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GE LM2500 -- Engine Application

Unequalled protection for aerospace, marine and energy equipment applications. Thousands of MetalSCAN units already installed protecting highvalue, missioncritical and process-critical rotating equipment.

The MetalSCAN oil debris monitoring system for the GE LM2500 or

LM2500+ gas turbine engine consists of four MetalSCAN sensors plumbed into the four Gas Generator (GG) lube oil scavenge lines (A-sump; B-sump; C-sump; and the Accessory Gearbox) and an additional sensor for the Power Turbine (PT) D-sump, if fitted. The installation hardware, sensor stand, brackets and warning/alarm limits for the four GG sensors are included in the LM2500 GG Installation Kit. The installation hardware and warning/alarm for the PT sensor are included in the LM2500 GE Power Turbine Installation Kit. Each sensor connects to the MetalSCAN Control Unit mounted to the outside of the engine enclosure via a 20 foot sensor cable. The Control Unit is connected via RS485 Modbus protocol serial communication to a host PC computer or directly to the facility control system.


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GE LM2500 & LM2500+ MetalSCAN System Ordering Information


MetalSCAN System for LM2500 Gas Generator Order: LM2500-01 Including 24 VDC multi-sensor Control Unit, 4 x 3/4" sensors, 4 x 20 ft. sensor cables, RS232/RS485 converter, MetalSCAN Monitor Software, user's manual, 12 month warranty. Additional MetalSCAN Sensor for LM2500 GE Power Turbine Order: LM2500-02 Including 1 x 3/4" sensor, 1 x 20 ft. sensor cable, 1 x sensor module for multi-sensor Control Unit, 12 month warranty. Installation Kit for LM2500 Gas Generator Order: LM2500-03x Including sensor plumbing for A, B, C and Accessory Gearbox scavenge lines, 4 x sensor mounting brackets, 4 x sensor cable bulkhead seals, sensor stand, 12 month warranty. Installation Kit for LM2500 GE Power Turbine Order: LM2500-04x Including sensor plumbing for D-sump scavenge line, sensor mounting bracket, sensor cable bulkhead seal, 12 month warranty. Additional Installation Kit for LM2500 and LM2500+ Gas Turbines NOT Equipped with GE Power Turbine Order: LM2500-05x Including scavenge line plumbing for split connection of Accessory Gearbox scavenge line to scavenge pump D port, 12 month warranty. Additonal Installation Kit for LM2500+ Gas Generator A Scavenge Line Order: LM2500-06x Including 3 bolt flange to -16 hose adapter fitting with RTD port, 12 month warranty. Stainless Steel Enclosure (off-shore applications) Order: Option-07 Substitute painted steel enclosure with stainless steel enclosure, 12 month warranty. 115/230 50/60 Hz VAC Power Supply Order: Option-14 Substitute 24 VDC power supply with 115/230 50/60 Hz VAC power supply (please specify voltage). Note: not suitable where CE and/or ATEX certification is required.

Compliance: ETL Listed (USA & Canada) - UL STD 61010B-1 - CAN/CSA STD C22.2 No.1010.1 - Class 1, Div 2, Group D Hazardous Locations - NEMA 250 (Type 4) 109772 - FCC part 15

CE Marking (24 VDC Version Only) - EN 55011 - EN 6100-3-2 - EN 6100-3-3 - EN 50014 - EN 50021



Pressure Equipment - ASME B31.3B (Process Piping Standard)


GasTOPS Ltd. North America: 1.800.363.8658 Worldwide: 1.613.744.3530 [email protected]

European Distributor vbr turbine parts bv. +31 313 696212

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