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Index page 697 The Index includes page number references to: Names, subject headings, subject cross references; Location references (e.g.: Bronx: see New York City Area) Publication names appear in italics Women's Section page 3 Entries for the Women's Section comprise any that have selected the or symbol; any that have chosen to pay for additional placement in this section; any others that have what the editor in her infinite wisdom considers appropriate but not exclusive female appeal. All entries in the Women's Section also appear in the main section and, when appropriate, in the Ethnic/Multicultural section. Ethnic/Multicultural Section page 81 A work in progress. Corrections, additions and constructive criticism very welcome. All entries in the Ethnic/Multicultural Section also appear in the main section and, when appropriate, in the Women's section. USA listings begin page 103 To locate any particular city or subject please see the index page 697 Frequently occurring abbreviations and group names: COLAGE: Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere Dignity: Catholics Integrity: Episcopalians GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network PFLAG: Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays MCC: Metropolitan Community Church UCC: United Church of Christ UMC: United Methodist Church YOU CAN SEARCH THIS PDF FILE WITH CONTROL-F

July 2012

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GAYELLOW PAGES Contents A not-for-profit enterprise (regardless of tax status) primarily operated by lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer people. A not-for-profit enterprise (regardless of tax status) not primarily operated by lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer people. A business, wishing to be listed as wholly or partly lesbian/ gay/bisexual/transgender/queer owned. A gay-friendly business, not wishing to be listed as wholly or partly lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer owned.

Any entr y w hi ch does not ha ve one of the abov e sy mbol s is beli ev ed to w elcom e ga y/ lesbia n/ bi sex ua l/ tra nsgender pa trona ge, but no dir ect r esponse had been r eceiv ed a t tim e of publ ica tion.

ONLINE EDITION UPDATED July 2012 FRANCES GREEN email [email protected]

Gayellow Pages is published by Renaissance House, PO Box 533 Village Station, New York, NY 10014-0533 Phone and fax 646-213-0263 Email [email protected] Web page No business or organization listed in Gayellow Pages is necessarily owned by homosexuals, or specifically welcomes their participation or patronage, unless so indicated by the appropriate symbols. Any entry will be deleted on receipt of reliable information that it is unwelcome to those concerned.

CALL FOR LOCAL INFORMATION GLBTQI Gay/nongay bisexual LBTQI women all women bisexual women GBTQI men all men bisexual men specifically transsexual/transgender/transvestite QT Bar and Restaurant T Restaurant R Cafe kEntertainment/Cabaret/Showbar D Dancing V Video bar K Karaoke S Sports bar C Country L Leather/Levi W Western P Private Club (ask about visitor memberships) H Assistance available for the deaf and hearing-impaired HD devices HS sign HDS devices and sign H? Check for assistance available for the deaf and hearing-impaired N Naturist, or Clothing Optional accommodation smoke-free property smoke-free indoors ( ) indoor smoking areas c Pets welcome (c?) Ask about pets High speed internet available to visitors Wheelchair Accessibility of premises or meeting place: Accessible premises and lavatory Accessible premises with help; accessible lavatory Accessible premises; lavatory not known to be accessible Accessible premises with help Call ahead for details: places of meetings or activities vary, or special arrangements available. Asian Latin/Hispanic African-descent/Black People of Color Two-Spirit Diverse Paid advertisers' entries appear in bold type. Bold type may also be purchased without display advertising, and, at the publisher's discretion, may be used by way of thanks to information contributors. Comments are made by the entrant: they are not editorial evaluations. If your business or organization is not yet listed in GAYELLOW PAGES, please send a stamped self-addressed business-size envelope to PO Box 533 Village Station, New York, NY 10014-0533, or email us at [email protected] THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR A BASIC LISTING. http://

No part of this work may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission in writing from the publisher. All rights reserved.

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July 2012

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INDEX 'Camp' Camp 'Camp' Camp p.108, 352 'N Touch News Magazine p.137 1 & 1 Wedding by the Sea p.304 1 Voice Community Center p.137 10% Society p.609 1015 Folsom p.206 11 Singleton House B&B p.146 111 Minna Gallery p.205 12 Washington p.171 12th Street Gym p.587 13 Celsius p.632 13 Entertainment p.632 13 Licks at Qbar p.16, 205 1350 Club p.168 14 West Restaurant p.326 140 Alexander Bar & Grill p.518 1409 Playbill Cafe p.250 15 Association p.209 15FTL Guesthouse p.258 167 Water p.381 168 York Street Cafe p.240 1776 Steakhouse p.246 180 Turning Lives Around Inc. p.44, 444 1840s Carrollton Inn p.361 1844 House p.476 1851 Club p.624 1859 Historic National Hotel p.164 1871 House p.489 1881 Crescent Cottage Inn p.146 1889 WhiteGate Inn & Cottage p.523



607 Events p.15, 198 611 Hyde Park Pub p.632 616 Bar p.266 700 Club p.349 700 Drayton Restaurant p.295 701 Bar & Lounge p.542 725 Video p.501 8 1/2 p.630 8 1/2 Ultra Lounge & Piranha p.433 80 Percent Straight p.303 800Travler p.125 801 Bourbon Bar p.267 806 p.618 82 Queen p.605 86 Winter American Bistro p.392 9 Cranes Inn p.671 9 South Chargrill p.431 9 to 12 Bowling Leagues p.319 915 Bistro & Wine Bar p.267 941 Saloon p.593 98 Provence p.356 9th Avenue Saloon p.495 9to5 - Atlanta p.28, 291 A 1 Property Service Company p.271 A B&B at 4 Unity Alley p.604 A Church 4 Me? MCC p.318 A Divine Affair, LLC p.452 A League of Our Own (Bowling) p.218 A Rainbow in Paradise Weddings/Commitment Ceremonies p.29, 304 A Step Apart p.518 A Summer Place Realty p.56, 513 A To Z Couriers Inc p.500 A'Roma Roasters & Coffee House p.14, 193 A+ Insurance & Travel p.278 A-House p.385 A-Z Adult Books p.185 A. Photographic p.61, 548 A.O.C. Wine Bar & Restaurant p.172 AA 90th District Intergroup p.622 AA Acadiana Central Office p.347 AA Central Office p.554 AA Central Ohio p.547

INDEX Abbey AA Central Service Committee of Eastern Mass p.371 AA Emerald Valley Intergroup p.563 AA Harrisburg Area Intergroup p.578 AA Huron Valley Intergroup p.394 AA in Santa Clara County p.216 AA Intergroup p.539, 612 AA Intergroup Key West p.267 AA Los Angeles Central office p.170 AA New Orleans Central Office p.348 AA Pittsburgh Area p.592 AA Rhode Island Central Service Committee p.600 AA Saint Paul & Suburban Area Intergroup p.409 AA Siouxland Intergroup p.335 AA Wichita Central Office p.339 AA Willamette Valley Intergroup p.573 AA Wiregrass Intergroup p.128 AA Worcester Area Intergroup p.392 AA: Central Service Office p.638 AA: Central Services p.558 AA: Coastal Bend Intergroup Association p.623 AA: Metrolina Intergroup Association p.527 AA: Northern Delaware Intergroup p.248 AA: Orange Country Central office p.185 AA: Richmond Intergroup p.662 AA: Rochester Area Intergroup p.518 AA: Southeastern Pennsylvania Intergroup Association p.585 AAA Wuxin Healing Arts p.42, 434 Aaah, The Views Bed & Breakfast p.298 Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center p.491 AASK Adopt A Special Kid p.149 Aawesome Retreat p.131 Abalone Cove p.162 Abbey p.172, 185, 492

2113 New York Avenue Flat p.463 212 Club p.618 224 Boston Street Restaurant p.372 229 Parks Restaurant & Tavern p.132 2300 Club p.662 24 Henry Guesthouse & Village House p.203 2606 p.281 27 Blake St p.57, 523 28 degrees p.372 29 Newbury p.372 3 Liberty Green Bed & Breakfast c.1734 p.235 3 Snaps! Resale Store p.138 300 East p.527 313 Raleigh p.534 315 Restaurant & Wine Bar p.466 3160 p.310 3160 Piano & Cabaret. p.310 340 Restaurant & Nightclub p.165 35 Live p.102, 692 35er p.172 360'S Bistro & Lounge p.306 39 Degrees p.223 3M People Like Us (PLUS) p.412 3rd Coast Downtown p.631 4 Friends Club-Bar p.281 4 Seasons Lodge p.326 4 Seasons/Outback p.349 40 Watt Club p.287 44 & X Hell's Kitchen p.494 1896 Omalley House p.347 440 Castro p.205 463 Beacon Street Guest 19 Bar p.409 1900 Inn on Montford p.523 House p.370 1905 Basin Park Hotel p.146 4cGLAD p.233 4th Street Bistro p.436 1906 Restaurant p.480 4x4 Pride p.202 1908 Ayres Inn p.638 5 Continents Bed & Break1st Class B&B p.298 fast p.347 1st Fridays p.684 5 Ojo Inn Bed & Breakfast 2 Note Perfumery p.34, 359 p.146 2 Village Square Inn p.356 5 Star Saloon p.436 2-Step MSP Country Dancers 5 Star Travel Services p.378 p.412 501 Eagle Tavern p.326 20 Oaks Cottages & RV 57th St Books p.312 p.155 5801 Video Lounge & Cafe 2015 Club p.638 p.593 20SomethingNYC p.510 5K AIDS /Cancer Run Walk 211 Palm Beach/Treasure p.502 Coast p.285 60 Thompson p.489

July 2012

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INDEX Abbey B&B Abbey B&B p.459 Abbey's Lantern Hill Inn p.239 Abbeygail's Boutique p.536 Abbondanza Italian Restaurant. p.267 ABC Tavern p.544 Abiding Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church p.264 Abilene AIDS Resources of Rural Texas p.617 Abingdon Guest House p.489 Abode Inspection Services p.144 Abound With Sounds DJ & JP Services p.438 About Face Theatre p.317 abOUT Magazine p.631 About Town Limo Co. p.70, 617 Aboveground Records: Tom Wilson Weinberg p.120 Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.323 Abramchik, Lois, LCSW p.52, 497 Abrams Chiropractic Clinic p.675 Abrams, Harvey, MD p.174 Abrams, Sheri R., PC p.75, 658 Abroad for Adventure Inc. p.67, 592 ABS - The Athlete Buddy System p.103 Absinthe Brasserie p.632 Absolute Abstract Gallery p.585 Absolute Oceanfront Condo p.299 Absolute Paradise B&B p.298 Absolute POP! p.585 AbsolutelyDarling p.111 Absolutli Goosed p.424 AbunDance Weddings p.446, 516 Abundance: A Hill Country River Retreat p.101, 642 Abundant Grace Church p.530 Acacia Rising Counseling p.562 Academic Professional Associations see:

Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional


Acadiana CARES p.347 ACBS Travel Agency p.257 ACCESS AIDS Care p.659 ACCESS Network, Inc. p.608 ACCESSline Newspaper p.331 Accessory Store p.243 Accolades Salon & Spa p.411 Accommodation Rental: Furnished / Vacation p.6-9, 11, 13-14, 19, 25, 29, 39-40, 49, 57, 63, 67, 72-73, 101, 105, 133-135, 141-143, 146-147, 151-152, 155, 162, 164, 167, 181-182, 184, 188-189, 192, 198, 204, 222, 226, 231, 233-234, 246, 249, 256-257, 259, 264, 267, 270, 274, 276-278, 280, 293-295, 298-302, 306, 309, 321, 340, 345, 348, 356-357, 379, 385, 393, 401, 404-405, 408, 419, 423, 429, 433, 442-443, 449, 460, 462-463, 466, 468, 470, 478-479, 490, 522, 524, 526, 530-531, 537, 552, 561-562, 566, 574, 584, 595, 599-600, 605-606, 610-611, 617, 624, 630, 638, 642-644, 648, 651-652, 654, 657, 664, 668, 670-671, 694-695 Accommodation: Communities, Intentional p.33, 74, 347, 652 Accommodation: Exchange/ Hospitality p.105 Accommodation: Hotels, Inns, Guesthouses, B&B, Resorts p.6-7, 14-15, 20, 22-24, 26, 28-30, 34, 36-37, 40, 43-44, 48-49, 51, 57, 62-63, 66, 68-71, 73-76, 78-80, 89, 101, 129-137, 141-142, 146, 148, 151-152, 155-156, 162-167, 170, 181-184, 188, 192, 195, 197-198, 203-204, 216, 219, 221, 223-226, 230-237, 239-240, 242-243, 245-246, 249, 256-259, 264, 266-267, 269-270, 273-274, 276, 278, 280, 286, 288, 293-298, 300, 302, 304-305, 309, 320-322, 325-326, 329-335, 340-343, 347-348, 351-356, 358, 360-361, 366-368, 370-371, 379-388, 396, 400-405, 407-409, 417-421, 423-424, 427-431, 433, 436-438, 440-443, 448-450, 455, 459-461, 463, 465-470, 474, 477-478, 487-489, 517, 522-524, 526-527, 529-531, 533, 536-537, 541, 544, 547, 551-554, 556, 558, 560-566, 574-580, 583-585, 592, 595-604, 606, 608-612, 614, 618, 623-624, 630-631, 636-638, 640, 642-644, 646-648, 650-654, 656-657, 659, 661-668, 670-671, 680, 683-687, 689, 691-692, 695-696 Accommodation: Reservations, Directories p.297, 654 Accommodation: Residential/ Sharing/ Roommates p.105, 371, 490 Accommodation: Retirement and/ or Assisted Living p.3, 9, 81-82, 105, 149, 170, 192, 526, 566, 690 Accord Alliance p.119 Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church p.656 Accountant, Inc. p.326 Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Services p.12, 16, 26, 35, 40, 42, 48, 51, 63, 105, 137, 170, 181, 189, 204, 216, 259, 274, 280, 288, 309, 326, 358, 366, 396, 409, 433, 446, 459, 466, 470, 490, 558, 566, 578, 592, 605, 618, 624, 659, 680 Accounting, Taxes & More, Inc p.280 Ace Hotel p.671 Ackerman, Scott, GRI p.342

INDEX Adam & Eve Coeur D'alene Ackert, John p.201 ACLU Eastern Missouri p.425 ACLU Nebraska p.430 ACLU of Arizona p.134 ACLU of Maine p.352 ACLU of Maryland p.361 ACLU of Massachusetts p.369 ACLU of Michigan p.393 ACLU of Minnesota p.406 ACLU of Montana p.427 ACLU of Nevada Northern Office p.437 ACLU of Nevada Southern Office p.434 ACLU of New Hampshire p.438 ACLU San Diego p.200 ACLU see American Civil Liberties Union p.131, 134, 146, 149, 200, 245, 256, 287, 304, 306, 323, 340, 350, 352, 361, 369, 393, 406, 418-419, 425, 427, 430, 434, 437-438, 444, 462, 504, 518, 523, 537, 539, 555, 563, 569, 574, 582, 593, 601, 604, 610, 617, 645-646, 655, 665, 684, 693, 695 ACLU Wyoming p.695 ACLU-DE Lesbian & Gay Project p.245 ACLU-Delaware p.245 Acorn B&B p.524, 638 Acorn Equality Fund p.322 ACT UP p.490 Act Up Philadelphia p.588 Action Builders & Remodelers p.587 ActionAIDS p.585 Active Solutions Counseling p.46, 454 Acton Jazz Cafe p.370 Acton MA see Acton/ Stow p.370 Actors Fund of America AIDS Volunteer Program p.105 Acupuncture see: AcupunctureWorks, Inc p.35, 366 AD Graphic Design p.126 Ada OH see Lima p.552 Adagio Health p.576 Adagio Health Erie p.576 Adam & Eve Boise p.305 Adam & Eve Coeur D'alene p.305

Health Care: Bodywork etc

Academy of Washington, Inc p.253

July 2012

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INDEX Adam & Eve Great Falls Adam & Eve Great Falls p.429 Adam & Eve Missoula p.429 Adam & Eve Mooresville p.531 Adam & Eve Nampa p.305 Adam & Eve Springfield p.427 Adam & Eve Three Forks p.430 Adam & Gillian's Sensual Whips & Toys, p.112, 503 Adam Foundation p.533 Adam's Apple p.396 p.109 Adams Avenue Grill p.198 Adams B&B p.370 Adams NY see Syracuse p.521 Adams Street/Pec's Lounge p.539 Adams, William, MD p.282 Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation p.91, 365 Addictive Behavior, Substance Abuse, Recovery p.12, 51, 60, 76, 83, 105, 127-129, 131-132, 134, 136-137, 145-146, 149-150, 152, 168, 170, 184-185, 189, 192, 195, 198, 204, 216, 219, 225-226, 234, 240, 248-249, 256, 259, 266-267, 270, 273, 277-278, 281, 286-288, 297, 302, 304, 306, 309-310, 326, 331-332, 334-336, 339-340, 343, 345-349, 352, 361-362, 368, 371, 388, 392, 394, 406-407, 409, 417-418, 421, 427, 430, 433, 436, 438, 443-444, 459-463, 469-470, 479, 490, 518, 526-527, 532-533, 537, 539, 541, 544, 547, 554-556, 558, 561, 563, 566, 573, 577-578, 580, 583, 585, 592, 600, 604, 608-609, 612, 614, 618, 622-624, 631, 637-638, 642, 646-648, 655, 659, 662, 671, 682, 684, 692, 695 Addison on Amelia p.256 Adelante Magazine p.81, 103 Adele Turner Inn p.602 Adkison, Shawn J, Attorney at Law p.557 Adler Travel p.241 Admiral Fell Inn p.361 Admiral's Inn Resort p.356 Admiral's Landing p.383 Adobe Desert Rentals p.142 Adobe Grand Villas p.141


Adobe Nido B&B p.463 Adobe on Green Street p.219 Adobe Rose Cafe p.567 Adobe Rose Inn p.142 Adobe Village Graham Inn p.141 Adobo Grill p.326 ADODI p.96, 507 Adonis p.542 Adonis Cinema Complex p.586 Adoption Related Services, Inc p.574 Adoption Services, Resources, Support p.3, 105, 149, 156, 170, 469, 490, 518, 574, 617, 671 Adora Inn p.274 ADR Studios, Inc. p.484 Adrian College Safe Place p.393 Adriatic Restaurant p.450 Adult Video Warehouse p.261, 286 Advanced Health Center p.656 Advanced Hearing Aids p.389 Advantage Tampa Bay Tennis p.285 Advent Lutheran Church p.514 Adventure Associates of WA, Inc p.6, 125 Adventure Bound Expeditions p.125, 224 Adventure Group p.572 Adventurers Florida p.256 Adventuring p.255 Adventuring Outdoors p.622 Advertising see:Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing p.48, 56, 68, 276, 469, 512, 603, 616, 681 Advice 5¢ p.529 Advocacy Center p.487 Advocacy Council for Human Rights p.307 The Advocate p.103 Advocates for Informed Choice p.116 Advocates for Sexual Equality at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis p.328 adyke (Ain't Dead Yet KickAzz Events) p.17, 212 Aerie Bed & Breakfast p.531 Aerie House & Beach Club p.383

INDEX AIDS Community Research Initiative of America Aging As Ourselves p.200 Agio Restaurant & Bar p.326 Agora Crisis Center p.463 Agosta, Annmarie, MSW, LCSW, CSW p.47, 455 Agoura High School GSAEquality Club p.154 Agoura Hills CA see Central Coast p.154 Aguaviva p.600 Aguglia, Joseph p.576 Aguilas p.86, 211 Ah Barista Cafe p.326 Ahimsa Dog Training p.678 Ahwahnee CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.163-164 AID Atlanta p.288 Aid For AIDS p.171 Aid for AIDS of Nevada p.432 AID Upstate p.606 AIDA Therapy p.251 AIDGwinnett p.294 AIDS Action Baltimore, Inc p.362 AIDS Action Coalition p.129 AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, Inc. p.368 AIDS Alabama p.127 AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families p.249 AIDS Arms Network p.624 AIDS Assistance Program p.189 AIDS Athens p.287 AIDS CARE p.518 AIDS Care Group of Chester p.585 AIDS Care Network of the Treasure Coast p.286 AIDS Care Ocean State p.600 AIDS Care Service p.532 AIDS CARE/Hampshire County p.388 AIDS Center at Hope House p.444 AIDS Center of Queens County p.491 AIDS Center of Queens County LIC I p.491 AIDS Coalition of Coastal Texas p.631 AIDS Coalition of Tulsa p.559 AIDS Community Health Center p.518 AIDS Community Research Consortium p.204 AIDS Community Research Initiative of America p.105

Aesop's Tables p.326 Aesthetique Laser Institute, Inc p.185 Aetna Network of GLBT Employees p.113 Affiliated Bigmen's Clubs, Inc p.117 Affiliated Mental Health Programs, Inc p.673 Affinity p.31, 90, 315 AFFIRM Network p.115 Affirmation (Mormon) p.140, 635 Affirmation DC: Gay & Lesbian Mormons p.254 Affirmation Gay & Lesbian Mormons: Salt Lake Chapter p.643 Affirmation LGBT Mormons San Diego p.202 Affirmation Minnesota p.406 Affirmation/Gay & Lesbian Mormons p.297 Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons p.121 Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons. p.572 Affirmation: United Methodists for LGBTQ Concerns p.121 Affirmations p.396 Affirmations Youth Empowerment Programs (YEP) p.399 Affirmations: A Center for Psychotherapy & Growth p.548 African American Office of Gay Concerns p.94, 456 African Ancestral Lesbians United for Societal Change, Inc. p.55, 96, 507 After 6 Locksmith p.33, 346 After Dark p.325 After Hours p.633 After-Words Bookstore p.312 p.3, 103 Afton House Inn p.408 Afton MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.408 Agapé MCC of Fort Worth p.629 Agape Missions p.310 AGAPE Missions Youth Zone (AYZ) p.317 Agape Network p.137 Agave p.495 Agawam MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.389

July 2012

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INDEX AIDS Community Resources AIDS Community Resources p.94, 97, 469, 522 AIDS Community Services of Western New York p.474 AIDS Community Services of WNY (Jamestown) p.469 AIDS Council of Northeastern NY p.470 AIDS Delaware p.248 AIDS Education Global Information System p.105 AIDS Emergency Fund p.204 AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc. p.631 AIDS Foundation of Chicago p.310 AIDS Fund p.585 AIDS Healthcare Foundation p.170 AIDS Help Inc p.267 AIDS History Project p.106, 205 AIDS HIV Legal Project p.343 AIDS Housing Alliance p.195 AIDS Housing Coalition Houston p.631 AIDS Institute p.105 AIDS Interfaith Ministries of Kentuckiana p.91, 343 AIDS Interfaith Network p.624 AIDS Interfaith Residential Services p.362 AIDS Law of Louisiana, Inc. p.345 AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania p.574 AIDS Leadership Foothills Area p.523 AIDS Legal Council of Chicago p.310 AIDS Legal Project p.290 AIDS Legal Referral Panel p.210 AIDS Legal Resource Project p.555 AIDS Legal Services p.216 AIDS Library of Philadelphia p.585 AIDS LifeCycle p.204 AIDS Ministries p.330 AIDS Network p.105, 687, 690 AIDS Network of Western New York p.474 AIDS Outreach Center p.624 AIDS Partnership Michigan p.396 AIDS Partnership, Inc p.281 AIDS Policy Project p.105


AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region p.441 AIDS Services Foundation p.185 AIDS Services in Asian Communities (ASIAC) p.99, 588 AIDS Services of Austin p.618 AIDS Services of Dallas p.624 AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod p.385 AIDS Support Network p.152 AIDS Task Force of the Upper Ohio Valley p.684 AIDS Task Force, Inc p.325 AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland p.544 AIDS United p.105 AIDS Volunteers, Inc. p.340 AIDS Walk Kansas City p.421 AIDS Walk New York p.501 AIDS Walk of Oklahoma City p.557 AIDS Walk San Diego p.198 AIDS Walk Washington p.251 AIDS Walk Wisconsin p.686 AIDS-Related Community Services p.479 AIDS/HIV also see:

INDEX Akron Steam & Sauna

AIDS Project East Bay p.156 AIDS Project Los Angeles p.170 AIDS Project New Haven p.240 AIDS Project of Central Iowa p.333 AIDS Project of Centre County p.597 AIDS Project of Clinton County p.582 AIDS Project of Southern Vermont p.647 AIDS Project of Southern Vermont - Bennington p.646 AIDS Project of the Ozarks p.419 AIDS Project Quad Cities p.332 AIDS Project Rhode Island p.600 AIDS Project Worcester p.392 AIDS Project/Hartford, Inc p.237 AIDS Quilt Rhode Island p.600 AIDS Research Alliance p.170 AIDS Resource Alliance, Inc. p.597 AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin p.407, 687, 689, 692, 694-695 AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc. p.687 AIDS Resource Center Ohio p.539 AIDS Resource Center Ohio Medical Center & Pharmacy p.547 AIDS Resource Center Ohio/ Columbus AIDS Task Force) p.547 AIDS Resource Council of SW Florida, inc p.264 AIDS Resource Group of Evansville, Inc p.324 AIDS Response Effort p.664 AIDS Response Seacoast p.438 AIDS Service Associaton of Pinellas p.281 AIDS Service Center p.171 AIDS Service Center NYC p.95, 490 AIDS Services Center Coalition p.343 AIDS Services Coalition p.418

AIDS/ HIV Services, Education & Support p.12, 15, 30, 44, 51, 76, 81, 83-86, 88-92, 94-95, 97-102, 105-106, 127, 129-132, 137, 141, 143, 146, 148, 150, 152, 156, 163-165, 168, 170-171, 181-182, 185, 189, 193, 195, 198, 204-205, 216, 218-219, 222, 224-226, 231-234, 236-237, 240-244, 248-249, 256-257, 259, 264-267, 270, 274, 276-279, 281, 286-288, 294-295, 297, 299-302, 304-308, 310, 321-326, 330-333, 335, 337, 339-343, 345-347, 349, 351-354, 356, 358, 360-362, 366, 368, 371-372, 379-382, 385-386, 388, 392-396, 400, 402, 406-407, 409, 418-421, 424, 427-433, 436, 438-439, 441, 444, 450, 456, 461, 463, 465-466, 469-471, 474, 479, 490-491, 518, 522-523, 527, 530-532, 534, 537-539, 541, 544, 547-548, 554-556, 559, 561-563, 565-566, 573-574, 576, 580, 582-583, 585, 592, 596-602, 604-612, 614, 617-618, 623-624, 630-631, 638, 640, 642-643, 646-647, 655, 657-659, 661-668, 671-672, 680, 682-685, 687, 689-690, 692, 694-696 AIDSNET p.580 Accommodation: Shelter Aiese, Fred, LCSW p.497 & Homeless Services Aiken Unitarian Universalist AIDS/ HIV Housing p.624 Church p.604 AIDS/HIV Housing Law Pro- Ainsworth House & Gardens ject p.314 p.573 AIDS/HIV Housing see: Ainsworth United Church of Berks AIDS Network p.574 Christ p.572 AIDS Services of Dallas Air Conditioning & p.624 Heating Services p.286 AIDS/HIV Nightline p.204 Air Conditioning see: Home & Building AIDS/HIV Services Group p.657 Air Force Academy - Blue Alliance, LGBT Alumni p.118, 212 Airline Adult Books p.350 Airport Bar & Grill p.682 Airport Bookmart p.613 Airport Chariot p.452 AJ's Bar & Grill p.25, 266 Ajuria, Jorge L., MD p.262 AK Haircolor & Design p.33, 353 AKBar p.172 Akbar Restaurant p.362 Akchin, Mark p.346 Akron Pride Center p.539 Akron Steam & Sauna p.540

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INDEX Akron Transgender Support Group Akron Transgender Support Group p.540 AKS Jewelry p.518 Al Dente p.600 Al Gamea p.92, 398 Al's on Seventh p.127 Al-Anon /Alateen p.585 Al-Anon Family Intergroup of Greater New York p.490 Al-Anon Information Services p.340 Al-Anon Service Center of Northern Virginia p.655 Al-Anon/Al-Ateen Information Services p.427 Al-Anon/Alateen p.234, 309, 346, 352, 418, 430, 600, 684 Al-Anon/Alateen Al-anon Family Groups Intergroup p.558 Al-Anon/Alateen Al-Anon Family Groups of Massachusetts p.368 Al-Anon/Alateen Al-Anon Family Servs of Middle Tennesee p.614 Al-Anon/Alateen Al-Anon Info Center p.331 Al-Anon/Alateen Al-Anon Info Service p.556 Al-Anon/Alateen Al-Anon Information Service p.131 Al-Anon/Alateen Information Service p.566 Al-Anon/Alateen Information Services p.532 Al-Anon/Alateen Information Services of Metrolina p.527 Al-Anon/Alateen Northern Nevada p.436 Al-Anon/Alateen Oahu AlAnon Info Services p.302 Al-Anon/Alateen Ohio Area Assembly p.539 Al-Anon/Alateen South Carolina p.604 Al-Anon/Alateen South Dakota p.608 Al-Anon/Alateen Southern Nevada p.433 Al-Anon/Alateen Vermont Information Services p.646 Al-Anon/Alateen Wyoming Al-Anon Intergroup p.695 Al-Fatiha Foundation p.81, 115 Alabama Gender Alliance p.127 Alabama Stonewall Democrats p.127


Albany NH see White Mountains Area p.443 Albany OR see Corvallis/ Albany p.62, 562 Albany UMC p.160 Albatross p.496 Albergo Allegria p.478 Albert Einstein College of Medicine EAGLBT p.510 Albert Shafsky House p.164 Albert, Guy, PhD, PSY20961 p.157 Albion College Break the Silence p.393 Albright, Jim p.187 Albright, Steven J, DDS p.674 Albuquerque Center for Peace & Justice p.464 Albuquerque Human Rights Office p.464 Albuquerque Pride p.464 Albuquerque Social Club p.463 Alburgh Springs VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.648 Alcatel-Lucent EQUAL! p.113 Alcazar Resort p.258 Alcoholic Anonymous Louisiana Area Assembly, Inc p.345 Alcoholics Anonymous p.131-132, 134, 219, 297, 309, 334, 362, 430, 433, 438, 533, 541, 555, 642, 684, 695 Alcoholics Anonymous Quad Cities p.332 Alcoholics Anonymous AA for New York State p.469 Alcoholics Anonymous Boone Intergroup p.526 Alcoholics Anonymous Broward County Intergroup, Inc. p.259 Alcoholics Anonymous Canton Area Intergroup Council p.539 Alcoholics Anonymous Central Service Office p.352 Alcoholics Anonymous Cleveland Central Office p.544 Alcoholics Anonymous Fort Worth Central Office p.624 Alcoholics Anonymous Huntsville Area 20 p.129 Alcoholics Anonymous Idaho Area 18 p.304

INDEX Alegria Alcoholics Anonymous Inter-Group of New York p.490 Alcoholics Anonymous Iowa Area 24 p.331 Alcoholics Anonymous Kentucky Area 26 p.340 Alcoholics Anonymous Maryland General Service p.361 Alcoholics Anonymous Medford /Rogue Valley Oregon Area p.561 Alcoholics Anonymous Mississippi (Area 37) p.418 Alcoholics Anonymous Montana Region Area 40 p.427 Alcoholics Anonymous New Mexico Central Office p.462 Alcoholics Anonymous Northern Illinois Service Area p.306 Alcoholics Anonymous Northern New Jersey Area 44 Intergroup p.461 Alcoholics Anonymous Portland Area Intergroup p.566 Alcoholics Anonymous Sonoma County Intergroup p.192 Alcoholics Anonymous South Carolina p.604 Alcoholics Anonymous South Orange County Central Office p.184 Alcoholics Anonymous Southern New Jersey p.443 Alcoholics Anonymous Ventura County Central Service Office p.152 Alcoholics Anonymous Vermont Intergroup p.646 Alcoholics Anonymous Western Mass Intergroup p.388 Alcoholics Together Center p.170 Alcoholism Center for Women p.12, 83, 170 Aldebaran Website Design p.78, 680 Alder Health Services p.578 Aldis The Travel Planner p.235 Aldo's After Party/Underground p.532 Aldo's Ristorante Italiano p.362 Aldrich Guest House p.320 Ale House Inn p.442 Aleatha's Restaurant p.460 Alegria p.494

Alamance Cares p.532 Alameda CA see East Bay Area p.9-11, 83, 156-160 Alameda County Leather Corps p.158 Alameda Lesbian Potluck Society p.11, 159 Alamo Area Resource Center p.638 Alamo City Men's Chorale p.639 Alamo City Wranglers p.639 Alan Gold's p.610 Alan Wong's p.302 Alano Club p.152, 566 Alanon/Al-Ateen p.409 Alanon/Al-Ateen Arizona Area p.134 Alanon/Al-Ateen Minnesota North Area Information Services Center p.407 Alaska Garden Gate B&B p.134 Alaska Guardhouse Lodging p.6, 133 Alaska Heavenly Lodge p.132 Alaska House of Jade Bed & Breakfast p.131 Alaska Ocean View Bed & Breakfast Inn p.134 Alaska Pride p.132 Alaska Red Fish Lodge p.7, 134 Alaska Suites Juneau p.133 Alaska Travel Source p.132 Alaska Women's Resource Center p.6, 132 Alaska's Capital Inn B&B p.133 Alaska's North Country Castle B & B p.131 Alaska/Yukon Trails p.133 Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association (Four A's) p.131 Alaskans Together for Equality, Inc p.131 Alaskans Together Foundation, Inc. p.131 Alba, David L p.451 Albany CA see East Bay Area p.10, 158, 160 Albany Damien Center p.470 Albany Foreign Auto Service p.471 Albany Front Runners & Walkers p.473 Albany Medical Center AIDS Program p.470

July 2012

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INDEX Alexander Foundation Alexander Foundation p.223 Alexander Hamilton American Legion Post 448 p.211 Alexander Hamilton House p.379 Alexander Hamilton House B&B p.477 Alexander Homestead Bed & Breakfast p.278 Alexander House Booklovers B&B p.367 Alexander Inn p.584 Alexander NC see Asheville Area p.524 Alexander's Country Inn p.666 Alexander's Guesthouse p.267 Alexander's of Jacksonville p.530 Alexander, Ashly, MA, GCREP-GL, Realtor, Green Certified p.35, 364 Alexander, Gary, MS p.434 Alexandre's p.624 Alexandria Adult Emporium p.346 Alexandria Gay & Lesbian Community Association p.655 Alexandria OH see Columbus Area p.547 Alexian Brothers AIDS Ministry p.310 Alexis Hotel p.671 Alfalfa Restaurant p.342 Alfonso Law p.27, 283 Alfred ME see Ogunquit Area p.357 Alfred Parish Church UCC p.357 Alfred University Spectrum p.473 Alfresco p.219 Algoma WI see Door County Area p.687 Algonquin Hotel p.489 Algonquin Regional High School Gay Straight Alliance p.391 Alhambra Beach Resort p.258 Alhambra CA see Los Angeles Area p.177 Alhambra High School GSA p.159 Alhambra High School Pride Alliance p.177 ALI (All Lifestyles Included) p.462 Ali Forney Center p.512


Ali'i Bluffs Windward B & B p.302 Ali, Ton A, Realtor, Broker p.344 Alibi p.162 Alibi East & Back Alley Bar p.165 Alibi's p.61, 556 Alice B Toklas Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club p.212 Alice's Carriage House B&B p.604 ALIVE (St Louis County) p.41, 425 Aliveness Project p.326, 409 Alki Congregational UCC p.679 Alki Sunshine B&B p.671 All About Guys p.353 All About Prevention p.353 All About Rainbows p.110 All God's Children Community Church p.660 All God's Children MCC p.414 All Heavenly Creatures Pet Crematory p.277 All Island Appraisal p.513 All Jersey Studios p.444 All Pets Aboard p.512 All Pilgrims Christian Church p.679 All Saints American Catholic Church p.202 All Saints Church p.292 All Saints Episcopal Church p.130, 179, 292, 328, 452 All Saints Episcopal Parish p.449 All Saints Parish p.155 All Saints' Church p.179, 416, 443 All Saints' Episcopal Church p.318 All Souls Bethlehem p.513 All Souls Church p.387, 648 All Souls Ecumenical Church p.582 All Souls Episcopal Parish p.160 All Souls UCC p.514 All Souls Unitarian Church p.254, 328, 560 All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church p.226, 609 All Souls Unitarian Universalist Community p.669 All Souls Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.242 All Souls UU Church p.422 All Star Moving & Storage p.505 All Star Specials (bowling) p.166 All Travel p.181 All Ways Lounge p.349 All Worlds Resort p.188 All-Ways Traveling, Inc p.464 Allaire Timbers Inn p.224 Allegheny College Queers 'n Allies p.582 Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church p.594 Allegro Chicago, a Kimpton Hotel p.309 Allen Avenue UU Church p.359 Allen Street Hardware Cafe p.474 Allen TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.628 Allen Wells Center for Pychotherapy & Healing p.455 Allen's Log Cabin Guest House p.321 Allen, Brady, MD p.626 Allen, Ginger p.34, 361 Allen, Rand p.201 Allentown Brew Works p.580 Allentown Goose p.581 Allentown PA see Lehigh Valley Area p.66, 580-582 Alley p.157, 372 Alley Cat p.602 Alley-McKay House B&B Inn p.636 ALLGO p.100, 617 Alliance Counseling p.245, 248 Alliance for Full Acceptance p.604 Alliance for GLBTQ Youth p.272 Alliance for Living - New London p.241 Alliance for Living - Norwich p.86, 242 Alliance of Aids Services Carolina p.523 Alliance School of Milwaukee p.693 Alliant International University Rockway Institute p.211 Allied Sexual Orientations (ALSO) p.552 Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV & AIDS p.304, 306 Allison Inn & Spa p.565

INDEX Alternative Adventures Allison, David Ian p.196 Allison, Judith S., LMHC p.25, 266 Allstar Lodging p.664 Allstate - Dawn Prince Agency p.17, 209 Ally Action p.159 Alma p.492 Alma College GSA p.393 Alma de Sedona Inn p.141 Almaden Hills United Methodist Church p.218 Alman, Isadora, MA, MFT license #MFC24319 p.10, 157 Almondy Inn p.601 Almost Home Inn Ogunquit p.356 Almost Home Pet Farm kennel-free boarding p.616 Aloha Bears p.303 Aloha Guest House p.297 Aloha Healing & Spiritual Center p.298 Aloha Healing Retreats p.29, 299 Aloha Inn Hawaii p.298 Aloha Kapoho Guest House p.299 Alonso's Restaurant p.362 Alonso, Reynaldo H, MD p.502 Alpen Dorf Motel p.146 Alper, Steven, DMD p.500 Alpha Boys Cabaret p.138 Alpha Omega Society p.546 Alpha Real Estate p.524 Alpharetta GA see Atlanta Area p.28, 290 Alpine Gardens Hotel p.188 Alpine Lodge p.469 Alsip IL see Chicago Area p.312 ALSO Out Youth p.279 Altadena CA see Los Angeles Area p.176, 179 Altadena Community Church UCC p.179 Altamonte Springs FL see Orlando Area p.275-276 Altbrandt, Robina, LCSW, MPH p.21, 240 Alter, Gary J, MD p.178 Alter, Jeff p.228 Alterations p.288 Alternating Currents p.542 Alternative Adventures p.65, 579

July 2012

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INDEX 703 Alternative Approach Counseling & Psychotherapy Associates Alternative Approach Counseling & Psychotherapy Associates p.454 Alternative Auto Care p.61, 548 Alternative Baker p.479 Alternative Choices p.66, 586 Alternative Club Inc p.639 Alternative Erotic Lifestyle (AEL) p.464 Alternative Theatre Company p.507 Alternative Yellow Pages, Inc. p.280 Alternatives p.350 Alternatives of New Fine Arts p.626 Alternatives to Domestic Violence p.45, 448 Alternatives to Marriage Project p.115 Altland's Ranch p.597 Altland, Philip E p.513 Alton IL see Saint Louis Area (MO & IL) p.41, 424-426 Alum Rock United Methodist Church p.218 Alumnae/i see:

Organizations/Resources: Student, Academic, Alumni/ ae advertisement p.123

INDEX Amistad Community Church American University GLBTA Alumni p.118, 253 American University GLBTA Resource Center p.253 American University Queers & Allies p.253 American Veterans for Equal Rights p.115, 190, 634 American Veterans for Equal Rights - Chicago p.315 American Veterans For Equal Rights - Florida Gold Coast Chapter p.262 American Veterans for Equal Rights Bataan Chapter p.464 American Veterans for Equal Rights New York p.508 American Veterans For Equal Rights NorthEastern Ohio p.540 Ameriprise Pride p.411 Ames Intergroup p.331 Ames Mennonite Church p.332 Amesbury MA see Merrimack Valley p.382 Amethyst p.60, 547 Amethyst Women's Project p.51, 490 AMG Enterprises DP, Inc p.178 Amherst College Pride Alliance p.390 Amherst College Rainbow Room p.390 Amherst Community Church p.475 Amherst H. Wilder Foundation GLBT & Allies Affinity Group p.411 Amherst MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.38, 389-391 Amherst NY see Buffalo/ Niagara Falls Area p.475 Amherst OH see Cleveland Area p.546 Amherst Pelham Regional High School Gay Straight Alliance p.390 Amici Trattoria p.189 Amici's Pizza & the Living Room p.396 Amico, Joseph, M.Div, CAS, LISAC p.648 Amidst the Hedges Inn p.522 Amigas Latinas p.31, 90, 315 Amistad Community Church p.92, 395

Amazing Eyes p.452 Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe p.407 Amazon Dragons Paddling Club p.64, 572 Amazon Radio p.21, 240 Amber Room p.441 Ambiente p.81, 103 Ambler PA see Philadelphia Area p.590 Ambrose Bierce House p.184 AMBUSH Mag p.345

advertisement p.349

Always Our Children p.389 Always Proud p.110 Alyson Adventures, Inc. p.125 Alyson Books p.121 Amado AZ see Tucson p.145 Amador City CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 Amagansett NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.497, 502 Amancio Project p.145 Amaranth Womyn Lesbian Community & Magazine p.5, 124 Amarillo Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.618 Amaryllis Promotions p.56, 512 Amasong p.30, 308 AmASSI Center p.84, 176 Amato, Paula, MD p.64, 569 Amato, Virginia M p.76, 666 Amazing Dreams Publishing p.121

Amelia's Underground Flying Society p.43, 438 Amelie's French Bakery & Cafe p.527 Amelio Real Estate p.50, 485 America's Finest City Softball League p.202 American Airlines GLEAM p.113 American Association of Law Librarians Standing Committee on Lesbian & Gay Issues p.113 American Association of Museums Alliance for Lesbian & Gay Concerns p.113 American Civil Liberties Union p.112, 504, 563, 569, 593, 601, 645, 655 American Civil Liberties Union Central PA Office p.582 American Civil Liberties Union for Western Massachusetts p.369 American Civil Liberties Union Northern California p.149 American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska p.131 American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas p.146 American Civil Liberties Union of Florida p.256 American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia p.287 American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho p.304 American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois p.306 American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana p.323 American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas & Western Missouri p.419 American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky p.340

American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi p.418 American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey p.444 American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico p.462 American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina p.523 American Civil Liberties Union of North Dakota p.537 American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio p.539 American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma p.555 American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania p.574 American Civil Liberties Union of South Carolina (ACLU) p.604 American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee p.610 American Civil Liberties Union of Texas p.617 American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont p.646 American Civil Liberties Union of Washington p.665 American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia Foundation p.684 American Civil Liberties Union Southern California p.149 American Civil Liberties Union-Wisconsin p.693 American Civil Liberties Union: Louisiana Affiliate p.350 American College Personnel Association Standing Committee for LGBT Awareness p.118 American Folklore Society LGBTQA Section p.113 American Foundation for AIDS Research p.105-106, 249, 491 American Friends Service Committee p.121 American Hotel p.478 American Indian Community House HIV/AIDS Program p.95, 490 American Male p.434 American Marketing Systems (AMS) p.204 American Psychological Association, Office of LGBT Concerns p.113 American Run for the End of AIDS p.490

July 2012

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INDEX Amistad United Church of Christ Amistad United Church of Christ p.221 Amlani, Alzak, PhD p.207 Amodie, Janet, PsyD p.52, 497 Amore Breakfast p.356 Ampersand Guesthouse p.383 AMS LGBTQ Study Group p.118 Amsterdam p.138, 288 Anaheim CA see Orange County p.85, 184-187 Anahola HI see Kauai p.300 Anam's p.25, 88, 270 Anamchara Faith Community p.344 Anastasia Cat Clinic p.278 Anchor p.339 Anchor Inn Beach House p.383 Anchorage Front Runners p.132 Anchorage GLBT Helpline p.131 Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.132 Ancient City Pride p.278 Ancient Way Cafe p.466 Andalucia Guesthouse p.599 Anderson OH see Cincinnati Area p.60, 542 Anderson, A Alene p.675 Anderson, Mark p.327 Anderson, Mary, PhD p.394 Andes NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477 Andon-Reid Inn Bed & Breakfast p.524 Andover MA see Merrimack Valley p.382 Andover Newton Theological School BGLANTS p.376 Andrea Kristina's Bookstore & Kafe p.465 Andrea's Furry Angels p.62, 559 Andrea's Maui Condos p.301 Andrew Jackson Hotel p.347 Andrew Whelan House p.203 Androgyny Center p.534 Aneros p.109 Angel Falls Coffee Company p.540 Angel Food East Inc p.479 Angelica Inn p.517


INDEX Arcadia Congregational Church

Appalachian State University TRANSaction p.526 Appelbaum, Jonathan S, MD, FACP p.279 Apple Blossom Inn p.163 Apple Orchard Inn p.142 Apple Pond Farm & Renewable Energy Education Center p.477 Apple Valley CA see Victorville p.222 Applebrook B&B p.440 Applebutter Inn p.651 Episcopalian Appleton WI see Fox Valley Angola NY see Buffalo/ Nip.79, 687-688 agara Falls Area p.49, Applewood Inn p.192 474-475 Applewood Restaurant Ankers, Alisha p.538 p.193 Ann Arbor MI see Ann ArApril's Home Improvement, bor/ Ypsilanti Area p.38-39, advertisement p.143 Inc. p.649 92, 393-395 Antioch CA see East Bay Aptos CA see Santa Cruz Ann Arbor Queer Aquatics Area p.160 Area p.86, 220 Swim Club p.395 Antioch TN see Nashville Aptos Community UMC Ann Arbor Rainbow Book Area p.616 p.220 Club p.394 Antique & Artisan Center Aptos High School Gay Ann Sather Restaurant p.310 p.243 Straight Alliance p.220 Ann's Point Inn p.354 Antiques & Collectibles AQU25A p.213 p.3, 106, 135, 219, 243, Anna Crusis Women's Choir Aqua Bar p.385 258-259, 302, 310, 450, 461, p.67, 588 Aqua Foundation for Women 479, 527 Anna Maria FL see Tampa p.25, 271 Antoinette's p.460 Bay Area p.280 Aqua Grill p.246 Anton's at The Swan p.583 Anna Maria Island BeachAqua Lounge p.227 front Rental p.280 Antonia's Restaurant p.267 Anna Maria Pasteria p.310 Antun's of Westchester Ca- Aqua Nightclub p.267 Aqua Terra Travel p.125 Annabessacook Farm B&B tering & Events p.482 Aquafest p.636 p.361 Anu Salon p.431 Annapolis MD see Annapo- Anuenue Plantation p.300 Aquamares p.598 lis/ Solomons Area p.34, Aquanuts the Club p.598 Anvil p.138 361 Aquarium Illusions, LLC Anvil Bar & Refuge p.632 Anne Arundel Community p.284 Anxiety & Stress ManageCollege Lambda p.361 Aquarius p.98, 551 ment Institute p.289 Annex p.638 Aquarius Restaurant p.219 Any Lab Test Now p.626 Annex Books p.327 Arab see: Apache Junction AZ see Annie Bloom's Books p.568 Phoenix Area p.7, 137 Organizations/Resources: Ethnic, Multicultural Annie''s Lavender & Coffee Apartment p.400 Cafe p.306 Aragon High School Gay Apex NC see Triangle Area Straight Alliance p.213 Annie's Paramount Steakp.536 house p.250 Arbeitman, Laura p.389 Aphrodite Wedding PhotogAnnville PA see Lebanon Arbor House Inn p.517 raphy p.43, 439 p.580 Arbor House Suites B&B Apollo Beach FL see Anodyne Coffeehouse p.409 Tampa Bay Area p.27, 283 p.638 Anoka MN see Minneapolis/ Apollo's p.138 Arbor Inn p.379, 409, 651 St Paul Area p.412 Arbor Pointe Veterinary HosAponte, Blanca p.50, 485 Anoka Ramsey Community pital p.396 Aponte, Blanca I. p.50, 485 College Gay Straight AlliArcade p.343 Appalachian MCC p.685 ance p.412 Arcadia p.205 Another Octave: Connecti- Appalachian State UniverArcadia CA see Los Angecut Women's Chorus p.20, sity LGBT Center p.526 les Area p.179 234 Appalachian State UniverArcadia Congregational Answer on Travel/CruiseA- sity SAGA p.526 Church p.179 holics p.436 Antebellum Gallery p.171 Antebellum Guest House p.347 Antelope CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.197 Antelope Valley AA p.150 Antelope Valley Metropolitan Community Church p.150 Anthony's By The Sea p.71, 623 Anthony's Town House p.36, 371 Anti-Violence Project p.31, 314 Anti-Violence Project - Long Island p.506 Antica Venezia Ristorante p.495 Antigone Books p.8, 143

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Angelica NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517-518 Angelina's Ristorante p.356 Angelis, Angie, PA p.271 Angels Camp CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.163-164 Angels of Hope Metropolitan Community Church p.689 Angelu's Cafe p.599 Angles Event Center p.556 Anglican see:

July 2012

INDEX Arcadia OK Arcadia OK see Oklahoma City Area p.556 Arcadia University PRIDE Gay & Straight Alliance p.589 Arcady Vineyard B&B & Wine Tours p.656 Arcata CA see Eureka/ Humboldt County p.162 Arch & Column Pub p.420 Arch Street United Methodist Church p.591 Archdiocesan Gay & Lesbian Outreach p.318 Archer's Poudre River Resort p.231 Architect's Inn p.601 Architectural Services p.143, 205, 308, 491, 659, 680 Architectural Trees p.535 Archive p.107 Archive for Men p.207 Archives see: NALGAP Collection p.443 Archives/ Libraries/ Museums/ History Projects p.3, 12, 51, 59, 75, 81, 87, 95, 106-107, 143, 152, 171, 195, 198, 205, 226, 239, 249, 256, 259, 270, 310, 325-326, 337, 340, 351, 369, 372, 409, 419, 471, 474, 491, 518, 534, 539, 544, 553, 559, 566, 585, 617, 631, 638, 665, 692 Archwood United Church of Christ p.547 Arco De Cuchilleros p.310 Arco iris Latino/a de Cristo p.97, 514 Arcus Foundation p.110, 393 Arden Forest Inn p.560 Arden Hills MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.414 Arden NC see Asheville Area p.58, 525 Ardesia Food & Wine Bar p.494 Ardmore Inn p.651 Ardmore PA see Philadelphia Area p.590 Argonauts of Wisconsin p.686 Argos p.551 Ariel's Restaurant & Pond Village Pub p.648 Arizona Frontunners & Walkers p.141 Arizona Frontunners /Runners and Walkers p.135


Aronson, Shirl p.76, 669 Aroostook County Action Program p.360 Arriba Ski & Snowboard Club p.180 Arrigo, Lisa, LCSW p.482 Arriverderci Ristorante p.198 Arrowhead Motel p.332 Arrows Restaurant p.356 Arroyo Grande CA see Central Coast p.154 Arroyo Seco NM see Taos p.468 Arroyo Vista Inn p.170 Art & Craft Galleries/ Archives/ Services, Supplies p.3, 34, 49, 108, 147, 152, 167, 171, 185, 205, 239, 270, 302, 308, 326, 355-356, 358, 381, 385, 409, 429, 450, 479, 491, 576, 585, 595, 602, 607, 614, 672, 686-687, 696 Art & Letters Cafe p.152 Art & Photography (see also Graphic Design) p.22, 28, 32, 61, 75, 107-108, 127, 149, 205, 244, 259, 281, 288, 297, 302, 339, 343, 358, 362, 409, 424, 433, 444, 450, 479, 491, 518, 548, 614, 657 Art & Soul p.601 Art Bar p.606, 692 Art Center College of Design: OUT Network p.178 Art institute International Minnesota LGBTOA Alliance p.412 Art Institute of Austin -Pride Alliance p.621 Art Institute of California Los Angeles Gay Straight Alliance p.178 Art Institute of California San Diego Gay Straight Alliance p.201 Art Institute of Colorado GLBTQ Alliance p.229 Organizations/Resources: Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Gay Straight Alliance Ethnic, Multicultural p.263 Armory Park Guesthouse Art Institute of Phoenix p.142 Armstrong Historic Proper- PRIDE p.140 Art League of Houston p.634 ties p.295 Armstrong, Ron E, Realtor Art Therapy p.61, 556 p.525 Artemis Adventure p.19, 230 Arnold MD see Annapolis/ Artemis Singers p.31, 314 Solomons Area p.361 Artemis Volunteers p.11, 159 Arocha, Jorge, LCSW p.271 Artful Dodger p.664 Aroma Coffee p.172 Artful Lodger Bed & BreakAroma Thyme Bistro p.480 fast p.428 Arizona Gay Rodeo Association p.135 Arizona Gay Volleyball p.135 Arizona Nude Dudes p.139 Arizona Royal Villa p.137 Arizona State University LGBTQA Services p.140 Arizona State University Ubiquity p.140 Arizona Sunburst Inn p.137 Arizona Women In Tune p.7, 139 Arizona's Custom Homes, LLC, (azroc 238838) p.139 Ariztical Entertainment Inc p.110 Ark, David p.364 Arkansas AIDS Foundation p.146 Arkansas Lesbian List p.9, 148 Arkansas Transgender Support p.146 Arkansas Valley Bed & Breakfast p.233 ARKTOS Bear Social Club p.546 Arlington Community Church p.161 Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance p.656 Arlington Heights IL see Chicago Area p.317 Arlington Inn p.650 Arlington MA see Boston Area p.371, 376 Arlington Street Church UU p.377 Arlington TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.624, 628 Arlington VA see p.656 Arlington VT see Green Mountains Area p.650-651 Armadillo Bar & Grill p.480 Armenian Gay & Lesbian Association p.96, 508 Armenian see:

INDEX Ashland NH Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre p.506 Arthur D. Calfee Insurance Agency, Inc p.379 Artichoke Cafe p.463 Artichoke Restaurant & Bar p.556 Artificial Insemination see:

Reproductive Medical Services, Sperm Banks

Artist House p.267 Artist Lake Retreat p.479 Artist's Studio Loft B&B p.671 Artistic Pursuits p.107 Artists' Loft B&B p.167 Arts B&B p.347 ArtsUnited, Inc p.259 Artz, Dewhirst & Wheeler, LLP p.549 Arugula p.237 Arvada CO see Denver Area p.227, 229 Arvada Mennonite Church p.229 Arvada UMC p.229 Asbell, Laura p.30, 78, 305, 681 Asbury Memorial UMC p.296 Asbury Park NJ see Jersey Shore p.450-452 Asbury Park Volleyball p.452 Asbury UMC p.140, 685 Asbury United Methodist Church p.486 Ascension & Holy Trinity Parish p.486 Ascension Lutheran Church p.629 Ash Cove Pottery p.3, 34, 108, 358 Ash Grove Mountain Cabins & Camping p.523 Ash Mill Farm Bed & Breakfast p.583 Asheville NC see Asheville Area p.57-58, 523-526 Asheville Purple Pages p.523 Asheville Seasons B&B p.523 Asheville Sleep Inn Biltmore West p.523 Asheville's Downtown Loft / Bird's Nest p.57, 524 Ashford Manor p.296 Ashland First Congregational United Church of Christ p.561 Ashland NH see p.438

July 2012

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INDEX Ashland OR Ashland OR see Ashland/ Medford Area p.62, 560-561 Ashram West p.179 Asia SF p.85, 206 ASIAC (Aids Services In Asian Communities) p.99, 585 Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS (APICHA) p.95, 490 Asian & Pacific Islander Family Pride p.83, 159 Asian & Pacific Islander Pride p.98, 570 Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center p.85, 204 Asian also see:

Asians & Friends Long Yang Club


Association of Gay & Lesbian Psychiatrists (AGLP) p.113 Association of Latino Men for Action p.90, 315 Association of Lesbian & Gay Affirmative Psychotherapists p.506 Association of Nurses in AIDS Care p.113 Association of Reproductive Health Professionals p.113 Association of Unity Churches International p.122 Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists p.122 Assumption College Allies p.392 Aster House Apts p.309 Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel p.302 Aston Waikiki Joy Hotel p.302 Astor Crowne Plaza p.347 Astoria NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.95, 496 ASTRAEA Lesbian Foundation for Justice p.4, 54, 110, 501 Astrology/ Numerology/ Tarot/ Psychic Readings p.3, 57, 70, 108, 524, 618 ASU LGBTQ Coalition p.140 Asuncion Ridge Vineyards & Inn p.151 At Journey's End p.278 At Melissa's B&B p.245 At Sara's Table: Chester Creek Cafe p.40, 407 At Wind Chimes Inn p.599 Atalanta's Music & Books p.135 Atascadero CA see Central Coast p.154 Atheneum Suite Hotel p.396 Athens Area PFLAG p.541 Athens NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477, 479 Atherton CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.212 Athletic Alliance of Chicago p.319 Athos p.471 Atkins, Patricia A, CRS Realtor p.63, 564 Atkinson Memorial Church p.572 Atkinson, Anne, LMT LA#3600 p.33, 350 Atkinson, Graeme p.454 Atkol Video /GayDVD p.126 Atlanta Bucks p.293 Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau p.288 Atlanta Eagle p.288 Atlanta Executive Network p.291 Atlanta Freedom Bands p.291 Atlanta GA see Atlanta Area p.27-28, 88-89, 288-293 Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (AGLCC) p.291 Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus p.291 Atlanta Gender Explorations p.292 Atlanta Hope & Wellness Center p.290 Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative p.28, 290 Atlanta Outworlders Inc. p.291 Atlanta Pride Committee p.291 Atlanta Prime Timers p.291 Atlanta Rainbow Trout p.293 Atlanta Rollergirls p.28, 293 Atlanta S/M Solidarity p.291 Atlanta Stonewall Democrats p.291 Atlanta Team Tennis Association p.293 Atlantic Alano Club p.168 Atlantic Beach NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.502 Atlantic Books p.460 Atlantic City NJ see Jersey Shore p.450 Atlantic Motorcycle Coordinating Council p.124 Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association p.255 Atlantis Events, Inc p.181 Atmosphere p.310 Atmosphere Ultra Lounge p.684 Atomic Boom p.260 Atomic Coffee p.538 Atomic Cowboy p.424 Atomic Grill p.466 Atonement Lutheran Church p.197 ATONS of Minneapolis p.411

INDEX Aunt Rita's Foundation Attic Youth Center p.590 Atticus Bookstore Cafe p.240 Atticus Circle p.620 Attitudes p.41, 424 Attleboro MA see p.370 Atwood House B&B p.541 Auberge by the Sea B&B p.358 Auburn AL see Auburn/ Opelika Area p.127 Auburn CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164-165 Auburn Hills MI see Detroit Area p.398 Auburn ME see Lewiston p.34, 355 Auburn Montgomery University Gay Straight Alliance p.130 Auburn NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517, 520 Auburn University Gay Straight Alliance - Spectrum p.127 Auburndale FL see Tampa Bay Area p.280, 283 Auction Services p.108, 438 Audace Men's Undergarments & Accessories p.108 Audre Lorde Project p.95, 488 Audrey's Inn p.135 Audria M. Edwards Scholarship Fund p.571 Audubon Inn p.692 Augsburg College Campus Ministry p.414 Augsburg College Queer & Straight in Unity p.412 Augsburgh College LGBTQIA Services p.412 August Seven Inn p.257 Augusta GA see Augusta GA/ North Augusta (SC) p.293 Augusta Pride, Inc. p.293 Augustana Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) p.333 Augustana Lutheran Church p.254, 318, 432, 572 Auld Sweet Olive B&B p.347 Aunt Charlie's Lounge p.206 Aunt Jenny's Guest House p.670 Aunt Rita's Foundation p.138

Asian Health Services p.83, 156 Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team p.83, 170 Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team/Turntable p.85, 185 Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women & Transgender Community (APIQWTC) p.10, 83, 159 Asian Pacific Islander Queers at UC Davis p.83, 156 Asian see:

Organizations/Resources: Ethnic, Multicultural

Asian/Pacific Gays & Friends p.84, 176 Asian/Pacific Islander Queers United for Action p.87, 252 Asians & Friends p.87, 252 Asians & Friends Chicago p.90, 315 Asians & Friends Cleveland p.98, 546 Asians & Friends Denver p.86, 229 Asians & Friends Houston p.101, 634 Aspen CO see Aspen Area p.223 Aspinquid p.356 Asseteria p.494 AssistHers p.72, 633 Association for LGBT Issues in Counseling p.113 Association of American Law Schools Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Issues p.118

July 2012

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INDEX Aunt Ruby's B&B Aunt Ruby's B&B p.347 Auntie Helen's Fluff'N Fold p.198 Auntie Helen's Thrift Shop p.199 Auntie M's Helping Hands p.502 Auntie Pasto's p.302 Aura Soma Lava Rejuvenation Center p.305 Auriemma, Marianne F., Esq p.44, 444 Aurora CO see Denver Area p.226-227, 229 Aurora IL see Chicago Area p.312, 315, 317-318 Aurora Park Cottages p.183 Aurora: A Northland Lesbian Center p.407 Aurum Jewelers p.474 Austin Babtist Women p.620 Austin Farm Cattery p.120 Austin Folk House p.618 Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce p.620 Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival p.620 Austin Pride p.620 Austin Tennis Club p.622 Austin TX see Austin Area p.70-71, 100, 618-622 Austin Vet Care p.622 Austin's Inn Place p.342 Austin, TX Lesbians Online p.71, 622 Australia New Zealand Pacific Specialists p.7, 141 Australian Bakery Cafe p.289 Australian Walkabout Inn p.580 Aut Bar p.394 Aut Social Group p.38, 394 Auto-Erotica p.208 Automobile Services p.24, 61, 74, 108, 137, 205, 227, 240, 259, 391, 471, 492, 548, 566, 582, 624, 648, 654, 695 Autumn Breeze Motor Lodge p.443 Autumn Breeze Restaurant p.147 Autumn Moon Cottage p.146 Avalon Breads Cafe p.396 Avalon CA see Catalina Island p.151 Avalon High School Purple Butterflies GSA p.413 Avalon Lily Pad p.151


Avalon NJ see Jersey Shore p.451 AvantGarden p.632 Avanti Cafe p.185 Avatar Club Los Angeles p.177 Aventura FL see Miami Area p.25, 271 Aventura Worldwide Transportation Service p.273 Avenue Grill p.227 Avenue Hotel B&B p.225 Avenue O B&B p.630 Avenue Pub p.518 Avenues for Homeless Youth p.413 AVER San Diego Chapter p.200 Aviation Associations see:

Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional

INDEX Ballou Law Partners Bad Habit Sports Bar & Grill p.337 Badlands p.195 Badlands Saloon p.433 Badpuppy Enterprises, Inc. p.109, 257 Baechtel Creek Inn & Spa p.182 Baer, inc, Mark B p.175 Baetz, Ruth, MSW p.76, 673 Bag Lady p.58, 528 Bagshaw, Bradley H p.675 Bahama NC see Triangle Area p.535 Bailey Boushay House p.672 Bailey House p.491 Baileys' Chocolate Bar p.424 Bain & Company Inc Gay & Lesbian Association for Diversity p.374 Bainbridge Island WA see Seattle Area p.76-77, 673, 678 Baird, Barbara J p.327 Baja Betty's p.198 Baja/Jersey City p.449 Baked NYC p.492 Baker, Elizabeth p.14, 190 Baker, Tony R p.144 Bakeries p.250, 440, 479, 492 Bakersfield LGBTQ p.150 Bakersville NC see Asheville Area p.525 Bal Harbour FL see Miami Area p.271 Balalaika Guest Homes p.192 Balanca's p.93, 421 Balboa Park Inn p.197 Balcony Club p.304 Balderson, Scott, LMFT, MFC 34280 p.207 Baldwin-Wallace Allies p.546 Baldwin-Wallace College GLBT Services p.546 Bali Cottage at Kehena Beach p.299 Ball, Karen p.61, 549 Ball, Wayne p.148 Ballard Vale United Church p.382 Ballew Consultation Services p.289 Ballgame p.692 Balloon Bouquets p.120 Balloon Imprinting Company of America p.120 Ballou Law Partners p.411

Aviv p.82, 140 Avon CO see Vail p.234 Avondale AZ see Phoenix Area p.140 Avondale Estates GA see Atlanta Area p.289, 291 AWOL p.548 Axe p.172 Axios - San Francisco p.213 Axis p.548 AZ2Somes p.140 Azalea Inn p.295 Azizian, Sonia p.42, 435 Azles: Arizona Lesbian's List p.7, 135 Azneer, Jay, DO p.282 - Lesbian Email Discussion Group p.7, 140 AZTECA Project p.85, 200 Azul Tapas Lounge & Georgie's Alibi p.189 Azur Restaurant p.267 B Bar p.494 B Magazine p.103 B Matthews p.295 B Ocean Fort Lauderdale p.258 B&B at Historic Page House Inn p.659 B&B at The William Lewis House p.249 B&D Burgers p.295 B&G (Bare & Gay) Club p.238 B'nai Israel p.94, 464 B-Bob's Downtown p.129 B-Side Tavern p.567 B.A.H. Media p.120

B.L.U.E.S. p.310 B.O.I. Marketing & Promotions, LLC p.23, 250 BAAD! The Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance p.506 Baba Yega Restaurant p.632 Babbitt's Books p.307 Babbling Brook Cottages p.595 Babe's of Carytown p.75, 662 Babeland p.54, 77, 501, 674 Babes Around Denver p.19, 227 Babes Around Denver aka BAD p.19, 229 Babes Network p.76, 672 Babette Schwartz p.199 Babilonia, Amindra, Esq p.55, 505 Babka, Nancy A p.64, 569 Babylon p.325 Babylon NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.488 Bacchus p.129 Bacchus Waikiki p.302 Bacchus Wine Bar p.636 Bach Law Firm p.434 Bachelor Forum p.518 Bachelor's Mill/Back Door Pub p.87, 250 Back Alley Pizza Joint p.404 Back Country Bettys p.20, 231 Back Door p.565 Back Porch Cafe p.246 Back Room store p.275 Back to the Basics Please p.145 Backdoor Cafe p.134 Backdoor Lounge p.93, 433 Backdraft Bar & Grill p.593 Backstreet p.397 Backstreet Cafe p.663 Backus, Meyer & Branch, LLP p.440 Backwoods Bears Club, Inc p.284 Backyard Cafe & Bar-b-cue p.129 Backyard Garden Oasis B&B Inn p.183 Bacon Mansion p.671 Bad Attitude Boutique: The Corset Store p.42, 434 Bad Dog p.424 Bad Girls p.64, 571

July 2012

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INDEX BALM Ministries BALM Ministries p.5, 122 Baltic Room p.672 Baltimore Black Pride, Inc. p.91, 363 Baltimore Eagle p.362 Baltimore Frontrunners & Walkers p.365 Baltimore MD see Baltimore Area p.34-35, 91, 361-365 Baltimore Men's Chorus p.363 Baltimore OUTLoud p.361 Baltimore Pride p.364 Baltimore Trans-Masculine Alliance p.364 Baltimore-Washington Area Reconciling United Methodists (B-Warm) p.254 Bamboo 52 p.495 Bamboo Lounge p.559 Bamboo Orchid Cottage B&B p.298 Bambusa Bar & Grill p.273 Banana Bay Resort & Marina p.267 Banana Cafe & Piano Bar p.250 Banana Cafe Restaurant p.267 Banana Video p.312 Bander, Ricki, PhD (CA Psychologist Lic. PSY7652) p.12, 173 Bandera TX see San Antonio Area p.72, 638 Bandler, Arleen, LCSW-R p.49, 482 BandTogether p.425 BANG: Boston Area Naturist Group p.375 Bangkok 5 p.189 Bangkok Orchid p.625 Bann p.495 Banned Bookstore p.258 Banyan Resort p.267 Baptist see:


Barnstable MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.380 Barracks p.189, 690 Barracuda p.494 Barrage p.494 Barrel 87 p.278 Barrera, Debbie p.70, 621 Barret, Bob p.528 Barricuda's p.227 Barrio Cafe p.138 Barry University PRIDE p.272 Barryville NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477, 480 Bars, Cafes, Clubs & Club Organizers, Restaurants p.7, 9-12, 14-16, 18-21, 23-30, 32-37, 39-42, 47, 49, 51, 58-63, 65-73, 75-76, 78-79, 82-95, 97-102, 108, 127-138, 142-143, 147-150, 152-153, 156-157, 162-165, 167-168, 171-173, 181-185, 189, 191, 193, 195, 198-199, 205-207, 216, 219, 221-225, 227, 231-234, 236-237, 239-241, 243-244, 246-248, 250, 256-261, 264-268, 270-271, 273-279, 281-282, 286-289, 293-296, 299-304, 306-308, 310-312, 320-327, 329-339, 342-343, 345-347, 349-352, 354, 356-358, 360, 362, 365-367, 370, 372, 379, 381-382, 385, 387-389, 391-392, 394-397, 400, 402-405, 407-410, 418-421, 423-424, 427-431, 433, 436, 440-443, 446-451, 454-456, 459-461, 463, 465-468, 470-471, 473-474, 476, 479-481, 487, 492-496, 517-518, 521-522, 524-525, 527, 529-532, 534, 537-542, 544, 548, 551-557, 559, 561-563, 565-568, 573-576, 578-581, 583, 585-586, 593, 595-602, 604-612, 614, 618-619, 623-625, 630-632, 636-640, 642, 644, 646-649, 651-653, 656-659, 661-664, 666-668, 671-673, 680-690, 692, 694-696 Bartlett, Paul B, PC p.144 Bartley's Dockside Dining p.356 Barton Hill Hotel & Spa p.474 Barton's Angels, Inc. p.390 Barz p.481 Basement p.388 Basement Lounge p.168 Bashert p.102, 679

INDEX Bay Area Reporter BASIC NWFL, Inc. p.276 Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) p.560 Basic Rights Oregon Eugene Office p.564 Basin Harbor Club p.651 Basix Cafe p.172 Baskets-N-Beyond p.461 Bass Harbor ME see Down East, Acadia, Mount Desert Isle p.354 Bass, Linda p.28, 290 Bassett, Jane p.38, 394 Bastas Trattoria & Bar p.567 Batcheller Mansion Inn p.470 Bates College outFront p.355 Bathsheba's Sexy Fashion p.108 Baton Rouge AIDS Society (BRASS)z p.346 Baton Show Lounge p.310 Battalion Motorcycle Corps p.629 Batten, Connie, LMFT p.18, 219 Batten, Rhonda C, MA, LPC p.529 Battenkill Books p.470 Batteries Not Included p.30, 312 Battle Ground IN see Lafayette p.329 Battlefield Bed & Breakfast Inn p.577 Batucada p.599 Bauer, Jawn J p.324 Baugh, Stephen, MD p.569 Bauman, Kimberley p.76, 669 Bavarian Lodge B&B p.280 Baxter's p.281 Baxter, Rev. Rebecca p.49, 475 Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits p.86, 211 Bay Area Inclusion p.130 Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (BALiF) p.210, 217 Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee (BAYMEC) p.217 Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights p.210 Bay Area Rainbow Symphony p.211 Bay Area Reporter p.203

Bar Complex p.342 Bar Fly p.226 Bar Food p.295 Bar Harbor ME see Down East, Acadia, Mount Desert Isle p.354 Bar Louis p.595 Bar Monet p.542 Bar Night Club p.240 Bar None p.631 Bar of Modern Art p.548 Bar Seven p.89, 302 Bar Talk p.638 Bar-tini Ultra Lounge p.495 Barbara Gittings Delaware Stonewall Democrats p.248 Barbara's Bookstore p.312 Barbara's Guest House p.386 Barbara's Pavilion p.624 Barbarella p.619 Barbarella Lounge p.281 Barbary p.585 Barbary Coast Cloggers p.211 Barber's Florist & Greenhouses p.321 Barberini, Bonnie, Broker p.435 Barbette p.409 Barcan, Jeremy p.161 BARcelona p.327 Barcode p.662 Barcodes p.274 Bardonia NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.483 Bare at Cobalt p.23, 250 Bare Essentials-Fantasy Fashions p.434 Bare Indy Boys p.323 Bare Wall Gallery p.578 Barefoot Appraisal p.25, 269 Barefoot Travelers Rooms p.599 Barjon's Books, Music & Religious Organizations & Gifts p.428 Publications Barker Lounge p.227 Bar p.27, 286 Barmont Cattery p.277 Bar & Kitchen LA p.170 Barnaby's p.481 Bar 1 p.138 Barnaby's Cafe p.632 Bar 4 p.492 Barnacle Busters Scuba Bar 704 p.578 Club p.180 Bar 821 p.206 Barnard p.70, 616 Bar at 316 p.527 Barnard College Q p.56, 511 Bar Basic p.206 Barnardsville NC see Bar Blue p.329 Asheville Area p.523 Bar Centrale p.494

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INDEX Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church/ Interweave Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church/Interweave p.635 Bay Area Young Positives p.204 Bay Book Company p.207 Bay Breeze Villa p.654 Bay Cafe p.671 Bay City MI see Bay City/ Midland/ Saginaw Area p.395-396 Bay Head NJ see Jersey Shore p.450 Bay Leaf Cafe p.609 Bay Leaf Restaurant p.580 Bay Path College Alliance p.390 Bay Port Lodging p.400 Bay Rum Breeze p.654 Bay School of San Francisco Gay Straight Alliance p.212 Bay Shore NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.56, 488, 492, 501, 503-504, 506, 509-510, 512-514, 516 Bay State Marauders p.373 Bay State Stonewall Democrats p.369 Bay Windows p.368 Bayberry Accommodations p.383 Bayfront Marin House p.278 Bayfront Westcott House p.278 BayLands FrontRunners p.215 Bayou City Bar & Grille p.632 Bayou City Boys Club p.633 Bayou City Chorale p.634 Bayou City Performing Arts p.634 Bayou City Women's Choir p.72, 634 Bayshore p.383 Bayside Bare Boys p.217 Bayside Betsy's p.385 Bayside CA see Eureka/ Humboldt County p.11, 162 BBQ King p.492 BC-MEN: Beach Cities Men Enjoying Naturism p.177, 186 Be-All p.317 Beach Betty's p.24, 259 Beach Bungalow p.256 Beach Drive Inn B&B p.280 Beach Haven NJ see Jersey Shore p.450


Bears of the Old Pueblo p.144 Bears of the West p.140 Bears San Diego p.201 Bears see:

INDEX Belly Up Being Alive p.198 Being Alive West Hollywood p.171 Bel Shore Florist p.168 Bela Vegetarian Restaurant p.388 Belair Inn p.468 Belaray Dermatology p.502 Belchertown MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.391 Belchertown UCC p.391 Belgrade MT see Bozeman p.428 Belhue Press p.121 Believe OutLoud p.122 Bell House, The p.492 Bell Street Chapel p.603 Bell, Kelly L, MS, LMFT p.153 Bell, Robbie H p.615 Bella Books p.5, 121 Bella Caffé p.692 Bella Casa Realty, Inc p.64, 571 Bella Roma Pizza p.135 Bella Vista p.642 Bella Vista B&B p.334 Bellaire B&B p.396 Belle Pepper's B&B p.565 Belleville Bistro & Lounge p.492 Belleville Congregational Church p.382 Belleville IL see Saint Louis Area (MO & IL) p.424, 426 Belleville NJ see Newark Area p.456 Belleville WI see Madison Area p.689 Bellevue First UMC p.678 Bellevue House p.601 Bellevue KY see Cincinnati Area p.541, 543 Bellevue WA see Seattle Area p.76, 671-673, 675, 678 Bellflower CA see Long Beach p.168-169 Bellingham Pride p.666 Bellmore NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.488, 512 Bellsey, Joan, LICSW-C, CAC p.23, 251 Bellville, David, PhD p.353 Bellvue CO see Fort Collins/ Loveland Area p.231 Belly Up p.223

Beach House Grill p.356 Beach Hut B&B p.197 Beach Market & Gale Force Bike Rental p.385 Beach Point Club & Waterside Cottages p.385 BeachFire Bar & Grille p.356 Beachhead Restaurant p.240 Beachwood OH see Cleveland Area p.98, 546 Beacon p.495 Beacon Hotel & Corporate Quarters p.249 Beacon NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480, 485-486 Beacon of Hope Ministries p.284 Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.136 Beaconlight Guesthouse p.383 Beagle Tavern p.585 Beal House Inn, Restaurant & Piano Bar p.443 Beamers Pub p.470 Beaner's Central p.407 Beantown Bowling League p.378 Beantown Soft-Tip Dart League p.378 Beantown Softball League p.378 Bear & Boar Bed & Breakfast Resort p.342 Bear Albany p.472 Bear Club 4 Men p.688 Bear E Patch Cafe p.605 Bear Facts Adult Book Store p.166 Bear Lair Lodge p.429 Bear Night at Numbers p.198 Bear Pond Books p.653 Bear Radio Network p.108 Bear Tooth Theatre Pub & Grill p.131 Bear Wax p.262 Bear Wear Etc p.189 Bear's Den p.167 Bearfoot Inn p.188 Bearracuda p.207, 227 Bears of Los Angeles p.177 Bears of Manana p.464 Bears of San Antonio p.640 Bears of San Francisco p.212 Bears of South Florida p.256

Organizations/Resources: Social, Recreational & Support Groups

Cubby Hole p.260 Steel City Centurions p.128 Bears Ventura p.154 Beast p.492 Beat AIDS Coalition Trust p.638 Beat Kitchen p.310 Beauclaire's Bed & Breakfast p.459 Beaufort SC see Hilton Head Area p.608 Beaulier, Maury D p.411 Beauport Inn p.356 Beautiful Calligraphy by Lianda p.126 Beaver Dam Campground p.34, 353 Beaver Memorial UMC p.582 Beaver's p.71, 632 Beaverbrook Cottage p.479 Beaverton OR see Portland Area p.64, 566, 568, 570-571 Beazley House B&B Inn p.184 Beck's Motor Lodge p.203 Becker College Sassy p.392 Becker, Christine, LICSW, BCD p.381 Beckman, Deborah, MS, LPC, NCC p.71, 625 Becky Bowles & Rhonda Mann p.14, 191 Bed & Breakfast on Broadway p.671 Bed and Breakfast Associates Bay Colony p.370 Bed by the Stream p.478 Bedford MA see Boston Area p.376 Beds on Clouds p.478 Bedtyme Stories p.525, 604 Beech Street Grill p.256 Beechwood Manor Inn & Cottage p.404 Beef p.103 Beer Island p.632 Beggs, J Randy, PhD p.289 Begley, James, DDS, PA p.282 Beiger Mansion Inn p.330

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INDEX Belmar NJ Belmar NJ see Jersey Shore p.450-451 Belmont CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.212-213 Belmont MA see Boston Area p.36, 373, 375, 377 Belmont NC see Charlotte Area p.527 Belmont University - Belmont Against Racism - Gay Straighe Alliance Committee p.375 Belmont University Bridge Builders p.616 Beloit College Alliance p.687 Beloved Community Church p.128 Beloved Disciple Independent Catholic Community p.364 Below p.227 Below Zero Lounge p.542 Belt MT see Great Falls p.429 Belt, Steven, MD p.456 Beltway Bears p.366 Belvedere Guest House for Men p.489 Belvedere House Bed & Breakfast p.203 Belvidere at Broad p.662 Bemidji State University Phoenix p.407 Ben Lomond CA see Santa Cruz Area p.220 Ben Maddox House p.221 Ben Wheeler TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.624 Bench & Bar p.83, 157 Benchmark Inn p.383 Bend of Ivy Lodge p.524 Bendalin, Sherman R p.139 Bender, Linda, MC, LPC p.7-8, 138, 142 Benedict House p.474 Benedon, Stacey p.264 Beneficent Congregational Church p.603 Benicia CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.203, 207, 213 Benjamin F. Packard House p.353 Benjamin Wales House Bed & Breakfast p.352 Benn Conger Inn p.517 Bennett & Erdman p.175 Benny's Restaurante y Cantina p.227


Benoit, Steve, Realtor p.464 Bensalem PA see Philadelphia Area p.585 Bent Alaska p.131 Bent Arts p.677 Bent Lens p.224 Bent Pages p.52, 496

advertisement p.497

INDEX Bevanda Bethany UCC p.653 Bethany UMC p.691 Bethany United Church of Christ p.679 Bethany United Methodist Church p.214 Bethel Avenue Book Company p.670 Bethel Church UCC p.635 Bethel College Mennonite Church p.338 Bethel Congregational UCC p.571 Bethel CT see Danbury p.236 Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church p.414 Bethel Lutheran Church p.140, 179, 426 Bethel NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49, 477, 479-480 Bethel Pizza House p.236 Bethel Street Gallery p.302 Bethel UCC p.656 Bethesda Lutheran Church p.241, 679 Bethesda MD see Bethesda/ Rockville Area p.91, 365 Bethlehem Brew Works p.580 Bethlehem Lutheran Church p.513 Bethlehem NH see White Mountains Area p.44, 443 Bethlehem PA see Lehigh Valley Area p.580-582 Betron, Deborah, Principal Broker, p.64, 571 Better Bodies Fitness Consultants p.426 Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Anderson Properties p.621 Better Plumber & Sewer Company Inc p.313 Bettiker, Robert, MD p.587 Betty Burgers p.219 Betty's Beach Cafe p.301 Betty's List p.203 Betty's Outrageous Adventures p.42, 435 Between The Lines Newspaper p.392 Bev's Jook Joint p.407 Bev's Wine Bar p.409 Bevanda p.537

BentCarGuys p.677 Bentley Inn p.450 Bentley University PRIDE p.376 Bentley's House of Coffee & Tea p.143 Bentley-Wheeler B&B p.689 Benton Harbor MI see Saint Joseph p.404 Bentonville AR see Fayetteville Area p.8, 148 Berea College Gay Straight Alliance p.340 Berea OH see Cleveland Area p.546 Bergé, Peter I, Esq p.94, 444 Bergen Community College GLBT Alliance p.457 Bergen, Bruce H, Esq p.447 Bergstedt, Spencer p.675 Bering Memorial United Methodist Church, p.635 Bering Omega Community Services p.631 Bering Support Network p.633 Beringer, Patrick, Realtor p.678 Berk & Moss, PC p.290 Berkeley CA see East Bay Area p.10-11, 83, 156-160 Berkeley Community Church p.229 Berkeley Free Clinic p.158 Berklee College of Music BUGLE p.375 Berkley MI see Detroit Area p.396 Berks AIDS Network p.574 Berks Gay Mens Social Group p.581 Berkshire 1802 House B&B p.388 Berkshire Stonewall Community Coalition p.390 Berlin p.310 Berman, P Leslie, LICSW p.36, 373 Bermuda Triangle p.72, 638 Bernard's Tavern p.548 Berner, Terry p.645

Berney/Fly Bed & Breakfast p.129 Bernie's Bungalow p.131 Berns-Jensen, Elizabeth J p.675 Bernstein & Auerbach, D.M.D. p.483 Bernstein, Mariposa, L.Ac,DAOM p.18, 220 Berrien UU Fellowship p.404 Berrizbeitia, Lauren, LCSW p.73, 649 Berry Memorial United Methodist Church p.318 Berwyn IL see Chicago Area p.316 Besaws p.567 Beside The Pointe p.599 Bessie's p.356 Best Car Care p.582 Best Chicago Properties, LLC, p.317 Best Friends Club p.625 Best Promotional Advertising p.144 Best Video p.241 Best Western Hawthorne Terrace p.309 Best Western Laguna Plus Brisas Spa Hotel p.184 BESTD Clinic p.692 Bet Mishpachah p.87, 254 Bet Tikvah p.99, 594 Beta Phi Omega Beta Delta Chapter p.67, 99, 589 Beta Phi Omega Beta Gamma Chapter p.31, 90, 316 Beta Phi Omega Sorority Beta Iota Chapter p.26, 88, 272 Beth Allen Law PC p.64, 569 Beth Chayim Chadashim p.84, 179 Beth El Congregation p.91, 364 Beth Jacob Congregation p.83, 161 Beth Jacob Synagogue p.101, 653 Bethany Chicago UCC p.318 Bethany Christian Church p.560 Bethany College Gay Straight Alliance p.684 Bethany Lutheran Church p.414 Bethany Place p.424 Bethany Presbyterian Church p.681

July 2012

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INDEX Beverly Hills CA Beverly Hills CA see Los Angeles Area p.13, 170-171, 173-175, 178-180 Beverly Hills Egg Donation p.13, 180 Beverly MA see North Shore Area p.382-383 Bewitched & BEDazzled B&B p.245 Bexar Men p.640 Beyond & Back, Inc p.257 Beyond The Binary at UCSB p.154 Beyond The Dawn - Illuminating Your Future p.12, 173 Beyond the Edge p.614 Beyond the Rainbow Wall p.473 Beyond Vanilla p.626 Beyondmedia Education Q'D in Media p.317 BGLAD p.678 BGS Services, Inc. p.51, 490 BHT Helpline p.249 Bi Cities p.410 Bi IN Northern New England (BINNE) p.352 Bi Lines On Line p.658 Bi MEN Network p.113 Bi-Perspective p.506 Bibbens, Lisa p.8, 144 Bible School Park NY see Binghamton p.473 Bicycling see:


Birch Creek Inn p.691 Birchbark Books & Native Arts p.410 Birchmont Motel p.40, 403 Birchwood Cafe p.409 Bird's Nest Bed & Breakfast p.388 Birds & Beasleys p.429 BiRequest p.506 Birmingham AIDS Outreach p.127 Birmingham MI see Detroit Area p.398-399 Birmingham Shout p.128 Birmingham Southern College Allies p.128 Birmingham Temple p.92, 399 Birmingham Unitarian Church p.399 Bisbee AZ see Bisbee/ Sierra Vista Area p.7, 135 Bisbee Pride p.135 Biscuit Palace Guest House p.348 Bisexual Alliance of St Louis p.425 Bisexual Network of Arizona p.134 Bisexual Organizing Project p.113, 406 Bisexual Resource Center p.374 Bismarck-Mandan Unitarian Universalist Fellowship & Church p.538 Bissell House p.170 Bissell Mansion Restaurant & Dinner Theatre p.424 Bissette, David C, PsyD p.655 Bistany, David J p.449 Bistro p.307 Bistro 303 p.421 Bistro Aix p.266 Bistro Bobette p.662 Bistro Henry p.651 Bistro Ole p.450 Bistro Sauce p.649 Bitch p.3, 103 Bitch Mode Productions Tshirts p.4, 108 Bittersweet p.157 Bittersweet Cottage & Suite p.524 Bitticks Carpets & Interiors, Inc. p.216 BiUnity p.588 Biversity Boston p.374

INDEX Blackbird BJ Roosters p.288 BJ's NXS! p.624 Black & White Men Together Detroit (BWMT) p.92, 398 Black & White Men Together of Southern CA (BWMTSC) p.83, 169 Black & White Men TogetherMilwaukee p.102, 693 Black AIDS Institute p.81, 106 Black also see:


Big Easy Rollergirls p.33, 351 Big Flats NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.520 Big Gay Book Group p.253 Big Gay Frisbee p.180 Big Gay Hudson Valley p.477 Big Gay Ice Cream Truck / Shop p.494 Big Hat Books p.327 Big Kitchen Cafe p.198 Big Mike's Coffee p.625 Big Oak Flat CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.11, 164 Big Ruby's Guesthouse p.267 Big Sky Cafe p.152 BiGALA p.427 BIGC: Bisexual Initiative of Greater Cleveland p.545 Bigfoot Lodge p.12, 172 Biggest Little Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence p.436 Bijou Theatre p.312 Bike Rack p.255 Bike Stop p.585 Bill Wilson Center p.218 Bill's Filling Station p.260 Billerica MA see Merrimack Valley p.382 Billie's Backpackers Hostel p.132 Billie's Black p.494 Sports & Outdoor Billings UU Fellowship p.428 Biddeford High School Gay Billingsley, Gaelen E, LMFT Straight Alliance p.353 p.673 Bielefeld, Marie, PhD p.60, Billy DeFrank LGBT Commu544 nity Center p.216 Bienestar Human Services p.83-84, 165, 168, 170-171 Billy's p.352 Billys p.150 Big Apple Circus p.500 Big Apple Dodgeball p.515 Biltmore Greensboro Hotel p.531 Big Apple Ranch p.507 Biltmore Village Inn p.523 Big Apple Softball League BiNet Austin p.620 p.515 Big Bear Lake CA see Big BiNet Seattle p.676 BiNet USA p.113 Bear/ Lake Arrowhead Area p.151 Binetti & Associates, Inc p.459 Big Bend Cares p.279 Big Blue House Tucson Bou- Bingham Farms MI see Detroit Area p.39, 398 tique Inn p.142 Binghamton Area Rainbow Big Chicks p.310 Association p.473 Big Crank Cycling Club Binghamton Congregation p.427 of MCCNY p.473 Big Creek Stables & Big Binghamton Pride Coalition Creek Outpost p.611 p.473 Big Daddy's p.349 Big Daddy's Burritos p.385 Binks, Sidney W, PhD p.251 Bintliff's Ogunquit p.356

July 2012

Black Bamboo Hawaii p.297 Black Bear Camp Men's Retreat p.127 Black Bear Inn p.167, 648 Black Bear Saloon p.481 Black Boar Inn p.356 Black Cat p.250 Black Coalition on AIDS p.85, 204 Black Crown Piano Lounge p.227 Black Diamond Bar & Supper Club p.429 Black Dog Coffee & Wine Bar p.410 Black Gay & Lesbian Archive p.81, 95, 106, 491 Black Gay Elders Group p.96, 509 Black Guard of Minneapolis p.411 Black Hawk Leather p.633 Black Hills Center for Equality p.609 Black Mountain Chalet p.524 Black Mountain NC see Asheville Area p.523, 525 Black Pearl Inn p.383 Black Pride Society p.92, 398 Black Rose p.253 Black see:

Organizations/Resources: Ethnic, Multicultural

Black Sheep p.561 Black Sheep Bakery Cawfeeshop p.567 Black Sheep Inn p.517 Black Sheep Pub & Restaurant p.561 Black Tie Dinner, Inc. p.626 Black Transmen p.101, 628 Black Walnut Inn & Stables p.595 Black Walnut Point Inn p.368 Black, John, Realtor p.248 Blackbird p.205, 409

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INDEX Blacksmith Restaurant Blacksmith Restaurant p.562 Blackstone Hotsprings p.468 Blackstones p.358 Blackwater Campground p.665 Blackwood, Eileen M p.649 Blade p.281 Blade California p.149 Blaesing & Diaz, P.A. p.27, 283 Blair House Inn p.642 Blair, Ralph p.497 Blairsville PA see Pittsburgh Area p.594 Blake's Books p.162 Blake's on the Park p.288 Blanche p.493 BlancNoir p.361 Blauvelt NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.485 Blaze Restaurant p.602 Blazing River Freedom Band p.545 Blazing Saddle p.333 Blazing Saddles Hawaii p.303 Blechner, Mark J, PhD p.497 Blessed Family of God Church p.530 Blind LGBT Pride International p.113 Bliss Atlanta p.288 Bliss/ReBAR p.138 BLK Media Services p.81, 84, 111, 174 Block Party p.174 Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant & Bookstore p.20, 235 Bloom in the Desert Ministries UCC p.191 Bloom, Daniel, JD, LCSW p.498 Bloomfield CT see Hartford Area p.238 Bloomfield Hills MI see Detroit Area p.399 Bloomfield MI see Detroit Area p.399 Bloomfield NJ see Montclair Area p.454 Blooming Boutique p.615 Blooming Grove NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.485 Blooming Grove UCC p.485


Bloomingdale NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 bloomingOUT p.324 Bloomington High School North United Students GSA p.307 Bloomington High School South Proud p.324 Bloomington IL see Bloomington/ Normal p.307 Bloomington MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.41, 410-411, 413-414 Bloomsburg University Office for LGBT interests p.575 Bloomsbury Books p.561 Blossom Cafe p.605 Blossoms p.398 Blow Buddies p.210 Blowing Rock NC see Blowing Rock/ Boone Area p.526 Blowing Rock Victorian Inn p.526 Blowoff p.250 blu Q sailing key west p.269 Blue p.205 Blue Bar p.321 Blue Bell PA see Philadelphia Area p.590 Blue Boutique p.644 Blue Boutique Downtown p.644 Blue Boutique West Valley p.643-644 Blue Coyote Grill p.189 Blue Dolphin Inn p.151 Blue Five Graphic Design p.143 Blue Fox Gallery p.696 Blue Gene's p.614 Blue Heron Farm p.476 Blue Heron Inn p.477 Blue Heron Restaurant p.388 Blue Hill Lodge & Café p.480 Blue Hills Farm p.478 Blue Horizon B&B p.477 Blue Island IL see Chicago Area p.310, 318 Blue Lagoon p.219 Blue Lake Ranch p.232 Blue Lite p.694 Blue Max Cycle Club p.425 Blue Mesa Grill p.624-625 Blue Moon p.40, 409, 593 Blue Moon B&B p.560 Blue Moon Coffee Roaster p.110, 389 Blue Moon Guest Suite p.379 Blue Moon Resort p.433 Blue Moon Restaurant p.246 Blue Mountain Heart to Heart p.683 Blue Mountain Pizza p.525 Blue Mountain Vineyards p.592 Blue Movies/Love Boutique p.344 Blue Party Productions p.269 Blue Pearl Images p.297 Blue Seafood & Bar p.534 Blue Shield of California, Rick McCauley, Agent p.149 Blue Skies Inn B&B p.225 Blue Sky p.357 Blue Skye Farm B&B p.360 Blue Springs South High School GSA p.419 Blue Strawberry Coffee Company p.332 Blue Tapas Bar & Cocktail Lounge p.606 Blue Whale p.493 Blue Willow p.143 Bluebird Guesthouse p.566 Bluebird Tavern p.648 Bluegrass Classic Bowling League p.342 Bluegrass National Organization for Women p.32, 342 Bluehour p.567 Bluerose Cafe p.605 Bluestem Bistro p.338 Bluestockings Bookstore & Activist Center p.52, 496 Bluff City Sports Association p.613 Bluff Creek Falls p.130 Blum, Adam D, MFT p.207 Blume, E. Sue, LCSW, DCSW p.52, 497 Blumrosen, Dana, MA, LMFT, Lic #44056 p.219 Blur p.632 Blur/Chic A Boom Room/ Kelly's Restaurant p.281 Blush! Wine Bar p.205 Blush p.554 BNC (Bear Naked Chicago) p.315 Bo's Coral Reef p.266 Boalsburg PA see State College p.597

INDEX Body of Christ Church Boar's Head Grill & Tavern p.295 Boardman, James E p.404 Boardner's p.171 Boardwalk/Beefcake's Grill p.260 Boat Services p.250, 271 Boathouse Espresso Bar & Eatery p.162 Boating see:

Sports & Outdoor

Boatslip Resort p.384 Bob & Barbara's p.585 Bob Egan Entertainment p.583 Bob Egan's New Hope Cabaret p.583 Bob Howard Real Estate p.513 Bob's News & Books p.261

advertisement p.260

Boba Cafe p.465 Boba House Vegetarian Restaurant p.532 Bobby Lee's Pub & Eatery p.667 Bobby Love's p.310 Bobby's Monkey Bar p.267 Bobby's Place p.387 Bobcat Bite p.466 Boca Ciega B&B p.26, 280 Boca Raton FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.24, 261, 264 Boca Restaurant p.542 Bocados Restaurant & Bar p.71, 632 Bockmon, K.W., MD p.620 Bockstein, Mark P p.262 Bocomo Bay p.420 Bodega at Felice p.343 Bodega CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.192 Body p.106 Body Basics Electrolysis p.44, 447 Body Conscious Massage Therapy p.615 Body Decoration/ Tattoos/ Piercing p.35, 173, 199, 207, 241, 261, 289, 301, 362, 372, 397, 424, 431, 576, 586, 593, 625 Body Jewelry see:

Body Decoration

Body Language p.544

advertisement p.545

Body Manipulations p.207 Body of Christ Church p.264

July 2012

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INDEX Body Shop Bar Body Shop Bar p.281 Body Shop Fitness Center p.247 Body Xtremes p.372 BodySense Massage p.602 BodyZone p.398 Bodzin, Robert M p.158 Boeing Employees Association of Gays, Lesbians & Friends - Puget Sound p.676 Boerne TX see San Antonio Area p.638 Boge, Berk, PA, Broker-Associate, p.272 Bogota Latin Bistro p.492 Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar p.632 Bohemia NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.492-493, 501 Bohemian Book Bin p.482 Boi Magazine p.309 Boiler Room p.494 Boiling Springs PA see Carlisle p.575 Boiling Springs SC see Greenville Area p.607 Boise Pride, Inc p.305 Boise State University BGLAD p.305 Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.305 Boivin, Dean, Realtor p.396 Bojangles at Club 21 p.85, 195 Bold Strokes Books p.121 Bolen, Jim, GRI, Realtor p.616 Boles, Cheryl K p.590 Bolt p.195 Bolton Landing NY see Adirondacks Area p.469 Bolton Valley VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.648 Bomber's Burrito Bar p.471 Bombers p.471 Bon Bon Beachfront Condo p.276 Bon Maison Guest House p.348 Bone Lick Park p.495 Bonefish Grill p.524 Bongo Java p.614 Bonham Exchange p.638 Bonner, Patricia, DMD p.38, 389 Booby Trap p.12, 171 Book Loft p.548 Book Soup p.173 BookBay p.684 Bookbook p.496 Bookie Joint p.40, 405 Bookkeeping see:

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Services


INDEX Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Boston Gender-Free Contra Dance p.386 Boston GLASS Community Center for GLBTQ Youth & Young Adults p.376 Boston LGBT Film Festival p.374 Boston Living Center, Inc. p.371 Boston MASALA - Massachusetts Area South Asian Lambda Association p.91, 374 Boston MA see Boston Area p.36-37, 91-92, 370-378 Boston Pita Pit p.372 Boston Pride p.375 Boston Pride Hockey p.378 Boston Prime Timers, Inc p.375 Boston Radical Faeries p.375 Boston Spirit p.368 Boston Strikers p.378 Boston Uncommons p.374 Boston University Spectrum p.375 Boston Women's Flag Football League p.37, 378 Both Sides Now p.300 Bottaini, Gallucci & O'Hanlon, P.C. p.566 Bottega Restaurant & Cafe p.127 Bottlecap Lounge & Liquor p.267 Bottleneck Lounge p.672 Bottletree p.127 Bottom Dwellers Scuba Club p.680 Bottom Line (TBL) p.264 Bottom Line Financial Services, Inc. p.586 Bottom Line Magazine p.188 Bottoms Up p.544 Bouchard, A. Daniel p.254 Boudoir Noir p.325 Bougainvillea House p.348 Boulder Book Store p.224 Boulder County AIDS Project p.224, 233 Boulder Mennonite Church p.224 Boulder Mountain Lodge p.643 Boulder Valley Safe Schools Coalition p.224 Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.224

Booklegger p.162 Booklovers' Gourmet p.387 Bookmart of Evansville p.324 BookPeople p.306, 619 Books & Books p.271 Books & Books Inc p.271 Books & Co p.551 Books in Balance p.204 Books Inc. p.207, 265 Books Lovers Cafe p.265 Books N Things p.355 Books on the Square p.602 Books: Used p.52, 183, 193, 225, 482, 496, 525, 544, 653 Bookshop Benicia p.207 Bookshop Santa Cruz p.219 Booksmith p.207 Bookstore Southwest p.143 Bookstores/ Newsstands p.3-4, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 28-30, 33, 36, 38, 40-42, 52, 57-58, 61, 63, 66, 70-73, 75, 79, 87, 100, 108, 130-131, 134-135, 138, 143, 147, 151, 153, 157, 162, 168, 173, 181, 184-185, 193, 199, 207, 219, 224, 227, 235-236, 240, 242-244, 247, 250, 265, 268, 271, 282, 289, 299, 306-308, 312, 323, 327, 329, 335, 339, 342-343, 350, 352-355, 358, 360, 362, 370, 373, 379, 385, 387, 389, 394, 402, 405, 410, 420, 424, 428-429, 434, 436, 440-441, 443, 454, 460, 465, 467, 470-471, 473-474, 476, 482, 487, 496, 521, 525, 527, 534, 540, 542, 548, 551, 553-554, 561-562, 568, 583, 586, 593, 602, 611, 613, 619-620, 625, 633, 639, 644, 647-649, 652-653, 662, 666, 670, 673, 682-685, 689-690, 692 BookWoman p.70, 619

advertisement p.621

Bookworm p.153 Boom p.557, 692 Boom Boom Room p.632 Boone NC see Blowing Rock/ Boone Area p.526

Boonsboro MD see Hagerstown p.367 Boonville NY see Utica Area p.522 Boothbay Harbor ME see Boothbay p.353 Bootie p.206 Bootie LA p.171 Bootlegger's (upstairs at Missie B's) p.421 Boots p.343 Boots & Saddle p.495 Boots in Squares p.190 Boqueron PR see p.598 Bordello p.171 Bordentown NJ see Trenton Area p.461 Border Grill Downtown LA p.12, 171 Border Riders Motorcycle Club p.680 Borderlands Books p.207 Bordinos p.147 Borland House p.478 Borough p.534 Boscawen Congregational Church p.438 Boss Bar p.638 Bossier City LA see Shreveport p.351 Boston Ale N Tale p.264 Boston Alliance of GLBT Youth (BAGLY, Inc) p.91, 376 Boston Architectural College Studio Q p.375 Boston Area Rape Crisis Center p.36, 374 Boston Avenue UMC p.560 Boston Bisexual Women's Network p.36, 374 Boston College Allies p.376 Boston College GLBTQ Leadership Council p.375 Boston College Law School Lambda Law Students p.376 Boston College LGFSAA p.376 Boston College Women' Center p.36, 376 Boston Derby Dames, LLC p.37, 378 Boston Gay & Bisexual Married Men's Support Group p.375 Boston Gay Basketball League p.378 Boston Gay Men's Chorus p.374

July 2012

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INDEX Bouldin Creek Coffee House & Cafe Bouldin Creek Coffee House & Cafe p.619 Bouldin, Michael William p.542 Boulevard p.172 Boulevard Comprehensive Care Center p.266 Bounce p.60, 544 Bouneff, Bob p.569 Bouquets p.228 Bourbon Orleans Hotel p.348 Bourbon Pub & Parade Disco p.349 Bourbon St Pub p.268 Bourbon Street p.198 Bourgeois Pig p.337 Bourgoyne House p.348 Bout Time p.619 Bouverat, David p.279 Bouy's Bar & Grill p.404 Bovina NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477 Bowdoin College Gay & Lesbian Studies p.353 Bowdoin College Queer/ Straight Alliance p.353 Bowdoin College Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity p.353 Bowers, Marci L, MD p.17, 213 Bowie, Douglas Adrian, EA p.204 Bowling Green Lavender Women p.60, 541 Bowling Green State University LGBTA-Q Resource Center p.541 Bowling Green University TAG Trans Awareness Group p.541 Bowling Green University Vision p.541 Bowling see:


INDEX Bridge City Family Medical Center Breaking New Grounds p.442 Breaux Bridge LA see Lafayette p.347 Brecksville OH see Cleveland Area p.546 Brecksville UCC p.546 Breezeway Pub p.440 Bremerton WA see Olympic Peninsula p.670 Brennan, Susan, DC p.10, 158 Brentwood NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.510 Brentwood TN see Nashville Area p.616 Bresaro Suites at the Mantell Plaza p.270 Brethren/Mennonite Council for LGBT Interests p.122 Bretz Bar p.554 Brevard Lesbians p.24, 257 Brevard NC see Asheville Area p.523, 525 Brewer's Hotel Tavern p.593 Brewer, George, Realtor p.652 Brewer, Sue A., MSW, LCSW p.26, 282 Brewers House B&B p.424 Brewery Gulch Inn p.182 Brewmaster's House p.547 Brewster Inn p.354 Brewster MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.380 Brian's Massage & Bodywork p.283 Briar Patch p.630 Briar Patch B&B p.661 Briar Rose B&B p.223 Briarcliff Manor NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482 Briarwood NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.97, 515 Bricco Restaurant p.540 Brick Cafe p.496 Brick House Bar Grill p.324 Brick NJ see Jersey Shore p.451-452 Brick/Joe's p.624 Brickhouse Bar & Grill p.614 Bricks of Ybor, The p.282 Bridge p.360 Bridge City Family Medical Center p.569

Boyarsky, Beverly, MscD, CCH p.55, 503 Boyarsky, Dr. Beverly p.57, 516 Boybutante AIDS Foundation, Inc p.287 Boyds MD see Frederick p.366 Boyer House B&B p.683 Boyle, Marilyn, MA, MTS p.78, 682 Boyman, Kym, MD p.74, 649 Boynton Beach FL see West Palm Beach/ Palm Beaches Area p.27, 287 boyRio p.108 Boys Present p.409 Boys4Toys, Inc. p.626 Boyz in the Woodz Club p.215 BoyzTown p.227 Bozeman High School Gay Straight Alliance p.428 Bozemen Area Gay & Lesbian Resource Center p.428 Brackenridge House B&B p.638 Brackett Memorial United Methodist Church p.358 Bradenton FL see Sarasota/ Bradenton/ Venice Area p.26, 278-279 Bradford Community Church p.694 Bradford Place Inn p.164 Bradford-Carver House p.384 Bradley Angle p.64, 570 Bradley Beach NJ see Jersey Shore p.452 Bradley J. Woodworth & Associates, P.C. p.569 Bradley University Common Ground p.322 Bradley's on 7th p.281 Sports & Outdoor Bradley, Carolyn A., PhD, LCSW, LCADC p.44, 447 Bowman's Tavern p.583 Bradstan Country Hotel Bowman, Debbie D, Esq p.478 p.33, 344 BowMeow a Pet Sitting Serv- Bragdon House B&B p.517 ice p.660 Brager, Elliott A. p.363 Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Brain Wash p.206 Springs p.233 Braintree MA see South Boxcar Books & Community Shore Area p.387 Center, Inc p.323 Braking The Cycle p.501 Boxers p.494 Brand New Day Advertising/ Boxers-n-Briefs p.424 PR p.616 Boxxes p.567 Brand New Day Counseling p.58, 529 Boy Bar p.205 Brandeis Triskelion p.376 Boyan, Keren p.58, 528

July 2012

Brandeis University GLBT Alumni p.118 Brandeis University Queer Resource Center p.376 Brandon FL see Tampa Bay Area p.282 Brandon VT see Green Mountains Area p.650, 652 Brandt House p.388 Brandt, Edna M., L.Ac. p.35, 366 Brandy's Piano Bar p.494 Brandywine Center p.248 Branford CT see New Haven Area p.240 Brannan Cottage Inn p.183 Brannan's p.184 Branson School EGALATE p.182 Brass Fox B&B p.353 Brass Key Guesthouse p.384 Brass Lantern p.334 Brass Lantern Inn p.651 Brass Rail p.198, 409, 450 Brattleboro Retreat p.647 Brattleboro Union High School Gay Straight Alliance p.648 Braun, Edward W, MD p.282 Brauner, Gary J., MD p.448, 502 Brava! for Women in the Arts p.17, 211 Brava House Bed & Breakfast p.618 Brave Bull p.183 Brave, Georgina p.15, 200 Bravo Beach Hotel p.600 Bravo Night Club p.85, 185 Brayton B&B p.687 Brazos Bookstore p.633 Brazos River Bottom/BRB p.632 Bread & Butter Screenprinting p.534 Bread & Roses Bakery p.356 Bread & Roses Community Fund p.586 Break Room p.339 Breakers Hotel & Suites p.245 Breakers Inn p.165 Breakfast of Course (Mary's Too!) p.532 Breakfast on the Connecticut p.440 Breaking Barriers p.195

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INDEX Bridge for Youth Bridge for Youth p.413 Bridge of Peace Community Church p.446 Bridgemen p.212 Bridgeport UCC p.572 Bridgercare p.428 Bridgett, Nicholas, LCSW p.308 Bridgewater Hall B&B p.531 Bridgewater NH see Newfound Lake Area p.441 Bridgewater State University GLBTA Pride Center p.379 Bridgman, Thomas, DDS p.674 Brierwreath Manor B&B p.320 Briggs Carriage Bookstore/ Ball & Chain Cafe p.652 Bright Morning Inn p.685 Brighton Allston Congregational UCC p.377 Brighton MA see Boston Area p.371, 374, 377 Brighton UCC p.520 Brightwaters NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.488, 496 Brigitte's Bavarian Bed & Breakfast p.133 Brimley's White Glove Chem-Dry p.139 Bring Your Own Queer (BYOQ) p.207 Brinkerhoff, Sara, MA, LCPC, LCDP, MAC, LISAC p.35, 363 Brinkoetter & Associates Realtors p.320 Brinley Victorian Inn p.601 Briscoe, Elaine p.23, 35, 251, 365 Bristow, Jan, ABR, GRI, CRS, Assoc. Broker p.77, 678 Brit p.168 Britt, Jim, Broker p.571 BRIX Nightclub p.86, 216 Brixx p.14, 193 Broad Bay Congregational UCC p.360 Broad Street Inn p.164 Broad Street Mennonite Church p.665 Broad Street Ministry p.591 Broad Street UMC p.550 Broad View Wildflower Seed p.110


Broadcast Media p.21, 24, 87, 100, 108, 173, 193, 207, 216, 240, 250, 261, 289, 312, 324, 366, 410, 440, 471, 482, 496, 542, 544, 568, 586, 600, 606, 625, 633, 663, 690, 692 Broadview Community United Church of Christ p.679 Broadway p.168, 684 Broadway Antique Market p.310 Broadway Baptist Church p.422 Broadway Books p.568 Broadway Cafe p.421 Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS p.501 Broadway Grill p.672 Broadway House for Continuing Care p.94, 456 Broadway Joe's p.332 Broadway Night Out p.510 Broadway Plaza Hotel p.489 Broadway UMC p.328 Broadway United Church of Christ p.514 Broadway United Methodist Church p.318 Broadway Video X-change p.639 Broadway Youth Center p.317 Broadways p.227 Broccoli, Teresa Antonia, MSW, LCSW p.219 Brockton MA see South Shore Area p.386 Brodie's Tavern p.143 Brodsky, Stacy L., DC p.46, 454 Broken Arrow OK see Tulsa p.559 Broken Hill Manor p.388 Broker & Hamrick, PA p.58, 525 Bronx AIDS Services p.490 Bronx Community Pride Center Inc p.488 Bronx NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.51, 96, 488, 490, 492, 502, 505-506, 508, 510-513, 515 Bronxville NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.510 Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast p.565 Bronze Look p.686 Brookdale Community College GSA p.452 Brookfield CT see Danbury p.20, 236 Brookfield High School Gay Straight Alliance p.236 Brookfield IL see Chicago Area p.318 Brookfield MA see Worcester Area p.391 Brookfield WI see Milwaukee Area p.79, 692-693 Brookhaven National Laboratory Gay, Lesbian Or Bisexual Employees Club p.506 Brookhaven NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.509, 513 Brooklandville MD see Baltimore Area p.364 Brookline Booksmith p.373 Brookline High School Gay Straight Alliance p.375 Brookline MA see Boston Area p.36, 371-375, 377 Brooklyn AIDS Task Force p.490 Brooklyn Coffee Tea House p.602 Brooklyn College LGBT Alliance p.510 Brooklyn Community Pride Center p.488 Brooklyn Gay Network of Friends p.509 Brooklyn Law School Outlaws p.511 Brooklyn Men Konnect p.490 Brooklyn NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.51-52, 54-56, 95-96, 488, 490-492, 494, 496-497, 501-503, 505-506, 508-511, 513, 515-516 Brooklyn Pride p.508 Brookmeade Congregational Church p.616 Brookside Community Church p.446 Brookside Mountain Mist Inn p.524 Brookview Manor p.595 Brookville NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.511 Broomall PA see Philadelphia Area p.588 Broomfield CO see Denver Area p.228-229 BROTHER Project p.94, 456 Brother, Help Thyself Inc. p.251

INDEX Bryan T. Halda, P.A. Brotherhood Lounge p.668 Brotherhood of the Phoenix p.318 Brotherhood San Jose p.216 Brothers & Sisters Bowling League p.613 Brothers United p.90, 100, 326, 615 Brott, Rick, e-Pro, Realtor, Team South Florida/ Coldwell Banker p.263 Broun, Stacy N, PhD p.71, 625 Broward County Health Department AIDS/STD Program p.259 Broward County Health Department T-House p.259 Broward County LGBTQS Youth Group p.263 Broward House, Inc. p.259 Brown & West Team p.248 Brown Bag p.321 Brown Bag Video p.313 Brown Memorial Church p.364 Brown Street Inn p.334 Brown University AIDS Program p.602 Brown University Gays, Lesbians & Allies Advancing Medicine (GLAAM) p.603 Brown University LGBTQ Center p.603 Brown University Queer Alliance p.603 Brown University TGLB Alumni p.118, 603 Brown, Bill, Realtor p.269 Brown, Eric D., CMFC p.199 Brown, Preston, DDS p.208 Brown, Tiffany p.75, 660 Brown, Tim p.144, 529 Brown, William, RJP p.239 Brownstein, Robert, CPA p.181 Brownstone Lounge p.578 Brownsville TX see Rio Grande Valley p.637-638 Browseabout Books p.247 Bruce's Browser & Cyber Cafe p.370 Brunswick OH see Cleveland Area p.544 Brushstrokes Pleasures p.290 Brushstrokes/Sensory Overload p.290

advertisement p.291

Bryan T. Halda, P.A. p.273

July 2012

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INDEX Bryan TX Bryan TX see College Station p.623 Bryant Lake Bowl p.409 Bryant University PRIDE p.603 Bryant, Elizabeth p.228 Brydon, Jane, Dog Training Coach, LLC p.590 Bryn Mawr College Rainbow Alliance p.589 Bryn Mawr PA see Philadelphia Area p.589, 592 Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church p.414 Bryson Institute of the Attic Youth Center p.590 BS West p.138 BTI Bowling League p.399 BTW Lounge p.692 Bubala's by the Bay Restaurant p.385 Bubba & Bean Lodges p.490 Bubba's Bbq White Lake p.481 Bubbles Night Club p.225 Bubby & Sissy's p.424 Bubby's Burritos p.449 Buchanan, Brenda M. p.34, 359 Buck's Saloon p.310 Buckeye Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf p.549 Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization p.61, 549 Buckingham Motel p.459 Buckland MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388 Buckle, David, MD p.373 Bucknell University GALABI p.582 Bucknell University Office of LGBT Awareness p.582 Bucks County Lesbian Alliance p.66, 584 Bucks County PFLAG p.584 Bucks M.C. p.591 Buda TX see Austin Area p.622 Buddha Bar p.250 Buddha's Body Art p.576 Buddhist see:


Budget Host Inn & Suites p.404 Buena Vista United Methodist Church p.160 Buffalo p.433 Buffalo Alternative Volleyball p.475 Buffalo Bears p.475 Buffalo Belles p.475 Buffalo Community of the Holy Spirit p.475 Buffalo Front Runners/Front Walkers p.475 Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus p.474 Buffalo Grove IL see Chicago Area p.31, 316 Buffalo Historic Bowling League p.475 Buffalo United Artists p.474 Buhr, Cynthia F p.77, 675 Build Our Center, Inc p.436 Building Bridges, Inc. p.418 Building Inspection/Engineering: Building see: Burbank CA see Los Angeles Area p.12, 170-171, 173, 175-177, 179 Burch Street Casitas p.468 Burdett NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517 Burg, Bonnie K p.410 Burger Travel Service p.555 Burgh Bears p.594 Burgundy Bed & Breakfast p.348 Burgundy Crescent Volunteers p.253 Burke VA see Arlington p.656 Burke, Dan p.680 Burkhart's Pub p.288 Burlew, Cris, RE Broker, p.284 Burlingame CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.17, 86, 210-211, 213 Burlingham NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480 Burlington NC see Triad Area p.532 Burlington VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.73-74, 648-650 Burn B&B p.419 Burnsville MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.414 Burris Law Offices PLLC p.411 Burritt Library p.239 Burton MI see Flint p.400 Burton, Sylvia p.29, 301 Busboys & Poets p.250 Busch, Tanya p.34, 355 Bush River Books & Video p.361 Bush, Joel S, Auto Broker p.227 Bush, Robert, MD, FACS p.209 Bushnell House Inn p.239 Business & Leisure Holidays p.304 Business Alliance: Greater Madison LGBT Chamber of Commerce p.690 Business Network Collin County p.627 Business Services p.108, 289, 496, 576, 586 But I Thought I Was Heterosexual. p.77, 677 Butch Voices p.15, 201

INDEX Cabin on Twin Pine Lane p.5, 124 Butch/Femme Socials of Oakland & San Francisco p.11, 159 Butch/Femme Society p.56, 510 Butler House on Grand p.333 Butler PA see Pittsburgh Area p.593-594 Butler University Alliance p.328 BUTT Magazine p.103 Butte AIDS Support Services p.428 Butter Bakery Cafe p.409 Butterfly Inn for Women p.28, 298 Butterhorn Bakery & Cafe p.232 Butternut Farm p.237 Buttery p.246 Buxmont UU Fellowship p.584 Buxton Roofing Services p.244 Buzz p.253 BWMT /PACT Baltimore p.91, 363 BWMT Atlanta p.89, 291 BWMT see:

Black & White Men Together

Home/ Building Inspection/ Engineering Home & Building

Bulfinch Hotel Boston p.370 Bulk Male p.103 Bull McCabe's Irish Pub p.534 Bull Run Unitarian Universalists p.661 Bulldog Pride Scholarship Fund p.163 Bulldogs p.88, 288 Bullet Bar p.172 Bum Bum Bar p.95, 496 Bunch of Grapes p.379 BUNGALO (Berwyn United Neighborhood Gay & Lesbian Organization) p.316 Bungalow Six Guest House p.259 Bunker p.163 Bunker Hill Community College GLBT Student Union p.375 Bunker, Jeanne L, LCSW, CGP p.70, 620 Bunkhouse Bed & Breakfast p.404 Religious Organizations & Bunn-Pher Hill B&B p.403 Publications Bunnies on the Bayou p.633 Buddies p.225, 421 Buddies of New Jersey p.444 Buona Sera Ristorante & Wine Bar p.409 Buddies On Adams p.321 Buddy's Corral p.333

July 2012

BWMT/DC p.87, 252 Byrd's Eye View p.146 Byrd's Eye View Gift Shop p.147 Bywater Barbeque p.349 Bywater Bed & Breakfast p.348 C'est la Vie Inn p.563 C-Frenz p.172 C.C. Attle's Bar & Grill p.672 C.W. Worth House B&B p.536 CAARE, Inc. p.534 Caballero, Michael p.435 Caballeros Gay Men's Chorus p.190 Cabana Gardens B&B p.245 Cabanas Guesthouse & Spa p.259 Cabaret p.277 Cabaret Oldtown p.340 Cabin Cove Farm p.524 Cabin in the Woods p.73, 648 Cabin on Spring Bay p.670 Cabin on Twin Pine Lane p.611

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INDEX Cache Valley Unitarian Universalists Cache Valley Unitarian Universalists p.643 Cactus Canyon Campground p.419 Cactus Cities Softball League p.141 Cadillac Lounge p.436 Caesar's Adult Shop p.143 Cafe p.205, 583 Cafe 522 p.193 Cafe 59 p.474 Cafe Amelie p.349 Cafe Amore p.147 Cafe Aroma p.165 Cafe at La Plage p.301 Café Barcel p.481 Cafe Beaujolais p.182 Cafe Berlin p.250, 600 Café Bossa Nova p.148 Café Che Pasta p.302 Cafe Claude p.206 Cafe Coco p.614 Cafe Colette p.25, 87, 265 Cafe Cubano at Laru Ni Hati p.463 Cafe D'Etoile p.172 Cafe De Paris p.366 Cafe di Scala p.333 Cafe du Nord p.205 Cafe Edwige p.385 Cafe Estelle p.585 Cafe Flora p.672 Cafe Flore p.205 Cafe GelatOhhh! p.295 Cafe Hollywood p.471 Cafe Hon p.362 Cafe Izmir p.35, 367 Cafe Joelle p.493 Cafe Kopi p.308 Cafe La Boheme p.172 Cafe Lafitte in Exile p.349 Cafe LimeLight p.219 Cafe Loup p.495 Cafe Luna p.250 Cafe Manna Java West p.334 Cafe Mira p.521 Cafe Mokka p.162 Cafe Nell p.567 Café Noir p.152 Café Nova Ley p.599 Cafe Ole p.136, 461 Cafe Palette p.189 Cafe Papillon p.246 Cafe Paradiso p.308 Cafe Pasqual's p.466 Cafe Pesto p.299


California Men's Gatherings (Desert Cities/Palm Springs) p.190 California Men's Gatherings (Sacramento) p.196 California Men's Gatherings (San Diego) p.201 California Men's Gatherings (San Francisco/Bay Area) p.212 California State University Dominguez Hills Lavender Graduation p.169 California Youth Crisisline p.150 Caliph Piano Bar p.198 Calistoga CA see Napa Valley Area p.183-184 Call p.310 Call for Help p.425 Callahan, Don p.296

INDEX Campell, Audrey, Broker

Cafe Pride p.317 Cafe Society p.612 Cafe Sole p.246, 268 Cafe Soleil p.646 Cafe This Way p.354 Cafe Trio/Starlet Lounge p.421 Cafe Van Kleef p.157 Cafe Verde p.394 Cafe Vin p.642 Cafe Zoolu p.185 Cafe-Club Fais Do-Do p.171 Cafecito Bogotá p.492 Cafeina Wynwood Lounge p.270 Caffe Coco p.300 Caffe dell'Amore p.273 Caffe delle Stelle p.206 Caffe Driade p.534 Caffe Moderne p.339 Caffe Phoenix p.537 Caffe Prada p.532 Caffe Prego p.356 Caffe Trieste p.206 Cage p.449 Cahoots p.644 Cain, Teresa p.71, 626 Caiola's p.358 Caitie Girl's p.322 Caja Musical /Music Box p.95, 496 Cakes by CindyKay p.6, 129 Cal Aggie Christian Association p.156 Cal Poly Pomona Pride Center p.166 Cal Poly Pride Center p.154 Calabria Restaurant p.391 Calamus Bookstore p.36, 373 Caldwell NJ see p.44, 446 Calhoun, Ken, Realtor p.264 Cali Cochitta Bed & Breakfast Inn p.643 Caliente Tropics Resort p.188 California Communities United Institute p.82, 150 California LGBT Arts Alliance p.149 California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership p.149 California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) p.150 California Men's Gathering (Los Angeles) p.177

Cambridge MA see Boston Area p.36-37, 371-379 Cambridge NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 Cambridge Rindge & Latin School Project 10 East p.375 Cambridge VT see Smugglers' Notch Area p.654 Cambridge Welcoming Ministries p.377 Cambridge WI see Madison Area p.689-690 Camel p.662 Camellia Cottage p.537 Cameo p.270 Cameo Rose Victorian Country Inn p.689 Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant p.580 Cameron Inn p.371 advertisement p.297 Cameron Park CA see SacCallahan, Keith p.628 ramento Valley Area p.196 Callaway & Wolf p.210 Cameron UMC p.229 Callen-Lorde Community Cameron University Pride Health Center p.502 p.556 Callicoon Center NY see Camille Quinn Investments Hudson Valley & Catskills p.62, 559 Area p.477 Camp America Campground Callicoon NY see Hudson p.69, 609 Valley & Catskills Area Camp Aranu'tiq p.376 p.479-480, 485 Calliope Women's Chorus Camp Bar p.410 Camp Camp Revolution p.40, 412 p.413 Callnan, Peter, CPA p.358 Calluna Fine Flowers & Gifts Camp David p.266 Camp Davis p.575 p.357 Caltech Center for Diversity Camp Highlight p.120 LGBTQ Lounge & Lending Camp Magazine p.421 Library p.178 Camp Mars p.285 Caltech PRISM p.178 Camp Michael p.609 Calvary By The Sea LuCamp Palm Springs Men's theran Church p.303 Resort p.188 Calvary Church UMC p.376 CAMP Rehoboth CommuCalvary Episcopal Church nity Center p.245 p.461, 613 Camp Sunrise p.544 Calvary Lutheran Church Camp Ten Trees p.120 p.414 Camp Trans p.405 Calvary Open Door Worship Campaign to End HomophoCenter p.169 bia p.81, 115 Calvary St Andrews p.520 Campbell CA see San Jose Calvary UMC p.536 & South Bay Area p.18, Calvary United Methodist 216-218 Church p.214 Campbell UMC p.218 Camarillo CA see Central Campbell United Church of Coast p.152-153 Christ p.218 Cambria CA see Central CampBuckwood p.327 Coast p.9, 151-152 Campell, Audrey, Broker p.7, Cambridge Documentary 135 Films, Inc p.114

July 2012

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INDEX Campell, Audrey, Broker Campgrounds p.28, 34, 40, 48, 62, 69, 75, 80, 108, 127, 129-130, 135, 151, 156, 164, 222, 257, 266, 277, 282, 285, 287, 293-294, 320, 327, 352-353, 403, 405, 419, 440, 466, 470, 476, 518, 525, 553, 560, 563, 575, 577, 582, 584, 609, 631, 653, 657, 665, 668, 685, 690, 694-695 Camping see also:

Recreation Vehicles


Canton OH see Akron/ Canton/ Kent Area p.539-540 Canton UMC p.476 Cantrell, Christine C, PhD, LCC p.39, 397 Canutillo TX see El Paso p.630 Canyon Club Hotel p.188 Canyon Rose Suites p.135 Cape & Islands Gay & Straight Youth Alliance p.380 Cape Assist p.460 Cape Canaveral FL see Brevard County p.257 Cape Charles House B&B p.656 Cape Colony Inn p.384 Cape Coral FL see p.24, 257 Cape May Court House NJ see Southern Shore of NJ p.460 Cape May Day Spa p.460 Cape May NJ see Southern Shore of NJ p.47, 459-460 Cape Neddick Inn p.356 Cape Neddick ME see Ogunquit Area p.356 Cape View Motel p.383 Cape Winds Florist p.460 Capella Education Company Pride Alliance p.412 Capes Hotel p.659 Capital Alliance Penn State Harrisburg p.578 Capital Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce p.252 Capital Area Physicians for Human Rights p.252 Capital City AIDS Fund p.195 Capital City Alliance (CCA) p.346 Capital City Front Runners p.622 Capital City GLBTA Democratic Caucus p.279 Capital City Men's Chorus p.620 Capital City Pride p.333, 669 Capital City Squares p.196 Capital City Volleyball p.550 Capital City Volleyball League p.197 Capital Club p.606 Capital Country Dance Club p.252 Capital Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association p.197 Capital Gay Men p.439 Capital Pride Alliance, Inc p.253 Capital Pride Band of Columbus p.549 Capital Pride Singers p.472 Capital Region Stonewall Democrats p.578 Capitol Area Rainbowlers Association p.255 Capitol Craftsman & Romance Jewelers p.43, 439 Capitol Forum p.573 Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church p.229 Capitol Hill Alano Club p.671 Capitol Hill Stay p.249 Capitol Hill UMC p.254 Capitol Pride p.573 Capitola Book Cafe p.219 Capitola CA see Santa Cruz Area p.18, 219-220 Cappello, Norma J p.9, 154 Cappuccino's Restaurant p.651 Capri Pizzeria & Bar p.593 Captain Cook HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.297-299 Captain Dix Bar/Artist Glen Dining Room p.695 Captain Stannard House p.239 Captain's Castle p.636 Captain's House p.384 Capuano, Lou, Broker, Realtor p.201 Caputo's East Ridge Cafe p.243 Car Clubs also see:

INDEX Carolyn Cathey Real Estate Carefree Lifestyle p.273 Caregivers: Child, Elder, Special Needs p.8, 12, 143, 149, 173, 289, 397 CARES p.195, 402 Caretto, Antonia, PhD, PLLC p.39, 397 Carey, Robert p.178 Cargill Pride Network p.113 Cargo Cafe p.496 Caribbean Trailers p.271 Caribe Playa Beach Resort p.599 Carifa, Kenneth J. p.239 Carisbrooke Inn p.450 Caritas House p.685 Carl's Guest House p.384 Carl's Pub p.436 Carla's Boutique & Social Club p.218 Carleton College Gender & Sexuality Center p.416 Carlmont High School Harmony p.212 Carlsbad CA see San Diego Area p.15, 200-201 Carlyle Suites Hotel p.249 Carmel CA see Central Coast p.152, 154 Carmel IN see Indianapolis Area p.31, 327-328 Carmel Valley CA see Central Coast p.155 Carmella's Italian Kitchen p.391 Carmichael's Bookstore p.343

advertisement p.343

Campit Outdoor Resort p.405 CampOut p.75, 657 Campus Climate Index p.118 Campus Pride p.118 Campus Women's Center p.79, 691 Can Can p.672 Cana House Community p.572 Cañada College Spectrum Alliance, 1as p.212 Canadensis PA see Poconos Area p.595-596 Canal Street Inn p.348 Canandaigua NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517, 520 Canape, Kathleen p.501 Canas, Alan p.213 Candace Freeland Photography p.28, 297 Candace Schoner Photography p.75, 657 Candida's Bar p.580 Candlelight Coffee House & Wine Bar p.639 Candlelight Inn p.184 Candles Etc p.537 Candy at Liquid Nightclub p.534 Cane & Boniface, PC p.50, 484 Canine Mastery p.386 Cannon Falls MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.408 Cannon, Shawn P, DO p.502 Canoga Park CA see Los Angeles Area p.179-180 Cantalini's Salerno Beach Restaurant p.172 Cantaria! p.525 Canton NC see Triangle Area p.535 Canton NY see Canton/ Massena/ Potsdam Area p.476

Carmon's Restaurant p.308 Lambda Car Club Carnegie Mellon SoHo p.594 Car Clubs see: Carol Urban Personal InsurOrganizations/Resources: ance p.483 Social, Recreational & Carol's Travel p.72, 636 Support Groups Carolan, Michael J., PhD Caracole, Inc p.541 p.498 Cardell, Mona, PhD p.65, 579 Carole's B&B Inn p.15, 197 Cardinal p.102, 690 Carolina Bed & Breakfast Cardozo School of Law Out- p.523 law p.511 Carolina Buffs p.608 Cards see: Carolina PR see San Juan Gifts, Cards, Pride & Area p.599 Novelty Items Carolina Softball Alliance Care Communities p.618 p.529 Care Resource p.259, 270 Carolina Transgender SociCare Team p.608 ety p.523 Career Counseling p.250, Carolinas CARE Partnership 425 p.523 Carefree Cove p.526 Carolyn Cathey Real Estate Carefree Get-Aways on St p.19, 226 John p.654

July 2012

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INDEX Carolyn's Bed & Breakfast Carolyn's Bed & Breakfast p.371 Carousel II p.611 Carpe Diem p.384 Carpe Diem Restaurant & Caterers p.527 Carpenter p.6, 130 Carr, Anthony p.559 Carrboro NC see Triangle Area p.534 Carriage House p.384 Carriage House Inn p.379 Carrier Foundation p.444 Carroll, Becky, PhD p.251 Carroll, Chris p.28, 292 Carroll, Nina, MD p.36, 373 Carrollton GA see Atlanta Area p.289, 292 Carrollton TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.626, 628-629 Carson CA see Long Beach p.169 Carter House Inns p.162 Carton, Lisa J, LICSW p.73, 647 Carver, Carol A, PhD p.62, 562 Cary NC see Triangle Area p.59, 534 Cary Street Cafe p.662 Casa Arreboles p.142 Casa Colina Grill & Cantina p.147 Casa Cubuy Ecolodge Bed & Breakfast p.599 Casa De Cristo Evangelical Church p.140 Casa de Playa p.276 Casa de San Pedro B&B p.135 Casa De Solana p.278 Casa del Sol p.481 Casa del Sol Motel p.460 Casa do Zequita p.371 Casa Encantada p.142 Casa Escondida p.466 Casa Frela Gallery p.491 Casa Gallina p.468 Casa Laguna Inn p.184 Casa Madrona p.181 Casa Manzano p.468 Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort p.267 Casa Maya Grill p.260 Casa Ocotillo p.188


Casa Quintana/Casa Candelario/Casa Buena Vista p.466 Casa Sorrento p.152 Casa Tierra Adobe B&B Inn p.142 Casablanca p.150 Casanova Restaurant & Deli p.301 Casbah Moroccan Restaurant p.295 Cascade AIDS Project p.566 Cascade Community Church p.540 Cascade CO see Colorado Springs Area p.225 CASCADE HU p.87, 253 Cascades Lodge & Restaurant p.651 Cascades RainBow Community Center p.667 Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare p.560 Case Western Reserve School of Law Lambda Law Students Association p.546 Case Western Reserve University LGBT Center p.546 Case Western Reserve University Spectrum p.546 Case, Timothy, DMD, LLC p.425 Casey's p.567 Cash Inn Country p.7, 138 Cash, Rev. Richard p.446 Casino El Camino p.619 Casita de Chuparosa p.462 Casita Del Campo p.172 Casitas at Old Town p.463 Casitas Laquita p.14, 188 Cason, Greg, PhD, PSY15781 p.173 CASPAR. Inc p.371 Casper College Synergy Alliance p.696 Cass Cafe p.397 Casswood Insurance Agency, Ltd p.470 Castaways MC p.692 Casteel, Shelly p.64, 571 Castillo Inn p.203 Castillo, Jose, CIPS, ePro p.263 Castine ME see Blue Hill Peninsula p.353 Castle p.282, 607 Castle Lounge p.260 Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast p.226 Castle Unicorn p.431 Castle Valley Inn p.643 Castle Video p.535 Castleton College One in Ten p.650 Castro Country Club p.205 Castro Lions Club p.209 Castro Street Fair p.209 Castro Suites p.204 Castro Valley CA see East Bay Area p.158, 160 p.203 Castroville CA see Central Coast p.82, 152 Cat & Bird Clinic p.9, 155 Cat & Fiddle p.171 Cat Care Clinic of The Nyacks p.487 Cat Club p.206 Cat House Pub p.147 Cat's Cradle p.534 Catacombs Pub p.680 Catalina Park Inn p.142 Catalyst Domestic Violence Services p.155 Catalyst Espresso Shop p.429 Catalyst Foundation p.150 Catasauqua PA see Lehigh Valley Area p.580 Catawba Care p.608 Catch Restaurant p.205 Category 5 Gay Flag Football Team p.264 Catering (see also Party/ Holiday/ Event Services) p.6, 45, 129, 143, 157, 173, 312, 448, 453, 482, 496, 581, 625 Catering see:

Food Specialties

INDEX Cedar Falls IA Catholic Action Network for Social Justice p.122 Catholic also see:


Catholic Association for Lesbian & Gay Ministry p.122 Catholic Gay & Lesbian Family Ministry p.520 Catholic Gay & Lesbian Family Minstry of Cleveland p.546 Catholic Lesbians p.56, 514 Catholic Ministry With Gay & Lesbian Persons p.613 Catholic Pastoral Committee On Sexual Minorities p.414 Catholic see:

Religious Organizations & Publications

Cathedral Church of Saint Luke p.359 Cathedral Church of St Mark GLBT Ministry p.414 Cathedral Church of St Paul p.650 Cathedral City CA see Palm Springs Area p.85, 188-191 Cathedral of All Souls p.526 Cathedral of Hope Mid-Cities p.629 Cathedral of Hope UCC p.629 Cathedral of Hope--Oklahoma City p.558 Cathedral of Light p.629 Catherine Ward House p.295 Cathode Ray p.474

Catskill Harvest Market p.483 Catskill Maison p.478 Catskill Mountain Log Home Retreat p.477 Catskill Mountain View House p.478 Catskill NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480 Catskill Rose Dining & Lodging p.478 Catskills ©By Ownerª, LLC p.478 Cattivo p.67, 593 Cauntiz, Beth, DDS p.54, 500 Causco Rubber Stamps p.576 Cavalier Diner p.657 Cavan Irish Pub p.548 Cavern Club Celebrity Theater p.172 Cayce SC see Columbia p.69, 606 Cazadero CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.192 Cazenovia NY see Syracuse p.57, 521 CBVA Inc p.378 CC Slaughters p.567 CC's p.597 CCBC Resort Hotel p.188 CCRI Triangle Alliance p.604 CCSF LGBT Studies p.212 CCSF Queer Resource Center p.212 Cecils Deli p.410 Cedar Crest College Out There p.581 Cedar Crest Inn p.523 Cedar Falls IA see Waterloo/ Cedar Falls Area p.336

July 2012

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INDEX Cedar Hills Campground Cedar Hills Campground p.690 Cedar Hills UCC p.572 Cedar House Inn & Yurts p.293 Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church p.365 Cedar Park TX see Austin Area p.620, 622 Cedar Rapids Unity p.332 Cedar Wood Chiropractic p.74, 649 Cedarhurst Unitarian Universalists p.366 Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church p.678 Ceiba Country Inn p.598 Celebrant USA Foundation p.446 Celebrating Diversity AA Group p.225 Celebration Community Church p.629 Celebration Conscious Living Store p.225 Celebration MCC p.273 Celebration of Faith p.218 Celebration of Life Presbyterian Church p.140 Celebration on the Lake Church p.631 Celebration Theatre p.176 Celestielle p.181 Cell Block p.310 Cellar p.206 Cellar Cafe p.78, 684 Centaur p.397 Centaur AIDS Support Group p.274 Centaur Films p.126 Centaur Motorcycle Club p.255 Centenary Chenango Street UMC p.473 Centenary College of Louisiana Outreach p.352 Centenary UMC p.408 Centenary United Methodist Church p.426 Centennial Center for Human Services p.20, 231 Centennial CO see Denver Area p.19, 227 Centennial High School GayStraight Alliance p.308 Centennial Inn Hotel p.237 Center - Northern Colorado p.231 Center CARE Substance Abuse Program p.490


Center Church p.238 Center Contra p.507 Center for Anti-Violence Education p.55, 506 Center for Artistic Revolution (CAR) p.146, 148 Center for Community Solutions p.15, 200 Center for Consitutional Rights p.504 Center for Culture, Gender & Sexuality p.194 Center for Gender Equity p.564 Center for Gender Sanity p.666 Center for Identity Development p.454

advertisement p.457

INDEX Century 21 Bowling League Central Massachusetts Business Council p.392 Central Michigan University Association of Lesbian & Gay Faculty & Staff p.403 Central Michigan University Gay Straight Alliance p.403 Central New Jersey LGBT Opera Club p.455 Central New Jersey Pride Bowler's League p.458 Central Office of Sara-Mana Inc p.278 Central Oklahoma Prime Timers p.557 Central PA LGBT Center Coalition p.578 Central Pennsylvania Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce p.578 Central Pennsylvania PFLAG p.578 Central Pennsylvania Womyn's Chorus p.65, 578 Central Point OR see Ashland/ Medford Area p.561 Central Presbyterian Church p.91, 130, 344, 514, 622 Central Records p.528 Central Reform Congregation p.93, 426 Central Station p.351, 527 Central Texas Boys of Leather (CTboL) p.620 Central Texas MCC From The Heart p.642 Central Texas Transgender Society p.621 Central Unitarian Church p.457 Central United Methodist Church p.399, 554, 680 Central Valley Stonewall Democrats p.222 The Central Voice p.574 Central Washington Psychotherapy Associates p.251 Central Washington University Diversity Education Center p.667 Centre County Women's Resource Center p.67, 597 Centreville IL see Saint Louis Area (MO & IL) p.424 Centreville VA see DC Washington Area p.23, 250-251, 254 Centro Comunitario LGBTT de Puerto Rico p.599 Century 21 Bowling League p.680

Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies in Religion & Ministry p.122 Center for LGBT Education, Outreach & Services p.487 Center for New Beginnings p.61, 549 Center For Pan Asian Community Services, Inc. Project RICE p.88, 288 Center for Positive Connections p.259 Center for Positive Psychology p.275 Center for Sex & Culture p.211 Center for Sexualities & Gender Diversity p.359 Center for Spiritual Awareness p.197 Center for Spiritual Living p.682 Center for the Study of Women, Gender, & Sexuality p.72, 635 Center for Violence Free Relationships p.11, 164 Center Grief and Bereavement Program p.490 Center in Asbury Park p.450 Center Kids, Center Families p.508 Center Lane p.485 Center Long Beach p.167-168

advertisement p.169

Center of Dental Services p.452 Center on Halsted p.309 Center on Halsted LGBT Information Line p.309 Center on High p.547

Center Orange County p.184 Center Project p.420 Center Street Lounge p.240 Center's Legal & Advocacy Program p.223 CenterCityTeam p.590 CenterLink: the Community of LGBT Centers p.103 Centerport NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.493, 513 Centers for Equality p.609 Central Alabama Pride p.128 Central Baptist Church p.591 Central Bucks High School East Gay Straight Alliance p.584 Central Bucks High School South Gay Straight Alliance p.511 Central California Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous p.195 Central Carolina Health Network p.532 Central Christian Church p.279, 328 Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) p.331 Central City Lutheran Mission p.166 Central Coast HIV/AIDS Services p.152 Central Congregational Church p.339, 629 Central Connecticut State University Pride p.239 Central Florida Gay & Lesbian Law Association p.275 Central Florida Softball League p.276 Central High School Gay Straight Alliance p.413 Central House p.385 Central Illinois Friends of PWA p.90, 321 Central Illinois Gender Association p.306 Central Islip NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.488, 508 Central Jersey Lesbian Alliance p.44, 445 Central Jersey Rainbows Bowling League p.452 Central Kentucky Lavender Womyn p.32, 342 Central Louisiana AIDS Support Services p.345 Central Lutheran Church p.414, 572, 679

July 2012

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INDEX Century 21 Maxum Realty Century 21 Maxum Realty p.50, 485 Century Ballroom p.672 Century Palm Springs p.188 Ceremonies By Nan p.27, 285 Ceren, Sandra Levy, PhD, #PSY4846 p.15, 199 Cereso, John, Esq p.434 Cerrillos NM see Santa Fe/ Pecos/ Tesuque Area p.466 Cerritos College Queer Straight Alliance p.169 Cha Cha Lounge p.172 Cha Cha Lounge & Bimbo's Cantina p.672 Chabot College Gay Straight Alliance p.159 Chabot, Mary p.38, 392 Chad McClarnon Photography p.614 Chadds Ford PA see Philadelphia Area p.584 Chadwick Inn B&B p.79, 687 Chai's Island Bistro p.302 Chain Drive p.619 Chain of Command p.639 Chainmail & More LLC p.111 Chairs Coffee p.680 Chalet Kilauea Collection p.298 Chalet of Canandaigua p.517 Chalfont PA see Philadelphia Area p.67, 591 Chalfonte Hotel p.459 Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.202 Chalmette LA see New Orleans Area p.351 Chalon House p.348 Chambered Nautilus B&B Inn p.671 Chamberlain, Margaret A. p.69, 607


Charleston Area Mpowerment Project (CHAMP) p.605 Charleston Area Transgender Support (CATS) p.605 Charleston Pride p.605 Charleston Restaurant p.362 Charleston SC see Charleston Area p.69, 604-605 Charleston Social Club p.69, 605 Charleston Tax Masters p.605 Charley Hafen Jewelers Gallery p.645 Charlie's p.310, 433 Charlie's Austin p.619 Charlie's Denver p.227 Charlie's Phoenix p.138 Charlotte Black Gay Pride p.97, 528 Charlotte Business Guild p.528 Charlotte Frontrunners/ Walkers p.529 Charlotte H2Os (HydroHomos Out Swimming) p.529 Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic p.10, 158 Charlotte NC see Charlotte Area p.58, 97, 526-529 Charlotte Prime Timers p.528 Charlotte Royals Rugby Football Club p.529 Charlotte Street Cottage p.605 Charlotte's Web p.281 Charly's Pub & Grill p.136 Charm City Kitty Club p.35, 363 Charm City Roller Girls, LLC p.35, 365 Charm City Volleyball Club p.365 Charmers Cafe p.310 Charmoli, Margaret, PhD, Licensed Psychologist p.410 Chart p.605 Chart House p.561 Chartreuse: Flowers/Home/ Events p.586 Chase Brexton Health Services p.363 Chasen, Jerry Simon p.271 Chasers p.527 Chaska MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.40, 411 Chateau de Vie p.183

INDEX Cheltenham PA Chateau on the Bayou Bed & Breakfast p.351 Chateau Tivoli Bed & Breakfast p.203 Chatham County Health Department HIV Program p.295 Chatham MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.379-380 Chatham Social Health Council p.534 Chatsworth CA see Los Angeles Area p.178 Chattanooga Cares p.610 Chattanooga TN see Chattanooga Area p.610 Chaucer's Books p.153 Chautauqua NY see Chautauqua Lake p.476 CheapTRX p.424 Checke, Christopher, MS/ MBA, LMHC, CAP p.261 Chee Chee Club p.198 Cheektowaga NY see Buffalo/ Niagara Falls Area p.475 Cheer LA p.180 Cheer New York p.515 Cheer Sacramento p.197 CHEER San Francisco p.211 Cheer Up Charlie's p.619 Cheers p.198 Cheese Board Collective p.157 Cheetah Gym p.313 Chef Breakfast Cafe p.338 Chef Patrick p.193 Chef Romeo p.625 Chehalis WA see Olympia Area p.76, 668 Chelmsford High School GSA p.382 Chelmsford MA see Merrimack Valley p.381-382 Chelsea Bar & Nightclub p.281 Chelsea Frames p.491 Chelsea Inn p.489 Chelsea Mews Guest House p.489 Chelsea Pines Inn p.489 Chelsea Station p.103 Chelsea Station Editions p.121 Chelsea's Corner Cafe & Bar p.147 Cheltenham PA see Philadelphia Area p.592

Champlain Valley Union High School Gay Straight Alliance p.650 Champlain Valley UU Society p.652 Champlin MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.409 Chan, Joseph A, MSW, LCSW p.94, 454 Chances Dances p.310 Chances R p.689 Chandler AZ see Phoenix Area p.137, 140 Chandler Fine Art & Framing p.205 Chandler Inn p.370 Chang, Emery, MD p.171 Changes p.625 Changes Bar & Grill p.672 Changing Hands Bookstore p.138 Changing Tides Cottages in Tampa Bay p.280 Changing Times Books & Gifts p.286 Channel 1 Releasing p.109 Channing Memorial Church p.602 Channing Memorial Church UU p.365 Channing Unitarian Universalist Church p.558 Chanric Inn p.183 Chanticleer Guest House p.687 Chantilly Lace Inn p.146 Chaparral p.88, 288 Chapel Hill NC see Triangle Area p.59, 533-536 Chapel of St John the Divine p.308 Chapman Inn p.353 Chappy's on Church p.614 Chaps Inn p.188 advertisement p.607 Charcoal Grill p.23, 246 Chamberlain, Rececca p.47, Charette, Dan, Realtor p.284 460 Charis Books & More p.28, Chambers 19 & the Other 289 Side p.583 advertisement p.293 Chameleon p.567 CHARIS: St Louis Women's Chorus p.41, 425 Chameleons Lounge p.70, 614 Charlemont Inn p.387 Chamikles, Jason, DO p.503 Charlemont MA see WestChamindade University GSA ern Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.387 p.303 Champaign IL see Cham- Charles Bass House B&B p.665 paign/ Urbana Area p.89, Charles Schwab & Co. PRIDE 308-309 p.210 Champaign Urbana Public Charles Street Inn p.36, 370 Health District p.308

July 2012

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INDEX Cheney WA Cheney WA see Spokane p.681 Chequers of Saugatuck p.404 Cherie Inn p.400 Chernin, Jeffrey, Ph.D, MFT p.173 Cherokee Christian Church p.422 Cherokee Park United Church p.415 Cherries p.71, 624 Cherry Fund p.655 Cherry Grove NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.56, 489-490, 493, 513 Cherry PCherry Pie Beauty & Lifestyle Lounge p.359 Cherry Pie p.535 Cherry's on the Bay p.493 Chesapeake & Potomac Softball (CAPS) p.255 Chesapeake Pride p.361 Chesapeake Squares p.363 Chesapeake VA see Hampton Roads Area p.660 Chester House Inn p.650 Chester PA see Philadelphia Area p.585 Chester Street Dance Bar p.308 Chester VT see Green Mountains Area p.650-651 Chesterfield Hotel, Suites & Day Spa p.269 Chesterfield Inn p.441 Chesterfield MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388 Chesterfield NH see Monadnock Area p.441 Chesterfield Palm Beach p.286 Chesterfield VA see Richmond Area p.663 Chesterland OH see Cleveland Area p.546 Chesterton IN see South Bend/ Mishawaka p.330 Chestertown NY see Adirondacks Area p.469 Chestnut Hill MA see Boston Area p.36, 376 Chestnut Hill United Church p.591 Chestnut Street Inn p.322 Chestnut Street Inn BB p.523 Cheston House p.258 Cheveux Hair Salon p.330


Chevrei Tikva p.98, 546 Chevron Pride Employee Network p.210 Chevy Chase MD see DC Washington Area p.23, 251 Cheyney University Gay Straight Diversity Alliance p.589 Chez des Amis p.347 Chez Est p.237 Chez Foushee p.662 Chez Leon p.424 Chez Lulu p.128 Chez Palmiers Bed & Breakfast p.348 Chez Panisse p.157 Chi Chapter p.317 Chi Dining Lounge & Bar p.493 Chi Epsilon Sigma Tri Ess Wild Rose of the Chesapeake p.364 Chi Rho Press p.121 Chi Upsilon Iota p.308 Chi-Town Squares p.314 Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga p.351 Chiacchio Southview Funeral Home, NJ LIc No. 3449, p.461 Chicago Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce p.314 Chicago Area Naturist Sons p.90, 315 Chicago Black Gay Men's Caucus p.90, 315 Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches p.318 Chicago Community Mennonite Church p.318 Chicago Diner p.310 Chicago Dragons Rugby Football Team p.319 Chicago Faerie Circle p.316 Chicago Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame p.310 Chicago Gay Hockey Association p.319 Chicago Gay Men's Chorus p.315 Chicago Gender Society p.317 Chicago Getaway Hostel p.309 Chicago Hellfire Club p.313 Chicago House p.310, 384 Chicago IL see Chicago Area p.30-31, 89-90, 309-320

INDEX Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church

Chicago Kent College of Law Lambdas p.316 Chicago Leather Club p.313 Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association (CMSA) p.319 Chicago Recovery Alliance p.310 Chicago Smelts p.319 Chicago Spirit Brigade p.319 Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center's Athena's House: a women's residence p.30, 309 Chicago Women In Trades p.31, 314 Chicago Women's AIDS Project p.30, 310 Chicago Women's Health Center p.30, 312-313 p.309 Chichester NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.483 Chicko's Tavern p.302 Chicopee MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.390 Children Affected by AIDS Foundation p.106 CHILL p.518 Chill Chamber p.281 Chill Wine Bar p.480 Chillfest p.449 Chiltern Mountain Club p.369 Chimayo NM see Santa Fe/ Pecos/ Tesuque Area p.466 Chimes Bed & Breakfast p.348 Chinese-American Planning Council, HIV/AIDS Services p.95, 490 Chino CA see Los Angeles Area p.13, 171, 178 Chippewa Falls WI see Chippewa Valley Area p.687 Chippewa Valley LGBT Community Center p.687 Chiquitas Bar p.101, 630 Chiropractors see:

CHOICES: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health p.69, 613 Chop Shop Hair Design p.649 Chopsticks Express II p.567 Chowder Bar p.492 Chris Gonzales GLBT Indianapolis Library & Archives p.326 Chris Way Agency, Inc. p.40, 411 Chris' Collective Hair Systems p.675 Chrisman, Marty p.72, 635 Christ Ascension Lutheran Church p.591 Christ Chapel MCC p.187 Christ Chapel of Orange County p.187 Christ Chapel of the Valley p.179 Christ Chapel World Ministries p.202 Christ Church p.406, 416, 452, 454, 458, 486, 647 Christ Church ABC/UCC p.461 Christ Church Cathedral p.241, 426, 543 Christ Church Episcopal p.436 Christ Church Lutheran p.214 Christ Church of Peace p.266 Christ Church Presbyterian p.650 Christ Church UMC p.229 Christ Church United Methodist p.194 Christ Church United UCC Lowell p.382 Christ Church Unity p.187, 201, 377 Christ Community Church ABC/UCC/PCUSA p.476 Christ Congregation ABC/ UCC p.458 Christ Episcopal Church p.242, 406, 442, 452, 459, 520, 591, 653, 682, 687 Health Care Christ Evangelical Bible InChocoláte p.135 stitute p.329 Chocolate Bar p.633 Chocolate Cafe of South Ha- Christ Lutheran Church p.160, 254, 591 ven p.405 Christ Lutheran Church, Chocolate Mousse Cafe p.467 p.480 Christ Our Savior Lutheran Chocorua NH see White Church p.132 Mountains Area p.443 Choice City Shots p.231

July 2012

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INDEX Christ Presbyterian Church in Terra Linda Christ Presbyterian Church in Terra Linda p.182 Christ the Cornerstone Church p.285 Christ the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church p.218 Christ the King Episcopal Church p.486 Christ the King Lutheran Church p.264 Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church p.179 Christ UMC p.254, 366, 431, 450, 486 Christ Unity Church p.197 Christ's Church of the Foothills p.530 Christ's Promise UCC p.284 Christiaan Salon & Day Spa p.602 Christian Church Uniting p.660 Christian Lesbians Out Together (CLOUT) p.5, 122 Christian Science see:


INDEX City of the Hills Queers United & Friends Cipriani, Maria, LCSW p.52, 498 Circa 39 Hotel p.269 Circle p.73, 647 Circle J Ranch & Cattle Company p.631 Circle JJ Ranch p.553 Circle of Dionysos p.214 Circle of Hope p.359 Circle of Mercy p.526 Circle of Voices p.55, 96, 506 Circle Surrogacy, Ltd. p.5, 124 Circle Tavern p.451 Circles p.485 Circo Bar p.600 Circuit /Rehab p.310 Circular Congregational Church p.605 Circus Cafe p.471 Circus Disco /Arena Cafe p.84, 171 Circus of Books p.174 Circus Wednesdays at Lizard Lounge p.492 Cirka, Ken, DMD p.586 Ciro & Sal's p.385 Cirque p.382 Citadel GALA p.605 Citi Pride Network - NYC p.506 Citizens for Civil Rights p.329 Citizens for Equal Protection p.432 Citizens Medical Group p.174 Citizens Project p.226 Citrine Health p.76, 667 Citron, Jo Ann, Esq p.36, 374 Citrus Heights CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.197 City Chow House p.481 City Clinic p.209 City Cruisers p.515 City Garden p.131 City Gardener & Florist p.553 City Girl Cafe p.372 City Honors High School Gay Straight Alliance p.475 City Lights Bookstore p.207 City of Brotherly Love Softball League p.591 City of Refuge Community Church p.214 City of the Hills Queers United & Friends p.484

Religious Organizations & Publications

Christian, Dennis, LICSW, DCSW p.410 Christiansted VI see St Croix p.74, 654 Christie's Place p.15, 198 Christman, Adam, DVM p.452 Christmas House p.638 Christoff, Eric, MD p.310 Christopher & Co. Celebrity Impersonations p.213 Christopher Newport University Gay-Straight Student Union p.660 Christopher Place p.611 Christopher Street Bar p.281 Christopher Street Financial p.501 Christopher Street West Association, Inc. p.177 Christopher Wahl Youth Center p.187 Christopher's B&B p.541

advertisement p.543

Christopher's by the Bay p.384 Christopher, Pat p.143 Christrup, Jim, LCSW p.208 Christy Laurence Realty p.22, 242 Chrome Pony Saloon p.611 Chrysler People of Diversity p.398

Chubb & Son, Inc. Gay & Lesbian Employee Network p.461 Chubb, Maggie, LCSW p.660 Chubnet p.109 Chuck's p.610 Chula Vista CA see San Diego Area p.85, 199-202 Chumley's p.597 Chung, Mark A, OD p.175 Church Bar p.544 Church in Ocean Park p.180 Church of Christ the Liberator p.351 Church of Gethsemane p.96, 513 Church of Our Savior MCC p.287 Church of Our Saviour p.408, 652 Church of St Francis Xavier p.514 Church of St Luke & The Epiphany p.591 Church of St Luke in the Fields p.514 Church of St Paul & St Andrew UMC p.514 Church of the Advent p.426 Church of the Advent of Christ the King p.214 Church of the Apostles p.145 Church of the Ascension p.514 Church of the Beatitudes UCC p.141 Church of the Convenant p.134 Church of the Covenant p.377, 661 Church of the Crossroads p.303 Church of the Epiphany p.635 Church of the Foothills p.187 Church of the Good Samaritan p.417 Church of the Good Shepherd p.307, 448, 461 Church of the Good Shepherd UCC p.395 Church of the Holy Apostles p.514, 591 Church of the Holy Comforter p.663 Church of the Holy Cross p.300 Church of The Holy Spirit p.322, 442

Church of the Holy SpiritSong p.264 Church of the Holy Trinity p.514, 591 Church of the Living Water p.616 Church of the Mediator p.419 Church of the Messiah p.417 Church of the Open Arms p.558 Church of the Painted Hills UCC p.145 Church of The Pilgrims p.254 Church of the Reconciliation p.536 Church of the Red Rocks p.142 Church of the Redeemed p.610 Church of the Redeemer UMC p.547 Church of the Resurrection p.655 Church of the Savior p.612, 622 Church of the Three Crosses (UCC/UMC) p.318 Church of the Trinity MCC p.279 Church of the Wayfarer p.154 Church on the Hill p.391 Church Street Cafe p.388 Church with a Vision Longview p.642 Church Within p.328 Churchill High School GSA p.564 Churchill House Inn p.650 Chute p.149 Chute Health Club p.139 Cicero's p.424 Cider House BBQ & Pub p.652 Cimarron Alliance Foundation p.557 Cinch p.206 Cincinnati Men's Chorus p.542 Cincinnati OH see Cincinnati Area p.60, 541-543 Cincinnati Pride p.542 Cincinnati State Rainbow Alliance p.543 Cincinnati's Weller Haus B&B p.541 Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen p.184 CINEMAROSA p.506 Ciolino, Cyndy p.31, 317

July 2012

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INDEX City of Tucson Commission on GLBT Issues City of Tucson Commission on GLBT Issues p.144 City Side p.281 City Suites Hotel Chicago p.309 City University of New York Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies p.118, 511 Civic Center Inn p.204 Civile's Venice on the Hudson p.480 Clackamas United Church of Christ p.572 Clackamas Women's Services p.64, 570 Claire's Corner Copia p.21, 240 Claire, Deborah, RN, DC p.158 Clann an Uabhair, G.L.S.A p.96, 508 Clare Housing p.409 Claremont CA see Inland Empire p.165-166 Claremont United Church of Christ p.166 Claremont United Methodist Church p.166 Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church p.378 Clarendon Hotel & Suites p.137 Clarendon Presbyterian Church p.656 Clarendon Square Inn p.370 Clarion Nantasket Beach Hotel p.386 Clarion University Allies p.575 Clarity Tax Service p.566 Clark Bar p.308 Clark College Queer Penguins & Allies p.683 Clark Fork ID see Sandpoint p.306 Clark House p.478 Clark NJ see New Brunswick Area p.456 Clark University GLBTA (OPEN) p.392 Clark, James L, PA p.283 Clarkdale AZ see Sedona Area p.141 Clarkson University Gay Straight Alliance p.476 Clarkston GA see Atlanta Area p.291 Clarkstown High School North Gay Straight Alliance p.484 Clarno, Mary p.200


Cleveland Pride, Inc p.546 Cleveland State University GLBT Student Services p.546 Cleveland Stonewall Democrats p.546 Cleveland Women's Network p.60, 545 Cleveland Womens Network p.60, 98, 545 Clewley Farm Restaurant & Lounge p.354 Cliff Cottage Inn p.146 Cliff House B&B p.574 Cliff's Edge p.300 Clifford House B&B p.544 Clifton Heights PA see Philadelphia Area p.590 Clifton Park NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 Clifton UMC p.543 Clingman Avenue Cafe p.524 Clinton NY see Utica Area p.57, 522 Clinton Street Pub p.471 Clipper House p.204 Clocktower Comics/RPG's p.611 Cloran Mansion p.320 Close, Brian, JD, LL.M, p.428 Closet p.30, 310 Closet Door p.540 Closet Sundays at The Beatles Revolution Lounge p.433 Clothes (see also Erotica, Leather) p.4, 9-10, 16, 29, 31, 34, 42, 49, 63, 108, 143, 153, 157, 173, 189, 207, 261, 275, 282, 303, 305, 324, 350, 361, 363, 370, 434, 451, 482, 497, 518, 534, 568, 573, 581, 583, 593, 625, 633, 673 Cloud 9 Lounge p.259 Cloud 9 Restaurant & Bar p.23, 246 Clover Grill p.349 Cloverdale CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.192, 194 Clovis CA see Fresno p.163 Club 101 p.71, 630 Club 1220 p.157 Club 1507 p.339 Club 1722 After Hours p.362 Club 2 Twenty p.427 Club 20 p.548 Club 2020 p.101, 632 Club 209 - The Arts Bar p.98, 559

INDEX Club in or Out Club 21 p.83, 157 Club 216 p.102, 657 Club 231 p.597 Club 24 p.7, 138 Club 3/11 p.636 Club 313 p.440 Club 322 /Silhouette p.130 Club 33 p.638 Club 441 p.555 Club 5 p.690 Club 501 p.191 Club 821 p.427 Club Alias p.529 Club Alibi p.637 Club Alive p.630 Club Aqua Miami p.272 Club Argos p.293 Club Babylon p.599 Club Basix p.90, 332 Club Body Center p.588, 603 Club Boi at Sandals p.88, 270 Club Bounce! p.185 Club Bunns p.91, 362 Club Cabaret p.530 Club Cafe p.372 Club Charles p.362 Club Charley's p.306 Club Chico p.84, 172 Club Colours /Club 534 p.102, 662 Club Columbus p.549 club Crystal p.101, 632 Club Curve p.632 Club Dallas p.626 Club David p.609 Club Deception p.685 Club Diversity p.548 Club DWNTWN p.138 Club Elm & Pearl p.100, 624 Club Escapade p.424 Club Escape p.89, 310 Club Evolution p.95, 496 Club eXile p.611 Club Fort Lauderdale p.262 Club Fuego at Aqua p.87, 250 Club Gallery p.602 Club Gold Coast p.397 Club Hairspray p.524 Club Houston p.634 club Hush p.638 Club Icon p.694 Club Imagination p.128 Club Impulse p.687 Club in or Out p.448

Clary's Cafe p.295 Claryville NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477, 480 Classic Bean p.339 Classic Chassis Car Club Austin p.621 Classic Chassis Car Club Dallas p.627 Classic Chassis Car Club Houston p.634 Classic Chassis Car Club San Antonio p.640 Classic Rosewood Inn & Spa p.408 Classic Travel & Tours p.595 Classie Dawg Grooming p.294 Clausen, Claudia, CRS, GRI, e-PRO, PMN p.46, 454 CLAW: Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend p.545 CLAWS p.608 Clay Hill Farm p.356 Clean Yield Asset Management p.74, 653 Cleaning see:

Home & Building

Clear Creek IN see Bloomington p.31, 324 Clear Space Theatre Company p.247 Clearlake Oaks CA see Clearlake p.155 Clearwater Bazaar p.219 Clearwater FL see Tampa Bay Area p.280-285 Cleary, Ker, MA, ClearHeart Counseling p.62, 563 Cleis Press p.3, 103 Cleland, Brad p.579 Clementine's p.424 Clemons, Rick p.165 Clemson University Gay/ Straight Alliance p.605 Cleone Gardens Inn p.182 Cleveland Bears p.546 Cleveland Black Pride, Inc. p.98, 546 Cleveland City Country Dancers p.545 Cleveland Couples Together p.546 Cleveland Heights Christian Church p.475 Cleveland Heights OH see Cleveland Area p.544, 547 Cleveland OH see Cleveland Area p.60, 98, 544-547 Cleveland Out & About p.547

July 2012

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INDEX Club Indianapolis Club Indianapolis p.327 Club Jacksonville p.266 Club Krave p.310 Club Langston p.95, 492 Club LAX p.349 Club Lazer p.600 Club Legends p.163 Club Liquid p.97, 531 Club Lucky p.310 Club Luxor p.637 Club Majestic p.559 Club Manilla p.281 Club Marcella p.474 Club Maverick p.559 Club Metronome p.649 Club Mo'z p.400 Club Myxx p.97, 527 Club New Orleans p.350 Club Nur p.172 Club One Jefferson p.295 Club Orlando p.275 Club Out & About p.682 Club Pantheon p.605 Club Papi p.84-85, 172, 206 Club Patrick's p.605 Club Pittsburgh p.594 Club Pure p.493 Club Q p.225, 431 Club Rain p.88, 288 Club Remix p.51, 95, 392, 494 Club Ripples p.168 Club San Diego p.200 Club Sappho p.25, 266 Club Silverstone p.682 Club Siren p.276 Club Soda p.325 Club Spectrum p.375 Club St Louis p.425 Club Sugar p.88, 270 Club Therapy p.602 Club Traxx p.608 Club Traz p.307 Club Triangle p.400 Club Tribute p.33, 347, 349 Club Try-Angles p.644 Club Viola's p.625 Club X p.201 Club X-centricities p.553 Club XES p.339 Club XS p.597 Club Xstatic p.388 Club XYZ p.611 Club Z p.597, 676 Clubhouse II p.262


Clubhouse Jager p.409 Clubhouse Restaurant p.258 Clueless p.522 Clues Unlimited p.143 CMEN p.177 CND Properties, LLC p.263 cnterweave: LGBTQ & Friends p.590 CNY Pride p.521 CO2 p.532 Coach Sappho's Relationship Coaching & Matchmaking for Lesbian Singles & Couples p.4, 109 Coachella Valley Couples p.190 Coaching (see also Counseling) p.4, 12, 34, 71, 109, 165, 173, 248, 289, 358, 458, 497, 586, 625 Coalesce Bookstore & Garden Wedding Chapel p.153 Coalition p.543 Coalition for Positive Sexuality (CPS) p.115 Coalition of Rainbow Pagans p.318 Coast Inn B&B p.565 Coastal AIDS Network p.565 Coastal AIDS Resource Effort p.537 Coastal Bend AIDS Foundation p.623 Coastal Carolina University PRiDE p.608 Cobalt /Level One Restaurant p.250 Cobb Mansion B&B p.437 Cobra p.84, 172 Cock p.494 Cockblock p.206 Cockfight p.206 Cockpit p.288 Cocktail p.310 Cocktails p.332, 540 Cocktails Cleveland p.544 Coco Bar p.270 Coco Bongo p.84, 171 Coco Bongo Reseda p.84, 172 Cocoa Beach FL see Brevard County p.257 Cocoa FL see Brevard County p.257 Coconut Cove Guest House p.258 Coconut Creek FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.263 Coconut Grove FL see Miami Area p.273 Coconut Grove Guest House p.267 Coconut Waikiki Hotel p.302 Cocoon House p.667 Coda International Tours, Inc. p.125 Cody's La Jolla p.198 Coe College Alliance p.332 Coffee Bazaar p.193 Coffee by Design p.358 Coffee Cartel p.424 Coffee Cat p.152 Coffee Catz p.193 Coffee Exchange p.602 Coffee Garden p.644 Coffee Hag p.408 Coffee Hound p.307 Coffee Mill p.23, 246 Coffeehouse & Deli p.307 Cofrancesco, Joseph, Jr. MD, MPH, FACP p.363 COH-TV p.625 Cohen, Calvin, MD p.373 Cohen, Janice L p.48, 472 Cohen, Larry, LICSW, CGP p.251 Cohen, Marjory B p.39, 398 Cohen, Mike, Broker/owner, p.317 Cohen, Sue, LMT p.22, 240 Cohn, Chris p.160 Cohn, Dan p.628 Coho Restaurant p.671 COLAGE p.115 COLAGE Bay Area p.211 COLAGE Mid Columbia p.682 COLAGE NYC p.508 COLAGE O'ahu p.303 COLAGE Salt Lake City p.645 Colby Sawyer College Safe Zones p.441 Colchester VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.648-650 Cold Keg p.257 Cold Spring KY see Cincinnati Area p.543 Coldwell Banker Burnet Realty p.413 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage p.71, 628 Cole Coffee p.157 Cole, Curtis L, MD p.502 Cole, Jon, PhD p.312

INDEX Collenbrook United Church Cole, Pam, Realtor p.11, 160 Colgate University Advocates p.477 Colgate University Office of LGBTQ Initiatives p.477 Colin Higgins Foundation p.120 Colla Voce p.211 Collage p.278, 282 Collected Works Bookstore p.467 College Art Association Queer Caucus for Art p.118 College Avenue Congregational Church p.183 College Avenue UMC p.378 College Club p.36, 370 College Community Congregational Church p.163 College Floral p.132 College Heights Congregational Church p.215 College Hill Coffee Co. & Casual Gourmet p.542 College Hill Presbyterian Church p.560 College Hill United Methodist p.340 College of Charleston Gay Straight Alliance p.605 College of Du Page Pride Alliance p.316 College of New Jersey Prism p.461 College of Notre Dame of Maryland Lesbians & Friends p.35, 364 College of Saint Scholastica Queer Straight Alliance/ Open Door p.407 College of San Mateo Gay Straight Alliance p.213 College of St Benedict/St John's University PRiSM p.413 College of The Holy Cross ABiGaLe/Allies p.392 College Preparatory School Gender & Sexuality Awareness p.159 College Street Congregational Church p.650 Collegeville MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.412 Collegiate Presbyterian Church p.332 Collegiate United Methodist Church p.332 Collenbrook United Church p.590

July 2012

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INDEX Colleyville TX Colleyville TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.71, 628-629 Colliersville NY see Oneonta p.484 Collin College Out at Collin p.628 Collin County Gay & Lesbian Alliance p.628 Collinwood Inn (Dark Shadows) Bed & Breakfast p.517 Colombo p.599 Colonial Church, UCC p.422 Colonial House Inn p.489 Colonial House Inn & Restaurant p.379 Colonial House Restaurant & Bar p.580 Colonial Inn p.354 Colonial Restaurant & Pub p.387 Colonnello, Diane T, LCSW p.264 Colophon Books, Inc. p.487 Colorado AIDS Project p.226 Colorado Anti-Violence Program p.19, 223 Colorado College EQUAL p.226 Colorado College QueerStraight Alliance p.226 Colorado Fortitude p.231 Colorado FrontRangers p.229 Colorado Gay Rodeo Association p.223 Colorado Gay Volleyball Association p.230 Colorado GLBT Bar Association p.223 Colorado Mesa University Gay Straight Alliance p.232 Colorado Prime Timers p.229 Colorado Springs CO see Colorado Springs Area p.19, 225-226 Colorado Springs Pride p.225 Colorado State University GLBT Resource Center p.231 Colorado State University SOGLBT p.231 Colors Food & Spirits p.143 COLOURS Organization, Inc p.99, 588 Colt Studio Group p.109 Colt45's, Inc p.633 Columbia Cares p.611


Columbia CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.165 Columbia College Common Ground p.316 Columbia College LGBTQ Office of Culture & Community p.316 Columbia High School GSA p.472 Columbia Pride p.118, 511 Columbia Street Retreat p.562 Columbia United Christian Church p.366 Columbia University School of Law Outlaws p.511 Columbia University Teachers College Queer TC p.511 Columbia University/Barnard College Queer Alliance p.511 Columbine B&B p.342 Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church p.230 Columbus Gay Men's Chorus p.549 Columbus Lesbian & Gay Softball p.550 Columbus Metro Tennis Organization p.550 Columbus Ohio Midwestern Invitational Classic p.550 Columbus Ohio Prime Timers p.549 Columbus OH see Columbus Area p.60-61, 98, 547-550 Columbus Rainbow Golf League p.550 Columbus Stompers p.549 Columbus Ursine Brotherhood p.549 Columbus Women's Chorus p.61, 549 Colvin, Danny p.491 Comal County Unitarian Universalist Society p.637 Combs, Teresa, ABR, GRI, QSC p.32, 342 Come Again p.54, 501 Come Out & Play p.521 Come Out With Pride p.275 Comfort & Joy p.212 Comfort Inn Times Square South p.489 Comfort Suites p.295 Coming Out Women p.78, 682 COMMAND, MC p.363

INDEX Community Counseling Service of Pascack Valley Community Centers (see also Women's Centers) p.7, 25, 83, 87, 95, 103, 127, 129, 131, 134, 137, 141-142, 146-147, 150-151, 155-156, 162, 167, 170, 181, 183-184, 187, 194, 197, 202, 216, 219, 221, 223, 225-226, 231, 240, 242, 245, 249, 256, 258, 265, 267, 274, 277, 279-280, 285, 288, 304-305, 307, 309, 322, 329-330, 333, 341, 347, 361, 367, 370, 393, 396, 400, 402, 404, 407, 417, 420, 423, 427-429, 431, 433, 436, 449-450, 455, 462, 465, 470, 473, 476-477, 488, 517, 526, 533, 538-539, 541, 544, 547, 550, 558, 562, 566, 578, 584, 592, 599, 606, 609, 612, 614, 623, 631, 636, 643-644, 648, 658, 662, 666-667, 680, 682, 687, 689, 692, 694-695 Community Christian Church p.520 Community Church p.154, 536 Community Church of Chesterland p.546 Community Church of Hope p.141 Community Church of Mill Valley p.182 Community Church of New York, Unitarian Universalist p.514 Community Church of Syosset UCC p.514 Community Church of Wilmette p.319 Community Church UCC p.194 Community College Of Allegheny County Gay Straight Alliance p.594 Community Congregational Church p.182 Community Congregational Church of Pacific Beach p.202 Community Congregational UCC p.187, 670 Community Congregational United Church of Christ p.213 Community Counseling & Crisis Center p.553 Community Counseling Center p.434 Community Counseling Centers of Chicago p.312 Community Counseling Service of Pascack Valley p.457

Commander, Mary G. p.75, 660 Commissary Restaurant p.481 Commitment Ceremonies see:

Weddings/Unions/ Commitment Ceremonies

Committee Against Domestic Abuse (CADA) p.40, 408 Committee on Gender & Sexuality p.113, 118 Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender History (CLGBTH) p.106 Commodore Waterfront Restaurant p.268 Common Bond p.122, 191, 254, 414, 418, 438, 574, 617 Common Bond, Inc. p.462-463 Common Ground p.403 Common Ground Community Chorus p.305 Common Ground Westside p.171 Common Grounds p.147, 342 Common Language Bookstore p.38, 394

advertisement p.395

Common Roads, Inc p.578 Common Woman Chorus p.59, 535 Communication Services p.48, 469 Communities Advocating Emergency AIDS Relief p.249 Community Action, Inc p.640 Community Aids Action Group p.323 Community AIDS Hotline p.585 Community AIDS Network p.539 Community AIDS Resource & Education p.618 Community Alliance & Action Network p.309 Community Alliance of Lane County p.564 Community Anti-violence Project p.35, 363 Community Bookstore p.496 Community Center p.304

July 2012

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INDEX Community Design & Planning Community Design & Planning p.659 Community for Interfaith Celebration p.669 Community Foundation Santa Cruz County p.220 Community Gospel Church p.635 Community Health Action of Staten Island p.491 Community Health Awareness Group p.396 Community Health Net p.576 Community Healthcare Network p.502 Community Healthcare Network Transgender Program p.511 Community Helpline p.178 Community Link p.163 Community Marketing, Inc. p.121 Community Networks, Inc. p.685 Community of Christ p.284 Community of Hope UCC p.560 Community of Reconciliation Church p.99, 594 Community of Saint Ninian's Well p.612 Community of the Servant Savior p.635 Community of Welcoming Congregations p.560 Community Pharmacy p.691 Community Presbyterian Church p.513 Community Research Initiative of New England p.372 Community Research Initiative of New England West p.388 Community Seed p.221 Community Solutions p.183 Community Triangle of Washington County p.367 Community UCC p.536, 644 Community UMC p.472 Community Unitarian Church p.486 Community Unitarian Universalist Church p.258, 629, 683 Community United Against Violence p.17, 210 Community United Church p.308, 577 Community United Church of Christ p.224 Community Visions p.177


Congregation Am Tikva p.92, 377 Congregation B'nai Emunah p.98, 560 Congregation B'nai Jeshurun p.97, 514 Congregation Beit Simchat Torah p.97, 514 Congregation Beit Tikvah p.91, 364 Congregation Bet Ha'am p.91, 360 Congregation Bet Haverim p.89, 292 Congregation Beth Ahavah at Rodeph Shalom, p.99, 591 Congregation Beth El p.101, 642 Congregation Beth El Binah p.101, 629 Congregation Beth Sholom p.82, 132 Congregation Beth Torah p.93, 422 Congregation Bnai Emmunah p.88, 285 Congregation Chaverim p.82, 145 Congregation Dor Hadash p.85, 202 Congregation Eitz Or p.102, 679 Congregation Etz Chaim p.87, 264 Congregation for Reconciliation p.551 Congregation Kol Ami p.85, 180 Congregation Kol Simchah p.82, 145 Congregation Neveh Shalom p.99, 572 Congregation Or Chadash p.82, 90, 145, 318 Congregation Sha'ar Zahav p.86, 214 Congregation Shaare Emeth Keshet p.93, 426 Congregation Shaarei Shamayim p.102, 691 Congregation Shir Tikvah p.92, 399 Congregation Temple Emanu-El p.82, 145 Congregation Tiferes B'nai Israel p.99, 584 Congregation Tikvah Chadashah p.102, 679 Congregational Church p.273, 381, 391

INDEX Connections Nightclub Congregational Church in Exeter (UCC) p.439 Congregational Church of Austin p.622 Congregational Church of Belmont p.213 Congregational Church of Birmingham UCC p.399 Congregational Church of Fullerton p.187 Congregational Church of Huntington p.513 Congregational Church of Needham p.377 Congregational Church of San Mateo p.215 Congregational Church of Weston UCC p.378 Congregational Church UCC p.155, 180 Congregational Community Church p.218 Congregational see:

United Church of Christ

Community Works p.561 Como's Restaurant p.397 Compass (FTM) p.376 Compass, Inc. p.285 Compassionate Expressions Mountain Inn & Healing Sanctuary p.57, 524 Compatibility Game p.505 Compete Sports Media p.103 Complete Bear p.110, 209 Composite Inc./Landscape Architects (Michael J. LoFurno) p.587 Compound Basix p.227 Compound Campground p.277 Compound Restaurant p.466 Comprehensive AIDS Program of Palm Beach County, Inc. p.286 Comprehensive Community Action Program p.601 Computer & Software Sales & Services p.195, 247, 301, 482, 497 Comstock Grizzlies p.437 Comstock House p.651 Conch Republic Seafood Company p.268 Concord Carlisle High School Spectrum p.380 Concord CA see East Bay Area p.11, 156, 160-161 Concord Feminist Health Center p.43, 439 Concord Presbyterian Church p.249 Condom Revolution p.168, 185 Condom Sense p.147 Conductors p.615 Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.155 Conexión G p.100, 598 Conferences/ Events/ Festivals/ Workshops p.4, 26, 37, 61, 109, 207, 282, 360, 382, 418, 436, 497, 548, 555 Confluence: The Willamette Valley LGBT Chorus p.573 CONGA (Central Ohio Naturist Guy Alliance) p.549 Congers NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 479-480, 483-484 Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel p.89, 305 Congregation Albert p.94, 464

Congregational UCC p.562 Congregational Unitarian Church p.319 Congregational United Church of Christ p.321 Conlin, Patrick p.467 Connect p.55, 506 Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition p.234 Connecticut Alliance for Business Opportunities (CABO. p.234 Connecticut College LGBTQ Resource Center p.242 Connecticut Fertility Associates p.20, 22, 235, 241-242 Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival p.238 Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus p.234 Connecticut Outreach Society p.238 Connecticut PRIDE Hartford Rally & Festival, Inc p.238 Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition (CTAC) p.234 Connecticut Women's Education & Legal Fund p.20, 234 Connecting Generations p.588 Connection Complex p.343 Connections p.335, 530 Connections Community Center p.307 Connections Nightclub p.332

July 2012

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INDEX 728 Connections Psychotherapy Associates & RiverStone Consulting Coon Rapids MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.412 Cooper House Bed & Breakfast Inn p.164 Cooper, Chris D, PhD p.12, 174 Cooper, Francie, Life Coach p.71, 625 Cooperage Inn p.192 Copa p.557 Copa Cabana p.100, 625 Copake United Methodist Church p.476 Copenhaver, Mike, CRS, ABR p.635 Copiague NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.503 Home & Building Copley's p.189 Construction TransformaCopper Lounge p.463 tions, Inc p.569 Copper Queen Hotel p.135 Consumer's Pharmacy Copper Rainbow Bistro p.340 p.135 Contemporary Counseling Copper Rocket p.274 Center p.453 Copper Star Coffee p.138 Continental Adult Shop p.143 Copperfield's Books p.184, 193 Continental Inn p.181 Copperhood Inn & Spa p.478 Contino, Peter, CFP p.231 Copps, Anne Reynolds p.48, Contour p.672 471 Contra Costa Crisis Center Coquette p.349 p.157 Coqui del Mar p.599 ContraSIDA p.100, 606 Coqui Designs p.446 Convenience & Variety Cora's Coffee Shop p.172 Stores p.193, 359, 385 Coral Gables FL see Miami Convent Station NJ see Morristown Area p.46, 455 Area p.88, 270-273 Conway AR see Little Rock Coral Isles Church p.285 p.148-149 Coral Springs FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Conway MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires Area p.24, 261-263 p.388, 391 Coral Tree Inn p.267 Conway NH see White coralGAYbles p.272 Mountains Area p.443 Coralville IA see Iowa City Conway Pride p.148 p.335 Conway SC see Myrtle Coratola, Rosemarie, MS, Beach p.608 LMFT p.21, 236 Conxxxion p.347 Corazon de Tucson p.142 Conyers GA see Atlanta Cordova TN see Memphis Area p.290 p.613 Cook, Amy R, CPA p.618 Corley, Cheryl Lynn, MS, MFT Cook, Betsy, LICSW p.73, p.221 649 Corn Haulers L & L Club Cook, Cathy R p.60, 542 p.333 Cookeville TN see NashCornehl, Jarrod C, DDS ville Area p.616 p.208 Coomer, Richard G, LCSW, Cornelius NC see Charlotte BCD p.343 Area p.529 Cornell College Alliance p.335 Connections Psychotherapy Associates & RiverStone Consulting p.471 Connections Public Charter School Gay Straight Alliance p.299 Connective Tissue Therapy p.389 Connextions Magazine p.103 Connie Cooks! p.45, 448 Connolly, Barbara, ABR, ePRO p.44, 442 Consiglio's Restaurant p.240 Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals p.118 Construction see:

July 2012

INDEX Counseling Services of Brandon Cottage B&B p.333 Cottage by the Gulf p.630 Cottage Grove OR see Eugene p.563-564 Cottage Inn Jerome p.136 Cottage on the Knoll p.421 Cottage on Watauga Lake p.610 Cottage Restaurant p.185 Cottages at Chesley Creek Farm p.657 Cottages at Spring House Farm p.524 Cotton Pickin' Squares p.613 Cottonwood AZ see Sedona Area p.8, 142 Cottonwood Inn B&B p.468 Council Bluffs Community Alliance p.332 Council Oak Inn p.330 Council Oak Mens Chorale p.559 Council of Community Services p.655 Counseling Center & Human Sexuality Institute p.279 Counseling Center of the University of Alabama p.130 Counseling Services of Brandon p.282 Counseling/ Psychiatry p.53, 174, 208, 261, 279, 290, 312, 500, 615, 639

Cornell University Gay & Lesbian Alumni Association p.118, 511 Cornell University Johnson School of Management Out For Business p.487 Cornell University Women's Resource Center p.50, 487 Cornell, Michael p.678 Corner Bar & Grill p.347 Corner General Store p.359 Corner Oak Manor p.523 Corner Pocket p.349, 659 Corner Pub p.260 Cornerstone Clinical Associates p.312 Cornerstone Fellowship p.145 Cornerstone Home Inspection p.461 Cornerstone Mansion p.431 Cornerstone MCC p.130 Cornett, Carlton, LCSW p.614 Corning Incorporated Spectra p.519 Corning NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.519-520 Cornwall NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477 Coro Allegro p.374 Corona del Mar CA see Orange County p.187 Corona NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.496 Corporate Divas, LLC p.289 Corporate Golf & Gift p.558 Correnti, Catherine p.43, 440 Corsentino, Robert A, CPA, PC p.490 Corte Madera CA see Marin County Area p.13, 181 Corvallis OR see Corvallis/ Albany p.62, 562 Cory Glass Works p.381 Cos Cob CT see Greenwich p.236 Cosmopolitan Grill p.246 Costa Mesa CA see Orange County p.85, 185-187 Costanoa Coastal Lodge & Camp p.203 Costello's Piano Bar p.537 Cotnoir, Wayne, LMT p.357, 604 Cottage p.198 Cottage at Scenic Way p.552

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INDEX Counseling Services of Brandon Counseling/ Psychotherapy/ Mental Health p.4, 6-13, 15-16, 18-31, 33, 35-50, 52-53, 57-79, 83-84, 89, 94-95, 109, 130-131, 138, 142-143, 148, 150, 153, 157-158, 168, 173-174, 181, 185, 199, 207-208, 218-219, 221, 225, 227, 231, 235-237, 239-240, 243, 245, 248, 251, 257, 261, 264, 266, 271, 275, 278-279, 282, 289-290, 295, 299, 305, 307-308, 312, 321-322, 326-327, 330, 335, 337, 342-343, 346-347, 350, 353, 363, 365-366, 368, 373, 379, 381, 387, 389, 394, 397, 402, 405, 410, 417-418, 421, 425, 429, 431, 434, 439, 441-442, 444, 446-449, 451, 453-455, 457, 459-463, 465, 467, 471, 474, 482, 487, 497-500, 518, 521, 525, 528-529, 531, 534-535, 537-538, 540, 544, 548, 553-554, 556-557, 560-563, 568, 576-579, 581, 583, 586, 593, 595, 598, 601-602, 605, 607, 609, 612-614, 620, 625, 633, 639, 642, 644, 647-649, 655, 657-660, 662, 668, 670, 673-674, 681-682, 686, 688, 692 Countessa's Closet p.13, 84, 178 Country Bum'kin p.479 Country Club p.349 Country Club Congregational UCC p.422 Country Comforts Assisted Living p.105, 690 Country Cove p.696 Country Day Travel p.630 Country Doctor Community Clinic p.675 Country Inn the City p.489 Country Road Lodge p.470 Country Saturday Night p.275 Country Squire Bed & Breakfast p.477 Countryside Church UU p.319 Countryside Floral & Garden LLC p.674 Countryside IL see Chicago Area p.315 County College of Morris Gay/Straight Alliance p.447 Coupeville WA see Whidbey Island p.684 Couples see:


Crave Dessert Bar p.527

INDEX Crowne Pointe Historic Inn Crisis Clinic p.673 Crisis Clinic of Thurston & Mason Counties p.668 Crisis Intervention of Houston p.631 Crisisline p.523 Criswell, Eleanor, PhD p.74, 655 Critchley, Jay, LMT p.386 Critical Path Project p.585 Crocker Bar p.632 Crocodile Rocks p.608 Croissants de France p.268 Cromwell Manor Inn p.477 Crone's Cupboard p.30, 305 Croner, Barbara, MFT, MFC24761 p.16, 208 Crones p.74, 649 Cronkhite Law Firm, LLC p.22, 242 Crook's Corner p.534 Cross Creek Community Church p.551 Cross Dressers International p.119 Cross Lutheran Church p.693 Cross Timber Ranch B&B p.624 Cross, Lyssa, Broker/Realtor, ABR, CRS p.58, 526 Cross-Cultural Center p.156 Cross-Timbers Prime Timers p.627 Crossings p.342 Crossman, Steven, MD p.662 CrossPort p.543 Crossroads p.612 Crossroads Cafe & Tavern p.167 Crossroads Community Church p.629 Crossroads Lounge p.625 Crossroads Safehouse p.20, 231 Crossroads United Church of Christ p.334 Crossrock Cabin Rentals p.293 Crotched Mountain Resort p.441 Croton On Hudson NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477, 485 Crowbar p.282, 553 Crown & Anchor Inn p.384 Crowne Plaza Hotel p.455 Crowne Pointe Historic Inn p.384

Couples/Metro Dallas p.628 Courier Cafe p.308 Courier/ Delivery/ Messenger Services p.500 Court of the Great Northwest Imperial Empire p.195 Cousino, Steve, CTA p.427 Cove Cafe p.205 Cove UMC p.547 Covell, Rebecca p.71, 626 Covenant Church p.635 Covenant Community Church p.128 Covenant House p.684 Covenant Network of Presbyterians p.122 Covenant of the Cross p.616 Covenant Presbyterian Church p.333 Coventry RI see Providence Area p.603 Covina CA see Los Angeles Area p.179 Covington GA see Atlanta Area p.292 Covington KY see Cincinnati Area p.60, 541-542 Cowboy Coffee & Steak House p.430 Cowgirl BBQ p.466 Cowgirls Horse Hotel p.80, 696 Cowlick's Ice Cream p.182 Cowslip's Belle B&B and Vacation Rentals p.560 Cowtippers p.288 Cowtown Leathermen p.626 Coyote Cafe p.466 Cozy Cottages p.650 Crabby Dick's p.246 Crabby Dick's Restaurant & Guest House p.245 Crabtree, Robert, DDS p.474 Crafts see:

Bar p.601 Crazy Fox p.542 Crazy Mitch's Adult Books p.685 Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room p.38, 394 Cream City Foundation p.692 Cream City Squares p.693 Creation Cafe & Euphoria Restaurant p.327 Creative Construction & Remodeling p.423 CreativeAbundance LLC p.529 Creekside Chalet p.610 Creekside Inn p.151, 203 Creekside Inn & Resort p.192 Creekside Retreat p.526 Creme Lounge p.25, 270 Creola OH see Hocking Hills p.552 Creole Gardens Guesthouse p.348 Creole Inn p.348 Crepe Place Restaurant p.219 Crescendo: The Tampa Bay Women's Chorus p.27, 283 Crescendos Piano Bar p.270 Crescent City Guest House p.348 Crescent City Outlaws p.350 Crescent City Wrestling Club p.351 Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church p.345 Crescent Lounge p.672 Crescent Moon Herbals LLC p.34, 355 Cresskill Congregational Church, UCC p.447 Crest p.168 Crestwood MO see Saint Louis Area (MO & IL) p.426 Crew Club p.252 Art & Craft Crew Night Club p.540 Craftsbury Inn p.650 Crew Sports Bar & Grill p.311 Craftsman Inn p.183 Crews'N p.433 Craig P Kenny & Associates Crib SF p.206 p.434 Crime Victim Center of Erie Cranmore Mountain Lodge County p.65, 576 p.443 Crimson Moon Tavern p.248 Crape Myrtle Festival, Inc. Crisis Center of Johnson p.535 County p.335 Crash Boat Club p.598 Crisis Center, Inc p.326

Organizations/Resources: Craze Night Club p.576 Social, Recreational & Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Support Groups

July 2012

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INDEX Crozet VA Crozet VA see Charlottesville p.657 Crozier, Patience p.36, 374 Cruise Holidays p.202 Cruise Holidays Chicago on Magnificent Mile p.320 Cruise One p.436 Cruisin' 7th p.138 Cruisin' the Castro Walking Tours p.17, 215 Cruising With Pride Cruises & Tours p.187 Crumpets p.639 Cruse, Howard p.107 Crush p.567 Cruze Bar p.593 Crypt p.674 Crypt Adult Entertainment p.227 Crypt On Broadway p.168, 228 Crypt on Park p.199 Cryptestgy p.103 Crystal Beer Parlor p.295 Crystal Fox p.367 Crystal Lake IL see Chicago Area p.31, 309, 317, 320 Crystal Magic p.136 Crystal Meth Anonymous p.105, 170 Crystal Meth Anonymous Intergroup p.490 Crystal Palace p.599, 648, 654 Crystal Visions p.58, 525 Crystal Way p.210 Crystal's p.347 CrystalWood Lodge p.562 CS Boutique p.359 CSU Dominguez Hills Gay Straight Alliance p.169 CSU Dominguez Hills LGBT Faculty & Staff Association p.169 CSU Fresno United Student Pride p.163 CSU Northridge LGBTA Alliance p.178 CSU San Marcos LGBTQIA p.201 CSUF Queer Straight Alliance p.186 CSUSB Pride Center p.166 Cubby Hole p.51, 260, 495

advertisement p.493


Cuff Complex p.672 Culbertson Mansion p.343 Culinary Institute of America Gay Straight Alliance p.484 Cullowhee NC see p.529 Cultured Pearl p.246 Culver City CA see Los Angeles Area p.13, 170, 176-177 Cumberland Congregational UCC p.354 Cumfer, Cynthia p.64, 569 Cummings, Brenda H., RDT p.21, 239 Cummings, Joe, Lic #0544853 p.622 Cummings, Mike, Realtor p.405 Cuneo, Carlo, LCSW p.346

advertisement p.346

INDEX Dana Point CA Daily Bagel p.436 Daily Planet p.649 Daily Queer News p.103 Dain's Place p.534 Dairyland Cowboys & Cowgirls p.690 Dakini Gardens & Retreat p.299 Dakota AIDS Education & Training Center p.609 Dakota OutRight p.537 Dakota T-Girls p.609 Dale Street Bistro Cafe p.225 Dallas AA p.624 Dallas Area Male Naturists p.627 Dallas Bears p.628 Dallas Diablos Rugby Club p.629 Dallas Eagle p.624 Dallas Fort Worth Big Men's Club p.627 Dallas Gay & Lesbian Alliance (DGLA) p.627 Dallas Gay & Lesbian Bar Association p.626 Dallas Independent Volleyball Association (DIVA) p.629 Dallas Invitational Columbus Day Tournament p.629 Dallas Pride p.627 Dallas Rainbow Counseling p.71, 625 Dallas Southern Pride p.100, 627 Dallas Tavern Guild p.626 Dallas TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.71, 100-101, 623-630 Dallas Voice p.623 Dalton Depot & Trackside Cafe p.294 Daly City CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.209 Dambach, Christine p.62, 563 Damien Center p.326 Damien Ministries p.249 Dammit Janet! p.527 Damonte Ranch High School GSA p.437 Damron Guides p.3, 103 Dan Howell Travel p.543 Dan's Adult World p.244 Dan's Restaurant p.580 Dana Point CA see Orange County p.184

CUNY Baruch College GLASS p.511 CUNY Brooklyn College Women's Center p.56, 510 CUNY City College Straight & Gay Alliance (SAGA CCNY) p.511 CUNY College of Staten Island Gay Straight Alliance p.511 CUNY Hunter College Gay Men's Alliance p.511 CUNY Kingsborough Community College LGBT Alliance p.510 CUNY Lehman College Rainbow Alliance Club p.510 CUNY Queens College Women's Studies Program p.56, 511 Cuomo's Cove p.478 Cup & Saucer Cafe p.567 Cupcake Royale: Ballard p.674 Cupcake Royale: Capitol Hill p.674 Cupcake Royale: Madrona p.674 Cupcake Royale: West Seattle p.674 Cupid's Leather Sport p.313 Cupid's Treasures p.312

advertisement p.314

Cube p.473 CUE Magazine p.592 Cuesta Squares p.153

Cuppa Java p.409 Curious Kumquat GastroPub Restaurant & Gourmet Grocery p.467 Curry College Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) p.387 Curry House p.267 Curtis, Wayne, ABR, p.364

Curve Magazine p.3, 103 Cusa's Shebar p.599 Custom Movers p.112 Cutillo Counseling & Consultation p.454 Cutter's p.349 Cville GLBT Families p.657 Cyber Cafe West p.473 Cybersocket p.103 Cyclesport p.457 Cycologist p.232 Cypress p.246 Cypress Bay High School Gay Straight Alliance p.263 Cypress CA see Orange County p.186 Cypress High School Gay Straight Alliance p.186 Cypress House p.267 Czar p.282 D&E Digs p.164 D'Addario, Susan M, MBA, LCSW p.52, 498 D'Amico, Paul, CFP p.457 D'Ercole, Domenick p.501 D'Orio, Lynn B, JD, PLC p.38, 394 D'Youville College Alliance p.475 D. G. Neary Realty Ltd. p.513 d. katen fire island properties, ltd p.56, 513 D.I.X. p.692 D.J.'s Clam Shack p.268 D.S. Tequila Company p.311 Da Hookup Smokeshop p.636 da Luca Cafe & Wine Bar p.657 Da Luigi Ristorante Italiano p.600 DAB the AIDS BEAR Project p.106 Dabrowski, Doris J, Esq p.44, 444, 587 Dad's Bar & Grill p.580 DaDa SF Studio p.206 Daddies & Papas p.570 Daddy's p.540, 544 Dade City FL see Tampa Bay Area p.281-282, 284 Dadesho, Jonathan p.183 Daemen College LGB & Friends Alliance p.475 Dahl, Jan, CRS, GRI, CNE, Associate Broker p.140 Dahlonega GA see p.28, 293-294

July 2012

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INDEX Danca Travel/LOTS Danca Travel/LOTS p.592 Dance 208/Center Dances p.510 Dance Country p.484 Dance: see:


INDEX Deer Oak Mental Health Associates Deaf see: Deaf AIDS Project p.361 Buckeye Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf p.549 Deaf & Hearing OutReach p.570 Deaf Communication By Innovation p.315 Deaf Queer Men Only (DQMO) p.211 Lilac Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf p.519 Mile High Rainbow Society of the Deaf p.229 Minnesota Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (MNRAD), s p.406 New Jersey Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf p.444 Northwest Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf p.677 Peachtree Rainbow Deaf Society p.291 Windy City Rainbow Alliance of The Deaf p.315 Wisconsin Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf p.686 Deal NJ see Jersey Shore p.451 Dean, Steve, Realtor p.254 Deaner, Cheryl, LMFT p.10, 157 Dearborn MI see Detroit Area p.399 Deayala, Ralph, MD p.72, 636 Deb's Spare Time p.688 Debbie Golden Realtor p.47, 464 DeBonis, William B, DDS p.500 Decadent Duck Events, LLC p.647 Decatur GA see Atlanta Area p.27-28, 88, 289-293 Decatur Street Bar & Grill p.19, 227 Decatur UCC p.292 Decisions p.640 Deco Lounge p.206 Dedham MA see Boston Area p.373, 376 Dee, Lynda, Esq p.35, 363 Deep Gap NC see Blowing Rock/ Boone Area p.526 Deeper Dating p.505 Deer Brook Inn p.651 Deer Harbor WA see Orcas Island p.670 Deer Oak Mental Health Associates p.639

Organizations/Resources: Cultural

Dancers Responding to AIDS p.501 Dancing Cat Saloon p.480 Dancing Winds Farm p.408 Dandelion p.209 Dandelion Communitea Cafe p.274 Dania Beach FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.24, 259, 263 Daniel Rust House B&B p.236 Daniel, Terri p.560 Daniels, Holly, LCSW p.18, 219 Daniels, Richard p.573 Danikon Tours p.516 Danny's p.311, 421 Danny's Adam & Eve p.586 Danvers MA see North Shore Area p.383 Danville CA see East Bay Area p.10, 157, 160 Danville Congregational Church p.160 Danville OH see Columbus Area p.547 Darby Field Inn p.443 Darby's Cafe p.668 Darcelle's XV Showplace p.567 Dark Entry p.157 Dark Garden Unique Corsetry p.16, 207 Dark Lady p.602 Dartmouth College Center for Women & Gender p.43, 439 Dartmouth College GLBT Resource Center p.439 Dartmouth College Green Lambda p.439 Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business Gay Straight Alliance p.439 Dartmouth College XYZ p.439 Dartmouth Gay & Lesbian Alumni/ae Association, Inc p.118 Dartmouth House Bed & Breakfast p.517 Das Liszt Ferienhaus p.638

DASH (Young Adults) p.667 Dayton Avenue Presbyterian Church p.415 Dating see: Meeting Dayton Gay Men's Chorus p.551 Daughter of the Stars B&B p.664 Dayton Gay Volleyball p.551 Daughters of the Earth p.80, Dayton Lesbian & Gay Film 694 Festival p.551 Dava p.240 Dayton OH see Dayton/ Springfield Area p.98, Davenport IA see Daven550-551 port/ Quad Cities Area (IA & IL) p.332-333 Dayton Valley Gems p.551 Davenport's Piano Bar & Daytona Beach FL see DayCabaret p.311 tona/ Flagler/ Ormond Beach Area p.257-258 David Barton Gym p.503 David Bohnett Foundation dbar p.372 p.110 DC Action Center & Store David J. Martin Photography (HRC) p.251 p.491 DC Aquatics Club p.255 David Powell Health Center DC Bear Club p.253 p.620 DC Black Pride p.87, 252 David's Creative Cuisine DC Boys of Leather p.252 p.358 DC CARE Consortium p.249 David's Oasis Camping ReDC Center for the LGBT sort p.135 Community p.249 David, Cheryl K p.58, 532 DC Cowboys Dance ComDavids, Mikiel Jennifer p.28, pany p.252 290 DC Eagle p.250 Davidson College Gay DC Eagle Dyke Night p.23, Straight Alliance p.528 250 Davidson NC see Charlotte DC Front Runners p.255 Area p.528 Davidson, Margery S, CPA DC Gay Flag Football League p.255 p.446 DC Ice Breakers p.255 DavidTravel p.187 Davie FL see Fort Lauder- DC Lambda Squares p.252 dale/ Wilton Manors Area DC Nationals Hockey Club p.255 p.259, 264 Davies Memorial UU Church DC Radical Faeries p.253 p.365 DC Sentinels p.255 Davies, Ann C., LCSW p.49, DC Strokes Rowing Club 52, 482, 498 p.255 Davinci Restaurant p.573 DC's Different Drummers p.252 DaVinci Society p.423 DC's Saloon p.431 Davis United Methodist Church p.156 DCBiWomen p.23, 252 Davis, Diane L, LCSW p.52, de Mattos, Molly, Co-Owner 498 of The Matt & Molly Team p.58, 526 Davis, James O, MBA, CFP p.209 Deabill, George, PhD p.207 Davis, M. Betts p.43, 439 Deacon Timothy Pratt Bed & Breakfast p.242 Davis-Kidd Booksellers & Bistro p.613 Deaf & Hearing OutReach p.570 DAWN (Detroit Area Womyn's Network) p.39, Deaf AIDS Project p.361 399 Deaf Communication By InDawn Ranch Lodge p.192 novation p.315 Day's Espresso & Coffee Bar Deaf Queer Men Only p.343 (DQMO) p.211 Day, Jon p.452 Deaf Queer Resource Center p.115 Dayspring UMC p.141

July 2012

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INDEX Deer Park NY Deer Park NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.508 Deer Valley Counseling Mesa p.7, 138 Deer Valley Counseling Phoenix p.7, 138 Deer Valley Counseling Scottsdale p.7, 138 Deerfield Academy Gay Straight Alliance p.390 Deerfield Beach FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.260 Deerfield IL see Chicago Area p.315, 318 Deerfield MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.390-391 Deerhill Inn p.653 Deerpath Lodge p.40, 404 Defenders Chicago p.313 Defenders DC p.252 Defenders of Dignity USA p.112 Defenders Ohio p.548 Defenders/Dignity p.503 DeFrank - We Are Family p.217 Degas House p.348 Deja Vu p.552 Déja Vu II p.69, 605 Deja Vu Love Boutique p.551 Deko Lounge p.459 Del Conte, Christopher p.520 Del Mar CA see San Diego Area p.15, 199 Del Sol Stores p.143 DeLaCerda House, Inc. p.332 Deland FL see Daytona/ Flagler/ Ormond Beach Area p.258 Delaney, Ruth, CFP(R), CLU, ChFC p.27, 282 DeLaurentis, Brian M. p.504 Delavan UMC p.689 Delavan WI see Lake Geneva p.689 Delaware County AIDS Task Force p.548 Delaware Department of Health & Social Services Ryan White Program p.244 Delaware HIV Consortium p.244 Delaware Inn p.245 Delaware Liberty Fund p.245 Delaware OH see Columbus Area p.548-550 Delaware Pride p.245


Delaware UU Fellowship p.550 Delaware Valley Gay Neighbors p.584 Delaware Valley Legacy Fund p.586 Delhaven Christian Church p.166 Deli Next Door p.667 Delicious p.16, 205 Delmar NY see Albany & Capital Area p.48, 471 Delmarvalous Squares p.247 Delmonico Room p.595 Deloitte GLOBE and Allies p.113 Delphinium Home p.503 Delray Beach FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.24, 259-260, 263 Delta Chi Delta Tri Ess p.263 Delta Elite p.23, 87, 250 Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh/Pittsburgh Pride p.594 Delta Lambda Phi - Alpha Psi p.540 Delta Lambda Phi - Beta Delta p.272 Delta Lambda Phi - Beta Mu p.338 Delta Lambda Phi - Delta Chapter, University of Minnesota p.412 Delta Lambda Phi Alpha Beta Chapter p.329 Delta Lambda Phi Alpha Chapter p.253 Delta Lambda Phi Alpha Delta Chapter p.201 Delta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda Chapter p.331 Delta Lambda Phi Beta Omicron Chapter p.554 Delta Lambda Phi Beta Xi p.511 Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity Rho Chapter p.169 Delta Lambda Phi Omega Chapter p.144 Delta Lambda Phi Psi p.677 Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity p.118 Delta Lambda Phi Xi Chapter, UC Davis p.156 Delta Lambda Phi, Beta Zeta p.320 Delta Phi Upsilon Fraternity p.118 Delta Region AIDS Education & Training Center p.146 Delta Society p.671 Delta Street Inn p.636 Deltona FL see Daytona/ Flagler/ Ormond Beach Area p.258 Demarest, Mark, LPC p.459 Democratic Party see:

Organizations/Resources: Political/Legislative

INDEX Desert Voices Denver NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478, 480 Denver Squids p.230 Denver Swim Club p.228 Denver Women's Chorus p.19, 228 Denver Wrangler p.227 DePauw University LGBT Services p.326 Depot Cabana Bar & Grill p.260 Depot Video Bar p.195 Derby Line VT see Derby p.650 Des Moines Gay Men's Chorus p.333 Des Moines Pride Center p.333 Des Moines WA see Seattle Area p.678 Des Plaines IL see Chicago Area p.30, 314, 318-319 Desert Adult Books p.434 Desert Adventures p.141 Desert AIDS Project p.189 Desert Business Association p.190 Desert Daily Guide p.188 Desert Dominion p.144 Desert Dove Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) p.145 Desert Dyners p.14, 190 Desert Eclipse Resort p.188 Desert Fox p.189 Desert Gay Tourism Guild p.190 Desert Hearts Cowgirl Club p.72, 638 Desert Hills Bed & Breakfast p.643 Desert Hot Springs CA see Palm Springs Area p.14, 188 Desert Knight News p.137 Desert Lily p.166 Desert Overture p.139 Desert Palm UCC p.141 Desert Paradise Resort Hotel p.188 Desert Rose Resort p.433 Desert Stonewall Democrats p.190 Desert Tennis Association p.191 Desert Trails B&B p.142 Desert Valley Squares p.139 Desert Voices p.144

Dempsey's Brass Rail p.680 Den p.455 Denison University GLB Alumni/ae p.118, 550 Denison University Outlook p.550 Denison University see: Outlook: Columbus p.549 Dennis R. Neill Equality Center p.558 Denny Holt Realtors, Broker/ Realtor, GRI, ABR, CRS p.622 Dentists p.27, 38, 54, 61, 174, 181, 199, 208, 236, 251, 261, 282, 286, 296, 312, 363, 389, 397, 410, 425, 451-452, 474, 483, 500, 518, 548, 557, 568, 586, 633, 649, 674 Denton TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.71, 623-625, 627-629 Denton UU Fellowship p.629 Denver Area Central Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous p.226 Denver Area Nude Dudes p.229 Denver Area Softball League p.230 Denver Boys of Leather p.228 Denver CO see Denver Area p.19, 86, 226-230 Denver Dykes on Bikes p.19, 230 Denver Eagle p.227 Denver Front Runners & Walkers p.230 Denver Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (DGLCC) p.228 Denver Gay & Lesbian Flag Football League p.230 Denver Gay Men's Chorus p.228 Denver Gay Professionals p.228 Denver International Gay & Lesbian Invitational (bowling) p.230

July 2012

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INDEX Desert Willow B&B Desert Willow B&B p.465 Desert Winds Freedom Band p.190 Desert Women for Equality p.14, 190 Desert Women for Equality Free Mammogram Program p.14, 190 Designer's Dock p.385 Designs by Doe Florist p.548 Desire Bar & Grill p.495 Desktop Publishing see:



Diablo's Cantina p.433 Diablo's Downtown Lounge p.563 Dial Help GLBTQ Support Group p.401 Diamond Adult World p.153, 174 Diamond Adult World #2 p.153 Diamond Bar CA see Inland Empire p.166 Diamond Bar UCC p.166 Diamond Foundation p.432 Diamond Springs CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 Diamond State Rodeo Association p.146 Diamond's Ice Bar & Grill p.301 Diamond, Richard p.454 DiamondStone p.565 Diamonz p.580 DiAna DiAna, Consulting p.604 Diane's Restaurant & Bakery p.467 Dick's Cabaret p.138 Dick's RU Crazee p.326 Dickens House Bed & Breakfast p.280 Dickinson College Spectrum p.575 Dickinson, K D p.430 DiCubellis, Michele R, MSW, LCSW p.47, 463 Didgeridog Doggie Daycare & Overnights p.213 Dieguito & Markitos p.598 Diesel p.551, 672 Diesel Cafe p.372 Diesel, A Bookstore p.151, 157, 173 Dietrich, Donald p.483 Dietz, Christine, PhD, LCSW p.49, 474 DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) p.110, 501 DIFFA Dallas p.626 DIFFA Greater Seattle p.674 Different Avenues p.254 Different Kind of Ladies' Night p.51, 495 Different Spokes Cycling Club p.680 Different Spokes Houston p.636 Different Spokes of Madison p.691 Different Spokes of Southern California p.180 Different Spokes San Francisco Cycling Club p.215 Different Strokes Golf Association p.101, 629 Different Strokes Swim Team p.202 Differently Abled see: DIA: Disabled In Action of Metropolitan New York p.507 LGBTQI & Disabled p.570 Dignity Austin p.622 Dignity Denver p.229 Dignity Fort Lauderdale p.264 Dignity Houston p.635 Dignity Indianapolis p.328 Dignity Palm Springs p.191 Dignity San Fernando Valley p.179 Dignity USA, Columbus Chapter p.550 Dignity-Integrity/Mid-Hudson p.486 Dignity/Boston p.377 Dignity/Buffalo, Inc p.475 Dignity/Central Pennsylvania p.579 Dignity/Chicago p.318 Dignity/Dallas p.629 Dignity/Dayton p.551 Dignity/Detroit p.399 Dignity/Honolulu p.303 Dignity/Integrity Rochester p.520 Dignity/Los Angeles p.179 Dignity/Metro NJ p.453 Dignity/New Brunswick p.456 Dignity/New Mexico p.462 Dignity/New York p.514 Dignity/Northern Virginia p.655 Dignity/Orlando p.276 Dignity/Palm Beach p.287 Dignity/Philadelphia p.591 Dignity/Pittsburgh p.594 Dignity/San Antonio p.640 Dignity/San Diego p.202 Dignity/San Francisco p.214 Dignity/Seattle p.679 Dignity/Twin Cities p.414 Dignity/Washington p.254 DignityUSA p.122 DiGS p.189 Dikman, Bernard L., CPA p.490

INDEX Dive Bar Dillenkoffer Endowment p.421 Dilling, Doug, Associate Broker, p.328 Dillon CO see p.230 Dimensions p.209 Dimitriou's Jazz Alley p.672 DiNardi, Teresa M p.21-22, 236, 238, 241, 243 Dingmans Ferry PA see Poconos Area p.595 Dingo's Mexican Grill p.567 Dingus, M Shawn p.549 Dinotto Ristorante p.311 Diocese of El Camino Real p.155 Diogenes Youth Services p.196 DiPerna, Judith, MS.Ed. p.593 Diplomat Health Club p.400, 554 Dirk Hilkmann State Farm Agency,. p.626 Dirty Girls p.30, 311 Disability see:

Organizations/Resources: Differently Abled

Desperate Annie's p.471 Destiny Transportation p.215 Detour p.281 Detroit Community AIDS Library p.396 Detroit Derby Girls p.39, 399 Detroit Lakes MN see Fargo/ Moorhead Area p.538 Detroit MI see Detroit Area p.39, 92, 396-399 Detroit Together Men's Chorus p.398 Deutsch & Deutsch p.46, 453 Deutsch & Deutsch Esqs p.46, 453 Deva Cafe p.183 Devany Doak & Garrett Booksellers p.355 DevillesOnline p.68, 603 Devin, Todd p.201 Devine, Doug, Realtor p.213 Devine, Patrick, CFP(R) p.633 Devon PA see Philadelphia Area p.590 Deweese, David, R(PB) ABR. e-PRO p.299 Dewey Beach DE see Rehoboth Area p.246 Dewitt NY see Syracuse p.521 Dewsnup, Alecia Montgomery p.42, 433 Dewy Rose GA see Athens p.287 Dexter MI see Adrian p.393 Dexter's Inn p.384 Dharma Buddies p.679 Di Cosola, Anthony V, Realtor p.435 DIA: Disabled In Action of Metropolitan New York p.507 Diablo Dancers p.159 Diablo Valley Girls p.160

DiSalvo, Loraine M p.28, 290 Disciples United Community Church p.580 Discipline Corps p.627 Discotekka p.270 Discount Brake & Tune N'Lube p.137 Discovery Community p.212 Discovery III, Inc. p.148 Dish p.494, 527, 672 Dish Food & Events p.496 Dismont, Teri p.224 Disney Dream Villa p.274 Distant Sands B&B p.356 Distillery p.295 Distortion p.598 Distributors/ Wholesalers p.109 District 202 p.413 District Council 37 Lesbian & Gay Issues Committee p.506 District Psychotherapy Associates p.251 District Title p.254 DITC Inc p.4, 108 Diva Seductive Clothing p.129 Diva's p.388 Divas p.206 Dive Bar p.195

July 2012

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INDEX Dive Bar & Grill Dive Bar & Grill p.281 Diverse & Resilient p.686 Diverse Harmony p.676 Diverse Sexuality & Gender Alliance p.396 Diverse Sexuality & Gender Alliance of JHU p.364 DiverseWorks ArtSpace p.634 Diversionary Theatre Productions p.201 Diversions Night Club p.400 Diversity Alliance Fund p.581 Diversity Arts Association of Oklahoma p.559 Diversity Builder p.121 Diversity Business Association p.557 Diversity Center p.219 Diversity Christian Fellowship International p.560 Diversity DJs p.63, 565 Diversity Pride Center p.682 Diversity Pride Events p.147 Diversity Rules Magazine p.469 Diversity Services p.500 Diversity Thrift p.662 Diversity: The Voices of Sarasota p.278 Divine Mercy New Catholic Community Church p.264 Divine Moving & Storage, Ltd. p.505 Divine Nightclub p.496 Divine Peace Metropolitan Community Church p.403 Divine, Francine, CLTC, Representative p.50, 483 Diving for Life p.124 Diving see:

Swimming & Diving


DJ Services see:

Entertainment also Party Services

INDEX Dreams of Hope Doug Mayberry Real Estate p.269 Doug's Flowers & Gifts p.339 Douglas County AIDS Project p.337 Douglas MI see Saugatuck/ Douglas Area p.404-405 Douglas UCC p.405 Douglas, Chris p.327 Dove, Inc. p.31, 320 Down East AIDS Network p.354 Down Party p.42, 433 Downe Towne for Women p.29, 302 Downers Grove IL see Chicago Area p.319 Downieville River Inn p.156 Downlow Lounge p.598 Downriver Rainbow LGBT Social Club p.399 Downtown Adult Books p.128 Downtown Bar & Lounge p.311 Downtown Books & News p.525 Downtown Erie Hotel p.576 Downtown Olly's p.327 Downtown Subscription Coffeehouse & News p.467 Downtown United Presbyterian Church p.520 Doylestown PA see New Hope PA/ Lambertville NJ Area p.66, 583-584 Dr. Robin Lowey & Associates LLC p.66, 586 Dragonfly p.600 Dragonfly Adventure Cruises p.215 Dragonfly Canyon Retreat p.466 Dragonfly Ranch p.298 Drake University Rainbow Union p.333 Drama Club p.347 Drama Room p.624 Drane, Larry David, LC, Realtor p.284 Dreamers Hillsboro p.631 DreamHaven Books, Comics & Art p.410 Dreamhouse Country Inn p.648 Dreamkatchers Lake Powell p.136 Dreams Come True on Maui p.300 Dreams of Hope p.594

Dix Hills NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.491, 498 Dixie Adult Super Store p.271 Dixie Derby Girls p.6, 129 Dixie Quicks Luncheonette p.431 Dizz p.362 Dizz's As Is p.185 DJ Bill DeMarco - PartyTime DJ's p.445 DJ Domenica p.56, 512 DJ Nancy B p.56, 512

DKG Promotions p.656 Doane College Gay Straight Alliance p.430 p.112 Dobbins CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.15, 197 Dobbs Ferry NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.486 Dock p.542 Docks Clam Bar & Pasta House p.496 Doctors House Bed & Breakfast p.379 Does Your Mother Know p.208 Dog House & More p.480 Dog's Best Friend p.512 Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats p.246 Doggett, Lillian p.78, 681 Doggie Do's Grooming Salon, Inc p.601 Dolan, Michael, MA, CAC p.581 Dolgeville NY see Utica Area p.522 Doll House Entertainment p.30, 311 Dolphin Bar p.172 Dolphin Democratic Club p.262 Dolphin Den - Ogunquit p.356 Dolphin Travel Services, Inc. p.141 Dolphins Point Maui p.301 Domestic Partner RegistryNYC p.508 Domestic Partnerships, New York p.55, 504 Domestic Violence Center p.60, 545 Domestic Violence Resource Center p.64, 570 Domestic Violence see: Sanctuary for Families p.55, 506 Domestic Violence Shelter p.59, 537 Dominic's p.349 Dominican University Common Ground p.317

Organizations/Resources: Anti-Violence,Self-Defense

Dominican University of California Gay Straight Alliance p.182 Don Gaspar Inn p.466 Don Mitchel Swimwear (Xtreme Swimwear) p.108 Don Sabino Mexican Restaurant p.480 Don's Dogs Cafe p.193 Don't Look Back p.662 Don't Tell Mama p.495 Donahue Grolman & Earle p.373 Donahue IA see Davenport/ Quad Cities Area (IA & IL) p.333 Donahue, MaryAnn p.67, 597 Donatello p.203 Donlan, M. Eric p.456 Donner Lake Inn p.167 Donner, Susan E. p.75, 660 Donny's p.593 Donomar Inn B&B p.74, 654 Donor Sibling Registry (DSR) p.124 Donovan, Steve p.140 Donut Whole p.339 Door p.96, 512 Door 19 Ultra Lounge p.431 Doorways p.424 Doorways Youth Group p.637 Dorchester Gay & Lesbian Alliance p.375 Dorchester MA see Boston Area p.372-373, 375, 378 Dorrington CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 Dorrington Inn p.164 Dorsey & Whitney GLBT Affinity Group p.412 Dory Cove Restaurant p.565 Dos Locos Fajita & Stonegrill p.246 Dothan Dance Club p.128 DotOUT p.375 Dotson, M Denise p.28, 290 Dottie's True Blue Cafe p.206 Double Dutch p.206 Double Header p.672 Double L Bar p.246 Double Play p.349 Double Tree Hotel p.192 Doublejack Guesthouse p.135 Doubloons p.346 Doug Fir p.567

July 2012

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INDEX Dreamspinner Press Dreamspinner Press p.121 Dreamweaver Lifestyle Management & Concierge LLC p.140 Drenched Fur p.577 Drescher, Allen p.561 Drew University Alliance p.453 Drew, Lisa M, MA, LPC p.47, 457 Drexel Hill Baptist Church p.590 Drexel Hill PA see Philadelphia Area p.590 Drexel Hill UMC p.590 Drexel University Asbury Protestant Ministry p.591 Driftaway Cafe p.295 Driller Bears p.559 Drink p.649 Drinkery p.362 Dripping Springs Inn p.230 Driscoll, Robert, CSW p.498 Driving Equality p.116 Drop by Gourmet p.482 Drop Me A Line Costume Shop p.581 Drop-in Center p.351 Dross, Jack D, MS, LMHP p.431 Dru's Place p.612 Drummond, Kevin, CPCU p.483 Drury University Allies p.427 Dry Creek Villa p.192 Dublin CA see East Bay Area p.160 Dubois, Matthew R, Esq p.359 Ducey, John p.485 DuCharme, Elaine p.77, 675 Dudes on the Beach p.260 Dudkowski, Lukas, Esq p.675 Dudley's p.605 Duffy's Steak & Lobster House p.268 Duke OUTlaw p.535 Duke University Center For GLBT Life p.536 Duke University LGBT Alumni Network p.118, 536 Duke University Women's Center p.59, 536 DukeOUT p.536 Dulaney Flowers p.557 Dulin's Cafe & Espresso Bar p.683 Dulles Triangles p.661


Duluth Family Sauna p.407 Duluth MN see Duluth/ Superior Area p.40, 407-408 Duluth-Superior Pride p.407 Dumbarton United Methodist Church p.254 Dumont NJ see Teaneck p.461 Dunbar & Dunbar p.186 Duncan Smythe p.462 Dundalk Church of the Brethren p.365 Dundalk MD see Baltimore Area p.365 Dundas, Brad, Realtor p.645 Dundee NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517 Dune Point p.490 Dunedin FL see Tampa Bay Area p.281 Duneland Beach Inn p.329 Dunes Resort p.404 Dunkle, Debra L, LISW p.544 Dunn Bros Coffee Shop p.410 Dunn, Joan p.15, 196 Dunn, Leo L, Esq p.578 Dunne, John P. p.283 DuPage UU Church p.319 Duplex p.495 Duplex Diner p.250 Dupont at the Circle p.249 Dupont Dental Associates p.251 Dupont Italian Kitchen & Bar p.250 DuPuy Canal House p.480 Durango CO see San Juan National Forest Area p.20, 233 Durex Condoms p.109 Durham Friends Meeting (Quakers) p.536 Durham NC see Triangle Area p.59, 98, 533-536 Durham, Ann J. p.77, 675 Durham, Bart p.615 durkART p.107 Duvall, Lesa p.32, 327 Duxbury MA see South Shore Area p.387 Dworkin, Sari H, PhD, MFT p.9, 153 Dye, Mark N, DMD p.296 Dyke Knitting Circle p.56, 510 Dyke Night p.36, 372 Dyke VA see Charlottesville p.657 Dykealicious p.16, 203 Dykes on Bike-cycles p.56, 515 Dykes on Bikes p.17, 215 Dykes on Bikes Detroit Chapter p.39, 399 Dykes on Bikes Madison p.79, 691 DykeTees.Com p.108 E I Du Pont Company BGLAD p.248 E.J. Bowman House p.580 Eagan MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.414 Eagle p.372, 494 EAGLE at IBM p.113 Eagle Bears p.626 Eagle Diner p.583 Eagle Harbor Congregational Church p.678 Eagle Houston p.632 Eagle ID see Boise p.305 Eagle Inn p.151 Eagle LA p.172 Eagle Mountain Mama's p.624 Eagle Portland p.567 Eagle River AK see Anchorage p.132 Eagle's Nest p.151 EagleBolt p.409 Eagles Mere Inn p.575 Earl Wooster High School GSA p.437 Earle Restaurant p.394 Earlham College SPECTRUM p.330 Early Girl Eatery p.524 Early to Bed p.30, 313 Earth Spirit p.451 Earthbox San Juan Island Motel & Spa p.670 Earthlight Books p.683 Earthshine Company p.576 East Bay Frontrunners & Walkers p.161 East Bay Network p.159 East Bay Queer Book Club p.159 East Bay Suites p.408 East Brunswick NJ see New Brunswick Area p.47, 455-456 East Canyon Hotel & Spa p.188 East Carolina University GLBT Student Union p.530 East Central Men's Circle p.406

INDEX East Suburban UU Church East Coast Biker Chicks p.37, 378 East Coast FTM Group p.369 East Coast Wrestling Club p.124, 601 East Congregational Church p.387 East Congregational Church UCC p.401, 439 East End Gay Organization for Human Rights p.509 East Greenbush NY see Albany & Capital Area p.472 East Hampton NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.56, 488, 512 East Hampton Village B&B p.488 East Hartford CT see Hartford Area p.238 East Haven CT see New Haven Area p.240 East High School Gay Straight Alliance p.645 East Islip NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.55, 497, 504 East Lake Bed & Breakfast p.280 East Lansing MI see Lansing Area p.39, 402-403 East Los Angeles Women's Center p.13, 175 East Marion NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.489 East Moriches NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.489 East Northport NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.54, 501, 506, 516 East of Eighth p.494 East Saint Louis IL see Saint Louis Area (MO & IL) p.425 East Saugus United Methodist Church p.383 East Setauket NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.52, 497 East Shore Unitarian Church p.678 East Shore Unitarian Universalist Church p.552 East Side Club p.505 East Stroudsburg PA see Poconos Area p.595-596 East Stroudsburg University Pride p.596 East Suburban UU Church p.594

July 2012

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INDEX East Texas Bobcats East Texas Bobcats p.642 East Texas PFLAG p.640 East Village B&B p.51, 489 East Village Flat p.490 Easter Hill United Methodist Church p.191 Eastern Connecticut State University Pride Alliance p.244 Eastern Kentucky University Pride Alliance p.345 Eastern Maine AIDS Network p.352 Eastern Michigan University LGBT Resource Center p.395 Eastern New Mexico University Gay Straight Alliance p.464 Eastern Oregon University Gay/Straight Alliance p.565 Eastern Washington University Pride Center/Eagle Pride p.681 EasternBloc p.494 Eastgate Congregational UCC p.678 Eastham MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.37, 379 Easthampton MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388 Eastman Inn p.443 Easton MA see Boston Area p.376 Easton PA see Lehigh Valley Area p.581-582 Easton, Dan p.293 Eastrose Fellowship UU p.571 Eastside Cafe p.619 Eastside Lounge p.288 Eastsound WA see Orcas Island p.670 Easy Lounge p.10, 157 Eat Cetera p.631 Eaton Center NH see White Mountains Area p.443 Eatontown NJ see p.44, 447 EATS Foundation p.638 Eau Claire WI see Chippewa Valley Area p.79, 687 Ebenezer Lutheran Church p.318 Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran p.17, 214 Ebner, Nevins & McAllister p.66, 581


EC Pride at Eckerd College p.284 ECCE Bed & Breakfast p.477 Ecco p.288 Ecelectic Etceteras Coffehouse p.576 Echavarria, Claudia p.27, 285 Echelon Magazine p.103 Echo p.171 Echo Magazine p.134 Eclipse Bistro p.248 Eclipse Coffee & Books p.130 Economus, John J p.675 Ecumenical Campus Ministries p.338 Ecumenical Catholic Church p.166 Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon HIV Day Center p.566 Ed Boudreaux's Bayou BarB-Que p.524 Eddie's Attic p.27, 289 Eddie's Tavern p.597 Edelson, Lori, LMSW, ACSW, BCD, LMFT p.39, 397 Edelstein & Payne, Attorneys p.535 Eden p.198 Eden Manor p.603 Eden Prairie MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.414 Eden Prairie UMC p.414 EDEN Pride Events p.10, 16, 18, 157, 205, 216 Eden Restaurant p.246 Eden United Church of Christ p.161 Eden's Lounge p.362 Eden, Carl, R-L.C.S.W. p.498 EdenFantasys p.109 Edenside Christian Church p.345 Edgartown MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.379 Edge p.41, 103, 156, 205, 427 Edge Fridays at Club Cafe p.372 EdgeAlliance/AIDSCare p.310 Edgefield p.478 Edgehill UMC p.616 Edges p.217 Edgewater Inn & Cottages p.687 Edgewater Resort & RV Park p.156 Edgewood Manor B&B p.602 Edgewood United Church of Christ p.402 Edina Community Lutheran Church p.414 Edina MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.414 Edinboro PA see Erie p.576-577 Edinboro University Identity p.577 Edison p.171 Edison NJ see New Brunswick Area p.456 Edison Park UMC p.318 EditAmerica p.109, 444 Editing/ Writing/ Proofreading Services p.109, 251, 444 Edmond OK see Oklahoma City Area p.558 Edmonds Community College Gay Straight Alliance p.677 Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church p.678 Edmonds WA see Seattle Area p.678, 680 Edmondson, Eddie, LICSW p.673 Edna's Restaurant & Club p.557 Educators & Teachers Associations also see:

Gay, Lesbian, Straight Teachers Network

INDEX Elbo Room Eggbert's p.300 Eggers, Martin G p.144 Eggum, Audra, MSW, LCSW p.79, 688 EGS coach p.109, 458 Eiberson, Jeffrey, PhD p.586 Einstein's p.288 Eisenberg, Susan, CSWR p.500 EIU Pride p.309 EJ's p.632 p.630 El Bohemio Night Club p.88, 270 El Cajon CA see San Diego Area p.199, 201 El Calor p.85, 185 El Camino College Gay Straight Alliance p.178 El Camino Reelers p.217 El Centro del Barrio/CentroMed p.639 El Cerrito CA see East Bay Area p.158, 160-161 El Cerrito United Methodist Church p.161 El Conquistador p.172 El Dorado CA see Placerville p.165 El Farol p.466 El Farolito B&B Inn p.466 El Loco Mexican Cafe p.471 El Maguey Bar Lounge Rainbow Wednesdays p.636 El Mirasol Villas p.188 El Monte CA see Los Angeles Area p.83, 170 El Monte Sagrado p.468 El Morocco p.95, 494 El Morocco Inn & Spa p.188 El Morro RV Park & Cabins p.48, 466 El Mundo p.343 El Noa Noa p.95, 496 El Portal Sedona Hotel p.142 El Potrero p.227 El Prado NM see Taos p.468 El Rio p.16, 85, 206 El Schamar Bar & Guest House p.598 El Sol y La Luna p.70, 619 El Vez p.585 El Yunque Rainforest Inn p.599 Elan Hotel Los Angeles p.170 Elbo Room p.404

Educators & Teachers Associations see:

Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional

Edward Harris House p.517 Edwardian San Francisco Hotel p.203 Edwards Church UCC p.381 Edwards, Anne L, PsyD p.342 Edwards, Norma p.328 Eerie Horror Film Festival p.576 EFFEX Night Club p.463 Efland NC see Triangle Area p.533 Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute (EDSI) p.5, 124 Egg Donor Match p.20, 235 Egg Donor Match at CT Fertility p.56, 515 Egg Harbor Township NJ see Jersey Shore p.451

July 2012

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INDEX Elchert, Kenn Maxwell, LMT Elchert, Kenn Maxwell, LMT p.505 Elder, Deb, TX Licensed Broker p.70, 622 Eldorado Suites p.135 Eldorados Adult Party Store p.688 Eldred NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480 Eldred Preserve p.480 Eldredge House p.459 Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club p.472 Electric Brew p.326 Electric Company p.639 Electrical Contractors see:

Home & Building


Ella New York Pizza & Pasta p.481 Ellen Bommarito LGBT Center p.400 Ellenbogen, Helene, JD p.77, 675 Ellenville NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480, 486 Ellicott City MD see Baltimore Area p.364-365 Elliott Bay Bookstore p.673 Ellipse HIV/AIDS Services p.205 Ellis, Rochelle K., Realtor p.47, 458 Ellison, Daniel E p.535 Ellsworth ME see Down East, Acadia, Mount Desert Isle p.34, 354 Elmhurst IL see Chicago Area p.315-316 Elmhurst NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.95-96, 496, 508 Elmhurst Queers & Allies (EQUAL) p.316 Elmira College PRIDE p.520 Elmira NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.518, 520 Elmo p.494 Elmo's Diner p.534 Elms Bed & Breakfast p.358 Elms College Gay Straight Alliance p.390 Elmsford NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482 Elmwood TN see Nashville Area p.616 Elon NC see Triad Area p.533 Elon University Spectrum p.533 Elston, Keith D p.342 Elton John AIDS Foundation p.110 Ely's Place p.598 Elyria OH see Cleveland Area p.546 Elysian Guest House p.348 Elysium p.619 Elysium Resort p.258 Emanuel Lutheran Church p.456 Embassy Inn p.249 Embers Avenue p.567 Emerald City p.110, 277, 359 Emerald City Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) Seattle p.679 Emerald City Social Club p.678 Emerald City Softball Association Open League p.680 Emerald Theatre Company p.613 Emerge Into YOU! Life Coaching for Women p.34, 358 Emergence International p.122 Emerson Church UU p.399 Emerson College EAGLE p.375 Emerson College Office of GLBT Student Life p.375 Emerson Unitarian Church p.635 Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church p.179 Emeryville CA see East Bay Area p.11, 159, 161 Emma Goldman Clinic p.32, 335 Emmanuel Baptist Church p.472 Emmanuel Baptist-Friedens UCC p.472 Emmanuel College Rainbow Connection p.375 Emmanuel Congregational Church p.522 Emmanuel Congregational UCC p.476 Emmanuel Episcopal Church p.364 Emmanuel Fellowship Church p.98, 540 Emmanuel UCC p.598 Emory University GALA p.118, 292 Emory University Office of LGBT Life p.292 Empire Bears p.519 Empire Cafe p.632 Empire City Men's Chorus p.507 Empire City Motorcycle Club p.515 Empire Graphic Design p.54, 502 Empire of the Royal Sovereign & Imperial Court of the Single Star, Inc. p.633 Empire State Pride Agenda p.469, 472 Empire Video p.255

INDEX Entertainment AIDS Alliance Employee (Business & Government) & Union Groups see:

Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional

Electrolysis also see: Electrolysis:

Permanent Hair Removal Permanent Hair Removal

Element Lounge p.302, 440 Element Mental Health Services p.417 Elements p.653 Elements Hotel p.204 Elephant Walk B&B p.409 Eleven Gables Inn & Cottage p.689 Elfers FL see Tampa Bay Area p.285 Elgin Community College GLOBES p.316 Elgin IL see Chicago Area p.316, 319 Elias, Mia C p.526 Eliot Church of Newton, UCC p.377 Eliot Unitarian Chapel p.426 Elite Tavern p.672 Elixir Lounge p.311 Elizabeth Freeman Center p.38, 389 Elizabeth's Restaurant/The Loft p.349 Elizabethtown College Allies p.575 Elk CA see Mendocino Area p.182 Elk Cove Inn p.182 Elk Grove CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.197 Elk Grove United Methodist Church p.197 Elk Grove Village IL see Chicago Area p.311, 314, 319 Elkington, Sally J p.10, 158 Elkins Park PA see Philadelphia Area p.67, 592

Employment Services p.109, 500 Emporia State University Pride p.337 Empowering Queer Activists & Leaders (EQUAL) p.422 Empowering Spirits Foundation, Inc. p.116 Empowerment Program p.160 Empress p.450, 662 Empty Closet p.517 En Guard p.507 Enchanted Cottages p.146 Encino CA see Los Angeles Area p.12, 84, 173, 175, 178-179 Encore Bed & Breakfast p.370 Encore Leather & Lace - Universal p.639 p.639 End of the Line Cafe p.277 End Up p.559 Endicott College Gay Straight Alliance p.382 Endowment see:

Funding: Endowment, Fundraising

Endress, Sean M, MA, LMSW p.482 Endup p.85, 207 Energetically Yours Reiki for pets & their companions p.73, 647 Engfer Pizza Works p.219 England, Mark p.344 Englewood CO see Denver Area p.227-228, 230 Englewood TN see Nashville Area p.614 English Garden Bed & Breakfast p.48, 470 English Ivy's Restaurant & Corner Bar p.327 Enid High School Gay Straight Alliance p.556 Enid LGBT Coalition p.556 Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.536 Enrico's Ristorante p.659 Entertainment AIDS Alliance p.174

July 2012

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INDEX Entertainment also see: Entertainment also see:

Performance Performance


Episcopalian see:

Religious Organizations & advertisement p.577 Publications Erie Sisters p.577

INDEX European Treasures Essex Jct VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.649 Essex MA see North Shore Area p.383 Essex VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.648-649 Esta Noche p.85, 206 Estate p.193 Estebans Expression Nite p.90, 312 Estensen, Bonnie p.30, 312 Esther G Sea Tours & Taxi p.134 Estrella Mountain Community College PRIDE p.140 Etc. Shop p.337 etc. p.451 Eternal Joy MCC p.551 Ethyl Forever Car Club p.677 Etnyre, William, PhD, LICSW, BCD p.673 Etra Fine Art p.270 Etro Lounge p.632 Euclid Avenue Congregational Church p.547 Euclid Avenue UMC p.319 Eugene Coffee Company p.563 Eugene OR see Eugene/ Springfield Area p.62-63, 563-564 Eugene/Springfield Pride p.563 Eulenspiegel Society (TES) p.509 Eulipia Restaurant & Bar p.216 Eureka CA see Eureka/ Humboldt County p.11, 162 Eureka Live p.147 Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence p.162 Eureka Springs Limousine p.147 Eureka Springs Transgender (ESTG) p.147 Eureka Springs Wedding Videos p.147 Eureka Valley Harvey Milk Memorial Branch Library p.205 Europa Pizzaria & Bakery p.680 European Guest House Miami Beach p.269 European Street Cafe p.266 European Treasures p.596

Erie Gay News p.576

Entertainment see: Entertainment-Related Services (see also Performance) p.63, 109, 174, 208, 261, 373, 410, 432, 438, 444, 454, 459, 471, 500-501, 565, 583, 613 Entourage Vegas p.435 Entre Hermanos p.102, 677 Entre Nous p.373 Enzo Guesthouse p.384 Eo Inn & Urban Spa p.274 Eon Youth Center p.144 Ephemera Buttons, Magnets, & Stickers p.110 Ephraim WI see Door County Area p.687 Epic Saturdays p.372 Epiphany Lutheran & Episcopal Church p.155 Epiphany Lutheran Church p.229 EPIPHANY NY p.97, 514 Epiphany UCC p.426 Episale, Marie, Realtor, ePRO p.47, 458 Episcopal Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle p.629 Episcopal Church of St John the Evangelist p.214 Episcopal Church of St Michael p.342 Episcopal Church of St Paul p.446 Episcopal Church of the Advent p.460 Episcopal Church of the Atonement p.318 Episcopal Church of the Epiphany p.136 Episcopal Church of the Incarnation p.214 Episcopal Church of the Nativity p.414 Episcopal Church of The Redeemer p.560 Episcopal Church of the Reedemer p.182 Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration p.456 Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi Gay & Lesbian Ministries p.418 Episcopal Diocese Of Rochester - Oasis p.520 Episcopal Diocese of Washington p.254

Epworth UMC p.318 Epworth United Methodist Church p.160, 248, 558 EQUAL! at Alcatel-Lucent p.444 Equal at UCF p.275 Equal Rights Advocates p.5, 116 Equal Rights Washington p.665 Equal=Grounds Coffee House & Gift Shoppe p.518 Equality Alabama p.127, 130 Equality Arizona p.135 Equality Band of Michigan p.393 Equality California p.150 Equality Fairfax p.658 Equality Fauquier/Culpeper p.665 Equality Federation p.116 Equality Florida p.256 Equality Forum p.116, 588 Equality Hawaii p.297 Equality Illinois p.306 Equality Iowa p.331 Equality Long Island p.509 Equality Maryland p.361 Equality Michigan p.393 Equality Network p.555 Equality Nevada Community Services p.432 Equality Nevada, Inc p.432 Equality New Mexico p.462 Equality Ohio p.539 Equality Pennsylvania p.65, 574 Equality Pride Radio p.496 Equality Prince William p.655 Equality South Dakota p.609 Equality State Policy Center p.695 Equality Texas p.617 Equality Utah, Inc. p.643 Equality Virginia p.655 Equality Works p.132 EqualityMaine p.352 EqualityToledo p.554 Equally Wed p.103 EquAsian p.96, 512 Equator Resort p.267 Equity Foundation p.569 ER Room (Everything Rubber) p.593

Ermilio's p.147 Erney's 32 Degrees p.424 Ernst & Young Beyond p.113 Eros p.210 Eros Lounge Miami p.270 Erotica (Print, Visual, Toys, Safe Sex) see also Leather p.4, 10-11, 16, 18, 30-31, 35-36, 40, 47, 54, 60, 64, 70, 77, 79, 109-110, 128-129, 143, 147, 153, 158, 162, 166, 168, 174, 181, 183, 185, 189, 195, 199, 208, 216, 220, 224-225, 227-228, 236-237, 240, 243-244, 257-258, 261, 266, 268, 271, 275, 278, 282, 286, 290, 293, 296, 301, 305-307, 312-313, 320-322, 324-325, 327, 329-336, 339, 343-347, 350-351, 359, 361, 363, 365, 367, 373, 381, 397, 400, 407, 410, 419-421, 425, 427-430, 434, 463, 465, 483, 501, 525, 528-529, 531-532, 535, 538, 542, 544, 548, 551, 556, 563, 565, 568-569, 583, 586, 593, 602, 604, 608-609, 613, 618, 620, 626, 630-631, 633, 639, 643-644, 649, 660, 665-666, 674, 683, 685, 688-690, 692 Erotique p.428 Erwin, Terry McVannel, PhD, LMHC, NCC, CAP, CHT p.24, 257 Escafe p.657 Escalante's Grand Staircase B&B/Inn p.643 Escapade p.574 Escapades p.311 Escape p.567 Escape Adult Bookstore p.397 Escape Lounge p.433 Escape Resort p.188 Escape2Puna p.299 Escondido CA see San Diego Area p.199, 202 Escuelita p.95, 495 Esechys Bar p.68, 599 Esperanza Peace & Justice Center p.101, 640 Espresso Royal Cafe p.287 Espresso Royale p.308 Esquire Club p.402 Esquire Motors Inc p.566 Essence p.639, 675

July 2012

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INDEX Eurotique, The Sensual Boutique Eurotique, The Sensual Boutique p.109, 286 Eustace TX see Gun Barrel City p.631 Eustace, Timothy J., DC p.453 Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Resurrection p.590 Evangelical Network (TEN) p.122 Evangelical see:

Religious Organizations & Publications


INDEX Family Partnership GLBT Counseling Services Faith in America, Inc. p.122 Faith Lutheran Church p.141, 166, 317, 666 Faith Mennonite Church p.414 Faith Presbyterian Church p.364, 622 Faith United Church of Christ p.335 Faithful Family & Friends p.414 Falbo, John, PhD p.581 Falcon p.168, 171 Falcon Heights MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.414 Falcon Heights UCC p.414 Falcons Soccer Club p.592 Fallin, Katie, LPA p.6, 131 Fallout p.662 Falls Brook Yurts p.470 Fallston MD see Baltimore Area p.364 Falmouth MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.379-380 Families Like Ours p.105 Families of Pride p.154 Families United Against Hate p.115 Families With Pride p.363 Family Builders By Adoption p.156 Family by Choice Adoption Services Org p.617 Family Caregiver Alliance p.149 Family Crisis Services p.34, 359 Family Diversity Projects Inc. p.389 Family Equality Council p.115 Family Equality Council's Midwest Office p.406 Family Fellowship p.643 Family First Health Caring Together p.597 Family Focus Adoption Services p.469 Family Health Centers of San Diego p.199 Family Matters p.200 Family of Christ Presbyterian Church p.232 Family of God Community Church p.257 Family Partnership GLBT Counseling Services p.413

Evangelical UCC p.427 Evangelicals Concerned p.122, 214, 401, 514 Evangelicals Concerned Pasadena p.179 Evangelicals Concerned San Francisco Bay Area p.213 Evangelicals Concerned Western Region p.122 Evangelicals see:

Religious Organizations & Publications

Evanston IL see Chicago Area p.316, 319 Evanston Mennonite Church p.319 Eve's Garden p.4, 54, 109, 501 Eve's Web Guest House p.278 Events see:

Conferences/ Events/ Festivals/Workshops

Everett Cuskaden & Associates, ALC p.297 Evergreen AIDS Foundation, Northwest Washington Counties p.665, 667 Evergreen College Queer Alliance p.669 Evergreen College Queer Christian Alliance p.669 Evergreen College Queer People of Color p.102, 669 Evergreen Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.667 Everybody Reads p.402 Everyday People Cafe p.404 Everyone's Books p.73, 648 Everywoman's Center p.38, 391 Evo p.450 Evolutions - Transgender Support Group p.590 EvoLve Bar & Lounge NYC p.494 Evolve Chesapeake p.361

Excelsior p.492 Excelsior MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.414 Excelsior Motorcycle Club p.515 Excelsior United Methodist Church p.414 Exceptional Flowers & Gifts p.261 Exclusively Adult p.563 Executive & Professional Association of Houston p.634 Executive Clearance Electrolysis p.475 Executive Health Club & Annex p.639 Executive Hotel Vintage Court p.203 Executive Suite p.11, 168 Exhale Bar & Grill p.47, 463 Exile p.548 Exiles p.17, 210 ExKlusive/Klub Hot p.100, 624 Exodus MCC p.618 Exotic Adult Books & Video p.313 Exotic Gifts & Videos p.483 Expo Travel p.197 Expressing Our Nature (EON) p.521 Expression! p.296 Expressions Community Fellowship p.558 Expresss p.163 Exquisite Earth p.584 Extra Fancy Lotus Sister Sangha p.77, 679 Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries p.122 Eychaner Foundation p.331 Eyelines, Inc p.314 Eyre, Melanie C p.28, 290 Ezgur, Richard, DC p.313 F Bar p.632 F Street Adult Video & Gifts p.199 F Street Chula Vista p.199 F Street Kearny Mesa p.199 F Street Mira Mesa p.199 F Street North Park p.199 FAB - Faubourg Marigny Art & Books p.33, 350 Fab Lounge p.23, 250 Faboo p.109 Fabrizio-Garcia, Don, Realtor p.236 Fabulous and Gay p.111

Face to Face Health & Counseling Services p.413 Face to Face/Sonoma County AIDS Network p.193 FACES p.95, 195, 490 Fact & Fiction p.429 FACT Bucks County p.583 Factory p.172 Faegre Baker Daniels LLP LGBT & Allies Affinity Group p.412 Faerie Camp Destiny p.647 Fagan, Nancy p.15, 200 Fair Oaks CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.196-197 Fair Oaks United Methodist Church p.197 Fair Way Mediation Center p.200 Fair Wisconsin p.686 Fairacres NM see Las Cruces Area p.465 Fairbanks Gay Youth p.133 Fairbanks Inn p.37, 384 Fairbanks Lutheran Church p.133 Fairfax CA see Marin County Area p.13, 182 Fairfax Community Church UCC p.182 Fairfax VA see p.658 Fairfield CA see Solano County p.221 Fairfield Inn 1757 p.577 Fairfield PA see Gettysburg p.577 Fairfield University Alliance p.236 Fairfield VA see Shenandoah Valley p.664 Fairless Hills PA see Philadelphia Area p.588 Fairmont Park Women's Softball League p.67, 592 Fairmount Motel p.487 Fairness Campaign p.344 Fairness Fort Worth p.627 Fairness West Virginia p.684 Fairport NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.518, 520 Fairview Community Church p.187 Fairview Health Services FLAGS p.412 Fairview NC see Asheville Area p.523-524 Fairview Park OH see Cleveland Area p.60, 545

July 2012

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INDEX Family see: Family see:

Organizations/Resources: Fathers First of Houston Family p.634


Fatale Media, Inc. p.4, 109 Fellowship UMC p.399 Felsch, Eric, PysD, LP p.417 Femfactory p.20, 234 Feminine Connection p.46, 451 Feminist Health Center of Portsmouth p.44, 442 Feminist Karate Union p.77, 677 Feminist Press at the City University of New York p.121 Feminist Studies p.3, 103 Feminist Women's Health Center p.28, 290 Femme Fever p.511 Femme Show p.373 FEMSPEC p.3, 103 Fennville MI see Saugatuck/ Douglas Area p.404 Fenuxe Magazine p.288 Fenway Health p.373 Fenway Health Peer Listening Line p.370 Fenway: South End p.373 Fern Grove Cottages p.192 Fern Lodge p.469 Fernandez, Julie Stoil p.55, 503 Fernandina Beach FL see Amelia Island p.256 Ferndale MI see Detroit Area p.39, 396-399 Ferndale NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480, 486 Ferndale WA see Bellingham p.666 Ferrante, David M., Esq p.452 Ferrara, Frank J, CSW, LSW, ACSW p.498, 583 Ferraro, David L p.435 Ferrer, Claudia R, LCSW, PhD p.49, 53, 94-95, 482, 498 Ferrum College Spectrum p.658 Fess Parker's DoubleTree Resort p.151 Festivals see:

INDEX Finesilver, Michael Feyboy Collective p.212 Fez p.138 Fez Ballroom p.567 Fiant Dental p.410 Fickle Creek Farm p.533 Fiddleheads Restaurant p.455 Fido p.614 Field, Nancy J p.34, 359 FIERCE! p.96, 512 Fierce Pride p.464 Fierte p.694 Fiesta B&B p.638 Fiesta Cafe p.308 Fiesta Cantina p.172, 198 Fiesta Room Lounge p.276 Fife & Drum Inn p.659 Fifer, Rick, Realtor p.284 Fifteen Beacon Hotel p.370 Fifteenth Street Monthly Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends p.514 Fifth Street Renaissance/ SARA Center p.322 Fig Cafe & Wine Bar p.193 The Fight p.170 Fight OUT Loud p.116 Fighting AIDS Continuously Together p.580 Filling Station p.293 Film (see also Video) p.110, 193, 576 Finale Finishes Custom Painting p.425 Financial Planning see:

Investment & Financial Planning Services Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Services

Family Tree p.279, 375 Family Wineries Kenwood p.194 Family Wineries of Dry Creek p.194 Fan Free Clinic p.102, 662 Fancy That Cafe p.356 Fanizzi's by the Sea p.385 Fannie's on the Beach p.295 Fantasy East p.329 Fantasy Gifts p.618 Fantasy Girl p.442 Fantasy Unlimited p.674 Faraway Inn p.257 Farber, Leslie A, Esq p.46, 454 Farber, Sharon K, PhD p.49, 482 Fargo Mansion Inn p.689 Fargo ND see Fargo/ Moorhead Area p.538 Farinella, Gus Michael p.504 Farley's Bookshop p.583 Farm Cafe p.567 Farm On Mad River p.651 Farmhouse Inn at Robinson Farm p.651 Farmingdale NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.501, 516 Farmington CT see Hartford Area p.21, 237-238 Farmington Hills MI see Detroit Area p.92, 399 Farmingville NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.56, 510 Farnesi, Darren A, MD p.199 Farnsworth, Susan, Esq p.33, 352 Farrington High School Gay Straight Alliance p.303 Farris, Michael A, PsyD p.460 Farst, Steve, ABR,CRS,CRB,GRI,e-PRO p.284 Fascinations p.224, 227-228 Fast & Fabulous Cycling Club p.515 Fast Break Tech, Inc. p.195 Fastsigns of Baltimore p.365 Fasulo Chiropractic p.54, 502 Fat Fancy p.63, 568 Fat Hen p.605 Fat Lady Cafe p.480

Faulkner, Jerry p.322 Faultline p.171 Faunbrook B&B p.66, 585 Fauntleroy United Church of Christ p.679 Fauver, Shannon p.33, 344 Faver, Lee M, PhD ABPP p.441, 648 Fay, Robert J p.295 Fayetteville AR see Fayetteville Area p.147-148 Fayetteville High School GSA p.148 Fayetteville NC see Fayetteville Area p.529-530 Feathers p.459 Federal Aviation Authority GLOBE p.113 Federal House Inn p.388, 442 Federal Triangles Soccer Club p.255 Federal Way WA see Seattle Area p.678-679 Federated Church p.430 Federation of Gay Games p.124 Feeding Hills Congregational Church UCC p.391 Feeding Hills MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.391 Feeney, Matthew p.109, 410 Feinberg, Debra, LCSW p.46, 453 Feinberg, Ellen J p.23, 247 Felder, Elena, LMFT, MFC 37248 p.10, 157 Felicia's Atomic Lounge p.487 Felix's on the Square p.288 Fell Architecture & Design p.308 Feller, Deborah, MFA, LCSW, NCAC II p.53, 498 Fellini's #9 p.657 Fellows, Hymowitz & Epstein, PC p.484, 504 Fellowship Bowling League p.664 Fellowship Congregational Church UCC p.560 Fellowship Indianapolis p.328 Fellowship of Love Outreach p.629 Fellowship of Older Gays (FOG) p.200

Financial see:

Financial, Investment & Longterm Planning Services p.6, 12, 23, 27, 43, 49, 54, 62, 64, 71, 73-74, 132, 174, 199, 209, 231, 245, 251, 261, 282, 327, 363, 410, 441, 457, 459, 463, 474, 483, 501, 559, 569, 581, 586, 626, 633, 646, 649, 653, 666, 670 Finbar's Pub & Grill p.246 Conferences/ Events/ Finders Keepers Antiques & Festivals/Workshops Collectibles p.135 Festivals see: Conferences/ Findlay Street Christian Events/Festivals/WorkChurch p.679 shops p.207, 418, 436, 555 Findling, Marlene E p.64, 569 Fetish Factory p.261 Fine Line Design p.129 Fetishes Fine Dining p.281 Fine, James F p.457 Feuerborn, William, LCSW, Fineman, Ron p.178 CSAT p.168 Finesilver, Michael p.265

July 2012

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INDEX Finest City Squares Finest City Squares p.200 Finishline p.557 Fins Aquatics Club p.592 Fire All Womyn Dance Party p.47, 463 Fire Island NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.488 Fire Island Pines NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.56, 489, 493, 513 Fire Island Q News p.488 Firebrand Books p.5, 121 Firedancers Dallas p.626 Firefighters Associations see:


First Christian Church of Orange p.187 First Christian Church of San Jose p.218 First Church in Belmont UU p.377 First Church in Oberlin UCC p.553 First Church of Barre Universalist p.647 First Church of Christ p.239 First Church of Christ, Congregational p.238 First Church of Deerfield p.391 First Church of the Brethren p.202, 323 First Church Somerville UCC p.378 First Church UCC p.377 First Church Unitarian p.381 First Church UU p.377 First Churches ABC/UCC p.391 First City Network, Inc p.294 First Class Movers LLC, HHG-00336 p.228 First Coast Chorus p.266 First Community Church p.550, 629 First Congregational Christian UCC p.663 First Congregational Church p.136, 141, 151, 160-161, 166, 169, 182, 194, 218, 221, 224, 226, 377-378, 380, 390-391, 454, 530, 550, 562, 571, 635, 650, 667, 678, 683 First Congregational Church of Eureka p.162 First Congregational Church of Fresno p.163 First Congregational Church of Oakland p.161 First Congregational Church of Pasadena UCC p.179 First Congregational Church of Randolph, UCC p.653 First Congregational Church of Riverhead p.513 First Congregational Church of Rockaway p.515 First Congregational Church of San Francisco p.214 First Congregational Church of Santa Barbara, UCC p.155 First Congregational Church of Wakefield p.442 First Congregational Church UCC p.160, 264, 360, 414

INDEX First Unitarian Society of Ithaca First Parish of Watertown p.378 First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church p.382 First Parish UU p.359, 376-378, 381 First Parish UU Church p.357, 377, 387 First Parish UU Church Norwell p.387 First Plymouth Congregational Church p.230 First Presbyterian p.564 First Presbyterian & Trinity Church p.456 First Presbyterian Church p.182, 214, 320, 336, 378, 426, 472, 486, 509, 521, 686 First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York p.514 First Presbyterian Church of Wausau p.695 First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn p.513 First Religious Society p.380 First Religious Society UU p.382 First Response Center p.100, 614 First Street Books p.181 First Trinity Lutheran Church p.254 First UCC p.416 First UMC p.318, 338, 432, 472, 486, 562, 609 First UMC of Germantown p.591 First Unitarian Church p.218, 249, 276, 330, 333, 336, 345, 364, 392, 426, 432, 464, 520, 543, 547, 558, 591, 594, 629, 645, 661 First Unitarian Church of Hobart p.326 First Unitarian Church of Honolulu p.304 First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles p.179 First Unitarian Church of Oakland p.161 First Unitarian Church of Portland p.572 First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn p.513 First Unitarian Society p.377, 414, 472, 693 First Unitarian Society of Denver/Interweave p.230 First Unitarian Society of Ithaca p.487

Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional

FireFLAG/EMS p.113, 506 Firefly p.311 Firefly Coffee House p.325 Fireflyyy p.34, 362 Fireplace p.87, 250 Fireside Christian Church p.229 Fireside Inn p.224 Firestein, Beth, PhD p.20, 231 Firestone Live p.274 Firestorm Cafe & Books p.524 Firewater p.334 Firewood Restaurant & Sports Lounge p.312 Firkser, Jim p.254 First & Franklin Street Presbyterian Church p.364 First & Summerfield UMC p.241 First & Third, LGBT adolescent support p.458 First Amendment p.225 First Baptist Church p.230, 332, 392, 455, 487, 550, 691 First Baptist Church in Beverly p.383 First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain p.377 First Central UCC p.432 First Christian Church p.145, 160-161, 166, 221, 224, 465, 467, 561, 661, 689 First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) p.308, 423 First Christian Church Disciples of Christ p.303 First Christian Church of Concord p.160

First Congregational Church, UCC p.391, 613, 683 First Congregational Parish UU p.383 First Congregational UCC p.166, 194, 254, 269, 279, 305, 319, 328, 395-396, 407-408, 426, 428, 441, 475, 477, 526, 538, 552, 572, 667 First Congregational United Church of Christ p.233, 319, 338, 564, 573, 691 First Crush Coffee & Wine Bistro p.476 First English Lutheran Church p.550, 622 First Evangelical Lutheran Church p.214 First Existentialist Congregation p.292 First Farm Inn p.541 First Friday Breakfast Club p.333 First Grace UCC p.540 First Jefferson UU Church p.629 First Lutheran Church p.202, 432, 452, 472 First Lutheran Church of Ellington p.236 First MCC of Atlanta p.292 First MCC of Kansas p.340 First Mennonite Church p.214 First Nation Church p.100, 609 First Parish Brewster Unitarian Universalist p.380 First Parish Bridgewater UU Church p.379 First Parish Church p.381-382 First Parish Church of Sudbury Unitarian Universalist p.378 First Parish Church Plymouth p.387 First Parish Church Stow & Acton p.370 First Parish Church UU p.377, 383, 387, 392 First Parish Congregational Church p.360 First Parish Congregational UUC p.359 First Parish in Concord UU p.380 First Parish In Lincoln p.377 First Parish in Needham UU p.377

July 2012

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INDEX First Unitarian Society of Plainfield First Unitarian Society of Plainfield p.458 First Unitarian Society of Westchester p.486 First Unitarian Universalist Church p.202, 222, 351, 395, 399, 417, 550, 579, 635, 637, 640, 663, 695 First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County p.582 First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County p.94, 456 First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville p.616 First Unitarian Universalist Church of Wichita p.340 First Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown p.555 First Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.287 First Unitarian Universalist Society p.439, 472, 650 First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco p.214 First United Church p.319 First United Church, UCC p.364 First United Lutheran Church p.214, 629 First United Methodist Church p.169, 182, 184, 214, 224, 319, 324, 391, 395, 408, 564, 572, 667, 682 First United Presbyterian Church p.472 First Universalist Church p.230, 355, 360-361, 383, 414, 520 First Universalist Parish of Derby Line p.650 First Universalist Society p.381 First Universalist Society of Salem p.383 First UU Church p.427 First UU Church of Austin p.622 First UU Church of Milford p.391 First UU Congregation of Terre Haute p.331 First UU Fellowship of Hunterdon County p.446 First UU Society p.382, 521, 552 FirstCoast Metropolitan Community Church p.278 FirstLink p.538


INDEX Folie Douce Florida Great Outdoors Association p.264 Florida Gulf Coast University Gay Straight Alliance p.265 Florida HIV/AIDS Hotline p.256 Florida International University Stonewall Pride Alliance p.272 Florida L.E.G.A.L. (Law Enforcement Gays & Lesbians) p.256 Florida LGBT History Initiative /Oral History Project p.256 Florida Lifestyles Realty p.284 Florida Roundup p.256 Florida State University Pride Student Union p.280 Florida Storm Soccer p.264 Florida Together Federation p.256 Florisan LLC p.501 Florissant MO see Saint Louis Area (MO & IL) p.93, 426 Florists (see also Gifts) p.132, 138, 158, 168, 209, 228, 251, 261, 320-322, 339, 342, 357, 398, 434, 446-447, 451, 460, 501, 548, 557, 576, 586, 604, 615, 674 Flour Power Bakery p.480 Flower City Pride Band p.519 Flower Mound TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.628 Flowood MS see Jackson p.418 Floyd p.492 Fluid p.692 Fluid Nightclub p.585 Flushing NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.56, 505-506, 511, 515 Flux p.168 Flying Eagle Country B&B p.141 Flying Fish p.672 Flying Fish Studio p.451 Flying Leap Cafe p.172 Flying M Coffeehouse p.304 Flying Pig Bookstore p.73, 649 Flying Pig Gallery & Greenspace p.687 Foggy City Dancers p.211 Folderol II p.481 Folie Douce p.162

Flaming Football on the Mall p.255 Flaming Saddles Saloon p.494 Flamingo p.258 Flamingo Auto Group p.284 Flamingo Auto Group South p.263 Flamingo Resort p.280 Flanegan Art & Framing p.450 Flash Studio, Inc p.281 Flashback Lounge p.320 Flaster, Bonny M, DC p.30, 313 Flat Iron Grill p.184 FlavaMen p.81, 103 FlawLes p.15, 197 Flax, Emily p.38, 386 Fleischmanns NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477 Flemish House of Chicago p.309 Flesh Skin Grafix p.199 Fletcher Realty, Inc p.60, 543 Flex p.534 Flex Cleveland p.545 Flex Cocktail Lounge p.433 Flex Complex p.175 Flex Health Club p.290 Flex Hotel/Spa, LLC p.544 FLEX Phoenix p.139 Health Clubs, Fitness, Flicks p.198 Gyms Flicks & Rick's Café AmeriFitness Training & Consult- cain p.304 ing p.252 Flint Hills Human Rights ProFitness With EASE p.596 ject p.338 Fits Like A Glove p.380 Flint Hills Pride p.338 Fitzgerald Hotel p.203 Flint Trans Spectrum p.400 Fitzgerald, Joseph, LCSW Flipside p.573 p.240 Flixx Lounge p.431 Fitzwilliam Inn p.441 Flixx Lounge Cabaret & Fitzwilliam NH see Monad- Show Bar p.431 nock Area p.441 Flock Real Estate Group, Five 15 p.397 p.328 Five Seasons Women's Well- Floral Expressions p.322 ness p.62, 563 Florence MA see Western Five-O p.356 Massachusetts/ Berkshires Fixtures Etc - Bath & Kitchen p.38, 389 Showroom p.442 Floriana Mercury Grill p.250 FLAG Flag Football p.378 Florida Agenda p.255 Flaggots Ohio LLC p.550 Florida Fun Condo p.274 Flagship Inn & Suites p.236 Florida Gay Rodeo AssociaFlaherty's Seafood Grill & tion p.256 Oyster Bar p.152 Florida GLBT Democratic Flame p.198, 407 Caucus p.256 Flaming Buoy Filet Co p.268

Firstworld Travel & Cruises p.202 Fischer, Lawrence A., CPA p.280 Fischetto, Julia, MS, LMHC p.261 Fish Camp CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 Fish Creek WI see Door County Area p.687 Fish Den p.229 Fish Grotto p.567 Fish Restaurant p.605 Fisher, Daniel H p.529 Fisher, Jack, PhD, LHMC p.673 Fisher, Scott D, Esq p.175 Fisherman's Catch p.357 Fisherman's Friend p.360 Fisherman's Quarters II p.524 Fishkill NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 486 Fitch Hill Inn B&B p.651 Fitch, Elaine p.23, 252 Fitchburg State University Gay Straight Alliance p.380 Fiterman, Marlys, LTCP p.411 Fitger's Brewhouse Brewery & Grille p.407 Fitness see:

July 2012

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INDEX Follen Church Society, Unitarian-Universalist Follen Church Society, Unitarian-Universalist p.377 Folly Beach SC see Charleston Area p.604-605 Folly Flamingo p.605 Folsom CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.196 Folsom Gulch p.208 Folsom Street East p.501 Folsom Street Events p.210 Fonda San Miguel p.100, 619 Fondle at South Brooklyn Pizza p.492 Fondow, Kelly p.31, 317 Fong & Chun, LLP p.175 Fontaine, Paul, Realtor p.590 Food & Friends p.249 Food for Life Network p.270 Food for Thought p.193 Food For Thought Books p.38, 389

advertisement p.391


Forum Foundation p.393 Foskoskies on Shamrock p.527 Foster City CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.210, 213 Fosterdale Motor Lodge p.477 Fosterdale NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477 Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research (FIAR) p.106 Foundry UMC p.254 Fountain Hills AZ see Phoenix Area p.137 Fountain Street Church p.401 Fountain Valley CA see Orange County p.187 Fountaingrove Lodge p.105, 192 Four Corners Lesbian Network p.20, 233 Four Kachinas Inn p.466 Four Paws Pet Sitting p.72, 640 Four Seasons Cabin Rental p.552 Four Star Video Heaven p.691 Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church p.345 Fourth Tuesday of Georgia p.27, 287 Fourth Universalist Society in New York City p.514 Fowler, Jeffrey L, Realtor p.248 Fox p.421 Fox & Hound Bed & Breakfast of New Hope p.583 Fox & Hounds p.567 Fox Hill B&B p.664 Fox River Bed & Breakfast Inn p.309 Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.688 Foxborough MA see South Shore Area p.387 Foxborough Universalist Church p.387 Foxes Cinema p.293 Foxes Inn of Sutter Creek p.164 Foxfire Mountain Cabins Resort p.606 Foxglove B&B p.148 Foxhunt at Sapphire Valley p.531 Frame Shop p.326

INDEX Freda's Cafe & Deli Frame, Julie A, Esq p.649 Frameline p.114 Framingham MA see p.381 Framingham State College 10% Alliance & Allies p.381 Fran's Place p.382 Francestown NH see Monadnock Area p.441 Francis House, Inc. p.281 Francis Marion University FMU/GLBSA p.606 Francis, Wendy p.42, 431 Franciscan Center AIDS Outreach p.362 Franciscans of Divine Mercy p.122, 381 Franco Chiropractic Clinic p.633 Franconia NH see White Mountains Area p.443 Francos Norma Jean Nightclub p.82, 152 Frank Dunn Illustration, Art & Photography p.107 Frank's Deli & Restaurant p.450 Frank's in Touch p.268 Frank's Place p.241 Frank, Debbie, LCSW #05094 p.46, 454 Frank, Michele, LCSW-R p.53, 498 Frankel, Susan, LCSW p.53, 498 Franklin College Grizzly Pride Alliance p.328 Franklin IN see Indianapolis Area p.328 Franklin Park IL see Chicago Area p.30, 311 Franklin Pierce College Law Center Lambda p.439 Franklin Pierce University Gay Straight Alliance p.441 Franklin, Gregory A, Esq p.518 Franklin, R. Keith, MA, LPC, NCC p.639 Franky's Bar p.598 Frannie Peabody Center p.356, 358 Frappes North p.258 Frat House p.85, 185 Frazier, Charles S, Esq p.588 Fred Martinez - Two Spirit Memorial Scholarship Fund p.82, 118 Fred's Tavern p.518 Fred's Towing p.695 Freda's Cafe & Deli p.460

Food Outreach, Inc. p.424 Food Specialties (see also Catering) p.54, 110, 135, 165, 247, 261, 313, 337, 389, 483, 501, 537, 540, 563, 633, 652, 674 FoodBasket p.302 Foodies p.70, 621 Foot Fraternity p.117 Foothill AIDS Project Claremont p.165 Foothill AIDS Project San Bernardino p.165 Foothill College Gay Straight Alliance p.212 Foothills Congregational Church p.213 Foothills Farm B&B p.443 Foothills Unitarian Church p.232 Footstep Fellowship p.695 For Adults Only p.153 For Positive Men p.137 For the Little Ones Inside. p.4, 110 Forbidden Fruit p.70, 620 Forbush Corner Cross Country Skiing p.400 Ford GLOBE p.393 Ford, James B, DDS p.548 Fordham University Pride Alliance p.510 Fordham University School of Law Outlaws p.511 Forest Grove OR see p.564 Forest Hill Christian Church p.214

Forest Hill MD see Baltimore Area p.35, 363 Forest Hills NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.51, 56, 490, 500, 508, 510, 512, 515 Forest Springs Bed & Breakfast p.566 Forest View IL see Chicago Area p.30, 311 Forest View Lounge p.30, 311 Forestburgh NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477 Forestville CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.193 Forever Family Custom Ceremonies p.540 FORGE p.693 Forgiving Heart Christian Community Church p.293 Forman, Howard, Esq p.504 Forst, Mary C p.64, 569 Fort Bragg CA see Mendocino Area p.182-183 Fort Collins CO see Fort Collins/ Loveland Area p.20, 231-232 Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship p.232 Fort Dix p.286 Fort Hayes State University Gay/Straight Alliance p.337 Fort Hill B&B p.379 Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival p.262 Fort Lauderdale Gay Men's Chorus p.256 Fort Lauderdale Vacation House p.259 Fort Lewis College Prism p.233 Fort Pride p.231 Fort Video p.529 Fort Walton Beach FL see Pensacola Area p.277 Fort Wayne Pride p.325 Fort Worth TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.71, 100, 624-630 Fortissima: DC's Feminist Singers p.23, 252 Fortune Society Health Services Unit p.491 Forty Putney Road B & B p.647 Forty-Seven Video p.313 Forum for Collaborative HIV Research p.106 Forum For Equality p.350

July 2012

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INDEX Freddie Mac Lambda Freddie Mac Lambda p.113 Freddie's Beach Bar & Restaurant p.656 Fredericksburg Area HIV/ AIDS Support Services, Inc. p.658 Fredericksburg Pride p.658 Frederiksted VI see St Croix p.654 Fredonia NY see Buffalo/ Niagara Falls Area p.475 Free Medical Clinic p.335 Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland p.545 Free State High School GayStraight Alliance p.337 Free to Be p.650 Free2Luv p.110 Freedman Center Trans SOFFA Group p.511 Freedman, Talia p.47, 464 Freedom Band Foundation of Los Angeles p.176 Freedom Democrats p.272 Freedom Friends Church p.573 Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church p.214 Freedom to Marry p.116 Freedom Trail Band p.374 Freedom Valley p.553 Freehold NJ see Jersey Shore p.451 Freelance Café & Wine Bar p.481 Freeland WA see Whidbey Island p.684 Freely Speaking Toastmasters p.677 Freeport NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.52, 493, 497 Freeville NY see Ithaca p.487 Freewheelers Car Club p.212 Freezone p.42, 433 FreeZone Alliance p.550 Fremont CA see East Bay Area p.11, 83, 156, 158-161 Fremont Congregational Church p.161 Fremont-Smith, Ken, MA/ ABS p.673 French Cafe p.431 French Quarters Guest Apartments New York City p.490 Frenchmen Hotel p.348 Frescos Ristorante p.460


Fresh Bistro by Herban Feast p.672 Fresh Fridays at Eleven p.172 Fresh Fruit p.410 Fresh Fruit Festival p.497 Fresh Meadows NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.96, 509 Fresh Meat Productions p.211 Fresno GLBTQ Youth Alliance p.163 Fresno LGBT Community Center p.162 Fresno Rainbow Pride p.163 Fresno Reel Pride p.163 Fresno Stonewall Democrats p.163 Frey, Carolyn p.24, 59, 256, 539 Friar Tuck's p.164 Friday Harbor WA see San Juan Islands p.670-671 Friday Night Out Bowling League p.661 Friday Night Trios p.187 Fridley MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.414 Friedin, Bruce, PhD p.497 Friedrich, Robert A, LCSW p.454, 498 Friend of the Family p.289 Friend To Friend p.91, 343 Friendly Bar p.349 Friends p.138 Friends Congregational Church p.623 Friends for LGBTQ Concerns p.122 Friends For Life Corporation p.100, 612 Friends in Deed p.491 Friends Meeting p.464 Friends Meeting of Washington p.254 Friends of David Powell Clinic p.620 Friends of Dorothy (R) Travel p.125 Friends of GLBT Youth p.376 Friends of Project 10 Inc p.178 Friends of the Nyacks p.484 Friends of Wild Iris p.25, 87, 265 Friends on Ponce p.288 Friends Tavern p.95, 496 Friends-Together p.264 Friendship Home p.42, 431 Friendship Travel p.416 p.181 Fringale Restaurant p.207 Frisch, Hannah, PhD p.30, 312 Frisco Disco Events p.207 Frisco Pride p.627 Frisco TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.71, 625, 627 Frisky Business Boutique p.535 Fritz p.372 Frog & Fiddle p.156 Frog and the Peach p.455 Frog Hollow p.595 Frog Hollow Bed & Breakfast p.664 Frog Meadow Farm p.653 Frogg Pond Tavern p.23, 247 Front Porch p.356 Front Porch Cafe p.481 Front Range Bears p.229 Front Runners & Walkers San Diego p.202 Front Runners Atlanta p.293 Front Runners New York p.515 Front Street Brewery p.537 Front Street Restaurant p.385 Frontiers p.170, 690 Frontiers Business Directory p.149 FrontRunners p.329 Frontrunners Fort Lauderdale p.264 FrontRunners Houston p.636 FrontRunners Milwaukee p.694 Frontrunners Rhode Island p.601 FrontRunners Sacramento p.197 FrontRunners/FrontWalkers p.543 Frontrunners/Frontwalkers Chicago p.319 FrontRunners/FrontWalkers Madison p.691 Frontrunners/Frontwalkers Rochester p.521 Frontrunners/Walkers Kansas City p.423 Frye, Steidley, Oaks & Benavidez, PLLC p.72, 634

INDEX Funky Skunk FSIX (Financial Services Industry Exchange) p.113, 506 Ft Lauderdale Prime Timers p.263 Ft. Meade Video Outlet p.367 FTL Vacation Rental p.259 FTM Early Transition Group p.196 FTM International p.119 FTM International OHIO p.539 FTM Sacramento p.196 Fubar p.172 Fucked Up Friday at Center Street Lounge p.240 Fuerte Men p.81, 103 Fugazi p.474 Full Moon Resort p.478 Full Plate Cafe p.585 Fullerton CA see Orange County p.186-187 Fulton MO see Columbia p.420 Fun Handicap Bowling League p.191 Fun Hog Ranch p.433 Fun Shop Too p.351 Fund for Reunion/Princeton BTGALA, Inc p.118, 458 Funders for Lesbian & Gay Issues p.110 Funding: Endowment, Fundraising p.4, 25, 54, 59, 102, 110, 131, 138-139, 143, 155, 158, 162, 168, 174, 183, 185, 189, 193, 195, 199, 209, 216, 220, 222-225, 228, 233-234, 251, 261, 271, 275, 282, 287, 290, 297, 305, 313, 322, 331-333, 342, 344, 373, 385, 393, 398, 405, 411, 418, 421, 425, 427, 430, 432, 434, 436-437, 444, 449, 463, 471, 474, 483, 501-502, 532, 535, 542, 545, 548, 555, 557, 559, 563, 569, 573, 581, 586-587, 593, 602, 604, 620, 623, 626, 633, 639, 642-644, 646, 655, 662, 665-666, 674, 682-683, 686, 690, 692, 694-695 Fundraising see:

Funding: Endowment, Fundraising

Funeral Directors/ Cemeteries/ Mausoleums p.444, 461, 557, 674 Funky Little Blues Hair Shack p.26, 276 Funky Monkey p.274 Funky Skunk p.555

July 2012

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INDEX Funlovers Bowling League Funlovers Bowling League p.187 Funmaps p.103 Funseekers Invitational Bowling League p.180 Fuquay Varina NC see Triangle Area p.59, 535 Furman University EROS p.607 Furniture p.194, 344, 434, 455, 574, 593 Furrbie's p.618 Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C. p.504 Fuse p.628 Fusion p.103, 130 Fusion 84 p.493 Fusion Squared p.147 Fusion Waikiki p.89, 302 Fuster, Denis p.300 Future Perfect Editing p.251 Fuze Box p.471 Fuzzy Holes p.611 FX Hair Salon p.327 G Books p.250 g Lounge p.494 G-Force Hockey p.230 G-Spot p.26, 274 G-spot Whittier p.186 G.Bar p.282 G2G Real Estate Marketing Inc, Brad p.121 GA Voice p.287 Gables B&B p.584 Gabriel's at the Ashbrooke Inn p.37, 384 Gabriel's Downtown p.129 Gabrielino High School GLSBA p.178 GaDuGi Safecenter p.32, 337 Gafford, Gerald, Broker Associate, p.622 Gage, Bruce p.448 GAGV Youth p.520 Gahanna OH see Columbus Area p.61, 548 Gaia Community p.422 Gaia House Interfaith Center p.308 Gainesville Area AIDS Project p.265 Gainesville Community Alliance p.265 Gair, Susan, MSW, CSW p.498 Gal.Nyc Events p.51, 494 GALA Bowling League p.603 GALA Center p.151


GALAA Rainbow Club p.281 Galactic Boutique p.673 GALAEI: Gay & Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative p.99, 585 Galanga Thai Kitchen p.260 Galano Club p.288, 692 GALAXY p.689 Galaxy Bookstore p.652 Galen C. Moses House p.353 GALIP Foundation p.122 GALLAN - Pride At Work p.374 Gallant, Joel E, MD, MPH p.362 Gallaudet University Rainbow Society p.253 Galleria on 8th p.465 Gallery Inn p.384, 599 Gallery/Studio Restaurant p.362 Galley, Brian p.594 Galloway NJ see Jersey Shore p.450 Galper Eye Center p.398 Gals Gayla Celebration p.37, 382 Galt CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.197 Game Shape - Physical Therapy & Fitness Center p.453 GaMIT p.375 GAMMA p.412, 693 Gamma Mu Foundation p.110 Gamma Rho Lambda p.11, 159 Gamma Rho Lambda Alpha Chapter p.7, 140 Gamma Rho Lambda Beta Chapter p.16, 201 Gamma Rho Lambda Colonies - Kappa Chapter p.72, 635 Gamma Rho Lambda Delta Chapter p.32, 338 Gamma Rho Lambda Epsilon Chapter p.13, 178 Gamma Rho Lambda Eta Chapter p.32, 329 Gamma Rho Lambda Iota Chapter p.48, 472 Gamma Rho Lambda National Sorority p.5, 118 Gamma Rho Lambda Theta Chapter p.7, 136 Gamma Rho Lambda Zeta Chapter p.13, 177

INDEX Gay & Lesbian Amateur Sport Society Garry, Connie, MS. LCPC p.31, 322 Gary IN see Gary Area p.326 Gary Levine & Susan Htoo, PC p.484 Gary's Flower Shoppe & Interiors p.576 Garza, Daniel, MD p.500 Gaskins Cabin Steak House p.147 Gaslamp Vacations p.198 Gaslight Inn p.671 Gaspar's Grotto p.282 Gaspari, Kevin p.678 Gates, Susan p.70, 616 Gateway Foundation p.309 Gateway Gay Rodeo Association p.427 Gateway High School Gay Straight Alliance p.275 Gateway Men's Chorus p.425 Gateway Motorcycle Club p.425 Gateway Program, Westchester Medical Center p.482 Gateway Sisters of Indulgence p.425 Gateway Squares p.425 Gateways Inn & Restaurant p.388 Gatewood, Bryan p.344 Gathering Place Worship Center, NOLA p.351 Gator Bears p.265 Gauthier Manor Bed & Breakfast p.443 Gay & Black Travel Online p.82, 125 Gay & Lesbian Acceptance (GALA) p.122 Gay & Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, DC, Inc p.253 Gay & Lesbian Advanced & Challenge Dancers/SC p.149 Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders p.112, 369 Gay & Lesbian Affirmative Psychotherapy at ICP p.498 Gay & Lesbian Alliance of the Central Coast p.153 Gay & Lesbian Alumni of Notre Dame & Saint Mary's College p.118, 329 Gay & Lesbian Amateur Sport Society p.416

GAMMA: Gay & Married Men's Association of Philadelphia p.589 GAMMA: Gay Married Men's Association of St Louis p.426 GAMOFITES: Gay Mormon Fathers p.115 Gangway p.206 Garage p.433 Garage Cafe p.128 Garage Restaurant & Cafe p.495 Garbo's at RainbowVision p.466 Garden at Studio Square p.496 Garden City ID see Boise p.304-305 Garden City NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.488, 504, 509 Garden District B&B p.348 Garden Gate B&B p.300 Garden Grill & BBQ p.193 Garden Grove CA see Orange County p.14, 85, 185-187 Garden House B&B p.420 Garden In Chelsea p.51, 489 Garden Manor p.547 Garden Nightclub & Show Bar p.333 Garden of Eden p.185, 268 Garden State Equality p.445 Garden State Gay Bowling Organization (GSGBO) p.445 Gardener's Cottage p.146 Gardening/ Landscaping Services & Supplies p.49, 110, 132, 174, 225, 244, 331, 411, 483, 502, 535, 553, 569, 579, 587, 620, 675 Gardens Hotel p.267 Gardner MA see Fitchburg p.380 Gardner, William G p.588 Gargalicana/Graceffa LLP p.158 Gargano, Francine A., Esq p.47, 462 Gargoyle House p.654 Garibaldi's p.206 Garland TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.629 Garlic Press p.307 Garlow's p.631 Garnett's p.662

July 2012

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INDEX Gay & Lesbian Analysts Gay & Lesbian Analysts p.506 Gay & Lesbian Arab Society p.96, 508 Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest p.106, 566 Gay & Lesbian Armenian Society of Los Angeles p.84, 176 Gay & Lesbian Art Gallery Tours p.491 Gay & Lesbian Asian Fellowship (GLAF) p.98, 549 Gay & Lesbian Association of Choruses p.114 Gay & Lesbian Association of Decatur p.320 Gay & Lesbian Association of Retiring Persons Inc. (GLARP) p.117 Gay & Lesbian Association of Santa Clarita (GLASC) p.219 Gay & Lesbian Athletics Foundation p.124 Gay & Lesbian Bankruptcy Center p.200 Gay & Lesbian Bowling League (GLBL) p.276 Gay & Lesbian Business Association of Santa Barbara (GLBA) p.153 Gay & Lesbian Community Center p.267 Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Anchorage p.131 Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Greater Cincinnati p.541 Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh p.592 Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada p.433 Gay & Lesbian Community Center of the Ozarks p.427 Gay & Lesbian Community Services p.417 Gay & Lesbian Convention Visitors Bureau p.109 Gay & Lesbian Democrats of Long Island p.509 Gay & Lesbian Directory p.103 Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing p.170 Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado p.223 Gay & Lesbian Fund for Dallas p.626


Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont p.646 Gay & Lesbian Help Line p.611 Gay & Lesbian Inclusion Committee (GLIC) p.97, 513 Gay & Lesbian Independent Democrats p.509 Gay & Lesbian Ivy Network p.118, 150 Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute p.113 Gay & Lesbian Liaison (GLLU) p.252 Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit (GLLU) p.253 Gay & Lesbian Medical Association p.111 Gay & Lesbian Neighborhood Development Association (GLENDA) p.594 Gay & Lesbian Orlando Water Skiers (GLOWS) p.276 Gay & Lesbian Ostomates p.111 Gay & Lesbian Parents of Utah p.643 Gay & Lesbian Political Action & Support p.445 Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Pages p.617 Gay & Lesbian Reading Group p.510 Gay & Lesbian Recovery Network p.470 Gay & Lesbian Resource Center p.151 The Gay & Lesbian Review p.103 Gay & Lesbian Riders of Utah p.646 Gay & Lesbian Rowing Federation p.124 Gay & Lesbian Services Gnetwork p.467 Gay & Lesbian Sierrans, Loma Prieta Chapter p.215 Gay & Lesbian Sierrans, MotherLode Chapter p.197 Gay & Lesbian Sierrans/Bay Chapter p.215 Gay & Lesbian Sierrans/Los Angeles p.180 Gay & Lesbian Sierrans/ Rocky Mountain Chapter p.230 Gay & Lesbian Softball p.191 Gay & Lesbian Support/Social Group p.336 Gay & Lesbian Switchboard Houston p.631

INDEX Gay Guitarists Worldwide

Gay & Lesbian Switchboard Gay Central Valley p.163 of Long Island (GLSB of LI) Gay Chamber of Commerce p.488 of Greater Cincinnati p.542 advertisement p.514 Gay Chapel Hill p.533 Gay & Lesbian Switchboard Gay Christian Network p.122 of New York p.488 Gay & Lesbian Tennis Asso- Gay City Health Project p.672 ciation p.124 Gay & Lesbian Tennis Fed- Gay City News p.488 Gay Community Center of eration/San Francisco Richmond p.662 p.215 Gay Conch Republic PassGay & Lesbian Vaishnava port p.110, 268 Association p.122, 179 Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund Gay Corpus Christi p.623 p.116 Gay Counseling Line Inc Gay & Lesbian Yeshiva Day p.350 School Alumni Association Gay Counseling Service of p.97, 514 the Psychotherapy Center p.148 Gay & Lesbian Youth Services of Western New York Gay Cove p.294 p.469 Gay CVille p.656 Gay & Married Men's Asso- Gay Dating Online p.112 ciation, DC (GAMMA) p.253 Gay Days p.275 Gay 90s p.409 Gay Days Film Festival p.275 Gay Activist Alliance in MorGay District p.253 ris County p.443 Gay Dorm p.109 Gay Albany Online p.470 Gay Alcoholics Anonymous Gay Erotic Archives p.106 Gay Family Values p.115 p.470 Gay Fathers & Husbands of Gay Alliance Library & ArNE Ohio p.540 chives p.518 Gay Alliance of the Genesee Gay Fathers Association of Seattle p.677 Valley p.517 Gay American Heroes Foun- Gay Fathers Coalition Richmond p.663 dation p.110 Gay Fathers of Atlanta p.291 Gay and Grey p.571 Gay Artists & Writers Kollec- Gay Fathers of Greater Boston p.374 tive (GAWK) p.211 Gay Fathers of Long Island Gay Asbury Park p.450 p.508 Gay Asian Pacific Alliance Gay Fathers of Rhode Island p.86, 211 p.603 Gay Asian Pacific Support Gay for Good - Boston p.375 Network p.84, 176 Gay Asian/Pacific Islander Gay for Good - Los Angeles Men of NY (GAPIMNY) p.96, p.177 508 Gay for Good - Orange County p.186 Gay Bar Louisville p.342 Gay for Good - Pittsburgh Gay Buddhist Fellowship p.594 p.214 Gay Buddhist Sangha p.214 Gay for Good - San Diego p.201 Gay Buddhist Zen p.179 Gay Business Association Gay for Good - San Francisco p.212 of Rehoboth p.247 Gay Fort Lauderdale p.258 Gay Callers Association Gay Grassroots p.277 p.114 Gay Grassroots Equality Gay Campers p.124 Gay Campground & RV Re- House p.277 sort Evaluations, Directory Gay Guitarists Worldwide p.114 & Guide p.108 Gay Catholics Men's Group p.514

July 2012

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INDEX Gay Harley Bikers/Great Lakes Harley Riders Gay Harley Bikers/Great Lakes Harley Riders p.124, 694 Gay Hawaii Ceremonies $95 p.304 Gay Healers Circle - Los Angeles p.176 Gay Healers Circle - San Francisco Bay Area p.210 Gay Health Advocacy Project p.491, 502 Gay in Sarasota p.278 Gay Information p.244 Gay Inside Out /Village Vida Centre p.666 Gay Leathermen Only p.200 Gay Lesbian Faculty Staff & Graduate Student Association p.402 Gay Lesbian Service Organization p.342 Gay Liberation Network p.315 Gay Life p.361 Gay Mafia Boston p.372 Gay Mardi Gras p.351 Gay Mart p.313 Gay Men of African Descent, Inc. p.96, 508 Gay Men's Book Group of Long Island p.509 Gay Men's Chorus of Charlotte p.528 Gay Men's Chorus of Houston p.634 Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles p.176 Gay Men's Chorus of Washington DC p.252 Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project p.113, 369 Gay Men's Health Crisis p.106, 490 Gay Men's Opera Club p.510 Gay Men's Social Group of Falmouth p.380 Gay Men's Starting Out Group p.509 Gay Middle East p.81, 115 Gay Middle Eastern Men's Group p.86, 211 Gay Military Signal p.115 Gay Mobile Porn p.109 Gay Myrtle Beach p.608 Gay Naturists International p.116 Gay Neighbor Billboard Campaign p.693 Gay New Orleans p.347

INDEX 747 Gays, Bisexuals & Lesbians (GABLES) of Cape May County Gay Travel Information p.125 Gay Vacation Travel p.125 Gay Vancouver p.683 Gay Vietnamese Alliance p.86, 217 Gay Villager p.124 Gay Website Design p.126, 401 Gay Yellow Pages p.188 Gay Youth Milwaukee p.693 Gay Youth Wisconsin Hotline p.686 GAY&M AT K&M p.492 Gay, George, MD p.690 Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network p.627 Gay, Lesbian, & Allies Senate Staff Caucus p.252 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Issues Caucus p.113 Gay, Straight, & in-Between p.229 Gay-Bi Fathers' Forum of Greater NY p.508 Gay-Straight Alliance p.360 Gay-Straight Alliance at UTA p.628 Gay-Straight Alliance Network p.118, 150, 163, 177 Gay-Straight Alliance of Georgia Southern University p.296 p.103 Gay/Bi Married Men of Seattle p.677 Gay/Lesbian Services Organization p.341 Gay/Lesbian Victim Witness Specialist p.314 p.684 GayBarMaps p.108 gaybhm.con p.127 Gaybingo p.628 p.105 GaYBOR District Coalition p.283 GayCities p.103 GayCityUSA p.103 GayCo Productions p.315 GayCowboyCe p.124 p.124 GayDayton p.550 Gayellow Pages p.3, 51, 104, 488 Gayellow Pages Mailing Lists p.112, 505 GAYFEST NYC p.512 p.245 GAYFLICKS.COM p.109 p.255, c/o Marc Grossman, p.256 GayFortWayne p.325 p.108 GayFresno p.163 GayFriendlyBiz.c om p.113 p.113 p.82, 122 Gayglers, Google LGBT Employee Affinity Group p.113 p.125 p.296 p.607 p.477 p.326 GAYLA p.360 GAYLAW: GLBT Attorneys of Washington p.252 Gaylaxians see:

Gay Officers Action League (GOAL) p.506 Gay Officers Action League of New England - GOAL-NE p.113, 438 Gay Ogunquit p.355 Gay Outdoor Club p.629 Gay Outdoors p.124 Gay Parent Magazine p.103 Gay People's Chronicle p.538, 547 Gay Phone Sex p.109 Gay Place Online p.618 Gay Polo League p.124 Gay Portland ME p.358 Gay Pride Business Network (GPBN) p.444 Gay Prisoners USA p.116 Gay Psychological Services p.498 Gay Publishing Company p.121 Gay Rag p.267 Gay Real Estate Sales p.5, 121 Gay Realty Network p.121 Gay Retirement Guide p.103, 117 Gay San Diego p.197 Gay Sex Freaks p.109 Gay Silver p.467 Gay Ski Trips p.125 Gay Sonoma p.191 Gay Spirit Visions p.292 Gay Spiritual Support Group p.399 Gay Sportbike Riders Atlanta p.293 Gay Sportbike Riders of Colorado p.230 Gay Sportsbike Riders of Arizona p.135 Gay Store p.110 Gay Straight Advocates for Education, Inc. p.533 Gay Straight Alliance p.277, 324 Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools p.118 Gay Straight Alliance PSU Altoona p.574 Gay Straight Medical Alliance: Yale School of Medicine p.241 Gay Straight Student Alliance p.531 Gay Street Inn B&B p.665 Gay Student Center p.118 Gay Sunshine Press p.121

Organizations/Resources: Social, Recreational & Support Groups

Gaylaxicon p.109 Gaylesta, Inc, GLBT Psychotherapist's Association of the San Francisco Bay Area p.16, 208 Gaylife Newsletter p.574 GayMartUSA p.189, 261 p.330 Gaymsters Bridge p.628 p.437 p.274 p.121 Gayribbean Cruises p.125 GayRussianRiver.Com p.191 GayRVA p.662 Gays & Lesbians in Business p.316 Gays & Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies (GLIFAA) p.113 Gays & Lesbians Initiating Dialogue for Equality (GLIDE) p.176 Gays & Lesbians Older & Wiser p.394 Gays for Patsy p.374 Gays of Sullivan County p.477 Gays, Bisexuals & Lesbians (GABLES) of Cape May County p.460

July 2012

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INDEX p.295 Gayscape p.104 p.488 p.258 GayStPete House p.280 p.280 p.258 p.125 p.108 GAYTX Fun Guide p.618 - gay movies p.109 p.436 p.6, 126 p.108 p.112 Gazebo Inn p.356 GB-PFLAG Safe Schools & Communities Project p.376 GBT Men's Writing Group p.564 Gear Leather & Fetish p.190 Gearhart Ocean Inn p.560 Gearhart OR see Arch Cape p.560 gecko CPA Firm p.274 Geddes, Richard, Broker p.300 Gee Spot p.552 Geen, Jonathan p.200 Geier, Patti, LCSW p.52, 497 Geiger Gibson Community Health Center p.373 Geiser Grand Hotel p.561 Gelinas Manor Victorian B&B p.575 Gemini Gender Group p.693 Genac, David S, PhD p.633 Gender & Sexuality Center p.621 Gender & Sexuality Resource Center p.485 Gender & Sexuality Resource Center at CSULA p.177 Gender Alliance of the South Sound p.682 Gender Diversity p.119 Gender Education Center p.119 Gender Equity Resource Center p.159 Gender Health Center p.196 Gender Identity Center of Colorado, Inc p.223 Gender Identity Groups p.364


Gender Identity Project p.511 Gender Identity/Expression & Sexual Orientation Resource Center p.670 Gender Identy Group p.512 Gender Justice Los Angeles p.84, 178 Gender Odyssey Conference p.119 Gender Program p.395 Gender Rights Advocacy Association of NJ (GRAANJ) p.445 Gender Spectrum Education & Training p.109 Gender Wellness of Los Angeles p.178 Gender, Education, Advocacy & Resources (GEAR) p.628 Genderwork p.317 Genentech Corp. Out & Equal p.210 General Contractors see:

Home & Building

INDEX Gilbert AZ Germantown TN see Memphis p.613 Geronimo's p.466 Gerretson Realty p.229 Gertrude p.104 Gertrude Stein Democratic Club p.253 Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh p.594 Gespass & Johnson p.128 Get Booked p.42, 434 Get Equal p.116 Get The Picture Custom Framing Gallery p.602 Gethsemane Episcopal Church p.414 Gethsemane Lutheran Church p.679 p.112 Getting Bi p.506 Gettysburg College Allies p.577 Gettysburg College Christ Chapel p.577 GForce Sports p.124 Giant Ass Drum Corp p.78, 681 Giardina, John, Realtor p.178 Gibas, Allen p.411 Gibson House p.440 Gibson, Cheryl A, MD, FACOG p.74, 649 Gibson, George N p.272 Gifford & Perkins p.604 Gifford House Inn p.384 GIFT (Gays In Faith Together) p.401 Gift of Grace Lutheran Church p.679 Gifts, Cards, Pride, etc. p.4, 34, 57-58, 81, 110-111, 136, 139, 143, 147-148, 168, 174, 189-190, 194, 199, 209, 216, 220, 228, 237, 240, 242, 251, 262, 268, 277, 282, 290, 303, 307, 313, 350, 357, 359, 367, 386, 398, 405, 411, 451, 461, 464-465, 471, 502, 518, 528, 530, 535, 537, 557, 559, 569, 576-578, 584, 596, 601, 607, 611, 613, 644, 649, 662, 675 Gigante, Michael, PhD p.648 Gigi's p.397 Gigi's Resort by the Beach p.258 Gila House Hotel & Gallery 400 p.467 Gilbert AZ see Phoenix Area p.139

General Mills - Betty's Family p.412 General Motors People Like Us (GM PLUS) p.398 General Repair: Handyman for Home or Business p.542 Generation 3 Electric p.587 Generation Q p.512 Generation Q - Greenfield p.390 Generation Q - Northampton p.390 Generations p.426 GENERATIONS cinemastories p.126, 378 Genesee Community College - Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) p.473 Geneva NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517, 520 Genie's Cafe p.567 Gennette, Damian p.682 Genre Latino Magazine p.87, 255 Gente Latina De Ambiente p.17, 86, 211 Gentle Care Animal Hospital p.558 Gentle Shepherd Church p.663 Gentle Shepherd MCC p.280 Gentle Shepherd Metropolitan Community Church p.141

Gentle Spirit Christian Church p.292 Geoffrey's Cafe p.372 George Mason University Office of LGBTQ Resources p.658 George Mason University Pride Alliance p.658 George School Open Doors p.584 George Washington University Allied in Pride p.253 George Washington University Association of Queer Women & Allies (AQUA) p.24, 253 George Washington University Law School Lambda Law p.253 George Washington University LGBTQ Resource Center p.253 George's Country Sports Bar p.632 George's Place p.346, 460 Georgetown Lutheran Church p.254 Georgetown TX see Austin Area p.621-622 Georgetown University Law Center OutLaw p.254 Georgetown University Pride p.254 Georgia College & State University Pride Alliance p.294 Georgia Equality p.287 Georgia Equality Savannah p.296 Georgia Log Cabin Republicans p.287 Georgia Mountains Unitarian Universalist Church p.294 Georgia Southern University GLBT Resource Center p.296 Georgia State University Alliance for Sexual & Gender Diversity p.292 Georgia Tech Pride Alliance p.292 Georgie's Alibi p.260, 281 Georgie's Bar p.450 Geraci Travel p.265 Geraldine's Counter p.672 Gerber, Ellen W p.59, 532 Gerber/Hart Library p.106, 310 German Village Floral & Nursery p.548

July 2012

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INDEX Gilbert's Cafe & Bar Gilbert's Cafe & Bar p.288 Gilbert, Joyce, LMHC p.24, 261 Gilda's Club Metro Detroit p.398 Gilded Lily p.371 Gill Foundation p.110, 223 Gillis, Eileen p.14, 195 Gillum House Bed & Breakfast p.686 Gilsum NH see Monadnock Area p.441 Ginger Restaurant p.131 Ginger's Bar p.51, 492 Gino's Restaurant & Bar p.567 Ginsberg, Sandy, MS, MFT (#MFC32670) p.12, 84, 173 Ginsburg, Rachel D p.10, 158 Giordano, Michael, LICSW p.251 Giorgianni, Paul, CSW p.498 Giorgio's Café p.481 Giovanni's Room p.3, 66, 108, 586

advertisement p.587


Gjelsten, Joanne, DC p.49, 483 GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) p.115, 507 GLAAD Advertising Media Program p.115 Glacier UU Fellowship p.429 Glacier WA see Mt Baker/ Glacier Area p.668 GLAD (Gay, Lesbian & Affirming Disciples) Alliance p.122 Glade Spring VA see Bristol Area p.656 Glade UCC p.656 Glam Life Thursdays at The Estate p.372 GLAmazon p.676 Glamlife Thursdays p.372 Glamour Boutique p.370 Glamour Boutique 2 /Just You p.435 Glass Fusion Studios of Vermont p.647 Glass Growers Gallery p.576 Glastonbury CT see Hartford Area p.237-238 GLBT & Ally Center For Diversity p.551 GLBT Advocacy p.129 GLBT Alliance p.220 GLBT Alliance in Social & Personality Psychology p.645 GLBT Allies at Berklee p.375 GLBT at McKinsey (GLAM) p.506 GLBT Board Gamers of DC p.253 GLBT Central p.104 GLBT Community Center of Baltimore p.361 GLBT Community Center of Central Florida p.274 GLBT Community Center of Colorado p.226 GLBT Counseling Program of Family & Children's Service p.410 GLBT Cultural Center p.631 GLBT Guide p.104 GLBT Helpline p.370 GLBT Helpline of RI p.600 GLBT Historical Society Archives p.106 GLBT History Month p.106, 585 GLBT History Museum p.205 GLBT in Recovery Minnesota p.406 GLBT Infoline Greater Lehigh Valley p.581 GLBT Minneapolis p.416 GLBT Movie Night p.564 GLBT National Help Center p.104 GLBT National Hotline p.103

advertisement p.2

INDEX Gloin, Matthew, Dc Glen Burnie MD see Baltimore Area p.35, 363 Glen Cove NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.509 Glen Ellen CA see Sonoma p.193 Glen Ellyn IL see Chicago Area p.310, 316 Glen NH see White Mountains Area p.443 Glen Oaks Inn p.443 Glen Ridge NJ see Bloomfield p.454 Glenbard East High School PRISM p.317 Glenbard South High School Prism p.316 Glenbard West High School PRISM p.316 Glendale AZ see Phoenix Area p.138, 140 Glendale Baptist Church p.616 Glendale CA see Los Angeles Area p.12, 173, 179-180 Glendale CO see Denver Area p.228 Glendeven Inn p.182 Glenhaven CA see Clearlake p.155 Glenn's Restaurant & Cool Bar p.381 Glens Falls NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 Glenside PA see Philadelphia Area p.589-590 Glenwood p.311 Glenwood Springs CO see Aspen Area p.223 Glenwood WA see Mt Adams Area p.668 GLHSC (Gay Lesbian History On Stamps Club) p.106, 120 Glide Memorial UMC p.214 Glinsky, Frank J p.504 Glo Bar p.602 Glo's p.672 GLOBAL p.635 Global Village School p.115 Globe p.287, 667 GLOBE (Gays & Lesbians of Bushwick Empowered) p.509 GLOE - Kurlander Program for GLBT Outreach & Engagement at the DCJCC p.87, 253 Gloin, Matthew, Dc p.174

Giove, Susan p.23, 248 gir(L) Magazine p.24, 258 Giraffic Park p.155 Girdwood AK see Anchorage p.131 Girl Bar p.12, 172 Girl Power Events p.37, 385 Girl Spot at Club X p.68, 602 Girl Twirl at Chez Est p.21, 237 Girl4Girl Seattle p.76, 672 Girlnation p.51, 495 Girls in the Night p.27, 88, 288 Girls Who Surf p.29, 304 Girth & Mirth Cleveland p.546 Girth & Mirth Indy p.328 Girth & Mirth of Columbus p.549 Girth & Mirth of Washington, DC p.253 Girth & Mirth see:

Organizations/Resources: Social, Recreational & Support Groups

Girth & Mirth Southern California p.150 Girth & Mirth/Twin Cities p.412 Giudici, Paolo p.467 Give a Damn Campaign p.116

GLBT National Youth Talkline p.120 GLBT Parnership - Green Bay p.688 GLBT Partnership - Fox Valley p.688 GLBT Professional Network p.623 GLBT Resource Center p.224 GLBT Resource Center of Michiana p.330 GLBT Roanoke p.663 GLBT Round Table, American Library Association p.113 GLBT Services p.407 GLBT Student Services at Auraria p.229 GLBT Student Support Services p.324 GLBT Support Group p.510 GLBT Support Group of Hunterdon County p.447 GLBT Yellow Pages p.665 GLBT Youth in Iowa Schools Task Force p.331 GLBT Youth Support Project p.369 GLBT-Denton p.623 GLBT-KIDS: Abuse Intervention Program p.413 GLBTA Faculty/Staff p.412 GLBTA Programs Office p.412 GLBTA Programs Office, University of Minnesota p.413 GLBTA Resource Center p.232 GLBTA: Sigma Lambda p.229 GLBTQ Online High School p.118 GLBTQ Suicide Hotline & Awareness Initiative p.88, 269 GLBTQ Youth Group p.183 GLBTQ&A Youth Group p.335 glbtq, Inc p.106

July 2012

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INDEX Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Gloria Dei Lutheran Church p.408, 415 Glorieta NM see Santa Fe/ Pecos/ Tesuque Area p.466 Glory of Christ Community Gospel Church p.551 Glory Tabernacle Christian Center p.169 Glory to God American Catholic Church p.644 Gloss Magazine p.203 Gloucester MA see North Shore Area p.382-383 Gloucester Unitarian Unversalist Church p.383 GLSEN p.118, 144, 432, 472, 511, 520 GLSEN - Cincinnati p.543 GLSEN - Orange County p.186 GLSEN - Southern Maine p.359 GLSEN Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Area p.395 GLSEN Boston p.376 GLSEN Central New Jersey p.445 GLSEN Connecticut p.234 GLSEN Dallas p.628 GLSEN Downeast Maine p.354 GLSEN Grand Rapids p.401 GLSEN Greater Kansas City p.422 GLSEN Hudson Valley p.485 GLSEN Hudson Valley (Ulster) p.484 GLSEN Northeast Ohio p.539 GLSEN Northern Virginia p.655 GLSEN Phoenix p.140 GLSEN Pittsburgh p.594 GLSEN San Diego County p.201 GLSEN Washington State p.665 GLSEN/Colorado p.223 GLSEN/Oregon p.560 GLSEN/Richmond p.663 GLSO Pride Center p.341 Glynn House Inn p.438 Gnesin, Penny D, CMT, RM p.458 GO CARE (Greater Ouachita Coalition) p.347 Go Cruise/Protravel International Inc p.191 Go Fish p.247 Go Gay DC - Metro DC's LGBT Community Club p.253 GO Magazine p.51, 488 Go Outside Landscape Design p.569 GOAL see:


Golden State Gay Rodeo Association: Greater Palm Springs p.191 Golden State Squares p.186 Golden Threads p.4, 112 Golden Valley MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area Gay Officers Action p.414 Alliance Golden West Cafe p.362 GOAL: Get Out And Live, Inc. Goldman, Jeffrey p.587 p.399 Goldstein, Horner & Horner, Gobin Memorial UMC p.326 Attorneys p.134 God's House p.130 Goldstein, Nancy R, LCSW-R God's Love We Deliver p.490 p.52, 497 God's Rainbow Promises Goldstein, Ronald T, DMD Fellowship Church p.637 p.451 Goddess Dancing p.376 Goleta CA see Central Coast p.154 Goddess Within, LLC p.35, 363 Golf see: Sports & Outdoor Godfrey's p.662 Going Your Way Tours p.237 Gonser Law Office, PC p.228 Gonzaga University HERO Gold Coast p.172 Gold Coast Bare Skins p.262 p.681 Gonzaga University LGBT Gold Door p.569 Resource Center p.681 GOLD: a mature lesbian disGonzalez, Ronald p.205 cussion group p.56, 509 Goldberg, Kenneth A p.504 Good As You p.104 Golden & Meizlish Co, LPA, Good Beans Cafe p.400 Good Catch! p.109, 111 p.549 Golden Braid Books p.644 Good Friends Bar p.349 Good Relations p.11, 162 Golden Bull Bar & Restaurant p.172 Good Samaritan Church p.285 Golden CO see Denver Area p.19, 228-230 Good Samaritan MCC p.187 Golden Era Vegetarian Res- Good Samaritan Project taurant p.206 p.421 Golden Gate Business Asso- Good Samaritan UMC p.414 ciation p.210 Good Scents p.460 Golden Gate Flyers p.212 Good Shepherd Community Golden Gate Guards p.210 of Faith ABC/UCC p.475 Golden Gate Men's Chorus Good Shepherd Episcopal p.211 Church p.213 Golden Gate Performing Good Shepherd Faith p.514 Arts, Inc. p.211 Good Shepherd Lutheran Golden Gate Wrestling Club Church p.319, 401 p.215 Good Shepherd PresbyteGolden Guesthouses p.463 rian Church p.318 Golden Lion Riverside Inn Good Shepherd UCC p.145 p.651 Good Time Lounge p.630 Golden Notebook p.482 Good Times p.385 Golden Rainbow p.433 Good Vibrations p.10, 16, Golden Rainbow Club p.190 36, 158, 208, 373 Golden Rule Services p.85, Good Vibrations Mail Order/ 195 Open Enterprises p.109 Golden State Bears p.163 Goodlettsville TN see NashGolden State Gay Rodeo As- ville Area p.616 sociation p.150 Goodloe Memorial UU ConGolden State Gay Rodeo As- gregation p.365 sociation: Bay Area Chapter Goodman, Ken, MFT p.181, p.215 208

INDEX Grace Baptist Church Goodman, Volley p.635 Goodtimes Escape Lounge p.433 Goodwin, Troy, Previews Property Specialist p.144 GOProud p.116 Gordon, Anthony M., CPA p.470 Gorham High School Gay Straight Alliance p.359 Gorham ME see Portland Area p.359-360 Gorman, Greg, CRB, CRS, GRI p.273 Goshen NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.483-484 Goshen VA see Shenandoah Valley p.664 Goshen VT see Green Mountains Area p.101, 651 Goshorn House Guest Suite p.404 Gossip Grill p.198 GOTBLISS Yuba-Sutter p.196 Gotha FL see Orlando Area p.275 Gotham Citi Cafe/OZ AfterHours p.240 Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club p.515 Gotham Open Bowling Tournament p.515 Gotham Volleyball p.516 Gothic Pride Seattle p.677 Gottlieb, Andrew R, PhD p.497 Gottlieb, Michael, MD p.171 Gottman Relationship Institute p.673 Goucher College Prism p.364 Gourmet 88 p.171 Gourmet Your Way Personal Chef Service p.540 Govans Presbyterian Church p.365 GPAF (Greater Pasadena Aid Fund) p.174 Grab Magazine p.309 Grace & Glory Lutheran Church p.341 Grace & St Paul's Church p.514 Grace & St Peter's Church p.365 Grace and Holy Spirit Church p.476 Grace Baptist Church p.318

July 2012

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INDEX Grace Cathedral Grace Cathedral p.214 Grace Church p.448, 456-457 Grace Congregational Church UCC p.381 Grace Episcopal Church p.453, 486 Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church p.254, 635 Grace Fellowship in Christ Jesus p.629 Grace Gathering p.629 Grace Gospel Chapel p.679 Grace House p.418 Grace Lutheran Church p.191, 319, 472 Grace UCC p.553, 580 Grace UMC p.336, 365 Grace United Methodist Church p.486, 629 Grace United Methodist Church of Logan Square p.318 Grace University Lutheran Church p.414 Grace-St Paul's Episcopal Church p.145, 461 Gracehill Bed & Breakfast p.611 Grady's Barber Shop p.474 Graffiti p.684 Graffiti Graphics p.323 Graham TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.627 Graham, David, Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI p.93, 437


INDEX Green Bay Transgender Group Greater Boston Business Council p.374 Greater Boston PFLAG p.374 Greater Cincinnati GLBT News p.541 Greater Cincinnati GLBTQ Youth Summit p.543 Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center p.98, 548 Greater Community AIDS Project p.308 Greater Dayton LGBT Center p.550 Greater Daytona Beach Business Guild p.258 Greater Erie Alliance for Equality p.576 Greater Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce p.262 Greater Hampton Roads HIV Health Services Planning Council p.659 Greater Knoxville PFLAG p.612 Greater Los Angeles Softball Association p.180 Greater Nashville Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.616 Greater New Orleans Prime Timers p.350 Greater New Orleans Roundup p.349 Greater New York Metro Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous p.490 Greater Orlando Couples p.275 Greater Palm Springs Pride, Inc. p.190 Greater Philadelphia Flag Football League p.592 Greater Philadelphia Professional Network p.588 Greater Philadelphia Renaissance p.590 Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commmerce p.139 Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau p.533 Greater San Diego Business Association p.200 Greater Seattle Business Association p.676 Greater Worcester PFLAG p.392 Green Bay Transgender Group p.688

Grand Island NY see Buffalo/ Niagara Falls Area p.475 Grand Opening! Inc. p.4, 109 Grand Prairie TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.71, 624, 627 Grand Raggidy Roller Girls p.39, 401 Grand Rapids Community College Stand Out p.401 Grand Rapids Rivermen p.400 Grand Rapids Women's Chorus p.39, 401 Grand Resort & Spa p.258 Grand River Renegades p.401 Grand River Squares p.401 Grand Superior Lodge p.417 Grand Valley State University Faculty & Staff Association p.393 Grand Valley State University Out 'n' About p.393 Grand Valley State University Transspectrum p.393 Grand Victorian B&B p.565 Grand View Inn p.384 Grandis, Edward S, Esq p.252 Grandview Gardens Bed & Breakfast p.286 Grandville MI see Grand Rapids p.400 Graneto, Donald A, MD p.626 Granite Falls NC see Hickadvertisement p.437 ory p.530 Graham, Janice, MFT, MA Granite Falls WA see Mt p.10, 157 Baker/ Glacier Area p.668 Graham, Roy p.324 Granite State Gay Men p.438 Gram's Place Hostel & Music Granny's Closet p.136 p.280 Grant Plaza Hotel p.203 GrammaBurp Warped Humor Greeting Cards p.111 Grant, Ronald E p.626 Granada p.337 Grants Pass Lavender Womyn p.63, 564 Granada High School Gay Straight Alliance p.159 Granville Anvil p.311 Granada Hills CA see Los Granville OH see ColumAngeles Area p.174 bus Area p.550 Grand Bohemian Hotel, Or- Grape Leaf Inn p.192 lando p.274 Graphic Design/ Printing/ Grand Canyon Sisters of Per- Type p.43, 54, 81, 84, 111, petual Indulgence p.139 129, 143, 174, 282, 386, 438, 502, 557 Grand Center Inn p.424 Grappa '72 Ristorante p.471 Grand Central p.362 Grand Gorge NY see Hud- Grass Roots p.562 son Valley & Catskills Area Grass Valley CA see Gold p.478 Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.165 Grand Hyatt Seattle p.671 Grass, Tom p.622, 635

July 2012

Grassley, Teresa J, Your Real Estate Resource p.77, 678 Grateful J's p.261 Grateful Palate p.260 Graton CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.193 Gray Alliance p.163 Gray Goose Inn p.330 Gray, Enod, LCSW, CSAT-S, CGP p.72, 633 Graycote Inn p.354

advertisement p.354

Grayslake Community High School PRISM p.317 Grayslake IL see Chicago Area p.312, 317 Great Autos of Yesteryear p.169 Great Awakening UCC p.660 Great Barrington MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388, 391 Great Bay e-Learning Charter School Gay Straight Alliance p.439 Great Dames Boutique p.49, 482 Great Energy p.221 Great Expectations p.654 Great Expedition Travel p.526 Great Gorgeous Gay Guys p.522 Great Harvest Bread Company p.308 Great Lakefront Estate p.648 Great Lakes Bears p.316 Great Lakes Leather Alliance p.327 Great Neck NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.97, 513 Great Northern Books, Inc. (The Adult Shop) p.666 Great Northwest Bookstore p.568 Great Oaks Manor B&B p.637 Great Outdoors Palm Springs p.191 Great Outdoors Santa Barbara/Ventura County p.155 Great Outdoors/Los Angeles p.180 Great Outdoors/Orange County--Long Beach p.187 Great Valley House of Valley Forge p.584 Greater Atlantic City GLBT Alliance p.450

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INDEX Green Bay WI Green Bay WI see Fox Valley p.79, 687-689 Green Brook NJ see Plainfield Area p.458 Green Country Friends p.560 Green Door p.321 Green Goddess p.350 Green House Inn p.348 Green Iguana p.282 Green Lantern/Tool Shed p.250 Green Monkey p.535 Green Mountain College Pride p.653 Green Mountain Growlers p.647 Green Mountain Leather Club p.646 Green Oasis p.189 Green Onion p.659 Green Palm Inn p.295 Green Parrot Bar p.268 Green Rocks Inn p.22, 242 Green Street Cafe p.388 Green Street United Methodist Church p.533 Green Truck Neighborhood Pub p.295 Green, Jim, M.Div p.528 Green: New American Vegetarian p.138 Greenberg & Greenberg p.504 Greenberg, Elizabeth, DC p.54, 502 Greenbush p.690 Greene-Lewis, Karen p.434 Greenfield MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.38, 388-391 Greenhope Farm p.74, 652 Greenhouse Nightclub p.495 Greenland NH see Portsmouth p.44, 442 Greenleaf Restaurant p.561 Greenman, Janet p.49, 482 Greenock House Inn p.661 Greenport NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.54, 489, 502 Greens Restaurant p.206 Greensboro AA Intergroup Office p.532 Greensboro NC see Triad Area p.58, 531-533 Greensburg PA see Pittsburgh Area p.593-594 Greenspan, Bernard, DO, PA p.448


Greenspan-Goldberg, Arden, LCSW, BCD p.482 Greentree Inn p.664 Greenville Inn p.355 Greenville OH see Dayton/ Springfield Area p.551 Greenville Renegaydes LLC p.607 Greenville SC see Greenville Area p.69, 606-607 Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.607 Greenwich House AIDS Mental Health Project p.498 Greenwich House HIV Services p.491 Greenwich Village Home p.51, 489 Greenwood IN see Indianapolis Area p.327-328 Greenwood Village CO see Denver Area p.228 Greer SC see Greenville Area p.607 Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund, Inc. p.626 Greg Johnson Realtor p.395 Greg's /Our Place p.327 Gregg Florist p.322 Gregory Banks Counseling, LLC p.236 Gregory House Programs p.302 Gregory Inn p.226 Gregory's Steak & Seafood Grille p.257 Gregory, Kristen, Principal Broker p.69, 605 Greiner, Byron p.526 Gresham OR see Portland Area p.566, 571 Grey Fox Pub p.424 Greystone Inn p.429 Gribble, Richard p.451 Griffin House B&B p.470 Griffith, Linda, Fine Art Photographer & Coach p.107 Griffore, Doug W., CPA, PC p.137 Grigsby, Mary K p.534 Grim's Manor B&B p.579 Grimard, Andre R, M.Ed, Freelance Researcher p.124 Grimsley's Flowers p.320 GRIOT Circle, Inc p.96, 509 Grit p.287 Groenheim, David, e-Pro, Realtor p.413 Grooming, Personal Care, Spa Services p.26, 33, 67, 77, 111, 132, 143, 168, 184, 209, 228, 247, 262, 276, 278, 313, 322, 327, 330, 344, 346, 353, 359, 386, 411, 431, 434, 460, 474, 483, 581, 593, 602, 620, 633, 647-649, 675 Grooveground p.447 Groovy! Groovy! Retro Gift Gallery p.405 Grossman, Gary, PhD p.208 Grossman, Howard, MD p.502 Grossman, Marc, GRI, Realtor & Mortgage Broker, p.276 Grosvenor, Carol A p.12, 174 Groton NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517 GroundSpark p.5, 115 Group Massage for Gay & Bisexual Men p.394 Group Therapy p.606 Grout House p.651 Grove City PA see p.577 Grove Hotel p.489 Grove House p.524 Grove Inn Guesthouse p.270 Grove Pines Connect p.488 Groveland CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 Grover Beach CA see Central Coast p.153 Growing American Youth p.426 GrownGurl Events p.27, 88, 284 Grownups p.583 Grubstake p.214 Grunberg Haus B&B & Cabins p.651 Gryphon House p.371 GSA Hawaii p.297 GSA Network p.688 GSA of Greater Nashville p.615 Guardian p.460 Guarino, Jennifer, Sales Executive, p.238 Guava Lamp p.632 Guay, James, LMFT, MFC#39252 p.173 Guaymas p.181 Guerneville 5 & 10 p.193 Guerneville CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.14, 191-194

INDEX Gym Sportsbar Guerneville Community United Church of Christ p.194 Guest Houses at Malanai p.300 Guesthouse at Lost River p.685 Guesthouse at the Quarry p.667 Guidance Center p.482 The Guide p.104 Guilford CT see Mystic Area p.21, 239 Guilford Green Foundation p.532 Guilford Queer & Allied Resource Center p.533 Guillett, Becky, Broker/ Owner, p.18, 218 Gulf Coast Archive & Museum of GLBT History, Inc. p.106, 617 Gulf Coast Bears p.130 Gulf Coast Rainbow Connection p.127, 255, 418 Gulf of Maine Books p.353 Gulfport FL see Tampa Bay Area p.26, 280-283 Gulfport Liquors p.283 Gulliver's Doggie Daycare p.650 Gumbo p.492 Gummere, Kathie p.7, 139 Gunderson/Willett Travel p.181 Gunn Senior High School Gay Straight Alliance p.212 Gunnison Congregational Church p.232 Gunther, Christy, MA p.57, 524 Guo, Eva p.10, 17, 42, 158, 210, 434 Guppys Good Times p.575 Gursky, Ruth, Esq p.55, 504 Gus Presents p.207 Gushers - Ledo p.557 Gustavus Adolphus College Queers & Allies p.417 Guston & Guston, LLP p.45, 448 Gutel, Tom, Certified Internet Specialist p.420 Guys & Dolls/Cini-Mini I p.400 GuyWriters Theatre Company p.211 Guzzardo, Paul, CPA p.259 Gym Club Suites p.135 Gym Sportsbar p.172, 494

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INDEX Gyms see: Gyms see:

Health Clubs, Fitness, Gyms Health Clubs, Gyms, Saunas


Hale Ohia Cottages p.298 Hale, James, MS, LPC, LADC p.557 Halethorpe MD see Baltimore Area p.365 Haley Art Gallery p.355 Haley's Motel & Resort Complex p.278 Haley, Gregory A, MD p.290 Half Moon Bay CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.16, 203, 205, 207-208 Half Shell Raw Bar p.268 Hali'imaile General Store p.301 Hali'imaile HI see Maui p.301 Hallandale FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.260 Hallauer House B&B p.553 Hallig Hilltop House p.388 Hallowell ME see Augusta p.33, 352 Halo p.685 Halo Bar p.623 HALO Lounge p.288 Halprin, Michael J, Esq p.587 Halsted's Bar & Grill p.311 Hamakua Hideaway Cliff House p.299 Hamar, Michael B p.660 Hamburger Mary's p.168, 172, 189, 274, 282, 332, 421, 567 Hamburger Mary's/Club M p.227 Hamburger Mary's/Mary's Attic p.311 Hamburger Patties p.195 Hamden CT see New Haven Area p.22, 240-241 Hamilton College Rainbow Alliance p.522 Hamilton College Womyn's Center p.57, 522 Hamilton Crowne Plaza p.249 Hamilton Square NJ see Trenton Area p.461 Hamilton, Carol A, CRS p.25, 266 Hamiltons p.23, 250 Hamline UMC p.415 Hamline University Spectrum p.413 Hammer & Hand, Inc p.569 Hammerhead Aquatics p.264 Hammond House B&B p.623 Hammond Street Congregational Church p.353 Hammondsport NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517 Hampden ME see Bangor p.33, 353 Hampshire College Queer Community Alliance p.390 Hampstead NC see Wilmington p.537 Hampton House B&B (for sale) p.608 Hampton Inn Burlington p.648 Hampton Inn Columbus - Airport p.293 Hampton Roads Men's Chorus p.660 Hampton Roads Pride p.660 Hampton VA see Hampton Roads Area p.660 Hana HI see Maui p.300 Hanalei HI see Kauai p.300 Hancock UCC p.377 Handel, Linda p.68, 602 Handicap see:

Organizations/Resources: Differently Abled

INDEX Harrison House Suites B&B Harbor Room p.692 Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.401 Harborfront Inn p.489 Harborview Inn p.382 Harbour Inne & Cottage p.239 Harbour Towne Inn p.353 Hard Grove Cafe p.449 Hard Hatted Women p.60, 545 Hardin, Louise A p.6, 129 Harding High School Gay Straight Alliance p.413 Hardwick Chiropractic p.74, 650 Harlem Flophouse p.489 Harlem Pride p.96, 508 Harlem Renaissance House p.489 Harlem United Community AIDS Center, Inc. p.95, 491 Harley's Bistro p.138 Harlingen TX see Rio Grande Valley p.638 Harm Reduction Center of Southern Oregon p.573 Harmon, Larry, PhD p.271 Harmony Café - Fox Valley p.688 Harmony Cafe - Green Bay p.688 Harmony House B&B p.478 Harmony Ridge Lodge p.164 Harmony: A Colorado chorale p.228 Harned Law Firm p.195 Harp & Bard p.372 Harpswell ME see Portland Area p.34, 358 Harriet Hancock Community Center p.606 Harrington, Laura E, DC p.57, 521 Harris Grill p.593 Harris, Ejay, Associate Broker, p.305 Harris, Martha L, LCSW p.655 Harrisburg Area Community College Allies p.578 Harrisburg Men's Chorus p.578 Harrisburg PA see Harrisburg Area p.65, 578-579 Harrison p.450 Harrison House B&B p.547 Harrison House Suites B&B p.670

Gypsy Restaurant & Lounge p.567 Gypsy Rose B&B p.419 Gypsy Sweethearts p.356 Gyrlgroove p.69, 612 H.E.L.P. Inc p.482 H.G. Roosters p.286 H2O p.606 Ha'iku Plantation Inn p.300 Haag, Carrie, LCSW p.48, 467 Haas, Robert p.373 Habana Inn p.556 Hacienda at Warm Sands p.188 Haddonfield Inn p.448 Hadley p.522 Hadley MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.390 Hadwen Park Congregational Church p.92, 392 Hagan Montrose Monday p.636 Hagar's House p.33, 347 Haiku HI see Maui p.300 Hailey's p.625 Haines & Krieger, LLC, Attorneys, Bankruptcy p.434 Hair by Sam p.33, 344 Hair by Sam at The Grapevine Hair Designs p.33, 344 Hair Care see:

Grooming Grooming

Hair Replacement: Hairy Monkey Books p.29, 299 Hakes, André A p.75, 657 Hal & Donna's Boat Haven p.155 Hal's Haven, Inc. p.341 Halcyon Hotel p.203 Haldeman, Douglas C, PhD p.673 Hale 'Ae Kai Guest House p.298 Hale 'Ohai (Monkeypod Tree House) p.299 Hale Ho'okipa Inn B&B p.300 Hale Kua Guests p.300 Hale Lalala p.299 Hale Lana at Kealakekua Bay p.298 Hale Makamae B&B p.298

Handlery Hotel & Resort p.197 Handlery Union Square Hotel p.203 Handy, Will, LCSW p.625 HandyMan p.127 Handyman Company of Delaware Valley, Inc p.587 Haner, Eric J p.344 Hangar p.495 Hangar Lounge p.619 Hangar Pub & Grill p.133 Hanging Out With Lesbians (HOWL) p.65, 578 Hank's p.274 Hannah's Sports Bar & Grill p.668 Hanns Ebensten Travel, Inc p.125, 269 Hanover House B&B p.474 Hanover Street Presbyterian Church p.249 Hansen House Mansion p.309 HAPPY Foundation p.106, 638 Harbor High School Gay Straight Alliance p.220 Harbor Masters of Maine, Inc p.359

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INDEX Harrison, Rick, MA, MFT Harrison, Rick, MA, MFT p.185 Harrisonburg VA see Shenandoah Valley p.664-665 Harry's Burritos p.481 Harry's Roadhouse p.466 Hart's Location NH see White Mountains Area p.443 Hartford CT see Hartford Area p.21, 86, 237-239 Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective, Inc p.237 Hartford TN see Gatlinburg p.611 Hartford, Robert G, LICSW, LCSW, CSW p.251 Hartigan's Irish Pub & Restaurant p.58, 527 Hartman, Gary D, CPA p.659 Hartnett, Tim, PhD, MFT p.219 Hartwell House Bed & Breakfast p.73, 648 Hartwick College BiGala p.485 Harvard Book Store p.373 Harvard Business School Gay & Lesbian Alumni/Ae p.118, 511 Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus New York Chapter p.118, 511 Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus, Inc p.118, 375 Harvard Law School Lambda p.375 Harvard QSA p.375 Harvard UU Church p.381 Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church p.377 Harvest MCC p.629 Harvey Law Firm p.43, 437 Harvey Milk Archives, Terry p.106, 205 Harvey Milk High School p.511 Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club p.212 Harvey's p.205 Harvey's Central Grille p.692 Harvey, Kevin P, MS, NCC, LPC p.598 Harwich MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.380 Hassler, Shawn K, MD p.209 Hastings Bookstore p.147 Hastings College Gay/ Straight Alliance p.430


Hastings College Of Law Outlaw p.212 Hastings on Hudson NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49, 482, 486 Hat Factory p.662 HATCH p.635 Hatch NM see Las Cruces Area p.48, 465 Hatcher, Virgil A., MD p.502 Hatler Library p.152 Hato Rey PR see San Juan Area p.68, 599 Hauppauge NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.501 HAUS of Virginia p.250, 658 Havana p.548 Havana Hostel p.270 Havana Restaurant p.583 Havel, Aida Doss p.59, 535 Haven p.582 Haven House LGBT Intimate Partner Violence Victim Advocacy Program p.49, 474 HAVEN Youth Group p.582 Haverford College Lambda Alumni p.118, 589 Haverford College Sexuality & Gender Alliance p.589 Haverford PA see Philadelphia Area p.589-590 Haverhill MA see Merrimack Valley p.381-382 Haverstraw NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.94, 480 Havurat Tikvah p.97, 529 Hawaii AIDS Clinical Research Program p.297 Hawaii AIDS Education & Training Center & AIDS Education Project p.302 Hawaii Island HIV/AIDS Foundation East p.299 Hawaii Island HIV/AIDS Foundation West p.299 Hawaii National Park HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.298 Hawaiian Retreat p.298 Hawk & Ivy B&B p.523 Hawk Valley Retreat & Cottages p.321 Hawk/Tomahawk Cafe p.544 Hawks Gym & Spa p.435 Hawley B&B p.431 Hawthorne Auto Clinic p.566 Hawthorne Inn p.380 Hawthorne NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.479 Hay, Sally A, LICSW p.602 Haydenville MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.391 Haydon Street Inn p.192 Hayes Valley Inn p.204 Hayloft Saloon p.397 Haymarket Cafe p.388 Haymarket Pub p.281 Hayward CA see East Bay Area p.156-161 Hayward High School GSA p.159 Hazel Park MI see Detroit Area p.92, 398 Head Hunters p.195 Headquarters p.593 Headquarters Counseling Center p.337 Heads to the Center p.570 Headway Emotional Health Services p.410 Healdsburg CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.192-194 Healing see:

New Age: Alternative Healing

INDEX Heartland Pride Health Clubs, Fitness, Gyms p.42, 167, 175, 245, 247, 252, 313, 434, 503, 587, 633 Health Emergency Lifeline Programs p.398 Health Information Network p.675 Health Initiatives for Youth p.213 Health Legal Services p.217 Health Outreach To Teens (HOTT) p.512 Health Services Center, Inc. p.127 Health Services of North Texas p.624 Health Trust AIDS Services p.216 Healthmark Counseling, Inc p.447 Healthy LGB Students Project p.120 Healthy Pets Northwest p.571 Healthy Pleasures, Inc. p.109 Healy AK see Denali National Park p.132 Hearing Impaired

Organizations/Resources: Deaf

Health Care Professionals Associations see:

Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional

Health Care Supplies (see also Herbalists, Pharmacies) p.668 Health Care: Physical (see also Counseling/ Mental Health) p.4, 7-10, 12, 14, 16, 18-19, 21, 28, 30, 32-33, 35-37, 39-40, 42-47, 49, 54-55, 57, 62, 64, 66-67, 71-72, 74, 76, 79, 85, 87, 94, 111, 139, 143-144, 153, 158, 163, 166-167, 174-175, 183, 185, 190, 199, 209, 216, 220, 228, 235, 237-238, 240, 251-252, 262, 271, 279, 282, 290, 294, 308, 313, 333, 335, 338, 353, 363, 366-367, 369, 373, 382, 386, 389, 398, 403-404, 407, 411, 421, 425, 429, 434, 439, 442, 446, 448, 453-454, 456, 459, 469, 474, 483, 502-503, 521, 535, 545, 548, 552, 563, 569, 576, 578, 587, 593, 606, 615, 620, 626, 630, 633, 636, 639, 645-646, 649-650, 655-656, 662, 667, 675, 681, 687-688, 690

Heart & Soul Counseling p.52, 497 Heart Circle Sangha Zen Community p.459 Heart of America Men's Chorus p.340 Heart of America Softball League p.423 Heart of Illinois HIV/AIDS Center p.321 Heart of Texas Bears p.621 Heart of the Hills Inn & Cottage p.146 Heartbreak Hotel p.267 Heartfriends Inn Bed & Breakfast p.533 Hearth Home p.395 HearthSide Cabin p.192 Hearthstone House p.223 Heartland Cares p.345 Heartland Community MCC p.323 Heartland Country Resort p.552 Heartland Gallery p.308 Heartland Gay Rodeo Association p.430 Heartland Men's Chorus p.422 Heartland Pride p.430

July 2012

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INDEX Hearts & Ears


Herkimer NY see Utica Area p.522 Herkimer Pub & Brewery p.409 Herland Sister Resources, Inc p.62, 557 Herminie PA see Pittsburgh Area p.593 Hermosa Y Protegida p.85, 186 Heron Cabin p.524 Heron Hollow p.668 Heron House p.267 Herrera, Roger p.100, 626 Hershee Bar p.75, 659 Herzer, Eva p.10, 158 Hess, Mark p.338 Hesser College Gay Straight Alliance p.440 Hetrick-Martin Institute p.512 Hetzel, EJ p.65-66, 579 Hewey, Joseph p.628 Hewins Travel p.360 Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group p.628 HH Whitney House p.348 Hi Spot Cafe p.672 Hi-BearNation T-shirts p.108 Hi-Life Cafe p.260 Hi-Lo Club p.557 Hiatt, Bruce p.435 Hibiscus Beach Resort p.654 Hibiscus House p.264 Hibiscus House Bed & Breakfast p.286 Hicken, Robert, Realtor p.607 Hickey, Robert, Realtor p.197 Hickory Ridge House p.653 Hickory Stick Bookshop p.244 Hickory Street Bar & Grill p.619 Hicksville NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.57, 516 Hidden Cove B&B p.565 Hidden Door p.624 Hidden Door /Loft p.623 Hidden Hill Nursery & Sculpture Garden p.331 Hidden Joy p.189 Hidden Treasure Inn p.536 Hideaway p.26, 281, 288, 608 Hifg Bar at Dream Hotel p.269 High Country Home & Garden p.225

INDEX Highwaymen TNT High Desert Squares p.222 High Desert Web p.464 High Falls NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480 High Feather Ranch Bed & Breakfast p.466 High Meadow B&B p.101, 651 High Mountain Lodge p.234 High Plains Church UU p.226 High Point NC see Triad Area p.59, 532 High Sierra Prime Timers p.437 High Sierra Rodeo Association p.437 High Street Station Cafe p.9, 156 High Street Unitarian Universalist Church p.294 Highbar p.495 Higher Ground p.396 Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren p.319 Highland Dell Lodge Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge p.193 Highland Haven p.231 Highland Hideaway B&B Resort p.401 Highland High School Gay Straight Alliance p.645 Highland High School GSA p.464 Highland House p.460 Highland Lodge p.652 Highland NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480, 483 Highland Park Guest House p.226 Highland Park MI see Detroit Area p.397, 399 Highland Park NJ see New Brunswick Area p.47, 455-456 Highland United Methodist Church p.345 Highlands Bar & Grill p.128 Highlands Church p.230 Highlands Inn p.44, 443 Highlands Ranch CO see Denver Area p.227 Highlands Resort p.192 Highlands United Methodist Church p.230 Hight, Karen p.14, 187 Highwaymen TNT p.252

Henderson, Christine M, AsHearts & Ears p.364 sociate Broker, ePro, REW, Heartstrong p.117 NFSTI p.7, 136 Hearty Boys Caterers p.312 Henderson, James p.228 Heat p.639 Hendersonville TN see Heather's p.51, 494 Nashville Area p.70, Heating see: 615-617 Home & Building Hendrickson, Julie, MA, Heaven p.637 LMHC p.673 Heaven & Hell Nightclub Hendrix College Unity/GSA p.600 p.148 Heaven Sent Me p.228 Henkin, William, PhD, LMFT p.208 HeBar p.659 Hennepin Avenue UMC Hecks Cafe p.544 p.414 Hector's on Henderson Hennepin County Public p.624 Health Clinic - Red Door Heel Stompers p.472 Services p.411 Hefni-Pyle, Suzanne p.14, Hennessey House p.184 187 Henniker NH see Concord Heid, Richard J, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, p.461 p.439 Heidelberg College Berg Al- Henning, Rick p.399 Henri's Just One More p.147 lies p.554 Henrietta Hudson p.51, 495 Heier, Philip p.678 Height of Folly Front Beach Henrietta NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area Apartment p.604 p.520 Heiring, Ann, Realtor, CRS, Henry David Thoreau UU ABR, GRI, SRS, AHWD, eCongregation p.636 PRO p.19, 226 Henry's p.337 Heitland, Ann, Associate Broker, p.136 Henry's Cocktail Lounge p.184 Heitzman, Judy C, PhD, LCSW p.33, 343 Henry's Restaurant p.325 Helios Men's Resort p.188 Hens-Greco, Sam p.594 Hellman, Ronald E., MD, Di- Hensala, John, MD p.208 rector, LGBT Affirmative Henshaw, Jennifer McGuire Program p.497 p.77, 678 Hello B&B p.288 Henshaw, Timothy R p.269 Helmand Restaurant p.362 Hensley, William p.243 Helminiak, Daniel A, PhD, Hephaestus p.190 PhD, LPC p.289 Helmuth Psychological As- Herbal Bear Catskill Cabin p.478 sociates p.540 Herbert House p.142 Helping Our Women p.37, here! Networks p.108 386 Here Lounge p.173 Helpmate p.58, 525 Hereford AZ see Bisbee/ SiHeltemes, Mark p.158 erra Vista Area p.135 Hemet CA see Idyllwild Hereford High School Gay p.165 Hemlock Point Lodge p.595 Straight Alliance p.367 Heretic p.288 Hempstead NY see New Hering, Audrey, PhD York City & Long Island p.38-39, 394, 402 Area p.510 Hemstrom, Shakirah C, MA, Heritage House p.384 LPC p.231 Heritage House B&B p.665 Hencken, Joel, PhD p.373 Heritage Inn p.236 Henderson NV see Las Heritage of Ogunquit p.356 Vegas Area p.434, 436 Heritage of Pride, Inc p.508 Henderson State University Heritage Park Inn p.274 Queer/Straight Alliance Heritage UU Church p.543 p.146

July 2012

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INDEX Hile, Kathy, Owner/ Realtor Hile, Kathy, Owner/Realtor p.137 Hill Country Inn & Suites at Salado Creek Villas p.638 Hill Country Intergroup AA p.618 Hill Country Ride for AIDS p.620 Hill Farm Inn p.650 Hill, Peter, DC p.373 Hillby Thatch Cottages p.404 Hillcrest Guest House p.654 Hillcrest Lodge p.151 Hillcrest Youth Center p.201 Hillsboro OR see Portland Area p.64, 566, 570-572 Hillsborough County GLBTA Democratic Caucus p.283 Hillsborough UCC p.530 Hillsdale Community Church, UCC p.572 Hillside Campgrounds p.577 Hillside House B&B p.670 Hilltop Inn p.443 Hilltop Manor p.552 Hilltop Manor B&B p.148 Hilo Bay Hale p.298 Hilo HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.29, 298-300 Hilton Garden Inn Scottsdale Old Town p.137 Hilton Head Island SC see Hilton Head Area p.607-608 HIM Program p.409 Hinckley, Brad p.678 Hindy, Carl G, PhD p.441 Hinesburg VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.649-650 Hingham Congregational Church UCC p.387 Hingham MA see South Shore Area p.387 Hinsdale IL see Chicago Area p.315, 317, 319 Hip Chicks Do Wine p.65, 573 Hip Chicks Out p.19, 227 Hippie Chick Bakery p.440 Hippo p.362 Hiram College PRYSM p.552 Hirsute Pursuit p.340 Hiscock, David K p.675 Hispanic AIDS Awareness Program p.88, 270 Hispanic AIDS Forum p.95, 491


Hispanos Unidos, Inc. p.86, 240 Historic Oak Hill Inn B&B p.419 Historic Smithton Inn p.575 Historic Sou'wester Lodge, Cabins, Tch.Tch! & RV Park p.668 Historic Union Hotel p.574 History Project p.106, 372 History Projects see:

Archives/ Libraries/ History Projects

INDEX Holy Trinity UCC Hollywood PA see Philadelphia Area p.67, 592 Hollywood Spa p.175 Hollywood Super Center p.633 Hollywood United Methodist Church p.179 Hollywood Vine Wine Bar p.260 Holmes Beach FL see Sarasota/ Bradenton/ Venice Area p.278 Holocene p.567 Holt, Gary, CPA p.190, 200, 222 Holt, Kristine W., Esq. p.66, 587 Holtby, Michael, LSCW p.227 Holua Resort at Mauna Loa Village p.298 Holualoa HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.298 Holum, Robert J, LMFT p.208 Holy Angels Catholic Community - CCI p.276 Holy Covenant MCC p.318 Holy Covenant UCC p.529 Holy Covenant UMC p.318 Holy Cross MCC p.277 Holy Cross Reformed Catholic Church p.554 Holy Family Ecumenical Catholic Church p.465 Holy Innocents American Catholic Church, p.436 Holy Innocents Episcopal Church p.214 Holy Macaroni Cafe & PizzAria p.329 Holy Names University Gay Straight Alliance p.159 Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church p.161, 218 Holy Redeemer MCC p.366 Holy Resurrection Eastern Orthodox Church p.464 Holy Sanctuary of Jesus Christ p.531 Holy Spirit Ecumenical Catholic Church p.285 Holy Titclamps p.104 Holy Trinity Community Church, UCC p.616 Holy Trinity Episcopal Church p.127, 447, 486 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church p.318, 414, 514, 529 Holy Trinity Parish (CACINA) p.661 Holy Trinity UCC p.613

HisXpress-Your Gay Video Store p.109 Hit Parade p.350 HiTOPS p.458 Hitt, David p.179 HIV & AIDS Ambulatory Care Clinic (A Team) p.450 HIV Alliance p.563 HIV Law Project p.491 HIV Plus p.104 HIV Uninsured Care Programs p.469 HIV/AIDS Legal Service Project p.491 HIV/AIDS Resource Center p.394 HIV/HCV Resource Center p.438 HIV/STD Hotline p.672 HIV/STI Outreach Program p.224 Hix Island House p.600 HK Lounge p.495 Hobart & William Smith Colleges PRIDE Alliance p.520 Hobart IN see Gary Area p.326 Hobo's p.567 Hobo's Club & Cafe p.381 Hobo's Restaurant & Bar p.247 Hobson UMC p.616 Hoch, Rand, Esq p.286 Hochfellner, Fritz p.160 Hockey see:

Sports & Outdoor

Hodge, Theo W, Jr, MD p.251 Hoffman, Andrew p.312 Hoffman, Andrew, PsyD p.312 Hoffman, Jeannette p.46-47, 452, 455 Hofstra University Pride Network p.510 Hog's Breath Saloon p.268 Hogan's Nyack Diner p.481

Hogan, Kathleen V, Esq p.45, 448 Hole p.198 Hole in the Wall Men's Club p.321 Hole In The Wall Saloon p.207 Holicong PA see New Hope PA/ Lambertville NJ Area p.583 Holiday Chalet p.226 Holiday Guest House p.356 Holiday Inn by the Bay p.358 Holiday Inn Civic Center p.203 Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Tucson Airport North p.142 Holiday Inn Midtown 57th St p.489 Holiday Invitational Bowling Tournament p.694 Holiday Island AR see Eureka Springs p.147 Holistic Health Partnering p.238 Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy p.175 Holladay United Church of Christ p.645 Holladay UT see Salt Lake City Area p.645 Holland Lake Lodge p.430 Holland MI see p.401 Holland/Lakeshore PFLAG p.401 Hollins University OUTloud p.664 Hollister, Jane W, LMFT, LMHC p.27, 282 Holliston MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.391 Holloway Motel p.170 Holloway, Kendra L, DC p.10, 158 Holly Hill FL see Daytona/ Flagler/ Ormond Beach Area p.258 Holly's Place p.11, 167 Hollywood CA see Los Angeles Area p.13, 84, 170-171, 174-175, 178 Hollywood FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.24, 260-262, 264 Hollywood HEART p.170 Hollywood Independent United Church of Christ p.179 Hollywood Lutheran Church p.179

July 2012

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INDEX Holy Trinity UMC Holy Trinity UMC p.383 Holy Trinity/St Anskar p.414 Holyoke Community College Queer Straight Alliance p.390 Holyoke Community College TransCampus p.390 Holyoke Equal Rights Association (HERA) p.390 Holyoke for All - Holyoke Para Todos p.92, 390 Holyoke MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.92, 388-390 Holzhei, Gregory, DO p.404 Hombres Lounge p.496 Home Base Tavern p.60, 542 Home Bistro p.311 Home Furnishings see:

Interior Design


Homomark p.111 HomoRadio LGBT News & Public Affairs p.471 Homosexual Information Center p.107 Homosexual Information Center Work in Mid-America p.107, 351 Homosexuals Intransigent! p.456 Homoto Motorcycle Club p.215 Honaunau HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.298 Honeoye Falls NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.520 Honesdale PA see p.66, 579 Honeybee Acupuncture p.209 HoneyBee Eye Care p.683 Honokaa HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.298 Honolulu Gay & Lesbian Cultural Foundation p.303 Honolulu HI see Oahu p.29, 89, 302-304 Honolulu Men's Chorus p.303 Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival p.303 Honoulu Frontrunners/ Frontwalkers p.304 Honu Kai B&B p.298 Hood College Tolerence, Education, Acceptance (TEA) p.366 Hood River OR see Mount Hood Area/ Columbia River Gorge p.565 Hookah Cafe p.576 Hooked on Vermont Designs, Inc. p.646 Hookup p.165 Hooper Homestead Guest Quarters & Blissful Retreat & Spirit Spa p.225 Hooper, Kathleen, LCSW p.75, 659 Hoosier Pet Sitter p.328 Hope & Help Center of Florida p.274 Hope Action Care p.638 Hope Care Center p.421 Hope Central Church p.377 Hope Community Church p.390 HOPE DC p.249 Hope Farm Press & Bookshop p.482

INDEX Hotlanta Volleyball Association Hot Springs AIDS Resource Center & Tuggle Clinic p.148 Hot Springs Resort & Spa p.530 Hot Stuff p.168 Hot Suppa! p.358 Hotchkiss, Sonny, Realtor, BSBA p.284 Hotel 1000 p.671 Hotel 43 p.304 Hotel Aspen p.223 Hotel Astor p.269 Hotel Beverly Terrace p.170 Hotel Bijou p.203 Hotel Burnham p.309 Hotel Charlotte p.164 Hotel Cheval p.151 Hotel Columbia p.233 Hotel Congress p.142 Hotel Deluxe p.566 Hotel Fauchere p.595 Hotel Griffon p.203 Hotel Helix p.249 Hotel Lenado p.223 Hotel Mark Twain p.203 Hotel Menage p.184 Hotel Miramar p.599 Hotel Monaco p.309, 671 Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City p.644 Hotel Newton p.489 Hotel Ocean p.269 Hotel Oceana p.152 Hotel Rouge p.249 Hotel San Carlos p.137 Hotel Shelley p.269 Hotel Sorella Citycentre p.631 Hotel St Francis p.466 Hotel St Pierre p.348 Hotel Teatro p.226 Hotel Triton p.203 Hotel Union Square p.203 Hotel Valencia Riverwalk p.638 Hotel Valencia Santana Row p.216 Hotel Valley Ho p.137 Hotel Vintage Park p.671 Hotel Whitcomb p.204 Hothouse Spa & Sauna p.77, 675 Hotlanta Softball League p.293 Hotlanta Squares p.291 Hotlanta Volleyball Association p.293

Home HIV Testing p.106 Home Made p.492 Home of Truth Spiritual Center p.160 Home Ranger Team p.657 Home Restaurant Los Feliz p.171 Home Run Video & News p.296 Home Youth & Resource Center p.573 Home/ Building Inspection/ Engineering p.64, 134, 144, 199, 271, 461, 503, 569 HomePlates Handcrafted Switchplates p.111 HomeProbe Inspections Inc, License #16000011510 p.503 Homes & Buildings: Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, General Contractors p.127, 139, 209, 220, 240, 244, 271, 277, 290, 294, 307, 313, 369, 423, 442, 467, 483, 503, 542, 559, 569, 587, 649, 675 Homes of Distinction Realty p.263 Homestead at Rehoboth B&B p.23, 245 Homestead Cottages p.164 Homewatch CareGivers p.8, 143 Homewood IL see Chicago Area p.31, 314 Homewood Suites by Hilton p.671 Homewreckers p.507 Homo Climbtastic p.124

Hope Fund p.398 Hope Health p.606 Hope Lutheran Church p.179, 547 HOPE Program for LGBTQ Youth & Families p.286 Hope UCC p.655 Hope UMC p.335 Hope Unitarian Church p.560 Hope's Voice p.573 Hopedale Unitarian Universalist Community p.553 Hopeline p.533 Hopes p.663 Hopewell B&B p.565 Hopewell Junction NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49, 482, 484 Hopkins High School GLBTQ p.413 Hopkins MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.412, 414 Hopkins Ordinary Bed & Breakfast p.665 Hopkins, Valerie R. p.66, 584 Hoppe, Lousene p.411 Hoquiam United Methodist Church p.670 Hoquiam WA see Olympic Peninsula p.670 Horizon Guest House p.298 Horizon House p.226 Horizon Motor Inn p.460 Horizon UU Church p.629 Horizons Foundation p.209 Horner, Daniel p.238 Horner, Denny p.254 Horner, R. Mark, DDS p.363 Horowitz, Richard, CSW, CAC p.498 Horse & Hound Inn p.443 Horse & Hounds p.49, 477 Horsham PA see Philadelphia Area p.590 Hort, Barbara, PhD, Jungian Consultant p.63, 568 Hospice of Spokane p.681 Hot Chocolate! p.350 Hot Flash Women's Dances p.63, 76, 567, 672 Hot Flash Women's Dances: Tacoma INFERNO p.78, 682 Hot Flixx p.257 Hot Java p.168 Hot Mess Sundays p.372 Hot Nude Yoga p.517 Hot Off the Grill p.321 Hot Rods Burgers p.195

July 2012

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INDEX Hotspots Magazine Hotspots Magazine p.255 Hound Dogs p.346 Housatonic Community College Gay Straight Alliance p.235 House in Pumpkin Hollow Bed & Breakfast p.388 House of Compassion p.601 House of Mercy, Inc. p.527 House of Ruth p.343 House of Ruth Maryland p.34, 361 House on Bayou Road p.348 House on the Quarry p.478 House Sundays p.270 House Wine p.619 Housing Works p.490 Houston Area Bears p.634 Houston Area Rainbow Collective History (Houston ARCH. p.631 Houston Area Women's Center p.72, 634 Houston Big Men's Club p.634 Houston Gay & Lesbian Parents, Inc. p.634 Houston GLBT Community Center p.631

advertisement p.633

INDEX 758 Idaho Department of Health & Welfare Family Planning, STD & HIV Programs Howden Farm B&B p.388 Howe, John p.586 Howell, Craig p.255 Howells, Daniel, Realtor p.140 Hoyden Gear p.110 HQ76.3/New England LGBT Librarians & Library Workers p.438 HRC Coming Out Project DFW p.627 HRC Dallas Fort Worth p.627 Hubbard UCC p.565 Huber Heights OH see Dayton/ Springfield Area p.551 Huckleberry House p.550 Huckleberry Youth Programs p.213 Hudson City B&B p.477 Hudson County Community College Gay Straight Alliance p.449 Hudson House of Nyack p.481 Hudson MA see Worcester Area p.392 Hudson NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477, 479-480, 482-483 Hudson Pride Connections Center p.449 Hudson Pride Foundation p.483 Hudson Valley Barnhouse p.479 Hudson Valley LGBTQ Ceremonies p.473, 487, 516 Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center p.477 Hudson Valley Out & About p.484 Hudson, Brad p.536 Huggins, James, PhD p.593 Huggo's p.299 Hughes, Ed p.376 Hughes, Emmett J, DC, MS p.502 Hughes, George W p.622 Hughes, K.D., Esq p.14, 186 Hula's Bar & Lei Stand p.302 Hull MA see South Shore Area p.386-387 Human Dignity Coalition p.562 Human Response Network p.76, 668 Human Rights Campaign p.116, 253 Human Rights Campaign Austin p.620 Human Rights Campaign Action Center & Store p.209 Human Rights Campaign: Colorado Steering Committee p.223 Human Rights Council of North Central Florida p.265 Human Rights see:

Organizations/Resources: Political/Legislative

Houston GLBT Political Caucus (HGLBTPC) p.634 Houston Gym p.633 Houston Hurricanes (Flag Football) p.636 Houston Invitational Tournament p.636 Houston Pride Band p.634 Houston Prime Timers p.634 Houston Regional HIV/AIDS Resource Group p.631 Houston Splash p.101, 634 Houston Tennis Club p.636 Houston TX see Houston Area p.71-72, 101, 631-636 Houston Voice p.631 Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program p.634 Houston Wednesday Nite Mixers p.636 Houston Women's Music Festival p.72, 634 p.631 Howard Beach NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.497 Howard Brown Health Center p.310 Howard Kline Gallery p.152 Howards End p.384

Humanists of North Alabama p.127 Humble Pie p.534 Humble TX see Houston Area p.632 Humboldt Pride p.162 Humboldt Society Lesbian & Gay Naturalists p.589 Humboldt State University Queer Student Union p.162 Hume Law Offices p.79, 693 Hummel's Pub p.424 Hummingbird Inn p.664 Hump Day Bowlers League p.416 Humpy's Pizza p.260 Hunky's Hamburgers p.624 Hunter Health Clinic p.91, 339 Hunter House B&B p.531 Hunter's Lodge p.404 Hunter, Carrie A p.343 Hunter, Janie, Broker/Owner, Austin Homes Realty p.70, 622 Hunters Nightclub p.311 Hunters Video Bar p.189 Huntersville NC see Charlotte Area p.527 Huntington Beach CA see Orange County p.186-187 Huntington NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.52, 56, 497, 502, 506, 509, 512-514 Huntington Open Women's Land (HOWL) p.74, 652 Huntington Station NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.490, 503 Huntley IL see Chicago Area p.316 Huron High School Gay Straight Alliance p.395 Hush p.100, 606 Hush at Depot Video Bar p.14, 195 Hush on Congress p.619 Hush RI p.602 Hutmacher, Ken p.558

Hutton Hotel p.614 Huzzah Valley Resort p.427 Hyacinth AIDS Foundation p.444 Hyannis MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.379-380 Hyatt, Diane, MSW, LCSW p.243 Hybrid Lounge p.692 Hyde Park NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.477, 484 Hyde Park Union Church ABC/UCC p.318 Hyde Park VT see Green Mountains Area p.651 Hydes KC Guesthouse p.421 Hydesville CA see Eureka/ Humboldt County p.162 Hydra Leather & More p.143 Hydrangea House Inn p.601 Hydrate p.311 Hydraulic Woman p.40, 412 Hyland, Stephen J p.462 Hyman, Stan, PhD, LCSW, p.271 Hypnotherapy p.55, 175, 503, 563 I Love Books p.471 I2I: Invisible to Invincible p.96, 508 i2i: Invisible to Invincible: Asian & Pacific Islander Pride of Chicago p.90, 315 Ianiro, Rev Joseph A, DD p.446 Iao United Church of Christ p.301 Ibiza p.537 IBT's p.143 ICandy p.585 ICARE p.331 Ice Palace p.493 Ice Palace Inn B&B p.232 Ice Pics Video Bar p.138 Icebox Quality Framing & Gallery p.409 Icon Nightclub p.534 ICU2 Publications p.658 IDA: Idyll Dandy Acres p.611 Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence p.29, 304 Idaho Commission on Human Rights p.304 Idaho Department of Health & Welfare Family Planning, STD & HIV Programs p.304

July 2012

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INDEX Idaho Human Rights Education Center Idaho Human Rights Education Center p.304 Ideal Moving & Storage p.505 Ideal Properties of Denver p.229 Identity p.89, 309, 473 Identity House p.498 Identity, Inc. p.131 Idleyld Park OR see Eugene p.563 Ierardi, Anne M, D. Min., LMHC p.37, 379 Iggy's p.601 Iglesia Communitaria Metropolitana p.100, 600 Ignite! Entertainment p.121 Iguana Grill p.247 Il Pastaio p.171 Il Pasticcio Restaurant & Wine Bar p.295 Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault p.30, 306 Illinois College Straights & Gays For Equality p.321 Illinois Disciples Foundation p.308 Illinois Gay Rodeo Association p.307 Illinois Gender Advocates p.306 Illinois Institute of Technology GLAM p.316 Illinois Safe Schools Alliance p.306 Illinois State University Pride p.307 Illinois State University Triangle Association p.307 Illinois Wesleyan Pride Alliance p.307 ImageOut p.519 Images p.593, 610 Images by Kelsy Gossett p.32, 339 Imagine p.38, 389 Imagine Journeys, Inc. p.526 Imago p.649 Imago Dei MCC p.577 Imago Dei: Gay/Lesbian Catholic Ministries of Southern Nevada p.436 Imani MCC of Durham p.536 IMEN p.116 Immanuel Congregational Church p.238 Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church p.218 Immanuel Lutheran Church p.318, 390, 679


Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle & the Olympic & Rainier Empire p.674 Imperial Sovereign Court of Tacoma - Diamond Empire of the Cascades p.682 Imperial Sovereign Court of the Emerald Empire p.563 Imperial Sovereign Court of the Evergreen Empire p.666 Imperial Sovereign Court of the Raintree Empire p.683 Imperial Sovereign Court of the State of Montana p.427 Imperial Sovereign Court of the Willamette Empire p.573 Imperial Sovereign Empire of Arizona p.139 Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho p.305 Imperial Sovereign Queen City Court p.542 Imperial Sovereign Rose Court p.569 Imperial Star Empire, Inc p.158 Imperial Windy City Court of the Prairie State Empire, INC NFP p.313 IMRU Radio p.173 In aChord p.200 In Fine Spirits p.311 In Good Company p.314 In Heaven Weddings & Commitment Ceremony Services p.297 In Other Words Feminist Community Center p.63, 568 In Our Own Voices, Inc p.94, 472 In The Life Atlanta p.89, 291 In the Life Media p.108, 496 In the Meantime Men's Group p.84, 176 In the Woods Campground & Resort p.293 In-Between p.302 Inan, Zabrin, MD p.312 InCahoots Nightclub p.25, 87, 266 Incentra Village House p.489 InceptDesign p.285 Incidental Records p.114 Independence Place p.419 Independence Squares p.588 Indialantic FL see Brevard County p.256 Indian Creek Hotel p.269

INDEX Infinity Law Group Indian Shores FL see Tampa Bay Area p.280 Indiana AIDS Fund p.323 Indiana Black Pride p.90, 328 Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault p.32, 327 Indiana Equality p.323 Indiana Falcons p.327 Indiana Minority AIDS Coalition p.90, 323 Indiana PA see p.579 Indiana PA see p.579 Indiana Stonewall Democrats p.323 Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance p.323 Indiana University GLBT Alumni p.118, 324 Indiana University IUPUI Gay Straight Alliance p.328 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Pride Alliance p.579 Indiana University Out GLBT Student Union p.324 Indiana University Southeast Gay-Straight Alliance p.344 Indiana Youth Group p.323 Indianapolis Intergroup AA p.326 Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival p.328 Indianapolis Men's Chorus p.328 Indianapolis Women's Chorus p.32, 328 Indigenous People's Task Force p.92, 409 Indigo p.302, 597 Indigo Coffee Roasters, Inc. p.110, 389 Indigo Interiors p.153 Industry p.207, 495 Indy Pride, Inc p.328 Indy Rainbow Chamber of Commerce p.327 Indyboyz (FTM) p.328 Indygirlz (MTF) p.328 IndyTennis p.329 Infectious Disease Specialists of NJ p.461 Inferno p.59, 540 Inferno Women's Dance p.18, 216 Inferno Women's Dances p.16, 207 Infinite Body Piercing Inc p.586 Infinity Law Group p.387

Immanuel Lutheran Church Attleboro p.370 Immanuel Presbyterian Church p.130, 132 Immigration Equality, Inc p.111 Immigration, Citizenship, Political Asylum, Refugees p.20, 28, 49, 92, 111, 175, 209, 235-236, 290, 365, 392, 483 IMPACT Color Salon p.633 Imperial Beach CA see San Diego Area p.199 Imperial Council of San Francisco p.209 Imperial Court de Fort Worth/ Arlington p.626 Imperial Court de San Diego p.199 Imperial Court of All Alaska p.131 Imperial Court of All Oklahoma Inc p.555 Imperial Court of Buffalo p.474 Imperial Court of Hawaii p.297 Imperial Court of Iowa p.333 Imperial Court of Kentucky p.342 Imperial Court of Los Angeles & Hollywood p.174 Imperial Court of Massachusetts p.373 Imperial Court of Minnesota p.411 Imperial Court of Nebraska p.430 Imperial Court of New York p.501 Imperial Court of RI at Providence p.602 Imperial Court of the Many Rivers p.425 Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire p.297 Imperial Flowers p.342 Imperial Hotel p.164 Imperial Rainbow Court p.643 Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy p.216 Imperial Royal Sovereign Court p.434 Imperial San Joaquin Delta Empire p.222 Imperial Sovereign Court p.155 Imperial Sovereign Court of All CT p.234

July 2012

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INDEX Infinity Law Group Information, Media & Publications p.3, 7, 9, 11, 14-16, 18, 23-24, 38, 40-41, 43, 51, 57, 61-62, 66, 76, 81, 87, 89, 100, 103-104, 127, 131, 133-134, 137, 142, 146, 149, 156, 162-163, 170, 188, 191, 195, 197, 203, 216, 222-223, 226, 231, 234, 249, 255, 258, 266-267, 269, 274, 277-278, 280, 287-288, 294-296, 300, 306, 309, 323, 325-326, 330-332, 337, 340-342, 345, 347, 355, 358, 361, 368, 370, 381, 387, 392-393, 406, 408, 417-418, 421, 423-424, 429-430, 432, 436-437, 443, 450, 454, 462-463, 467, 469-470, 473-474, 477, 487-488, 517, 523, 533, 538-539, 541, 544, 547, 550, 554, 556, 558, 563, 566, 573-574, 576, 580, 584, 592, 595, 598, 600, 604, 607-608, 610-611, 617-618, 623, 631, 637-638, 642, 646, 654-656, 658-659, 662-666, 671, 683-684, 686, 689 Ingersoll Gender Center p.678 Inglewood CA see Los Angeles Area p.84, 176-177 Ingraham & Associates, PLLC p.61, 555 Ingram Haus p.348 Ingram, Jeannie, LPC p.28, 289 Ingrid's Bookstore p.556 Ink House B&B p.184 Inkster MI see Detroit Area p.39, 397 Inkwood Books p.282 Inky Dinky Oinkink p.651 Inland Northwest Business Alliance p.681 Inland Northwest LGBT Center p.680 Inland Oasis, Inc. p.305 Inland Oasis, Inc. HIV Programs p.306 Inland Oasis, Inc. Youth Program p.306 Inlet Beach FL see Panama City Area p.276 INMx p.681 Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls p.552 Inn at 410 Bed & Breakfast p.135 Inn at Aberdeen p.331 Inn at Arch Cape p.560 Inn At Babson Court p.382 Inn at Bath p.353


Inn at Bowman p.443 Inn at Buena Vista p.224 Inn at Cascade p.225 Inn at Celebrity Dairy p.533 Inn at Court Square p.657 Inn at Crystal Lake p.443 Inn at Eagle Mountain p.137 Inn at Essex p.648 Inn at Goose Creek p.667 Inn at Indian Creek p.623 Inn At Kent Falls p.239 Inn at Kulaniapia Falls p.298 Inn at Locke House p.167 Inn At Long Lake p.355 Inn at Lovers Lane p.648 Inn at Lower Farm B&B p.239 Inn at Lucky Mud p.680 Inn at Millrace Pond p.449 Inn at Mount Snow p.653 Inn At Occidental p.192 Inn At ParkSpring p.358 Inn at Peralynna p.366 Inn at Round Lake p.470 Inn at St John p.358 Inn at Stone Mill p.522 Inn at Stone Ridge p.478 Inn at Stony Creek p.478 Inn at the Moors p.384 Inn at the Oaks p.379 Inn at the Opera p.204 Inn at Union Square p.203 Inn at Vanessie p.466 Inn Bliss Bed & Breakfast p.601 Inn by the Mill p.517 Inn Exile p.188 Inn in Westport p.470 Inn Leather Guest House p.258 Inn Nature p.388 Inn of the Six Mountains p.651 Inn of the Turquoise Bear p.466 Inn on Bellevue p.601 Inn on Broadway p.204 Inn on Castro p.203 Inn on First p.184 Inn on Main St p.524 Inn on Mill Creek p.523 Inn on Negley p.592 Inn on Newfound Lake p.441 Inn on Orcas Island p.670 Inn on the Blue Horizon p.600 Inn on the Main p.517 Inn on the Mexican War Streets p.592 Inn San Francisco p.204 Inn the Pines p.167 Inn the Woods p.477 Inn Victoria p.651 INNdulge p.188 Inner Light Ministries p.221 Inner Loop Alternatives p.636 InnExile p.311 Innisfree B&B p.330 Insel Hause B&B p.396 Insemination see:

Reproductive Medical Services, Sperm Banks

INDEX Interfaith Officiants Integrity/Central Ohio p.550 Integrity/Charlottesville p.657 Integrity/Chattahoochee Valley p.293 Integrity/Colorado Springs p.226 Integrity/Connecticut p.235 Integrity/Corvallis p.562 Integrity/Danbury p.236 Integrity/Delaware p.245 Integrity/Denver Metro p.230 Integrity/Dignity of Madison p.691 Integrity/Dignity Spokane p.681 Integrity/Eastern Maryland p.366 Integrity/El Camino Real p.221 Integrity/Fort Collins p.232 Integrity/Fort Worth p.629 Integrity/Georgia p.287 Integrity/Houston p.635 Integrity/Lexington p.342 Integrity/Liberty p.422 Integrity/Maine p.352 Integrity/Memphis p.613 Integrity/North Shore p.383 Integrity/Northern California p.197 Integrity/Northern Illinois p.318 Integrity/Oklahoma p.555 Integrity/Palm Beach p.287 Integrity/Piedmont Triad p.533 Integrity/Portland p.572 Integrity/Princeton p.458 Integrity/Southern San Joaquin p.150 Integrity/Utah p.646 Integrity/Virginia Beach p.661 IntegrityNOLA p.351 Intel GLBT Employees (IGLOBE) p.113 Interbelt Nite Club p.540 Intercounty Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous p.204 Intercultural Center p.590 Interfaith Advocates p.520 Interfaith AIDS Ministry of Greater Danbury p.236 Interfaith Fairness Coalition of Maryland p.361 Interfaith Officiants p.126

INSIDE Bear Magazine p.104 Inside Out Nashville p.610 Inside/Out Youth Services p.226 Insight Wellness Services p.537 InsightOut Book Club p.108 Insomniax Coffee p.672 Instant Sign Factory p.681 Instigator Magazine p.104 Instinct p.104 Institute for Gay Men's Health p.502 institute for human identity ihi p.53, 498 Institute for Judaism & Sexual Orientation p.82, 122 Institute for Personal Growth p.45-47, 53, 449, 451, 455, 498 Insurance p.8, 17, 20, 40, 44, 50, 62, 78, 127, 139, 144, 149, 183, 190, 195, 209, 232-233, 278, 322, 327, 352, 379, 389, 411, 438, 444, 459, 470, 483, 503, 554, 563, 569, 617, 626, 633, 675, 681 Insurance Masters NW p.569 Integrity p.297, 582, 591, 594 Integrity East Tennessee p.612 Integrity Gulf Coast p.130 Integrity Idaho p.304 Integrity New York p.514 Integrity of Greater Kansas City p.422 Integrity Puget Sound p.679 Integrity San Diego p.202 Integrity USA p.122 Integrity/Alabama p.128 Integrity/Alaska p.132 Integrity/Atlanta p.292 Integrity/Baltimore p.365

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INDEX Interior AIDS Association Interior AIDS Association p.132 Interior Design/ Home Decor, Furnishings, Accessories p.111, 153, 164, 209, 216, 243, 425, 460, 503, 587, 646-647 Interior Digs p.262 International AIDS Prevention Initiative p.106 International Association of Gay & Lesbian Bridge Clubs p.124 International Association of Gay & Lesbian Martial Artists p.116 International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs p.114 International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs p.114 International Association of Lesbian & Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors p.82, 122 International Association of LGBT Gay Judges p.113 International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care p.113 International Christian Community Churches p.122 International Federation of Black Prides p.81, 115 International Federation of Gay & Lesbian Powerlifters p.124 International Foundation for Gender Education p.119 International Gay & Lesbian Football Association p.124 International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission p.116 International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) p.113 International Gay Bowling Organization p.124 International Gay Rodeo Association p.124 International Imperial Court of Long Beach Inc p.168 International Mr Leather p.112 International Ms. Leather p.112 International Travel, Inc p.617 International Women's Flag Football Association p.5, 124


Internationalist Books & Community Center p.534 Intervale NH see White Mountains Area p.443 Interweave at First Unitarian Church p.333 Interweave Continental Unitarian Universalists for LGBT Concerns p.122 p.110, 501 Intrigue Counseling p.330 Introvert Heaven p.468 Intuitive Hands of Healing p.648 Investment Center p.261 Invitations (see also Party, Weddings) p.111, 324 Inz & Outz Cards & Gifts p.613 Iolani School Gay Straight Alliance p.303 ION Arizona Magazine p.137 Iona College Gay Straight Alliance p.485 Iowa Campaign For Human Rights p.331 Iowa City Pride p.335 Iowa NOW p.32, 331 Iowa Pride Network p.331 Iowa Region of Narcotics Anonymous p.331 Iowa State University LGBTA Alliance p.331 Ipanema Cafe p.662 IPM Lithographics Inc p.201 Irene's Cabaret p.322 Irene's Cafe p.163 Iris Center Women's Counseling & Recovery Services p.16, 208 Irish Africano p.13, 179 Irish Queers p.96, 508 Irish see:

INDEX JAM Home Inspections, Mark J Patrick House B&B p.151 J's Bar p.24, 260 J's Lounge p.339 J-Bar p.223 J-Darling p.557 J. Paules Fenn Inn p.404 Jabberwock Inn p.151 Jack's Place p.147 Jackalope p.619 Jackhammer p.311 Jackhammer in Exile p.260 Jacki Randall's Charm City Tattoo p.35, 362 Jackie's Too p.356 Jacks of Color p.96, 508 Jackson Heights NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.95, 488, 496, 499, 508-509 Jackson House B&B p.596 Jackson, Denis, PhD p.692 Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network p.266 Jacksonville Beach FL see Jacksonville p.266 Jacob Rohrbach Inn p.368 Jacob Swartz House p.661 Jacobs & Mikeska Realtors p.622 Jacobs, Lawrence S p.365 Jacobs, Lawrence S, Esq p.252 Jacobs, Mindy, PhD, ABPP, PC, Diplomate in Counseling Psychology p.23, 251 Jacobsen, Heather R, ATR, LCSW p.53, 498 Jacobson, Mikael, MD, PA p.639 Jacobson, Nikki Mehrpoo p.175 Jacques p.372 Jaffe, Paul, LCSW p.498 Jaffrey NH see Monadnock Area p.441 Jailer's Inn B&B p.340 Jaime's Escondite p.600 Jake's p.189 Jake's on 4th p.668 Jake's on Market p.205 Jake's Place p.469 Jakes Bar p.260 Jalisco Inn Number Two p.84, 171 JAM p.644 Jam Bistro p.247 JAM Home Inspections, Mark p.134

Irvine United Congregational Church p.187 Irving House p.371 Irving Park UMC p.318 Irving TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.625 Irvington High School Gay Straight Alliance p.159 Irvington NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.484 Irwin, Theodore p.359 Isaac's Bar & Grill p.467 Isaac, Lance Eldon p.228 Isabel Audrey Nurturing Care LLC p.397 Isis Books & Gifts p.228 Isitt, Kenan Lee p.675 Island Coast AIDS Network p.264 Island House Cafe for Men p.268 Island House for Men p.267 Island House South Beach p.269 Island Properties of the Pines, Inc. p.513 Island Triathlon & Bike p.304 Island United Church p.213 Island Watch Vacation Rentals p.6, 133 Islanders Travel p.125, 516 Isle of You p.298 Islip NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.54, 56, 502, 512 Israel, Laurie, Esq p.373 Issaquah WA see Seattle Area p.674 It Gets Better Project p.120 It's Greek to Me p.409 It's My Pleasure p.64, 568 Italian Conversation Club p.96, 508 Itasca Community College Organizations/Resources: Gay Straight Alliance p.408 Ethnic, Multicultural Irma's Burger Shack p.557 Itasca GLBTA Alliance p.408 Ithaca Lesbian Potluck p.50, Iron Bear p.619 487 Iron City Squares p.594 Ithaca LGBT Task Force Iron Eagles p.540 p.487 Iron Guard B.C. p.503 Ivy Terrace B&B p.51, 489 Iron Horse p.388 IXE p.323 Iron Mountain Inn p.610 Izzi, Richard p.128 p.250 Izzy's Bistro p.257 Irregardless Cafe p.534 J Marks Restaurant p.260 Irvine CA see Orange J Miles Clothing Company County p.14, 185-187 p.261 Irvine Queers p.186 J Palen House p.544

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INDEX Jamaica NY Jamaica NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.491-492, 511-512 Jamaica Plain MA see Boston Area p.36, 91-92, 371-378 Jamboree Lounge p.271 James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center p.205 James Logan High School Gay Straight Alliance p.159 James M. Bennett High School GSA p.368 James Madison University LGBT & Ally Education Program p.664 James Madison University Safe Zone p.664 James Reeb UU Congregation p.691 James Taylor Law Offices, PLLC p.344 James, Chip, LCSW-R, CASAC p.482 James, Leah, CPA, MSTax p.26, 274 James, Millynn, GRI, ABR p.571 Jamesburg NJ see New Brunswick Area p.455 Jamestown CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 Jamestown NC see Triad Area p.533 Jamestown NY see p.50, 487-488 Jamestown RI see Newport p.601 Jamesville Dewitt High School Acceptance Coalition p.521 Jamieson, Debbie p.42, 428 Jamul CA see San Diego Area p.197 Jamul Haven Bed & Breakfast p.197 Jan Hus Presbyterian Church p.514 Jane Addams Book Shop p.308 Jane Iris Designs p.111 Jane Koplewitz Collection p.649 Janet's Closet p.405 Janosik, Stephen, Realtor, ABR, CRS, GRI p.248 JansRainbow Bowling League p.640 Jarmon, Allen p.248 Jarratt, Kent D., LCSW p.498


Jarvis, Greg p.317 Java Break p.337 Java Grande p.480 Java Joe's p.463 Java John's p.164 Java Junction p.465 Java Shack p.656 JavaBoys p.260 Javier, Daniel S., MD p.615 JAWZ Fish Tacos p.301 Jay's On Read p.362 Jazz on South Beach Hostel p.269 Jazzhaus p.337 JD's Filling Station p.246 JDL's Big Ten Pub p.268 Jean, Paula J., PhD p.75, 662 Jeanette, Doris, PsyD p.66, 586 Jeannette Rankin Peace Center p.429 Jeannette, Claire, LMFT p.10, 157 Jeannie's Pub & Grub p.260 Jeannie's Tavern p.330 Jeff Barker Photography p.127 Jeff Griffith Youth Center p.178 Jeff Street Baptist Community Church at Liberty p.345 Jefferson Unitarian Church p.230 Jeffersonville IN see Louisville p.33, 344 Jeffersonville NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.479-480, 482 Jeffersonville VT see Smugglers' Notch Area p.74, 654 Jeffery Pub p.89, 311 Jeffries, Wm. Cory, LMT p.283 Jehovah's Witnesses see:

Religious Organizations & Publications

INDEX John, Steve, MCI, CNCS Jewish see:

Religious Organizations & Publications

Jehovah's Witnesses/A Common Bond p.515 Jelly Bean p.569 Jellyfish p.493 Jenkins Inn p.370 Jenkins, Kenneth, DC p.548 Jenkins, Rhonda K p.31, 323 Jenner CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.192 Jenner Inn & Cottages p.192 Jenssen, Jeffrey, DC p.502 Jepsen, Carl, DDS, PhD p.199

Jericho NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.54, 502 Jerry & Carolyn's Place p.668 Jerry & David's Cruises & Tours p.202 Jerry's Seafood p.246 Jersey City NJ see p.45, 449-450 Jersey Lyfe p.445 Jersey Pride p.445 Jersey Shore Electrolysis p.451 Jersey Shore Gay Weddings p.449 Jersey Shore Men's MichaelAngelo Dinners p.451 Jersey Shore Q-Spot p.450 Jersey Shore Q-Spot Youth Initiative p.451 Jerusalem p.600 Jerusalem VT see Green Mountains Area p.651 Jeselsohn, Paul, Esq p.504 Jester's p.614 Jesters p.148 p.122 Jetset p.409 JEWEL p.71, 628 Jewel Box B&B p.219 Jewel Lake Bed & Breakfast p.131 Jewel Manor Estate p.433 Jewel's Catch One p.84, 171 Jewelry (see also Gifts) p.4, 37-38, 43, 55, 57, 64, 111-112, 185, 190, 337, 386, 389, 439, 474, 483, 503, 518, 525, 569, 645, 649, 675 Jewelry by Michele p.55, 503 Jewelry by Ponce p.111, 185 Jewels That Dance p.57, 525 Jewish Community Center in Manhattan p.96, 510 Jewish Community Center of Southern Nevada p.93, 436 Jewish Family Service p.673 Jewish Gay Network of Michigan p.92, 393 Jewish Lesbian Daughters of Holocaust Survivors p.5, 82, 117 Jewish Queer Youth p.97, 515 Jewish Queers & Allies p.98, 550

Jewish Community Center in Manhattan p.96, 510 Jill Denton, Sex Therapist p.4, 109 Jill M. Metz & Associates p.314 Jillian's of Albany p.471 Jim Toy Community Center p.393 Jim Toy Library p.395 Jimmie's Chocolate Shoppe & Cafe p.259 Jitters p.407 JJ's Clubhouse & Bar p.424 JM Design p.11, 161 Jmac Designs p.440 JN Coulas & Associates p.166 Jo'Dee's Int'l p.694 Jo's Brooklyn Bagel p.576 Jo's Hot Coffee & Good Food p.619 JOA Cartridge p.113 p.108 Jody, Michael Z, LP, MA, MA p.497-498 Joe Pasta p.605 Joe's Cafe p.152 Joe's Garage p.409 Joe's Mill Hill Saloon p.461 Joe's on Juniper p.288 Joe's Restaurant p.172 Joey's Cafe p.173 John & Peter's p.583 John Calvin Church p.520 John Carroll Allies p.546 John Carroll University Allies p.546 John Davis Gallery p.479 John Gardiner Automotive p.205 John J. Wilcox Jr. Archives of Philadelphia p.107, 585 John Marshall School of Law Gay & Lesbian Legal Alliance p.316 John Morris Manor B&B p.517 John Nash, Joe Burris p.458 John Randall House p.384 John's City Diner p.128 John, Steve, MCI, CNCS p.199

July 2012

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INDEX Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant & Music Club Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant & Music Club p.372 Johnny Mango p.544 Johnny's /11 p.260 Johnny's Hideaway p.321 Johnny's Miami p.271 JohnPauls p.350 Johns Island SC see Charleston Area p.605 Johnson & Johnson's Gay & Lesbian Organization for Business and Leadership, GLOBAL p.113 Johnson & Wales College Gender Equity Center p.603 Johnson & Wales University Pride Alliance p.603 Johnson City TN see Johnson City/ Kingsport/ Bristol p.611 Johnson State Lambda Alliance p.652 Johnson, Heather, MA, LMFT p.76, 668 Johnson, Larry p.530 Johnson, Lisa, PhD, LMFT p.47, 463 Johnson, Rob, Realtor, ABR, CRS p.650 Johnson, Ros, LICSW p.68, 602 Johnson, Samuel B p.532 Johnston, Barbara E, MD p.55, 502 Johnstown PA see p.99, 579 Joie de Vine p.30, 311 Joining Hearts p.290 Joliet IL see Chicago Area p.309-311, 317, 319 Jonathan Foote 1778 House p.388 Jonathan's p.357 Jones Pond Campground p.518 Jones Street Station p.335 Jones, Bill R, ABR, CRS, GRI p.144 Jones, Christine Y p.60, 542 Jones, Matthew p.422 Jonquil Motel p.135 Joplin Pride Center p.420 Joq's Tavern p.567 Jordan, Charlotte, LCSW p.534 Jordan, Mary Albrecht p.35, 363 Jordan, Terry, LCSW, DCSW p.174


Judson Memorial Church ABC/UCC p.515 Judy p.494 Judy Boone Realty p.75, 660 Judy's on Cherry p.581 Juillet, Bob p.445, 590 Juin Organique p.209 Julep Restaurant & Bar p.418 Jules p.347 Julia's on Broadway p.672 Julian Meadow View Inn p.167 Julie Pecenco Photography p.479 Julie's Coffee & Tea Garden p.156 Julie's Touch of Class p.94, 474 Julio's Cantina p.652 Julius p.495 Jumping Jacks Seafood p.493 Junction City KS see Manhattan/ Flint Hills p.338 Junction City OR see Eugene p.564 Junction City Teddy Bears p.338 Junction City United Methodist Church p.564 Junction City Youth Clinic p.338 June Mazer Lesbian Archives p.3, 12, 107, 171 Juneau Pride Chorus p.6, 133 Juneau UU Fellowship p.133 Jungle Club p.289 Jungle House p.299 Jungle Island p.273 Jungle Red p.557 Juniata College All Ways of Loving (AWoL) p.579 Juniper Hill B&B p.517 Jupiter Hotel p.566 Juran, Shelley, PhD p.52, 497 Just 4 Us p.398 Just For Fun p.209 Just For Pleasure p.528 Just For Us p.69, 613 Just in Thyme Restaurant p.247 Just John p.424 Just Left the Closet p.120 Just New Mexico p.462 Just Us Lounge p.418 Just Vacations, Inc. p.656

INDEX Kane County Group Justin Lake Lodge p.652 Justis Mortgage Group, LLC p.469 Justis Properties p.513 JW Marriott Hotel San Francisco p.203 Jyringi, Mark, DC p.675 K-Town Softball League p.612 K.C. Exposures p.421 KA's Pub p.61, 557 Kafe 421 p.409 Kaffe Krystal p.271 Kagan, Alan, MD p.279 Kahl, Edward, DDS p.251 Kahuku HI see Oahu p.302 Kahului HI see Maui p.301 Kailua HI see Oahu p.29, 304 Kailua-Kona HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.298-299 Kainehe p.301 Kairo Kafe p.455 Kairos - Milwaukie UCC p.572 Kaiser Permanente KP Pride p.158 Kaizen Home Improvement p.569 Kalaekilohana p.298 Kalamazoo Alliance for Equality p.402 Kalamazoo College Kaleidoscope p.402 Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center p.402 Kalani p.298 Kalapana Shores p.299 Kaleidoscope Gallery p.502 Kaleidoscope Youth Center p.550 Kalico Kitchen p.404 Kaliente p.100, 624 Kalish, Laura and Kalish, Bob p.72, 634 Kallas, George, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist p.261 Kallenback, Walter p.357 Kalorama Guest House, Woodley Park p.249 Kamiak, Sandra, MD p.18, 216 Kampout Fresno p.163 Kamuela HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.298-299 Kanawha Stonewall Democrats p.685 Kandy p.612 Kane County Group p.316

Jorgensen, Andrew, MD p.382 Joseph Aiken Mansion Carriage House p.605 Joseph Priestley UU Fellowship p.582 Joshua Grindle Inn p.182 Joshua Tree Art Gallery p.167 Joshua Tree Feeding Program, Inc. p.137 Joshua Tree Guest Studio p.167 Joshua Tree Highlands Houses p.167 Joslin, Frances J, MFT p.434 Journalism Professionals Associations also see:

National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association

Journalism Professionals Associations see:

Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional

Journee, Ed p.346 Journey Inn B&B p.477 Journeys of Life Books & Gifts p.593 Journeys of The Heart p.67, 592 Journeyweavers /Aventuras Yemaya p.125 Joy MCC p.276 Joy Miller & Associates p.31, 321 Joy Motel p.146 Joyce United Methodist Church p.414 Joyer, Paulette, Estate & Elder Law Services p.40, 411 Joyful Heart Foundation p.55, 506 Jozwiak, Rosemary, MA, LPC, CCBT, DVCe p.39, 397 JP Global Marketing, Inc. p.282 JP Men p.375 JQYouth p.97, 515 JR Rouse Real Estate p.154 JR'S p.250, 624 JR's Bar & Grill p.632 Juanita's p.148 Jubilee! Community Church p.526 Judi of Croix Car Rentals p.74, 654 Judith Arnell Jewelers p.64, 569 Judson Memorial Baptist Church p.414

July 2012

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INDEX Kane, M Bess, CPA Kane, M Bess, CPA p.16, 204 Kaneohe HI see Oahu p.302-304 Kangaroo House B&B p.670 Kannapolis NC see Concord/ Kannapolis Area p.529 Kansas City Anti-Violence Project p.41, 422 Kansas City Gay & Lesbian Film Festival p.422 Kansas City KS see Kansas City Metro Area (MO & KS) p.41, 421-422 Kansas City Pride p.422 Kansas City Pride Democratic Club p.422 Kansas City Roller Warriors p.423 Kansas Equality Coalition p.337 Kansas Equality Coalition Topeka p.339 Kansas Equality Coalition of Lawrence p.337 Kansas Equality Coalition of North Central Kansas p.338 Kansas Equality Coalition of Riley & Geary Counties p.338 Kansas Equality Coalition of Southwest Kansas p.337 Kansas NOW p.32, 337 Kansas State University Women's Center p.32, 338 Kaohe Bay B&B p.298 Kapaa HI see Kauai p.300 Kaplan, Ami B, LCSW p.53, 498 Kaplan, Bonnie p.68, 601 Kaplan, Joe, Justice of the Peace, p.370 Kapolei HI see Oahu p.303 Kappa Xi Omega p.5, 117 Karamba p.82, 138 Karben, Ryan Scott p.484 Karen x2 Bartenders Extraordinaire p.70, 621 Karibu House p.92, 398 Karla's p.583 Karma p.332 Karma Bar & Hookah Lounge p.494 Karma Lounge p.614 Karmen, Mel D, PhD p.199 Karns, Stephen p.626 Karpo, Binae, OD p.581 Kasper's Livery Service p.255


Kass, Marcia B, DC p.593 Kassan, Lee D., MA p.499 Katahdin Restaurant p.358 Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel p.478, Kate p.4, 112 Katerina's p.311 Kathleen's Barn p.49, 479 Katie's Cafe p.357 Katonah NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482 Katy House B&B p.640 Katz, Barbara p.28, 290 Katz, Bernard J, MD p.175 Katz, Michael, PhD p.534 Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy p.300 Kauai Vacation Guide p.300 Kauai Vacation Hideaway p.300 Kauffman, Joyce p.36, 374 Kaufman, Gus Jr, PhD p.289 Kaufman, Leonard H, PhD p.251 Kaufman, Randi, PsyD p.511 Kaufman, Seth R, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, Certified Career Coach, p.586 Kaukauna WI see Fox Valley p.688 Kaunakakai HI see Molokai p.301 Kauneonga Lake NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480 Kayak Kafe p.295 Kaye, Scott M p.290 KBOO 90.7 FM Portland OUTLOUD p.568 KC Boys of Leather p.421 KC Cave Bears p.422 KC Free Health Clinic p.421 KC Pioneers p.421 KCF Designs p.4, 111 Kea'au HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.299 Kealakekua HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.299 Kearsarge Regional High School GSA p.441 Keating Hotel p.198 Keating House p.198 KEC - Lawrence's Transgender Task Force p.338 Keechl, Kenneth E p.262 Keegan's Pub p.409 Keene NH see Monadnock Area p.43, 441 Keene State College Pride p.441 Keene Valley NY see Adirondacks Area p.469 Keep on Traveling p.155 Kehena Beach Guesthouse p.299 Kehena HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.299 Kehilla Community Synagogue p.83, 161 Keizer OR see Salem p.573 Kelea Surf Spa p.29, 302 Keller High School Gay Straight Alliance p.636 Kelli Bullock Photography p.302 Kellijane p.587 Kelly's Bakery & Cafe p.307 Kelly's Caribbean Bar p.268 Kelly's Pub p.606 Kelseyville CA see Clearlake p.156 Kemble Inn p.388 Ken's Place p.421 Kenburn Orchards B&B p.388 Kenmore NY see Buffalo/ Niagara Falls Area p.474 Kenmore WA see Seattle Area p.680 Kennebunk ME see Ogunquit Area p.357 Kennebunkport ME see Ogunquit Area p.356 Kennedy High School Gay Straight Alliance p.159 Kennedy Travel p.516

INDEX Keuka College P.R.I.D.E. Kensington Park Hotel p.203 Kent OH see Akron/ Canton/ Kent Area p.98, 540 Kent WA see Seattle Area p.672, 674-675, 678 Kent, Art, Realtor, GRI p.276 Kent, Norman Elliot p.262 Kentfield CA see Marin County Area p.181 Kentuckiana Gay Black Pride Association p.91, 344 Kentuckiana Gay Phonebook p.342 Kentuckiana Gay Phonebook

advertisement p.341

Kentuckiana Pride Foundation p.344 Kentuckiana Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, Inc. p.344 Kentucky Equality Federation p.340 Kentucky Fairness Alliance p.340 Kentucky Guardian p.340 Kenwood CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.194 Kenyon College Gay & Lesbian Alumni Association p.118, 552 Keo's Thai Cuisine p.302 Kepler's Books p.207 Kerhonkson NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 485 Kerlerec House p.348 Kernersville NC see Triad Area p.533 Kertzner, Robert M, MD p.208, 500 advertisement p.516 Keshet p.82, 92, 122, 377 Kennedy, Amy p.63, 566 Keshet Committee p.97, 529 Kenner LA see New OrKeshet Ga'avah p.92, 414 leans Area p.350 Keshet Houston p.101, 635 Kennesaw State University GLBTIQ Student Retention Keshet Jewish Social Group p.99, 572 Services p.294 Kennesaw State University Kessler, Barbara p.38, 394 Kessman, Libby, LCSW Pride Alliance p.294 Kennewick WA see Tri-Cit- p.53, 499 Kester, Julie p.48, 465 ies Area p.682-683 Kenny's Country Club p.599 Keswick VA see Charlottesville p.657 Kenosha WI see Racine/ Keswick Vineyards p.657 Kenosha Area p.694 Kettering University Allies Kensington CA see East p.400 Bay Area p.161 Keuka College LGBTA ReKensington Grill p.198 source Center p.520 Kensington MD see BeKeuka College P.R.I.D.E. thesda/ Rockville Area p.520 p.35, 365

July 2012

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INDEX Keuka Park NY Keuka Park NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.520 Kew Gardens NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.496, 508 Keweenaw UU Fellowship p.401 Key West Business Guild, Inc p.268 Key West FL see Keys & Key West p.25, 267-269 Key West Island Bookstore p.268 Keystone College O.P.E.N. p.580 Keystone Congregational Church p.679 KhushDC p.87, 252 Khyber p.585 Kianti's Pizza & Pasta Bar p.219 Kicked Back p.70, 618 Kihei HI see Maui p.29, 300-301 Kilauea HI see Kauai p.300 Killington VT see Green Mountains Area p.651-652 Kimber Modern p.618 Kimberly Farms Horse Camps p.647 Kind Companions p.627 Kinderhook NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Kindred Sisters Magazine p.24, 255 Kindred Spirits Tree House p.523 King & Grove Tides p.270 King Avenue UMC p.550 King Edward Bar p.460 King George Hotel p.203 King Hendrick Motel p.469 King of Clubs p.216 King of Peace MCC p.285 King Of Prussia PA see Philadelphia Area p.586 King's Books p.682 King's Cottage, A Bed & Breakfast Inn p.580 King's Daughters Inn p.533 King's English Bookshop p.644 King's Tavern p.419 King, Mark A p.327 Kingan, Peter L, PhD p.497, 499 Kings & Queens Tap p.336


Kings Highway UMC p.513 Kings Inn Hotel p.198 Kings N Things p.620 Kings Row Gastropub p.172 Kingsbury TX see Austin Area p.70, 618 Kingsley House p.404 Kingston NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49-50, 477-480, 482-483, 485, 487 Kingston RI see Providence Area p.603 Kinley Manor Coach House p.566 Kinney, Deb L p.14, 17, 194, 210 Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, & Reproduction p.107 Kipukamaluhia Sanctuary p.29, 299 Kirby House p.404 Kirby's Beer Store p.339 Kirby, Carole, LMSW p.38, 394 Kirby, Cindy M., Atty at Law, p.61, 554 Kirby, Kelly, CPA, PC p.558 Kirk, Scott, Realtor p.458 Kirkland WA see Seattle Area p.76, 671, 675, 679 Kirksville Gay Straight Alliance p.423 Kirkwood MO see Saint Louis Area (MO & IL) p.426 Kirtan-o-Rama! p.122 Kismet Inn p.353 Kiss & Fly Austin p.619 Kissimmee FL see Orlando Area p.274-275 Kistler, K Page, PC p.660 Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club p.311 Kitchen p.172 Kitchen Angels p.466 Kitchen Bar p.574 Kitchen Table Bistro p.653 Kitchens New Cleghorn LLC p.290 Kitsap Safe Schools Network p.670 Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.670 Kitty Cat Klub p.409 Kitty Hawk NC see Outer Banks Area p.531 Kitty Kat Party at Room 960 p.21, 237 KittyBar p.42, 433 Klamath Falls OR see Crater Lake/ Klamath Falls Area p.562 Klapper, Amy p.16, 207 Klar, Greg p.622 Klein, Kelly, Broker Owner/ Realtor, CRS, RSPS, e-Pro p.26, 277 Klein, Sharon, Realtor p.485 Klenk, Ron, GRI p.263 Kling, Celeste Holder p.20, 231 Klub Ambush p.659 Klub Wet p.624 Klutts Property Management p.529 Klyt p.84, 175 Knecht, Bill p.284 Kneefe, Bernie, LCSW p.42, 429 Knickerbocker Mansion Country Inn p.151 Knickerbocker Sailing Association p.516 Knight, Steve, LCSW p.429 Knights of Leather p.411 Knights of Malta/Yosemite p.163 Knights Out p.118 Knoble, Naomi, M.Ed, LMFT p.673 Knock Restaurant & Bar p.585 Knowles House p.267 Knox Boyz of East Tennessee FTM Support Group p.612 Knox College Common Ground p.321 Knox Girlz of East Tennessee MTF Support Group p.612 Knox, Scott E p.542 Knoxville MD see Frederick p.366 Knoxville Monday Gay Men's Group p.612 Knudtson, Carol, MeD, LPC p.69, 609 Ko'a Kai Rentals p.301 Kobalt Bar at Park Central p.138 Kobold, Rhonda L, DO p.39, 403 Kochanski, Baron & Galfy, P.C p.459 Kodiak Bar & Grill p.131 Koehler, Stephanie Book, MA p.174

INDEX Krewe of Olympus Koempel, Stephanie, MA, LPC, LCADC p.46, 453 Koenig, Jeffrey Grant p.528 Koffee Klatch p.185 Koffman & Dreyer p.36, 374 Kogan, Andy p.422 Koinonia Grand Junction p.232 KOK p.207 Kolesar, Ed, Broker/Salesman, GRI p.437 Koller, Jeanne, PhD, LCSW p.46, 451 Koloa HI see Kauai p.300 Kolot Chayeinu Synagogue p.96, 513 Kona Coast Resort p.298 KonaLani p.298 KOPI: A Travelers Cafe p.311 Koppel, Mark p.482, 499 Korbel Champagne Cellars & Delicatessen p.194 Koreh, Kinga, MD Psychiatrist p.502 Korman, Nicki, LMFT, EdD p.21, 239 Korner Lounge p.351 Korners p.424 Kort, Joe, MSW, ACSW p.397 Kostre, Helene, L.Ac p.54, 502 Koto Japanese Steak House p.471 Kovach, Colleen p.75, 660 Kraft Law Offices,. p.373 Krajac, Susan, CRPC p.73, 649 Kramer & Associates p.569 Kranenberg, Laura Ann, LCSW p.52, 497 Krank It Karaoke Kafe p.642 Krash p.600 KRASH New York at Club Odyssey p.95, 496 Krause Gallery p.491 Krave p.433 Kreger Design/Build LLC p.467 Krentzman & Wilson, Inc p.12, 170 Kreps, Sabrina p.578 Krewe de Kinque p.209 Krewe of Apollo Baton Rouge p.346 Krewe of Armeinius p.351 Krewe of Atlas p.351 Krewe of Chaos p.228 Krewe of Olympus p.635

July 2012

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INDEX Krewe of Petronius Krewe of Petronius p.351 Krieger, Irwin, LCSW p.240 p.518 Kriola's Cafe p.244 Kristi Frank Agency Inc. p.8, 144 Kristof Realty Group p.24, 254 Kroger-Diamond, Catharine p.15, 200 Kruft, Joseph E, MFA, LP p.499-500 Kruz p.692 KU Queers & Allies p.338 Kuba Kuba p.662 Kudzu Bears of Mississippi p.418 Kuhn, Andrew E p.482 Kuhn, Conrad, Realtor p.445 Kukuihaele HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.299 Kukulski, Debra, Realtor, A.B.R., CCPS, CRMS, RECS, G.R.I, ePRO p.31, 317 Kulana p.29, 89, 298 Kulick, Tom p.605 Kunin, Israel K p.434 Kure Beach NC see Wilmington p.536-537 Kuriloff, Roberta S. p.34, 354 Kurt's p.612 Kurtistown HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.28, 298 Kutztown University Allies p.579 Kutztown University GLBTQ Resource Center p.579 Kuznetz, Larry J p.681 Kwest Men p.268 KYTennis TopSpin Foundation USA LLC p.543 L & J Sports Lounge p.611 L Bar p.33, 346, 578 L Spot Palm Springs p.14, 188 L Style G Style Magazine p.618 L Word p.69, 606 L&D Notary & Legal Services Inc. p.66, 588 L'Amour Shoppe p.158, 183, 195 L'Antibes p.548 L'Auberge Provençale Bed & Breakfast Country Inn p.664 L'Etage /Beau Monde p.585 The L-word p.11, 162


L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center's Village at Ed Gould Plaza p.170 La Bella p.576 La Belle Epoque Suites p.184 La Bonne Cuisine Catering p.157 La Bottega p.683 La Cage/Montage p.692 La Casa Del Mar p.24, 258 La Casita Del Sol p.143 La Casita Restaurant p.567 La Casita Vacation Rental p.463 La Cita p.171 La Cle D'or Guesthouse p.367 La Clinica Del Pueblo p.87, 251 La Crosse Pride p.689 La Cucaracha p.302 La Cueva p.89, 311 La Dauphine p.348 La Dolce Vita p.188, 397 La Dona Luz Inn p.468 La Fe Care Center p.101, 630 La Fontana Restaurant p.481 La Fraternitie Du Loup-Garou p.554 LA Frontrunners p.180 LA Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce p.176 La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzaria p.138 La Jolla CA see San Diego Area p.198-199, 201 La Luna Mexican Cafe p.556-557 La Maison Marigny Bed & Breakfast p.348 La Mediterranée p.157 La Mirada CA see Los Angeles Area p.12, 173 La Morte III, Gerard A p.457 LA Motion Flag Football p.180 La Peña p.83, 156 La Perla p.692 La Petite France Cafe p.379 La Pizzeria p.357 La Plaza p.84, 173 La Puente CA see Inland Empire p.166 LA Rodeo p.180 La Royale Lounge p.276 La Sal UT see Moab p.643

INDEX Lake Street Commons Lodging Laguna Beach Books p.185 Laguna Beach CA see Orange County p.184-187 Laguna Hills CA see Orange County p.185-187 Laguna Niguel CA see Orange County p.187 Lahaina Coolers p.301 Lahaina HI see Maui p.300-301 Lai, David, PSY 17205 p.208 Laid p.492 Lake Arrowhead CA see Big Bear/ Lake Arrowhead Area p.9, 151 Lake Avenue Baptist Church p.97, 520 Lake Dallas TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.627 Lake Erie Counseling Associates p.576 Lake Forest CA see Orange County p.187 Lake Forest College PRIDE p.317 Lake Forest IL see Chicago Area p.317 Lake Forest Park WA see Seattle Area p.677 Lake Fork Resort p.618 Lake George Boathouse B&B p.469 Lake George NY see Adirondacks Area p.469 Lake Grove NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.52, 497, 511 Lake Havasu City AA p.136 Lake Hood Inn p.131 Lake House B&B p.80, 517, 695 Lake Huntington NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480 Lake Jeff Cottage p.479 Lake Juliana Boating & Lodging p.280 Lake Katrine NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482 Lake Land College - BGLADD Student Club p.321 Lake Merritt United Methodist Church p.161 Lake Oswego OR see Portland Area p.63, 568, 570, 572 Lake Street Church p.319 Lake Street Commons Lodging p.404

La Salle University Alliance p.589 La Selva Beach CA see Santa Cruz Area p.220 La Selva Beach Community Church UCC p.220 la Tavola p.493 La Te Da p.268 La Trattoria p.268 La Triestina p.480 La Veranda Bed & Breakfast p.280 La Verne CA see Inland Empire p.166 La Verne Church of the Brethren p.166 La Villetta Restaurant p.307 LA-LGBT-Caucus p.345 LA/OC Jacks p.186 LaBinnah Bistro p.420 Labrys Wilderness Resort p.39, 401 Labyrinth Books p.240 Lace p.23, 250 LACE (Lesbian Arts & Culture Exchange) p.29, 303 Lacey WA see Olympia Area p.76, 668 Ladies 2000 p.67, 589 Ladies at Play p.27, 88, 289 Ladies Touch p.12, 30, 171, 311 Ladrech, Jacqueline, MS, MFCC, p.13, 181 Lady 4 Justice PLLC p.39, 398 Lady Barbara Club True Colors p.101, 632 Lady C Leather p.434 Ladyslipper Music p.5, 114 Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church p.513 Lafayette CA see East Bay Area p.161 Lafayette Christian Church p.161 Lafayette College QUEST p.581 Lafayette CO see Boulder p.224 Lafayette Hill PA see Philadelphia Area p.590 Lafayette Inn p.657 Lafayette Manor Inn p.296 Lafayette Park United Methodist Church p.426 Lafitte Guest House p.348 LAGAI-Queer Insurrection p.212

July 2012

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INDEX Lake Success NY Lake Success NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.504 Lake Superior Community Health Center p.407 Lake View Presbyterian Church p.318 Lake Worth FL see West Palm Beach/ Palm Beaches Area p.27, 285-287 Lakeland FL see Tampa Bay Area p.284-285 Lakeland Youth Alliance p.284 Lakeport CA see Clearlake p.155 Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church p.161 Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles, Inc p.315 Lakewood California Guest Suite p.167 Lakewood CA see Long Beach p.167 Lakewood CO see Denver Area p.19, 227-228, 230 Lakewood NY see Jamestown p.487 Lakewood OH see Cleveland Area p.544-547 Lakewood United Church of Christ p.230, 285 Lally, Michelle, LMBT 7760 p.531 Lamb's Mill Inn p.355 Lambda 10 Project National Clearinghouse for LGBT Fraternity & Sorority Issues p.118 Lambda AA p.624, 637 Lambda Archives of San Diego p.107, 198 Lambda Basketball Association p.180 Lambda Business Association p.435 Lambda Car Club Allegheny Region p.577 Lambda Car Club Central Arizona Region p.140 Lambda Car Club Delaware Valley Region p.589 Lambda Car Club Detroit Region p.399 Lambda Car Club Empire Region p.510 Lambda Car Club Headwaters Region p.412 Lambda Car Club International p.117, 539

advertisement p.121


Lambda Car Club Lake Michigan Region p.316 Lambda Car Club Midwest Region p.328 Lambda Car Club Straight Eights Region p.253 Lambda Car Club Tri-Valley p.577 Lambda Car Club/Dogwood Region p.291 Lambda Center p.631 Lambda Counseling Center p.586 Lambda Dade Clubhouse p.270 Lambda DanceSport DC p.252 Lambda Directory p.654 Lambda Divers, Inc p.255 Lambda Duplicate Bridge Club p.253 Lambda Foundation p.593 Lambda Gay Weddings p.6, 126 Lambda Gazette p.659 Lambda Group Al-Anon Meeting p.558 Lambda Hiking Club p.646 Lambda Independent Democrats p.509 Lambda Invitations p.6, 126 Lambda Law Society p.238, 263 Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund (LLDEF), Inc p.112, 306, 504 Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund (LLDEF), Inc: South Central Regional Office p.112, 617 Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund (LLDEF), Inc: Southern Regional Office p.112, 287 Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund (LLDEF), Inc: Western Regional Office p.112, 149 Lambda Links Golf Club p.255 Lambda Literary Foundation p.121 Lambda North p.286 Lambda Passages p.25, 271 Lambda Peer Support Services p.484 Lambda Phoenix Center p.137 Lambda Psychotherapy p.467 Lambda Radio Report p.289 Lambda Sci-Fi: DC Area Gaylaxians p.253 Lambda South p.259 Lambda Student Union p.612 Lambda Transgender Support group p.196 Lambda Unity AA Group p.558 Lambda Weekly p.625 Lambda Young Adult Group & Rainbow Peaks Youth Group p.231 Lambda Youth Project p.160 Lambert House p.678 Lambert's Cove Inn & Restaurant p.379 Lambertville NJ see New Hope PA/ Lambertville NJ Area p.583 Lamothe House Hotel p.348 Lamothe, Denise C., Psy.D. HHD p.43, 439 Lamp Post p.449 Lanata House Apartments p.348 Lancaster Arts Hotel p.580 Lancaster CA see Antelope Valley p.150 Lancaster's Restaurant p.307 Lancaster, Connie p.27, 284 Lancelle, Cora J p.13, 181 Land's End Inn p.384 Lander's River Cafe p.480 Landmark College Gay Straight Alliance p.653 Landmark Inn p.403 Landscaping see: Gardening Services p.49, 132, 174, 225, 244, 331, 411, 483, 502, 535, 553, 569, 579, 587, 620, 675 LANES: Liquid Assets New England Swim Team p.378 Langhorne PA see Philadelphia Area p.591 Langley OK see Grand Lake p.556 Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret p.227 Lansdale PA see Lehigh Valley Area p.582 Lanshe & Casas, PA p.262 Lansing Area AIDS Network p.402 Lansing Association for Human Rights p.402

INDEX Las Vegas Night Beat Lansing Community College Gay Straight Alliance p.402 Lansing First Church of the Brethren p.403 Lansing MI see Lansing Area p.402-403 LanSINGout Gay Men's Chorus p.402 Lantana FL see West Palm Beach/ Palm Beaches Area p.285 Lantern p.534 Lantern Light Inn p.142 Lantz, DeLee, PhD, PSY 4953 p.16, 208 Lanzone, Joseph, CSW p.482 Lapeer County Equal Rights Alliance p.403 Largo FL see Tampa Bay Area p.26, 281-283, 285 Lariat Saloon p.135 Larkin Street Youth Services p.213 Larkspur Restaurant p.234 LaRock, Glenn, LICSW p.387 Larry's Lounge & Coffee House p.250 Larsen, Johnine p.77, 678 Larson, David p.195 Las Buenas Amigas p.55, 96, 508 Las Cruces GLBTQ Center p.465 Las Cruces NM see Las Cruces Area p.48, 94, 465 Las Cruces Trans People p.465 Las Fuentes Inn & Gardens p.188 Las Margaritas Belmar p.227 Las Margaritas Uptown p.227 Las Palmas Mariachi Restaurant p.433 Las Vegas AA Central Office p.433 Las Vegas Eagle p.433 Las Vegas Gay & Lesbian Community Yellow Pages p.432 Las Vegas Gay Athletics, Arts & Activities (LVGA3) p.435 Las Vegas Lounge p.433 Las Vegas Night Beat p.432

July 2012

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INDEX Las Vegas NV Las Vegas NV see Las Vegas Area p.42-43, 93, 433-436 Laser Spa/Alluring Beauty Spa p.21, 237 Lashman, Deborah p.74, 649 Last Call Bar p.205 Last Drag Smoking Cessation Class p.204 Last Frontier Men's Club p.132 Last Licks p.480 Last Monday at Floyd p.492 Last Resort Vacation Cabin p.306 Laszlo's Haircolour Authority p.675 LaTeDa Hotel p.267 Latham Hotel p.584 Latham NY see Albany & Capital Area p.48, 471-472 Lathrop, Jarred, LMHCA p.673 Latimer, Suzanne p.48, 472 Latin Vibe p.427 Latinas Unidas p.73, 101, 645 Latino Commission on AIDS p.95, 491 Latino GLBT History Project p.81, 87, 107, 249 Latino's Restaurant & Bar p.576 Latino/a see:

Organizations/Resources: Ethnic, Multicultural


Laurey's p.524 Lauro, John A, Realtor p.546 Lava Hot Springs Inn p.305 LAVA Louisville Alternative Volleyball Association p.345 Lava Rock Grill at Unusual Junction p.554 Lavender & Thyme Bed&Breakfast p.223 Lavender and Gray p.609 Lavender Angels p.196 Lavender Country & Folk Dancers p.114, 369 Lavender Door p.5, 124 Lavender Events p.18, 216 Lavender Green Caucus p.116 Lavender Hill Spa p.184 Lavender Inkwell Bookshoppe p.521 Lavender Liaisons: Lesbian Matchmaking Dating Service p.18, 217 Lavender Library, Archives & Cultural Exchange of Sacramento p.107, 195 Lavender Light Gospel Choir p.96, 507 Lavender Listings p.547 Lavender Magazine p.406 Lavender Scholars Program p.11, 166 Lavender Seniors of the East Bay p.159 Lavender Sunset Casitas p.466 Lavender Visions p.66, 586 Lavender Women p.67, 589 Lavender Womyn p.62-65, 562, 564, 571, 573 Lavender Youth Recreation & Information Center (LYRIC) p.213 Lavender, Barbara, PC p.19, 224 Lavenderpop Greeting Cards p.81, 111 Lavery, Michael J. p.504 Lavoie, Tom, Managing Broker p.441 Law & Mediation Office of Diane M. Goodman, APC p.12, 175 Law & Mediation Offices of Carolyn M. Laredo, PLLC p.50, 484 Law Office Dale Gribow p.190 Law Office of Caroline R. Suissa, LL.M p.682 Law Office of David H. Fuller p.675 Law Office of David J. Radis p.170 Law Office of Douglas A Schwab p.139 Law Office of Eileen Hamilton p.18, 220 Law Office of Harper J. Dimmerman P.C p.587 Law Office of John S. Whyde p.549 Law Office of Lucien Cravens p.434 Law Office of Melinda D. Miles, LLC p.6, 134 Law Office of Michael Bond p.504 Law Office of Terri J. Seltzer, PLLC, Terri p.71, 626 Law Office of Thomas R. Lindberg, LLC p.238 Law Office of Vladimir Gagic, PLLC p.139 Law Offices of Alan J Schwartz, PC p.504 Law Offices of Amir Soleimanian p.149 Law Offices of Barbara Buxton, P.A. p.25, 271 Law Offices of Barbara Odwak p.55, 503 Law Offices of Cynthia R. Exner, LLC p.20, 49, 236, 483 Law Offices of David J. Brown, LC p.337 Law Offices of Debra D. Rainey p.66, 587 Law Offices of James F Aspell, PC p.238 Law Offices of James V. Newton PLLC p.675 Law Offices of Jan Morrison p.12, 175 Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci, PLLC p.535 Law Offices of Joseph Aguglia p.576 Law Offices of Thomas L. McKenzie p.186 Law Offices of Toni Ann Russo p.45, 448 Law Offices of Wendy Kazel p.434 Lawai HI see Kauai p.300 Lawler, Craig, Realtor, e-PRO p.160 Lawrence Area Gay-Straight Alliance p.338

INDEX Leather & Lace Lawrence MA see Merrimack Valley p.381 Lawrence Transgender Resources p.338 Lawrence University GLOW p.688 Lawrence, Ronald W, MS p.434 Lawrenceville GA see Atlanta p.291 Layne, Misti p.205 Layton, Michael, GRI,e-PRO p.191 Lazy Beagle Pub & Grill p.480 Lazy L at Willow Creek - a Bed & Breakfast Resort p.22, 245 Lazy Lane Cabins p.552 Lazy Lions Campground p.653 LBGT Resource Center p.402 LBGTA Student Resource Center p.597 LBT Women of Erie p.65, 577 LBT Women of St Cloud p.41, 417 LCDV p.67, 589 Le Bistro Montage/La Merde Lounge p.567 Le Boi Bar p.333 Le Boy Bar & Lounge p.95, 495 Le Buzz p.289 Le Chateau Exotique p.583 Le Femme Finishing School p.458 Le Grenier p.379 Le Meridien Chambers p.409 Le Montrose Suite Hotel p.170 Le Parc Suite Hotel p.170 Le Place p.387 Le Roundup p.350 Le Vatout p.360 Lea, Dayna, MA, MFT, Lic#MFC 32103 p.18, 219 Leach, George W p.549 Leadem, Anna, MSW, LCSW p.577 Leaf & Bean p.428 League at ATT p.291 League of Women Bowlers p.24, 255 Leary, Edison, FNP p.626 Leather & Lace p.660

Latitude 41N p.544 Lattice Inn p.130 Latz, Ken p.678 Lauderdale By The Sea FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.261-262 Laufenberg, Jim p.213 Laufersweiler, Donald, MS, LICDC, LPCC p.547 Laughing Cat Bistro p.282 Laughing Horse Lodge p.430 Laughing Planet Cafe p.323 Laughing Seed Cafe p.524 Laundry/ Dry Cleaning p.575 Laura's Playground p.119 Laurel Book Store p.10, 157 Laurel Inn p.170 Laurel Lodge p.685 Laurel Springs Lodge B&B p.611 Laurenzo, Dianne E p.449

July 2012

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INDEX Leather 6410 Leather 6410 p.313 Leather also see:

National Leather Association


Ledyard CT see Mystic Area p.239 Lee Gribben's Fine Gourmet & Restaurant p.575 Lee Hartwell Antiques p.479 Lee Legal, PLLC p.252 Lee MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388-389 Lee, David M, MD p.626 Lee, Richard J p.158 Lee, Susan, EA, CFP p.51, 490 Leeds MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388 Leen, David p.675 Leeza's Place Gay & Lesbian Caregiver Support Group p.12, 173 Left Bank Books p.41, 424, 673 Left Hand Books p.224 Legacy Community Health Services p.633 Legacy Counseling p.624 Legacy Founders Cottage p.624 Legacy Fund of the Columbus Foundation p.548 Legacy Golf Resort, The p.137 Legacy Hotel & Suites p.148 Legacy of Williamsburg B&B p.659

INDEX Lesbian Gay Businesses of Hawaii Leland Clegg UMC p.558 Leland House/Rochester Hotel p.233 Lemon Grove Cafe p.555 Lemoyne PA see Harrisburg Area p.578 Lena's Cafe & Confections p.240 Lenox MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388, 391 Leon's p.362 Leonardtown MD see p.35, 367 Leopard, John A p.290 Les Be Well p.65, 575 Les Hommes p.501 Les Petites Maisons p.192 LesBeConnected/Lavender Womyn p.33, 344 Lesbian & Gay Archives Roundtable p.107 Lesbian & Gay Bands Association p.114 Lesbian & Gay Bar Association of Chicago (LAGBAC) p.314 Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Marching & Symphonic Band p.507 Lesbian & Gay Chorus of San Francisco p.211 Lesbian & Gay Congressional Staff Association p.252 Lesbian & Gay Family Building Project p.469 Lesbian & Gay Law Student Association p.558 Lesbian & Gay Lawyers Association of Los Angeles p.176 Lesbian & Gay Psychotherapy Association of Southern California, Inc. p.176 Lesbian & Gay Teachers' Association p.511 Lesbian & Gay Veterinary Medical Association p.114 Lesbian Alliance Metro Milwaukee p.79, 693 Lesbian Avengers Documentary Project p.3, 107 Lesbian Cancer Support Services p.19, 228 Lesbian Community Care Project p.30, 313 Lesbian Connection Magazine p.3, 104 Lesbian Gay Businesses of Hawaii p.297

Leather Archives & Museum p.107, 310 Leather Central p.247, 593 Leather Creations p.112 Leather Etc. p.209 Leather Institute For Education - Detroit p.398 Leather Invasion p.503 The Leather Journal p.104, 112 Leather Knights - Dallas p.626 Leather Man, Inc p.503 Leather Master of Key West ©A Toy Shop For The Adventurousª p.112, 268 Leather Masters p.216, 626 Leather Pride Night p.503 Leather Rack p.252 Leather Resources & Groups p.4, 17, 85, 89-90, 97, 112, 134, 139, 158, 163, 175, 186, 190, 195, 200, 209-210, 216-217, 223, 228, 234, 247, 252, 256, 262, 268, 283, 290, 313, 327, 333, 339, 350, 359, 363, 369, 373, 386, 398, 400, 411, 421, 425, 434, 437, 444, 451, 471, 503, 518, 525, 528, 532, 540, 545, 548-549, 557, 559, 569, 578, 581, 593, 596, 604, 607-608, 612-613, 615, 617, 620, 626, 633, 639, 642, 646, 660, 665, 675, 685-686, 692 Leather Stallion Saloon p.544 Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas p.434 Leather/Levi Organizations see:

Organizations/Resources: Sexual Focus (Leather, S&M, Fetishism, etc) & Safe Sex Promotion

Legal &/ or Mediation, Attorneys p.4, 6-15, 17-23, 25-28, 30-36, 38-48, 50, 55, 58-67, 69-72, 74-77, 79, 94, 98, 100, 112, 128, 131, 134, 139, 144, 146, 148-149, 153, 158, 164, 175, 181, 186, 190, 194-195, 200, 210, 217, 220, 222-225, 228, 231, 234, 236, 238-245, 247-248, 252, 256, 262, 265, 271, 275, 278, 283, 286-287, 290, 297, 303-304, 306, 314, 323-324, 327, 337, 340-342, 344, 346, 350, 352, 354, 359, 361, 363, 365, 367-369, 373-374, 387, 389, 393-394, 398, 400, 404, 406, 411, 418-419, 421, 425, 427-428, 430, 434-435, 437-440, 442, 444, 446-449, 451-455, 457-460, 462-463, 465, 471-472, 483-484, 503-505, 518, 523, 525, 528, 530, 532, 535, 537-539, 542, 545, 549, 554-555, 557, 559, 561, 563, 569-570, 574, 576, 578, 581-582, 587-588, 593-594, 598, 601, 604, 607, 610, 613, 615, 617, 620, 623, 626, 634, 639, 645-646, 649, 655, 657-658, 660, 665-666, 670, 675-676, 681-682, 684, 693, 695 Legal Advocates for Children & Youth. p.217 Legal Professionals Associations see:

Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional

Leatherman, Kevin p.513 LeatherWerks p.262 LeatherWomen United p.4, 112 Lebanon United Methodist Church p.440 Lebanon Valley College Freedom Rings p.580 Lebolt, Jonathan, PhD, LCSW p.662 Ledge Kitchen & Drinks p.372 LeDuc, Mary Elizabeth p.21, 240

July 2012

LeGal: LGBT Law Association of Greater New York p.504 Legally Queer p.510 LegalOut p.112 Legends/View p.534 Lehigh Acres FL see Fort Myers p.264 Lehigh University Lesbian & Gay Alumni Council p.118, 581 Lehigh Valley Gay Men's Chorus p.581 Lehigh Valley PA see Lehigh Valley Area p.580-581 Lehne, Gregory, PhD p.363 Lehrkind Mansion B&B p.428 Leicester NC see Asheville Area p.57, 524 Leighton, Derek, LMFT, LPC, CGP p.620 Leilani p.299 Leis of Hawaii p.301 Leisure Inn p.356 Leland City Club p.397

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INDEX 770 Lesbian Gay Community Center of Greater Kansas City Lesbian Gay Community Center of Greater Kansas City p.420 Lesbian Grandmothers Group of Vermont/New Hampshire p.43, 73, 438, 647 Lesbian Health & Research Center at USCF p.4, 111 Lesbian Health Fund p.4, 110 Lesbian Health Initiative of Houston, Inc (LHI) p.72, 633 Lesbian Herstory Archives/ Lesbian Herstory Educational Foundation, Inc p.3, 51, 107, 491 Lesbian Lounge p.24, 261 Lesbian News p.3, 9, 104, 149 Lesbian Sex Mafia p.56, 509 Lesbian Social Group (LSG) p.69, 612 Lesbian Social Network p.7, 140 Lesbian Social Network p.7, 137 Lesbian Therapists Referral Network p.53, 499 Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual People at Downstate p.510 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Political Science Caucus p.116 Lesbian/Gay Parents Association p.17, 211 LesbianNight p.3, 104 p.3, 104 Lesbians & Gay Men of New Brunswick p.455 Lesbians of the North p.31, 316 Lesbians Over 40 p.77, 677 Lescoe, Donna p.73, 646 Lescoe, Donna, Justice of the Peace p.73, 647 LesDine Supper Club of Tulsa p.62, 559 Lesley University L.E.A.P. p.376 Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation p.491 Lethe Press p.121 Lev, Arlene Istar, LCSW-R, CASAC p.48, 471 Levatino, Paul, LMT p.241 Level p.548 Levi Strauss Lesbian & Gay Employee Association p.210 LeVine, Jack, Realtor p.435 Levine, Kenny, LCSW p.534 LGBT Caucus of Public Levine, Rebecca S. p.55, 504 Health Professionals p.114 advertisement p.504 LGBT Center p.408, 458 Leviton, Susan J, MA, LMFT LGBT Center at Penn p.589 p.12, 173 LGBT Center of Hampton Levittown NY see New Roads p.658 York City & Long Island LGBT Center of Raleigh Area p.493, 506, 511 p.533 Levittown PA see Philadel- LGBT Center of Raleigh Liphia Area p.590 brary p.534 Levy, Luise, LCSW, SEP p.8, LGBT Center of SE Wiscon143 sin p.694 Lewes DE see Rehoboth LGBT Center of St Louis Area p.22-23, 245-248 p.423 Lewinter, Beth C., LCSW LGBT Coalition of Western p.44, 447 Massachusetts p.387 Lewis & Clark Aids Project LGBT Collections p.107, 692 p.429 LGBT Community Center Lewis & Clark College United p.488 Sexualities p.571 advertisement p.507 Lewis & Clark Law School LGBT Community Center of Outlaws p.571 Charlotte p.526 Lewis University Gay LGBT Community Center of Straight Alliance p.317 Greater Cleveland p.544 Lewis-Levine, Neil, MD, OB/ LGBT Community Center of GYN p.71, 630 New Orleans p.347 Lewiston NY see Buffalo/ Ni- LGBT Community Center of agara Falls Area p.474 the Desert p.187 Lexington Club p.16, 206 LGBT Community Office p.245 Lexington Fairness p.342 Lexington High School Gay LGBT Community Resources Center p.213 Straight Alliance p.376 Lexington MA see Boston LGBT Counseling p.23, 251 Area p.376-377 LGBT Counseling Unit p.499 Lexington United Methodist LGBT Democratic Club of Church p.377 Tompkins County p.487 Lexington VA see Shenan- LGBT Directory of Redoah Valley p.664 sources & Services p.488 Leyland Publications p.121 LGBT Education & Support Services University of OreLezhike p.39, 399 gon p.564 LezRead p.39, 394 LGB Law Students Associa- LGBT Equity Center p.366 LGBT Family Pride New York tion p.186 p.508 LGBT Affairs p.265 LGBT Affirmative Program - LGBT Jewish Inclusion Project p.82, 145 Heights Hill Mental Health LGBT Law Project at NYLAG Service p.502 LGBT Aging Issues Network p.504 LGBT Metro Center p.280 p.117 LGBT Aging Project p.369 LGBT Network of Western Michigan p.400 LGBT Alliance at Virginia LGBT Ocala p.274 Tech p.656 LGBT Alliance of the Jewish LGBT Peer Counseling Services p.586 Community Federation p.86, 214 LGBT Religious Archives LGBT Alumni of Bob Jones Network p.107 University p.118, 607 LGBT Reno p.436 LGBT Bar Association of LGBT Resource Center Maryland p.361 p.266, 320, 393, 487, 657 LGBT Campus Center p.691 LGBT CareerLink p.109

INDEX Liberti, Vincent A. Jr. LGBT Resource Center at University of California, Davis p.156 LGBT Resource Center CSU Long Beach p.169 LGBT Resource Center of Cortland p.476 LGBT Resource Center Project p.127 LGBT Resource Center Seven Rivers Region p.689 LGBT Resource Center, Northwestern University p.316 LGBT Student Association p.375 LGBT Student Cooperative at Yale p.241 LGBT Student Services p.331 LGBT Studies at Yale p.241 LGBT Therapists in Minnesota p.406 LGBT US Peace Corps Alumni p.114 LGBT Visitor Center p.273 LGBT Wave of Hope Community Center p.129 LGBT Wednesday at the Kew Club p.496 LGBT-Today p.104 LGBTbookshop p.108 - Out to Keep You in Style! p.108 LGBTQ at Bentley p.376 LGBTQ Center p.535 LGBTQ Resource Center p.254, 420 LGBTQ Youth Network p.334 LGBTQ Youth Space p.218 LGBTQA Programs, Access & Diversity Center p.643 LGBTQA Services p.581 LGBTQI & Disabled p.570 LGBTQQI Special Interest Group of NASW-NJ p.444 LGBTS Alliance Fund p.143 lgbtSr p.117 p.117 LGPA/GOAL Chicago p.314 LIAHO p.181 Libations & Club Blue p.431 Libby, Ken p.652 Libby, Roger, PhD p.670, 673 Liberation in Truth Unity Fellowship Church p.456 Liberation UCC p.547 Liberti, Vincent A. Jr. p.238

July 2012

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INDEX Liberty Apartment & Garden Suites Liberty Apartment & Garden Suites p.259 Liberty Bar p.403 Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club p.588 Liberty Education Forum p.116 Liberty MO see Kansas City Metro Area (MO & KS) p.422 Liberty NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480, 483 Liberty Press p.337 Libertyville IL see Chicago Area p.312 Libraries see:

Archives/ Libraries/ History Projects


Linville, Gloria M, MSW, ACSW p.31, 327 Lion & The Rose B&B p.566 Lion and the Rose Bed and Breakfast p.523 Lion's Den p.85, 185 Lionel Cantú GLBTI Resource Center p.220 Lions Inn p.348 Liporace, Ralph, MD AAHIVS p.470 Lippincott Manor p.485 Lips p.198, 260 Lips Restaurant p.494 Lipstick Lesbians of Austin p.70, 621 Lipstick Lounge p.70, 614 Lipstick24 p.70, 619 Liquid 891 p.65, 578 Liquid Courage Tattoos & Body Piercing p.431 Liquid Lounge p.168, 282 Liquid Nightclub p.534 Liquor & Wine Stores p.29, 210, 283, 303, 411 LIT Social Justice Center p.456 Lititz PA see Harrisburg Area p.578 LITM p.449 Little Brown Church p.161 Little Cabin in the Woods on Beaver Lake p.147 Little Denmark Books & Videos p.330 Little Diner p.630 Little Falls NY see Utica Area p.522 Little Green Church p.642 Little House In the Big Woods p.167 Little Jim's p.311 Little Joy p.84, 172 Little Lakes Inn & Healing Center p.517 Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar p.250 Little Pond Lodge p.695 Little River Bluffs - A Nature Preserve & Retreat p.347 Little River CA see Mendocino Area p.182 Little River Inn Resort & Spa p.182 Little River United Church of Christ p.656 Little Rock Black Pride p.82, 148

INDEX Livonia NY Little Rock Central High GSA p.148 Little Rock NOW p.9, 148 Little Rooster Cafe p.651 Little Store p.386 Little Sweden Resort p.687 Little Theatre Cafe p.518 Little Torch Key FL see Keys & Key West p.268 Littleton CO see Denver Area p.228, 230 Littleton NH see White Mountains Area p.443 Littman, Amy Baldwin p.50, 484 Live & Let Live AA p.421 Live & Let Live Alano Club p.198 Live & Let Live Gay p.479 Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Congregation/Interweave p.154 Live Oak UU Church p.622 Live Out Loud p.120, 512 Live Violence Fre p.11, 167 Livengrin Foundation p.577, 580, 583, 585 Livermore CA see East Bay Area p.11, 159-161 Livermore, Megan p.63, 563 Liverpool NY see Syracuse p.57, 521 Living Affected Corporation p.148 Living AIDS Memorial Garden p.684 Living Faith Fellowship p.611 Living Positive in the Hills p.609 Living Room Nightclub p.260 Living Room of Brevard, Inc p.256 Living Sober Western Roundup p.204 Living Table United Church of Christ p.414 Living Waters Lutheran Church p.459 Living Word Lutheran Church p.622 Livingston Manor NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480 Livonia MI see Detroit Area p.398 Livonia NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517

Library p.152, 168 Liby Ball Sewing & Design p.31, 324 LICF Angels Softball p.516 Lichtman, Francine p.46, 453 Lickety Split Book & Video p.410 Lido Nightclub p.216 Liebermann, Mary, LCSW p.26, 275 Liechenstein, Rev Joyce, PhD, LMHC p.53, 499 Life Cafe p.494 Life Care Alliance p.548 Life Covenant Church p.642 Life Force: Women Fighting AIDS, Inc. p.51, 95, 491 Life Foundation p.302 Life Group LA p.171 Life Journey Church MCC p.328 Life Works p.563 Life-Works p.668 LIFEbeat p.491 LifeCourse Counseling Center p.389 Lifelong AIDS Alliance p.672 LifeLube p.106 Lifeties, Inc. p.461 Lift p.649 Light House Chapel p.403 Light of Love Fellowship p.426 Light of the Soul United Church of Christ p.437 Light, Terry p.648 Lighthouse Community Center p.156 Lighthouse Court p.267 Lighthouse Inn p.245

Lighthouse Life Coaching p.248 Lighthouse Point FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.24, 258, 264 Ligonier PA see Johnstown p.579 Lihue HI see Kauai p.300 Likehike p.304 LiL'Gypsy Vintage Boutique p.573 Lilac Inn p.650 Lilac Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf p.519 Lilburn GA see Atlanta Area p.292 Lillith Grove Women's Center p.22, 245 Lilly's Dim Sum, Then Some p.148 Lily Flower Store p.110 Lim-Keith Multispecialty Medical Clinics p.175 LimeRock Inn p.360 Limones p.524 LINC - Lesbians in North County p.15, 201 Lincoln Inn at the Covered Bridge p.651 Lincoln Land Community College Alliance p.323 Lincoln MA see Boston Area p.377 Lincoln Park Lagooners p.316 Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church p.318 Lincoln RI see Providence Area p.602 Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School Gay Straight Alliance p.376 Lincoln Unitarian Church p.431 Linden Hills Congregational p.414 Linden Point House p.240 Lindenhurst NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.491 Lindsay, Dwight p.645 Lindsey, Mark p.451 Lindsley, Scott p.529 Lindstrom, Shannon, Exclusive Buyers Agent p.41, 413 Link p.50, 484, 593 Link2Ink Design p.126 Linnaea's Cafe p.152 LinOma Bares p.432

July 2012

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INDEX Liz Thompson & Fran Leonforte, Realtors,


INDEX Los Angeles High School GSA Longmont CO see p.233 Longview TX see Tyler/ Longview Area p.640, 642 Longview UMC p.668 Longview WA see p.668 Longwood College Unity Alliance p.658 Looking Glass p.564 Lookout p.205 Lookout Bears p.610 Lookout Lodge p.146 Lookout Lodge Resort p.266 Loomis Basin Congregational p.169 Loos, Bob, MS, NCC, LPCMHSP p.613 Lopez Farm Cottages & Tent Camping p.670 Lopez Island WA see San Juan Islands p.670-671 Loquvam, Joel J., Esq. p.175 Lorain County Community College Pride p.546 Lorain OH see p.552 Loralei B&B p.488 Loras College - The Alliance p.334 Lord of Life Lutheran Church p.332, 550 Lord of Light Lutheran Church p.395 Lord of the Mountains Lutheran Church p.230 Lords of Leather Mardi Gras Krewe p.351 Lorenz/Aftershock p.612 Loretta's p.649 Lori's Cafe p.23, 247 Loring Kitchen & Bar p.410 Lorms, David p.633 Lorraine's Food Factory p.518 Los Alamitos CA see Orange County p.187 Los Alamos High School GSA p.465 Los Altos CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.16, 209, 212-213 Los Amigos Del Sol p.139 Los Angeles Bi Task Force p.176 Los Angeles Blades p.180 Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center p.170, 178 Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Scientists p.176 Los Angeles High School GSA p.177

Liz Thompson & Fran Leon- Log Cabin Republicans: Chiforte, Realtors, p.43, 435 cago p.315 Lizard Lounge p.493 Log Cabins at Juniper Well Llanas, Maureen K p.72, 639 Ranch p.141 Log Cabins on Neil's Creek LLDEF see: p.526 Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund Log House and Homestead Lloyd Baker Attorneys p.434 on Spirit Lake p.417 Logan High School Gay Lo Jax Waikiki p.302 Straight Alliance p.643 Loading Zone p.424 Logan OH see Hocking Hills Lobby Bar p.672 p.552 Lobster Pot p.385 Logan Tavern p.250 Lobster Trap Seafood RawLogan, Lisa p.59, 535 bar p.524 Loganberry Books p.544 Local 11 Ten p.295 Local Gay Business Interna- LOGO p.108 Lokitz, Scott p.424 tional p.104 Lolita p.544 Local Lounge p.567 Lombard IL see Chicago Local Sprouts Cafe p.358 Lock Haven University GSA Area p.317 Lombardi-Nash, Michael p.582 (Urania Manuscripts) p.107 Locksmiths p.33, 346 Lombardini, Linda p.39, 395 Loco Hombre p.362 Lompoc CA see Central Loco Lizard Cantina p.644 Coast p.153-154 Locomotion Video p.236 London KY see p.342 Lodge p.367 London Terrace PsychotherLodge at Morganton p.294 apy Services p.499 Lodge at Sedona p.142 Lone Palm p.206 Lodi NY see Rochester & Lone Star Lambdas p.620 Finger Lakes Area p.517 Lone Star Legal Aid p.617 Loft p.198 Lone Star Saloon p.207 Loft Dance Club p.428 Lone Star Volleyball AssociaLOFT Help-Line p.477 tion p.636 LOFT: LGBT Community Long Beach AIDS FoundaServices Center p.477 tion p.168 Lofty Notions Campsite Long Beach Community p.525 Business Network p.168 Lofty Oaks Inn p.418 Long Beach Grunions Swim Team p.169 Log Cabin Club Riverside County - Palm Springs Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Chapter p.190 Pride, Inc p.169 Log Cabin Club see: Long Beach NY see New Organizations/Resources: York City & Long Island Political/Legislative Area p.501 Log Cabin Hideaways p.408 Long Beach Pride Tennis Log Cabin Republican Club p.169 of Los Angeles p.177 Long Beach Q Film Festival Log Cabin Republican Club p.168 of Virginia p.655 Long Branch NJ see JerLog Cabin Republicans sey Shore p.451 p.116, 406 Long Fork Campground Log Cabin Republicans p.685 Colorado p.223 Long Grove IL see Chicago Log Cabin Republicans of Area p.313 New York State p.469 Long Grove Popcorn Log Cabin Republicans/DC Shoppe p.313 p.253 Long Island Association for Log Cabin Republicans/New AIDS Care, Inc. p.490 York City p.509

July 2012

Long Island City NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.95, 491, 496, 511 Long Island Community Fellowship p.514 Long Island Crisis Center p.488 Long Island Eagle p.492 Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival p.506 Long Island Gay & Lesbian Youth, Inc p.512 Long Island Gay Friends p.488 Long Island Gay Men's Chorus p.506 Long Island GLBT Community Center at Bay Shore p.488 Long Island GLBT Community Center at Garden City p.488 Long Island GLBT Services Network p.488 Long Island GSA Network p.510 Long Island Lesbian Cancer Initiative p.54, 502 Long Island Pride Chorus p.506 Long Island Pride Parade, Inc. p.508 Long Island Pride Sports Association, Inc p.516 Long Island Ravens M.C. p.503 Long Island University Rainbow Alliance p.511 Long Yang Club Minnesota p.92, 406 Long Yang Club New Jersey p.94, 445 Long Yang Club of Los Angeles (LYCLA) p.84, 176 Long Yang Club Philadelphia p.99, 588 Long Yang Club San Diego p.85, 200 Long, Lynette, PhD p.23, 251 Longbada Lounge p.593 Longboard Inn p.257 Longfellow Books p.358 Longmeadow High School Gay Straight Alliance p.390 Longmeadow MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.390 Longmire, David p.499 Longmont CO see p.20, 233

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INDEX Los Angeles Leather Coalition Los Angeles Leather Coalition p.175 Los Angeles Nude Guys (LANG) p.177 Los Angeles Pool League p.180 Los Angeles Rebellion Rugby Football Club p.180 Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc p.174 Los Angeles Tennis Association p.180 Los Angeles Youth Supportive Services p.178 Los Gatos CA see San Jose & South Bay Area p.18, 217-218 Los Gatos High School Gay Straight Alliance p.217 Los Gatos United Methodist Church p.218 Los Osos CA see Central Coast p.153 Los Rieles p.100, 624 Los Robles Center for Hospitality & Well Being p.295 Los Vados Canyon House p.643 Lost Bayou Guesthouse B&B p.630 Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe p.162 Lost Dog p.233 Lost Dog Cafe p.473 Lost Lodge Resort p.345 Lost River Grill & Motel p.685 Lost River Real Estate p.685 Lotus Blossom Consulting LLC p.31, 319 Lotus Guest House p.384 Lotus Law Home LLC, RCFE Lic. # 415600666 p.3, 9, 81-82, 105, 149 Lotus Rising Project p.561 Lou Sullivan Society p.213 LOUD Youth Group p.160 Loudonville NY see Albany & Capital Area p.48, 472 Louie's Backyard p.268 Louis' Tisbury Cafe p.379 Louisiana Human Rights Campaign p.345 Louisiana Log Cabin p.345 Louisiana State University at Alexandria Identity p.346 Louisiana Stonewall Democrats p.345 Louisville AIDS Walk p.344 Louisville Euchre Club p.344 Louisville Manor p.344


INDEX Lutherans Concerned Portland Metro Luther Memorial Lutheran Church p.656 Luther Place Memorial Church p.254 Luther's Cafe p.639 Lutheran Campus Ministry p.232 Lutheran Campus Ministry at Syracuse University p.521 Lutheran Church in the San Juans p.671 Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer p.415 Lutheran Church of Honolulu p.304 Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer p.197 Lutheran Church of the Cross p.329 Lutheran Church of the Foothills p.145 Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd p.603 Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion p.591 Lutheran Church of the Master p.179 Lutheran Church of the Newtons p.377 Lutheran Church of the Redeemer p.415 Lutheran Church of the Reformation p.254 Lutheran see:

Religious Organizations & Publications

Louisville Poz Buddies p.343 Louisville Poz Buddies Group p.344 Louisville Youth Group p.344 Louisville's Rainbow Reader p.342 Lourdes College PRISM p.554 Love at First Sight! p.616 Love Boutique p.568 Love Honor Cherish p.149 Love Shack p.301 Love, Pattie p.9, 151 Lovejoy's Tea Room p.205 Lovejoy, Gary D., PhD p.138 Loveland CO see Fort Collins/ Loveland Area p.20, 231-232 Lovergirl p.51, 494 Lovers Playground p.312-313, 332 Lovers' Loop Retreat p.57, 523 Loves Park IL see Rockford p.322 Loving Cafe p.325 Loving More p.104 LovingRest Pet Funeral Home p.334 Lovingston VA see Charlottesville p.657 Lovit Bowling p.180 Lowcountry AIDS Services p.605 Lowell MA see Merrimack Valley p.381-382 Loyola Marymount University Gender Sexuality Alliance p.177 Loyola Marymount University Office of LGBT Student Services p.177 Loyola University Advocate p.316 Loyola University Etcetera p.351 Loyola University in Maryland OUTLOYOLA p.364 Loyola University in Maryland Spectrum/GLBTA Resource Centre p.364 Lozano, Oralia p.232 LRA Chicago BDSM Leather Dungeon Club p.313 LSU Spectrum p.346 Luana Inn p.297 Luber, David S p.262 Lubritz Law Group p.434 Lucerne's Fondue & Spirits p.322

Lucho's p.95, 496 Lucille Marie Hamilton (LMH) Youth Center for LGBTQ & Ally Youth p.149 Lucille's p.99, 579 Lucky 13 Pizza p.304 Lucky 13 Saloon p.492 Lucky Bones Backwater Grille p.460 Lucky Cheng's p.95, 494 Lucky Dog Tavern p.304 Lucky Horseshoe p.311 Lucky Lounge p.619 Lucky Star Lounge p.281 Lucky Strikes Lanes & Lounge p.270 Lucky You Bed & Breakfast p.433 Lucques p.171 Lucullan's Italian Grill p.331 Ludlow VT see Green Mountains Area p.651 Luebbe, Darla L, CRS/GRI/ ABR p.61, 550 Luigi's p.631 Luis Caballero, St. Certified Residential REA #579. CASA Inc. p.272 Luke, Dori, MSW, LCSW p.58, 531 Lula's Cafe p.330 LULAC 4871 - Dallas Rainbow Council p.101, 627 Lulu's p.302 LuLu's Maui p.301 Lumberyard Saloon p.147 Luna p.397 Luna Blue Lounge p.608 Luna Grill & Diner p.656 LUNA Lodging/Creative Retreats p.233 Luna Park p.171 Luna Rossa Trattoria & Wine Bar p.410 Luna Vista Bed & Breakfast p.141 Lunch Box Deli p.534 Lundgren, Melissa, Realtor p.70, 616 Luper, Suzanne W. p.59, 535 Lupie's Cafe p.527 Luray VA see Shenandoah Valley p.75, 664 Lush Food Bar p.410 Lush Lounge p.137, 206 Luther College Pride p.333 Luther Memorial Church of Chicago p.318

Lutheran Student Movement p.122 Lutherans Concerned p.284, 417, 467, 515, 547, 550, 635 Lutherans Concerned Atlanta p.292 Lutherans Concerned Garden State p.445 Lutherans Concerned Lake Country p.408 Lutherans Concerned Montana p.428 Lutherans Concerned North Texas p.623 Lutherans Concerned of Austin & Central Texas p.622 Lutherans Concerned Paso Del Norte p.630 Lutherans Concerned Pittsburgh p.595 Lutherans Concerned Portland Metro p.572

July 2012

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INDEX Lutherans Concerned/Chicago Lutherans Concerned/Chicago p.318 Lutherans Concerned/Kansas City-Lawrence p.422 Lutherans Concerned/Metro Washington DC Chapter p.254 Lutherans Concerned/North America p.122 Lutherans Concerned/San Francisco Bay Area p.214 Lutherans Concerned/Triangle p.536 Lutherans Concerned/Tucson p.145 Lutherans Concerned/Twin Cities Chapter p.415 Lutherville MD see Baltimore Area p.35, 362-365 Lutz, David M, PA p.363 Lux p.421 Lycoming College GLOBAL p.597 Lyman SC see Greenville Area p.606 Lyman-Eyer Gallery p.385 Lynch, Scott p.554 Lynch, Stephanie Arwen p.70, 618 Lyndale UCC p.415 Lyndon House B&B p.341 Lynn English High School GSA p.382 Lynn MA see North Shore Area p.382 Lynn's Paradise Cafe p.33, 343 Lynnhurst Congregational Church p.415 Lynnwood WA see Seattle Area p.675, 677, 679 LYNX, the Women of Out Professionals p.55, 506 Lyon Martin Women's Service p.16, 209 Lyon, Celia J, Principal Broker, p.64, 571 Lyons, Terrie A, PhD, PC p.64, 568 M and M Legal Services, Process Servers p.421 M Cafe p.606 M Inn Mammoth p.164 M&J's Lounge p.593 M's Lips Lounge p.71, 630 M's Pub p.431 M.E.C.C.C.A. p.11, 165 Ma Johnson's Hotel p.134 Ma Petite Shoe p.363 Maalaea Kai Condo p.301


INDEX Maize, A Lesbian Country Magazine Magorien, Kevin p.675 Maguire, Jane, MA, LMHC, CAP p.26, 282 Magus Books & Herbs p.411 Mahi Oli'Oli p.299 Mahoning Valley Stonewall Democrats p.555 Mahopac NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 484 Mahtomedi MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.414 Maier, Noah p.288 Mail Center of Chicago, Inc p.314 Mailbox & Shipping Services p.314, 435, 505, 576, 676 Mailboxes N More p.435 Maile Tree House p.299 Mailing Lists p.112, 505 Mailing Solutions Inc p.604 Main Club p.407 Main Event p.542 Main Line Unitarian Church p.590 Main Squeeze Natural Foods Cafe p.420 Main Street Cafe p.480 Main Street Coffee & News p.306 Main Street Ink p.593 Main Street Station p.193 Main Street Trattoria p.454 Maine Coast Book Shop p.354 Maine Front Runners p.360 Maine Gay Men's Chorus p.359 Maine General Horizon HIV Program p.352 Maine Street Video Lounge p.357 MainEscape Rental House p.356 MaineTransNet p.352 Mainline Youth Alliance p.590 Mainstage p.632 Maison de Macarty p.348 Maison Des Amis p.347 Maison Dupuy Hotel p.348 Maisons de Cambria Vacation Rentals p.9, 152

advertisement p.153

Mabank TX see Gun Barrel City p.631 Mabel Dodge Luhan House p.468 Mabel Wadsworth Women's Health Center p.33, 353 Mable Peabody's Beauty Parlor & Chainsaw Repair p.625 Mac's Club p.216 Macalester College Queer Union p.413 Macalester Plymouth United Church p.415 MacBaxter's B&B p.474 MACCT-Seattle p.102, 677 Mace, John R, MA, ClMA, PsyD, LMHC p.673 Machine p.372 MacKenzie, Susan p.613 Mackler, Jack, DC p.251 Mackoul's Cars Inc p.391 MacNair, Barbra, L.Ac. p.10, 158 Macomb Community College Gay-Straight Alliance p.399 Macon GA see Macon Area p.294 MacQuivey, Karen, LICSW p.76, 673 MACT see:

Men of All Colors Together

MACT: Men of All Colors Together p.101, 627 Macungie PA see Lehigh Valley Area p.581 Macy's European Coffee House p.136 Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar p.460 Mad Donna's p.614 Mad Hatter Emporium p.242 Mad Hatter Lounge p.286 Mad Hatter's Bakeshop & Cafe p.534 Mad Myrna's p.131 Madam Lichtenstein, LLC p.3, 108 Madden, Caroline, MFT p.12, 173 Madeira Beach FL see Tampa Bay Area p.280 Madeleine's Cafe & Patisserie p.681 Madhatters Tea House & Cafe p.639 Madison Avenue Baptist Church p.515

Madison Burbank Medical Center, Inc.\ p.166 Madison Christian Community p.691 Madison Fire Island Pines p.489 Madison Gay Hockey Association p.691 Madison Gay Video Club p.690 Madison NC see Triad Area p.531 Madison Pub p.672 Madison Square & Garden Cafe p.185 Madison Street Inn p.216 Madison TN see Nashville Area p.70, 615-616 Madison WI see Madison Area p.79, 102, 689-691 Madison's Restaurant & Lounge p.49, 481 Madrone Art Bar p.206 Madura, Karen, LCSW, CADC, BCD, CCBT p.47, 462 Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe p.672 MAFIA p.316 Magazine p.208 Maggie C Events p.51, 495 Maggie L. Walker Governor's School Gay Straight Alliance p.663 Maggie's South Hill Grill p.681 Maggio Shields Real Estate Brokerage & Cafe p.248 Magic Mountain House p.595 Magic Pond Wildlife Sanctuary & Guest House p.353 MagicBrain CyberCafe p.460 Magikal Garden p.577 Magliulo's Rose Garden Inn p.192 Magnet p.85, 209 Magnetic Valley Resort p.146 Magnolia Bar p.343 Magnolia Mansion p.348 Magnolia Room p.460 Magnolia Studios p.309 Magnolia United Church of Christ p.679 Magnolia United Methodist Church p.679 Magnolia's p.424 Magnum Lounge & Restaurant p.271 Magnus Books p.121

Maitland FL see Orlando Area p.274 Maize, A Lesbian Country Magazine p.3, 104

July 2012

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INDEX Majestic Majestic p.102, 658 Majestic Hotel p.450 Makakilo HI see Oahu p.303 Makalani OceanView Cottage p.299 Makawao HI see Maui p.300-301 Make It Better Project p.120 Malama Pono Health Services p.300 Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe p.57, 525 Malcolm Shabazz City High School p.691 Malden MA see Boston Area p.372, 377-378 MALE Center p.370 Male Tent & Trailer Campers p.399 Male Uwear p.633 Malebox p.397 Males Au Natural of Hawaii (MANOH) p.303 Males Au Naturel p.509 Malibu CA see Los Angeles Area p.173, 179 Malibu United Methodist Church p.179 Malickey's Pub p.395 Mallon, Patricia p.39, 398 Mallory Square Fish House & Grille p.247 Maltbie, Alice, RN, MS, LMHC p.48, 471 Malvern PA see Philadelphia Area p.66, 584, 586 Mama DiMatteo's p.354 Mama Mia Trattoria p.567 Mama's Fast Food p.524 Mama's Kitchen p.198 Mama's Royal Cafe p.10, 157 Mamacitas Bar & Restaurant p.68, 598 Mamacitas Guest House p.68, 598 Mamaroots: Ajama-Jebi Sistahood p.5, 81, 115 Mambo Movers p.588 Mammoth Lakes CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 Man 2 Man Tantric, Mike Smith, CMT p.451 Man's Country p.314 Man's World p.98, 544 Man-Age Press p.108 Manatus Restaurant p.495


Manchester Center VT see Green Mountains Area p.651-652 Manchester Church of the Brethren p.329 Manchester College United Sexualities p.329 Manchester Community College Pride p.238 Manchester CT see Hartford Area p.21, 237-239 Manchester Outright p.440 Manchester PA see Harrisburg Area p.578 Manchester VT see Green Mountains Area p.651 MANdance Rehoboth Beach p.247 Mandarine, Vincent, DDS p.500 Mandeville, The Rev. Kathleen C, M.Div p.50, 487 Mando Books Inc p.473, 476 Mandolin Inn p.334 Mandresh, Steve, Realtor, MBA, CBR, SRES p.513 Maneuvers p.311 Manger, Gerry p.449 Mangia Mangia p.268 Mangoes p.268 Mangowood Restaurant p.652 Mangum, Todd, MD p.645 Manhandler Saloon p.311 Manhasset NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.513 Manhattan College Standing Together p.511 Manhattan High School GayStraight Alliance p.338 Manhattan KS see Manhattan/ Flint Hills p.32, 338 Manhattan Mustangs p.507 Manhattan Psychotherapy p.53, 499 Manhattan School of Music GLBT Club p.511 Manhattan Stuttering Group p.510 Manheim PA see Lancaster p.580 Manifest p.571 Manistee MI see Lansing Area p.402 Manitou Springs CO see Colorado Springs Area p.225 ManMate p.505 ManMate Dinners for 8 p.505 MANNA (Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance) p.585 Manna Java World Cafe p.334 Manny's Neighborhood Grill p.605 Mano a Mano p.96, 508 Manor p.260 Manor House Inn p.354 Manor Inn p.259 Mansion Inn Bed & Breakfast p.237 Mansion Inn of Saratoga p.469 Mansion View Inn p.554 Many Men, Many Voices Group for black gay & bisexual men p.96, 508 Manz, Allysen, PhD p.53, 499 Manzanita Cottages p.184 Maple Grove MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.414 Maple Hill Farm B&B Inn p.352 Maple Street Congregational Church p.383 Maple Wood Lodge p.694 Maplewood Inn p.650 Mapstone, Kimberly I, MHS, Psychotherapist p.67, 593 Maranatha, the LGBTQ Fellowship of The Riverside Church p.515 Marathon FL see Keys & Key West p.267 Marathon Shores FL see Keys & Key West p.268 Marble Collegiate Church p.515 Marble Collegiate Church GIFTS p.515 Marble West Inn p.650 Marc Anthony p.240 Marcello's Pizza p.205 Marcello's Ristorante p.481 Marcellus NY see Syracuse p.521 Marco's Cafe & Espresso Bar p.565, 567 Marco's Restaurant & Lounge p.327 Marco's Trattoria p.173 Marcus, Lynn Ellen, LMFT p.10, 157 Mare's Inn B&B p.239 Margaret Sloss Women's Center p.32, 331

INDEX Market Place Margate FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.261, 263 Margate NJ see Jersey Shore p.451 Marginalized Tattoo p.173 Margiotta, Paul J, Esq p.504 Margo's Corner p.29, 298 Margo, Katherine, MD p.66, 587 Margolin, Sandy p.43, 435 Maria's Italian Cafe p.322 Marianna Stoltz House Bed & Breakfast p.680 Marie's Crisis p.495 Marietta College Rainbow Alliance p.552 Marietta GA see Atlanta Area p.289-291 Marietta PA see Lancaster p.580 Marigny Brasserie p.350 Marigny Dance Club p.605 Marigny Manor House p.348 Marin AIDS Project p.181 Marin City CA see Marin County Area p.182 Marina CA see Central Coast p.155 Marina Del Rey CA see Los Angeles Area p.171, 178 Marina Sarabia & Kathleen Costanzo, Realtors p.24, 263 Marino's Bistro & Ristorante p.606 Marino, Jackie p.650 Marino, Joanne M., LPC, CCMHC, NCC p.20, 236 Marino, Michael R., PC p.504 Marion NC see Asheville Area p.524 Mariposa CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 Maris, Drew E, MD p.220 Marist College LGSA p.485 Marix Tex Mex Cafe p.173 Mark Brand Architecture p.205 Mark Keppel High School GSA p.177 Mark Spencer Hotel p.566 Mark's List p.255 Mark, Lois N, MFT, LCSW, MFC1356 p.16, 208 Market Cafe p.495 Market Place p.524

July 2012

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INDEX 776 Marketing see:Public Relations/ Advertising/ Marketing Martial Arts see: Organizations/Resources: Self-Defense p.77, 677 Martin & Wall, P.C., CPAs p.433 Martin County High School Gay Straight Alliance - Not About Gender p.279 Martin's on Duval p.268 Martin, John A, PhD, PSY 9128 p.208 Martin, Patrick p.179 Martinelli Travel p.440 Martinez CA see East Bay Area p.159, 161 Martinez Security & Investigations, LLC p.44, 445 Martinez United Methodist Church p.161 Martini Tuesdays p.270 Martinis Above Fourth p.198 Martuni's p.205 Marty's p.311, 343 Martyn House p.294 Marx Cafe p.250 Mary Baldwin College SOULS p.75, 664 Mary Mahoney's p.418 Organizations/Resources: Mary Taylor Memorial UMC Marriage Rights p.239 Marro's Italian Restaurant Mary's p.289 p.404 Marry-Me-Ceremony p.44, Mary's Memphis p.612 446 Mary's on 2nd p.332 Mars Bar p.662 Mary's Resort p.258 Marsha Brown Restaurant Maryland Institute of Art p.583 Queer Alliance (MIQA) p.364 Marshall NC see Asheville Marymount College Gay Area p.524 Straight Alliance p.178 Marshall University LGBT Marysville CA see SacraOutreach p.685 mento Valley Area p.196 Marshall University Marysville WA see Everett Women's Center p.685 p.667 Marshall, Debra J, ABR CRS Maryville TN see Knoxville ECO ePRO GRI p.58, 525 p.612 Marshfield Inn & Motel p.74, Marywood University Ally 651 Group p.596 Marshfield VT see Green Mashpee MA see Cape Mountains Area p.74, 651 Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.379 Marszalek, John, PhD, LPC p.418 Mask-Querade Bar & Grill Martens Insurance Agency, p.299 LLC p.20, 233 Mason Jar Cafe p.260 Martha's Vineyard p.427 Masque p.551 Martha's Vineyard Premier Masquerade p.289 Properties p.380 Massachusetts CommisMartha's Vineyard Surfside sion on Gay & Lesbian p.379 Youth p.369 Martial Arts p.77, 677 Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus p.369 Marketing see:Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing p.48, 56, 68, 276, 469, 512, 603, 616, 681 Marks, Arlene B, Independent Agent, p.55, 505 Markus, Michael K, Realtor p.284 Marlan, Rev. Benjamin p.487 Marlan, Susan, Interfaith Clergy, p.58, 526 Marlboro NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.486 Marlboro Station p.604 Marlena's p.206 Marquette University Gender Alliance p.693 Marquette UU Congregation p.403 Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant p.567 Marrazzo, Jeanne p.37, 376 Marriage Equality New York p.469 Marriage Equality RI p.601 Marriage Equality USA p.116 Marriage Rights see:

July 2012

INDEX Mayday Books Matthew 25 AIDS Services p.341 Matthew Shepard Foundation (Denver Office) p.110 Matthew's on Main p.480 Matthews Manor B&B p.527 Matthews NC see Charlotte Area p.527 Mattituck NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.513 Matty's on the Drive p.260 Mature Friends p.677 Mauger B&B p.463 Maui AIDS Foundation p.301 Maui Dream Cottage p.300 Maui High School Gay Straight Alliance p.301 Maui Island Computing p.301 Maui Kai 807 p.301 Maui Ocean Breezes p.300 Maui Rainbow Guest Condo p.301 Maui SUNCOAST Realty & Vacation Rentals p.301 Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort p.300 p.301 Maury Place at Monument p.662 Mautner Project p.4, 111 Maverick Ashley Lenartson Capricious Ear Candy Ltd p.114 Max p.431 Max Robinson Center of Whitman Walker Health p.251 Max's p.467 Max's Gym p.303 Maxey, Catherine, ABR, CRS p.8, 148 Maxwell's p.449 MAXX Adult Emporium p.535 May Memorial UU Society p.521 May, Christopher, DC p.615 Maya, Lucia, Reiki Master p.8, 143 Mayaguez PR see Rincon p.599 Mayan Cafe p.343 Maybank, Brent, Broker p.616 Mayday Books p.410

Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar Association p.369 Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition p.369 Massachusetts Youth Pride p.369 Massage by Randy (NM Lic# 674) p.465 Massage Connection Wellness Center LLC, Kathryn p.688 Massage Therapy (Certified/ Licensed only) p.9, 22, 33, 35, 148, 240-241, 283, 296, 350, 357, 363, 374, 386, 389, 394, 425, 451-452, 458, 462, 465, 505, 531, 551, 578, 588, 596, 602-604, 615, 626, 648, 688 Massapequa NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.512 Massapequa Park NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.502 Massena NY see Canton/ Massena/ Potsdam Area p.476 MassEquality p.369 MAsT (Masters and slaves Together) p.627 MAsT Washington (Masters & slaves Together) p.253 Master's Commission New Convenant Church p.550 Master/slave Conference p.112 MasterPeace Mediation p.463 Mat-Su Valley Gay & Lesbian Community Center Support Group p.134 Matador p.467 Matador Bar p.567 Mateando (Argentinean-Uruguayan) p.96, 508 Mathematronics p.496 Mathews, Kyle p.178 Mathewson Street UMC p.603 Mathewson, Gwen C p.77, 676 Mathis, Dawn, ABR, GRI, SRES p.20, 232 Mathis, Stephen, PsyD p.290 Matrick, Debra, LCSW, LMFT, CAS, DCSW p.67, 595 Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society p.244 Matter, Ron, Realtor p.520

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INDEX Mayer, Eliezer R, PsyD Mayer, Eliezer R, PsyD p.499 Mayers, Terry F., M.Ed, BCSW, LCSW, ACSW, QCSW, DCSW p.350 Mayersohn, Leah H p.27, 286 Mayflower Community United Church of Christ p.415 Mayflower Congregational Church p.558 Mayflower Congregational UCC p.428 Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ p.336 Maynard Avenue UMC p.550 MayneView B&B p.664 Mayr, Lin, DRE# 00996888 p.11, 160 Mazomanie WI see Madison Area p.690 Mazzoni Center LGBT Health & Well-Being p.587 MB Lounge p.392 MC Film Festival p.282, 285 MC Music Productions p.380 MC Perkins Cove p.357 McAlister, Jim p.248

advertisement p.246


MCC of Hartford/Iglesia Comunitaria Metropolitana p.86, 239 MCC of Northern Virginia p.658 MCC of Our Redeemer p.293 MCC of Paducah p.345 MCC of Portland p.572 MCC of Pueblo p.233 MCC of Richmond p.663 MCC of San Antonio p.640 MCC of Tampa p.285 MCC of the Blue Ridge p.664 MCC of the Coachella Valley p.191 MCC of The Gentle Shepherd p.683 MCC of the Harvest p.151 MCC of the Lehigh Valley p.582 MCC of the Palm Beaches p.287 MCC of the Redwood Empire p.194 MCC of the Rockies p.230 MCC of the Spirit p.579 MCC of Washington p.254 MCC of Winston-Salem p.533 MCC Pittsburgh p.594 MCC Quad Cities p.333 MCC San Diego p.202 MCC see:

Metropolitan Community Church

INDEX Megaplex McNeal AZ see Bisbee/ Sierra Vista Area p.135 McNulty, Jan, ABR, CRS, Broker/Assoc, p.31, 317 McQueen High SchoolGay Straight Alliance p.437 McT's Bull Pen p.193 McWit Creative Works p.292 Meacher, Peter, MD p.502 Mead's Corner p.339 Meade, Erin Hall, CFP, p.6, 132 Meador, Pam p.26, 280 Meadow Hill B&B p.470 Meadow House p.561 Meadowlark Country House p.183 Meadowlark Inn p.647 Mean Bull p.544 Meauxbar Bistro p.350 Mechanicsburg PA see Harrisburg Area p.578-579 MeckPAC p.528 MED Iowa's Queer Students (MEDIQS) p.335 Medfield MA see Boston Area p.377 Medford MA see Boston Area p.376-377 Medford OR see Ashland/ Medford Area p.62, 561 Media PA see Philadelphia Area p.67, 589-590 Media Services: Audio, Video, Film, Scanning, CD/ DVD etc p.139, 287, 484 Medical Billing Services p.112 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries p.11, 165 Medical University of South Carolina Gay Straight Alliance p.605 Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy p.144 Mediterranean Hookah Lounge & Cafe p.690 Mediterranean Manor p.496 MedSport Massage LLC p.24, 257 Medtronic Triangle Alliance p.114 Meeting/ Dating/ Introduction/ Rela tionships p.4, 18, 31, 112, 217, 314, 505 MEGA Family Project p.291 Megaplex p.419

McAllen TX see Rio Grande Valley p.638 MCC p.436, 637 MCC Albuquerque p.464 MCC Amarillo p.618 MCC Austin at Freedom Oaks p.622 MCC Baton Rouge p.346 MCC Boston p.377 MCC Charleston p.605 MCC Charlotte p.529 MCC Christ the Liberator p.456 MCC El Paso p.630 MCC Family In Christ p.232 MCC Illiana p.330 MCC in the Valley p.179 MCC Knoxville p.612 MCC Los Angeles p.179 MCC Louisville p.345 MCC Montana - Great Falls p.429 MCC New Haven p.241 MCC Ocala p.274 MCC of Baltimore p.365 MCC of Corpus Christi p.623 MCC of Greater Dallas p.629 MCC of Greater St Louis p.93, 426

McCall, David, PhD p.251 McCall, Jack D, Realtor, AHS p.607 McCann, Mike p.590 McCarron Accounting & Consulting, CPAs p.274 McCarthy AK see Wrangell St. Elias National Park p.134 McCarthy, Dennis, MA LMHC p.673 McCarthy, Diane, LMSW, ACSW p.38, 394 McCarthy, Mark, MS, LPC p.421 McCauley, Lori, Esq p.61, 98, 549 McClain, John L p.574 MCCNY Homeless Youth Services/Sylvia's Place p.512 McConduit-Patin, Chanttell, Broker p.351 McCormick's Pub p.662

McCracken, Daniel, MA, MFT, Psychotherapy & Counseling Services p.208 McCranie, Bob p.628 McCurdy, Gilbert, MBA, LCSW p.499 McDaniel, Lee p.421 McDonald Floral & Gifts p.138 McDonald TN see Cleveland p.611 McDonald, Allison M p.28, 290 McDonald, John, Broker p.322 McDonald, Michael, Realtor p.220 McDonald, Robert, PhD p.525 McFadden's p.614 McGahan, Pete, Realtor p.284 McGill, Todd, Realtor p.344 McGlone, Thomas p.363 McGovern, Maureen E., Ph.D p.499 McGrath, Kerry E p.28, 290 McGraw, Cory p.678 McGregor Clinic p.264 McGregor Food & Spirits Company p.264 McGuinness, Debbie p.50, 483 McGuire, Cara p.140 McHenry County Pride Group p.316 McHenry IL see Chicago Area p.312 McIntosh, Bryan, MD p.675 McKay, Pennie, MA, LPCP, NCC p.89, 305 McKelvey, Denise M, CFS p.581 McKendree University Spectrum Alliance p.321 McKinley House p.388 McKinley Presbyterian Church & Foundation p.309 McKinley, Peter G p.258 McKinleyville CA see Eureka/ Humboldt County p.162 McLean County AIDS Task Force p.307 McLean VA see DC Washington Area p.250, 252 McMackin, Christopher, MD p.251 McNally Jackson Booksellers p.496

July 2012

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INDEX Meininger, Eric, MD, MPH Meininger, Eric, MD, MPH p.411 Meinzer, Nick, Hairstylist p.209 Meiring, Thomas, PhD, LPCC p.554 Meiselman, Alyson Dodi p.35, 367 Mela Indian Restaurant p.524 Melander, Ron p.296 Melbourne Beach FL see Brevard County p.257 Melbourne FL see Brevard County p.256-257 Mele Kohola p.299 Melillo, Karen, Realtor p.8, 142 Melillo, Peter A., LCSW, ACSW, BCD p.499 Melitta Station Inn p.192 Mellow Mushroom Pizza p.295 Melrose B&B p.450 Melrose MA see Boston Area p.377 Melrose Spa p.175 Melrose UU Church p.377 Melt Bistro & Bar p.567 Melville NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.490 Mema Thai & Chinese Cuisine p.300 Memorial Christian Church p.395 Memorial Congregational Church p.370, 378 Memorial Episcopal Church p.365 Memorial UMC p.486 Memphis Area Gay Youth p.613 Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center p.612 Memphis Paranormal Investigations p.613 Men Alive p.186 Men of All Colors Together/ MACT Philadelphia p.99, 588 Men of All Colors Together/ New York (MACT/NY) p.96, 508 Men of Discipline p.212 Men Together /Hombres Unidos p.83, 159

INDEX 778 Metropolitan State College Of Denver Auraria Genders and Sexualities Alliance Men's & Sex Clubs (not primarily Health Clubs) p.84, 139, 158, 163, 168, 175, 195, 200, 210, 217, 225, 228, 252, 262, 266, 272, 275, 283, 290, 303, 314, 321, 326-327, 350, 398, 400, 407, 419, 425, 435, 437, 472, 505, 518, 540, 545, 549, 554, 570, 588, 594, 603, 620, 626, 634, 639, 676, 693 Men's Forum Potluck p.564 Men's Power Exchange p.375 Men's Resource Center p.568 Men's Resource Center for Change p.390 Men's Social Network p.144 Men's Soul Food Project p.85, 195 Menagerie p.165 Menasha High School Gay Straight Alliance p.688 Menasha WI see Fox Valley p.688 Mendocino CA see Mendocino Area p.13, 182-183 Mendocino County AIDS Volunteer Network p.182 Menges, Tom, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES p.536 Menjo's p.397 Menlo Park CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.207, 213 Menlo School Gay Straight Alliance p.212 Menlo-Atherton High School Gay Straight Alliance p.212 MenN2Men p.306 Mennonite Congregation of Boston p.377 Mennonite see:

Religious Organizations & Publications

Merchant Services p.55, 505 Mercury Cafe p.227 Meridian ID see Boise p.29, 305 Meridian United Church of Christ p.572 Meridianville AL see Huntsville p.6, 129 Merlin's p.473 Merlino, Joseph P, MD p.500 Mermaid & The Alligator p.267 Mermaid Cove p.267 Mermaid Inn of Mystic p.239 Merola Barton, Geraldine T., PhD p.49, 482 Merrick NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.493, 503, 513 Merrill, Randy p.196 Merrillville IN see Gary Area p.326 Merrimack College Friends Coalition p.382 Merring, Jessica, MFT p.219 Merry Maids p.307 Meryhew, Brad A p.676 Mesa AZ see Phoenix Area p.7, 138-140 Mesilla NM see Las Cruces Area p.48, 465 Mesquite TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.629 Metairie LA see New Orleans Area p.33, 348-351 Metamorphosis p.511 Metanoia Peace Community UMC p.572 Meteor p.632 Methodist see:

Metro LGBT Community Center p.280 Metro Music & Books p.131 Metro Restaurant & Lounge p.281 Metro Store p.266 Metro Tampa p.281 Metro Teen AIDS p.249 Metro Weekly p.249 Metro Wellness & Community Centers p.280 Metro Wellness Youth Therapy p.88, 284 Metro Youth Group p.88, 284 Metro Youth Outreach Program p.546 Metroline p.234

advertisement p.235

Menomonie WI see Chippewa Valley Area p.687 Mental Health Association of Rockland County, Inc. p.482 Mentone B&B p.348 Mequon WI see Milwaukee Area p.692-693 Meramec Farm Cabins & Horseback Riding Vacations p.419 Merc Community Market & Deli p.337 Mercantile Saloon p.195 Mercer, Katrina N, MA, LMHC p.76, 673

Metropolis Cafe p.372 Metropolis Wine Bar p.647 Metropolitan p.492 Metropolitan Business Association p.275 Metropolitan Charities Inc. p.281 Metropolitan Community Church Elizabethtown p.341 Metropolitan Community Church Key West p.269 Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit p.399 Metropolitan Community Church of New Orleans p.351 Metropolitan Community Church of New York p.515 Metropolitan Community Church of Omaha p.432 Metropolitan Community Church of Philadelphia p.591 Religious Organizations & Metropolitan Community Publications Church of San Francisco Metra Magazine p.393 p.214 Metrailer, Rosemary p.11, Metropolitan Community 164 Church of Topeka p.339 Metro p.266, 327 Metropolitan Community Metro Area Gender Identity Church Rehoboth p.248 Connection p.254 Metropolitan Community Metro Coffee House p.293 Church see: Religious Organizations & Metro DC PFLAG Chapter Publications p.253 Metro Detroit Softball League Metropolitan Community Churches p.122 p.399 Metropolitan Memorial UMC Metro Fridays at Lizard p.254 Lounge p.493 Metropolitan State College Metro Gay Wrestling AlliOf Denver Auraria Genders ance, Inc (MGWA) p.516 and Sexualities Alliance Metro Hotel San Francisco p.229 p.204

July 2012

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INDEX 779 Metropolitan State University Gender& Sexuality Student Services Metropolitan State University Gender& Sexuality Student Services p.413 Metropolitan State University Lavender Bridge p.413 Metropolitan Tennis Group p.516 Metrosource p.104, 488 Metrosource LA p.170 MetroStore p.237

advertisement p.237

INDEX Mill Rose Inn Midsouth Gay Sportbike Riders p.613 Midtown Dentistry p.633 Midtown Global Market p.410 Midtown Pub p.129 Midtown Village Cafe p.195 Midtowne Spa p.175, 228, 620, 693 Midtowne Spa Dallas p.626 Midtowne Spa Houston p.634 Midvale UT see Salt Lake City Area p.645 Midway Cafe p.36, 372 Midwest Bearpack p.328 Midwest Moving & Storage p.314 Midwest Pages to Prisoners Project p.116, 324 Midwest Trans & Queer Wellness Initiative p.539 Mighty p.207 Mike & John's Godfathers Pizza p.322 Mike 'n Molly's p.308 Mike Russell Realtor p.292 Mike's Ice Cream & Coffee Bar p.614 Mike's Place p.198 MiKo's Guest House p.671 Milagras Guesthouse p.8, 143 Mile 5.2 Greenhouse & Gift Shop p.132 Mile High Freedom Band p.228 Mile High Grill & Inn p.136 Mile High Rainbow Society of the Deaf p.229 Mile-Hi Bullseye Dart League p.230 Milford MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.391 Milford PA see Poconos Area p.67, 595-596 Military & Police Uniform Association p.112 Milizio, Joseph G p.504 Milk & Honey /Goddess Lounge p.194 Milky Way Lounge & Lanes p.91, 372 Mill p.334 Mill Creek WA see Seattle Area p.77, 678 Mill House Inn p.488 Mill Rose Inn p.203

Mews Restaurant & Cafe p.385 MexGay Vacations p.181 Mexican Radio p.480 Mexico Congregational Church p.355 Meyer's Grove p.424 Meyer, Brian, MD p.587 Meyerovich, Alex p.235 Meyers, Joyce Z, LCSW p.53, 499 Mezzanine p.207 Mezzanine Antique Center p.479 Mezze Bistro + Bar p.389 MG Leather p.386 MI p.400 Mi Casa Su Casa International Gay & Lesbian Home Exchange p.105 Mi Gatita B&B p.142 Mi Gente Cafe p.492 Miami Beach Bruthaz p.88, 272 Miami Beach Community Church p.273 Miami Beach Family & Sports Chiropractic Center p.271 Miami Beach FL see Miami Area p.25, 88, 269-273 Miami Beach Gay Bowling League p.273 Miami FL see Miami Area p.25-26, 88, 269-273 Miami Front Runners p.273 Miami Gardens FL see Miami Area p.272 Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival p.272 Miami Gay Men's Chorus p.272 Miami Gay News p.269 Miami Guest House p.270 Miami Mavericks Tennis Club p.273 Miami Shores FL see Miami Area p.272

Miami University 1809 LGBT Alumni p.118, 553 Miami University G.L.E.A.M. p.553 Miami University Office of GLBTQ Services p.553 Miami University Spectrum p.553 Miami University Women's Center p.61, 553 Miami Valley Homecare p.551 Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.551 Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce p.272 Micah's Village p.562 Micawber's Books p.410 Michael L Johnson Law Office p.676 Michael M. Krop Sr. High School Spectrum p.272 Michael Salem Cross Dressing Boutique p.119 Michael Servetus Unitarian Society p.414 Michael's Genuine Food & Drink p.271 Michael's on the Park p.350 Michael's Outpost p.632 Michaels Restaurant p.268 Michelangelo's p.480 Michele Karlsberg Marketing & Management p.56, 512 Michele's Lakeside 55 Restaurant p.480 Michiana Dunes Car Club p.323, 393 Michiana GLBT Resource Center Teen Night p.330 Michigan AIDS Coalition (MAC) p.393 Michigan Coalition for Human Rights p.393 Michigan Gay Officers Action League (MI-GOAL) p.393 Michigan International Gay Rodeo Association p.393 Michigan Panthers (Flag Football) p.399 Michigan Pride Inc p.393 Michigan Pride Source Yellow Pages p.393 Michigan Technological University Keweenaw Pride p.401 MichiganLIFE (Lesbian Info & Fun Events) p.38, 393

Micklos, Patricia J, PsyD p.642 Micky's p.173 Microsoft GLEAM p.676 Mid America Freedom Band p.422 Mid Columbia UU Fellowship p.565 Mid Hudson Valley Gay & Lesbian Professional Alliance p.484 Mid Hudson Valley Transgender Association p.485 Mid Valley Women's Crisis Services p.65, 99, 573 Mid-Atlantic Amateur Softball Association p.655 Mid-Columbia PFLAG p.565 Mid-Fairfield AIDS Project p.242 Mid-Iowa Community Action Agency p.335 Mid-Missouri LGBT Coalition p.420 Mid-Pacific Institute Gay Straight Alliance p.303 Mid-South Pride p.613 Middle Grove NY see Albany & Capital Area p.470 Middle Tennessee Bear Alliance p.615 Middle Village NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.51, 56, 493, 503, 512 Middlebury College GLEAM p.652 Middlebury College MiddGALA p.118, 652 Middlebury College Open Queer Alliance p.652 Middleton Community Church UCC p.691 Middleton WI see Madison Area p.691 Middletown CA see Napa Valley Area p.183 Middletown NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 479-480, 483-485 Middletown PA see Harrisburg Area p.578 Midland MI see Bay City/ Midland/ Saginaw Area p.396 Midland TX see Odessa p.637 Midland UCC p.396 Midnight Squares p.211 Midnight Sun p.205 Midori's Floating World Cafe p.410

July 2012

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INDEX Mill Valley CA Mill Valley CA see Marin County Area p.182 Millbury MA see Worcester Area p.391 Miller Counseling Services, LLC p.33, 347 Miller Dixon Drake, CPA p.578 Miller's of the Emerald Coast p.277 Miller, Jane Brindle p.17, 210 Miller, Jody, MFT p.66, 586 MillerCoors LAGER p.228 Millerton NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482 Millicent & Mabel's B&B p.48, 468 Mills College Mouthing Off! The Queer Alliance p.159 Mills River NC see Asheville Area p.58, 524, 526 Milpitas CA see San Jose & South Bay Area p.218 Milrod, Christine, PhD, LMFT, ACS p.13, 178 Milton Academy Gay & Straight People (GASP) p.387 Milton FL see Pensacola Area p.277 Milton GA see Atlanta Area p.288 Milton High School Gay Straight Alliance Club p.387 Milton MA see South Shore Area p.387 Milton NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.484 Milton's p.542 Miltown Kings p.79, 693 Milwaukee Alano Club p.692 Milwaukee Gay Arts Center p.693 Milwaukee LGBT Community Center p.692 Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival p.693 Milwaukee LGBT History Project, Inc. p.692 Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church p.693 Milwaukee Pride Parade Inc p.693 Milwaukee Queer Cooperative p.693 Milwaukee Transgender Program p.693 Milwaukee WI see Milwaukee Area p.79, 102, 692-694


Milwaukie OR see Portland Area p.568, 572 Mimosa Books & Gifts p.690 Mindfair p.553 Mine Shaft Tavern p.465 Miner, Steven P, Esq p.578 Minerva NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 Mineshaft p.168 MiNGO p.566 Mingolelli, C.J., Realtor p.513 Minibar p.311 Mining Company/TMC p.624 Minneapolis College of Art & Design Queer p.413 Minneapolis Mayhem RFC p.416 Minneapolis MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.40-41, 92, 408-416 Minneapolis Movie Bears p.412 Minnehaha UCC p.415 Minnehaha UMC p.415 Minnesota AIDS Project p.406 Minnesota Freedom Band p.412 Minnesota Gay & Lesbian Couples p.406 Minnesota GLBTA Campus Alliance p.406 Minnesota Lavender Bar Association p.406 Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra p.412 Minnesota Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (MNRAD), s p.406 Minnesota RollerGirls p.41, 416 Minnesota State University Moorhead Safe Zone p.538 Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition p.406 Minnesota Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.414 Minnesota Women's Press p.40, 406 Minnetonka MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.411, 413 Minnie's Restaurant & Bar p.183 Minnkota Center p.538 Minnkota Health Project p.538 Minster & Facciolo, LLC p.248, 587 Mint p.150 Mint Hill NC see Charlotte Area p.529 Mint Karaoke Lounge p.205 Mint/820 p.567 Mira Vista United Church of Christ p.161 Mirabar p.602 Miracle Munchkins p.115 Miracle Providers NorthEast p.381 Mirage Mediterranean Bar & Grill p.295 Miriam Street Marina Manor p.280 Mirror Lake Lodge Vacation Rental p.443 Mischief Cards & Gifts p.189 Misfits p.633 Mishaan, Marilyn, RN, PhD p.53, 499 Mishawaka IN see South Bend/ Mishawaka p.330 Mishka's Cafe p.156 Miso Nara, New City Sushi p.481 Miss Lyndonville Diner p.652 Missie B's p.421 Mission High School Gay Straight Alliance p.212 Mission KS see Kansas City Metro Area (MO & KS) p.422 Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.161 Mission San Jose High School Gay Straight Alliance p.159 Mission Sts. Sergius & Bacchus p.122, 381 Mission Viejo CA see Orange County p.184 Mississippi HeARTS Against AIDS p.418 Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition p.418 Missoula AIDS Council p.429 Missoula Gay Men's Chorus p.429 Missouri Gay Rodeo Association p.419 Missouri Western State University Pride Alliance p.423 Mist Restaurant p.565 Mister Sister p.602 MIT LGBT Community p.376 MIT Press Bookstore p.373 MIT Rainbow Lounge p.376 MIT SloanLGBT p.376

INDEX Mom's Apple Pie Mitchell County Gay Straight Alliance p.525 Mitchell, Connie L, CPA p.35, 366 Mitteldorf, Darryl, LCSW p.499 Mix p.205, 682 Mix Lounge & Food Bar p.451 MIX: New York Queer Experimental Film Festival p.507 Mixers p.362, 392 Mixx p.247, 289 Mixx Nightclub & Metro Grille p.395 Miyo's p.606 Mizpah UCC p.414 Mizuna p.681 MJ's p.172 MJ's Cafe p.551 MJ's Tavern p.659 Mjelde, Marcy p.76, 666 Mnemonictsunami Professional Digital Scanning Service p.108, 491 Mo's O'Brady's p.131 Moab Pride Festival p.643 Mobile Alabama Pride Bowling p.130 Mobile Alabama Pride, Inc. p.129 Moby Dick p.205 Moby Dick Hotel & Oyster Farm p.668 MOCHA Center p.94, 97, 474, 518 Mod Cafe p.480 Mod Coffeehouse p.631 Model Bartenders, Inc. p.496 Model T p.289 Modern Times Bookstore p.207 Moe's p.492 Moe's of Denver BBQ & Bowling p.227 Moe's Starlite Lounge p.233 Moe's Sub Shop p.339 Moffett House p.384 Mojo's p.559 MokaBe's p.424 Molinet, Rudy p.269 Molino Jewelers p.483 Molly's La Casita p.612 Molotov Austin p.619 Moltaji, Roya, CFP, ChFC, CASL p.410 Molten Java p.236 Mom's Apple Pie p.193

July 2012

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INDEX Moments at Alibi Moments at Alibi p.51, 495 Momentum Project, Inc. p.491 Momma D's Diner p.26, 279 Mona Lisa Restaurant p.350 Mona Pizza Gourmet p.553 Mona's p.260 MONA's (Milwaukee Out 'n About) Restaurant & Night Club p.692 Monarch Hotel p.204 Monarchy p.286 Monday Mixed Classic Bowling League p.285 Monday Night Bowling League p.378 Monday Night Fourplay Bowling p.516 Monday Night Women p.72, 636 Mongaup Valley NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480 Mongoose on the Loose Web Design p.162 Mongrel p.662 Monji, Zena, MD, OB/GYN p.62, 563 Monkey Business p.260 Monmouth IL see p.321 MONOHO: Men of Northampton p.390 Monroe Congregational UCC p.668 Monroe NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 482, 485 Monroe OH see Cincinnati Area p.542 Monroe, Megan, MSW, LSCSW p.41, 421 Monsey NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.486 Monster p.495 Monster Trendz, Inc p.111 Montana Club p.429 Montana Gay Men's Task Force p.427 Montana Human Rights Network p.427 Montana Pride Network p.427 Montana State QSA p.428 Montclair Book Center p.454 Montclair CA see Inland Empire p.166 Montclair High School Gay Straight Alliance p.454


Montclair NJ see Montclair Area p.46, 94, 454-455 Montclair Presbyterian Church p.161 Montclair State University LGBT Center p.454 Monte Rio CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.192-193 Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation /Interweave p.166 Montebello CA see Los Angeles Area p.84, 172 Monterey CA see Central Coast p.151-152, 154-155 Monterey Park CA see Los Angeles Area p.84, 176 Monterey Peninsula College Diversity Club p.154 Montgomery AIDS Outreach p.130 Montgomery College Gay Straight Alliance p.367 Montgomery Inn B&B p.342 Montgomery NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Monticello NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 480, 485 Montour Falls NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.519 Montreal Inn p.460 Montrose Counseling Center p.633 Montrose Daily News p.631 Moonfire Empowerment & Spirituality p.515 Moonshine Cabin p.617 Moonshine Inn p.648 Moonstruck p.450 Moore & Allen, PLLC p.557 Moore & Hunt p.72, 634 Moore, John, LCPC p.312 Moore, Russel D p.290 Mooresville NC see Lake Norman p.531 Moorhead MN see Fargo/ Moorhead Area p.538 Moose & Sadie's p.410 Moose Meadow Lodge p.651 Moosic PA see Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre Area p.596 Moraga CA see East Bay Area p.159 Morales, Leo, Broker p.564 Moran, Louis J, ACSW, BCD p.474 Moravian College Spectrum p.581 Mordica, Kristi, Associate Broker p.50, 485 More Light Presbyterians p.122, 520 More Light Presbyterians in Middle Tennessee p.616 Morehart, Tina J, DDS p.61, 557 Morehead Inn p.527 Morehead Manor B&B p.533 Morehead State University Allyance p.345 advertisement p.635 Montrose Mining Company Morehouse College Safe Space p.292 p.632 Montrose Soccer Club p.636 Morgan Hill Retreat p.523 Morgan Hill United MethodMontrose Softball League ist Church p.183 p.636 Morgan Inn B&B p.239 Montvale Hotel p.680 Montview Boulevard Presby- Morgan State House p.470 Morgan State University terian Church p.230 Rainbow Soul p.91, 364 Monty's Blue Plate Diner Morgantown IN see Indianp.690 apolis Area p.326-327 Monument CO see ColoMorgen, Kenneth B, PhD rado Springs Area p.363 p.225-226 Morikawa, Seiji, Certified Moody ME see Ogunquit Groomer p.160 Area p.357 Mormon also see: MooLuxe p.111 Affirmation (Mormon) Moon & Mesa Retreat p.465 Mormon see: Moon Over Maine p.356 Religious Organizations & Moon Struck p.344 Publications Moon Way Lodge p.167 Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast p.541 Moon, Janell p.16, 208 Morning Glory Cafe p.525 Moon, Tom, MFT p.208 Morning Glory Inn p.686 Moonbow Camp p.180

INDEX Motor City Pride Mornings OUT p.588 Morningside College Gay Straight Alliance p.336 Morningside High School Gay Straight Alliance p.177 Morningside United Methodist p.573 Morris & D'Angelo p.216 Morris IL see Chicago Area p.313 Morris Plains NJ see Morristown Area p.455 Morris, Cheryl, DC p.49, 483 Morris, David, GRI, BrokerAssociate p.328 Morris, Jane p.34, 357 Morris, Jill C, PhD, LMHC, LMFT p.24, 261 Morris, Michael E p.275 Morrison, Robert P p.676 Morristown Unitarian Fellowship p.455 Morrisville NC see Triangle Area p.535 Morro Bay CA see Central Coast p.153 Mortgage Associates of Texas p.634 Mortgages/ Home Ownership (see also Banks, Real Estate) p.15, 24, 59, 112, 200, 256, 421, 469, 539, 570, 634, 655, 667 Mosaic Hotel p.170 Mosaic Youth Chorus p.228 Moscow ID see p.30, 305-306 Moss Beach Distillery p.205 Moss, Robb p.663 Mosser Hotel p.204 Most Holy Redeemer AIDS Support Group p.204 Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church p.214 Mostel, Julian p.485 Mostly Books p.143 Mother Earth Coffee & Gifts p.286 Mother's Bistro & Bar p.567 Mother's Cafe & Garden p.619 Mother's Restaurant & Wine Bar p.583 Motherlode p.84, 173 Motif Lounge p.216 Motochika MC p.13, 180 Motor City Bears p.399 Motor City Pride p.398

July 2012

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INDEX Motor City Tennis Alliance Motor City Tennis Alliance p.400 Motor Lodge p.141 Motorcycling see:

Sports & Outdoor


Mountain Harvest Market p.165 Mountain Home TN see Johnson City/ Kingsport/ Bristol p.611 Mountain Laurel B 'n B p.524 Mountain Laurel Creek B&B p.293 Mountain Meadow p.588 Mountain Plains AIDS Education & Training Center p.226 Mountain Rise UCC p.520 Mountain Song Inn p.665 Mountain State Bears p.684 Mountain State Knights p.685 Mountain View CA see San Jose & South Bay Area p.216-218 Mountain View Community Church p.229 Mountain View Inn p.242 Mountain View Retreat p.530 Mountain Village Farm B&B p.355 Mountain Vista Cabins p.611 Mountain West Flag Football League p.646 Mountainhome PA see Poconos Area p.67, 595 MountainSide p.440 Mountlake Terrace WA see Seattle Area p.679 Mountville PA see Lancaster p.580 MOVA p.270 Moveable Feast p.342, 362 Moving Man Inc, NY DOT 10213 ICC MC 174323 p.505 Moving Violations Motorcycle Club p.37, 378 Moving/ Transportation/ Storage p.112, 228, 314, 505, 588 Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd p.545 Mozzi's Saloon p.152 MPower p.464 Mpowerment Olympia p.669 MpowerMT p.430 Mr Black at Bardot p.173 Mr D's Leather & Novelties p.660 Mr Henry's p.250 Mr S Leather p.210 Mr. Leather Colorado Foundation p.223 MRB p.350 Mrs Robino's p.248 MS Rainbow Alliance p.93, 418 Mt Adams Lodge p.668 MT Cup p.329 Mt Hood Community College Queer Straight Alliance Club p.571 Mt Juliet TN see Nashville Area p.70, 616-617 Mt Morris NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.518 Mt Tremper NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Mt Washington MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388 Mt. Auburn Presbyterian p.543 Mt. Baker B&B & Cabins p.668 Mt. Baker Lodging, Inc. p.668 Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church p.572 Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church p.161 Mt. Hollywood Congregational Church p.179 Mt. Hood Hamlet B&B p.565 Mt. Peale Resort p.643 Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter p.447 Mt. Sinai Congregational Church p.513 MTSU Lambda Association p.614 MTTA Academy p.112 Mu Crew p.551 Mud Street Cafe p.147 Muddy Waters p.649 Muddy Waters Café p.152 Mudlounge p.427 Mug Shots Coffehouse p.195 Muhlenberg College Gay Straight Alliance p.581 Mulhall, Patrick, PhD, LCSW, PA p.261 Mullally's Restaurant & Pub p.480 Mullen, Edward J p.175 Mullins, Thomas S p.108, 438 Mullkoff, Douglas p.394 Multicultural AIDS Coalition, Inc p.91, 368 Mumfrey's Pharmacy p.351

INDEX Myers Park Baptist Church Mundo Cafe & Restaurant p.496 Munro, Donald p.303 Murasaki Japanese Restaurant p.481 Murder By Mail p.120 Murphy Road Animal Hospital, PC p.617 Murphy, Colleen, Realtor p.29, 303 Murphy, Deborah, CPA p.309 Murphy, Melinda, GRI p.140 Murray UU Church p.370 Murrell, Pat, MSW p.41, 425 Murrell, Pat, MSW, LCSW (MO) p.41, 425 Murry, Andrew, MD p.552 Murrysville PA see Pittsburgh Area p.594 MUSE, Cincinnati's Women's Choir p.60, 542 Museum of Sex p.491 Music also see:


Motown Frontrunners p.400 Mott community College Gay Straight Alliance p.400 Mott, Nancy, MS, Ed.S, p.69, 612 Mount Calvary Christian Church p.638 Mount Calvary Lutheran Church p.224 Mount Dora FL see Orlando Area p.274, 276 Mount Holyoke College Jeannette Marks House p.390 Mount Holyoke Lyon's Pride p.118, 390 Mount Hood Parkdale OR see Mount Hood Area/ Columbia River Gorge p.565 Mount Ida College Gay Straight Alliance p.376 Mount Joy PA see Lancaster p.580 Mount Kisco NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482, 486 Mount Morris House B&B p.489 Mount Olive Lutheran Church p.415 Mount Olivet Lutheran Church p.392 Mount Pleasant SC see Charleston Area p.605 Mount Prospect IL see Chicago Area p.31, 317 Mount Sinai NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.513 Mount Sinai School of Medicine Stonewall Alliance p.511 Mount Tabor Lutheran Church p.645 Mount Vernon NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482 Mount Vernon Stable & Saloon p.362 Mount Vernon Unitarian Church p.656 Mount Vernon WA see La Conner p.667-668 Mount Wachusett Community College Pride p.380 Mount Zion Temple p.92, 415 Mountain Brook Inn p.477

Music By Sandy Rapp p.5, 56, 120, 512 Music City Cars p.615 Music City Frontrunners/ Frontwalkers p.616 Music Lessons p.66, 505, 584 Music Sales: Recordings etc p.528, 606 Music see:


Muskegon MI see Grand Rapids p.400-401 Muskingum College Equality Alliance p.552 Musky Bay Resort p.694 Musselman, Kirk p.276 Mutt Hut Pet Boutique, LLC p.120 MV Men p.375 My Bar p.299 My Beach House Rentals on Tybee p.295 My LGBT Plus p.150 My Place p.689 My Scene City p.408 My Secret Closet at New Beginnings p.611 My Sisters' Place p.50, 484 My Sisters' Room p.27, 289 My Stylist Stephen at Anthony Robert's Salon p.168 p.203 Myers Park Baptist Church p.529

July 2012

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INDEX Myers, Daniel, LMT, LNT Myers, Daniel, LMT, LNT p.588 Myers, Julia, M. COUN., LCPC, NCC p.29, 305 p.266 Myles, Alexandra, MSW, LICSW, p.373 p.280 Mysterical-E p.104 Mystic p.521 Mystic CT see Mystic Area p.239 Mystic Krewe of Apollo Birmingham p.128 Mystic Krewe of Apollo de Lafayette p.347 Mystic Krewe of Satyricon p.351 Mystic Lake Manor p.269 Myth p.431 Na'alehu HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.29, 298-299 Nabors, Dale, PA, GRI, CRS p.284 Nadadores of South Florida (Miami) p.273 Naeset-Roe Inn p.689 Nage Rehoboth Beach p.247 Nahcotta WA see Long Beach Peninsula p.668 Nakasone, Allyson, Realtor p.9, 154 Naked Grape Wine Bar p.260 NALGAP Collection p.105, 443 NALGAP: Association of LGBT Addiction Professionals & Their Allies p.114 Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.232 Namaste Spa p.386 NAMES Project Chicago p.310 NAMES Project Delaware p.244 Names Project Foundation AIDS Memorial Quilt p.106, 288 Names Project Foundation Michigan p.393 Names Project Foundation Northern New Jersey Chapter p.444 NAMES Project Indiana Chapter p.323 NAMES Project Los Angeles p.171 NAMES Project New Jersey p.444


NAMES Project Northern New England Chapter p.352, 438, 646 NAMES Project Upper Ohio Valley p.684 Nampa ID see Boise p.304-305 Nance, Suzi C p.68, 602 Nancy & Joe McDonald Rainbow Library p.559 Nancy's 57th Street Lighthouse p.557 Nancy's Nook p.660 Nantucket AIDS Network p.379 Nantucket Bookworks p.379 Nantucket MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.379 Nanuet Animal Hospital p.487 Nanuet NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.480, 487 Naomi's Inn p.388 Napa CA see Napa Valley Area p.184 Napa Guerrilla Gay Bar p.184 Napa Valley Unity League p.184 Napalese Lounge p.688 Naperville IL see Chicago Area p.30, 90, 312, 317, 319 Napi's Restaurant p.385 Naples Area Intergroup, Inc. p.273 Naples NC see Asheville Area p.58, 525 Naples NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517 Napoleon's Itch p.350 Napoleon's Retreat p.424 Napoli, Tom, CPA p.189 NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia p.655 Naranja FL see Miami Area p.271 Narberth PA see Philadelphia Area p.67, 592 Narcotics Anomymous Louisville Area Service p.343 Narcotics Anonymous p.146, 287, 304, 334, 336, 430, 624, 695 Narcotics Anonymous Alabama/NW Florida Region p.127 Narcotics Anonymous Alaska Region p.131

INDEX National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Narcotics Anonymous Champlain Valley Area p.648 Narcotics Anonymous Connecticut Regional Service Committee p.234 Narcotics Anonymous Dallas p.624 Narcotics Anonymous Gold Coast Area Service Committee p.259 Narcotics Anonymous Greater Philadelphia Region p.585 Narcotics Anonymous Green Mountain Area Services p.647 Narcotics Anonymous Hawaii Regional Service Committee p.297 Narcotics Anonymous Iowa River Valley Area p.334 Narcotics Anonymous Montana Area p.427 Narcotics Anonymous New Jersey Regional Service Area p.444 Narcotics Anonymous Northeast Alabama Area p.127 Narcotics Anonymous Portland Area p.566 Narcotics Anonymous Rio Grande Region p.463 Narcotics Anonymous SF Area Service Office p.204 Narcotics Anonymous Southern Idaho Region p.306 Narcotics Anonymous Upper Midewest Region p.537 Narcotics Anonymous Utah Region p.642 Narcotics Anonymous, New England Regional Services Committee p.368 Nardi, Robert L, Lic. Real Estate Broker p.273 Narrowsburg NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478-480 Nash, Michele Y, Esq p.47, 458 Nashfae, the Nashville Radical Faerie Circle p.615 Nashua Web Design p.441 Nashville Black Pride p.100, 615 Nashville Cares p.614 Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce p.615 Nashville Grizzlies Rugby Football Club p.616 Nashville in Harmony p.615 Nashville Music City Couples p.615 Nashville Pride p.615 Nashville TN see Nashville Area p.70, 100, 614-617 Nassau Suite Hotel p.270 Natasha's Bistro After 9 p.342 Nathan Detroit's p.430 Natick MA see Boston Area p.376 National AIDS & STD Hotline CDC Info p.106 National AIDS Brigade p.106, 368 National AIDS Education/ Services for Minorities p.81, 106 National AIDS Memorial Grove p.106 National Archive of GLBT History p.107, 491 National Association of Black & White Men Together p.81, 115 National Association of People With AIDS p.106 National Association of Social Workers - NY LGBT Committee p.506 National Association of Social Workers National Committee on LGBT Issues p.114 National Black Justice Coalition p.81, 115 National Catholic Church of America p.122 National Center for Lesbian Rights p.4, 112 National Center for Transgender Equality p.120 National City Christian Church p.254 National Coalition for LGBT Health p.111 National Coalition for Sexual Freedom p.116 National Coalition of AntiViolence Programs p.4, 113 National Episcopal AIDS Coalition p.106 National Flag Football League of Atlanta p.293 National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) p.114

July 2012

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INDEX National Gay & Lesbian Task Force National Gay & Lesbian Task Force p.116, 177, 253, 272, 375, 412, 509 National Gay Basketball Association p.124 National Gay Flag Football League p.124 National Gay Pilots Association p.114 National Lawyers Guild Queer Caucus p.112 National Leather Association - Northern Nevada p.437 National Leather Association Columbus p.548 National Leather Association Domestic Violence Project p.4, 113 National Leather Association International p.112 National Leather Association-Oklahoma City p.557 National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association p.114, 135, 314, 374 National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association - Philadelphia p.588 National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association Los Angeles p.176 National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, DC p.252 National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, Minnesota p.406 National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association/New York Area p.506 National Lesbian & Gay Law Association p.112 National LGBT Cancer Network p.111 National Minority AIDS Council p.106 National Museum of Women in the Arts p.107, 249 National Native American AIDS Prevention Center p.81, 106 National Network of Abortion Funds p.36, 373 National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) p.115 National Organization For Women p.69, 610 National Organization for Women see:


INDEX New Britain High School Gay Straight Alliance Nemet Motors p.492 Neo p.311 Neo Cantina p.524 Neon Rose p.181 Neptune p.578 Neptune NJ see Jersey Shore p.450, 452 Neshoba Unitarian Universalist Church p.613 Nesse, Mari Anne p.410 Neth, David, Realtor p.678 Network Columbus p.549 Network for LGBT Health Equity p.111 Network/La Red p.91, 369 NetworQ p.337 NETWORTH/Positive Action Inc p.479 Neufeld, Timothy, MD p.166 Neurolux p.304 Neutron p.436 Nevada City CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.11, 164-165 Nevada Gay Men's Chorus p.437 Nevada Gay Rodeo Association p.432 Nevada NOW p.42, 432 Nevada Outdoors p.436 Nevada Women's Lobby p.42, 432 Never Never Land p.33, 351 New Age in Leather p.545 New Age Renegades p.559 New Age: Metaphysical, Occult, Alternative Healing p.8, 30, 34, 58, 113, 147, 196, 210, 225, 228, 286, 305, 344, 355, 367, 411, 451, 460, 505, 525, 639, 690 New Albany IN see Louisville p.344 New Ark UCC p.245 New Bedford MA see South Shore Area p.387 New Beginnings p.77, 676 New Beginnings Christian Church p.663 New Beginnings Restaurant & Nightclub p.611 New Beginnings, Inc. p.73, 646 New Boot Rack Saloon p.266 New Brighton MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.415 New Britain High School Gay Straight Alliance p.240

Organizations/Resources: Vista Grande Villa p.188 Political/Legislative

Triangle Inn Palm Springs p.188

National Organization for Women/New York City p.55, 509 National Organization for Women/New York State p.48, 469 National Organization of Gay & Lesbian Scientists & Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP) p.114 National Prevention Information Network p.111 National Pride At Work, AFLCIO p.114 National Resource Center on LGBT Aging p.117 National Runaway Switchboard p.120 National Sexual Assault Hotline p.4, 113 National Stonewall Democrats p.116 National Women's Music Festival /Women in the Arts p.4, 109 Nations p.662 Native American see:

Organizations/Resources: Ethnic, Multicultural

NativeOUT p.81-82, 115, 139 Nativity Episcopal Church p.399 Natural Bed & Breakfast p.142 Natural Cafe p.152 Natural History Group of NY p.510 Naturist see:

Organizations/Resources: Naturist/Nudist

Absolute Paradise B&B p.298 Cactus Canyon Campground p.419 Chaps Inn p.188 Elysian Guest House p.348 Island House Cafe for Men p.268 Island House for Men p.267 Jones Pond Campground p.518 Pineapple Point Guesthouse & Resort p.259 Red Shed Cottage p.354 River's Edge p.287 Romeo's Holiday p.384 Sea Grape House Inn p.259

Yellowstone River Inn Cabins p.429 Naugatuck CT see Waterbury p.244 Nauraushaun Presbyterian Church p.486 Nauvoo at Sandy Hook p.449 Nazareth College Lambda Association p.520 Nazareth TX see Abilene p.617 NC Pride Marching Band p.523 NC State GLBT Center p.536 NCR League p.114 Ne'r Beach Motel p.356 Neahtawanta Inn p.405 Neal & Associates, Inc. p.26, 277 Nebraska AIDS Project - Norfolk Office p.431 Nebraska AIDS Project Scottsbluff Office p.432 Nebraska AIDS Project - STD Testing Lincoln p.431 Nebraska AIDS Project - STD Testing Location p.430 Nebraska AIDS Project Main Office p.431 Nebraska Equality p.430 Nebraska Wesleyan University Plains Pride p.431 NeCastro, Tom, Realtor p.577 Necto p.394 Neeb, Norman C, DO p.425 Needham MA see Boston Area p.377 Neenah WI see Fox Valley p.689 Nehirim: GLBT Jewish Culture & Spirituality p.82, 97, 122, 515 Neighborhood Congregational Church p.187 Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church p.179 Neighbors for Equality p.523 Neighbours/Underground/ Friends Martini Lounge p.672 Neil Avenue B&B p.547 Nelke, Carl, MA, LCSW p.499 Nellie's Sports Bar p.250 Nelson Project p.71, 622 Nelson-Tebedo Community Clinic p.626

July 2012

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INDEX New Britain Inn New Britain Inn p.583 New Bunkhouse p.493 New Church Family p.258 New Church UCC p.322 New City NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49-50, 480-485 New Community of Faith p.218 New Community UMC p.165 New Covenant Church p.292 New Covenant Community Church p.307 New Creation ICCC p.526 New Creation MCC p.550 New Day Christian Community Church p.607 New Day Worship Center p.296 New Decision Houston p.633 New Delhi Restaurant p.147 New Departures p.416 New England College - Sexual Orientations United with Pride (SOUP) p.439 New England Congregational Church-UCC p.318 New England GLBT Veterans p.369 New England Leather Alliance p.369 New England School of Law OUTLaws p.375 New England's Community Pink Pages p.370 New Faith Community Church p.165 New Foundation Christian Fellowship p.141 New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition p.438 New Hampshire Gay Men's Chorus p.440 New Hampshire Lesbian Corner p.43, 438 New Hampshire Pride At Work p.438 New Hampshire Technical Institute Alliance p.439 New Harvest Foundation p.690 New Haven CT see New Haven Area p.21-22, 86, 240-241 New Haven Pride Center p.240


New Mexico Women's Guest House Retreat & Healing Center p.48, 466 New Milford CT see Danbury p.236 New Moon p.24, 260 New Moon Tucson p.143 New Old Plantation p.630 New Orleans Alliance of Pride p.350 New Orleans Bear & Bear Trapper Social Club p.351 New Orleans Community Coalition p.350 New Orleans Gay Men's Chorus p.350 New Orleans Guest House p.348 New Orleans House p.267 New Orleans LA see New Orleans Area p.33, 347-351 New Orleans Regional AIDS Planning Council (NORAPC) p.349 New Paltz NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.481-482, 484-486 New Perspective Counseling Services p.71, 625 New Phoenix p.275 New Pointe Martini Lounge p.639 New Port Richey FL see Tampa Bay Area p.27, 280-283 New Rochelle NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.481, 484-486 New Scenic Café p.407 New Smyrna Beach FL see Daytona/ Flagler/ Ormond Beach Area p.257-258 New Song Church p.422 New Song Episcopal Church p.335 New Song Fellowship p.637 New South Softball League p.128 New Southie Thursdays p.372 New Spirit Community Church p.160, 319 New Spirit MCC p.543 New Tripoli PA see Philadelphia Area p.592 New Vision Video & News p.532 New Wave Singers p.363 New Ways Ministry (Catholic) p.122

INDEX Newark NJ New West Institute /Longhorns p.176 New World Bistro Bar p.471 New World Catering & Food Boutique p.453 New York Area Bisexual Network p.506 New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA) p.469 New York Association on HIV Over Fifty p.491 New York Avenue Presbyterian Church p.255 New York Bodyworks p.497 New York Bondage Club p.509 New York Boys of Leather p.503 New York Christian Science Group p.515 New York City Dyke March p.55, 508 New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project p.55, 506 New York City Gay Basketball League p.516 New York City Gay Men's Chorus p.507 New York City Photography Club p.491 New York Civil Liberties Union- Genesee Valley Chapter p.518 New York Deli p.662 New York Gay Football League p.516 New York Gay Pool League p.516 New York Lesbian & Gay Contradance p.507 New York Prime Timers p.509 New York Psychotherapy Collective p.499 New York Ramblers Soccer, Inc. p.516 New York Renegades p.503 New York University School of Law Outlaw p.511 New York University Stern School of Business OutClass p.511 New Yorker p.644 Newark CA see East Bay Area p.156, 159, 161 Newark Community Health Centers, Inc. p.456 Newark NJ see Newark Area p.94, 456

New Hope Community Church p.552 New Hope Open p.584 New Hope PA see New Hope PA/ Lambertville NJ Area p.66, 583-584 New Hope Shoes p.583 New Hope UMC p.318 New Ipswich NH see Monadnock Area p.441 New Jersey AIDS Services p.444 New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women p.44, 444 New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus p.444 New Jersey Human Relations Council p.444 New Jersey Institute of Technology Spectrum p.456 New Jersey Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf p.444 New Jersey Ride Against AIDS p.444 New Jersey Support Group p.445 New Jersey's Lesbian & Gay Havurah p.94, 445 New Leaf Florist p.209 New Life Community Church of Hope p.329 New Life in Messiah Fellowship p.293 New Life MCC p.529 New Life MCC of Hampton Roads p.660 New Light MCC p.367 New Lisbon WI see Wisconsin Dells p.695 New Mexico AIDS Services p.463 New Mexico AIDS Services, Farmington p.465 New Mexico Gay Men's Chorus p.463 New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association p.462 New Mexico Gay Straight Alliance Network p.462 New Mexico GLBTQ Centers p.462 New Mexico Outdoors p.462 New Mexico State University Sexual & Gender Diversity Resource Center p.465 New Mexico State University Stonewall Queer Straight Aladvertisement p.241 New Heart MCC/UCC p.682 liance p.465 New Hope Celebrates p.584 New Mexico Women's Chorus p.47, 463 New Hope Center p.49, 473

July 2012

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INDEX Newark OH Newark OH see Columbus Area p.61, 549-550 Newark-Essex Pride Coalition p.456 Newberry, Tara p.42, 434 Newburgh NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.481 Newbury College Gay Straight Alliance p.375 Newbury Park CA see Central Coast p.155 Newburyport MA see Merrimack Valley p.381-382 NewFest p.506 Newport Beach CA see Orange County p.185-186 Newport House B&B p.659 Newport KY see Cincinnati Area p.542 Newport News VA see Hampton Roads Area p.658-660 Newport TN see Gatlinburg p.611 News & Photo Shop p.540 Newsbreak p.387 Newton Centre MA see Boston Area p.376 Newton Highlands Congregational Church p.377 Newton Highlands MA see Boston Area p.377 Newton Lower Falls MA see Boston Area p.376 Newton MA see Boston Area p.36-37, 374, 376-378 Newton North High School Gay Straight Alliance p.376 Newton South High School Gay Straight Alliance p.376 Newton, Mary p.75, 657 Newtown Alano Club p.309 Newtown PA see New Hope PA/ Lambertville NJ Area p.584 Newtown Square PA see Philadelphia Area p.589 NewTown Writers p.316 Next Generation Trust Services, LLC p.459 Next Magazine p.488 Nguyen, Giang T, MD p.587 NIA Collective p.10, 83, 159 Niagara Falls NY see Buffalo/ Niagara Falls Area p.474-475 Nice Jewish Boys DC p.87, 253 Nice Jewish Girls DC p.23, 87, 253


Nicholas Restaurant p.567 Nicholasville KY see Lexington p.342 Nichols Hills OK see Oklahoma City Area p.557 Nickel Bar p.97, 527 Nickerson, Bruce W p.210 Nicola's Books p.394 Nicolenas B&B p.489 Night Dreams p.365, 665 Night Heron Cottage B&B p.37, 379 Nightspots p.89, 309 Nightsweats & T-cells p.108 Nikos Diaman Limited Editions p.108 Niles Discovery Church p.161 Nimbus Michigan p.400 Nina's Bed & Breakfast p.30, 309 Nina's Lounge p.51, 492 Nine Zero Hotel p.371 Nine-O-Five Royal Hotel p.348 Nirvana Now p.554 Niskayuna NY see Albany & Capital Area p.472 Nita Nita p.492 NJ Bares p.445 NJ Gay Film Society Potluck Dinner Club p.445 NJ Women & Aids Network p.44, 444 p.454 p.446 NLA see:

National Leather Association

INDEX North Jersey Gay & Lesbian Bowlers League North Charleston SC see Charleston Area p.604-605 North Chelmsford MA see Merrimack Valley p.382 North Coast Athletics Volleyball p.547 North Coast Co-op p.162 North Coast Country Inn p.165 North Coast Men's Chorus p.545 North Coast Softball p.547 North Congregational UCC p.550 North Conway NH see White Mountains Area p.443 North Country Bears p.412 North Country Gaylaxians p.412 North Creek NY see Adirondacks Area p.469 North Dakota Department of Health HIV/AIDS Program p.537 North Dakota Human Rights Coalition p.537 North Dakota State University Gay Straight Alliance p.538 North Dartmouth MA see Dartmouth p.380 North East Oklahoma Nudists p.559 North East Transwomen's Alliance p.37, 383 North Easton MA see Boston Area p.374, 377 North End p.311 North Fork Valley Restaurant & Thirsty Parrot Pub p.232 North Fork Women For Women Fund, Inc. p.54, 502 North Grafton MA see Worcester Area p.391 North Hills CA see Los Angeles Area p.179 North Hollywood CA see Los Angeles Area p.12, 84, 172-173, 175, 179-180 North Hollywood Spa p.175 North Idaho AIDS Coalition p.305 North Idaho College Gay/ Straight Alliance p.305 North Idaho Gay Men's Association p.306 North Jersey Community Research Initiative p.94, 444 North Jersey Gay & Lesbian Bowlers League p.456

NLA: Columbus p.549 No 1 Fifth Avenue p.198 No More Down Low p.87, 250 No Parking p.95, 495 NO/AIDS Task Force p.349 Noah Grant's Grill House & Raw Bar p.327 Noank Baptist Church p.242 Nob Hill Adult Theatre p.208 Nob Hill Hotel p.204 Nob Hill Motor Inn p.204 Noble & Greenough School Gay Straight Alliance p.376 Noble Road Presbyterian Church p.547 Noblesville IN see Indianapolis Area p.326 Noc Noc p.206 Nocturnum p.162

Noe Valley Ministry p.214 Noga, Sheri M, MA, LMSW 1575 p.39, 397 NoHo Pride p.389 Noho's Hawaiian Cafe p.567 Noir Leather p.398 noiZe Magazine p.104, 170 NOLA Pride p.350 NoLose p.117 NOMA Urban Bar & Grill p.532 Nomenus/Wolf Creek Sanctuary p.574 Nonesuch Books & Cards p.358 Norberg, Patricia L, MS, NCC p.62, 563 Norcross GA see Atlanta Area p.292 Norfolk VA see Hampton Roads Area p.75, 658-661 Norm p.25, 266 Normal IL see Bloomington/ Normal p.307 Normal's Books & Music p.362 Norman OK see p.61, 556 Norman's p.599 Normandale Community College Gay & Straight Student Alliance p.413 Normandy Park Congregational UCC p.679 Norristown PA see Philadelphia Area p.585 North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance p.124 North American Old Catholic Church p.122 North American Same-Sex Partner Dance Association (NASSPDA) p.114 North Andover MA see Merrimack Valley p.382 North Babylon NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.55, 57, 503, 516 North Bay Wanderwomen p.14, 194 North Beach Guest House p.270 North Bend OR see p.565 North Bennington VT see Bennington p.647 North Cape May NJ see Jersey Shore p.451 North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival p.535 North Carolina State University commUNITY Alliance p.536

July 2012

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INDEX North Little Rock AR North Little Rock AR see Little Rock p.148-149 North Lodge on Oakland p.523 North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival p.345 North Miami FL see Miami Area p.271-272 North Newton KS see Newton p.338 North Palm Beach FL see West Palm Beach/ Palm Beaches Area p.286-287 North Parish of North Andover Unitarian Universalist p.382 North Park Adult Video/Crypt p.199 North Plainfield NJ see Plainfield Area p.458 North Quincy High School Spectrum p.387 North Quincy MA see Boston Area p.372 North Royalton OH see Cleveland Area p.60, 545, 547 North Shore Alliance of GLBT (NAGLY) p.383 North Shore Counseling Group p.497 North Shore Men p.382 North Shore Unitarian Church p.318 North Side Christian Church p.432 North Star Cathedral of Hope p.392 North Star Gay Rodeo Association p.406 North Stonington CT see Mystic Area p.239 North Texas Camping Club p.636 North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce p.627 North Texas Radical Faeries p.628 North Third p.585 North Tower Circle p.163 North Truro MA see Provincetown Area (see also Cape Cod) p.383, 385-386 North West Surrogacy Center p.64, 572 North Wildwood NJ see Southern Shore of NJ p.460 North Woodstock NH see White Mountains Area p.443


Northampton Brewery p.388 Northampton Community College Gay Straight Alliance p.581 Northampton MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.38, 387-391 Northampton Sex Therapy Associates, Jassy p.38, 389 Northaven UMC p.629 Northborough MA see Worcester Area p.391-392 Northbrook IL see Chicago Area p.90, 319 Northeast Florida AIDS Network p.266 Northeast Florida Intergroup Services p.266 Northeast Indiana Diversity Library p.325 Northeast Kingdom Men's Group p.438 Northeast Ohio LGBT Archives p.544 Northeast Ohio Naturists p.546 Northeast PA Leatherman p.596 Northeast Tennessee Pride p.611 Northeast Two Spirit Society p.96, 508 Northeast Ursamen p.234 Northeastern Illinois University GLBTA p.316 Northeastern Pennsylvania Pride Alliance - Pride of Nepa p.596 Northeastern University NU PRIDE p.375 Northeastern University School of Law Queer Caucus p.375 Northern Arizona Gender Alliance p.141 Northern Arizona Pride Association p.136 Northern Arizona University PRISM p.136 Northern California Rainbow Divers (NCRD) p.215 Northern Colorado AIDS Project p.231 Northern Hills Fellowship p.543 Northern Illinois University PRISM p.320 Northern Kentucky University Common Ground p.341 Northern Lights Alternatives AIDS Mastery Workshop p.556 Northern Lights Country Dancers p.412 Northern Lights Lodge p.651 Northern Men's Sauna & Health Club p.505 Northern Nevada HOPES p.436 Northern Nights p.382 Northern Ohio Coalition, Inc p.545 Northern Spy Cafe p.480 Northern Sun p.111 Northern University OUTlook p.403 Northern Utah AIDS Society p.643 Northern Virginia AIDS Ministry p.655 Northern Virginia HIV Consortium p.655 Northern Virginia Women's Rugby p.74, 655 Northfield IL see Chicago Area p.317 Northfield MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.390 Northfield Mt. Hermon High School Gay Straight Alliance p.390 Northfield VT see Green Mountains Area p.651 Northlake Alliance of Gays/ Lesbians & Straights (NAGS) p.292 Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church p.679 Northland Cares p.141 Northland Gay Men's Center p.407 Northland Therapy Center p.410 Northminster Presbyterian p.332 Northridge CA see Los Angeles Area p.13, 178 Northshire Bookstore p.652 Northshore United Church of Christ p.680 Northshore UU Church p.383 Northside Presbyterian Church p.395 Northtown Books p.162 Northview p.131 Northview Church of the Brethren p.328 Northville First United Methodist Church p.399 Northville MI see Detroit Area p.39, 398-399 Northwest Bears p.677

INDEX Notchland Inn Northwest College Gay Straight Alliance p.696 Northwest Community Unitarian Universalist Church p.635 Northwest Gender Alliance p.571 Northwest HIV Care Consortium p.664 Northwest Lesbian & Gay History Museum Project p.665 Northwest Missouri State University Common Ground p.423 Northwest PA Rural AIDS Alliance p.574 Northwest PA-COLAGE p.575 Northwest Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf p.677 Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.293 Northwest UU Church p.399 Northwest Women's Law Center p.77, 676 Northwestern Michigan College PRIDE p.405 Northwestern University Gay & Lesbian Alumni p.118 Northwestern University Kellogg G/L Management Association p.316 Northwestern University Rainbow Alliance p.316 Northwestern University School of Law OUTLaw p.316 Northwood Inn p.460 Northwoods Radical Faerie Circle p.412 Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church p.636 Norton MA see Attleboro p.370 Norwalk CA see Long Beach p.169 Norwalk CT see p.22, 242 Norwell MA see South Shore Area p.387 Norwood MA see Boston Area p.377 Nostrana p.567 Not-A-Bank p.181 Notari, Cheryl Ann, PhD p.461 Notary Services p.66, 196, 272, 588 Notchland Inn p.443

July 2012

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INDEX 788 Notre Dame University Core Council for Gay & Lesbian Students Notre Dame University Core Council for Gay & Lesbian Students p.330 NotStraight NotSure p.561 Nova Cafe p.428 NOVA GLBTQ Professionals p.656 Nova Southeastern University Gay-Straight Student Alliance p.263 Novak's Bar & Grill p.41, 424 Novato CA see Marin County Area p.182 Novelty Items see:

Gifts, Cards, Pride & Novelty Items

INDEX Oedipus Motorcycle Club Obscurities Tattoos & Piercings p.625 Observer p.134 Obsidian Mercury p.111 Ocala Pride Incorporated (OPI) p.274 Occidental CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.192 Occidental College Center for Gender Equity p.177 Occidental College Queer Straight Alliance p.177 Occult see:

New Age: Occult/Wicca Supplies

Novi MI see Detroit Area p.398, 400 Novo p.152 NOW see:

National Organization for Women

Now, Voyager Travel p.215 Nowhere p.494 Nth Degree p.160 Nu Image Medical p.271 Nubian Pride p.102, 674 Nudist see:

Organizations/Resources: Naturist/Nudist

NUJLS: National Union of Jewish LGBTQQI Students p.82, 118 Number Nine p.250 Numbers p.198 Numero Uno on the Beach p.599 Nuns and Roses p.257 Nunu Chocolates, LLC p.501 Nurturing Touch p.9, 148 Nut Hut p.79, 692 Nutty Buddy's p.659 Nuvo Burrito p.614 NW Network of BTLG Survivors of Abuse p.673 NW PA Rural AIDS Alliance Erie Office p.576 NWA Center for Equality p.147 NWA Pride p.148 NWR7 GSA p.244 Nyack Center p.477 Nyack NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49-50, 477, 481-486 NYC (dis)Order of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence p.502 NYC Gay Hockey Association p.516

NYC Gay Men p.510 NYC Gay Men's Shamanic Circle p.515 NYC Lavender Lounge Dating Events p.505 NYC Open Gay Men's Pagan Magic Circle p.515 NYC Police Department Hate Crime Task Force p.506 NYC Tree Trimming & Removal Corp p.502 NYC Up & Out p.488 nYne Bar & Bistro p.681 NYS Stonewall Democrats p.469 NYU LGBTQ Alumni Council p.119, 511 O'Bar, Shelley, LCSW p.33, 353 O'Brien, Kelli M, Esq, PC p.483-484 O'Brien, Maureen, MSW, CSW-R, ACSW p.471 O'Dell, Steven, MSW, LCSW p.568 O'Dell, Susan, PhD, LCSW p.30, 312 O'Doherty, Denise, LPC, MSN p.72, 633 O'Donnell, Brian, PhD p.394 O'Donoghue's p.481 O'Henry's p.524 O'Malley's p.277 O'Malley, Mark, DC p.238 O'Mara, Michele, LCSW p.31, 327 O'Neill's Brass Rail p.241 O.Henry Hotel p.531 Oak Bluffs MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.379 Oak Hill on Love Lane p.524 Oak Lawn Band p.627 Oak Lawn Bowling Association p.629 Oak Lawn IL see Chicago Area p.319 Oak Lawn Tennis Association p.629 Oak Lawn UMC p.629 Oak Park Area Lesbian & Gay Association p.309 Oak Park CA see Central Coast p.154 Oak Park IL see Chicago Area p.31, 309, 312, 315, 317, 319 Oakhurst Baptist Church p.292

Oakhurst CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.165 Oakland CA see East Bay Area p.10-11, 83, 156-161 Oakland Cottage B&B p.523 Oakland East Bay Gay Men's Chorus p.158 Oakland Park FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.259-261, 263-264 Oakland Pride p.159 Oakland University Gay Straight Alliance p.403 Oakland University Gender & Sexuality Center p.403 Oaklands Presbyterian Church p.367 Oaklawn p.326 Oakton VA see Fairfax p.658 Oaktown 8's p.158 Oar House p.281 Oarweed Restaurant p.357 OASIS p.529, 550 Oasis - Diocese of Newark p.445 Oasis Beach Cottage p.630 Oasis Cafe p.659 Oasis California p.150 Oasis Center p.616 Oasis Dance Club Bar & Restaurant p.95, 487 Oasis Fellowship Ministries p.276 Oasis Guest House p.267, 371

advertisement p.371

Oasis Ministry Michigan p.395 Oasis Nightclub p.165 Oasis Video & Bookstore p.465 Oasis Youth Center p.682 OASOS p.233 Obelisk p.15, 199 Oberlin College LGBT Community History Project p.553 Oberlin College LGBTQ Community Multicultural Resource Center p.553 Oberlin Lambda Alumni p.119 Oberlin Lambda Union p.553 Oberlin OH see p.553 Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.553 Oblong Books & Music p.482

Ocean Breeze Retreat p.63, 566 Ocean City NJ see Southern Shore of NJ p.460 Ocean County College Rainbow Alliance p.451 Ocean Empire Chinese Restaurant p.481 Ocean Grove NJ see Jersey Shore p.450 Ocean House p.450 Ocean Odyssey Vacation Rentals p.574 Ocean Park PR see San Juan Area p.599 Ocean Park WA see Long Beach Peninsula p.668 Ocean Point Inn p.562 Ocean Spirit p.299 Ocean View Inn p.450 Oceana Hostal Playero p.599 Oceano p.600 Oceans Beach Bar & Grill p.301 Oceanside CA see San Diego Area p.15, 199 Oceanville NJ see Jersey Shore p.452 Ochs, Travis p.228 Odds Bar p.642 Odessa FL see Tampa Bay Area p.285 Odets, Walt, PhD p.157 Odum Real Estate Group p.35, 366 Odyssey Bulbs p.110 Odyssey Hospice p.624 Odyssey Magazine p.170, 296 Odyssey Yacht Charter p.13, 181 Odyssey Youth Center p.681 Oedipus Motorcycle Club p.180

July 2012

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INDEX 789 Oesterle, David, ABR, CRS, GRI, CLHMS, CDPE, Realtor Oesterle, David, ABR, CRS, GRI, CLHMS, CDPE, Realtor p.140 Off Center/Pulse p.148 Off Chute Too p.139 Off Ramp Leathers p.190 Off the Beaten Path p.464 Off Trax p.644 Office p.540 Office for LGBT Services p.344 Office for Women's Affairs, Indiana Univ p.324 Office Niteclub p.322 Office of Diversity & Inclusion p.650 Office of Diversity Services p.375 Office of LGBT Life p.351 Office of LGBT Student Services p.511 Office of LGBTQ Services p.403 Office of LGBTQA Student Services p.316 Office of Social Justice Education & LGBT Communities p.458 Office of Special Clinical Services p.236 Office Pub p.264 Office Supplies p.113 Ogden OUTreach Resource Center p.643 Ogle, David p.294 Oglethorpe University Outlet p.292 Ogunquit Beach Inn p.356 Ogunquit Cottages p.356 Ogunquit Inn p.356 Ogunquit Lobster Pound p.357 Ogunquit ME see Ogunquit Area p.355-357 Oh! Said Rose p.108 Oh Bar p.471 Ohio AIDS Coalition p.539 Ohio AIDS/HIV/STD Hotline p.539 Ohio Lesbian Archives p.3, 59, 107, 539 Ohio Lesbian Festival p.61, 548 Ohio Mayhem /Gay Hockey Ohio p.550 Ohio Northern University Open Doors p.552 Ohio Pink Ladies (the OPL) p.539 Ohio Safe Schools Project p.539 Ohio Splash p.550 Ohio State University comBIne p.549 Ohio State University Directions p.550 Ohio State University Medical Center AIDS Clinical Trials Unit p.548 Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Outlaws p.549 Ohio State University Multicultural Center p.549 Ohio University LGBT Center p.541 Ohio University LGBTA Society of Alumni p.541 Ohio University Open Doors p.541 Ohio University Out at Work p.541 Ohio University United Campus Ministry p.541 Ohio Wesleyan LGBTIQ Resource Center p.549 Ohio Wesleyan University PRIDE p.549 OHM Ultra Lounge p.474 Oil Can Harry's p.172 OilCan Harry's p.619 OK Cremation & Mortuary Service p.557 Okaloosa AIDS Support & Informational Services) p.277 OKC Pride, Inc p.557 p.61, 556 Oklahoma City Community College Gay Straight Alliance p.558 Oklahoma City Lesbian Moms p.62, 557 Oklahoma City OK see Oklahoma City Area p.61-62, 556-558 Oklahoma City Quakers p.558 Oklahoma City Youth United p.558 Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault p.555 Oklahoma Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus p.555 Oklahoma Gay Rodeo Association p.555 Oklahoma State University SODA p.558 Oklahomans for Equality p.559 Okmulgee OK see Tulsa p.560 Olallieberry Inn B&B p.151 Olcott House Bed & Breakfast Inn p.407 Old Age Metaphysical Country Store p.113 Old Cambridge Baptist Church p.377 Old City Movers p.588 Old First Church ABC/UCC p.454 Old First Reformed Church UCC p.591 Old Granite Inn p.360 Old Grist Mill Restaurant p.480 Old Harbor Books p.134 Old Homestead Restaurant p.480 Old House Restaurant p.608 Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (OLOC) p.5, 117 Old Man Frank's p.281 Old Monterey Inn B&B p.151 Old Mulberry Inn p.636 Old Orchard Beach ME see Portland Area p.358 Old Point Reyes Schoolhouse Compound p.181 Old Ship Church UU p.387 Old South Church UCC p.377 Old South Haven Presbyterian Church p.513 Old Stone Inn p.524 Old Street Saloon p.542 Old Town Chicago Guest House p.309 Old Town GuestHouse p.225 Old Village Inn p.356-357 Old Westbury NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.510 Old Wheeler Hotel p.574 Old Wives Tales p.567 Old Yacht Club Inn p.152 Olde Staunton Inn p.664 Olde Town Inn p.348 Olde Un Theatre/Midwest Adult Books p.420 Older Lesbians Organizing (OLO) p.39, 394 Oldtimers Club of Central Ohio p.548 Olga WA see San Juan Islands p.670 Olin T Binkley Memorial Church p.536

INDEX One Voice Chorus Olive's Gate Guest House p.204 Oliverea NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Olivet Schwenkfelder United Church p.575 Olivia Co. LLC p.6, 125 Olivier House Hotel p.348 Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.669 Olympia WA see Olympia Area p.76, 102, 668-669 Olympians p.677 Olympic Lights B&B p.670 Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.670 Olympic Yacht Club p.680 Olympus p.345 Omaha Front Runners/Walkers p.432 Omaha Metro GLBT Sports League p.432 Omaha Nebraska Gay Pride p.430 Omega p.250 OMG! Magazine p.280 On Broadway p.542 On The Main, Unique Gifts & Jewelry p.357 On the Way B & B p.470 Onalaska WI see La Crosse p.689 Onamia UMC p.416 Once In A Blue Moon Dance p.71, 624 One Anchorage p.132 One Church p.629 ONE Colarado p.223 One in Teen Youth Services p.616 One In Ten/Reel Affirmations p.252 One Iowa p.333 One Island Family Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.269 One Last Shag p.95, 492 one n ten youth Services p.140 ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives p.3, 107 One O Six Off Broadway p.639 One of a Kind B&B p.73, 648 One Source Nutrition, LLC, D. Milton Stokes, MPH, RD, CDN p.243 One Voice Chorus p.398, 528

July 2012

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INDEX One Voice Mixed Chorus One Voice Mixed Chorus p.412 One World Cafe p.321 One World Design p.680 One-Eyed Betty's p.397 One-half Lounge p.649 Oneida Campground & Lodge p.584 Oneonta NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.479, 484-486 OneWheaton p.317 Online Services see:

Internet, Web Sites


Opus Q, A Men's Vocal Ensemble p.158 Oram, Mark p.628 Orange Blossom Hacienda p.137 Orange Blossom Tennis Association p.276 Orange CA see Orange County p.186-187 Orange Coast Leather Assembly p.85, 186 Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church p.187 Orange Country's Premier Gay Social Group p.186 Orange County AIDS Walk p.185 Orange County Bears p.186 Orange County Equality Coalition p.186 Orange County Imperial Court p.185 Orange County Transgender Coalition p.85, 187 Orange CT see New Haven Area p.22, 240-241 Orange NJ see Newark Area p.94, 456 Orange Peel p.524 Orange Tree Golf Resort p.137 Orangeburg NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.483 Orca Swim Club p.680 Orchard Hill Bed & Breakfast p.421 Orchard Ridge UCC p.691 Orchid Inn p.152 OrchidMania South Florida, Inc. p.270 Oregon Bears p.571 Oregon City OR see Portland Area p.64, 570, 572-573 Oregon Gay & Lesbian Law Association p.560 Oregon House p.574 Oregon Men Enjoying Naturism p.570 Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition p.560 Oregon Women's Land Trust (OWL) Farm p.62, 560 Oregon-Idaho Reconciling United Methodists p.304 Orenco p.566 Organización COAI, Inc. p.599 Organizations/ Resources: Anti-Violence, Domestic Violence Resources, Rape Crisis p.4, 9-11, 13, 15, 17, 19-20, 28-32, 34-36, 38, 40-45, 47, 49-50, 55, 57-61, 63-67, 69, 72-74, 76-79, 91-92, 99, 113, 145, 153, 155, 158, 164, 167, 175, 196, 200, 210, 223, 231-232, 291, 304, 306, 314, 320, 327, 337, 339, 359, 361, 363, 369, 374, 389, 408, 411, 422, 425, 431, 440, 442, 444, 448, 463, 473-474, 484, 487, 506, 523, 525, 537, 545, 549, 555-556, 563-564, 570, 573, 576, 581, 588, 596, 606, 617, 620, 634, 639, 645-649, 652-653, 655, 666, 668-669, 676, 684, 690 Organizations/ Resources: Bisexual Focus p.23, 36, 113, 134, 176, 217, 252, 352, 374, 406, 425, 506, 545, 588, 620, 662, 676 Organizations/ Resources: Blind p.113 Organizations/ Resources: Business & Professional Associations, Labor Advocacy p.5, 24, 31, 55, 60, 98, 113-114, 135, 139, 144, 149, 153, 158, 166, 168, 176, 190, 196, 200, 210, 217, 223, 228, 234, 238, 241, 247-248, 252, 256, 258, 262, 268, 272, 275, 283, 286, 291, 297, 305, 314, 327, 344, 352, 374, 386, 389, 392-394, 398, 406, 411-412, 435, 438, 440, 444, 461, 484, 506, 519, 528, 532, 535, 542, 545, 549, 553, 557, 560, 570, 578, 581, 588, 606, 610, 615, 620, 623, 626-627, 634, 663, 676, 681, 690

INDEX Organización COAI, Inc. Organizations/ Resources: Cultural, Arts, Dance, Performance, etc p.5-7, 10, 13, 15, 17-20, 23, 27, 29-32, 34-36, 39-41, 44, 47, 55, 57, 59-61, 63-65, 67, 71-72, 77-79, 86, 96, 114, 128-129, 131, 133, 139, 144, 149, 153-154, 158-159, 163, 168-169, 176, 186, 190, 194, 196, 200, 211, 217, 222, 224-225, 228, 234, 238, 245, 247, 252, 256, 262, 266, 272, 275, 278, 283, 286, 291, 303, 305, 308, 314-315, 324, 328, 333, 335, 340, 344-345, 350, 359, 363, 369, 374, 386, 393-394, 398, 401-402, 412, 422, 425, 429, 432, 437, 440, 442, 444, 449, 463, 472, 474, 476, 484, 487, 506-507, 519, 521, 523, 525, 528, 532, 535, 542, 545, 549, 551, 559, 563, 570, 573, 578, 581, 588, 594, 603, 610, 613, 615, 620, 627, 634, 639, 645, 660, 663, 676, 681, 690, 693 Organizations/ Resources: Deaf p.115, 211, 229, 291, 315, 406, 444, 519, 549, 570, 677, 686 Organizations/ Resources: Differently Abled (see also Blind, Deaf) p.114, 507, 570 Organizations/ Resources: Education, Anti-Defamation p.5, 81, 115, 131, 169, 176, 211, 233-234, 304, 337-338, 374, 507, 554, 557, 562, 564, 627, 665, 677, 688, 693 Organizations/ Resources: Ethnic, Multicultural p.5, 10, 13, 17, 31, 35, 55, 60, 70, 73, 81-94, 96-102, 115, 139, 148, 159, 169, 176, 186, 200, 211, 217, 229-230, 252, 272, 275, 291, 297, 315, 328, 344, 363, 374, 398, 406, 412, 425, 432, 445, 472, 507-508, 528, 535, 546, 559, 570, 588, 604, 615, 617, 627, 634, 645, 677, 693

Ontario CA see Inland Empire p.11, 166 OnTrack p.561 OnTrack /the Allan Collins AIDS Project p.561 Onyx Images p.93, 432 Onyx Men p.90, 313 ONYX Southeast p.89, 290 Opal Restaurant & Bar p.152 Opal's Landing p.277 Opelika AL see Auburn/ Opelika Area p.127 Open p.168 Open Adoption & Family Services p.671 Open Arms MCC p.300, 520 Open Arms of Minnesota, Inc p.409 Open Circle Church of The Brethren p.414 Open Door Chapel p.325 Open Door Community Church p.149 Open Door Community Fellowship p.345 Open Door Fund p.224 Open Door MCC p.366 Open Door Ministries p.169 Open Door Music & Books p.405 Open Door Youth Center p.307 OpenArms Youth Project p.559 openhouse p.212 Opening Doors Project p.120 Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Opticians p.175, 196, 314, 398, 452, 506, 581, 645, 683 Optimus Health Care, Inc p.235 Options p.600 Opus I p.289

July 2012

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INDEX Organización COAI, Inc. Organizations/ Resources: Family and Supporters p.5, 17, 57, 62, 84, 86, 88, 94, 96-97, 99, 101, 115, 127-130, 132-137, 139, 142, 144-145, 147-150, 154-156, 159, 162-166, 169, 176, 183, 186, 190-191, 196, 200, 211, 217, 219-222, 224, 226, 229, 231, 233, 238, 241-242, 247-248, 253, 257, 262, 265-266, 268-269, 272-273, 275-276, 279, 283, 285-287, 291, 293-294, 296, 299-300, 303, 305-308, 315, 320-321, 323-326, 328-335, 338-342, 344-346, 350-351, 355, 359, 363, 366, 368, 374, 379, 389, 392-394, 396, 398, 400-408, 412, 416-417, 419-420, 422-423, 425, 427-433, 435, 438, 441-442, 445-447, 451, 453, 456, 458, 462-469, 472-473, 475-476, 484, 508, 517, 519, 521, 528, 530-533, 535, 537, 540-542, 546, 549, 551-559, 562-566, 570, 573, 575-576, 578-582, 584, 588, 594, 596, 598, 603-604, 606-612, 615, 617-618, 620, 623, 627, 630, 634, 636-640, 642-645, 649-650, 656-658, 660-661, 663-664, 666-671, 677, 680, 682-685, 687-691, 693-696 Organizations/ Resources: General, Umbrella, Pride p.17-18, 24, 44, 46, 55, 77, 96, 128-129, 132, 135-137, 139, 142, 144, 147-148, 154, 159, 162-163, 169, 177, 190, 194, 196, 200, 211, 217, 220, 238, 245, 253, 262, 265, 269, 274-275, 278-279, 283, 291, 293, 296, 305, 315, 324-325, 328, 333, 335, 338, 340, 344, 350, 359, 361, 364, 369, 375, 389, 393, 398, 401, 407-408, 412, 417, 420, 422, 425, 427, 430, 435, 437, 445, 455-456, 464, 473, 484, 508, 519, 521, 523, 528, 542, 546, 557, 559, 561, 563, 570, 573, 578, 581, 584, 588, 594, 601, 605-608, 610-613, 615, 620, 627, 634, 640, 643, 645-646, 655, 658, 660, 664, 666, 669, 677, 683-684, 688-690, 693 Organizations/ Resources: Marriage Equality p.116, 149, 425, 438, 462, 469, 508, 601, 646 Organizations/ Resources: Media (see also Publications) p.116


Organizations/ Resources: Military/ Veterans p.115-116, 190, 200, 211, 262, 315, 369, 464, 508, 540, 634 Organizations/ Resources: Naturist/ Nudist p.90, 116, 139, 150, 177, 181, 186, 190, 217, 229, 238, 256, 262, 264, 283, 291, 303, 315, 323, 375, 432, 435, 437, 445, 509, 519, 543, 546, 549, 559, 570, 588, 608, 610, 627, 640, 643, 663, 677 Organizations/ Resources: Political/ Legislative p.5, 9, 19, 28, 32, 34, 39, 41-42, 48, 50, 55-56, 65, 69, 74, 77, 81-82, 87, 89, 96, 101, 116, 127, 130-132, 135, 144, 146, 148, 150, 163, 177, 183, 186, 190, 196, 212, 217, 220, 222-223, 226, 232, 245, 248, 253, 256, 262, 264-265, 272, 275, 277, 279, 283, 286-287, 291, 296-297, 304, 306-307, 315, 323-324, 329-331, 333, 337-340, 342, 344-345, 350, 352, 359, 361, 369, 375, 393, 398, 402-403, 406, 412, 419, 422, 426-427, 429-430, 432, 435, 437-438, 445, 462, 464, 467, 469, 472, 475, 484, 487, 509, 523, 528, 533, 537, 539, 546, 549, 555, 559-560, 564, 574, 576, 578, 588, 594, 604, 609-610, 617, 620, 627, 634, 640, 643, 647, 655, 665, 677, 684-686, 695 Organizations/ Resources: Prisoner Resources p.116, 324 Organizations/ Resources: Self-Defense, Martial Arts p.77, 116, 677 Organizations/ Resources: Senior Resources p.5, 11, 85, 96, 117, 139, 144, 154, 159, 163, 177, 190, 200, 212, 229, 234, 253, 263, 272, 275, 279, 283, 291, 316, 328, 340, 350, 364, 369, 375, 390, 394, 399, 401, 412, 422, 426, 435, 437, 464, 469, 475, 484, 509, 521, 528, 535, 543, 546, 549, 551, 557, 559, 571, 588-589, 594, 603, 608-609, 621, 627, 634, 638, 640, 643, 660, 663, 677, 685, 693 Organizations/ Resources: Sexual Focus & Safe Sex Promotion (see also Leather) p.56, 64, 117, 128, 144, 150, 177, 186, 201, 212, 238, 253, 263, 283, 291, 316, 375, 380, 394, 464, 509, 571, 627 Organizations/ Resources: Social, Recreation, Support p.5, 7, 9, 11-15, 17-21, 23-24, 26-27, 31-33, 38-43, 46, 48, 50, 56-58, 60, 62-75, 77-79, 82-83, 87-88, 92-93, 96, 117, 127-132, 135-136, 140, 144, 146, 148, 150, 154, 159, 162-163, 169, 177, 184, 186, 190, 194, 196, 201, 212, 217, 219-221, 223, 229, 231, 233-235, 238, 253, 256-258, 263, 265, 272, 274-275, 277, 284, 287, 291-292, 303, 305-306, 316, 320, 322-323, 328, 332-333, 335-336, 338-340, 342, 344, 346-347, 351-353, 364, 366, 369, 375, 380, 382, 386-387, 390, 393-394, 396, 399-402, 406, 408, 412, 417-418, 420, 422, 426, 430, 432, 435, 437-439, 442, 445, 451, 455-456, 460, 464-466, 472, 475-476, 484, 487, 509-510, 519, 522, 525, 528-529, 533, 537-539, 541, 543, 546, 549, 551, 556-557, 559, 561-562, 564, 571, 573-575, 577-578, 581, 584, 589, 594, 596, 601, 603, 605, 610-613, 615, 617, 621, 627-628, 630, 634-635, 640, 645, 647, 649, 655-656, 660-661, 663-664, 667, 669, 677, 681-682, 684, 688, 690, 693

INDEX Organización COAI, Inc. Organizations/ Resources: Student, Academic, Alumni, Education Professionals p.5, 7-9, 11, 13, 15-16, 21-22, 24, 26, 28-32, 34-37, 40-43, 46-48, 50, 56-63, 67-68, 71-76, 79-80, 82-83, 86-91, 95, 97-99, 102, 118-119, 127-128, 130, 132-133, 136, 140, 144, 146, 148-150, 154-156, 159, 162-163, 166, 169, 177-178, 182, 186, 194, 196, 201, 212-213, 217, 220-224, 226, 229, 231-242, 244-245, 248, 253-254, 256, 258, 263, 265-266, 272, 275-277, 279-280, 284, 287, 292, 294, 296-297, 299, 301, 303, 305-309, 316-317, 320-326, 328-338, 340-341, 344-347, 351-355, 358-361, 364-368, 370, 375-376, 379-383, 387, 390-393, 395-396, 399-403, 405-408, 412-413, 416-420, 422-423, 426-432, 435, 437, 439-442, 445-449, 451-454, 456-458, 461-462, 464-465, 470, 472-473, 475-477, 484-485, 487-488, 510-511, 517, 520-522, 525-526, 528-531, 533, 535-541, 543, 546, 549-556, 558, 560-562, 564-565, 571, 573-575, 577-584, 589-590, 594, 596-598, 601, 603-610, 612-614, 616-617, 621, 623, 628, 635-637, 640-641, 643-645, 648, 650, 652-658, 660-661, 663-670, 677-678, 681-689, 691, 693-696 Organizations/ Resources: Transgender/ Gender Variant p.13, 17, 37, 84-85, 101, 119-120, 127, 131, 140-141, 144, 146-147, 154, 159-160, 169, 178, 187, 196, 201, 213, 218, 220, 223, 226, 234, 238, 242, 254, 256, 263, 276, 279, 284, 292, 306-308, 317, 323, 328, 338, 352, 364, 369, 376, 383, 390, 393, 395, 400, 402, 405-406, 413, 426, 432, 435, 437-438, 442, 445, 451, 458, 461, 464-465, 467, 469, 473, 475, 485, 511-512, 521, 523, 525, 533, 538-541, 543, 546, 550-551, 554, 558, 571, 573, 577, 590, 594, 605, 609-610, 612-613, 616-618, 621, 628, 635, 645, 655-656, 663, 665-666, 678, 681-682, 688, 693

July 2012

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INDEX Organización COAI, Inc. Organizations/ Resources: Youth (see also Family) p.84-85, 87-88, 91, 94, 96-97, 100, 120, 129, 133, 140, 144, 149-150, 160, 163, 178, 183, 187, 194, 196, 201, 213, 218, 220, 226, 229, 231, 233, 235, 248, 254, 263, 266, 272, 276, 279, 284, 286, 292, 305-307, 317, 323, 329-332, 334-335, 342, 344, 351, 355, 359-360, 364-366, 369, 376, 380, 383, 390, 392, 395, 399, 401, 404-405, 413, 417, 422-423, 426, 430, 432, 435, 440, 442, 445-447, 449, 451, 456, 458, 464, 469, 472-473, 485, 512, 520-522, 525, 528, 530, 543, 546, 550-551, 554, 558-559, 561, 564, 571, 573, 578, 582, 590, 596, 603, 605-606, 612-613, 616, 621, 628, 635, 637, 647, 663, 665-667, 669, 678, 681-683, 686-689, 691, 693, 695 Organize in Sync p.132 Organizers & Life Management p.56, 132, 512 Orgullo Boricua p.100, 598 Original Dinerant p.567 Original GLBT Expo p.109 Orinda CA see East Bay Area p.161 Orinda Community Church p.161 Oriole 9 p.481 Orland ME see p.357 Orlando Black Pride p.88, 275 Orlando Construction Inc. p.569 Orlando FL see Orlando Area p.26, 274-276 Orlando Front Runners & Walkers p.276 Orlando Gay Chorus p.275 Orlando Gay Pages p.274 Orlando Youth Alliance p.276 Orleans MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.379 Orleans Street Pub & Patio p.623 Orlov, Leland G., PhD p.248 Ormond Beach FL see Daytona/ Flagler/ Ormond Beach Area p.258 Oro Valley AZ see Tucson p.145


Oroville CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.195, 197 Orphan Andy's Restaurant p.205 Ortanique on the Mile p.270 Ortega, Vincent, LMT #4556 p.465 Orth, Susan, Realtor p.48, 467 Orwick, Lisa, DC p.8, 144 Osadchey, Sherry L, MA, LMFT, SEP p.21, 237 Osage Beach MO see Lake of Ozarks p.423 Osborne, David W, Esq p.190 Osborne, Maureen L, PhD p.66, 586 Oscar Wilde Cottage (A Secret Cottage) p.146 Oscar's p.289 Oshinsky, Judy, PhD, MLFT, LMHC p.25, 271 Oshkosh WI see Fox Valley p.687-688 Ossining NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.486 Oster, Linda A, DDS p.312 Osterville MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.380 Ostroff, Cathy, DC, CCN, HMC p.45, 448 Ostroth, Thane, DDS p.397 Ostrowski, David p.364 OSU Women's Center p.62, 562 Oswego Women's Center p.57, 517 Other Door p.12, 172 Other Place Bar & Grill p.330 Other Sheep p.93, 96, 426, 513 Other Side p.172 Other Side Lounge p.397 Other Side of Nip N Cue p.686 Otis Place B&B p.249 Ottawa IL see Chicago Area p.309, 313 Otto's p.657 Otto's Niteclub & Underground p.320 Our Brothers' Keepers Foundation p.471 Our Circle p.201 Our Daily Bread p.152 Our Family Coalition p.211 Our Fantasy Complex p.339 Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church p.418 Our Hope Metropolitan Community Church p.288 Our House p.566 Our House, Too p.559 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Old Catholic Church p.255 Our Lady of Peace & Hope Liberal Catholic Church p.145 Our Lives p.689 Our Old Stuff Antique Mall p.258 Our Place p.128 Our Place Video p.535 Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church p.679 Our Savior Lutheran Church p.439 Our Savior's Lutheran Church p.230, 401 Our Saviour Episcopal Church p.540 Our Saviour's Atonement Lutheran Church p.515 Our Saviour's Lutheran Church p.317, 415 Our Small World Foster Family Agency p.186 Our Song Atlanta p.291 Our Space p.160 Our Youth p.449 Ouray Chalet Inn p.233 Ouray CO see San Juan National Forest Area p.233 p.124 OURsceneTV p.173, 496 Out! as I want to be p.360 Out! Guide p.309 Out p.104 Out & About Newspaper p.610 Out & About Newspaper

INDEX OUT-FM Collective Out For Equity St Paul Public Schools p.413 Out Front Colorado p.223 Out Front Labor Coalition-- Pride At Work, AFL-CIO p.676 Out Impact p.104 Out in Alaska p.125, 131

advertisement p.133

Out in Eureka p.146 Out in Front p.506 Out in Jersey, inc. p.443

advertisement p.445

Out in Maine p.358 Out in the Bay p.207 Out In The Catskills p.486 Out in the Mother Lode p.163 Out in the Mountains p.646 Out in the Park at Six Flags New England p.235 Out in the Vineyard p.194 Out Like Us PFLAG African American Outreach p.97, 532 Out Loud & Queer p.482 Out Loud Chorus p.394, 487 Out Loud: The Colorado Springs Men's Chorus p.225 Out Myrtle Beach p.608 Out North Theater p.132 Out Now p.390 Out NYC p.489 Out of Bounds p.516, 607 Out of the Closet Thrift Store p.168, 174, 209, 261 Out of the Past Antiques p.450 Out On A Clef p.10, 158 Out on Film p.291 OUT On Main p.147 Out on the Island (OOTI) p.156 Out on the Town Magazine advertisement p.615 p.277 Out & About Travel p.6, 68, Out on the Water Sailing 125, 603 p.516 Out & Equal New York - Fin- Out Post p.393 ger Lakes p.519 Out Professionals p.506 Out & Equal Workplace AdOut Project p.150 vocates p.114 Out After Carleton p.119, 416 Out Spokin' p.230 Out Takes Dallas Annual LesOut Arts Alliance p.139 bian & Gay Film Festival Out at the Movies p.476 p.627 Out at Time Warner p.506 Out To Brunch p.40, 412 Out Boating p.264 Out With Cancer/National Out Boulder p.223 LGBT Cancer Project p.111 Out Dancing p.570 Out Youth p.621 Out for Business p.395 OUT-FM Collective p.496

July 2012

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INDEX Out4Good Out4Good p.406 Out4Immigration p.209 OutaBounds Sports Bar p.421 OutAboutBrooklyn p.488 Outbeat Radio p.193 OUTBIKE NJ p.445 OutBoard p.230 Outcast Films p.110 OutCenter p.404 OutCenter Youth Group / ALIVE p.404 OutCentral, Inc. p.614 Outcome Buffalo p.474 OUTCruising p.126 OUTdancing p.507 Outdoor Adventures for Women p.18, 218 Outdoor also see:


Overeaters Anonymous p.302 Overeaters Anonymous Central Atlanta Intergroup p.288 Overeaters Anonymous Mass Bay Intergroup p.371 Overeaters Anonymous World Service Office p.105 Overland Park KS see Kansas City Metro Area (MO & KS) p.93, 421-422 OverUnder50 p.400 Owego NY see Binghamton p.49, 473 Owen Clinic, UCSD Medical Center p.198 Owen, William, MD p.209 Owens Bros Tree Service p.502 Owl & Turtle Bookshop p.354 Owl Empire of Stanislaus County, Inc p.183 Oxford AL see Anniston p.127 Oxford FL see Orlando Area p.88, 275 Oxman, Philip p.410 Oxwood Inn p.12, 172 Oxygen Cafe & Lounge p.357 Oyster River High School Gay Straight Alliance p.439 Oz p.138, 350, 388, 695 Ozarks Technical Community College Equality p.427 Ozone Park NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.515 Ozzie's Coffee & Tea p.501 P&H Cafe p.612 P&T's 1109 p.606 P'nai Or of Portland p.99, 572 Pablo's Bar Grill & Nightclub p.632 Pace Law School LAMBDA p.485 Pachyderm Pub p.400 Pacific Audiology Clinic p.569 Pacific Beach United Methodist Church p.202 Pacific Center for Human Growth p.156 Pacific Center Men p.159 Pacific Coast Motorcycle Club p.180 Pacific Grove CA see Central Coast p.154 Pacific Harbor Travel p.221

INDEX Palatine IL Pacific Junction NE see Omaha p.431 Pacific Lutheran University Harmony p.682 Pacific Media Entertainment p.110 Pacific Northwest Lesbian Archives p.3, 75, 107, 665 Pacific Oaks Medical Group p.174 Pacific Ocean Holidays p.297 Pacific Palisades CA see Los Angeles Area p.175, 178 Pacific Pride Festival p.154 Pacific Pride Foundation North County p.151 Pacific Pride Foundation Transgender Center p.154 Pacific Reproductive Services Sperm Bank & Fertility Center p.5, 13, 17, 124, 180, 215 Pacific Unitarian Church p.180 Pacific UU Fellowship p.561 Pacifica CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.215 Pack House Inn p.529 PACT see:

People of All Colors Together

OUTrageous Film Festival p.154 OUTreach Center p.150 Outreach Community Care Network p.257 OUTreach Denton p.628 OUTreach Denton Teen & Young Adult Group p.628 OutReach LGBT Community Center p.689 Outreach Youth Central p.695 OutRiders p.378 Outright Lewiston/Auburn p.355 Outright Libertarians p.116 Outright Speakers & Talent Bureau p.120 Outright Vermont p.647 OUTright Youth of Catawba Great Outdoors Valley p.530 Sierrans OutRyders, Inc. (Snowboard) Outdoor see: p.378 Sports & Outdoor p.195 Outfest p.176 OutServe p.115-116 Outfield Sports Bar p.428 Outside in p.568 outFlix p.613 Outside Inn p.164 Outfront LGBT Youth Group Outskirts p.61, 554 p.233 OutFront Minnesota p.406 OutSmart Magazine p.617 OutSpokane p.681 Outfund p.502 Outspoken Cafe p.152 OutHistory p.107 Outspoken Youth Group Outkayaking p.572 p.235 OUTlandish Videos & Gifts Outspokin' p.423 p.518 Outsports p.124 OUTLAW p.177, 265, 272, OutThere Madison p.691 324, 575 Outtraveler p.104 OUTLaw - ASU College of Law GLBTQIA Association OutVentures p.680 p.140 OutWest Bar p.672 Outlaws p.177, 395 OutWest Global Adventures Outlaws Danceclub p.640 p.126, 428 Outlet Program p.218 Outwest Lubbock p.636 Outlinc p.430 Outwoods p.416 Outlook Columbus p.547 Outword Magazine p.149 Outlook Video p.216 Outwords Books, Gifts & Coffee p.79, 692 Outlook-Long Island p.488 Outwords: the voice of MonOutlook: Columbus p.549 tana's LGBTIQ community outLOUD p.207 p.429 Outmaturity p.117 OutWrite Newsmagazine OutMD p.395 UCLA p.104, 170 OUTmedia p.506 Over Easy Down Under Outmusic p.507 p.303 OutNAbout Glen Cove p.509 Over the Rainbow Shop p.111 OUToberfest p.418 Over the River p.258 p.631 Overbeck, Daniel B, Ph.D., PC p.143 Outpost p.492 OutQ p.496

July 2012

Paddy's p.153 Pagan Press p.121 Page AZ see Page/ Lake Powell p.137 Page Marketing Solutions LLC p.121 Page, Ken, LCSW, EMDR certified p.500 Page/Lake Powell Pride p.137 Pagosa Springs CO see San Juan National Forest Area p.233 Pahoa HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.29, 298-300 Pahoa Village Club p.299 Paige, Jessica, BS, DC p.216 Paint Branch UU Church p.361 Paint Creek Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.404 Pakachoag Church p.370 Palace Bar & Grill p.270 Palace Florists, Inc. p.251 Palatine IL see Chicago Area p.30, 312, 315, 319

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INDEX Palenville NY Palenville NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Palikeo Bar & Lounge p.600 Palisades Charter High School Gay Straight Alliance p.178 Palisades NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.486 Palisades Presbyterian Church p.486 Palladia, Inc. p.490 Palm Air Vacation Rentals & Sales p.537 Palm Beach County Human Rights Council p.286 Palm Beach FL see West Palm Beach/ Palm Beaches Area p.286 Palm Beach Gardens FL see West Palm Beach/ Palm Beaches Area p.286-287 Palm Beach Hibiscus Bed & Breakfast. p.286 Palm Canyon Insurance Agency - Bill Robinson p.190 Palm Center p.116 Palm Coast FL see Daytona/ Flagler/ Ormond Beach Area p.258 Palm Desert CA see Palm Springs Area p.189-190 Palm Plaza Resort p.258 Palm Shores FL see Brevard County p.24, 257 Palm Springs Bears p.190 Palm Springs CA see Palm Springs Area p.14, 187-191 Palm Springs Desert Invitational Bowling Tournament p.191 Palm Springs FL see West Palm Beach/ Palm Beaches Area p.286 Palm Springs Front Runners & Walkers p.191 Palm Springs Koffi p.189 Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert p.190 Palm Springs Official Gay Visitors Guide p.191 Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence p.189 Palm Springs Social Sun Tanners p.190 Palm Tree Hideaway p.26, 273 Palm, Karen R, CPA, CFP, CMA p.40, 409


Palmdale CA see Antelope Valley p.150 Palmer AK see Mat-Su Valley p.6, 134 Palmer House Inn p.379 Palmer, Dale, PA, CDPE p.263 Palmer, Kevin p.292 Palmetto AIDS Life Support Services (PALSS) p.604 Palms p.12, 173 p.188 Palmyra Church of the Brethren p.579 Palmyra PA see Hershey p.579 Palo Alto CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.16-17, 203-204, 207, 210, 212, 214-215 Palo Alto High School Gay Straight Alliance p.212 Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.202 Palos Verdes CA see Los Angeles Area p.178 Palouse Pride p.305 PALS - Pocono Action Lambda Society p.596 Pamalu p.298 Pamela N Maggied Co, LPA p.61, 549 Pamela's Carribbean Cuisine p.600 Pan Dulce p.85, 206 Panama City Beach FL see Panama City Area p.276 Panama City FL see Panama City Area p.26, 276 Panama Hotel p.181 Pandora Events for Women p.25, 270 Pandora Productions p.344 Panhandle AIDS Support Organization p.618 Panic p.431 Panini Panini p.268 Paniolo Greens Resort p.298 Paniolo Ranch B & B Spa p.638 Panozzo, Dwight, PhD, LCSW p.462 Pansy Division p.211 Panther Leather Levi Club p.290 Papa Joe's Pepperoni Cafe West p.576 PapaJazz Record Shoppe p.606 Paper by Design p.241 Paper Moon p.73, 644 Paper Skyscraper p.527 Paper Trail p.313 Paperback Grotto p.320 Papillion NE see Omaha p.432 Papillon Transgendered Support p.681 Papillote p.296 Paradise p.222, 274, 372, 450 Paradise Adult Video p.350 Paradise Café p.152 Paradise Cliffs Vacation Rental p.299 Paradise Found p.153, 300 Paradise Inn p.60, 544 Paradise Piano Bar & Restaurant p.168 Paradise Valley AZ see Phoenix Area p.140 Paradiso Cafe/Cinema Paradiso p.260 Parador of Pittsburgh p.592 Paradox p.91, 362 Paradyme Marketing, LLC p.121 Paramount p.385 Paranormal Investigations p.613 Pardee's Agency Inc p.50, 483 Parent Support Group p.183 Parents & Children Together (P.A.C.T.) p.549 Parents also see:

INDEX Party Gals

Park Place Lounge p.87, 266 Park Place Volvo p.624 Park Presidio United Methodist Church p.214 Park Ridge IL see Chicago Area p.319 Park Road Books p.527 Park Slope United Methodist Church p.513 Park Square Florist p.604 Park Tavern Bowling & Entertainment Center p.410 Park View Lutheran Church p.318 Parker Guest House p.203 Parker House Inn p.653 Parkland College Queer & Ally p.308 Parks Neighborhood Parish p.693 Parkside Community Church p.197 Parksville NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Parkview High School GSA p.292 Parkview United Church of Christ p.229 Parkview Video & News p.533 Parkville MD see Baltimore Area p.35, 363 Parkway UCC p.415, 533 Parliament House Bar Complex p.274 Family Pride Coalition Parliament House Resort Gay Fathers p.274 PFLAG Parliament Resort p.293 Parents of Transgender Parlin NJ see New BrunsYouth Group p.645 wick Area p.47, 455 Parents see: Organizations/Resources: Parlour on Clark p.311 Parnassus p.134 Family Parish Church of St Jerome Parrot Club p.600 p.560 Parrotdise Waterfront Bar & Grille p.268 Park p.557, 663 Parsons Associates CoachPark Avenue Christian ing, LLC p.289 Church p.515 Park Avenue Guest House Partlow, Mac, MA/ABS p.673 p.321 Partners p.61, 129, 557 Park Avenue Manor p.295 Partners Bar p.395 Park Avenue Mansion p.424 Partners Cafe p.240 Park Church p.520 Partners In Travel, Ltd p.416 Park Hill Congregational Partners Metro DC p.253 Church UCC p.230 Partners Task Force for Gay Park Lane Guest House & Lesbian Couples p.115 p.70, 618 Partnership Wealth ManagePark Light Inn p.651 ment, LLC p.363 Park Place Church p.602 Party Gals p.31, 322

July 2012

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INDEX Party Out Party Out p.598 Party/ Holiday/ Event Services (see also Catering, Weddings) p.56, 70, 120, 445, 485, 512, 621 Pasadena CA see Los Angeles Area p.12-13, 171-172, 174-180 Pasadena City College Queer Alliance p.178 Pasadena TX see Houston Area p.632 Pasco AIDS Support Community Organization, Inc. (P.A.S.C.O., Inc.) p.256 Pasco High School GSA p.683 Pasco WA see Tri-Cities Area p.682-683 Pasco-Hernando Community College Spring Hill Campus, GSA p.284 Paso Robles CA see Central Coast p.9, 151, 153 Passages Youth Center p.422 Passaic County Community College Gay Straight Alliance p.457 Passaretti's p.167 Passing Twice: Queer Stutterers p.114 Passional Boutique p.586 Passional Toys p.586 Passions Video Inc p.419 Passport Magazine p.104 Pasta Bella Ristorante p.672 Pasta Moon p.205 Pasta Pasta p.493 Pasta Pomodoro p.206 Pasto Restaurant p.136 Pat O's Bunkhouse Saloon p.138 Patchogue NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.54, 490, 493, 496-497, 502, 508-509 Path of Tea p.632 Pathare, Rahul p.213 Pathfinders p.693 Pathway to Wellness AIDS Care Project p.372 Pathways - A Transgender Support Group p.445 Patino, J Manuel, MD p.290 Patio p.436 Patio American Grill & Blue Bar. p.385 Patio Grill p.624 Patric's p.273


Patrik Travel p.427 Patsy Comer's Antiques & Jewelry p.3, 106 Patton, William p.569 Paul & Elizabeth's Natural Foods Restaurant p.388 Paul B Lawton Construction p.220 Paul H Dobiecki Architect PLLC p.491 Paul Rosenfels Community p.500 Paul, Parrish L p.614 Paulo's at the Mansion p.321 Paulson, Jane p.64, 570 Pavilions & Pools p.654 Pavlicin, Michael p.244 Pavlik, Donna, LCSW p.47, 455 Pawcatuck CT see Mystic Area p.239 Pawling NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.486 Pawnee OK see Stillwater p.558 Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe & Hookah Lounge p.433 Payne, Patty, Reiki Master, p.28, 294 PBD's p.638 Peabody Court Hotel p.361 Peabody MA see North Shore Area p.382 Peace & Justice Store p.649 Peace Church of the Brethren p.572 Peace Community Church p.553 Peace Congregational Church p.606 Peace In The Valley Christian Church p.222 Peace Lutheran Church p.160, 214, 465, 656 Peace Mennonite Church p.338 Peace Nook p.420 Peace UCC p.408 Peace UMC p.416 Peachtree Rainbow Deaf Society p.291 Peacock Room p.274 Peacock Suites p.184 Peak Area Gender Expressions (PAGE) p.226 PEAKS Pride p.136 Pearce, M. Jane p.14, 195 Pearl River NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.486 Pearl Street Books p.689 Pearl Street Nightclub p.388 Pearl's Key West p.267 Pearl's Patio Bar p.25, 268 Pearl, Alan, MD p.500 Pearson's Pond Luxury Inn & Adventure Spa p.133 Peck, Janet F, MS, LPC p.20, 235 Peck, Ken p.357 Peco's Pro-shop Auto Body Specialist p.24, 259 Pecs p.198 Peer Connections p.186 Peer Pressure, 2nd Wed at The Get Down p.362 Pegasus p.593, 639 Pegasus Books p.157 Pegasus Books Downtown p.157 Pegasus Books Oakland p.157 Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association p.630 Pegasus Theater Company p.194 Peggy's Liberty Plaza Restaurant p.576 Pekara Bakery & Bistro p.308 Pekers p.624 Pelton & Associates p.504 Pence, Joe p.245 Penguin Hotel p.270 Peninsula - Sappho p.18, 217 Peninsula Equality Network p.210 Peninsula MCC p.215 Penn College Alliance p.597 Penn State Abington FLAGSA p.574 Penn State Beaver Gay Straight Alliance p.583 Penn State Brandywine Gay Straight Alliance p.589 Penn State Mont Alto Allies p.583 Penn State Schuylkill Alliance p.596 Penns Park PA see New Hope PA/ Lambertville NJ Area p.584 Penns Park United Methodist Church p.584 Pennsbury Inn & Gardens p.584

INDEX Pepsi /Quaker Oats Equal Pennsmen p.578 Pennsylvania Diversity Network p.574 Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Allies Club p.579 Pennsylvania NOW, Inc p.65, 574 Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists p.67, 591 Pennsylvania State University Coalition of LGBTA Graduate Students p.597 Pennsylvania State University Hazleton Allies p.579 Pennsylvania State University LGBTA Student Alliance p.597 Penny Lane Pub p.662 Penobscot ME see Blue Hill Peninsula p.353 Penrod, Terry p.550 Penrose Cleaners p.575 Pensacola FL see Pensacola Area p.26, 277 Pensacola Tri-District Central Office of AA p.277 People & Persons Gay Bowling League p.141 People Acting for Change & Equality p.345 People Called Women p.61, 554 People for the American Way p.116 People of Color Against AIDS Network p.102, 672 People of Color see:

Organizations/Resources: Ethnic, Multicultural

People of Hope Lutheran Church p.417 People With AIDS Coalition of Utah p.642 People's Books Cooperative p.692 People's Church UU p.332 People's Memorial Association p.674 People's Memorial Funeral Cooperative p.674 People's UMC p.382 Peoria AZ see Phoenix Area p.137 Peoria Heights IL see Peoria p.322 Pepper's Cafe p.321 Peppercorns Grill p.237 Pepperz p.281 Pepsi /Quaker Oats Equal p.114

July 2012

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INDEX Perceptions Perceptions p.396 Percy Inn p.358 Perdue, Clay p.111 Peregrine Pointe B&B p.609 Perennial Harmony Garden Shop p.244 Perennial Inn p.353 Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus p.690 Perfect Images by Eddie p.149 Perfect Pace p.202 Performance Cellular & Paging p.285 Performance: Entertainment, Music, Theater, Space p.5, 56, 120, 132, 201, 213, 317, 340, 376, 512, 520, 691 Perkins Cove Pottery Shop p.356 Perkins St Grill & Lounge p.182 Perlin, Cindy, LCSW p.48, 471 Perlman, Gerald, PhD p.500 Perman, Gerald P, MD, PA p.251 Permanent Hair Removal p.44, 317, 447, 451 Perona, Michael J, DDS p.208 Perpetual Transition p.613 Perriguey, Lake James H p.570 Perry's p.250 Perry, Rebecca p.58, 532 Perry, Susan p.43, 435 Perrysburg OH see Toledo p.554 Persad Center, Inc p.593 Persian Garden Cafe p.138 Persily, Seth J p.290 Persona Press p.121 Personal Growth/ Fitness Training p.426 Personal Services (see also Organizers) p.140 Personalized Travel p.264 Pescadero CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.203 Pescadero Creek Inn p.203 Pet Gallery p.472 Pet House p.154 Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas p.436 Pet Project p.672


Petaluma CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.14, 192-194 Petaluma Coop Guest House p.192 Pete's Place p.397 Peter Cicchino Youth Project p.512 Peter Haven's Restaurant p.647 Peter Ho Memorial Clinic/ Aids Helpline p.456 Peter McPhee Fine Arts p.450 Peter Pan Diner p.492 Peter Stone Jewelry USA p.111 Peterborough NH see Monadnock Area p.441 Peterborough Unitarian Universalist Church p.441 PeterJames Floral Couture p.451 Peters, David, MFT p.199 Petersburg KY see Cincinnati Area p.541 Petite Syrah p.193 Petra's Piano Bar & Cabaret p.527 Petropolitan, The p.628 Petruff, Patricia p.26, 278 Pets & Pet Services & Supplies p.62, 70, 72-73, 120, 154, 160, 213, 229, 277, 284, 286, 292, 294, 328, 334, 341-342, 346, 351, 386, 435, 447, 472, 512, 559, 571, 590, 601, 606, 616, 621, 628, 640, 647, 650, 657-658, 660, 678 Pets also see:


INDEX PFLAG Corpus Christi PFLAG Benton/Franklin p.683 PFLAG Bergen County p.445 PFLAG Berkshire Area p.389 PFLAG Birmingham p.128 PFLAG Blacksburg/New River Valley p.656 PFLAG Bloomington/Normal p.307 PFLAG Boulder p.224 PFLAG Bowling Green p.341 PFLAG Broward (Representative) p.262 PFLAG Brownsville p.638 PFLAG Buffalo/Niagara p.475 PFLAG Burlington p.332 PFLAG Butler County p.594 PFLAG Butte p.428 PFLAG Canton/St Lawrence County p.476 PFLAG Cape Cod Brewster p.379 PFLAG Carlsbad p.464 PFLAG Carson Region p.433 PFLAG Carteret-Craven p.531 PFLAG Cedar Rapids p.332 PFLAG Central Coast Chapter p.154 PFLAG Central Maryland/ Frederick p.366 PFLAG Central Oregon p.562 PFLAG Champlain Valley p.649 PFLAG Charlotte p.528 PFLAG Charlottesville/Blue Ridge p.657 PFLAG Chicago Metro p.315 PFLAG Chicago/Hinsdale/ West Suburban p.315 PFLAG Chico p.155 PFLAG Clackamas County p.570 PFLAG Cleveland p.546 PFLAG Collingswood p.447 PFLAG Colorado Springs p.226 PFLAG Columbia-Howard County p.366 PFLAG Columbus p.549 PFLAG Colville/North East Washington p.667 PFLAG Concord p.442 PFLAG Cornhusker/Lincoln p.431 PFLAG Corpus Christi p.623

PETS-DC p.249 Petterino, Paulette p.55, 502 Pfingst Realty p.15, 197 PFLAG p.115, 129, 132, 137, 163, 166, 191, 200, 221, 285, 305, 308, 315, 324-325, 334, 340, 402, 408, 416, 420, 435, 442, 458, 467, 472, 476, 484, 531-532, 551, 553, 555, 579, 588, 596, 606-609, 627, 644, 663, 666, 680, 683, 693, 696 PFLAG & PFLAG Espanol p.101, 639 PFLAG - Ames p.331 PFLAG - Anniston-Gadsden p.128 PFLAG - Binghamton p.473 PFLAG - Blairsville p.293 PFLAG - Brevard p.257

PFLAG - Charleston/Huntington p.685 PFLAG - Deerfield /N. Suburban Chicago p.315 PFLAG - Easton p.374 PFLAG - Elmira /Corning (representative) p.519 PFLAG - Everett/Snohomish p.667 PFLAG - Fairbanks p.132 PFLAG - Grants Pass / Josephine County p.564 PFLAG - Jacksonville p.266 PFLAG - Kerr County p.636 PFLAG - Kitsap County p.670 PFLAG - Lancaster p.580 PFLAG - Lower Columbia p.668 PFLAG - New York City Families of Color & Allies p.96, 508 PFLAG - Olympia p.669 PFLAG - Oneonta /Otsego County p.484 PFLAG - Quad Cities p.333 PFLAG - Richmond /Whitewater Valley p.330 PFLAG - Siouxland p.335 PFLAG - Staten Island p.508 PFLAG - Tacoma p.682 PFLAG - Winchester/Lower Shenandoah Valley p.664 PFLAG /Detroit - Downriver p.398 PFLAG Aberdeen p.609 PFLAG Abingdon/Washington County Chapter p.656 PFLAG Akron p.540 PFLAG Alamance County p.532 PFLAG Alamogordo p.463 PFLAG Albany p.287 PFLAG Albuquerque p.464 PFLAG Allentown/Eastern PA p.581 PFLAG Anniston-Gadsden p.127 PFLAG Anoka/North Metro p.412 PFLAG Appleton p.688 PFLAG Atlanta p.291 PFLAG Auburn p.127 PFLAG Bakersfield p.150 PFLAG Baltimore County p.363 PFLAG Bellevue p.677 PFLAG Bellingham/Whatcom County p.666

July 2012

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INDEX PFLAG Corvallis/Albany PFLAG Corvallis/Albany p.562 PFLAG Crossville/Cumberland County p.617 PFLAG Dallas p.627 PFLAG Danville/Martinsville (Representative) p.661 PFLAG Danville/San Ramon Valley p.211 PFLAG Davis/Yolo County p.156 PFLAG DeKalb County p.320 PFLAG Denton p.627 PFLAG Denver p.86, 229 PFLAG Desert Communities p.190 PFLAG Dorset p.650 PFLAG Duluth-Superior p.407 PFLAG DuPage p.315 PFLAG Durango/Four Corners p.233 PFLAG El Paso p.630 PFLAG Ellensburg/Kittitas Co p.667 PFLAG Elyria/Lorain County p.546 PFLAG Erie & Crawford County p.576 PFLAG Eugene/Springfield p.563 PFLAG Eureka-Arcata p.162 PFLAG Evergreen/Mountain Area (Representative only) p.231 PFLAG Fairfield (Representative) p.334 PFLAG Flagstaff p.136 PFLAG Flat Rock/Hendersonville p.530 PFLAG Flint Hills p.338 PFLAG Florence Oregon p.564 PFLAG Florence/Shoals p.128 PFLAG Florida Keys p.268 PFLAG Floyd p.658 PFLAG Fort Collins/Northern Colorado p.231 PFLAG Fort Lauderdale p.262 PFLAG Franklin-Hampshire p.389 PFLAG Friday Harbor Chapter p.671 PFLAG Gainesville p.265 PFLAG Gaston p.530 PFLAG Genesee County/ Flint p.400


PFLAG Gold Beach/Curry County p.564 PFLAG Grass Valley /Nevada City p.165 PFLAG Great Falls/Golden Triangle p.429 PFLAG Greater Baton Rouge p.346 PFLAG Greater Joliet p.315 PFLAG Greater New Haven/ Shoreline p.241 PFLAG Greater Oshkosh p.688 PFLAG Greater Placer County p.164 PFLAG Greensburg p.594 PFLAG Greenville p.607 PFLAG Hamilton-Bitterroot p.429 PFLAG Hanover, Inc p.326 PFLAG Harlingen p.638 PFLAG Hernando p.279 PFLAG Hialeah (Representative) p.272 PFLAG Hickory/Catawba Valley p.530 PFLAG High Point p.532 PFLAG Hilo/Big Island p.299 PFLAG Hinsdale p.315 PFLAG Homer p.133 PFLAG Houston p.634 PFLAG Hunterdon County p.446 PFLAG Huntsville p.129 PFLAG Independance (Representative) p.334 PFLAG Indianapolis p.328 PFLAG Indianola (Representative) p.334 PFLAG Ithaca/Cortland p.476 PFLAG Jersey Shore p.451 PFLAG Juneau p.133 PFLAG Kalispell/Flathead Valley p.429 PFLAG Kankakee p.321 PFLAG Kauai p.300 PFLAG Kenosha/Racine p.694 PFLAG Kerr County p.636 PFLAG Keweenaw p.401 PFLAG Kirksville/NE Missouri (Representative) p.423 PFLAG Klamath Falls p.562 PFLAG La Crosse Area p.689 PFLAG Lafayette/Tippecanoe County p.329 PFLAG Lakeland/Polk County p.283 PFLAG Las Cruces/Dona Ana County p.465 PFLAG Lawrence-Topeka p.339 PFLAG Lecanto p.269 PFLAG Lenawee County p.393 PFLAG Lenoir p.531 PFLAG Lexington p.342 PFLAG Lima p.552 PFLAG Little Rock p.148 PFLAG Livingston County p.402 PFLAG Lock Haven p.582 PFLAG Logan/Cache Valley p.643 PFLAG Lompoc p.154 PFLAG Long Beach p.169 PFLAG Louisville p.344 PFLAG Lubbock p.637 PFLAG Machias p.355 PFLAG Macon p.294 PFLAG Madison p.690 PFLAG Manistee p.402 PFLAG Marietta p.291 PFLAG Maryville p.612 PFLAG Mason City/North Iowa p.335 PFLAG Media p.588 PFLAG Melbourne/Space Coast p.257 PFLAG Merced p.183 PFLAG Miami/Bilingual p.88, 272 PFLAG Michiana p.330 PFLAG Missoula p.429 PFLAG Modesto p.183 PFLAG Monterey/Monterey County p.154 PFLAG Montgomery p.130, 637 PFLAG Mora/East Central MN p.416 PFLAG Morris County p.453 PFLAG Munster p.329 PFLAG Naples p.273 PFLAG Nashville p.615 PFLAG New Mexico State Council p.462 PFLAG New Orleans p.350 PFLAG New York City p.508

advertisement p.507

INDEX PFLAG Portland PFLAG North Bay Chapter p.211 PFLAG North Jersey p.456 PFLAG North Miami (Representative) p.272 PFLAG Northern Illinois Council p.306 PFLAG Norwalk/Southwestern CT p.242 PFLAG Oahu p.303 PFLAG Oak Park Area p.315 PFLAG Oakland/East Bay p.159 PFLAG Ocala p.273 PFLAG Odessa p.637 PFLAG of Greater Chattanooga p.610 PFLAG of Manitowoc County p.691 PFLAG of NW Arkansas/ Fayetteville p.147 PFLAG of Rockland County p.484 PFLAG of Shreveport & Bossier City p.351 PFLAG of Southwest Michigan p.402 PFLAG of the Big Country p.618 PFLAG of the Villages Area p.88, 275 PFLAG Ogden p.643 PFLAG Olive Branch p.419 PFLAG Omaha p.432 PFLAG Oregon Central Coast p.565 PFLAG Orlando/Central Florida p.275 PFLAG Oswego p.517 PFLAG Owensboro p.345 PFLAG Oxford /North Mississippi p.419 PFLAG Page/Lake Powell (Representative) p.137 PFLAG Palatine p.315 PFLAG Palm Beach p.286 PFLAG Palos Verdes/South Bay p.176 PFLAG Panama City p.276 PFLAG Pasadena p.176 PFLAG Pendleton p.566 PFLAG Philadelphia Area p.588 PFLAG Phoenix p.139 PFLAG Placerville/EDC p.165 PFLAG Plymouth p.442 PFLAG Portland p.359

PFLAG Norfolk/S Hampton Roads p.660 PFLAG Norman p.556

July 2012

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INDEX PFLAG Portland/ Jay County PFLAG Portland/Jay County p.324 PFLAG Pottsville - Schuylkill County p.596 PFLAG Powder Springs p.294 PFLAG Pueblo p.233 PFLAG Quincy (Representative) p.685 PFLAG Raleigh-Durham/Triangle p.535 PFLAG Reading p.374 PFLAG Redding/Shasta County p.191 PFLAG Rehoboth Beach p.247 PFLAG Richland Area p.403 PFLAG River Falls p.694 PFLAG Roswell p.466 PFLAG Russellville p.149 PFLAG Sacramento p.196 PFLAG Salem p.573 PFLAG Salisbury /Rowan p.532 PFLAG Salt Lake City p.645 PFLAG San Francisco p.211 PFLAG San Jose/Peninsula p.217 PFLAG San Juan p.638 PFLAG Sandhills p.531 PFLAG Santa Clarita Valley p.219 PFLAG Santa Cruz County p.220 PFLAG Sauk City p.694 PFLAG Sauk Valley p.320 PFLAG Savannah p.296 PFLAG Seattle p.677 PFLAG Sedona/Verde Valley p.142


INDEX Philadelphia Liberty Tennis Association PFLAG/Hartford p.238 PFLAG/LI p.508 PFLAG/Los Angeles p.176 PFLAG/Orange County p.186 PFLAG/Pittsburgh p.594 PFLAG/Portland p.570 PFLAG/Queens p.508 PFLAG/Rochester p.519 PFLAG/Silverlake p.176 PFLAG/Yakima Valley p.684 PFLAG/York p.598 PFLAG:NH p.438 PFund p.411 PG&E PrideNetwork p.210 Phantom Gardener p.49, 483 Pharmacies (see also Health Care Supplies) p.144, 340, 351, 512, 691 Phase 1 p.23, 250 Phase One p.28, 89, 289 PHD Realty, LLC p.464 Phelps-A-Thon p.110 Phi Alpha Nu Fraternity, Inc. p.5, 58, 82, 97, 119, 528 Phi Epsilon Mu Tri Ess p.256 Phil Johnson Historic Archives & Research Library p.107, 617 Phil's Old Time Pub p.568 Philadelphia AIDS Consortium p.585 Philadelphia Area Naturist Guys (PANG) p.588 Philadelphia Black Gay Pride p.99, 588 Philadelphia Center p.351 Philadelphia Falcons Soccer Club p.592 Philadelphia Family Pride p.99, 588 Philadelphia FIGHT p.585 Philadelphia Flames Soccer Club p.67, 592 Philadelphia Frontrunners p.592 Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus p.588 Philadelphia Gay News p.584 Philadelphia Gay News

advertisement p.589

PFLAG see Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays p.84, 86, 88, 94, 96-97, 101, 127-130, 132-137, 139, 142, 144-145, 147-150, 154-156, 159, 162-166, 169, 176, 183, 186, 190-191, 196, 200, 211, 217, 219-222, 224, 226, 229, 231, 233, 238, 241-242, 247-248, 253, 257, 262, 265-266, 268-269, 272-273, 275-276, 279, 283, 285-287, 291, 293-294, 296, 299-300, 303, 305-308, 315, 320-321, 323-326, 328-335, 338-342, 344-346, 350-351, 355, 359, 363, 366, 368, 374, 379, 389, 392-394, 396, 398, 400-404, 407-408, 412, 416-417, 419-420, 422-423, 425, 427-433, 435, 438, 441-442, 445-447, 451, 453, 456, 458, 462-468, 472-473, 475-476, 484, 508, 517, 519, 521, 528, 530-533, 535, 537, 540-542, 546, 549, 551-556, 558-559, 562-566, 570, 573, 576, 578-582, 584, 588, 594, 596, 598, 603-604, 606-612, 615, 617-618, 620, 623, 627, 630, 634, 636-640, 642-645, 649-650, 656-658, 660-661, 663-664, 666-671, 677, 680, 682-685, 687-691, 693-696 PFLAG Seguin p.639 PFLAG Seymour Chapter p.330 PFLAG Sierra Vista p.135 PFLAG Silver City p.467 PFLAG Simi Valley p.221 PFLAG Soldotna/Kenai Representative p.134 PFLAG South Central (Hastings) p.430 PFLAG South Orange County/Laguna Hills p.186 PFLAG South/Central RI p.604 PFLAG Southeastern CT p.242 PFLAG Springfield p.323, 427 PFLAG Springfield (Representative) p.389 PFLAG St Cloud/Central MN p.417 PFLAG St Joseph Berrien County p.404 PFLAG St Louis, 1as p.425 PFLAG Stevens Point p.695 PFLAG Stillwater p.558 PFLAG Sturgeon Bay/Door County p.687 PFLAG Syracuse p.521

PFLAG Tallahassee p.279 PFLAG Tampa p.283 PFLAG Taos p.468 PFLAG Tehachapi p.222 PFLAG Temecula Valley p.222 PFLAG Terre Haute p.331 PFLAG Toledo p.554 PFLAG Transgender Network p.115 PFLAG Transgender/Transfamily Support Group p.451 PFLAG Tri-Cities p.396, 611 PFLAG Tucson p.144 PFLAG Tulare-Kings Counties p.221 PFLAG Tulsa p.559 PFLAG Tuscola p.323 PFLAG Twin Cities p.412 PFLAG Urbana Area p.554 PFLAG Valdosta p.296 PFLAG Ventura County p.154 PFLAG Waco p.642 PFLAG Wasburn p.695 PFLAG Waukon/Decorah p.333 PFLAG Westchester p.94, 484 PFLAG Westminster/Carroll County p.368 PFLAG Whidbey p.684 PFLAG White River Valley p.324 PFLAG Whittier p.186 PFLAG Wichita (Representative) p.340 PFLAG Wilmington/Cape Fear p.537 PFLAG Wilmington/North Delaware, Inc. p.248 PFLAG Winston Salem p.533 PFLAG Woodstock/ McHenry County p.315 PFLAG Wyoming/Luzerne Co p.596 PFLAG Youth Group p.305 PFLAG Yuma p.145 PFLAG-KC p.422 PFLAG-NH Keene Chapter p.441 PFLAG/Ann Arbor p.394 PFLAG/Austin p.620 PFLAG/Detroit p.398 PFLAG/Greater Cincinnati p.542 PFLAG/Greater Providence p.603

Philadelphia Gay Tourism Caucus p.592 Philadelphia Gryphons RFC p.592 Philadelphia Liberty Tennis Association p.592

July 2012

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INDEX Philadelphia PA Philadelphia PA see Philadelphia Area p.66-67, 99, 584-592 Philadelphia Qfest p.588 Philadelphia Voices of Pride p.588 Philadelphians Motorcycle Club p.592 Philately p.120 PhilaVentures p.592 Philip Marie p.495 Philippi, Jim p.328 Philips Academy Gay Straight Alliance p.382 Phillip Archer's Living Richly Realty p.628 Phillip Archer's Living Richly Travel p.630 Phillips p.350 Phillips Exeter Academy Gay/Straight Alliance p.439 Phillips, Christopher, CCH, RSHom(NA) p.502 Phillips, Kenneth j p.615 Phillips, Stephen, PsyD, JD p.173 Philly Gay Calendar p.584 Philly Pride Presents, Inc. p.588 Philpott, Louis, Realtor p.344 Phineas Swann p.652 Phoebe Pember House & Studio p.604 Phoebe Snow Society p.117 Phoenicia NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Phoenix p.163, 494 Phoenix AZ see Phoenix Area p.7, 82, 137-141 Phoenix Boys of Leather p.139 Phoenix Center p.322 Phoenix College Rainbow Spectrum p.140 Phoenix Community Church UCC p.402 Phoenix GLBT AA Group p.609 Phoenix Hellraisers p.141 Phoenix Hotel p.204 Phoenix Metropolitan Men's Chorus p.139 Phoenix Pride p.139 Phoenix Rising p.75, 557, 662 Phoenix Shanti Group, Inc. p.137 Phoenix Storm Rugby p.141


Phoenix Sunfish Masters Swim Team p.141 Phoenix Tennis Alliance p.141 Phoenix Transgender Support p.525 Phoenix Uniform Club p.212 Phoenix/Eagle p.350 Phone Booth p.206 PhotoArt by CJ p.343 Photography by Alexander p.362 Photography By Steven Bridges p.358 Photography Club p.510 PHS Wholesale p.111 Physician Billing Services Inc. p.112 PhysioAge Medical Group p.502 Piano Lounge p.332, 334 Piano World Enterprises/Dallas Pipe Organ Service p.114, 425 Piccolo Cafe p.522 Piccolo Paese Ristorante p.480 Pickering, Joey p.674 Pickett, Jimmy F, LPC, AADC p.686 Picture This: A Framing Center & Gallery p.602 Pie in the Sky Cafe p.576 Pieces p.495 Pied Piper Pub & Cathouse Lounge p.147 Pied Piper Travel & Cruises p.516 PiedBar p.37, 385 Piedmont CA see East Bay Area p.83, 161 Pier Hotel p.280 Pieraccini, John M, DDS p.181 Pierce College Gay Straight Alliance p.178 Pierce County AA p.682 Pierce County AIDS Foundation p.682 Pierce, Carol L, Realtor p.16, 201 Pierce, Carol, PhD, MFT p.15, 199 Pierce, Liz p.40, 411 Piercing Experience p.289 Piermont NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.481 Pierre's Catering & Delivery Inc p.173 Pig + Fish p.247 Pike Place Dental p.674 Pikes Peak Community College Queer Straight Alliance p.226 Pikes Peak Lavender Film Festival p.225 Pikes Peak MCC p.226 Pikes Peak Paradise B&B p.225 Pikes Peak Region National Organization for Women p.19, 226 Pilgrim Church p.610 Pilgrim Congregational Church p.191, 319, 666 Pilgrim Congregational Church UCC p.201 Pilgrim Congregational Church, UCC p.377 Pilgrim Congregational UCC p.128, 403-404, 547 Pilgrim Faith UCC p.319 Pilgrim House UU p.414 Pilgrim Lutheran Church p.415 Pilgrim St Luke's United Church of Christ p.475 Pilgrim UCC p.536 Pilgrims United Church p.414 Pillow Cafe p.492 Pillow, Gwen, DC p.9, 153 Pilot House Guest House p.267 Pilsner Inn p.206 Pima Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) p.145 Pine Cone Cottage p.393 Pine Grove Lodge B&B p.478 Pine Manor College BGLAD p.376 Pine River Ranch B&B p.668 Pine United Methodist Church p.214 Pine Valley Market p.537 Pineapple Hill Inn p.583 Pineapple Inn p.599 Pineapple Point Guesthouse & Resort p.259 Pinellas Park FL see Tampa Bay Area p.283, 285 Pines Bluff Overlook p.489 Pines Motor Lodge/Maple Ridge Cottages p.404 Piney Hill Bed & Breakfast p.75, 664 Pinhook p.534

INDEX Pizza Bar Pink p.104 Pink Adobe p.467 Pink Banana Media p.116 Pink Dolphin p.631 Pink Pavilions, LLC p.105 Pink Pistols p.124 Pink Pistols - New England p.369 Pink Pyramid p.542 Pink Triangle AA Group p.129 Pinon Bistro p.142 PINQ Pages p.642 Pint p.449 Pinto, Annette, MA, MFT p.16, 208 Pioneer Congregational Church p.197 Pirate's Cove p.233 Pisarra & Grist p.175 Pisces Restaurant p.268 Pismo Beach CA see Central Coast p.9, 154 Pistol & Enema p.267 Pistons p.168 Pit p.320 Pita Pit p.327 Pitchers & Pints p.304 Pitman Family Dentistry p.568 Pitt County AIDS Services Organization p.530 Pitt Men's Study p.592 Pittsburg State Gay Straight Alliance p.338 Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force p.592 Pittsburgh Frontrunners p.595 Pittsburgh Lesbian & Gay Film Society p.594 Pittsburgh PA see Pittsburgh Area p.67, 99, 592-595 Pittsburgh Pride Bowling League p.595 Pittsburgh Prime Timers p.594 Pittsburgh Transsexual Support Group p.594 Pittsburgh's Out p.592

advertisement p.595

Pittsfield MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.38, 389-390 Pittsford NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.520 Pivot p.566 Pizza Bar p.147

July 2012

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INDEX Pizza Marcello Pizza Marcello p.544 Pizza Napoli p.357 Pizzi, Gregg A p.271 PJ's p.688 PJ's Corner Pocket p.87, 260 pjur group USA /Premium Personal Products p.109 Placerville CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.11, 164 Plainfield IN see Indianapolis Area p.31, 327 Plainfield NJ see Plainfield Area p.458 Plainfield VT see Green Mountains Area p.651 Plainview NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.502 Plan B p.568, 690 Planet Earth Rising p.196 Planet X Cafe p.247 Planned Parenthood p.337, 340 Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts p.369 Planned Parenthood MidHudson Valley p.486 Planned Parenthood of Buffalo & Erie County, Inc. p.475 Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma p.558 Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho p.666 Planned Parenthood of New Mexico p.462 Planned Parenthood of Southwest & Central Florida p.279 Planned Parenthood of the Heartland p.331 Plano TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.625-629 Plantation FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.260, 262-263 Plattsburgh NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 Plattsburgh UMC p.470 Plaut, S Michael, PhD, PLLC, AASECT p.537 Play Dance Bar p.614 Playa Del Rey CA see Los Angeles Area p.172 Players p.689 Plaza Travel p.630 Plazma p.138 Pleasant Hill CA see East Bay Area p.160-161


Pleasant Valley NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.479 Pleasant View B&B p.687 Pleasantville NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482 Pleasure Books East p.128 Pleasure Boutique p.305 Pleasure Chest p.501 Pleasures p.128-129, 689 Pleasures from the Heart p.18, 216 Pleasures of The Heart p.181 Pleiades Records p.120 Plexus p.545 Plonk p.428 Plumbing see:

Home & Building

INDEX Portland Latino Gay Pride Pontiac MI see p.403 Pony p.672 Pony Express p.576 Poolside Restaurant at the Town Crier p.379 Poor Richard's Bookstore p.225 Pop Luck Club p.176 Pop's Bar p.206 Pop's Place of Louisville p.343 Pop-Up Museum of Queer History p.491 Pope, Mark, EdD, LPC, NCC, MAC, NCCC, MCC p.425 Poppy p.673 POPS p.556 Porchside Lounge p.385 Port Angeles WA see Olympic Peninsula p.670 Port Charlotte FL see Tampa Bay Area p.281 Port Chester NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49, 94, 482 Port City Men's Chorus p.129 Port in A Storm p.34, 362 Port Jefferson NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.53, 493, 500, 502 Port Townsend WA see Olympic Peninsula p.670 Port Washington NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.55-56, 505, 512 Portage Chapel Hill UMC p.402 Portage MI see Kalamazoo p.402 Portales NM see Clovis p.464 Porter House Realty p.229 Porter Square Books p.373 Portland Area Business Association p.570 Portland Center for Spiritual Growth p.572 Portland Community Bowling League p.572 Portland Community College Sylvania Campus Queer Straight Alliance p.571 Portland Frontrunners p.572 Portland Gay Men's Chorus p.570 Portland International Guesthouse p.566 Portland Latino Gay Pride p.98, 570

PLUS GLBT Youth Group at The Network p.401 Plymouth AIDS Support Services p.386 Plymouth CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 Plymouth Church p.547 Plymouth Congregational Church p.326, 338, 415, 522, 679 Plymouth Congregational UCC p.333, 401, 442, 691 Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ p.232 Plymouth GLBT Community p.334 Plymouth House Inn p.164 Plymouth MA see South Shore Area p.386-387 Plymouth Men's Group p.387 Plymouth MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.40, 411 Plymouth Regional High School Students for Diversity p.442 Plymouth State University PRIDE p.442 Plymouth State University SAGE p.442 Plymouth United Church of Christ p.161, 636, 693 PM Entertainment Magazine p.488 pnk Restaurant & Ultra Lounge p.672 Poco Wine Room p.672 Pocono Lake PA see Poconos Area p.595 Pocono Warriors p.444

Poenitz, Floyd p.626 Poetic Justice Cafe p.339 Point Foundation Los Angeles p.110, 174 Point Foundation New York p.110, 502 Point Reyes Station CA see Marin County Area p.181 Point Richmond CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.214 Poipu HI see Kauai p.300 Poipu Plantation B&B Inn & Vacation Rental Suites p.300 Polansky, Lisa A p.19, 228 Pole Fitness Studio p.42, 434 Polesky, Trey, MSW, LSW, Lic #150012634 p.307 Police Associations see:

Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional

Police Gay & Lesbian Liaison Team p.656 Police see:

Gay Officers Action Alliance

Political Asylum Research & Documentation Service (PARDS) LLC p.111 Politis, Lambros, Esq p.676 Polko, Lisa E, MD p.35, 367 Pollack, Wendy, LCSW, ACSW p.44, 446 Polo Club p.237 Polyamorous NYC p.510 Pom Pom's Teahouse & Sandwicheria p.274 Pomaika'i (Lucky) Farm B&B p.297 Pomona CA see Inland Empire p.83, 165-166 Pomona Chophouse p.481 Pomona College Queer Resource Center p.166 Pomona NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.481, 483-484, 486 Pompano Beach FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.259-261 Pompton Lakes NJ see Pompton p.458 Pompton Plains NJ see Pompton p.47, 458 Pond House B&B p.22, 243 Pond House Cafe p.237 Pond Mountain Lodge & Resort p.146 Ponderosa Air LLC p.125, 516

July 2012

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INDEX Portland Leather Alliance Portland Leather Alliance p.569 Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival p.570 Portland Lesbian Choir p.64, 570 Portland Lesbian Coffee House p.33, 352 Portland Maine Dyke March p.34, 359 Portland ME see Portland Area p.34, 358-360 Portland OR see Portland Area p.63-65, 98-99, 566-573 Portland Pride/Pride Northwest, Inc. p.570 Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival p.570 Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence p.569 Portland State University Queer Resource Center p.571 Portland Women's Crisis Line p.64, 570 Portland's Gay & Lesbian Community Yellow Pages p.566 Portland's Restaurant & Wine Bar p.138 Portland's White House p.566 Portmann, Toby p.522 Portobello Inn p.522 Portsmouth VA see Hampton Roads Area p.75, 660 Posh p.495 Positive Directions Inc p.339 Positive Health Project p.491 Positive Images p.194 Positive Influence, Inc. p.366 Positive Link p.323, 406 Positive Resource Center p.204 Positive Voice, Inc p.688 Positive Wellness Alliance p.531 Posnock, Leslie B p.457 Post Falls ID see Coeur d'Alene p.30, 305 Post Office Cafe & Cabaret p.385 Post Options Business Center p.676 Post Road Tavern p.357 Postcard Destinations p.126 Poster Hut, Inc. A Unique Boutique p.290


Poth, Robert W, Realtor p.265 Potomac Rainbow Cruisers p.250 Potsdam NY see Canton/ Massena/ Potsdam Area p.476 Pottery see: Presbyterian also see:

More Light

INDEX Pride of the Lehigh Valley Pride At Work National Office p.114 Pride At Work San Diego p.200 Pride Business Alliance of the Palm Beaches p.286 Pride Center p.562, 689 Pride Center at Equality Park p.258 Pride Center Library p.107, 474 Pride Center of New Jersey p.455 Pride Center of the Capital Region p.470 Pride Center of the Capital Region - Youth Group p.472 Pride Center of Western New York p.473 Pride Charlotte p.528 Pride Clinic p.545 Pride Collective & Community Center p.538 Pride Committee of NC - NC Pride Parade & Festival p.523 Pride Community Center of North Central Florida p.265 Pride Counseling, Inc. p.644 Pride Dating p.112 Pride Empathy Line p.644 Pride Factory p.262 Pride Fest p.269 Pride Festival of Central Pennsylvania p.578 Pride For All p.374 Pride For Youth p.512 Pride Foundation p.110, 665 Pride Guide: A Guide to Gay New Jersey p.443 Pride Houston p.634 Pride in the Pulpit p.515 Pride Institute p.259, 406 Pride Items see:

Gifts, Cards, Pride & Novelty Items

Presbyterian Church p.446, 456 Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco p.486 Presbyterian Church of the Apostles p.414 Art & Craft Presbyterian New England Poughkeepsie NY see Hud- Congregational Church son Valley & Catskills Area p.472 p.50, 95, 477, 481, 483-486 Presbyterian see: Religious Organizations & Poughquag NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area Publications p.486 Presbyterian Welcome p.515 Poulsbo Inn & Suites p.670 Prescott Baptist Church p.613 Poulsbo WA see Olympic Peninsula p.670 Prescott Pride Center p.7, Pounders, Steven, MD p.626 141 Pour Wine Bar & Bistro p.568 advertisement p.141 Poverello/PWA Food Bank & Prescott WI see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.409 Thrift Shop p.259 Poway CA see San Diego Presents of Mind p.569 Presque Isle Gallery CoffeeArea p.85, 201-202 house p.576 Poway High School GSA Pressing Issues, Inc. p.46, p.201 454 Powell Dental p.568 Prestige Air Conditioning Powell Hotel p.203 Systems, Inc. p.286 Powell's Books p.568 Prevention Point PhiladelPowell, Judith C, PhD p.59, phia p.587 534 Price Law Group p.434 Power Exchange p.435 Price, Timothy A., MD p.251 POWER UP p.13, 176 Priceman, Ann Beth, AB, Power, John C., RN, MSW, Realtor p.13, 183 LCSW p.312 PRIDE!Kent p.98, 540 Powerhouse p.207 Pride & Equality p.104 Poz Awareness for Positive Pride & Heritage p.87, 252 Change Foundation p.556 Pride & Joy p.38, 389 POZ Magazine p.81, 104 advertisement p.391 Poz Men p.362 Pride & Promote p.84, 176 POZSeattle p.677 Pride & Rainbow Bowling PPL Corporation GLOW p.610 Business Resource Group Pride Alive p.688 p.581 Pride Alliance p.380 PQ Monthly p.566 Pride Alliance Long Island PR CoNCRA p.598 p.508 Practical Magic Art Supply Pride Alliance Network p.183 p.147 Pride at Kodak p.114, 519 Prairie Lights Bookstore Pride at SBU p.510 p.335 Prairie Unitarian Universalist PRIDE at St Edward's University p.621 Church p.233 Prairie Unitarian Universalist Pride At Work Baltimore Washington p.252 Society p.691 Prairie Village KS see Kan- Pride at Work GLBTA Employee Network. p.407 sas City Metro Area (MO & KS) p.422 Pride At Work Hawai'i p.297 Prairieside Suites Luxury Pride At Work Los Angeles p.176 B&B p.400 Prerogative p.110

Pride Lafayette p.329 Pride Law p.201 Pride Law Fund p.209 Pride LGBTQ Film Festival p.324 Pride Medical Inc p.290 Pride Network p.520 Pride of Indy Bands, Inc p.328 Pride of Monterey County, Inc. p.154 Pride of the Lehigh Valley p.581

July 2012

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INDEX Pride Roommates Pride Roommates p.105 Pride Safe Zone p.155 Pride see:


Prime Timers of Baltimore p.364 Prime Timers of Central Florida p.275 Prime Timers of Dallas/Fort Worth p.627 Prime Timers of DC p.253 Prime Timers of Kansas City p.422 Prime Timers of Las Vegas p.435 Prime Timers of the Desert p.190 Prime Timers San Diego p.200 Prime Timers Sarasota p.279 Prime Timers Tampa Bay p.283 Prime Timers Wichita p.340 Prime Timers Worldwide p.117 Primer Movimiento Peruano GLBT p.96, 508 Primont, Michael p.676 Prince Albert Guest House p.384 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church p.322 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church ELCA p.643 Prince, Lauren, CFP, CFS, CDFA p.501 Princeton NJ see Princeton Area p.47, 458-459 Princeton University Queer Graduate Caucus p.458 Princeville HI see Kauai p.300 Print Villa p.70, 617 PrintFast, LLC p.447 Printing Safari p.178 Printing/ Mailing & Promotional Items p.56, 120-121, 144, 160, 166, 178, 201, 323, 344, 447, 512, 528, 558, 561, 577, 604, 656 Priory p.592 Priscilla's p.339 PRISM p.476 Prism Comics p.121 Prism LGBT Health p.382 Prisoner Resources see: Pro Shop Pub p.281 Pro-Life Alliance of Gays & Lesbians p.116 Professional Psychology Services p.586 Proforma double dog dare p.344 Progressive Health Services p.175, 199 Progressive Pathways Fellowship p.345 Project 515 p.406 Project Angel Food p.171 Project Angel Heart p.225-226 Project ARK p.424 Project Chicken Soup p.170 Project HOPE p.471 Project Inform p.106 Project K.I.S. (Keeping it Safe) p.446 Project Kindle p.218 Project Lazarus p.349 Project Open Hand p.288, 548 Project Open Hand Grocery Center p.156 Project Open Hand Kitchen & Grocery Center p.204 Project Q p.693 Project Q Atlanta p.288 Project Rainbow Net p.57, 523 Project Response AIDS Center p.256 Project S.O.L. p.512 Project STEP p.479 Project Transitions, Inc. p.618 Project Vida p.89, 310 Project WOW p.94, 445 PROJECT: MALE p.163 Promethean Guard p.451 Promise House, Inc. p.628 Promise Metropolitan Community Church p.629 Promo p.419, 422, 427 Promotrim International p.108 Pronto! p.397 Prospect Congregational Organizations/Resources: UCC p.679 Prisoner Resources Prospect Hill B&B & Cottage Midwest Pages to Prisoners in the Woods p.614 Project p.324 Prospect Park UMC p.415 Private Homes for Private VaProSuzy: Your Lesbian Concations, Inc. p.654 nection p.27, 284 Pro Bar p.450 Proto, John, Realtor p.241 Pro Libris Bookshop p.352 Prototypes p.173

INDEX Pub Pegasus Prottas, Gary M, LCSW, LP p.500 Proud Bookstore p.247 Proud Horizons p.432 Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine (PRYSM) p.359 Providence Eagle p.602 Providence Gay Men's Chorus p.603 Providence NYC Club Space p.495 Providence Presbyterian Church p.603 Providence RI see Providence Area p.68, 602-603 Providence Roller Derby p.68, 603 Provincetown Action Center & Store (HRC) p.386 Provincetown Bears p.386 Provincetown Bookshop p.385 Provincetown Business Guild p.386 Provincetown Design Group p.386 Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla p.110, 385 Provincetown Inn & Conference Center p.384 Provincetown MA see Provincetown Area (see also Cape Cod) p.37-38, 383-386 Provincetown Tennis Club p.386 PRQueer Agenda p.598 Prudential Peters Realty p.50, 485 PRYSM p.329 Przyblowicz, Henry, LMT p.603 Psychedelic Shack p.277 Psychotherapy Resources of Norfolk p.659 Psychotherapy see:

Counseling/ Psychotherapy

Organizations/Resources: General, Multipurpose, Pride

Pride Softball League p.646 Pride South Florida p.262 Pride St Louis, Inc. p.425 Pride Store p.559 Pride Student Union at the University of Florida p.265 Pride Vermont p.646 PRIDE Youth p.596 Pride Youth Program p.317 PrideAlive p.409 PrideCall p.309 PRIDEChicago p.315 PrideFest p.693 Pridefest San Antonio p.640 Pridefest/East Tennessee Equality Council p.612 Pridelines Youth Services p.272 PrideSisters p.58, 528 Prime Time Dance Club p.480 Prime Timers p.139, 685 Prime Timers - Central Virginia p.663 Prime Timers - Los Angeles p.177 Prime Timers - Miami Valley Ohio p.551 Prime Timers - Portland p.571 Prime Timers - San Antonio p.640 Prime Timers Austin p.621 Prime Timers Central Coast p.154 Prime Timers Chicago p.316 Prime Timers Cleveland p.546 Prime Timers Connecticut p.234 Prime Timers Grand Rapids p.401 Prime Timers Indianapolis p.328 Prime Timers Metro Detroit p.399 Prime Timers Miami Beach p.272 Prime Timers MSP p.412 Prime Timers Myrtle Beach p.608 Prime Timers New Mexico p.464

Pt. Robinson Keepers Quarters p.671 PTown p.593 Ptown Bikes p.386 PTownwest LLC p.381 Puako Bed & Breakfast p.298 Pub p.273 Pub 43 p.400 Pub Pegasus p.624

July 2012

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INDEX Public Assembly Public Assembly p.492 Public Relations/ Advertising/ Marketing p.48, 56, 68, 121, 276, 469, 512, 603, 616, 681 Public Restaurant & Lounge p.480-481 Publishers/ Publishing-related Services p.5, 121, 292, 456 Publishing Triangle p.114, 506 Publishing, Writing, Journalism Professionals Associations see:


Pure Romance by Tisa p.60, 542 Pure Silk Productions p.51, 493 Purgatory p.385 Purple Circuit p.114 Purple Heys p.614 Purple Moon p.400 Purple Moon Dance Project p.17, 86, 211 Purple Parrot Grill p.247 Purple Passion p.501 Purple Roofs GLBT Travel Directory p.104 Purple Thistle p.183 Purple Unions p.126 Purr p.673 Purr at Club 21 p.14, 85, 195 PurrFurred Pet Care Service p.435 Purrmission Lingerie p.9, 153 Putnam/Northern Westchester Women's Resource Center p.50, 484 Puunene HI see Maui p.29, 301 PW's Sports Bar & Grill p.367 Pyramid Club p.494 Q p.621 Q Allen Street p.474 Q Ball Pool League p.264 Q Center p.521, 566 Q Lounge p.532 Q Nation p.544 Q Syndicate p.116 Q Trading Co p.190 Q&A (Queers & Allies) at UT Tyler p.640 Q'zine p.586 Q-Nexus LGBT Volunteers of the East Bay p.159 Q-SAFE (Queer Students & Allies for Equality). p.166 Q-Wave p.55, 96, 508 Q2 p.687 Qbar p.206 QBliss p.104 QC Pain & Wellness Center p.333 QCinema, Fort Worth's Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival p.627 QComedy p.208 QLaw p.676, 691 QNotes p.523, 604 QSaltLake p.642 QSanAntonio p.638 Quad Citians Affirming Diversity p.332 Quail Hollow Inn p.651 Quail Ridge Books & Music p.534 Quaint Cottages p.404 Quaker see:

INDEX Queer Black Cinema International Film & Music Festival p.96, 507 Queer Connection p.177 Queer Cultural Center p.211 Queer Eugene p.563 Queer Foundation p.120, 665 Queer Humboldt p.162 Queer Jews & Friends p.98, 536 Queer Jitterbug p.211 Queer Law Student Association p.212 Queer LifeSpace p.208 Queer Nerds at Heart p.31, 314 Queer Pratt p.510 Queer Program p.692 Queer Resource Center p.561, 666 Queer Rising p.116 Queer Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club p.212 Queer Seattle Tango p.676 Queer Straight Alliance CSU p.196 Queer Student Cultural Center p.413 Queer Student Resources at Williams p.390 Queer Teen Ensemble Theater (QTET) p.676 Queer Things to Do in San Francisco p.203 Queer Urban Orchestra (QUO) p.507 Queer Utah Aquatic Club p.646 Queer Voices p.633 Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP) p.17, 211 Queer Youth Project p.666 Queer Youth Scene p.220 Queer Youth Space p.678 Queer Zone p.395 Queer-Straight Alliance at SUU p.643 Queer4Gears (NASCAR fans) p.124 Queerocracy p.116 Queers for Economic Justice p.509 Queers United Against Discrimination (QUAD) p.237 Queers United in Concord/ Kannapolis p.529 p.119 p.126

Religious Organizations & Publications

Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional

Puddletown Squares p.676 Puerto Rican Initiative to Develop Empowerment (PRIDE) p.96, 508 Pujo St Cafe p.347 Pulaski Heights Christian Church p.149 Pulaski Technical College FUSION p.149 Pullen Memorial Baptist Church p.536 Pullen, Susanna V. p.9, 153 Pullman Plaza Hotel p.685 Pulp p.251 Pulp Magazine p.188 Pulse p.143, 274, 281 Pulse Nightlife p.342 Pulse Video Lounge p.347 Pumpernickel's Eatery p.405 Pumping Station p.612 PuNane p.60, 98, 546 Pup Daddy Pet Services, LLC p.292 Purchase NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.485 Purdue Ally Association p.329 Purdue Gay/Lesbian Alumni p.119, 329 Purdue Queer Resource Center p.329 Purdue Queer Student Union p.329 Purdue University North Central Gay Straight Alliance p.331 Purdys NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482 Pure p.388 Pure Nightclub p.19, 86, 227 Pure Pleasure p.18, 220

Quaker Tavern B&B Inn p.355 Quality Inn Coliseum p.531 Quapaw Quarter UMC p.149 Quarryland Men's Chorus p.324 Quartermaster p.350 Quarto, Roslyn A., LLP p.55, 504 Quatrefoil Library p.107, 409 Que Sera p.168 Queen & I Thai Restaurant p.281 Queen Anne Hotel p.204 Queen Bean Coffee House p.183 Queen City Group p.541 Queen City Rainbow Band p.542 Queen City Roller Girls p.49, 475 Queen City Rollers Bowling League p.458 Queen City Softball p.475 Queen Creek AZ see Phoenix Area p.137 Queen of Hearts PS/Desert Hearts Inn p.14, 188 Queen of New York p.488 Queenies Roadhouse Cafe p.182 Queens College Gay, Lesbian & Straight Alliance p.511 Queens Head Eurobar & Restaurant p.281 Queens Lesbian & Gay Pride Committee p.508 Queens Pride House p.488 Queensbury NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 Queer Alliance p.177 Queer Alliance & Resource Center p.159 Queer Alliance SFSU p.212 Queer As Youth/Gen Q p.613 Queer Asian Pacific Alliance p.91, 374 Queer Ballroom p.211

July 2012

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INDEX Queery Queery p.690 Quest p.362, 686 Quest Center for Integrative Health p.569 Quest Club p.128 Quest Recovery & Prevention Services p.539 Quetzal Internet Cafe p.206 Quicksilver Country Dancers p.291 QuickTricks Bridge Club p.212 Quiet Creek Inn p.165 Quiet Creek Real Estate p.121, 165 Quill & Quilt B&B p.408 Quimby's p.312 Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.670 Quince Grill & Cantina p.136 Quince Orchard High School Human/Gay Straight Allianc. p.367 Quincy MA see South Shore Area p.386-387 Quincy South Shore AIDS Cares p.386 Quinn, Camille M, Attorney at Law, p.62, 559 Quinnipiac University School Of Law Q Alliance p.235 Quintessence p.471 Quintessentials B&B & Spa p.489 Quire: Eastern Iowa's GLBT Chorus p.335 QuORUM (Queers Organizing for Radical Unity & Mobilization) p.509 Quorum, The Twin Cities GLBTA Chamber of Commerce p.412 QVegas p.432 QVegas Business Alliance p.435 R Bar p.492 R Family Vacations p.126 R House p.554 R Place Bar & Grill p.673 R&R Denver p.227 R&R Saloon p.397 R.U.1.2. Youth Group p.435 r3 Hotel p.192 Rab-Dab Clothing & Gifts p.350 Rabanal Petit Club p.600 Rachael's Cafe p.323


Rachel's Waterside Grill p.493 Rachlin, Katherine, PhD p.53, 500 Racine WI see Racine/ Kenosha Area p.694 Radell, Lisa, Esq p.460 Radford University Spectrum p.661 Radiance Herbs & Massage p.668 Radiant Health Chiropractic p.79, 687 Radical Arts for Women (RAW) p.6, 131 Radical Faeries p.510 Radical Faeries of Texas p.617 Radical Faeries Philadelphia p.589 Radical Faeries see: Rainbow World Radio / OutVoice p.663 Saliendo del Closet p.100, 600 TransFM p.250 Internet Radio p.366 Windy City Queercast p.312 Youth Out Loud p.606 Radisson Suites Tucson p.142 Radkowsky, Michael, PsyD p.251 Raetz, Randy G., DDS p.518 Rage p.173 Ragtag Cinemacafé p.420 Ragtime Grille & Supper Club p.332 Rahmani, Kamran, MD p.500 Railroad House Restaurant & Bed & Breakfast p.580 Rails p.90, 311 Rain p.172, 681 RAIN (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network) p.527 Rain Cafe & Lounge p.339 Rain City Soccer Club p.680 Rain Country Dance Association p.676 Rain Lounge p.521 RAIN OK (Regional AIDS Intercommunity Network) p.555 Rain on 4th p.619 Rainbow Alley p.229 Rainbow Alliance p.582, 594 Rainbow Alliance for Hope p.688 Rainbow Alliance for Youth (RAY) p.686 Rainbow Alliance Of The Deaf p.115 Rainbow Amateur Radio Association Finger Lakes Chapter p.117 Rainbow Area Youth, Toledo, Inc p.554 Rainbow Babies p.115 Rainbow Bar & Grill p.189 Rainbow Bookstore Coop p.690 Rainbow Bowling League p.235, 395 Rainbow Business & Professional Association p.352 Rainbow Cabaret Men's Private Club p.283 Rainbow Cactus p.138, 659

INDEX Rainbow Heights Club Rainbow Cafe p.307, 447, 471 Rainbow Cafe at Parliament House p.274 Rainbow Cathedral MCC p.684 Rainbow Cattle Co p.193 Rainbow Center p.288 Rainbow Center at UConn p.244 Rainbow Chamber of Commerce p.217 Rainbow Chorale of Delaware p.245 Rainbow Cincinnati p.541 Rainbow Circle of the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation p.66, 587 Rainbow City Band p.676 Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County p.156 Rainbow Connection LLC p.367 Rainbow Continuum p.562 Rainbow Counseling Program p.219 Rainbow Country Bed & Breakfast p.643 Rainbow Cruising p.126 Rainbow Cyclists p.202 Rainbow Democratic Club p.275 Rainbow Destinations p.126 The Rainbow Directory for New Jersey p.443 Rainbow Dreams Cottage p.299 Rainbow Duplicate Bridge Club p.677 Rainbow Elders of the Niagara Frontier p.475 Rainbow Families p.508 Rainbow Families DC p.253 Rainbow Families Great Lakes (RFGL) p.405 Rainbow Families of Illinois p.306 Rainbow Families of New Jersey p.445 Rainbow Families of Puget Sound p.677 Rainbow Festival p.196 Rainbow Flag Health Services p.17, 215 Rainbow Flippers p.285 Rainbow Garden Club p.628 Rainbow Health Initiative p.411 Rainbow Heights Club p.497

Organizations/Resources: Social, Recreational & Support Groups

Radical Women p.56, 77, 96, 509, 677 Radical Women National Office p.5, 116 Radina's Coffee House & Bakery p.338 Radio Bean p.649 Radio Shows see:

Broadcast Media

After Hours p.633 Alternating Currents p.542 Amazon Radio p.21, 240 bloomingOUT p.324 Equality Pride Radio p.496 Fresh Fruit p.410 HomoRadio LGBT News & Public Affairs p.471 IMRU Radio p.173 KBOO 90.7 FM Portland OUTLOUD p.568 Lambda Radio Report p.289 Lambda Weekly p.625 Lesbian Lounge p.24, 261 Out in the Bay p.207 Out Loud & Queer p.482 OUT-FM Collective p.496 Outbeat Radio p.193 outLOUD p.207 OutQ p.496 Q Nation p.544 Q'zine p.586 Queer Voices p.633 Queery p.690 Rainbow Radio p.606

July 2012

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INDEX Rainbow Hill Restaurant & Shops Rainbow Hill Restaurant & Shops p.664 Rainbow History Project p.107, 249 Rainbow Home Improvement p.369 Rainbow House Bar & Grill p.608 Rainbow In p.608 Rainbow Inn p.165 Rainbow Interfaith Community p.145 Rainbow Ladies - Our Space, Inc. p.26, 272 Rainbow Law p.4, 112 Rainbow Law Center p.398 Rainbow League p.342 Rainbow Lounge p.625 Rainbow Mediation p.175 Rainbow Mennonite Church p.422 Rainbow Mountain Resort p.595 Rainbow Naturist Brotherhood p.291 Rainbow Network GLBT Professional Networking Grou. p.440 Rainbow Outreach GLBT Resource Center p.431 Rainbow Over Wisconsin p.686 Rainbow Paddlers p.276 Rainbow Pages p.195 Rainbow Paws p.598 Rainbow Peaks Youth Group p.231 Rainbow Pet Hospital p.423 Rainbow Pet Supplies & Grooming p.512 Rainbow Petsitting p.657 Rainbow Plantation B&B p.298 Rainbow Pride of WV p.684 Rainbow Program p.219 Rainbow Property Management, LLC p.459 Rainbow Psychotherapy & Hypnosis p.660 Rainbow Radio p.606 Rainbow Ranch Campground p.631 Rainbow Ranglers Dance Club p.634 Rainbow Real Estate p.640 Rainbow Realty & Vacation Rentals p.600 Rainbow Recreation p.217

805 p.6, 126 RainbowZine p.104 Raitt, Michael, B.Ed, MA/ABS p.674 Rakestraw Books p.157 Raleigh p.270 Raleigh Business & Professional Network p.535 Raleigh NC see Triangle Area p.59, 97, 533-536 Raleighwood Squares p.535 Ralph & Kacoo's p.346 Ram Bookstore p.313

advertisement p.313

INDEX Reading Queerly Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico p.47, 463 Rape Recovery Center p.645 Rappaport, Hal p.678 Rapture & Club R2 p.657 Rapunzels Coffee & Books p.657 Rascals Bar & Grill p.688 Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund p.502 Rasor Law Firm p.398 Ratliff, Leslie, LCSW p.614 Ratliff, Robert, Broker Associate, GRI p.622 Rattlesnake Jones p.493 Raven p.131, 583 Raven Lounge p.585 Ravenna United Methodist Church p.679 Ravens p.688 Ravensworth Baptist Church p.656 Ravi Continental Cuisine p.481 Raw Energy p.157 Rawhide 2010 p.350 Rawhide NYC p.494 Ray of Hope Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ p.97, 522 Ray of Light: Narcotics Anonymous p.226 Raymore MO see Kansas City p.421 Raytown MO see Kansas City p.423 RBC Wealth Management GLADE p.412 RDU Prime Timers p.535 Re-bar p.673 Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess p.79, 691 RE/MAX Island Realty p.608 Reach For It Media, Inc p.512 Reach LA p.84, 178 Reach, A Waldorf Astoria Resort p.267 Reachout of St Lawrence County, Inc p.476 Read Street Books & Coffee p.362 Reader, Dayna, MA, LMFT p.16, 208 Reading MA see Boston Area p.37, 374, 378 Reading PA see Lehigh Valley Area p.66, 580-582 Reading Pride Celebration p.581 Reading Queerly p.589

Rainbow Resources of New Hampshire p.437 Rainbow Retreat Center & Bed and Breakfast p.29, 298 The Rainbow Review p.580 Rainbow Ridge Farms B&B p.689 Rainbow Road p.411 Rainbow Room p.397, 590 Rainbow Roommates p.490 Rainbow Rumpus p.115 Rainbow RV p.125 Rainbow SAGE of the Genesee Valley p.469 Rainbow Sailing Charters p.304 Rainbow Sash Movement p.122 Rainbow Shine p.559 Rainbow Skate p.180, 215 Rainbow Spinnakers Sailing Club p.656 Rainbow Theater Festival p.520 The Rainbow Times p.368 Rainbow Toastmasters p.211 Rainbow Valley Resort p.695 Rainbow View Lodge p.151 Rainbow Vista p.566 Rainbow Watchers LLC Professional Pet Care p.342 Rainbow Weddings & Celebrations p.300 Rainbow Weekend p.259 Rainbow Women's Chorus p.18, 217 Rainbow Woods Campground p.470 Rainbow World Fund p.110 Rainbow World Radio / OutVoice p.663 Rainbow Wranglers p.545 Rainbow Youth p.573 Rainbow Youth & Allies Howard County p.366 Rainbow Youth Alliance p.365 Rainbow Youth, NEPA p.596 Rainbow411 p.280 p.111 Rainbows & Triangles p.502 Rainbows on the Fly, guided fly fishing p.63, 564 Rainbowwed p.6, 126 RainbowWeddingNetwork Magazine p.3, 104

Ram's Head Inn p.245, 450 Ramada Plaza Hotel p.170 Ramapo College of New Jersey Women's Center p.46, 453 Ramapo College Pride p.453 Ramapo College Queer Peer Services p.453 Ramapo Pride (Gay Straight Alliance) p.453 Ramona CA see San Diego Area p.201 Ramona High School GSA p.201 Ramrod p.260, 372 Ranch p.384 Ranch Hill Saloon p.632 Rancho Cicada Retreat p.164 Rancho Mirage CA see Palm Springs Area p.189, 191 Rancho Palos Verdes CA see Los Angeles Area p.176, 178, 180 Rancho Santa Fe CA see San Diego Area p.15, 199 Ranchos de Taos NM see Taos p.48, 468 Randallstown MD see Baltimore Area p.363 Randolph Center VT see Randolph p.653 Randolph Country Club p.387 Randolph MA see South Shore Area p.387 Randolph NH see White Mountains Area p.443 Range Line Inn p.692 Rankin Vault Cocktail Lounge p.524 Rankin, Zane, Realtor p.584 Rape Crisis Center p.42, 72, 79, 434, 639, 690

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INDEX Reading Railmen Reading Railmen p.581 Real Estate (see also Mortgages) p.5-9, 11, 13-16, 18-20, 22-29, 31-32, 34-35, 37-39, 41-44, 46-48, 50, 56, 58-72, 74-77, 93, 121, 130, 135-137, 140, 142, 144-145, 148, 151, 154, 160, 165, 178-179, 183, 187, 191, 196-197, 201, 213, 218-220, 224, 226, 229, 232, 236, 238, 241-245, 248, 254, 256, 258, 263-266, 269, 272-273, 276-277, 279, 284-285, 287, 292-293, 296, 299-301, 303, 305, 317, 320, 322, 328, 338, 340, 342, 344, 346, 351, 355, 357, 359, 361, 364, 366, 376, 380, 386, 392, 395-396, 399, 405, 413, 422, 428, 430-432, 435-437, 440-442, 445, 447-449, 451-456, 458-460, 462, 464, 467, 472, 485, 487, 513, 520, 522, 525-526, 528-529, 536, 543, 546, 550, 554, 558-559, 561, 564, 571, 573, 577, 579, 584, 590, 594, 597, 601-602, 605, 607-608, 613, 616, 621-622, 628, 635, 640, 645, 647, 650, 652, 655, 657, 660, 663, 666, 669, 678, 681, 685 Real Luck Cafe p.593 Real Macaw p.273 Real World Products p.111 Rebar p.277 Rebel p.206 Rebel NYC p.495 REC Boyz p.92, 396 Recess Lounge p.585 Reclaim p.413 Reconciliation p.122 Reconciliation Metropolitan Community Church p.401 Reconciling Ministries Network p.122 Reconciling Pentecostal Assembly p.141 Reconstructionist Temple Beth Israel p.94, 453 Records see:


Red Brick Inn of Panguitch B&B p.644 Red Bud Manor p.146 Red Cap Garage p.568 Red Castle Inn p.164 Red Cedar Friends Meeting p.403 Red Circle Project p.83, 171 Red Cliffs Lodge p.643 Red Dot Restaurant & Bar p.480 Red Elephant Inn B&B p.443 Red Fox Cabin p.234 Red Hill Books p.207 Red Hook NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49, 483 Red Inn p.384 Red Lantern p.163 Red Letter News p.690 Red Lotus Massage & Bodywork p.374 Red Maple p.362 Red Oak Inn p.653 Red Ribbon Friends p.608 Red Ribbon Ride p.411 Red Rock Behavioral Health Services (BHS) p.557 Red Rock Escape p.142 Red Rooster Cafe p.142 Red Shed Cottage p.354 Red Square p.649 Red Stag Supperclub p.410 Red Star Saloon p.581 Red Sun Landscape Design p.620 Red Tree, Inc p.344 Redeemer Lutheran Church p.550 Redeemer Lutheran Church ELCA p.452 Redeemer MCC of Flint p.400 Redhawk Haven p.233 Redlands CA see Inland Empire p.166 Reed College Queer Alliance p.571 Reeder, Timothy p.432 Reeders PA see Poconos Area p.596 Reel Affirmations p.252 Reeling: Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival p.315 Reflections Bed & Breakfast p.477 Reformation Lutheran Church p.591 Regal Watering Hole p.223 Regenerative Solution, PC p.228 Regiment of the Black & Tans p.177 Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN) p.420 Rego Park NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.512 Regulator Bookshop p.534 Rehab, 2nd Sat at Grand Central p.34, 362 Rehoboth Beach DE see Rehoboth Area p.23, 245-248 Rehoboth Guest House p.245 Reid, Lynn E, LPC p.289 Reilly, Kevin Michael p.365 Reiser, Glenn R p.448 Reisterstown MD see Baltimore Area p.362-363 Rejuvenation Artisans Landscapes p.569 Relatively Wilde p.3, 108 Relax on Maui Condo p.301 Religious Coalition Against Discrimination p.352

INDEX Rent A Villa Religious Organizations, Publications, Resources p.5, 17, 37, 56, 64, 77, 79, 82-94, 96-102, 121-124, 127-130, 132-134, 136-137, 140-142, 145-146, 148-151, 154-156, 160-163, 165-167, 169, 179-180, 182-184, 187, 191, 194, 197, 201-202, 213-215, 218-222, 224, 226, 229-233, 235-236, 238-245, 248-249, 254-255, 257-258, 264-266, 269, 273-274, 276-280, 284-285, 287-288, 292-294, 296-297, 300-301, 303-309, 317-326, 328-336, 338-342, 344-346, 351-355, 357-361, 364-368, 370, 376-383, 386-387, 390-393, 395-396, 399-408, 414-420, 422-423, 426-432, 436-443, 445-450, 452-462, 464-465, 467, 470, 472-473, 475-477, 485-488, 513-515, 517, 520-522, 526, 529-531, 533, 536-538, 540-541, 543, 546-547, 550-556, 558, 560-562, 564-565, 571-575, 577, 579-580, 582, 584, 590-591, 594-598, 600-607, 609-614, 616-618, 622-623, 628-631, 635-638, 640, 642-648, 650, 652-658, 660-661, 663-671, 678-689, 691, 693-696 Religious Publications see: Sources of Hope Gifts & Books p.71, 625 Religious Society of Friends p.218 Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) p.437 Reluctant Panther Inn p.651 Remedy p.593 Remington's p.250 Renaissance City Choirs p.594 Renaissance Renovations, LLC p.503 Renaissance Unity p.399 Rendezvous p.673 Renee, Robin p.114, 444 Renegades p.216 Reno AIDS Walk p.436 Reno First UMC p.437 The Reno Gay Page p.436 Reno Gay Pride p.437 Reno Rainbow Fest p.436 Renoir Hotel p.204 Rensselaer Pride Alliance p.472 Rent A Villa p.654

Music Sales Redlands UCC p.166 Recovering Hearts Book & Redmond WA see Seattle Gift Store p.385 Area p.676 Recovery Association Pro- Redondo Beach CA see ject p.566 Los Angeles Area p.172, Recovery Connection p.105 180 Recreation Vehicles see: Reds Wine Bar p.152 Camping Redwing Bar & Grill p.198 RV p.156 Redwood City CA see San Red Bank NJ see Jersey Francisco Bay & PeninShore p.46, 451 sula Area p.204, 212, 215

July 2012

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INDEX Renton WA Renton WA see Seattle Area p.679 Repent at Rich's p.15, 198 Repetto, Vittoria, DC p.55, 503 Replacements Ltd p.106 Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Services p.5, 9, 13, 17, 20, 22, 31, 50, 56, 64, 67, 69, 124, 150, 162, 180, 215, 235-236, 241-243, 279, 319, 331, 337, 340, 369, 462, 475, 486, 515, 558, 572, 591, 613, 666 Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT) p.20, 22, 50, 236, 242-243, 486 Reproductive Specialty Medical Center p.9, 150 Republican Party also see:


Rhythm Cafe p.286 Ria's Bluebird p.289 Rice University Gay/Lesbian Alumni Association p.635 Rice University Queers & Allies p.635 Rice, Howard L, MD p.216 Rich's p.198 Rich, Christopher, Realtor p.243 Richard Bland College GLBT&Q Alliance p.661 Richard Stockton College of NJ Pride Alliance p.458 Richards, Susan C, LCSW, MFT p.199 Richardson TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.626, 628, 630 Richardson, Brad, DC p.228 Richardson, Carol, JP p.43, 438 Richardson, Troy p.647 Richfield MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.410-411, 415 Richfield United Methodist Church p.415 Richland Hills TX see Dallas/ Fort Worth Area p.628 Richland WA see Tri-Cities Area p.683 Richmond Area Nude Guys p.663 Richmond Beach Congregational UCC p.679 Richmond Bear Community p.663 Richmond Bisexual Network (ROBIN) p.662 Richmond Business Alliance p.663 Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth p.663 Richmond Transformers FTM Support Group p.663 Richmond Triangle Players p.663 Richmond VA see Richmond Area p.75, 102, 662-663 Richmond, Gary J., MD p.262 Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation p.209 Richstatter, Kathy M., GRI, ABR, e-PRO, Realtor p.340 Richter, Jessica p.76, 674 Rick's Bed & Breakfast p.274 Rick's Fitness & Health, Inc. p.245 Rickshaw Stop p.206

INDEX Rise Ricky's p.222 Ride Brooklyn p.516 Ride for AIDS p.313 Ridenour, Richard J, CRPC p.474 Rider University Gay & Straight Alliance p.452 Ridgecrest NC see Asheville Area p.523 Ridgeland MS see Jackson p.418 Ridgely MD see Elkton p.366 Rigby's Bar & Grill p.247 Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps p.283 Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps - Chicago p.315 RightRides for Women's Safety p.55, 506 Riley, Donna B, LCSW p.52, 497 Riley, E. Anne, PhD, LCSW-C p.35, 366 Rilling, Holly L, AAMS p.43, 441 Rimmer Magazine p.258 Rimrock AZ see Sedona Area p.141 Rincon Congregational UCC p.145 Rindge NH see Monadnock Area p.441 Rio p.481 Rio Grande Adelante p.630 Rio Grill p.152 Rio Piedras PR see San Juan Area p.100, 599-600 Rio Rancho NM see Albuquerque p.464 Rio Rodizio Steakhouse & Sushi p.456, 461 Rio Theater p.193 Rio Verde Realty - Bisbee p.135 Rio Verde Realty - Sierra Vista p.135 Rio Villa Beach Resort p.192 Rios, Deborah K p.623 Riot Grrrl Ink p.5, 120 Riot Youth Program p.395 Ripcord p.98, 554, 632 Ripley, Brian A p.158 Ripon College: The Network p.688 Ripon WI see Fox Valley p.688 Rise p.372

Resurrection MCC p.635 Resurrection Roller Girls p.14, 194 Retirement Communities see: Carefree Cove p.526 Country Comforts Assisted Living p.690 Fountaingrove Lodge p.192 Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing p.170 Lotus Law Home LLC, RCFE Lic. # 415600666 p.9, 82, 149 Rai nbow Vi a p.566 st SHARE (Senior Housing & Retirement Enterprises) p.566 Rev Eleni p.56-57, 515-516 Reveille Tucson Gay Men's Chorus p.144 Revel and Riot p.111 Revere Guest House p.384 Log Cabin Club Revere MA see North Republican Party see: Organizations/Resources: Shore Area p.382 Political/Legislative Revive p.251 Republiq p.618 Revolution p.274 Research & Genealogy Revolution Cafe & Bar p.623 Services p.124 Revolutionary Grounds Reseda CA see Los Ange- Books & Coffee p.143 les Area p.84, 172 Revolver Video Bar p.173 Reservoir Bar p.282 Reynolds House Inn & Motel Residence XII p.76, 671 p.478 Resistencia Bookstore Reynolds, Rick, Certified p.100, 620 Clinical Hypnotherapist, RESOLVE: the National Infer- p.142 tility Association p.124 Reynoldsburg OH see Columbus Area p.550 Resort on Carefree Boulevard p.25, 264 RF Lounge p.51, 495 Resort Reservations p.654 RFD p.104 advertisement p.119 Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity p.154 RGV Prime Timers p.638 Resource Center of Dallas RHB/Listing p.108 p.623 Rhinebeck NY see Hudson Resource Center of Dallas Valley & Catskills Area (Health & Medical Services: p.49, 481-483 HIV/AIDS Services) p.624 Rhoads, Isaac p.564 Respectable Street p.286 Rhode Island College RainResponse of Suffolk County bow Alliance p.603 p.488, 497 Rhode Island Commission Restaurant Bouchard p.601 for Human Rights p.601 Restaurant Max p.410 Rhode Island Council on Alcoholism & Other Drug DeRestaurant Plan B p.450 Restaurant Toulouse p.405 pendence p.600 Rhode Island Pride p.601 Restaurant X p.480 Rhode Island Prime Timers Restivo Ristorante p.494 p.603 Resurrection Beach MCC Rhode Island School of Dep.187 sign Queer Student Alliance Resurrection Church ACTS p.603 p.426 Rhodes College Gay Resurrection Lutheran Straight Alliance p.613 Church p.169, 318, 682

July 2012

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INDEX Rise 'n Shine Rise 'n Shine p.672 Rising Sun Ministries p.122 Risque's p.538 RIT National Technical Institute for the Deaf Gay Alliance (RITGA) p.520 Rittenberg, David p.513 Ritter, Kathleen M, PhD, MFT p.9, 150 Ritual Cafe p.333 RitualNYC Productions p.51, 494 Ritz p.495 Ritz Ybor p.282 Ritzman, Elizabeth, LCPC p.312 Ritzy Rags, Wigs & More p.275 Rivendale Ranch p.11, 164 Rivendell Books p.653 Rivendell Media Company p.121 River Area Gal Society (RAGS) p.14, 194 River Barn Suites p.70, 618 River City Bears p.322 River City Bowlers p.197 River City Gender Alliance p.432 River City Living Church p.640 River City Mixed Chorus p.432 River City Sisters p.195 River City Softball p.543 River Club Restaurant p.481 River Edge NJ see p.459 River Edge Restaurant, Bakery, Cafe & Lounge p.480 River Forest IL see Chicago Area p.317 River Inn p.249 River Inn Grill p.193 River Mist B&B p.647 River of Grass Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.264 River of Life MCC Church p.683 River Reader p.193 River Road UU Congregation p.365 River Run B&B Inn p.477 River Spruce Cabins p.19, 231 River Street Club p.472 River Tavern p.479 River's Edge p.287


River's Edge Kayak & Canoe Trips p.194 Riverbend Inn Bed & Breakfast p.443 Riverdale NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.503, 511 Riverdale Presbyterian Church p.513 RiverGarden Guest Wing p.541 Riverhead NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.490, 513 Riverhouse p.357 Riverlane Resort p.192 Riverside Baptist Church p.255 Riverside Cafe p.339 Riverside Campground & Cabins p.151 Riverside CA see Inland Empire p.83, 165-166 Riverside Church ABC/UCC p.515 Riverside Grill p.171 Riverside Happy Place p.637 Riverside Perk p.339 Riverside UCC p.266 Riverside-Salem UCC p.475 Riverview FL see Tampa Bay Area p.284 Riviera Presbyterian Church p.273 RIWA (RI Women's Association) p.68, 601 RIze Nightclub p.467 Roach MO see Lake of Ozarks p.423 Roanoke College Lambda Alliance p.664 Roanoke Pride p.664 Roaring Fork Gay & Lesbian Community Fund p.223 Roaring Rapids Pizza p.563 Robbie's Restaurant p.322 Robbies Bar & Grill p.320 Robbins, Linda, LCSW p.53, 500 Robbinsdale UCC p.417 Robert Nichols & Associates p.262 Robert Urban/Urban Productions p.505, 507 Robert's Gay Resource Guide For Bellingham p.666 Robert's Lafitte p.631 Roberto's Italian Restaurant p.357 Robertson, George p.497 Robertson, Lynn, Broker p.678 Robertson, Tama R, Associate Broker, Member REBNY & NAGLREP p.56, 513 Robin's Nest p.164 Robin's Nest B&B p.618 Robinson, Linda J., Esq. p.446 Robinson, Martha, CRS, GRI p.269 Robson, Bethany p.50, 487 Rocca Kitchen & Bar p.372 Rocco's Cafe p.207 Rochester Butch-Femme Connection p.57, 519 Rochester Gay & Lesbian Youth Services p.417 Rochester Gay Married Men's Group p.519 Rochester Gay Men's Chorus p.519 Rochester Gay Moms p.57, 519 Rochester GLBTQI Bikers p.521 Rochester Historical Bowling Society p.521 Rochester Institute of Technology Gay Alliance p.520 Rochester Institute of Technology GLBT Office p.520 Rochester Male Naturists (ROMANS) p.519 Rochester NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.57, 97, 517-521 Rochester Pride p.519 Rochester Rams p.518 Rochester Spa & Body Club p.518 Rochester Women's Community Chorus, Inc p.57, 519 Rock p.138 Rock Bar p.495 Rock Bridge Christian Church p.420 Rock City Books & Coffee p.360 Rock City Cafe p.360 Rock City Falls NY see Adirondacks Area p.469 Rock Eddy Bluff Farm p.420 Rock Hall Luxe Lodging p.235 Rock Hard p.208 Rock Island Cafe p.302

INDEX Rocky River OH Rock Island IL see Davenport/ Quad Cities Area (IA & IL) p.332-333 Rock Metropolitan Community Church p.610 Rock Spring Congregation United Church of Christ p.656 Rock Stream NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517 Rockaway Beach NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.515 Rockbridge High School Gay Straight Alliance p.420 Rockcliffe Mansion p.420 Rocket City Bears p.129 Rockford IL see p.31, 322 Rockheart Images p.108 Rockin' T Entertainment p.261 Rockland Al-Anon Information Service p.479 Rockland Friends Meeting p.485 Rockland MA see p.386 Rockland NOW p.50, 484 Rockledge FL see Brevard County p.257 Rockmere Lodge B&B p.356 Rockport MA see North Shore Area p.37, 382-383 Rockport TX see Corpus Christi p.71, 623 Rocks p.471 Rocks on the River p.295 Rocks on the Roof p.295 Rockville Centre NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.52, 497, 513 Rockville MD see Bethesda/ Rockville Area p.365 Rockville Presbyterian Church p.365 Rockwell p.171 Rocky Adult Bookstore p.428 Rocky Mountain Bicycle Boys p.230 Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance p.228 Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus p.228 Rocky Mountaineers Motorcycle Club p.230 Rocky Point Cottages p.155 Rocky River OH see Cleveland Area p.60, 544, 546

July 2012

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INDEX Rodeo see also: Rodeo see also: Rodeo see:

Gay Rodeo Association Sports & Outdoor


Rooftop Cafe p.268 Rookwood Inn p.388 Room Bar & Lounge p.632 Room of One's Own Books & Gifts p.79, 690 Roomie Match! Roommates Nationwide p.105 Roommate Connection p.371 Roosevelt High School Gay Straight Alliance p.413 Roosevelt University RU Proud p.316 Roost Cafe & Bistro p.356 Roosterfish p.172 Roosters p.156 ROR Tax Professionals p.409 Rosario, Ike, Realtor, SRES p.277 Roscoe NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Roscoe's on 7th p.138 Roscoe's Tavern & Cafe p.311 Rose & Crown Guest House p.37, 384 Rose Acre p.37, 384 Rose Bed Inn p.419 Rose Bed Inn Restaurant p.420 Rose City Gay Freedom Band p.570 Rose City Softball Association p.572 Rose Garden Inn p.156 Rose of Sharon Cottage p.147 Rose, Rob, Realtor, p.263 Rose, Sharyn R p.36, 373 Rosebud Cinema & Drafthouse p.692 Rosebud Video p.526 Rosehedge/Multifaith Works p.672 Rosehill B&B p.537 Roseland Resort p.686 Roselle IL see Chicago Area p.313 Roselle Park NJ see Elizabeth p.447 Roseman, Bonnie p.64, 571 Rosemead CA see Los Angeles Area p.176 Rosemont B&B p.148 Rosemont NJ see New Hope PA/ Lambertville NJ Area p.583 Rosen, Laurence, CSW, LCSW, BCD p.454, 500 Rosen, Marc p.516 Rosenberg, David p.394 Rosenberg, Miriam, MD, Ph.D p.36, 373 Rosendale NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49, 479 Rosenstein Law Group p.139 Rosenthal, Lynn p.66, 586 Roseto Club p.60, 540

advertisement p.539

INDEX Ruby Project Rowland, Barb, Realtor, GRI p.28, 292 Roxbury NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478, 481 Roxbury, Contemporary Catskill Lodging p.478 Roxy p.568 Roxy's p.49, 474, 542 Roy p.152 Roy's Hawaiian Seafood p.625 Roy's Poipu Bar & Grill p.300 Royal Barracks Guest House p.348 Royal Court of Jersey City p.449 Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire p.644 Royal Elizabeth B&B Inn p.142 Royal Grand Ducal Council of Alameda p.158 Royal Hawaiian Weddings-- Maui p.29, 301 Royal Lane Baptist Church p.629 Royal Oak MI see Detroit Area p.39, 396-400 Royal Oak Tattoo p.397 Royal Palms Resort p.259 Royal Rose Inn p.245 Royal Sovereign Imperial Court of the Texas Riviera Empire p.623 Royal Street Courtyard p.348 Royal, Sovereign & Imperial Court of the Alamo Empire, Inc p.639 Royal, Sovereign, Imperial Court of the Central Texas Empire p.642 Royalty Travel p.680 RR Bar p.618 RSpezzano Art Gallery p.595 RSVP Vacations p.126 Ru Mors at Kono Lounge p.608 RU12? Community Center p.648 Rubber Tree p.168 Rubenfeld, Abby R p.615 Rubin, Barbara J, PsyD, RCE p.28, 289 Rubin, Leonard J, MD p.500 Rubin-de-Cervens, Andrea, Esq p.55, 504 Rubinstein, Joan, MD p.53, 500 Ruby Project p.689

Rodney Dunes Pier 12 Apartments p.246 Roger P. Croteau & Associates p.434 Rogers, Marakay J p.67, 598 Rogoff, David, MS LPC p.455 Rogue Valley UU Fellowship p.561 Rohnert Park CA see Cotati p.14, 192, 194 Rohobth Ale House p.23, 247 Rojo p.128 Roland, Catherine, EdD, LPC, NCC p.46, 454 Rolla MO see p.423 Rolling in Dough BakeryCafe p.463 Rolling River Inn p.478 Rollins College Spectrum p.276 Roman Holiday p.175 Romancing the Past p.420 Romancing the Woods p.483 Romantic Sensations p.437 Romantix p.185, 199, 228, 320, 331, 333-335, 538, 609 Romantix Adult Boutique p.336 Romantix Adult Emporium p.330 Romantix Cherokee Books p.613 Romantix Tamiami Books p.278 Romantix/Bachelors Library p.333 Romantix/Fun House p.199 Romantix/Tammy's p.345 Rome, Deborah, MS p.674 Romeo's Gifts p.471 Romeo's Holiday p.384 Romeo's Italian Grill & Bar p.619 Romeoville IL see Chicago Area p.315, 317 Romero, Joseph p.463 Romley, Loren, LAc, Acupuncturist, Dipl.OM p.16, 209 Romp Naked p.677 Ron Foster Properties, Inc p.635 Rondout Inn p.478 Ronkonkoma NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.488

Rosetown Ramblers p.570 Roseville Area High School Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) p.413 Roseville CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.195 Roseville MI see Detroit Area p.397 Roseville MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.410, 413, 415 Rosewood Country Inn p.438 Rosewood Manor p.630 Rosie's Bar & Grill p.260 Rosie's Tavern p.60, 542 Roslindale MA see Boston Area p.372 Ross CA see Marin County Area p.182 Ross, Eileen, EdM, LLC, LCMHC p.43, 439 Ross, Joellyn, PhD p.44, 447 Roswell GA see Atlanta Area p.290, 293 ROTC SLC p.645 Rotondi Travel Services p.383

advertisement p.389

Rouge Cat p.467 Rouge Nightclub p.247 Round Lake NY see Saratoga Springs p.470 Round Rock TX see Austin Area p.621 Round-Up Saloon p.625 Roundup p.277 Roussell's Garden p.295 Rowan Consulting p.497 Rowan Tree Tavern p.362 Rowan University's Gay Straight Alliance p.448 Rowe NM see Santa Fe/ Pecos/ Tesuque Area p.48, 466

July 2012

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INDEX Rudolph's Bar-B-Que Rudolph's Bar-B-Que p.410 Rudy's Pizzeria p.337 Rudyard Kipling p.343 Rue Cler p.534 Rue de L'Espoir p.602 Ruffulo, Virginia, ABR, CRS p.62, 561 Rugg, Ellen M, M.Psych, LICSW p.674 Rumford Point ME see Bethel p.353 Rumor p.372 Rumor Boutique Hotel p.433 Rumors Cabaret p.666 Rumors Night Club p.400 Running also see:



Rutherfordton NC see Asheville Area p.525 Rutland Square House B&B p.371 Rutland UMC p.653 RV: Edgewater Resort & RV Park p.156 Ryan, Dennis, Realtor, ABR, GRI p.681 Rye Brook NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.483 Rye NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 486 Ryles Jazz Club p.372 Rzepczynski, Brian, LCSW, ACSW, CADC p.312 S Barre VT see p.653 S&M see: Sacramento Valley Leathercorps p.195 Sacramento Women's Chorus p.15, 196 Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse p.281 Sacred Heart of Jesus Outreach Mission p.365 Sacred Heart University GLBT p.236 Sacred Light of Christ Community Church p.645 Sacred Rose Ltd Organic Herbal Tea p.54, 501 Sacs4men Men's Club p.195 Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge p.133 Sadie's Cocinita p.463 Sadlack's Heroes p.534 Safe Connections p.41, 425 Safe Harbor Family Church p.418 Safe Haven Farm p.617 Safe Haven of Pike County p.67, 596 Safe Home p.41, 422 Safe Homes p.392 Safe Horizons p.55, 506 Safe Passage p.38, 389 Safe Place p.10, 158 Safe Schools Coalition p.119, 677 Safe Schools South Florida p.256 Safe Sex Products p.6, 125 Safe Space p.44, 442 Safe Space NYC, Inc. p.512 Safe Zone p.565 Safe Zone - Tallahassee, Florida p.280 p.511 SAFE: Spirit and Faith for Everyone Inc p.486 SafeGuards LGBT Health Resource Center p.587 SafeNet p.65, 576 SafePlace p.76, 620, 669 SafeSpace p.74, 649 Saga North Ski & Snowboard Club p.215 SAGA Ski & Snowboard Club p.180 SAGA Ski Club p.202 Sagamore Beach MA see South Shore Area p.387 Sagamore Hills OH see Cleveland Area p.545 SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) p.509

INDEX Saint Louis Frontrunners

advertisement p.498

Running Horse Properties LLC p.48, 467 Running see:

Sports & Outdoor

Running Springs CA see Big Bear/ Lake Arrowhead Area p.151 Rural AIDS Action Network p.106 Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention p.106 Rural Organizing Project p.560 Russ & Rebel Leathers p.471 Russell Sage College Gay Lesbian Alliance p.472 Russell Young Farm B&B p.651 Russian River Getaways p.192 Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc p.193 Russo, Joe, PsyD, CGP, NYS Lic. #012173 p.518 Russow, Tara, PhD p.57, 518 Rust, James, Realtor p.187 Rustic Living p.434 Rusty Spur Bunk & Barn p.225 Rutgers Presbyterian Church p.515 Rutgers University - Camden - Gay Straight Alliance p.446 Rutgers University Law School outLaw p.446 Ruth Ellis Center p.399 Ruth's Closet p.34, 361 Ruth, Richard, PhD p.368 Rutherford Congregational Church p.459 Rutherford United Methodist Church p.459

Organizations/Resources: Sexual Focus (Leather, S&M, Fetishism, etc) & Safe Sex Promotion

S. J. Priola Parsippany Funeral Service p.444 S.U.R.E. Foundation p.467 SA Hot Lezbian p.72, 639 SAA Scuba p.287 Saban Free Clinic p.174 Sabater, Alberto Fernandez, MD p.261 Sabra Lesbian Connection p.48, 465 Sabroso Restaurant & Bar p.468 SAC Supper Club p.284 Sacramento CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.14-15, 85, 194-197 Sacramento City College Queer Straight Alliance p.196 Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center p.194 Sacramento Gay Men's Book Group p.196 Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus p.196 Sacramento International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival p.196 Sacramento Pride p.196 Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce p.196 Sacramento State PRIDE center p.196 Sacramento Transgender Coalition p.196 Sacramento Valley Bears p.196

Sage College of Albany SPECTRUMS p.472 SAGE Harlem p.96, 509 SAGE Metro St Louis p.426 SAGE of South Florida p.263 SAGE Utah p.643 SAGE-Straight Americans for Gay Equality-IUPUI p.328 SAGE/Milwaukee p.693 SAGE/Queens p.509 SAGE/Upstate p.521 Saginaw MI see Bay City/ Midland/ Saginaw Area p.395-396 Saginaw Valley State University Living Proud Student Organization p.396 Saguaro Christian Church p.145 Sahuarita AZ see Tucson p.142, 145 Saigon p.295 Sailboat Charters of Miami p.273 Sailing Affairs p.126 Sailor's Grave Tattoo & Piercing p.431 Saint p.639, 673 Saint Albans WV see Charleston p.685 Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church p.622 Saint Ann MO see Saint Louis Area (MO & IL) p.425 Saint Anthony's Old Catholic Church p.294 Saint at Large, Inc. p.494 Saint Catherine University PRIDE p.413 Saint Charles Inn p.288 Saint Cloud MN see p.41, 417 Saint Gregory's Episcopal Church p.457 Saint Helena CA see Napa Valley Area p.184 Saint Joseph College GAITS Club p.238 Saint Joseph Cupertino Old Catholic Chapel p.380 Saint Joseph MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.413 Saint Joseph MO see p.423 Saint Louis Effort for AIDS p.424 Saint Louis Frontrunners p.427

July 2012

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INDEX Saint Louis Park MN Saint Louis Park MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.40, 409-411, 415 Saint Luke's Episcopal Church p.515 Saint Mark United Methodist Church p.292 Saint Marks Bookshop p.496 Saint Mary's Episcopal Church p.415 Saint Mary's Old Catholic Church p.441 Saint Michael's Church p.461 Saint Miriam Parish p.590 Saint Paul MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.40, 92, 409-413, 415-416 Saint Paul's Lutheran Church p.417 Saint Peter's Church ELCA p.515 Saint Peter's College PRIDE p.449 Saint Peter's UCC p.328 Saint Therese Old Catholic Church p.603 Saint Thomas University School of Law Gay & Lesbian Law Student Association (GALLSA) p.272 Saint Xavier University GSA p.316 Saint-Laurent, Roger, PsyD p.500 Sal's Pizzeria p.493 Sal's Place p.385 Salado Creek Villas p.638 Salas, Michael J, MA, LPC, LCDC, CDP p.625 Salb, Micah p.252 Salem English Lutheran Church p.415 Salem Legal Services, LLC p.44, 442 Salem Lutheran Church p.235 Salem MA see North Shore Area p.37, 383 Salem Spirit of Life Church p.573 Salem State College Alliance p.383 Salem State College Florence Luscomb Women's Center p.37, 383 Salem Transgender Network p.573 Salem VA see Roanoke p.664 p.573


Salewske, Cassie p.76, 674 Salida CA see Modesto p.183 Saliendo del Closet p.100, 600 Salina Queer Here p.339 Salinas CA see Central Coast p.152, 154-155 Salisbury MA see Merrimack Valley p.381 Salisbury NC see Triad Area p.532 Salisbury University Lambda Society p.368 Sallie & Eileen's Place p.13, 182 Salon Capelli p.278 Salon E p.620 Salon Jacque p.648 Salon Q p.571 Saloon p.410 Saloon 1 p.268 Salt Ash Inn p.653 Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living p.645 Salt Lake City UT see Salt Lake City Area p.73, 101, 644-646 Salt Lake Community College Coloring Outside the Lines p.645 Salt Lake Goodtime p.646 Salt Lake Men's Choir p.645 Saltwater Church UU p.678 Salty Dawg Saloon p.418 Saluki Rainbow Network p.307 Salve Regina University GSLBA p.601 Sam Weller's Bookstore p.644 Samara Foundation of Vermont p.646 Samaritan Ministry p.611 Sambo's Restaurant p.152 Sammy's/Jay Jays's p.423 Samuel Durfee House p.601 Samuel, Michelle, LLP, LCSW, ACSW p.38, 394 Samuels, Deborah, MS, LPC p.64, 568 Samuels, Linda D. p.27, 287 San Andreas CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 San Anselmo CA see Marin County Area p.181-182 San Antonio AIDS Foundation p.638

INDEX San Francisco Suicide Prevention San Diego Young Positives (SDYP) p.198 San Francisco AIDS Foundation /STOP AIDS Project p.204 San Francisco Bay Area Leather Aliance p.210 San Francisco Bay Blades p.215 San Francisco Bay Flag Football p.215 San Francisco Bay Times p.203 San Francisco Boys of Leather p.210 San Francisco Dancing Dykes p.17, 211 San Francisco Dyke March p.17, 211 San Francisco Earthquakes Ice Hockey p.215 San Francisco Fog Rugby Football p.215 San Francisco FrontRunners p.215 San Francisco Gay Basketball Association p.215 San Francisco Gay Men's Community Initiative p.212 San Francisco Gay Softball League p.215 San Francisco Gay Times p.203 San Francisco Girls of Leather p.17, 210 San Francisco Hiking Club p.215 San Francisco Human Rights Commission p.210 San Francisco Jacks p.212 San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band p.211 San Francisco LGBT Community Center p.202 San Francisco MovieBears p.212 San Francisco Police Officer Pride Alliance p.210 San Francisco Pool Association p.215 San Francisco Pride p.211 San Francisco Pride At Work/ HAVOQ p.210 San Francisco Prime Timers p.212 San Francisco Sex Information p.202 San Francisco Spikes (soccer) p.215 San Francisco Suicide Prevention p.208

San Antonio Gay & Lesbian Episcopalians & Friends (SAGLEF) p.640 San Antonio Mining Co p.630 San Antonio TX see San Antonio Area p.72, 101, 638-640 San Bernardino CA see Inland Empire p.165-166 San Bruno CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.212, 214 San Carlos CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.210, 215 San Clemente CA see Orange County p.14, 187 San Diego American Flag Football League p.202 San Diego Bulldogs Wrestling Club p.202 San Diego CA see San Diego Area p.15-16, 85, 197-202 San Diego Cheer Elite p.202 San Diego Eagle p.198 San Diego Foundation for Change p.199 San Diego FTM p.201 San Diego Gay & Lesbian News p.197 San Diego Gay Bowling League p.202 San Diego Hoops p.202 San Diego Human Dignity Foundation p.199 San Diego LGBT Community Center p.197 San Diego LGBT Pride p.200 San Diego LGBT Weekly p.197 San Diego Men's Chorus p.200 San Diego Pix p.197 San Diego Pool League p.202 San Diego POZabilities p.198 San Diego Queer Sci-Fi p.201 San Diego Rainbow Scuba Club p.202 San Diego Sparks Soccer Club p.202 San Diego Tennis Federation p.202 San Diego Trail Tramps p.202 San Diego Women's Chorus p.15, 200

July 2012

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INDEX San Francisco Transgender Film Festival San Francisco Transgender Film Festival p.213 San Francisco Tsunami Water Polo p.215 San Francisco Unified School District Support Services Tor GLBT Youth p.213 San Francisco Walking Dykes p.17, 215 San Gabriel CA see Los Angeles Area p.178 San Gabriel Valley API PFLAG p.84, 176 San Gabriel Valley Pride p.177 San Geronimo Lodge p.468 San Joaquin AIDS Foundation p.222 San Jose CA see San Jose & South Bay Area p.18, 86, 216-218 San Jose Pride p.217 San Jose State University LGBT Resource Center p.217 San Jose State University QTIP p.217 San Jose State University Queer & Asian p.86, 217 San Jose Women's Softball League p.18, 218 San Juan Apartments p.599 San Juan Capistrano CA see Orange County p.14, 187 San Juan PR see San Juan Area p.100, 599-600 San Juan TX see Rio Grande Valley p.638 San Juan Unitarian Church p.465 San Juan Water & Beach Club Hotel p.599 San Leandro CA see East Bay Area p.10-11, 157, 159, 161 San Leandro Community Church p.161 San Lorenzo CA see East Bay Area p.161 San Lorenzo Community Church p.161 San Luis Creek Lodge p.151 San Luis Obispo CA see Central Coast p.9, 151-155 San Marcos CA see San Diego Area p.201 San Marino CA see Los Angeles Area p.180


Santa Clara University GALA p.217 Santa Clara University School of Law EQ/SCU p.217 Santa Clarita CA see Santa Clarita Valley Area p.18, 218-219 Santa Cruz AIDS Project p.219 Santa Cruz CA see Santa Cruz Area p.18, 219-221 Santa Cruz County LGBT Pride p.220 Santa Cruz Dyke Trans March p.18, 220 Santa Cruz High School Rainbow Alliance p.220 Santa Cruz Lutheran Church p.145 Santa Cruz Men's Hiking Group p.221 Santa Cruz Trans Support Groups and Services. p.220 Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance /Santa Fe Pride p.467 Santa Fe NM see Santa Fe/ Pecos/ Tesuque Area p.48, 466-467 Santa Fe Suites p.466 Santa Maria CA see Central Coast p.151-153, 155 Santa Monica CA see Los Angeles Area p.12, 170-172, 174-175, 178-180 Santa Paula CA see Central Coast p.155 Santa Rita p.619 Santa Rosa Beach FL see Panama City Area p.26, 277 Santa Rosa CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.14, 192-194 Santacafe p.467 Sante Fe p.481 Santee CA see San Diego Area p.201-202 Santiago Resort p.188 Santiago's Bodega p.268 Santorini Greek Kitchen p.327 Santos, Rosanna M, MA, MFT p.18, 218 Santurce PR see San Juan Area p.600 Sapphire Fund p.587 Sapphire Moon/Green Fire Productions p.29, 298 Sappho Sailors p.17, 215 Sappho's p.34, 362

INDEX Sausage Factory Sappho's Network p.31, 323 SapphosSisters p.18, 220 Saragossa Inn p.278 Sarah Doyle Women's Center p.68, 603 Sarah Lawrence College Queer People of Color (QPOC p.510 Sarah Lawrence College Queer Voice Coalition p.510 Sarah's Patisserie p.487 Sarasota FL see Sarasota/ Bradenton/ Venice Area p.26, 88, 278-279 Sarasota Pride p.279 Saratoga Bed & Breakfast p.470 Saratoga CA see San Jose & South Bay Area p.18, 216 Saratoga Farmstead B&B p.48, 470 Saratoga Springs NY see Albany & Capital Area p.48, 470-472 Saratoga Springs UMC p.472 Sartell MN see Saint Cloud p.417 Sass p.79, 688 Sassy's p.70, 618 SATRANG p.13, 84, 176 Saturday in the Park p.683 Saturday Night Live p.659 Saturday Softball Beer League p.694 Saturn Cafe p.157, 219 Satyrs Motorcycle Club p.180 Saucebox p.568 Saugatuck Congregational Church p.244 Saugatuck MI see Saugatuck/ Douglas Area p.40, 404-405 Saugerties NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 478-479, 482-483, 485-486 Saugus MA see North Shore Area p.383 Sauk Prairie High School Gay Straight Alliance p.694 Saul's Reweaving & Alterations p.288 Saunas see:

Health Clubs, Fitness, Gyms Health Clubs, Gyms, Saunas

San Mateo CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.16-17, 204-205, 208-209, 213, 215 San Pablo CA see East Bay Area p.159 San Rafael CA see Marin County Area p.13, 181-182 San Ramon CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.210-211 San Vicente Inn Resort p.170 Sanborn Guest House p.170 Sanctuaire p.405 Sanctuary Collective p.122 Sanctuary for Families p.55, 506 Sanctuary Gardens Landscape Design p.174 Sanctuary on Blueberry Lake p.651 Sanctuary UMC at Lakewood p.536 Sanctuary United Church of Christ p.661 Sand Castle on the Beach Hotel & Resort p.654 Sand Glo Villas p.280 Sand Pebbles Inn p.151 Sanders, Claire p.18, 220 Sandia Bears p.464 Sandia Mountain Condo p.463 Sandlake Country Inn p.562 Sandlappers Bar & Grill p.608 Sandy Hook Cottage B&B p.449 Sandy Springs GA see Atlanta Area p.293 Sanford FL see Orlando Area p.276 Sanford Unitarian Universalist Church p.360 Sans-Souci Euro Inn & Cottages p.403 Sansfaute, Jean-Luc, DC p.655 Sansom Street Gym p.588 Santa Ana CA see Orange County p.14, 85, 184-187 Santa Ana College Family of Colors p.186 Santa Barbara CA see Central Coast p.9, 82, 151-155 Santa Clara CA see San Jose & South Bay Area p.216-218 Santa Clara County Leather Association p.216

Sausage Factory p.206

July 2012

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INDEX Sausalito CA Sausalito CA see Marin County Area p.181-182 Sausalito Presbyterian Church p.182 Sauvain, Skip p.328 Savannah College of Art & Design Queers & Allies p.296 Savannah GA see Savannah Area p.294-296 Savannah Pride p.296 Savannah's B&B Inn p.295 Savarese, Paula p.503 SAVE (AIDS Housing) p.421 SAVE Dade p.272 Saving yOur Sanity, Inc p.680 SavoirFlair Magazine p.370 Savoy Daytona p.258 Savoy Orlando p.274 Savoy Suites Hotel p.249 Savren, Joy B p.60, 545 p.216, 256, 446, 517, 592 Sawmill Campground p.282 Saxtons River Getaway p.654 Sayre & Sayre, PS p.681 Sayville Congregational Church p.513 Sayville Inn p.493 Sayville NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.56, 489, 493, 513 Sazerac p.673 SB Medical Weight Loss p.67, 593 SBBL Architecture + Planning, LLC p.143 Scandals p.322, 524, 568 Scandals Saloon p.260 Scandia Lodge p.286 Scarlet p.311 Scarlet & Gay OSU GLBT Alumni Society p.119, 549 Scarsdale Congregational Church p.486 Scarsdale NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.486 Scenic Creations p.579 Schafer, Tina p.64, 571 Schall, Mark, MA, CPC, ELIMP p.497 Schank, Diane, PhD p.23, 251 Schechter, James, DDS p.649 Schell, Chris p.201


Schenectady Damien Center p.471 Schenectady NY see Albany & Capital Area p.48, 470-472 Scherer, Taen M, MA, LMFT p.76, 674 Scherma, Robert F., Psy.D. p.500 Schierholz, Neil, PsyD p.208 Schlegel, Rob, Realtor p.436 Schleifer & Associates p.271 Schneider's Flowers, LLC p.447 Schneider, Kathleen, Atty/ CPA p.592, 594 Schneider, Richard, JD p.570 Schodack Landing NY see Albany & Capital Area p.472 Schofield WI see Wausau p.695 Schooner Wharf Bar p.268 Schreurs, Kate M p.14, 186 Schroon Lake NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 Schubert Resort p.259 Schuchman, Lisa E p.77, 676 Schuetz, Steve, MS, LMHC p.674 Schultz, Marcia L, PsyD p.24, 261 Schultze, Kim p.56, 513 Schulz, Leah p.667 Schulze & Associates, Inc p.618 Schuman, Joseph p.314 Schuman, Lisa, LCSW p.490 Schuylkill Wellness Services p.596 Schwartz & Associates, James L, PC p.314 Schwartz, Ilene M, MSW, LICSW p.673 Schwartz, Michele, LCSW p.53, 500 Schwensen, Joyce p.676 Sciamanda, Dominic M, DO p.576 Science Fiction see: SCLGBTA: Standing Committee for LGBT Awareness p.114 Scoma, Christopher, DC, CNMT p.290 Scoop Wizards p.621 Scoot Inn p.619 Scooters p.687 Score p.189, 270 Scorpio p.527 Scot's p.311 Scotch Hill Inn p.356 Scotrun PA see Poconos Area p.67, 595 Scottdale GA see Atlanta Area p.290 Scottish Woods Log Cabin Resort p.531 Scotts Valley CA see Santa Cruz Area p.219-220 Scottsdale AZ see Phoenix Area p.7, 137-141 Scottsdale Congregational UCC p.141 Scout's Pet Care p.346 Scouting for All p.120 Scrabblers p.510 Scranton PA see Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre Area p.596 Scranton Seahorse Inn p.239 Scratch Restaurant p.681 Screamin' Mimi's Ice Cream p.193 Screaming Rooster Restaurant p.532 Screen Actors Guild - LGBT Actors Committee p.114 Scripps Ranch High School Gay Straight Alliance p.201 Scruples Dance Club p.686 Scuba see:

INDEX Seattle WA

Seacoast Outright p.442 Seacoast Sapphos p.33, 352 Seafood Shack p.23, 247 Seahurst Garden Studio p.76, 671 Seal Beach CA see Orange County p.185 SEAMEC: Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee p.677 Sean Humphrey House p.666 Sean's Last Wish p.604 Seashore Vacations Hawaii p.302 Seaside Inn B&B p.358 Seaside Thai Chuisine p.247 Season of Concern p.313 Seasons: An Inn for All p.384 Seaton, Jessica, DC p.12, 175 Seattle Area Support Groups & Community Center p.672 Seattle Counseling Service p.674 Seattle Dyke March p.77, 677 Seattle Eagle p.673 Seattle First Baptist Church p.679 Seattle Frontrunners p.680 Seattle Gay Couples p.677 Seattle Gay News p.671 Seattle Gay Scene p.671 Seattle Hill House p.671 Seattle Institute for Sex Therapy Education & Research p.674 Seattle Lesbian p.76, 671 Seattle Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Commission p.677 Swimming & Diving Seattle Men In Leather p.675 Scurti, Mark F p.363 Seattle Men's Chorus p.676 Sea Breeze Manor p.280 Seattle Otters p.680 Sea Breeze Resort p.155 Seattle Out & Proud p.677 Sea Cliff NY see New York Seattle Pridefest p.677 City & Long Island Area Seattle Prime Timers p.677 p.514 Seattle Quake Rugby p.680 Sea Cliff United Methodist Seattle Red Dress Party Church p.514 Organizations/Resources: p.674 Sea Gate B&B p.656 Social, Recreational & Sea Grape House Inn p.259 Seattle Tennis Alliance p.680 Support Groups Seattle Unity Church p.679 Scientific, Technical, & Com- Sea Horse Motel p.259 puter Professionals Asso- Sea Mountain Ranch Resort Seattle University LGBT Resources p.677 ciations see: & Spa p.14, 188 Organizations/Resources: Seattle University School of Sea Tea p.494 Business & Professional Law Outlaws p.677 Sea View Inn p.358 Scituate MA see South Seattle Volleyball Club p.680 Seabrook House p.459 Shore Area p.387 Seattle WA see Seattle Seacoast Gay Men p.442 Area p.76-78, 102, 671-680

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July 2012

INDEX Seattle Women's Chorus Seattle Women's Chorus p.77, 676 Seaview WA see Long Beach Peninsula p.668 Sebago Watersports p.269 Sebastopol CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.192-194 Sebastopol Inn p.192 Seckar, Sean, Realtor p.219 Second Church in Newton UCC p.378 Second City Tennis p.319 Second Skin Leather p.350 Second Story Bar p.311 Second Unitarian Church p.318, 432 Secret p.494 Secret Garden Inn p.384 Secret Garden Suite Guesthouse p.14, 184 Secret Society Lounge, Ballroom & Recording Studio p.568 Secretarial see:


Seminole FL see Tampa Bay Area p.27, 283-284 Semonian, Alan T, CPA p.396 Seneca Falls NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.57, 517-518 Senior Citizens also see:

SAGE (Senior Action in a Gay Environment)

INDEX Shanti/ Seattle Sexual Compulsives Anonymous San Diego p.198 Sexual Health Clinic at University Health Services p.690 Sexual Minorities Archives p.107, 369 Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League p.120 Sexual Recovery Insitute p.170 Sexual Violence Center p.40, 92, 411 Sexuality & Gender Alliance (SAGA) p.688 Sexuality Information & Education Council of the US p.115 SF Action Center & Store (HRC) p.209 SF Badlands p.206 SF Games p.212 SF Queer Longhair Group p.212 SF Therapy Collective p.208 SFMEN p.256 Sgarlat, Michael J p.655 Shades of the Past Antiques p.259 Shades of Yellow (Soy) p.92, 412 Shadow Rock UCC p.141 ShadowLight Photography p.450 Shady Ladies Softball p.622 Shakabrah Java p.682 Shaker Heights OH see Cleveland Area p.544, 547 Shakespeare & Co p.157 Shakti Cove Cottages p.668 Shalit, Peter, MD p.675 Shalom Mennonite Fellowship p.145 Shalom United Church of Christ p.683 Shalom: Gay & Lesbian Jews of the Desert p.85, 191 Shame On The Moon p.189 Shampoo p.585 Shamrock Bar p.690 Shananigans Bar & Grill p.407 Shannon, Joseph W, PhD p.548 Shannon, Patti, Associate Broker, ABR p.77, 678 Shanti p.205 Shanti Orange County p.185 Shanti/Seattle p.672

Senior Citizens see:

Organizations/Resources: Senior Resources

Country Comforts Assisted Living p.690 Fountaingrove Lodge p.192 Garbo's at RainbowVision p.466 Lotus Law Home LLC, RCFE Lic. # 415600666 p.9, 82, 149 SHARE (Senior Housing & Retirement Enterprises) p.566 Silver Starlight Lounge p.467 Senior Services p.200 Senior Silver Connections p.484 Business & Secretarial Senior Unlimited Nudes (SUN) p.150 Secrets Golden Gate #5 p.158 Sensenbach, Brad p.145 Secular Organizations for Senses p.612 Sobriety p.692 Sentimental Journey B&B Secular Organizations for p.577 Sobriety National Office Sequim WA see Olympic p.105 Peninsula p.670 Secular, Donna p.48, 466 Serafina NM see Santa Fe/ Security & Investigation Pecos/ Tesuque Area p.48, Services p.44, 445 466 Sedlor, Bob p.622 Serda's Coffee Company p.129 Sedona AZ see Sedona Area p.8, 141-142 Serendipity Bed & Breakfast p.460 Sedona Gay Pride p.142 Serendipity Cabin p.526 Seduction Lounge p.480 See Jane Run p.10, 16, 29, Serenity Girlz, Inc. p.59, 535 157, 207, 305 Serenity Movers p.505 See Vue Motel p.574 Serenity's Edge p.663 Seeker's Harbor Faith Com- Sergeantsville NJ see New munity p.428 Hope PA/ Lambertville NJ Area p.583 Seekers p.403 Serpent p.542 Segal, Jay p.586 Serrano & Serrano, LLC, Segal, Sharon p.145 Seguin TX see San Antonio John p.238, 244 Serrano Hotel p.203 Area p.638-639 Servicemembers Legal DeSelden NY see New York fense Network p.112 City & Long Island Area p.506, 510 Servicemembers United p.116 Self Serve Toys p.47, 463 Services & Advocacy for Selkirk NY see Albany & GLBT Elders of Western Capital Area p.472 New York p.475 Selma AIR p.130 Seminole Community College Unity GSA p.276

July 2012

Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders, Long Island (SAGE-LI). p.509 Set Free Ministries p.273 Seton Hall University School of Law Lambda Law Alliance p.456 Setti, Carlos, DDS p.174 Seva p.394 Seven p.623 Seven Fish p.268 Seven South Street Inn p.382 Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church p.214 Seventh Day Adventist also see Kinship p.629 Seventh Day Adventist Kinship International - Region 5 p.629 Seventh Day Adventist see:

Religious Organizations & Publications

Seventh Day Adventists Kinship International - Region 1 p.124 Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International p.124 Sevierville TN see Gatlinburg p.611 Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous p.541 Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous Connecticut Intergroup p.234 Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous New England Intergroup p.368 Sex Addicts Anonymous p.105 Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous p.302 Sex Clubs:

see Men's & Sex Clubs

Sexaholics Anonymous Chicago Area Intergroup p.310 Sexaholics Anonymous International Central Office p.105 Sexaholics Anonymous: New England p.368 Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention Center (SARP) p.9, 153 Sexual Assault Resource Center p.568 Sexual Assault Support Services p.44, 442 Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center p.231-232 Sexual Compulsives Anonymous p.309, 490

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INDEX Shanty Shanty p.162 Shapiro & Shapiro, LLC p.346 Shapiro, Joan E, LCSW, BCD p.52, 497 SHARE (Senior Housing & Retirement Enterprises) p.105, 566 Share Nightclub p.433 Sharkey's p.685 Sharon MA see Boston Area p.37, 378 Sharon Springs NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Sharp Tongued Consulting p.14, 194 Sharp's 63rd St Grill p.421 Sharp, Frank p.145 Sharp, Frank, ABR, GRI, CRB, Broker Associate p.145 Shasky, Mike, e-Pro, Realtor, Team South Florida/ Coldwell Banker p.263 Shatto, Sara p.65, 573 Shaw, Evelyn, LMSW p.53, 500 Shaw, Jeffrey S, PhD p.500 Shawn & Nick's Courtyard Cafe p.261 Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church p.422 She Chicago Electrolysis p.317 She Magazine: The Source For Women p.3, 24, 104, 255 Shea, Patricia, DC p.18, 220 Shea, Tim, LCSW p.308 Shear Dimensions Hair Studio p.581 Shear Illusions Hair Salon p.346 Shear Pzazz Salon & Day Spa p.322 Shed p.544 Sheer Glyde Dams p.6, 125 Sheffield Lake OH see Cleveland Area p.546-547 Sheffield MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388 Shefman Law Group p.17, 70, 210, 620 SHEL-don Chicago p.313 Shelburne Falls Bowling Alley p.391 Shelburne Falls MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388-389


Shelburne VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.73, 649 Shellcrest Guesthouse B&B p.612 Shelter Club p.688 Shelters p.664 Shenandoah Valley Gay & Lesbian Association p.664 Shepard, Eric p.283 Shepherd of the Hills p.187 Shepherd University Allies p.686 Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church p.686 Sher, Joan, CTC p.573 Sheran, Michael, MD p.483 Sherborn MA see Boston Area p.378 Sheridan IN see Indianapolis Area p.328 Sheridan Photography p.22, 244 Sheridan, Michael T, Esq, PA p.275 Sherman Oaks CA see Los Angeles Area p.181 Sherman, Eric, LCSW p.454, 500 Sherman, Judy p.71, 626 Sherry Lane Jewelry p.4, 111 Sherwood Court p.146 Sherwood OR see Portland Area p.569 Shescape p.51, 494 Shetland Meadows p.517 Shevek & Co. Restaurant p.467 p.57, 523 SheWired p.3, 104 Shift, A Peer Recovery Network p.671 Shining Light Jewelry p.4, 111 ShipMates Club of Baltimore p.363 Shippensburg University SALE p.597 Shipping see: Shirley NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.55, 503 SHISH Lounge p.237 Shiverick Inn p.379 Shoemaker, Caryn p.18, 218 Sholl, Starla R, LCSW, PC p.312 Shooters p.542 Shoppe 202 p.461 Shore Inn at Rehoboth p.245 Shorecrest B&B p.489 Shorecrest Beach House p.490 Shorecrest Motor Inn p.396 Shoreline Community College - Project Pride p.678 Shoreline Frontrunners of Long Beach p.169 Shoreline Squares p.168 Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Society p.239 Shoreline WA see Seattle Area p.675, 678-679 Shoreview MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.416 Short Mountain Sanctuary p.612 Shot Bar p.632 Shotland p.503 Show Me Bears p.426 Show Me No Hate p.425 Show World Adult Books & Video p.261 Shrem, Eileen, RHU, CLTC, LUTCF p.44, 444 Shrew's House B&B p.560 Shrewsbury MA see Worcester Area p.392 Shrewsbury NJ see Jersey Shore p.46, 451-452 Shulman DuBois LLC p.570 Shuman, Randee, LCSWR, DTR p.49, 482 Shuttle Services, LLC p.613 Sibley Baths /Sibley Courtyard Inn p.326 Side Street Espresso p.131 Side Street Retro Lounge Mailbox, Shipping p.339 Services Side Traxx Nite Club p.405 Shipwreck Lounge p.385 Shir Hadash Reconstruction- Sidebar p.157 Sidekicks p.421 ist Synagogue p.90, 319 Sidelines Sports & Billiards Shir Tikvah Synagogue p.527 p.92, 415 Sidelines Sports Bar p.261 Shires Photography, Inc. p.259 Sidestreet Bar & Grill p.421 Shirley Munnell Real Estate Sidetrack p.311 p.56, 513 Sidetracks p.148

INDEX Silver Legacy Resort Casino Sidewalk Bistro p.481 Sidewalk Cafe p.576 Sieb, Douglas M. p.278 Sierra Foothills AIDS Foundation p.164 Sierra Foothills Unitarian Universalists p.165 Sierra HOPE p.164 Sierra Tahoe Area Nude Dudes (STAND) p.437 Sierra Vista AZ see Bisbee/ Sierra Vista Area p.135 Siesta Holidays p.278 Siesta Key Bungalows p.278 Siesta Key FL see Sarasota p.278 Sigma Epsilon Tri Ess p.292 Sigma Nu Rho Tri Ess p.461 Sigma Phi Beta Alpha Chapter p.140 Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity p.119 SigMa, Inc. p.252 Signature Limousine Services, LLC p.456 Signature Lounge p.632 Signature Lounge at the 96th p.311 Signature Properties International, p.279 Signs p.124, 365, 681 Signs from Above p.124 Sileo, Frank J, PhD p.459 Siler City NC see Triangle Area p.533-534 Silicon Valley Gay Men's Chorus p.217 Silicon Valley Softball League p.218 Silk City p.585 SILK East p.56, 510 Silkscreen Specialties Unlimited p.577 Sills, Laurel A., PsyD, p.40, 405 Siloam p.585 Silver Dollar Court p.437 Silver Dollar Saloon p.101, 639 Silver Forest Inn p.428 Silver Fox p.168 Silver Foxes p.589 Silver Foxx p.306 Silver Jack Inn & Lectrolux Cafe p.433 Silver Lake Guest House p.246 Silver Legacy Resort Casino p.436

July 2012

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INDEX Silver Maple Organic Farm & B&B Silver Maple Organic Farm & B&B p.583 Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa p.666 Silver Spring MD see p.36, 368 Silver Spring Presbyterian Church p.368 Silver Springs FL see Ocala p.273 Silver Starlight Lounge p.467 Silver Threads Celebration, Inc p.26, 282 Silver Waters B&B p.517 Silver, Jacob p.503 Silverado p.568 Silverberg, Diane B., Lic Assoc RE Broker, CRS, ABR p.50, 485 Silverbow Inn, Bakery, & Back Room Restaurant p.133 Silverdale WA see Olympic Peninsula p.670 Silverfox Photography, Video & Entertainment p.491 Silverlake Lounge p.171 Silverman, Philip J., PhD p.251 Silverstein, Charles, PhD p.500


INDEX Snohomish County Gay Men's Task Force

Singleton, Dawn, PhD p.557 Singletree Inn p.193 Singular Pathways p.35, 363 Sinister Wisdom p.3, 104 Siouxland Area Narcotics Anonymous p.335 Siouxland Community Health Center p.335 Sip p.274 Sip-n-Twirl p.493 Sir Francis Drake Hotel p.203 SIR Spa p.313 Sir Speedy Printing p.528 Sirens Lounge p.534 Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club p.56, 516 SiSTAH (Sistahs In Search of Truth, Alliance, Harmony) p.55, 96, 508 Sistercare, Inc. p.69, 606 Sisterdale TX see San Antonio Area p.638 Sisters Nightclub p.66, 585 Sisters of Cleveland p.545 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence p.275, 373, 434 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - Brew City Sisters p.694 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - San Diego p.199 advertisement p.499 Sisters of Perpetual IndulSilvertron Cafe p.128 gence - Tampa Bay p.282 Simeone & Miller, LLP p.252 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc p.209 Simmons College Alliance p.375 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, The Abbey of Saint Simon Says p.542 Simonton Court Historic Inn Joan p.674 Sisters of Scota Womens & Cottages p.267 Motorcycle Club p.5, 13, 15, Simple Joys p.675 125, 180, 197 Simple Surrogacy p.5, 124 Sisters of the Mother House Simplicity Springs p.526 of Washington p.674 Simpson College LGBTQA Sisters United p.70, 100, 615 p.334 Sisterspace of the Delaware Simpson Hotel p.135 Valley p.67, 589 Simpson UMC p.547 SisterSpirit p.64, 572 Sims, Liza, CPCP p.132 Sistrum p.39, 402 Simsbury CT see Hartford Six Rivers Planned ParentArea p.238 hood p.162 Simsbury High School Gay Sixth Avenue House p.450 Straight Alliance p.238 Sixth Avenue United Church Sin Tini p.630 p.230 Sinai Temple p.89, 309 Sizzle p.88, 272 Sing Out Detroit p.398 Skagit Unitarian Universalist Singer & Fedun LLC p.446 Fellowship p.668 Singer, Arthur p.506 Skagit Valley College RainSinger, Michael C, PhD p.500 bow Alliance p.668 Skalny Travel Group p.521 Singha p.303

July 2012

Skaneateles NY see Roch- smiles & grins Photography ester & Finger Lakes Area p.491 p.517 Smith College Resource Ski Buddies p.680 Center for Sexuality & Gender p.390 Ski Bums p.469 Smith College School of SoSkidmore Pride Alliance cial Work GLBT Alliance p.472 p.390 Skiing see: Smith College Transcending Sports & Outdoor Skin Beautiful Medical Spa & Gender p.390 Hormone Restoration p.67, Smith House p.294 593 Smith, Allison, JD, CRS, EcoBroker, p.19, 229 Skin Deep Tattoo p.301 Smith, Charlie p.605 Skinny Dip Inn p.277 Smith, Deborah S. p.461 Skittles Entente p.510 Smith, James p.435 Skybar p.487 Skyland Community Church Smith, Mona, PLLC p.77, 676 p.218 Smith, Paul G, MA, LCMHC Skylark's Hidden Cafe p.666 p.439 Smith, Robert E p.128 Skylight Books p.173 Skyline College Gay Straight Smith, Stephen p.639 Alliance p.212 Smith-Allen, Bonnie p.19, 224 Skyridge Church of the Brethren p.402 Smiths China & Gifts p.220 Slade, Veronica, LPCC p.48, Smithton PA see Pittsburgh 465 Area p.595 Slammer p.175, 262 Smithtown NY see New York City & Long Island Slammers Bar & Pizza Area p.55, 497, 504 Kitchen p.61, 548 Smitten Kitten p.40, 410 Slapak, Gregg p.317 smOdyssey p.217 Slate Hill NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area Smokehouse Cafe p.147 p.486 Smokey Tavern p.524 Slate's Restaurant & Bakery Smokin Tuna Saloon p.268 p.352 Smoking Banana - Guerrilla Slaughter, David B. p.275 Queer Bar p.619 Sleep Inn & Suites p.325 Smoky Mountain Rodeo AsSleepy Dog Guest House sociation p.610 p.135 Smucker, Steven p.570 Sleepy Poet Antique Mall Smugglers Inn p.667 p.527 Smyrna TN see Nashville Slice of Life p.193 Area p.70, 614, 616 Slightly Sinful p.307, 312 Smythe House p.478 Slingerlands NY see AlSNAP! Productions p.432 bany & Capital Area p.472 Snapper's p.420 Slippery Rock University Snapshot p.494 RockOUT p.597 Sloan, John H, Broker p.529 Sneakers p.487 Sneakers Bar & Grill/MasSluder, Curt p.525 querade Show Bar p.608 Small Difference Women's Choral Ensemble p.15, 196 Snellgrove, Robert, LCSW p.633 Small World Books p.173 SNG Counseling Center SMART/Smart University p.490 p.51, 491 SNHU SOAR p.440 SmartWoman & Co, p.43, Snick's Place p.433 438 SnoGLOBE Equality Alliance Smarty Pants p.260 p.667 Smelly Cat Coffehouse Snohomish County Gay p.527 Men's Task Force p.667

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INDEX Snookie's Bar & Grill Snookie's Bar & Grill p.625 Snug Cottage p.384 Snyders Candy p.247 So Addictive Lounge p.661 SO Pride p.561 Sober Camel Book & Gift Shop p.240 Sober in the Sun p.189 Soccer see:

Sports & Outdoor


Soma Coffee House p.323 Soma Therapeutic Massage p.425 Someplace Else p.324 Somerset House p.384 Somerset Jazz Consortium p.459 Somerset NJ see New Brunswick Area p.455 Somerville MA see Boston Area p.36, 371-375, 378 Somewhere In Time p.552 Sommer, Kenneth A., Esq p.504 Sommerfeld, Karen, Realtor p.220 Somos Latinos LGBT Coalition/Latino Pride of New England p.91, 374 Songbird Manor p.69, 608 Sonnenfeld, Laurie, Broker/ Owner, Cascadia Homes p.64, 571 Sonoma Boys Night Out p.194 Sonoma CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.191-194 Sonoma Coast Villa p.192 Sonoma County Pride /Russian River Sisters p.194 Sonoma County Vacation Rentals p.192 Sonoma Nesting Company p.194 Sonoma's Best p.193 Sonora CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164-165 Sonoran Studios p.139 Sonshine Project p.85, 196 Sonya's Bar & Grill p.673 Sooner State Rodeo Association p.555 Sooner State Softball Alliance p.556 Sophie's Bistro p.455 Sophisticated Aggressive Gents p.56, 510 Soquel CA see Santa Cruz Area p.219, 221 Sorella Wine & Spirits p.411 Soromundi Lesbian Chorus p.63, 563 Sorrento Hotel/The Hunt Club p.671 Sothan, Devin, ChFC, CLU, CPCU p.139 Soul de Cuba Cafe p.240, 303 Soulard Bastille & Cobalt Grill p.424 Soule, Philippe p.483 Soulforce in Colorado p.223 Soulforce Inc. p.116 Soulful Power p.124 Sound Circle p.19, 224 Sound View Window & Door, Inc. p.675 Soundbar p.342 Soundview Cottage B&B p.76, 671 Sources of Hope Gifts & Books p.4, 71, 108, 625 South Alabama CARES p.129 South Arkansas Fights AIDS p.146 South Asian Lesbian & Gay Association p.96, 508 South Bay Alliance p.201 South Bay Bears p.217 South Bay Bisexual Organizers and Activists (SOBOA) p.217 South Bay Center p.170 South Bay GLBT Havurah p.86, 218 South Bay Queer & Asian p.86, 217 South Bay Sappho p.18, 217 South Bay Transmen p.218 South Bay Volleyball Club p.218 South Beach p.632 South Beach AIDS Project p.270 South Beach Bike Tours p.273 South Beach Hostel p.270 South Beach OR see Newport p.63, 565 South Bend Equality p.330 South Bend IN see South Bend/ Mishawaka p.330 South Brooklyn Legal Services p.503 South Burlington VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.74, 649 South Carolina Black Pride p.100, 604 South Carolina Equality Coalition p.604 South Carolina Gay & Lesbian Business Guild p.606 South Carolina Log Cabin Republicans p.604 South Carolina Pride p.606

INDEX South Miami FL South Central Minnesota Pride p.408 South Church p.382 South Church UU p.442 South Coast & South Shore HIV/AIDS Service Coordination Collaboratives p.386 South Coast Chorale p.169 South Coast Equality p.369 South Congregational - First Baptist Church p.240 South Congregational Church p.391 South Congregational Church, UCC p.390 South Dakota Department of Health HIV/AIDS Prevention p.609 South Daytona FL see Daytona/ Flagler/ Ormond Beach Area p.258 South Farmingdale NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.493 South Florida Amateur Athletic Association p.264 South Florida Bondage Club p.263 South Florida Family Pride p.272 South Florida Gay News (SFGN) p.258 South Florida Mustangs p.262 South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble (Flamingo Freedom Band) p.262 South Florida Tennis Club p.264 South Forty p.339 South Georgia Pride p.296 South Glens Falls NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 South Hadley MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.390 South Haven MI see Saugatuck/ Douglas Area p.405 South High School GSA p.413 South Jersey AIDS Alliance p.444 South Lake Tahoe CA see Lake Tahoe, California (CA & NV) Area p.11, 167 South Lee MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388 South Miami FL see Miami Area p.25, 271

Social Lounge p.223 Social Networks (Online) p.5, 71, 124, 622 Socially Responsive Financial Advisors p.666 Society p.238 Society for Lesbian & Gay Philosophy p.119 Society for the Second Self p.120 Society of Janus p.212 SoCo Club p.420 Sodus Point NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517 SOFFA-T p.196 Sofia p.451 Sofo p.311 Softball Austin p.622 Softball see:

Sports & Outdoor

Software see:

Computer & Software Sales

Soho p.397 SOhO Restaurant & Music Club p.152 Soho South Cafe p.295 SOHR: Sexual Orientation & Human Rights p.538 Sojourner Cafe p.152 Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions p.530 Sojourners United Church of Christ p.102, 657 Solace Crisis Treatment Center p.48, 467 Solana Beach CA see San Diego Area p.15, 199-200, 202 Solano Pride Center p.221 Solano-Yolo Gay Men's Alliance (SYGMA) p.221 SolBar p.184 Solomon, Steve p.613 Solon Langworthy House p.334 Solution-Focused Analysis, Psychotherapy for the 21st Century p.227

July 2012

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INDEX South Mississippi Aids Task Force South Mississippi Aids Task Force p.418 South Mountain Community College GLBSU p.140 South Nyack NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49, 482-483, 487 South Orange NJ see Newark Area p.456 South Pasadena CA see Los Angeles Area p.170, 174, 179-180 South Plainfield NJ see Plainfield Area p.47, 458 South Plains Leatherfest p.617 South Portland ME see Portland Area p.34, 91, 358, 360 South Presbyterian Church p.486 South San Francisco CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.210 South Slope Green B&B p.51, 488 South Suburban Family Shelter p.31, 314 South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society p.645 Southbend Tavern p.548 Southbridge MA see Sturbridge p.387 Southcoast PFLAG Coos Bay p.562 Southeast Alaska Gay/Lesbian Alliance (SEAGLA) p.133 Southeast Conference of Clubs, Inc. p.112 Southeast Michigan Dyke March p.39, 398 Southeast Missouri State University Gay Straight Alliance p.420 Southeast Sea Kayaks LLC p.134 Southeast, Inc p.548 Southeastern Louisiana University Spectrum p.347 Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation p.143 Southern Arizona Gender Alliance p.144 Southern Arizona Stonewall Democrats p.144 Southern Bears, Inc. p.292 Southern California Edison Lighthouse p.176 Southern California Lambda Medical Association p.149


Southold NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.489-490 Southport IN see Indianapolis Area p.328 Southside Christian Church p.330 Southside Presbyterian Church p.145 Southside Speakeasy & Dance Pub p.573 Southwest C.A.R.E. Center/ AIDS WALK Santa Fe p.466 Southwest Center for HIV/ AIDS p.137 Southwest Florida Transgender Group p.279 Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival p.463 Southwest High School Gay Straight Alliance p.413 Southwest Inn at Sedona p.142 Southwest Leather Conference p.134 Southwest Louisiana AIDS Council p.347 Southwest Ranches FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.263 Southwest Unitarian Universalist Church p.547 Southwestern Law School Outlaw p.177 Southwestern Pennsylvania AIDS Planning Coalition p.592 Southwestern University Allies p.621 Southwood MO see Kansas City Metro Area (MO & KS) p.423 Southwood United Church of Christ p.423 Spa:


INDEX Spilled Ink Publishing Spaulding p.58, 526 Speak Out! Toastmasters Club p.169 SpeakOUT p.374 Spears, Renee p.570 Specialty Answering Service p.586 Specialty Video p.90, 320 Spectrum p.101, 154, 238, 272, 554, 582, 645 Spectrum (LBGTASA) p.329 Spectrum APU p.132 Spectrum Cafe p.612 Spectrum Center p.395 Spectrum Counseling Solutions, LLC p.46, 451, 454 Spectrum DePaul p.316 Spectrum LGBT Center of the North Bay p.181 Spectrum Medical Group p.139 Spectrum Northern Nevada p.437 Spectrum of Rockford LGBTQA p.322 Spectrum Transgender Support of Western New York p.475 Speedway Veterinary Hospital p.145 Speedwell Forge B&B p.578 Spelman College Afrakete p.28, 89, 292 Spencer IN see Bloomington p.324 Spencer Pride p.324 Spencer, James W, Esq p.676 Spencer, Jeannette p.26, 277 Sperling, Kurt, LCSW p.236 Sperling, Renee R, LCSW p.12, 174 Sperm Bank of California p.9, 150 Sperm Banks p.9, 17, 150, 215 Sperm Banks see:

Reproductive Medical Services

Southern California Wrestling Club p.180 Southern Colorado AIDS Project p.225 Southern Colorado Equality Alliance p.233 Southern Comfort p.348 Southern Comfort Campground p.257 Southern Comfort Conference p.292 Southern Connecticut State University LGBTQI Prism p.241 Southern Country Charlotte p.528 Southern Country Chattanooga p.610 Southern Country Houston p.634 Southern Country South Florida p.256 Southern Decadence p.351 Southern Exposure p.283 Southern Illinois University GLBT Resource Center p.307 Southern Kitchen & Bar p.524 Southern Line Atlanta p.291 Southern Maine Pride p.359 Southern Methodist University SPECTRUM p.628 Southern Methodist University Women's Center for Gender & Pride Initiatives p.628 Southern Nevada Association of Pride, Inc. p.435 Southern New England Friendship Softball League p.235 Southern NH HIV/AIDS Task Force p.438 Southern Ohio Naturists Society (SONS) p.543 Southern Tier AIDS Program, Inc p.469 Southern Tier Gender Alliance p.473 Southerners on New Ground (SONG) p.89, 291 Southfield MI see Detroit Area p.92, 397-399 Southgate MI see Detroit Area p.398-399 Southie MA see Boston Area p.372 Southminster Presbyterian Church p.571

Space Miami p.271 Spanky's p.425 Sparks MD see Baltimore Area p.363 Sparky's Ringside Bar & Grill p.321 Sparkys Pub p.639 Spartacus Enterprises p.110, 568 Spartan Motorcycle Club p.255 Spartanburg SC see Greenville Area p.607 Spartans Wrestling Club p.592

Spice Of Life p.225 Spider House Cafe p.619 Spider Lake Lodge p.689 Spider Woman Graphics p.8, 147 Spielman, Gina L, LCSW, C.H. p.30, 312 Spikes p.265 Spilled Ink Publishing p.126

July 2012

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INDEX Spillman, Craig W., PhD, PC, LPC, LMFT,NCC Spillman, Craig W., PhD, PC, LPC, LMFT,NCC p.625 Spin p.367 Spin & Margies Desert Hideaway p.167 Spin Bartini Ultra Lounge p.593 Spin Cycle Squares p.563 Spin Nightclub p.311 Spindletop Unitarian Church p.623 Spiral Nightclub p.402 Spirit Gallery p.241 Spirit Journeys p.126 Spirit Mountain Ranch p.20, 232 Spirit of Christ MCC p.420 Spirit of Hope MCC p.422 Spirit of Hope UMC p.414 Spirit of Life MCC p.285 Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists p.285 Spirit of Peace UCC p.609, 640 Spirit of the Cross p.129 Spirit Wind Gift Source & Coffee Bar p.465 Spiritual Counseling p.56, 515 Spiritual Fruits - Christian & Gay p.124 Spiritual Life Center p.197 Spiritus Christi Church p.520 Spiritus Pizza p.385 Spit Sisters Cafe & B&B p.6, 133 Splash p.216, 346 Splash Bar p.276 Splash Bar & Grill p.281 Splash Bar New York p.494 Splash Lounge & Restaurant p.600 Split Level /Pulse p.555 Splunge Music p.114 Spokane AIDS Network p.680 Spokane Falls Community College Alliance p.681 Spokane Film Festival p.681 Spokane Regional Health District AIDS Program p.680 Sport also see:

Sports Equipment & Services


INDEX St George's Church Episcopal Church St Andrew's Church p.486 St Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral p.418 St Andrew's Episcopal Church p.128, 145, 180, 334, 635, 660, 682 St Andrew's in the Pines Episcopal Church p.696 St Andrew's UMC p.214 St Andrews Episcopal Church p.336, 452 St Angela Merici Old Catholic Church p.365 St Ann's Episcopal Church p.616 St Anne's Episcopal Church p.382, 416 St Anselm of Canterbury Episcopal Church p.187 St Anthony Park UCC p.415 St Augustine by the-Sea p.180 St Barnabas Episcopal Church p.151 St Bede's Episcopal Church p.213 St Charles IL see Chicago Area p.316 St Charles PFLAG p.423 St Christopher's Episcopal Church p.415, 696 St Clement's Episcopal Church p.304 St Clements Episcopal Church p.415 St Cloud OUT p.417 St Cloud Pridefest p.417 St Cloud Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.417 St Croix VI see p.654 St Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church p.145 St David's Episcopal Church p.137 St Dunstan's Episcopal Church p.560, 691 St Dunstan's Episcopal College Center p.127 St Elmo United Methodist Church p.610 St Elmo's p.135 St Frances Cabrini Catholic Community p.415 St Francis in the Foothills p.145 St Francis Lutheran Church p.214 St Francis of Assisi GLBT Ministry p.536 St George's Church Episcopal Church p.453

Sports & Outdoor p.5-6, 13-15, 17-20, 24, 28-29, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 49, 56, 64-65, 67-68, 72-75, 78-79, 87, 101, 124-125, 128-130, 132, 135, 141, 146, 150, 155, 161, 163, 166, 169, 180-182, 187, 191, 194, 197, 202, 215, 218, 221, 223-224, 230, 232-233, 235, 255-256, 258, 264, 273, 276, 285, 287, 293-294, 304, 307, 319, 329, 331, 342, 345, 351-352, 360, 365, 369, 378, 386, 391, 393, 395, 399-401, 406, 416, 419, 423, 427, 430, 432, 436-438, 445, 452, 456-458, 462, 469, 473, 475, 515-516, 521, 529, 533, 536, 540, 543, 547, 550-551, 555-556, 560, 572-573, 575, 579, 584, 591-592, 595, 601, 603, 610, 612-613, 616-617, 622, 629-630, 636, 640, 642-643, 646-647, 655-656, 661, 663-664, 680, 691, 694 Sports Leisure Vacations p.197 Spot p.530, 631 Spot Next Door p.512 Spotlight Costumes, LLC p.108, 593 Spotted Dog Restaurant & Bar p.534 Spotty Dog Books & Ale p.482 Sprick, Dennis M. p.452 Spring Branch TX see Houston Area p.72, 635 Spring Creek Campground & Resort p.129 Spring Grove IL see Chicago Area p.313 Spring Grove PA see York p.597 Spring Hill FL see p.26, 279 Spring Lake Heights NJ see Jersey Shore p.452 Spring Seasons Inn p.601 Spring TX see Houston Area p.632, 636 Spring Valley Animal Hospital p.486 Springdale UT see Zion National Park Area p.646 Springfield Central Office AA p.427 Springfield Church of the Brethren p.564 Springfield College Pride Alliance p.390

Springfield House p.597 Springfield IL see Springfield/ Lincoln Area p.31, 322-323 Springfield MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388-391 Springfield OH see Dayton/ Springfield Area p.551 Springfield OR see Eugene/ Springfield Area p.563-564 Springhouse PA see Philadelphia Area p.99, 588 Springs Counseling Center p.225 Springville CA see Sequoia National Park Area p.221 Spruce Grove Cabins p.167 Spurline p.189 Sqecial Media p.342 SQREAM (Scooter) p.230 Sqream Buffalo p.475 Sqream Seattle (Scooter) p.680 Squalicum Lake Cottage p.666 Square Dancer Directory p.114 Square Nightclub p.540 Square One Bistro p.530 Square One Restaurant p.268 Square Room p.672 Square Root p.525 Squid & Whale Pub p.147 Squiggy's p.473 Squillace, Scott E p.373 Squire White's Restaurant p.392 SRO Lounge p.199 Srulowitz, Marvin p.505 SS Cyril & Methodius United Independent Catholic Church p.689 St Agnes Church p.214 St Aidan's Episcopal Church p.214 St Alban's Episcopal Church p.457 St Andrew Evangelical Lutheran Church p.457 St Andrew Lutheran Church p.470, 594 St Andrew Presbyterian Church p.182 St Andrew the Apostle (CACINA) p.665 St Andrew UCC p.279 St Andrew's by The Lake p.408

July 2012

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INDEX St George's Episcopal Church St George's Episcopal Church p.357, 622 St George's Episcopal/Anglican Church p.367 St George's School Gay Straight Alliance p.601 St Georges Episcopal Church p.415 St Gregory Hotel p.249 St James Church p.645 St James Episcopal Church p.214, 408, 455, 693 St James Lutheran Church p.422, 572 St James on the Parkway p.415 St James Presbyterian Church p.318 St James' Episcopal Church p.408 St James' in the City p.179 St John - St Mathew Emanuel Lutheran Church p.513 St John Fisher College Pride Union p.520 St John in the Wilderness Episcopal Church p.418 St John Lutheran Church p.243, 582, 590 St John the Apostle MCC p.265 St John the Divine p.448 St John The Evangelist Episcopal Church p.415 St John United Church p.366 St John United Church of Christ p.543 St John United Lutheran Church p.679 St John Villa Great Expectations p.654 St John VI see p.654 St John's Church p.408, 457 St John's Episcopal Cathedral p.179 St John's Episcopal Church p.244, 415, 417, 454, 538, 685 St John's Lutheran Church p.218, 292, 333, 582 St John's MCC p.536 St John's Memorial Church p.459 St John's Memorial Episcopal Church p.486 St John's Presbyterian Church p.160 St John's UMC p.637 St John's United Church of Christ p.214


INDEX St Philip French Quarter Apts St Olaf College Gender & Sexuality Center p.416 St Olaf Lutheran Church p.415 St Patrick & St Anthony Church p.239 St Patrick's Invitational Tournament p.613 St Paul Church UMC p.230 St Paul Community of Christ p.415 St Paul in the Desert p.191 St Paul Lutheran Church p.230, 319, 376 St Paul Mennonite Fellowship p.415 St Paul Reformation Lutheran Church p.415 St Paul UMC p.551 St Paul's Cathedral p.558 St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral p.202 St Paul's Episcopal Church p.155, 161, 213, 232, 269, 408, 415, 455, 457, 591 St Paul's Episcopal Church on the Hill p.416 St Paul's Lutheran Church p.161, 180 St Paul's Lutheran Church (ELCA) p.285 St Paul's Memorial Church p.657 St Paul's UCC p.318, 416 St Paul's UMC p.221, 487 St Paul's United Church of Christ p.579 St Paul's United Methodist Church p.180, 218, 560, 635 St Paulus Lutheran Church p.214 St Pete Beach FL see Tampa Bay Area p.281, 284 St Pete Pride p.283 St Peter House Hotel p.348 St Peter's & St Andrew's Episcopal Church p.603 St Peter's Church p.416 St Peter's Episcopal Church p.318, 455, 590 St Peter's Lutheran Church p.590 St Peter's United Church of Christ p.582 St Peters UMC p.460 St Petersburg FL see Tampa Bay Area p.26-27, 88, 280-285 St Philip French Quarter Apts p.348

St John's United Methodist Church p.132 St John's University Gay & Lesbian Law Association p.511 St John's UU Church p.543 St John, Art, Realtor p.554 St Johns Episcopal Church p.520 St Johns of Baltimore City UMC p.365 St Johnsville NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517 St Joseph of Arimathea Independent Catholic Church p.241 St Jude Community Church p.533 St Jude's MCC p.537 St Lawrence University Pink Triangle p.476 St Lawrence University SaGa p.476 St Leo's Parish Community p.682 St Louis Black Gay & Lesbian Pride Committee p.93, 425 St Louis Community College Florissant Valley Friendly Colors p.426 St Louis Community Pride Pages p.423 St Louis Gay Campers p.427 St Louis Gender Foundation p.426 St Louis Guesthouse p.424 St Louis University Rainbow Alliance p.426 St Lucas Lutheran Church p.554 St Luke & St Simon Cyrene Episcopal Church p.521 St Luke Lutheran Church p.292, 415 St Luke Presbyterian Church p.416 St Luke's Community Church p.266 St Luke's Episcopal Church p.169, 454 St Luke's Lifeworks p.243 St Luke's Lutheran Church p.296, 319 St Luke's UCC p.591 St Lukes Episcopal Church p.415, 686 St Lukes Lutheran Church p.515

St Margaret's Episcopal Church p.255 St Mark Hope & Peace Lutheran Church p.422 St Mark Lutheran Church p.365 St Mark Presbyterian Church p.572 St Mark's Church p.426 St Mark's Episcopal Cathedral p.415 St Mark's Episcopal Church p.160, 202, 401, 453, 461, 696 St Mark's Lutheran Church p.214, 457, 538 St Mark's Presbyterian Church p.145 St Mark's UMC p.351 St Mark's United Methodist Church p.197, 222 St Mary of Grace Parish p.590 St Mary's College of California Gay Straight Alliance p.159 St Mary's College Straight & Gay Alliance p.330 St Mary's College Triangle & Rainbow Society (STARS) p.368 St Mary's Episcopal Church p.132, 590 St Matthew Trinity Lutheran Parish p.449 St Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church p.179, 450 St Matthew's Lutheran Church p.179 St Matthew's UMC p.370 St Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church p.180 St Michael Lutheran Church p.579 St Michael's Ecumenical Catholic Church p.145 St Michael's Episcopal Church p.130, 648 St Michael's Lutheran Church p.591 St Michael's UCC p.319 St Michaels College Common Ground p.650 St Mychal Judge Old Catholic Church p.629 St Nicholas Episcopal Church p.319, 415 St Olaf College Gay, Lesbian Or Whatever! (GLOW!) p.416

July 2012

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INDEX St Philip House St Philip House p.242 St Philips in the Hills Episcopal Church p.145 St Regis Monarch Beach Resort p.184 St Sebastian Independent Catholic Church p.365 St Stephen Episcopal Church & University Center p.550 St Stephen Lutheran Church p.280 St Stephen UMC p.629 St Stephen's p.454 St Stephen's Episcopal Church p.219, 273, 486, 538, 635, 696 St Stephen's Episcopal Parish p.572 St Stephen's Episcopal ProCathedral p.596 St Stephen's United Methodist Church p.556 St Thomas Episcopal Church p.218, 230 St Thomas Lutheran Church p.324 St Thomas Parish p.255 St Thomas VI see p.654 St Timothy Lutheran Church (ELCA) p.630 St Timothy's Church p.255 St Timothy's Episcopal Church p.160 St Timothy's UMC p.336 St William Church p.345 St. Cloud State University LGBT Resource Center p.417 St. Cloud University GLBT Alliance p.417 St. Cloud University OutLoud! p.417 St. Moritz Lodge & Condominiums p.223 St. Paul's United Church of Christ p.679 Stable p.260, 602 Stache Bar p.270 Stadelman, Audra & Prelle, Carolyn p.8, 142 Stafford TX see Houston Area p.636 Stage Door p.551 Stage Left Restaurant p.455 StageQ, Inc p.691 Stained Glass / Fused Glass p.147 Stallions Entertainment Complex p.578


Stamford CARES p.243 Stan Mazin Travels p.126, 181 Stanardsville VA see Charlottesville p.657 Stancampiano Imaging p.409 StandUpShowUp p.43, 436 Stanford CA see San Francisco Bay & Peninsula Area p.202, 213 Stanford Inn by the Sea p.182 Stanford LGBT Community Resources Center p.202 Stanford Pride p.119, 213 Stanford University Law School Outlaw p.213 Stanford University Medical Center Aids Clinical Trial Unit p.204 Stanford University Pride p.213 Stanford University see: Stanford LGBT Community Resources Center p.202 Stanislaus PRIDE Center p.183 Stanley Congregational Church p.446 Stanley Street Treatment & Resources/Project Aware p.380 Stanley VA see Shenandoah Valley p.664 Stanton Allaben Fine Art p.607 Stanton College Preparatory GSA p.266 Stanyan Park Hotel p.204 Staples High School Gay/ Straight Alliance p.244 Star City WV see Morgantown p.686 Star Coffee p.460 Star of Texas Inn p.618 Starbase Q p.343 Starbright Floral Design p.501 Starbucks Pride Alliance Network p.676 StarCity 24/7 p.654 Stargazen Women's Retreat p.78, 686 Starkville NOW p.41, 419 Starky's p.568 Starland Community p.222 Starlight Llama Solar B&B p.388 Starlight Lodge p.597 Starlight Pines B&B p.136

advertisement p.136

INDEX Stir at East End Martini Bar Steinberg, Geoffrey, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist p.500 Steinberg, Mark S p.271 Steinbrecher, Diane, LCSW p.568 Steinhauser & Associates p.63, 568 Stella Blues Cafe p.301 Step-Up, Inc p.326 Stephen F. Austin State University Pride NAC p.637 Stephens City VA see Shenandoah Valley p.665 Stephens, Randi, MA, LMFT, p.289 Stepping Stone of San Diego p.198 Sterling VA see DC Washington Area p.254 Sterling's Bookkeeping & Tax Service p.624 Sterling, Harry p.191 Stern, Denise L p.64, 570 Stern, Phil, Realtor p.140 Stern, Robin, MSW p.674 Stetson University Kaleidoscope p.258 Steve's p.437 Steve's Place p.332 Steven F. Dansky Papers p.107, 471 Steven Graves Insurance Agency p.617 Stevens Avenue Congregational Church p.360 Stevens, Brian C, PhD p.500 Stevenson, Carolyn, LCSW p.534 Stevenswood Spa Resort & Lodge p.182 Stewart House p.477 Stewart, Shane, CIPS, TRC, CA DRE Lic. # 01271691 p.201 STI Resource Center p.106 Stick, Stone & Bone p.505 Stiletto's p.39, 397 Stillpoint Farm p.563 Stillwater MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.409-410 Stillwater PFLAG p.558 Stimulus p.66, 99, 585 Stingers Lounge & Grill p.397 Stir p.585 Stir at East End Martini Bar p.534

Starlit Escape Villa p.654 Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church p.161 Starr King Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.442 Starr Pass Golf Suites p.142 Starry Nites Cafe p.518 Stars Beach Club p.631 Starseed p.455 Start Night Private Club p.598 State Bar p.400 State of Minnesota Quadriga p.406 State Street Congregational Church p.359 State Street Health Services p.21, 240 Staten Island LGBT Center p.488 Staten Island NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.52, 55-56, 488, 491, 496, 503, 505, 508, 510-512, 515-516 Staten Island Pride Parade & Festival p.508 Statesboro GA see Savannah Area p.296 Statewide Taxi LLC p.256 Station 4 p.625 Station House p.322 Staunton VA see Shenandoah Valley p.75, 664 Stay Savannah Vacation Rentals p.295 Steam Fridays at the Honey Pot p.282 Steam Portland p.570 Steamworks p.158, 676 Steamworks Chicago p.314 Steel City Bowling League p.595 Steel City Centurions p.128 Steel City Softball League p.595 Steel City Stonewall Democrats p.594 Steel City Volleyball League (SCVL) p.595 Steel Urban Lounge p.128 Steel, Shea, Realtor p.571 p.595 Steerman, Amy F p.66, 587 Stein, Linda J., LCSW, PC p.57, 521 Stein, Ted J, Attorney-at-Law p.484

July 2012

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INDEX Stirling Guest Hotel Stirling Guest Hotel p.580 Stirling House B&B p.489 Stirrup p.614 Stitch in Time p.108 Stockroom p.110 Stockton NJ see New Hope PA/ Lambertville NJ Area p.583 Stoe, Mary p.50, 487 Stompers Boots p.207 Stone Boat Farm p.652 Stone Buddha: Asian Marketplace p.574 Stone Gables p.544 Stone Harbor NJ see Jersey Shore p.450 Stone Hearth Manor p.478 Stone Mountain GA see Atlanta Area p.28, 89, 289 Stone Ridge NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 478, 485-486 Stone Wall Inn p.654 Stone Wellness p.386 Stonecreek Cabins p.611 Stoneham High School Prism p.383 Stoneham MA see North Shore Area p.383 Stonehill College Pride p.376 Stonehurst Place p.288 Stoneman, Heather R p.17, 210 Stonewall Alliance Center p.155 Stonewall Bar p.274 Stonewall Bar Association p.287 Stonewall Bar Association of Tennessee p.610 Stonewall Cavers p.125 Stonewall Center p.390 Stonewall Chorale p.507 Stonewall Citizens' Patrol p.200 Stonewall Communities p.117, 375 Stonewall Communities Lifelong Learning Institute at Wheelock College p.374 Stonewall Community Foundation p.502 Stonewall Democratic Caucus of Arkansas p.146 Stonewall Democratic Club p.177, 196 Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC p.509


Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada p.435 Stonewall Democrats of Alachua County p.265 Stonewall Democrats of Austin p.620 Stonewall Democrats of Central Ohio p.549 Stonewall Democrats of Collin County p.627 Stonewall Democrats of Dallas p.627 Stonewall Democrats of Denton County p.627 Stonewall Democrats of Eastern Missouri p.426 Stonewall Democrats of New Hampshire p.438 Stonewall Democrats of Northern Nevada p.437 Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County p.283 Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio p.640 Stonewall Democrats of SW Florida p.264 Stonewall Democrats of WNY p.475 Stonewall DFL p.406 Stonewall Golfers p.191 Stonewall Inn p.495 Stonewall Institute p.138 Stonewall Law p.511 Stonewall Mission Church p.616 Stonewall Moose Lounge Bar & Grille p.580 Stonewall National Museum & Archive p.107, 259 Stonewall Republicans p.96, 509 Stonewall Resource Center p.334 Stonewall Shooting Sports of Utah p.643 StoneWall Society Network p.664 Stonewall Speakers p.234 Stonewall Street Festival & Parade p.262 STONEWALL Veterans' Association p.116, 509 Stonewall Young Democrats p.177 Stonewall Youth p.669 Stoney Ridge Log Home p.67, 595 Stony Brook NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.488, 497, 510, 514 STOP AIDS p.541

INDEX Sugarloaf Congregation of Unitarian Universalists Sts. Sergius & Bacchus Catholic Apostolic Church (CACINA) p.515 Stuart Avenue Inn B&B p.402 Stud p.207 Studio 13 p.90, 334 Studio 69 p.638 Studio 704 p.540 Studio Barcellona p.483 Studio City Bowling League p.180 Studio City CA see Los Angeles Area p.13, 84, 170, 172, 178-181 Studio One 11 p.189 Studs Magazine p.3, 104 Stull, Craig, MA, LMHC, CDP p.674 Stump, David, Realtor p.263 Sturgeon Bay WI see Door County Area p.79, 687 Styxx p.358 Su Casa B&B p.421 Sub Rosa p.568 Sublime Restaurant & Bar p.260 Suburban Gay Bowling League p.575 Suburban Maryland AIDS Reduction Team (SMART) p.366 Subway p.542 Sudbury MA see Boston Area p.376, 378 Sudbury United Methodist Church p.378 Sue Ellen's p.71, 625 Suffern NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 481, 484-485 Sufficient As I Am p.364 Suffolk County Community College Gay Straight Alliance Ammerman Campus p.510 Suffolk Project for AIDS Resource Coordination (SPARC) p.490 Suffolk VA see Hampton Roads Area p.75, 660 Sugar p.363 Sugar Bush Video p.501 Sugar Cafe p.206 Sugar Hill Inn p.443 Sugar Hill NH see White Mountains Area p.443 Sugarland p.492 Sugarloaf Congregation of Unitarian Universalists p.367

STOP Partner Abuse/Domestic Violence Program p.13, 175 Store p.32, 339 Stork's Bakery & Cafe p.261 Storm Thursdays at Rain p.372 Stormy Leather p.112 Storrs CT see p.22, 243-244 Stoughton WI see Madison Area p.79, 689-691 Stow MA see Acton/ Stow p.370 Stow OH see Akron/ Canton/ Kent Area p.540 Stowe Motel & Snowdrift p.651 Stowe VT see Green Mountains Area p.651-652 Stowehof Inn & Resort p.651 Stowell, Mary S, LMHC, PhD p.76, 673 Stowell, Michael E p.670 Straight & Gay Alliance (SAGA) p.685 Straight But Not Narrow p.178 Straight Spouse Network p.115 Straights for Gay Rights p.212 Strange Matter p.662 Straps p.525 Stratford CT see Bridgeport p.235 Stray Bar p.205 Streamline Lounge p.258 Street Works p.614 Streetbar p.189 Streeter, Deb p.411 Strength in Numbers (SIN) p.195 Strick, Elliott, MA, LMFT p.237 Strobel, Allyson p.226 Stroebe, Carolyn, PhD, Licensed Psychologist PSY 11564 p.10, 83, 157 Strongest Link /Cornerstone p.382 Stroudsburg PA see Poconos Area p.595-596 StruckRealty p.513 Struhl, Laura S., PhD p.15, 199 Strut Shoes p.261 Sts Martha & Mary Episcopal Church p.414

July 2012

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INDEX Sui Generis ©Illaª Consignment Boutique Sui Generis ©Illaª Consignment Boutique p.16, 207 Sui Generis ©Illeª Consignment Boutiques p.207 Suisun City CA see Solano County p.221 Suisun Fairfield United Church of Christ p.221 Suite p.495 Suites at Fisherman's Wharf p.203 Suits & the City p.402 Sullivan Inspection Service p.64, 569 Sullivan, Brian, PsyD p.605 Sullivan, Mario p.314 Sullivan, Maura p.74, 655 Sullivan, Michael p.536 Sully Mansion p.348 Summer Advertising & Design p.68, 603 Summer Kitchen B&B p.657 Summer Place Hotel p.246 Summit Bowling Association p.540 Summit on 16th (UMC) p.550 Summit Scene p.224 Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.202 Sun & Fun Vacation Rentals p.189 Sun City Rainbow Pride Diversity Network p.316 Sun Liquor Distillery p.673 Sun Runners p.435 Sunapee Harbor Cottage p.442 Sunburst Cafe p.273 Sunburst Inn p.348 Sunburst Projects p.195 Sunburst Youth Housing Project p.201 Suncoast Cathedral MCC p.279 Suncoast Softball League p.285 Suncoast Squares p.283 Suncoast Stonewall Democrats p.279 Sundance Association for Country Western Dancing p.211 Sundance Outdoor Adventure Society p.516 Sundance Saloon p.206 Sunday Afternoon Car Klub p.223 Sunday Bowling League p.516


INDEX Swiftcurrent Lodge on the River Supporters of Worcester Area GLBT Youth (SWAGLY) p.392 Suquamish Community Congregational UCC p.682 Sur La Mer Inn p.353 Sure Shot Cafe p.303 Surf & Sun Softball League p.187 Surfside Hotel & Suites p.384 Surprise AZ see Phoenix Area p.141 Surrogate Mothers, Inc p.3, 105 Surry House p.43, 441 Surry NH see Monadnock Area p.43, 441 Survivor Project p.571 Survivors of Incest Anonymous p.117 Susa's Serendipity Ranch p.7, 137 Susquehanna University HAVEN p.597 Susquehanna Valley Bears p.578 Suszko, Kevin P., CPA p.459 Sutra Lounge p.289 Sutter Creek CA see Gold Country/ Sierra Foothills/ Yosemite p.164 Sutton NE see Hastings p.430 Suzanne's B&B p.654 Suzie's Adult Superstores p.195 Suzy Wong's House of Yum p.614 Swahnberg, Nadine A p.19, 227 Swampscott MA see North Shore Area p.383 Swann House p.249 Swarthmore PA see Philadelphia Area p.590-591 Swarthmore United Methodist Church p.591 Sweet Basil p.234 Sweet Lorraine's Cafe & Bar p.397 Sweet Potatoes p.532 Sweetgrass Inn B&B p.609 Sweethearts Wedding Chapel p.436 Sweetwater Farm B&B p.577 Sweetwater Saloon p.168 Swell p.450 Swiftcurrent Lodge on the River p.231

Sunderland MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.388 Sundown at IX p.657 Sundown Lounge p.66, 580 Sundried Tomato Cafe p.185 Sunfish Lake MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.416 Sunflower Archives p.107, 337, 419 Sunny Bak Wedding Photography p.181 Sunny Dunes 5th Tradition Group p.189 Sunny Point Cafe p.525 Sunnyhills United Methodist Church p.218 Sunnyvale CA see San Jose & South Bay Area p.217-218 Sunol CA see East Bay Area p.161 Sunrise Counseling Center p.497 Sunrise FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.264 Sunriver OR see La Pine p.565 SunServe Broward Youth Groups p.263 Sunserve Center for Community Services & Family Development p.261 SunServe Youth Group Plantation p.263 SunServe Youth Group Southwest Ranches p.263 SunServe's Gender Bender Youth Support Group p.263 Sunset Grille p.580 Sunset Inn p.384 Sunset Landing Restaurant p.450 Sunset Marine Resort p.670 Sunset on Seneca p.517 Sunset Sunrise Bar & Grill p.598 Sunset Travel & Cruise p.320 Sunshine Cathedral MCC p.264 Sunshine Club p.390 Sunshine Flowers p.158 Suntanning see:

SUNY Alfred State College Rainbow Union p.473 SUNY Binghamton Rainbow Pride Union p.473 SUNY Brockport SOUL p.473 SUNY Buffalo LBGT Alliance p.475 SUNY Buffalo State College Pride Alliance p.475 SUNY Canton Gay Straight Alliance p.476 SUNY Cobleskill Gay, Lesbians & Friends Alliance p.476 SUNY Cortland Spectrum p.476 SUNY Erie Community College Gay Straight Alliance p.475 SUNY Finger Lakes Community College STAR p.520 SUNY Fredonia Pride Alliance p.475 SUNY Geneseo Pride Alliance p.477 SUNY Jamestown Community College Interweave Gay Straight Alliance p.487 SUNY Monroe Community College Pride Alliance p.520 SUNY Morrisville State College Mo'Pride p.95, 488 SUNY New Paltz Queer Action Coalition p.485 SUNY Old Westbury PRIDE p.510 SUNY Oneonta Open Minded Unity (OMU) p.485 SUNY Onondaga Community College Gay Straight Alliance p.521 SUNY Oswego Pride Alliance p.517 SUNY Plattsburgh SOUL p.470 SUNY Potsdam LGBTAA p.476 SUNY Purchase GLBTU p.485 SUNY Rockland Community College Gay Straight Alliance p.485 SUNY Stony Brook LGBT Alliance p.510 SUNY Suffolk Community College GRANT Campus Grooming Gay Straight Alliance p.510 SUNY Adirondack Gay Superfine p.51, 492 Straight Alliance p.470 SUNY Albany Pride Alliance Superior WI see Duluth/ Superior Area p.407 p.472

July 2012

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INDEX Swiftwaters Womanspace Swiftwaters Womanspace p.28, 294 Swimming & Diving see:

Sports & Outdoor


T.W.I.S.T. (Together We Insure a Safer Tomorrow) p.380 Ta-boo p.286 Taafe, Peter J, CFP, CRPC p.670 Tabar, M Patia, MSEL p.341 Tabernacle UCC p.591 Table p.525 Table Rock Refuge p.584 Taboo Adult Video p.569, 674, 683 Tabu Lounge p.585 Tacoma Lesbian Concern p.78, 682 Tacoma Rainbow Center p.682 Tag Bar p.260 TAG Women's Group p.72, 640 TAGALA: Toledo Area Gay & Lesbian Affiliation p.554 Tahiti Nui p.300 Tahoe Plastic Surgery p.167 Tahoe Rental Connection p.167 Tahoe Suite Dreams p.167 Tahoe Valley Lodge & Spa p.167 Tailored Ceremonies p.45, 448 Take Me 2 Maui Condo p.301 Takeover Lehigh Valley p.581 Takoma Park Presbyterian Church p.368 Talbot Heirs Guesthouse p.612 Talbott Street p.327 Talent OR see Ashland/ Medford Area p.561 Talk About It Jewelry/Band of Infinity p.4, 112 Talk of the Town p.296 Talking Leaves.Books p.474 Talking Leaves.Elmwood p.474 Tall Pines Inn p.146 Tallahassee Prime Timers p.279 Tallent, Marc A, PhD p.500 Tallulah's On Main, Ltd p.368 Tally-Ho/The Loft p.580 Tamarac FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.261-262 Tamboo Tavern & Seaside Grill p.599 Tammy's #2 p.613 Tammy's #3 p.613 Tampa Bay Bears p.284 Tampa Bay Bondage Club p.283 Tampa Bay Business Guild p.283 Tampa Bay Lesbians p.27, 284 Tampa Chaverot - Jewish Lesbians p.27, 88, 284 Tampa FL see Tampa Bay Area p.27, 88, 280-285 Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival p.283 Tampa Leather Club p.283 Tampa LGBT Metro Center p.280 Tampa Men's Club p.283 Tamura, Daniel H., DDS p.174 Tamworth NH see White Mountains Area p.443 TAN p.264 Tancyus, Michael G, LCSW, DCSW p.658 Tandem p.492 Tangletown Gardens p.411 Tanson, Wendy, Realtor p.59, 536 Tantasqua Regional High School Gay Straight Alliance p.380 Tantra Music Lounge p.295 Tanya's Gridiron p.630 Tapa's Restaurant & Lanai Bar p.303 Tapas & Tini's p.357 Tapelenders Video p.630 Tapelenders Video & Gifts p.622 TapestryHealth p.369 Tappan NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.481 Tara Cottage p.299 Tara Mahayana Buddhist Center p.145 Tarabino Inn p.234 Target GLBT Business Council p.114 Tarheel Leather Club p.532 Tarpon Springs FL see Tampa Bay Area p.88, 280, 285 Tarpy's Roadhouse p.152 Tarrant County Gay Pride Week Association, Inc p.627 Tarrant County Lesbian Gay Alliance, Inc p.628 Taste p.471

INDEX TEAM St Louis Taste for Wine, a Wine Bar p.26, 281 Taste Full Beans Coffeehouse p.530 Tattered Cover p.227 Tattoos see:

Body Decoration

Swing, Rebecca p.63, 564 Swinger's World p.322 Swinging Richards p.271, 289 Swingtime Boston p.374 SwingTime Café p.219 Swirl p.206 Swirl on Castro p.210 Swiss Holiday Resort p.146 Switch p.446 Switchboard p.258 Switchboard of Miami, Inc p.269 Switchboards, Helplines, Phone Information p.88, 103, 131, 202, 244, 249, 258, 269, 285, 309, 370, 476-477, 488, 523, 533, 538, 600, 604, 611, 631, 644 Switzerland Cafe & General Store p.531 Sycamore p.492, 685 Sycamore Knoll B&B p.326 SYCK Girl Games p.4, 111 Sylvania OH see Toledo p.554 Sylvia Rivera Law Project p.505 Symons, Susie, MA, LPC, LLP p.39, 397 Synchronicity Transgender Bookstore p.120, 376 Syosset NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.497, 514, 516 Syracuse Gay & Lesbian Chorus, Inc p.521 Syracuse University LGBT Resource Center p.521 Syzygy Restaurant p.223 T Girl Nights p.169 T Marasco Nature Photography p.433 T'afia p.632 T's Bar & Restaurant p.30, 311 T-LISH at Trans Thrive p.213 T-Squares p.144 T-Time Transgender & Intersex Support Group p.317 T.H.E. Wanda Alston House p.87, 254 T.R. Robertson Fine Art Studio p.108, 491 T.U.L.S.A. p.559

Tau Chi Tri Ess p.635 Tau Epsilon Mu Tri Ess p.413 Taunton MA see South Shore Area p.387 Tavern p.619 Tavern Guild Invitational Bowling League p.180 Tavern on Camac (T.O.C.) p.585 Tavernacle Social Club p.644 Tax see:

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Services

Tax Solutions, LLC p.288 TaxPlus Financial Services p.204 Taylor Books p.685 Taylor House B&B p.371 Taylor's p.692 Taylor's Haircutting & Tanning Salon p.483 Taylor, Judith p.222 Taylor, Mark p.455 Taylor, Morgan p.220 Taylor, Peter J, PhD, CGP, SEP, FAGPA p.482, 500 Taylor, Robert, MD p.373 TC's Showbar p.632 TCC's Fairfield County Transmasculine Society p.242 Tea & Sympathy p.495 Team A-Man Karaoke p.471 Team Chicago Athletics, Inc. p.319 Team Colorado of the Rockies, Inc. p.230 Team Dallas Aquatics/Texas Cowbuoys p.630 Team DC p.255 Team DC Basketball p.255 Team Houston p.636 Team New York Aquatics p.516 Team Philadelphia p.592 Team Portland Tennis Association p.573 Team Sacramento p.197 Team San Francisco p.215 Team Seattle p.680 TEAM St Louis p.427

July 2012

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INDEX Team Wunder Team Wunder p.357 Tear-Ez Lounge p.540 Tease Saturdays at the Honey Pot p.26, 282 Teca p.586 Teddy Bear Leather Club of Virginia p.655 Teddy Bear's p.343 Teens Like Us (TLU) p.691 Tehachapi GLBT p.222 Teitelbaum, Shelley p.505 Tek, Laura p.70, 615 Tekprinting Services, Inc. p.561 Telecommunications: Phones & Paging Service p.285 Telephone Counseling p.6, 125 Telephone Counseling with Patty Stuart, M.S. p.4, 6, 109, 125 Television Shows see:


INDEX Three Bears at the Fountain B&B Thee Hubbell House B&B p.642 Theodore Parker UU Church p.378 Therapy p.495 Therapy Lounge p.352 There Video Lounge p.593 There: Urban Whisky Bar p.19, 227 Theta Upsilon Gamma TriEss p.435 Thiells NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.479 Thinking Cap Communications & Design p.681 Third Avenue Cafe p.343 Third Eye Associates, Ltd p.23, 49, 54, 251, 483, 501 Third Lutheran Church p.345 Third Place Coffee p.534 Third Presbyterian Church p.521 Third Street Stuff p.342 Third Unitarian Church p.318 Thirsty Monk p.525 Thirteen Palms Desert Flats p.189 This Is It p.692 This Way Out p.108 This Week in Texas p.617 Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church UU p.657 Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church p.345 Thomas Jefferson University Arcus Iris p.590 Thomas Paine UU Fellowship p.575 Thomas Shepherd Inn p.686 Thomas, Devorah p.58, 526 Thomas, Margot E p.389 Thomas, Michael, DDS p.174 Thompson, Sharon p.59, 535 Thompson, Tiffany, Realtor p.13, 178 Thomson Reuters OutWest p.519 Thornton Academy Gay Straight Alliance p.360 Thornton House B&B p.335 Thorp, Deborah, MD p.40, 411, 413 Thorsett, Randall B p.411 Thousand Moms p.469 Thousand Oaks CA see Central Coast p.155 Thrasher, Bob p.185 Three Bears at the Fountain B&B p.651

Temple of the Phoenix p.322 Temple Sinai p.88, 93, 279, 437 Temple Sinai - Out & About at Temple Sinai p.83, 161 Temple TX see Waco Area p.642 Temple United Methodist Church p.214 Temple University Purple Circle p.590 Temple University School of Law Outlaws p.590 Tempo p.84, 171 Tempo Young Adult Recource p.381 Temptations p.30, 311 Tennessee Equality Project p.610 Tennessee Gryphons p.612 Tennessee Leather Tribe p.613 Tennessee Naturist Club p.610 Broadcast Media Tennessee T-Men p.616 Bi Cities p.410 Tennessee Transgender PoCOH-TV p.625 litical Coalition p.610 In the Life Media p.496 Tennessee Valley PRIDE, Inc. No More Down Low p.87, 250 p.610 OURsceneTV p.173, 496 Tennessee Vals p.616 Outlook Video p.216 Tennis 4 All p.378 Queer Program p.692 Tennis see: Sports & Outdoor Toniq TV p.440 Tequesta FL see West Way Out Media, Inc p.496 Palm Beach/ Palm Teller's Restaurant & Bar Beaches Area p.287 p.337 Terrace Restaurant p.480 Teller, Steve p.676 Telluride AIDS Benefit p.233 Terrapin Restaurant p.481 Telluride CO see San Juan Terraza 7 Train Café p.95, National Forest Area p.233 496 Telluride Gay Ski Week p.233 Terry Mangan Memorial Library p.107, 226 Tempe AZ see Phoenix Area p.7, 137-138, 140-141 Terry, Kim E, CPC, MAHS, LPC, NCC p.42, 434 Tempest Lounge p.682 Tesler, Richard E., Esq. p.505 Temple p.397 Tessina, Tina B., LMFT, PhD Temple Adat Shalom p.85, p.11, 168 202 Test Positive Aware Network Temple Anshe Hesed p.99, p.106, 310 577 Tetro, Rocco, DC p.503 Temple Bet El p.83, 166 Tewksbury MA see MerriTemple Beth Israel p.83, 163 mack Valley p.381 Temple Beth-El p.94, 465 Texas A & M International Temple Emanu-El p.89, 304 University Gay & Straight AlTemple Israel p.92, 98, 102, liance p.636 415, 560, 685 Texas A & M University GLBT Aggies p.623 Temple Israel of Alameda p.83, 160 Texas A&M University GLBT Temple Israel of Greater Mi- Resource Center p.623 ami p.88, 273

July 2012

Texas Advocacy Project p.617 Texas Christian University Allies p.628 Texas Conference of Clubs, Inc p.617 Texas Gay Rodeo Assoc. Dallas p.630 Texas Gay Rodeo Association p.617 Texas Gay Rodeo Association - Austin p.622 Texas Gay Rodeo Association - Fort Worth p.630 Texas Gay Rodeo Association Houston p.636 Texas GSA Network p.617 Texas State University Lambda p.640 Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus p.617 Texas Tech University Gay Straight Alliance p.637 Texas Twisters p.627 Texas Women's University Pride p.71, 628 TG Center Library & Archive p.120, 635 Thanks Babs, the Day Tripper p.43, 436 Thanksgiving Lutheran Church p.194 That Gay Group! p.340 That Place p.522 That's My Jam p.492 Thatcher Brook Inn p.651 Thaxton VA see Roanoke p.663 The Alternate Universe (TAU) p.472 The Closet Case Show on the Web p.104 The Dalles OR see Mount Hood Area/ Columbia River Gorge p.565 The Mac Shack in Nyack p.482 The RUN /Omaha Mining Co p.431 The Spa at Los Robles p.296 The Woodlands TX see Houston Area p.72, 634, 636 Theater Latté Da p.412 Theater Offensive p.374 Theater see:


Theatre Out p.186 Theatre Rhinoceros p.213 p.247

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INDEX Three Dollar Bill Cinema Three Dollar Bill Cinema p.676 Three Lives & Co, Ltd p.496 Three Mountain Inn p.652 Three Rivers Community College Gender And Sexual Minorities League (GASM) p.242 Three Rivers Eastern Area Tournament (TREAT) p.595 Three Rivers Interweave p.594 Three Rivers Leather Club p.593 Three Star Books & News p.153 Threshold Society p.177 Thrift/ Consignment Stores p.536 Thrive Counseling Center p.312 Thrive, A Carry Out Cafe p.295 THROB Nightclub p.278 Throb Parties p.71, 632 Throop Church p.180 Thunder Mountain High School Gay Straight Alliance p.133 Thursday's Child p.490 Thursdays Irregulars Luncheons p.218 Tia Maria's p.600 Tibbetts United Methodist Church p.679 Tiburon CA see Marin County Area p.181-182 Ticoz Resto-Bar p.138 Tidewater AIDS Community Task Force p.659 Tidewater Prime Timers of SE Va p.660 Tidewater UCC p.661 Ties Like Me p.398 Tievsky, Debra L, LCSW p.23, 251 Tiffany Club of New England p.369 Tiffany Florist p.398 Tiffin OH see p.554 Tigard OR see Portland Area p.63, 566 Tiger Lily Flower Shop p.434 TigerHeat p.84, 171 Tigert, Leanne, DMin p.43, 439 Tiki Bob's Cantina p.403 Tiki Cocktail Lounge p.183 Tiki Torch Club p.147


Tiki Tower p.300 Tiki's Grill & Bar p.303 Tilley, Ed, LCSW p.537 TiLT Nightclub & Ultralounge p.518 Tilted Thunder Rail Birds p.78, 680 Tim's Place p.463, 552 Timber Cove CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.192 Timber Cove Inn p.192 Timberfell Lodge p.611 Timberholm Inn p.651 Timberlane Regional High School Gay Straight Alliance p.442 Timberline Vacation Rentals p.131 Time Out! p.608 Time Out p.58, 532 Time Out Youth p.528 Time to Eat Restaurant p.129 Times Squares Square Dance Club p.507 Tin Angel p.585 Tin Can Mailman p.302 Tin Lizzie Saloon p.185 Tin Room p.625 Tina's II Italian Restaurant p.492 Tink's Pub p.33, 343 Tinker's Damn/TD's p.216 Tinseltown Squares p.176 Tipsy Teapot p.58, 530 Tisane Tea & Coffee Bar p.237 Titus, D. Douglas p.676 Tivoli Inn p.379 Tivoli NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.49-50, 479, 481, 487 TLA Video p.126, 592 TLC Cleaning Service p.483 TNT Health Club p.398 TNT's p.62, 559 To The Moon Marketplace p.262

INDEX Trans Youth Equality Foundation New England Touch of Class Books & Video p.586 Touch of Leather p.642 Touch Providence p.602 Touché p.311 Tourgee, Rick p.386 Touro University Gay Straight Alliance p.221 Towaco NJ see Newark Area p.456 Tower Newsstand p.381 Town Creek B&B p.630 Town Crier Motel p.379 Town Danceboutique p.250 Town House p.410 Town N Country p.619 Towne Center Cafe p.189 Towne Restaurant p.474 Townhouse p.494 Townhouse Cocktail Lounge p.221 Townsend Real Estate p.359 Townsend TN see Gatlinburg p.611 Townspeople p.198 Towson MD see Baltimore Area p.35, 363-365 Towson State University Queer Student Union p.364 Towson Unitarian Universalist Church p.365 Towson University Office of LGBT Student Development p.364 Towson University Women's Resources p.35, 364 Tra Vigne p.184 Tracks p.227 Tradesmen Levi/Leather Club p.97, 528 Tradeswomen Inc p.5, 114 Traffic Jam & Snug p.397 Trafik p.548 Trail's End Inn p.469 Tramps p.557 Tranny Roadshow p.114 Trannyshack p.207 Tranquility Knoll p.524 Trans Alaska Pipeline p.131 Trans Central Station p.276 Trans Families & Friends Support p.512 Trans Solidarity Project p.511 Trans Spectrum p.254 Trans Thrive p.213 Trans Youth Equality Foundation New England p.352

Together Our Unity Can Heal (TOUCH) p.479 Tokyo Valentino p.271 Toledo Mpowerment p.554 Tolson, Val p.23, 248 Tolt Congregational UCC p.667 Tolteca Tlacuilo p.143 Toluca Lake CA see Los Angeles Area p.176, 180 Toluca Lake United Methodist Church p.180 Tom Homann Law Association p.200 Tom Napoli & Co CPA's PC p.189 Tom of Finland Foundation p.107 Tom Waddell Health Center Transgender Clinic p.213 Tom's Place p.203 Tomales CA see Marin County Area p.181 Tomatillo's Restaurant p.350 Tommy Gun p.673 Tomorrow's Body p.228 Toms River NJ see Jersey Shore p.46, 451-452 Toniq TV p.440 Tony Hall & Associates p.536 Tony Matthews Gourmet Kitchen & Housewares p.164 Tony's Corner Pocket p.632 Tony's on the Lake p.480 Tool Box p.494, 537, 630 Tool Shed p.189 Tool Shed Tap p.339 Tool Shed: An Erotic Boutique p.692 Top Mast Cafe p.385 Top of the Town p.277 Topeka AIDS Project p.339 Topeka Center for Peace & Justice p.339 Toppers p.609 Torchia, William, Esq p.587 Torpedo p.260 advertisement p.261 Torrance CA see Los AngeToad Hall p.206 les Area p.170, 178, 180 Toadstool Bookshop Torres, Ilka p.238 p.440-441 Tortuga del Sol p.188 Toast p.387 TOSOS - The Other Side of Toast on Market p.343 Toast Wine Bar & Cafe p.410 Silence p.512 TOTI's Tavern on the Island Tobacco & Smoke Shops p.278 p.125, 636, 663 Toto Tours p.126 p.203 Toucan's Tiki Lounge p.189 Today's Hair p.247

July 2012

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INDEX Trans Youth Support Network Trans Youth Support Network p.413 Trans-Affirmations SOFFA Group p.511 Trans-health Information Project (TIP) p.590 Trans-United p.364 TransAction p.645 TransActive p.120 TransandFriends p.292 TransCend p.372, 402 Transcript Divas Transcription Services p.496 TransFamily p.546 Transfiguration Episcopal Church p.368 Transfiguration Lutheran Church p.513 Transfigurational Episcopal Church p.423 TransFM p.250 Transformations p.8, 147 TransFormers p.546 Transgender & Gender Variant Support Groups at Dimensions p.213 Transgender American Veterans Association p.116 TransGender Education Association p.656 Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) p.617 Transgender Equality Rights Initiatives p.263 Transgender Foundation of America p.120 Transgender Guide p.120 Transgender Health Empowerment p.254 Transgender Law & Policy Institute p.120 Transgender Law center p.213 Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, Inc. p.511 TransGender Michigan p.393 TransGender New Hampshire (TG-NH) p.438 Transgender Publications see:

Organizations/Resources: Transgender & Transgender Publications


Organizations/Resources: Club p.105 Transgender & Travel Leaders p.658 Transgender Publications

INDEX Trinity Church

Transgender see:

Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico p.464 TransGender San Francisco p.213

Travel Lambda Connections Triangle AIDS Network p.623 Triangle Alliance p.565 Triangle Area Gay Scientists Travel Shop p.191 p.535 Transgender Support Group Travel Team p.65, 577 Triangle Black Pride p.97, p.307, 485 535 Transgender Support Group Traveler p.673 Triangle Club p.249 Travelers p.675 of Amarillo p.618 Transgender Youth Aware- Travelers GLBT Friends Net- Triangle Community p.573 work p.238 Triangle Community Center ness Program p.665 p.242 Travelers Inn p.146 Transgender Youth Clinic advertisement p.243 p.84, 178 Travelodge Central p.203 Triangle Connection p.305 Transgender Youth ReTravelPlex Travel & Cruise Triangle Divers Scuba Dive source and Advocacy p.427 Club p.378 Group p.317 Travis Park UMC p.640 Triangle Gay Men's Chorus Transgendered Harmony Trax p.206, 614 p.535 p.140 Traxx Atlanta p.88, 289 Triangle Inn - Santa Fe p.48, Transguys p.120 Traxx Girls p.27, 88, 289 466 TransHaven p.426 Treasure Chest p.359 Triangle Inn Palm Springs TransInside p.317 Treasure Valley Intergroup & p.188 Transmagic p.213 Central Office AA p.304 Triangle Local Events p.533 TransOhio p.550 Treasure Valley MCC at Triangle Nite Club p.71, 623 Transpitt p.594 Boise p.305 Triangle Recreation Camp Transportation: Limo, Treatment Action Group p.668 Taxi, Charter etc. p.70, (TAG) p.106 Triangle Tennis Club p.536 125, 133, 147, 215, 255-256, Tree Top B&B & Vacation Triangles Cafe p.236 273, 401, 452, 456, 516, 613, Home Rental p.576 617 Tribal Fire p.555 Tremont Lounge p.548 TransTwenty p.546 Tribble, Marc, MD p.626 Tremont Music Hall p.527 TransVision p.160 Tribe p.614 Tressa's Downtown Jazz & TransYouth Family Allies, Inc Blues p.525 Tribe Detroit p.398 p.120 Tribe Seattle p.676 Tretter Collection in GLBT Trapp p.644 Trident Booksellers & Cafe Studies p.107, 409 Trappe, Karl L., PhD p.457 Trevor Project /Lifeline p.120 p.373 Trattoria Da Vinci p.410 Trident Knights p.604 advertisement p.117 Trattoria Simpatico p.601 Trident United Way 211 HotTrexx p.521 line p.604 Travel & Tourist Services Tri Ess Alpha p.178 Trigger p.206 (see also Tri Ess New England Tau Accommodation) p.6-7, Trigon at Penn State Behrend Sigma Nu Epsilon p.438 13-14, 17, 25, 43, 65, 67-68, Tri-Beta Group p.284 p.577 72, 82, 125-126, 131-132, Trikone Northwest p.102, 134, 141, 155, 161, 165, 181, Tri-City GLBT p.430 677 184, 187, 191, 194, 197, 202, Tri-State AIDS Task Force Trikone: Atlanta p.89, 291 215, 221, 224, 235, 237, 241, p.684 249, 255, 257, 264-265, 269, Tri-State Alliance for Gays & Trikone: GLBT South Asians 273, 297, 301, 304, 320, 351, Lesbians p.323 p.81, 115 360, 378, 383, 391, 416, Trilby FL see Tampa Bay 427-428, 436, 440, 464, 486, Tri-State Prime Timers p.543 Area p.284 516, 521, 526, 529, 543, 555, Tri-Valley Unity Church p.160 Trinidad Bay Bed & Breakfast 573, 575, 577, 580, 592, 595, Triad Business & Profesp.162 600, 603, 617, 622, 630, 636, sional Guild p.532 Trinidad CA see Eureka/ 656, 658, 671, 680, 684 Triad Gender Association Humboldt County p.162 Travel Adventures Intl p.126 p.533 Trinidad Escape p.162 Travel Cafe p.428 Triad Health Project p.532 Trinitarian Catholic Church Travel Company p.249 Triad Pride p.533 p.124 Travel Doctors-Teays Valley Triad Pride Men's Chorus Trinity Cathedral p.149, 218, p.684 p.532 547 Travel Essentials p.561 Triad Softball League, Inc. Trinity Charities, Inc. p.278 p.533 Travel Express LA p.529 Trinity Church p.452, 459, Triandafilou, Gregory, DC Travel Innovations p.622 486, 515 p.7, 139 Travel Insured International The Triangle p.533, 692 p.126

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July 2012

INDEX Trinity Church ABC/ UCC Trinity Church ABC/UCC p.392 Trinity College EROS p.238 Trinity College GLB Alumni Association p.119 Trinity Congregational UCC p.285 Trinity Episcopal Cathedral p.197 Trinity Episcopal Church p.214, 326, 423, 426, 452-453, 462, 486, 582, 696 Trinity Lower East Side ELCA p.515 Trinity Lutheran Church p.160, 169, 318-319, 331, 448, 515, 582, 648, 679 Trinity MCC p.265, 628 Trinity Picture Framing p.585 Trinity Place p.512, 608 Trinity Presbyterian Church / Rauschenbusch Memorial UCC p.515 Trinity River Bears p.628 Trinity UMC p.155, 160, 422, 622 Trinity United Church (Ucc & Presbyterian Church USA) p.462 Trinity United Methodist Church p.292, 334, 679, 691 Trinity University Sexual Diversity Alliance p.640 Triple C p.228 Triple Point Youth Group Vancouver p.683 Triple Point Youth Group Walla Walla p.683 Tripp, Thomas G p.283 Tripps Bar p.289 TriState Transgender Meeting p.538 Triumph Brewing Company p.583 Trix p.642 Trixie's Coffee p.397 Trombold, Kevin J p.676 Tronix p.436 Tropical Inn p.267 Tropical Liqueurs p.420 Tropicana Books & Video p.434 Tropics Hotel & Hostel p.270 Tropics Restaurant & Piano Bar p.261 Tropix Restaurant & Copa Nightclub p.273 Trotter, Jeannie p.678 Troy MI see Detroit Area p.39, 92, 397, 399


Troy NY see Albany & Capital Area p.471-472 Troy's Travel Agency p.391 Truck Bar p.206 Truckee CA see Lake Tahoe, California (CA & NV) Area p.167 True Azimuth, LLC p.109 True Colors p.95, 456, 496 True Colors, Inc p.235 True Colors: Out Youth Theater p.374 True Grounds p.372 True Love Apostolic Church p.328 Truman Books & Video p.268 Truman State University Prism p.423 Truman's Entertainment Complex p.330 Trumansburg NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.517 Trumbull County Area AIDS Task Force p.555 Trumbull Kitchen (TK) p.237 Trunks p.173 Truro Vineyards p.386 TRUST p.485 Trust House p.664 Truth Wins Out (TWO) p.116 Tryangles p.343 TSA Youth Group p.323 Tsarus p.613 Tsunami Swim Club p.215 Tubac Country Inn p.142 Tubby's p.264 Tubby's Golden Lantern p.350 Tubbys City Hangout p.257 Tubman: Chrysalis Center p.41, 416 Tuckahoe NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.486 Tucker House B&B p.670 Tucker Inn p.384 Tucker, Judith, PhD, LMFT p.10, 158 Tucker, Michael p.139 Tucker, Roger D., Realtor p.616 Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser, LLP p.55, 505 Tucson GLBT Chamber of Commerce p.144 Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network(TIHAN) p.143

INDEX Two Mermaids on Maui Bed & Breakfast Turner, Rick p.229 Turning Point of Lehigh Valley p.66, 581 Turtle Creek Chorale p.627 Turtle Creek Labradors p.658 Tustin CA see Orange County p.186-187 Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria p.673 Tweedie, Patricia, NMLS# 275662 p.15, 200 Tweet, Let's Eat p.311 Twelve Penny Saloon p.596 Twenty Club p.238 Twenty Four Thirty Nine B&B p.351 Twentynine Palms CA see Joshua Tree p.167 Twentysomething p.510 Twice Blessed p.86, 220 Twice Told Books p.193 Twilight Guard p.234 Twin Cities Friday p.416 Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus p.412 Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League p.416 Twin Cities Men's Center p.92, 412 Twin Cities Pride p.412 Twin City Riders p.416 Twin Gables B&B p.460 Twin Gables Inn p.404 Twin Hearts Beach Cottage p.300 Twin Oaks Inn p.404 Twin Peaks Tavern p.206 Twin Ponds Lodge p.352 Twin State Network p.438, 646 Twist p.270, 544, 596 Twist Ultra Lounge & Dance p.521 Twisted Gift Shop p.148 Twisted Limb Paperworks p.111, 324 Twisted Tom's p.275 Twisted Wednesdays at Kriola p.244 Twitchell, Carol, Psy.D. p.26, 278 Two p.692 Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa p.188 Two Casitas p.466 Two Maids & A Mop p.290 Two Mermaids on Maui Bed & Breakfast p.29, 300

Tucson Joes (Jack Off Enthusiasts) p.144 Tucson LGBT p.142 Tucson LGBT Museum p.143 Tucson Pride, Inc. p.144 Tucson Prime Timers p.144 Tudor of Manchester p.440 Tuesday Night Men's League p.230 Tuesday's Angels, Inc p.259 Tuff Stuff Leatherware p.139 Tufts University LGBT Center p.376 Tufts University Pride on the Hill p.119, 376 Tula Kitchen p.492 Tulane Law School Lambda Law Alliance p.351 Tulip Andersonville p.30, 313 Tulip Boystown p.4, 110 Tulsa Area Prime Timers (TAPT) p.559 Tulsa CARES p.559 Tulsa Eagle p.559 Tulsa Lambda Bowling League p.560 Tulsa Lesbian Network (TLN) p.62, 558 Tulsa LesFic Book Club p.62, 559 Tulsa LGBT History Project p.559 Tulsa Metro Softball League p.560 Tulsa Metropolitan Ministries p.560 Tulsa Pride & Diversity Celebration p.559 Tulsa Reaches Out p.559 Tulsa Rough Riders p.559 Tulsa Select Hotel & Conference Center p.558 Tulsa Two Spirits Society p.98, 559 Tumbleweed - Green House Project p.140 Tupelo Honey Cafe p.525 Turgeon-Raine Jewellers p.675 Turiello's Pizza & Restaurant p.481 Turley, Donna M, Esq p.373 Turmel, Stacey p.283 TurnAround Spa Lodge p.478 Turner, Eva, DC p.483 Turner, John Penn, LPC, LSATP p.657

July 2012

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INDEX Two Rivers Outdoor Club Two Rivers Outdoor Club p.473 Two Sisters Inn p.225 Two Spear Street p.481 Two Spirit National Cultural Exchange, Inc p.81, 115 Two Spirit Press Room p.81, 115 Two Spirit Society of Denver. p.86, 230 Two-O-One B&B p.361 Twofold Group p.558 TwoTwins Café p.431 Ty Jordan Transcripts p.110 Ty's p.495 Tybee Beach Condo p.295 Tybee Island GA see Savannah Area p.295 Tyler AIDS Services p.640 Tyler Area Gays /Project TAG p.640 Tyler Place Presbyterian Church p.426 Tyler TX see Tyler/ Longview Area p.72, 101, 640-642 Tyler Unity Center of Practical Christianity p.642 Tzvi Aryeh AIDS Foundation p.95, 491 U Name It Organizers p.56, 512 U of U Women's Resource Center p.73, 645 U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study p.5, 115 UAB Center For AIDS Research p.127 UC Berkeley Boalt School of Law Queer Caucus p.159 UC Berkeley Gender Equity Center p.159 UC Berkeley Q at Haas p.159 UC Davis Lambda Law Students Association p.156 UC Irvine LGBT Resource Center p.186 UC Lounge p.494 UCC Congregational p.565 UCC East Goshen p.591 UCC First Congregational Church p.517 UCLA Anderson GLBA p.119, 178 UCLA Lambda Alumni Association p.119 UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center p.177 UConn Co-op p.243


UCSB Black QUARE p.82, 154 UCSB Queer Asians & Pacific Islanders p.82, 154 UCSB Queer Student Union p.154 UCSB Santa Barbara De Colores p.82, 154 UCSD LGBT Resource Center p.201 UCSD LGBTQIA Association p.201 UCSF LGBT Resource Center p.212 udio Services see:

INDEX Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron Unitarian Church North p.693 Unitarian Church of Evanston p.319 Unitarian Church of Harrisburg p.579 Unitarian Church of Hinsdale p.319 Unitarian Church of Los Alamos p.465 Unitarian Church of Marlborough & Hudson p.392 Unitarian Church of Norfolk p.660 Unitarian Church of Staten Island p.515 Unitarian Coastal Fellowship p.531 Unitarian Fellowship p.614, 642 Unitarian Fellowship of Houston p.635 Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence p.338 Unitarian Fellowship of West Chester p.591 Unitarian Society p.155, 239, 456, 459 Unitarian Society of Germantown p.591 Unitarian Society of Menomonie p.687 Unitarian Society of New Haven p.241 Unitarian Society of Northampton & Florence p.391 Unitarian Univeralist Church p.342 Unitarian Univeralist Fellowship of Ligonier Valley p.579 Unitarian Universalist Area Church p.378 Unitarian Universalist Association of Tacoma p.682 Unitarian Universalist Association office of LGBT Ministries p.124 Unitarian Universalist Church p.128, 141, 149, 156, 161, 169, 187, 214, 224, 233, 239, 264-266, 277, 279-280, 285, 293, 309, 322, 324-325, 329, 333, 353-354, 361, 378, 382, 400, 420, 439-441, 447, 475, 520, 522, 526, 533, 556, 558, 564, 580, 607, 612, 656, 661, 664, 696 Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing p.461 Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron p.540

Uncommon Grounds Coffee Roasters p.405 UND 10% Society p.538 Under 21 p.464 Under One Roof p.209 Under The Eaves Inn/B&B p.646 Under the Lindens p.644 Under the Rainbow p.456 Under U4 Men p.568, 673 Underbar p.372 Underground p.225 Underground Niteclub p.474 Underground SF p.206 al see Medi Ser ces so a vi Undersea Expeditions p.126 UGA GLOBES p.287 Underwood Bar & Bistro Ugly Oyster p.581 p.193 Ukiah CA see Mendocino Underwood Memorial BapArea p.182-183 tist Church p.693 Ula Cafe p.372 Undiscovered Napa Valley p.184 Ulbee, Maureen, MS, MSW LICSW p.410 Undisshi the Club p.598 Ulster Video & Gifts p.483 UNF PRIDE Club p.266 Ultimate Smile p.261 Unger, Ron, LCSW p.563 UltimateOut Frisbee Team UNH Alliance p.439 p.255 Unhinged Productions p.634 Ultra Lounge p.257 Uni-Travel Cruises & Tours Ultra Suede p.173 p.630 UMass Pride Alliance p.390 Unicorn p.501, 673 UMBC Freedom Alliance Unicorn Club p.327 p.364 Unicorn Motorcycle Club Umbrella p.74, 653 p.545 UMC Copake & Craryville Unifour Christian Fellowship p.476 Church p.530 UMC Santa Cruz p.221 Union p.602 Umpqua's Last Resort p.563 Union Cafe p.60, 544, 548 UMSL PRIZM p.426 Union City CA see East Bay Area p.159 UMSL Women's Center p.41, 426 Union College Spectrum p.472 Umstead Park UCC p.536 Una Voce: The Florida Men's Union Congregational Church p.455 Chorale p.283 Union Congregational UCC Unabridged Books p.312 p.226 Uncasville UMC p.244 Union Hotel p.203 UNCC Pride p.528 Uncle Bill's Pancake House Union Jack p.625 Union Mission, Inc. p.295 p.451 Union Positiva p.88, 270 Uncle Bo's p.303 Uncle Charlie's Piano Bar & Union Restaurant & Bar Latino p.94, 480 Lounge p.494 Union Street Guest House Uncle Elizabeth's p.323 Uncle Mikey's Herf House Ci- p.477 Union United Methodist gars p.125, 663 Church p.377 Uncle Roy's Catfish & SeaUnison: Windy City Lesbian food Grill p.623 & Gay Singers p.315 Uncle's p.585 Unitarian Church p.244, 346, Uncles Upstairs Inn p.584 378, 380, 461, 605, 653

July 2012

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INDEX Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst p.475 Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley p.161 Unitarian Universalist Church of BloomingtonNormal Interweave p.307 Unitarian Universalist Church of Brazos Valley p.623 Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton p.476 Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte p.529 Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County p.590 Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin p.319 Unitarian Universalist Church of Fargo-Moorhead p.538 Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno p.163 Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Bridgeport p.235 Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing p.403 Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn p.383 Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville p.129 Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis p.329 Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson p.418 Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent p.540 Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces p.465 Unitarian Universalist Church of Meadville p.582 Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka p.416 Unitarian Universalist Church of Muncie p.329 Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff p.629 Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden p.644 Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockville p.365 Unitarian Universalist Church of Saco & Biddeford p.360 Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah p.296


INDEX Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Statesboro Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton p.366 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames p.332 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bozeman p.428 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon p.562 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County p.597 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clarksville p.611 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson p.606 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of DeKalb p.320 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Dubuque p.334 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Elkhart p.324 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fairbanks p.133 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth p.380 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fayetteville p.148 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Harford County p.366 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kern County p.151 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Manhattan (UUFM) p.338 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Missoula p.430 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery p.130 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Morgantown p.686 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark (UUFN) p.245 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Poughkeepsie p.486 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito p.202 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Santa Cruz County p.220 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Stanislaus County p.183 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Statesboro p.296

Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring p.368 Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa p.285 Unitarian Universalist Church of the Desert p.191 Unitarian Universalist Church of the Lehigh Valley p.582 Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsu. p.154 Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills p.594 Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse p.306 Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration p.591 Unitarian Universalist Church of the Shenandoah Valley p.665 Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills p.594 Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver p.683 Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura p.155 Unitarian Universalist Church PRIDE Committee p.681 Unitarian Universalist Church West p.693 Unitarian Universalist Community Church p.180, 197, 321 Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Glen Allen p.658 Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains p.165 Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.130, 194, 273, 326, 345, 353, 419, 436, 459, 473, 541, 558, 595, 684-685, 687 Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair p.455 Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock p.513 Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Milford p.440 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta p.292 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia p.606

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbus p.324 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Danbury p.236 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth p.408 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax p.658 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick p.366 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Glens Falls p.470 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Green Valley p.145 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Jamestown p.488 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lakeland p.285 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin p.182 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami p.273 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Northwest Tucson p.145 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Oxford p.419 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix,. p.140 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Queens p.515 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockland p.486 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem p.573 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe p.467 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Susquehanna Valley p.584 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Jersey Shore p.458 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Tucson p.145 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Venice p.279 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Wyoming Valley p.597 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York p.598 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.127, 155, 187, 218, 264-265, 396, 408, 513-514, 530, 536, 552, 562, 564, 596, 611, 642, 658, 665, 696

July 2012

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INDEX 831 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Eastern Slopes Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Eastern Slopes p.443 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Poconos p.596 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Topeka p.339 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Tyler p.642 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach p.285 Unitarian Universalist First Church p.381 Unitarian Universalist Meeting House p.380, 386 Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta North p.293 Unitarian Universalist Ocean County Congregation p.452 Unitarian Universalist see: United Angels Dream, LLC p.462 United Christian Church p.161, 590, 622 United Christian Church of Renton p.679 United Church p.194, 378, 405, 536 United Church in Tallahassee (UCC) p.280 United Church of Broomfield p.229 United Church of Christ p.155, 194, 221, 353, 387, 415, 547, 564, 572, 696 United Church of Christ Coalition for LGBT Concerns p.124, 574 United Church of Christ Family Fellowship p.420 United Church of Christ see:

INDEX Unity Spiritual Community in Citrus Heights Unity Church of Santa Rosa p.194 Unity Church of South Bay p.180 Unity Church of Temecula Valley p.222 Unity Church of the Foothills p.179 Unity Church of Wichita p.340 Unity Coalition /Coalicion Unida p.87, 256 Unity Coalition/Coalicion Unida p.88, 272 Unity Community Church p.218 Unity Fellowship Church p.91, 179, 365, 456 Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte p.97, 529 Unity Fellowship of Christ Church p.513 Unity Fellowship of Christ Church Atlanta p.292 Unity in Marin p.182 Unity in Napa Valley p.184 Unity in Redding p.191 Unity in the City p.377 Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center p.165 Unity in the Pioneer Valley p.391 Unity Mississippi p.418 Unity of Antelope Valley p.150 Unity of Auburn p.165 Unity of Bloomington p.324 Unity of Carlsbad p.201 Unity of Fort Myers p.265 Unity of Laguna Hills p.187 Unity of Louisville p.345 Unity of Oroville p.197 Unity of Savannah p.296 Unity of Stockton p.222 Unity of the Oaks p.155 UniTy of the Pioneer Valley p.390 Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center p.221 Unity of Ukiah p.183 Unity on Cape Cod p.380 Unity on the River p.382 Unity Palo Alto Church p.214 Unity see:

Religious Organizations & Publications

Unitarian Universalist Society p.197, 243, 258, 335-336, 378, 380, 383, 391, 440, 486, 520 Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor p.353 Unitarian Universalist Society of Cleveland p.547 Unitarian Universalist Society of Martha's Vineyard p.380 Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek p.245 Unitarian Universalist Society of South Suffolk p.514 Unitarian Universalist Society: East p.239 Unitarian Universalist Westside Congregation p.464 Unitarian Universalists p.254 Unitarian Universalists Fellowship of Athens p.288 Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater p.285 Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo p.215 Unitarian Universalists of Santa Clarita Valley p.219 Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware p.248 Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley p.575 Unitarian-Universalist Congregation of Erie p.577 Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship p.148 Unite Here! p.114

Religious Organizations & Publications Religious Organizations & Publications United Church of Cookeville

p.616 United Church of Gainesville p.265 United Church of Hayward UCC p.161 United Church of Jaffrey p.441 United Church of Rogers Park p.318 United Church on the Green p.241 United Communities AIDS Network p.668 United Congregational Church p.392, 637 United Congregational Church UCC p.428 United Court of Austin Inc. p.620 United Court of the Lone Star Empire p.626 United Court of The Pikes Peak Empire p.225 United Court of the Sandias p.463 United DePauw p.326 United Family Services p.528 United First Parish Church p.387 United in Faith Lutheran Church p.318 United Lesbians of African Heritage p.13, 84, 176 United Life Spiritual Center p.558 United Methodist Church p.134, 355, 357, 380

United Methodist Church of the Village p.515 United Parish ABC/UCC/ UMC p.377 United Parish of Auburndale p.377 United Territories of Polynesian Islanders Alliance (UTOPIA) p.86, 211 United University Church p.179 Unity p.155, 161, 166, 187 Unity at the Lake p.167 Unity Burbank Center for Spiritual Awareness p.179 Unity Center p.202 Unity Center - Bakersfield p.151 Unity Center for Spiritual Living p.582 Unity Center of Columbia p.420 Unity Center of Peace p.536 Unity Center of Tulsa p.560 Unity Center of Walnut Creek p.161 Unity Chapel p.165 Unity Chapel by the Sea p.187 Unity Chapel of Light p.155 Unity Christ Church p.414, 537 Unity Church p.155, 160-161, 180, 183, 323, 377, 613, 681 Unity Church Five Cities p.154 Unity Church in the Mother Lode p.165 Unity Church of Castro Valley p.160 Unity Church of Central Massachusetts p.392 Unity Church of Christianity p.560, 629 Unity Church of Des Moines p.90, 334 Unity Church of Fresno p.163 Unity Church of God p.378 Unity Church of Hawaii p.304 Unity Church of Lawrence p.338 Unity Church Of Madison p.691 Unity Church of Peace p.330, 427 Unity Church of Richmond p.191 Unity Church of San Francisco p.214

Unity Spiritual Center p.215 Unity Spiritual Community in Citrus Heights p.197

July 2012

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INDEX Unity Temple Unity Temple p.221 Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.319 Unity Way Church p.202 Unity Wellness Center p.127 Unity, the Canisius College Gay-Straight Alliance p.475 Universal City TX see San Antonio Area p.639 Universalist Church p.239 Universalist Society p.654 Universalist Unitarian Church p.155, 166, 319, 360, 382, 399 Universalist Unitarian Church of East Liberty p.396 Universalist Unitarian Congregation p.653 University Baptist & Brethren Church p.597 University Baptist Church p.415, 622, 679 University Bookstore p.690 University California Riverside LGBT Resource Center p.166 University Center Bookstore p.429 University Center MI see Bay City/ Midland/ Saginaw Area p.396 University Christian Church p.202, 679 University Church p.318 University Circle United Methodist Church p.547 University City MO see Saint Louis Area (MO & IL) p.424 University Club p.265 University Congregational Church p.679 University Congregational UCC p.430 University Episcopal Community p.415 University Hospitals of Cleveland AIDS Clinical Trial Unit (ACTU) p.544 University Laboratory High School Queer Straight Alliance p.308 University Lutheran Center p.538 University Lutheran Chapel p.160 University Lutheran Church p.141, 214, 377

INDEX 832 University of Missouri - Kansas City LGBTQIA Resource Center University Lutheran Church of Hope p.415 University Lutheran Church of the Epiphany p.417 University Lutheran Church of the Incarnation p.591 University of Akron LGBT Union p.540 University of Alabama Gay Straight Student Alliance p.128 University of Alabama Spectrum p.130 University Of Alaska GSA p.132 University of Alaska The Family p.132 University Of Arizona Institute for LGBT Studies p.144 University of Arizona Office of LGBTQ Affairs p.144 University of Arizona OUTreach p.144 University of Arizona Pride Alliance p.144 University of Arizona SPRITE p.144 University of Arizona Women's Resource Center p.8, 144 University of Arkansas Alliance p.149 University of Arkansas Pride p.148 University of Bridgeport GLOW Gay Straight Alliance p.235 University of California - Cal Alumni Pride p.119, 212 University of California Berkeley LGBT Catholics p.160 University of Central Arkansas PRISM p.149 University of Central Oklahoma GATE p.558 University of Chicago LGBTQ Student Life p.316 University of Cincinnati GenderBloc p.543 University of Cincinnati LGBTQ Center p.543 University of Cincinnati Women's Center p.60, 543 University of Colorado Gay Straight Alliance p.224 University Of Colorado GLBT Alumni Association p.224 University of Colorado LGBT Studies Certificate Program p.224 University of Colorado School of Law OUTlaw p.224 University of Colorado SPECTRUM p.226 University of Ct School of Social Work Pride p.238 University of Dayton Spetrum p.551 University of Delaware Haven p.245 University of Denver LGBTIQA Programs & Services p.229 University of Georgia Lambda Alliance p.287 University of Georgia LGBT Resource Center p.287 University of Hartford Women's & Gender Resource Center p.21, 238 University of Hawaii at Manoa GLBT Student Services Center p.303 University of Hawaii Hilo Pride p.299 University of Hawaii Women's Center p.29, 299, 303 University of Houston Law Center Outlaws p.635 University of Idaho GayStraight Alliance p.306 University of Idaho LGBTQA Office p.30, 306 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Naches p.89, 309 University of Illinois Colors of Pride p.89, 308 University of Illinois Gender & Sexuality Center p.316 University of Illinois LGBT Resource Center p.308 University of Illinois Pride p.316 University of Illinois Springfield LGBTQ Resource Office p.323 University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign Pride p.308 University of Iowa College of Law Outlaws p.335 University of Iowa GLBTAU p.335 University of Iowa LGBT Resource Center p.335 University of Iowa LGBT Staff & Faculty Association p.335 University of Kansas LBGT Resource Center p.338 University of Louisville Commonground p.344 University of Maine at Farmington Alliance p.355 University of Maine at Fort Kent Spectrum p.355 University of Maine Machias 100% Society p.355 University Of Maine Wilde Stein Alliance /Rainbow Resource Center p.358 University of Mary Washington Prism p.658 University of Maryland Baltimore County Women's Center p.364 University of Maryland LGBT Studies Program p.366 University of Maryland Pride Alliance p.366 University of Maryland School of Law LGBT Law Student Alliance p.364 University of Maryland School of Social Work LGBT & Allies Union p.364 University of Massachusetts Lowell College Pride Alliance p.382 University of Massachusetts Queer Student Union p.375 University of Memphis Stonewall Tigers p.613 University Of Michigan Ford School Out in Public p.395 University of Michigan Gender & Sexuality Alliance p.399 University of Michigan Health System Pride Network p.394 University of Minnesota Crookston GLBTA Programs Office p.407 University of Minnesota E Quality p.416 University of Minnesota GLBT Queer Alumni & Allies p.119, 407 University of Minnesota GLBTA Alumni Network p.119, 413 University of Minnesota Pride at Work p.412 University of Minnesota School of Law Lambda Law Student Association p.413 University of Mississippi Gay Straight Alliance p.419 University of Missouri - Kansas City LGBTQIA Resource Center p.422

July 2012

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INDEX University Of Missouri Kansas City Queer Alliance University Of Missouri Kansas City Queer Alliance p.422 University of Missouri St Louis GLBT & Allies Resource Center p.426 University of Missouri Women's Center. p.41, 420 University of Montana Lambda Alliance p.430 University of Montana Western Lambda Alliance p.429 University of Montevallo Spectrum p.130 University of Nebraska LGBTQA Programs & Resource Center p.431 University of Nevada Jean Nidetch Women's Center p.42, 435 University of Nevada Reno Pride Collaborative p.437 University of New England GLBTQ Student Advisor p.359 University of New Hampshire LGBT Program Coordinator p.439 University of New Hampshire Queer Studies p.439 University of New Hampshire, Manchester Common Ground (GLBTA) p.440 University of New Mexico LGBTQ Resource Center p.464 University of New Mexico Queer Straight Alliance p.464 University of New Orleans Unity p.351 University of North Alabama Gay Straight Alliance p.128 University of North Carolina Wilmington LGBTQIA Resource Office p.537 University of North Carolina Alliance p.525 University of North Carolina GLBSTA p.535 University of North Carolina Pride p.533, 537 University of North Texas GLAD p.628 University of Northern Iowa UNI PROUD p.336 University of Oklahoma GLBTF p.556 University of Oregon LGBTQ Alliance p.564 University of Redlands Pride Center p.166


University of Washington SOLE p.678 University of West Georgia Lambda p.292 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh LGBTQ Resource Center p.688 University of Wisconsin Parkside LGBTQ Resource Center p.694 University of Wisconsin GSA p.687, 694 University of Wisconsin Impact p.694 University of Wisconsin OneIn-A-Minyan p.102, 691 University of Wisconsin Platteveille Alliance p.694 University of Wisconsin Rainbow Unity p.689 University of Wisconsin see: LGBT Campus Center p.691 University of Wisconsin Superior Queer & Allied Student Union p.407 University of Wisconsin-MIlwaukee LGBT Studies p.693 University of WisconsinStout LGBTQ Program Office p.687 University of WisconsinStout Pride Alliance p.687 University of Wyoming Rainbow Resource Center p.696 University Park PA see State College p.597 University Park UMC p.572 University Presbyterian Church p.346 University Presbyterian Church & Westminster Fellowship p.130 University Temple United Methodist Church p.679 University Unitarian Church p.679 Unknotting By Nyya p.4, 109 Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center p.639 Unusual Attitudes p.166 Unwind at Fuse p.534 UO Women's Center p.63, 564 Up Country Family Restaurant & Tavern p.443 Up or on the Rocks p.237 Upland CA see Inland Empire p.165 Upper Crust p.268 Upper Darby PA see Philadelphia Area p.591

INDEX Usual Pub Upper Delaware GLBT Center p.595 Upper Montclair NJ see Montclair Area p.454-455 Upper Nyack NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.479 Upper Savannah Care Consortium p.607 Upstate Pride SC p.607 Uptmor, Joshua, LMT, OH Lic 33-014701 p.551 Upton NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.506 Uptown p.541 Uptown Books p.397 Uptown Cafe p.428 Uptown Gay & Lesbian Alliance p.177 Uptown Smile p.410 Urban Body Men's Clothing Studio p.282 Urban Essentialz p.518 Urban Grounds p.289 Urban Mo's Bar & Grill p.199 Urban Onion Restaurant & Bar p.668 Urban Peak Denver p.229 Urbana High School GayStraight Alliance (GSA) p.308 Urbana IL see Champaign/ Urbana Area p.30, 89, 308-309 Urbandale UCC p.336 Urbane p.673 Urbano p.90, 311 Urdang, Nicole, MS, NCC, DHM p.49, 474 Urge p.494 URNOTALONE p.120 Ursa Minor Cottage p.401 Ursa Minor Lodge on Beaver Lake p.146 Ursinus College Gay Straight Alliance p.575 Ursuline Guest House p.348 Ursus p.551 Us Helping Us, Inc p.86, 249 US Naval Academy Alumni Out p.119, 361 USA DJ/Karaoke Entertainment p.444 USA Floor Care p.271 USC Lambda LGBT Alumni Association p.119 USD Pride p.201 Usual Pub p.72, 632

University of Rhode Island Gay Straight Alliance p.603 University of Rhode Island GLBT Center p.603 University of Richmond Student Alliance for Sexual Diversity p.663 University of S Carolina BGLSA p.606 University of Saint Francis Gay Straight Alliance p.317 University of Saint Thomas Allies p.413 University of San Francisco Queer Alliance p.213 University of South Alabama GLBT Alliance. p.130 University of South Carolina Unity Alliance p.604 University of South Florida LGBT Alumni Society p.119, 284 University of Southern California LGBT Resource Center p.177 University of Southern Indiana Spectrum p.325 University of Southern Mississippi Gay Straight Alliance p.418 University of St Thomas School of Law Outlaws p.413 University of Tennessee Spectrum p.610 University of Texas at Austin GLBTQ Business Student Association p.621 University of Texas at Austin Standout p.621 University of Texas GLBTQ p.640 University of Texas Law School OUTlaw p.621 University of the Pacific Pride Center p.222 University of Utah LGBT Resource Center p.645 University of Vermont LGBTQA Services p.650 University of Virginia Serpentine Society p.119, 657 University of Virginia Women's Center p.75, 657 University of Washington GBLTC p.677 University of Washington Q Center p.678 University of Washington School of Law Outlaws p.678

July 2012

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INDEX UT-Martin ALLIES UT-Martin ALLIES p.612 Utah AIDS Foundation p.642 Utah Al-Anon/Alateen p.642 Utah Bears p.645 Utah Log Cabin Republicans p.643 Utah Male Naturists p.643 Utah Pride p.645 Utah Pride Center p.644 Utah State University LIFE p.643 Utah Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship p.646 Utah Valley University Gay Straight Alliance p.644 UTD Allies p.628 Utica LGBTQ Youth Safety Project p.97, 522 Utica NY see Utica Area p.97, 522 UTOPIA - United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance p.102, 677 UTOPIA Hawaii (Polynesian Islanders Alliance) p.89, 297 Utopia Video Nightclub p.555 Utopian Inn p.423 UU Church of Athens & Sheshequin p.574 UU Church of Loudon p.661 UU Church of Rutland p.653 UU Community Church of Washington County p.572 UU Congregation of Blacksburg p.656 UU Congregation of Grand Traverse p.405 UU Congregation of Greater Canton p.540 UU Congregation of Monmouth County p.452 UU Congregation of the Outer Banks p.531 UU Congregation of the Palisades p.448 UU Congregation of the Upper Valley p.653 UU Fellowship p.320, 485, 520, 537 UU Fellowship of Erie County p.553 UU Fellowship of Northern Nevada p.437 UU Fellowship of Northern Westchester p.486 UU Fellowship of Wayne County p.555 UU Fellowship/Interweave p.533


UUMedford p.377 UW River Falls Gender & Sexuality Alliance p.694 UW-Madison GLBT Alumni Council p.119, 691 UW-Madison Ten Percent Society p.691 UW-Stevens Point Gender & Sexuality Alliance p.695 UWM LGBT Resource Center p.693 Vacation Palm Springs p.189 Vacation Rentals p.523 Vacations by Glenn p.320 Vacaville CA see Solano County p.221 Vagabond p.339 Vagabond Blues p.134 Vagabond Inn p.517 Vaillancourt, Kurt, PsyD, LMFT p.174 Valanni p.585 Valdosta State University Gay Straight Alliance p.296 Valencia CA see Santa Clarita Valley Area p.219 Valencia Community College East Gay Straight Alliance p.275 Valencia Community College West Gay Straight Alliance p.275 Valentines Nightclub p.281 Valerie Belardo Team p.46, 453 Valhalla NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482 Vallejo CA see Solano County p.221 Vallejo Gay Network (VGN) p.221 Vallerand, Patricia A, JD p.63, 563 Valley AIDS Information Network Inc. (VAIN) p.562 Valley AIDS Network p.664 Valley Beth Shalom p.84, 179 Valley Brook Inn & Cottages p.478 Valley Community Clinic p.175 Valley Cottage NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.482 Valley Gay Press p.580 Valley Knights Motorcycle Club p.197 Valley Ministries MCC p.222 Valley Outreach Synagogue P'nai Tikvah p.93, 436 Valley Pride p.637 Valley Stream NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.510 Valley Stream South High School GSA p.510 Valley Unitarian Universalist Church p.140 Valrico FL see Tampa Bay Area p.281 Valshar Travel p.6, 126 Van Auken, Douglas P., MD p.545 Van Dorn, Shannon p.175 Van Goghz p.424 Van Houten, Patricia A p.33, 344 Van Ness Recovery House p.170 Van Nuys CA see Los Angeles Area p.12, 84, 171-172, 174-175, 177 Van Schaack House B&B p.478 Vancouver Heights United Methodist Church p.683 Vanderbilt AIDS Clinical Trials Center p.614 Vanderbilt University Lambda p.616 Vanderbilt University Office for GLBTQI Life p.616 Vanderbilt University School of Law OUTlaw p.616 Vanderbilt University School of Medicine GLMSU p.616 Vanderburgh, Reid, MA, LMFT p.568 Vanderburgh, Rev. Susan, MFT p.157 Vanessa Sheridan & Associates p.120 Vanessie's p.467 Vanlandingham Estate p.527 Varsity Lounge p.327 Vashon Island WA see Seattle Area p.671 Vassar College Campus Life LGBTQ Center p.485 Vassar College Queer Coalition p.95, 485 Vault p.385, 612 Vault Martini Bar p.568 VCS Gay Pride Rockland p.484 VCS Gay Pride Rockland Counseling & Clinical Services p.482 Veazey, Lex H p.530

INDEX Vermont Liberty Tea Co. Vegas Boulevard Pizza Restaurant p.237 Vegas Gay Sport Bikers p.436 Vegas Heat Car Club p.435 Vegetable Garden p.365 VegOutnyc p.510 Vehrs, Bryant, MA p.674 Velo Bistro-Wine Bar p.481 Velvet Lounge p.185 Velvet Rope p.312 Velvetpark p.3, 81, 104 Veneta OR see Eugene p.563 Venice CA see Los Angeles Area p.13, 172-175, 181 Venice FL see Sarasota/ Bradenton/ Venice Area p.278-279 Venti's Cafe & Basement Bar p.573 Venti's Cafe & Taphouse p.573 Ventnor City NJ see Jersey Shore p.450 Ventura CA see Central Coast p.153-155 Venture Inn p.586 Venture Out Tours p.126 Venture-N p.143 Venu p.372 Venus Adult Theatre & Books p.630 Venus Charters p.25, 269 Venus Di Milo p.295 venus on the Half Shell p.246 Verbena Designs Inc. p.57, 516 Vergennes VT see Green Mountains Area p.651 Verizon GLOBE p.114 Vermont CARES p.646 Vermont Department of Health Aids Services p.646 Vermont Diversity Health Project p.646 Vermont Freedom to Marry p.646 Vermont Gay Social Alternatives p.647 Vermont Hills United Methodist Church p.572 Vermont Human Rights Commission p.647 Vermont Law School Alliance p.654 Vermont Liberty Tea Co. p.652

July 2012

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INDEX 835 Vermont Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence Vermont Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence p.73, 646 Vermont Outdoors Woman p.73, 647 Vermont People With AIDS Coalition p.646 Vermont Pub & Brewery p.649 Vermont Vet to Pet Mobile Veterinary Service p.650 Vernal Victim Advocacy Program p.73, 646 Vernazza, Trish E, MFT, ATR p.15, 199 Verona Village River Resort p.195 Versailles KY see Lexington p.342 Vertucci Automotive p.240 Vertumni p.675 Very Intimate Pleasures p.237, 240, 243 Vestal NY see Binghamton p.473 Vestal, Margaret p.526 Veterinarians p.9, 145, 155, 278, 396, 403, 423, 436, 452, 486-487, 558, 617, 622, 650 Veterinary Care Specialists/ VCS Pets First p.403 Vetter, Connie J, Esq p.528 Via de Cristo United Methodist p.141 Vibe p.544, 607 Vibe Bar & Grill p.672 Vice Versa p.685 Viceroy Cafe p.494 Vickie's Bar & Grill p.330 Victor Carnuccio Photography p.491 Victoria Congregational Church p.97, 515 Victoria House p.384 Victoria Park Flowers p.261 Victoria's Last Resort p.151 Victorian p.428 Victorian Garden Inn p.192 Victorian Home Walk p.215 Victorian House p.489 Victorian Knoll Bed & Breakfast p.478 Victorian Lace B&B p.335 Victorian Ladies Inn p.601 Victorian Tudor Inn p.541 Victory Garden MCC p.465 Video 95 p.35, 367 Video Book p.244 Video Mania p.421 Video Maxx p.463 Video Sales & Rentals (see also Erotica) p.90, 126, 224, 230, 241, 255, 285, 320, 367, 526, 533, 592, 622, 630, 691 Video Station p.224 Videotique p.230 Viejo, Cynthia p.75, 657 Vieni Vai Trattoria p.152 Vienna Restaurant & Historic Inn p.387 Vieques PR see Vieques Island p.600 Vieques Rainbow Tours p.600 Vieques Travel p.600 Vieux Carré p.129 View Christian Church p.572 View on the Hill p.421 Villa B&B p.257 Villa Columbia B&B p.565 Villa Grande CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.193 Villa Jenny p.419 Villa Malecon p.600 Villa Mykonos p.188 Villa Orleans p.599 Villa Paradiso Guest House p.270 Villa Venice Men's Resort p.259 Village Apothecary p.512 Village Books p.666 Village Bookstore p.482 Village Care of New York p.503 Village Church p.693 Village Deli p.323 Village Dive Club p.516 Village Green Lodge p.687 Village Green Resort p.563 Village Inn p.388, 651 Village Inn & Restaurant p.192-193 Village Lighthouse, LLC p.111 Village Pet Pals p.286 Village Playwrights p.506 Village Square Booksellers p.647 Village TeaRoom Restaurant & Bake Shop p.481 Villanova PA see Philadelphia Area p.590 Villanova University Gay Straight Coalition p.590 Villas, Janet p.454 Vin Santo Ristorante p.216 Vine Cafe p.357 Vine Hill Inn B&B p.192 Vinelife Gifts p.216 Vineyard Haven MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.379-380 Vinnie's p.525 Vino Bello Resort p.184 Vino Paradiso Wine Bar & Bistro p.568 Vino Vixens p.568 Vino's Pizza/Brewpub p.148 Vinson, Joyce, LCSW p.52, 497 Vintage Poster p.185 Vintage Towers B&B Inn p.192 VIP Bar p.600 VIP Nightclub p.165 Viper Room p.173 Virgilio's p.268 Virginia Anti-violence Project p.655 Virginia Beach VA see Hampton Roads Area p.75, 659-661 Virginia Commonwealth University Queer Action p.663 Virginia Highland Church ABC/UCC p.292 Virginia Hotel p.460 Virginia Mountain Bears p.664 Virginia National Organization For Women (NOW) p.74, 655 Virginia Partisans: The Voice of LGBT Democrats in Virginia p.655 Virginia Pride p.655 Virginia Safe Schools Project p.655 Virginia Tech LGBT Caucus p.656 Virginia Tech see: LGBT Alliance at Virginia Tech p.656 Virginia Tech Women's Center p.74, 656 Virginia Transgender Task Force p.655 Visalia CA see Sequoia National Park Area p.221 Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP p.504 Vision of Hope MCC p.580 Visions of Pride p.420 Vista Bar & Grill p.606

INDEX Wade & Horowitz, Gail E Vista CA see San Diego Area p.15, 201-202 Vista dos Mares p.600 Vista Grande Community Church p.226 Vista Grande Villa p.188 Vista Youth Center p.683 Visual Aid p.205 Vita Café p.568 Vital Bridges p.310 The Vital Voice p.424 Vitaletti, Robert, PhD p.227 Vito's Ristorante p.557 Viviana's p.101, 632 Vlada p.271, 495 Vlazny, Maggie, LCSW p.45, 448 Vogel, Ruth Emily p.77, 676 Voices Lesbian Choral Ensemble p.10, 159 Voices of Hope p.42, 431 Voices of Kentuckiana p.344 Voices of Pride p.286 Voices Rising p.36, 374 Volcano Guest House p.298 Volcano HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.29, 89, 298 Volcano Village Lodge p.298 Volleyball see:

Sports & Outdoor

Volumes of Pleasure Bookshop p.153 Von's Book Shop p.329 Voodoo Mystère Lounge p.350 Voorhees, Ken, LCSW p.500 Voss, Richard, Principal Broker/Owner p.571 Vox p.517 Vox Femina p.13, 176 Voyeur p.674 Voyeur Nightclub p.586 Vue Nightclub p.632 Vulcan Steam & Sauna p.200 VYNL p.495 W Lounge p.644 W Silicon Valley p.156 W.E.T. (Women in Engaging Talk) p.75, 660 Wabash College shOUT p.324 Wabasha Book p.407 Wabi-Sabi p.661 Waco TX see Waco Area p.642 Waddell & Reed p.64, 569 Wade & Horowitz, Gail E p.373

July 2012

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INDEX Wading River NY Wading River NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.491 Wagner, Jim, ABR,CRB, CRS, GRI p.301 Wagner, Tim p.411 Waianuhea p.298 Waikiki Grand Sundeck Suite 1005 p.302 Waikiki Marina Resort at the Ilikai. p.302 Waikiki Place p.302 Waikoloa HI see Hawaii (Big Island) p.298 Wailea HI see Maui p.301 Wailuku HI see Maui p.301 Waimea Views Guesthouse p.298 Wainscott NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.502 Waitsfield VT see Green Mountains Area p.651 Wake Forest Baptist Church p.533 Wake Forest University GayStraight Student Alliance p.533 Wake Forest University LGBTQ Center p.533 Wakefield MA see Boston Area p.378 Wald & Thorndal, PC, Family Law p.210 Walhalla Liberty Lodge p.608 Walk and Talk Therapy p.500 Walk in His Light Ministries p.396 Walker Community UMC p.415 Walker House p.388 Walker, James p.127 Walkers Pint p.79, 692 Wall Street p.61, 548 Wall Street Gallery p.239 Wall, Randolph C, PhD p.528 Wall-Las Memorias Project p.83, 171 Walla Walla PFLAG p.683 Wallace, James A, MD p.313 Wallingford CT see New Haven Area p.240 Wallingford United Methodist Church p.679 Wallkill NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.485 Walnut Avenue Women's Center p.18, 221 Walnut Cafe p.224


Walnut Creek CA see East Bay Area p.10, 83, 157-159, 161 Walnut Creek United Methodist Church p.161 Walnut Lane Inn p.606 Walpole MA see Boston Area p.378 Walsh, Beth, DRE #1276309 p.13, 178 Walt Disney LEAGUE p.176 Walt Flood Realty p.302-303 Walt's Inn p.362 Walter's p.358 Waltham MA see Boston Area p.374, 376, 378 Walton WV see Charleston p.685 Walton, Diane p.58, 525 Wang Chung's p.303 Wang's p.311 Wang's in the Desert p.189 Wantagh NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.52, 490, 497, 508 Ward Manor At Buck Mountain p.661 Ward's Pond B&B p.522 Ward, Drick, Realtor, Broker Associate p.660 Ward, Jimmy, Closing Agent p.322 Ward, Kris D p.228 Ware Street Inn p.355 Warehouse 29 p.532 Warm Sands Vacation Rentals p.189 Warm Sands Villas p.188 Warminster PA see Philadelphia Area p.590 Warner Robins GA see Macon Area p.294 Warren MI see Detroit Area p.397, 399 Warren OH see Youngstown Area p.555 Warren United Methodist Church p.230 Warren VT see Green Mountains Area p.651 Warren Wilson College Queer Resource Center p.525 Warrensburg MO see Kansas City Metro Area (MO & KS) p.421 Warrensburg NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 Warrenville IL see Chicago Area p.319

INDEX Wayne State University GLBTA Wasilla AK see Mat-Su Valley p.134 Wass Up N Atl p.89, 289 Waste Tech Family Refuse & Recycling, LLC p.240 Watchfire Alliance p.487 Watchful Owl PetSitters p.606 Watchung Booksellers p.454 Water of Life MCC p.145 Waterbury VT see Green Mountains Area p.651-652 Watergarden p.217 Watergarden Inn at the Bay p.280 Waterloo Counseling Center p.620 Waterloo IA see Waterloo/ Cedar Falls Area p.336 Watermark p.255, 450 Watermark Books & Cafe p.339 Watership Inn p.384 Watertown MA see Boston Area p.374, 378 Waterway Lodge p.537 WaterWorks Pub p.471 Watkins, Mark T., DO p.587 Watson, Mark A., Realtor p.529 Watsonville CA see Santa Cruz Area p.219-221 Watsonville Law Center p.220 Waukegan IL see Chicago Area p.319 Wauwatosa East High School Gay Straight Alliance p.693 Wauwatosa WI see Milwaukee Area p.692-693 Wave p.659 Wave of Hope p.127 Wave Video Bar p.385 Waverly AL see Auburn/ Opelika Area p.127 Waverly Heights UCC p.572 Wax Club Lounge p.639 Way Out Media, Inc p.496 Wayland MA see Boston Area p.36, 373, 378 Wayman's Corner B&B p.551 Wayne PA see Philadelphia Area p.588, 590-591 Wayne State College PRIDE p.432 Wayne State University GLBTA p.399

Warrington PA see New Hope PA/ Lambertville NJ Area p.99, 584 Wartburg College Alliance p.336 Warwick Melrose Hotel p.624 Warwick NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478-479 Warwick United Church of Christ p.660 Warwick's p.199 Wasatch Presbyterian Church p.646 Washburn Senior High GSA p.413 Washington & Lee University GLBT Equality Initiative p.664 Washington Blade p.249 Washington College EROS Encouraging Respect of Sexuality p.365 Washington County Pride Project p.571 Washington Depot CT see Washington p.244 Washington Gender Alliance p.665 Washington Inn p.156, 460 Washington Park United Church of Christ p.230 Washington PA see Pittsburgh Area p.595 Washington Plaza p.249 Washington Plaza Baptist Church p.661 Washington Renegades Rugby Football Club, Inc. p.87, 255 Washington State GSA Network p.665 Washington State Mr. & Ms. Leather Organization p.665 Washington State University GLBTA p.670 Washington State University Women's Resource Center p.76, 670 Washington University in St. Louis-Olin Business BranchOut p.426 Washington University Pride Alliance p.426 Washington University School of Law Outlaw p.426 Washington Women Outdoors p.24, 255 Washingtonville NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.485

July 2012

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INDEX Waynesville NC Waynesville NC see Asheville Area p.524 Wayside United Church of Christ p.679 Wayzata MN see Minneapolis/ St Paul Area p.416 WCL Lambda Law Society p.254 WCSU Bookstore p.236 We Are Family p.435, 605 We Take the Cake p.261 Weathervane Lodge p.653 WEAVE p.196 Weaver's Rest Cottage p.340 Weaver, Alexander p.314 Weaver, Susan p.60, 545 Weaverville NC see Asheville Area p.524-525 Web p.95, 494 Web Insurance Agency p.352, 438 Web Page Design see:



Weddings/Unions/Commitment Ceremonies see: Cliff Cottage Inn p.146 Highlands Inn p.44, 443 St John's United Church of Christ p.214 Wind, Rev. Mark N, MSC p.515 Wedgewood Baptist Church p.529 Wednesday Night Rainbow League p.663 Wednesday Night Supper Club at Tommy's Restaurant p.239 Weezie's Pub & Club p.78, 685 Weidemann, Bradley J p.532 Weight Management p.243 Weinberger, Bette R., ACSW p.578 Weiner, Kayla M, PhD p.77, 674 Weinman, Stephen, MD p.483 Weinstein, Jim, MBA, MFT p.250 Weiser, Andy p.263 Weiss & Weissman, Inc. p.210 Weiss, Buell & Bell p.505 Weiss-Wisdom, Diana, PhD p.15, 199 Weisshouse p.593 Weissman, Marc p.210 Wejeles Cafe p.599 Welch MN see Red Wing p.417 Welcoming & Affirming Baptists/SF Bay Area p.215 Welcoming Community Network p.124 Welcoming Project p.556 Well of Living Water Ministries p.426 Weller House Inn p.182 Wellesley College Spectrum p.376 Wellesley Hills MA see Boston Area p.378 Wellesley MA see Boston Area p.376 Wellington Ave United Church of Christ p.318 Wellness AIDS Services p.400 Wellness Program p.429 Wells Fargo Pride SF Bay Area p.210 Wells ME see Ogunquit Area p.356-357 Wells, Cindy, MS, LPC p.19, 227 Wellspring United Church of Christ p.254 Werner, Scott, Principal Broker, p.571 Wernik & Salvatore, Robin T, Esq. p.45, 449

advertisement p.447

INDEX West Street Inn West End Salon & Spa p.386 West Hartford CT see Hartford Area p.21, 237-239 West Haven CT see New Haven Area p.240 West Hill House p.651 West Hills High School Gay Straight Alliance p.201 West Hollywood Aquatics p.180 West Hollywood CA see Los Angeles Area p.12-13, 84-85, 170-181 West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce p.176 West Hollywood Soccer Club p.181 West Islip NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.512 West Islip String Ensemble p.501 West Knoxville Counseling & Spiritual Center p.612 West Lafayette IN see Lafayette p.32, 329 West Melbourne FL see Brevard County p.256 West Michigan Gay Men's Chorus p.401 West Michigan Pride p.401 West Newton MA see Boston Area p.378 West Orange NJ see Newark Area p.456 West Palm Beach FL see West Palm Beach/ Palm Beaches Area p.27, 286-287 West Park NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.486 West Piedmont AIDS Task Force p.661 West Roxbury MA see Boston Area p.378 West Sacramento CA see Sacramento Valley Area p.197 West Shore Aware p.405 West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church /Interweave p.547 West Side Club p.505 West Somerville MA see Boston Area p.378 West Sonoma Inn & Spa p.192 West Stafford Psychotherapy Services for Women p.22, 243 West Street Inn p.467

Webber & Grinnell Insurance p.389 Weber State University Gay/ Straight Alliance p.643 Weber-Brown, Troy R, MS, LAMFT p.417 Weber-Brown, William, MS, MFT, LADC p.417 Websites: Design & Maintenance Services (see also Internet) p.8, 11, 46, 78, 126, 147, 161-162, 285, 401, 420, 440-441, 454, 464, 529, 680 Webster Groves MO see Saint Louis Area (MO & IL) p.427 Webster NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.521 Webster University LGBTQ Alliance p.426 Weddings by the Sea p.46, 452 Weddings in the Redwoods p.221 Weddings/ Unions/ Commitment Ceremonies (see also Party, Events) p.6, 27, 29, 43-46, 49-50, 57-58, 67, 70, 73, 126, 129, 147, 181, 216, 221, 241, 256, 269, 285, 297, 300-301, 304, 320, 370, 378, 380, 436, 438-439, 446, 448-449, 452, 473, 475, 487, 516-517, 526, 540, 560, 573, 592, 617, 647

Wesley Center/Wesley Foundation p.564 Wesley UMC p.319, 695 Wesley United Methodist Church p.163, 439 Wesley-Luther Campus Ministry p.533 Wesley/Canterbury Fellowship p.616 Wesleyan College GLBAL p.294 Wesleyan Queer Resource Center p.239 Wesleyan University Spectrum p.239 West Anchorage High School - Gay Straight Alliance p.132 West Apple Tours p.575 West Babylon NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.52, 497 West Beaver Creek Lodge p.234 West Bloomfield MI see p.40, 405 West Burlington IA see Burlington p.332 West Cafe p.568 West Cape May NJ see Jersey Shore p.46, 450-452 West Chester PA see Philadelphia Area p.66, 585-586, 588-591 West Chester University LGBTQA Services p.590 West Chicago IL see Chicago Area p.319 West Coast Rubber p.150 West Coast Singers p.176 West Columbia SC see Columbia p.606 West Des Moines IA see Des Moines p.333 West Dover VT see Mount Snow p.653 West End Espresso & Tea p.152 West End Inn p.358, 384 West End Legal, LLC p.359

July 2012

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INDEX West Suburban Gay Association (WSGA) West Suburban Gay Association (WSGA) p.316 West Tisbury MA see Cape Cod & Islands (see also P'town) p.379 West TX see Waco p.642 West Valley City UT see Salt Lake City Area p.644, 646 West Valley Flying Club p.215 West Virginia Bureau for Public Health HIV/AIDS & STD Program p.684 West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence p.78, 684 West Virginia University Queer Student Union p.686 West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.556 West Winds Inn p.388 West, Michael E, MD p.79, 688 Westbrook CT see Mystic Area p.239 Westbrook Inn B&B p.239 Westbrook ME see Portland Area p.358 Westbury p.586 Westbury NY see New York City & Long Island Area p.493, 512 Westcare California p.163 Westchester Lesbian Connection p.50, 484 Westcliffe Wine Mine p.234 Western Carolina University UNITY p.529 Western Colorado AIDS Project p.232 Western Connecticut State University GSA p.236 Western Equality p.232 Western Illinois University Unity p.321 Western Massachusetts Pride At Work p.389 Western Michigan University LGBT Student Services p.402 Western Montana G&L Community Center p.429 Western New England College Gay Straight Alliance p.390 Western North Carolina Community Health Services p.535 Western Presbyterian Church p.255

838, Inc p.276 Wevertown NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 Internet Radio p.366 What Helen Heard p.38, 393 What Not Inn p.404 What's Happening p.255 Whatchagotcookin p.518 Whatever Lounge p.101, 630 Wheat Ridge Congregational United Church of Christ p.230 Wheat Ridge CO see Denver Area p.230 WheatFields Bakery Café p.337 Wheaton College Alliance p.370 Wheaton College LGBT Alumnae/i p.119, 370 Wheaton IL see Chicago Area p.31, 312, 315, 317, 319 Wheaton MD see Silver Spring p.368 Wheelock College Gay Straight Alliance p.375 Where the Girls Go p.23, 249 Where's Queer Bill? p.162 Whidwood Inn p.684 Whiskers p.618 Whiskey Mansion B&B p.423 Whiskey Mansion Cafe p.423 Whisnant, Judy p.59, 535 Whispering Pine Cabins p.466 Whispering Winds Retreat Haven p.689 Whispers p.632 Whistling Swan Inn p.461 White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church p.414 White Birch Books p.443 White Crane Journal p.104 White Dog Cafe p.586 White Horse Inn p.157 White Horse Tavern p.601 White House Bistro p.405 White Jasmine Inn p.152 White Lake NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478, 481 White Lotus Home p.455 White Oak Inn p.547 White Plains NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.50, 94, 477, 484-486

INDEX Wicked Big Cafe White Porch Inn p.384 White Post VA see Shenandoah Valley p.664 White Rabbit p.58, 527

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Western Prince Whale Watching & Wildlife Tours p.671 Western Star Dancers p.211 Western Washington University Women's Center p.76, 666 Westerville OH see Columbus Area p.550 Westfield State University Gay Straight Alliance p.391 Westlake Village CA see Los Angeles Area p.173 Westminster CA see Orange County p.185 Westminster College Allies p.584 Westminster Congregational UCC p.681 Westminster CO see Denver Area p.19, 227, 229-230 Westminster Presbyterian p.431 Westminster Presbyterian Church p.182, 248, 255, 334, 415 Westminster Unitarian Church/Interweave p.601 Westmoreland NH see Monadnock Area p.441 Westmoreland, Anna N p.58, 528 Weston MA see Boston Area p.373, 378 Westport Bayside B&B p.684 Westport NY see Adirondacks Area p.470 Westrick, Samuel, MD p.363 Westside 15 p.222 Westside Unitarian Universalist Church p.629 Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation p.679 Westtown NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.481 Westview High School GSA p.201 Westville CT see New Haven Area p.241 Westwood Guest Cottage p.522 Westwood Hills Congregational Church p.179 Westwood KS see Kansas City Metro Area (MO & KS) p.41, 421 WET - Women in Engaging Talk p.75, 660 Wethersfield CT see Hartford Area p.238

White Rabbit Cabaret p.327 White Rock Community Church p.629 White Rose Inns p.695 White Swan B&B p.386 White Swan Inn p.405 White Wind Inn p.384 White Wolf Cafe & Antique Shop p.275 White, Geneva, DMD p.27, 286 White, Kamala, MA, MFT p.12, 174 White, Mary V, MSW, LCSW p.27, 282 White, Michael W p.639 White, Valerie, Humanist Minister p.37, 378 Whitefield NH see White Mountains Area p.443 Whitehead, Judy Covick, LISW p.607 Whitetail Winebar p.193 Whitewater WI see Racine/ Kenosha Area p.694 Whitman p.461 Whitman College GLBTQ p.683 Whitman House p.371 Whitman-Walker Health p.252 Whitt, Rod, CRS, ePro p.140 Whittier CA see Orange County p.185-187 Whittier High School Gay Straight Alliance p.186 Who's Positive p.106, 657 Whole in the Wall Restaurant p.473 Whosoever Ministries, Inc. p.124 Why Not III p.551 Wicca also see:

New Age: Occult/Wicca Supplies

Wicher Garden B&B p.517 Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center p.32, 339 Wichita Bears p.340 Wichita Falls MCC p.642 Wichita Pride p.340 Wichita Prime Timers p.340 Wichman, Lee, LCPC p.312 Wicked Big Cafe p.381

July 2012

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INDEX Wicked Transcendent Folk (WTF) Wicked Transcendent Folk (WTF) p.159 Wicker Park Inn p.309 Wicker Park Lutheran Church p.318 Wickhorst, Shelby, OD p.683 Widener University School of Law Outlaws p.248 Widow McCrea House p.448 p.111, 647 Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant p.614 Wild Coyote Saloon p.685 Wild Dog Grille p.404 Wild Flower p.424 Wild Iris Books p.25, 87, 265

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INDEX Wine, Hope, PsyD, PA

Wild Iris Inn p.34, 358, 667 Wild Lane B&B Inn p.231 Wild Lily Cabins p.667 Wild Rose Inn p.478 Wild Rose United Church of Christ p.231 Wild Sage American Bistro p.681 Wild Side West p.16, 206 Wildcat Lounge p.152 Wilde Bar & Restaurant p.311 Wilde Bunch p.463 Wilde Roast Cafe p.410 Wilde's Chateau 24 p.337 Wilder Farm Inn p.651 Wilderness Network of Georgia p.287 Wilderness Network of the Carolinas p.533 Wilderness Way Resort/ Campground p.80, 695 Wildfire Dance Party: for Queer Women & our Allies p.15, 199 Wildflower Cafe & Bakery p.162 Wildflower Church p.622 Wildflower Inn p.131 Wildflower Village p.436 Wildflowers Garden Restaurant & Thai Corner p.583 Wildflowers Guest House p.598 WildFyre Society p.262 WildRose p.76, 673 Wildwood Inn p.231 Wildwood Manor p.670 Wildwood NJ see Southern Shore of NJ p.460 Wildwood Retreat Center p.192

Wiley, Rob, PC p.626 Wilfs Restaurant p.568 Wilkerson, Corey p.197 Wilkes Barre PA see Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre Area p.596 Wilkinson, Ron, PhD p.625 Wilkos, Steve, Realtor p.357 Will's Inn p.443 Willamette University Angles p.573 Willamette Valley Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists p.574 William & Mary Lambda Alliance p.660 William & Mary Law School LGBT Equality Alliance. p.660 William and Mary Gay & Lesbian Alumni p.119 William Mitchell College of Law Outlaw p.413 William Way Community Center p.584 William's Grant Inn p.601 Williams College BiGLATA p.119, 390 Williams Cottage Inn p.450 Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law & Public Policy p.178 Williams River House p.651 Williams, Candy p.23, 248 Williams, Debby p.14, 191 Williams, Kathleen V, PhD p.12, 173 Williams-Nichols Archive & Library p.107, 340 Williamsburg AIDS Network p.659 Williamsburg Sampler B&B Inn p.659 Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists p.661 Williamsburg VA see Hampton Roads Area p.659-661 Williamston UMC p.405 Williamstown MA see Western Massachusetts/ Berkshires p.389-391 Williamsville NY see Buffalo/ Niagara Falls Area p.475 Williford, Valerie p.62, 557 Williston Federated Church p.650 Williston VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.650

Williston-Immanuel United Church p.360 Willits CA see Mendocino Area p.182-183 Willow Counseling Services p.410 Willow Domestic Violence Center p.32, 337 Willow Wood Market Cafe p.193 WillowBrooke B&B p.547 Willows p.309 Willows Inn p.203 Willows Lodge p.671 Wilmette IL see Chicago Area p.317, 319 Wilmington CA see Long Beach p.168 Wilmington Stonewall Democrats p.537 Wilshire United Methodist Church p.179 Wilson College Allies p.575 Wilson, Daniel W, LICSW, LCSW-C p.251 Wilson, John, MD p.209 Wilson, Ron p.301 Wilson, Susan, BSN, MPH, JD, JP p.36, 373 Wilsonville OR see Portland Area p.572 Wilt, Tammy L., NMLS #195702 p.112, 655 Wilton Manors FL see Fort Lauderdale/ Wilton Manors Area p.24, 87, 258-264 Wimberley TX see p.101, 642 Winchester MA see Boston Area p.378 Winchester VA see Shenandoah Valley p.664 Wind, Mark N., PhD, MSC, CASAC, MAC, CH, p.500

Wind, Rev. Mark N, MSC p.515 Windamar Beach Resort p.259 Windermere FL see Orlando Area p.276 Windfire p.405 Windflower Inn p.388 Windham NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Windover Women's Resort p.40, 403 Winds Cafe & Bakery p.551 Windsong Chorus p.60, 545 Windsong Used Books & Records p.183 Windsor CA see Russian River/ Sonoma p.14, 194 Windsor CT see Hartford Area p.238 Windsor Inn p.249 Windswept Inn p.417 Windy City Black Pride p.90, 315 Windy City Bondage Club p.316 Windy City Cowboys p.315 Windy City Cycling Club p.319 Windy City Gay Chorus p.315 Windy City Gay Naturists p.315 Windy City Queercast p.312 Windy City Rainbow Alliance of The Deaf p.315 Windy City Times p.309 Wine 'n' Diner p.471 Wine Country Cabins B&B p.517 Wine Stop p.29, 303 Wine Up p.527 Wine, Hope, PsyD, PA p.271

July 2012

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INDEX Winebar Winebar p.311 p.237 Wineries & Vineyards p.65, 194, 386, 573, 592, 657 Winfield IL see Chicago Area p.319 Winfield UMC p.319 Wingate by Wyndham Manhattan Midtown p.489 Wingers Media Productions p.287 WINGS Clinic & Support Services p.343 Wingspan p.142 Wingspan Ministry p.416 Wink p.619 Winkel Moves p.505 Winneconne WI see Fox Valley p.79, 688 Winner's Circle Buffet p.480 Winokuer Center for Counseling & Healing p.528 Winona MN see Rochester p.417 Winona State University GLBTA Partnership p.417 Winooski VT see Burlington/ Lake Champlain Area p.74, 648-649 Winreb, Judy, MA, MFT p.42, 434 Winston-Salem NC see Triad Area p.97, 531-533 Winter Haven FL see Tampa Bay Area p.281, 285 Winter Park FL see Orlando Area p.26, 274-276 Winter Rendezvous p.378 Winter Springs FL see Orlando Area p.88, 275 Winter, Greg J. p.518 Winterville Christian Church p.537 Winterwood p.383 Wiregrass LGBT p.128 Wisconsin Capital Pride p.690 Wisconsin Cream City Chorus p.693 Wisconsin Gazette p.686 Wisconsin Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf p.686 Wisconsin Rapids WI see Stevens Point p.695 WISE p.43, 440 Wish, Vickie p.24, 263 Wishing Chair p.120 Wishing Well Guesthouse p.583


Wisteria Inn p.276 Wittenberg Gay Straight Alliance p.551 Wizard's Clean Team p.209 WNC Leathermen p.525 Wojcik, Ruth, CRS, GRI, ABR, Associate Broker, p.8, 145 Wolcott NY see Rochester & Finger Lakes Area p.518 Wolf & Cohen, DDS, PC p.500 Wolf Branch Cabin p.57, 524 Wolfe, Julie p.19, 225 Wolff, David M, MD p.174 Woloshen, Robert A, CPA p.490 Wolverton, Gwen, PsyD p.46, 454 Womack, Kathleen, PC p.28, 290 Womack, Martha, PhD p.295 Woman's Touch p.79, 690 WOMAN, Inc. p.17, 210 Womankind Counseling Center p.43, 439 Womanmade Products p.57, 518 Womanshare p.62, 560 Womansource Rising p.62, 561 Women & Children First p.30, 312 Women About, Inc. p.5, 56, 117, 510 Women After Hours Dances p.21, 238 Women Alive p.12, 171 Women Helping Battered Women p.74, 649 Women Helping Women p.44, 444 Women Here & There (WHAT) p.26, 275 Women In Harmony p.34, 359 Women in Need, Inc. p.51, 490 Women In Network p.24, 262 Women In Their 20's p.24, 253 Women In Transition p.67, 588 Women Innkeepers of Provincetown p.37, 385 Women Meeting Women p.43, 438 Women of Color p.35, 91, 363 Women on a Roll p.13, 177 Women Organized Against Rape p.67, 588 Women Out & About p.38, 393 Women Outdoors p.5, 125 Women Over Fifty & Friends (WOFF) p.11, 159 Women Over Fifty South Bay p.18, 217 Women Singing Out! p.44, 442 Women With Pride p.24, 262 Women's Building p.17, 49, 216, 473 Women's Cancer Resource Center p.10, 158 Women's Center p.22, 30, 37, 41, 59-60, 244, 306, 379, 428, 536, 541 Women's Center at Minnesota State University, Mankato p.40, 408 Women's Center for Psychotherapy p.21, 237 Women's Center of Greater Cleveland p.60, 547 Women's Center of Greater Danbury p.236 Women's Center of Jacksonville p.25, 266 Women's Center of Montgomery County p.67, 592 Women's Center of Wake County p.59, 536 Women's Centers p.6, 9, 16-18, 20, 22, 25, 32, 37-38, 41, 49-50, 59-61, 67-68, 132, 155, 202, 216, 221, 232, 236, 244-245, 266, 334-335, 379, 391, 416, 473, 487, 536, 541, 547, 556, 592, 597, 602 Women's Chorus of Dallas p.71, 627 Women's Coffee House p.56, 510 Women's Community Building p.50, 487 Women's Community Center p.9, 155 Women's Community Clinic p.16, 209 Women's Community Connection p.7, 137 Women's Crisis Center p.73, 648 Women's Crisis Support Team p.63, 564 Women's Cultural Collective p.32, 333 Women's Health & Counseling p.47, 459

INDEX Womyns Night Out Women's Institute's Lesbian AIDS Project p.51, 491 Women's Motorcyclist Foundation p.4, 110 Women's Mountain Bike & Tea Society/WOMBATS p.13, 182 Women's Museum: An Institute for the Future p.71, 627 Women's Outdoor Network p.28, 293 Women's Outreach Center p.61, 556 Women's Rap Group p.46, 455 Women's Rape Crisis Center p.74, 649 Women's Resource & Action Center p.32, 335 Women's Resource Center p.9, 16, 20, 34, 42, 47, 62, 68, 156, 202, 232, 354, 430, 464, 561, 602 Women's Resource Center CSU p.15, 196 Women's Resource Center To End Domestic Violence p.28, 291 Women's Resource Center UWSP p.80, 695 Women's Resource Center, Inc. p.61, 556 Women's Social Organization (WSO) p.26, 277 Women's Studio Workshop p.49, 479 Women's T Dance at Maine Street p.357 Women's Therapy Center p.66, 586 Women's Therapy Resources p.500 Women's Yellow Pages of Greater St Louis p.41, 66, 424, 584

advertisement p.591

Womencare p.76, 666 Womencrafts p.37, 386 WomenFest Northwest Festivals p.4, 109 WomenFishOn p.20, 235 Womens Counseling Network in South Metro Denver p.19, 227 Womens United Softball Association p.75, 661 WomenSafe, Inc p.74, 652 p.4, 113 Womenspace p.63, 563 Womyns Circle p.19, 229 Womyns Night Out p.7, 140

July 2012

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INDEX Womynz Brunch Bunch Womynz Brunch Bunch p.12, 169 Wonderland Books LLC p.242


INDEX Yesterday's

Woody's Sports & Video Bar p.625 Woof's p.690 Woofs p.289 advertisement p.243 WOOLF Inc p.339 Wood Dale IL see Chicago Woolverton Inn p.583 Area p.317 Wood Insurance Services, Worcester LGBT Asylum Support Task Force p.92, #0B40675 p.209 392 Woodbridge CT see New Worcester Polytechnic InstiHaven Area p.241 tute GSA p.392 Woodbridge VA see AlexanWorcester State College dria p.74, 655 Pride Alliance p.392 Woodbury NY see New The Word p.323, 496, 539 York City & Long Island advertisement p.325 Area p.504, 506 Woodford Congregational Word of Mouth p.573 Working for Togetherness Church p.360 Youth Empowerment Center Woodinville Unitarian Unip.89, 310 versalist Church p.680 Workplace Alliance p.406 Woodinville WA see SeatWorks p.327 tle Area p.671, 677, 680 Woodland Hills CA see Los Works Club & Grill p.397 Angeles Area p.178 Workshops see: Conferences/ Events/ Woodland Park CO see Festivals/Workshops Colorado Springs Area World AIDS Marathon p.106 p.225 Woodland Park United Meth- World Congress of GLBT Jews p.82, 124 odist Church p.679 Woodmansee, Todd, Atty-at- World Dodgeball Society West Hollywood p.181 Law p.327 World Erotic Art Museum Woodruff Community p.270 Church p.169 World Eye Bookshop p.389 Woods at Wihakowi p.651 Woods Campground p.582 World Famous Turf Club p.157 Woods Resort p.192 World Professional AssociaWoods Treehouse Resort tion For Transgender Health p.146 p.120 Woods, Joe, Realtor p.616 World War II Club p.388 Woodshed p.527 Worthington Cosmetic DenWoodside Church ABC/UcC tistry p.236 p.400 Worthington Guesthouse Woodside NY see New p.259 York City & Long Island Worthington OH see CoArea p.95, 496, 512 lumbus Area p.61, 550 Woodstock Country Inn Would Restaurant p.480 p.478 Woodstock IL see Chicago WOW Cafe Theatre p.55, 507 Wreck Room p.557 Area p.316, 319 Woodstock Inn on the Mill- Wrestlers WithOut Borders p.215 stream p.478 Woodstock NY see Hudson Wrestling see: Sports & Outdoor Valley & Catskills Area p.478, 481-482, 484 WRHAP (Whittier Rio Hondo AIDS Project) p.185 Woodstock VT see Green Mountains Area p.651-652 Wright House Wellness Center p.618 Woodstocker Inn p.651 Woodward Bar & Grill p.92, Wright Square Cafe p.295 397 Wright State University Rainbow Alliance p.551 Woody's p.143, 586, 692 Woody's Nightclub p.281

July 2012

Wrightsville Beach NC see XS Nightclub p.688 Wilmington p.537 XTC Adult Supercenter Writing Professionals Asso- p.282 ciations see: XTC Supercenter p.278 Organizations/Resources: Business & Professional Xtreme Adult Books & Video p.282 WTF Night at the Bike Xxxtream Mature Fantasy Kitchen p.17, 212 Store p.225 WUMN: Womyn Unlimited p.3, 81, 104 Minnesota p.40, 406 Wurtsboro NY see Hudson Y-Que Trading Post p.173 Yadda Club p.60, 542 Valley & Catskills Area p.478 Yale GALA (Alumnae/i) p.119 Wurzburg, Jocelyn D., JD Yale University Gay/Straight p.69, 613 Medical Alliance p.241 WVAS Queer News p.684 Yale University Law School Outlaws p.241 p.615 Yale Women's Center p.22, www.lovingpartnerscommit- 241 p.320 Yankee Cruising Club p.378 wxyz bar at Aloft p.658 Yankee Lambda Car Club Wy'east Unitarian Universal- p.369 ist Congregation p.572 Yarbrough, Lee M p.303 Wylde's p.275 Yard Dog Press p.121 Wynnewood PA see Phila- Yardarm Motel p.360 delphia Area p.591 Yared, Christine A p.39, 400 WyoAIDS Walk p.695 Yarmouth Port MA see Wyoming AIDS Education & Cape Cod & Islands (see Training p.696 also P'town) p.37, 379 Wyoming Department of Yarnell, Eric, ND p.675 Health HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis Yates-Carter, Lynne p.18, Program p.695 217 Wyoming Equality p.695 Ybor City FL see Tampa Wyoming PA see Scranton/ Bay Area p.26, 280-283, Wilkes-Barre Area p.596 285 Wyoming Valley AIDS Coun- Ybor City Social Club p.282 cil p.596 Ybor Resort & Spa p.280 Wysack, Kathryn J. p.41, 425 Yearwood & Associates X Bar p.227 p.30, 314 X Lounge p.657 Yee, Cameron, OD p.196 X Spot p.174 Yellow Brick Road Pub p.559 X-cel p.402 Yellow Cab p.401 X-citement Video p.608 Yellow Lantern Kampground X2O Xaviars on the Hudson p.476 p.481 Yellow Monkey Guest Houses & Motel p.356 Xaviars at Piermont p.481 Yellow Rose Bed & Breakfast Xavier University Gayp.638 Straight Alliance p.543 Yellow Springs OH see DayXcalibur Club p.338 ton/ Springfield Area p.551 Xcess Ultra Lounge p.89, Yellow Sub p.337 289 Yellow Turtle Inn p.367 Xcitement Video p.339 Xerox GALAXE Pride at Work Yellowstone AIDS Project p.428 p.114 Yellowstone River Inn CabXES Lounge p.494 ins p.429 XL Nightclub p.495 YES Community Counseling XO Lounge p.66, 586 Center p.512 xQsí (Porque Sí) Magazine YES Institute p.272 p.81, 104 Yesterday's p.606 XS Baltimore p.362

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INDEX Yetter, Chris


Youth & AIDS Projects p.406 Youth Services at The Staten Island LGBT Community Center p.512 Youth Services of the Stonewall Alliance Center p.155 Youth Services of Tulsa p.559 YouthCare p.678 YouthConnect at Pride Connection Center p.449 YouthPride p.292 YouthResource, GLBT Initiatives p.254 Ypsilanti MI see Ann Arbor/ Ypsilanti Area p.38, 394-395 Yucaipa CA see Inland Empire p.166 Yum Yum Gourmet Cafe p.404 Yuma AZ see p.145-146 Yuma County Gay Rights Meetup p.146 Yuma United Church of Christ p.146 YWCA Womens Crisis Center/Safehouse p.32, 339 Z (Zyhylij), Tamara p.16, 201 Z's Café p.625 Zalkind, Rodriguez, Lunt & Duncan, LLP p.373 Zambra p.525 Zami OASIS p.327 Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure p.333 Zappalorti Society: GLBT Psychiatric Survivors p.510 Zarembka, Arlene p.41, 425 Zavos Juncker Law Group PLLCc p.36, 368 Zebra Coalition p.276 Zebra Cocktail Lounge p.428 Zebra Entertainment and Events p.174 Zebra Youth Transgender Support Group p.276 p.4, 72, 108, 639 Zeiger, Robyn S., PhD, LCPC p.23, 36, 251, 368 Zeitgeist Arts Cafe p.407 Zeke's Roadhouse p.270 Zeller Travel p.580 Zen Bar p.237 Zen Buddhist Temple p.395 Zen Desert Sangha p.145 ZenAcuMed Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine p.271

INDEX Zweifel Law Firm Zephyr p.540 Zephyr Books p.436 Zephyr Whitewater Expeditions p.165 Zeus Magazine p.104 ZiascoZ p.91, 362 Ziegfeld's/Secrets p.250 Ziering, Thomas S., MD, FAAFP p.446 Zim Marss p.331 Zimms Martini & Wine Bar p.632 Zinc p.240 Zinc Cafe & Market p.185 Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro p.463 Zingerman's Delicatessen p.394 Zinn, Michael p.447 Zion Lutheran Church p.399 Zion UCC p.571 Zion United Church of Christ p.341 Zionsville IN see Indianapolis Area p.327 Zionville NC see Blowing Rock/ Boone Area p.526 Zippers p.625 ZOAN p.7, 138 Zodiac Adult Books p.548 Zodiac Dinor p.576 Zoebelle, Cari p.63, 566 Zokas, Karen S, MA, LMSW, ACSW p.38, 394 Zoldan, Judi p.36, 373 Zollinger, Tracy, L.Ac., MSTCM p.10, 158 Zone p.175 Zone Dance Club p.576 Zonie's Closet p.327 Zoom Vacations p.126 Zoubi p.583 Zuna Institute p.5, 81, 116 Zuni Mountain Sanctuary p.466 Zweifel Law Firm p.290

Yetter, Chris p.536 Yoga p.24, 257, 455, 517 YogatimePilates Studio p.167, 175 Yonkers NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.479, 481, 485 Yonkin, David, LCSW p.500 Yordprom Coffee Company p.358 York Beach ME see Ogunquit Area p.357 York College of Pennsylvania Lambda p.598 York Harbor ME see Ogunquit Area p.357 York House Inn p.294 York ME see Ogunquit Area p.34, 357 York, David, DC p.209 Yorktown Heights NY see Hudson Valley & Catskills Area p.485-486 Yosemite Inn at Big Creek p.164 Yosemite's Sierra Mountain Lodge p.163 Yost, Merle James, LMFT, CA# MFC32346 p.157 You Gotta Believe! p.490 You're Not Alone p.248 Young Brothers United p.100, 616 Young Trans & Unified p.590 Young Voigt, Ursula, PsyD p.16, 208 Young Women's Resource Center p.32, 334 Youngest Brothers Restaurant p.481 Youngstown Area PFLAG p.555 Youngstown State University YSUnity: LGBTQIA p.555

Your Choice Video p.674 Your Fantasy 101 p.4, 110 Your Neighborhood Office p.505 Your Neighborhood Realty, Inc p.284 p.436 Youth & AIDS Projects p.406 Youth & Families First p.138 Youth & Shelter Services, Inc. p.332 Youth Alliance For Diversity p.305 Youth also see:


Youth Emergency Service Hotline p.426 Youth Empowerment Project p.140 Youth Enrichment Services p.512 Youth First of Greater Dayton p.551 Youth First Texas p.628 Youth First Texas - Collin County p.628 Youth Guardian Services p.120 Youth in Need p.423 Youth Out Loud p.606 Youth Outlook p.317 Youth OUTright p.525 Youth Pride Alliance p.254 Youth Pride Center/Frankie Foundation p.317 Youth Pride, Inc. p.603 Youth Program at the Center p.213 Youth see:

Organizations/Resources: Youth (see also Family)

Peter Cicchino Youth Project p.512 Young Women's Resource Center p.32, 334

July 2012

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Gayellow Pages June 2012 online update - Gay Lesbian USA

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