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Quality Hi-Build & Metallic Gate & Railing Paint

George's range of weather resistant paints are specially formulated for easy application onto metal surfaces The use of primers and undercoats is recommended although not essential

PT 114B Black Vinyl Hi-Build Semi Sheen PT 334G Grey Vinyl Undercoat T 00001 Xylene Thinners PT GOLD/D "Forevergold" Dark Gold PT GOLD/B "Forevergold" Bright Gold

"Weld-In" Double Throw Deadock SIGD25 ... 25mm case width SIGD30 ... 30mm case width SIGD40 ... 40mm case width SIGD50 ... 50mm case width

This durable British manufactured lock has a double throw & is supplied with 3 keys "Keyed alike" barrels are also available

For brush, roller or spray application. Touch dry in 12 minutes! A truly professional finish suitable to cover galvanised Available in 1 litre or 5 litre tins For use with above paints Available in 1 litre or 5 litre tins Tarnish resistant metallic gold paints Brush or sponge application onto bare metal Ideal for finials and highlighting decorative ironwork. Looks great on black and retains its beauty longer in adverse weather The best outdoor gold paint on the market Available in 250ml, 500ml or 1 litre tins

Digital Gatelock

Case size 110 x 100 x 25mm


for 10 ­ 25mm flat bar or box section


for 30 ­ 60mm box section

"Bolt On" Deadlock

Case size 110 x 85 x 25mm

Digital Gatelock LKDCL or LKDCR

Double or Single Sided Adjustable & reversible throw Tested to "Marine Grade" Optional key override 8000+ combinations To suit 40 ­ 60mm gate frame 200h x 95w x 35mm


for 10 ­ 30mm flat bar frame


for 30 ­ 60mm box section

*Keylatch version also available

Welka Lock

Case Size 110 x 100 x 17mm 3 action throw lock bolt with 32mm extension

(handles supplied separately)


For full details and price information call now on 024 7666 6660


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