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A u t o m o b i l e s h o r Sale 30 P A Y S ' G U A R A N T E E On Certified STUDEBAKER UsecfCars

S ' On Studebaker certified used cars . w e five 30 days* guarantee for replacement of defective parts and free Service on adjustments. This Is because It la impossible Hor the original darker to exhaust the \tre^ 1 l " jnemdous reserve mileage built into every Studebaker a t the factory. And because every certified Studebaker is thoroughly reconditioned In our o.vYJi service station.




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B E N N E T T - J J a n . 30. i»2«, - Cornelia _w wife of the late William Wallace B « nett of 1785 Albany st. ; . ; . ; '.;.V The Order1 l o r i f i e B u r t a l ^ f - t h e Tm&\ will be read Tu«s<l*y. afternoon pt;>,S o'clock from Baxter'* funeral parlor^;, 736 Brandy wine avenue. Relatives and friends Invited, Friend* may call a t ttto\ parlors Monday eveulfti from T t o , * O'clock. ., " v · ; CULVER--January tJ, 193«. Geor«e :··':? Culver, husband of Edith Bhafer Culy«r. v



\ 80ur D W ,



p. m. a t his lat« residence 2608 Albany st. Burial At Chetry Valley Wedneedfjr l b'clock p. to. Relative* and frfewfc, also member* of Odd FeH<rW* lodge · » · Invited to attend. DICKINSON--January 81, I M i . JosepH B. Dickinson, aged 80 years. Funeral Wednesday evening; a t T a t : o'clock from the residence of n i l grand- · son. Harold L. Slsson. 325 A y e n u e J L Relatives, friend* and member* Dt P t t » S T U D E B A K E R 1924 SPECIAL SIX j Uorstall G, A . R . - a n d Ladle* AWdlCOUPE ; laries invited to attend. Original paint, driven only 6,600 mile*. DI LORETO-- In Oswego, N . Y.. J a a a 3 excellent tires, bumpers, trunk, Watscpi stabllatore, motometer, stop light, ».ry 29, 1»3«. Anna Buckland, · beloved automatic windshield cleaner, rear view wife of Arthur Dl Loreto. mirror. Perfect mechanical condition. Funeral Tuesday morning, February, J1.1S0. 2, 1926, a t 9 o'clock from 12 Edison M * £ I nut. thence to Our Lady of Mont Carnwi " S T U D E B A K E R 1924 S P E C I A L SIX ! Church on Schenectady at. where a aol: | emu requiem mass will be celebrated a t - \ TOURING i lu o'clock. Perfect condition, bumpers. 5 good Pi-lends and realtive* are respectfully; tires, Gabriel snubbers, glass side w.ngs, invited to attend. Interment in St. motometer, stop light, automatic windJohn's cemetery. shield ,cle»JVE-r, rear view mirror, automatic winter front. This car has had GRANGER--At Kills Hospital. Jana- exceptionally good care. $840. · i ary 30. 192«. Ida Bel), beloved wife of " ' William Granger, 132 Lafayette at., m STUDEBAKER 1934 LIGHT SIX i her (4th year. K;-r SEDAN Puneral service from H." Andrew** -_^_Newly.J__iuered i n limousine blue. 5 : funeral parlors. 3*5 Clinton, cor. HaotO* good tires, bujnpers, rear view mirror, - ! ton. Tuesday afternoon a t 2:30 o'clock. automatic windshield cleaner, sun visor Floor Scrapinf and Surfacing | Friend* may view remains Monday eve-««$830. nltig 7 to 9. Relatives And friends l n A u t o m o b i l e s For Sale Electric Floor Scraping / Male Help W a n t e d A u t o m o b i l e s For Sale j \ ited. STUDEBAKER 1925 S T A N D A R D We specialise In old work: half price, O i . D - F A S l U O N E D wainut or rosewood OLA88FORD--Jan. 30. 1M*. ErattSi (Continued.) · ;- v, PHAETON 1924 Buick Master .6 4-Pass during winter months. Then you can furniture wanted, or old parlor suites Foi«y, wife of Frank J. Glassford. Perfect mechanical condition, like new, rent that old flat with new floor*. SJG-W In round or pear-shaped backs, usually Real Estate Salesmen OUR A L T E R A T I O N S A L E Coupe, Like New, $975 5 balloon tires, automatic windshield ·_ F1S787 uphoUtered In hair cloth; also some an- | Funeral Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'cloeJc 503 Michigan Wanted two real estate salesmen.. Will Hoey and McUowun. from, h e r ,ate resUience .$700 cleaner, rear view mirror, duplex top. 1924 B u c k master C touring.. Buy Now for · Spring--and P a y L e s s ! Is Your Big Chance to Box 8-HH. Uaxette. THUIl | avenue. 11U Private. Remains m a y b e ELEC. FLOOR. SCRAPING limiea. Box S-11 H.__U;v!!et te. , 625 pay salary of $25 i*r week and commisExcellent buy. $850. ' 1924 Podge coupe, like new . . All our cars are reconditioned and sions to real salesmen. Can also inse one \VANTEfT--\i" siza "betl complete and 1 viewed Monday evening from 8 untU t Buy Righl! . r'-rt or two salesladies on same terms. Must 450 1924 Chevrolet sedan Old and new hours. " guaranteed for 30 days. dresser. Must be hi gootl condition and o'clock. - S T U D E B A K E R 1924 LIGHT SIX 1925 Essex coach; "* have their own car Apply Stevens. 100 All work guiimnleed.T 9 ·4 , Oourfiiy Bro* lensonable. Stale price. Pox 3-JJ. Ua* Free Storage Until lylarch i 1928 Oakland sport roadster . . .. 450 State st.. Room 820-321 or after Monday 1635 State St. T*L ' ;- '· ; TOURING You Are Not , "Taking Risks" RUMPF--Sunday, January 31, 191l» K14090 Pay a small amount down--balance xetle. ' _1'i?04 Philip Louis, beloved husband of Helen 1920 Ford touring N e w l y lacquered In two-tone grey. ... U o at our now ground iloor office In Har- sXTl'nONEHJ'fAbY" When You B u y H e r e -- Our PREMIER ~ 'FLOOR in. one year. Tires good, rear view mirror, windshield Hudson Garage, Reputation I s Your Protection. W A N ' n : i ) ~ i V o i air pipe heater. Stew- Hrudy Humpf at the family home No. 3> CONTRACTORS 1926-Chevrolet touring (new) < . . 850 College st., next Hudson Theater. Phone mauus Bleeoker Hall Theater . Kids., 161 cleaner. This car is in excellent meart Brother*. Tel. .1319. '1'ir.ji Keyes av. , - - N1CC7 Floor laying and scraping o«r spe1925 Ford Tudor sedan, with $100 Washington ay Albany. chanical condition. $600. 7461-J. Open evenings. 1924 Franklin 4 door sedan, reconFuneral Thursday morning at 9:10 cially. Old floors blade new. T i l , 58U5-.I. VVAN^rED-- Fresli niilk. 'goata' Phone 650 worth of extras (522972 SALESMAN--Local representative fur ditioned, and repainted $1,540 fi5li:t-.l T22951 :>'cl(u'k from the house, thence to St. 1925 Ford touring; like new 295 1924 Franklin coupe, 4. pass, new j_*long established New York pharmaJohn the Evangelist Church. Union *L FORD COUPK, K^niciXCKliliENT MEOther Cars motor $825 )924 Chevrolet 4-pass coupe ; hardly 475 CHANICAL CONDITION'. HAS MANY ceutical house to call on and s<Hl physi- OLD FLOORS Wf-|te<l by~luuui: will WAN'l'kb-^FurnliureTor 5 rooms, or 1 odd where a solemn retjuiem mass will b e 7601 broken in. look like new. Pondell. Phone 2196-W. Down Monthly 1924 Franklin Brougham, new duco piece*. Tel. T617. T. and celebrated nt 10 o'clock. 1924 Maxwell Club Sedan.$20S $39.00 275 EXTRAS. $175. BOX IS-KK. GAZETTE. cians. Musi be familiar with drugs ref1924 Chevrolet touring: extras F22717 paint (15150 furnish good business and character Friends are respectfully Invl.ted. 1924 Overland Sedan 140 26.00 1923 Franklin touring, new paint $1,470 1924 Ford coupe; extras S25 KlSRY and Everett*, old and new floor? $985 1924 Chevrolet sedan Loans W a n t e d 19?4 Ford Coupe 100 15.00 495 FORD coupe, ltiTe 1921, good condition, erences with reply. r Athluke l a b o r a McCABE--Monday., February 1. 19M. scraped. Phono 92GI. K20996 $280 1923 Dodge Coupe 200 $105. 505 Schenectady st. . C.22994 tories, Inu. 250 West , .7th St., New York 28.00 1918 Franklin touring, new paint Mary Ellen, Me,, 1925 Maxwell olub sedan, like new. $800 iJ^3 Chevrolet coupe ; re finished like R7fi WANTED--»y May tst, $ . O to ; Cabe, at thebeloved 'wife of Hugh H a r G O O 1923 Hupmobile Touring . . 1S4 city. _; .^....N"*" 20.00 new model family home. No. 12 ofi'Xn 1 9 2 4 Maxwell club sedan. * bargain $o75 1923 Chevrolet coupe; perfect . . . . . . . 350 Auto Express and Trucking 1922, Dodge Sedan 1S4 lust mortgage loan on up-town business 1 r ma .,,. .... _i WANTED--Farmer. April t. tox work $565 1H23 Ford coupe r.rx)T 1925 Essex coach, like new 1921 Nash Tour, winter top 90 .ornor. worth $25,000. Will accept ! Funeral Thursday morning at 9 o'clock ..""., 225 1 URi-acre. 16 cow dairy farm. \ ? mi. FARREI.LS express, baggage, fr«ii $415 1 ojp Ford sedan (extras) ight, Ktralght mortgage or can pay $1,000 and i^ 1924 Chevrolet sedan 1920 Ford Sedan 48 2-31 front IJallston Spa on shares 50-50. Must from the house, thence to the Church pf $145 1923 Chevrolet touring furniture: local and long distance, Tel interest annually; prefer private party. 195 s Model 57 Cadillac 8 Sedan. 180 25.50 1922 Chevrolet touring have team and tools. Good opportunity 6913. $85 1921 Chevrolet touring. _____ ' F4M9 __ NN 23706 the Immaculate Conception, Broadway " Chevrolet touring; reflnished . . 245 for profitable connection; <> acres cul- MOY1NG. light" trucking, freight, bag- Pox JILI, Gnfcette. "0 and Thoiur__n street where a requiem x > R. D. Thomson, Inc. $545 1923 Ford touring j 1923 Jewett sedan W 145 1923 itvated. 30 aeyts llmbtf. References oxF e m a l e Help W a n t e d luiiiw will be celebrated a t 9:30 o'clock. $2«5 1922 Chevrolet touring 1922 Earl sedan gage. J. M. Fltegerald. Tvl. 1720-W. 125 Studebaker Sales and Service. changed. H. X Garivtt, 50 McLean st.. FurnisBed R o o m s W a n t e d Friends are respectfully invited; $290 1038-40 State St. Phone 3745. 1923 Ford 4 door redan FS04S W A N T E D ~ ~ E x p e r i i n e e d hogSkeepei-'s Bnllston Spa,/N. Y. Tvl. '-'SI-NY. N22861 $225 Mohawk Auto Sales Corp. G22983 1923 Ford 2 door sedan MONTANARO-- Suddenly. Febr 1. 1388. assistant, one t'.iat can t y p e ' apply In heated : I BAif.12Y'S Express, bnggagd and truck- WANTWb--Fiiriflsh"e"d" n'nd $145 Used Car Department, 1923 Ford touring your hand writing, stating age, exiveri- WANTED-- lixporlenced office clerk for room, kitchenette and bath for 1 or 'I Clementine Perreta. widow of "the late ing. Prompt service. Phone 31(>G. $350 777 State st. Phone 3846. Frank of her large corporation in this city, 20-2:i 1922 Paige touring enee. where last employed, other refer'__ FlUTl.'i months. Tel. room .i:!6 Yan Curler . son. P.Mortanaro, a t the home FrankWHY WAIT U N T I L $150 Open Evenings, 7 to 9. Stephen Montauaro. 408 years old. A good salary. Mijst be high W32895 ences : salary expected to start 1921 Dodge roadster" . . . . . . .-rCHEVROLET SALES A N D SERVICET pet'manent position; give full details for "school graduate. In reply stale age, PAlfCKL {telive'ry, baggage "niul . ex- Hotel. ! lin street SPRING? These prices for this A l e only, repress, light trucking. Phono 1835-W, MIDD1.I0 "a god lady want.i 1 or" 2 fur-' At 738 State st., Opp. Close st. Funeral Wednesday. Feb. 8. at 9:30 Terms-Arranged. ·garding youxself. Apply Box 18-GG, Ga- education, experience, knowledge of.of- ._ _2'.'718 P r i c e s - A r e Low Now. P a y One-Third n'.shed or iinftirn'ished rooms, walking from the house, . Phones 105 and 7327. D o w n ; Balance in 12 Months. gette Office._ _ 1122926 fice machines and salary desired. Box illstancu to Wallace Co. Pox 10-KK, Church, where a thence to St. Anthony's Franklin Wright Co., Inc. G33004 2S-J.I. Gazette. N23738 CLANCY'S Express--TTaggage, frolght, solemn requiem maee Free Storage Until Spring, W'P.lKi will be celebrated at 10 o'clock. Friends WANTED--Saleslady for a high class trucking and inoyl.iB. Tel. 7113. F19.1J7 Gazette. Open Evenings Phone 6210 positively No Finance Charges. LARGE Massachusetts concern,has openselling position by established and. relatives ure respectfully invited. · 910-912 State St. ing for ambitious young man for local W H E N / Y O U B U Y FROM New York importing an old our reprefirm; H o u s e s and Flats W a n t e d New Locomobile Junior Eight ·_ G 22916 MYSL1NSK1--In this city, Feb. 1. 1933. Box 31-HII. sentatives earn from $10 to $75 weekly; branch. Write Gazette. I/UKE, YOU ARE S A F E ! 1926 Cadillac sedan, / - p a s s . ; new car _N32809 WOOD for sale, good wood, no soft or WANTED lo rent: li room flat or 1 Antoinette Liignnowskl. wife of the late work is pleasant; we will put you in giving qualifications. CADILLACS Good used^'cars at real low prices. Model 68 Cadillac Imperial; re-bullt. a position to build for yourself a per- MEN, 26c DINNERS from 11 a. in. to rotten wood, regular stove cord %'< family; upper t'nlon st. section. Hox Frank Myslinskt. 1925 Hudson brougham .'.. Thoroughly Reconditioned ( , ^ ~ ,~-Free storage until spring. ...$1,375 Funeral Wednesday morning at 8:30 Hex 19-KK. XIS9X 8 p. m. Honii> cooked. Keller's Lunch, That means a pile S ft. long, i ft. hlj;h, U-KK. lia/otte. Remember--We stand back of every manent dependable business. ^ Ouaranteed Cadillac ~ 61 Cadillac Suburban . .· 1,650 o'clock from her late residence, 4 MadiGazette. _ 1123035 Summit av. two doors from Albany st. and 12 to 15 Inches IOIIK.' Fireplace'wood sale. Sedans . . 875 1925 Hudson coach son street thence to St. Mary's Church i N1836 IS to 23 In., $7.50 a cord. Thill means WANTED--A girl between IS ami 30 .. 850 Coupes. 1925 Dodge sedan where a mass will be celebrated a t · Farms W a n t e d length and the stove 1926 Studebaker Standard. Duplex to take care of 3-year-old child and to YOUNG men with high school education same Call 3281 or height as So. Center . . 1,075 ! ./Tourings 1925 Reo sedan o'clock for the repose of her soul. Friends wood. Inquire 22 Phaeton $1,100 assist, with second work. Reference reS * 395 ! WOULD Tike to' buy~"fnrm not w o r 15 Phaetons 1925 Ford coupe to learn profitable business, good pay. s_._ and relatives are Invited to attend. I n __ K22.S0: 1925 Flint "66" touring 950 quired : good wages. Tel. Amsterdam Apply 310 liorraiuc Mock, 4 to U p. m. . . 375 miles from Schenectluly, preferably on terment In St. Mary's cemetery. Roadsters 1924 Chevrolet 4-pass. coupe 1925 Hudson coach ($100 worth of .. 1,150 [ 2074. ' H22SC3 Our Guarantee I s Your Protection 1923 Cadillac phaeton N2280J COKE for sale. $11.50 per tondellv- State rd, with stock and tools. No agents. > M A R T I N - J n n u n r y 30. 1926, AnnA & extras) , 950 F I N A L clearance sale; all-wool jersey .. 425 ered : Phone 1923 Essex coach 1X23021 FOUR men to complete" 1926 ifisTrThiiting 6773-W, .small size, not .screened. F22fi35 Pox 17-KK. Oii/ette. Other Makes Staley, wife of John F. Martin. ... 250 1925 Essex coach; like new 600 1923 Ford sedan dresses, $5.95; made to sell for $10; all campaign. Experience helpful not esFuneral Tuesday afternoon a t 3:00 .. 1.075 1924 Packard Six Touring * · » 1924 Essex coach ; perfect 600 1922 Lincoln phaeton-- C. T. N22S07 WOOD cut to suit. " Hy the" cord 1925 Reo- 5-Pass. Sedan o'clock from her late residence, 406 1924 Oldamobile sedan; Duco finish. 675 colors; sizes 16 to ;50. Philip U. Horwlta, sential.. Phone 808-W. __Male. 20S6-R. F03B5 3,22 State st. H 22187 1923 Buick 7-Pass. Sedan 1924 Ford Tudor sedan; extras . . . 326 Rugby road. Relatives and friends Are Trades Considered. BAR BOY, must be a live wire. Apply WOOD for mile, cut in all lengths to LOST--Saturday between Public Market Invited to attend. " 1924 Buick 5-Pass. Touring 1924 Chevrolet touring; reflnished.. 275 E X P E R I E N C E D hotFl waitress, secat 11 a. m., Nlcholaus' Restaurant. F20190 suit. Phone 88t-J. ond maids, $16; private cook. STo; and Center s t , parcel containing musChevrolet touring 75 1923 Buick 5-Pass. Brougham , N22959 FREED'S AUTO E X C H A N G E lin. Return lo Hox 58. Clifford rd. Re- SULEROWICZ--In this city. SundAy, Chevrolet Baby Grand 66 -kitchen girls, institution cook. Eastman WANTED -- Mechanical 1924 Ford Coupe draftsman, 1920. Simon, aged Cor. State and Church sta. · 1924 Chevrolet delivery 250 Employment Bureau, 230 State. H1920 wartl. M1909 January 31, Antonia Sllnger. 78, beloved 1924 Chevrolet Coupe Furniture Upholstering write giving age and experience. Box husband of Phone · 1707. 1924 Chevrolet sedan; bargain 475 WANTED--Housekeeper for country 704. Sidney. N. Y. 1923 Hudson Coach NlS.Xti UPHOLSTERING, chair caning, furni- LOST--Male German police dog, black Funeral Tuesday morning. 8:30 o'clock, Open Evenings. G229J6 1923 Chevrolet sedan 375 ' home. For particulars call or write 1924 Wills Ste. Claire Roadster and tun. without collar. Communicate from his daughter's residence, 1010 Eastture repaired, slip covers; work called 1924 Overland 3-pass. coupe 375 No. 5 Heidelberg av. Call between 4:30 BETTER Brushes Inc. can use two more "They Bought the Better Buick" Mrs. ern avenue, thence to Church, 1922 Wills Ste. Claire Touring Charles 1924 Chevrolet coupe · 875 men in this vicinity. No delivery. for and delivered. 6G97-W. Coplon, l'-'8 3332; .1. W. Raker. Rotterdam Jot., tel. where a requiem high St. Mary's be cele1 1775 1 Lafayette. Phone F5186 reward. __. M22890 mass will 1923 Franklin Sedan . --and S you can buy these excellent ., A 1924 Ford coupe; reflnished -325 and 5, _ _ _ . ? ,,to 6 p. m. 505 State. N22803 1924 Studebaker Touring WANTED--Lady bookkeeper, stenogratrade-ins a t bargain prices: Convenient Terms--Trades Made. FURNITURE upholstering labour spe- LObT--30x3 4 tire and rim between ! bra led at 9 o'clock. Interment St. Mary's Year. 1924 Peerless Touring Make Model. cemetery. Friends Invited to attend. pher, one with executive ability ; some WANTED---At once, aninteucjs, Wednescially. Give Erin blvd. and end of lJ'dway car line. day evening. Rose Theaters-Troy, N. trial and In all Us branches. a 1921 Peerless "Coupe Buick Master Coupe 1925 the anuary yourself. Gl!t Reward. V. J. Payne, Hox 230 R. D. 4. SIMMONS--Suddenly Januar; 29, 1928. LUKE'S A U T O EXCHANGE experience in Box plumbing and uniting ; Y. N 22715 Smith St., convince 4021. 1924 Buick Master Sedan slate wages. 7-KK; Gazette. H2288U Peter D., years,, of 221 Hegephone F10932 Phone 9407-ul. Westcott Burlingame, Inc. M22939 man streetaged 67*. 787 State st. Phone 5027. E X P E R I E N C E D salesladies and "seam- WANTED--Boy with bicycle to deliver 1934 Biiick Master 7-Pass. Sedan li. i l . JOHNSON, "upholsterer and"re7S9 STATE ST. PHONE 903. G22966 1923 Buick ,. Master Sedan tress;, one who is uble to alter ladles' \ clothes after school. 103 Rugby rd. Puneral service private for relatives , finisher or antiques and modern fur- WILL gentleman · who forgot to return Also '95 -Washington av., Albanv. . 1922 . \'22912 Buick Four-Cylinder Sedan and men's gnrments; permanent posilady's vunlty. initials H. E. K., Satur- and members of Schenectady Lodge, niture. Call 4597, 309 McSlellaii Hi. G23001 We Are Selling Guaranteed 1925 Dodge Bus. Man's Coupe tlon. Call SSS9. H22876 WANTED---Married-couple to tuke care _ F5527 day at Cains, leave same at Gazette, of- Knights o f Pythias, Wednesday after1925 Ford Coupe 7 M 22862 noon nt 2 o'clock from the funeral rooms Transportation OFFICE assistant. Apply, stating age f r eof rooming house, downtown section; CABINET maker and reflUlsher. furni- IICIJ. Cars With a Pedigree! 1923 Ford Four-Door' Sedan en R Bond, _ _ _ i : Box 20-HU. C.a-ette,-N2'J543 LOST--Side rack "for Maik' "truck, ~ vi- of viewed 1307 Broadway. Remains THIRTY DAYS' W R I T T E N GUARANand salary expected. Opportunity for 1922 ture iiarts made to order. 137 Domett Chevrolet Sedan Tuesday evening from 7 WANTED--Messenger boyw. Western i t , _ cinity upper Crane, Van Velsen s t . may T E E ON T H E S E CARS. ALL H A V E advancement. Box 13-KK, Gazette. 1923 Ford Touring F2177C Make Type : Year Price to 8:30 o'clock. Interment in vault. _i'nlon Telegraph. 277 State st. N1890 FURNITURE iipholslered. W, If. Ri\t- Chrlster av, or Altamont av. Phone 1109. Parkview cemetery. / B E E N RECONDITIONED. 1923 Earl .3-. · Touring. · Buick · Touring1922(wintertop)400 H22962 M23031 1922 1924 Chevrolet coupe .$ 350 STENOGRAPHER and general offic* Gardner Touring Chevrolet Touring 1924 275 _ cliff p. _747 Stale. Tel. 5385. W H K STONE--Monday, February 1, 1926. 1922 Nash Touring Chevrolet Coupe l'.O.ST--'rire, tire carrier, tall light, II- Josephine, beloved wife of Edward-Stone. ms 300 1923 Chevrolet sedan, new paint.. 385 assistant. Apply, stating age ar.d sal1920 Reo ^Touring 1921 Cleveland sedan 275 ary expected. Good opportunity for adCoupe Dodge oense plate, 8-A-CO-ll. Call Puiiit Mills 1923... 425 Chimney Cleaning Wednesday morning a t 11:30 Lowest t e r m s i n the city. Touring Dodge ' I5-F-31 or Schenectady 4-F-I2. M227S4 Funeral 1 9 2 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . 860 1923 Overland Red Bird, new paint 275 vancement. Box 14-KK. Gazette. H22903 Sedan Dodge Roof and Gutter Repairing 1920 260 1923 Chevrolet touring, new paint. 260 WANTED--Young lady for office, one AVOID amok* And gTis by having your L"6sf--Phy on.velope; "check no! 3G755; o'clock from the family home No. 110 Schenectady Buick Co., Inc. Touring Sixth nv. and 9 o'clock a t S t John the 1,400 1919(winter top)l2* 1925 Flint, 65, sedan; like new chimney cleaned and repaired. Call who has real estate, $8.28. Return to Bog-15-OG, Guisette. Oaptlst Church. KeeaylUe. N . Y., Thurs1021 State S t Phone 1697. Roadster 1925... 375 can operate knowledge in Phone 7477. and TIN. S_ATE,- gravel roofs repaired or Clapper, .phone..3767. 275 1924 Ford" sedan ( T u d o r ) . . . , .F2047 typewriter. renewed. Gutters taken off, Eavo NI22716 day morning. 360 Friends a r e respectfully , ' G22914 Ford Fordor sed 1923 Balloon T. 375 1924 Ford sedan (Fordor) H22942 troughs and conductors replaced. Metal AVOID smoke and gas by having your LOST -- Saturday night, smull brown invited. Home open for friertds Tuesday Essex Coach 1924.. 475 1923 Ford (Tudor) sedan ; perfect . . 300 chimney brushed clean. Tel. 136-W ceilings und warm air heating a spe1923... Coach purse, Initials II. 500 1923 Haynes .brougham; overhauled 600' "WANTED--Girl from 8 a. m. to 12; one S A L E OF RE-POSSESSED Essex F20608 keys. Phone 1843-M.(,'., Hum money and afternoon and evening. Essex , 1921... Sedan 400 1926 Overland C s e d a n ; d e m . . . ' . . . 950 M22810 who lives in Mont Pleasant preferred. ciality. Let us estimate on your new STEELE--Mrs. Mabel Munger Steele, roofing and heating. Blair and Stief- DON_C_w^lt-_nUl^-ouj_ehtii_ieyl_at.ch_i. Hudson 1924... 1925 Overland touring, almost new 400 Phone, 6066-R. ..afle.r_.5_ i v in. ' CARS 1250 Sedan U2.29.8i lAIST^1-Tiloetr gild "fa < "iilredale dTigT R<- ; 4.1 Washington av., died In Paris, France, T Hudson 1923.:. 600 T924^0verlahd"s'edafi1"; i;500 riitlesT." G 5 WANTED--Reliable young woman who viUei-,- 5-14 -Liberty str Phone- 4 0 t 3 . F l 163 2" Coach Are. Have It cleaned npw. $3. Plione Have ward If returned lo E. Ernst, 3 Third Sunday, January 31. Mrs. Steele sailed ROOFING of all kinds; repair work, Marx 9->nft.r( Hudson 400 1924 Overl'd tour., winter inclosure 33n Speedster 1921... inrv 22'JO-R. ' F22927 M. Phone 29H0-.I. The following cars offered at can ^I_2!i6'> with her daughter January 6, t o spend taking off gutters, repairing shingles, Overland 350 1925 Overland 8, sedan, like n e w . . . 950 Phone cook and do general' housework. Redbird > 1924.. extraordinary low prices; owners 1671-J. H2303. putting on all kinds of new roofs : worl< She w a s taken ' LOST--Light Tiinmed" spectauies. Will the winter In Paris. 100 Overland tour,; good condition . . . . 40 Overland Roadster 1923... have failed to meet note requireDreismaking suddenly 111 Saturday and died a t t h e Under notify 4143-R or O. E. 3337? 1920 Oldsmoblle touring 75 2 POPULAR hairdressers to take over guaranteed; price right; quick service. ments. Each car In good running r beauty parlor; opportunity for right Phone 1760-J. Murphy and Son. F192C0 DRE SSMAKINO and rernodeltng. Mrs. NFJ2986 American Hospital. Paris. Miss Steele Terms Arranged. ' 1918 Buick 4, touring 75 order. A small first payment and pa.ty. Box 32-HH. Gazette. H22953 hot air heatM. LaMontalne, 119 Dafuyetto. Phone lA)S'i'--A sniall gruy change purse, Con- will return with t h e remains on t h e Time balance in easy, convenient amounts. John Kovacs Garage Co., Inc. ience. payments to suit your conven- WANTED--Refined young girl for gen- ALL KINDS of roofing,cleaned, gutters 1142-W. ing, furnnces repaired, __ F22887 taiulng sum or money. Phone 483-W. steamer "Paris". Mrs. Steele w a s t h e Hudson and Essex Cars. M22992 widow ot the late Robert Steele w h o with and pipes renewed and repaired ; metal Ford, 1 ton truck, panel b o d y . . 1925 McMullen-Wasson Auto Sales us.eral housework to make homeH22876 ceilings a specialty. Phone 6264 or DItESSMAKER--Alice Holland, 15 Cllf- TOST--In Scotia, Monday, brlndle pup, was the comptroller of t h e General .022921 Call 8889. Essex coach »...-. 1925 ton pi. Phone 1430-M._ % _i904 ' time of h i Just Above tho Armory, Chandler coach 1925 male. Finder please notify Ham pel or ElecHrlcinCompany a t t h eher daughter, s GIRL for general housework and help 6297-J., R. Dlckershald, 226 Nott terrace. DRESSMAKING at 14 Phoenix av.. updeath 1912. Besides 732 State sL Phone 3861. Wills Sainte Claire . F5029 Jewett touring .'.. 1922 M22999 one son. Bruce Steele, and her father, with care of chlfdren, 418 Crane st. " stairs. Call 2188-R. F228CI phone 20I5_W. Willys-Knight and Overland Dealers Chevrolet touring A..1921 roof. gutter repairing. H22139 CHIMNEY, Certified^Used Cars money In H. <5. Munger of Herkimer, and one · G22969 DRESSMAKING and dresses made over. LOST-- Hill fold containing chimney .cleaning hy men x Ford Touring 75.00 WANTED--At once. Amateurs, Wednes- how. Samuel J. Clapper, 315who know Phone 3218-R. F1377 Wallace Co., return 24 Park pi. and three sisters survlvt. Craig st. These Cars May Be Inspected Ford Touring . . 200.00 day evening. Rose Theater. Troy, N. Y. Ph ._L'__ , ._ c 7. Sale of Reclaimed Cars J _ , __ F13601 Notice of funeral will be given later, 449-K. reward. M1788 Stutz Sport Tou i g . . . . 250.00 1923 Maxwell touring y_ II22714 ' $285 ' . at 850 State St. LOST--GJuHSeiT on Raker av.. or near Piano Tuning SHANNON--Sunday, January 31, Buick Roadster 450.00 1935 Nnsft coach 925 WANTTED--Mild elcpeiiehced In cooking ROOFS, gutters and chimneys repaired" G. E. offices; reward. 6715-R. M2286C 1926. John O , beloved husband of Sarah Telephone 6000 for further Information. Maxwell Sedan Prcsser. 122 So. Ferry Kt Tel. 136-W. PIANO tuning and repairing work guar450.00 1925 Star coupster ?; 425 and housework ; 2 adults. Tel. 7234-W. LOST--A tire chain near Aqueduct ("all Jackman, at his residence No. 915 LinG23002 Moon ..Roadster F13502 700.00 1925 Ford Fordor sedan anteed. J. E. T. ilcxle. Tel. 0599-W. 400 M2; H22S81 1383-J, !??.? coln- av. Bluebov Sport F773 250 WOMEN .to canvass, nothing else like ROOF, chimney and gutter repairing; 1925 Ford Tudor Sedan" With JordanSainte Claire Rd., 8-cyl.. 850.00 1924 Chevrolet touring Funeral Wednesday morning at 8:30 Wills 976.00 1924 Maxwell coupe work guaranteed. Smith and Son, 345 - w · 460 it oYfered in the United States before. Paige Bf. Phone 0521. o'clock from the house, thence to S t CoChrysler Roadster 1,000.00 1924 Case sport touring F11478 $100 Worth of Extras 600 210 Second ,-avV., 10-12 a. m. Electrical Work luhibas Church, where a requiem mass 1,200.00. 1924 Durant sport roadster S85 This car is a 1925 model in excellent Special Six Studebaker Rd ELECTRICAL repair shop, house wir- C. S. YOTT. nuctloneer, pays cash for will be celebrated at 9 o'clock. 1,675.00 1923 Oakland sport touring , 2 0 0 CHAMBERMAIDS, cooks, kitchen w o condition, slip covers, speedometer, auto- Wills Sainte Claire Sedan Painting and Paperhanging household goods, office furniture, aning, base receptacles installed; fixPackard Coupe _ . . . ' . ' 1,300.00 1923 Ford touring Friends are respectfully Invited. man, houseworkers. Schenectady EmI 125 matic windshield wiper, looking glass, tiques, large. Scheploymcnt Agency. 147 JAy s t ?T2.j_?.5 SHORT time left to have your rooms tures for i s l e . Charles A. Rector, 1027 nectady etc., no stock too 119 State s t . S . . . 86 baHoon tires, etc. The price i s ' only Schenectady Wills Ste. Claire Co. 1920 Buick touring THOMA--January 31, 1926, James OL Auction Rooms, Wendell av. Phone 6461. F18672 papered special prices. $550; -pay $185 down, the balanoe over 18 Lafayette st. Phone 10S86 37y 2 Mohawk Avenue, Scotia WANTED--Woman for housework. 6 ing rooms,at$9; bedrooms, Parlors, dinPhone 3643, A6906 Thoma. aged 79 years, at his residence*. $5, Including a year's period. Will gladly demonstrate 147 Lafayette street to 9 p. m. . Inquire 208 Van Vranken Troy Albany Open Thursday,.. Friday and Saturday WILL sell at public auction Saturday, Carpet Cleaning anywhere, anytime. Phone 3846. Used 322 Fifth av. Funeral Tuesday at the convenience) av. H19U paper; bedrooms and kitchens to be 296 Central av. until 9 p. m Feb. 6, at 1" o'clock, household furni- of the family. Please omit flowers. painted, $3.60 per room; full line of Car . D e p t , Mohawk Auto Sales Corp., Phone North 1112 Phone West 5280 G22971 WANTED--An experienced cook. Apply s a m p l e s ; work satisfactory. CALL Gerllng's cftrpot cleaning works ture. O. Turner. Stop 1, Consaul Road. Phone 673 673-W. Call Gil777 State Bt. G23003 See U s Before You Buy to have your rugs cleaned. We do not VOSECEK--Jan. 31, 1926. Antonie) ' 114 Lenox rd. Phone 980. H22901 man and Son, 176 Third av. . Phone A1889 192« Car--Great Saving! G22737 FU300 Trlnka. wife of the late Frank Vosecek. A Buick 4-CyUnder Sedan #22947 soften them. Phone 7738. WANTED--A girl for light housework. 8593-W. HIGHEST cash prices for furniture, Funeral Wednesday afternoon at 1 D A V I S SPORT S E D A N This car has had exceptional care, and merchandise. Dubb's Auction House, o'clock from the residence of her daughTires! Tires 1 Tires! deciding 1st 228 Crane s t H22S69 PAPERH ANGER--Before DoU Hospital shows i t ; upholstery, body, tires, etc., 128 So. Center Rt. Tel. 3723-W. A161J5 ter. Mrs. H. Svoboda. 794 Chrisler aveUsed for Demonstration Only WANTED- -Cook. Apply 100 Parkwood me estimate with A - l labor and BOO CARLOAD AT OLD PRICES. in exceptionally fine condition; motor H22643 spring samples. Phone Holland, 8011-W DOLLS replaced, broken parts replaced^ blvd. Equipped with bumpers, sport trunk, nue. Relatives And friends are Invited 80x3% Tubes % 1.60 Just overhauled ; full equipment includ' ,j F20312 ' Doll Hospltal. 128 Lafayette. Fl8218 spare, chains, other accessories ; a genu-^ WANTED--Girl for general housework. to nt'eiul. Remains may be viewed 30x3 CI Cord 6.75 ing bumpers, snUbbers, moto-meter, e t c . Tuesday evening from 7 until 9 O'clock. 30x3 ine 1926 model. neveV licensed. List CI Cord 7.75 Apply 16 Hampton av., upstairs. 1122799 IT IS to your advantage to have your car cost around $1,700 new ; will sell for 30x3 Typewriten Repaired - _ · . S. S. Cord price $1,870 delivered. paperhanglng. kslsomlnlng and paint10.50 VOSIH'ROH--January 31, 1926. George D'ATTILIO--In this city February 1. $625; time payments if desired. Open DOMESTIC?nUrse wanted. Call between ing done now.. First class work done. 31x4 S. S. Cord 13.35 PORTABLE and1 standard; sold and 192C. Josephine Natole. beloved wife of II. Yosburgh. aged 78 years, of 68 Pearl evenings. Scotia Automobile sales, OakWill Sell for $1,500 32x4 S. S. Cord F22641 16.00 5 and 7. at 873 A.iba_ny______^H23923 lTione 7422-.I. strp»-t. , rented. J. Dwyer, 842 Grant av. 3239-.I. Joseph D'Altillo. land' and Kissel agency. 40 Mohawk and arrange eaBy financing. 38x4 S. S. Cord .$13-- 16.00 WOMAN for general kitchen work/ Box PA P E R U ANOlNO. · kalsomlnihg, pain"Notice of funeral hereafter. F1671 Funeral Wednesday morning. Februav., Scotia. Phone 7313. G228S6 STONE MOTORS COMPANY S4x4 S. S. Cord 16.00 ting. Work satisfactory; prices reason25-HI(. Gaaette. H22514 ary 3, lit 9 o'clock, from hor late resiGardner Sales and Service WAYAND--Saturday, JAnuary t4V 22.50 34x4 Vt S. S. Cord Late 1923 Chevrolet Coupe Stove Repairs able. Phone 7376-W. ________ El829 dence. 70R Fourteenth .itre.-t, thence to 19-6. 102 State s t Phone 6899 John Wayand, age 76 years. . Eord and Chevrolet balloon Male H e l p W a n t e d Delivered spring of 1924. H a s had ex-, Our I>idy of Mt. Carmel Church where · G23033 Funeral Tuesday morning a t 9 o'clock PAINTING and decoratlngi James R' P"AivfS lurnTshed fof~iitTTstovesT tires $13.45 ceptlonal cAre. Looks like a hew car. a requiem mass will he celebrated at from the residence of his brother, Je-Salesman for A 281fi. Schenectady Stove And Repair Co. BALLOON TIRES BALLOON All good tires, upholstery cleaned, per10 o'clock. Friends and relatives a r<- srj.h Packard Str. 8 Sedan (7-Pass.) ·WANTEDposition by an old high class Feeney. 916 IJncoln av. phoneF22083 Wayand. 211 Mohawk avenue, selling established 620 Broadway. Phono 1472. F1915» All sizes, standard makes. At re. · , t fect mechanical' condition. This Is the thence to St. Joseph's Church, Bcoti As fine an automobile as you could New York Importing firm; our repre- FIRST class painting and pap«rh«nglng. PARTS furnished for all stoves. Hche- respectfullv Invited to attend. duced prlcea, opportunity you have been waiting for. LANG LEY--January 30. 1926. Sarah where a requiem mass will be celebrat desire. Costs new $5,300; newly painted sentatives earn from $10 to $76 weekly; f ne.ctady Stove and Repair Co., 120 Yellow Cab Garage Jane Todd, beloved wife of C'hntles at 9:3_ o'clock. Friends Are respectful Dundee gray with gold stripes; new work is pleasAnt; w e will put you in Frank 8huf«lt, phone 8991-M, evenings. State. Phone 1472. $350 F22967 Lnrigley. at the residence, Morgan ave- Invited to attend. F154»$ T h e home wlU IJSl 8-10 Yates st. off Union * t . tires, fully equipped. N e w car war- A position' to build for yourself a per- P A I N , N a W. D. H A V E N S A N D SONS Between Jay and Center sta. open to friends Monday evening front l " nue, slop 10, Troy read. . J , ' Paperhanglng, kalsomlnlng. manent dependable business. Box 20-KK, ranty, $3,000. Latmdry G22747 ^ . 809-811 State O22918 Please omit newer*. Funeral service was held a t Toronto. to 9 o'clock. -Gazette. ) N 23034 A. C. Pease, phone 6912-W, 743 Nott st. Inc. ·· » . v . * ,__ F4991 S U N S H I N E Laundry shines In many Canada. Monday afternoon. Brand New, 1925 Oakland Tour. 1108 A. Wayne Merriam,Phone 8090 SEVERAL bright active men. good1 perA Good Buy State st. . homes. Phone 6319, 1009 Albanv st. VOLLMBR--February 1. 1926. Ida sonal appearance to fill a position a s PAPERHANGiNG. painting a b reAsonCARD OF T H A N K S . V Winter enclosure, car has never been Ford. 1923 touring, top and upholster*^ Open Evenings. 028016 _ F194U Fnusel, wife ot the lnt<- Herman Vollmer. real estate salesmen in city. Must be driven and carries our ne*v car guaranWe wish to thank oUr kind frlenda-ahd good, 5 tires, runs well, $126. able prices. F. Klcpper, phone 6990-M. Sli I'ERIOR Laundry; nu f sed . * HI aged fi5 years, of No. 1153 Broadway. good convincing tAlkers. For such a tee. A n excellent all year around car. neighbors for their Sympathy shown ua 1921 Dodge Sedan F1828 Fnnoral services Wednesday afternoon A. Wayne Merriam, Inc. Lafayette s t . phone 3867. F1831 The best buy in Schenectady. salary will range commission death .of Fully equipped. A - l mechanical con- man from $100 to $500 on a week. Ad- PAPERHANfHNO, l o c per roll; painting nt 2 o'clock at F. II. Clock's funeral in our bereavement a t the W e also wd_r 1108 State st. Phone 8090 per and «S dition. Good rubber, license for 1924. basis Bok 29-HH. Oa»ett«. $1,050 chapel. No. 30 .lay si reel, to which rela- son thank brother, Stuart. us flower*, w h o Open Evenings. G23015 Fur Repairing and kalsomlnlng. Phone 1788-J. F1830 drcs* N23018 those who sent This week's special bargain. tives nnd friends are Invited. Friends to W. D. H A V E N S A N D SONS Ford Tour., Ford Road., $50 Ea. WANTED--Young v man 20-22 years old; Carpenter Work -r / ^ ftfPlt r^mo«felc<T^nd'7epliTfc<ir~Iloger*«*_7 may atso view the remains Tuesday eve- lhe Rev. John A. Thurston tat M . c o » " . 8 0 9 - 8 1 1 State 022920 $300 one with sales Ability to call on trade Moyston. Tel. 1093-R. F20S22 ning between the hours of 7 and'9. We have two nice running Fords that BUICK touring, 1921; 6-cyl.; nice conR. Wallace--Conlracto/ And Butiffirr" for ling words, and Mr, Bohd. unddrtakte, and solicit new business. Good opporW. D. H A V E N S A N D SONS we will sacrifice for $50 each t<5 make __·mmiiB>ew«»--I -**f^--*^*^??*^ ^^ ·**!» for his good service, ' additions; estimate* given dition ; to make room for new cars, tunity for right man. Olvs age, educa- onAlterations; of carpenter work, 1$05 room tot other cars. One A touring, will accept $225. You'll pay $400 for a Rug Weaving 809-811 State G22919 tion and previous experience in first any kind MR. A N D MRS, A, N / P A N O B t j R N . other a roadster. Freed'* Auto E x - car like this In. March. F$8$ TWO-TONED rugs mAde, from old enrMoon Auto 1923 Ford Roadster, $125 letter. Box b K K , Gazette. N22733 Campbell av. Phone 4516-J. MISS E L I Z A B E T H P A N Q B U R N ; changft, 8tate and Church »U. G22917 Sales, 38 Mohftwk av., Scotia. Phone psts, clothes and hurlnp bags. DunThis Is only one of several good buys WANTED--Two men to connect with CARPENTER and mASon work, homes, ham. 341 Veeder nv. Tel. 3660-.!. t.F22RSI MRS. C A R L Z E M K B , O W N E R leaving town, will sacrifice 7974. G22657 garages, general repairing. PTfone old-established organization, sell di- 7852, J. Palus7,ak. builder. $400 on new big I Willys-Knight five- REPAIRINO anrt rewlndtng motors and F16554 Schenectady Motor Sales Co. rect to consumer by appointments ; must C A R D OP T H A N K S . .« passenger Bedan; thia is not a dealer or generators. Ignition work; service on Detective Agencies AVt" wish to extefld Aur heajrtfelt thknks Phone 970 be s t least 25 years of age. Good op- CARTKTTf Efl and butMsfTrspAlr* ofTTI a salesman propostHon, but a bona fide Presto-lite batteries and Prcsto-Itte ga«; 303 Cran« »t. Dufort appreclAtlon l o our relatlv**, friends & Embatmer* and nefghborti e_beclally, Rev. T. N. Mfcoriginal owner contr*cty> Box 12-OG, open seven dAy» per,week attd evenings. ___».<H portunity for executive position. Apply kinds. Estimates given. O. A. F20041 P'A'RKKR Detective Agency. 428 State Undertaker* _ % and GAxette. ^ _ , K228S.1 Mftrtln C. Burns. 528 Liberty e_ Phone N A S H sedan, K9i4, n e w paint, fully 505 State a t , room 306. 3-5 p. m. N22891 phone TMv'iv St. Room 10. Phone 4076, open evenings. rhone 130*. I.lfent* U4J-JUJ Quold; Dr. F.'. Mulcere, F . H. Clock, general contractor; 4fcufpped ; perfect Night Cstl. 16 Chnrek Street K2301I G22229 rubber,-, spare j front running order ; good REAL estate salesman wanted, with car, CARPENTER, CADILLAC Itoadster -- 'Wltl sacrifice; 64J4, cor. Clinton at. for* kindnesa shown during our recent homes, garages; repairing day or conAnd rear bumpers ; LsdT la AttfAdanee lo list and selll property on commishas 4 Westlnghonsc shock absorbers snocl bereavement, . F457 this cAr cost in neighborhood of $2,000; sion; Also to write InsurAnce of-AllTclnds. trAct. Phone __44. r*e st r * n « r l . I I P a i t f h AtM Tt»* 1924 Star Sedan Watch A Clock Repairing thAt cost $360 put on ; 2 extra tires, other MRS. J. LAI NO A N D F A M l l t . must sell and will tAke $855. Phone 8477 References required. Write Box 15-KK. A L ¥ _ R A T i O N 8 and"'ropalfl'ng. S. s f E l rxtraa. Will take $500. Moon Auto Witbeck Bros. 1012 State After « p. m. G22653 Gazette. , CI/OOKS" rc^TTrAd. a i l makes. Phone N22967 dredge. 703 Rugby rd. I>hon« 9121-R5 Sales. SS Mohawk av.. Scotia. Phone CARD OlF* T H A N K S . 6856-R. O. A. Hamer, 73 Mill st. F106I1 \ __; a j 2«_i _._K2,J7S _m. '022(159 ENERGETIC man with car to repre- . We wish to express Mir'deep appreclA\923 Dodge Sedan, in-11 11 HI «·"» GOOD u»ed lire* of All sites; expert readdition*. cAr|X>ntef sent IOCAI company In handling real A L T E R A T I C 5 N 8 , =ac tlon and. thanks to our dear friends 1924 J E W E T T brougham, ex- pair work on generator*. stArters, and Witbeck Bros. work of any kind; very reasonable 1012 State eetAte. Permanent position for manrates. 8172-J. and neighbors for their kindness and srCCRftSOR TO motors of all kinds. Western Tire And F22719 sympathy during our bereavement In the cellent condition. Witbeck Battery Co. 344 State m. ' Q22980 qualifying. AnsWer In detail. Box 16O20339 GO, Gazette. N22780 CARPENTER work by day or contract. de*th of our wife and daughter. Mrs. Bros. 1012 State st. Diac Wheel* Straightened Roasonahle. Phone 6551-W. F1908 »< H h t - F I A H I t H g 1923 CHEVROLET coupe. A - l condition: CUI1KKHI B C a Ella Moore O'Connor*. W A NTED--Experienced grocery clerk. many extra*; will sacrifice for quick Leavef Kris Blvd. half hourly from I Work guaranteed. MR, M. D , O'CONNORS A N D F A M I L t , .n. Q22982 Apply Hudson Store. Union and BAk*>r r X B K R T A X E f c ASti V.MHA1.MKR 4. m. to v p. m, MRS. D. A. MOORE, A N D FAMILY. Yellow Cab OerAge, 8-10 r a t e s s t Sewmg Machine Repairing *£ N 23023 FOR SALE--1925 STI-DEBARER HAle. Inquire H. W. Peck. 19 Wlllctt st.. G223SS L*ATAS Ftsbert CornerA, 1:31 t e %-M 1*1 CL1XTOX ST., Corner BAmlltea St, . G22744 WANTED--MAU to work small fArnTon $FrwiNO*mA^hir^s'T S T A N D A R D COACH IN C E R T I F I E D After t p. m. m n»if hourly, CARD OF THANKS. LAdy Attendant Tel. 1IM CONDITION; R I ' N 2,000 M I L B S ; A 1325 E S S E X coAchl i months old. prac- 1926 SPORT roedster, brAnd new. never 20 years' experience, satisfaction guar- p. _v«ry hour ther«Aft«r tilt 11 p. m. shares, or will r e n Good location on tlcally new. >take us An offer. 850 used, fully equipped,. 4 wheel brakes. State rd. E. Townley. t Burnt Hill*. N23008 anteed. GOOD BUY AT $300 O F F LtST. CALL ' *\Ve v wlah to express our thanks and anWrite or phone 1081. C. H. On half hour from Fishers Cora G22__!t balloon tlree, bumpers. Cost $1,760, will CLARK. 2949-W. Q18S4 State_ phono 5382; precfAtlon to our friends And neighbors/ Tymeson, No. 1 Elmer av. KII4I re sren hour frotB iehewMtaay. for the sympAthy shown to us In ©t»'t%FOR SALT$^4924" Dodge v coupa^ first sacrifice for_ $1,375, 860 StAte_et. G22976 WANTED--Boy for- GAzette*"route" In ^ANTF_>^4Jeid" and" wrecked CAMJ cou^^ Brandrwlne And Eastern av. section. reavement in the death of: my wife, Mr*. parta,for All m*ke* o< car*. MftAon Work M I J D » L H _ t h O H A0S~ _J N22«»S c.lasa running condition. BArgatn for f«24'FO?lD cotipe, runs lllee"new: $240. Inquire 1 Wall, st. Eva Somera. _ ,..,__ _,._,,, Call 6954-R. G22R58 S^henecUdr Iron and Metal Co. L e s v t t j t s r y dAy, lerle Blvd., t A. ca»h. CAH 4131-W. · G3-t-2 W A ^ K D - V o u n s ; man to mAke sign HARftf Carroll, plastering, rspstrinjt FORD M. SOMERS AND SONS, SS V»n Ouysllng AT. Phone S6«»-W. 191* OAKLAND for s a l e ; All In ruiiJ I m. N o Bunday morning h i p , and cleaning chimney. PhOne 1863, CArds In spare time. Metropolitan .. . . OU430 "·'·-- ning order; battery O. K . ; must be I N MBMORIAM. Fl61M MS «=fe Chain More*, 42$ State. _= N229&6 1603 Campbell AV. FORD Tudor s e d a n ; balloon tire*: sold a t o n c e ; $35. CAH 58S3-M. G1892 In loving itfemory of Aur <*e_f. mother, ANGBI/O CORDY, tile a^id marble "cofi- STATE OF NEW YORK, COUNTY OF TO RENT--One CAr garage. 1708 East- WANTED--Experienced" teamster many ' extra*; price $460. Phone FOR SAI>E-- Indian motoircjFcle or tfaSe Schenectady, Clerk's Office--as: · Mrs. Mary W Allen, Who >A##ed p**Y coal and Ice w s g o n . Apply J,Tor J. 3. trACtor, 106 Norwood a v. Tel. 6824-R. ern parkWAy. CAII Russell, 6200. 7 3 5 B r a n d y w i n * A v e n t i * February 3, 1921. 7MS-W. OlMJ Notice Is for S8"x4" or 36"x4V4" tire*. Phone Walsdorf^ 1336 Albany st. N22878 ____ , F2 2556 trial Jurors hereby given that a panel 6f ^ 3. , PP22869 will be drawn at this office m t - W - A f t e r 6:30 p. m. G i m 1924 FORD, fonr-door sedan '."^iiTfteli Gone but not fot^otten. :·/. s-<m ONE CAR garage f^or r e n t 107 J*me« *\. WANTED--3 boys. 16 or .over, to "dts- MAS<5N work of "all kindsT fi. Carroll. on Tuesday, February 9. m a , at 10 FORDOR Ford sedan, late 1923; excepfor $215 if sold today. Call 8954-U. MRS. G H A R I ^ J M u A O T ' . 82 Cathsrine. Phons 2399. F21092 o'clock a. m,, to serve at a term of the trlbule clrculAra; 3 ». m. 1 Wsli st. BootlA. PP1887 605 Schenectady ._,_,, , Q22S57 i tionally good, $200. · L A P R A M. A L t i R K :U ' N22879 County Court to be held In and for the Q22»W GARAO^C^SJB PAlge st, $4. Inquire upWANTED--Girl to"~AMi»t with hou»e X. County of Schenectady, Abetting at the Vactnim Clestners * per flAt. PP22871 WANTED--Hslpers.% F. J - Weasel. 339 ' i N MEMoifAJd. , work and care of 2 children; sleep 1925 FORD coupe, balloon tires. ·' many CourrilouM In the City of Schenectady. N32874 ,V"ACUTflYT "creaiSerV^cnTeor,^e"paired~Tnd **V Y« ort Monday, March 1, 1926, At 10 Tn loving hismory of Floyd £_*n«iiwhA extras:. * 0 CBUfe^T"irA'rAlre7 "etectrTrT i f g n U ~*m PArk .place,. .Jl_g-J_gh.__.--I^ T?._J.?<M|-MQ2g»ia fso suite. K d s l l v r e d . Phone >»7. McFArjan. F 4 l > | o'clock, a. m, Lincoln AV. left us two years, ago today, February \ PP22648 DISHWASHER wanted. 623 gtit&Ja ^ COZY w>ven""room ·*oot4*ie'iirt goodclosed | ALL KfNjDS^Of liew,And Used »uto_part; 11 OARAOK^ «UI1«, 108 No. : -- ·-. ·'N22812 PREMIER vacuum oleAners rented. Tel. Lt7KfN" dentlal sectloti_ will exchange for real .Kerry s t _,... (SEAL) OEOROE T. fcRADT. 1924. Signal . t v _ J ^ A_tt> 8 0 i 4 4664-J or 1049-W. C, H s u s s . F1I076 G32932 | FrAnkenhauser, 131 So. Church. Q l « » Phone car. Phone 1313.



Funeral aervice Tueeday at S o'cledc






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