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MARCH 23 ­ 31, 2007 MARCH 23 MARCH 24 Arrival at the International Airport of the beautiful city, Villahermosa, Tabasco, in México. Transfer to hotel. 7 AM Breakfast. 8 AM Departure to the OLMEC TEMPLES OF LA VENTA. Here we will do a solar meditation in order to be allowed to enter the Olmec dimension. Also we will be able to see the famous Olmec Heads that reach a height of 3 meters and some of them weigh 20 tons. The Olmecs, a very ancient and wise people that came from the southern part of the American Continent could have had its origin in the Lemurian Continent. 2 PM Lunch. 4 PM Visit to the Park and Museum of Villahermosa City. Here we will also be able to see some of those Olmec Heads as well as some other masterpieces of the Olmec art. Furthermore, we will enjoy this beautiful park located to one of the sides of the Mezcalapa River. 9 PM Dinner. 7 AM Breakfast. Departure to the MAYAN TEMPLES OF COMALCALCO. Here we will do a solar ritual to honor the Maya spirits. These temples and pyramids were built by the Maya Ch'olanos with baked earth bricks. It is said by some archaeologists that on January 27, 771 B.C., two great teachers known as AH PAKAL TAH and X PAKAL TUUN arrived in the temples of COMALCALCO to hold an important Gathering of Initiatic Teaching. By the way, these two teachers were followers of PAKAL VOTAN's teachings. 2 PM Lunch. 6 PM Information about the importance of the Maya Ch'olanos and explanation of why COMALCALCO and the Maya Ch'olanos were chosen by PAKAL TAH and X PAKAL TUUN to bring this teaching into the temples and pyramids found in this place. They decided to take this philosophical-cosmic teaching to this magnetic place following orders of PAKAL VOTAN. 9 PM Dinner. 8 AM Breakfast. 10 AM Lightbody Activation Ceremony through the sacred Crystal Skulls with spiritual healer and teacher Star Johnsen-Moser. For further details about this teacher, please contact her at the following e-mail address or web site: Web: E-mail: [email protected] 3 PM Lunch. 5 PM Teaching given by the teacher Juanita Phipps. (The description of her teaching will be added soon) 9 PM Dinner. 8 AM Breakfast. 9 AM We will enjoy the fresh waters of the Shumulha River. In this beautiful place called AGUA CLARA located in the Lacandon forest we will be able to release our spirit and do a deep meditation at this sacred place surrounded by the natural powers. 2 PM Lunch.




5 PM Free afternoon to visit PALENQUE Town. Here we will be able to see and purchase the beautiful and varied handicrafts made by the natives. Or if you prefer, you can just stay at the hotel in order to take some rest. MARCH 28 6 AM Breakfast. 7 AM Departure to the MAYA TEMPLES OF PALENQUE. Here we will be able to see the natural beauty of this site being in perfect harmony with the Lacandon forest. This beauty will transport us to the dimension of the solar meditation where the eternal Mayans are waiting for us to show our spiritual devotion to the Great Cosmic Teacher of the Eternal Light, PAKAL VOTAN. 3 PM Lunch. 6 PM Explanation about the importance of the religion and the social organization of Olmecs and Mayans as well as the social and cultural relationship between these two wise peoples of America. It will also be said that the Olmecs could have had a Lemurian origin and the Mayans an Atlante origin. This theory would deny the belief that men came to America through the Straits of Bering. 9 PM Dinner. 7 AM Breakfast. 8 AM Visit to the MAYA TEMPLES AND PYRAMIDS OF POMONA. Here we will do another ritual and solar meditation. We will also be able to see the Royal Stele which shows a solar priest carrying the Cycles of Time and also explaining how the Maya Chakras were interpreted by the initiates that used to go to these temples. 2 PM Lunch. 6 PM Teaching about the 9 Chakras on the Royal Stele in POMONA by the Maya Teacher Hunbatz Men. He will explain how the Maya understood these 9 powers of the human being. All this knowledge has been sculpted on this stone called Royal Stele of POMONA. It is important to watch how the solar priest gives this lesson that is related to the cycles of time, the sun and the earth. 9 PM Dinner. 7 AM Breakfast. 8 AM Departure to the MAYA TEMPLES OF MORAL­REFORMA. Here we will do our last ritual work to say good bye to the spirits of the Maya teachers in these sacred temples and pyramids. This site is also known as the Road of Mirrors because it is surrounded by many rivers. Since we will be surrounded by much water, then we will invoke the spirit of the great YUM CHAAK in order to ask him to sanctify the liquids like water, sweat and blood. This way all the healthy hearts in the world will beat at the same time. 2 PM Lunch. 4 PM Departure to the city of VILLAHERMOSA, TABASCO where we must arrive around 7 in the evening. 9 PM Farewell dinner with all the initiates in order to have a point of view exchange about the experiences lived during this initiation. Return of all the initiates to their hometowns bringing along all the knowledge acquired during this solar initiation in the MAYA AND OLMEC TEMPLES AND PYRAMIDS. Hunbatz Men Maya Itza Tradition






MARCH 23 ­ 31, 2007 Rates per person in USD. SINGLE $1,650.00 THESE RATES INCLUDE: · · · · Picking up at airport Arrival and departure transfer APT / HTL / APT Air conditioned bus land transportation Meals: (07) Breakfasts March 24 ­ 25 ­ 26 ­ 27 ­ 28 ­ 29 ­ 30 (07) Lunches March 24 ­ 25 ­ 26 ­ 27 ­ 28 ­ 29 ­ 30 (06) Dinners March 24 ­ 25 ­ 26 ­ 28 ­ 29 ­ 30 Entrance tickets to archaeological sites as specified on the program Tips at hotels (bellhops ­ maids ­ waiters) Spiritual Guide (Mr. Hunbatz Men) Coffee or tea with meals

DOUBLE $1,350.00

· · · ·

THEY DO NOT INCLUDE: · · · · Beverages like beer, soda, or purified water to go with the meals Tips to bus driver and staff Airport taxes and tips Plane tickets

Please let us know in case you have any questions or comments so that we can reply to you as soon as possible. Alejandro Dios Bo'thik Phone: (999) 982-58-24 Fax: (999) 982-55-62 E-mail: [email protected]


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