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F Mr. Carlton Rector of Groveland Station Is in the Dansville General Hospital receiving mediWashington S t r e e t * ! ? 1 * cal treatment. Helen M Praa **»* « T w o Show*--7:15 - 9:15 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Lewis who had been guests of Mrs. Mayme Admission 25c-10c FOR SALg--HouH Clarey and Miss Margaret KeatWAYLAND, N. Y. ing returned to their home in Towanda. Pa. Monday Wednesday - Thursday The Rev. Robert Stackel and Mr. A. J. Gruschow are in AlJune 7 and 8 Wbbon, to, a * . & · bany this week attending the WARNER BAXTER Dons Again t h e Sombrero and Loretta Young and New York State Senate Conventhe SilverrMounted Guns of His Most Famous Char1 O Main str... """·**« T Warner Baxter in tion. They expect to return to acter . . . O. Henry's Fighting, Loving Caballero of Dansville on Friday. -WIFE, HUSBAND and the West i n -- FOR SAix-a^rtJr^r-; Mrs. Morgan Roche who has FRIEND" spent the past month in Nanuet, with Binnie Barnes, to**: N. Y. with her daughter, is in Cesar Romero. Somerville, Mass. where she FOR SAl.Fr- 4 ycar-ota u will attend the high school gradweight about woo. p w ?*; Plus Selected Shorts « Vahue, No. go, " * * ] £ * uating exercises of which class With LYNN BARI, CESAR ROMERO Paul J. Roche, Jr. is a member. FAMOUS STAR Mrs. Emma Wilson of Lakeville 1 Save on Food Buying--take advantage of 1 counter. 88 inch top, , J * Last Times Today - Double Feature bargain specials, lower prices on quantity and Mrs. Bertha Wallace of Bawalnut counter, one 11 « 15 Jane Withers in "BOY FRIEND" with Arisen Whefan son, N. Y. are guests of Mr. · buying. Servel Electrolux keeps food fresh. nut couhter. Perry * ?J J* and Mrs. William Rauber onj and George Ernest; also Roy Milland and Isa Miranda phone 250. ' /**· Save fontfu Elizabeth Street. Mrs. Wilson 1 2 food on Food Spoilage--safe, constant Servel in "HOTEL IMPERIAL." protection keeps leftovers wholesome and Mrs. Wallace, sisters of * Ml used--ends the expense of wasted foods. TWO SHOWS--7:15 and 9:30 P. M. Mrs. Rauber, will be here several days. Save on Refrigeration--the new Servel Electrolux, with improved efficiency and insulaFOR RENT - Upper ^ Mr. Roy Perkins, a former tion, gives more cold at less cost. apartment. 20 West Are. m Hornell resident who now lives out? in California, was in DansSave on upkeep--no moving parts to wear out FOR RENT-flouae, 15 ^ in Servel! This gas refrigerator freezes in romantic musical comedy of I n t e r e s t i n g ft^g ville yesterday and called on c h a n g e St. Apply on p ^ ^ permanent silence--guarantees long life, low SMALL DOWN PAYMENT several of his friends. Mr. Perkyouth The Hit Parade operating cost, years of dependable service. June«t2p<l-tuej-ired.a Convenient Terms Pauline is among the featured 'Other Interesting Items "~Hins has not been in this locality . 7Z7ZZI*ZZ 7*111 on . this famous musical »ui. r,.L«,,e «««i«ai Buy a 1939 Servel Electrolux for twenty years.and his friends stars of lmide pfl FOR R E N T - B o u i CnUTa See them today were delighted to see him. comedy success. 8he will offer Z-_-' Crane jttaeftj all the dance routines that sent M M J o h n mc<Mc ^ ^ The Woman's Club of Dansher skyrocketing to Broadway ^ ^ ^ ^ Saturd N i h t ville will be represented at the * FOR RENT - Apt, June"! District Meeting of the New ! success. In addition she will wear Q ^ ^ ^ w e e k private bath. 306 Mam fit York State Federation of WoNEW YORK the exquisite costumes that DANSVILLE . hatful Mrs. Garfield D. Rowe will be men's Clubs to be held Thursearned her the plaudits of hostess to the Cosmos Club to- day at the Oak Hill Country critics as the star of the Ziegmorrow afternoon. Club in Rochester, by the followteld* Follies and many other Mrs. Myrtle Minnemier and ing women: Mrs. Lawrence shows including "Kid Boots" in OLD RELIABLE MANUFACwhich she appeared with Eddie Mr. and Mrs. Burton Balding Conklin, Mrs. Scott Crane, Mrs. T U R E R will select salesmen of Kenneth Rowe and Mrs. Claire Cantor. Sharing honors with **"* Monday in Rochester. g o o d character 30 to 55 jean if Pauline are many other bright' Special events: Radio an- Bateman, age w h o is-acquainted in LitAt the meeting of the Loyal stars who have sang and danced n°uncers will broadcast the arIngston County and surroundint rival o f their way to fame. ^ ° e o r &e a n d ^ u e e n Hearts Circle of The King's ttrrltory. t o sell a necessity diFOR COMMUNITY SERVICE Floyd King's Hit Parade is ^ ^ t at ten Niagara o'clock to Daughters of the St. Paul's night h »t fifteen Falls rect t o factories and other Urp United Lutheran Church last Daniel Goho Post No. 87 of American Legion has purchased this space. Prothis season exhibiting in the Messrs. James J. Blum and building owners. Busy seaaa evening, Mrs. L. F. Hoffman and world's largest tent theatre due ceeds from advertising under this head will g o t o the Post Fund. n o w on. Great field for man who Clement Morrison went to Bos- Miss Myra Schwingel were each to the inability to secure theaqualifies. Liberal commission tres and auditoriums of sufficient ton, Mass. Saturday on a busi- presented with lovely, large Not house t o house but a real WHEN YOUR stage size and seating capacity. ness trip in connection with the birthday cakes to take home opportunity. Private internet The engagement Is limited to a Blum Shoe Manufacturing Com-1 w u h them. Mrs. Hoffman and Pauline, Glamorous Dancer Write today. Salesmanager. M Miss Schwingel were very sursingle performance at 8:15 p.m., pany. Harvard A v e , Cleveland, Ohio Pauline, glamorous and beau- with the doors opening at 7:15 Miss Lydia Sahford has re- prised and were delighted to be YOU HURT ALL OVER JuneTtlpJ tiful star of Broadway who p. m. and overture at 7:30 p. m. turned here after a few days remembered so generously. Corns, Callouses, Bunions, reached the highest pinnacles Popular prices will prevail. spentfwith her brother, D. D. The evejning performance of Nails, Weak, Fallen or of fame as the most glorlned of Sanford at Garden City, L. 1.1 the Lewis Bros Cirus was quite Aching Arches. Feet, Legs the Florens. Ziegfeld's beauties, SUBSCRIBE TO THE BREEZE Miss Sanford attended the | well attended. Many of the acts or Back need not make life World's Fair. j showed real talent, especially a is headed this way. miserable any longer. LOST--Pair of Oxford gttsm For the first time in the hisMr. and Mrs. Bayard Knapp pair of acrobatic skaters. The Finder please call 245-J Phone 221-J Today for tory of this section of the state, and Howard returned last evefl-j animal acts were Interesting and Relief. juneitlpd Pauline, whose twinkling toes ANTHONY L. MARK jjj BON tag from a ten-day trip to North; included an amazing variety of FUNERAL DIRECTORS set her name in Broadway's Carolina where they were guests j ferent types of dogs, monkeys, Fred L. * Sohirmer AMBULANCE SERVICE biggest lights comes to Dansville D c. at the home of Edward Sutton In' animals--sheep, goats, three difone night only on Thursday, Funeral Horn* - I t Eltxabeth New Bern. They were accom-1 ponies, horses and one large elei - · Arch Supports, Famous Street, Dansrule, N. Y. June 8th. Tent at Rotary baseWANTED - Yoting bull calf panled home by cousins of Mrs.lphant. Many of the animals were Cushioned Cellular Latex. ball field with Floyd King's Mrs E. Esserine, R. 4. juneTtl Knapp, the Misses Edna Lee and not brought into the rings/These Member Federal Deposit Feather-weight Adella May Smith of Clinton, were the lions, bears and a Chiropractic--Chiropedics Insurance Corporation *»:**^**?a»*******i^ camel. N. C. 193 MAIN S T . DANSVILLE Mr. Robert Sanders, a student A joint meeting of present and at St. Bernard's Seminary, officers-elect of the Dansville i| A - l Chicks and 8Urt* PelRochester, N. Y., was a guest Rotary Club was held at home' lets. Ed. Schlegel's high Itadi Tailored with heading and rod Hem, finished 2 1-6 of his cousin, Mrs. D. J. Mc- of Lewis Bradley last evening. I »c«3t*^****»***"**»******' S m o n e y - m a k i n g New Hampriilrs earthy and Mr. McCarthy Sun- The present officers attending j WILSON-ALTMETER CO. yards long. Colors are red, blue, green, burgundy.rust. ! Conesus. aprlKl Vivian H. Wilson day. Mr. Sanders is a son Of included President John Schwin- ; DANCING NIGHTLY $1.19 Value-- Mrs. Sanders (nee Miss Elisabeth gel, Vice President Lewis BradLicensed Funeral Director Have your lawn mower rfurp* O'Hara) and the late Mr. San- ley, Secretary Arthur Ritter, Telephone ened by Geo. J. Engert. Ph»n« ders of New Haven. Conn. HLs Treasurer George Kem, and DlOffice 77 Residence · 18-M. »Pr2tf LOON LAKE mother was a former resident of rector Bemhard Hoimquist. J^arjoraseacicicac*^^ Dansville. Those who will take office on <<<<<<<<«««<<. For Groceries, Public Wedding Friday Night, June 9th , Goods, Your conveniently B*H A son was born to Mr. and July first included President shop until 1LLIARDS u i i n i i t i H t > > » 1 » * » * > > > » > n > » » » i > > > > > » » mXMMMXM Mrs. James Mehlenbacher of Lewis Bradley, Vice President 9.00 every night. Maeon's GrocConesus lake at Strong Memor- Dr. Harold Hulbert, Secretary O WL1NG PUBLIC URGENTLY REQUESTED TO ATTEND. ery, 12 Exchange St. miyW lal Hospital in Rochester on Rev. Andrew F. Rauth and Di« « « < . * « . « i i. i. i. WEDDING CAKE FOR ALL PIN and POCKET CLUB June 4. The infant arrived on rector Sidney Stevenson. Enroll NOW lor » compi^ ; i n t e n s i v e Business Coum at the the birthday of Mr. B. C MehlMrs Kenneth Rowe, Mrs-Clem-j v ^ ^ ^ m r n a i i v i » * 'x*:***c^^ cnbacher. grandfather of the ent Morrison and Mrs. Scott' Perry Business School t*«« child. The other son of Mr. and Crane were hostesses at a Bridge j ' j ! pupils are quickly prepared for 1:00 O'CLOCK (D. 8. T.) Mrs- James Mehlenbacher was Lunheon held at the Avon Inn successful business cai*r* L. R. ROFFE Auctioneer born on the same date three in Avon Tuesday afternoon. t h r o u g h individual method* of Estate of Late Frank B. Roberts, Scottsburg, N. Y. years ago. j There were thirty-two guests instruction. For detailed inforEntire Household Equipment and Antiques. mation, call at the school, I* House and 3-4 Acres of Land. Members of the Garden Club * * * * »t the long luncheon able Main Street. enjoyed a tureen and steak sup- J - & c h guest received as a TERMS--"C ASH favof per In the garden of Mrs. Harry * M old-fashioned nosegay BESSIE ROBERTS Special Sale-Peony Blonoo* Bogardus last evening. Follow- °/ ^rden flowers. The table was FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE at 35c doz. Ullyette Bros. jun«» EXECUTRIX. ing the supper, prepared over an decorated with bowls of iris, Daniel Goho. Post No. 87 of American Legion has purchased this space. Proout-door fire place, Mrs. Bo- Contract prizes were awarded to ii^K^R ept e^' ·^w. ^Wi-^w» 'Sfl.'^Wr^Pkep ^* w TM ^* op ^ TM TM s^ w w& ss w 1 > > > > > » > > > Mrs R o b e r t When in need of additi^ ceeds from advertising under this head will g o t o the Post Fund. gardus told of her recent visit Beecher for high i electric wiring or repairing to the iris gardens at Macedon. ^ o r e . M r s - Joseph Schwan for i The Light Shop. 206 MalnrW hlh est Cards were enjoyed during the ^ e ^ ^ S wore and j Dreams Do Come 4*4, Branch of Broa<rwr»* evening, Mrs. F. W. Wells and t h e ^ ^ d h i 8 h e s t score and ' Shop. Hornell. *** y True! Mrs. Dorr.,Ueb receiving honors. DU I* C ' or To those w h o plan their fuDTaMe Ojjb- ,, £ £ S S « - * « £ T h e Boo.*, ARE YOU EMTU>*EI>? ture for Old Age Security. Finding »»Usf«ct<H7 aa#T A monthly check can be 134 MAIN STREET DANSVILLE, N. Y. ment la much enter tm vours starting at age 55, last evening. During .the buslneas 1 ' J t ^ m ^ »T, properly trained. Here *J PHONE 274-W _. . ^ IJ 60 or 65. meettag-lt «*s decided to hold Tuesday afternoon on the lawn Mrs chance Enroll st esei)W A Provident Mutual Life meetings only once month* ^ Fo rt y.two Short Tense Course tt··f^ Contract will assure your Business School where 3 | £ ' * ' » ' ' · " * * members were present. The procontentment through your next meeting being slated on charge thorough IndlvWt^tratoto^ later years and cash t o July 11 at the home of Miss £ ^ l £ j * ^ Of Mrs. can take a petiuon to» In addition to Wallace your family should you week, It win be J r - J j having Wus-Protection in Catherine Uaman. ****TM Balding sang a solo and Miss not live t o t h e contract played during the evening and ^ stone In your career, rw the Blowout Zone, it is safer MoQ&e entertained time. refreshments were served. " ^, Z . . . for driving in any kind particulars call st -- J S o li r c . e eKrtl ^,, C 3 ^ ~* ,i °y showing movies which Let me explain the plan. of weather . . . because of its 17S MUn St monrw**1 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Birdsall s h e h a d t a k e n h e r s e j f A s h o r t tread. T h e stream-lined C. R. FEDDER and Miss Ruth BirdsaiJ spent business meeting was conducted. tread is composed of hum~ Mr. John Oessner ·*· lr,st week end in Perm Yan and - r ^ ^ t h e l M t m e e t i n Qf t h e Special Agent dreds of flexible, independj suit at Rauber * ****^ Keuka Park. They attended the r^Tcle u n t i l f a U MAXWELL BLQ6CK ent rubber cleats, insulated annual June play at Keuka Col- I f t w o m c n \ at dlfferent by ribbons of specially com"Look well to the spine lege. The play, "Tovarich." seen t i m e s ^ t h e s a m e p | a n o ^ Q n e pounded white rubber. These The annual meeting · ^ for many diseases have recenUy in the movies with ^ WALL PAPER brings forth discQrd cleats permit traction and Sparta Cemetery A«oe_ jBJje their origin in dislocaCharles Boyer and Claudette w h l l e t h e o t b £ r m f t n b r i j i g s braking power never before / V held at the cemetery » k tions of the vertebral colColbert, provided an amusing f o r t n kmg^ a n d h a r m o n y possible. 10th at 2:30 p. 1 * ^ . ^ p * from medium for the superior dram- pi e ^ n o t W a m e t f a e umn."--Hippocrates, 2500 F M * S*fti-Fhght and Andrew Forsytue, you'll sa« mt r a s ^ F a a ^ ^ mfmJmyears ago. atic talent for. which Keuka t h e technique of the players! than mny other tar*. Good quality in a College has always been famous. w n l c h ^ a t f a u l t ft ^ ^ T ^ ^ d* o Thursday Cookie Bp*^ Msmbers of the Shakespere with life In general. If the inGet Our Trade-1n 18c. Sugar Loaf · * J J M ^ ,, variety of new Club who will attend the District strument of life is played on Proposition Arc Always rr-eeting of the New York State well, with the right touch, the i l l \ I l-K CHIROPRACTOR ggSflCf federation of Women's d u b s result will be success and good REFRIGERATION designs Fresh and held at the Oak ^ttl Country living. Play it falsely, and ugli?lub In Rochseter, are: Miss ness and meanness and hard SEBVI^ Beautiful luth Sanford. Mrs. A. O. Hofl- times are all life has to offer. AD Typ* . J I Priced Low Logan Basic Technic nan, Mrs. Albs i t Moloney, Mrs. The people who play badly are CooMtscrcssJ -- "SStfi ·alter Beecher, Mrs. Charles apt to blame Life and the world. EI»*IGs**T0*»^ 12 SEWARD ST. 103 Main St. Phone 59-W Inappenberg, Mrs Alonzo Jenks. However, Life, like the piano, is Serviced - 1 ^ («o Irs. John Schwingel. Mrs. M. R not to blame. Again it is the Phone 31 MAPLES O f ^ S L i l l porham and Mrs Q. A. Sutftn. technique of the player. 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