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spring 2012

about FM

from the founder

Welcome to Flyin' Miata! When I started The Dealer Alternative in New Jersey back in 1983, I never imagined the changes we would go through in 29 years. We started out in a two bay shop servicing Porsche, Audi and VWs for 13 years. In 1996, we moved to Colorado, worked out of our house, graduated to 1600 square feet, then 3,000, 6,000 and now a really cool 25,000 square foot facility with lots of room for R&D. It's been an interesting ride from a small start and we've formed a lot of great relationships along the way with our customers. We believe Flyin' Miata is the perfect size now, large enough to have the infrastructure and staff to take care of our customers, but small enough to care about each customer. We look forward to the next twenty five years and hope you join us for the ride! Bill and Teri Cardell

Heifer International

While we're pretty focused on our mission to make Miatas fly, we do care about the world around us. That's why we've partnered with Heifer International to help those not as fortunate as ourselves. For every $5000 order we take, we donate a goat. A goat? Yes. A goat can provide a continuing food source for a family by providing several quarts of milk every day. This can be used for nutrition or to sell in exchange for food or education. The goat also produces fertilizer, which helps crops FM and Heifer grow. A goat can survive in extreme environments, eating what most animals would pass by. As a bonus, goats make International more goats, which can help lift an entire area out of poverty as the kids are passed along to others in need. Help us make a difference. You can donate directly through our site at

product development

You may notice that we have a lot of parts you won't find anywhere else. That's because we don't sell something unless we've tested it ourselves, and in many cases the only way to get something that meets our standards is to design it ourselves. If we don't believe our parts are the best on the market, we change them until they are. It takes a lot of time, but we believe it's worth it. Here's an example of the development process - our springs for the 2006 and later Miata. We started by taking a set of Tokico HTS shocks and building a coilover setup around them. This gave us the ability to change out springs and set the ride height. With this hardware, we headed out to test. Several drivers tested the car under different conditions, from sedate street driving to full-on attack on the track. We took the feedback from the drivers, adjusted the setup, then went out to test again. When everyone was satisfied, we had a couple of prototype sets of springs wound, installed them on a couple of cars, and tested again. The final design was tweaked slightly and we had our new springs. We've since driven our car to Oklahoma and California and run it repeatedly on tracks such as rough Hallett and smooth Laguna Seca to confirm that everything works as intended. And then we took them to the Targa Newfoundland for a week of abuse. It's a bit more involved than the typical approach of "drop it an inch and raise the spring rate 10%" taken by companies that make a wide range of suspension products, but the end result is much better. We take the same sort of care with all of our FM products. As an added bonus, because we develop the parts ourselves, you can actually call and speak to one of the people who developed it.

special programs

the Power Club

We know that there are a few other components of the car you might like to upgrade at the same time that you fill it up with power. So we created the Power Club. If you place a single order that totals $5000 or more before shipping, you'll become a member for the next year. That will get you 5% off anything in our catalog for your car. Salvage parts, labor, Westfield kits and wheels/tires are not included.

military discounts

We offer the same 5% discount to any active member of the US military.

the Executive Club

For our very best friends, we have the Executive Club. Anyone who has spent a total of $25,000 or more with us over the years gets a permanent 5% discount. Again, salvage parts, labor, Westfield kits and wheels/tires are not included. And yes, members of the Executive Club have very fast Miatas.


the Targa Newfoundland

The Targa Newfoundland is a week-long rally in Newfoundland, Canada. Sometimes called "the Ironman of motorsports", it's approximately 1400 miles of torture for both crews and cars. The teams race on closed public roads through small villages and on open stretches through the woods and along the ocean edge. The surfaces range from smooth to battered, giving suspensions a real workout - all this as the driver and navigator get more and more tired.

Targa pictures and video

Targa Newfoundland

The perfect Targa car is one that can nimbly change directions in an instant but is forgiving. It has to be able to absorb big pavement imperfections while remaining stable at high speed. It needs a wide powerband - and most of all, it needs to be reliable enough to deal with a week's abuse. Sounds like a pretty good car, doesn't it? We think so, which is why we take part. It tests our products like nothing else. We've identified what products have been through this torture.

In 2011, we sent two cars to compete in two different classes. And we did it thanks to our fans - the Miata community stepped up and provided a massive amount of support. Hundreds of people donated money so we could represent Miatas at this international event. And thanks to the things we learned in preparing and running the cars, everyone will benefit. Our 2011 sponsors: Hard Dog Fabrication, V8Roadsters, V8R Spec, Alpinestars, Matters Of Grey,,,, Dunlop, Tire Rack, Wiseco. The Targa Miata was specifically built for the Targa Newfoundland and originally competed in 2008. For 2011, we stuffed a 400 hp V8 underhood and took on the Open division. It uses our exclusive AFCO suspension to make the most out of all that power and torque. Keith and Janel Tanner once again took on the driving and navigation duties. When it comes to covering unknown terrain at high speed, there is no better Miata in the world. Due to the speeds in the Open division, the cars take a huge beating and simply finishing is a real accomplishment. One of the factory teams didn't even finish the first day, for example. The team was in the lead of the Open division at the end of the 4th day when the stock main relay failed. They rejoined the race and finished 3rd. Despite that hiccough, the team proved that V8 Miatas can handle like, well, Miatas and are not scary beasts to drive. At the end of the race, it was ready to line up at the start line and take another shot at the race. Nancy is our 2006 development car, and was entered in the Grand Touring category. This division rewards precision as the teams try to average a specific speed over the varying stages. The car doesn't need to be as ultimately fast, but if you're trying to make up time it has to be able to move. It's also good if the driver doesn't have to slow down for corners to keep the average speed up. Because the navigator is busy with time calculataions, the driver doesn't get as much assistance in what to expect in the corners - so the handling has to be dialed. Zach Bowman navigated while Brandon Fitch drove. The car was fitted with our Targa package, including the FM supercharger system and exhaust, upgraded clutch, Hard Dog roll bar and the FM Stage 2 suspension. The team finished 5th after a couple of small errors knocked them out of the lead. They brought home the Grace Cup, given to the Novice team with the least experience, the most spirit and an excellent placing.

the Targa Package

Want to duplicate Nancy without the loud paint scheme? You can with our Targa Package. It includes the FM supercharger system, our FM exhaust and the ACT clutch for a nice power gain. Handling is addressed with the Stage 2 suspension package, and a Hard Dog roll bar provides a safety upgrade. Add in a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher, and you're ready to roll up to the start line of the Targa.

Targa tested!

soft top power hard top

2006-12 2006-12

(31-30000) (31-30000)

from $6895.00 from $6395.00

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Fm Westfield

FM Westfield

Miatas are fun, lightweight little cars. But imagine how much more fun they'd be if they were 1000 lbs lighter! At Westfield info FM, we know exactly how much fun that is. Lots. A few years back, Keith built a lightweight Lotus Seven-style car using Miata drivetrain parts. It set some lap records at our Open House and was a huge amount of fun. When the British sports car maker Westfield announced they were coming out with a similar kit, we contacted them right away and arranged to be the North American dealer for the car. A Westfield begins as a large crate filled with a frame, body, interior, control arms and several boxes of nuts and bolts. A hurt Miata provides the remaining pieces, such as the engine, transmission, engine management, suspension uprights, halfshafts, differential, brakes, wiring harness and instruments. The body panels are finished with a colored gelcoat, giving a shiny scratch-resistant finish and avoiding the need for paint. There's a wide range of options available, from leather interiors and classic clamshell front fenders to track-bred upgrades such as highend shocks, race seats and a full roll cage. Full weather protection is available or the windshield can be deleted for an aeroscreen. Basically, you can build the exact car you dream of. And naturally, FM has a number of options from big brakes to forced induction that will bolt on to the proven Miata mechanicals. Prices for the kit start at $13,990 plus shipping from the factory in England. At, you can play with all of the various options to find out just what your own custom spec would cost. The cars are fully street-legal in the US, and we've worked with Transport Canada to make them legal for import there as well. Yes, you read that correctly - you can legally import one in to Canada, build it and register it!

So, what are they like to drive?

Pure. The suspension is surprisingly supple, but every command is instantly carried out. The front wheels dance around, transmitting every bit of information about the surface underneath and allowing you to place them perfectly on apexes. Because you sit fairly close to the rear axle, it tells you exactly what is about to happen and you can steer the car from the back end easily.

Even a stock 1.6 feels much more powerful with only 1300 lbs to move. The car disappears around you, leaving just you and the road (or track). After driving a Westfield, you'll get out with your nerve endings tingling, your grin muscles tired and every other car will feel fat and heavy. Performance is, as they say, spirited. Automobile tested our 1.8 car and hit 60 mph in 5.5 seconds. Stopping from 70 mph took only 156 feet, and it circled the skidpad at 1.15 g. Then we added a turbo... For full details, a build diary and pricing, log on to

Flyin' Miata Summer Camp

What started in 1998 as a nice little backyard BBQ for a few locals has grown into a four-day event that pulls in people from all over the world. It's no wonder when you realize what goes on. The FM Summer Camp includes a track day, a driving school, suspension setup classes, ECU tuning classes, product demos and announcements, scenic drives, a banquet, free goodies, a chance to poke around the FM shop - and lots and lots of interesting people with interesting cars. The 2012 event will be held on August 2-5 at our headquarters in Palisade, Colorado. We hope you can join us - it's our way of saying thanks to our customers and having a little fun at the same time. Log on to for a schedule and signup information.

The Habu

A Habu is a relatively small but potent venomous viper found in Japan. It was also used as a nickname for the blisteringly fast SR-71 Blackbird and its crews. So we think it's appropriate for our very fast, small, Japanese-based V8 roadsters. We use the amazing "LS" family of engines from General Motors that were first introduced in 1997. They're the latest evolution of the famous small-block Chevy - but don't think they're low-tech. This is the same engine found in the latest Corvettes and Camaros. They use coil-on-plug ignition, all-aluminum construction and some very high quality engine Habu info management. The engines range in size from 5.3 to 7.0 liters and make between 300-500 hp in stock form. Naturally, there is an enormous range of upgrades available. The transmission is a strong T56 6-speed that offers a nice tight gate and an extremely relaxed cruising gear - at 75 mph, the engine is spinning at only 2000 rpm. For the rear end, we have the choice of a lightweight Getrag or an indestructible Ford 8.8 with a range of axle options. To mount the engine, we have a fabricated tubular subframe that is 10 lbs lighter than stock. The transmission is supported by a brace that also reinforces the frame rails for extra rigidity. The engine is set back as far as possible to optimize the weight distribution, and some modifications are required to the engine bay and transmission tunnel. All safety features and creature comforts such as power steering and A/C are retained with the exception of cruise control. The suspension geometry is not affected at all. The steering rack isn't moved, so Mazda's carefully-honed steering and handling are retained. All of our suspension and braking upgrades will still bolt on. Overall, the car gains around 200 lbs with 1/3 of that on the rear wheels. Any Miata from 1990-05 can be converted, although we find the 1999-05 cars work best due to packaging, wiring and chassis stiffness. We are working on the 2006 and later cars - check for the latest updates. From the outside, a Habu looks completely stock. The ground clearance is unchanged and nothing needs to be altered on the visible body. As long as the engine is off, it's a great sleeper. But once you fire it up, there's no mistaking what's underhood.

the modern Sunbeam Tiger

the driving experience

The usual complaint from someone who's never driven one of these cars is that the handling and the spirit of the car is spoiled. In other words, they expect the car is a nose-heavy beast that only works in a straight line. Well, we'll admit they're ridiculously fast due to the extreme power/weight ratio. But it's not all about straight line speed. It's still a Miata, and it still handles like one. The weight and balance is very similar to one of our turbo cars, and those work well. We've proven the handling and reliability of these cars on the autocross course, the track and the brutal Targa Newfoundland. From tight little courses to high speed blasts across open roads, the Habu performs like a baby supercar. All of the eager turn-in and friendly handling is still there. It's just that the accelerator simply works far, far better. Power oversteer is always an option, but the car hooks up very well out of corners thanks to the good clutch-pack differential. During the Targa, the way the car moved off the line amazed onlookers. Despite the crazed power/ weight ratio, it launched without drama. With the Habu, you can dance in the corners or sign your name in molten rubber - your choice. Don't miss the chance to drive a future legend.

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the Habu

turn-key Habu

We've been building pint-sized supercars for a couple of decades now. Our Habu V8 conversions are the result of that experience. Every car is built to the owner's exact specification, and the end result is a custom car that's as functional as it is beautiful. Our team of mechanics will strip the Miata down almost completely, removing everything from the front end and the complete interior. The entire drivetrain and suspension is dropped from the car as well. This bare shell is modified to fit the new engine and transmission. When that's done, we seal all the seams before painting the engine bay with a high-quality finish. We will then install the engine and make all the necessary supporting modifications to make it run. This includes new 3/8" fuel lines and a stronger pump to feed the beast underhood. When you come to pick it up, you'll be blown away by not only the performance change, but also the quality of the workmanship. It's not unusual for our work to go directly to car shows. Check out to watch over our shoulder as we work on these beasts - we document every build with daily updates so you can see exactly what's being done. We only use new parts when building a Habu. When we're done, it's basically a brand new car. We replace the engine, transmission, driveshaft, differential, halfshafts, rear hubs, engine electrical system, cooling system, fuel system and clutch hydraulics. Naturally, we can also perform supporting modifications at the same time, ranging from custom gauges to suspension, braking and safety upgrades. Prices start at approximately $35,000, Miata not included. Because most of the drivetrain is straight GM, your local Chevy dealer can work on the car - once they get over the shock of seeing what's under the hood!

Standard specifications:

6.2l (376 ci) LS3 V8 engine 480 hp at 5750 rpm 475 lb/ft at 4500 rpm Tremec T56 6-speed transmission Getrag limited slip differential with 3.42 rear GM-built wiring harness and engine computer GM clutch and flywheel FM stainless steel dual exhaust with catalytic converters 2400-2600 lbs (depending on Miata weight)


Air conditioning Power steering Anti-lock brakes Heat shielding for entire cockpit 3.23 or 3.72 rear end ratio Ford 8.8 differential Uprated halfshafts for more than 550 lb/ft Aluminum or carbon fiber driveshaft FM big brakes AFCO or V-Maxx suspension Wheel/tire packages available

Targa tested!

build your own Habu

Most of our customers choose to build their own V8 Miatas. Naturally, they get our full support in the process. You will need a certain skill set or you'll have to make friends who do. Wiring and welding is involved. We do have a version of our subframe that places the engine about 2" further forward and negates the need for transmission tunnel modifications, but it has an adverse affect on the weight distribution of the car so we recommend making the extra effort for the rear engine location. When you build your own, you have a huge range of options for engines. A number of GM trucks used a 5.3l variant of the family that is often quite affordable, although the oil pan and intake manifold will have to be changed. A 1998-02 Firebird or Camaro can provide a transmission that is ready to bolt in. The Cadillac CTS-V is a good single-car donor if you're willing to change the tailshaft of the transmission, but they tend to be a bit expensive for parts. Obviously, your engine selection and choice of new vs used parts is going to have a significant impact on the cost to complete the conversion. It's probably best to budget between $10,000-$15,000 for the job unless you're a real junkyard genius. Regardless of what engine you choose, we can provide the parts you need to make it work. Because we build these cars ourselves, we've done a lot of R&D on the small details - the sort of things that can usually stop a home builder in their tracks. Take the power steering, for example. We had a special fitting made to allow an AN hose to hook up to the rack. There are also a number of small parts such as heat shields, shift lever adapters, flywheel cover plates and the like. All of these proprietary parts are available for home builders. We have complete accessory drive kits that will convert your engine to the best setup to fit in the Miata, with or without A/C. Our fuel kit will give you everything required to increase your fuel lines from 5/16" to 3/8" and bump up the fuel pump capacity to feed the high horsepower engine. We can even supply the engine, transmission and differential. The price and content of our V8 component packages is always changing as we develop new solutions. Please contact us for up-to-date information. There's also a configuration tool at that will guide you through all the options, as well as a list of every single part you'll need for the conversion.

build your own Habu

V8 conversion kit

This is everything you need to mount the engine and transmission in the car - the new tubular subframe, frame rail reinforcements, engine mounts, transmission mount and associated hardware. Available in forward or rearward (recommended) engine mounting location. The suspension geometry is from the 1999-05 update but will accept all 1990-05 control arms, and the steering rack mounts are available for either 1990-97 or 1999-05 racks. 1990-05 (26-04010) $1950.00

V8 driveline kit

Due to the wide range of engine outputs, we have a selection of driveline options. The basic choice is between the Getrag differential found in the Cadillac CTS-V, or a Ford 8.8. The Getrag is smaller and lighter and works very well for street, road race or autocross applications. Drag racers and those who dream of twin turbos should go for the Ford. The kit includes the appropriate mounts for the differential, a driveshaft and adapters, new custom half shafts and new high-strength wheel bearings and hubs with extended studs. The lowest-torque Getrag kit uses stock Miata hubs and bearings. Getrag 1990-05 (26-08002) from $1650.00 Ford 1990-05 (26-08002) from $2250.00

V8 baffled oil pan

The kit is designed to use a modified oil pan from a 1998-02 Camaro or Trans Am. However, these pans don't have enough oil control for track use. To avoid this, and to avoid the need to modify the GM pan, we have a bolt-on all-aluminum pan with a heavily baffled oil pickup. Flapper doors actually trap the oil around the pickup, ensuring it'll never go dry. Includes a pickup tube. Fits all LS engines. (26-04110) $825.00

FM dual exhaust

Usually, the exhaust system for a conversion like this is expensive and difficult to fabricate. Our full exhaust includes tubular headers, catalytic converters, resonators and a custom-built muffler that is really two muffers in the same case with a cross-over tube. The whole system is made of 304 stainless steel with the same lifetime warranty as all our exhaust systems (see p.22), and combines a good cruising sound level with an intoxicating howl at full throttle. 1990-05 (26-90015) $1535.00

FM dual-pass V8 radiator

Born out of the same cooling testing that spawned our other radiators, this radiator is a dual pass design built specifically for V8 cars. The inlet and outlet are sized to match the V8 sizing and placed on the passenger side of the radiator for the best packaging. This gives more clearance for sway bars and fans. We also have a special version of our Airflow Kit for this radiator. 1990-05 (26-09100) $549.00

V8 system kits

If you want all the parts to complete a certain system we can help. Check out our complete list of parts at Here are some of the most popular ones. power steering (26-90080) from $100.00 fuel kit (26-90100) from $399.00 accessory kit (26-04150) from $895.00

Habu info

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FM supercharger

Flyin' Miata supercharger systems

The 2006-12 MX-5 - known as the NC - is a completely different car than the earlier models. Not just in terms of suspension and body styling, but mechanically and electronically. The 2.0 MZR engine is a more modern unit than the old B6/BP powerplant used in the earlier cars. Not only are there different sets of packaging constraints - the location of catalytic converters and brake lines makes life exciting - but the engine has different characteristics. So we've decided to go with supercharging for this car. The supercharger itself is the classic and reliable MP62. The packaging job was done by Magnusson, the manufacturer of the superchargers. The blower is integrated right into the intake manifold. This keeps the throttled volume at a minimum, making throttle response very sharp and the whole install compact. A water/air intercooler cools the intake charge, maximizing power and allowing more boost than a non-intercooled kit. All of the new parts are either rotomolded plastic or cast aluminum, giving a factory appearance. Many people wouldn't notice the car was modified if they looked under the hood. They would notice if they drove it, though. The power is dramatically increased right across the rev range, from a stock level of around 140 hp at the wheels to 240 thanks to 8 psi of boost. Torque jumps up across the range as well. The dyno chart shows the same car, before and after. What the chart doesn't show is just how transparent the extra power and torque is. You really can't tell it's modified, there's simply more power available at all times. The result is a car that is deceptively quick and that can take others by surprise. Of course, actually building the hardware is the easy part. The hard part is working out good engine management. The stock computer in the 2006 and later cars can be reflashed, and this is the route we've taken. Trying to use an external box to add fuel doesn't work well with this computer because it is so good at detecting the alterations that it will simply pull the fuel back out again. By reprogramming the ECU, we're basically doing the same thing the factory would if they built a supercharged car. There's no tuning or setup on your end - simply install your reprogrammed computer and go enjoy a very rapid car. The level of finish of this system and driveability of the final result needs to be experienced to be believed. It really looks like a factory job. If you install our Stage 2 suspension kit, the power level is so well matched to the chassis that it's possible to think of the car as the Mazdaspeed that never was. That's why it's part of our Targa Package (page 3). As seen on Mazda-built cars at both SEMA and the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Targa tested!

complete with FM engine management hardware only

2006-12 2006-12

(03-90010) (03-90020)

$4595.00 $3995.00

Flyin' Miata Rototest dyno testing

225 200 175 150 125 100 75 50 25 2000 FM supercharged, run 8: 240.4 hp at 6777.8 rpm 202.1 lb-ft at 5454.3 rpm 2006 stock, run 4: 146.6 hp at 6438 rpm 135.8 lb-ft at 4244.8 rpm 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 70






Flyin' Miata turbocharger systems

Flyin' Miata is best known for forced induction. We'd like to think there's a good reason for that. Ever since we turbocharged our own Miata in 1990 (with 1800 miles on the odometer!), we've been obsessed with putting Miatas under pressure. Lucky for us, we have a good base to start from. The 1990-05 Miata engine is almost factory-built to handle boost. In fact, it was shipped from the factory with a turbo in both 1.6 and 1.8 forms. It has oil squirters under the pistons to keep them cool. The cams are well suited to forced induction. 199095 engines even have a handy oil feed right beside the dipstick for turbo installation. When Mazda came out with the 2004 Mazdaspeed MX-5 turbo model (15 years after we started), the engine was fundamentally unchanged. Our turbo systems are just that - systems. It's not that difficult to bolt a compressor on the side of an engine, but it's more difficult to make it reliable and transparent in operation. One of the secrets to the power and safety of our systems is our engine management. It's fair to say that nobody else has the depth of experience that we do with the Miata's electronics. We've worked with ECU designers and manufacturers for years to adapt their products. Our Hydra is used on some of the highest-horsepower Miatas in existence, while other Miata owners appreciate the OBD-II compliance and ease of use of our Voodoo Box. High performance doesn't mean low reliability, though. All of our systems are designed for years of trouble-free operation. A customer of ours has been running an FM turbo since 1991. His car has approximately 350,000 miles on it now. His clutch pedal has broken in half, but his turbo system is doing just fine. One reason for this longevity is the quality of the parts we use. For example, our downpipes are formed using a CNC mandrel bender out of stainless steel for a precision fit and smooth flow. They even carry a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Our formed Nomex/ silicone intercooler pipes are light, fit perfectly, and offer optimal airflow, as well as removing most potential failure points in the system. But it's not just the big parts like manifolds and turbochargers. All our hose clamps and silicone hoses are selected to do their job as well as possible. Our optional stainless steel hard lines mean your oil and water lines will outlast the car. And we include everything you need, right down to heat shielding, zipties and wires. So what else do you need? Well, we do recommend a good exhaust system to let you extract the full power from an FM II. Almost all of our systems will require a new clutch due to the increased engine output - which is the whole point, really! Also, since producing power generates heat, cooling system upgrades are usually needed, especially on track-driven cars.

FM turbochargers

turbo system options

Ceramic coating - Increased spoolup speed and keeps heat down underhood.

Turbine housing Turbine outlet Turbo manifold

$125 $100 $175

GT2554R turbo - A no-charge option on all kits. It's smaller than the standard GT2560R. This means that it spools up faster and will be more responsive, but at the cost of ultimate power. Well-matched to the Voodoo systems that use the stock injectors and 1.6 cars. GT3071R turbo - This turbo is much larger than the standard GT2560R. It also has much higher power capabilities. However, the larger size makes it slower to spool. Recommended for cars with built engines or with very high power goals. Definitely not recommended for 1.6 motors. $200. hard oil return and water lines - We use high quality rubber and silicone lines to ensure long life, but they will need occasional replacement. This option replaces the flexible lines with bent stainless steel to avoid this hassle. $160. Stage 8 hardware - For track cars especially. We use locking hardware on the turbo and downpipe and these add an extra layer of security. $24. Inconel studs - as seen on page 12. Includes a set of Stage 8 hardware. $89. exhaust brace - supports the exhaust and takes the load off the studs. $24.95 to $31.95, depending on application. 3" exhaust - A full 3" exhaust right from the turbine outlet to the tailpipe. More details on page 22. More power and faster response. Please note that this includes the complete exhaust system, not usually included in our turbo kit. $819. 1.8 hybrid downpipe - Allows you to use a 1994-97 cat with a 1990-93 turbo kit for lower restriction. No charge. 1000cc injectors - The 600cc injectors that come with the FM II are fine for the standard turbo. If you're going for the GT3071R or want to run E85, we recommend this $160 upgrade. big intercooler - If you're running the big turbo, you might need more intercooler capacity. This unit is 4" wider than our standard part. It also interferes with A/C on 1990-00 models. $100. dual gauge pod - All kits include a single gauge pod for the A-pillar. Add a second gauge mounting spot for $10. single-piece gauge pod - More difficult installation than the standard screw-on pod, this does give a nice smooth finish to the interior and replaces the complete A-pillar. 1990-02 models only, carries two gauges. $37

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the FM IIR turbo system

maximum horsepower

The FM IIR is the high-power evolution of the Flyin' Miata turbo family. It's a good option for track cars or anyone who's looking to build a lot of horsepower. Minimum power levels start at 250 rwhp. With the GT3071 option on an FM stroker motor, we made more power than our dyno could handle! The big feature of the FM IIR is the Turbosmart external wastegate. This means more stable boost control, especially for big turbos and high boost. You have your choice of a 3" stainless steel divorced flow downpipe or our stainless steel dump tube with a separate 3" downpipe. The dump tube is not for street-driven cars as it's viciously loud. The turbos themselves range from the GT2860 to a massive GT3076, suitable for power levels running from 250 to 500 hp at the wheels. We specify an anti-surge housing (not available on the GT2860) to avoid compressor surge problems with the size of these turbochargers. All but the GT2860 turbo will require substantial cuts to the frame rail of the car, and we supply a weld-in gusset to reinforce the area. At the higher power levels, some chassis reinforcement such as seam welding or Frog Arms is a good idea. Available turbos are: GT2860, GT2871, GT3071 or the really big GT3076. The smallest turbo is a bit larger than the standard GT2560R used on the FM II, so it's a bit less responsive at the 250 hp power level. However, it's what we'd recommend on a track car as it will run a bit cooler. It also has more ultimate power potential if you build the engine. The rest of the system is the standard, proven FM turbo hardware. Our strong cast turbo manifold feeds the turbocharger. Our exclusive formed silicone intercooler piping gives superior internal flow and fewer failure points than pipes made of pieced-together steel. The blowoff valve is vented to atmosphere. Two different sizes of intercooler are available. And the downpipe is covered by a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. And of course, the best hardware in the world is no use without good engine management. And that's why we include the Hydra Nemesis with the FM IIR. Not only do you get full control over fuel and timing - of course - but you have the ability to run fully integrated water/ methanol injection (not included) for maximum power on pump gas or to take advantage of alternative fuels such as E85. We also include plug-in 1000cc Injector Dynamics injectors to feed the beast. The injectors idle like a stock car, despite the size! The downpipe is a 3" unit that uses a different flange than stock. You will either have to use our 3" exhaust system ($714, including a catalytic converter) or build your own. If you're running on the track and don't have to worry about noise restrictions, a simple dump tube would work. Since many of the parts are shared with the standard FM II and the Voodoo turbos, those systems can be upgraded to FM IIR spec without too much difficulty. Please contact us if you are interested. That's right, you can start with the least expensive FM turbo kit and build it into the most powerful version with a minimum of parts changes. Prices start at $6395.00 and vary depending on the turbocharger selected as well as other options. An upgrade kit to convert your existing FM II to FM IIR status starts at $2695.00. Please give us a call to order.

425 400 375 350 325 300 275 250 225 200 175 150 125 100 75 50 25 2000 2500 FM Igor, run 21: 259 hp at 6821 rpm 223.4 lb-ft at 4356.2 rpm Pokeee FMIIR, run 36: 447.8 hp at 6416.1 rpm 402.3 lb-ft at 5365.2 rpm 7000 5000 5500 6000 6500

Flyin' Miata Rototest dyno testing





About this dyno run: the FM IIR car has an FM-built stroker motor and the GT3071 turbo. It is also running on E85. The FM II is a typical setup on a stock engine. We had to stop the runs at this point because we hit the limits of the dyno!


the FM II turbo system

drive a pocket supercar.

The FM II is our flagship turbo system. It has become the standard of comparison for every forced induction kit on the market. And it's still the best out there. We've already talked about the hardware: CAD-designed and CNC-machined manifold, lifetime warranty on the downpipe for the original buyer, silicone/ Nomex intercooler pipes, all that good stuff. What makes the FM II is the engine management. We use the Hydra Nemesis for full control over...well, everything. This level of control means that when tuned properly, the car has the perfect fuel mixture and timing throughout the rev range, while retaining a number of safety features to ensure your engine lives a long and happy life. All Hydras ship with a welldeveloped base map. The integrated wideband makes fine-tuning a snap. We'll even help you tune the car remotely. The responsive turbo delivers boost sooner than you would think possible, and the power just keeps building.

FM II - the standard

A highly modified FM II without the turbo heatshield. The result? Smooth, effortless power. How much power? Expect 230 hp at the wheels on a 1.6 and 250 on a 1.8, all on a stock engine and running normal pump gas. If you install stronger engine internals, you can get even more. With the optional GT3071R and a stroker engine, over 400 rwhp on pump gas is easily possible with the sort of reliability you need for a daily driver. We know, we've done it. And for even more power, it's fairly easy to upgrade to an FM IIR later. There is a reason it's the standard. If you're serious about Miata performance, you need an FM II. 1990-05 $5295.00

Flyin' Miata Rototest dyno testing

250 225 200 175 150 125 100 75 50 25 2000 1995 FM II (new system), run 9: 251.4 hp at 6560.1 rpm 238 lb-ft at 4258 rpm stock 1996, run 3: 102.1 hp at 5999.2 rpm 96.5 lb-ft at 5067.5 rpm 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000





Mazdaspeed FM II conversion

Yes, the 2004-05 Mazdaspeed Miata came from the factory with a turbocharger. But we can install a better one! The IHI turbo selected by Mazda doesn't respond as quickly as you might expect, but it's too small to make really big power. That is a bad combination. We've also seen a few failures of the stock turbo. Luckily, all the R&D we've done on turbos for other Miatas can help the MSM. Our FM II conversion kit uses our CAD designed manifold and turbine outlet, any of the three Garrett turbos available for the FM II, the FM II intake, our silicone compressor outlet hose and a special downpipe that mates up to the MSM exhaust. You'll use the same intercooler, engine management and injectors that you already had on the car. Intended for cars with aftermarket engine management, such as the Hydra. The stock ECU can't cope with this power level. If you have a Big Enchilada, you will end up replacing the intake and downpipe. We also have a version that includes everything you need with intercooler, piping, ECU, and injectors. It's basically a full FM II with a downpipe that's compatible with the Mazdaspeed exhaust system. This will leave you with a complete turbo kit to sell if you want to recoup some of the cost. This works out best for cars without prior modifications. turbo upgrade only (22-10050) $2595.00 complete FMII (22-16150) $5395.00

(970) 464-5600 tech line

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Voodoo turbo systems

Voodoo turbos

Our Voodoo kits are designed to be easy to install and set up. While they offer an affordable price, they use the same high-end hardware found in the FM II. The manifold, downpipe, intercooler piping, turbo, intercooler, bypass valve, clamps, hoses - all identical. This makes future upgrades simple. And while it might not be an expensive kit, nobody's going to accuse us of making it cheap. Fuel control is handled by our exclusive Voodoo box - recently redesigned to be even better. This allows us to support boost without the complexity of a programmable ECU and while retaining OBD-II compliance. The non-intercooled Voodoo Turbo runs about 6 psi of boost, and will produce from 150-170 hp depending on the year of the car and the quality of fuel available. The Voodoo II adds an intercooler and can run 8 psi, producing from 160 to 200 hp. Naturally, it's easy to upgrade. 1990 Voodoo II with a non-standard bypass valve and a beautiful valve cover! The best thing is, when you're not in boost the car behaves like stock. No idle droop or high idle problems as found on many superchargers, along with a smooth transition into boost and good power levels. We tested one of our cars with a "big boost" M45 supercharger, then replaced it with a Voodoo II. Not only did the car drive better, it gained 15 hp at the wheels along with a lot of torque - and the turbo system was less expensive and got better mileage. The 2554 turbo is a good match to this kit, especially on the 1.6 cars. 1990-93 cars also have the option of our hybrid downpipe, allowing the use of a 1.8 cat with the larger inlet flange at no extra cost.

Flyin' Miata Rototest dyno testing


Voodoo Voodoo II

1990-05 1990-05

$2995.00 $3345.00





25 1.6 Voodoo, run 6: 157.8 hp at 6906.8 rpm 138.3 lb-ft at 4816.6 rpm 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000








FM Inconel 18 turbo studs

Track driven cars can have trouble with studs breaking due to the extreme heat loads. So we designed replacement studs made from Inconel. The dimensions are chosen to be a perfect match to our manifolds and turbos. They're manufactured to our specifications by ARP , and undergo 16 hours of heat treating! Includes a set of Stage 8 locking hardware. 1990-05 (36-19300) $99.95 as part of a turbo package $89.00

no-electronics kit

While we think our engine management is the best available and thousands of our customers love our support, we will sell our turbocharger systems without electronics. No electronics kits include an intercooler and all the hardware of an FM II, but without the injectors, Hydra and associated sensors or ECU tuning support. 1990-05 (please call) $2995.00

turbo/manifold/downpipe kit individual turbo parts

If you want to build your own kit, it's best to start with a good base. Our CNC-bent stainless steel downpipe, high-flow turbine outlet and proven exhaust manifold are available as a set. Drilled for a T2 flange, this will fit a variety of Garrett turbos. Ceramic coating is optional. 1990-05 (22-20000) $749.00 While we believe our complete systems are the best way to dramatically increase the power of your Miata, we understand that some people have different plans. So we will happily sell you any part of our turbo systems individually. From manifolds and downpipes to inconel studs, it's all available. Give us a call and we'll help sort you out.


Mazdaspeed MX- upgrades

The 2004-05 Mazdaspeed MX-5 turbo - often known as an MSM - has a nice chassis, a great interior and a bit of a disappointing powerplant. But we can fix that little problem. Whether you want to liberate just a few or a whole herd of horses, FM has the only complete line of upgrade parts on the market.

Mazdaspeed MX-

Little Enchilada and Big Enchilada

MSM upgrade guide

The Little Enchilada brings out the MSM that should have existed on the showroom floor. It includes our complete intake kit, intercooler, downpipe and exhaust. This raises horsepower from 150 hp at the wheels to right around 200 hp and drives more smoothly with quicker turbo response than the stock car. It gives your MSM the ability to take full advantage of the stock ECU and saves you $250 over the individual prices. It's possibly the best bang for the buck available in this catalog. If you want to go further, you're looking for the Big Enchilada. The hardware is the same as the Little Enchilada, but we add a Hydra Nemesis and 600cc injectors. This allows you to raise the engine redline, run more boost and take full advantage of the stock turbo. Due to the fact that you can adjust the timing curves, you'll find that you'll get significantly more torque in the midrange. It's a $494 savings over the individual prices.Not only do get you get some tasty savings, you'll also get a really nice car in the bargain. A Big Enchilada Mazdaspeed is fast, comfortable and smooth. Little Enchilada (22-10005) $1795.00 Big Enchilada (22-10000) $3810.00

Flyin' Miata MSM downpipe

Considered a "must-have" by MSM enthusiasts, this downpipe replaces the restrictive stock unit and makes a big difference to spoolup, power and smoothness. It includes a free-flow three-way cat for high performance and clean emissions. Honestly, if Mazda had put this part on the car from the factory there would be far less demand for MSM performance parts. We have to warn you, though - the bolts at the top of the downpipe are a real pain to remove. You're going to call Mazda some names when you install this. But it's worth it. Covered by the same warranty as our other exhaust components - see page 22. (06-58300) $335.00

Flyin' Miata MSM exhaust

As with our other exhausts, this is stainless steel from end to end. It gives a mute MSM a deep voice that's not too loud and doesn't buzz or rasp. The adjustable tip ensures a perfect fit and the muffler is built specifically for this application. Adding the exhaust to an otherwise stock car gave us peak power 300 rpm sooner. When combined with the downpipe and intercooler, we saw a 23 hp increase. On top of all this, it weighs 6.5 lbs less than stock! Lifetime warranty for the original owner. (06-58305) $599.00

Flyin' Miata MSM intercooler

Keep your MSM cool under pressure! We've found that the cute little stock intercooler will easily get overwhelmed under sustained boost and can't dump the heat as fast as it's being generated. This intercooler is the most efficient one we've ever sold and solves that problem handily. In fact, we liked it so much we made it standard on our new FM II turbosystems. It also gives the MSM some visual aggression. Bolt-in installation, although the stock intercooler pipes need to be trimmed slightly shorter due to the increased intercooler size. (22-35000) $515.00

MSM complete intake kit

A very popular upgrade thanks to its effectiveness and easy installation. All of the problematic components underhood are replaced to allow your MSM to breathe easier and make more power with an earlier onset of boost. All parts are available separately if you'd like, although they're designed to work as a complete system. Stainless steel parts are all polished, while the silicone couplers are our special high-grip blend to grip the pipes strongly. The stock intake piping is extremely restrictive on the Mazdaspeed. Big 2.5" piping makes it easier for the hungry turbo to suck in fresh air. The turbo outlet pipe is also replaced and a manual boost controller allows you to dial in more boost. Available for either stock ECUs or cars with computers that do not require the stock MAF. The stock throttle body inlet will actually inflate like a balloon under boost and is prone to blowing off, so we created a stainless steel replacement. We also install our all-metal bypass valve to replace the leaky stock unit. The complete intake also includes our O2 signal modifier. stock ECU (shown at right) Hydra ECU (no signal modifier, MAF deleted) intake upgrade throttle body inlet pipe manual boost controller O2 signal modifier Turbosmart bypass valve

complete intake kit à la carte

(05-29121) (05-29121) (05-29111) (02-10660) (07-27210) (07-46300) (05-90125)

$595.00 $495.00 $290.00 $89.95 $89.95 $124.00 $149.95

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line


engine management

the Hydra Nemesis

While many people obsess over engine hardware, it's the electronics that really make the difference on a successful modified car. Nobody has more experience than Flyin' Miata when it comes to Miata engine management, and the Hydra Nemesis is our flagship standalone Engine Control Unit (ECU). It's what we use in our high-end turbocharger systems and it's found in some of the most successful racing Miatas in the world.

Hydra details It's a very versatile unit with a number of user-programmable inputs and outputs based on both 2D and 3D maps. It has the ability to switch maps for different fuel types such as E85, or to integrate water injection directly into the fuel and timing maps. Individual cylinder fuel and timing trim is available. If it detects too much knock, it will automatically go into a limp-home mode to prevent engine damage. The Nemesis is one of the few ECUs that is capable of controlling the 1999-05 alternators and Variable Valve Timing. The new version 2.7 offers new software that improves cold start and idle and even incorportes on-board datalogging and reflashable firmware.

Installation is a simple plug-in. The Hydra uses the stock sensors or it can be configured to use specialized sensors from other cars. It does include a new intake air temperature sensor (depending on application) as well as an integrated wideband oxygen sensor and a knock sensor. Electronic boost control is available with a boost control solenoid. Datalogs can be analyzed with Hydra's own software. Naturally, every Hydra comes with FM's full support. It's hard to overstate how valuable this is. You can send us datalogs and let us tune your car remotely, something almost nobody else can, or will do. We have years of experience and training with all sorts of engine management. You'll also find the Hydra can autotune the fuel maps very effectively. In fact, we're seeing amazing fuel economy numbers on Hydra-equipped cars as well as big power. Before the Nemesis is shipped, we'll load it with a default map designed for your car. Your car will start up and drive well from the first turn of the key without any concern for the engine. Dyno tuning is recommended for the best results though. Flyin' Miata is the exclusive distributor for the Miata version of the Hydra Nemesis. Please note that the Hydra, like all other aftermarket ECUs, will not return OBD-II codes. See for more information. 1990-97 (07-17000) $1895.00 Targa tested! 1999-05 (07-17000) $1995.00 Mazdaspeed MX-5 2004-05 (07-17000) $1970.00

NC ECU reflash

All Miatas come from the factory with an ECU, of course. The version used in the 2006 and later models can be reprogrammed or "reflashed", allowing you to take advantage of the sophisticated and powerful computer already in the car. There are a number of companies that claim to be able to reflash the stock unit, but very few of them have actually figured out the complex factory program.

You'll have to send your ECU to us, and we'll return it with a new program that's suited to your needs. Only the programming that needs to be changed is changed, so car will start, idle and cruise exactly the way Mazda intended. Unlike the Hydra, a reflashed factory ECU cannot currently be programmed by you. An excellent match to our FM superchargers. Works for all third-generation Miatas. forced induction naturally aspriated 2006-12 2006-12 (07-14000) (07-14000) $695.00 $580.00

the Voodoo Box

This Flyin' Miata exclusive is a handy little item. It extends the injector pulse width (the amount of time the injectors stay open) under boost to deliver more fuel. No fuel pumps, pressure regulators or injector changes are necessary. Things don't get much easier than that. That's why it's part of our Voodoo turbo systems.

It's limited by the size of the stock injectors, but the 1999-05 cars have lots of unused capacity. The 1990-97 cars can't handle quite as much boost, but there's still enough room to run 6-8 psi or so depending on the system. It's designed to be easily adjustable so you can get the perfect fuel curve for your setup. It also incorporates one of our O2 signal modifiers to prevent the stock ECU from pulling fuel when you're making boost at partial throttle. This is safer for your engine and provides a smoother drive. There is no effect on OBD-II emissions controls. It's not magic - it's Voodoo. 1990-05 (07-16700) $415.00


engine technology

The Miata engine is a strong little unit from the factory. It's not the highest performance engine in stock form, but it takes extremely well to boost. Of course, anything can be improved. At Flyin' Miata, we've been working for years to make it stronger, faster, lighter - the bionic Miata engine! So what to do? There are two basic categories to improving an engine. Strength and power. Strength is easy. Take the weak parts and replace them with upgraded ones. Our rods and pistons are not only lighter than stock parts, they're also stronger. If you're planning on running forced induction, lower compression pistons will allow you to safely run more boost. For a naturally aspirated car, high compression will make more horsepower. Ah, more power. Think of your engine as a big air pump. The easier you can move air in and out, the more power you will make. This is where items such as our intakes, exhausts and headers come in. But you can make a difference inside the engine as well. Larger valves will increase flow in and out of the cylinders. Stiffer valve springs will let you spin the engine faster and still keep your valves under control. Cam gears allow you to fine-tune the powerband to your needs. And some careful attention to the shape of the head itself as well as the ports can make a big difference. Flyin' Miata is happy to help provide the parts you need to make a Miata engine stronger and more powerful. We'll help advise you of the best way to attain your goals. Or, for the ultimate solution, we can build an engine for you. Using the experience gained from years of dyno testing, racing, flowbench testing and street driving, we can put together a motor that will do just what you want. Our services include headwork, cleaning, balancing, machining and assembly. Whether you're looking for a competitive showroom stock engine, basic headwork, a strong street shortblock or a full-blown stroker monster motor, we can give you the power and reliability you need. Flyin' Miata engines have won everything from the Redline Time Attack series to class wins in the Targa Newfoundland to podium finishes at the SCCA Nationals. We can build engines for any year Miata, from 1990 to 2011. When we're done, we always put a plate on the engine with your name on it, so every time you pop your hood everyone knows what sets your Miata apart. All of our engines are built to your exact specification. Prices start at $6795.00. You can see the full list of options and prices on our website at

custom engines

Moroso oil separator

Your crankcase is full of oil mist. If that gets into your intake via the PCV system, you'll find yourself burning oil. Not only is it uncool to have blue smoke coming out of your tailpipe, oil is also very low octane so it can mean a loss in power. Mazda knows this, it's why they put an oil separator on the 2004-05 Mazdaspeed. Unfortunately, it's harder to make a good oil separator than you might think and there's a lot of misinformation out there on how to plumb them in correctly. Moroso knows, though. Their separator has a tight steel mesh to encourage the oil to drop out of suspension, and it collects in the lower half. The separator can easily be drained via a valve on the bottom, or you can plumb it back into the oil pan. Includes all fittings to install on a Miata. Currently for non-ABS 1990-97 models, but other applications will be available very soon. 1990-12 (04-37950) $178.00

Moroso coolant overflow tank

Your stock overflow tank is nasty yellow plastic. This one is sexy cool aluminum, so it's not going to crack with high heat - and the stock tank in a 1990 Miata is 21 years old by this point. There's always the risk it will crack on track. 1990-97 (09-16020) $183.88

Flyin' Miata tech support

We offer free lifetime tech support for the original purchaser on all of our products. And it's a level of tech support nobody else can offer. We literally wrote the book on Miatas. When you call, you may very well be speaking to the person who designed the parts. If you're looking for help with non-FM parts or trying to diagnose an unrelated problem, we can help there as well. You would be surprised how many of our calls are from shops trying to fix customer cars! We also spend quite a bit of time troubleshooting our competitors' parts, simply because we know the cars better than anyone. There is a small fee to subscribe to our tech support when FM parts are not involved, however.

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line


engine greasy bits

Targa tested!

Flyin' Miata stroker kit

For the Miata that has (almost) everything, we have the Stroker. There's no replacement for displacement. A bigger engine makes more torque, more power and can spool up a turbo faster. We started by cutting apart a stock block to find out just how much capacity we could fit inside without altering the block. The crank isn't a welded stock unit, but is made from a 350 lb billet of steel. Moly coated exotic pistons with ceramic coated crowns and custom, longer rods allowed us to keep the same rod ratio as a stock 1.8 so the car still loves to rev. A 1.5mm overbore was chosen because it leaves enough strength for turbo use and also allows use of the stock head gasket, while the stroke was bumped by 4mm. The end result? 1996cc of displacement that feels even bigger. Fits 1.8 blocks only. As tested on our competition cars, this is part of the recipe for the ultimate Miata motor. And we mean that - the quickest Miata in the world uses one. We ran one in the brutal Targa Newfoundland. Matt Andrews dominated the Redline Time Attack series with one. Includes new A beam Carrillo rods and 9:1 pistons. 11:1 high compression pistons with a 2mm overbore are also available. A beam rods 1994-05 (04-66350) $4795.00 H beam rods 1994-05 (04-66350) $5195.00

Flyin' Miata Wiseco pistons

These pistons are Flyin' Miata's exclusive design, produced by Wiseco. Forged for high strength, they're perfect for extreme use such as high boost - and we mean extreme. They're part of an 800 hp Miata motor. They're manufactured from extruded enhanced high-silicone 2618 alloy with additional copper, nickel and magnesium for low thermal expansion and maximum wear resistance. They're heat-treated several times. Then they're coated with a phosphate dry lubricant for minimum friction, given a ceramic coating on the top surface to protect the piston in case of detonation and cut for oversize valve clearance. You can even use oversize valves on the VVT engines, something you can't do with most others. Includes premium rings and CrMo wristpins. While forged pistons are a bit noisier when cold due to greater clearances, we've designed them to minimize this. Sold in sets of four. +1mm 9:1 or +2mm 11:1 1990-93 (04-69110/20) $796.00 +1mm 9:1 or +2mm 11:1 1994-05 (04-69110/20) $796.00 +1mm 9:1 2006-12 (04-69040) $796.00


am -be

Carrillo rods

Good rods are important. Carrillo is world renowned for their super high quality connecting rods and are the first choice of racers everywhere. If you're planning on running extended high rpm or are aiming for over 250 hp, you would be well advised to invest in a set of these or risk having a see-through Miata engine. Sold in sets of four.



At 440g, they're almost 100g less than stock, but extremely strong. Almost too beautiful to put inside a motor! 20% stronger than the A beam and found inside the most extreme Miata engines in existence. We don't know what their limits are, but they've seen over 800 hp without problems. 1990-05 (04-66000) $1230.00

H beam rods

Despite being lighter (421g) and less expensive than the H beam design, these rods are made with the same attention to detail. An excellent choice for almost every Miata engine, even our high-horsepower strokers. The design has recently been tweaked to make it even stronger. Unless you're really going nuts, this is the rod to use. 1990-05 (04-66005) $875.00 2006-12 (04-66015) $875.00

"Super A beam" rods

ARP head and main cap studs

Keep it together! There's no point in building a bulletproof bottom end and not using top-quality fasteners. These studs are more evenly tensioned than bolts and can be re-used. We worked with ARP to ensure these fit the Miata perfectly, and they've been torture-tested for years and proven to work. head studs 1990-05 (04-66205) $167.00 main cap studs 1990-05 (04-66210) $120.00

Flyin' Miata billet steel main caps

A full set of billet steel center main caps for all out-race motors. Requires line boring. Fits all years. 1990-05




engine internals

We have a full range of engine rebuild parts on the shelf. They're all chosen for maximum strength and performance - our main bearings are specially made to our specifications, for example. There are far too many to list here, so please give us a call. We have parts for all Miata engines, from 1990 to 2011. We can also supply parts for other relatives of the Miata engine, such as the B6T in the 323 GTX.

engine greasy bits

Inconel and stainless steel valves

Oversize exhaust valves will flow better and make more power. Our valves are heavily backcut to give more airflow at a given lift and exhaust valves are 1mm larger in diameter than stock. Plus, we have Inconel! If you're pushing for a specific output of more than 130 hp/liter (basically, anything more than a standard FM II), it's recommended that you change to an Inconel exhaust valve. The exotic 751 alloy can handle much higher heat than stainless steel. It's a lot more difficult to machine and heat treat so they cost more, but it's well worth it. 1994-05 size only. The stainless steel valves are black nitrided for maximum durabilty and hardness. This is not needed on the Inconel parts. Oversize intake valves are not recommended for the VVT engines used on 2001-05 Miatas unless you have the current FM pistons. Price is for an individual valve, there are 8 intake and 8 exhaust valves in a Miata engine. stainless 1990-05 (please call) Inconel exhaust 1994-05 (04-66555)

$22.95 $32.95

valve spring kit

At 7000 rpm, your valves open and close every 17 milliseconds. Too stiff a spring means extra drag which costs power. Too soft a spring means the valve starts to float and never closes all the way. Carefully specified for the Miata, these springs are part of the ideal Miata head and are included with every engine we build. The titanium retainer's light weight means there's less reciprocating mass, which lets the valves respond more quickly and reduces stress on the valvetrain. The well-matched spring rate means your valves are better controlled at high engine speed, but without the drag and extra stress of a too-stiff spring. In turbo cars, the exhaust valves will seat better even under high backpressure. As an added bonus, they also allow for greater lift (12mm / 0.472") if you're running different cams. They are designed to allow engine speeds of up to 9000 rpm before valve float. Aluminum spring seat, chrome silicon steel spring and titanium retainer. Sold in sets of 16 for a complete head. Requires the use of valve keepers from a 1999-05 engine (not included, although a 1999-05 engine already has a full set that can be reused). 1990-05 (04-66600) $379.00 1999-05 valve keeper (32 needed) 1990-97 (04-66954) $5.50

Flyin' Miata engine rebuild kits

Every belt, seal and gasket you need to rebuild your engine. All you need to provide are the piston rings, oil pump and water pump. The kit includes a timing belt; a multi-layer steel head gasket; gaskets for the thermostat, valve cover, oil pickup, intake and exhaust manifolds; main, thrust and rod bearings in stock or over size, o-rings for the cam sensor, thermostat housing, oil pump, oil cooler and dip stick tube where applicable, seals for the front and rear of the crank, the valve stems, the oil pan ends and the camshafts; NGK spark plugs; a new PCV valve and grommet; tensioner and idler pulleys and a 180 degree thermostat. There's even a container of Redline assembly lube and PTEX "Right Stuff" silicone sealant. Parts not exactly as shown - we've upgraded a number of components since we took the picture, but Rascal liked this shot. The parts list varies, please let us know what year your engine is when you order. 1990-05 (04-00001) $612.00

Flyin' Miata head gaskets

Designed for us! All metal multi-layered steel head gasket, perfect for high boost applications. The FM gaskets are available in 1mm overbore or 2mm overbore sizes. These head gaskets are also used in our engine rebuild and head gasket kits. The 0.0040" gaskets will drop compression slightly - a 9:1 engine will drop to 8.85:1. FM steel 0.0040" 1990-93 (04-20005) $111.95 FM steel 0.0040" 1994-00 (04-20004) $111.95 factory steel 0.0032" 1994-00 (04-20006) $71.95 factory steel 0.0032" 2001-05 (04-20006) $71.95 factory steel n/a 2006-12 (04-20007) $59.95

head gasket sets

Head gasket sets have all the gaskets, seals and o-rings you need to remove, rebuild and replace a head. Valve stem seals and your choice of spark plugs included. Our engine rebuild kits also include a full head gasket set. FM gasket factory gasket factory gasket factory gasket 1990-93 1994-97 1999-00 2001-05 (04-29001) (04-29003) (04-29005) (04-29007) $245.00 $220.00 $215.00 $254.00

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line


feed the beast

Flyin' Miata big fuel kit

We know that high-power Miatas are hungry for fuel, and they're trying to drink through a system originally designed for 116 to 140 hp. Add to that the 30% increase in capacity required to run E-85, and the poor things are choked off. We've addressed the complete Miata fuel system from in-tank pickup to the injector heads for maximum fuel delivery. Many of these parts are the same ones we use on our 480 hp V8 conversions. A DeatchWerks 300 liter/hour pump is installed in the fuel tank. A fat AN -6 (3/8") braided stainless steel line connects to the outside of the tank and runs to an adjustable FPR mounted on a stainless bracket in front of one of the rear wheels. The fuel is filtered through a cleanable bronze filter element and runs to the engine bay through a -6 braided stainless line, where it connects to our billet fuel rail. This setup can either be set up at a fixed pressure (as seen on the 1999-05 factory system) or referenced to manifold pressure. Either way, it operates as a returnless design. All of the components were carefully selected to deal with the special demands of E-85 so you can take advantage of this race gas sold at your local filling station. Naturally, all brackets are included. There can be quite a variation in individual installations, so we'd be happy to work with you on a custom solution for your needs. with FM fuel rail 1990-05 (please call) from $749.00 using stock fuel rail 1990-05 (please call) from $599.00 Targa tested! DeatchWerks 300 l/hr pump 1990-05 (04-47005) $169.00 AEM FPR only 1990-97 (04-44000) $132.95

Flyin' Miata fuel rail

Now E-85 compatible and part of the Big Fuel kit! Our billet fuel rail offers a feed from each end to promote better distribution between cylinders and offer higher flow overall. This prevents one cylinder (usually number 4) from running lean and melting the piston. AN fittings on the ends of the rail make it easy to install instead of dealing with brass hose barbs. 1999-05 cars use all stainless steel lines that clip on to the factory hard lines, 1990-97 cars have a short section of E-85 compatible rubber. Compatible with Miata engine swaps, too! 1990-93 (04-46550) $240.00 1994-05 (04-46550) $265.00

DeatchWerks fuel injectors

Feed the beast! We've moved to a new design that's more advanced than our previous injectors, offering a superior spray pattern. That means more power and more efficiency. They also plug right into your stock Miata wiring and are compatible with E85. Standard equipment on the FM II turbo systems. Because of their size, they are not suitable for use with a stock ECU. We keep 600cc injectors, but a range from 270cc to 1000cc are available as special order. 1990-05 (04-41006) $339.00

Injector Dynamics fuel injectors

The best injector we sell, as used on the most powerful Miata ever to run on our dyno. The spray pattern is so good that the 1000cc version idles better than our previous 550cc parts did! Plug-in installation, E85 compatible. We stock 1000cc units. 750 and 2000cc are available as special order items. . 1990-05 (04-41025) $499.00

Every time one of your cylinders fires, it transfers a bunch of energy into your crankshaft. That's the whole point, really. But these power pulses are all at different places and can set up vibrations in the crank. That's why every Miata is fitted with a harmonic damper, to keep these vibrations from destroying your oil pump. And it's why billet "underdrive pulleys" that replace the factory crank pulley are a terrible idea. As you increase the power of an engine, those power pulses get stronger. The stock damper can't always keep up. The result is cracked gears on oil pumps and damaged bearings on 300+ hp Miatas. ATI is well known in the drag racing world for their effective dampers, and we worked with them to develop one for the Miata. This unit replaces the stock damper with what is essentially two in one, and includes stock-size accessory drive pulleys. The result is not only a safer engine, but one that runs more smoothly all the time thanks to the improved vibration absorption. We've found that we can easily run more ignition advance and thus make surprising power increases as well. This is why we include the ATI Super Damper in all of our built engine packages. Only Flyin' Miata sells the damper with the required belt guide - don't be fooled by lower prices elsewhere. SFI approved! An optional supercharger drive pulley is also available. Long-nose 1.6 cars can use the damper if the alternator and water pump pulleys are changed. 1991-95 (04-95570) $539.00 1996-05 (04-95570) $559.00 supercharger pulley (04-95550) $49.95

ATI Super Damper

Toda adjustable cam gears

Toda cam gears are designed for maximum durability as well as ease of adjustment. The outside ring is coal blasted and hard anodized for grip and durability. 24 degrees of adjustment. What makes them different is that they are available with the triggers needed for the intake cam on 1999-00 and Mazdaspeed engines. The version for 1999-00 intake cams can also be used on 1990-97 intakes and 1990-05 exhaust cams if desired. Sold individually. 1990-97 intake, 1990-05 exhaust 1999-00 intake, 2004-05 Mazdaspeed intake 1990-05 1990-05 (04-66405) (04-66405) $169.95 $199.95


Flyin' Miata big spark kit

The coils used on GM LS3 V8 engines produce a very high-energy spark. High combustion pressures created by forced induction or high compression pistons can overwhelm the spark created by the stock ignition. Team these coils up with the included race plugs and never worry about spark misfires again. Since each coil fires a single cylinder, this also means the coils have more time to recharge at high RPM. We have customers running this setup up to 35 psi boost with a good plug gap, water injection and no misfires. Includes coil brackets, GM connectors, custom plug wires with a lifetime warranty, a new ground strap, a set of four race plugs and various electrical parts for the wiring as well as instructions for wiring. Available either with or without coils. Not compatible with the EGR plumbing. Fits 1994-00 engines as well as the 2004-05 Mazdaspeed. A custom oil feed line would be required to use the kit on a 2001-05 VVT head. Note that you will need an ECU that can control four individual coils, such as the Hydra Nemesis. 1994-00, 2004-05 Mazdaspeed (04-59100) 2001-05 (04-59100)

water injection/1.8 conversions

from $629.00 $249.00

NGK race spark plugs

No internal resistor means more of the spark energy goes into the arc. Better spark means a bigger plug gap and more power. Great for high power cars and an excellent match to the Big Spark kit. Heat range 7. There is the potential for more radio noise, but we haven't heard it yet. 1990-05 (04-56205) $18.95

NGK extended reach spark plugs Snow Stage 2 Boost Cooler

Heat range 6. The extended reach starts the fuel/air mixture closer to the center of the combustion chamber, giving a better burn. The heat range helps prevent detonation on turbo cars, but resists fouling. Sold in sets of four. 1990-05 (04-56201) $17.95 A simpler system than the Hydramist, the Snow can be used with any ECU. Manifold pressure is monitored by a MAP sensor, and water delivery is proportional to the boost level. It's more sophisticated than other setups that are either simply on or off, but it's still easy to set up. The basic kit includes a tank, two nozzles and all else required for installation. As used on our turbo Westfield. The optional SafeInjection box monitors the water flow so the Hydra can alter the fuel and timing maps accordingly. It can also be wired in to a warning light. The LCD flow gauge displays the amount of water flow as measured by the SafeInjection. complete Snow system - includes all parts below 1990-12 (07-17350) $780.00 Stage 2 Boost Cooler kit SafeInjection box Flow gauge 1990-12 1990-12 1990-12 (07-17300) (07-17320) (07-17310) $419.00 $166.00 $146.00

1.8 conversion pieces

Over the past couple of years, dropping a 1.8 engine into a 1990-93 Miata has become more and more common. Why? Well, it's a good way to add power and torque. It's surprisingly affordable. If your plans are for big power, it's easier to accomplish with the larger engine. It also means you can fit a stroker engine in for maximum power from a Miata block. But the biggest reason it's become so widespread is the existence of the Flyin' Miata conversion kit. A 1.8 swap used to involve a certain amount of fabrication. No more. The conversion kit includes the following: a throttle body adaptor to install your 1.6 throttle body on the 1.8 intake manifold, a coil bracket to mount your coils on the new head, an EGR block-off plate, a throttle cable mount, wiring parts to extend the cam angle sensor harness and the appropriate motor mount brackets. For a short version of what needs to be done, check out the Technical section of Mazda Miata Performance Projects also contains some more information on the swap. No, the 2.0 from the 2006 and later cars will not easily swap in to an earlier Miata.

complete 1.8 swap kit

billet aluminum throttle body adapter stainless steel throttle cable adapter stainless steel coil bracket stainless steel EGR block-off plate factory motor mount bracket right left

Includes all the parts listed below plus wiring for the cam angle sensor. (04-70500) (05-40000) (04-70005) (04-70020) (04-70000) (04-70100) (04-70100)

$194.00 $58.95 $12.95 $41.95 $12.95 $46.95 $23.95

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line


cool stuff

Flyin' Miata cooling

We know that one of the biggest challenges in running a high-power Miata is cooling. So we built a special dyno rig and spent hours and hours doing instrumented testing. The results? The most efficient cooling upgrades available for the Miata. Don't be fooled by thick, inefficient radiators or fans chosen for small size with no regard to flow. Only FM parts are based on actual testing. You can learn more at The airflow kit starts with a laser-cut aluminum shroud, carefully spaced far enough away from the radiator to ensure flow through the whole core. Mounted to it are a pair of Spal fans chosen not only for their flow, but their ability to pull air through a stack of heat exchangers such as an intercooler and A/C condensor. They're also low-profile enough to clear most intercooler piping. We also added some flaps that allow air to bypass the shroud at high speed without affecting the draw of the fans. The end result is a compact package that does an excellent job of cooling high-power Miatas. Stage 1 pulls 4540 CFM and Stage 2 pulls 4730 CFM. We recommend the Stage 2 unless packaging is a problem. Available for traditional radiators or our crossflow. As these shrouds were designed to fit our current radiators, there may be trimming required depending on brand of radiator you have. Stage 1 1990-05 (09-56200) from $295.00 Stage 2 1990-05 (09-56210) from $329.00

Flyin' Miata airflow kit

Flyin' Miata crossflow radiator

Flyin' Miata oil cooler kit

We learned in our dyno testing that the design of the radiator core is critical to how well a radiator works - and that a thin, efficient core worked better than a fat inefficient one. We also learned that turning the radiator sideways so the water flows from side to side makes it more efficient. We took what we learned and built our new crossflow radiator. According to our testing, it's the best radiator available. 1990-05 (09-10000) $499.00 2006-12 (09-19000) $595.00 Targa tested! Your oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and if it overheats then it starts to lose viscosity - then Bad Things happen. But many oil cooler kits aren't well thought out and can fail too easily. So we developed our own. Yes, that's a bit of a common theme around here.

We use a Mocal oil thermostat so your engine comes up to temperature as quickly as possible, as cold oil doesn't lubricate properly. Braided stainless steel lines with AN-8 fittings ensure a long, reliable life in this critical system. The Setrab 13-row cooler is mounted in front of the steering rack on laser-cut stainless steel brackets. Easy bolt-in installation. Fits all 1990-05 Miatas including the Mazdaspeed. Sorry, it's not compatible with our old FM II turbos that had a steel intercooler tube right in front of the engine. complete kit 1990-93 (04-37240) $389.00 1994-05 (04-37240) $343.00 thermostat only (included in kit) 1990-93 (04-37310) $150.00 1994-05 (04-37310) $105.00 cooler (included in kit, AN fittings) 1990-05 (04-37300) $153.00 Raising the pressure in your cooling system allows it to absorb more heat without boiling. This is an easy cooling upgrade. A weak cap can cause all sorts of cooling problems. Fits all Miata radiators. 1999-05 cars came with a 16 psi cap from the factory. 24 psi caps are not for use on stock radiators. 16 psi 1990-05 (09-46000) $18.95 22-24 psi 1990-05 (09-46050) $24.95

high pressure radiator cap

Flyin' Miata turbo radiator hose Redline Water Wetter

To help the packaging of our turbo kits, we designed this silicone lower radiator hose to snake through the mess of components. It deletes the steel pipe used on 1990-97 cars so it's a good upgrade for them. 1990-05 (22-51000) $46.95 Water Wetter lowers the surface tension of the water and improves heat transfer, preventing hot spots in your engine. It also contains water pump lubricants and corrosion inhibitors, making it safe to run your car without antifreeze. As an added bonus, it's a really cool color. It does not provide any protection against freezing, though. Not for use below freezing temperatures! 10 oz. 1990-12 (10-46010) $9.95


OS Giken Super Lock limited slip

The standard Torsen limited slip differential in the Miata works pretty well. But it does have some limitations under really hard driving. If you manage to unload one wheel enough, it will start to spin and you'll end up with no-wheel-drive just like an open diff. The V8 cars we build use a clutch-type limited slip, and we've always been impressed with just how well they deliver their prodigious power and torque to the pavement. Like the Getrag used in those cars, the OS Giken Super Lock is a clutch-type. The biggest difference is that it fits inside a stock Miata housing and uses standard Miata axles! It also uses a very high number of plates for more locking ability and to cut down on heat. Most importantly, we found in our testing that it allows you to get on the gas remarkably early for a strong, solid drive off a corner. It's faster around our local track than a Torsen - on the very first lapping session, we took a full second off our best time in the test car. The car could accelerate harder and earlier. This means faster corner exit speeds and lower lap times. Available for any 1994 and later Miata. 1990-93 cars need a conversion to a 1.8 rear end setup. Ring and pinion not included. We do recommend the use of OS Giken gear oil for best performance. 1994-05 2004-05 Mazdaspeed 2006-12 80w250 gear oil (08-90100) (08-90100) (08-90100) (10-30000) $1690.00 $1690.00 $1690.00 $48.95

driveline bits

clutch happy meal!

The popular Flyin' Miata clutch, billet flywheel, pilot and release bearings and clutch switch override combination package. Fits all Miatas. What's the toy? A clutch tool! Available in regular with a Level I clutch or Supersize it for a Level II clutch. You also get your choice of flywheel weight. We recommend the Supersize meal for turbo and supercharged cars over 300 rwhp. regular 1990-05 (08-36005) $599.00 supersize 1990-05 (08-36000) $649.00 Targa tested!

Flyin' Miata lightweight flywheel

Give your Miata some zing! A lighter flywheel will make the engine respond faster when you blip the throttle or go to shift. In other words, it makes it feel like a sports car! There's a slight gain in acceleration in lower gears too. An integral part in building maximum zoom zoom into your car. Available in either 10.3 lb, or 13.45 lb weight for 1990-05 cars. The heavier unit works better for supercharged and stop-and-go traffic applications. None of our flywheels will affect street driveability, but they will make you smile. SFI certified. To fit an FM flywheel on a 1.6 engine, you will need a 1.8 clutch. 10.3 or 13.45 lb 1990-05 (08-26500) $295.00 8 lb 2006-12 (08-26100) $379.00

Flyin' Miata clutches

We've worked with a leading clutch manufacturer to develop a new option for the 1990-05 Miata. These new clutches will hold as much torque as an ACT, but have a pedal effort that is much lower and an engagement point that's not buried in the carpet. This makes them easier to drive. Even your hydraulic system and crankshaft thrust bearing will thank you for it! Level I clutches work for any Miata with stock engine internals. The Level II is a little bit heavier, but will hold massive torque - a good option for built engines. 1.8 size - to install on a 1.6 engine, you'll need a 1.8 flywheel as well. We've tested these at over 400 hp at the wheels and they're SFI certified. All clutch kits include the disc, pressure plate, release and pilot bearings, an alignment tool and a clutch switch override to minimize thrust bearing wear. 90 day limited warranty. We recommend changing the rear crank main seal and the transmission input seals when the transmission is removed. You should also check your slave cylinder for leaks. Level I Level II 318 lb/ft 353 lb/ft 1990-05 1990-05 (08-19010) (08-19015) $349.00 $395.00 $487.00 $493.00

ACT Heavy Duty 268 lb/ft ACT Heavy Duty 268 lb/ft

2006-12 5-speed (08-19050) 2006-12 6-speed (08-19050)

braided stainless steel clutch hose stock replacement clutch kit

Ensures 100% of clutch pedal effort gets to the clutch. Direct replacement for the stock part. 1990-05 (08-66000) $37.95

Includes clutch pressure plate, disc, pilot and release bearings and a clutch tool. Perfect for naturally aspirated cars. Built by Mazda OE supplier. One year warranty. 1990-93 (08-50000) $210.00 1994-05 (08-59000) $225.00

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line


exhaust systems

Flyin' Miata exhausts

Great sound, classic looks and solid construction - there's a reason Flyin' Miata exhausts are so popular. They're not the least expensive on the market, but we firmly believe they are the best. Nobody else pays the same attention to detail as we do. They even come with a limited lifetime warranty for the original buyer - see below for details. That's right - it's the last exhaust you'll ever have to buy. All of our exhausts use polished and engraved double-wall tips for a subtle, quality look. In most cases, the tip diameter is 3"/75mm. The mufflers and resonators are tuned to avoid any nasty rasp and provide a deep, powerful sound. The entire system is made in the US by Thermal R&D out of 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. Even the flanges are polished stainless! All tubes are mandrelbent on a CNC bender for high accuracy. The tips are adjustable to make it a snap to get the perfect fit. It might all sound a little obsessive, but do you want anything less on your car? 1990-97 cars have an exhaust system that consists of a header, a catalytic converter and a "cat-back" section with the muffler. The 1999-09 cars are a bit different with a long front pipe that contains the catalytic converter and a shorter muffler piece that starts at the rear axle. 2006 and later cars are similar. Our exhausts sometimes have extra joints in them to make them less expensive to ship, but they're sold in the same sections. Warranty information: Flyin' Miata exhausts have a lifetime warranty against defects and blowouts for the original purchaser. Catalytic converters have a 25,000 mile warranty on their ability to pass emissions, and a 5 year/50,000 mile warranty on the body.

1-0 " turbo exhaust

Go big or go home! For maximum power and spool, we now offer a full 3" exhaust system. When tested on our 266 rwhp MSM, we saw peak power jump by 16 hp, peak torque by 10 lb-ft and maximum boost showed up 200 rpm sooner when compared to one of our 2.5" systems. Even better gains can be expected with larger turbos. The sound is deeper, but no louder than our other turbo exhausts. Due to the size and design of these components, both the standard exhaust and midpipe are replaced. The catalytic converters used are all very high flow metal core units. We have two options. The 3" package replaces the downpipe, midpipe/catalytic converter and muffler. In this case your complete exhaust system will be 3" in diameter right to the tailpipe. This is going to give the maximum benefit. If you're buying a new turbo system, you can get the complete 3" system for only $140 more than a 2.5" setup. If you want to retain your existing downpipe, we have our hybrid system with a standard 2.5" flange and inlet and a 3" outlet. This still showed an 11 hp gain and improved spool over the reference 2.5" exhaust, but not as much as the full 3". If you want to go to a 3" setup later, our 3" upgrade replaces the 2.5" to 3" metal core cat with a full 3" one and adds the downpipe. Available for all 1994-05 Miatas except the 2004-05 Mazdaspeed with a stock turbo. 1.6 cars can use the hybrid setup if they have our hybrid downpipe to mate to a 1.8 catalytic converter. complete 3" system hybrid 3" exhaust 3" upgrade (convert a hybrid system to full 3") 1994-05 1990-05 1994-05 (06-39200) (06-39100) (06-39150) $1019.00 $714.00 $520.00


Flyin' Miata catalytic converter

exhaust systems

Free flowing for better performance yet $300 less than stock! That's hard to ignore. The low backpressure means turbo cars in particular will benefit with more power and quicker spoolup. The same stainless steel flanges used on our exhausts are also used on the cats. This converter is a bit louder than an OEM converter. Limited warranty. Not approved for use in California. 1990-97 (06-76000) $199.00

1-0 midpipe

All stainless steel tubing replacement for the midpipe. Includes a three-way free-flow catalytic converter. Built in two pieces for cheaper shipping and a perfect fit. A high-end clamp ensures your slip joint will never leak. Turbo cars should use the 2.5"/64mm version. Naturally aspirated and supercharged Miatas should use the resonated 2.25"/57mm version. Both midpipes will be louder than stock and neither is compatible with the stock rear muffler on automatic cars. Not approved for use in California. Turbo cars (2.5") Non-turbo cars (2.25") 1999-05 1999-05 (06-58200) (06-58100) $305.00 $325.00

10- 2.2" single exhaust

A sweet-sounding, high-quality replacement exhaust for naturally aspirated and supercharged cars. A resonator is included for the ideal note and no rasp. We've even used these on low-boost turbo cars for a very stealthy setup. 1990-97 (06-17000) $441.00

10- 2." turbo single exhaust

Designed specifically for turbo cars to provide as little back-pressure as possible. Since turbos muffle the engine note, we're able to make the muffler less restrictive. This gives a nice deep rumble with no rasp on a turbo car but it's too loud on naturally aspirated and supercharged cars. If you call and ask us, we'll say the same thing. Of course, it's made of the same high-quality stuff as our other exhausts. Loved by hundreds of turbocharged Miatas! 1990-97 (06-37000) $472.00

1-0 2.2" single exhaust

Ten minutes work gets you more ponies and it sounds great, too! Rear section only. Automatic cars need to have the 2.25" midpipe (06-58100) installed to fit. For naturally aspirated or supercharged cars. 1999-05 (06-18000) $378.00

Low-restriction setup for turbo cars only. Since this is just the rear section, you can add our midpipe (06-58200) for ultimate performance. Midpipe is required for automatic cars. This is not for supercharged or naturally aspirated cars. It's loud in that case. Not "cool" loud, "nasty" loud. 1999-05 (06-38000) $378.00

1-0 turbo single exhaust

200-12 dual exhaust

Long-lived stainless steel, slightly larger 3.5" tips and a nice purr without an obnoxious blare. The quiet version sounds good on supercharged cars with no loss of power. Easy installation in place of the stock muffler and a mild horsepower gain. All this and it's 4 lbs lighter than stock! Adjustable tips mean it's compatible with the factory appearance package. original 2006-12 (06-49005) $379.00 quiet version 2006-12 (06-49010) $399.00

Targa tested!

Racing Beat stainless -1 header

Gorgeous and effective, this header is made of 304 stainless steel with a mirrorlike polish. The flanges are cast stainless steel for strength and to give a better transition from the oval ports to the round tubing. Tuning efforts have been focused on capturing the low to midrange power gains associated with 4-2-1 designed headers, combined with the traditional high-end power gains associated with the 4into-1-header design. Not approved for use in California, although full EGR function is retained. Does not fit with 1990-05 automatic transmissions, turbochargers or some superchargers. 1994-97 version shown. The 2006-12 version does remove a catalytic converter and should be considered for race use only. It's also loud with supercharged cars. Compatible with automatics. 1990-05 2006-12 (06-86100) (06-86100) $425.00 $425.00

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line



Flyin' Miata big brake kits

We've been dealing with big Miata brakes longer than anyone. Over the years, we've designed and developed our own systems. However, Wilwood recently introduced a front-only big brake kit that was well done and very affordable. So our new four-wheel big brake kit uses that as a base, which allows us to supply a kit of the same quality but at a much lower price than before - up to $700 less! The front uses the tried and true four-piston Wilwood forged Dynalite calipers. They're light, compact and effective. The piston size was chosen to be compatible with the Miata's stock hydraulic system. As an added bonus, pad changes are almost ridiculously easy. There's no reason to run a compromise brake pad, just pop in your track pads when you put on your track wheels. The standard pad with the kit is a street and autocross pad, but we can supply race pads if desired. The calipers are mounted to a custom bracket that positions them accurately over the rotor. They're also as light as possible, without extra material. We also supply custom stainless lines for minimal pressure loss. The calipers are wrapped around a 2-piece rotor specifically designed for this application. The rotor is not drilled or slotted. In the rear, we use custom brackets of our own design to space the rear calipers outboard. They're designed to mount to the same surface as the stock caliper, not to an inconsistent surface like some others we've seen. 2001-05 cars with the larger "sport" brakes use the stock brackets. The rear rotors are the same slotted one-piece parts used on those Sport brakes. Again, stainless brake lines are included as are high-performance brake pads and a litre of ATE Super Blue brake fluid. To ensure that you're using these brakes to their fullest potential, we also include an adjustable brake proportioning valve. This will let you dial in the perfect balance regardless of your car's setup. Only Flyin' Miata offers this option. It's not included for 2001-05 Sport cars with ABS, as they use electronic brake proportioning.

Targa tested!

without Sport brakes Sport brakes, no ABS Sport brakes with ABS

1990-93 1994-02 2001-05 2001-05

(14-16205) (14-16205) (14-16205) (14-16205)

$999.00 $999.00 $949.00 $899.00

brake upgrade kits

Bring your stock brake system up to its maximum potential and save! While this won't make your brakes any bigger, it will make them work as well as possible. Slotted rotors, Porterfield sport pads, DOT approved braided stainless steel brake lines and ATE Super Blue brake fluid. In 2001-02, the optional Sport brakes were introduced. All Miatas that came from the factory with 16" or 17" wheels have the Sport brakes, while 14" or 15" mean the normal 1994-02 size. Be sure to order the correct parts! 1990-93 1994-02 2001-05 2006-12 (14-10000) (14-19000) (14-19005) (14-19010) $546.00 $600.00 $675.00 $749.00

Sport brakes

Powerslot replacement brake rotors

High-quality manufacturing, electro-deposited anti-rust coating and dynamic balancing make these rotors a top-quality choice. The slots extend brake pad life by "wiping" the white-hot boundary layer from the disc and pad, increasing braking efficiency and extending pad life without the risk of cracking that comes with drilled rotors. Sold in pairs. 1990-93 front (14-10100) $140.00 rear (14-10200) $140.00 non-Sport Sport 1994-02 2001-05 2006-10 front rear front rear front rear (14-19100) (14-19200) (14-19300) (14-19400) (14-19500) (14-19510) $183.00 $144.00 $241.00 $186.00 $245.00 $159.00

ATE Super Blue brake fluid

Racing brake fluid from ATE. DOT 4 rated. The high dry boiling point means there's less chance of boiling your fluid under hard use. A high wet boiling point means better safety with older fluid. Dry boiling point 280C (536F), wet 200C (392F). 1990-12 (10-36005) $15.75


Flyin' Miata brake proportioning kit

When you're braking, much of your car's weight is transferred forward to the front wheels. This means the fronts have much more traction than the rears - anyone who has played around on a bicycle knows how this works. If you lock the back brakes first, your car wants to spin. If you lock the fronts first, you're not getting maximum benefit out of the rears. That's why brake bias - the proportioning of braking done by the front vs rear brakes - is so important. Mazda gave the Miata a lot of front brake bias because it's safer for the average driver and covers a wide range of potential conditions. But when you lower the car, put on better brake pads or install stickier tires, you change the ideal brake bias. So what can you do? This kit lets you easily install an adjustable proportioning valve in place of your factory one. That gives you control over the brake bias so you can dial in the perfect balance for your car and even for the conditions on a race track on a particular day if you want. The key to making this a bolt-on is FM's exclusive 10mm flare adapter, a part so elusive we had to have it made to our own specs! The kit includes everything you need for installation except brake fluid, and the adapter is available separately in case you need it for some other project. Possibly one of the best values in brake upgrades. 2006 and later Miatas would have to use two of these kits, set the same way. It's not something we recommend. If you have another car that shares the Miata's brake line fittings, this kit may work there as well. We know some of the Nissan crowd have installed them. Call us if you'd like more details. complete proportioning kit 1990-05 (14-76240) $69.95


Targa tested!

Wilwood proportioning valve 1990-05 NPT to 10mm inverted flare adapter 1990-05

(14-76250) (14-76255)

$43.00 $10.95

braided stainless steel brake line kit

Stainless steel brake lines don't expand under pressure, so they'll give your Miata a firmer brake pedal. Our lines are DOT-approved and have a clear plastic sheath over the braid to protect everything else from the lines. 1990-05 (14-66000) $104.95 2006-12 (14-66050) $155.00

Porterfield brake pads

The R4S is a sweetheart of a brake pad. Carbon-Kevlar construction with no dusting, no squealing, easy on rotors, but excellent stopping power both on the street and the autocross course. They've even won the Baja 1000, although not in a Miata. Even other brake manufacturers envy this compound. It'll work well in just about every situation except for heavy track use. You must re-use your stock anti-rattle clips. The R4 is a Carbon-Kevlar race pad, best when temperatures are between 450F and 1200F. Won't wilt under hard track use like the R4S can, but not as happy, quiet or consistent on the street. R4S (14-39100 / 14-39200) R4 (14-39110 / 14-39210) 1990-93 $83.95 front / $72.95 rear $94.95 front / $94.95 rear 1994-02 $83.95 front / $72.95 rear $112.00 front / $104.95 rear 2001-05 (Sport) $109.00 front / $93.95 rear $147.00 front / $137.00 rear 2006-12 $119.95 front / $99.95 rear $149.95 front / $129.95 rear

wheels and tires

Nothing makes a more dramatic difference to the look and performance of your car than a good set of wheels and tires. Unfortunately, that can be good or bad. If you make the wrong decision, you can end up with a Miata that has lost its sense of fun. That's where we come in. Flyin' Miata is a Tire Rack dealer and can provide just about any wheel and tire you might want. Why buy from us? Because nobody knows Miatas better than we do. Chances are we've tried the tire you're talking about on a Miata, and we know what tires suit the car best. Because we're a Tire Rack dealer, if you order wheels and tires from us you'll get free mounting and balancing. We're unusual in that Tire Rack will happily ship directly to you - they don't usually do that for their dealers. In other words, you'll get Tire Rack's excellent pricing with the technical assistance of Flyin' Miata. That's a good combination. You can give us a call and we'll help you determine what works best for you. We're always on the lookout for good options, and we can help regardless of whether you're looking for a reasonably light but affordable setup, a set of winter tires or a no-compromises autocross winner. From long-lived stock replacements to a set of massive 255/4017 tires wrapped around 17x9 wheels we'll help you get your Miata the boots it deserves.

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line



Why do Flyin' Miata's suspension parts work so well? Because we drive Miatas every day. We test them constantly. We take them to the track. We autocross them. We run them in the Targa Newfoundland. We talk to Miata owners, help them build the best car for their needs, and listen to their feedback. The end result is suspension that takes the Miata's strengths and builds on them. We know we have a lot of options. That's because people use Miatas in all sorts of different ways. If you want help choosing the perfect setup for your car, give us a call. You'll probably talk to someone who was involved in designing and testing the very parts you're considering. We'd be happy to help you make your Miata into exactly what you need.

Flyin' Miata suspension

V-Maxx or FM springs?

We know, it's a bit confusing to have both our FM Stage 1 and the V-Maxx suspension in the catalog. Both of them are good all-around packages that can be used for daily driving, autocrossing, canyon carving or dive-bombing the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca. But there are some differences. The Stage 1 ride height cannot be adjusted, and was set at a height that gives excellent performance while retaining lots of suspension travel. The adjustable shock settings let you tweak the ride and handling to your satisfaction, but there are no options for the ride height. The shocks have a lifetime warranty. If you're commuting with your Miata or have a tendency to do cross-country trips with a track day at the end, this is the way to go. The V-Maxx has adjustable spring perches that let you set your ride height and cornerweight the car. The spring rates are about 25% higher than the FM parts. This is a more race-oriented setup than the FM springs, but is still comfortable enough to drive for extended periods. The ride height generally should be set about 1/2" lower than the FM spring setup. We do recommend some chassis braces when installed on a 1990-97 model to take full advantage of the springs. We recommend this one for Miatas that need the ride height adjustment or that are biased more towards track and autocross duty.

NB upgrades?

The NB - the 1999-05 model - incorporated some design changes. With our NB conversion kits, we supply everything you need to retrofit these later parts to your early Miata. The end result sits at our design ride height but has the benefits of the newer design such as improved ride quality. They bolt right in with no modifications required. These packages are identified as "1990-97 NB", and include the factory upper mounts with bushings, the later spring and shock design and new bumpstops.

FM V-Maxx coilovers

You'd be amazed at how many suspension systems we test at Flyin' Miata. Even with a full line of parts, we're always looking for good options to pass along to our customers. When we first tried the V-Maxx suspension, we didn't expect it to be any good due to the low price. To our surprise, it was better than most - but it wasn't quite right. So we changed the spring rates and bumpstop design until we had an end result that met our expectations, and worked with the manufacturer to bring our version to market. So what makes them work? One of the problems with a lot of coilover setups is that the spring can go loose under full droop. When that happens, there's nothing to extend your shock any further so you've essentially reached the end of your suspension travel. The helper spring in the V-Maxx coilovers helps to extend the wheel further and gives more useful suspension travel. Both springs work together to give excellent compliance that absorbs small bumps. This means high levels of grip and composure. Once the helper spring is fully compressed, the main spring takes over. The helper springs are 112 lb/in, which gives them enough strength to overcome the damping of the shock and stay active. Since the spring perch is adjustable, you have full control over ride height and cornerweighting. The stock upper mounts are retained and we have an NB upgrade option available. The shock bodies are slightly shorter to give more compression travel at a low ride height. They have a two-year warranty. They're not quite in the same league as the AFCOs in terms of outright speed, but they do offer excellent value and are a good choice for someone who wants an inexpensive coilover setup. They've also been tested on the Targa, so we know they're much more capable than the price might lead you to believe.

FM V-Maxx adjustable coilovers

V-Maxx calls these the XXtreme - the popular V-Maxx, now with adjustable damping! Both rebound and compression are adjusted together with a small knob on the side, allowing you to fine-tune the shock to your needs. It will also allow you to use different spring rates. These are available with a choice of two spring sets. The Sport spring rates are 391 lb/in in the front and 258 lb/in in the rear, which gives a good handling balance and good ride quality. The Track rates are 504 lb/in front and 336 lb/in in the rear. This is firm but liveable on the street, but not ideal for a daily driver. Let us know what spring rate you want to use at the time of order. 1990-05 (13-16250) $795.00 1990-97 NB (13-16250) $895.00

FM V-Maxx non-adjustable coilovers

Targa tested!

Fixed damping to go with the standard 391 lb/in (front) and 258 lb/in (rear) springs. This is a great value for anyone who's looking for a performance suspension out of the box. They've been so popular since their introduction that the factory hasn't been able to keep up! 1990-05 1990-97 NB (13-16210) (13-16210) $595.00 $695.00


Flyin' Miata AFCO suspension

We've been saying for a while that the key to making a suspension work is to give it room to move. The AFCOs illustrate this extremely well. The long travel not only helps the suspension absorb big hits, it also makes the car extremely stable under almost every condition. For example, when you're braking hard and hit a bump or a berm on track, the ability of the suspension to absorb that bump makes the difference between the car staying under control or darting around with locked wheels. The suspension was originally developed using our Targa Newfoundland racer. It needed to be able to deal with some of the roughest roads in North America at race speeds. It had to be stable and responsive at high speed on both smooth and broken pavement for long periods of time, so the shock had to be able to deal well with internal heat. The town stages are basically autocrosses that last for 5 minutes. After testing a number of options, we realized that we were going to have to build our own system. We started with the AFCO system that won the SCCA Runoffs for three years in a row, and proceeded to develop a setup with maximum travel. We spent months exploring variations in upper mounts, valving, shaft and body length, bumpstops, spring rates and even the material used for the internal check ball. Then we sent the car to the Targa Newfoundland for the real test. 100 mph mid-corner bumps. Dips and crests at high speed. Speed bumps taken at 80 mph. The unflappable composure of the car regardless of the road surface even impressed the spectators. Despite the huge variety of road conditions and corners, the car never got unstable. But it's not just a rally suspension - everything that makes it work on rough pavement makes it very effective on the track. We have run them in autocrosses and racked up a number of FTDs. The very first time we ran these at our track, the AFCOequipped car was the fastest Miata there despite a nearly 100 hp handicap over the next fastest - which was also fitted with a high-end coilover. In fact, the AFCO car set a new track record for Miatas that day. Our customers have also found dramatic improvements in lap times. One customer reported dropping 6.2 seconds from his lap time at Willow Springs when compared to his old Koni setup - and that's on a track he's been driving for 20 years. These results may not be typical, but they show just what a difference good suspension can make. The US-built shocks have an aluminum body for light weight, good heat control and long life. There are 22 settings for compression damping and 32 for rebound, separately adjustable. The independent adjustments allow the handling to be fine-tuned exceptionally well. Naturally, the shocks are rebuildable. The springs are heat treated twice and carry a lifetime warranty. Standard rates are 450 lb/in front and 300 lb/in rear, but we can supply just about any springs you need. The wide adjustment range means the shocks can deal with up to 750 lb springs on the stock valving, and custom valving is available. Includes bumpstops and custom upper mounts, not shown. 1990-05 (13-16200) $1999.00


Targa tested!

How do we know these are good? We designed them ourselves based on 20 years of driving and racing Miatas. Our goal was a spring that we could drive 250 miles to the track over bumpy, twisty mountain passes, lap ourselves silly and then drive home again. That's a good description of a typical track outing at Flyin' Miata, and the springs do a great job. We ran them on the Targa Newfoundland in 2011 on our 2006 Miata, and the car's composure over the rough stuff was excellent. The same car has also been run on tracks from Laguna Seca to Hallett without a change in the setup. As part of our search for suspension movement, the ride height is a bit taller than most other "lowering" springs and we run a higher spring rate. It seems counter-intuitive at first that stiffer springs will ride better, but it's all a matter of staying off the bumpstops and letting the suspension move. Our springs have linear rates of 318 lb/in front and 233 lb/in rear for 1990-05 cars, and 300 lb/in front, 196 lb/in rear for the 2006-12. How much will they lower your car? If measured from the center of the wheel to the fender lip, a 1990-97 will end up approximately 12.5"-13" (330mm) in the front and 13"-13.25" (336mm) in the rear. 1999-05 cars are 12.5" front and 13" rear, while 2006+ cars sit at 13.5" front and 13.75" rear. Stock Miata heights varied over the years so you'll have to measure yours in order to figure out how much it will drop. Set of four. Not recommended with stock shocks due to lack of damping. We designed these to work best with the Tokico Illumina or HTS shocks, although they can be used with Konis, some Bilsteins, KYB AGX and others. 1990-05 (13-46500) $249.00 Targa tested! 2006-12 (13-46500) $289.00

Flyin' Miata springs

Ground Control coilover kits

Gound Control coilover sleeves give you the ability to change ride height, cornerweight and experiment with different spring rates. They add spring adjustability to a normal shock. The concept is the same as our V-Maxx setup, but without the secondary springs. Includes a set of four high-quality Eibach race series springs, threaded perches, an adjustment wrench and everything else needed for installation. Standard rates are 425 lb/in front, 300 lb/in rear for Tokico shocks, and 375 lb/in front, 250 lb/in rear for others. Custom rates are also available. Available for the KYB AGX, Tokico Illumina, Koni Sport or Bilsteins - shocks are not included. You can add these to any of our suspension packages in place of FM springs for an extra $199. Sorry, they're not available for the 2006+ cars at the moment. 1990-05 (please call) $399.00

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suspension packages

suspension packages

Our suspension packages are a great way to take advantage of all of our experience and testing, and get a matched set of components. Instead of the trial and error of collecting bits and pieces from all over the place, you know you'll get a kit of parts that will work together as if they were designed together - which they were. The packages are complete, with everything you need to install. You can find descriptions of the individual components in the catalog. As an added bonus, you'll save money!

packages using Flyin' Miata springs FM stage 1

An excellent starting point. FM's highly respected springs matched with Tokico shocks. includes bumpstops 1990-97 includes bumpstops 1990-97 NB 1999-05 2006-12

(13-16650) (13-16650) (13-16650) (13-16650)

$729.00 $984.00 $789.00 $899.00

FM stage 1.

Take Stage 1 and add our rear shock mounts for more rear suspension travel. Very popular with significant others due to the ride quality. includes bumpstops 1990-97 (13-16655) $934.00 Great handling in a box! This is a complete suspension upgrade, combining our springs, Tokico shocks and custom-designed sway bars. If the Miata rode and handled this well from the factory, we'd have a smaller catalog. includes bumpstops 1990-97 (13-16600) $894.00 includes bumpstops 1990-97 NB (13-16600) $1134.00 1999-05 (13-16600) $954.00 Targa tested! 2006-12 (13-16600) $1129.00

FM stage 2

Take our Stage 2 kit and add the rear shock mounts for a great overall suspension. includes bumpstops 1990-97 (13-16610)

FM stage 2.


packages using FM V-Maxx coilovers V-Maxx stage 1

The FM V-Maxx coilover package. As seen on page 26. includes bumpstops includes bumpstops 1990-05 1990-97 NB (13-16210) (13-16210) $595.00 $695.00

V-Maxx stage 2

Take our exclusive V-Maxx suspension and add our sway bars. An inexpensive option for maximum performance. includes bumpstops 1990-05 (13-16720) Targa tested! includes bumpstops 1990-97 NB (13-16720) $749.00 $849.00

packages using adjustable V-Maxx coilovers V-Maxx adjustable stage 1

The adjustable FM V-Maxx package. Includes bumpstops for all models. 1990-05 1990-97 NB (13-16250) (13-16250) $795.00 $895.00

V-Maxx adjustable stage 2

Adjustable FM V-Maxx coilovers plus a set of sway bars. This gives you control over just about every factor of your suspension setup. Includes bumpstops for all models. 1990-05 1990-97 NB (13-16750) (13-16750) $949.00 $1049.00


Flyin' Miata performance sway bars

sways and bushings

Possibly the best bang for the buck in Miata performance. Upgraded sway bars are one of the best ways to improve your Miata's handling and are easy to install. Now available for the latest Miata! The bars transfer load from one side of the car to the other under cornering so you have less body roll. This means less camber change for your suspension, quicker turn-in and much faster transitions. Since they only come in to play when only one wheel tries to move, they have little impact on the ride. By adjusting the stiffness of the bars front and rear, you can also easily change the handling balance of the car to suit your needs. Our swaybars are hot formed from 4140 CrMo spring steel. This means they're stronger than the cold-formed bars found elsewhere. The front and rear 2006-12 bars are even tubular for light weight. We've designed them to keep the same handling balance as your stock sways, but they have two or three settings in the front and three in the rear for fine-tuning. Includes brackets and urethane bushings with waterproof grease. Designed as a matched set, but individual bars are available. You may need adjustable end links to reach all of the holes, especially on 1990-97 cars. 7/8" front, 5/8" rear 1990-93 (13-36500) $199.00 1" front, 5/8" rear 1994-05 (13-36500) $199.00 Targa tested! 1" front, 3/4" rear 2006-12 (13-36500) $249.00 front or rear bar only front or rear bar only 1990-05 2006-12 (13-36510/20) (13-36510/20) $104.00 $135.00

Racing Beat adjustable end links

Why do you need adjustable end links? Well, they allow you to remove any preload from the sway bar. They're not necessarily required with every aftermarket bar, but they are the last step in corner-weighting the car to ensure it's perfectly neutral. 1990-97 cars probably need new bushings in theirs by now anyhow. The weakest point in most adjustable end links is usually the rod end (or "Heim joint") at the ends. Rod ends allow for a good range of motion and they look like awesome race car parts, but they wear over time. The speed at which they wear depends on the quality of the bearing and the environment in which you live. These Racing Beat end links deal with that problem by using an end link design like the factory parts. In the case of the 1990-97, the factory rubber bushings are replaced with tough urethane (top in the picture). The 1999 and later cars used a ball joint from the factory, so that's what we have here (bottom of the picture). The ball joints allow for a larger range of motion than most rod ends and are very resistant to wear. Sold in pairs, two pairs needed for an entire car. The urethane ends will fit 1990-97 models. Ball joint units are for 1999-05 and 2006+ applications. Please note that their minimum length is the same as a 2006+ stock rear end link. The ball-jointed units can also be used on a 1990-97 when fitted with control arms from a 1999-05 or our tubular control arms. 1990-97 (13-99000) $65.00 1999-12 (13-99900) $85.00

heavy duty sway bar mounts

Under extreme use, the stock front sway bar mounts on the Miata can tear right off the frame. This is usually only a concern with oversize sway bars and motorsport use with sticky tires, but it can happen in these conditions. The 1999-05 cars are weaker than the 1990-97 in this regard. The solution comes from Mazda Competition in the form of these upgraded mounts. Beautifully made and fully boxed, they're much more effective than band-aid solutions. To install, you'll have to drill out a couple of spot welds to remove the old mounts and bolt these into place. No welding is required. Mounting points for both 1990-93 and 1994-05 sway bars are included, which is useful if you have a 1.6 with a 1.8 engine and need to move the sway further forward for a little more room up by the pulley. Fits all 1990-05 Miatas. Sold in pairs. 1990-05 (13-36600) $156.00

Tokico Illumina shocks

Our favorite affordable shock for the 1990-05 cars. We've been running the Illumina for over a decade and a half on some of our personal cars. Compared to other shocks in the class, it has a better ride and the ability to handle stiffer springs well. It's what we used to develop our springs, and we include them in our suspension kits. 5-way adjustments give you control over both compression and rebound damping simultaneously. Limited lifetime warranty. set of 4 1990-97 (13-57027) $519.00 set of 4 1999-05 (13-58027) $654.00

Tokico HTS shocks

The biggest problem with the 2006 and later Miata is the shock absorber specification - especially the 2006-08 model. Mazda is usually pretty good at this, so we can't explain how they got it so wrong. However, we can solve it. These shocks won't lower the car, but they will fix the odd suspension behavior so the car works much better. If you're only going to do one thing to a 2006+, this is it. The HTS is the next generation of Tokico shocks, and gives a very good ride while dealing with both stock and stiffer springs with aplomb. Both compression and rebound can be adjusted together through a wide range, and there are no "clicks" in the adjustment so you can dial them right in. They're the base for our 2006-12 suspension kits. set of 4 2006-12 (13-58040) $669.00 Targa tested! optional remote adjuster cable for the rear. Two required. (13-58048) $29.95

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tubular control arms

The Miata's control arms were designed with mass production in mind. They're made of stamped steel, and they could be both lighter and stiffer. Mazda recognized the latter and actually added reinforcements over the years to ensure the arms wouldn't bend under hard use, but there's only so much they could do, plus this added weight. These tubular arms from V8 Roadsters remove an average of 3 lbs of weight per corner. Even better, this is semisprung weight so it has a real effect on how well your suspension reacts to bumps. They're also stiffer than the stock parts so you'll have more consistent suspension geometry. Thanks to a clever design, they add extra camber adjustment both front and rear. The position of the ball joint on the lower front control arm can be altered using a factory Miata alignment cam, increasing camber without affecting wheel-to-spring clearance. The rear upper control arm adds an adjustment, allowing the rear camber to be increased and gives more fender clearance at the same time. Perfect for cars that just can't get the right camber. The arms are fitted with polyurethane bushings for the best ride/handling compromise and the upper ball joint is replacable - unlike the factory part. An excellent upgrade for a track-driven Miata that needs less weight, more strength and more camber! We ran a half set on the Targa Miata in order to reach our alignment numbers, and they withstood the pounding without any complaint. complete set 1990-05 1990-05 1990-05 1990-05 1990-05 (13-81100) (13-81010) (13-81015) (13-81000) (13-81005) $1795.00 $350.00 $221.95 $350.00 $205.00 front lower arm, single front upper arm, single rear lower arm, single rear upper arm, single

Targa tested!

Banish rubber from your car's suspension completely! Polyurethane bushings will make your suspension move differently. Instead of relying on a rubber bushing that twists and can preload your suspension, these bushings move freely throughout their entire range. There's less deflection and thus more precision. You'll get a bit more high-frequency vibration through the car, but it will feel smoother. The differential bushing upgrade will cut down on differential movement, making it harder to do the classic accidental 2-5 shift and transmitting power to the wheels with less slop. Complete set - control arms, stock sways, differential and end link bushings 1990-05 (13-98112) $284.00 Front control arms only Rear control arms only Differential bushings only 1990-05 1990-05 1990-05 (13-98111) (13-98110) (13-98100) $123.00 $174.00 $41.95

polyurethane suspension bushings

rubber suspension bushings

Designed by IL Motorsports in Germany, this bushing set is just like the factory set but with rubber that's about 30-40% stiffer. Mazda Competition makes a set like this but it's very expensive. The magic of the IL Motorsports parts is that they're actually affordable. Why rubber? Some people prefer it because it's easier to deal with over the long term. There's no need to ever regrease them and there's no chance they'll squeak. It's what Mazda used in the first place. A great choice for a street car. The suspension will keep the same feel as stock, right down to the variable durometers used in different locations and the addition of a "bushing spring" to your spring rate. The stiffer rubber will decrease the amount of deflection in your suspension, giving more precision than stock parts. They are a bit more difficult to install than poly, as they will have to be pressed in. Complete control arm set (13-98120) $379.00


Flyin' Miata rear shock mounts

A lowered Miata has very little suspension travel in the rear, especially on the 1990-97 cars. Our shock mounts increase rear wheel travel dramatically without affecting ride height. That's an important distinction from others on the market, which will drop the car down. This makes a huge difference in the ride and allows the suspension to work properly instead of hitting the bumpstops. Available for almost all aftermarket springs and shocks. Not recommended with stock springs due to a loss in suspension droop, and they don't work with the V-Maxx because you end up with too much travel. Sold in pairs, not for use in the front because the front wheels will hit the fenders. Not needed on 1999-05 cars because Mazda increased rear wheel travel. Not needed with AFCO shocks. Includes a pair of our MCU bumpstops (below). 1990-97 (13-57100) $263.00

Flyin' Miata MCU bumpstops

The stock bumpstops in a 1990-97 Miata are a hard rubber design, and the Miata spends a surprising amount of time on them. Mazda changed the design in 1999 to give more travel, a smoother ride and more predictable handling. These multi-cellular urethane (MCU) units are a step up from that and fit all 1990-05 Miatas. They make such a difference to the 1990-97 cars that we've made them standard equipment in our suspension kits for those years. Even if you're running stock springs and shocks, you'll be amazed at the improvement you feel. 4 stops are needed per car. set of 2 1990-05 (13-56100) $49.95


FM frame rails and butterfly brace

We saw a lot of damaged frame rails on Miatas, so we decided to do something about it. We started with two stainless steel rails bolted over the top of the factory rails. Some instrumented testing showed a 30% decrease in twist on a car already equipped with a roll bar. Not bad! The new rails are much stronger than the originals and can be used for a jacking point. High-strength stainless fasteners are used to avoid any rust problems in the future. Intended for 1990-02 Miatas although they also can be used for cars with the Sport bracing if one factory brace is left off. We recently redesigned them to cut the weight by 30%. To make the car even stiffer, we added the stainless steel butterfly-shaped center section to join the rails and turn the transmission tunnel into a box. This makes a tired 1990 feel like a brand new 2005 and gives the suspension a solid platform to work from. As Grassroots Motorsports said after trying it on their car, "It's like we removed a few hundred thousand miles from the odometer". The center section is adjustable to clear exhaust systems of different sizes and designs and can be removed for full access to the transmission tunnel. The fuel and brake lines are protected by the braces and the whole assembly is strong enough that it can actually act as a skid plate. A car equipped with our frame rails can be upgraded to the full butterfly setup later, if desired. With most exhausts, ground clearance is not affected. Total weight is 25 lbs, all below the center of gravity and between the wheels. Not intended for cars with the 200102 Sport bracing, 2003-05 models or 1990-93 cars with a stock downpipe and catalytic converter.

make it stiff

Targa tested!

frame rails only complete butterfly brace (includes frame rails)

1990-05 1990-02

(13-69010) (13-69920)

$159.00 $399.00

Flyin' Miata lightweight trailer hitch

Trailer hitches for Miatas are nothing new. But how many of them have undergone finite element analysis? Ours has. The result is a hitch that only adds 5-11 lbs to your Miata (depending on year) when the ball mount is removed. Perfect for track day cars. The hitch is rated at 1000 lbs with a 100 lb tongue weight. In theory, it's strong enough to hang the car from, although we haven't actually tried this yet. You get your choice of our ball mount (shown) or a receiver attachment that accepts all popular 1.25" accessories. The receiver also has SCCA-legal integrated tow hooks. Available for all Miatas but will not clear the 2004-05 Mazdaspeed rear bumper. 1990-97 (29-50000) 1999-05 (29-51000) 2006-12 (29-52000) extra ball mount or receiver attachment

$225 $225 $225 $120

Flyin' Miata shock tower brace

While the Miata has a good double-wishbone suspension, there's still stress on the shock towers from the shocks and overall chassis loads. Reinforcing this area will improve steering feel and precision as well as cut down on cowl shake. Don't be fooled by inexpensive, shiny bars - look at the strength of the cross bar and towers and you'll see that many of the bars available are just for looks. We also designed ours to bolt solidly together instead of having a pivot where the bar meets the tower. We didn't attach the bar to the firewall because, well, there's just not structure in that flimsy steel up top. Simple installation. Fits 1990-97 models with Miata engines and most turbos and superchargers as well as 1990-05 LSx V8 cars without insulated intake manifolds or coil covers. 1990-93 models may need upper mounts with longer studs - you need at least 1/8" of threads exposed above the nuts before installation. 1990-97 (13-26020) $159.95

Frog Arms

All the loads from your front suspension are transferred to the chassis through the two front chassis arms. Frog Arms bolt on underneath the front fenders and reinforce this stressed area, giving more precision to your handling. You could seam-weld your car for a similar improvement, but that's time-consuming, messy and pretty difficult for most people to do - instead, the Frog Arms simply bolt in to place. They might be bright green, but they live under the fenders so they're completely invisible when installed. We install these on almost every one of our V8 conversions to prepare the chassis for the torque of the big engine. 1990-05 (13-71000) $250.00

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line



Hard Dog roll bars

When you're dealing with the sort of performance that's found in a Flyin' Miata, some extra safety equipment is a good idea. That's why we sell the full line of Hard Dog roll bars. Every bar we sell is a proper roll bar designed for your protection. We can't guarantee you won't get hurt if you turn your Miata upside down, but we'll give you every advantage we can. The complete line of Hard Dog products is fairly complex, and the right bar for you will depend on your particular needs. Give us a call or check for full details. Here's a rundown of the basic options. All bars are black powdercoat, and shipping inside the continental US is $75-$85, depending on model.

10-0 cars


The Sport bar is our favorite street bar because it's easy to live with, but is still accepted at many track events - although we do recommend checking with the organizers. Made of 1.5" DOM tubing, it allows the use of both hard and soft tops and does not interfere with seat travel. It's available in configurations that allow the use of either stock or aftermarket glass windows. You can get it with a single, double or no diagonals or the new X brace. A harness bar is optional on the 1990-97 models and harness tabs on the 1999-05, although the bar is too low for harnesses for most drivers. 1990-05 from $345.00

Hard Core

The Hard Core sits a bit further forward and a bit taller. It's made of 1.75" DOM tube and is legal for SCCA Solo I use if you can get low enough to meet the required 2" clearance. Unfortunately, it interferes with the side latches for the hardtop although the top can be bolted in place. It does affect seat travel slightly. It comes standard with harness mounting points and a single diagonal. A second diagonal or X brace is optional. 1990-05 from $455.00

Hard Core Hard Top

Basically a Sport with a standard diagonal and harness attachments, made of the stronger 1.75" tubing. 1990-05 from $465.00


Fancy the old Cobra look? The Deuce is for you. It's made of beefy 1.75" tubing and has lots of solid structure underneath - it's not just a pretty style bar. The double-hump design avoids the race car look of more traditional roll bar designs, and the rear bracing can be attached at the top of the bar (shown) or the side. No seat travel restrictions or interference with any sort of top or rear window style. It sits a bit lower than the Sport so it does not offer as much clearance in the event of an unplanned inversion. It's best for those who put a bit more emphasis on form than function. Not legal for track use in most cases. 1990-05 from $445.00


The Ace is a traditionally-styled bar that sits behind the seats. It's shorter than a Sport so it won't offer quite as much protection, but it's compatible with all windows and does not affect the seatbelts. It shares the same design between the seat belt towers as the Deuce, adding to side impact protection considerably. Available with one, two or no diagonals in either the main hoop or the rear braces. Harness attachment points are options, but we don't recommend them. 1990-05 from $355.00

200-12 cars


This bar bolts into the beefy mounting points for the factory hoops. Made of strong 1.75" DOM tubing, there are rear braces hidden under the rear deck of the car with large backing plates for a strong footing. Full seat movement is retained. For extra strength, a removable Petty bar can be installed for track use, and the optional harness bar gives you a place to anchor yourself down. Not compatible with the power hard top. 2006-12 from $425.00

Hard Bar

Targa tested! 2

The Power Retractable Hard Top cars can't use the Sport bar, as the rear braces interfere with the top. The Hard Bar is constructed of the same materials, but without the rear braces. For track use, the optional Petty bar will give you fore-aft bracing and should make this bar legal for track roll-over protection. Fits all 2006-12 Miatas. We'd recommend using the Sport when possible. 2006-12 from $325.00

Willans racing harnesses


safety/ online

A 5 year certification - many inexpensive harnesses are only 2 year - and high-end hardware make Willans harnesses the choice of the serious racer. Available in blue, black or red, 2-inch or 3-inch widths, and four- or six-point configurations. It's what we use. Not intended for use in a car without a roll bar. 2 inch four point 1990-12 (20-76000) $240.00 3 inch four point 1990-12 (20-76100) $260.00 sub belt (turns a harness into a six point style) 1990-12 (20-76200) $45.00

padding covers

SFI certified padding, pre-formed to fit Hard Dog bars. Available for all Hard Core and Sport bars. An excellent addition to protect your head from the hard metal of a roll bar. Adhesive backed. 1990-12 (please call) $45.00 Want a high-end look while improving protection? These vinyl or leather covers have the formed SFI padding underneath a stylish exterior. Available for Hard Core and Sport bars. vinyl (please call) $85.00 leather (please call) $125.00

harness bar

Prefer to attach your harnesses to a bar instead of tabs? This bar bolts into any 1990-05 Miata to provide a solid attachment point. Intended for use with a roll bar only. 1990-05 (20-66000) $150.00


Shift-i LED tach

Put some Formula 1 tech in your Miata! This little device installs with four wires and will light up a series of 7 super-bright LEDs as you wind through the rev range. Great for monitoring engine speed on the track through your peripheral vision. It automatically dims at night and you get to program exactly when the lights come on to suit your taste. As an added bonus, it'll display your battery voltage when you turn on the ignition. Keith and Brandon both run these in their track cars. Fits all Miatas and most other cars and motorcycles as well. 1990-12 (23-96310) $169.95

Flyin' Miata pedals

High performance driving means high performance footwork. This pedal set extends your gas pedal for easier heel-toe work and has more grip than the stock rubber covers. Yes, it has been properly tested - these pedals offer 50% more grip than stock when dry and 30% more when wet. They fasten securely to your stock pedals for worry-free driving. Includes an extension for the gas pedal, brake/clutch pedals and a dead pedal with the Flyin' Miata name. Okay, so maybe you don't need a high-traction dead pedal. But it's good to know that not only do they look good, they'll improve your performance! Available for all Miatas and MX-5s. The 2006-12 pedals are shaped differently and do not extend the gas pedal to the side. gas pedal extension only 1990-12 1990-05 (21-74000) (21-74900) $89.95 $24.95

Targa tested!

Flyin' Miata tow hooks

Great for track cars, cool for street cars. You never want to have to use a tow hook, but it can happen. SCCA-legal front and rear tow hooks made from 3/16" steel and powdercoated white for visibility. The front one can be mounted on the left or the right. The rear is not compatible with our trailer hitch and fits 1990-97 models only. set front rear 1990-97 1990-05 1990-97 (29-90000) (29-99000) (29-99001) $44.95 $22.95 $24.95

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line

Miata care

It's not complicated, but it'll make you a ninja at timing belt changes. The tool holds your camshaft gears in place while you pull off the belt, ensuring there's no chance of misaligning anything. You can even ziptie it to the gears to keep everything aligned while you change the cam seal. And to ensure you never lose it, we sized it so it can work as a keychain - and added a secondary function as well. Whether the job in front of you involves a timing belt or liquid refreshment, this tool has your back. 1990-05 (35-62000) $14.95

Flyin' Miata ninja tool

Flyin' Miata crank holding tool

Years ago, Bill made a cool tool to hold the crank in place while torquing the front crank bolt. It was very useful - and we realized that other people might want one too. So here it is, made out of laser-cut stainless steel. Fits both longand short-nose cranks. As an added bonus, the FM tech line phone number is engraved on the tool in case you get in a jam. 1990-05 (35-61000) $14.95

Flyin' Miata crank seal install tool

If the front crank seal is not installed straight, you have to take the timing belt off again to fix it. We designed this simple tool to make the job foolproof. Available for 1990-91 and 1991-05 crank noses. A great addition to a club toolbox. 1990-05 (35-60000) $22.95 Want to lift up both wheels on one side of your Miata at once so you can put it on jackstands or quickly swap tires? We do this all the time. Slide the jack under the middle of the car for a quick lift. Too bad Mazda only reinforced the seam at the front and rear of the car! Well, FM's exclusive jack adapter solves this problem by distributing the weight on to the sill instead of the seam. 3" base sits nicely on most aluminum racing jacks. Fits many cars, not just Miatas. Unfortunately, it does not fit 2009-12 models. 1990-08 (35-70000) $19.95

FM jack adapter

Flyin' Miata mechanics gloves

These gloves have knuckle protection on the back, surrounded by stretch fabric. The palms and fingers are covered with a synthetic leather, with a bit of extra padding where you need it but without making the gloves bulky. These gloves aren't only comfortable, but they also include the FM tech line phone number embroidered on the elasticized cuff for when you need a bit of help! M, L, XL, XXL (45-60000) $19.95

Our timing belt kit is a little more expensive than some others because it includes the tensioner and idler pulleys. We find almost every Miata needs new ones when doing a timing belt. In addition to the timing belt, it includes cam seals, front crank seal, a cam cover gasket and a CAS O-ring (if required). Accessory belts sold separately. Don't get caught on a Saturday afternoon without parts you need! 1990-05 (04-80000) $159.00

timing belt kit

various electrical parts

Magnecor spark plug wires

Quality plug wires, stainless steel spiral wound core. Much higher quality than the NGKs. Stock wires usually last 20,000-30,000 miles (30,000-45,000 km) and are possibly the only weak link in the Miata drivetrain. No RF interference. 8 mm wires are blue, 8.5mm are red. Naturally aspirated cars 8 mm 1990-00 (04-56080) $53.95 Turbo cars 8.5 mm 1990-00 (04-56085) $78.95 2001-05 (04-56085) $78.95

NGK spark plugs

Original Equipment replacements. Sold in sets of four. See other spark plug options on page 19. Iridium! 2006-12



replacement oxygen sensor

No splicing required! We've managed to hunt down a plug-in replacement O2 sensor so you can change your old stock unit without fuss. Suitable for 1994-05 front and 1996-00 rear use. If you want to use it on a 2001-05 rear or retrofit a four-wire to a 1990-93, you will have to splice wires. single wire 1990-93 (06-90000) $54.95 four wire 1994-05 (06-99000) $68.95

Bosch headlight upgrade

FM Salvage

When a Miata gets hurt too badly to be repaired, FM Salvage steps in so the vital organs can help out other Miatas. But we're not your ordinary junkyard. We do salvage the Flyin' Miata way. When a car arrives, it's brought into our shop, evaluated, stripped and catalogued. Everything is removed by a trained mechanic, not a high school kid with a pair of vice grips and a rock. Once they're off, all parts are tagged and stored inside, out of the weather. This gives us a good supply of quality used parts for our own builds, of course. But you benefit as well. You can search through our database at to see if there is anything that fits your own needs. The only limitation is that we don't ship painted body parts because the shipping companies take real glee in destroying them. Sorry.

taking care of your Miata

maintenance parts

Time for some maintenance? We have replacement parts you need to help keep your Miata healthy and on the road for a long time. This is only a partial list, so call us if you don't see what you need. In some cases, we'll need to know some details about your car to make sure you get the correct parts. Don't get worried if you see a part number that covers too many years! Oil seal, rear crank Radiator cap Radiator hose, upper 16psi 22-24 psi 1990-05 2006-12 1990-05 1990-05 1990-93 1994-97 1999-05 1990-93 1994-97 1990-93 1994-97 1990-05 1990-05 also for Mazdaspeed Gasket, CAS, O-ring Gasket, exhaust manifold PCV valve for turbo cars Shift boot, small Shift boot, large Filter, fuel Pump, water Belt, alternator/water pump Belt, accessory AC, PS AC, no PS PS, no AC Master cylinder, brake Master cylinder, clutch Slave cylinder, clutch VIN up to 111969 VIN from 111969 ABS no ABS aftermarket factory VIN up to 413070 VIN from 413070 1990-93 1994-00 2001-05 1990-97 1990-93 1994-05 1990-05 1990-05 1990-93 1993-05 1990-05 1990-97 1999-05 1990-93 1994-05 1990-93 1994-05 1990-93 1994-05 1990-93 1994-05 1990-05 1990-97 1990-97 1990-05 1990 1990-05 (04-26020) (04-26025 (09-46000) (09-46050) (09-36000) (09-36000) (09-36000) (09-36010) (09-36010) (09-36005) (09-36005) (22-51000) (04-26010) (04-26005) (04-26005) (04-26005) (04-26000) (06-90300) (06-90300) (04-96000) (04-96005) (08-49000) (08-49001) (08-46000) (04-46000) (04-48100) (09-26000) (09-26000) (04-16000) (04-16000) (04-16010) (04-16010) (04-16020) (04-16020) (04-16030) (14-76200) (14-76200) (08-46010) (08-46500) (08-46500) $21.95 $78.95 $18.95 $24.95 $16.95 $14.95 $19.95 $15.95 $11.95 $14.95 $14.95 $4695 $3.95 $24.95 $23.95 $31.95 $6.75 $17.50 $16.50 $8.95 $19.95 $30.95 $29.95 $25.95 $33.95 $49.95 $69.95 $69.95 $12.95 $12.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $210.00 $171.00 $87.95 $54.95 $54.95

Radiator hose, lower, block to pipe Radiator hose, lower, pipe to radiator Radiator hose, lower, FM silicone one-piece Gasket, thermostat Gasket, cam cover

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line


Flyin' Miata oil filter relocation kit

Unless you're fitted with optional extra joints in your arms, changing the oil filter on a Miata can literally be a pain. But a lot of oil filter relocation kits use short-lived hose and brittle cast aluminum fittings, not a good plan for the life blood of your engine. We didn't. This second-generation kit is oil filter relocation done the FM way. Our hoses are teflon-line braided stainless steel with AN-8 fittings for maximum strength and minimum pressure loss. We paid close attention to the design of the interior passages in the billet aluminum oil filter block and adapter, to maximize flow and minimize turbulence. The oil filter block itself is mounted on rubber isolators with a backing plate to cut down on the common gurgling noise. We even included a 1/8 NPT fitting that can be used to feed oil to a turbo or a gauge. Fits all 1990-05 Miatas, although it's a tight fit on cars with ABS.

Targa tested!




Redline MTL synthetic gear oil


A fully synthetic transmission oil. It has a very stable viscosity across a high temperature range. The friction level is relatively high for optimum synchro function. The magicians at Redline designed it to drop the friction as rotational speeds get closer. This means easy, light shifting in all weather with smooth gear engagement. It has been a standard Miata upgrade for as long as there have been Miatas. Two quarts required unless the shift turret oil is also changed, then three quarts are required. Change every 30,000 miles (50,000 km). One quart 1990-12 (10-26000) $13.50

Redline MT-0 synthetic gear oil

Similar to MTL, but designed for harder-working gearboxes. It won't shift quite as well when cold, but it will protect your transmission better under extreme conditions. Recommended for track cars. One quart 1990-12 (10-26020) $13.50

Redline -0 differential gear oil Redline synthetic motor oil

75W90 gear oil. Stable under a high temperature range and very efficient, this ensures as much of your power makes it to the wheels as possible. Works well in all Miata differentials including limited slip. One quart 1990-12 (10-26010) $12.95 What kind of oil do you put in a motor that's worth more than many Miatas? Full synthetic. It's thinner at low temperatures and holds viscosity better at higher temperatures than petroleum based oils. Redline is what we use in every car we drive, whether it's a fun little city car, an all-out competition turbo Miata or the tow vehicle. Red Line 20W50 is recommended for track use only. Four quarts required. Change every 3000 miles (5000 km). 5w20 2006-12 (10-16000) $10.95 10w30, 10w40 1990-05 (10-16000) $10.95 20w50 1990-05 (10-16000) $9.95

Redline Water Wetter

While antifreeze is good at keeping your cooling system from freezing and provides some corrosion protection, it doesn't help your car cool. Water Wetter breaks up the surface tension of your coolant, allowing the water to get things, well, "wetter". This increases the heat transfer and prevents spot boiling in the head. It will also inhibit corrosion and lubricate water pumps. An easy cooling upgrade for trackdriven cars. It won't protect against freezing though! 10 oz. 1990-12 (10-46010) $9.95

Redline power steering fluid

Resists foaming and boiling better than most fluids. A good upgrade for autocross cars or track cars that tend to spit fluid out of the one quart 1990-12 (10-27000) $10.95 reservoir.

Redline S1 fuel injection cleaner Nippon aftermarket oil filter drain plug washer

To keep injectors and intake valves squeaky clean. Use 1/2 bottle every 3 months or so for the best performance. 15 oz. 1990-12 (10-96000) It might not say "Mazda", but we believe it's good enough for even our most exotic competition engines. It's even JDM! 1990-05 (04-36000) 2006-12 (04-36005) There's an aluminum washer around the drain plug. To avoid drips, replace it every time you change the oil. pack of 10 1990-97


$6.95 $6.95



magnetic drain plug

Collects metal particles before they get into your oil system and cause wear. Includes one plastic washer. 1990-05 extra washer 1990-05

(04-36010) (04-36015)

$12.95 $0.35

body parts

We're pretty focused on performance. Which is why we don't sell a lot of big dramatic body kits. But we do have a number of parts that will improve your Miata's aerodynamics. The first three are ones that we tested on our fast little Targa Miata, so we know they work.

body parts


urethane front air dam

An air dam will keep air from going under the car, giving you better high speed stability and improved cooling. But most of them are made of fragile fiberglass which will shatter the first time you park a bit too close to the curb. This urethane one is flexible so it's very difficult to damage. We've actually had one bend backwards under the car and pop back into place with no damage to the spoiler. As used on the Targa Miata. Includes a couple of inlets that could be rerouted for either brake cooling or to force more air through the radiator. Easy bolt-on installation, not compatible with the Mazdaspeed or R package front spoiler.

Oh, it also looks great, especially when combined with the ducktail rear spoiler. 1990-97 2001-05 (29-77550) (29-77550) $199.00 $219.00

carbon fiber ducted headlight lids

Want to ram some cold air into the airbox for your FM II? The left side lid has the largest NACA duct we could fit for maximum airflow. And it's a properly designed NACA duct too, not a bad copy. The lids are pre-preg carbon fibre with a glossy UV-resistant clear coat and weigh less than 6 oz. You can leave them bare or paint them as seen on the Targa Miata. Use just the left for the airflow benefits or swap them both out for weight loss.

a rg Ta


d te s

Targa tested!

left (with vent) right (no vent) pair

1990-97 1990-97 1990-97

(29-61000) (29-61000) (29-61000)

$169.00 $149.00 $318.00

rivet-in louver panel

A great way to increase airflow through your radiator and intercooler is to give the air somewhere to go. These rivet-in panels contain 8 louvers that will help drop underhood pressures dramatically by allowing high-pressure air to escape to the lower pressure areas on the top of the hood. Our 9"x5" panel was designed specifically to match the Miata's small size - other, larger panels on the market have more interference with the bracing on the bottom of the hood. Heck, you can use them on almost anything, not just Miatas. Laser cut (including 1/8" rivet holes) and CNC-punched. Raw aluminum, can be left bare or painted as on the Targa Miata. Sold individually. 1990-12 (29-40000) $29.95 Targa tested!

ducktail rear spoiler

Give your Miata a vintage vibe with a ducktail rear spoiler. We're not going to make any claims as to massive aerodynamic benefit, but it looks cool. Made of fibreglass with a matt black coat, it can be painted or left bare. Attached with double-sided tape, hidden screws or both. Obviously, you can't install this at the same time as any other rear spoiler. See our website walkaround video. 1990-97 (29-77575) $169.95 2001-05 (29-77575) $189.95

carbon fiber rear panel

Okay, this one doesn't have a lot of performance potential. Sure, it's lighter than stock and a bit stiffer. But really, it's a very cool replacement for a body part that's often damaged. And because it's made of pre-preg carbon fiber with a UV-resistant clear coat, you don't need to paint it. So you'll probably save money over a stock replacement part. 1990-97 (29-60000) $349.00

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line

learn about Miatas

Miata books by the experts

Keith Tanner has been one of the techs at Flyin' Miata for over a decade. During that time, he's written three books on the Miata to help enthusiasts everywhere make their Miatas more fun. There's something for everyone, from a step-by-step on how to change the oil to discussions of the physics of performance. It's all illustrated with clear color photos and written in Keith's accessible and entertaining style. Best of all, you can call Flyin' Miata and ask the author for help!

How to Build a High-Performance Mazda Miata MX-5

How To Build a High Performance Mazda Miata

This one is technical, and covers every Miata from the 1990 to the latest 2012. It isn't just a list of parts to buy. You'll gain a solid technical understanding of what's going on with your car. For example, the suspension section starts off with the theory of weight transfer and how it affects your Miata. Then you'll find out what each part of the suspension does and how they all interact. Finally you'll learn what to adjust and how in order to reach your goals. All the systems of the car are addressed in this way. The book includes sections on engine fundamentals, intake/exhaust, forced induction, fuel and engine managment, the drivetrain, handling and suspension, the braking system, wheels and tires, body and chassis modifications, safety gear and engine swaps. To give you an idea of what's included, you can download Chapter 7 - Handling Theory - from our website. Even if you don't buy the book, it's good information. 1990-12 (46-86015) $29.95

Modify and tune your Miata for maximum performance Add power with a turbo or supercharger Improve cornering ability with suspension upgrades Reduce stopping distance with big brake kits Bolt in V-8 power with an engine swap

Keith Tanner

Mazda Miata MX- Performance Projects

This is the how-to book of the series. While "How to build" tells you what suspension parts do and how to adjust them, "Performance Projects" tells you how to install them. The projects range from novice level such as changing oil to expert such as 1.8 conversions and installing a 1999-00 head on a 1994-97 block. Naturally, it's all clearly explained with lots of clear color pictures. This book has become a standard for Miata owners who work on their car. Covers 1990-05 Miatas, but predates the 2004-05 Mazdaspeed. 1990-05 (46-86000) $21.95

Mazda Miata MX- : Find it. Fix it. Trick it.

The reference book. "Find It, Fix It, Trick It" covers the history of the Miata, a buyer's guide, stories from owners, quotes from magazine tests and information on modifying the car. It also has full specifications on dimensions and performance as well as a year-by-year breakdown of changes. If you want to know how to tell a 2003 Shinsen from a 2004 Azure Blue, it's the one to have. There are a few projects included but it's aimed more at providing general information about the car. When Keith was writing it, he called it "Miata 101". Covers all the 1990-05 Miatas, including the Mazdaspeed MX-5 turbo. Over 400 pictures. 1990-05 (46-86010) $25.95

And now, the fine print ­ we know this isn't fun to read, but you need to know about it. For details, please refer to the section of our website entitled: "Ordering/tracking info" or contact us if you have questions or concerns. We're nice people and we want to make you happy. Information Security - Information security is critical to our business. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software during transmission of orders to encrypt your data input. We use firewalls/other security technology to prevent our computers being accessed by unauthorized persons. Shipping & Handling - A handling fee, based on the value of the item(s), will be charged on most orders. For domestic orders, the fee ranges from $2 to $15 and for international orders, the fee ranges from $5 to $30. A higher handling fee is added on orders requiring additional packing time/paperwork (e.g., crate and pallet orders, bulky salvage items, etc.) Our web store cannot properly calculate shipping for non-standard (e.g., expedited, freight shipping, dimensional weight, drop ships, international orders, etc.) International customers will receive shipping options. Customers of store orders incurring a shipping charge of $10+ over the store quote will be contacted for credit card authorization. Ship to Address - If you have not ordered from us previously and wish to ship to an address other than your billing address, you will be asked to either list the alternate address on your account with your issuing bank or pay using a different method (e.g., Paypal, bank wire transfer). Warranty ­ Products are covered under their manufacturers' warranty. Ask us for the warranty on individual parts. Warranty does not cover labor, import or shipping expenses associated with a failed product, failure caused by incorrect installation or failure of related components. General - Price changes may occur without notice. We reserve the right to ship products of equal or greater value. Sales tax will be added to Colorado orders. Personal checks must be cleared through our bank (approximately 10 business days) before the order will ship. Fees - A service fee will be charged for orders cancelled by the customer if payment was collected prior to the cancellation request. A UPS' return shipping fee is charged to the customer when a package cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address provided by the customer and the customer will be charged shipping both ways to re-deliver the package. The fee for NSF checks is $40. Return Policy & Restock fee - If a product is not returned in re-sellable condition, no refund will be issued and the product will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense. No refunds or exchanges will be processed for products returned after six months from the shipped date. For products returned up to 90 days of the shipped date: A 15% restock fee will be applied for products returned not due to our error as long as the product is returned in re-sellable condition. No restock fee will be applied if the customer opts for store credit in lieu of a refund. For products returned after 90 days and up to 6 months of the shipped date: A 20% restock fee will be applied for products returned not due to our error as long as the product is returned in re-sellable condition and store credit will be applied instead of issuing a refund. Refunds will be processed in the manner in which payment was received. If a credit card is no longer valid a company check will be issued. Exhaust returns - Flyin' Miata will not accept returns of exhaust components that have been installed or are not in new condition. Return Policy for Salvage & Discontinued Products - Salvage, Discontinued, "Deal of the Day" and electrical products may not be returned unless the product is returned due to Flyin' Miata's error (e.g., the wrong product was shipped, etc). In that case, shipping charges will be refunded and no restock fee will be charged or the customer may elect to exchange the part with no financial penalty.


meet the staff

We think we have some great products, but more importantly we know we have great people. Our employees tend to stay with us for a long time - the record is 12 years and counting - and we're all here to help you have fun with your Miata. Bill Cardell is the founder, owner and "big cheese dog" of Flyin' Miata. It's quite possible he knows more about the Miata than Mazda does. He got his first Miata in 1989 and promptly took it apart. He has a habit of putting turbochargers on just about anything he owns. He seems to be offended by stock vehicles. Brandon Fitch is one of our support and development techs. He's our resident engineer so we make him do all the hard brain lifting. Recent projects include a new engine for his Locost and a Subaru engine for a VW camper van. Will he be the first to crack the 1:00 mark on our track? In the Locost, not the VW. Kyle Tigar runs our salvage operation. This means he has to answer the most incredible detailed trivia questions about Miata parts. He might not be able to answer right away, but he'll find out. For fun, he drag races a Camaro. Kyle's son, Jaxon, wants to be a fireman! Teri is married to Bill and is our office manager. It's up to her to keep the rest of the team under control. Not an easy job. She complains that everything is too slow. If you let her out on the track in a Miata, she'll keep running laps until it runs out of gas. Then she'll take your Miata and do the same thing. Hide the keys. "Scarlet" likes to hang with Teri. Keith Tanner is one of our techs, and specializes in handling and car setup. He's usually elbowdeep in some big project. The most recent are a 1972 MGB GT with all the good bits from a 1998 Camaro stuffed inside and the V8-powered Targa Miata. He's Canadian, but don't hold that against him.

who are you people?

Jeremy Ferber is an ECU tuning guru and has tuned more Miatas than anyone else alive. If you have questions on just about anything to do with engine management and forced induction he'll be able to help you out. Being from San Diego, he actually took surfing as a class in high school.

Amber DeBoer is our newest phone wrangler and may be the first person you talk to when you call us. When she's not taking orders for Miata parts, she's known as Internal ComeBustYa of the Grand Junction Roller Girls. This means she's probably tougher than you, so behave. Deb McGlynn is our assistant office manager and helps make FM run under budget despite the best efforts of the boys. If you're talking to her on the phone, do not call her "Debbie". Seriously.

Tami Brown has been with us forever. While she doesn't always answer the phone - you can thank Solomon and Maggie for that - she does a lot of work behind the scenes to keep FM running smoothly. Thanks to her, the boys don't get away with anything. If you order a part from FM, it will be packed in a way that will survive anything short of a nuclear bomb blast and every little nut and bolt will be there. You can thank James Brooks, Adam and Rob for this. James will also answer your cartoon trivia questions. You have been warned. Adam Martinez puts stuff in boxes and sends it to you. This makes him one of your favorite people. He's also a volunteer EMT and a fireman, so he's a good guy to know if things go wrong. Here he is rescuing a fish.

Rob Flenard works in our shipping department, wrapping gifts for our customers. When he's not playing with boxes, he coaches high school ice hockey. He recently welcomed Casey Rebecca into the family, and he seems to get less sleep these days.

Sharilyn Campbell takes care of our customers, following up on orders and keeping our mailing list accurate. She usually deals with a different type of horsepower - she and her husband raise them on their farm.

Eric Anderson is our full-time mechanic. He's the one that turns dreams into reality for our customers, from timing belts to V8 swaps. You have to respect anyone who shows up for work in a Porsche 928.

(970) 464-5600 tech line

(800) FLY-MX5s order line

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After 28 years in business, we've helped a lot of people. You can go to and see what they had to say about many of our products and also about us. We always like hearing feedback from our customers as it helps us improve. Here's some of the unsolicited feedback we've received recently. The free lifetime technical support for everything we sell is always popular. Many thanks to Brandon and the entire staff for another well informed and helpful purchase. Never a disappointment with the products or staff at Flyin' Miata. And for that you should all be proud ! Hope to be talking ( and spending ) more as I continue to improve my beloved Miata. John Nichols I'd like to express my appreciation to all those people at Flyin Miata that helped make this build a success. Special thanks to Bill and Teri Cardell who answered my many questions regarding the turbo kit and the suspension package I had installed. The car drives like a rocket in boost! It also corners at high speeds and under torque without budging an inch. I can't thank you guys enough. Shawn Smart Just finished installing my happy meal clutch kit and lightweight flywheel. Your parts were just as stated, in my opinion they are fantastic. Don't have but a few miles on it but very pleased. UPS was a letdown but there again your staff was on the ball and was in the process of refunding the price for 3 day preferred delivery when the parts were delivered late by UPS. I will definitely buy through Flyin Miata next time I need a part. Keep up the good work. Kenny Hilliard I just wanted to write back and let you know that the center section you sent out fit like a glove ­ the FM way. The car handles like nothing I can remember going back 15 years to its first days. Amazing what the Butterfly does. I can feel the suspension working, the ride is much smoother, and the shake rattle and roll is gone when going over uneven surfaces. Another fantastic product from FM! Jack P A Grommet is a little thing, but this goes a long way to keep me coming back. It's rare to have a thoughtful gesture from anybody these days without it being a veiled excuse to get more money from me. I realise there is a real business angle to keeping loyal clients. But to take the time to correct a possible problem detail and not ask for money is excellent customer service. I have about 15 employees and will use this as an example of doing that little bit extra that makes you the best in the business. Ken Slosarik Can't thank you enough for all your help, I have spoken to people in the owners club here and they say how helpful you are as a company and I can only back that up with the service I have received. Kevin A (in the UK) Just want to say thanks. You people are the only ones who explained the difference between the brakes on the different years of Miatas. Everyone just ask sport suspension or not. I bought my wife a 2003 automatic with the 16 inch wheels. So no sport suspension. So wrong brake pads bought. After reading your web site I now know it has the large brakes. Thanks for the help. I wish I had found your site before I started. Tim H. I just got through installing your supercharger on my `06 MX5, and I have to tell you, I HAD NO IDEA how fast it would make this car. I'm not a mechanic, and I have previously discounted the possibility of ever doing something like this because it seemed overwhelming. But I decided to browse through the instruction manual you have posted on your website, and discovered that you had broken the task down in to such bite sized portions that seemed so manageable to someone like me with only moderate wrenching skills. So I ordered the kit, thinking it would be a good winter-long project, and before I knew it I was taking my first test drive after only 25 or so total work hours. Much easier that I thought, and HOLY COW what a fast car I have now. Hats off to you guys for producing a product that someone with $5K, moderate mechanical skills, and a decent tool collection can handle. Ben C.

Flyin' Miata


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