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George E. Sokolsky;

Columnist Analyzes Crosby vs. Hoover

"Sm Not Too Latep

Adult education courses offer residents of · community a splendid chance to sharpen their minds, to learn about things that may be practical or cultural, and to broaden their outlook on life. Throughout the years, many adult residents of many communities have found the courses helpful, interesting and educational. In innumerable incidents, it has led the way for a person to a better job. Naturally, there must be fair-sized enrollment for any special class or it is not worthwhile to the school enoVthe instructor to con-


dua a course. Gloversville find* this to be true this year with at least three c o u r s e s speed reading, current world politic* and Shakespeare. Eight persons have signified interest in speed reading. This is four Use than the number required. Current world politics and Shakespeare have not fared as well. But if there are any additional prospective students interested; they are given the opportunity to sign up between 7:30 and 9:30 Monday and Wednesday nights or with the adult education office in Estee Junior High School during the day-

We Are Not in Sight of Land

President Kennedy's naval parlance to describe the possibility of negotiating the Berlin crisis was a deliberate choice. While it factually described the apparent hopelessness of the situation, it looked confidently ahead to its solution. There has been a desire to reach a peaceful accord on both sides, he explained, in the talks he. Prime Minister Macmillan and Secretary of State Dean Rusk had had with Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko of the Soviet Union. **But ^n the substance we are not in eight of land." By that, a sailor would mean that the voyage is under way, that soundings are being taken continuously, the lookout is making observations, and while he has not sighted land, He will keep on scanning the horizon-- land is just ahead. Thateould be an over-optimistic interpretation of the President's present state of mind. For at one point in his last press conference, he had explained the "colliaion of viewpoints" that exist between the United States and the Soviet Union. They left no doubt that one side or the other must give if the coHieiort is not to become physical, Western Europe's great resources and wealth have long been the object of the Soviet Union's "policy ambitions", he said. While our ambition is to protect our vital intereets without a^-war^wliicji destroys and doesn't really represent a victory for policy. This collision of viewpoints is a very, very serious matter unless we can reach a peaceful accommodation. To underline the difficulties, the President pointed out that as the weapons are now so annihilating, the American people are quite right to be concerned, for "we happen to live, because of the ingenuity of science and man's own inability to control his relationships one with another, in the most dangerous time in the history of the human race.'* The best that can be said of the situation is that both sides want to keep on talking, not shooting. So long as there is no appeasement and no Pearl Harbor, there is hope that the land of common sense eventually will be sighted.

Bruce Biossat:

Critical Appraisals Mutt Not Promote National Disunity

for practicing "brinkmanship" with Moscow and Peiping, that the Eisenhower regime war constantly charged with being toe rigid in attitude en disarmament, Berlin, and a host of issues To most of these Republicans, there is no difference between such attacks and their own charges that Kennedy has mishandled Cuba* and Laos and could be firmer on Berlin. It is natural enough for those most deeply involved in foreignpolicy making to be resentful of attack. The authors of policy are its defenders. . Futhermore. the men is power who are privy to all the secrets bearing upon the cold war struggle come to believe that they alone are competent to make reasonable judgments. But more detached observers quickly point out that this cuts boWways This, of courseTUnoFmeant to suggest that all mistakes -- when they are established at such -- are of equal kind or magnitude. The cooler onlookers simply say that any standard is unfair which would CRITICS ML ST-On Page II

Despite long years of talk about the "bipartisan approach" to foreign affairs, both Republicans and Democrats attack the opposition fairly consistently on this front. Right now reports keep circulating that President Kennedy is more than a little annoyed with the ·volume' and exA 10 per cent increase in the gross nation- logical changes and increases in the^popula- tent of GOP critial product in the second quarter, a 5 per cent tion. H e had no solution for it, however, cism of his forincrease in the third and a substantial in- other than the natural rise in employment as e i g n p o l i c y He is crease confidently expected in the fourth the recovery continues. That has already cut course. down unemployment by 1.6 million since known to be parquarter, and yet unemployment now is at 4 million and labor leaders predict it will go to last February, but it is still nearly double the t i e u 1 a r 1 y distressed that form5'/? million by FebruaryTTlow can such high tolerable 4 per cent rate. If it is not to be a er President Eiunemployment m time of boom be ex- rough winter for millions of households, this s e n h o w e r has Boissat should be the prime domestic problem for joined in the aspW.ned? the Administration. sault. President Kennedy ascribed It to technoCertain responsible Republicans in Congress feel, however, that Kennedy is showing far too much sensitivity on this score. And they believe that those who suggest ~m a Public Health ServTceTorecaatirerrin^ ^faduatrtaf concern* are inoculating ati^their- Jlifflponing the criticism are' in fact applying a~""a3GBirstandaFa"^ crease in flu this fall and winter. Indications employe*, especially ^utUitieSr j^amat-exca*^ which holds' the RepuDTicIns~Td~ are the outbreak will not be as severe as the sive absenteeism. Many doctors arc advising stricter account than Democrats. all their patients to take the inoculations. The epidemic of 1957, when mass inoculations These GOP moderates and others health service approves all such precautions. point out that the Democrats didn't were advised. This year, the service urges in- But it insists only on inoculations for the spare the lash at the time of the oculations for the three most vulnerable most vulnerable. celebrated U-2 incident over Rusgroups that could have the most serious comThe seriousness of flu is not entirely pre- sia, that the late Secretary of State plications -- pregnant women, persons over dictable. Better play this one safe than sorry. Dulles was often heavily assailed 65 years of a g e and those with chronic ail- Inoculations take effect in a couple of weeks and protect through the whole season. ments. Hal BoyU:

Boom and Unemployment

, It takes BO courage to attack J. Edgar Hoover, particularly u one accuses the director of the FBI of not engaging in activities which the ·law does not make his realm. John Crosby, a writer for the New York tribune, does precisely that in an article entitled. "The FBTe Commerical." Crosby takes offense at Hoover's posed to a national police force statement thet "the onslaught of which easily becomes a militia. crime is today at an all-time high." Should Congress past an act organThis is part of a paragraph by the ising such a force, the Supreme FBI chief over the radio. The FBI Court would, beyond doubt, reject if as an invasion of the authority is charged by taw of the states. with the compilOriginally, the FBI was not deation of crime signed for police enforcement at statistics but neiall; its very title explains that -- ther the FBI nor Federal Bureau of Investigation. the federal govCongress has assigned to this ernment is peragency specific police activities, mitted to engage but Congress has also assigned poin all forms of lice activities to other agencies, crime suppressfor instance, the work of the Secret ion, ours not beService which is in the Treasury. ing a national but SoUisky Crosby asks: a federal govern"How many big shots of organment, controlled by Constitutional limitations, acts of Congress and ized crime has the FBI arrested in the last five or 10 years? Are decisions of the Courts. For instance. John Crosby says: they looking for any? Has the FBI any program for trapping any of "Gambling, narcotics and indus- those well-organited awl enortrial rackets are now among the mously rich racketeers Mr. Kenbiggest businesses in this country, nedy talks about?" and hoodlum money is now infilUnder what laws does Crosby trating all sorts of respectable expect the FBI to make these ar? businesses." rests? For instance, it is no crime By what law is the FBI charged to be- a "rich racketeer," unless with police supervision of gambl- one specifically defines what if ing, narcotics and industrial rac- meant by racketeer. If a man comkets? Gambling is, by law, none of mits a felony under state law, he* the FBI's business except aju. sta-_ may, -if convicted, be called a tistical item in uniform crime re- racketeer which is a general term porting. Gambling may or may not for certain types of criminals. be an offense, depending upon loThe FBI is an agency of ne state cal law. For instance, in New York and may not enforce state laws. State, roulette is forbidden but in although it is permitted to assist Nevada it is permitted. The gov- state and municipal police agencies ernment of the United States col- to enforce the law by providing lects an excise on gambling but fingerprint and other identificadoes not permit gambling on army tion information. In fact, often posts. when the FBI has investigated a - Narcotics are under the jurisdic- felony, it turns the data over te tion of the Bureau of Narcotics, a local police for processing and small agency of the federal govern- arrest. I do not know what Jean Crosby ment which performs miracles on knows about what he calls the a small appropriation The FBI i« not charged with the suppression of crime syndicate. Actually, meet either the importation, sale or con- gangs of criminals engage in felsumption of narcotics. The import- onies and misdemeanors which are ation is watched by the Bureau of not covered by federal law at all Narcotics and the Customs; the For instance, prostitution if a total sale and consumption are matters offense, but the transportation of a female for humeral 1 handled by local police forces. across state lines is a federal ofCrosby knows mis, for he says: fense under the Mann Act. The "Ours is the only country in the FBI mey not go into a city and world with organized crime on close houses of prostitution That such a huge scale, and we are one is the function of local police It of the few countries without a na- may. however, stea into a situation involving kidnaping under me tional police force." True, J. Edgar Hoover is op- Lindbergh Act. Dororhy KHgaKVn: -

Increase in Flu

Garland's Romantic Future Spmx Differencial Qpiniim

You pays your money and you takes your choice about Judy Garland's romantic future. Some of her best chums mink she's seriously stricken with the charms of one of her personal managers, but another coterie is betting she'll give her marriage to Sid Luft "another try." The comedy team of Marty Allen and Steve Rossi are making show biz history with weir fast return In the Las Vegas Sands. They just closed fcthere a few days ago and they're, booked to return Nov. 1 on the hill with Frank Sinatra. Dancer Jutia Dervas. now happily married and a new mother in Paris, will present an interesting rebuttal i s the charges of her expartner. Nicholas Dervai wJho_ claims he married her in 1952 and therefore she's a bigamist. Julia, whose maiden name war Rothman, will contend that Dervas can produce no marriage certificate bearing that name, and she's counting on the unique French marriage laws to make her the winner. Worst news of the week: You can now get instant money if you want aToiih to"* ter. Thanks, but I'd rather have a leopard coat. Guess which famous TV, and movie star, noted for his lsrgease. it still getting bffla--in New Yerk -that he forgot te pay la Paris . . The Henry Silvas (she's a r e f e r "Miss Canada," Cindy Cearey) are going through eae of these trial separntiojuL _ ' New York's rhic set wtfl be happy to learn that they'TI soon be seeing more of one of the most attractive of the aristocratic teepies in the "m"-TA Russell and hit bride, the former SorehChurehill. daughter of the Duchess ef Marlborough. Ed has been doing a "pl^ndid joh as a newspaperman for the Newhouse publication hi Harrisburg, Pa., but he's being moved to a- high executive toft with the Conde Nast outfit here . . Lovebirds Esther Williams and Fernando Lamas were among the enthusiasts applauding Sid Caesar for his clever fun-making at the Copacabana. Tina Robins, the teeny girl singer, got an ovation, loo.

9,000 of the 50,000 Juvenile Delinquents tnliiw^ork City Belong to Street Gangs

He is a tall, dark boy. There J a modest urgency ift hw voic» at though be has much to say but he is afraid to inflict all of it on you at ence. He is Puerto Rican by birth. His name is Victar Alicea and he lives in East Harlem, i gangrenous b o n e in the body of New York.

The voice is

Composer! Success Recipe, Tm Almost Always in Love1

NEW YORK (AP>-ThingB a columnist might never know if he didn't open his maiU^ The human body is a natural power plant. The blood cells of the average man contain enough .electricity to light a 25-watt bulb for about three minutes. Prosperity note: Americans now spend about as much on tobacco and alcoholic beverages as they do on schools--some $15 billion a year. Even a d°g's 1,fr , s setting more expensive. It now costs from 995 W T 8 9 to rluW BT poppy, depending on its breed and appetite. One way to get ahead: Giacorao Puccini, composer of "La Boheme," "Madam Butterfly" and Philatelic oddity Great Britain and Russia never print the full name of their country on their stamps ^ The strange smell of distress: Doctors have found that many victims Of schizophrenia, the most prevalent mental disease, have a characteristic odor, which helps in the diagnosis of their psychosis. Beauty is a matter of opinion and varies from country to country and age to age. Some Congolese tribes scar their faces and bodies elaborately for decorative purposes. And tightly bind the heads of infants to give them an elongated skull-another mark of handsomeness. Executive signs: On the desk of Laterman "Luck is preparation meeting opportunity," You think you're having trouble with your family budget? The federal government in the last eight yeara collected tat billion more, m revenue than it did in the previous 114 years--from George Washington through Harry S. Truman. In those 'same eight years it also borrowed--and spent--an additional IM Milton. Row do you buy gasoline? A survey showed the largest number Of m ^ r i s ^ « a y , ^ i i r e r ^ " B u t W l » r w n t buy by the doffar, - T worth most often, and I per eent by the gallon, usually five gallons Wisecrack of the week: Actor Oscar Homolka says he knows a hypochondriac who had such a wonderful time at a health resort he's never going back. Tip to wealthy wives: Dirty diamonds look smaller. Year die* monds will look larger and brighter and impress1 the neighbors more if yea dean them regularly in a solution of detergent and hot water. It was Robert Frost who observed, "a man will sometimes devote all his life to the development of one part of his body--the wishbone.1*

Peek* into Past:

musical and he speaks w i t h the 'grace of


He is 23, and w o r k s with Jin Blsbep three of New York City's. 259 street gang*. Victor Alicea knows them well. He should. He used to be a member. **One mght about sue years ago I was at a Christmas Eve Party. Some fellow in the gang got an 0. D. (Overdose; narcotics). They took him away to the hospital. That night 1 decided to break out of the club. Had to be something better than street safigi," . , We sst talking about teensgers who try too hard to prove that they are men There is an elegance in Alicea's hands and I listened with my eyes on them. "Nobody likes to live in East Harlem Nobody. If thpeople had a choice, they would live anywhere else. The* grownapt have their own troubles. "I was little when I left Puerto Rico. Before we got on the plane, my parents heard about racial discrimination in New York. When wt got to New YoHr. we found the Italians had see part, the Puerto Rtcans had a middle section, and the Neeroes were en the other side. Nobody was allowed In walk outtide Ws own part That wav a M a eeuM get hurt

All wars are under no fire "The street gang -- that was" something else. All of them op- truces at Christmas and Easter. erate almost the same. They One boy walked through a rival have a president and a war territory ifter Easter. This was council and a war lord. Each unfortunate. Three members of one has a territory with a the other gang were practicing boundary line. No boy dares to with a .22 rifle on a roof. They walk outside that line unless he saw him. He wore a neat black makes arrangements." bloodless hole in his head as he What arrangements? A big fell. The marksman, just 17, is slow smile 'came with the now serving 21 years to life. . The inner light is for aojnething called status. The boys "All clubs know the members of rival clubs. If they catch you are eager to be men before their in their territory, somebody's time and they want to prove it. going to be hurt bad and it's Coupled with this is a feeling of ing despised by_"outsiders.'' i peopwTvhos a date with a girl who lives in background and customs are his success formula: another territory, you call up most always In love." and ask permission. They usu- different. Thus, if the teen-ager is not ally say okay. If they catch you out of your own territory shop- permitted to join the brotherping with your mother, they hood of man, he will fight it. He wonT do any wing. They Myotr feel* better, as an outlaw, thenhe would as an ineffectual mutt. 10. OLOVERSVILLJS - JOHNBTOWN Boys of 14 ioin the street There are 50,000 juvenile delingangs because it is dangerous quents in New York. Of these, not to. Any boy who lives in a 1,000 belong to street gangs, 1*7 u q e f t Sua puetuewa d»ya and holiday* gang neighborhood and who does And of the 1,000 shout 000 are Colilna Co. not apply for membership is members of Suicide Squads, the Julia. Collin* Ormlatoe - rraatdaBt eligible for beatings and pos- little core of each gang willing WUuaas M. Kajatep Ooa. M*n*s«f p a * * Collin* ormliton--Boa. Mar. sible maiming. Once he attains to go out to ambush, maim or Was. H. BVaaa - liaaeelae Mltot H membership, he ts hound by W t rival gang member. Meet of them, have «HHom rules » 10 B u t rultOB Rtraat been ouFof their neighborhoods He treats the girl friends of ONwrwsvfll*. W. Sf. Victor shook his head ruefully. Talaphona 4-T1T1 other members with elaborate respect He gets to know the "A man took three of them te faces of rival gang members in dinner in town. They had never adjoining territory. If his war been to Times Square. When sot W«* Mala Btrtet council votes to jitterbug (to go they saw the big menu with Johnstown, H. f. steaks ami chops and soups, to war), he will fight with fists, Tweoaoao, « TITI they didn't know what to say so clubs, switchblade knives and. they told the waiter 1e bring if necessary, a gun. three hamburgers." fluaecKimoM - j u r a t Wars remain active for long 8 t a * U a*et t c m i i M carrier, Alicea's job is to convince the periods. One in Brooklyn has 49 tonta par » * · * , ay mall, m 4 Mtali tiatilna aona. I month been going on between two teen- young gang members that they I oentha sVao: < « » « ' age gangs for 17 years Some of can be bigger men by breaking Tear, HO. Klaawhara la wMtfttn, S1 MA; i mofitha S4.SA; I the original fighters are new sway from the herd and playing aaontha SB.60; I M r H S M Fnmarried and have families of it alone. "I'm working with the isead In QlovaravllU N T. tivear-olds too," he says medtheir own. but new members ofnr. aa seaaai stMsfcwweaw, keep the war going It will con- ially. "I'd like to get some beTs»» aamiatu » aafjuta tinue until one side or the other fore they join." . . . aactwHvafS ! · Iha ua* tm MfMMfcMoiuaivai asks to make it "cool" This is (Copyright, iMl, King Pea, ·lon nf ail lha ·«-»! n»w» pHntad t» · plea for peace taree Syndicate. lee.) sate sewage sei *· wan te a* «J

Community Day Set By Merchants

. Oct. II, 1121 , President Warren Harding today assumed active leadership in the government's efforts to settle 'differences between the railroads and their employes and designated the public group of the Railroad Labor Board and the membership of the Inl M


*f»t*t* Commerce Commission ,. Herworrli* e best possible agencies to ^"HT "<"rgrm. » v « rt ser»ous complications, Another effort to put a stop io f * . J c 1 A AA\j\caA *r\C\M*U* J? *.«··» · * * · ? J°J« * ^ 1 TM , » 4 , A C I V I S e d TO U D t O i n In» city wax made Saturday one George R. Smith headed a party of police in plain clothes Dear Mary Haworth: We are your friend is behaving unwisely ia a raid upon three establish- twin sisters, 14, very concerned and sacrificing her reputation, I ments and confiscated what about a friend who has on several think you should get your mother's police believe to be liquors for- occasions permitted strange boys to advice oni how to be prudent ami raff^ahtrttpTomatte m this deliiate M < W ment. matter. If you confjde in her, she'll reputation. be more sympathetic than harsh, Her mother would be heartbroken Oct. i«. m i Lt. Alva Kelley. All-American if she knew, and our mother would- I'm sure.--M. H. Mary Haworth c o u n s e l s end on the Big Red 11 of Cornell n't permit us to go with her at all. through her column, net by Should wa tell our mother, or In lf4e, will be uneble to speak mail or personal later view. at the meeting of the Triangle just what should we do?-- R. R. Club at the YMCA tonight. Write her la care ef The tea* Dear R. R.: Folklore says that Kelley, who has been stationed birds of a feather flock together der Hrrald) Ce»vri«W, W L ^ 1 1 r t - * w * ? f y ° f t ** iB ««v eno people are known oy toe cornThe Washington Fest "*?»* wnaferred. Thus, if you value your good Diatrihetod by Ring The consent election among Feature* Syndicate smployes of the Gloversville name (aa you should), whereas Knitting Company has been tentatively; act for Saturday. The group will be voting either tot the Layers-Off Local 204 of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America as sole bargaining Q--What woman spy,is said It Q--Has the Washington Monuagent or for no union represen- ment aver been struck by light- have given the tip that resulted tation. in the rout of Union forces at Bull ning? , Run? Oft, 1?, Met A--Yes. Ughtning rods now A--Mrs. Rose O'Neal Greenhow. Local merchants tomorrow guard it. Q-What is the difference bewill sponsor a gigantic (HoversQ--What animal can go the tween grand, light, and comie vilie Great Community Day. The 01 participating merchants longest without food -- when it is opera? are working under the direction not hibernating? A--Grand opera is continuous of Paul Green, (^mlnahity Day A--The northern fur seal. During music of a serious nature Light chairman for the Chamber ef mating season the male does not or comic opera is interspaced by Ceenmerce. eet for three months. comedy and dialogue.

fvice in Matter

wd* --.a. m * . HL?ggn»g1Eifflg

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