we read in Nehemiah, need to look daily at our individual, family, community and national life and detect those wrong things we consciously or unconsciously do, say and think that prevent us from enjoying perpetual harmony with God. Unless we rectify ourselves daily we may not be able to continuously cling on to the cross of Calvary and stray away from the path of eternal life forever. So, let us all be watchful so that none of us will miss eternal life with God in 2009 and thereafter.

Dr. H.T.Sangliana

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Kipa Thuphon

Kuki Worship Service (KWS) Bangalore kum som lhinna Decade Celebration mang thei dinga hin pui galkai Pa Pathen loupina leh thangvahna kapei. KWS Bangalore Pastor, Executive Committee Member ho leh houbung mipi ho jouse kum som nalhinnu toh ki lhonin kipapina leh pachatna nabon chauva chungah All India Kuki Worship Service Coordination Committee (AIKWSCC) thaleng leh muntina um Kuki Worship Service ho jouse thalhengin ka hin phonge. Phat chetasa kum som sunga Pathen phatna leh mapuina ho jala na kipauva thanom taha kum som lhinna nalop bangun maban ah jong Pathenin napui jingu hen lang alungsetna athah thaha chang jing dingin ka hin deisahuvin chuleh ka hin taopeh uve. KWS Bangalore Pathenin phatthei boh jing hen lang aloupina dinga manchah phatah hi jing hen. All India Kuki Worship Service Coordination Committee (AIKWSCC) hi Pakai kum 2002 a Kuki Worship Service, Delhi in Decade Celebration aman kuma ana ki phutdoh a Executive Committee masa pen ho jong hiche kum a chu ana ki lhengdoh ahi, AIKWSCC in adei leh tup chu ahileh muntina um KWS ho jouse ki houmatto a, khat leh khat ki tilkhouto a, akhoh dungjuia tha leh jung tokhom pankhom ding hi ahi. Tu tu hin khopi mun chom chom ah ki loikhomna KWS 10 jen aumtai (Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Happy Valley Shillong, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune leh Shillong). KWS Shillong hi a ki phutdoh masa penin, 1980 in ana ki phutdohin, KWS Chennai leh Mumbai hi tu naicha 2008 kuma chu ki phutdoh ahi. Loupina Pathen chang tahen.

Rev. Dino L. Touthang Chairman, All India Kuki Worship Service Coordination Committee

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Greetings from KWS Delhi (D)(D)Delhi

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am delighted to know that Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore is observing its decade celebration and preparing to release a souvenir. I am firmly convinced that God has a plan and purpose in establishing KWS(B). My prayer is that God will continue to use KWS(B) as a means to bring lost souls from within and outside of our community to the Lord. I also pray that KWS(B) will be a channel of blessings to all and to many young people in particular in the days to come. At this juncture I am reminded of the Word of God that says, "I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ" (Philippians 1:6). Let us continue to worship God in spirit and in truth. I extend my warmest greetings to all the members of Kuki Worship service, Bangalore as you celebrate this special occasion, and encourage you all to stand firm in the Lord.

With love and prayers,

Rev. Letlal Haokip Associate Pastor Kuki Worship Service, Delhi DDA SFS 320, POCKET-16, SECTOR-3, DWARKA, NEW DELHI-110075 PHONE: 011-25082517

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Greetings from KWS Pune

At the outset loving greetings from Kuki Worship Service Pune! I want to congratulate KWS Bangalore for walking with our Lord for the past ten years! God once again proved His faithfulness individually and as a fellowship. Therefore, we cannot but be grateful and thankful to Him and I believe this Decade Celebration is for Him and for Him alone. His faithfulness NOW should encourage us to work more faithfully even in future. As we continue to embark on our journey of life, our success and blessing depends on how obedient we are in following His commands. I hope and pray that this joyous occasion would encourage us to walk closer to Him than ever before.

Yours in Chirst, Alfred C. Chiru Pastor, KWS Pune.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Tahsa le lhagao va, kahoubung chanpi KUKI WORSHIP SERVICE Banglore, lamkai ho le mipiho chunga hitobang kitaipi um tah kum 10 lhin na Decade Celebration mangthei ja na umnao kipana jalin eipuipao Pathen le nangho chungah ka kipa na kaphong nge. Banglore KWS hi ipakaiju Jesu taona John 17:11 na kimu, 'ka-Pa theng, eini pumkhat ihibanga amaho jong pumkhat ahi theina dingun, nangman amaho hi hongin," anati bangin nahungkon dohnau kho le mun a chom chom hijong leu chun , India lhanglam gama, kei hiche Houbung khuche Houbung chu kahi ti umlouva, kipumkhat tah le khang toujinga na um mu hi, Isreal te anapui pao Pathen chun naumpijing ngui ti akimu theije. Bangalore khopia KWS Houbung hi houthu a lamkai ja um tah tah le Theology student tamtah umna ahi jeh in phat hung lhung ding ho a khopi tin na KWS unit jouse dia kinepi umtah ahi ti kasei nom me. Bangalore khopia kineppi umtah KWS hi phat hunglhung ding ho a jong Hatchungnung Pathen nin akhanlet jing thei na din umpi jing ta hen. Amen.

T. Changsan, Chairman, KWS Hyderabad

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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KWS Bangalore History

James Kipgen, Secretary KWS(B)

Kuki Woship Service, Bangalore kaina le bena tum neilou (Inter-Denomination), Apa, acha, lhagao theng tahsan, Bangalore a um Kuki chanu chapa jouse ding a Pathen houkhom na mun ahi. Atup le adoi thupi pen chu Pathen houkhom ding, Pathen thu a khat le khat kitil khouto ding, tahsa le lhagao a hahsa gentheiho kithokhom jing ding chuleh lhagao a hinna neilou lai ho kom a Gospel thupha seipeh jing ding hi ahi. 1). KWS (B) AHUNG KIPHUDOH DAN THUSIM CHOMCHA: Bangalore Kuki chaten houkhomna neilou akhoh dan le apoimo dan, gelkhohna nei pum in achesa 2301-1999 (Saturday) nichun, theologian phabep khat le Kuki Student Organization lamkai hon kihou khomna ana nei uvin, kaikhomna khat nei ding hi ana kiphatsah uvin ahi. Hiche dungjui chun achesa Dt. 07-02-1999 (Sunday) ni chun Bangalore Bible Church No. 435, 5th Cross 1st Stage, II Block HBR Bangalore 43 munnah, kaikhom na masa pen chu ana um in ahi. Houkhom kikhen chun mipi akikhom cheng in kihoulim na ana kineiyin, kiloikhomna min ding chu KWS (B) (Kuki Worship Service, Banglaore) tin ana kiminvo in ahi. Chuleh Worship Committee tin minga (5) ana kilheng doh in hiche ho chu ahileh: 1). Pu S. Obed Haokip (Chaplain) 2). Pu Khamkhosiam Simte (Member) 3). President K.S.O (Ex-officio) 4). Secretary K.S.O (Ex-officio) 5). Ng Hatneichong Haokip (Member) 6). Gl. Thonglunminthang Haokip (Secretary) Sum le pai chuleh mopohna jouse Chaplain pa khut ah ana koiyun, ahin khonung in Chaplain pan Worship Committee hetpeh natoh kilhon'in Dt. 4-6-2000 (Thursday) nia pat in Ng. Hatneichong (W.C) chu treasurer mopohna ana pe taovin ahi. Worship Committee lah a kon Pu Khamkhosiam Simte'n a course achaija Bangalore adalhah ding tah jeh in Dt 16-01-2000 (Sunday) nin Mr. Wislon Gangte (BBBC&S) hi ama khel in Worship Committee member ah ana kipan sah un ahi. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 14

` 2. CHAPLAIN RESIGNED: Pu. S. Obed Haokip, Chaplain KWS (B) in Dt 30-12-2000 (Thursday) nin KSO Executive ho leh KWS (B) worship committee ho kom ah, a hahsat naho ahetsah in ahileh akikhom mipin aphat sahdungjui jin KWS (B) Chaplain akon chun lhakang anahi tai. Ama ana hailo na thupi pen chu ahileh full time a, na atoh nathei ahilou ding leh aman ministry khat kaphu doh ding ahi anatin ahi. 3. KAIKHOMNA HUNGKI THAH SEMKIT DAN: Chaplain pa aki resign jou vin Rev. Paothang in phat chomkhat ding in, in charge ahin lan KWS (B) kaikhomna chu ana machal jing in ahi. Chomkhat jouvin Rev. Paothang in jong Bangalore ahin dalhan chuleh lamkai phabeh in jong a course u achai phat uvin Bangalore ahin dalha gam taovin ahi. Chujou chun KWS (B) kikhopna hi phat chomkhat ana kisuh thei tapon ahi. Ahinlah 2002 kum chun Berean Baptish Bible College & Seminary Student ho, UTC a um Gl. Mangcha Haokip leh KSO lamkai hon kikhopna hi ahin thah semkit uvin, chuleh Executive Committee ahin lheng uvin hiti chun KWS (B) kong chu athah in ahung kittol kit tai. Pathen phat thei boh na jal in kiloikhomna ahung kithah sem jou apat, tuni chan in KWS (B) in machal na aki neijing in, Bangalore a um Kuki chanu chapa lhagao lam keo hilouvin, damlou hahsa, thina chuleh lhiso na ho a jong kithopi nale panhu na aki nei jing in akimachal jing in ahi. Member 10, 20 bep ana kihi in, tun Pathen lungset na jallin member 450 akilhing in, Houbung thalhing set bang in aki um thei tai. 4. MEMBERSHIP FORM: Membership form hi 2006 a chun ana kibol pan in ahi. Hiche ana kibol lonapen chu ahileh Kuki chanu chapa Bangalore a hung um atam tan, khat le khat kihetto na jong ahung hasa tan, hijeh chun hahsat ni hihen lang kipa ni hijong leh kijah to mat navah na ding leh Kuki chanu chapa hina jal a kaikhom naho a pan alah jing diu dei nan ana kibol in ahi. Tuhin member hi 450 aki lhing tan ahi. 5. PASTOR: KWS (B) Pathen in phat thei aboh in achesa kum 2007 a chun, kiloikhom na ahung pilhing tan, Hou-In a kintheng ho bol le ding Pastor hi ngaichat khoh ana hi in ahi. Chutoh kilhon chun Rev. Dr. T. L Angam Haokip in Pastor eina poh peh uvin, 2008 in Rev. Kamgin Gangte in eina pohpeh uvin ahi. 6. ASSISTANT PASTOR: KWS (B) member atam jo hi natoh nanei ahi jeh in Sunday suty mu alhom in ahi. Executive Committee se le Advisor sen toukhomna akinei in, full time a member ho vil ding in Assistant Pastor nei ding hi ana kiphat sah in ahi. Chutoh kilhon in Assistant Pastor ding in J. Emanuel Khongsai hi KWS (B) ngailu tah Chairman anahi natoh, a Course (M.Th) ahin chai ding toh kilhon in ama hi ana kilhengdoh in ahi. Tunin Assistant Pastor akinei jallin member tampi aki ben, Prayer Cell jong amun mun in hondoh in aum in. Chuleh adamlou, hahsat nanei ho ding in jong Assistant Pastor um hi lungmon nathei tah ahi tai. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 15

` 7. PRAYERS CELL: Prayers cell hi a mun mun a aki neiyin ahi. Tutua active tah a kinei ho chu 1. Austin Town Prayer Cell 2. Indira Nagar Prayer Cell 3. Lingarajpuram Prayer Cell 8. SUNDAY SCHOOL: Pathen malsomna jallin KWS (B) in jong chapang phabep pi akinei tah jeh in, 2007 apat chun Sunday School hi ana kibol pan in ahi. Pathen in pha asa leh chomkhat jouleh Sunday School hung jao thei ding naosen jong tampi aki nei tan ahi. November 09, 2008 (Sunday) nichu Children's Day tin ana kimang in, chapang ho tilkhouna le kipa thil peh na jong ana kibol lin ahi. 9. WOMEN FELLOWSHIP: Pathen in numei hohi aman chah nomna alen e ti ihet bang un, KWS (B) in jong minu akiloikhom thei kham aki neitoh kilhon in Women fellowship hi 2008 a chun ana kiphut doh in ahi. Tuhin ama ho jong Pathen lenggam machalna ding in pan hatah in alah uvin ahi. Membership fee Rs. 10 chuleh khutsip anchang ho jong don na anei uvin, hatah in apang jing uve. 10. LHAGAO THIMTHU (KWSB MONTHLY NEWSLETTER): 2006-2007 Executive Board sen KWS (B) in monthly newsletter nei angai dan seikom na ana kinei yin, chutoh kilhon chun hiche magazine hi February 26, 2006 a chun 1st issue ana kiso doh in ahi. Amin ding hi gelkhom na ana kinei in ahileh, hiche pet a Vice-Chairman ana pang Gl. Onkhothang Haokip in lhagao thu sei phong ding ahi jeh in Lhagao Thimthu sah ute tin ahin deilhen in, hichu akikhom lamkai cheng in jong hoi ana kisan, Newsletter min chu `Lhagao Thimthu' ana kisah in ahi. Anoiya hin akum kum a Editor Board ho ahung kitahlang e. 2006-2007 Editor: Gl. T. James Kipgen Asst. Editor: Gl. Onkhothang Haokip Joint Editor: Gl. Paominlen Dimngel 2007-2008 Editor: Gl. Seingam Haokip Asst. Editor: Ng. Nengneilhing Haokip

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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` 2008-2009 Editor: Gl. Seingam Haokip Asst. Editor: Gl. Johny Haolai Lhagao Thimthu aki nei jallin Hou-In hung kai thei lou ho in jong pathen thu asim thei un, KWS (B) chung chang jong hetbe na anei uvin, Chuleh aniseh Sunday program jong mipi hetding in Lhagao Thimthu in eina phondoh peh jing uvin ahi. 11. CHURCH BUILDING PROJECT: Kikhopna ding mun ana um loujeh in, 2002 ah chun amun mun a member ho In (House) alen dom dom ho ah Sunday ni Pathen houkhomna ana kimang ji in ahi. Chomkhat jouvin lamkai ho pan hat najal in SALEM AG Church ah, kikhopna thei ding in ahin thumdoh un, hilai mun a chun nomdom in Pathen houkhomna aki neijin ahi. 2005 kum chun Hou-In mun neilou akhoh dan gelnat na neipum in Building Committee ana kilheng doh in, ama hon jong pan hatah in ahin lah uvin, Pu Ngamthang (Ex-MLA) toh kithon muntin a KWS (B) hou-in mun chohna ding in fund drive ha tah in ana bol uvin ahi. Pathen phatthei boh na jal in a fund drive abolna uvah lolhinna ahin nei uvin, KWS(B) Hou-In mun ding in 40/30 gam khat hi chohdoh ana hi tai. Tuhin asah na ding in fund drive jatchom chom in committee hon abol uvin, Gospel video album jong building project ding in abol uvin ahi. Pathen in pha asah leh KWS (B) hou in kinei vah ding ahi tai. 12. TAHSA LE LHAGAOVA KISUHHAL NAHO: 1). 1999 Christmas chu Dt 22 to 26-12-1999 chan in anakimang in ahi. Amun: Bangalore Bible Church. Chuleh Spiritual Camp' 99 tin anakiman tha in ahi. Theme: "Restore us O God Almighty..... That we may be saved." (Ps 80:7) Speaker: Rev. T. Jamthang anaki kou vin ahi Mrs. Heshi Haokip, Pu Ngamthang Haokip (Minister Sericulture & Soil Conservation in angai cha jouse ana tohdoh in ahi. Hiche Spiritual Camp a chun mi 6 apengthah e tin Speaker pun a phongdoh in mitamtah in Lhagao leh Tahsa lamah kitil khouna leh machal nan ana neiyu vin ahi.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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` 2). 2000 Christmas: Christmas cum Retreat tin ana kimang in ahi. Theme: " Come let us Worship our Lord." (Ps 95:6) Amun: Asian Christain Academy Campus. Date: 23rd to 27th Dec 2000. Speaker: Dr. Joy M. Geroge President ACA Rev. Lloyd Thomas, Director, UBS Rev. T. Silas Academic Dean BBBC&S. Spiritual Retreat Seh hilouvin outdoor games jong ana umin ahi. Mi 75 tobang ana kikhom dohjou vin ahi. 3). Christmas 2007 hi Bagalure Peace Hospital, Bangalore pam ah 25-26 chan ana kimang in, "The Fullness of the time" ti thupi ngainom umtah Rev. Kamgin Gangte akon ana kingai yin ahi. Seminar Paper Rev. Thongsei a kon "Gospel and Culture" chuleh Pu.Thangboi Hangshing (IAAS) akon "Youth life in the City" ti ngainom umtah houlimna ana kingai yin ahi. Pu. D. P Haokip (IRS) akon thupi ngainom utah, khangdong ho ding a kitil khouna thei tah ana kingai jin, chuleh Youth ho se altar call ana bol in taona ana manpeh in ahi. 4). October 2008 sung chun KWS (B) Family Retreat ti in Bangalore a Family umjouse, Nandi Hills a outing ana che uvin ahi. Hiche ni chun Dr. D. P Haokip, Pu. D. P Haokip (IRS) chuleh Pu. Thangboy Hangshing (IAAS) akon nule pate dinga phachom tah tah thupi seina jong ana nei uvin ahi. Family ho ngailut na jallin Pu. D.P Haokip (IRS) in Bus eina lah peh uvin ahi. 5). November 2008 sung chun KWS (B) Children's Retreat tin lamkai ho le minu themkhat in Lalbagh Botanical Garden ah Chapang ho ana kiche pi in. Kichepna chomchom, Bible lung chin le lakilna anakineipin ahi. Ajing Sunday ni in Hou-In ah mipi ho masang ah akihil nahou ana vetsah uvin mipi ana suhal lheh uve. 6). Gospel Adontes Cum Advent Christmas: Pathen hi thu bouva hou hilouva, vahchoila a jong houding ahi tihi akitahsan in hiche toh kilhon chun Gospel Adontes cum Advent Christmas hi 2006 achun ana kimang pan in ahi. Adontes kiti thucheng hi Greek paova hung kiladoh thucheng "Singing" tina ahi. Hiche nikho hi Pathen vahchoi lasa nikho le Christmas galdotna ti in KWS (B) in kumseh November last Sunday nileh akimang jingin ahi. Chuleh pathen vahchoila sanom a talent neitah tah ho invite akibol ji in, munchom chom a College ho jong invite ana kibol ji in ahi. 8). Thanks Giving Day: 2007 a pat chun December last Sunday hi Thanks Giving Day tin ana kimang jin ahi. Hiche nile hin thupi atum a sei na um louvin, kumlhung kei ya pakai in damsel a ahin pui jal a kipa thu seinom chuleh vahchoila sa nom chan in phat lahna ana kinei jie in ahi. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 18



1. Chaplain 2. Secretary 4. Ex-Officio 5. Ex-Officio 6. Ex-Officio 7. Member : S. Obed Haokip : Thonglunminthang Haokip : President KSO : Secretary KSO : Hatneichong Haokip : Khamkhosian Simte (ACA)


1. Chaplain 2. Member 4. Secretary 5. Treasurer 6. Ex-Officio 7. Ex-Officio : S. Obed Haokip : Wilson Gangte : Thonglunminthang Haokip : Hatneichong Haokip : President KSO : Secretary KSO


1. In charge 2. Secretary 3. Treasurer 4. Ex-Officio 5. Ex-Officio 6. Co-Opt. Member 7. Co-Opt. Member : Paothang Haokip : Thonglunminthang Haokip : Hatneichong Haokip : Thangminlen Misao : Mangboi Kipgen : Mangcha Haokip : Haopu Doungel


1. Chairman 2. General Secretary 3. Treasurer 6. Worship In charge : Haopu Doungel : Thonglunminthang Haokip : Hatneichong Haokip : Mangcha Haokip


1. Chairman 2. Vice Chairman 3. General Secretary 4. Joint Secretary 5. Treasurer : Thienna Gangte : L. Samuel Gangte : Thonglunminthang Haokip : Emanuel Khongsai : Henminlun Khongsai Page 19

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009



1. Chairman 2. Vice Chairman 3. General Secretary 4. Joint Secretary 5. Finance Secretary 6. Music Secretary : Hemkhomang Haokip : Emanuel Khongsai : L. Samuel Gangte : Rosemary Haokip : Ng. Nengneilhing Haokip : Kamkhosei Haokip


1. Chairman 2. Vice Chairman 3. General Secretary 4. Joint Secretary 5. Finance Secretary 6. Music Secretary ADVISOR: 1. Pu. Thangboy Hangshing (IAAS) 2. Nu. Heshi Haokip : Gl. Hemkhomang Haokip : Gl. J.Emanuel Khongsai : Gl. L. Samuel Gangte : Ng.Rosemary Haokip : Ng. Nengneilhing Haokip : Gl. T. James Kipgen


1. Chairman 2. Vice Chairman 3. General Secretary 4. Joint Secretary 5. Finance Secretary 6. Music Secretary 7. Property Secretary ADVISOR: 1. Pu. Thangboy Hangshing (IAAS) 2. Dr. TL Angam Haokip 3. Gl. Doukhohen Dimngel AUDITOR: 1. Mr. Thangminlen Haokip 2. Mr. Henminlen Haokip 3. Mr. Seigouthang Haokip KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 20 : Gl. J. Emanuel Khongsai : Gl. Onkhothang Haokip : Gl. Letkhothang Touthang : Ng. Rosemary Haokip : Ng. Nengneilhing Haokip : Gl. T. James Kipgen : Gl. Thanggoumang Haokip



1. Chairman 2. Vice Chairman 3. General Secretary 4. Joint Secretary 5. Finance Secretary 6. Music Secretary 7. Property Secretary ADVISOR: 1. Pu. Thangboy Hangshing (IAAS) 2. Rev. Thongsei Haokip 3. Rev. Kamgin Gangte AUDITORS: 1. Mr. Thangminlen Haokip 2. Mr. Henminlen Haokip 3. Ms. Irene Haolai KWS(B) TUTUA LAMKAI HO: : Gl. Doukhohen Dimngel : Gl. Letkhothang Touthang : Gl. T. James Kipgen : Ng. Rosemary Haokip : Ng. Nengneilhing Haokip : Gl. M. Haopu Haokip : Gl. Thanggoumang Haokip


1. Chairman 2. Vice-Chairman 3. General Secretary 4. Joint Secretary 5. Finance Secretary 6. Music Secretary 7. Property Secretary ADVISOR: 1. Pu. D. P Haokip (IRS) 2. Pu. Thangboy Hangshing (IAAS) 3. Dr. TL Angam Haokip : Gl. Doukhohen Dimngel : Gl. Lenjalun Haolai : Gl. T. James Kipgen : Ng. Rosemary Haokip : Ng. Nengneilhing Haokip : Gl. M. Haopu Haokip : Gl. Nehminlen Dimngel.


1. Pu. Thangboy Hangshing (IAAS) (Chairman BC) 2. Pastor Obed Haokip (Secretary BC) 3. Ms. Hatneichong Haokip (Treasurer BC) 4. Mr. Hemkhomang Haokip (Chairman KWSB) 5. Mr. Thangminlen Misao (President KSO)

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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1. Mr. Thangminlen Misao (Chairman BC) 2. Mr. Thonglunminthang Haokip (Secretary BC) 3. Ms. Kimchoihoi Haokip (Joint Secretary) 4. Ms. Hatneichong Haokip (Treasurer BC)

WOMEN SOCIETY 2008-2009:

Ng. Kimmy Kipgen (Chairman) Nl. Lhingboi Khongsai (Secretary) Ng. Margaret Khongsai (Treasurer) Nl. Hoinu Gangte (Member) Nl. Kimpi Hangshing (Member)

KWS(B) ahung kiphudoh dan leh ahung machal dan hi, KWS(B) record akinei jouse a kon a hungkilah a, chuleh doh ding a kilom jouse hin kidong a, hinkisun ahin, iti hamkhat a sutkhel, seikhel ana umkhah leh Pathen min a iki ngaidam deu vin kahin tem e. Tu le khunung gei yin KWS (B) Pathen in phungvuh jing tahen.

About Author:James Kipgen has been a core member of KWS Bangalore for a long time. He is presently the Secretary of KWS Bangalore.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Pastoral Report

Asst. Pastor J. Emanuel Khongsai

KWS (B) ASSISTANT PASTOR'S MINISTRY REPORT: Amasan report petheiya kaum jeh in Kum 10 eipui galkal u Pathen kathang vah in ahi. KWS(B) hi Feb 09, 1999 kum in ana kiphutdoh in, regular kikhop na um louvin, lhakhat leh nivei, 1st leh 3rd Sunday seh in ana kikikhom jin ahi. Hinla vangset umtah in2001 apat in kikhopna tum jong aumthei tapon, mi in ah ana kikikhom le le jin, mi 15-20 tobang lunglha deh louvin Pathen henga taopum in ana kiche lha jing in ahi. Pathen kithopi na jal in,2002 apat in Salem AG Church ah ana kikikhom pan kit in ahi.Ahin natong ngen, Sunday suty mu thei lou ana kitam jeh in, mijong dei bang in ana kitam jou jipon, mi 30-40 tobang ana kikikhom doh jin ahi.Bangalore a eimi ahung tam toh ki lhon, KWS(B) Exectuive members tohgon na noi jin, 2007 apat in Assistant Pastor kahung hitan,chutoh kilhon in house visit ahung kibol panin chuleh ngaichat dungjui jin, Pathen kom a tao pum in tilkhou thei, pho thei chuleh hilthei chan ana kihil in ahi. Kikhom theilou hole boina nei ho zong Pathen thu agakihil jin, lhaseh in Birthday, damlou taopeh, thilthah thensona program ho a chun ana kiche jing in ahi. Pathen lungset jal in 2008 sung in aki machal be kit in, area dungjui in Prayer cell ahung kiphutdoh kit in ahi. Tu tua prayer cell um naho chu ahile: Austin Town, Indira Nagar, Lingaraj Puram, Shivaji Nagar, Marathalli ho a hin lhakhat leh khat vei, ni vei kikhopkhom na akibol jing in ahi. Prayer cell kiphu doh lo pen chu ahi le Kuki chate natong a, Sunday suty mujou lou atam jeh in, ama ho toh kikhop khom na thei chule Pathen thu le tahsa thua kitil khou na ding a hung kiphutdoh ahi. Tutua KWS(B) injat hi 80 tobang ahitai. Kumkhat sung a kiman chah na lhang pi ho: 1).House visit - 345. 2). Inlut na - 38. 3). Birthday - 34. 4). Kipana maicham ­ 47. 5). Vailhuna leh Vailhahna Maicham ­ 32. 6). Personal Counselling ­ 6. 7). Damlou Hospital a kivil - 68. 8). Promotion Maicham ­ 8. 9). Prayer cell visit - 36. Hiti hin ahung kiki mangcha pehin, lamkai ho pan khom najal leh mipi ho kilungto najeh in, KWS(B) jong Pathen kithopi najal in hatah in ana ki machal jingin ahi. Chuleh KWS(B) nungah gollhang phabep in jong Pathen thu ah akikihou lim pi in, Lhagao va kihetchetna neilou hon zong kihetchet na anei uvin, Kikhom khalou vin jong kikhopna ahin ngailui vin ahi. KWS(B) in Hou-in a manchah ding in Guitar leh DVD Player jong Prayer cell ho thahat na jallin ana kinei doh in ahi. Chuto kilhon in Pathen kithopi najallin in kumdang a ana kibol doh jou lou ho jong tukum in nasa tah in ana kibol doh in ahi. Pathen loupi hen! Hiti chun 2008 sung hin Pathen lungset najal in hakhan in akikhang tou vin. Pathen in hiche sang a phajo a khantouna eipeh diu kinem vin taonan pang jing ute. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 23


SEMINAR PAPER ­ 1 Future Prospects of Kuki Worship Service

Rev. Dino L. Touthang Introduction........ Kuki Worship Service in this article refers to both an individual Kuki Worship Service (KWS) Unit located in a particular place as well as all the KWS Units put together as one single entity. This paper discusses about the future prospects of KWS. Prospect as a noun means `something expected or a possibility and/or `belief about (or mental picture of) the future'. As a verb it means `the search for something desirable'. In this article, we will refer to `prospect' as a mental picture of the future of KWS, something which is desirable. The beginning of KWS............... The first Unit, the KWS, Shillong was started on September 21, 1980. Initially it was known as the Kuki Students Worship Service, Shillong (KSWSS). It was under the aegis of the Kuki Students Organization (KSO), Shillong that the worship service was formed and functioned under the students' body. Though many Kuki students in Shillong at that time attended the English Service conducted by the Evangelical Union (EU) Shillong, it was deemed necessary to start a worship service for the Kuki community to facilitate worshipping in one's own language, as well as to provide an avenue for church worship for those students who did not attend the English Service conducted by the EU. In order to include family members in the worship service and to facilitate their active participation the KSWSS was renamed as Kuki Worship Service, Shillong (KWSS) in 1982. On May 6, 1986, a decision was made to separate KSO and KWS as two separate autonomous bodies. The beginnings of most of the other Units of KWSs in other cities like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Guwahati etc. were similar to that of the KWS, Shillong, initiated by the KSO, except at Happy Valley, Shillong where families took the initiative. From the very beginning, KWS has a non-denominational outlook, opening the doors to everyone irrespective of one's denomination but following basic Christian belief: in One God eternally existent in three persons: the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ embodying his virgin birth, sinless life, death and resurrection; justification of fallen man solely by the grace of God through faith in Christ; the indwelling of the believer by the Holy Spirit; the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; the spiritual unity of all believers in Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible as the infallible and inspired Word of God.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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` KWS today........... Today there are Ten KWS Units in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Happy Valley Shillong, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Shillong. There are two Units outside of India, one in London and the other in Kuala Lumpur. As mentioned, the first Unit, the KWS Shillong was started in 1980 and the newest Unit, the KWS Chennai was formed this year. From small beginnings as worship groups that meet on Sundays only, many of the Units today function as churches, having Sunday Schools for children, prayer cells, women's fellowships, church building projects, missionary activities, social work etc. besides regular Sunday worship services. Like KWS Shillong, many of the other Units also have KSO and KWS as two separate autonomous bodies while maintaining close relationship between the two. In order to foster a better relationship and partnership among the various Units, All India Kuki Worship Service Coordination Committee (AIKWSCC) was formed in 2002. Though AIKWSCC has not been able to be very active, it has facilitated consultations, leadership seminars, closer interactions and exchange of ideas in developing joint projects, common constitution, motto and logo for all the Units. The AIKWSCC has been able to interact with different mother churches in Manipur, Nagaland and Assam. It has also coordinated with Kuki Christian Leaders Fellowship (KCLF) in providing Chaplains and Pastors for various KWS Units and also in dealing with issues and concerns raised by mother churches.

Future prospects KWS................

A non-denominational worshipping group with inter-denominational outlook The word "church" in the English Bible is translated from the term ekklesia. This word is the Greek words kaleo (to call), with the prefix ek (out). Thus, the word means "the called out ones". However, the English word "church" does not come from ekklesia but from the word kuriakon, which means "dedicated to the Lord". It was also used as a synonym for the word synagogue, which also means to "come together," i.e. a gathering. It biblically always refers to a local group of believers meeting in a particular geographical location. In the New Testament the word "ekklesia" is normally used to refer to an assembly of believers. (2 Cor.6:17) Based on the above definition, KWS is a church, a body of Christians worshipping in a particular location, constituting one congregation. It provides an alternative for vibrant community worship that draws around the factor that unites the Kuki community i.e. faith in Jesus Christ and united by a common ethnic culture and language. The KWS is located mainly in cities and towns where the population of the Kuki community is not high. In such places worshipping as separate groups demarcated along denominational lines will only result in small worshipping groups that may weaken due to lack of numbers. KWS is thus a non-denominational worshipping group having its members drawn from diverse denominations. As such KWS should be able to relate with all the denominations of its members and beyond. Being called out and being sent out The basic characteristic of the KWS is a group of people called to worship the Lord Almighty in spirit and truth. "God is Spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24). KWS is also KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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` called to go and make disciples, bringing others into the presence of God to acknowledge and worship Him. While the primary focus of KWS is the Kuki community that are there in the city/town so that they may be ministered and their faith renewed and refreshed, KWS should also be engaged in mission beyond the Kuki community. This can be done by supporting the ongoing mission of the mother churches or the KWS itself may be engaged in direct missionary activities "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ...."(Mathew 28:19) Focus on community and focus on God. KWS is a uniting factor for the Kuki community in a particular city/town worshipping God together, bound by cultural and language affinity. People face a certain loss of identity when in another cultural context and develop a desire to be connected to `home'. Drawing on this, KWS is a place where, culture and language draw together a worshipping group from the Kuki community. The primary focus for KWS should always be on God who is worshipped and not the community, which assembles for worship. God should always be the centre of everything. "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God". (Hebrews12:2) Independent and interdependent Each Unit of KWS is an independent body, having its own constitution as a local Unit. The individual Units have their own criteria for membership, committees, bylaws, and functions. While preserving this independence, these Units must develop relationship and partnership with other Units, nurturing mutual understanding and growth. This presents a possibility of not only individual KWS unit in different cities and towns but an interdependent movement that seeks to serve God in the various locations where KWS is located. The affinity and similar experiences would strengthen the movement facilitating cross learning. "Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others." (Philippians 2:4) Autonomous identity and dynamic relationship KWS has a separate identity as a worshipping group from the student body the KSO, but both the bodies have a close relationship, as most of the members of KWS are members of KSO as well. Both KWS and KSO are autonomous bodies and their individual identities should be respected while maintaining a dynamic relationship between the two. Such relationships provide the opportunity for KWS to guide, develop and spiritually nurture KSO students. Exclusive and yet inclusive Most of the members of KWS are from Kuki community and it is appears exclusive. KWS therefore, is in some way a forum for preserving ethnic identity and culture but this should not deter people of other communities/languages from joining the congregation. There must be an environment of openness, wherein others feel welcome and accepted and in return be enriched by their presence and participation. KWS should also be open to being ministered to by other groups and denominations who are not necessarily form the Kuki community "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3:28).

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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` Internal care and external service KWS provides brotherly love and care to its members, catering to their spiritual and physical needs. It should also be a platform for serving people outside the Kuki community, with the same concern and love. KWS are located in cities and towns where people from various communities and backgrounds reside and hence it serves as a tremendous opportunity for ministry right at the door step. "In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven" (Mathew 5:16). Traditional and yet innovative The patterns and manners of the functions and worship of the KWS imitate traditional practices from home churches and care should be taken to preserve these traditional values and ethos. KWS however should not be bound by any one traditional method of worship, It must draw from the rich diversities of traditions that the membership represent and should also have the freedom to innovate and explore innovate ideas of worship. KWS should incorporate new ideas and practices that will enrich the congregations. Formal and yet movement oriented KWS started as a movement with a tangible pattern of growth; with a sense of direction, aim and progress. KWS has formulated written constitutions, formalized church management structures, pastors, executive committees and various departments and is engaged in diverse projects. Care must be taken not to kill the spirit of movement of KWS lest it become too institutionalized. If it stops progressing, it would stagnate and would become a still monument, a reminiscence of the past instead of a movement where God is actively at work. God has initiated this movement with a definite purpose. As a body, it should continue to develop and growth unto Christ-likeness. "....... We will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ". (Ephesians 4:15) Conclusion............ As mentioned in the beginning, the prospects of KWS in terms of a mental picture of the future and something that is desirable is to be an avenue for deep spiritual growth of the members, especially molding and grooming youth to lead a Christ-like life and to become agents of change. KWS is also a model of church unity for the Kuki society. It can also become a channel of blessing for the society at large. "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing". (Genesis 12:2)

Source: 1. Telephone interview with Dr. T. T. Haokip on September 29, 2008 for the history of KWS Shillong 2. Meeting minutes of AIKWSCC held at New Delhi on November 24, 2002; at Pune on February 5, 2005 and at Kolkata on October 14 ­ 15, 2005. 3. Proposed AIKWSCC Constitution drafted by Pu L.L. Khongsai & Rev. Lamboi Haokip 4. Ideas illustrated with the assistance of Ms Asha Eappen & Ms Kuki Rokhum of EFICOR 5. The Holy Bible (NIV)

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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SEMINAR PAPER ­ 2 Love, Sex and Marriage

Rev. Paothang Haokip

Thumakai Amasan hiche thuhi seiding a lamkai te'n eihinnganse toh kilhon na hiche thupi hi seinathei ding phat kamu jeh in Pathen thangvah in um hen. Hiche thupi hi eiho society adeh a khangthah te ding a poimotah khat ahin hinlah ihungkhan dan u leh isociety u va hi hiche thu hi lhangphong tah kiseibeh sehlou thu khat ahijeh in itobang lam dol a ngaidan ho um em tihi holdoh ahahjeh in kigon dan ahahsajep in ahi. Hiche thupi hi anakigeldan leh anakideidan chu ahileh, 'ngajing hi amang ahipoi (waiting is not wasting)' tihi ahi, tichu kichen masanga pasal khat leh numei khat chun bol lou ding ho leh boldinga kilomlou ho bol lou ding tina ahijeng in ahi. Kichen masang a pasal khat leh numei khat chun kitimatna neilou ding chuleh lupkhomlou ding tihi ahi. Tulai ichen nau vannoi leiset hi chondan leh ngaidan chom chom aumtah jeh leh mijouse umdan leh chondan ho muthei leh hetthei ja aumtah jeh in eiho ding in aphatna jong chuleh asetna jong asosah theijin ahi. Hichejeh chun eiho ding a hiche thupi hi seikhom lou va khoh khat ahidoh tan ahi. Ithupiu hi `Love, Sex and Marriage' akitin hiche hi eiho paova itobang a sei ding ham ti kagel gelgel vang akilem chet thuchang kamu doh pon, akinaipi pen leh akilom pen ding a kangaito thucheng chu ahileh, 'kilungset, kitimat chuleh kichen' hileh akinaipi pen leh akilopi pen hinte tin kagel in ahi. Hiche thupi hi mehiem thepna leh ngaidan adeh a mihiem tahsa umjidan ho a kon (physiological) a jong seithei ahin ahinlah tuchung a khangthah te ikikhopnau hi Pathen thu lang ahijeh in hiche mihiem tahsa lampang thu mai maija seilou vin Pathen lekhabu theng in ipi aseijem tia hichelampang a iseijohdiu vin deisah ahi. Kilungset Eihopaovin thucheng khat bou vin akiman in hinlah hiche thucheng hi achom chom a jong seithei ahi. New Testament hi Greek paova anakijih ahin amaho chun thucheng chom chom anamang un, hiche ho lah iseimasahnom pen u thucheng chu ahileh eros atiu thucheng eiho paova iseileh 'anu leh apa(male and female) kilunglungset' tihi ahi. Hiche thucheng in akodoh chu ahileh mihiem khat tahsa in angaichat suhbukim ding ahi. Hiche kilungsetna hi mihiem tahsa khat leh khat akitimat na a kon na kilunglhai thei, hitobang kilungsetna hin ipiham khat muding ahilouleh itahsa nagaichat suhbulhitding tihi ahi. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 28

` Aban na anaman u thucheng khat chu ahileh philia tihi ahi. Hiche thucheng hi akihamanpen khat ahi. Hiche kilungset in avetsah chu ahileh golcha khat leh khat kilungset, ilungthim leh ilungel ho akibah jeh ham khat a kilungset a kingailuto kiti leh kilom pen in kagel in ahi. Hiche hin eima ngaichat seh suhbukim hilouva mi khat leh khat chu ipiham kibahpi na aneijeh a keideito a kikilungset to hi ahi. Hiche ah hin mihiem khat leh khat lungthim leh hetna ho kibah jeh a kivopthei ja keideito jeng ahin langkhat a iseija ahileh kigolchatna jong tithei ahi. Hichetobang kilungset hi tulai jin thucheng chom chom akimang in ahi. Hiche a ihetthei pen diu va kagel chu ahileh mi khat in ama lungngaichat ho mai mai suhbukim ding hilou va amachun akivopi aloi leh agol chun alungset ne ti ahet jeh a lungkim leh lungmong tah a umtheina anei hi ahi. Athum chen na a anaman u thucheng chu ahileh Agape tihi ahi. Hichehi ahileh mihiem khat in mihiem khat imacha nungmu ding ngaito louva alungset hi ahi. Hiche hi eiho paovin atamjon 'ngailut' tin akihen ahi. Hiche ihet thei na ding u chu Pathen in mihiem hibang a angailut ahin angailut jeh in achapa changkhat chu apentan ahi (John 3:16). Angailut jeh a ipiham khat ama lungngaichat ho suhbukim na ding leh lunglhai na ding mai mai hilou va midang joh phatchom na ding bolpeh ding tihi ahi. Hiche lungset ahilouleh ngailut hi Pathen Lhagao Theng a kon na eiho lungsung a hunglut ahi (Rom. 5:5). Agape hi kilungset na sangpen ahi. Ajeh chu hiche hin avetsah chu ahileh kalungset ne iti teng eima kipumpeh ding imacha nungmu na ding leh eima phatchom na ding ngaitolou ding tihi ahin; eima ding imacha gel lou va midang aphatna ding ngaito hi ahi. Hitobang lungset na ahi 1 Corithian 13:4-8,13 a asei ngailut na asangpen e ati chu. Hitobang a mikhat kalungset ne iti teng athumai mai hilou va atah tah a ilungput dan na (emotion), ingaito dan a (will) chuleh ilungel apumpia(mind) hiding tihi ahi. Achutileh eihon mikhat ideichat mai mai man a kalungset ne itiu hi dih nantem? Hiche toh kilhon na iseidiu va dei um kasah chu sapten infatuation atiu eiho pao akiledoh leh `ngoleova deina' ati hi ahi. Dictionary hoa kavet leh infatuation hi, 'the state of being inspired with an extravagant or foolish passion, too obstinate to be controlled by reason' atin ahi. Thadou-Kuki Suongmantan Dictionary a chun hitin aseijin ahi, 'ngol thitthetna lungsietna a ngolpi. Iti kisei leh phachuom hih intie ama lungsietna khun asuhngol hita khu' tin akisun in ahi. Hiche a ihet diu va dei um chu mikhat mohdei ja dei ja ngolpi kiti hi adih na dem? Ingolpi teng imacha chihna leh hetna umthei talou ahi ti iheuvin ahi. Mihiem numei khat ham pasal khat ham in jong chutia angolpia akichen pi jong vang chu aumthou vin ahi. Hinlah igel diuva poimo pen chu ngolpi ding hilouva Pathen dei chu ipi ham ti het a hiche dungjui ja chu hinkho manding hi thupi jon kagel in ahi. Kitimat Pasal khat leh numei khat kitimatna hi sappao vin sex kiti thuchung ahilouleh intercourse kiti ho akimanleh akihethei jeng in, eipao vin hitobang thuchung mijousen lhangphong tah a aman hi aum beh pon ahileh aseije ahahsan ahi. Eihon ihaman u thucheng ho chu ahileh pasal khat leh numei khat lupkhom ahilouleh kilu ti thucheng ho imang un hinlah hiche ho hi min lunglhaisel leh lungmong tahin lhangphong in ahaman nom pon ahi. Hiche hin avetsah chu ipiham itileh eiho lah hin kitimatna (intercourse) ahilouleh pasal leh numei hina (sex) hi lhangphong tah a kiseibeh seh lou, ahivangalah abol la bol tho hidan un akilang in ahi. Tulai vannoi leiset ah hin mi tamtah adihlou leh ahilou lam lam a chom KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 29

` atamtan, pasal leh pasal umkhom ma chuleh numei leh numei umkhom hi ahasuodoh tan ahileh Houbung ho chen geijing nastah in atongkhatan ahi. Pathen in Adam anasiem jou chun imajouse ahoilheh a aphat lheh vang chun Adam toh chengkhom ding in Eve chu anasiem in ahi. Ijem tia pasal leh pasal chu kilungmonto thei ding hileh Eve chu asiem ngailou ahi. Hijeh chun pasal jaolou va numei bulhinglou chutima bang a chu numei jaolou va pasal bulhingtheilou ahi. Pathen in mihiem khat in akitimatpi theilou ding a anakha/deilou ho chu Bible ah imu'vin ahi. Hiche ho chu: 1. Mihiem leh gancha hon kitimat na aneitheilou ding ahi. Hiche hi Pathen in in athetho lah khat ahi. Deut. 27:21; Lev. 18:23 2. Mi ajineisa hon midang khat jineisa hihen jineilou hijong leh kitimat na aneihi Pathen thet leh deilou tah khat ahi. Hiche hi sappao vin adultery akitin, eiho paovin miji toh jon ahilouleh miji gem tin jong akihen, hiche hi guchahon ama a hilou thilkhat ama a dan dan a akilah tobang chu ahi. Nang a hilou pasal ham ahilouleh numei ham khat chutoh nalupkhom leh nangma chu ajawng or mijawng nahi ahi. Lev. 18:20 3. Gollhang khat leh nungah khat chu akichen masanga chuleh nupa a jong umloulai ahia lah akinopto man na kitimatna anei hi sappao vin fornication chuleh eiho paovin 'jon thanhoi' imohtiu vin ahi. Pathen in hiche hi itahsa chung a kichonset ahijeh in adeiloutah khat ahi. 1 Cor. 6:18 4. Mihiem khat in mihiem khat pasal hihen numei hijong leh ijo ma ada da a kitimat pi (rape) kiti hi Pathen thet leh deilou khat ahi.Tulai jin mi tamtah in hiche hi jona manchah khat in amang in adeilou nu ham adeiloupa ham chu ada da a suhsiet agon hichea kon hin thil phalou tamtah asoh doh jin ahi. Hiche jong hi Pathen in athet leh adeilou tah khat chu ahi. 5. Pasal khat leh numei khat chun pha asah man na mohchenkhom ahialah kicheng nomlou tihi Pathen thutoh kitohlou leh deilou ahi. Tulai jin hichehi eiho lah ah adeh a khopi a cheng ho ding in boinatah khat ahitan ahi. Hitobang kinopto man a mohchen khom ahialah kichengnom tah tah lou hi lhumlam gam a miho chonchan khat ahitan hiche hi print, electronic chuleh visual media a akihathejaltan ahileh mi tamtah ding in boina asosah tan, hiche jong hi Pathen thet leh deilou khat ahi. 6. Thisan kinaipi tah pasal khat leh numei khat in kitimatna anei 'incest' kiti jong hi Bible in aphal lou khat ahi. Hiche hi sopi leh sopi kah a jong ahithei jin ahilou leh apa ham anuham leh acha kah jong hithei, api leh apu kah leh atute kah a jong hithei ahi. 7. Pasal leh pasal kitimat(homosexual) ahilou leh numei leh numei kitimat(lesbian) kiti jong hi Pathen thet leh deilou khat ahin eiho ikichih thei ju angaijin ahi. Tulai jin Christian houbung lah ah jong hiche hi mi ama leh ama deilhen dan in akingaiton akhohsah topouvin ahi. Hitobang jeh hin netna chom chom jong asoh doh e ti seiseilouva ihetsao ahi. Kichen (Marriage) Tunia iseiding lah u va athupi pen leh apoimo pen na kangaito chu hiche hi ahi. Mihiem khat in ahinkho a thugah na len ni asiem lah khat chu jinei kiti hi ahi. Adeh in eiho Christian te ding in jinei kiti hi moh a geldao thei ahipon ahi. Ijeh-in em itileh Pakai Jesu's athilbol kidang apatna leh abolmasat pen jong chu Cana kho a moupui golvah na mun anahin ahi. Chuleh aman avel vel in kichen hi thilchom chom leh KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 30

` vangam thu ho hilchet nan anamang in ahi. Khonung in Solchah te hon jong kichen hi Pathen lenggam hilchet nan jong amang un ahi. Adeh in Paul in kichen hi mi jouse'n atheng a aumsah a aja ding seh hilouvin (Heb. 13:4) Christa leh a Houbung chungchang a hilchet nan amang in ahi (Ephesian 5: 22 ­ 33). Kichen chung chang a iseikhom diuva dei umho themkhat veuhite. 1. Kichen/ Jinei kiti hi ipi ding ham?. Tulai mi tam tah in akum jong lhing lou vin athanop man leh ahuh man ham jeh in ji amohnei nei jin ahi. Imacha jong ngaito lou va anuleh apan vahnante tia jinei jong atam in ahi. Hijeh in eihon hiche hi phate cha a igeltoh u ngai ahitai. Mikhat in athusei na ah Pathen in thilkhohtah 3 anasem doh in hiche ho chu ahile, kivaipoh na hi mihiem te ding a kihoitupna ding ahin, Houbung hi Pathen thu phonjal na ding ahin chuleh kichen (jinei) hi mihiem te puna ding leh manthah lou na ding ahi atin ahi. Achutileh kichen kiti hi Pathen thilgon lah ngaito louva khohtah ahi. 2. Itih leh jinei ding ham? Tulai jinei ding phat hi ngaidan chom chom aum in ahi. Mi loikhat in government in dan asiem dung juija akum alhin teng leh jinei ding tin agelin, loikhat in insung ngaichat ho tichu nuleh pate ho ateh jeh ham ahileh apu apiten amou leh atute amunom jeh in ajinei jin, mi loikhat chu ahileh atahsa kitiim joulou jeh a jinei ding agel in loikhat chu akivah na ding service ham ahileh louleh sumkol vei na ham aumtah jeh in ajinei jin ahi. Hiche ho hi adih leh adihlou chu tunin seijong leo hen iseijoulou ding u chuleh mi lungjong ikheljou lou maitheiju ahi. Hitobang chu ahileh ipi ibol ding u ham? 3. Eiho ibol thei pen u chu mihon aphat achang umlou va chuleh abul leh aleh umlouva moh jinei nei lou ding hiche sang a chu Pathen lunglam hol a geltoh chet a kichen na neiding hi aphapen in ahi. 4. Ijinei ding teng u leh thil themkhat igeltoh diu angaijin ahi. Hiche ho chu ahileh ipi ding a jineigo kahi hitam? Kakichen pi got pa or nu hi amel kadei mai mai mana kakichen pi ding ham ahilouleh Pathen in eigon pih mong ahi ti kahet nah em? Ken kasei jing khat chu ahileh tulai nungah gollhang ten 'natohding nahol teng u leh namit hah in veleo vin hinlah jinei ding nagel teng u leh namit sing masaovin' achutilou leh joulhep in umkhan nate. Ipu ipateo thuchih khat in, melhoi tui akidonchom poi' anatin ahi. Hitobang a Pathen doh sang a amel mai mai ja ve a amit in adei mai mai jeh a kicheng tamtah khonung a boina soh aum in ahi. 5. Hiche jeh chun najinei nom teng leh amasan Pathen dong masan. Pathen kom ah hichenu hichepa khu neipeh lou leh hithei ponte tisang in Pathen nangman keima ding nagotsa chu hichenu ahilouleh hichepa khu ahileh alungkot hinhong in tin tao joh in. 6. Dating and petting (Kihel leh kithamto). Hiche in tulai khang a ding a seilou va khoh ahitan ahi. Ijeh in em itileh miho gel dan a hi hiche dating leh petting ho hi angainadan a agel ahitan ahi. Dating (kihel) kiti chu nungah khatleh gollhang khat chu midang jaolouva kimuto a phat mankhom ti ahin, petting ahileh kitimatna hilouva kithamle tina ahi. Dating hi bolou ding tina ahipon hinlah ikimuto teng leng ei changseh akihipon Pathen jong eiumkhompi ahi ti het a bol lou dinga lom ho bolou ding ahi. Ijeh in em iti leh changa ium teng lungel jong achom in chuleh itahsa ikitohkhah a ikithamto leh aban a jong bolbe ding thanop na aumjin ajona na leh bolou ding ho akiboldoh jin ahi. Dating a ichie teng Bible akichoija asim khom a taona imankhom a ahileh thilse bolna a kon in ahoidoh thei ahi. Ijeh in em itileh mihiem hi ithanopval teng imcha kigel doh theilouva kiumji jeng ahi. Khonunga kisih sang a hoidoh chu phapen ahi. Hitobang a kivenlou jeh a a hinkho hoilai tamtah achiese atam in ahi, Hijeh chun chingthei hiute. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 31

` Kichen chung chang ingaito diuva kadei themkhat. 1. Manleh mol thu. Man leh muol ineihou hi aphalheh nam hinlah tulai ja akeng ding tei tei kiti ho hi hahsat na tamtah aumtah jeh in ikhel jep jep u ngai ahitai. Bolpoute, sumang hiute chuleh umsah da hiute tina ahipon, hiche ho hi tulai khang toh kitoh a iti thahbol kit leu hen phading ham tin kagel in ahi. Eiho lah ah hin tujeng in jong ikichen ding teng akeng ding khat nahimnlakai sah diu tiho chujou teng akeding thalehng a sum hijat nahinsuhto ding u tiho hi ihaseina lai jun mi tamtah ding in boina tah khat ahitan ahi. Vetsah nan kaneo laijing kakho u vah in khat in sel hi 10 cheng ananeijin hiche lai chun akeng ding ititeng jong leh ahahsa pon ahi. Hinlah adeh a boinan eihinphah jou kal u koima jong ganch nei tam kiumtalou ahijeh in ahahsacheh cheh tan ahi. 2. Ipute chatoh kichen ding thu. Hiche hi malai khang a ding amangtheilou khat leh kingailut na tah khat a anaum vang in tulai jin aphat leh anikho chuleh hetna leh chihna ho toh kitoh a ivet leh apha behseh ahipoi ti akihedoh theitan ahi. Hijeh chun hiche hi eiho khanga a ding phate cha vet toh a ngaikhat in kagel in ahi. 3. Min asuhto jeh a kimohchen ding hilou. Mikhat chu ajineinom tengleh min asuhto maimai leh aseivang a hilou va taona a Pathen kom alhut a chujou teng Pathen a kon hietna aneija ahileh akicheng ding te ni jong chu akihet to jep angaijin ahi. Hitobang a kihoumasah lou jeh in inchen boina tamtah asoh doh jin ahi. Eima chang seh jong hilou va Pathen mi thumop thei mi kom a thumop lah angaijin ahi. Tulai hin pasal leh numei natohna neilai phat ahitah jeh in i'chen ham khat geija kichen masang a kihouto angaijin ahi. Pathen in midang khat ahin manchah a pasal khat leh numei khat ahungkihet to teng leh Pathen thu leh taona a Pathen dei ipiham ti holkhom ding hi nasah tah in angaijin ahi. 4. Ikideiman na kimoh chen ding hilou. Mi tam tah akidei man na anu leh apate thu jong ngainom lou va kimohchen hi khonung a ding in hahsatna leh boina tam tah umthei ahi. Ijeh in em itileh pasal khat leh numei khat chu akichen teng leh amani chu mi ni hitalou va khat hilhon ahitai, hinlah e-het diu va khoh tah chu kichen hin mi tamtah akankhom ahijeh chun insung mite jong ajaotei anoptei ngai ahi. Khatvei ihithei nah man in kangaichapoi tijong lehen khatvei chu ingaichat na hung um tei tei ahi. Hiche jeh a chu sapten,' Prevention is better than cure' atibang a chu thilho hi ahungso manga kiven masah angaijin ahi. Gollhang khat leh nungah khat chu ikideija ahijong leh insung mite ho anop ngai ahi. Pathen phatsah ahija ahileh khatvei chu boina umjong leh ahunghi na thei ding umtei ding ahi, phunchel louva ingahat photleh. 5. Kichen nikho a kimanchah ding dan. Tulai hin ilah u vah kichen ni hi Pathen loupina dinga boltah sang in neileh gou ho mi vetsah na tobang in aumdoh tan ahi. Kahetdan abah leh kon thil ijat amu a numei nun jong itobang thilkeo ahinkiken/poh em tiho hi kitet na dan in akineitan ahileh isocietiu va ding in aphaloulam tah asohdoh tan ahi. Kichen nia sum suhmangtam jeh a ahinkho batleh tham neija genthei tah a hinkho man kitihi vangsetna tah khat ahi. Hiche jeh chun eiho khangthah ten ipi bol leo hen hitobang chondan leh kimanchah na hi isiemphat u va mi aneitam ho leh aneitamlou ho kibangdeova a kichen na aneitheidiu hi dei umtah khat ahi. Hiche na ding a hi eiho khangthah te ma man pan ilah u angai jin ahi. 6. Kichen jou teng bol ding. Kichen jou teng leh ahithei chen na akicheng teni chu phat pieh ngai ahi. Ijem inem ikichen masang a ikihet to chu thilchom ahin ikichen jouteng Bible in aseibang a tipum ni chu khat ahitah jeh in lungthim kiheto na lam ahin, nuleh pa hina a kitimat na lampang ahin, alam tamtah a kihetthiemto angaijeh in akicheng teni hin amani chang a phat chomkhat beh aman angai ma ma in ahi. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 32

` 7. Kicheng jou teng khosah ding dan. Mi tamtah akichen jou teng insung mite toh achenkhom jeh a boina tam tah asohdoh jin ahi. Hiche jeh a chu kichen masang a ikichen jou teng hoija chuleh itobang a inchen na khosah ding ham tihi phate cha a gelmasah angaijin ahi. Igel masah louva ahileh min angel chu eiding a phapen hilou ding chuleh kikisunohphah ji ahi ti heuhite. Thukhumkhana. Insung aphat a ahileh society pha ding, society aphat a ahileh houbung jong pha ding ahi. Hijeh chun khangthah ten igel diuva deipen chu ahileh itilam doh a chuleh itobang a hinkho iman u va ikhangthah ithahat nao hi eima dei dei ja mang hilouva Pathen deijoh Pathen chate ihina dol u va hinkho iman u va eiho a kon na ihoubung hou leh I'societi u akisemphat na ding igel u ngai ahitai. Satan leh asolchah ho atuppen u chu Christian insung ahin; nupa kah a kitomo na sosah ding chate leh nuleh pa kah boina soh sah ding tihi ahi. Ijeh in em itileh insung khat chu akisuhboi teng leh society leh houbung jong boithei ahi. Kichen leh inchen hi poimo tah ahijeh in khangthah ten phate cha a igelphat u ngai ahitai. Hijeh chun eiho khangai ten eima eimachang chieh hinkho a siemphat ding a ngaiho semphao hitin chutengleh agapha chu society leh houbung ah hungsoh doh tan te. Hiche hi kakinep na leh kataona ahin nangho jouse chuleh hiche paper sim jouse hapan a ipan diu vin Pakai Jesu min in kahintiem un ahi. Amen.

About Author:Rev. Paothang Haokip is the Pastor of KWS Hyderabad. He is also currently the Secretary of All India Kuki Worship Service Coordination Committee. He did his studies from UTC, Bangalore

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 33


Nehemiah, Role Model for 21st Century Christians

D.P. Haokip IRS

At the outset, I thank and give all glory and honor to the Almighty God for His unmerited mercies and blessings upon us during our journey in the last ten years. On this auspicious occasion of the decade celebration of the Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore (1999-2009), I would like to meditate on the theme of the celebration, i.e. COME, LET US REBUILD... Nehemiah is our role model. His character, discipline, commitment, integrity, accountability, spirituality, practicability and lifestyles are examples for us to follow. Nehemiah was the cupbearer of the king of Persia and later became the Governor of Israel with vision and vocation. He was neither a priest nor a prophet. He was a man of prayer and believed in the perseverance and power of prayer. He was a civil servant living in a corrupt society and pagan environment. He maintained his spiritual life in a secular world. His inspirational leadership led the Israelites to rebuild the broken walls and gates of Jerusalem only in 52 days. He was a man of action and integrity, frontline leader, organizer, controller, planner, motivator and reformer. He undertook the civil, religious, social, economic and political reforms of the nation of Israel. He confessed the sins of his ancestors and the sins of the nation before God. He worked hard in the midst of opposition and problems. His priorities were spiritual revival and social reformation. All classes and types of people participated in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. The priests, Levites, number of rulers , men who ruled half the city of Jerusalem, gatekeepers, guards, farmers; perfume makers, jewelers, pharmacists, merchants, temple servants and even women were involved in the work. We must have our share and role to play in the Lord's work. Let us not wrestle with problems in endless committees and conferences, but rather wrestle on our knees against our real enemy Satan. The shortest man in the Bible "Knee-high-miah" (Nehemiah) fights on his knees and sets an example for all of us. Nehemiah had to overcome through prayer and hard work the efforts of Sanballat (picture of Satan), Gesham (picture of the World) and Tobiah ( the picture of Old nature). Like the walls and gates of Jerusalem, our physical, mental and spiritual walls of the individual, society and nation crumbled. Therefore, come my brothers and sisters, let us unite and rebuild our broken physical and spiritual walls by following the examples set by Nehemiah. The main wall signifies the nation as a whole. The ten gates signify the different stages in our spiritual life having its biblical meaning a nd significances. A deeper spiritual life is required to become a torchbearer and messenger of the gospel. 1. THE SHEEP GATE (v.3:1, 12:39). The first gate is the Sheep gate and this was the gate which the sheep and lambs used in the sacrifices, were brought through. The Sheep Gate speaks about the Cross-and the sacrifice that was made for our sins. The principle of the cross is the starting point of everything and it is KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 34

` where we began our life as a Christian. It is the principle of death at work in your life-the death of your natural self as we are crucified with Christ unto the world, and the world is crucified unto us. Sheep are the symbol of sacrifice. This gate needs constant repair if you want to grow into a strong, fruitful and effective Christian. 2. THE FISH GATE (v.3:3, 13:16). In this gate the fishermen from Galilee and the coast brought their fish into the city to be sold. Fishing was the main occupation in the region and the technique of fishing became the model for the disciples to become the `fishers of men' (Mt.4:19& Mk.1:7). It signifies evangelism and witnessing for Jesus Christ. (Acts1:8.Is.43:10). If we failed to witness in our life, then the Fish Gate needs to be repaired and restored. 3. THE OLD GATE (v.3:6). This gate represents the old ways of Truth. Truth is always old, and it is upon old things that everything new must rest. The truth never changes. It is the same yesterday, today and forever. The world is full of new things but the scripture calls us back to the old way, the basics of life, back to the time tested paths that have let to stability, security and success. The prophet Jeremiah reminds us to "Ask for the ancient (old) paths. Ask for the good way and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls" (Jer.6:16). These are the days when the old truth is being forsaken. Men are rapidly throwing away what the church has stood for since ancient time. If this wall is crumbling then the enemy (Satan) will gain access to our souls. We need to rebuild the old gates of truth and set examples for others. 4. THE VALLEY GATE (v.3:13). In this gate all the material support and food came from the valley. The valley is plain, wide, fertile and good for crops, grazing fields for animals and full of spring waters. A valley in scripture represents humility and the judgment of conceit in our lives. John Stott calls humility "that rarest and fairest of Christian virtues". Pride is sin and humility is virtue. Peter tells us, "God resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble"(1Pet.5:5).Jesus said, "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your soul".(Mt.11:29). God looks for the lowly, the humble, the gentle, and the contrite ones. We must have a low opinion of ourselves and high opinion of God. 5. THE DUNG GATE (v.3:14). It is the gate of elimination, where all the rubbish and corrupt things in the city was brought to the garbage dump in the Hinnom valley, outside Jerusalem to be burned. Paul urges us, "Cleanse yourselves from all filthiness of flesh and spirit"(2 Cor.7:1).Why many people are unable to function as God wants is that they seldom use the Dung Gate. We seldom deal with our secret sins and private corruptions in our own lives in order that the true faith, refined by fire, can come forth and produce fruits. 6. THE FOUNTAIN GATE (v.3:15). It is noteworthy to mention that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has sufficient fountains. It speaks of a fountain springing up like the words of Jesus Christ, "rivers of living water"(Jn.7:38) and the " fountain of living waters"(Jn.4:10-15).It speaks of the Holy Spirit, which is the river of life in us- the flowing of the Holy spirit of God in our lives enables us to obey His will and words. It describes the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The spirit-filled life, overflowing to others as in Eph.5:18, `be filled with the Holy spirit'. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 35

` 7. THE WATER GATE (v.3:26). This gate signifies the Word of God, as water is a symbol of the Word of God. The interesting thing about the Water Gate is that there was no need to repair it as it was the only part of the wall that was still standing. It mentions the people who lived by it but does not mention that it needs repair. The Word of God never breaks down. It never needs improvement for it lasts forever. It is Indestructible. Water represents the Word of God as found in Eph.5:26, `to make her holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God's word'. The word of God is the Bible. Jesus said, "Man does not live by bread alone" (Mt.4:4 & Lk.4:4). Do we have the eagerness to examine the Word of God every day like the Bereans?(Acts 17:11). Let our New Year's resolutions convicted us to study the Bible. 8. THE HORSE GATE (v.3:28). The horse is the symbol of warfare and battle in the Scripture. This gate reminds us that we are not on a picnic party but we are on a battlefield. In spiritual warfare, `To know the enemy, is half the battle won'. Who is the enemy? It is Satan, "like a roaring lion" (1Pet.5:8), "the principalities, powers of the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places". (Eph.6:10-17).Be prepared to fight the good fight. 9. THE EAST GATE (v.3:29). This gate speaks of hope and expectation. In this gate, the Messiah will return and enter the city of Jerusalem. This gate was shut (Eze.44:1-3) The East Gate opens and looks towards the Mount of Olives when Jesus returns to this mount (Zech.14:4).This gate tells us that God has yet a glory awaiting those who trust him. This life does not end in despair and tragedy. Jesus said to his disciples, "When you see all these things coming to pass, lift up your heads and rejoice, for your redemption is drawing near". (Lk.21:28). Christians are hopeful people for the hopeless world. 10. THE INSPECTION GATE (v.3:31). The last and final gate is the Inspection Gate and in Hebrew, it means "the appointed place". It is the seat of Jesus Christ where judgment will be held. "It is appointed for man but once to die, and after that the judgment" (Heb.9:27).We all must give an account of our journey and face the throne of judgment. It speaks of the final judgment of the nations (the sheep and goat judgment in Mt.25:31-46) when Jesus returns. The important role played by committed individual leader is the need of the hour in the midst of all political uncertainty and instability, turmoil and terror, law and order and security problems. Rick Warren has written, ` I also believe that pastors are the most strategic change agents to deal with the problems society faces, Even many politicians are coming to the conclusion that spiritual revival is our only solution'. William Bennett, the former Cabinet Minister in American Enterprises magazine stated: "The most serious problems afflicting our society today are manifestly moral, behavioral and spiritual, and therefore are remarkably resistant to government cures". The disease (dis-ease) of the individual physical and spiritual needs can be revived by transformation (spiritual renewal) in the Church, Bible Camps and Worship Services (KWS). The illegal (ill-legal) practices and corruptions in the society can be stopped by Government and with the active participation of social organizations like Kuki Innpi, KSO, KKL etc. What role do we have in the civilized society as an individual and as a corporate (church &social Institutions) body?

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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` We need successful leaders who can influence, co-operate and think BIG for the nation. The paradigm shift for the leaders should be GLOCAL, i.e. Think Global and Act Local. Only Synergy theory (Eccl.4:9) and TEAM spirit will lead us to achieve out targets and goals. Robyn Keal defined TEAM as a "group of two or more people working cooperatively together sharing a common purpose, vision, values and resources". He also acronyms "Together Everyone Achieves More" (TEAM). Team spirit can produce a synergy-an effect that exceeds the sum of individual effects. Our leaders need to share their visions and help other people to dream big dreams, which will inspire them to go on extra miles to make their dreams come true. They also need to motivate others so that the goals are achievable, i.e. Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Timeframed.(SMART). Martin Luther Jr. said, "I have a dream..." on 28-08-1963. Today, Mr. Barrack Obama, as the first Black to become the 44th President of the USA, fulfills that dream. The need of the hour is to share our dreams and visions, involve and participate ourselves to root out the corrupt practices in the society and to restore, renew, refresh and repair each individual and corporate spiritual life. Let us not be foolish but be wise and sensitive to the truth that is in Jesus. Nehemiah practiced what he preached. Let us be practical in our approach to the needs of our society so that we become doers and not hearers. It is high time to make attempts, set examples and bring changes in our society for a better tomorrow. Let us begin making attempts. Unless we make attempts how can we expect to achieve our great goals. There is a lot of catching up to do for the society. Do not give up. Let us keep on keeping on. Think about what William Carey said,

"Attempt great things for God and expect great things from God"

About Author:D.P. Haokip is an Income Tax Commissioner in Bangalore. He is the Chairman of the KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Committee. He is also presently the VICE CHAIRMAN of AIKWSCC and is an Advisor in KWS Bangalore.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Ten Years later, the Journey Continues....

Thangminlen Misao

It is normally difficult to capture the essence of one year in one page article, leave alone ten years. There has been so much change during the last ten years that when I decided I should share my experience with Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore, through the Decade Souvenir, it took me weeks reflecting on the past and as I write these words, I still have conflicts on my mind if this is where I should begin. It was in 1997, when I first came to Bangalore. I used to attend Sunday morning service at Berean Baptist Bible College (BBBC), the hub of Kuki Theologians in Bangalore at that time. The sermons and songs were inspiring and I had the opportunity to listen to many a great speaker. Still the desire to worship the Lord and sing hymns in my own mother tongue with my own people couldn't subside. Unable to suppress the desire from within, I shared my concerns with Kammang Hangsing, the then KSO President, "The Nagas and the Mizos have their own fellowship and worship the Lord under one umbrella. So, why can't we?" . He calmly replied and assured me that the elders were working on it and we would have a fellowship of our own very soon. Though I wasn't aware of it, others too had sensed the need to have our own fellowship. Towards the end of 1998, elders like Rev. Paothang Haokip, Pastor Obed Haokip, Jangkholam (Lamboi)Haokip, Khamkhosiam Simte, etc had already worked out the model and the norms for Kuki Worship Service after a series of meetings. Pastor S. Obed Haokip, who was serving as a Pastor at Bangalore Bible Church then, was appointed as Chaplain. Finally, one fine Sunday, the 7th of February 1999, the first Kuki Worship Service in Bangalore was inaugurated at Bangalore Bible Church. It was heartening to see the fruits of hard work, labour, prayer and determination. It was much more satisfying to see what was started on paper in boardrooms resulted in laying the foundation of worship for Kukis in Bangalore, then and now. The hymns we sang, the prayers we prayed, the sermons we heard and the smile on everybody's face who attended the service that day are still vivid on my mind till today. I'm forever thankful to God for making me a part of the Service that day. Happy and thankful as I was that day, it never occurred to me that ten years later, I would be celebrating the decade program with all my fellow members with such pomp and enthusiasm. KWS Bangalore began its journey slowly and steadily after its inauguration. However, like every Church, KWS Bangalore too had its own trials and temptations, turns and turmoil. At one stage, in the year between 2001 and 2002, it was even brought to a point where its members were like sheep without a Shepherd. Because of their commitment in their respective ministry, Rev. Paothang Haokip had to leave for Hyderabad, and Pastor Obed Haokip had to resign from KWS(B) as Chaplain. Their departure left a big hole in the fellowship and there was nobody within the community, who could take up their mantle in that short span of time. We, who were in secular colleges at that time considered ourselves too KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 38

` inexperienced or spiritually immature to lead the fellowship, whereas the ones who were in Theological college were bounded by rules and hardly had enough time to interact with people outside their college. KWS(B) remained inactive for months without Prayer service. The spiritual needs of the members were now growing day by day . But God, as always, provided the means whenever spiritual need arises. It was the conviction and dedication of our brethren in BBBC&S, the likes of Haopu (Nehhao )Doungel , Thienna Neishiel, Samuel Gangte , Emmanuel Khongsai ( now KWSB Assistant Pastor), who instilled confidence and shared words of encouragement to the members, which brought KWS Bangalore back on track. With their initiatives, KWS(B) prayer service was resumed in Viveknagar area where most of the Kuki students were residing. We gathered from house to house on alternate Sundays and each host would served refreshments to all who attended the meeting. The love and kindness we shared and the bonding we had could never be erased from my memory as long as KWS Bangalore lives. Those house prayer meetings led to the election of new executive Committee who in turn took responsibility to look for a church where we could gather every Sunday. That was how we could finally gather at Salem AG Church in Shanthi Nagar, which I would like to term it as the beginning of the modern day Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore. Looking back over the years, at times, I regret the outcome of a situation and I wish I've done something a little different. I could have loved more, given more, saved more or laughed more. But that's just being human and that God has a plan for His Church. At times of trials and tribulations, it is only the love of God which sustains us. We may undergo several changes, which at times could threaten to bring down God's own Church. I should say that these changes are for good. If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we don't really live. In order to be a living Church, we should change and we should grow. For me, the greatest legacy of the last ten years of KWS, Bangalore is the catchphrase" Be the change". That's what I intend to be and maybe you should too. Be a change for the good of the fellowship, be the change in Praise and worship, be the change in better administration and most importantly, be the change in what God wants you to be. Be a part of Kuki Worship Service and be the change.

About Author:Thangminlen Misao is one of the longest staying members in KWS Bangalore. He was the President of KSO Bangalore for many years and is presently the Chairman of Building Committee in KWS Bangalore.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Leadership from the Life of Daniel

Rev. Kamgin Gangte Pastor, KWS (B)


Daniel son of David and Abigail was a faithful counselor to King Nebuchadnezzar. With the help of God Daniel interpreted two of the king's dreams. Daniel's three friends were rescued from certain death in the fiery furnace, and Daniel was rescued from the lion's den. Daniel's life is a picture of the triumph of faith. Daniel had many outstanding characteristics of leadership. From his many leadership qualities I am trying to highlight only four, which I believe are appropriate for the present leaders. 1. Daniel a Man of Prayer When Daniel learned the document of injunction was signed, he opened the window towards Jerusalem, and prayed to God (Daniel 6:8). Daniel's first spiritual response to his crisis was prayer. He did not hesitate to approach God in more fervent prayer when circumstances were even more pressing. He even fasted and prayed for the sake of his people. (Dan. 9:3, 4) Leaders have many things to learn from the life of Daniel. To become an effective leader, imitating the life of Daniel is inevitable. As a leader we must be aware that we are leading the people of God. Unless we pray we can not lead, at the same time we must be sincere in prayer and ask ourselves as John Henry Jowett rightly asks, What are my prayers like? If I were God, could I listen to them? Are they mere pretences at prayer, full of nothing but sound? Is there any reasonable ground for assuming that they can accomplish anything? Or are my prayers weighted with sincere desire? Do they comprehend my brother's good as well as my own? Are they spoken in faith? Do they go out in great expectancy?1 Let us ask ourselves these questions. How many times do we pray in a day? What kind of prayer do we offer? When do we pray? Prayer was Daniel's first response. As a leader let prayer be our first response, then God will do His part.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009


John Henry Jowett, A Daily Meditation (Bangalore: SAIACS, 2005), 181.

Page 40

` 2. Daniel Was Accountable Daniel's position as a counselor was like a high ranking and top security job. He respected his job and the king as well, but as a man of God he did not forget his responsibilities of leading the people. He did not defile his body (Dan. 1:8). Let us ask ourselves, am I defiling my body? If so I am unworthy to be called a leader. Even if Daniel was to be thrown to the fiery furnace he stood up to the cruel and wicked Nebuchadnezzar defending his position. Daniel refused to bow before the image of gold even if his life was at stake. Dr. Graham Houghton is right when he says, "Outstanding leadership has a cost,"2 I am convinced that, to become an effective leader one has to loose something. A missionary was attacked in Tripura and created scar mark on his face and some parts of his body. These marks made his leadership more respectable. I agree with J. Oswald Sanders when he writes, "Scars are the authenticating marks of faithful discipleship in true spiritual leadership."3 Daniel did not care for his life to be lost. Benjamin Franklin is right when he says, "There's no gain without pain."4 For example, when something is bought from the market, the costlier we pay the better the quality. To get a better quality we have to pay more. The same thing is to leadership. As a leader if we want to become more effective, we must be ready to loose something. Many of the leaders have the capacity of this accountability but very few put into practice. Putting vision into reality should be made mandatory for a leader. It is a great account that leaders take this as a challenge. 3. Daniel a Man of Vision King Nebuchadnezzar issues an order to kill all the wise men of Babylon including Daniel and his friends (Dan. 2:17-19). After this news Daniel and his friends prayed to God with a clear vision that God will help them in times of need. Accordingly Daniel's prayer was answered. We need a leader who has vision like Daniel. Good leaders are leaders who have vision. Leaders are visionary leaders. Everything, anything begins with a dream. Nothing can happen without a dream.5 Vision is a mark of leader's success. Leaders without vision can never be a successful leader. Having said this, vision alone will not make leader a good leader, but when vision is put into reality then only leader can become a good leader. Warren G. Bennis is right when he says, "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."6 When a leader of a society has no vision the society collapses.

2 3

Graham Houghton, Class Lecture Note on Christian Leadership (September 3: SAIACS, 2007). J. Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Leadership: Commitment to Spiritual Growth Series (Secunderabad: OM, 2007), 116. 4 Benjamin Franklin, "Quotable Leadership Quotes," in Christian Leadership: Selected Readings CE-101 compiled by Dr. Graham Houghton (Bangalore: SAIACS, 2007), 79. 5 Houghton, Class Lecture Note on Christian leadership (September 4: SAIACS, 2007). 6 Warren G. Bennis, "Quotable Leadership Quotes," in Christian Leadership: Selected Readings CE-101 compiled by Dr. Graham Houghton (Bangalore: SAIACS, 2007), 78.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 41

` 4. Daniel a Man of Compassion Daniel's compassion was for men and for the land. His love and concern for the poor overflowed, therefore he even requested the king to have mercy on the poor (Dan. 4:27). A good leader is not a leader who only leads people, but also who takes care the nation for the growth of his ministry and for the sake of prosperity. I agree with Dr. Houghton when he writes, "This is an appeal for Effective Indian Christian Leaders to have it much more clearly in mind that what we do is a vital contribution to nation building."7 Every leader is responsible for building the society and the nation. The effectiveness of their work depends upon their compassion. This is what exactly happened to Daniel, who was a great patriot. KWS in particular and Christian in general need man and woman who have compassion both for the land and for the people. To expand God's ministry, "Kuki Worship Service" has been established in different cities in order to nourish one's spiritual life. Let us not inject or interpolate this message to the leaders alone. One day you can also become a leader like Daniel. Conclusion Let a leader be a man of prayer, accountability; a man of vision, and a man of compassion. Then only can he make things change and there can be a real transformation in the society. Holistic commitment and faith like Daniel's can only help people change. Until and unless a leader in the society or fellowship practices the life of Daniel, the people will be in a mess and there can be no growth.

About Author:Kamgin Gangte is the current Pastor of KWS Bangalore. He is currently doing research in SAIACS College.


Graham Houghton, "Commitments of Highly Effective Mission Leaders," in Rajendran & Amalraj (ed.), Where are the Indian Leaders? (Chennai: India Missions Association, 2000), 171.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Amaho Pumkhat Ahithei Na Dingu

Kukite lah a Houbung pumkhat ahina dia Pan lahna

Rev. Thongsei Haokip

"Kapa theng, eini pumkhat ihi banga amaho jong pumkhat ahitheina dingun, nangman amahohi hongin... Pa, keima nangma sol kahi hi vannoi miten atahsan theina dinguva nangma keiya nauma keima nanga kaum banga hi, amaho jong einia aumtheina dinga katao ahi." John 17:11, 21 Thumakai: Amasatah in muntina Kuki Christian chate jouse ahideh a KWS member ho jouse chunga i Pakaiyu Jesu Christa minin salaam kahinpe cheh uve. Tuchung KWS(B) Decade thupi chun "Hungun, saphau hite" ti ahi toh kilhonin, i houbung leh lhangpi hinkhoa sahphat ding tampi lah a pumkhat hina ding hi jong poimo tah khat in kagelin ahi. Hiche paper hin Kuki Christian te lah a adeh a houbung sunga kipumkhatna ipi jeh a ngaicha a, chuleh itobang tohguon ana uma chuleh ichan gei molsoa umem ti itahlang nomun ahiye. Ipi jeh a kipumkhatna ngaicha ham? Kipumkhatna hi angaichat na tampi uminte. Amasapen chu ahileh Bible a kingam ahi. Bible hi Christianho jousea dia tahsanna dan (rule of faith) ahitoh kilhona aphengmai ho iphet a ivet a ahileh alhangpi in kipumkhatna hi Lhagao theng natoh leh kibung khen nahi aphalouva kon ahi ti akimue. Kipumkhatna toh kisai mun tampi umjong leh lhomcha bou kahin lhengin, hiho chu: Christa ami hina (Nature), Houbung chu Christa tahsa phe (Body of Christ), chuleh Pakaiyin ama tahsanho akipumkhat nadiuva ataona ho ahiuve. Khatna ah, Jesu hina chu ahileh mihemho leh Pathen kah, chuleh mihem leh mihemho kipumkhatsah ahiye. Nina ah, Paul in houbung chu Christa tahsaphe toh atekahje chu ahileh kikhenthei hilouhel tia aseina ahiye (1 Cor. 12:21). Tibah khat sunga atoh achomchom hiu jongleh mihem khat chunga umcheh kikhen theilou ahibanga, atahsanho jong kikhen thei ahipouve. Chuleh houbung luchang chu Christa ahi ati (Col.1:18). Eihon vang Christa sanga eimaho joh luchang ihinom jal uva kipum khatna ding ijahdau ahiye. Athumna ah, iPakaiyun eiho kipum khat nadinga taovah ahiye. Pa le chapa pumkhat a aumbanga, Christa nungjuiho jong kingailutna leh kihethem tah a aumkhom uva, pumkhat ahinau akihet cheh diu ngaiyah ahi. Christian teho, sopia ikigel cheh u hinam?

Ajeh dangho chu ahileh lhangpi leh kivaihomna (social and political necessity) ngai chatna jeh ahiye. Tule tua eiho Kukite dinmunhi ihetmau banga kibungkhen nam (divided nation) ihiu ahin, midang KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 43

` jouse sanga eihon kipumkhatnahi ingaichat joh u ahiye. Chuleh, society sung suhdamna ngaiyah ahiye. Kipana thuphahi mihemte kichamsah nading thahatna neitah ahin, ama (Jesu) chun "...kidouna daltanna banglai chu asuhbei(ya)"( Eph.2:14) kichamna asem ahi akitie. Abankit ah, thahat nading leh hoibit a ium nadiuva kipumkhatna ngaicha ahiye (For strength and security). Iki pumkhat lou uva ahileh Satan thang kola kihen oh gamvah ding ihiuve. Kibung khenna chun thalhomna asoe ti sei louva hetsa ahiye. Thuchih in aseima banga, "Ikipumkhat tenguleh idin diu, ikikhen jah tengu ilhuh diu ahi" kiti bang chu! Kipumkhatna ding Tohguon itobang ana chelha em? Chutobang ngaichatna ho ana mahet jallu hintin, houbung lamkaiho chun houbung kiphu tilla pat in kipumkhatna ding ana haguon lheh un ahiye. Sahlam gamkaiya Kuki Baptists ho chu nia ana umu ahin, Kuki Baptist Association (KBA) leh North East Kuki Baptist Association Manipur (NEKBAM) anahin, amani chu khat a kipumkhat in Kuki Baptist Convention (KBC) tin akiloikhom tauve. Ahin, khonungin pao leh nei leh gou chuleh adang jallin kipum khatna ana losam tan ahi. Khonungin Kuki houbung chomchom ho chu Bible ledohna ding leh Labu thakhat umna thei dingin kiloi khomna khat anasemun, amin Kuki Christian Council akisah un ahi. Hiche Council chu khonunga houbung (Church) a ahung kikhel phat a chu oljep a pumkhat hina ding thilguon jouse lolhing louvin aumtan ahi. Abanah, kipum khat nading dang ana semun, KCBU (Kuki-Chin Baptist Union) noiya khompi leh seminar ima anabolun, lekhabu phachuomtah khat In Search of Identity (1986) anatatdoh un ahiye. Hichea member ho chu - KBC, CHBA, CBA, TBA, VBA & KRBA ahiuve. Chuleh, KCECU (Kuki Christian Evangelical Churches Union) jong anasemun, hichea pang Kuki houbung ho chu KBC, KCA/ECA, KBA(N), TBA, Ch. B.A. chuleh Ngalsong leh Muollhangphai presbytery ahiuve. Ahin, anukhah pena kiloikhomna khat ana semu chu ahileh KCLF (Kuki Christian Leaders Fellowship) ahiye. Hiche ahung kuondohna jonghi Kuki-Naga boina jeh a hung umin akiseiye. Ajeh chu, nam boi ahung khohdehset adeh a 1994 vel chun Central govt in minority commission member, John Joseph ahinsol na dingah, ahung dingpa kimupi na ding leh athi/amangho leh ahinga gentheiho relief boipi nadinga kihoukhom angaitoh kilhonin, tilla phat sotpi official a ana kihoutalou KCC leh KBC chu ahung kihou lhonin, hichea kona aban hung chaal ah ahiye. Kiloi khomna dang hotoh akibahlou na chu ahileh, Kuki houbung abon hihih jongleh atamjopihi hiche KCLF a hi pangsoh ahiuve. Hitobanga kiloi khomna ahung umhin Kuki Christian holah a nasatah in kinai chehna leh kipum khatna ahin manosah jingin ahiye. Houbung khat a umna ding tohguon: Chutobanga kinaitah le kihethemtah a aumu chu nom asauvin, member phabep khat in houbung khat a umkhom ding propose ahinbolu toh kilhonnin phachuompia kihouna meeting leh seminar ana umin ahi. Hiche banjom ding chun Sub-Committee atumin akilhengin, kum 1994 a pat in kihouna livei jen anaumin ahiye. Kum 1998 chun kipumkhat nading Tohguon (Plan of Union) leh Kivaipohna ding (Draft Constitution) jong ana semun chuleh memberho hengah hop anahiye. Akipat til chun kipumkhatna ding tohguon chu lolhing ding tobangin akilangin kinep anaum lheh e ajeh chu tohguon umdan chu mihon pha asalheh un ahi. Ahin hiche phatsahna chun kipum khatna tah chu anasuo joutapon ahileh akhoh lheh in ahi. KWS hi houbung kipumkhatna model thah: KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 44

` Manipur, Nagaland chuleh Assam polama khopi holah a atumtuma houbung akiphu thei loutoh kilhonin khopi lenhoa Kuki Christian ho khat a kiloi khom nading angaichat jeh chun kiloi khomna ahin phutdoh un, Shillong khopiah chun Kuki Student Organisation ho makainan ahin panun, chuti chun aban banin ahung chalin, tuhin India sunggoh hilouvin gamdangah jong ahung umthei tan kipa aumlheh e. Hiche ah hin eima houbung dalha lou, amavang houin khat a longdela kiki loikhom thei chu ahin, houbung kipumkhatna a model thah khat ahiye. Koima houbung achoma kisei set tona leh kivahchoina apangpon, member ho jouse koi houbung ti umlouvin, kibang chet a kiloi khomna chu ahi. Thukhum khana: Hichea het ding khat chu, itamchennau leh ikholah uva kipumkhatna ilolhinsah joulouvu chu migam ikholjinnau leh ikhopemnau munah ilolhinsah theiyun ahiye. Chuleh, hitobang kipumkhatna ahung kondohna hi Pathen ngailutna leh nam ngailutna kitho khomna chu ahi. Mundang hoa jong KWS hin phutdoh ji hi Kuki Student Organisation ahinom jiuve. Hitobanghi khanletsah jing hin akikhen telsa houbung leh lhangpi nuna kipumkhatna ahin pohlut kit ding hi kinep leh ngalal umtah chu ahitai. Hijeh chun hoilai munah um jong leu hen ijat inam mite toh pumkhat tah a Pathen houkhomna ding ngaitoa panla dingin ikitem cheh uve. Hiti chu ahung hiteng leh iPakaiyin pumkhat hina dia ana taona chu aneo pena eiho hinkhoa ibulhin sah diu ahin, Pathen lunglam bol ihidiu ahiye. Pathenin asim jouse vang boh jing tahen.

About Author:Rev. Thongsei Haokip is renowned Scholar in Kuki Christian Literature. Currently he is doing Research and came back from Amsterdam only a few weeks back. He is presently an Advisor in KWS Bangalore.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 45


Hou-Bung le a Natoh

Rev. Dr. Angam Haokip

Hou-Bung Chu ipi ti naham? Iti hung kiphutdoh pan ham? Sappao a Church hi Scottish thucheng akilah doh "Kirk" ahin chu leh German te Mandan in "kirche" akiti kit in ahi, ahin lah hiche ho jouse hi Greek Paova kilah doh beh ahin Greek pao in "Kuriakon", hi che hi neutral adjective of Kurios tichu "LORD" akitin ahi, hichun akoudoh ahileh , "Pakai a tinaa ahi", (belonging to the Lord). Chu leh Sapao thucheng Church jong chu hitihin Greek pao in akiledoh kite "Ekklesia", tichu 'EK' chu "alah akona" (out of) chu leh 'KALEO' chun "Koudoh" hichu "Kouchom ho tina ahi" Leiset mihem lah pathen adding a kilhengdoh or kikoudoh ho ti nahijoe. Hiche thuchen "Ekklesia" hi Thulhunthah ah 114 veijen akimun ahi, ahin lah Gospel sung ah 3 veibou akimun ahi, hichu Matt.16:18, 18:17 sung akimu ahi. Hiche Gospel sung Matt.16:18 akimu Hou-bung hi ahung umding kiseina themgao thusei masah joh ahi. Hiche Themgao Jesu am tah in ka Hou-bung kasahdoh ding ahi tichu Jesu ama tah Van akal toujouva chu Solchah (Acts 2) bungni achu hungguilhung ahi, hichu Pentecost Day tin anakisei in ahi. (The Birth day of the church) tijong akisei inahi, Ajeh chu Thulhunlui Old Testament a chu Hou-bung ana umkhaloulai ahi tinajong kichen tah in imuthei uve. HOU-BUNG KITI HI JATNIN AKIKHEN KIT IN AHI: Khat-na, Amun Hou-bung (Local Church). Hi che thucheng Hou-bung hi Thulhun Thah (New Testament) sung ah hin akihajah leh jeng inahi, hichun avetsah nompen chu "Thasan cha kiloikhom ho ahi" Chu leh amun Hou-bung a thahsan chatte kiloikhom avetsah nom inahi. Hichu Local Church akitin ahi. Jerusalem ah chun Houbung anaum inahi Acts 5:11;8:1; 11:22, chu le Asia Minor a Hou-bung Acts 16:5, Rom a Hou-bung Rom.16:5, Corinthian Hou-bung, ICor.1:2; 2 Cor.1:1, Galatia Hou-bung, Gal.1:2, Thessalonica HouBung I Thess. 1:1, chu leh Inn a Hou-bung ahilou leh houkhom jong bible ah anakimun ahi Philemon 2, Hi cheng se se ahi amun Hou-bung Local Church akimun ahi. Chu ban ah hi Amun Hou-bung ahi Mihem jatnin akikhen kit in ahi amani chu gahve Ute A. Amun Hou-bung, (Local Church) ahi lou leh Mutheilou Hou-bung tin jong akisei jie. Amun Hou-bung, kiti ah hin mi peng-thah (born-again) ho chu kiloi khom ahinvin ama ho chun nitin in akibejing uve tijong akimui, (Acts 2:41-47), chu leh kiloikhom na chu golnop, Zalen nading hi louvin, Pathen thu a khat le khat kitil khou nading le Pakai vahchoi khom nading a hungkai khom ahijove. Chu leh Mi Pen-thah kiti chu Jesu Christa tahsan a ama hungkitding ngahjing ho ahive.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 46


Amun Hou-bung Hilchetna (Definition) Pakai Jesu thahsan a amin a kiloikhom ho, chu leh Pathen thangvah ding le vahcoi khom ding a hungkhom, chu leh vannoi gamm tin na ama huhhing nathu seiphong le ding a kipedoh ho, chuban a Thulhun Thah dan ho juiding, chu leh Kelngoi chinpa le upa ho noija kipelut ho tina ahi. B. Amun Hou-bung, (Local church) kiti ah hin Mi Peng-thahlou (Unbeliever) ho jong apang theikit un ahi, ajeh chu, hiche hou-inn sung a kaikhom jouse hi mi peng-thah ahi deh poi, ijeh inem itleh hiche Local Church ah hin, nang na peng-thahe, na peng-thah poi titheiding koima aum tapoi, hijeh chun kilhe khen thei ahi poi,chu leh ama ho chu Pathen houlhem, ahi lou leh a min a Hou-Inn kai ho chu hiding ahie, (Matt.7:21-22). Amun, Hou-bung (Local church) ah mini aume itiu chu hiche Mi Peng-thah le peng-thah lou kisei nahie, hiche toh lhon chun nangma din mun kivet phat in, hoilai muna nadin ham? Ni-Na. Japi, Hou-bung (Universal Church) Hi che Japi Hou-bung, hi Mutheilou Hou-bung (Invisible Church) tin jong akisei in ahi, hiche Hou-bung le Amun hou-bung aki bahlou na gahve uhite: Amun Hou-bung chu munkhat a chengkhom kaikhom nekhom, shah khom tongkhom ho chu ahive, ahin lah Mutheilou Hou-bung chu ahi leh Pakai Jesu Christa Tahsan akiphumlut ho ( Baptism by the Holy Spirit), ( I Cor. 12:13; I pet 3, 22-25) Pentecost ni apat a Pakai hou-bung lah touva aum kah a huhhing na chang ho bou chu ahive, hi che Hou-bung a chu "Tahsan chate, Mi Peng-thah ho bou kiloi khom na tina ahi", (It comprise only believers) chu leh Pakai Jesun (Matt.16:18) Ka Hou-bung kaphudoh ding ati chu, Amun Hou-bung a seina ahi pon, Mutheilou hou-bung a seinah joh ahie. Mutheilou Hou-bung in akomu pentah chu ahi leh Thengsel, dihtah lhagao hou-bung ahi, tina ahie. Chu leh Muthei Houbung in avetsah chu amun hou-bung miho (Member) chu thengsel, le hou-bung dihtah ahi nailou avetsah joh ahi. Mutheilou Hou-bung in a komu pen chu mi Peng-thah jat kihe joulou, kihe theilou, ajeh chu hiche hou-bung Lhagao hou-bung, chu mutheilou ahi. Hou-bung, kiti chu (Building) asei na ahi pon atahsan ho aseina ahijoi, mipengthah kiti ho chu Jesu Chrita, keima din athi in athoudoh kite titahsan chu leh huhingpu le lengakisan ho chu mi pengthah akiti, hiche ho sunga chu Pathen lhagao theng cheng joh ahibouve (I Cor.6:19, 20), chu leh pengthah ho chu Jesun mam apeh a chohdoh ahive tijong Vs.20 na a chun akimu kit in ahi. Hiti chu hou-bung ahi leh igel ding uva khioh tah khat chu Hou-bung in atoh khoh dingpen chu ipi ba ahitadem? Hou-bung, Building sahding ham lhagao mangthai huhdoh ham? Gel temute, hiche toh lhon chun aban ah houbung nataoh ding (church missions) gahve ute.Chu leh Hou-bung hi JESU Ama tah in ana tundoh ahi, ti kichen tah in imutaove, chuti ahitah leh, tun Hou-bung natoh anoi ah hin gahve pan kit taote. HOU-BUNG, NATOH LE MACHAL. (Church growth and missions) Hou-bung chu itikhantou ding ham? · Toana (Prayer) - Chanvel le mipitao najal achu houbung khan tou na umding ahi, houbung tao ngeilou chu akhang theipoi, Jesu ama tah in toana khohdan ana sei in ahi, hitin chu seiju

Page 47

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009


ho jong taona anhil in ahi (Matt.6:5-13), Hou-bug machal theinading a toajing ding ahi (John 17, Lk.6:12) Jesu chu Thingpel chung ajong michonse, eiho ngaidam nadin anatao kitna lai anhie hichun taona thil khoh ahi najong akomun ahi.(Lk.23:34; Mk.15:34). 1. Hou-bung, Pathen lhagao jolouna chu - Thingo tabong ahin 2. Hou-bung Pathen thujao lou nachu -Hui kisem doh tabang bep chena alhuna kihe lou bang ahie. 3. Hou-bung, Pathen lhagao jana le thudih kiseina taojing houbung chu - Akhang toujinge. · Lamai Them( Effective leadership) Hou-bung khan tou thei nading in lamkai lhagaomi mikitah, atoh dingdol phatah a tong agai in, chu leh pathen thilpeh chang mi, le vai hom them, hicheng chun houbung athahat sah thei in ahi. Mipengthah dih tah hikho thaneimi (2 Cor.5:17-20), lhagaomat nading a tomngai Thupeh len (Great commission) jui mi lamkai na achun houbung akhang toujing thei e. · Huhhing nathu hillhanglena (Evangelism) Hou-bung chu Huhhing nathu hillhang le a pan lajing ding in Pathen in a deisah in ahi, hiche toh lhon chun, Evangelism chung chang a hi houbung mipi ten amimal cheh a chu pan alah teng uleh houbung chu khangtou jing ding machal jingding ahi, Acts 2:41-45 sung chu ivet leh Pastor pa mopoh na ahi pon, Pengthah chate jouse tohding joh chu anahijon ahi, hijeh achu houbung khantou machal jing nading in houbung mipi ponpan jing angaie, Houbung kiti chu nang a kei ahi theipoi, Pathen a ahin, tahsan chate jouse chu Pakai in anatong ding le lhagaoga tamtah neiding a eihuh hing uva, angense ihisoh keiu ahi (John 15:16). Sopi deitah ho vevin Pakai Jesun a Seijui ho kom ana sei bong in tunin khodah uvin lang Loujao ho khuve temun Chang amin in akhoijou gamtai (John 4:35), Vetem uhite Nitin a hinkho mollem mihem ho khu, Pakai Jesu a hinna kisan lou ho khun alhun nading mu u khu ajon ngam nading uvem, Tonsot thinni na jon a milhipum pum kitol ho khu nang le kei (Hou-bung) mopoh na hi lou ham? Imopoh nao len pen ahi ti ngaito pha kit uhitin tunin, pha le nikho abei mansang in sun ahi pet cha hin Pakai natong pan taote. Hiche hou-bung le anatoh chom cha hin kisun simjouse Pathen in phungvuh uhen lang lhagao mangthai ho ngailut na alungsung cheh uvah khumpi in houbung mopoh na hetthen bena toh Pathen in vang bouh cheh taohen Amen.

About Author:Rev. Dr. Angam Haokip is the Executive Director of International Biblical Missionary Church Missions and Founder & President of Biblical Theological College & Seminary. He is also presently an Advisor in KWS Bangalore.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Theology of Kuki Gam

Onkhothang Haokip Pathen in van le leiset asem hi (Gen. 1:1) Kukite ding jong ahi. Chule mihem hi tahsa le lhagao mi akihin hijeh-a chu leisetna jong GAM neilou khoh-a van-a jong GAM neilou khoh ahi. Hichi GAM mutheina dinga hi nampi lamkaiho, kiloikhomnaho, Hou natong hole mimal in panmun anei cheh ahiye. Bible pomte ihijeh un Bible a kon GAM thu hi phaten anaveute. Pathen hi GAM sempa ahi: Pathen in mihem anasem masanga Athilsemho lungmit hahkeuva ivetleh ni nga sunga thil kisem jouse khu Ama loupina ding le mihem in ahinpi dinga kisem ahisoh keiye. Chunga vahho, leiset/GAM, twi, thingna louna, hui, gamsa, chunga leng ganhingho chule adangho hi asemjou phat a mihem ahinsem ahi. Hichia aban ban-a thil kisemdan (Order of Creation) hi ivet leh Pathen hi Pathen ngol ahipon thil ijakai sem; amasa ding le anukhah ding hethem, amite neh ding, chah ding, hinna ding chule achenna diu GAM/LEISET sempa ahi (Genesis 1-2). Pathen hi GAM hompa ahi: Pathen in Adam le Eve ahinsem chaiya anatoh ding anapeh masah pen chu honlei (GAMleiset) lho/nga ding chu ahin achilhahten leiset aluodim jong anatep peh in ahi(Gen. 2-3). Cain chu Pathen in achenna dingin Eden GAM sah-solam gamkaiya chun Nod GAM anape e (Gen. 4:16). Noah twisanglet jouvin Nimrod kitipa chun Shinar GAM le avel-a chun lengGAM ananeipan tan, GAM ngailutje mihem lungthim ah anaum pantai (Gen. 10:8-12). Hiche jou hin Pathen in Canaan mite, Noah chate; Ham le Shem chilhah (Gen. 10:19-32), Egypt mite (Gen.21:21), Esau chilhahte chu (Gen. 36:8ff) GAM anapen ahi. Peleg khanglaiyin leiset chu aGAM aGAM (continent) in ahung kihomkhen pan kit e (Gen. 10:25). Pathen in GAM leiset mihem dinga anasema anahop chu mihem ten chenna ananei lou jeh uvin (eg. Babel insang asah jeh un) Pathen analung hang khan, hiche jouva pat chun mihem hon GAM chom chom ahin kihol pan tauve (Gen. 11:1-9). Khang ahung kitawl jep in ahileh I Pathen uvin I-pu u Abraham chun Chaldea GAM a Ur khopia konin ahin koudoh in Canaan GAM (midangte GAM chu) anapen ahi (Gen. 11:31-12:7). Hiche Canaan GAM hi Pathen in avel vel in Abraham koma ana kitem in ama (Abraham) chilhah te jousea dingin jong ana namdet peh jingin ahi (Gen.13:17;22; 15:7,18; 26:3; 35:12, 50:24, etc). Abraham chu Chaldea GAMmi hijongle Pathenin apehna GAM chu lung sa-iih lou hel-a ana jot ahi. Kukite jong hoiya hungkon hijong leuhen tua ichennau GAM hi eihoa ahin mundang galdot louva pha ahi. Tulaiyin mi kimkhat in Kukite hi China GAMa hungkon ihiuve/ Israel GAMa hungkon ihiuve itiuvin China GAMa KUKIGAM del ding kilom leuvin akilangdoh jin ahi. Mijousen ihung kondohna cheh-u seileuhen Eden hon ikichu gam diu ahin hijeh achu Pathenin anam anam-a GAM beh apeh ahi. Kukite tua ichennau GAM ihunglut-u thusim hi lekha jih phabep in 17th, 18th, century AD lah in asun jiuvin hiche hi geltoh deuva pha ahi. Hiche sanga luijo thusim ineihou joh hi ihaseiyuva phajo ding ahi. Gah sei din, AD 33 vella Manipur GAMa Kukiho jong leng anaum uva Meilhei lengho toh ana kithokhom theiyu leh KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 49

` (Pooyas) chunga kiseipa hi suhtoh thei ahi. Ajeh chu `migration' pa hi isutnai val uleh GAM delte dia chu ikhochot (pansatna) diu hung lhasam khathei ahi. Pathen hi GAM-Lamkai tungdohpa ahi: Pathen in Moses (1530-1405 BC, I Kings 6:1) chu Israel mite GAM Atep pehna puilhung dia analhen doh a, Joshua (1445- 1350 cc) chu GAM tep GAM sat dinga ana mancha a, Thutan vaihomho (1350-1050 BC) chu GAM huhtup dia ana manchah-a, chule Lengho (leng 40 val, 1050- 586 BC)) chu GAM kehlen dia ana manchah ahiye. Tulai Kukite lah a jong Moses banga Pathenin amanchah lamkai ineiuve. Hitia Pathen thaonu lamkaipha inei houhin lunggel tampi senga inle lou dalhaa athi ahin kihelouva kimangcha ahitauvin mipi lama kona tilkhouna le tosotna aum ding hi amaho le inampiu hatna hidin tahsan aneopoi. Kidopto phat le kihuto phat ahitai. Kum phabep majep apat-a Kukite sunga kipunkhom kitna hui hatah-a nung hi Lamkai ineihou Pathenin ahin manchah jal jong ahin hatah-a ikithangatpi diu ngai jing ahi. Israelte thusima kon veleuhen, lengte khanglai chun Israel miten Pathen lung analhai tahlou jehun Pathenin Israel sahlam gamkai chu 722 BC chun Assyria mite khut-a ana pedoh in (2 Kgs 17:1-6) noilam gamkai chu 586 BC kum in Babylon lengpa, Nebuchadnezzar khut ah anapedoh kitleuvin ahi (2 Kings 25). Kum 70 mi GAMa aum nungu, Medo-Persia mite ahung let phat un Cyrus lengpa phalna'n Canaan GAM ahung kinungle kit un aGAM-u sagohkeuva anaum chu hakan ana kachamun ahi. Ahin 326 BC vella Alexander the Great lamkaina noiya Greek mite `world super power' ahung hi phat-un Israelte GAM chu Greek mite khut noiya anaum kit tai. Intertestament Period (Old Testament le New Testament kikah-a kum 400 sung) in jong Israel miten aGAM ule aHOU­u huh nan gal ana nei jingun ahi (e.g. Maccabeus Revolt). Ahin Rome mite ahung letdoh kit uleh mi noiya anaum jing kit tauvin nahchangsal in 1948 kum in chamlhatna ahin neidoh un ahi. Hichea kona kimu doh chu ahileh Pathenin GAM hi mihemte apeh ahin, akiven themdiu jong adei ahi. Ahinlah Pathen lunglam atolou tenguleh aGAM-u mikhut-a umthei ahiye. Kukite GAM jong mikhut noiya aum hi sotval ahitai. Aducha la tama ma jeng Kukite la ana khangdoh thei mong mong lou ihiuve. Pathen hi Kukite GAM pepa ahi: Mihem khat touvin KUKI GAM le Bible ipi akisamkaina um em titheiyunte. Pathen ihou tah jeh uva GAM thu iseilou diu hitam? Chuti ponte! Pathen in athilsem jouse hi amite dia asem ahiye. Hiche amite chu Kukite jong hi ihiuve. GAM Leiset jong asem ahin hiche GAM Leiset chu Kukite dia anasemsa ahitai, ajeh chu Pathen in mihem (including Kukite) hi aneh ding, asil ding, chule achenna ding GAM asemlou hile anasem louhel ding ahiye. LEISET hi Sapte/Kolte/Meilheite/Nagate ding jengseh ahipoi, Kukite ading jong ahin hiche iGAM uhi eihon ikiholdoh uva min jong eijapeh diu angaiye. Hiche iGAM diu chu kangkrul-a ABC inasut thei masangun Pathen in mihem jatchom chom chule thusim tamtah mangchan iGAMu eina seipeh tauve. I GAM-u mihon melchihna einabolpeh hou veleuhenG.A. Grierson, in a lekhabu, Linguistic Survey of India: Tibeto-Burman Family, Kuki-Chin and Burman groups, Vol. 3, Part 3. (1904, p. 2) a hitin asune: "The territory inhabited by the Kuki-Chin tribes extends from Naga Hills in the North down into the Sandoway District of Burma in the South, from the Myattha River in the East, almost to the Bay of Bengal in the West..." Encyclopedia Britannica (1929, Vol 13) in hiticha hin eina melchih peh uve, "`Kuki,' a name given to a group of tribes inhabiting both sides of the mountains dividing Assam and Bengal from Burma, south of the Namtaleik River." Chule The KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 50

` Encyclopedia Americana (Vol. 16, 1947, p. 553) in jong eina khohsah lheh un hiti hin eina jelut peh kit un ahi, "`Kuki,' a tribe living in the mountain regions between Lower Bengal and Upper Burma." Melchih na tampi lah a hichi ho thum chu itahlang u ahiye. Kukite lah a Pu PS Haokip chun alekhabu, Zale'n-gam: the Kuki Nation (2008) le `article' phabep ah Kukite GAM (Zale'n GAM) chu hitobang hin ma (louma) avaat e- The territory of the Kukis can be sketched out from three different independent countries. In Burma, Kuki territory includes the river Chindwin covering regions towards the west bordering India; in the North, the river Nantalit, and to the South stretching to the Chin State. In India, the Manipur Hill Districts; in the state of Nagaland, Kanjang and Akhen in Phek District, the Athibung Sub-Division, in Dimapur District; in Assam Karbi-Anglong, North Cachar Hills and Halflong; Tripura; and in Bangaladesh parts of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Chunga imu dungjuiyun Kukite GAM chu akicheh in ahi. Hiche GAM hi Kukite dia Pathenin semtil apat leisetna ichenna diuva einahoulpeh uchu ahimonge tithei nalampi ineitauve (Acts 17:24f). Kukite GAM kiledohsah ding chu Pathen ahi: Pathenin eina sempeh-u iGAM tum-u inaneidoh lou uhi gellhuh hahsa jong leh Pathenin eihodia phajoa agon hinte tia igel diu himaiyinte. Ajeh chu gal tamtah ihin neiyuva, gentheina tamtah ihin thoh uva, chule minoiya kum tamtah ihung um jou uvahi GAM neilou akhohdan le kipumhat lou akhohdan ihin kiheddoh thei bepseuvu ahi. Ahinlah iti hol leuhen iGAM-u imu diuvem tiahin Pathen toh iholkhom uleh imupen diu ahi tivang seitah tah-a seithei ahi. Gah sei din, Pathenin Egypt insunga chapa tahpen jouse ahintha gamhel-a chubana Twipi san-a Pharaoh sepai jouse anasugamhel jeh-a Israelte chu damselchaa aGAM-u anakijot-u ahi (Ex. 1-15). Pathenin gal anasat pih-u ahi. Joshua in gal anajoa Canaan GAM analuo thei nau jong chu Pathen thu toh kitoh-a analamkaiya Pathen umpina ananeijeh ahiye (Johsua 1). Pathen apan tengleh khopi lentah tah (Sodom le Gomorrah) ho jong malchame kham anasah jilouvu ahin, ahin Pathen apanji louteng khopi neo (Ai) tobangho jong chu anathatlel jiu ahi. Bible-a galjouho ivet leh Pathen jal ahisoh keiye. Lengho jong chu Pathenin kicha hih in namelmaho khu nangma khut-a kapeh dohsa ahitai, chenlang gasubeiyin ati jiteng gal anajo jiu ahi. Kukiten jong GAM iluona diuva hi eiho thal le hem, chihna le thepna bou isuonuva ahileh imacha ithaikoh louhel diu ahi. Ahin Pathen toh ipankhom uva, Amaa ikison uva, chule Aman eipanpeh tenguleh imubep diu ahi. Pathenin imelmateu eiho khut-a eipehdoh tenguleh gal ijo diu ahibouve. Kukite GAM chu Pathen sem ahin, asempan eipeh diu bou ahi. Leiset-a leng le lalte chule neile gou jouse Ama khut-a umsohkei ahiye (Psalms 40:1). Hiche thuguh hi geldoh puma Lamkaihon jong eilamkai jinguleh itinama jongle Pathenin eipanpi tei diu lolhina jong inei diu ahiye. Kukite GAM kiledohna dia Hou natong hon pan alah diu angaiye: Kukite GAMtum muna ding thua hi Pathen natong hon `role' lentah aneiyu ahiye. Eiho dinmun in vang Pathen natong khat touvin nampi thu ahin minphah leh mipengthah lou danin igelun, khat touvin namthu toh kisaiya thu asei ham ahiloule `article' ahinsut le thingnoi songnoi to ivetchep jiuvin ahi. Hou natong ho akikumlut diu jong pha isapouve. Pathen natongho jong chutia lunggel tamtah uma lhagao lhagoa lhagao thu bou tingen ihiuvin ahi. Hiche hi themkhat vettoh ngai ahi. Moses chu koiham? Pathen sohpa ahin Israelte puidoh-a anapang ahi. Israelte gamthip gam-a anakikai laiyuva analamkai chu Thempuho hiuva ahi. Jordan vadung apal uva amasapen chu Pathen KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 51

` thingkong puho hiuva ahi. Sodom le Gomorah kisuhchima lamkai chu Thempuho hiuva ahi. Leng hon gitlou abol tengule ana phohtoh le ana lamhil chu Themgaoho ahiuve. Mipite achonset tenguleh chonset thoidamna kin anabol chu Thempuho ahiuve. Hichea hi Kuki hou natong hon Politics bol/seiyu /kop ute tina ahipoi. GAM kiti hi amanlut dan, Pathen thilpeh ahidan phatea ihed uva GAM akineidoh tengleh iPathen houdan ujong tua sanga gamchenga ihatjoh diu ho ihed uva kultah ahi. Gahsei jeng din GAMtum ineilou jeh un phad jousen gal inei jingun ahi. Hiche gal inei tenguleh inchen khochen abonchan asukha jin hichun Houbung/ Houthu nasatah in atongkhan, Houbung tampi amang jin, Pathen natong tamtah anatohna gamkaiya lut theilou le amite lhagao an pejoulou ium jiuvin ahi. GAMtum nei hitaleu hen hiho jouse hi ineilou diu dol ahitai. Hou natong hon Bible thu kicheh tah-a ahed uva, ahil uva mi apuiyu leh Pathen panpina ichan thei diu ahi. Gah belap din, tutua ineiyu Lamka langa TAONA MOL ho, Ahthibunga Elijah Maicham, Motbunga Bethel Prayer Mountain, Kuki Nampi Taona, chule Houbung tina aphadbih bih-a angol taonaa Nampia dia itaonahou hin nasatah-a eidop-u ahin, tubana jong eihin mapui jing nalai diu ahiye. Pathen natong hon Ama toh eikivopsah thei diu hi poimo lheh jeng ahin tua Pathen toh kivop thei behseh louva iumu hi imachal thei lounau khat ahiye. Tua pat GAM thu hi Pathen thu toh akikalna aumpoi ti ihedchet tah diu deilhen ahi. GAM thu akiseileh ana nuoh lei leihon jong igelphat uva, ipilaitah chu keima panmun ham tijoh ikiholdoh diu dei aumin ahi. Hou natong hon `role' anei bang un society chom chom hon jong `role' lentah aneicheh uve. Kho le veng/khopi/gamchom choma ikiloikhomna houhin amun cheh uva pan alah thei cheh-u ahiye. Tulaiya thalchoi group ho jong akipum khat uva phatah akitho diu dei aume. Israelte (12 tribes) jong chun Joshua noiyah gal anasat khomsoh keiyun GAM amuphatun bou anakihomun ahi. Kiloikhomna titah louva mimal-a iumnau cheh-a pan ilah cheh diu dei aumval jengin ahi. Asei theiyin aseiya, ajih theiyin ajih a, apetheiyin apeh a, chule atongtheiyin atoh phad chu tu ikhangu hi ahitai. Nampi GAM ding ahin Nam pumpi aboi/apan aphan ahi. Pathen Lekhabun ipi aseiyem, "... Pathen in mihem hi ahinna hu, hinkho, le thil jouse apeh a, leiset chung losoh dia mihem khat a kona namtin asemdoh a, GAMgi jong apeh sohkei ahi. Chuti hen hileh Pathen chu gamla lou hijong le mihem/namtin in agamsung uva chu Pathen akimuthei diu ahiye" (Acts 17:25-27, NASB akon) Van-a Kukite GAM: Isuhmil loudiuva deium chu, Kukite GAM hi Leisetna kichai jeng ahipoi. Pathenin leisetna iGAM diu eigonpeh bang uva VANGAM jong eigonpeh-u ahiye. Pathen apha tave. Hiche GAM iluo theina diuva hi Pathenin leiset kisem masanga pat-a tohgon ananei ahitai. Eden hon-a mihem in Pathen thupeh ananit lou chun Pathen in Messiah jal'a them channa ding thupeh anapen ahi (Gen. 3:15). Pathenin Abraham koma kitepna anei chu GAM (land) seh ahipoun achilhahte lhagaova phatthei achan diu jong anatep pehna ahi (Gen. 12:1-3 cf 2 Pet. 3:13). Messiah in jong van-a akaltou konin aseijuiho koma chun `lungkham hih un kapa ina chenna ding tamtah aume, keima nangho ding inmun sem'a chieding kahin kahung kile kit ding nangho jouse kahung pui kit ding nahiuve,' anatin ahi (John 14:1-3). Old Testament khanga Pathen tahsana anathiho chun chunga um GAM kitepna phajo chu anagaldot jingu ahi (Heb. 11:13-16). Kukite Van GAM lutna ding lampi: VanGAM chu leiset mihem jouse chonse ahijeh chun koimacha aluo thei ding ana umlou ahitan (Romans 3:10-23) hiche laitah-a hi Messiah chu amite lhatdoh dia hung ahi (Romans 5:6; Galatians 4:4-5; John 1:14). VANGAM hi Pathen in eisempeh-u ahin aluo theina dia jong Messiah in kot eihondoh peh sohkeiyu ahitai (John 3:16; 14:6; Mark 10:45). Ahinlah hiche GAMa hi thal KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 52

` le hem, chihna le thepna, thildang tampin eipuilut theiyu ahipon Messiah tahsan vanga kilut thei ahi (John 3:1-5, 36; Rom. 3:21-31; Acts 16:31). Koi tobang Messiah/Christa tahsan nailou hon VanGAM luttheina dia tuphad beh-a hi Christa itahsan diu akule. Ajeh chu atahsan lou chu koima Pa kom lhung thei lou ahiye (Jn 14:6; Acts 4:11). Hiche vanGAM luttheina dinga hi hou natonghon panmun lentah aneiyu ahin midang hon jong `role' lentah inei cheh-u ahi. Apetheiyin apeh a, asa theiyin asah a, atao thei ataova, pan nathei theiya ipankhom phat-u ahitai. Leiset chunga inatoh hou hi VANGAMa tohman ikisan kit nahlai diu ahijeh in Pakai Lenggama dia ipan nahouhi ina kisih louhel diu ahiye (Matthew 25:34-40). VAN le LEISET hi Pathen sem ahi. Pathen in leiya jong van-a jong Kuki GAM eigonpeh-u ahin hichu imu natei diuva pan ilah cheh diu kul jing ahi.

About Author:Onkhothang Haokip is a Final Year Student in ACA College in Hosur. He has indepth knowledge of Kuki Culture and Christian Literature. He was the Vice- Chairman of KWS (B) from 2006-2007. He is also the most frequent contributor of articles for Lhagao Thimthu, the Monthly Bi-Lingual Magazine of KWS Bangalore for which he was the Asst. Editor in 2006-2007. He has also written a widely read article titled, "The Growth of Mission in Manipur".

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Finding the Right Life Partner

Thangboi Haokip Jipha-kimu kitihi mihemte a dia Pathen lungdei khat chu ahi. Akicheng masapen teni a ding vang chun Pathen in adang asem loujeh chun akipechu phun loule nelna bei a akilah lhon cheh angaijin ahi. Ahivang in tu context a din numei hihen pasal hijong leh Pathen thilgon dandung jui a chingthei tah a ji lhen ngaijin aumtan ahi. Ajehchu ji kilhen kitihi hinkho a ding ahijeh in akhoh lheh in ahi. Jipha kimuhi 1. Pathen dei ahi. 2. Thil ngai chat khat kisuhbulhit ahi. 3. Pathen hetna ahi. 4. Pathen deilhen ahi. 5. Kipanale lolhin na ahi. Bible a chun Pathen in achate khat cheh a din thilkhat cheh agonpeh soh e akiti (Gen. 2:18-22; Eph. 2:10). Kichen nahi Pathen sem ahin, apha hihen ase hileh, koichu kakichenpi ding ham ti gelkhoh angaijin chuleh kakito lhon ding hinam tiho hi gelkhoh dia phatah khat ahi. Lhagao lam hihen tahsalam hijong leh, huhhingna ban a hi, Pathen lungdei ja jipha kilhen le kimu hi khantouna approximately 50% ahung kon doh jouvin ahi. Hinkho a Pathen lungdei lhaso hi kichat pen ding khat ahito lhon a Pathen lungdei hi, kipana nale phatthei channa ahi. Pathen in Adam a din numei anape nom in, ahivang in numei dang anasem pon, Eve bou anasem in ahi. Adam in jong lhentum umlouva Pathen in apeh chu lunglhaisel a akilah ana ngaitan ahi. Adam a keo hilouva, tukhang a jong koiding hijongleh, Pathen in aphatsah chu lunglhaisel a kisan ding hi molsona ahi. Pathen in ei a dia aphapen le ahoipen alhen chuleh thil jouse chungchang a ji phading chu Pathen bouvin ahen ahi. Nungah gollhang chingtah ho chun, ajiding chu imajouse chamkim ding adei un, ahin mihem lunga chamkim navang koiman amu louding ahi. Hiche jouse chung a hi, Pathen in angaichad pen vang chu: Ama'a kingai chule tahsan'a Ama loupi nading'a hinkho kitup tah a man chule Amalam kat jing chu ahi (Heb.11:1; Prov.3:5,6). Vetsahna: Abraham sohpan, Issac dinga Rebecca ahol na achun (Gen. 24:14,44); "Pathen in eipui ahi" tia aseithei ahi. Ajehchu ache nalam lam ah Pathen in alhon pi jing e tichu ahe jingin, Pathen loupi na apejom peh in ahi (Gen. 24:27). Pathen chate jousen hitobang a hi "Pathen in eipui ahi" tia seithei angai jin ahi. Issac le Rebecca kichen nachu Pathen gountoh ahibanga Pathen in nang chung a jong nule pate ham, gol le paiho ham ahilouleh kinaipi sopi ho mangcha a, najinei na a pan ahinlah thei ahi. Hichu alhekhen ji thei a Pathen thilgon ahi tia lah angaijin ahi. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 54

` Jipha holding dan thuhi sei'a gountoh thei ahithouvin ahideh in Pathen dei vang chu thil phapen ahi. Jipha hollai a lungthim a koiding phabep ho: I Peter 5:7 (Pathen in agel khoh khat ahi) Proverb 3:5,6 (Pathen lampia che) Hebrew 11:6 (Pathen in miching ho kipaman apei) Psalm 37:4 (Pathen in mihem lungdeichad apei) Mathew 9:29 (Pathen in natahsan dungjuijin nabolpeh e) Jiphahol na a geldoh ding 1. Eija dia kitohchet le lunggel kibahpi chule thiljouse a kithutoh tah a natoh khompi thei hohi lung'a akonjing angaijin ahi. Amos in "mini chu akihou toh loule iti lam ajotkhom thei ding ham"ati (Amos 3:3). Koiham khat chun melhoi jeh ham khat a ji amohnei chu lhagao lam ahiloule tahsa lam a boina aneitei ding ginchat aum in ahi. Hijeh achu akicheng ding in jong midang seihat jehle bol-hat jeh a kichen aphapon ahi. Gellhah na ahilouleh ilung lhaina ahilou leh kichenpi lou phot chu angaijin ahi. 2. Mipengthah: Achonset kisih a Pakai Christa huhhing pu'a kisan to kichen chu Pathen thupeh ahi. Mipeng thah lou khat jong chu houin hile kaikhom nadung a pan nasatah a la jong umda lou ahi, kichih thei aphan ahi. Mipengthah khat chun mipeng thah khat akichen pi ding ahi (1 Cor. 6:16. 2 Cor. 6:14). Nahin deicha chu mipengthah lou ahileh, "kanompoi" tia seipeh ding lunggel gotsa nanei angaijin ahi, ajehchu jipha, mipengthahsa kimuhi Pakai a kon ahi. Jipha holna'a hinkho khohsah ding 1. Lhagao lam: a. Lhagao lam a khantou khompi theiding. b. Lhadai louva lhagao lam natoh na a pan lahkhom jing pi thei. c. Pilhing set le chamkim sel a kijato hi nupa kah hihen nungah gollhang kah hijong le koijing (maintained) ding ahi (Phil.2:3; Eccl. 4:10), Mihemhi (English paovachun : "Mind, Emotion le Will" tin akihei) lunggel theina, lungthanop na chule lungtup. Jiholna ah hicheho jouse hi abon a gelding'a akhohcheh ahi. Mihem khat chun aneidia lomho aneiloule chun milhing lou tia jong kihe ahi. 2. Tahsa: Lhagao lam hinkho bantah a akhoh kitchu, tahsa (body) ahi. Tahsa hoitho nahi mi lhemlha chule aphat louna umjong leh Pasal in ajichu akisem hoijing ding, jinei jou hijong leh theng sil sel a aumjing chu angaichad khat ahijinge. Koi hileh tahsa damthei nadia pan laho chu ahoi le apha ahijing e. 3. Kum: Numei hi pasal sang a kilaamvah jep ahi. Hijeh a chu kichen ding ahiteng le Pasal chu kum a atam johtei leh pilhin nakhat aneitei angaijin, chuleh thiltamtah a phatchom na anei in ahi. Ajehchu kichen jouteng thil tamtah ah kitolouna (imbalance) atamin ahi. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 55

` 4. Damtheina lam: Aphat to dungjui jin akicheng ding hon jong akichen kon le HIV test le adang dang Doctor ho adong tan ahi. Tahbeh in jihol jinei kitihi hinkhothil ding ahijeh in, HIV test le natna adang dang jong test kibol a jinei chu thilpha ahi. Akicheng ding tenia din kiselguh angaitapon chule taokhom jing ding, mi adoh jep chu tulai ja aphat to jong kitoh ahitan ahi. Thisan kinaipi to kichen lou jong aphat na atam in ahi. Doctor hon vang thisan kinai toh kichen hi, dammona chule apengsol jong hitobang insung a aum nome jong atin ahi (Lev.18:6). 5. Jat, Nam, hou, chondan: Colossian 3:11 le Galatians 3:28 a chun koima achom aumpoi atin, hijeh a chu jatdang, namdang, housa chule chondan chom chom nei ho jong ji a vetmole holmo chule kichen pi mo ahipon ahi. Israel te vang chu Pathen in jatdang to kicheng loudin thupeh anei in hiche jong chu context chom a kisei ahi. 6. Jiphahol Le Jinei: a. Tahsa mit'a thil jouse a bulhingset ji naholle namujou louding ahi. b. Semtoh thei/heitohthei mi (Adjustable) nahi angaijin ahi. c. Nangma 100% nakigel lhah loule koima seihat man in ji hol le jinei ding kigo hih in. d. Ngahhat in lungneng in taona to thon, Pathen in nalam pi asemjang ding ahi. Amavang na nga kah in, nalampi kikha hih in tihi thuchih khat in jong aum in ahi. Pasal a ding thuguh: Pasal ho dia thudoh kidoh a phaho themkhat Numeinu hoina le phatna hi atah mong ham ahilouleh semthu ham. Akiloi pi miho chu koitobang ham. Mihon kavetnu hi iti agel em. Itobang insung a kon ham, (housat, mivaicha, lhagaomite, lhagao thu khohsah lou, mi kineosahte, mi kiletsahte, papneite, etc. tiho hi gelkhoh angai in ahi). Jiphahol nale jinei na chung a, nulepa phatsah chan hi Pathen phatthei na ahi. Ijem tia nule paten ahetthem loule ngailut na neitaha ideina le aphat naho hilchet angaijin ahi. Amavang nule pate vang noise (underestimate) bollou ding ahi. Kinop to na aum tokah a aban chebe lou aphan ahi. (Pro. 23:22, 15:5,; 6:21-23). Hijong le anopthei natei diuva kihoupi jing chu aphan ahi, hiche kah a chu Pathen in alung ahinhei thei ahi (Prov. 21:1). Amavang nule paten aphat loumong ahet ule, eima jong kigel jep a "nom hih jong ule chun kakichen pi ding ahi" ti ho vang seilou le bollou aphan ahi. Kihouto na aum thei tahlou nung a jong goldang gahmoh ngaito vah jong aphapon ahi. Nalungthim akichol thei nading in alhom pen in lha 5/6 beh nga angaijin ahi. Pasal khat chun Numei hi A to G a kahol in ahi ati. Hichu A- Age. B- Beauty. C- Colour. D- Duty. E- Eye. F- Family Background. G- God's Will. Nang in iti nahol em? Kasei nom chu "God's will" hi amasa a i-tiem. (Why don't you start searching God's will first for your life partner).

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 56

` Thuchaina Pathen in mihem te kitothei nadingle kihuitup thei nading in kivaipoh na (Government) asem in, Pathen thu kiseithei nadingle athu kithejal nading in Houbung atungdoh in chuleh punnading le manthah louding in kichen chule insung jong Pathen in anasem in ahi. Hiche ahijeh a chu jinei ahiloule jiphahol kiti hi thilkhoh tah khat ahi. Insung (family) hi Pathen sem ahijeh a hi Amalung tup tahle ama deitah a jihol le jinei angaijin ahi. Lasem hon, "Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me", ati bang a Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in our home and family. "Insa a Pakai apanlou le asahon panna bei a asah u ahi. Khopi ngah a Pakai apanloule khopi ngah hon panna bei a anga u ahi". (Ps. 127:1) Pathen in hiche thu chomcha hi asimjouse phatthei boh ta hen.

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About Author:Thangboi Haokip is a Theological Lecturer with an M.Th degree from Asian Christian Academy, Tamil Nadu. He runs a Children Ministry with his wife Nengboi in Kothanur and is currently an Auditor in KWS Bangalore.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Obedience Brings Blessings

Alfred C. Chiru I once attended my friend's thanksgiving meeting as she got through in MPSC. She was asked to share about her experiences. To my surprise, she went through lots of tempting moments where she wanted to take her own decision. She narrated one of such moment. After her class ten board exam she taught in the same school where she studied. As usual everyone called her "madam!" When her result was declared, to her surprise she didn't get through! Now she had to make a choice- either to go by her decision to appear another exam as external student or her parent's choice to continue as regular student. She couldn't imagine herself wearing the same school uniform and going back to her school. She confessed on that day that had she not obeyed her parents she won't be in this position today. She made this final statement: Obedience

brings blessings!

I still remembered the place where my mother used to keep the key of our house. The key was important to me because it was the key of our home. It unlocked the place where we all lived-where my needs were met and where our belongings were kept. More than likely, you also have keys in your lifekeys to your house, your car, or your desk. But have you ever thought about having the key to someone's heart? For some people, the key may be love, faith or service. Charles F, Stanly in his book "Living the extraordinary life" said, "The key to God's heart is obedience". Obedience should be a priority of anyone who desires to know God and pleases Him. It is always the right choice, with no exceptions. Jesus said, "If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him" (John 14:23). One of the most basic yet important principle a Christian can ever learn is that of obedience. The more familiar we become with God's word, the more we will begin to understand obedience. Obedience to God involves a commitment to Him, regardless of the consequences. When we obey God, we will always get His best; when we don't, life will turn out to be much harder. Disobedience always brings about painful consequences. Sometimes those consequences affect only the individual who sins, and sometimes they affect others. Disobedience is rebellion against Godirreverance towards Him. It is a statement from your heart proclaiming that you have chosen your way over God's way. When you are disobedient, you are essentially refusing to acknowledge God's authority, right, and power in your life. We never lose when we obey God. Nevertheless, obedience is not easy. But when in times when adversity strikes and nothing makes sense, our best option is one of obedience to God. David learned this principle, and God blessed him greatly. Jesus Christ is our greatest example of obedience. He KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 58

` obeyed God even to the point of death so that we might have eternal life. There is no greater obedience than this. Like Jesus, when we obey, we declare our dependency on God. We also demonstrate that we are willing to submit our lives to Him and trust Him for the future. When you choose to obey God, you have chosen the way to hope and blessing. The Bible says `Obedience is better than sacrifice'. Therefore, In God's sight what count most is our Obedience not our sacrifice. I believe KWS (all over India) and the KUKIS in general would be different had we been obedient to His commands. The need of the hour is obedience to God and nothing more. It is never too late if we are willing. May our motto for another decade be: Obedience brings Blessings! God bless you!

About Author:Alfred C. Chiru studied in UBS Pune. He is currently the Pastor of KWS Pune.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Hinkhua Lamsuk Lamto ah Lalpa Lemguat Dan

Thiankhanlal Mihing hinkhua hi kipakna leh limna bepa hinkhua mat gaw te chun hinkhua um dan hi ahe thiam/chian nailo uh ahi. Thawkna leh lung ngaina a dim, beidawn na leh kana leh buai na bep ah dim ahi titu chun le a mu chian tak tak nailo ahi. Mihing hinkhua hi lam suk leh to tam tak kal ah Lampi phei nuam tak ala um zel ahi ti ahet lo chun Hinkhua lampi um zia ahe thiam tak tak lo ahi. Chun, Hinkhua lampi a suk ato ah chia zing mihing te hin, I nisin hun matdan ua pat ahin zil ding leh het ding thil tam tak I nei ua. Nguntaka ngaitua leh phataka lunggel in thil umdan te hechian ah i hinkhua lampi I zawt uh apawi maw ma ma hi, ngaitua manglo leh mawk mai mai ah hinkhua mang ding I hi puau. Ngun taka ngai tua det det kawma thil bangkim hetzui ah zil pei zel akul ma ma hi. Beidawng mai lo ah, gunchu taka thawk pei le angai ah, dawthei taka thawk gin le akul hi. Zia a nuai ahin hinkhua um dan chomkim chan vak en khom hi tiu aw leh. Kipak taka um katup lai in, lungngai na a hungtung phut seka, limna leh muanna kaki lam et ma ma lai in thafam lungzin nan ei hung bawm seka. Nuam taka chawldam i guat lai un, thawkna huai setak leh puakgik puakzaw lo di khop in ei del khum seka, lopina leh din mun sang zaw chan gua I del lai un din mun tawmtak leh niamtak in paithak in I um sek ua. Hausa tak leh ki ningting taka um a, nuam taka chet I guat lai un, gentheina leh pasiat naten ei bawm zaw seka. Zalen leh thawveng taka Hinkhua mat I guat lai un, buaina leh bei dawn nan ei hung nang seka. Malsawm na tamtak dawng dinga I ki ngaitua lai in. Vangsiatna ngawn in tak buak in I um sek ua. Kinepna lian tak tawh malam kipak taka i thil lai in. Beidawn na ngawn in i hin khua ahung chum zo ta. Beidawng tak in aki um ta sek hi. Zia gual a Hinkhua Lamsuk Lamto zawta chau in aki um seka. Mitamtak te chu beidawng in a chau tha sek uh ahi. Maleh Lalpa Lam en in beidawng mai lo in, thawkna leh lungngai nate hi nanga bik a hilo gual in vangphat na leh malsawm nate hile kua te ahem bik ahi diak puai ti he mil kin aw. Khawvel lopi na leh hawina chi chuam chuamte ­Thing leh Gua, Thai chi chuam chuam te, Pakcha chitin hawi tak tak te leh Gamlak leh Inkiang vai ah Leng ham git kilawm tak tak te hin, hunbi chuam chuam techuk leh khal, phalbi leh nipi ahun dung zui ah hung ki hei kual vel in, amau hina chiat ua alopi nau et nawp um tak tak te ahun sua daw gual un, Mihing hinkhua ah thil hawi leh manpha pen pen te chu, thawk na leh haksatna chi chuam chuam te leh I thil tuak chi chuam chuam te hin a hun siam dawk sek ahi. "Thiguapi leh van nim lau um tak nuai ah khua hung thim kei kui, leh thiguapi ham gi zungzung pum ah sum vom kizial luai luai te chu alau um na mai zel uh e!" tin lagel sek mai thei ah. Maleh khawkhal lai ah lei keu getgut chunga pakcha te leh thai chi chuam chuam te hin ahin nau ah tui a taksap ma ma ziak ua hingzo talo di gual a um te suhing ding leh chapno kit nading ah tuipaw tute a hiu ah. Phalbi leh khawkhal lei keu ma ma te suno thakkit di leh thingdua a la pul tate adua ahungsel kit thei na ding ua malsawm na guapi a hiu he lo la hem. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 60

` Chuk gawtui, khua che pelpul nuai ah, lei nuai nawg diak duak te ning siat um ma ma te, leh phalbi khua vot ma ma te, nipi lai a khua lum ma ma te leh sun nisa sa volvol te leh, zam thim haksa tak te leh I hinkhua ua hunbi chi chuam chuam te, kisang kual vel vel tehin,lei lung ah thil chi chuam chuam te a dinga hawina leh malsawm na ahun tunsek ua. I taksap uh nekdi thaichi chuam chuam te leh pakcha chi chuam chuam te a hunbi tin in ei uh a din ahun paklun sakkit sek ua. Malsawm na ahun tun sek zawu ahi. Kipak na tawpa lungngai na a tun sek gual in, lung ngai na khela malsawm na simsenlo ahung tung sek hi. Thawkna tamtak pal theng in kipak na a um seka, sepgim na khela lawtin na lopi tak mai a um sek hi. Beidon na hun tamtak paltheng in kinepna lopi tak leh malsom na miten adawng sek ua. Lawsapna tamtak paltheng in, milawting pen te ahung hi sek uh ahi. Genthei na khuk thuk pen in Hausakna Go/Sum manpha pen pen te mudaw thei bep ahi. Thamuan na dawi um dan leh thupi zia he chian dingin thafam lunggim tawp khawk paltheng apawi naw hi. Mi nainaw leh Bawlsom te bepin dam na leh kisel na manphat dan leh lul dan ahe chian sek ua. Lung ngai na tuak khalo ten kipak na tak tak a chang/a nei thei puau. Lawsam ngailo te le a lawting tak tak ngai puau. U nau doi tak zia a chunga khawvela mihing te hinkhua lamsuk lamto I zawt lai ua, hak satna tamtak I thawk teu hi Lalpa mulo kal ah I thok uh a um puai ti hezing hi tiu. Zia haw zosia ahung tun lai in Lalpa la thu hi hen ti in, ama khut in thil bangkim nga zing hi tiu Beidawn na guam leh Mualpho na guam I haw laiun le I pal then phat leh gal lang khat lam ah I hin na teu saimthak ah um in kipak nan ei la dawn di ahi. "Kuale Lalpa ngak tapo te chu ahat nau siam thak piak hin tin, Muvanlai te gualin tha in sang tak in leng to in tin uh, lam zawt zawt maleu le basam diak pua nau." - Isai 40:31 Muan na tuipi bang ka lam ei zui lai in, Lungngai tuipi kinawk leh le; Bang chang ziang leng le zia he din ei hil tai, Ka thagau a din zia hi a hoi nai. La beidawn hun ah Lalpa higenthei na ziak ah thil phalo la tuak hun sungte gual ah, kipakna leh lawtin na chang kit ding a Lalpa ngak ham ham thei din Lalpa hun malsawm chiat ta hen.

About Author:Thiankhanlal is currently the Pastor of Zomi Christian Fellowship in Bangalore.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 61


The Meaningful Christian Giving

D.P. Haokip IRS

Bible Verses: Mt.6:24; Lk.6:38; Lk.21:4; Acts20:35; Rom.13:6-7; I Cor.16:2; 2 Cor. 8:7, 9:7; 1Tim. 6:10; Gen.14:10; Lev.27:30 & Mal.3:8-10. The Scripture tells us how we should manage our finances. We live in a materialistic world and we have attachment tendency to things. Money is spent to get new things. Money has the power to command, to purchase, to persuade and influence the lives of others. We believe that wealth and happiness go together, but it is not true. God wants us to handle material things with spiritual maturity. Faithful in little things will lead to faithful in big things (Lk.16:10). We are to spend money wisely because we are only stewards of the finances of God. Tithing is considered not applicable in modern times. The system of giving was under the law but now we are living under grace. Tithing was before the law. (Gen. 14:20). Later on, God reprimanded His people for their failure to tithe as robbing God of His rightful dues (Mal. 3:10). In this complex world of today, basic knowledge of financial matter is essential. Making both ends meet is a critical problem in every Christian home. We should not over spend and know the difference between a NEED and a WANT (Phil. 4:12). We should be sensitive for those who are financially burdened ( 2 Cor.8:14-15). The Ninth Beatitude (Mt. 5:3-10) is giving. (Lk 6:38; Acts 20:35). Giving tithe is an obligation, and then only comes offerings and sacrifices for the Lord. God says, "Give and it shall be given to you". The first step is from our side and the next step belongs to God. First, you give to God and God will give back in abundant measure. God asks what you have, not the things or money you are going to possess or acquire in future. Little boy's bread and fish and Widow's myth are examples. (John 6:9 & Mark 12:41-44). Money is the indicator of our interests, attitudes and lifestyles. Many Christians shy away form the subject of money but Jesus did not. In 17 of His 37 parables, Jesus dealt with property and man's responsibility of using them wisely. According to Howard Hendricks, "Jesus talked more about money than about heaven and hell combined together". In fact, there are 3225 references to financial matters in the Bible. Giving and Gospel go hand in hand. The central theme of gospel itself is giving. John 3:16 says, "God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten son". The believers in Macedonia, in spite of great trial of affliction and poverty helped the Christians at Jerusalem.(2 Cor. 8:2).This is real giving and they become role model for the Corinthians. Paul's Macedonian vision was to come over into Macedonia and help us (Acts 16:8). For the Macedonia Christians, giving was not a choice but a challenge, not a burden but a blessing. Giving was not something to be avoided, but a privilege to be desired. The danger for the Macedonians was not that they would give too little, but that they gave too much. Macedonians experienced great trial and deep poverty but this double yoke could not cramp their large KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 62

` heartedness. The way they gave is very notable "but they gave themselves first to the Lord and then to us in keeping with God's will" (2 Cor. 8:5). The first step in Christian giving is not your money, but to give yourself to the Lord. Let us become channel of blessing for others and not stagnant like Dead Sea. The Law of Moses demanded 1/7th of the individual's time and 1/10th of his income for God. Dr. Hersche Bobbs said, "The nine-tenths prove man's love, but the one-tenth tests man's legal obedience". Make your money immortal, lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven (Mt. 6:20). Christians should develop the habit of regular giving and give it cheerfully. We are to be producers rather than parasites, givers rather than getters. Jim Elliot was one of the five missionaries, who were speared to death as they sought to take the Good News of Jesus to Ecuador in January 1956. He is known for something he wrote in his diary: "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." It sounds like the words of Jesus, "whoever finds his life will lose it and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it" (Mt.10:39).Does it sound like Jim Eliot did not care about gain? No, he cared about the right kind of gain--gain that would last, not just for the short story today but also for what A.W. Tozer, called the long tomorrow. In the "Grace of Giving" Stephen Olford relates a story, which Dr. Roy L. Laurin tells of a Christian businessperson who was traveling in Korea. In a field by the side of the road was a young man pulling a simple plough while an old man held the handles. This is the story of the family of Chi Noue. The businessperson was amused and took a snapshot of the scene. "This is curious! I suppose these people are very poor" he said to the missionary who was the interpreter and guide to the party and "yes" was the quiet reply "those two men happened to be Christians when their church was built, they were eager to give something towards it, but they had no money. Therefore, they decided to sell their one and only ox and gave the proceeds to the church. This spring they are pulling the plough themselves." The businessperson was silent for moment. Then he said, "That must have been a real sacrifice!" "They did not call it that," said the missionary, "they thought themselves fortunate that they had an ox to sell". When the businessperson reached home, he took the picture to his pastor and told him the story. Then he added, "I want to double my giving to the church and do some `plough work'. Uptil now I have never given God anything that involved real sacrifice." In his book, Joy in Ministry, Michael Duduit tells the story of J.C. Stribling and the 1929 stock market crash in America. Prior to the depression Stribling was a wealthy Texas rancher. He owned a great deal of land, thousands of head cattle and a fortune stocks and bounds. During that time, he gave 150,000 to build a girl's hostel on the campus of Mary Hardin-Baylor College, a Baptist College in Texas. In the depression, he lost his entire fortune and virtually became poor. In 1933, a man came to the side of Stribling's old run down Ford and spoke to him and his wife. Pastor Brandon explained that he had spent the night with a group of girls to carol at the College where he donated for the hostel and thanked Mr. Stribling for his gift to the college. Stribling was silent for a moment as his eyes were filled with tears. Then he spoke, "That was all we saved out of a mighty fortune. It was what we gave away that we were able to keep for ever". Then he added this challenge: "Preacher, tell people go give all they can do to the kingdom of God while they have it. I wish I had given more". God calls some of us to `give up and go' and others to `stay and support'. John Wesley used to encourage his people to (i) earn as much as they could so that they could (ii) save as much as they could in order to (iii) give as much as they could. We are comfortable with the first two parts but not with third one. Wesley declared that "if you have any desire to escape the damnation of hell, give all you can; otherwise I can have no more hope of your salvation than that of Judas Iscariot" R.G. Le Tourneau, an American designer and manufacturer of earth moving equipment said, "I believed that God wants businessman as well as preachers to be his servants. I believed that a factory KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 63

` can be dedicated for His service as well as a church". He gave away 90% of his company's profit only for the cause of Christ through Le Tourneau Foundation. In the first five years, he gave almost 5 million to Christian ministries. However, the money came in faster than he could give it away. He said, "I shovel it out and God shovels it back--but God has a bigger shovel". He also said, "It is not the question of how much money I give to God, but how much of His money I keep for myself". Simon Webley points out the difference that should be in our attitude to possessions. The world asks how much we own, Christ asks how much we use it. The world thinks more of getting, Christ thinks of more of giving. The world asks what we give, Christ asks how we give, and the former thinks of the amount, the latter the motives. To the world money is a means of gratification, to the Christian, a means of grace. John Bunyan said, "There is a man, some called him mad. The more he gave the more he had". The area near the pocket may be the most sensitive part of a person's anatomy. Martin Luther astutely observed, "There are three conversions necessary, the conversion of the heart, mind and the purse". Of these three, it may well be that we moderns find the conversion of the purse the most difficult. Mother Teresa said, "God has given us things not to hold but to use and share". A Chinese proverb puts it, "If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish you feed him for a life time". It is not what we do, but how much love put into it that matters. In America, a young boy form a very poor home went to work for a company in New York. His devout mother told him that for every dollar he earned he ought to give 10 cents to the church or to charity. He worked hard and climbed the ladder of success until he became the partner and then the sole owner of the business. He continued giving his tithe. As he grew richer, he gave two-thirds, fourtenths, and half his income. After educating his family and made provision for them, he lived on the interest of his wealth and gave everything else to God. His name was William Colgate, manufacturer of soaps and toothpaste. Andrew Carnegie, a poor migrant form Scotland to the U.S. rose form a bobbin boy in a cotton factory to a steel producer at a time of great demand. In 1884, he wrote an essay, `The Gospel of Wealth' in which he formulated his belief that it was the duty of the rich to distribute their surplus wealth. In 1900, he began to set up a number of charitable foundations to support education, research and world peace and set an example for other philanthropists. Dick Smith, a wealthy Australian businessperson was well-known benefactor to whom many people have a cause to be grateful. When Pat Daley, a headquarter spokesperson for the Salvation Army in Sydney reported in the Telegraph, a two million dollar shortfall in the Army's annual appeal. He was present at a meeting where a young girl spoke of her work in one of the Army's refuges for abused women. Dick was deeply touched and then he suggested that all who were present in the meeting should double their giving and he set an example by donating four million dollars! Let us give our resources to feed the poor and hungry and not for making bombs. St. Augustine said, "It is in giving that we receive". Thomas Carlisle told how, when he was a boy, a beggar came when he was alone in the house. On a boyish impulse, he went to the receptacle containing his own savings and gave the beggar everything. He declared that at no other time had he known such happiness as that which came to him in that moment. Most joyous people are those who have mastered and graduated the art of giving and experienced the joy of giving. Oswald J.Smith, Pastor of People's Church, Toronto said that during the depression (1920's) many came to us for financial help from the church. He gave aid to hundreds but checked with each man and found no man had been faithful in tithing.

It is more blessed to give than to receive. Give and it shall be given to you.

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Seven Perceptions Changes that can help transform the Kuki Society

Romeo Haokip

"...but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind..."Romans 12:2 There is a high need for a paradigm shift today in our society if we want to see God getting more involved and taking us nearer to our appointed destiny. If we were to rate our society in terms of progress on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being pathetic and 10 being advance, what rating would you give? Just to take an example, how do we rate ourselves in comparison to our Mizo brothers as far as progress is concern? This is not to infer that they have attained or achieved everything. There are definitely some areas that we can learn from them. What is it that makes a society great? What must we have and what must we remove to become a society people can look up to? Here are some observations I have made and I truly believe if we can accept these truths and apply the following principles right away as laid bare before us, there are chances of us seeing our promised land. We will be a society that will be a joy for those around us and we will become a blessing and not a nuisance. Do you know that only 2 people entered the Promised Land of Canaan from the millions that left Egypt? Have you ever pondered why? Except for the two, the rest had a perception defect and their belief system was deeply influenced by circumstances. They saw themselves as grasshoppers before their enemies. They magnified their problems and their enemies and minimise the power of God. They lack faith. Faith comes by believing what is true. And there is only one thing that is true and reliable throughout the centuries and that is the Infallible Word of God. So in this article Iam going to list some perception areas that we can adjust and correct just as an optician does in correcting lenses so that we see everything the way they are, not as False Evidence Appearing Real ,which actually produces FEAR. Did you know that the first word Jesus used when He preached about receiving the Kingdom of God was `Repent'? So what He actually meant to say was, if you don't repent or change your perception, the Kingdom of God cannot come to you. One of the Lord's primary prayer was, `Thy Kingdom Come' or let Your Kingdom manifest and appear here on earth. So if we want to see the Kingdom of God manifest strongly in our lives, families or the society, we need to change our perception in the following 7 areas. 1. Perception towards God, His Word and His Will Many of us worship God for namesake. We follow traditions of our forefathers without questioning the value or the demerit of practising it. We believe in a non communicating God who is just to be thrown some prayer needs when we eat, sleep, wake up, go to church or when we fall sick or get hurt. We see Him as a tyrant who is always ready to strike us when we sin. Some of us aren't sure if we are truly born again. We go by what preachers say or what majority follows. We see Him as an uninvolved God who is just a hindrance in our normal activities. We don't believe in His words. We don't believe He can speak to us or heal us or make us prosperous or that we can even cast out demons. We KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 65

` don't even want to read the Bible. No wonder many of us don't know what His will is for small issues that we face on a day today basis. Do you know that there are two types of God's word-logos the written word of the Bible and rhema the inspired word (words released to us for specific times or issues from various mediums use by God). If we don't believe that God speaks to us today and only follow the written word, you will succeed following His general will for mankind but if you believe in the rhema word and are directed by it then there is much hope that you will fulfil your specific calling placed over your life. Many of us don't know God or His Word so we choose what we want to do in life and then ask God to bless us or we invite a man of God to come and say a blessing. God has already blessed things which are according to His Will not things that we have chosen for ourselves. No wonder our prayers are never heard. Right Perception of God and His Word really matters. It's a matter of either fulfilling His perfect will or either totally missing the mark. We also need to understand the fact that our God is a Triune God, with God the Father who is totally separate from the Son as an entity, and Jesus who is also as separate an entity as He is from the Father or the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit who is also a distinct Godhead as God the Father or the Son is. Many of us are acquainted with the Father and Jesus as we normally addressed them in our daily prayers but what about the Holy Spirit who has been sent to us as a Promise of the Father by Jesus? Do you not know that Jesus wouldn't have been able to complete His ministry successfully without the help of the Holy Spirit? He was with Him from the start of His baptism till His death on the Cross. No Christian can ever follow Jesus or live a victorious life without the Holy Spirit's help and guidance. He was sent to us by Jesus to be our Helper, Comforter, Teacher and Guide. He is the One that empowers us to witness effectively for Christ. We need to explore more of God's words and derive our strength and right perception from it. 2. Perception of Self Perception of self comes from three sources namely- people (like family members, friends or teachers and even experiences), the Devil's lies and God's word. People can give a list of tags that may or may not be true but negative tags can impress deeply into someone's soul, that he or she becomes bound in that tag. Here are some serious tags that needs an internal alignment and needs to be eliminated and be replaced by God's view of us and what He says of us, not what the world says. Some common tags are: · You are a tribal and you cannot beat the Meeteis in math or science. · You are poor, have no background, have no title, no money so you can't make it. · You can never be rich or be able to start your own ministry or a business. · Don't even think about it. The Devils' lies · You said you would not do again and see what you have done. · You did that again. God cannot tolerate that again. · You are a failure and you will never come out of your addiction. · You can never be trusted. · You will go to hell so why not enjoy and sin more. God' Word · No weapons formed against you will prosper. · My blood was shed to cover your past sins, your present sins and also your future sins. · I will build you up and the power of Hell will not be able to overpower you. · I have a wonderful calling and purpose for your life. · No matter what you have done I have called you be a saint and a minister for me. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 66

` What beliefs we choose determines how we see ourselves and what course of direction it would create to shape our lives. 3. Perception of others Some erroneous views that we need to eliminate- there might be some element of truth but that does not justify the view. Here are called stereotypes. · The Meeteis are smarter than us. · The Nagas can never be our friends. · The Indians (Kol) can never be trusted. · Only Bible students with degrees are men of God and are licensed to preach. · Women are inferior to men. · The White foreigners are to be revered because they are rich and they can help us. · The Pentecostal are always jumping up and down like mad when they pray. · All Catholics will go to hell. · I phungpi I sopi iki ngailut jep diu. Where does the Bible say this? It doesn't matter whether you are a Haokip, Khongsai, Naga, Indian or White, what binds us should not be our race, colour or background but our faith in Christ that has baptised us into One Body to drink from one Spirit. God never created denominations like the Baptist or Pentecostal but men; and neither is His favourite. He favours people not based on doctrine, Bible degrees or positions but based on their heart condition and their willingness to follow and obey Him. One's spirituality does not come by how much he reads the Bible or how much he prays or even how much he preaches, it comes by being obedient to His Spirit and allowing self to die and becoming more conformed to Christ's image day by day. This is true Christianity. 4. Perception towards ministry Just because we feel the tugging in our hearts does not mean we jump into full time ministry right away or go to a Bible school. Remember Jesus worked 18 years as a Carpenter before He assume ministry. The list of men of God who waited for the right timing goes on. Ministry is not just limited to behind the pulpit. Many people end up in Bible schools for some of the following reasons · They were forced by parents or seniors. · Sent to correct their lifestyles and habits like addictions. · For fame and other opportunities like going abroad or getting funding from foreigners. · For not being successful in their academic or professional lives. · Some genuinely because they want to serve the Lord. Ministry is not a copy of things around. You just can't imitate someone just because he is successful or just because it seems interesting. You need to hear a calling from God that make you absolutely sure that He is calling you into ministry. God will usually take years forming your character before He finally uses you. Before ministry comes your Character. Ministry is not about competition or who has the bigger congregation, funding or advanced degrees. Ministry comes from the Greek word `diakonia' which is derived from the root word meaning `to serve'. If you can't be a servant don't even think of entering ministry or else it is an abomination before God. And mind you God does called many to ministry but only few are selected to minister in His name. Its one thing to be loved by God but to get respect or trust from Him is hardly something that He would give to anyone undeserving. 5. Perception towards money Do you know most of today's divorces are not due to infidelity or adultery but finance related or that most of suicide cases are monetary related? Money is neutral. It is neither bad nor good. The Bible never says that money is the root of all evil but rather that"...the love of money is the root of all evil" KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 67

` which is to say the motive is the source of evil, not the money. When Jesus said to his disciples "...and all these things shall be added unto you" he was referring to the food, cloth and could be rice, pizza, coffee etc, cloth could be Jeans, trousers, Jackets, Coat, neck tie etc and shelter could be a Bungalow, cottage or a brick house etc. You see the world runs after the best and the `same best' will be given to us if we keep the kingdom of God and His Righteousness first and that's the promise of Jesus to us. Business opens channels for wealth transfer. Nobody will simply come and give you free money without a worthy cause. Many complain that business cannot be conducted honestly in this world but that's a lie. That's just because they themselves are not rooted strongly in God's word. Jesus said that when we go into the world we need to be ...wise like serpents and innocent as doves. We should be shrewd and smart as Jacob was with Laban by using divine technologies. God wants us to be wealthy and rich. Most of the forefathers were millionaires in their days like Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Job, Esther, etc. Money comes from 4 different mediums ­ jobs, self employed, business and investing. I will discuss this more in the next point. 6. Perception towards careers How do we choose our careers? Many of us are confused till date if we are actually in the right profession or if we could actually be doing more and earning more. Jesus talked about 3 servants whom he gave talents and guess who was He pleased with more when He returned? Obviously, the ones that invested and multiplied their talents. Now I am going to tell you four quadrants from where one earns income. This applies both in the secular and the spiritual world. First is to get into a job, be it private or government and for the rest of your life you become a servant of the masters you serve. There are chances of job security especially in the government sector but not so much in a private one. However what one fails to see is there is no freedom. What you bargain is to get security by trading it with freedom. And for sure one can never be rich or make it to the lakhpati or millionaire list by having a job. E.g. An employee of IBM or a staff of YWAM. The second is to be self employed where you are both your own boss and employee such as private practicing accountants, doctors, lawyers, freelancers, etc. Here the more you work the more you get paid. However in the previous quadrant no matter how hard you work, you get paid the same except for some incentives for quality in the private sector. No wonder why government employees never provide good service and they end up never fully maximizing their potentials, except for a few exceptions that does it out of their conscience and self commitment. But the disadvantage of earning income from the second quadrant is that the moment you stopped working, your income stops flowing in. E.g. Doctor with his own clinic or a man of God with an independent ministry. The third quadrant is where you can really become rich. Here you no longer employ yourself but others who can do much better job than you do. You hire people and make them work for you. Here the business will still continue earning even when you are not around. E.g. You have your own business with people working under you or you have your own ministry with staffs working under you. In the fourth quadrant you don't employ people, you employ money to earn money. Here in this quadrant you find the world riches people. They are known as investors. They invest or employ money in sectors that generate high returns of income. Bill Gates did not become one of the world's riches man by selling softwares but by investing his money. E.g: You invest in stocks and bonds, real estate or invest in sectors that promises high returns or as a ministry you start your expansion work to other countries investing in people's future development and also in business that promotes your ministry. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 68

` 7. Perception towards the Government and Authorities As a society the Kukis have a perennial problem with submission to higher authorities, be it managers above us in our work places, traffic rules, cops, church authorities, teachers and even parents. I am not suggesting that we blindly submit to injustice. As an individual we don't want to be accountable for our actions to anyone till we die. We don't like correction or hear advice or rebukes. And therefore we never prosper in what we do. It's only when we learn to submit to one another that God can raise us up as leaders with people under us. Leaders or governments are never perfect but it's our duty as Christians to cooperate with authorities as placed by God over us. And we shouldn't expect what the leaders or government can do for us or to complain about their fallacies but rather to see what we can contribute. Let us not be a problem giver but a solution finder. For lack of space and time I know haven't been able to do much justice to the points listed above nor have I listed every possible solutions. The intention is not that but to bring us to an awakening of what possibilities we have before us, to help us introspect and I humbly hope I have achieved doing that.

About Author:Romeo Haokip is an NLP Certified Trainer and an Accredited member of Asianic Psychologists Press of India. He is currently the Director of Training and Development for Tekton Academy of Leadership and Entrepreneurship. He has trained a number of Professionals and Executives from different companies and is also the present General Secretary of KSO Bangalore. He is also a Graduate of Breakthrough School of Ministry, a Global Initiative of Congress-World Breakthrough Network.

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Five lessons from Obama

Kofo Baptist (Contributed by Paominlen Dimngel)

Below is an article `Five lessons from Obama' written by Mr. Kofo Baptist about the five lessons from the new President of US, Barack Obama on how we should handle situations at bad times. Going through this article I find it very interesting and encouraging as well. I hope it would also be helpful and an encouragement to those who read the article. Here we go.... Looking back about Obama's victory as the new President of the US, there are five inspiring lessons that one can learn. He let everyone remind of how a person who has never believed that they can't do better than their present situation! Thinking of all the dreams you have, you might think of putting on hold assuming that you could never ever come out of it. But the point is frustrations and the sweats with all the bitter experiences that he faced are now the factors on how Obama defied every pigeonhole to become the first black Presidential elect of the US. Psalm 30:5 tells us in different ways that when we're going through bad situations, we shouldn't think it is the end of the world, because if we hold on, good times will come. And also it talks about having faith and believing even when you can't see what you believe! in Hebrews 11:1.

So here are five lessons that one can learnt from Obama's victory as written by Kofo Baptist: 1. You can achieve anything that you set your heart upon. Although he came from a disadvantaged background, being mixed race in white America, Obama chose to believe that he was somebody too. He called himself the, `skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him, too." And what do you know? America does have a place for him. On January 20 2009, he will be the 44th president of the USA. 2. Coming from a single parent home doesn't mean automatic failure. Single parent family statistics are really appalling. If you go by statistics, you'd expect children from single parent homes to do achieve less than their peers. One statistics said that at least 70 per cent of young offenders identified by Youth Offending Teams come from loneparent families. This says that children from single parent families most likely end up as failures because they don't have a dad around. Well, Obama shows that your situation doesn't have to define you. You decide where you want to end up, not your family life!

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3. Well if you want to be somebody, you need to start by having a dream. You can't get very far without a dream. Obama knew from a young age he wanted to be president, and he made choices that set him on the path for where he wanted to be. Everybody dreams but a lot of people never actually fulfill their dreams. Remember that your dream can only materialize when you actually get up and do something. So dream big and take the necessary steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be. 4. Once you know where you are going, then you need to start planning for it. Obama just didn't become president-elect overnight; he planned for it. The campaign didn't just happen; it was carefully planned. Marketing activities, public speaking, meet and greets, television shows, online marketing ­ the list is endless. All these would have been meticulously planned and executed; so to get to where you are going, sit down and plan your life. ( See Habakkuk 2: 2) 5. You need to believe in yourself and keep going strong even when the road ahead seems rough. Obama experienced a lot of setbacks on his way to the White House but that didn't stop him. He kept going and going until he got there. Never see failure as the end product; it is just a vehicle to get you to your destination. So if you fail, dust yourself and start again. Keep going.

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Thenna leh Damna

Rose Mary Haokip

Amasa pen in hitobang phat pha mun kalo thei jeh in Pathen kathang vah e. Thenna le damna iti teng leh atam jo in ipi kisei na ahi ihe uve. Thenna le damna hi aki khut jop mat jinge. Hiche teni hi achom "separate identity" peh thei beh seh ahipoi ajeh chu thenna hinkho iman le acham a dam na aum jenge. Damna hi mihem ibon cha uva dinga poimo tah ahi. Miching te hon asei yu `Health is Wealth" ati u khu veu hite. Nei le gou tam tah nei jong leu hen damna inei lou uleh nom aki sa deh poi. Hiche na ding chun adeh seh in numei ho in pan iha lah u angai e. Anoi a hohi chom khat veu hite: Dam thei na dingin: 1. Tahsa then angai e. 2. I inn leh lou, ikim ivel then angai e. Eiho city sunga um a inn kimvel lenpi tah-tah nei lou hijeng jong leu hen, i inn sungu, bedroom, kitchen leh toilet ti ho hi athen jing angai e. 3. Neh le don, tui ho athen angai e. Neh ding, don ding tui ho hi hon min sa hihih jong le, lhit theng (filtered) ahi angai e. Neh ding ann le me ho hi ahinga neh thei aum in, ahin amin na thei chan na phatah a hon min a neh ding aphai. 4. Ichen nao khopi hi metropolitan city ahijeh in thinglhang banga thingphung tiho jong aum poi, hui theng neh thei nadinga jingkah matah a brisk walk, jogging che jing jong aphai. Inn sung vel a dum chep (smoking) ti ho bol lou jong aphai. 5. Nisim seh in kisil theng jinga, sil le pon von ho jong khel jinga, thengsel a kivon jong lunggel nop na jong ahi. 6. Inn ning inn kah suh theng jinga, jut theng jinga, gancha neihon jong extra effort lah ding ahi. Ikhut ikeng kisil theng jinga, ann neh tui don ding teng khut phatah a sil theng angai e. Ajeh chu ikhut tin kikah ho a hi tahsa dammo na thei "natna" (bacteria) ti ho jong tam tah aum nom e. 7. Kisuh theng jing ding apoi mo daan hi, i paam pot jou seh jong leh ikhut sop theng jing ding ahi. Nikhat le imit imai jong nivei beh sop theng/kiphet theng angai e. 8. Numei ho adeh set a (Numeinat) lha thi nei pet jong leh extra a kisuh theng aphai. Pomo deh duh a um lou ding ahi. Hiche a kon a dammo nathei tampi jong pengdohthei ahie. Tahsa a idam mo thim jong leh aphat cha a kijen ding ahi. Ahivangin self medication hi, bol lou in vang aphai. Aphat cha a ann neh a tui don jing ding, ahithei le nikhat le tui khon 8 beh ahilou leh ltr 3 beh don in aphai. Hiche hin oisung asutheng in damthei na ahi. Phaat cha a jun le eh jong tha ding ahi. Tui ha don hin constipation jong aphat sah e. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 72

` Lou le ai (medicine) ho hi tahsa a dinga aphat vangin ama side effect jong aum kit e. Hijeh in ineh jong leh ching thei tah a neh ding ahi. Lou hi eima kum to kitoh a `dose' um ahin, hiche jeh a chu chapang in ahan (adult) ho `dose' aneh lou ding ahi. Lou ineh ding teng ahi thei chan a prescription jao ding aphai, ajeh chun lou kim khat chu empty stomach neh ding aum in, lou kim khat vang chu bu neh jou a neh ding aum e. Bu neh masanga lou imoh neh leh side effect tichu lohso, lungvai ti jong asoh nom e. Niseh a bu le me bou hilouva, thei (fruits) tiho jong neh ji ding aphai. Tahsa in angaichat dung jui a diet hi kitoh tah a protein, fats, carbohydrate, zinc, calcium, Vitamin A, B, C etc ti ho jong ajao aphai. Hiche ho hi dal, hawai (beans), bread, cabbage, cauliflower etc ti ho a muthei ahi. Saa (meat) le nga (fish) jong hi neh jing ding, anche ho toh neh kah jing ding ahi. Saap te ho thuchih khat kisei na a: · · · Your portion of your breakfast should be like a King's feast Your portion of your lunch should be like a Queen's feast, and Your portion of your dinner should be like a beggar's.

Hitichu ahi jeh in neh le don hi tahsa angai cha ahi lheh vangin avaal (excess) jong hi dammo na ahithei n alai e. Phaat (time) le nikho aphat tah lou to lhon in neh thei don thei jong apung cheh-cheh jengtai. Hijeh chun tahsa a dinga neh thei dol atheng neh a dam na a nei ding hi apoi mo lheh tai. Hiche jeh chun neh le chah, thenna lam a lungel ngai to utin apha kilah utin, apha lou pai ute. Pathen in asem sa mihem te hi, a itih a dam thei a, ching thei dinga ahin sem sa, ei le ei kisu mo pou hite. Idamthei nao hohi Pakai lenggam machal nading le Ama lunggel ito thei uva, aphat thei ichan na thei diu in hinkho theng mangu hitin, Ama a din mangu hite. Ihet sa jingu hijong le, angai chat na dung jui in tunia kahin jih hiche `Thenna le damna' ti chung chang hi iphat chompi deu katah san in ahi. Pathen in phat thei naboh cheh tau hen!!

About Author:Rose Mary Haokip is Trained Nurse and has a lot of experience in Health Care. She is also currently the Joint Secretary of KWS Bangalore.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 73



Bobby Abraham All glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I am sure most of us have read the "FOOTPRINTS" story which speaks of God carrying us through the difficult times. While this is a wonderful truth as the saying goes "It is easier said than done". Regardless of this divine mode of transportation most of us during tough times in our life struggle with the question" Where is God when it hurts most?" I too have wrestled with this mystery. But, everytime I was assured that the Triune God is with me comforting me and leading me in His way. It was on August 11th 2007 that I was diagonised with a huge solid mass (15.4cm x 11.6cm) on the right side of my chest. It had crushed my right lung and I was living by my left lung only. I immediately consulted the Doctor and he suggested that I go to CMC, Vellore as his son-in-law and daughter are doctors there. So, I alongwith my mother went to CMC on the early morning of 13th Aug.I was immediately admitted in the Cardio-thoracic unit and needle biopsy was done. However, they could not diagonise with the little tissue, so I had to be operated for some mass to be taken out of my chest. After 8 days, the biopsy report showed that I had Anterior Mediastenum Malignant Germ Cell Tumor. I was told that since the size of the tumor is so huge and moreover it is entangled with lots of blood vessels they won't be able to do surgery now. However, Chemo cycles (each cycle for 5 days) will be given and once the size reduces surgery will be done. So I was shifted to Oncology Dept. and they started to find my veins on my hand to give chemo but could not find. The next day they tried my legs and still could not find veins and so the third day (27th Aug.) one Manipuri Doctor (SANA) gave Chemo from Femur line. On the 4th day I started vomiting and by the 5th day I started vomiting blood and through motion blood was going. My sodium, potassium levels went down and my oxygen saturation went below the normal level and my hands and legs were shaking and I could not take anything for the next 3 days. During these hard times I remember my mother crying beside me on her knees day and night and also reading out healing scriptures to me as I believe there is life in the Word of God. Someone has rightly put it like this "The best pharma Companies in the world cannot produce drugs for the healing what the Word of God can do." Indeed, I am proud of my mother who inspite of losing her husband in Jan. of 2007 and having BP and Diabetes was beside me all the time as a source of comfort, strength and encouragement. I also thank God for those prayer warriors joining together for me in India and abroad especially in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Philadelphia (US). I sincerely believe that the prayer and fasting of the saints knocked the doors of heaven and God started working on my behalf. And lo! after 2 cycles of chemo the size of my tumor reduced to 8x6cms. Is not our God still in the business of doing miracles? He is the same yesterday, today and forever(Heb.13.8). After that I had to take 3rd and 4th cycles and after that KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 74

` the size reduced to 6.5x4cms. Now the surgeon told that he will do the surgery and hence I underwent Thorocotomy on 10th Dec. 2007 which was very painful. I woke up with pain in the ICU with tubes in the stomach area. I had to be given Morphine (narcotic) to induce sleep so that I did not feel the pain. By the Grace of God the pain reduced by the 5th day and I was discharged. However to my shock I was told that they could not remove the tumor as it was stuck to my vital organs like heart, trachea, windpipe, lungs and blood vessels, and could just shave the mass and sent for histopathology. The report came that only less that 10% of my tumor is viable i.e., the tendency to multiply and create more tumors. So the doctor told me that we will go for 5th and 6th cycle and so after doing that the Doctor told that everything is normal and I can go back to Bangalore and come back after 3 months for a follow-up. So I came back on 14th Feb.2008 exactly after 6months. I went to the office the very next day i.e. on 15th and met this humble man of God Bro. D. P Haokip (Commissioner of Income-Tax) and asked him if I can start a prayer cell in his chamber. Immediately, he said"why not?" and the prayer cell started from 18th Feb.2008 and we have seen many people delivered and our prayers answered during this period of almost one year. My story does not end here as I went to Vellore for my check ­up and found out that my tumor has relapsed in the posterior region of my chest. I was little disappointed but determined to fight it out. So I came to Bangalore and visited various HODS' of the Hospitals along with Bro.D P Haokip and finally after prayer and thoughtful consideration decided to go with Dr. P P Bapsy from Apollo Hospitals. She started chemo with 3 new drugs. To my amazement I found that Apollo Hospitals is covered by the Income-Tax Department and also the nurse (Mini) could get my vein in one poke and there were not many side effects after the chemo. Is not our God rightly called Jehovah Jireh, El-Shaddai and Jehovah Rapha? All glory to the Triune God. I underwent 5 cycles (total 11 cycles) in Apollo and though the size of the tumor had reduced considerably it has not gone fully. Since then, I have undergone a chemoport insertion on Jan.3rd 2009 as my veins are not accessible now and Doctor is going to give me one new drug from 7th January as per my PET CT findings and tumor markers showing rising tendency. I am confident that Jesus will heal me perfectly and use me for his glory. Please continue to pray for me.

About Author:Bobby Abraham is a man of God and has always lent a helping hand to KWS Bangalore whenever needed. He can be reached through the following: [email protected], +919448905661, 080-28445705.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Letter from Dr. Sajan George

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 2008 saw the successful launch of India's first lunar probe Chandrayaan on October 22. The mission is a major boost to India's space program, as India joins Asian nations China and Japan in exploring the Moon. While the world looks at India striding forward in the field of scientific research, the humble origins of the ISRO are often forgotten. In 1963, Homi J. Bhabha had approached the Bishop of the St. Mary Magdalene church and requested him for the use of his church, his home and the village of his parishioners. The humble fishing hamlet called Thumba was converted into the first home of the Indian space movement then called TERLS ­ Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station. The church served as a control room, the Bishop's house as an office and a humble bicycle as a ferry. Unfortunately, 2008 also saw the worst kind of regression in our society as the church in India experienced the worst kind of violence and persecution in the last 2000 years of its existence. Christians in Kandhamal, Orissa, were attacked brutally and hunted down by Hindu fundamentalists. Priests were beaten up and left on the streets where they bled to death, nuns were raped and children burnt alive. Christians were cut to pieces and their homes and churches were destroyed. More than 60,000 Christians fled to the forests with no food, no shelter and no sufficient clothing. In addition, there were 112 attacks in Karnataka spread across 29 districts, 38 attacks in Andhra Pradesh, 34 attacks in Madhya Pradesh. 18 other states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari experienced varying levels of attacks against Christians. In Kandhamal, the tragedy continues with no search operations being conducted. Most of the killings are not reflected in official figures with families unable to furnish proof of alleged murders. No compensation has been received from the government. Even as the Church in India and especially in Kandhamal is coming to terms with what they experienced, justice continues to be denied to the victims. In our pursuit for justice and peace, we continue to vigorously document violations against Christians for disseminating to the concerned authorities for necessary action. Over 1,800 complaints about crimes including arson, assault and murder were collected in the last four months. GCIC has assisted in collecting complaints from victims in relief camps. Lawyers made at least 800 of these into First Information Reports (FIRs) which have been filed with the police. GCIC has also documented 121 martyrdoms from August 2008 till date. This information has been furnished to the Government of India and to the state governments. On the basis of the reports submitted by GCIC, the National Human Rights Commission has sent out separate investigation teams to Karnataka and Orissa for detailed investigations into attacks against Christians.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 76

` In our efforts to work for peace and justice among the voiceless, GCIC brought 21 widows from the Orissa relief camp to Bangalore for intensive medical examination and care and for a special Christmas celebration. 10-year-old Namrata Nayak was also brought to Bangalore by GCIC along with the group from Orissa. Namrata had suffered 40% burn injuries, her face was disfigured, resulting from a bomb thrown by Hindu extremists. She became the face of the anti-Christian violence. After spending 45 days in the hospital, Namrata is healed and is now the face of hope and reconciliation in the Indian church. "Christmas is a time of forgiveness", said Namrata at the Christmas celebration, "and we forgive the Hindu radicals who attacked us and burned our homes...they do not know the love of Jesus. The world has seen my face destroyed by fire, now it must come to know my smile full of love and peace. I want to dedicate my life to spreading the gospel." May the blessings of our Lord and Savior Jesus be with all of you.


Dr. Sajan George

President Global council of Indian Christians (GCIC)

About Author:He is currently the President of the Global Council for Indian Christians (GCIC), and has been a crusader for human rights and advocacy for over a decade in India and abroad. He has always voiced out for human rights violations, the rights of women and children, and fights against gender and caste discrimination in India.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Come, Let us Rebuild...

Lalboi Haokip

Nehemiah had a good life in Persia. He was a cupbearer of Artaxerexes I in Persian court at Susa (Neh 1:11). However, as a Jew, he was living in exile from Jerusalem, which was the place where his heart belonged. Hanani, who came from Judah with some other men, informed Nehemiah that, "those who survived the exile back in the province and are in great trouble and disgrace. The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire" (Neh 1:3). He deeply grieved at the desperate situation of the Jews in Jerusalem and understood the need for reformation. As a result, he sat down and wept, and mourned for days, fasting and praying before the God of heaven (Neh 1:4). Eventually, the Persian king noticed Nehemiah's sadness and gave him permission and diplomatic letters to go to Jerusalem. When Nehemiah arrived, he found the city was still in ruins. Its walls had been pulled down into long piles of rubble, and its once majestic gates were still charred and lying on the ground. Even more troubling to him was the people who still lived there, had settled for living in ruins. They no longer believed they were blessed. So everyone had simply learned how to cope with the city's great problems. They didn't devote for the reformation of the society and become no longer blessing to others. After riding through the rubble of the city one sleepless night and experiencing the real condition of the people. Nehemiah uttered this verse; you see the trouble we are in: Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be in disgrace (Neh 2:17) Nehemiah opens the verse with a question to leaders of the city "Do you see the trouble we are in?" He continued with the imperative request, "come, let us rebuild..." the broken wall to keep us from reproach. The phrase, "come, let us rebuild..." is translated from two Hebrew words hlak bnah. In Hebrew grammar, the word hlak (come) is in the form qal, imperative and expresses the idea of an action to perform without fail. The other example imperative used can be seen in Gospel according to Matthew "Ask and it shall be given to you" (Matt 7:7). The verb asks is an imperative and whoever asks shall certainly receive it. Therefore, when Nehemiah uttered the word hlak (come) he made an imperative request and expects the leaders of the community to join him without fail. In respond to his imperative request, the people now say, "Let us start building" (Neh 2:18).

The phrase, "let us rebuild" is translated from a single Hebrew word bnah and it is qal, imperfect, and cohortative. The imperfect in Hebrew grammar indicates incomplete action and usually KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

Page 78

` translated as present or future tense in English and here it is in the present tense. The word bnah `let us rebuild' is also carefully put in the form of cohortative that expresses the thought of selfencouragement. So, here according to the Hebrew grammar, Nehemiah was self-encouraged and confirmed the call for reformation of the society after his prayer. This affirmation had forced him to forsake all the comforts in the palace at Susa and come to Jerusalem. Nehemiah opens the eyes of the leaders of the city to see the need for reformation from the spirit of coping with the problems and to see new changes in times of trouble. He also transformed them from enmity to unity for the welfare of the society. The self-encouragement from one person to the leaders and the spirit of persistency in times of trouble led the wall to complete within fifty-two days (Neh 6:15). Hence, it was impossible to rebuild the wall and the gates of Jerusalem without the spirit of unity and cooperation of the people. Then, do you realize the trouble we are in and the need for reformation in the Kuki society? Do we maintain our dignity or in reproach? Do we see any spirit of unity in our society? Are we still living with the ideologies of `for me, for me and for my family? Can one man transform the society? Are we still like the people who lived in the ruin city and incompetent to cope with trouble than looking for reformation? How many times we grief and sorrow for our society? Today, none of us can reject the truth about the need for reformation and unity in our society. And it was not Nehemiah alone who reformed and rebuilt, but the unity and cooperation of the people rebuild the wall and the city gates of Jerusalem. Khai leh Tahchapa, tahchanu, Kuki chapa Kuki chanu- especially, those who stay away from home, let us stand in unity and cooperate one another to rebuild our society and we will no longer be in disgrace because we are definitely responsible in every aspect to rebuild our society. But unless we take heed to the imperative request (come, let us rebuild...) and respond with the spirit of unity and oneness, our society will never be rebuild. May God bless each and every person who reads this message, with the knowledge of reformation and the spirit of unity and co-operation to rebuild our society, as we pursue God's agenda in our generation.

About Author:Lalboi Haokip is presently the Chaplain of KWS Chennai.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Lhaogao Thimthu Zaila

Thangneo Touthang

We from the Editorial and KWS Decade Committee would like to share this wonderful poem in Thadou Kuki about `Lhaogao Thimthu' the Bi-Lingual Monthly Magazine of KWS Bangalore. The writer Thangneo Touthang was the Vice Chairman of KWS from 2007-2008 when he was studying in SABC. He loves and takes great pride in our culture and our mother tongue Thadou Kuki language literature. This poem was composed sometime back but as it was so beautifully written and emphasizes not only Lhagao Thimthu and Bangalore but also our own KWS Bangalore, we thought we should also share this poem to everyone in this souvenir. LHAOGAO THIMTHU ZAILA Khannougol lungkhat, Thakhat na puikhom Pathen Lhagao theng, Lhagao Thimthu ti in, Kalong khom uve Kuki chate Bangalore tolpi ah, Ima pui uvah Pathen Lhagao theng, Loupi hen Pathen chu, Kangai uve aw van Lhagao theng, Kangai uve, Nei hung vil jing uvin kangai uve. Neikai hoi uvin penna gam dalha a, vaigam a kholjin Kuki chate. Houbih neilou, Lungkhat thakhat a, Tha le jung kase khom nao, Kuki Worship Service Bangalore. Houbung masa ho chon in kachon ui, Pathen lhagao theng mapui najal in, Tahsa lhagaova sopite, Ngaito chom chom'a kalsong iheuvin, Tahsan khat, kinepna khat, ihi nao lhaso louvin, Che pi jing uheute, Pathen lhagao theng kaihoi najal a umte, Pathen cha kit ding iheuve. KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 80



Christmas cum Spiritual Camp 1999 (1st Christmas of KWS Bangalore)

KWS Bangalore Christmas at ACA 2001

KWS Bangalore Christmas at ACA 2002

Christmas 2003 at Bangalore Bible Church Christmas 2004 at Karnataka Rehab Center KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 81



KWS Black Day 2007

KWS Choir at Gospel Adontes 2007

KWS Bangalore Christmas 2007

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

KWS (B) and KWS(C) members ­ The Day KWS Chennai was founded 2008

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KWS Bangalore at Chennai Beach 2008

KWS Bangalore at Khanglai 2008

KWS Bangalore Family Retreat 2008

Darlene Zschech (Hillsong) signing our KWS (B) Decade T-shirt KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

KWS Upas at Festival of Life 2009 Page 83



KWS (B) Choir during Album Shooting 2008

KWS (B) Trustee Board Members 2008-2009

KWS (B) Decade Committee

KWS (B) Advisors 2008-2009

KWS (B) Congregation at the New Church at Baldwin High School KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 84



We would like to share this beautiful poem about Bangalore and KWS Bangalore titled `Garden City' contributed by Lalboi Dimngel.



It has been an immense pleasure for us to work on this souvenir. We shall always cherish and be proud of it in the days to come. Adieu... Editorial Team signing off....

Quality Check done by: DP Haokip, Hencha Dimngel, Romeo Haokip, Hencha Haokip, Neneng Haokip, James Kipgen and Chinneo Haokip.

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Gerizim Hostel

`Gerizim Hostel' is a Paying Guest accomodation that has just recently opened near Empire Hotel in Kamnahalli. It is an independent house and very spacious. All the rooms are well ventilated and water supply is available 24/7. The PG accomodation will be at the 1st floor with the owners occupying the ground floor. The owners are God-fearing people and expect the tenants to be the same. Authentic North-Eastern food (both Veg and Non-Veg) will be served twice a day. The place is at a walkable distance from groceries, bus stops, ATMs, shops, Hospitals, Restaurants etc. TV will be provided and 4-wheeler parking space is available. There are three double bedrooms with attached bathrooms and can accommodate two persons in each room. Altogether, there are six accomodations (beds) available in twin-share basis per room. There are also six berths available. If interested, please contact at the address or mobile no. given below. Accomodation is on a First come- First Serve Basis. In addition, the earlybirds will have their choice of beds or berths.

SO HURRY... Remember only 12 accomodations available!!!

ADDRESS No. 314, Surya Nivas, Nehru Road, HRBR Layout, Kamanahalli CONTACT Neneng: +919886517884

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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BIBLICAL THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY BANGALORE "Fundamental, Pre-Tribulation, Pre-millennial, Bible Believing Mission" Theme: "Equipping the believers for the work of Ministry" (Eph.4:12) Invites applications from born again committed men and women who have a definite call for the service of the Lord (Church planting) COURSES OFFERED: Bachelor of Theology


(B.Th.) - 3 year Programme

- 10 Passed/ PUC/ + 2 Plus Thesis and Fields Education

Bachelor of Divinity

Pre-requisite - With B.Th. in 2nd Class in accepted College 1 Yrs. (50 Cr.Hrs.) -With B.A/B.Com. Etc 3 Yrs. (150. Cr.Hrs. + Thesis & Field Education)

((B.D) - 3 or 1 Year Programme

Master of Divinity

(M.Div.) - 2 year Programme

Pre-requisite - Any Bachelor Degree (100. Cr. Hrs. + Thesis & Field Education) -With B.D. 2nd Class 1 Yrs (50. Cr. Hrs)

Master of Theology


(Th.M) - 2 Years Programme

- With B.D/ M.Div. with 2nd class (100. Cr. Hrs) Thesis + Field Education)

We Have Well qualified and experienced Professors for all course from India and USA. Apply immediately! Only limited seats! Classes begin in July 1St Week. For Application & Prospectus send Rs.100/- by DD or M.O. to: The Office of Admission BIBLICAL THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY #. 17, Bormann Enclave, Bagalure Main Road Kothanur, Bangalore - 560077. Ph.080-28444059, Mobile: 09880325757 E-Mail:[email protected]

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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With Best Compliments from:

india's leading property developers with a nation-wide profile with 19.6 million square feet built-to-suit spaces property management

Founded in 1986, the Embassy Group is one of India's most reputed property developers. Offering a wide range of built spaces and services, we specialize in providing you with quality spaces and exclusive designs tailored to your needs. ISO 9001-certified since 1998, the Embassy Group has an extensive land bank across the country. We have developed over 19.6 million square feet of prime residential, office and retail space, finished with superior grade materials and elegant fixtures. We are also expanding our international market, with current project initiatives in UAE and Malaysia. We are a professionally managed organization with a dedicated team overseeing all aspects of real estate. Embassy's vision for the future is to leverage its tenant relationships and expand the portfolio of Information Technology space throughout India and internationally, besides focusing on developing residential and retail spaces.

Embassy Group

1st Floor, 150, Infantry Road, Bangalore ­ 560001, India Ph. No : 080-41799909 KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 88


Best Wishes from:

AN ISO 9001-2000 COMPANY

It's all about POWER & DURABILITY

JCR Drissol Private Limited is an Import/ Export Company dealing with JCR Drillsol (India), makers of Rigs, Hammers and Button Bit that drill faster and last longer. Our Rigs, Bit & Hammer can drill a hole whose diameter can be from 2" to 24" with different face design, to the depth of 600 meters (DTH) and 1500 meters (Core Drilling). Our products are designed to suit the customer needs.

Rigs · · · · · · · · · ·

Water Well Rig (Combination Rig) Dimond Core Drilling Rigs Reverse Circulation Rigs Geophysical & Exploratory Rigs Tractor Mounted / Tripod Rigs Wagon Drills and Custom Built Rigs are also available Yield Testing Units Mini Truck Mounted Rigs Refurbished Rigs Hydro Fracturing Unit

Drilling Accessories · Mud Pumps · Drill Rods and Subs · Drill Rig Spares DTH Bits/Hammers · DTH Button Bits · Rock Roller Bits · ODEX / CENTRAX Bits · R C Bits · All Types and sizes of DTH Hammers and bits

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

JCR Drillsol Pvt. Ltd. 20B, 2nd Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Phone: +9180 28390287, 28390165 Fax: +9180 28399036, 37 Bangalore - 58 Email: [email protected]

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KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Corporate Office: # 136, 4th Cross, Prashanth Extension, Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore ­ 560 066 Ph: 91-080-40963023 / 24 / 25 Fax: 91-080-40963023 Email : [email protected]

Head Office:

Palace Compound, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore-560 052 Ph: 91-080-23346329/ 355 Fax: 91-080-23348446 Email: [email protected]

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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ananda social and educational trust

The Ananda Social and Educational Trust is set up as the outcome of a dream of committed Scheduled Caste persons to make a positive contribution for the betterment of SC and ST people, by opening up new avenues for them to find better slots in the social hierarchy.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Medical College

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Medical College (BRAMC) is considered as one of the top medical institutions in the state of Karnataka. The college is located at Cooke Town, Bangaluru in Karnataka. The college under the aegis of Ananda Social and Educational Trust was founded to make a positive contribution for the betterment of people by opening up new avenues for them to find better slots in the social hierarchy. The college is recognized by the supreme statutory body for medical education in India, the Medical Council of India (MCI), Delhi.

Mathrusri Ramabai Ambedkar Dental College

Mathrushri Ramabai Ambedkar Dental College and Hospital is considered to be one of the best dental colleges in Karnataka (India) imparting undergraduate and postgraduate education to a large number of students from India and abroad. The Trust, which also runs a School of Nursing, a college of Physiotherapy as well as institutes of Medical Laboratory Technology and Radiography, has rich experience in the field of education. Its motto is to serve the weaker sections of the community, handicapped socially, educationally & economically.

Heartiest Congrats to KWS Bangalore for their Decade Celebration.

With Best Wishes,

Trustee Members, Ananda Social and Educational Trust.

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009

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Phone numbers: +919880200990, +919845636495

KWS Bangalore Decade Celebration Jan 23-25, 2009 Page 94


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