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Address: PO Box 11, Al Harthy 118 International tel: +968 24595695; +968 24501290; +968 696106; +968 605742; +968 605743 International fax: +968 24597336; +968 601386 Company email: [email protected] Management: Mohammed Abdeen (Personnel and Administration Manager), Jayant Kamath (Finance Manager), Thomas Matthew (Sales Manager), Ajay Munsif (General Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Supply of agricultural equipment and products, agro chemicals, fertilisers, recreational equipment, greenhouses, lawn and garden care equipment and irrigation equipment; turnkey projects; manufacturers' representation Principal Agencies: Olympia Power Sprayers, Japan; John Deere, USA; Irrifrance Irrigation Systems, France; Filclair, France; FMC Corp, USA; Homelite, USA; Euroemme, Italy; Bosch, Germany; Kaaz Corp, Japan Branch Offices: Salalah; Dubai (UAE); Al Ain (UAE) Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Al Haythem Trading & Contracting Company LLC Principal Banks: Bank Muscat Date of Establishment: 1984 No of Employees: 21


Status: Private Company Date of Establishment: 1971 No of Employees: 500 Principal Agencies: Grundfos International A/S, Denmark; Gorman-Rupp International Co, USA; Sterling Fluid Systems, UK; Leroy Somer, France Branch Offices: Salalah Principal Banks: Oman International Bank; Bank Muscat International Ticker Symbol: OWP Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Dr Hamad Abdullah Al-Riyami (45.9%); Al Awal national Co LLC (12.9%) Date of Establishment: 1988 No of Employees: 50


Address: PO Box 985, Ruwi 112 International tel: +968 24704129; +968 24792258; +968 24786572 International fax: +968 24793390; +968 24785268 Telex: 3215 OUA ON Company email: [email protected] PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Travel agency and general trading; Lloyds agency, shipping agency; freight forwarding, engineering sales and services; general trading in FMCG and beverages Parent Company: Inchcape plc, UK Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Oman United Agencies (Dhofar) LLC; OUA (Dhofar) Travel; OUA Engineering Services (Inchcape Engineering Services); OUA Retail Centre; OUA Travel Centre Principal Banks: Bank Muscat; HSBC Bank Middle East; National Bank of Oman; Standard Chartered Bank Status: Limited Liability Company Date of Establishment: 1978 No of Employees: 270


Address: PO Box 93, Rusayl 124 International tel: +968 24446515 International fax: +968 24446509 Company email: [email protected] Website: PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of desalination plants, sewage treatment plants, prefabricated sewage treatment plants, domestic sewage tratment plants, vacuum sewage collection, effluent treatment plants, chemical dosing plants and water treatment plants; supply of water treatment chemicals, DI pipes and fittings, steel panel water tanks, biocultures, pressure wash systems, pumps and air blowers; operation and maintenance of RO plants and sewage treatment plants Trade Names: OWATCO Principal Agencies: Adams Ricardo Ltd, UK; Dosapro Milton Roy, France; JWC Environmental, USA; Airvac RSM Pty Ltd, Australia; Gal Glass Ltd, UK Branch Offices: Dubai Principal Banks: Oman International Bank SAOG Principal Law Firm: Hassan Batok Legal Consultancy Status: Private Company Principal Shareholders: Dr Hamad Abdullah Al Riyami; Dr Omar Bin Abdul Munim Al Zawawi; Oman Water Pumps Mfg Co SAOG; Technical & Commercial Development Corpn; Al Farabi Pharmacy; Suleiman Bin Ahmed Saik Al Hokani; Basim Hamed Abdullah Al Riyami; Mazim Hamed Abdullah Al Riyami Date of Establishment: 1992 No of Employees: 132


Former name: Oman Textile Mills Co SAOG Address: PO Box 39, Rusayl 124 International tel: +968 24446129 International fax: +968 24446149 Telex: 5607 txmill ON Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Safaa Sadek (Chairman), Sulaiman Al Kindy (Vice Chairman), M T Arsiwalla (Director), Vijay Kirpal (Director), Harish Kothary (Director), Ismail Mansuri (Director), Tore Petre (Director) Management: C S Pahuja (General Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of fabrics; weaving and textile finishing mills; specialist in the production of of fabrics for dishdashas, dyed and camouflage printed uniforms, suiting materials, dress materials, 100% polyester and cotton ghotrah fabrics, curtain and flame-retardant materials and dyed and printed voiles Trade Names: Nassejoman Parent Company: Omzest Business Division, Oman (03500) Principal Banks: Bank Muscat International; Oman International Bank SAOG; Oman Arab Bank; HSBC Bank Middle East Auditors: KMPG Ticker Symbol: OTHI (Muscat) Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Dr Omar Al-Zawawi (21.7%); Waleed Omar Abdul Munim Al Zawawi (15.0%); Omar Zawawi Est (OMZEST) (14.5%) Date of Establishment: 1988 No of Employees: 232 Financial Information: 31.12.04 31.12.05 RO'000 RO'000 Sales turnover 3,078 5,535 Profit before tax 269 1,293 Profit after tax 69 1,182 Retained profit 406 1,428 Earnings per share 0.01RO 0.19RO Share capital 6,000 6,000 Shareholders' equity 9,210 11,593

03488 OMAN UNITED INSURANCE (OUI) Oman United Medical & Life Co SAOG

Address: PO Box 1522, Ruwi 112 International tel: +968 24703990 International fax: +968 24793627 Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Sayyid Salim Bin Nassir Al Busaidi (Chairman), Mukesh Kumar Sawhney (Vice Chairman), Alaa Ayoub Ahmed (Director), Sayyid Khalid Al Busaidi (Executive Director), Sayyid Salim Bin Ahmed Al Busaidi (Director), Sayyid Nassir Al Busaidi (Director), Sheikh Nassir Bin Khamis Al Hashar (Director representing Al Hashar & Co), Saud Bin Ahmed Al Nahari (Director representing Port Services), Eragudi Ramesh (Director) Management: Ewen McRobbie (Executive President) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Provision of medical insurance Ticker Symbol: OUIS (Muscat) Status: Private Company Date of Establishment: 1 January 1998 Financial Information: 31.12.04 31.12.05 RO'000 RO'000 Premium income 18,172 18,351 Profit before tax 2,107 2,512 Profit after tax 2,085 2,425 Retained profit 641 ­ Dividend 499 690 Earnings per share 0.35RO 0.35RO Share capital 6,000 6,900 Shareholders' equity 11,404 13,185


Address: PO Box 20, Wadi Kabir 117 International tel: +968 24706274; +968 24790333 International fax: +968 24706276 Company email: [email protected];[email protected] Website: PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Exhibition management and services Status: Limited Liability Company No of Employees: 15


Address: PO Box 3353, Ruwi 112 International tel: +968 24564941; +968 24561451 International fax: +968 24564947 Company email: [email protected] PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Trading in agricultural and horticultural products; landscaping; supply of bee keeping materials; veterinary and surgical items; poultry Principal Agencies: Victa, UK; Dr Stahl, Germany; Bulrush Peat, UK; Laurus Peter, Germany; Andreas Stihl, Germany Principal Banks: HSBC Bank Middle East; Oman Arab Bank Status: Limited Liability Company Principal Shareholders: Saif Salem Shibly; Mohamed Saif Shibly Date of Establishment: 1981 No of Employees: 80


Address: PO Box 3227, Ruwi 112 International tel: +968 24700060; +968 24446098 International fax: +968 601094; +968 626230 Telex: 3022 ON Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Dr Hamed Abdullah Al-Riyami (Chairman), Issa Nasir Al Serkal (Director), Basim Hamed Al-Riyami (Director), Mrs Alice Hamed Al-Riyami (Director), Mazin hamed Abdullah Al-Riyami (Director), Abdulla bin Ali Bakather (Director), Mahmood Ismail (Director), V Venkataraman (Director) Management: V Rajendran Nair (General Manager) Senior Executives: A J Alexander (Finance Manager), E F Fernandes (Production Manager), B Ramesh (Marketing Manager), A K Srivastava (Planning and Materials Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacturing, assembling and marketing of water pumps and related products


Address: PO Box 564, Muscat 113 International tel: +968 24701155 International fax: +968 24704014 Telex: 3251 Otcco ON Company email: [email protected] PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Civil contracting and carpentry transport Principal Banks: National Bank of Oman Ltd


Address: PO Box 1924, Wadi Adai 112 International tel: +968 24834540



Address: PO Box 2221, Dammam 31451 International tel: +966 (3) 857 0158; +966 (3) 857 2858 International fax: +966 (3) 857 9692 Board of Directors: Abdulaziz Abdulhadi Al Qahtani (Chairman), Khalid Al Qahtani (Director), Abdul Karim Al-Yusuf (Director) Management: Abdulah Mansoor Al Namshan (Government Relations Manager), Tayyab Mahmood Baig (Chief Accountant), John Sharpe (General Manager), Ernesto M Soriano (Technical Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Communications, electrical equipment and services; power transmission lines, electrical installations, telephone installations and support operations, installation, testing, commissioning and repairs of all electronic and special systems Parent Company: Al Qahtani Marine & Oilfield Service Co, Saudi Arabia (04102) Principal Banks: Banque Saudi Fransi Principal Law Firm: Nawar & Co Status: Partnership Principal Shareholders: Al Qahtani Maritime (80%); Abdul Hadi Abdullah Al Qahtani (20%) Date of Establishment: 1977 No of Employees: 146 Principal Agencies: Samsonite; American Tourister; Canon; Sheaffer; Delmal AMF Bowling; Fisher-Price; Mattel; Lego; BIC Parent Company: Ali Zaid Al Quraishi & Bros, Saudi Arabia (04193) Status: Private Company Date of Establishment: 1970 No of Employees: 100


(General Manager IT and Shared Services), Fahad Abdullah Al-Rajhi (General Manager Treasurer and Financial Instiutions), Kishore Dash (Acting General Manager Investment Group), Sayed M Qader (General Manager Corporate Banking Group), Rizwan Shakoor (General Manager Finance Group) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: All types of banking activities including foreign exchange and international investments Branch Offices: 350 branches in Saudi Arabia; Egypt; UK Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Al Rajhi Company for Development Limited (99%); Al Rajhi Investment Corporation Ltd (UK); AR Aviation 1 Limited (UK); AR Aviation 2 Limited (UK); AR Aviation 4 Limited (UK); AR Aviation 5 Limited (UK); ARA 1 Company Limited (99%) (UK); Arpent Investment Limited (UK); Arpent VAT (UK); Nahri Investments Limited (UK); Pixie NV (Netherlands Antilles); SPC Limited (99%) (British Virgin Islands) Principal Banks: J P Morgan Chase, New York; Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt; National Westminster Bank, London; Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore Auditors: Al Juraid & Company Ticker Symbol: 1120 (Saudi Stock Exchange) Status: Public Company Date of Establishment: March 1988 No of Employees: 4,800 Financial Information: Consolidated figures 31.12.04 31.12.05 SR'000 SR'000 Profit after tax 2,935,915 5,633,327 Retained profit 4,285,005 3,910,962 Dividend 1,649,038 1,941,709 Dividend per share 36.7SR 21.6SR Earnings per share 65.3SR 62.3SR Share capital 2,250,000 4,500,000 Shareholders' equity 10,185,005 13,469,294 Bank deposits 1,052,599 2,151,192 Customers' deposits 63,572,223 73,683,968 Total Assets 77,854,774 95,037,981


Address: PO Box 50995, Jeddah 21533 International tel: +966 (2) 670 0053; +966 (2) 670 0054 International fax: +966 (2) 672 0676 Website: Board of Directors: Sheikh Ali Zaid Al Quraishi (Chairman) Management: Rashid Al Dahhan (Group Chief Executive Officer), Nadeem Balkhi (Manager Riyadh), Mansour Dakkak (National Sales Manager), Mohammed Javed (Manager Jeddah), Haroon Rasheed (Manager Dammam), Anis Sheikh (Finance Manager), Martyn White (General Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Marketing and distribution of soft drinks, cooking oils, foodstuffs, confectionery, and toiletries Principal Agencies: Red Bull Energy Drink; United Biscuits; McVities; Crescent International Agencies; Najla Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Dabur International (toiletries); Extreme Creations (jelly confectionery); Majdi Food Products (spices); Wesley International (Supermax razors and shaving preparations); Middle East International Investments Group; Miller Beer Parent Company: Ali Zaid Al Quraishi & Bros, Saudi Arabia (04193) Auditors: Ernst and Young Status: Private Company Date of Establishment: 1993 No of Employees: 150


Address: PO Box 2825, Al Khobar 31952 International tel: +966 (3) 864 6085 (Office); +966 (3) 894 2408 (Showroom); +966 (3) 894 9067 International fax: +966 (3) 895 3656 Board of Directors: Saleh Zaid Al Quraishi (Chairman) Management: Khalid S Al Dakheel (General Manager), Eng Ahmad Hussain (Sales and Commercial Manager), Amer Masoud (Sales Manager, Riyadh) Senior Executives: Lancy D'Souza (Sales Executive HO), Hassan Nassar (Accountant), M Anwar Qureshi (Secretary) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Distribution of pipes, fittings, valves and various piping accessories, exhaust fans, boilers, ventilation and airconditioning equipment Principal Agencies: Hitachi; Toho; Chero; Benkan; Tozen; TTU; TBV; Crane Branch Offices: Riyadh; Jeddah Principal Banks: Saudi British Bank Ltd Auditors: Talal Abughazaleh Al Basri Co Status: Private Company Principal Shareholders: Saleh Zaid Al Quraishi Date of Establishment: 1981 No of Employees: 35


Address: PO Box 42787, Riyadh 11551 International tel: +966 (1) 498 0000 International fax: +966 (1) 498 2064 Company email: [email protected] Website: Management: Monther Al Harthy (General Manager), Bob Parson (Deputy General Manager), David Riley (Factory Manager), Sardar Waheedullah (Business Development Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Production of fruit juices, dried fruit, milk and dairy products Principal Banks: Saudi British Bank; National Commercial Bank Status: Limited Liability Company Principal Shareholders: Sh Sale Abdulla Kamel' Hussain Al Harthy Date of Establishment: 1980 No of Employees: 800


Address: PO Box 7799, Riyadh 11472 International tel: +966 (1) 498 3443 (4 lines) International fax: +966 (1) 498 1063 Telex: 400967 rajchm sj Board of Directors: Mohammed Abdullah Al Rajhi (Chairman and Managing Director) Management: Dr Mahmood Al Kalouby (Sales Manager), Eng Ashraf Amin (Technical and Product Development Manager), Eng Fayak Hassan (Production Manager), Jacob Joseph (Sales and Marketing Manager), Eng Tarek Hadi Kort (Plant Manager, Soap Division), Abdul Nasser Kotb (Finance Manager), Mohammed Yousuf Nar (Export Manager), Eng Abdul Fattah Nuseibah (Assistant General Manager) Senior Executives: Jamal Ali Ahmed (Costing Department Incharge), Mustafa Hamadah (Personnel Department Incharge), Mustaf Hamadah (Personnel Dept Incharge), Jamal Mansoor (Home Sales Incharge), Sharif M K R (Company Secretary), Ibrahim Sayeed (Public Relations Incharge), M K Sharif (Correspondent and Company Secretary) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of detergents, disinfectants for poultry and dairy farming, antiseptics, shampoos, soaps, creams, perfumes, cosmetics, distilled water, fertilisers, pesticides, feed additives, mineral salt blocks and powder Trade Names: Cleano, Lima, Rajex, RCI Super, Arina, Salmin, Laundrex Branch Offices: Jeddah; Madinah; Dammam; Khamis Mushit; Al Qassim Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Al Alamiya Agri & Vet Appliances Factory; Al Rajhi Soap & Detergent Factory; Cairo - ARE, Egypt; Commercial Laundries Services East; Jasco - Jordan Principal Banks: Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corp; Arab National Bank; Riyad Bank Auditors: Al Swailem & Al Onaizan, Riyadh Principal Law Firm: Whinney Murray & Co; Rana Investment Co Status: Private Company Principal Shareholders: Mohammed Abdullah Al Rajhi Date of Establishment: 1980 No of Employees: 150


Address: PO Box 7386, Dammam 31462 International tel: +966 (3) 857 2537; +966 (3) 857 2638 International fax: +966 (3) 857 2541 Website: Management: Brian Aitken (Regional Manager), Walter Skalniak (General Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Design, installation and wholesale trade in electrical equipment and materials Principal Agencies: Adaptaflex, UK; Tenby Electrical Ind, UK; Salamandre, UK; Fitter & Poulton, UK; Ottermill, UK; Marshall Tufflex, UK Branch Offices: Jeddah; Dammam; Jubail Parent Company: Ali Zaid Al Quraishi & Bros, Saudi Arabia (04193)

04110 AL RAJHI BANK Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation ARABIC

Former name: Al Rajhi Company for Currency Exchange and Commerce Address: PO Box 28, Riyadh 11411 International tel: +966 (1) 211 600 International fax: +966 (1) 460 0922 Telex: 403538 RAJHI SJ Company email: [email protected];[email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Abdullah Sulaiman Al-Rajhi (Chief Executive Officer), Mohamed Osman Al-Bishr (Director), Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Issa (Director), Eng Salah Aba Al-Khail (Director), Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi (Director), Mohamed Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi (Director), Mohamed Abdullah Al-Rajhi (Director), Sulaiman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi (Chairman and Managing Director), Ali Mohamed Al-Rajhi (Director), Sulaiman Saleh Al-Rajhi (General Manager, HR), Ali Ahmed Al-Shudy (Director), Saeed Omer Qasim Alesayi (Director) Management: Dr Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Atram (General Manager Sharia Group), Saeed Mohammed Al-Ghamdi (General Manager Retail Banking Group), Sulaiman Al-Obaid


Address: PO Box 1796, Jeddah 21441 International tel: +966 (2) 697 0779 International fax: +966 (2) 697 2938 Company email: [email protected] Website: PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Marketing and distribution of luxury consumer goods, recreational products and toys



Address: PO Box 3256, Abu Dhabi International tel: +971 (2) 6771179; +971 (2) 6774948 International fax: +971 (2) 6781801 Telex: 23462 EM Company email: [email protected] Board of Directors: Saaduddin Abu Zahra (Managing Director) Management: Salim Abu Zahra (Area Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Import and distribution of building materials, structural steel, reinforcing bars Branch Offices: Al Ain Status: Private Company Date of Establishment: 1973 No of Employees: 15


Fahim (Executive Vice President, Marketing), A H Kamil (Legal Advisor), Abdulla Hassan Makki (Corporate Secretary), Mohammed Naguid (Public Relations Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Provision of telecommunications services, media and equipment including the provision of related contracting and consultancy services to international telecommunications companies and consortia Company History: Emirates Internet & Multimedia was established as the Internet Unit of Etisalat in March 2000. COMTRUST was established to develop e-commerce business for Etisalat in January 2000. E-vision, the acronym for Emirates Cable TV & Multimedia LLC, was launched in April 2000. Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company was launched in October 2000; Etisalat is Thuraya's largest shareholder Branch Offices: Abu Dhabi; Dubai; West Coast UAE (Sharjah); Al Ain; East Coast UAE (Fujairah); Ras Al Khaimah Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): EVision; Emirates Telecommunications & Marine Services FZE (E-Marine); Etisalat (Fujairah); Etisalat (Ras Al Khaimah); Etisalat (Sharjah); Etisalat International Pakistan; Thuraya Principal Banks: National Bank of Abu Dhabi; National Bank of Dubai Auditors: KPMG; Sajjad Haider & Company; PricewaterhouseCoopers Ticker Symbol: ETISALAT Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: UAE Government (60%); Private Sector (40%) Date of Establishment: 1976 No of Employees: 9,200 Financial Information: Consolidated figures 31.12.04 31.12.05 AED'000 AED'000 Revenue 10,433,779 12,865,894 Profit after tax 3,417,642 4,256,031 Retained profit 35,275 76,306 Dividend 825,000 907,500 Earnings per share 0.94AED 1.17AED Share capital 3,300,000 3,630,000 Shareholders' equity 13,285,275 15,726,306

Date of Establishment: 1923 (Middle East); 1966 (Abu Dhabi) No of Employees: 750 (Middle East); 80 (Abu Dhabi)

06340 ESNAAD

Address: PO Box 46121, Abu Dhabi International tel: +971 (2) 6029000 International fax: +971 (2) 6029010 Telex: 23267 ADDCAP EM Company email: [email protected] Website: Management: Saeed Ajaab Al Hajri (Head of Projects and Maintenance), Jassem Mohd Khamis Al Hosani (Personnel and Administration Manager), Darwish Abdulla Al Qubaisi (General Manager), Taher F Diab (Head of Health Safety Environment and Quality), Capt Abdul Ghani (Acting Operations Manager), Mohd Abu El Houf (Team Lead Grinding and Blending Plant), Majid Shaheen (Operations Manager), Varghese Varkey (Acting Commercial Manager) Senior Executives: Saeed Al Hagri (Snr Maintenance Coordinator), Yousef Al Housani (Training Co-ordinator), Salah Saleh Al Juaidi (Financial Controller), Darwish Al Qubaisi (General Manager), Ali Madfai (Public Relations Officer), Mohamed N Zaman (Head of Internal Audit) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Marketing and production of basic drilling mud chemicals (barite, bentonite and attapulgite) and operation of offshore supply base; berthing, bunkering, warehousing and waste disposal Company History: Formed through the merger of Abu Dhabi Drilling Chemicals and Products Ltd (ADDCP) and National Marine Services Co (NMS) Joint Ventures: Formed by the merger of Abu Dhabi Drilling Chemicals & Products Ltd (ADDCAP) and National Marine Services (NMS) Trade Names: ADDCAP Parent Company: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, United Arab Emirates (06180) Status: Private Company Principal Shareholders: Abu Dhabi National Oil Co (ADNOC) (100%) Date of Establishment: 1975 as National Marine Services Co; 2002 as ESNAAD No of Employees: 408


Address: PO Box 3532, Abu Dhabi International tel: +971 (2) 6340600 International fax: +971 (2) 6329491 Telex: 22777 ETA EM Company email: [email protected];[email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Abdulla Ahmed Al Ghurair (Chairman), B S Abdul Rahman (Vice Chairman), Khalid Abdulla Ahmed Al Ghurair (Executive Director), Syed Mohamed Salahuddin (Managing Director) Management: C I George (Assistant General Manager), Abid A Junaid (General Manager), Mahmood Mohiuddin (Executive Director) Senior Executives: Abdullah Ahmed Al Ghurair (Chairman) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Contracting and maintenance of mechanical, electrical, central airconditioning and lifts; turnaround maintenance and engineering onshore and offshore gas and oil field services; maintenance of fire alarm systems; trading of engineering items and building materials; civil construction and maintenance of residential and commercial buildings; interior decorators; specialists in partitions, false ceilings, floorings, glazing works, wall coverings and other similar work Principal Agencies: Hathaway; Alon Processing; Manweir; Teledyne; Spic-Smo; Ruppman; Team Beta; Betalarm; Petroleum India International Branch Offices: Dubai; Sharjah; Abu Dhabi Parent Company: ASCON Associated Construction & Investment Co LLC, United Arab Emirates (06734) Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Associated Construction and Investments (ASCON); Computer Intelligence & Communications (COMPIN); Emirates Trading Agency (ETA); Mitsubishi Elevator Co (ETA-MELCO); Modern Building Maintenance (MBM); Oil & Gas Technology Services (OGT) Principal Banks: MashreqBank, Abu Dhabi Status: Private Company Principal Shareholders: Abdullah Ahmed Al Ghurair; Khalid Abdulla Al Ghurair Date of Establishment: 1981 No of Employees: 750


Address: PO Box 35566, New Airport Road, Abu Dhabi International tel: +971 (2) 5058000 International fax: +971 (2) 5058111 Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Dr Ahmed bin Saif Al Nahyan (Chairman) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Operation of commercial airline services Date of Establishment: 2003


Address: PO Box 46153, Abu Dhabi International tel: +971 (2) 6781133 International fax: +971 (2) 6783419; +971 (2) 6781953 Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: John Manna (Chairman), Hamad Mohammed Hamad Al Hurr Al Suwaidi (Director), Rashid Mohammed Hamad Al Hurr Al Suwaidi (Director) Management: Joseph Bernard (Financial Controller), Robert Goodwill (Sales Manager Agencies Division), Matthew J Greenslade (General Manager), Jeremy Mason (Human Resources Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Electrical, instrumentation and mechanical contractors; agencies and manpower services Principal Agencies: ABB Control Valves; ABB Energy Automation; Balteau; British Rototherm; Sydney Smith Dennis Ltd; Controlotron; CSI; Delta Controls Ltd; EA Technology; Elektrophysik; Enraf BV Tank Gauging; Entek IRD; Fuji Electric; Hocking NDT Ltd; Hydra-Tight Sweeney; AGFAKrautkramer; Metso-Automation; R R W Munro Ltd; Takenaka Seisakusho; Schroedahl Int BV; Sigma Controls; Solatron Mobrey; Tradinco; Vantrunk Engineering Ltd; Veronesi Seperatori SPA; Zwick Branch Offices: Dubai; Das Island Principal Banks: National Bank of Abu Dhabi Auditors: William Ernest Telling Status: Partnership Principal Shareholders: Al Hurr family (100%) Date of Establishment: 1976

06342 ETISALAT Emirates Telecommunications Corporation

Address: PO Box 3838, Etisalat Building, Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum St, Abu Dhabi International tel: +971 (2) 6184285; +971 (2) 6184285 International fax: +971 (2) 6324499; +971 (2) 6317000 Telex: 22135 etcho Em Company email: [email protected];[email protected] Website: Board of Governors: H E Saeed Al Hajeri (Director) Board of Directors: Eisa Bin Nasser Al Serkal (Deputy Chairman), H E Abdulla Al Daboos (Director), HE Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Sultan Bin Suroor Al Dhaheri (Director), Abdul Rahman Al Rustomani (Director), H E Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman (Director), Mohammed Hassan Omran (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) Management: Abdul Rahim Al Nooryani (Executive Vice President, Contracts and Administration), Humaid Abdulla Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi (Corporate Secretary), Abdul Aziz Al Sawaleh (Executive Vice President Human Resources), Ali Al Sharhan (Executive Vice President, Information Technology), Hassam Al Zarbi (Central Purchasing Manager), Zamir Burney (Executive Vice President, Finance), Mohammed El


Address: PO Box 136, Abu Dhabi International tel: +971 (2) 6277522 International fax: +971 (2) 6273383 Telex: 22672 Company email: [email protected] Website: Partners: S A H Ali (Partner), B Hage (Partner), R C Mitchell (Partner) Senior Executives: J G Bomford (Partner), Mark Connor (Senior Executive), Anthony Gray (Training Manager), Michael Green (Senior Executive), Hermias Hendrikse (Senior Executive), Abdelwahab Mandour (Senior Executive), Gavin Steel (Senior Executive) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Member of Ernst & Young Global Limited, UK. Accountants and management consultants Branch Offices: In the Middle East: Bahrain; Egypt; Jordan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Oman; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Abu Dhabi; Dubai; Sharjah; Ras Al Khaimah; Yemen Status: Limited Partnership


Address: PO Box 4127, Abu Dhabi International tel: +971 (2) 6772871; +971 (2) 6772871 International fax: +971 (2) 6729028 Telex: 22925 Dinar EM Company email: [email protected]



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