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Worst flood hit Philippines

Manila, Sept. 28, 2009 - At least 106 people have been reported dead or missing in the Philippines as tropical storm Ketsana unleashed torrential rains on Manila and nearby provinces, triggering the worst flooding in 40 years, according to media reports Sunday. The storm had dumped more than a month's worth of rain on the region in a span of 12 hours, Dow Jones Newswires reported. Philippine news footage of devastated areas showed people taking refuge on top of half-submerged vehicles and wading through chest-high water The BBC cited news reports saying up to 80% of Manila was under water. Many of the city's 12-million inhabitants were believed to be without power as utility companies shut down to avoid the risk of electrocution. Reports said it was unclear how long it would take for life to return to normal in the city, although there were signs the flood waters were beginning to recede late Sunday. The Philippines National See Page 4 Flood

Commuters wade through waist-deep floodwaters after heavy rains dumped by Tropical Storm Ketsana (locally known as Ondoy) on Saturday, Sept. 26, in Manila , Philippines .

Montrealers rush to raise funds for Philippine flood victims

Montreal, October 10, 2009 ­ Since the news of the big flood spred to the community, various groups got involved in doing something to raise money to send to the victims. The Filipino Star was first contacted by CJAD's Trudy Maison on September 28 to find out what the community here in Montreal would be doing and was referred to Angie Ogerio, president of the Federation of Filipino Canadian Associations of Quebec. She then called a meeting with community leaders at FAMAS center on September 29, at 7 p.m. A representative of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, Mr. Jess Agustin, explained to the group what his organization is all about. When the time came to decide what the community would do with the funds to See Page 4 Montreal


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Angelita Ogerio, President of the Federation of Filipino Canadian Associations of Quebec, shown receiving a cheque in the amount of $410 from Precy Nombrado, President of the Filipino Canadian Tennis Association of Montreal as their donation to the Philippines' Flood Victims. Ms. Ogerio was accompanied by Shinette Khoury, VP-FAMAS and Rosy Padilla, Director-Social Services & Phil. Relief of the Federation. On hand to witness the turnover, which was held on October 10, 2009 at the Cote de Liesse Racquet Club were members of the FCTAM namely; R. Santos, B. Araneta, G. Saguyod, D. Ribaya, R. Bonyad, J. Dutta, Dr. Caranza,L. Sarasola and others.

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Alex Robles

Independent Candidate for City Councilor Darlington District Municipal Elections, November 1, 2009

Approuvé par Alex Robles, Représentant Officiel


The North American Filipino Star

October 2009


Will more citizens vote in this coming municipal elections?

The city of Montreal, Quebec, will be holding a municipal election at the same time as numerous other municipalities in Quebec, on November 1, 2009. Voters will elect the Mayor of Montreal, Montreal City Council, and the mayors and councils of each of the city's boroughs. How much information do our fellow citizens have about municipal elections? What will make them go to the polls and vote? Municipal and school board elections have always been plagued with low voter turnout. In spite of the importance of decisions made by city councilors and school board commissioners, common people are oblivious to their duties of participating in a democracy. Experts have not explained why there is so much apathy or lack of interest in these two elections. Some common comments indicate that people do not care about politics because they have no faith in it at all. But if people do not do their part in electing their representatives, can they expect to be served at all? With the entry into the election scene of a variety of candidates from he ethnic communities, it seems that more people are beginning to realize that it is important to get involved in the local government. In our community, we have two people running for the Darlington district. Some members of the community have expressed concern over the possibility of splitting up the votes which may have adverse results. Perhaps, we are not yet sensitized to the political process and how we can get organized to maximize the use of our number as one of the biggest communities in Montreal. As an example, we should have been able to get our own candidates become part of the mainstream political party but instead both of our fellow kababayan are running as independents. Needless to say, it is not easy to win any election if one has no access to the financial resources available to the main political parties' candidates. At this late stage, all we can do is hope that many Filipino-Canadian citizens will go out and vote. Even if they would be splitting the votes, our big numbers may help one of them win the seat. However, if there will be a low voter turn out like in previous elections, we are afraid that the result may not be in our community's favor. If we are not prepared as a community to support one of our own before, maybe we should start being more active now and begin to learn the ropes in the political arena. We should begin to understand how things are done, and make sure that the doors to City Hall are kept open to us. If anyone of us is interested in helping the community, he or she should be prepared to address all the issues that concern us. For example, many families in Cote des Neiges live under the poverty level. Some young people are prone to be victims of violent crimes while their parents are busy doing two jobs in order to survive. Our seniors do not have a place to go as our community center is not big enough to provide proper space for different activities. Perhaps, there are resources we could tap into if only we are well informed as to how and where to get them. It is said that the best place to start finding this out is by contacting our local representatives. It would even be better if we have our fellow kababayan represent us. The question now is - will each one of us try to help either one of these two independent candidates get elected? Are we even thinking of going to the polls and exercising our right to vote? What will motivate us to do so? Unless we see the advantages of having our own kababayan get elected, it is doubtful to see many of us at the polls on November 1st. Nevertheless, we are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that many of us will be patriotic enough to care about the welfare of our community. If we want to make a difference, we must participate actively in the political process that affects us all for many years to come. In the final analysis, elections come and go, but what will last forever is a realization that we as citizens of a democratic country have a duty to preserve and cherish its ideals. Let us go to the polls in greater numbers on November 1st. It is only by doing so that we can truly say that we appreciate the value of our citizenship. Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi

A letter to the Editor


When coordinating collections, monetary or in kind, of the magnitude such as the Philippines "Ondoy" Flood Victims fund raising, it is very important to consider the credibility of the people who are in charge. We have to make sure these people are trustworthy. And so, it goes without saying, that these trustworthy people will only delegate some responsibilities to the people who they can trust. In the history of our community, I can only say that during the successive calamities in November/December 2004, the Federation, under Marlene Birao Schachter as President, in collaboration with other organizations, including member and non member associations of the Federation, had collected approximately $6,000. Per advice of the then Philippine Ambassador Francisco Benedicto, funds collected were sent to the National Disaster Coordinating Center (NDCC). Then, came the Laila Elumbra case in 2005, when the Federation again collected almost $15,000 in collaboration with 29 organizations. All these and other smaller financial appeals coordinated by the Federation were properly accounted for. This is probably the reason why there are other leaders of our community who do not attempt to initiate this kind of endeavour because they know that Filipinos will only give donations to people they trust. Over the years, it pays to be credible and trustworthy. By Julie Parado Past FAMAS President, 1985-86

Marché Coop Filipino

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72 hours ahead of your party.

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October 2009

The North American Filipino Star

investment of a certain amount but this was never voted upon. As I have always mentioned in all of my articles in this column, the workload is not being fairly shared. The biggest burden is mostly falling on my shoulders and this is not a healthy sign of a cooperative. By its name alone, it implies "cooperation" and "sharing" of duties. Over the past three years, the Coop is being run almost singlehandedly with sporadic help from a few people. Since June 2009, I cannot afford to advance more money to pay a cashier, hence, we laid off our full time cashier. I am asking members who can spare 2 to 4 hours a week to volunteer instead. My constant helper is my student, Joesie Bingayan who works at the Coop on Monday from 1 to 6 p.m. and on Wednesday, from 1 to 3 p.m. Last Saturday, my students, Lani Estonilo, Josie Gallano, and Sarah Jimenez started their training. Julie Parado who volunteered for 3 months in 2006, resumed being a volunteer last Tuesday, October 13, She will be on duty Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2 to 5 pm. until Ben Bade comes to replace her. Occasionally, Ryan Alipato, Ben Bade's friend, helps out in the store, just like John Aquino did when he was still in Montreal. However, no one volunteers on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Even though two directors agreed to volunteer once a month on Saturdays, they have not been always doing their share because of personal reasons. Since Ben Bade, is on duty Sundays, he does not want


to be on duty again on Saturday unless absolutely necessary or when I ask him to replace me. and if he is not sick. It then appears as if I am the only one obliged to man the store whenever the other volunteers fail to come. To allow us to operate normally, it is obvious that we need more members to volunteer even 2 to 4 hours a week in order to move our inventory faster and have some cash flow to pay for the overhead costs. Right now, the sales are very low, as the members do not patronize the Coop with the exception of a handful of members. We are throwing out vegetables that get spoiled for lack of customers. We have products that expire and cannot clear them out fast enough. If 25% of our membership patronize the Coop, things will change radically and greatly improve our sales. To have some additional income and to increase traffic at the Coop, we are going to hold a bazaar of donated items. So far, we have received donations from Nora Espiritu, and Reuben Santos. I also donated some of my extra stuff that I no longer wanted. If we receive enough goods, the bazaar sale will be held on weekends. The Coop can be saved but your support is needed, either in terms of time you can spare, or money you can invest, and patronage which is the most important thing you can easily do if you want to. About $5 to $10 weekly purchase from each member will give the Coop a big boost right now!


By Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi, Coop president, 2008-2011

General Assembly postponed to November 1, 2009

Due to the busy month of October, and the fund raising for the flood victims, we have to postpone our general assembly to November 1, 2009 when important topics will be discussed such as the renewal of the lease expiring on April 30, 2010, and the financial statements for 2007 and 2008. The assembly will be held at the FAMAS Building on 4708 Van Horne Avenue, Montreal. from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Members who are entitled to vote on resolutions are those who have fully paid their basic membership issues of the Filipino Star. A few came to the Coop to let us know that they do not really want to be a member, and that the $10 they gave to Joe Gaviola was just a contribution. But there are still hundreds of people who are not really members because they have not paid their basic membership fees. If they do not reactivate their status by paying their balances, we will not count them in our membership roll. Another important topic to be introduced at the meeting will be an amendment to the constitution and by-

Borough Mayor Michael Applebaum visited the Coop along with Au Osdon, FAMAS president, Helen Fotopolos, councilor, last September 25, 2009.

fees of $100 while those who have only deposited $10 or 20 must pay their balances in full in order to be

laws concerning the criteria for directorship. During the term of the founding president, Jose Gaviola, had

MARLON QUINTOS Candidat Conseiller de Ville

Candidate for City Councilor

District: Darlington Independant

Mayor Gerald Tremblay poses with Marvin Rotrand, councilor and member of the Coop, Zenaida Kharroubi, Coop president, and a storeowner-neighbor, Sept. 25, 2009.

considered real members. Their names were published in the previous

intended to introduce an amendment to require directors have a minimum

Independent Approuvé par Marlon Quintos Représentant officiel


From Page 1 Flood

The North American Filipino Star

stranger to floods, Saturday's A downpours approached a record, with a month's worth of rain falling within six hours. The average rainfall for the month of September is 391 mm (15.4 inches), said Gilberto Teodoro, chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council. The capital experienced 341 mm (13.4 inches) between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., he said. Officials worried that if the rains return, they could bring more floods if reservoirs burst. "We're hoping that there will be From Page 1 Montreal

October 2009

packing and shipping of balikbayan . boxes. He said that he would ask his group, the Alpha Omega Alumni Association of Montreal (APO) to help out. As far as receiving the items is concerned, Angie Ogerio asked permission to have the FAMAS and the Filipino Solidarity Cooperative accept the donations from the community.

Disaster Coordinating Council said more than 5,600 people had been rescued by military, police and civilian volunteers. Manila, on the island of Luzon, and the nearby province of Rizal bore the brunt of the storm. People huddled on rooftops Sunday waiting on army helicopters to pluck them to safety. Others used ropes to wade through waist-deep muddy waters. Power and water supply failed in some areas. Roads were rendered impassable, making rescue efforts

be collected, the assembly voted to send the funds to the Philippines through this organization. A press release was issued confirming the decision that the Federation of Filipino Canadian Associations would

Angie Ogerio, president of FFCAQ, and SVetlana Suarez during the press conference called for the purpose of advising the public what is being done for the flood victims.

challenging. Rescue crews were handing out food rations. "Right now the challenge is to find out how many people have actually died and how many people we have to take care of in terms of people who've been displaced," said Richard Gordon, the chairman of the Philippines National Red Cross. "We're really talking about

no more breaching of the dams," Gordon said. "That's one of the things that are very disconcerting to many people right now." Mike Anthony Catuira spent Sunday retrieving valuable belongings and seeking cover on higher ground. Overflowing rivers in the municipality of Tanay in Rizal province had inundated shops and homes, he said.

coordinate the fund raising drive and then turn the proceeds over to Development and Peace. "We are touched and honoured by this display of confidence in Development & Peace on the part of the Filipino community", says Michael Casey, Executive Director of the

The public is therefore advised of the business hours of these two centers: FAMAS ­ Monday to Friday 12:00 Noon to 8 p.m.; Saturday & Sunday ­ 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Marché Coop Monday 11:30 to 8 p.m; Tuesday &

Angie Ogerio, president of the Federation of Filipino Canadian Associations of Quebec, and Michael Casey, Executive Director of Development and Peace answer questions during a press conference at FAMAS, October 2, 2009.

maybe hundreds of thousands of people," with about 280,000 to 300,000 displaced in the island of Luzon alone,

"The storm's local name 'Ondoy' is really a powerful storm, and this is the most severe storm in my

he said. Though the Philippines is no

whole life," he said in an iReport video to CNN.

International development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis. "Together with our Caritas colleagues, we will ensure that this trust will be confirmed in an immediate and effective response to aid the victims of this disaster." A form letter with the official seal of the Federation was given to each solicitor of funds and cannot be photocopied. People who want to donate can channel their contributions to their associations who in turn will submit the collection to the Federation. The Montreal Tennis Association started the ball rolling by turning over the collection from their members to Ms.Ogerio on Saturday, October 10, at the Cote de Liesse Tennis Club at10 a.m. It is hoped that their example will be followed by other associations. It is not only financial contributions that will be accepted but also other materials which will be needed by the victims ­ medicines, non-perishable food, school supplies, clothing. The problem is shipping them to the Philippines. Ed Vasquez, proprietor of Fiesta Filipino Bakery, volunteered to take charge of the

Wednesday ­ 9:30 a.m. ­ 8:00 p.m.; Thursday & Friday ­12:00 to 3:00 p.m.; 6:00-8:00 p.m. Saturday ­ 11:30 a.m. ­ 12:30 (closed between 12:30 to 3:30); 3:30 ­ 8:00 p.m.;Sunday - 12:00 ­ 8:00 p.m. For more informtaion, you can contact the Federation at 514-7489269, FAMAS at 514-341-7477, Marché Coop at 514-733-8915. It was also decided at the meeting to hold a fund raising concert on Sunday, October 18, 2009 where volunteer performers would be recruited. Edith Fedalizo and Paul Imerial who were present at the meeting immediately gave their commitment to have Panday Tinig included in this variety show. The free show is set up like a telethon where people would go and contribute money as they listen to the music, songs, and watch folk dance troupes perform. This show will be held at the CRC (Centre des Resources Communautaire) on 6767 Cote des Neiges, starting at 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Look for the advertisement posted in the local stores, Marché Coop, and FAMAS.)

October 2009

The North American Filipino Star


Asian Student Association (MUFASA) delivered to the Coop one big box and three big bags of used clothing, led by Iya Yujuico, Andrea Neufeld, Paolo de Leon, Paula Plaza, Loraine Reynolds and Christine Lee. Elizabeth Martin & son William of St. Denis gave two big bags and one carton, Alex Robles, past Coop Director, donated new pants, Kimberly Hamel gave one box of assorted toys and two bags of clothing. Abranians forwarded four boxes for Christmas last week to reach the flood victims earlier. It will be distrbiuted by Divine Word College of Bangued in coordination with radio station DZPA of Abra and the school publication. Pictures and videos of distribution will be sent back to Montreal by John Llanda, DWC Coordinator. Money contributions received at the Coop and Gilmore College came from the following people: Ben Bade, Zenaida Kharroubi, Kiran Patel, Shalikram Chalise, Christé Lusdoc, Alicia Salvador, Prospero Rey, Alexis Burcellis, Joesie Bingayen, Bernardita Nacario, Anna Maria Tabirara, Ruby Agapan, David Bercusson, Alex Robles and Andrea Amil. More names of contributors will be published in the next issue of the Filipino Star. All financial contributions received at the Coop and at the 20th anniversary of Gilmore College will be turned over to the Federation headed by Angie Ogerio by October 31, 2009.


ALL Special Immigration AND Measure for Flood Victims with families in Canada

By Elizabeth S. Thompson SUN MEDIA OTTAWA Oct. 1, 2009

The Philippines is curently conducting relief operations in all the severely affected areas in coordination with local church parishes. Caritas Philippines have immediately started emergency relief operations in five of the worst hit provinces: Bulacan (Diocese of Malolos), Pampanga (Diocese of S. Pernando), Rizal (Diocese of Antipolo), Cavite (Diocese of Imus) and Laguna (Diocese of San Pablo). Caritas Philippines are packing parcels of food, non-food items and medicines, using reserve funds, for needy residents in all these severely affected areas.

Monetary donations (made out to FAMAS or Development & Peace) are accepted at the Philippine Community Center, 4708 Van Horne Avenue, Montreal H3W 1H7, Tel 514341-7477, where temporary receipts are issued by FAMAS. Development and Peace will in turn issue charitable receipts (for income tax purposes) upon request*, for all donations of $10 or more. D & P will provide updates on how the funds were spent. Donations in kind are also being accepted. Basic items such as food, clothing (clean, summer clothes), healthcare, water as well as sanitation and hygiene items have been identified by the National Disaster Coordinating Committee as among the most urgent needs of the flood victims. Donations, no matter how small, will bring relief to many "kababayan" back home. Marami pong Salamat! Aurora Osdon FAMAS President Please provide name, complete address and phone # so D & P can mail the charitable receipt direct to the donor. "DONATIONS to TYPHOON ONDOY VICTIMS START POURING INTO THE FAMAS CENTER"

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following who have made donations: Josie Dayo Vito; French Class-Group A Sunday teacher Nadine; Maria Dioneda Dollisen; Maria Dioneda Dollisen;Daisy Dollisen; Peter Koziris;Angelina Marquez de Jesus; Rosario Canivel;Madame Socorro Magno (House of Brazil);Pinky Maghari;Residence Snowdon Inc.;Jean Paul Rigg;Mrs. Lorelie Gaerlan;Ortega Adrina; Allison Marshall; Daniel Kewl; Kitty Chung.

Important reforms to Canada's immigration system ranging from changes to refugee asylum to better regulation of immigration consultants are on hold because of the threat of an election, says Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. Kenney made the comment to reporters as he announced that the government will fast track immigration and visa applications for citizens of the Philippines impacted by this week's typhoon. Kenney said the political instability is making it hard to introduce planned immigration reforms. "I have been working on a number of important files, including better regulation of immigration consultants, improvements to the nanny program, the live-in caretaker program and ... reform of the asylum system," he said. "All of those things have been put on hold, indefinite hold, because of the constant election threats." Kenney said he still plans to introduce planned reforms but could not give any timetables for them, saying, "we'll let you know in due course." Meanwhile, the government is moving to help those affected by Typhoon Ketsana by uniting victims with their families in Canada. New applications for temporary residence who want priority processing should have "Philippines" prominently written on the mailing envelope. [email protected] For more information, call 613-952-160.

The Borough administration will arrange an expenditure of $2000 to begin the aid efforts and our services will be available to F.A.M.A.S. to provide counsel. Further, the Borough is appealing to the general community to support F.A.M.A.S' fund raising appeal. If you are able, please send a donation. F.A.M.A.S. - Relief Fund 4708 Van Horne Avenue Montreal, QC. H3W 1H7 Those wishing to donate supplies should call F.A.M.A.S. at 514-341-7477. Yours truly, Michael Applebaum Mayor - CDN-NDG Marvin Rotrand City Councillor-Snowdon

Donations dropped off at the Filipino Solidarity Cooperative

Montreal, October 15, 2009 During the last meeting of the Lions Club of Montreal Westward, Lion Dan Gallagher brought to the attention of the members what happened to the Philippines. Lion Ben Bade explained what items are needed most, namely, prescription medcines for cough and cold, diarrhea, canned goods, and cash. Lion District Governor Ferdnand Norman delivered a big bag of used clothing to the Coop, Past Prsident Lion Frank Zizek gave two big green bags, and President Stephen Bene, one big bag. McGill University's Filipino

September 30, 2009

Disaster Relief for the Philippines

Dear Friend(s), This past week the Manila region was hit with torrential rains that caused mass flooding leading to many deaths and destruction of infrastructure and property. The scope of this disaster is not yet clear but the first indication is that there has been significant loss of life. The Filipino community in Cote des Neiges - Notre Dame de Grace is rallying to promote disaster relief. Last night our Borough Council adopted a motion that will see the Borough work closely with F.A.M.A.S. to coordinate an Patronize the Filipino Solidarity Cooperative - Borough Mayor Michael Applelbaum is shown buying appeal to the community to contribute. a pack of pili nut to try, and holding a membersip form to become a Coop member.

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costume contest!

20th anniversary & graduation dinner dance party of Gilmore College Saturday, October 31, 2009 Hyatt Regency Hotel, 6:00 p.m., 1255 Jeanne Mance Street, Montreal (Complexe Desjardins Bldg., Place des Arts Metro)


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Home Inspection & Consulting


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514-485-7861 for

Reservations Deadline: Oct. 24, 2009


The North American Filipino Star

October 2009




Mention Capiz and most people will instinctively correlate it with the popular local myth about aswang, the common name for ghouls, monsters, and witches. However, those who believe in the rumor that Capiz is a coven of witches and aswang will surely miss a lot by not visiting this rustic yet beautiful province. Life in Capiz is as simple and peaceful as any province in the Philippines. It is an ideal refuge for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life with its unique charm evident in its rich history and serene natural attractions. Located 375 miles southwest of Manila, Capiz is one of the five provinces that make up the Panay Island in Western Visayas. It is comprised of 16 municipalities, one chartered city which is Roxas City, and 472 barangays. Its topography is characterized by rolling hills, agricultural lands, mountain peaks, and ranges, as well as powdery graysand beaches and isolated coves. The majesty of natural wonders that range from falls to hills and caves as well as the consummate seafood produce and indigenous fares and centuries-old historical architectures are just some of the reasons to explore Capiz. Something old Relive Capiz's glorious preHispanic and colonial past by visiting the Panublian Museum. Located on Hughes St., Roxas City, the museum was originally built as a water tank in 1910 but now houses comprehensive collection of the province's rich

culture and history. Being the birthplace of President Manuel Roxas, one's travel experience will never be complete without visiting the two-storey hardwood and stone house of the first president of the Philippines. Located at the corner of Rizal and Zamora Streets, Roxas City, the historical shrine houses the photographs and other memorabilia of the late president Roxas. Built in 1774, the Sta. Monica Church is considered one of the oldest churches in the country and can be found in Panay, Capiz. Declared as a National Landmark by the National Historical Institute in 1997, its architecture is majestic Baroque. The grand structure of the church is made of coral stone, shaped into Latin cross with one large central altar and four lateral ones. Each lateral altar, stunningly gilded with retablos of hardwood, supports artisticallymade polychrome religious statues. Atop the five-storey belfry of the church hangs the Dakung Ligganay (big bell), which is believed to be the biggest bell in Southeast Asia, and third in the world. The bell was cast using 70 sacks of coins by Don Juan Reina to honor God and the Virgin of Consolacion in 1878.

The big antique bell, measuring 7 feet in height, 5 feet in diameter, and 10.4 tons in weight, is surrounded by eight smaller bells. Its reverberation can be heard from as far as eight kilometers away. Of course, nothing beats interacting with the indigenous people of Capiz - Sulod Tribe in Tapaz and Ati of Dumarao - to experience authentic history, culture, and traditions. Recently, the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts, in cooperation with the local government of Capiz, celebrated the Indigenous People's Month in Roxas City where over 18 indigenous groups from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao participated. Entitled "Dungog," which means dignity in Hiligaynon, the festival featured the significant aspects of the indigenous people's way of life, highlighting both the tangible and intangible traditions, and mirrored the wealth of heritage and pride of the indigenous communities in the country. Borrowed from nature Untouched by modernity, Capiz is envisioned by the provincial government to be the "Eco-tourism

The Sta. Monica Parish Church at Pan-ay, Capiz, where the biggest bell in Southeast Asia can be found.

October 2009

The North American Filipino Star


Hub in Central Philippines," branding it as "Captivating Capiz" to promote the province as a tourist destination. For the adventurous, they can go spelunking or do simple cave exploration in some of the unique cave systems in the Philippines. The Pilar Caves, for instance, have numerous snake-like passageways that would take days, or even months, to thoroughly explore. The caves are situated in the 200-feet high grayish black cliff of the mountains and surrounded by rice fields. History has it that one of the caves, Balisong Cave, witnessed one of the greatest battles in the province during the Spanish revolution where the local hero Juan Arce died. Local people and tourists alike frequent the Suhot Caves. The Dumalag caves are a chain of interconnected caverns which have a connecting tunnel to Badiang Cave of Dumarao which is at least six kilometers away. At the mouth of Suhot Caves is a man-made pool whose waters flow from a spring inside the cave. Numerous eco-parks abound in Capiz such as the Pangilatan Ecotourism Park which is home to one of the most majestic waterfalls in the province that has an enormous cascade of 81 feet, and the Culajao Mangrove Eco-Park, the only mangrove reserve within the city.

One of the must-see is the Marugo Eco-Resort, which is built in a 400-hectare land situated along the dam. One can cruise along the dam through a floating hut or by kayaking. Several minutes away, one can trek to see the splendid waterfalls. For a laid-back life, catch a wave or two in the powdery gray-sand Baybay Beach while watching the sun sets amidst the backdrop of sea and sky, or explore the rich marine ecosystem in Olotayan and Napti Islands. Of course, don't go home without having your fill of seafood. Dubbed as the "Seafood Capital of the Philippines," Capiz boasts of its 80kilometer coastlines and wide expanse of swamps which are converted into fishponds where varieties of seafood can be caught. Capiz holds one of the richest fish grounds which make the province one of the major contributors to the Philippine aquamarine industry. For pasalubong, opt for dried seafood or capiz shells turned into fashion accessories, decorative vases, and lamps, among others. Considered as the most versatile seashell, capiz is admired for its translucent quality, with a luster reminiscent of the mother of pearl shells. Far from the scary place that the province was rumored to be, Capiz is truly and simply captivating. a

Pilar Caves

Olotoyan beach , view of the Lonely Island, Capiz

Infinity pool overlooking Lake Marugo & the breathtaking scenery of Marugo Resort.


The North American Filipino Star

October 2009

Cops probe mall security agency Dacers family include Joseph after shootout in Greenbelt 5 mall Estrada in murder complaint

A statement issued by the mall owner and developer, Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), said more than enough security measures "are in place to ensure mall and public safety." "This is being done in close coordination with Makati City Hall and police authorities," ALI said, adding that the company was cooperating fully with the Philippine National Police with regard to the investigation. "We assure the public that customer safety and security is paramount in all our malls," the ALI statement said. A spokesperson said ALI could not reveal details of what the company described as "redundant" security measures it had put in place. Arroyo concerned "The President was very much concerned," the Metro Manila police chief, Director Roberto Rosales, said in reply to an Inquirer question. Rosales confirmed that Ms Arroyo had attended a gathering in San 2008. In the Parañaque clash, 16 people were killed, including a 7-year-old girl and her seaman father who was in the country for a short vacation. Rosales said Flores was among the five gun-wielding men who entered the Rolex watch store, as gathered from witnesses. "They were identified by our witnesses through the photos we showed to them," he said. Firepower shared Rosales said the police had received information that Flores' group had "invited" members of another notorious robbery syndicate, the Ampang-Colangco Group, "to join them in staging the robbery in Greenbelt." "Sharing their men and firepower is common among organized crime groups," he said. A video footage of the robbery showed that the heist was well planned, with the gunmen seemingly knowing where to go as they moved inside the Rolex shop.

The criminal complaint against former President Joseph Estrada in the killing of publicist Salvador Dacer and his driver is on its way to Manila and expected to be filed with the Justice Department within the week, the complainants' lawyer said yesterday. Dacer's daughters Carina, Sabina Dacer-Reyes, Emily DacerHungerford, and Amparo DacerHenson last week signed the complaint before the consul general in New York and California where they now lived, Demetrio Custodio said.

Former President Joseph Estrada (Left), publicist Salvador "Bubby" Dacer (right)

The Taguig City government yesterday honored two policemen who killed one of at least seven heavily armed robbers at the Greenbelt 5 mall in Makati City on Sunday, October 18 2009

Lorenzo Village some 30 minutes before the robbery occurred. "I assured her that we already doubled police visibility in all places that people frequent," he said. In a press briefing, Rosales said the attack was the handiwork of a robbery gang called the Alvin Flores Group--named after its leader--which also engaged policemen in the bloody shoot-out in Parañaque City on Dec. 5, Before the Parañaque shoot-out last December, the Alvin Flores Group was also suspected of involvement in at least 23 robbery cases in 2008 alone, which were carried out by men wearing police uniform. Police also linked the syndicate to the botched robbery at Walter Mart in Quezon City and the break-ins at a cell phone warehouse in Pasig City and in a mall at Harrison Plaza in Manila. a

"All four signed the complaint. It should be on its way back here already," Custodio said. Dacer and his driver, Emmanuel Corbito, were snatched on the South Superhighway in November 2000 and taken to Indang, Cavite, where they were killed and their bodies burned. Dacer was said to be on his way to reveal Estrada's supposed role in an insider trading scandal when he was abducted. Estrada was driven from power by a military- backed people power revolt in 2001. He was convicted of plunder in 2007, but was pardoned six weeks later by Gloria Arroyo, his vice president who succeeded him to the presidency.

Custodio said Carina had told him that he would receive the signed complaint today, and that he would file it immediately once he got it. "Why would [the timing] be questionable?" he said when asked to comment on the Estrada camp's charge that the complaint was being filed in the same week that Estrada was filing his candidacy for president in next year's elections. "His declaration is what is questionable," Custodio said. "Mr. Estrada and the public knew all along that we will be filing a complaint against him. What is taking us time to file it is because the complainants are living in the United States, and they have to subscribe and swear to the documents before the consul general." Custodio declined to discuss the details of the complaint, but said it was based on the testimony of former police Senior Supt. Cezar Mancao II before a Manila court linking Estrada to the killing. "There was clear indication in Mancao's testimony in court of President Estrada's involvement in the case," he said. The complaint against Estrada was different from the case filed by the Dacer siblings against Senator Panfilo Lacson, who had also implicated Estrada to the killings, Custodio said. That case has been submitted to the Justice Department for resolution. Mancao had testified that Lacson sought Dacer's liquidation after Dacer threatened to expose Estrada's alleged role in an insider trading scandal. He accused Lacson, Estrada's chief of police, of ordering Dacer's killing and that Lacson was "directly getting orders from Malacañang." a

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October 2009

The North American Filipino Star

interaction more, so I gravitated to marketing and sales. Finding a niche After finishing marketing and management from De La Salle University-Manila, I worked in Toyota to learn about the automotive industry and in Honda to learn about vehicle sales after which I rejoined our family business. Since everything was already in place when we joined, Raffy and I had to find our own place in the family business. We found ourselves with a lot of free time then, and that's when we thought of putting up our own business. We thought of food since we both love to eat. At `pag ako ang nagbenta, may kredibilidad ako ­ as you can see in my size. But we didn't know how to cook. We asked our friend, Aileen Anastacio, a graduate of the Center for Culinary Arts, to cook


that the office we're delivering got closed, or that the person who used to order from us was already gone. We we're in the brink of closure, and we're very realistic. "Kung mag-aabono pa tayo, sara na natin," we thought. Going for broke We're able to survive because of sheer luck and persistence. We looked for creative alternatives, which one practically fell on our lap. In May 1997, Shangri-la Plaza offered us a space in the food court. We decided to go for broke. That was our first outlet, and on our first day, we did well. We realized that's the advantage of having a storefront, you'll have constant sales, unlike in delivery ­ sometimes there are many orders, sometimes, none. Now, our business model already shifted. Delivery is just gravy and dine in and take out are our main cash cows. With that, we gained confidence and we started opening company-owned stores. We wanted to go into franchising in 1998, with our three to four outlets then, but I was still nervous. I was not that confident of our support system. In 2003, I enrolled in the Asian Institute of Management and took up Masters in Entrepreneurship. That time also, there was a very persistent franchise applicant. With the lessons from the graduate school and the persistence of that applicant who I felt has so much belief in the brand than I had that time, I began to see the whole forest, not just the trees. We decided to go for it, and so far, we're successful for franchising grew to 30 stores now ­ 24 franchised, six company-owned, with eight dine-ins (three are company-owned), and the rest are kiosks in supermarkets and storefront in food courts. From there, our main expansion strategy is now franchising. We now have multi-franchising and we don't franchise a model that we haven't tried yet. And we're introducing the LQ2 model ­ low capex, quick set-up, and quick return franchising. We will come up with small outlets, like the jolly jeep concept of food stalls in Makati, offering our limited line of our top-sellers. In 2005, we loaned from Planters Development Bank (Plantersbank) to build our head office in Sun Valley, Parañaque and spruce up our commissary as well. That loan from that bank for SMEs (small and med Our mission is to be truly the Number 1 Filipino fast food in the Philippines and hopefully abroad since there's no true Filipino fast food yet as far as we're concerned. Gusto namin `pag tinanong ka ano ang pagkaing Filipino, Binalot agad ang maiisip mo. Our design is modern and hip but with Filipino touches, as we want to promote our culture, humor, and values. We espouse the modern Pinoy and our menu board speaks of that, we use Taglish, like in our all time pinoyvorites. I love to see that the customers are smiling while lining up to get their orders from us, since they find our menu not only appetizing, but See Page 16 Home Business

In The Middle Of Difficulty, There's An Opportunity

Last Friday, September 25, 2009, Typhoon Ondoy visited the country. In the afternoon, warning was heard all over Metro Manila and nearby. Businesses started to shu7t down and workers rushed to get home before the eyes of the storm strikes their area. Most had already planned to stay and spend quality time with their family and be safe in a place where they called home. Later, streets began to flood and so inside their houses. The following day, news coming from Luzon broke our hearts. Disaster struck again to our fellow Filipinos. The 8 hours of continuous rain brought flood in many cities in Luzon. The last big rainfall that fell in the Philippines was in 1967. The rain brought by Ondoy is so far the biggest, even bigger than Typhoon Frank. Some reports said that the rainfall is approximately equivalent to 6 months of rain. The flood reached more than 12 feet in height. In the midst of this situation, we can raise a question, why did God allow this to happen? Is God deaf, not to hear the prayers and pleas of our fellow Filipinos? Well the good news is, God taught us not to easily give up. Filipinos are true survivors and I believe God always brings a way out of any bad situation, we just have to recognize the way to get out. After the flood, there is a rainbow which mean, in the middle of difficulty, there is an opportunity waiting... My Business Story : Binalot Fast Food By Rommel T.Juan ­ enterpreneur/owner I come from a very entrepreneurial family. My dad, Bienvenido Juan, is into automotives.

My mother, Charito Tambunting Juan, has a school. Rowena, my sister, now runs our mom's school. Raffy, my brother, is into truck manufacturing. Our youngest, Rosario, is country manager of Figaro Coffee Company in Shanghai. It's not uncommon for us to talk business over dinner. And establishing a business is like no big deal for us. While our mom taught us

social graces and moral values, our dad taught us everything we needed to know about business. He taught us we had to work for our money, especially during school vacations when we didn't get any allowance. And the most important thing we learned from our dad is to keep our credit clean. My dad is very supportive, apart from supplying items for us to sell, he's also financing our ideas. Basta babayaran namin siya. Para sa kanya, kapag uutang ka, dapat bayaran mo. He always says a businessman is always as good as his word. Once he lost his credibility, he's gone. Despite the lessons, I was still the late bloomer in the family. But from those lessons, I realized, I wasn't really in for the money, I enjoyed the

adobo for us, eh, masarap, kaya sinali na namin siya sa pagtatayo ng Binalot noong 1996, which we first thought as delivery service to minimize our overhead. Binalot came from childhood memories, when my mom used to wrap our food in banana leaves as our baon when we used to go to our little farm in Cavite. With about P50,000 as capital, we were actually not serious about it. We didn't expect it to grow. And in finding our niche, I found some difficulties when we're starting Binalot. For one, our family business is already established. Nagsimula ang Binalot nang ako lahat. In automotive, the customer feedback is not that instant, the reaction sometimes comes a year after they bought our products. In food, the reaction is right away ­ we're as good as the last Binalot that we served. Here, we focus on operational excellence. Our family business is more on product excellence. The people always look at Binalot's quality, service, and cleanliness. Despite the difficulties, we were called the darling of the delivery industry since we were selling as much as 500 units daily to offices and condodwellers in Makati. Our customers love our rice-and-viand combinations, which we creatively named like Fiesta Adobo, Bistek Walastik, Vivo Tocino, Tapa Rap Sarap, and Pork Bongga Longganisa. Then the economy crashed in 1997. Suddenly, our market's gone. Our customers stopped ordering. When we followed up, we found out


The North American Filipino Star

October 2009

same time, don't buy a camera that's underpowered for your needs. Think ahead of time if you'll be editing and distributing video in HD. 10. What will you need to do later? Down the road, you may realize you really like videography, to the point where you want to have more control over your camcorder. If the camcorder you choose doesn't offer manual control over items such as exposure and audio levels, you may find yourself wanting to upgrade later. But it could cost more. Conclusion Buying a new camcorder can be daunting. Ask a lot of questions to the salesman and I am sure he/she has lots of ideas to offer. But keep in mind this question - do I really need these features? Al Abdon Video Hollywood Junkies 514-264-8706

Ask the Video Guy

Al Abdon

and read articles about new cameras and new features. But also pay attention to user reviews. Sometimes these are very helpful, because they show how a camera works in what may not be an ideal situation. Professional reviewers may have lots of talent and resources behind them as well as an intimate knowledge of camcorders in general to get them excited about the obscure features of a particular model, but they often have the cameras in hand for only a brief period of time, and many times they don't use them under stressful or everyday situations.

volatile media, solid-state cards and built-in memory that will then be transferred to some other media for storage. This is the way digital still cameras have worked for years now. 8. What inputs and outputs do you want your camera to have? How does the video get from the camera to the editing station? Does it have a place for

What is the best camcorder for you?

Camcorders Features Buying a new camcorder can be a very daunting process. There are so many to choose from and so many options, many with confusing acronyms - HCHD, HD, SDHD. What do these all mean, and do you need to know? These point-by-point questions should help guide you, so you can get the best idea on what features you need, what features you don't need Today we'll look at ten questions you need to ask yourself while thinking about new video gear. 1. Why upgrade? Possibly the most important question you must ask yourself is, "What's wrong with my current camcorder?" Unless you can answer this question, with specifics, you might be wasting your money. Sit down and list the specific limitations of your current setup - is it low-light performance? Is the lens not wide enough? Is the auto focus too slow? Is it difficult to edit? Is it because my hand shakes and I need a stabilization feature? 2. What's my price range? This is a very important but often misunderstood question. Don't confuse "how much should I spend?" with "how much can I afford to spend?" A video camera purchase isn't always about spending the most you possibly can. A less expensive camera gives you more money to spend on other things - travel, audio equipment, editing equipment, etc. The camera is just one part of the process between idea and finished product. Camera manufacturers often make several different but related camera models that cover a spectrum of prices. When considering a particular camera, also take a look at the model above and the model below. Very often they share most of their features. Make sure you're not buying things you don't need. Also take into consideration other things that you do need - like a new tripod or wireless mic. Think of your camcorder purchase as part of a package and budget accordingly. 3. Should I use buyer's guides and online resources? Be sure to look at buyer's guides, which will allow you to compare features between models,

5. Am I being seduced by features I don't need or words I don't understand? There are things you should look for in a camera. Things like image stabilization, three-chip sensors, good low-light capability are all great things to have on a camcorder. Then there are "features" which manufacturers have invented primarily to mislead the consumer. Things like digital zoom external microphones? Can you plug it directly into a wall socket if your battery runs out? Does it have an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connection so that you can play back directly to your HDTV from your video camera? 9. What resolution is right for me? Do you want to make movies or upload things to YouTube? Buying and using an HD camera requires some significant resources, from storage space for your video to an editing system that can edit the video to a television that can play it back. Don't buy a camera that's going to sit in a drawer because you don't have the resources to operate it. At the

All alumni of


International College and their friends, and family

are invited to attend the 20th anniversary celebration on Saturday, October 31 6:00 P.M. Hyatt Regency Hotel 1255 Jeanne Mance St Montreal, QC.

(which isn't really a zoom at all, but more like sitting closer to the television) and megapixels (which don't really measure image quality) are often just an attempt to confuse the buyer. We like to look at numbers they're easy to compare. We see that one camera has a 300x digital zoom; it seems an obvious assumption that it's 300 times better than a camera that has NO digital zoom, but that's not the case. Digital zoom just enlarges the image, it doesn't zoom the lens in tighter. Shop prepared! If there's a phrase you don't understand, look it up. 6. How's the battery life? How much are extra batteries? It always happens. It is frustrating when shooting a recital or a play when suddenly a warning "low Battery" lights up. Likewise, you don't want to be an electrical socket nomad, moving from outlet to outlet and found out none exist. Then you decide from now on, I should have an extra battery. Be sure to compare battery life on your camcorders and see how much extra batteries cost. At the very least, you should have one extra battery; if you'll often be far from home, you'll want more. 7. What recording media should I be using? Camcorders record to lots of different media types: Mini DV, DVD, hard drives, CompactFlash, SD and SDHC. While Mini DV is still popular in high-end cameras, lower-end units seem to be trending towards non-

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6565 Cote des Neiges, Montreal, QC (Corner Appleton)

Bean Curd Seafood Soup 1/2 Crispy Chicken Salt and Pepper Pork Loin Stuffed Bean Curd with Shrimps Sauted Seasonal Vegetables Steamed Rice $37.95 4 Persons 5047 Henri Bourassa Est Montréal, QC H1G 2S1 Tel.: (514) 322-3133, 322-3130 Fish Maw Seafood Soup Baked Lobster with Ginger Seafood with Chinese Broccoli Saltand Pepper Cuttle Fish Fried Sea Bass Fish Steamed Rice $58.95 4 Persons

Bean Curd Soup 1/2 Crispy Chicken Shrimp Cake with Chinese Broccoli Sweet and Sour Pork Seafood with Bean Curd in Hot Pot Salt and Pepper Squid Fried Sea Bass Fish Steamed Rice $63.95 6 Persons

Fish maw seafood soup

2 Baked Lobsters with Ginger Seafood with Eggplant in Hot Pot Stuffed Bean Curd with Shrimp Seafood with Chinese broccoli Fried Sea Bass Fish House Fried Rice Special Fried Noodles $129.95 10 Persons

F R E E D E L I V E RY Minimum order of $10 Delivery hours: 11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

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October 2009

The North American Filipino Star


Philippine Cuisine

Laswa (Iloilo flavor)

Mechado (Filipino beef stew)

VANCOUVER - Prime Minister Stephen Harper, British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell, Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day and Minister of State (Sport) Gary Lunn display the medals of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. PMO photo by Jason Ransom (August 4th 2009)


Laswa is a boiled vegetables soup dish with shrimp seasoned only with salt. It's dinengdeng, bulanglang or utan equivalent of Ilongos. What I like with this dish is its simplicity. The flavors of the mixed vegetables go together with the shrimp. The malungay, okra and saluyot are a must for this vegetables dish. You can how ever use any vegetables that are available or any quantities. It is best served immediately while the vegetables are still firm. It goes with anything fried especially with fried fish.

Mon. Tue. Wed. - 8 am - 5 p.m. Thu. Fri - 8 am- 6 pm Sat. 8 am- 5 pm Closed on Sundays Pork loin Approximately 15 lbs Beef Blade steak Picnic ham (with bone)

1 k. beef (cut into pieces) cooking oil 4 cloves garlic (crushed) 1 onion (sliced) 2 potatoes (quartered, fried) 1 carrot (cut round) 2 tbsps. lemon juice 2 tbsps. soy sauce, salt, peppercorn 1 cup tomato sauce Ingredients: 1 pc. Laurel Directions 1/4 kilo medium size fresh shrimp, shell 1. Brown meat in cooking oil. set intact aside. 1 big bowl of combination but not limited of 2. In same oil sauté garlic and the following vegetables onion. add lemon, soy sauce, malunggay leaves peppercorn, tomato sauce, laurel and papaya, sliced salt, simmer for a few minutes then sitaw. cut into 2" lengths sigarillas, cut into wedges add water. cover and simmer. kamote tops, leaves 3. Add potatoes and carrot when okra, cut into wedges meat is tender

saluyot tops. cut crosswise once salt Cooking procedure: In a casserole bring to boil 4-6 cups of water. Add in shrimp and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Remove all scum that rises. Add in all the vegetables, vegetables that will require longer time to cook at the bottom and leafy vegetables at the top or add later. Season with salt to taste. Simmer until vegetables are cooked but firm. Serve immediately while vegetables are still firm


Half or Whole pork Cut & Wrapped


Front quarter of beef

Approximately 200 lbs


Boneless leg of ham

1.20 lb


Beef short ribs


1 litre of fresh blood with purchase when available 1/2 pork




Home smoked meat


Pork Spare Ribs

Regular smoked bacon

Fresh Belly with skin



St.Chrysostome St. Remi St. Edouard Sherrington Barrington 203 Havelock Hemmingford Jackson Road 219 Canada 219 Covey Hill Road Boucherie Viau Inc. Malone Moders U. S. A.

10 lbs & over



Napierville 202 Lacolle Sortie Exit No.6 Parc Safari Class

Fresh pork blood Fresh bacon Fresh liver Pork skin




83 Covey Hill, Hemmingford QC J0L 1H0

Tel.: (450) 247- 2130 or (450) 247- 3561

Mrs. Zenaida Acacio is holding the certificate given to her by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in honor of her 90th birthday held on September 15, 2009 at Ruby Foo's Hotel.


The North American Filipino Star

October 2009



Enhancing infrastructure across Canada.

Canada's Economic Action Plan is building for the future.

Through our Economic Action Plan, the Government of Canada and its partners at all levels of government are investing in world-class infrastructure, creating new jobs today in communities from coast to coast to coast, and ensuring project start-ups in record time.


1 800 O-Canada

October 2009

The North American Filipino Star



The North American Filipino Star

colors pleasing to young eyes, and even built a kitchen where they prepare meals for the children. It is apparent that they put a lot of care into making the daycare center a home away from home. The place is very clean, freshly painted, and everything is new, including the furniture. When we hear about subsidized daycares at $7 a day, we have no idea that private daycares that charged $25 or $30 a day is not expensive if we consider the fact that

October 2009

When parents call the daycare, they are advised to fill up a form so that they can claim back most of what they paid. Empire Daycare is very well located and even has a parking lot which makes it convenient for parents to bring their children to the center, The hours are very liberal as it is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. without any extra charge. Other daycare centers usually operate from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. With all these advantages, it will not take long before this daycare


A new daycare service has opened recently in the neighborhood. It is certainly filling a need that has long been felt by working mothers with young children. It did not take long before the daycare has received over Montreal, near Plamondon, is managed by three partners who have done everything quite well to produce such a well organized center. They made sure that they have the right combination of highly qualified

forty children in the center but can still accept twenty seven more. The Empire Daycare located on 6525 Decarie Boulevard, Unit 122,

personnel, good location, and well equipped facilities. They used a very spacious location, re-designed the rooms, painted them with cheerful

the parents can get a reimbursement of these fees, and they end up paying almost the same as the subsidized daycares. The general public seems to be unaware of this information.

gets filled up fast. For more information about Empire Day care, please call 514-738-3674.

October 2009

The North American Filipino Star


Black Eyed Peas Fil-Am member sings RP praises

Bato, Angeles City, in 1974 and moved to the United States at the age of 14 with the help of the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, said this was his way of giving back to the country. A son of a Filipino mother and an African-American military serviceman stationed at Clark airbase who abandoned them after his birth, Pineda grew up in the US where he teamed up with other members of the Black Eyed Peas. Pineda said going back to the Philippines "keeps me grounded" and "reminds me of where I came from." Aside from helping the Tourism Department in its campaign, Pineda is also into charitable work, helping several students go to school through his own foundation. He also founded Jeepney Music to serve as a platform to find music talents in the Philippines and give them an opportunity to win a oneyear recording contract with Jeepney Music. "As a globally successful Filipino artist, Apl is the perfect icon to represent our country and its fascinating destinations. His music infused with Pinoy pride certainly makes this campaign fresh and exciting," Tourism Secretary Ace Durano said. The project includes a music video called "Take U to the Philippines," which Apl had offered to complement the Tourism Department campaign. The video was launched in Singapore on Oct. 1 to a global MTV market. Apl wrote the lyrics, with suggestions from Durano, highlighting the local texture of tourist destinations such as warm blue waters, white sands, parties in Manila, Pampanga food, Filipino culture and hospitality and adventure rides. Bill Roedy, chairman and chief executive of MTV International, said the Philippines and MTV had so much in common in being fun, exciting and intensely musical. "Music is as part of the Philippines as our cultural heritage. There is just a perfect fit between MTV and the Philippines," Roedy said. The collaboration is said to be the first time that the media giant has joined forces with a country to promote its tourism industry. Tourism Undersecretary Eduardo Jarque Jr. said the partnership aimed to tap at least 55 million people in 11 markets through the MTV global network. a

Black Eyed Peas singer (Left) is joined by Tourism Secretary Ace Durano during a press conference Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009 in suburban Pasay City south of Manila, Philippines., the Filipino-American member of the Grammy Award winning singing group Black Eyed Peas commiserated with millions of Filipinos affected by two back-to-back storms that triggered massive flooding and landslides, saying a benefit concert he was holding was his way of helping out.

A Filipino-American member of the international hip hop group Black Eyed Peas has collaborated with the Tourism Department and MTV Asia to promote the Philippines through his music. "I wanted to represent where I came from," Allan Pineda Lindo,

popularly known as, told reporters at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel in Manila yesterday. "I wanted to showcase all the beautiful spots in the Philippines and invite all Filipino-Americans to come visit the Philippines." Pineda, who was born in Sapang


Mayor Gerald Tremblay accompanied by Borough Mayor Michael Applebaum and Councilor Marvin Rotrand pose with FAMAS officers and other community leaders, September 25, 2009. We, the family of the late Carmelita Ongpauco-Sideco, would like to thank everyone for your support during our time of grief. Carmelita was a wonderful spouse, mother and friend who cared deeply for her kin and community. We know that her memory will live on forever in our hearts and yours. We were deeply touched to discover that she meant so much to so many different people. May her inspiration continue to make our community stronger. Thank you. Maraming salamat po. Dr. Edgar Sideco and sons Eric, Ian, Neil, Arne and their families

Souvenir photo taken during the Philippine Folk Art Society's anniversary held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, October 10, 2009 - (left to right) Nona Mendoza, Zenaida Kharroubi, Nona's friend, Dr. Edgar Sideco, and Shinette Khoury.


The North American Filipino Star

In 1997, Paz and I were invited to help start Couples for Christ, a Vaticanapproved community for the laity. We felt alive in the Holy Spirit and in our faith as we sang with the music ministry and listenedto talks filled with quotations from the Holy Bible. Paz and I learned much about the Blessed Trinity and the Great Commission ­ to spread the gospel. We believe that when you open your heart and mind to the Lord, the Holy Spirit as promised will help you in your life. Earlier this year, we got introduced to EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), a US-based broadcasting network that carries Roman Catholic-themed programming. The programs include a daily Mass from its Birmingham, Alabama monastery and studios, talk shows like EWTN Live and Sunday Night Live, interesting replays of talks by Bishop Fulton Sheen, insightful preachings by Father John Corapi, conversion stories into the Roman Catholic faith by theologians, Christian pastors, and even atheists, live coverage of Roman Catholic events like papal pilgrimages and bishops' conferences, etc. We know now that being Catholic is so much fun and faith enriching. We have thousands of role models called saints whose life stories are so rich with their challenges and blessings. Do you know that Saint Therese of Lisieux was the youngest of five sisters who all became nuns and that their parents had been beatified and are reported to be very close to canonization? Being Roman Catholic allows me to attend religious services at any Roman Catholic church wherever I go anywhere in the world. There is constancy and consistency in its teachings and applications. Its stand on abortion and same sex marriage are in accordance with the Bible and does not change. I have the angels, the saints and even the Blessed Virgin Mary to help me in my spiritual life as I persevere to have a deeper relationship with the Blessed Trinity. I never for once thought of leaving the Roman Catholic faith. It must be partly because whenever authenticated and widelyrecognized apparitions occur, it happens more often than not in a Roman Catholic setting like Fatima, Guadalupe, Lourdes, etc. If you are not Roman Catholic, we urge you to take a moment or two to ask yourself why you are not. Your eternal life depends upon it. And if you are a pastor, you are responsible not only for your own salvation but also for the life hereafter of those you minister. Pentecostal minister Alex Jones from Detroit did and converted in 2001 bringing with him members of his congregation. His conversion story is at es/apologetics/ap0077.html. Why not tune in to EWTN soon and watch Journey Home. You can add it to your cable or satellite TV subscription. Or you can just log into and tune in via the internet. The feed is available anywhere in the world. God Bless!!!!!

October 2009 From Page 9 Home Business

Magkapehan tayo

ni Denie Guloy

Kayo ba ay kabilang sa mga nagnanais na mapabuti ang kalagayan sa ating inang bansa? May magagawa ba tayo? May maitutulong ba tayo? Manalangin tayo. Alam nating lahat na naging matagumpay ang EDSA 1 dahil di lamang ang mga Pilipino sa Metro Manila ang nagdasal noon. Buong sambayanang Pilipino mula Aparri hanggang Jolo at mga iba't ibang Pilipino sa apat na sulok ng daigdig ay humiling ng tulong sa makapangyarihang mahal na Poon. Karamihan ay nagrosaryo at natutong magrosaryo. Panahon muli upang magka-isa tayong lahat at manalangin. Manalangin tayo na ang bawa't tahanan sa Pilipinas ay may pagmamahalan, may paggagalangan, may pagtutulungan. Magkaroon ang mga magulang ng panahon na makapiling ang kani-kanilang mga anak. Magkasama silang magpasalamat sa mga biyayang ipinagkakaloob sa kanila ng Panginoon. Iparamdam nila sa kanilang mga anak na anumang suliranin at pangangailangan ng mga ito ay mailalahad nila sa kani-kanilang ama at ina. Wala dapat silang ipaglilihim dahil mahal sila ng kanilang magulang. Sila ang pinagkakatiwalaan ng Panginoon upang makatulong sa kanilang mga anak upang maging mabubuting tao ­ may pagmamahal sa kapuwa at sa bansang sinilangan. Ipagdasal natin ang mga guro sa paaralan na ipairal at turuan nila ng mga kataingang mabubuti, pagmamahal sa Diyos, sa kapuwa at sa bayan ang mga nagsisipag-aral. Ipamulat nila na ang nagsisikap ay may kakaratnan. Maging malinis at masinop sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa. Nasa piling nila ang mga tagapagmana ng ating bansa ­ ng mga pag-asa ng ating bayang minamahal. Sila ang kinabukasan ng Pilipinas. Nararapat din nating ipagdasal ang mga nanunungkulan sa mga pagawaan, pamahalaan, at iba't ibang lugal at paraan upang makakita ng pambili ng kanilang pangangailangan sa pang-araw-araw. Maging tapat at masipag sila sa kanilang mga pinaglilingkuran at maging masayang kausap at maalalahanin sa kanilang mga kasama. Maging matulungin sila sa mga nanganga-ilangan. Maging masugid silang magsubaybay sa mga kilos at isip ng mga pamunuan ng bansang Pilipinas at maging masuri at matibay ang kanilang kalooban at kaisipan na ihalal ang mga nararapat

na manungkulan sa kani-kanilang pook. Hindi sila magpapadala sa mga panunulsol at di-karapatdapat na pangangampanya. Ipanalangin din natin na dimagpapabaya at di-maghuhumpay ang mga simbahan sa pagpapa-alala sa mga tao na gampanan nila ang kanilang mga tungkulin bilang mamamayan ng Pilipinas at alagad ng Panginoon. Maging maganda silang halimbawa ayon sa mga pangangaral na ipinamamabahagi nila sa kani-kanilang mga kapatid. Bukod sa pagdarasal, palagay ko ay makakatulong din sa katuparan ng ating mga magagandang layunin ang mga gawaing kabutihan (good works) at mga gawaing tinagurian sa English na "fasting". Maging katulad sana tayo ni Manny Pacquiao at ang kanyang mahal na ina sa walang humpas na pananampalataya sa mahal na Panginoon kahit sa harap ng madla sa buong daigdig. Naranasan na natin ang bisa ng pagdarasal natin noong EDSA 1.....sikapin nating mapabuti ang takbo ng ating bayan. Matidbbuhay!!!!

also humorously appealing. That makes my day. With that, we're achisNayon. Before, we got our banana leaves from the markets. Now, we decided to get straight from the source. We trained some farmers from a Southern Luzon province to harvest, fold, and cut the leaves to our requirement. We now have a jeepney transporting the leaves. Pagdating ng hapon, ang mga kababaihan ang nagpuputol ng mga dahon. Bago kami dumating, nagto-tong-its at nag-chichismisan lang sila. Ngayon, sabi nila, nagchi-chismisan pa rin sila, pero kumikita na sila. With such, we're aggressively improving our offerings. We're working to endear ourselves more to the Pinoy customers. And for 11 years now, we remain proud of how we're wrapping ourselves with success through Binalot. __________________________________ "We just had electric current restored before noon. Until now, we are on the second floor of the house enjoying our unexpected family reunion. The car, and the refrigerator went swimming. The water outside is still up to the hips and is chest-high in town. The only means of transport is by banca (boat). A lot of bangus (milkfish) are floating. That's our meal. We are okay." That `s the latest e-mail I received from my friend in Marikina, Philippines ­ Jeanette Aguilar These are just but few images I gathered from different sources while trying to follow updates about Typhoon Ondoy (or Typhoon Ketsana to some of you). They really brought me to tears, like scenes from a disaster film, but this is all very real. A little boy struggling with his sources of livelihood...huh! how I wish I could see him on my way home so I could buy all his "balut" " (hard-boiled egg commonly sold as street food) take him with me and never let him do such kind of business again.


Are you a cradle Catholic ­ someone born into a Roman Catholic family? I am and for the first 48 years of my life, I thought attending the Sunday Mass and volunteering for church services were all that I needed to do as a Roman Catholic. Both my grandmothers served during my childhood as president of our parish Legion of Mary praesidium. My father's younger sister served as the church organist and every Sunday, I would be at church. During my preuniversity years, my parents had me experience my faith at San Beda, a private school run by Benedictines and while there I served as an altar boy and participated in various religious events. During the celebration at Cebu in 1965 commemorating 400 years of Catholicism in the Philippines, I was part of a delegation of Bedans at the event. Even when I was at UP Diliman earning my degree in business administration, I got involved with UPSCA ( UP Student Catholic Action) that Paz also joined. Paz and I married; moved to Quebec; had Sheryl obtain secondary education at Sacred Heart School near Atwater; and got Michael into Loyola High School. And up to 1997, very rare did I open the Bible though we always had one.

NOVO ECIJANO ASSOCIATION OF MONTREAL AND SUBURBS NOTICE OF GENERAL ASSEMBLY AND ELECTION OF EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS DATE: OCTOBER 31, 2009 1:30pm to 5pm F.A.M.A.S. Community Center 4708 VanHorne Ave. Montreal, Quebec H3W 1H7 Deadline of FILING FOR CANDIDACY : OCTOBER 20, 2009 FOR INFO PLEASE CONTACT: MYRNA FRANCISCO 5146200923 OR 514-6994160 or any member of the current Executive Board

October 2009

The North American Filipino Star

services. The one-stop 311 telephone service is a great example of their success in this area. With 311, resident of Côte-des-Neiges--Notre-Dame-deGrâce and the entire city can now dial three simple digits to quickly find answers to their questions. The Équipe Tremblay­Union Montréal also launched, a tip of the hat to the creative and vibrant spirit of Montreal. The website showcases dozens of initiatives, especially related to economic, social and cultural development, and services, that have been introduced under the leadership of the Tremblay administration. SOURCE: Union-Montréal--Côte-des-Neiges-- Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Information: Jonathan Abecassis Équipe Tremblay-Applebaum Côte-des-Neiges ­ Nôtre-Dame-deGrâce borough Cell: 514-267-4993 Paid for and authorized by Marc Deschamps, official agent of the Équipe Tremblay-Union Montréal


aegis, made history with the win. It was the first time a Montreal based team plucked a feather from the Turkey. For starters, the Falcons raised local eyebrows with a 63 -55 conquest of the highly touted North York, then followed it with a 15 point drubbing of the Angiels to earn the top spot in the playoffs. To advance all the way, the Falcons had to reckon with powerhouse and, reportedly, NABA champion CKATT (prnounced SIKAT). Intimidating but not deterring for the out of towners. The Falcons took CKATT on. In a magnificent display of perimeter shooting by Jona Rajamdram, sneakins by Alex Dawkins, in your face defense of Jason Mina and the solid back up of Lois Celestino, Juren Tanoja and Carlos, the Falcons snuffed CKATT out, 57 - 45. Their next game was for the title and the bragging rights to the 2009 Turkey Ball. The Falcons were pitted against the Mississauga AR STARS, nemesis of Montreal teams. There were playing a home team with a taller and deeper bench. But the Falcons had game. Lots of it and they proved it. Down by two at the first half, 27 - 25, Dawkins, Rajamdram, Celestino and a surprising Juren Tanoja played fast and furious to open 12, 14 and 16 point leads in the second. AR STARS Egamino and Beloso ignited a rally to cut down the Falcon lead to 8 but the defense of Mina, Carlos and Aquino quelled the surge. The Falcons then played it loose but focused for a 73 64 victory. Juren James Tanoja was named the finals MVP .

CÔTE-DES-NEIGES­NOTRE-DAME-DE-GRACE Équipe Tremblay -- Applebaum Building a better living environment

Montreal, October 9, 2009 The Équipe Tremblay--Union Montréal candidates in the Côte-des-Neiges-- Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough are reemphasizing their record of commitment to citizen services. "Over the past eight years, our administration has invested a great deal of energy and resources into improving the quality of life for the people in the borough. The opening of the Centre Saint-Raymond, the opening of the Côte-des-Neiges intercultural library and the construction of the first green roof on a public building in Montreal are good examples of building projects that contribute to an improved public quality of life. We've also focused on revitalizing our parks, green spaces, walking paths, outdoor pools, community buildings, areas and soccer the tune of $23 million over eight years, not to mention building a new sports and community complex in NDG and launching a new public library project," explained Côtedes-Neiges--Notre-Dame-de-Grâce mayoralty candidate Michael Applebaum Over the course of the next mandate, the Tremblay ­ Applebaum team is making a commitment to: Convert existing park chalets into community pavillon, finalize park renovations and improve access to green spaces, especially on Mount Royal - Expand the use of trafficeasing measures on residential streets, especially around schools, based on green neighbourhood principles (including pedestrian crossings, protective barriers, road markings, countdown traffic lights and bicycle path networks) Build a new Benny library, a $21 million LEED project in the Benny Farm sector, which will include a spacious, modern library with cultural rooms and a 180-seat multipurpose hall (this project and the related funding was officially announced in September) Support community-building events that focus on the cosmopolitan nature of the borough and its diverse communities Complete the construction of the Benny sports and community complex, a $15 million project currently under construction, which includes an accessible green roof, a gymnasium and an indoor pool Pursue the work begun in partnership with the Centre culturel Empress in order to revive and reopen this symbolic location for cultural creative works and performances A survey carried out last February showed that 7.8 people out of 10 are satisfied with the quality of the services offered by the city. According to Michael Applebaum, "These results prove that Montreal is really improving under our administration. And it's by pursuing our efforts that we can make sure Montreal continues to move ahead in the right direction." Montreal gets moving: new website at Michael Applebaum also spoke about the Tremblay administration's record on citizen

Youth Sports News

by Mary Joy Lizarondo

PAAWIS FEASTS IN TURKEY BALL (Special to the Filipino Star) The PAAWIS Falcons, coached by Ricky Aquino and Jojo Tanoja, stunned Mississauga Filipino basketball by winning the U-15 Championship of the prestigious MPAA Turkey Ball, Thanksgiving Day, October 11. The Falcons, playing under PBAM


The North American Filipino Star

October 2009



Cristine Reyes recounts her ordeal

Richard Gutierez denies rescue was a gimmick

lang daw siya with Rocky. More hours passed at worried na ako kasi wala kaming contact with Richard. Di namin alam what happened to him for five hours na so I asked Eddie (Gutierrez) na magpunta kami sa Marikina. Gusto ko talaga lumusong sa baha but it's so deep. I regretted why I allowed him to go." "It's an eye-opening experience for me," says Richard. "Parang end of the world scenario. It's pitchblack. We see cars and appliances floating around, people calling for help, asking for food. We can't go fast because the current is so strong and if we'd be taken to the river, tapos na kami. Our boat was kalevel na ng cables sa Meralco post and we had to lift them to pass through. At one point, I had to jump into the water to kick hard or we'll smash into a concrete wall. One time, I had to hold on to a tree branch para di kami tangayin and I felt ang kati ng arm ko. 'Yun pala, puro hantik ang tree. The ants were biting me. We had to pause for sometime to think of our strategy. It took us 6 hours to get to Cristine's house. Tinabi namin 'yung boat sa rooftop nila and I helped her get into the boat. Her mom wouldn't leave the house at si Cristine lang ang sumakay sa'min. Her brothers in jetski came to help the others." Wasn't he scared? "I have deep faith in the Lord so I know hindi Niya kami pababayaan. From Marikina, we took Cristine to her sister Ara's home in Commonwealth Avenue. It was almost morning when we all got home. I was dead tired but my mind, gising na gising at hindi ako makatulog. Naiisip ko lahat ng na-experience ko. What's sad is that some people say it's part of the promo for our movie ni Cristine, 'Patient X', as if we knew Ondoy would come and flood Metro Manila. I went to help as I can't just accept that I can't do anything. I felt I had to do my part. Kung pati 'yan, bibigyan pa nila ng ibang kulay, it's up to them. But I really want to salute all the rescuers kasi their job is not easy. They risk their own lives." a

Richard Gutierez

Richard Gutierrez was interviewed on "Showbiz Central" about his heroic rescue of Cristine Reyes who was stranded on the rooftop of her home in Provident Village at the height of Typhoon Ondoy. At first, he didn't want to be interviewed about it by the crew but he was convinced to share his personal experience with the floods. Later on, we saw him and his mom, Annabelle Rama, and we got more info about what happened. "Cristine called me up to say they're stranded nga and my mom called her manager, Veronique del Rosario, who assured her that help is on the way," he says. "Kaso, gumabi na but rescue is still nowhere in sight. She kept calling me and around 6 p.m., she was crying and saying goodbye like she's losing hope. So I asked a friend, Nani Pascoguin, who got a speedboat and we went to Marikina." "Ruffa and Rocky went with him," says Annabelle. "Si Ruffa, complete ang costume, naka-leather jacket, hat, raincoat, rubber shoes. I'm so worried. I know it's dangerous. After some time, I called up Ruffa and she said hindi siya pinasama ni Richard. Nasa kotse

Cristine Reyes

As she dreadfully watched the floodwaters devouring her Marikina home, actress Cristine Reyes had feared the worst - she and her family, who were trapped on their rooftop at the height of tropical storm Ondoy (international codename Ketsana), would not make it alive. Floods had already reached the second floor of her home in Princeton Street in Provident Village, forcing them to move to the roof amid heavy downpour. She, her family and some neighbors swam in floodwaters and then climbed the water tank at the back of the house to reach the rooftop where they would stay for 12 hours before help came. A very drenched Reyes tearfully appealed for help on television. She recounted: "Talagang nagpra-pray ako, kami ng pamangkin ko na 3 years old. Tinuturuan ko. Sabi ko sa kanya, `Sabihin mo Lord God, help us, save us.' Sinasabi niya. Iyong bata nakikinig sa akin." "Grabe iyong pinagdaanan namin. Akala ko ending na namin lahat. Pero hindi ako nawalan ng pag-asa. Buti na lang ligtas kami." An Army rubber boat finally came early Sunday and, to her surprise, actor Richard Gutierrez was part of the rescue team. "Sobrang hindi ko ma-imagine iyong ginawa niya. Ni-risk niya

iyong buhay niya. Hindi biro iyong nangyari sa akin," she said. The 700-square-meter house is still submerged in ankle-deep mud when Reyes returned to her home Monday. She inspected the damage and salvaged some of her belongings.

Cristine stands up for Richard

Cristine Reyes while on top of the roof waiting for rescue

Reyes is currently staying at sister Ara Mina's residence in Quezon City. The young actress said she has decided to leave her Marikina house and relocate. She said although she could no longer save most of her furniture, the most important thing is she and her family are now safe. "Maraming salamat sa lahat ng tumulong. Sa mga hindi pa narerescue hanggang ngayon, sana matulungan natin sila sa abot ng makakaya natin," she said. a

Cristine Reyes has appealed to the critics of Richard Gutierrez to stop questioning the motives of the controversial young actor when he came to rescue her at the height of the onslaught of tropical storm Ondoy (Ketsana) last month. Reyes pointed out that Gutierrez, her leading man in an upcoming horror movie called "Patient X," came to her aid despite

the dangers. She added that he risked his life to ensure not just her safety but her family as well. She told "The Buzz" Sunday: "Kahit sino pwedeng mag-rescue sa akin. That time, si Richard naglakas loob na pumunta talaga doon. Sana huwag nilang bigyan ng kulay `yon dahil ni-risk niya ang buhay niya para lang i-save ako, kami." "At hindi biro `yong pinagdaanan niya so huwag natin siyang i-judge. Siya talaga ang nag-rescue sa akin kaya sobrang nagpapasalamat ako kay Richard," she added. Gutierrez came to Reyes' rescue after she was trapped on her rooftop due to floodwaters. Reyes' story of survival and rescue has been featured in some major news networks and leading broadsheets in the US. The New York Times even called Reyes a "damsel in distress.". a

October 2009

The North American Filipino Star


around Metro Manila were also damaged in the floods. His family in Marikina, one of the areas hardest hit by the typhoon, said waters reached up to their ceiling. His sister's house was waist-deep in mud, while his friends' homes were also damaged. The actor's family temporarily took shelter at his LGV house, which was remarkably untouched and dry. Water and electricty were cut off all over the village. Rosales said he had previously lived in another townhouse in LGV, located in the area where he and the volunteers conducted rescue operations. "If we still lived there, I'm sure I'm also a [typhoon] victim right now," he said in Filipino.

Echo used surfboard rescue Ondoy victims


them didn't want to go down [from their houses]. It was more of you know, how to bring them down from their houses," he said. Rosales was reportedly part of a team of volunteer rescuers from LGV, including actor Raymart Santiago. In all, he said, he was able to rescue 2 dogs, an old woman, a lady, and a child. Rescued villagers, he said, were brought to higher ground within the village. Kind-hearted neighbors reportedly fed the victims food and water, and opened their doors to neigbors whom they had never even met before. "It was a good scene," Rosales said.

The waters were extremely cold, hastening hypothermia, and there was limited visibility due to power outages and heavy rains. The actor was acutely conscious of the possibility that he could be pulled by the undertow. Rosales had only been living in the subdivision for nearly a year, and had difficulty navigating through the area that was already submerged in about 8 to 10 feet of muddy water. "You really have to pray for extra strength. It was like a scene from 'Titanic' [the film]. I was paddling through the village, calling out to people, asking them if they need help. And hindi ko kabisado yung streets, so I was actually pretty careful kasi baka matangay ako, madala ng river," he told Rosales, fatigued from a previous excursion, also had to work the next


Several celebrities who decided to help out in rescue efforts received praise online. Online users on Twitter and Facebook commended Rosales, Gerald Anderson, and Richard Guiterrez for helping out some victims of Typhoon Ondoy by posting photos of the actors in action. These "celebrity" rescue efforts were conducted in lieu of the rescue and relief operations of the Philippine military, police, MMDA, NDCC and its attached agencies, local government units, the Philippine Red Cross, and other civilian volunteers. Despite the glowing praises he received for his efforts in LGV, Rosales refuses to take any credit. "It's nothing, for me. Any guy can do that. I mean, pag nandun ka na eh. I mean, what can we do? I couldn't help it. And parang, I want to help some more," he said. Rosales and his friends have actively helped out in ABS-CBN's Sagip Kapamilya Foundation, the company's disaster relief agency. He and his fellow musicians are also planning on launching a fundraising concert for the benefit of typhoon victims. Rosales, the vocalist and guitarist of the band "Jeans", said the concert would "soothe the souls" of those traumatized by the disaster, and would help raise funds for relief efforts. He and his friends also plan to launch a benefit concert in November or December for the people of Marikina, where he grew up. He also suggested that the government should invest in strengthening the country's rescue and relief systems, including flood prevention and infrastructure. As a surfer, he said he has taken on environmental advocacies like caring for the sea, reefs, and all animals. If there is anything the government and the public should learn from the disaster brought on by Typhoon Ondoy, Rosales said it is this: "Prevention is everything. And it all boils down to one thing. Take care of mother nature. The environment is important." a

Jericho Rosales

When floods caused by tropical storm Ondoy hit his subdivision, actor Jericho Rosales decided to help out the best way he knew - by surfing. It was about 4 p.m. on September 26 - the day the typhoon hit hardest when Rosales received news that several people in Loyola Grand Villas (LGV) were already stuck on the upper floors of their homes. LGV, an upscale subdivision adjacent to La Vista subdivision in Quezon City, is located at the border of Katipunan Avenue and Marikina City. Earlier, the actor had seen the heavy rains when he woke up and decided to take photos of the swelling Marikina River and to get food for his family, whom he had asked to stay at his house in case of floods in their area. "Hanggang bubong na yung baha, so pumasok na rin sa village namin. A couple of blocks away from my house, wala na, parang river na 'yong bahay. Oh my God, how can I? There's no way I can get food now na... bahala na," he told in a phone interview.

Surfer Echo to the rescue

Fear and fatigue

From 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., Rosales and the volunteers had paddled back and forth through the cold waters, trying to rescue LGV residents. He said a rescue squad from the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) came at about 8 p.m., equipped with floatation devices and a jet ski. "Siguro mga about 7p.m. it was just too cold na, I couldn't do it anymore. I had to go home and get out and changed my wetsuit. After that, I tried to go out again to help put up a line, a safety line para sa mga rescuers, para may guide sila dun [papunta] sa mataas na street," Rosales said. Rosales said he felt scared during the 5-hour rescue operation because "it was not an easy scene." He and his friends were worried over loose electrical lines that could lead to electrocution, or snakes that were said to be slithering underwater. day. On Sunday, September 27, he and his ABS-CBN co-stars sang in the ASAP '09 variety show.


"On my way back to my house, I saw my friend, asked me if I had transport and then he said they needed help kasi some kids were stuck in their houses, some people want to go out kasi nasa second floor na daw silang lahat," he said. Rosales, an avid surfer since 1999, rushed home to get his surfboards and some basketballs, then donned his vest, board shorts, and a rash guard. Lying flat on his surfboard and paddling over the flood waters, he and his friends were able to help some villagers and neighborhood dogs get to higher ground. "'Yong iba, sumakay sa surfboard ko, especially the little ones. The others, hinila-hila ko lang habang nagpapaddle ako. Yung iba nilalagay namin sa floating na sofas. All in all, all the villagers, we helped a lot. Some of

The aftermath

A day after the storm, Rosales went around his village and surrounding communities near the Tumana Bridge to assess the damage brought by tropical storm Ondoy. He likened what he saw to scenes of the film "I Am Legend", set in the damaged and abandoned streets of New York after an infectious disease wiped out the world population and created packs of rabid zombies. "Grabe talaga. A lot of people gumiba 'yong bahay nila. You know, meron pa akong nakitang cars na wala sa pwesto hanggang ngayon. Sira. Tapos I'm sure gamit nila sira. If you're saying my village, siyempre medyo comfortable 'yon. Kasi babaha[in] lang talaga yung mga gamit nila," Rosales said. His family's and friends' homes


The North American Filipino Star

do our part as a community group for the McGill University Health Centre's redevelopment project," said Paul Imperial, Director of Panday Tinig. "Not only are we helping the hospital, we are doing it through music which we are passionate about. We want to impress upon all Montrealers the importance of giving back to our healthcare community, and we encourage other groups to follow suit." Among other venues, the Panday Tinig Choral Ensemble has presented concerts at Place des Arts, Bronson Hall in Ottawa, the Shriner's Entertainment Center in Toronto and Carnegie Hall in New York City, and have produced two compact discs of Philippine music. Proceeds from these concerts have gone to aid victims of

October 2009

disasters such as the Mount Pinatubo volcanic eruption, the Saguenay-Lac St. Jean flood, the Tsunami in South East Asia and most recently, the mudslide in Leyte, Philippines. Portions of proceeds from the Ensemble's CD sales, concerts, and carol singing are donated to the Montreal Gazette Christmas fund. The latest beneficiary of Panday Tinig's charitable effort will be the flood victims of Typon Ondoy that hit the Philippines last month. They will perform along with other local talents at the CRC Building, 6767 Cote des Neiges, on Sunday, October 18, 2009 for five hours from 2 p.m. The admission is Free but people are expected to give whatever they want for the benefit of the flood victims.

Community News

Panday Tinig - Sings for Charity and Health at McGill's Pollack Hall

MONTREAL, September 26, 2009-- The temperature may be dropping, but on September 26 the sounds of the tropics filledl McGill University's Pollack Hall as the Panay Tinig Choral Ensemble took the stage. This award-winning ensemble is a charitable organization whose mission is to share and promote the musical heritage of the Philippines. A portion of University Health Centre as the recipient of their first concert to support a hospital in Quebec," said John Rae, Chairman of the Best Care for Life campaign. "Healthcare is something that unites all of us, and the new McGill University Health Centre on the Glen, Mountain and Lachine campuses will benefit Montrealers and Quebecers of every linguistic and cultural

Photo taken during the Panday Tinig's performance at McGill University's Pollack Hall on September 26, 2009.

the profits from this special performance was given to the Best Care for Life Community Campaign of the McGill University Health Centre

background. The Panay Tinig Ensemble's leadership and generosity demonstrates how each of us can make a difference by supporting this once in a generation project that we so

Mrs. Estelita Torio (left) was given a surprise birthday receiption on her 70th birthday last September 26, 2009 at St. Joseph social hall on Queen Mary Road by her children: Belinda, Meliga, Mina, Mira, Maya, Matel and Solo Erainor.

One of the most entertaining numbers is the song by a medley of characters.

Annie Signey (standing at left) treated her classsmates to homecooked meal . It was her birthday on October 3, and brought pancit and cassava cake to share with Gilmore students.

(MUHC). "We are thrilled that this renowned choir has chosen the McGill

urgently need and deserve." "We are extremely excited to


Do you have a full time job?



pour travail d'entrepôt, ligne de production, emballage, assemblage, expédition et autres tâches industrielles. Se présenter avec carte d'assurance sociale et maladie ou permis de travail au

If yes, call




1400, Sauvé Ouest, Local 243 (Metro Sauvé, autobus 121 Ouest) du lundi au vedredi de 7h à 18h pour postuler. Personnes sérieuses seulement

October 2009

The North American Filipino Star


Panday Tinig to participate in Gilmore College's 20th anniversary

Montreal, October 15, 2009 There is no better way to have the opening part of a program than have a group of wonderful people singing the National Anthem. This will be the participation of the famous Panday Tinig choir at the 20th anniversary celebration of Gilmore College International at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Montreal on Saturday, October 31, 2009. Nursing aid graduates will be honored on this occasion. Since it is Halloween night, all guests are requested to bring their favorite costume. Prizes will be awarded to the most beautiful, most original and funniest costumes. A simple program has been prepared to allow for lots of dancing. A young, energetic DJ, Patrick Alcaide, has been given the job of providing non-stop danceable music all night long. Ms Amy Manon-og is the emcee assisted by Ms.Edith Fedalizo who will help animate the party. His Excellency, Ambassador Jose Brillantes is the guest of honor. Dr. Gene Santander, our popular "singing dentist", graciously accepted our invitation to sing a number or two. A group of Gilmore students will perform a surprise number. The founder of the first Filipinoowned private college, Zenaida Kharroubi, hopes to reach as many alumni and past teachers as possible but due to her busy schedule, she is finding it difficult to communicate with

be paid on a monthly budget payment success of the program. Students plan. appreciate their teachers' dedication The nursing aid teachers are and kind attitude which help them highly qualified for they are practicing succeed. They easily find jobs, even in all of them. Through this newspaper nurses who have served in Quebec for Alberta and Ontario. announcement, it is hoped that those many years. They hold the key to the who have had some connection to Gimore College would help celebrate this anniversary. Deadline to purchase dinner tickets which are charged at cost ($75) is October 24, in order to finalize the reservation with the hotel. Although Gilmore College is a private college, it is considered a community resource for it has helped many caregivers who take French language courses in preparing for their interviews for landed immigrant status. Other Canadian students take selfimprovement courses to change their jobs to a better one. In general, courses at Gilmore help integrate Ambassador Jose Brillantes presiding over the induction of the new executive board of FAMAS, at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Friday, October 2, 2009. immigrants into Canadian society. Moreover, the College is also engaged in developing a program to help foreign graduates obtain recognition of their education. It is a known fact that most immigrants are underemployed for at least seven years. With the intervention of Gilmore College, it is hoped to reduce this period. The nursing aid program of Gilmore College was introduced in 2005. Classes are scheduled according to the students' time table. There is an ongoing enrollment for any course which means that a course can start as long as the miniumum re gistration is achieved. Freelance teachers are hired as soon as there is a need to open a new class. The tuition fees are tax deductible and can Apple Picking, a traditional annual picnic of Gilmore College International was held on

September 20, 2009 at the Guy Charbonneau apple orchards. in Mont St. Gregoire.

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October 2009

Pacquiao at 70% a month before Cotto title fight

Filipino ring icon Manny Pacquiao admitted he's only at 70 percent condition for his Nov. 14 duel with Boricuan bomber Miguel Cotto but guaranteed he would reach his peak in the last four weeks of training. "Marami pang dapat gawin sa training at sa aking pakiramdam ay marami pang puwang upang lalong gumanda ang aking kundisyon sa laban. Kahit na wala naman akong problema sa timbang, sa tingin ko ngayon ay nasa 70 percent pa lang ako sa pagkahanda," he wrote in his Kumbinasyon column for Abante and But there's no reason to panic, the "PacMan" assured. "Ayos lang iyan dahil hindi naman tamang mag-peak ako nang maaga dahil hindi maganda iyon (reaching peak early)," he said. Manny Pacquiao shows his form during his recent public workout in Baguio City. Dave Leprozo The 30-year-old Pacquiao is in the thick of training at the Shape Up gym in Baguio City. He has so far sparred 38 rounds, alternating with Urbano Antillon, undefeated Shawn Porter and the latest new addition at the camp, former world champion Jose Luis Castillo. Pacquiao is thankful that the rains and flood brought about by the recent typhoon "Pepeng" (Ketsana) have stopped, allowing him to continue with his roadwork at the Summer Capital of the Philippines. At the height of the storm, Pacquiao took to doing the treadmill and swimming. The reigning pound-for-pound king now looks forward to intensifying his workout and sparring sessions as training camp enters its fifth week. "Sa mga darating pang araw ay madaragdagan na ang bilang ng sparring rounds habang patindi na ng patindi ang training," he said.

The Maimonides PACC Learning Institute offers a unique training opportunity for a career as a nursing aide/orderly (PAB) in a state-of-the-art environment at the first and only health care facility in Quebec with its own learning center. The Learning Institute offers on-site training and a student internship at Maimonides Geriatric Centre - an award winning, innovative centre committed to excellence. Take advantage of the best-kept secret, FREE TUITION, and register to be part of this exciting project with a geriatric focus. If you have a caregiving spirit and a commitment to geriatrics, enroll now and be ready for the summer 2010 hiring season in the healthcare network! Inquiries and applications should be directed to WAAVE (Welcoming Agency for Adult and Vocational Education) 514-732-7766, email: [email protected]

REGISTER NOW! Classes start November 2, 2009

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: · Legal resident of Quebec. · Must have completed Secondary III Math, English and French. · The program runs from November 2009­June 2010. · $50 registration fee, materials and uniform extra. · Supported by Emploi Québec. · PACC is the Centre of Expertise for Health Services in Quebec, administered by the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

Manny Pacquiao does the mitts with trainer Freddie Roach during last week's Baguio City training camp.

Team Pacquiao, headed by Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, assistant Buboy Fernandez and conditioning coach Alex Ariza, will continue to hold camp at the City of Pines until next week before leaving for the US on Oct. 24. The Pinoy champ will spend the next two weeks at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles (until Nov. 8) before winding up their buildup in Las Vegas the week before the fight. a

Maimonides Geriatric Centre 5795 Caldwell Avenue, Montreal (Québec) H4W 1W3


[email protected]

Telephone: 514-733-7816

Weekly Specials

Prices valid from: October 19 to 25, 2009

Longanisa - 2 for $3.00

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Bihon, 454 g. $1.99 Green Jackfruit - $0.99 ea Drumstick - $1.99 lb Bitter Melon - $1.69 lb Fish Sauce $2.49 Shrimp - 2 for $8.00 Picnic Pork - $0.99/lb

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Beef Surlonge - $1.99 lb Puto Bibingka Mix 2 for $3.00 Cabbage - $1.99 Selecta Ice Cream - $6.99 Coconut Milk - $0.99 Pork with Skin - $3.49 kg

October 2009

The North American Filipino Star


Education raises the bar

but lowers the barriers to a rewarding career.

Sunday French Class



· · · · · · · · · · Languages - English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog Accounting & Bookkeeping Keyboarding (Touch Typing) Computer Literacy Microsoft Word, Excel, Access Personal Support Worker (Nursing Aid, PAB) Early Childhood Education Assistant Office Technology International Trade (C.I.T.P.) Integration of Foreign Graduates of Nursing (Permit Pending) Daycare Management

Nursing Aide students who are currently doing their practicum at St. Margaret CHSLD in Westmount, Quebec, pose with their teachers, Amy Manon-og, Josie Toledo, and DirectorGeneral Zenaida Kharroubi. Not in photo are Ms. Clarice Mackay and Ms. Terry White.


· Writers Helping Writers · Intercultural Communication · Leadership Training

Our new logo designed by Sarto Graphics will be launched during the 20th annniversary and graduation party on Oct. 31 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Jeanne Mance Room

5450, chemin de la Cote des Neiges Suite 511 (corner Edouard Montpetit) Montreal, QC H3T 1Y6 Tel.: 514-485-7861 Fax: 514-485-3076

Cote des Neiges

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: Formateur agréé de la Commission des partenaires du marché du travail

· · · ·

Prepare for the global economy. Enroll in the International Trade Program at Gilmore International College. Earn a C.I.T.P. diploma (Certified International Trade Professional) Call 514-485-7861 for information. · Global Entrepreneurship · International Trade Research

International International International International

Marketing · Legal Aspects of International Trad Trade Finance · International Trade Management Logistics · Intercultural Aspects of Trade Market Entry & Distribution


The North American Filipino Star

October 2009


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