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G-R-I Newsletter November 5 , 2010 Volume 25.2

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Part 2


Page 2 BUT BEFORE WE BEGIN, LET GRI REMIND YOU............................................ 4 GRI PREDICTS THAT OBAMANATION W ILL "DOUBLE DOW N."............ 5 PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE................................................................. 7 ECONOMY:. .......................................................................................................... 8 W arning of Possible Bank Holiday. ............................................................. 8 Gold up $41! Commodities, currencies exploding higher!. ........................ 10 A GRI NOTE: WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM THAT IS CAUSING THE STOCK MARKETS TO RISE?. ............................. 11 INSIDERS PULLING OUT OF STOCK MARKET. ................................... 12 THE STOCK BANKS... LEGALLY CHEATING PEOPLE... AGAIN. ......................................................................................................... 14 The US $200-Trillion Debt W hich Cannot Be Named. .............................. 16 Indiana Beefing Up Security At Unemployment Offices Ahead Of Holidays ......................................................................................................... 17 Fed Easing May Mean 20% Dollar Drop. .................................................. 18 ELECTION AFTERMATH... THE PROGRESSIVE/COMMUNIST DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS...W AS ALMOST ALL ELECTED BACK.. .................................. 19 HYPERINFLATION STARTING IN THE FOOD.................................................. 22 FOOD CONTROL... ......................................................................................................... 22 Since when is selling supplements a federal crime?. .......................................... 27 Epigenetic Engineering (MUST READ!!). ............................................................ 30 OBAMA ACTION PUTS US SOVEREIGNTY UNDER UN CONTROL............... 32 INTERNATIONAL SECTION............................................................................... THE CURRENT ONGOING W AR BETW EEN ISRAEL AND IRAN. ......... W hose Rockets Knocked out Iran's Ballistic Missile Launchers?.............. W ILL OBAMA INCITE A W AR TO GET RE-ELECTED IN 2012?. ........... Getting ready for war with Iran.. US, France, Saudi Arabia and Egypt Clasp Iron Fists..................... The Chances of a W ar with China are Rising . ......................................... 33 33 33 38 40 44

Credit Suisse: QE2 Just Made China's Inflation Threat Much, Much W orse. ............................................................................................. 47 U.S. Military Alarmed by Harsh Tone of China's Military. .................................... 48 HOW TO LOSE A W AR....DON'T SHOOT BACK!. .................................. 51 New Hidden Missile System Unknown To Feds. ....................................... 53 THE HUMAN GUIDED MISSILE. .............................................................. 55 SAUDIS PUSH LEBANESE PM HARIRI TO QUIT, LEBANON NEAR CIVIL W AR. ............................................................................................... 56 NORTH KOREA...A FUTURE POSSIBLE COUP AND W AR W ITH SOUTH KOREA BY THE MILITARY?. ......................................................... 56 North Korea Appears Capable of Jamming GPS Receivers ................................................................................................................... 59

Page 3 EARTHQUAKES, TSUNAMIS, VOLCANOS, FLOODS, HURRICANES...AND MORE. ...................................................................................................... 61 1,400-degree gas chars villages near volcano. ......................................... 61 MORE SINKHOLES.. ................................................................................ 62 Another Earthquake Swarm Rattles Arkansas. Could the US be testing its Earth Quake generating system again? It is the classic sign.. ....... 63 GULF OIL SPILL UPDATE... IT'S KILLING PEOPLE AND FISH AND THE DEATH TOLL IS RISING. ........................................................................................... 64 Drought-stricken Lake Mead falls to a level not seen since it was filled! ......................................................................................................... 65 JUDICIAL INSANITY. .......................................................................................... 67 Americans Buying Guns In Preparation For Civil Unrest........................... 70 Massachusetts and California Federal Judges on the 2nd Amendment ......................................................................................................... 72 USING FOOD AS A GOVERNMENT W EAPON................................................. 74

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The US/Obamanation has taken a Huge step towards the end of Phase 1... Economic chaos.


We see the $$dollar dropping like a rock. (And gold and silver conversely rising to new heights.)

Page 5 ** ** ** Sugar, and other food basics are also rising sharply Oil is rising sharply The Fed has admitted that it lied under testimony, and is now going to dump $1 trillion or more dollars into the US/world economy...

Most importantly.... Obama and his team are letting it be known...that they are not going to back down. That the tsunami against the Democrats/Obama was only because Obamanation did not get the message out correctly...not because the policies were dead wrong. IN other words... the people, and especially the Republicans and conservatives are just TOO STUPID to understand the long term benefits of Obamanation...aka...full fledged Communism and Socialism.




3 0 d a y c r u d e o i l



In case you didn't get the message from part 1.... BE AWARE & BE PREPARED FOR THE NEXT BIG EVENTS.... FINANCIAL COLLAPSE (dollar devalue/unemployment spike/bank runs/hyperinflation)---FOOD COLLAPSE(food prices go sky high---then become unavailable)---ENERGY COLLAPSE---VIOLENCE IN MAJOR CITIES All of the above...and more WILL EVENTUALLY LEAD TO: NATIONAL EMERGENCY DECLARED...


; Possible/Probable Banking holidays are coming (sooner than

you may think...have cash at home)

; Hyperinflation is already starting...and will turn into super


; Food

shortages are coming. The end result of Obama implementing already passed laws...that allow the Federal Govt Bureaucracy (which Obama and his Czars illegally control) to take over the food industry completely...(like health care) resulting in utter chaos, skyrocketing prices, and ultimately govt food distribution and rationing. prices and eventually Gas and energy

; Skyrocketing



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GET MORE PREPARED (buy more food & essentials...while you still can) PLANT A BIG GARDEN GET ORGANIZED

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MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD...AGAIN GRI is not going to get into the massive voter fraud that occurred during the last election. We could take up the whole newsletter just covering this area. Just a the close races that are still pending, watch for "newly discovered" boxes of uncounted ballots to be mysteriously discovered, which will be counted...and throw most of these close races to the Democrats.

ECONOMY: Warning of Possible Bank Holiday

November 4, 2010 Steve Quayle QUESTION: When in U.S. History has a sitting President taken off on an overseas trip for an extended period of time, with 65 airplanes, 34 warships reportedly 3,000 people including his friends and cohorts, at the pinnacle of an economic and political upheaval. ANSWER: Never! So what's up? Yesterday I received a call that should alarm for even the most "comatose in La La Land". A pastor known to the gentleman who called me had been called into a very prominent East Coast bank to tell the pastor by one of its top people at the bank that a bank holiday is coming as early as Nov 11.

Page 9 The bank official has been friends with this pastor for a long time. The only thing that was said, was for the pastor to realize that once the banks reopened, that all withdrawals by checks would be limited to $500 per week - no matter what the balance in the account is. No period of Time for the length of the Banks closures were given. Coupled with information posted last year on this site from major Mid-west banking consortium it dovetails perfectly. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have been paying attention to France, Britain, Ireland and Greece, which at this point are the poster children for financial rioting, can you even begin to imagine the Ramifications of Financial Rioting In the U.S? The once hidden attack ,now in plain sight, against world finances, is in full scale operational mode in order to destroy by design, all national currencies and to bring on "A ONE WORLD CURRENCY AND GLOBAL GOVERNMENT"! Once again consider our mutual dependence upon electronic verification of every sales transaction, credit card purchase and bank deposits and or withdrawals. Whether most understand or comprehend, most wealth on financial statements and Balance sheets are numbers, computer entries and IOU's of dubious quality. Think about the old adage --"Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law". In other words, if it's not in your hands it's in some one else's hands no matter how much you try and rationalize it away! This is a defining moment. AMERICA IS BANKRUPT and the rest of the world is no longer willing to go along with Quantitative Easing, which means printing money out of thin air with nothing to back it up but global war. Every nation that has tried to print its way out of an insurmountable debt situation ends up embroiled in internal war and usually under the leadership of a dictator who is as willing to spill the blood of his countrymen, as fast as he prints more worthless currency! The reason you all have a sense of SOMETHING BIG getting ready to happen is the fact that it is HAPPENING NOW. When all commerce ceases, no goods are on the store shelves and all transportation comes to a silent stop. Then will it be clear, even to those who finally get it, that the only ones who will be eating, other than those who have prepared, are the zombies, and none of us want to end up on their evening menu! .............

Page 10 Gold up $41! Commodities, currencies exploding higher! by Larry Edelson Nov 4 Larry here with an urgent update on gold, silver, platinum, sugar, and almost every tangible asset under the sun. It's been less than 24 hours since the Fed announced it's cranking up the printing presses again and ... Gold has already skyrocketed $41 per ounce! Silver has jumped by more than a full dollar! Platinum has exploded $52 Grains are flying -- up 2 percent to 3 percent each ... coffee is up nearly 3 percent ... and sugar is up a screaming 5 percent! All in just a few hours! All happening right now as I write these words! Why? The reason should be obvious. It's because, just as we've been warning you ... Bernanke is TRASHING THE DOLLAR! This isn't conjecture. It's what Bernanke himself is aiming to do! And it's precisely what we've been warning you about all along. Indeed, investors worldwide are just now beginning to understand what we told YOU here yesterday! The elections have put Congress OUT of the stimulus business. That leaves only the Federal Reserve to pump money into the economy. The Fed's ONLY tool for doing that is the printing press; to flood the world with newly created, unbacked paper dollars.

Page 11 That means the buying power of your money is being destroyed ... your cost of living is being eroded ... and your financial security and independence are now in play! This is no time for inaction! Anyone who fails to do what's necessary to protect their wealth is tacitly agreeing to simply watch it dwindle with every new dollar the Fed prints. ............ A GRI NOTE: WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM THAT IS CAUSING THE STOCK MARKETS TO RISE? All of the big players are out. Only the "suckers" remain. But even then, they are not investing much, because they don't have much. It is coming primarily from the Federal Reserve in the greatest money laundering scheme ever devised. Sentiment Indicators Signaling a Major Top by Claus Vogt The S&P 500 index is nearly back to its April high. In the bigger picture the market can be seen as tracing out a major topping formation lasting nearly one year. Valuations are historically high, and macroeconomic leading indicators are showing a considerable recession risk. Additionally, liquidity indicators like money supply and credit growth have deteriorated markedly for many months. To me this market looks ready for its next major cyclical bear market move. But th e se fu n d a m e n ta l indicators are not enough to forecast medium-term stock market behavior. You have to add some technical analysis to the mix to get a better picture of where the markets are going.

Page 12 So today I want to discuss a special group of technical analysis: Sentiment indicators. A Quick Look at the Technical Situation First let's have a quick look at the S&P 500 chart. Here you can see the rally of the past two months, which is still shy of the April high. But notice the Price Momentum Oscillator (PMO) in the middle panel ... it shows a market as overbought as it was in April. And PMO has just given a crossover sell signal. Now down to the lower panel, showing volume behavior. During the rally off the August low, volume was extremely lackluster ... a bearish sign. But it was very fitting for what may turn out to be the right shoulder of a head-and-shoulders top or the second top of a double-top formation. Even more conspicuous is the pickup in volume when prices reached the resistance area of around 1,080 points. Suddenly market activity increased, but prices stalled. This is a typical sign of distribution and another technical warning. INSIDERS PULLING OUT OF STOCK MARKET Fund Managers as Bullish as They Come Now let's look at some sentiment indicators. I have written about them in past Money and Market columns, but I think it's worth repeating. The mutual fund cash quote hit a record low of 3.4 percent in March, shortly before the market's April high. Then it edged a bit higher; now it's back down to 3.5 percent. Fund managers are one of the most important groups of market participants. When they're as fully invested as they are now, you have to ask yourself: Who is left to push prices higher? And how many can step in with buy orders in case the markets start declining? This extremely low cash quote is a very bearish sign. It's strongly supporting my thesis that the stock market is indeed in the process of building a major topping formation. Individual Investors Are

Page 13 Very Bullish, Too ... Investors, as measured by the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) sentiment indicator, are also back in a bullish mode. As of October 27, the bullish percentage rose to 52 percent, whereas bears are down to 22 percent ... a 2.37 bull-to-bear ratio. A ratio of more than two is dangerously high as you can see in the bottom panel of the following chart.

Here, too, a strong argument can be made that this high degree of bullishness is especially worrisome since it is not accompanied by the stock market hitting new highs for the cycle, but only during a trading range. Without a doubt, sentiment seems to have outgrown reality. The sentiment indicator compiled by Investor Intelligence can also be seen as a confirmation of too much complacency. This indicator measures stock market newsletters and shows a bull-to-bear ratio of 2 to 1. That's lower than the 3 to 1 reading reached earlier this year and late last year -- when the left shoulder was forming. But the history of this indicator shows we should not expect it to hit another extreme during a huge topping formation ... That's because market newsletter writers consist of many contrarians and mavericks who are not as susceptible to herding as fund managers or individual investors.

While fund managers and individual investors are buying like crazy, corporate insiders are running for the hills. Insiders Are Bailing Out Like Never Before!

There is another group of market participants who is relatively less prone to herding behavior. I'm talking about the well-informed insiders, directors and managers. Their behavior can give you instructive insights into what is really going on in corporate America. They usually know more about how their business is going than any outside expert or analyst.

Page 14 Stock market newsletter publisher Alan Newman from Crosscurrents has written extensively about insider selling in his recent issue. His findings are stunning to say the least: Going back all the way to 1990 insider selling has never been as intense as during the past weeks. So there you have it: Fund managers, individual investors, and stock market newsletter writers are anywhere from moderately bullish to very bullish. At the same time, insiders are selling stock as if there was no tomorrow! Based on my fundamental indicators and technical analysis, I think the right thing to do here is to consider following the insiders and sell. ......... THE STOCK BANKS... LEGALLY CHEATING PEOPLE... AGAIN. Banks Shared Clients' Profits, but Not Losses By LOUISE STORY Published: October 17, 2010 JPMorgan Chase & Company has a proposition for the mutual fundsand pension funds that oversee many Americans' savings: Heads, we win together. Tails, you lose -- alone. House Advantage Lee Celano for The New York Times "If I were a shareholder, I would say, `I love Jamie Dimon to death.' " -- Jerry D. Davis, Chairman of the municipal employee pension fund in New Orleans Here is the deal: Funds lend some of their stocks and bonds to Wall Street, in return for cash that banks like JPMorgan then invest. If the trades do well, the bank takes a cut of the profits. If the trades do poorly, the funds absorb all of the losses. The strategy is called securities lending, a practice that is thriving even though some investments linked to it were virtually wiped out during the financial panic of 2008. These trades were supposed to be safe enough to make a little extra money at little risk. JPMorgan customers, including public or corporate pension funds of I.B.M., New York State and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, ended up owing JPMorgan more than $500 million to cover the losses. But JPMorgan protected itself on some of these

Page 15 investments and kept millions of dollars in profit, before the trades went awry. How JPMorgan won while its customers lost provides a glimpse into the ways Wall Street banks can, and often do, gain advantages over their customers. Today's giant banks not only create and sell investment products, but also bet on those products, and sometimes against them, putting the banks' interests at odds with those of their customers. The banks and their lobbyists also help fashion financial rules and regulations. And banks' traders know what their customers are buying and selling, giving them a valuable edge. Some of JPMorgan's customers say they are disappointed with the bank. "They took 40 percent of our profits, and even that was O.K.," said Jerry D. Davis, the chairman of the municipal employee pension fund in New Orleans, which lost about $340,000, enough to wipe out years of profits that it had earned through securities lending. "But then we started losing money, and they didn't lose along with us." Through a spokesman, JPMorgan's chairman and chief executive, Jamie Dimon, declined a request for an interview. The spokesman, Joseph Evangelisti, said that JPMorgan had a long record of success in securities lending, and that the losses represented only a small fraction of the funds in the program. Moreover, Mr. Evangelisti said, all of the investments had been permitted under guidelines negotiated with the bank's clients. JPMorgan, he said, did not take undue risks. "We have powerful incentives to take only prudent investment risks," Mr. Evangelisti said. If customers lose money that they have entrusted with the bank, he said, that "can lead to a loss of clients and can affect the reputation of the business." The financial regulation bill that Congress just passed, after fierce lobbying by banks, is aimed at curtailing some of the practices that caused the financial crisis. But much of Wall Street has mostly gone back to business as usual. Nowhere are the potential conflicts more apparent than on the trading floors, where executives must balance their pursuit of profits and their duty to customers. In addition to losing money for New Orleans workers and others, securities lending also played a central role in the near-collapse of the American International Group. Through securities lending, pensions and

Page 16 mutual funds borrow money to make trades, adding to the risks within the financial system. Lawsuits are flying against JPMorgan and others, including Northern Trust. Clients say that they were not warned of the risks associated with this practice and that the banks breached their fiduciary duty. Wells Fargo lost such a suit over the summer and was ordered to pay four institutions a combined $30 million. The State Street Corporation, which took a $414 million charge in July to cover some of its customers' losses, faces suits from other clients. Representatives for these banks said the companies appropriately and that they intended to fight the suits. had acted


The US $200-Trillion Debt Which Cannot Be Named

Thursday, October 28, 2010 ­ Staff Report Daily Bell The scary real U.S. government debt ... Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff says U.S. government debt is not $13.5-trillion (U.S.), which is 60 percent of current gross domestic product, as global investors and American taxpayers think, but rather 14-fold higher: $200-trillion ­ 840 per cent of current GDP. "Let's get real," Prof. Kotlikoff says. "The U.S. is bankrupt." Writing in the September issue of Finance and Development, a journal of the International Monetary Fund, Prof. Kotlikoff says the IMF itself has quietly confirmed that the U.S. is in terrible fiscal trouble ­ far worse than the Washington-based lender of last resort has previously acknowledged. "The U.S. fiscal gap is huge," the IMF asserted in a June report. "Closing the fiscal gap requires a permanent annual fiscal adjustment equal to about 14 percent of U.S. GDP." This sum is equal to all current U.S. federal taxes combined. The consequences of the IMF's fiscal fix, a doubling of federal taxes in perpetuity, would be appalling ­ and possibly worse than appalling. ........... GETTING READY TO PULL THE PLUG ON UNEMPLOYMENT CHECKS...RESULT...VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS...ESPECIALLY BIG

Page 17 CITIES. Here is an article on the communist Huffington Post...telling about what is going to happen...and who they are getting ready to blame it on...the New Republican Congress! Arthur Delaney

Indiana Beefing Up Security At Unemployment Offices Ahead Of Holidays

11- 1-10 12:02 PM WASHINGTON -- The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is beefing up its security ahead of the holidays, when officials expect a seasonal surge in unemployment claims and extra stress for long-term jobless who might miss benefits because of Congress. If Congress doesn't reauthorize extended unemployment insurance, which expires at the end of November, the National Employment Law Project estimates that two million people willprematurely miss checks by the end of December. "There's obviously increasing stress, especially among the long-term unemployed, and also the upcoming expiration of these federal extensions will add additional stress," department spokesman Marc Lotter told HuffPost. Lotter said the agency is putting armed guards at each of the 36 WorkOne Centers that process unemployment benefits across the state. Lotter said that each center has already had security for the past two years; the agency is consolidating to one private contractor that will now handle security at each of the centers. It's part of a broader effort to prepare for the holidays, during which Lotter said Indiana sees more unemployment claims and also an effort to standardize services across the state. "We've had our staff undergo stress management," Lotter added. "It's much more than just adding armed security. We are trying standardize delivery of services, so that the WorkOne Center in Gary, Ind, will have same service as the one in New Albany." NELP's Judy Conti told HuffPost that so far Indiana is the only state that has boosted its security ahead of the holidays. "However, we are very aware that agencies are getting ready for the added volume of calls from the long-term unemployed who are going to be very worried and very anxious about Congress taking action in a timely fashion," Conti said.

Page 18 Over the summer, the Senate dithered for nearly two months as 2.5 million people who've been out of work for longer than six months missed checks. ........

Fed Easing May Mean 20% Dollar Drop

Monday, 1 Nov 2010 The dollar is in danger of losing 20 percent of its value over the next few years if the Federal Reserve continues unconventional monetary easing, Bill Gross, the manager of the world's largest mutual fund, said on Monday. "Other countries and citizens are willing to work for less and willing to work harder--and we forgot the magic formula somewhere along the way," Gross said. "I think a 20 percent decline in the dollar is possible," Gross said, adding the pace of the currency's decline was also an important consideration for investors. "When a central bank prints trillions of dollars of checks, which is not necessarily what (a second round of quantitative easing) will do in terms of the amount, but if it gets into that territory--that is a debasement of the dollar in terms of the supply of dollars on a global basis," Gross told Reuters in an interview at his PIMCO headquarters. The Fed will probably begin a new round of monetary easing this week by announcing a plan to buy at least $500 billion of long-term securities, what investors and traders refer to as QE II, according to a Reuters poll of primary dealers. "QEII not only produces more dollars but it also lowers the yield that investors earn on them and makes foreigners, which is the key link to the currencies, it makes foreigners less willing to hold dollars in current form or at current prices," Gross added. To a certain extent, that is what the Treasury Department and Fed "in combination" want, said Gross, who runs the $252 billion Total Return Fund and oversees more than $1.1 trillion as co-chief investment officer. "The fundamental problem here is that our labor and developed economy labor relative to developing economy labor is so mismatched--China can do it so much more cheaply," he said.

Page 19 ........

E LE C TION AFTERMATH ... THE PROGRESSIVE/COMMUNIST DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS...WAS ALMOST ALL ELECTED BACK. Aaron Klein was correct in his predictions: Congress 'socialist bloc' expected to survive vote 'Arm' of Marxist group likely to emerge unscathed amid projected GOP gains November 01, 2010 By Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily

While Republicans are expected to make extraordinary gains in today's elections, the most radical Democrat members of Congress ­ notably a House caucus founded as an arm of a Marxist socialist organization ­ are expected to emerge mostly unscathed. WND previously reported the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which boasts 83 members, was founded by the Democratic Socialists ofAmerica, or DSA. Almost all of the members come from districts in which Democrats are expected to win. One member, Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kirkpatrick, D-Mich., already lost her primary. According to predictions by the Cook Political Report, only one Progressive Caucus member, Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy. D-Ohio, is predicted to lose. The races for three caucus members ­ Reps. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., Phil Hare, D-Ill., and John H. Hall, D-N.Y. ­ are considered toss ups. The seats of five other Caucus members are considered in play but are leaning Democratic: Reps. Loretta Sanchez, D- Calif., David Loebsack, D-Iowa, Chellie Pingree D-Maine, Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y., and Barney Frank, D-Mass. Others are in safe districts. Demonstrating the close relationship between the DSA and the Progressive Caucus, two weeks ago WND reported the Democratic chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee was caught on tape meeting with DSA leaders to discuss how the group can cooperate to strengthen President Obama and advance their "one-world" plans.

Page 20 Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., who has a long history with the DSA, was recorded promoting a "one-world" government while asking the socialist group to organize against the war in Afghanistan and in support of Obama's policies. Conyers was a special guest at a two-day convention in Detroit in March 1982 that resulted in the formation of DSA. Conyers has spoken at numerous DSA events, including at the socialist group's national dinner in 2008, where he was the keynote. Conyers was one of 13 founders of Congressional Black Caucus, which has long promoted far-left causes. He is the most prominent lawmaker lobbying to free Mumia Abu-Jamal, the convicted murderer of a Philadelphia police officer. He has advocated on behalf of the Marxist Nicaraguan Sandinista dictatorship and has called for the U.S. to end its sanctions against Fidel Castro's communist regime. As WND was first to report, the DSA has been closely linked to the Democratic Party's Progressive Caucus. Until November 2002, the website of the Progressive Caucus was hosted by the DSA. Following news reports that drew attention to the congressional website being hosted by the socialist organization, the list of CPC names was moved to the website of Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., an avowed socialist, and eventually to its own site. The Democratic Socialists of America's chief organizing goal is to work within the Democratic Party and remove the stigma attached to "socialism" in the eyes of most Americans. "Stress our Democratic Party strategy and electoral work," explains an organizing document of the DSA. "The Democratic Party is something the public understands, and association with it takes the edge off. Stressing our Democratic Party work will establish some distance from the radical subculture and help integrate you to the milieu of the young liberals." Nevertheless, as WND reported, the goal of the DSA has never been deeply hidden. Prior to the cleanup of its website in 1999, the DSA included a song list featuring "The Internationale," the worldwide anthem of communism and socialism. Another song on the site was "Red Revolution," sung to the tune of "Red Robin." The lyrics went: "When the Red Revolution brings its solution

Page 21 along, along, there'll be no more lootin' when we start shootin' that Wall Street throng." Another song removed after WND's expose was "Are You Sleeping, Bourgeoisie?" The lyrics went: "Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie. And when the revolution comes, we'll kill you all with knives and guns, Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie." Obama connected to socialist group Top Democratic Socialists of America members have been closely linked for years to Obama. Obama himself spoke at a forum organized by the group at the University of Chicago in early 1996 called "Employment and Survival in Urban America." Quentin Young, considered the father of the U.S. single-payer health-care movement, is a longtime Democratic Socialists of America activist. Young has had a relationship with Obama, particularly in the 1990s, when he reportedly advised Obama on health care. Young was reportedly present at a 1995 meeting at the home of former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers, who was said to have launched Obama's political career. Young has been active in Chicago socialist circles and was previously accused of membership in a communist group. In 1992, Chicago's branch of the Democratic Socialists ofAmerica awarded Young, a member, with their highest honor ­ the Debs Award. In a 2008 article in the official Communist Party USA magazine, Young noted Obama previously expressed support for a single-payer universal health-care program, although he later waffled when asked about his position. As an Illinois state senator representing a mostly black district on the South Side of Chicago, Obama publicly supported universal health care. He also co-sponsored the Bernardin Amendment, which did not pass but would have amended the Illinois State Constitution to add health care to the list of basic rights for residents. Meanwhile, Obama spoke at the March 29, 1998, memorial service for Chicago Democratic Socialists of America member Saul Mendelson.

Page 22 Timuel Black, a member activist, mediated political disputes on behalf of Obama in the 1990s and was reportedly involved in Obama's campaign committee during his successful 2004 Senate race. Longtime member and activist Arnold Wolf was a member of "Rabbis for Obama" and has held fundraisers in his home for Obama, including a function in 1995 that was aimed at introducing Obama to the Hyde Park activist community. Eliseo Medina, international executive vice president of the Service Employees International Union, has been honored by Democratic Socialists of America. During the most recent presidential campaign, Medina served on Obama's National Latino Advisory Council. WND reported Medina, speaking at a 2009 Washington, D.C., conference, declared granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens would expand the progressive electorate and help ensure a progressive governing coalition for the long term. With research by Brenda J. Elliott ......... HYPERINFLATION STARTING IN THE FOOD




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Leaked trade agreements and hidden dangers of S 510: Corporations plan to end normal farming Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food

Will it pass during Lame Duck Session? October 31, 2010 By M. Gardner Food Freedom Canada's National Farmers Union wants the Canada-EU trade deal scrapped. US farmers face the same assault by agribusiness and the biotech industry under S 510. Epoch Times noted: "Under provisions in CETA [Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement], using saved seed could result in a farmer's land, equipment, and crops being seized for alleged infringement of intellectual property rights attached to plant varieties owned by corporations such as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and Bayer. "It includes the freezing of bank accounts too, so you couldn't even defend yourself in court. And this is for alleged infringement," says NFU president Terry Boehm. ... "These are the most draconian measures possible and they would literally create a culture of fear in the farm population where, I think, that ultimately farmers would end up buying seeds every year for every acre just to avoid prosecution or the threat of prosecution." The biotech industry is facing exposure of the health dangers of GMO/pesticide dependent crops, of attacks on scientists (even armed ones), and GMOs' poorcrop performance across different crops, public outrage at no labeling of GMOs, media scorn at its humiliatingly poor science, and falling stock value. Is the industry now attempting an end run around all this, by trying to criminalize and thus end normal

Page 24 (organic) farm ing ­ its increasingly higher-performing competition? sought after, healthy,

Given the "draconian property rights enforcement measures" the biotech corporations wish put into effect through the Canada-EU free trade agreement, one might wonder. US farmers face the same assault by their own government on behalf of agribusiness and the biotech industry. S 510, a "food safety" bill waiting for the Senate return, would put the US fully under the WTO and thus harmonize with CETA. It is replete with means to do to American farmers what the EU/Canada CETA plan would do to Canadian ones ­ and potentially more, including surreptitiously arranging to criminalize agricultural water, manure, essential farming equipment, and seed storage. 41 words inside S 510 would make the US subject to CETA. COMPLIANCE WITH INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS. "Nothing in this Act (or an amendment made by this Act) shall be construed in a manner inconsistent with the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization or any other treaty or international agreement to which the United States is a party." The significance of those words in S 510 is that they would end the Uruguay Round Agreement Act of 1994, which put US sovereignty and US law underperfect protection. Under S 510, US law would become subservient to the WTO, a corporate organization. Votes in the US would not matter. The decisions on food, energy, health, resources, and US economic policy would be made the very corporations responsible for contaminating food, oil spills, dangerous drugs, theft of common resources, and destroying the economy. The enforcement powers created by S 510 (assuming it resembles other "food safety" bills) would be unlimited and apply to everyone in the country who "holds" food (does anyone not?). S 510, a "food safety" bill, would (using sections from other food safety bills) set up a corporate court outside the constitutional court system. The expectation is that it would be run by Monsanto, just as "food safety" at the FDA is now, withMonsanto involved at every level. It would exist without Congressional oversight, with unlimited and unspecified remedies, "in addition to, and not exclusive of, other remedies that may

Page 25 be available," and without judicial review over even "the validity and appropriateness of the order ..." That upturning of all sense (orders that don't have to be appropriate or valid) is a window into the extremity of power being sought by the corporations through S 510. That power would include total discretion to punish anyone they may wish. And in removing appropriateness and validity, their orders would not have to relate to food at all and could be used against anyone, applying any form of "remedy" they desire. Nothing whatever is excluded. The merger of corporate and government power is defined as fascism. "LIMITATION ON REVIEW- In a civil action under paragraph (1), the validity and appropriateness of the order of the Administrator assessing the civil penalty shall not be subject to judicial review. [Unless someone has died from a food related issue, which would put the case into a real criminal court, everything else would be "dealt with" as a civil penalty. S 510 includes long prison terms for mistakes in paperwork and "labeling" (to be defined at the discretion of those in charge), and from the leaked EU/Canada trade plans, seizures of farmers' crops and equipment and freezing of bank accounts are clearly sought.] "Remedies Not Exclusive- The remedies provided in this section are in addition to, and not exclusive of, other remedies that may be available." While not listed as a civil "remedy" but treated as disease prevention, slaughter of their animals is another Orwellian measure within S 510 which goes well beyond seizures to military arrangements with the DOD and DHS. They would come onto farms and slaughter normal animals if any disease outbreak is announced, regardless of harmlessness. "Valid and appropriate" do not matter. If you doubt this, consider all the raids on private food arrangements, where no contamination was found, or where the contamination was miniscule. All product has been seized or ordered destroyed, though no one became ill. S 510 would grant the FDA even more power than it already has. This is not a "food safety" bill, as even a short overview of S 510 makes clear.

Page 26

S 510 offers numerous ways for corporations to get rid of farmers and take their land. The

astounding falsity of forcing farmers (or anyone with a farm animal) to sign onto a international contract in which they lose their rights to their property is transparent. Taking global coordinates of the size and shape of farmers' land and feeding them into a corporate data bank, has nothing to do with tracing animal diseases. Farmers' addresses are known. But the USDA lie about wanting to stop animal diseases grows especially repugnant when one with awareness that the USDA is actually working against the vehement protests of cattle ranchers, to import potentially diseased animals from Brazil and to transfer an off-shore animal disease lab to Kansas, the heart of cattle country and the most tornado prone state in the country, while it's well known that it was lab leaks in the UK which led to the slaughter of millions of cattle, whether ill or not. Such mass slaughter of animals is structured by S 510 and is yet another gift to the biotech industry for without the extermination of normal animals, their investment in GE-animals and GMO meat is worthless. The corporations, faced with public upset at ravages of industrial agriculture and the contaminated food coming out of it, are using fear of food, fear of minor animal diseases (including a faked H1N1 pandemic still promoted by government agencies), and lies and fraud to try to eliminate real farming in the US and to facilitate the theft of all US farmland. The greed and hubris of S 510 unconstitutionality and danger to life. pales in comparison to its

The grassroots are saying no to S 510, each in their own idioms, whether by referring to the Constitution or to the Founding Fathers and to rights or to patriotism. Across the political spectrum, people are coming together to reject S 510 on constitutional and human rights grounds, and the plans of those behind this extreme corporate bill. The corporate attempt to end US farming and set up their own court system over all Americans far outstrips the destruction of jobs, the forcing of millions from their homes, Citizens United, and the Wall Street theft. Now, through S 510, the corporations seek to remove all bounds on what they themselves do, on what they can do to any who oppose them, and on what they can seize. And this is only on the food side.

Page 27 The threats to health are as profound. S 510 would remove the long sought cure for cancer as well as cures for an endless array of diseases, by removing access to supplements (one in particular). S 510 would suppress a medical revolutionpoised to free mankind from all fear of disease, leaving the country instead at the mercy of a pharmaceutical industry with a disturbing history and recentthreatening actions with vaccines. With S 510, those behind GMOs, vaccines, and drugs seek to remove access to normal farming, normal food and to nutrition (health) itself. They are seeking total dominance over what sustains life and over people. S 510 is not a food safety bill. What is it, then? Is it a corporate enabling act? Does it open the door to corporate control over all Americans, all food supplies and health resources, and all US farmland? Canada's National Farmers Union is demanding that the draconian trade plans with the EU be scrapped. Will groups here demand the same of S 510? ..........


October 09, 2010 By Brian Fitzpatrick WorldNetDaily Two federal agencies, backed up by state and local police, have swooped down on a peaceful Portsmouth, R.I., ministry like Eliot Ness busting up one of Al Capone's Prohibition-era breweries. "They came in screaming and hollering, 'This is a raid, hands up.' I saw a gun in my face," said Jim Feijo, founder of Daniel Chapter One, a ministry that supports itself in part by providing health counseling and nutritional supplements. Feijo also provides nutritional counseling to world-class athletes.

Page 28

The raid was spearheaded by the FDA and the IRS, Feijo told WND. Feijo has no idea why the government raided his offices, but he noted that the raid came Sept. 22, a week after a federal judge refused to allow the FTC to levy a massive fine against Daniel Chapter One for refusing to send a letter to customers saying in effect that their products were worthless.

"If they can do this to us, they can do this to anybody," said Feijo. "We haven't had due process, we thought we were innocent until proven guilty." "They patted Jim down and removed him from the office. They didn't show me a warrant. They came in very aggressively, that was needless," said Tricia Feijo, Jim's wife and partner and a trained homeopath. "They locked us out of the building and for the next four hours they went through everything. They took personal correspondence, they took phone records. It's so over the top that they're going through personal e-mail to see if I told a friend how to use a certain product, or told somebody what they could do for an illness." "We've developed a series of products based on Biblical principles," said Feijo. "We've never had a complaint, never harmed anyone, and thousands of people have told us they've been helped by our products. We've never had a lawsuit." "They're making it sound like it's an urgent matter to protect the public, yet they've had our client list for six months and haven't contacted them," Feijo told WND. The raid is the latest development in a three-year legal battle between the Federal Trade Commission and Daniel Chapter One, which sells products intended to promote natural healing without the use of prescription drugs.

"The position for the FDA is only drugs can treat illness. We believe drugs don't treat anything. Fifteen years on the radio, no one's ever complained, no one's ever been harmed, we haven't been sued, but 106 000 people will die this year from FDA-approved drugs," said Jim Feijo.

Page 29 The FTC alleges that Daniel Chapter One falsely claims its products can cure cancer. "We never said that," said Tricia Feijo. "They took a few words from one paragraph, some words from another paragraph, put them together, and

their biggest complaint was testimonies of people saying they were healed of cancer."

said we implied we could cure cancer. The conflict began with a Federal Trade Commission Internet sting operation against companies that claimed they could cure cancer. According to the Feijos, 130 health products companies were targeted, and all but Daniel Chapter One reached agreements with the government. "They ordered [us] to tell our customers there is no science behind our products, that only conventional medical treatment has been proven safe and effective in humans. We know from experience that chemotherapy and radiation are not safe," said Jim Feijo. "We told them we can't comply, because there is scientific evidence in favor of our products. They wanted us to give in to their position of scientism and deny our religion of faith in the Lord Jesus. "They acknowledged that we are a ministry, but then they denied all our rights as a ministry, all our constitutional rights," Feijo added. "We are a corporate soul, a 508 corporate soul. We have same legal status as the Roman Catholic and Mormon churches. "We told the IRS during the raid they have no legal right to do what they did because of our 508 status. We're immune to filing papers and so forth because we're a 508 corporate soul. They've gone against their own laws." At an FTC hearing in April, the Feijos presented five experts to testify to the scientific evidence supporting their products, but they failed to sway the FTC judge. The FTC will only accept double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, according to the Feijos, and small organizations like theirs cannot afford to conduct such expensive research.


Page 30



Summary by Dale Young of very Disturbing (very long, but extremely well documented) ) article.

Epigenetic Engineering (MUST READ!!) Michael Nield, 12th October 2010

This is a very disturbing article to me. Basically it says that chemicals which were commonly used in the 50s (the boomer era) and some which are still used today, are responsible for genetic changes in humans. These genetic changes would have affected the offspring of those exposed (us). There is a range of chemicals involved but DES (Diethyl Stilbesterol) is the famous one. DES babies had grotesque birth defects. The irony is that DES was prescribed to pregnant woman to reduce morning sickness and as an aid to at-risk pregnancies.

Page 31 It is well known that DES was removed from the market as a result of those birth defects, but what is less well known (I had never heard of it), is that while one use of DES was for pregnant women, it was also being fed to cattle, thus all of us (or our parents) who consumed meat were exposed to varying amounts of it. It was known at the time that DES crossed the placental barrier and affected the growing fetus in animals, but this was ignored by the pharmaceutical companies. With the grotesque birth defects, this was also confirmed in humans. This article traces the growing epidemic of obesity to changes in our DNA caused by exposure to DES and other similar chemicals/drugs. In addition, male infants are especially at risk. One of the studies cited says that a large number of subjects 150/500 or 30% developed gender identity issues as a result of exposure. These chemicals, while no longer prescribed as drugs, are still being used for various things. They leach out of plastic bottles, especially with warm liquids, as you might do with a baby bottle. Are the twin epidemics of obesity and homosexuality a result of drug induced DNA changes which we are unwittingly passing to our children, even after the use of some of these chemicals has been stopped? If so, this may explain why, in spite of environment, some children become homosexuals. It may be that the Gay movement has gotten some of it right, that "kids are born that way", but this may actually be because their parents or their grandparents were deliberately poisoned and this subtle side effect is the unfortunate result.

Agenda 21 and the Codex Alimentarius are actually requiring that some of these chemicals will be sprayed on food. It is virtually certain that this is being done today to purposely affect the virility of entire nations in order to reduce population growth,

which is a major goal of those who promote the NWO agenda. Besides lowering virility, the side-effects listed above will serve to further this agenda as gender-confused young people are much more likely to adopt aggressive, radical views in opposition to those who fail to warmly embrace their lifestyle. Thus, our poisoned children are more likely to

Page 32 have altered DNA, which will affect their lives in ways which will serve to alienate them from their parents and traditional society.


US faces first scrutiny by UN rights council

Oct 31,2010

The United States will come under the spotlight at the UN's top human rights assembly's for the first time over the coming week along with other countries that face scrutiny by the Human Rights Council.The 12-day session of the 47 member council starting on Monday will include regular "universal periodic reviews" of 16 members of the United Nations,including the United States on November 5. Several dozen non governmental organisation are expected to lobby the debate on the US human rights record, while Washington will also defend its record. Some 300 US civil liberties and community groups in the US Human Rights Network on Monday called on the Obama administration to bring "substandard human rights practices" in the United States into line with international standards. The United States under Obama only agreed to join the Council in May 2009, after the Bush administration had shunned the body which replaced its similar though discredited predecessor, the UN human rights commission, in 2006. The Network produced a 400-page report criticising "glaring inadequacies in the United States? human rights record," including the "discriminatory impact" of foreclosures, "widespread" racial profiling and "draconian" immigration policies.

Page 33 "Advocates across America have not only documented substandard human rights practices which have persisted in the US for years, but also those that reflect the precipitous erosion of human rights protections in the US since 9/11," said Sarah Paoletti of the Network. The United States has also faced widespread criticism by UN rights monitors in recent years over its handling of terror suspects and suspected torture, while concern over the conduct of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has been revived in recent months with "Wikileak" reports on leaked confidential documents. The other UN member states scheduled for review in this Council session will be Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Honduras, Jamaica, Liberia, Libya, Lebanon Malawi, Maldives, the Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Micronesia, Mongolia, andPanama. Each public, four-year, review is based on a report by the country, a compilation of non governmental organisation assessments and a one day debate with comments by its peers. No action is taken. ............




An Undeclared Covert War Takes Its Toll on Iran Whose Rockets Knocked out Iran's Ballistic Missile Launchers?

Imam Ali Base Iran is under enemy attack on four fronts in a war never acknowledged as such by the regime in Tehran or admitted by the aggressors. The advantage to Iran of this shadow conflict is that it is not obliged to respond. Its leaders are therefore free to bend all their energies to propping up their Islamic Revolutionary regime. The advantage to the attackers is that they can keep on battering the Islamic Republic without

Page 34 risking an open clash and bring their hammers down on one front after another without warning. In the last three months, four such offensives were launched against Iran, starting in July:

1. The cyber-attack:

The Stuxnet virus planted in Iran's nuclear and military control networks seriously damaged those systems. This attack is still ongoing, defying all attempts to exorcise the wily worm.

2. Rockets destroy secret missile launchers:

On Tuesday, October 12, the day before Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad flew to Beirut, three massive explosions blasted through one of Iran's top-secret military installations, the underground store holding Shihab-3 intermediate-range ballistic missiles which were held ready for launching against US targets in Iraq and Israel in the event of war. An unknown number of missiles, their launchers and warheads, including some tri-conic nosecones, were destroyed at the site beneath the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Imam Ali Base near the city of Khorramabad, in the Lorestan province of southwestern Iran. The base is also home to IRGC's main missile force, the Al-Hadid Brigade, 18 of whose members were killed and 14 injured in the blast, according the official communiqué in Tehran - probably more, according to our sources. The victims' funerals took place Thursday, October 14 at the same time as Ahmadinejad stood at the southern Lebanese town of Bint Jbail belting out another prediction of Israel's imminent "disappearance." Iran fears Israeli UAV-borne rockets blasted its Shehab-3 store Our intelligence sources report that Iran began its inquiry into the disaster to the missile armory by looking for traces of an infiltrator who managed to penetrate one of its most closely-guarded facilities and blow up the weapons tucked away inside deep tunnels. When they found no sign of a trespasser, they turned to the theory that American or Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles had flown in from Iraq and somehow found their way past the twists and turns of the

Page 35 underground passages until they found their pre-programmed targets - the missiles and their launchers - and blew them up with rockets. Iranian investigators were pointed in that direction by Syrian military intelligence which gave them data on Israeli UAV rocket practices against underground targets, including several on the buried command centers of Ahmed Jibril's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in Namma, south of Beirut. Israeli tacticians to have found a way of using the deep shafts leading straight down from the surface openings to the command facilities below as testing-ranges for weapons designed to blow up targets sunk deep underground. Acting on this theory, Iranian investigators began combing through the rubble at the Imam Ali base in search of fragments of the Israeli guided supersonic missile Jumper which fits the Syrian description. DEBKA-Net-Weekly's military sources describe this missile as powered by a two-pulse rocket motor with low radar and acoustic signatures, GPS/INS guidance gear and four steering surfaces on the aft section. It was basically configured for stationary targets designated by geographical coordinates. The Jumper's accuracy is unaffected by low visibility or weather conditions; its precision may be optimized by an optional laser-guidance unit. It is 180 cm long and 15 cm in diameter. Each launch unit weighs about 1.5 tons and can be deployed by air or land and operate in an unattended mode, without requiring the support or presence of operators, on the principle of Dial and Hit. Sanctions begin to hit the ordinary Iranian

3. Sanctions:

The offensive by sanctions is turning out to be a lot more effective than Tehran is willing to admit. On Tuesday, October 19, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei commented that the Iranian people had lived under sanctions since the early days of the Islamic Revolution and learned how to confront them.

Page 36 He said this when he arrived at the holy Iranian city of Qom. But his words made little impression on the ordinary Iranian. After all, DEBKA-Net-Weekly's Iranian sources report, since early October, the Iranian currency has dropped one-fifth of its value against the basket of leading currencies, there is a rush on the banks to withdraw foreign currency, especially the US dollar, and oil exports have plunged by 13.3 percent - or more than 600,000 barrels a day. This is the steepest decline since the late 1970s and costs the government about $16 billion in net revenue loss. Moreover, applications for new building licenses have fallen by 40 percent sending the private construction industry into a slump. Iran's credit rating is in free fall as a result of pressure from Washington on governments, banks and businesses to refuse to extend letters of credit for financial enterprises. Tuesday, Oct 19, Tehran confirmed that some European airports are refusing to sell its carriers fuel; its flagship carrier has stopped making unscheduled stops en route to Tehran because London refuses to extend refueling services. All this means that the basket of penalties wielded by US Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Stuart Levey is beginning to bite painfully all the way down to the Iranian in the street. It consists of UN sanctions, beefed up by unilateral US measures and steps taken by European governments and firms to cut off trade with the Islamic Republic. Levey was in Ankara this week on a mission to persuade Turkish businesses and companies to join the sanctions regime against Iran. They would have to undercut their prime minister, Tayyep Recip Erdogan, who voted against sanctions, defends Iran's nuclear program and is proud of their warm bilateral friendship. Their trade ties are expanding fast, Erdogan boasts, and will be boosted from $10 billion to $30 billion in five years.

The USS Abraham Lincoln docks at Manama The Saudi and Egyptian armies, navies and air forces secretly launched their first ever joint military maneuvers this week under the codename Tabuk-2. It ended Wednesday, Oct. 20. Acting Defense and Aviation Minister Prince Khaled Bin-Sultan, who commanded the exercise, said the two military forces had

Page 37 agreed on doctrinal unification. Our military sources interpret this as meaning that the two armies are getting set for joint action in a war contingency with Iran.

4. Military muscle:

This week the US applied more military pressure on Tehran when Sunday, Oct. 17, the USS Abraham Lincoln docked at the Fifth Fleet headquarters at Manama, Bahrain, thereby raising the number of US carriers in the Persian Gulf to two, for the first time in as many years. Until now, the Obama administration kept the number of carriers opposite Iran down to one inline with his policy of engaging Iran in diplomacy to halt its progress toward building a nuclear weapon. Adding a second carrier to the USS Harry S. Truman and its marine air force might already present raises the number of warplanes facing Iran to 120 and is therefore a game changer. DEBKA-Net-Weekly's Washington sources say this move relays two administration messages to Tehran: First: The Six Power talks due to open with Iran in early November will be backed by American military leverage. To date, Washington has not invoked the UN Security Council's permission to search Iranian or other vessels suspected of carrying banned cargoes to the Islamic Republic. Tehran has threatened to resort to force if its vessels are intercepted for searches. Wednesday, Oct. 20, Brig. Gen. Hussein Salami, commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards issued a warning: "The enemies of Iran should know the Islamic establishment's red lines and not trespass them." Second: If diplomatic engagement fails once again, the US reserves the freedom and capability for military action against Iran's nuclear facilities. Last minute: Thursday night, Oct. 21, the Obama administration padded the $60 billion weapons package for Saudi Arabia submitted to congress with several additional items including 1,000 2,000-pound guided bombs, described by our military sources as the most advanced bunker busters. They add a sharp new edge to US and Saudi intentions towards Iran and its nuclear program.

Page 38 Might not the four war offensives buffeting the Islamic republic which he heads have weakened Ahmadinejad and been the cause of his bumbling performance in Lebanon on Oct. 14-15? And that would be without taking into accord the discord preying on the ruling echelon?

........ Now this is an interesting thought. GRI does not agree that Obama is smart... in fact all of the evidence is that he is not very and that he is lazy to boot. All he has is apparently an ability to read well....from the teleprompter a speech that someone else wrote. HOWEVER, GRI does believe that Obama, following the dictates of his bosses, will involve the US in a war. Probably within the next 2 years.


David S. Broder...The war recovery? David S. Broder Sunday, October 31, 2010 When the midterm election cycle began, the prevailing opinion was that Barack Obama was cleverer and more inspirational than anyone else on the scene. As it ends, nothing appears to have changed. OH, YES, I know that Democrats have fallen into a peck of trouble and may lose control of Congress. But even if they do, Obama can still storm back to win a second term in 2012. He is that much better than the competition.

Page 39 In what respects is he enduringly superior? Let's start with the basics. He is much smarter than his challengers in either party, better able to read the evidence and come to the right conclusions. Over time, his conclusions are likely to stand scrutiny better than those of other politicians. The crucial case in point is his analysis of economic forces. No one would pretend that this is anything but a daunting situation. The nation is suffering simultaneously from high and persistent unemployment, lagging investment, massive public and private debt, and a highly inefficient tax system. The steps that have been ordered so far in Washington have done nothing more than put the brakes on the runaway decline. They have not spurred new growth. But if Obama cannot spur that growth by 2012, he is unlikely to be reelected. The lingering effects of the recession that accompanied him to the White House will probably doom him. Can Obama harness the forces that might spur new growth? This is the key question for the next two years. What are those forces? Essentially, there are two. One is the power of the business cycle, the tidal force that throughout history has dictated when the economy expands and when it contracts. Economists struggle to analyze this, but they almost inevitably conclude that it cannot be rushed and almost resists political command. As the saying goes, the market will go where it is going to go. In this regard, Obama has no advantage over any other pol. Even in analyzing the tidal force correctly, he cannot control it. What else might affect the economy? The answer is obvious, but its implications are frightening. War and peace influence the economy. Look back at FDR and the Great Depression. What finally resolved that economic crisis? World War II. Here is where Obama is likely to prevail. With strong Republican support in Congress for challenging Iran's ambition to become a nuclear power, he can spend much of 2011 and 2012 orchestrating a showdown with the mullahs. This will help him politically because

Page 40 the opposition party will be urging him on. And as tensions rise and we accelerate preparations for war, the economy will improve. I am not suggesting, of course, that the president incite a war to get reelected. But the nation will rally around Obama because Iran is the greatest threat to the world in the young century. If he can confront this threat and contain Iran's nuclear ambitions, he will have made the world safer and may be regarded as one of the most successful presidents in history. David Broder: War With Iran Will Save Economy, Obama Presidency Look back at FDR and the Great Depression. What finally resolved that economic crisis? World War II. Here is where Obama is likely to prevail. With strong Republican support in Congress for challenging Iran's ambition to become a nuclear power, he can spend much of 2011 and 2012 orchestrating a showdown with the mullahs. This will help him politically because the opposition party will be urging him on. And as tensions rise and we accelerate preparations for war, the economy will improve.


Getting ready for war with Iran.. US, France, Saudi Arabia and Egypt Clasp Iron Fists

Charles de Gaulle and Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday, October 13, France's flagship and only aircraft carrier the nuclear-powered Charles de Gaulle sailed out from its home port of Toulon on a four-month mission, escorted by two frigates,

Page 41 an attack submarine and refueling tanker, under the command of Rear Admiral Jean-Louis Kerignard. Their mission was officially designated support for the NATO anti-piracy and counter-terror contingents patrolling the Indian Ocean and for NATO troops in Afghanistan. Two days later, the French carrier turned back for urgent repairs to damage, the nature of which the French Navy spokesman declined to specify. Western naval sources said it was an electrical fault in the ship's propulsion system. The escort group continued on its way leaving the carrier to catch up later. DEBKA-Net-Weekly's military sources report that this breakdown caused the Charles de Gaulle to miss the boat in the most strategic sense. It had been scheduled to reach the Arabian Sea Sunday, Oct. 17, on the same day that the USS Abraham Lincoln put in to Manama port, home of the US Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, as agreed in advance between the White House in Washington and the Elyseé Palace in Paris. The American carrier kept the date, arriving in the Persian Gulf with a Carrier Air Wing CVW-2 of nine squadrons on its decks, to join the USS Harry S. Truman carrier and its marine air strike unit. Carrying each other's replacement parts The coordinated build-up around Iran's shores in the second half of October, 2010 was the outcome of a recent discussion inside the White House about whether it would be helpful, or counterproductive, to have President Barak Obama talk more openly about military options. And not just to talk, but to suit action to words. Some of the spadework was already in place: In June 8, the US, France and Britain carried out a joint exercise. US and French fighter-bombers, taking off from the Truman and the de Gaulle, and British fighter-bombers flying in from bases in England, practiced bombing ground targets and providing air support for Marines on ground missions against Iranian targets at the Canjuers training facility near Toulon. The US and French fighter bombers had their first experience ever of landing on their ally's aircraft carriers for "repairs" in their role of aircraft maimed in combat. French Rafale M fighter-bombers landed on a US

Page 42 aircraft carrier while US Super Hornet F/A-18E/F warplanes touched down on the French carrier's deck for repairs in its workshop. This exercise prepared the US and French carriers designated to take part in an attack on Iran to each carry replacement parts for its ally's warplanes. The goal of the overall US command was to have three nuclear-powered aircraft carriers stationed in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea with a combined total of 160 warplanes on their decks 120 on the US carriers and 40 on the Charles de Gaulle. (Note: with the French Carrier arriving and the USS Enterprise in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, that makes at least 5 carrier groups now in the region.) Egypt joins Strait of Hormuz defenders at big new Fujairah naval base Also on October 17, in another part of the Middle East, the start of a unique military exercise slotted two more pieces into the overall architecture of US planning for a possible attack on Iran. Saudi and Egyptian special forces, marines, armored, missile, air and naval contingents met for the first time in the history of their armed forces for a joint exercise, Tabuk-2. Its goal was to turn back an Iranian offensive by attacking the attacker. This maneuver which took place in Egypt's Northern Desert was first disclosed exclusively in our last issue. Our military sources have since filled in the details. The scenario they rehearsed started with Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) marines landing on Saudi oil fields and oil ports in the Eastern Provinces. One Egyptian force was assigned to rush over to augment Saudi resistance to the invaders, while a second standing by in northwest Saudi Arabia would land behind enemy lines on the western Iranian coast and raid the IRGC bases located there. DEBKA-Net-Weekly's military sources further disclose: 1. Tabuk-2 was only the first of a series of joint Saudi-Egyptian war games to strengthen their military cooperation and inculcate patterns of mutual defense. 2. An Egyptian expeditionary force made up of armored, naval, marine, air and commando detachments has scattered among Saudi military

Page 43 bases as a permanent outpost. It will stand ready for swift action at short notice in line with a strategic Saudi-Egyptian decision to have field units on the ready for instantaneous response to an Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia. 3. Egyptian and Saudi intelligence services have unified their Iran desks. 4. The day their war game ended, October 21, a huge new naval base was inaugurated at the Unite Arab Emirates port of Fujairah. The site is located at a focal point on the eastern coast of the emirate just opposite the Straits of Hormuz with links to the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. In addition to the UAE navy, French and Egyptian naval and marine units will be stationed at this base - the first time the French fleet has won a foothold in the Persian Gulf and Egypt's first deployment for a role in defending the strategic oil transport waterway. The new Fujairah base was inaugurated on the day the two Arab powers ended their war game. US-Israeli coordination strengthened

The United States has also substantially bolstered three Combined Task Forces in the region with manpower and equipment. They are: CTF151 which operates in the Gulf of Aden and the Somali Basin, CTF152 whose area of operation stretches from the northern Persian Gulf to the Strait of Hormuz, and CTF158 which covers the northernmost corner of the Persian Gulf. Attached to them are large amphibious landing craft with air transports and helicopters on their decks for carrying thousands of commandos and marines into action. The US and Israel meanwhile conducted a 10-day command post simulation and training exercise called Juniper Falcon 11 on October 11-21, a regular event which this time drilled responses to coordinated missile strikes from Iran, Syria, Hizballah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. Added to the scenario were Iranian merchant ships at sea shooting missiles and Iranian warplanes taking off from Syrian bases to blitz Israel and American targets in the region.

Page 44 The exercise tested the level of intelligence and operational coordination between US and Israeli missile interceptor systems and also how well they worked together in potential counter-attacks on missile-launching sites in Iran and its allies, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza. On October 25, Dennis Ross, Special Assistant to the US President and Senior Director for the Central Region, spoke about the level of strategic cooperation between the United States and Israel in an address to the Florida convention of the Israel lobby AIPAC: "Frankly, this degree of coordination (between US and Israel) is unprecedented," he commented. "I have participated in these types of discussions for the last 30 years and they have never been as intense or focused, reflecting the serious cooperation that we have today with Israel." In another comment, Ross said, "Should Iran continue its defiance, despite its growing isolation and the damage to its economy, its leaders should listen carefully to President Obama who has said many times, 'We are determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.'" Ross's remarks amounted to the most explicit threat yet heard from a key Obama administration figure about possible American military action against Iran. .............. In a convoluted way, Whitney arrives at the correct conclusion. In essence, the US/Bernanke have declared a currency war that will effect China. Either China plays the detriment to China's economy... or they can fight it, which then raises the possibility of conflict. Interestingly, the situation is somewhat similar to what the US did to Japan that goaded them into determining that they needed to violently confront the US in an armed conflict...leading to WW II. GRI has pointed out that China has already observed the lesson from the US and Japan, and is already preparing for the eventual conflict. We see Obama/Bernanke playing exactly into China's hand, giving them reason to attack.

The Chances of a War with China are Rising

Page 45 By Mike Whitney October 21, 2010 "Information Clearing House" -- The United States conducts monetary policy the same way it conducts foreign policy; unilaterally. When Fed chairman Ben Bernanke signaled last week that he was planning to restart his bond purchasing program (Quantitative Easing) he didn't consult with allies at the IMF, the G-20 or the WTO. He simply issued his edict, and that was that. The fact that the Fed's policy will flood emerging markets with cheap capital, pushing up the value of their currencies and igniting inflation, is of no concern to Bernanke. He operates on the same theory as former Treasury Secretary John Connally who breezily quipped to a group of euro finance ministers, "The dollar is our currency, but your problem." My feeling is that the US administration has decided to reduce the unemployment rate, and close the current account deficit, and that the only way to achieve this is to force the value of the dollar down. That way it will be US factories rather than German or Japanese ones that are humming to the sound of the new orders which come in from all that flourishing emerging market demand." Bernanke has drawn the same conclusions as Hugh, but that doesn't mean his strategy won't inflict considerable damage on US allies. It will. His beggar-thy-neighbor QE program will force trading partners to implement capital controls and other protectionist measures to maintain price stability. QE will also lead to more competitive devaluation as the world's largest economies fight for a bigger share of the export market. The impending clash could bring about the dissolution of the present trade regime and a sharp reversal of 30-years of globalization. Bernanke's biggest problem is China. China was America's darling when it was loading up on Treasuries and fueling a historic consumption binge that filled Wall Street's coffers. But now that the purchase of US debt is preventing the Fed from implementing its monetary policy, Bernanke wants a change. Unfortunately, China is not cooperating. It's piling up foreign exchange reserves at record pace to maintain the dollar peg which is widening the current account deficit to precrisis levels. The yawning trade imbalance is pushing the world towards another crisis, which is why Bernanke and Co. are determined to persuade China to let its currency to appreciate to narrow the gap. (China's foreign exchange reserves surged to $2.65tr in the 3rd quarter) Bottom line: The Fed cannot jump-start the domestic economy if the trade deficit continues to grow. It's impossible. The stimulus just gets

Page 46 flushed down the plughole. China is soaking up the lion's share of global demand by underbidding the US on everything under the sun. That's the real effect of the dollar peg, it gives China an unfair advantage over its competitors. A free-floating currency helps to level the playing field (even if US labor is competing with some of the world's worst paid workers) Bernanke's announcement last Friday, is just the first shot fired over Beijing's bow. There will be more to come. This weekend's meeting of the G-20 provides Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner with the perfect opportunity to put the spotlight on China and to rail against currency manipulation. Many expect him to make a strong statement demanding changes to the policy. An update by Reuters on Wednesday confirms the US position. Here's a blurp: "The United States wants Group of 20 finance chiefs to commit to allowing market forces to set currency values and will discuss using targets for trade to measure progress, a senior U.S. Treasury Department official said on Wednesday. Ahead of weekend G20 meetings in Gyeongju, South Korea, the U.S. official made clear Washington wants currency levels to be a focal point of the meetings and sees current account surpluses and deficits a vital part of the discussion.... From our perspective we believe these issues are fundamentally, inherently linked and that it is important for the G20 to be able to undertake cooperative action facilitating orderly adjustment of imbalances and also ensuring more effective adjustment of exchange rates in line with economic fundamentals," the official said." ("U.S. wants G20 commitment to allow currency rises", Reuters) Neither the Obama administration nor the Fed want a full-blown trade war with China. They'd rather see China "assume its position in the global system". (as US diplomats aver) But that means that China will have to compromise on, what it considers to be, a matter of national sovereignty. And, there's the rub. China is a proud nation and doesn't want to be told what to do. But that's not how the system works. Behind the facade of free markets and international institutions, lies an imperial system ruled from Washington. That leaves Beijing with two options; they can either bow to US pressure and fall in line or shrug off Washington's demands and continue on the same path. If they choose to resist, relations with the US will grow more acrimonious and the probability of conflict will rise. ........

Page 47

Credit Suisse: QE2 Just Made China's Inflation Threat Much, Much Worse

Business Insider | Nov. 4, 2010 China's caught in a real bind right now, and fresh quantitative easing from the U.S. isn't helping. Inflation is a threat in China, and it is at least partially driven by speculative capital entering China due to expectations of a yuan appreciation, higher interest rates in China vs. the developed world, and strong relative Chinese GDP growth. Yet should China hike its interest rates to control inflation, it will only widen the gap with U.S. interest rates, which could attract even more capital. If China does nothing, then inflation could get worse. Problem now is, Bernanke's QE2 just gives capital yet another reason to choose China over the U.S., threatening further inflation. It thus compounds the problem above. But China has to do something, and they'll likely be forced to mix interest rate hikes with domestic price controls in a haphazard struggle to keep the nation on track says Credit Suisse: Credit Suisse's Dong Tao: With the Fed conducting QE2 and hot money flooding into China, we believe the PBoC may hold back from another rate hike before the end of this year to avoid widening the interest rate gap at this time. The risk of raising the reserve requirement ratio before the year-end would be higher, in our view. Nevertheless, we believe the negative real interest rates will eventually force the central bank to raise nominal interest rates again in 1Q11. We project CPI inflation to reach 4.5-5% in 2Q11. This may lead to a total of three to four interest rate hikes in 2011, with the deposit rates rising faster than lending rates, and rates for longer duration rising faster than those in the short-end, in our judgment. It has also become more likely that Beijing may re-introduce price controls in areas such as fuel and grain at the retail level, similar to what it did back in 2006 and 2007. However, the one thing they won't do is budge on the yuan-dollar exchange rate:

Page 48 We maintain our view that Beijing is unlikely to allow the RMB to appreciate anything more than in a symbolic sense, even if this means possible trade wars ahead. China seems to be making adjustment in the RMB real exchange rate, via wage increases, much more aggressively than in the nominal exchange rate. ........... Duh!!!!!!! October 11, 2010

U.S. Military Alarmed by Harsh Tone of China's Military

By MICHAEL WINES BEIJING -- Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates met his Chinese counterpart, Liang Guanglie, in Vietnam on Monday for the first time since the two militaries suspended talks with each other last winter, calling for the two countries to prevent "mistrust, miscalculations and mistakes." His message seemed directed mainly at officers like Lt. Cmdr. Tony Cao of the Chinese Navy. Days before Mr. Gates arrived in Asia, Commander Cao was aboard a frigate in the Yellow Sea, conducting China's first war games with the Australian Navy, exercises to which, he noted pointedly, the Americans were not invited. Nor are they likely to be, he told Australian journalists in slightly bent English, until "the United States stops selling the weapons to Taiwan and stopping spying us with the air or the surface." The Pentagon is worried that its increasingly tense relationship with the Chinese military owes itself in part to the rising leaders of Commander Cao's generation, who, much more than the country's military elders, view the United States as the enemy. Older Chinese officers remember a time, before the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 set relations back, when American and Chinese forces made common cause against the Soviet Union. The younger officers have known only an anti-American ideology, which casts the United States as bent on thwarting China's rise.

Page 49 "All militaries need a straw man, a perceived enemy, for solidarity," said Huang Jing, a scholar of China's military and leadership at the National University of Singapore. "And as a young officer or soldier, you always take the strongest of straw men to maximize the effect. Chinese military men, from the soldiers and platoon captains all the way up to the army commanders, were always taught that America would be their enemy." The stakes have increased as China's armed forces, once a fairly ragtag group, have become more capable and have taken on bigger tasks. The navy, the centerpiece of China's military expansion, has added dozens of surface ships and submarines, and is widely reported to be building its first aircraft carrier. Last month's Yellow Sea maneuvers with the Australian Navy are but the most recent in a series of Chinese military excursions to places as diverse as New Zealand, Britain and Spain. China is also reported to be building a new antiship ballistic missile base in southern China's Guangdong Province, with missiles capable of reaching the Philippines and Vietnam. The base is regarded as an effort to enforce China's territorial claims to vast areas of the South China Sea claimed by other nations, and to confront American aircraft carriers that now patrol the area unmolested. Even improved Chinese forces do not have capacity or, analysts say, the intention, to fight a more able United States military. But their increasing range and ability, and the certainty that they will only become stronger, have prompted China to assert itself regionally and challenge American dominance in the Pacific. That makes it crucial to help lower-level Chinese officers become more familiar with the Americans, experts say, before a chance encounter blossoms into a crisis. "The P.L.A. combines an odd combination of deep admiration for the U.S. armed forces as a military, but equally harbors a deep suspicion of U.S. military deployments and intentions towards China," David Shambaugh, a leading expert on the Chinese military at George Washington University, said in an e-mail exchange, referring to the People's Liberation Army. "Unfortunately, the two militaries are locked in a classic security dilemma, whereby each side's supposedly defensive measures are taken as aggressive action by the other, triggering similar countermeasures in an inexorable cycle," he wrote. "This is very dangerous, and unnecessary."

Page 50 From the Chinese military's view, this year has offered ample evidence of American ill will. The Chinese effectively suspended official military relations early this year after President Obama met with the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan religious leader, and approved a $6.7 billion arms sale to Taiwan, which China regards as its territory. Since then, the Chinese military has bristled as the State Department has offered to mediate disputes between China and its neighbors over ownership of Pacific islands and valuable seabed mineral rights. And when the American Navy conducted war games with South Korea last month in the Yellow Sea, less than 400 miles from Beijing, younger Chinese officers detected an encroaching threat. The United States "is engaging in an increasingly tight encirclement of China and constantly challenging China's core interests," Rear Adm. Yang Yi, former head of strategic studies at the Chinese Army's National Defense University, wrote in August in the People's Liberation Army Daily, the military newspaper. "Washington will inevitably pay a costly price for its muddled decision." In truth, little in the American actions is new. Mr. Obama's predecessors also hosted the Dalai Lama. American arms sales to Taiwan were mandated by Congress in 1979, and have occurred regularly since then. American warships regularly ply the waters off China's coast and practice with South Korean ships. But Chinese military leaders seem less inclined to tolerate such old practices now that they have the resources and the confidence to say no. "Why do you sell arms to Taiwan? We don't sell arms to Hawaii," said Col. Liu Mingfu, a China National Defense University professor and author of "The China Dream," a nationalistic call to succeed the United States as the world's leading power. That official military relations are resuming despite the sharp language from Chinese Army officials is most likely a function of international diplomacy. President Hu Jintao is scheduled to visit Washington soon, and American experts had predicted that China would resume military ties as part of an effort to smooth over rough spots before the state visit. Some experts see increased contact as critical. A leading Chinese expert on international security, Zhu Feng of Peking University, says that the Chinese military's hostility toward the United States is not new,

Page 51 just more open. And that, he says, is not only the result of China's new assertiveness, but its military's inexperience on the world stage. "Chinese officers' international exposure remains very limited," Mr. Zhu said. "Over time, things will improve very, very significantly. Unfortunately, right now they are less skillful." Greater international exposure is precisely what American officials would like to see. Americans hope renewed cooperation will lead to more exchanges of young officers and joint exercises. "It's time for both militaries to reconsider their tactics and strategy to boost their friendship," Mr. Zhu said. "The P.L.A. is increasing its exposure internationally. So what sort of new rule of law can we figure out to fit the P.L.A. to such new exposure? It's a challenge not just for China, but also for the U.S." Jonathan Ansfield and Li Bibo contributed research.



Rules of Engagement By: SARA A. CARTER National Security Correspondent October 19, 2010 KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN -- To the U.S. Army soldiers and Marines serving here, some things seem so obviously true that they are beyond debate. Among those perceived truths: The restrictive rules of engagement that they have to fight under have made serving in combat far more dangerous for them, while allowing the Taliban to return to a position of strength. "If they use rockets to hit the [forward operating base] we can't shoot back because they were within 500 meters of the village. If they shoot at us and drop their weapon in the process we can't shoot back," said Spc. Charles Brooks, 26, a U.S. Army medic with 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, in Zabul province. Word had come down the morning Brooks spoke to this reporter that watch towers surrounding the base were going to be dismantled

Page 52 because Afghan village elders, some sympathetic to the Taliban, complained they were invading their village privacy. "We have to take down our towers because it offends them and now the Taliban can set up mortars and we can't see them," Brooks added, with disgust. In June, Gen. David Petraeus, who took command here after the self-inflicted demise of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, told Congress that he was weighing a major change with rules for engaging enemy fighters in Afghanistan. That has not yet happened, troops say. Soldiers and Marines continue to be held back by what they believe to be strict rules imposed by the government of President Hamid Karzai designed with one objective: limit Afghan civilian casualties. "I don't think the military leaders, president or anybody really cares about what we're going through," said Spc. Matthew "Silver" Fuhrken, 25, from Watertown, N.Y. "I'm sick of people trying to cover up what's really going on over here. They won't let us do our job. I don't care if they try to kick me out for what I'm saying -- war is war and this is no war. I don't know what this is." To the soldiers and Marines risking their lives in Afghanistan, restrictions on their ability to aggressively attack the Taliban have led to another enormous frustration stalking morale: the fear that the Karzai government, with the prodding of the administration of President Obama, will negotiate a peace with the Taliban that wastes all the sacrifices by the U.S. here. Those fears intensified when news reached the enlisted ranks that the Karzai government, with the backing of senior Obama officials, was entering a new round of negotiations with the Taliban. "If we walk away, cut a deal with the Taliban, desert the people who needed us most, then this war was pointless," said Pvt. Jeffrey Ward, with 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, who is stationed at Forward Operating Base Bullard in southern Afghanistan. "Everyone dies for their own reasons but it's sad to think that our friends, the troops, have given their lives for something we're not going to see through." Other soldiers agreed. They said they feared few officials in the Pentagon understand the reality on the ground. From the front lines, the U.S. backing of the Karzai government, widely seen as riddled with corruption by the Afghans living in local

Page 53 villages, has given the Taliban a position of power in villages while undercutting U.S. moral authority. Corrupt government officials have made "it impossible for us to trust anyone," said elder Sha Barar, from the village of Sha Joy. The people of that village and many others profess fear of the Taliban, and recount tales of brutality and wanton killings by the Taliban and their sympathizers. But they don't see the Karzai government as a positive force in their lives. Karzai said that talks need to continue with the Taliban "at a fixed address and with a more open agenda to tell us how to bring peace to Afghanistan and Pakistan." But U.S. troops and Marines interviewed during the past month in Afghanistan question what negotiations would really mean, to both them and the Afghan people. And they almost universally believe that negotiating would be a mistake before achieving decisive gains they believe are attainable once oppressive rules of engagement are relaxed. "What does it mean if we give in to the Taliban? They are the enemy," Brooks said. "This place is going to be a safe haven for terrorists again. The government doesn't care about the sacrifices already made. As far as the mission goes, I want to see these kids go to school and have a future but not at the expense of my friends -- not anymore."

........... New Hidden Missile System Unknown To Feds WAR IN A BOX!! October 29, 2010 ATLANTA -- A Russian weapons company is

Page 54 marketing a new missile system that is hidden inside an ordinary shipping container. It can turn a ship, train or truck into a long range missile launcher. Channel Two Action News anchor Justin Farmer investigated the threat and found officials at the Port of Savannah had never heard of the Club K Missile system.

New Hidden Cruise Missile Unknown To Feds It sounds like something out of a James Bond movie. A hidden cruise missile that can transform a shipping container into a missile launcher. The problem is it's real and a Russian weapons company is advertising it for sale to anyone who has the cash to pay for it. Channel Two Action News went to the Port of Savannah to find out how the feds are combating this potential threat. They did not even know about it, until Farmer told them. The promotional video for the Club K Missile system is part of the marketing campaign by a private, Russian-based weapons manufacturer. The cruise missile system is hidden in a 40-foot shipping container. It can fire four long range satellite-guided missiles from a ship, train or tractor-trailer. The Club K is being marketed at international weapons shows as a military weapon. In the hands of a terrorist group the container could easily be smuggled into the United states. It is so new most international security experts have never heard of it. "To look at an entire weapons system that can be put on a cargo ship and deployed is frightening," said Brent Brown an international security consultant, "It is a pretty devastating piece of technology that could have all kinds of collateral damange." The Port of Savannah is the fourth largest in the nation; moving over three million containers a year. A Club K Missile system fired from a container at the Port of Savannah could easily reach Atlanta 250 miles away. Customs and Border protection are responsible for port security. Farmer asked the Directors of Customs and Border Protections if he was aware of the weapons. Director John Porter replied, "I am now." Just how does the Federal government check millions of containers? Customs says that they carefully monitor the paperwork of every container. They said that it is largely done at the port of origin overseas.

Page 55 They admit, while they have the latest in x-ray technology, it is simply not realistic to scan all cargo. Thousands of containers are off loaded from ships like this one but just a fraction go through machines. "If you are not checking 100% that it is a hole in the system," said Brown. "It's a huge threat. A cruise missile launch from a vessel, off-shore against an urban population," said Poythress. Janes Defense Weekly estimates the price tag on the Club K Missile is between $10-20 million. The Russian company that makes the weapon has refused interviews. They have issued statements saying the Club-K is not being marketed to terrorists and is meant for use on military ships. The company also claims to have nations in Latin America and the Asia pacific region interested in weapon. ......


Islamic Jihad Gaza has same camera-equipped suicide vests as in Iraq 24 Oct. DEBKAfile's military and counter-terror sources confirm the WikiLeaks revelation that Iran developed camera-equipped suicide vests for al Qaeda's attacks on US troops under the instruction of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Center in Tehran. Our sources have discovered that the Islamic Jihad's "Jerusalem Brigades" in the Gaza Strip have been equipped with those same SVIED (Suicide Vest Improvised Explosive Devices) and have transferred some to al Qaeda cells at large in the territory. They are fitted with miniature cameras which enable the bomber to monitor and relay images of an attack before he reaches his target, our military sources report. He can thus stay in close touch with, and receive instructions, from his handlers every step of the way, obtain images of the environment he is entering and the obstacles ahead.

Page 56 An Israeli officer told DEBKAfile that these mini-cameras "make it almost impossible for a suicide bomber to miss his aim. It makes him a human guided missile." ........... SAUDIS PUSH LEBANESE PM HARIRI TO QUIT, LEBANON NEAR CIVIL WAR 25 Oct. In a sudden about-face, the Saudis Monday, Oct. 25, urged Lebanon's pro-Western Prime Minister Saad Hariri to step down without delay and make way for an administration dominated by pro-Syrian ministers and Hizballah. King Abdullah, according to DEBKAfile's Middle East and Beirut sources, sees no other way of saving Lebanon from tipping over into civil strife over Hizballah's demand to disband the international tribunal probing the 2005 murder of former prime minister Rafiq Hariri. .......


By Stewart Stogel Oct 16,2010 WorldNetDaily

NEW YORK ­ South Korea is concerned that the North Korean government is slipping into chaos. "Kim Jung-un's selection (as heir apparent to President Kim Jung-il) is a sign of weakness," explained a well-informed South Korean official whose identity was withheld for security reasons. Earlier this month, the reclusive North Korean government held a major celebration in the capital, Pyongyang, to officially stamp the younger Kim's claim to his father's throne. The massive celebration, with its countless performers and fireworks, was to the South Koreans public window dressing to cover a desperate regime: "The celebration was an indication just how bad things really are," the South Korean explained. "He (the son) knows nothing, he has no experience, he knows nothing about how to run a government."

Page 57 The inexperience of Kim Jung-un and the fact that his father waited until his own health was in rapid decline to make the succession move is an indication of just how uncertain the future is, he said. "If he (Kim Jung-il) were to die in the near future, a military coup is possible," he suggested. The source explained that the younger Kim is a new commodity to the senior brass within the North Korean military and as such does not yet command the respect and loyalty that his father does. While that issue might be resolved over time, the South Korean believes such time may not be on Pyongyang's side. "Who knows when Kim (Jung Il) dies? It could be tomorrow, nobody knows," he said. An early death of Kim Jung-il could release a series of events that the South Koreans believe Washington does not fully appreciate. There could be a massive exodus of refugees both into China in the north and into South Korea in the south. "The people in the North are starving and will do anything to leave if the government slips into chaos," he confided. "They know things are better outside North Korea." Also, in the event of a collapse in the senior leadership, the South Korean official believes a military coup is a real possibility. "A coup is really possible, especially if Kim Jung-il dies before Kim Jung-un has a chance to learn his role," he stressed. Such a coup could bring forth a pre-emptive strike against the South, the source added. "It is possible, that is why we are stressing the warnings now," he said. Those warnings include Seoul's concern that Pyongyang might consider the use of its crude arsenal of nuclear weapons in such a predicament. "They have those nuclear weapons and could use them to protect the government."

Page 58 The South Korean is concerned that the Obama administration does not fully comprehend just how tenuous the situation on the peninsula really is. He said, "The (North Korean) leadership is really hostile, it is an enemy to its own people." He believes that the Obama administration has sent Pyongyang mixed signals which resulted in the push and shove relationship for the last two years. It began when the new White House rejected a Pyongyang effort to send a "diplomatic delegation" to the Obama inauguration in January 2009. "To North Korea, it was an insult," he explained, Since that rebuff, the North Korean position on a host of subjects subsequently hardened. It also included the elevation of former North Korean U.N. ambassador Pak Gil Yon to senior position inside the foreign ministry. Pak, who resided in New York City for more then a decade, served twice as U.N. ambassador and has spent more time stateside than any other North Korean. Yet, Pak is considered hardliner and not one who espouses closer U.S. ties. During Pak's first U.N. assignment, the Clinton White House became convinced that U.S. messages routed through him to Pyongyang became so distorted that the State Department turned to the Chinese embassy in D.C. as its main conduit. Eventually, Pak returned home to rise to a senior position inside the North Korean foreign ministry. Just last month, the annual U.N. General Assembly brought delegations from both Washington and Pyongyang to New York, but they did not meet. "Time may be running out," the South Korean source warned.

Page 59 .......

North Korea Appears Capable of Jamming GPS Receivers

Steve Herman | Seoul07 October 2010 Defense officials in South Korea and military analysts elsewhere are expressing concern about what they call a new type of threat from Pyongyang. The North Koreans, according to South Korea's government, are now capable of disrupting GPS receivers, which are a critical component of modern military and civilian navigation. This week, the South Korea Communications Commission informed lawmakers that between August 23 and 25, signals emanating from near the North Korean city of Kaesong interfered with South Korean GPS military and civilian receivers on land and at sea. Officials say the jammers were repeatedly switched on for 10-minute periods over a number of hours during the three days. Sources in South Korea, Japan and the United States say defense officials in all three countries are concerned about Pyongyang's apparent ability to disrupt GPS navigation, and are discussing its ramifications. Military use of GPS receivers GPS uses up to 32 satellites operated by the U.S. Air Force. It is freely accessible to anyone with a receiver, but it has a range of critical military uses. Retired U.S. Marine Colonel Andy Harp, a military analyst and author, notes that the military applications go beyond guiding bombs and missiles. "It can be involved with air support, air delivery, artillery. The entire system, to a great extent, relies on GPS," says Colonel Harp. U.S. Forces Korea spokesman Colonel Jonathan Withington declined to assess the reported North Korean jamming, saying it is a matter of intelligence and operational security. "We also would not be able to comment on our assessment of the effects of North Korean jamming on any civilian commercial systems. While U.S. military forces do use GPS navigation technology, our forces are not

Page 60 reliant on the GPS to conduct ground, air or sea operations and routinely train to operate in a contested electronic environment," Willington said. Military specialists point out that while some guided bombs might be affected by jamming, newer weapons would not be. North Korea's culture of military creativity Colonel Harp, who headed the Marines' Crisis Action Team that monitored developments in North Korea, is not surprised by North Korea's new ability. "The North Koreans are great innovators," he says. "So we have to be greatly wary of what they develop and what they're capable of. The North Koreans are technologically trying to make advances across the entire front and it has to be a great concern to stay ahead of their efforts." That sentiment is echoed by South Korea's defense minister, Kim Tae-young. He told members of the National Assembly the North Korean GPS jamming poses a "new kind of threat." Kim referred to an intelligence report saying the North Koreans can mount devices on vehicles that can jam GPS signals within a 50 to 100 kilometer radius. Asymetrical warfare Some defense analysts say while the North Korean action is unprecedented it should not have caught the South Korean military by surprise. Professor Park Young-wook, with Kwangwoon University's Defense Industry Research Institute, says several scholars predicted the North would acquire such technology. This is the first publicly known incident attributed to North Korea, says Park. And she agrees it must be considered a serious threat if it reoccurs because GPS is an integral part of the infrastructure, not only for the military but for many other industries. An aerospace technology consultant in Japan who did not want to be named says the August incident may have been "some sort of operational test, perhaps, to make a point." Specifically, he says, that would be to demonstrate "a classic case of asymmetrical warfare." In other words, while the United States has invested billions of dollars in the satellite navigation system, the

Page 61 North Koreans can easily disrupt it with a cheap, portable transmitter on the ground.






1,400-degree gas chars villages near volcano

'We're totally overwhelmed here!' says hospital spokesman on heavily populated Indonesian island MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia -- Searing gas avalanched down an Indonesian volcano with a thunderous roar, torching houses and trees and incinerating villagers as they fled Mount Merapi's worst eruption in a century. Dozens of bodies found Friday raised the death toll to 122. The injured -- with clothes, blankets and even mattresses fused to their skin by the 1,400-degree Fahrenheit heat -- were carried away on stretchers following the first big explosion just before midnight.

Page 62 Soldiers joined rescue operations in hardest-hit Bronggang, a village nine miles from the crater, pulling at least 78 bodies from homes and streets blanketed by ash up to one-foot deep. Crumpled roofs, charred carcasses of cattle, and broken chairs -- all layered in white soot -- dotted the smoldering landscape. Merapi was active throughout the day Friday. The volcano, in the heart of densely populated Java island, has erupted scores of times, killing more than 1,500 people in the last century alone. But tens of thousands of people live on its rolling slopes, drawn to soil made fertile by molten lava and volcanic debris. .... MORE SINKHOLES.... A new one in Germany.

"Dear, be careful backing out the car and don't it anything?"


Page 63

Another Earthquake Swarm Rattles Arkansas .

Could the US be testing its Earth Quake generating system again? It is the classic sign.

Another series of earthquakes, 14 since Thursday, shake Faulkner County related: 16 Earthquakes Reported Since Friday 6 Earthquakes Rattle Ark. in 5 Hours New Fault Raises Threat of Eastern Earthquakes ­ flashback November 1, 2010 The U.S. Geological Service says northern Faulkner County has been shaken lightly by more than a dozen small earthquakes. The Log Cabin Democrat newspaper said the most powerful of the 14 quakes recorded from Thursday morning to Monday morning had a magnitude of only 2.5. Researchers say quakes of 2.5 to 3.0 magnitude are typically the smallest felt by humans. The USGS said all of the earthquakes had their epicenters in a region 10 to 15 miles northeast of Conway, mostly in the vicinity of the community of Guy. A number of small earthquakes in the area have been reported for months, and geologists have installed sensors to better understand why the quakes are occurring. The Faulkner County Office of Emergency Management has scheduled an earthquake information session the evening of Nov. 9 in the Guy-Perkins High School cafeteria. Officials have said the cause of the small quakes is unclear.

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........ GULF OIL SPILL UPDATE... IT'S KILLING PEOPLE AND FISH AND THE DEATH TOLL IS RISING SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2010 Gulf Oil Spill: Mission Accomplished or Ongoing Crisis? The corporate media has almost entirely stopped covering the Gulf oil spill. Many have tried to say that the effects of the spill are not nearly as bad as feared, and that everything is pretty much cleaned up and back to normal. But today, it is widely being reported that there are currently massive stretches of weathered oil spotted in the Gulf of Mexico . And websites like Florida Oil Spill Law (FOSL) have tirelessly been reporting on the Gulf oil spill this whole time. To give an example of the ongoing crisis in the Gulf, here's a roundup of some of the top stories from FOSL from the past 3 days: ! Toxicologist now dealing with at least three autopsies in Gulf -- "People who's esophaguses are dissolving" Healthy teenager, 16, hospitalized after swimming in Gulf on AUGUST 30 -- "Compromised lung" & "enlarged heart" Boat captain mentioned on NPR: "Internal bleeding -- Very, very sick" Toxicologist: 4 to 5 MILLION people on Gulf Coast exposed to dangerous levels of oil -- Going to have incredible health effect "We're starving" -- "There are no fish in the waters... and any fish we would see, we would not eat" Reporter STEPS onto beach, is then forced by private security to be "decontaminated" -- "Yes" it's about dispersants Boat captain "bleeding from her vagina" -- "I'm bleeding from my anus, too... This thing is killing me"







Page 65 ! Oct. 19: "A seemingly unrelenting tide of oil" surprises pilot with "countless" flights over Gulf in last 6 months Report: Homeland Security agents want organizer to "shut up" -- Told by BP to "back off" Captain: Mullet observed eating "dispersant as it gathered along the tide line" Massive SHELF of tar exposed on beach in Pensacola Not just the coast to be affected: "It is going to keep going further and further in" "Still so much oil and dispersant in the environment" says Gulf Restoration Network executive director "ALL" oyster beds are "dead or dying" says top oysterman -- "Very pessimistic" Local Official: "The oil is not evaporating -- it's not dissipating, it's sitting there" Florida woman: Oil found in batch of oysters while eating Scientists: Acceptable levels of toxic PAH in the Gulf raised simply for the BP disaster BP admits oil buried "30 inches under ground" In related news, the government - always eager to immediately get to the bottom of what is really going on and then to fully publicize the results has sent crucial Gulf samples to be analyzed in a lab . . . in Poland (all of the American labs are apparently busy testing the toxicity of hinky mortgages, mortgage backed securities, CDOs and naked CDSs). And the result will be shipped back by slow boat: NOAA isn't expecting results back until the end of the year. ......



! !




Drought-stricken Lake Mead falls to a level not seen since it was filled!


Page 66 A "bathtub ring" of white rock marks a 128-foot drop in the water level of Lake Mead since 1999. This aerial photo was taken Saturday, the day before the reservoir shrank to its lowest level since 1937, when it was filled for the first time. K.M. CANNON/LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Oddly, the drought's latest milestone arrived on a rainy day. Just before noon Sunday, as thunderstorms closed in on the area, the surface of Lake Mead slipped three one-hundredths of an inch to a new low not seen for a lifetime. The reservoir on the Colorado River hasn't been down this far since 1937, when it was being filled for the first time behind the newly completed Hoover Dam. Since drought took hold on the Colorado and its tributaries in 1999, the surface of Lake Mead has plunged almost 130 feet and caused fits for the National Park Service and its marina operators who must extend roads, utilities and other services to reach the shrinking shoreline. The lake's decline poses major problems for the Southern Nevada Water Authority, which draws 90 percent of the Las Vegas Valley's drinking water from intake pipes that will start to shut down should the lake fall another 33 feet. "I'm worried," authority General Manager Pat Mulroy said. "We're trying everything we can to keep as much water in Mead as we can." The prognosis looks bleak. Mulroy said federal climate forecasters are predicting abnormally dry conditions during the next two winters in the mountains that feed the Colorado. If the lake drops another 8 feet, federal officials will declare a shortage on the river, an unprecedented move that would cut Nevada's river share by about 6 percent. The best Colorado River users can hope for at this point, Mulroy said, is to push that shortage declaration off for a year or two "and then hope the hydrology turns around." The previous low-water mark for Mead came 54 years ago, on April 26, 1956, when the drought-stricken lake bottomed out at 1,083.19 feet above sea level.

Page 67 According to the Bureau of Reclamation, the lake hit elevation 1,083.18 between 11 a.m. and noon Sunday and continued to fall. By Monday afternoon, it sank below elevation 1,083 as water was released through Hoover Dam to meet orders downstream from cities and farms in California and Arizona. Projections by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation call for Lake Mead to reach a low point of 1,082.1 on Nov. 2. Then it is expected to rise by about 8 feet through the end of February before starting back down again. Water forecasters expect the lake to hit another record low by May and shrink below elevation 1,077 by September. Two things will happen at elevation 1,075: The federal government will declare the first-ever shortage on the river, and the Southern Nevada Water Authority board will vote on whether to build a controversial pipeline to tap groundwater across eastern Nevada. Mulroy said the multibillion-dollar pipeline project would serve as a backup supply for the community, separate from the Colorado River. The vote on whether to build it will come down to a simple choice, she said: "How much risk do you want to put yourselves in? What's your carrying capacity for risk?" As for its intake pipes at Lake Mead, the authority is rushing to complete a third straw, at a cost of about $700 million, that will draw water from deeper in the reservoir. A construction mishap in July delayed the project, but Mulroy said the community will have enough water to last it until the third intake goes online in time for peak summer demand in 2014.



Court rules against silent protest of player who pleaded guilty to assaulting her October 27, 2010 By Bob Unruh WorldNetDaily

Page 68 In a case that largely has been ignored by the mainstream media, a federal appeals court has upheld the decision of a Texas school district to punish a cheerleader for refusing to cheer for a player who pleaded guilty to attacking her. While a grand jury decided against indicting Rakheem Bolton, the basketball player later pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of Class A assault. The case involves the minor girl identified in court documents only as H.S., from Silsbee High School in Texas. Judges Emilio Garza, Edith Brown Clement and Priscilla Owen, sitting as a panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the cheerleader was damaging the school when she refused to cheer Rakheem's name. "In her capacity as cheerleader, H.S. served as a mouthpiece through which SISD could disseminate speech ­ namely, support for its athletic teams," the judges wrote. "Insofar as the First Amendment does not require schools to promote particular student speech, SISD had no duty to promote H.S.'s message by allowing her to cheer or not cheer, as she saw fit." The judges continued, "Moreover, the act constituted substantial interference with the work of the school because, as a cheerleader, H.S. was at the basketball game for the purpose of cheering, a position she undertook voluntarily." "Well, I'm sure H.S. never expected to be 'volunteering' to cheer for someone who had assaulted her," Alex DiBranco wrote in a commentary at Women's Rights, one of the few blogs and opinion sites even to mention the case. "And the idea that just being silent during Bolton's free throws, a barely noticeable act, was 'substantial interference with the work of the school,' ­ um, we're talking extracurricular sports, not classroom disruption ­ makes little sense." The editorial called the court's conclusion "absurd," explaining the cheerleader simply "refused to shout the first name of the man who assaulted her when he stood up alone to make free throws." "It seems like she was being more than accommodating, when a student athlete facing trial on rape charges mostly likely should have been

Page 69 suspended from the team. ... In a display of extreme disrespect for a rape survivor and disregard for her well-being, school officials insisted that H.S. had to scream 'Rakheem' with the rest of the cheerleaders, or she'd be kicked off the squad." One news site reported the student had accused Bolton of attacking her at a party in October 2008. He was suspended from the team until, in January 2009, a grand jury declined to indict him. H.S. and her parents then brought the current case. Just days before the appellate court released its opinion last month, Bolton pleaded guilty to a charge of Class A assault and was sentenced to two years' probation, according to reports. The First Amendment Center reported the claim by her parents on behalf of the cheerleader named District Attorney David Sheffield, Silsbee Independent School District, Superintendent Richard Bain Jr., Principal Gaye Lokey and others. It asserted Sheffield violated the First Amendment by retaliating against H.S. for filing sexual assault charges by revealing details of the case publicly. A Missouri City, Texas, attorney, Laurence Wade Watts, who represents H.S., told the First Amendment Center he may petition for rehearing. "My client engaged in clear symbolic speech for a moment against a man who has now pleaded guilty to having assaulted her, in a setting choreographed by the school district, and yet that was not factually disruptive of the school program," the attorney told the center. At the Ms. Magazine blog, the judge's ruling was described as "bizarre." The report also documented the circumstances of the attack. "According to H.S. ... Bolton, football player Christian Rountree and another juvenile male forced her into a room, locked the door, held her down and sexually assaulted her. When other party-goers tried to get into the room, two of the men fled through an open window, including Bolton, who left clothing behind. Bolton allegedly threatened to shoot the occupants of the house when the homeowner refused to return his clothes." The report said the school officials even encouraged H.S. to "keep a low profile," such as avoiding the school cafeteria and to avoid taking part in 0homecoming.

Page 70 "Silsbee High School officials should be held accountable for their actions," the magazine article advocated. Why is a criminal allowed to play basketball, and his victim not allowed to cheer? ......

Americans Buying Guns In Preparation For Civil Unrest

Paul Joseph Watson October 18, 2010 Americans are acquiring guns, silver and food stamps at record levels in reaction to the crumbling economy, trends indicative of a fearful public who are struggling financially and preparing for potential mass civil unrest in the aftermath of a total economic collapse. FBI records and Google Trends research shows that firearms purchases are still at record highs, but that ammunition sales have leveled off, suggesting that a flood of first-time gun owners have rushed to protect themselves from the potential of higher crime and even civil unrest in the event of a widespread financial meltdown. "That tells us that there are more first-time [gun] buyers coming in to buy firearms and that speaks to your worries about security. They buy a few rounds [of ammunition] first time, but they don't buy more," ConvergEx Group Chief Market Strategist Nicholas Colas told CNBC. Interest in silver coins is also surging, with Americans looking for more affordable ways to protect their increasingly devalued dollar savings with many unable to afford soar away gold prices. "Just two years ago, silver coin sales were on the magnitude of 1 million units a month, now it's 3 million units a month," said Colas. Used car prices have also tailed off, a reflection of shaky

Page 71 confidence in the much heralded "recovery" of the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, Google searches for how to get food stamps have also skyrocketed. However, the steady increase in gun sales is just as much a reaction to the political climate as it is economic uncertainties. As we reported back in November 2008 just before Obama took office, the perceived anti-gun agenda of a President backed by a Democrat-controlled House and Senate prompted a record surge in firearms purchases. With Obama's White House still full of anti-second amendment figures like Attorney General Eric Holder, the American people are loathe to become lackadaisical about their right to keep and bear arms, particularly when active duty combat troops are being brought back from Afghanistan and Iraq to train how to run local city governments and boss communities. Troops are also being trained to deal with "civil unrest" and "crowd control" in the event of a national emergency. During the last such national emergency, Hurricane Katrina, gun owners were told that "no one will be able to be armed ­ we will take all the weapons," and even residents in high and dry areas had their firearms confiscated by US troops, police and mercenaries.

Given the fact that every forecaster worth his salt is predicting mass civil disobedience in America once austerity measures that are causing riots in Europe fully come into force, including the Obama administration's move to seize private 401(k) pensions, it's hardly surprising that Americans continue to stockpile weapons and precious metals in preparation for anarchy, chaos, and potentially martial law.


Massachusetts and California Federal Judges on the 2nd Amendment

Page 72 October 17th, 2010 A Federal Magistrate Judge in Massachusetts just outdid the Brady Center in their ludicrous interpretation of the United States Supreme Court Heller decision which declared that we have an individual, fundamental enumerated Constitutional right to carry a weapon for the purpose of self defense. On October 14th, Judge Marrianne B. Bowler of Massachusetts ruled that the Second Amendment does not preclude laws or actions which are not "...tantamount to an absolute restriction on plaintiff's right to possess firearms in his home." The Brady Bunch and their cohorts had been claiming that the Heller decision only conferred a right to keep firearms in ones home. According to this Massachusetts judge, even that interpretation is overly broad. On May 11, 1997 Townsend Police and Massachusetts State Police seized a number of weapons owned by Harry Yohe. Yohe sued and was awarded $7,500. Since then, for the past thirteen and a half years, he has been trying to get his firearms returned, which the police have refused to do. The police will not even provide a list of his property that was seized. On October 23rd, 2009 Edward Peruta sued the Sheriff and County of San Diego California for their refusal to issue him a license to carry a firearm concealed. In July of 1967 the California Legislature passed a law making it illegal to openly carry a loaded firearm, in most cases. California has a 1923 law which provides a mechanism to carry a loaded handgun for the purpose of self-defense, but Peruta was arbitrarily denied the license because the Sheriff claimed that Peruta was neither a resident nor could show "good cause;" Peruta brought his Civil Rights lawsuit in the Southern District of California (9th Circuit). Peruta argued that the portion of the law which gives the issuing authority the discretion to decide what constitutes "good cause" is illegal under both the Second and Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Sheriff made a motion to dismiss the case on November 12th, 2009. On January 14th, 2010 Chief Federal Judge Irma E. Gonzalez issued an 18 page order denying the Sheriff's motion to dismiss finding that: "The Supreme Court has explained that the natural meaning of "bear arms" is to "`wear, bear, or carry... upon the person or in a pocket, for the purpose ... of being armed and ready for offensive or defensive action in a case of conflict with another person."

Page 73 Unlike Judge Bowler in Massachusetts, Judge Gonzalez quoted directly from the Heller decision. Nowhere in the Heller decision does the High Court state that the right to keep and bear (or carry) arms is limited to the home. Instead, the High Court gave the home as an example as to where the right applied. The exact words the Court used was "such as" which, as any first grader knows, means for example and does not mean "only." The High Court also gave two examples of where the right could be restricted in public; Schools and Government buildings. Places the Court described as "sensitive." If the Court had intended to restrict their decision "only to the home" they would have said so and would have had no need to devote as much of the opinion to a discussion of carrying firearms in public as they did. From the interior of ones home to the front door of a school or government building the court gave no example of a time, place or manner restriction on the carrying of weapons for the purpose of self defense. The fundamental tenet of American Law is that an individual may do anything which is not prohibited by law and the government may not do anything which is not delegated to it by the people. Even then, the government is restricted to doing only those things which are "necessary and proper." The delegation of authority is not a blank cheque for the government to do whatever it will. The San Diego Sheriff has now dropped his claim that a reason Edward Peruta was denied a license is because he was not a resident. Both sides have asked for a hearing for a partial summary judgment to be held on November 15th. If Judge Gonzalez's opinion has not changed, it will soon be legal for Californian's to once again carry loaded handguns in public, for the first time in over forty-three years. Meanwhile, Harry Yohe, who now lives in Missouri, can't even get a court order in Massachusetts forcing the police to return his property. If the pollsters are right, the Democrats will lose more seats in this election than any party has lost since the Great Depression. Many of these new members of the House of Representatives will be Tea Party and Conservative Republicans. If they really want to effect fundamental change in this country they will take the opportunity to clean house and remove these ill behaved judges like Bowler from the Federal Judiciary. There is no change in the Federal tax laws, or regulations, or rearrangement of deck chairs in the Federal bureaucracy which will have a more profound and lasting change on this Nation than the removal of these left-wing judges. The incoming members of the House should also take a refresher course on the Constitution. There is no right to statehood. If the people of Massachusetts, New York and a handful of other states are unwilling to abide by the Constitution then they should be stripped of statehood and become US Territories.

Page 74

The Founding Fathers were a bright bunch of fellows. They didn't write the Constitution on the back of a napkin over lunch. They were a good deal smarter than you or I and created a document which conveys much wisdom. If you aren't too lazy to read it.



Stalin, the great example on HOW TO ELIMINATE YOUR ENEMIES USING FOOD. First: Round up your potential enemies. Accuse them of treason. Ship them to jail, and then starve them to death slowly.

When Lenin died in 1924, Joseph Stalin, one of the most ruthless humans ever to hold power, succeeded him. To Stalin, the burgeoning national revival movement and continuing loss of Soviet influence in Ukraine was completely unacceptable. To crush the people's free spirit, he began to employ the same methods he had successfully used within the Soviet Union. Thus, beginning in 1929, over 5,000 Ukrainian scholars, scientists, cultural and religious leaders were arrested after being falsely accused of plotting an armed revolt. Those arrested were either shot without a trial or deported to prison camps in remote areas of Russia. Second: Declare farmers as "enemies" and then take their land away from them. Stalin also imposed the Soviet system of land management known as collectivization. This resulted in the seizure of all privately owned farmlands and livestock, in a country where 80 percent of the people were traditional village farmers. Among those farmers, was a class of

Page 75 people called Kulaks by the Communists. They were formerly wealthy farmers that had owned 24 or more acres, or had employed farm workers. Stalin believed any future insurrection would be led by the Kulaks - thus he proclaimed a policy aimed at "liquidating the Kulaks as a class." Declared "enemies of the people," the Kulaks were left homeless and without a single possession as everything were taken from them, even their pots and pans. It was also forbidden by law for anyone to aid dispossessed Kulak families. Some researchers estimate that ten million persons were thrown out of their homes, put on railroad box cars and deported to "special settlements" in the wilderness of Siberia during this era, with up to a third of them perishing amid the frigid living conditions. Men and older boys, along with childless women and unmarried girls, also became slave-workers in Soviet-run mines and big industrial projects. Back in Ukraine, once-proud village farmers were by now reduced to the level of rural factory workers on large collective farms. Anyone refusing to participate in the compulsory collectivization system was simply denounced as a Kulak and deported. A propaganda campaign was started utilizing eager young Communist activists who spread out among the country folk attempting to shore up the people's support for the Soviet regime. However, their attempts failed. Despite the propaganda, ongoing coercion and threats, the people continued to resist through acts of rebellion and outright sabotage . They burned their own homes rather than surrender them. They took back their property, tools and farm animals from the collectives, harassed and even assassinated local Soviet authorities. This ultimately put them in direct conflict with the power and authority of Joseph Stalin. Soviet troops and secret police were rushed in to put down the rebellion.They confronted rowdy farmers by firing warning shots above the their heads.In some cases, however, they fired directly at the people. Stalin's secret police (GPU, predecessor of the KGB) also went to work waging a campaign of terror designed to break the people's will. GPU squads systematically attacked and killed uncooperative farmers. But the resistance continued. The people simply refused to become cogs in the Soviet farm machine and remained stubbornly determined to return to their pre-Soviet farming lifestyle. Some refused to work at all, leaving the wheat and oats to rot in unharvested fields. Once again, they were placing themselves in conflict with Stalin.

Page 76

Third: Take the food.

In Moscow, Stalin responded to their unyielding defiance by dictating a policy that would deliberately cause mass starvation and result in the deaths of millions. By mid 1932, nearly 75 percent of the farms in Ukraine had been forcibly collectivized. On Stalin's orders, mandatory quotas of foodstuffs to be shipped out to the Soviet Union were drastically increased in August, October and again in January 1933, until there was simply no food remaining to feed the people of the Ukraine.

Much of the hugely abundant wheat crop harvested by the Ukrainians that year was dumped on the foreign market to generate cash to aid Stalin's Five Year Plan for the modernization of the Soviet Union and also to help finance his massive military buildup. If the wheat had remained in Ukraine, it was estimated to have been enough to feed all of the people there for up to two years. Ukrainian Communists urgently appealed to Moscow for a reduction in the grain quotas and also asked for emergency food aid. Stalin responded by denouncing them and rushed in over 100,000 fiercely loyal Russian soldiers to purge the Ukrainian Communist Party. The Soviets then sealed off the borders of Ukraine, preventing any food from entering, in effect turning the country into a gigantic concentration camp. Soviet police troops inside Ukraine also went house to house seizing any stored up food, leaving farm families without a morsel. All food was considered to be the "sacred" property of the State. Anyone caught stealing State property, even an ear of corn or stubble of wheat, could be shot or imprisoned for not less than ten years.

Page 77 Starvation quickly ensued throughout Ukraine, with the most vulnerable, children and the elderly, first feeling the effects of malnutrition. The once-smiling young faces of children vanished forever amid the constant pain of hunger. It gnawed away at their bellies, which became grossly swollen, while their arms and legs became like sticks as they slowly starved to death. Mothers in the countryside sometimes tossed their emaciated children onto passing railroad cars traveling toward cities such as Kiev in the hope someone there would take pity. But in the cities, children and adults who had already flocked there from the countryside were dropping dead in the streets, with their bodies carted away in horse-drawn wagons to be dumped in mass graves. Occasionally, people lying on the sidewalk who were thought to be dead, but were actually still alive, were also carted away and buried. While police and Communist Party officials remained quite well fed, desperate Ukrainians ate leaves off bushes and trees, while others killed dogs, cats, frogs, mice and birds then cooked them. Others, gone mad with hunger, resorted to cannibalism, with parents sometimes even eating their own children. Meanwhile, nearby Soviet-controlled granaries were said to be bursting at the seams from huge stocks of 'reserve' grain, which had not yet been shipped out of Ukraine. In some locations, grain and potatoes were piled in the open, protected by barbed wire and armed GPU guards who shot down anyone attempting to take the food. Farm animals, considered necessary for production, were allowed to be fed, while the people living among them had absolutely nothing to eat. By the spring of 1933, the height of the famine, an estimated 25,000 persons died every day in Ukraine. Entire villages were perishing. In Europe, America and Canada, persons of Ukrainian descent and others responded to news reports of the famine by sending in food supplies. But Soviet authorities halted all food shipments at the border. It was the official policy of the Soviet Union to deny the existence of a famine and thus to refuse any outside assistance. Anyone claiming that there was in fact a famine was accused of spreading anti-Soviet propaganda. Inside the Soviet Union, a person could be arrested for even using the word 'famine' or 'hunger' or 'starvation' in a sentence.

Page 78

The Soviets bolstered their famine denial by duping members of the foreign press and international celebrities through carefully staged photo opportunities in the Soviet Union and the Ukraine. The writer George Bernard Shaw, along with a

group of British socialites, visited the Soviet Union and came away with a favorable impression, which he disseminated, to the world. Former French Premier Edouard Herriot was given a five-day stage-managed tour of Ukraine, viewing spruced-up streets in Kiev and inspecting a 'model' collective farm. He also came away with a favorable impression and even declared there was indeed no famine. Back in Moscow, six British engineers working in the Soviet Union were arrested and charged with sabotage, espionage and bribery, and threatened with the death penalty. The sensational show trial that followed was actually a cynical ruse to deflect the attention of foreign journalists from the famine. Journalists were warned they would be shut out of the trial completely if they wrote news stories about the famine. Most of the foreign press corps yielded to the Soviet demand and either didn't cover the famine or wrote stories sympathetic to the official Soviet propaganda line that it didn't exist. Among those was Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Walter Duranty of the New York Times who sent one dispatch stating "...all talk of famine now is ridiculous." Outside the Soviet Union, governments of the West adopted a passive attitude toward the famine, although most of them had become aware of the true suffering in Ukraine through confidential diplomatic channels. In November 1933, the United States, under its new president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, even chose to formally recognized Stalin's Communist government and also negotiated a sweeping new trade agreement. The following year, the pattern of denial in the West culminated with the admission of the Soviet Union into the League of Nations. Stalin's Five Year Plan for the modernization of the Soviet Union depended largely on the purchase of massive amounts of manufactured goods and technology from Western nations. Those nations were unwilling to disrupt lucrative trade agreements with the Soviet Union in order to pursue the matter of the famine-genocide.

Page 79

By the end of 1933, nearly 25 percent of the population of the Ukraine, including three million children, had perished. The Kulaks as a class were destroyed

and an entire nation of village farmers had been decimated. With his immediate objectives now achieved, Stalin allowed food distribution to resume inside Ukraine and the famine subsided. However, political persecutions and further round-ups of 'enemies' continued unchecked in the years following the famine, interrupted only in June 1941 when Nazi troops stormed into the country. Hitler's troops, like all previous invaders, arrived in the Ukraine to rob the breadbasket of Europe and simply replaced one reign of terror with another... Relevance, you ask? Let's move ahead a few years to a possible US scenario:: The former United States of America has been torn by conflict since President Obama's bankrupting "American Security" social programs, passed during his first 100 days as President, caused the US dollar to be abandoned as the world's reserve currency. Much of the former American Southwest border area is a United Nations "protected zone", enforced by Chinese Communist troops invited there by the Mexican Government to prevent "genocidal attacks by American racists". FEMA is now the country's most powerful domestic agency as it attempts (and fails) to relieve the suffering which continues along the Baltimore-Philadelphia corridor in the radioactive aftermath of the so-called "terrorist nuke" detonations in Baltimore on 4/19/09. Global oil prices continue to hover near $350/barrel as salvage efforts removing the remnants of an American naval task force enter their third year in the Straits of Hormuz. Official unemployment figures approach 20%, and it is widely understood that actual unemployment is closer to 35% when so-called "discouraged workers" are counted. Fuel is heavily rationed by FEMA, whose mission includes transportation and delivery of food across the now nearly-abandoned Interstate highway system.

Page 80 Many of America's cities are charnel houses, essentially cordoned off from the rest of the country due to plague, rampant gang activity, and the inability of the Federal government to do anything about the terrible conditions there. The Western Rebellion continues, with an area roughly from Reno north to Snoqualmie Pass in Washington, then east to Miles City, Montana and south to Wheatland, Wyoming considered a "no-go" area for anyone from the Federal Government. The Feds conduct extensive UAV-based surveillance of the area and occasional air attacks, but for the moment, the war seems to be on hold. In the East, the entire spine of the Appalachians from Alabama to central New York State is filled with rebels who routinely attack Federal convoys as they move along the Interstate 81 corridor. Any questions that the New Collectivists would hesitate a single nanosecond to use food as a weapon to subdue and then exterminate American patriots?


Any doubt that the New Collectivists will have media collaborators such as Stalin did in the form of Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Walter Duranty, about whom the Times admits: ... Describing the Communist plan to "liquidate" the five million kulaks, relatively well-off farmers opposed to the Soviet collectivization of agriculture, Duranty wrote in 1931, for example: "Must all of them and their families be physically abolished? Of course not - they must be 'liquidated' or melted in the hot fire of exile and labor into the proletarian mass." Taking Soviet propaganda at face value this way was completely misleading, as talking with ordinary Russians might have revealed even at the time. Duranty's prize-winning articles quoted not a single one only Stalin, who forced farmers all over the Soviet Union into collective farms and sent those who resisted to concentration camps. Collectivization was the main cause of a famine that killed millions

Page 81 of people in Ukraine, the Soviet breadbasket, in 1932 and 1933 - two years after Duranty won his prize. Even then, Duranty dismissed more diligent writers' reports that people were starving. "Conditions are bad, but there is no famine," he wrote in a dispatch from Moscow in March of 1933 describing the "mess" of collectivization. "But - to put it brutally - you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs." Some of Duranty's editors criticized his reporting as tendentious, but The Times kept him as a correspondent until 1941. Since the 1980's, the paper has been publicly acknowledging his failures. Ukrainian-American and other organizations have repeatedly called on the Pulitzer Prize Board to cancel Duranty's prize and The Times to return it, mainly on the ground of his later failure to report the famine. The Pulitzer board has twice declined to withdraw the award, most recently in November 2003, finding "no clear and convincing evidence of deliberate deception" in the 1931 reporting that won the prize (see Pulitzer Board statement), and The Times does not have the award in its possession. Any doubt that today's statists are capable of such horror and deceit? Thought not.

If you're not thinking about growing and preserving food as an essential component of your freedom strategy, you and your family are going to be mighty hungry.

Ask the Ukrainians. overnment-weapon.html


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