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Address: PO Box 1502, Randburg 2125 International tel: +27 (11) 289 3000 International fax: +27 (11) 789 7804 Company email: [email protected] Website: Management: Nolo Letele (Chief Executive Officer), Errol du Preez (Chief Information Officer), Nico Meyer (Chief Financial Officer), Thabo Moabi (Operations GM), Kwezi Mtengenya (Regulatory Affairs GM), Graham Pfuhl (Marketing & Sales Director), Falk Sulalman (Human Resources GM), Jackie Takitla (Corporate Affairs GM), Gerdus van Eeden (Chief Technology Officer) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Operation of digital satellite television Parent Company: MIH Holdings Ltd, South Africa (00231) Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Multichoice Africa Ltd (Mauritius); Multichoice Botswana (Pty) Ltd (Botswana); Multichoice Ethiopia (Ethiopia); Multichoice Kenya Ltd (Kenya); Multichoice Malawi (Malawi); Multichoice Namibia (Pty) Ltd (Namibia); Multichoice Nigeria Ltd (Nigeria); Multichoice Seychelles (Seychelles); Multichoice Tanzania Ltd (Tanzania); Multichoice Uganda Ltd (Uganda); Multichoice Zambia Ltd (Zambia) Status: Private Company Principal Shareholders: MIH Holdings Ltd No of Employees: 690


Address: PO Box 35, Halfway House 1685 International tel: +27 (11) 652 5320 Company email: [email protected] Website: PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Provision of cellular telephony services Parent Company: Reunert Ltd, South Africa (00256) Status: Subsidiary of a Public Company Financial Information: Group figures 31.3.05 Rand'000 Sales turnover 13,958,749 Profit before tax 2,973,762 Profit after tax 2,720,081 Dividend per share 38.0c* Earnings per share 938.0c Share capital 5,391,151 Shareholders' equity 6,630,000 *per N ordinary share

31.3.06 Rand'000 15,706,424 3,218,261 3,347,424 70.0c* 1,063.0c 5,561,320 7,289,983


Address: PO Box 3843, Halfway House 1685 International tel: +27 (21) 440 7000 International fax: +27 (21) 440 7010 Website: Management: Mark Taylor (Managing Director) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Provision of cellular telephony services Trade Names: Nashua Connect, Nashua Mobile Parent Company: Reunert Ltd, South Africa (00256) Status: Private Company No of Employees: 500 Address: PO Box 24061, Pretoria 0031 International tel: +27 (11) 883 7501 International fax: +27 (11) 883 7137 Company email: [email protected] Website: Management: Danie Taljaard (Representative for South Africa) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture and supply of electronic products primarily computers, industrial electronic systems and electronic devices and communications systems and equipment Status: Subsidiary of a Public Company


Address: PO Box 463, Goodwood, Cape Town 7459 International tel: +27 (21) 593 3560; +27 (21) 593 3561 International fax: +27 (21) 593 2250 Company email: [email protected] Website: PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of printed circuit boards Status: Private Company Date of Establishment: March 1988


Address: PO Box 1638, Parklands 2121 International tel: +27 (11) 237 1000 International fax: +27 (11) 314 5039 Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Vulindlela Cuba (Chairman), David C Kan (Chief Executive Officer), Hein Engelbrecht (Financial Director), Mdu Gama (Non-Executive Director), Michael F Hennessy (Non-Executive Director), Dr Len Konar (NonExecutive Director), Tony Wang (Technology and International Operations Director) Management: Debbie Tam (Group Company Secretary) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Assembly, marketing and distribution of personal computers, data processing devices and allied products. Group comprises of eight operating divisions: Mustek Electronics; Mustek Corporate Division; Mustek Finance Company; Brother Business Machines Divestments: 2006: disposal of Rectron plc and Axper Technologies (Pty) Ltd Joint Ventures: Comztek (Pty) Ltd (50%) Trade Names: Mecer, Brother, Epson Branch Offices: Johannesburg; Cape Town; Durban; Port Elizabeth; Harare Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Brotek (Pty) Ltd; CIS Thuthukani Technology (Pty) Ltd; Lithatek Investments (Pty) Ltd; Makeshift 1000 (Pty) Ltd; Mandarin Trading House (Pty) Ltd; Mecer Digital Do Brasil (Brazil); Mecer East Africa Ltd; Mecer (EPZ) Ltd; Mecer (Pty) Ltd; MFS Technologies (Pty) Ltd; Mustek Electronics (Durban) (Pty) Ltd; Mustek Electronics (Port Elizabeth) (Pty) Ltd; Mustek International (Pty) Ltd; Mustek Investments (Pty) Ltd; Mustek Ltd; Mustek Management (Pty) Ltd; Planet Internet (Pty) Ltd; Quickstep 94 (Pty) Ltd; Quickstep 95 (Pty) Ltd; Rectron (Pty) Ltd; Tradeselect 38 (Pty) Ltd Principal Banks: Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd Auditors: Deloitte & Touche; Henry K H Pon & Co Ticker Symbol: MST (Johannesburg) ISIN: ZAE000012373 Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: D K Trust (6.4%); C C K Trust (5.7%) Date of Establishment: 1987 No of Employees: 1,162 Financial Information: Group figures 30.6.05 30.6.06 Rand'000 Rand'000 Sales turnover 2,942,244 3,056,451 Profit before tax 139,405 77,431 Profit after tax 96,895 61,465 Dividend per share 60.0c 65.0c Earnings per share 87.03c 56.92c Share capital 837 860 Shareholders' equity 497,734 575,417


Address: PO Box 2271, Cape Town 8000 International tel: +27 (21) 406 2041 International fax: +27 (21) 406 3753 Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Koos Bekker (Group Chief Executive Officer), Francine-Ann du Plessis (Non-Executive Director), Prof Jakes Gerwel (Non-Executive Director), Dr Rachel Jafta (Non-Executive Director), Lourens N Jonker (Non-Executive Director), Steve J Z Pacak (Chief Financial Officer), Fred Phaswana (Non-Executive Director), Ben van der Ross (Non-Executive Director), Neil P van Heerden (Non-Executive Director), Boetie van Zyl (Non-Executive Director), Ton Vosloo (Non-Executive Chairman), Prof Hein Willemse (NonExecutive Director) Management: Hein Brand (Chief Executive Officer, Print Media), Andre Coetzee (Group Counsel, MIH), Graham Kill (Chief Executive Officer, Irdeto Access), Antonie Roux (Chief Executive Officer, Internet Operations), Mark Sorour (Chief Investment Officer), Jan Steenkamp (Chief Executive Officer, Entriq), Cobus Stofberg (Chief Executive Officer, MIH), Jim Volkwyn (Chief Executive Officer, Pay-TV Platforms), Steve Ward (Chief Financial Officer, MIH) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Multinational media company with its principal operations in pay-television and internet subscriber platforms, print media, technology, book publishing and private education Major Products: DSTV; Media24; Nasboek; M-Net; Supersport; MultiChoice; Filmnet; Hellas; Nova; UBC; Irdeto; Educor; M-Web Joint Ventures: MIH Holdings (1998) (Pty) Ltd (50%) Trade Names: Die Burger, Beeld, Die Volksblad, City Press, Rapport, Sarie, Fairlady, Drum, You, Huisgenoot, Landbouweekblad, Woman's Value, F & T Weekly, Finansies & Tegniek, True Love Branch Offices: Cape Town; Sandton Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): MWeb Holdings Ltd; Media24 Ltd; MIH Holdings Ltd; MIH Investments (Pty) Ltd; Supersport International Holdings Ltd (60.1%) Principal Banks: ABSA Bank Ltd Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc Principal Law Firm: Jan S de Villiers Ticker Symbol: NPN (Johannesburg) ISIN: ZAE000015889 Status: Public Company Date of Establishment: 1915 No of Employees: 6,600


Former name: Gestetner (Pty) Ltd Address: PO Box 2578, Bedfordview 2008 International tel: +27 (11) 723 5000 International fax: +27 (11) 723 5100 Company email: [email protected] Website: PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Digital imaging equipment and solutions Major Products: Digital Copiers; Scanners; Printers; Electronic Document Storage Branch Offices: Fourways; Vaal; Durban; Cape Town; George Parent Company: NRG Group plc, UK (04855) Principal Banks: Nedbank Ltd Principal Law Firm: Rosenthal and Schneider Status: Private Company Date of Establishment: 1960 No of Employees: 330


Address: PO Box 4751, Randburg 2125 International tel: +27 (11) 289 3600 Company email: [email protected] Website: PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Provision of wireless communications solutions and services; design, installation and maintenance of broadcast signal distribution networks Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers Status: Private Company Date of Establishment: 1933 No of Employees: 60


Address: PO Box 3660, Durban 4000 International tel: +27 (31) 205 4310 International fax: +27 (31) 205 4324 Website: Board of Directors: Michael Parnaby (Managing Director), Sydney Reardon (MD, Australia)



Address: 1-33-8 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-0013 International tel: +81 (422) 47-6341 Website: PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of radio communications, electronics parts and medical electronics equipment Parent Company: Japan Radio Co Ltd, Japan (01067) Status: Subsidiary of a Public Company Principal Shareholders: Japan Radio Co Ltd (100%) No of Employees: 150


Address: 1-36 Yokobori-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya 4540021 International tel: +81 (52) 361-1211 International fax: +81 (52) 441-2977 Website: Board of Directors: Masayuki Hattori (Chairman), Etsuro Kobayashi (President) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: General manufacture of information service systems, including road traffic information boards; also involved in domestic ITS (intelligent transport system)related market Ticker Symbol: 6797 (Tokyo) Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Employees' Stockholding (21.7%); Masayuki Hattori (11.6%); Meiden Kosan (8.9%); Tetsuji Hattori (8.5%); Keiko Fukutani (5.8%) Date of Establishment: May 1958 No of Employees: 470 (group) Financial Information: Consolidated figures 31.3.05 31.3.06 ¥'000 ¥'000 Sales turnover 15,645,000 8,595,000 Profit (loss) after tax 480,000 (2,160,000) Dividend per share 20.0¥ 10.0¥ Earnings (loss) per 79.7¥ (358.0¥) share Share capital 1,100,000 1,100,000 Shareholders' equity 15,570,000 13,715,000 Divestments: November 2002: NEC Electronics Corporation was separated from NEC Corporation Trade Names: NEC (R), BIGLOBE (R), Rightshell (R) Branch Offices: Worldwide Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Ltd; NEC AccessTechnica Ltd; NEC America Inc (USA); NEC Australia Pty. Ltd (Australia); NEC Business Coordination Centre (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Singapore); NEC Computers International (Netherlands); NEC Computers International BV (Netherlands); NEC CustomMax Ltd; NEC CustomTechnica Ltd; NEC de México SA de CV (Mexico); NEC de Venezuela CA (Venezuela); NEC do Brasil SA (Brazil); NEC Electronics Corporation (65%); NEC Electronics Inc (USA); NEC Europe Ltd (UK); NEC Fielding Ltd (67%); NEC France SAS (France); NEC Indonesia, PT (Indonesia); NEC Infrontia Corporation (53.3%); NEC Kansai Ltd; NEC Kyushu Ltd; NEC Machinery Corporation; NEC Mobiling Ltd (51%); NEC Nexsolutions Ltd; NEC Philippines Inc (Philippines); NEC Saitama Ltd; NEC Scandinavia AB (Sweden); NEC Soft Ltd; NEC Solutions (America) Inc (USA); NEC System Technologies Ltd (80.01%); NEC Taiwan Ltd (Taiwan); Nippon Avionics Co Ltd Principal Banks: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation; Sumitomo Trust & Banking Company Auditors: Ernst & Young Ticker Symbol: 6701 (Tokyo) Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Japan Trustee Services Bank (4.8%); Sumitomo Life Insurance (4%); Mitsubishi Trust (3.3%); Nippon Life Insurance (2.9%) Date of Establishment: 17 July 1899 No of Employees: 154,180 (Consolidated) Financial Information: Consolidated figures 31.3.05 31.3.06 ¥'000 ¥'000 Sales turnover 4,801,705,000 4,824,929,000 Profit before tax 145,103,000 83,305,000 Profit after tax 77,215,000 12,137,000 Dividend per share 6.00¥ 6.00¥ Earnings per share 34.80¥ 5.78¥ Share capital 337,820,000 337,821,000 Shareholders' equity 736,956,000 890,880,000


Address: 3-1-3 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-8560 International tel: +81 (3) 5486-1111 International fax: +81 (3) 5486-7167 Website: Board of Directors: Masanori Takayama (Chairman), Ichiki Kaga (President) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of graphic dataprocessing products and CAD systems and related equipment Branch Offices: Hokkaido; Tohoku; Kitakanto; Chiba; Yokohama; Tokyo; Nishi Tokyo; Osaka; Kobe; Chugoku; Shikoku; Kyushu; Nagano; Okayama; Kagoshima Ticker Symbol: 7999 (Tokyo) Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: TCS Holdings Co (24%); Eiji Mutoh (5.2%) Date of Establishment: March 1952 No of Employees: 770 (group) Financial Information: Consolidated figures 31.3.05 31.3.06 ¥'000 ¥'000 Sales turnover 28,975,000 28,615,000 Profit (loss) after tax 690,000 (980,000) Earnings (loss) per 13.2¥ (18.8¥) share Share capital 10,200,000 10,200,000 Shareholders' equity 18,260,000 17,530,000


Address: 24-4 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1500031 International tel: +81 (3) 3496-1151 International fax: +81 (3) 3496-9693 Website: Board of Directors: Hisayoshi Takeuchi (Chairman), Susumu Akiyama (President) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of telecommunications equipment Ticker Symbol: 6715 (Tokyo) Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Company's Trust Stock (7.9%); Daimei Telecom Engineering (6.2%) Date of Establishment: May 1944 No of Employees: 751 (group) Financial Information: Consolidated figures 31.3.05 31.3.06 ¥'000 ¥'000 Sales turnover 19,545,000 18,500,000 Profit after tax 1,075,000 585,000 Dividend per share 11.0¥ 11.0¥ Earnings per share 47.7¥ 25.3¥ Share capital 4,910,000 4,910,000 Shareholders' equity 14,560,000 15,215,000


Address: 1163 Inasato-cho, Nagano 381-2288 International tel: +81 (26) 285-1111 International fax: +81 (26) 291-1013 Website: Board of Directors: Takao Kurebayashi (Director), Kazuo Manaka (Director), Tomoshi Maruyama (Managing Director), Shinji Takeuchi (Director), Akihiro Tanaka (President and Chief Executive Officer), Osamu Teshigawara (Managing Director), Kiyofumi Uno (Director), Ichihiro Wakasa (Managing Director), Masahiko Yamagishi (Director), Yukio Yokoi (Director) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of power sources and electronic communications equipment Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Beijing Xinsu Electronic Communication Equipment Co Ltd (People's Republic of China); Nagano Communications Sales Co Ltd; Nagano Japan Radio Engineering Co Ltd; Nagano Japan Radio (HK) Co Ltd (Hong Kong Sar); Nagano Japan Radio Manufacturing Co Ltd; Nagano Japan Radio Service Co Ltd Ticker Symbol: 6878 (Tokyo) Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Japan Radio (24.9%); Nisshinbo Industries (19.4%); Mitsubishi Electric (8%) Date of Establishment: October 1949 No of Employees: 2,160 (group) Financial Information: Consolidated figures 31.3.05 31.3.06 ¥'000 ¥'000 Sales turnover 33,695,000 33,165,000 Profit (loss) after tax 605,000 (1,980,000) Earnings (loss) per 16.74¥ (54.50¥) share Share capital 3,650,000 3,650,000 Shareholders' equity 2,854,000 1,060,000


Address: 1753 Shimonumabe Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 211-8666 International tel: +81 (44) 435-5111 Website: Board of Directors: Hideto Goto (Executive Vice President), Yoshikazu Inada (Executive Vice President), Toshio Nakajima (President and Chief Executive Officer), Junshi Yamaguchi (Executive Vice President) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of semiconductors Company History: November 2002: the company was separated from NEC Corporation Parent Company: NEC Corporation, Japan (01119) Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Kinki Bunseki Center Ltd; NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Hong Kong Ltd (Hong Kong Sar); NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd; NEC Device Port Ltd; NEC Electronics America Inc (USA); NEC Electronics (China) Co Ltd (People's Republic of China); NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH (Germany); NEC Electronics Hong Kong Ltd (Hong Kong Sar); NEC Electronics Shanghai Ltd (People's Republic of China); NEC Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd (Singapore); NEC Electronics Taiwan Ltd (Taiwan); NEC Electronics (UK) Ltd (UK); NEC Fabserve Ltd; NEC Fukui Ltd; NEC Kansai Ltd; NEC Kyushu Ltd; NEC Micro Systems Ltd; NEC Semicon Package Solutions Ltd; NEC Semiconductors Ireland Ltd (UK); NEC Semiconductors (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia); NEC Semiconductors Singapore Pte Ltd (Singapore); NEC Yamagata Ltd; NEC Yamaguchi Ltd; Nippon Electroluminescent Light Co Ltd; PT NEC Semiconductors Indonesia (Indonesia); Shougang NEC Electronics Co Ltd (People's Republic of China) Ticker Symbol: 6723 (Tokyo) Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: NEC Corporation (65%); JTSB(NEC) (5%) Date of Establishment: 1 November 2002 No of Employees: 23,965 (group)


Address: 5-7-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8001 International tel: +81 (3) 3454-1111 International fax: +81 (3) 3457-7249 Telex: 22686 NECTOK J Website:; Board of Directors: Hajime Sasaki (Chairman), Akinobu Kanasugi (President), Iwao Fuchigami (Senior Vice President), Kazumasa Fujie (Executive Vice President), Konosuke Kashima (Senior Vice President), Toshiro Kawamura (Senior Vice President), Koichi Kimura (Director), Kazuhiko Kobayashi (Executive Vice President), Yasuo Matoi (Senior Vice President), Toshio Morikawa (Director), Tsutomu Nakamura (Senior Vice President), Shuniji Suzuki (Executive Vice President), Saburo Takizawa (Senior Vice President), Akira Uehara (Director), Kaoru Yano (Senior Vice President) Senior Executives: Tsuneo Kabe (Corporate Auditor), Shigeo Matsumoto (Corporate Auditor), Muneo Shigematsu (Corporate Auditor), Hiroshi Takakuta (Corporate Auditor), Shinichi Yokoyama (Corporate Auditor) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture and marketing of electronic products, primarily communications systems and equipment, computers and industrial electronic systems and electronic devices



Address: Brusselsesteenweg 347, B-1730 Kobbegem International tel: +32 (2) 454 22 11 International fax: +32 (2) 454 28 32 Website: Board of Directors: Ludwig Criel (Chairman), Christian Van Thillo (Chief Executive Officer), Christophe Convent (Secretary General), Léon Seynave (Director), Karel Van Miert (Director), Emmanuel Van Thillo (Director), Eric Verbeeck (Director) Management: Rudy Bertels (General Manager Aurex), Frits Campagne (General Manager Het Parool), Koen Clement (General Manager Magnet Magazines), Wim Coessens (General Manager De Morgen), Peter Quaghebeur (General Manager Vlaamse Media Maatschappij), Jaak Smeets (Executive Editor), Dirk Velghe (General Manager Mediafin), Xavier Verellen (Commercial Manager Aurex), Piet Vroman (Financial Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Publication of magazines and newspapers; interests in radio and television stations Joint Ventures: VMMA, Belgium, is owned 50% by De Persgroep and 50% by Roularta Media Group, Belgium. Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): ATV (50%) (Netherlands); Aurex SA/NV; Eco Print Center; Fred; Het Parool (58.43%); Magnet Magazines; Q-Music Nederlands (58.43%) (Netherlands); Uitgeverij De Morgen Status: Private Company No of Employees: 840 Financial Information: Consolidated figures 31.12.04 31.12.05 EUR'000 EUR'000 Sales turnover 364,612 407,372 Profit before tax 44,572 33,219 Profit after tax 27,703 18,119 Share capital 16,475 16,474 Castelein (Secretary), Marc De Keersmaecker (Applications Manager), Dirk Debraekeleer (Infrastructure Manager) Senior Executives: Walter De Hertog (Corporate Communication) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: IT services onsite; automation projects; hardware; software; pre-installation; installation; maintenence, support, helpdesk; system and network management; international projects; PC projects; CAD; training; migration projects and outsourcing Mergers and Acquisitions: In June 2004 the company announced it had acquired JConsults International NV from Bureau van Dijk Computer Services NV Trade Names: Colruyt Distribution, Dolmen Computer Applications, Dreamworld, Ripotot, Dolmen Engineering, Druco Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Frankim NV; JConsultants International NV Auditors: Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler ISIN: BE0003776904 Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Etn Fr Colruyt NV, Belgium (39.95%); Sofina Group (7.52%) No of Employees: 845 Financial Information: Consolidated Consolidated figures (2005) figures; IFRS (2006) 31.3.05 31.3.06 EUR'000 EUR'000 Sales turnover 145,030 137,686 Profit before tax 9,556 9,247 Profit after tax 6,022 6,021 Dividend per share 0.26EUR 0.38EUR Earnings per share 0.73EUR 0.73EUR Share capital 15,012 15,172 Shareholders' equity 46,238 53,532

EPIQ NV 03065

SIM (Italy); Electrabel Italia SPA (Italy); Electrabel Nederland Beheermaatschappij BV (Netherlands); Electrabel Nederland Coöperatieve UA (Netherlands); Electrabel Nederland Holding BV (Netherlands); Electrabel Nederland NV (Netherlands); Electrabel Nederland Sales BV (Netherlands); Electrabel Nederland Services BV (Netherlands); Electrabel Netten Vlaanderen NV; Electrabel Polska Sp zoo (Poland); Elektrownia Polaniec SA - Grupa Electrabel (Poland); Elpoautomatyka (Poland); Elpoeka Polaniec (Poland); Elpoinformatyka (Poland); Elpolab (Poland); Elpologistika (Poland); Elporem (Poland); Elpoterm (Poland); Energie SaarLorLux AG (51%) (Germany); Hidrobages SA (Spain); Intergem CVBA (70.73%); Laborelec Scrl; Morata Energia SL (Spain); N-Allo France SAS (France); N-Allo Scrl (99.99%); Parque Eólico Terras Altas de Fafe (Portugal); Rosignano Energia SpA (99.50%) (Italy); SHEM (78.9%) (France); Sibelgaz SCRL; Spark Energy NV (Netherlands); Synatom SA (99%); Teveo NV (99.97%); Twinerg SA (65%) (Luxembourg) Principal Banks: KBC; Fortis Bank Auditors: Deloitte Company Auditors; Ernst & Young Company Auditors ISIN: BE0003637486 Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: SUEZ Group, France (95.51%) No of Employees: 15,794 Financial Information: Consolidated figures 31.12.04 31.12.05 EUR'000 EUR'000 Sales turnover 11,541,000 12,218,000 Profit before tax 1,651,000 2,302,000 Profit after tax 1,304,000 2,083,000 Dividend per share 15.76EUR* 16.60EUR* Earnings per share 21.68EUR 34.77EUR Share capital 2,073,000 2,073,000 *gross


Address: blvd du Régent 8, B-1000 Bruxelles International tel: +32 (2) 518 61 11; +32 (2) 518 62 22 (Documentation); +32 (2) 518 65 99 (Investor Relations); +32 (2) 518 63 47 (Press) International fax: +32 (2) 518 64 00; +32 (2) 511 65 99 (Investor Relations) Website: Board of Directors: Gérard Mestrallet (Président), Patrick Buffet (Director), Croes (Director), Yves De Gaulle (Director), Jean-Pierre Depaemelaere (Director), Pierre Drion (Director), Yvan Dupon (Director), Jean-Pierre Hansen (Vice Chairman and Chief Eecutive Officer), Luc Hujoel (Director), Gérard Lamarche (Director), Robert-Olivier Leyssens (Director), Jean-Pierre Ruquois (Director), Lutgart Van den Berghe (Director), Jean-Paul van Gysel de Meise (Director), Vandeputte (Director), Geert Versnick (Director), Xavier Votron (General Manager Generation, Distribution, IT) Management: Alfred Becquaert (General Manager Ressources Humaines), Eric Bosman (General Manager Trading and Portfolio Management), Sophie Dutordoir (General Manager Marketing & Sales), Fred Hofman (General Manager North-East Europe), Jacques Hugé (General Manager Southern Europe), Philippe Lermusieau (General Manager France-Switzerland), Robin Leyssens (Chief Financial Officer), Walter Peeraer (General Manager Strategy, Communications, Administration) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Sales of electricity, natural gas energy products and services. Generation of electricity. Trading of electricity and natural gas. Management of electricity and natural gas networks on behalf of distribution systems operators Mergers and Acquisitions: In July 2003 the company acquired a 22.22% stake in Compagnie Nationale du Rhône from Electricité de France Parent Company: SUEZ-Tractebel SA, Belgium (03098) Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): AlpEnergie Italia SpA (Italy); Brucall SA (75%); Casmo Power Spain BV (Netherlands); Castelnou Energia SL (Spain); Cocetrel SC Division A (53.05%); Cocetrel SC Division E; Electrabel Customer Solutions SA/NV (95.8%); Electrabel Deutschland AG (Germany); Electrabel España SA (Spain); Electrabel European Portfolio Management BV; Electrabel France SA (France); Electrabel Green Projects Flanders CVBA (67.1%); Electrabel Green Projects Flanders WHH CVBA (67.1%); Electrabel Hungary (Hungary); Electrabel International Holding BV (Netherlands); Electrabel Invest Luxembourg SA (67.1%) (Luxembourg); Electrabel Italia


Former name: Définance SA-NV Address: avenue Louise 480, Boîte 18B, B-1050 Bruxelles International tel: +32 (2) 626 27 00 International fax: +32 (2) 626 27 87 (Direction Générale) Board of Directors: Philippe Bracht (Cofimbra SA), Myriam Cockaerts (Director), Jean De Cloedt (Fideclo SA), JeanJacques De Cloedt (Président d'Honneur), Antoine Friling (Braling SA), Michel Mol (Bruficom SA), Etienne Rosseeuw (Courtal SA), Denis Stokkink (Director), Thibault Swennen (Director), Kyveli Vassiliadis (Vassi & Co SA), Pierre Weekers (Defi SA), Daniel Weekers (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Holding company with interests in the media and communications including television broadcasting Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): 4FM Groep SA (79.87%); Gestcom SA (99.99%); Vlacom (99.90%) ISIN: BE0003624351 Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Groupe Defi SA, France (50.03%) No of Employees: 7 Financial Information: 31.12.04 31.12.05 EUR'000 EUR'000 Revenue 510 210

03065 EPIQ NV

Address: Transportstraat 1, B-3980 Tessenderlo International tel: +32 (13) 67 96 60 International fax: +32 (13) 67 95 13 Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Gilles Bernard (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer), Françoise Chombar (NonExecutive Director), Jenny Claes (Non-Executive Director), Roland Duchâtelet (Non-Executive Director), Willy Vanden Poel (Non-Executive Director representing Moova NV), Eugen Schlötzer (Non-Executive Director representing Eugen Schlötzer Innovation), Alexander Verhees (Director representing BVBA Safe Haven) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Design, manufacture of and trade in electronic and electro-mechanical systems and subsystems for the personal communications, automotive and consumer electronics sectors. The company has 15 facilities in 8 countries Divestments: In December 2002 the company demerged from the Fremach group. and the Belgian, Dutch and Czech activities and entities have been bought by Elex NV. During 2003 the company wound-up SM2E and Epiq UK Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Eker CZ spol sro (Czech Republic); Eker MX SA de CV (65%) (Mexico); Epiq EA EOOD (Bulgaria); Epiq GmbH (Germany); EPIQ PC Holdings NV; EPIQ PC NV; Epiq SARL (France); Nipbelmex SA de CV (50%) (Mexico); Sensor-Nite Industrial EOOD (Bulgaria); Structuplas-Riesselberg; Yamaver SA de CV (50%) (Mexico) Auditors: Ernst & Young ISIN: BE0045646560 Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Elex (78.3%); Roland Duchâtelet (5.3%) No of Employees: 2,112 Financial Information: Consolidated figures 31.12.04 31.12.05 EUR'000 EUR'000 Sales turnover 117,979 121,245 Profit before tax 1,760 1,901 Profit after tax 968 1,697 Earnings per share 0.04EUR 0.07EUR Share capital 37,054 37,054


Address: A Vaucampslaan 42, B-1654 Huizingen International tel: +32 (2) 362 55 55 International fax: +32 (2) 362 55 99 Telex: 24160 Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Jef Colruyt (Chairman), Guido Beazar (Director representing Merisco BVBA), Frans Colruyt (NonExecutive Director), Piet Colruyt (Non-Executive Director), Wim Colruyt (Non-Executive Director), Jan De Ville (Managing Director and General Manager), René De Wit (NonExecutive Director), François Gillet (Non-Executive Director), Thierry Jansen (Director representing Temad BVBA) Management: Jan Bogaert (Human Resources Manager), Gino Boone (Small Business Solutions Manager), Kris




Voice and Data), Maya Walrond (Vice President, Customer Experience) Senior Executives: Sean Bryan (Head of Operations), Camille Facey (Head of Regulatory and Public Policy, and Company Secretary), Lawrence McNaughton (Head of Carrier Services), Lisa Officer (Head of Human Resources) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Provision of telecommunications services Branch Offices: Black River; Falmouth; Highgate; Kingston (six branches); Linstead; mandeville; May Pen; Montego Bay; Morant Bay; Negril; Ocho Rios; Port Antonio; Portmore; Spanish Town; St. Ann Parent Company: Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd, Cayman Islands (05163) Subsidiary Companies: (100% owned unless stated): Jamaica Digiport International Limited; Jamaica International Telecommunications Limited; The Jamaica Telephone Company Limited Principal Banks: The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd Auditors: KPMG Principal Law Firm: Myers Fletcher and Gordon Ticker Symbol: CWJA (Jamaica) Status: Public Company Principal Shareholders: Cable & Wireless Ltd (79%) Date of Establishment: 1998 No of Employees: 2,599 Financial Information: 31.3.05 31.3.06 JM$'000 JM$'000 Sales turnover 22,213,581 22,534,979 Profit before tax 3,100,226 2,979,109 Profit after tax 2,281,134 2,145,228 Earnings per share 13.56c 12.75c Share capital 16,817,440 16,817,440 Shareholders' equity 19,164,960 20,329,751

CARIBBEAN - Dominican Republic


Address: Calle Emilio A Morel, esq Luis Perez, Santo Domingo International tel: +1-809 566 5876 International fax: +1-809 732 9347 Management: Fabio Lazala (President) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Television and radio broadcasting Date of Establishment: 1969 No of Employees: 188

Principal Shareholders: Caribbean Communications Network (60%); Government of Grenada (40%) Date of Establishment: 1998 No of Employees: 56



Address: Ave Martin Luther King, Port-au-Prince International tel: +509 245 6612 International fax: +509 249 2279 Telex: 2030203 ELECOM HN Management: Fritz Joassin (General Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Broadcasting and telecommunications Trade Names: Electrocom No of Employees: 35


Former name: CODETEL Address: Av Abraham Lincoln 1101, Ens Serrales, Apartado 1377, Santo Domingo International tel: +1-809 220 2417; +1-809 220 5555 International fax: +1-809 543 1301; +1-809 543 1300 Website: Board of Directors: Jorge Iván Ramírez (Presidente) Management: Mario Boeri (Vicepresidente Operaciones Diversificadas), Manuel Bonilla (Vicepresidente de Comunicaciones Moviles), Augusto Casasnovas (Vicepresidente Mercadeo), F Dominguez (Vicepresidente Administración), Benigno González (Vicepresidente Larga Distancia y Servicios Internacionales), Hecto Houssai (Vicepresidente Finanzas), F Medina (Vicepresidente Legal), Isabel Morillo (Director Senior Tecnología de Informática), Mauricio Salazar (Vicepresidente de Comunicaciones Avanzadas), Rafael Zorrilla (Vicepresidente Ventas y Servicios al Cliente) Senior Executives: José R Delgado (Vicepresidente Recursos Humanos y Calidad), J Ml Lama (Gerente Educación e Entrenamiento), Paolo Pirondi (Director Suministro) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Telecommunications company Status: Private Company Principal Shareholders: GTE Corporation (100%) Date of Establishment: 2004 (1930 as CODETEL) No of Employees: 4,000

05176 HAITEL SA Haïti Télécommunications Internationales SA

Address: 17 Rue Darguin, 3-iéme Etage, Petion-Ville International tel: +509 510 1201 International fax: +509 510 6273 Company email: [email protected] Website: Management: Franck Ciné (President and Director General) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Operation of telecommunications services Date of Establishment: 1999


Address: 10-16 Grenada Way, Kingston 5 International tel: +1-876 960 2696 International fax: +1-876 920 0948 Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Denis O'Brien (Chairman), Leslie Buckley (Vice Chairman), Anthony Chang (Director), Paul Connolly (Director), Lucy Gaffney (Director), Seamus Lynch (Director) Management: David Hall (Chief Executive Officer), Brian Collins (Finance Director), Earl Manning (Operations Manager) Senior Executives: Richard Brown (Head of Network Development and Rollout), Lesline Chisholm (Head of Customer Care), Peter-Paul de Goeij (Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs), Niall Dorrian (Chief Operating Officer), Chris Hayman (Head of Business Sales), Patrick King (Head of Sales), Rohan Pottinger (Head of Technology), John Riordan (Head of Information Technology), Harry Smith (Chief Customer Relations Officer) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Operation of cellular telecommunications Status: Private Company


Address: Rue Salomon-Varreux Complexe L/100, Port-auPrince International tel: +509 250 2001 International fax: +509 250 2009 Management: Franz Matthias (Director) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Operation of communications services



Former name: Grenada Telecommunications Ltd Address: PO Box 119, The Carenage & Hughes Street, St George's International tel: +1-473 440 1000 International fax: +1-473 440 4134 Company email: [email protected] Website: Management: Ian Blanchard (Chief Executive Officer) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Operation of telecommunications services Parent Company: Cable & Wireless plc, UK (04723) Status: Private Company Principal Shareholders: Cable & Wireless plc (70%); Government of Grenada (30%) Date of Establishment: 1989 No of Employees: 200


Address: CP 814, Pont Morin, Port-au-Prince International tel: +509 245 5200 International fax: +509 245 1169 Management: Jean Elysée (Director General) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Operation of telecommunications Status: State Owned



Address: 47 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 5 International tel: +1-876 926 9700 Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Leonardo de Barros (Chairman), Lisa Agard (Executive Vice-President), Andrew Cocking (Deputy Group President), Rodney Davis (Director), Francis Mount (Director), Patrick Rousseau (Director), Mark Thompson (Director), Don Wehby (Director), Milton Weise (Principal & Chief Engineer) Management: Evan Garricks (Senior Vice President, Corporate and Business Sales), David Hall (Director, Group Internal Audit), Grant Mercer (Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Caribbean Region), Arthur Phidd (Regional Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Caribbean), David Reavley (Senior Vice President, Mobile Services), Roger Richards (Senior Vice President, Internet,


Address: POB 348, Unit 8 Seymour Park, 2 Seymour Avenue, Kingston 10 International tel: +1-876 978 7666 International fax: +1-876 978 7668 Company email: [email protected] Website: Management: Diane Delahaye (Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of electrical equipment and machinery Parent Company: Siemens AG, Germany (03756) Status: Private Company


Former name: Grenada Broadcasting Corporation Address: PO Box 535, Observatory Road, St George's International tel: +1-473 440 3033; +1-473 440 2446; +1-473 440 1252; +1-473 440 1255 (News and Current Affairs); +1-473 440 1253 (Sales and Marketing) International fax: +1-473 440 4180 (Sales and Marketing); +1-473 444 5054 (Accounts and General Manager) Company email: [email protected] Board of Directors: Craig Reynald (Chairman) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Radio and television broadcasting Parent Company: One Caribbean Media Ltd, Trinidad and Tobago (05204)


Address: 32 Lyndhurst Road, Kingston 5 International tel: +1-876 926 1100 International fax: +1-876 929 7467 Company email: [email protected] Website: Board of Directors: Hector Dietrich (Deputy Chairman), Gary Allen (Deputy Manging Director), Carl Domville (Director),



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