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Technical Sessions

Meeting policy prohibits the use of cameras or sound-recording equipment at technical sessions and poster sessions. A no-smoking policy has been established by the Program Committee and will be followed in all meeting rooms for technical sessions.



In the interest of public information, the Geological Society of America provides a forum for the presentation of diverse opinions and positions. The opinions (views) expressed by speakers and exhibitors at these sessions are their own and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Geological Society of America.

Note iNdex system Numbers (3-4, 15-4) indicate session and order of presentation within that session. * denotes speaker

SUnDaY, 18 ocToBer 2009

morning oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 1

Economic Geology I: Copper and Gold Transport in Crustal Fluids: New Advances from Field, Experimental, and Theoretical Studies; Magmatic Sulfide Ores; Porphyry Cu-Mo Ores; S Isotopes

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D137/138 Jamie J. Wilkinson, Anthony C. Harris, and James D. Webster, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 1-1 1-2 8:05 AM Wilkinson, Jamie*; Wilkinson, Clara; Vry, Victoria H.: coPPer anD golD in PorPhYrY ore FlUiDS 8:20 AM Webster, James D.*: The role oF S anD cl in The eXSolUTion anD eVolUTion oF magmaTichYDroThermal FlUiDS anD SUBSeQUenT oremeTal TranSPorT 8:35 AM Pokrovski, Gleb S.*: imPacT oF SUlFUr on golD anD coPPer TranSPorT anD FracTionaTion in VaPor-Brine SYSTemS: inSighTS From in SiTU eXPerimenTS anD PhYSical-chemical moDeling 8:50 AM Harris, Anthony C.*; Berry, Andrew J.; Newville, Matt; Sutton, Stephen R.: X-raY aBSorPTion SPecTroScoPY UP To 700°c: DecoUPling oF cU From oTher meTal-chloriDe comPleXeS 9:05 AM Wilkinson, Clara C.*; Wilkinson, Jamie J.; Ryan, Chris G.; Laird, Jamie S.; Mernagh, Terry P.; Rusk, Brian G.; Jeffries, Teresa E.: SeeKing The miSSing anionic SPecieS in loW SaliniTY cU-rich FlUiDS From magmaTic-hYDroThermal SYSTemS 9:20 AM Chi, Guoxiang*; Xue, Chunji; Lai, Jianqing: coPPer TranSPorT in co2-rich FlUiDS ­ eViDence From FlUiD inclUSionS in Volcanic rocK-hoSTeD maSSiVe SUlFiDe, SanDSTone-hoSTeD, anD SKarn-PorPhYrY cU DePoSiTS 1-10 1-9 1-8

9:35 AM Discussion 9:45 AM Break 1-7 10:00 AM Frank, Mark R.*; Simon, Adam; Pettke, Thomas; Candela, Philip; Piccoli, Philip; Heinrich, Christoph: golD anD coPPer ParTiTioning in SUlFUr-Bearing VaPor-Brine-melT SYSTemS aT 800 °c anD 100 mPa 10:15 AM Zajacz, Zoltan*; Candela, Philip; Piccoli, Philip; Seo, Jung Hun; Guillong, Marcel; Heinrich, Christoph: eXPerimenTal inVeSTigaTion oF golD SolUBiliTY in high-TemPeraTUre VaPorS: The KeY role oF alKali meTalS in eFFicienT golD TranSFer 10:30 AM Nourse, Jonathan A.*; Irwin, James J.: The leon ProPerTY: molYBDenUm-coPPer-SilVer-golD mineraliZaTion in DecaPiTaTeD rooT Zone oF The el creSTon mineral DePoSiT, Sonora, meXico 10:45 AM Smith, Steven M.*; Eppinger, Robert G.; Kelley, Karen D.; Fey, David L.: a Soil geochemiSTrY orienTaTion STUDY oVer The gianT PeBBle cU-aU-mo PorPhYrY DePoSiT, alaSKa 11:00 AM Thakurta, Joyashish*; Ripley, Edward M.; Li, Chusi: origin oF PlaTinUm groUP elemenT mineraliZaTionS in SUlFiDe-aBSenT anD SUlFiDe-PreSenT alaSKanTYPe comPleXeS 11:15 AM Molnar, Ferenc; Peterson, Dean M.; Arehart, Greg B.*; Poulson, Simon; Hauck, Steven: SUlFUr iSoToPe conSTrainTS For a DYnamic magmaTic SUlFiDe ore DePoSiTion moDel in The Sill-liKe SoUTh KaWiShiWi inTrUSion oF The DUlUTh comPleX, minneSoTa, USa 11:30 AM Fornadel, Andrew P.*; Spry, Paul G.; Vavelidis, Michael; Melfos, Vasilios; Voudouris, Panos: The Palea KaVala reDUceD inTrUSion-relaTeD Bi-Te-PB-SB±aU SYSTem, norTheaSTern greece: mineralogical, FlUiD inclUSion, anD SUlFUr iSoToPe STUDieS 11:45 AM Discussion ii; & concluding remarks








2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 137



SeSSion no. 2

Geoscience Education I

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, C123 Emily M. Geraghty Ward, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 2-1 2-2 2-3 8:05 AM Lindsay, Lowell E.*: VirTUal earTh Science FielD TriPS:caliFornia STaTe ParKS "PorTS" 8:20 AM Branlund, Joy*: DiTching The TeXTBooK anD Teaching geologY in The conTeXT oF STorieS 8:35 AM Serpa, Laura F.*; Navarro, Hector; Pena, Camila Danielle: BUilDing inSighTS inTo earlY earTh hiSTorY anD DeeP ProceSSeS WiTh a hanDS-on eXPerimenT 8:50 AM Landis, Carol; Codispoti, Julie E.*: climaTe change DVD: B Y TeacherS, For TeacherS, & Free! 9:05 AM Metzger, Christine A.*: lighTS! camera! ...FicTion?: USing hollYWooD FilmS To Teach earTh anD enVironmenTal Science in an UnDergraDUaTe Science-in-conTeXT coUrSe 9:20 AM Lehane, Jim*: From DinoSaUrS To VolcanoeS: helPing STUDenTS learn From hollYWooD'S miSTaKeS 9:35 AM Ward, Emily M. Geraghty*; Libarkin, Julie C.; Kortemeyer, Gerd; Raeburn, Stuart: The gci Webcenter: a Tool For commUniTY-WiDe concePT inVenTorY DeVeloPmenT 9:50 AM Break 2-8 10:05 AM Shiba, Conrad F.*; Workman, Joe M.; Dunn, S. Keith: VolcanoeS in neW ZealanD: a FielD eXPerience For liBeral arTS STUDenTS 10:20 AM Treiman, Allan H.*; Shipp, Stephanie S.; Kiefer, Walter S.; Filiberto, Justin: USing FielD eXPerience To BUilD UnDerSTanDing oF PlaneTarY VolcanologY 10:35 AM Lerud-Heck, Joanne V.*: learning STYleS oF geological, PeTroleUm, anD geoPhYSical engineerS 10:50 AM Graziano, Robert J.*; Koch, Zelenda J.: correlaTion oF STUDenT learning WiTh STUDenT SaTiSFacTion in an inTroDUcTorY PhYSical geologY laB SeTTing 11:05 AM Gough, Steve C.*: USe oF ThermoPlaSTic SanD in PhYSical moDelS oF FlUVial SYSTemS 11:20 AM O'Neal-Caldwell, Marianne*; Wang, Ping: aSSeSSmenT oF STUDenT aTTiTUDeS in earTh Science anD geologY coUrSeS 11:35 AM Holmes, Ann E.*: PreliminarY reSUlTS oF aUDience reSPonSe SYSTem USe For concePTeST eValUaTion in large-lecTUre inTroDUcTorY geologY claSSeS 11:50 AM Discussion 3-13 3-9 3-5 3-4 3-3 miXing anD PaleohYDrologY in The greaT arTeSian BaSin 8:30 AM Regier, Orin*; Holz, Aris; Eisenhauer, Dean E.; Harvey, F. Edwin: eXPloring PoTenTial PhoSPhoroUS PollUTion oF a recreaTional laKe near coUncil BlUFFS, ioWa 8:45 AM Laincz, Jozef*; Hays, Phillip D.; Winston, Byron; Ziegler, Susan: Biogeochemical/hYDrological inVeSTigaTion oF The FaTe oF niTraTe in The inTerFloW Zone oF manTleD KarST 9:00 AM Welch, Heather L.*; Green, Christopher T.; Coupe, Richard H.: The FaTe anD TranSPorT oF niTraTe ThroUgh The UnSaTUraTeD Zone aT a SiTe in norThWeSTern miSSiSSiPPi 9:15 AM Rose, Claire E.*; Nimmo, John R.; Perkins, Kim S.; Coupe, Richard H.: eXPerimenTal anD SimUlaTeD SolUTe TranSPorT anD ShalloW SUBSUrFace FloW aT an agricUlTUral SiTe in norThWeSTern miSSiSSiPPi 9:30 AM Reilly, Timothy J.*; Smalling, Kelly L.; Orlando, James L.; Kuivila, Kathryn M.; Battaglin, William A.; Meyer, Michael T.; Sandstrom, Mark W.: occUrrence oF FUngiciDeS aSSociaTeD WiTh PoTaTo cUlTiVaTion in SUrFace WaTer anD groUnDWaTer in iDaho, maine, anD WiSconSin 9:45 AM Break 3-8 10:00 AM Stackelberg, Paul E.*: regreSSion moDel For PreDicTing The concenTraTion oF aTraZine reSiDUeS in ShalloW agricUlTUral groUnDWaTer acroSS The conTerminoUS UniTeD STaTeS 10:15 AM Greene, Dustin L.*; Harvey, F. Edwin; Holz, Aris: groUnDWaTer chemiSTrY oF DomeSTic WellS in The SUnriSe eSTaTeS SUBDiViSion, lincoln, ne 10:30 AM Welch, Stephanie E.*; Hanor, Jeffrey S.: SoUrce anD FaTe oF eleVaTeD leVelS oF chloriDe in The miSSiSSiPPi riVer allUVial aQUiFer, iBerVille PariSh, loUiSiana 10:45 AM Peterman, Zell E.*; Futa, K.; Thamke, Joanna; Preston, Todd: STronTiUm iSoToPe DeTecTion oF ProDUceDWaTer conTaminaTion oF WeTlanDS, WilliSTon BaSin, monTana 11:00 AM Bianchi, Marco*; Zheng, Chunmiao; Tick, Geoffrey R.; Gorelick, Steven M.: a neW ForceD graDienT Tracer TeST To aSSeSS The imPorTance oF PreFerenTial FloW PaThS on SolUTe TranSPorT aT The macroDiSPerSion eXPerimenT (maDe) SiTe 11:15 AM Smith, Megan M.*; Silva, Jeff A.K.; Munakata-Marr, Junko; McCray, John E.: WorKing SmarTer, noT harDer: USing ViScoUS PolYmer SolUTionS To achieVe increaSeD conTaminanT DeSTrUcTion in heTerogeneoUS aQUiFerS 11:30 AM Ma, Rui*; Zheng, Chunmiao; Zachara, John M.; Rockhold, Mark; Ward, Andy: moDeling heaT TranSPorT aS a groUnDWaTer Tracer aT The hanForD iFrc SiTe 11:45 AM Woocay, Arturo*; Walton, John: iSoToPic eViDence oF PaST FocUSeD inFilTraTion aT ForTYmile WaSh

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2-12 2-13



SeSSion no. 3

Hydrogeology I: Chemical

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E141/142 Timothy J. Reilly and Paul E. Stackelberg, Presiding 3-1 8:00 AM Love, Andrew*; Crossey, Laura J.; Karlstrom, Karl; Hilton, David R.; Wolaver, Brad D.; Rousseau-Gueutin, Pauline: ToWarD a neW ParaDigm For The greaT arTeSian BaSin: hYDrologic miXing, ParTiTioneD SUB-BaSinS, anD manTle inFlUenceS on groUnDWaTer QUaliTY 8:15 AM Crossey, Laura J.*; Love, Andrew; Karlstrom, Karl; Hilton, David R.; Keppel, Mark: TraVerTineDePoSiTing moUnD SPringS oF SoUTh aUSTralia: KeY For characTeriZing groUnDWaTer



SeSSion no. 4

Paleontology: Taphonomy & Preservation

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 256 Anne Raymond and Phoebe Cohen, Presiding 4-1 8:00 AM Evans, Thomas*: eXPerimenT DeSign For acTUaliSTic TaPhonomic reSearch: imProVing DeSign, DaTa acQUiSiTion, anD collaBoraTion


138 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


4-2 8:15 AM Brady, Mara E.*: eValUaTing The conTrolS on macroinVerTeBraTe SKeleTal concenTraTionS oF The miD-laTe DeVonian ceDar ValleY groUP oF ioWa 8:30 AM Brett, Carlton E.*; Zambito, James J. IV.; Hunda, Brenda R.; Kolbe, Sarah E.; Schindler, Eberhard: TaPhonomic analYSiS oF DeVonian rhYThmic TriloBiTe BeDS: eVenT SeDimenTaTion anD cYclic cemenTaTion 8:45 AM Cohen, Phoebe*; Schopf, J. William; Butterfield, Nicholas J.; Kudryavtsev, Anatoliy B.; Macdonald, Francis A.: mineraliZeD ScaleS From eUKarYoTic microorganiSmS in The ca. 750 ma loWer TinDir groUP, YUKon TerriTorY, canaDa 9:00 AM Tarhan, Lidya G.*; Droser, Mary L.; Gehling, James G.: PUcKerS anD PUll-ThroUghS: an eDiacaran acTion ShoT 9:15 AM Domke, Kirk L.*; Bottjer, David J.; Corsetti, Frank A.: Who iS ThaT mYSTerioUS BiomineraliZer? The DiageneTic maSKing oF CLOUDINA'S PaleoecologY in The WhiTe-inYo region oF caliFornia anD neVaDa, USa 9:30 AM Gaines, Robert R.*; Hammarlund, Emma; Canfield, Donald E.; Hou, Xianguang; Gabbott, Sarah: The chengJiang ScienTiFic Drilling ProJecT: eViDence For The mechaniSm oF BUrgeSS Shale-TYPe PreSerVaTion 9:45 AM Break 4-8 10:00 AM Hegna, Thomas*: DecaY eXPerimenTS on lighTlY ScleroTiZeD arThroPoDS (BranchioPoDa, crUSTacea) anD The DeaTh oF The olDeST `liVing FoSSil' SPecieS, TRIOPS CANCRIFORMIS 10:15 AM Smith, Dena M.*; Thoene, Jenell: TaPhonomY oF FoSSil coleoPTera in The FloriSSanT FormaTion (laTe eocene), coloraDo 10:30 AM Raymond, Anne*; Wehner, Matthew; Slone, Elizabeth J.: From The mire To The FlooDPlain anD BacK: The Paleoecological hiSTorY oF FoUr PennSYlVanian ALETHOPTERIS 10:45 AM Vinther, Jakob*; Briggs, Derek; Clarke, Julia; Mayr, Gerald; Prum, Richard, O.: STrUcTUral coloraTion in a FeaTher From The eocene meSSel oil Shale 11:00 AM Moore, Jason R.*: inSighTS inTo The PreSerVaTional PaTTernS oF VerTeBraTe FoSSilS in a FlUVial SYSTem USing a TWoDimenSional comPUTer moDel 11:15 AM Mander, Luke*; Kuerschner, Wolfram M.; McElwain, Jennifer C.: reconSTrUcTing VegeTaTion coVer in DeeP Time: PlanT macroFoSSilS, Pollen anD SPoreS, or BoTh? 11:30 AM Kosnik, Matthew A.*: BeYonD SimilariTY: eXamining liVe-DeaD agreemenT BY moDeling DeaTh aSSemBlage FormaTion USing liVe-collecTeD SPecimenS 11:45 AM Webb, Amelinda E.*: TeSTing The SenSiTiViTY oF a Paleoecologic meThoD (ranK-aBUnDance cUrVeS) USing moDern DaTa: ZooPlanKTon reSPonSe To increaSing aciDiTY, liTTle rocK laKe, Wi 5-15 5-13 5-9 5-10 5-2 8:15 AM Cooper, J. Andrew G.*; O'Connor, Marianne C.; Jackson, Derek W.T.: a PoTenTial climaTe SignaTUre in regional Shoreline BehaVioUr, norThWeST irelanD 8:30 AM Dortch, Jason M.*; Owen, Lewis A.; Caffee, M.W.; Dietsch, Craig; Ruppert, Kelly: ePiSoDic FlUVial inciSion oF riVerS anD SUrFace UPliFT in The himalaYa anD TranShimalaYa 8:45 AM Wernicke, Brian*: The caliFornia riVer anD iTS role in carVing granD canYon 9:00 AM Smith, Jacqueline A.*; Rodbell, Donald T.; Farber, Daniel; Finkel, Robert: Timing oF laTe QUaTernarY glacial aDVanceS in The cenTral PerUVian anDeS (10°-11°S) SUggeSTS a linK To heinrich eVenTS 9:15 AM Maurer, Malyssa; Menounos, Brian*; Luckman, Brian; Osborn, Gerald; Clague, John J.; Adams, Kristyn; Haines, Heather; Beedle, Matt: holocene glacier FlUcTUaTionS in The cariBoo moUnTainS, BriTiSh colUmBia, canaDa 9:30 AM Marcott, Shaun A.*; Clark, Peter U.; Shakun, Jeremy D.; Brook, Edward J.; Novak, Anthony M.; Davis, P. Thompson; Caffee, Marc W.: a laTeST PleiSTocene anD holocene chronologY oF alPine glaciaTion For WeSTern norTh america 9:45 AM Munroe, Jeffrey S.*; Bigl, Matthew F.: a lacUSTrine SeDimenTarY recorD oF neoglaciaTion in The UinTa moUnTainS, UTah 10:00 AM Smith, Larry N.*: glacial laKe miSSoUla BeDS ­ FlUcTUaTing laKe leVelS? 10:15 AM Whitney, Beau B.*; Carver, Gary A.: iSoSTaTic aDJUSTmenT oF norTheaSTern KoDiaK iSlanD, alaSKa Since The laST glacial maXimUm (lgm) 10:30 AM Larsen, Darren*; Miller, Gifford H.; Geirsdottir, Aslaug: an annUallY reSolVeD 3Ka recorD oF lanDScaPe alTeraTion, climaTe, anD ice SheeT acTiViTY From glacial laKe hViTarVaTn, icelanD 10:45 AM Hedrick, Kathryn A.*; Seong, Yeong Bae; Owen, Lewis A.; Caffee, M.W.; Dietsch, Craig: DeFining The TranSiTion in STYle anD Timing BeTWeen QUaTernarY glaciaTion in The Semi-ariD TranShimalaYa anD The monSoon-inFlUenceD greaTer himalaYa in norThern inDia 11:00 AM Wegmann, Karl W.*; Frankel, Kurt L.; Carson, Robert J.; Bader, Nick E.; Bayasgalan, A.; Dundon, Kelly; Ladig, Kathryn; Leary, Ryan J.; Matzinger, Gia; Mortka, Gregory E.; Seymour, Andrea; Colbert, Tina: Timing anD eXTenT oF laTe PleiSTocene glaciaTion in The cenTral mongolian alTai 11:15 AM Turner, Derek G.*; Ward, Brent C.; Bond, Jeffrey D.; Jensen, Britta J.L.; Froese, Duane G.; Telka, Alice; Bigelow, Nancy H.; Zazula, Grant D.: PleiSTocene STraTigraPhY anD PaleoenVironmenTS oF The WhiTe riVer, YUKon 11:30 AM Roberts, Leah; McFadden, Leslie D.*; McAuliffe, Joseph R.; Meyer, Grant; Scuderi, Louis; Wawrzyniec, Tim: BiogeomorPhologY anD Soil geomorPhologY oF Small Semi-ariD BaSinS, norTheaSTern ariZona: inFlUenceS oF ToPoclimaTe anD climaTe VariaTion 11:45 AM Schmeisser, Rebecca L.*; Loope, David: moDern anD laTe holocene WinD regimeS oVer The greaT PlainS (cenTral U.S.a.)





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SeSSion no. 5

Quaternary Geology: Glaciation, Paleoclimate, and Landscape History

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B114/115 Larry N. Smith and Jeffrey S. Munroe, Presiding 5-1 8:00 AM Easterbrook, Don J.*: The role oF The oceanS anD The SUn in laTe PleiSTocene anD hiSToric glacial anD climaTic FlUcTUaTionS


2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 139



SeSSion no. 6

P8. The Evolution of Basaltic Landscapes: Time and the River and Lava Flowing

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 254 Gordon E. Grant, Katharine Cashman, and Oliver A. Chadwick, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 6-1 8:05 AM DePaolo, D.J.*; Baker, M.B.; Stolper, E.M.; Sharp, W.D.: groWTh anD eVolUTion oF The iSlanD oF haWaii: PerSPecTiVeS From hSDP DeeP Drilling 8:35 AM Reidel, Stephen P.*; Tolan, Terry: lanDScaPe eVolUTion in a FlooD-BaSalT ProVince: an eXamPle From The PaciFic norThWeST 9:05 AM House, P. Kyle*; Brossy, Cooper C.; Safran, Elizabeth; Ely, Lisa L.; O'Connor, Jim: imPacTS oF BaSalTic VolcaniSm on inciSeD FlUVial SYSTemS: DoeS The riVer giVe a Dam? 9:35 AM Ingebritsen, Steven E.*: The hYDrogeologY oF BaSalTic Terrane 10:05 AM Break 6-5 10:20 AM Geist, Dennis*: geomorPhic eVolUTion oF a near-riDge hoTSPoT anD relaTion To PhYlogeograPhY anD BioDiVerSiTY: The galaPaPagoS 10:50 AM Chadwick, Oliver A.*: WeaThering, Soil anD hYDrological ProPerTieS oF laVa FloWS 11:20 AM Pogue, Kevin R.*; Oze, Christopher: BaSalT Terroir 11:50 AM concluding remarks 7-12 7-10 7-8 10:15 AM Glassey, Philip J.*; Rattenbury, Mark: QmaP: The 1:250 000 geological maP oF nZ. moVing To a neW DimenSion 10:30 AM Soller, David R.*; Stamm, Nancy: inFormaTion DiScoVerY ThroUgh The naTional geologic maP DaTaBaSe 10:45 AM Haugerud, Ralph A.*; Richard, Stephen M.; Soller, David R.; Thoms, Evan E.: ncgmP09--a DaTaBaSe Schema For DigiTal PUBlicaTion oF geologic maPS 11:00 AM Othberg, Kurt L.*; Lewis, Reed S.; Stanford, Loudon R.; Breckenridge, Roy M.: geologic maPPing aT The iDaho geological SUrVeY: SUcceSS reSUlTing From The USgS STaTemaP Program 11:15 AM Timmons, J. Michael*; Johnson, Peggy; Timmons, Stacy S.: The neW meXico geologic maPPing anD aQUiFer maPPing ProgramS: meeTing neW meXico'S 21st cenTUrY reSoUrce challengeS 11:30 AM McKay, E. Donald III.*; Berg, Richard C.: geologic maPPing coaliTionS: aDDreSSing The neeD For a U.S. naTional commiTmenT For ThreeDimenSional geologic moDelS anD DeriVaTiVe maPS 11:45 AM Weisenfluh, Gerald A.; Cobb, James C.*: hoW Will geologic maPS Be USeD in The FUTUre?








6-6 6-7

SeSSion no. 8

T9. Climate Signals in Rivers and Streams (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B113 Christopher Magirl and Daniel Malmon, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 8-1 8:05 AM Conaway, Jeffrey S.*; Valentine, Kirsten R.: climaTe SingalS in STreamBeD eleVaTionS oF glacial riVerS in SoUThcenTral alaSKa 8:20 AM Grant, Gordon*; Nolin, Anne W.; Copeland, Elizabeth; Ellinger, Jonathan; Parker, Lauren; Lancaster, Stephen T.; Kennard, Paul M.; Delaney, Ian; Tainer, Erin: From aTmoSPheric riVerS To riVerS oF DeBriS: coUPling eXTreme PreciPiTaTion eVenTS, glacial reTreaT, DeBriS FloWS, anD channel changeS on moUnT rainier, WaShingTon 8:40 AM Hackett, William R.*; Bierman, Paul; Rizzo, Donna M.; Besaw, Lance E.: increaSing PreciPiTaTion, rUnoFF, ForeSTS, anD PaVemenT oVer The laST 70 YearS, The WinooSKi riVer BaSin, norThern VermonT 8:55 AM Meyer, Grant A.*; Persico, Lyman P.: conTrolS on The geomorPhic SignaTUre oF holocene climaTe on riVerS in norThern YelloWSTone naTional ParK 9:10 AM Nordstrom, D. Kirk*: WaTer QUaliTY anD climaTe change: eXamPle WiTh aciD rocK Drainage 9:25 AM Persico, Lyman P.*; Meyer, Grant A.: climaTe change anD local geomorPhic conTrolS on FlUVial ProceSSeS on Small STreamS in norThern YelloWSTone 9:40 AM Pierce, Jennifer L.*; Meyer, Grant A.; Nelson, Nathan A.; Svenson, Lar; Riley, Kerry: hoW DoeS holocene climaTe change DriVe WilDFireS, SeDimenT DeliVerY From hillSloPeS, anD main channel reSPonSe? 10:00 AM Break 8-8 10:15 AM Block, Debra*; Malmon, Daniel; Hiza, Margaret: eFFecTS oF FlooDS anD climaTe on channel PlanForm change oF The liTTle coloraDo riVer, ariZona 10:30 AM Kesel, Richard H.*: inFlUence oF holocene climaTe anD FlooD eVenTS on The geomorPhologY oF The loWer miSSiSSiPPi riVer ValleY

SeSSion no. 7

T1. Geological Mapping: Key to Successful Management of Water and Land Resources I (GSA Geology and Society Division; Association of American State Geologists; U.S. Geological Survey; British Geological Survey; GSA Geology & Public Policy Committee; International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment [IAEG]; GSA Engineering Geology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B116 Richard C. Berg, Holger Kessler, E. Donald McKay, H.A.J. Russell, David R. Soller, L. Harvey Thorleifson, and Linda Jacobsen, Presiding 7-1 7-2 8:00 AM Jackson, Ian*: The challenge oF an oPeraTional 3D FUTUre 8:20 AM Thomason, J.F.; Keefer, D.A.*; McKinney, C.L.: aPPlicaTion oF a 3-D geologic maPPing anD ViSUaliZaTion Program To aDVance WaTer reSoUrce managemenT in mchenrY coUnTY, illinoiS 8:35 AM Phelps, G.A.*; Boucher, A.; Jachens, R.C.; Simpson, R.W.: conSTrUcTing a 3D geologic maP 8:50 AM Castagnac, Claire*; Bourgine, Bernard; Courrioux, Gabriel; Calcagno, Philippe; Guillen, Antonio: 3D carTograPhY anD geoScienceS aPPlicaTionS. The French geological SUrVeY aPProach 9:05 AM Mathers, Steve*; Kessler, Holger; Wood, Ben; Sobisch, Hans-Georg: The DePloYmenT oF 3D geological moDelling aT The BriTiSh geological SUrVeY 9:20 AM MacCormack, Kelsey E.*; Eyles, Carolyn H.: oPTimiZing The oUTPUT oF 3-DimenSional SUBSUrFace moDelS USing a neW algoriThm To inTegraTe DaTa oF VariaBle QUaliTY 9:35 AM Hughes, Richard*: SPaTial geoScience DaTa anD DeriVeD inFormaTion: SocieTal imPacTS anD BeneFiTS, anD releVance To The FUTUre oF geological SUrVeYS anD agencieS 9:50 AM Discussion 10:00 AM Break




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8-5 8-6






140 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


8-10 10:45 AM Castillo, Miguel*; Bishop, Paul; Jansen, John: KnicKPoinT reTreaT on Small BeDrocK riVer caTchmenTS aS a conSeQUence oF BaSe-leVel Fall: The caSe oF JUra (WeST ScoTlanD, UK) 11:00 AM Muto, Tetsuji*; Kim, Wonsuck; Parker, Gary: aUTogenic allUVial graDe aTTaineD WiTh Falling Sea leVel: a 2D eXPerimenT 11:15 AM Riihimaki, Catherine A.*; Reiners, Peter W.; Heffern, Edward L.: DeDUcing climaTe SignalS in QUaTernarY lanDScaPe eVolUTion in The cenTral rocKY moUnTainS 11:30 AM Cina, Sara E.*; Yin, An; Grove, Marty; Dubey, C.S.: miocene caPTUre oF The YalU (YarlUng) riVer BY The Paleo-SUBanSiri riVer: eViDence From DeTriTal Zircon U-PB geochronologY anD SeDimenTologY in The eaSTern himalaYa 11:45 AM Yin, An*; Cina, Sara E.; Grove, Marty J.; Zhang, Jinyu: laTe cenoZoic FloW reVerSal anD caPTUre oF The YalU riVer (YarlUng TSangPo) caUSeD BY riFTDamming anD climaTe change 9-11 TranSPorT acroSS The groUnDWaTer/SUrFace WaTer inTerFace DUe To The moUnTain Pine BeeTle ePiDemic: PennSYlVania creeK, SUmmiT coUnTY, coloraDo 11:30 AM Schneider, William H.*; Lorah, Michelle; Majcher, Emily; Wrobel, John; Serdakowski, Mary: a PracTical BioengineereD aPProach To remeDiaTion oF conTaminaTeD groUnD WaTer DiScharging To a TiDal WeTlanD anD STream 11:45 AM Lupton, Daniel M.*; Dutton, Alan: maPPing recharge anD DiScharge ZoneS BaSeD on correlaTionS BeTWeen DYnamic PreSSUre incremenT anD STream orDer analYSeS





SeSSion no. 10

T37. Microbial Mats, Biogeochemical Markers, and Microbial Evolution: The Co-Evolution of Early Earth and Microbial Life (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, C124 Carrine E. Blank and Jack Farmer, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 10-1 8:05 AM Hagadorn, James W.*: BeYonD hJUlSTrom anD ShielDS: eXPerimenTal microBial SeDimenTologY 8:20 AM Petryshyn, Victoria A.*; Corsetti, Frank A.; Berelson, William M.; Beaumont, Will: raTe oF laminaTion FormaTion oF a microDigiTaTe STromaToliTe From WalKer laKe, WeSTern neVaDa 8:35 AM Jahnke, Linda L.*; Parenteau, Mary N.; Farmer, Jack D.: microBial commUniTY BioSignaTUreS in SilicaDePoSiTing, Thermal hoT SPringS: granD PriSmaTic SPring, YelloWSTone naTional ParK 8:50 AM Farmer, Jack D.*: role oF cYanoBacTerial BioFilmS in The geneSiS oF TraVerTine SPring SPherUliTeS 9:05 AM Igisu, Motoko*; Ueno, Yuichro; Takai, Ken; Shimojima, Mie; Nakashima, Satoru; Ohta, Hiroyuki; Maruyama, Shigenori; Isozaki, Yukio: micro-FTir SPecTroScoPic characTeriZaTion oF FoSSil anD eXTanT microorganiSmS 9:20 AM Cavalazzi, Barbara*; Westall, Frances; Foucher, Frédéric; Andreazza, Caroline; Rouzaud, Jean-Noël; Lemelle, Laurence; Salomé, Murielle; Simionovici, Alexandre; Marrocchi, Yves; Meibom, Anders; Mostefaoui, Smail; Robert, François: hr-Tem characTeriZaTion oF ca-carBonaTe nanoPhaSeS in a 3.334 gaolD microBial maT From The BarBerTon greenSTone BelT, SoUTh aFrica 9:35 AM Kendall, Brian*; Reinhard, Chris; Lyons, Timothy W.; Kaufman, Alan J.; Anbar, Ariel D.: SUrFace ocean oXYgenaTion PreceDeD The greaT oXiDaTion eVenT 9:50 AM Discussion 10-8 10:05 AM Bower, Dina M.*; Steele, Andrew: inVeSTigaTionS oF The naTUre anD ProVenance oF mineral anD carBonaceoUS maTerial in FoSSiliFeroUS cherTS : reViSiTing The 1.9 ga gUnFlinT FormaTion 10:20 AM Blank, Carrine E.*: FreShWaTer To marine DiVerSiFicaTionS oF The cYanoBacTeria anD eUKarYoTic algae ­ imPlicaTionS For The STePWiSe oXYgenaTion oF The BioSPhere From The PaleoProTeroZoic To The neoProTeroZoic 10:35 AM Harwood, Cara L.*; Sumner, Dawn Y.: mUlTiPle originS oF DiVerSe microBial FaBricS in PrecamBrian ThromBoliTeS


SeSSion no. 9

T17. Applications of Groundwater­Surface Water Interactions to Management and Restoration of Streams (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D139/140 Stephen Van der Hoven and Eric Peterson, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 9-1 8:15 AM Becker, Joseph P.*; Peterson, Eric W.: VariaTionS in STreamBeD grain SiZe anD organic carBon conTenT among channeliZeD STreamS 8:30 AM Burkholder, Barbara K.*; Grant, Gordon; Haggerty, Roy; Wampler, Peter J.; Khangaonkar, Tarang: can graVel aUgmenTaTion cool a large, graVel-BeD riVer? 8:45 AM Singer, Jill K.*; McLaren, Patrick; Manley, Patricia; Manley, Thomas: SeDimenT TrenD analYSiS in The loWer BUFFalo riVer anD oUTer harBor: eViDence SUPPorTing UPriVer TranSPorT oF SeDimenT BY The laKe erie Seiche 9:00 AM Germanoski, Dru*; Miller, Jerry; Lord, Mark; Jewett, David; Chambers, Jeanne C.; Trowbridge, Wendy: geomorPhic anD hYDrogeological conTrolS on The DiSTriBUTion oF WeT meaDoWS in The cenTral greaT BaSin 9:15 AM Loheide, Steven P. II.*; Lundquist, Jessica D.: SnoWmelTinDUceD hYPorheic PUmPing in TUolUmne meaDoWS, YoSemiTe naTional ParK, ca 9:30 AM Break 9-6 9:45 AM Anderson, William P. Jr.*; Thaxton, Christopher S.; Babyak, Carol M.; Anderson, Joseph L.: The inFlUence oF BaSeFloW on STream TemPeraTUreS in an UrBaniZeD STream 10:00 AM Cooper, Curtis A.*; Mayer, Paul M.: SUrFace anD groUnD WaTer QUaliTY in a reSToreD UrBan STream aFFecTeD BY roaD SalTS 10:15 AM Nichols, Andrew L.*; Mount, Jeffrey F.; Deas, Michael L.; Jeffres, Carson A.; Kiernan, Joseph D.; Lusardi, Robert A.; Willis, Ann D.: reSToraTion PoTenTial oF The groUnDWaTer-FeD Big SPringS creeK, SiSKiYoU coUnTY, caliFornia 10:30 AM Pederson, Darryll T.*; Luo, Wei: groUnDWaTer eFFecTS on eVolUTion oF enTrencheD channelS caUSeD BY channeliZaTion 10:45 AM Discussion 9-10 11:15 AM Mikkelson, Kristin M.*; McCray, John E.: PreliminarY inVeSTigaTionS inTo The imPacT oF meTal
















2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 141




10-11 10-12 10:50 AM Strother, Paul K.*; Wellman, Charles H.: eViDence oF DiVerSe TerreSTrial PrecamBrian ecoSYSTemS 11:05 AM Sheldon, Nathan D.*; Mitchell, Ria L.; Grassineau, Nathalie V.: eViDence For an eXTenSiVe non-marine BioSPhere ~1100 ma ago 11:20 AM Retallack, Gregory J.*; Bindeman, Ilya; Watts, Kathryn E.: STaBle iSoToPic eViDence For neoProTeroZoic liFe on lanD 11:35 AM Miller, Kristen E.*; Kaufman, Alan J.; Misi, Aroldo; Flavio de Oliviera, Tolentino: eValUaTing The enVironmenTal anD ecological SeTTing oF a meSoProTeroZoic ice age ThroUgh The analYSiS oF liPiD BiomarKerS ParTicUlaTe maTTer concenTraTionS in UrBan enVironmenTS USing magneTic ProPerTieS oF Tree leaVeS: PiloT STUDY oF BUS anD BiKe roUTeS in Bellingham, Wa


SeSSion no. 12

T43. Detachment Dynamics: Heat, Deformation, and Fluids in Extensional Systems (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A107/108/109 Christian Teyssier and Donna L. Whitney, Presiding 12-1 8:00 AM Direen, Nicholas G.*; Stagg, Howard M.J.; Symonds, Philip A.; Colwell, James B.: ThroUgh a glaSS, DarKlY: SYmmeTrY anD aSYmmeTrY in The magma Poor riFTeD marginS oF SoUThern aUSTralia anD eaST anTarcTica 8:20 AM Price, Raymond A.*: hoT anD colD DeTachmenT ZoneS: linKing liSTric normal FaUlTing in The SoUThern canaDian rocKieS ForelanD ThrUSTFolD BelT To BacK-arc DeXTral TranSTenSion anD DUcTile crUSTal BoUDinage 8:35 AM Teyssier, Christian*; Whitney, Donna L.; Mulch, Andreas: corDilleran DeTachmenTS aS DYnamic inTerFaceS BeTWeen meTeoric anD DeeP FlUiD SYSTemS 8:50 AM Holk, Gregory J.*; Taylor, Hugh P. Jr.; Toneva, Denitsa; Francis, Robert D.: conTraSTing miDDle anD UPPer crUSTal DeTachmenT FaUlT hYDroThermal SYSTemS: Valhalla comPleX, BriTiSh colUmBia anD The SoUThern WhiTe Pine range, neVaDa 9:05 AM Gebelin, Aude*; Mulch, Andreas; Teyssier, Christian; Heizler, Matt: STUDY oF a FoSSil hYDroThermal SYSTem in The norThern SnaKe range USing STaBle iSoToPe, microSTrUcTUral anD 40ar/39ar DaTa anD iTS USe aS a PaleoalTimeTer 9:25 AM Haines, Samuel H.*; van der Pluijm, Ben: UnUSUal `graDeD' FaUlT rocKS From The SnaKe range DeTachmenT, nV ­ imPlicaTionS For FlUiD inVolVemenT in loW-angle normal FaUlT ProceSSeS anD The angle oF SliP oF core comPleX DeTachmenTS 9:40 AM Vogl, James J.*; Rodgers, David W.; Kent, Allen: PerVaSiVe miD-crUSTal eXTenSional STrain FolloWeD BY raPiD localiZaTion: an eXamPle From The Pioneer core comPleX, iDaho 9:55 AM Selverstone, Jane*; Woodruff, William H.; Axen, Gary: `miniDeTachmenT' localiZaTion conTrolleD BY FlUiD inFilTraTion in The FooTWall oF The WhiPPle moUnTainS core comPleX: WeaK maTerialS or high Pore PreSSUre? 10:10 AM Break 12-9 10:25 AM Axen, Gary*; Luther, Amy; Selverstone, Jane; Khalsa, Niranjan: eViDence For STreSS roTaTion near The WeST SalTon DeTachmenT FaUlT (WSDF), SalTon TroUgh, caliFornia 10:45 AM Lindemann, Christie D.; Riggs, Eric M.*: SYSTemaTicallY FracTUreD claSTS in The TiTUS canYon FormaTion: eViDence For laTe-STage BriTTle DeFormaTion in The BoUnDarY canYon DeTachmenT SYSTem 11:00 AM Anderson, R. Ernest*: a coUPleD hYDrogeologic DiSSolUTion anD rePreciPiTaTion moDel oF carBonaTe rocKS aBoVe The BUcKSKin/raWhiDe DeTachmenT FaUlT, SWanSea area, ariZona 11:15 AM Morgan, Paul*; Sares, Matthew: STrain ParTiTioning in SYnTheTic accommoDaTion ZoneS anD SelecTeD geoThermal SYSTemS in coloraDo


SeSSion no. 11

T40. Environmental Magnetism, Magnetic Stratigraphy, and Magnetic Field Modeling (GSA Geology and Health Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballrooms 251/258 Joseph Stoner, Bernard Housen, and Catherine Louise Johnson, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 11-1 8:15 AM Stoner, Joseph S.*: ToWarDS an UnDerSTanDing oF PaleomagneTic SecUlar VariaTion: oBSerVaTionS From The norTh aTlanTic, imPlicaTionS For The WorlD? 8:30 AM Ziegler, Leah*; Constable, Cathy; Johnson, Catherine Louise; Tauxe, Lisa: PaDm2m: a Time-VarYing moDel oF PaleomagneTic aXial DiPole momenT For 0-2 ma 8:50 AM Olafsdottir, Saedis*; Stoner, Joseph; Geirsdottir, Aslaug; Miller, Gifford: high-reSolUTion holocene PaleomagneTic SecUlar VariaTion recorDS From icelanD: marine ­ T erreSTrial SYnchroniZaTion 9:10 AM Strano, Sarah Elianna*; Stoner, Joseph S.; Bond, Gerard C.: reconSTrUcTing holocene PaleomagneTic SecUlar VariaTion From norTh aTlanTic DeePSea SeDimenT 9:25 AM Davies, Maureen H.*; Stoner, Joseph; Mix, Alan C.; Southon, John; Jaeger, John; Rosen, Gillian P.; Channell, James E.T.: reconSTrUcTing holocene PaleomagneTic SecUlar VariaTion From The gUlF oF alaSKa 9:40 AM Liddicoat, Joseph C.*: DaTing laKe Tahoe (ca/nV) anD mono laKe (ca) SeDimenT USing PaleomagneTic SecUlar VariaTion aS a chronologY For laTe PleiSTocene PaleoclimaTe in The U.S. greaT BaSin 10:00 AM Break 11-7 10:15 AM Liddicoat, Joseph C.*; Verosub, Kenneth L.: PoSSiBle recorDing oF The mono laKe eXcUrSion in coreD SeDimenT From clear laKe, caliFornia 10:30 AM Rosenbaum, Joseph G.*; Reynolds, Richard L.: magneTic recorDS oF alPine glaciaTion in The WeSTern U.S.a. DUring The laST glacial inTerVal 10:45 AM Geiss, Christoph*; Dorale, Jeffrey; Dahms, Dennis: rocK-magneTic recorD oF TWo glacial laKeS reFlecTS hiSTorY oF glacial reTreaT anD lanDScaPe STaBiliZaTion in The eaSTern WinD riVer range aT The PleiSTocene-holocene TranSiTion 11:00 AM Jovane, Luigi*; Acton, Gary; Florindo, Fabio; Ohneiser, Christian; Sagnotti, Leonardo; Strada, Eleonora; Verosub, Kenneth L.; Wilson, Gary: magneTic ProPerTieS oF The anD-2a core, anDrill SoUThern mcmurdo SoUnD (SmS) ProJecT, anTarcTica 11:15 AM Housen, Bernard A.*; Jovane, Luigi: moniToring imPacTS oF maSS-TranSiT VehicleS on 12-3 12-2


















142 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


12-13 11:30 AM Senkowski, C.A.*; Schneider, D.A.; Iglseder, C.; Grasemann, B.; Schmitt, A.: U-PB & o-iSoToPe inVeSTigaTion oF an eocene mYloniTic orThogneiSS on SeriFoS: a recorD oF melTing or hP meTamorPhiSm in The WeSTern cYclaDeS? 11:45 AM Langille, Jackie*; Jessup, Micah; Cottle, John; Newell, Dennis: The ama Drime DeTachmenT, TiBeT-nePal: inSighTS inTo orogen-Parallel eXTenSion anD eXhUmaTion oF The ama Drime maSSiF 13-12 11:05 AM Guo, Xiaoyu*; Kusky, Tim; Li, Zhongquan: SPaTial anD TemPoral DeFormaTion SeQUenceS oF DaBa Shan FTB anD iTS relaTionShiPS WiTh aDJacenT TecTonic UniTS, cenTral china 11:20 AM Discussion


SeSSion no. 14

T59. 50th Anniversary of the 1959 Hebgen Lake, Montana Earthquake: Lessons Learned in Extensional Tectonic Regimes (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; U.S. Geological Survey Earth Surface Processes Team, Denver; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B110/111/112 David Lageson and C.A. Ruleman, Presiding 14-1 8:00 AM Epstein, Jack*: geologic eFFecTS oF The heBgen laKe earThQUaKe, SoUThWeSTern monTana, aUgUST 17, 1959, an eYeWiTneSS accoUnT 8:20 AM Kellogg, Karl S.*: The maDiSon range anD maDiSon ValleY, monTana ­ laramiDe conTracTion anD UPliFT SeT The STage For cenoZoic BaSin FormaTion 8:35 AM Smith, Robert B.*: The UnUSUal 1959 mW 7.3 heBgen laKe, mT, earThQUaKe: liThoSPheric anD Volcano SoUrce conTriBUTionS anD earThQUaKe haZarD 8:50 AM Schwartz, D.P.*; Hecker, S.; Stenner, H.D.; Haller, Kathleen M.; Pierce, Kenneth L.; Lageson, David R.; Machette, M.N.: The 1959 heBgen laKe, monTana, SUrFace rUPTUre anD recorD oF laTePleiSTocene-holocene earThQUaKeS 9:05 AM Ruleman, C.A.*: laTe QUaTernarY TecTonic acTiViTY along The maDiSon range FaUlT Zone, norThern arm oF The YelloWSTone TecTonic ParaBola, SoUThWeST monTana 9:20 AM Crone, Anthony J.*; Haller, Kathleen M.: The 1983 Borah PeaK, iDaho earThQUaKe--a moDel For SUrFace-rUPTUring eVenTS in The WeSTern U.S 9:35 AM Brown, Summer J.*; Spotila, James A.; Tranel, Lisa M.; Krugh, William C.; Carrapa, Barbara; Thigpen, J. Ryan: comBining aPaTiTe (U-Th)/he anD FiSSion-TracK DaTing: imPlicaTionS For DiFFerenTial UPliFT oF The TeTon range anD iniTiaTion oF The TeTon FaUlT, WYoming 9:50 AM Break 14-8 10:05 AM Lageson, David R.*: heBgen laKe ­ reD canYon normal FaUlT SYSTem, mT: an eXamPle oF earlYSTage STrUcTUral inVerSion 10:20 AM Stickney, Michael; Smith, Deborah*: recenT SeiSmiciTY in The WeSTern ParT oF The 1959 earThQUaKe aFTerShocK Zone 10:35 AM Bartholomew, Mervin J.*; Bone, Michael J.; Rittenour, Tammy M.; Mickelson, Andrew M.; Stickney, Michael C.: "STreSS SWiTching" along The lima reSerVoir FaUlT in YelloWSTone'S WaKe 10:50 AM Thackray, Glenn D.*; Rodgers, David W.; Johnson, Eric M.; Shapley, Mark D.: PreliminarY eValUaTion oF a neWlY DiScoVereD holocene ScarP on The SaWTooTh FaUlT, cenTral iDaho 11:05 AM Johnson, Eric M.*; Thackray, Glenn D.; Shapley, Mark D.; Finney, Bruce P.: lacUSTrine recorDS oF SeiSmic eVenTS on The SaWTooTh FaUlT, cenTral iDaho 11:20 AM Payne, Suzette J.*; McCaffrey, Robert; King, Robert W.; Kattenhorn, Simon A.: eValUaTion oF righT-laTeral Shear acroSS Three nW-TrenDing normal FaUlTS norThWeST oF The eaSTern SnaKe riVer Plain, iDaho


SeSSion no. 13

T55. Tectonic Inversion: Characteristics and Mechanisms (GSA International Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division, GSA Sedimentary Geology Division, GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E147/148 John Wakabayashi and Mark Legg, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 13-1 8:05 AM Wakabayashi, John*: TecTonic inVerSion: regional VerSUS local, anD aSSociaTion WiTh migraTing STriKe-SliP STeP-oVerS 8:20 AM Legg, Mark R.*; Kamerling, Marc J.; Chaytor, Jason D.; Goldfinger, Chris: TecTonic inVerSion oF STriKe-SliP BaSinS aT reSTraining BenDS in an eVolVing TranSForm PlaTe BoUnDarY: caliFornia conTinenTal BorDerlanD 8:35 AM Fay, Ryan P.*; Strayer, Luther M.; Allen, James R.: TranSiTion From TranSTenSion To TranSPreSSion: TecTonic inVerSion WiThin a BanD oF DeFormaTion BeTWeen The haYWarD, chaBoT anD miSSion FaUlTS 8:50 AM Cicchetto, Daniel*; Mookerjee, Matty: characTeriZing DeFormaTion oF neogene rocKS near PoinT arena, caliFornia 9:05 AM Chantraprasert, Sarawute*: laTe cenoZoic inVerSion in The mae moh BaSin, norThern ThailanD 9:20 AM Witt, Cesar*; McClay, Ken: along STriKe SegmenTaTion oF ThrUST-relaTeD DeFormaTion along The UcaYali-camiSea ForelanD BaSin (PerU) 9:35 AM Break 13-7 9:50 AM McAtamney, Janelle*; Klepeis, Keith; Mehrtens, Charlotte; Thomson, Stuart N.: The TranSiTion From eXTenSional riFT BaSin To comPreSSional reTro-arc ForelanD BaSin in The SoUThernmoST anDeS (54.5°S): neW ProVenance DaTa From Bahía BrooKeS anD Seno oTWaY 10:05 AM Klepeis, Keith*; Betka, Paul; Fanning, C. Mark; Clarke, Geoffrey; Baldwin, Suzanne L.: The iniTiaTion oF orogeneSiS in The PaTagonian anDeS BY The comPreSSional inVerSion oF The eXTenSional rocaS VerDeS BaSin 10:20 AM Maher, Harmon Jr.*; Braathen, Alvar; Baelum, Karoline: imPlicaTionS oF The PeTUniaBUKTa SYncline For The Timing oF BilleFJorDen BaSin DeVeloPmenT on SPiTSBergen, norWaY 10:35 AM Bonamici, Chloe E.; Duebendorfer, Ernest*; Portis, Douglas: PaleoProTeroZoic crUSTalScale graViTaTional collaPSe norThWeSTern ariZona: neW inSighTS inTo an ancienT orogenY 10:50 AM Casale, Gabriele*; Surkovic, Marijana; Cowan, Darrel S.; Bennett, Richard A.; Reiners, Peter W.: eXhUmaTion oF The miD-BoSnian SchiST meTamorPhic core comPleX









13-5 13-6











2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 143



14-14 11:35 AM Chase, Katherine J.*; McCarthy, Peter M.: laTeral anD VerTical channel moVemenT anD BeD-maTerial enTrainmenT PoTenTial on The maDiSon riVer DoWnSTream From earThQUaKe laKe, monTana

SeSSion no. 16

T74. Pluton Assembly: Duration, Mechanisms, and Structural Controls (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A105 Eric Horsman, Sven Morgan, and Michel de Saint-Blanquat, Presiding 16-1 8:00 AM Feldman, Josh*; Heizler, Matt; Kelley, Shari; Karlstrom, Karl: geo anD Thermochronological eVicenDe For The emPlacemenT anD eXhUmaTional hiSTorY oF The TWin laKeS BaTholiTh: imPlicaTionS For The laramiDe orogenY 8:15 AM Johnson, Benjamin W.*; Bowman, John R.; Nash, Barbara P.; Bartley, John M.; Valley, John W.: TiTaniQ, caThoDolUmineScence anD oXYgen iSoToPe analYSeS oF The alTa STocK, UT: geochemical inSighTS inTo PlUTon aSSemBlY 8:30 AM Grocott, J.*; Kloppenburg, A.; Schroeder, K.; Austin, G.; Hutchinson, D.: STrUcTUral SeTTing anD SYnPlUTonic FaUlT KinemaTicS oF a corDilleran cU-aU-(mo) PorPhYrY mineraliZaTion SYSTem, Bingham mining DiSTricT, oQUirrh moUnTainS, UTah 8:45 AM Johnson, Scott E.*; Koons, Peter O.; Jin, Zhihe: Thermal-mechanical eVolUTion oF The rooF oF a miD-crUSTal TaBUlar PlUTon: coUPleD DeFormaTion anD meTamorPhiSm, rheological eVolUTion, anD conSTrainTS on magma chamBer groWTh 9:05 AM Bartley, John M.*; Glazner, A.F.; Coleman, D.S.; Law, Brian: laDDer DiKeS in The caTheDral PeaK granoDioriTe: migraTing FingereD DiKeS? 9:20 AM Kruijer, Thomas; Fulmer, Eric C.; Miller, Jonathan S.*; Davies, Gareth R.: DeTaileD FielD, geochemical anD iSoToPic conSTrainTS on The aSSemBlY oF The SenTinel granoDioriTe, Sierra neVaDa BaTholiTh, USa 9:35 AM Morgan, Sven S.*; Law, Richard D.; de Saint Blanquat, Michel; Matty, David: amS reVealS incremenTal emPlacemenT anD Final conSTrUcTion oF The eJB PlUTon, eaSTern caliFornia 9:50 AM Memeti, Vali*; Krause, Joachim; Paterson, Scott: DeciPhering magma chamBer ProceSSeS in The TUolUmne inTrUSion anD iTS loBeS USing elemenT DiSTriBUTion maPS oF Single mineralS 10:05 AM Break 16-9 10:20 AM Howard, K.A.*; Wooden, J.L.; Premo, Wayne R.; Barnes, Calvin G.; Snoke, A.W.; Lee, S.Y.: incremenTal PlUTonic aSSemBlY oVer TenS oF millionS oF YearS? U-PB geochronologY anD ghoST STraTigraPhY in PegmaTiTic graniTe, rUBY moUnTainS, neVaDa 10:35 AM Miller, Jonathan*; Walker, B.A. Jr.; Miller, C.F.; Claiborne, L.L.; Davies, G.R.; Wooden, J.L.: groWTh oF The SPiriT moUnTain BaTholiTh (neVaDa, USa) aS reVealeD BY IN SITU hF iSoToPeS in Zircon 10:50 AM Miller, Calvin F.*; Furbish, David J.; Walker, Barry A. Jr.; Claiborne, Lily L.; Bleick, Heather A.; Koteas, G. Christopher; Miller, Jonathan S.: groWTh oF PlUTonS BY incremenTal emPlacemenT oF SheeTS in crYSTal-rich hoST: eViDence From miocene inTrUSionS oF The coloraDo riVer region, neVaDa 11:10 AM McFadden, Rory R.*; Teyssier, Christian; Siddoway, Christine S.; Whitney, Donna L.; Fanning, C. Mark: melT TranSFer anD gneiSS Dome emPlacemenT DUring oBliQUe DilaTion

SeSSion no. 15

T65. Supervolcanoes, Ignimbrite Flare-ups, and Their Impacts: Definition, Debate, and New Developments

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B117/118/119 Shan de Silva, Ilya Bindeman, and Jake Lowenstern, Presiding 15-1 8:00 AM Oppenheimer, Clive*: a criTical oVerVieW oF The enVironmenTal, climaTic anD hUman imPacTS oF The ~74 KYr BP ToBa "SUPer-erUPTion" 8:20 AM Rose, William I.*; Durant, A.J.; Dartevelle, Sebastien: DiSTal aSh FalloUT From large ignimBriTe erUPTionS 8:40 AM Martin, Erwan*; Bindeman, Ilya N.: rare iSoToPe inSighTS inTo SUPererUPTion: SUlFUr anD TriPle oXYgen iSoToPe geochemiSTrY oF SUlFaTe aeroSolS aBSorBeD on Volcanic aSh ParTicleS 8:55 AM Aguirre-Díaz, Gerardo J.*; Renne, Paul R.: SUPererUPTionS oF The Sierra maDre occiDenTal large igneoUS ProVince: ProBaBle FacTor in The eocene-oligocene-miocene gloBal climaTe change 9:10 AM Quick, James E.*; Sinigoi, S.; Peressini, G.; Wooden, Joe L.; Sbisa, A.; Demarchi, G.: magmaTic PlUmBing oF a "SUPerVolcano" eXPoSeD To a DePTh oF 25 Km 9:25 AM Busby, Cathy J.*; Murray, Bryan P.; Ferrari, Luca: TecTonic conTrolS on Volcanic STYleS oF a SUPerVolcano FielD: The TemoriS ­ cerocahUi region oF The coPPer canYon, norThern Sierra maDre occiDenTal (meXico) 9:40 AM Ferrari, Luca*; Ramos Rosique, Aldo; Bryan, Scott Edward; Rankin, Andrew: eXTenSional TecTonicS Triggering ParTial melTing oF ShalloW inTrUSionS in The BolañoS graBen, SoUThern Sierra maDre occiDenTal, meXico 9:55 AM Discussion 15-8 15-9 10:10 AM Self, Stephen*: DeFining SUPer-erUPTionS anD eXPloring The limiTS oF SUPer-erUPTion SiZe 10:30 AM de Silva, Shanaka*: DeTermining VolUmeS oF SUPererUPTionS ­ The PiTFallS oF "rUleS oF ThUmB" 10:45 AM Gravley, D.M.*; Leonard, Graham S.; Wilson, C.J.N.; Rowland, Julie V.; Hikuroa, D.C.H: BUilD-UP To an ignimBriTe Flare-UP: geologic eViDence For magmaTic-TecTonic-Volcanic inTerPlaY in The cenTral TaUPo Volcanic Zone, neW ZealanD 11:00 AM Hall, Minard L.*; Mothes, Patricia A.: PleiSTocene Silicic Flare-UPS in The norThern anDeS oF ecUaDor 11:15 AM Bindeman, Ilya*; Geyer, Adelina: Do glaciaTionDeglaciaTion cYcleS leaD To clUSTering Volcanic erUPTionS anD calDera FormaTion? 11:30 AM Noble, Donald C.*; Henry, Christopher D.; Park, Steven L.; Smith, Julie A.; Hausback, Brian P.; Hilton, Richard P.: geologic FrameWorK anD eVolUTion oF The high rocK canYon Volcanic cenTer, norThWeSTern neVaDa: an earlY calDeraFocUSeD SYSTem oF The YelloWSTone hoTSPoT TracK 11:45 AM Sewell, Roderick J.; Tang, Denise L.K.; Campbell, S. Diarmad G.*: an UPPer crUSTal SecTion ThroUgh a TilTeD earlY creTaceoUS neSTeD calDera comPleX in hong Kong






















144 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


16-13 11:25 AM Appleby, Sarah K.*; Graham, Colin M.; Gillespie, Martin R.; Hinton, Richard W.; Oliver, Grahame J.H.; Kelly, Nigel M.: incremenTal PlUTon aSSemBlY in The ScoTTiSh laTe caleDonian graniTeS: neW reSUlTS From an inTegraTeD mineralogY anD Zircon iSoToPe STUDY 11:40 AM Holness, Marian B.*: conSTraining The ThicKneSS oF The crYSTal mUSh in laYereD maFic inTrUSionS

SeSSion no. 18

T81. Multidisciplinary Studies of Cascade Volcanism and its Tectonic Setting I (Mineralogical Society of America; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E143/144 Mariek Schmidt, Michael Rowe, Brian Jicha, Martin Streck, Roger Nielsen, and Thomas W. Sisson, Presiding 18-1 8:00 AM Ramsey, David W.*; Miller, C. Dan; Ewert, John W.: PreliminarY VolUme eSTimaTeS oF PrimarY holocene rhYoliTic TePhraS aT meDicine laKe Volcano, norThern caliFornia 8:15 AM Templeton, Jeffrey H.*: geochemical conSTrainTS on The eVolUTion oF a SUBDUcTion-relaTeD, rear-arc conTinenTal magma SYSTem: neWBerrY Volcano, cenTral oregon 8:30 AM Donnelly-Nolan, Julie M.*; Grove, Tim; Carlson, Richard: WhaT iS neWBerrY Volcano? 8:45 AM Conrey, Richard M.*: PeTrologic anD TecTonic connecTionS in The caScaDe arc: WhaT We KnoW anD WhaT We'D liKe To KnoW 9:05 AM Leeman, William P.*; Tonarini, Sonia: caScaDia magmaTiSm ProViDeS UniQUe inSighTS inTo SUBDUcTion Zone (SZ) ProceSSeS 9:20 AM Schmidt, Mariek*; Grunder, Anita L.; Chesley, John T.: VariaTionS in 187oS/188oS among DiVerSe magmaS inDicaTe aSSimilaTion oF YoUng anD ancienT crUST along The caScaDe arc 9:35 AM Allen, Richard*; Boyarko, Devin; Brudzinski, Michael; Eakin, Caroline; Obrebski, Mathias; Porritt, Robert: STrUcTUre anD SeiSmiciTY along caScaDia 9:55 AM Break 18-8 10:10 AM Muffler, L.J. Patrick*; Blakely, Richard J.; Clynne, Michael A.: caScaDe arc anD WalKer lane inTeracTion in The laSSen Volcanic region, caliFornia 10:25 AM Fierstein, Judy*; Hildreth, Wes; Calvert, Andrew T.: erUPTiVe hiSTorY oF SoUTh SiSTer, oregon caScaDeS 10:45 AM Zurek, Jeffrey Mark*; Williams-Jones, Glyn; Dzurisin, Daniel; Johnson, Dan; Eggers, Albert: conSTraining Volcanic inFlaTion aT Three SiSTerS Volcanic FielD ThroUgh micrograViTY anD DeFormaTion moDeling 11:00 AM Stelten, Mark*; Cooper, Kari M.; Klemetti, Erik W.: U-SerieS crYSTal ageS From The rocK meSa erUPTion aT SoUTh SiSTer Volcano, oregon SUggeST comPleX origin For rhYoliTe 11:15 AM Ruscitto, Daniel*; Mckay, Daniele; Wallace, Paul; Deardorff, Nick; Cashman, Katharine: eViDence For recenT h2o-rich ViolenT STromBolian erUPTionS in The cenTral oregon high caScaDeS aT collier, FoUr-in-one, anD YaPoah coneS 11:30 AM Koleszar, Alison M.*; Kent, Adam J.R.; Scott, William E.; Wallace, Paul; Cooper, Kari M.; Eppich, Gary R.: VolaTile (h2o, co2, S, cl) concenTraTionS anD The loW eXPloSiViTY oF calc-alKaline anDeSiTeS From moUnT hooD Volcano, oregon 11:45 AM Eppich, Gary R.*; Cooper, Kari M.; Kent, Adam J.R.; Koleszar, Alison M.: magma STorage TimeScaleS oF recenTlY-erUPTeD magmaS aT mT hooD Volcano, oregon



SeSSion no. 17

T77. Frontiers in Mineral Sciences: Mineral/Melt Energetics, Mineral Surface Chemistry, Mineral Nanoscience, and HighPressure Mineralogy I (Mineralogical Society of America)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E145 Gordon E. Brown, Abby Kavner, Nancy L. Ross, and Glenn A. Waychunas, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 17-1 17-2 17-3 8:15 AM Liebermann, Robert C.*: inDoor VS oUTDoor geoPhYSicS 8:30 AM Cohen, R.E.*: TheorY oF mineralS aT high PreSSUreS BeYonD BanD TheorY 8:45 AM Lavina, Barbara*; Dera, Przemyslaw; Downs, Robert T.: Single crYSTal DiFFracTion aT eXTreme conDiTionS: SPin Pairing TranSiTion anD STaBiliTY oF SiDeriTe, Feco3 9:00 AM Catalli, Krystle*; Shim, Sang-Heon; Dera, Przemyslaw; Prakapenka, Vitali; Xiao, Yuming; Chow, Paul; Zhao, Jiyong; Sturhahn, Wolfgang; Cynn, Hyunchae; Evans, William J.: TriValenT caTionS in manTle SilicaTe PeroVSKiTe 9:15 AM Smyth, Joseph R.*: eXPerimenTal conSTrainTS on hYDrogen in earTh'S inTerior 9:30 AM Du Frane, Wyatt L.; Tyburczy, James*; Sharp, Thomas G.: inTerDiFFUSion oF DeUTeriUm anD hYDrogen in oliVine anD enSTaTiTe: earlY reSUlTS 9:45 AM Liou, Juhn G.*; Zhang, Ru Y.; Ernst, W.G.: UlTrahighPreSSUre meTamorPhic mineralS anD "ForBiDDen" P-T conDiTionS 10:00 AM Break 17-8 10:15 AM Gibbs, G.V.*: The role PlaYeD BY inTermolecUlar Van Der WaalS local concenTraTionS anD DePleTionS oF elecTron DenSiTY in The DeTerminaTion oF DirecTional `KeY-locK' inTeracTionS anD molecUlar STrUcTUre 10:30 AM Eng, Peter J.*: non-reSonanT X-raY ramon ScaTTering aT high PreSSUre 10:45 AM Sochalski-Kolbus, Lindsay Marie*; Angel, Ross J.; Nestola, Fabrizio; Benna, Piera; Bruno, Emiliano: eFFecT oF DiSorDer on The BUlK moDUli oF PlagioclaSe FelDSParS 11:00 AM Xu, Hongwu*; Zhao, Yusheng; Hickmott, Donald D.; Zhang, Jianzhong; Vogel, Sven C.; Daemen, Luke L.; Hartl, Monika A.: STrUcTUre anD STaBiliTY oF JaroSiTe aT high P-T conDiTionS 11:15 AM Xu, Fen*; Navrotsky, Alexandra: enThalPieS oF FormaTion oF PYrrhoTiTe Fe1-0.125xS (0 X 1) SoliD SolUTionS 11:30 AM Kavner, Abby*; Havens, Kelly; Kundargi, Rohan: SoliD STaTe reDoX reacTionS oF SilVer haliDeS in The DiamonD anVil cell 11:45 AM Ushakov, Sergey V.*; Alexeev, Timur; Navrotsky, Alexandra: DeVeloPmenT oF DroP-anD-caTch UlTra-high TemPeraTUre calorimeTer 18-14 18-12


18-3 18-4





17-5 17-6





17-9 17-10






2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 145



SeSSion no. 19

T88. The Present is the Key to the Past: Identifying and Characterizing Isotopic Pattern and Process in Modern Ecosystems (Paleontological Society)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 255 Kena Fox-Dobbs and David L. Fox, Presiding 19-1 19-2 8:00 AM Koch, Paul L.*: The iSoToPic ecologY oF VerTeBraTeS: an inTroDUcTion 8:15 AM Levin, Naomi E.*; Cerling, Thure E.; Harris, John M.: iSoToPic PaTTernS in eXTanT mammalian herBiVore TeeTh From eaSTern aFrica 8:30 AM Clementz, Mark T.*: leSSonS From hUgh anD BUFFeT: eSTaBliShing STaBle iSoToPe ProXieS For Sirenian Foraging haBiTS ThroUgh STUDY oF caPTiVe SPecimenS 8:45 AM Manthi, Fredrick K.*; Levin, Naomi E.; Cerling, Thure E.: Small mammalS' TooTh enamel: a meanS To UnDerSTanDing PalaeoenVironmenTS 9:00 AM Bowen, Gabriel*; Fox-Dobbs, Kena; Nielson, Kristine; Wassenaar, Len; Cerling, Thure; Ehleringer, James: h anD o iSoToPe raTioS oF heTeroTroPh TiSSUeS aS PaleoclimaTic anD Paleoecological ProXieS 9:15 AM Rountrey, Adam N.*; Fisher, Daniel C.; Haynes, Gary; Vartanyan, Sergey L.: comPoSiTional VariaTion in The TUSK DenTin oF a JUVenile aFrican elePhanT anD a JUVenile WoollY mammoTh: SeaSonal PaTTernS anD Weaning 9:30 AM Perez-Huerta, Alberto*: linKing ecoPhYSiological STUDieS oF liVing BrachioPoDS To PhaneroZoic oXYgen VariaTionS 9:45 AM Casey, Michelle*; Post, David M.: BaSeline iSSUeS in The STaBle iSoToPic TroPhic anD DieT STUDY oF FoSSil organiSmS 10:00 AM Bernhard, Joan M.*; Martin, Jon B.; Curtis, Jason; Rathburn, Anthony: cell STrUcTUre imPacTS ForaminiFeral TeST 13c SignaTUre: comPariSon BeTWeen hYDrocarBon SeeP anD non-SeeP SPecimenS 10:15 AM McKellar, Ryan C.*; Muehlenbachs, Karlis; Chacko, Jacob; Sanchez-Azofeifa, G. Arturo: aTTacK oF BarK BeeTleS on ForeSTS iS recorDeD in The iSoToPic comPoSiTion oF BoTh moDern reSinS anD creTaceoUS amBer 10:30 AM Yang, Hong*; Leng, Qin; Pagani, Mark: PlanT hYDrogen iSoToPe FracTionaTion aT high laTiTUDeS: imPlicaTionS For Paleogene arcTic PaleoclimaTe inTerPreTaTionS 10:45 AM Schubert, Brian A.*; Jahren, A. Hope: FerTiliZaTion oF TerreSTrial BiomaSS DUring The laST 120 million YearS 11:00 AM Gazis, Carey A.*; Hammond, Travis: STaBle iSoToPe SYSTemaTicS oF Soil WaTer: imPlicaTionS For climaTe anD UPliFT recorDS 11:15 AM Stanley, Steven M.*: The role oF BacTerial reSPiraTion raTeS in The carBon iSoToPic ShiFTS aSSociaTeD WiTh gloBal climaTic change anD maSS eXTincTion 11:30 AM Ludvigson, G.A.*; Driese, Steven G.; Smith, Jon Jay; González, Luis A.; Roberts, Jennifer A.; Fowle, David; McKay, Larry D.; Vulava, Vijay: FormaTion oF hiSTorical PeDogenic SiDeriTe in PahconTaminaTeD allUVial claY SoilS, TenneSSee, USa: ParT ii: STaBle iSoToPic DaTa on moDern analogUe For a DeeP-Time PaleoclimaTe ProXY 11:45 AM Mintz, Jason S.*; Driese, Steven G.; Ludvigson, Greg A.: SeaSonal inFlUence oF changing hYDrologY on PeDogenic carBonaTe FormaTion in VerTiSolS, Dance BaYoU, BraZoria coUnTY, TX: imPlicaTionS For The QUanTiFicaTion oF PaST aTmoSPheric pco2

SeSSion no. 20

T93. Glacial Mars (GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A106 Roger J. Phillips and James W. Head, Presiding 20-1 8:00 AM Phillips, Roger J.*; Putzig, Nathaniel E.; Campbell, Bruce A.; Plaut, Jeffrey J.; Egan, Anthony F.; Carter, Lynn M.; Holt, John W.; Smrekar, Suzanne E.; Head, James W.; Seu, Roberto: raDar SoUnDing oF The Polar laYereD DePoSiTS on marS 8:15 AM Plaut, Jeffrey J.*; Fishbaugh, Kathryn E.; Holt, John; Herkenhoff, Kenneth E.; Milkovich, Sarah; Byrne, Shane; Putzig, Nathaniel E.: WhaT caUSeS raDar reFlecTionS inSiDe marTian Polar DePoSiTS? 8:30 AM Marchant, David R.*; Head, James W.: a comPariSon oF TerreSTrial colD-DeSerT analogS: anTarcTic anD arcTic lanDFormS anD imPlicaTionS For regional glaciaTion on marS 8:50 AM Head, James W. III.*; Marchant, David R.: inVenTorY oF non-Polar ice-relaTeD DePoSiTS on marS: imPlicaTionS For The hiSTorY oF climaTe change 9:05 AM Baker, David M.H.*; Head, James W.; Marchant, David R.: eViDence For eXTenSiVe laTe amaZonian, miDlaTiTUDe glaciaTion norTh oF iSmeniae FoSSae, marS 9:20 AM Levy, Joseph*; Head, James W.; Marchant, David R.: concenTric craTer Fill in The norThern miDlaTiTUDeS oF marS: FormaTion ProceSSeS anD relaTionShiPS To lineaTeD ValleY Fill anD loBaTe DeBriS aPronS 9:35 AM Kadish, Seth J.*; Head, James W.; Barlow, Nadine G.: PeDeSTal craTer heighTS on marS: conSTraining The ThicKneSS oF an ice-rich, miDlaTiTUDe PaleoDePoSiT 9:50 AM Kreslavsky, Mikhail*; Head, James W.: PoSSiBle carBon DioXiDe glacierS in The recenT geological hiSTorY oF marS 10:05 AM Piatek, Jennifer L.*; Hardgrove, Craig J.; Moersch, Jeffrey E.: groUnD-BaSeD Thermal imaging oF an inacTiVe rocK glacier aS analog To marTian DeBriS aPronS 10:20 AM Warner, Nicholas*; Gupta, Sanjeev; Kim, Jung-Rack; Lin, Shih-Yuan; Muller, Jan-Peter: heSPerian-age ThermoKarST laKeS in areS ValliS aS eViDence For TranSienT Warm conDiTionS on marS 10:35 AM Fastook, James*; Head, James W.; Marchant, David R.; Forget, Francois: glacial FloW moDeling on marS 10:55 AM Pelletier, Jon*; Kargel, Jeffrey S.: conTrolS on glacial ValleY SPacing on earTh anD marS 11:10 AM Putzig, Nathaniel E.*; Phillips, Roger J.; Head, James W.; Mellon, Michael T.; Campbell, Bruce A.; Egan, Anthony F.; Plaut, Jeffrey J.; Carter, Lynn M.; Seu, Roberto: ShalloW raDar SoUnDingS oF The norThern loWlanDS oF marS 11:25 AM Orloff, Travis C.*; Kreslavsky, Mikhail; Asphaug, Erik; Gray, Harrison; Maine, Aviva: oBSerVaTionS oF rocK organiZaTion on high laTiTUDe PaTTerneD groUnD TerrainS on marS 11:40 AM Byrne, Shane*; Dundas, Colin; Kennedy, M.R.; Mellon, Michael T.; McEwen, A.; Cull, Selby C.; Daubar, Ingrid; Shean, David E.; Seelos, Kim D.; Murchie, Scott: DiSTriBUTion anD naTUre oF miD-laTiTUDe groUnD ice on marS





















20-11 20-12 20-13






146 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


SeSSion no. 21

T106. Opportunities and Challenges for Geologic Hazards Education in Cascadia I: In Memory of John Lahr (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geology and Health Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 252 Robert F. Butler, Carolyn L. Driedger, and James Roddey, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 21-1 8:05 AM Taber, John*: John lahr anD The iriS e&o Program: conTriBUTionS To haZarDS eDUcaTion 8:25 AM Frenzen, Peter*; Cullings, Todd: eFFecTiVe commUnicaTion ThroUgh meSSage BaSeD inTerPreTaTion 8:40 AM David, Johnston*; Davis, Matt; Leonard, Graham S.: The role oF commUniTY eDUcaTion in enhancing The reSPonSe To lahar WarningS From moUnT rainier 8:55 AM Woodcock, Jody*: leVeraging Social meDia To engage The PUBlic in Volcanic haZarDS 9:15 AM Doherty-Stephan, Anne*: SiSTer moUnTainS, STUDenTS, anD TeacherS ­ oh mY!: Volcano eDUcaTion ParTnerShiPS, ProDUcTS, anD ProgramS aBoUT moUnT rainier 9:30 AM Pringle, P.T.*: inTegraTing naTUral haZarDS reSearch anD eDUcaTion aT The commUniTY college leVel--geTTing STUDenTS anD TeacherS "oFF The SiDeWalK" USing Tree-ring reSearch anD oTher FielD STUDieS 9:45 AM Goddard, Charlotte Ives*; Braunmiller, Jochen; Lillie, Robert J.; Trehu, Anne: earThScoPe ParTnerShiPS WiTh eDUcaTorS - reaching The PUBlic 10:00 AM Break 21-8 21-9 10:15 AM Yeats, Robert S.*: regUlaTing againST SUrFace rUPTUre 10:30 AM Steele, William P. III.*: PaciFic norThWeST SeiSmic neTWorK, eDUcaTional oUTreach anD inFormaTion SerViceS 10:45 AM Roddey, James*: commUnicaTing earThQUaKe haZarDS anD riSK USing naTiVe american mYThS, ScienTiFic reSearch anD a FUnnY cloWn haT 11:00 AM Graves, Susan*: earThQUaKe & TSUnami eDUcaTion: releVanT, PracTical, Do-aBle 11:20 AM Horning, Thomas S.*: PreParing For The neXT caScaDia earThQUaKe anD TSUnami, SeaSiDe, oregon 11:35 AM Lyman-Holt, Alicia*; Cox, Daniel: inTegraTing cUrrenT TSUnami reSearch inTo earTh Science anD engineering cUrricUlUm aT local anD remoTe SiTeS 11:50 AM Discussion 22-11 22-12 22-8 22-5 22-4 Mills, Stuart J.; Fallon, Stewart J.; Southam, Gordon: carBon mineraliZaTion in mine TailingS anD imPlicaTionS For geoSeQUeSTraTion 22-3 8:35 AM Ott, Holger*; Taberner, Conxita; Tang, Yongchun; Makurat, Axel: chemical rocK/FlUiD inTeracTion: STaTic eXPoSUre oF carBonaTeS To h2S anD co2 UnDer reSerVoir conDiTionS 8:50 AM Rosenbauer, Robert*; Bischoff, James; Thomas, Burt: carBon SeQUeSTraTion in BaSalTic rocKS: eXPerimenTal reSUlTS anD geochemical moDeling 9:05 AM Kharaka, Yousif K.*; Thordsen, James J.; Cole, David R.: near SUrFace anD DeeP SUBSUrFace moniToring For SUcceSSFUl geologic STorage oF co2 9:20 AM Matter, Juerg M.*; Kelemen, Peter B.; Streit, Elisabeth: PermanenT carBon DioXiDe STorage anD mineral carBonaTion in geologic reSerVoirS 9:40 AM Tamulonis, Kathryn*; Jordan, Teresa E.; Slater, Brian: eXaminaTion oF The QUeenSTon FormaTion in cenTral neW YorK For geologic carBon DioXiDe STorage PoTenTial 9:55 AM Vasco, D.W.*; Rucci, Alessio; Ferretti, Alessandro; Novali, Fabrizio; Bissell, Rob; Ringrose, Philip; Mathieson, Allan; Wright, Iain: SaTelliTe-BaSeD meaSUremenTS oF SUrFace DeFormaTion reVeal FlUiD FloW aSSociaTeD WiTh The geological STorage oF carBon DioXiDe 10:10 AM Discussion 22-9 10:25 AM Mayer, Bernhard*; Johnson, Gareth; Shevalier, Maurice; Nightingale, Michael; Hutcheon, Ian: iSoToPic Tracing oF The FaTe oF inJecTeD co2 in maTUre oilFielDS in canaDa 10:40 AM Ogretim, Egemen O.*; Gray, Donald D.; Bromhal, Grant S.: eFFecT oF eXTremelY DeeP VaDoSe Zone on leaKing co2 10:55 AM Carroll, Susan*; McNab, Walt W.: an eXPerimenTal anD moDeling STUDY oF WellBore inTegriTY 11:15 AM O'Connor, William K.*; Rush, Gilbert E.: eValUaTion oF reSerVoir rocK anD Well Bore cemenT alTeraTion WiTh SUPercriTical co2 11:30 AM Newell, Dennis*: co2-rich mineral SPringS ­ naTUral analogS For a leaKing carBon SeQUeSTraTion Scenario? 11:45 AM Finley, Robert*: an inTegraTeD carBon SeQUeSTraTion DePloYmenT TeST aT DecaTUr, illinoiS






21-4 21-5







21-11 21-12

SeSSion no. 23

T131. Ancient Coastal and Subsea Sites: New Findings and Problems (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; Smithsonian Institution)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E146 Jean-Daniel Stanley and Daniel F. Belknap, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 23-1 8:05 AM Belknap, Daniel F.*: geologic PreSerVaTion PoTenTial oF coaSTal anD SUBmergeD archaeological SiTeS 8:20 AM Moshier, Stephen O.*; Felker, Benjamin; Gayed, Bahaa: FielD recogniTion anD remoTe SenSing oF an ancienT channel oF The PelUSiac nile, egYPT 8:35 AM Tronchère, Hervé; Salomon, Ferreol*; Schmitt, Laurent; Goiran, J.-Ph.; Callot, Yann; Preusser, Frank; Cavero, Julien: locaTing The ancienT aVariS harBor near The PelUSiac Branch in The eaSTern nile DelTa


SeSSion no. 22

T127. Science of Geologic Carbon Sequestration

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D135/136 Alexis Navarre-Sitchler and John Kaszuba, Presiding 22-1 8:00 AM Wilson, Siobhan A.*; Barker, Shaun L.L.; Dipple, Gregory M.; Raudsepp, Mati; Fallon, Stewart J.: carBon FiXaTion in mineral WaSTe From The moUnT KeiTh nicKel mine, WeSTern aUSTralia, aUSTralia 8:15 AM Dipple, Gregory*; Wilson, Siobhan A.; Barker, Shaun L.L.; Power, Ian; Thom, James M.; Raudsepp, Mati;




2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 147



23-4 8:50 AM Goiran, J.-Ph.*; Torab, M.; Carbonel, P.; Oberlin, Chr.: SeDimenTarY recorD oF The TomBolohePTaSTaDiUm oF aleXanDria, egYPT 9:05 AM Bernhardt, Christopher*; Stanley, Jean-Daniel: PalYnologic eViDence For Pre-PTolemaic SeTTlemenT oF aleXanDria, egYPT 9:20 AM Lowery, Darrin L.*: archaeological marine TranSgreSSion on The DelmarVa PeninSUla 9:35 AM Leach, Peter A.*; Chadwick, William J.; Belknap, Daniel F.: mUlTiPle PhaSeS in The marine TranSgreSSion oF coaSTal archaeological SiTeS in maine anD DelaWare 9:50 AM Break 23-8 10:05 AM Stanley, Jean-Daniel*; Geoarchaeology Program Team, The: SUBmergence oF greeK coaSTal SiTeS in The meDiTerranean: more Than JUST riSing Sea leVel 10:20 AM O'Shea, John M.*; Meadows, Guy A.; Reynolds, Robert G.; Eustice, Ryan M.: maPPing ancienT lanDScaPeS anD hUnTing SiTeS BeneaTh laKe hUron 10:35 AM Adovasio, J.M.; Hemmings, C. Andrew*: geoarchaeological eXPloraTionS on The inner-conTinenTal ShelF oF The FloriDa gUlF oF meXico 10:50 AM Evans, Amanda M.*; Keith, Matthew: TeSTing For SUBmergeD PrehiSToric archaeological SiTeS on The oUTer conTinenTal ShelF, norThWeSTern gUlF oF meXico, USa 11:05 AM Davis, Loren*; Jenevein, Steve: TheorY anD meThoD For locaTing laTe PleiSTocene-ageD archaeological SiTeS along oregon'S coaST 11:20 AM Wilson, Michael C.*: earlY PoSTglacial BiogeograPhY, SUBmergeD lanDScaPeS anD archaeological PoTenTial, San JUan iSlanDS anD SoUThern VancoUVer iSlanD, norThWeST norTh america 11:35 AM Ward, Brent C.*; Wilson, Michael C.: STraTigraPhic anD PaleoenVironmenTal STUDieS in raiSeD Sea caVeS, BriTiSh colUmBia: imPlicaTionS For The hUman coaSTal migraTion hYPoTheSiS 11:50 AM Discussion 24-13 24-9 24-10 24-7 24-5 9:05 AM Foley, Nora*; Ayuso, R.; Wandless, G.; Seal, R. II.; Bove, M.; Forni, F.; Indela, Rani: iSoToPe TracerS anD meTal TranSFer in a marine eSTUarY Zone: The callahan mine US-ePa SUPerFUnD SiTe, maine 9:20 AM Nelson, Mark R.*; Anton, Nicholas R.; Aitken, Greg: generaTion anD TranSPorT oF ToXic meTalS aT The FormoSa mine SUPerFUnD SiTe, DoUglaS coUnTY, oregon 9:35 AM Lindsay, Matthew B.J.*; Blowes, David W.; Condon, Peter D.; Ptacek, Carol J.: organic carBon amenDmenT oF mine TailingS For aTTenUaTion oF SUlFiDemineral oXiDaTion ProDUcTS 9:50 AM Baker, Leslie L.*; Rember, William C.; Sprenke, Kenneth F.; Hickey, Patrick J.; Strawn, Daniel G.: The role oF naTUral charcoal in meTal cYcling in miningimPacTeD WeTlanD SeDimenTS 10:05 AM Break 10:20 AM Van Metre, Peter*: increaSeD aTmoSPheric mercUrY DePoSiTion near maJor UrBan areaS 10:35 AM Gustin, Mae*; Eckley, Chris; Miller, Matthieu: non PoinT SoUrce mercUrY releaSeS To The air From TWo neVaDa golD mineS 10:50 AM Parsons, Matthew J.*; Long, David T.; Yohn, Sharon S.: aSSeSSing The naTUral recoVerY oF a highlY DiSTUrBeD laKe conTaminaTeD WiTh hg USing SeDimenT chronologieS anD a mUlTi-elemenT aPProach 11:05 AM Pizzuto, James E.*; Chen, Chunmei; Skalak, Katherine J.; Narinesingh, Pramenath; Yoo, Kyungsoo: raDionUcliDe DaTing oF mercUrY-conTaminaTeD Fine-graineD SeDimenT SToreD in The hYPorheic Zone oF The graVel-BeDDeD SoUTh riVer, Virginia 11:20 AM Skalak, Katherine*; Pizzuto, James: moDeling a cenTUrY oF mercUrY PollUTion in The SoUTh riVer, Virginia: a geological aPProach 11:35 AM concluding remarks



23-6 23-7










SUnDaY PoSTer Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 25

Advances in Geobiology and Geomicrobiology: Biological, Chemical and Physical Interactions (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 25-1 1 Préat, Alain R.Y. Sr.*; de Jong, Jeroen T.M.; De Ridder, Chantal Sr.; Gillan, David C.: PoSSiBle Fe iSoToPe FracTionaTion DUring microBiological ProceSSing in ancienT anD moDern marine enVironmenTS 2 Santillan, E.F.U.*; Bennett, Philip C.: changeS in microBial groWTh anD iron reDUcTion DUe To carBon SeQUeSTraTion 3 Loope, David B.*; Kettler, Richard M.; Weber, Karrie A.; Spanbauer, Trisha L.: iron-rich concreTionS DelineaTe PaleoFloW WiThin a co2-chargeD aQUiFer: naVaJo SanDSTone oF SoUTh-cenTral UTah 4 Kettler, Richard M.*; Loope, David B.; Weber, Karrie A.; Spanbauer, Trisha L.: The KanaB WonDerSTone: SiDeriTe oXiDaTion BY iron-oXiDiZing microorganiSmS 5 Bethke, Craig M.*; Sanford, Robert A.; Flynn, Theodore M.: The ThermoDYnamic laDDer in aQUiFer microBiologY

SeSSion no. 24

T139. Sources, Transport, and Fate of Trace and Toxic Elements in the Environment I (GSA Hydrogeology Division; International Association for GeoChemistry; GSA Geology and Health Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 253 LeeAnn Munk, David T. Long, and W. Berry Lyons, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 24-1 8:05 AM Nordstrom, D. Kirk*: hYDrogeochemical ProceSSeS goVerning The origin, TranSPorT, anD FaTe oF Trace elemenTS From mine WaSTeS anD mineraliZeD rocK 8:20 AM Fawcett, S.E.*; Jamieson, Heather E.; Nordstrom, D. Kirk; McCleskey, R.B.: geochemical conTrolS on arSenic anD anTimonY moBiliTY in SeDimenT anD Pore-WaTer in a mine-imPacTeD lacUSTrine enVironmenT 8:35 AM Duggan, Jessica; Ridley, John*; Stednick, John D.: longeViTY oF aciD rocK Drainage: mineralogical anD chemical comPariSon oF mine-WaSTe PileS anD PoST-glacial TalUS rocK ProDUcing aciDic SolUTionS 8:50 AM Seal, Robert R. II.*; Balistrieri, Laurie S.; Piatak, Nadine M.; Levitan, Denise M.: geochemiSTrY oF a FlooDeD mine PiT WiTh anoXic BoTTom WaTer in an eSTUarY, callahan mine SUPerFUnD SiTe, maine








148 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


25-6 6 Braswell, John J.*; Mojzsis, Stephen J.: SUlFUr, Trace meTalS, microBial commUniTY STrUcTUre, anD The eVolUTion oF aTmoSPheric oXYgen 7 Kwon, Man Jae*; O'Loughlin, Edward J.; Antonopoulos, Dionysios A.; Skinner, Kelly A.; Finneran, Kevin T.: aBioTic anD Biological TranSFormaTion oF heXahYDro-1,3,5-TriniTro-1,3,5-TriaZine (rDX) in aQUiFer SeDimenT 8 Yue, Ziming*: iSolaTion oF neW BacTeria From arSenic conTaminaTeD SoilS BY arSeniTe enrichmenT cUlTUre meThoD 9 de la Rue, Sarah R.*; Williams, Thomas J.; Isaacson, Peter E.: TASMANITES-enricheD UPPer DeVonian BlacK ShaleS: elecTron microScoPY anD chemical characTeriZaTion (Sem-eDX) 10 Lang, Darin M.*; Bailey, Zackary; Bernhard, Joan M.; Rathburn, Anthony E.: ForaminiFeral DiSTriBUTionS on a SUB-millimeTer Scale in meThane SeeP clam BeDS 11 Myers, Kimberly D.*; Bennett, Phillip: characTeriZaTion oF enVironmenTal FacTorS inFlUencing aQUaTic cYanoBacTeria DiSTriBUTion aT el TaTio geYSer FielD, chile 12 Barbara, Cavalazzi*; Cady, Sherry L.; Barbieri, Roberto: gliDing FilamenTS From PhormiDiUm SP. DominaTeD maT in QUenn'S laUnDrY Pool, YelloWSTone naTional ParK, US, anD el TaTio geoThermal area, chile 13 Blanco-Piñon, Aberto*; Zavala-Diaz de la Serna, Francisco Javier; Hernandez-Avila, Juan; Maurrasse, Florentin J.; Duque-Botero, Fabian: microScoPic BioFormS in PYriTic laYerS From The cenomanian/TUronian (UPPer creTaceoUS) agUa nUeVa FormaTion, XiliTla, cenTral meXico: a PreliminarY DeScriPTion 14 Grunert, Patrick; Harzhauser, Mathias; Piller, Werner E.*: FoSSil BacTerial cellS in earlY miocene ShaleS ­ SYnSeDimenTarY commUniTieS or PoSTSeDimenTarY inVaDerS? 15 Hugo, Richard C.*; Smythe, Wendy; Cady, Sherry: The role oF ePS in The SiliciFicaTion oF CALOTHRIX SPP. DominaTeD microBial maTS in hoT SPring ecoSYSTemS 16 Cady, Sherry L.*; Hugo, Richard C.; Smythe, Wendy; Stone, Justine; Hinman, Nancy W.; Blank, Carrine E.: recogniZing SignS oF liFe in oPaline Silica hYDroThermal DePoSiTS: a comPariSon oF BioSignaTUre SUiTeS in TWo geochemicallY DiSTincT hoT SPring DePoSiTS in YelloWSTone naTional ParK, USa 26-7 26-4 20 Austman, Christine L.*; Ansdell, Kevin M.; Annesley, Irvine R.: graniTic PegmaTiTe- anD leUcograniTe-hoSTeD UraniUm mineraliZaTion aDJacenT To The aThaBaSca BaSin, SaSKaTcheWan, canaDa: a DiFFerenT TargeT For UraniUm eXPloraTion 21 Cepedal, A.*; Fuertes-Fuente, M.; Martin-Izard, A.; García-Nieto, J.: ore mineralogY, alTeraTionS anD hYDroThermal FlUiD comPoSiTion oF a VariScan PorPhYrY-STYle aU(±cU) mineraliZaTion aT linareS DePoSiT, norThWeSTern SPain 22 Shaver, Stephen A.*; Manske, Scott L.; Currie, Jack; Fahey, Patrick L.; Maya, Jorge; Reynolds, T. James: The Sierra gorDa PorPhYrY cU-mo(aU) DePoSiT, region ii, norThern chile, ParT 1: alTeraTion, mineraliZaTion, anD FlUiD inclUSionS 23 Shaver, Stephen A.*; Manske, Scott L.; Currie, Jack; Fahey, Patrick L.; Maya, Jorge; Stein, Holly J.; Huard, John J.: The Sierra gorDa PorPhYrY cU-mo(aU) DePoSiT, region ii, norThern chile, ParT 2: inTrUSiVe relaTionS anD 40ar/39ar anD re-oS molYBDeniTe geochronologY oF The caTalina anD 281-Zone mineraliZaTion cenTerS 24 Dendas, Molly*; Mathur, Ryan; Titley, Spencer: PaTTernS in The coPPer iSoToPic comPoSiTion oF mineralS in PorPhYrY coPPer DePoSiTS in SoUThWeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 25 Storm, Lauren*; Friehauf, Kurt; Yuan, Zhenlei; Xiao, Ping; Moorehead, Anthony: mineraliZaTion WiThin The Dong goU PorPhYrY molYBDenUm DePoSiT, eaSTern Qinling moUnTainS, henan, china 26 Rusk, Brian G.*; Oliver, Nicholas H.S.; Zhang, Dexian; Brown, Alex; Lilly, Richard; Jungmann, Damian: comPoSiTionS oF magneTiTe anD SUlFiDeS From Barren anD mineraliZeD iocg DePoSiTS in The eaSTern SUcceSSion oF The mT iSa inlier, aUSTralia 27 Hutnik, Joseph J.*; Aldridge, David E.; Tselepis, Cynthia M.; Krekeler, Mark: FirST occUrrence oF SilVer, golD anD PlaTinUm in The YUcaTÁn 28 Zhang, Dexian; Rusk, Brian G.*; Oliver, Nicholas H.S.: Trace elemenTS in SUlFiDeS anD magneTiTe From The erneST henrY iron oXiDe-coPPer-golD DePoSiT, aUSTralia 29 Long, Ryan D.; Rusk, Brian G.*; Blenkinsop, Thomas G.; Oliver, Nicholas H.S.: ParageneSiS oF The Paroo FaUlT, moUnT iSa, QUeenSlanD, aUSTralia 30 Dolgopolova, Alla*; Syusyura, Boris; Seltmann, Reimar: main TYPeS oF coPPer DePoSiTS in The rePUBlic oF KaZaKhSTan 31 Johnson, C.A.*; Dumoulin, Julie A.; Slack, John F.; Whalen, Michael T.: carBon- anD niTrogen iSoToPe STraTigraPhY oF PhoSPhoriTe- anD SeDeX-relaTeD rocKS oF The carBoniFeroUS-Permian liSBUrne groUP, norThern alaSKa 32 Germer, LeAnn M.*; van Hees, E.H.: QUeST For hiDDen mineral reSoUrceS: a geochemical aPProach 33 Brownfield, Michael E.*: geologic aSSeSSmenT oF UnDiScoVereD hYDrocarBon reSoUrceS oF The WeSTern oregon anD WaShingTon ProVince 34 Brown, Philip*: hiSTorY oF high-graDe iron ore mining in norTh america - iS There a FUTUre? 35 Smith, Michael S.*: THE MINERS' & FARMERS' JOURNAL, charloTTe, nc: inFormaTion anD TechnologY eXchange in The SoUThern golD rUSh, 1830 ­ 1835 36 Ahn, Hyein*; Kyle, J. Richard; Gilg, H. Albert; Kolvoord, Roger: naTUre anD origin oF The Sierra moJaDa nonSUlFiDe Zn DePoSiTS, coahUila, meXico 37 Parra, Luis A.*; Childers, George A.; Fifarek, Richard H.; Guillemette, Renald N.; Palmer, Jim R.; Taylor, Donald R.:





















SeSSion no. 26

Economic Geology (Posters): All subjects, including IOCG and Porphyry Copper Deposits; Epithermal-Hot Springs; Non-Sulfide Ores; Gold; Magmas and Volatiles; and Copper in Asia

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 26-1 17 Arkadakskiy, Serguey V.; Creaser, Robert A.*; Richards, Jeremy P.; Hnatyshin, Danny; Hardy, Lisa: re-oS DaTing oF arSenoPYriTe From The galena mine -- eViDence For meSoProTeroZoic age oF The ag-PB-Zn mineraliZaTion in The coeUr D'alene DiSTricT, iDaho 18 Donoghue, Kellie*; Ware, Andrew; Ripley, Edward M.: SUlFUr iSoToPic STUDieS oF cU-ni SUlFiDe mineraliZaTion aSSociaTeD WiTh The Bic inTrUSion, Baraga coUnTY, michigan 19 Belien, Isolde*; Wilson, Tina; Fauria, Kristen; Cashman, Katharine; Rempel, Alan W.: gaS migraTion anD The FormaTion oF PaThWaYS ThroUgh high-crYSTalliniTY magmaS


26-16 26-17

26-18 26-19





2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 149



reDiScoVering SoUTheaST miSSoUri miSSiSSiPPi ValleY-TYPe PB-Zn DePoSiTS: The coBalT-nicKel enricheD higDon DePoSiT, maDiSon anD PerrY coUnTieS 26-22 38 Russin, Teresa Z.*; Fifarek, Richard H.: origin oF The laTe aUriFeroUS BariTe-BaSe meTal SUlFiDe anD goeThiTe-hemaTiTe STageS aT The SUmmiTVille highSUlFiDaTion cU-aU-ag DePoSiT, coloraDo 39 Phillips, Allison R.*; Larson, Peter; John, David A.: characTeriZing ancienT hYDroThermal SYSTemS oF SeVenmile hole in The granD canYon oF The YelloWSTone riVer, YelloWSTone naTional ParK, WiTh mineralogY, STaBle iSoToPeS, anD FlUiD inclUSionS 40 Pope, Emily C.*; Bird, Dennis K.; Arnorsson, Stefán; Fridriksson, Thráinn; Elders, Wilfred A.; Fridleifsson, Gudmundur Ó.: icelanD DeeP Drilling ProJecT (iDDP): STaBle iSoToPeS aS a Tracer oF FlUiD SoUrce anD eVolUTion in The KraFla geoThermal SYSTem 27-13 53 Testa, Stephen M.*; Wesling, John R.; Arcand, Will J.: SloPe STaBiliTY iSSUeS anD conSiDeraTionS aT SUrFace mineS in caliFornia 54 Cline, K. Michael*: aSSeSSing conSeQUenceS oF igneoUS acTiViTY For criTical FaciliTieS 55 Hamdan, Lubna K.*; Walton, John; Woocay, Arturo: a caSe STUDY For The PerFormance oF a nUclear geological rePoSiTorY in The UnSaTUraTeD Zone 56 Katzenstein, Kurt W.*: inSar-iDenTiFieD SUrFace DeFormaTion in The BlacK hillS region oF SoUTh DaKoTa anD WYoming

27-14 27-15



SeSSion no. 28

Geology and Health (Posters): Dust Hazards, Exposure and Consequences

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 28-1 57 Morrison-Ibrahim, Deborah E.*; Filippelli, Gabriel; Lin, Qing; Buehrer, Rosalice: geoSPaTial relaTionShiPS oF PB BeTWeen inTerior DUST anD eXTerior Soil: imPlicaTionS For SoUrceS oF PB To UrBan YoUTh 58 Le Blond, Jennifer*; Oppenheimer, Clive; Horwell, Claire; Williamson, Ben: crYSTalline Silica eXPoSUre DUring commercial SUgarcane ProDUcTion 59 Güereque, Mariana*; Fitzgerald, Rosa; Morris, Vernon: ParTicle SiZe DiSTriBUTion DUring aeroSe V eXPeDiTion 60 Domingo-Neumann, Rebecca*; Southard, Randal J.; Pinkerton, Kent E.: mineral DUST reTaineD in lUng TiSSUe oF reSiDenTS reFlecTS amBienT Pm10 mineralogY in FreSno, caliFornia


SeSSion no. 27

Engineering Geology (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 27-1 27-2 41 Peiris, Inoka*; Schmitz, Darrel W.; May, James: earThQUaKe riSK aSSeSmenT oF miSSiSSiPPi STaTe UniVerSiTY 42 Kaunda, Rennie*: Some common ProBlemS in locaTing SUiTaBle locaTionS For inclinomeTer PlacemenT in acTiVe SloPeS: DiScUSSion anD Some SUggeSTeD SolUTionS 43 De Graff, Jerome V.*; Gallegos, Alan J.; Wagner, David L.; DeRose, Margie; Shannon, Casey; Stroh, James M.; Ellsworth, Todd: The remarKaBle occUrrence oF large rainFall-inDUceD DeBriS FloWS aT TWo DiFFerenT locaTionS in The SoUThern Sierra neVaDa, ca on JUlY 12, 2008 44 Watts, Stephanie S.*; Watters, Robert J.: conTraSTing Paleo-SeiSmicallY inDUceD laTeral SPreaDing mechaniSmS in DiXie ValleY, nV ­ a geoTechnical analYSiS 45 Yu, Bin*: STUDY on The emPirical eQUaTion oF VelociTY oF ViScoUS DeBriS FloWS in channel 46 Baek, Yong*; Kwon, O-il; Park, Cheol-Hee: STUDY aBoUT riSK analYSiS oF cUT-SloPeS on The roaDSiDeS WiThin gangWon-Do 47 Gautam, Tej P.*; Kanda, Jun: ProBaBiliTY oF FailUre oF concreTe reTaining WallS DUe To earThQUaKeS in KanTo area, ToKYo 48 Thapalia, Anita*; Borrok, David M.; Nazarian, Soheil: TraDiTional Soil TeSTing meThoDS For eValUaTing corroSiVe PoTenTial are noT USeFUl For Some coarSe aggregaTeS 49 Rogers, J. David*: geologic inFlUence on 2008 miDWeST leVee FailUreS 50 Roig-Silva, Carla*; Berney, Ernest IV.; Robert, Stephanie: Soil DiSTUrBance anD ProPerTY changeS 51 Beyene, Nehemia Solomon*; Klima, Kurt; Brosch, Franz-Josef; Kurz, Walter: riSK aSSeSSmenT oF TecTonic STrUcTUreS - relaTeD To reSerVoir leaKage aT TenDaho reSerVoir; aFar DePreSSion, ne eThioPia 52 Lee, Hyunwoo*; Shim, Taek-Mo; Im, Chang-Bock; Kim, Sang-Yun; Baek, Yong: DeVeloPmenT oF PolicY anD ProceDUreS oF regUlaTorY inSPecTion aPPlieD To UnDergroUnD oPeningS For SaFeTY-relaTeD nUclear FaciliTieS 29-6 29-3 29-4 28-3 28-4 28-2


SeSSion no. 29

Geoscience Education (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 29-1 29-2 61 Hughes, Richard III.*: Slo aSSeSSmenT in geoScience coUrSeS: a Three STeP meThoD 62 Holmes, Mary Anne*; O'Connell, Suzanne: DUal career FacUlTY aPPoinTmenTS: a SUcceSSFUl moDel aT The UniVerSiTY oF neBraSKa-lincoln 63 Goetz, Eric*; Bertog, Janet L.: The DigiTal eXPloSion in Science eDUcaTion 64 Root, Tara L.*: oPPorTUniTieS For Teaching anD reSearch on UrBan naTUral areaS, Palm Beach coUnTY, Fl 65 Bitting, Kelsey S.*; Neitzke, Lauren C.; Halaw, Jackie; Withjack, Martha Oliver; Monet, Julie; Wright, James D.; Swisher, Carl III.: inQUirY-BaSeD learning in geoScience claSSroomS: inTeracTiVe acTiViTieS anD DemonSTraTionS 66 Weaver, Barry L.*; Elmore, R. Douglas; Burr, Rika Renee; Eodice, Michele; Wyre, Katie: enhancing WriTing PracTiceS For FUTUre geologiSTS 67 Hams, Jacquelyn E.*: From Beacon ValleY, anTarcTica To marS: Bringing The PolarTrec Teacher reSearch eXPerience To The claSSroom 68 Stapleton, Colleen P.*: reTenTion, moTiVaTion, anD KnoWleDge in Science anD geoScience coUrSeS 69 Lindline, Jennifer*; Martinez, Edward; Meyer, Michael; Petronis, Michael: eFFecTiVeneSS oF a Science agricUlTUral SUmmer eXPerience in aTTracTing rUral neW meXican STUDenTS To The geoScienceS


27-5 27-6




27-9 27-10 27-11


29-8 29-9


150 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


29-10 70 Houser, Perry*; Smith-Konter, Bridget: ShaPing eDUcaTion WiTh TechnologY: earThScoPe acTiVe earTh KioSK creaTeS an inTeracTiVe meDiUm For eXPloring DYnamic geological SeTTingS 71 Martínez-Colon, Michael*: mangroVeS- eXcellenT SiTe For Teacher WorKShoPS in PUerTo rico: noaanerrS graDUaTe reSearch FelloWShiP anD PUerTo rico Sea granT oUTreach comPonenTS 72 Pound, Kate S.*; Krissek, Lawrence; Jones, Megan H.; Leckie, R. Mark; St. John, Kristen E.: anTarcTic SeDimenT core inTerPreTaTion: eXerciSeS ThaT eXamine The `hoWS' anD `WhYS', While BUilDing STUDenT SKillS anD KnoWleDge 73 Dohaney, Jacqueline*; Kennedy, Ben: SUcceSSFUl groUP WorK in an inTroDUcTorY mineralogY laB SeTTing 74 St. John, Kristen*; Leckie, R. Mark; Pound, Kate S.; Jones, Megan H.; Krissek, Lawrence: Teaching aBoUT climaTe cYcleS: a neW comPrehenSiVe STUDenT-acTiVe learning moDUle From BUilDing core KnoWleDge For The UnDergraDUaTe claSSroom 75 Brooks, Whitney D.*; De Paor, Declan G.: conSTrUcTion anD PreSenTaTion oF google earTh moDelS For UnDergraDUaTe geoScience eDUcaTion 76 Leckie, R. Mark*; St. John, Kristen; Jones, Megan H.; Pound, Kate S.; Pyle, Eric J.; Krissek, Lawrence: `BUilDing core KnoWleDge ­ reconSTrUcTing earTh hiSTorY': comPrehenSiVe STUDenT-acTiVe learning moDUleS For Teaching aBoUT gloBal climaTe change 77 Iqbal, Mohammad*: iDeaS anD STePS inVolVeD in DeSigning a hYDrologY meThoDS coUrSe ThroUgh a naTional Science FoUnDaTion granT 78 Rademacher, Laura K.*; Burmeister, Kurtis C.; Colafrancesco, Kaitlen C.; Brodie, Carol; Jacobson, Steve: eSTaBliShing a reSiDenTial learning commUniTY in The earTh anD enVironmenTal ScienceS 79 Jones, Megan H.*; Leckie, R. Mark; St. John, Kristen; Pound, Kate S.; Krissek, Lawrence: Teaching aBoUT The Paleocene-eocene Thermal maXimUm (PeTm): an inQUirY-BaSeD, DaTa-rich caSe STUDY in aBrUPT climaTe change For a VarieTY oF UnDergraDUaTe SeTTingS 80 Waggett, Caryl; Cole, Ronald B.*; Silva, Vesta; Comber, Melissa: WaTer anD healTh inTerDiSciPlinarY coUrSe collaBoraTion: PromoTing earTh ProceSS aWareneSS anD ciVic engagemenT 81 Pun, Aurora*; Smith, Gary A.: Teaching PhYSical geologY WiTh a learning acTiViTY SeQUence moTiVaTeS STUDenT inTereST, learning, anD SUcceSS 82 Stokes, Alison*; Anderson, Mark W.: WhaT iS The PUrPoSe oF FielDWorK? changeS in UnDergraDUaTe concePTionS oVer a Three-Year Degree Program 83 Lahm, Terry*: an innoVaTiVe meThoD To engage STUDenTS in The UnDergraDUaTe geologic cUrricUlUm ThroUgh comPUTaTional moDeling anD ViSUaliZaTion ToolS 84 Savage, Kaye*: arT anD earTh: a hanDS-on inTroDUcTorY geoScience coUrSe 85 Jolley, Alison*; Lane, Erin: a neW Tool For inVeSTigaTing UnDergraDUaTe aTTiTUDeS aBoUT earTh Science 86 Becker, Timothy E.*; Reynolds, Valerie S.: FielD gUiDe To BUchan-TYPe meTamorPhiSm oF The WaTerVille FormaTion, maine 87 Gates, Kristin B.*; Reynolds, Valerie S.; Rueger, Bruce F.: colBY college From a geologiST'S PerSPecTiVe: BUilDing SToneS aS Teaching ToolS 88 Miele, Eleanor*; Powell, Wayne; Adams, Jennifer: ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT oF inSTrUcTorS 29-32 ThroUgh ProFeSSor-Teacher-BaSeD Team Teaching in earTh-Science Teacher PreParaTion coUrSeS 29-29 89 Toke, Nathan A.*; Darby, Kate; Cook, Elizabeth; Mead, Chris; Brian, Jennifer; Benn, Troy; Fisher, Stuart; Boone, Christopher G.; Semken, Steven: PeDagogY in inTerDiSciPlinarY higher eDUcaTion: an inVeSTigaTion oF FacUlTY anD STUDenT PerSPecTiVeS 90 Wenner, Jennifer M.*; Baer, Eric M.D.; Burn, Helen: The maTh YoU neeD When YoU neeD it: leSSonS learneD From PiloT STUDieS oF QUanTiTaTiVe reSoUrceS For inTroDUcTorY geoScience STUDenTS 91 Guebert, Michael D.*; Chase, Melissa S.: WaTer reSoUrceS, SaniTaTion, anD commUniTY healTh: an inTerDiSciPlinarY, inTernaTional, SerVice-learning eDUcaTional Program 92 Graziano, Robert J.*: eDUcaTional BeneFiTS oF a large WaTer anD SeDimenT re-circUlaTing FlUme For SeDimenTarY geologY leSSonS 93 Parcell, William C.*; Parcell, Lisa Mullikin: commUnicaTing concePTUal anD cogniTiVe UncerTainTY WiTh hermeneUTicS anD SemioTicS: eXamPleS From STraTigraPhic aPPlicaTionS 94 Kirkby, Kent*; Morin, Paul; Hamilton, Patrick; Tzenis, Connie; Phipps, Molly: creaTing STUDenT eXPloraTionS oF mUSeUm eXhiBiTS For UnDergraDUaTe earTh Science eDUcaTion 95 Goodwillie, Andrew M.; Reed, Donald; Ryan, Jeff*; Manduca, Cathryn A.; Hickey-Vargas, Rosemary; Goodliffe, Andrew; Abers, Geoff: Bringing nSF-marginS Science To The UnDergraDUaTe claSSroom 96 Gazis, Carey A.*; Pratt-Sitaula, Beth; Kurtz, Martha; Quitadamo, Ian; Wagner, Ronald: YaKima WaTerS ProJecT: WaTerSheD acTiViTieS To enhance reSearch in SchoolS 97 Brown, Catherine*; Volkman, Karl E.; Sternberg, Michael; Hartford, Jan; Devore, Melanie L.; Pigg, Kathleen B.: The SToneroSe inTerPreTiVe cenTer oF rePUBlic, WaShingTon: a moDel in PUBlic geoScience eDUcaTion 98 Schwab, Brandon Edward*: collaBoraTiVe learning in UnDergraDUaTe eXPerimenTal PeTrologY anD analYTical meThoDS coUrSe USing 1-aTm FUrnace, Sem, anD ePma 99 Stewart, Kevin G.*; Ting, Raymond; Leung, Yu-Fai: STarTing earlY: geoScience liTeracY anD career eXPloraTion For miDDle School STUDenTS 100 Brown, Anita L.*; Petersen, Erich U.: FaST, QUanTiTaTiVe rocK mineralogY WiTh QemScan: The QUieT reVolUTion in rocK characTeriZaTion 101 Glass, Alexander*: ThiS cannoT Be eXPlaineD naTUrallY! aDDreSSing inTelligenT DeSign creaTioniSm While Teaching aBoUT The naTUre oF Science USing an "imPoSSiBle oBJecT" 102 Snow, Eleanour*; Olson, Hilary Clement; Ellins, Katherine K.: USing an on-line commUniTY To connecT TeacherS acroSS TeXaS; leSSonS From The TXeSS reVolUTion






29-13 29-14




















29-24 29-25 29-26

SeSSion no. 30

Geoscience Information/Communication (Posters): New Horizons on the Digital Information Landscape

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 30-1 30-2 103 Wirth, Andrea A.*: oPen acceSS oPPorTUniTieS in The geoScienceS: "green oa" 104 Wysession, Michael E.*; Budd, David A.; Conklin, Martha H.; Kappel, Ellen; LaDue, Nicole; Raynolds, Robert G.;



2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 151



Ridky, Robert W.; Ross, Robert M.; Tewksbury, Barbara J.; Tuddenham, Peter: earTh Science liTeracY PrinciPleS: a geocommUniTY conSenSUS 30-3 105 Hasenmueller, Nancy R.*; Hasenmueller, Walter A.; Hill, Barbara T.; Eaton, Nathan K.; Radhakrishnan, Premkrishnan: neW horiZonS For The inDiana geological SUrVeY'S geologic nameS DaTaBaSe anD WeB SiTe 106 Suchy, Daniel R.*: KanSaS geological SUrVeY geoScience inFormaTion on The inTerneT 107 Evans, Thomas J.; Robertson, James M.*; Schoephoester, Peter R.: PreSerVing inSTiTUTional memorY: creaTing a DigiTal PicKle Jar? 108 Karpilo, Ronald D.; O'Meara, Stephanie A.; Thornberry-Ehrlich, Trista L.*; Stanton, Heather I.; Chappell, James R.: geologic reSoUrceS inVenTorY oF oUr naTional ParKS 109 Marvin, Rich*: BeST aVailaBle DaTa: The Danger oF USing UnQUaliFieD near real-Time hYDrologic DaTa For Science 110 Richard, Stephen M.*; CGI Interoperability Working Group, IUGS: geoSciml DeVeloPmenT STaTUS rePorT 111 Grunberg, Wolfgang; Richard, Stephen M.; Clark, Ryan C.*: caTalog SerVice For The WeB, DeVeloPmenT oF inTeroPeraBle SerVice For DiScoVering geoScience reSoUrceS 112 Richard, Stephen M.*; Allison, M. Lee; Clark, Ryan C.; Grunberg, Wolfgang: USgin: inTeroPeraBle geoScience DaTa SerViceS on The WeB--hoW Do We geT There? 32-4

SeSSion no. 32

Paleontology: Paleoenvironments, Paleocommunities, Biogeography & Biostratigraphy (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 32-1 123 Knight, Cassi*; Gastaldo, Robert A.; Neveling, Johann: laTe Permian PaleoenVironmenTal FacTorS eXPoUnDeD ThroUgh analYSiS oF a ForeST-Floor PaleoSol ProFile, Karoo BaSin, SoUTh aFrica 124 Pludow, Bryce A.*; Gastaldo, Robert A.; Neveling, Johann: DeciPhering The earlY TriaSSic recoVerY enVironmenT: The Search For mUD aggregaTeS in The Karoo BaSin, SoUTh aFrica 125 Abebe, Nardos T.*; Peck, John A.; Shanahan, Timothy M.; King, John W.; Overpeck, Jonathan T.; Scholz, Christopher A.: XrD-mineralogY oF laKe BoSUmTWi (ghana) SeDimenTS aS a ProXY For PaST hYDrologic VariaBiliTY oF WeST aFrica 126 Dzaugis, Mary E.*; Droser, Mary L.; Gehling, James G.; Dzaugis, Matthew P.; Sappenfield, Aaron: WhaT'S hiDing UnDer The BeD? BeD-To-BeD heTerogeneiTY oF a neWlY eXcaVaTeD SUcceSSion oF The eDiacara memBer, raWnSleY QUarTZiTe, SoUTh aUSTralia 127 Karim, Talia S.*: Paleoecologic SigniFicance oF laTe iBeXian (loWer orDoVician) TriloBiTeS From The ShalloW BaY FormaTion (coW heaD groUP), WeSTern neWFoUnDlanD 128 Charsky, Alyssa*; Beltran, James; Knight, Cassi; Lanphier, Henry W.; Malick, Geoffrey T.; Mathes, Samuel B.; McCarthy, Andrew L.; Oakes, Jeffery A.; Schwarz, Jacob J.; Gastaldo, Robert A.: miDDle DeVonian (emSian-eiFelian) miXeD TerreSTrial, eSTUarine, anD marineinVerTeBraTe aSSemBlageS From The TroUT ValleY FormaTion, BaXTer STaTe ParK, maine 129 Lord, Edwin*; Walker, Sally E.: The PaleoecologY oF a miSSiSSiPPian reeF From norThWeSTern georgia 130 Wehner, Matthew*; Raymond, Anne: PermineraliZeD ALETHOPTERIS AMBIGUA leSQUereUX From The PennSYlVanian coalS oF ioWa: PaleoclimaTic anD Paleoecological imPlicaTionS 131 Romanchock, Charles M.*; DiMichele, William A.; Chaney, Dan: relaTing PaleoBoTanic, Paleoecologic, anD PaleoclimaTic VariaTion in The PennSYlVanianPermian marKleY FormaTion oF norTh-cenTral TeXaS 132 Lupia, R.*; Pack, J.M.; Soreghan, M.J.; Soreghan, G.S.; Burkhalter, R.J.: PreliminarY SUrVeY oF WellingTon FormaTion (Permian, oKlahoma) PaleoBoTanY 133 Norman, Jessica R.*; Heckert, Andrew B.; Krzyzanowski, Stan E.; Rinehart, Larry F.; Lucas, Spencer G.: neW microVerTeBraTe FaUnal aSSemBlage From The UPPer TriaSSic BlUe meSa memBer oF The PeTriFieD ForeST FormaTion in The BlUe hillS, eaST-cenTral ariZona 134 Tanner, Lawrence H.*; Lucas, Spencer G.: FoSSil charcoal in chinle groUP STraTa (UPPer TriaSSic), norThern ariZona: DiSTriBUTion anD SigniFicance 135 Bonde, Joshua W.*; Varrichio, David J.; Jackson, Frankie D.: a neW DinoSaUr aSSemBlage From The loWer creTaceoUS (alBian) oF SoUThern neVaDa 136 Main, Derek J.*: DelTa Plain enVironmenTS anD ecologY oF The creTaceoUS (cenomanian) WooDBine FormaTion aT The arlingTon archoSaUr SiTe, norTh TeXaS 137 Shirk, Aubrey M.*; Bonde, Joshua W.; Druschke, Peter A.; Hilton, Richard P.: TWo DiSTincT Frog DeaTh

30-4 30-5





30-8 30-9



SeSSion no. 31

Mineralogy/Crystallography (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 31-1 113 Chan, Chien-Lu*: a PeriPaTeTic aPProach To DiamonDiSm UTiliZing carBon in a SoliD SolUTion oF a meTal oF groUP Viii aS a SoUrce 114 Grew, Edward S.*; Hazen, Robert M.: eVolUTion oF The mineralS oF BerYlliUm, a QUinTeSSenTial crUSTal elemenT 115 Nicholls, Jim*: reFlecTion anD reFracTion aT crYSTal SUrFaceS in Thin SecTion 116 Krekeler, Mark*: mineralogical inVeSTigaTionS oF caThoDic regionS oF DiSPoSaBle SPenT alKaline BaTTerieS 117 Mills, Stuart J.*; Kampf, Anthony R.; Raudsepp, Mati; Poirier, Glenn: neW Fe-Bearing memBerS oF The oliVeniTe groUP From The BlacK Pine mine, monTana 118 Henry, Darrell*; Novák, Milan; Hawthorne, Frank; Ertl, Andreas; Dutrow, Barbara L.; Uher, Pavel; Pezzotta, Federico: The ToUrmaline groUP mineralS: a conSiSTenT nomenclaTUre 119 Gerwitz, Andrew*: mineralogical analYSiS oF a gUmmi BeD From The miDDle DeVonian 120 Rusk, Brian G.*: inSighTS inTo hYDroThermal ProceSSeS From caThoDolUmineScence anD Trace elemenTS in QUarTZ 121 Barkley, Madison C.*; Downs, Robert T.: claSSiFicaTion anD ToPologY oF hYDrogen enVironmenTS in hYDroUS mineralS 122 Morton, Patrick Thomas*; Terry, Michael: DeFormaTion mechaniSmS in QUarTZ anD Their imPlicaTion For The conDiTionS oF DeFormaTion aT The DeeP UnDergroUnD Science anD engineering laBoraTorY (homeSTaKe mine) leaD, SoUTh DaKoTa, USa


32-7 32-8


31-3 31-4






31-7 31-8







152 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


aSSemBlageS From The SheeP PaSS FormaTion (maaSTrichTian-eocene), eaST-cenTral neVaDa 32-16 138 Loope, Garrison R.*: FoSSil PlanTS in The eocene greenhoUSe: DeciPhering an alaSKan PaleoclimaTe WiTh PeTriFieD leaVeS 139 Volkman, Karl E.*; Pigg, Kathleen B.; Devore, Melanie L.: an hiSTorical oVerVieW oF PaleonTological reSearch oF The eocene rePUBlic localiTY, norTheaSTern WaShingTon STaTe, USa 140 Pigg, Kathleen B.*; Devore, Melanie L.; Benedict, John C.; Taylor, Witt: The SigniFicance oF TroPical PlanT occUrrence in The rePUBlic Flora 141 DeVore, Melanie L.*; Pigg, Kathleen B.; Volkman, Karl E.: USing The rePUBlic Flora To UnDerSTanD aQUaTic ecoSYSTemS oF The eocene 142 Breedlovestrout, Renee L.*: PreliminarY oBSerVaTionS on The Floral DiVerSiTY in The earlY TerTiarY chUcKanUT FormaTion, norThWeST WaShingTon, USa 143 Lovelock, Elizabeth Clare*; Tiffney, Bruce H.: The eocene moonlighT Flora, PlUmaS coUnTY, caliFornia, anD The clarno connecTion 144 Kouwenberg, Lenny*; Punyasena, Surangi W.: FlUcTUaTing aSYmmeTrY in leaVeS: a PoTenTial ProXY For PaleoeleVaTion ? 145 Belding, Elyssa*; Wilson, Mark A.; Sharpe, Meredith; Bowen, Jeff; Lehmann, Sophie: eQUaTorial PaleocommUniTieS anD PaleoenVironmenTS oF The maTmor FormaTion (laTe calloVian, miDDle JUraSSic) oF SoUThern iSrael 146 Garcia Inguanti, Carla*; Gurocak-Orhun, Ozlem; Matthews, Francis Alex; Collins, Laurel S.; O'Dea, Aaron: miocene ForaminiFeral BioFacieS along The cariBBean coaST oF norThWeST Panama 147 Gurocak-Orhun, Ozlem*; Collins, Laurel S.: PaleoenVironmenTS oF The UPPer miocene TUira FormaTion, Darien, Panama 148 Klaus, James S.*; McNeill, Donald F.; Budd, Ann F.: coral FaUnal ParTiTioning anD reeF DeVeloPmenT WiThin a miXeD carBonaTe-SiliciclaSTic SeQUence STraTigraPhic conTeXT 149 Tichenor, Hal R. Jr.*; Lewis, Ronald D.: aSSemBlageS oF aTTacheD (encrUSTing) ForaminiFera acroSS a Small, carBonaTe PlaTForm, San SalVaDor, BahamaS 150 Chang, Lucy*; Fox, David L.; Badgley, Catherine: BiogeograPhY oF eXTanT norTh american mammalS: SPaTial TUrnoVer in relaTion To climaTic anD PhYSiograPhic VariaBleS 151 Westgate, James W.*: FirST recorDS oF TWo large lanD mammalS in miDDle eocene coaSTal Plain STraTa oF TeXaS 152 Knight, Terrell K.*; Bingham, P. Sean; Grimaldi, David A.; Anderson, Ken B.; Lewis, Ronald D.; Savrda, Charles E.: UPPer creTaceoUS (SanTonian) amBer From The ingerSoll Shale (eUTaW FormaTion), eaSTern alaBama: moDeS oF ocUrrence, characTer, FoSSil inclUSionS, anD PaleoBoTanical aFFiniTY 153 King, James L.*; Ebersole, Sandy M.: DinoSaUrian FaUna oF The SoUTheaSTern UniTeD STaTeS 154 Hoganson, John W.*: FirST rePorT anD BiogeograPhic SigniFicance oF an eXTremelY large glaDiUS oF TUSOTEUTHIS LONGA logan (coleoiDea, TeUThiDa) From The PemBina memBer oF The Pierre FormaTion (camPanian) in norTh DaKoTa 155 Frederick, Philip A. Jr.*; Rohr, David M.: laTe orDoVician ThroUgh miDDle SilUrian gaSTroPoDa oF The eaSTern greaT BaSin 32-35 32-34 156 Leatham, W. Britt*; Robles, Matthew R.: DeVonian PhacoPiD TriloBiTeS anD lingUloiD BrachioPoDS aT The BaSe oF The KaSKaSKia SeQUence in The miogeoclinal liPPincoTT SanDSTone, BaSal loST BUrro FormaTion, norThern noPah range, eaSTern caliFornia, USa 157 Casier, Jean-Georges*; Cambier, Geoffrey; Devleeschouwer, Xavier; Petitclerc, Estelle; Préat, Alain: oSTracoDeS, rocK FacieS anD magneTic SUScePTiBiliTY oF The TroiS-FonTaineS / TerreS D'haUrS TranSiTion in The TYPe localiTY For The giVeTian 158 Lucas, Spencer G.*: a TriaSSic TimeScale 2009 159 Spielmann, Justin*; Lucas, Spencer G.; Heckert, Andrew B.; Sullivan, Robert; Jasinski, Steve: lanD-VerTeBraTe FaUnachronS, giS anD claDoTaXonomY: ToWarDS a gloBal TriaSSic TeTraPoD BiochronologY 160 Lewis, Caitlin M.*; Arntzen, Katherine; McKinney, Kevin C.: STraTigraPhic illUminaTion: DigiTiZing The USgS DenVer inoceramiD collecTion 161 Arntzen, Katherine*; Lewis, Caitlin M.; McKinney, Kevin C.: iDenTiFYing inoceramiDS WiTh William a. coBBan'S USgS DigiTiZeD Primer 162 Labandeira, Conrad C.*: The long-ProBoSciD PollinaTion SYnDrome in miD meSoZoic eUraSia: imPlicTionS For YiXian FormaTion age 163 Baxter, Alan T.*; Aitchison, Jonathan C.; Zyabrev, Sergey V.; Ali, Jason R.: DiScoVerY oF loWer creTaceoUS raDiolarianS From The SPonTang oPhioliTe, laDaKh, nW inDia: imPlicaTionS For neo-TeThYan eVolUTion 164 Braudy, Nicole*; Landman, Neil H.; Garb, Matthew P.; Johnson, Ralph O.: a laTe creTaceoUS FaUnal aSSemBlage aT rancocaS, neW JerSeY: BioSTraTigraPhic imPlicaTionS 165 Shahin, Safaa M.*; Mohamed, Saad A.; Scott, David B.; Ayyad, Salah N.; Shahin, Abdalla M.; Faris, Mahmoud M.: inTegraTeD PlanKTonic ForaminiFera anD calcareoUS nannoFoSSil BioSTraTigraPhY oF The UPPer maaSTrichTian-loWer eocene SUcceSSion in WeSTen Sinai, egYPT 166 Martin, James E.; Di Pasquo, Mercedes; Case, Judd A.*; Sawyer, J. Foster: The age oF a TheroPoD DinoSaUr, BaSeD UPon aSSociaTeD PalYnoaSSemBlageS, From The SnoW hill iSlanD FormaTion (maaSTrichTian) aT The naZe, JameS roSS iSlanD, anTarcTica 167 Kumar, Arun*: mega-TSUnami hYPoTheSiS To eXPlain PreSence oF reWorKeD araBian carBoniFeroUS PalYnomorPhS in The Panna FormaTion (PaleoceneearlY eocene) oF The mUmBai oFFShore BaSin, inDia 168 Fluegeman, Richard H.*: The Paleocene-eocene TranSiTion in The eaSTern gUlF coaSTal Plain: PlanKTonic ForaminiFeral BioSTraTigraPhY 169 Famoso, Nicholas A.*; Pagnac, Darrin: a comPariSon oF The TaXonomic comPoSiTon oF meDial miocene eQUiDS (mammalia: PeriSSoDacTYla) From The miSSion PiT, SoUTh DaKoTa anD aShFall FoSSil BeDS, neBraSKa 170 Gensler A, Philip*; Samuels, Joshua X.; Meachen-Samuels, Julie: a Pliocene (Blancan nalma) occUrrence oF The UrSaVine Bear, AGRIOTHERIUM CF. SCHNEIDERI FROM HAGERMAN FOSSIL BEDS NATIONAL MONUMENT, ID 171 Dundas, Robert G.*; Harmsen, Frederika J.; Wakabayashi, John: MAMMUTHUS anD CAMELOPS From PleiSTocene STraTa along The calTranS STaTe roUTe 180 WeST ProJecT, FreSno, caliFornia 172 Ibarra, Yesenia*; Dundas, Robert G.; Harmsen, Frederika J.; Van de Water, Peter: laTe PleiSTocene BISON cF. B.




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32-31 32-32





2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 153




LATIFRONS From FreSno, caliFornia WiTh commenTS on The age oF The UPPer UniT oF The moDeSTo FormaTion 33-14 186 Rea, James C.*; Varekamp, Johan C.; Mandeville, Charles; Goss, Adam R.; Colvin, Anna: regional magmaTic SeTTing oF callaQUi Volcano (S-anDeS, chile) 187 Kohut, Edward*; Tamura, Yoshihiko; Stern, Robert: haBs, PicriTeS anD more: emerging DeTailS on magmaTic ProceSSeS aT PrimiTiVe arc VolcanoeS in The SoUThern marianaS 188 White, John Charles*; Parker, Don F.; Ren, Minghua: The origin oF TrachYTe anD The "DalY gaP" aT PanTelleria, iTalY 189 Gray, Taryn R.*; Hanley, Jacob; Dostal, Jaroslav: a reViSeD PeTrogenic hiSTorY For The laTe PaleoZoic FelSic Volcanic rocKS oF The harVeY FormaTion, SoUThern neW BrUnSWicK, canaDa 190 Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, Azadeh*; Karimpour, Mohammad H.; Stern, Charles; Stern, Charles R.: PeTrologY oF orerelaTeD inTrUSiVe rocKS in maheraBaD PorPhYrY cU-aU ProSPecT area, eaST oF iran 191 Karimpour, Mohammad H.; Stern, Charles R.; Farmer, G. Lang; Moradi, Mehrab*: geologY anD PeTrologY oF TWo DiSTincT TYPeS oF graniToiDS, eaSTern naJmaBaD, ghonaBaD, iran 192 Ahadnejad, Vahid*; Valizadeh, Mohammad Vali: ThermoBaromeTrY oF malaYer S-TYPe graniTeS, WeSTern iran 193 Jamshidi Badr, Mahboobeh*; Collins, Alan.S; Masoudi, Fariborz; Mahrabi, Behzad: DeTriTal U-PB Zircon DaTing oF graniToiDS in The SoUrSaT comPleX(nW iran) 194 Zhang, Tao*; Paterson, Scott R.; Mundil, Roland; He, Bin: high PreciSion U-PB geochronologY oF The FangShan PlUTon, BeiJing, china: imPlicaTion For The incremenTal groWTh oF ZoneD PlUTonS 195 MacGillivray, Holly M.*; Economos, Rita; Paterson, Scott: eXaminaTion oF a Volcanic-PlUTonic conTacT in a TilTeD magmaTic arc crUSTal SecTion in SoUThWeSTern mongolia 196 Hetherington, Callum J.*: Zircon, XenoTime anD monaZiTe STaBiliTY in eVolVing PegmaTiTe FlUiDS: imPlicaTionS For geochronomeTer STaBiliTY in igneoUS anD meTamorPhic SYSTemS 197 Poma, Stella*; Quenardelle, Sonia; Koukharsky, Magdalena: PUna graniTic PlUToniSm aS PoSSiBle norThern conTinUaTion oF The laTe PaleoZoic­earlY TriaSSic magmaTic arc From The FronTal corDillera, argenTina 198 Coint, Nolwenn*; Barnes, Calvin G.: comPariSon BeTWeen rooF DiKeS anD eQUiValenT inTrUSiVe rocKS From The WooleY creeK BaTholiTh anD The SlinKarD PlUTon, KlamaTh moUnTainS, caliFornia: a laSer aBlaTion icP-mS STUDY oF aUgiTe 199 Barth, A.P.*; Wooden, J.L.; Mueller, P.A.; Kamenov, G.D.; Mazdab, F.K.: Thermal anD magmaTic eVolUTion oF a calc-alKalic BaTholiTh recorDeD in elemenTal anD iSoToPic comPoSiTionS oF SilicaTe mineral aSSemBlageS: Big Bear laKe inTrUSiVe SUiTe, San BernarDino moUnTainS, caliFornia 200 El-Shazly, Aley K.*; Napier, Jeffrey; Sanderson, Dewey: PeTrologY anD geochemiSTrY oF The melroSe STocK, eaST cenTral neVaDa 201 Moore, Dan K.*; Jordan, Benjamin R.; Wood, Rebekah E.; Sant, Christopher J.; Miller, Barry C.: PeTrologY oF The igneoUS rocKS oF SaWTell PeaK, iDaho, U.S.a 202 MacDonald, James H. Jr.; Miller, Robert B.; Schoonmaker, Adam*; Harper, Gregory D.: geochemiSTrY oF The laTe JUraSSic QUarTZ moUnTain STocK, manaSTaSh inlier, cenTral caScaDeS, WaShingTon: imPlicaTionS For iTS TecTonic SeTTing

SeSSion no. 33

Petrology, Igneous (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 33-1 173 Kelley, Janetta*; Zyla, Adam; Schwab, Brandon Edward: eXPerimenTal inVeSTigaTion oF an-Di PhaSe eQUiliBria aT 1-aTm, a collaBoraTiVe coUrSe ProJecT 174 Barr, Mary Alice*; Schwab, Brandon Edward: PreliminarY reSUlTS From 1.5 gPa ParTial melTing eXPerimenTS USing Fer-a anD Fer-e PeriDoTiTe comPoSiTionS anD ViTreoUS carBon SPhereS 175 Jenner, Frances*; O'Neill, Hugh St.C.; Mavrogenes, John A.; Arculus, Richard J.: a neW gloBal DaTaBaSe oF geochemical analYSeS oF SeaFloor Volcanic glaSSeS 176 Ustunisik, Gokce K.*; Kilinc, Attila: crYSTal SiZe DiSTriBUTionS (cSDs) in a BaSalTic FloW aT The Small haSanDag Volcano, cenTral TUrKeY: comPariSon oF calcUlaTeD reSiDence TimeS WiTh PlagioclaSe anD clinoPYroXene crYSTalS 177 Parker, Don F.*; Hodges, Floyd N.; Perry, Anna; Mitchener, Michael E.; Barnes, Melanie A.; Ren, Minghua: geochemiSTrY anD PeTrologY oF laTe eocene caScaDe heaD anD YachaTS BaSalTS anD alKalic inTrUSionS oF The cenTral oregon coaST range, U.S.a 178 Jordan, Benjamin R.*; Embree, Glenn F.; Moore, Dan K.; Ard, Meesha; Sant, Christopher J.: PeTrologY anD geochemiSTrY oF BaSalTic PilloW laVaS in TeTon canYon, iDaho, U.S.a 179 Thompson, Jay M.*; Peate, David; Rowe, Michael C.; Ukstins Peate, Ingrid: originS oF comPoSiTional VariaTionS in Small VolUme BaSalTS: elemenTal, iSoToPic anD melT inclUSion eViDence From The ice SPringS BaSalT FloW, UTah 180 D'Errico, Megan*; Surpless, Benjamin; Smith, Diane: emPlacemenT mechaniSmS anD PeTrologic characTeriSTicS oF BaSalT FloWS oF The BlacK gaP SYncline, WeST TeXaS 181 Wegert, Daniel J.*; Edlin, David K.; Parker, Don F.: PeTrogeneSiS oF The raTon-claYTon Volcanic FielD, norTheaSTern neW meXico 182 Fellah, Kamilla*; Wolff, John A.; Goff, Fraser: geochemiSTrY oF Volcanic rocKS From The moUnT TaYlor Volcanic FielD, anD comPariSon WiTh The nearBY JemeZ moUnTainS 183 Caporuscio, Florie A.*; Gardner, Jamie N.; Schultz-Fellenz, Emily S.; Kelley, Richard E.: FoSSil FUmarolic PiPeS in The TShirege memBer oF The BanDelier TUFF 184 Needy, S.K.*; Barth, A.P.; Jacobson, C.E.; Mazdab, F.K.; Wooden, J.L.: TracKing The eVolUTion oF miD cenoZoic Silicic magma SYSTemS in The SoUThern chocolaTe moUnTainS region, caliFornia USing Zircon geochemiSTrY anD QUarTZ anD Zircon geoThermomeTrY 185 Ricker, Christopher*; Streck, Martin J.; Ferns, Mark L.: occUrrence anD DiSTriBUTion oF rhYoliTe magma TYPeS in ne oregon DUring John DaY Time





























154 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


33-31 203 Cole, Ronald B.*; Stewart, Brian W.; Layer, Paul: graniTic aDaKiTe PlUTonS anD BimoDal VolcaniSm in a colliSional Terrane SUTUre Zone, norThern TalKeeTna moUnTainS, alaSKa 204 Fitzgerald, Sean*; Schwartz, Theresa M.; Flanagan, Daniel M.; Hung, Chien-Hui; Chung, Sun-Lin; Cole, Ronald B.: geochemiSTrY, age, anD DeFormaTion oF eocene SlaB WinDoW inTrUSionS in a remnanT Forearc BaSin, maTanUSKa ValleY, SoUThern alaSKa 205 Rangel, Evelyn*; Richards, Ian; Ferguson, Kurt; Gregory, Robert T.: miD-ProTeroZoic graniTeS oF The llano UPliFT: VarieD SoUrceS aS reFlecTeD BY STaBle iSoToPeS 206 Hirt, William H.*: can hornBlenDe BaromeTrY reSolVe DiFFerenTial UPliFT acroSS The moUnT WhiTneY region, eaSTern Sierra neVaDa, caliFornia? 207 Low, P.C.*; Seaman, Sheila J.; Williams, Michael L.; Karlstrom, Karl E.: The origin oF DUniTe anD harZBUgiTe enclaVeS in laYereD cUmUlaTeS oF The ninTYone mile creeK canYon PeriDoTiTe, granD canYon, USa 208 Stifter, Eric A.*; Miller, James D. Jr.: cYclical PhaSe laYering in The DUlUTh comPleX aT DUlUTh ­ eViDence For PerioDic magma VenTing From a ShalloW STaging chamBer 209 Moses, Maureen N.*; Bohrson, Wendy A.: nomarSKi DiFFerenTial inTerFerence conTraST (nDic) analYSiS oF moUnT eTna PlagioclaSe ThroUgh hiSTorical Time anD iTS PoSSiBle imPlicaTionS For VariaTion in magmaTic PlUmBing 210 Kumar, K. Vijaya*; Ernst, W.G.; Leelanandam, C.; Wooden, Joe L.; Grove, Marty J.: aSSemBlY anD FragmenTaTion oF The ProTeroZoic SUPerconTinenTS colUmBia anD roDinia: neW U-PB age DaTa From The eaSTern ghaTS BelT, inDia 211 Chadwick, John*; Keller, Randall; Kamenov, George: geochemical eVolUTion oF The coBB hoTSPoT 212 Smith, Elizabeth A.*; Waldron, Emily M.; Clark, Kenneth P.: chemical anD STrUcTUral analYSiS oF The loWer creScenT FormaTion aT mT. TeBo anD laKe cUShman, olYmPic PeninSUla, WaShingTon: eViDence For TerTiarY riFTing 34-10 34-6 218 Yawar, Zalmai*; Schieber, Juergen: eXPerimenTal DePoSiTion oF aragoniTe mUD From moVing SUSPenSionS 219 Husinec, Antun*; Read, J.F.: a FiFTY million Year (laTe JUraSSic ­ earlY creTaceoUS) climaTe recorD From The Bahama-TYPe aDriaTic PlaTForm, croaTia 220 Parcell, William C.*; Warusavitharana, Chamandika J.; Obrist, Jonathan; Bruggeman, Evan; Day, Kyle: occUrrence anD SigniFicance oF microBialiTe STrUcTUreS in loWer orDoVician carBonaTeS oF SoUTh cenTral miSSoUri, U.S.a 221 Barragán-Manzo, Ricardo*; Juárez-Arriaga, Edgar: microFacieS, PaleoenVironmenTS, anD DiageneSiS oF The TlaYUa FormaTion (alBian, loWer creTaceoUS), PUeBla, cenTral meXico: neW conTriBUTionS 222 Parrish, Judith Totman*; Dorney, Liam J.: carBonaTe SPring moUnDS anD inTerDUne laKeS in The naVaJo SanDSTone (JUraSSic, WeSTern US)--reSUlTS oF STaBle iSoToPe analYSeS 223 Elick, Jennifer M.; Brown, Kristen M.*; Siegel, Michelle: PaleoecologY anD cYcliciTY oF The TonoloWaY anD KeYSer FormaTionS: a gUiDe To UnDerSTanDing limeSTone comPoSiTion in manDaTa, Pa 224 Cooper, Rohr C.*: loWer carBoniFeroUS STraTigraPhY oF SoUTheaSTern china; SeQUenceS aS ProXieS For gonDWana glaciaTionS 225 Peterson, Christopher D.*; Shapiro, Russell; Anderson, Thomas B.: ecologicallY ZoneD microBial reeF aT eagle moUnTain, caliFornia














SeSSion no. 35

Sediments, Clastic: New Insights on Old Problems (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 35-1 226 Frahm, Andrew L.*; Lemke, Lawrence D.: STraTigraPhic analYSiS oF glacial SeDimenTS USing oUTcroP, Well Bore, anD naTUral gamma raY logging 227 Baechtle, Kristen P.*; Whitmore, John H.: characTeriZaTion oF SanD in The neBraSKa SanDhillS 228 Hammer, Crystal*; Chan, Marjorie A.: SoFT SeDimenT DeFormaTion FeaTUreS in The JUraSSic naVaJo SanDSTone oF WhiTe PocKeT, Vermilion cliFFS naTional monUmenT 229 Cheung, Stephen P.*; Strom, Raymond; Whitmore, John H.; Garner, Paul A.: occUrrence oF DolomiTe BeDS, claSTS, ooiDS anD UniDenTiFieD microFoSSilS in The coconino SanDSTone, norThern ariZona 230 Smith, Casey J.*; Moran, Kelli L.; Fillmore, David L.; Simpson, Edward L.; Lucas, Spencer G.: TaPhonomic conTrolS on The PreSerVaTion oF VerTeBraTe TracKS in ePhemeral-BraiDeD riVer DePoSiTS oF The miDDle anD UPPer memBerS oF The miSSiSSiPPian maUch FormaTion, eaSTern PennSYlVania 231 York, Carly C.*; Painter, Clayton S.; Carrapa, Barbara; Boyles, J. Michael: SeDimenTological characTeriZaTion oF The Sego SanDSTone oF WeSTern coloraDo anD DeTailS on FlooD TiDal DelTa DePoSiTS 232 King, David T. Jr.*; Petruny, Lucille: STraTigraPhY oF The margareT creeK FormaTion, norThern BeliZe 233 Kilibarda, Zoran*; Cadjenovic, Damjan; Radulovic, Novo: DeeP Sea SeDimenTarY enVironmenTS reVealeD in crnJaK coVe TUrBiDiTeS (miDDle eocene-miocene), SoUThern monTenegro

33-39 33-40

SeSSion no. 34

Sediments, Carbonates: Modern and Ancient Examples (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 34-1 213 Berglof, William R.*; Krainer, Karl; Lucas, Spencer G.: inTraFormaTional Domal FeaTUreS in The miDDle JUraSSic ToDilTo FormaTion, granTS DiSTricT, neW meXico 214 Glumac, Bosiljka*; Curran, H. Allen; Weigner, Madeline M.; Motti, Sarah A.; Pruss, Sara B.: FormaTion anD DiSTriBUTion oF ooiDS along a Beach-To-oFFShore TranSecT aT Pigeon caY, caT iSlanD, BahamaS 215 Moothal, Rajeevan*: DeVeloPmenT oF ParaSeQUenceS anD ParaSeQUence SeTS WiThin a DePoSiTional SeQUence DUring The miDDle JUraSSic oF Kachchh BaSin, gUJaraT, WeSTern inDia 216 Jagniecki, Elliot*; Lowenstein, Tim K.; Jenkins, David; LaClair, Deidre: The Thermal STaBiliTY oF The SoDiUm carBonaTe mineral ShorTiTe From The green riVer FormaTion, green riVer BaSin, WYoming, USa 217 Curran, H. Allen*; Glumac, Bosiljka; Pruss, Sara B.; Motti, Sarah A.; Weigner, Madeline M.: DiVerSe SeDimenTarY STrUcTUreS oF a holocene carBonaTe eolianiTe comPleX on caT iSlanD, BahamaS

35-2 35-3







35-7 35-8


2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 155




35-9 234 Weissmann, Gary S.*; Hartley, Adrian J.: FlUVial ­ eolian inTeracTion in moDern conTinenTal SeDimenTarY BaSinS 235 Tomsich, Carla Susanne*; McCarthy, Paul J.: allUVial DePoSiTS From The loWer canTWell FormaTion, SaBle moUnTain, Denali naTional ParK, alaSKa 236 Santos, Alison*; Sablock, Jeanette M.: a PeTrologic STUDY oF The BriDger canYon SecTion oF The SWiFT FormaTion, BoZeman monTana 237 Kohl, Daniel R.*; Rahl, Jeffrey M.: Paleocene-eocene megaFan SeDimenTaTion in The DenVer BaSin, coloraDo 238 Bennett, Matthew Robert*; Morse, Sarita Amy: hUman anD animal FooTPrinTS (1.5 ma) From norThern KenYa: meThoDS 239 Hilbert-Wolf, Hannah L.*; Simpson, Edward L.; Wizevich, Michael C.; Tindall, Sarah E.: SeiSmiTe inTenSiTY STUDieS in The WahWeaP FormaTion, SoUThern UTah: UnraVeling SYnDePoSiTional FaUlT moVemenTS anD The DiFFerenTial eFFecTS in The hanging Wall anD FooTWall BlocKS 240 Wizevich, Michael C.*; Simpson, Edward L.; Hilbert-Wolf, Hannah L.; Tindall, Sarah E.: SYnDeFormaTional origin For inTernal laminaTionS oF SPecTacUlar SeiSmogenic loaD STrUcTUreS in The laTe creTaceoUS WahWeaP FormaTion, granD STaircaSeeScalanTe naTional monUmenT, UTah 241 Wang, Miao*; Chatterjee, Sumanta; White, Lionel; Alfarhan, Mohammed; Biholar, Alex; Burnham, Brian; Kendall, Christopher; Aiken, Carlos L.V.: a 3D PhoTorealiSTic aPProach To The analYSiS oF The DePoSTional elemenTS oF The PennSYlVanian DelTaic BreaThiTT groUP, PiKeVille, KenTUcKY 242 Mandal, Subhadip*; Uddin, Ashraf; Sarma, J.N.: SeDimenT comPoSiTion oF loWer cenoZoic SeQUenceS From SoUTheaST oF Shillong PlaTeaU, inDia: ProVenance hiSTorY oF The aSSam-Bengal SYSTem, eaSTern himalaYaS 243 Harding, Sherie C.*; Ekdale, A.A.: Trace FoSSilS in The green Zone: ichnologic, SeDimenTologic anD SeQUence STraTigraPhic imPlicaTionS oF glaUconYrich greenSanDS (eocene, TeXaS) 244 Triplehorn, Don M.*: eXPloaDing ZirconS: origin anD SigniFicance 245 Greene, T.J.*; Gordon, G.: a mUlTi-FaceTeD aPProach For recogniZing DiScreTe BioTUrBaTion ePiSoDeS in maSSiVe DeeP-WaTer SeDimenT graViTY FloWS, Pliocene rio Dell FormaTion, onShore eel riVer BaSin, ca 246 Livsey, Daniel North*; Simms, Alexander; Chandler, John P.; Clary, Warren; Wellner, Julia; Anderson, John B.: FoUrierShaPe analYSiS oF SeDimenTS From coreS From The WeDDell Sea 247 Martin, Luke C.*; Elliott, William S. Jr.: DeTermining The ProVenance oF claSTS WiThin conglomeraTeS oF The PaYne cliFFS FormaTion (eocene), JacKSon coUnTY, oregon 248 Durkin, P.R.*; Mulligan, R.P.M.; Eyles, Carolyn H.; Lotimer, Tim: SeDimenTological inVeSTigaTion oF QUaTernarY SeDimenTS eXPoSeD along The creDiT riVer ValleY, onTario: analogUeS For BUrieD ValleY aQUiFerS 249 Whitmore, John H.*; Strom, Ray: PeTrograPhic analYSiS oF The coconino SanDSTone, norThern anD cenTral ariZona

SeSSion no. 36

Stratigraphy: A Global Perspective (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 36-1 36-2 250 Van Tassell, Jay*; Ledgerwood, Rob: miocene SeDimenTS anD TUFFS oF The KeaTing ValleY, ne oregon 251 Foreman, Brady Z.*; Heller, Paul L.: FlUVial reSPonSe To climaTe change aT The Paleocene-eocene BoUnDarY in The clarKS ForK BaSin, nW WYoming, U.S.a 252 Heckert, Andrew B.*; Lucas, Spencer G.; Dickinson, William R.; Mortensen, James K.: neW iD-TimS U-PB ageS For chinle groUP STraTa (UPPer TriaSSic) in neW meXico anD ariZona, correlaTion To The neWarK SUPergroUP, anD imPlicaTionS For The "long norian" 253 Hanneman, Debra L.*; Wideman, Charles J.: conTinenTal SeQUence STraTigraPhic meThoDS WiTh emPhaSiS on conTinenTal carBonaTeS 254 Carlucci, Jesse*; Westrop, Stephen R.: SeQUence STraTigraPhY anD FacieS archiTecTUre oF The BromiDe FormaTion (UPPer orDoVician; SanDBian) oF oKlahoma 255 Upton, Elizabeth P.*; Prothero, Donald: magneTic STraTigraPhY oF The eocene-oligocene FoSSil PlanT localiTieS 256 DeSantis, Sylvana N.*; Prothero, Donald; Thompson, Anna: magneTic STraTigraPhY oF The laTe eocene la PorTe Flora, norThern SierraS, caliFornia 257 Anderson, Heidi*; Isaacson, Peter E.: carBoniFeroUS PaleoValleYS, SoUThern BoliVia: comPleX STraTigraPhY in glacial WeSTern gonDWana 258 Tiedemann, Nicholas Scott*; Fluegeman, Richard H.: The BUDa limeSTone oF Big BenD naTional ParK: an inTegraTeD STUDY oF The Bio-iSoToPe anD SeQUence STraTigraPhY oF an inDUraTeD carBonaTe 259 Bande, Alejandro E.*; Ramirez, Juan C.; Horton, Brian K.; Mora, Andrés: miocene SUrFace UPliFT anD PaleoenVironmenTal eVolUTion oF The nUnchía SYncline, norThern anDeS, colomBia 260 Duvernay, Kevin A.*; Shapiro, Russell S.: eocene-oligocene FloraS anD ione STraTigraPhY aT UPPer DUTch DiggingS mine, la PorTe, caliFornia 261 Schramm, Thomas J.*; Bartholomew, Alexander: conTinUeD eXaminaTion oF hamilTon gP. STraTigraPhY (laTe eiFelian-earlY giVeTian) oF The green PonDSKUnnemUnK oUTlierS, SoUTheaSTern neW YorK anD norTheaSTern neW JerSeY 262 Perkes, Tyson Lynn*; Morris, Thomas H.: SeDimenTologY, chronoSTraTigraPhY, anD reSerVoir characTeriZaTion oF The TWiST gUlch FormaTion: a PaleogeograPhic reconSTrUcTion oF The UPPer miDDle JUraSSic (calloVian To oXForDian) oF cenTral UTah 263 Kuo, Christine*: claSSiFicaTion oF The Kiamichi FormaTion: FreDericKSBUrg or WaShiTa? 264 Soto, Jesuel Sr.*; Santos, Hernán; Ortega, Diana: analYSiS oF The lareS limeSTone carBonaTe SeQUence eXPoSeD on The roaD PUerTo rico # 111 BeTWeen Km 27.1 To 27.5 265 Painter, Clayton S.*; York, Carly C.; Carrapa, Barbara; Boyles, J. Michael: SeQUence STraTigraPhY oF The Sego SanDSTone anD iTS relaTionShiP WiTh SeVier FolD anD ThrUST BelT TecTonicS


















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156 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


36-17 266 Schwartz, Theresa M.*; Schwartz, Robert K.; Chamberlin, Ellen P.: neW eViDence For an earlY Paleogene TrUnKFlUVial SYSTem in The helena ThrUST-BelT SalienT oF SoUThWeSTern monTana ­ ThroUgh-going TranSPorT BeTWeen PoST-laramiDe inTermonTane BaSinS 267 Bradshaw, Richard W.*; Kowallis, Bart J.: U-PB DaTing oF ZirconS From The SalT WaSh memBer oF The morriSon FormaTion, cenTral UTah 268 Schwartz, Robert K.*; Schwartz, Theresa M.: The renoVa FormaTion aS a recorD oF PaleolanDScaPe, PaleoDrainage, anD earlY TerTiarY BaSin DeVeloPmenT UPon The corDilleran orogenic WeDge, SW monTana 269 Sevon, W.D.*; Woodrow, D.L.: DiamicTiTeS oF The UPPermoST DeVonian-loWermoST miSSiSSiPPian SPechTY KoPF FormaTion in norTheaST PennSYlVania 270 Smith, Jon J.*; Ludvigson, Greg; Mandel, Rolfe; Macfarlane, P. Allen; Haj, Adel E. Jr.; Murphy, Laura R.; McKee, Arlo: a recorD oF carBon anD oXYgen iSoToPe eXcUrSionS From PeDogenic carBonaTeS oF The neogene high PlainS SUcceSSion in WeSTern KanSaS 271 Ruidíaz-Santiago, Cyd M.*; Santos, Hernán: reeF characTeriZaTion anD coral iDenTiFicaTion in a UniT oF The lareS limeSTone (laTe oligocene) eXPoSeD in roaD Pr-111, BeTWeen SalTo collaZo anD The inTerSecTion WiTh roaD Pr # 445 272 LaPorta, Philip C. Jr.*; Brewer-LaPorta, Margaret: reViSeD STraTigraPhY anD DePoSiTional hiSTorY For The camBrian-orDoVician KiTTaTinnY SUPergroUP: SUSSeX coUnTY, neW JerSeY anD orange coUnTY, neW YorK 273 Nelson, Kenneth D.*; Rogers, Raymond R.: TrenDS in claY mineralogY acroSS a TerreSTrial SeQUence BoUnDarY in The camPanian JUDiTh riVer FormaTion, monTana 274 Galloway, Julie Louise*: characTeriZaTion oF BeachrocK FormaTion ProceSSeS aS an inDicaTor oF PaST Sea leVel, San SalVaDor, The BahamaS 275 Mancini, Ernest A.*: SeQUence STraTigraPhY oF UPPer JUraSSic microBial Bearing STraTa, norTheaSTern gUlF oF meXico 37-5 280 Oner, Zeynep*; Dilek, Yildirim: eXTenSional STrUcTUre anD FaUlT KinemaTicS oF The laTe cenoZoic alaSehir SUPraDeTachmenT BaSin in WeSTern anaTolia, TUrKeY 281 Abdelsalam, Mohamed G.*; Gao, Stephen S.: origin oF iniTial riFTing in The reD Sea: WaS iT VerTical TecTonicS? 282 Alcock, J.*; Martínez Catalán, J.R.; Arenas, R.: a comPariSon oF 1-D anD 2-D Thermo-TecTonic moDelS eXamining The VariScan reSPonSe To crUSTal ThicKening anD Thinning in nW iBeria 283 Van Heest, Peter*; Curry, Wyatt; Pinan-Llamas, Aranzazu; Escamilla-Casas, Jose C.; Lopez, Jose Pablo: DeFormaTion oF The PUncoViScana FormaTion in Sierra nogaliTo, argenTina 284 Baker, Amanda*; Owen, Lewis; Rech, Jason A.; Allmendinger, Richard W.: coeSeiSmic cracK ProDUcTion anD reacTiVaTion in The norThern chile Forearc 285 Martiny, Barbara M.*; Morán Zenteno, Dante J.; Tolson, Gustavo; Silva Romo, Gilberto; Lopez, Margarita: The SalaDo riVer FaUlT: a maJor TranSFer FaUlT aSSociaTeD WiTh laramiDe DeFormaTion in SoUThern meXico 286 Wilson, James*; Montes, Camilo; Jaramillo, Carlos: TranSTenSional DeFormaTion along The gaillarD cUT, Panama canal 287 Anderson, Thomas H.*; Lao-Dávila, Daniel Alberto: STriKe-SliP FaUlTS anD TranSFormS: KeYS To PlaTe TecTonic ProceSSeS DUring eVolUTion oF The cariBBean PlaTe 288 Benford, Bryn*; Tikoff, Basil; DeMets, Charles: FaUlTS oF SoUThern Jamaica anD Their imPlicaTionS For The Jamaica reSTraining BenD 289 Embley, Robert w.*: PUll-aParT STrUcTUre eVolVing aT norThern eXPlorer riDge, norTheaST PaciFic 290 Norton, Ian O.*: TWo-STage eVolUTion oF DeaTh ValleY 291 Colgan, Joseph P.*; Henry, Christopher D.; John, David A.: PoST-eocene eXTenSion in The norThern ShoShone range, neVaDa 292 Bishop, Kim M.*: The riggS FaUlT, SoUTheaSTern caliFornia: a BriTTle, WeST-VergenT, meSoZoic loW-angle normal FaUlT 293 Nutaitis, James Rhett*; Wyld, Sandra J.: neW maPPing in The eaST range, neVaDa: imPlicaTionS For The WinnemUcca anD FencemaKer DeFormaTion BelTS 294 Nachlas, William O.*; Quilichini, Antoine; Teyssier, Christian; Whitney, Donna L.; Mulch, Andreas: FlUiD inTeracTion in eXTenSional DeTachmenT SYSTemS: STaBle iSoToPe VariaTion anD WhiTe mica chemiSTrY, KeTTle DeTachmenT, WaShingTon, USa 295 Jubb, Mary*; Hatcher, Robert D. Jr.; Merschat, Arthur; Stahr, Donald W. III.; Cyphers, Shawna: comPleX DeFormaTional hiSTorY oF ParTS oF The norTh carolina eaSTern BlUe riDge, SoUThern aPPalachianS: neW eViDence oF WiDeSPreaD alleghanian DeFormaTion 296 Bowman, Jeffrey D.*; Hibbard, J.P.: The reDeFineD Virgilina SeQUence: a neW liThoTecTonic UniT in carolinia, SoUThern aPPalachianS oF norTh carolina anD Virginia 297 Peterson, V.L.*; Barr, J.G.; Barclay, C.J.: PeTroFaBric anD Timing conSTrainTS on The eXhUmaTion hiSTorY oF The BUcK creeK-chUnKY gal UlTramaFic/maFic comPleX anD aDJacenT chUnKY gal moUnTain FaUlT in The SoUThern aPPalachian BlUe riDge 298 Evans, Mark A.*: ProgreSSiVe ForelanDWarD Teconic loaDing DUring groWTh oF The cenTral aPPalachian FolD-anD-ThrUST BelT: eViDence From FlUiD inclUSionS

37-6 37-7













37-14 37-15 37-16






SeSSion no. 37

Tectonics: Advances in Understanding Tectonics and Orogenesis Ancient and Modern (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 37-1 276 Jordan, Ryan*; Arneson, Kristen; Atekwana, Estella; Hogan, John; Mutamina, Daniel; Seeger, Eric; Waltman, Paul Byron: KinemaTicS oF KalaYe eScarPmenT, norThern ZamBia: ProViDing inTernaTional reSearch eXPerience For STUDenTS 277 Hatley, Elizabeth R.*; Carlson, William D.; Stuewe, Kurt; Helper, Mark: aSSeSSing The KinemaTic SigniFicance oF The PlaTTengneiS, a maJor inTracrUSTal TranSPorT horiZon in The KoralPe region, eaSTern alPS 278 Pullen, Alex*; Kapp, Paul; DeCelles, Peter; Gehrels, George E.; Ding, Lin: meTamorPhoSeD TeThYan SeQUence rocKS anD STrUcTUre oF The Xiao gUrla range, inDUSYarlUng SUTUre Zone SoUThWeST TiBeT 279 Bargnesi, Evan A.*; Stockli, Daniel F.; Mancktelow, Neil; Soukis, Konstantinos: DeTriTal (U-Th)/he ThermochronomeTrY in The hanging Wall BaSin oF The ParoS meTamorPhic core comPleX, cenTral aegean, greece









2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 157




37-24 299 Goss, Donna*: BUBBling near The DocK aT PorT orForD, SoUThern coaSTal oregon-FlUcTUaTionS in gaS PreSSUreS From increaSing anD DecreaSing Forearc comPreSSion 300 Crook, Paula J.*: PlaTe TecTonicS oF The norTh american conTinenT aT The creTaceoUS-TerTiarY BoUnDarY anD imPlicaTionS For a TerreSTrial caUSe in The greaT KT eXTincTion conTroVerSY 301 Lee, Patricia E.*; Jessup, Micah J.: crUSTal ShorTening DUring The ProgreSSiVe aSSemBlY oF norTh america; neW eViDence From SliDe laKe Shear Zone, cenTral coloraDo 302 Ferguson, Charles A.*: laTe miocene norThWarD Drainage oF The coloraDo PlaTeaU; eViDence From a neWlY recogniZeD riVer graVel in SoUThWeSTern WYoming 303 Copeland, Peter*; Murphy, Michael; Dupré, William: geologY oF The SilVer ciTY range, granT co. nm: imPlicaTionS For The Timining oF laramiDe DeFormaTion in The SoUThern rocKY moUnTainS 304 Kinsland, Gary L.*: inciPienT meTamorPhic core comPleXeS in norThern loUiSiana? 305 Muehlberger, William R.*; Karlstrom, Karl; Saleeby, Jason; Saleeby, Zorka; Denison, Rodger E.; Martinez, Cynthia; Hatcher, Robert D. Jr.: TranSconTinenTal geologic croSS SecTion oF The norTh american PlaTe near 36° laTiTUDe, ParT i: WeSTern U.S. From The PaciFic oceanic crUST To The miD-conTinenT 306 Hatcher, Robert D. Jr.*; Muehlberger, William R.; Denison, Rodger; Keller, G.R.; Martinez, Cindy M.; Karlstrom, Karl; Saleeby, Jason; Saleeby, Zorka: TranSconTinenTal geologic croSS SecTion oF The norTh american PlaTe near 36° laTiTUDe, ParT ii: aTlanTic ocean crUST To The miD-conTinenT 38-13 38-7 313 Brinkerhoff, Douglas*; Wilcox, Andrew C.: DoWnSTream reSPonSe oF DePoSiTional channel-FormS To Dam remoVal, clarK ForK riVer, monTana 314 LaGreca, Anthony J.*; Pitlick, John; Nelson, Jon: Fine grain SeDimenT TranSPorT oVer a coarSe grain graVel BeD: FlUShing The FineS 315 Strong, Nikki*; Francheschi, Pastora; Jaramillo, Carlos; Farris, David W.; Montes, Camilo; O'Dea, Aaron: Biological reSPonSe To high FlUX raTeS oF PYroclaSTicS in FlUVial anD nearShore ShalloW marine enVironmenTS in The Panama canal BaSin 316 Chesney, Charles J.*: reVelaTionS From a milan ProJecT: meaSUreD channel WooD ProDUcTion raTeS in Small, STeeP STream channelS, colUmBia riVer BaSin, USa 317 Degenhardt, John J.*; Netoff, Dennis I.; Baldwin, Christopher; Dohrenwend, John: reSUlTS oF a recenT groUnD PeneTraTing raDar (gPr) SUrVeY along The hiTe DelTa, laKe PoWell, UTah 318 Trierweiler, Annette*; Mondro, Claire A.; Carey, Anne E.; Welch, Susan A.; Restrepo, Carla: carBon anD nUTrienT eXPorT DYnamicS in Small moUnTainoUS WaTerSheDS Prone To lanDSliDing 319 Bailey, Claire*: SeDimenTaTion PaTTernS anD DePoSiTion in The PrograDing WaX laKe DelTa










37-29 37-30

SeSSion no. 39

T14. Sequential and Repeat Photography as a Tool for Earth and Environmental Science Research and Education (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 39-1 320 Walter, Cara*; Tullos, Desiree D.: DoWnSTream channel changeS aFTer a Small Dam remoVal: USing aerial PhoToS anD meaSUremenT error For conTeXT; calaPooia riVer, oregon 321 Moosavi, Sadredin C.*: recorDing eVolUTion oF a raPiDlY changing Barrier iSlanD in a mUlTi-Year UnDergraDUaTe reSearch ProJecT 322 Orr, Tim R.*; Patrick, Matthew R.; Wooten, Kelly M.: DocUmenTing The 2008-2009 SUmmiT erUPTion oF KilaUea Volcano, haWai`i WiTh Time-laPSe PhoTograPhY 323 Evans, Cynthia A.*: SeQUenTial imaging oF earTh BY aSTronaUTS: 50 YearS oF gloBal change 324 Foley, Duncan*; Jaworowski, Cheryl; Heasler, Hank P.: moniToring geoThermal SYSTemS in YelloWSTone ThroUgh PhoTograPhY 325 Kilibarda, Zoran; Taylor, Diane; Menchaca, Michael*: PhoTograPhY aS a Tool in DocUmenTing Beach eroSion anD migraTion oF large coaSTal DUne along SoUTh Shore oF laKe michigan 326 Adams, Kenneth D.*: FlUVial reSPonSeS To BaSe-leVel loWering: eXamPleS From The TrUcKee anD WalKer riVerS, WeSTern neVaDa, USa 327 Graves, Jenny*; Tiedemann, Matthew; Lauer, J. Wesley: a remoTe SenSing meThoD For DeTermining BanKFUll DiScharge 328 Rhodes, Dallas D.*; Arrowsmith, J. Ramon: SiXTeen YearS oF rePeaTeD oBSerVaTionS along The emerSon FaUlT rUPTUre Zone oF The lanDerS, caliFornia earThQUaKe, JUne 1992 - maY 2008


SeSSion no. 38

T13. Hydrogeomorphic and Ecohydrologic Consequences of Extraordinary Sediment Loading (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 38-1 307 Sang, Joseph K.*; Allen, Peter M.; Dunbar, John A.: WaTerSheD eroSion moDelling: a neW aPProach To inclUDe gUllY eroSion 308 Kilham, Nina*; Singer, Michael B.: conTrolS oF hYDrograPh ShaPe on FlooDPlain SeDimenTaTion DUring maJor FlooDS 309 Mark, Linda E.*; Major, Jon: holiSTic SPaTial anD TemPoral PaTTernS oF PoST-erUPTion eroSion anD DePoSiTion, SoUTh ForK ToUTle riVer, moUnT ST. helenS, WaShingTon 310 Keith, Mackenzie K.*; Wallick, J. Rose; Major, Jon; O'Connor, Jim; Spicer, Kurt; Rhode, Abigail: comPariSon oF Pre- anD PoST-Dam aTTriBUTeS oF The reSerVoir reach oF The SanDY riVer FolloWing remoVal oF oregon'S marmoT Dam 311 Di Leonardo, Diana*; Podolak, Charles J.; Wilcock, Peter: characTeriZaTion oF grain SiZeS in The reSerVoir imPoUnDmenT BehinD marmoT Dam PoST-Dam remoVal 312 Johnsen, James W.*; Wilcox, Andrew C.: BeDloaD TranSPorT FolloWing The remoVal oF millToWn Dam, clarK ForK riVer, monTana 39-3



39-4 39-5









158 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


39-10 329 Taylor, Stephen B.*; Stanley, Ryan; Macnab, Ian; Dutton, Bryan E.: hiSToric lanD-coVer analYSiS oF The lUcKiamUTe riVer BaSin, cenTral oregon coaST range: PreliminarY reSUlTS From The earTh Science Program For UnDergraDUaTe reSearch aT WeSTern oregon UniVerSiTY 330 Osborn, Gerald*: 35-Year PhoTograPhic recorD oF an aDVancing rocK glacier in The laKe loUiSe area, BanFF naTional ParK, alBerTa 331 Contreras, Trevor A.*; Sarikhan, Isabelle; Polenz, Michael; Powell, Jack; Skov, Rian: collecTing, analYZing anD Sharing large VolUmeS oF DigiTal PhoToS DUring geological DiSaSTerS: meThoDS DeVeloPeD From lanDSliDe reconnaiSSance FlighTS FolloWing The JanUarY 2009 STorm in WeSTern WaShingTon STaTe 40-11 342 Morton, Douglas M.*; Kistler, R.W; Premo, Wayne; Wooden, Joe L.; Lee, Cin-Ty; Miller, Fred K.; Snee, L.W.: geologic FrameWorK oF The norThern PeninSUlar rangeS BaTholiTh, SoUThern caliFornia 343 Barth, A.P.*; Miller, D.M.; Wooden, J.L.; Howard, K.A.: JUraSSic magmaTiSm in SoUThern caliFornia: neW reSUlTS anD aTTemPTS aT a regional SYnTheSiS 344 Alsleben, Helge*; Wetmore, Paul H.; Paterson, Scott R.: miDcreTaceoUS SUTUring oF The aliSiToS arc To norTh america ­ STrUcTUral eViDence From The Sierra calamaJUe, PeninSUlar rangeS BaTholiTh, BaJa caliFornia, meXico 345 Dorsey, Rebecca*; Axen, Gary: enD oF DeTachmenT FaUlTing anD iniTiaTion oF STriKe-SliP FaUlTS aT 1.0 ma, WeSTern FiSh creeK ­ ValleciTo BaSin, SoUThern caliFornia 346 Springer, Adam M.*; Callihan, Sean M.; Wetmore, Paul H.; Fletcher, John; Connor, Charles B.; Beeson, Jeffrey W.; Wilson, James: conSTraining BaSin geomeTrY anD FaUlT KinemaTicS on The SanTo TomaS SegmenT oF The agUa Blanca FaUlT ThroUgh a comBineD geoPhYSical anD STrUcTUral STUDY 347 Wetmore, Paul H.*; Fletcher, John; Alsleben, Helge; Springer, Adam M.; Callihan, Sean: KinemaTicS oF The WeSTern agUa Blanca FaUlT anD The WeSTWarD DriFT oF The BaJa micro-PlaTe 348 Centeno-García, Elena*; Busby, Cathy J.: eVolUTion oF The gUerrero comPoSiTe Terrane along The meXican margin: neW geologic anD DeTriTal Zircon DaTa From The coaSTal TahUe anD ZihUaTaneJo TerraneS






SeSSion no. 40

T57. The Mesozoic and Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution of Northwestern Mexico and the Southwestern United States (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 40-1 332 Kelley, Shari*; McKeon, Ryan: Thermal anD eXhUmaTion hiSTorY oF ProTeroZoic BaSemenT anD oligocene PlUTonic rocKS, SoUThWeSTern coloraDo 333 Dyess, Jonathan*; Urbanczyk, Kevin; Blount, Grady Price: FielD maPPing & regional remoTe SenSing analYSiS oF STrUcTUreS in The BUcK hill Volcanic groUP, TranSPecoS TeXaS (BreWSTer coUnTY) 334 Satterfield, Joseph I.*; Schreiner, Henry F. III.; Dyess, Jonathan; Poppeliers, Christian: Dagger moUnTain, Big BenD naTional ParK, WeST TeXaS DoeS noT oVerlie a laccoliTh 335 Schroeder, Timothy*; Riggs, Nancy; Ort, Michael H.; Tinnin, Beau: XenoliTh eViDence For iSoThermal DecomPreSSion in The cenTral ariZona loWer crUST Prior To miDTerTiarY DeTachmenT FaUlTing 336 Goss, Adam R.*; Gutmann, James T.; Kamenov, G.D.: a comPoSiTionallY STraTiFieD manTle BeloW The norThern meXican BaSin anD range: Trace elemenT anD iSoToPic eViDence From manTle XenoliThS From The PinacaTe Volcanic FielD, Sonora, meXico 337 Lawton, Timothy F.*; González-Leon, Carlos M.; Amato, Jeffrey M.; Iriondo, Alexander; Leggett, William J.; Mauel, David J.; Peryam, Thomas C.: conTraSTing TecTonic regimeS recorDeD BY JUraSSic anD creTaceoUS arcrelaTeD SeDimenTarY BaSinS, Sonora, meXico 338 Tremblay, Marissa M.*; Renik, Byrdie; Hemming, Sidney R.; Christie-Blick, Nicholas: 40ar/39ar geochronologY aT SheePheaD moUnTain, caliFornia, WiTh imPlicaTionS For The long-Term SliP raTe oF The righT-laTeral SheePheaD FaUlT 339 Pluhar, Christopher J.; Ngo, My My*; Larsen, Mark T.; Carlson, Chad W.: TeSTing correlaTion oF The golDen Bear anD coSo DiKeS in eaSTern caliFornia: imPlicaTionS For DiKe emPlacemenT anD TecTonic reconSTrUcTion Since 83 ma 340 Beyene, Mengesha*; Wells, Michael; Hoisch, Thomas; Vervoort, Jeff; Styger, Sheena; Spell, Terry L.: JUraSSic ShorTening anD ePiSoDic eXTenSion in The FUneral moUnTainS core comPleX, DeaTh ValleY, SoUTheaSTern caliFornia 341 Grove, Marty*: DiSTincTiVe characTer anD KeY aTTriBUTeS oF The PeninSUlar rangeS BaTholiTh





SeSSion no. 41

T65. Supervolcanoes, Ignimbrite Flare-ups, and Their Impacts: Definition, Debate, and New Developments (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 41-1 349 Pritchard, Chad J.*; Larson, Peter A.; Hart, Garret: VariaBle SoUrce rocKS For loW oXYgen iSoToPe rhYoliTeS oF The eaSTern UPPer BaSin memBer oF The PlaTeaU rhYoliTeS, YelloWSTone calDera, WY 350 Watts, Kathryn E.*; Leeman, William P.; Bindeman, Ilya N.; Larson, Peter: oXYgen iSoToPe STUDY oF archean XenoliThS conSTrainS The SoUrce oF SUPerVolcanic rhYoliTeS in The SnaKe riVer PlainYelloWSTone PlaTeaU Volcanic ProVince 351 Shipley, Niccole*; Bindeman, Ilya; Leonov, Vladimir: PeTrologic anD iSoToPic inVeSTigaTion oF rhYoliTeS From KarYmShina calDera, The largeST "SUPer"calDera in KamchaTKa, rUSSia 352 Gonzalez, Enrique*; Moran, Dante; Mori, Laura; Roberge, Julie; Martiny, Barbara M.: hUaUTla Volcanic FielD: a TranSiTion Zone oF The ignimBriTe Flare-UP in The norTh cenTral region oF The Sierra maDre Del SUr 353 Morán Zenteno, Dante J.*; Díaz Bravo, Beatriz A.: The eXhUmeD goleTa calDera in SoUThern meXico: recorD oF VolUminoUS eocene ignimBriTic VolcaniSm FeD BY WiDe PYroclaSTic DiKe comPleXeS 354 Folkes, Chris B.; de Silva, Shan*; Wright, Heather M.; Cas, Raymond A.F.; Lesti, Chiara; Viramonte, Jose G.: a reaPPraiSal oF The STraTigraPhY anD VolcanologY oF The cerro galÀn Volcanic SYSTem, nW argenTina 355 Ort, Michael H.*; de Silva, Shanaka; Jimenez, Nestor; Salisbury, Morgan; Jicha, Brian R.; Singer, Brad S.: TWo neW SUPererUPTionS in The alTiPlano-PUna Volcanic comPleX oF The cenTral anDeS















2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 159




41-8 356 Smith, Julie A.*; Hausback, Brian P.; Henry, Christopher D.; Noble, Donald C.; Hilton, Richard P.: The SolDier meaDoW TUFF oF The high rocK calDera, norThWeSTern neVaDa 357 Carley, Tamara L.*; Miller, Calvin; Ferguson, Charles A.; Gualda, Guilherme A.R.; Pamukcu, Ayla S.; Wooden, Joe L.; Miller, Jonathan; Gaudio, Sarah J.; Varga, Robert J.: SUPererUPTion oF Peach SPring TUFF: neW inSighTS From calDera-Fill anD oUTFloW PUmice anD acceSSorY mineralS 358 Zou, Haibo*; Fan, Qicheng: The greaT Tianchi erUPTion anD iTS Pre-erUPTion hiSTorY anD conDiTionS 359 Klemetti, Erik W.*; Cooper, Kari M.; Deering, Chad D.: changeS in rhYoliTe comPoSiTion oVer The laST 60,000 YearS aT The oKaTaina calDera comPleX, neW ZealanD recorDeD in Zircon Trace elemenT ZonaTion 360 Hughes, Gwyneth R.*; Mahood, Gail A.: a reVieW oF The TecTonic SeTTing anD characTeriSTicS oF QUaTernarY Silicic calDeraS SeDimenTS in SoUTh DaKoTa USing grain SiZe anD geochemical meThoDS 42-11 371 Maharjan, Dev K.*; Hover, Victoria C.; Ashley, Gail M.; Goman, Michelle F.; Owen, R. Bernhart; Park, Lisa E.: eViDence For cenTennial-Scale climaTe VariaTion recorDeD BY organic maTTer in a FreShWaTer WeTlanD, laKe Solai, KenYa 372 O'Donnell, Kenneth H.*; Schieber, Juergen: SeDimenTarY FeaTUreS anD FoSSil accUmUlaTion in mUDSToneS oF The KoPe FormaTion, loWer maQUoKeTa groUP (UPPer orDoVician), inDiana 373 Huda, S.A.*; Last, George V.: inVeSTigaTing DePoSiTional VariaTion WiThin The ringolD FormaTion aT The hanForD SiTe 374 Regan, Sean P.*; Mosher, David; Husinec, Antun; Read, J.F.: PeriTiDal anD SUBaerial eXPoSUre FacieS oF laTe Valanginian To laTe haUTeriVian PlaTForm-inTerior carBonaTeS, mlJeT iSlanD, croaTia 375 Mosher, David*; Regan, Sean P.; Husinec, Antun; Read, J.F.: alBian FacieS WiThin a cYclic PeriTiDal PlaTForminTerior SeQUence, aDriaTic PlaTForm, SoUThern croaTia 376 Stolz, Dustin*; King, Norman R.: mUlTiPle eroSion SUrFaceS in TranSgreSSiVe anD highSTanD PorTionS oF The alTamonT cYcloThem (miDDle PennSYlVanian) in ST. loUiS, miSSoUri 377 Weeks, Brittany L.*; Kirkland, Brenda L.; Kirkland, Douglas W.; Moiola, Richard J.; Lynch, F. Leo; Dewey, C.P.; Sellers, Cale B.: role oF organic maTTer in FormaTion oF STromaToliTeS anD micriTic ooiDS From channing laKe BeD BaSin; riTa Blanca FormaTion; PanhanDle, TeXaS 378 Hoefer, Jason M.*; Smith, M. Elliot; Mueller, Erich R.: TracKing The DoWnSTream FaTe oF DiVerSe liThologieS in moDern FlUVial SYSTemS, norThern rocKY moUnTainS, iDaho 379 Schur, Emilie*; Hajek, Elizabeth: SanDSTone anD graVel ProVenance in The FerriS FormaTion (UPPer creTaceoUS/Paleogene, hanna BaSin, WYoming) 380 Buehler, Holly*; Weissmann, Gary S.; Hartley, Adrian J.; Scuderi, Louis A.: The ongoing aVUlSion oF The TaQUari riVer ­ an eXamPle oF noDal aVUlSion on a DiSTriBUTiVe FlUVial SYSTem 381 Brink, Ryan A.*; Rygel, Michael C.: BaSin-margin FacieS oF The PennSYlVanian raggeD reeF FormaTion, cUmBerlanD BaSin, noVa ScoTia 382 Slane, Daniel C.*; Rygel, Michael C.: marginal-marine FacieS oF The caTSKill FormaTion (UPPer DeVonian), Tioga coUnTY, PennSYlVania 383 El-Ashmawy, Laila*; Toke, Nathan A.; Arrowsmith, J. Ramon: SeDimenTarY geologY oF UrBan enVironmenTS: an eXamPle oF meaSUring SeDimenT ProDUcTion anD comPoSiTion in TemPe, aZ 384 Sheldon, Erin Patricia*; Rygel, Michael C.: The PennSYlVanian SPringhill mineS FormaTion: meanDering FlUVial SYSTemS in a cYclic, coal-Bearing SUcceSSion 385 Stephan, Emily L.*; Rygel, Michael C.: coarSe-graineD meanDering FlUVial SYSTemS oF The PennSYlVanian raggeD reeF FormaTion, cUmBerlanD BaSin, noVa ScoTia 386 Siks, Benjamin C.*; Pope, Michael C.: herringBone calciTe From FracTUreS FeeDing eocene TUFa DePoSiTS, challiS, iDaho: Do TheY ProViDe PoSSiBle geochemical conSTrainTS on earThS earlieST liFe?



41-10 41-11





SeSSion no. 42

T67. Sedimentary Geology of the Next Generation: Student Posters (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; Society for Sedimentary Geology [SEPM])

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 42-1 361 Murray, Katherine T.*; Richardson, Ellery R.; Miller, Molly F.; Bowser, Samuel S.; Walker, Sally E.: SeDimenT TeXTUre in eXPlorerS coVe, anTarcTica: hoW iS SeDimenT TranSPorTeD From The TaYlor DrY ValleY To The ice coVereD SeaFloor 362 Mack, Sheridan*; Davies-Vollum, K. Sian; Stromberg, Caroline A.E.: climaTe analYSiS oF The eocene ThomaS ranch Flora, BriTiSh colUmBia 363 Koch, Zach W.*; Burke, C.D.: PaleoenVironmenTal inTerPreTaTion oF SiliciclaSTic DePoSiTS on The cheroKee ShelF DUring miDDle PennSYlVanian Sea leVel TranSgreSSion, BanDera Shale FormaTion (SoUTheaSTern KanSaS anD norTheaSTern oKlahoma) 364 Van Tiem, Karen J.*; Lemke, Lawrence D.: linKing TeXTUre anD gamma raY log reSPonSe in glacial SeDimenTS oF SoUTheaST michigan 365 Potter, Sally L.*; Petersen, Erich U.; Chan, Marjorie A.: QemScan: a reVolUTionarY SeDimenTarY PeTrologY Tool 366 Joseph, Craig*; Rose, Kelly; Torres, Marta; Riedel, Michael; Pohlman, John: liThoSTraTigraPhY anD SeDimenTologY oF ShalloW PiSTon coreS From Pgc2008-007 eXPeDiTion; BUllSeYe anD amneSiac VenTS, caScaDia margin 367 Vakhlamov, Pavel*; Walsdorf, Robert Adam; Heise, Elizabeth A.: enVironmenTal inTerPreTaTion oF carBonaTe BeDS in The Bahia granDe WeTlanDS, SoUTh TeXaS 368 Cassle, Christopher F.*; Egenhoff, Sven O.: The Dogma oF UPWelling, Time For a change: PhoSPhaTe accUmUlaTion in a ShelTereD inlanD Sea, The Permian PhoSPhoria FormaTion, USa 369 Fowler, Alexandré*; Griffing, David H.: healTh anD TaPhonomY oF TelePhone Pole reeF (San SalVaDor iSlanD, BahamaS) in 2008: a moDel For recogniZing raPiD reeF TranSiTionS PreSerVeD in The FoSSil recorD 370 Erickson, Eli N.*; Sweeney, Mark R.; Cowman, Tim: DiFFerenTiaTing miSSoUri anD JameS riVer 42-17 42-16



















160 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


42-27 387 Ortiz, Alejandra C.*; Hughes, Zoe J.; Ramatchandirane, Cyndhia G.; Stenquist, Asha G.; Argow, Brittina A.: inVeSTigaTing The eFFecT oF WaVe energY on SeDimenT characTeriSTicS oF VieQUeS, PUerTo rico USing real anD moDeleD WaVe DaTa 388 Posner, Esther S.*; Buzzell, James L.; Barr, J.G.; Zdan, Stephen A.: DeTerminaTion oF PaleolaTiTUDe oF The miSSiSSiPPian michigan FormaTion: JacKSon, michigan 389 Olson, Michelle E.*; Weissmann, Gary S.; Hartley, Adrian J.; Scuderi, Louis A.: channel BiFUrcaTion anD SloPe on BraiDeD DiSTriBUTiVe FlUVial SYSTemS 390 Jackson, Jeremiah S.*: SeQUence BoUnDarieS in The miSSiSSiPPian SUBSYSTem in SoUThWeST miSSoUri 391 Starkey, Molly A.*; Gouzie, Douglas R.: geochemical VariaTion oF The lamoTTe SanDSTone in SoUThWeST miSSoUri 392 Waldien, Trevor S.*: STraTigraPhY oF The miDDle memBer oF The coaleDo FormaTion aT SUnSeT BaY, cooS coUnTY, oregon 43-9 401 Cubley, Joel F.*; Pattison, David R.M.: PolYPhaSe DeFormaTion anD mYloniTic Shear in The granD ForKS comPleX, SoUTheaSTern B.c

SeSSion no. 44

T103. Geology in the National Parks: Research, Mapping, and Education (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 44-1 402 du Bray, Edward A.*; Bacon, Charles R.; John, David A.: PeTrogeneSiS, age, anD hYDroThermal alTeraTion oF The miocene TaTooSh inTrUSiVe SUiTe, moUnT rainier naTional ParK 403 Rohr, David M.*; Blodgett, Robert B.; Bell, Gorden L. Jr.: miDDle Permian (laTeST gUaDalUPian) age gaSTroPoDS From The reeF Trail memBer oF The Bell canYon FormaTion, TeXaS 404 Best, David M.*; Allred, W. Sylvester: USing naTional ParKS To ProViDe an inTegraTeD FielD coUrSe in geologY anD BiologY 405 Lundstrom, Scott*; Cowman, Tim; Holbrook, John M.; Paces, James B.; Hanson, Paul; Dillon, J.S.; Sweeney, Mark R.; Jacobson, Robert B.; Heise, Bruce; Abraham, Jared D.: geologic maPPing anD reSearch along The miSSoUri naTional recreaTional riVer, neBraSKa anD SoUTh DaKoTa: inTegraTion oF reSUlTS anD SigniFicance To hYDrogeologic anD ecologic iSSUeS 406 Connor, C.L.*; Allred, K.; Lewis, S.M.; Allred, C.: 2007-2010 caVe inVenTorY ProJecT in Wrangell SainT eliaS naTional ParK anD PreSerVe 407 Good, C.; Connor, C.L.*; Woodford, R.; Walling, R.; Hakala, M.: DeSign DiScoVer reSearch: inTroDUcTorY college FielD earTh SYSTemS Science For alaSKa high School STUDenTS in glacier BaY naTional ParK anD PreSerVe 408 Brease, Phil*; Stromquist, Linda; Fiorillo, Anthony; Hasiotis, Stephen T.: creTaceoUS DinoSaUrS in Denali--a neWlY DiScoVereD reSoUrce reQUireS a neW managemenT Plan 409 Blome, Charles D.*; Faith, Jason R.; Wahl, Ronald R.; Lidke, David J.; Moore, David W.; Smith, David V.: geologic maPPing oF The chicKaSaW naTional recreaTion area, SoUTh-cenTral oKlahoma 410 Carr, Brett B.*; Heasler, Henry P.; Jaworowski, Cheryl: airBorne reconnaiSSance oF hYDroThermal areaS USing DaYTime Thermal inFrareD imagerY 411 Brody, Anna G.*; Pluhar, Christopher J.; Stock, Greg M.; Sas, Robert J.: QUanTiFYing PoST-glacial TalUS DePoSiTion in YoSemiTe ValleY USing giS anD ShalloW SUrFace geoPhYSicS 412 Corwin, Kimberley A.*; Harvey, Taylor Y.; Smith, Stephen; Tyrell, Megan; Argow, Brittina A.: an eXaminaTion oF increaSeD eroSion anD releaSe oF carBon From a caPe coD SalT marSh SYSTem 413 Thompson, Denise*; Snyder, Nicole: Teacher -rangerTeacher--eXPerience The naTional ParKS anD Wear The haT Too!



42-30 42-31



SeSSion no. 43

T74. Pluton Assembly: Duration, Mechanisms, and Structural Controls (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 43-1 393 Depine, Gabriela V.*; Andronicos, Christopher L.: reSPonSe oF SYnorogenic PlUTonS in The miDDle crUST oF conTinenTal magmaTic arcS To regional TecTonic changeS: an eXamPle From The coaST moUnTainS oF BriTiSh colUmBia 394 Burnham, Daniel P.*: inTUSion oF The ST. KeVin BaTholiTh inTo The homeSTaKe Shear Zone, norThern SaWaTch range, cenTral coloraDo; eFFecTS on The mechanicS oF an acTiVelY DeForming BriTTlePlaSTic Shear Zone 395 Lopez de Luchi, Monica G.*; Rapalini, Augusto.E.; Tomezzoli, Renata: magneTic FaBric anD microSTrUcTUreS oF laTe PaleoZoic graniToiDS oF The ne norTh PaTagonian maSSiF, argenTina 396 Zaffarana, C.B.*; Poma, S.; Patiño Douce, A.: Thermal eFFecT ProDUceD BY maFic-UlTramaFic magma inTrUSion: an eXamPle From Sierra De San lUiS, cenTral argenTina 397 Petronis, Michael*; Hacker, David B.; Brister, Adam: emPlacemenT oF The iron moUnTain laccoliTh, SW UTah, reVealeD BY aniSoTroPY oF magneTic SUScePTiBiliTY anD FielD maPPing STUDieS 398 Davis, Peter*; Tappero, Elyssa; Modun, Nicole; Fayon, Annia: conSTraining The age oF PlUTon DeFormaTion ThroUgh microTeXTUral analYSiS: a caSe For The SYn-TecTonic emPlacemenT oF The meSoProTeroZoic TreS PieDraS anD TUSaS meTagraniTeS 399 Garcia, Rebecca V.*; Kelley, Shari; Heizler, Matthew T.: a geo anD Thermochronological STUDY oF The elK anD WeST elK moUnTain range, SoUThWeST coloraDo 400 Hawkins, D.P.*; Brown, N.E.; Wiebe, R.A.; Klemetti, EW; Wobus, R.A.: DocUmenTing The TimeScale oF PlUTon conSTrUcTion: U-PB geochronologY oF The SUBVolcanic VinalhaVen inTrUSion anD aSSociaTeD Volcanic rocKS


















2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 161




SeSSion no. 45

T104. Geoscience Programs at Community Colleges: Models for Success and Innovation (Posters) (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 45-1 414 Livelybrooks, Dean*; Granshaw, Frank D.; Hulpke, Kate; Aase, Jason: The UniVerSiTY oF oregon Ucore Program, SUmmer UniVerSiTY reSearch ProJecTS For commUniTY college PhYSical ScienceS STUDenTS anD FolloW-UP "caTalYTic" acTiViTieS 415 Kraft, Katrien J.*; Husman, Jenefer: noT JUST JocKS STUDYing rocKS: The eXPerience oF Three commUniTY college STUDenTS in an inTroDUcTorY geologY claSSroom 416 Richardson, Jeffery*: TaKin' iT To The STreeTS: a SUcceSSFUl, innoVaTiVe moDel For on-line geologY 417 Beauregard, Allison*; Schwartz, Matthew C.: commUniTY college-UniVerSiTY reSearch ParTnerShiP: one ProJecT, Parallel goalS 418 Baer, Eric M.D.*; Whittington, Carla: a Tree or a rooT? a SUcceSSFUl inTroDUcTorY geoScience cUrricUla moDel aT highline commUniTY college 419 Whittington, Carla*; Baer, Eric M.D.: USing The "WeaKneSSeS" oF commUniTY college PoPUlaTionS To ProViDe a geologic haZarDS coUrSe ThaT imPacTS commUniTY riSK 420 Shomo, Susie*: FaceTS oF a Small, SUcceSSFUl geoScience Program 421 Furutani, Tracy T.*: The long SloW DeaTh oF hiSTorical geologY aT norTh SeaTTle commUniTY college 422 Smaglik, Suzanne M.*: cenTral WYoming college: The miDDle oF noWhere haS a Whole loT oUT There 423 Bradford, Christine D.*; Bary, David O.: Bringing geologY To liFe ThroUgh FielDTriPS anD collaBoraTiVe learning - a moDel For SUcceSS in commUniTY college geoScience DeParTmenTS 424 Markson, Angela M.*; Holbrook, John: YoUr commUniTY college; a rich reSerVoir oF PoTenTial geoScience STUDenTS 46-7 46-8 46-5 46-6 429 Burns, Marie C.*: geologic haZarDS eDUcaTion aT PaTTon miDDle School, mcminnville, oregon 430 Waite, Gregory P.*; Pennington, Wayne D.; Asiala, Carol J.; Tubman, Stephanie; Fujita, Kazuya: SeiSmograPhS anD VolcanoeS in UPPer michigan PrimarY anD SeconDarY SchoolS 431 Wack, Edwin*; Shea, Karen: USing The STorYline meThoD in geologic haZarDS eDUcaTion 432 Doherty-Stephan, Anne*: TeacherS, ScienTiSTS, anD STUDenTS aS rangerS in moUnT rainier naTional ParK: a Program manager'S PerSPecTiVe 433 Tepper, Jeffrey H.*; Valentine, Michael J.: WhY Plan a reTiremenT commUniTY in a lahar Zone? DeSigning a ProJecT-BaSeD geohaZarDS coUrSe in collaBoraTion WiTh The coUnTY oFFice oF emergencY managemenT 434 Podolsky, Dean M.W.*; Johnston, David: The role oF haZarD-SPeciFic ScenarioS USeD in PUBlic eDUcaTion For The PUrPoSe oF BUilDing commUniTY PrePareDneSS anD reSilience 435 Walker, Becca*: maKing caScaDia geohaZarDS releVanT To SoUThern caliFornia commUniTY college STUDenTS



45-3 45-4




SeSSion no. 47

T112. The Nature of Geoscience Expertise (Posters) (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 47-1 47-2 436 Sexton, Julie M.*: college STUDenTS' UnDerSTanDing oF riVer ProceSSeS anD FeaTUreS 437 Lemke, Lawrence D.*: inTegraTing SeDimenTologY, STraTigraPhY, hYDrogeologY, anD criTical ThinKing ThroUgh The SUcceSSiVe inTerPreTaTion oF SUBSUrFace geologic croSS SecTionS 438 Reid, Leslie F.*; Sexton, Julie M.: college STUDenTS DeVeloPmenT oF rocK iDenTiFicaTion SKillS 439 Shearer, Katie*; Elwood Madden, Megan E.; Elmore, R. Douglas; Kyncl, Rhonda; Eodice, Michele: neW coUrSe DeVeloPS STUDenT eXPerTiSe in geoScience WriTing 440 Passow, Michael J.*; Turrin, Margaret J.; Kenna, Timothy C.; Newton, Robert: lamonT-DoherTY earTh oBSerVaTorY conTriBUTionS To PUBlic UnDerSTanDing oF Science, ParT 1: ProgramS anD WorKShoP SerieS 441 Passow, Michael J.*; Goodwillie, Andrew M.; Kastens, Kim A.; Brenner, Carl: lamonT-DoherTY earTh oBSerVaTorY conTriBUTionS To PUBlic UnDerSTanDing oF Science, ParT 2: WeB-BaSeD ProJecTS For TeacherS anD STUDenTS 442 Harwood, Cara L.*; Ormand, Carol J.; Manduca, Cathryn A.; Shipley, Thomas F.: DiFFerenceS in DeVeloPmenT oF SPaTial anD oBJecT ViSUaliZaTion aBiliTY in UnDergraDUaTe geoScience coUrSeS 443 Kirk, Karin B.*; Manduca, Cathryn A.; Myers, James D.; Loxsom, Fred; Mogk, David W.; Bruckner, Monica Z.: Teaching aBoUT energY WiTh online maTerialS From on The cUTTing eDge


45-7 45-8 45-9 45-10


47-3 47-4

SeSSion no. 46

T106. Opportunities and Challenges for Geologic Hazards Education in Cascadia (Posters): In Memory of John Lahr (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geology and Health Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 46-1 425 Wyatt, Kay D.*: geoScience in acTion: The oregon ShaKeS acTiViTY liBrarY For K-12 geoScience eDUcaTion 426 Metzger, Ronald A.*: haZarDS in caScaDia: PerSPecTiVeS From a commUniTY college eDUcaTor on The oregon coaST 427 Kehr, Linda S.*: VolcanoeS cSi: Where DoeS The FaUlT lie? 428 Hemel, Jeanine*: USing Place-BaSeD caScaDia TSUnami STUDieS To inTegraTe Science DiSciPlineS






46-3 46-4

162 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


SeSSion no. 48

T131. Ancient Coastal and Subsea Sites: New Findings and Problems (Posters) (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; Smithsonian Institution)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 48-1 444 Marino, Domenico*; Bartoli, Dante G.; Atauz, Ayse: ancienT harBorS anD SUBmergeD iSlanDS: neW eViDence From croTon, iTalY 445 Garrison, Ervan*: 38,000 Year-olD SUB-FoSSil eViDence For The aTlanTic graY Whale, eSchrichTiUS roBUSTUS, SoUTh aTlanTic BighT, georgia (USa) 446 Kelley, Joseph T.; Belknap, Daniel F.*; Claesson, Stefan: DroWneD archeological SiTe PoTenTial in The WeSTern gUlF oF maine: an eXamPle From BaSS harBor, me 447 Strong, Nikki*; Maekawa, Takano; Rovira, Beatriz: raTeS anD PaTTernS oF coaSTal eroSion For The Panama VieJo hiSTorical anD archeological SiTe 49-12 49-11 49-10 4:15 PM Myers, James D.*; Kirk, Karin B.; Manduca, Cathryn A.; Loxsom, Fred: Teaching aBoUT energY in geoScience coUrSeS: cUrrenT reSearch anD PeDagogY ­ an on The cUTTing eDge WorKShoP rePorT 4:30 PM Myers, Robert J.*; Schwerin, Theresa: a Program For Teacher ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT: The earTh SYSTem Science eDUcaTion alliance 4:45 PM Underwood, William D.*: geoScience eDUcaTion aT The oKlahoma School oF Science anD maThemaTicS 5:00 PM Manduca, Cathryn A.*; Macdonald, R. Heather; Ormand, Carol J.; Feiss, P. Geoffrey: STrengThening geoScience DeParTmenTS ThroUgh ShareD KnoWleDge 5:15 PM Discussion ii




SeSSion no. 50

Paleontology: Extinction & Turnover

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 256 Stephen R. Westrop and Felisa Smith, Presiding 50-1 1:30 PM Kowalewski, Michal*; Alroy, John; Boyer, Alison G.; Brown, James H.; Finnegan, Seth; Krause, Richard A. Jr.; Lyons, S. Kathleen; McClain, Craig R.; McShea, Dan; Novack-Gottshall, Philip M.; Payne, Jonathan; Smith, Felisa; Spaeth, Paula A.; Stempien, Jennifer A.; Wang, Steve C.: The geoZoic: an inFormal SUPereon anD a Terminological conVenience 1:45 PM Wang, Steve C.*; Wong, Heidi: conFiDence inTerValS For The DUraTion oF a maSS eXTincTion 2:00 PM Westrop, Stephen R.*; Landing, Ed: The oneS ThaT goT aWaY: a relicT, PoST-eXTincTion TriloBiTe FaUna in The camBrian--orDoVician BoUnDarY inTerVal oF neW YorK 2:15 PM Wittmer, Jacalyn M.*: regional PaleoecologY anD gloBal PaleogeograPhic hiSTorY oF TenTacUliToiDS 2:30 PM Gahn, Forest J.; Pruett, Preston A.*: comParaTiVe PaleoecologY oF a DiSTal carBonaTe ramP To BaSin: earlY miSSiSSiPPian loDgePole FormaTion, monTana 2:45 PM DeSantis, Michael K.*; Brett, Carlton E.: laTe eiFelian (miDDle DeVonian) BioTic TUrnoVer PaTTernS in eaSTern norTh america -- WiTh imPlicaTionS For gloBal Bio-eVenTS near The eiFeliangiVeTian STage BoUnDarY 3:00 PM Irmis, Randall B.*: eValUaTing laTe TriaSSic FaUnal change anD The riSe oF DinoSaUrS: eXamPleS From The chinle FormaTion oF norTh-cenTral neW meXico 3:15 PM Martindale, Rowan*; Bottjer, David J.: SimilariTieS anD DiFFerenceS BeTWeen laTe TriaSSic anD moDern reeFS 3:30 PM Break 50-9 3:45 PM Chatterjee, Sankar*; Mehrotra, Naresh M.: The SigniFicance oF The conTemPoraneoUS ShiVa imPacT STrUcTUre anD Deccan VolcaniSm aT The KT BoUnDarY 4:00 PM Weil, Anne*; Bolwahnn-Barfoot, Alanna: aDDiTionS To The earlieST Paleocene mUlTiTUBercUlaTe mammalS oF garFielD coUnTY, monTana 4:15 PM Sliko, Jennifer*; Herbert, Gregory S.: nUTrienT Decline, rainFall PaTTernS, anD The enD-Pliocene regional maSS eXTincTion in FloriDa 4:30 PM Burzynski, Greg*; Kelley, Patricia H.; Tobias, Craig R.: hoW meTaBolic raTe aFFecTS SUrViVorShiP:


aFTernoon oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 49

Geoscience Education II

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, C123 Stephen J. Reynolds, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 49-1 1:35 PM Johnson, Julia K.; Reynolds, Stephen J.*; Tyburczy, James; Busch, Melanie M.; Coyan, Joshua A.: reSolVing The BreaDTh VerSUS DePTh VerSUS inQUirY Dilemma in inTroDUcTorY college geologY coUrSeS 1:50 PM Stokes, Alison*; Anderson, Mark W.: UnDergraDUaTe STUDenTS' concePTionS oF geologY: WhaT are TheY, anD Do TheY change? 2:05 PM Hopkins, Samantha*: Science liTeracY in The Teaching oF loWer DiViSion Science: reThinKing The conTenT oF non-maJorS' Science claSSeS 2:20 PM Brey, James A.*; Geer, Ira W.; Moran, Joseph M.; Weinbeck, Robert W.; Mills, Elizabeth W.; Blair, Bernard A.; Hopkins, Edward J.; Kiley, Thomas P. Jr.; Ruwe, Emily E.: AMS CLIMATE STUDIES: a TUrnKeY PacKage in climaTe Science liTeracY 2:35 PM Mattox, Stephen*; Bolhuis, Chris: aDDing high School STUDenTS To The career PiPeline USing a SUcceSSFUl moDel oF creDiT-BY-eXam For inTroDUcTorY PhYSical geologY 2:50 PM Snow, Eleanour*: Teaching DUal-creDiT PhYSical geologY To BoTh rUral anD UrBan high School STUDenTS in TeXaS: a UniVerSiTY, JUnior college, anD School DiSTricT collaBoraTion 3:05 PM Bolhuis, Chris*; Mattox, Stephen R.: BUilDing a high School geologY coUrSe ThaT earnS college creDiT 3:20 PM Discussion 3:30 PM Break 49-8 3:45 PM Klawiter, Mark F.*: energY anD PhYSical Science conTenT inFUSeD inTo geoScience cUrricUlUm: miTeP 4:00 PM Loxsom, Fred*: energY iSSUeS in geoScience 50-11 50-4 50-3 50-2














2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 163



The grim STorY oF BiValVeS acroSS a Pliocene eXTincTion 50-13 4:45 PM O'Dea, Aaron*; Jacskon, Jeremy B.C.: ecological anD eVolUTionarY aSYnchronY in cariBBean eXTincTion 5:00 PM Whiteman, Shawn B.*; Boyer, Alison G.; Smith, Felisa: a Tale oF TWo conTinenTS: ecologY, PhYlogenY, anD The greaT american BioTic inTerchange 5:15 PM Smith, Felisa*; Elliott, Scott M.; Lyons, S. Kathleen: mammoTh BUrPS: DiD hUman imPacTS on The enVironmenT PreDaTe The holocene? 51-12 PaleonTologY anD SeDimenTarY geologY oF inTerDUnal SeDimenTS oF The earlY JUraSSic glen canYon groUP in anD aroUnD DinoSaUr naTional monUmenT (Dnm) in norTheaSTern UTah 4:30 PM Wilson, Mark A.*; Sime, John; Taylor, Paul D.: crYPTic Trace FoSSilS aS clUeS To The TaPhonomY oF BacUliTiD conchS (UPPer creTaceoUS Pierre Shale, WeSTern inTerior, norTh america) 4:45 PM Rodland, David L.*; Bullard, Elizabeth M.; Kowalewski, Michal; Simoes, Marcello: Shell SiZe anD ScleroBionT coloniZaTion: area eFFecTS on encrUSTaTion anD Boring FreQUencY, aBUnDance, DiVerSiTY anD recrUiTmenT in harD-SUBSTraTe commUniTieS 5:00 PM Shroat-Lewis, René A.*; McKinney, Michael L.; Sumrall, Colin D.: clUmPeD or DiSPerSeD? USing neareST neighBor analYSiS To aSSeSS VariaTionS in SeTTlemenT PaTTernS oF FoUr orDoVician iSoroPhiD eDrioaSTeroiDS 5:15 PM Foss, Scott E.*; Mary, Michelle L.; Kuizon, Lucia: neW PUBlic laW To ProTecT anD PreSerVe PaleonTological reSoUrceS on FeDeral lanD




SeSSion no. 51

Paleontology: Movement & Distribution

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 255 Erin H. Leckey and Patrick Ryan Getty, Presiding 51-1 1:30 PM Hembree, Daniel I.*: neoichnologY oF The WhiP ScorPion PhrYnUS marginemacUlaTa: inTerPreTing The role oF PreDaTorY arThroPoDS in earlY Soil ecoSYSTemS 1:45 PM Getty, Patrick Ryan*; Sproule, Robert; Wagner, David; Bush, Andrew M.: TracKWaYS oF moDern BaSal inSecTS (JUmPing BriSTleTailS anD SilVerFiSh) anD The origin oF PennSYlVanian arThroPoD Trace FoSSilS From eaSTern maSSachUSeTTS 2:00 PM Riese, David J.*; Hasiotis, Stephen T.; Odier, Georges: liFe in a SanD Sea: BUrroWS eXcaVaTeD BY mammalS or TheraPSiDS in The naVaJo SanDSTone anD Their aSSociaTion WiTh oTher organiSmS rePreSenTeD BY Trace FoSSilS in a WeT DeSerT ecoSYSTem 2:15 PM Smith, Jon Jay*; Platt, Brian F.; Ludvigson, Greg A.; Thomasson, Joseph R.: eXcePTionallY WellPreSerVeD anT neST FoSSilS in calcic PaleoSolS oF The ogallala FormaTion (miocene), ScoTT coUnTY, KanSaS, USa 2:30 PM Martin, Anthony J.*; Rich, Thomas H.; Vickers-Rich, Patricia; Kool, Lesley; Trusler, Peter: From craYFiSh To DinoSaUrS: earlY creTaceoUS Trace FoSSilS oF VicToria, aUSTralia anD Their USeS in inTerPreTing circUmPolar PaleoenVironmenTS 2:45 PM Hasiotis, Stephen T.*; Fiorillo, Anthony; Kobahyashi, Yoshitsugu; Brease, Phil: PreliminarY rePorT on The microBial, inVerTeBraTe, anD VerTeBraTe Trace FoSSilS From Denali naTional ParK anD PreSerVe, alaSKa: inSighTS inTo The BioDiVerSiTY oF a Polar ecoSYSTem 3:00 PM Ramirez-Carvalho, Monica*; Wilf, Peter; Barrios, Hector; Currano, Ellen D.; Jaramillo, Carlos; Labandeira, Conrad C.; Windsor, Donald M.: iS inSecT Damage DiVerSiTY correlaTeD WiTh inSecT DiVerSiTY? PreliminarY reSUlTS From The Panama canoPY craneS anD imPlicaTionS For PlanT-inSecT aSSociaTional DiVerSiTY in The FoSSil recorD 3:15 PM Leckey, Erin H.*; Smith, Dena: mUSeUm collecTionS are BeTTer Than eXPecTeD: minimal eFFecTS oF collecTion BiaS in DeTecTing inSecT herBiVorY on FoSSiliZeD leaVeS 3:30 PM Break 51-9 3:45 PM Hagadorn, James W.*: camBrian coProliTeS: a recorD oF non-anomalocariDiD gnaThoBaSic PreDaTion 4:00 PM Dornbos, Stephen Q.*; Plotnick, Roy E.; Chen, Junyuan: moVemenT PaleoecologY oF The earlY camBrian chengJiang BioTa 4:15 PM Engelmann, George F.*; Chure, Daniel J.; Britt, Brooks: Paleoecological inFormaTion From 51-14



SeSSion no. 52

2009 GSA Gold Medal Lectures

5:00 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 254 Jean M. Bahr, Presiding 5:00 PM Welcome and introduction 52-1 5:15 PM Lee, Cin-Ty*: YoUng ScienTiST aWarD (DonaTh meDal) lecTUre 5:40 PM Discussion 52-2 52-3 5:45 PM Harrison, T. Mark*: arThUr l. DaY meDal lecTUre 6:10 PM Discussion 6:15 PM Burchfiel, B. Clark*: PenroSe meDal lecTUre 6:40 PM Discussion




SeSSion no. 53

P6. Google Earth to Geoblogs: Digital Innovations in the Geosciences (GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; Google, Inc.: National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballrooms 251/258 P. Kyle House, John Bailey, Ronald C. Schott, Mano Marks, Glenn A. Richard, and Peter A. Selkin, Presiding 53-1 53-2 53-3 53-4 1:30 PM House, P. Kyle*: DigiTal geologY in The 21st cenTUrY: iT'S here, Don'T Fear, geT inTo iT 1:45 PM Jackson, Ian*: onegeologY - maKing geologY acceSSiBle 2:00 PM Allison, M. Lee*: i TWeeT, ThereFore i am: Social neTWorKS in The geoScienceS 2:15 PM De Paor, Declan G.*; Whitmeyer, Steven J.: one maP manY maPPerS: imPlicaTionS oF innoVaTiVe maPPing, moDeling, anD neTWorKing TechnologieS For geoScience eDUcaTion 2:30 PM Schott, Ronald C.*: gigageology: VirTUal FielD TriPS in a Web2.0 WorlD 3:00 PM Marks, Mano; Wernecke, Josie*; Bailey, John E.: eXPloring WiTh google'S geoSPaTial ToolS 3:01 PM Selkin, Peter A.*; De Paor, Declan G.; Gobert, Janice; Kirk, Karin B.; Kluge, Steve; Richard, Glenn A.; Whitmeyer, Steven J.: emerging DigiTal TechnologieS For geoScience eDUcaTion anD oUTreach




53-5 53-6 53-7



164 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


3:02 PM USing DigiTal ToolS For geologY, P.K. house, i. Jackson, m.l. allison 53-8 3:03 PM Stock, Greg M.*; Hanson, Eric; Downing, Greg: moniToring rocK FallS in YoSemiTe ValleY WiTh Three-DimenSional, high-reSolUTion Panoramic imagerY 3:04 PM Demonstration Booth 4:34 PM Discussion 54-13 54-12 4:30 PM Davis, George H.*; Reifschneider, Meredith A.; Borraccini, Francesco; Similox-Tohon, Dominique: iTeraTiVe geological maPPing anD 3D STrUcTUral moDeling To iDenTiFY SPaTial inconSiSTencieS anD creaTe accUraTe ViSUaliZaTion FrameWorK For geoarchaeological inTerPreTaTionS: mT. lYKaion (greece) SancTUarY oF ZeUS caSe STUDY: ParT 1, maPPing 4:45 PM Similox-Tohon, Dominique*; Scherrenberg, Arne; Clelland, Steven; Davis, George H.: iTeraTiVe geological maPPing anD 3D STrUcTUral moDeling To iDenTiFY SPaTial inconSiSTencieS anD creaTe accUraTe ViSUaliZaTion FrameWorK For geoarchaeological inTerPreTaTionS: mT. lYKaion (greece) SancTUarY oF ZeUS caSe STUDY: ParT 2, moDeling

T1. Geological Mapping: Key to Successful Management of Water and Land Resources II (GSA Geology and Society Division; Association of American State Geologists; U.S. Geological Survey; British Geological Survey; GSA Geology & Public Policy Committee; International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment [IAEG]; Engineering Geology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B116 Richard C. Berg, Holger Kessler, E. Donald McKay, H.A.J. Russell, David R. Soller, L. Harvey Thorleifson, and Linda Jacobsen, Presiding 54-1 1:30 PM Farrell, Rolf*; Hart, Alwyn; Seymour, Keith: The USe oF geological anD hYDrogeological moDelS in The enVironmenT agencY oF englanD anD WaleS 1:45 PM Letsinger, Sally L.*; Naylor, Shawn; Olyphant, Greg A.: a giS-BaSeD aPProach To moDeling ThreeDimenSional geologY oF near-SUrFace glacial morPhoSeQUenceS: hUnTerToWn FormaTion, norTheaSTern inDiana 2:00 PM Mauel, Stephen W.; Madison, Frederick W.*; Bradbury, Kenneth: maPPing carBonaTe BeDrocK SUrFaceS in glaciaTeD lanDScaPeS 2:15 PM Voorhies, Nat*; Bowen, Scott; Battenhouse, Thomas Jr.; Porges, Robert; Fox, Tad C.: From 2D croSS-SecTionS To a 3D hYDrogeologic FrameWorK moDel: a STreamlineD ToolSeT For inTegraTeD DaTa managemenT, moDeling, analYSiS, anD ViSUaliZaTion 2:30 PM Alsaaran, Nasser*: geoSPaTial analYSiS oF mean annUal anD monThlY rainFall in SaUDi araBia 2:45 PM Luo, Wei*; Stepinski, Tomasz F.: eXTracTing STreamS From Dem USing Terrain oPenneSS 3:00 PM Break 54-7 3:15 PM Campbell, S. Diarmad G.*; Merritt, Joanne E.; Monaghan, Alison A.; Loughlin, Susan C.; Mansour, Majdi; O'Dochartaigh, Brighid E.; Fordyce, Fiona M.; Entwisle, David C.; Price, Simon; Royse, Katherine: ToWarDS aTTriBUTeD, ParameTeriSeD anD FUllY inTegraTeD 3D geoScience moDelS anD relaTeD giS DaTaSeTS For large UrBan regeneraTion ProJecTS in The UK 3:30 PM Pack, Skip*: TemPoral ViSUaliZaTion WiThin a SUBSUrFace geologic conTeXT 3:45 PM Tombokan, Xenia*; Ghosh, Supriyo: nonDeSTrUcTiVe, moBile nUclear magneTic reSonance TechnologY For groUnDWaTer eXPloraTion 4:00 PM Jennings, Carrie E.*; Belmont, Patrick; Blumentritt, Dylan; Day, Stephanie S.; Engstrom, Daniel R.; Gran, Karen B.; Johnson, Andrea L.; Lauer, J. Wesley; Parker, Gary; Schottler, Shawn; Viparelli, Enrica; Wilcock, Peter: maPPing To inForm moDeling oF TUrBiDiTY in agricUlTUral WaTerSheDS oF The minneSoTa BaSin 4:15 PM Parizek, Katarin A.*; Parizek, Richard R.: FracTUre Trace-STrUcTUreS: KeY To DiScoVerY anD PreSerVaTion oF TomBS, ValleY oF KingS anD QUeenS, egYPT 55-8 55-5

SeSSion no. 55

T4. Colossal Floods (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B113 Roger Patrick Denlinger and Daniel R.H. OConnell, Presiding 1:30 PM introduction 55-1 1:35 PM Baker, Victor R.*; Bjornstad, Bruce N.; Greenbaum, Noam; Porat, Naomi; Smith, Larry N.; Zreda, Marek G.: PoSSiBle reViSeD chronologY oF laTe PleiSTocene megaFlooDing, norThWeSTern U.S 1:50 PM Gupta, Sanjeev*; Collier, Jenny S.; Palmer-Felgate, Andy; Potter, Graeme: caTaSTroPhic megaFlooDS in The engliSh channel 2:10 PM Bjornstad, Bruce N.*; Baker, Victor R.; Greenbaum, Noam; Gaylord, David R.; Porat, Naomi: an UnUSUal SUcceSSion oF laTe-PleiSTocene, ice age FlooD rhYThmiTeS, WhiTe BlUFFS, WaShingTon 2:25 PM McCollum, Linda B.*; McCollum, Michael B.: laTe PleiSTocene oUTBUrST FlooD FormaTion oF laKeS locaTeD along Small Drainage DiViDeS WiThin The norThern colUmBia PlaTeaU 2:40 PM Anfinson, Owen*; Gaylord, David R.; Pope, Michael C.; Cabbage, Patrick R.: DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY aPPlieD To laTe QUaTernarY megaFlooD DePoSiTS From The channeleD ScaBlanD, Wa 2:55 PM Last, George V.*; Bjornstad, Bruce N.: DiSTriBUTion oF mammUThUS anD erraTic FinDS relaTiVe To The SiZe oF ice age FlooDS in SoUTheaSTern WaShingTon STaTe 3:10 PM O'Connor, Jim E.*; Benito, Gerardo: laTe PleiSTocene miSSoUla FlooDS--15,000-20,000 calenDar YearS BeFore PreSenT From raDiocarBon DaTing 3:30 PM Break 3:45 PM Waitt, Richard*: VarieD roUTingS oF laKe miSSoUla megaFlooDS DoWn The channeleD ScaBlanD anD colUmBia ValleY 4:00 PM Lesemann, Jerome-Etienne*; Brennand, Tracy A.: JöKUlhlaUPS From The SoUThern margin oF The corDilleran ice SheeT 4:15 PM Molnia, Bruce F.*: DYnamicS oF The 1986 anD 2002 hUBBarD glacier JöKUlhlaUPS 4:30 PM Alho, Petteri*; Baker, Victor R.; Smith, Larry N.: 2-D hYDraUlic moDeling oF glacial laKe miSSoUla DrainingS 4:45 PM Denlinger, Roger Patrick*; O'Connell, Daniel R.H.: DUraTion anD Timing oF glacial oUTBUrST FlooDS From PleiSTocene laKe miSSoUla







54-5 54-6



54-8 54-9



55-10 55-11



2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 165


SeSSion no. 54


55-13 5:00 PM Chiu, Hon Chim*; Switzer, Adam; Zong, Yongqiang; Aitchison, Jonathan C.: geomorPhic anD SeDimenTological eViDence oF a DraineD laKe SYSTem anD aSSociaTeD enVironmenTal change Tingri, TiBeT, china 5:15 PM Hoyos, Natalia*; Montes, Camilo; Bayona, Germán; Ortiz, John: large corDilleran FanS in cenTral colomBia: The recorD oF glacial-melT anD caTaSTroPhic Drainage oF The BogoTa laKe? hoW olD iS The negeV loeSS anD caUSeS For iTS SUDDen aPPearance in The laTe miDDle PleiSTocene

SeSSion no. 57

T16. 50 Years of Hydrogeology at GSA: Looking Back and Looking Forward (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E141/142 Jean Bahr, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 57-1 57-2 57-3 57-4 1:45 PM Parizek, Richard R.*: hYDrogeologY DiViSion: a FiFTY Year reTroSPecTiVe 2:00 PM Bobeck, Patricia*: america meeTS henrY DarcY: 1959-2009 2:15 PM Anderson, Mary P.*: reFlecTionS on The o.e. meinZer aWarD 2:35 PM Toth, Jozsef*: SPringS Seen anD inTerPreTeD in The conTeXT oF groUnDWaTer FloW-SYTemS 2:55 PM Break 57-5 3:10 PM Katz, Brian G.*; Plummer, L. Niel; Busenberg, Eurybiades; Hunt, Andrew G.; Sprinkle, Craig L.; Berndt, Marian P.: UnDerSTanDing groUnDWaTer FloW PaTTernS in The FloriDan aQUiFer SYSTem USing age anD geochemiSTrY--PaST, PreSenT, anD FUTUre 3:25 PM Lee, David R.*; Anderson, Mary P.: SeePage meTerS To meaSUre groUnDWaTer FloW: an hiSTorical PerSPecTiVe 3:40 PM Macpherson, G.L.*: co2 in groUnDWaTer: The PaST 50+ YearS, anD more To learn 3:55 PM Saar, Martin O.*; Randolph, Jimmy: coUPling carBon DioXiDe SeQUeSTraTion WiTh geoThermal energY caPTUre 4:10 PM Bredehoeft, John D.*: hYDrogeologY in The 21st cenTUrY


SeSSion no. 56

T7. Paleoseismology, Arid-Region Soils, and Quaternary Geology: A Tribute to Michael Machette's 35 Years of Quaternary Research (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B114/115 Jeffrey R. Knott, Janet L. Slate, and C.A. Ruleman, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 56-1 1:35 PM Phillips, Fred M.*; Majkowski, Lisa: normal FaUlTing geomeTrY in The greaT BaSin: hoW Well Do We UnDerSTanD iT anD WhaT DoeS iT mean For TecTonicS anD SeiSmic haZarD? 1:55 PM Grant Ludwig, Lisa*; Rood, Dylan H.; Kendrick, Katherine J.; Brune, James N.; Purvance, Matt D.: PrecarioUSlY BalanceD rocK (PBr) eXhUmaTion anD eXPoSUre age conSTrainTS For SeiSmic haZarD in SoUThern caliFornia: ProPoSing a climaTe change moDel 2:10 PM Miller, David M.*; Leslie, Shannon R.; Reheis, Marith; Schmidt, Kevin M.; Amoroso, Lee; Dudash, Stephanie L.; Mahan, Shannon A.: laTe QUaTernarY FaUlTing anD DiSTriBUTeD DeFormaTion in The cenTral moJaVe DeSerT, caliFornia 2:25 PM Knott, Jeffrey R.*; Wan, Elmira; Wahl, David; Sarna-Wojcicki, Andrei M.; Liddicoat, Joseph; Deino, Alan: Pliocene anD PleiSTocene TePhrochronologY anD PaleoenVironmenTS oF The KiT FoX hillS, DeaTh ValleY, ca 2:40 PM Liddicoat, Joseph C.*; Knott, Jeffrey R.; Machette, Michael N.: PaleomagneTiSm oF The FUrnace creeK FormaTion in ZaBriSKie WaSh, DeaTh ValleY, caliFornia 3:00 PM Harrison, Bruce*; Buck, Brenda; Merkler, Doug; Lato, Leon: correlaTion anD relaTiVe DaTing oF Fan SUrFaceS in DeaTh ValleY USing Soil ProPerTieS 3:15 PM Brock, Amy L.*; Buck, Brenda: geomorPhic anD PaleoenVironmenTal inTerPreTaTionS oF The STage Vi PeTrocalcic horiZonS oF mormon meSa, neVaDa, USa 3:30 PM Watkins, Conor*; Rogers, J. David: The aDVance laTeral SPreaD, a maSSiVe anD PoTenTiallY SeiSmicallY inDUceD FeaTUre in SoUTheaST miSSoUri 3:45 PM Crone, Anthony J.*; Machette, Michael N.; Clark, Dan: ShaKing "STaBle" conTinenTS-- PaleoSeiSmologY in inTerior aUSTralia anD The U.S 4:05 PM Quigley, Mark*: PaleoSeiSmologY anD geomorPhic imPlicaTionS oF QUaTernarY earThQUaKeS in ariD aUSTralia 4:20 PM Rech, Jason A.*; Owen, Lewis A.; Allmendinger, Richard W.; Baker, Amanda: aSSeSSing The role oF SeiSmic PUmPing in The FormaTion oF co-SeiSmic Soil cracKS, aTacama DeSerT, chile 4:35 PM Amit, Rivka*; Enzel, Yehouda; Crouvi, Onn; Shimhai, Ori; Matmon, Ari; Porat, Naomi; McDonald, Eric; Gillespie, Alan: FaroUK el-BaZ aWarD For DeSerT reSearch:




57-7 57-8




SeSSion no. 58

T21. Coupled Surface-Subsurface Modeling across a Range of Temporal and Spatial Scales (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D137/138 Reed Maxwell, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 58-1 1:40 PM Loague, Keith*; VanderKwaak, Joel E.; Carr, Adrianne E.; Heppner, Christopher S.; Ebel, Brian A.; Ran, Qihua; Mirus, Benjamin B.; BeVille, Susan H.: coUPleD SUrFace-SUBSUrFace moDeling: Been There Done ThaT 2:00 PM Ely, D. Matthew*; Kahle, Sue C.: groUnDWaTer anD SUrFace-WaTer FloW moDeling oF chamoKane creeK BaSin, STeVenS coUnTY, WaShingTon 2:15 PM Dawson, Clint*: nUmerical SimUlaTion oF coUPleD groUnD WaTer/SUrFace WaTer FloW 2:30 PM Ryter, Derek*: eSTimaTing TranSienT groUnDWaTer recharge USing The Soil-WaTer Balance meThoD For The elKhorn-loUP moDel area, norTh-cenTral neBraSKa 2:45 PM Ferguson, Ian M.*; Maxwell, Reed: inTegraTeD WaTerSheD moDeling: aPPlicaTionS To climaTe change imPacT analYSiS 3:00 PM Risley, John; Constantz, Jim*; Essaid, Hedeff; Rounds, Stewart: eFFecTS oF UPSTream DamS VerSUS groUnDWaTer PUmPing on STream TemPeraTUre UnDer VarYing climaTe conDiTionS 3:15 PM Break





58-3 58-4







166 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


58-7 3:30 PM Sudicky, E.A.*: FloW, conTaminanT anD Thermal energY TranSPorT in inTegraTeD SUrFaceSUBSUrFace FloW SYSTemS: moDel aPPlicaTionS oVer mUlTiPle SPaTial anD TemPoral ScaleS 3:50 PM Ma, Ying*; Feng, Shaoyuan; Gao, Guangyao: a moDiFieD green-amPT moDel For WaTer inFilTraTion anD reDiSTriBUTion in FielD laYereD SoilS aT The ariD region oF norThWeST china 4:05 PM Brookfield, Andrea E.*; Sudicky, E.A.; Park, Y.J.: inVeSTigaTing The imPorTance oF STreamBeD ProPerTieS on hYDrologic anD Thermal conDiTionS oF a STream USing an inTegraTeD SUrFace/SUBSUrFace moDel 4:20 PM Sager, Jeannette*; Frei, Sven; Fogg, Graham E.; Fleckenstein, Jan; Meirovitz, Casey; Roll, Laura: FlooDPlain recharge anD SUBSUrFace STorage oF WaTer 4:35 PM Sun, Dongmin*; Zhu, Jianting: aVeraging SchemeS oF hYDraUlic ProPerTieS in large Scale heTerogeneoUS SoilS 4:50 PM Wisely, Beth Ann*; Schmidt, David: aQUiFer SYSTem comPacTion raTeS eSTimaTeD For The coachella ValleY, caliFornia, USing inSar, groUnDWaTer leVel DaTa, anD DrillerS' logS 5:05 PM Hawley, John W.*; Creel, Bobby J.; Kambhammettu, B.V.N.P.: DigiTal hYDrogeologic-FrameWorK moDel oF The San FranciSco riVer BaSin, WeST-cenTral neW meXico anD eaST-cenTral ariZona 5:20 PM concluding remarks 59-9 3:55 PM Hackett, Josh A.*: SoUrceS oF SPringS DiScharging From mcKinneY BUTTe, UPPer DeSchUTeS BaSin, oregon 4:10 PM Jefferson, Anne J.*: on a TemPlaTe SeT BY BaSalT FloWS, hYDrologY anD eroSional ToPograPhY coeVolVe in The oregon caScaDe range 4:30 PM Deligne, Natalia Irma*; Cashman, Katharine V.; Conrey, Richard M.; Grant, Gordon E.: laVa FloWS eSTaBliShing laKeS, riVer PaThS, anD WaTerFallS: a caSe STUDY in The UPPer mcKenZie riVer ValleY, oregon 4:45 PM Cummings, Michael L.*: UnraVeling hYDrogeologY in PUmice manTleD lanDScaPeS oF UPPer KlamaTh BaSin, oregon 5:00 PM Pederson, Darryll T.*; Blay, Charles: PoSSiBle origin oF a concaViTY in The na Pali coaSTline, KaUai 5:15 PM Orem, Caitlin A.*; Ely, Lisa L.; House, P. Kyle; Safran, Elizabeth; Brossy, Cooper C.: SeDimenTarY recorD oF TWo laVa-Dam imPoUnDeD laKeS, oWYhee riVer, SoUTheaSTern oregon







59-13 59-14



SeSSion no. 60

T47. Lithospheric Delamination, Continental Magmatism, and Crustal Uplift in Mountain Evolution (GSA International Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA History of Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E147/148 Yildirim Dilek, Paul T. Robinson, and John Wakabayashi, Presiding 60-1 1:30 PM Hamilton, Warren B.*: DelaminaTion oF haDean maFic ProTocrUST, The KeY To archean magmaTiSm anD TecTonicS 1:50 PM Jacobs, Joachim*; Thomas, Robert J.; Ueda, Kosuke; Kleinhanns, Ilka; Emmel, Benjamin; Kumar, Rajeev; Bingen, Bernard; Engvik, Ane: coUPleD DelaminaTion anD inDenTor-eScaPe TecTonicS in The SoUThern ParT oF The c. 650-500 ma eaST aFrican/anTarcTic orogen 2:05 PM Karlstrom, Karl*; van Wijk, Jolante; Coblentz, David; Crest, Working Group: DYnamic UPliFT oF The coloraDo PlaTeaU- rocKY moUnTain region DriVen BY aSThenoSPhere-liThoSPhere inTeracTionS 2:25 PM Mulch, Andreas*; Chamberlain, C. Page; Teyssier, Christian; Cosca, M.A.; Gebelin, Aude; Schoenberg, Ronny; Graham, Stephan A.: The ToPograPhic eVolUTion oF The cenoZoic norTh american PlaTeaU anD corDillera recorDeD in coUPleD BaSinDeTachmenT SYSTemS 2:40 PM Pelletier, Jon D.*; DeCelles, Peter; Zandt, George: relaTionShiPS among climaTe, ToPograPhY, anD DelaminaTion in The anDeS: a nUmerical moDeling inVeSTigaTion 2:55 PM Ducea, Mihai N.*; Drew, Scott; Schoenbohm, Lindsay; Carrapa, Barbara: maFic VolcaniSm on The PUna PlaTeaU, norThWeST argenTina: imPlicaTionS For liThoSPheric FoUnDering 3:15 PM Dilek, Yildirim*; Altunkaynak, Safak; Imamverdiyev, Nazim A.: colliSion-inDUceD manTle DYnamicS anD iTS magmaTic FingerPrinT For cenoZoic VolcaniSm in The Peri-araBian region 3:30 PM Break 60-8 3:45 PM Schmandt, Brandon*; Humphreys, Eugene D.: SeiSmic conSTrainTS on Small-Scale conVecTion in The WeSTern U.S. UPPer manTle 4:00 PM Jayko, A.S.*: miocene-Pliocene UPliFT raTeS oF The Sierra neVaDa, caliFornia


SeSSion no. 59

T27. Hydrologic Characterization and Simulation of Neogene Volcanic Terranes (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D139/140 Marshall W. Gannett and Gordon Grant, Presiding 59-1 1:30 PM Saar, Martin O.*: hYDraUlic ParameTerS anD groUnDWaTer FloW PaTTernS in The oregon caScaDeS, DeTermineD USing nUmerical moDelS ThaT are conSTraineD BY DiVerSe DaTa SeTS 1:50 PM Luo, Wei*; Grudzinski, Bartosz Peter; Pederson, Darryll T.: eSTimaTing hYDraUlic conDUcTiViTY From Drainage PaTTernS DeriVeD From Dem - a caSe STUDY in The oregon caScaDeS 2:05 PM Morgan, David S.*; Senay, Gabriel; Orzol, Leonard L.: lanDScaPe-Scale hYDrologic BUDgeT USing remoTelY-SenSeD eVaPoTranSPiraTion in The colUmBia PlaTeaU, WaShingTon, oregon, anD iDaho 2:20 PM Gannett, Marshall W.*: SimUlaTion oF regional groUnDWaTer FloW in The oregon caScaDeS ­ SUcceSSeS, limiTaTionS, anD neXT STePS 2:35 PM Wagner, Brian J.*; Gannett, Marshall W.: eValUaTing DaTa WorTh For groUnDWaTer moDeling in The UPPer KlamaTh BaSin, oregon anD caliFornia 2:50 PM Grant, Gordon*; Tague, Christina: hYDrologic reSPonSe oF YoUng Volcanic TerraneS To climaTe Warming: PerSPecTiVeS anD ParaDoXeS 3:10 PM Waibel, M. Scott*; Gannett, Marshall W.; Hulbe, Christina L.: moDel analYSiS oF hYDrologic reSPonSe To climaTe change in The UPPer DeSchUTeS BaSin, oregon 3:25 PM Break 59-8 3:40 PM Yitbarek, Andarge*; Razack, Moumtaz: characTeriZaTion oF Volcanic aQUiFerS anD aSSeSSmenT oF The moVemenT oF groUnDWaTer in The UPPer aWaSh BaSin, cenTral eThioPia














2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 167



60-10 4:15 PM Kemp, Christopher*; Wakabayashi, John: laTe cenoZoic UPliFT anD aSSociaTeD lanDScaPe eVolUTion oF The Sierra neVaDa, caliFornia 4:30 PM Saleeby, Zorka*; Saleeby, Jason B.: Pliocene crYPTic SUBSiDence FolloWeD BY raPiD QUaTernarY UPliFT in relaTion To manTle liThoSPhere remoVal, Kern arch, eaSTern San JoaQUin BaSin (SJB), caliFornia 4:45 PM Saleeby, Jason*; Saleeby, Zorka; Chapman, Alan D.; Nadin, Elisabeth S.: origin anD eVolUTion oF The WhiTe WolF FaUlT anD The maricoPa BaSin (mB), SoUThernmoST greaT ValleY (gV), caliFornia 5:00 PM Zhou, Mei-Fu; Robinson, Paul T.*; Wang, Christina Yan; Yan, Dan-Ping; zhao, Jun-Hong: arc Volcanic rocKS in an inTraconTinenTal SeTTing, Tongchong, SW china: geneSiS anD TecTonic imPlicaTionS 5:15 PM Sun, Min*; Yuan, Chao; Xiao, Wenjiao; Zhao, Guochun: U­PB anD hF iSoToPic STUDY oF ZirconS From gneiSSic rocKS From The chineSe alTai: imPlicaTionS For PaleoZoic riDge SUBDUcTion? oregon ­ iDaho: imPlicaTionS For The inTerPlaY BeTWeen DeFormaiTon anD arc magmaTiSm 61-9 4:00 PM Johnson, Kenneth*; Schwartz, Joshua J.: oVerVieW oF JUraSSic-creTaceoUS magmaTiSm in The BlUe moUnTainS ProVince (ne oregon & W iDaho): inSighTS From neW PB/U (ShrimP-rg) age DeTerminaTionS 4:15 PM Schwartz, Joshua J.*; Johnson, Kenneth: origin oF PaireD laTe JUraSSic high anD loW Sr/Y magmaTic BelTS in The BlUe moUnTainS ProVince, ne oregon 4:30 PM Tumpane, Kyle P.*; Schmitz, Mark D.: neW geochronological conSTrainTS on The Timing oF DePoSiTion in The coon holloW anD WeaTherBY FormaTionS, anD correlaTionS BeTWeen The WalloWa anD olDS FerrY TerraneS, BlUe moUnTainS ProVince, norThern U.S. corDillera 4:45 PM LaMaskin, Todd*; Dorsey, Rebecca J.; Vervoort, Jeffery D.: iniTiaTion oF The creTaceoUS, anDean-TYPe margin oF The WeSTern U.S. corDillera: inSighTS From DeTriTal-Zircon ageS oF The coon holloW FormaTion, iDaho, U.S.a 5:00 PM McNamara, Kelsey C.*; Schmitt, James G.: inFlUence oF groWing STrUcTUreS on creTaceoUS allUVial SYSTemS along The corDilleran ThrUST-BelT FronT, ValleY oF Fire, SoUThern neVaDa 5:15 PM Baugh, Benjamin F.*; Housen, Bernard A.; Burmester, Russ: PaleomagneTiSm anD rocK magneTiSm oF remagneTiZeD carBonaTe rocKS From The helena SalienT, WeSTern monTana








SeSSion no. 61

T49. Neoproterozoic through Cretaceous Evolution of the North American Cordilleran Margin: Contrasting Tectonics, Paleogeography, and Paleoenvironments (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B110/111/112 Christopher S. Holm-Denoma and Paula J. Noble, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 61-1 1:35 PM Nesheim, Timothy O.*; Gilotti, Jane A.; McClelland, William C.; Lang, Helen M.; Vervoort, Jeff D.; Tefft, Ashley M.; Foster, C.T. Jr.: eViDence oF grenVille-age DeFormaTion anD meTamorPhiSm in BelT SUPergroUP meTaPeliTeS oF norThern iDaho 1:50 PM Monger, James W.H.*: FoUr STageS in corDilleran eVolUTion 2:10 PM Hagadorn, James W.*: eDiacaran-earlY camBrian corDilleran VolcaniSm anD inciSion: eViDence For riFTing anD eUSTaTic loWSTanD? 2:30 PM Sears, James*: BreaKing UP iS harD To Do: eVolUTion oF The norTh american corDilleran margin in The conTeXT oF The SiBerian connecTion 2:45 PM Link, Paul Karl*; Janecke, Susanne: manTle DriP From The riSing lemhi arch: 500 ma PlUTonS anD DeTriTal ZirconS in UPPer camBrian SanDSToneS, eaSTern iDaho 3:00 PM Cashman, Patricia H.*; Trexler, James H. Jr.; Davydov, Vladimir; Snyder, Walter S.; Taylor, Wanda: laTe PaleoZoic conTracTional TecTonicS on The WeSTern laUrenTian margin: a ProgreSS rePorT 3:15 PM Break 61-7 3:30 PM Donohoo-Hurley, Linda Lee*; Geissman, J.W.; Lucas, Spencer G.; Kuerschner, Wolfram M.: The TriaSSic/JUraSSic BoUnDarY, coloraDo PlaTeaU area, USa: magneToSTraTigraPhic correlaTion oF The moenaVe FormaTion WiTh The STraTa From ST. aUDrie'S BaY, UK, morocco, anD neWarK/harTForD BaSinS 3:45 PM Kurz, Gene Alan*; Northrup, Clyde J.; Schmitz, Mark D.: high-PreciSion U-PB DaTing oF neoBlaSTic SPhene From mYloniTic rocKS oF The coUgar creeK comPleX, BlUe moUnTainS ProVince, 61-13


SeSSion no. 62

T53. Steady and Unsteady Deformation of Folds, Faults, and Orogens: Dynamics, Kinematics, and Insights to Coupled Processes (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A107/108/109 Frank Pazzaglia and David J. Anastasio, Presiding 62-1 1:30 PM Stein, Seth*; Dixon, Timothy; Calais, Eric; Newman, Andrew; Liu, Mian; Friedrich, Anke: DiScrePancieS BeTWeen DaTa inDicaTing Time- anD SPace-VariaBle DeFormaTion 1:50 PM Avouac, Jean-Philippe*: inVeSTigaTing moUnTain BUilDing ProceSSeS: a reVieW oF meThoDS anD oUTSTanDing iSSUeS 2:10 PM Hilley, George E.*; Arrowsmith, J. Ramon; Burgmann, Roland; Cruz, Leonardo; Dumitru, Trevor; Fosdick, Julie C.; Gudmundsdottir, Maria H.: ToPograPhic reSPonSe To acTiVe DeFormaTion in The SanTa crUZ moUnTainS, caliFornia 2:30 PM Barnes, Jason B.*; Densmore, Alexander L.; Mukul, Malay; Sinha, Rajiv: The geomorPhic reSPonSe To acTiVe FolDing oF The SiWaliK hillS in norThWeST inDia 2:45 PM Gunderson, Kellen L.*; Anastasio, David J.; Kodama, Kenneth P.; Pazzaglia, Frank J.: UnSTeaDY FolD groWTh aT milanKoViTch Time ScaleS encoDeD in marine groWTh STraTa, SalSomaggiore anTicline, iTalY 3:00 PM DeVecchio, Duane E.*: PUncTUaTeD laTeral FolD anD FaUlT groWTh: camarillo FolD BelT, VenTUra coUnTY, caliFornia 3:15 PM Gold, Ryan*; Cowgill, Eric: DeriVaTion oF "DeeP-Time" FaUlT-SliP hiSTorieS From DaTeD anD DiSPlaceD lanDFormS To TeST For SecUlar VariaTion in SliP

61-2 61-3











168 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


62-8 3:30 PM Bemis, Sean P.*; Weldon, Ray J.: ProgreSSiVelY DeFormeD geomorPhic SUrFaceS conSTrain The Balance BeTWeen ThrUST WeDge ThicKening anD ForelanD ProPagaTion 3:45 PM Rittase, William*; Walker, Douglas; Kirby, Eric; McDonald, Eric: hoW STeaDY iS The garlocK FaUlT 4:00 PM Brocard, Gilles Y.*; Teyssier, Christian; Authemayou, Christine; Willenbring, Jane; Audra, Philippe: rearrangemenT oF a range-TranSVerSe Drainage aFFecTeD BY Wrench TecTonicS in gUaTemala 4:15 PM Morell, Kristin*; Kirby, Eric; Fisher, Donald: lanDScaPe reSPonSe To SUBDUcTion oF The cocoS riDge: TalamancaS range, coSTa rica 4:30 PM Bruhn, Ronald*; Shennan, Ian; Plafker, George; Pavlis, Terry L.; Chapman, Jay V.: coaSTal DeFormaTion in The norTheaSTern gUlF oF alaSKa SainT eliaS orogen: greaT earThQUaKeS, acTiVe STrUcTUreS, anD glacial FlUcTUaTionS 4:45 PM Whipp, David M. Jr.*; Ehlers, Todd A.: QUanTiFYing The inFlUence oF BeDrocK lanDSliDing on DeTriTal ThermochronomeTer DaTa 5:00 PM Burbank, Doug*: DonalD J. eaSTerBrooK DiSTingUiSheD ScienTiST aWarD lecTUre: TecTonic geomorPhologY oF colliSional orogenS 63-8 4:25 PM Misra, Santanu*; Burlini, Luigi; Burg, Jean-Pierre: rheological TranSiTion DUring SYn-TecTonic ParTial melTing anD crYSTalliZaTion oF meTaPeliTeS: an eXPerimenTal STUDY 4:40 PM Rakotonandrasana, Nirihaja Othon Thierry*; Arima, Makoto; Miyawaki, Ritsuro; Rambeloson, Roger Andriamampianina: WiDeSPreaD occUrrenceS oF högBomiTe (2n2S) in UhT meTaPeliTeS From The BeTroKa BelT, SoUThern maDagaScar: imPlicaTionS on melT/ FlUiD acTiViTY DUring regional meTamorPhiSm

62-9 62-10



SeSSion no. 64

T77. Frontiers in Mineral Sciences: Mineral/Melt Energetics, Mineral Surface Chemistry, Mineral Nanoscience, and HighPressure Mineralogy II (Mineralogical Society of America)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E145 Gordon E. Brown, Abby Kavner, Nancy L. Ross, and Glenn A. Waychunas, Presiding 64-1 1:30 PM Fenter, Paul*; Lee, Sang Soo; Park, Changyong; Catalano, Jeffrey G.; Zhang, Zhan; Sturchio, Neil C.: imaging inTerFacial reacTionS WiTh X-raY reFlecTion inTerFace microScoPY 1:45 PM Catalano, Jeffrey G.*; Fenter, Paul; Park, Changyong; Zhang, Zhan: inTerFacial WaTer orDering anD comPleX oXoanion aDSorPTion on hemaTiTe anD corUnDUm SUrFaceS 2:00 PM Chaka, Anne M.*; Trainor, Thomas P.; Mason, Sara E.; Tanwar, Kunaljeet; Iceman, Christopher; Brown, Gordon E. Jr.: PreDicTing The imPacT oF The enVironmenT on The STrUcTUre anD chemiSTrY oF meTal oXiDe SUrFaceS: The role oF elecTronic STrUcTUre 2:15 PM Mason, Sara E.*; Iceman, Christopher; Trainor, Thomas P.; Chaka, Anne M.: characTeriZaTion oF PB(ii) aDSorPTion on hYDraTeD mineral SUrFaceS ThroUgh elecTronic STrUcTUre calcUlaTionS 2:30 PM Petitto, Sarah C.*; Tanwar, Kunaljeet; Ghose, Sanjit K.; Eng, Peter J.; Rowland, Raena J.; Trainor, Thomas P.: magneTiTe (111) SUrFace STrUcTUre anD reacTiViTY UnDer enVironmenTallY releVanT conDiTionS 2:45 PM Wu, Lingling*; Beard, Brian L.; Roden, Eric E.; Kennedy, Christopher B.; Johnson, Clark M.: STaBle Fe iSoToPe ProBing oF aQUeoUS Fe(ii)-hemaTiTe SUrFace inTeracTionS 3:00 PM Singer, David M.*; Banfield, Jill F.; Waychunas, Glenn A.; Zachara, John M.; Maher, Kate; Brown, Gordon E.: UranYl SorPTion ProceSSeS on Fe(ii)-Bearing mineralS 3:15 PM Break 64-8 3:30 PM Bargar, John R.*; Campbell, Kate M.; Ulrich, Kai-Uwe; Veeramani, Harish; Giammar, Daniel E.; Bernier-Latmani, Rizlan; Long, Philip: corroSion oF Biogenic UraniniTe: molecUlar- anD inTermeDiaTe-Scale meaSUremenTS 3:45 PM Hazen, Robert M.*; Sverjensky, Dimitri; Bahri, Salima; Cleaves, Henderson J.; Estrada, Charlene; Flynn, Clare; Jonsson, Caroline; Jonsson, Christopher; Klotchko, Kateryna; Lee, Namhey; Kopstein, Mickey; Marshall-Bowman, Karina: mineral SUrFaceS, amino aciDS, anD The originS oF liFe 4:00 PM Templeton, Alexis S.*: eVolVing X-raY SPecTroScoPic aPProacheS For characTeriZing BacTeria-mineral inTerFaceS: a TriBUTe To Tom Trainor 4:15 PM Bank, Tracy*; Nesaraja, Pauline: STicKY BUSineSS: imPacT oF aciD-BaSe inTeracTionS on The SUrFace PoTenTial oF microorganiSmS






SeSSion no. 63

T73. Melt Microstructures: Evidence for the Presence of Melt and Consequences for Deforming Continental Crust (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A105 Jamie Levine and Christine S. Siddoway, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 63-1 63-2 1:35 PM Holness, Marian B.*: Pore SiZe aS a DeTerminanT For SoliDiFicaTion microSTrUcTUreS 1:55 PM Schulmann, Karel*: eVolUTion oF microSTrUcTUre anD melT ToPologY in ParTiallY molTen graniTic mYloniTe: imPlicaTion on The rheologY oF ParTiallY molTen loWer crUST 2:15 PM Whittington, Alan*; Hofmeister, Anne; Nabelek, Peter: Thermal FeeDBacKS BeTWeen STrain heaTing anD melT ProDUcTion in orogenic BelTS 2:30 PM Discussion 63-4 2:45 PM Barquero-Molina, Miriam*; Levine, Jamie; Mosher, Sharon: ParTial melTing DUring miD- To loWer-crUSTal DeFormaTion: "in SiTU" melTS, melT channelWaYS, anD TemPoral eVolUTion oF melT chemiSTrY 3:00 PM Cesare, Bernardo*; Ferrero, Silvio; Bartoli, Omar; Braga, Roberto; Salvioli-Mariani, Emma; Acosta-Vigil, Antonio; Meli, Sandro: "nanograniTe" inclUSionS in PeriTecTic mineralS: FinDing The anaTecTic melT in migmaTiTeS anD granUliTeS 3:20 PM Koteas, G. Christopher*; Williams, Michael L.; Seaman, Sheila J.: generaTion anD conTaminaTion oF graniTic magma in The DeeP crUST, aThaBaSca granUliTe Terrane, SaSKaTcheWan 3:35 PM Break 3:50 PM Panel Discussion 63-7 4:10 PM Levine, Jamie*; Mosher, Sharon: melT microSTrUcTUreS ProViDe eViDence For PerVaSiVe ParTial melTing WiThin Shear ZoneS anD SUrroUnDing coUnTrY rocK 64-10 64-7 64-5 64-4







2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 169



64-12 4:30 PM Stebbins, Jonathan F.*: TemPeraTUre anD PreSSUre eFFecTS on SilicaTe melT STrUcTUre: From "microScoPic To macroScoPic" (Via The "nanoScale") 4:45 PM Calas, Georges*; Galoisy, Laurence; Cormier, Laurent; Dargaud, Olivier; Ferlat, Guillaume; Newville, Matt: molecUlar Scale conTrol oF The STaBiliTY oF Zr-Bearing glaSSeS: enVironmenTal anD maTerialS Science imPlicaTionS 5:00 PM Wang, Dongbo; Dove, Patricia M.*; Wallace, Adam F.: carBoXYlaTeD BiomolecUleS conTrol magneSiUm conTenT oF amorPhoUS calciUm carBonaTe: inSighTS For calciFicaTion 5:15 PM Hamm, Laura M.*; Wallace, Adam F.; Dove, Patricia M.: eFFecT oF aciDic BiomolecUleS on ion SolVaTion DUring calciFicaTion: a molecUlar DYnamicS STUDY

SeSSion no. 66

T96. Volcanic Caves: Geological and Microbiological Terrestrial Analogs of Potential Extraterrestrial Conditions (GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; National Cave and Karst Research Institute; NASA)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A106 George Veni and Carlton C. Allen, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 66-1 66-2 66-3 66-4 1:40 PM Hon, Ken*; Gansecki, Cheryl: laVa TUBeS: The VieW From The oUTSiDe looKing in 1:55 PM Allen, Carlton C.*: lUnar laVa TUBeS ­ The PromiSe oF neW orBiTal DaTa 2:10 PM Cushing, G.E.*: FirST oBSerVeD enTranceS inTo marTian TUBUlar caVeS 2:25 PM Halliday, William R.*; Okubo, Chris H.; Kempe, Stephan; Garman, Michael; Garman, Sherry; Wynne, J. Judson: rheogenic caVeS anD caVernoUS STrUcTUreS oF KalaUPaPa PeninSUla, moloKai iSlanD, haWaii, USa: a marS analog reViSiTeD 2:40 PM McHenry, Lindsay J.*; Richardson, C. Doc; Hinman, Nancy W.: SUlFaTe mineralS, hemaTiTe, anD Silica in BaSalTic caVeS aT craTerS oF The moon naTional monUmenT, iDaho: a PoTenTial marS analog 2:55 PM Hon, Ken*; Bove, Dana J.; Lee, Lopaka; Thornber, Carl: The origin anD ZonaTion oF SUBlimaTeS anD PreciPiTaTeS in acTiVe haWaiian laVa TUBeS 3:10 PM Dillon, Julian R.*; Polyak, Victor J.; Asmerom, Yemane: DaTing oF QUaTernarY erUPTion eVenTS USing U-SerieS ageS oF laVa caVe gYPSUm crUSTS 3:25 PM Discussion 66-8 3:40 PM Boston, Penelope J.*; Spilde, Michael N.; Northup, Diana E.: The geomicroBial liFe oF laVaTUBeS: BioSignaTUreS on earTh anD BeYonD 3:55 PM Northup, Diana E.*; Hathaway, Jennifer J.M.; Spilde, Michael N.; Boston, Penelope J.; Garcia, Matthew G.; Moya, Monica: all ThaT gliTTerS iS noT golD: microBial commUniTieS ThaT maSQUeraDe aS mineral DePoSiTS 4:10 PM Datta, Saugata; Leveille, Richard J.*: inVeSTigaTion oF aSTroBiological PoTenTial oF laVa TUBeS in neW meXico 4:25 PM Hathaway, Jennifer J.M.*; Sinsabaugh, Robert L.; Dapkevicius, Maria de Lurdes N.E.; Northup, Diana E.: inVeSTigaTion oF niTrogen cYcling anD noVel microBial DiVerSiTY in laVa TUBeS oF Terceira, aZoreS, PorTUgal 4:40 PM concluding remarks




SeSSion no. 65

T81. Multidisciplinary Studies of Cascade Volcanism and its Tectonic Setting II (Mineralogical Society of America; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E143/144 Mariek Schmidt, Michael Rowe, Brian Jicha, Martin Streck, Roger Nielsen, and Thomas W. Sisson, Presiding 65-1 1:30 PM Carroll, Karen R.*; Streck, Martin J.; Pallister, John S.; Leeman, William P.: miXing comPonenTS anD hYBriDiZaTion ProceSSeS oF Kalama PerioD inTermeDiaTe magmaS From moUnT ST. helenS: eViDence From maFic PhenocrYSTS 1:45 PM Claiborne, Lily L.*; Miller, Calvin F.; Clynne, Michael A.; Wooden, Joseph L.; Flanagan, Daniel M.: PlUTonic BehaVior oF a caScaDe arc Volcano: The Zircon recorD oF The moUnT ST. helenS magmaTic SYSTem 2:00 PM Evarts, Russell C.*; Conrey, Richard M.; Fleck, Robert J.; Hagstrum, Jonathan: Forearc VolcaniSm in caScaDia: The Boring Volcanic FielD 2:15 PM Conrey, Richard M.*; Evarts, Russell C.; Leeman, William P.; Streck, Martin J.; Fleck, Robert J.: a PeTrologic oVerVieW oF The Boring Volcanic FielD, caScaDe range, USa 2:30 PM Streck, Martin J.*; Smith, Robin S.; Conrey, Richard M.; Evarts, Russell C.; Leeman, William P.: mineralogical eViDence For magma SoUrceS, miXing anD aScenT oF BaSalTic To anDeSiTic laVaS oF The Boring Volcanic FielD (BVF), PorTlanD BaSin, oregon 2:45 PM Sisson, Thomas W.*; Salters, Vincent J.; Larson, Peter; Rye, Robert O.: geochemical anD iSoToPic eViDence For DiFFerenTiaTion anD aSSimilaTion in The origin oF moUnT rainier'S calc-alKaline anDeSiTic SUiTe 3:00 PM Moore, N.E.*; DeBari, S.M.: origin anD geochemical eVolUTion oF maFic magmaS From moUnT BaKer in The norThern caScaDe arc, WaShingTon: ProBeS inTo manTle anD crUSTal ProceSSeS 3:15 PM Tucker, David S.*; Driedger, Carolyn L.; Nereson, Nadine; Conway, Howard; Scurlock, John: morPhologY oF moUnT BaKer'S carmelo (SUmmiT) craTer reVealeD BY ice-PeneTraTing raDar 3:30 PM Discussion 66-6 66-5










SeSSion no. 67

T106. Opportunities and Challenges for Geologic Hazards Education in Cascadia II: In Memory of John Lahr (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geology and Health Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 252 Robert F. Butler, Carolyn L. Driedger, and James Roddey, Presiding 67-1 1:30 PM Jagoda, Susan Kaschner*: UnDerSTanDing geohaZarDS graDeS K­6: WhaT ShoUlD STUDenTS UnDerSTanD 1:45 PM White, Kristin Hundeby*: SUPPorT From ScienTiSTS iS crUTial For eFFecTiVe Science Teaching 2:00 PM Bravo, Tammy K.*; Butler, Robert F.; Johnson, Jenda; Schiffman, Celia; Bartel, Beth: TeachaBle momenTS ­ USing earThQUaKe noTiceS To Teach aBoUT geologic haZarDS



67-2 67-3

170 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


67-4 2:15 PM Kerr, Laura*: UTiliZing ParTnerShiPS To Teach STUDenTS aBoUT Volcanic haZarDS in The FielD: The moUnT ST. helenS inSTiTUTe PreSenTS The Volcano aFTer DarK Program 2:30 PM Carter, Deron T.*: USing The recUrrence inTerVal anD annUal ProBaBiliTY To Teach aBoUT PaST, PreSenT, anD FUTUre geologic haZarDS in caScaDia 2:45 PM Break 67-6 3:00 PM Mayhew, Michael A.*; Hall, Michelle K.; Walker, C. Scott; Butler, Robert F.: UnDergraDUaTe cUrricUla in naTUral caTaSTroPheS: The caScaDia earThQUaKeS anD TSUnami SUiTe 3:15 PM Kowalczuk, Ranae L.*; Hedley, Nick; Clague, John J.; Haegeli, Pascal: eValUaTing inTeracTiVe aValanche eDUcaTion ToolS 3:30 PM Burns, Scott F.*: caScaDian lanDSliDeS: imPorTanT eDUcaTional concePTS For all leVelS oF eDUcaTion 3:45 PM Snyder, Nicole*; Thompson, Denise: liVing WiTh a Volcano in YoUr BacKYarD--moUnT rainier: a mUlTiDiSciPlinarY Teacher ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT Program FeaTUring moUnT rainier 4:00 PM Butler, Robert F.*; Granshaw, Frank D.; Groom, Roger; Hedeen, Chris; Johnson, Jenda; Magura, Bonnie; Pratt-Sitaula, Beth; Thompson, Denise; Whitman, Jill: TeacherS on The leaDing eDge: an earTh Science Teacher ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT Program FeaTUring PaciFic norThWeST geologic haZarDS 4:15 PM Discussion 68-12 68-9 4:00 PM Ward, Emma; Terrington, Ricky; Kessler, Holger*; Mathers, Steve; Thorpe, Steve: Teaching geologY ­ The 3D reVolUTion 4:15 PM Johnson, Cari*; Semple, Ian: giga-inTeli-PiXelPalooZa: creaTing anD aSSeSSing eFFecTiVe USeS oF DigiTal oUTcroP moDelS in geoScience eDUcaTion 4:30 PM Karabinos, Paul*: enhancing 3-D ViSUaliZaTion oF STrUcTUral geologY concePTS







5:00 PM McAuliffe, Carla*: DeconSTrUcTing geoSPaTial TechnologieS: conSiDering The role oF SPaTial ThinKing along WiTh a TPcK (Technological PeDagogical conTenT KnoWleDge) FrameWorK 5:15 PM Sexton, Julie M.*; Reid, Leslie Frances: college STUDenTS' DeVeloPmenT oF maP inTerPreTaTion SKillS



SeSSion no. 69

T123. Diurnal Biogeochemical Processes in Rivers, Lakes, and Shallow Groundwater (Geochemical Society; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, C124 Christopher Gammons and David Nimick, Presiding 69-1 1:30 PM Poole, Geoffrey C.*; O'Daniel, Scott J.; Jones, Krista L.; Woessner, William; Arrigoni, Alicia; Helton, Ashley M.: The inTerDePenDence oF Diel TemPeraTUre cYcleS in SUrFace anD hYPorheic WaTer on The UmaTilla riVer FlooDPlain, oregon 1:50 PM Nimick, David A.*; Gammons, Christopher; Berkas, Wayne R.; Cleasby, Thomas E.: a Biological caUSe For large SUmmer Diel STreamFloW cYcleS, UPPer Big hole riVer, SoUThWeSTern monTana 2:05 PM Fortner, Sarah K.*; Lyons, W. Berry; Munk, LeeAnn: Diel concenTraTionS anD hYSTereSiS BehaViorS oF maJor, minor, anD Trace SolUTeS in TaYlor ValleY, anTarcTic STreamS 2:20 PM Robertson, Wendy M.; Herman, Janet S.*; Hornberger, George M.; Mills, Aaron L.: DiUrnal PaTTernS in STream STage, groUnDWaTer SeePage raTe, anD niTraTe concenTraTionS in a Small agricUlTUral WaTerSheD 2:35 PM Babcock, John N.*; Gammons, Christopher: Diel cYcleS oF nUTrienTS anD Trace meTalS in a hYPereUTroPhic STream, SilVer BoW creeK, monTana 2:50 PM Gammons, Christopher*; Babcock, John N.; Parker, Stephen R.; Poulson, Simon: Diel cYcleS in STaBle-iSoToPe comPoSiTion oF niTraTe, ammonia, DiSSolVeD oXYgen, anD DiSSolVeD inorganic carBon in a hYPereUTroPhic STream 3:05 PM de Montety, Veronique*; Martin, Jonathan B.; Cohen, Matthew J.; Foster, Chad R.: inFlUence oF PhoToSYnTheSiS on carBonaTe eQUiliBriUm in a KarST riVer 3:20 PM Break 69-8 3:35 PM McKnight, Diane M.*: PhoTochemiSTrY oF DiSSolVeD organic maTerial anD eFFecTS on STream ecoSYSTemS 3:55 PM Borman, Christopher J.*; Sullivan, B. Patrick; Eggleston, Carrick M.; Colberg, Patricia J.S.: PhoTochemical reDUcTion oF organicallY-


SeSSion no. 68

T108. Spatial Skills in the Geosciences (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B117/118/119 Cathryn A. Manduca, Basil Tikoff, Thomas F. Shipley, and Carol J. Ormand, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 68-1 68-2 68-3 68-4 1:35 PM Shipley, Thomas*: SPaTial ViSUaliZaTion anD The role oF WorKing memorY 1:50 PM Riggs, Eric M.*; Balliet, Russell N.: a role For menTal roTaTionS in FielD-BaSeD ProBlem SolVing 2:10 PM Forbus, Kenneth D.*: cogSKeTch: SKeTch UnDerSTanDing For geoScience eDUcaTion 2:30 PM Libarkin, Julie C.*; Petcovic, Heather L.; Hambrick, D. Zachary: geoScienTiFic eXPerTiSe anD SPaTial ViSUaliZaTion 2:45 PM Ormand, Carol J.*; Gentner, Dedre; Jee, Benjamin; Shipley, Thomas F.; Tikoff, Basil; Uttal, David H.; Manduca, Cathryn: FinDing FaUlT: laBoraTorY eXPerimenTS anD claSSroom STUDieS on iDenTiFYing FaUlTS in imageS 3:00 PM Mogk, D.W.*: Teaching SYmmeTrY USing KineSTheTic learning--an eXerciSe USing "olD Time" DanceS 3:15 PM Busch, Melanie M.*; Coyan, Joshua A.; Reynolds, Stephen J.: eYe-TracKing STUDieS oF hoW inTroDUcTorY geologY STUDenTS inTegraTe TeXT anD FigUreS in TeXTBooK-STYle maTerial 3:30 PM Coyan, Joshua A.*; Busch, Melanie M.; Reynolds, Stephen J.: eXamining STUDenT inTeracTionS WiTh DiSTracTorS in PhoTograPhS USing eYeTracKing TechnologY 3:45 PM Break












2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 171


4:45 PM Gray, Kyle*; Owens, Katharine; Steer, David; Liang, Xin: an analYSiS oF elecTronicallY archiVeD STUDenT reSPonSeS To TeXT-onlY VerSUS illUSTraTeD concePTUal QUeSTionS in large earTh Science coUrSeS


BoUnD Feiii in a high-alTiTUDe STream ThaT reSUlTS in UneXPecTeD increaSeS in [Feiii(aQ)] 69-10 4:10 PM Tercier-Waeber, Mary-Lou*; Hezard, Teddy; Masson, Matthieu: in SiTU moniToring oF The DiUrnal cYcling oF DYnamic meTal SPecieS in a STream UnDer conTraSTing PhoToBenThic BioFilm acTiViTY anD hYDrological conDiTionS 4:25 PM Druschel, Gregory K.*; Smith, Lydia; Watzin, Mary: DiUrnal anD SeaSonal reDoX changeS in laKe SeDimenTS: imPlicaTionS For nUTrienT FlUX anD cYanoBacTerial BloomS 4:45 PM Stites, Courtney E.*; Robinson, Amelia C.; Payne, Forrest E.; Sweeney, Sharon; Green, W. Reed; Johnson, Dawn M.: BacTerial reSPonSeS To geochemical anD DiUrnal ProceSSeS occUring in laKe maUmelle, arKanSaS 5:00 PM Naftz, David L.*; Krabbenhoft, David P.; Cederberg, Jay R.; Beisner, Kimberly R.; Carling, Gregory T.: DiUrnal TrenDS in meThYl mercUrY concenTraTion in a WeTlanD aDJacenT To greaT SalT laKe, UTah, USa 5:15 PM Fleck, Jacob A.; Alpers, Charles N.*; Bergamaschi, Brian A.; Downing, Brian D.; Gill, Gary A.; Saraceno, John Franco; Stephenson, Mark: DiUrnal TrenDS in meThYlmercUrY concenTraTion anD organic maTTer PhoTo-reacTiViTY in agricUlTUral WeTlanDS oF The Yolo BYPaSS, caliFornia 70-13 70-11 elemenTS in an oXic groUnDWaTer FloW SYSTem 4:20 PM Donahoe, Rona J.*; Yue, Ziming; Basta, Nicholas: moBiliTY anD BioacceSSiBiliTY oF arSenic in conTaminaTeD SoilS 4:35 PM Mills, Christopher T.*; Morrison, Jean M.; Goldhaber, Martin B.; Ellefsen, Karl J.; Wanty, Richard B.: characTeriZaTion oF The PoTenTial For oXiDaTion anD moBiliZaTion oF geogenic anD FerTiliZer-DeriVeD chromiUm in SoilS oF The SacramenTo ValleY, caliFornia 4:50 PM Chudnoff, Sara*; McKitrick, Scott; Thomson, Bruce: The FaTe anD eFFecT oF WaSTeWaTer DiScharge inTo The SUrFace WaTerS oF The el alTo region oF BoliVia 5:05 PM Verplanck, Philip L.*; Furlong, Edward T.; Gray, James L.; Phillips, Patrick J.; Wolf, Ruth E.; Esposito, Kathleen: eValUaTing The FaTe oF gaDoliniUm ThroUgh mUniciPal WaSTeWaTer TreaTmenT PlanT oPeraTionS 5:20 PM Discussion







SeSSion no. 71

T153. Geoarchaeology and Late Quaternary Landscapes of North American River Valleys (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E146 Todd Grote and Lara Homsey, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 71-1 1:35 PM Huckleberry, Gary*: a neW allUVial chronologY For The loWer SalT riVer, ariZona: imPlicaTionS For BraiDeD channel ProceSSeS anD archaeological PreSerVaTion 1:55 PM Dickerson, Robert P.*: DeVeloPmenT oF FlUVial SUrFaceS in ariD canYonS oF SW neVaDa anD Their aFFecT on cUlTUral SiTe PreSerVaTion 2:10 PM Pederson, Joel*; Tainer, Erin; O'Brien, Gary; Rittenour, Tammy: geoarchaeologY along The coloraDo riVer in granD canYon--cUlTUrallY rich allUVial STraTigraPhY anD The iSSUe oF PaleoFlooDS VerSUS changing graDe in a BeDrocK canYon 2:25 PM Punke, Michele*; Burns, Scott: holocene-ageD loeSS DePoSiTS in The UPlanDS oF The PorTlanD BaSin 2:40 PM Cyr, Howard*: neeDleS in The haY STacK; The Search For earlY-miDDle holocene age DePoSiTS anD archaeological SiTeS along The olDman riVer 2:55 PM Break 71-6 3:10 PM Guccione, Margaret J.*: locaTion, locaTion, locaTion: Where iS The BeST area in a large allUVial ValleY To STUDY SiTe SelecTion oVer long Time SPanS? 3:30 PM Scholl, Nathan C.*; Simpson, Duane; Artz, Joe A.: SPaTial anD TemPoral PaTTernS oF holocene occUPaTionS in alUVial anD collUVial lanDScaPeS oF The SalT riVer ValleY region, miSSoUri, USa: a geoarchaeological STUDY 3:45 PM Gardner, Rebecca Lee*; Homsey, Lara: lanDScaPe hiSTorY anD archaeological SeTTlemenT PaTTerning in The BlacK BoTTom oF The loWer ohio riVer ValleY, SoUThern illinoiS 4:00 PM Grote, Todd*; Robinson, R.; Schaney, M.; Straffin, Eric; Myers, A.: laTe QUaTernarY STraTigraPhY oF The UPPer ohio-alleghenY riVer BaSin: a DeVeloPing FrameWorK For geoarchaeological inVeSTigaTionS

SeSSion no. 70

T139. Sources, Transport, and Fate of Trace and Toxic Elements in the Environment II (GSA Hydrogeology Division; International Association for GeoChemistry; GSA Geology and Health Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 253 LeeAnn Munk, David T. Long, and W. Berry Lyons, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 70-1 70-2 1:35 PM Fuge, Ron*: SoUrceS anD FaTe oF ioDine in The enVironmenT 1:50 PM Datko, James A.*; Ibaraki, Motomu: USing STronTiUm iSoToPeS aS a Tracer To STUDY Snail PoPUlaTion DYnamicS For SchiSToSomiaSiS TranSmiSSion conTrol 2:05 PM Navarrete, Jesica*; Borrok, David M.: FracTionaTion oF cU iSoToPeS DUring aDSorPTion anD meTaBolic UPTaKe BY BacTeria 2:20 PM Whittemore, Donald O.*: SeleniUm loSS in The arKanSaS riVer acroSS The high PlainS, USa 2:35 PM Davidson, Gregg R.*; Wren, Daniel G.; Ferguson, Jacob A.; Patton, Austin C.: VariaBle hiSTorY oF conTainmenT anD moBiliZaTion oF Trace elemenT conTaminanTS in riParian WeTlanDS 2:50 PM Warren, Crystal; Duzgoren-Aydin, Nurdan*; Weston, James; Willett, Kristine: DiSTriBUTion oF Trace elemenT concenTraTionS along The miSSiSSiPPi gUlF coaST FolloWing hUrricane KaTrina 3:05 PM Gourley, Jonathan*; Doñé, Victoria: Trace meTal analYSiS oF SeDimenTS in The ParK riVer WaTerSheD, harTForD, cT 3:20 PM Break 70-8 3:35 PM Scheller, Kent W.*: raDon characTeriZaTion in The PennSYlVanian STraTa oF SoUThWeSTern inDiana 3:50 PM Long, David T.*; Voice, Thomas C.; Niagolova, Nedialka D.; McElmurry, Shawn P.: enhanceD concenTraTionS oF naTUrallY occUrring UraniUm in KarST groUnDWaTer DUe To agricUlTUral acTiViTieS 4:05 PM Johannesson, Karen*; Tang, Jianwu: conSerVaTiVe TranSPorT oF oXYanion-Forming Trace




71-4 71-5

70-4 70-5








172 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


71-10 4:15 PM Schuldenrein, Joseph*: geoarchaeologY aT leeTSDale: reconSTrUcTing PrehiSToric lanDScaPeS oF The UPPer ohio ValleY 4:35 PM Discussion 4:45 PM concluding remarks

monDaY, 19 ocToBer 2009

morning oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 73

Paleontology: Biogeography & Biostratigraphy

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 256 George D. Stanley and Corinne Myers, Presiding 73-1 8:00 AM Elliott, David K.*; Petriello, Michael A.: neW inFormaTion on PoraSPiDS (agnaTha, heTeroSTraci) From The earlY DeVonian oF The WeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 8:15 AM Stanley, George D. Jr.*; Rosenblatt, Megan R.; Rigaud, Sylvain; Martini, Rossana: eSTaBliShing TemPoral anD SPaTial relaTionShiPS oF TriaSSic reeFal carBonaTeS: WalloWa Terrane, norTheaST oregon anD WeSTern iDaho 8:30 AM Rosenblatt, Megan R.*; Stanley, George D. Jr.; LaMaskin, Todd: UPPer TriaSSic coralS anD reeFFacieS From The BlUe moUnTainS ProVince (oregon) linK The WalloWa anD olDS FerrY TerraneS 8:45 AM Tovar, Rosa E.; Fastovsky, David E.*; Benammi, Mouloud; Centeno-Garcia, Elena: a neW localiTY oF DinoSaUr BoneS in VolcaniclaSTic SeDimenTS in michoacÁn, mÉXico 9:00 AM Grandstaff, Barbara S.*; Smith, Joshua B.; Lacovara, Kenneth J.; Lamanna, Matthew C.: a PolYPTeriD FiSh From The cenomanian oF The BahariYa oaSiS, egYPT 9:15 AM Tekbali, Ali Omar*: on The PalYnologY anD STraTigraPhY oF The nUBian SanDSTone in liBYa anD egYPT 9:30 AM Firth, John V.; Yancey, Thomas E.*; Stidham, Thomas A.; Alvarez Zarikian, Carlos A.: cT-Scan analYSiS oF earlY alBian VerTeBraTe remainS anD amBer From a gUYoT in The miD-PaciFic, oDP SiTe 865 9:45 AM Drake, Linda F.; McQueen, David R.*: neW eQUUS ScoTTi localiTY From WeST TeXaS 10:00 AM Ward, Peter*: comParing morPhological VariaTion in UPPer creTaceoUS ammoniTe SPecieS co-occUrring in a large anD Small BiogeograPhic realm 10:15 AM Congreve, Curtis R.*; Lieberman, Bruce S.: BiogeograPhic anD PhYlogeneTic PaTTernS oF TWo groUPS oF cheirUriD TriloBiTeS DUring The enD orDoVician maSS eXTincTion 10:30 AM Saupe, Erin E.*; Selden, Paul A.; Penney, David: The FirST FoSSil MOLINARANEA (araneae), WiTh a FocUS on The PaleoBiogeograPhY oF The genUS anD imPlicaTionS For The coloniZaTion oF hiSPaniola 10:45 AM Redman, Cory*: The inFlUence oF TaXonomic leVel on BiogeograPhic PaTTernS 11:00 AM Myers, Corinne*; Lieberman, Bruce S.: TeSTing The conTrolS on SPecieS' DiSTriBUTionS in The FoSSil recorD: comPeTiTion anD BiogeograPhY in The WeSTern inTerior SeaWaY

SeSSion no. 72

T159. Climate Change Impacts on Society: Interface Between Earth Systems Science and Policy Making (GSA Geology and Health Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D135/136 Gordon N. Keating and Frank Perry, Presiding 72-1 1:30 PM Davis, James F.*; Berg, Richard; Schriffiries, Craig; Cooper, D. Craig: commUnicaTing climaTe change To PolicY maKerS 1:45 PM Perry, Frank*: The role oF earTh ScienTiSTS anD The PUBlic in comPleX climaTe anD energY iSSUeS 2:00 PM Wolde Gabriel, Giday*: WaTer ScarciTY:challengeS To regional STaBiliTY in The nile riVer BaSin anD BeYonD 2:15 PM Break 72-4 2:30 PM Keating, Gordon N.*; Pasqualini, Donatella; Geernaert, Gerald L.; Perry, Frank: a moDel For ParTnerShiPS BeTWeen naTional laBoraTorieS anD coUnTY agencieS For climaTe change aDaPTaTion 2:45 PM Pasqualini, Donatella*; Patelli, Paolo: clear moDel For energY anD climaTe imPacTS 3:00 PM Middleton, Richard S.*; Kuby, Michael; Bielicki, Jeffrey M.: oPTimal SPaTial DePloYmenT oF carBon caPTUre anD STorage inFraSTrUcTUre giVen a Price on carBon DioXiDe 3:15 PM Pierce, Suzanne A.*: FolloWing DeciSion PaThWaYS: a TranSDiSciPlinarY FrameWorK For reSearch anD aPPlicaTionS in aDaPTiVe reSoUrce managemenT 3:30 PM Myers, Carl W.*; Kunze, Jay F.; Mahar, James M.; Giraud, Kellen M.: UnDergroUnD nUclear ParKS: a PoTenTial neW USe For UnDergroUnD SPace 3:45 PM Okonkwo, Churchill*: The Place oF SUB-Saharan aFrica in The emerging energY-climaTe era 4:00 PM Stauffer, H.L.*; Sloan, Lisa C.: regional climaTe FeeDBacKS From lanD USe changeS in SoUTheaST aSia: a SenSiTiViTY STUDY USing regcm3 4:15 PM Harmsen, Frederika J.*; Van de Water, Peter; Hunsaker, Donald; Luo, Vivian: FUTUre climaTe change imPacTS on FreSno coUnTY, caliFornia: miTigaTion STraTegieS anD PUBlic PolicY 4:30 PM Gornitz, Vivien*; Horton, Radley; Rosenzweig, Cynthia; Goldberg, Richard: PreParing For Sea leVel riSe in neW YorK ciTY 4:45 PM Davidson, Casie L.*; Dooley, James J.; Finne, Sarah A.; Dahowski, Robert T.: co-oPTimiZing groUnDWaTer anD geologic co2 STorage reSoUrceS in The UniTeD STaTeS 5:00 PM Gotkowitz, Madeline B.*; Saines, Marvin: climaTe VariaBiliTY: groUnDWaTer FlooDing anD miTigaTion in WiSconSin 5:15 PM Wagaw, Mezemir*; Kebede, Girma; Tadesse, Wubishet: aDaPTing The climaTe change-- WeT-S eaSon rain harVeSTing For DrY-SPell irrigaTion in alaBama 73-8 73-9 73-3





72-5 72-6







72-9 72-10







73-12 73-13


2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 173


73-14 11:15 AM Stigall, Alycia L.*; Walls, Bradley J.: TeSTing The ValiDiTY oF ecological niche moDelS For PaleoBiogeograPhic reconSTrUcTion: a caSe STUDY From The laTe orDoVician oF The cincinnaTi arch 11:30 AM Davis, Edward*; McGuire, Jenny L.; Orcutt, John D.: TeSTing PhYlogeograPhic anD niche moDel reconSTrUcTionS oF glacial reFUgia USing The FoSSil recorD oF norTh american Small mammalS 11:45 AM Gahn, Forest J.; Kelly, R. Scott*: BoDY SiZe aS an inDicaTor oF SeQUence STraTigraPhic archiTecTUre in The earlY miSSiSSiPPian (KinDerhooKian) loDgePole FormaTion, monTana

SeSSion no. 75

T3. Buried Valley Aquifers: From Bedrock to Sediment Hosted Tunnel Valleys (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B113 Hazen Russell and Alan Kehew, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 75-1 8:10 AM Lundstrom, Scott*: TUnnel ValleY morPhologY anD SeDimenTarY characTeriSTicS: conSTrainTS on DeVeloPmenT oF hYPoTheSeS concerning SUBglacial geomorPhic ProceSSeS 8:25 AM Derouin, Sarah A.; LaBlanc, Kelly J.*; Jennings, Carrie E.: a giS aPProach To SeDimenT maSS Balance in TUnnel channel SYSTemS, laKe SUPerior BaSin anD The UPPer PeninSUla oF michigan 8:40 AM Kehew, Alan E.*; Esch, John M.; Ewald, Stephanie K.; Kozlowski, Andrew L.: conSTrainTS on aQUiFer occUrrence in TUnnel channelS, SaginaW loBe, michigan 8:55 AM Wiederhold, Helga*; Burval, Working Group: geoPhYSical maPPing oF BUrieD ValleY aQUiFer SYSTemS 9:10 AM Greer, Christopher B.*; Booth, Colin: recharge analYSeS inTo ShalloW glacial anD DeeP BeDrocK aQUiFerS relaTeD To The TroY BeDrocK ValleY SYSTem, DeKalB coUnTY, illinoiS 9:25 AM Dunkle, Kallina M.*; Anderson, Mary P.; Mickelson, David M.; Fienen, Michael N.: hYDroSTraTigraPhic anD groUnDWaTer FloW moDelS: TroY ValleY glacial aQUiFer, SoUTheaSTern WiSconSin 9:40 AM Russell, Hazen A.J.*; Sharpe, David R.: maPPing BUrieD eScarPmenT ValleY aQUiFerS in SoUThern onTario 9:55 AM Bajc, A.F.*; Zwiers, W.G.; Rainsford, D.R.B.; Marich, A.S.; MacCormack, Kelsey E.: a geological inVeSTigaTion oF The DUnDaS BUrieD ValleY, SoUThern onTario, canaDa 10:10 AM Slomka, Jessica Marie*; Eyles, Carolyn H.; Lotimer, Tim: WinDoWS inTo The SUBSUrFace: SeDimenTological analYSiS oF coreD QUaTernarY ValleY inFill SeDimenTS, georgeToWn, onTario 10:25 AM Andriashek, Laurence D.*; Atkinson, Nigel: BUrieD TUnnel ValleYS in alBerTa'S oilSanDS areaS 10:40 AM Anderson, Fred J.*: meThane occUrrence in glacial BUrieD-ValleY aQUiFer SYSTemS in norTh DaKoTa 10:55 AM Henkemans, Emily*; Frape, Shaun K.; Meteer, Laura; Gerber, Richard: The USe oF iSoToPic TracerS in UnDerSTanDing The hYDrogeologY oF The oaK riDgeS moraine, SoUThern onTario, canaDa 11:10 AM concluding remarks 11:20 AM Discussion




SeSSion no. 74

P7. Hazards and Health: Preventing Disaster and Building Resilience on the Ring of Fire (GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA International Division; GSA Geology & Public Policy Committee; Geological Society of New Zealand; International Association of Emergency Managers; International Medical Geology Association; International Union of Geological Sciences; International Union for Quaternary Research; U.S. Geological Survey)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 254 Monica E. Gowan, David Applegate, Scott F. Burns, John J. Clague, and David Johnston, Presiding 8:00 AM Welcome and introduction 74-1 8:05 AM Mileti, Dennis S.*: The DiSaSTer reSearch lanDScaPe: role oBSTacleS To eFFecTiVe ScienTiST/PracTiTioner relaTionS 8:30 AM Pearce, Laurie D.*: The hUman Face oF DiSaSTer: BUilDing reSiliencY 8:55 AM Mayer, Jonathan*: DiSaSTerS anD healTh: hoW Do DiSaSTerS aFFecT hUman healTh? 9:20 AM opening Discussion: Building a collaborative Future 74-4 74-5 74-6 74-7 9:35 AM Weaver, Craig S.*: Science anD reSiliencY: The ScienTiST, The agencY, anD The realiTY 9:50 AM Wood, Nathan J.*: commUniTY VUlneraBiliTY To TSUnamiS in The U.S. PaciFic norThWeST 10:05 AM Ewert, John W.*: challengeS To Volcanic riSK miTigaTion 10:20 AM Clague, John; Burns, Scott*: enViSioning anD PreParing For a lanDSliDe caTaSTroPhe in The PaciFic norThWeST 10:35 AM Panel Discussion: Building resilience in the Pacific northwest 74-8 10:50 AM Johnston, David*: SUrViVing FUTUre DiSaSTerS in neW ZealanD: cUrrenT reSearch anD PolicY DirecTionS 11:15 AM Wilson, Jay*: leVeraging The role oF emergencY managerS To PromoTe DiSaSTer reSilience aS a cornerSTone oF commUniTY SUSTainaBiliTY: a local PerSPecTiVe 11:40 AM closing Discussion (Q&a): Priorities and opportunities on the ring of Fire 75-10 75-11 75-9 75-8 75-3





74-2 74-3



SeSSion no. 76

T18. Applied Hydrogeology: In Honor of Dr. Roy Williams (GSA Hydrogeology Division; International Association of Hydrogeologists; International Mine Water Association; GSA Geology and Health Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E141/142 Gerry V. Winter and Neil Coleman, Presiding 76-1 8:00 AM Bredehoeft, John D.*: hYDrologic TraDeoFFS in conJUncTiVe USe managemenT

174 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


76-2 8:15 AM Koger, Curtis J.*; Saltonstall, Jennifer Hilden: mainTaining groUnD WaTer recharge in maSTer PlanneD commUniTieS: caSe hiSTorieS From eaSTern King coUnTY, WaShingTon 8:30 AM Bishop, Melisa R.*: a DeTaileD hYDrologic STUDY oF The ScoTT holloW groUnDWaTer Drainage BaSin, greenBrier anD monroe coUnTieS, WeST Virginia 8:45 AM Russell, Scot Allan Jr.*; Florea, Lee J.; Stinson, Chasity L.: characTeriZaTion oF SUBSUrFace liThoSTraTigraPhY anD hYDroSTraTigraPhY USing Dc elecTrical reSiSTiViTY TomograPhY, line hole Well FielD, San SalVaDor iSlanD, The BahamaS 9:00 AM von Metzsch, George A.*; Brewer, Robert S.; Rayne, Todd: groUnDWaTer moVemenT in a SanD anD PeaT aQUiFer anD iTS eFFecT on roaD SalT migraTion 9:15 AM Lachmar, Thomas E.*: FracTUre-FloW hYDrogeologY oF The BUnKer hill mine, Kellogg, iDaho: or WhaT i DiD aT The UniVerSiTY oF iDaho 9:30 AM Al-Johar, Mishal M.*; Sharp, John M. Jr.; Slottke, Don T.: characTeriZaTion oF FracTUre SUrFace roUghneSS aS a STeP ToWarD PreDicTing FloW in FracTUreS 9:45 AM Smoot, John L.*; Hildebrand, R. Doug: reeValUaTion oF The PermeaBle maTerial aT The BaSe oF The UnconFineD aQUiFer near lerF, hanForD SiTe, WaShingTon 10:00 AM Break 76-9 10:15 AM Coleman, Neil M.*; Davis Todd, Carrie; Myers, Reed A.; Kaktins, Uldis: JohnSToWn FlooD oF 1889 ­ DeSTrUcTion anD reBirTh 10:30 AM Davis Todd, Carrie*; Coleman, Neil; Myers, Reed; Kaktins, Uldis: a DeTerminaTion oF PeaK DiScharge raTe anD WaTer VolUme From The 1889 JohnSToWn FlooD 10:45 AM Mayo, Alan, L.*; Schlegel, Melissa; Nelson, Steve; Tingey, Dave: a STaBle iSoToPic recorD oF PaleoclimaTe oF The BoiSe area, iDaho 11:00 AM Bruthans, Jiri*; Mayo, Alan, L.: The eXTenT oF The FloW area oF hYDroThermal SYSTemS: eSTimaTeS From heaT FloW anD raDiocarBon ageS 11:15 AM Dougherty, John N.*; Kellogg, Seth; Schofield, Susan; Thantu, Lorenzo: characTeriZing long-Term changeS in groUnDWaTer conTaminaTion in a STream ValleY USing DaTa From mUlTiPle SoUrceS 11:30 AM Adams, Joel*: FormaTion TeSTing USing inFlaTaBle PacKerS: From FoUnDaTion groUTing To nUclear WaSTe DiSPoSal 11:45 AM Winter, Gerry V.*: Some oBSerVaTionS From USing a colloiDal BoreScoPe in BaSalT aQUiFerS 77-10 77-2 8:30 AM O'Shea, Bethany*; MacLean, Ashley; Brock, Patrick; Yang, Qiang; Marvinney, Robert; Zheng, Yan: arSenicmineral aSSociaTionS in a FracTUreD crYSTalline aQUiFer WiTh eleVaTeD groUnDWaTer arSenic, maine USa 8:45 AM Ryan, Peter C.*; Kim, Jonathan; Clark, Arthur L.; Smith, Taylor T.; Chow, Daniel; Sullivan, Colleen; Bright, Kevin: UlTramaFic SoUrce oF arSenic in a FracTUreD BeDrocK aQUiFer 9:00 AM Kim, Christopher S.*; Rytuba, James J.: ParTicle SiZe relaTionShiP BeTWeen arSenic SPeciaTion, SolUBiliTY, anD BioacceSSiBiliTY in mine WaSTeS From The ranDSBUrg mining DiSTricT, ca 9:15 AM Al-Qudah, Omar*; Walton, John; Woocay, Arturo: chemical eVolUTion oF groUnDWaTer in The amargoSa DeSerT 9:30 AM Price, Van Jr.*; Gustavson, John B.: arSenic, iron, anD UraniUm in groUnD WaTer in The miSSiSSiPPi riVer area 9:45 AM Pearcy, Christine; Johannesson, Karen*: eViDence oF microBiallY meDiaTeD arSenic moBiliZaTion From SeDimenTS oF The aQUia aQUiFer, marYlanD, USa 10:05 AM Break 77-8 10:20 AM Bundschuh, Jochen*; Litter, Marta I.; Jean, Jiin-Shuh: The laTin american arSenic ProBlem: eXPerienceS From TaPPing alTernaTiVe WaTer reSoUrceS For ProBlem miTigaTion 10:35 AM Hammarlund, Lotta; Piñones, Juan; Bhattacharya, Prosun*; Mukherjee, Abhijit; Nordstrom, D. Kirk; Bundschuh, Jochen; Alvarado, Guillermo E.: STUDY oF geoThermal WaTergroUnDWaTer inTeracTion anD eVolUTion in Thermal FielDS oF coSTa rica 10:50 AM García, María*; Ormachea, Mauricio; Quintanilla, Jorge; Bengtsson, Lars V.: arSenic DiSTriBUTion in SUrFace WaTer anD SeDimenTS in The BoliVian cenTral highlanD 11:05 AM Ormachea, Mauricio*; Ramos, Oswaldo; García, María; Quintanilla, Jorge; Bhattacharya, Prosun; Thunvik, Roger; Sracek, Ondra: arSenic occUrrence in ShalloW groUnDWaTer in The cenTral BoliVian alTiPlano 11:20 AM Johnson, Lindsey Renee*; Engel, Annette Summers; Roy, Amitava; Merchan, Gregory: geochemiSTrY anD microBiologY oF arSenic in el TaTio geYSer FielD, chile 11:35 AM Deng, Yamin*; Wang, Yanxin; Ma, Teng; Yang, Hui; He, Jun: arSenic aSSociaTion in SeDimenTS From ShalloW aQUiFerS oF norThWeSTern heTao BaSin, norThern china 11:50 AM Discussion























SeSSion no. 78

T25. Groundwater in Ecosystems: Effects of Physical, Chemical, and Biological Processes and Feedback Mechanisms (GSA Hydrogeology Division; U.S. National Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D137/138 Randall Hunt and Masaki Hayashi, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 78-1 8:05 AM Wilson, Richard*; Harvey, F. Edwin; Foster, Sarah Elizabeth: inVeSTigaTing The inFlUence oF VerTiSolS on recharge in neBraSKa'S rainWaTer BaSin WeTlanDS 8:20 AM Foster, Sarah Elizabeth*; Harvey, F. Edwin; Wilson, Richard: moniToring TemPoral VariaTionS oF

SeSSion no. 77

T23. Geochemistry of Arsenic and Other Toxic Elements and Assessment of Environmental Risks in Global Groundwater Systems I (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA International Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; Geochemical Society; International Society of Groundwater for Sustainable Development [ISGSD])

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D139/140 Prosun Bhattacharya, Alan E. Fryar, and Abhijit Mukherjee, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 77-1 8:10 AM Nordstrom, D. Kirk*; Zheng, Yan: naTUral arSenic enrichmenT: eFFecTS oF The DiageneTicTecTonic-hYDroThermal cYcle


2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 175


agricUlTUral conTaminanTS in neBraSKa'S rainWaTer BaSin WeTlanDS 78-3 8:35 AM Tobin, Benjamin W.*; Despain, Joel; Kelly, Marissa: eFFecTS oF Fire SUPreSSion acTiViTieS on KarST aQUiFerS: reSUlTS From The hiDDen Fire, SeQUoia naTional ParK, ca 8:50 AM Aldous, Allison*; Gurrieri, Joseph; Bach, Leslie; Carroll, Trish: hoW mUch WaTer DoeS a Fen neeD? DeVeloPing enVironmenTal WaTer reQUiremenTS For groUnDWaTer-DePenDenT ecoSYSTemS 9:10 AM Rostron, Benjamin J.*: groUnDWaTer anD naTiVe orchiDS in alBerTa: iS There a linK? 9:25 AM Smith, M. Garrett*; Parker, Stephen R.; Gammons, Christopher H.; Poulson, Simon R.: SeaSonal anD SPaTial graDienTS in STaBle iSoToPeS oF DiSSolVeD oXYgen anD DiSSolVeD inorganic carBon in a FlooDPlain aQUiFer 9:40 AM Krabbenhoft, David*; Booth, Nathan; Fienen, Michael N.; Lutz, Michelle: maPPing VUlneraBiliTY oF aQUaTic ecoSYSTemS acroSS The conTigUoUS UniTeD STaTeS 10:00 AM Break 78-8 10:15 AM Rosenberry, Donald O.*; Toran, Laura; Nyquist, Jonathan: The eFFecT oF SeDimenT DiSTUrBance on eXchange BeTWeen groUnDWaTer anD SUrFace WaTer in near-Shore marginS 10:30 AM Booth, Eric G.*; Loheide, Steven P. II.: QUanTiFYing The hYDrologic inTeracTionS aSSociaTeD WiTh The PlanT WaTer STreSS FUncTion anD eVaPoTranSPiraTion ParTiTioning in a WeTlanD ecoSYSTem 10:45 AM Simpkins, William W.*; Scheurer, Rachel E.: UnDerSTanDing The ProceSS oF naTUral groUnDWaTer QUaliTY imProVemenT anD aWarD-Winning TaSTe in The ameS aQUiFer 11:00 AM Gilbert, James M.*; Harvey, F. Edwin: groUnDWaTer miXing DYnamicS WiThin The Saline WeTlanDS oF The liTTle SalT creeK WaTerSheD, lancaSTer coUnTY, neBraSKa 11:15 AM Halihan, Todd*; Ong, John B.; Zlotnik, Vitaly A.: geoPhYSical DelineaTion oF Saline groUnDWaTer PlUme PaTTernS near Saline laKeS in SemiariD DUne enVironmenTS 11:30 AM Mádl-Szõnyi, Judit*; Toth, Jozsef: PaTTernS oF Soil anD WeTlanD SaliniZaTion DUe To DYnamic inTeracTion BeTWeen graViTY-DriVen anD oVerPreSSUreD groUnDWaTer FloW, DUnaTiSZa inTerFlUVe, hUngarY 11:45 AM Roy, James W.*; Bickerton, Greg; Voralek, John: PoTenTial ThreaT oF groUnDWaTer conTaminanTS To an UrBan STream ecoSYSTem 79-7 79-5 79-4 79-3 8:30 AM Restrepo-Moreno, Sergio A.*; Foster, David A.; Kamenov, G.D.: rYSTalliZaTion age and magma SoUrceS of the antioqueÑo and oVeJaS BaTholiThS, cenTral corDillera, colombia: eViDence From comBineD la-icP-mS U­PB DaTing and hF-iSoToPe analYSiS of Zircon grainS and Whole-rocK geochemiSTrY 8:45 AM Wolf, David E.*; Andronicos, Christopher L.; Vervoort, Jeffery D.; Mansfield, Michael R.; Chardon, Dominique: aPPlicaTion oF lU-hF garneT DaTing To UnraVel The relaTionShiPS BeTWeen DeFormaTion, meTamorPhiSm anD PlUToniSm: an eXamPle From The Prince rUPerT area, BriTiSh colUmBia 9:00 AM Schmidt, Keegan L.*; Lewis, Reed S.; Gaschnig, Richard M.; Vervoort, Jeffrey: TeSTing hYPoTheSeS on The origin oF The SYringa emBaYmenT in The Salmon riVer SUTUre Zone, WeSTern iDaho, USa 9:15 AM Scharman, Mitchell R.*; Pavlis, Terry L.: riDge SUBDUcTion aS a ProceSS For conTinenTaliZaTion oF an accreTionarY PriSm, chUgach meTamorPhic comPleX, SoUThern alaSKa 9:30 AM Cook, Frederick*: conTinenTal DecreTion DUring Terrane accreTion in The canaDian corDillera 9:45 AM Johnston, Stephen T.*: The TecTonic SigniFicance oF miXeD i- anD S-TYPe magmaTic BelTS: leSSonS From The corDilleran orogen oF WeSTern norTh america 10:05 AM Break 79-9 79-10 10:20 AM Rey, Patrice F.*: eXoTic TerraneS anD The DYnamicS oF accreTionarY orogenS 10:40 AM Fanning, Mark*; Hervé, Francisco; Pankhurst, Robert J.; Calderon, Mauricio N.; Yaxley, Greg M.; Holden, Peter: iSoToPic PerSPecTiVeS on 150 ma oF SUBDUcTion-relaTeD crUSTal groWTh in The SoUTh PaTagonian BaTholiTh 11:00 AM Collins, William J.*: groWTh anD STaBiliZaTion oF conTinenTal crUST BY BacKarc oPening anD cloSing in The PaleoZoic TaSmaniDeS oF eaSTern aUSTralia 11:15 AM Siddoway, Christine*; Fanning, C. Mark; McFadden, Rory: The recorD oF eaST gonDWana margin cYcleS in WeST anTarcTica: eViDence From marie BYrD lanD 11:30 AM Newstead, Brittany L.*; Foster, David A.; Goscombe, Ben D.; Mueller, P.A.: crUSTal FormaTion anD recYcling DUring SUPerconTinenT cYcleS: eViDence From DeTriTal ZirconS oF The Damara orogen 11:45 AM Murphy, J. Brendan*; Nance, R. Damian; Gutierrez-Alonso, Gabriel; Keppie, J. Duncan: leaDing conTinenTal eDgeS, accreTionarY orogenS anD reconSTrUcTion oF ancienT SUPerconTinenTS


78-5 78-6














SeSSion no. 79

T45. Growth and Stabilization of Continental Crust in CircumPacific Accretionary Orogens (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A107/108/109 Christine S. Siddoway and David Foster, Presiding 79-1 8:00 AM Farris, David W.*; Cardona, Agustin; Montes, Camilo; Jaramillo, Carlos: DemiSe oF arc magmaTiSm along The Panama canal 8:15 AM Montes, Camilo*; Cardona, Agustin; Bayona, Germán; Silva, Cesar; Farris, David W.; Moron, Sara; Wilson, James; Valencia, Victor A.: STrUcTUral TranSecTS acroSS The iSThmUS oF Panama: orocline or SUBDUcTion-relaTeD geomeTrY?

SeSSion no. 80

T52. Sixth Columbia River Basalt Symposium I: Volcanism, Tectonism, Petrology, and Hydrogeology 2009 (Mineralogical Society of America; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B110/111/112 Stephen P. Reidel, Terry Tolan, Victor Camp, John Wolff, Ray Wells, Martin E. Ross, and Barton S. Martin, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 80-1 8:05 AM Self, Stephen*; Keszthelyi, Laszlo; Thordarson, Thor: erUPTion anD emPlacemenT raTeS oF conTinenTal FlooD BaSalT laVa FloW FielDS


176 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


80-2 8:20 AM Tolan, Terry L.*; Lindsey, Kevin A.; Reidel, Stephen P.; Mayer, Brian M.: STraTigraPhY anD STrUcTUre oF The colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP (crBg) BeneaTh The Walla Walla BaSin (WWB) oF WaShingTon anD oregon - Some iniTial FinDingS 8:35 AM Smith, Shane V.*; Wolff, John A.: emPlacemenT oF WilBUr creeK , laPWai , anD aSoTin FloWS, colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP 8:50 AM Camp, Victor E.*; Ross, Martin E.: regional SYnTheSiS oF STeenS BaSalT, colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP 9:05 AM Ramos, Frank C.*; Wolff, John; Tollstrup, Darren L.; Starkel, William A.: eValUaTing The origin oF colUmBia riVer BaSalTS: inSighTS From mineral Scale iSoToPe VariaTionS 9:25 AM Wolff, John A.*; Ramos, Frank C.: PeTrogeneSiS oF The granDe ronDe laVaS: high-P melTing oF BaSalTic rocK or crUSTal conTaminaTion? 9:40 AM Vye, Charlotte*; Self, Steve; Barry, Tiffany; Burton, Kevin; Charlier, Bruce; Gannoun, Abdelmouhcine: The PeTrogeneSiS, aSSemBlY anD PlUmBing SYSTem oF a Single FlooD BaSalT erUPTion 9:55 AM Break 80-8 10:10 AM Blakely, Richard J.*; Wells, Ray E.; Sherrod, Brian L.; Weaver, Craig S.: connecTing The YaKima FolD anD ThrUST BelT To acTiVe FaUlTS in The PUgeT SoUnD, WaShingTon: eViDence From highreSolUTion aeromagneTic anD regional graViTY anomalieS 10:30 AM Anderson, James Lee*; Tolan, Terry L.: STriKe-SliP FaUlTS in The WeSTern colUmBia riVer FlooD BaSalT ProVince, oregon anD WaShingTon 10:45 AM Tincher, Christopher R.*; Reidel, Stephen P.: neW eViDence For The naTUre oF The SaDDle moUnTainS FaUlT Zone 11:00 AM Reidel, Stephen P.*; Tolan, Terry; Kauffman, John D.; Garwood, Dean L.: The TecTonic DeVeloPmenT oF The eaSTern colUmBia riVer FlooD-BaSalT ProVince 11:15 AM Discussion 81-13 81-9 recorDS: a caSe STUDY oF The gUaDalenTin riVer (Se SPain) 81-5 9:00 AM Durkee, Matthew I.*; Ely, Lisa L.: holocene arroYo cUT anD Fill cYcleS, SoUTh cenTral WaShingTon 9:15 AM Gellis, Allen C.*; Pavich, M.J.; Ellwein, A.L.; Wieczorek, M.E.; Viger, R.J.: SoUrceS oF SeDimenT in The cUrrenT arroYo cYcle USing a SeDimenT BUDgeT For TWo SUBBaSinS oF The rio PUerco, neW meXico 9:30 AM Harvey, Jonathan E.*; Pederson, Joel; Rittenour, Tammy: inFlUence oF arroYo cYcleS on DoWnSTream PaleoFlooD recorDS - an eXamPle From BUcKSKin WaSh, UT/aZ 9:45 AM Gran, Karen B.*; Johnson, Andrea L.; Belmont, Patrick; Day, Stephanie; Jennings, Carrie E.; Wilcock, Peter: imPacT oF holocene ValleY eVolUTion on moDern SeDimenT loaDing in The le SUeUr riVer, minneSoTa 10:00 AM Break 10:15 AM Hynek, Scott A.*; Marchetti, David W.; Fernandez, Diego P.; Cerling, Thure E.: geomorPhic hiSTorY oF riVerS Draining The eaSTern anDean corDillera (34­37°S) conSTraineD BY TePhrochronologY, U-SerieS DaTing oF PeDogenic carBonaTe anD coSmogenic 3he DaTing oF BaSalT FloWS 10:30 AM Walker, Richard T.*; Fattahi, Morteza; Talebian, Morteza: laTe QUaTernarY FaUlTing anD enVironmenTal change in iran inFerreD From DaTing oF allUVial FanS, riVer TerraceS, anD laKeBeDS 10:45 AM Reynhout, Scott*; Owen, Lewis; Frankel, Kurt L.; Finkel, Robert; Dolan, James; Knott, Jeffrey R.: neW raTeS oF PleiSTocene SliP on The DeaTh ValleY FaUlT 11:00 AM Lifton, Nathaniel*; Caffee, Marc W.; Finkel, Robert; Schaefer, Joerg M.; Stone, John; Goehring, Brent M.; Phillips, Fred; Oviatt, Charles G.; Rood, Dylan: a neW eSTimaTe oF The SPallogenic ProDUcTion raTe oF in SiTU coSmogenic 10Be From laKe BonneVille Shoreline FeaTUreS, PromonTorY PoinT, UTah 11:15 AM Hidy, Alan J.*; Gosse, John C.: a conSTraineD monTe carlo aPProach To moDeling ProFileS oF coSmogenic nUcliDeS 11:30 AM Fletcher, Kathryn E.K.*; Le, Kim; Rockwell, Thomas K.; Balco, Greg; Oskin, Michael E.; Sharp, Warren D.: comPariSon oF ageS From U-SerieS on PeDogenic carBonaTe anD 10Be DePTh ProFileS For TWo laTe PleiSTocene allUVial FanS in SoUThern caliFornia
















SeSSion no. 81

T60. Alluvial Records: Numerical Dating and Archives of Climatic, Environmental, and Neotectonic Change (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B114/115 Tammy Rittenour, Warren D. Sharp, and John Gosse, Presiding 81-1 8:00 AM Pierce, Jennifer L.*; Meyer, Grant A.; Rittenour, Tammy M.: Terrace recorDS oF holocene inciSion, aggraDaTion, anD relaTionShiPS BeTWeen hillSloPe eroSion anD main channel ProceSSeS in cenTral iDaho 8:15 AM Quigley, Mark*; Horton, Travis; Hellstrom, John; Cupper, Matthew: oF DroUghT anD FlooDing rainS: holocene PreciPiTaTion VariaBiliTY in ariD aUSTralia From SPeleoThem anD allUVial recorDS 8:30 AM Kenworthy, Megan K.*; Pierce, Jennifer; Rittenour, Tammy; Pierce, Kenneth L.: climaTe, SeDimenT SUPPlY, anD STream PoWer: ePiSoDeS oF enhanceD DePoSiTion on allUVial FanS oF The loST riVer range, iDaho 8:45 AM Benito, Gerardo*; Rico, Mayte; Sánchez-Moya, Yolanda; Sopeña, Alfonso; Thorndycraft, Varyl R.; Machado, Maria; Barriendos, Mariano: DiSenTagling climaTic anD enVironmenTal change SignalS on PaleoFlooD


SeSSion no. 82

T64. Physics of Volcanic Eruptions: Implications for Hazards (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B116 Larry G. Mastin, Donald B. Dingwell, and J. Kelly Russell, Presiding 82-1 8:00 AM Papale, Paolo*; Longo, Antonella; Saccorotti, Gilberto; Vassalli, Melissa; Montagna, Chiara; Giudice, Davide; Cassioli, Andrea: linKing The FloW DYnamicS in magma chamBerS anD DYKeS To The geoPhYSical oBSerVaTionS on The SUrFace 8:15 AM Oppenheimer, Clive*; Moretti, Roberto; Kyle, Phil: manTle To SUrFace, PaSSiVe anD eXPloSiVe DegaSSing oF ereBUS Volcano 8:30 AM Poland, Michael P.*; Sutton, A. Jeff; Gerlach, Terrence M.: can STaTic magma Deccan STaTic magma DecomPreSSion Trigger an erUPTion? eViDence From Kilauea Volcano, haWai`i i






2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 177


82-4 8:45 AM Williams-Jones, Glyn*: conTinUoUS graViTY moniToring oF PerSiSTenTlY acTiVe VolcanoeS: The hUrDleS anD PoTenTial BeneFiTS 9:00 AM Waite, Gregory P.*; Lyons, John J.: SeiSmo-acoUSTic arraY oBSerVaTionS oF ShalloW conDUiT ProceSSeS aT FUego Volcano, gUaTemala 9:15 AM Lyons, John J.*; Waite, Gregory P.; Rose, William I.: characTeriSTicS anD moDelS oF cYclic erUPTiVe acTiViTY aT FUego Volcano, gUaTemala (2005-2007) DeriVeD From ViSUal oBSerVaTionS anD SeiSmic, acoUSTic anD Thermal meaSUremenTS 9:30 AM Kennedy, Lori A.*; Russell, Kelly; Nelles, Ed: The role oF PoroSiTY on Dome eXTrUSion ProceSSeS: eXPerimenTal inSighTS 9:45 AM Break 82-8 10:00 AM Waythomas, Christopher F.*; Scott, W.E.; Nye, Christopher J.; Izbekov, Pavel; Williams, Jeffery: The aUgUST 7, 2008 erUPTion oF KaSaTochi Volcano: a maJor eXPloSiVe erUPTion anD iTS aFTermaTh aT a Small iSlanD Volcano in The cenTral aleUTian iSlanDS oF alaSKa 10:15 AM Mastin, Larry G.*; Downey, Warna S.; Scheu, Bettina; Taddeucci, Jacopo: The SenSiTiViTY oF miXing conDiTionS on non-eXPloSiVe hYDromagmaTic FragmenTaTion, aS illUSTraTeD in a SerieS oF SimPle laBoraTorY eXPerimenTS 10:30 AM Houghton, B.F.*; Swanson, D.A.; Carey, R.J.: ProDUcTS oF ShorT-liVeD PYroclaSTic eVenTS DUring The 2008-2009 halema'Uma'U erUPTion, Kilauea: i imPlicaTionS For erUPTion ProceSS anD haZarDS 10:45 AM Ogden, Darcy E.*; Wohletz, Kenneth H.: eFFecTS oF comPleX VenT geomeTrY on Volcanic JeT DecomPreSSion 11:00 AM Orescanin, Mara M.; Austin, Joanna M.; Kieffer, Susan W.*: eXPerimenTal SimUlaTionS oF The maY 18, 1980 DirecTeD BlaST aT moUnT ST. helenS, Wa 11:15 AM Voight, Barry*; Esposti Ongaro, T.; Widiwijayanti, C.; Neri, A.; Clarke, Amanda: neW VieW oF laTeral BlaST DYnamicS aT moUnT ST. helenS 11:30 AM Solovitz, Stephen A.*; Mastin, Larry G.; Saffaraval, Farhad: eXPerimenTal inVeSTigaTion oF near-VenT enTrainmenT For UnDereXPanDeD JeTS 11:45 AM Connor, Charles B.*; Connor, Laura; Bonadonna, Costanza; Volentik, Alain C.M.: moDeling anD ForecaSTing TePhra accUmUlaTion WiTh TePhra2 83-5 9:15 AM McCrory, Patricia A.*; Blair, J. Luke; Waldhauser, Felix: maPPing The JUan De FUca SlaB BeneaTh The caScaDia margin 9:30 AM Roeloffs, Evelyn*; McCausland, Wendy; Silver, Paul G.: DeTailS oF TranSienT STrain DUring anD BeTWeen norThern caScaDia ePiSoDic Tremor anD SliP eVenTS From PlaTe BoUnDarY oBSerVaTorY Borehole STrainmeTerS 9:45 AM Beeler, N.M.*: eSTimaTeD eFFecTS oF ePiSoDic SloW SliP on The occUrrence anD ProBaBiliTY oF greaT earThQUaKeS in caScaDia 10:05 AM Break 83-8 10:20 AM Brudzinski, Michael*; Schlanser, Kristen; Hinojosa-Prieto, Hector; Cabral-Cano, Enrique; Arciniega-Ceballos, Alejandra; Diaz-Molina, Oscar; DeMets, Charles: ePiSoDic Tremor anD SliP along The oaXaca SegmenT oF The miDDle america SUBDUcTion Zone anD comPariSonS To caScaDia anD nanKai 10:35 AM Larmat, C.*; Johnson, Paul A.; Guyer, Robert A.: locaTion anD characTeriZaTion oF caliFornia non-Volcanic Tremor USing Time reVerSal, inVeSTigaTion oF DiFFerenT imaging FielDS 10:50 AM Brown, Justin*; Beroza, Gregory: loW FreQUencY earThQUaKe DeTecTionS From Tremor in The norThern caScaDia margin 11:05 AM Maceira, Monica*; Rowe, Charlotte A.; Beroza, Gregory: iDenTiFicaTion oF loW-FreQUencY earThQUaKeS on non-Volcanic Tremor ValiDaTeD WiTh The SUBSPace DeTecTor meThoD 11:20 AM Rubinstein, J.*: BUrSTS anD WaVeS: The reSPonSe oF non-Volcanic Tremor To eXTernal STreSSing 11:35 AM Johnson, Paul A.*; Marone, Chris; Behringer, Bob; Guyer, Robert A.: eFFecTS oF acoUSTic WaVeS on STicK--SliP BehaVior in SheareD granUlar meDia WiTh imPlicaTionS To DYnamic earThQUaKe Triggering anD SloW SliP 11:50 AM Discussion
















SeSSion no. 84

T77. Frontiers in Mineral Sciences: Mineral/Melt Energetics, Mineral Surface Chemistry, Mineral Nanoscience, and HighPressure Mineralogy III (Mineralogical Society of America)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E145 Gordon E. Brown, Abby Kavner, Nancy L. Ross, and Glenn A. Waychunas, Presiding 84-1 8:00 AM Wang, Hsiu-Wen*; Bish, David L.: hiDDen PhaSe TranSiTionS: eXPloring T-P(h2o) SPace WiTh naTToPologY ZeoliTeS, naTroliTe anD meSoliTe 8:15 AM Wang, Jie*; Neuhoff, Philip S.: ThermoDYnamicS oF ion eXchange in morDeniTe anD iTS geological imPlicaTionS 8:30 AM Xu, Huifang*: SiZe-DePenDenT PhaSe DiagramS For mineral nano-crYSTalS 8:45 AM Carpenter, Michael A.*; Harrison, Richard J.; Wootten, Tom: elaSTic ProPerTieS oF nanomaTerialS ThroUgh The inFlUence oF grain SiZe on STrUcTUral PhaSe TranSiTionS 9:00 AM Woodfield, Brian F.*; Liu, Shengfeng; Smith, Stacey; Olsen, Rebecca; Snow, Claine; Boerio-Goates, Juliana: mineralS aT The nanoScale: a noVel, generaliZeD meThoD To SYnTheSiS a nearlY UnlimiTeD arraY oF meTal anD miXeD-meTal oXiDe nanoParTicleS 9:15 AM Katz, Jordan E.*; Gilbert, Benjamin; Zhang, Xiaoyi; Attenkofer, Klaus; Banfield, Jill F.; Falcone, Roger;



SeSSion no. 83

T75. Slow Slip and Non-Volcanic Seismic Tremor in Cascadia and Beyond: Observations, Models, and Hazard Implications (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A105 M. Maceira, J. Rubinstein, E. Roeloffs, and C. Larmat, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 83-1 8:05 AM Gomberg, Joan*; Schulz, William; Bodin, Paul; Wech, Aaron; Burgmann, Roland; Kean, Jason W.; MacQueen, Patricia; Foster, Katherine: SleUThing SloW SliP Phenomena 8:25 AM Melbourne, Timothy*: caScaDia eTS conSTrainTS From gPS anD SeiSmic arraYS 8:45 AM McCaffrey, Robert*; King, Robert W.; Brudzinski, Michael; Boyarko, Devin: SPaTial anD TemPoral relaTionShiP oF SloW-SliP anD non-Volcanic Tremor in caScaDia 9:00 AM Ghosh, Abhijit*; Vidale, John E.; Sweet, Justin R.; Creager, Kenneth C.; Wech, Aaron G.: Tremor PaTcheS anD STreaKS in caScaDia


84-3 84-4

83-2 83-3




178 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


Waychunas, Glenn A.: UlTraFaST Time-reSolVeD X-raY aBSorPTion meaSUremenTS oF The reDUcTiVe DiSSolUTion oF iron oXiDe nanoParTicleS 84-7 9:30 AM Michel, F. Marc*; Barron, Vidal; Torrent, José; Morales, María P.; Serna, C. José; Boily, Jean-François; Liu, Qingsong; Ambrosini, Andrea; Cismasu, Cristina; Brown, Gordon E. Jr.: orDereD FerrimagneTic Form oF FerrihYDriTe reVealS linKS BeTWeen STrUcTUre, comPoSiTion anD magneTiSm 9:45 AM Break 84-8 10:00 AM Quicksall, Andrew N.*; Barton, Lauren E.; Kosel, Thomas H.; Maurice, Patricia A.: SiZe-DriVen STrUcTUral changeS in hemaTiTe nanoParTicleS 10:15 AM Kim, Christopher S.*; Gilbert, Benjamin: eFFecTS oF nanoParTicle aggregaTion on meTal UPTaKe, reTenTion, anD SPeciaTion 10:30 AM Hill, T.R.*; Konishi, Hiromi; Farfan, Gabriela; Xu, Huifang: ProToenSTaTiTe anD naTiVe coPPer nanocrYSTalS in oregon SUnSToneS: Tem inVeSTigaTion anD Their imPlicaTionS 10:45 AM Majzlan, Juraj*; Ackermann, Sonia; Grevel, Klaus-Dieter: neW DaTa anD olD ProBlemS in The ThermoDYnamicS oF aciD mine Drainage 11:00 AM Holloway, John R.*; Williams, Lynda: manTle To molecUleS: a roUTe To aBioTic organic SYnTheSiS 11:15 AM Zhang, Fangfu*; Xu, Huifang; Konishi, Hiromi; Roden, Eric: a relaTionShiP BeTWeen D-104 ValUe anD comPoSiTion in The calciTe - DiSorDereD DolomiTe SoliD SolUTion SerieS 11:30 AM concluding remarks 85-13 85-8 85-9 10:05 AM Lyubetskaya, Tanya; Ague, Jay J.*: FlUiD FloW DirecTionS anD FlUXeS in colliSional orogenS 10:25 AM Nadin, Elisabeth S.*; Hirth, Greg: DeTermining DeFormaTion TemPeraTUreS oF a naTUral Shear Zone 10:40 AM Hawkins, Amber T.*; Selverstone, Jane; King, Penelope L.; Frezzotti, Maria Luce: hP/UhP FlUiDS PreSerVeD in mn-rich garneTS From lago Di cignana, iTalY 10:55 AM McLin, Kristie S.*; Bowman, John R.: inFlUence oF SaliniTY on T-X(co2) STaBiliTY oF Talc anD The PoSSiBle role oF FlUiD immiSciBiliTY in DeVeloPmenT oF The Talc Zone, oUTer alTa aUreole, UTah 11:10 AM Ferry, John M.*; Ushikubo, Takayuki; Kita, Noriko T.; Valley, John W.: ion microProBe STUDY oF The reDiSTriBUTion oF carBon anD oXYgen iSoToPeS among mineralS DUring meTamorPhic inFilTraTion-DriVen DecarBonaTion reacTionS 11:25 AM Kelly, Nigel M.*; Harley, Simon L.; Appleby, Sarah K.: The UTiliTY oF oXYgen iSoToPeS For oUr UnDerSTanDing oF DeeP crUSTal ProceSSeS ­ PreliminarY reSUlTS From Zircon anD garneT in migmaTiTeS









SeSSion no. 86

T84. Volcanism, Impacts, Mass Extinctions, and Global Environmental Change I (Paleontological Society; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 253 Gerta Keller, Thierry Adatte, and Paul Wignall, Presiding 86-1 8:00 AM Courtillot, Vincent*; Fluteau, Frédéric; Chenet, Anne-Lise; Moulin, Maud: enVironmenTal imPacT oF SUBaerial large igneoUS ProVinceS: The laTeST on The caSe oF The Deccan TraPS 8:15 AM Kidder, David L.*; Worsley, Thomas R.: large igneoUS ProVinceS, The heaTT (haline eUXinic aciDic Thermal TranSgreSSion) moDel, anD PhaneroZoic eXTincTionS 8:30 AM Peate, David W.*: PB iSoToPeS in Valanginian WeiSSerT eVenT SeDimenTS aT oDP SiTe 1149B linKeD To large-VolUme Silicic erUPTionS in The Paraná-eTenDeKa large igneoUS ProVince 8:45 AM Hurtgen, Matthew T.*; Adams, Derek D.; Sageman, Bradley B.: Volcanic acTiVaTion oF oceanic anoXic eVenT 2 anD The role SUlFUr PlaYS in regUlaTing The marine carBon cYcle 9:00 AM Keller, Gerta*; Reddy, A.N.; Jaiprakash, Bomma; Gertsch, Brian; Adatte, Thierry; Bajpai, Sunil; Upadhyay, Harinder; Bhowmick, P.K.: Deccan VolcaniSm, imPacTS anD The K-T maSS eXTinciTon 9:15 AM Break 86-6 9:30 AM Gertsch, Brian*; Keller, Gerta; Adatte, Thierry; Garg, Rahul; Fleitmann, Dominik; Prasad, Vandana; Berner, Zsolt; Ateequzzaman, Khowaja: enVironmenTal anD BioTic eFFecTS oF Deccan VolcaniSm in meghalaYa, ne inDia 9:45 AM Adatte, Thierry*; Keller, Gerta: main Deccan PUlSe occUreD cloSe To The KTB : increaSing mUlTiProXY eViDence 10:00 AM Hartman, J.H.*; Bingle, Marron; Scholz, Henning; Bajpai, Sunil; Sharma, Ritu: creTaceoUS­Paleogene BoUnDarY iSSUeS anD conTinenTal mollUSKS in inDia anD norTh america: Fine-TUneD Timing anD oTher iSSUeS criTical To inTerPreTing large Scale eVenTS on BenThic criTTerS


SeSSion no. 85

T82. Advances in Understanding Metamorphic Processes: Nanoscale to Nappes I (Mineralogical Society of America)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E143/144 C.T. Foster, Frank Spear, and John Bowman, Presiding 85-1 85-2 8:00 AM Carlson, William D.*: nUcleaTion oF garneT PorPhYroBlaSTS 8:20 AM Wright, Jennifer B.*; Hirsch, David M.; Baxter, Ethan F.: iniTial eSTimaTe For garneT nUcleaTion raTe aT ToWnShenD Dam, VT 8:35 AM Kelly, Eric D.*; Hoisch, Thomas D.; Wells, Michael L.: DiSeQUiliBriUm crYSTalliZaTion oF garneT coreS FolloWeD BY eQUiliBriUm rim groWTh: imPlicaTionS For DeTermining PreSSUreTemPeraTUre PaThS, alBion moUnTainS, iDaho 8:50 AM Sorensen, S.S.*; Sisson, Virginia; Harlow, George E.: DomainS oF eQUiliBraTion among laWSoniTe, garneT, aPaTiTe anD TiTaniTe in eclogiTe DUring FlUiD-rocK inTeracTionS: inSighTS From gUaTemala 9:05 AM Whitney, Donna L.*; Teyssier, Christian; Toraman, Erkan; Seaton, Nicholas C.: laWSoniTe PorPhYroBlaST TeXTUreS aS inDicaTorS oF meTamorPhic anD DeFormaTion conDiTionS in a SUBDUcTion Zone 9:20 AM Pattison, David R.M.*; de Capitani, Christian; Gaidies, Fred: PreSSUre-TemPeraTUre-reacTion aFFiniTY maPS aS a meanS To PreDicT meTamorPhic reacTion oVerSTePPing 9:35 AM Baldwin, Julia A.*; Powell, Roger: USing calcUlaTeD chemical PoTenTial relaTionShiPS To accoUnT For corona anD SYmPlecTiTe TeXTUreS in granUliTeS 9:50 AM Break 86-3 86-2










2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 179


86-9 10:15 AM Janevski, G. Alex*: marine inVerTeBraTe eXTincTion SelecTiViTY aT The creTaceoUS/Paleogene maSS eXTincTion 10:30 AM Castle, James W.*; Rodgers, John H. Jr.: role oF ToXin-ProDUcing algae in PhaneroZoic maSS eXTincTionS: eViDence From moDern enVironmenTS anD The geologic recorD 10:45 AM Tackett, Lydia S.*; Bottjer, David J.; Sheehan, Peter M.; Fastovsky, David: comParaTiVe BenThic PaleoecologY oF TWo large BoliDe imPacT eVenTS: chicXUlUB anD manicoUagan 11:00 AM Huber, Brian T.*; MacLeod, Kenneth G.; Leckie, R. Mark: PlanKTonic ForaminiFeral eXTincTion anD aSSociaTeD PaleoceanograPhic changeS acroSS The aPTian-alBian BoUnDarY 11:15 AM Wing, Scott L.*; Bloch, Jonathan I.; Boyer, Doug M.; Kraus, Mary J.; Secord, Ross; McInerney, Francesca A.: coorDinaTeD change in climaTe, SeDimenTS anD BioTaS DUring The Paleocene-eocene Thermal maXimUm 87-12 11:20 AM Roberts, Eric M.*; O'Connor, Patrick M.; Stevens, Nancy J.; Jelsma, Hielke; Dirks, Paul H.G.M.; Armstrong, Richard: reconSTrUcTing creTaceoUS anD Paleogene PaleoenVironmenTS anD Drainage PaTTernS oF cenTral aFrica 11:35 AM Discussion



SeSSion no. 88

T92. In the Footsteps of Darwin the Geologist: Celebrating Darwin's 200th Birthday (Darwin Society)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballrooms 251/258 Gregory S. Baker, Patrick A. Burkhart, and Edward Evenson, Presiding 9:00 AM introductory remarks 88-1 88-2 9:10 AM Evenson, Edward*; Dott, Robert H. Jr.: charleS DarWin - geologiST 9:25 AM Stone, George T.*: DarWin anD The FoUrTh DimenSion: The hiSToric imPorTance oF eVolUTion To The UnDerSTanDing oF DeeP Time 9:45 AM Dott, Robert H. Jr.*; Dalziel, Ian W.D.: charles Darwin in Southern South america 10:10 AM Evenson, Edward B.*; Gosse, John; Baker, Gregory S.; Burkhart, Patrick; Jackofski, D.S.; Meglioli, Andres; Daiziel, I.: The gianT BoUlDer TrainS oF Tierra Del FUego anD The origin oF "DarWin'S BoUlDerS" 10:35 AM Ely, Lisa L.*; Cisternas, Marco; Orem, Caitlin A.; Lagos, Marcelo; Wesson, Robert L.: PUrSUing DarWin'S geological oBSerVaTionS oF The 1835 earThQUaKe anD TSUnami in concePcion, chile 10:55 AM Burkhart, Patrick*: Darwin'S meSSage To STUDenTS: conJecTUreS UPon The liKelY, 200 YearS hence



88-3 88-4

SeSSion no. 87

T87. Phanerozoic Paleoenvironmental Evolution of Africa I (Paleontological Society)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 255 Ellen D. Currano, Neil Tabor, and Bonnie F. Jacobs, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 87-1 87-2 8:10 AM Hansen, Samantha E.*; Nyblade, Andrew A.: PhaneroZoic TecTonicS oF aFrica: an oVerVieW 8:30 AM Looy, Cindy V.*; Chaney, Dan; Tabor, Neil J.: climaTic conSTrainTS on FloriSTic eXchange PaTTernS in laTe PaleoZoic inTerior aFrica 8:45 AM Sidor, Christian A.*; Tabor, Neil; Steyer, J. Sebastien; Smith, Roger M.H.: Permian TeTraPoDS From niger reFlecT a cenTral Pangean FaUnal ProVince 9:00 AM Angielczyk, Kenneth D.*; Sidor, Christian A.; Smith, Roger M.H.; Nesbitt, Sterling; Steyer, J. Sebastien; Fröbisch, Jörg: Permian anD TriaSSic TeTraPoD FaUnaS anD PaleoenVironmenTS oF TanZania anD ZamBia: imPlicaTionS For The PermoTriaSSic TranSiTion 9:15 AM Gastaldo, Robert A.*; Neveling, Johann: The DiaSTemic recorD oF earlY TriaSSic recoVerY enVironmenTS in The Karoo BaSin, SoUTh aFrica 9:30 AM Labandeira, Conrad C.*: DoeS PaleoclilmaTe accoUnT For The DiVerSiFicaTion oF PlanTS anD inSecT herBiVoreS DUring The laTe TriaSSic in SoUTh aFrica? 9:45 AM Myers, Timothy S.*: laTe JUraSSic PaleoclimaTe oF cenTral aFrica 10:00 AM Break 87-8 87-9 10:15 AM Rasmussen, David Tab*: BioTic eVolUTion: iSlanD aFrica anD VerTeBraTe FaUnal DYnamicS 10:35 AM Smith, Joshua B.*; Lamanna, Matthew C.: aBeliSaUroiD DinoSaUrS From The earlY creTaceoUS oF liBYa 10:50 AM Behrensmeyer, Anna K.*: FoSSil PreSerVaTion in aFrican riFTS - BiaSeD SamPleS oF eVolUTion on a large conTinenT? 11:05 AM Jacobs, Louis L.*; Polcyn, Michael J.; Mateus, Octávio; Strganac, Christopher; Jacobs, Bonnie F.; Schulp, Anne S.; Morais, Maria Luísa; Buta Neto, André: The SKeleTon coaST DeSerT, SoUThWeST aFrica, From creTaceoUS To recenT TimeS




SeSSion no. 89

T103. Geology in the National Parks: Research, Mapping, and Education I (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, C123 Bruce Heise and Timothy Connors, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 89-1 8:05 AM Johnson, Raymond H.*; DeWitt, Ed: The UniQUe geologY anD geochemiSTrY oF monTeZUma Well, a naTUral SPring aT monTeZUma caSTle naTional monUmenT, cenTral ariZona 8:20 AM Dennis, John*; Boss, Stephen K.: hiSTorical DocUmenTaTion oF YelloWSTone laKe Shore, YelloWSTone naTional ParK, WYoming 8:35 AM Feeney, Chelsea M.*; Jaworowski, Cheryl; Moloney, Timothy: DocUmenTing change in WaTer leVelS oF norThern range laKeS, YelloWSTone naTional ParK 8:50 AM Fountain, Andrew G.*; Basagic, Hassan J.; Hoffman, Matthew; Thorneykroft, Kristina: The raPiD reTreaT oF glacierS in The naTional ParKS oF The conTinenTal US 9:05 AM Samolczyk, Mary A.*; Osborn, Gerald; Menounos, Brian; Clague, John J.; Davis, P. Thompson; Riedel, Jon; Koch, Johannes; Scott, Kevin M.: laTeST PleiSTocene anD holocene glacier FlUcTUaTionS aT moUnT rainier, WaShingTon 9:20 AM Moloney, Timothy*; Susong, David D.; Mahony, Dan; Jaworowski, Cheryl: long-Term TrenDS anD correlaTionS BeTWeen climaTe anD hYDrologY in YelloWSTone naTional ParK, USa 9:35 AM Brease, Phil*: geo-ePeDiTionarY learning in Denali naTional ParK anD PreSerVe













180 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


89-8 9:50 AM Turski, Mark P.*: USing naTional ParKS For ProBlem BaSeD learning (PBl) in an inTroDUcTorY earTh SYSTem Science coUrSe For non-maJorS 10:05 AM Break 89-9 10:20 AM Brahana, Van*; Connors, Tim; Odom, Olivia; Bitting, Chuck: reSearch in oUr naTional ParKS--eXPanDing FronTierS oF inVolVemenT 10:35 AM Dunham, Sarah E.*; Lillie, Robert J.: DeVeloPing a geologY Training manUal For The inTerPreTiVe STaFF in YoSemiTe naTional ParK 10:50 AM Wasserman, Elizabeth J.*: BeaUTY iS more Than SKin DeeP: eDUcaTing The PUBlic on DYnamic geologic ProceSSeS in SoUTh-cenTral alaSKa 11:05 AM Pierce, Herbert A.*; Weary, David J.: inTerPreTaTion oF The hYDrogeologY oF a large KarST SPring in The oZarK naTional Scenic riVerWaYS, miSSoUri, From aUDio-magneToTellUric (amT) SoUnDingS anD geologic maPPing 11:20 AM Bennett, Jeffery*; Urbanczyk, Kevin; Brauch, Billie; Schwartz, Benjamin; Shanks, W.C. Pat: The inFlUence oF SPringS on DiScharge anD riVer WaTer chemiSTrY in The loWer canYonS, rio granDe WilD anD Scenic riVer, TeXaS 11:35 AM concluding remarks 90-13 FielD eXPerienceS For STUDenTS aT a 2-Year commUniTY college: The geoScience Program aT PaSaDena ciTY college, caliFornia 90-11 11:00 AM Dodd, Charles Jr.*; Baer, Emanuela Agosta; Landau, Brian: moniToring The FlUVial SYSTem oF Boeing creeK (Shoreline, Wa): a SerVice-learning oPPorTUniTY 11:15 AM Bush, Thomas A.*: a PeDagogical ShiFT in Teaching FielD geologY coUrSeS For commUniTY college STUDenTS: From "cram-anD-Jam" To "oBSerVe, DeScriBe, anD inTerPreT" 11:30 AM Baer, Emanuela Agosta*: earThQUaKe eDUcaTion anD PrePareDneSS: an eXamPle oF SerVicelearning aT Shoreline commUniTY college, Shoreline, WaShingTon 11:45 AM Voorhees, David H.*: The commUniTY college conUnDrUm: earTh Science or geoScience, anD hoW To Teach iT?








SeSSion no. 91

T112. The Nature of Geoscience Expertise (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B117/118/119 David W. Mogk, Kim A. Kastens, and Cathryn A. Manduca, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 91-1 8:05 AM Manduca, Cathryn A.*; Kastens, Kim A.: SYnTheSiS oF reSearch on ThinKing & learning in The geoScienceS: arTicUlaTing The naTUre oF geoScience 8:20 AM Kastens, Kim A.*; Manduca, Cathryn A.: SYnTheSiS oF reSearch on ThinKing & learning in The geoScienceS: DeVeloPing rePreSenTaTional comPeTence 8:35 AM Titus, Sarah*; Liben, Lynn S.: SYnTheSiS oF reSearch on ThinKing & learning in The geoScienceS: The imPorTance oF SPaTial ThinKing For geoScience eDUcaTion 8:50 AM Cervato, Cinzia*; Frodeman, Robert: SYnTheSiS oF reSearch on ThinKing anD learning in The geoScienceS: The SigniFicance oF geologic Time anD iTS cUlTUral, eDUcaTional, anD PhiloSoPhical FrameWorKS 9:05 AM Goodwin, Charles*; Mogk, D.W.: SYnTheSiS oF reSearch on ThinKing & learning in The geoScienceS: geoScience eXPerTiSe DeVeloPeD ThroUgh learning in The FielD 9:20 AM Petcovic, Heather L.*; Libarkin, Julie C.; Hambrick, D. Zachary; Baker, Kathleen M.; Callahan, Caitlin N.; Rench, Tara A.; Turner, Sheldon P.; Wisniewski, Magdalena K.: geologY eXPerTiSe: eViDence From FielD anD laBoraTorY geocogniTion reSearch 9:35 AM Callahan, Caitlin N.*; Petcovic, Heather L.; Baker, Kathleen M.; Libarkin, Julie C.: TracKing eXPerT anD noVice geocogniTion DUring FielD maPPing 9:50 AM Break 91-8 10:00 AM Slattery, William*; Davis, Craig: The aSSeSSmenT oF STUDenT logical ThinKing SKillS neeDeD To BUilD ScienTiFic liTeracY anD ProFiciencieS For STem careerS: imPlicaTionS For KeY aSPecTS oF geoScience eXPerTiSe 10:15 AM King, Helen L.*: concePTUal DiFFicUlTieS in learning geoScience: a PiloT STUDY

SeSSion no. 90

T104. Geoscience Programs at Community Colleges: Models for Success and Innovation (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, C124 Eric M.D. Baer and Frank D. Granshaw, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 90-1 8:15 AM Burrell, Shondricka*: eDUcaTing The neXT generaTion oF geoScienTiSTS--creaTing a PiPeline For Women anD eThnic minoriTieS 8:30 AM Pratt-Sitaula, Beth*; Butler, Robert F.; Whitman, Jill: commUniTY college earTh Science inSTrUcTorS aS Team leaDerS in K-12 ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT WorKShoP on acTiVe PaciFic nW geologY anD haZarDS 8:45 AM Macdonald, R. Heather*: The role oF TWo-Year collegeS in geoScience eDUcaTion: iSSUeS, challengeS, anD oPPorTUniTieS 9:00 AM Grupp, Steven R.*; Newlin, Gary E.: eighT SUcceSSFUl YearS oF Teaching inTerDiSciPlinarY earTh Science anD engliSh coUrSeS aT eVereTT commUniTY college 9:15 AM Filson, Robert H.*; Clay, Keith: The role oF The commUniTY collegeS in Training K-8 TeacherS in Science eDUcaTion 9:30 AM Gore, Pamela J.W.*; Pollack, Gerald D.; Saenger, Abigail L.: TWo-Year college collaBoraTion WiTh K-12 SchoolS anD UniVerSiTieS 9:45 AM Kortz, Karen M.*: PromoTing STUDenT SUcceSS aT a commUniTY college WiThoUT a geoScience Program 10:00 AM Break 90-8 10:15 AM Jones, Megan H.*; Kraft, Katrien J.: hoT anD colD: a comPariSon oF TWo eFFecTiVe commUniTY college geoScience ProgramS (ariZona anD minneSoTa) 10:30 AM Bentley, Callan*: FielD TriPS aS a Tool For recrUiTmenT, reTenTion, anD eDUcaTion 10:45 AM Nagy-Shadman, Elizabeth*; House, Martha A.; Douglass, David N.; Wilbur, Bryan C.: ToP noTch













90-9 90-10


2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 181


91-10 10:30 AM Egger, Anne E.*: DeFining anD DeVeloPing geoScience eXPerTiSe aT The inTroDUcTorY leVel 10:45 AM Bair, Andrea*; Flowers, Rebecca: Teaching The naTUre oF ScienTiFic (anD geologic) KnoWleDge ThroUgh a "criTical ThinKing" coUrSe on geologic Time 11:00 AM Clark, Scott K.*: PlaTe TecTonicS aS VieWeD BY noViceS anD eXPerTS 11:15 AM Kortz, Karen*; Murray, Daniel P.; Smay, Jessica J.: inTroDUcTorY geoScience STUDenTS' UnDerSTanDing oF rocK TYPeS 11:30 AM Turner, Sheldon P.*; Libarkin, Julie C.; Hambrick, D. Zachary; Petcovic, Heather L.: analYZing geoScienTiFic eXPerTiSe ThroUgh noVel aPPlicaTion oF common TechnologieS 11:45 AM Huntoon, Jacqueline E.; Engelmann, Carol A.*; Guth, Alexandria; Hungwe, Kedmon; Wojick, Christopher L.: a meThoD For DeSigning eFFecTiVe ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT eXPerienceS For TeacherS 92-11 10:55 AM Real, Charles R.*: caliFornia'S SeiSmic haZarDS maPPing acT: realiZing The BeneFiTS oF lanDSliDe inVenTorieS For miTigaTing SloPe haZarDS 11:15 AM Witt, Anne C.*; Wooten, Richard M.; Latham, Rebecca S.; Gillon, Kenneth A.; Douglas, Thomas J.; Fuemmeler, Stephen J.; Bauer, Jennifer B.; Nickerson, John; Harrell, Julia: PUBlic PolicY, reSPonSe, anD PercePTion: eXamPleS From The norTh carolina geological SUrVeY lanDSliDe haZarD maPPing Program 11:30 AM Dieu, Julie J.*; Toth, E. Steven: a hiSTorY anD eValUaTion oF WaShingTon STaTe'S ForeST PracTiceS rUleS For UnSTaBle SloPeS 11:45 AM Highland, Lynn M.*; Baum, Rex L.; Cannon, Susan H.; Cockrell, Nathaniel J.; Dean, Arianne M.; Lyttle, Peter: "DiD YoU See iT?" a WeBSiTe To collecT rePorTS oF lanDSliDe occUrrence in The UniTeD STaTeS From The PUBlic anD PracTiTionerS



91-12 91-13





SeSSion no. 93

T150. Melt and Fluid Inclusion Analysis in Resource Investigations (Society of Economic Geologists; U.S. Geological Survey)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D135/136 Albert H. Hofstra and Robert J. Bodnar, Presiding 93-1 8:00 AM Hofstra, A.H.*; Rye, R.O.; Landis, G.P.; Johnson, C.A.; Emsbo, P.; Koenig, A.E.; Marsh, E.E.; Todorov, T.I.; Adams, D.T.: oVerVieW oF The USgS DenVer inclUSion analYSiS laBoraTorY [Dial] anD aPPlicaTionS To mineral reSoUrce inVeSTigaTionS 8:20 AM Emsbo, P.*: FlUiD inclUSion cl-Br-na raTioS imPlicaTe reSiDUal eVaPoraTiVe BrineS in The FormaTion oF SUPergianT SeDeX Zinc DePoSiTS 8:35 AM Appold, Martin S.*; Wenz, Zachary J.: imPlicaTionS oF PB-rich FlUiD inclUSionS From miSSiSSiPPi ValleY-TYPe ore DePoSiTS oF The ViBUrnUm TrenD, SoUTheaST miSSoUri 8:50 AM Fall, András*; Eichhubl, Peter; Becker, Stephen P.; Bodnar, Robert J.; Laubach, Stephen E.: TracKing FlUiD eVolUTion USing FlUiD inclUSionS in SYnKinemaTic FracTUre cemenTS: Piceance BaSin, coloraDo 9:05 AM Todorov, Todor*; Koenig, Alan; Marsh, E.E.; Adams, David T.; Hofstra, A.H.: TechniQUeS For elemenTal QUanTiFicaTion oF laSer aBlaTion inDUcTiVelY coUPleD PlaSma maSS SPecTromeTrY (la-icP-mS). reSUlTS For melT anD FlUiD inclUSionS - ProBlemS anD SolUTionS 9:20 AM Wilson, Elizabeth G.*; Sirbescu, Mona-Liza C.; Schmidt, Christian; Thomas, Rainer; Samson, Iain M.; Bodnar, Robert J.: QUanTiTaTiVe BoraTe analYSiS oF FlUiD inclUSionS in QUarTZ ThroUgh raman SPecTroScoPY 9:35 AM Adams, David T.*; Hofstra, A.H; Cosca, M.A.; Todorov, T.I.; Marsh, E.E.: age oF SaniDine anD comPoSiTion oF melT inclUSionS in QUarTZ PhenocrYSTS From Volcanic rocKS aSSociaTeD WiTh large mo anD Be DePoSiTS in The WeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 9:50 AM Souders, A.K.; Esposito, R.; Sylvester, Paul J.; Bodnar, R.J.; Hanchar, John M.*; Fedele, L.: leaD iSoToPic (204, 206, 207, 208) comPoSiTion oF inDiViDUal melT inclUSionS From The BiShoP TUFF, long ValleY, ca 10:05 AM Marsh, E.E.*; Landis, G.P.; Emsbo, P.; Todorov, T.I.; Goldfarb, Richard J.: geochemiSTrY oF FlUiD inclUSionS From orogenic anD inTrUSion-

SeSSion no. 92

T142. Applications of Landslide Inventories: Creating Hazard Maps and Guiding Policy (GSA Geology and Society Division; The Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists [AEG]; GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E147/148 William J. Burns, Matthew M. Crawford, Lynn M. Highland, and Helen Delano, Presiding 92-1 8:00 AM McConnell, Vicki S.*; Burns, William J.: STaTe geologic lanDSliDe ProgramS: WhaT iS WorKing anD WhaT iSn'T 8:15 AM Crawford, Matthew M.*: DaTa Wrangling in earlY STageS oF lanDSliDe inVenTorY: hoW To PrioriTiZe WhaT YoU haVe 8:30 AM Geertsema, Marten*: challengeS WiTh conDUcTing lanDSliDe inVenTorieS 8:45 AM Osuchowski, Monica*: a coorDinaTeD cenTral inFormaTion reSoUrce For local, regional anD naTional lanDSliDe DaTa in aUSTralia 9:05 AM Kirschbaum, Dalia Bach*; Adler, Robert; Hong, Yang; Lerner-Lam, Arthur; Peters-Lidard, Christa: gloBal anD regional lanDSliDe inVenTorY aPPlicaTionS: meThoDologY anD haZarD analYSiS 9:20 AM Mickelson, Katherine Anne*: lanDSliDe DiFFerenTial, inVenTorY, anD SUScePTiBiliTY maPPing USing liDar imagerY For The PanTher creeK WaTerSheD in Yamhill coUnTY, oregon 9:35 AM Keaton, Jeffrey R.*; Roth, Richard J. Jr.: PoTenTial ValUe oF lanDSliDe inVenTorY maPS From an inSUrance PerSPecTiVe 9:50 AM Jenkins, John E.*; Thrall, Rick: geological haZarDS miTigaTion aPProach For a Small ToWn in WaShingTon 10:05 AM Break 92-9 10:20 AM Coe, Jeffrey A.*; Crovelli, Robert A.: eSTimaTing FUTUre economic loSSeS USing lanDSliDe inVenTorY DaTa 10:40 AM Mohney, Curran E.*: UnSTaBle SloPe managemenT For oregon highWaYS: USing coST-BaSeD riSK aSSeSSmenT in conJUncTion WiTh SiTe characTeriSTicS To manage lanDSliDe anD rocKFall eFFecTS on The TranSPorTaTion SYSTem




92-3 92-4












182 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


relaTeD golD DePoSiTS in The TinTina golD ProVince, alaSKa anD The YUKon TerriTorY 93-10 10:20 AM Fifarek, Richard H.*: eViDence For The BriTTleDUcTile TranSiTion aT The SUmmiTVille high-SUlFiDaTion aU DePoSiT, co BaSeD on PeTrograPhic, ThermomeTric anD la-icP-mS analYSiS oF FlUiD inclUSionS 10:35 AM Mavrogenes, John A.*; Henley, Richard W.; Berger, Byron R.: SUlFoSalT melTS anD melT inclUSionS in enargiTe: eViDence oF high TemPeraTUre VaPor TranSPorT oF meTalS in The FormaTion oF high SUlFiDaTion loDe golD DePoSiTS 10:55 AM Break 93-12 11:00 AM Hronsky, J.M.A.*: Seg DiSTingUiSheD lecTUre: SelForganiZeD SYSTemS anD ore FormaTion--The KeY To SPaTiallY-PreDicTiVe TargeTing? 94-11 10:45 AM Nicoll, Kathleen*: The conTeXT oF archaic geoarchaeologY along The JorDan riVer, SoUThern SalT laKe ValleY: SiTe FormaTion ProceSSeS & hYDroclimaTic change 11:00 AM Rinck, Brandy A.*: USing SonicoreS anD large Scale eXcaVaTion To eXamine DeeP Fill DePoSiTS, BUrieD archaeological maTerialS anD The holocene BoUnDarY along SeaTTle'S hiSToric WaTerFronT 11:15 AM Walsh, Megan K.*; Whitlock, Cathy; Bartlein, Patrick J.: hUman-climaTe-lanDScaPe inTeracTionS in The WillameTTe ValleY, oregon anD WaShingTon, DUring The laST 1200 YearS




SeSSion no. 95

T163. Comparative Planetary Volcanology in Research, Education, and Future Missions (GSA Planetary Geology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A106 Jayne C. Aubele and Rosaly M.C. Lopes, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 95-1 8:05 AM Zimbelman, James R.*; Gregg, Tracy K.P.; Allen, Joel G.: eViDence oF The enlargeD Former eXTenT oF The meDUSae FoSSae FormaTion on marS, anD imPlicaTionS For an ignimBriTe origin 8:25 AM Davies, Ashley Gerard*; Keszthelyi, Laszlo P.: oPTimiZing SPaTial, SPecTral, anD TemPoral reSolUTion For conSTraining erUPTion STYle on io anD earTh WiTh Thermal remoTe SenSing 8:40 AM Crumpler, Larry S.*: laVa FloW VeSicUlariTY on earTh anD on marS conTrolleD BY eQUiliBriUm De-gaSSing 8:55 AM Zimbelman, James R.*; Garry, W. Brent; Bleacher, Jacob E.; Crumpler, L.S.: iDenTiFYing inFlaTion characTeriSTicS oF laVa FloWS on earTh anD marS 9:10 AM Peckyno, Robert S.*; de Silva, Shanaka: The laVa morPhologY DaTaBaSe (lamDa) 9:25 AM Boston, Penelope J.*; Spilde, Michael N.; Northup, Diana E.; Frederick, Gus: eXTraTerreSTrial laVaTUBeS aS rePoSiTorieS oF Science, reSoUrceS, anD hUman eXPloraTion 9:45 AM Gregg, Tracy K.P.*: PlaneTarY VolcaniSm in "eVerYDaY" geoScience cUrricUlUm: eXamPleS anD leSSonS learneD 10:05 AM Hansen, Vicki L.*: geologic maPPing on VenUS: hoT anD heaVY FielD TriPS 10:25 AM Aubele, Jayne C.*; Crumpler, Larry S.: VolcanoeS in oUr BacKYarD: USing VolcanoeS on oTher WorlDS To inTroDUce local VolcanoeS To The general PUBlic 10:40 AM Dordevic, Mladen M.*; De Paor, Declan G.; Whitmeyer, Steven J.: UnDerSTanDing VolcaniSm on TerreSTrial PlaneTS anD moonS USing VirTUal gloBeS anD collaDa moDelS 10:55 AM Nunez, Jorge*; Farmer, J.D.; Sellar, R. Glenn; Sarture, Charles; Gardner, Paul B.: mUlTiSPecTral microScoPic imager (mmi): comBining microTeXTUre anD mineralogY in The roBoTic eXPloraTion oF The moon anD marS 11:10 AM Allwood, Abigail C.*; Allen, Carlton C.; Beaty, David W.; The Mid-Range Rover Science Analysis Group, A.: neXT generaTion ToolS anD STraTegieS For marS eXPloraTion 11:25 AM Discussion

SeSSion no. 94

T154. Geoarchaeology, Reconstructions of Paleoenvironments and Past Human- Environment Interactions (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; Paleontological Society)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E146 Kathleen Nicoll and Catherine Yansa, Presiding 94-1 8:00 AM Ashley, Gail M.*; Ndiema, Emmanuel; Harris, John W.K.; Kiura, Purity W.; Spencer, Joel Q.G.: PaleoenVironmenTS anD archaeologY oF ShorT-T erm occUPaTion SiTeS, imPlicaTionS oF SUBSiSTence STraTegieS UnDer holocene climaTe change, norThern KenYa 8:20 AM Maxwell, Ted A.*; Issawi, Bahay; Haynes, Vance Jr.: large Scale PleiSTocene laKeS oF egYPT'S WeSTern DeSerT 8:35 AM Buvit, Ian*; Terry, Karisa: UPPer PaleoliThic lanDScaPe geoarchaeologY in The TranSBaiKal (SoUThern SiBeria) 8:50 AM Yansa, Catherine H.*; Jacobs, Peter M.: PleiSToceneage gianT BeaVer (CASTOROIDES OHIOENSIS) anD eXTanT BeaVer (CASTOR CANADENSIS) enVironmenTS oF SoUThern WiSconSin 9:05 AM Arbogast, Alan F.*; Monaghan, G. William; Lovis, William A.; Forman, Steven L.: geomorPhic eVolUTion oF coaSTal DUneS in The norThern ParT oF laKe michigan: enVironmenTal conTrolS, regional comPariSonS, anD geoarchaeological imPlicaTionS 9:20 AM Mandel, Rolfe D.*; Cordova, Carlos E.; Theler, James L.: The PaleoenVironmenTal conTeXT oF PaleoinDian occUPaTion in The cenTral PlainS oF KanSaS: a Tale oF TWo SiTeS 9:40 AM Holliday, Vance T.*; Gaines, Edmund P.; Sanchez-Miranda, Guadalupe: geoarchaeologY oF el Fin Del mUnDo, a cloViS SiTe in Sonora, meXico 10:00 AM Mentzer, Susan M.*; Holliday, Vance T.: micromorPhologY oF el Fin Del mUnDo cloViS SiTe, Sonora, meXico 10:15 AM Murphy, Laura R.*; Holliday, Vance T.; Johnson, Eileen: geoarchaeologY anD holocene BioclimaTic change on The eDge oF The llano eSTacaDo in WeST TeXaS 10:30 AM Ellwein, Amy L.*; Mahan, Shannon A.; McFadden, Leslie D.: BlacK meSa reViSiTeD: neW oSl ageS ProViDe eViDence oF miS3 anD miS2 eolian acTiViTY on BlacK meSa, norTheaSTern ariZona







95-5 95-6




95-8 95-9









2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 183


monDaY PoSTer Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 96

Paleontology: Behavior & Function (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 96-1 1 Halfen, Alan F.*; Hasiotis, Stephen T.: SigniFicance oF The WeSTern harVeSTer anT in Soil BioTUrBaTion anD PeDologic DeVeloPmenT: reSUlTS oF neoichnologY laBoraTorY eXPerimenTS 2 Platt, Brian F.*; Hasiotis, Stephen T.; Hirmas, Daniel R.: USe oF mUlTiSTriPe laSer TriangUlaTion (mlT) TechnologY For QUanTiTaTiVe, Three-DimenSional analYSeS oF Trace FoSSilS 3 Kloss, Tristan J.*; Dornbos, Stephen Q.: ichnoFaBric oF The miDDle camBrian SPence Shale: a SnaPShoT oF The agronomic reVolUTion 4 Erickson, J.M.*: SancTUm ericKSon anD BoUcharD: miSconcePTionS correcTeD 5 Fillmore, David L.; Lucas, Spencer G.; Simpson, Edward L.*: inVerTeBraTe Trace FoSSilS in Semi-ariD To ariD BraiDeD-ePhemeral riVer DePoSiTS oF The miSSiSSiPPian miDDle memBer oF The maUch chUnK FormaTion, eaSTern PennSYlVania, USa 6 Smilek, Krista R.*; Hembree, Daniel I.: The ichnologY oF The laTe PennSYlVanian ameS limeSTone in SoUTheaSTern ohio 7 Golder, Keenan B.*; Wizevich, Michael C.; Simpson, Edward L.; Storm, Lauren P.: oligocene ichnoFoSSilS in nonmarine limeSTone oF The Brian heaD FormaTion, UTah 8 Moran, Kelli L.*; Simpson, Edward L.; Hilbert-Wolf, Hannah L.; Wizevich, Michael C.; Golder, Keenan B.; Tindall, Sarah E.: The recogniTion anD imPlicaTionS oF The WooD-Boring Trace FoSSil ASTHENOPODICHNIUM XYLOBIOTUM in UPPer creTaceoUS STraTa oF granD STaircaSe eScalanTe naTional monUmenT, UTah 9 Hasiotis, Stephen T.*; Moffat, Ian; Reilly, Mark: PreliminarY rePorT on The BUrroWS anD BehaVior oF The BarDi grUB (inSecTa: lePiDoTera: hePialiDae) From PoinTBar anD leVee DePoSiTS oF The Darling riVer, BinDara STaTion, near Pooncarie, neW SoUTh WaleS, aUSTralia 10 Riese, David J.*; Schmerge, Joshua; Hasiotis, Stephen T.: The neoichnologY oF VinegaroonS 11 Singer, Amy*; Plotnick, Roy: FlUiD PaleoBiomechanicS oF The eDiacaran FronD charnioDiScUS 12 Schemm-Gregory, Mena*; Butts, Susan: neW imPlicaTionS on The liFe haBiT oF cYrTina (BrachioPoDa, loWer DeVonian) 13 Fillmore, David L.*; Lucas, Spencer G.; Simpson, Edward L.: The FiSh SWimming Trace UnDichna From The miSSiSSiPPian maUch chUnK FormaTion, eaSTern PennSYlVania 14 Rinehart, Larry F.; Lucas, Spencer G.*; Heckert, Andrew B.: limB allomeTrY anD laTeral line grooVe DeVeloPmenT inDicaTeS TerreSTrial-To-aQUaTic liFeSTYle TranSiTion in meToPoSaUriDae (amPhiBia:TemnoSPonDlYi) 15 Hunt, Adrian P.*; Lucas, Spencer G.; Santucci, Vincent L.; Kenworthy, Jason P.: The FoSSil recorD oF VerTeBraTe coProliTeS in The UniTeD STaTeS


16 Wahl, William R.*: DiSarTicUlaTeD coProliTe microFacieS From The ThermoPoliS Shale, hoT SPringS coUnTY, WY 17 Hunt, Adrian P.; Lucas, Spencer G.; Santucci, Vincent L.*; Kenworthy, Jason P.: SigniFicanT VerTeBraTe coProliTe ichnoaSSemBlageS in naTional ParK SerVice areaS 18 Hoerner, Marie Elizebeth*; Fricke, Henry: a STUDY oF JUraSSic camaraSaUr migraTion USing STaBle anD raDiogenic iSoToPeS 19 Abatemarco, Christa*; Bennington, J. Bret: a reanalYSiS oF FooTPrinTS anD TracKWaYS aT The DinoSaUr STaTe ParK megaTracKSiTe USing BaSic STaTiSTical meThoDS 20 Sime, Timothy S.*; Getty, Patrick Ryan: DinoSaUr FooTPrinTS aT The naSh DinolanD QUarrY (loWer JUraSSic PorTlanD Fm), granBY, ma 21 Boyd, Clint A.*; Gates, Terry A.; Drumheller, Stephanie K.: The KaiParoWiTS FormaTion oF UTah: ProViDing neW inSighT inTo The PaleoBiologY anD PaleoecologY oF norTh american BaSal neorniThiSchianS 22 King, Steven D.*: The aBiliTY oF moSaSaUrS To ProDUce UniQUe PUncTUre marKS on ammoniTe ShellS 23 Gould, Emily*; Kelley, Patricia H.; Dietl, Gregory: UneXPecTeD raTeS oF canniBaliSm For The naTiciD gaSTroPoD neVeriTa DUPlicaTa UnDer eXPerimenTal conDiTionS oF high anD loW comPeTiTion 24 Kowalewski, Michal; Domenech, Rosa*; Martinell, Jordi; Mancheno, Miguel-Angel: Drill hole in FreShWaTer gaSTroPoDS From The PleiSTocene oF The SoUTheaSTern SPain: eViDence For Drilling PreDaTion (or ParaSiTiSm) in FreShWaTer ecoSYSTemS? 25 Durham, Stephen R.*; Dietl, Gregory P.: are FeeDing ScarS PreSerVeD on The Shell oF The gaSTroPoD FASCIOLARIA a gooD ProXY For The relaTiVe aBUnDance oF BiValVe VS. non-BiValVe PreY in iTS enVironmenT? 26 Pietsch, Carlie*; Dietl, Gregory; Herbert, Greg: SiZe- VS. ageSTanDarDiZaTion oF PreDaTion FreQUencY in The FoSSil recorD: a FirST looK 27 Kosloski, Mary Elizabeth*; Dietl, Gregory: aDaPTiVe SigniFicance oF a morPhological cline WiThin The PreDaTorY WhelK BUSYcon carica: WhaT, iF anYThing, Do DiFFerenceS in morPhologY mean? 28 Martinell, Jordi*; Domenech, Rosa; Kowalewski, Michal: Drill holeS in SerPUliD PolYchaeTeS From The Pliocene oF SoUTheaSTern SPain 29 LaScala-Gruenewald, Diana*; Roopnarine, Peter; Hertog, Rachel: moDeling anD aSSeSSing The BehaVior oF FoSSil FooD WeBS








96-22 96-23

96-4 96-5










96-10 96-11 96-12


SeSSion no. 97

Planetary Geology (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 97-1 30 Malcuit, Robert J.*: a reTrograDe PlaneToiD caPTUre moDel For PlaneT VenUS: imPlicaTionS For The VenUS oceanS ProBlem, an era oF haBiTaBiliTY For VenUS, anD a gloBal reSUrFacing eVenT aBoUT 1.0-0.5 ga ago 31 Kiefer, Walter S.*: graViTY conSTrainTS on The SiZe anD ThicKneSS oF The Schiller-SchicKarD crYPTomare DePoSiTS, The moon 32 Botha, Pieter W.S.K.*; Wentworth, Susan J.; Butcher, Alan R.; Horsch, Hanna E.; McKay, David: aUTomaTeD ParTicle






184 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


analYSiS oF aPollo 17 regoliTh: QUanTiTaTiVe inSighTS inTo The comPoSiTion anD TeXTUreS oF glaSS SPhereS From The ShorTY craTer SamPling SiTe 97-4 33 Berger, Jeff A.*; Cady, Sherry L.; McDowell, Meryl L.; Hamilton, Victoria E.: eFFecT oF SUrFace roUghneSS on The Thermal inFrareD SPecTral characTeriSTicS oF marS-releVanT Silica-rich maTerialS 34 Horgan, Briony*; Bell, James F. III.: aciD alTeraTion oF glaSS-Bearing maTerialS: FormaTion oF a maJor marTian SUrFace TYPe 35 Howard, Douglas A.*: The ancienT marTian aTmoSPhere anD conDiTionS For eVaPoriTe anD hemaTiTe FormaTion: a mineraliZaTion PaThWaY moDel From carBonaTe To hemaTiTe 36 Rice, Melissa S.*; Cloutis, Edward A.; Bell, James F. III.: reFlecTance SPecTra oF hYDraTeD Silica-rich maTerialS: SenSiTiViTY To The Form oF WaTer anD imPlicaTionS For marS 37 Miller, Jeremy J.*: DeTermining The reliaBiliTY oF earThling analogS To marTian aQUeoUS geomorPhologY STrUcTUreS 38 Cadieux, Sarah Beth*; Kah, Linda C.: conSTraining marTian SeDimenTaTion Via analYSiS oF STraTal PacKaging, inTracraTer laYereD DePoSiTS, araBia Terra, marS 39 Metz, Joannah M.*; Grotzinger, John; Milliken, Ralph E.; McEwen, Alfred S.; Weitz, Cathy: a comPleTe eroSionalTo-DePoSiTional SYSTem in melaS chaSma, marS 40 Warner, Nicholas*; Gupta, Sanjeev; Muller, Jan-Peter; Kim, Jung-Rack; Lin, Shih-Yuan: chronologY oF mUlTiPle caTaSTroPhic FlooDS in areS ValliS, marS 41 Harrison, Tanya N.; Malin, Michael C.; Edgett, Kenneth S.*: PreSenT-DaY acTiViTY, moniToring, anD DocUmenTaTion oF gUllieS WiTh The marS reconnaiSSance orBiTer (mro) conTeXT camera (cTX) 42 Duncan, Joel G.*: FaUlTing on The eaSTern rim oF The hUYgenS imPacT BaSin, marS 43 Olgin, John*; Smith-Konter, Bridget; Pappalardo, Robert T.: TiDallY DriVen STriKe-SliP FaUlT acTiViTY oF encelaDUS'S Tiger STriPeS: comPariSon oF Thin anD ThicK ice Shell moDelS 44 Davies, Ashley Gerard*; Matson, Dennis L.; Baines, Kevin H.; Sotin, Christophe; Choukroun, Mathieu; Johnson, Torrence V.; Castillo-Rogez, Julie C.: The aTmoSPheric conTrol oF cooling raTe oF crYolaVaS anD imPacT melTS on TiTan'S SUrFace 98-12 98-10 98-8 98-5 49 Filkorn, Harry F.*: eViDence oF BenThic Biological acTiViTY PreSerVeD in SiliciclaSTic SeDimenTarY STrUcTUreS, neoProTeroZoic UinTa moUnTain groUP, high UinTaS WilDerneSS, UTah 50 Spence, Guy H.*; Jaeger, Hartmut: The neoProTeroZoic ghaUB glaciaTion in namiBia: eViDence For a colD ocean ice PaTch earTh 51 Sato, Tomohiko*; Isozaki, Yukio; Matsuo, Motoyuki: The oXYgenaTeD DeeP ocean in The laTe neoProTeroZoic­earlY PaleoZoic: 57Fe möSSBaUer SPecTroScoPic eViDence From ancienT DeeP-Sea cherTS 52 Pradhan, Vimal Roy*; Meert, Joseph G.; Levashova, Natalia M.; Gibsher, Anatoly S.: PreliminarY PaleomagneTic DaTa on laTe camBrian To orDoVician carBonaTe BeDS oF TamDY SerieS From The leSSer KaraTaU microconTinenT, SoUTh KaZaKhSTan 53 Meert, Joseph G.*; Gibsher, Anatoly S.; Levashova, Natalia M.; Grice, Warren C. Jr.; Kamenov, G.D.: PaleomagneTiSm, geochronologY, glaciaTion anD eDiacaran(?) FoSSilS From leSSer KaraTaU microconTinenT, KaZaKhSTan 54 Henriques, S.B.A.*; Dunning, G.R.; Ribeiro, M.L.; Neiva, A.M.R.; Romão, J.: eDiacaran gneiSSeS along The oSSamorena - cenTral iBerian Zone BoUnDarY, PorTUgal; Their DiSTriBUTion, characTer, age anD meTamorPhic hiSTorY 55 Cunningham, Lauren C.*; Page, F. Zeb; Simonson, Bruce M.; Kozdon, Reinhard; Kita, Noriko T.; Valley, John W.: WhaT can 18o analYSeS oF UnrecrYSTalliZeD earlY QUarTZ cemenTS in 1.9 ga iron FormaTionS Tell US aBoUT PaleoProTeroZoic SeaWaTer? 56 Wessel, Zachary R.*; Ridley, John: STrUcTUral analYSiS oF The iDaho SPringS-ralSTon Shear Zone: a neW looK aT an ancienT STrUcTUre 57 Mueller, P.A.*; Wooden, J.L.; Mogk, D.W.; Henry, Darrell: an eXamPle oF raPiD, in-SiTU conTinenTal groWTh in The archean, WYoming ProVince, USa 58 Stroud, Misty*; Foster, David A.; Mueller, Paul A.; Kamenov, George D.: iSoToPic analYSeS oF The groUSe creeK BlocK: a linK To The WYoming craTon? 59 Link, Paul Karl*; Fanning, C. Mark: age anD ProVenance oF PrecamBrian meTamorPhic rocKS in The Pioneer meTamorPhic core comPleX, SoUTh-cenTral iDaho: The SoUThern eDge oF The loWer BelT SUPergroUP, The groUSe creeK BlocK, anD hinTS oF a ProXimal grenVille SoUrce in The norThern corDillera 60 McGrew, Allen J.*; Premo, Wayne R.; Snoke, A.W.; Asher, Anthony: The angel laKe gneiSS comPleX reViSiTeD: PrecamBrian geologY oF The norThern eaST hUmBolDT range, elKo coUnTY, neVaDa 61 Colberg, Mark R.*: The BeaVer Dam ­ golD BUTTe TrenD, UTah anD neVaDa: a colliSional BoUnDarY oFFering inSighTS inTo The naTUre oF YaVaPai ProVince crUST 62 Strickland, Ariel*; Wooden, Joe L.; Mattinson, Christopher G.; Miller, David M.: 130 million YearS oF PaleoProTeroZoic hiSTorY recorDeD BY U-PB monaZiTe anD Zircon ageS From The iVanPah moUnTainS, eaSTern caliFornia 63 Lincoln, Timothy N.*; Lincoln, Beth Z.: PrecamBrian geologY oF WinD caVe naTional ParK, BlacK hillS, SoUTh DaKoTa 64 Jordan, Brennan T.*: geochemiSTrY anD TecTonic SeTTing oF The YaTeS UniT oF The Poorman FormaTion (DUSel BeDrocK) anD oTher norThern BlacK hillS amPhiBoliTeS 65 Young, Seth A.*; Loukola-Ruskeeniemi, Kirsti; Pratt, Lisa M.: mUlTiPle SUlFUr iSoToPeS oF PaleoProTeroZoic















97-13 97-14





SeSSion no. 98

Precambrian Geology (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 98-1 98-2 45 Arndt, Nick*; Barberton Drilling Team, : ScienTiFic Drilling in The BarBerTon greenSTone BelT 46 Anderson, Lauren D.*; Bebout, Gray E.; Bridge, Nathan J.; Banerjee, Neil R.: archean cYcleS oF SUBaQUeoUS Volcanic erUPTion, hYDroThermal alTeraTion, anD microBial coloniZaTion 47 Rajkumar, Adrianna*; Papineau, Dominic; Fogel, Marilyn: an inVeSTigaTion oF The mineralogY, PeTrologY anD geochemiSTrY oF BanDeD iron FormaTionS From The nUVVUagiTTUQ SUPracrUSTal BelT, canaDa 48 Connelly, Daniel P.*: maPciS (maSSiVe aUSTralian PrecamBrian/camBrian imPacT STrUcTUre) a PoSSiBle mUlTiPle imPacT eVenT 98-18 98-17






2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 185


c- anD S-rich meTaSeDimeTarY rocKS aSSociaTeD WiTh SUlFiDe ore DePoSiTS in eaSTern FinlanD anD norThWeSTern rUSSia 98-22 66 Aaltonen, Ismo S.*; Front, Kai A.; Gehör, Seppo A.: hYDroThermal alTeraTion in meSoProTeroZoic high graDe gneiSSeS aT SPenT nUclear FUel rePoSiTorY SiTe, olKilUoTo, SW FinlanD 67 Chasten, Lindsay E.*; Terry, Michael P.; Jercinovic, Michael J.: elecTron microProBe DaTing oF monaZiTe From The PaleoProTeroZoic homeSTaKe iron FormaTion aT The DeeP UnDergroUnD Science anD engineering laBoraTorY, SoUTh DaKoTa, USa: conSTraining reacTionS anD ePiSoDeS oF mineral groWTh WiThin The homeSTaKe mine PleiSTocene recorD oF iceBerg-raFTing aT ioDP SiTeS 1304, 1305, anD 1308, norTh aTlanTic ocean 99-14 81 Reed, Chelsea M.*; Dekens, Petra; White, Lisa D.: Sea SUrFace TemPeraTUreS anD UPWelling conDiTionS oFF norThern caliFornia coaST DUring The earlY Pliocene 82 Elliott, William S. Jr.*; Foster, Doug: USing PeTriFieD WooD To reSolVe long-Term climaTic change From The PaYne cliFFS FormaTion To The WeSTern caScaDeS groUP (eocene To miocene), JacKSon coUnTY, oregon 83 Sagredo, Esteban A.*; Moreno, Patricio I.; Kaplan, Michael R.; Villa-Martínez, Rodrigo P.: glacial FlUcTUaTionS DUring The laST glacial maXimUm anD TerminaTion 1 in SoUThWeSTern PaTagonia, chile (52°S) 84 Bowden, Stephen Clay*; Wade, Bridget S.; Firth, John V.: SeDimenTarY anD magneTic SUScePTiBiliTY changeS acroSS criTical climaTe inTerValS: inDian ocean, DeeP Sea Drilling ProJecT SiTe 242 85 Woodard, Stella C.*; Thomas, Deborah J.; Grossman, Ethan; Miller, Brent V.; Olszewski, Thomas D.; Raymond, Anne; Hensley, Matthew M.: raDiogenic iSoToPe comPoSiTion oF carBoniFeroUS SeaWaTer ­ norTh american Time SerieS anD geograPhic TranSecT 86 Johnson, Bradley G.*; Jimenez-Moreno, Gonzalo; Eppes, Martha C.; Diemer, John A.; Felts, Melanie S.: PreliminarY PaleoclimaTe imPlicaTionS From a 7 meTer SUB-alPine Bog core in SoUThern coloraDo, USa 87 Miller, Nathan R.*: eXPloring The aSSemBlY oF crYogenian caP carBonaTeS ­ WhaT Do comPoSiTe VS. laminar Scale inVeSTigaTionS reVeal? 88 Workman, Terry W.*; Moser, Jessa; Giesche, Alena; Lowell, Thomas; Wiles, Gregory; Berg, Edward: DeVeloPing a ProXY recorD For moiSTUre VariaBiliTY ThroUgh The holocene For The Kenai loWlanDS, alaSKa, Kenai naTional WilDliFe reFUge 89 Polk, Jason*; van Beynen, Philip: an iSoToPic caliBraTion STUDY oF PreciPiTaTion, caVe DriPWaTer, anD climaTe in WeST-cenTral FloriDa




SeSSion no. 99

Recent Advances in Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 99-1 68 Sidle, W.C.*; Cvetic, V.: holocene noBle gaS PaleoThermomeTrY From SPringS in The olYmPic moUnTainS, WaShingTon 69 Buzas-Stephens, Pamela A.*; Simms, Alexander R.; Buzas, Martin A.; Elliott, Brent A.: ForaminiFeral anD SeDimenTological inTerPreTaTion oF holocene climaTe change in BaFFin BaY, TeXaS 70 Algeo, Thomas J.*; Meyers, Philip A.: icehoUSe-greenhoUSe climaTe imPacTS on The PhaneroZoic marine niTrogen cYcle 71 Hilton, Richard P.*: PleiSTocene PermaFroST FeaTUreS in nW neVaDa anD Se oregon (ThermoKarST WiTh occaSional Pingo ScarS) 72 Schoenbachler, Tiffany*; Latimer, Jennifer C.: DeTaileD PhoSPhorUS geochemiSTrY From The Bering Sea 73 Bruse, Jessica L.*; Bettis, E. Arthur III.: TeSTing For KineTic FracTionaTion oF Soil organic carBon WiThin holocene SoilS 74 Mennett, Colin*; Wiles, Gregory C.; Lawson, Daniel: climaTe reSPonSe oF YelloW-ceDar on eXcUrSion riDge, glacier BaY, alaSKa: a PreliminarY analYSiS oF PreanD PoST liTTle ice age climaTe SignalS 75 Hobbs, Kevin M.*: PaleoSolS in 16.5 -15.3 ma granDe ronDe anD WanaPUm FormaTionS, eaSTern colUmBia riVer BaSalT ProVince, USa: correlaTionS WiTh The miD-miocene climaTic oPTimUm 76 Carto, Shannon Leigh*; Eyles, Nick: inVeSTigaTing The SeDimenTarY eViDence For The SnoWBall earTh hYPoTheSiS: moDern analogS anD imPlicaTionS For neoProTeroZoic climaTe moDelS 77 Miller, Lauren*; Simms, Alexander Ray; Cruse, Anna; Atekwana, Eliot A.; Yokoyama, Yusuke; Rodriguez, Antonio: WaS The 8.2 Ka climaTic eVenT 3 eVenTS? 78 Howard, Christopher S.*; Zachry, Doy; Dupree, Ryan T.: a FlUVial DePoSiTional SYSTem aS an inDicaTor oF PaleoclimaTe: The loWer creTaceoUS KooTenai FormaTion in SoUThWeSTern monTana 79 Nunnery, Andrew*; Warner, Nathaniel; Baker, Paul A.; Dwyer, Gary; Vengosh, Avner; Fritz, Sherilyn C.; Lowenstein, Tim K.; Godfrey, Linda; Rigsby, Catherine A.: climaTic SigniFicance oF large laKeS on The BoliVian alTiPlano oF SoUTh america 80 Krissek, Lawrence*; McKee, Margaret Haack; Calhoun, J.P.; Trundle, Anna: coarSe FracTion aBUnDanceS anD The









99-5 99-6



SeSSion no. 100

Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 100-1 90 Maas, Benjamin J.*; Peterson, Eric W.: SUrFicial geologY oF The 7.5 ToPograPhic Warren QUaDrangle, Jo DaVieSS anD STePhenSon coUnTieS, illinoiS 91 Ali, Khalid A.*; WItter, Donna L.; Ortiz, Joseph D.: aSSeSSing FUll reSolUTion meriS ProDUcTS in moniToring chloroPhYll_a, anD SUSPenDeD maTTer in The WeSTern BaSin oF laKe erie 92 Schaller, Elizabeth*; Alsdorf, Doug; Durand, Michael: DiScharge oF The congo riVer From SaTelliTe meaSUremenTS 93 Perreault, John M.*; Gillespie, Alan R.: remoTe SenSing oF Volcano STream TemPeraTUreS Prior To erUPTiVe PhaSeS 94 Hazlett, Susan*; Brown, Robert A.; Molnia, Bruce: USing giS anD lanDSaT To TracK hiSTorical changeS in lanDScaPe ProceSSeS 95 Haupt, Ryan James*; Oliphant, Daniel Quinn; Zachos, James C.; Murphy, Brandon H.; Moore, Casey: USing The iPhone aS a BrUnTon: TechniQUeS anD aPPlicaTionS












186 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


SeSSion no. 101

T2. Geologic Maps, Digital Geologic Maps, Geophysical Maps, and Derivatives from Geologic Maps (Posters) (GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Association of American State Geologists; U.S. Geological Survey; British Geological Survey; GSA Geology & Public Policy Committee; International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment [IAEG]; GSA Engineering Geology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 101-1 96 Bond, C.E.; Scherrenberg, A.; Similox-Tohon, D.; Grocott, J.*: DigiTal FielD maPPing WiTh a FUll ValiDaTion anD reSToraTion WorKFloW USing moVeTm 97 Hudak, George J.*; Miller, James D. Jr.; Peterson, Dean M.; Goodge, John; Wattrus, Nigel; Severson, Mark J.; Larson, Phil: The PrecamBrian reSearch cenTer aT The UniVerSiTY oF minneSoTa DUlUTh: Teaching The neXT generaTion oF economicallY-orienTeD FielD geologiSTS 98 Connors, Christopher D.*; McColloch, Anne Lindsey; Braunscheidel, Michael: geomaPSec: a maTlaB ToolBoX For geologic maPS anD croSS SecTionS 99 Nichols, Elizabeth M.*; Weissmann, Gary S.; Wawrzyniec, Timothy F.; Frechette, Jedediah: BUilDing a 3D rePreSenTaTion oF oUTcroP heTerogeneiTY From liDar imagerY 100 Zeng, Zhengwen*; He, Jun; Pei, Peng; Wang, Yunyong: DeVeloPmenT oF a Three DimenSional BaKKen FormaTion moDel For imProVeD oil recoVerY 101 Arsenault, Matthew*; Williams, S. Jeffress; Bliss, James D.; Reid, Jane A.; Jenkins, Chris: SeaFloor anD SeDimenT characTeriZaTion USing The USSeaBeD geologic DaTaBaSe 102 Lancaster, Jeremy T.*; Spittler, Tom E.; Short, William R.: moDeling allUVial Fan FlooD haZarDS: a DeriVaTiVe oF SUrFicial geologic maPS 103 Farrell, Rolf*; Whiteman, Mark; Kessler, Holger: geological anD hYDrogeological moDelS in The enVironmenT agencY 104 Bateson, Luke; Napier, Bruce*: geoVisionary SoFTWare For Three-DimenSional ViSUaliSaTion anD inTerPreTaTion oF large DaTaSeTS 101-17 112 Thoms, Evan E.; Soller, David R.; Haugerud, Ralph A.; Richard, Stephen M.*: DaTaBaSe Schema For ncgmP09-- a ProPoSeD STanDarD FormaT For DigiTal PUBlicaTion oF geologic maPS 101-18 113 Soller, David R.; Stamm, Nancy*: USing The naTional geologic maP DaTaBaSe aS a reSoUrce For geologic maPPing 101-19 114 Soller, David R.*; Reheis, Marith; Garrity, C.; Van Sistine, D. Paco: maP DaTaBaSe For SUrFicial maTerialS in The conTerminoUS UniTeD STaTeS 101-20 115 Garrity, Christopher P.*; Soller, David R.: DaTaBaSe oF The geologic maP oF norTh america--aDaPTeD From The maP BY J.c. reeD, Jr. anD oTherS (2005) 101-21 116 Sweetkind, Donald*; Faunt, Claudia C.; Hanson, Randall T.; Taylor, Emily; Everett, Rhett; Shumaker, Lauren: DeVeloPing a 3-D SUBSUrFace maP To eValUaTe WaTer aVailaBiliTY in cUYama ValleY, ca 101-22 117 Koerner, Alice A.*; Busby, Cathy J.: neW geologic maPPing oF oligocene anD miocene Volcanic anD VolcaniclaSTic rocKS in The Paleo-STaniSlaUS riVer canYon, Sierra neVaDa (caliFornia) 101-23 118 Troost, Kathy Goetz*; Wisher, Aaron P.; von der Ahe, Matthew: maKing geological haZarD maPS oF mercer iSlanD, Wa USing high-reSolUTion maPS anD a SUBSUrFace DaTaBaSe 101-24 119 Helton, Erica*; Gygli, Samuel; Bell, Angie: aPPlYing geologic FielD maPPing meThoDS To The managemenT oF PUBlic lanDS: menDocino naTional ForeST, caliFornia 101-25 120 Jachens, Robert C.*; Langenheim, Victoria E.; Wentworth, Carl M.; Simpson, R.W.; Graymer, R.W.: DeFining FaUlT oFFSeTS From aeromagneTic anomalieS: cenTral caliFornia coaST rangeS 101-26 121 Scheirer, Daniel S.*; Langenheim, Victoria E.; Sweetkind, Donald S.: geoPhYSical STUDieS oF cUYama BaSin, cenTral caliFornia 101-27 122 Dawson, Timothy E.*; Saucedo, George; Wills, Christopher J.: geologic comPilaTion oF The loDi 30' X 60' QUaDrangle, caliFornia 101-28 123 Hernandez, Janis L.*: neW geologic maPPing in norTheaSTern loS angeleS coUnTY, caliFornia 101-29 124 Delattre, Marc P.*: neW geologic maPPing in WeSTern Sonoma coUnTY, caliFornia 101-30 125 Graymer, R.W.*; Roberts, M.A.; Rosenberg, L.I.: neW DigiTal geologic maP DaTaBaSe anD STraTigraPhic FrameWorK; UnDerPinningS For 3D geologic maPPing anD STrUcTUral analYSeS in The cenTral caliFornia coaST rangeS 101-31 126 Langenheim, V.E.*; Phelps, Geoffrey A.; Jachens, R.C.: maPPing laYerS in The FranciScan comPleX anD FaUlTS oF The San anDreaS SYSTem WiTh neW aeromagneTic DaTa in The norThern coaST rangeS, caliFornia 101-32 127 Polenz, Michael*; Alldritt, Katelin; Hehemann, Nicholas J.; Sarikhan, Isabelle; Logan, Robert L.: neW 1:24,000 Scale geologic maPS For The BelFair anD BUrleY 7.5' QUaDrangleS in maSon, KiTSaP anD Pierce coUnTieS, WaShingTon 101-33 128 Freeman, Lawrence K.*; Newberry, Rainer; Andrew, Joseph E.; Werdon, Melanie B.; Szumigala, David J.; Burns, Laurel E.; Athey, Jennifer E.: recenT geologic maPPing in The eaSTern BonniFielD mining DiSTricT, alaSKa 101-34 129 Wypych, Alicja*; Scarberry, Kaleb C.; Flores, Laura; McHugh, Kelly; Hart, William K.: VolcanoTecTonic DeVeloPmenT along The high laVa PlainS - BaSin anD range TranSiTion in SoUThern oregon: PreliminarY reSUlTS oF a 2009 eDmaP ProJecT










101-10 105 MacCormack, Kelsey E.*; Eyles, Carolyn H.: USing SYnTheTic griDS To TeST The eFFecTiVeneSS oF SPaTial inTerPolaTion algoriThmS USeD For 3-DimenSional SUBSUrFace moDeling 101-11 106 Cao, Dianhua*; Wang, Anjian; Guan, Ye; Wang, Gaoshang: mUlTiDirecTional anD mUlTiScale eDge analYSiS oF PoTenTial FielD DaTa 101-12 107 Ford, Jon; Price, Simon; Burke, Helen; Kessler, Holger*; Cooper, Anthony; Farrell, Rolf: The DigiTal aPProach To UnDerSTanDing The QUaTernarY eVolUTion oF The Vale oF YorK, UK 101-13 108 Mooney, Walter D.*; Gubinov, Alexander: neW BaSemenT geological maPS oF The WorlD 101-14 109 Burt, Abigail*; Bajc, Andy F.: 3-D maPPing in ThicK DriFT areaS, SoUThern onTario, canaDa: recenT aDVanceS in moDelling 101-15 110 Bohannon, Robert G.*: aFghaniSTan, a DangeroUS, mYSTerioUS lanD WhoSe geologY iS PoorlY KnoWn neW geologic-maPPing PhiloSoPhieS SheD lighT on hoW ThiS comPleX Terrane WaS aSSemBleD 101-16 111 Willscher, Birgit*; Ludwig, Rolf Rüdiger: a hYDrogeological 3D STrUcTUre moDel ViSUaliSing The gorleBen SalT Dome oVerBUrDen in norThern germanY

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 187


101-35 130 Ferns, Mark L.*; McClaughry, Jason D.; Roddey, James; Schueller, D.: From The oUTcroP To The caPiTol WinDoWS 101-36 131 Watt, Janet T.*; Johnson, Samuel Y.; Langenheim, Victoria E.; Scheirer, Daniel S.; Rosenberg, Lewis I.; Graymer, R.W.; Kvitek, Rikk: geologic maPPing in The cenTral caliFornia coaSTal Zone: inTegraTing geologY, geoPhYSicS, anD geomorPhologY 101-37 132 Ma, Lina*; Madin, Ian P.; Olson, Keith V.; Niewendorp, Clark A.: ogDc-5: STaTeWiDe coVerage oF The oregon geologic DaTa comPilaTion 101-38 133 Feeney, Chelsea M.*; Hendrix, Marc S.: cenoZoic eVolUTion oF The golD creeK BaSin, WeSTern monTana: maPPing anD DocUmenTing The geologY oF The rocK creeK laKe 7.5' USgS QUaDrangle 101-39 134 Marchetti, David W.*; Bailey, Christopher; Harris, M.Scott: geologic maP oF The FiSh laKe 7.5 minUTe QUaDrangle, cenTral UTah: inSighTS inTo The Volcanic, TecTonic, geomorPhic, anD lacUSTrine hiSTorY oF The FiSh laKe PlaTeaU 101-40 135 McLaughlin, J. Fred*: The WYoming STaTe geological SUrVeY geologic maPPing Program 101-41 136 Breckenridge, Roy M.*; Garwood, Dean L.: ice age FlooDS reSearch anD maPPing in iDaho: reSUlTS From STaTemaP 101-42 137 Van Buer, Nicholas J.*: geologic maPPing oF The SahWaVe inTrUSiVe SUiTe 101-43 138 Drenth, Benjamin J.*; Thompson, Ren A.; Grauch, V.J.S.; Rodriguez, Brian D.: geoPhYSical anD geologic maPPing oF The norThern TaoS PlaTeaU, rio granDe riFT, neW meXico 101-44 139 Phillips, William M.*; Welhan, John: inTegraTion oF WaTer Well recorDS WiTh geologic maPPing along The SnaKe riVer, eaSTern iDaho 101-45 140 Ruleman, C.A.*; Thompson, Ren A.; Shroba, Ralph R.: geologic maPPing: The FoUnDaTion To greaTer geologic UnDerSTanDing, an eXamPle From SUnShine ValleY, neW meXico 101-46 141 McKean, Adam P.*; Kowallis, Bart J.; Christiansen, Eric; Bradshaw, Richard W.: KinemaTic analYSiS oF SeVier orogenY anD BaSin anD range FaUlTS oF The allenS ranch 7.5' QUaDrangle, WeST-cenTral UTah 101-47 142 Mayerle, Matthew*; Brock, Amy: PreliminarY maP oF laTe neogene anD YoUnger SeDimenTS in The WeSTern PorTion oF The oVerTon, ne 7.5 minUTe QUaDrange neVaDa 101-48 143 Lonn, Jeffrey D.; Lewis, Reed S.*; Burmester, Russell F.; McFaddan, Mark D.: regional STraTigraPhic imPlicaTionS From neW maPPing oF The norThern BeaVerheaD range, monTana anD iDaho 101-49 144 Alward, William S.*; Bauer, Robert L.: geologic maPPing To eValUaTe laramiDe BaSemenT inVolVeD FolDing in The SoUTheaSTern WinD riVer moUnTainS 101-50 145 Onken, Jill*; Cook, Joseph P.; Youberg, Ann: geoarchaeological DaTing oF holocene STream TerraceS along The San PeDro riVer anD iTS maJor TriBUTarieS, SoUTheaSTern ariZona 101-51 146 Sawyer, David A.*; Obradovich, John D.; Singer, Brad S.; Cobban, William A.; McKinney, Kevin C.: a maP DaTaBaSe oF iSoToPicallY DaTeD creTaceoUS BenToniTe localiTieS in The WeSTern inTerior U.S 101-52 147 Feinstein, Rose A.*; Reid, Curtis A.; Guccione, Margaret J.: geologic maP oF The neZ Perce Drainage BaSin, SoUThWeSTern monTana 101-53 148 Runyon, Simone*; Malone, David: long creeK QUaDrangle 101-54 149 McKinney, Kevin C.*; Blome, Charles D.; Nunn, Richard: creaTing a DigiTal DaTa laYer For geologic maPPing: USgS-DenVer PaleoZoic PaleonTologY collecTionS From oKlahoma 101-55 150 Divine, Dana*; Steele, Gregory V.; Smith, Bruce D.; Ehrman, Richard L.; Korus, Jesse T.: PreliminarY reSUlTS From helicoPTer elecTromagneTic SUrVeYS oVer a PaleoValleY aQUiFer in eaSTern neBraSKa 101-56 151 Carlock, Drew*; Thomason, Jason F.; Malone, David: USing PeTrel 2007 anD oTher ProgramS To creaTe a 3-D geologic moDel oF The QUaTernarY glacial DePoSiTS in mchenrY coUnTY, illinoiS 101-57 152 Carlock, Drew*; Malone, David; Thomason, Jason F.: SUrFicial geologic maP oF The heBron 7.5-minUTe QUaDrangle, mchenrY coUnTY, illinoiS 101-58 153 Battenhouse, Thomas R. Jr.*; Parizek, Richard R.; Bowen, Scott; Fox, Tad C.; Voorhies, Nat: 3-D geoSTaTiSTical characTeriZaTion oF FlUVial-DelTaic SeDimenTarY geologY in The cenTral oKlahoma aQUiFer 101-59 154 Costello, Daniel E.*; Miller, James D. Jr.: BeDrocK geologic maP oF The TUScarora inTrUSion oF The DUlUTh comPleX, norTheaSTen minneSoTa: an inVeSTigaTion inTo The PeTrogeneTic relaTionShiP BeTWeen The laYereD SerieS anD The anorThoSiTic SerieS 101-60 155 Wahl, Ronald R.*; Blome, Charles D.: a geoSPaTial maP DaTaBaSe oF The arBUcKle-SimPSon moUnTainS, oKlahoma 101-61 156 Kellogg, Karl*: The coloraDo FronT range - maPPing in reSPonSe To groWing UrBan PreSSUre 101-62 157 Farley, Colin J.*; Lindamood, Edwin J.; Howell, Lance D.; Baak, Kacie; Smith, Taryn; Hildebrandt, Jordan; Owinyo, Michael; Carritt, Jeff; Finley, Ashley; Burt, Cinthia; Barbery, Monica; Markson, Angela; Holbrook, John: maPPing The miSSoUri riVer FlooDPlain SUBSUrFace: a holocene hiSTorY oF climaTe change 101-63 158 Berg, Richard C.*; McKay, E. Donald III.; Carrell, Jennifer E.; Stiff, Barbara J.: geologic maPS oF The miDDle illinoiS riVer ValleY, illinoiS 101-64 159 Kreman, Drew*; Heinzel, Chad: SUrFicial geologY oF The WaVerlY QUaDrangle, Bremer coUnTY ioWa 101-65 160 Babcock, Lori N.*; Bampton, Matthew; Swanson, Mark T.; Lipiec, Eva: STrUcTUral analYSiS oF comPleX FolDing on SegUin iSlanD, maine: ViSUaliZaTion ThroUgh DigiTal maPPing anD SPaTial analYSiS 101-66 161 McCarthy, Edward James*: geoTechnical Soil maPPing oF norThamPTon maSSachUSeTTS: 3-DimenSional moDeling oF The SUBSUrFace From geoTechnical BoringS 101-67 162 Jordan, Eric W.*; Sepulveda, Luis: mining in manhaTTan: ParT 1- claSSiFicaTion oF recenTlY maPPeD geologic STrUcTUreS in loWer manhaTTan TUnnelS 101-68 163 Southworth, Scott*; Schultz, Arthur P.; Aleinikoff, John N.; Kunk, Michael J.; Naeser, Charles N.; Naeser, Nancy; Estabrook, James; Mathieux, Paul: geologic maP anD geochronologY oF The greaT SmoKY moUnTainS naTional ParK region, Tn/nc 101-69 164 Wilson, Crystal G.*; Callihan, Matthew: DeTaileD geologic maPPing anD STrUcTUral analYSiS oF The aShe meTamorPhic SUiTe aT elK KnoB STaTe ParK, nc 101-70 165 Higgins, Michael W.*; Crawford, Ralph F.: geologic maP oF The BlUe riDge in georgia, SoUThernmoST aPPalachianS: ParT i alaBama STaTe line To miDDle norTh georgia 101-71 166 Crawford, Ralph F.*; Higgins, Michael W.; Cook, Robert B.: geologic maP oF The BlUe riDge in georgia, SoUThernmoST aPPalachianS: ParT ii: miDDle norTh

188 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


georgia To The norTh carolina anD TenneSSee STaTe lineS 101-72 167 Tull, James F.*; Mueller, P.A.; Barineau, Clinton I.; Wooden, Joseph L.: age anD TecTonic imPlicaTionS oF The elKahaTchee QUarTZ DioriTe, eaSTern BlUe riDge ProVince, SoUThern aPPalachianS, USa 101-73 168 Russell, Gail S.*: USing google earTh anD giS To FaciliTaTe acceSS To geological inFormaTion in STaTe anD local geological SocieTY gUiDeBooKS: norThern alaBama PieDmonT, 1973 To 2008 103-4 179 Mortimer, Nick*; Palin, J. Michael; Dunlap, W. James: Delamerian enclaVeS WiThin The lachlan orogen oF ZealanDia anD anTarcTica 180 Walker, Barry Alan Jr.*; Grunder, Anita L.; Klemetti, Erik W.: iSoToPic conSTrainT on anDeSiTe anD DaciTe PeTrogeneSiS aT The aUcanQUilcha Volcanic clUSTer, norThern chile: imPlicaTionS For crUSTal groWTh VS. crUSTal recYcling 181 Haq, Saad S.B.*: analYSiS oF STrain ParTiTioning in analog oBliQUe conVergenT WeDgeS 182 Andrew, Joseph E.*: DeFormaTion hiSTorY oF The SoUThern YUKon-Tanana Terrane From TWo SiTeS in The eaSTern alaSKa range 183 Stacy, Sarah J.*; Swapp, Susan M.; John, Barbara E.; Frost, B. Ronald; Reed, John C. Jr.: STrUcTUral eViDence For JUXTaPoSiTion oF TWo archean TerraneS in The TeTon range, WeSTern WYoming


103-6 103-7

SeSSion no. 102

T9. Climate Signals in Rivers and Streams (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 102-1 169 Tennant, Christopher*; Crosby, Benjamin T.: DiSTincT regimeS: The hYDrologY anD geomorPhologY oF TWelVe TriBUTarieS To The Salmon riVer 170 Shriver, Andy J.*: a riVer rUnS ThroUgh iT: moDeling anD maPPing FlooD inUnDaTion in YoSemiTe ValleY, YoSemiTe naTional ParK (USa) 171 Carritt, Jeffrey*; Hildebrandt, Jordan; Baak, Kacie; Burt, Cinthia; Farley, Colin J.; Finley, Ashley; Howell, Lance D.; Lindamood, Edwin J.; Owinyo, Michael; Smith, Taryn: The WaY iT all Became The BraiDY BUnch: climaTe cUeS in miSSoUri ValleY alloSTraTa 172 Labrecque, Phillip A.*; Jensen, Jerry L.; Hubbard, Stephen M.: cYclic SeDimenTarY recorD in PoinT Bar DePoSiTS, creTaceoUS mcmurray FormaTion, alBerTa BaSin, canaDa 173 McKenney, Rose*; Ramage, Joan M.; Naval, Peter W.; Allen, Eric B.: millennial To DecaDal inSTaBiliTY PaTTernS anD Their imPlicaTionS For DeTecTing climaTe change imPacTS on The PellY riVer, YUKon TerriTorY, canaDa 174 Olson, Neil*; Crosby, Benjamin T.: inFlUenceS oF ToPograPhY on SPring rUnoFF 175 Yager, Douglas B.; Kugel, Max*; Burchell, Alison; Johnson, Raymond H.; Aiken, George R.; Butler, Kenna: DeTermining carBon FlUX in a SUB-alPine ForeST ecoSYSTem, animaS riVer WaTerSheD, San JUan moUnTainS, coloraDo


SeSSion no. 104

T47. Lithospheric Delamination, Continental Magmatism, and Crustal Uplift in Mountain Evolution (Posters) (GSA International Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA History of Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 104-1 184 Hildebrand, Robert S.*: UPliFT, graViTaTional collaPSe, ThicK-SKinneD DeFormaTion, anD SlaB FailUre magmaTiSm DUring creTaceoUS-TerTiarY orogenY in The norTh american corDillera 185 Drew, Scott T.*; Ducea, Mihai N.; Schoenbohm, Lindsay M.: ParTial liThoSPheric FoUnDering BeneaTh The PUna PlaTeaU, norThWeST argenTina eViDenceD BY Trace elemenT anD iSoToPe geochemiSTrY oF laTe cenoZoic, Small VolUme BaSalTS 186 Kleinhanns, Ilka C.*; Jacobs, Joachim; Roland, Norbert W.: PanaFrican graniToiD magmaTiSm in cenTral Dronning maUD lanD caUSeD BY DelaminaTion? 187 Busby, Cathy J.*; Koerner, Alice A.; Hagan, Jeanette C.; Putirka, Keith; Pluhar, Christopher J.: VolcaniSm DUe To TranSTenSion aT The BirTh oF The Sierra neVaDa microPlaTe: SimilariTieS To ongoing conTinenTal liThoSPheric rUPTUre aT nearBY long ValleY 188 Hagan, Jeanette C.*; Busby, Cathy J.; Putirka, Keith: conTrolS oF eXTenSion on climacTic arc magmaTiSm: eBBeTTS PaSS-carSon PaSS area, Sierra neVaDa (ca) 189 Zhang, Da*; Di, Yongjun; Chen, Liang; Fang, Hongwei: lamicPmS U-PB ageS oF meSoZoic Volcanic rocKS in DaXinganling area (norTheaSTern china) anD Their TecTonic SigniFicance 190 Sarifakioglu, Ender*; Dilek, Yildirim: geochemiSTrY anD TecTonicS oF neogene alKaline VolcaniSm in SiVrihiSar (eSKiSehir) in nW anaTolia, TUrKeY 191 Ilbeyli, Nurdane*: crUSTal ProceSS imPlicaTionS For a TecTono-magmaTic eVolUTion oF laTe cenoZoic egrigoZ PlUTon in WeSTern anaTolia (TUrKeY) 192 Carlson, Chad W.*; Wakabayashi, John; Pluhar, Christopher J.: FielD relaTionS anD age oF laTe cenoZoic Volcanic UniTS inSeT WiThin The miD-UPPer San JoaQUin riVer Drainage, ca








102-6 102-7



SeSSion no. 103

T45. Growth and Stabilization of Continental Crust in CircumPacific Accretionary Orogens (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 103-1 176 Foster, David A.*: The DeVeloPmenT oF conTinenTal crUST in an accreTionarY orogen: eViDence From The PaleoZoic margin oF aUSTralia 177 Arkle, Jeanette C.*; Armstrong, Phillip A.; Haeussler, Peter J.: The WeSTern chUgach moUnTainS anD norThern Prince William SoUnD (alaSKa): locUS oF SUBDUcTionrelaTeD eXhUmaTion? 178 Sendziak, Kassandra*; Armstrong, Phillip A.; Haeussler, Peter J.: conSTrainTS on eXhUmaTion oF The WeSTern chUgach moUnTainS (alaSKa) BaSeD on Zircon FiSSion-TracK analYSiS oF moDern glacial oUTWaSh 104-7 104-6





104-10 193 Shriver, Andy J.*; Wakabayashi, John: lanDScaPe eVolUTion oF The norThern Sierra neVaDa (U.S.a.): inSighTS From The american riVer Drainage

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 189


SeSSion no. 105

T49. Neoproterozoic through Cretaceous Evolution of the North American Cordilleran Margin: Contrasting Tectonics, Paleogeography, and Paleoenvironments (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Cordilleran Section; Society for Sedimentary Geology [SEPM])

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 105-1 194 Gifford, Jennifer N.*; Foster, David A.; Mueller, Paul A.: U-PB Zircon anD Whole-rocK geochemiSTrY oF BaSemenT SamPleS From Bore holeS anD XenoliThS: age anD TecTonic SigniFicance oF The greaT FallS TecTonic Zone 195 Ahn, Soo Yeun*; Babcock, Loren E.: Trace FoSSilS anD SeDimenTarY STrUcTUreS From The eDiacarancamBrian TranSiTion, WeSTern neVaDa-eaSTern caliFornia 196 Alexander, Ryan S.*; Schwartz, Joshua J.: DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY oF Permian-TriaSSic meTaSeDimenTarY rocKS in The BaKer Terrane, BlUe moUnTainS ProVince, ne oregon 197 Wenrong, Cao*; Paterson, Scott: a PoSSiBle linKage BeTWeen Shear ZoneS in The 97 ma SoliDier laKe PlUTon anD laTe creTaceoUS TranSPreSSional SUBDUcTion in The conTinenTal arc 198 Fortescue, Forest Questcook*; Mookerjee, Matty: a KinemaTic analYSiS oF The roSY Finch Shear Zone, mono coUnTY, caliFornia 199 Labadie, Julia E.*; Schermer, Elizabeth R.: STrUcTUral anD TecTonic hiSTorY oF The mT. FormiDaBle region, norTh caScaDeS, WaShingTon 200 Yamagata, Takeshi*: The accreTionarY ProceSSeS oF The Permian anD TriaSSic SeamoUnTS, in The DeaDman BaY Terrane, The San JUan iSlanDS, WaShingTon STaTe, USa 201 Clayton, Robert*; Little, William W.: neW inTerPreTaTionS oF SeVier ThrUST BelT STrUcTUreS, SoUThern BeaVerheaD moUnTainS, iDaho 202 Dumoulin, Julie A.*; Slack, John F.; Whalen, Michael T.; Johnson, C.A.: DePoSiTional anD PaleogeograPhic SeTTing oF PhoSPhoriTeS anD meTalliFeroUS BlacK ShaleS in The carBoniFeroUS-Permian liSBUrne groUP, norThern alaSKa 106-6 106-4 anD longeViTY oF a geoThermal SYSTem in an eXTenSional TecTonic SeTTing, WaSSUK range, neVaDa 105-15 208 Egger, Anne E.*; Colgan, Joseph P.: eVolUTion oF The norThWeSTern margin oF The BaSin anD range: inSighTS From neW geologic maPPing in norTheaSTern caliFornia

SeSSion no. 106

T52. Sixth Columbia River Basalt Symposium: Volcanism, Tectonism, Petrology, and Hydrogeology 2009 (Posters) (Mineralogical Society of America; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 106-1 209 Finne, Sarah A.*; Davidson, Casie L.; Sullivan, E. Charlotte; McGrail, B. Pete: giS aS a DaTa managemenT Tool For eValUaTing BaSalT SeQUeSTraTion PoTenTial in The colUmBia BaSin 210 Porcello, John J.*; Tolan, Terry L.; Lindsey, Kevin A.; Burt, Walt; Vlassopoulos, Dimitri: a concePTUal groUnDWaTer SYSTem moDel For The colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP (crBg) in The colUmBia BaSin groUnD WaTer managemenT area (gWma) oF SoUTh-cenTral WaShingTon 211 Vlassopoulos, Dimitri*; Goin, Jessica; Zeliff, Morgan; Lindsey, Kevin A.; Tolan, Terry; Johnson, Vern: regional groUnDWaTer geochemiSTrY oF The colUmBia riVer BaSalT aQUiFer SYSTem, SoUTh-cenTral WaShingTon 212 Hammond, Paul E.*: STraTigraPhY anD STrUcTUre oF granDe ronDe BaSalT aT The WeSTern margin oF The colUmBia PlaTeaU: inSighT inTo origin oF The YaKima FolDS 213 Hagstrum, J.T.*; Sawlan, M.G.; Wells, R.E.; Evarts, R.C.: DeVeloPmenT oF PaleomagneTic anD geochemical reFerence SecTionS in miocene colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP FloWS on The colUmBia PlaTeaU For STraTigraPhic, STrUcTUral, anD TecTonic STUDieS in The PorTlanD meTro area anD coaST rangeS oF oregon anD WaShingTon 214 Anderson, James Lee*: The orTleY SegmenT oF The colUmBia hillS anTicline, WaShingTon anD oregon, reViSiTeD 215 Otto, Elise L.*; Nicolaysen, Kirsten P.; Reidel, Stephen P.: eViDence For FloW inFlaTion anD inTraFloW chemical VariaTion oF a Frenchman SPringS BaSalT oF The colUmBia riVer BaSalT ProVince 216 Martin, Bart S.*; Tolan, Terry L.; Reidel, Stephen P.: reViSionS To The areal DiSTriBUTion oF The ginKgo anD SanD holloW BaSalTS, Frenchman SPringS memBer, colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP: an illUSTraTion oF The inTeracTion BeTWeen large laVa FloWS 217 Barry, Tiffany; Self, Stephen*; Kelley, Simon P.; Hooper, Peter; Widdowson, Mike; Reidel, Stephen P.: neW age DaTeS From granDe ronDe laVaS, colUmBia riVer BaSalTS: imPlicaTionS For PerioDiciTY oF FlooD BaSalT erUPTionS anD DUraTion oF maJor PUlSeS













105-10 203 Cellura, Brian R.*; Noble, Paula; Capps, Richard C.; Hall, Tim: STraTigraPhY anD STrUcTUral geologY oF The roBerTS moUnTainS allochThon, carlin/BaTTle moUnTainS eUreKa TrenDS, neVaDa, USa, clariFieD ThroUgh BioSTraTigraPhY 105-11 204 Holm-Denoma, Christopher S.*; Hofstra, Albert H.; Noble, Paula J.; Leslie, Stephen A.: STraTigraPhY anD anTler age DeFormaTion oF The roBerTS moUnTainS allochThon anD ThrUST Zone anD The relaTionShiP To carlin-TYPe golD DePoSiTS in The inDePenDence moUnTainS oF norThern neVaDa 105-12 205 Buttau, Cristina*; Northrup, C.J.; Wilkins, David; Snyder, Walter S.: 3-D moDelling oF ThrUST FaUlTing anD FolDing in The eaST range, Sonoma range, anD golconDa SUmmiT, norTh-cenTral neVaDa: inSighTS inTo The geomeTrY, Timing, anD SigniFicance oF The golconDa ThrUST 105-13 206 Verdel, Charles*; van der Pluijm, Ben; Niemi, Nathan: regional PaTTern oF corDilleran miogeocline loW-graDe meTamorPhiSm From illiTe To mUScoViTe TranSiTion 105-14 207 Gorynski, Kyle E.*; Stockli, Daniel F.; Walker, Douglas: ThermochronomeTric conSTrainTS on The eXTenT



106-10 218 Brown, Richard J. III.*; Self, Stephen: VenT comPleXeS anD SPaTTer coneS oF The roZa FlooD BaSalT FloW FielD, colUmBia riVer BaSalT ProVince 106-11 219 Kauffman, John D.*; Garwood, Dean L.: reViSeD STraTigraPhY For SeVeral SaDDle moUnTainS anD WanaPUm BaSalT UniTS, colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP 106-12 220 Callicoat, Jeffrey*; Brueseke, Matthew E.: miD-miocene VolcaniSm in norTheaST neVaDa: SPaTial, chemical,

190 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


anD chronologic SigniFicance oF The JarBiDge rhYoliTe 106-13 221 Boroughs, Scott*; Starkel, William A.; Wolff, John; Hart, Garret L.: PoTenTial SoUrce conTriBUTionS For loW 18o rhYoliTeS in The cenTral SnaKe riVer Plain 106-14 222 Hudgins, Thomas R.*; Rooney, Tyrone: geochemical correlaTionS BeTWeen DiKeS anD FloWS in The KeWeenaWan FlooD BaSalT ProVince 106-15 223 Wei, Tian; Campbell, Ian H.; Allen, Charlotte M.*: The Tarim PicriTe-BaSalT-rhYoliTe SUiTe oF norThWeST china, a Permian FlooD BaSalT WiTh conTraSTing, coeVal rhYoliTeS ProDUceD BY FracTional crYSTalliZaTion anD anaTeXiS 107-13 236 Cooley, Skye W.*; McMillan, Margaret E.; Tressler, Chris R.: giS meThoDS For TecTonic geomorPhologY 107-14 237 Ouchi, Shunji*: eFFecTS oF UPliFT raTe anD iTS change on The DeVeloPmenT oF eXPerimenTal eroSion lanDFormS riSing From a FlaT SUrFace

SeSSion no. 108

T70. Interaction of Tectonics, Climate Change, and Eustasy in the Development of the North American Cordillera (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 108-1 238 Wartes, Marwan A.*; Decker, Paul L.; LePain, David L.; Gillis, Robert J.; O'Sullivan, Paul: neW conSTrainTS on The eVolUTion oF laTe creTaceoUS DePoSiTional SYSTemS in The colVille ForelanD BaSin, eaSTcenTral norTh SloPe, alaSKa 239 Malkowski, Matthew A.*; Hampton, Brian A.: laTe PaleoZoic STraTigraPhic hiSTorY anD ProVenance oF The FareWell Terrane, SoUThWeSTern alaSKa 240 Hampton, Brian A.*; Malkowski, Matthew A.; Deloge, Jennifer: comPariSon anD TenTaTiVe correlaTion oF DeVonian­TriaSSic STraTa acroSS TecTonic Terrane BoUnDarieS along The Denali FaUlT, alaSKa range, SoUThern alaSKa 241 Greene, Andrew R.; Scoates, James S.*; Weis, Dominique; Katvala, Erik Cowing; Israel, Steve A.; Nixon, Graham T.: aSSemBlY oF The Wrangellia oceanic PlaTeaU: an accreTeD TriaSSic large igneoUS ProVince in The inSUlar BelT oF The norTh american corDillera 242 Rohr, David M.*; Blodgett, Robert B.: lUDloVian (laTe SilUrian) gaSTroPoD FaUna oF The aleXanDer Terrane, SoUTheaSTern alaSKa, anD Their PaleoBiogeograPhic SigniFicance 243 Blodgett, Robert B.*; Boucot, A.J.: The aleXanDer Terrane ­ a DiSPlaceD FragmenT oF norTheaST SiBeria? eViDence From SilUrian BrachioPoDS anD SilUrianloWer DeVonian STraTigraPhY 244 Benowitz, Jeff*; Perry, Stephanie; Layer, Paul; Fitzgerald, P.G.; Roeske, Sarah: Thermochronological conSTrainTS on Small-Scale VariaTionS in STrain-ParTiTioning along The Denali FaUlT, oF alaSKa 245 Nokleberg, Warren J.*; Bundtzen, Thomas K.: UnlocKing oF The hineS creeK anD aSSociaTeD FaUlTS, eaSTern alaSKa range, alaSKa: eViDence For cenoZoic DiSPlacemenT 246 Mooney, Philip R.*; Roeske, Sarah; Hampton, Brian A.: DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY oF The UPPer JUraSSic-creTaceoUS KahilTna aSSemBlage in The clearWaTer moUnTainS, SoUTh-cenTral alaSKa

SeSSion no. 107

T53. Steady and Unsteady Deformation of Folds, Faults, and Orogens: Dynamics, Kinematics, and Insights to Coupled Processes (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 107-1 224 Savage, Heather M.*; Shackleton, J. Ryan; Cooke, Michele; Riedel, Jeffrey J.: inSighTS inTo FolD groWTh USing FolD-relaTeD JoinT PaTTernS 225 Contreras, Juan*: a moDel For loW amPliTUDe DeTachmenT FolDing anD SYnTecTonic STraTigraPhY BaSeD on The conSerVaTion oF maSS eQUaTion 226 Anastasio, David*; Kodama, Kenneth; Hinnov, Linda A.; Pares, Josep: milanKoViTch-TUneD groWTh STraTigraPhY reSolVeS 100,000-Year FolDing raTeS aT Sierra Del agUila, SPain 227 Fisher, Donald M.*; Gardner, Thomas W.: From Forearc BaSin To inner Forearc moUnTain BelT: Fila coSTena, coSTa rica 228 Burgess, W. Paul*; Yin, An; Dubey, C.S.: QUaTernarY ShorTening raTeS acroSS The main FronTal ThrUST Zone oF The eaSTern himalaYa SUggeST an eaSTWarD increaSe in conVergence acroSS The himalaYa 229 Arkle, Jeanette C.*; Armstrong, Phillip A.: eXhUmaTion oF The VerDUgo moUnTainS, SoUThern caliFornia: conSTrainTS From loW-TemPeraTUre ThermochronologY anD geomorPhic analYSiS 230 Blythe, Ann E.*; Longinotti, Nicole; Khalsa, Sopurkh: TWoSTage eXhUmaTion oF The SoUThern Sierra neVaDa/ TehachaPi moUnTainS From FiSSion-TracK anD (U-Th)/ he analYSeS 231 Larsen, Isaac J.*; Montgomery, David R.: DoeS lanDSliDe eroSion KeeP Pace WiTh eXhUmaTion oF The TSangPo gorge? 232 Walker, Richard T.*; Talebian, Morteza; Sloan, Alastair; Fattahi, Morteza; Bryant, Charlotte: laTe QUaTernarY SliPraTe on The goWK FaUlT oF eaSTern iran


















107-10 233 Melosh, Benjamin L.*; Keller, Edward: eFFecTS oF acTiVe FolDing anD reVerSe FaUlTing on STream channel eVolUTion: SanTa BarBara FolD BelT, caliFornia 107-11 234 Gani, Nahid D.S.*; Gasparini, Nicole M.; Dawers, Nancye H.; Cosentino, Bobby: TranSienT channel reSPonSe To neoTecTonicS: oBSerVaTionS From allUVial channelS Draining acroSS The BaTon roUge FaUlT Zone, SoUTheaSTern loUiSiana 107-12 235 Boulton, Sarah J.*; Whittaker, Alexander C.: QUanTiFYing The SliP-raTeS, SPaTial DiSTriBUTion anD eVolUTion oF acTiVe normal FaUlTS From geomorPhic analYSiS

108-10 247 Willis, Julie B.*; Bruhn, Ronald L.: SUBDUcTion inTerFace geomeTrY anD STaTic STreSS TranSFer DUring megaThrUST earThQUaKeS, UPPer cooK inleT BaSin, alaSKa 108-11 248 Gillis, Robert J.*; LePain, David L.; Reifenstuhl, Rocky R.; Helmhold, Kenneth P.: regional Paleocene-eocene eXhUmaTion oF The norTh american Forearc BaSin margin, SoUTh-cenTral alaSKa, recorDeD BY aPaTiTe FiSSion-TracK ThermochronologY 108-12 249 Finzel, Emily S.*; Ridgway, Kenneth; LePain, David L.; Valencia, Victor: inSighTS on ProVenance oF Forearc BaSin STraTa: U-PB geochronologY From cenoZoic STraTa in The cooK inleT BaSin, alaSKa

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 191


108-13 250 Bleick, Heather A.*; Till, Alison B.; Bradley, Dwight C.; O'Sullivan, Paul B.; Trop, Jeffrey M.; Wooden, Joe L.; Bradley, Dan B.; Taylor, Theresa A.; Friedman, Sam B.; Hults, Chad P.: earlY TerTiarY eXhUmaTion oF The FlanK oF a Forearc BaSin, SoUThWeST TalKeeTna moUnTainS, alaSKa 108-14 251 Kortyna, Cullen D.*; Trop, Jeffrey M.; LeComte, Alysia A.; Bauer, Edward M.; Kassab, Christine M.; Ridgway, Kenneth D.; Sunderlin, David: SeDimenTologY, PaleonTologY, anD STrUcTUral FrameWorK oF The cenTral arKoSe riDge FormaTion, TalKeeTna moUnTainS, alaSKa 108-15 252 Kassab, Christine M.*; Kortyna, Cullen D.; Ridgway, Kenneth D.; Trop, Jeffrey M.: SeDimenTologY,STrUcTUral FrameWorK, anD BaSin analYSiS oF The eaSTern arKoSe riDge FormaTion, TalKeeTna moUnTainS, alaSKa 108-16 253 Trop, Jeffrey M.*; Kortyna, Cullen D.; Kassab, Christine M.; Valencia, Victor A.; Bradley, Dwight C.; Wooden, Joseph L.: DeTriTal Zircon ProVenance analYSiS oF creTaceoUS­oligocene SeDimenTarY STraTa From The maTanUSKa ValleY-TalKeeTna moUnTainS Forearc BaSin, SoUThern alaSKa 108-17 254 Gulick, Sean S.P.*; Pavlis, Terry L.; Christeson, Gail; Jaeger, John M.; Ridgway, Kenneth D.; Worthington, Lindsay Lowe; Reece, Robert S.; Horton, Brian K.: marine recorDS oF FlaT SlaB SUBDUcTion inFlUenceD BY TemPeraTe glaciaTion in The ST. eliaS orogen, gUlF oF alaSKa 108-18 255 Christeson, Gail*; Van Avendonk, Harm; Gulick, Sean S.P.; Worthington, Lindsay Lowe; Pavlis, Terry L.: crUSTal STrUcTUre oF The YaKUTaT BlocK: conSTrainTS From STeeP WiDe-angle SeiSmic DaTa 108-19 256 Worthington, Lindsay Lowe*; Gulick, Sean S.P.; Pavlis, Terry L.; Christeson, Gail; Reece, Robert S.: STrUcTUral eVolUTion oF The SUBmarine PamPlona Zone FolD-ThrUST BelT, ST. eliaS orogen 108-20 257 Reece, Robert S.*; Gulick, Sean P.S.; Jaeger, John M.; Christeson, Gail; Worthington, Lindsay Lowe; Pavlis, Terry L.: eroSion anD DePoSiTion BY croSS-ShelF glacial aDVance aS a mechaniSm For channel incePTion in The SUrVeYor Fan, gUlF oF alaSKa 108-21 258 Hooks, Benjamin P.*; Enkelmann, Eva; Koons, Peter O.; Upton, Phaedra: 3D Thermomechanical moDeling oF The ST eliaS TecTonic aneUrYSm 108-22 259 Enkelmann, Eva*; Zeitler, Peter; Pavlis, Terry; Garver, John I.; Hooks, Benjamin P.: oVerVieW oF The eXhUmaTion PaTTern in SoUTheaST alaSKa 108-23 260 Headley, Rachel*; Enkelmann, Eva: DeTriTal ThermochronologY reVealS eFFiciencY oF glacial eroSion in The ST. eliaS range, alaSKa 108-24 261 Meigs, Andrew*: orogenic WiDening in The QUaTernarY argUeS againST climaTe conTrol oF DeFormaTion in The chUgach/ST. eliaS orogenic BelT, SoUThern alaSKa 108-25 262 Witmer, John W.*; Ridgway, Kenneth D.; Enkelmann, Eva; Brennan, Patrick; Valencia, Victor A.: DePoSiTion, ProVenance, anD eXhUmaTion oF neogene STraTa in The SYnTaXiS oF The chUgach-ST. eliaS range, SoUTheaST alaSKa 108-26 263 Brennan, Patrick*; Ridgway, Kenneth; Witmer, John; Valencia, Victor A.: STraTigraPhY anD ProVenance oF The PoUl creeK FormaTion in The chUgach-ST. eliaS moUnTainS, SoUTheaST alaSKa: inSighTS on eocenemiocene SeDimenTaTion in The gUlF oF alaSKa 108-27 264 Zubin-Stathopoulos, Kate D.*; Henderson, Charles: glacialeUSTaTic cYcliciTY WiThin The loWer Permian JohnSTon canYon FormaTion, SoUThWeST alBerTa anD SoUTheaST BriTiSh colUmBia 108-28 265 Valora, Parker*; Aschoff, Jennifer; Trudgill, Bruce: laTe creTaceoUS To Paleogene TecTono-STraTigraPhic eVolUTion oF The SoUThern ProVo SalienT: neW inSighT From DeTaileD maPPing anD groWTh STraTa analYSiS in ThiSTle, UT 108-29 266 Tranel, Lisa M.*; Spotila, James A.; Binnie, Steven A.: eValUaTion oF eroSion VariaBiliTY anD Drainage BaSin relieF USing DeTriTal aPaTiTe ThermochronologY in The TeTon range, WYoming 108-30 267 Darling, Andy*; Karlstrom, Karl; Kirby, Eric; Ouimet, Will: comPariSon oF The moDern ProFileS anD DiScharge oF The green anD coloraDo riVerS anD imPlicaTionS For ePeirogenic UPliFT oF The coloraDo PlaTeaU anD rocKY moUnTainS

SeSSion no. 109

T77. Frontiers in Mineral Sciences: Mineral/Melt Energetics, Mineral Surface Chemistry, Mineral Nanoscience, and HighPressure Mineralogy (Posters) (Mineralogical Society of America)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 109-1 109-2 268 Lilova, Kristina*; Navrotsky, Alexandra: ThermoDYnamicS oF coal2o4-coga2o4 SoliD SolUTionS 269 Zhou, Wei*; Hong, Suk Bong; Navrotsky, Alexandra: ThermochemiSTrY oF galloSilicaTe ZeoliTeS WiTh naT FrameWorK ToPlogY: an energeTic VieW on The orDering TranSFormaTion 270 Park, Tae-Jin*; Nenoff, Tina M.; Garino, Terry J.; Krumhansl, James L.; Davis, Mark J.; Vullo, Paula; Navrotsky, Alexandra: ThermochemiSTrY oF TiTanoSilicaTe mineralS releVanT To nUclear energY WaSTe FormS 271 Frierdich, Andrew J.*; Catalano, Jeffrey G.: nanocrYSTalline iron anD manganeSe oXiDe DePoSiTS in PaUTler caVe: imPlicaTionS For heaVY meTal TranSPorT anD SeQUeSTraTion in a ShalloW KarST aQUiFer 272 Elwood Madden, Megan E.; Madden, Andrew; Rimstidt, J. Donald; Zahrai, Shayda; Miller, Matthew*; Guttery, Brandon: raTeS, TeXTUreS, anD nano-mineralogY oF JaroSiTe DiSSolUTion 273 Radha, A.V.*; Forbes, Tori; Killian, Christopher; Gilbert, P.U.P.A.; Navrotsky, Alexandra: crYSTalliZaTion energeTicS oF amorPhoUS calciUm carBonaTe 274 Angel, Ross J.*; Tribaudino, Mario; Nestola, Fabrizio; Pasqual, Daria; Carpenter, Michael A.: Thermal eXPanSion coeFFicienTS oF PlagioclaSe FelDSParS 275 Summers, Sara*; Matyjasik, Marek; Manecki, Maciej; Inglefield, Colin E.: WeaThering PaTTernS anD DiSSolUTion raTeS oF calciTe BUrieD in arcTic SoilS on SPiTSBergen ­ aFm anD Sem STUDY 276 Akafia, Martin M.*; Koretsky, Carla: SorPTion oF co, ni, cU, cD anD PB on na-monTmorilloniTe: a laBoraTorY anD moDeling STUDY








109-10 277 Chen, Shushu*; Navrotsky, Alexandra: calorimeTric STUDY oF The SUrFace energY oF ForSTeriTe 109-11 278 Okumura, Tasuku; Gucsik, Arnold*; Nishido, Hirotsugu; Ninagawa, Kiyotaka; Toyoda, Shin: raman anD caThoDolUmineScence SPecTroScoPical microcharacTeriZaTion oF Planar DeFormaTion FeaTUreS in ShocKeD QUarTZ From rieS imPacT craTer (germanY)

192 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


109-12 279 Fleeger, Claire R.*; Heaney, Peter J.; Post, Jeffrey E.: SeQUeSTraTion oF cS BY na-BirneSSiTe From ph 3 To 13 aS meaSUreD WiTh Time-reSolVeD SYnchroTron X-raY DiFFracTion 109-13 280 Wu, Di*; Trofymluk, Olga; Navrotsky, Alexandra: calorimeTric meaSUremenT oF energeTicS oF conFinemenT oF WaTer anD organicS in PoreS in ZeoliTeS anD meSoPoroUS maTerialS 109-14 281 Eby, G. Nelson*: inSTrUmenTal neUTron acTiVaTion analYSiS (inaa) anD iTS aPPlicaTion To ForenSic inVeSTigaTionS

SeSSion no. 111

T88. The Present is the Key to the Past: Identifying and Characterizing Isotopic Pattern and Process in Modern Ecosystems (Posters) (Paleontological Society)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 111-1 293 Gilhooly, William III.*; Reinhard, Chris; Lyons, Timothy W.: linKing WaTer colUmn anD SeDimenTarY SUlFUr iSoToPe PaTTernS in a eUXinic laKe 294 Fox-Dobbs, Kena*; Clementz, Mark T.; Wheatley, Patrick V.; Koch, Paul L.; Doak, Daniel F.: reViSiTing olD BoneS: coUPleD carBon iSoToPe analYSiS oF BioaPaTiTe anD collagen aS an ecological anD Paleoecological Tool 295 Hoppe, Kathryn A.*; Clementz, Mark T.: hoW Well Do The STaBle hYDrogen iSoToPe raTioS oF Bone collagen From moDern herBiVoreS TracK climaTic PaTTernS? 296 Uno, Kevin T.*; Cerling, Thure; Fisher, Daniel C.; Wittemyer, George: eXTracTing climaTe SignalS From a moDern elePhanT TUSK BY carBon iSoToPe anD hiSTological analYSeS 297 Cotner, James B.; Theissen, Kevin M.*; Zimmer, Kyle; Domine, Leah; Sugita, Shinya: organic carBon BUrial anD DYnamicS in Prairie PoThole laKeS 298 Abou El-Magd, Abdou*; Sultan, Mohamed; Kehew, Alan E.; Krishnamurthy, R.V.; Cutrim, Elen; Milewski, Adam: ToWarDS a BeTTer UnDerSTanDing oF The PaleoclimaTic regimeS oVer The aFrican Saharan DeSerT: inFerenceS From remoTe SenSing anD STaBle iSoToPe DaTa 299 Murray, Sean*; Klaus, James S.; Swart, Peter K.; McNeill, Don: USing STaBle iSoToPe anD Sr/ca raTioS To aSSeSS The PaleoecologY anD eXTincTion SelecTiViTY oF mio-Pliocene Free-liVing coralS 300 Dietz, Robert D.*; Dettman, D.L.: STaBle iSoToPeS oF carBon anD niTrogen in corBicUla clamS recorD SPaTial VariaTion in aQUaTic Dic anD nUTrienT SoUrceS in a JaPaneSe laKe 301 Florea, Lee J.*; McGee, Dorien K.; Wynn, Jonathan G.: DelineaTing SoUrceS oF moiSTUre anD recharge To The eVerglaDeS ecoSYSTem oF SoUTh FloriDa, USa, USing STaBle iSoToPeS oF oXYgen, hYDrogen, anD carBon

SeSSion no. 110

T81. Multidisciplinary Studies of Cascade Volcanism and its Tectonic Setting (Posters) (Mineralogical Society of America; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 110-1 110-2 282 Tucker, David S.*; Hammond, Paul E.: calDeraS oF The norThern caScaDe arc 283 Mullen, Emily K.*; McCallum, I. Stewart: PB iSoToPeS From mT. BaKer Volcanic FielD anD chilliWacK BaTholiTh, caScaDe arc: inSighTS on The inTermonTaneinSUlar Terrane BoUnDarY 284 Park, Melissa M.*; Clark, Douglas H.; Caplan-Auerbach, Jackie; Hogan, Lauren; Larsell, Evan; Bush, Neil R.: PreliminarY reSUlTS From a groUnD PeneTraTing raDar SUrVeY oF moUnT BaKer'S acTiVe craTer (Sherman craTer), WaShingTon 285 Chan, Christine F.*; Tepper, Jeffery H.; Nelson, Bruce: geochemiSTrY oF The laTe eocene graYS riVer VolcanicS, SoUThWeSTern WaShingTon anD norThWeSTern oregon: eViDence For a SlaB WinDoW in The caScaDia Forearc 286 Shempert, Jenifer M.*; Streck, Martin J.; Leeman, William P.: oliVine anD SPinel SYSTemaTicS oF Boring Volcanic FielD (BVF) BaSalTS: eViDence For magma SoUrce VariaTionS anD inTeracTion among BaSalTic magmaS 287 Jones, Adam*; Streck, Martin J.; Conrey, Richard M.: mineral comPoSiTion anD PhenocrYST Zoning in PrimiTiVe aBSaroKiTe aT PePPer moUnTain, Boring Volcanic FielD (BVF), oregon 288 Ramsey, David W.*; Donnelly-Nolan, Julie M.: geologic maP geoDaTaBaSe oF neWBerrY Volcano, oregon 289 Calvert, Andrew T.*; Fierstein, Judy; Hildreth, Wes: miDDle SiSTer: The YoUngeST STraToVolcano in The comPoSiTionallY-DiVerSe Three SiSTerS Volcanic clUSTer, or 290 Hatfield, Ashley K.*; Nielsen, Roger; Kent, Adam J.R.; Rowe, Michael C.; Duncan, Robert: a TecTonic moDel For earlY Pliocene magmaTiSm in The cenTral oregon caScaDeS: The erUPTion oF SnoW PeaK haoT laVaS














110-7 110-8

111-10 302 Driese, S.G.*; Ludvigson, Greg A.; Roberts, Jennifer A.; Fowle, David; González, Luis A.; McKay, Larry D.; Vulava, V.M.: FormaTion oF hiSTorical PeDogenic SiDeriTe in Pah-conTaminaTeD allUVial claY SoilS, TenneSSee, USa: ParT i: inSighTS From FielD relaTionShiPS anD micromorPhologY


SeSSion no. 112

T94. Impact Cratering from the Microscopic to the Planetary Scale (Posters) (GSA Planetary Geology Division; International Continental Scientific Drilling Program [ICDP]; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; Paleontological Society; GSA International Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 112-1 303 Gastil, R. Gordon*: meTeor imPacT SiTe For norTheaSTern San Diego coUnTY?

110-10 291 Wenner, Jennifer M.*; Teasdale, Rachel; Clynne, Michael A.; Muffler, L.J. Patrick: PoiSon laKe chain PrimiTiVe BaSalTS aS ProXieS For manTle comPoSiTionS BeneaTh The SoUThern caScaDeS 110-11 292 Bromley, S. Ashley*; Grunder, Anita L.; Pyle, Douglas G.: iSoToPic TranSecT oF The oligocene ProTocaScaDia arc: SPaTial anD TemPoral VariaBiliTY oF SUB-arc manTle reSerVoirS

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 193


112-2 304 Crown, David A.*; Joseph, Emily C.S.; Berman, Daniel C.; Chuang, Frank C.: imPacT craTerS aS STraTigraPhic marKerS: conSTrainTS on The geologic eVolUTion oF DeUTeronilUS menSae, marS 305 Daly, Rachel G.*; Kattenhorn, Simon A.: FracTUre PaTTernS relaTeD To meTeoriTe imPacT anD SUBSeQUenT SalT moVemenT aT UPheaVal Dome, canYonlanDS naTional ParK, UTah 306 Reynolds, James H. III.*; Motley, Aaron T.; Fouch, Nakisha: an annUlar Drainage PaTTern in The BlUe riDge moUnTainS oF WeSTern norTh carolina: eViDence oF large BoliDe imPacT in The laTe Permian or TriaSSic? 307 King, David T. Jr.*; Petruny, Lucille: accreTionarY SPherUleS aT The KT BoUnDarY, Village oF armenia, BeliZe 308 Jaret, Steven*; Kah, Linda C.; Harris, R. Scott; French, Bevan M.: FelDSPar DeFormaTion aS an inDicaTor oF loWBaromeTrY ShocK: PeTrograPhic inVeSTigaTion oF eJecTa From The TenoUmer imPacT craTer, maUriTania 309 Evans, Kevin R.*: reViSiTing The SUFiDe PiT Breccia aT DecaTUrVille imPacT STrUcTUre, miSSoUri: imPlicaTionS For The age oF mineraliZaTion Wells, Victoria; Moore, Alexandra*: WhaT DoeS iT TaKe To Be carBon-neUTral? 113-9 318 Roof, Steven R.*; Werner, Al; Retelle, Michael J. V.: UnDergraDUaTe reSearch oPPorTUniTieS in arcTic holocene anD moDern climaTe change: The SValBarD reU ProJecT



113-10 319 Cornell, Sean R.*: a mUlTi-DiSciPlinarY moDel For geoScience FielD STUDY: geograPhY-geologY FielD STUDieS oF cUracao, neTherlanDS anTilleS 113-11 320 Gravley, D.M.*; Hikuroa, D.C.H; Borella, M.W.: The geologY oF neW ZealanD: a neW STUDY aBroaD Programme ThaT inVeSTigaTeS The geologic eVolUTion oF neW ZealanD ThroUgh a FiVe-WeeK FielD camP coUPleD WiTh a camPUS SemeSTer 113-12 321 Hansen, Samantha E.*; Nyblade, Andrew A.; Bililign, Solomon: DeVeloPing a PiPeline oF UnDerrePreSenTeD minoriTY STUDenTS For The geoScienceS ThroUgh africa array 113-13 322 Allison, David T.; Enright, Richard L.C.*; Isphording, Wayne C.: DeVeloPing FielD geologY comPeTence in The 21st cenTUrY, one STeP aT a Time 113-14 323 Potter, Noel Jr.*; Niemitz, Jeffrey W.; Sak, Peter B.: The ValUe oF long-Term STUDieS in Teaching geologY 113-15 324 Block, Katherine L.*; Petcovic, Heather L.; Koretsky, Carla M.: inVeSTigaTing STUDenT concePTionS oF enVironmenTal SYSTemS in a FielD-BaSeD UnDergraDUaTe coUrSe 113-16 325 Bevier, Mary Lou*; Caulkins, Joshua L.: DeVeloPmenT anD imPlemenTaTion oF an in-FielD aSSeSSmenT ProTocol For an inTroDUcTorY FielD geologY coUrSe




SeSSion no. 113

T100. Field Geology Education--Historical Perspectives and Modern Approaches (Posters) (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 113-1 310 Smith, Lydia G.*; Bierman, Paul R.; Druschel, Gregory K.; Pearce, Andrea; Rizzo, Donna M.; Wemple, Beverley; Watzin, Mary: an inTerDiSciPlinarY aPProach To Teaching WaTerSheD FielD Science 311 Brister, Adam*; Cedillo, Danielle N.; Garcia, Lorraine A.; Lara, Hernan J.; Parson, Calvin B.; Pitrucha, Rachell M.; Aragon, Amanda; Cattarello, Richard J.; Petronis, Michael: QUaTernarY maPPing oF FlUVial Terrace DePoSiTS USing high reSolUTion magneTic anD SUrVeYing TechniQUeS, hUerFano coUnTY, coloraDo 312 Bauer, Robert L.*; Siegel, Donald; Sandvol, Eric; Lautz, Laura: inTegraTing hYDrologY anD geoPhYSicS inTo a TraDiTional geologY FielD coUrSe: The USe oF aDVanceD ProJecT oPTionS 313 Hogan, John P.*; Abdelsalam, Mohamed G.; Nygaard, Runar; Eckert, Andreas: geoScienceS anD PeTroleUm engineering aT miSSoUri S&T: a Tale oF TWo FielD camPS 314 Perkins, Dexter*; Munson, Nathan; Russell, Ashley K.; Trobec, Seth; Zimny, Eric: iDenTiFYing anD eValUaTing Volcanic riSK 315 Goeke, Elizabeth R.*: creaTing a caPSTone claSS ThaT FloWS WiTh STUDenT-leD FielDTriPS 316 Schumaker, K.K.*; Weiler, M.W.; Zimny, E.G.; Klenner, R.C.L.; Crowell, J.J.; Mooney, B.J.; McCollor, D.P.; Butler, R.D.; Hartman, J.H.: inVolVing STUDenTS in PracTical FielD anD laBoraTorY STUDieS in The creTaceoUS hell creeK FormaTion, monTana ­ From SamPle collecTion To PoSTer conSTrUcTion 317 Dang, George; Davis, Bradley; Gould, Salley; Ha, Grace; Hass, Bridget; Meyer, Jacqueline; Mnich, Marissa; Slovin, Noah;

SeSSion no. 114

T101. GIS in K­16 Geoscience Courses: Constructing Knowledge using GIS in Geoscience Courses (Posters) (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 114-1 114-2 114-3 326 Masura, Julie E.*: glacial erraTicS, energY USe, anD Voc emiSSionS eXPlaineD in a PicTUre 327 Kerski, Joseph*; Agrios, Bronwyn; Johnson, Ann; Lee, Angela: neW ToolS For inVeSTigaTing geoScience USing giS 328 Jona, Kemi*; Kirschtel, David: a Science anD eDUcaTion ParTnerShiP BeTWeen cUahSi anD norThWeSTern UniVerSiTY To ProViDe aDVanceD acceSS To ScienTiFic DaTa 329 McAuliffe, Carla*: eYeS in The SKY: USing geoSPaTial TechnologY To inVeSTigaTe iSSUeS in enVironmenTal Science 330 Hall, Michelle K.*; Walker, C. Scott; Mayhew, Michael A.; Bravo, Tammy K.: leSSonS learneD in The DeSign oF giS-BaSeD geoScience inVeSTigaTionS 331 Taber, Michael*; McCrary, Rachel; Thayer-Calder, Katherine: USing giS To SUPPorT a DaTa DriVen conSTrUcTiViST aPProach To Teaching gloBal climaTe change 332 Tewksbury, David A.*; Tewksbury, Barbara: USing arcScene For 3D ViSUaliZaTion in The claSSroom anD FielD 333 Buzby, Colleen*; Jona, Kemi: inVeSTigaTing WaTerSheD DYnamicS in The claSSroom USing mY WorlD giS 334 Almquist, Heather*; Stanley, George D.; Blank, Lisa; Crews, Jeffrey; Hendrix, Marc: geologic FielD reSearch: helPing TeacherS Bring geoSPaTial TechnologieS anD inQUirY aPProacheS To The claSSroom








113-6 113-7

114-7 114-8 114-9


194 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


114-10 335 Clary, Renee M.*; Wandersee, James H.: VirTUal FielD inVeSTigaTionS: The aDVanTageS oF google earTh in online claSSroomS 114-11 336 McKeon, Ryan*; Kulo, Violet; Anastasio, David; Bodzin, Alec; Peffer, Tamara; Sahagian, Dork: The iSle oF naViTaS: ToWarDS a BeTTer UnDerSTanDing oF energY anD DeciSion maKing USing giS 114-12 337 Heinzel, Chad*; Dunkhase, John; Walters, James; Schlumbohm, Molly: o'mY ioWa geologY ­ loVing oUTDoor learning 114-13 338 Aas, Tanja*; Wade, Philip: google earTh in The K- 8 claSSroom 115-13 351 Videtich, Patricia E.*; Webb, JoAnn; Vandergriff, Christopher W.: a hanDS-on, FielD-BaSeD earTh Science Program For inner ciTY, miDDle School STUDenTS: a collaBoraTion BeTWeen UniVerSiTY anD PUBlic School FacUlTY 115-14 352 Cummings, Michael L.*: ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT in loW-PoPUlaTion DenSiTY eaSTern oregon: Small DiSTricTS - neaT oPPorTUniTieS 115-15 353 Van Norden, Wendy E.*; Ingersoll, Raymond V.: a collaBoraTion To creaTe a college-leVel earTh Science coUrSe For high-School STUDenTS 115-16 354 Meyers, Cassaundra*; Droser, Mary L.: geoScience eDUcaTion oUTreach Program (geoP): USing SoUThern caliFornia'S geological enVironmenT aS a PlaTForm To connecT graDUaTe STUDenT ScienTiSTS anD K-12 STUDenTS 115-17 355 Schleifer, Stanley*; Khandaker, Nazrul I.; Ahmed, Masud; Narine, Keshaw; Loring, Arthur P.; Shami, Malek: changing STYle oF DeFormaTion aT The norThern limiT oF The eXTenT oF The ShaWangUnK conglomeraTe; UlSTer coUnTY, n.Y. 115-18 356 Foutz, Anna M.*; Donohue, Jennifer; Jirsa, Linda; Kline, Mark; Pitts, Patricia; Wallace, Seth; Williams, Jeni; McGill, Sally; Spinler, Joshua; deGroot, Robert; Bennett, Richard A.: SUrVeYmoDe gPS meaSUremenTS oF crUSTal DeFormaTion in anD aroUnD The San BernarDino moUnTainS, SoUThern caliFornia

SeSSion no. 115

T102. Geological and Environmental Sciences Research Forum: Greater Visibility and Interactions between the Undergraduates and K­12 Students (Posters) (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 115-1 339 Koy, Karen A.*; Leeson, Dylan; Sigmon, Mickey; Spencer, Adam: The SUmmer reSearch inSTiTUTe: recrUiTing high School STUDenTS ThroUgh collaBoraTiVe reSearch ProJecTS 340 Shiller, Thomas*; Urbanczyk, Kevin; Beall, Adelina: inTroDUcing WaTer Science To miDDle School STUDenTS ThroUgh The TeXaS PreFreShman engineering Program (TeXPreP) 341 Nguyen, Y-Lan Le*; Dhar, Sujoy Kumar; Ma, Ning; Dhar, Ratan: SPaTial VariaBiliTY oF nUTrienT concenTraTionS in Jamaica BaY, nY 342 Dhar, Sujoy Kumar*; Nguyen, Y-Lan Le; Dhar, Ratan: PhYSical anD chemical characTeriZaTion oF Jamaica BaY SeDimenTS 343 Haniff, Nazifa*; Rhoden, Machel; Tirmizi, Atiqa; Singh, Andrew; Tineo, Reuben; Schleifer, Stanley; Khandaker, Nazrul I.: SeDimenTologY anD chemical comPoSiTion oF The SilUrian BinneWaTer SanDSTone, UlSTer coUnTY, nY 344 Greenawald, David*; MacCord, Erin; Grimm, Ryan P.: FacieS DiSTriBUTion oF DeVonian-miSSiSSiPPian SiliciclaSTic STraTa, cenTral aPPalachian BaSin: PreliminarY croSS SecTionS For eValUaTing geologic carBon SeQUeSTraTion oPPorTUniTieS in The Berea anD raVencliFF SanDSToneS 345 Zarine, Ali*; Singh, Andrew; Khandaker, Nazrul I.; Schleifer, Stanley; Kaur, Manpreet: SeDimenTologY oF iSlanD Beach STaTe ParK, neW JerSeY 346 Shami, Malek*; Khandaker, Nazrul I.; Schleifer, Stanley; Defabio, Darlene: SeDimenTaTion, ProVenance, anD TecTonicS oF The gUlF oF aDen 347 Beauzile, Wilfrid*; Khandaker, Nazrul I.; Schleifer, Stanley; Antanesian, Vaspour; Molteni, Edward A.: geochemical inVeSTigaTion oF The hUDSon riVer Shale, roSenDale, neW YorK



SeSSion no. 116

T123. Diurnal Biogeochemical Processes in Rivers, Lakes, and Shallow Groundwater (Posters) (Geochemical Society; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 116-1 357 Ezell, John E.*; McNeal, Karen S.: a DiUrnal STUDY oF The SeDimenT BiogeochemiSTrY oF WeeKS BaY DUring BoTTom WaTer hYPoXic anD norm-oXic eVenTS 358 Stonestrom, David A.*; Mayers, C. Justin; Andraski, Brian J.; Constantz, Jim: The TWo-STage ParaDigm FailS To DeScriBe DiUrnal eVaPoraTiVe DrYing oF DeSerT SoilS anD SeDimenTS 359 Masson, Matthieu*; Lanceleur, Laurent; Tercier-Waeber, Mary-Lou; Schäfer, Jörg; Hezard, Teddy; Larrose, Aurélie; Bossy, Cécile; Blanc, Gérard: DiUrnal changeS in SPeciaTion oF Trace elemenTS (cD, cU) in The SUrFace FreShWaTer reacheS oF The gironDe eSTUarY (France) 360 Cron, Brandi*; Crossey, Laura J.; Karlstrom, Karl E.; Northup, Diana E.; Takacs-Vesbach, Cristina: microBial DiVerSiTY, geochemiSTrY anD Diel FlUcTUaTionS in TraVerTine moUnDS aT Tierra amarilla anTicline, neW meXico 361 Parker, Stephen R.; Smith, M. Garrett*; Poulson, Simon: Diel changeS in The concenTraTion anD STaBle carBon iSoToPe comPoSiTion oF DiSSolVeD inorganic anD organic carBon in TWo monTana, USa riVerS 362 Carling, Gregory T.*; Johnson, William P.; Naftz, David L.: Diel VariaTionS in ParTicUlaTe hg anD oTher Trace elemenTS in a TemPeraTe WeTlanD aDJacenT To FarmingTon BaY, greaT SalT laKe, UTah












115-10 348 Barton, Ashley M.*; Metzger, Christine A.: Soil geneSiS anD lanDSliDe DeVeloPmenT in The monTereY FormaTion, PUenTe hillS, caliFornia 115-11 349 Knight, Pamela; Gillespie, Janice M.*; Baron, Dirk: eXPerienceS From 13 Y earS oF a DUal enrollmenT PhYSical geologY claSS aT The caliFornia STaTe UniVerSiTY anD SoUTh high School in BaKerSFielD, caliFornia 115-12 350 Rockow, Michael*: imProVing Science inQUirY ProJecTS aT The miDDle School leVel BY SeTTing UP a menTor Program WiTh local UniVerSiTieS


2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 195


SeSSion no. 117

T127. Science of Geologic Carbon Sequestration (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 117-1 363 Holubnyak, Yevhen*; Hawthorne, Steven B.; Mibeck, Blaise; Miller, David J.; Bremer, Jordan; Steadman, Edward N.; Harju, John A.: moDeling geochemical reacTionS in a TYPical WilliSTon BaSin reSerVoir USeD For co2 anD SoUr gaS STorage 364 Lynds, Ranie*; Campbell-Stone, Erin: reSerVoir heTerogeneiTY characTeriZaTion oF The Bighorn DolomiTe For co2 geoSeQUeSTraTion, moXa arch, Se WYoming 365 Crandall, Dustin; Bromhal, Grant S.*: hoW changing aPerTUreS aFFecT The TranSmiSSiViTY oF roUgh FracTUreS 366 Roberts-Ashby, Tina L.*; Stewart, Mark: eValUaTion oF The SUnnilanD FormaTion oF The SoUTh FloriDa BaSin For carBon DioXiDe caPTUre anD SeQUeSTraTion anD enhanceD oil recoVerY 367 Pollyea, Ryan*; Fairley, Jerry P. Jr.; Podgorney, Robert K.; McLing, Travis L.: SimUlaTing heTerogeneoUS ProPerTY DiSTriBUTionS For carBon DioXiDe inJecTion moDeling in FracTUreD BaSalTS 368 Thomas, Burt*; Rosenbauer, Robert; Kharaka, Yousif K.: carBon SeQUeSTraTion in coal: PreDicTing The BehaVior oF organic conSTiTUenTS DUring co2 SeQUeSTraTion 369 Johnson, Natalie C.*; Thomas, Burt; Maher, Kate; Kendelewicz, Tom; Bird, Dennis K.; Rosenbauer, Robert; Brown, Gordon E. Jr.: KineTicS oF oliVine carBonaTion aT 60oc anD 100 Bar 370 Small, Mitchell J.; Yang, Ya-Mei*; Ogretim, Egemen O.; Gray, Donald D.; Bromhal, Grant S.: eSTimaTing The ProBaBiliTY oF leaK DeTecTion BY DePloYmenT oF a Soil co2 moniToring neTWorK aT a SeQUeSTraTion SiTe 371 Ott, Holger*; De Kloe, Kees; Taberner, Conxita; Makurat, Axel: core FlooD eXPerimenTS: haliTe PreciPiTaTion in The near Well-Bore region

SeSSion no. 118

T135. Geology in the National Forests and Grasslands-- Stewardship, Education, and Research (Posters) (GSA Geology and Society Division; USDA Forest Service, Minerals & Geology Management and Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants Programs; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Engineering Geology Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 118-1 379 Elder, Don*; de la Fuente, Juan A.: BiDWell lanDSliDe: inTerPlaY oF lanDSliDing WiTh acTiVe FaUlTing, glaciaTion, laTe-PleiSTocene PlUVial laKeS anD hYDroThermallY-alTereD Volcanic rocKS 380 Zhang, Manjiang*; Schwartz, Jonathan; Koler, Thomas E.: liVing WiThin a DYnamic lanDScaPe - legacY challengeS From The ST. FranciS Dam FailUre 381 de la Fuente, Juan*; Bousfield, Gregg; Bell, Angie: DiFFerenceS in lanDSliDeS anD DeBriS FloWS aSSociaTeD WiTh WinTer STormS oF 2005 anD 1997 on The KlamaTh naTional ForeST, cenTral KlamaTh moUnTainS ca 382 Key, Thomas B.*; de la Fuente, Juan A.: geologY anD managemenT oF TraVerTine SPringS on The KlamaTh naTional ForeST, SiSKiYoU coUnTY, norThern caliFornia 383 Callahan, T.J.*; Amatya, Devendra M.; Williams, Thomas M.; Vulava, Vijay M.: WaTer reSoUrceS oF a loW-graDienT WaTerSheD in The aTlanTic coaSTal Plain: TUrKeY creeK, FranciS marion naTional ForeST, SoUTh carolina 384 Zwiebel, Jesse*; Leite, Michael B.; Matthews, Neffra A.; Breithaupt, Brent H.; LaGarry, Hannan E.: USing giS anD PhoTogrammeTric meThoDS To inTerPreT anD DigiTallY PreSerVe FlUVial ichnoFoSSil aSSemBlageS, oligocene BrUle Fm, norThWeST neBraSKa, USa 385 Bell, Angie*: DiSTriBUTion TechniQUeS For inTerPreTiVe maTerial For geologic SPecial inTereST area on The KlamaTh naTional ForeST 386 Smath, Richard; Greb, Stephen F.*; Crawford, Matthew M.; Curl, Douglas C.; Wang, Rebecca: eDUcaTional reSoUrceS anD giS DaTa For The geologY oF The Daniel Boone naTional ForeST, eaSTern KenTUcKY















117-10 372 Devoto, Colleen; Rockhold, Mark*; Sullivan, Charlotte; Wurstner, Signe: a WiKi-BaSeD rocK ProPerTieS caTalog For geologic co2 SeQUeSTraTion moDeling 117-11 373 Buss, Alan R.*; Myers, James D.; Myers, Deborah K.: The SiTe Well caTalog: i. a meanS For managing Borehole DaTa For SeQUeSTraTion SiTe characTeriZaTion, SelecTion anD PermiTTing 117-12 374 Myers, James D.*; Buss, Alan R.; Myers, Deborah K.: The SiTe Well caTalog: ii. iDenTiFYing reQUiremenTS anD eSTaBliShing DeSign criTeria 117-13 375 Barker, Shaun L.L.*; Wilson, Siobhan A.; Dipple, Gregory M.; Fallon, Stewart J.: a meThoD For SeParaTion anD iSoToPic analYSiS oF PrimarY anD SeconDarY carBonaTe mineralS FoUnD in UlTramaFic mine TailingS 117-14 376 Navarre-Sitchler, Alexis*; Kaszuba, John; Wigand, Marcus: PreDicTing alTeraTion oF Well Bore cemenT USing nUmerical moDelS 117-15 377 Chopping, Curtis G.*; Navarre-Sitchler, Alexis; Kaszuba, John; Thyne, Geoffrey: a naTUral analogUe in WYoming For geologic co-SeQUeSTraTion 117-16 378 Zeng, Zhengwen*; Zhou, Xuejun; Boock, Alyssa; Liu, Hong: eXPerimenTal SimUlaTion oF co2-WaTer-rocK inTeracTionS For carBon SeQUeSTraTion anD enhanceD oil recoVerY in norTh DaKoTa WilliSTon BaSin


SeSSion no. 119

T139. Sources, Transport, and Fate of Trace and Toxic Elements in the Environment (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; International Association for GeoChemistry; GSA Geology and Health Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 119-1 387 Harthill, Michalann*: Do geologic FacTorS conTrol DieTarY Se DeFiciencY aFFecTing eTiologY oF Viral inFecTioUS DiSeaSeS (ViDs) 388 Jones, Blair F.; Conko, Kathryn M.*; Micheli, Therese L.; Monk, S.M.; Lev, S.; Flinn, J.M.: Zinc in groUnDWaTer: a role in learning anD memorY DeFiciT? 389 Paolucci, Angela*; Saxe, Jennie; Impellitteri, Christopher: PreDicTing riSK From raDon in SoUrce WaTerS From WaTer QUaliTY ParameTerS 390 Haque, Shama*; Tompkins, Trevor; Holden, Alexander; Mayer, K. Ulrich; Ulrich, Ania; Barker, James: DiSTriBUTion oF meTalS anD meTalloiDS in aQUiFerS imPacTeD BY




196 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


The ingreSS oF ProceSS-aFFecTeD WaTer From oil SanDS TailingS 119-5 391 Yang, Qiang*; Zheng, Yan: a comPariSon oF SPaTial DiSTriBUTion oF arSenic in groUnDWaTer, Soil anD SeDimenT in conTinenTal US 392 Clark, Justin A.*; Frape, Shaun K.; Illman, Walter; Stotler, Randy L.; Shouakar-Stash, Orfan: comPoUnD SPeciFic chlorine anD carBon iSoToPic analYSeS oF Tce anD ciS-Dce: aPPlicaTion To a FracTUreD conTaminanT SiTe 393 Cutler, Nicole K.*; Stillings, Lisa L.; McCormack, John K.: SeDimenT PhaSe aSSociaTionS oF TUngSTen in The allUVial aQUiFerS, Fallon, neVaDa 394 Straka, Alison M.*; Schijf, Johan: eXTenDeD X-raY aBSorPTion Fine STrUcTUre (eXaFS) STUDY oF ree SorPTion on a marine macroalga 395 Siegfried, Matthew R.*; Taylor, Vivien F.; Voytek, Mary A.; Jackson, Brian P.: arSenic concenTraTion anD SPeciaTion in Three miD-aTlanTic riDge hYDroThermal VenT organiSmS 119-23 409 Rudd, Abigail*; Johnson, William P.; Fernandez, Diego P.; Carling, Greg; Naftz, David: SPaTial VariaTion oF mercUrY meThYlaTion PoTenTial in SeDimenTS anD oVerlYing WaTer colUmn in The FarmingTon BaY oF The greaT SalT laKe, UTah 119-24 410 Durbin, James M.*; Stolz, Dustin; Sellers, Taylor I.; Drone, Christopher; Moorman, Zachary T.; Kopec, David W. III.; Newby, Warren M.; Krahling, Mark D.: Trace elemenT analYSiS oF SoilS SUrroUnDing a coal FireD PoWer PlanT in SoUThWeSTern inDiana 119-25 411 Smith, Amanda M.*; Beltran, James; Rueger, Bruce F.: occUrrence oF heaVY anD TranSiTion meTalS in PonD SeDimenTS on BermUDa 119-26 412 Martin, Robert S.*; Mather, Tamsin A.; Pyle, David M.; Witt, Melanie L.I.; Watt, Sebastian FL; Day, Jason A.: Volcanic inFlUenceS on heaVY meTal concenTraTionS in VegeTaTion 119-27 413 Allen, Douglas*; Jennings, Morgan; Pyburn, Joseph: meTalS in The SeDimenTS oF The norTh riVer, Salem, ma 119-28 414 Carter-Thomas, Megan R.*; Brabander, Daniel J.: Trace meTal concenTraTionS in UrBan ParKS oF neW englanD: lanD USeS, geochemical FingerPrinTS, anD regUlaTorY limiTS 119-29 415 Shafer, T. Devaja*; Estes, Emily; Carter-Thomas, Megan R.; Clark, Heather F.; Guenther, William; Brabander, Daniel J.: geoSPaTial-geochemical analYSiS oF heaVY meTalS in The nePonSeT riVer: FaTe, TranSPorT anD geochemical FingerPrinT oF SeDimenT in a hiSToric neW englanD WaTerSheD 119-30 416 Munk, LeeAnn*; Cohn, Brian; Finney, Bruce P.: hiSTorical Trace elemenT TrenDS in anaDromoUS anD nonanaDromoUS laKeS in SoUThWeST alaSKa aS DeciPhereD From laKe SeDimenT coreS






119-10 396 Olsen, Nellie J.*; Bird, Dennis K.; Arnorsson, Stefán; Fridriksson, Thráinn; Fridleifsson, Gudmundur Ó.; Elders, Wilfred A.: geochemical conTrolS on arSenic moBiliTY in icelanDic geoThermal SYSTemS 119-11 397 Cuellar, Angel A.*; Sibert, Ryan J.; Donovan, Patrick M.; Koretsky, Carla M.: DeVeloPmenT oF a SelecTiVe eXTracTion Scheme USing coBalT anD caDmiUm DoPeD hFo 119-12 398 Estes, Emily*; McCarthy, Kathleen; Schaider, Laurel; Shine, James P.; Brabander, Daniel J.: chemical anD PhYSical characTeriZaTion oF naTUrallY PreciPiTaTeD hYDroUS Ferric oXiDeS aT The Tar creeK SUPerFUnD SiTe, oKlahoma 119-13 399 Conko, Kathryn M.*; Landa, Edward R.; Haver, Cary; Gibb, Herman; Centeno, José A.; Kolker, Allan; Kozlov, Kostj: aS anD hg in home DUST anD SoilS near a Former mercUrY mine SiTe in UKraine 119-14 400 Maest, A.S.*; Weaver, Bob; Belanger, Laura; Williams, Mark: elUTion anD TranSPorT oF conTaminanTS From meTal-rich arTiFicial SnoW in coloraDo 119-15 401 Aranda Luna, Suzan*; Borrok, David M.; Wanty, Richard B.: USe oF cU anD Zn iSoToPeS To iDenTiFY meTal SoUrceS anD aTTenUaTion mechaniSmS aT The Former WalDorF mine, clear creeK coUnTY, coloraDo 119-16 402 Langner, Heiko W.*; Domenech, Rob; Greene, Erick: miningrelaTeD conTaminanTS in oSPreYS along The UPPer clarK ForK riVer, monTana 119-17 403 Hasan, Syed E.*: lamProiTeS anD animal healTh 119-18 404 Gieré, Reto*; Chawchai, Sakonvan; Danilewsky, Andreas: mineralogical comPoSiTion anD WeaThering oF The SUlZBUrg anTimonY DePoSiT, BlacK ForeST 119-19 405 Perkins, Robert B.*; Mason, Charles E.; Piper, David Z.: Trace elemenT moBiliTY From WeaThering oF BlacK ShaleS in eaSTern KenTUcKY 119-20 406 Yuan, Xuyin*; Ye, Hongmeng; Ge, Minxia: leVelS anD SoUrceS oF PoTenTial harmFUl elemenTS in SoilS anD SeDimenTS in The changJiang riVer DelTa region 119-21 407 Doñé, Victoria*; Gourley, Jonathan: Trace meTal DiSPerSal in The SoUTh Branch oF The ParK riVer WaTerSheD anD iTS PoSSiBle imPacT on connecTicUT riVer SeDimenTS, harTForD, cT 119-22 408 Masson, Matthieu*; Lanceleur, Laurent; Tercier-Waeber, Mary-Lou; Schäfer, Jörg; Hezard, Teddy; Larrose, Aurélie; Bossy, Cécile; Blanc, Gérard: DiSTriBUTion anD reacTiViTY oF oXYanionS (aS, V, SB, mo) in The SUrFace FreShWaTer reacheS oF The gironDe eSTUarY (France)

SeSSion no. 120

T150. Melt and Fluid Inclusion Analysis in Resource Investigations (Posters) (Society of Economic Geologists; U.S. Geological Survey)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 120-1 417 Hofstra, A.H.*; Landis, G.P.: analYSiS oF gaSeS in Single melT or FlUiD inclUSionS BY QUaDrUPole maSS SPecTromeTrY [QmS] anD ion TraP - Time oF FlighT - maSS SPecTromeTrY [it-ToF-mS] ­ aPPlicaTion To mineral reSoUrce inVeSTigaTionS 418 Todorov, Todor*; Koenig, Alan; Marsh, E.E.: inTegraTeD raman microSPecTroScoPY laSer aBlaTion inDUcTiVelY coUPleD PlaSma maSS SPecTromeTrY (la-icP-mS) SYSTem For The analYSiS oF FlUiD anD melT inclUSionS 419 Tattitch, Brian*; Candela, Philip; Piccoli, Philip; Bodnar, R.J.: inTerPreTaTion oF h2o/co2/nacl PhaSe eQUiliBria in eXPerimenTS aT magmaTic TemPeraTUreS anD PreSSUreS



SeSSion no. 121

T152. Frontiers in Coal Science: From Basic Research to Applied Technology (Posters) (GSA Coal Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 121-1 420 Anderson, Fred J.*; Hall, Brian N.; Gudmunsen, Cassie B.; Ries, Adam J.; Christensen, Allison R.: eXPloraTion For ShalloW naTUral gaS in norTh DaKoTa BY FiD FielD Screening oF groUnD-WaTer WellS

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 197


121-2 421 Solis, Michael P.; Greb, Stephen F.*: regional analYSeS oF loWer PennSYlVanian STraTa in SoUTheaSTern KenTUcKY To aSSeSS The PoTenTial For enhanceD coalBeD meThane ProDUcTion WiTh carBon DioXiDe 422 Bates, Brittney L.*; McIntosh, Jennifer C.; Lohse, Kathleen A.: inFlUence oF groUnDWaTer recharge raTeS, nUTrienT SUPPlY, anD SUlFaTe reDUcTion on meThanogenic PaThWaYS: PoWDer riVer BaSin, WY 423 Stricker, G.D.*; Flores, Romeo M.; Trippi, Michael H.: SUBBiTUminoUS coal liThoTYPeS anD gaS conTenT in WYoDaK-anDerSon coal in The PoWDer riVer BaSin, WYoming 424 Affolter, Ronald H.*; Betterton, William J.; Olea, Ricardo: chemical anD mineral VariaTion oF coal anD coal comBUSTion ProDUcTS From a WeSTern PoWer PlanT UTiliZing PoWDer riVer BaSin coal 425 Singh, Rajesh*; Rahman, Mohammad W.; Lefticariu, Liliana: SUlFUr in illinoiS coalS 426 Rahman, Mohammad W.*; Singh, Rajesh; Lefticariu, Liliana: concenTraTion anD DiSTriBUTion oF Trace elemenTS in coalS From illinoiS BaSin 427 Ruhl, Laura*; Vengosh, Avner; Dwyer, Gary S.: Boron anD STronTiUm iSoToPe ProXieS For Tracing The enVironmenTal imPacT oF The TVa coal aSh SPill, KingSTon, Tn 428 Hower, James C.*; O'Keefe, Jennifer M.K.; Volk, Thomas J.; Watt, Michael A.: reSinicoloUS FUngi in coalS: eXamPleS From meSoZoic anD cenoZoic coalS 122-11 anD ToPograPhY, DecemBer 2007 STorm, WillaPa hillS, SoUThWeST WaShingTon 122-7 3:15 PM Krug, Kate D.*; Clahan, Kevin B.; Parry, Steve; Millis, Stuart: lanDSliDe haZarD maPPing meThoDologY For regional Scale haZarD aSSeSSmenT, WeST lanTaU iSlanD, hong Kong Sar, china 3:30 PM Mason, Jon P.*: geomorPhic ProceSSeS conTriBUTing To SeVere DUST STormS DUring SPring 2009 in norTheaSTern ariZona 3:45 PM Lancaster, Nicholas*; McDonald, Philip A.; Bristow, Charlie S.; Coming, Daniel: an inSiDerS VieW oF DeSerT SanD DUneS: immerSiVe 3-D ViSUaliZaTion oF aeolian SeDimenTarY STrUcTUreS anD DePoSiTS USing groUnD PeneTraTing raDar DaTa 4:00 PM Doehne, Eric*; Balboni, Enrica; Pinchin, S.: FielD meaSUremenT oF eroSion raTeS: Time-laPSe moniToring oF raPiD STone FlaKing in YorKShire 4:15 PM Dethier, David P.*; Blum, Alex E.: eVolUTion oF SoilS DeriVeD From WeaThering oF SaProliTic BeDrocK anD collUViUm, BeTaSSo caTchmenT, FronT range, coloraDo 4:30 PM Joeckel, R.M.*; Wally, K.D.; Hanson, Paul R.; Ang Clement, B.J.; Dillon, J.S.; Wilson, S.K.: Per laTUS eXTraPeDogenic aciDic WeaThering oF PYriTic SeDimenTarY rocKS, neBraSKa, USa 4:45 PM Prince, Philip S.*; Spotila, James A.; Henika, William S.: ForeVer YoUng? neW eViDence For conTinUing Parallel reTreaT oF The WorlD'S olDeST PaSSiVe margin eScarPmenT 5:00 PM Putkonen, Jaakko*; Jahraus, Tim; Morgan, Daniel; Balco, Greg: DirecT QUanTiFicaTion oF cUrrenT SeDimenT TranSPorT on SUrFaceS in VarYing climaTeS, Wa anD nD, USa anD DrY ValleYS, anTarcTica 5:15 PM Palmes, John Edward*: The origin oF ValleYS, a FrienDlY amenDmenT To PlaYFair'S laW







121-6 121-7





121-10 429 York, Chris; Anderson, Ken; Crelling, John C.*: ProPerTieS oF inerTiniTe maceralS 121-11 430 Gesserman, Rachel M.*; Morrissey, Eric A.; Hackley, Paul C.: PeTrograPhic WeB aTlaS For meTallUrgical BiTUminoUS coal maceralS 122-14

aFTernoon oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 122

Geomorphology: Interactions of Ice, Water, Slope, and Wind

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B114/115 David P. Dethier and Nick Lancaster, Presiding 122-1 1:30 PM Attig, John W.; Hanson, Paul R.*; Rawling, J. Elmo III.; Young, Aaron R.; Carson, Eric C.: oPTical ageS From ice-marginal laKe DePoSiTS in The BaraBoo hillS inDicaTe The green BaY loBe WaS aT iTS maXimUm eXTenT aBoUT 20,000 Y earS ago 1:45 PM Florsheim, J.L.*; Cai, Y.S.; Di, B.F.; He, P.; Huang, C.M.; Li, J.; Kellogg, L.H.; Qiao, X.; Sumner, D.Y.; Ustin, S.L.; Xinxin, H.; Tang, Y.; Zhang, M.H.: geomorPhic conTrolS on FlUVial TraVerTine morPhologY 2:00 PM Attal, Mikael; Cowie, Patience*; Whittaker, Alexander C.; Hobley, Dan E.J.; Tucker, Gregory E.; Roberts, Gerald P.: inTegraTeD FielD anD nUmerical TeST oF STream eroSion moDelS USing The TranSienT reSPonSe oF BeDrocK riVerS To TecTonic Forcing 2:15 PM Cadol, Daniel*; Wohl, Ellen: WooD TranSPorT anD reTenTion in TroPical heaDWaTer STreamS, coSTa rica 2:30 PM Wohl, Ellen*: KirK BrYan aWarD: moUnTain riVer Form anD ProceSS 3:00 PM Turner, Ted R.*; Duke, Steve; Fransen, Brian; Reiter, Maryanne; Kroll, A.J.; Ward, Jim; Bach, Janette; Justice, Tiffany; Bilby, Bob: lanDSliDe DenSiTY anD iTS aSSociaTion WiTh rainFall, ForeST STanD age,


SeSSion no. 123

Petrology, Igneous

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E145 James S. Beard and Peter Nabelek, Presiding 123-1 1:30 PM Beard, James S.*: aSSimilaTion in a miD-crUSTal gaBBro PlUTon: marTinSVille igneoUS comPleX, Virginia 1:45 PM Kumar, K. Vijaya*; Ernst, W.G.; Leelanandam, C.; Wooden, Joe L.; Grove, Marty J.: geochronologicgeochemical DocUmenTaTion oF a PaleoProTeroZoic oPhioliTe From Se inDia 2:00 PM Bailey, David G.*; Lupulescu, Marian V.: KimBerliTeS oF cenTral neW YorK STaTe: magmaTiSm relaTeD To meSoZoic eXTenSion anD reacTiVaTion oF liThoSPheric STrUcTUreS 2:15 PM Schrader, Christian M.*: SegregaTion oF monZoSYeniTe liQUiD FolloWing DeVolaTiliZaTion in The monZogaBBroic Bone SPringS Sill, Big BenD, TeXaS 2:30 PM Brueseke, Matthew E.*; Hart, William K.: geologY anD geochemiSTrY oF earlY miocene inTermeDiaTe comPoSiTion VolcaniSm in norThern neVaDa anD iTS relaTionShiP To regional TecTonomagmaTic ProceSSeS 2:45 PM Wulff, Andrew H.*: chemical STraTigraPhY anD PeTrogeneSiS oF The caSiTaS ShielD, DeScaBeZaDo granDe-cerro aZUl Volcanic comPleX, chilean anDeS








122-5 122-6


198 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


3:00 PM Break 123-7 3:15 PM Catlos, Elizabeth*; Sayit, Kaan; Dubey, C.S.; Sivasubramanian, Poovalingam: geochemical anD geochronological DaTa From charnocKiTeS anD anorThoSiTeS From inDia'S KoDaiKanalPalani maSSiF, SoUThern granUliTe Terrain, inDia 3:30 PM Götze, Jens; Gucsik, Arnold*; Kempe, Ulf; Nagy, Szabolcs; Bérczi, Szaniszlo; Veres, Miklos: FirST iDenTiFicaTion oF calciTe inclUSion WiThin The lUna-20 lUnar SamPle: a comBineD caThoDolUmineScence anD micro-raman STUDY 3:45 PM Rowe, Michael C.*; Peate, David W.; Newbrough, Ashley: melT inclUSion recorDS oF monogeneTic erUPTionS: a BimoDal eXamPle From DoTSero Volcano, coloraDo 4:00 PM Deans, Jeremy Roland*; Barnes, Calvin G.: Trace elemenTS anD TemPeraTUre VariaTion in QUarTZ anD TiTaniTe in The 36 ma harriSon PaSS PlUTon, rUBY moUnTainS norTh-eaST neVaDa 4:15 PM Stefano, Christopher J.*; Mukasa, Samuel B.; Andronikov, Alexandre; Leeman, William P.: eXcePTionallY high WaTer anD oTher VolaTile concenTraTionS in oliVine-hoSTeD melT inclUSionS From The YelloWSTone hoTSPoT anD colUmBia riVer FlooD BaSalTS 4:30 PM Nabelek, Peter*; Whittington, Alan G.; Sirbescu, Mona-Liza: The role oF h2o in ProDUcing large crYSTalS in highlY UnDercooleD graniTe melTS 4:45 PM Wise, Michael A.*: micro To nano FeaTUreS oF (nB,Ta, Sn)-oXiDe mineralS reViSiTeD: eViDence For DiSeQUiliBriUm crYSTalliZaTion in graniTic PegmaTiTeS 5:00 PM Sirbescu, Mona-Liza C.*; Leatherman, Mark A.; Student, James J.: TeXTUral anD comPoSiTional VariaTionS in raPiDlY cooleD PegmaTiTe SheeTS 124-6 4:00 PM Jacobson, Carl*; Okaya, David; Christensen, Nikolas I.: The Pelona-orocoPia-ranD SchiSTS For caliBraTion oF crUSTal SeiSmic aniSoTroPY inTenSiTY anD ScaleS: naTUral eXPoSUreS, Three-DimenSional geomeTrieS, anD QUanTiFicaTion oF inherenT FaBric aniSoTroPY 4:15 PM Hacker, Bradley R.*; Erdman, Monica; Mc Kay, Hannah; Seward, Gareth; Zandt, George: VelociTY aniSoTroPY oF The rUBY moUnTainS--eaST hUmBolDT range From elecTron BacK-ScaTTer DiFFracTion 4:30 PM Johnson, Scott E.*; Naus-Thijssen, Félice M.J.; Vel, Senthil S.; Okaya, David: nUmerical moDeling oF microSTrUcTUral ProceSSeS anD FaBric eVolUTion: an eSSenTial STeP in eXPloring crUSTal SeiSmic aniSoTroPY 4:45 PM convenors summary: Disciplinary and crossdisciplinary challenges 4:55 PM Discussion: What multi-disciplinary ties are needed to assess this statement: "Seismic anisotropy is a proxy for tectonic deformation"? 5:25 PM concluding remarks







SeSSion no. 125

T10. Geoheritages, Geoantiquities, and Geomorphosites (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA History of Geology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B113 John F. Shroder and Marjorie A. Chan, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 125-1 125-2 125-3 125-4 125-5 1:45 PM McClelland, Lindsay*: geoParKS -- inTernaTional recogniTion For oUTSTanDing geologic areaS 2:00 PM Lipps, Jere H.*: The ProTecTion anD conSerVaTion oF PaleonTologic FielD SiTeS WorlDWiDe 2:15 PM Moores, Eldridge*; Bobrowsky, Peter T.: caSe For norTh american geoParK neTWorKS 2:30 PM Hill, Wesley*: moVing ToWarD an american SYSTem oF geoParKS 2:45 PM Prose, Douglas V.*: american geoParKS: From iDea To realiTY 3:00 PM Break 125-6 3:15 PM Chan, Marjorie A.*; Godsey, Holly S.: geoanTiQUiTieS in The UrBan lanDScaPe: PoTenTial loSS oF geological heriTage 3:30 PM Dott, Robert H. Jr.*; Attig, John W.: SaVing claSSic geologY in The BaraBoo DiSTricT oF WiSconSin 3:45 PM EchoHawk, Barbara*: The comPlicaTeD hiSTorY oF ValmonT BUTTe, a PoTenTial Small-Scale geoheriTage anD geomorPhoSiTe 4:00 PM Mills, Hugh H.*: geomorPhologiST'S PlaYgroUnD: cUToFF BeDrocK meanDerS,SUBTerranean STream caPTUre, anD recenT STream coUrSe change From WinDoW cliFFS To BUrgeSS FallS 4:15 PM Wandersee, James H.*; Clary, Renee M.: a comPUTerBaSeD TeXT analYSiS oF The neW earTh Science liTeracY PrinciPleS: PeDagogical imPlicaTionS For geoheriTage SiTe Signage SYSTem DeSign 4:30 PM Bennett, Matthew Robert*; Morse, Sarita Amy: PreSerVing The imPoSSiBle: meThoDS For The conSerVaTion oF SoFT-SeDimenT hominin FooTPrinT SiTeS 4:45 PM Shroder, John F. Jr.*; Chan, Marjorie A.: geoheriTageS, geoanTiQUiTieS anD geomorPhoSiTeS: FUTUre in USa? 5:00 PM Discussion 5:15 PM concluding remarks




SeSSion no. 124

P2. Crustal Tectonic Deformation as Revealed by Seismic Anisotropy (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 254 David Okaya, Kevin Mahan, Mark T. Brandon, and Nikolas I. Christensen, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 1:34 PM Part 1: Seismological view of anisotropic crustal material 124-1 1:35 PM Zandt, George*; Porter, Ryan C.; Okaya, David: imaging oF crUSTal SeiSmic aniSoTroPY: hoW We meaSUre iT anD WhaT DoeS iT mean? 1:55 PM Okaya, David*; Christensen, Nikolas I.: crUSTal SeiSmic aniSoTroPY - Some FirST PrinciPleS 2:15 PM Discussion: can seismics "sense" fabrics? 2:34 PM Part 2: geological view of anisotropic crustal material 124-3 2:35 PM Butler, Robert W.H.*; Lloyd, Geoffrey E.: relaTing DeFormaTion FaBricS anD TecTonicS To SeiSmic aniSoTroPY in conTinenTal crUST 2:55 PM Mahan, Kevin H.*: inFlUence oF meTamorPhic anD DeFormaTion ProceSSeS on The eVolUTion oF crUSTal SeiSmic aniSoTroPY 3:10 PM Brandon, Mark T.*: DUcTile FloW WiThin an orogenic WeDge, anD iTS imPlicaTionS For SeiSmic aniSTroPY 3:25 PM Discussion: are texture-based discriminants possible? 3:45 PM Break 3:59 PM Part 3: natural examples and future directions

125-7 125-8








2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 199



SeSSion no. 126

T23. Geochemistry of Arsenic and Other Toxic Elements and Assessment of Environmental Risks in Global Groundwater Systems II (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA International Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; Geochemical Society; International Society of Groundwater for Sustainable Development [ISGSD])

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D139/140 Prosun Bhattacharya, Alan E. Fryar, and Abhijit Mukherjee, Presiding 126-1 1:30 PM Jean, Jiin-Shuh*; Reza, A.H.M. Selim; Lee, Ming-Kuo; Bundschuh, Jochen; Liu, Chia-Chuan: arSenic anD organic carBon in ShalloW allUVial aQUiFerS oF Three DiFFerenT PhYSiograPhic SeTTingS in BanglaDeSh 1:45 PM Rahman, Moklesh*; von Brömssen, Mattias; Bhattacharya, Prosun; Ahmed, Kazi Matin; Hasan, M. Aziz; Hossain, Mohammed; Sultana, Sarmin; Jacks, Gunnar: changeS in groUnDWaTer chemical characTeriSTicS in regionS WiTh high-arSenic groUnDWaTer aT maTlaB, SoUTh-eaSTern BanglaDeSh 2:00 PM Hossain, Mohammed*; Bhattacharya, Prosun; Rahman, Moklesur; von Brömssen, Mattias; Hasan, M. Aziz; Islam, M. Mainul; Ahmed, Kazi Matin; Jacks, Gunnar: WaTer QUaliTY oF DrinKing WaTer Well SamPleS, maTlaB, BanglaDeSh 2:15 PM Rahman, M. Tauhid-Ur-*; Mano, Akira; Udo, Keiko; Ishibashi, Yoshinobu: Searching For SaFe WaTer in The arSenic aFFecTeD commUniTY; SoUThWeSTern BanglaDeSh 2:30 PM Dhar, Ratan*; Zheng, Yan: groUnDWaTer hYDrogeochemiSTrY anD iTS imPlicaTionS For arSenic moBiliZaTion in ShalloW anD DeeP aQUiFerS in araihaZar, BanglaDeSh 2:45 PM Chatterjee, Debashis*; Biswas, Ashis; Halder, Dipti; Bhowmick, Subhamoy; Majumder, Santanu; Hazra, Rasmani; Nath, Bibhash; Saha, Debasree; Mukherjee-Goswami, A.: groUnDWaTer chemiSTrY anD arSenic moBiliZaTion in ShalloW anD DeeP aQUiFer ­ a FielD Scale STUDY in WeST Bengal, inDia 3:00 PM Break 126-7 3:15 PM Ramanathan, A.L.*; Kumar, Pankaj; Kumar, Manish; Bhattacharya, Prosun; Tsujimura, M.: SoUrce anD origin oF arSenic conTaminaTion in miDDle gangeTic Plain oF UTTar PraDeSh anD Bihar, inDia 3:30 PM Polya, D.A.*; Mondal, D.; Giri, A.K.; Banerjee, M.; Banerjee, N.; Bhattacharya, U.; Kundu, M.; Lythgoe, P.R.: ProBaBiliSTic riSK aSSeSSmenT oF groUnDWaTer arSenic 3:50 PM Nath, Bibhash*; Jean, Jiin-Shuh; Lee, Ming-Kuo; Hazra, Rasmani; Chatterjee, Debashis: DoeS a high concenTraTion oF arSenic in groUnDWaTer caUSe BlacKFooT DiSeaSe? an anSWer From inDia, BanglaDeSh anD TaiWan 4:05 PM Oyewumi, Oluyinka*; Schreiber, Madeline: Biogeochemical conTrolS on The FaTe anD TranSPorT oF organoarSenicalS From PoUlTrY liTer 4:20 PM Mostafa, M.G.*; Chen, Yen-Hua; Jean, Jiin-Shuh: characTeriZaTion oF arSenaTe on nano-SiZe iron oXiDe-coaTeD PerliTe aDSorBenT 4:35 PM Beaulieu, Brett*; Ewing, Samantha: FielD TeSTing anD moDeling oF in SiTU groUnDWaTer arSenic remeDiaTion ThroUgh iron SUlFiDe PreciPiTaTion near Tacoma, WaShingTon 127-12 4:50 PM Panel Discussion: geogenic arsenic and other Toxic elements in global groundwater Systems: environmental risks and management (Panel members: P. Bhattacharya, alan Fryar (moderators), D.K. nordstrom, D. Polya, J. Bundschuh, J-S. Jean, K. Johannesson) 5:10 PM concluding remarks

SeSSion no. 127

T29. Recent Advances in the Conceptualization, Characterization, and Interpretation of Fluid Movement and Transport Dynamics in Fractured and Karst Aquifers (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D137/138 Tristan P. Wellman and David F. Boutt, Presiding 127-1 1:30 PM Wellman, Tristan*; Paschke, Suzanne; Dupree, Jean; Minsely, Burke: a hYDrogeochemical inVeSTigaTion oF The leaDVille mining DiSTricT in cloSe ProXimiTY To The canTerBUrY anD leaDVille mine Drainage TUnnelS, leaDVille, coloraDo 1:45 PM Bacchus, Sydney T.*; Masour, Janna; Madden, Marguerite; Jordan, Thomas: geoSPaTial analYSiS oF DePreSSional WeTlanDS: a PoTenTial Tool For aSSeSSing hYDroPerioD imPacTS From mining in a KarST aQUiFer SYSTem 2:00 PM Doe, Thomas W.*: ThirTY-TWo YearS oF ProgreSS ToWarDS UnDerSTanDing FloW anD TranSPorT in FracTUreD rocK 2:20 PM Muldoon, Maureen A.*; Bradbury, Kenneth R.: TemPoral VariaTion in recharge anD WaTer QUaliTY in a FracTUreD DolomiTe aQUiFer WiTh moDeraTe Soil coVer 2:35 PM McCoy, Kurt J.*: groUnDWaTer circUlaTion in moUnTain BlocKS aDJacenT The rio granDe riFT 2:50 PM Luhmann, Andrew J.*; Covington, Matthew D.; Peters, Andrew J.; Alexander, Scott C.; Anger, Cale T.; Green, Jeffrey A.; Alexander, E. Calvin Jr.: Thermal PaTTernS oF KarST SPringS anD caVe STreamS in SoUTheaSTern minneSoTa 3:05 PM Ballestero, Thomas P.*; dos Santos, Sergio José; Pitombeira, Ernesto: eFFecTS oF hYDraUlic FracTUring in ShalloW BeDrocK FormaTionS 3:20 PM Break 127-8 3:35 PM Moore, Paul J.*; Martin, Jonathan B.; Screaton, Elizabeth; Neuhoff, Philip S.: conDUiT enlargemenT in eogeneTic KarST aQUiFerS: an eXamPle From The SanTa Fe riVer SinK-riSe SYSTem, norThcenTral FloriDa 3:50 PM Shapiro, Allen M.*; Hsieh, Paul A.; Goode, Daniel J.; Tiedeman, Claire R.: DiFFerenTiaTing BeTWeen DiFFUSion anD aDVecTion oF chemical conSTiTUenTS in FracTUreD rocK aQUiFerS 4:05 PM Gerst, Jonathan*; Schwartz, Benjamin F.; Schreiber, Madeline E.; Doctor, Daniel H.: ePiKarST role in conTrolling The QUaliTY oF KarST aQUiFer recharge 4:20 PM Tiedeman, Claire R.*; Shapiro, Allen M.; Lacombe, Pierre J.; Goode, Daniel J.; Williams, John H.; Hsieh, Paul A.; Johnson, Carole; Imbrigiotta, Thomas E.: imPorTance oF hYDrogeologic characTeriZaTion To SUcceSSFUl BioaUgmenTaTion oF conTaminaTeD FracTUreD SeDimenTarY rocKS 4:40 PM Pennington, Darrell W.*; Brahana, John V.: inVeSTigaTing FloW PaThS in a ShalloW, manTleD-KarST aQUiFer USing aPPlicaTionS oF conTinUoUS moniToring anD hYDrograPh receSSion








127-5 127-6











200 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


limB analYSiS aT The SaVoY eXPerimenTal WaTerSheD, norThWeST arKanSaS 127-13 4:55 PM Baker, Gregroy S.*: UTiliZing groUnD PeneTraTing raDar (gPr) To ViSUaliZe anD characTeriZe hYDraUlicallY conDUcTiVe BeDrocK FracTUreS 5:10 PM Wilson, John L.*; Koski, Katrina: maTriX STorage oF FlooDS in KarST caVe conDUiTS 5:25 PM Discussion 128-14 128-13 5:00 PM Wolaver, Brad D.*; Love, Andrew; Halihan, Todd; Berens, Volmer; Brunner, Philip; Rousseau-Gueutin, Pauline; Wohling, Daniel; Priestley, Stacey; Fulton, Simon: hYDrogeoPhYSical inVeSTigaTion oF an iSolaTeD recharge eVenT on a cenTral aUSTralia ePhemeral riVer 5:15 PM Harvey, F. Edwin*; Gilbert, James M.; Halihan, Todd: USing elecTrical reSiSTiViTY imaging (eri) To maP Saline groUnDWaTer-SUrFace WaTer inTeracTionS


SeSSion no. 128

T31. Stream-Groundwater Interaction: New Understanding, Innovations, and Applications at Bedform, Reach, and River Network Scales (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E141/142 Anne J. Jefferson, Laura Lautz, and Jeffrey McKenzie, Presiding 128-1 1:30 PM Cardenas, M. Bayani*; Gerecht, Katelyn E.; Markowski, Michael; Nowinski, John D.; Sawyer, Audrey H.; Stanley, Blair A.; Swanson, Travis E.: The Familiar aS a FronTier: PerSiSTenT TranSienT STreamgroUnDWaTer inTeracTionS 1:50 PM Briggs, Martin A.*; Gooseff, Michael N.; Wollheim, Wilfred M.; Peterson, Bruce J.; Morkeski, Kate; Hopkinson, Charles S.: The eFFecTS oF VarieD STream FloW on SUrFace anD hYPorheic TranSienT STorage eXchange 2:05 PM Gomez, Jesus D.*; Wilson, John L.: reSiDence Time DiSTriBUTionS anD DYnamicallY changing hYDrologic SYSTemS: eXPloring TranSienT hYPorheic FloW SYSTemS 2:20 PM Sawyer, Audrey H.*; Cardenas, M. Bayani: DYnamicS oF riVer-groUnDWaTer eXchange DriVen BY large WooDY DeBriS: nUmerical anD laBoraTorY FlUme eXPerimenTS 2:35 PM Haggerty, Roy*; Martí, Eugènia; Argerich, Alba; Grimm, Nancy B.; Myrold, Dave: reSaZUrin aS a "SmarT" Tracer For meTaBolicallY acTiVe TranSienT STorage 2:55 PM Banta, Ryan*; McKay, Alan; Shope, Christopher: characTeriZing SUrFace WaTer anD groUnDWaTer inTeracTionS in The TrUcKee riVer SYSTem USing UlTra-Trace chemiSTrY 3:10 PM Raanan, Hadas*; Vengosh, Avner: raDiUm iSoToPeS aS naTUral TracerS oF groUnDWaTer SeePage in loW SaliniTY SYSTemS 3:25 PM Break 128-8 3:40 PM Selker, John*: FiBer oPTic TemPeraTUre meaSUremenT in STreamS: oPPorTUniTieS, challengeS, anD FUTUre 4:00 PM Hatch, Christine E.*; Prudic, David E.; Jackson, Tracie; Tyler, Scott W.: geological conTrolS on The characTeriSTicS anD SPaTial DiSTriBUTion oF STreamBeD SeePage in a greaT BaSin STream, SoUThern SnaKe range, neVaDa 4:15 PM Lautz, Laura*: imPacTS oF non-iDeal FielD conDiTionS on VerTical WaTer VelociTY eSTimaTeS From STreamBeD TemPeraTUre recorDS 4:30 PM Gerecht, Katelyn E.*; Markowski, Michael; Nowinski, John D.; Sawyer, Audrey H.; Swanson, Travis E.; Cardenas, M. Bayani: FlUiD FloW anD heaT TranSPorT WiThin The hYPorheic anD riParian ZoneS oF a regUlaTeD riVer: coloraDo riVer, aUSTin, TX 4:45 PM Barlow, Jeannie R.B.*: heaT USeD To QUanTiFY anD eValUaTe The role oF groUnDWaTer anD SUrFace-WaTer inTeracTion on nUTrienT TranSPorT To The ShalloW allUVial aQUiFer UnDerlYing norThWeSTern miSSiSSiPPi

SeSSion no. 129

T39. Methods of Reconstructing Quaternary Sea Levels (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B116 Alexander Simms and Benjamin Horton, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 129-1 129-2 1:45 PM Shennan, Ian*: reconSTrUcTing QUaTernarY Sea leVelS ­ DaTa or moDel eSTimaTeS?



2:20 PM Mary, Michelle*; Ekdale, A.A.: BioeroSion Trace FoSSilS anD a PleiSTocene Sea leVel eVenT in The KeY largo limeSTone, FloriDa KeYS 2:35 PM Simms, Alexander Ray*; Aryal, Niranjan; Troiani, Taylor; Yokoyama, Yusuke: meThoDS For reconSTrUcTing holocene Sea leVelS in SoUTh TeXaS 2:50 PM Break 3:05 PM Gurrola, Larry D.*; Keller, E.A.; Chen, J.; Owen, Lewis; Spencer, Joel Q.G.: TecTonic geomorPhologY oF marine TerraceS: SanTa BarBara FolD BelT, caliFornia 3:20 PM Barlow, Natasha*; Shennan, Ian; Long, Antony J.: relaTiVe Sea leVel change anD QUanTiFYing crUSTal reSPonSe DUring The liTTle ice age in UPPer cooK inleT, SoUTh cenTral alaSKa, USa 3:35 PM Woodroffe, Sarah A.*; Long, Antony J.: SalT marSheS in WeST greenlanD: neW PalaeoenVironmenTal archiVeS oF high laTiTUDe Sea leVel change 3:55 PM Yokoyama, Yusuke*; Yamane, Masako; Ohkouchi, Naohiko; Matsuzaki, Hiroyuki: meThoDS For DeTecTing holocene Sea leVel SignalS in anTarcTica 4:15 PM Kouremenos, Peter*; Simms, Alexander; DeWitt, Regina: USing oSl To creaTe Sea-leVel cUrVeS in anTarcTica 4:30 PM Pavich, Milan*; Markewich, Helaine W.; Brook, George; Litwin, Ronald J.; Smoot, Joseph: Sea leVel hiSTorY oF cheSaPeaKe BaY Since 117ka BaSeD on oSl DaTing oF eSTUarine SeDimenTS














SeSSion no. 130

T46. Linking Shallow to Deep Crustal Processes in Arc and Collisional Orogens (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A107/108/109 Stacia Gordon and Leonardo Cruz, Presiding 130-1 130-2 1:30 PM Burbank, Doug*: The role oF SUrFace ProceSSeS aS a DriVer oF crUSTal ProceSSeS 1:50 PM Cruz, Leonardo*; Hilley, George E.; Take, Andy: eXPerimenTal SimUlaTion oF eroSion anD iTS conTrol on The KinemaTicS anD geomeTrY oF a FolD-anD-ThrUST BelTS 2:05 PM Authemayou, Christine*; Brocard, Gilles Y.; Teyssier, Christian; Simon-Labric, Thibaud; Chiquín, Louis; Guttiérrez, Axel; Morán, Sergio: migraTion oF The





2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 201


2:05 PM Horton, Benjamin P.*; Shennan, Ian: comPacTion oF holocene STraTa anD The imPlicaTionS For relaTiVe Sea-leVel change


cariBBean-norTh america-cocoS TriPle JUncTion: The ZiPPer moDel anD The eVolUTion oF The TranSForm Polochic-moTagUa FaUlT SYSTem (gUaTemala) 130-4 2:20 PM Suppe, John*; Wu, Yih-Min; Carena, Sara; Ustaszewski, Kamil: DeeP anD ShalloW STrUcTUre oF TaiWan arc-conTinenT colliSion 2:35 PM Whipp, David M. Jr.*; Braun, Jean; Beaumont, Christopher: orogenic eVolUTion aBoVe a STriKe-limiTeD SUBDUcTion Zone: inSighT inTo SYnTaXiS DeVeloPmenT 2:55 PM Brueckner, Hannes K.*: SlaB eXTrUSion, crUSTal DiaPiriSm anD PoST-orogenic melTing: a SPecTrUm oF mechaniSmS For The eXhUmaTion oF SUBDUcTeD conTinenTal crUST 3:10 PM Martens, Uwe*; Mattinson, Christopher G.; Brueckner, Hannes K.; Liou, J.G.: coeVal DeePening oF SUPracrUSTal SeDimenTS anD eclogiTeFacieS meTamorPhiSm oF Sialic crUST: recorD oF camPanian colliSion aT The cariBBeannorTh american PlaTe BoUnDarY 3:25 PM Baldwin, Suzanne L.*; Miller, Scott R.; Zirakparvar, Nasser A.; Fitzgerald, Paul G.: on The comPleX relaTionShiP BeTWeen PlaTe TecTonicS, liThoSPheric anD SUrFace ProceSSeS reVealeD in meTamorPhic core comPleXeS oF The WooDlarK riFT, eaSTern PaPUa neW gUinea 3:45 PM Break 130-9 4:00 PM Miller, Robert B.*; Gordon, Stacia; Bowring, S.A.; Doran, Brigid; McLean, N.; Shea, Erin; Whitney, D.L.; Wintzer, N.E.: linKing DeeP anD ShalloW crUSTal ProceSSeS in an eXhUmeD conTinenTal arc, norTh caScaDeS, WaShingTon 4:15 PM McLean, Noah M.*; Bowring, Sam; Miller, Robert; Gordon, Stacia: geochronological conSTrainTS on SYnchronoUS regional TranSTenSion, BaSin Fill, meTamorPhiSm, anD eXhUmaTion oF high PreSSUre gneiSSeS in The norTh caScaDeS, Wa 4:30 PM Economos, Rita*; Wooden, Joe L.; Barth, Andrew: inSighTS inTo SoUrce VariaTion For SoUThern caliFornia corDilleran graniTeS VS. granoDioriTeS ThroUgh Zircon geochronologY, ThermomeTrY, anD Trace elemenT chemiSTrY: a caSe STUDY in JoShUa Tree naTional ParK 4:45 PM Hinchey, Alana M.*: FormaTion anD eVolUTion oF The ailliK Domain, maKKoViK ProVince: a PaleoProTeroZoic accreTionarY orogen PreSerVeD in laBraDor, canaDa 5:00 PM Hidalgo, Paulo J.*; Vogel, Thomas A.; Currier, Ryan; Layer, Paul; Rooney, Tyrone: The origin oF el haTo Silicic ignimBriTe oF el Valle Volcano, Panama: eViDence oF DeeP FracTionaTion ProceSSeS 5:15 PM Rooney, Tyrone*: cUmUlaTeS From The Panama canal region: SQUeeZing The amPhiBole "SPonge" 131-10 131-2

SeSSion no. 131

T52. Sixth Columbia River Basalt Symposium II: Volcanism, Tectonism, Petrology, and Hydrogeology 2009 (Mineralogical Society of America; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B110/111/112 Stephen P. Reidel, Terry Tolan, Victor Camp, John Wolff, Ray Wells, Martin E. Ross, and Barton S. Martin, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 131-1 1:35 PM Stoker, Paul*: aQUiFer DeclineS anD ScanT moDern recharge in The colUmBia BaSin groUnD WaTer managemenT area (gWma) oF aDamS, FranKlin, granT, anD lincoln coUnTieS, WaShingTon 1:55 PM Lindsey, Kevin A.*; Tolan, Terry; Porcello, John; Burt, Walt: geologic FeaTUreS in The colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP (crBg) aQUiFer SYSTem ThaT Form VerTical FloW PaThWaYS anD SUBDiViDe The regional groUnDWaTer FloW SYSTem: eXamPleS From The colUmBia BaSin groUnD WaTer managemenT area (gWma) oF SoUThcenTral WaShingTon 2:10 PM Burt, Walt*; Wells, Ray E.; Conlon, Terrence D.; Tolan, Terry L.; Porcello, John J.: eFFecTS oF FaUlTS anD STraTigraPhic VariaBiliTY on groUnDWaTer FloW in colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP aQUiFerS 2:25 PM Porcello, John J.*; Tolan, Terry L.; Lindsey, Kevin A.; Burt, Walt: inFlUence oF Well conSTrUcTion on WaTer leVel inTerPreTaTionS in aQUiFerS oF The colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP 2:40 PM Vlassopoulos, Dimitri*; Karanovic, Marinko; Johnson, Vern; Gazis, Carey A.; Tolan, Terry; Lindsey, Kevin A.: groUnDWaTer recharge anD reSiDence TimeS in The colUmBia riVer BaSalT aQUiFer SYSTem, WaShingTon 2:55 PM Brown, Kyle B.*; McIntosh, Jennifer C.; Rademacher, Laura K.; Lohse, Kathleen A.: a mUlTiTracer aPProach To DeTermine The imPacTS oF agricUlTUral irrigaTion recharge on groUnDWaTer QUaliTY in The SaDDle moUnTainS BaSalT aQUiFer, colUmBia BaSin, WaShingTon 3:10 PM Break 131-7 131-8 3:25 PM Lite, Kenneth E. Jr.*: The Pomona aQUiFer near moSier, oregon 3:40 PM Burns, Erick*; Morgan, David S.; Haynes, Jonathan V.: inVeSTigaTion oF ProceSSeS aFFecTing SUBSTanTial heaD DeclineS in a BaSalT aQUiFer SYSTem, moSier, oregon 3:55 PM Eaton, Larry*; Melady, Jason; Tolan, Terry: SUcceSSFUl imPlemenTaTion oF aQUiFer STorage anD recoVerY (aSr) in a colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP (crBg)-hoSTeD aQUiFerS in The PaciFic norThWeST 4:10 PM Kahle, Sue C.*; Burns, Erick; Peavler, Rachael; Morgan, David S.: DeVeloPmenT oF a Three DimenSional DigiTal geomoDel For The colUmBia PlaTeaU regional aQUiFer SYSTem, WaShingTon, oregon, anD iDaho 4:25 PM Sullivan, E. Charlotte*; Spane, Frank; McGrail, Bernard Peter: The Big SKY carBon SeQUeSTraTion WallUla BaSalT PiloT: STraTigraPhY anD imPlicaTionS 4:40 PM Discussion
















202 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


SeSSion no. 132

T82. Advances in Understanding Metamorphic Processes: Nanoscale to Nappes II (Mineralogical Society of America)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E143/144 C.T. Foster, Frank Spear, and John Bowman, Presiding 132-1 1:30 PM Kohn, Matthew J.*: meTamorPhic anD chronologic conSTrainTS on himalaYan Thermalmechanical moDelS 1:50 PM Stowell, Harold*; Gatewood, Mathew: correlaTion oF meTamorPhic eVenTS anD PlUTon emPlacemenT in The norTh caScaDeS, Wa 2:05 PM Peterman, Emily M.*; Grove, Marty: SigniFicance oF mUScoViTe + QUarTZ SYmPlecTiTeS in anaTecTic WallrocKS For eValUaTing BacKgroUnD geoThermal graDienTS in magmaTic arcS 2:20 PM Hallett, Benjamin W.*; Spear, Frank S.: PeTrologic conSTrainTS on core comPleX emPlacemenT, Valhalla comPleX, BriTiSh colUmBia 2:35 PM Dumond, Gregory*; Mahan, Kevin H.; Williams, Michael L.; Jercinovic, Michael J.: orogenic FloaT anD The monaZiTe connecTion 2:50 PM Growdon, Martha L.*; Wintsch, Robert P.; Percival, John; Rayner, Nicole: Time ScaleS oF loWer crUSTal granUliTe FacieS meTamorPhiSm DUring The TranS-hUDSon orogen, norThern maniToBa 3:05 PM Gibson, H. Daniel*: eViDence For a ProlongeD, hoT orogen WiThin The SoUThern canaDian corDillera: imPlicaTionS For DeeP-SeaTeD TecTono-meTamorPhic orogenic ProceSSeS 3:20 PM Break 132-8 132-9 3:35 PM Spear, Frank S.*; Cheney, John T.: PeTrologic eViDence For ePiSoDic SUBDUcTion 3:50 PM Gieré, Reto*; Rumble, Douglas III.; Günther, Detlef; Connolly, James A.D.: correlaTion oF groWTh anD BreaKDoWn oF maJor anD acceSSorY mineralS in meTaPeliTeS From The cenTral alPS 4:05 PM Bodnar, R.J.*; Lamb, William L.; Sigman, Jessica: WaTer in granUliTeS reViSiTeD: eViDence From raman analYSiS oF FlUiD inclUSionS 4:20 PM Johnson, Elizabeth A.*; Colasanti, Clinton V.; Manning, Craig E.: The eFFecT oF caTion SUBSTiTUTion on hYDrogen SolUBiliTY in rUTile 4:35 PM Schumacher, John C.*; Probst, Anna C.; Keulen, N.T.; van Hinsberg, V.J.; Windley, Brian; Herd, R.K.: origin oF rUBY-Bearing anD relaTeD alUminoUS aSSemBlageS in SoUThWeST greenlanD 4:50 PM Grew, Edward S.*; Marsh, Jeffrey H.; Yates, Martin G.; Lazic, Biljana; Armbruster, Thomas; Locock, Andrew; Bernhardt, Heinz-Juergen; Medenbach, Olaf: a neW YTTriUm garneT SPecieS, {(Y, ree)(ca, Fe2+)2} [(mg,Fe2+)(Fe3+,al)](Si3)o12, anD TWo neW comPonenTS in meTamorPhic garneT: {Y2ca} [mg2](Si3)o12 anD {Y2ca}[Fe2+2](Si3)o12 5:05 PM Reed, Robert M.*: charge conTraST imaging reVealS raDiaTion-Damage haloS in garneT 133-12 133-10 133-4

SeSSion no. 133

T84. Volcanism, Impacts, Mass Extinctions, and Global Environmental Change II (Paleontological Society; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 253 Gerta Keller, Thierry Adatte, and Paul Wignall, Presiding 133-1 1:30 PM Kump, Lee R.*; Meyer, Katja M.; Ridgwell, Andy; Payne, Jonathan L.: BioSPhere reSPonSe To Volcanic co2 releaSe: SiBerian TraPS anD enD-Permian maSS eXTincTion 1:50 PM Isozaki, Yukio*: inTegraTeD PlUme WinTer Scenario For The DoUBle-PhaSeD eXTincTion DUring The PaleoZoic-meSoZoic TranSiTion 2:05 PM Reichow, Marc K.*; Barfod, Dan N.; Condon, Daniel; Mark, Darren F.; Millar, Ian L.; Puchkov, Victor N.; Saunders, Andrew D.; Ardislamov, Faniz: The SiBerian TraPS VolcaniSm anD iTS enVironmenTal imPacT ThroUgh Permian-TriaSSic TimeS 2:20 PM Sleep, Norman H.*; Ogden, Darcy E.: enD-Permian maSS eXTincTion From maSSiVe BaSalT-coal inTeracTion 2:35 PM Discussion 133-5 2:45 PM Mata, Scott A.*; Bottjer, David J.: origin oF loWer TriaSSic microBialiTeS in miXeD carBonaTeSiliciclaSTic SUcceSSionS: aPPlieD STraTigraPhY anD The aFTermaTh oF The enDPermian maSS eXTincTion 3:00 PM Saunders, Andrew D.*; Cohen, Anthony S.; Zhang, Hua: DePleTion oF reDoX-SenSiTiVe elemenTS in The meiShan SecTion, china: ProXY eViDence For large-Scale oceanic anoXia acroSS The Permo-TriaSSic BoUnDarY? 3:15 PM Zonneveld, J.-P.*; Amati, Lisa; Beatty, Tyler W.; Gingras, Murray K.; MacNaughton, Robert B.: arThroPoD-Dominance in TriaSSic PoSTeXTincTion recoVerY FaUnaS: eViDence From The norThWeSTern margin oF Pangaea 3:30 PM Break 133-8 133-9 3:45 PM Clapham, Matthew E.*: SelecTiViTY oF The enDPermian maSS eXTincTion 4:00 PM Sedlacek, Alexa R.C.*; Saltzman, Matthew R.: The Permian-TriaSSic TranSiTion in The greaT BaSin (conFUSion range-SPrUce moUnTain comPoSiTe): age conSTrainTS BaSeD on a conTinUoUS carBon iSoToPe recorD, STronTiUm iSoToPeS anD SeQUence STraTigraPhY 4:15 PM Algeo, Thomas J.*; Tong, Jinnan; Feng, Qinglai: Permian/ TriaSSic BoUnDarY claY BeDS in SoUTh china--relaTeD To The emeiShan large igneoUS ProVince? 4:30 PM Ukstins Peate, Ingrid*; Bryan, Scott Edward: reeValUaTing PlUme-inDUceD UPliFT in The emeiShan large igneoUS ProVince: USing maFic hYDromagmaTic DePoSiTS To conSTrain TecTono-Volcanic eVolUTion 4:45 PM Wignall, Paul B.*; Bond, David P.G.; Ali, Jason R.; Jiang, Haishui; Lai, Xulong; Newton, Robert J.; Sun, Yadong; Védrine, Stephanie; Wang, Wei: The caPiTanian (miDDle Permian) maSS eXTincTion: DeaTh BY ViolenT VolcaniSm 5:00 PM Lucas, Spencer G.*: gloBal miDDle Permian rePTile maSS eXTincTion: The DinocePhalian eXTincTion eVenT


















2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 203



133-14 5:15 PM Henry, Lindsey C.*; Limarino, Carlos O.; Fraiser, Margaret L.; Isbell, John L.: PoTenTial enVironmenTal conSeQUenceS oF PanThalaSSan margin VolcaniSm in The laTe PaleoZoic

SeSSion no. 135

T95. Impact Cratering in the Solar System: Implications for Planetary Ages and Processes (The G.K. Gilbert Award Session) (GSA Planetary Geology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A106 Louise Prockter and Jay Melosh, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 135-1 1:35 PM Kring, David A.*; Swindle, Timothy D.; Wittmann, Axel: The lUnar caTaclYSm hYPoTheSiS anD imPlicaTionS For The enTire Solar SYSTem 1:55 PM McEwen, Alfred S.*; Robinson, Mark S.; Kennedy, Megan R.; Ivanov, Boris A.; Daubar, Ingrid; Hiesinger, Harald: cUrrenT imPacT craTering oF The moon anD marS 2:15 PM Frey, Herbert V.*: The large DiameTer imPacT PoPUlaTion on marS anD The moon: imPlicaTionS For The laTe heaVY BomBarDmenT in The inner Solar SYSTem 2:35 PM Banks, Maria E.*; Galla, Kapil; Byrne, Shane; McEwen, Alfred S.; Bray, Veronica J.; Fishbaugh, Kathryn E.; Herkenhoff, Kenneth E.; Murray, Bruce C.; Team, HiRISE Science: craTer PoPUlaTion anD reSUrFacing oF The marTian norTh Polar laYereD DePoSiTS 2:50 PM Wyant, Michael A.D.*; Frey, Herbert V.; Davatzes, Alexandra K.: BUrieD imPacT STrUcTUreS FoUnD in marScrUST3 crUSTal ThicKneSS moDel: iDenTiFicaTion, claSSiFicaTion, & SigniFicance 3:05 PM Mouginis-Mark, Peter*; Garbeil, Harold; Morris, Aisha: geologic anD ToPograPhic maPPing oF TooTing craTer, marS 3:20 PM Break 135-7 3:35 PM Barnouin-Jha, Olivier*; Ernst, Carolyn M.; Heineck, James T.; Sugita, Seiji; Yamamoto, Satoru: craTer groWTh meaSUreD in The laBoraTorY 3:50 PM Ernst, Carolyn M.*; Schultz, Peter H.; Barnouin-Jha, Olivier S.: eFFecT oF imPacT angle on The imPacT FlaSh: imPlicaTionS For raDiaTing SoUrce DiSTriBUTion anD The eVolVing TranSienT craTer 4:05 PM Rager, A.H.*; Scheu, B.E.; Smith, Eugene I.; Dingwell, Donald B.: The eFFecT oF WaTer conTenT on rocK FragmenTaTion DUring raPiD DecomPreSSion: PreliminarY reSUlTS anD PoSSiBle imPlicaTionS For The FormaTion oF FlUiDiZeD eJecTa 4:20 PM Blank, Jennifer G.*; Miller, Gregory H.; Ahrens, Michael J.; Winans, Randall E.: The eFFecT oF PlaneTarY imPacT ProceSSing on amino aciD chiraliTY 4:35 PM Mikell, Taylor*; Cox, Ronadh: PoSSiBle imPacT origin For chaoS Terrain on eUroPa: eViDence From ShaPe, SiZe, anD geograPhic DiSTriBUTion 4:50 PM g.K. gilbert award and reception

SeSSion no. 134

T87. Phanerozoic Paleoenvironmental Evolution of Africa II (Paleontological Society)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 255 Ellen D. Currano, Neil Tabor, and Bonnie F. Jacobs, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 134-1 1:45 PM Tabor, Neil J.*; Kappelman, John W. Jr.: PaleoenVironmenTS oF UPPer oligocene STraTa, nW eThioPian PlaTeaU 2:00 PM Jacobs, Bonnie F.*; Pan, Aaron D.; Currano, Ellen D.; Tabor, Neil J.: richneSS, DiVerSiTY, anD comPoSiTion in aFrica'S laTe oligocene TroPical ForeSTS: eXamPleS From chilga, norThWeSTern eThioPia 2:15 PM Currano, Ellen D.*; Jacobs, Bonnie F.: inSecT herBiVore Damage aS an inDicaTor oF local ecoSYSTem DiSTUrBance in The oligocene TroPicS oF eThioPia 2:30 PM Break 134-4 2:40 PM Kingston, John D.*: reconciling DiVerSe PaleoenVironmenTal recorDS linKeD To earlY hominin eVolUTion in eQUaTorial aFrica 3:00 PM Uno, Kevin T.*; Cerling, Thure; Harris, John M.; Kunimatsu, Yutaka; Leakey, Meave G.; Nakatsukasa, Masato; Nakaya, Hideo: carBon iSoToPe DaTa From eaST aFrican FoSSil TeeTh oF laTe miocene To Pliocene herBiVoreS recorD DiFFerenTial TranSiTion From c3 To c4 reSoUrceS 3:15 PM Fox, David L.*; Peppe, Daniel J.; McNulty, Kieran P.; Harcourt-Smith, Will; Dunsworth, Holly M.; Deino, Alan L.; Lehman, Thomas; Andrews, Alexandra L.: geochronologY, STraTigraPhY, anD PaleoenVironmenTS oF earlY miocene VerTeBraTe FaUnaS From mFangano anD rUSinga iSlanDS, eaSTern laKe VicToria, KenYa 3:30 PM Tryon, Christian*; Faith, J. Tyler; Peppe, Daniel J.; Fox, David L.; McNulty, Kieran P.; Dunsworth, Holly M.; Harcourt-Smith, Will; Manthi, Frederick Kyalo: PaleoenVironmenTal conTeXT For moDern hUman originS in eQUaTorial aFrica: inTroDUcing The PleiSTocene WaSiriYa BeDS oF rUSinga iSlanD (KenYa) 3:45 PM Ivory, Sarah*; Lézine, Anne-Marie; Cohen, Andrew S.: VegeTaTion anD climaTe oF laKe malaWi, SoUTheaST aFrica DUring The laST DeglaciaTion 4:00 PM Atekwana, Eliot*; Cruse, Anna; Teeter, Kristi; Latimer, Jennifer; Atekwana, Estella; Ringrose, Susan; Huntsman-Mapila, Philippa; Gamrod, Jennifer; McBride, Windy: changeS in Biological ProDUcTiViTY in reSPonSe To TecTonic anD climaTe ProceSSeS recorDeD in The SeDimenTS oF PaleolaKe maBaBe, norThWeSTern BoTSWana 4:15 PM Cruse, Anna M.*; Atekwana, Eliot A.; Gamrod, Jennifer; Atekwana, Estella A.; Ringrose, Susan; Teter, Kristi; Huntsman-Mapila, Philippa: enVironmenTal change DriVen BY TecTonic ProceSSeS anD climaTe ShiFTS aS recorDeD in The SeDimenTarY recorD oF PaleolaKe maBaBe, norThern BoTSWana 4:30 PM concluding remarks

















SeSSion no. 136

T103. Geology in the National Parks: Research, Mapping, and Education II (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, C123 Bruce Heise and Timothy Connors, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 136-1 1:35 PM Wilson, Frederic H.*; Norvell, Nancy; Chappell, James R.: USgS-nPS JoinT eFForT To creaTe DigiTal geologic DaTa For alaSKa naTional ParKS


204 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


136-2 1:55 PM Southworth, Scott*; Tollo, Richard P.; Aleinikoff, John N.; Bailey, Christopher; Burton, William C.; Crider, Ernest; Hackley, Paul C.; Kunk, Michael J.; Mundil, Roland; Naeser, Charles N.; Naeser, Nancy; Smoot, Joseph: neW geologic maP anD geochronologY oF The ShenanDoah naTional ParK region, Virginia 2:10 PM Condit, Christopher D.*; Nathan, Stephan A.; Mabee, Stephen B.: DYnamic DigiTal maPS: an oUTreach Tool For geoScience reSearch, maPPing anD eDUcaTion in naTional ParK SerVice aDminiSTereD lanDS 2:25 PM Blodgett, Robert B.*; Rohr, David M.: inVerTeBraTe PaleonTological reSearch in naTional ParKS oF alaSKa 2:45 PM Kenworthy, Jason P.*; Lillie, Robert J.: connecTing naTional ParK SerVice ViSiTorS To PaleonTologY anD climaTe change ThroUgh The PaleoecoSYSTemS oF The cenoZoic FoSSil ParKS 3:00 PM Tweet, Justin S.*; Kenworthy, Jason P.; Santucci, Vincent L.: an inVenTorY oF PaleonTological reSoUrceS From naTional ParK SerVice areaS in The SoUThern coloraDo PlaTeaU 3:15 PM Santucci, Vincent L.*; Kenworthy, Jason P.; Mims, Alison L.: long-Term in SiTU PaleonTological reSoUrce moniToring STraTegieS For The naTional ParK SerVice 3:30 PM Break 136-8 3:45 PM Pavlis, Terry L.*; Pavlis, Gary L.; Enkelmann, Eva; Gulick, Sean S.P.; Koons, Peter; Steep, Research Group: TecTonicS oF norTh america'S greaTeST moUnTain range: reSUlTS oF The ST. eliaS eroSion anD TecTonicS ProJecT (STeeP) anD iTS imPorTance To Wrangell-ST. eliaS, KlUane, anD glacier BaY naTional ParKS 4:00 PM Elliott, Julie*; Freymueller, Jeffrey; Larsen, Christopher: accreTionarY TecTonicS oF SoUThern alaSKa conSTraineD BY gPS 4:15 PM Urbanczyk, Kevin*; Bennett, Jeffery; Brauch, Billie; Dyess, Jonathan; Schwartz, Benjamin: STrUcTUral geologic FeaTUreS oF The loWer canYonS, rio granDe WilD anD Scenic riVer, TeXaS 4:30 PM Morgan, Lisa A.*; Shanks, W.C. Pat: Volcanic anD magmaTic eVolUTion oF a Small TrachYTic VenT comPleX, norTh BUrro meSa, Big BenD naTional ParK, TeXaS 4:45 PM Hudson, Mark R.*; Turner, Kenzie J.; Trexler, Charles C.: regional JoinT analYSiS For The BUFFalo naTional riVer area oF norThern arKanSaS: imPlicaTionS For TecTonic hiSTorY anD lanDScaPe inFlUence 5:00 PM concluding remarks 138-6 138-3 138-1 137-2 137-3 137-4 1:50 PM Lieberman, Bruce S.*: DarWin, geologY, anD The groWTh oF macroeVolUTionarY TheorY 2:10 PM Padian, Kevin*: WhaT DarWin changeD For PaleonTologiSTS 2:30 PM Lohff, Kathleen*: naVigaTing The ParaDigm ShiFTS oF UninTenDeD conSeQUenceS in earlY nineTeenTh-cenTUrY geologY: PaVing The WaY For DarWin 2:50 PM Roberts, Michael B.*: DarWin, geologY anD religion; 1859, ScoPeS anD The creaTion mUSeUm. hoW ThingS haVe changeD ­ For The WorSe 3:10 PM Hannibal, Joseph T.*: VeSTigeS oF eVolUTion in a PreSiDenTial liBrarY: eVolUTionarY concePTS in The BooKS oF JameS a. garFielD, TWenTieTh PreSiDenT oF The UniTeD STaTeS 3:30 PM Soja, Constance M.*: DarWin in geologY, core, anD UK STUDY aBroaD cUrricUla aT colgaTe UniVerSiTY








SeSSion no. 138

T126. Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) through Geologic Time (GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA International Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 252 A. Krishna Sinha, Barry B. Hanan, and John Shervais, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 1:35 PM Ernst, Richard E.*; Bleeker, Wouter; Hamilton, Michael A.; Söderlund, Ulf; Chamberlain, Kevin R.; Sylvester, Paul J.: comPleTing The PlaTe TecTonic reVolUTion: a ProJecT To reconSTrUcT Pre-Pangea SUPerconTinenTS USing The large igneoUS ProVince (liP) recorD 1:55 PM Sinha, A. Krishna*; Hanan, Barry B.; Rooney, Tyrone: Tale oF TWo SPaTiallY oVerlaPPing large igneoUS ProVinceS, eaSTern norTh america: DeciPhering The role oF SUB-conTinenTal manTle in Their originS 2:10 PM Hanan, Barry*; Sinha, A. Krishna; Shervais, John: DoeS The cenTral aTlanTic magmaTic ProVince (camP) rePreSenT a PlUme inDUceD liThoSPhere melTing? 2:25 PM Pyle, Douglas G.*; Duncan, Robert; Wells, R.E.; Graham, D.W.; Harrison, Benjamin; Hanan, Barry: SileTZia: an oceanic large igneoUS ProVince in The PaciFic norThWeST 2:40 PM Starkel, William A.*; Wolff, John; Henry, Christopher D.; Castor, Stephen: geologic eVolUTion anD iniTial conSTrainTS on The PeTrogeneSiS oF The mcDermiTT Volcanic cenTer, norThern nV anD SoUThern or 2:55 PM Vetter, Scott K.; Shervais, John W.*; Hanan, Barry B.: The SnaKe riVer Plain large igneoUS ProVince (SrP-liP) ThroUgh Time 3:10 PM Break 138-7 138-8 3:25 PM Condie, Kent*: Do oceanic liPS recorD The groWTh oF conTinenTal crUST? 3:45 PM Weis, Dominique*; Scoates, James S.: eVolUTion oF The manTle SoUrce oF The KergUelen liP: a PerSPecTiVe From high-PreciSion iSoToPic DaTa 4:00 PM Greene, Andrew R.; Weis, Dominique*; Scoates, James S.: WhaT DoeS The geochemiSTrY oF The accreTeD TriaSSic Wrangellia oceanic PlaTeaU Tell US aBoUT The PaciFic manTle? 4:15 PM Sinton, Christopher*; Pyle, Douglas G.; Hanan, Barry B.; Denyer, Percy; Alvarado, Guillermo E.: DiSTincT manTle









SeSSion no. 137

T120. Darwin, Geology and Evolution: Impact of Darwinian Views on Scientific Theory-Making (GSA History of Geology Division; GSA International Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; Paleontological Society; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballrooms 251/258 Yildirim Dilek, Michael Roberts, and Léo F. Laporte, Presiding 137-1 1:30 PM Roberts, Michael B.*: charleS DarWin; The maKing oF The naTUraliST anD geologiST in camBriDge anD WaleS 138-10


2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 205



SoUrce For The cariBBean large igneoUS ProVince UlTramaFic laVaS oF TorTUgal, coSTa rica 138-11 4:30 PM Mukasa, Samuel*; Andronikov, Alex; Mayer, Larry; Brumley, Kelley: geochemiSTrY anD geochronologY oF The FirST inTraPlaTe laVaS recoVereD From The arcTic ocean 4:45 PM Nicholson, Suzanne W.*; Schulz, Klaus J.: high-mgo magma comPoSiTionS aS inDicaTorS oF PlUme heaD DecomPreSSion in The 1.1 ga miDconTinenT riFT SYSTem 5:00 PM Hanson, R.; Gose, W.; Rioux, M.; Bowring, S.; Jones, D.*; Mukwakwami, J.: UnraVeling The ProTeroZoic liP recorD oF SoUThern aFrica: age oF The maShonalanD igneoUS ProVince, ZimBaBWe, anD regional imPlicaTionS 5:15 PM Seifert, Karl E.*; Musilek, Jennifer A.: The miDconTinenT riFT, norTh cenTral USa BeaUForT Sea conTinenTal margin, arcTic canaDa 139-12 4:35 PM Ismail, Ahmed*; Stumpf, Andrew; Dey, William: SeiSmic characTeriZaTion oF glacial SeDimenTS in cenTral illinoiS BaSeD on DoWnhole SeiSmic meaSUremenTS 4:50 PM Mooney, Walter*; Ritsema, Jeroen: inTraPlaTe SeiSmiciTY in norTh america: a neW VieW 5:05 PM introduction of the 2009 Woollard award recipient Dr. Seth Stein 139-14 5:10 PM Stein, Seth*; Calais, Eric; Liu, Mian; Li, Qingsong: george P. WoollarD Technical lecTUre: neW VieW oF neW maDriD: liTTle moTion, comPleX FaUlTS, Small haZarD





SeSSion no. 140

T134. Risks and Realities: Current Advances in Understanding Societal Risk and Resilience to Natural Hazards I (GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee, GSA Geoinformatics Division, GSA Engineering Geology Division, GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D135/136 Nathan J. Wood and Monica E. Gowan, Presiding 1:30 PM Welcome and introduction 140-1 1:35 PM Applegate, David*: imPlemenTing gloBal anD naTional FrameWorKS For DiSaSTer riSK reDUcTion 1:55 PM Gundersen, Linda C.S.*: a naTional reSearch agenDa For haZarDS, riSK, anD reSilience 2:15 PM Wood, Nathan J.*; Soulard, Christopher: VariaTionS in PoPUlaTion eXPoSUre anD SenSiTiViTY To lahar haZarDS From moUnT rainier, WaShingTon 2:30 PM Kim, Karl*; Pant, Pradip; Yamashita, Eric: moDeling TSUnami eVacUaTion or ShelTer-in-Place alTernaTiVeS For WaiKiKi, haWaii 2:45 PM Roberts, Nicholas J.*: SocieTal geohaZarD riSK aS a conVergence oF geologic anD anThroPogenic hiSTorieS 3:00 PM Gowan, Monica E.*; Kirk, Ray; Johnston, David; Ronan, Kevin: meaSUring DiSaSTer reSilience BY meaSUring healTh 3:15 PM Plumlee, Geoffrey S.*; Meeker, Gregory P.; Hoefen, Todd M.; Morman, Suzette A.; Alpers, Charles N.; Jones, Lucile M.; Cox, Dale A.; Perry, Suzanne C.: roleS For earTh ScienTiSTS in helPing To enhance reSilience To The enVironmenTal anD enVironmenTal-healTh conSeQUenceS oF DiSaSTerS 3:30 PM Discussion: a national risk monitoring program--what would it include? 140-8 3:45 PM Diefenbach, Angela K.*; Ewert, John W.; Wood, Nathan J.; Guffanti, Marianne: nVeWS ThreaT aSSeSSmenT reViSiTeD: Fine-Scale PoPUlaTion, inFraSTrUcTUre, anD FaciliTY meTricS near acTiVe VolcanoeS 4:00 PM Guffanti, Marianne*; Ewert, John W.; Murray, Thomas L.: aSSeSSing Volcanic haZarDS anD riSKS To aViaTion 4:15 PM Wardman, Johnny*; Wilson, Thomas M.; Bodger, Pat; Cole, J.W.; Johnston, David: PYroclaSTicS anD PoWer ­ VUlneraBiliTY oF high-VolTage elecTrical DiSTriBUTion neTWorKS To Volcanic aShFall haZarDS 4:30 PM Wein, Anne M.*; Rose, Adam Z.: economic reSilience: leSSonS From The Shakeout earThQUaKe Scenario

SeSSion no. 139

T129. Combining Geophysics and Geology: The George P. Woollard Award Session (GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A105 Catherine Snelson and Kevin Mickus, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 139-1 1:35 PM Artemieva, Irina M.*: manTle XenoliThS maY Be non-rePreSenTaTiVe oF The craTonic manTle: geoPhYSical PerSPecTiVe 1:50 PM Geissman, J.W.*; Sussman, Aviva; Mason, Stephanie N.: hoW DoeS The PermanenT recorD (PaleomagneTic DaTa) oF crUSTal VerTical aXiS roTaTionS in The WeSTern US corDillera comPare WiTh The groWing (BUT ShorT) geoDeTic recorD? 2:05 PM Van der Voo, Rob*; Domeier, Matthew M.; Dominguez, Ada R.; Torsvik, Trond H.: reSolVing Pangea reconSTrUcTionS WiTh neW PaleomagneTic reSUlTS From laTe Permian ­ earlY TriaSSic igneoUS rocKS in norWaY anD argenTina 2:20 PM Russo, R.M.*: SoUrce-SiDe Shear WaVe SPliTTing anD UPPer manTle FloW BeneaTh The araKan SlaB, inDia-aSia-SUnDalanD TriPle JUncTion region 2:35 PM Thomas, William A.*: TranSForm FaUlTS, SeiSmic aniSoTroPY, anD liThoSPheric STrUcTUre 2:50 PM Levander, Alan*; Miller, Meghan S.; Zhai, Yongbo; Liu, Kaijian: receiVer FUncTion anD raYleigh WaVe imaging oF The liThoSPhere in The menDocino TriPle JUncTion region 3:05 PM Miller, Meghan S.; Levander, Alan*; Liu, Kaijian: liThoSPhere STrUcTUre BeneaTh The coloraDo PlaTeaU DeTermineD BY receiVer FUncTionS anD SUrFace WaVe TomograPhY USing USarray TeleSeiSmic DaTa 3:20 PM Break 139-8 139-9 3:35 PM Shulman, Deborah J.*; Mooney, Walter D.: SiTe SUrVeY oF maY 28, 2009 honDUran earThQUaKe 3:50 PM Mooney, Walter D.*; Johnson, Ajeet: geoPhYSical eViDence For aQUeoUS FlUiDS WiThin The earTh'S crUST anD manTle 4:05 PM Stein, Carol A.*; Hughes, Kevin: oceanic hYDroThermal circUlaTion maTTerS 4:20 PM Helwig, James A.*; Kumar, Naresh; Emmet, Peter A.; Dinkelman, Menno G.: DeeP SeiSmic ProFileS For crUSTal archiTecTUre: an eXamPle From The


140-2 140-3







139-5 139-6




139-10 139-11


206 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


140-12 140-13 4:45 PM Anderson, Robert L.*: aDVanceD SeiSmic haZarDS aSSeSSmenT USe in caliFornia 5:00 PM Levine, Norman S.*; Kaufman, Charlie C.; Wine, J. Clayton III.; Anderson, Eric K.: PUShing The enVeloPe ­ innoVaTiVe USeS oF Fema'S haZUSmh For aSSeSSing riSK anD inForming PolicY maKerS 5:15 PM Discussion: risk and resilience research--what are the science and societal priorities? 141-13 4:45 PM Morris, Penny*; Brigmon, Robin L.: eVaPoriTe DePoSiTional SYSTemS ecologY: microBiological, mineralogical anD geochemiSTrY conSTrainTS 5:00 PM Glamoclija, Mihaela*; Fogel, Marilyn; Kish, Adrienne; Steele, Andrew: nUTrienT anD PigmenT SignaTUreS oF microBial liFe From ariD enVironmenT oF WhiTe SanDS naTional monUmenT, neW meXico 5:15 PM Cardace, Dawn*; Hoehler, Tori M.; Roberts, Bruce A.: acTiVelY SerPenTiniZing SeePS in The BaY oF iSlanDS oPhioliTe, WeSTern neWFoUnDlanD: a WinDoW inTo The DeeP BioSPhere



SeSSion no. 141

T141. What Does Biology Have to Do With It? Biota in Weathering, Nutrient Cycling, Mineral Surface Interactions, and Mineral Precipitation (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, C124 Marjorie Schulz, Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad, and C. Kent Keller, Presiding 141-1 1:30 PM Brantley, Susan*; Lebedeva, Marina: eXPloring inTerrelaTionShiPS among chemical, PhYSical, anD Biological WeaThering 1:45 PM White, Art*; Schulz, Marjorie S.; Bullen, Tom; Tipper, Edward T.: Some aPProacheS To DiSTingUiShing BeTWeen liThogenic anD Biogenic ProceSSeS in SoilS 2:00 PM Porder, Stephen*; Chadwick, Oliver A.: PlanTS, climaTe anD Soil age: inTeracTionS ThaT ShaPe nUTrienT aVailaBiliTY anD reTenTion 2:15 PM Jin, Lixin*; Andrews, Danielle; Kaiser, Nicholas; Kaye, Jason; Lin, Henry; Brantley, Sue: inTeracTionS BeTWeen nUTrienT DYnamicS anD chemical WeaThering aT Shale hillS caTchmenT, a criTical Zone oBSerVaTorY in PennSYlVania, USa 2:30 PM O'Brien, Rachel*; Keller, C. Kent; Balogh-Brunstad, Zsuzsanna: The eFFecT oF PlanTS on groUnDWaTer carBonaTe chemiSTrY in eXPerimenTal SanD ecoSYSTemS 2:45 PM Welch, Susan A.; Goldsmith, Steven T.; Carey, Anne E.*: DiSSolUTion KineTicS oF anDeSiTic VolcanicS 3:00 PM Balogh-Brunstad, Zsuzsanna*; Keller, C.K.; Bormann, B.T.; Gill, R.A.; Dickinson, J.T.: eFFecTS oF BioTa on BioTiTe WeaThering anD PoTaSSiUm FlUXeS: a mUlTiScale aPProach 3:15 PM Schulz, Marjorie*: eViDence oF FUngal WeaThering oF PrimarY mineralS in a marine Terrace chronoSeQUence, SanTa crUZ, caliFornia 3:30 PM Break 141-9 3:45 PM Wu, Wenying*; Labandeira, Conrad C.; Hilton, Jason: PlanT­FUngUS­arThroPoD inTeracTionS in WeTlanD ecoSYSTemS From The laTe carBoniFeroUS calhoUn anD earlY Permian ShanXi coalS 4:00 PM Minyard, Morgan L.*; Bruns, Mary Ann; Liermann, Laura; Buss, Heather; Brantley, Susan: BacTerial commUniTY STrUcTUreS are SPaTiallY DiSTincT in TroPical SaProliTe near The granoDioriTe WeaThering FronT 4:15 PM Smith, Lydia G.*; Watzin, Mary; Hill, Jane; Cade-Menun, Barbara; Druschel, Gregory: nUTrienT SPeciaTion anD moBiliTY goVerneD BY reDoX changeS oF iron oXYhYDroXiDe mineralS conTrolleD BY SeDimenT microorganiSmS in ShalloW, eUTroPhic, miSSiSQUoi BaY, laKe chamPlain 4:30 PM Moore, Anni*; Lenczewski, Melissa; Perry, Eugene; Duvall, Melvin: meTagenomic analYSiS oF microBial commUniTieS in DeeP KarST SinKholeS in YUcaTan PeninSUla, meXico 142-8

SeSSion no. 142

T144. Landslides in the Pacific Northwest: Advances in Research and Practice (GSA Engineering Geology Division; Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists [AEG]; U.S. Geological Survey; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E147/148 William J. Burns, Jeffrey A. Coe, and Rex L. Baum, Presiding 142-1 1:30 PM Pierson, Thomas C.*: lanDSliDeS in The PaciFic norThWeST: recenT aDVanceS, ongoing challengeS 1:50 PM Rickard, Sarah*; Schulz, William H.; Higgins, Jerry D.: PoTenTial iniTiaTion oF The carmel Knoll anD DeVilS PUnch BoWl lanDSliDeS oF lincoln coUnTY, oregon 2:05 PM Schulz, William H.*; Rickard, Sarah L.; Higgins, Jerry D.: raPiD reSPonSe oF DeeP BeDrocK lanDSliDeS To rainFall, coaSTal oregon 2:20 PM Hammond, Charles M.*; Meier, Dan; Squire, Joe: gianT Paleo-lanDSliDeS oF The TYee FormaTion near eDDYVille, oregon coaST range: comPleX hiSTorY From liDar anD raDiocarBon TeSTing 2:35 PM Delaney, Keith B.*; Evans, Stephen G.: rocK aValancheS onTo glacierS in norThWeST norTh america 2:50 PM Geertsema, Marten*: lanDSliDeS in WeSTern canaDian QUicK claYS 3:05 PM Break 142-7 3:20 PM Roering, Joshua*; Mackey, Ben; Booth, Adam; Stimely, Laura; Schmidt, David: USing airBorne liDar To characTeriZe lanDSliDe morPhologY anD DYnamicS 3:40 PM Burns, William J.*; Coe, Jeffrey A.; Ma, Lina; Kaya, Basak Sener: analYSiS oF eleVaTion changeS DeTecTeD From mUlTi-TemPoral liDar SUrVeYS in ForeSTeD lanDSliDe Terrain in WeSTern oregon 3:55 PM Katz, Oded*; Morgan, Julia K.: a re-aSSeSSmenT oF FacTor oF SaFeTY analYSiS For PreDicTing SloPe FailUre: inSighTS From DiScreTe elemenT SimUlaTionS oF lanDSliDing 4:10 PM Blais-Stevens, Andrée*; Kung, Robert: hiSTorical lanDSliDe eVenTS anD lanDSliDe SUScePTiBiliTY maPPing along The Sea To SKY corriDor, BriTiSh colUmBia, canaDa 4:25 PM Stewart, Gregory*; Dieu, Julie; O'Connor, Matthew: a `PoST-morTem' eXaminaTion oF lanDSliDe occUrrence relaTeD To The DecemBer 2007 STorm in WeSTern WaShingTon 4:40 PM Cornforth, Derek H.*: lanDSliDe remeDiaTion aT TWo DiFFicUlT SiTeS 5:00 PM Clough, Charles M.*; Palmer, Stephen P.; Mangan, Erica A.: marion coUnTY, oregon: a logging roaD legacY








141-6 141-7










142-12 142-13

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 207



142-14 5:15 PM Benson, Lauren A.*; Grizzel, Jeffrey D.: inVeSTigaTion oF a 2009 DeBriS FloW anD The USe oF eXPloSiVeS For lanDSliDe riSK miTigaTion: raTTleSnaKe riDge, King coUnTY, Wa 143-13 4:45 PM Bitting, Kelsey S.*; Spencer, Joel Q.G.: oPTicallY STimUlaTeD lUmineScence DaTing oF a holocene UnconFormiTY WiThin DelaWare riVer ValleY allUVial DePoSiTS 5:00 PM Mahan, Shannon A.*; O'Connor, Jim; Harden, Tessa; Driscoll, Dan: DaTing The eXTenT anD Timing oF PaleoFlooD SeQUenceS From The BlacK hillS area, SoUTh DaKoTa, USing oSl geochronologY 5:15 PM Discussion

SeSSion no. 143

T156. New Advances in the Theory and Application of Luminescence and ESR Dating: Flood and Fluvial Overbank Deposits, Paleosols, Dunes, Geoarchaeological and Quaternary Paleoenvironmental Analysis (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division, GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division, Paleontological Society, GSA Structure Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E146 Bonnie A.B. Blackwell, Shannon A. Mahan, and Ken Lepper, Presiding 143-1 1:30 PM Blackwell, Bonnie A.B.; Skinner, Anne R.; Montoya, Andrés C.*; Blickstein, Joel: geoarchaeological aPPlicaTionS oF eSr DaTing: DeTermining SiTe age 1:45 PM Franklin, Sarah W.*; Skinner, Anne R.; Blackwell, Bonnie A.B.; Harvati, Katerina; Panagopoulou, Eleni: eSr iSochron DaTing: an inDePenDenT conFirmaTion For SamPle age 2:00 PM Blackwell, Bonnie A.B.; Deely, Aislinn E.*; Truongchau, Thomas M.; Kleindienst, Maxine; Churcher, Charles S.; Skinner, Anne R.; Smith, Jennifer R.; Blickstein, Joel: eSr DaTing QUaTernarY lacUSTrine DePoSiTS aT DaKhleh oaSiS, egYPT 2:15 PM Dasgupta, Shabitri B.*; Blackwell, Bonnie A.B.; Skinner, Anne R.; Blickstein, Joel; Ostermann, Dorinda: eSr DaTing BenThic ForaminiFera From The ceará riSe, cenTral aTlanTic 2:30 PM Forman, Steven L.*; Tripaldi, Alfonsina; Gomez, Jeaneth; Pierson, James: oPTical DaTing oF laTe QUaTernarY eolian DePoSiTional recorDS From WeSTern argenTina 2:45 PM Spencer, Joel Q.G.*; Archer, Allen W.; Caldas, Marcellus M.: oPTicallY STimUlaTeD lUmineScence DaTing oF YoUng SPiT anD Bar DePoSiTS From The rio TaPaJóS, BraZil 3:00 PM Batbaatar, J.*; Feathers, James K.; Gillespie, Alan: irSl FelDSPar DaTeS For PaleolaKe SeDimenTS From DarhaD BaSin, mongolia 3:15 PM Break 143-8 3:30 PM Berger, Glenn W.*; Post, Stephen; Phillips, Bruce; Wenker, Chris: Single anD mUlTigrain QUarTZlUmineScence DaTing oF irrigaTion-channel FeaTUreS in neW meXico anD ariZona 3:45 PM Johnson, William C.*; Hanson, Paul R.; Halfen, Alan F.; Woodburn, Terri L.; Young, Aaron R.: laTe holocene DUne acTiVaTion aFTer The meDieVal climaTic anomalY in The arKanSaS riVer ValleY, SoUThcenTral KanSaS 4:00 PM Halfen, Alan F.*; Spencer, Joel Q.G.; Johnson, William C.; Hanson, Paul R.; Young, Aaron R.: lUmineScence ageS For DUne acTiVaTion on a PleiSTocene Terrace oF The KanSaS riVer ValleY 4:15 PM Shen, Zhixiong*; Sandoval, Laure; Tornqvist, Torbjörn E.; Mauz, Barbara: DaTing holocene naTUral leVee anD creVaSSe SPlaY DePoSiTS in The miSSiSSiPPi DelTa WiTh oPTicallY-STimUlaTeD lUmineScence (oSl) From QUarTZ 4:30 PM Cline, Michael L.*; Rittenour, Tammy: lUmineScence anD amS raDiocarBon DaTing oF miDDle-laTe holocene SlacKWaTer FlooD DePoSiTS in The DoloreS WaTerSheD, co


SeSSion no. 144

T160. From Virtual Globes to Geoblogs: Digital Innovations in Geoscience Research, Education, and Outreach (GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; Google, Inc.; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geology and Society Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B117/118/119 Peter A. Selkin, Glenn A. Richard, John E. Bailey, Kyle House, Ronald C. Schott, and Mano Marks, Presiding 144-1 1:30 PM Blair, J. Luke*; Ticci, Marco; Haefner, Scott: San FranciSco BaY area geologic maPS in google earTh 1:45 PM D'Agnese, Frank A.*: inTerneT-BaSeD ViSUaliZaTion anD collaBoraTiVe aPProacheS For earTh Science DeciSion-maKing 2:00 PM Jackson, Ian*: onegeologY - a DiSTriBUTeD moDel For gloBal geological DaTa 2:15 PM Crosby, Christopher J.*; Nandigam, Viswanath; Arrowsmith, Ramon; Baru, Chaitan: enhancing acceSS To high-reSolUTion liDar ToPograPhY ­ From PoinT cloUDS To google earTh 2:30 PM Bhattacharyya, Prajukti*: no Scale Too Small: aPPlYing remoTe SenSing anD geograPhic inFormaTion SYSTemS (giS) BaSeD SoFTWare For QUanTiFYing mineral DiSTriBUTion PaTTernS on PhoTomicrograPhS 2:45 PM Break / open Discussion 144-6 3:00 PM Olds, Shelley E.*: Which WaY are We going? online maPPing ToolS To helP STUDenTS ViSUaliZe PlaTe moTionS WiTh gPS DaTa 3:15 PM Tewksbury, David A.*; Tewksbury, Barbara: Teaching geologic maP inTerPreTaTion USing google earTh 3:30 PM Atchison, Christopher*: innoVaTiVe, alTernaTiVe FielD oPPorTUniTieS For STUDenTS WiTh moBiliTY imPairmenTS 3:45 PM Auer, Sara L.*; Besemer, Christine; Duggan-Haas, Don; Kissel, Richard A.; Ross, Robert M.: VirTUal FielDWorK eXPerienceS: Bringing inQUirYBaSeD eXPloraTion oF earTh SYSTemS inTo The claSSroom 4:00 PM Granshaw, Frank D.*; Cady, Sherry L.; Hugo, Richard C.: STUDenT conSTrUcTion oF VirTUal FielD enVironmenTS aS ProJecT BaSeD learning anD a VenUe For geocogniTiVe reSearch 4:15 PM Break / open Discussion 144-11 4:30 PM Kluge, Steve*: google earTh in The geoScience claSSroom: an eFFicienT Tool For eFFecTiVe Teaching 4:45 PM Phillips, Michael A.*; Shields, William: mY SeconD liFe: USing a VirTUal WorlD To enhance commUnicaTion in an inTerneT-BaSeD claSS 5:00 PM Ballagh, Lisa M.*; Otero, Valerie K.: a climaTe change ToUr For a K-12 aUDience




144-3 144-4
















208 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


144-14 5:15 PM Bailey, John E.*; Ornduff, Tina; Kennedy, Katie: USing google earTh For K-12 eDUcaTion: a collaBoraTion BeTWeen google anD The UniVerSiTY oF alaSKa FairBanKS characTeriZaTion oF SUBSUrFace conTaminanT DiSTriBUTionS 145-13 11:25 AM Guo, Weixing*; Coulibaly, Kapo; Maliva, Robert G.; Missimer, Thomas M.: hYDraUlic imPacT aSSeSSmenT oF mining-relaTeD laKeS in FloriDa 145-14 11:40 AM Bachmann, Matthew P.*; Ely, D. Matthew; Vaccaro, John: aPProacheS For aSSeSSing groUnD-WaTer aVailaBiliTY UnDer comPeTing DemanDS anD climaTe change

TUeSDaY, 20 ocToBer 2009

morning oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 145

Hydrogeology II: Physical

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E141/142 J. Van Brahana and Matthew P. Bachmann, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 145-1 145-2 8:05 AM Robinson, Curt*: SUrVeY oF inTernaTional geoThermal DeVeloPmenTS 2009 8:20 AM Brahana, Van*; Pennington, Darrell: geoThermal PoTenTial of anomalously Warm ground WaTer in the area of the neW madrid Seismic Zone, midcontinent U.S 8:35 AM Meredith, Elizabeth L.*; Wheaton, John R.; Bobst, Andrew L.: regional groUnDWaTer moniToring DaTa: imPacTS From cBm DeVeloPmenT in The PoWDer riVer BaSin, SoUTheaSTern monTana 8:50 AM Bobst, Andrew L.*; Wheaton, John R.; Metesh, John J.; Meredith, Elizabeth L.: an oVerVieW oF concePTUal anD QUanTiTaTiVe moDelS oF groUnDWaTer imPacTS From cBm DeVeloPmenT in The PoWDer riVer BaSin, SoUTheaSTern monTana, anD comPariSon To moniToring DaTa 9:05 AM Meirovitz, Casey*; Fogg, Graham E.; Weissmann, Gary S.; Sager, Jeannette; Roll, Laura; LaBolle, Eric: nonSTaTionarY hYDroSTraTigraPhic moDel oF croSS-cUTTing allUVial FanS 9:20 AM Dominic, David F.*; Ramanathan, Ramya; Ritzi, Robert W. Jr.: SimUlaTing heTerogeneiTY in channel-BelT DePoSiTS ­ DePoSiTional moDel anD archeTYPal UniTS 9:35 AM Ramanathan, Ramya*; Dominic, David F.; Ritzi, Robert W. Jr.: SimUlaTing heTerogeneiTY in channel-BelT DePoSiTS - geomeTric SimUlaTion aPProach 9:50 AM Break 145-8 10:10 AM Benson, David A.*; Revielle, Jordan: The TranSVerSe hUrST coeFFicienT aS a meaSUre oF "connecTiViTY" anD conTrol oF TranSPorT eXTremeS in allUVial aQUiFerS 10:25 AM Swierc, James E.*; Woessner, William; Smith, Donna; Faverty, Lua: raPiD inFilTraTion ThroUgh a coarSe graineD VaDoSe Zone

SeSSion no. 146

Paleontology: Predation & Diet

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 256 Christy Visaggi and Gwen M. Daley, Presiding 146-1 8:00 AM Tyler, Carrie L.*; Leighton, Lindsey R.; Carlson, Sandra J.; Huntley, John W.; Krause, Richard A. Jr.; Kowalewski, Michal: The Well-DeFenDeD BrachioPoD: YoU Don'T haVe To TaSTe BaD To liVe Well 8:15 AM Ahmed, Madeeha*; Leighton, Lindsey R.: anTiPreDaTorY SPineS on BrachioPoDS? eXamining liTTle BrachioPoDS WiTh DenTS 8:30 AM Schimmel, Majken K.*; Kowalewski, Michal: TraceS oF PreDaTion anD ParaSiTiSm recorDeD in eocene echinoiDS anD BrachioPoDS From The caSTle haYne limeSTone, norTh carolina, USa 8:45 AM Goodwin, David H.*; Roberts, Eric M.; de Klerk, William J.: eXcePTionallY PreSerVeD Shell BoringS in The mio-Pliocene aleXanDria FormaTion, eaSTern caPe, SoUTh aFrica 9:00 AM Shin, Ji-Yeon*; Motani, Ryosuke: FeeDing mechaniSm oF large meSoZoic FoSSil chimaeroiDS (chonDrichThYeS, holocePhali): hoW large a Shell coUlD TheY crUSh? 9:15 AM Chattopadhyay, Devapriya*; Baumiller, Tomasz K.: PeneTraTion anD conSUmPTion raTeS in Drilling gaSTroPoDS: a coST-BeneFiT aPProach eValUaTing FeeDing STraTegieS 9:30 AM Daley, Gwen M.*; Gatti, Daniella; Ostrowski, Summer; Geary, Dana H.; Bush, Andrew M.: VariaTion in gaSTroPoD Borehole FreQUencY WiThin The Same PreY SPecieS From Similar PaleoenVironmenTal SeTTingS in The ForT ThomPSon anD BermonT FormaTionS oF FloriDa 9:45 AM Break 146-8 10:00 AM Leighton, Lindsey R.*; Kelley, Patricia H.; Hansen, Thor A.: The inFlUence oF PreDaTion on commUniTY comPoSiTion anD eVenneSS: a caSe-STUDY From eocene mollUScan commUniTieS 10:15 AM Miller, Justin M.*; Walker, Sally E.: eVolUTionarY imPlicaTionS oF gaSTroPoD PreDaTion on irregUlar echinoiDS rePreSenTing DiFFerenT ecological BUrroWing TierS, laTe eocene, FloriDa















145-10 10:40 AM Boggs, Kevin G.*; Van Kirk, Rob; Johnson, Gary S.; Fairley, Jerry P. Jr.; Porter, Steve: characTeriZing aQUiFer DiScharge VariaBiliTY USing analYTical anD STaTiSTical ToolS 145-11 10:55 AM Abbott, David W.*: mUlTi-Well PUmPing TeSTS oF a Small, 65-acre, oFF-STream groUnDWaTer BaSin in The loWer carmel riVer ValleY in caliFornia DemonSTraTing a linear raTher Than a logariThmic Time-DraWDoWn reSPonSe 145-12 11:10 AM Aghasi, Alireza; Miller, Eric Lawrence*; Ramsburg, Andrew; Abriola, Linda: ParameTric ShaPe-BaSeD inVerSion in elecTrical imPeDance TomograPhY For The

146-10 10:30 AM Goldsmith, David W.*: The eFFecT oF PreDaTion on PhenoTYPic PlaSTiciTY in The holocene PonD Snail HELISOMA NEWBERRYI 146-11 10:45 AM Pietsch, Carlie*; Dietl, Gregory; Herbert, Greg: The PlioPleiSTocene eXTincTionS in FloriDa anD The ecologY oF DUroPhagoUS PreDaTor-PreY inTeracTionS 146-12 11:00 AM Visaggi, Christy C.*; Kelley, Patricia H.: PreliminarY reSUlTS: laTiTUDinal VariaTion in Drilling PreDaTion on BiValVeS acroSS FoUr ecoregionS in BraZil 146-13 11:15 AM Anderson, Laurie C.*: PhYlogeneTic anD onTogeneTic VariaTion in lUicinD BiValVeS:

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 209


TeSTing WheTher morPhomeTricS can Trace The FoSSil recorD oF enDoSYmBioSiS 146-14 11:30 AM Calede, Jonathan J.*; Hopkins, Samantha: changeS in DieT ThroUgh Time in The meSogaUlinae (mammalia: roDenTia: mYlagaUliDae) in The conTeXT oF The SPreaD oF graSSlanDS: microWear reSUlTS USing TeXTUre analYSiS aT high magniFicaTion 146-15 11:45 AM Kehl, Winifred A.*; Calede, Jonathan J.; Davis, Edward Byrd: The FirST occUrrence oF PoSTcranial elemenTS oF a lePTarcTine (mammalia: carniVora: mUSTeliDae) anD neW cranial maTerial oF LEPTARCTUS OREGONENSIS: imPlicaTionS For The ecologY oF ThiS eXcePTionallY rare carniVoran TaXon 147-12 11:05 AM Isphording, Wayne C.*; Giddens, David: For Sale!! genUine aPollo 11 Soil SamPleS!! or are TheY???

SeSSion no. 148

P3. Earth et al.--Our Planets from the Hadean to Today (GSA International Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Planetary Geology Division; Society for Sedimentary Geology [SEPM]; Paleontological Society; American Geological Institute; NASA Astrobiology Institute; Mineralogical Society of America; Geochemical Society)

8:15 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 254 Nora Noffke and Kurt Konhauser, Presiding 148-1 8:15 AM Papineau, Dominic*; De Gregorio, Bradley; Stroud, Rhonda M.; Steele, Andrew; Fogel, Marilyn: comBineD micro-analYSeS oF carBonaceoUS maTerial aSSociaTeD WiTh aPaTiTe in an eoarchean BanDeD iron FormaTion From The nUVVUagiTTUQ SUPracrUSTal BelT, QUeBec, canaDa 8:30 AM Mojzsis, Stephen*: geologY oF 3830 ma FerrUginoUS QUarTZ-PYroXene (SUPracrUSTal) rocKS From The aKilia aSSociaTion, SoUThern WeST greenlanD 8:45 AM van Zuilen, Mark*; Lepland, Aivo; Philippot, Pascal; Rividi, Nicolas: raman SPecTroScoPY in geoBiological STUDieS: merging molecUlar anD mineralogical inFormaTion WiTh morPhological oBSerVaTionS 9:00 AM Fedo, Christopher M.*; Whitehouse, Martin J.: aSTroBiological SigniFicance oF earlY archean rocKS, oUTer goDThåBSFJorD, SW greenlanD: STill Searching, anD WhaT are We FinDing? 9:15 AM Philippot, Pascal*; van Zuilen, Mark A.; Richard, Laurent: SUlFUr-BaSeD meTaBoliSmS DUring The earlY archean 9:30 AM Kaufman, Alan J.*; Grazhdankin, Dmitri; Rogov, Vladimir; Peek, Sara; Kochnev, Boris; Nagovitsin, Konstantin; Bykova, Natasha; Xiao, Shuhai: a glacial DiViDe BeTWeen eDiacaran eXTincTion anD The camBrian eXPloSion oF liFe 9:45 AM Xiao, Shuhai*; Schiffbauer, James D.; McFadden, Kathleen A.: SimS SUlFUr iSoToPe analYSiS oF PYriTeS in cherT noDUleS oF The eDiacaran DoUShanTUo FormaTion: conSTrainTS on eXePTional FoSSil PreSerVaTion 10:00 AM Schiffbauer, James D.*; Xiao, Shuhai: a neW age in PaleoBiologY: aPPlicaTionS oF aDVanceD microBeam inSTrUmenTaTion in FoSSil analYSeS 10:15 AM New, Michael H.*: The greaT oXiDaTion eVenT anD The enD-Permian maSS eXTincTion

SeSSion no. 147

Sediments, Clastic: New Insights to Old Problems

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E145 Wayne C. Isphording, Nahid D.S. Gani, and Juergen Schieber, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 147-1 8:05 AM Schieber, Juergen*: oBSerVaTion oF cUrrenT riPPleS comPoSeD oF mUD in moDern TerreSTrial FlooD DePoSiTS 8:20 AM Southard, John*; Schieber, Juergen; Yawar, Zalmai: mUD BeD accreTion From moVing SilT­KaoliniTe SUSPenSionS ­ oBSerVaTionS From a FlUme STUDY 8:35 AM Egenhoff, Sven*; Fishman, Neil S.: SeDimenTologY oF a BlacK BoX ­ DeFining Shale FacieS BelTS in The UPPer DeVonian-loWer miSSiSSiPPian BaKKen FormaTion, WilliSTon BaSin oF norTh DaKoTa, USa 8:50 AM Krinsley, David*; Stokes, M. Rebecca; Schieber, Juergen: aPPlicaTion oF ScanneD color caThoDolUmineScence oF QUarTZ To ProVenance inVeSTigaTionS oF ShaleS anD mUDSToneS 9:05 AM Johnson, Peter J.*; Mozley, Peter S.: eolian maTerial in BroaD, SanDY ePhemeral STreamS: DePoSiTion, iDenTiFicaTion, anD PoTenTial For PreSerVaTion 9:20 AM Davidson, Stephanie K.*; North, Colin P.: UnconFineD FloWS caUSe UnconSTraineD ThinKing: `SheeTFlooDS' ShoUlD Be oUTlaWeD 9:35 AM Break 147-7 9:50 AM Howell, Evan R.*; Blakey, Ronald: SeDimenTological conSTrainTS on The eVolUTion oF The laTe TriaSSic corDilleran arc: neW eViDence From The SonSela memBer oF The chinle FormaTion, PeTriFieD ForeST naTional ParK, aZ 10:05 AM Dinwiddie, Cynthia L.*; Chan, Marjorie A.; McGinnis, Ronald N. Jr.; Myers, James L.: chronicleS oF VaDoSe Zone DiageneSiS: cone-ShaPeD iron oXiDe concreTionS, TriaSSic TrUJillo FormaTion, Palo DUro canYon, TeXaS 10:20 AM Langford, Richard P.*; Doser, Diane; Baker, Mark; Marrufo, Sandy S.; Quinonez, Sarah M.: riFT BaSin SeDimenTologY anD STraTigraPhY, FaUlT inFlUence anD inTeracTionS WiTh The hUeco BaSin aQUiFer, el PaSo, TeXaS 148-7 148-2













148-10 10:30 AM Runnegar, Bruce N.*: enVironmenTal conTeXT oF earlY archean STromaToliTeS: analog For marS? 148-11 10:45 AM Cady, Sherry L.*: eXTremoPhile ecoSYSTem STUDieS: linKS BeTWeen geoBiologY anD aSTroBiologY 148-12 11:00 AM Noffke, Nora*: The SeDimenTarY ecologY oF BenThic cYanoBacTeria in moDern anD archean TiDal FlaTS 148-13 11:15 AM Kump, Lee R.*; Condie, Kent C.; Arthur, Michael A.: coeVolUTionarY imPlicaTionS oF alTernaTiVe moDelS oF PlaTe TecTonicS in earTh hiSTorY


147-10 10:35 AM Gani, M. Royhan*; Gani, Nahid D.S.: nile SeDimenT BUDgeT DeFiciT: a SoUrce-To-SinK aPProach 147-11 10:50 AM Zahid, Khandaker M.*; Barbeau, David L. Jr.: Paleogene ProVenance anD TecTonicS oF FUegian anDeS reVealeD BY The heaVY mineral analYSiS From The eaSTern magallaneS ForelanD BaSin

210 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


148-14 11:30 AM Hazen, Robert M.*: mineralogical co-eVolUTion oF The geoSPhere anD BioSPhere

SeSSion no. 150

T34. Toward Integrating Cave and Karst Science (GSA Hydrogeology Division; National Cave and Karst Research Institute; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D139/140 John L. Wilson and Penelope Boston, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 150-1 8:05 AM Bruthans, Jiri*; Filippi, Michal; Zare, Mohammad: eVolUTion oF SalT DiaPir ToPograPhY anD KarST morPhologY DUring laST glacial cYcle (PerSian gUlF, iran) 8:20 AM Breecker, Dan O.*; Quade, Jay: Tracing carBon TranSFer From SoilS To a caVe USing STaBle carBon iSoToPeS 8:35 AM Gustafson, Daniel*; Melim, Leslie A.; Kooser, Ara; Northup, Diana E.: STUDY oF caVe PoolS in carlSBaD caVern, neW meXico: conTrolS on BioThem DiSTriBUTion 8:50 AM Melim, Leslie A.*; Spilde, Michael: aSToUnDing raTeS oF PreciPiTaTion anD recrYSTalliZaTion in eXPerimenTal caVe PearlS in an UnDergroUnD limeSTone mine 9:05 AM Schwarcz, Henry P.*; Shtober, Nurit: caVeS in caVeS: PoST-DePoSiTional holeS in SPeleoThemS 9:20 AM Spilde, Michael N.*; Northup, Diana E.; Polyak, Victor J.; Boston, Penelope J.; Clement, Amelia; Hughes, Kaitlyn J.: SnoWY riVer: a neW DiScoVerY From an olD caVe 9:35 AM Land, Lewis A.*: WorlD'S longeST SPeleoThem: neW reSUlTS From raDiomeTric DaTing anD hYDrologic oBSerVaTionS 9:50 AM Gao, Yongli*; Anthony, Darlene M.; Schwartz, Benjamin F.: DeVeloPmenT oF a KarST FielD School To conDUcT inTerDiSciPlinarY eDUcaTion anD reSearch acTiViTieS in The SoUTheaSTern aPPalachian region 10:05 AM Break 150-9 10:20 AM Knierim, Katherine J.*; Pollock, Erik D.; Hays, Phillip D.: USing STaBle carBon iSoToPeS To characTeriZe carBon anD nUTrienT DYnamicS in a norThWeSTern arKanSaS caVe

SeSSion no. 149

T33. The Subterranean Estuary--Examining the Geochemical and Physical Processes of These Subsurface Mixing Zones (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D137/138 Christopher G. Smith and Moutusi Roy, Presiding 149-1 8:00 AM Martin, Jonathan B.*; Cable, Jaye E.: SUBmarine groUnDWaTer DiScharge: leSSonS From a FloriDa eSTUarY 8:20 AM Bratton, John F.*; Crusius, John; Kroeger, Kevin; Schubert, Christopher; Coffey, Ruth; Bokuniewicz, Henry: SUBmarine groUnDWaTer DiScharge To greaT SoUTh BaY From long iSlanD anD Fire iSlanD, neW YorK 8:35 AM Stalker, Jeremy C.*; Price, René M.; Rivera-Monroy, Victor H.; Herrera-Silveira, Jorge; Morales, Sara: DeTermining hYDrological inPUTS inclUDing SUBmarine groUnDWaTer DiScharge, To a SUBTroPical eSTUarY USing geochemical TracerS, celeSTUn, YUcaTan, meXico 8:50 AM Robinson, Clare E.*; Barry, D.A.; Li, Ling: inFlUence oF TiDal FlUcTUaTionS on TranSPorT oF SUBSUrFace conTaminanTS DiScharging ThroUgh SanDY coaSTal aQUiFerS 9:05 AM Charette, Matthew A.*; Gonneea, Meagan; Henderson, Paul; Rao, Alexandra; Breier, Crystal; Murray, Joseph: SUBTerranean eSTUarieS in KarST SYSTemS: Biogeochemical cYcling oF Trace meTalS anD nUTrienTS 9:25 AM Roy, Moutusi*; Martin, Jonathan B.; Smith, Christopher G.; Cable, Jaye E.: TemPoral VariaTionS in recharge To a coaSTal aQUiFer anD linKeD changeS in Fe concenTraTionS oF The SUBTerranean eSTUarY 9:40 AM Smith, Christopher G.*; Swarzenski, Peter W.; Price, René M.; Stalker, Jeremy C.: BehaVior oF SelecT Trace elemenTS anD nUTrienTS acroSS a large carBonaTe DiSPerSiVe miXing Zone 9:55 AM Kroeger, Kevin D.*; Crusius, John; Bratton, John F.; Charette, Matthew A.; Swarzenski, Peter W.; Cole, Marci; Valiela, Ivan: niTrogen BiogeochemiSTrY oF SUBmarine groUnDWaTer DiScharge: a SYnTheSiS 10:15 AM Green, Adrian C.*; Kroeger, Kevin D.; Crusius, John; Bratton, John F.; Baldwin, Sandra; Brooks, Thomas W.: QUanTiFYing greenhoUSe gaS concenTraTionS in coaSTal groUnDWaTer DiScharging To greaT SoUTh BaY anD long iSlanD SoUnD, nY







150-5 150-6









150-10 10:35 AM Herman, Ellen K.*; Jewett, Amy E.; Vesper, Dorothy J.: maXimUm Wall reTreaT PoTenTial in FlUVioKarST conDUiTS: The Balance oF PhYSical anD chemical ProceSSeS 150-11 10:50 AM Koski, Katrina*; Wilson, John L.: iS The hYPorheic Zone a USeFUl concePT For KarST aQUiFerS WiTh conDUiTS? 150-12 11:05 AM Jones, Daniel S.*; Schaperdoth, Irene; Patel, Jignasha H.; Macalady, Jennifer L.: commUniTY STrUcTUre anD FUncTion oF eXTremelY aciDic caVe BioFilmS 11:20 AM Discussion

149-10 10:30 AM Dinicola, Richard*; Paulson, Anthony J.; Wagner, Richard J.; DeWild, John F.: SUBSUrFace DiScharge oF mercUrY anD meThYlmercUrY From a SUBTerranean eSTUarY To Sinclair inleT, PUgeT SoUnD, WaShingTon, USa 149-11 10:45 AM Yechieli, Yoseph*; Kafri, Uri; Wollman, Stuart; Shalev, Eyal; Lyakhovsky, Vladimir: The eFFecT oF BaSe leVel changeS anD geological STrUcTUreS on The locaTion oF The groUnDWaTer DiViDe, aS eXhiBiTeD in The hYDrological SYSTem BeTWeen The DeaD Sea anD The meDiTerranean Sea

SeSSion no. 151

T41. High-Resolution Terrestrial and Marine Geochemical Proxies of Global Change: Progress, Problems, and Utility I (Paleontological Society; Geochemical Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballrooms 251/258 Alan D. Wanamaker and David P. Gillikin, Presiding 151-1 8:00 AM Mas, Rémy*; van der Meer, Marcel T.J.; Keppens, Eddy; Claeys, Philippe; Dehairs, Frank; Schouten, Stefan: liPiD hYDrogen iSoToPe raTioS From mUSSel ShellS anD SaliniTY in The SchelDT eSTUarY

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 211


151-2 8:15 AM Forcino, Frank L.*; Schellenberg, Stephen A.; Deutschman, Doug L.; Ford, Heather; Dyck, Kelsey A.; Koch, Paul L.: conFoUnDing eFFecTS on DeTermining TemPeraTUre From The inTraSKeleTal chemical VariaTionS oF MYTILUS CALIFORNIANUS 8:30 AM Versteegh, Emma A.A.*; Troelstra, Simon R.; Dehairs, Frank: iS greenlanD ice caP melTWaTer rUnoFF recorDeD in groWTh incremenT chemiSTrY oF The BaY mUSSel (MYTILUS TROSSULUS)? 8:45 AM Rich, Kelley Whatley*; Andrus, C. Fred T.: oXYgen iSoToPe geochemiSTrY oF The FreShWaTer JUTe Snail (PACHYCHILUS SP.): a PoTenTial UlTralocal SeaSonal PaleoclimaTe ProXY For TroPical meSoamerica 9:00 AM Lorrain, Anne*; Poulain, Celine; Pecquerie, Laure; Fablet, Ronan; Paulet, Yves-Marie; Chauvaud, Laurent; Gillikin, David P.: DeePening oUr UnDerSTanDing oF The DelTa-13c BlacK BoX in Biogenic carBonaTeS ThroUgh a comParaTiVe analYSiS oF BiValVe ShellS anD FiSh oToliThS 9:15 AM Wanamaker, Alan D. Jr.*; Butler, Paul G.; Scourse, James D.; Richardson, Christopher A.; Heinemeier, Jan: a near millenniUm-long recorD oF annUal SUmmer SeaWaTer TemPeraTUre changeS From The norTh icelanDic ShelF: climaTe PerSPecTiVeS From a conTinUoUS, mUlTi-cenTUrY, maSTer Shell chronologY 9:30 AM Halfar, Jochen*; Hetzinger, Steffen; Steneck, Robert S.; Kronz, Andreas; Adey, Walter; Lebednik, Phillip: highreSolUTion mg/ca recorD oF a Bering Sea coralline reD alga ShoWS TeleconnecTionS WiTh aTlanTic mUlTiDecaDal oScillaTion 9:45 AM Kilbourne, K. Halimeda*; Quinn, Terrence M.; Webb, Robert S.; Guilderson, Thomas P.; Winter, Amos; Nyberg, Johan: cariBean climaTe Since 1469: a coral PerSPecTiVe on SeaSonal, mUlTiDecaDal anD cenTennial VariaBiliTY 10:00 AM Break 151-9 10:15 AM Andrus, C. Fred T.*; Olson, Julie B.; Romanek, Christopher S.; Sedberry, George R.: oXYgen iSoToPe FracTionaTion in ShalloW anD DeeP WaTer STYLASTER SPP. hYDrocoralS 152-9

SeSSion no. 152

T56. The Franciscan Assemblage and Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of the Western United States I: A Tribute to M.C. Blake Jr. (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Cordilleran Section; Friends of the Franciscan)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B110/111/112 John Shervais and A.S. Jayko, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 152-1 8:05 AM Shimabukuro, David H.*; Wakabayashi, John; Liberi, Francesca; Piluso, Eugenio; Alvarez, Walter: aPPlYing The FranciScan moDel To a noncolliSional alPine SegmenT in The calaBrian arc oF SoUThern iTalY 8:20 AM Wakabayashi, John*: inSighT inTo FranciScan mélange DeVeloPmenT From SeDimenTarY BrecciaS, FielD relaTionS, anD BlocK TYPeS 8:35 AM Long, Jared K.*; Wakabayashi, John: high-P amPhiBoliTe BlocKS From mÉlange, nacimienTo BelT, coaSTal caliFornia: a FirST rePorT 8:50 AM Luce, J.M.*; Wakabayashi, John: reViSiTing The lone Sierra neVaDa eclogiTe localiTY: WhaT iS iT? 9:05 AM Annis, David Charles*; Wakabayashi, John: hP/hT meTamorPhiSm oF The DeVil'S gaTe oPhioliTe, Sierra neVaDa, caliFornia: Where iS The UPPer PlaTe? 9:20 AM Hitz, Brian*; Wakabayashi, John: FranciScan Shear ZoneS BeTWeen coaST range oPhioliTe anD greaT ValleY groUP rocKS: eViDence oF mélange DiaPiriSm? 9:35 AM Break 152-7 9:50 AM Bradbury, Kelly K.*; Evans, James P.: FranciScan FormaTion WiThin The SaFoD Borehole, near ParKFielD, ca 10:05 AM Bebout, Gray E.*; Sadofsky, Seth J.: recorDS oF Forearc DeVolaTiliZaTion in The FranciScan comPleX, caTalina SchiST, anD WeSTern BaJa Terrane 10:20 AM Dumitru, Trevor A.*; Wakabayashi, John; Wright, James E.: Time-VarYing accreTion, nonaccreTion, anD high-PreSSUre meTamorPhiSm in The FranciScan SUBDUcTion comPleX, From The iniTiaTion oF SUBDUcTion UnTil ca. 80 ma







152-4 152-5





151-10 10:30 AM Mobilia, Michael P.*; Surge, Donna; Barrett, James H.: climaTe archiVeS From a ViKing age SiTe, ScoTlanD: SeaSonal TemPeraTUre VariaBiliTY DUring The meDieVal Warm PerioD 151-11 10:45 AM Yanes, Yurena*; Yapp, Crayton: a 50,000-Year lanD Snail iSoToPic recorD oF PleiSToceneholocene enVironmenTal change in The canarY archiPelago 151-12 11:00 AM Sosdian, Sindia; Grossman, Ethan L.*; Lear, Caroline; Rosenthal, Yair; Tao, Kai: cenoZoic VariaTionS in SeaWaTer Sr/ca raTioS: inSighT From gaSTroPoD ShellS 151-13 11:15 AM Jarrett, Matt B.*; Romanek, Christopher S.; Yanes, Yurena: laTe eocene PaleoTemPeraTUreS: inSighTS From craSSoSTrea giganTiSSima 151-14 11:30 AM Ivany, Linda C.*; Runnegar, Bruce N.; Keating-Bitonti, Caitlin: high-laTiTUDe annUal TemPeraTUre cYcleS From BiValVe calciTe anD The iSoToPic comPoSiTion oF earlY Permian SeaWaTer 11:45 AM Discussion

152-10 10:40 AM Amato, Jeffrey M.*; Pavlis, Terry L.; Clift, Peter; Day, Erik M.; Worthman, Caleb: mUlTiPle ePiSoDeS oF TecTonic eroSion anD accreTion in The mchUgh comPleX, chUgach Terrane, SoUThern alaSKa, BaSeD on DeTriTal Zircon ageS 152-11 10:55 AM Kato, Terence T.*; Sharp, Warren D.; Godoy, Estanislao: mUlTi-STage eXhUmaTion oF an eclogiTe/ BlUeSchiST in The coaSTal range oF chile: a comPariSon To FranciScan TecTonic BlocKS 152-12 11:10 AM Jayko, A.S.*; Blake, M. Clark Jr.: UnrooFing FranciScan BlUeSchiSTS 11:25 AM Discussion

SeSSion no. 153

T58. The Zagros Collision Zone, Past and Present (GSA International Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B113 Jamshid Hassanzadeh and Charlie Verdel, Presiding 153-1 8:00 AM Verdel, Charles*; Hassanzadeh, Jamshid; Wernicke, Brian: meSoZoic-cenoZoic magmaTic arc SYSTem oF iran

212 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


153-2 8:15 AM Yilmaz, Yucel*: TecTonic DeVeloPmenT oF The BiTliS-ZagroS SUTUre moUnTainS oF The SoUTh eaST anaTolian orogenic BelT 8:30 AM Kariminia, Seyed Mohsen*; Fakhari, Mohammad D.; Pessagno, Emile A. Jr.; Dixon, Burton: laTe creTaceoUS raDiolaria aSSemBlage From norTh eaST oF ZagroS FolD-ThrUST BelT 8:45 AM Stockli, Daniel F.*: TecTonic eVolUTion oF The TeThYan margin oF gonDWana From ne aFrica To The ZagroS anD iTS ramiFicaTionS For The ZagroS colliSion - a DeTriTal Zircon (U-Th)/he ThermochronomeTrY PerSPecTiVe 9:05 AM Shafaii Moghadam, Hadi; Stern, Robert J.*: The ZagroS colliSion Zone: WhaT Do We learn From inner anD oUTer ZagroS oPhioliTic BelT? 9:20 AM Break 153-6 9:35 AM McQuarrie, Nadine*: SignalS oF conTinenTconTinenT colliSion: When DiD araBia anD eUraSia colliDe? 9:55 AM Axen, Gary*; Gavillot, Yann; Fakhari, Mohammad; Stockli, Daniel F.; Horton, Brian K.: onSeT anD SeQUence oF ThrUSTing in The high ZagroS (hZ) moUnTainS, iran, From FoSSilS anD aPaTiTe (U-Th)/he ageS 10:15 AM Fakhari, Mohammad D.*; Guest, Bernard; Axen, Gary; Horton, Brian K.: eViDence For SigniFicanT DeXTral FaUlTing WiThin The high ZagroS, iran 10:30 AM Guest, Bernard*; Fakhari, Mohammad; Axen, Gary; Horton, Brian K.: cenoZoic DeXTral Shear in The ZagroS: WhaT We KnoW anD Some ViaBle moDelS 154-9 154-6 9:25 AM Wang, Kelin*: oBSerVing coSeiSmic anD inTerSeiSmic DeFormaTion: WhaT moDelerS KnoW anD Don'T KnoW 9:45 AM Discussion 9:55 AM Break 154-7 10:10 AM Leonard, Lucinda J.*; Currie, Claire A.; Mazzotti, Stephane; Hyndman, Roy D.: VerTical PaleogeoDeTic conSTrainTS on megaThrUST rUPTUre in greaT earThQUaKeS aT The caScaDia SUBDUcTion Zone 10:25 AM Patton, Jason R.*; Goldfinger, Chris; Morey, Ann; Erhardt, Morgan; Black, Bran; Garrett, Amy M.; Djadjadihardja, Yusuf; Hanifa, Udrekh: 7.5 Ka earThQUaKe recUrrence hiSTorY in The region oF The 2004 SUmaTra-anDaman earThQUaKe 10:40 AM Taylor, Frederick W.*: The originS oF coral geoDeSY anD PaleogeoDeSY anD inVeSTigaTion oF conVergenT margin TecTonic ProceSSeS






154-10 11:00 AM Briggs, Richard W.*: PaleogeoDeSY From coralS in megaThrUST TecTonic SeTTingS 154-11 11:15 AM Philibosian, Belle E.*; Meltzner, Aron J.; Sieh, Kerry; Suwargadi, Bambang W.; Natawidjaja, Danny H.; Genrich, Joachim; Prayudi, Dudi; Suprihanto, Imam; Galetzka, John: USing coral geoDeSY To inVeSTigaTe The SeiSmic cYcle in The BanYaK iSlanDS, inDoneSia 154-12 11:30 AM Meltzner, Aron J.*; Sieh, Kerry; Chiang, Hong-Wei; Shen, Chuan-Chou; Philibosian, Belle E.; Suwargadi, Bambang W.; Natawidjaja, Danny H.: coral microaToll PaleogeoDeSY on SimeUlUe iSlanD, SUmaTra, reVealS earThQUaKe clUSTerS anD PerSiSTenT rUPTUre SegmenTaTion 11:45 AM Discussion and concluding remarks




153-10 10:45 AM Hassanzadeh, Jamshid*; Wernicke, Brian; Ghazi, A. Mohamad: Timing oF araBia-eUraSia colliSion in iran conSTraineD BY PoSTcolliSional magmaTiSm 153-11 11:00 AM Oveisi, Behnam*; Lavé, Jérôme; van der Beek, Peter: DeFormaTion raTeS in The cenTral ZagroS (iran) inDicaTeD BY DiSPlacemenT oF geomorPhic SUrFaceS

SeSSion no. 155

T63. Hydrothermal Systems and Volatile Emissions of Volcanic Arcs (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B117/118/119 Cynthia Werner, Shaul Hurwitz, Johan Varekamp, and Adam Simon, Presiding 8:00 AM informal meet and greet 8:10 AM introductory remarks 155-1 155-2 8:15 AM Taran, Yuri A.*: role oF hYDroThermal SYSTemS in VolaTile recYcling in SUBDUcTion ZoneS 8:35 AM Mauri, Guillaume*; Williams-Jones, Glyn: STrUcTUre anD DePTh oF The hYDroThermal SYSTemS oF maSaYa Volcano, nicaragUa 8:50 AM Pearson, Sophie C.P.*; Kiyosugi, Koji; Connor, Charles B.; Saballos, Jose Armando; Lehto, Heather L.; Sanford, Ward E.: DYnamic conTrolS on FlUiD FloW aT maSaYa Volcano, nicaragUa 9:05 AM Wallace, Paul*; Roberge, Julie; Delgado, Hugo: conDUiT conVecTion VS. DeeP DegaSSing aT oPen VenT VolcanoeS: melT inclUSion eViDence From PoPocaTePeTl Volcano, meXico 9:25 AM Ingebritsen, Steven E.*; Mariner, Robert H.: hYDroThermal heaT DiScharge in The caScaDe range, norThWeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 9:40 AM Evans, William C.*; Mariner, Robert H.; Bergfeld, Deborah; Revesz, Kinga M.: STaBle carBon iSoToPeS oF co2 aT VolcanoeS oF The caScaDe arc 9:55 AM Break 155-7 10:10 AM Bergfeld, Deborah*; Evans, William C.; Spicer, Kurt: hYDroThermal SYSTem reSPonSe To The 20042008 erUPTion aT moUnT ST. helenS, Wa

SeSSion no. 154

T61. Paleogeodesy at Subduction Zones (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A107/108/109 Andrea D. Hawkes, Aron J. Meltzner, and Alan R. Nelson, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 154-1 8:05 AM Shennan, Ian*; Barlow, Natasha: PUShing The FronTier oF relaTiVe Sea leVel STUDieS anD PaleoSeiSmologY 8:25 AM Sawai, Yuki*: relaTiVe Sea-leVel change DUring The laST FeW hUnDreDS YearS aT DiScoVerY BaY, WaShingTon STaTe 8:40 AM Grand Pre, Candace A.*; Horton, Benjamin P.; Kelsey, Harvey M. III.; Rubin, Charles; Hawkes, Andrea D.; Daryono, Mudrik R.; Yulianto, Eko; Natawidjaja, Danny: eViDence oF an earlY holocene PrecUrSor To The 2004 SUmaTra-anDaman earThQUaKe 8:55 AM Nelson, Alan R.*: FragmenTarY eViDence oF PrehiSToric greaT-earThQUaKe SUBSiDence in The region oF The m9.5 chilean earThQUaKe oF 1960 9:10 AM Melnick, Daniel; Cisternas, Marco; Wesson, Robert L.*; Moreno, Marcos; Lagos, Marcelo: PreSenT anD PaST lanD-leVel changeS aT gUaFo iSlanD, chile (43.5°S): TranSienT accUmUlaTion oF PermanenT STrain oVer The SeiSmic cYcle 155-3








2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 213


155-8 10:30 AM Walder, Joseph S.*: So2 ScrUBBing BY a ShalloW aQUiFer: a groUnDWaTer moDel For moUnT ST. helenS 10:45 AM Teasdale, Rachel*; Wenham, Jamie; Mendes, Stephanie; del Potro, Rodrigo; Martínez, María; Fernández, Erick; Brown, David: neW moniToring TechniQUeS For hYDroThermal SYSTemS oF PoaS anD TUrrialBa VolcanoeS, coSTa rica

SeSSion no. 157

T72. Geofluids and Deformation: Integrated Studies for the 21st Century (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A105 Charles Onasch and Mark P. Fischer, Presiding 157-1 8:00 AM Shuster, Robert D.*; Maher, Harmon Jr.: are claSTic DiKeS in BaDlanDS naTional ParK a reSUlT oF STrUcTUral DiageneSiS? 8:15 AM Williams, Amy J.*; Crossey, Laura J.; Karlstrom, Karl E.: an inTegraTeD geochemical anD STrUcTUral STUDY oF The SeVilleTa naTional WilDliFe reFUge: geochemiSTrY anD SaliniTY SoUrceS oF WaTerS SPanning The rio granDe riFT, neW meXico 8:30 AM Valley, Peter M.*; Fisher, Christopher M.; Hanchar, John M.: USing hF iSoToPeS in Zircon To moniTor FlUiD ProceSSeS anD iron oXiDe-aPaTiTe mineraliZaTion anD remoBiliZaTion DUring orogenic eXTenSion 8:45 AM Moore, Diane E.*; Lockner, David A.: inFlUence oF FlUiD chemiSTrY on The FricTional BehaVior oF UlTramaFic rocKS 9:00 AM Czauner, Brigitta*; Mádl-Szõnyi, Judit: hYDraUlic BehaVioUr oF FaUlTS on The WeSTern ParT oF TranS-TiSZa region, hUngarY 9:15 AM Hughes, Kristin L.H.*; Masterlark, Timothy: Pore PreSSUre recoVerY FolloWing The 2004 SUmaTra-anDaman earThQUaKe aDVanceD The Timing oF The 2005 niaS earThQUaKe 9:35 AM Break 157-7 9:50 AM Hilgers, Christoph*: cemenTaTion oF high PreSSUre reSerVoirS: micro- To regional Scale ProceSSeS 10:10 AM Dennie, Devin P.*; Pannalal, S. Johari; Elmore, R. Douglas; Manning, Earl B.: Timing anD naTUre oF FlUiD alTeraTion WiThin The UPPermoST ellenBUrger groUP carBonaTeS, ForT WorTh BaSin, TeXaS: a PaleomagneTic anD DiageneTic STUDY 10:25 AM Zechmeister, Matthew S.*; Manning, Earl B.; Engel, Michael H.; Elmore, R. Douglas: Timing anD origin oF a mUlTi-comPonenT FlUiD-relaTeD remagneTiZaTion in FolDeD miSSiSSiPPian carBonaTeS in The SoUThern canaDian corDillera, Se BriTiSh colUmBia anD SW alBerTa


155-10 11:00 AM Varekamp, Johan C.*; Kading, Tristan; Bermudez, Adriana; Delpino, Daniel: TWelVe YearS oF elemenT FlUX meaSUremenTS aT coPahUe Volcano, argenTina 155-11 11:15 AM Vigouroux, Nathalie*; Williams-Jones, Glyn; Williams-Jones, A.E.; van Hinsberg, V.J.: TracKing VolaTile raTioS ThroUgh The magmaTic anD hYDroThermal SYSTem oF KaWah iJen Volcano, inDoneSia 155-12 11:30 AM Carn, Simon A.*; Prata, A.J.; Krotkov, N.A.; Yang, K.; Krueger, A.J.: SaTelliTe meaSUremenTS oF VolaTile emiSSionS From recenT norTh PaciFic arc erUPTionS 11:45 AM Discussion




SeSSion no. 156

T71. Fault and Fracture Studies in the Solar System (GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A106 Simon A. Kattenhorn and Amanda L. Nahm, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 156-1 156-2 8:10 AM Collins, Geoffrey C.*: TecTonicS on icY WorlDS 8:30 AM Hansen, Vicki L.*; Olive, Anthony: arTemiS, VenUS, The largeST TecTonomagmaTic FeaTUre in The Solar SYSTem? 8:45 AM Kiefer, Walter S.*: liThoSPheric STrUcTUre, heaT FloW, anD TecTonic STrain in The ThaUmaSia highlanDS anD The coPraTeS riSe, marS 9:00 AM Nahm, Amanda L.*; Mangold, Nicolas; Ansan, Veronique; Schultz, Richard A.: STrUcTUral maPPing anD liThoSPheric FleXUre in The FormaTion oF The ThaUmaSia highlanDS, marS 9:15 AM Cooke, Michele*; Islam, Fariha; McGill, George: BaSemenT conTrolS on The Scale oF gianT PolYgonS in UToPia PlaniTia, marS 9:30 AM Break 156-6 9:45 AM Buczkowski, Debra L.*; Seelos, Kim D.; Cooke, Michele: circUlar graBen anD gianT PolYgonS in UToPia PlaniTia, marS 10:00 AM Patterson, Gerald Wesley*; Head, James W.: SegmenTeD lineamenTS on eUroPa: imPlicaTionS For The FormaTion oF riDge comPleXeS anD BrighT BanDS 10:15 AM Kay, Jonathan P.*; Kattenhorn, Simon A.: geologicallY YoUng TroUghS on eUroPa: The caSe For recenT TecTonic acTiViTY 10:30 AM Smith-Konter, Bridget*; Olgin, John; Pappalardo, Robert T.: TiDallY DriVen coUlomB FailUre conDiTionS oF STriKe-SliP FaUlTS on encelaDUS anD eUroPa 157-5








157-10 10:40 AM Markham, Jennifer*; Onasch, Charles: DiD FlUiDS conTrol The origin anD DeFormaTion oF The Peach BoTTom SlaTe in SoUTheaSTern PennSYlVania? 157-11 10:55 AM Czeck, Dyanna M.*; Yonkee, Adolph; Johnson, Kimberly R.: linKing FlUiD-rocK inTeracTion anD STrain accUmUlaTion in a naTUrallY DeFormeD DiamicTiTe 157-12 11:10 AM Smith, Adam; Fischer, Mark P.*; Evans, Mark A.: The FlUiD-rocK SYSTem near an ancienT SalT WelD 157-13 11:25 AM Fitz-Diaz, Elisa*; Kirschner, D.L.; Hudleston, Peter; Tolson, Gustavo: FlUiD-rocK inTeracTion in The meXican FolD-ThrUST BelT (mFTB) oF cenTral meXico



156-10 10:45 AM Patthoff, D. Alex*; Kattenhorn, Simon A.: UnraVeling The FracTUre hiSTorY oF The SoUTh Polar Terrain on encelaDUS

214 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


SeSSion no. 158

T80. Magmas and Volatiles: Linking Granites, Volcanoes, Geothermal Systems, and Mineral Deposits I (Society of Economic Geologists)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E143/144 John Dilles, Jacob B. Lowenstern, and David A. John, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 158-1 8:05 AM Brueseke, Matthew E.*; Saunders, James A.; Hames, Willis E.: miD-miocene magmaTiSm anD mineraliZaTion in The norThern greaT BaSin anD oregon PlaTeaU: The linK BeTWeen BonanZa ePiThermal ore DePoSiTS anD The YelloWSTone hoTSPoT 8:25 AM Presnell, Ricardo*: PaleoSUBDUcTion ZoneS anD FormaTion oF WorlD claSS PorPhYrY coPPer DePoSiTS 8:40 AM Mavrogenes, John A.*; Jenner, Frances; O'Neill, Hugh St.C.; Arculus, Richard J.: The magneTiTe criSiS in eVolVing arc magmaS 8:55 AM Crabtree, Stephen M.*; Lange, Rebecca A.; Frey, Holli M.: a KineTic Barrier To PlagioclaSe nUcleaTion in DegaSSing anDeSiTe anD DaciTe liQUiDS DUring raPiD aScenT 9:10 AM Cunningham, Heather*; Turner, Simon: hoW DoeS DegaSSing in an acTiVe calDera DiFFer From oTher SYSTemS? U-SerieS iSoToPeS conSTrain The Time ScaleS oF gaS TranSFer aT raBaUl calDera, Png 9:25 AM Proffett, John M.*; Dilles, John H.; Lipske, Joanna L.: graniTe, PorPhYrieS, hYDroThermal acTiViTY anD VolcaniSm in The YeringTon DiSTricT, neVaDa 9:40 AM Discussion 9:55 AM Break 158-7 10:10 AM Longo, Anthony A.*; Dilles, John H.; Grunder, Anita L.; Duncan, Robert: eVolUTion oF VolcaniSm anD The aSSociaTeD high-SUlFiDaTion ePiThermal golD DePoSiTS aT Yanacocha, PerU 10:25 AM Lee, Robert G.*; Dilles, John H.; Mazdab, F.K.; Wooden, J.L.: eUroPiUm anomalieS in Zircon From granoDioriTe PorPhYrY inTrUSionS aT The el SalVaDor PorPhYrY coPPer DePoSiT, chile 10:40 AM Woodard, Jeremy*; Sundblad, Krister; Schöberg, Hans: DiSTUrBance oF U-Pb in Zircon BY mo-WmineraliSing magmaTic FlUiDS in The laTe SVecoFennian BiSPBergS KlacK graniTe, SWeDen 159-9 159-5

SeSSion no. 159

T84. Volcanism, Impacts, Mass Extinctions, and Global Environmental Change III (Paleontological Society; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 253 Gerta Keller, Thierry Adatte, and Paul Wignall, Presiding 159-1 8:00 AM Bottjer, David J.*: a SerieS oF BioTic criSeS marK The miD-PhaneroZoic TranSiTion From PaleoZoic To moDern marine FaUnaS 8:20 AM Arens, Nan Crystal*; West, Ian D.: PreSS/PUlSe: an ecological moDel For SelecTiVe eXTincTionS 8:35 AM Jerram, Dougal A.*; Wignall, Paul B.; Widdowson, Mike: UnDerSTanDing The onSeT oF FlooD VolcaniSm; Volcanic FacieS anD The SeDimenTarY enVironmenTS PreSerVeD 8:50 AM Connelly, Daniel*: age DaTing maPciS (maSSiVe aUSTralian PrecamBrian/camBrian imPacT STrUcTUre) a mUlTi-moDal inDirecT aPProach 9:05 AM Discussion 9:15 AM Saltzman, Matthew R.*; Young, Seth A.; Kump, Lee R.; Foland, Kenneth A.; Leslie, Stephen A.: The laTe orDoVician glaciaTion anD maSS eXTincTion: relaTion To BaSalTic WeaThering anD Volcanic DegaSSing? 9:30 AM Thomas, Brian C.*; Melott, Adrian L.: laTe orDoVician geograPhic PaTTernS oF eXTincTion comPareD WiTh SimUlaTionS oF aSTroPhYSical ioniZing raDiaTion Damage 9:45 AM Sell, Bryan K.*: PhaneroZoic TePhroSTraTigraPhY: aBUnDance anD DiSTriBUTion oF aSh-Fall BeDS 10:00 AM Adrain, Jonathan M.*; Westrop, Stephen R.: Terminal SKUllrocKian anD Terminal STairSian (loWer orDoVician) laUrenTian maSS eXTincTionS: The laST "BiomereS" 10:15 AM Herrmann, Achim D.*; MacLeod, Kenneth G.; Leslie, Stephen A.: DiD a Volcanic mega-erUPTion caUSe gloBal cooling DUring The laTe orDoVician?

159-2 159-3








159-7 159-8



159-10 10:30 AM Tuite, Michael L. Jr.*; Macko, Stephen: The imPacT oF The DeVonian Biogeochemical TranSiTion on marine FaUnal DiVerSiTY 159-11 10:45 AM Savage, Norman M.*; Racki, Grzegorz; Lutat, Petra; Sardsud, Apsorn: laTe DeVonian conoDonTS anD aSSociaTeD iSoToPe geochemiSTrY From norThWeSTern ThailanD 159-12 11:00 AM Hillbun, Kelly*; Ward, Peter D.; Playton, Ted E.; Haines, Peter; Hocking, Roger: STraTigraPhic FrameWorK oF The Pillara FormaTion aT gUPPY hillS ProViDeS neW inSighTS inTo The miDDle DeVonian (giVeTian) reeF comPleXeS oF The canning BaSin, WeSTern aUSTralia 159-13 11:15 AM Belcher, Claire M.*; Mander, Luke; Rein, Guillermo; Jervis, Freddy X.; Haworth, Matthew; McElwain, Jennifer C.: increaSeD Fire riSK aSSociaTeD WiTh The TriaSSic-JUraSSic BoUnDarY gloBal Warming eVenT 159-14 11:30 AM Williford, Kenneth H.*; McElwain, Jennifer C.; Grice, Kliti: eXTreme heaT STreSS aSSociaTeD WiTh carBon cYcle PerTUrBaTion acroSS The TriaSSic-JUraSSic BoUnDarY aS inDicaTeD BY TerreSTrial PlanT BiomarKerS anD Their comPoUnD SPeciFic STaBle hYDrogen anD carBon iSoToPeS 159-15 11:45 AM Greene, Sarah E.*; Bottjer, David J.; Corsetti, Frank A.; Berelson, William M.; Marenco, Pedro J.; Zonneveld, John-Paul: Do maSS eXTincTionS haVe DiageneTic conSeQUenceS?


158-10 10:55 AM Dusel-Bacon, Cynthia*; Aleinikoff, John N.; Day, Warren C.; O'Neill, J. Michael; Slack, John F.; Wintzer, Niki E.: imPlicaTionS oF neW ShrimP U-PB Zircon crYSTalliZaTion ageS For The origin oF carBonaTe rePlacemenT anD SKarn mineraliZaTion in The WeSTern ForTYmile mining DiSTricT, eaST-cenTral alaSKa 158-11 11:10 AM Chambefort, Isabelle*; McPhie, Jocelyn; Kamenetsky, Vadim; Agangi, Andrea; Allen, Sharon; Bath, Adam; Ehrig, Kathy: The role oF FlUorine-Bearing magmaTichYDroThermal FlUiDS in The FormaTion oF The SUPergianT olYmPic Dam U-aU-cU-ag DePoSiT, SoUTh aUSTralia 158-12 11:25 AM Liu, Xiao-Ming*; Rudnick, Roberta L.; Hier-Majumder, Saswata; Sirbescu, Mona-Liza C.: aDVecTion-DiFFUSion conTrolleD liThiUm iSoToPic DiSTriBUTion in conTacT aUreoleS: --a caSe STUDY From The Florence coUnTY PegmaTiTeS, WiSconSin 11:40 AM Discussion ii

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 215


SeSSion no. 160

T97. EARTHTIME: From Developing Tools to Teaching about Time (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Geochemical Society; Paleontological Society; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, C123 Samuel A. Bowring and Kirk R. Johnson, Presiding 160-1 8:00 AM Bowring, Samuel A.*; Condon, Daniel; McLean, Noah M.; Bowring, James F.; Johnson, Kirk R.; Heizler, Matthew T.: The earThTime iniTiaTiVe: ProgreSS anD PromiSe 8:15 AM Hinnov, Linda; Ogg, James G.*; Huang, Chunju; Galbrun, Bruno; Huret, Emilia; Boulila, Slah; Husson, Dorothée; Locklair, Robert: cUrrenT STaTUS oF The meSoZoic aSTronomical Time Scale 8:30 AM Renne, Paul R.*; Mundil, Roland; Balco, Greg; Min, Kyoungwon: SimUlTaneoUS DeTerminaTion oF 40K DecaY conSTanTS anD age oF The FiSh canYon SaniDine 40ar/39ar STanDarD 8:45 AM Hora, John Milan*; Singer, Brad S.; Jicha, Brian R.; Beard, Brian L.; Johnson, Clark M.; de Silva, Shan; Salisbury, Morgan: BioTiTe-SaniDine 40ar/39ar age DiScorDanceS reFlecT ar ParTiTioning anD PreerUPTion cloSUre in BioTiTe 9:00 AM Cramer, Bradley D.*; Munnecke, Axel; Schofield, D.I.; Saltzman, Matthew R.; Haase, Karsten: neW WenlocKlUDloW (SilUrian) 87Sr/86Sr DaTa anD a reViSeD SilUrian Sr cUrVe: imPlicaTionS For The SilUrian TimeScale 9:15 AM Ramezani, Jahandar*; Bowring, Samuel A.; Fastovsky, David E.; Hoke, Gregory D.: U-PB iD-TimS geochronologY oF The laTe TriaSSic chinle FormaTion, PeTriFieD ForeST naTional ParK, ariZona 9:30 AM Break 160-7 9:45 AM Blackburn, Terrence*; Bowring, Samuel; Olsen, Paul; Kent, Dennis; Rasbury, Troy; McHone, J. Gregory: neW high-PreciSion U-PB Zircon DaTing oF cenTral aTlanTic magmaTic ProVince: imPlicaTionS For The TriaSSic-JUraSSic eXTincTion anD The aSTrochronological TimeScale 10:00 AM Singer, Brad S.*; Sageman, Bradley B.; Siewert, Sarah E.; Condon, Daniel; Obradovich, John D.; Jicha, Brian R.; Sawyer, David A.; Meyers, Stephen R.: imPlicaTionS oF neW 40ar/39ar anD U-PB ageS For cenomanianTUronian oae2 10:15 AM Miller, Ian M.*; Johnson, Kirk R.; Kline, Douglas; Nichols, Douglas J.: merging The ancienT PaST WiTh cUTTing-eDge TechnologY: a laTe camPanian Flora From The KaiParoWiTS FormaTion, granD STaircaSe­eScalanTe naTional monUmenT, UTah, anD a SUcceSSFUl moDel For high-imPacT oUTreach 160-13 11:15 AM Buchwaldt, Robert*; Bookhagen, Britta; McLean, Noah M.; Bowring, Sam: an earThTime Program To Teach The Science oF geochronologY To high School STUDenTS USing a `hanDS-on' aPProach 160-14 11:30 AM Ogg, James G.*; Lugowski, Adam; Gradstein, Felix M.: earTh hiSTorY ViSUaliZaTion ­ The TimeScale creaTor SYSTem anD DaTaPacKS

SeSSion no. 161

T105. Interactions and Interdependencies of Academic and Applied Geosciences: Advantages, Challenges, and Ways Forward (GSA Academic and Applied Geoscience Relations Committee)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, C124 Emily S. Schultz-Fellenz and Benjamin C. Burke, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 161-1 8:15 AM Wilson, James R.; Matyjasik, Marek*; Hernandez, Michael W.: aPPlieD enVironmenTal geoScienceS aT WeBer STaTe UniVerSiTY 8:30 AM Liddell, W. David*; Shervais, John W.: aPPlieD geoScienceS in The moDern geologY cUrricUlUm 8:45 AM Wolff, Fritz*: The WaY ForWarD in geoScience eDUcaTion: one man'S PerSPecTiVe 9:00 AM Santi, Paul*: TranSlaTing engineering accreDiTaTion criTeria inTo aPPlieD geoScience eDUcaTion 9:20 AM Break 161-5 9:35 AM Schultz-Fellenz, Emily S.*; Sussman, Aviva; Mason, Stephanie N.: PreSerVing anD ProTecTing eDUcaTional oUTreach ThroUgh an aPPlieD Science inSTiTUTion: PerSPecTiVeS From reSearch STaFF in acaDemia anD The naTional laBoraTorY SYSTem 9:50 AM Loudin, Michael G.*: leaDerShiP anD ThriVing geoScience DeParTmenTS: oBSerVaTionS From a gloBal geoScience emPloYer 10:05 AM Perfit, Michael*: Small DeParTmenTS aT large UniVerSiTieS: leSSonS learneD From oUr near eliminaTion anD Planning The WaY ForWarD 10:20 AM Discussion 161-8 10:35 AM Svitana, Kevin*; Bair, E. Scott: maPPing The DeVeloPmenT oF a WeB-BaSeD Teaching reSoUrce: DreamS VS. realiTY 10:50 AM Murphy, Christopher M.D.*: earTh Science, SPaTial DaTa collecTion, anD cool aPPS: The aPPlicaTionS oF moBile DaTa collecTion anD reTrieVal To geoScience Phenomena





161-3 161-4








161-10 11:05 AM Burke, Benjamin C.*: Teaching PerSPecTiVeS on PeTroleUm geoScience: an eXamPle From The Big horn BaSin, WYoming 161-11 11:20 AM Kay, Paul J.*; Hudson, David: aPPlYing geoScience To aUSTralia'S moST imPorTanT challengeS

160-10 10:30 AM Gingerich, Philip D.*: geological To eVolUTionarY ScaleS oF Time: caSe STUDieS oF change anD raTeS oF change in eocene mammalS 160-11 10:45 AM Johnson, Kirk*; Bowring, Samuel: error BarS To eQUal oUr oUTcroPS: hoW high-reSolUTion U-PB geochronologY in The DenVer BaSin naTUral laBoraTorY can Fine TUne QUeSTionS in TerreSTrial STraTigraPhY, PaleonTologY, anD PaleoclimaTologY 160-12 11:00 AM Viskupic, Karen*; Schmitz, Mark D.; Nadelson, Louis: DeliVerY anD aSSeSSmenT oF a halF-DaY inTegraTeD FielD anD laBoraTorY eXPerience For UnDerSTanDing geologic Time anD geochronologY

SeSSion no. 162

T121. Pacific Rim Influence on Geological Thought and History (GSA History of Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA International Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B116 Yildirim Dilek, Yujiro Ogawa, and Ken'ichiro Hisada, Presiding 162-1 162-2 8:00 AM Yajima, Michiko*: earlY hiSTorY oF geological inVeSTigaTion in JaPan 8:15 AM Stern, Robert*; Tamura, Yoshihiko: eVolVing concePTS oF inTra-oceanic arc SYSTemS: leSSonS From The WeSTern PaciFic

216 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


162-3 8:30 AM Isozaki, Yukio*: ocean PlaTe STraTigraPhY (oPS): The KeY concePT For UnDerSTanDing accreTionarY (miYaShiro-TYPe) orogenS 8:45 AM Tonai, Satoshi*; Ashi, Juichiro; Suganuma, Yusuke: an inTra-arc DeFormaTion hiSTorY oF The norThern rYUKYU arc (JaPan) DUring BacKarc eXTenSion 9:00 AM Hisada, Ken-ichiro*: mUlTiPle colliSion or noT BeTWeen The iZU-Bonin anD honShU arcS, JaPan? 9:15 AM Arima, Makoto*; Ishikawa, Masahiro; Saito, Satoshi: graniTic miDDle crUST oF The norThern iBm arc: conSTrainTS From geochemical anD geoPhYSical STUDieS oF The miocene graniToiDS in The iZU colliSion Zone, cenTral JaPan 9:30 AM Choi, Taejin*; Lee, Yong Il: Thermal hiSTorieS oF creTaceoUS BaSinS in Korea: reSPonSe oF The eaST aSian conTinenTal margin DUe To SUBDUcTion oF The Paleo-PaciFic PlaTe 9:45 AM Break 162-8 10:00 AM Ogawa, Yujiro*: hiSTorY oF geoScience anD a FUTUre PerSPecTiVe in JaPaneSe TrencheS: From KaiKo anD DSDP STUDY ThroUgh 21st cenTUrY 10:15 AM Anma, Ryo*; Ogawa, Yujiro; Kawamura, Kiichiro; Dilek, Yildirim: STrUcTUreS, TeXTUreS, PhYSical ProPerTieS oF accreTionarY PriSm SeDimenTS anD FlUiD FloW near The SPlaY FaUlT Zone in The nanKai TroUgh, SW JaPan 163-8 163-3 8:40 AM Thomson, Stuart N.*; Hemming, Sidney; Reiners, Peter; Cox, Stephen E.: reVealing The SUBglacial eroSion anD lanDScaPe eVolUTion hiSTorY BeloW The eaST anTarcTic ice SheeT USing DeTriTal ThermochronologY 8:55 AM Modi, Aubrey L.*; Fedo, Christopher M.; Young, Grant M.; Nesbitt, H. Wayne: eXPloring WeaThering anD alTeraTion TrenDS in a-cn-K-Fm ThreeDimenSional SPace 9:10 AM Wilson, Kiya L.*; Pisias, Nicklas; Duncan, Robert: USing an arraY oF ne PaciFic margin SeDimenT SamPleS To linK lanD anD ocean reSPonSeS To glacial-inTerglacial climaTe VariaBiliTY 9:25 AM Johansson, Annika K.*; Lehnert, Kerstin A.; Block, Karin: SeDimenTarY ProVenance STUDieS USing a Free online geochemical DaTaBaSe: BeTTer, FaSTer, STronger WiTh SeDDB 9:40 AM Discussion 9:55 AM Break 163-7 10:10 AM Parent, Michel*; Rasbury, E. Troy; Hemming, Sidney R.; Rhéaume, Pierre; Boisvert, Eric: glacial DiSPerSal anD Till ProVenance in norThern QUeBec ­ neW conSTrainTS on The laTe QUaTernarY glacial recorD oF The eaSTern laUrenTiDe ice SheeT 10:30 AM Cox, Stephen E.*; Hemming, Sidney R.; Steponaitis, Elena A.: heaVY mineral aSSemBlageS in Volcanic aSheS From The mono BaSin, caliFornia 10:45 AM Mathers, Genevive R.*; Heller, Paul L.: aPPlicaTion oF DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY in BaSin analYSiS To eValUaTe TecTonic VS. climaTic origin For WiDeSPreaD conglomeraTeS aT The K/T BoUnDarY










162-11 10:45 AM Muraoka, Satoru*; Ogawa, Yujiro: recogniTion oF Trench-Fill TYPe accreTionarY PriSm: ThrUST anTiclineS, DUPleXeS anD chaoTic DePoSiTS oF Pliocene-PleiSTocene chiKUra groUP, BoSo PeninSUla, JaPan 162-12 11:00 AM Anma, Ryo*: SUBDUcTion iniTiaTion, manTle FloW, geneSiS anD riSe oF The YaKUShima graniTe PlUTon, SW JaPan 162-13 11:15 AM Moores, Eldridge*: WeSTern PaciFic TecTonicS anD The SUggeSTeD Sierra SeVen SUTUre Saga 162-14 11:30 AM Barineau, Clinton I.*; Tull, James F.; Mueller, P.A.: UnDerSTanDing orDoVician TecTonicS oF The aPPalachianS From PaciFic rim orogenic moDelS anD analogUeS 11:45 AM Discussion

163-10 11:00 AM Fan, Majie*; Quade, Jay; Dettman, David L.; DeCelles, Peter: WiDeSPreaD BaSemenT eroSion in laTe Paleocene-earlY eocene in The laramiDe rocKY moUnTainS inFerreD From 87Sr/86Sr raTio oF BiValVe FoSSilS 163-11 11:15 AM Cecil, C. Blaine*: an emPirical PaleoclimaTe moDel For The origin oF carBoniFeroUS STraTa in norTh america

SeSSion no. 164

T134. Risks and Realities: Current Advances in Understanding Societal Risk and Resilience to Natural Hazards II (GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee, GSA Geoinformatics Division, GSA Engineering Geology Division, GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D135/136 Nathan J. Wood and Monica E. Gowan, Presiding 8:00 AM introduction 164-1 8:05 AM Hayes, Gavin P.*; Wald, David J.; Earle, Paul S.; Jaiswal, Kishor; Lin, Kuo-Wan; Marano, Kristin; Hearne, Mike: The USgS ToolBoX For earThQUaKe Planning anD reSPonSe 8:25 AM Allen, Richard*; Böse, Maren; Brown, Holly; Cua, Georgia; Given, Doug; Fischer, Michael; Hauksson, Egill; Heaton, Tom; Hellweg, Margaret; Jordan, Tom; Khainovski, Oleg; Maechling, Phil; Neuhauser, Doug; Oppenheimer, David; Solanki, Kalpesh: Warning caliFornia: DeVeloPmenT oF a STaTeWiDe aDVanceD earThQUaKe alerT ProToTYPe 8:45 AM Vidale, John*; Bodin, Paul; Gomberg, Joan; Malone, Steve; Yelin, Tom: The FUTUre oF earThQUaKe moniToring For haZarD miTigaTion in The PacnW

SeSSion no. 163

T125. Geochemical Approaches to Sedimentary Provenance Studies I (Geochemical Society; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 252 Troy Rasbury and Sidney R. Hemming, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 163-1 8:05 AM Barbeau, David L. Jr.*: USing DeTriTal geochronologY To aSSeSS The oPening oF marine gaTeWaYS 8:25 AM Pierce, Elizabeth L.*; Williams, Trevor; van de Flierdt, Tina; Hemming, Sidney R.; Goldstein, Steven L.; Brachfeld, Stefanie: 40ar/39ar ThermochronologY oF aUSTralia'S conJUgaTe margin in anTarcTica From ice-raFTeD hornBlenDe, BioTiTe anD FelDSPar grainS




2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 217


162-10 10:30 AM Kawamura, Kiichiro*; Ogawa, Y.; Anma, Ryo; Burmeister, Kurtis C.; Moore, Gregory F.; Yokoyama, Shunji; Hayman, Nicholas W.: neW inSighTS oF DeeP-Sea geologic archiTecTUreS USing SUBmerSiBleS: eXamPleS From The nanKai TroUgh



164-4 9:00 AM Cannon, Susan H.*; Laber, Jayme L.; Jackson, Mark; Werner, Kevin; Restrepo, Pedro: noaa/USgS DemonSTraTion FlaSh FlooD anD DeBriS FloW earlY-Warning SYSTem For recenTlY BUrneD areaS in SoUThern caliFornia, anD leSSonS learneD From FoUr YearS oF oPeraTion 9:15 AM Discussion: Warning Systems--what needs improvement? 164-5 9:30 AM Rubin, Jeffrey N.*: BacK oFF: We're ScienTiSTS! mYTh VS. realiTY anD hoW To commUnicaTe riSK relaTeD To naTUral haZarDS 9:45 AM Roddey, James*: a neW aPProach in earThQUaKe riSK relaTeD PreSenTaTionS For PUBlic aUDienceS 10:00 AM Discussion: risk communication -- lessons learned from the field 164-7 164-8 10:15 AM Wang, Yumei*; Cox, Daniel: TSUnami eVacUaTion BUilDingS aS a riSK managemenT SolUTion 10:30 AM McAdoo, Brian G.; Goff, James R.*; Fritz, Hermann M.; Dominey-Howes, Dale; Cochard, Roland; Kong, Laura; Titov, Vasily: The TSUnami ProJecT: inTerDiSciPlinarY aPProacheS To PoST-TSUnami SUrVeYS 10:45 AM Bowman, Luke J.*: commUniTY haZarD PercePTionS anD DiSaSTer PrePareDneSS BeFore anD aFTer The 2005 erUPTion oF SanTa ana (ilamaTePec) Volcano, el SalVaDor 165-8 USing high-reSolUTion liDar DaTa, norThern WillameTTe ValleY, oregon 165-6 9:25 AM Delano, Helen L.*: PamaP liDar: DiSPlaYing DaTa For lanDSliDe anD KarST recogniTion in PennSYlVania 9:40 AM Deardorff, Nick*; Cashman, Katharine V.: morPhologic meaSUremenTS on an inTermeDiaTe comPoSiTion BlocKY laVa FloW FielD in cenTral oregon USing high reSolUTion (~1m) liDar Dems 9:55 AM Break 10:10 AM Haugerud, Ralph A.*: STagnaTion oF The PUgeT loBe oF The corDilleran ice SheeT, norThWeST WaShingTon 10:30 AM Curry, B. Brandon*: SUBTle ice-WalleD laKe TerraceS iDenTiFieD anD maPPeD WiTh ShaDeD relieF maPS oF 2-FT DemS From aerial PhoTograPhY or liDar




165-10 10:45 AM Jaworowski, Cheryl*; Heasler, Henry P.; Neale, Christopher M.U.; Sivarajan, Saravanan: inTegraTing liDar anD airBorne Thermal inFrareD imagerY For geologic maPPing oF hoT SPring BaSin, YelloWSTone naTional ParK 165-11 11:00 AM Staley, Dennis M.*; Wasklewicz, Thad.A.; Kean, Jason W.: geomorPhic reSPonSe oF a recenTlY BUrneD WaTerSheD To a WinTer rainSTorm meaSUreD USing TerreSTrial laSer Scanning 165-12 11:15 AM Mitasova, Helena*; Harmon, Russell S.; Hardin, Eric; Overton, Margery: maPPing coaSTal Terrain DYnamicS anD STrUcTUral change USing a giSBaSeD analYSiS oF liDar DaTa Time SerieS 165-13 11:30 AM Roberts, Nicholas J.*; Lawrence, Martin S.; Psutka, John F.; Clague, John J.: imPacTS anD DYnamicS oF The 2007 chehaliS laKe lanDSliDe-inDUceD WaVe USing liDar anD oTher maPPing ToolS 165-14 11:45 AM Argow, Brittina A.*; Millette, Thomas L.; Marcano, Eugenio; Hayward, Chris; Hopkinson, Charles S.; Valentine, Vinton: QUanTiTaTiVe DiSTriBUTion oF geomorPhic FeaTUreS acroSS The greaT marSh, ma, Via inTegraTion oF mUlTi-TemPoral mUlTiSPecTral remoTe SenSing WiTh liDar anD giS


164-10 11:00 AM Wilson, Thomas M.*; Leonard, Graham S.; Stewart, Carol; Villarosa, Gustavo; Rovere, Elizabeth I.; Baxter, Peter J.; Johnston, David; Cronin, Shane J.: imPacTS on criTical inFraSTrUcTUre FolloWing The maY 2008 chaiTén erUPTion in PaTagonia 164-11 11:15 AM Stewart, Carol*; Pizzolon, Lino; Wilson, Thomas M.; Leonard, Graham S.; Villarosa, Gustavo; Johnston, David; Cronin, Shane J.; Baxter, Peter J.: can Volcanic aSh PoiSon WaTer SUPPlieS? 164-12 11:30 AM Leonard, Graham S.*; Wilson, Thomas M.; Stewart, Carol; Johnston, David; Baxter, Peter J.; Rovere, Elizabeth I.; Villarosa, Gustavo: leSSonS learneD From The maY 2008 To PreSenT erUPTion oF Volcan chaiTén, chile: emergencY managemenT, eVacUaTion, WelFare anD recoVerY 11:45 AM Discussion: risks and resilience--where do we go from here?

SeSSion no. 166

T151. Clean Coal: Can It Be a Reality? (GSA Coal Geology Division; GSA Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geology and Health Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B114/115 Leslie Ruppert, Allan Kolker, and Sean Brennan, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 166-1 8:05 AM West, Terry R.*; Fisher, Richard: enVironmenTal oPPorTUniTieS relaTeD To UnDergroUnD anD SUrFace coal mineS in SoUThWeST inDiana 8:20 AM Acton, Peter M.*; Fox, James F.; Jones, Alice; Rowe, Harry; Martin, Darren; Campbell, J. Elliott: BUDgeTing Soil carBon in The clean coal DiScUSSion: elemenTal anD iSoToPic meaSUremenTS anD moDeling oF Soil carBon UPTaKe on reclaimeD mining SiTeS 8:35 AM Zeng, Zhengwen*; Pei, Peng: UnDergroUnD coal gaSiFicaTion ProceSS coUPleD WiTh on-SiTe carBon STorage anD enhanceD hYDrocarBon recoVerY in norTh DaKoTa WilliSTon BaSin 8:50 AM Kolker, Allan*; Engle, Mark A.; Hower, James C.; O'Keefe, Jennifer M.K.; Heffern, Edward L.; Radke, Lawrence F.; Stracher, Glenn B.; Prakash, Anupma; ter Schure, Arnout; Olea, Ricardo; Román-Colon, Yomayra: QUanTiFYing aTmoSPheric co2 emiSSionS From

SeSSion no. 165

T145. Use of High-Resolution LiDAR DEMs for Geologic, Geomorphic, and Geohazards Mapping

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E147/148 Ian Madin, Presiding 165-1 8:00 AM Haneberg, William C.*: airBorne liDar aS a PracTical Tool For high reSolUTion geologic maPPing-- a DecaDe oF leSSonS learneD anD PoTenTial reVealeD 8:20 AM Molinari, Mark P.*: PracTical aPPlicaTionS oF airBorne liDar DaTa For enVironmenTal anD engineering geologY ProJecTS 8:40 AM Palmer, Stephen P.*; Woodcock, Jason P.; Mills, Scott V.; Day, Andrew K.: ForenSic analYSeS oF TWo lanDSliDeS USing liDar ToPograPhic DaTa 8:55 AM Hunter, Lewis E.*; Rose, Ronn S.; Kelson, Keith I.: UTiliZaTion oF liDar DeriVeD Dems in aSSeSSing geologic haZarDS near earThen DamS in caliFornia, USa 9:10 AM Givler, Robert*; Madin, Ian; Witter, Robert C.: QUaTernarY geologic anD geomorPhic maPPing along The moUnT angel FaUlT








218 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


coal FireS: SamPling aPProacheS anD Some U.S. eXamPleS 166-5 9:05 AM Willard, Debra A.*: cenoZoic VegeTaTion, co2, anD PaleoclimaTe: imPlicaTionS For FUTUre TerreSTrial haBiTaTS 9:20 AM Cronin, T.M.*: PaleoclimaTe, co2, Sea leVel anD Sea-ice recorDS oF The laST 5 ma anD Their imPlicaTionS 9:40 AM Schultz, Peter A.*: climaTe change conSeQUenceS anD reSPonSe STraTegieS 10:00 AM Break 166-8 166-9 10:15 AM Beck, Robert A.*: The UrgencY oF SUSTainaBle coal 10:30 AM Peridas, George*: carBon caPTUre & geologic SeQUeSTraTion: moVing From hYPe To PiPe 167-9 eXamPle From The PleiSTocene olorgeSailie FormaTion, KenYa 10:25 AM Robertson, Elizabeth C.*; Blyth, Robert: X-raY near eDge SPecTroScoPY (XaneS) aS a Tool For The characTeriZaTion oF archaeological ToolSTone



167-10 10:40 AM Davis, Loren*; Nyers, Alex; Henrickson, Celeste; Macfarlan, Shane: geochemical SolUTionS For geoarchaeological ProBlemS in The loWer Salmon riVer canYon, iDaho 167-11 11:00 AM Lundblad, Steven P.*; Mills, Peter R.; Moniz-Nakamura, Jadelyn; Oxley, Mark: geochemiSTrY oF STone Tool SoUrceS on haWaii iSlanD aS DeTermineD BY eDXrF 167-12 11:15 AM Heinzel, Chad*; Montana, Giuseppe; Polito, Anna Maria: reSoUrce ProDUcTion caPaBiliTieS oF an elYmian PoliTY (monTe PoliZZo) WeSTern SicilY: an inVeSTigaTion oF claY anD inDigenoUS ceramicS 11:30 AM Discussion

166-10 10:45 AM Burruss, Robert C.*; Brennan, Sean T.; Merrill, Matthew D.; Ruppert, Leslie F.; Freeman, Philip A.; Becker, Mark F.: a geologicallY-BaSeD ProBaBiliSTic meThoD For aSSeSSing TechnicallY acceSSiBle co2 STorage reSoUrceS 166-11 11:00 AM Greb, Stephen F.*; Solis, Michael P.; Bowersox, J. Richard: geologic croSS SecTion BeneaTh The loWer ohio riVer; highlighTing The PoSSiBiliTieS For carBon STorage along an inDUSTrial corriDor 166-12 11:15 AM McIntyre, Marcella R.*; Dayan, Adam; Pashin, Jack; Esposito, Richard A.: Soil gaS moniToring For carBon SeQUeSTraTion The BlacK Warrior BaSin, TUScalooSa coUnTY, alaBama 11:30 AM Discussion

TUeSDaY PoSTer Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 168

Geochemistry (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 168-1 1 Patridge, Karyn A.*; Wolff, John A.; McClaughry, Jason D.: Zircon SaTUraTion in Fe-rich a-TYPe rhYoliTeS oF The John DaY FormaTion 2 Hoaglund, Steven A.*; Miller, James D. Jr.; Crowley, Jim; Schmitz, Mark: U-PB Zircon geochronologY oF The DUlUTh comPleX anD relaTeD hYPaBYSSal inTrUSionS: inVeSTigaTing The emPlacemenT hiSTorY oF a large mUlTiPhaSe inTrUSiVe comPleX relaTeD To The 1.1 ga miDconTinenT riFT 3 Potra, Adriana*; Macfarlane, Andrew W.: ore meTal SoUrceS in TerTiarY mineral DePoSiTS oF The gUerrero anD Sierra maDre TerraneS, meXico, aS inFerreD From leaD iSoToPe STUDieS 4 Kiran Yildirim, Demet*; Kilinc, Attila: conSTrainS on geochemiSTrY oF ore Forming SolUTionS aT KorU PB-Zn DePoSiT, canaKKale,TUrKeY 5 Munasinghe, P. Sumudu*; Kendall, Matthew R.; Elwood Madden, Megan E.; Madden, Andrew S.: PreciPiTaTion oF UranYl PhoSPhaTe inFlUenceD BY mineral SUrFaceS 6 Prush, V.*; Mathur, R.; Ebersole, C.; Fornadel, A.; Brantley, S.L.; Jin, L.; Williams, J.Z.: maJor elemenT anD coPPer iSoToPic geochemical analYSiS oF marcellUS Shale anD aSSociaTeD SoilS 7 Bank, Tracy*; Malizia, Thomas; Giese, Rossman: geochemiSTrY oF organic rich DeVonian ShaleS 8 Balboni, Enrica*; Espinosa-Marzal, Rosa; Doehne, Eric; Scherer, George: can DrYing anD re-WeTTing oF magneSiUm SUlPhaTe SalTS leaD To Damage oF STone? 9 Hughes, Niki*; Rowe, Harry: aPPlicaTion oF energYDiSPerSiVe X-raY FlUoreScence (eD-XrF) in chemoSTraTigraPhY oF organic-rich mUDSToneS oF TeXaS


SeSSion no. 167

T155. Geochemical Geoarchaeology: Artifacts and Contexts (GSA Archaeological Geology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E146 Katherine A. Adelsberger and Cynthia M. Fadem, Presiding 167-1 8:00 AM Brooks, William E.*; Schworbel, Gabriela; Castillo, Luis Enrique: mercUrY anD Small-Scale golD mining in ancienT PerU 8:15 AM Adelsberger, Katherine A.*; Smith, Jennifer R.: iron-rich DePoSiTS From eXTincT SPringS: FormaTion, moDern analogS anD archaeological SigniFicance 8:30 AM Ainsworth, Peter; Baxter, Jon; Nelson, Stephen T.*; Zollinger, Tyler; Dorais, Michael J.: The elecTron microProBe aS a Tool For The raPiD anD minimallY DeSTrUcTiVe analYSiS oF VariSciTe arTiFacTS 8:45 AM Cecil, Leslie G.*: geochemical characTeriSTicS oF The PoSTclaSSic maYa riTUal PoTTerY 9:05 AM Goodman-Elgar, Melissa*; Bettencourt, Nichole; Fortin, Louis William: geoarchaeologY oF earThen archiTecTUre, Taraco archaeological ProJecT, BoliVia 9:20 AM Pitblado, Bonnie L.; Dehler, Carol M.*: FingerPrinTing archaeological anD geologic QUarTZiTe SamPleS USing icP-mS TechniQUeS 9:35 AM Break 167-7 9:50 AM Werts, Scott P.*; Yankech, John Jr.; Kerrigan, Julia; White, Henry M.: STaBle iSoToPic SignaTUreS oF enDomYcorrhiZal FUngal SPoreS aT eleVaTeD TemPeraTUreS: aPPlicaTionS To archaeologY 10:05 AM Deocampo, Daniel*; Potts, Richard; Behrensmeyer, Anna K.: aUThigenic claY mineralS in geoarchaeological SeTTingS: oVerVieW anD 168-6 168-3






167-4 167-5


168-7 168-8



2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 219


168-10 10 Ushakov, Sergey V.*; Nag, Divya; Navrotsky, Alexandra: DoeS DirT BUrn? aPPlicaTion oF Scanning calorimeTrY To eSTimaTe Soil organic maTTer loSS aFTer FireS 11 Gryzenia, Joy*; Cassidy, Daniel: ProDUcTion anD accUmUlaTion oF SUrFacTanTS DUring The chemical oXiDaTion oF Pah in Soil 12 Sandstrom, Mark W.*; Stroppel, Max E.: eValUaTion oF TimeinTegraTing SeDimenT SamPlerS For aSSeSSmenT oF occUrrence anD concenTraTionS oF hYDroPhoBic organic conTaminanTS in Small STreamS 13 Biggam, Pete*: TaKing a cloSer looK aT The geneSiS, morPhologY anD DiSTriBUTion oF Soil organic carBon in oUr naTional ParKS 14 Tagma, Tarik*; Hsissou, Youssef; Bouchaou, Lhoussaine; Boutaleb, Said; Lgourna, Zineb: USing PrinciPal comPonenTS analYSiS, So/cl- anD mg2+/ca2+ raTioS To DelineaTe The main WaTer BoDieS in The coaSTal aQUiFer oF agaDir, SoUThWeST morocco 15 Vinson, David S.*; Vengosh, Avner; Dwyer, Gary S.; Schwartz, Haylee: a mUlTi-iSoToPe inVeSTigaTion (ra, Sr, B, o, h) oF groUnDWaTer SaliniZaTion anD raDiUm moBiliZaTion in aTlanTic coaSTal Plain aQUiFerS, norTh carolina 16 Smith, Matthew S.*; Sharma, Shikha; Frost, Carol D.; Wycoff, Teal B.: geochemical characTeriZaTion oF Three PoTenTial receiVing FormaTionS For geologic carBon DioXiDe SeQUeSTraTion in SoUThWeSTern WYoming, USa 17 Rybacki, K.S.*; Wronkiewicz, D.J.; Awuah-Offei, K.: calciUm carBonaTe PreciPiTaTion inDUceD BY co2 DegaSSing anD ph changeS aT maramec SPringS, miSSoUri 18 Ludois, James M.*; Rougvie, James R.; Farmer, G. Lang: STronTiUm iSoToPeS in aUThigenic FelDSPar From K-meTaSomaTiZeD TUFFS, harcUVar moUnTainS, WeSTcenTral ariZona 19 Tobin, Thomas S.*; Ward, Peter D.; Kirschvink, Joseph L.; Olivero, Eduardo B.; Eiler, John; Passey, Benjamin: carBonaTe iSoToPe chemoSTraTigraPhY oF The laTe creTaceoUS - earlY TerTiarY From SeYmoUr iSlanD, anTarcTica 20 Sessions, Alex L.*; Amrani, Alon; Adkins, Jess F.: analYSiS oF 34 S in inDiViDUal organic comPoUnDS BY coUPleD gc/icPmS 21 Mailloux, Jason M.*; Starns, Edward C.; Snoke, Arthur W.; Frost, Carol D.: an iSoToPic STUDY oF The BUrnT riVer SchiST: imPlicaTionS For The DeVeloPmenT oF The comPoSiTe BaKer Terrane, BlUe moUnTainS ProVince, ne oregon 22 Embid, Eileen H.*; Crossey, Laura J.; Karlstrom, Karl E.; Polyak, Victor J.; Asmerom, Yemane: U-SerieS DaTing, geochemiSTrY, anD geomorPhic STUDieS oF TraVerTineS anD SPringS oF The SPringerVille area, eaST-cenTral ariZona, anD TecTonic imPlicaTionS 23 Young, Seth A.*; Pratt, Lisa M.; Raff, Rudolf A.; Raff, Elizabeth C.; Nelson, David: ph-DePenDenT SUlFUr iSoToPe ParTiTioning oF h2S in SeaWaTer: relaTionS To SoFT TiSSUe TaPhonomY anD FoSSiliZaTion 24 Seeger, Eric*; Atekwana, Eliot; Atekwana, Estella; Hogan, John; Waltman, Paul Byron; Jordan, Ryan; Arneson, Kristen: geochemical STUDY oF riVer WaTerS anD SPringS in ZamBia: ProViDing inTernaTional reSearch eXPerience For STUDenTS 25 Domke, Kirk L.*; Loyd, Sean J.; Corsetti, Frank A.; Lyons, Timothy W.: SUlFUr anD carBon iSoToPic TrenDS ThroUgh The eDiacaran-camBrian TranSiTion aT claYTon riDge oF eaSTern neVaDa, USa 169-14 168-26 26 Price, Jonathan D.*; Berds, Melody L.; Koestner, Daniel W.: FaST, FaSTer, FaSTeST: PreliminarY reSUlTS For FlUorine moVemenT in TiTaniTe, amPhiBole, anD BioTiTe 27 Pugh, Emily R.*; Latimer, Jennifer C.; McBride, Windy J.: DeTaileD PhoSPhorUS geochemiSTrY acroSS ocean anoXic eVenT (oae) ii- The recorD From Demerara riSe




SeSSion no. 169

Geophysics/Tectonophysics/Seismology (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 169-1 28 Mukul, Malay*; Jade, Sridevi; Matin, Abdul; Joshi, Varun; Bhattacharyya, Kathakali; Rawat, M.S.; Mitra, Gautam: conTemPorarY TecTonicS in The DarJiling - SiKKim himalaYa : inSighTS From high PreciSion gloBal PoSiTioning SYSTem (gPS) meaSUremenTS 29 Alsbury, Sara R.*; Moreland, Sara A.; McGill, Sally; Spinler, Joshua; Bennett, Richard A.: gPS moniToring oF The San anDreaS FaUlT in The San BernarDino moUnTainS anD UrBan San BernarDino area oF SoUThern caliFornia 30 Contla, Diego*: The non-Volcanic TremorS inSiDe The meXican SUBDUcTion Zone anD Their PeTrological anD TecTonic imPlicaTionS 31 Bose, Deblina*; Wolf, Lorraine W.: limiTaTionS oF The microTremor meThoD: a caSe STUDY in The loS angeleS BaSin, caliFornia 32 Ebeling, Carl W.*; Stein, Seth: eXTenDing The norTh aTlanTic hUrricane recorD USing SeiSmic noiSe 33 Richardson, Joshua P.*; Waite, Gregory P.: 2-D VelociTY STrUcTUre acroSS neWBerrY calDera DeriVeD From amBienT SeiSmic noiSe 34 Black, Ross A.*: SeiSmic imaging oF allUVial FanS 35 Lopez, Andrew*; Patlan, Ezer; Velasco, Aaron A.: USing SeiSmic meThoDS To DeTermine Volcanic crUSTal DePTh oF San migUel 36 Hossain, Muhammad Shahadat; Uddin, Ashraf*: generaTion anD DiSTriBUTion oF oVerPreSSUre in miocene STraTa in The eaSTern Bengal BaSin 37 Hutchinson, Jesse Alexander*; Caplan Auerbach, Jackie: rePeaTing earThQUaKeS recorDeD DUring a PerioD oF SeiSmic UnreST near naZKo cone, BriTiSh colUmBia 38 Gosnold, William*; Zeng, Zhengwen: geoThermal PoWer From loW TemPeraTUre reSoUrceS 39 McDonald, Kyle*; Harris, Robert N.; Williams, Colin; Grubb, Frederick; Fulton, Patrick M.; Chapman, David S.: neW heaT FloW meaSUremenTS From PlaTe BoUnDarY oBSerVaTorY BoreholeS in caliFornia 40 Zavada, Prokop; Dedecek, Petr; Holloway, Stephen*; Chang, Jefferson: on The geological origin oF DeVilS ToWer, WYoming - a neW hYPoTheSiS conSTraineD BY FielD reSearch, analogUe anD Thermal moDeling DaTa, anD graVimeTric SUrVeY 41 Braunsten, Scott B.*; Blakely, Richard J.; Hulbe, Christina L.; Gannett, Marshall W.: SUBSUrFace STrUcTUre oF The loWer KlamaTh laKe anD TUle laKe BaSinS, caliFornia, inVeSTigaTeD USing graViTY anomalieS 42 Waltman, Paul Byron*; Arneson, Kristen; Atekwana, Estella; Hogan, John; Jordan, Ryan; Mutamina, Daniel; Seeger, Eric: geoPhYSical anD geological inVeSTigaTion oF The mWerU riFT, ZamBia: ProViDing inTernaTional reSearch eXPerience For STUDenTS









169-5 169-6



169-7 169-8





169-11 169-12







220 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


169-16 43 Winchester, Cody*; Mosley, Kelsey; Atekwana, Estella; Shemang, Elisha; Moidaki, Moikwathai; Modisi, Motsoptse P.; Mickus, Kevin; Atekwana, Eliot A.: geoPhYSical characTeriZaTion oF The oKaVango riFT Zone (orZ), nW BoTSWana: ProViDing inTernaTional reSearch eXPerience For STUDenTS 44 Miller, Brendan*; Housen, Bernard A.: PaleomagneTiSm oF The BecKer PeaK STocK, n. caScaDeS, Wa 45 Wells, Rachel*; Newman, Julie; Wojtal, Steven F.: rheologic eVolUTion DUring ThrUSTing WiThin carBonaTe FaUlT rocKS 170-16 61 Saltonstall, Jennifer Hilden*; Koger, Curtis J.: comPleX glacioFlUVial STraTigraPhic conTrolS on groUnD WaTer anD SUrFace WaTer in horSeShoe laKe, King coUnTY, WaShingTon 62 Mango, Helen*: a SimPle, ineXPenSiVe meThoD For meaSUring aQUiFer SeDimenT characTeriSTicS in The laB or claSSroom 63 Washington, Paul A.*; Washington, Richard M.: PermeaBiliTY VS. grain SiZe: correcTing For SorTing 64 Ghezzehei, Teamrat*: eVolUTion oF PermeaBiliTY BY PreciPiTaTeS 65 Mastera, Lawrence J.*; Ritzi, Robert W. Jr.; Dominic, David F.: eSTimaTing PermeaBiliTY in SeDimenT miXTUreS 66 Karlstrom, Karl*; Love, Andrew; Crossey, Laura J.; Priestley, Stacey; Asmerom, Yemane; Embid, Eileen: manTle DegaSSing anD TraVerTine DePoSiTS aS neoTecTonic inDicaTorS in The greaT arTeSian BaSin oF aUSTralia 67 Baedke, Steve J.*; Silvis, Nicholas V.: DeTermining The SoUrce oF heaT imPacTing Thermal SPringS in The Warm SPringS ValleY oF BaTh anD alleghanY coUnTieS, Virginia 68 Hocking, Crystal M.*; Minnick, Matthew: 3-D geologic moDeling oF an in SiTU UraniUm ProJecT, SoUTh DaKoTa 69 Dadi, Sireesh K.*; Zhan, Hongbin: UnconFineD aQUiFer FloW: The mYTh anD The TrUTh 70 Tudek, John*: WooD SinK - an UnUSUallY long Tracer TeST WiThin The DaViS SPring BaSin 71 Dunckel, Anne E.*; Pearson, Evan Z.; Waller, Clinton W.; Al-Johar, Mishal M.; Sharp, John M. Jr.: hYDrogeological anD Well-SiTing inVeSTigaTion in a ShalloW, generallY loW-PermeaBiliTY allUVial SYSTem TecoloTe Farm, manor, TeXaS


169-17 169-18

170-18 170-19 170-20 170-21

SeSSion no. 170

Hydrogeology (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 170-2 47 Cannia, James*; Peterson, Steve; Abraham, Jared; Smith, Bruce D.; Sibray, Steve: imProVeD hYDrogeologic FrameWorKS USing heliBoUrne elecTromagneTic SUrVeYS For The norTh PlaTTe ValleY, WeSTern neBraSKa oPTimiZaTion moDel 48 Cardiff, Michael A.*: BaYeSian inFerence oF SiTe-SPeciFic PeTroPhYSical relaTionS 49 Davis, Ralph K.*; Kitto, Felix; Saul, EuGene: DeVeloPmenT oF TriBal WaTer QUaliTY STanDarDS in conJUncTion WiTh The SanTee SioUX naTion oFFice oF enVironmenTal ProTecTion 50 Shapiro, Benjamin M.*; Tepper, Jeffrey H.: DeeP groUnDWaTer inFloW eXPlainS anomaloUS chemiSTrY oF a KeTTle laKe, SoUTh PUgeT SoUnD, WaShingTon 51 Ong, John B.*; Zlotnik, Vitaly A.; Swinehart, James B.; Schmeider, Jens; Fritz, Sherilyn C.: SalT DiSTriBUTion aroUnD alKali laKe, neBraSKa SanD hillS, U.S.a 52 Larsen, Daniel*; Hundt, Kasey R.; Lumsden, David N.; Waldron, Brian: STraTigraPhic anD Tracer eViDence For comParTmenTaliZaTion oF groUnDWaTer FloW in The eocene memPhiS aQUiFer in eaSTern arKanSaS anD WeSTern TenneSSee 53 Raanan, Hadas*; Zlotnik, Vitaly A.; Vengosh, Avner: raDiUm iSoToPeS aS TracerS oF FreSh groUnDWaTer SeePage inTo laKeS oF VarioUS SaliniTieS: The neBraSKa SanD hillS aS a "naTUral eXPerimenT" 54 Komuro, Kosei*; Sasao, Eiji: long-Term STaBiliTY oF UraniUm DePoSiTS in acTiVe iSlanD-arc SYSTem 55 Kang, Jinhee*; Park, Eungyu: FloW anD TranSPorT SimUlaTionS oF UnSaTUraTeD Zone For QUanTiTaTiVe groUnDWaTer VUlneraBiliTY aSSeSSmenTS 56 De Leon, Tiffany Lucinda*; Zhan, Hongbin: moDeling The oPiTmal conFigUraTionS For raDial collecTor WellS To aiD in riVerBanK FilTraTion 57 Cao, Guoliang*; Liu, Jie; Zheng, Chunmiao: moDeling groUnDWaTer FloW anD STorage in The norTh china Plain 58 Whittecar, G. Richard*; Thornton, Tracy L.; McLeod, John; Smith, John C.: eFFecTiVe monThlY recharge (Wem) moDel SimUlaTeS hiSTorical groUnDWaTer inPUT aT miTigaTion WeTlanD SiTeS 59 Dyer, Gregory B.*; Lee, Ming-Kuo; Wolf, Lorraine; Meir, Amnon J.: nUmerical moDelS oF FlUiD-PreSSUre changeS reSUlTing From The 1999 chi-chi earThQUaKe, TaiWan 60 Huang, Lumeng*; Ritzi, Robert W. Jr.; Dominic, David F.; Ramanathan, Ramya: hoW DoeS The connecTiViTY oF higher PermeaBiliTY UniTS aFFecT The 3-D conTaminanT TranSPorT?


170-3 170-4


170-24 170-25 170-26





SeSSion no. 171

Marine/Coastal Science: Processes and Their Recognition (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 171-1 72 Paces, James B.*; Stricker, Craig A.; Marot, Marci E.; Futa, Kiyoto; Guntenspergen, Glenn R.; Snedden, Gregg: chemical anD iSoToPic SignaTUreS For SeDimenT SoUrceS aSSociaTeD WiTh large hUrricaneS in coaSTal loUiSiana, U.S.a 73 Englert, Christopher M.*: SPecTral analYSiS oF roTarY Sonar imageS For comPariSon To PreDicTiVe riPPle moDelS 74 Troiani, Taylor*; Simms, Alexander; Dellapenna, Tim; Yokoyama, Yusuke; Weaver, Erin: The imPacT oF changing WinDS on eSTUarine eVolUTion, coPano BaY, TX 75 Ranasinghage, Pradeep*; Ortiz, Joseph D.; Moore, Andrew; Siriwardana, Chandawaimal: non inVaSiVe mUlTi ProXY aPProach To recogniZe Paleo-coaSTal enVironmenTal SignalS 76 Poppe, L.J.*; Williams, S.J.; Babb, Ivar; Doran, E.F.: characTer anD ecologic imPorTance oF Shell BeDS FlanKing caPe-aSSociaTeD ShoalS in SoUTheaSTern long iSlanD SoUnD 77 Martínez-Colon, Michael*; Bortnak, Denise; Williams, Ryann; Hallock, Pamela: morPhomeTric analYSiS oF The ShellS oF AMMONIA SPP. From a PollUTeD eSTUarY, Torrecilla lagoon, PUerTo rico 78 Williams, S. Jeffress; Bliss, James D.*; Arsenault, Matthew: geologic ProBaBiliSTic aSSeSSmenT oF SanD


170-9 170-10












2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 221


VolUmeS on The aTlanTic conTinenTal ShelF: aPProach, DiSTriBUTion moDelS, anD ProDUcTS 171-8 79 DelValle, Tanya M.*; Asher, Aron H.; English, Mackenzie E.; Mahle, Ryan J.; Moore, Megan J.; Moser, Jessa V.; Nemecek, Matthew; Thomas, Kristopher D.; Huff, Warren D.: miocene To recenT changeS in ocean Floor SeDimenT core chemiSTrY anD mineralogY From The norTh aTlanTic anD gUlF oF meXico recorD The oPening oF The aTlanTic ocean 80 Graehl, Nicholas A.*: SanD DePoSiTion mechaniSmS in holocene marSh STraTigraPhY From a TSUnami Prone localiTY, creScenT ciTY, caliFornia, SoUThern caScaDian margin 81 Jackson, Lionel E. Jr.*; Blais-Stevens, Andrée; Hermanns, Reginald L.; Hetherington, Renée; Barrie, J. Vaughn; Conway, Kim; Kung, Robert; Jermyn, Courtney E.: a glimPSe aT hoWe SoUnD SeDimenTaTion From The laTe PleiSTocene To laTe holocene, BriTiSh colUmBia canaDa 82 Gercke, Emily S.*; Elswick, Erika R.: DocUmenTing The Timing anD DePoSiTion oF coral rUBBle riDgeS on caTalina iSlanD, Dominican rePUBlic 83 Gobbi, Kimbrie L.*; Gray, Sarah C.; Nunes, Kristina: PoTenTial imPacT oF WaTerSheD DeVeloPmenT on The comPoSiTion anD TeXTUre oF BaY-Floor SUrFace SeDimenTS in BaYS WiTh Fringing coral reeFS, ST. John, US Virgin iSlanDS 84 Taylor, Ronald D.*; Waggoner, Jason D.; Bailey, Zackary; Rathburn, Anthony; Perez, M. Elena; Miner, Dylan; Martin, Jonathan B.; Ishman, Scott: SeaSonal comPariSonS oF roSe Bengal STaineD BenThic ForaminiFera inhaBiTing The WeSTern anTarcTic PeninSUla ShelF 85 Martin, Ruth A.*; Nesbitt, Elizabeth A.; Campbell, Kathleen A.: The eFFecTS oF meThane SeePage on BenThic ForaminiFera From The hiKUrangi margin oF neW ZealanD 86 Prouhet, Jeremy*: aUTocomPacTion raTeS oF The holocene STraTUm oF The Pearl riVer marSh 87 Leatham, W. Britt*; Renella, Nicole; Rivera, Keith; Robles, Matthew R.; Stephens, Jonathan J.: PeTrograPhY anD SeDimenTarY analYSiS oF The anomaloUS oFFShore coarSe, YelloW-BroWn SanDS BlanKeTing The miD To oUTer San PeDro/long Beach ShelF, SoUThern caliFornia, USa 88 Lee, Seung Hyun*; Yu, Kang- Min: PreliminarY reSUlTS For inVeSTigaTion oF QUaTernarY DePoSiTional enVironmenT in SongJiho lagoon, Korea BY eXTernal Beam ProTon inDUceD X-raY emiSSion (PiXe) 89 Engelhart, Simon E.*; Horton, Benjamin P.; Douglas, Bruce C.; Peltier, W. Richard; Törnqvist, Torbjörn E.: laTe holocene anD 20th cenTUrY Sea-leVel riSe oF The eaSTern UniTeD STaTeS 90 Kemp, Andrew*; Horton, Benjamin P.: Sea-leVel VariaBiliTY oVer The PaST TWo millennia (norTh carolina, USa) 172-3 172-4 93 Kammer, Thomas W.*: claDiD crinoiDS From The earlY miSSiSSiPPian cUYahoga FormaTion oF ohio 94 Ausich, William I.*; Bohatý, Jan: range oF VariaTion in calYX PlaTe ScUlPTUring characTer STaTeS among The crinoiDea anD PoTenTial FUncTionS 95 Lin, Jih-Pai*; Ausich, William; Janies, Daniel A.; Zhao, Yuanlong; Peng, Jin: neW ProSPecTS on The DeeP eVolUTionarY hiSTorY oF STalKeD echinoDermS 96 Atwood, James W.*; Sumrall, Colin D.; McKinney, Michael L.: DiScriminaTing BlaSToiD SPecieS USing 3D morPhomeTricS 97 Atwater, Amy L.*; Davis, Edward Byrd; Levering, David: no oreoDonT BoDY SiZe change in reSPonSe To climaTic change BeTWeen The oligocene anD miocene oF The John DaY BaSin 98 Rhodes, Kristopher*: DeVeloPing a 3D lanDmarK Scheme For geomeTric morPhomeTric analYSiS oF The FamilY agariciiDae (ScleracTinia) 99 Becker, Martin A.; Linteris, Justin W.*: DenTal morPhologY oF miDDle creTaceoUS PYcnoDonTS From The loWer Ferron SanDSTone memBer oF The mancoS Shale (miDDle TUronian) carBon coUnTY, UTah











172-10 100 Becker, Martin A.*; Wellner, Robert W.; Mallery, Christopher S. Jr.; Chamberlain, John A. Jr.: chonDrichThYanS From The loWer Ferron SanDSTone memBer oF The mancoS Shale (UPPer creTaceoUS: miDDle TUronian) oF emerY anD carBon coUnTieS, UTah, USa 172-11 101 Householder, Mindy L.*; Tremaine, Katie: cranial reconSTrUcTion oF a PreVioUSlY UnDeScriBeD gloBoDonTan alligaToriD From The hell creeK FormaTion oF monTana 172-12 102 Curry Rogers, Kristina*; Cagan, Amanda; Diehm, Jeffrey: TiTanoSaUr oSTeoDerm onTogenY, anaTomY, anD FUncTion: neW DaTa From RAPETOSAURUS KRAUSEI (maeVarano FormaTion, maDagaScar) 172-13 103 McCarville, Katherine*: PleiSTocene FoSSil BirDS From ioWa localiTieS 172-14 104 Kottachchi, Niranjala; Canchola, Joe A.*; Dundas, Robert G.: PLATYGONUS cF. P. VETUS From The miDDle PleiSTocene (laTe irVingTonian) FairmeaD lanDFill localiTY, maDera coUnTY, caliFornia 172-15 105 Trayler, Robin B.*; Dundas, Robert G.: rancho la Brea maSToDonS, are TheY Smaller Than MAMMUT AMERICANUM From elSeWhere in The UniTeD STaTeS? 172-16 106 Hendy, Austin J.W.; Smith, Ursula E.*; Carrey, Megan R.; Dietl, Gregory P.: SiZing iT UP: DeVeloPmenT oF a SPecimen-BaSeD DaTaBaSe oF BoDY-SiZe For WeSTern aTlanTic mollUSKS 172-17 107 Costello, Phillip*: DimorPhiSm in carBoniFeroUS ammonoiDS From The SoUThern miDconTinenT, UniTeD STaTeS 172-18 108 Pletka, Crystal Renae*; Petuch, Edward: DiFFerenTiaTion oF FoSSil anD recenT VarieTieS oF melongena (reXmela) corona 172-19 109 Maistros, Lauren M.*; Allmon, Warren D.: microSTrUcTUre analYSiS oF UnUSUallY eXTreme ParieTal callUS in FoSSil neogaSTroPoDS 172-20 110 Haasl, David M.*; Fisk, Lanny H.; Maloney, Dave F.; Perry, Frank A.; Boessenecker, Robert; Blakely, Stephen J.; Pratt, Levi R.: PaleonTological reSoUrce miTigaTion aT SanTa crUZ, caliFornia 172-21 111 Yacobucci, Margaret M.; Lockwood, Rowan*; Tewksbury, Barbara J.; MacFadden, Bruce J.; Allmon, Warren D.: Teaching PaleonTologY in The 21st cenTUrY: reSoUrceS For Teaching PaleonTologY aT The UnDergraDUaTe leVel 172-22 112 Ellingson, David B.*; Davis, Edward: PreliminarY rePorT on a PaThological BiSon anTiQUUS SKeleTon From


171-15 171-16




SeSSion no. 172

Paleontology: Morphology, Systematics, & Education (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 172-1 91 Rhenberg, Elizabeth C.*; Kammer, Thomas W.: SYSTemaTic reVieW oF crinoiD genera From The earlY miSSiSSiPPian laKe ValleY FormaTion (nUnn memBer) oF SoUTh-cenTral neW meXico 92 Cook, Lewis A.*; Kammer, Thomas W.: SYSTemaTic reViSion oF crinoiDS From The ST. loUiS limeSTone (meramecian, illinoiS BaSin)


222 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


WooDBUrn, oregon, eXcaVaTeD aS ParT oF a high School cUrricUlUm 172-23 113 Fujita, Masayo; Kawamura, Kiichiro*: leT US enJoY SelFmaDe ammoniTe acceSSorieS: a SelF-learning PracTice oF rePlica-maKing oF FoSSilS 173-15 128 Stearns, Michael*; Bartley, John M.; Clemons, Kristopher M.: coaleScence oF SliPPeD JoinTS in graniTic PlUTonS To Form The WeST Pinnacle FaUlT, Sierra neVaDa, caliFornia 173-16 129 Tewksbury, Barbara*; Williamson, Elyse K.; Kattenhorn, Simon A.; Barnes, Jane E.: Fragile glaSS: DeFormaTion BanD FormaTion in UnconSoliDaTeD hYaloTUFF, ValahnÚKar, icelanD 173-17 130 Tewksbury, Barbara*; Abdelsalam, Mohamed G.; Tewksbury-Christle, Carolyn; Hogan, John; Jerris, Thomas J.; Pandey, Anoop: reconnaiSSance STUDY oF DomeS anD BaSinS in TerTiarY SeDimenTarY rocKS in The WeSTern DeSerT oF egYPT USing high reSolUTion SaTelliTe imagerY 173-18 131 Morealli, Sarah*; Anderson, Thomas H.: BrecciaS in STronglY eXTenDeD rocKS aBoVe The FlUorSParBUllFrog hillS DeTachmenT: imPlicaTionS For groUnDWaTer FloW near BeaTTY, neVaDa 173-19 132 Dunham, Rachel E.*; Crider, Juliet G.: geomeTrY oF KinK BanDS in The DarringTon PhYlliTe, norThWeSTern WaShingTon 173-20 133 Allen, Joseph L.*; Dyess, Patrick G.; Ware, Ian M.; Bragg, Johnny E.: laramiDe ParTiTioning oF BaSemenTinVolVeD DeFormaTion along The SoUThern margin oF The WhiTe riVer UPliFT, coloraDo 173-21 134 Sen, Pragnyadipta*; Burmeister, Kurtis C.; Marshak, Stephen; Yakovlev, Petr V.; Kuiper, Yvette D.: along-STriKe VariaTion oF DeFormaTion inTenSiTY in The hUDSon ValleY FolD-ThrUST BelT BeTWeen leeDS anD coXSacKie, neW YorK 173-22 135 Sak, Peter B.*; McQuarrie, Nadine; Oliver, Benjamin P.: SeQUenTial DeVeloPmenT oF The cenTral aPPalachian FolD-ThrUST BelT, PennSYlVania: inSighTS From a BalanceD geologic croSS SecTion 173-23 136 Petronis, Michael*; Lindline, Jennifer: PaleomagneTic DaTa Bearing on Drag FolDing along The SanTa clara FaUlT SYSTem 173-24 137 Weil, Arlo Brandon; Yonkee, Adolph; Wicks, David*; Statman-Weil, Zoe: DeTermining The 3-D KinemaTic hiSTorY oF The WYoming laramiDe ForelanD: PreliminarY aniSoTroPY oF magneTic SUScePTiBiliTY reSUlTS From The TriaSSic chUgWaTer groUP 173-25 138 Hoffnagle, Eric A.; Terry, Michael*: a STrUcTUral analYSiS oF PrecamBrian Shear ZoneS anD Their inFlUence on laramiDe age FaUlTing: STraToBoWl area, BlacK hillS, SoUTh DaKoTa, U.S.a 173-26 139 West, David P. Jr.*; Sanford, Jason: mYloniTe, caTaclaSiTe, anD PSeUDoTachYlYTe in The JoneS corner FaUlT Zone, SoUTh-cenTral maine: a PolYPhaSe hiSTorY oF Shearing, FaUlTing anD SeiSmiciTY 173-27 140 Stetson-Lee, Tor A.*; Hannula, Kimberly A.: Shear SenSe oF The Fall creeK Shear Zone, ValleciTo creeK area, la PlaTa coUnTY, coloraDo 173-28 141 Misra, Santanu*; Burlini, Luigi; Burg, Jean-Pierre: STrain localiZaTion anD melT SegregaTion in meTaPeliTeS 173-29 142 Clark, Jaclyn*; Sadorski, Joseph; Morgan, Sven; Nabelek, Peter; Stephenson, Sarah; Valley, J.W.: local meTamorPhic FlUiD conTrol on SliPS SYSTemS anD recrYSTalliZaTion acroSS The eJB aUreole, eaSTern caliFornia 173-30 143 Goverman, David*; Siddoway, Christine: microTeXTUral eViDence oF melT anD high TemPeraTUre DeFormaTion mechaniSmS in a meSoProTeroZoic Wrench Zone, WeT moUnTainS, coloraDo 173-31 144 Curry, Wyatt*; Pinan-Llamas, Aranzazu; Van Heest, Peter; Lopez, Jose Pablo; Escamilla-Casas, José C.: characTeriZaTion anD microSTrUcTUral analYSiS oF a Shear Zone in colalao Del Valle, nW argenTina

SeSSion no. 173

Structural Geology: Advances in Understanding Deformational Processes Ancient and Modern (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 173-1 114 Allison, Alivia J.*; Niemi, Tina M.: DocUmenTaTion oF acTiVe FaUlTing anD PaleoliQUeFacTion oF The DeaD Sea TranSForm in The mUniciPaliTY oF aQaBa, JorDan 115 Hemphill-Haley, Mark*; Langridge, Robert M.; Ries, William: acTiViTY anD role oF a PUll-aParT BaSin FaUlT: The hanmer FaUlT, neW ZealanD 116 Roig-Silva, Coral*; Joyce, James; Asencio, Eugenio: The norThern BoQUerÓn BaY- PUnTa monTalVa FaUlT Zone; a ThroUgh going acTiVe FaUlT SYSTem in SoUThWeSTern PUerTo rico 117 Cox, Randel Tom*; Gordon, Joshua; Brezina, Thomas; Negrau, Iosif Mircea: holocene SanD BloWS in norTheaST loUiSiana 118 Daurio, Louise*; Doughty, Mike; Eyles, Nick: ongoing neoTecTonic acTiViTY eXPreSSeD aS FaUlTS anD SlUmPS in laKe Floor SeDimenTS: TimiSKiming graBen, WeSTern QUeBec SeiSmic Zone, canaDa 119 Weldon, Ray J. II.*; Langridge, Robert M.; Pezzopane, Silvio; Weldon, Elise: an earThQUaKe clUSTer FolloWeD The DrYing oF PleiSTocene laKe cheWaUcan, cenTral oregon BaSin anD range 120 Leslie, Shannon R.*; Miller, David M.; Wooden, Joe L.; Mahan, Shannon A.: neoTecTonicS aT The inTerSecTion BeTWeen The maniX anD DoloreS laKe FaUlTS, harVarD hill, cenTral moJaVe DeSerT, ca 121 Salazar, Joseph S.*; McGill, Sally: correlaTion oF allUVial DePoSiTS To Their SoUrce canYonS acroSS The San anDreaS FaUlT in San BernarDino, caliFornia USing comParaTiVe analYSiS oF claSTS 122 Littke, Heather A.*; Dragovich, Joe D.; Anderson, Megan; Hartog, Renate; Wessel, Greg R.; DuFrane, S. Andrew; Walsh, Timothy J.; MacDonald, James H. Jr.; Cakir, Recep: geologic maP oF The SnoQUalmie 7.5-minUTe QUaDrangle, King coUnTY, WaShingTon--acTiVe FaUlTing, BaSin inVerSion anD miocene Volcanic eXTrUSion oF The SnoQUalmie BaTholiTh along The raTTleSnaKe moUnTain FaUlT Zone










173-10 123 Michiguchi, Yoko*; Ogawa, Yujiro: VerY earlY STage DeFormaTion BanDS in argillaceoUS rocKS From JaPan: recogniTion oF graViTaTional SliDing, SYnSeDimenTarY accreTionarY ProceSS anD relaTeD STrUcTUreS 173-11 124 Yin, Hongwei*; Morgan, Julia K.; Zhang, Jie; Liu, Yuping: KinemaTicS anD mechanicS oF KUQa FolD-anDThrUST BelT, china: inSighTS From analog anD nUmerical moDelS 173-12 125 Hengmao, Tong*; Lingjian, Meng: FaUlT FormaTion anD eVolUTion in riFT BaSin--SanDBoX moDeling anD iTS inFerence 173-13 126 Schottenfeld, Mariel T.*; Cooke, Michele: The FaUlT liFecYcle: eVolUTion oF STrain ParTiTioning WiThin claYBoX eXPerimenTS oF The SoUThern San anDreaS FaUlT, ca 173-14 127 Hooker, John Noel*: FracTUre-SiZe Scaling PaTTernS in The camBrian meSón groUP, argenTina

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 223


173-32 145 Ryan, Nathaniel A.*; Whitney, Donna L.; Teyssier, Christian; Gottardi, RaphaëL.; Seaton, Nicholas: DeFormeD KYaniTe: origin anD SigniFicance in The raFT riVer core comPleX oF UTah 173-33 146 Hu, Ling*: The mechaniSm oF hornBlenDe SUPerPlaSTic DeFormaTion--a caSe STUDY From hengShan amPhiBoliTeS in ShanXi, china

SeSSion no. 175

T25. Groundwater in Ecosystems: Effects of Physical, Chemical, and Biological Processes and Feedback Mechanisms (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; U.S. National Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 175-1 159 Walvoord, Michelle A.*; Voss, Clifford I.; Striegl, Robert G.: PermaFroST DiSTriBUTion conTrolS on hYDrologY oF The YUKon FlaTS BaSin, alaSKa 160 Hayashi, Masaki*; Quinton, William L.; Chasmer, Laura: WeTlanD-ForeST TranSiTion aT The eDge oF PermaFroST: roleS oF coUPleD WaTer anD energY TranSPorT ProceSS 161 Hunt, Randall*; Walker, John F.; Steuer, Jeffrey: USing hYDrograPh ShaPe meTricS To relaTe hYDrologY, BiologY, anD climaTe change 162 Jacob, Noble*; Tirumalesh, K.; Francis, Anto; Kulkarni, U.P.: iSoToPe hYDrochemical TechniQUeS For aSSeSSing The hYDroDYnamicS oF a TroPical WeTlanD 163 Foyle, Anthony M.; Ritz, Matthew S.*; Naber, Michael D.: hYDrogeologY oF a ForeSTeD heaDWaTer WeTlanD on The SoUThern margin oF The laKe erie Drainage BaSin 164 McClenning, Bree*; Marcantonio, Franco; Giardino, John R.: geomorPhologY anD enVironmenTal geochemiSTrY oF SelecTeD FenS in The San JUan moUnTainS, coloraDo: a PreliminarY aSSeSSmenT 165 Soderberg, Keir*; Henschel, Joh; Billmark, Kaycie; Macko, Stephen A.: Fog aS a SUPPlemenTal WaTer SoUrce For PlanTS in The cenTral namiB DeSerT 166 Zlotnik, Vitaly*; Robinson, Neville; Simmons, Craig T.: comParing hYDraUlic mechaniSmS conTrolling SaliniTY oF cloSeD laKeS in SemiariD climaTeS 167 Warden, John G.*; Ruthrof, Katinka; Hardy, Giles; Fryar, Alan E.: The hYDrologY oF YalgorUP naTional ParK anD iTS relaTion To TUarT (EUCALYPTUS GOMPHOCEPHALA) healTh

SeSSion no. 174

T23. Geochemistry of Arsenic and Other Toxic Elements and Assessment of Environmental Risks in Global Groundwater Systems (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA International Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; Geochemical Society; International Society of Groundwater for Sustainable Development [ISGSD])

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 174-1 147 Nicholas, Sarah L.*; Briscoe, Lindsey J.; Erickson, Melinda L.; Jennings, Carrie; Lusardi, Barbara A.; Knaeble, Alan R.; Toner, Brandy M.: molecUlar enVironmenTal Science aT The lanDScaPe Scale: X-raY aBSorPTion SPecTroScoPY STUDieS oF arSenic geochemiSTrY in glacial TillS 148 Abongwa, Pride*; Al, Tom A.: SeconDarY Fe-oXiDeS anD meTal moBiliTY: laKe george anTimonY mine TailingS, laKe george, neW BrUnSWicK, canaDa 149 Jacks, Gunnar*; von Brömssen, Mattias; Svensson, Marcus; Bhattacharya, Prosun: moBiliSaTion oF arSenic in a SUlPhiDe rich region in n. SWeDen 150 Rezaie-Boroon, Mohammad Hassan*; Gnandi, Kissao: a reVieW oF The SoUrce, BehaVior anD DiSTriBUTion oF arSenic in naTUral WaTerS oF SoUThern Togo, WeST aFrica 151 Wuyep, Elizabeth Olive*; Tanko, Ishak Ya'u: PhYSicochemical analYSiS anD DiSTriBUTion oF heaVY meTalS aroUnD KeFFi anD iT'S enVironS 152 von Brömssen, Mattias*; Markussen, Lars Møller; Bhattacharya, Prosun; Ahmed, K.M.; Hasan, M. Aziz; Rahman, Moklesur; Islam, M. Mainul; Hossain, Mohammed; Jacks, Gunnar: groUnDWaTer FloW moDelling For aSSeSSmenT oF TargeTing ShalloW anD loW arSenic aQUiFerS in maTlaB, SoUTh-eaSTern BanglaDeSh, aS a miTigaTion oPTion in regionS WiTh high arSenic groUnDWaTer 153 Hossain, Mohammed; Rahman, Moklesur*; Bhattacharya, Prosun; Islam, M. Mainul; Woobaidullah, M.; Ahmed, Kazi Matin; Hasan, M. Aziz; von Brömssen, Mattias; Jacks, Gunnar: DelineaTion oF The TargeTeD arSenic-SaFe aQUiFerS USing VerTical elecTrical SoUnDingS in maTlaB, BanglaDeSh 154 Robinson, C.E.*; von Brömssen, Mattias; Bhattacharya, Prosun; Häller, Sara; Bivén, Annelie; Jacks, Gunnar; Ahmed, K.M.; Hasan, M. Aziz; Thunvik, Roger: inSighTS inTo The SorPTion BehaVioUr oF arSenic in The oXiDiZeD aQUiFerS in maTlaB UPaZila, BanglaDeSh 155 Neal, Andrew*; Datta, Saugata; Haug, Jade; Johannesson, Karen; Purkait, Baren; Sarkar, Debjani; Sur, Pradipta: geochemiSTrY oF arSenic hoTSPoTS in mUrShiDaBaD anD SUrroUnDing areaS in WeST Bengal, inDia














SeSSion no. 176

T29. Recent Advances in the Conceptualization, Characterization, and Interpretation of Fluid Movement and Transport Dynamics in Fractured and Karst Aquifers (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 176-1 168 Langston, Abigail L.*; Screaton, Elizabeth; Martin, Jonathan B.: maTriX heTerogeneiTY in an eogeneTic KarST aQUiFer anD imPlicaTionS For PreFerenTial FloW PaThS 169 Boutt, David F.*: DePTh eVolUTion oF FracTUreD rocK PermeaBiliTY in ShalloW crYSTalline FracTUreD rocK aQUiFerS 170 Mahler, Barbara J.*: inFlUence oF STream recharge on SPring DiScharge hYDrograPhS anD geochemiSTrY 171 Covington, Matthew D.*; Wicks, Carol; Saar, Martin: WhaT'S in a SPring hYDrograPh? 172 Gillespie, Thomas D.*; McLane, Charles F. III.: moDeling STrUcTUral conTrolS on groUnDWaTer FloW anD SolUTe TranSPorT in FracTUreD conSoliDaTeD rocK aQUiFerS





176-3 176-4 176-5

174-10 156 Evans, Mark W.*; Vaidyanathan, Ambarish: PoTenTial PUBlic healTh imPlicaTionS oF eXPoSUre To arSenic From PriVaTe DrinKing WaTer WellS in The UniTeD STaTeS 174-11 157 Kodali, Lakshmi Narasimharao*; Myneni, Padma Bharathi Devi; Kodali, Bharathi Kumari: FlUoroSiS anD arSenicoSiS-an UPDaTe 174-12 158 Misra, Kshipra Sr.*: DrDo DomeSTic FilTer : a SolUTion For arSenic PoiSoning

224 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


176-6 173 Green, Ronald T.*; Willden, Greg; Poole, Donald; Abbott, Ben; McGinnis, Ronald N.: characTeriZing KarST caViTieS USing remoTe SenSor TechnologY 174 Gaughan, Michael; Davis, R. Laurence*: WaTer QUaliTY changeS in a KarST aQUiFer FolloWing aBanDonmenT oF a Well FielD: line hole, San SalVaDor iSlanD, BahamaS 175 Sukop, Michael C.*; Florea, Lee J.; Altobelli, Stephen A.; Cunningham, Kevin J.; Zhu, BoJing: laTTice BolTZmann SimUlaTionS comPareD To nUclear magneTic reSonance meaSUremenTS oF macroPore VelociTieS in an ePoXY-reSin moDel oF a STraTiForm ichnogenic groUnDWaTer FloW Zone in The KarST BiScaYne aQUiFer 176 Cave, Lisa*; Bea, Sergio A.; Al, Tom A.; Mayer, K. Ulrich: QUanTiFicaTion oF caTion eXchange caPaciTY in FracTUreD PoroUS rocK USing raDiograPhic DeTecTion oF ceSiUm 177-5 188 DeWitt, Andrew R.*; Wampler, Peter J.: SeaSonal SUBSTraTe TemPeraTUre anomalieS aT SanD creeK, aman ParK, oTTaWa coUnTY, michigan 189 Hobza, Christopher M.*; Andersen, Michael J.; Cannia, James C.: hYDroacoUSTic anD heaT Tracer aPProacheS To QUanTiFY groUnDWaTer recharge From SelecTeD irrigaTion canalS in WeSTern neBraSKa 190 Jefferson, Anne J.*; Abraham, Joju; Campbell, Ted R.; Moore, Cameron: groUnDWaTer conTriBUTionS To heaDWaTer STreamS on FracTUreD rocK in The norTh carolina PieDmonT anD BlUe riDge 191 Garrett, C.G.; Callahan, T.J.*; Vulava, V.M.; Ginn, C.L.: chemical inDicaTorS oF groUnDWaTer-STream WaTer inTeracTionS in a ForeSTeD, WeTlanD-DominaTeD WaTerSheD 192 Sherson, Lauren R.*; Crossey, Laura J.; Van Horn, Dave; Dahm, Clifford N.; Parmenter, Robert R.: geoThermal conTriBUTionS To WaTer chemiSTrY in The JemeZ riVer: imPlicaTionS For WaTer QUaliTY managemenT in The rio granDe, neW meXico








176-10 177 Ballestero, Thomas P.*; Silva, Gonzalo Pulido: on eSTimaTion oF The rePreSenTaTiVe elemenTarY VolUme For BeDrocK SYSTemS 176-11 178 Blanco, Sergio*; Borja, Ronaldo I.: a nUmerical FrameWorK For moDeling FlUiD FloW ThroUgh FracTUreD PoroUS meDia 176-12 179 Hsieh, Paul A.*; Shapiro, Allen M.; Tiedeman, Claire R.: moDeling a conVergenT-F loW Tracer TeST in FracTUreD SeDimenTarY rocKS 176-13 180 Suen, C. John*; Bernal, Nelson F.; Sartono, Ori; Wang, Zhi: USing iSoToPe hYDrologY, FracTUre maPPing, anD PUmP TeSTS To characTeriZe groUnDWaTer FloW ThroUgh The FracTUreD rocK Terrane oF The Sierra neVaDa FooThillS 176-14 181 Leaf, Andrew T.*; Bahr, Jean M.; Hart, David J.: DiSTriBUTeD TemPeraTUre SenSing aS a hYDroSTraTigraPhic characTeriZaTion Tool 176-15 182 Anger, Cale T.*; Luhmann, Andrew J.; Alexander, Scott; Alexander, E. Calvin Jr.: DelineaTing enD-memBer Tracer BreaKThroUgh cUrVe geomeTrieS: QUanTiTaTiVe FielD anD moDeling aPPlicaTionS in SoUTheaSTern minneSoTa 176-16 183 Agbogun, Mosi*; Al, Tom A.: Three-DimenSional imaging oF PoroSiTY anD Tracer DiSTriBUTion in a PoroUS geologic meDia USing X-raY micro-cT

177-10 193 Swanson, Travis*; Cardenas, M. Bayani; Sawyer, Audrey H.; Nowinski, John: eValUaTion oF moDelS For heaT Tracing in STreamBeDS (hYPorheic ZoneS) along a Pool-riFFle-Pool SeQUence: Jaramillo creeK, ValleS calDera naTional PreSerVe, nm 177-11 194 Kurz, Marie J.*; Martin, Jonathan B.; de Montety, Veronique: Pore WaTer chemiSTrY in a SPring-FeD riVer: imPlicaTionS For hYPorheic conTrol oF nUTrienT cYcling anD SPeleogeneSiS 177-12 195 Frisbee, Marty D.*; Phillips, Fred; White, Art F.; Campbell, Andrew R.; Liu, Fengjing: iDenTiFYing The groUnD WaTer comPonenT in SPringFloW generaTion To QUanTiFY error in WeaThering releaSe cUrVeS in a large, alPine WaTerSheD in The SoUThern rocKY moUnTainS oF coloraDo, USa 177-13 196 Zarnetske, Jay P.*; Haggerty, Roy; Nabelek, Marc A.: reSaZUrin aS a "SmarT" Tracer For inVeSTigaTing hYPorheic Biogeochemical ProceSSeS 177-14 197 Mueller, Amy V.*; Hemond, H.F.: a mUlTiPle-SenSor/ mUlTiVariaTe Signal ProceSSing archiTecTUre For in-SiTU WaTer chemical analYSiS 177-15 198 Bakke, Paul D.*; Lynch, Katherine; Leavy, Tracy; Peters, Roger: moniToring oF groUnDWaTer-SUrFace WaTer inTeracTionS in SUPPorT oF reSToraTion oF hYPorheic ProceSSeS in an UrBan STream, ThornTon creeK, WaShingTon 177-16 199 Klos, P. Zion*; Rosenberry, Donald O.; Nelson, Glenn; Neal, Andrew; Bumgardner, Rita: hYPorheic eXchange aS a conTrol on PoPUlaTionS oF mUSSelS in The alleghenY riVer, PennSYlVania 177-17 200 Fang, Allison*; Toran, Laura; Ryan, Robert J.; Nyquist, Jonathan; Rosenberry, Donald: comPariSon oF hYPorheic eXchange in ThicK anD Thin SeDimenT laYerS USing SolUTe Tracer TeSTS anD geoPhYSical reSiSTiViTY moniToring 177-18 201 Nowinski, John D.*; Cardenas, M. Bayani; Swanson, Travis E.; Lightbody, Anne: reSPonSe oF inTra-meanDer hYPorheic eXchange To FlooDing anD PermeaBiliTY change in a loSing arTiFicial STream 177-19 202 Farnsworth, Harmony Ann*; Henson, Wesley: comParing meThoDS To QUanTiFY groUnDWaTer/SUrFace WaTer inTeracTionS along The TrUcKee riVer WiThin eaSTern TrUcKee meaDoWS


SeSSion no. 177

T31. Stream-Groundwater Interaction: New Understanding, Innovations, and Applications at Bedform, Reach, and River Network Scales (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 177-1 184 Brunner, Philip*; Cook, Peter G.; Simmons, Craig T.: DiSconnecTion BeTWeen SUrFace WaTer BoDieS anD groUnDWaTer: The PhYSicS, SPaTial anD TemPoral aSPecTS 185 Coupe, Richard H.*; Barlow, Jeannie R.B.; Bordonne, Olivier: USe oF heaT To DeTermine The eXchange BeTWeen The miSSiSSiPPi riVer anD The miSSiSSiPPi riVer ValleY allUVial aQUiFer in norThWeSTern miSSiSSiPPi, ocToBer 2007-SePTemBer 2008 186 Ribaudo, Rachel*; Lautz, Laura: high reSolUTion heaT Tracing oF groUnDWaTer DiScharge To a conTaminaTeD reach oF ninemile creeK, neW YorK 187 Bailly-Comte, Vincent*; Martin, Jonathan B.; Screaton, Elizabeth; Langston, Abigail L.: a meThoDologY For aSSeSSing WaTer TranSiT Time USing TemPeraTUre aS a naTUral Tracer




2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 225


SeSSion no. 178

T34. Toward Integrating Cave and Karst Science (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; National Cave and Karst Research Institute; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 178-1 203 Onac, Bogdan P.*; Sumrall, Jonathan; Wynn, Jonathan G.; Tamas, Tudor; Kearns, Joe: hYPogenic caVeS in SW romania: a mineralogical anD STaBle iSoToPe aPProach 204 Tarbert, Jason A.*; Vesper, Dorothy J.: rare earTh elemenT FracTionaTion aS an inDicaTor oF SPring WaTer SoUrce 205 Quinn, Ashley E.*; Breecker, Dan O.; Banner, Jay L.; Cowan, Brian D.: inVeSTigaTing caVe VenTilaTion in cenTral TeXaS USing SeaSonal VariaTionS in The 13c ValUe anD concenTraTion oF caVe-air co2 206 Wilson, John L.*; Dwidevi, Ravindra: geoThermal Forcing oF micromeTeorological conDiTionS in caVeS 207 Feng, Weimin*; Banner, Jay; Musgrove, MaryLynn: U-SerieS geochronologY oF SPeleoThemS acroSS The eDWarDS PlaTeaU anD imPlicaTionS For regional PaleoclimaTe DUring The laTe PleiSToceneholocene in TeXaS 208 Polyak, Victor J.*; Asmerom, Yemane; Rasmussen, Jessica B.T.; Burns, Stephen J.; Lachniet, Matthew S.: DrY anD Warm miDDle holocene in SoUThWeSTern UniTeD STaTeS From SPeleoThemS 209 Johnsson, Mark J.*; Storrick, Gary D.: caVe anD KarST eVolUTion in The SWago creeK area, WeST Virginia (USa) 210 Stevens, Melanie*: caVeS, more Than JUST a SPecial inTereST 179-9 179-8 on a Barrier iSlanD: Fire iSlanD naTional SeaShore, neW YorK 218 Rath, Amy*; Pride, Carol: SeDimenTaTion anD lanDScaPe changeS in a DYnamic coaSTal SalT marSh, ForT PUlaSKi naTional monUmenT, SaVannah, georgia 219 Nikitina, Daria*; Horton, Benjamin; Kemp, Andrew: STraTigraPhic eViDence oF SalT marSh eroSion anD recoVerY along The norTh Shore oF DelaWare BaY

179-10 220 Brothers, Laura L.*; Kelley, Joseph; Belknap, Daniel F.; Barnhardt, Walter A.; Andrews, Brian D.: PocKmarKS anD ShalloW naTUral gaS: ThreaTS To oFFShore inFraSTrUcTUre DeVeloPmenT 179-11 221 Tremblay, Thomas A.*; Vincent, Jeffrey S.; Caudle, Tiffany L.: geoenVironmenTal maPPing in hUrricane iKe FlooDeD areaS: BeaUmonT-PorT arThUr area, TeXaS gUlF coaST 179-12 222 Mickelson, D.M.*; David, Lisa; Kastrosky, Karl; Swenson, M.J.; Edil, Tuncer: DeVeloPing a legallY DeFenSiBle SeTBacK orDinance along ParT oF The laKe SUPerior Shoreline



178-4 178-5

SeSSion no. 180

T41. High-Resolution Terrestrial and Marine Geochemical Proxies of Global Change: Progress, Problems, and Utility (Posters) (Paleontological Society; Geochemical Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 180-1 223 Petrizzo, Daniel A.*; Runnegar, Bruce; Young, Edward D.: reTrieVing relaTiVe PaleoTemPeraTUreS From oXYgen iSoToPe raTioS oF earlY PaleoZoic carBonaTeS 224 Cobb, Robin M.*; Andrus, C. Fred T.: oXYgen iSoToPe VariaTion WiThin RANGIA CUNEATA PoPUlaTionS 225 Wang, Ting*; Surge, Donna; Mithen, Steven: eXTracTing SeaSonal TemPeraTUre VariaBiliTY From archaeological limPeT ShellS (PATELLA VULGATA), croig caVe, iSle oF mUll, ScoTlanD 226 Escobar, Jaime*; Curtis, Jason; Brenner, Mark; Hodell, David; Holmes, Jonathan A.: iSoToPe meaSUremenTS oF oSTracoD ValVeS anD gaSTroPoD ShellS For climaTe reconSTrUcTion: eValUaTion oF WiThinSamPle VariaBiliTY anD DeTerminaTion oF oPTimUm SamPle SiZe 227 Hansen, Jestina Anne*; Andrus, C. Fred T.; Carmichael, Ruth H.: niTrogen iSoToPeS in mollUSKS aS a ProXY For marine ProDUcTiViTY 228 Gillikin, David P.*; Goodwin, David H.; Dehairs, Frank: USing mollUSK Shell ShUTDoWn TemPeraTUre To conSTrain oXYgen iSoToPeS oF WaTer 229 Winnick, Matthew J.*; Gillikin, David P.: eValUaTing The FreShWaTer mUSSel ELLIPTIO COMPLANATA AS A PROXY FOR ROAD SALT POLLUTION IN NORTHEASTERN US STREAMS 230 Paul, Prabasaj*; Goodwin, David H.: BaYeSian reconSTrUcTion oF inTra-annUal accreTion raTeS 231 Jones, Christie Ann*; Andrus, C. Fred T.; Etayo-Cadavid, Miguel F.; Jones, Kevin B.; Hodgins, Gregory W.L.: mineralogY anD SeaSonal groWTh oF SoUTh PaciFic mUSSel ValVeS




180-2 180-3

SeSSion no. 179

T38. Improving Coastal Hazards Mitigation through Advances in Coastal Geomorphology (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 179-1 211 Meltzner, Aron J.*: WaTer leVel aS a DaTUm in UPliFT anD SUBSiDence inVeSTigaTionS: PiTFallS anD eFFecTiVe remeDieS 212 Allan, Jonathan*; Hart, Roger: Beach anD Shoreline reSPonSe To an arTiFicial `lanDSliDe' aT rocKY PoinT, SoUThern oregon coaST 213 Kirby, James H. III.*; Wang, Ping: Barrier iSlanD SeDimenT managemenT USing anThroPogenic SanD DUneS 214 Witter, Robert C.*; Grondin, Gerald H.; Allan, Jonathan C.: FlooDing oF hiSTorical BUilDingS aT oregon'S JeSSie m. honeYman memorial STaTe ParK linKeD To inTer-DecaDal VariaTionS in PreciPiTaTion 215 Karmanocky, Francis J. III.*; Hood, Neil; Monecke, Katrin; Houston, Brian; Finger, Willi; McAdoo, Brian G.; Cunningham, Alastair; Luthi, Stefan M.; Storms, Joep; Wallinga, Jakob: coaSTal PrograDaTion in norThern SUmaTra aFTer The 2004 SUmaTra-anDaman earThQUaKe anD TSUnami 216 MacKenzie, Richard A. III.*; Jaeger, John M.; Adams, Peter; Schaub, Ron: Beach morPhoDYnamic reSPonSe To a 5-DaY SUmmerTime nor'eaSTer aT caPe canaVeral, FloriDa 217 Kratzmann, Meredith G.*; Hapke, Cheryl J.: QUanTiFYing anThroPogenicallY-DriVen morPhologic changeS





179-3 179-4



180-8 180-9


180-10 232 Kingston, Andrew W.*; Patterson, William P.; Reinhardt, Eduard G.: high-reSolUTion STaBle-iSoToPe ProFileS From BiValVeS: a ProXY For The Timing oF TSUnami eVenTS 180-11 233 Stephenson, Allison*; Dove, Patricia M.; Hunter, Jerry: eSTaBliShing a BaSeline For conTrolS oF mg/ca SignaTUreS in calciTe: inFlUence oF SaliniTY


226 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


180-12 234 Wallace, Zachary A.*; Elrick, Maya: inVeSTigaTing eViDence oF high FreQUencY (104-105Yr) glacial-eUSTaSY in The loWer miSSiSSiPPian loDgePole FormaTion oF SoUThWeST monTana USing oXYgen iSoToPeS oF conoDonT aPaTiTe 180-13 235 Praetorius, Summer*; Mix, Alan C.: PaciFic PerSPecTiVeS on The YoUnger DrYaS cooling eVenT 180-14 236 Dunlavey, Maria G.*; Whiteside, Jessica H.; Irmis, Randall B.: ecoSYSTem inSTaBiliTY DUring The riSe oF DinoSaUrS: eViDence From The laTe TriaSSic in neW meXico anD ariZona 180-15 237 Theiling, Bethany P.*; Elrick, Maya; Polyak, Victor J.; Asmerom, Yemane: inSighTS inTo The relaTionShiP BeTWeen conTinenTal WeaThering anD glacioeUSTaSY From cYcloSTraTigraPhY anD TrenDS in nd 180-16 238 Miner, Dylan*; Martin, Jonathan B.; Rathburn, Anthony E.; Ishman, Scott: SeaSonal anD SPaTial VariaTionS in PoreWaTer chemiSTrY in The BranSFielD anD gerlache STraiTS, anTarcTica 180-17 239 Persoiu, Aurel*; Onac, Bogdan; Holmgren, Karin; Wynn, Jonathan G.; Bojar, Ana Voica; Hansson, Margareta: Solar anD Volcanic inFlUence on climaTe oVer The PaST 2000 YearS aS Seen in eUroPean caVe ice coreS

SeSSion no. 182

T48. Living on the Edge: Deformation along the Cascadia Margin (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 182-1 249 Barnett, Elizabeth A.*; Sherrod, Brian L.; Weaver, Craig S.; Pratt, Thomas L.; Haugerud, Ralph; Blakely, Richard J.: aTlaS oF acTiVe ShalloW TecTonic DeFormaTion in The PUgeT loWlanD, WaShingTon 250 Czajkowski, Jessica L.*; Walsh, Timothy J.; Contreras, Trevor A.; Davis-Stanton, Kelsay; Kelsey, Harvey M.; Schermer, Elizabeth R.; Carson, Robert J.: acTiVe FaUlTing along a neWlYFoUnD SegmenT oF The SaDDle moUnTain FaUlT Zone, SoUTheaSTern olYmPic moUnTainS, Wa: a PaleoSeiSmic Trenching STUDY 251 Lamb, Andrew P.*; Liberty, Lee M.; Blakely, Richard J.; van Wijk, Kasper: The TahUYa lineamenT: SoUThWeSTern eXTenSion oF The SeaTTle FaUlT? 252 Walsh, Timothy J.*; Arcas, Diego; Venturato, Angie; Titov, Vasily; Mofjeld, Harold O.; Chamberlin, Chris C.; Gonzalez, Frank I.: TSUnami haZarD maP oF Tacoma, WaShingTon: moDel reSUlTS For SeaTTle FaUlT anD Tacoma FaUlT earThQUaKeS 253 Smith, Shane B.*; Karlin, Robert: SeiSmicallY inDUceD SUBmarine lanDSliDeS in PUgeT SoUnD oVer The laST 1100 YearS 254 Oswald, John A.; Williams, Todd B.*; Leroy, Thomas H.: DeFormaTion aSSociaTeD WiTh The norThern migraTion oF The menDocino TriPle JUncTion: The menDocino DeFormaTion Zone 255 Gutierrez, Manuel V.*; Cashman, Susan M.; Kelsey, Harvey M. III.: DeFormaTion aSSociaTeD WiTh The liTTle Salmon anD Yager FaUlTS in The Yager creeK-WolVerTon gUlch area, norThWeSTern caliFornia 256 Wheeler, Karen L.*; Dinterman, Philip A.; Wells, Ray E.: geologic maPS oF The galeS creeK FaUlT Zone anD WeSTern TUalaTin BaSin, norThWeST oregon 257 McPhee, Darcy K.*; Langenheim, Victoria E.; Wells, Ray E.; Blakely, Richard J.; Morin, Robert L.: a Three-DimenSional VieW oF The TUalaTin BaSin, norThWeST oregon, reVealeD BY graViTY meaSUremenTS




SeSSion no. 181

T46. Linking Shallow to Deep Crustal Processes in Arc and Collisional Orogens (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 181-1 240 Green, Alisa Marie*; Gribenko, Alex; Zhdanov, Michael S.: Three-DimenSional inVerSion oF The earThScoPe magneToTellUric DaTa USing The inTegral eQUaTion meThoD 241 Gordon, Stacia*; Valley, J.W.; Spicuzza, M.J.; Hacker, Bradley R.; Kelemen, Peter: oXYgen iSoToPe ThermomeTrY From Pamir XenoliThS: The recorD From ShalloW To DeeP 242 Barnhart, Katherine R.*; Mahan, Kevin H.; Blackburn, Terrence J.; Bowring, Samuel A.: DeeP crUSTal XenoliThS From The greaT FallS TecTonic Zone, monTana: inVeSTigaTing The Timing anD mechaniSmS oF high-VelociTY loWer crUST FormaTion 243 Behr, Whitney M.*; Platt, John P.: a naTUrallY conSTraineD ProFile oF The STrengTh oF The miDDle crUST near The BriTTle-DUcTile TranSiTion 244 Abu-Alam, Tamer S.*; Stüwe, Kurt: Feiran-SolaF meTamorPhic comPleX, Sinai: iTS relaTionShiP To The core comPleXeS oF The araBian nUBian ShielD 245 Toraman, Erkan*; Teyssier, Christian; Whitney, Donna L.; Fayon, Annia; Reiners, Peter W.: Zircon anD aPaTiTe (U-Th)/he ThermochronologY anD laTe cenoZoic eXhUmaTion oF The ShUSWaP meTamorPhic core comPleX, BriTiSh colUmBia 246 Ianno, Adam J.*; Barth, Andrew P.; Paterson, Scott R.: conTinenTal arcS in 4D : The role oF SheeTeD comPleXeS in VerTicallY eVolVing magma PlUmBing SYSTemS 247 Xu, Xiao*: acTiVe loWer crUSTal FloW BeneaTh TiBeT TriggerS SeiSmogenic FaUlTing 248 Haines, Samuel H.*; van der Pluijm, Ben: FaUlT goUge ageS From The SoUTh-cenTral PYreneeS FolDanD-ThrUST BelT ­ DemonSTraTion oF in-SeQUence ThrUSTing anD The geological SigniFicance oF Wall-rocK ProVenance ageS eXTraPolaTeD From goUge DaTing 182-7 182-5








182-10 258 Burr, Rika Renee*; Holloway, Stephen; Keller, G. Randy: geoPhYSical analYSiS oF The KlamaTh moUnTainS accreTionarY SUPerTerrane 182-11 259 Balfour, Natalie J.*; Cassidy, John; Dosso, Stan: maPPing FaUlTS anD STUDYing VolcanoeS: aPPlicaTionS oF DoUBle-DiFFerence relocaTionS in BriTiSh colUmBia 182-12 260 Van Boskirk, Elizabeth*; Mencin, David; Fox, Otina; Gallaher, Warren; Gottlieb, Mike; Henderson, Brent; Hodgkinson, Kathleen; Johnson, Wade; Jackson, Michael: oBSerVaTionS oF The PBo Borehole STrainmeTer neTWorK in Three regionS: The San anDreaS FaUlT, caScaDia SUBDUcTion Zone anD YelloWSTone Volcano




SeSSion no. 183

T58. The Zagros Collision Zone, Past and Present (Posters) (GSA International Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 183-1 261 Mehrabi, Behzad IV.*; Mahmoudi, Shahryar; Masoudi, Freborz Sr.; Corfú, Fernando: meSoZoic anD cenoZoic U-PB ageS

181-8 181-9

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 227


anD magmaTic hiSTorY oF graniToiD BoDieS in The norThern SananDaJ-SirJan meTamorPhic Zone, iran 183-2 262 Shad Manaman, Navid*; Shomali, Hossein; Mirzaii, Norbakhsh: The characTeriSTicS oF Three DiFFerenT SUBDUcTion ZoneS in iranian PlaTeaU 263 Saadat, Saeed*; Stern, Charles; Karimpour, Mohammad H.: QUaTernarY maFic Volcanic rocKS along The naYBanD FaUlT, lUT BlocK, eaSTern iran 264 Asnaashary, Amir*; Hassanzadeh, Jamshid; Wernicke, Brian; Schmitt, Axel K.; Axen, Gary; Horton, Brian: miDDle JUraSSic Flare-UP anD creTaceoUS magmaTic lUll in The cenTral SananDaJ-SirJan arc, iran: an analogY WiTh The SoUThWeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 265 Gavillot, Yann*; Axen, Gary; Horton, Brian; Stockli, Daniel; Fakhari, Mohammad D.: Timing oF ThrUST acTiViTY in The high ZagroS FolD-ThrUST BelT, iran, From (U-Th)/he ThermochronomeTrY 266 Ghaderi, Majid*; Ramezani, Jahandar; Bowring, Samuel A.: ageS oF PlUTonic acTiViTY in The SananDaJ-SirJan Zone, iran: imPlicaTion For PlaTe conVergence anD ZagroS colliSion

SeSSion no. 185

T82. Advances in Understanding Metamorphic Processes: Nanoscale to Nappes (Posters) (Mineralogical Society of America)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 185-1 275 Ferrero, Silvio*; Cesare, Bernardo; Salvioli-Mariani, Emma; Bodnar, Robert J.: microSTrUcTUreS anD comPoSiTion oF melT inclUSionS (nanograniTeS) in anaTecTic meTaPeliTeS 276 McDowell, Emily A.*; Carlson, William D.: QUarTZ-inclUSion BaromeTrY aPPlieD To maFic eclogiTeS in The llano UPliFT, cenTral TeXaS 277 Lang, Helen M.*: eViDence ThaT KYaniTe rePlaceD m1 anDalUSiTe DUring m2 meTamorPhiSm in The SnoW PeaK area, norThern iDaho 278 Metz, Kyle M.*; Dutrow, Barbara L.; Henry, Darrell; Mueller, Paul A.: meTamorPhic rocKS in The SaWTooTh moUnTainS, iDaho, USa: a WinDoW inTo The PrecamBrian BaSemenT oF SoUThWeST laUrenTia 279 Vorhies, Sarah*; Ague, Jay J.: PreSSUre­TemPeraTUre conDiTionS anD PreSSUre­TemPeraTUre­Time PaThS, BarroVian meTamorPhic ZoneS, ScoTlanD 280 Garber, Joshua M.*; Carlson, William D.: imPacT oF FlUiD eVolUTion on garneT Zoning in PeliTic rocKS From harPSWell necK, maine 281 Erdman, Monica*; Hacker, Bradley; Mc Kay, Hannah; Seward, Gareth; Zandt, George: DeFormaTion anD VelociTY aniSoTroPY oF The FUneral moUnTainS miDDle­loWer crUST From elecTron BacK-ScaTTer DiFFracTion 282 Shulman, Deborah J.*; Leech, Mary; Dutra, Steven M.: eclogiTe-FacieS PSeUDoTachYliTe in DeeP crUSTal rocKS eXPoSeD in norThern norWaY 283 Möller, Andreas*; Moraes, Renato; Hellebrand, Eric; Kennedy, Allen; Sudo, Masafumi: in-SiTU U-PB anD arar age conSTrainTS on UhT meTamorPhiSm in The BraSilia FolD BelT: a caSe STUDY For The Dominance oF PoST-PeaK Zircon in high graDe rocKS








SeSSion no. 184

T63. Hydrothermal Systems and Volatile Emissions of Volcanic Arcs (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 184-1 267 Simon, Adam*; Robertson, Kelly; Smith, Eugene; Honn, Denise; Kiryukhin, Alexey; Selyangin, Oleg: VolcanicallY PoWereD geo/hYDroThermal SYSTemS: a caSe STUDY aT mUTnoVSKY Volcano, KamchaTKa 268 Werner, Cynthia A.*; Kelly, Peter J.; Doukas, Michael P.; Pfeffer, Melissa A.; Evans, William C.; McGimsey, Game; Neal, Christina: PrecUrSorY gaS emiSSionS To The iniTial magmaTic erUPTion oF reDoUBT Volcano (alaSKa) in 2009 269 Kelly, Peter J.*; Troop, Donald; Werner, C.; Doukas, Michael P.: a TechniQUe For in SiTU meaSUremenT oF oZone in TroPoSPheric Volcanic PlUmeS USing TWo PorTaBle, loW-coST, SenSorS 270 Nadeau, Patricia A.*; Waite, Gregory P.; Palma, Jose L.; Dalton, Marika P.: inVeSTigaTing The linK BeTWeen oUTgaSSing anD SeiSmiciTY aT a PerSiSTenTlY acTiVe Volcano: FUego, gUaTemala 271 Dalton, Marika P.*; Waite, Greg; Watson, Iain Matthew; Nadeau, Patricia A.: inVeSTigaTing DegaSSing mechaniSmS aT PacaYa Volcano, gUaTemala WiTh concUrrenT UV camera gaS meaSUremenTS anD SeiSmo-acoUSTic recorDS 272 Alam, Mohammad Ayaz*; Chandrasekharam, D.; Capaccioni, Bruno; Vaselli, Orlando; Manetti, Piero; Santo, Alba Patrizia; Tassi, Franco: eViDence oF PaSSiVe DegaSSing ThroUgh oPen Volcanic SYSTem For Barren iSlanD Volcano (anDaman Sea, ne inDian ocean) From FUmarolic gaS comPoSiTion 273 Andrews, Benjamin J.*; Cardenas, M. Bayani; Bennett, Philip C.: imaging anD SPaTio-TemPoral analYSiS oF TUrBUlenT miXing oF hYDroThermal WaTer DiScharging inTo a riVer (BreiTenBUSh hoT SPringS, oregon) 274 Robertson, Kelly L.*; Simon, Adam; Selyangin, Oleg; Clark, Lindsey; Mulcahy, Sean; Smith, Eugene: geoThermomeTrY oF mUTnoVSKY Volcano, rUSSia, anD imPlicaTionS For magmaTic eVolUTion









185-10 284 Horkley, L. Kenneth*; Kelly, Nigel M.; Möller, Andreas: mechaniSmS oF recrYSTalliZaTion in monaZiTe ­ inSighTS From in SiTU micro-analYSiS oF alTereD monaZiTe


SeSSion no. 186

T97. EARTHTIME: From Developing Tools to Teaching about Time (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Geochemical Society; Paleontological Society; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 186-1 285 Chang, Su-chin*; Zhang, Haichun; Hemming, Sidney; Renne, Paul R.; Fang, Yan: high-PreciSion 40ar/39ar geochronological conSTrainTS on The eVolUTion oF meSoZoic ecoSYSTemS in eaST aSia: raTeS anD DaTeS 286 Bayona, Germán*; Cardona, Agustin; Jaramillo, Carlos; Valencia, Victor; Mora, Andres; Mesa, Andres: chronologY oF The Paleogene conTinenTal SUcceSSion in colomBia; PalYnological DaTa comPareD WiTh U/PB DeTriTal Zircon DePoSiTional ageS 287 Chamberlain, Kevin R.*; Barnes, Calvin G.; Coint, Nolwenn; Barnes, Melanie A.: high-PreciSion geochronological TeST oF Big TanK: magmaTic eVolUTion oF UPWarDlY






228 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


ZoneD WooleY creeK BaTholiTh WiTh imPlicaTionS For Zircon reSiDence TimeS 186-4 288 Frus, Rebecca J.*; Semken, Steven; Dodick, Jeff; McNeil, Jennifer; Frus, Adam; Bowles, Zack: a PreliminarY STUDY oF PUBlic UnDerSTanDing oF geologic Time PrinciPleS conDUcTeD aT The Trail oF Time inTerPreTaTiVe eXhiBiT in granD canYon naTional ParK 289 Lovera, Oscar M.*; Schmitt, Axel K.; Stockli, Daniel F.: imProVing comBineD U-Th anD (U-Th)/he geochronologY BY monTe carlo STaTiSTical correcTionS For UraniUm SerieS DiSeQUiliBriUm 290 Smith, M. Elliot*; Chamberlain, K.; Singer, Brad S.; Carroll, Alan R.: coeVal 40a/39a, U-P, anD aSTronomical clocKS in The earlY eocene 291 Schmitz, Mark D.*; Davydov, Vladimir; Crowley, James L.; Poletaev, Vladislav I.: high-PreciSion U-PB Zircon age caliBraTion oF The gloBal carBoniFeroUS Time Scale anD milanKoViTch-BanD cYcliciTY in The DoneTS BaSin, eaSTern UKraine 292 Hager, Christian*; Stockli, Daniel F.: a neW maTlaB©BaSeD heliUm moDeling PacKage ("hemP") For Thermal hiSTorY recoVerY From Single anD mUlTiThermochronomeTer (U-Th)/he DaTa anD DaTa arraYS 293 Ross, Robert M.*; Scotchmoor, Judith G.; Kaufman, Seth: PaleoPortal SiTe generaTor For generaTion oF Free cUSTom-maDe hYPerTeXT DocUmenTS on regional geological anD PaleonTological hiSTorY QUaliTY TechniQUeS in a gK-12 claSSroom To STUDY rio granDe SaliniZaTion anD eXPlore The ScienTiFic meThoD 187-11 304 Hall, Blaine R.*; Hoyt, Cathryn A.: oUr DYnamic lanDScaPe: geologY, cUlTUre, hiSTorY -- The VieW From claYTon'S oVerlooK aT The chihUahUan DeSerT naTUre cenTer 187-12 305 Maxson, Julie*: creaTing a geo-enVironmenTal SenSe oF Place For UrBan learnerS anD FUTUre UrBan TeacherS, minneaPoliS-SainT PaUl, mn 187-13 306 McCarville, Katherine*: Place-BaSeD PeDagogieS increaSe STUDenT engagemenT, SKillS, anD geoScience conTenT KnoWleDge 187-14 307 Ritter, John B.*; Brennan, Daniel W.; Evelsizor, Aaron; Rigsby, Chad M.; Shaw, Kelly A.: ciVic engagemenT anD The oPPorTUniTY To SerVe: USing UrBan hYDrologY iSSUeS To engage earTh Science STUDenTS 187-15 308 Guebert, Michael D.*; Dykstra, Steve L.: local lanD anD WaTer: collaBoraTiVe STream moniToring anD geoSPaTial WaTerSheD aSSeSSmenT 187-16 309 Svitana, Kevin*; Prose, Whitney; Downs, Elizabeth: oTTerBein laKe: an eXamPle oF PUBlic/PriVaTe ParTnerShiP, commUniTY engagemenT anD Science 187-17 310 Tomkiewicz, Warren C.*: inTernaTional WaTerSheD STUDieS: a comParaTiVe STUDY 187-18 311 Schimmrich, Steven H.*: geologY oF The hUDSon ValleY: a TWo-WeeK SUmmer FielD coUrSe 187-19 312 Powell, Wayne*; Boger, Rebecca; Branco, Brett; Yarrow, Liv: Place-BaSeD iniTiaTiVeS For UrBan STUDenTS oF inTroDUcTorY geoScience coUrSeS in BrooKlYn 187-20 313 Brown, James O.*; Verbeek, Earl R.: The rocK DiScoVerY cenTer aT The STerling hill mining mUSeUm: SenDing 20,000 K-12 STUDenTS inTo The FielD each Year 187-21 314 Them, Theodore R. II.*; Cornell, Sean R.; Woodlief, Veronica A.: USing chincoTeagUe BaY aS a moDel For PlaceBaSeD eDUcaTion: Teaching The imPacTS oF groUnDWaTer FloWS on eSTUarine ecoSYSTemS anD Their FiSherieS 187-22 315 O'Keefe, Jennifer M.K.*; Wymer, Carol L.: USing Place-BaSeD eSSea moDUleS To imProVe earTh SYSTemS Science conTenT KnoWleDge anD conFiDence in Teaching earTh ScienceS among miDDle anD SeconDarY TeacherS in eaSTern KenTUcKY 187-23 316 Wagner, John R.*; Harris, M. Scott: The granD STranD oF SoUTh carolina: a UniQUe Teaching reSoUrce 187-24 317 Kading, Tristan*; Varekamp, J.: coPahUe Volcano, argenTina: inTroDUcing `eXTreme enVironmenTS' on earTh To high School STUDenTS






SeSSion no. 187

T98. Earth Science in Place-Based Teaching (Posters) (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 187-1 187-2 294 Smith, Gregory*: TaKing Science From claSSroom To commUniTY 295 Ault, Charles R. Jr.*; Emlen, Andrew; Aitken, Nancy: The hUman ecoScaPe: aPPreciaTing Place, goVerning The commonS, anD inTerPreTing lanDScaPeS 296 Bishop, Ellen*; Lewis, Tracy; Brennen, Rhonda; Tolton, Bonnie; Zamora, Felipe; Horton, Sue: The PaleolanDS PleSioSaUr ProJecT: hanDS-on K-12 learning ThroUgh reSearch, arT, anD eXhiBiT-B UilDing 297 Hugo, Richard C.*; Cummings, Michael L.; Waddell, Dale; Brennan, Rhonda: Place- anD ProJecT-BaSeD learning in The John DaY coUnTrY oF oregon 298 Kinner, Freya*; Young, Robert S.; Skerbeck, Tia; Hanson, Kim: STUDenT cUlTUral anD Science engagemenT ThroUgh Place-BaSeD Teaching: leSSonS learneD From The elWha Science eDUcaTion ProJecT 299 Lindsay, Thomas C.*; Shaw, Barbara J.; Pirie, Melissa S.: The DrY ValleYS oF anTarcTica anD mT. rainier: PlaceBaSeD inQUirY learning in PracTice 300 Griffing, David H.*; Johnson, Eric L.: harneSSing noVelTY To enhance learning in Place-BaSeD earTh Science coUrSeS: inSighTS From a JanUarY-Term coUrSe in haWaii 301 Semken, Steven*: an ariZona anD SoUThWeST PlaceBaSeD UnDergraDUaTe earTh SYSTem Science coUrSe 302 Ellwein, Amy*; Nyman, Matthew: geoScience FielD coUrSeS For in-SerVice TeacherS: reFlecTing on Place anD ProceSS





SeSSion no. 188

T129. Combining Geophysics and Geology: The George P. Woollard Award Session (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 188-1 318 Cooper, Catherine M.*: Where DiD craTonS come From? narroWing DoWn The oPTionS USing geological conSTrainTS anD geoDYnamical moDelS 319 Eskamani, Philip K.*; Harry, Dennis L.: analYSiS oF aeromagneTic anD BoUgUer graViTY maPS oF The gUlF oF meXico 320 Saltus, Richard W.*; Deszcz-Pan, Maria; O'Neill, J. Michael; Burns, Laurel E.; Werdon, Melanie B.; Newberry, Rainer: USing DeTaileD airBorne magneTic anD elecTromagneTic SUrVeYS in 1:63,360 Scale geologic maPPing ­ eXamPleS From alaSKa







187-10 303 Apodaca, Theresa*; Williams, Amy J.; Crossey, Laura J.; Collins, Scott: `WaTer' We looKing For? USing WaTer

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 229


188-4 321 Barker, Brent W.*; Harry, Dennis L.; Stednick, John D.: elecTrical reSiSTiViTY meaSUremenTS oF groUnDWaTer STorage caPaciTY in glacial SoilS 322 Laton, Richard; Al Harbi, Talal*; Sauck, William A.; Foster, John; Sultan, Mohamed; Milewski, Adam; Marsala, Peter; Balekai, Rajesh; Salim, Hassan: USe oF geoPhYSical anD remoTe SenSing DaTa For a BeTTer UnDerSTanDing oF The hYDrologic role oF FaUlTS in The moJaVe DeSerT 323 Snelson, Catherine*; Taylor, Wanda J.; Luke, Barbara: SeiSmic haZarDS in SoUThern neVaDa: WhaT We haVe learneD From conTrolleD-SoUrce SeiSmic DaTa 324 Kreusel, Lucy*; Valentine, Michael: PaleomagneTic STUDY oF The graYS riVer VolcanicS, SoUThWeSTern WaShingTon anD norThWeSTern oregon 325 Farzaneh, Sarah*; Thiel, Andrew; Pannalal, S. Johari; Pritchett, Brittany; Evans, Stacey; Heard, Grant; Althoff, Christopher; Elmore, R. Douglas: SYnTilTing origin oF The chemical remanenT magneTiZaTion oF The PhoSPhoria FormaTion aT SheeP moUnTain anD SPence Dome, WYoming: reViSiTeD 326 Shah, Anjana K.*; Bedrosian, Paul A.; Anderson, Eric D.; Kelley, Karen D.; Lang, James R.: geoPhYSical DaTa USeD To characTeriZe The regional SeTTing oF The PeBBle PorPhYrY DePoSiT in SoUThWeSTern alaSKa

SeSSion no. 190

T143. Debris Flows (Posters) (GSA Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 190-1 335 Dee, Seth M.*; Clahan, Kevin B.: geomorPhic BaSeD lanDSliDe haZarD maPPing, nam chUng TSUen, hong Kong Sar, china 336 Hanshaw, Maiana N.*; Schmidt, Kevin M.; Stock, Jonathan D.: The role oF VegeTaTion canoPY on PoST-Fire DeBriS-FloW rainFall inTenSiTY-DUraTion ThreSholDS 337 Herrick, Julie A.*; Rose, William I.: eViDence oF mUlTiPle FlanK collaPSe aT Volcan BarU, Panama 338 Kaya, Murat*; Lu, Ning; Godt, Jonathan W.; Wayllace, Alexandra: STrengTh oF hillSloPe maTerialS in a STeeP ZeroorDer caTchmenT, ellioT STaTe ForeST, oregon coaST range 339 Iverson, Richard M.; Logan, Matthew*; LaHusen, Richard G.; Berti, Matteo: The PerFecT DeBriS FloW: aggregaTeD reSUlTS From 28 large-Scale eXPerimenTS 340 Morse, Michael S.*; Godt, Jonathan; Sener Kaya, Basak; Kaya, Murat; Ashlock, Andrew; Coe, Jeffrey A.: conSTraining elecTrical reSiSTiViTY TomograPhY DaTa WiTh Soil ThicKneSS anD WaTer TaBle DePThS in a STeePlanD caTchmenT, ellioTT STaTe ForeST, oregon 341 Palucis, Marisa*; Dietrich, William E.: FlUme eXPerimenTS aimeD aT UnDerSTanDing enTrainmenT ProceSSeS in STeeP, ShalloW FloWS 342 Sener Kaya, Basak*; Godt, Jonathan W.; Lu, Ning: STaBiliTY oF UnSaTUraTeD inFiniTe-SloPeS UnDer TranSienT inFilTraTion conDiTionS 343 Wayllace, Alexandra*; Godt, Jonathan W.: DirecT Shear aPParaTUS For SUcTion-conTrolleD TeSTing oF lanDSliDe-Prone maTerialS aT loW STreSS leVelS






190-3 190-4




188-10 327 Bedrosian, Paul A.*; Anderson, Eric D.; Minsley, Burke; Shah, Anjana K.; Kelley, Karen D.; Lang, James R.: DePoSiTScale geoPhYSicS aT The PeBBle DePoSiT, SW alaSKa 188-11 328 Mickus, Kevin*: magneToTellrUic moDelS oF The SnaKe riVer Plain, iDaho


SeSSion no. 189

T134. Risks and Realities: Current Advances in Understanding Societal Risk and Resilience to Natural Hazards (Posters) (GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee, GSA Geoinformatics Division, GSA Engineering Geology Division, GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 189-1 329 Stewart, Carol*; Leonard, Graham S.; Wilson, Thomas M.; Villarosa, Gustavo; Johnston, David; Cronin, Shane J.; Baxter, Peter J.: PhYSicochemical imPacTS oF Volcanic aSh on SUrFace WaTerS: caSe STUDY oF maY 2008 erUPTion oF Volcan chaiTén, chile 330 Wilson, Thomas M.*; Leonard, Graham S.; Stewart, Carol; Baxter, Peter J.; Villarosa, Gustavo; Rovere, Elizabeth I.; Johnston, David; Cronin, Shane J.: imPacTS on agricUlTUre FolloWing The maY 2008 chaiTén erUPTion in PaTagonia 331 Sherrouse, Benson C.*; Hester, David J.: conSTrUcTing a comPoSiTe haZarDS VUlneraBiliTY inDeX For coaSTal caliFornia 332 Verosub, Kenneth L.*; Delusina, Irina; Shlemon, Roy: geologic SUBSiDence in The SacramenTo-San JoaQUin DelTa, caliFornia, anD iTS imPlicaTionS For riSK aSSeSSmenT 333 Bethel, Matthew B.*; Laska, Shirley; Troutman, John; Giardino, Marco; Phillips, Maurice: BlenDing remoTe SenSing anD TraDiTional ecological KnoWleDge To SUPPorT ecoSYSTem healTh in coaSTal loUiSiana 334 Khanolkar, Sonal*: USe oF rUBBer SheeT oPeraTionS in DiSaSTer managemenT ProgrammeS: a caSe STUDY USing KVr 3000 DaTa oF SoUTh mUmBai, inDia



SeSSion no. 191

T144. Landslides in the Pacific Northwest: Advances in Research and Practice (Posters) (GSA Engineering Geology Division; Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists [AEG]; U.S. Geological Survey; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 191-1 344 Hanell, Casey R.; Coyle, John M.*: lanDSliDeS, lanD managemenT, anD PUBlic SaFeTY: a reconnaiSSance leVel reVieW oF lanDSliDeS TriggereD BY The JanUarY 2009 STorm, WhaTcom coUnTY, WaShingTon 345 Baum, Rex L.*; Godt, Jonathan W.; Coe, Jeffrey A.: inFlUence oF Three-DimenSional geomeTrY on PreDicTeD ShalloW lanDSliDe SiZe anD ShaPe 346 Hay, Stephen P.*; Peltz, Tova R.: conTriBUTing FacTorS For The miTigaTion oF lanDSliDe-TYPe haZarDS along oregon DeParTmenT oF TranSPorTaTion highWaY corriDorS 347 Pierson, Thomas C.*; Lu, Zhong: inSar DeTecTion oF reneWeD moVemenT oF a large ancienT lanDSliDe in The colUmBia riVer gorge, WaShingTon 348 Hicks, Bill G.*; de la Fuente, Juan A.: aPPlicaTion oF STereo 3-D imagerY For inTerPreTaTion oF lanDSliDeS, FaUlTing, geologic STrUcTUreS anD geomorPhic FeaTUreS 349 Sarikhan, Isabelle*; Contreras, Trevor A.; Polenz, Michael; Kaler, Goose Z.; Czajkowski, Jessica L.; Walsh, Timothy J.;











230 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


Powell, Jack: lanDSliDe emergencY reSPonSe ­ FinDingS anD leSSonS learneD BY The WaShingTon geological SUrVeY'S reSPonSe To The DecemBer 3, 2007 anD JanUarY 7-9, 2009 STormS 191-7 350 Priest, George R.*; Allan, Jonathan; Niem, Alan; Niem, Wendy A.; Dickenson, Stephen E.: moVemenT TriggerS anD remeDiaTion in a FracTUre-DominaTeD TranSlaTional SliDe aT The oregon coaST 351 Duplantis, Serin*; Burns, Scott: lanDSliDeS in PorTlanD, oregon 2008-2009: BroKen WaTer PiPeS anD heaVY rainFall aS TriggerS 352 Apel, Trey*; Abramson-Ward, Hans; Wells, Donald: BroaD Scale ProBaBiliSTic Screening For lanDSliDe haZarD in WeSTern oregon 192-7 365 Poland, Michael P.*; Townson, Reid; Antolik, Loren; Brooks, Benjamin A.; Foster, James H.: eDUcaTional oPPorTUniTieS ProViDeD BY inTerneT-acceSSiBle - moniToring DaTa From The PU`U `o `o erUPTiVe VenT, Kilauea Volcano, haWai`i i 366 Venezky, Dina*; Wilkinson, Stuart; Brooks, Suzanna: USing google maPS To inTroDUce geologic concePTS on The USgS Volcano haZarDS Program WeBSiTeS 367 Abu-Alam, Tamer S.*; Stüwe, Kurt: mBc(1.7): a ViSUal BaSic coDe To calcUlaTe BUlK comPoSiTion oF rocKS From chemiSTrY anD VolUme ProPorTionS oF The PhaSeS





191-10 353 Mackey, Ben*; Roering, Joshua; McKean, James A.: a 62 Year recorD oF regional earThFloW moVemenT DeTermineD From liDar anD aerial PhoTograPhS, eel riVer, ca 191-11 354 Theule, Joshua; Burns, Scott*: a neW aPProach To lanDSliDe SUScePTiBiliTY maPPing USing inVenTorY maPS: a caSe hiSTorY oF naTUral gaS PiPelineS in norThWeST oregon, USa 191-12 355 Crider, Juliet G.*; Tucker, David S.; Clark, Douglas H.; Linneman, Scott R.: The 2009 racehorSe creeK lanDSliDe: ForenSic DYnamicS oF a large, comPleX caTaSTroPhic maSS moVemenT 191-13 356 Serdar, Carol*: ProgreSS in DeVeloPing a meThoD For Semi-QUanTiTaTiVe SloPe STaBiliTY aSSeSSmenT: The WaShingTon STaTe lanDSliDe haZarD ZonaTion ProJecT 2001-2009 191-14 357 Koler, Thomas E.*; Gould, Randy; Cloyd, J. Courtney: riSK analYSiS For naTUrallY occUrring aSBeSToS on U.S. naTional ForeST SYSTem lanDS 191-15 358 Sobieszczyk, Steven*; Uhrich, Mark A.; Piatt, David R.; Bragg, Heather M.: analYSiS oF geomorPhic anD hYDrologic characTeriSTicS oF moUnT JeFFerSon DeBriS FloW, oregon, noVemBer 6, 2006

192-10 368 Sanders, Michael; Knight, Yolande; Gedye, Sharon; King, Helen L.*: c-change in geeS: oPen licenSing oF climaTe change anD SUSTainaBiliTY reSoUrceS in geograPhY, earTh anD enVironmenTal ScienceS 192-11 369 Selkin, Peter A.*; Wetzstein, Lia; Masura, Julie E.: ThinKing gloBallY, Teaching locallY: reSoUrceS For looKing aT local lanDScaPe change anD hUman PoPUlaTion in google earTh 192-12 370 Huth, Anne K.; Hall, Michelle K.*; Walker, C. Scott; Mayhew, Michael A.: USing giS anD google earTh To eXPlore WaTerSheDS' reSPonSe To naTUral DiSaSTerS 192-13 371 Urban, Michael J.*: USing google earTh To eXamine meTroPoliTan air PollUTion 192-14 372 Schott, Ronald C.*: ProToTYPing a geologY laYer For google earTh 192-15 373 Brandt, Danita S.*: GEOLOG: 4.6 Billion YearS oF earTh hiSTorY, one minUTe aT a Time 192-16 374 Tapanila, Leif*; Qu, Hongjie; Thomason, Carrie; Ames, Daniel P.: FossilPlot 2.0: a neW online DaTaBaSe DeSigneD For Teaching PaleonTologY conTenT To UnDergraDUaTeS 192-17 375 Molineux, Ann*: UniVerSiTY geologY collecTionS: an UnTaPPeD reSoUrce 192-18 376 Fox, Sean P.; Manduca, Cathryn A.; Kirk, Karin B.*: neW VirTUal ToolS For SUPPorTing online commUniTieS oF eDUcaTorS 192-19 377 Richard, Glenn A.*; Kirk, Karin B.: Teaching WiTh google earTh - an online gUiDe For eDUcaTorS 192-20 378 Duggan-Haas, Don*; Kissel, Richard A.; Besemer, Christine; Auer, Sara L.; Buckler, Carlyn; Ross, Robert M.: VirTUal FielDWorK anD Teacher ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT


SeSSion no. 192

T160. From Virtual Globes to Geoblogs: Digital Innovations in Geoscience Research, Education, and Outreach (Posters) (GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; Google, Inc.; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geology and Society Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 192-1 359 Lea, Peter D.*; Currier, Andrew; Willey, Danielle: DeVeloPmenT oF inTeracTiVe VirTUal FielD TriPS For The geoScienceS 360 Wilkerson, M. Scott*; Wilkerson, M. Beth; Marshak, Stephen: USing google earTh geoToUrS To engage inTroDUcTorY geoScience STUDenTS in acTiVe learning 361 Guertin, Laura A.*; Neville, Sara: aDaPTing google liT TriPS For The geoScienceS 362 Nunn, Jeffrey A.*: google earTh eXerciSeS in inTroDUcTorY geoScience laBoraTorieS 363 Kairies Beatty, Candace*; Beatty, William Lee: gigaPan, google earTh, anD geomorPhologY aT The geTTYSBUrg BaTTleFielD: creaTing VirTUal FielD eXPerienceS For UnDergraDUaTe STUDenTS 364 Parham, Thomas L. Jr.*; Boudreaux, Hollie; Bible, Paul; Stelling, Pete; Cruz-Niera, Carolina; Cervato, Cinzia; Gallus, William A. Jr.: JoUrneY To The cenTer oF a Volcano ­ T eaching WiTh a 3-D VirTUal Volcano SimUlaTion

SeSSion no. 193

T161. Monitoring Climate through Glacier Change Using Geoinformatics (Posters) (University Alaska­Fairbanks Geophysical Institute)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 193-1 379 Kienholz, Christian*; Prakash, Anupma: USe oF alaSKa high alTiTUDe Program (ahaP) imagerY To DeTermine changeS in alaSKa'S glacierS 380 Burrill, K.*; McNeil, C.; Dittrich, W.; Connor, C.L.: maSS Balance, VelociTY ProFileS anD eValUaTion oF meThoDologieS on The TaKU glacier, JUneaU, alaSKa 2009 381 Hekkers, M.L.*; Sauer, D.: moniToring menDenhall glacier maSS loSS anD reTreaT anD SUBSeQUenT menDenhall laKe eXPanSion USing geoinFormaTicS 382 Percy, David*; Fountain, Andrew G.; Hoffman, Matthew; Basagic, Hassan J.; Thorneykroft, Kristina: TemPoral DaTaBaSe oF glacier change For WeSTern US


192-3 192-4 192-5





2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 231


193-5 383 Best, Laura*; Plummer, Mitchell A.; Laabs, Benjamin J.: moDeling The 20th cenTUrY reTreaT oF The agaSSiZ glacier, glacier naTional ParK, monTana 384 Campbell, Adam J.*: nUmerical moDel inVeSTigaTion oF crane glacier reSPonSe To collaPSe oF larSen B ice ShelF, anTarcTic PeninSUla 385 Vallis, Vanessa*; Osborn, Gerald; Sjogren, Darren B.: SPaTial moDelling oF alPine glacierS DUring The liTTle ice age anD moDern VariaBiliTY in glacier eXTenT 195-2 3:30 PM Navrotsky, Alexandra*: mSa roeBling meDal lecTUre- From mineral PhYSicS To nanogeoScience anD BacK again 4:00 PM Ross, Nancy L.*: mSa PreSiDenTial aDDreSS: crYSTal chemiSTrY in The 21st cenTUrY 5:00 PM Business meeting




SeSSion no. 196

Paleontology: Macroevolution & Macroecology

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 256 Shanan E. Peters and Austin, J.W. Hendy, Presiding 196-1 1:30 PM Finnegan, Seth*; Wang, Steve C.; Boyer, Alison G.; Clapham, Matthew E.; Finkel, Zoe V.; Kosnik, Matthew A.; Kowalewski, Michal; Krause, Richard A. Jr.; Lyons, S. Kathleen; McClain, Craig R.; McShea, Dan; Novack-Gottshall, Philip M.; Lockwood, Rowan; Payne, Jonathan; Smith, Felisa; Spaeth, Paula A.; Stempien, Jennifer A.: no general relaTionShiP BeTWeen BoDY SiZe anD eXTincTion riSK in The FoSSil recorD oF marine inVerTeBraTeS anD PhYToPlanKTon 1:45 PM Hopkins, Melanie J.*: The inFlUence oF morPhological VariaTion anD geograPhic range SiZe on SPecieS longeViTY 2:00 PM Lagomarcino, Anne J.*; Miller, Arnold I.: The relaTionShiP BeTWeen genUS richneSS anD geograPhic area in The laTe creTaceoUS: ePiconTinenTal SeaS VerSUS oPen-ocean SeTTingS 2:15 PM Kaminski, Michael A.*; Setoyama, Eiichi; Cetean, Claudia G.: The PhaneroZoic DiVerSiTY oF agglUTinaTeD ForaminiFera: originaTion anD eXTincTion raTeS oF a "conSerVaTiVe" groUP oF organiSmS 2:30 PM Marshall, Charles R.*; Quental, Tiago B.: Do claDeS haVe a carrYing caPaciTY: a neW PerSPecTiVe From (molecUlar) PhYlogenieS 2:45 PM Harnik, Paul G.*: are correlaTeS oF eXTincTion riSK BroaDlY aPPlicaBle or claDe-DePenDenT? a comParaTiVe analYSiS oF earlY cenoZoic BiValVeS 3:00 PM Break 196-7 196-8 3:15 PM Hunt, Gene*; Wing, Scott L.: meaSUring The raTe aT Which commUniTY comPoSiTion changeS 3:30 PM Fall, Leigh M.*; Olszewski, Thomas D.: changeS in ecological ProceSSeS oF local BrachioPoD PaleocommUniTieS in The DelaWare BaSin (WeST TeXaS) 3:45 PM Alroy, John*: a DeconSTrUcTion oF SePKoSKi'S PhaneroZoic marine eVolUTionarY FaUnaS BaSeD on neW DiVerSiTY eSTimaTeS 4:00 PM Peters, Shanan E.*; Heim, Noel A.: The STraTigraPhic DiSTriBUTion oF FoSSilS WiThin gaP-BoUnD SeDimenTarY rocK PacKageS 4:15 PM Buzas, Martin A.*; Culver, S.J.: geograPhic origin oF SPecieS: The TemPeraTe-TroPical inTerchange 4:30 PM Abe, Francine R.*; Lieberman, Bruce: The naTUre oF eVolUTionarY raDiaTionS: aBioTic FacTorS aS mechaniSmS 4:45 PM Allmon, Warren D.*: TeSTing The eVolUTionarY eFFecTS oF aBUnDance in The FoSSil recorD 5:00 PM Martin, Ron*; Allmon, Warren D.: SeaFooD ThroUgh Time reViSiTeD: The PhaneroZoic increaSe in marine TroPhic reSoUrceS anD iTS macroeVolUTionarY conSeQUenceS

aFTernoon oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 194

History of Geology

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E147/148 K.R. Aalto and Matthew J. James, Presiding 194-1 1:30 PM Bramnik, Michael*: The BeDrocK oF monoTheiSm: The geologY oF JerUSalem anD iTS hiSTorical anD religioUS imPlicaTionS 1:45 PM Meyer, Herbert W.*: a homeSTeaDer TUrneD naTUraliST: The conTriBUTionS oF charloTTe hill To The DeVeloPing Science oF PaleonTologY aT The FloriSSanT FoSSil BeDS, coloraDo 2:00 PM Berry, William B.N.*: hermann Jaeger'S ProPoSal To DeFine The BaSe oF The DeVonian on a SigniFicanT SPeciaTion in monograPTiD eVolUTion 2:15 PM Sengör, A.M. Celâl*: eDUarD SUeSS' one-SiDeD PUSh: mechanical nonSenSe or geological TrUTh? 2:30 PM James, Matthew J.*: UPliFT or SUBSiDence?: Volcanic geologY on The 1905-06 galaPagoS eXPeDiTion oF The caliFornia acaDemY oF ScienceS 2:45 PM Lockwood, John P.*; Sanders, William: The Preacher VS The VolcanologiST - origin oF The WorD "PYroDUcT" 3:00 PM Break 194-7 3:15 PM Anderson, Tom C.*: hiSTorY oF geologic inVeSTigaTionS anD oil oPeraTionS aT TeaPoT Dome, WYoming 3:30 PM Newcomb, Sally*: inSTrUmenTaTion For an earlY geologiST 3:45 PM Aalto, K.R.*: raPhael PUmPellY (1837­1923): FirST american geologiST To maP in JaPan anD china 4:00 PM Cherukupalli, Nehru E.*: JameS hUTTon (1726-1797) anD charleS lYell (1797-1875) - The UnSUng heroeS oF ForenSic geologY 4:15 PM Williams, Thomas J.*: grain BY grain: reSearch oPPorTUniTieS anD SanD collecTionS 4:30 PM Ekstrom, Carol L.*: The DiSPoSiTion oF The larDner VanUXem mineral anD FoSSil collecTion






194-4 194-5




194-8 194-9 194-10



194-11 194-12

196-11 196-12

SeSSion no. 195

MSA Awards Lectures, Presidential Address, and Annual Business Meeting

3:00 PM, Oregon Convention Center, C123 John B. Brady, Presiding 195-1 3:00 PM Trainor, Thomas P.*: mSa aWarD lecTUre: STrUcTUre anD reacTiViTY oF geochemical inTerFaceS 196-13 196-14

232 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


196-15 5:15 PM Hendy, Austin J.W.*; Aberhan, Martin; Alroy, John; Clapham, Matthew E.; Kiessling, Wolfgang; Laflamme, Marc; Lin, Jih-Pai: a 600 million Year recorD oF ecological DiVerSiFicaTion 198-4 2:15 PM Zarate-del Valle, Pedro F.*; Ramirez-Sanchez, Hermes U.; Fernex, François; Simoneit, Bernd R.T.; Israde-Alcantara, Isabel: raDiocarBon age inVerSionS: SoUrce anD caUSeS. eXamPle laKe chaPala, WeSTern meXico, laTe holocene SeDimenTS 2:30 PM Ma, Lichun*; Li, Baoguo; Lowenstein, Tim K.; Jiang, Pingan; Zhong, Junpin; Sheng, Jiandong; Wu, Hongqi: lacUSTrine recorDS oF holocene climaTe change From loP nor SalT Plain, Tarim BaSin, WeSTern china 2:45 PM Kowler, Andrew*: The PaleoclimaTic imPlicaTionS oF PaleolaKe FlUcTUaTionS DUring The PleiSTocene anD holocene ePochS in The SoUThern BaSin anD range ProVince, USa 3:00 PM Brigham-Grette, Julie*; Melles, Martin; Minyuk, Pavel; Koeberl, Christian: SUcceSSFUl DeeP Drilling 2009 aT laKe el'gYgYTgYn, ne rUSSia: ToWarDS a conTinUoUS 3.6 mYr arcTic PaleoclimaTe recorD 3:15 PM Break 198-8 3:30 PM Liddicoat, Joseph C.*: PaleomagneTic SecUlar VariaTion anD relaTiVe FielD inTenSiTY in PleiSTocene lacUSTrine SeDimenTS in The U.S. greaT BaSin aS chronologic ToolS For DaTing climaTe in WeSTern norTh america 3:45 PM Buchheim, H. Paul*; Awramik, Stanley M.; Leggitt, V. Leroy: PaleoenVironmenTal FacTorS conTrolling microBialiTe Bioherm DePoSiTion anD DiSTriBUTion in The green riVer FormaTion 4:00 PM Williams, Eric M.*; Carroll, Alan R.: DePoSiTional enVironmenTS oF claSTic-DominaTeD inTerValS oF The WilKinS PeaK memBer (eocene), green riVer FormaTion, SoUThWeST WYoming 4:15 PM Smith, M. Elliot*; Scott, Jenni J.; Carroll, Alan R.: WeaThering, SPringS, anD The origin oF neVaPoriTeS in The earlY eocene green riVer FormaTion, WYoming 4:30 PM LaClair, Deidre*; Lowenstein, Tim K.: FlUiD inclUSion microThermomeTrY From haliTe in The eocene green riVer FormaTion, Piceance creeK BaSin, coloraDo, USa: eViDence For a Perennial STraTiFieD Saline laKe 4:45 PM Nyborg, Torrey*; Buchheim, H. Paul: TUFa moUnDS, TracKS anD The TecTonic/climaTic eVolUTion oF The lacUSTrine miocene-Pliocene coPPer canYon "FormaTion," DeaTh ValleY, caliFornia 5:00 PM Hickson, Thomas A.*; Schleicher, Jillian; Lee, Lindsey; Lamb, Melissa A.: eXTenSional TecTonic anD climaTic SignalS in miocene-age FoSSil laKeS oF The laKe meaD (neVaDa) region: neW iSoToPic DaTa From The horSe SPring FormaTion 5:15 PM Piller, Werner E.*; Gross, Martin: a high-reSolUTion recorD From oUTcroP- To mm-Scale oF laTe miocene laKe Pannon (aUSTria)

SeSSion no. 197

P4. First Global View of The Geology of Mercury: Dynamic Landscapes on The Innermost Planet (GSA Planetary Geology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 254 Louise Prockter and Sean C. Solomon, Presiding 197-1 197-2 1:30 PM Strom, Robert G.*; Solomon, Sean C.: The hiSTorY oF mercUrY eXPloraTion 2:15 PM Solomon, Sean C.*; Freed, Andrew M.; Hauck, Steven A. II.; Head, James W.; Kerber, Laura; Phillips, Roger J.; Robinson, Mark S.; Watters, Thomas R.; Zuber, Maria T.: The geoPhYSical eVolUTion oF mercUrY 2:45 PM Head, James W. III.*; Murchie, Scott L.; Prockter, Louise; Robinson, Mark S.; Solomon, Sean C.; Strom, Robert G.; Chapman, Clark R.; Watters, Thomas R.; Blewett, David T.; Denevi, Brett W.: VolcaniSm on mercUrY 3:15 PM Denevi, Brett W.*; Robinson, Mark S.; Solomon, Sean C.; Murchie, Scott L.; Blewett, David T.; Domingue, Deborah L.; McCoy, Timothy J.; Ernst, Carolyn M.; Head, James W.; Watters, Thomas R.; Chabot, Nancy L.: The color oF mercUrY 3:45 PM Break 197-5 4:00 PM Chapman, Clark R.*; Strom, Robert G.; Head, James W.; Fassett, Caleb I.; Merline, William J.; Solomon, Sean C.; Blewett, David T.; Watters, Thomas R.: craTering on mercUrY 4:30 PM Fassett, Caleb I.*; Head, James W.; Blewett, David T.; Chapman, Clark R.; Dickson, James L.; Murchie, Scott L.; Oberst, Jürgen; Solomon, Sean C.; Strom, Robert G.; Watters, Thomas R.: The caloriS imPacT BaSin anD iTS role in moDiFYing The SUrFace oF mercUrY 5:00 PM Watters, Thomas R.*; Solomon, Sean C.; Head, James W.; Murchie, Scott L.; Robinson, Mark S.; Prockter, Louise: The TecTonicS oF imPacT BaSinS on mercUrY 5:15 PM Chabot, Nancy L.*; Powell, Kathryn E.; Blewett, David T.; Izenberg, Noam R.: large raYeD craTerS on mercUrY 198-13 198-6 198-5










SeSSion no. 198

T35. Cenozoic Lakes (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division, GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D139/140 Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch, Broxton W. Bird, and Nathan D. Stansell, Presiding 198-1 1:30 PM Bowen, Brenda Beitler*; Benison, Kathleen; Oboh-Ikuenobe, Francisca E.; Sanchez Botero, Carlos; Story, Stacy: PreliminarY analYSeS oF neW aciD Saline laKe coreS in WeSTern aUSTralia: SeDimenTological, PalYnological, mineralogical, anD geochemical analYSiS oF SPaTial anD TemPoral enVironmenTal changeS in eXTreme enVironmenTS 1:45 PM Stansell, Nathan D.*; Rosenmeier, Michael F.; Abbott, Mark B.: laTe holocene climaTe VariaBiliTY recorDeD in laKe SeDimenTS From nicaragUa 2:00 PM Starratt, Scott W.*; Wahl, David B.; Wan, Elmira; Wanket, James A.; Lloyd-Davies, Thomas; Olson, Holly; Kusler, Jennifer: holocene climaTe in The greaT BaSin: PreliminarY reSUlTS From FaVre laKe, norThern rUBY moUnTainS, neVaDa



SeSSion no. 199

T41. High-Resolution Terrestrial and Marine Geochemical Proxies of Global Change: Progress, Problems, and Utility II (Paleontological Society; Geochemical Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballrooms 251/258 David P. Gillikin and Alan D. Wanamaker, Presiding 199-1 1:30 PM Anchukaitis, Kevin J.*; Evans, Michael N.: ToWarD SeaSonal climaTe reconSTrUcTionS USing TroPical iSoToPe DenDroclimaTologY



2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 233




199-2 1:45 PM English, Nathan B.*; Bronson, Dustin; Dettman, David L.; Trees, Mark; Williams, David G.: an eaSY PaTh From PreciPiTaTion amoUnT To 18o ValUeS in The SPineS oF colUmnar cacTUSeS, CARNEGIEA GIGANTEA 2:00 PM Oster, Jessica*; Montanez, Isabel P.; Sharp, Warren D.; Guilderson, Thomas P.: UnDerSTanDing SPeleoThem 13c VariaBiliTY USing 14c aT moaning caVe, caliFornia 2:15 PM Hagemann, Mark W.*; Banner, Jay L.; Musgrove, MaryLynn: aSSeSSing PoTenTial SeaSonal PaleoclimaTe SignalS in a laTe PleiSTocene STalagmiTe From cenTral TeXaS 2:30 PM Elrick, Maya*; Rieboldt, Sarah; Saltzman, Matt; McKay, Robert; Runkel, Anthony C.: oXYgen iSoToPe TrenDS anD inTerPreTeD PaleoclimaTe changeS acroSS The laTe camBrian PoSiTiVe carBon iSoToPe eXcUrSion (SPice eVenT) 2:45 PM Payne, Joshua H.; Whalen, Michael T.*; Day, James E.: DiFFerenTial geochemical reSPonSe DUring TWo laTe DeVonian maSS eXTincTion PUlSeS: imPlicaTionS For gloBal change 3:00 PM Break 199-7 3:15 PM Zobaa, Mohamed; Oboh-Ikuenobe, Francisca E.*; Ibrahim, Mohamed I.; Arneson, Kristen; Browne, Cassandra; Kholeif, Suzan: The cenomanian/TUronian oceanic anoXic eVenT in The raZZaK #7 oil Well, norTh WeSTern DeSerT, egYPT: PalYnoFacieS anD iSoToPe analYSeS 3:30 PM Cotton, Jennifer M.*; Sheldon, Nathan D.: high reSolUTion iSoToPic recorD oF c4 PhoToSYnTheSiS oF a miD-miocene graSSlanD 3:45 PM Dworkin, Steve I.*; Nordt, Lee C.; Atchley, Stacy: a 7 ma recorD oF aTmoSPheric 13co2 DeriVeD From organic maTTer in laTe creTaceoUS anD earlY TerTiarY PaeloSolS 4:00 PM Babalola, Lamidi Olabode*; Patterson, R. Timothy; Prokoph, Andreas: geochemical eViDence For laTe holocene mUlTiDecaDal-cenTennial PaleoclimaTic anD PaleoceanograPhic VariaBiliTY in an anoXic BaSin, coaSTal BriTiSh colUmBia 4:15 PM Opdyke, Bradley N.*; Nash, Merinda; Tynan, Sarah: USing mg/ca aS a Tracer For "ocean aciDiFicaTion" in recenT marine SeDimenTS From The greaT Barrier reeF 4:30 PM Mao, Jingdong*; Schmidt-Rohr, Klaus: characTeriZaTion oF niTrogen in geological organic maTTer SamPleS USing aDVanceD SoliD-STaTe nmr SPecTroScoPY 4:45 PM Discussion 200-14 200-11 200-8 200-5 an eXamPle From The norTh anDean BlocK anD The gUlF oF gUaYaQUil-TUmBeS BaSin (ecUaDorPerU BorDer area) 200-4 2:15 PM Gulick, Sean P.S.*; Bangs, Nathan L.B.; Moore, Gregory F.; Austin, James A. Jr.; Meltzer, Anne S.; Levander, Alan; Henstock, Timothy J.; McNeill, Lisa; Martin, Kylara M.: Forearc BaSinS aS recorDerS oF accreTionarY ProceSSeS anD inDicaTorS oF geohaZarDS: eXamPleS From The nanKai TroUgh, SoUThern caScaDia, anD SUmaTra 2:30 PM Allmendinger, Richard W.*; González, Gabriel: TecTonicS oF concaVe conTinenTal marginS: a comPariSon oF The caScaDia anD cenTral anDeS ForearcS 2:45 PM Surpless, Kathleen DeGraaff*; Beverly, Emily J.; Kochelek, Evan J.: eViDence For a comBineD hornBrooK-ochoco BaSin: a comPleX laTe creTaceoUS Forearc SYSTem 3:00 PM Price, Raymond A.*: BaSin inVerSion anD TecTonic hereDiTY conTrol FirST-orDer STrUcTUre in a ForelanD ThrUST-FolD BelT: SoUTheaSTern canaDian corDillera 3:20 PM Break 3:35 PM Romans, Brian W.*; Fildani, Andrea; Graham, Stephan A.; Covault, Jacob A.; Fosdick, Julie C.; Hubbard, Stephen M.: imPorTance oF PreDeceSSor BaSin hiSTorY on ProVenance oF The magallaneS reTroarc ForelanD BaSin, chile (50°S-52°S) 3:50 PM McQuarrie, Nadine*; Oskin, Michael E.: WhaT inDUceS The collaPSe oF orogenS? iS SoUTh america neXT? 4:05 PM Carrapa, Barbara*; Schoenbohm, Lindsay; DeCelles, Peter; Clementz, Mark T.; Huntington, Katharine: SUrFace reSPonSe To liThoSPheric DelaminaTion: an eXamPle From The PUna PlaTeaU oF nW argenTina 4:20 PM Cassel, Elizabeth J.*; Graham, Stephan A.: eoceneoligocene PaleoValleY characTeriZaTion anD FlUVial SYSTem eVolUTion in The norThern Sierra neVaDa, caliFornia 4:35 PM Mitchell, Christopher C.*; Graham, Stephan A.: SUBDUcTion comPleX UPliFT anD eXhUmaTion anD iTS inFlUence on Forearc STraTigraPhY in The greaT ValleY BaSin, norThern San JoaQUin ValleY, caliFornia 4:50 PM Scholl, David*; Ryan, Holly; Keranen, Katie; Wells, R.E.; Kirby, Steven H.: greaT SUBDUcTion Zone earThQUaKeS anD raPiD Forearc BaSin FormaTion anD SeDimenT Filling--eXamPle oF The aTKa Forearc BaSin, anDreanoF SecTor oF The aleUTian iSlanDS 5:05 PM Finzel, Emily S.*; Trop, Jeffrey M.; Ridgway, Kenneth: moDiFicaTion oF conTinenTal Forearc BaSinS BY SPreaDing riDge SUBDUcTion anD FlaT-SlaB SUBDUcTion ProceSSeS: an eXamPle From SoUThern alaSKa
















SeSSion no. 200

T51. Tectonics and Basins of Convergent Margins (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A107/108/109 Andrea Fildani, Jeffrey Trop, Andrew Leier, and Melissa K. Giovanni, Presiding 200-1 1:30 PM Horton, Brian K.*; Parra, Mauricio; Saylor, Joel E.; Nie, Junsheng; Mora, Andrés: reSolVing UPliFT oF The eaSTern corDillera in The colomBian anDeS USing DeTriTal Zircon U-PB age SignaTUreS 1:45 PM Giovanni, Melissa K.*; Horton, Brian K.: eXTenSional BaSin eVolUTion in a conTracTional orogen: an eXamPle From The corDillera Blanca, PerU 2:00 PM Witt, Cesar*; Bourgois, Jacques: Forearc BaSin FormaTion in The TecTonic WaKe oF a colliSionDriVen, coaSTWiSe migraTing crUSTal BlocK:

SeSSion no. 201

T56. The Franciscan Assemblage and Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of the Western United States II: A Tribute to M.C. Blake Jr. (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Cordilleran Section; Friends of the Franciscan)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B110/111/112 John Shervais and A.S. Jayko, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 201-1 1:45 PM Tarduno, John A.*: relaTiVe moTionS BeTWeen PaciFic BaSin oceanic PlaTeS anD norTh



234 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


america anD Their imPrinT in The FranciScan comPleX 201-2 2:00 PM Murchey, Benita L.*: cloSing PanThalaSSa: eViDence ThaT WeSTern norTh america oVerroDe an oceanic PlaTe DUring The JUraSSic 2:15 PM Aitchison, Jonathan C.*: aPPlYing corDilleran Terrane STYle analYSiS To UnDerSTanDing The himalaYan orogen 2:35 PM Mortimer, Nick*: oVerVieW oF The archiTecTUre anD DeVeloPmenT oF ZealanDia 2:50 PM Roeske, Sarah*; Housen, Bernard A.; O'Connell, Kristin; Gallen, Sean: Paleocene - earlY eocene DiSPlacemenT oF TerraneS along The norThern corDillera margin 3:05 PM Break 201-6 3:20 PM MacDonald, James H. Jr.*; Miller, Robert B.; Dragovich, Joe D.; Metzger, Ellen P.; Miller, Jonathan S.; Harper, Gregory D.: geologY anD geochemiSTrY oF The De roUX UniT anD PoSSiBlY correlaTiVe TecTonoSTraTigraPhic TerraneS WiThin The caScaDe moUnTainS, WaShingTon 3:35 PM Brown, Edwin*; Valencia, Victor A.: chilliWacK Terrane in norThWeST WaShingTon: neoProTeroZoiccamBrian PaSSiVe margin BaSemenT, orDoVician-SilUrian arc incePTion 3:50 PM Wright, J.E.*; Izsak, Gabriel: DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY oF The greaT ValleY groUP, norThern caliFornia: imPlicaTionS For The KlamaTh moUnTain/coaST range BoUnDarY 4:10 PM Shervais, John W.*; Choi, Sung Hi; Sharp, Warren D.: Tehama-colUSa SerPenTiniTe melange ­ FranciScan, coaST range oPhioliTe or BoTh? 4:25 PM McLaughlin, Robert J.*; Blake, M. Clark Jr.; Sliter, William V.; Wentworth, Carl M.; Graymer, R.W.: The WheaTFielD ForK Terrane: a remnanT oF SileTZia (?) in FranciScan comPleX coaSTal BelT oF norThern caliFornia 4:40 PM Masutsubo, Nobuaki*; Wakabayashi, John: BeYonD SimPle moDelS oF orogenic meTamorPhiSm: hP/hT, lP/hT, anD hP/lT meTamorPhiSm in The FeaTher riVer UlTramaFic BelT, norTh YUBa riVer canYon, caliFornia 202-8 202-9 202-5 2:40 PM Goldfinger, Chris*: PaleoSeiSmicallY DeriVeD ProBaBiliTieS For caScaDia greaT earThQUaKeS 3:00 PM Martin, M.E.*: neW coaSTal eViDence For crUSTal FaUlTing ~1,000 YearS ago, SoUThWeSTern PUgeT loWlanD, WaShingTon 3:15 PM Walsh, Timothy J.*; Cakir, Recep; Logan, Robert L.; Johnson, Chris N.: remoTelY oPeraTeD Vehicle (roV) ViDeo inVeSTigaTion oF TWo large SeaFloor moUnDS in SoUThern hooD canal, WaShingTon 3:30 PM Break 3:45 PM Grizzel, Jeffrey D.*: managing lanDSliDe riSK on STaTe ForeSTlanDS in WeSTern WaShingTon 4:00 PM Polenz, Michael*; Sarikhan, Isabelle; Legorreta-Paulin, Gabriel; Logan, Robert L.; Walsh, Timothy J.; Kaler, Goose Z.; Young, Aaron C.; Sarah, Alexis; Contreras, Trevor A.: lanDSliDe haZarD maPS For WaShingTon marine ShoreS ­ToolS For PUBlic anD PriVaTe DeciSion maKing 4:15 PM Sarikhan, Isabelle*; Norman, Dave; Contreras, Trevor A.: WaShingTon geological SUrVeY emBarKS on a STaTeWiDe lanDSliDe PreciPiTaTion ForecaSTing moDel 4:30 PM Houghton, B.F.*; Gregg, C.E.; Larin, P.N.; Johnston, D.M.; Paton, D.; Gill, D.A.; Ritchie, L.A.: PUBlic aTTiTUDeS anD PercePTionS oF TSUnamiS anD Warning SYSTemS in oregon anD WaShingTon: The caSe STUDY oF ocean ShoreS anD SeaSiDe 4:50 PM Cashman, Katharine V.*; Cronin, Shane J.: mYThS, oral TraDiTion, anD moDern SocieTal reSPonSe To Volcanic DiSaSTerS




201-4 201-5








SeSSion no. 203

T68. Uplift or Climate Change? Evaluating Surface Uplift and Deformation in Light of Climate Change in the Andes (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E145 Joel Saylor, Andres Mora, and Gregory D. Hoke, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 203-1 1:35 PM Insel, Nadja*; Poulsen, Christopher J.; Sturm, Christophe; Ehlers, Todd A.: Paleo anD PreSenT 18o VariaBiliTY oF cenTral anDean PreciPiTaTion: conSTrainTS From iSoToPe-TracKing climaTe moDelS 1:50 PM Higuera-Diaz, I. Camilo*; Fischer, Mark: characTeriZing The aSYmmeTrY oF an orogenic WeDge: looKing aT The climaTe anD TecTonic conTrolS on WeDge geomeTrY 2:05 PM Hoke, Gregory D.*; Garzione, Carmala; Giambiagi, Laura B.: STaBle iSoToPic recorDS From miocene PeDogenic carBonaTeS in The SoUThern cenTral anDeS: imPlicaTionS For The eleVaTion oF The anDeS near 33°S 2:20 PM Bywater-Reyes, Sharon V.*; Carrapa, Barbara; Schoenbohm, Lindsay; Clementz, Mark T.: The eFFecT oF laTe cenoZoic ariDiFicaTion on SeDimenTaTion in The eaSTern corDillera oF nW argenTina (angaSTaco BaSin) 2:35 PM Mulch, Andreas*; Uba, Cornelius E.; Strecker, Manfred R.; Schoenberg, Ronny; Chamberlain, C. Page: laTe miocene PaTTernS oF PreciPiTaTion, UPliFT, anD eroSion in The anDean ForelanD 2:55 PM Smith, Johanna Jin-Sook*; Garzione, Carmala; Passey, Benjamin; Auerbach, David; Eiler, John; Jordan, Teresa; Rosario, Juan Jose: clUmPeD iSoToPe


SeSSion no. 202

T62. Reducing Risk from Geologic Hazards in the Dynamic Landscape of Oregon and Washington (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Society Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E141/142 Vicki McConnell, Dave Norman, Cynthia Gardner, and W.E. Scott, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 202-1 1:35 PM Vidale, John*; Bodin, Paul; Gomberg, Joan; Malone, Steve; Yelin, Tom: The PaciFic norThWeST SeiSmic neTWorK anD earThQUaKe haZarD miTigaTion 1:55 PM Mckay, Daniele*; Ruscitto, Daniel; Deligne, Natalia Irma; Cashman, Kathy V.; Wallace, Paul; Gavin, Daniel; Conrey, Richard M.; Long, Colin J.: Volcanic haZarDS From maFic acTiViTY in The cenTral oregon caScaDeS 2:10 PM Cakir, Recep*; Walsh, Timothy J.; Norman, Dave; Sarikhan, Isabelle: recenT earThQUaKe haZarD maPPing anD haZUS DaTa enhancemenT STUDieS in WaShingTon STaTe 2:25 PM Wang, Yumei*; Gonzalez, J.R.: increaSing earThQUaKe reSiliencY To oregon'S inFraSTrUcTUre 203-4 203-3







2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 235


5:05 PM Discussion


PaleoThermomeTrY oF SoUThern alTiPlano PaleoSolS: imPlicaTionS For SUrFace UPliFT oF The anDean PlaTeaU 3:10 PM Break 203-7 3:25 PM Garzione, Carmala N.*; Smith, Johanna Jin-Sook; Auerbach, David: climaTe hiSTorY in The alTiPlano BaSin: a reFlecTion oF SUrFace UPliFT or climaTe change? 3:45 PM Evenstar, Laura*; Stuart, Finlay M.; Hartley, Adrian J.: USing coSmogenic 3he DaTing oF allUVial BoUlDerS aS a Tool For conSTraining UPliFT hiSTorY oF The WeSTern anDeS 4:00 PM Rech, Jason A.; Currie, Brian S.*; Jordan, Teresa E.; Riquelme, Rodrigo: The anTiQUiTY oF The aTacama DeSerT anD iTS imPlicaTion For The PaleoeleVaTion oF The cenTral anDeS 4:15 PM Quade, Jay*; Rasbury, E. Troy: STaBle iSoToPic eViDence For miD-miocene hYPerariDiTY in The aTacama DeSerT 4:30 PM Bayona, Germán*; Mora, Andres; Cardona, Agustin; Montenegro, Omar; Jaramillo, Carlos; Parra, Mauricio; Stockli, Daniel F.; Montes, Camilo: Paleogene TecToniSm, magmaTiSm anD climaTe in The norThWeSTern corner oF SoUTh america: UnraVelling The imPacTS oF The Pre-anDeS orogeneSiS 4:45 PM Panel Discussion 204-10 SYSTemS in The caScaDeS arc, norThWeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 204-8 3:45 PM John, David A.*; Breit, George N.; Lee, Robert G.; Dilles, John; Calvert, Andrew T.; Muffler, L.J. Patrick; Clynne, Michael A.; Rye, Robert O.: PleiSTocene magmaTic-hYDroThermal SYSTemS in The laSSen region, norTheaSTern caliFornia 4:00 PM Landis, G.P.*; Rye, Robert O.: FlUiD inclUSion acTiVe anD noBle gaSeS in coarSe-BanDeD alUniTe VeinS aT alUniTe riDge, marYSVale, UTah, anD imPlicaTionS For crUST-manTle magmaTic VolaTile eVolUTion 4:15 PM Bove, Dana J.*; Hofstra, A.H; Koenig, A.E.; Lowers, H.A.; Rye, R.O.: chemical comPoSiTionS oF magmaTic STeam alUniTe VeinS From DiVerSe PorPhYrYePiThermal SYSTemS­imPlicaTionS For magmaTic VolaTile conTenTS anD DegaSSing ProceSSeS 4:30 PM Manion, Jennifer Leigh*; Larson, Peter: olDer hYDroThermal acTiViTY along The norThern YelloWSTone calDera margin aT SUlPhUr creeK, YelloWSTone ParK, WYoming 4:45 PM Lowenstern, Jacob B.*; Bergfeld, Deborah; Evans, William C.; Hurwitz, Shaul; Hunt, Andrew G.: TracKing inTrUSionS BeneaTh The YelloWSTone calDera WiTh gaS geochemiSTrY 5:00 PM Hunt, Andrew G.*; Breit, George N.; Bergfeld, Deborah; Rytuba, James J.; Wolf, Ruth E.; Landis, G.P.: USe oF noBle gaS geochemiSTrY anD Trace elemenT analYSiS To DeTermine iF moDern geoThermal WaTerS are reSPonSiBle For aSSociaTeD ePiThermal aU DePoSiTS 5:15 PM Discussion ii; & concluding remarks









SeSSion no. 204

T80. Magmas and Volatiles: Linking Granites, Volcanoes, Geothermal Systems, and Mineral Deposits II (Society of Economic Geologists)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E143/144 John Dilles, Jacob B. Lowenstern, and David A. John, Presiding 204-1 1:30 PM Rusk, Brian G.*; Hofstra, Albert H.; Emsbo, Poul; Hunt, Andrew G.; Landis, Gary P.; Rye, R.O.; Reed, Mark; Dilles, John H.; Valley, John W.; Kita, Noriko T.: loW SaliniTY FlUiDS From large oPen SYSTem magma chamBerS Form PorPhYrY-cU (mo-aU) DePoSiTS 1:50 PM Mercer, Celestine N.*; Reed, Mark: The TemPeraTUre connecTion BeTWeen magmaTic anD hYDroThermal realmS oF The PorPhYrY-cU-mo DePoSiT aT BUTTe, monTana 2:05 PM Vikre, Peter G.*; Graybeal, Frederick T.; Fleck, Robert J.; Barton, Mark D.; Seedorff, Eric: SUcceSSion oF magmaTic-hYDroThermal eVenTS in The PaTagonia moUnTainS, aZ 2:20 PM Shanks, W.C. Pat*; Dusel-Bacon, Cynthia; Koski, Randy; Morgan, Lisa A.; Mosier, Dan; Piatak, Nadine M.; Ridley, W. Ian; Schulz, Klaus J.; Seal, Robert R. II.; Slack, John F.; Thurston, Roland: Volcanogenic maSSiVe SUlFiDe DePoSiTS: ToWarD a neW occUrrence moDel 2:35 PM Cline, Jean S.*; Muntean, John L.; Longo, Anthony A.; Simon, Adam: origin oF carlin-TYPe golD DePoSiTS 2:50 PM Chang, Zhaoshan*; Hedenquist, Jeffrey W.; White, Noel C.; Cooke, David R.; Deyell, Cari L.; Garcia, Joey Jr.: geochemical anD SPecTral TrenDS in The lePanTo liThocaP, PhiliPPineS, anD Their geneTic imPlicaTionS 3:05 PM Discussion 3:15 PM Break 204-7 3:30 PM Rytuba, James J.*; Ashley, Roger P.; John, David A.: QUarTZ-alUniTe hYDroThermal alTeraTion

SeSSion no. 205

T85. Coastal Problems, Micropaleontological Approaches (Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research; Paleontological Society)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 255 Laurel S. Collins and David B. Scott, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 205-1 1:35 PM Scott, David B.*; Lipps, Jere H.: DeVeloPmenT oF microPaleonTological TechniQUeS For coaSTal SeTTingS: neW anD olD 1:50 PM Thomas, Ellen*; Varekamp, Johan C.; Bartolai, Alana; Gillig, Sarah; Kravet, Emma; Neurath, Rachel A.; Scheick, Jessica; Veeneman, Conor H.: naTUral anD hUman imPacTS on The eVolUTion oF BlocK iSlanD (ri) 2:05 PM Cheng, Jie; Collins, Laurel S.*; Holmes, Charles W.; Fourqurean, James W.: SeagraSS aBUnDance oF FloriDa BaY, USing ForaminiFera aS a ProXY 2:20 PM Hawkes, Andrea D.*; Horton, Benjamin P.; Donnelly, Jeffrey: iDenTiFicaTion oF aBrUPT coaSTal eVenTS: earThQUaKeS, TSUnamiS anD hUrricaneS 2:35 PM van Hengstum, Peter J.*; Scott, David B.; Javaux, Emmanuelle J.: microFoSSil eViDence For +21 m eUSTaTic Sea leVel DUring marine iSoToPe STage 11 2:50 PM Culver, Stephen J.*; Mallinson, David J.; Riggs, Stanley R.; Parham, Peter R.; Corbett, Reide; Horton, Benjamin P.; Kemp, Andrew; Grand Pre, Candace: The holocene ForaminiFeral recorD oF norTheaSTern norTh carolina aS a harBinger oF FUTUre coaSTal change 3:05 PM Break











236 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


205-7 3:20 PM Yasuhara, Moriaki*; Tsujimoto, Akira; Cronin, Thomas M.; Breitburg, Denise L.; Hunt, Gene: hUmaninDUceD marine ecoSYSTem DegraDaTion: microPaleonTological eViDence From UrBan emBaYmenTS 3:35 PM Mohamed, S.A.*; Griffiths, Julie L.; Scott, David B.: PollUTion eFFecTS anD hiSTorieS in TWo harBoUrS, mariTime canaDa: inDUSTrial (SYDneY harBoUr) VS. DomeSTic (haliFaX harBoUr) conTaminaTeS 3:50 PM Osterman, Lisa E.*; Poore, Richard Z.; Swarzenski, Peter W.; Dellapenna, Timothy M.: DocUmenTing hiSTorical loW-oXYgen BoTTom WaTer on The loUiSiana anD TeXaS coaSTS, gUlF oF meXico 4:05 PM Lobegeier, Melissa K.*; Coburn, Eric P.; Gombert, Marjorie; Graw, Jordan; Young, Matt; Baker, Holly; Tonish, Jessica: USing ForaminiFeral commUniTieS To aSSeSS PollUTion From PUlP anD PaPer millS in coaSTal FloriDa 4:20 PM Griffiths, Julie L.*; Scott, David B.: microFoSSil eViDence For recenT changeS To hUDSon BaY area oceanograPhY: linKageS BeTWeen SUBarcTic FlUVial DiScharge anD The oceanic reSPonSe 4:35 PM Hallock, Pamela*: SYmBionT-B earing ForaminiFerS aS BioinDicaTorS For coral reeFS: USeS anD limiTaTionS 4:50 PM concluding remarks 206-11 206-8 3:35 PM Furnes, Harald*; De Wit, Maarten; Robins, Brian: Volcanic eVolUTion oF The UPPer onVerWachT SUiTe, BarBerTon moUnTain lanD, SoUTh aFrica 3:55 PM Grosch, Eugene G.*; De Wit, Maarten; Furnes, Harald; McLoughlin, Nicola: meTamorPhic conSTrainTS acroSS a maFic-UlTramaFic TecToniTe Zone BeTWeen The menDon anD KromBerg comPleXeS, BarBerTon greenSTone BelT, SoUTh aFrica 4:10 PM Muehlenbachs, Karlis*; Furnes, Harald; De Wit, Maarten: TemPeraTUreS graDienTS in The marine archean eXogenic cYcle DeriVeD From The alTeraTion oF SeaFloor BaSalTS, BarBerTon greenSTone BelT, SoUTh aFrica 4:25 PM Hofmann, Axel*: archaean hYDroThermal SYSTemS in The BarBerTon greenSTone BelT anD Their SigniFicance aS a haBiTaT For earlY liFe 4:45 PM Mason, Paul R.D.*; Roerdink, Desiree; Reimer, Thomas; Whitehouse, Martin J.: microBeS USe BoTh elemenTal SUlFUr anD SUlFaTe aT 3.3 ga in The BarBerTon greenSTone BelT, SoUTh aFrica 5:00 PM McLoughlin, Nicola*; Furnes, Harald; Staudigel, Hubert; Muehlenbachs, Karlis; Fliegel, Daniel; Grosch, Eugene; De Wit, Maarten: microBial BioalTeraTion TeXTUreS in greenSTone BelT PilloW laVaS 5:15 PM Czaja, Andrew D.; Johnson, Clark M.; Beard, Brian L.; Eigenbrode, Jennifer L.; Freeman, Katherine H.; Yamaguchi, Kosei E.*: iron anD carBon iSoToPe eViDence For ecoSYSTem anD enVironmenTal DiVerSiTY in The ~2.7 To 2.5 ga hamerSleY BaSin, WeSTern aUSTralia











SeSSion no. 206

T89. Greenstone Belts, Archaean Earth, and Early Life (GSA International Division; Precambrian [at large]; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Geochemical Society; Paleontological Society; GSA History of Geology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B116 Yildirim Dilek, Harald Furnes, and Maarten de Wit, Presiding 206-1 1:30 PM Dilek, Yildirim*; Polat, Ali; Furnes, Harald: ThicK oceanic crUST, hoT manTle, anD PlaTe TecTonicS in The archaean earTh 1:45 PM Van Kranendonk, Martin J.*: DeVeloPmenT oF PilBara anD KaaPVaal graniTe-greenSTone TerraneS in an oceanic PlaTeaU SeTTing 2:05 PM Polat, Ali*; Dilek, Yildirim: a Billion-Year (3800-2800 ma) hiSTorY oF inTra-oceanic VolcaniSm, eo- To neoarchean greenSTone BelTS, SW greenlanD 2:20 PM Satkoski, Aaron M.*; Bickford, M.E.; Wooden, J.L.; Mueller, Paul A.; Kamenov, G.D.: crUSTal eVolUTion oF archean rocKS From The minneSoTa riVer ValleY: conSTrainTS From hF iSoToPeS 2:35 PM Bachtel, Jonathan*; Schneider, D.A.; Schmitt, A.: U-PB & STaBle iSoToPe STUDY oF ZirconS: FlUiD SoUrceS, TimeScaleS, & crUSTal imPlicaTionS From The PorcUPine golD camP in The aBiTiBi graniTe greenSTone BelT, SUPerior ProVince 2:50 PM De Wit, Maarten*; Furnes, Harald: neW STraTigraPhic archiTecTUre oF The onVerWachT SUiTe, BarBerTon greenSTone BelT, SoUTh aFrica: FreSh FermenT For miD-archean TecTonic moDelS 3:05 PM Arndt, Nick*; Robin, Christophe; Byerly, Gary; Puchtel, Igor; Blichert-Toft, Janne; Wilson, Allan: 200 million YearS oF KomaTiiTe eVolUTion in The BarBerTon greenSTone BelT, SoUTh aFrica 3:20 PM Break

T94. Impact Cratering from the Microscopic to the Planetary Scale I (GSA Planetary Geology Division; International Continental Scientific Drilling Program [ICDP]; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; Paleontological Society; GSA International Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A106 Christian Koeberl and Jared Morrow, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 207-1 1:40 PM Reimold, Wolf Uwe*; Mohr-Westheide, Tanja; Crasselt, Claudia; Lana, Cristiano; Koeberl, Christian: PeTrograPhY anD chemiSTrY oF PSeUDoTachYliTic BrecciaS From large imPacT STrUcTUreS 2:00 PM Cannon, William F.*; Schulz, Klaus J.; Bjornerud, Marcia G.: SeiSmic DeFormaTion oF PaleoProTeroZoic anD archean rocKS in norThern michigan caUSeD BY The 1850 ma SUDBUrY imPacT 2:15 PM Simonson, Bruce M.*; Beukes, Nicolas J.; Biller, Sandra: monTeVille SPherUle laYer (neoarchean, TranSVaal SUPergroUP, SoUTh aFrica) looKS Familiar in Three neW coreS ThaT TriPle iTS areal eXTenT 2:30 PM Hassler, Scott W.*; Simonson, Bruce M.; Sumner, Dawn Y.: DiScoVerY oF a neW SPherUle laYer in The hamerSleY BaSin (WeSTern aUSTralia) rePreSenTing a FoUrTh aSTeroiD imPacT near The archean/ProTeroZoic BoUnDarY 2:45 PM Davatzes, Alexandra K.*; Lowe, Donald R.; Byerly, Gary R.: DiageneSiS oF The 3.24 ga SPherUleS in The BarBerTon greenSTone BelT, SoUTh aFrica 3:00 PM Brown, Richard J. III.*; Branney, Michael J. III.: groWTh oF PelleTS anD accreTionarY laPilli DUring












2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 237


SeSSion no. 207


The emPlacemenT oF Volcanic anD meTeoriTe imPacT eJecTa BlanKeTS BY caTaSTroPhic DenSiTY cUrrenTS 3:15 PM Break 207-7 3:30 PM Warme, John E.*; Morrow, Jared; Pinto, Jesus A.: eVolUTion oF The alamo imPacT eVenT: From FiVe SeconDS To FiVe minUTeS 3:45 PM Morrow, Jared*; Sandberg, Charles A.: caliFornia or BUST: recogniTion anD SigniFicance oF laTe DeVonian alamo imPacT DePoSiT near DeaTh ValleY 4:00 PM Tapanila, Leif*; Thomason, Carrie; Anderson, Julia: maPPing The PoST-imPacT SUrFace oF The laTe DeVonian alamo eVenT, neVaDa 4:15 PM Crosta, Alvaro P.*; Koeberl, Christian; Jalufka, Dona: ShaTTer coneS conFirm The ViSTa alegre meTeoriTe imPacT STrUcTUre in The Parana FlooD BaSalT ProVince, SoUThern BraZil 4:30 PM Koeberl, Christian*; Brigham-Grette, Julie; Melles, Martin; Minyuk, Pavel: The 2009 icDP Drilling PrJecT inTo The el'gYgYgTgYn imPacT craTer, SiBeria 4:45 PM Dypvik, Henning*; Riis, Fridtjof; Nilsen, Odd; Krøgli, Svein Olav: The riTlanD imPacT STrUcTUre oF WeSTern norWaY 5:00 PM Amgaa, Tsolmon*; Koeberl, Christian: imPacT origin oF TaBUn Khara oBo craTer, mongolia, conFirmeD BY Drill core STUDieS 5:15 PM Discussion 208-12 208-9 eDUcaTion ThroUgh The KecK geologY conSorTiUm 3:35 PM Break 3:45 PM McMillan, Margaret E.*; Jones, James V. III.; Connelly, Jeffrey B.; Sims, W. Jay: FielD geologY i anD ii aS an alTernaTiVe To The 6-WeeK FielD camP 4:00 PM Kelso, Paul R.*; Brown, Lewis M.: DeVeloPmenT oF an UnDergraDUaTe geoScience cUrricUlUm WiTh a FocUS on FielD BaSeD ProJecTS 4:15 PM Schermer, Elizabeth R.*; DeBari, Sue: FielDBaSeD alTernaTiVeS To maJorS' coUrSeS ­ STrUcTUral geologY anD PeTrologY aS Theme-BaSeD, WriTing inTenSiVe eXPloraTionS oF WaShingTon geologY 4:30 PM Sunderlin, David*; Malinconico, Lawrence L.: on The ValUe oF inTegraTing Beginning anD aDVanceD geoScience STUDenTS in FielD geologY inSTrUcTion 4:45 PM Castendyk, Devin*; Hasbargen, Leslie; Vislova, Tatiana; Albanese, James; Ebert, James R.: geo FYrST: creaTing maJorS WiTh a Pre-SemeSTer FielD TriP For FirST-Year STUDenTS 5:00 PM Baker, Gregory S.*: aPPlYing FielD geologY eDUcaTion PeDagogY To an inTroDUcTorY UnDergraDUaTe coUrSe For non-maJorS on earTh Science anD energY reSoUrceS 5:15 PM Johnson, Elizabeth A.*: geologY oF SKYline DriVe: an inTergeneraTional FielD coUrSe in ShenanDoah naTional ParK












SeSSion no. 208

T100. Field Geology Education--Historical Perspectives and Modern Approaches I (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D135/136 David Mogk and Steven Whitmeyer, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 208-1 208-2 1:35 PM Loudin, Michael G.*: FielD geologY eDUcaTion anD maSTering The ScienTiFic meThoD 1:50 PM Douglas, Bruce J.*; Ripley, Edward M.: 60 YearS oF FielD eDUcaTion: The JUDSon meaD geologic FielD STaTion oF inDiana UniVerSiTY 2:05 PM Campbell-Stone, Erin*: TimeleSS BeneFiTS oF FielD geologY eDUcaTion: ProFeSSional anD ScienTiFic SKillS 2:20 PM Hart, William K.*; Haley, J. Christopher; Currie, Brian S.: inTegraTing regional corDilleran geologY inTo a TraDiTional BeDrocK geologY maPPing eXPerience 2:35 PM Miller, James D. Jr.*; Hudak, George J.; Peterson, Dean M.: PrecamBrian FielD camP aT The UniVerSiTY oF minneSoTa DUlUTh 2:50 PM Eaton, L. Scott*; Baedke, Steve J.; Haynes, John T.; Johnson, Elizabeth A.; Leslie, Stephen A.; Pyle, Eric J.; Whitmeyer, Steven J.; Whitmeyer, Shelley J.: DUeling ToPicS: SUcceSS USing a TWo TracK oPTion in The JameS maDiSon UniVerSiTY irelanD FielD coUrSe 3:05 PM Suczek, Christopher A.*; Clark, Douglas H.; Hirsch, David M.; Housen, Bernard A.: changeS in geologY SUmmer FielD camP aT WeSTern WaShingTon UniVerSiTY anD Their eFFecTS on FacUlTY anD STUDenTS 3:20 PM de Wet, Andrew P.*; Manduca, Cathryn; Wobus, Reinhard; Bettison-Varga, Lori: enriching UnDergraDUaTe

SeSSion no. 209

T110. Teaching and Research Challenges and Successes for Solitary Geologists in Academia (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division; Council on Undergraduate Research)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, C124 Janis D. Treworgy and Laura Guertin, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 209-1 209-2 209-3 1:45 PM Macdonald, R. Heather*: hoW To SUcceeD When YoU are The onlY geoScienTiST on camPUS 2:00 PM Treworgy, Janis D.*: ProSPering aS a SoliTarY geologiST aT a Small college 2:15 PM Smaglik, Suzanne M.*: aT home on The range: maKing The choice To WorK aT a Small, iSolaTeD, rUral commUniTY college 2:30 PM Metzger, Ronald A.*: VieWS From a one PerSon DeParTmenT aT a rUral commUniTY college on The oregon coaST 2:45 PM Kuhlman, Robert S.*: FloaTing higher -- ThriVing aS The Sole geologiST 3:00 PM Sinton, Christopher*: The lone geologiST: eXPerience From The UniVerSiTY oF reDlanDS, SoUThern caliFornia 3:15 PM Bier, Sara E.*: alone BUT noT lonelY: The BeneFiTS oF Being Solo aT a Small School 3:30 PM Koy, Karen A.*: an oPiSThoBranch oUT oF WaTer or, hoW i SUrViVeD mY FirST Year aS neW FacUlTY anD The onlY earTh ScienTiST on camPUS 3:45 PM Domagall, Abigail M.S.*; Anderson, Steven W.: TWo lone WolVeS: leSSonS learneD BY PreDeceSSor anD SUcceSSor in a Single-FacUlTY DeParTmenT 4:00 PM Fredrick, Kyle C.*; Wickham, Thomas W.: reSUSciTaTing a challengeD Program: one geologiST'S aPProach




209-5 209-6



209-7 209-8





238 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


209-11 4:15 PM Mitchell, Sara Gran*; Riihimaki, Catherine A.: goalS anD challengeS oF eSTaBliShing a SUcceSSFUl geoScience cUrricUlUm in a BiologY DeParTmenT 4:30 PM Thomas, Sabina F.*: From geologY maJor To minor-challengeS anD reWarDS 4:45 PM Principato, Sarah M.*: iDenTiFYing meTeoriTeS anD mineralS: a glacial geologiST in enVironmenTal STUDieS 5:00 PM Hyde, Deborah L.*: PromoTing geoScience eDUcaTion ThroUgh online coUrSeS 5:15 PM Guertin, Laura A.*: BroaDening The DeFiniTion oF geoScience reSearch To The inTroDUcTorY leVel

SeSSion no. 211

T125. Geochemical Approaches to Sedimentary Provenance Studies II (Geochemical Society; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 252 Troy Rasbury and Sidney R. Hemming, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 211-1 1:35 PM Morton, Andrew*; Chenery, Simon; Meinhold, Guido; Fanning, Mark: DeTriTal rUTile geochemiSTrY, ThermomeTrY anD geochronologY aS gUiDeS To ProVenance oF JUraSSic-Paleocene SanDSToneS oF The norWegian Sea 1:55 PM Diskin, Sorcha*; Wendorff, Marek; Coetzee, Stephan; Lasarwe, Reneilwe: geochemical anD mineralogical inDicaTorS oF STraTigraPhY anD ProVenance oF The Karoo SUPergroUP in SoUThern BoTSWana 2:10 PM Rueda-Gaxiola, Jaime*; De Anda-García, Alejandro: SeDimenTarY ProVenence oF The grUPo conSUelo in The TlaXiaco anTiclinoriUm, aT roSario nUeVo, oaXaca, meXico 2:25 PM Riggs, Nancy*; Barth, Andrew P.; González-Leon, Carlos; Walker, J. Douglas; Wooden, J.L.: ProVenance oF UPPer TriaSSic STraTa in SoUThWeSTern norTh america aS SUggeSTeD BY iSoToPic analYSiS anD chemiSTrY oF Zircon crYSTalS 2:40 PM Vervoort, Jeffery D.*; Blichert-Toft, Janne: USe anD aBUSe oF hF moDel ageS 2:55 PM Allen, Charlotte M.*; Campbell, Ian H.: DiSTincTiVe loW lU SignaTUreS in a DaTaBaSe oF U-PB DaTeD ZirconS From The WorlD'S maJor riVerS: WhaT Do TheY mean? 3:10 PM Discussion 3:25 PM Break 211-7 3:40 PM Basu, Abhijit*; Bickford, Marion E.; Patranabis-Deb, Sarbani; Dhang, Pratap: 207Pb/206Pb ShrimP ageS oF DeTriTal ZirconS in The meSoProTeroZoic chhaTTiSgarh BaSin, cenTral inDia, aiD in iDenTiFYing relaTiVe loW-STanD anD high-STanD SanDSToneS 3:55 PM Bickford, M.E.*; Basu, Abhijit; Patranabis-Deb, Sarbani; Dhang, Pratap: DePoSiTional hiSTorY oF The meSoProTeroZoic chhaTTiSgarh BaSin, cenTral inDia: conSTrainTS From neW ShrimP Zircon ageS 4:10 PM Cox, Ronadh*; Lawrence, Rebecca L.; Mapes, Russell W.; Coleman, Drew S.: hYDroDYnamic FracTionaTion oF Zircon age PoPUlaTionS 4:25 PM Baxter, Alan T.*; Aitchison, Jonathan C.; Ali, Jason R.: comParaTiVe STUDY oF The age anD ProVenance oF DeTriTal mineralS From SangDanlin, SoUThern TiBeT anD laDaKh, nW inDia: imPlicaTionS For The inDia-aSia colliSion 4:40 PM Shufeldt, Owen P.*; Karlstrom, Karl; Gehrels, George E.: SUrPriSing PreDominance oF 1.84 ga anD >2.5 ga DeTriTal ZirconS in The 1.75 ga ViShnU SchiST, UPPer graniTe gorge, granD canYon, ariZona 4:55 PM Armstrong, Corine K.; Dutrow, Barbara L.*; Henry, Darrell; Thompson, Ren A.: ProVenance oF Volcanic claSTS aS a gUiDe To TecTonic eVolUTion: an eXamPle From The SanTa Fe groUP, San lUiS BaSin, coloraDo 5:10 PM Jones, James V. III.*; Karlstrom, Karl; Williams, Michael L.; Connelly, James N.: U-PB DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY oF PaleoProTeroZoic

209-12 209-13

209-14 209-15


SeSSion no. 210

T111. Techniques and Tools for Effective Recruitment, Retention and Promotion of Women and Minorities in the Geosciences (GSA Committee on Minorities and Women in the Geosciences; GSA Academic and Applied Geoscience Relations Committee; Association for Women Geoscientists)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B117/118/119 Margaret Brewer-LaPorta, Emily S. Schultz-Fellenz, Jacquelyn Hams, and Amy Garbowicz, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 210-1 1:45 PM Hallock, Pamela*: From a one-room School on The Prairie To TWo DecaDeS aS a marine Science ProFeSSor: The UnliKelY Saga oF a Pre-TiTle iX girl 2:00 PM Huntoon, Jacqueline E.*; Lane, Melissa J.: DiVerSiTY in The geoScienceS 2:15 PM Fuhrman, Miriam*; Kraft, Katrien J.; Semken, Steven; Srogi, LeeAnn; Husman, Jenefer: along The PaTh To a geoScience career: WhaT We can Do To TUrn BarrierS inTo BriDgeS 2:30 PM Thomas, William A.*; Brewer-LaPorta, Margaret C.: all graDUaTe STUDenTS are creaTeD eQUal 2:45 PM Break 210-5 210-6 210-7 3:00 PM O'Connell, Suzanne*; Holmes, Mary Anne: gain - WriTing reTreaT anD ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT 3:15 PM Givan, Ann Vasko*: SUggeSTionS For raiSing The STaTUS oF Women in The geoScienceS 3:30 PM White, Lisa D.*: The role oF career-enhancing Training To ProFeSSional SUcceSS in The geoScienceS 3:45 PM Suiter, Marilyn J.*: reSearch on S&e eDUcaTion aT mSiS: WhaT haVe We learneD? 4:00 PM Discussion 210-9 4:15 PM Horton, Danielle A.*; Ratcliff, Douglas C.: geoForce TeXaS: a geoScience oUTreach Program changing The liVeS oF laTino anD aFrican american STUDenTS in graDeS 8-12 From rUral anD UrBan TeXaS 4:30 PM Mason, Stephanie N.*; Sussman, Aviva; Schultz-Fellenz, Emily S.: FoSTering ScienTiFic enThUSiaSm in YoUng Women (anD Their menTorS) ThroUgh eXPerienTial learning 4:45 PM Velasquez, Alejandra*; Porush, David: e-menToring aS a Tool For reTenTion oF Women anD minoriTieS in The ScienceS 5:00 PM Hannula, Kimberly A.*; Jefferson, Anne J.; Campbell, Patricia B.; Franks, Suzanne E.: BlogS aS a reSoUrce anD Social SUPPorT neTWorK For Women geoScienTiSTS 211-12 211-8 211-5 211-6 211-3


210-2 210-3










2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 239



orThoQUarTZiTeS in The SoUThWeSTern UniTeD STaTeS: an eSSenTial Tool For regional correlaTion, TecTonic STUDieS, anD more 212-12 5:00 PM Fisher, Shawn C.*: mineral-meDiaTeD DegraDaTionS oF amino aciDS

SeSSion no. 212

T133. Geochemistry of Atmospheric Particulates: From Sources to Impacts on the Environment and Health (GSA Geology and Health Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D137/138 Jean M. Morrison, Suzette Morman, and Geoffrey Plumlee, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 212-1 1:45 PM Reynolds, Richard*; Breit, George; Clow, Gary; Goldstein, Harland L.; Miller, Mark; Morman, Suzette; Plumlee, Geoffrey; Reheis, Marith; Whitney, John W.; Urban, Frank: DUST-SoUrce SeTTing aS a FacTor For anTiciPaTing The healTh riSKS oF aTmoSPheric DUST 2:05 PM Wallace, Kristi L.*; Neal, Christina; Plumlee, Geoffrey; Stichick, Matthew M.; Rinkleff, Peter; Cahill, Catherine; Verbrugge, Lori; Reed, Brad; Dyer, Janelle: an inTerDiSciPlinarY aPProach To aSSeSSing anD commUnicaTing healTh haZarDS oF Volcanic aSh Fall 2:25 PM Hoefen, Todd M.*; Plumlee, Geoffrey; Martin, Deborah A.; Smith, Kathleen S.; Hageman, Philip L.: The DeVeloPmenT oF a SamPling meThoD For SoilS, SeDimenT, DeBriS anD aSh ProDUceD BY DiSaSTerS 2:40 PM Deuerling, Kelly M.*; Lyons, W. Berry; Welch, Kathleen A.; Sabacka, Marie: The role oF aeolian DUST in nUTrienT anD SolUTe TranSPorT in The mcmUrDo DrY ValleYS, anTarcTica 2:55 PM Break 212-5 3:10 PM Plumlee, Geoffrey S.*; Hoefen, Todd M.; Martin, Deborah A.; Hageman, Philip L.; Morman, Suzette; Wolf, Ruth E.; Kokaly, Raymond F.; Swayze, Gregg A.; Lowers, Heather A.; Meeker, Gregory P.: enVironmenTal- anD healThhaZarDS characTeriZaTion oF aSh anD SoilS From WilDlanD anD reSiDenTial areaS BUrneD BY 2007­2009 SoUThern caliFornia WilDFireS 3:30 PM Longo, Bernadette M.*; Yang, Wei; Green, Joshua B.: The KilaUea Volcano healTh STUDY ­ PhaSe ii ePiDemiological FinDingS 3:45 PM Morrison, Jean M.*; Goldhaber, Martin B.; Hooper, Robert L.; Morman, Suzette: The origin anD BioacceSSiBiliTY oF chromiUm anD nicKel in SoilS oF The SacramenTo ValleY, caliFornia: PoTenTial linKS To hUman healTh 4:00 PM Morman, Suzette A.*; Garrison, Viginnia H.; Plumlee, Geoffrey S.; Lowers, Heather A.; Bunnell, Joseph E.: aSSeSSing concenTraTion anD BioacceSSiBiliTY oF PoTenTiallY ToXic elemenTS in aFrican DUST 4:15 PM Holloway, JoAnn M.*; Stricker, Craig A.; Baron, Jill: role oF Soil BiogeochemiSTrY in SeQUeSTraTion oF hg anD PB From aTmoSPheric DePoSiTion in an alPine WaTerSheD, rocKY moUnTain naTional ParK, co 4:30 PM Hurst, Richard W.*: The legacY oF Tetraethyllead (Tel) in UrBan riVer SeDimenT anD aTmoSPheric ParTicUlaTeS 4:45 PM Hylton, Shavonne Nyoka*; Schoonen, Martin A.A.; Tsirka, Styliani-Anna E.: an acellUlar anD in ViTro aSSeSSmenT oF enVironmenTallYinDUceD reacTiVe oXYgen SPecieS USing 3'-(P-aminoPhenYl) FlUoreScein anD lUng ePiThelial cellS

SeSSion no. 213

T135. Geology in the National Forests and Grasslands-- Stewardship, Education, and Research (GSA Geology and Society Division; USDA Forest Service, Minerals & Geology Management and Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants Programs; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Engineering Geology Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 253 Christopher P. Carlson, Paul K. Doss, J. Courtney Cloyd, and Michael A. Crump, Presiding 213-1 1:30 PM Kovarik, Johanna L.*: caVe anD KarST reSoUrce managemenT WiThin a mUlTiPle-USe agencY: moVing ToWarD SYnergiSTic collaBoraTion BeTWeen DiSciPlineS To manage a Fragile SUBSUrFace ecoSYSTem 1:50 PM Doss, Paul K.*: DeFining ShalloW groUnDWaTer DYnamicS along The WhiTe riVer in maniSTee naTional ForeST, michigan: PreParing For PoTenTial ecoSYSTem change in criTical STream haBiTaTS 2:05 PM Springer, A.E.*; Stevens, Lawrence E.; Ledbetter, Jeri: hYDroecological aSSeSSmenT oF SPringS ecoSYSTem conDiTionS anD riSKS WiTh a neW SPringS ecoSYSTem aSSeSSmenT ProTocol 2:25 PM Gurrieri, Joseph*: a FrameWorK For enVironmenTal WaTer reQUiremenTS For groUnDWaTer DePenDenT ecoSYSTemS 2:45 PM Congdon, Roger D.*; Schwab, Mark; Linden, Michael: The ForeST SerVice'S BlacK riVer lanD eXchange anD groUnDWaTer: DaTa, lacK oF DaTa, anD The nePa ProceSS 3:00 PM Gould, Randall J.*; Koler, Thomas E.; Cloyd, J. Courtney: naTUrallY occUrring aSBeSToS in U.S. ForeST SerVice SYSTem lanDS 3:15 PM De Graff, Jerome V.*: cercla reSPonSe acTionS aPPlieD To arSenic-conTaminaTeD TailingS aT Small aBanDoneD golD mineS on naTional ForeSTS in The SoUThern Sierra neVaDa, caliFornia 3:30 PM Break 213-8 3:45 PM Cloyd, J. Courtney*; Hill, Wesley M.: US ForeST SerVice & gSa geocorps america Program ­ ParTnering To STrengThen geoScience on naTional ForeSTS 4:00 PM Crump, Michael A.*: WhaTS in mY DirT? ­ USe oF The naTional geochemical SUrVeY To DeTermine ecoregional BacKgroUnD ValUeS For elemenTal conSTiTUenTS in arKanSaS: a ProceSS, DemonSTraTion, anD eXamPle aPPlicaTion 4:15 PM Grandstaff, David E.*; Terry, Dennis O. Jr.; Drewicz, Amanda E.; Lukens, William E.; Beasley, Barbara A.: creaTion anD aPPlicaTion oF a DaTaBaSe oF rare earTh elemenT SignaTUreS From VerTeBraTe FoSSilS on FeDeral lanDS: a Tool To manage FoSSil reSoUrceS anD miTigaTe FoSSil Poaching 4:30 PM Schumacher, Bruce A.*; Heckert, Andrew B.; Lucas, Spencer G.: VerTeBraTe FoSSil DiScoVerieS PromPT maJor ShiFT in meSoZoic STraTigraPhY oF PicKeTWire canYonlanDS, comanche naTional graSSlanD, SoUTheaSTern coloraDo



















240 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


213-12 4:45 PM Fielding, John D.W.*; Lepper, Kenneth: occUrrence anD age oF PacKraT miDDenS From WeSTern norTh DaKoTa 5:00 PM DeRoo, Thomas G.*: DeBriS FloW haZarDS aT mT. hooD, oregon 5:15 PM Gallegos, Alan J.*; DeGraff, Jerome V.: moniToring The FergUSon rocKSliDe, cenTral caliFornia "WhaT We haVe learneD anD haVen'T learneD" conSTrain DeciSion maKing For climaTe change aDaPTaTion anD miTigaTion 214-15 5:15 PM McDowell, Robin John*: TreaTing georgia'S aDDicTion To WaTer WiTh geologY

213-13 213-14

SeSSion no. 215

T152. Frontiers in Coal Science: From Basic Research to Applied Technology (GSA Coal Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B114/115 R.M. Flores and Maria Mastalerz, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 215-1 215-2 215-3 1:35 PM Rutledge, David B.*: ProJecTionS For UlTimaTe coal ProDUcTion From ProDUcTion hiSTorieS 1:55 PM Clemente, Frank A.*: U.S. coal ProDUcTion 2:15 PM Milici, Robert C.*; Flores, Romeo M.; Stricker, Gary D.: eSTimaTion oF U.S. PeaK coal ProDUcTion 2:30 PM Discussion 215-4 2:45 PM Melnichenko, Yuri*; Radlinski, Andrzej; Mastalerz, Maria: moniToring co2 anD meThane aDSorPTion inTo The coal: aPPlicaTion oF Small-angle neUTron ScaTTering TechniQUeS (SanS anD USanS) 3:05 PM Bustin, R. Marc*; Chalmers, Gareth; Bustin, Amanda M.M.: role oF moiSTUre in aDSorPTion anD DeSorPTion oF gaS From coal 3:20 PM Karacan, C. Özgen*: moDeling oF meThane conTrol in coal mineS: aPPlicaTionS oF reSerVoir engineering TechniQUeS anD PreDicTiVe moDelS 3:35 PM McLaughlin, J. Fred*; Frost, Carol D.; Sharma, Shikha: iSoToPic analYSiS oF aQUiFer SYSTemS, aTlanTic rim, carBon coUnTY, WYoming: a neW Tool For characTeriZing coalBeD naTUral gaS SYSTemS 3:50 PM Quillinan, Scott*; Frost, Carol; Sharma, Shikha: carBon iSoToPe TechniQUe For coalBeD aQUiFer characTeriZaTion; PoWDer riVer BaSin, WYoming 4:05 PM Break 215-9 4:20 PM Rimmer, Susan M.*; Yoksoulian, Lois E.: The eFFecT oF heaTing raTe on organic maTUraTion: conTacT meTamorPhiSm oF coal VerSUS BUrial maTUraTion 4:35 PM Hower, James C.; O'Keefe, Jennifer M.K.*: re-eXamining The PaST: coal From The cooS BaY, 70 YearS laTer 4:50 PM Yoksoulian, Lois E.*; Rimmer, Susan; Rowe, Harold: conTacT meTamorPhoSeD coal anD gloBal Warming: iS There eViDence For a large-Scale releaSe oF meThane? 5:05 PM Gao, Ling*; Schimmelmann, Arndt; Mastalerz, Maria; Sauer, Peter; Topalov, Katarina: hYDrogen, carBon, anD niTrogen iSoToPic reSPonSeS To inSTanTaneoUS heaTing along a coal Seam near TWo DiKe inTrUSionS in illinoiS 5:20 PM Hauer, Jörn*; Oswald, Oliver; Hendrix, Marc S.; Staub, James R.: an UPPer creTaceoUS coal in The eagle FormaTion oF SoUTh-cenTral monTana aS an inDicaTor For raPiD TranSgreSSion 5:35 PM Mao, Jingdong*; Schimmelmann, Arndt; Mastalerz, Maria; Hatcher, Patrick; Li, Yuan: STrUcTUral FeaTUreS oF a BiTUminoUS coal anD Their changeS aFTer loWTemPeraTUre oXiDaTion anD loSS oF VolaTileS inVeSTigaTeD BY aDVanceD SoliD-STaTe nmr SPecTroScoPY 5:50 PM concluding remarks

SeSSion no. 214

T146. Ensuring Geologic Controversies are Addressed with Good Science in the Classroom, the Community, and the Capitol (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee; GSA Geoscience Education Division; American Geological Institute [AGI])

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B113 Michael A. Phillips and Linda Rowan, Presiding 214-1 1:30 PM Phillips, Michael A.*: geTTing in on The groUnD Floor: it PaYS To Be inVolVeD in YoUr commUniTY BeFore ScienTiFic conTroVerSieS ariSe 1:45 PM Newton, Steven*: creaTioniSm in TeXaS' 2009 earTh anD SPace Science STanDarDS 2:00 PM Wizevich, Karen*; Macdonald, Maritza: When Science iS conTroVerSial mUSeUmS can meDiaTe WiTh comPelling eXhiBiTionS anD Programming For DiVerSe aUDienceS 2:15 PM Davis, James F.*; Berg, Richard; Cooper, D. Craig: inTroDUcing PolicYcomneT aS a geoScience PolicY neTWorKing SiTe To aSSiST gSa memBerS eFFecTiVelY commUnicaTe WiTh PolicYmaKerS 2:30 PM Juckett, Miriam*; Leslie, Bret W.: inDePenDenT, oBJecTiVe, anD TranSParenT regUlaTorY DeciSion maKing 2:45 PM Leslie, Bret W.*; Juckett, Miriam; Kotra, Janet P.: ProceSS BY Which The nrc iS reVieWing The licenSe aPPlicaTion For a rePoSiTorY aT YUcca moUnTain, neVaDa 3:00 PM Gunter, Mickey E.*: aSBeSToS anD raTional PUBlic PolicY: are TheSe TWo ToPicS immiSciBle? 3:15 PM Break 214-8 3:30 PM Goin, Jessica*; Vlassopoulos, Dimitri; Nielson, Mark: FacTorS inFlUencing niTraTe DiSTriBUTion in groUnDWaTer oF The colUmBia BaSin groUnD WaTer managemenT area 3:45 PM Goswami, Dibakar*; Uziemblo, Nancy: remeDiaTion oF chemical anD raDioacTiVe conTaminanTS in groUnDWaTer along The colUmBia riVer hanForD SiTe TechnologY aDVancemenTS 4:00 PM Engle, Mark A.*; Bern, Carleton R.; Healy, Richard W.; Sams, James; Zupancic, John; Schroeder, Karl: SUBSUrFace DriP irrigaTion aS a meThoD To BeneFiciallY USe coalBeD meThane ProDUceD WaTer: iniTial imPacTS To groUnDWaTer, Soil WaTer, anD SUrFace WaTer 4:15 PM Soeder, Daniel*: WaTer reSoUrceS anD naTUral gaS ProDUcTion From The marcellUS Shale 4:30 PM Nicot, Jean-Philippe*: looKing BacK To WaTer USe ProJecTionS in The gaS-ProDUcing BarneTT Shale oF norTh TeXaS 4:45 PM Pierce, Suzanne A.*: aVailaBiliTY anD inTerDePenDencY: eValUaTing The roleS anD relaTionShiPS BeTWeen groUnDWaTer reSoUrceS anD energY generaTion in The STaTe oF TeXaS 5:00 PM Cooper, D. Craig*; Sehlke, Gerald; Wood, Thomas R.: enVironmenTal conSTrainTS To energY DeVeloPmenT; hoW WaTer reSoUrce limiTaTionS

214-2 214-3














214-11 214-12





2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 241



SeSSion no. 216

T157. Obsidian from Magma to Artifact: Geological and Archaeological Perspectives (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; Geochemical Society)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E146 Ellery Frahm and Joshua Feinberg, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 216-1 1:35 PM Manga, Michael*; Castro, Jonathan M.; Rust, Alison; Gonnermann, Helge; Watkins, Jim; Cashman, Katharine; Wenk, Rudy: microSTrUcTUreS in oBSiDian 1:50 PM Davis, M.A.*; Walsh, S.D.C; Saar, M.O.; Roberts, J.J.: WhaT can 3D X-raY TomograPhY oF a PUmice claST'S BUBBle neTWorK anD chemical comPoSiTion Tell US aBoUT Volcanic erUPTion DYnamicS? 2:05 PM Renne, Paul R.*; Morgan, Leah E.; Cassata, William S.: The eXTreme range oF argon iSoToPe raTioS in oBSiDian 2:20 PM Frahm, Ellery*: eXPloring glaSS anD mineral comPonenTS oF oBSiDian WiTh elecTron microProBe analYSiS anD The imPlicaTionS For archaeological SoUrcing anD DaTing (or: TreaTing oBSiDian liKe The miXTUre iT iS) 2:35 PM Wada, Keiji*: PeTrologic moDel oF ShiraTaKi oBSiDian, norThern hoKKaiDo, JaPan; iTS STrUcTUre, comPoSiTion anD The origin 2:50 PM Discussion 216-6 216-7 2:55 PM Shackley, M. Steven*: geoarchaeological ProVenance STUDieS: PaST anD FUTUre 3:10 PM Neri, Leee Anthony M.*; Ferguson, Jeffrey R.; Glascock, Michael D.: oBSiDian SoUrcing in PhiliPPine archaeologY 3:25 PM Nicolaysen, Kirsten P.*; West, Dixie; Johnson, Taylor: ProVenance oF oBSiDian FragmenTS recoVereD From aDaK iSlanD, cenTral aleUTian iSlanDS: eViDence For long-DiSTance TranSPorT 3:40 PM Glascock, Michael D.*: ProVenance STUDieS on oBSiDian arTiFacTS From earlY neoliThic iran 3:55 PM Khalidi, Lamya*; Gratuze, Bernard; Oppenheimer, Clive; Boucetta, Sophie: geochemical analYSeS oF oBSiDian SoUrceS in The SoUThern reD Sea region anD Their imPlicaTionS For eXchange mechaniSmS in PrehiSTorY 4:10 PM Carter, Tristan*: 50 YearS oF oBSiDian SoUrcing STUDieS: SUcceSSeS, FailUreS anD FUTUre DirecTionS 4:25 PM Discussion 216-12 4:30 PM Feinberg, Joshua M.*; Johnson, Charissa; Frahm, Ellery: a DaTaBaSe oF oBSiDian magneTic ProPerTieS For archaeological SoUrcing 4:45 PM Conde, Giselle D.*; Ihinger, Phillip; Frahm, Ellery: WaTer in anaTolian oBSiDian: FacTorS inFlUencing hYDroUS SPecieS concenTraTionS WiTh imPlicaTionS For SoUrcing anD DaTing oF arTiFacTS 5:00 PM Anovitz, Lawrence*; Fayek, Mostafa; Carter, Tristan; Hunter, Jerry; Cole, David R.: mechaniSmS oF glaSS hYDraTion anD a PreliminarY inVeSTigaTion oF oDDSimS DaTing oF oBSiDian arTiFacTS From ÇaTalhÖYÜK, TUrKeY 217-7 216-15 5:15 PM Harmon, Russell S.*; Gottfried, Jennifer L.; Remus, Jeremiah; Baron, Dirk; Draucker, Anne; Yohe, Robert: ProVenance DeTerminaTion oF caliFornia oBSiDian SoUrceS BY laSer-inDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroScoPY

SeSSion no. 217

T158. Best Practices and Solutions for Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation (GSA Geoinformatics Division; U.S. Geological Survey; Association of American State Geologists)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A105 Brian Buczkowski and Tamara Dickinson, Presiding 217-1 1:30 PM Buczkowski, Brian J.*: iDenTiFYing anD Sharing BeST PracTiceS in geological DaTa anD SamPle PreSerVaTion 1:50 PM Ramdeen, Sarah*: ToolS For DigiTal PreSerVaTion in The geoScienceS 2:05 PM Butler, Carol R.*; Thompson, Jann W.M.: DaTa DriVen DeciSionS: collecTionS aSSeSSmenT anD reSoUrce allocaTion aT nmnh 2:20 PM Soller, David R.*; Stamm, Nancy R.: PaPer anD DigiTal FileS -- WhaT'S reallY aT riSK? 2:40 PM Smith, Steven M.*: DaTa PreSerVaTion leSSonS learneD The harD WaY 3:00 PM Athey, Jennifer E.*; Montayne, Simone; Seitz, Susan; Freeman, Lawrence K.: KeePing geologic DaTaBaSeS FreSh anD USer FrienDlY 3:15 PM Fischman, David Elon*: ngDc BeST PracTiceS anD SolUTionS For marine geoPhYSical anD geological DaTa STeWarDShiP 3:30 PM Snyder, Walter S.*: naTional geoThermal DaTa SYSTem 3:45 PM Lehnert, Kerstin A.*; Carbotte, Suzanne M.; Ryan, William B.F.; Ferrini, Vicki; Block, Karin A.; Arko, Robert A.; Chan, Celine: inTegraTeD DaTa SerViceS For The earTh anD ocean ScienceS: The marine geoScience DaTa SYSTem anD The geoinFormaTicS For geochemiSTrY Program 4:00 PM Brady, Kristina*; Noren, Anders; Myrbo, Amy; Ito, Emi: DaTa cUraTion aT laccore, The naTional lacUSTrine core FaciliTY 4:15 PM Milan, Anna*; Arko, Robert A.; Banet, Susan; Carbotte, Suzanne M.; Childs, Jonathan R.; Gahagan, Lisa M.; Henderson, J.; Johnson, Kevin; Shipley, Thomas F.; Sliter, Ray W.: common meTaDaTa For The eXTenDeD conTinenTal ShelF ProJecT 4:30 PM Grunow, Anne*; Codispoti, Julie E.: The US Polar rocK rePoSiTorY: PreSerVing TerreSTrial geological SPecimenS anD meTaDaTa From Polar regionS 4:45 PM Babaie, Hassan*: DePicTion oF geological ProceSSeS WiTh onTologieS 5:00 PM Adams, Thomas L.*; Strganac, Christopher; Polcyn, Michael J.; Jacobs, Louis L.: ThreeDimenSional laSer-Scanning: imPlicaTionS For DigiTal archiVing anD PreSerVaTion oF The TYPe SPecimen oF eUBronTeS (?) glenroSenSiS ShUler, 1935 From The loWer creTaceoUS oF TeXaS 5:15 PM Discussion



217-2 217-3


217-4 217-5 217-6


217-8 217-9


216-9 216-10





217-13 217-14



242 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


WeDneSDaY, 21 ocToBer 2009

morning oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 218

Environmental Geoscience: Global Science, Local Focus

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 253 Curtis L. Hollabaugh and Bronwen Wang, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 218-1 8:15 AM Abuaysha, Muftah A.*: reconnaiSSance inVeSTigaTion oF PollUTion From inaDeQUaTe SaniTaTion SYSTem inTo ShalloW QUaTernarY aQUiFer, engila area: a caSe STUDY in TriPoliliBYa 8:30 AM Wang, Bronwen*; Ping, Chien-Lu; Michealson, Gary; Waythomas, Christopher F.; Talbot, Stephen; Plumlee, Geoffrey; Hageman, Philip L.: characTeriZaTion oF The Volcanic SUBSTraTe anD Soil FolloWing The 2008 erUPTion oF KaSaTochi iSlanD Volcano, alaSKa 8:45 AM Varma, Sheela R.*; Krekeler, Mark: inVeSTigaTion oF ThirTY SUBSUrFace FloW conSTrUcTeD WeTlanDS in aKUmal, meXico 9:00 AM Hon, Rudolph*; Tedder, Newton; Sege, Jon E.; Coefer, Josh: SeaSonal anD long-Term PaTTernS oF DiSSolVeD chloriDeS in STream WaTerS From Deicing chemicalS, maSSachUSeTTS 9:15 AM Fishman, Neil S.*; Reilly, Timothy J.; Boehlke, Adam R.; Smalling, Kelly L.; Hladik, Michelle L.; Benzel, William F.: relaTionShiP BeTWeen mineralogY anD FUngiciDe/DegraDaTe concenTraTionS in SaTUraTeD Zone SeDimenTS, neW JerSeY coaSTal Plain--imPlicaTionS For long-Term eFFecTS on groUnDWaTer QUaliTY 9:30 AM van Hees, Edmond H.*; Schweitzer, Linda: DePoSiTion, moBiliZaTion anD PoSSiBle SoUrceS oF PolYchlorinaTeD BiPhenYl SPillS inTo canalS anD DrainS in ST. clair ShoreS, michigan 9:45 AM Break 218-7 10:00 AM Williams, R. David; Shaw, Shannon; Jepson, Wayne E.*; Gammons, Christopher H.; Kill Eagle, John L.: ZorTmanlanDUSKY: challengeS in a DecaDe oF cloSUre 10:15 AM Battaglin, William A.; Meyer, Michael T.; Kuivila, Kathryn M.*; Dietze, Julie E.: glYPhoSaTe anD amPa in U.S. STreamS, groUnDWaTer, PreciPiTaTion anD SoilS 10:30 AM Molaroni, Shannon M.*; Lemke, Lawrence D.; Miller, Lindsay; Xu, Xiaohong; Wheeler, Amanda J.; Grgicak-Mannion, Alice; Krouse, Helene J.; Krajenta, Richard J.; Reiners, John J. Jr.; Weglicki, Linda: geoSTaTiSTical analYSiS oF amBienT airBorne conTaminanT VariaBiliTY acroSS an inTernaTional BorDer in DeTroiT anD WinDSor

concenTraTionS anD Their SigniFicance in enVironmenTal moniToring STUDieS 218-12 11:15 AM Hollabaugh, Curtis L.*: eaSTern WaTer WarS WiTh georgia VerSUS FloriDa anD alaBama: enVironmenTal VerSUS PoliTical SolUTionS 11:30 AM Discussion

SeSSion no. 219

Paleontology: Environment & Evolution

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 256 S. Bruce Archibald and C. Kevin Boyce, Presiding 219-1 8:00 AM Whiteside, Jessica H.*; Ward, Peter D.: ammonoiD macroeVolUTionarY PaTTernS TracK ePiSoDeS oF chaoTic carBon cYcling DUring The earlY meSoZoic 8:15 AM Olivero, Eduardo B.*: SanTonian-maaSTrichTian anTarcTic ammoniTeS: DiVerSiTY changeS, SeDimenTarY cYcleS, anD PaleoceanograPhic eVenTS 8:30 AM Abramovich, Sigal; Almogi-Labin, Ahuva; Benjamini, Chaim*: gloBal climaTe change anD PlanKTonic ForaminiFeral reSPonSe ­ BioSTraTigraPhic marKerS in The laTe camPanian - maaSTrichTian oF The TeThYS 8:45 AM Lockwood, Rowan*; Fenlon, Erin E.; McClure, Kate J.; Ohman, Karin A.: connecTionS BeTWeen Paleogene climaTe change anD eVolUTion: VenericarD BiValVeS From The U.S. gUlF coaSTal Plain 9:00 AM Leonard-Pingel, Jill S.*; Jackson, Jeremy B.C.; O'Dea, Aaron: changeS in BiValVe FUncTional ecologY in reSPonSe To enVironmenTal change in The cariBBean neogene 9:15 AM Motz, Gary*; Park, Lisa; Horvath, Kimmaree: The eSTUarY eFFecT: enVironmenTal anD PhYSiological conTrolS on mollUScan DiVerSiFicaTion 9:30 AM Pyenson, Nicholas D.*; Lindberg, David R.: WhaT haPPeneD To graY WhaleS DUring The PleiSTocene? eValUaTing The imPacT oF SealeVel changeS on FeeDing haBiTaT in The eaSTern norTh PaciFic ocean 9:45 AM McGuire, Jenny L.*: QUaTernarY range anD PoPUlaTion VariaTion ShiFTS in PaciFiccoaST microTUS SPecieS in reSPonSe To enVironmenTal PreSSUreS 10:00 AM Prothero, Donald R.*; Raymond, Kristina; Molina, Sarah; Sutyagina, Anastasiya; Syverson, Valerie J.; Gage, Gina: STaSiS in laTe PleiSTocene BirDS anD mammalS From la Brea Tar PiTS oVer The laST glacialinTerglacial cYcle

















219-10 10:15 AM Escapa, Ignacio H.; Decombeix, Anne-Laure*; Ryberg, Patricia E.; Schwendemann, Andrew B.; Serbet, Rudolph; Taylor, Edith L.; Taylor, Thomas N.: TriaSSic FloraS oF anTarcTica: PaleoBiologY anD PaleoecologY oF Polar laTiTUDe commUniTieS 219-11 10:30 AM Boyce, C. Kevin*; Lee, Jung-Eun: eVolUTion oF FloWering PlanT PhYSiologY TriggereD eXPanSion oF TroPical rainForeST 219-12 10:45 AM Archibald, S. Bruce*; Mathewes, Rolf W.; Greenwood, David: Were moUnTain PaSSeS higher in The eocene?: PreliminarY reSUlTS oF inSecT BeTa DiVerSiTY acroSS The oKanagan highlanDS 219-13 11:00 AM Barton, Melissa A.*; Smith, Dena M.: Floral DiVerSiTY anD climaTe change in cenTral coloraDo DUring The eocene anD oligocene

218-10 10:45 AM Zaleha, Michael J.*: eFFecTS oF VegeTaTion groWing on UPPer PoinT-Bar SUrFaceS on Bar migraTion, oUTer BanK eroSion, anD channel eVolUTion: oBSerVaTionS oF The graVel-BeD maD riVer, WeST-cenTral ohio, USa 218-11 11:00 AM Duzgoren-Aydin, Nurdan*; Avula, Bharathi; Willett, Kristine; Khan, Ikhlas A.: DeTerminaTion oF ToTal anD ParTiallY eXTracTaBle SoliD-BoUnD elemenT

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 243


219-14 11:15 AM Johnson, Katherine*; Hayward, Bruce W.; Holbourn, Ann: The recorD oF elongaTe, cYlinDrical, DeePSea ForaminiFera in The miDDle miocene (15-13 ma) SUBTroPical PaciFic ocean 219-15 11:30 AM Wicks, Travis Z.*; Norris, Richard D.: Pliocene glaciaTionS SenD PlanKTonic SnoWBirDS To The TroPicS 219-16 11:45 AM Dexter, Troy A.*; Yanes, Yurena; Huntley, John W.; Krause, Richard A. Jr.; Kaufman, Darrell S.; Romanek, Christopher S.; Kowalewski, Michal; Simoes, Marcello; Barbour Wood, Susan L.: reconSTrUcTing Paleo-enVironmenTal conDiTionS USing The BiValVe SEMELE CASALI From UBaTUBa BaY, BraZil 220-13 11:15 AM Leng, Qin*; Yang, Hong; Wang, Li; Li, Chun-Xiang: PaomU meTaSeQUoia: The lonelY SUrViVor oF a liVing FoSSil 220-14 11:30 AM Royer, Dana L.*; Peppe, Daniel J.; Miller, Ian M.; Hickey, Leo J.: leaF economic TraiTS From FoSSilS SUPPorT a WeeDY origin For angioSPermS 220-15 11:45 AM Boyle, Brad*; Meyer, Herbert W.; Enquist, Brian J.: a PhYlogeneTic aPProach To PaleoclimaTe reconSTrUcTion

SeSSion no. 221

Recent Advances and New Perspectives in Archaeological Geology

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E146 William J. Chadwick and Andrea K.L. Freeman, Presiding 221-1 8:00 AM Griffith, Tabitha*: PlaYaS anD PeoPle: eXamining relaTionShiPS BeTWeen WaTer aVailaBiliTY anD cUlTUral BehaVior in The TUlaroSa BaSin, neW meXico 8:15 AM Cearley, Stacie J.*; Henrikson, L. Suzann: cleaning oUT The FreeZer: FaUnal analYSiS anD PaleoecologY oF The alPha caVe colD STorage SiTe, SoUThern iDaho 8:30 AM Silverman, Shari Maria*: STreamS, moUnTainS, anD TranSPorTaTion WiThin The colUmBia riVer WaTerSheD 8:45 AM Walde, Dale; Freeman, Andrea K.L.*: geoarchaeological anD Terrain analYSiS oF clUnY ForTiFieD Village, SoUTh cenTral alBerTa 9:00 AM Stearns, Carola*: neoTecTonicS oF The DanDalaS riVer ValleY, WeSTern TUrKeY:inFlUenceS on STreamS, SUrFace hYDrologY anD hUman occUPaTion in The ValleY oF aPhroDiSiaS 9:15 AM Break 221-6 9:30 AM Chadwick, William J.*; Leach, Peter A.: changing The role oF gPr in cUlTUral reSoUrce managemenT 9:45 AM Sablock, Peter*: leSSonS learneD: aPPlYing gPr To 17Th anD 18Th cenTUrY hiSTorical archaeological SiTeS in coaSTal neW englanD 10:00 AM Cerling, Thure*; Bowen, Gabriel J.; Chesson, Leslie A.; Ehleringer, James; Errkila, Brad R.; Podlesak, David; Thompson, Alexandra H.; Remien, Christopher; Valenzuela, Luciano O.: ForenSic aPPlicaTionS oF STaBle iSoToPeS in hUman hair 10:15 AM Babcock, Lori N.*; Frey, Jon A.: geologic PerSPecTiVe in claSSical marBle ProVenance STUDieS: The eVolVing relaTionShiP oF The geologiST anD The archaeologiST oVer 140 YearS oF geochemical, PeTrograPhic, anD STrUcTUral analYSiS

SeSSion no. 220

Paleontology: Phylogeny & Systematics

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 255 Nathan Jud and Sandra J. Carlson, Presiding 220-1 8:00 AM Gapp, I. Wesley*; Lieberman, Bruce; Pope, Michael C.; Dilliard, Kelly: neW inSighTS inTo The eVolUTionarY hiSTorY anD BiogeograPhY oF The earlY camBrian olenelline TriloBiTeS 8:15 AM McAdams, Neo E.B.*; Adrain, Jonathan M.: PhYlogeneTicS oF The earlY orDoVician PliomeriD TriloBiTeS ProToPliomerella, PSeUDocYBele, anD relaTeD TaXa: UnraVelling The BaSe oF The cheirUroiDean raDiaTion 8:30 AM Swisher, Robert E.*; Stigall, Alycia L.: PhYlogeneTic analYSiS oF laTe orDoVician norTh american rhYnchonelliD BrachioPoD genera lePiDocYclUS, hYPSiPTYcha anD hiScoBeccUS 8:45 AM Carlson, Sandra J.*; Cohen, Bernard L.: SeParaTing The croWn From The STem: DeFining BrachioPoDa anD Pan-BrachioPoDa DelineaTeS STemBrachioPoDS 9:00 AM Altin, Deniz Z.*; Goldstein, Susan T.: a Fine STrUcTUral comPariSon oF SelecTeD claDe e allogromiiD ForaminiFera: coUlD UlTraSTrUcTUre holD PhYlogeneTic clUeS? 9:15 AM Parsley, Ronald L.*: earlY DiVerSiFicaTion in echinoDermaTa 9:30 AM Schneider, Chris L.*: a SPecieS-leVel PhYlogenY oF archaeociDariD echinoiDS From norTh america: imPlicaTionS For BaSin eXchange anD ecological inTeracTionS 9:45 AM Break 220-8 220-9 10:00 AM Orcutt, John D.*: TaXonomic rePlacemenT anD BoDY SiZe eVolUTion in oligo-miocene caniDS 10:15 AM Caruso, Joseph A.*; Dattola, Melissa; Nauman, Brandon; Tomescu, Alexandru M.F.: neW oBSerVaTionS on The earlY DeVonian FloraS oF The BearTooTh BUTTe FormaTion (WYoming)










220-6 220-7



220-10 10:30 AM Jud, Nathan A.*; Chaney, Dan; DiMichele, William A.; Falcon-Lang, Howard; Lucas, Spencer; Nelson, John: PennSYlVanian coniFeroPhYTe ForeSTS in groWTh PoSiTion rePreSenT ProBaBle SaBKha enVironmenTS in TroPical WeSTern Pangea 220-11 10:45 AM Rothwell, Gar W.*; Mapes, Gene; Stockey, Ruth A.; Hilton, Jason; Bateman, Richard M.: "DeScenT WiTh moDiFicaTion", TranSFormaTional SerieS, anD PhYlogeneTic analYSeS To inFer The eVolUTion oF moDern coniFer FamilieS 220-12 11:00 AM Leslie, Andrew B.*: changing FUncTional roleS anD The eVolUTion oF coniFer reProDUcTiVe morPhologY

221-10 10:30 AM Murphy, Margaret*: The PenoKean moUnTainS oF minneSoTa: reSearch in The DeVeloPmenT oF langUage anD cUlTUre DeDicaTeD To STeVen loWenSTam

SeSSion no. 222

Recent Advances in Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballrooms 251/258 Timothy S. White, Presiding 222-1 8:00 AM Kah, Linda C.*; Zhan, Renbin: ocean chemiSTrY DUring The orDoVician raDiaTion: highreSolUTion c- anD S-iSoToPe ProFileS ThroUgh The YangTZe PlaTForm, hUBei ProVince, cenTral china

244 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


222-2 8:15 AM Zigaite , Zivile *; Joachimski, Michael; Lehnert, Oliver: oXYgen iSoToPe recorD in Biogenic aPaTiTe: a Tool For chemoSTraTigraPhY anD ProXY in PalaeoclimaTe STUDieS 8:30 AM Rosenau, Nicholas A.*; Tabor, Neil J.: PennSYlVanian (moScoVian-gZhelian; aToKan-Virgilian) PaleoSolS oF The illinoiS BaSin: imPlicaTionS For PaleoeQUaTorial PaleohYDrologY, climaTe change, anD glacioeUSTaSY 8:45 AM Brennecka, Gregory A.*; Herrmann, Achim D.; Saltzman, Matthew R.; Anbar, Ariel D.: USing 238U/235U raTioS in carBonaTeS aS a PaleoreDoX inDicaTor: VariaTionS acroSS The PermianTriaSSic BoUnDarY 9:00 AM Gutierrez, Karen*; Sheldon, Nathan D.: PaleoenVironmenTal reconSTrUcTion oF JUraSSic DinoSaUr haBiTaTS oF The Vega FormaTion, aSTUriaS, SPain 9:15 AM White, Lee A.*; Paul, Debajyoti; Birnbaum, Stuart: oXYgen iSoToPeS anD maJor elemenTS in creTaceoUS henSel FormaTion PaleoSol inDicaTe ariDiTY anD riSing TemPeraTUreS 9:30 AM Upchurch, Garland R. Jr.*; Kiehl, Jeffrey; Shields, Christine; Scotese, Christopher R.: coUPleD climaTe moDel SimUlaTionS oF The laTeST creTaceoUS (maaSTrichTian): comPariSon WiTh ProXY DaTa 9:45 AM Break 222-8 10:00 AM Joo, Young Ji*; Sageman, Bradley B.; Hurtgen, Matthew T.: carBon, PhoSPhorUS, anD SUlFUr cYcling DUring cenomanian-TUronian oae2 in WeSTern inTerior SeaWaY 10:15 AM Secord, Ross*; Bloch, Jonathan I.; Boyer, Doug M.; Chester, Stephen G.B.; Krigbaum, John: a neW highreSolUTion conTinenTal recorD oF The Paleocene-eocene BoUnDarY carBon iSoToPe eXcUrSion From mammalian TooTh enamel 223-8 . . DeFormaTion DomainS: an eXamPle From The SUPerior BoUnDarY Zone, maniToBa, canaDa 223-2 8:15 AM Fossen, Haakon*; Schultz, Richard A.; Torabi, Anita; Tveranger, Jan: PeTroPhYSicallY SelecTiVe comPacTion BanDS in naVaJo SanDSTone 8:30 AM Wojtal, Steven F.*: a caSe againST The `BriTTleDUcTile' DichoTomY ­ conTemPoraneoUS DiScreTe anD DiSTriBUTeD DeFormaTion in The BorDerlanDS oF The San anDreaS FaUlT, DUrmiD hill, ca 8:45 AM Earnest Heckler, Evan James*; Goodwin, Laurel B.; Tikoff, Basil; Blenkinsop, Thomas G.: QUanTiFYing The eFFecTS oF a WeaK PhaSe on The rheologY oF naTUrallY DeFormeD, PolYPhaSe rocKS oF The moUnT iSa inlier, QUeenSlanD, aUSTralia 9:00 AM Riley, Paul*; Tikoff, Basil: TaBUlar FracTUre clUSTerS, Sierra neVaDa BaTholiTh, caliFornia 9:15 AM Marshak, Stephen*; DeFrates, Joshua; Alkmim, Fernando F.: FormaTion oF crenUlaTion cleaVage anD DoWn-DiP-Verging FolDS DUring The collaPSe oF FolD-ThrUST BelTS: eXamPleS From BaraBoo (WiSconSin, USa) anD From a BraSiliano orogen (minaS geraiS, BraZil) 9:30 AM Davis, George H.*: FolD mechaniSmS anD DiSharmonY in "ZeUS" anTicline, mT. lYKaion, PeloPoneSSoS, greece 9:45 AM Break 10:00 AM Ingersoll, Raymond V.*: Diligencia BaSin (SoUThern caliFornia) reViSiTeD: SeDimenTaTion in halF graBen BoUnDeD on The norTheaST BY normal FaUlT 10:15 AM Umhoefer, Paul J.*; Duebendorfer, Ernest; Blythe, Nathan; Swaney, Zack; Beard, L. Sue; McIntosh, William: miocene SeDimenTaTion near The loST BaSin range anD iniTiaTion oF Wheeler FaUlT SYSTem eaSTern laKe meaD, ariZona: 15 ma DiSrUPTion oF The FooTWall oF The SoUTh Virgin ­ WhiTe hillS DeTachmenT FaUlT






223-5 223-6






222-10 10:30 AM White, Timothy S.*; del Papa, Cecilia; Brizuela, Rafael Rodriguez: PaleoSol-BaSeD PaleoclimaTe reconSTrUcTion oF laTe Paleocene ThroUgh miDDle eocene argenTina 222-11 10:45 AM Doria, Gabriela*; Royer, Dana L.; Wolfe, Alexander P.; Fox, Andrew; Beerling, David J.: Declining aTmoSPheric co2 DUring The laTe miDDle eocene climaTe TranSiTion (~40 mYrS ago) 222-12 11:00 AM Matson, Samuel D.*; Fox, David L.: laTe neogene TerreSTrial PaleoclimaTe anD PaleoecologY oF The iBerian PeninSUla: a STaBle iSoToPic recorD From mammalS 222-13 11:15 AM Peryam, Thomas C.*; Dorsey, Rebecca J.; Bindeman, Ilya N.; Housen, Bernie; Palandri, James: STaBle-iSoToPe anD PaleoSol DaTa From The Plio-PleiSTocene FiSh creeK-ValleciTo BaSin, SoUThern caliFornia: neW inSighTS inTo regional TecTonicS anD PaleoclimaTe 222-14 11:30 AM Peppe, Daniel J.*; Royer, Dana L.; Oliver, Sofia: DigiTal leaF PhYSiognomY: USing leaF SiZe anD ShaPe To reconSTrUcT ancienT climaTeS

223-10 10:30 AM Clarey, Timothy L.*: Timing relaTionS BeTWeen The SoUTh ForK anD hearT moUnTain FaUlT SYSTemS WiTh imPlicaTionS For emPlacemenT, WYoming, USa 223-11 10:45 AM Washington, Paul A.*: DUPleXeS, climBing imBricaTeS, anD Triangle ZoneS in reSPonSe To changing comPreSSion DirecTionS aroUnD The BenD oF The ValleY-anD-riDge in cenTral PennSYlVania 223-12 11:00 AM Cross, Gareth E.*; Marrett, Randall: FolD anD Shear Zone DeVeloPmenT WiThin The eVaPoriTe DécollemenT oF The Sierra maDre orienTal FolD BelT, norTheaSTern meXico 223-13 11:15 AM Speeter, Garrett*; Wallace, Wesley K.: analYSiS oF mechanical STraTigraPhY anD STrUcTUral archiTecTUre oF The gileaD creeK area, norTheaSTern BrooKS range, alaSKa 223-14 11:30 AM Klos, P. Zion*; Langridge, Robert; Siddoway, Christine S.: neoTecTonic eValUaTion oF SeiSmic haZarD along The rUaTaniWha FaUlT, DanneVirKe region, neW ZealanD 223-15 11:45 AM Anderson, Arlene V.*; Sickafoose, D.K.; Fahrer, T.R.; Gottschalk, R.R.: inTeracTion oF TerTiarY DeePWaTer DePoSiTional SYSTemS WiTh acTiVelY eVolVing STrUcTUreS - PaleogeograPhY oF The loWer congo BaSin, oFFShore angola


SeSSion no. 223

Structural Geology: Advances in Understanding Deformational Processes Ancient and Modern

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A105 Yvette D. Kuiper, Robert D. Hatcher, and Steven F. Wojtal, Presiding 223-1 8:00 AM Kuiper, Yvette D.*; Lin, Shoufa; Jiang, Dazhi: ParTiTioning oF Triclinic DeFormaTion in a high-STrain Zone inTo monoclinic anD orThorhomBic

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 245


SeSSion no. 224

P5. Geodynamics from the Cascadia Margin to the High Lava Plains (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 254 Anita L. Grunder, G. Randy Keller, Rick W. Carlson, Michael Brudzinski, Bernie Housen, and Basil Tikoff, Presiding 224-1 224-2 8:00 AM Carlson, Richard*; Hart, William K.; Grove, Tim: cenoZoic BaSalTic VolcaniSm in The PaciFic norThWeST 8:20 AM Camp, Victor E.*: miD-miocene emPlacemenT oF The YelloWSTone manTle PlUme in The caScaDia BacK-arc region 8:40 AM DeBari, S.M.*; Moore, N.E.; Baggerman, T.: VariaBle manTle anD crUSTal inFlUenceS on magmaTiSm in The caScaDe arc 9:00 AM Grove, Tim*; Barr, Jay; Till, Christy; Donnelly-Nolan, Julie M.; Carlson, Richard: ShalloW, hoT, manTle melTing in The high laVa PlainS, oregon 9:20 AM Ford, Mark T.*; Carlson, Richard; Grunder, Anita L.: iSoToPic comPoSiTional changeS acroSS SPace, Time, anD BUlK rocK comPoSiTion in The high laVa PlainS anD norThWeSTern BaSin anD range, oregon 9:40 AM Bostock, Michael G.*; Audet, Pascal; Christensen, Nikolas I.; Hyndman, Roy D.; Peacock, Simon M.; Rondenay, Stephane: FaTe oF WaTer in The caScaDia Forearc UnVeileD BY TeleSeiSmic imaging 10:00 AM Fouch, Matthew J.*; James, David E.; Long, Maureen D.; Eagar, Kevin C.; Wagner, Lara S.; Roth, Jeffrey B.: SeiSmic imaging oF The PaciFic norThWeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 10:20 AM Brudzinski, Michael*; Boyarko, Devin; Holtkamp, Stephen; Sit, Stefany; Allen, Richard; Audet, Pascal; Porritt, Robert: ePiSoDic Tremor anD SliP comPareD WiTh SeiSmiciTY anD SUBDUcTion Zone STrUcTUre: inTegraTing The neW KiD inTo The eXiSTing FrameWorK 10:40 AM Keller, G. Randy*; Cox, Catherine M.; Okure, Maxwell S.; Harder, Steven; Holloway, Stephen: crUSTal STrUcTUre in The high laVa PlainS region From inTegraTeD geoPhYSical STUDieS 225-7 225-5 225-3 8:40 AM Wilcox, Andrew C.*; Brinkerhoff, Douglas; Sklar, Leonard S.: geomorPhic eVolUTion oF The clarK ForK riVer, monTana in The FirST TWo YearS FolloWing Breaching oF millToWn Dam 8:55 AM Podolak, Charles J.*; Wilcock, Peter R.: The FormaTion anD groWTh oF graVel BarS in reSPonSe To increaSeD SeDimenT SUPPlY FolloWing The marmoT Dam remoVal 9:15 AM Tullos, Desiree D.*; Cox, Matthew; Bauer, Travis: eValUaTing moDel accUracY: PreDicTeD anD oBSerVeD SeDimenT DePoSiTion DoWnSTream oF The chiloQUin Dam remoVal 9:30 AM Hughes, Michael L.; Lind, Pollyanna*; McDowell, Patricia F.; O'Connor, Jim E.: channel-FlooDPlain hYDrogeomorPhologY DoWnSTream oF an earlY holocene Dam-oUTBUrST FlooD DePoSiT: long-Term eFFecTS oF eXTreme SeDimenT loaDing in The SYcan anD SPragUe riVerS, SoUThern oregon 9:45 AM Rathburn, Sara L.*; Rubin, Zan K.: eFFecTS oF The 2003 granD DiTch Breach on lUlU creeK anD The coloraDo riVer, rocKY moUnTain naTional ParK, co 10:00 AM Break 225-8 10:15 AM Crosby, Benjamin T.*: The inTerPlaY BeTWeen STorage anD DeliVerY: an eXaminaTion oF TemPorallY VarYing SeDimenT FlUX To The SelaWiK riVer From an enormoUS reTrogreSSiVe ThaW SlUmP, norThWeST alaSKa 10:30 AM Malmon, Daniel*; Howard, Keith A.; House, P. Kyle; Lundstrom, Scott C.; Pearthree, Philip A.: The chemehUeVi FormaTion ­ a geologic eXamPle oF eXTraorDinarY SeDimenT loaDing in The coloraDo riVer DUring The laTe PleiSTocene










225-10 10:50 AM Henck, Amanda*; Montgomery, David R.; Liang, Chuan: crYPTic legacY oF chineSe commUniST ParTY enVironmenTal PolicieS on SeDimenT YielD in SW china anD Se TiBeT 225-11 11:05 AM Livingston, David M.*: conTrolS on longiTUDinal ProFileS in raPiDlY aggraDing heaDWaTer riVerS oF The WaiPaoa BaSin; norTh iSlanD, neW ZealanD 225-12 11:20 AM Jarrett, Robert D.*: USe oF hYDrogeomorPhic anD SeDimenTarY eViDence To reFine conVecTiVe rainFall analYSeS anD FlaSh-FlooD characTeriSTicS 225-13 11:35 AM Costa, John E.*: DiSTingUiSheD career aWarD: go WiTh The FloW 11:55 AM concluding remarks


224-10 11:00 AM Grunder, Anita L.*; Meigs, Andrew: Volcanic anD STrUcTUral SeTTing oF The high laVa PlainS, an inTraconTinenTal TranSForm Zone in The norThWeSTern USa 224-11 11:20 AM Milliard, Justin B.*; Meigs, Andrew; Grunder, Anita L.: TWoSTage oPening oF The norThWeSTern BaSin anD range in eaSTern oregon 224-12 11:40 AM Wells, Ray E.*; McCaffrey, Robert: neogene magmaTiSm anD BlocK moTionS in The PaciFic norThWeST

SeSSion no. 226

T15. Streambanks in Theory and Practice (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B114/115 Patrick Belmont and Katherine Skalak, Presiding 226-1 226-2 8:00 AM Reckendorf, Frank F.*: caUSeS oF STreamBanK eroSion 8:15 AM Pizzuto, James E.*; O'Neal, Michael; Stotts, Stephanie: hoW large TreeS inFlUence The magniTUDe, FreQUencY, anD SPaTial STrUcTUre oF coheSiVe BanK reTreaT 8:30 AM Muñoz-Salinas, Esperanza*; Bishop, Paul: aSSeSSmenT oF The geomorPhological imPacT oF mill DamS in ScoTlanD: The caSe oF BalDernocK

SeSSion no. 225

T13. Hydrogeomorphic and Ecohydrologic Consequences of Extraordinary Sediment Loading (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B113 Jon Major and Jim O'Connor, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 225-1 8:05 AM Madej, Mary Ann*: DirecT anD inDirecT Biological imPacTS oF SeVere SeDimenT loaDing in a graVel-BeD riVer 8:25 AM May, Christine L.*; Lisle, Tom; Pryor, Bonnie; Lancaster, Stephen T.: SPaTial PaTTernS oF SeDimenT DePoSiTion anD The eFFecTS on SalmoniD SUrViVal



246 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


226-4 8:45 AM Coffman, David K.*; Capello, Stephanie V.; Allen, Peter M.: STreamBanK eroSion aSSeSSmenT oF coheSiVe anD non-coheSiVe BanK maTerialS USing eroSion PinS anD SUBmergeD JeT TeSTing, norTh cenTral TeXaS 9:00 AM Jackson, Garrett W.*: STreamBanKS anD riVer DYnamicS on The norTh ForK nooKSacK riVer, WaShingTon 9:15 AM Wood, Spencer H.*; Wood, Layle E.: meKong riVerBanK eroSion oF The 14th cenTUrY ciTieS oF chiang Saen noi, ThailanD anD SoUVannaKhomKham, laoS, PDr 9:30 AM Break 226-7 9:45 AM Simon, Andrew*; Thomas, Robert E.; Pollen-Bankhead, Natasha: The role oF STreamBanK eroSion in channel aDJUSTmenT anD SeDimenT loaDingS 10:00 AM Thomas, Robert E.*; Simon, Andrew; Pollen-Bankhead, Natasha: enhanceD BanKSTaBiliTY moDeling WiTh coUPleD geoTechnical, hYDraUlic anD near-BanK groUnDWaTer SUB-moDelS 10:15 AM Lauer, J. Wesley*: The role oF STreamBanKS in FlooDPlain SeDimenT BUDgeTS 227-2 8:20 AM Becker, Doris B.*; Milewski, Adam; Sultan, Mohamed; Becker, Richard: a WeB-BaSeD giS Vehicle For The aSSeSSmenT oF groUnDWaTer PoTenTial in ariD lanDS: caSe STUDieS From eaSTern DeSerT oF egYPT anD The Sinai PeninSUla 8:35 AM Milewski, Adam*; Sultan, Mohamed; Becker, Doris B.; Sauck, William A.; Sturchio, Neil C.; Yan, Eugene; Becker, Richard; Sagintayev, Zhanay: moDern conTriBUTionS To The nUBian aQUier, Sinai PeninSUla: geochemical, geoPhYSical, anD moDeling conSTrainTS 8:50 AM Sultan, Mohamed*; Becker, Richard; Milewski, Adam; Sauck, William A.; Sturchio, Neil C.; Becker, Doris B.; Sagintayev, Zhanay; El Sayed, Mohamed: reD Sea riFTing conTrolS on aQUiFer DiSTriBUTion: conSTrainTS From geochemical, geoPhYSical, anD remoTe SenSing DaTa 9:05 AM Wampler, Peter J.*; Sisson, Andrew J.: groUnDWaTer reSoUrceS anD conTaminaTion in rUral haiTi 9:20 AM Paterson, Essa L.*; Gierke, John S.; Shonsey, Cara W.; Myre, Elizabeth A.; Bruning, Jill N.: manUal aQUiFer TeSTing meThoDS For groUnDWaTer SUPPlY DeVeloPmenT 9:35 AM Thomas, William M.*; Kretzschmar, Thomas: iS moUnTain BlocK recharge a SigniFicanT SoUrce oF groUnDWaTer? a STUDY in The SanTo TomaS ValleY, BaJa caliFornia, meXico 9:50 AM Yousafzai, M. Asim*: hYDrochemiSTrY aS a Tool For inVeSTigaTing geoThermal energY SoUrceS in The himalaYaS 10:05 AM Warner, Nathaniel*; Tagma, Tarik; Bouchaou, Lhoussaine; Boutaleb, Said; Lgourna, Zineb; Pankratov, Irena; Ettayfi, Najat; Hsissou, Youssef; Belkacim, Said; Vengosh, Avner: inVeSTigaTion oF The groUnDWaTer geochemiSTrY oF The WeSTern aTlaS anD anTi-aTlaS moUnTainS in morocco USing Boron, STronTiUm, anD raDiUm iSoToPeS






227-5 227-6



226-10 10:30 AM Juracek, Kyle E.*: Trace-elemenT raTioS: a USeFUl TechniQUe For DeTermining SUSPenDeDSeDimenT SoUrceS? 226-11 10:45 AM Belmont, Patrick*; Viparelli, Enrica; Lauer, J. Wesley; Day, Stephanie S.: channel-FlooDPlain SeDimenT eXchange in a meanDering anD acTiVelY inciSing riVer 226-12 11:00 AM Galster, Joshua C.*; Barrett, Kirk; Feng, Huan; Bujalski, Nicole; Lopes, Jared: USing 210Pb anD 137cs To iDenTiFY The BanK VS. Soil conTriBUTionS To eXceSS Fine-graineD SeDimenTS in UrBan anD rUral neW JerSeY riVer channelS 226-13 11:15 AM Castro, Janine M.*; Welch, Sean: "STreamBanK reSToraTion" in The PaciFic norThWeST: The USe oF nonTraDiTional meThoDS To STaBiliZe eroDing BanKS 226-14 11:30 AM Ballestero, Thomas P.*: oVerVieW oF The caUSeS oF UrBan STream inSTaBiliTieS, eXamPleS oF inSTaBiliTieS, anD The challengeS in Their reSToraTion 226-15 11:45 AM Cooperman, Michael S.*; Hinch, Scott G.; Bennett, Sean; Galbraith, Ryan V.; Quigley, Jason, T.; Heise, Brian A.: STreamBanK reSToraTion eFFecTiVeneSS: leSSonS learneD From a comParaTiVe STUDY



227-10 10:20 AM Shouakar-Stash, Orfan*; Wood, Warren W.; Frape, Shaun K.: a mUlTi iSoToPe (81Br, 37cl anD 87Sr/86Sr) aPProach SUPPorTS The aScenDing Brine concePTUal moDel For SolUTeS in The coaSTal SaBKha oF aBU DhaBi (Uae) 227-11 10:35 AM Kothari, Jinal*; Sultan, Mohamed; Milewski, Adam; Balekai, Rajesh; Marsala, Peter: remoTe SenSingBaSeD inPUTS To rainFall rUnoFF moDelS: a caSe STUDY From The TigriS-eUPhraTeS WaTerSheD 227-12 10:50 AM Al-Dousari, Ahmad*; Sultan, Mohamed; Milewski, Adam: conSTrainTS on groUnDWaTer recharge in ariD enVironmenTS From FielD, remoTe SenSing DaTa anD rainFall-rUnoFF moDelS: caSe STUDieS From KUWaiT 227-13 11:05 AM Williamson, Alex K.*: hYDrologY, ScienTiSTS, anD WaTer inFraSTrUcTUre in PaKiSTan anD aFghaniSTan 227-14 11:20 AM Sagintayev, Zhanay*; Sultan, Mohamed; Khan, Shuhab D.; Khan, Abdul Salam; Mahmood, Khalid; Milewski, Adam; Marsala, Peter; Balekai, Rajesh: SWaT moDeling For The PiShin lora BaSin, BalochiSTan, PaKiSTan 227-15 11:35 AM Gellasch, Christopher A.*; Mack, Thomas J.; Verstraeten, Ingrid M.: hYDrogeologic STUDieS in aFghaniSTan in SUPPorT oF miliTarY oPeraTionS anD local PoPUlaTionS 11:50 AM concluding remarks


SeSSion no. 227

T24. Groundwater Resources in Developing Countries--The Contributions and Legacy of Robert N. Farvolden: A Memorial Session to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Hydrogeology Division (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D139/140 David L. Rudolph and Randy L. Stotler, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 227-1 8:05 AM Marsala, Peter*; El Sayed, Mohamed; Sultan, Mohamed; Wahr, John; Milewski, Adam; Becker, Richard; Welton, Benjamin; Balekai, Rajesh: inTegraTion oF grace DaTa WiTh inFerenceS From TraDiTional DaTaSeTS For a BeTTer UnDerSTanDing oF The Time-DePenDenT WaTer STorage VariaBiliTY in large-Scale aQUiFerS: caSe STUDieS From aFrica

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 247


SeSSion no. 228

T30. Snow Science as Related to Water Supplies in the West (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E141/142 Michael L. Strobel, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 228-1 8:05 AM Suhr Nelson, Julie A.*: a meaSUre oF SnoW: caSe STUDieS on The ValUe oF inFormaTion For WaTer managerS 8:20 AM Redmond, Kelly T.*; Abatzoglou, John T.; Kunkel, Kenneth E.: VariaBiliTY anD TrenDS in SnoWFall anD FreeZing leVel in The WeSTern US 8:35 AM Jones, Julia A.*; Moore, Kathleen; Nolin, Anne W.: SnoWPacK TrenDS anD STreamFloW in Small, ForeSTeD WaTerSheDS, WeSTern caScaDeS, oregon 8:50 AM Lea, Jolyne K.*: SnoWPacK TrenDS in The cenTral Sierra neVaDa aFFecTing WaTer SUPPlY ForecaSTS in The eaST SloPe Sierra BaSinS 9:05 AM Julander, Randall*: SYSTemaTic BiaS in UTah SnoW DaTa 9:20 AM Reba, Michele*; Marks, Danny; Link, Tim; Pomeroy, John: eValUaTion oF The SenSiTiViTY oF ParameTeriZaTionS oF SimUlaTeD laTenT heaT FlUX oVer SnoW aT TWo comPleX moUnTain SiTeS 9:35 AM Kumar, Mukesh*; Marks, Danny; Reba, Michele; Winstral, Adam; Dozier, Jeff: eValUaTion oF The eFFecTiVeneSS oF TemPeraTUre-inDeX anD energY Balance SnoW moDelS For hYDrologic SimUlaTion oF a moUnTain caTchmenT 9:50 AM Franz, Kristie J.*; Butcher, Phillip; Ajami, Newsha: a mUlTimoDeling aPProach To aDDreSS SnoW moDel UncerTainTY For hYDrologic PreDicTion 10:05 AM Break 228-9 10:20 AM Dickerson, Susan E.*; Mitchell, Robert: moDeling The eFFecTS oF climaTe change on STreamFloW in The nooKSacK riVer BaSin, nW WaShingTon 229-9 229-8

SeSSion no. 229

T38. Improving Coastal Hazards Mitigation through Advances in Coastal Geomorphology (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B117/118/119 Peter Ruggiero, Jonathan Allan, and Rob Witter, Presiding 229-1 8:00 AM Goff, James R.*: iDenTiFYing a TSUnami geomorPhologY anD The imPlicaTionS For imProVing coaSTal haZarDS miTigaTion 8:20 AM Leroy, Thomas H.*; Vaughan, Patrick; Patton, Jason R.: geomorPhic SignaTUreS oF TSUnami in coaSTal SanD DUne FielDS oF norThWeSTern caliFornia 8:35 AM Stockdon, Hilary*; Plant, Nathaniel; Sallenger, Asbury: aSSeSSing Barrier iSlanD VUlneraBiliTY To eXTreme geomorPhic changeS DUring hUrricaneS 8:55 AM Wallace, Davin J.*; Anderson, John B.: eViDence oF a Similar FreQUencY oF inTenSe STormS For The gUlF oF meXico oVer The laST 4,000 YearS 9:10 AM Miner, Michael D.*; Georgiou, Ioannis; Kulp, Mark A.; FitzGerald, Duncan M.; Twichell, David C.; Flocks, James G.; Lavoie, Dawn: geomorPhic-BaSeD Barrier iSlanD TranSgreSSion managemenT, chanDeleUr iSlanDS, loUiSiana 9:25 AM Williams, S. Jeffress*; Gutierrez, Benjamin T.; Thieler, E. Robert: Sea-leVel riSe anD coaSTal change haZarDS: imPlicaTionS For The FUTUre UnDer changing climaTe 9:40 AM Thieler, E. Robert*; Gutierrez, Benjamin T.; Plant, Nathaniel; Williams, S. Jeffress; Cahoon, Donald; Gesch, Dean; Guntenspergen, Glenn R.; Masterson, John: a ProBaBiliSTic FrameWorK For eValUaTing Sea-leVel riSe imPacTS 10:00 AM Break 10:15 AM Mallinson, David*; Culver, S.J.; Riggs, Stanley; Blanton, Brian O.; Luettich, Richard: a coUPleD geologic anD hYDroDYnamic moDeling aPProach To hinDcaST anD ForecaST The reSPonSe oF a coaSTal SYSTem To Sea-leVel riSe anD geomorPhic change 10:30 AM Johnsson, Mark J.*: challengeS in coaSTal haZarD miTigaTion in caliFornia







228-5 228-6






228-10 10:35 AM Marks, Danny*; Kumar, Mukesh; Reba, Michele; Winstral, Adam; Dozier, Jeff: SYnergiSTic oBSerVaTionS anD moDeling oVer a SnoWDominaTeD moUnTain BaSin 228-11 10:50 AM Raleigh, Mark S.*; Lundquist, Jessica D.: calcUlaTing SnoWmelT BacKWarDS ­ USing The DaTe oF SnoWPacK DiSaPPearance To DeTermine hoW mUch SnoW Fell oVer a SeaSon 228-12 11:05 AM Brunengo, Matthew J.*: Where iS The rain-onSnoW Zone in The WeST-cenTral WaShingTon caScaDeS? monTe carlo SimUlaTion oF large STormS in The PaciFic norThWeST 228-13 11:20 AM Norris, Jodi*; Mason, Jon P.: eSTimaTing PaleoFlooD VolUme in SnoWmelT DominaTeD SYSTemS: caSe STUDY, coloraDo riVer aT leeS FerrY 228-14 11:35 AM Abramovich, Ron*: challengeS anD oPPorTUniTieS Facing The iDaho nrcS SnoW SUrVeY Program 11:50 AM Discussion

229-10 10:45 AM Hapke, Cheryl J.*; Plant, Nathaniel; Kratzmann, Meredith G.; Ruggiero, Peter: ProBaBaliSTic ForecaSTing oF coaSTal cliFF reTreaT USing a BaYeS neTWorK 229-11 11:00 AM Kaminsky, George M.*; Ruggiero, Peter; Buijsman, Maarten C.; McCandless, Diana; Gelfenbaum, Guy: hUman-inDUceD coaSTal eVolUTion oF The colUmBia riVer liTToral cell 229-12 11:15 AM Mull, Jeremy*; Ruggiero, Peter: coaSTal DUne geomorPhologY anD VUlneraBiliTY To eroSion anD FlooDing in The U.S. PaciFic norThWeST 229-13 11:30 AM Zentner, Danielle B.*; Cox, Ronadh: STorm-WaVe emPlacemenT oF cliFF-ToP BoUlDer riDgeS, aran iSlanDS, irelanD 229-14 11:45 AM Griffith, Adam*; Young, Robert S.; Pilkey, Orrin H.: The gloBal eXTenT oF Beach SanD mining

248 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


SeSSion no. 230

T44. Evaluating Channel Flow in Orogens (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B110/111/112 Seth C. Kruckenberg, Rory McFadden, and Christine S. Siddoway, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 230-1 8:10 AM Jessup, Micah*; Cottle, John: eVolVing miD-crUSTal FloW along The SoUThern margin oF The TiBeTan PlaTeaU; ama Drime anD moUnT eVereST maSSiFS, TiBeT 8:30 AM Rey, Patrice*; Teyssier, Christian; Whitney, Donna L.: hoW FaST can a PlaTeaU loWer crUST FloW? 8:45 AM Kohn, Matthew J.*; Sachan, H.; Saxena, A.; Corrie, S.L.: high himalaYan leUcograniTeS inDicaTe BrieF (3 mYr) DUcTile eXTenSion oF The STDS 9:00 AM Long, Sean P.*; McQuarrie, Nadine: Placing limiTS on channel FloW: iS cenTral BhUTan STD-Free? 9:15 AM McGraw, Jennifer L.*; Hacker, Bradley R.; Ratschbacher, Lothar: eXhUmaTion DePThS oF The loWer crUSTal DomeS oF The Pamir 9:30 AM Chambers, Jennifer A.*; Parrish, Randall R.; Argles, Tom; Harris, Nigel; Horstwood, Matthew: geochronological anD micro-FaBric conSTrainTS on PUlSeD eXTrUSion oF The meTamorPhic core in The eaSTern himalaYa (BhUTan) 9:45 AM Imayama, Takeshi*; Takeshita, Toru; Kitajima, Kouki; Tsutsumi, Yukiyasu; Arita, Kazunori; Sano, Yuji: The P-T-T PaTh oF meTaPeliTeS From Far-eaSTern nePal himalaYa 10:00 AM Schulmann, Karel*: laTerallY ForceD oVerTUrnS anD horiZonTal channel FloW oF orogenic loWer crUST in orogenS 10:20 AM Moussallam, Yves*; Schneider, D.A.; Janak, Marian; Thoni, Martin; Ulrich, Thomas: eXhUmaTion oF DeeP moUnTain rooTS ThroUgh a miD-crUSTal eXTrUSion corriDor: P-T-T conSTrainTS on VariScan eclogiTeS & migmaTiTeS, WeSTern TaTra, SloVaKia 231-6

SeSSion no. 231

T50. New Developments in Understanding the Mesozoic Cordilleran Orogen: Linking Forearc, Arc, and Backarc Processes (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A107/108/109 Michael Wells and Mihai N. Ducea, Presiding 231-1 8:00 AM DeCelles, Peter*; Ducea, Mihai N.; Zandt, George; Kapp, Paul; Graham, Stephan A.; Carrapa, Barbara; Pelletier, Jon; Kendall, Jerry; Gehrels, George E.; Pearson, David: cYclic BehaVior in corDilleran orogenic SYSTemS 8:20 AM Yonkee, Adolph*; Weil, Arlo; Wicks, David; Statman-Weil, Zoe: DeTermining The 3-D KinemaTic hiSTorY oF The WYoming laramiDe ForelanD: PreliminarY reSUlTS From DeTaileD STrUcTUral analYSiS oF The TriaSSic chUgWaTer groUP 8:35 AM Wyld, Sandra J.*; Wright, James E.: JUraSSic orogeneSiS in nW neVaDa: Timing, KinemaTicS anD relaTion (iF anY?) To The SeVier orogenY 8:55 AM Wells, Michael L.*; Hoisch, Thomas D.; Cruz-Uribe, Alicia M.; Vervoort, Jeff: geoDYnamicS oF SYnconVergenT eXTenSion anD TecTonic moDe SWiTching: conSTrainTS From The SeVier-laramiDe orogen 9:10 AM Wong, Martin S.*; Gans, Phillip B.: laTe creTaceoUS­ earlY TerTiarY eXTenSion in The cenTral moJaVe meTamorPhic core comPleX: imPlicaTionS For core comPleX FormaTion anD The laramiDe orogenY 9:25 AM Hildebrand, Robert S.*: a colliSional origin For The greaT corDilleran BaTholiThS oF WeSTern norTh america 9:40 AM Gaschnig, Richard*; Vervoort, Jeffery D.; Lewis, Reed S.: crUSTal groWTh anD recYcling anD linKS To TecToniSm in The iDaho BaTholiTh anD challiS inTrUSiVe ProVince 9:55 AM Break 231-8 10:10 AM Wakabayashi, John*: meSoZoic corDilleran TecTonicS: Pre-FranciScan SUBDUcTion iniTiaTion anD TerminaTion eVenTS, anD ePiSoDic ProceSSeS DUring conTinUoUS FranciScan SUBDUcTion 10:30 AM Chin, Emily J.*; Luffi, Peter; Lee, Cin-Ty: conSTraining P-T hiSTorY oF DeeP liThoSPhere BeneaTh conTinenTal arcS USing manTle XenoliThS ­ a caSe STUDY From The Sierra neVaDa, caliFornia

230-2 230-3


230-4 230-5










230-11 10:50 AM Bonamici, Chloe E.*; Tikoff, Basil; Goodwin, Laurel: anaTomY oF a 10-Km-Scale SheaTh FolD anD imPlicaTionS For FloW aT granUliTe FacieS conDiTionS in The DeeP crUST 230-12 11:05 AM Andronicos, Christopher L.*; Phipps Morgan, Jason: graniTe PlUToniSm DUring crUSTal channel FloW 230-13 11:25 AM Gervais, Félix*; Brown, Richard L.; Hynes, Andrew; Ghent, E.D.: TeSTing The SYnconVergenT channel FloW moDel in The SoUTheaSTern canaDian corDillera 230-14 11:40 AM Webb, A. Alexander G.*; Schmitt, Axel K.: STrUcTUral anD U-Th-PB Zircon geochronological STUDieS inDicaTe ThaT The cenTral himalaYa DeVeloPeD Via TecTonic WeDging

231-10 10:45 AM Ducea, Mihai N.*; Kidder, Steven; Saleeby, Jason B.: TecTonic UnDerPlaTing oF Trench SeDimenTS BeneaTh magmaTic arcS - The laramiDe eXamPle in The WeSTern U.S.a 231-11 11:00 AM Chapman, Alan D.*; Kidder, Steven; Saleeby, Jason B.; Ducea, Mihai N.: role oF eXTrUSion oF The ranD anD Sierra De SalinaS SchiSTS in laTe creTaceoUS eXTenSion anD roTaTion oF The SoUThern Sierra neVaDa anD ViciniTY 231-12 11:15 AM Ukar, Estibalitz*; Cloos, Mark: maFic BlUeSchiST anD aSSociaTeD graPhiTe-SchiST BlocKS in The FranciScan melange, San Simeon, caliFornia 231-13 11:30 AM Medaris, L.G. Jr.*; Lapen, T.J.; Jicha, Brian R.; Singer, B.S.; Ghent, E.D.; Garlick, S.R.: 168 ma granUliTe FacieS meTamorPhiSm anD 154 ma reFrigeraTion in The SeiaD meTaoPhioliTe comPleX, raTTleSnaKe creeK Terrane, KlamaTh moUnTainS

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 249


230-10 10:35 AM Martinez, Francisco J.; Dietsch, Craig*; Aleinikoff, John N.; Cries, Jordi: miD-carBoniFeroUS conglomeraTeS in SoUThWeSTern eUroPe recorD earlY VariScan inTraconTinenTal conVergence: eViDence ThaT channelS Were eXhUmeD BeFore Thermal WeaKening oF The liThoSPhere



231-14 11:45 AM Kays, M. Allan*; Murray, Robert B.: P­T­TecTonic PaTh in meTamorPhic aSSemBlageS along a SUTUre in The norThern KlamaTh moUnTainS, oregon

SeSSion no. 233

T78. Issues Surrounding Exposure to Asbestos and Other Potentially Hazardous Fibrous Minerals Occurring in Their Natural Settings I (Mineralogical Society of America; GSA Geology and Health Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E143/144 R. Mark Bailey and Mickey Gunter, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 233-1 8:15 AM Gunter, Mickey E.*: The Science anD PoliTicS oF SocalleD "naTUrallY occUrring aSBeSToS": WhY We mUST onlY Deal WiTh The Science 8:30 AM Meeker, Gregory P.*: The cUrrenT STaTe oF KnoWleDge aBoUT aSBeSToS: a PerSPecTiVe From USgS reSearch oVer The PaST DecaDe on aSBeSToS-relaTeD maTerialS 8:45 AM Skinner, H. Catherine W.*: FiBroUS maTerialS anD healTh : QUeSTionS anD anSWerS? 9:00 AM Halterman, Don*: merging mineralogY WiTh PolicY: WhaT regUlaTorS neeD To maKe raTional DeciSionS 9:15 AM Van Gosen, Bradley S.; Meeker, Gregory P.*; Plumlee, Geoffrey S.: The geologY anD geograPhic DiSTriBUTion oF naTUral aSBeSToS occUrrenceS in The conTerminoUS UniTeD STaTeS 9:30 AM Thompson, Brittani*; Gunter, Mickey E.; Wilson, Michael A.: USing The USDa-nrcS Soil SUrVeY DaTaBaSe To eValUaTe amPhiBole conTenT oF SoilS in The UniTeD STaTeS 9:45 AM Niewendorp, Clark A.*; Ferns, Mark L.; McClaughry, Jason D.; Brooks, David E.; Mabey, Matthew A.: naTUrallY occUrring haZarDoUS maTerialS in oregon 10:00 AM Break 233-8 233-9 10:15 AM Bailey, R. Mark*: TecTonic regimeS oF aSBeSToS FormaTion in caliFornia 10:30 AM Swayze, Gregg A.*; Kokaly, Raymond F.; Higgins, Chris T.; Clinkenbeard, John P.; Clark, Roger N.; Lowers, Heather A.; Sutley, Stephen J.: maPPing PoTenTiallY aSBeSToSBearing rocKS USing imaging SPecTroScoPY

SeSSion no. 232

T66. New Insights Into Development of the Upper Neoproterozoic--Lower Paleozoic Western Laurentian Passive Margin (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E145 Michael Pope and Christopher M. Fedo, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 232-1 8:15 AM Balgord, Elizabeth*; Mahoney, J. Brian; Gingras, Murray K.: DeTriTal Zircon eViDence reQUireS reViSion oF BelT STraTigraPhY in SoUThWeSTern monTana 8:30 AM Keeley, Joshua A.*; Link, Paul K.; Fanning, C. Mark: DraSTic ProVenance change BeTWeen neoProTeroZoic STraTa in norThern anD cenTral WaSaTch range, UTah: conSTraining PaleogeograPhY oF neWlY FormeD riFT BaSinS 8:45 AM Dehler, Carol M.*; Fanning, C. Mark; Link, Paul Karl: geTTing BeTTer WiTh age: neW U-PB ShrimP DaTa From The "STUrTian" ScoUT moUnTain DiamicTiTe-caP-carBonaTe SeQUence, PocaTello Fm, iDaho 9:00 AM Petterson, Ryan*; Wernicke, Brian; Prave, Anthony: riFTing oF SoUThWeST laUrenTia DUring The STUrTianmarinoan inTerglacial anD iTS conSTrainTS on iniTiaTion oF The PaSSiVe margin 9:15 AM Lorentz, Nathaniel J.*; Fischer, Adam D.; Corsetti, Frank A.: moDeling neoProTeroZoic FreeBoarD 9:30 AM Break 232-6 9:45 AM Till, Alison B.*; Dumoulin, Julie A.; Ayuso, Robert A.: reconSTrUcTion oF a meTamorPhoSeD neoProTeroZoic To DeVonian conTinenTal margin, SeWarD PeninSUla, alaSKa, anD iTS origin 10:00 AM Lund, K.*; Aleinikoff, J.N.; Evans, K.V.; du Bray, E.A.; Dewitt, E.H.: ShrimP U-PB DaTing oF recUrrenT crYogenian anD laTe camBrian-earlY orDoVician alKalic magmaTiSm in cenTral iDaho: imPlicaTionS For roDinian riFT TecTonicS 10:20 AM Hogan, Eric G.*; Fedo, Christopher M.: SeQUence STraTigraPhic analYSiS oF The BaSal SaUK SeQUence acroSS a craTon hinge Zone, SoUTheaSTern caliFornia 10:35 AM Dilliard, Kelly*; Pope, Michael C.; Coniglio, Mario; Hasiotis, Stephen T.; Hollingsworth, J. Stewart: earlY camBrian eXTenSion in The SelWYn BaSin, canaDa anD elSeWhere in The WeSTern laUrenTian corDillera



233-3 233-4









233-10 10:45 AM Domingo-Neumann, Rebecca*; Wright, Jeff N.: ProPoSeD reViSionS To caliFornia aSBeSToS airBorne ToXic conTrol meaSUreS anD TeST meThoD 435 233-11 11:00 AM Van Orden, Drew R.; Sanchez, Matthew S.*: carB DeFiniTionS oF aSBeSToS 233-12 11:15 AM Bailey, R. Mark*: reDUcing The VariaBiliTY oF noa laBoraTorY analYSiS TeST reSUlTS ThroUgh ProPer laBoraTorY SUBSamPling DUring BUlK Soil anD rocK ProceSSing 233-13 11:30 AM Bieber, David W.*: The caSe For SeParaTe aSSeSSmenT meThoDS For naTUrallY occUrring aSBeSToS 233-14 11:45 AM March, Kate*: SUggeSTeD moDiFicaTionS To The iSo meThoDS 10312 anD 13794 analYTical coUnTing rUleS


232-10 10:50 AM Pope, Michael C.*; Bush, John H. Jr.; Thomas, Robert C.: camBrian-orDoVician STraTa in WaShingToniDaho-monTana inDicaTe SeDimenTaTion on an acTiVelY eXTenDing PaSSiVe margin 232-11 11:05 AM Baar, Eric E.*; Pope, Michael C.: laSer aBlaTion icPmS geochronologY oF miDDle-laTe orDoVician KinniKinic QUarTZiTe

250 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


SeSSion no. 234

T94. Impact Cratering from the Microscopic to the Planetary Scale II (GSA Planetary Geology Division; International Continental Scientific Drilling Program [ICDP]; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; Paleontological Society; GSA International Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, A106 Christian Koeberl and Jared Morrow, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 234-1 8:10 AM Pinter, Nicholas*; Podoll, Andrew; Scott, Andrew C.; Ebel, Denton: eXTraTerreSTrial anD TerreSTrial SignaTUreS aT The onSeT oF The YoUnger DrYaS 8:30 AM Holliday, Vance T.*; Meltzer, David J.: geoarchaeologY oF The 12.9ka imPacT hYPoTheSiS 8:45 AM Paquay, Francois*; Goderis, Steven; Ravizza, Greg; Claeys, Philippe: no eViDence oF eXTraTerreSTrial geochemical comPonenTS aT The BøllingallerøD/YoUnger DrYaS TranSiTion 9:00 AM Surovell, Todd A.*; Holliday, Vance T.: nonreProDUciBiliTY oF YoUnger DrYaS eXTraTerreSTrial imPacT reSUlTS 9:15 AM Smit, Jan*: FoUr argUmenTS WhY The chicXUlUB imPacT haS caUSeD The creTaceoUS-Paleogene maSS-eXTincTionS 9:35 AM Break 234-6 9:50 AM Ravizza, Greg*; Paquay, Francois: ProSPecTing For eViDence oF imPacT eVenTS in The marine SeDimenT recorD: hoW anD WhY 10:10 AM Edwards, Lucy E.*; Powars, David S.; Self-trail, Jean M.: The cheSaPeaKe BaY imPacT STrUcTUre: miocene eFFecTS oF The eocene imPacT 10:25 AM Horton, J. Wright Jr.*; Bartosova, Katerina; Edwards, Lucy E.; Gibson, Roger L.; Gohn, Gregory S.; Koeberl, Christian; Powars, David S.; Reimold, Wolf Uwe; Wittmann, Axel: inSighTS inTo imPacT ProceSSeS anD BaSemenT rocKS oF The cheSaPeaKe BaY imPacT STrUcTUre From The icDP-USgS eYreVille coreS 10:40 AM Powars, David S.*; Horton, J. Wright Jr.; Edwards, Lucy E.; Catchings, Rufus D.: SeiSmic anD Borehole eViDence For nUmeroUS imPacT, TecTonic, anD comPacTion FaUlTS acroSS The SoUThern halF oF The SaliSBUrY emBaYmenT, Virginia anD marYlanD 235-4 235-2

SeSSion no. 235

T99. EarthScope Education and Outreach: Connecting Students, Teachers, and the Public to the Dynamic Landscape of North America (GSA Geophysics Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, C123 Robert J. Lillie, Susan Eriksson, and John Taber, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 235-1 8:10 AM Butler, Robert F.*; Granshaw, Frank; Groom, Roger; Hedeen, Chris; Johnson, Jenda; Magura, Bonnie; Pratt-Sitaula, Beth; Thompson, Denise; Whitman, Jill: TranSlaTing earthScope Science For miDDleSchool TeacherS anD STUDenTS in The PaciFic norThWeST 8:30 AM Groom, Roger*; Hedeen, Chris: USing earthScope gPS DaTa in miDDle School leSSon PlanS on conTinenTal margin DeFormaTion in The PaciFic norThWeST 8:45 AM McGill, Sally*; deGroot, Robert; Spinler, Joshua; Bennett, Richard A.: high School Science TeacherS conTriBUTe To imProVeD UnDerSTanDing oF The SliP raTe DiSTriBUTion acroSS The PaciFicnorTh america TranSForm PlaTe BoUnDarY 9:00 AM Nelson, Robert S.*; Malone, David; Pipis, Stefanie; King, Bradley D.: illinoiS earThScoPe i, a PiloT Teacher WorKShoP 9:15 AM Dorr, Perle*; Busby, Robert; Hafner, Katrin; Taber, John; Woodward, Robert: oUTreach acTiViTieS To engage STUDenTS anD The PUBlic in earThScoPe'S TranSPorTaBle arraY 9:30 AM Semken, Steven*: aFTer BigFooT leaVeS inDian coUnTrY, eDUcaTional oUTreach mUST conTinUe 9:50 AM Discussion 10:00 AM Break 235-7 10:15 AM Kilb, Debi*: eXPloring earThScoPe DaTa: ToolS anD TechniQUeS aPPlicaBle For mUlTiPle aUDienceS 10:35 AM Lillie, Robert J.*; Mathis, Allyson C.; Goddard, Charlotte; Braunmiller, Jochen: earThScoPe oUTreach To ParK rangerS anD mUSeUm eDUcaTorS: connecTing The PUBlic To The DYnamic lanDScaPe oF norTh america 10:50 AM McQuillan, Patrick James*; Welti, Russ; Johnson, Jenda; Shiffman, Celia Rose; Taber, John: caScaDia anD BaSin anD range conTenT moDUleS For acTiVe earTh DiSPlaY

234-2 234-3












234-10 10:55 AM Kunk, Michael J.*; Horton, J. Wright Jr.; McAleer, Ryan J.: 40 ar/39ar DaTing reSUlTS From The icDP-USgS eYreVille B core: conSTrainTS on The Thermal hiSTorY oF The cheSaPeaKe BaY imPacT STrUcTUre 234-11 11:10 AM Deutsch, Alexander*; Langenhorst, Falko; Schulte, Peter: The creTaceoUS-Paleogene (K-Pg) BoUnDarY SecTion aT Shell creeK, alaBama: argUmenTS For a PrimarY imPacT origin oF The calciTe SPherUleS 11:25 AM Discussion

235-10 11:05 AM Smith-Konter, Bridget*; Houser, Perry: commUnicaTing, ViSUaliZing, anD PUBliciZing earThScoPe DaTa anD moDel ProDUcTS USing acTiVe earTh KioSKS 235-11 11:20 AM Woodward, Robert*; Lloyd, Andrew: SeiSmic WaVe moVieS: creaTing SeiSmic WaVeFielD ViSUaliZaTionS WiTh DaTa From earThScoPe'S TranSPorTaBle arraY 235-12 11:35 AM Hunter, Nancee C.*: geoViSUaliZaTionS USing USarraY DaTa 11:50 AM Discussion

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 251


SeSSion no. 236

T100. Field Geology Education--Historical Perspectives and Modern Approaches II (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D135/136 David Mogk and Steven Whitmeyer, Presiding 236-1 8:00 AM Pavlis, Terry L.; Langford, Richard P.*; Hurtado, Jose M. Jr.; Serpa, Laura F.: aDVanTageS anD PiTFallS For SUcceSSFUl USe oF comPUTer-BaSeD giS SYSTemS For FielD geologY 8:15 AM Swanson, Susan*; Clark, Jeffrey: inTegraTing DigiTal TechnologY inTo FielD-BaSeD coUrSeS: a liBeral arTS PerSPecTiVe 8:30 AM Brimhall, George H.*: The ValUe oF generaTiVe DigiTal maPPing in aDVanceD FielD geologY coUrSeS USing geomaPPer/PenmaP: a neW maPPing FronTier 8:45 AM Swanson, Mark T.*; Bampton, Matthew: neW TechniQUeS in FielD geologY: The UlTimaTe DigiTal maPPing ToolBoX For oUTcroP-Scale geologic maPPing 9:00 AM Rodriguez, Iris*; Cabrelles, Miriam; Lerma, Jose L.; White, Lionel; Alfarhan, Mohammed; Aiken, Carlos L.V.: a comPariSon oF The eFFecTiVeneSS oF cloSerange PhoTogrammeTrY, laSer Scanning, anD Their inTegraTion in creaTing high reSolUTion 3D VirTUal moDelS oF geologic oUTcroPS 9:15 AM Whitmeyer, Steven J.*; De Paor, Declan G.; Nicoletti, Jeremy; Pence, Nicholas; Weisbrot, Elizabeth: BUilDing inTeracTiVe geologic maPS in google earTh 9:30 AM Glass, Alexander*: FlaT rocKS, Zero oUTcroP: inTroDUcing a large, lecTUre-STYle, inTroleVel earTh Science coUrSe To acTUal geological maPPing in a geologicallY WanTing area 9:45 AM Moore, Alexandra*; Derry, Louis A.; Pipan, John: The carBon-neUTral FielD camP 10:00 AM Break 236-9 10:15 AM Hikuroa, D.C.H*; Gravley, Darren M.; Borella, M.W.: KaiTiaKiTanga anD FronTierS aBroaD: a neW FielD-BaSeD STUDY aBroaD aPProach ThaT inTegraTeS neW ZealanD inDigenoUS concePTS oF gUarDianShiP WiTh enVironmenTal ScienceS anD moDern reSoUrce managemenT PracTiceS 236-15 11:45 AM Bishop, Gale A.*; Vance, R. Kelly; Rich, Frederick; Meyer, Brian K.; Schriver, Martha L.; Clark, Kenneth F.; Davis, Edward J.; Hayes, Royce H.; Koballa, Thomas R. Jr.; Norton, Terry: eVolUTion oF FielD-BaSeD eDUcaTion For geologY maJorS inTo PlaceBaSeD eDUcaTion For K-12 TeacherS

SeSSion no. 237

T114. What Can We Do to Help Our Students Become Better Learners? Fostering the Development of Metacognition and Self-Regulation I (GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, C124 Dexter Perkins and Karl R. Wirth, Presiding 237-1 237-2 8:00 AM Fleisher, Steven C.*: meTacogniTion anD SelFregUlaTeD learning 8:20 AM Ormand, Carol J.*; Manduca, Cathryn; Husman, Jenefer; Kraft, Katrien J.; Mogk, David W.; Wirth, Karl R.: Teaching meTacogniTion: a SUmmarY oF SUcceSSFUl STraTegieS From The 2008 "on The cUTTing eDge" WorKShoP 8:35 AM Arthurs, Leilani*; Duncan, Douglas: The role oF meTacogniTion in learning & STraTegieS For DeVeloPing STUDenT meTacogniTion 8:50 AM Perkins, Dexter*; Wirth, Karl: PromoTing meTacogniTion in geoScience claSSroomS 9:05 AM Harris, Sara*; Smet, Kim; Jones, Francis; Steyn, Douw: can criTical inciDenT QUeSTionnaireS helP imProVe meTacogniTiVe SKillS? 9:20 AM Wirth, Karl R.*; Aziz, Fahima; Perkins, Dexter: reaDing, reFlecTing, anD relaTing: a meTacogniTiVe aPProach To learning 9:35 AM Friberg, LaVerne M.*: a claSSroom PerFormance SYSTem anD The role it PlaYS in DeVeloPing STUDenT meTacogniTiVe SKillS 9:50 AM Break 237-8 10:05 AM Ludwig, Matthew A.*; Petcovic, Heather L.: eXPloring connecTionS BeTWeen aSSeSSmenT, moTiVaTion, anD meTacogniTion 10:20 AM Barney, Jeffrey A.*; Bentz, Amy E.; Noakes, Lindsay; Ludwig, Matthew A.; McCowen, Robert H.: USing inTeracTiVe WeB-BaSeD aPPlicaTionS To imPlemenT afl PracTiceS






237-4 237-5







236-10 10:30 AM Miller, M.M.; Molnia, Bruce*; Connor, C.L.: JUneaU iceFielD reSearch Program: SiXTY YearS oF climaTe Science anD STUDenT FielD reSearch Training 236-11 10:45 AM Banerjee, Neil R.*; Brenders, Andrew J.: The UniVerSiTY oF WeSTern onTario inTernaTional geoScience FielD eXPerience: mUlTiDiSciPlinarY STUDieS oF The earTh in conTeXT 236-12 11:00 AM Powell, Ross D.*; Brigham-Grette, Julie: arcTic immerSion For U.S. UnDergraDUaTeS on SValBarD 236-13 11:15 AM Frey, Holli M.*; Manon, Matthew R.F.: monTSerraT: The claSSroom To The FielD anD BacK again 236-14 11:30 AM Marshall, Jeffrey S.*; Gardner, Thomas W.; Protti, Marino; Nourse, Jonathan A.: inTernaTional geoScienceS FielD reSearch WiTh UnDergraDUaTe STUDenTS: Three moDelS For eXPerienTial learning ProJecTS inVeSTigaTing acTiVe TecTonicS oF The nicoYa PeninSUla, coSTa rica

237-10 10:35 AM McConnell, David*; Jones, Megan H.; Budd, David A.; Bykerk-Kauffman, Ann; Gilbert, Lisa A.; Knight, Catharine; Kraft, Katrien J.; Nyman, Matthew; Stempien, Jennifer A.; Vislova, Tatiana; Wirth, Karl R.: BaSeline DaTa on moTiVaTion anD learning STraTegieS oF STUDenTS in PhYSical geologY coUrSeS aT mUlTiPle inSTiTUTionS: garneT ParT 1, oVerVieW 237-11 10:55 AM Gilbert, Lisa A.*; Wirth, Karl R.; Stempien, Jennifer A.; Budd, David A.; Bykerk-Kauffman, Ann; Jones, Megan H.; Knight, Catharine; Kraft, Katrien J.; matheney, Ronald K.; McConnell, David; Nell, Ryan M.; Nyman, Matthew; Perkins, Dexter; Vislova, Tatiana: WhaT moTiVaTionS anD learning STraTegieS Do STUDenTS Bring To inTroDUcTorY geologY?: garneT ParT 2, STUDenTS 237-12 11:10 AM Kraft, Katrien J.*; Perkins, Dexter; Budd, David A.; Bykerk-Kauffman, Ann; Jones, Megan H.; Knight, Catharine; Matheney, Ronald K.; McConnell, David; Stempien, Jennifer A.; Wirth, Karl R.; Gilbert, Lisa A.; Nyman, Matthew; Nell, Ryan M.: The eFFecT oF inSTrUcTor anD learning enVironmenT on STUDenT moTiVaTion anD aTTiTUDeS: garneT ParT 3, inSTrUcTion

252 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


237-13 11:25 AM Bykerk-Kauffman, Ann*; Matheney, Ronald K.; Nyman, Matthew; Stempien, Jennifer A.; Budd, David A.; Gilbert, Lisa A.; Jones, Megan H.; Knight, Catharine; Kraft, Katrien J.; Nell, Ryan M.; Perkins, Dexter; Teasdale, Rachel; Vislova, Tatiana; Wirth, Karl: The eFFecT oF STUDenT moTiVaTion anD learning STraTegieS on PerFormance in PhYSical geologY coUrSeS: garneT ParT 4, STUDenT PerFormance 11:40 AM Discussion

SeSSion no. 239

T124. Fluid-Driven Geochemical Transformations: In Honor of Harold Helgeson (Society of Economic Geologists; Geochemical Society)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 252 Everett L. Shock, Dennis Bird, William M. Murphy, and John Dilles, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 239-1 8:10 AM Savage, Kaye*; Ashley, Roger P.; Bird, Dennis K.: a hYDrogeochemical moDel oF PiT laKe eVolUTion accoUnTing For SeaSonallY VariaBle ProceSSeS 8:30 AM Ben Simon, Rose*; Bélières, Michel; Schmitt, Jean-Michel; Thiry, Médard: eXPerimenTal STUDY anD nUmerical moDelling oF geochemical reacTionS occUrring DUring UraniUm in SiTU recoVerY (iSr) mining 8:45 AM Murphy, William M.*: ThermoDYnamicS oF FlUiDDriVen oXiDaTion oF UraniniTe, PreciPiTaTion oF UranoPhane, anD coPreciPiTaTion oF nePTUniUm 9:00 AM Manning, Craig E.*: mineral-SolUTion eQUiliBria aT high PreSSUreS 9:20 AM Tomkins, Andrew G.*: meTamorPhic DehYDraTion reacTionS DriVe PYriTe BreaKDoWn anD FormaTion oF a SUlFUr generaTion WinDoW: The SoUrce oF orogenic golD 9:35 AM Dilles, John H.*; Proffett, John M.; Barton, Mark D.; Seedorff, Eric: Wall-rocK alTeraTion in PorPhYrY coPPer DePoSiTS: PreDicTion oF hYDroThermal FlUiD comPoSiTionS, FloW PaThS, anD SUlFiDe ore DePoSiTion 9:50 AM Osborn, Stephen G.*; McIntosh, Jennifer C.; Martini, Anna M.; Hanor, Jeffrey S.: eViDence For BaSinal-Brine migraTion anD WaTer rocK inTeracTionS From 129i/i, 87Sr/86Sr anD Trace meTal geochemiSTrY: norThern aPPalachian BaSin 10:05 AM Steele-MacInnis, Matthew J.*; Rimstidt, J. Donald; Lowell, Robert; Bodnar, Robert J.: QUarTZ TranSPorT anD DePoSiTion From immiSciBle FlUiDS in PorPhYrY coPPer SYSTemS 10:25 AM Reed, Mark*; Rusk, Brian; Palandri, James: a hYDroThermal liQUiD line oF DeScenT From magma To ePiThermal FlUiD

SeSSion no. 238

T118. Navigating the Geoscience Information Landscape: Pathways to Success (Geoscience Information Society; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, D137/138 Jody Foote, Presiding 238-1 238-2 8:00 AM Huffine, Richard*: DigiTal cUraTion aT The U.S. geological SUrVeY 8:20 AM Jablonski, Jon R.*: PorTalS, ProJecTS, anD PaThWaYS: aDVice For DeeP reSearch in maP liBrarieS 8:40 AM Manson, Connie J.*: The Dger liBrarY Then anD noW­ The TranSFormaTion oF a Small geoScience liBrarY From PaPer To cYBerSPace 9:00 AM Joseph, Lura E.*: geologic FielD TriP gUiDeBooKS; ProgreSS on a ProJecT To iDenTiFY inDeXing gaPS 9:15 AM Noga, Michael Mark*: ProFeSSional SocieTY JoUrnalS, a change in The lanDScaPe? 9:30 AM Miller, C.C.*: Filling liBrarian-SiZeD gaPS in geoinFormaTicS: TacTicS For liBrarian enTrée inTo The reVolUTion 9:45 AM Johnston, Lisa*: hoW DeeP are geoScienTiSTS Willing To Dig? -- a ciTaTion analYSiS aDDreSSing The changing inFormaTion-SeeKing BehaVior in The DigiTal age 10:00 AM Break 238-8 238-9 10:15 AM McCormick, Tim*: The BriTiSh geological SUrVeY leXicon oF nameD rocK UniTS 10:30 AM Tolliver, Robert L.*: USing eXhiBiTS To PromoTe Science 239-9 239-8 239-7 239-3 239-2

239-4 239-5




238-5 238-6



238-10 10:45 AM Srivastav, Atul Kumar*: inFormaTion naVigaTion BehaVior oF geoScienTiSTS in inDian PeTroleUm inDUSTrY 238-11 11:00 AM Blair, Bruce B.*: aDD Some "WoW" To YoUr PUBlicaTionS liSTing WiTh google maPS© 238-12 11:15 AM Block, Karin A.*; Snyder, Walter S.; Lehnert, Kerstin A.: The DeVeloPmenT oF The geoScience STUDenT DaTa neTWorK aS a BaSiS For an inTegraTeD reSearch-cenTereD cUrricUlUm 238-13 11:30 AM Lightsom, Frances*; Allwardt, Alan; Linck, Guthrie: marine realmS inFormaTion BanK: a DigiTal liBrarY oF coaSTal anD marine Science For ScienTiSTS, eDUcaTorS, PUBlic SerVanTS, anD concerneD ciTiZenS 238-14 11:45 AM Brown, Barry N.*: a comParaTiVe analYSiS oF geoScience liTeraTUre DaTaBaSeS

239-10 10:40 AM Merino, Enrique*: mineral rePlacemenT: KeY To geochemical DYnamicS anD To iTS moDeling 239-11 10:55 AM Engel, Michael H.*; Macko, Stephen A.: aSYmmeTric amPliFicaTion oF ProTein amino aciDS in carBonaceoUS meTeoriTeS 239-12 11:10 AM Ebel, Denton S.*; Alexander, Conel M. O'D.; Ciesla, Fred J.; Davis, Andrew M.; Mac Low, Mordecai-Mark; Maron, Jason; Young, Edward D.: moDeling SoliDS in aSTroPhYSical gaSeoUS (FlUiD) DiSKS aS coSmochemical inDicaTorS 239-13 11:25 AM Walther, John V.*: MODIFIED helgeSon, KirKham anD FloWerS eQUaTion oF STaTe For STanDarD ParTial molal ProPerTieS oF ionS 239-14 11:40 AM Neuhoff, Philip S.*: a SoliD SolUTion aPProach To STanDarD STaTe ThermoDYnamic moDelS oF mineral SUrFaceS

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 253


SeSSion no. 240

T143. Debris Flows I (GSA Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, E147/148 Richard M. Iverson, Jonathan Godt, and William Schulz, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 240-1 8:05 AM Kean, Jason W.*; McCoy, Scott W.; Coe, Jeffrey A.; Staley, Dennis M.; Tucker, Gregory E.; Wasklewicz, Thad.A.: FielD oBSerVaTionS oF DeBriS FloWS aT chalK cliFFS, coloraDo: ParT 1, moniToring STaTion DaTa From a 2 JUne 2009 eVenT 8:25 AM Wasklewicz, Thad.A.*; Staley, Dennis M.; Coe, Jeffrey A.; Kean, Jason W.; McCoy, Scott W.: FielD oBSerVaTionS oF DeBriS FloWS aT chalK cliFFS, coloraDo: ParT 2, changeS in channel morPhomeTrY oBTaineD From TerreSTrial laSer Scanning 8:45 AM McArdell, Brian W.*; Graf, Christoph: FielD oBSerVaTionS oF DeBriS FloW ProPerTieS aT The illgraBen caTchmenT, SWiTZerlanD 9:05 AM Iverson, Richard M.*; George, David L.; Henderson, Scott: elemenTS oF an imProVeD moDel oF DeBriSFloW moTion 9:25 AM Kowalski, Julia*; Bugnion, Louis: an eXTenDeD ShalloW FloW TheorY For naTUral DeBriS FloWS 9:45 AM Wendeler, Corinna*; Bartelt, Perry; Shevlin, Tim: a loaD moDel For The DeSign oF FleXiBle DeBriS FloW BarrierS 10:05 AM Break 240-7 10:20 AM McKenna, Jonathan P.*; Santi, Paul; Jezek, John J.; Gartner, Joseph E.: an eXPerimenTal aPParaTUS For TeSTing The ProPenSiTY oF Soil To FloW 10:40 AM Kaitna, Roland*; Dietrich, William: meaSUring VelociTY ProFileS in large Scale DeBriS FloW eXPerimenTS 11:00 AM Hsu, Leslie*; Dietrich, William E.; Sklar, Leonard S.: BeDrocK eroSion BY DeBriS FloWS: eXPerimenTS in a large roTaTing DrUm 241-6 Kuscu, Ilkay; Moon, Charles J.; Richards, Jeremy P.: PreliminarY PorPhYrY cU aSSeSSmenT For The cenTral TeThYS region 241-5 9:10 AM Sutphin, David M.*: a geograPhic inFormaTion SYSTem To SUPPorT The mineral-reSoUrce aSSeSSmenT oF The cenTral TeThYS region 9:25 AM Seltmann, Reimar*: coPPer in cenTral eUraSia: linKing TecTonicS anD meTallogenY 9:45 AM Break 241-7 10:00 AM Petrov, O.V.; Shatov, V.V.*; Feoktistov, V.P.; Seltmann, R.: coPPer DePoSiTS oF rUSSia: an oVerVieW oF maJor mineral DePoSiT TYPeS anD mineral PoTenTial 10:20 AM Herrington, Richard J.*; Maslennikov, Valeriy; Hawkins, Thomas; Zaykov, Victor: coPPer DePoSiTS oF The UralS: TecTonic SeTTingS anD geological aSSociaTionS 10:35 AM Chitalin, Andrei F.*: PorPhYrY coPPer DePoSiTS oF rUSSia






241-10 10:50 AM Chechetkin, Vladimir S.*; Trubachev, Aleksey I.: maJor coPPer DePoSiT TYPeS in TranSBaiKalia anD conTigUoUS areaS: rUSSia, china anD mongolia 241-11 11:05 AM Alexeiev, Dmitry V.*; Seltmann, Reimar: PaleoZoic TecTonic eVolUTion anD cU-ProVinceS oF KaZaKhSTan anD Tian Shan 241-12 11:20 AM Mars, John C.*: regional alTeraTion maPPing For mineral aSSeSSmenT in The laKe BalQaSh region oF KaZaKhSTan USing aDVanceD SPaceBorne Thermal emiSSion anD reFlecTion raDiomeTer (aSTer) DaTa




WeDneSDaY PoSTer Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 242

Archaeological Geology (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 242-1 1 Doehne, Eric*; Buxbaum, A.; Walton, Marc: nanoScale microSTrUcTUre anD mineralogY oF a greeK VaSe: characTeriZaTion oF BlacK anD reD gloSS USing FiB/STem, eSem/eDS anD elecTron microProBe analYSiS 2 McHenry, Lindsay J.*: high- reSolUTion TePhroSTraTigraPhY oF BeD ii, olDUVai gorge: reconSTrUcTing lanDScaPeS aT The olDoWanacheUlean TranSiTion 3 Burch, Katrina*: USing groUnD-PeneTraTing raDar To locaTe nineTeenTh cenTUrY graVeS 4 Hill, Christopher L.*; Rapp, George: geomorPhologY, chronoSTraTigraPhY anD geoarchaeologY oF The loWer Big ForK riVer ValleY, norThern minneSoTa 5 Ineshin, Evgenii M.; Vin'kovskaia, Oksana P.; Kulagina, Natalia; Polotskaya, Lidia; Kuznetsov, Oleg V.; Teten'Kin, Alexy V.; Kharinskii, Artur V.; Anderson, David G.; Ziker, John; Hill, Christopher L.*: laTe QUaTernarY enVironmenTS in SoUThern SiBeria: lanDScaPe reSPonSe To climaTe change anD hUman acTiViTieS in The BaiKalo-PaTom UPlanD 6 Aughenbaugh, Kelly*; Mennett, Colin; Weisenberg, Nick; Wiles, Gregory: Tree-ring DaTing oF hiSTorical STrUcTUreS in ohio anD WeSTern PennSYlVania


240-10 11:20 AM Coe, Jeffrey A.*; Michael, John A.: QUanTiTaTiVe analYSiS oF channel eroSion BY DeBriS FloWS, cenTral coaST range, oregon 240-11 11:40 AM Reid, Mark E.*; Iverson, Richard M.; LaHusen, Richard G.; Logan, Matthew; Godt, Jonathan W.; Griswold, Julia P.; Swinford, Kelly J.; Denlinger, Roger P.: enTrainmenT oF BeD SeDimenT BY DeBriS FloWS: large-Scale eXPerimenTS

SeSSion no. 241

T149. Copper in Central Eurasia and Russia: Linking Mineral Resource Assessment, Tectonics, and Metallogeny (Society of Economic Geologists; Centre for Russian and Central EurAsian Mineral Studies [CERCAMS]; U.S. Geological Survey; GSA International Division)

8:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, B116 Jane M. Hammarstrom and Reimar Seltmann, Presiding 8:00 AM introductory remarks 241-1 241-2 241-3 8:05 AM Singer, Donald A.*; Menzie, W. David: PaTTernS in inDUSTrial coPPer conSUmPTion 8:25 AM Sinclair, W. David*: PorPhYrY DePoSiTS - a reVieW WiTh emPhaSiS on DePoSiTS in cenTral eUraSia 8:40 AM Hammarstrom, Jane M.*: aSSeSSmenT oF UnDiScoVereD coPPer reSoUrceS in cenTral eUraSia anD rUSSia 8:55 AM Drew, Lawrence J.*; Sutphin, David M.; Berger, Byron; Mars, John C.; Herrington, Richard J.; Billa, Mario;


242-3 242-4




254 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


242-7 7 Bown, Thomas M.*; Nichols, Kimberly A.: SaTelliTe imagerY DiScoVerY oF hUnDreDS oF ancienT horn-ShaPeD STone conSTrUcTionS anD Their ProBaBle SYmBolic SigniFicance To neoliThic caTTle PaSToraliSTS oF The mali rePUBlic, niger rePUBlic, anD SoUThern algeria 8 Nichols, Kimberly A.*; Bown, Thomas M.: neW recorD oF hUnDreDS oF ancienT Kraal-liKe STone circleS in SoUThern algeria, anD Their cUlTUral anD TemPoral imPlicaTionS For neoliThic caTTle PaSToraliSm in WeST aFrica 9 Gatti, Emma*: STraTigraPhY oF The ToBa SUPerVolcanic eVenT in The Son ValleY, inDia, anD iTS imPlicaTion For UPPer PalaeoliThic hUman SeTTlemenTS 10 Riggins, Annelise M.*; Smith, April; Meyer, Lauren; Dennison, Shannon; Merkel, Stephen; Ramos, Frank C.; McMillan, N.J.: eValUaTing caVaTe DeTerioraTion aT BanDelier naTional monUmenT ThroUgh geochemical anD PeTrograPhic analYSiS 11 Hasbargen, Leslie*; Klink, Cynthia; Walker, Renee; Johnson, Emmon: comBining archaeologY, SeDimenTologY, anD gPr STraTigraPhY To elUciDaTe FlooDPlain DeVeloPmenT, charloTTe creeK, nY 12 Nold, Kathryn D.*; Johnson, Claudia C.; Conrad, Geoffrey W.; Beeker, Charles D.; Kauffman, Erle G.; Elswick, Erika R.: UTiliZing Shell miDDenS aS eViDence oF Taíno FooD reSoUrceS 13 Hicks, Tanner*; Morris, Thomas H.: aggraDaTion anD DegraDaTion aT The norTh creeK ShelTer archeological SiTe: a SeDimenTological hiSTorY 14 Torridi, Danielle*; Sablock, Peter: a DePTh caliBraTeD gPr STUDY oF a 17Th cenTUrY FronTier homeSTeaD 15 Pedler, David*; McCoy, Curtis; Grote, Todd; Quinn, Allen: DiSTriBUTion oF archaeological SiTeS in The PennSYlVania laKe erie WaTerSheD 16 Ivester, Andrew H.*; Ferguson, Terry A.; Butler, Scott: holocene FlooDPlain anD Terrace FormaTion in PieDmonT riVer ValleYS oF norThWeSTern SoUTh carolina 17 Ameis, Amy L.*; Niemi, Tina M.; Murowchick, James; Park, Lisa E.: anThroPogenic heaVY meTalS in SeDimenT coreS From SalT PonD, San SalVaDor, The BahamaS 18 Fortin, Louis William*; Duff, Andrew I.: geoarchaeological analYSiS oF DePoSiTional SeQUenceS aT coX ranch PUeBlo, neW meXico 19 Gottsfield, Andrew Stefan*: The geologic PoTenTial For cUlTUral DePoSiTS in The UPPer neoSho riVer BaSin, eaSTern KanSaS: a PreliminarY aSSeSSmenT 243-12 colUmBia riVer FlooD BaSalTS: imPlicaTionS For The SeQUeSTraTion oF anThroPogenic carBon DioXiDe 243-5 243-6 24 Smeaton, Craig*: ViSUaliSaTion oF Soil conTaminaTion UTiliSing BaSic maPPing SoFTWare 25 Flory, Megan M.*; Sleezer, Richard O.: DeVeloPmenT oF STanDarD DigiTiZing ProceDUreS To aSSeSS TemPoral changeS in Small, anThroPogenic PonDS USing hiSTorical aerial PhoTograPhS anD giS 26 Kim, Jae Gon*; Park, Jeong Sik: reVegeTaTion oF mine WaSTe DUmP USing PhoSPhaTe coaTing anD arTiFicial Soil 27 Davis, Klarissa*; Sullivan, Charlotte; McGrail, B. Pete: inTerPreTaTion oF Wire-line logS From The WallUla PiloT Well, colUmBia riVer FlooD BaSalTS 28 Geise, Greg R.*; Krekeler, Mark: inVeSTigaTion oF mineralogical anD geochemical ProPerTieS oF SilicaTe-rich mine WaSTe From a KYaniTe mine in cenTral Virginia 29 LeGalley, Erin Michelle*; Krekeler, Mark: grain SiZe characTeriSTicS oF Silica-rich mine WaSTe From a KYaniTe mine in DillWYn, Virginia 30 Shapiro, Rachel J.*; Elliott, William S. Jr.: groWTh eXPerimenTS oF ACIDITHIOBACILLUS FERROXIDANS To reSolVe oXiDaTion raTeS oF SUlFiDe mineralS aT The aBanDoneD BlUe leDge mine, SiSKiYoU coUnTY, caliFornia 31 Carlson, Megan L.*; Remo, Jonathan; Pinter, Nicholas: aSSeSSing leVee imPacT on FlooD haZarD WiTh FlooD-loSS moDeling anD reTro moDeling 32 Allen, Paula E.*; Kaplan, Samantha W.: DeVeloPmenT oF SiTe SPeciFic climaTe ScenarioS For riVer anD SeDimenT DiScharge USing macroPhYSical climaTe moDelS: an eXamPle From PUerTo rico 33 Barrett, Heather Ann*; Krekeler, Mark: enVironmenTal mineralogical inVeSTigaTion oF anoDic PorTionS oF Some SPenT alKaline BaTTerieS 34 Strang, Carolyn*; Iqbal, Mohammad: inVeSTigaTing The imPacT oF rainFall on WaTer QUaliTY inDeX ValUeS WiThin The DrY rUn creeK WaTerSheD in norTheaST ioWa 35 Calkins, Katherine C.*; Krekeler, Mark: inVeSTigaTion oF an UnconSoliDaTeD PleiSTocene limeSTone UniT For USe in SUBSUrFace FloW conSTrUcTeD WeTlanDS in The YUcaTan 36 Linhoff, Benjamin*; Longmire, Patrick; Rearick, Michael; Perkins, George; Larson, Toti; Newell, Dennis; McQuillan, Dennis; Gallegos, Robert: hYDrogeochemical inVeSTigaTion oF SanTa Fe coUnTY, neW meXico, USa 37 Amin, Isam E.*; Jamison, Jonathan A.: SimUlaTion oF The SUSPenDeD SeDimenT loaD in The cUYahoga riVer, norTheaSTern ohio, USing linear regreSSion 38 Murphy, Yarrow M.; Jones, Julia A.*: STream channel STaBiliTY anD SenSiTiViTY To lanDScaPe hiSTorY anD lanD USe changeS in KelleY creeK, PorTlanD, oregon 39 Johnson, Dawn M.*; Robinson, Amelia C.; Smith, Jena P.; Payne, Forrest E.; McMillan, Margaret E.; Stites, Courtney E.: USe oF geochemical ProXieS To iDenTiFY WaTerSheD inPUTS To laKe maUmelle, cenTral arKanSaS 40 Bossie, Willie*; Wagaw, Mezemir; Kebede, Girma; Gabre, Teshome; Tadesse, Wubishet: regional WaTer SecUriTY, conTemPorarY Farm lanDUSe TrenD, anD gloBal climaTe change imPacT in norThern alaBama 41 Lizárraga Mendiola, Liliana*; Navar-Chaidez, Jesus; BlancoPiñon, Alberto; De Leon-Gomez, Héctor: DiSTriBUTion anD












242-14 242-15








SeSSion no. 243

Environmental Geoscience (Posters): Where Geoscience and Stewardship Meet

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 243-1 243-2 20 Belcher, Claire M.*: maJor canaDian WilDFireS correlaTe WiTh large Volcanic eVenTS 21 Green Garcia, Angela M.; Hromis, Angel; Musselwhite, Donald; Morris, Penny; Vaquiz, Ebelin; Wright, Julie M.*: SUcceSSeS anD challengeS oF JoinT oZoneSonDe laUncheS: an nSF UnDergraDUaTe STUDenT reSearch ProJecT 22 Mills, Stuart J.*; Dipple, Gregory M.; Raudsepp, Mati; Wilson, Siobhan A.: DecomPoSiTion oF KonYaiTe anD iTS imPorTance in carBon SeQUeSTraion 23 Porter, Courtney M.*; Sullivan, Charlotte; Nicolaysen, Kirsten P.; Davis, Klarissa; McGrail, B. Pete: TeXTUral FeaTUreS oF








2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 255






chemical SPeciaTion oF Some elemenTS PreSenT in SUPerFicial anD groUnD WaTer in linareS nUeVo leon (ne meXico) 244-16 57 Shafer, David S.*; Miller, Julianne J.; DuBois, Dave; Etyemezian, Vic; Kavouras, Ilias; Nikolich, George; Zitzer, Stephen F.: meaSUring PoTenTial FlUVial anD aeolian eroSion From a rangelanD Fire in The moJaVe-greaT BaSin TranSiTion Zone 58 Remo, Jonathan W.F.*; Pinter, Nicholas: riVer Training STrUcTUreS: eFFecTS on FloW DYnamicS, channel morPhologY, anD FlooD leVelS 59 Goode, Jaime R.*; Wohl, Ellen; Reich, Robin: SUBSTraTe inFlUenceS on The occUrrence oF STream PoTholeS 60 Godaire, Jeanne E.*: FlUVial aDJUSTmenTS along The loWer Bighorn riVer, monTana FolloWing Dam conSTrUcTion 61 Lee, Adam A.*; Giardino, John R.; Brunk, Tim J.; Rodosovich, Daynna K.; McClenning, Bree: morPhologic characTeriSTicS oF STeP Pool STreamS along The SoUThern SloPeS oF granD meSa, coloraDo 62 Aslan, Andres*; Hanson, Paul: laTe PleiSTocene coloraDo riVer TerraceS, WeSTern coloraDo: a TeST oF The STream PoWer moDel 63 Rakovan, Monica*; Renwick, William H.; Rech, Jason: imPacTS oF lanD USe anD channel morPhologY on hYDrologic regime aS inFerreD From FielD/giS maPPing anD hYDrologic moDeling 64 Manning, Ashley R.*; Harrelson, Danny W.; Pearson, Monte L.: channel eVolUTion oF The TriniTY riVer, DallaS coUnTY TeXaS 65 Moore, Cameron*; Jefferson, Anne J.: SeDimenT SiZe DiSTriBUTionS in ForeSTeD heaDWaTer STreamS oF The norTh carolina PieDmonT 66 Shepherd, Stephanie L.*; Davis, Ralph K.; Dixon, J.C.: graVel DiSTriBUTion anD lanD USe in TWo heaDWaTer STreamS oF The illinoiS riVer WaTerSheD, arKanSaS 67 Dierauer, Jennifer R.*; Remo, Jonathan; Pinter, Nicholas: moDeling eFFecTiVeneSS oF leVee SeT-BacKS USing comBineD 1D hYDraUlic moDeling anD FlooD-loSS SimUlaTionS 68 Foster, Melissa A.*; Montoya, Diane S.; Kelsey, Harvey M.: comPariSon oF channel geomeTrieS in TriBUTarieS locaTeD aBoVe anD BeloW a KnicKPoinT on The SoUTh ForK eel riVer, norThern caliFornia 69 Hayes, Benjamin*; Kochel, R. Craig; Kassab, Christine M.: aSSeSSing long-Term geomorPhic aDJUSTmenT anD STream reSToraTion STrUcTUreS in norTh-cenTral PennSYlVania 70 Lord, Mark*; Miller, Jerry; Germanoski, Dru; Villarroel, Lionel; Tur y, Rachael; Walsh, Danvey; Chambers, Jeanne: Do reachScale geomorPhicallY DeFineD ProceSS ZoneS PreDicT SenSiTiViTY oF channel SYSTemS anD hYDrologic ProceSSeS in The moUnTainS oF The cenTral greaT BaSin? 71 Miller, Scott R.*; Sak, Peter B.; Kirby, Eric: hacK VS. DaViS: reViSiTing lanDScaPe eVolUTion in an ancienT orogen 72 Balakrishnan, Aneesha*; Rice-Snow, Scott: inFlUence oF climaTe on comPleXiTY oF conTinenTal Scale Drainage DiViDeS 73 Dortch, Jason M.*; Owen, Lewis A.; Caffee, M.W.; Kamp, Ulrich: lanDScaPe eVolUTion anD morPhologY oF The TangTSe riVer ValleY conTrolleD BY caTaSTroPhic ParTial Drainage oF Pangong TSo 74 Lehmann, Sophie*; Rech, Jason A.; Currie, Brian S.; Jordan, Teresa E.; Riquelme, Rodrigo: reDeFining The TaraPaca PeDiPlain; analYSiS oF relicT SoilS in The norThern aTacama DeSerT, chile 75 Polivka, Holly*; Weisbrot, Elizabeth; Eaton, L. Scott: USing SoilS anD SeDimenTologY For DeciPhering The originS

SeSSion no. 244

Geomorphology (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 244-1 42 Portenga, Eric W.*; Bierman, Paul R.; Rizzo, Donna M.: a gloBal SUmmarY anD analYSiS oF eXPoSeD BeDrocK eroSion raTeS eSTimaTeD USing IN SITU 10Be 43 Rittenour, Tammy*; Pearce, Heidi R.: DroUghT anD DUne acTiViTY in The iDaho FallS DUne FielD, SnaKe riVer Plain, SoUTheaSTern iDaho 44 McCoy, Curtis A.*; Lang, Nicholas P.: aeolian FeaTUreS in The meaD anD heSTia rUPeS regionS oF VenUS: a comPariSon To TerreSTrial longiTUDinal DUneS 45 Kilibarda, Zoran*; Taylor, Diane; Menchaca, Michael: SanD accreTion raTeS anD coaSTal DUne inlanD aDVance along SoUThern Shore oF laKe michigan 46 Jackson, D.W.T.; Cooper, J. Andrew G.*; Baas, A.C.W.; Lynch, K.; Beyers, M.: 3-D airFloW PaTTernS oVer coaSTal ForeDUneS: imPlicaTionS For aeolian SeDimenT TranSPorT 47 Sweeney, Mark R.*; McDonald, Eric; Etyemezian, Vic: QUanTiFicaTion oF DUST emiSSionS From DeSerT lanDFormS USing The Pi-SWerl, SoUThern caliFornia 48 Hansen, Edward C.; Fisher, Timothy G.*; Bjorck, Svante: conTraSTing inlanD anD coaSTal aeolian recorDS in SW michigan, USa: imPlicaTionS For TriggerS oF DUne moBiliTY 49 Hanson, Paul*; Dillon, Jeremy S.; Young, Aaron R.; Joeckel, R.M.; Kuzila, M.S.: recogniTion oF laTe PleiSTocene eolian DeFlaTion FeaTUreS SoUTh oF The JameS loBe, norTheaSTern neBraSKa, USa 50 Graly, Joseph A.*; Bierman, Paul; Neumann, Thomas; Corbett, Lee B.; Lini, Andrea; Reusser, Lucas J.; Finkel, Robert; Rood, Dylan: relicT Soil enTrainmenT in PleiSTocene ice ThroUgh oPen-SYSTem regelaTion: laTiTUDinal VariaTion in The WeSTern greenlanD ice SheeT 51 Corbett, Lee B.*; Bierman, Paul R.; Graly, Joseph A.; Neumann, Thomas A.; Rood, Dylan H.; Finkel, Robert C.: in SiTU coSmogenic 10Be eSTimaTeS oF DeglaciaTion Timing anD glacial eroSion eFFiciencY, WeSTern greenlanD 52 Haritashya, Umesh K.*: TeXTUre anD SUBglacial eVacUaTion analYSiS oF The ParTicle SiZe oF SUSPenDeD SeDimenT From The gangoTri glacier, cenTral himalaYa 53 Puckering, Stacey*; Eyles, Carolyn H.: reconSTrUcTing SUBglacial conDiTionS ThroUgh DeTaileD maPPing anD SPaTial analYSiS oF P-FormS in The area oF WhiTeFiSh FallS, onTario 54 Kozlowski, Andrew L.*; Feranec, Robert; Lothrop, Jonathan C.; Krumdieck, Newton W.; Stefanik, Paul: maSToDonS, marl anD groUnD PeneTraTing raDar: a caSe STUDY oF SeDimenT-lanDFormS anD Paleoecologic reconSTrUcTionS in SoUTheaSTern neW YorK 55 Kakolewski, Christopher*; Hasbargen, Leslie: laTe glacial anD holocene allUVial FanS in BUTTernUT ValleY, UPSTaTe neW YorK 56 Street, Quinn Leon*: eViDence For channeliZeD FloW PaTTernS oF The miocene loVeJoY BaSalT, norThern caliFornia 244-30 244-18 244-17






























256 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


oF geomorPhic SUrFaceS near maSSanUTTen moUnTain, cenTral ShenanDoah ValleY, Virginia 244-35 76 Croall, Kelsey*; Jones, Emily; Safran, Elizabeth; O'Connor, Jim E.; House, P. Kyle; Ely, Lisa L.: ancienT lanDSliDeS, lanDSliDe DamS, anD oUTBUrST FlooD PoTenTial in an eXTenSional SeTTing 77 Woody, Abby*; Hurtado, Jose Miguel Jr.: TecTonic geomorPhologY oF The PUna TSang chhU ValleY, BhUTan 78 Gaugler, Devin F.*: hillSloPe eVolUTion in a highlY comPleX SemiariD lanDScaPe 79 Trodick, Charles D. Jr.*; Bierman, Paul; Pavich, Milan; Reusser, Lucas J.; Rood, Dylan: meTeoric 10Be concenTraTionS in The PoTomac riVer BaSin 80 Bierman, P.*; Reusser, Lucas J.; Nichols, Kyle K.; Matmon, Ari; Rood, Dylan: Where iS The SeDimenT coming From anD Where iS iT going ­ a 10Be eXaminaTion oF The norThern QUeenSlanD eScarPmenT, aUSTralia 81 Brunk, Tim J.*; Giardino, John R.; Lee, Adam A.; Rodosovich, Daynna K.; McClenning, Bree: a geomorPhological-SeDimenTological inTerPreTaTion oF armoreD DePoSiTS along The SoUThern FlanKS oF granD meSa, co, USa: a PreliminarY aSSeSSmenT 82 Rodosovich, Daynna K.*; Giardino, John R.; Brunk, Tim J.; Lee, Adam A.; McClenning, Bree: geoPhYSical geomorPhologY or "geoPhanTaSY": DoeS groUnDPeneTraTing raDar (gPr) ShoW DePoSiTional regime BoUnDarieS anD STrUcTUreS in armoreD DePoSiTS? 83 Regmi, Netra*; Giardino, John R.; Vitek, John D.: moDeling lanDSliDeS USing The WeighT oF eViDence aPProach: WeSTern coloraDo, USa 84 Kinner, David A.*; Waters-Tormey, Cheryl; Latham, Rebecca S.; Douglas, Thomas J.; Wooten, Richard M.; Jacobsen, Preston: DeVeloPmenT, maSS moVemenT anD WeaThering ProFileS: a SloW moVing WeaThereD rocK SliDe in WeSTern norTh carolina 85 Wolfe, Davina M.*: SanDSTone canYon eroSion aT STarVeD rocK STaTe ParK, illinoiS 86 Hallam, Valerie G.*; Springer, Abraham; Stevens, Lawrence E.; Anderson, Diana Elder: STaTiSTical comPariSonS oF geomorPhic anD SPecieS DiVerSiTY inDiceS For SPringS ecoSYSTemS 87 Rich, Andrew*; Keller, Edward A.: geomorPhologY oF Small coaSTal lagoonS in SoUThern caliFornia 88 Edenborn, Harry M.*; Kite, J. Steven: Thermal regime oF The TroUgh creeK ice mine, hUnTingDon coUnTY, PennSYlVania 89 Reusser, Lucas J.*; Bierman, Paul; Montgomery, David R.: hoW We ViSUaliZe geomorPhologY ­ a neW aPProach To TeXTBooK FigUreS 90 Massey, Christine A.*; Bierman, Paul R.; Montgomery, David R.: Free on-line VIGNETTES SUPPlemenT neW geomorPhologY TeXTBooK anD alloW coUrSe cUSTomiZaTion 91 Russell, Jamie*; Bierman, Paul R.; Wright, Wesley: IMAGING EARTH'S SURFACE -- a WeB­BaSeD archiVe oF high reSolUTion geomorPhologY imagerY 245-5 245-2 245-3 The eFFecTS oF ocean aciDiFicaTion on The SUrViVal oF The BenThic ForaminiFer BOLIVINA ARGENTEA 93 Calner, Mikael*; Lehnert, Oliver: ooliTeS aS marKerS For gloBal change in The ocean-aTmoSPhere SYSTem 94 Peterson, Joseph E.*; Scherer, Reed P.; Huffman, Kristopher M.: meThoDS oF microVerTeBraTe SamPling anD Their inFlUence on Paleoecological inTerPreTaionS: PreliminarY reSUlTS oF a STanDarDiZeD eXPerimenT 95 Keenan, Sarah W.*; Trueman, Clive N.; Benton, Michael J.: rare earTh elemenTS anD raTeS oF FoSSiliZaTion in TeTraPoD BoneS 96 Lam, Bao V.*; Murray, Rachel H.; Andres, Bradley W.; Boyle-Mejia, Oscar; Curry Rogers, Kristina: PaTTernS oF microBial BioeroSion in BoneS From The camPanian JUDiTh riVer FormaTion oF monTana 97 Cooper, Jamey N.*; Esperante, Raul; Nick, Kevin E.: The QUanTiFicaTion oF BioeroSion in FoSSil ceTaceanS oF The PiSco FormaTion, PerU 98 Gardner, Eleanor*; Walker, Sally E.: climaTe maTTerS: comParing aVian Bone TaPhonomY in Warm TemPeraTe VS. SUBTroPical enVironmenTS 99 Anderson, Evan P.*; Xiao, Shuhai: The UlTraSTrUcTUre anD morPhologY oF CHUARIA anD iTS imPlicaTionS on The TaPhonomY oF carBonaceoUS comPreSSionS 100 Henderson, Miles*; Kah, Linda C.: morPhological anD geochemical inVeSTigaTion oF GRYPANIA SPIRALIS: a neW looK aT an olD FoSSil



244-37 244-38









245-10 101 Laflamme, Marc*; Schiffbauer, James D.; Narbonne, Guy M.; Briggs, Derek E.G.: eDiacaran SoFT-BoDieD PreSerVaTion BY microBe-ParTicle inTeracTionS 245-11 102 Bailey, Richard H.*: reTroDeFormaTion anD DiSTriBUTion analYSiS oF an eDiacaran FoSSil From The BoSTon BaY groUP, eaSTern maSSachUSeTTS 245-12 103 Sappenfield, Aaron*; Droser, Mary L.; Gehling, James: TaPhonomY oF an aBUnDanT anD WiDeSPreaD neW eDiacaran TUBUlar FoSSil; SOMATOHELIX SINUOSUS (eDiacara memBer, SoUTh aUSTralia) 245-13 104 Powell, Wayne*; Papaneocleous, Andreas: comPariSon oF maTriX, FoSSil, anD Vein mineral aSSemBlageS in The BUrgeSS Shale, BriTiSh colUmBia, canaDa 245-14 105 Clark, George R.*: organic maTriX in The earlY camBrian: PhYSical eViDence anD SigniFicance 245-15 106 Lerner, Allan J.*; Lucas, Spencer G.; Krainer, Karl: eXcePTionallY PreSerVeD hYDroZoanS (chonDroPhorineS) From The loWer Permian roBleDo moUnTainS FormaTion oF SoUTh-cenTral neW meXico 245-16 107 Linzmeier, Benjamin J.*; Wallace, Shawn W.; Farver, John R.; Yacobucci, Margaret M.; Mapes, Royal H.: maPPing DiageneTic calciTe VS. original aragoniTe in orThoconic naUTiloiDS oF The BUcKhorn aSPhalT (miDDle PennSYlVanian) oF oKlahoma 245-17 108 Howard, Christopher S.*; Dupree, Ryan T.; Lynch, Josh M.; Manger, Walter L.; Mullen, Zachary W.: carBonaTe mineralogY anD ParageneSiS inVolVeD WiTh The PreSerVaTion oF ammonoiD cePhaloPoDS in UPPer miSSiSSiPPian concreTionarY ShaleS, SoUThern oZarK region, norThern arKanSaS 245-18 109 Hembree, Daniel I.; Mapes, Royal; Rasor, Bart*; Stigall, Alycia L.; Goiran, Claire; de Forges, Bertrand Richer: TaPhonomY anD SeDimenTologY oF a moDern NAUTILUS DePoSiT in a nearShore enVironmenT 245-19 110 Webster, Kevin D.*; Smith, Dena M.: PreSerVaTion oF FoSSil arThroPoDS in The miDDle miocene BarSToW FormaTion SoUThern caliFornia 245-20 111 Vega, Francisco J.*; Zúñiga, Luis; Pimentel, Francis: FirST Formal rePorT oF a craB in amBer From The


244-44 244-45


244-46 244-47




SeSSion no. 245

Paleontology: Taphonomy, Diversity & Extinction (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 245-1 92 Ibarra, Yadira*; McIntyre-Wressnig, Anna; Bernhard, Joan M.; McCorkle, Daniel C.: liFe in a high co2 WorlD: aSSeSSing

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 257


miocene oF chiaPaS anD oTher Uncommon crUSTacea 245-21 112 Thomka, James R.*; Mosher, Daniel; Lewis, Ronald D.; Pabian, Roger K.; Holterhoff, Peter: genUS-leVel TaPhonomic VariaTion WiThin claDiD crinoiDS, UPPer PennSYlVanian BarnSDall FormaTion, norTheaSTern oKlahoma 245-22 113 Feldman, Emily*; Bonuso, Nicole: laTe TriaSSic BrachioPoD Shell BeDS From The aUgUSTa moUnTain FormaTion, cenTral neVaDa 245-23 114 Grosskopf, Jacob*; Anderson, Laurie: USing inoceramiD BiValVe TaPhonomY aS a PaleoenVironmenTal inDicaTor acroSS The cenomanian/TUronian horiZion aT The PUeBlo, coloraDo gSSP 245-24 115 Lively, Joshua*; Lewis, Ronald D.; Rindsberg, Andrew K.: analYSiS oF TWo FoSSil concenTraTionS in The TomBigBee SanD memBer caProcK, eUTaW FormaTion, monTgomerY coUnTY, alaBama 245-25 116 Bulinski, Katherine V.*; Johnston, Michelle; Harrison, Michael: liThologY anD PercePTionS oF BioDiVerSiTY: Paleoecological VariaTion in The Pioneer ValleY memBer oF The UPPer orDoVician KoPe FormaTion oF norThern KenTUcKY 245-26 117 Bush, Andrew M.*; Waldron, Garrett: The FraSnian/ Famennian BoUnDarY in ShalloW marine FacieS oF neW YorK, USa, WiTh PreliminarY analYSeS oF FaUnal DiSTriBUTionS 245-27 118 Moulin, Maud; Fluteau, Frédéric; Courtillot, Vincent*; Marsh, Julian S.; Delpech, Guillaume; Quidelleur, Xavier; Gérard, Martine: magneToSTraTigraPhY anD DaTing oF The naUDe'S neK SecTion (Karoo TraPS, SoUTh aFrica): ongoing analYSiS oF The erUPTiVe SeQUence 245-28 119 Rivera, Alexei A.*: The role oF BacKgroUnD anD maSS eXTincTionS in The DecimaTion oF morPhologic DiSPariTY 245-29 120 Rivera, Alexei A.*: hoW SUDDen WaS The greaT DYing aT The enD oF The PaleoZoic era? 245-30 121 Wong, Heidi*; Wang, Steve C.: a FaST algoriThm For eSTimaTing The DUraTion oF a maSS eXTincTion 245-31 122 Woods, Adam D.*; Beatty, Tyler W.; Zonneveld, John-Paul; Keffer, Sean; Henderson, Charles M.: PaleoProDUcTiViTY FolloWing The Permian-TriaSSic maSS eXTincTion in The WeSTern canaDa SeDimenTarY BaSin: raPiD recoVerY or ProlongeD SlUmP? 245-32 123 McCoy, Jennifer, M.*; Woods, Adam D.: laTerallY-eXTenSiVe Domal STromaToliTeS near The BaSe oF The loWer TriaSSic Virgin limeSTone (moenKoPi FormaTion) near BlUe DiamonD, nV: enVironmenTal anD Paleoecological SigniFicance 245-33 124 Monarrez, Pedro M.*; Bonuso, Nicole: PaleoecologY oF The miDDle TriaSSic STar PeaK groUP oF SoUTh canYon, cenTral neVaDa 245-34 125 Ritterbush, Kathleen Anita*; Bottjer, David J.: SelecTeD BY ocean aciDiFicaTion? earlieST JUraSSic BiValVeS oF neVaDa (USa) 245-35 126 Slattery, Joshua S.*; Harries, Peter J.; Sandness, Ashley L.: nearShore-oFFShore DiVerSiTY graDienTS in The laTe creTaceoUS WeSTern inTerior SeaWaY 245-36 127 Rovelli, Remy*; Jeffrey, Danielle; Garb, Matthew P.; Landman, Neil H.: Danian? ammoniTe JaWS aT The BaSe oF The hornerSToWn FormaTion, monmoUTh coUnTY, neW JerSeY 245-37 128 Ruez, Dennis R. Jr.*: Do PaleoecologiSTS haVe To chooSe BeTWeen accUraTe TemPoral PlacemenTS anD accUraTe climaTic ValUeS When eXamining STraTigraPhic TrenDS? 245-38 129 McKenna, Ryan T.P.*; Cummings, Michael L.: ProBaBiliTY oF SPeciaTion FolloWing VaST, laTe miocene Volcanic inTerrUPTionS in The PaciFic norThWeST 245-39 130 Velez-Juarbe, Jorge*; Domning, Daryl P.: eVolUTion anD DiVerSiFicaTion oF DUgonginae (Sirenia; DUgongiDae) in The WeST aTlanTic anD cariBBean region 245-40 131 Hawley, Scott*; Klaus, James S.: eVolUTion oF coral genUS STYLOPHORA: reconSTrUcTing FaUnal TUrnoVer 245-41 132 Hertog, Rachel*; Roopnarine, Peter D.: Scaling TheorY anD The VariaBiliTY oF TaXon aBUnDance, SiZe DiSTriBUTion anD TroPhic PoSiTion oF ShalloW WaTer marine gaSTroPoDS 245-42 133 Petsios, Elizabeth*; Allmon, Warren D.; Dietl, Gregory P.; Herbert, Gregory M.: SiZe, DiVerSiTY, anD ecologY oF TUrriTelline gaSTroPoDS acroSS a comPleX maSS eXTincTion BoUnDarY (Plio-PleiSTocene, U.S. aTlanTic coaST)

SeSSion no. 246

Petrology, Metamorphic (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 246-1 134 Russell, Ashley K.*; Will, Celina N.; Peck, William; Perkins, Dexter; Dunn, Steven R.: recenT calciTe-graPhiTe, Ti-in-BioTiTe, garneT-BioTiTe, anD TWo FelDSPar ThermomeTrY oF The aDironDacK loWlanDS, nY, anD SoUThern FronTenac Terrane, onTario 135 Johnson, Eric L.*: ScaPoliTe coronaS on cl-rich hornBlenDe: eViDence For PerVaSiVe FlUiD inFilTraTion inTo 30 meTer WiDe Shear ZoneS: Dana hill meTagaBBro aDironDacK moUnTainS, nYS 136 Dorfler, Kristin M.*; Tracy, Robert J.; Buchwaldt, Robert; Owens, Brent E.: eViDence For orDoVician-SilUrian loW-PreSSUre regional meTamorPhiSm oVerPrinTeD BY an alleghanian-age conTacT eVenT, SoUTheaSTern Virginia PieDmonT 137 Berg, Christopher A.*: aSSeSSmenT oF eQUiliBriUm aSSemBlageS, mineral chemiSTrieS, anD DeFormaTional FaBricS aSSociaTeD WiTh The groWTh oF cenTimeTer-Scale garneT PorPhYroBlaSTS aT garneT hill, PaUlDing coUnTY, WeST-cenTral georgia 138 Conway, Benjamin*; Lackey, Jade Star; Bindeman, Ilya N.: USing QUarTZ-garneT oXYgen iSoToPe ThermomeTrY To recoVer PeaK meTamorPhic conDiTionS oF The cUcamonga Terrane 139 Rotman, Holly M.M.*; Mattinson, Christopher G.: FielD oBSerVaTionS on FlUiD BUDgeT oF The caScaDia ePiSoDic Tremor anD SliP SYSTem, olYmPic PeninSUla, WaShingTon 140 Gatewood, Matthew*; Stowell, Harold H.: conTraSTing meTamorPhic hiSTorieS acroSS The enTiaT FaUlT, norTh caScaDeS crYSTalline core, Wa 141 Isaacson, Robert G.*; Hirsch, David M.: meTamorPhic eVolUTion oF The norThWeST WenaTchee BlocK, norTh caScaDeS, WaShingTon 142 Oalmann, Jeffrey A.*; Hetherington, Callum J.; Marko, Wayne T.; Barnes, Calvin G.: ThermoDYnamic moDeling oF meTaSeDimenTarY rocKS anD DiaTeXiTe, helgelanD naPPe comPleX, norDlanD, norWaY









246-10 143 Hansen, Edward C.*; Johansson, Leif; Harlov, Daniel: orThoPYroXene-Bearing migmaTiTeS From The SoUThWeST SWeDiSh granUliTe region, hallanD, SWeDen

258 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


246-11 144 Johanesen, Katharine*; Platt, John P.: The ronDa PeriDoTiTe, S SPain: eXhUmeD liThoSPheric manTle From BeneaTh a colliSional orogen 246-12 145 Evans, Bernard W.*: PeTrologic imPlicaTionS oF FerroUS anD Ferric iron in SerPenTineS 246-13 146 Koziol, Andrea M.*; Snoeyenbos, David R.: minor elemenT SoliD SolUTion in garneT aT UlTra-high PreSSUre meTamorPhic conDiTionS 246-14 147 Basora, A.M*; Jenkins, David: BlUeSchiST-greenSchiST FacieS TranSiTion moDeleD BY The reacTion glaUcoPhane + ParagoniTe + QUarTZ = VermicUliTe + alBiTe 246-15 148 Jenkins, David*; Ams, Bridget E.: PreDicTing The FormaTion conDiTionS oF The TriPle-chain SilicaTe SoDicclinoJimThomPSoniTe 246-16 149 Hunt, Lindsey Elise*; Berg, Christopher A.: analYSiS oF SPaTial anD TeXTUral relaTionShiPS among acceSSorY PhaSeS in a laYereD amPhiBoliTe: imPlicaTionS For Trace-elemenT ThermoBaromeTrY anD geochronologY 247-12 161 Oches, Eric*; Little, Mathew; Harries, Peter: geochronologY oF laTe-holocene mangroVe iSlanD SeDimenTaTion in FloriDa BaY 247-13 162 Van de Water, Peter K.*; Leavitt, Steven W.; Jull, A.J.T.; Squire, Joe; Testa, Nick: Tree BoleS reVealeD in PaciFic norThWeST lanDSliDe DePoSiTS ProViDe Tree-ring recorD For PerioD Prior To DeglaciaTion 247-14 163 Ward, Brent C.*; Bond, Jeffrey D.; Gosse, John C.; Turner, Derek G.; Jensen, Britta J.L.; Froese, Duane G.; Telka, Alice: marine oXYgen iSoToPe STage 4 anD 6 glaciaTionS anD laTe PleiSTocene PaleoenVironmenTal reconSTrUcTionS oF The norThern corDilleran ice SheeT, YUKon TerriTorY, canaDa 247-15 164 Florian, Christopher Roth*: c:n raTio in laKe SeDimenTS From BaFFin iSlanD 247-16 165 Redwine, Joanna L.*; Adams, Kenneth D.: QUaTernarY eVolUTion oF mohaWK ValleY, norThern caliFornia. PreliminarY reSUlTS From geologic maPPing anD STraTigraPhic inTerPreTaTionS oF QUaTernarY DePoSiTS 247-17 166 Guerra, William J.*; Goman, Michelle F.; Joyce, Arthur: a PreliminarY PaleoclimaTic anD Paleoecological reconSTrUcTion For highlanD oaXaca, meXico 247-18 167 Douglass, Jennifer L.*; Kolker, Alexander S.; Gasparini, Nicole M.; Butcher, Kristen A.; Rosenheim, B.E.: Timing anD ForenSicS oF an immenSe anD raPiD SeDimenTarY PrograDaTion oF The ne lana'i (haWaiian iSlanDS) coaSTline 247-19 168 Schupack, Benjamin B.*; Miller, Gifford H.; Kuehn, Stephen C.: PUShing The limiTS oF Volcanic crYPToTePhra DeTecTion in The high arcTic, SPiTSBergen, SValBarD 247-20 169 Brugger, Keith A.*; Refsnider, Kurt A.; Leonard, Eric M.: laTe PleiSTocene climaTe on The Blanca maSSiF, Sangre De criSTo range, coloraDo 247-21 170 Diemer, John A.*; Eppes, Martha C.; Bobyarchick, Andy R.; Rich, Fredrick J.; Freyer, John B.; Hardison, Joel; Layzell, Anthony; Simino, Joe; Wolfe, Michael: QUaTernarY eVolUTion oF an inciSing PieDmonT riVer: The caTaWBa riVer near charloTTe, nc 247-22 171 Iwachiw, Isabel*; Tucker, William C.; Gourley, Jonathan; Geiss, Christoph: PrehiSToric mercUrY concenTraTionS oBTaineD From TWo connecTicUT laKeS alloW For reconSTrUcTion oF PaST Volcanic acTiViTY 247-23 172 Yankech, John Jr.*; Werts, Scott P.; Cohen, Arthur D.: PreliminarY carBon STaBle iSoToPe analYSiS oF monocoTS anD Pollen DiVerSiTY in holocene PeaT DePoSiTS in congaree naTional ParK 247-24 173 Bowen, Mark W.*; Johnson, William C.: PlaYa laKe reSPonSe To raPiD climaTe changeS DUring The laTePleiSTocene anD holocene on The high PlainS oF KanSaS 247-25 174 Brennand, Tracy A.*; Lian, Olav B.: inSighT inTo QUaTernarY enVironmenTal change in The laKe onTario BaSin reVealeD ThroUgh neW chronological anD glaciogeological inFormaTion 247-26 175 Andrews, Graham D.M.*; Russell, J. Kelly; Anderson, R.G.: neogene anD QUaTernarY eVolUTion oF The FraSer riVer BaSin, BriTiSh colUmBia: eViDence From The chilcoTin groUP BaSalTS 247-27 176 Kozlowski, Andrew L.*; Bird, Brian C.; Smith, Colby A.; Krumdieck, Newton W.; Stefanik, Paul: laKeS, Shear & mUlTiPle TillS: an eXamPle oF a comPleX ice marginal PoSiTion in The eaSTern caTSKillS 247-28 177 Krumdieck, Newton W.*; Kozlowski, Andrew L.; Kappel, William: YoUnger DrYaS BUrieD PeaT horiZon in The

SeSSion no. 247

Quaternary Geology (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 247-1 150 Reger, Richard D.; Hubbard, Trent D.*: eViDence For laTe WiSconSinan oUTBUrST FlooDS in The ToKTanacroSS BaSin, UPPer Tanana riVer ValleY, eaSTcenTral alaSKa 151 Winsemann, Jutta*; Meinsen, Janine; Landmeyer, Nils; Weitkamp, Axel: miDDle PleiSTocene megaFlooDS in nW germanY:DePoSiTional SeTTing anD FlooD-relaTeD lanDFormS 152 Polivka, Peter M.*: linKing JoKUlhlaUPS WiTh KeTTleS anD The STeilacoom graVel 153 Davies, Nigel*; Clark, Douglas H.: a liTTle ice age oUTBUrST FlooD aT mammoTh glacier, WinD riVer range, WYoming 154 Harden, Tessa*; O'Connor, Jim E.; Driscoll, Dan; Stamm, John: eViDence oF eXTreme FlooD eVenTS in The BlacK hillS region oF SoUTh DaKoTa 155 Evanoff, Elizabeth*; Remo, Jonathan W.F.; Pinter, Nicholas; Balint, Gábor: aSSeSSmenT oF caUSal mechaniSmS on FlooD conVeYance along The TiSZa riVer, hUngarY USing one DimenSional reTro anD Scenario moDeling 156 Lesemann, Jerome-Etienne*; Alsop, Ian; Piotrowski, Jan A.: SUBglacial emPlacemenT anD DeFormaTion oF eXTenSiVe glacioFlUVial SeQUenceS UnDer The Former ScanDinaVian ice SheeT, iSlanD oF FUnen, DenmarK 157 Crossen, Kristine J.*: iS Till The onlY eViDence oF ice aDVance? WhaT 15 Y earS oF PoST-SUrge reTreaT haVe reVealeD BeneaTh Bering glacier, alaSKa 158 Turner, Christopher R.*: Soil DeVeloPmenT on FlUVial TerraceS near conFUSion hill along The SoUTh ForK eel riVer, a chronoSeQUence WiTh correlaTiVe age eSTimaTeS anD regional TecTonic imPlicaTionS


247-3 247-4







247-10 159 Rawling, J. Elmo III.*; Hanson, Paul; Young, Aaron R.; Attig, John W.; Hart, David J.; Carson, Eric C.: inTroDUcing The DUne UnDergraDUaTe geomorPhologY anD geochronologY (DUgg) nSF-reSearch eXPerience For UnDergraDUaTeS SiTe aT The UniVerSiTY oF WiSconSin-PlaTTeVille anD UniVerSiTY oF neBraSKalincoln

2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 259


monTeZUma WeTlanDS comPleX, cenTral neW YorK: imPlicaTionS For lanDScaPe eVolUTion anD Deglacial chronologY 247-29 178 Bird, Brian C.*; Kehew, A.E.; Kozlowski, Andrew L.: STrUcTUral analYSiS oF SUBglaciallY DeFormeD SeDimenT in SoUThWeST michigan 247-30 179 Smith, Colby A.*; Kozlowski, Andrew L.; Krumdieck, Newton W.; Stefanik, Paul; Bird, Brian C.: glaciallY VarVeD SeDimenTS aS chronomeTerS For local glacial laKeS in The caTSKillS, neW YorK 248-14 193 Hanson, Sarah L.*: eValUaTion oF PoTenTial SoUrce VenTS For The granD FallS laVa FloW, San FranciSco Volcanic FielD, norThern ariZona 248-15 194 Edelman, Ashley E.*; Smith, Gary A.: characTeriZaTion oF a VolcanicallY imPacTeD, oVerFilleD conTinenTal riFT BaSin WiThin The SoUTheaSTern JemeZ moUnTainS, neW meXico 248-16 195 Silvertooth, Maggie*; Byrnes, Jeffrey: SaTelliTe remoTe SenSing oF colima Volcano, meXico: aPPlicaTionS To moniToring erUPTiVe cYcleS USing aSTer DaTaSeTS 248-17 196 Sweeney, Dawn C.*; Calder, Eliza; Cortes, Joaquin; Valentine, Greg; Whelley, Patrick; Lara, Luis L.; Hughes, Meghan: UnUSUal Volcanic ProDUcTS From The 2008 erUPTion aT Volcan llaima, chile 248-18 197 Podolsky, Dean M.W.*; Wilson, Thomas M.; Leonard, Graham S.; Stewart, Carol; Johnston, David: reSiDenTial BUilDing Damage From Volcanic aShFall in FUTaleUFU, chile 248-19 198 Kading, Tristan*; Varekamp, J.: laKe caViahUe (argenTina) aS a SoUrce-SinK For Volcanic arSenic anD PhoSPhorUS 248-20 199 Nullo, Francisco*; Meglioli, Andres: QUaTernarY PhreaTomagmaTic Volcanic ProceSSeS in SoUThernmoST SoUTh america 248-21 200 Helz, Rosalind T.*: reDUcTion oF BaSalTic melT DUring near-SUrFace eVolUTion oF So2: a PoSSiBle eXamPle From KilaUea 248-22 201 Gavrilenko, Maxim G.*; Ozerov, Alexey Yu.: eVolUTion oF The magmaTic melTS aT gorelY Volcano (KamchaTKa) 248-23 202 Furukawa, Kuniyuki*; Shinmura, Taro; Uno, Koji; Miyoshi, Masaya; Inokuchi, Hiroo: emPlacemenT mechaniSm oF The liThic Breccia DiSTriBUTeD in The SW Wall oF aSo calDera, JaPan 248-24 203 Alam, Mohammad Ayaz*; Chandrasekharam, D.; Capaccioni, Bruno; Vaselli, Orlando; Manetti, Piero; Santo, Alba Patrizia; Tassi, Franco: imPorTance oF The Barren iSlanD Volcano (anDaman Sea, ne inDian ocean) in The inDoneSian Volcanic arc STUDY 248-25 204 Head, Elisabet M.*; Carn, Simon A.; Shaw, Alison; Wallace, Paul; Sims, Kenneth: DegaSSing oF maFic alKaline magmaS aT nYamUragira Volcano, Dr congo 248-26 205 McGinnis, Kate J.*; Liutkus, Cynthia M.: FingerPrinTing a FooTPrinT-Bearing Volcanic aSh in norThern TanZania 248-27 206 Travis, Matthew E.*; Webster, James D.: meThoDS oF eXPerimenTal aPaTiTe groWTh anD Their aPPlicaTionS To magmaTic SYSTemS 248-28 207 Smith, Gary A.*: SimUlTaneoUS magmaTic/ hYDromagmaTic erUPTionS reVeal magma inTeracTion WiTh heTerogeneoUS aQUiFerS 248-29 208 Woods, Bay*; Byrnes, Jeffrey: geologic STUDY oF The nili PaTera area, SYrTiS maJor, marS (mTm 10292): morPhologY, STrUcTUre, anD comPoSiTion oF a marTian Volcanic region

SeSSion no. 248

Volcanology (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 248-1 248-2 180 Ferns, Mark*; McClaughry, Jason D.: an oVerVieW oF Paleogene Silicic VolcaniSm in oregon 181 Spall, Brian N.*; Gaylord, David R.; Lambert, Dale P.; McClaughry, Jason D.; Ferns, Mark: eocene To oligocene Volcanogenic SeDimenTarY anD Volcanic rocKS eXPoSeD in The WhiTneY 7.5' QUaDrangle, oregon: imPlicaTionS For Volcano-TecTonic eVolUTion 182 Scarberry, Kaleb C.*: earlY miocene VolcaniSm anD The Pre-Volcanic SUrFace oF The oregon BaSin anD range ProVince: eXPreSSion oF regional TecToniSm BeTWeen ~25-20 ma 183 D'Allura, Jad Alan*; McKay, Levi; Brettner, Nicholas: JoinT conTrol origin anD age oF PhanTom ShiP, craTer laKe naTional ParK, oregon 184 Kendrick, Jackie E.*: conSTrainTS on The Timing oF DeFormaTion in Pine creeK age DaciTe laVa DomeS, moUnT ST. helenS 185 McClaughry, Jason D.*; Ferns, Mark L.: eocene anD oligocene rhYoliTe calDeraS in The John DaY anD clarno FormaTionS oF cenTral anD eaSTern oregon, USa: a norThWarD eXTenSion oF The "ignimBriTe Flare UP" in The greaT BaSin? 186 Henry, Christopher D.*; Colgan, Joseph P.; John, David A.; Cousens, Brian; Faulds, James E.: The eVolUTion anD TecTonic SeTTing oF The eocene-miocene ignimBriTe Flare-UP oF The greaT BaSin, neVaDa anD UTah 187 Stanton, Benjamin*; Dragovich, Joe: maPPing oF maJor laTeST PleiSTocene To holocene erUPTiVe ePiSoDeS From The glacier PeaK Volcano, WaShingTon--a recorD oF laharic inUnDaTion oF The PUgeT loWlanDS From DarringTon To The PUgeT SoUnD 188 Lambert, Dale P.*; Gaylord, David R.; McClaughry, Jason D.; Spall, Brian N.; Ferns, Mark L.: SeDimenTologY oF QUaTernarY graVel DePoSiTS, WhiTneY 7.5' QUaDrangle, ne oregon: imPlicaTionS For eXhUmaTion oF TerTiarY clarno anD John DaY Volcanic anD Pre-TerTiarY BlUe moUnTainS Terrane rocKS








248-10 189 Altman, Kathryn*; Teasdale, Rachel; Conlin, Andrew: PeTrograPhic analYSiS oF The PainTeD DUneS FloWS aT cinDer cone, laSSen Volcanic naTional ParK 248-11 190 Ernst, W.G.*; Martens, Uwe; McLaughlin, R.J.; Clark, Joseph; Moore, Diane E.: SigniFicance oF U-PB Zircon ageS From The PeScaDero anD camBria FelSiTeS, WeSTcenTral caliFornia coaST rangeS 248-12 191 Stephens, Collin R.*: age, comPoSiTion anD emPlacemenT oF The SanTiago PeaK VolcanicS, SoUThern caliFornia 248-13 192 Martinez, Nicole D.*; Lang, Nicholas P.: Volcanogenic SeDimenTaTion in The SecreT PaSS canYon Volcanic cenTer, norThWeSTern ariZona

SeSSion no. 249

T12. Alluvial Records: Numerical Dating and Archives of Climatic, Environmental, and Neotectonic Change (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 249-1 209 Young, Aaron R.*; Hanson, Paul: oSl anD irSl DaTing oF allUViUm BUrieD greaTer Than 15 m in The eaSTern PlaTTe riVer ValleY

260 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


249-2 249-3 210 Olson, Carolyn*: SeDimenTS anD PaleoSolS oF PleiSTocene laKe lomaX 211 Hayden, Anne*; Rittenour, Tammy M.: arroYo cYcleS in The UPPer eScalanTe riVer Drainage, SoUThern UTah: UTiliZing oSl DaTing To eXTenD regional FlUVial chronologieS 212 Bacon, Steven N.*; McDonald, Eric V.; Caldwell, Todd G.; Dalldorf, Graham K.: allUVial Fan reSPonSe To STrengThening oF laTe holocene enSo VariaBiliTY in The Sonoran DeSerT, SoUThWeST ariZona 213 Haj, Adel E. Jr.*; Mandel, Rolfe D.; Bettis, E. Arthur III.: lanDScaPe reSPonSe To holocene BioclimaTic change recorDeD in The allUVial STraTigraPhY oF The liTTle oSage riVer ValleY, SoUTheaSTern KanSaS 214 Layzell, Anthony L.*; Eppes, Martha C.; Johnson, Bradley G.: Soil geomorPhologY oF The cenTral coneJoS riVer ValleY, coloraDo: FlUVial reSPonSe To PoSTlaST glacial maXimUm (lgm) climaTeS anD SeDimenT SUPPlY 215 Meixell, Katherine J.*; Wittkop, Chad; Rittenour, Tammy M.; Makovsky, Kyle A.: holocene STream caPTUre oF The le SUeUr riVer, minneSoTa: imPlicaTionS For moDern SeDimenT loaDing 216 Stinchcomb, Gary*; Messner, Timothy; Driese, Steven G.; Nordt, Lee C.; Stewart, R. Michael: FlooDPlain reSPonSe To laTe holocene climaTe change anD hUman lanDUSe aT The manna SiTe (36Pi04), UPPer DelaWare ValleY, Pa 217 Wachniew, Przemyslaw*; Kalicki, Tomasz; Lokas, Edyta; Michno, Anna; Radwanek-Bak, Barbara; Szmanda, Jacek B.; Szwarczewski, Piotr: laST cenTUrY oVerBanK DePoSiTion in The gorge SecTionS oF The ViSTUla anD WarTa riVerS (PolanD): a mUlTiDiSciPlinarY STUDY

SeSSion no. 250

T19. Characterizing, Predicting, and Managing Long-Term Contaminant Flux for Complex Subsurface Environments (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 250-1 225 Marble, Justin C.; Carroll, K.C.*; Janousek, Hilary; Brusseau, Mark L.: in SiTU oXiDaTion anD aSSociaTeD maSS-FlUX reDUcTion/maSS-remoVal BehaVior For iDealiZeD SoUrce ZoneS WiTh PoorlY-acceSSiBle organic immiSciBle liQUiD 226 Russo, Ann*; Narter, Matt; Brusseau, Mark L.: eXPerimenTal inVeSTigaTion oF long-Term remoVal oF TrichloroeThene From VarioUS PoroUS meDia 227 Johnson, Gwynn R.*; Brusseau, Mark L.: The imPacT oF conTaminanT conTacT Time anD PoroUS-meDia WeaThering on TranSPorT oF TrichloroeThene in aQUiFer maTerial 228 Brusseau, Mark L.*; Rohay, Virginia; Truex, Mike J.: analYSiS oF Soil VaPor eXTracTion DaTa To eValUaTe maSSTranSFer conSTrainTS anD eSTimaTe maSS FlUX: hanForD caSe STUDY 229 Freedman, Vicky*; Ward, Andy; Truex, Mike J.: PreDicTing long-Term conTaminanT FlUXeS in The UnSaTUraTeD Zone To eValUaTe The eFFecTiVeneSS oF Soil DeSiccaTion 230 Dresel, Evan*; Qafoku, Nikolla P.; McKinley, James P.; Petersen, Scott W.: moBiliTY oF chromaTe conTaminaTion in The VaDoSe Zone aT The U. S. DeParTmenT oF energY'S hanForD SiTe, WaShingTon 231 Neshyba-Bird, Dolores*; Schulmeister, Marcia K.; McCall, G. Wesley; Christy, Thomas M.: DirecT-PUSh elecTrical conDUcTiViTY aSSeSSmenT oF a hiSToric Brine PlUme in The eQUUS BeDS aQUiFer, KanSaS 232 Davenport, Sean M.*; McCray, John E.; Munakata-Marr, Junko: BacTerial DegraDaTion oF The XanThan PolYmer: USe aS a SUBSUrFace amenDmenT












249-10 218 Persoiu, Ioana*: neW inSighTS in The PoST glacial FlooDPlain eVolUTion oF SomeSU mic riVer, TranSYlVanian DePreSSion, romania 249-11 219 Frueh, Walter Terry*; Lancaster, Stephen T.; Coyote, Sky: can We See The ForeST Floor ThroUgh The TreeS? QUanTiFYing SeDimenT STorage VolUmeS From remoTe SenSing anD STreamBeD maPPing 249-12 220 Berger, Glenn W.*; Sawyer, Thomas L.; Unruh, Jeffrey: Single anD mUlTigrain lUmineScence DaTing oF SeDimenTS relaTeD To The greenVille FaUlT, eaSTern San FranciSco BaY area, caliFornia 249-13 221 Hoffman, William*; Kirby, Eric; McDonald, Eric; Walker, J. Douglas; Gosse, John: laTe PleiSTocene SliP raTeS along The PanaminT ValleY FaUlT Zone, eaSTern caliFornia 249-14 222 Sasnett, Peri*; Goehring, Brent M.; Christie-Blick, Nicholas; Schaefer, Joerg M.: SUrFace eXPoSUre DaTing oF PhreaTic erUPTionS aT UBeheBe craTer, DeaTh ValleY, caliFornia 249-15 223 Goehring, Brent M.; Kurz, Mark; Balco, Greg; Schaefer, Joerg M.; Licciardi, Joseph; Lifton, Nathaniel*: a reeValUaTion oF in SiTU coSmogenic he-3 ProDUcTion raTeS 249-16 224 Marrero, Shasta M.*; Borchers, Brian; Aumer, Robert; Akkan, Hakan; Phillips, F.M.: DePTh-ProFile calcUlaTor For inTerPreTaTion oF coSmogenic chlorine-36 anD BerYlliUm-10 ProFileS



SeSSion no. 251

T20. Contaminant Hydrogeology: Contaminant Fate and Transport in Geological Systems (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; US National Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 251-1 233 Moran, Michael James*; Carter, Janet M.; Zogorski, John S.; Price, Curtis V.: SoUrceS, TranSPorT, anD FaTe oF TrihalomeThaneS in groUnDWaTer From DrinKingWaTer WellS in The UniTeD STaTeS 234 Smith, Donna*: "reDoX PUmPing" in The near SUrFace miSSoUla aQUiFer on The FlooD Plain oF The clarK ForK riVer: arSenic relaTeD chemiSTrY 235 Warden, John G.*; Fryar, Alan E.; Brion, Gail M.; Macko, Stephen A.; Ward, James W.: BacTerial SUrViVal anD The FaTe oF 15n in iSoToPe-enricheD ESCHERICHIA COLI in PreParaTion For PaThogen Tracing 236 Tick, Geoffrey R.*; Murgulet, Dorina: SoUrceS anD FaTe oF niTraTe in The aQUiFer SYSTem UnDerlYing SoUThern BalDWin coUnTY, alaBama 237 Smith, Bruce D.*; Sodja, Richard S.; Gleason, Robert A.; Thamke, Joanna N.; Preston, Todd; Reiten, Jon: Brine conTaminaTion To Prairie PoTholeS From energY






2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 261


DeVeloPmenT in The WilliSTon BaSin: a DeVeloPing inTegraTeD Science ProJecT 251-6 238 Scheitlin, Kara E.*; Murphy, William M.: aQUeoUS SPeciaTion moDeling oF SUrFace WaTerS in The lighTS creeK mineral DiSTricT, PlUmaS coUnTY, caliFornia 239 Penwell, Lee E.*; Jones, Alice; Fox, James F.: meTalS analYSiS aS a Tool For UnDerSTanDing heaDWaTer healTh anD STream ProceSSeS in The SoUThern aPPalachian coal region: an eXPloraTorY analYSiS 240 Yager, Douglas B.*; Manning, Andrew H.; Viger, R.J.; Caine, Jonathan Saul; Smith, Kathleen S.: giS anD STaTiSTical analYSiS oF WaTerSheD PhYSical characTeriSTicS, SilVerTon mining area, San JUan coUnTY, coloraDo 241 Dhar, Ratan Kumar*: heaVY meTal anD nUTrienT concenTraTionS in Jamaica BaY, neW YorK rocK PhoSPhaTe-agaroSe gel BeaDS To moniTor The releaSe oF leaD inTo STream WaTer From a conTaminaTeD inDUSTrial SiTe 251-24 256 Jacobson, Joel M.; Rosen, Michael Robert*; Pohll, Greg: FaTe anD TranSPorT oF SePTic TanK DeriVeD niTrogen in an allUVial aQUiFer, carSon ValleY, neVaDa


SeSSion no. 252

T35. Cenozoic Lakes (Posters) (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division, GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 252-1 252-2 257 Myrbo, Amy*; Noren, Anders; Brady, Kristina; Ito, Emi: WhaT can laccore Do For YoU? 258 Goldsmith, Steven T.*; Welch, Susan A.; Trierweiler, Annette M.; Von Bargen, Justin M.; Mondro, Claire A.; Stutz, Jamey E.; Carey, Anne E.: PerioDic anThroPogenic BioTUrBaTion oF a Small UrBan PonD 259 Jovanelly, Tamie*; Frtiz, Sherilyn: morPhomeTric anD chemical reSPonSe oF TWo conTraSTing laKe SYSTemS To moDern climaTe change 260 Yang, Wan*; Feng, Qiao; Liu, Yiqun; Lin, Jinyan; Guan, Wei: STraTegieS oF FlUVial-lacUSTrine SeQUence STraTigraPhic correlaTion in a halF graBen, loWer Permian lUcaogoU loW-orDer cYcle, SoUThern BogDa moUnTainS, nW china 261 Siegel, Donald I.*; Ong, Jaimie; Yu, Zhongbo: geochemicallY FingerPrinTing comPleX conTaminaTion To TaihU laKe, eaSTern china 262 Reheis, Marith*; Lund, Steve P.; Bright, Jordon; Miller, David M.: miDDle To laTe PleiSTocene FlUcTUaTionS oF laKe maniX, moJaVe DeSerT, caliFornia 263 Ali, Guleed A.H.*; Zimmerman, Susan H.; Hemming, Sidney R.; Cox, Stephen E.; LeRoy, Sverre L.; Steponaitis, Elena A.; Wang, Xianfeng: chronologY oF high laKe leVelS aT mono laKe DUring The laST glacial cYcle 264 Lee, Lindsey*; Hickson, Thomas A.; Lamb, Melissa A.; Gustafson, Mary: SeDimenTologY anD DeTaileD liThoFacieS analYSiS oF The BiTTer riDge limeSTone FoSSil laKe SYSTem: imPlicaTionS For miD-miocene climaTe anD TecTonicS in The laKe meaD region 265 McFarland, Andrew*; Park, Lisa; Frank, Blossom: The UPS anD DoWnS oF an eocene laKe--oSTracoDe FaUnal reSPonSe To laKe leVel FlUcTUaTionS in FoSSil BaSin, green riVer FormaTion, WYoming (USa)



251-10 242 Ruskauff, Gregory J.*; DeNovio, Nicole; Kwicklis, Edward Michael: limiTaTionS anD UTiliTY oF conTaminanT TranSPorT moDeling in comPleX geologic SeTTingS ­ an eXamPle From Frenchman FlaT, neVaDa 251-11 243 McAndrew, Rose M.*; Callegary, James B.; Brusseau, Mark L.; Gray, Floyd: conTaminanT TranSPorT anD PreDicTiVe moDeling in The UPPer SanTa crUZ BaSin 251-12 244 Zipper, Samuel C.*: eXPloring The role oF SUBUrBan DeVeloPmenT anD conFineD recharge on conTaminanT FloW in an allUVial Fan: a moDFloW inVeSTigaTion oF The Pomona ValleY, caliFornia 251-13 245 Cox, Hazel A.*; Miao, Ziheng; Johnson, Gwynn R.; Brusseau, Mark L.: TranSPorT oF TiTaniUm DioXiDe nanoParTicleS in SanD 251-14 246 Johnson, Gwynn R.*; Reynolds, M.R.; Miao, Ziheng; Brusseau, Mark L.: on The TranSPorT anD FaTe oF BioSoliD colloiDS in PoroUS meDia 251-15 247 Hund, Silja; Haque, Shama*; Jones, Katie; Mayer, K. Ulrich: gaS generaTion in SanD colUmnS conTaminaTeD WiTh Small VolUme releaSeS oF eThanol 251-16 248 Borden, Andrew K.*; Berkompas, Justin; Miao, Ziheng; Carroll, K.C.; Waugh, W. Jody; Glenn, Edward P.; Brusseau, Mark L.: PiloT TeSTS oF enhanceD DeniTriFicaTion USing eThanol 251-17 249 Kwicklis, Edward Michael*; Rose, Tim P.; Farnham, Irene; Hershey, Ronald L.; Paces, James: eValUaTion oF groUnDWaTer miXing, FloW PaThS anD TraVel TimeS aT The neVaDa TeST SiTe USing geochemical anD iSoToPic TracerS 251-18 250 Peterson, Jonathan W.*; Andresen, Daryl E.; Seymour, Michael D.; Wang, Wei; Gu, Baohua: raman SPecTroScoPic inVeSTigaTion oF cePhaloSPorin anTiBioTic SorPTion onTo Sio2, al2o3, anD PlagioclaSe FelDSPar 251-19 251 Burkhart, Rachel S.*; Shaw, Drew C.; Schuiling, Amanda B.; Peterson, Jonathan W.; Wang, Wei; Gu, Baohua: amPicillin aDSorPTion To nanomeTer-SiZe al2o3 in WaTer: macroScoPic eXPerimenTS anD mechaniSTic inVeSTigaTionS 251-20 252 Schuiling, Amanda B.; Burkhart, Rachel S.; Shaw, Drew C.*; Peterson, Jonathan W.: anTiBioTic aDSorPTion To nanomeTer-SiZe Fe2o3 anD Tio2 251-21 253 Reeder, Matthew*; Olyphant, Greg A.: SUlFUr iSoToPic eValUaTion oF a SUlFaTe-reDUcing BioreacTor TreaTing aciD mine Drainage 251-22 254 Ding, Mei*; Longmire, Patrick; Vaniman, David; Broxton, David; Rearick, Michael; Spall, Brian N.; Ware, Stuart D.; Katzman, Danny; Bargar, John R.; Webb, Samuel M.: eXPerimenTal characTeriZaTion oF chromiUm FaTe anD TranSPorT in SanDia canYon, loS alamoS naTional laBoraTorY, neW meXico 251-23 255 Edenborn, Harry M.*; Chodkowski, Lauren P.; Johnson, Isaac L.; Edenborn, Sherie L.; Vesper, Dorothy J.: DeVeloPmenT oF








SeSSion no. 253

T51. Tectonics and Basins of Convergent Margins (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 253-1 266 Eichelberger, Nathan W.*; McQuarrie, Nadine: eValUaTing orogen Parallel TranSPorT oF The UPPer crUST WiThin The cenTral anDean orocline 267 Judge, Phoebe A.*; Allmendinger, Richard W.: a neW meThoD For eValUaTing ShorTening UncerTainTY WiTh eXamPleS From The cenTral anDeS 268 Fosdick, Julie C.*; Romans, Brian W.; Fildani, Andrea; Calderon, Mauricio N.; Bernhardt, Anne; Graham, Stephan A.: ShorTening UnDer eXTenDeD circUmSTanceS: regional STrUcTUre oF The creTaceoUS-neogene PaTagonian FolD-ThrUST BelT anD magallaneS BaSin, chile anD argenTina (51°30' S)



262 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


253-4 269 Bywater-Reyes, Sharon V.*; Carrapa, Barbara; Mortimer, Estelle: BaSin analYSiS oF an eVolVing ForelanD BaSin in The eaSTern corDillera (angaSTaco BaSin, nW argenTina) 270 Quigley, Mark*; Duffy, Brendan; Haig, David W.; Woodhead, John: inDoneiSan geoDYnamicS anD PaleooceanograPhY reVealeD in an eXhUmeD Pliocene Forearc BaSin, Timor leSTe 271 Dixon, I. Tanya*; Leier, Andrew; McCartney, Tannis; McQuarrie, Nadine; Long, Sean P.: eXPloring The relaTionShiP BeTWeen UPPer crUSTal DeFormaTion, SeDimenTaTion, anD SUrFace UPliFT in The alTiPlano oF The cenTral anDeS, BoliVia 272 Kimbrough, David L.*; Grove, Marty J.; Mahoney, J. Brian; Barnard, Patrick L.; Keller, Barry: DeTriTal Zircon U-PB geochronologY oF The moDern SacramenTo-San JoaQUin riVer DelTa, caliFornia anD imPlicaTionS For inTerPreTaTion oF laTe creTaceoUS greaT ValleY groUP SanDSTone ProVenance 273 Farmer, Lucian P.*; Kent, Adam J.R.; Meigs, Andrew: onSeT oF an arc: DeTriTal ZirconS in eocene SeDimenTS From The oregon coaST range 274 Leier, Andrew*; Frosini, Cassandra; Gehrels, George E.: DeTriTal Zircon ProVenance oF loWer creTaceoUS conglomeraTe BeDS DePoSiTeD in The WeSTern inTerior ForelanD BaSin, monTana, USa, anD alBerTa, canaDa 255-2 254-9 283 Onishi, Celia Tiemi*; Mooney, Walter D.: TecTonic eVolUTion anD mineral reSoUrceS oF aFghaniSTan


254-10 284 Bershaw, John*; Garzione, Carmala: U-PB DeTriTal Zircon ageS reVeal Paleogene emergence oF mUZTaghaTa, eaST Pamir, china 254-11 285 Spencer, Christopher*; Harris, Ron; Ahmad, Talat: STrUcTUral analYSiS oF eXhUmaTion oF The himalaYan meTamorPhic core, garhWal himalaYa


SeSSion no. 255

T64. Physics of Volcanic Eruptions: Implications for Hazards (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 255-1 286 Kratzmann, David J.*; Carey, Steven N.; Fero, Julie; Scasso, Roberto A.; Naranjo, Jose-Antonio: SimUlaTionS oF TePhra DiSPerSal From The 1991 eXPloSiVe erUPTionS oF hUDSon Volcano, chile 287 Orr, Tim R.*; Patrick, Matthew R.; Swanson, Donald A.; Wilson, David C.: collaPSe-inDUceD eXPloSionS DUring The 2008-2009 SUmmiT erUPTion oF KilaUea Volcano, haWai`i 288 Chardot, Lauriane*; Voight, Barry; Stewart, R.; Linde, A.; Sacks, S.; Hidayat, D.; Fournier, N.: VUlcanian eXPloSion DYnamicS in 2008-09 aT SoUFriere hillS Volcano, monTSerraT, From STrainmeTer DaTa 289 Bacon, Charles R.*; Sisson, Thomas W.; Calvert, Andrew T.; Nye, Christopher J.: geologic maP oF The 350 km3 BaSalTTo-DaciTe VeniaminoF Volcano, aleUTian arc 290 Borrero, Carlos A.*; Toro, Luz Mary; Ayala, Luis F.: The anceSTral STage oF neVaDo Del rUiZ Volcano, colomBia: The geochemical SignaTUre oF iTS eFFUSiVe acTiViTY 291 Chen, Chang-Hwa*; Belousov, Alexander; Belousov, Marina: Volcanic acTiViTieS oF TaTUn Volcanic groUP in laST 20 KYr, norThern TaiWan 292 Whittington, Alan*: FeeDBacK relaTionS BeTWeen PhYSicS, chemiSTrY anD Thermal BUDgeT oF magma DUring aScenT anD erUPTion





SeSSion no. 254

T54. Structural Evolution and Timing of Orogenic Uplift in the Tertiary Mountain Ranges of Central Asia (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 254-1 254-2 275 Walker, Richard T.*: The acTiVe TecTonicS oF ne aSia 276 Cunningham, Dickson*: TecTonic SeTTing anD STrUcTUral eVolUTion oF The laTe cenoZoic goBi alTai orogen, mongolia 277 Taylor, Joshua P.*; Webb, Laura E.; Johnson, Cari; Heumann, Matthew J.: STriKe-SliP anD eXhUmaTion hiSTorY oF The eaST goBi FaUlT Zone, SoUTheaSTern mongolia, WiTh emPhaSiS on The cenoZoic era 278 Frankel, Kurt L.*; Wegmann, Karl W.; Bader, Nick E.; Carson, Robert J.; Bayasgalan, Amgalan; Dufrey, Chelsea C.; Sprajcar, Jodi; Sweeney, Kristin E.; Colbert, Tina: laTe PleiSTocene SliP raTe oF The höh Serh-TSagaan Salaa FaUlT Zone, mongolian alTai anD inTraconTinenTal TranSPreSSional DeFormaTion in cenTral aSia 279 Gregory, Laura C.*; Walker, Richard T.; Amgaa, Tsolmon; Amgalan, Bayasgalan; West, A. Joshua: a neW eSTimaTe oF The raTe oF acTiVe DeFormaTion anD The DiScoVerY oF an ancienT earThQUaKe rUPTUre in The mongolian alTaY moUnTainS 280 Cowgill, Eric*; Gold, Ryan: BUilDing a laTeST QUaTernarY SliP hiSTorY For The cenTral alTYn Tagh FaUlT: imPlicaTionS For DeeP-Time PaleoSeiSmologY 281 Hough, Brian*; Garzione, Carmala; Wang, Zhicai; Lease, Richard: USing climaTe VariaBiliTY To TracK ToPograPhic groWTh oF The norTheaSTern margin oF The TiBeTan PlaTeaU 282 Craddock, William*; Kirby, Eric; Zhang, Huiping: laTe miocene onSeT oF FaUlT SliP along marginS oF The gonghe BaSin, ne TiBeT: imPlicaTionS For The eVolUTion oF ToPograPhY in ne TiBeT 255-6 255-5 255-4





SeSSion no. 256

T124. Fluid-Driven Geochemical Transformations: In Honor of Harold Helgeson (Posters) (Society of Economic Geologists; Geochemical Society)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 256-1 293 Vaccaro, David M.*; Frank, Mark R.: TemPeraTUre anD PreSSUre aFFecTS on PoTaSSic anD SericiTic alTeraTion BY high SaliniTY FlUiDS 294 Icenhower, Jonathan P.*; Pierce, Eric M.; Luttge, Andreas: are DiSSolUTion mechaniSmS The Same For crYSTalline 295 Williford, Kenneth H.*; Grice, Kliti; Logan, Graham A.; Huston, David: USing comPoUnD SPeciFic hYDrogen anD carBon iSoToPeS To UnDerSTanD The naTUre oF hYDroThermal alTeraTion oF SeDimenTarY organic maTTer in The hYc PB/Zn/ag DePoSiT 296 Chaumba, Jeff B.*: The SoaPSTone riDge comPleX, SoUThern aPPalachianS: a PeTrograPhical, mineral comPoSiTional, anD oXYgen iSoToPe inVeSTigaTion



256-2 256-3




2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 263


256-5 297 Serrano, Susana*; O'Day, Peggy A.; Bessinger, Brad; Vlassopoulos, Dimitri: immoBiliZaTion oF mercUrY(ii) BY eTTringiTe-TYPe PhaSeS: moDeling anD eXPerimenTS 258-4 310 Mondro, Claire A.*; Goldsmith, Steven T.; Carey, Anne E.; Trierweiler, Annette M.; Johnson, Brent M.; Welch, Susan A.: TranSPorT oF DiSSolVeD organic carBon in moUnTainoUS riVerS oF Dominica, leSSer anTilleS 311 Dalton, Terra*: geological carBon SeQUeSTraTion in The ohio riVer ValleY: an eValUaTion oF PoSSiBle TargeT FormaTionS 312 Von Bargen, Justin M.*; Goldsmith, Steven T.; Carey, Anne E.; Kao, Shuh-Ji; Welch, Susan A.; Mondro, Claire A.: conTrolS on Soil DeVeloPmenT anD carBon STorage on The high-STanDing iSlanD oF TaiWan 313 Reyes, Francisco*; Adelberg, Samantha; Williams, Amy J.; Crossey, Laura J.; Karlstrom, Karl E.: a SaliniZaTion STUDY WiThin The San acacia region, SeVilleTa naTional WilDliFe reFUge, neW meXico 314 Adelberg, Samantha*; Reyes, Francisco; Williams, Amy J.; Crossey, Laura J.: geomicroBiologY oF The SeVilleTa naTional WilDliFe reFUge SPringS anD WellS: PreDicTing The meTaBolic energY aVailaBle To microorganiSmS 315 Myers, Brittany R.*; Van de Ven, Christopher: chemical analYSiS anD comPariSon oF ariDiSolS BaSeD on VegeTaTion anD rocK TYPe in The WhiTe moUnTainS, eaSTern caliFornia

SeSSion no. 257

T125. Geochemical Approaches to Sedimentary Provenance Studies (Posters) (Geochemical Society; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 257-1 257-2 298 Sitaula, Raju P.*; Uddin, Ashraf: re-eValUaTion oF gonDWanan STraTigraPhY oF eaSTern nePal 299 Ibanez-Mejia, Mauricio*; Ruiz, Joaquin; Gehrels, George; Mora, Andres; Cardona, Agustin; Valencia, Victor: DeTriTal Zircon U-PB geochronologY oF loW-graDe meTaSeDimenTS From The BaSemenT oF The norTh anDean "llanoS" ForelanD BaSin - colomBia: ProVenance SignaTUreS oF earlY iaPeTan PaSSiVe margin DePoSiTS in norThWeSTern amaZonia 300 Akaa, Orji*; Macdonald, David; Carter, Andrew: heaVY mineral analYSiS oF niger DelTa SeDimenTS 301 Johnston, Scott M.*; Hartz, Ebbe H.; Stuewe, Kurt; Gehrels, George E.: Small-VolUme la-mc-icP-mS geochronologY anD eViDence For archean SoUrce TerraneS in KrUmmeDal SeQUence PeliTeS, milne lanD, eaST greenlanD 302 Neiswanger, Lila*; Cai, Merry Yue; Almeida, Rafael; Hemming, Sidney R.; Christie-Blick, Nicholas: leaD iSoToPe conSTrainTS on a TecTonic reconSTrUcTion oF SoUThern neVaDa 303 Hensley, Matthew M.*; Thomas, Deborah J.; Woodard, Stella C.: raDiogenic iSoToPe geochemiSTrY oF carBoniFeroUS DeTriTal SeDimenTS, arroW canYon, neVaDa 304 Rothfuss, Jennifer L.*; Weislogel, Amy L.; Schwartz, Theresa M.; Schwartz, Robert K.: regional connecTiViTY oF Paleogene FlUVial SYSTemS in The ViciniTY oF The BoUlDer BaTholiTh: eViDence From DeTriTal ZirconS, renoVa FormaTion, SoUThWeST monTana 305 Choi, Taejin*; Lee, Yong Il; Yi, Hi-Il; Orihashi, Yuji: DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY oF The SoUTheaSTern YelloW Sea SeDimenTS anD imPlicaTion For Their ProVenanceS 306 Allen, Jessica L.*; Johnson, Cari: FacieS conTrol on SanDSTone comPoSiTion in The John henrY memBer, STraighT cliFFS FormaTion, SoUThern UTah, USa





257-3 257-4


258-10 316 Hubscher, Rodney M.*; Walters, James C.: conSTrUcTiViSmBaSeD acTiViTieS USing hallWaY geologY DiSPlaYS in inFormal Science eDUcaTion 258-11 317 Shepeck, Jennifer M.*; Walters, James: STream BanK STaBiliTY anD TUrBiDiTY oF DrY rUn creeK, ceDar FallS, ioWa 258-12 318 Gimson, Kirby*; Lutz, Tim; Srogi, LeeAnn: QUanTiTaTiVe meaSUremenTS anD SPaTial STaTiSTicS oF igneoUS laYering in The morganToWn SheeT, Se Pa 258-13 319 McDonough, Brianne M.*; Cicerone, Robert D.: a TWoDimenSional, linear­elaSTic moDel To eXPlain raDial eXTenSional FracTUreS, PanTheon FoSSae, caloriS BaSin, mercUrY 258-14 320 Holt, Renée S.*; Krol, Michael A.: SeDimenTarY PeTrologY oF The TeDDY creeK groUP, BlacKTail moUnTainS, mT: imPlicaTionS For ProVenance & lanDScaPe eVolUTion 258-15 321 Wright, Thomas Colby*; Mintz, Jason S.; Driese, Steven G.: eSTimaTing miDDle DeVonian Soil ageS USing PoinTcoUnTing oF PeDogenic claYS in PaleoSolS 258-16 322 Sutherland, Christopher L.*; Johnson, Elizabeth A.; Logan, M. Amelia V.; Samson, Scott D.; Feely, Martin: age anD emPlacemenT TemPeraTUre oF a FelSic PorPhYrY DiKe near BallarD, coUnTY galWaY 258-17 323 Wylie, Miller*; Pickering, Jennifer; Jones, Matt; Crombie, Scott; Shannon, Caitlin; Cribb, Warner: geochemical inVeSTigaTion oF PoTenTial ToXic meTal releaSeS From TVa coal aSh SUrFace imPoUnDmenTS inTo nearBY riVer WaTerS anD SeDimenTS 258-18 324 Colafrancesco, Kaitlen C.*; Rademacher, Laura K.; Burmeister, Kurtis C.; Giovannoni, Steven C.; Kief, Jerome M.; Suter, Jordan B.: chemical eVolUTion anD hYDrologY oF norThern Sierra neVaDan mineral SPringS 258-19 325 McLaughlin, Win N.*; Brown, Christopher J.; Rademacher, Laura K.: SoUrceS oF WaTer QUaliTY imPairmenTS in The lincoln creeK WaTerSheD, leWiS coUnTY WaShingTon 258-20 326 McGimpsey, Chelsea*; Rech, Jason A.; Pigati, Jeffrey S.: raDiocarBon DaTing TerreSTrial gaSTroPoDS: aSSeSSing oPen-SYSTem BahaVior 258-21 327 Jordan, Sarah C.*; Libarkin, Julie C.; Clark, Scott K.: Too mUch, Too liTTle, or JUST righT? an inVeSTigaTion oF conFiDence, DemograPhicS, anD correcTneSS






SeSSion no. 258

T138. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Undergraduate Research (Posters) (Sigma Gamma Epsilon)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 258-1 307 Ohmes, Karen S.*; Macpherson, G.L.; Huff, Breanna L.: loW STream-FloW meaSUremenT anD STream co2 emiSSion calcUlaTionS, KonZa Prairie lTer SiTe, norTheaSTern KanSaS, USa 308 Huff, Breanna L.*; Macpherson, G.L.: reForeSTaTion or reSPonSe To riSing aTmoSPheric co2: inVeSTigaTing TWo PoSSiBle mechaniSmS For The increaSe in groUnDWaTer co2 aT The KonZa Prairie, norTheaSTern KanSaS 309 Browne, Cassandra*; Lansbery, Leslie Ann; Hogan, John: SanDBoX eXPerimenTS aS analogUeS For conTinenTal riFTS: imPacT oF rocK STrengTh in eXTenSional STreSS regimeS



264 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


258-22 328 Liner, Tiffany*; Waters-Tormey, Cheryl: reFlecTeD lighT image analYSiS meThoD: aPPlicaTion To magneTic mineral SPo meaSUremenTS 258-23 329 Murray, Abigail P.*; Pedrick, Jane N.; Mathison, Mark E.; Dawson, M. Robert: are SiliclaSTic noDUleS in The UPPer JUraSSic morriSon FormaTion (eaSTern Big horn BaSin, WYoming) accreTionarY laPilli? 258-24 330 Andreucci, Stephanie*; Kisila, Ben Odhiambo: WaTerSheD eroSion aSSeSSmenT in The raPPahannocK USing iSoToPic anD SPaTial analYSiS 258-25 331 Petruccelli, Rochelle F.*; Jackson, Chester W.; Bush, David M.: QUanTiFYing coaSTal haZarDS: ranKing conTrolS on Damage in PUerTo rico From hUrricane georgeS 258-26 332 Johnson, Jacques R.*; Maloof, Andrew; Petruccelli, Rochelle F.; Young, Robert S.; Bush, David M.: The SUrPriSing lacK oF reliaBle hiSTorical hUrricane STorm SUrge DaTa 258-27 333 Ayash, K. Hope*; Cook, Kimberly E.; Wolfe, Cameron G.; Boatman, Michael L.; Hollabaugh, Curtis L.: inorganic arSenic anD oTher ParameTerS TeSTeD in Well WaTer oF WeST georgia 258-28 334 Hunt, Lindsey Elise*; Krueger, Daniel W.; Hollabaugh, Curtis L.: analYSiS oF TWo KnoWn SeconDarY DrinKing WaTer conTaminanTS, SUlFaTe anD harDneSS, in WeST georgia groUnDWaTer 258-29 335 Petruccelli, Rochelle F.*; Nickle, Cassandra; Hollabaugh, Curtis L.; Harris, Randa R.: meaSUremenT oF niTraTeS anD Silica in local WellS oF carroll coUnTY, georgia 258-30 336 Skinner, Tina M.*; Ayash, K. Hope; Hollabaugh, Curtis L.: leaD anD coPPer in DomeSTic WellS in WeST georgia 258-31 337 Fulton, Will*; Carter, Deron T.; Stebbins, Adam: a local aSSeSSmenT oF imProPerlY aBanDoneD WellS in linn anD BenTon coUnTieS, oregon 258-32 338 Luce, Elise*; Nitsche, Frank; Kenna, Timothy C.: leaD, Zinc, anD coPPer meTal DiSTriBUTion in SeDimenT inVenTorieS in The hUDSon riVer eSTUarY 258-33 339 Hahn, David*; Van der Hoven, Stephen J.: DeFining SPaTial anD TemPoral VariaTionS in The hYPorheic Zone oF a loW graDienT, meanDering agricUlTUral STream USing conSerVaTiVe TracerS 258-34 340 Trela, Jarek*; Van der Hoven, Stephen J.; Love, Jonathan: QUanTiFYing The eFFecTS oF groUnDWaTer on niTrogen cYcling in conSTrUcTeD WeTlanDS receiVing agricUlTUral Tile Drainage 258-35 341 Holschuh, Nicholas Donald*; Haileab, Bereket; Nega, Tsegaye; Fu, Wei-Hsin: a PreliminarY geochemical analYSiS oF SPaTial anD TemPoral VariaTionS in The SUrFace WaTer chemiSTrY oF rice coUnTY minneSoTa USing arcgiS 258-36 342 Cardenas, Megan E.*; Munk, LeeAnn; Munk, Jens; Hagedorn, Birgit: PhYSical anD chemical connecTionS BeTWeen SUrFace anD groUnD WaTer in The anchorage WaTerSheD, alaSKa 258-37 343 Sherman, Janelle R.*; Lemke, Lawrence D.: inFlUence oF DecimeTer-Scale VariaBiliTY on DnaPl inFilTraTion anD migraTion in a glacial SanD aQUiFer 258-38 344 Allen, Justin M.*; Caldwell, Matthew P.; Balogh-Brunstad, Zsuzsanna: SoUrcing elemenTal alUminUm in SUrFace WaTerS in The SWiFT riVer WaTerSheD, neW hamPShire: a PreliminarY rePorT 258-39 345 Corcoran, Andrew M.*; Kneeshaw, Tara A.: inVeSTigaTing The PoTenTial For microBial iron reDUcTion in a hYDrologicallY DYnamic reSerVoir SYSTem, Villa ParK Dam, Villa ParK, ca 258-40 346 Schlom, Tyanna M.*; Knott, Jeffrey R.: earThQUaKe magniTUDe anD recUrrence From ScarP morPhologY, eUreKa ValleY FaUlT Zone, eaSTern caliFornia 258-41 347 Timm, Sarah L.*: are The moaT moUnTian Volcanic rocKS oF neW hamPShire reallY oF Volcanic origin? moaT maYBe, KearSarge no 258-42 348 Downen, Matthew R.*; Wulff, Andrew; Kramer, Kelly; Moyers, Austin: PeTrogeneTic eVolUTion oF laVaS From The caSiTaS ShielD, DeScaBeZaDo granDe- cerro aZUl Volcanic comPleX, chilean anDeS 258-43 349 Diaz, Nathan*; Knott, Jeffrey R.; Neff, Hector; Wan, Elmira; Wahl, David; Sarna-Wojcicki, Andrei M.: laSer aBlaTion inDUcTiVelY coUPleD PlaSma maSS SPecTromeTrY oF The PleiSTocene WilSon creeK aSh BeDS, inYo coUnTY, caliFornia 258-44 350 Siegner, Michael*; Bhattacharyya, Prajukti: maFic microgranUlar enclaVeS WiThin SheareD graniTic rocKS in moUnTain, Wi 258-45 351 Braun, Steven A.*; Bream, Brendan R.; Gualda, Guilherme A.R.: age anD chemiSTrY oF megacrYSTic ZirconS From Zirconia, norTh carolina 258-46 352 Shabaga, Brandi*; Fayek, Mostafa; Hawthorne, Frank: FingerPrinTing cU-Bearing ToUrmaline USing Trace elemenTS anD li anD B STaBle iSoToPeS 258-47 353 McHugh, Andrea C.*; Hamil, A. Brooke; Trupe, Charles H.; Asher, Pranoti M.: STrUcTUral geologY anD meTamorPhic PeTrologY oF The FrieS ThrUST SheeT, BlUe riDge ThrUST comPleX, WeSTern nc anD eaSTern Tn 258-48 354 Gorz, Andrew J.*; Lepper, Kenneth: oSl DaTing ProPerTieS oF mg-carBonaTe: a recenTlY DiScoVereD mineral in marTian SeDimenTS 258-49 355 Morell, Mallory A.*; Weber, John; Llerandi-Román, Pablo A.: coaSTal Terrace TecTonic geomorPhologY, TriniDaD, WeST inDieS 258-50 356 Conde, Rachel*; Gao, Yongli: groUnDWaTer anD SUrFace WaTer inTeracTionS in an acTiVe KarST area UnDer DiFFerenT FloW conDiTionS, carTer coUnTY, TenneSSee 258-51 357 Burnham, Taylor*; Gao, Yongli; Wang, Xianfeng; Rowe, Harold: DeVeloPing high PreciSion Time SerieS oF iSoToPic recorDS on SPeleoThemS From eaSTern TenneSSee 258-52 358 Stanley, Ryan*; Taylor, Stephen B.: lanD coVer analYSiS UTiliZing geograPhic inFormaTion SYSTemS anD hiSToric aerial PhoTograPhY: a caSe STUDY oF riParian ZoneS in The lUcKiamUTe riVer BaSin, cenTral oregon coaST range 258-53 359 Hazen, Anna George*; Anderson, William P.: on The USe oF STreamBeD TemPeraTUreS For eSTimaTing BaSeFloW VelociTY 258-54 360 Adams, Kristyn*; Tennant, Christina; Vallis, Vanessa; Menounos, Brian; Osborn, Gerald: USe oF a DigiTal eleVaTion moDel To meaSUre DeFlaTion oF a rocK glacier in oPaBin BaSin, Yoho naTional ParK 258-55 361 Andrews, Alexandra L.*; Peppe, Daniel J.; McNulty, Kieran P.; Harcourt-Smith, Will; Dunsworth, Holly M.; Deino, Alan L.; Fox, David L.: magneToSTraTigraPhY oF The earlY miocene KUlU anD hiWegi FormaTionS on rUSinga iSlanD (laKe VicToria, KenYa) 258-56 362 Harkins, Renee Helen*; Mitchell, Sara Gran: grain SiZe characTeriSTicS & PoTenTial moBiliTY oF roaD TracTion SanD in WorceSTer, maSSachUSeTTS 258-57 363 Warner, Richard D.*; Dean, W. Gray; Brame, Scott; Hesse, Shannon; Ritchie, Amber; Douglas, Scott; Fields, Ian; Laursen, Charles; Lee, Robert; Troxler, W. Finch: UnDergraDUaTe creaTiVe inQUirY: geologic maPPing in The clemSon eXPerimenTal ForeST 258-58 364 Amundsen, Jesse*; Johnson, Sarah: imProVing aPProXimaTionS oF The mohr-coUlomB FailUre


2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 265


258-59 365 Donaldson, Kevin*; Bertog, Janet L.: TaPhonomic STUDieS oF The aaron ScoTT SiTe QUarrY (morriSon FormaTion, JUraSSic) near Ferron, UTah 258-60 366 Coode, Katybeth*; Bertog, Janet L.: WeaThering anD eroSion oF BoneS From The aaron ScoTT DinoSaUr SiTe near Ferron, UTah (morriSon FormaTion, JUraSSic) 258-61 367 Mergenthal, Zachary*; Bertog, Janet L.: SeDimenTologY oF The BrUShY BaSin memBer oF The morriSon FormaTion aSSociaTeD WiTh The aaron ScoTT DinoSaUr SiTe (JUraSSic), Ferron, UTah 258-62 368 Stinson, Chasity L.*; Florea, Lee J.; Russell, Scot Allan Jr.: characTeriZaTion oF TiDal VariaTionS in The miXing Zone oF a laTe-PleiSTocene carBonaTe aQUiFer on San SalVaDor iSlanD, BahamaS

SeSSion no. 260

T141. What Does Biology Have to Do With It? Biota in Weathering, Nutrient Cycling, Mineral Surface Interactions, and Mineral Precipitation (Posters) (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 260-1 377 Jarvis, Stephanie K.*; Fox, James F.; Jones, Alice; Rowe, Harold: QUanTiFYing niTrogen cYcling on SUrFace mineD lanDS USing naTUral 15n aBUnDanceS anD FUngal relaTionShiPS: an eXPloraTorY STUDY 378 Evans, Guy N.*; Fox, James F.; Jones, Alice: The microBial Pool anD Soil carBon cYcling on reclaimeD SUrFace mine SiTeS 379 Hartman, Kurt M.*; Voltz, Michael; Sigmon, Mickey; Koy, Karen A.; Ashley, David: comPariSon oF Soil ProPerTieS conTaining The WhiTe FringeD Prairie orchiD (PlaTanThera Praeclara) in norThWeST miSSoUri PrairieS anD aDJacenT agricUlTUral FielDS 380 Kyle, Jennifer E.*; Ferris, F. Grant: BacTerial-Viral inTeracTionS anD mineral PreciPiTaTion 381 Vivit, Davison*; Evett, Rand R.; Schulz, Marjorie S.; White, Art F.: Biogenic cYcling oF Silicon in SoilS in a marine Terrace chronoSeQUence, SanTa crUZ, caliFornia 382 Martinez, Robert J.*; Salome, Kathleen; Wu, Cindy; Hazen, Terry C.; Andersen, Gary L.; Taillefert, Martial; Sobecky, Patricia A.: UraniUm immoBiliZaTion BY The acTiViTieS oF microBial PhoSPhaTaSeS 383 Yue, Ziming; Donahoe, Rona J.*; Edmonds, Jennifer: The mechaniSm oF arSeniTe oXiDaTion in Soil colUmn eXPerimenTS


SeSSion no. 259

T140. Undergraduate Investigations of Geologic Hazards on Dynamic Landscapes (Posters) (Council on Undergraduate Research; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 259-1 369 Spivey, Brooke*; Levine, Norman S.; Kaufman, Charlie C.: USing haZUS To DeTermine The eXTenT oF Damage To charleSTon coUnTY, Sc, reSUlTing From a 5.5 magniTUDe oFFShore earThQUaKe 370 Shin, Timothy A.*; Catlos, Elizabeth; Düzgün, H. Sebnem; Ozdemir, Burcu; Sarp, Gulcan; Yildiz, G. Okan: an inVeSTigaTion oF geologic haZarDS oF The norTh anaTolian Shear Zone near amaSYa, TUrKeY 371 Morrish, Shawn C.*; Marshall, Jeffrey S.; LaFromboise, Eli J.; Utick, John D.; Piestrzeniewicz, Peter; Protti, Marino: coaSTal UPliFT anD STream PiracY aS inDicaTorS oF neT SeiSmic cYcle DeFormaTion along The coSTa rica PaciFic margin: PUerTo carrillo heaDlanD anD río ora ValleY, nicoYa PeninSUla 372 Wicks, Logan Edward*; Nourse, Jonathan A.: FailUre analYSiS oF a rocKSliDe on SUnSeT riDge Fire aceSS roaD, San gaBriel moUnTainS, caliFornia 373 Sutfin, Nicholas A.*: VeriFicaTion anD TeSTing oF moDelS For PoST-WilDFire DeBriS FloW ProBaBiliTY 374 LaBold, John Alan*; Nikitina, Daria; Coutu, Gary: Shoreline reTreaT along The norTh Shore oF The DelaWare BaY, neW JerSeY 375 Woodlief, Veronica A.*; Cornell, Sean R.; Them, Theodore R. II.: inVeSTigaTing The realiZeD anD PoTenTial imPacTS oF STorm SUrge eVenTS on Three DiFFerenT aTlanTic anD cariBBean coaSTlineS: DelmarVa PeninSUla, Virginia; FloriDa KeYS, FloriDa; anD cUracao, neTherlanDS anTilleS 376 Rodriguez, Linda A.*; Walsdorf, Robert Adam; Vakhlamov, Pavel; Heise, Elizabeth A.; Benavides, Jude A.; Contreras, Mara; Cardenas, Andres; Del Angel, Diana: hUrricane iKe - one Year laTer: Damage To The coaSTal SYSTem on SoUTh PaDre iSlanD, TeXaS


260-4 260-5





SeSSion no. 261

T145. Use of High-Resolution LiDAR DEMs for Geologic, Geomorphic, and Geohazards Mapping (Posters)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 261-1 384 Ticci, Marco*; Kelson, Keith; Amos, Colin; Streig, Ashley; Brossy, Cooper C.: aPPlicaTionS oF liDar DaTa anD giS DeriVaTiVeS For FaUlT analYSiS anD eValUaTion: eXamPleS From Three STUDieS in caliFornia 385 Derouin, Sarah A.*; Piety, Lucille A.; Anderson, Larry W.: UTiliZing Bare earTh liDar To iDenTiFY laTe QUaTernarY TecTonic acTiViTY in heaVilY VegeTaTeD lanDScaPeS, norTh-cenTral coloraDo 386 Whitehead, Kelly M.*; Crosby, Benjamin T.; Mahar, James: USing high-reSolUTion Dems To iDenTiFY SPaTial correlaTionS BeTWeen ToPograPhic Form anD hillSloPe FailUre mechaniSmS, SoUThern caliFornia 387 Bradley, Lee­Ann*; Nelson, Alan R.; Personius, Stephen F.; Sherrod, Brian L.: USing liDar imagerY To iDenTiFY YoUng earThQUaKe FaUlT ScarPS on The Tacoma FaUlT Zone BeneaTh DenSe ForeST oF The PUgeT loWlanD, WaShingTon, USa 388 Kasprak, Alan*; Magilligan, Francis J.; Nislow, Keith H.; Snyder, Noah P.: a raPiD, liDar-BaSeD DelineaTion oF WaTerSheD-Scale large WooDY DeBriS SoUrceS


259-5 259-6







266 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


261-6 389 Herrs, Andrew J.*; Taylor, Michael H.; Watney, W. Lynn; Miller, Richard D.: QUanTiFYing SUrFace SUBSiDence along US highWaY 50, reno coUnTY, KS USing TerreSTrial liDar anD SeiSmic meThoDS: imPlicaTionS For SinKhole DeVeloPmenT anD riSK aSSeSSmenT along raPiDlY DeVeloPing UrBan corriDorS 390 Schick, James*: aPPlicaTion oF lighT DeTecTion anD ranging (liDar) TechnologY To oregon highWaYS 391 Larson, Erik B.*; Alexander, Scott C.; Green, Jeffrey A.; Alexander, E. Calvin Jr.: aDVanceS in SinKhole maPPing: a liDar SUrVeY oF hoUSTon coUnTY, minneSoTa 392 Weppner, Eileen M.*; Hoyt, Janet; Haneberg, William C.: comPariSon oF SloPe STaBiliTY moDelS DeriVeD From 1-m liDar Dem, FreShWaTer creeK anD rYan SloUgh WaTerSheD, hUmBolDT coUnTY, caliFornia

aFTernoon oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 263

Economic Geology II: Metamorphic, Granite Sn-Ta Associated, Coeur D'Alene Ag, Carlin Au, Epithermal, MVT, U, and Industrial Minerals

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D137/138 Robert A. Creaser and Anthony A. Longo, Presiding 263-1 1:30 PM Frost, B. Ronald*; Swapp, Susan M.; Mavrogenes, John A.: eViDence For eXTenSiVe melTing oF The BroKen hill ore BoDY 1:45 PM Bartels, Alexander; Linnen, Robert L.*; Holtz, Francois: TanTaliTe aSSociaTeD WiTh mica rePlacemenT: a magmaTic-meTaSomaTic origin? 2:00 PM Inverno, Carlos M.C.*; Ferraz, Paulo J.V.; Moreira, Eugénia: argemela, a high-Tonnage Sn-li DePoSiT in cenTral PorTUgal 2:15 PM Neupane, Naba Raj*: QUaliTY aSSeSSmenT, reSerVe eSTimaTion anD economic analYSiS oF rooFing SlaTe in The WeST cenTral leSSer himalaYanePal 2:30 PM Rosenberg, Philip E.*; Ramos, Frank C.: ree aBUnDanceS oF QUarTZ-carBonaTe VeinS aSSociaTeD WiTh The coeUr d'alene mining DiSTricT, iDaho anD WeSTern monTana 2:45 PM Muntean, John L.*; Cassinerio, Michael D.; Arehart, Greg B.; Cline, Jean S.; Longo, Anthony A.; Hickey, Kenneth A.: FlUiD PaThWaYS aT The TUrQUoiSe riDge carlinTYPe golD DePoSiT, geTchell DiSTricT, neVaDa 3:00 PM Break 263-7 3:15 PM Longo, Anthony A.*; Cline, Jean S.; Muntean, John L.: TracKing eVolVing ore FlUiDS WiTh PYriTe in carlin-TYPe golD DePoSiTS aT The TUrQUoiSe riDge mine, geTchell, neVaDa 3:30 PM Earthman, Matthew A.*; Velador, Jesus M.; Campbell, Andrew R.: STaBle iSoToPe STUDY oF neW ProSPecT VeinS oF The FreSnillo SilVer DiSTricT, ZacaTecaS, meXico 3:45 PM Velador, Jesus M.*; Earthman, Matthew A.; Campbell, Andrew R.: SPaTial VariaTion oF PhYSio­ chemical conDiTionS oF The hYDroThermal FlUiDS in FreSnillo BaSeD on FlUiD inclUSion STUDieS 4:00 PM Creaser, Robert A.*; Wilkinson, Jamie J.; Hnatyshin, Danny: re-oS DaTing oF SUlFiDe mineraliZaTion (PYriTe) From The liSheen PB-Zn DePoSiT, irelanD 4:15 PM Youshah, Bashir*: raDioacTiVe UraniUm anomalieS in The carBoniFeroUS, TriaSSic anD JUraSSic rocKS eXPoSeD in The SoUThern FlanK oF ghaDameS BaSin ( liBYa ): a reaPPraiSal 4:30 PM Roig-Silva, Carla*; Joyce, James: iDenTiFicaTion, characTeriZaTion anD QUanTiFicaTion oF naTUral occUrring aSBeSToS in SerPenTiniTeS oF SoUThWeSTern PUerTo rico: PreliminarY reSUlTS

261-7 261-8



261-10 393 Slaughter, Stephen L.*: DeVeloPmenT oF a liDar-DeriVeD ShalloW lanDSliDe Screening Tool For ForeST managemenT 261-11 394 Duplantis, Serin*: DaTing oF lanDSliDeS in clacKamaS coUnTY, oregon, USing liDar-BaSeD imaging anD giS roUghneSS moDeling 261-12 395 Schmidt, Kevin M.*; Hanshaw, Maiana N.; Stock, Jonathan D.; Bawden, Gerald W.: maPPing PoST-Fire geomorPhic ProceSSeS on STeePlanDS in SoUThern caliFornia From TerreSTrial liDar DemS 261-13 396 Haugerud, Ralph A.*: VaShon (laTe FraSer) age climaTic `hYSTereSiS', norThWeST WaShingTon




SeSSion no. 262

T157. Obsidian from Magma to Artifact: Geological and Archaeological Perspectives (Posters) (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; Geochemical Society)

9:00 AM, Oregon Convention Center, Hall A Authors will be present from 4 to 6 PM Booth # 262-1 397 Nazaroff, Adam*; Shackley, M. Steven: TeSTing The SiZe DimenSion limiTaTion oF PorTaBle XrF inSTrUmenTaTion For oBSiDian ProVenance 398 Rasic, Jeffrey T.*; Houlette, Christopher; Slobodina, Natalia; Reuther, Joshua; Florey, Victoria; Speakman, Robert J.: a TWelVe ThoUSanD Year hiSTorY oF oBSiDian ProSPecTing in eaSTern Beringia 399 Ozbun, Terry L.*: BeYonD PreTTY colorS: Technological anD FUncTional QUaliTieS oF oregon oBSiDianS For ancienT STone Tool ProDUcTion 400 Johnson, Charissa*; Feinberg, Joshua M.; Frahm, Ellery: comParing magneTic ProPerTieS anD geochemical meaSUremenTS oF oBSiDian 401 Steffen, Anastasia*: oBSiDian WaTer, oBSiDian hYDraTion: inVeSTigaTing VariaTion in The geochemiSTrY oF JemeZ rhYoliTic glaSSeS











2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 267



SeSSion no. 264

Geochemical Approaches to Earth Processes

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 252 James D. Webster and Elizabeth L. Pierce, Presiding 264-1 1:30 PM Tuttle, Michele L.W.*; Fahy, Juli; Grauch, Richard I.; Stillings, Lisa: SalT anD SeleniUm in The UPPer coloraDo riVer: ProceSSeS oF SUPPlY anD TranSPorT From The creTaceoUS mancoS Shale 1:45 PM Byars, Heather E.*; Hatcher, Robert D. Jr.; Wilson, Crystal G.; Merschat, Arthur J.: geochemical DaTa ProViDe KeYS To The FormaTion oF maFic comPleXeS anD Smaller amPhiBoliTe BoDieS in The caT SQUare Terrane, eaSTern inner PieDmonT, norTh carolina 2:00 PM Bouzari, Farhad*; Tosdal, Richard M.; Hart, Craig J.R.; Penczak, Robert S.; Crick, Dean; Stock, Elizabeth; Dipple, Gregory: alTeraTion anD geochemical FooTPrinTS oF golD mineraliZaTion aT reD laKe mine, onTario 2:15 PM Shen, Bing*; Jacobsen, Benjamin; Lee, Cin-Ty; Yin, Qingzhu; Morton, Douglas M.: The mg iSoToPic SignaTUre oF graniTeS anD The role oF WeaThering in conTinenT FormaTion 2:30 PM de Caritat, Patrice; Cooper, Michelle; Lambert, Ian*: The naTional geochemical SUrVeY oF aUSTralia: BacKgroUnD anD ProgreSS 2:45 PM Break 264-6 3:00 PM Sandstrom, Mark W.*; Stroppel, Max E.; Meyer, Michael T.; Rose, Claire E.; Coupe, Richard H.; Kalkhoff, Steven J.: glYPhoSaTe in SUSPenDeD SeDimenT in STreamS From TWo agricUlTUral areaS oF The UniTeD STaTeS 3:15 PM Bopp, Charles John IV.*; Lundstrom, Craig C.; Johnson, Thomas M.; Williams, Kenneth H.; Wilkins, Michael J.; N'Guessan, A. Lucie; Long, Philip E.: 238 U/235U iSoToPe raTioS aS TracerS oF UraniUm reDUcTion: IN SITU eXPerimenTS aT riFle, co 3:30 PM Poulson, Simon R.*; Naraoka, Hiroshi; Chiba, Hitoshi: mUlTiPle SUlFUr anD oXYgen iSoToPe FracTionaTion FacTorS DUring UV PhoTolYSiS oF So 2 3:45 PM Tierney, Kate E.*; Yan, Jiaxin; Munnecke, Axel; Henderson, Charles; Davydov, V.I.; Cramer, Bradley D.; Saltzman, Matthew R.: high-reSolUTion carBon iSoToPe comPoSiTe cUrVe For The Permian SYSTem: imPlicaTionS For organic carBon BUrial anD gloBal climaTe 4:00 PM Cable, P.H.*; McKee, Brent; Lyons, W.B.; Marcantonio, F.; Ferrell, Ray: BaSin Scale DenUDaTion raTeS in a Polar DeSerT 4:15 PM ingerson lecture introduction 264-11 4:20 PM Harmon, Russell S.; Lyons, W. Berry*; Goldsmith, Steven T.; Carey, Anne E.; Welch, Kathleen A.; Welch, Susan A.; McElwee, Gregg T.; Mitasova, Helena: ingerSon lecTUre: riVerine geochemiSTrY anD chemical WeaThering acroSS Panama 265-3 265-2 1:45 PM Xiao, Shuhai*; Bykova, Natasha; Grazhdankin, Dmitri; Kaufman, Alan J.; Nagovitsin, Konstantin; Kochnev, Boris; Peek, Sara; Rogov, Vladimir: onTogenY anD aSeXUal reProDUcTion oF DiScoiDal eDiacaran organiSmS: WhY So manY DiScS BUT So FeW WiTh FronDS? 2:00 PM Moore, John L.*; Porter, Susannah M.; Steiner, Michael; Li, Guoxiang: CAMBROTHYRA AMPULLIFORMIS, an UnUSUal coeloScleriToPhoran From The loWer camBrian oF ShaanXi ProVince, china 2:15 PM Gerber, Sylvain*; Hopkins, Melanie J.: TheoreTical DeVeloPmenTal morPhologY anD morPhoSPace occUPancY. an eXamPle WiTh TriloBiTe craniDia 2:30 PM Deptola, Travis J.*; Powell, Matthew G.; Glazier, Douglas S.: meTaBolic raTe Scaling oF The TriloBiTe elDreDgeoPS rana 2:45 PM Webster, Mark*; Zelditch, Miriam L.: eVolUTionarY laBiliTY oF inTegraTion in camBrian PTYchoParioiD TriloBiTeS 3:00 PM Deline, Bradley*; Ausich, William: morPhologic conSTrainTS anD The riSe oF The mYeloDacTYliDS; a reeXaminaTion oF earlY PaleoZoic crinoiD DiSPariTY 3:15 PM Sumrall, Colin D.*; Heredia, Susana; Rodríguez, Cecilia M.: a neW VieW oF rhenoPYrgiD eDrioaSTeroiDS ­ eViDence From The SilUrian oF argenTina 3:30 PM Schreiber, Holly A.*; Carlson, Sandra J.; Fitzgerald, Paul C.; Roopnarine, Peter D.: morPhological VariaBiliTY WiThin anD BeTWeen TWo recenT rhYnchonelliDe (BrachioPoDa) SPecieS aS moDeleD BY elliPTical FoUrier analYSiS 3:45 PM Break 265-10 4:00 PM Webber, Andrew*; Hunda, Brenda R.: The role oF geograPhic VariaTion in inTerPreTing STraTigraPhic PaTTernS oF morPhological change 4:15 PM Break 265-11 265-12 4:30 PM Smith, Ursula E.*: heTerochronY in The cenoZoic TUrriTelline gaSTroPoDS oF neW ZealanD 4:45 PM Chatterjee, Sankar*; Alexander, David E.; Lind, Richard; Gedeon, Andy: The Sailing PeFormance oF The creSTeD PTeroDacTYloiD TAPEJARA From The earlY creTaceoUS oF BraZil 5:00 PM Adams, John K.*; Bartels, William S.; Gunnell, Gregg F.: morPhomeTricS anD SYSTemaTicS oF HYOPSODUS (mammalia, conDYlarThra) From The WaSaTchian anD BriDgerian eocene oF The green riVer BaSin, WYoming 5:15 PM Astrop, Timothy I.*; Park, Lisa; Weeks, Stephen C.: a reeXaminaTion oF conchoSTracanS aS moDel FoSSil TaXa: an inTegraTeD Biological anD PaleonTological aPProach

















SeSSion no. 266

Precambrian Geology

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B117/118/119 Misty Stroud, Presiding 266-1 1:30 PM Begg, Graham C.*; Belousova, Elena A.; Griffin, William L.; O'Reilly, Suzanne Y.; Natapov, Lev: conTinenTal VerSUS crUSTal groWTh: UnDerSTanDing The ParaDoX 1:45 PM Malcuit, Robert J.*: a PrograDe PlaneToiD caPTUre ePiSoDe aBoUT 3.95 ga ago: iS ThiS moDel comPaTiBle WiTh The inFormaTion From haDeananD archean-age DeTriTal Zircon crYSTalS?

SeSSion no. 265

Paleontology: Development & Morphology

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 255 Andrew Webber and Holly A. Schreiber, Presiding 265-1 1:30 PM Meyer, Michael*; Harries, Peter: hoW PlaSTic iS VenDoBionTa morPhologY? a geomeTric morPhomeTric STUDY oF TWo groUPS oF PTERIDINIUM From The laTeST neoProTeroZoic


268 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


266-3 2:00 PM Slack, John F.*; Cannon, William F.: eXTraTerreSTrial caUSe For The DemiSe oF BanDeD iron FormaTionS aT 1.85 ga 2:15 PM Jones, Daniel S.*; Snoke, Arthur W.: iS The cheYenne BelT reallY a PaleoSUBDUcTion Zone?: TecTonic imPlicaTionS oF neW geologic maPPing anD U-PB ageS From The Big creeK gneiSS 2:30 PM Sullivan, Walter A.*; Fereday, Wyatt; Hunt, Caroline G.; Jadkowski, Margosia; Schwarz, Jacob J.: a KinemaTic reeValUaTion oF The cheYenne BelT SUTUre Zone: TeSTing The TranSPreSSion hYPoTheSiS 2:45 PM Stewart, Eric D.*; Link, Paul; Fanning, C. Mark; Frost, Carol D.; McCurry, Michael: ProVenance oF The UPPer BelT SUPergroUP anD lemhi groUP: conSTrainTS From hF anD nD iSoToPeS 3:00 PM Ali, K.A.*; Azer, M.K.; Gahlan, H.A.; Wilde, S.A.; Stern, R.J.; Samuel, M.D.: U-PB Zircon ageS anD geochemiSTrY oF The neoProTeroZoic oPhioliTe aSSemBlageS From WaDi allaQi, SoUTh eaSTern DeSerT oF egYPT 3:15 PM Hoffman, Paul F.*; Pope, Allen; MacKinnon, Karen A.: TUBeSTone STromaToliTeS aS `geoPlUmB' inDicaTorS, WiTh aPPlicaTion To marinoan (635 ma) glacioeUSTaSY on The ForeSloPe oF The oTaVi carBonaTe PlaTForm, namiBia 3:30 PM Heydari, Ezat*; de Oliveira, Ruth: SeDimenTologY anD geochemiSTrY oF The ProTeroZoic leBa FormaTion, angola, aFrica 3:45 PM Goodge, John*; Fanning, Mark; Brecke, Devon; Licht, Kathy; Palmer, Emerson: conTinUaTion oF The laUrenTian grenVille ProVince in WeSTern eaST anTarcTica 4:00 PM Chiarenzelli, Jeffrey R.; Regan, Sean P.; LaVack, Cody E.*: The TranS-aDironDacK BaSin - PrecUrSor To The ShaWinigan orogenY 267-14 imPlicaTionS For eXPloraTion in The arKoma BaSin oF norThern arKanSaS 267-8 3:20 PM Drzewiecki, Peter*: STraTigraPhic archiTecTUre oF coarSe-graineD BraiDeD FlUVial DePoSiTS in The JUraSSic PorTlanD FormaTion, harTForD BaSin, cenTral connecTicUT 3:35 PM Break 267-9 3:50 PM Zeiza, Adam*: FormaTion oF carBonaTe cYcleS anD STacKing PaTTernS in The laTe camBrian carBonaTe PlaTForm, cenTral neVaDa anD WeSTern UTah 4:05 PM Zonneveld, John-Paul; Beatty, Tyler W.*; Orchard, Michael J.; Williford, Kenneth H.: STraTigraPhic anD DePoSiTional FrameWorK oF an UPPer TriaSSic carBonaTe ramP SUcceSSion aT WilliSTon laKe, BriTiSh colUmBia, canaDa: imPlicaTionS For SelecTion oF The BaSe-norian gSSP 4:20 PM Sprinkel, Douglas A.*; Kowallis, Bart J.; Waanders, Gerald; Doelling, Hellmut H.; Kuehne, Paul A.: The miDDle JUraSSic TemPle caP FormaTion, SoUThern UTah--raDiomeTric age, PalYnologY, anD correlaTion WiTh The gYPSUm SPring memBer oF The TWin creeK limeSTone anD harriS WaSh memBer oF The Page SanDSTone 4:35 PM Webster, John R.*; Kihm, Allen J.: heaVY mineral analYSiS anD correlaTion oF laTe eocene SanDSToneS oF The WilliSTon BaSin 4:50 PM McKenzie, N. Ryan*; Hughes, Nigel C.; Myrow, Paul M.; Planavsky, Noah; Jiang, Ganqing; Xiao, Shuhai: PreliminarY chronoSTraTigraPhic conSTrainTS on ProTeroZoic SUcceSSionS oF The inner leSSer himalaYan SeDimenTarY BelT oF norTh inDia 5:05 PM Ortega-Ariza, Diana*; Santos-Mercado, Hernan: a neW SeQUence STraTigraPhY & relaTiVe Sea-leVel cUrVe For green hoUSe To icehoUSe TerTiarY limeSToneS, PUerTo rico













SeSSion no. 267

Stratigraphy: A Global Perspective

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E145 Peter Drzewiecki, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 267-1 1:35 PM Michel, Lauren*; Tabor, Neil J.; Montanez, Isabel P.: DiageneTic STUDY oF PaleoSol carBonaTeS, loDeVe BaSin, French maSSiF cenTral 1:50 PM Marshall, Nathan*; Brett, C.E.: SilT: The oVerlooKeD BUT enlighTening WilDcarD oF a cYclic SeDimenTarY SUcceSSion 2:05 PM Mikulic, Donald G.*; Kluessendorf, Joanne: glacioeUSTaTic conTrolS on earlY SilUrian marine DePoSiTion in illinoiS: imPlicaTionS For gloBal correlaTion anD BioTic eXTincTion 2:20 PM Haines, Forest*: loWer miSSiSSiPPian SeQUence STraTigraPhY acroSS The USa 2:35 PM Grimm, Ryan P.*; Eriksson, Kenneth A.: SeQUence STraTigraPhY oF ForelanD BaSin DePoSiTS: a caSe STUDY From The earlY PennSYlVanian PocahonTaS BaSin, SoUThWeSTern Virginia 2:50 PM Peryt, Tadeusz M.*; Peryt, Danuta: carBon anD oXYgen STaBle iSoToPeS oF The miDDle miocene BaDenian gYPSUm-aSSociaTeD limeSToneS (KUDrYnTSi QUarrY SecTion, WeST UKraine): imPlicaTionS For PaleoenVironmenTS in The cenTral ParaTeThYS 3:05 PM Zachry, Doy*: archiTecTUre oF a morroWan(PennSYlVanian) FlUVial SanDSTone,

SeSSion no. 268

Tectonics: Advances in Understanding Tectonics and Orogenesis Ancient and Modern

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A107/108/109 268-1 1:30 PM Bhattacharyya, Kathakali*; Mitra, Gautam: The mcT Zone From The SiKKim himalaYa : an eXamPle oF a reTrogreSSeD mYloniTe Zone 1:45 PM Thigpen, J. Ryan*; Law, Richard D.; Tracy, Robert J.; Strachan, Rob; Lloyd, Geoffrey E.; Loehn, Clayton; Brown, Summer J.: UnDerSTanDing The PreSerVaTion oF an inVerTeD meTamorPhic ProgreSSion, ScoTTiSh caleDoniDeS: inTegraTing QUanTiTaTiVe STrUcTUral, KinemaTic, anD meTamorPhic DaTa 2:00 PM Özgül, Necdet*; Sengör, A.M. Celâl: The iSTanBUl Zone: a connecTing linK BeTWeen The hercYniDeS anD The ScYThiDeS 2:15 PM Wawrzyniec, Timothy*; Nance, John D.; Geissman, John; Molina-Garza, Roberto; Grow, Jack: The Tonala Shear Zone anD caPTUre oF The chorTiS BlocK BY The cariBBean PlaTe SYSTem 2:30 PM Langridge, Robert M.*; Villamor, Pilar; Almond, Peter; Basili, Roberto; Hemphill-Haley, Mark; Ries, William: laTe holocene PaleoSeiSmiciTY oF The aUSTraliaPaciFic PlaTe BoUnDarY in cenTral SoUTh iSlanD: The alPine To hoPe FaUlT TranSiTion 2:45 PM Harry, Dennis L.*; Anoka, Jourdan: a geoDYnamic moDel oF The WeST anTarcTic riFT SYSTem Timothy F. Wawrzyniec, Robert D. Hatcher, and Peter Hudleston, Presiding




267-4 267-5







2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 269



268-7 3:00 PM Casey, John F.; Dewey, John F.*: The oPhioliTe ParaDoX reSolVeD? 3:15 PM Break 268-8 3:30 PM Dye, John H.*; Schmitz, Mark D.; Crowley, James: meTamorPhic eVolUTion oF The hoUSe moUnTain gneiSS comPleX, SoUTh WeST iDaho 3:45 PM Baird, Graham B.*; Shrady, Catherine: naTUre oF ShaWinigan DeFormaTion in The norThWeST aDironDacK loWlanDS 4:00 PM Hudleston, Peter*; Fitz-Diaz, Elisa; Tolson, Gustavo: FolDing VerSUS ThrUSTing in The rocKY moUnTain FolD-ThrUST BelT 4:15 PM Weil, Arlo Brandon*; Yonkee, Adolph; Statman-Weil, Zoe; Wicks, David: DeTermining The 3-D KinemaTic hiSTorY oF The WYoming laramiDe ForelanD: PreliminarY reSUlTS From a PaleomagneTic inVeSTigaTion oF The TriaSSic chUgWaTer groUP 4:30 PM Davis, Brittany Allison*; Huebner, Matthew T.; Hatcher, Robert D. Jr.: neW eXPloraTion oF The TecTonic hiSTorY oF The aPPalachian inner PieDmonT in cenTral georgia: DeFining The eXTenT anD characTeriSTicS oF The BrinDle creeK FaUlT, ToWaliga FaUlT, anD caT SQUare Terrane 4:45 PM Huebner, Matthew T.*; Hatcher, Robert D. Jr.; Davis, Brittany Allison: TriaSSic-JUraSSic reacTiVaTion oF The alleghanian (PennSYlVanian-Permian) ToWaliga FaUlT, cenTral georgia, aPPalachianS 5:00 PM Hatcher, Robert D. Jr.*; Huebner, Matthew T.; Davis, Brittany Allison; Hooper, Robert J.: iniTial BreaKUP oF Pangea anD BirTh oF The aTlanTic: a DiFFicUlT anD comPleX ProceSS comParBle To The BirTh oF large animalS

SeSSion no. 270

T8. Terroir--The Relationship of Geology, Soils, Hydrology, and Climate to Wine: A Special Tribute to George Moore (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; International Association of Hydrogeologists; Groundwater Resources Association of California)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B113 Scott F. Burns, Vicki Kretsinger, Kevin Pogue, and Alan Busacca, Presiding 270-1 270-2 270-3 270-4 1:30 PM Jones, Greg*: climaTe'S role in Terroir 1:50 PM Swinchatt, Jonathan*: DoeS Terroir STill maTTer? 2:10 PM Maltman, Alex*: on VineYarD geologY anD "mineraliTY" in Wine 2:30 PM Busacca, Alan*: real WorlD aPPlicaTionS oF PeDologY & geomorPhologY To VineYarD SiTing, PaciFic norThWeST U.S 2:45 PM Pogue, Kevin*: inFlUence oF YaKima FolD BelT STrUcTUreS on colUmBia BaSin Terroir 3:00 PM Barnard, Kathryn Nora*: geologY anD Wine in miSSoUri: SPaTial analYSiS oF TERROIR USing a geograPhic inFormaTion SYSTem anD remoTe SenSing 3:15 PM Break 270-7 270-8 3:30 PM Fulton, Robert J.*: Wine ProDUcTion anD geologY oF The oKanagan ValleY oF BriTiSh colUmBia 3:45 PM Chappell, Beth*; Edwards, Ashley; Keller, Kinsey; Burns, Scott: Terroir oF The ViDon VineYarD, neWBerg, oregon: BoTh JorY anD WillaKenZie SoilS 4:00 PM Simpkins, Sunny*; Brown, Matt; Burns, Scott: Terroir oF The helVeTia WinerY, WaShingTon coUnTY, oregon: The inFlUence oF FragiPanS anD PiSoliTeS 4:15 PM Leite, Breno*: graPeVineS anD Pierce'S DiSeaSe: a XYlem FlUiD mineral-STaTUS DePenDenT conDiTion 4:30 PM Fryar, Alan E.*: limeSTone WaTer anD The origin oF BoUrBon 4:45 PM Burns, Scott F.*: norThernn WillameTTe ValleY The BeST Place in The WorlD To TaSTe The DiFFerence in Terroir 5:00 PM Winetasting of Terroir Wines




270-5 270-6






SeSSion no. 269

P1. Crisis In The Cryosphere: Impacts of Planetary Meltdown (American Quaternary Association [AMQUA]; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; International Union for Quaternary Research [INQUA]; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geology and Society Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 254 George T. Stone, Andrew M. Buddington, and Michael E. Mann, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 269-1 1:40 PM Thompson, Lonnie G.*: aBrUPT climaTe change: a PaleoclimaTe PerSPecTiVe From The WorlD'S higheST moUnTainS 2:15 PM Marchenko, Sergei*; Romanovsky, Vladimir: oBSerVeD anD ProJecTeD changeS in PermaFroST in The norThern hemiSPhere 2:45 PM Riggs, Stanley R.*: coaSTal SYSTem reSPonSe anD hUman aDaPTaTion To collaPSe oF The crYoSPhere: a norTh carolina caSe STUDY 3:15 PM Pfeffer, W. Tad*: SolVing The enTire Sea leVel ProBlem 3:45 PM Break 269-5 269-6 269-7 4:00 PM Stroeve, Julienne C.*: aTmoSPheric imPacTS oF a ShrinKing arcTic Sea ice coVer 4:30 PM Steig, Eric J.*: iS recenT anTarcTic climaTe change eXcePTional? 5:00 PM Powell, Ross D.*; Naish, Tim; ANDRILL McMurdo Ice Shelf, Science Team: eViDence oF Pliocene WeST anTarcTic ice SheeT collaPSeS UnDer conDiTionS Similar To FUTUre Warming ScenarioS 271-4 271-3 271-2 270-11 270-12

SeSSion no. 271

T19. Characterizing, Predicting, and Managing Long-Term Contaminant Flux for Complex Subsurface Environments (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E141/142 Gwynn R. Johnson, Mark L. Brusseau, Mike Truex, and John McCray, Presiding 271-1 1:30 PM Carroll, K.C.*; Marble, Justin C.; Russo, Ann; Brusseau, Mark L.: The imPacT oF immiSciBle DiSPlacemenT anD TraPPeD air on Pore-Scale FlUiD conFigUraTion For Three-PhaSe 1:45 PM Christensen, Kaneen E.*; Altman, Peggy; McCray, John E.; Schaefer, Charles E.: inVeSTigaTing DnaPl DiSSolUTion KineTicS in a SaTUraTeD BenchScale FracTUre neTWorK 2:00 PM Altman, Peggy*; Christensen, Kaneen E.; McCray, John E.; Schaefer, Charles E.: inVeSTigaTion oF BiologicallY enhanceD DnaPl DiSSolUTion in a Bench-Scale Three-DimenSional FracTUre neTWorK 2:15 PM Wannamaker, Eric*; Bittner, Andrew; Butler, Eric; Herman, Kurt; Petito Boyce, Cathy; Jakubiak, Jim: moBiliTY oF SUBSUrFace lnaPl in a TiDal Zone: a caSe STUDY




270 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


271-5 2:30 PM Zhan, Hongbin*: TWo-DimenSional SolUTe TranSPorT in an aQUiFer-aQUiTarD SYSTem: analYTical aPProach 2:45 PM Conca, James*; Wright, Judith: DirecT meaSUremenT oF UnSaTUraTeD TranSPorT ProPerTieS USing The UnSaTUraTeD FloW aPParaTUS 3:00 PM Truex, Michael J.*; Oostrom, Mart: TranSPorT FacTorS imPorTanT For eSTimaTing maSS FlUX oF VolaTile conTaminanTS To groUnDWaTer 3:15 PM Break 271-8 3:30 PM Griffioen, Jasper*; Klein, Janneke; Heerdink, Ruth; Vermooten, Sophie; Van Gaans, Pauline: enVironmenTal geochemical characTeriSaTion oF The neTherlanDS: BUFFering caPaciTieS anD BacKgroUnD comPoSiTionS oF groUnDWaTer aQUiFerS 3:45 PM Peterson, Robert E.*; Brown, Christopher F.; Serne, R. Jeffrey: maSS Balance aSPecTS oF PerSiSTenT UraniUm conTaminaTion in The SUBSUrFace aT The hanForD SiTe, WaShingTon 4:00 PM Wright, Judith*; Conca, James: remeDiaTion oF SUBSUrFace aciD mine Drainage conTaminaTeD WiTh Zn, PB anD cD USing a PermeaBle reacTiVe Barrier WiTh aPaTiTe ii 4:15 PM Kuhn, Jeffrey A.*; Skibicki, Patrick J.; Manchester, Kenneth R.: FUll-Scale remeDiaTion oF a mTBe/BTeX PlUme in a Fine-graineD aQUiFer in norThWeSTern monTana USing elecTrical reSiSTance heaTing TechnologY 4:30 PM Oostrom, Mart*; Yoon, H.; Wietsma, T.W.; Werth, C.J.; Valocchi, A.J.: remoVal oF carBon TeTrachloriDe From laYereD PoroUS meDia SYSTemS in inTermeDiaTe-Scale SYSTemS: eXPerimenTS anD nUmerical SimUlaTionS 4:45 PM Lopez, Alexis*; Evans, Patrick; Cai, Hua; Lai, Han: managemenT oF PerchloraTe conTaminaTion USing gaSeoUS elecTron Donor TechnologY 5:00 PM Arnold, Bill W.*; Brady, Patrick V.; Freeze, Geoff A.; Swift, Peter N.; stein, Joshua S.: DeeP Borehole DiSPoSal oF high-leVel raDioacTiVe WaSTe 272-8 272-6 2:55 PM McIntosh, Jennifer C.*; Brown, Kyle B.; Baker, Victor R.; Gosch, Damian: iSoToPic eViDence For recharge oF laTe PleiSTocene miSSoUla FlooDWaTerS inTo The colUmBia riVer BaSalT aQUiFerS 3:10 PM Vinson, David S.*; Lundy, James R.; Vengosh, Avner; Dwyer, Gary S.: raDiUm in The JorDan SanDSTone, minneSoTa: DiSTriBUTion anD geochemical conTrolS in an aQUiFer rechargeD BY melTWaTer 3:25 PM Stotler, Randy L.*; Frape, Shaun K.; Tarasov, Lev: When geochemical inDicaTorS oF DeeP glacial recharge aren'T: inFormaTion From DeeP inVeSTigaTionS oF PermaFroST anD meThane hYDraTeS 3:40 PM Break 272-9 3:55 PM Clark, Jordan*; Morrissey, Sheila K.; Bennett, Michael; Richardson, Emily; Stute, Martin: reorganiZaTion oF groUnDWaTer FloW DUring Sea leVel riSe 4:10 PM McKenzie, Jeffrey*; Voss, Clifford I.; Walvoord, Michelle A.: nUmerical SimUlaTion oF groUnDWaTer FloW WiTh FreeZe-ThaW in DYnamic PermaFroST SYSTemS 4:30 PM Bense, Victor F.*; Ferguson, Grant; Kooi, Henk; Read, Tom: groUnDWaTer DYnamicS in areaS oF DegraDing PermaFroST 4:45 PM Lemieux, Jean-Michel*; Sudicky, Edward A.: glaciaTionS anD groUnDWaTer FloW SYSTemS: inSighTS From a conTinenTal Scale moDel 5:00 PM Person, Mark*; Schlegel, Melissa; McIntosh, Jennifer; Rupp, John A.: ice-SheeT aQUiFer inTeracTionS WiThin The illinoiS BaSin 5:15 PM Bea Jofré, Sergio Andrés Sr.*; Mayer, K. Ulrich; MacQuarrie, K.T.B. Sr.: reacTiVe TranSPorT moDeling oF SeDimenTarY BaSinS aFFecTeD BY long-Term glaciaTion-DeglaciaTion eVenTS














SeSSion no. 273

T48. Living on the Edge: Deformation along the Cascadia Margin (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, B110/111/112 Chris Goldfinger, Kelin Wang, Russell C. Evarts, and Ray E. Wells, Presiding 273-1 1:30 PM Trehu, Anne M.*; Williams, Mark C.: DeFormaTion oF The cenTral caScaDia accreTionarY PriSm From a 2-Year onShore/oFFShore SeiSmic arraY 1:50 PM Wang, Kelin*; Hu, Yan: DeFormaTion oF The caScaDia accreTionarY PriSm DriVen BY megaThrUST earThQUaKeS 2:05 PM Morgan, Julia K.*: ParTicle DYnamicS SimUlaTionS oF coheSiVe accreTionarY PriSmS: aPPlicaTionS To caScaDia 2:20 PM Booth-Rea, Guillermo*; Klaeschen, Dirk; Grevemeyer, Ingo; Reston, Timothy: STrUcTUre oF The caScaDia accreTionarY WeDge oFFShore WaShingTon 2:40 PM Goldfinger, Chris*; Priest, George R.; Wang, Kelin; Zhang, Yinglong; Witter, Robert C.; Baptista, Antonio M.: STrUcTUral inFlUenceS on caScaDia rUPTUre PaTcheS anD WiDTh 2:55 PM Priest, George R.*; Wang, Kelin; Goldfinger, Chris; Zhang, Yinglong; Witter, Rob; Baptista, Antonio M.: FaUlT DeFormaTion moDelS For generaTion oF TSUnamiS From The caScaDia SUBDUcTion Zone: imPlicaTionS For SeiSmic anD TSUnami haZarDS on The WaShingTon anD norThern oregon coaST 3:10 PM Break


SeSSion no. 272

T26. Hydrogeology in an Ice-House World: Effects of Glaciation on Surface and Groundwater Systems (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D139/140 Victor Bense, Jennifer C. McIntosh, Mark Person, C.E. Neuzil, and Neal Iverson, Presiding 272-1 1:30 PM Vorauer, Andre G.*; Ben Belfadhel, Mahrez; Hirschorn, Sarah; Garisto, Frank: UnDerSTanDing The imPacT oF FUTUre glaciaTion on The PerFormance oF a canaDian DeeP geological rePoSiTorY For USeD nUclear FUel 1:50 PM Grasby, Stephen E.*: acTiVe groUnDWaTer SYSTemS in canaDa'S high arcTic 2:05 PM Wachniew, Przemyslaw*; Mazur, Piotr; Bodziony, Mariusz; Ostachowicz, Beata: The hYDrochemiSTrY oF a reTreaTing arcTic glacier anD iTS Proglacial Zone 2:20 PM Makahnouk, Michael*; Henkemans, Emily; Frape, Shaun; Ruskeeniemi, Timo; Lintinen, Petri; Hobbs, Monique: geochemical anD iSoToPic characTeriZaTion oF SUrFace anD groUnD WaTer From an area oF conTinUoUS PermaFroST aDJacenT To The greenlanD ice SheeT, KangerlUSSUaQ, greenlanD 2:35 PM Baker, Victor R.*: glacial megaFlooDS



272-2 272-3






2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 271



273-7 3:25 PM Weldon, Ray J.*; Livelybrooks, Dean; Schmidt, David: UPliFT aSSociaTeD WiTh SloW SliP eVenTS on The caScaDia SUBDUcTion Zone reSolVeD in TiDal recorDS 3:45 PM Hippchen, Sabine*; Mazzotti, Stephane; Hyndman, Roy D.: cUrrenT TecTonicS anD DeFormaTion in norThern VancoUVer iSlanD, SoUThern QUeen charloTTe iSlanDS, anD The aDJacenT mainlanD 4:00 PM Balfour, Natalie J.*; Cassidy, John; Dosso, Stan: VariaTionS anD SoUrceS oF crUSTal aniSoTroPY in The caScaDia Forearc, SoUThWeST BriTiSh colUmBia 4:15 PM Wells, Ray E.*; Blakely, Richard J.; McPhee, Darcy K.; Langenheim, Victoria E.: The galeS creeK FaUlT accommoDaTeS large DeXTral oFFSeT in The oregon Forearc 4:30 PM King, Robert W.*; McCaffrey, Robert; Payne, Suzette J.; Qamar, Tony: UPDaTe oF The PaciFic norThWeST gPS VelociTY FielD: a KeY To The acTiVe TecTonicS oF caScaDia 4:50 PM Discussion--what controls along-strike variations in seismogenic behavior at cascadia? 274-9 3:45 PM Beall, Richard*: air SamPling For aSBeSToS on TWo ProJecTS inVolVing naTUrallY occUrring aSBeSToS (noa) 4:00 PM Bailey, Kelly F.*: moniToring For mineral FiBerS in aggregaTe mining oPeraTionS 4:15 PM O'Brien, Wendy*; Peronard, Paul; Goldade, Mary: eXPoSUre aSSeSSmenT among liBBY commUniTY memBerS 4:30 PM Kelsh, Michael A.*; Berman, D. Wayne; Lau, Edmund; Kelly, Colleen; Lundin, Jessica; Mowat, Fionna: naTUrallY occUring aSBeSToS in caliFornia anD meSoThelioma: iS There a linK? 4:45 PM Berman, D. Wayne*: aSSeSSing The conSeQUenceS oF eXPoSUre To naTUrallY occUrring aSBeSToS (noa): comParing cUrrenT riSK ProTocolS, eXPoSUre meTricS, anD meThoDS For QUanTiFYing eXPoSUre 5:00 PM Sanchez, Matthew S.*: ThingS once KnoWn noW ForgoTTen? The USe oF oPTical mineralogY in regUlaTorY meThoDS: The liBBY monTana eXamPle 5:15 PM Li, Bo*; Batta, Naresh C.; Su, Shu-Chun; Batta, Neeraj K.: STaTiSTicS on Three regUlaTeD aSBeSTiForm amPhiBoleS: lengTh, WiDTh, aSPecT raTio anD Their relaTion To crYSTal haBiTS anD morPhologY

274-10 274-11









SeSSion no. 274

T78. Issues Surrounding Exposure to Asbestos and Other Potentially Hazardous Fibrous Minerals Occurring in Their Natural Settings II (Mineralogical Society of America; GSA Geology and Health Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E143/144 R. Mark Bailey and Mickey Gunter, Presiding 274-1 1:30 PM Johnson, Jerelean M.*; Den, Arnold; Suer, A. Lynn; Stralka, Daniel J.: meaSUring anD eValUaTing eXPoSUreS To naTUrallY-occUrring aSBeSToS From oFF-highWaY recreaTional acTiViTieS aT The clear creeK managemenT area in San BeniTo coUnTY, caliFornia: WhY a FaVoriTe FamilY oUTing maY Be haZarDoUS To YoUr healTh 1:45 PM Johnson, Jerelean M.*; Den, Arnold; Hiatt, Gerald F.S.: eXPoSUreS To naTUrallY-occUrring aSBeSToS From SPorTS anD PlaY acTiViTieS in el DoraDo hillS, caliFornia: WhaT We DiD, WhaT We FoUnD, anD WhY We are So UnPoPUlar 2:00 PM Germine, Mark; Trent, Terry; Abraham, Jerrold L.; Puffer, John H.; Benimoff, Alan I.*: eXPoSUre To TremoliTe FiBerS oF naTUral origin in The el DoraDo hillS area, caliFornia: a caSe STUDY oF in ViVo alTeraTion 2:15 PM Harris, John Robert*: Tem oBSerVaTionS oF amPhiBoleS From el DoraDo hillS STUDY 2:30 PM Wroble, Julie T.*: inVeSTigaTion oF The SUmaS moUnTain lanDSliDe area: a caSe STUDY oF a ePa'S FrameWorK aPPlieD To a naTUrallY occUrring aSBeSToS SiTe 2:45 PM Linneman, Scott R.*; Pittman, Paul; Bayer, Tovah: The SoUrce oF aSBeSTiForm chrYSoTile aT SWiFT creeK Wa: geologY, mineralogY anD SeDimenT TranSPorT 3:00 PM Schreier, Hans*: The SPaTial DiSTriBUTion anD hiSToric changeS oF Trace meTal in aSBeSToS rich SeDimenT in The SWiFT creeK/SUmaS riVer WaTerSheD: a canaDian PerSPecTiVe 3:15 PM Sederquist, David*: earThWorK conSTrUcTion in SoilS anD rocK conTaining naTUrallY occUrring aSBeSToS 3:30 PM Break 275-4

SeSSion no. 275

T86. Fossil Preservation and Climate Change: Trends from Polar to Tropical Regions (Paleontological Society)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 256 Sally E. Walker, Samuel S. Bowser, and Karla Parsons-Hubbard, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 275-1 1:45 PM Miller, Molly F.*; Richardson, Ellery R.; Murray, Katherine T.; Mead, Kimberly A.; Bowser, Samuel S.; Walker, Sally E.: Polar oPhiUroiD TaPhonomY: DiSinTegraTion anD oSSicle DeSTrUcTion oF OPHIONOTUS VICTORIAE in eXPlorerS coVe, anTarcTica 2:00 PM Broach, Kyle H.*; Miller, Molly F.; Mead, Kimberly A.; Richardson, Ellery R.; Murray, Katherine T.; Furbish, David J.; Roseberry, John C.; Walker, Sally E.; Bowser, Samuel S.: oBSerVeD VS. moDeleD aBUnDance oF The anTarcTic ScalloP aDamUSSiUm colBecKi in The recenT SeDimenTarY recorD, eXPlorerS coVe anTarcTica 2:15 PM Mead, Kimberly A.*; Miller, Molly F.; Broach, Kyle H.; Walker, Sally E.; Bowser, Samuel S.: BioTUrBaTion on anTarcTica'S eXPlorerS coVe SeaFloor: WhY animal acTiViTY haS a greaTer imPacT on The SeDimenTarY recorD Than animal aBUnDance 2:30 PM Walker, Sally E.*; Parsons-Hubbard, Karla; Bowser, Samuel S.; White, Suzanne Richardson: PreSerVaTion PoTenTial anD carBonaTe BiomaSS oF ePiBioTa: ProTiST commUniTieS From SUBTroPical anD Polar ShellY haBiTaTS 2:45 PM Break 275-5 3:00 PM Chin, Karen*; Harwood, David; Witkowski, Jakub: Polar PreSerVaTion: eXcePTional BUT SelecTiVe PreSerVaTion oF FoSSilS in UPPer creTaceoUS marine SeDimenTS From DeVon iSlanD in The canaDian high arcTic 3:15 PM Miller, Joshua H.*: climaTic anD enVironmenTal conTrolS on Bone WeaThering: Time-aVeraging, accUmUlaTion hiSTorieS, anD ecological inSighT





274-4 274-5





272 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


275-7 3:30 PM Pruss, Sara B.*; Duffey, Siobhan; Stevenson, Marquela: PreDaTion raTeS in a moDern carBonaTe SeTTing, San SalVaDor iSlanD, BahamaS 3:45 PM Kelley, Patricia H.*; Visaggi, Christy: laTiTUDinal PaTTernS in PreDaTion BY Shell-Drilling gaSTroPoDS: are DiFFerenceS in PreSerVaTion PoTenTial reSPonSiBle? 4:00 PM Discussion 275-9 4:15 PM Hallock, Pamela*: Will gloBal enVironmenTal changeS inFlUence ProDUcTion anD PreSerVaTion oF larger BenThic ForaminiFeral ShellS in carBonaTe SeDimenTS? 4:30 PM Parsons-Hubbard, Karla*; Krause, Richard A. Jr.; Walker, Sally E.: TaPhonomic reSPonSe oF crUSTacean carcaSSeS PlaceD aT The SeDimenT WaTer inTerFace aT ShalloW To miDSloPe DePThS in carBonaTe anD SiliciclaSTic enVironmenTS 4:45 PM Kuchta, Matthew*: laTe PleiSTocene climaTic inFlUenceS on The SeDimenTarY archiTecTUre oF The UPPer miSSiSSiPPi ValleY: imPlicaTionS For FoSSil PreSerVaTion anD PaleoenVironmenTal reconSTrUcTion 5:00 PM concluding remarks 276-10 4:15 PM Lough, Trevelyn*; Gregg, Tracy K.P.: a geologic analYSiS oF The ariSTarchUS PlaTeaU region on The moon 4:30 PM Milazzo, Moses*; Keszthelyi, Laszlo P.: enTaBlaTUre anD colUmnar JoinTing on marS 4:45 PM Alam, Mohammad Ayaz*; Chandrasekharam, D.: PreSence oF a ShalloW magma chamBer aT The Barren iSlanD Volcano, anDaman Sea: eViDence From glaSS SharDS 5:00 PM Discussion


276-11 276-12

SeSSion no. 277

T100. Field Geology Education--Historical Perspectives and Modern Approaches III (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, D135/136 David Mogk and Steven Whitmeyer, Presiding 277-1 277-2 1:30 PM Custer, Stephan*: FielD inSTrUcTion in SUrFaceWaTer hYDrologY ­ noT a SUmmer coUrSe 1:45 PM Vance, R. Kelly*; Trupe, Charles H.; Rich, Fredrick J.: inTegraTing groUnD PeneTraTing raDar anD TraDiTional STraTigraPhic STUDY in an UnDergraDUaTe FielD meThoDS coUrSe 2:00 PM Nunn, Jeffrey A.*: FielD meThoDS in eXPloraTion/ enVironmenTal geoPhYSicS 2:15 PM Braile, Lawrence W.*; Baldridge, W. Scott; Jiracek, George R.; Ferguson, John F.; Biehler, S.; Gilpin, Bernard; Pellerin, Louise; McPhee, Darcy K.; Snelson, Catherine; Bedrosian, Paul A.; Sussman, Aviva: FielD geoPhYSicS eDUcaTion aT Sage - learning geoPhYSicS BY Doing geoPhYSicS 2:30 PM Kaka, SanLinn I.*; Al-Shaibani, Abdulaziz; Al-Shuhail, Abdullatif A.: hanDS-on Teaching ThroUgh a STUDenT Senior ProJecT in geoPhYSicS aT KFUPm 2:45 PM Kaufman, Charlie C.*; Hall, Cynthia: The 18.9 mile high clUB 3:00 PM Clary, Renee M.*; Wandersee, James H.: incorPoraTion oF FielD geologY inVeSTigaTionS in online learning enVironmenTS 3:15 PM Break 277-8 277-9 3:30 PM Riggs, Eric M.*: aSSeSSing learning oUTcomeS in FielD geologY inSTrUcTion 3:45 PM Balliet, Russell N.*; Riggs, Eric M.: geologic ProBlem SolVing in The FielD: inSighTS From analYSiS oF gPS TracKS aT VariaBle TemPoral ScaleS 4:00 PM Maltese, Adam V.*; Riggs, Eric M.: Seeing The FielD ThroUgh The eYeS oF STUDenTS 4:15 PM Baker, Kathleen M.*; Wisniewski, Magdalena K.; Petcovic, Heather L.; Libarkin, Julie C.: characTeriZing SPace-Time SignaTUreS oF noViceS anD eXPerTS in geologic FielD maPPing 4:30 PM Thomas, Robert C.*; Roberts, Sheila M.: eXPerience one: Teaching The geoScience cUrricUlUm in The FielD USing eXPerienTial immerSion learning 4:45 PM Llerandi-Román, Pablo A.*; Napieralski, Jacob: ScaFFolDing ScienTiFic inQUirY anD reFlecTiVe learning in FielD-BaSeD geoScience eDUcaTion 5:00 PM Elkins, Joe T.; Takacs, Amanda*: STUDenTS' aFFecTiVe reSPonSeS To The inherenT Social, aDVenTUre anD noVel aSPecTS oF geoScience FielD ProgramS



SeSSion no. 276

T91. Eruptive Deposits as Keys to Understanding Volcanic Systems on Planetary Bodies (GSA Planetary Geology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, A106 David A. Williams and Nicholas P. Lang, Presiding 276-1 1:30 PM Gregg, Tracy K.P.*: magmaTic ProceSSeS on PlaneTarY BoDieS: WhaT We (ThinK We) KnoW anD hoW We KnoW it 1:50 PM Miller, Calvin F.*; Wooden, J.L.; Claiborne, Lily L.; Colombini, Lindy L.S.; Carley, Tamara L.; Miller, Jonathan S.; Gualda, Guilherme A.R.; pamukcu, Ayla S.: acceSSorY mineralS in Volcanic SeQUenceS: elUciDaTing magma chamBer ProceSSeS anD The linKage BeTWeen PlUTonS anD VolcaniSm 2:10 PM Mouginis-Mark, Peter*; Wilson, Lionel; Garbeil, Harold; Tyson, Shelly; Mackown, Jennifer: FiSSUre erUPTionS in The TharSiS region oF marS 2:30 PM Williams, David A.*; Keszthelyi, Laszlo P.; Crown, David A.; Bleacher, Jacob E.: geologic maPPing USing giS anD inSighTS inTo PlaneTarY VolcaniSm 2:45 PM Edgett, Kenneth S.*: marS reconnaiSSance orBiTer (mro) conTeXT camera (cTX) oBSerVaTionS regarDing Volcanic lanDFormS on marS 3:00 PM Mercurio, Emily C.*; Skilling, Ian P.; Cameron, Barry I.: conSTrUcTion anD eVolUTion oF an iceconFineD BaSalTic erUPTiVe FiSSUre comPleX: a PlaneTarY PerSPecTiVe 3:15 PM Break 276-7 3:30 PM Brand, Brittany D.*; Clarke, Amanda: comParing The DYnamicS oF DilUTe PYroclaSTic DenSiTY cUrrenTS on earTh anD marS 3:45 PM Whelley, Patrick*; Calder, Eliza; Alcaraz, Samantha; Cassidy, Nigel; Pavez, Andres; Pritcard, Matthew; Jay, Jennifer: FracTUring oF PUmice FloW DePoSiTS: laScar Volcano, chile 4:00 PM Lang, Nicholas P.*; Farrell, Alexandra K.: Volcanic eVolUTion oF The aPollinariS PaTera SUmmiT calDera, marS

277-3 277-4



277-6 277-7





277-10 277-11






2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 273



277-15 5:15 PM Pyle, Eric J.*: The eValUaTion oF FielD coUrSe eXPerienceS: a FrameWorK For DeVeloPmenT, imProVemenT, anD rePorTing 279-3 2:00 PM Kysar Mattietti, Giuseppina*; Peters, Erin E.: SelFeFFicacY aS a learning Tool in general eDUcaTion inTroDUcTorY geologY coUrSeS 2:15 PM Ferrusquía-Villafranca, Ismael*; Ruiz-González, José: a DUal aPProach To imProVe STraTigraPhY Teaching: enhacing STUDenTS' cogniTiVe aPTiTUDeS, anD eXTenSiVe USe oF mUlTimeDia maTerial 2:30 PM Walker, Becca*; Long, Terri; Boryta, Mark: meThoDS oF aSSeSSing anD imProVing STUDenT meTacogniTion on FielD TriPS 2:45 PM Nuhfer, Edward*: leSSonS From BooT camP For ProFS®: DeVeloPing minDFUl TeacherS To ProDUce minDFUl learnerS acroSS The DiSciPlineS 3:00 PM Wandersee, James H.*; Clary, Renee M.: Teaching concePT maPPing anD KnoWleDge inTegraTion To 100 ScienTiSTS aT The USgS Dragon aSia SUmmiT 3:15 PM Sherman, Sarah Bean*; Gillis-Davis, Jeffrey J.: a PlaneTarY geologY UPWarD BoUnD coUrSe: WhaT WorKeD, WhaT neeDeD WorK, WhaT SUrPriSeD US, anD WhaT We DiD aBoUT iT 3:30 PM Punuel, William R.; Blank, Jennifer G.*: USing Teaching roUTineS WiTh claSSroom neTWorK TechnologY To SUPPorT SelF-regUlaTeD learning in miDDle School earTh Science 3:45 PM Discussion

SeSSion no. 278

T107. Promoting Literacy about Earth System Science Concepts (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, C123 Michael Wysession and Nicole LaDue, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 278-1 278-2 1:45 PM Karsten, Jill*: aDVancing earTh SYSTem Science liTeracY: The VieW From nSF 2:05 PM Ledley, Tamara Shapiro*: The climaTe liTeracY eSSenTial PrinciPleS: imProVing climaTe liTeracY acroSS all STaKeholDerS anD aUDienceS 2:25 PM Wysession, Michael E.*; Campbell, Karen; LaDue, Nicole; Lewis, Gary B.; Taber, John: earTh Science liTeracY PrinciPleS: maKing imPacTS anD Forging connecTionS 2:40 PM Duggan-Haas, Don*; Clark, Scott K.: ForeST For The TreeS: earTh SYSTemS Science liTeracY iniTiaTiVeS anD The neeD For a Smaller inTegraTeD SeT oF PrinciPleS 3:00 PM Discussion 3:15 PM Break 278-5 278-6 3:30 PM Rempe, Norbert T.*: a criTical cUrricUlUm DeFiciencY - raDioacTiViTY in geologY 3:45 PM Giese, Emma*; Sibley, Duncan F.: STUDenTS' analogieS aS inSTrUcTional anD aSSeSSmenT ToolS in earTh SYSTemS Science 4:00 PM Ibes, Catherine*; Campbell, Karen M.; Murphy, Anthony P.; Ng, Yvonne; Kaback, Suzy: STrengThening The earTh Science liTeracY oF elemenTarY TeacherS: a monTeSSori aPProach 4:15 PM Endress, Chira A.*; Bembenic, Meredith A.; Hartwell, Bradley J.; Guertin, Laura A.; Furman, Tanya: UTiliZing graDUaTe STUDenT Teaching FelloWS To Bring Big iDeaS in a local conTeXT To miDDle anD high School STUDenTS 4:30 PM Nyman, Matthew*; Ellwein, Amy; Gutzler, D.: PromoTing earTh SYSTem Science liTeracY ThroUgh Pre- anD in-SerVice Teacher eDUcaTion aT The UniVerSiTY oF neW meXico 4:45 PM Beutel, Erin K.; Kaufman, Charlie C.*; Levine, Norman S.; Doyle, Briget C.; Jaume, Steven C.: SceeP, a neW moDel For earThQUaKe oUTreach 5:00 PM concluding remarks









SeSSion no. 280

T143. Debris Flows II (GSA Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, E147/148 Richard M. Iverson, Jonathan Godt, and William Schulz, Presiding 1:30 PM introductory remarks 280-1 280-2 1:35 PM Santi, Paul*: WaTer aVailaBiliTY anD DeBriS-FloW generaTion in BUrneD areaS 1:55 PM Kinner, David A.*; Moody, John; Jorgensen, David: correlaTion oF area anD PoinT meaSUremenTS oF rainFall inTenSiTieS in a BUrneD area SUBJecT To DeBriS FloWS 2:15 PM Gartner, Joseph E.*; Cannon, Susan H.; Brock, Rebecca J.; Bernard, David R.; Santi, Paul; Worstell, Bruce B.; Queija, Vivian R.: maPPing PoST-WilDFire DeBriSFloW imPacT, SoUThern caliFornia, USa 2:35 PM Chesney, Charles J.*: Time TraVel: `ThinKing aloUD' aBoUT recoVerY raTeS, reSilience, anD PerSiSTence along DeBriS FloW TracKS oVer TWo DecaDeS oF change DeTecTion in The WillameTTe naTional ForeST 2:55 PM Youberg, Ann*; Magirl, Christopher S.; Webb, Robert H.; Griffiths, Peter G.; Pearthree, Philip A.: comPariSon oF laTe PleiSTocene anD hiSTorical DeBriS-FloW VolUmeS anD iniTiaTion mechaniSmS, SanTa caTalina moUnTainS, ariZona 3:15 PM McCoy, Scott W.*; Tucker, Gregory E.; Whittaker, Alexander C.; Lancaster, Stephen T.: can SnoW aValancheS carVe STeePlanD channelS? eViDence From channel morPhologY, DePoSiT STraTigraPhY anD DiScreTe elemenT moDeling 3:35 PM Break 280-7 3:50 PM Burns, Scott F.*; Pirot, Rachel; Sobieszczyk, Steven; Williams, Kendra: maSSiVe DeBriS FloW eVenTS on PaciFic norThWeST VolcanoeS, noVemBer, 2006: aS The climaTe changeS, more DeBriS FloW eVenTS To come







SeSSion no. 279

T114. What Can We Do to Help Our Students Become Better Learners? Fostering the Development of Metacognition and Self-Regulation II (GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

1:30 PM, Oregon Convention Center, C124 Dexter Perkins and Karl R. Wirth, Presiding 279-1 1:30 PM Fackler-Adams, Ben*; DeBari, S.M.; Dougan, Bernie; Kratz, Rene; Linneman, Scott R.; Plake, Terri; Smith, Brad K.: USing meTacogniTion To PromoTing roBUST learning in a moDUle-BaSeD inTroDUcTorY geologY coUrSe 1:45 PM Carrigan, Charles W.*; Skalac, Priscilla Field: inTegraTing UPPer leVel conTenT WiTh inTroDUcTorY maTerial For BeTTer learning, WiTh an eXamPle From mineralogY




274 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes


280-8 4:10 PM Pirot, Rachel*; Burns, Scott: characTeriZaTion anD comPariSon oF DeBriS FloW iniTiaTion ZoneS on moUnT hooD, oregon, noVemBer, 2006 4:30 PM Finn, Carol A.*; Deszcz-Pan, Maria: The 3-D DiSTriBUTion oF alTeraTion, ice anD WaTer From helicoPTer magneTic anD elecTromagneTic SUrVeYS aT mTS. aDamS, BaKer anD rainier, WaShingTon: imPlicaTionS For DeBriS FloWS haZarDS 280-10 4:50 PM Muñoz-Salinas, Esperanza*: hYDraUlic BehaVioUr anD SimUlaTion oF Volcanic DeBriS FloWS in PoPocaTePeTl Volcano, meXico 5:10 PM Andrews, Graham D.M.*; Russell, J. Kelly; Stewart, Martin L.: lahar FormaTion BY caTaSTroPhic collaPSe oF a PYroclaSTic Dam: hiSTorY, VolUme, anD DUraTion oF The 2360 BP Salal laKe, moUnT meager, BriTiSh colUmBia, canaDa



2009 GSA Annual Meeting


Portland, Oregon 275


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How to use the indexing system: The first number (preceding the dash) represents the session number in which the paper will be presented. The second number (following the dash) indicates the presentation order of the paper within its session. Example: Gannett, Marshall W. ..... 59-4* Find Session #59 in either the Abstracts volume or the Technical Session portion of the Program, and look at the fourth paper in the session. Page numbers are not listed in this index. Refer to session number and order of presentation to locate the author you are searching for.


Aalto, K.R. 194-9* Aaltonen, Ismo S. 98-22* Aas, Tanja 114-13* Aase, Jason 45-1 Abatemarco, Christa 96-19* Abatzoglou, John T. 228-2 Abbott, Ben 176-6 Abbott, David W. 145-11* Abbott, Mark B. 198-2 Abdelsalam, Mohamed G. 37-6*, 113-4, 173-17 Abe, Francine R. 196-12* Abebe, N ardos T. 32-3* Aberhan, Martin 196-15 Abers, Geoff 29-35 Abongwa, Pride 174-2* Abou El-Magd, Abdou 111-6* Abraham, Jared 170-2 Abraham, Jared D. 44-4 Abraham, Jerrold L. 274-3 Abraham, Joju 177-7 Abramovich, Ron 228-14* Abramovich, Sigal 219-3 Abramson-Ward, Hans 191-9 Abriola, Linda 145-12 Abu-Alam, Tamer S. 181-5*, 192-9* Abuaysha, Muftah A. 218-1* Ackermann, Sonia 84-11 Acosta-Vigil, Antonio 63-5 Acton, Gary 11-10 Acton, Peter M. 166-2* Adams, D.T. 93-1 Adams, D avid T. 93-5, 93-7* Adams, Derek D. 86-4 Adams, Jennifer 29-28 Adams, Joel 76-14* Adams, John K. 265-13* Adams, Kenneth D. 39-7*, 247-16 Adams, Kristyn 5-6, 258-54* Adams, Peter 179-6 Adams, Thomas L. 217-14* Adatte, Thierry 86-5, 86-6, 86-7* Adelberg, Samantha 258-7, 258-8* Adelsberger, Katherine A. 167-2* Adey, Walter 151-7 Adkins, Jess F. 168-20 Adler, Robert 92-5 Adovasio, J.M. 23-10 Adrain, Jonathan M. 159-8*, 220-2 Affolter, Ronald H. 121-5* Agangi, Andrea 158-11 Agbogun, Mosi 176-16* Aghasi, Alireza 145-12 Agrios, Bronwyn 114-2 Ague, Jay J. 85-8*, 185-5 Aguirre-Díaz, Gerardo J. 15-4* Ahadnejad, Vahid 33-20* Ahmad, Talat 254-11 Ahmed, K.M. 174-6, 174-8

Ahmed, Kazi Matin 126-2, 126-3, 174-7 Ahmed, Madeeha 146-2* Ahmed, Masud 115-17 Ahn, Hyein 26-20* Ahn, S oo Yeun 105-2* Ahrens, Michael J. 135-10 Aiken, Carlos L.V. 35-16, 236-5 Aiken, George R. 102-7 Ainsworth, Peter 167-3 Aitchison, Jonathan C. 32-41, 55-13, 201-3*, 211-10 Aitken, Greg 24-6 Aitken, Nancy 187-2 Ajami, Newsha 228-8 Akaa, Orji 257-3* Akafia, Martin M. 109-9* Akkan, Hakan 249-16 Al Harbi, Talal 188-5* Al, Tom A. 174-2, 176-9, 176-16 Al-Dousari, Ahmad 227-12* Al-Johar, Mishal M. 76-7*, 170-26 Al-Qudah, Omar 77-5* Al-Shaibani, Abdulaziz 277-5 Al-Shuhail, Abdullatif A. 277-5 Alam, Mohammad Ayaz 184-6*, 248-24*, 276-12* Albanese, James 208-13 Alcaraz, Samantha 276-8 Alcock, J. 37-7* Aldous, Allison 78-4* Aldridge, David E. 26-11 Aleinikoff, J.N. 232-7 Aleinikoff, John N. 101-68, 136-2, 158-10, 230-10 Alexander, Conel M. O'D. 239-12 Alexander, David E. 265-12 Alexander, E. Calvin Jr. 127-6, 176-15, 261-8 Alexander, Ryan S. 105-3* Alexander, Scott 176-15 Alexander, Scott C. 127-6, 261-8 Alexeev, Timur 17-14 Alexeiev, Dmitry V. 241-11* Alfarhan, Mohammed 35-16, 236-5 Algeo, Thomas J. 99-3*, 133-10* Alho, Petteri 55-11* Ali, Guleed A.H. 252-7* Ali, Jason R. 32-41, 133-12, 211-10 Ali, K.A. 266-7* Ali, Khalid A. 100-2* Alkmim, Fernando F. 223-6 Allan, Jonathan 179-2*, 191-7 Allan, Jonathan C. 179-4 Alldritt, Katelin 101-32 Allen, Carlton C. 66-2*, 95-12 Allen, Charlotte M. 106-15*, 211-6* Allen, Douglas 119-27* Allen, Eric B. 102-5 Allen, James R. 13-3 Allen, Jessica L. 257-9* Allen, Joel G. 95-1

Allen, Joseph L. 173-20* Allen, Justin M. 258-38* Allen, Paula E. 243-13* Allen, Peter M. 38-1, 226-4 Allen, Richard 18-7*, 164-2*, 224-8 Allen, Sharon 158-11 Allison, Alivia J. 173-1* Allison, D avid T. 113-13 Allison, M. Lee 30-10, 53-3* Allmendinger, Richard W. 37-9, 56-11, 200-5*, 253-2 Allmon, Warren D. 172-19, 172-21, 196-13*, 196-14, 245-42 Allred, C. 44-5 Allred, K. 44-5 Allred, W. Sylvester 44-3 Allwardt, Alan 238-13 Allwood, Abigail C. 95-12* Almeida, Rafael 257-5 Almogi-Labin, Ahuva 219-3 Almond, Peter 268-5 Almquist, Heather 114-9* Alpers, Charles N. 69-14*, 140-7 Alroy, John 50-1, 196-9*, 196-15 Alsaaran, Nasser 54-5* Alsbury, Sara R. 169-2* Alsdorf, Doug 100-3 Alsleben, Helge 40-13*, 40-16 Alsop, Ian 247-7 Althoff, Christopher 188-8 Altin, Deniz Z. 220-5* Altman, Kathryn 248-10* Altman, Peggy 271-2, 271-3* Altobelli, Stephen A. 176-8 Altunkaynak, Safak 60-7 Alvarado, Guillermo E. 77-9, 138-10 Alvarez Zarikian, Carlos A. 73-7 Alvarez, Walter 152-1 Alward, William S. 101-49* Amati, Lisa 133-7 Amato, Jeffrey M. 40-6, 152-10* Amatya, Devendra M. 118-5 Ambrosini, Andrea 84-7 Ameis, Amy L. 242-17* Ames, Daniel P. 192-16 Amgaa, Tsolmon 207-13*, 254-5 Amgalan, Bayasgalan 254-5 Amin, Isam E. 243-18* Amit, Rivka 56-12* Amoroso, Lee 56-3 Amos, Colin 261-1 Amrani, Alon 168-20 Ams, Bridget E. 246-15 Amundsen, Jesse 258-58* Anastasio, David 107-3*, 114-11 Anastasio, David J. 62-5 Anbar, Ariel D. 10-7, 222-4 Anchukaitis, Kevin J. 199-1* Andersen, Gary L. 260-6 Andersen, Michael J. 177-6 Anderson, Arlene V. 223-15*

Anderson, David G. 242-5 Anderson, Diana Elder 244-45 Anderson, Eric D. 188-9, 188-10 Anderson, Eric K. 140-13 Anderson, Evan P. 245-8* Anderson, Fred J. 75-11*, 121-1* Anderson, Heidi 36-8* Anderson, James Lee 80-9*, 106-6* Anderson, John B. 35-21, 229-4 Anderson, Joseph L. 9-6 Anderson, Julia 207-9 Anderson, Ken 121-10 Anderson, Ken B. 32-30 Anderson, Larry W. 261-2 Anderson, Lauren D. 98-2* Anderson, Laurie 245-23 Anderson, Laurie C. 146-13* Anderson, Mark W. 29-22, 49-2 Anderson, Mary P. 57-3*, 57-6, 75-6 Anderson, Megan 173-9 Anderson, R. Ernest 12-11* Anderson, R.G. 247-26 Anderson, Robert L. 140-12* Anderson, Steven W. 209-9 Anderson, Thomas B . 34-13 Anderson, Thomas H . 37-12*, 173-18 Anderson, Tom C . 194-7* Anderson, William P. 258-53 Anderson, William P. Jr. 9-6* Andraski, Brian J. 116-2 Andreazza, Caroline 10-6 Andres, Bradley W. 245-5 Andresen, Daryl E. 251-18 Andreucci, Stephanie 258-24* Andrew, Joseph E. 101-33, 103-7* Andrews, Alexandra L. 134-6, 258-55* Andrews, Benjamin J. 184-7* Andrews, Brian D. 179-10 Andrews, Danielle 141-4 Andrews, Graham D.M. 247-26*, 280-11* Andriashek, Laurence D. 75-10* Andrill McMurdo Ice Shelf, Science Team 269-7 Andronicos, Christopher L. 43-1, 79-4, 230-12* Andronikov, Alex 138-11 Andronikov, Alexandre 123-11 Andrus, C. Fred T. 151-4, 151-9*, 180-2, 180-5, 180-9 Anfinson, Owen 55-5* Ang Clement, B.J. 122-12 Angel, Ross J. 17-10, 109-7* Anger, C ale T. 127-6, 176-15* Angielczyk, Kenneth D. 87-4* Anma, Ryo 162-9*, 162-10, 162-12* Annesley, Irvine R. 26-4 Annis, David Charles 152-5* Anoka, Jourdan 268-6 Anovitz, Lawrence 216-14* Ansan, Veronique 156-4 Ansdell, Kevin M. 26-4

276 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

Antanesian, Vaspour 115-9 Anthony, Darlene M. 150-8 Antolik, Loren 192-7 Anton, Nicholas R. 24-6 Antonopoulos, Dionysios A. 25-7 Apel, Trey 191-9* Apodaca, Theresa 187-10* Appleby, Sarah K. 16-13*, 85-13 Applegate, David 140-1* Appold, Martin S. 93-3* Aragon, Amanda 113-2 Aranda Luna, Suzan 119-15* Arbogast, Alan F. 94-5* Arcand, Will J. 27-13 Arcas, Diego 182-4 Archer, Allen W. 143-6 Archibald, S. Bruce 219-12* Arciniega-Ceballos, Alejandra 83-8 Arculus, Richard J. 33-3, 158-3 Ard, Meesha 33-6 Ardislamov, Faniz 133-3 Arehart, Greg B. 1-12*, 263-6 Arenas, R. 37-7 Arens, Nan Crystal 159-2* Argerich, Alba 128-5 Argles, Tom 230-6 Argow, Brittina A. 42-27, 44-11, 165-14* Arima, Makoto 63-9, 162-6* Arita, Kazunori 230-7 Arkadakskiy, Serguey V. 26-1 Arkle, Jeanette C. 103-2*, 107-6* Arko, Robert A. 217-9, 217-11 Armbruster, Thomas 132-13 Armstrong, Corine K. 211-12 Armstrong, Phillip A. 103-2, 103-3, 107-6 Armstrong, Richard 87-12 Arndt, Nick 98-1*, 206-7* Arneson, Kristen 37-1, 168-24, 169-15, 199-7 Arnold, Bill W. 271-14* Arnórsson, Stefán 26-24, 119-10 Arntzen, Katherine 32-38, 32-39* Arrigoni, Alicia 69-1 Arrowsmith, J. Ramon 39-9, 42-23, 62-3 Arrowsmith, Ramon 144-4 Arsenault, Matthew 101-6*, 171-7 Artemieva, Irina M. 139-1* Arthur, Michael A. 148-13 Arthurs, Leilani 237-3* Artz, Joe A. 71-7 Aryal, Niranjan 129-4 Aschoff, Jennifer 108-28 Asencio, Eugenio 173-3 Asher, Anthony 98-16 Asher, Aron H. 171-8 Asher, Pranoti M. 258-47 Ashi, Juichiro 162-4 Ashley, David 260-3 Ashley, Gail M. 42-11, 94-1* Ashley, Roger P. 204-7, 239-1 Ashlock, Andrew 190-6 Asiala, Carol J. 46-6 Aslan, Andres 244-21* Asmerom, Yemane 66-7, 168-22, 170-21, 178-6, 180-15 Asnaashary, Amir 183-4* Asphaug, Erik 20-14 Astrop, Timothy I. 265-14* Atauz, Ayse 48-1 Atchison, Christopher 144-8* Atchley, Stacy 199-9 Ateequzzaman, Khowaja 86-6 Atekwana, Eliot 134-9*, 168-24 Atekwana, Eliot A. 169-16 Atekwana, Eliot A. 99-10, 134-10 Atekwana, Estella 37-1, 134-9, 168-24, 169-15, 169-16 Atekwana, Estella A. 134-10 Athey, Jennifer E. 101-33, 217-6* Atkinson, Nigel 75-10 Attal, Mikael 122-3 Attenkofer, Klaus 84-6 Attig, John W. 122-1, 125-7, 247-10 Atwater, Amy L. 172-7* Atwood, James W. 172-6* Aubele, Jayne C. 95-9* Audet, Pascal 224-6, 224-8 Audra, Philippe 62-10 Auer, Sara L. 144-9*, 192-20 Auerbach, David 203-6, 203-7 Aughenbaugh, Kelly 242-6* Ault, Charles R. Jr. 187-2* Aumer, Robert 249-16

Ausich, William 172-5, 265-7 Ausich, William I. 172-4* Austin, G. 16-3 Austin, James A. Jr. 200-4 Austin, Joanna M. 82-12 Austman, Christine L. 26-4* Authemayou, Christine 62-10, 130-3* Avouac, Jean-Philippe 62-2* Avula, Bharathi 218-11 Awramik, Stanley M. 198-9 Awuah-Offei, K. 168-17 Axen, Gary 12-8, 12-9*, 40-14, 153-7*, 153-8, 153-9, 183-4, 183-5 Ayala, Luis F. 255-5 Ayash, K. Hope 258-27*, 258-30 Ayuso, R. 24-5 Ayuso, Robert A. 232-6 Ayyad, Salah N. 32-43 Azer, M.K. 266-7 Aziz, Fahima 237-6


Baak, Kacie 101-62, 102-3 Baar, Eric E. 232-11* Baas, A.C.W. 244-5 Babaie, Hassan 217-13* Babalola, Lamidi Olabode 199-10* Babb, Ivar 171-5 Babcock, John N. 69-5*, 69-6 Babcock, Loren E. 105-2 Babcock, Lori N. 101-65*, 221-9* Babyak, Carol M. 9-6 Bacchus, Sydney T. 127-2* Bach, Janette 122-6 Bach, Leslie 78-4 Bachmann, Matthew P. 145-14* Bachtel, Jonathan 206-5* Bacon, Charles R. 44-1, 255-4* Bacon, Steven N. 249-4* Bader, Nick E. 5-13, 254-4 Badgley, Catherine 32-28 Baechtle, Kristen P. 35-2* Baedke, Steve J. 170-22*, 208-6 Baek, Yong 27-6*, 27-12 Baelum, Karoline 13-9 Baer, Emanuela Agosta 90-11, 90-13* Baer, Eric M.D. 29-30, 45-5*, 45-6 Baggerman, T. 224-3 Bahr, Jean M. 176-14 Bahri, Salima 64-9 Bailey, Christopher 101-39, 136-2 Bailey, Claire 38-13* Bailey, David G. 123-3* Bailey, John E. 53-6, 144-14* Bailey, Kelly F. 274-10* Bailey, R. Mark 233-8*, 233-12* Bailey, Richard H. 245-11* Bailey, Zackary 25-10, 171-13 Bailly-Comte, Vincent 177-4* Baines, Kevin H. 97-15 Bair, Andrea 91-11* Bair, E. Scott 161-8 Baird, Graham B. 268-9* Bajc, A.F. 75-8* Bajc, Andy F. 101-14 Bajpai, Sunil 86-5, 86-8 Baker, Amanda 37-9*, 56-11 Baker, David M.H. 20-5* Baker, Gregory S. 88-4, 208-14* Baker, Gregroy S. 127-13* Baker, Holly 205-10 Baker, Kathleen M. 91-6, 91-7, 277-11* Baker, Leslie L. 24-8* Baker, M.B. 6-1 Baker, Mark 147-9 Baker, Paul A. 99-12 Baker, Victor R. 55-1*, 55-3, 55-11, 272-5*, 272-6 Bakke, Paul D. 177-15* Balakrishnan, Aneesha 244-31* Balboni, Enrica 122-10, 168-8* Balco, Greg 81-14, 122-14, 160-3, 249-15 Baldridge, W. Scott 277-4 Baldwin, Christopher 38-11 Baldwin, Julia A. 85-7* Baldwin, Sandra 149-9 Baldwin, Suzanne L. 13-8, 130-8* Balekai, Rajesh 188-5, 227-1, 227-11, 227-14 Balfour, Natalie J. 182-11*, 273-9* Balgord, Elizabeth 232-1* Balint, Gábor 247-6

Balistrieri, Laurie S. 24-4 Ballagh, Lisa M. 144-13* Ballestero, Thomas P. 127-7*, 176-10*, 226-14* Balliet, Russell N. 68-2, 277-9* Balogh-Brunstad, Zsuzsanna 141-5, 141-7*, 258-38 Bampton, Matthew 101-65, 236-4 Bande, Alejandro E. 36-10* Banerjee, M. 126-8 Banerjee, N. 126-8 Banerjee, Neil R. 98-2, 236-11* Banet, Susan 217-11 Banfield, Jill F. 64-7, 84-6 Bangs, Nathan L.B. 200-4 Bank, Tracy 64-11*, 168-7* Banks, Maria E. 135-4* Banner, Jay 178-5 Banner, Jay L. 178-3, 199-4 Banta, Ryan 128-6* Baptista, António M. 273-5, 273-6 Barbara, Cavalazzi 25-12* Barbeau, David L. Jr. 147-11, 163-1* Barberton D rilling Team, 98-1 Barbery, Monica 101-62 Barbieri, Roberto 25-12 Barbour Wood, Susan L. 219-16 Barclay, C.J. 37-22 Barfod, Dan N. 133-3 Bargar, John R. 64-8*, 251-22 Bargnesi, Evan A. 37-4* Barineau, Clinton I. 101-72, 162-14* Barker, Brent W. 188-4* Barker, James 119-4 Barker, Shaun L.L. 22-1, 22-2, 117-13* Barkley, Madison C. 31-9* Barlow, Jeannie R.B. 128-12*, 177-2 Barlow, Nadine G. 20-7 Barlow, Natasha 129-6*, 154-1 Barnard, Kathryn Nora 270-6* Barnard, Patrick L. 253-7 Barnes, Calvin G. 16-9, 33-26, 123-10, 186-3, 246-9 Barnes, Jane E. 173-16 Barnes, Jason B. 62-4* Barnes, Melanie A. 33-5, 186-3 Barnett, Elizabeth A. 182-1* Barney, Jeffrey A. 237-9* Barnhardt, Walter A. 179-10 Barnhart, Katherine R. 181-3* Barnouin-Jha, Olivier 135-7* Barnouin-Jha, Olivier S. 135-8 Baron, Dirk 115-11, 216-15 Baron, Jill 212-9 Barquero-Molina, Miriam 63-4* Barr, J.G. 37-22, 42-28 Barr, Jay 224-4 Barr, Mary Alice 33-2* Barragán-Manzo, Ricardo 34-9* Barrett, Heather Ann 243-14* Barrett, James H. 151-10 Barrett, Kirk 226-12 Barrie, J. Vaughn 171-10 Barriendos, Mariano 81-4 Barrios, Hector 51-7 Barrón, Vidal 84-7 Barry, D.A. 149-4 Barry, Tiffany 80-7, 106-9 Bartel, Beth 67-3 Bartels, Alexander 263-2 Bartels, William S. 265-13 Bartelt, Perry 240-6 Barth, A.P. 33-12, 33-27*, 40-12* Barth, Andrew 130-11 Barth, Andrew P. 181-7, 211-4 Bartholomew, Alexander 36-12 Bartholomew, Mervin J. 14-10* Bartlein, Patrick J. 94-13 Bartley, John M. 16-2, 16-5*, 173-15 Bartolai, Alana 205-2 Bartoli, Dante G. 48-1 Bartoli, Omar 63-5 Barton, Ashley M. 115-10* Barton, Lauren E. 84-8 Barton, Mark D. 204-3, 239-6 Barton, Melissa A. 219-13* Bartosova, Katerina 234-8 Baru, Chaitan 144-4 Bary, David O. 45-10 Basagic, Hassan J. 89-4, 193-4 Basili, Roberto 268-5 Basora, A.M 246-14* Basta, Nicholas 70-11

Basu, Abhijit 211-7*, 211-8 Batbaatar, J. 143-7* Bateman, Richard M. 220-11 Bates, Brittney L. 121-3* Bateson, Luke 101-9 Bath, Adam 158-11 Batta, Naresh C. 274-15 Batta, Neeraj K. 274-15 Battaglin, William A. 3-7, 218-8 Battenhouse, Thomas J r. 54-4 Battenhouse, Thomas R. Jr. 101-58* Bauer, Edward M. 108-14 Bauer, Jennifer B. 92-12 Bauer, Robert L. 101-49, 113-3* Bauer, Travis 225-5 Baugh, Benjamin F. 61-14* Baum, Rex L. 92-14, 191-2* Baumiller, Tomasz K . 146-6 Bawden, Gerald W. 261-12 Baxter, A lan T. 32-41*, 211-10* Baxter, Ethan F. 85-2 Baxter, Jon 167-3 Baxter, Peter J. 164-10, 164-11, 164-12, 189-1, 189-2 Bayasgalan, A. 5-13 Bayasgalan, Amgalan 254-4 Bayer, Tovah 274-6 Bayona, Germán 55-14, 79-2, 186-2*, 203-11* Bea Jofré, Sergio Andrés Sr. 272-14* Bea, Sergio A. 176-9 Beall, Adelina 115-2 Beall, Richard 274-9* Beard, Brian L. 64-6, 160-4, 206-14 Beard, James S. 123-1* Beard, L. Sue 223-9 Beasley, Barbara A. 213-10 Beatty, Tyler W. 133-7, 245-31, 267-10* Beatty, William Lee 192-5 Beaty, David W. 95-12 Beaulieu, Brett 126-12* Beaumont, Christopher 130-5 Beaumont, Will 10-2 Beauregard, Allison 45-4* Beauzile, Wilfrid 115-9* Bebout, Gray E. 98-2, 152-8* Beck, Robert A. 166-8* Becker, Doris B. 227-2*, 227-3, 227-4 Becker, Joseph P. 9-1* Becker, Mark F. 166-10 Becker, Martin A. 172-9, 172-10* Becker, Richard 227-1, 227-2, 227-3, 227-4 Becker, Stephen P. 93-4 Becker, Timothy E . 29-26* Bedrosian, Paul A. 188-9, 188-10*, 277-4 Beedle, Matt 5-6 Beeker, Charles D. 242-12 Beeler, N.M. 83-7* Beerling, David J. 222-11 Beeson, Jeffrey W. 40-15 Begg, Graham C. 266-1* Behr, Whitney M. 181-4* Behrensmeyer, Anna K. 87-10*, 167-8 Behringer, Bob 83-13 Beisner, Kimberly R. 69-13 Belanger, Laura 119-14 Belcher, Claire M. 159-13*, 243-1* Belding, Elyssa 32-23* Belien, Isolde 26-3* Bélières, Michel 239-2 Belkacim, Said 227-9 Belknap, Daniel F. 23-1*, 23-7, 48-3*, 179-10 Bell, Angie 101-24, 118-3, 118-7* Bell, Gorden L. Jr. 44-2 Bell, James F. III 97-5, 97-7 Belmont, Patrick 54-10, 81-8, 226-11* Belousov, Alexander 255-6 Belousov, Marina 255-6 Belousova, Elena A. 266-1 Beltran, James 32-6, 119-25 Bembenic, Meredith A. 278-8 Bemis, Sean P. 62-8* Ben Belfadhel, Mahrez 272-1 Ben Simon, Rose 239-2* Benammi, Mouloud 73-4 Benavides, Jude A. 259-8 Benedict, John C. 32-18 Benford, Bryn 37-13* Bengtsson, Lars V 77-10 Benimoff, Alan I. 274-3* Benison, Kathleen 198-1 ·

2009 GSA Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon 277

Benito, Gerardo 55-7, 81-4* Benjamini, Chaim 219-3* Benn, Troy 29-29 Benna, Piera 17-10 Bennett, Jeffery 89-13*, 136-10 Bennett, Matthew Robert 35-13*, 125-11* Bennett, Michael 272-9 Bennett, Philip C. 25-2, 184-7 Bennett, Phillip 25-11 Bennett, Richard A. 13-11, 115-18, 169-2, 235-3 Bennett, Sean 226-15 Bennington, J. Bret 96-19 Benowitz, Jeff 108-7* Bense, Victor F. 272-11* Benson, David A. 145-8* Benson, Lauren A. 142-14* Bentley, Callan 90-9* Benton, Michael J. 245-4 Bentz, Amy E. 237-9 Benzel, William F. 218-5 Bérczi, Szaniszló 123-8 Berds, Melody L. 168-26 Berelson, William M. 10-2, 159-15 Berens, Volmer 128-13 Berg, Christopher A. 246-4*, 246-16 Berg, Edward 99-21 Berg, Richard 72-1, 214-4 Berg, Richard C. 7-13, 101-63* Bergamaschi, Brian A. 69-14 Berger, Byron 241-4 Berger, Byron R. 93-11 Berger, Glenn W. 143-8*, 249-12* Berger, Jeff A. 97-4* Bergfeld, Deborah 155-6, 155-7*, 204-12, 204-13 Berglof, William R. 34-1* Berkas, Wayne R. 69-2 Berkompas, Justin 251-16 Berman, D. Wayne 274-12, 274-13* Berman, Daniel C. 112-2 Bermudez, Adriana 155-10 Bern, Carleton R. 214-10 Bernal, Nelson F. 176-13 Bernard, David R. 280-3 Berndt, Marian P. 57-5 Berner, Zsolt 86-6 Berney, Ernest IV 27-10 Bernhard, Joan M. 19-9*, 25-10, 245-1 Bernhardt, Anne 253-3 Bernhardt, Christopher 23-5* Bernhardt, Heinz-Juergen 132-13 Bernier-Latmani, Rizlan 64-8 Beroza, Gregory 83-10, 83-11 Berry, Andrew J. 1-4 Berry, William B.N. 194-3* Bershaw, John 254-10* Berti, Matteo 190-5 Bertog, Janet L. 29-3, 258-59, 258-60, 258-61 Besaw, Lance E. 8-3 Besemer, Christine 144-9, 192-20 Bessinger, Brad 256-5 Best, David M. 44-3* Best, Laura 193-5* Bethel, Matthew B. 189-5* Bethke, Craig M. 25-5* Betka, Paul 13-8 Bettencourt, Nichole 167-5 Betterton, William J. 121-5 Bettis, E. Arthur III 99-6, 249-5 Bettison-Varga, Lori 208-8 Beukes, Nicolas J. 207-3 Beutel, Erin K. 278-10 Beverly, Emily J. 200-6 Bevier, Mary Lou 113-16* BeVille, Susan H. 58-1 Beyene, Mengesha 40-9* Beyene, Nehemia Solomon 27-11* Beyers, M. 244-5 Bhattacharya, Prosun 77-9*, 77-11, 126-2, 126-3, 126-7, 174-3, 174-6, 174-7, 174-8 Bhattacharya, U. 126-8 Bhattacharyya, Kathakali 169-1, 268-1* Bhattacharyya, Prajukti 144-5*, 258-44 Bhowmick, P.K. 86-5 Bhowmick, Subhamoy 126-6 Bianchi, Marco 3-12* Bible, Paul 192-6 Bickerton, Greg 78-14 Bickford, M.E. 206-4, 211-8* Bickford, Marion E. 211-7 Bieber, David W. 233-13*

Biehler, S. 277-4 Bielicki, Jeffrey M. 72-6 Bier, Sara E. 209-7* Bierman, P. 244-39* Bierman, Paul 8-3, 244-9, 244-38, 244-48 Bierman, Paul R. 113-1, 244-1, 244-10, 244-49, 244-50 Bigelow, Nancy H. 5-14 Biggam, Pete 168-13* Bigl, Matthew F. 5-8 Biholar, Alex 35-16 Bilby, Bob 122-6 Bililign, Solomon 113-12 Billa, Mario 241-4 Biller, Sandra 207-3 Billmark, Kaycie 175-7 Bindeman, Ilya 10-13, 15-12*, 41-3 Bindeman, Ilya N. 15-3, 41-2, 222-13, 246-5 Bingen, Bernard 60-2 Bingham, P. Sean 32-30 Bingle, Marron 86-8 Binnie, Steven A. 108-29 Bird, Brian C. 247-27, 247-29*, 247-30 Bird, Dennis K. 26-24, 117-7, 119-10, 239-1 Birnbaum, Stuart 222-6 Bischoff, James 22-4 Bish, David L. 84-1 Bishop, Ellen 187-3* Bishop, Gale A. 236-15* Bishop, Kim M. 37-17* Bishop, Melisa R. 76-3* Bishop, Paul 8-10, 226-3 Bissell, Rob 22-8 Biswas, Ashis 126-6 Bitting, Chuck 89-9 Bitting, Kelsey S. 29-5*, 143-13* Bittner, Andrew 271-4 Bivén, Annelie 174-8 Bjorck, Svante 244-7 Bjornerud, Marcia G. 207-2 Bjornstad, Bruce N. 55-1, 55-3*, 55-6 Black, Bran 154-8 Black, Ross A. 169-7* Blackburn, Terrence 160-7* Blackburn, Terrence J. 181-3 Blackwell, Bonnie A.B. 143-1, 143-2, 143-3, 143-4 Blair, Bernard A. 49-4 Blair, Bruce B. 238-11* Blair, J. Luke 83-5, 144-1* Blais-Stevens, Andrée 142-10*, 171-10 Blake, M. Clark Jr. 152-12, 201-10 Blakely, Richard J. 18-8, 80-8*, 169-14, 182-1, 182-3, 182-9, 273-10 Blakely, Stephen J. 172-20 Blakey, Ronald 147-7 Blanc, Gérard 116-3, 119-22 Blanco, Sergio 176-11* Blanco-Piñon, Aberto 25-13* Blanco-Piñón, Alberto 243-22 Blank, Carrine E. 10-9*, 25-16 Blank, Jennifer G. 135-10*, 279-9* Blank, Lisa 114-9 Blanton, Brian O. 229-8 Blay, Charles 59-13 Bleacher, Jacob E. 95-4, 276-4 Bleeker, Wouter 138-1 Bleick, Heather A. 16-11, 108-13* Blenkinsop, Thomas G. 26-13, 223-4 Blewett, David T. 197-3, 197-4, 197-5, 197-6, 197-8 Blichert-Toft, Janne 206-7, 211-5 Blickstein, Joel 143-1, 143-3, 143-4 Bliss, James D. 101-6, 171-7* Bloch, Jonathan I. 86-13, 222-9 Block, Debra 8-8* Block, Karin 163-6 Block, Karin A. 217-9, 238-12* Block, Katherine L. 113-15* Blodgett, Robert B. 44-2, 108-5, 108-6*, 136-4* Blome, Charles D. 44-8*, 101-54, 101-60 Blount, Grady Price 40-2 Blowes, David W. 24-7 Blum, Alex E. 122-11 Blumentritt, Dylan 54-10 Blyth, Robert 167-9 Blythe, Ann E. 107-7* Blythe, Nathan 223-9 Boatman, Michael L. 258-27 Bobeck, Patricia 57-2*

Bobrowsky, Peter T. 125-3 Bobst, Andrew L. 145-3, 145-4* Bobyarchick, Andy R. 247-21 Bodger, Pat 140-10 Bodin, Paul 83-1, 164-3, 202-1 Bodnar, R.J. 93-8, 120-3, 132-10* Bodnar, Robert J. 93-4, 93-6, 185-1, 239-8 Bodzin, Alec 114-11 Bodziony, Mariusz 272-3 Boehlke, Adam R. 218-5 Boerio-Goates, Juliana 84-5 Boessenecker, Robert 172-20 Boger, Rebecca 187-19 Boggs, Kevin G. 145-10* Bohannon, Robert G. 101-15* Bohatý, Jan 172-4 Bohrson, Wendy A. 33-37 Boily, Jean-François 84-7 Boisvert, Eric 163-7 Bojar, Ana Voica 180-17 Bokuniewicz, Henry 149-2 Bolhuis, Chris 49-5, 49-7* Bolwahnn-Barfoot, Alanna 50-10 Bonadonna, Costanza 82-15 Bonamici, Chloe E. 13-10, 230-11* Bond, C.E. 101-1 Bond, David P.G. 133-12 Bond, Gerard C. 11-4 Bond, Jeffrey D. 5-14, 247-14 Bonde, Joshua W. 32-13*, 32-15 Bone, Michael J. 14-10 Bonuso, Nicole 245-22, 245-33 Boock, Alyssa 117-16 Bookhagen, Britta 160-13 Boone, Christopher G. 29-29 Booth, Adam 142-7 Booth, Colin 75-5 Booth, Eric G. 78-9* Booth, Nathan 78-7 Booth-Rea, Guillermo 273-4* Bopp, Charles John IV 264-7* Borchers, Brian 249-16 Borden, Andrew K. 251-16* Bordonne, Olivier 177-2 Borella, M.W. 113-11, 236-9 Borja, Ronaldo I. 176-11 Borman, Christopher J. 69-9* Bormann, B.T. 141-7 Boroughs, Scott 106-13* Borraccini, Francesco 54-12 Borrero, Carlos A. 255-5* Borrok, David M. 27-8, 70-3, 119-15 Bortnak, Denise 171-6 Boryta, Mark 279-5 Bose, Deblina 169-4* Böse, Maren 164-2 Boss, Stephen K. 89-2 Bossie, Willie 243-21* Bossy, Cécile 116-3, 119-22 Bostock, Michael G. 224-6* Boston, Penelope J. 66-8*, 66-9, 95-6*, 150-6 Botha, Pieter W.S.K. 97-3* Bottjer, David J. 4-6, 50-8, 86-11, 133-5, 159-1*, 159-15, 245-34 Boucetta, Sophie 216-10 Bouchaou, Lhoussaine 168-14, 227-9 Boucher, A. 7-3 Boucot, A.J. 108-6 Boudreaux, Hollie 192-6 Boulila, Slah 160-2 Boulton, Sarah J. 107-12* Bourgine, Bernard 7-4 Bourgois, Jacques 200-3 Bousfield, Gregg 118-3 Boutaleb, Said 168-14, 227-9 Boutt, David F. 176-2* Bouzari, Farhad 264-3* Bove, Dana J. 66-6, 204-10* Bove, M. 24-5 Bowden, Stephen Clay 99-17* Bowen, Brenda Beitler 198-1* Bowen, Gabriel 19-5* Bowen, Gabriel J. 221-8 Bowen, Jeff 32-23 Bowen, Mark W. 247-24* Bowen, Scott 54-4, 101-58 Bower, Dina M. 10-8* Bowersox, J. Richard 166-11 Bowles, Zack 186-4 Bowman, Jeffrey D. 37-21* Bowman, John R. 16-2, 85-11 Bowman, Luke J. 164-9*

Bown, Thomas M. 242-7*, 242-8 Bowring, James F. 160-1 Bowring, S. 138-13 Bowring, S.A. 130-9 Bowring, Sam 130-10, 160-13 Bowring, Samuel 160-7, 160-11 Bowring, Samuel A. 160-1*, 160-6, 181-3, 183-6 Bowser, Samuel S. 42-1, 275-1, 275-2, 275-3, 275-4 Boyarko, Devin 18-7, 83-3, 224-8 Boyce, C. Kevin 219-11* Boyd, Clint A. 96-21* Boyer, Alison G. 50-1, 50-14, 196-1 Boyer, Doug M. 86-13, 222-9 Boyle, Brad 220-15* Boyle-Mejia, Oscar 245-5 Boyles, J. Michael 35-6, 36-16 Braathen, Alvar 13-9 Brabander, Daniel J. 119-12, 119-28, 119-29 Brachfeld, Stefanie 163-2 Bradbury, Kelly K. 152-7* Bradbury, Kenneth 54-3 Bradbury, Kenneth R. 127-4 Bradford, Christine D. 45-10* Bradley, Dan B. 108-13 Bradley, Dwight C. 108-13, 108-16 Bradley, Lee­Ann 261-4* Bradshaw, Richard W. 36-18*, 101-46 Brady, Kristina 217-10*, 252-1 Brady, Mara E. 4-2* Brady, Patrick V. 271-14 Braga, Roberto 63-5 Bragg, Heather M. 191-15 Bragg, Johnny E. 173-20 Brahana, John V. 127-12 Brahana, Van 89-9*, 145-2* Braile, Lawrence W. 277-4* Brame, Scott 258-57 Bramnik, Michael 194-1* Branco, Brett 187-19 Brand, Brittany D. 276-7* Brandon, Mar k T. 124-5* Brandt, Danita S. 192-15* Branlund, Joy 2-2* Branney, Michael J. III 207-6 Brantley, S.L. 168-6 Brantley, Sue 141-4 Brantley, Susan 141-1*, 141-10 Braswell, John J. 25-6* Bratton, John F. 149-2*, 149-8, 149-9 Brauch, Billie 89-13, 136-10 Braudy, Nicole 32-42* Braun, Jean 130-5 Braun, Steven A. 258-45* Braunmiller, Jochen 21-7, 235-8 Braunscheidel, Michael 101-3 Braunsten, Scott B. 169-14* Bravo, Tammy K . 67-3*, 114-5 Bray, Veronica J. 135-4 Bream, Brendan R. 258-45 Brease, Phil 44-7*, 51-6, 89-7* Brecke, Devon 266-10 Breckenridge, Roy M. 7-11, 101-41* Bredehoeft, John D. 57-9*, 76-1* Breecker, Dan O. 150-2*, 178-3 Breedlovestrout, Renee L. 32-20* Breier, Crystal 149-5 Breit, George 212-1 Breit, George N. 204-8, 204-13 Breitburg, Denise L. 205-7 Breithaupt, Brent H. 118-6 Bremer, Jordan 117-1 Brenders, Andrew J. 236-11 Brennan, Daniel W. 187-14 Brennan, Patrick 108-25, 108-26* Brennan, Rhonda 187-4 Brennan, S ean T. 166-10 Brennand, Tracy A . 55-9, 247-25* Brennecka, Gregory A. 222-4* Brennen, Rhonda 187-3 Brenner, Carl 47-6 Brenner, Mark 180-4 Brett, C.E. 267-2 Brett, Carlton E. 4-3*, 50-6 Brettner, Nicholas 248-4 Brewer, Robert S. 76-5 Brewer-LaPorta, Margaret 36-23 Brewer-LaPorta, Margaret C. 210-4 Brey, James A. 49-4* Brezina, Thomas 173-4 Brian, Jennifer 29-29

278 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

Bridge, Nathan J. 98-2 Briggs, Derek 4-11 Briggs, Derek E.G. 245-10 Briggs, Martin A. 128-2* Briggs, Richard W. 154-10* Brigham-Grette, Julie 198-7*, 207-11, 236-12 Bright, Jordon 252-6 Bright, Kevin 77-3 Brigmon, Robin L. 141-13 Brimhall, George H. 236-3* Brink, Ryan A. 42-21* Brinkerhoff, Douglas 38-7*, 225-3 Brion, Gail M. 251-3 Briscoe, Lindsey J. 174-1 Brister, Adam 43-5, 113-2* Bristow, Charlie S. 122-9 Britt, Brooks 51-11 Brizuela, Rafael Rodriguez 222-10 Broach, Kyle H. 275-2*, 275-3 Brocard, Gilles Y. 62-10*, 130-3 Brock, Amy 101-47 Brock, Amy L. 56-7* Brock, Patrick 77-2 Brock, Rebecca J. 280-3 Brodie, Carol 29-18 Brody, Anna G. 44-10* Bromhal, Grant S. 22-10, 117-3*, 117-8 Bromley, S. Ashley 110-11* Bronson, Dustin 199-2 Brook, Edward J. 5-7 Brook, George 129-10 Brookfield, Andrea E. 58-9* Brooks, Benjamin A. 192-7 Brooks, David E. 233-7 Brooks, Suzanna 192-8 Brooks, Thomas W. 149-9 Brooks, Whitney D. 29-15* Brooks, William E. 167-1* Brosch, Franz-Josef 27-11 Brossy, Cooper C. 6-3, 59-14, 261-1 Brothers, Laura L. 179-10* Brown, Alex 26-10 Brown, Anita L. 29-40* Brown, Barry N. 238-14* Brown, Catherine 29-37* Brown, Christopher F. 271-9 Brown, Christopher J. 258-19 Brown, David 155-9 Brown, Edwin 201-7* Brown, Gordon E. 64-7 Brown, Gordon E. Jr. 64-3, 84-7, 117-7 Brown, Holly 164-2 Brown, James H. 50-1 Brown, James O. 187-20* Brown, Justin 83-10* Brown, Kristen M. 34-11* Brown, Kyle B. 131-6*, 272-6 Brown, Lewis M. 208-10 Brown, Matt 270-9 Brown, N.E. 43-8 Brown, Philip 26-18* Brown, Richard J. III 106-10*, 207-6* Brown, Richard L. 230-13 Brown, Robert A. 100-5 Brown, Summer J. 14-7*, 268-2 Browne, Cassandra 199-7, 258-3* Brownfield, Michael E. 26-17* Broxton, David 251-22 Bruckner, Monica Z. 47-8 Brudzinski, Michael 18-7, 83-3, 83-8*, 224-8* Brueckner, Hannes K. 130-6*, 130-7 Brueseke, Matthew E. 106-12, 123-5*, 158-1* Bruggeman, Evan 34-8 Brugger, Keith A. 247-20* Bruhn, Ronald 62-12* Bruhn, Ronald L. 108-10 Brumley, Kelley 138-11 Brune, James N. 56-2 Brunengo, Matthew J. 228-12* Bruning, Jill N. 227-6 Brunk, Tim J. 244-20, 244-40*, 244-41 Brunner, Philip 128-13, 177-1* Bruno, Emiliano 17-10 Bruns, Mary Ann 141-10 Bruse, Jessica L. 99-6* Brusseau, Mark L. 250-1, 250-2, 250-3, 250-4*, 251-11, 251-13, 251-14, 251-16, 271-1 Bruthans, Jiri 76-12*, 150-1* Bryan, Scott Edward 15-7, 133-11

Bryant, Charlotte 107-9 Buchheim, H. Paul 198-9*, 198-13 Buchwaldt, Robert 160-13*, 246-3 Buck, Brenda 56-6, 56-7 Buckler, Carlyn 192-20 Buczkowski, Brian J. 217-1* Buczkowski, Debra L. 156-6* Budd, Ann F. 32-26 Budd, David A. 30-2, 237-10, 237-11, 237-12, 237-13 Buehler, Holly 42-20* Buehrer, Rosalice 28-1 Bugnion, Louis 240-5 Buijsman, Maarten C. 229-11 Bujalski, Nicole 226-12 Bulinski, Katherine V. 245-25* Bullard, Elizabeth M. 51-13 Bullen, Tom 141-2 Bumgardner, Rita 177-16 Bundschuh, Jochen 77-8*, 77-9, 126-1 Bundtzen, Thomas K. 108-8 Bunnell, Joseph E. 212-8 Burbank, Doug 62-14*, 130-1* Burch, Katrina 242-3* Burchell, Alison 102-7 Burchfiel, B. Clark 52-3* Burg, Jean-Pierre 63-8, 173-28 Burgess, W. Paul 107-5* Burgmann, Roland 62-3, 83-1 Burke, Benjamin C. 161-10* Burke, C.D. 42-3 Burke, Helen 101-12 Burkhalter, R.J. 32-10 Burkhart, Patrick 88-4, 88-6* Burkhart, Rachel S. 251-19*, 251-20 Burkholder, Barbara K. 9-2* Burlini, Luigi 63-8, 173-28 Burmeister, Kurtis C. 29-18, 162-10, 173-21, 258-18 Burmester, Russ 61-14 Burmester, Russell F. 101-48 Burn, Helen 29-30 Burnham, Brian 35-16 Burnham, Daniel P. 43-2* Burnham, Taylor 258-51* Burns, Erick 131-8*, 131-10 Burns, Laurel E. 101-33, 188-3 Burns, Marie C. 46-5* Burns, Scott 71-4, 74-7*, 191-8, 191-11*, 270-8, 270-9, 280-8 Burns, Scott F. 67-8*, 270-12*, 280-7* Burns, Stephen J. 178-6 Burns, William J. 92-1, 142-8* Burr, Rika Renee 29-6, 182-10* Burrell, Shondricka 90-1* Burrill, K. 193-2* Burruss, Robert C. 166-10* Burt, Abigail 101-14* Burt, Cinthia 101-62, 102-3 Burt, Walt 106-2, 131-2, 131-3*, 131-4 Burton, Kevin 80-7 Burton, William C. 136-2 Burval, Working Group 75-4 Burzynski, Greg 50-12* Busacca, Alan 270-4* Busby, Cathy J. 15-6*, 40-17, 101-22, 104-4*, 104-5 Busby, Robert 235-5 Busch, Melanie M. 49-1, 68-7*, 68-8 Busenberg, Eurybiades 57-5 Bush, Andrew M. 51-2, 146-7, 245-26* Bush, David M. 258-25, 258-26 Bush, John H. Jr. 232-10 Bush, Neil R. 110-3 Bush, Thomas A. 90-12* Buss, Alan R. 117-11*, 117-12 Buss, Heather 141-10 Bustin, Amanda M.M. 215-5 Bustin, R. Marc 215-5* Buta Neto, André 87-11 Butcher, Alan R. 97-3 Butcher, Kristen A. 247-18 Butcher, Phillip 228-8 Butler, Carol R. 217-3* Butler, Eric 271-4 Butler, Kenna 102-7 Butler, Paul G. 151-6 Butler, R.D. 113-7 Butler, Robert F. 67-3, 67-6, 67-10*, 90-2, 235-1* Butler, Robert W.H. 124-3* Butler, Scott 242-16 Buttau, Cristina 105-12*

Butterfield, Nicholas J. 4-4 Butts, Susan 96-12 Buvit, Ian 94-3* Buxbaum, A. 242-1 Buzas, Martin A. 99-2, 196-11* Buzas-Stephens, Pamela A. 99-2* Buzby, Colleen 114-8* Buzzell, James L. 42-28 Byars, Heather E. 264-2* Byerly, Gary 206-7 Byerly, Gary R. 207-5 Bykerk-Kauffman, Ann 237-10, 237-11, 237-12, 237-13* Bykova, Natasha 148-6, 265-2 Byrne, Shane 20-2, 20-15*, 135-4 Byrnes, Jeffrey 248-16, 248-29 Bywater-Reyes, Sharon V. 203-4*, 253-4*


Cabbage, Patrick R. 55-5 Cable, Jaye E. 149-1, 149-6 Cable, P.H. 264-10* Cabral-Cano, Enrique 83-8 Cabrelles, Miriam 236-5 Cade-Menun, Barbara 141-11 Cadieux, Sarah Beth 97-9* Cadjenovic, Damjan 35-8 Cadol, Daniel 122-4* Cady, Sherry 25-15 Cady, Sherry L. 25-12, 25-16*, 97-4, 144-10, 148-11* Caffee, M.W. 5-3, 5-12, 244-32 Caffee, Marc W. 5-7, 81-12 Cagan, Amanda 172-12 Cahill, Catherine 212-2 Cahoon, Donald 229-7 Cai, Hua 271-13 Cai, Mer ry Yue 257-5 Cai, Y.S. 122-2 Caine, Jonathan Saul 251-8 Cakir, Recep 173-9, 202-3*, 202-7 Calais, Eric 62-1, 139-14 Calas, Georges 64-13* Calcagno, Philippe 7-4 Caldas, Marcellus M. 143-6 Calder, Eliza 248-17, 276-8 Calderón, Mauricio N. 79-10, 253-3 Caldwell, Matthew P. 258-38 Caldwell, Todd G. 249-4 Calede, Jonathan J. 146-14*, 146-15 Calhoun, J.P. 99-13 Calkins, Katherine C. 243-16* Callahan, Caitlin N. 91-6, 91-7* Callahan, T.J. 118-5*, 177-8* Callegary, James B. 251-11 Callicoat, Jeffrey 106-12* Callihan, Matthew 101-69 Callihan, Sean 40-16 Callihan, Sean M. 40-15 Callot, Yann 23-3 Calner, Mikael 245-2* Calvert, A ndrew T. 18-9, 110-8*, 204-8, 255-4 Cambier, Geoffrey 32-35 Cameron, Barry I. 276-6 Camp, Victor E. 80-4*, 224-2* Campbell, Adam J. 193-6* Campbell, Andrew R. 177-12, 263-8, 263-9 Campbell, Bruce A. 20-1, 20-13 Campbell, Ian H. 106-15, 211-6 Campbell, J. Elliott 166-2 Campbell, Karen 278-3 Campbell, Karen M. 278-7 Campbell, Kate M. 64-8 Campbell, Kathleen A. 171-14 Campbell, Patricia B. 210-12 Campbell, S. Diarmad G. 15-14*, 54-7* Campbell, Ted R. 177-7 Campbell-Stone, Erin 117-2, 208-3* Canchola, Joe A. 172-14* Candela, Philip 1-7, 1-8, 120-3 Canfield, Donald E. 4-7 Cannia, James 170-2* Cannia, James C. 177-6 Cannon, Susan H. 92-14, 164-4*, 280-3 Cannon, William F. 207-2*, 266-3 Cao, Dianhua 101-11* Cao, Guoliang 170-12* Capaccioni, Bruno 184-6, 248-24 Capello, Stephanie V. 226-4 Caplan Auerbach, Jackie 169-10

Caplan-Auerbach, Jackie 110-3 Caporuscio, Florie A. 33-11* Capps, Richard C. 105-10 Carbonel, P. 23-4 Carbotte, Suzanne M. 217-9, 217-11 Cardace, Dawn 141-15* Cardenas, Andres 259-8 Cardenas, M. Bayani 128-1*, 128-4, 128-11, 177-10, 177-18, 184-7 Cardenas, Megan E. 258-36* Cardiff, Michael A. 170-3* Cardona, Agustin 79-1, 79-2, 186-2, 203-11, 257-2 Carena, Sara 130-4 Carey, Anne E. 38-12, 141-6*, 252-2, 258-4, 258-6, 264-11 Carey, R.J. 82-10 Carey, Steven N. 255-1 Carley, Tamara L. 41-9*, 276-2 Carling, Greg 119-23 Carling, Gr egory T. 69-13, 116-6* Carlock, Drew 101-56*, 101-57* Carlson, Chad W. 40-8, 104-9* Carlson, Megan L. 243-12* Carlson, Richard 18-3, 224-1*, 224-4, 224-5 Carlson, Sandra J. 146-1, 220-4*, 265-9 Carlson, William D. 37-2, 85-1*, 185-2, 185-6 Carlucci, Jesse 36-5* Carmichael, Ruth H. 180-5 Carn, Simon A. 155-12*, 248-25 Carpenter, Michael A. 84-4*, 109-7 Carr, Adrianne E. 58-1 Carr, Brett B. 44-9* Carrapa, Barbara 14-7, 35-6, 36-16, 60-6, 200-10*, 203-4, 231-1, 253-4 Carrell, Jennifer E. 101-63 Carrey, Megan R. 172-16 Carrigan, Charles W. 279-2* Carritt, Jeff 101-62 Carritt, Jeffrey 102-3* Carroll, Alan R. 186-6, 198-10, 198-11 Carroll, K.C. 250-1*, 251-16, 271-1* Carroll, Karen R. 65-1* Carroll, Susan 22-11* Carroll, Trish 78-4 Carson, Eric C. 122-1, 247-10 Carson, Robert J. 5-13, 182-2, 254-4 Carter, Andrew 257-3 Carter, D eron T. 67-5*, 258-31 Carter, Janet M. 251-1 Carter, Lynn M. 20-1, 20-13 Carter, Tristan 216-11*, 216-14 Carter-Thomas, Megan R. 119-28*, 119-29 Carto, Shannon Leigh 99-9* Caruso, Joseph A. 220-9* Carver, Gary A. 5-10 Cas, Raymond A.F. 41-6 Casale, Gabriele 13-11* Case, Judd A. 32-44* Casey, John F. 268-7 Casey, Michelle 19-8* Cashman, Katharine 18-12, 26-3, 216-1 Cashman, Katharine V. 59-11, 165-7, 202-12* Cashman, Kathy V. 202-2 Cashman, Patricia H. 61-6* Cashman, Susan M. 182-7 Casier, Jean-Georges 32-35* Cassata, William S. 216-3 Cassel, Elizabeth J. 200-11* Cassidy, Daniel 168-11 Cassidy, John 182-11, 273-9 Cassidy, Nigel 276-8 Cassinerio, Michael D. 263-6 Cassioli, Andrea 82-1 Cassle, Christopher F. 42-8* Castagnac, Claire 7-4* Castendyk, Devin 208-13* Castillo, Luis Enrique 167-1 Castillo, Miguel 8-10* Castillo-Rogez, Julie C. 97-15 Castle, James W. 86-10* Castor, Stephen 138-5 Castro, Janine M. 226-13* Castro, Jonathan M. 216-1 Catalano, Jeffrey G. 64-1, 64-2*, 109-4 Catalli, Krystle 17-4* Catchings, Rufus D. 234-9 Catlos, Elizabeth 123-7*, 259-2 Cattarello, Richard J. 113-2 ·

2009 GSA Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon 279

Caudle, Tiffany L. 179-11 Caulkins, Joshua L. 113-16 Cavalazzi, Barbara 10-6* Cave, Lisa 176-9* Cavero, Julien 23-3 Cearley, Stacie J. 221-2* Cecil, C. Blaine 163-11* Cecil, Leslie G. 167-4* Cederberg, Jay R. 69-13 Cedillo, Danielle N. 113-2 Cellura, Brian R. 105-10* Centeno, José A. 119-13 Centeno-García, Elena 40-17* Centeno-Garcia, Elena 73-4 Cepedal, A. 26-5* Cerling, Thure 19-5, 111-4, 134-5, 221-8* Cerling, Thure E. 19-2, 19-4, 81-9 Cervato, Cinzia 91-4*, 192-6 Cesare, Bernardo 63-5*, 185-1 Cetean, Claudia G. 196-4 CGI Interoperability Working Group, IUGS 30-8 Chabot, Nancy L. 197-4, 197-8* Chacko, Jacob 19-10 Chadwick, John 33-39* Chadwick, Oliver A. 6-6*, 141-3 Chadwick, William J. 23-7, 221-6* Chaka, Anne M. 64-3*, 64-4 Chalmers, Gareth 215-5 Chambefort, Isabelle 158-11* Chamberlain, C. Page 60-4, 203-5 Chamberlain, John A. Jr. 172-10 Chamberlain, K. 186-6 Chamberlain, Kevin R. 138-1, 186-3* Chamberlin, Chris C. 182-4 Chamberlin, Ellen P. 36-17 Chambers, Jeanne 244-29 Chambers, Jeanne C. 9-4 Chambers, Jennifer A. 230-6* Chan, Celine 217-9 Chan, Chien-Lu 31-1* Chan, Christine F. 110-4* Chan, Marjorie A. 35-3, 42-5, 125-6*, 125-12, 147-8 Chandler, John P. 35-21 Chandrasekharam, D. 184-6, 248-24, 276-12 Chaney, Dan 32-9, 87-2, 220-10 Chang, Jefferson 169-13 Chang, Lucy 32-28* Chang, Su-chin 186-1* Chang, Zhaoshan 204-6* Channell, James E.T. 11-5 Chantraprasert, Sarawute 13-5* Chapman, Alan D. 60-12, 231-11* Chapman, Clark R. 197-3, 197-5*, 197-6 Chapman, David S. 169-12 Chapman, Jay V 62-12 Chappell, Beth 270-8* Chappell, James R. 30-6, 136-1 Chardon, Dominique 79-4 Chardot, Lauriane 255-3* Charette, Matthew A. 149-5*, 149-8 Charlier, Bruce 80-7 Charsky, Alyssa 32-6* Chase, Katherine J. 14-14* Chase, Melissa S. 29-31 Chasmer, Laura 175-2 Chasten, Lindsay E. 98-23* Chatterjee, Debashis 126-6*, 126-9 Chatterjee, Sankar 50-9*, 265-12* Chatterjee, Sumanta 35-16 Chattopadhyay, Devapriya 146-6* Chaumba, Jeff B. 256-4* Chauvaud, Laurent 151-5 Chawchai, Sakonvan 119-18 Chaytor, Jason D. 13-2 Chechetkin, Vladimir S. 241-10* Chen, Chang-Hwa 255-6* Chen, Chunmei 24-12 Chen, J. 129-5 Chen, Junyuan 51-10 Chen, Liang 104-6 Chen, Shushu 109-10* Chen, Yen-Hua 126-11 Chenery, Simon 211-1 Chenet, Anne-Lise 86-1 Cheney, John T. 132-8 Cheng, Jie 205-3 Cherukupalli, Nehru E. 194-10* Chesley, John T. 18-6 Chesney, Charles J. 38-10*, 280-4* Chesson, Leslie A. 221-8

Chester, Stephen G.B. 222-9 Cheung, Stephen P. 35-4* Chi, Guoxiang 1-6* Chiang, Hong-Wei 154-12 Chiarenzelli, Jeffrey R. 266-11 Chiba, Hitoshi 264-8 Childers, George A. 26-21 Childs, Jonathan R. 217-11 Chin, Emily J. 231-9* Chin, Karen 275-5* Chiquín, Louis 130-3 Chitalin, Andrei F. 241-9* Chiu, Hon Chim 55-13* Chodkowski, Lauren P. 251-23 Choi, Sung Hi 201-9 Choi, Taejin 162-7*, 257-8* Chopping, Curtis G. 117-15* Choukroun, Mathieu 97-15 Chow, Daniel 77-3 Chow, Paul 17-4 Christensen, Allison R. 121-1 Christensen, Kaneen E. 271-2*, 271-3 Christensen, Nikolas I. 124-2, 124-6, 224-6 Christeson, Gail 108-17, 108-18*, 108-19, 108-20 Christiansen, Eric 101-46 Christie-Blick, Nicholas 40-7, 249-14, 257-5 Christy, Thomas M. 250-7 Chuang, Frank C. 112-2 Chudnoff, Sara 70-13* Chung, Sun-Lin 33-32 Churcher, Charles S. 143-3 Chure, Daniel J. 51-11 Cicchetto, Daniel 13-4* Cicerone, Robert D. 258-13 Ciesla, Fred J. 239-12 Cina, Sara E. 8-13*, 8-14 Cismasu, Cristina 84-7 Cisternas, Marco 88-5, 154-5 Claesson, Stefan 48-3 Claeys, Philippe 151-1, 234-3 Clague, John 74-7 Clague, John J. 5-6, 67-7, 89-5, 165-13 Clahan, Kevin B. 122-7, 190-1 Claiborne, L.L. 16-10 Claiborne, Lily L. 16-11, 65-2*, 276-2 Clapham, Matthew E. 133-8*, 196-1, 196-15 Clarey, Timothy L. 223-10* Clark, Arthur L. 77-3 Clark, Dan 56-9 Clark, Douglas H. 110-3, 191-12, 208-7, 247-4 Clark, George R. 245-14* Clark, Heather F. 119-29 Clark, Jaclyn 173-29* Clark, Jeffrey 236-2 Clark, Jordan 272-9* Clark, Joseph 248-11 Clark, Justin A. 119-6* Clark, Kenneth F. 236-15 Clark, Kenneth P. 33-40 Clark, Lindsey 184-8 Clark, Peter U. 5-7 Clark, Roger N. 233-9 Clark, Ryan C. 30-9*, 30-10 Clark, Scott K. 91-12*, 258-21, 278-4 Clarke, Amanda 82-13, 276-7 Clarke, Geoffrey 13-8 Clarke, Julia 4-11 Clary, Renee M. 114-10*, 125-10, 277-7*, 279-7 Clary, Warren 35-21 Clay, Keith 90-5 Clayton, Robert 105-8* Cleasby, Thomas E. 69-2 Cleaves, Henderson J. 64-9 Clelland, Steven 54-13 Clement, Amelia 150-6 Clemente, Frank A. 215-2* Clementz, Mark T. 19-3*, 111-2, 111-3, 200-10, 203-4 Clemons, Kristopher M. 173-15 Clift, Peter 152-10 Cline, Jean S. 204-5*, 263-6, 263-7 Cline, K. Michael 27-14* Cline, Michael L. 143-12* Clinkenbeard, John P. 233-9 Cloos, Mark 231-12 Clough, Charles M. 142-13* Cloutis, Edward A. 97-7

Clow, Gary 212-1 Cloyd, J. Courtney 191-14, 213-6, 213-8* Clynne, Michael A. 18-8, 65-2, 110-10, 204-8 Cobb, James C. 7-14* Cobb, Robin M. 180-2* Cobban, William A. 101-51 Coblentz, David 60-3 Coburn, Eric P. 205-10 Cochard, Roland 164-8 Cockrell, Nathaniel J. 92-14 Codispoti, Julie E. 2-4*, 217-12 Coe, Jeffrey A. 92-9*, 142-8, 190-6, 191-2, 240-1, 240-2, 240-10* Coefer, Josh 218-4 Coetzee, Stephan 211-2 Coffey, Ruth 149-2 Coffman, David K. 226-4* Cohen, Andrew S. 134-8 Cohen, Anthony S. 133-6 Cohen, Arthur D. 247-23 Cohen, Bernard L. 220-4 Cohen, Matthew J. 69-7 Cohen, Phoebe 4-4* Cohen, R.E. 17-2* Cohn, Brian 119-30 Coint, Nolwenn 33-26*, 186-3 Colafrancesco, Kaitlen C. 29-18, 258-18* Colasanti, Clinton V. 132-11 Colberg, Mark R. 98-17* Colberg, Patricia J.S. 69-9 Colbert, Tina 5-13, 254-4 Cole, David R. 22-5, 216-14 Cole, J.W. 140-10 Cole, Marci 149-8 Cole, Ronald B. 29-20*, 33-31*, 33-32 Coleman, D.S. 16-5 Coleman, Drew S. 211-9 Coleman, Neil 76-10 Coleman, Neil M. 76-9* Colgan, Joseph P. 37-16*, 105-15, 248-7 Collier, Jenny S. 55-2 Collins, Alan.S 33-21 Collins, Geoffrey C. 156-1* Collins, Laurel S. 32-24, 32-25, 205-3* Collins, Scott 187-10 Collins, William J. 79-11* Colombini, Lindy L.S. 276-2 Colvin, Anna 33-14 Colwell, James B. 12-1 Comber, Melissa 29-20 Coming, Daniel 122-9 Conaway, Jeffrey S. 8-1* Conca, James 271-6*, 271-10 Conde, Giselle D. 216-13* Conde, Rachel 258-50* Condie, Kent 138-7* Condie, Kent C. 148-13 Condit, Christopher D. 136-3* Condon, Daniel 133-3, 160-1, 160-8 Condon, Peter D. 24-7 Congdon, Roger D. 213-5* Congreve, Curtis R. 73-10* Coniglio, Mario 232-9 Conklin, Martha H. 30-2 Conko, Kathryn M. 119-2*, 119-13* Conlin, Andrew 248-10 Conlon, Terrence D. 131-3 Connelly, Daniel 159-4* Connelly, Daniel P. 98-4* Connelly, James N. 211-13 Connelly, Jeffrey B. 208-9 Connolly, James A.D. 132-9 Connor, C.L. 44-5*, 44-6*, 193-2, 236-10 Connor, Charles B. 40-15, 82-15*, 155-3 Connor, Laura 82-15 Connors, Christopher D. 101-3* Connors, Tim 89-9 Conrad, Geoffrey W. 242-12 Conrey, Richard M. 18-4*, 59-11, 65-3, 65-4*, 65-5, 110-6, 202-2 Constable, Cathy 11-2 Constantz, Jim 58-6*, 116-2 Contla, Diego 169-3* Contreras, Juan 107-2* Contreras, Mara 259-8 Contreras, Trevor A . 39-12*, 182-2, 191-6, 202-9, 202-10 Conway, Benjamin 246-5* Conway, Howard 65-8 Conway, Kim 171-10 Coode, Katybeth 258-60* Cook, Elizabeth 29-29

Cook, Frederick 79-7* Cook, Joseph P. 101-50 Cook, Kimberly E. 258-27 Cook, Lewis A. 172-2* Cook, Peter G. 177-1 Cook, Robert B. 101-71 Cooke, David R. 204-6 Cooke, Michele 107-1, 156-5*, 156-6, 173-13 Cooley, Skye W. 107-13* Cooper, Anthony 101-12 Cooper, Catherine M. 188-1* Cooper, Curtis A. 9-7* Cooper, D. Craig 72-1, 214-4, 214-14* Cooper, J. Andrew G. 5-2*, 244-5* Cooper, Jamey N. 245-6* Cooper, Kari M. 18-11, 18-13, 18-14, 41-11 Cooper, Michelle 264-5 Cooper, Rohr C. 34-12* Cooperman, Michael S. 226-15* Copeland, Elizabeth 8-2 Copeland, Peter 37-28* Corbett, Lee B. 244-9, 244-10* Corbett, Reide 205-6 Corcoran, Andrew M. 258-39* Cordova, Carlos E. 94-6 Corfú, Fernando 183-1 Cormier, Laurent 64-13 Cornell, Sean R. 113-10*, 187-21, 259-7 Cornforth, Derek H. 142-12* Corrie, S.L. 230-3 Corsetti, Frank A. 4-6, 10-2, 159-15, 168-25, 232-5 Cortes, Joaquin 248-17 Corwin, Kimberley A. 44-11* Cosca, M.A. 60-4, 93-7 Cosentino, Bobby 107-11 Costa, John E. 225-13* Costello, Daniel E. 101-59* Costello, Phillip 172-17* Cotner, James B. 111-5 Cottle, John 12-14, 230-1 Cotton, Jennifer M. 199-8* Coulibaly, Kapo 145-13 Coupe, Richard H. 3-5, 3-6, 177-2*, 264-6 Courrioux, Gabriel 7-4 Courtillot, Vincent 86-1*, 245-27* Cousens, Brian 248-7 Coutu, Gary 259-6 Covault, Jacob A. 200-8 Covington, Matthew D. 127-6, 176-4* Cowan, Brian D. 178-3 Cowan, Darrel S. 13-11 Cowgill, Eric 62-7, 254-6* Cowie, Patience 122-3* Cowman, Tim 42-10, 44-4 Cox, Catherine M. 224-9 Cox, Dale A. 140-7 Cox, Daniel 21-13, 164-7 Cox, Hazel A. 251-13* Cox, Matthew 225-5 Cox, R andel Tom 173-4* Cox, Rónadh 135-11, 211-9*, 229-13 Cox, Stephen E. 163-3, 163-8*, 252-7 Coyan, Joshua A. 49-1, 68-7, 68-8* Coyle, John M. 191-1* Coyote, Sky 249-11 Crabtree, Stephen M. 158-4* Craddock, William 254-8* Cramer, Bradley D. 160-5*, 264-9 Crandall, Dustin 117-3 Crasselt, Claudia 207-1 Crawford, Matthew M. 92-2*, 118-8 Crawford, Ralph F. 101-70, 101-71* Creager, Kenneth C. 83-4 Creaser, Robert A. 26-1*, 263-10* Creel, Bobby J. 58-13 Crelling, John C. 121-10* Crest, Working Group 60-3 Crews, Jeffrey 114-9 Cribb, Warner 258-17 Crick, Dean 264-3 Crider, Ernest 136-2 Crider, Juliet G. 173-19, 191-12* Cries, Jordi 230-10 Croall, Kelsey 244-35* Crombie, Scott 258-17 Cron, Brandi 116-4* Crone, Anthony J. 14-6*, 56-9* Cronin, Shane J. 164-10, 164-11, 189-1, 189-2, 202-12 Cronin, T.M. 166-6*

280 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

Cronin, Thomas M. 205-7 Crook, Paula J. 37-25* Crosby, Benjamin T. 102-1, 102-6, 225-8*, 261-3 Crosby, Christopher J. 144-4* Cross, Gareth E. 223-12* Crossen, Kristine J. 247-8* Crossey, Laura J. 3-1, 3-2*, 116-4, 157-2, 168-22, 170-21, 177-9, 187-10, 258-7, 258-8 Crosta, Alvaro P. 207-10* Crouvi, Onn 56-12 Crovelli, Robert A. 92-9 Crowell, J.J. 113-7 Crowley, James 268-8 Crowley, James L. 186-7 Crowley, Jim 168-2 Crown, David A. 112-2*, 276-4 Crump, Michael A. 213-9* Crumpler, L.S. 95-4 Crumpler, Larry S. 95-3*, 95-9 Cruse, Anna 99-10, 134-9 Cruse, Anna M. 134-10* Crusius, John 149-2, 149-8, 149-9 Cruz, Leonardo 62-3, 130-2* Cruz-Niera, Carolina 192-6 Cruz-Uribe, Alicia M. 231-4 Cua, Georgia 164-2 Cubley, Joel F. 43-9* Cuellar, Angel A. 119-11* Cull, Selby C. 20-15 Cullings, Todd 21-2 Culver, S.J. 196-11, 229-8 Culver, Stephen J. 205-6* Cummings, Michael L. 59-12*, 115-14*, 187-4, 245-38 Cunningham, Alastair 179-5 Cunningham, Dickson 254-2* Cunningham, Heather 158-5* Cunningham, Kevin J. 176-8 Cunningham, Lauren C. 98-11* Cupper, Matthew 81-2 Curl, Douglas C. 118-8 Curran, H. Allen 34-2, 34-5* Currano, Ellen D. 51-7, 134-2, 134-3* Currie, Brian S. 203-9*, 208-4, 244-33 Currie, Claire A. 154-7 Currie, Jack 26-6, 26-7 Currier, Andrew 192-1 Currier, Ryan 130-13 Curry Rogers, Kristina 172-12*, 245-5 Curry, B. Brandon 165-9* Curry, Wyatt 37-8, 173-31* Curtis, Jason 19-9, 180-4 Cushing, G.E. 66-3* Custer, Stephan 277-1* Cutler, Nicole K. 119-7* Cutrim, Elen 111-6 Cvetic, V. 99-1 Cynn, Hyunchae 17-4 Cyphers, Shawna 37-20 Cyr, Howard 71-5* Czaja, Andrew D. 206-14 Czajkowski, Jessica L. 182-2*, 191-6 Czauner, Brigitta 157-5* Czeck, Dyanna M. 157-11*


D'Agnese, Frank A. 144-2* D'Allura, Jad Alan 248-4* D'Errico, Megan 33-8* Dadi, Sireesh K. 170-24* Daemen, Luke L. 17-11 Dahm, Clifford N. 177-9 Dahms, Dennis 11-9 Dahowski, Robert T. 72-13 Daiziel, I. 88-4 Daley, Gwen M. 146-7* Dalldorf, Graham K. 249-4 Dalton, Marika P. 184-4, 184-5* Dalton, Terra 258-5* Daly, Rachel G. 112-3* Dalziel, Ian W.D. 88-3 Dang, George 113-8 Danilewsky, Andreas 119-18 Dapkevicius, Maria de Lurdes N.E. Darby, Kate 29-29 Dargaud, Olivier 64-13 Darling, Andy 108-30* Dartevelle, Sebastien 15-2 Daryono, Mudrik R. 154-3 Dasgupta, Shabitri B. 143-4*


Datko, James A. 70-2* Datta, Saugata 66-10, 174-9 Dattola, Melissa 220-9 Daubar, Ingrid 20-15, 135-2 Daurio, Louise 173-5* Davatzes, Alexandra K. 135-5, 207-5* Davenport, Sean M. 250-8* David, Johnston 21-3* David, Lisa 179-12 Davidson, Casie L. 72-13*, 106-1 Davidson, Gregg R. 70-5* Davidson, Stephanie K. 147-6* Davies, Ashley Gerard 95-2*, 97-15* Davies, G.R. 16-10 Davies, Gareth R. 16-6 Davies, Maureen H. 11-5* Davies, Nigel 247-4* Davies-Vollum, K. Sian 42-2 Davis Todd, Carrie 76-9, 76-10* Davis, Andrew M. 239-12 Davis, Bradley 113-8 Davis, Brittany Allison 268-12*, 268-13, 268-14 Davis, Craig 91-8 Davis, Edward 73-15*, 172-22 Davis, Edward Byrd 146-15*, 172-7 Davis, Edward J. 236-15 Davis, George H. 54-12*, 54-13, 223-7* Davis, James F. 72-1*, 214-4* Davis, Klarissa 243-4, 243-8* Davis, Loren 23-12*, 167-10* Davis, M.A. 216-2* Davis, Mark J. 109-3 Davis, Matt 21-3 Davis, P. Thompson 5-7, 89-5 Davis, Peter 43-6* Davis, R. Laurence 176-7* Davis, Ralph K. 170-4*, 244-25 Davis-Stanton, Kelsay 182-2 Davydov, V.I. 264-9 Davydov, Vladimir 61-6, 186-7 Dawers, Nancye H. 107-11 Dawson, Clint 58-3* Dawson, M. Robert 258-23 Dawson, Timothy E. 101-27* Day, Andrew K. 165-3 Day, Erik M. 152-10 Day, James E. 199-6 Day, Jason A. 119-26 Day, Kyle 34-8 Day, Stephanie 81-8 Day, Stephanie S. 54-10, 226-11 Day, Warren C. 158-10 Dayan, Adam 166-12 De Anda-García, Alejandro 211-3 de Capitani, Christian 85-6 de Caritat, Patrice 264-5 de Forges, Bertrand Richer 245-18 De Graff, Jerome V. 27-3*, 213-7* De Gregorio, Bradley 148-1 de Jong, Jeroen T.M. 25-1 de Klerk, William J. 146-4 De Kloe, Kees 117-9 de la Fuente, Juan 118-3* de la Fuente, Juan A. 118-1, 118-4, 191-5 de la Rue, Sarah R. 25-9* De Leon, Tiffany Lucinda 170-11* De León-Gómez, Héctor 243-22 de Montety, Veronique 69-7*, 177-11 de Oliveira, Ruth 266-9 De Paor, Declan G. 29-15, 53-4*, 53-7, 95-10, 236-6 De Ridder, Chantal Sr. 25-1 de Saint Blanquat, Michel 16-7 de Silva, Shan 41-6*, 160-4 de Silva, Shanaka 15-9*, 41-7, 95-5 de Wet, Andrew P. 208-8* De Wit, Maarten 206-6*, 206-8, 206-9, 206-10, 206-13 Dean, Arianne M. 92-14 Dean, W. Gray 258-57 Deans, Jeremy Roland 123-10* Deardorff, Nick 18-12, 165-7* Deas, Michael L. 9-8 DeBari, S.M. 65-7, 224-3*, 279-1 DeBari, Sue 208-11 DeCelles, Peter 37-3, 60-5, 163-10, 200-10, 231-1* Decker, Paul L. 108-1 Decombeix, Anne-Laure 219-10* Dedecek, Petr 169-13 Dee, Seth M. 190-1* Deely, Aislinn E. 143-3*

Deering, Chad D. 41-11 Defabio, Darlene 115-8 DeFrates, Joshua 223-6 Degenhardt, John J. 38-11* DeGraff, Jerome V. 213-14 deGroot, Robert 115-18, 235-3 Dehairs, Frank 151-1, 151-3, 180-6 Dehler, Carol M. 167-6*, 232-3* Deino, Alan 56-4 Deino, Alan L. 134-6, 258-55 Dekens, Petra 99-14 Del Angel, Diana 259-8 del Papa, Cecilia 222-10 del Potro, Rodrigo 155-9 Delaney, Ian 8-2 Delaney, Keith B. 142-5* Delano, Helen L. 165-6* Delattre, Marc P. 101-29* Delgado, Hugo 155-4 Deligne, Natalia Irma 59-11*, 202-2 Deline, Bradley 265-7* Dellapenna, Tim 171-3 Dellapenna, Timothy M. 205-9 Deloge, Jennifer 108-3 Delpech, Guillaume 245-27 Delpino, Daniel 155-10 Delusina, Irina 189-4 DelValle, Tanya M. 171-8* Demarchi, G. 15-5 DeMets, Charles 37-13, 83-8 Den, Arnold 274-1, 274-2 Dendas, Molly 26-8* Denevi, Brett W. 197-3, 197-4* Deng, Yamin 77-13* Denison, Rodger 37-31 Denison, Rodger E. 37-30 Denlinger, Roger P. 240-11 Denlinger, Roger Patrick 55-12* Dennie, Devin P. 157-8* Dennis, John 89-2* Dennison, Shannon 242-10 DeNovio, Nicole 251-10 Densmore, Alexander L. 62-4 Denyer, Percy 138-10 Deocampo, Daniel 167-8* DePaolo, D.J. 6-1* Depine, Gabriela V. 43-1* Deptola, Travis J. 265-5* Dera, Przemyslaw 17-3, 17-4 DeRoo, Thomas G. 213-13* DeRose, Margie 27-3 Derouin, Sarah A. 75-2, 261-2* Derry, Louis A. 236-8 DeSantis, Michael K. 50-6* DeSantis, Sylvana N. 36-7* Despain, Joel 78-3 Deszcz-Pan, Maria 188-3, 280-9 Dethier, David P. 122-11* Dettman, D.L. 111-8 Dettman, David L. 163-10, 199-2 Deuerling, Kelly M. 212-4* Deutsch, Alexander 234-11* Deutschman, Doug L. 151-2 DeVecchio, Duane E. 62-6* Devleeschouwer, Xavier 32-35 Devore, Melanie L. 29-37, 32-17, 32-18 DeVore, Melanie L. 32-19* Devoto, Colleen 117-10 Dewey, C.P. 42-17 Dewey, John F. 268-7* DeWild, John F. 149-10 DeWitt, Andrew R. 177-5* Dewitt, E.H. 232-7 DeWitt, Ed 89-1 DeWitt, Regina 129-9 Dexter, Troy A . 219-16* Dey, William 139-12 Deyell, Cari L. 204-6 Dhang, Pratap 211-7, 211-8 Dhar, Ratan 115-3, 115-4, 126-5* Dhar, Ratan Kumar 251-9* Dhar, Sujoy Kumar 115-3, 115-4* Di Leonardo, Diana 38-5* Di Pasquo, Mercedes 32-44 Di, B.F. 122-2 Di, Yongjun 104-6 Díaz Bravo, Beatriz A. 41-5 Diaz, Nathan 258-43* Diaz-Molina, Oscar 83-8 Dickenson, Stephen E. 191-7 Dickerson, Robert P. 71-2* Dickerson, Susan E. 228-9* Dickinson, J.T. 141-7

Dickinson, William R. 36-3 Dickson, James L. 197-6 Diefenbach, Angela K. 140-8* Diehm, Jeffrey 172-12 Diemer, John A. 99-19, 247-21* Dierauer, Jennifer R. 244-26* Dietl, Gregory 96-23, 96-26, 96-27, 146-11 Dietl, Gregory P. 96-25, 172-16, 245-42 Dietrich, William 240-8 Dietrich, William E. 190-7, 240-9 Dietsch, Craig 5-3, 5-12, 230-10* Dietz, Robert D. 111-8* Dietze, Julie E. 218-8 Dieu, Julie 142-11 Dieu, Julie J. 92-13* Dilek, Yildirim 37-5, 60-7*, 104-7, 162-9, 206-1*, 206-3 Dilles, John 204-8 Dilles, John H. 158-6, 158-7, 158-8, 204-1, 239-6* Dilliard, Kelly 220-1, 232-9* Dillon, J.S. 44-4, 122-12 Dillon, Jeremy S. 244-8 Dillon, Julian R. 66-7* DiMichele, William A. 32-9, 220-10 Ding, Lin 37-3 Ding, Mei 251-22* Dingwell, Donald B. 135-9 Dinicola, Richard 149-10* Dinkelman, Menno G. 139-11 Dinterman, Philip A. 182-8 Dinwiddie, Cynthia L. 147-8* Dipple, Gregory 22-2*, 264-3 Dipple, Gregory M. 22-1, 117-13, 243-3 Direen, Nicholas G. 12-1* Dirks, Paul H.G.M. 87-12 Diskin, Sorcha 211-2* Dittrich, W. 193-2 Divine, Dana 101-55* Dixon, Burton 153-3 Dixon, I. Tanya 253-6* Dixon, J.C. 244-25 Dixon, Timothy 62-1 Djadjadihardja, Yusuf 154-8 Doak, Daniel F. 111-2 Doctor, Daniel H. 127-10 Dodd, Charles Jr. 90-11* Dodick, Jeff 186-4 Doe, Thomas W. 127-3* Doehne, Eric 122-10*, 168-8, 242-1* Doelling, Hellmut H. 267-11 Dohaney, Jacqueline 29-13* Doherty-Stephan, Anne 21-5*, 46-8* Dohrenwend, John 38-11 Dolan, James 81-11 Dolgopolova, Alla 26-14* Domagall, Abigail M.S. 209-9* Domeier, Matthew M. 139-3 Domenech, Rob 119-16 Domenech, Rosa 96-24*, 96-28 Domine, Leah 111-5 Dominey-Howes, Dale 164-8 Domingo-Neumann, Rebecca 28-4*, 233-10* Domingue, Deborah L. 197-4 Dominguez, Ada R. 139-3 Dominic, David F. 145-6*, 145-7, 170-15, 170-20 Domke, Kirk L. 4-6*, 168-25* Domning, Daryl P. 245-39 Donahoe, Rona J. 70-11*, 260-7* Donaldson, Kevin 258-59* Doñé, Victoria 70-7, 119-21* Donnelly, Jeffrey 205-4 Donnelly-Nolan, Julie M. 18-3*, 110-7, 224-4 Donoghue, Kellie 26-2* Donohoo-Hurley, Linda Lee 61-7* Donohue, Jennifer 115-18 Donovan, Patrick M. 119-11 Dooley, James J. 72-13 Dorais, Michael J. 167-3 Dorale, Jeffrey 11-9 Doran, Brigid 130-9 Doran, E.F. 171-5 Dordevic, Mladen M. 95-10* Dorfler, Kristin M. 246-3* Doria, Gabriela 222-11* Dornbos, Stephen Q. 51-10*, 96-3 Dorney, Liam J. 34-10 Dorr, Perle 235-5* Dorsey, Rebecca 40-14* Dorsey, Rebecca J. 61-12, 222-13 ·

2009 GSA Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon 281

Dortch, Jason M. 5-3*, 244-32* dos Santos, Sergio José 127-7 Doser, Diane 147-9 Doss, Paul K. 213-2* Dosso, Stan 182-11, 273-9 Dostal, Jaroslav 33-17 Dott, Robert H. Jr. 88-1, 88-3*, 125-7* Dougan, Bernie 279-1 Dougherty, John N. 76-13* Doughty, Mike 173-5 Douglas, Bruce C. 171-18 Douglas, Bruce J. 208-2* Douglas, Scott 258-57 Douglas, Thomas J. 92-12, 244-43 Douglass, David N. 90-10 Douglass, Jennifer L. 247-18* Doukas, Michael P. 184-2, 184-3 Dove, Patricia M. 64-14*, 64-15, 180-11 Downen, Matthew R. 258-42* Downey, Warna S. 82-9 Downing, Brian D. 69-14 Downing, Greg 53-8 Downs, Elizabeth 187-16 Downs, R obert T. 17-3, 31-9 Doyle, Briget C. 278-10 Dozier, Jeff 228-7, 228-10 Dragovich, Joe 248-8 Dragovich, Joe D. 173-9, 201-6 Drake, Linda F. 73-8 Draucker, Anne 216-15 Drenth, Benjamin J. 101-43* Dresel, Evan 250-6* Drew, Lawrence J. 241-4* Drew, Scott 60-6 Drew, S cott T. 104-2* Drewicz, Amanda E. 213-10 Driedger, Carolyn L. 65-8 Driese, S.G. 111-10* Driese, Steven G. 19-15, 19-16, 249-8, 258-15 Driscoll, Dan 143-14, 247-5 Drone, Christopher 119-24 Droser, Mary L. 4-5, 32-4, 115-16, 245-12 Drumheller, Stephanie K. 96-21 Druschel, Gregory 141-11 Druschel, Gregory K. 69-11*, 113-1 Druschke, Peter A. 32-15 Drzewiecki, Peter 267-8* du Bray, E.A. 232-7 du Bray, Edward A. 44-1* Du Frane, Wyatt L. 17-6 Dubey, C.S. 8-13, 107-5, 123-7 DuBois, Dave 244-16 Ducea, Mihai N. 60-6*, 104-2, 231-1, 231-10*, 231-11 Dudash, Stephanie L. 56-3 Duebendorfer, Ernest 13-10*, 223-9 Duff, Andrew I. 242-18 Duffey, Siobhan 275-7 Duffy, Brendan 253-5 DuFrane, S. Andrew 173-9 Dufrey, Chelsea C. 254-4 Duggan, Jessica 24-3 Duggan-Haas, Don 144-9, 192-20*, 278-4* Duke, Steve 122-6 Dumitru, Trevor 62-3 Dumitru, Trevor A. 152-9* Dumond, Gregory 132-5* Dumoulin, Julie A. 26-15, 105-9*, 232-6 Dunbar, John A. 38-1 Duncan, Douglas 237-3 Duncan, Joel G. 97-13* Duncan, Robert 110-9, 138-4, 158-7, 163-5 Dunckel, Anne E. 170-26* Dundas, Colin 20-15 Dundas, Robert G. 32-49*, 32-50, 172-14, 172-15 Dundon, Kelly 5-13 Dunham, Rachel E. 173-19* Dunham, Sarah E. 89-10* Dunkhase, John 114-12 Dunkle, Kallina M. 75-6* Dunlap, W. James 103-4 Dunlavey, Maria G. 180-14* Dunn, S. Keith 2-8 Dunn, Steven R. 246-1 Dunning, G.R. 98-10 Dunsworth, Holly M. 134-6, 134-7, 258-55 Duplantis, Serin 191-8*, 261-11* Dupré, William 37-28 Dupree, Jean 127-1 Dupree, Ryan T. 99-11, 245-17

Duque-Botero, Fabian 25-13 Durand, Michael 100-3 Durant, A.J. 15-2 Durbin, James M. 119-24* Durham, Stephen R. 96-25* Durkee, Matthew I. 81-5* Durkin, P.R. 35-23* Dusel-Bacon, Cynthia 158-10*, 204-4 Dutra, Steven M. 185-8 Dutrow, Barbara L. 31-6, 185-4, 211-12* Dutton, Alan 9-12 Dutton, Bryan E. 39-10 Duvall, Melvin 141-12 Duvernay, Kevin A. 36-11* Duzgoren-Aydin, Nurdan 70-6*, 218-11* Düzgün, H. Sebnem 259-2 Dwidevi, Ravindra 178-4 Dworkin, Steve I. 199-9* Dwyer, Gary 99-12 Dwyer, Gary S. 121-8, 168-15, 272-7 Dyck, Kelsey A. 151-2 Dye, John H. 268-8* Dyer, Gregory B. 170-14* Dyer, Janelle 212-2 Dyess, Jonathan 40-2*, 40-3, 136-10 Dyess, Patrick G. 173-20 Dykstra, Steve L. 187-15 Dypvik, Henning 207-12* Dzaugis, Mary E. 32-4* Dzaugis, Matthew P. 32-4 Dzurisin, Daniel 18-10


Eagar, Kevin C. 224-7 Eakin, Caroline 18-7 Earle, Paul S. 164-1 Earnest Heckler, Evan James 223-4* Earthman, Matthew A. 263-8*, 263-9 Easterbrook, Don J. 5-1* Eaton, L. Scott 208-6*, 244-34 Eaton, Larry 131-9* Eaton, Nathan K. 30-3 Ebel, Brian A. 58-1 Ebel, Denton 234-1 Ebel, Denton S. 239-12* Ebeling, Carl W. 169-5* Ebersole, C. 168-6 Ebersole, Sandy M. 32-31 Ebert, James R. 208-13 Eby, G. Nelson 109-14* EchoHawk, Barbara 125-8* Eckert, Andreas 113-4 Eckley, Chris 24-10 Economos, Rita 33-23, 130-11* Edelman, Ashley E. 248-15* Edenborn, Harry M. 244-47*, 251-23* Edenborn, Sherie L. 251-23 Edgett, Kenneth S. 97-12*, 276-5* Edil, Tuncer 179-12 Edlin, David K. 33-9 Edmonds, Jennifer 260-7 Edwards, Ashley 270-8 Edwards, Lucy E. 234-7*, 234-8, 234-9 Egan, Anthony F. 20-1, 20-13 Egenhoff, Sven 147-3* Egenhoff, Sven O. 42-8 Egger, Anne E. 91-10*, 105-15* Eggers, Albert 18-10 Eggleston, Carrick M. 69-9 Ehleringer, James 19-5, 221-8 Ehlers, Todd A. 62-13, 203-1 Ehrig, Kathy 158-11 Ehrman, Richard L. 101-55 Eichelberger, Nathan W. 253-1* Eichhubl, Peter 93-4 Eigenbrode, Jennifer L. 206-14 Eiler, John 168-19, 203-6 Eisenhauer, Dean E. 3-3 Ekdale, A.A. 35-18, 129-3 Ekstrom, Carol L. 194-12* El Sayed, Mohamed 227-1, 227-4 El-Ashmawy, Laila 42-23* El-Shazly, Aley K. 33-28* Elder, Don 118-1* Elders, Wilfred A. 26-24, 119-10 Elick, Jennifer M. 34-11 Elkins, Joe T. 277-14 Ellefsen, Karl J. 70-12 Ellinger, Jonathan 8-2 Ellingson, David B. 172-22* Ellins, Katherine K. 29-42 Elliott, Brent A. 99-2

Elliott, David K. 73-1* Elliott, Julie 136-9* Elliott, Scott M. 50-15 Elliott, William S. Jr. 35-22, 99-15*, 243-11 Ellsworth, Todd 27-3 Ellwein, A.L. 81-6 Ellwein, Amy 187-9*, 278-9 Ellwein, Amy L. 94-10* Elmore, R. Douglas 29-6, 47-4, 157-8, 157-9, 188-8 Elrick, Maya 180-12, 180-15, 199-5* Elswick, Erika R. 171-11, 242-12 Elwood Madden, Megan E. 47-4, 109-5, 168-5 Ely, D. Matthew 58-2*, 145-14 Ely, Lisa L. 6-3, 59-14, 81-5, 88-5*, 244-35 Embid, Eileen 170-21 Embid, Eileen H. 168-22* Embley, Robert w. 37-14* Embree, Glenn F. 33-6 Emlen, Andrew 187-2 Emmel, Benjamin 60-2 Emmet, Peter A. 139-11 Emsbo, P. 93-1, 93-2*, 93-9 Emsbo, Poul 204-1 Endress, Chira A. 278-8* Eng, Peter J. 17-9*, 64-5 Engel, Annette Summers 77-12 Engel, Michael H. 157-9, 239-11* Engelhart, Simon E. 171-18* Engelmann, Carol A. 91-15* Engelmann, George F. 51-11* Engle, Mark A. 166-4, 214-10* Englert, Christopher M. 171-2* English, Mackenzie E. 171-8 English, Nathan B. 199-2* Engstrom, Daniel R. 54-10 Engvik, Ane 60-2 Enkelmann, Eva 108-21, 108-22*, 108-23, 108-25, 136-8 Enquist, Brian J. 220-15 Enright, Richard L.C. 113-13* Entwisle, David C. 54-7 Enzel, Yehouda 56-12 Eodice, Michele 29-6, 47-4 Eppes, Martha C. 99-19, 247-21, 249-6 Eppich, Gary R. 18-13, 18-14* Eppinger, Robert G. 1-10 Epstein, Jack 14-1* Erdman, Monica 124-7, 185-7* Erhardt, Morgan 154-8 Erickson, Eli N. 42-10* Erickson, J.M. 96-4* Erickson, Melinda L. 174-1 Eriksson, Kenneth A. 267-5 Ernst, Carolyn M. 135-7, 135-8*, 197-4 Ernst, Richard E. 138-1* Ernst, W.G. 17-7, 33-38, 123-2, 248-11* Errkila, Brad R. 221-8 Ertl, Andreas 31-6 Escamilla-Casas, Jose C. 37-8 Escamilla-Casas, José C. 173-31 Escapa, Ignacio H. 219-10 Esch, John M. 75-3 Escobar, Jaime 180-4* Eskamani, Philip K. 188-2* Esperante, Raul 245-6 Espinosa-Marzal, Rosa 168-8 Esposito, Kathleen 70-14 Esposito, R. 93-8 Esposito, Richard A. 166-12 Esposti Ongaro, T. 82-13 Essaid, Hedeff 58-6 Estabrook, James 101-68 Estes, Emily 119-12*, 119-29 Estrada, Charlene 64-9 Etayo-Cadavid, Miguel F. 180-9 Ettayfi, Najat 227-9 Etyemezian, Vic 244-6, 244-16 Eustice, Ryan M. 23-9 Evanoff, Elizabeth 247-6* Evans, Amanda M. 23-11* Evans, Bernard W. 246-12* Evans, Cynthia A. 39-4* Evans, Guy N. 260-2* Evans, James P. 152-7 Evans, K.V. 232-7 Evans, Kevin R. 112-7* Evans, Mark A. 37-23*, 157-12 Evans, Mark W. 174-10* Evans, Michael N. 199-1 Evans, Patrick 271-13 Evans, Stacey 188-8

Evans, Stephen G. 142-5 Evans, Thomas 4-1* Evans, Thomas J. 30-5 Evans, William C. 155-6*, 155-7, 184-2, 204-12 Evans, William J. 17-4 Evarts, R.C. 106-5 Evarts, Russell C. 65-3*, 65-4, 65-5 Evelsizor, Aaron 187-14 Evenson, Edward 88-1* Evenson, Edward B. 88-4* Evenstar, Laura 203-8* Everett, Rhett 101-21 Evett, Rand R. 260-5 Ewald, Stephanie K. 75-3 Ewert, John W. 18-1, 74-6*, 140-8, 140-9 Ewing, Samantha 126-12 Eyles, Carolyn H. 7-6, 35-23, 75-9, 101-10, 244-12 Eyles, Nick 99-9, 173-5 Ezell, John E. 116-1*


Fablet, Ronan 151-5 Fackler-Adams, Ben 279-1* Fahey, Patrick L. 26-6, 26-7 Fahrer, T.R. 223-15 Fahy, Juli 264-1 Fairley, Jerry P. Jr. 117-5, 145-10 Faith, J. Tyler 134-7 Faith, Jason R. 44-8 Fakhari, Mohammad 153-7, 153-9 Fakhari, Mohammad D. 153-3, 153-8*, 183-5 Falcon-Lang, Howard 220-10 Falcone, Roger 84-6 Fall, András 93-4* Fall, Leigh M. 196-8* Fallon, Stewart J. 22-1, 22-2, 117-13 Famoso, Nicholas A. 32-47* Fan, Majie 163-10* Fan, Qicheng 41-10 Fang, Allison 177-17* Fang, Hongwei 104-6 Fang, Yan 186-1 Fanning, C. Mark 13-8, 16-12, 79-12, 98-15, 232-2, 232-3, 266-6 Fanning, Mark 79-10*, 211-1, 266-10 Farber, Daniel 5-5 Farfan, Gabriela 84-10 Faris, Mahmoud M. 32-43 Farley, Colin J. 101-62*, 102-3 Farmer, G. Lang 33-19, 168-18 Farmer, J.D. 95-11 Farmer, Jack D. 10-3 Farmer, Jack D. 10-4* Farmer, Lucian P. 253-8* Farnham, Irene 251-17 Farnsworth, Harmony Ann 177-19* Farrell, Alexandra K. 276-9 Farrell, Rolf 54-1*, 101-8*, 101-12 Farris, David W. 38-9, 79-1*, 79-2 Farver, John R. 245-16 Farzaneh, Sarah 188-8* Fassett, Caleb I. 197-5, 197-6* Fastook, James 20-11* Fastovsky, David 86-11 Fastovsky, David E. 73-4*, 160-6 Fattahi, Morteza 81-10, 107-9 Faulds, James E. 248-7 Faunt, Claudia C. 101-21 Fauria, Kristen 26-3 Faverty, Lua 145-9 Fawcett, S.E. 24-2* Fay, Ryan P. 13-3* Fayek, Mostafa 216-14, 258-46 Fayon, Annia 43-6, 181-6 Feathers, James K. 143-7 Fedele, L. 93-8 Fedo, Christopher M. 148-4*, 163-4, 232-8 Feely, Martin 258-16 Feeney, Chelsea M. 89-3*, 101-38* Feinberg, Joshua M. 216-12*, 262-4 Feinstein, Rose A. 101-52* Feiss, P. Geoffrey 49-13 Feldman, Emily 245-22* Feldman, Josh 16-1* Felker, Benjamin 23-2 Fellah, Kamilla 33-10* Felts, Melanie S. 99-19 Feng, Huan 226-12 Feng, Qiao 252-4

282 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

Feng, Qinglai 133-10 Feng, Shaoyuan 58-8 Feng, Weimin 178-5* Fenlon, Erin E. 219-4 Fenter, Paul 64-1*, 64-2 Feoktistov, V.P. 241-7 Feranec, Robert 244-13 Fereday, Wyatt 266-5 Ferguson, Charles A. 37-27*, 41-9 Ferguson, Grant 272-11 Ferguson, Ian M. 58-5* Ferguson, Jacob A. 70-5 Ferguson, Jeffrey R. 216-7 Ferguson, John F. 277-4 Ferguson, Kurt 33-33 Ferguson, Terry A. 242-16 Ferlat, Guillaume 64-13 Fernandez, Diego P. 81-9, 119-23 Fernández, Erick 155-9 Fernex, François 198-4 Ferns, Mark 248-1*, 248-2 Ferns, Mark L. 33-13, 101-35*, 233-7, 248-6, 248-9 Fero, Julie 255-1 Ferrari, Luca 15-6, 15-7* Ferraz, Paulo J.V. 263-3 Ferrell, Ray 264-10 Ferrero, Silvio 63-5, 185-1* Ferretti, Alessandro 22-8 Ferrini, Vicki 217-9 Ferris, F. Grant 260-4 Ferrusquía-Villafranca, Ismael 279-4* Ferry, John M. 85-12* Fey, David L. 1-10 Fielding, John D.W. 213-12* Fields, Ian 258-57 Fienen, Michael N. 75-6, 78-7 Fierstein, Judy 18-9*, 110-8 Fifarek, Richard H. 26-21, 26-22, 93-10* Fildani, Andrea 200-8, 253-3 Filiberto, Justin 2-9 Filippelli, Gabriel 28-1 Filippi, Michal 150-1 Filkorn, Harry F. 98-5* Fillmore, David L. 35-5, 96-5, 96-13* Filson, Robert H. 90-5* Finger, Willi 179-5 Finkel, Robert 5-5, 81-11, 81-12, 244-9 Finkel, Robert C. 244-10 Finkel, Zoe V. 196-1 Finley, Ashley 101-62, 102-3 Finley, Robert 22-14* Finn, Carol A. 280-9* Finne, Sarah A. 72-13, 106-1* Finnegan, Seth 50-1, 196-1* Finneran, Kevin T. 25-7 Finney, Bruce P. 14-12, 119-30 Finzel, Emily S. 108-12*, 200-14* Fiorillo, Anthony 44-7, 51-6 Firth, John V. 73-7, 99-17 Fischer, Adam D. 232-5 Fischer, Mark 203-2 Fischer, Mark P. 157-12* Fischer, Michael 164-2 Fischman, David Elon 217-7* Fishbaugh, Kathryn E. 20-2, 135-4 Fisher, Christopher M. 157-3 Fisher, Daniel C. 19-6, 111-4 Fisher, Donald 62-11 Fisher, Donald M. 107-4* Fisher, Richard 166-1 Fisher, Shawn C. 212-12* Fisher, Stuart 29-29 Fisher, Timothy G. 244-7* Fishman, Neil S. 147-3, 218-5* Fisk, Lanny H. 172-20 Fitz-Diaz, Elisa 157-13*, 268-10 FitzGerald, Duncan M. 229-5 Fitzgerald, P.G. 108-7 Fitzgerald, Paul C. 265-9 Fitzgerald, Paul G. 130-8 Fitzgerald, Rosa 28-3 Fitzgerald, Sean 33-32* Flanagan, Daniel M. 33-32, 65-2 Flavio de Oliviera, Tolentino 10-14 Fleck, Jacob A. 69-14 Fleck, Robert J. 65-3, 65-4 Fleck, Robert J. 204-3 Fleckenstein, Jan 58-10 Fleeger, Claire R. 109-12* Fleisher, Steven C. 237-1* Fleitmann, Dominik 86-6 Fletcher, John 40-15, 40-16

Fletcher, Kathryn E.K. 81-14* Fliegel, Daniel 206-13 Flinn, J.M. 119-2 Flocks, James G. 229-5 Florea, Lee J. 76-4, 111-9*, 176-8, 258-62 Flores, Laura 101-34 Flores, Romeo M. 121-4, 215-3 Florey, Victoria 262-2 Florian, Christopher Roth 247-15* Florindo, Fabio 11-10 Florsheim, J.L. 122-2* Flory, Megan M. 243-6* Flowers, Rebecca 91-11 Fluegeman, Richard H. 32-46*, 36-9 Fluteau, Frédéric 86-1, 245-27 Flynn, Clare 64-9 Flynn, Theodore M. 25-5 Fogel, Marilyn 98-3, 141-14, 148-1 Fogg, Graham E. 58-10, 145-5 Foland, Kenneth A. 159-5 Foley, Duncan 39-5* Foley, Nora 24-5* Folkes, Chris B. 41-6 Forbes, Tori 109-6 Forbus, Kenneth D. 68-3* Forcino, Frank L. 151-2* Ford, Heather 151-2 Ford, Jon 101-12 Ford, Mark T. 224-5* Fordyce, Fiona M. 54-7 Foreman, Brady Z. 36-2* Forget, Francois 20-11 Forman, Steven L. 94-5, 143-5* Fornadel, A. 168-6 Fornadel, Andrew P. 1-13* Forni, F. 24-5 Fortescue, Forest Questcook 105-5* Fortin, Louis William 167-5, 242-18* Fortner, Sarah K. 69-3* Fosdick, Julie C. 62-3, 200-8, 253-3* Foss, Scott E. 51-15* Fossen, Haakon 223-2* Foster, C.T. Jr. 61-1 Foster, Chad R. 69-7 Foster, David A. 79-3, 79-13, 98-14, 103-1*, 105-1 Foster, Doug 99-15 Foster, James H. 192-7 Foster, John 188-5 Foster, Katherine 83-1 Foster, Melissa A. 244-27* Foster, Sarah Elizabeth 78-1, 78-2* Fouch, Matthew J. 224-7* Fouch, Nakisha 112-4 Foucher, Frédéric 10-6 Fountain, Andrew G. 89-4*, 193-4 Fournier, N. 255-3 Fourqurean, James W. 205-3 Foutz, Anna M. 115-18* Fowle, David 19-15, 111-10 Fowler, Alexandré 42-9* Fox, Andrew 222-11 Fox, David L. 32-28, 134-6*, 134-7, 222-12, 258-55 Fox, James F. 166-2, 251-7, 260-1, 260-2 Fox, Otina 182-12 Fox, Sean P. 192-18 Fox, Tad C. 54-4, 101-58 Fox-Dobbs, Kena 19-5, 111-2* Foyle, Anthony M. 175-5 Frahm, Andrew L. 35-1* Frahm, Ellery 216-4*, 216-12, 216-13, 262-4 Fraiser, Margaret L. 133-14 Francheschi, Pastora 38-9 Francis, Anto 175-4 Francis, Robert D. 12-4 Frank, Blossom 252-9 Frank, Mark R. 1-7*, 256-1 Frankel, Kurt L. 5-13, 81-11, 254-4* Franklin, Sarah W. 143-2* Franks, Suzanne E. 210-12 Fransen, Brian 122-6 Franz, Kristie J. 228-8* Frape, Shaun 272-4 Frape, Shaun K. 75-12, 119-6, 227-10, 272-8 Frechette, Jedediah 101-4 Frederick, Gus 95-6 Frederick, Philip A. Jr. 32-33* Fredrick, Kyle C. 209-10* Freed, Andrew M. 197-2 Freedman, Vicky 250-5*

Freeman, Andrea K.L. 221-4* Freeman, Katherine H. 206-14 Freeman, Lawrence K. 101-33*, 217-6 Freeman, Philip A. 166-10 Freeze, Geoff A. 271-14 Frei, Sven 58-10 French, Bevan M. 112-6 Frenzen, Peter 21-2* Frey, Herbert V. 135-3*, 135-5 Frey, Holli M. 158-4, 236-13* Frey, Jon A. 221-9 Freyer, John B. 247-21 Freymueller, Jeffrey 136-9 Frezzotti, Maria Luce 85-10 Friberg, LaVerne M. 237-7* Fricke, Henry 96-18 Fridleifsson, Gudmundur Ó. 26-24, 119-10 Fridriksson, Thráinn 26-24, 119-10 Friedman, Sam B. 108-13 Friedrich, Anke 62-1 Friehauf, Kurt 26-9 Frierdich, Andrew J. 109-4* Frisbee, Marty D. 177-12* Fritz, Hermann M. 164-8 Fritz, Sherilyn C. 99-12, 170-6 Fröbisch, Jörg 87-4 Frodeman, Robert 91-4 Froese, Duane G. 5-14, 247-14 Front, Kai A. 98-22 Frosini, Cassandra 253-9 Frost, B. Ronald 103-8, 263-1* Frost, Carol 215-8 Frost, Carol D. 168-16, 168-21, 215-7, 266-6 Frtiz, Sherilyn 252-3 Frueh, Walter Terry 249-11* Frus, Adam 186-4 Frus, Rebecca J. 186-4* Fryar, Alan E. 175-9, 251-3, 270-11* Fu, Wei-Hsin 258-35 Fuemmeler, Stephen J. 92-12 Fuertes-Fuente, M. 26-5 Fuge, Ron 70-1* Fuhrman, Miriam 210-3* Fujita, Kazuya 46-6 Fujita, Masayo 172-23 Fulmer, Eric C. 16-6 Fulton, Patrick M. 169-12 Fulton, Robert J. 270-7* Fulton, Simon 128-13 Fulton, Will 258-31* Furbish, David J. 16-11, 275-2 Furlong, E dward T. 70-14 Furman, Tanya 278-8 Furnes, Harald 206-1, 206-6, 206-8*, 206-9, 206-10, 206-13 Furukawa, Kuniyuki 248-23* Furutani, Tracy T. 45-8* Futa, K. 3-11 Futa, Kiyoto 171-1


Gabbott, Sarah 4-7 Gabre, Teshome 243-21 Gage, Gina 219-9 Gahagan, Lisa M. 217-11 Gahlan, H.A. 266-7 Gahn, Forest J. 50-5, 73-16 Gaidies, Fred 85-6 Gaines, Edmund P. 94-7 Gaines, Robert R. 4-7* Galbraith, Ryan V. 226-15 Galbrun, Bruno 160-2 Galetzka, John 154-11 Galla, Kapil 135-4 Gallaher, Warren 182-12 Gallegos, Alan J. 27-3, 213-14* Gallegos, Robert 243-17 Gallen, Sean 201-5 Galloway, Julie Louise 36-25* Gallus, William A. Jr. 192-6 Galoisy, Laurence 64-13 Galster, Joshua C. 226-12* Gammons, Christopher 69-2, 69-5, 69-6* Gammons, Christopher H. 78-6, 218-7 Gamrod, Jennifer 134-9, 134-10 Gani, M. Royhan 147-10* Gani, Nahid D.S. 107-11*, 147-10 Gannett, Marshall W. 59-4*, 59-5, 59-7, 169-14 Gannoun, Abdelmouhcine 80-7

Gans, Phillip B. 231-5 Gansecki, Cheryl 66-1 Gao, Guangyao 58-8 Gao, Ling 215-12* Gao, Stephen S. 37-6 Gao, Yongli 150-8*, 258-50, 258-51 Gapp, I. Wesley 220-1* Garb, Matthew P. 32-42, 245-36 Garbeil, Harold 135-6, 276-3 Garber, Joshua M. 185-6* Garcia Inguanti, Carla 32-24* Garcia, Joey Jr. 204-6 Garcia, Lorraine A. 113-2 García, María 77-10*, 77-11 Garcia, Matthew G. 66-9 Garcia, Rebecca V. 43-7* García-Nieto, J. 26-5 Gardner, Eleanor 245-7* Gardner, Jamie N. 33-11 Gardner, Paul B. 95-11 Gardner, Rebecca Lee 71-8* Gardner, Thomas W. 107-4, 236-14 Garg, Rahul 86-6 Garino, Terry J. 109-3 Garisto, Frank 272-1 Garlick, S.R. 231-13 Garman, Michael 66-4 Garman, Sherry 66-4 Garner, Paul A. 35-4 Garrett, Amy M. 154-8 Garrett, C.G. 177-8 Garrison, Ervan 48-2* Garrison, Viginnia H. 212-8 Garrity, C. 101-19 Garrity, Christopher P. 101-20* Garry, W. Brent 95-4 Gartner, Joseph E. 240-7, 280-3* Garver, John I. 108-22 Garwood, Dean L. 80-11, 101-41, 106-11 Garzione, Carmala 203-3, 203-6, 254-7, 254-10 Garzione, Carmala N. 203-7* Gaschnig, Richard 231-7* Gaschnig, Richard M. 79-5 Gasparini, Nicole M. 107-11, 247-18 Gastaldo, Robert A. 32-1, 32-2, 32-6, 87-5* Gastil, R. Gordon 112-1* Gates, Kristin B. 29-27* Gates, Terry A. 96-21 Gatewood, Mathew 132-2 Gatewood, Matthew 246-7* Gatti, Daniella 146-7 Gatti, Emma 242-9* Gaudio, Sarah J. 41-9 Gaughan, Michael 176-7 Gaugler, Devin F. 244-37* Gautam, Tej P. 27-7* Gavillot, Yann 153-7, 183-5* Gavin, Daniel 202-2 Gavrilenko, Maxim G. 248-22* Gayed, Bahaa 23-2 Gaylord, David R. 55-3, 55-5, 248-2, 248-9 Gazis, Carey A. 19-13*, 29-36*, 131-5 Ge, Minxia 119-20 Geary, Dana H. 146-7 Gebelin, Aude 12-5*, 60-4 Gedeon, Andy 265-12 Gedye, Sharon 192-10 Geer, Ira W. 49-4 Geernaert, Gerald L. 72-4 Geertsema, Marten 92-3*, 142-6* Gehling, James 245-12 Gehling, James G. 4-5, 32-4 Gehör, Seppo A. 98-22 Gehrels, George 257-2 Gehrels, George E. 37-3, 211-11, 231-1, 253-9, 257-4 Geirsdóttir, Aslaug 5-11 Geirsdottir, Aslaug 11-3 Geise, Greg R. 243-9* Geiss, Christoph 11-9*, 247-22 Geissman, J.W. 61-7, 139-2* Geissman, John 268-4 Geist, Dennis 6-5* Gelfenbaum, Guy 229-11 Gellasch, Christopher A. 227-15* Gellis, Allen C. 81-6* Genrich, Joachim 154-11 Gensler A, Philip 32-48* Gentner, Dedre 68-5 Geoarchaeology P rogram Team, The 23-8 George, David L. 240-4 ·

2009 GSA Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon 283

Georgiou, Ioannis 229-5 Gérard, Martine 245-27 Gerber, Richard 75-12 Gerber, Sylvain 265-4* Gercke, Emily S. 171-11* Gerecht, Katelyn E. 128-1, 128-11* Gerlach, Terrence M. 82-3 Germanoski, Dru 9-4*, 244-29 Germer, LeAnn M. 26-16* Germine, Mark 274-3 Gerst, Jonathan 127-10* Gertsch, Brian 86-5, 86-6* Gervais, Félix 230-13* Gerwitz, Andrew 31-7* Gesch, Dean 229-7 Gesserman, Rachel M. 121-11* Getty, Patrick Ryan 51-2*, 96-20 Geyer, Adelina 15-12 Ghaderi, Majid 183-6* Ghazi, A. Mohamad 153-10 Ghent, E.D. 230-13, 231-13 Ghezzehei, Teamrat 170-19* Ghose, Sanjit K. 64-5 Ghosh, Abhijit 83-4* Ghosh, Supriyo 54-9 Giambiagi, Laura B. 203-3 Giammar, Daniel E. 64-8 Giardino, John R. 175-6, 244-20, 244-40, 244-41, 244-42 Giardino, Marco 189-5 Gibb, Herman 119-13 Gibbs, G.V. 17-8* Gibsher, Anatoly S. 98-8, 98-9 Gibson, H. Daniel 132-7* Gibson, Roger L. 234-8 Giddens, David 147-12 Gieré, Reto 119-18*, 132-9* Gierke, John S. 227-6 Giesche, Alena 99-21 Giese, Emma 278-6* Giese, Rossman 168-7 Gifford, Jennifer N. 105-1* Gilbert, Benjamin 84-6, 84-9 Gilbert, James M. 78-11*, 128-14 Gilbert, Lisa A. 237-10, 237-11*, 237-12, 237-13 Gilbert, P.U.P.A. 109-6 Gilg, H. Albert 26-20 Gilhooly, William III 111-1* Gill, D.A. 202-11 Gill, Gary A. 69-14 Gill, R.A. 141-7 Gillan, David C. 25-1 Gillespie, Alan 56-12, 143-7 Gillespie, Alan R. 100-4 Gillespie, Janice M. 115-11* Gillespie, Martin R. 16-13 Gillespie, Thomas D. 176-5* Gillig, Sarah 205-2 Gillikin, David P. 151-5, 180-6*, 180-7 Gillis, Robert J. 108-1, 108-11* Gillis-Davis, Jeffrey J. 279-8 Gillon, Kenneth A. 92-12 Gilotti, Jane A. 61-1 Gilpin, Bernard 277-4 Gimson, Kirby 258-12* Gingerich, Philip D. 160-10* Gingras, Murray K. 133-7, 232-1 Ginn, C.L. 177-8 Giovanni, Melissa K. 200-2* Giovannoni, Steven C. 258-18 Giraud, Kellen M. 72-8 Giri, A.K. 126-8 Giudice, Davide 82-1 Givan, Ann Vasko 210-6* Given, Doug 164-2 Givler, Robert 165-5* Glamoclija, Mihaela 141-14* Glascock, Michael D. 216-7, 216-9* Glass, Alexander 29-41*, 236-7* Glassey, Philip J. 7-8* Glazier, Douglas S. 265-5 Glazner, A.F. 16-5 Gleason, Robert A. 251-5 Glenn, Edward P. 251-16 Glumac, Bosiljka 34-2*, 34-5 Gnandi, Kissao 174-4 Gobbi, Kimbrie L. 171-12* Gobert, Janice 53-7 Godaire, Jeanne E. 244-19* Goddard, Charlotte 235-8 Goddard, Charlotte Ives 21-7* Goderis, Steven 234-3

Godfrey, Linda 99-12 Godoy, Estanislao 152-11 Godsey, Holly S. 125-6 Godt, Jonathan 190-6 Godt, Jonathan W. 190-4, 190-8, 190-9, 191-2, 240-11 Goehring, Brent M. 81-12, 249-14, 249-15 Goeke, Elizabeth R. 113-6* Goetz, Eric 29-3* Goff, Fraser 33-10 Goff, James R. 164-8*, 229-1* Gohn, Gregory S. 234-8 Goin, Jessica 106-3, 214-8* Goiran, Claire 245-18 Goiran, J.-Ph. 23-3, 23-4* Gold, Ryan 62-7*, 254-6 Goldade, Mary 274-11 Goldberg, Richard 72-12 Golder, Keenan B. 96-7*, 96-8 Goldfarb, Richard J. 93-9 Goldfinger, Chris 13-2, 154-8, 202-5*, 273-5*, 273-6 Goldhaber, Martin B. 70-12, 212-7 Goldsmith, David W. 146-10* Goldsmith, Steven T. 141-6, 252-2*, 258-4, 258-6, 264-11 Goldstein, Harland L. 212-1 Goldstein, Steven L. 163-2 Goldstein, Susan T. 220-5 Goman, Michelle F. 42-11, 247-17 Gomberg, Joan 83-1*, 164-3, 202-1 Gombert, Marjorie 205-10 Gomez, Jeaneth 143-5 Gomez, Jesus D. 128-3* Gonneea, Meagan 149-5 Gonnermann, Helge 216-1 Gonzalez, Enrique 41-4* Gonzalez, Frank I. 182-4 González, Gabriel 200-5 Gonzalez, J.R. 202-4 González, Luis A. 19-15, 111-10 González-León, Carlos 211-4 González-León, Carlos M. 40-6 Good, C. 44-6 Goode, Daniel J. 127-9, 127-11 Goode, Jaime R. 244-18* Goodge, John 101-2, 266-10* Goodliffe, Andrew 29-35 Goodman-Elgar, Melissa 167-5* Goodwillie, Andrew M. 29-35, 47-6 Goodwin, Charles 91-5* Goodwin, David H. 146-4*, 180-6, 180-8 Goodwin, Laurel 230-11 Goodwin, Laurel B. 223-4 Gooseff, Michael N. 128-2 Gordon, G. 35-20 Gordon, Joshua 173-4 Gordon, Stacia 130-9, 130-10, 181-2* Gore, Pamela J.W. 90-6* Gorelick, Steven M. 3-12 Gornitz, Vivien 72-12* Gorynski, Kyle E. 105-14* Gorz, Andrew J. 258-48* Gosch, Damian 272-6 Goscombe, Ben D. 79-13 Gose, W. 138-13 Gosnold, William 169-11* Goss, Adam R. 33-14, 40-5* Goss, Donna 37-24* Gosse, John 88-4, 249-13 Gosse, John C. 81-13, 247-14 Goswami, Dibakar 214-9* Gotkowitz, Madeline B. 72-14* Gottardi, RaphaëL. 173-32 Gottfried, Jennifer L. 216-15 Gottlieb, Mike 182-12 Gottschalk, R.R. 223-15 Gottsfield, Andrew Stefan 242-19* Götze, Jens 123-8 Gough, Steve C. 2-12* Gould, Emily 96-23* Gould, Randall J. 213-6* Gould, Randy 191-14 Gould, Salley 113-8 Gourley, Jonathan 70-7*, 119-21, 247-22 Gouzie, Douglas R. 42-31 Goverman, David 173-30* Gowan, Monica E. 140-6* Gradstein, Felix M. 160-14 Graehl, Nicholas A. 171-9* Graf, Christoph 240-3 Graham, Colin M. 16-13 Graham, D.W. 138-4

Graham, Stephan A. 60-4, 200-8, 200-11, 200-12, 231-1, 253-3 Graly, Joseph A. 244-9*, 244-10 Gran, Karen B. 54-10, 81-8* Grand Pre, Candace 205-6 Grand Pre, Candace A. 154-3* Grandstaff, Barbara S. 73-5* Grandstaff, David E. 213-10* Granshaw, Frank 235-1 Granshaw, Frank D. 45-1, 67-10, 144-10* Grant Ludwig, Lisa 56-2* Grant, Gordon 8-2*, 9-2, 59-6* Grant, Gordon E. 59-11 Grasby, Stephen E. 272-2* Grasemann, B. 12-13 Grassineau, Nathalie V. 10-12 Gratuze, Bernard 216-10 Grauch, Richard I. 264-1 Grauch, V.J.S. 101-43 Graves, Jenny 39-8* Graves, Susan 21-11* Gravley, D.M. 15-10*, 113-11* Gravley, Darren M. 236-9 Graw, Jordan 205-10 Gray, Donald D. 22-10, 117-8 Gray, Floyd 251-11 Gray, Harrison 20-14 Gray, James L. 70-14 Gray, Kyle 68-12* Gray, Sarah C. 171-12 Gray, Taryn R . 33-17* Graybeal, Frederick T. 204-3 Graymer, R.W. 101-25, 101-30*, 101-36, 201-10 Grazhdankin, Dmitri 148-6, 265-2 Graziano, Robert J. 2-11*, 29-32* Greb, Stephen F. 118-8*, 121-2*, 166-11* Green Garcia, Angela M. 243-2 Green, Adrian C. 149-9* Green, Alisa Marie 181-1* Green, C hristopher T. 3-5 Green, Jeffrey A. 127-6, 261-8 Green, Joshua B. 212-6 Green, R onald T. 176-6* Green, W. Reed 69-12 Greenawald, David 115-6* Greenbaum, Noam 55-1, 55-3 Greene, Andrew R. 108-4, 138-9 Greene, Dustin L. 3-9* Greene, Erick 119-16 Greene, Sarah E. 159-15* Greene, T.J. 35-20* Greenwood, David 219-12 Greer, Christopher B. 75-5* Gregg, C.E. 202-11 Gregg, Tracy K .P. 95-1, 95-7*, 276-1*, 276-10 Gregory, Laura C. 254-5* Gregory, R obert T. 33-33 Grevel, Klaus-Dieter 84-11 Grevemeyer, Ingo 273-4 Grew, Edward S. 31-2*, 132-13* Grgicak-Mannion, Alice 218-9 Gribenko, Alex 181-1 Grice, Kliti 159-14, 256-3 Grice, Warren C. Jr. 98-9 Griffin, William L. 266-1 Griffing, David H. 42-9, 187-7* Griffioen, Jasper 271-8* Griffith, Adam 229-14* Griffith, Tabitha 221-1* Griffiths, Julie L. 205-8, 205-11* Griffiths, Peter G. 280-5 Grimaldi, David A. 32-30 Grimm, Nancy B. 128-5 Grimm, Ryan P. 115-6, 267-5* Griswold, Julia P. 240-11 Grizzel, Jeffrey D. 142-14, 202-8* Grocott, J. 16-3*, 101-1* Grondin, Gerald H. 179-4 Groom, Roger 67-10, 235-1, 235-2* Grosch, Eugene 206-13 Grosch, Eugene G. 206-9* Gross, Martin 198-15 Grosskopf, Jacob 245-23* Grossman, Ethan 99-18 Grossman, Ethan L. 151-12* Grote, Todd 71-9*, 242-15 Grotzinger, John 97-10 Grove, Marty 8-13, 40-10*, 132-3 Grove, Marty J. 8-14, 33-38, 123-2, 253-7 Grove, Tim 18-3, 224-1, 224-4* Grow, Jack 268-4

Growdon, Martha L. 132-6* Grubb, Frederick 169-12 Grudzinski, Bartosz Peter 59-2 Grunberg, Wolfgang 30-9, 30-10 Grunder, Anita L. 18-6, 103-5, 110-11, 158-7, 224-5, 224-10*, 224-11 Grunert, Patrick 25-14 Grunow, Anne 217-12* Grupp, Steven R. 90-4* Gryzenia, Joy 168-11* Gu, Baohua 251-18, 251-19 Gualda, Guilherme A.R. 41-9, 258-45, 276-2 Guan, Wei 252-4 Guan, Ye 101-11 Gubinov, Alexander 101-13 Guccione, Margaret J. 71-6*, 101-52 Gucsik, Arnold 109-11*, 123-8* Gudmundsdottir, Maria H. 62-3 Gudmunsen, Cassie B. 121-1 Guebert, Michael D. 29-31*, 187-15* Guenther, William 119-29 Güereque, Mariana 28-3* Guerra, William J. 247-17* Guertin, Laura A. 192-3*, 209-15*, 278-8 Guest, Bernard 153-8, 153-9* Guffanti, Marianne 140-8, 140-9* Guilderson, Thomas P. 151-8, 199-3 Guillemette, Renald N. 26-21 Guillen, Antonio 7-4 Guillong, Marcel 1-8 Gulick, Sean P.S. 108-20, 200-4* Gulick, Sean S.P. 108-17*, 108-18, 108-19, 136-8 Gundersen, Linda C.S. 140-2* Gunderson, Kellen L. 62-5* Gunnell, Gregg F. 265-13 Guntenspergen, Glenn R. 171-1, 229-7 Gunter, Mickey E. 214-7*, 233-1*, 233-6 Günther, Detlef 132-9 Guo, Weixing 145-13* Guo, Xiaoyu 13-12* Gupta, Sanjeev 20-10, 55-2*, 97-11 Gurocak-Orhun, Ozlem 32-24, 32-25* Gurrieri, Joseph 78-4, 213-4* Gurrola, Larry D. 129-5* Gustafson, Daniel 150-3* Gustafson, Mary 252-8 Gustavson, John B. 77-6 Gustin, Mae 24-10* Guth, Alexandria 91-15 Gutierrez, B enjamin T. 229-6, 229-7 Gutierrez, Karen 222-5* Gutierrez, Manuel V. 182-7* Gutierrez-Alonso, Gabriel 79-14 Gutmann, Jam es T. 40-5 Guttery, Brandon 109-5 Guttiérrez, Axel 130-3 Gutzler, D. 278-9 Guyer, Robert A. 83-9, 83-13 Gygli, Samuel 101-24


Ha, Grace 113-8 Haase, Karsten 160-5 Haasl, David M. 172-20* Hacker, Bradley 185-7 Hacker, Bradley R. 124-7*, 181-2, 230-5 Hacker, David B. 43-5 Hackett, Josh A. 59-9* Hackett, William R. 8-3* Hackley, Paul C. 121-11, 136-2 Haefner, Scott 144-1 Haegeli, Pascal 67-7 Haeussler, Peter J. 103-2, 103-3 Hafner, Katrin 235-5 Hagadorn, James W. 10-1*, 51-9*, 61-3* Hagan, Jeanette C. 104-4, 104-5* Hagedorn, Birgit 258-36 Hageman, Philip L. 212-3, 212-5, 218-2 Hagemann, Mark W. 199-4* Hager, Christian 186-8* Haggerty, Roy 9-2, 128-5*, 177-13 Hagstrum, J.T. 106-5* Hagstrum, Jonathan 65-3 Hahn, David 258-33* Haig, David W. 253-5 Haileab, Bereket 258-35 Haines, Forest 267-4* Haines, Heather 5-6 Haines, Peter 159-12 Haines, Samuel H. 12-6*, 181-9*

284 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

Haj, Adel E. Jr. 36-21, 249-5* Hajek, Elizabeth 42-19 Hakala, M. 44-6 Halaw, Jackie 29-5 Halder, Dipti 126-6 Haley, J. Christopher 208-4 Halfar, Jochen 151-7* Halfen, Alan F. 96-1*, 143-9, 143-10* Halihan, Todd 78-12*, 128-13, 128-14 Hall, Blaine R. 187-11* Hall, Brian N. 121-1 Hall, Cynthia 277-6 Hall, Michelle K. 67-6, 114-5*, 192-12* Hall, Minard L. 15-11* Hall, Tim 105-10 Hallam, Valerie G. 244-45* Haller, Kathleen M. 14-4, 14-6 Häller, Sara 174-8 Hallett, Benjamin W. 132-4* Halliday, William R. 66-4* Hallock, Pamela 171-6, 205-12*, 210-1*, 275-9* Halterman, Don 233-4* Hambrick, D. Zachary 68-4, 91-6, 91-14 Hamdan, Lubna K. 27-15* Hames, Willis E. 158-1 Hamil, A. Brooke 258-47 Hamilton, Michael A. 138-1 Hamilton, Patrick 29-34 Hamilton, Victoria E. 97-4 Hamilton, Warren B. 60-1* Hamm, Laura M. 64-15* Hammarlund, Emma 4-7 Hammarlund, Lotta 77-9 Hammarstrom, Jane M. 241-3* Hammer, Crystal 35-3* Hammond, Charles M. 142-4* Hammond, Paul E. 106-4*, 110-1 Hammond, Travis 19-13 Hampton, Brian A. 108-2, 108-3*, 108-9 Hams, Jacquelyn E. 29-7* Hanan, Barry 138-3*, 138-4 Hanan, Barry B. 138-2, 138-6, 138-10 Hanchar, John M. 93-8*, 157-3 Haneberg, William C. 165-1*, 261-9 Hanell, Casey R. 191-1 Hanifa, Udrekh 154-8 Haniff, Nazifa 115-5* Hanley, Jacob 33-17 Hanneman, Debra L. 36-4* Hannibal, Joseph T. 137-6* Hannula, Kimberly A. 173-27, 210-12* Hanor, Jeffrey S. 3-10, 239-7 Hansen, Edward C. 244-7, 246-10* Hansen, Jestina Anne 180-5* Hansen, Samantha E. 87-1*, 113-12* Hansen, Thor A. 146-8 Hansen, Vicki L. 95-8*, 156-2* Hanshaw, Maiana N. 190-2*, 261-12 Hanson, Eric 53-8 Hanson, Kim 187-5 Hanson, Paul 44-4, 244-8*, 244-21, 247-10, 249-1 Hanson, Paul R. 122-1*, 122-12, 143-9, 143-10 Hanson, R. 138-13 Hanson, Randall T. 101-21 Hanson, Sarah L. 248-14* Hansson, Margareta 180-17 Hapke, Cheryl J. 179-7, 229-10* Haq, Saad S.B. 103-6* Haque, Shama 119-4*, 251-15* Harcourt-Smith, Will 134-6, 134-7, 258-55 Harden, Tessa 143-14, 247-5* Harder, Steven 224-9 Hardgrove, Craig J. 20-9 Hardin, Eric 165-12 Harding, Sherie C. 35-18* Hardison, Joel 247-21 Hardy, Giles 175-9 Hardy, Lisa 26-1 Haritashya, Umesh K. 244-11* Harju, John A. 117-1 Harkins, Renee Helen 258-56* Harley, Simon L. 85-13 Harlov, Daniel 246-10 Harlow, George E. 85-4 Harmon, Russell S. 165-12, 216-15*, 264-11 Harmsen, Frederika J. 32-49, 32-50, 72-11* Harnik, Paul G. 196-6* Harper, Gregory D. 33-30, 201-6

Harrell, Julia 92-12 Harrelson, Danny W. 244-23 Harries, Peter 247-12, 265-1 Harries, Peter J. 245-35 Harris, Anthony C. 1-4* Harris, John M. 19-2, 134-5 Harris, John Robert 274-4* Harris, John W.K. 94-1 Harris, M. Scott 187-23 Harris, M.Scott 101-39 Harris, Nigel 230-6 Harris, R. Scott 112-6 Harris, Randa R. 258-29 Harris, Robert N. 169-12 Harris, Ron 254-11 Harris, Sara 237-5* Harrison, Benjamin 138-4 Harrison, Bruce 56-6* Harrison, Michael 245-25 Harrison, Richard J. 84-4 Harrison, T. Mark 52-2* Harrison, Tanya N. 97-12 Harry, Dennis L. 188-2, 188-4, 268-6* Hart, Alwyn 54-1 Hart, Craig J.R. 264-3 Hart, David J. 176-14, 247-10 Hart, Garret 41-1 Hart, Garret L. 106-13 Hart, Roger 179-2 Hart, William K. 101-34, 123-5, 208-4*, 224-1 Hartford, Jan 29-37 Harthill, Michalann 119-1* Hartl, Monika A. 17-11 Hartley, Adrian J. 35-9, 42-20, 42-29, 203-8 Hartman, J.H. 86-8*, 113-7 Hartman, Kurt M. 260-3* Hartog, Renate 173-9 Hartwell, Bradley J. 278-8 Hartz, Ebbe H. 257-4 Harvati, Katerina 143-2 Harvey, F. Edwin 3-3, 3-9, 78-1, 78-2, 78-11, 128-14* Harvey, Jonathan E. 81-7* Harvey, Taylor Y. 44-11 Harwood, Cara L. 10-10*, 47-7* Harwood, David 275-5 Harzhauser, Mathias 25-14 Hasan, M. Aziz 126-2, 126-3, 174-6, 174-7, 174-8 Hasan, Syed E. 119-17* Hasbargen, Leslie 208-13, 242-11*, 244-14 Hasenmueller, Nancy R. 30-3* Hasenmueller, Walter A. 30-3 Hasiotis, Stephen T. 44-7, 51-3, 51-6*, 96-1, 96-2, 96-9*, 96-10, 232-9 Hass, Bridget 113-8 Hassanzadeh, Jamshid 153-1, 153-10*, 183-4 Hassler, Scott W. 207-4* Hatch, Christine E. 128-9* Hatcher, Patrick 215-14 Hatcher, Robert D. Jr. 37-20, 37-30, 37-31*, 264-2, 268-12, 268-13, 268-14* Hatfield, Ashley K. 110-9* Hathaway, Jennifer J.M. 66-9, 66-11* Hatley, Elizabeth R. 37-2* Hauck, Steven 1-12 Hauck, Steven A. II 197-2 Hauer, Jörn 215-13* Haug, Jade 174-9 Haugerud, Ralph 182-1 Haugerud, Ralph A. 7-10*, 101-17, 165-8*, 261-13* Hauksson, Egill 164-2 Haupt, Ryan James 100-6* Hausback, Brian P. 15-13, 41-8 Havens, Kelly 17-13 Haver, Cary 119-13 Hawkes, Andrea D. 154-3, 205-4* Hawkins, Amber T. 85-10* Hawkins, D.P. 43-8* Hawkins, Thomas 241-8 Hawley, John W. 58-13* Hawley, Scott 245-40* Haworth, Matthew 159-13 Hawthorne, Frank 31-6, 258-46 Hawthorne, Steven B. 117-1 Hay, Stephen P. 191-3* Hayashi, Masaki 175-2* Hayden, Anne 249-3*

Hayes, Benjamin 244-28* Hayes, Gavin P. 164-1* Hayes, Royce H. 236-15 Hayman, Nicholas W. 162-10 Haynes, Gary 19-6 Haynes, John T. 208-6 Haynes, Jonathan V. 131-8 Haynes, Vance Jr. 94-2 Hays, Phillip D. 3-4, 150-9 Hayward, Bruce W. 219-14 Hayward, Chris 165-14 Hazen, Anna George 258-53* Hazen, Robert M. 31-2, 64-9*, 148-14* Hazen, Terry C . 260-6 Hazlett, Susan 100-5* Hazra, Rasmani 126-6, 126-9 He, Bin 33-22 He, Jun 77-13, 101-5 He, P. 122-2 Head, Elisabet M. 248-25* Head, James W. 20-1, 20-3, 20-5, 20-6, 20-7, 20-8, 20-11, 20-13, 156-7, 197-2, 197-4, 197-5, 197-6, 197-7 Head, James W. III 20-4*, 197-3* Headley, Rachel 108-23* Healy, Richard W. 214-10 Heaney, Peter J. 109-12 Heard, Grant 188-8 Hearne, Mike 164-1 Heasler, Hank P. 39-5 Heasler, Henry P. 44-9, 165-10 Heaton, Tom 164-2 Hecker, S. 14-4 Heckert, Andrew B. 32-11, 32-37, 36-3*, 96-14, 213-11 Hedeen, Chris 67-10, 235-1, 235-2 Hedenquist, Jeffrey W. 204-6 Hedley, Nick 67-7 Hedrick, Kathryn A. 5-12* Heerdink, Ruth 271-8 Heffern, Edward L. 8-12, 166-4 Hegna, Thomas 4-8* Hehemann, Nicholas J. 101-32 Heim, Noel A. 196-10 Heineck, James T. 135-7 Heinemeier, Jan 151-6 Heinrich, Christoph 1-7, 1-8 Heinzel, Chad 101-64, 114-12*, 167-12* Heise, Brian A. 226-15 Heise, Bruce 44-4 Heise, Elizabeth A. 42-7, 259-8 Heizler, Matt 12-5, 16-1 Heizler, Matthew T. 43-7, 160-1 Hekkers, M.L. 193-3* Hellebrand, Eric 185-9 Heller, Paul L. 36-2, 163-9 Hellstrom, John 81-2 Hellweg, Margaret 164-2 Helmhold, Kenneth P. 108-11 Helper, Mark 37-2 Helton, Ashley M. 69-1 Helton, Erica 101-24* Helwig, James A. 139-11* Helz, R osalind T. 248-21* Hembree, Daniel I. 51-1*, 96-6, 245-18 Hemel, Jeanine 46-4* Hemming, Sidney 163-3, 186-1 Hemming, Sidney R. 40-7, 163-2, 163-7, 163-8, 252-7, 257-5 Hemmings, C. Andrew 23-10* Hemond, H.F. 177-14 Hemphill-Haley, Mark 173-2*, 268-5 Henck, Amanda 225-10* Henderson, Brent 182-12 Henderson, Charles 108-27, 264-9 Henderson, Charles M. 245-31 Henderson, J. 217-11 Henderson, Miles 245-9* Henderson, Paul 149-5 Henderson, Scott 240-4 Hendrix, Marc 114-9 Hendrix, Marc S. 101-38, 215-13 Hendy, Austin J.W. 172-16, 196-15* Hengmao, Tong 173-12* Henika, William S. 122-13 Henkemans, Emily 75-12*, 272-4 Henley, Richard W. 93-11 Henrickson, Celeste 167-10 Henrikson, L. Suzann 221-2 Henriques, S.B.A. 98-10* Henry, Christopher D. 15-13, 37-16, 41-8, 138-5, 248-7* Henry, Darrell 31-6*, 98-13, 185-4, 211-12

Henry, Lindsey C. 133-14* Henschel, Joh 175-7 Hensley, Matthew M. 99-18, 257-6* Henson, Wesley 177-19 Henstock, Timothy J. 200-4 Heppner, Christopher S. 58-1 Herbert, Greg 96-26, 146-11 Herbert, Gregory M. 245-42 Herbert, Gregory S. 50-11 Herd, R.K. 132-12 Heredia, Susana 265-8 Herkenhoff, Kenneth E. 20-2, 135-4 Herman, Ellen K. 150-10* Herman, Janet S. 69-4* Herman, Kurt 271-4 Hermanns, Reginald L. 171-10 Hernandez, Janis L. 101-28* Hernandez, Michael W. 161-1 Hernandez-Avila, Juan 25-13 Herrera-Silveira, Jorge 149-3 Herrick, Julie A. 190-3* Herrington, Richard J. 241-4, 241-8* Herrmann, Achim D. 159-9*, 222-4 Herrs, Andrew J. 261-6* Hershey, Ronald L. 251-17 Hertog, Rachel 96-29, 245-41* Hervé, Francisco 79-10 Hesse, Shannon 258-57 Hester, David J. 189-3 Hetherington, Callum J. 33-24*, 246-9 Hetherington, Renée 171-10 Hetzinger, Steffen 151-7 Heumann, Matthew J. 254-3 Heydari, Ezat 266-9* Hezard, Teddy 69-10, 116-3, 119-22 Hiatt, Gerald F.S. 274-2 Hibbard, J.P. 37-21 Hickey, Kenneth A. 263-6 Hickey, Leo J. 220-14 Hickey, Patrick J. 24-8 Hickey-Vargas, Rosemary 29-35 Hickmott, Donald D. 17-11 Hicks, Bill G. 191-5* Hicks, Tanner 242-13* Hickson, Thomas A . 198-14*, 252-8 Hidalgo, Paulo J. 130-13* Hidayat, D. 255-3 Hidy, Alan J. 81-13* Hier-Majumder, Saswata 158-12 Hiesinger, Harald 135-2 Higgins, C hris T. 233-9 Higgins, Jerry D. 142-2, 142-3 Higgins, Michael W. 101-70*, 101-71 Highland, Lynn M. 92-14* Higuera-Diaz, I. Camilo 203-2* Hikuroa, D.C.H 15-10, 113-11, 236-9* Hilbert-Wolf, Hannah L. 35-14*, 35-15, 96-8 Hildebrand, R. Doug 76-8 Hildebrand, Robert S. 104-1*, 231-6* Hildebrandt, Jordan 101-62, 102-3 Hildreth, Wes 18-9, 110-8 Hilgers, Christoph 157-7* Hill, B arbara T. 30-3 Hill, Christopher L. 242-4*, 242-5* Hill, Jane 141-11 Hill, T.R. 84-10* Hill, Wesley 125-4* Hill, Wesley M. 213-8 Hillbun, Kelly 159-12* Hilley, George E. 62-3*, 130-2 Hilton, David R. 3-1, 3-2 Hilton, Jason 141-9, 220-11 Hilton, Richard P. 15-13, 32-15, 41-8, 99-4* Hinch, Scott G. 226-15 Hinchey, Alana M. 130-12* Hinman, Nancy W. 25-16, 66-5 Hinnov, Linda 160-2 Hinnov, Linda A. 107-3 Hinojosa-Prieto, Hector 83-8 Hinton, Richard W. 16-13 Hippchen, Sabine 273-8* Hirmas, Daniel R. 96-2 Hirsch, David M. 85-2, 208-7, 246-8 Hirschorn, Sarah 272-1 Hirt, William H. 33-34* Hirth, Greg 85-9 Hisada, Ken-ichiro 162-5* Hitz, Brian 152-6* Hiza, Margaret 8-8 Hladik, Michelle L. 218-5 Hnatyshin, Danny 26-1, 263-10 ·

2009 GSA Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon 285

Hoaglund, Steven A. 168-2* Hobbs, Kevin M. 99-8* Hobbs, Monique 272-4 Hobley, Dan E.J. 122-3 Hobza, Christopher M. 177-6* Hocking, Crystal M. 170-23* Hocking, Roger 159-12 Hodell, David 180-4 Hodges, Floyd N. 33-5 Hodgins, Gregory W.L. 180-9 Hodgkinson, Kathleen 182-12 Hoefen, Todd M. 140-7, 212-3*, 212-5 Hoefer, Jason M. 42-18* Hoehler, Tori M. 141-15 Hoerner, Marie Elizebeth 96-18* Hoffman, Matthew 89-4, 193-4 Hoffman, Paul F. 266-8* Hoffman, William 249-13* Hoffnagle, Eric A. 173-25 Hofmann, Axel 206-11* Hofmeister, Anne 63-3 Hofstra, A.H 93-7, 204-10 Hofstra, A.H. 93-1*, 93-5, 120-1* Hofstra, Albert H. 105-11, 204-1 Hogan, Eric G. 232-8* Hogan, John 37-1, 168-24, 169-15, 173-17, 258-3 Hogan, John P. 113-4* Hogan, Lauren 110-3 Hoganson, John W. 32-32* Hoisch, Thomas 40-9 Hoisch, Thomas D. 85-3, 231-4 Hoke, Gregory D. 160-6, 203-3* Holbourn, Ann 219-14 Holbrook, John 45-11, 101-62 Holbrook, John M. 44-4 Holden, Alexander 119-4 Holden, Peter 79-10 Holk, Gregory J. 12-4* Hollabaugh, Curtis L. 218-12*, 258-27, 258-28, 258-29, 258-30 Holliday, Vance T. 94-7*, 94-8, 94-9, 234-2*, 234-4 Hollingsworth, J. Stewart 232-9 Holloway, JoAnn M. 212-9* Holloway, John R. 84-12* Holloway, Stephen 169-13*, 182-10, 224-9 Holm-Denoma, Christopher S. 105-11* Holmes, Ann E. 2-14* Holmes, Charles W. 205-3 Holmes, Jonathan A. 180-4 Holmes, Mary Anne 29-2*, 210-5 Holmgren, Karin 180-17 Holness, Marian B. 16-14*, 63-1* Holschuh, Nicholas Donald 258-35* Holt, John 20-2 Holt, John W. 20-1 Holt, Renée S. 258-14* Holterhoff, Peter 245-21 Holtkamp, Stephen 224-8 Holtz, Francois 263-2 Holubnyak, Yevhen 117-1* Holz, Aris 3-3, 3-9 Homsey, Lara 71-8 Hon, Ken 66-1*, 66-6* Hon, Rudolph 218-4* Hong, Suk Bong 109-2 Hong, Yang 92-5 Honn, Denise 184-1 Hood, Neil 179-5 Hooker, John Noel 173-14* Hooks, Benjamin P. 108-21*, 108-22 Hooper, Peter 106-9 Hooper, Robert J. 268-14 Hooper, Robert L. 212-7 Hopkins, Edward J. 49-4 Hopkins, Melanie J. 196-2*, 265-4 Hopkins, Samantha 49-3*, 146-14 Hopkinson, Charles S. 128-2, 165-14 Hoppe, Kathryn A. 111-3* Hora, John Milan 160-4* Horgan, Briony 97-5* Horkley, L. Kenneth 185-10* Hornberger, George M. 69-4 Horning, Thomas S. 21-12* Horsch, Hanna E. 97-3 Horstwood, Matthew 230-6 Horton, Benjamin 179-9 Horton, Benjamin P. 129-2*, 154-3, 171-18, 171-19, 205-4, 205-6 Horton, Brian 183-4, 183-5 Horton, Brian K. 36-10, 108-17, 153-7, 153-8, 153-9, 200-1*, 200-2

Horton, Danielle A. 210-9* Horton, J. Wright Jr. 234-8*, 234-9, 234-10 Horton, Radley 72-12 Horton, Sue 187-3 Horton, Travis 81-2 Horvath, Kimmaree 219-6 Horwell, Claire 28-2 Hossain, Mohammed 126-2, 126-3*, 174-6, 174-7 Hossain, Muhammad Shahadat 169-9 Hou, Xianguang 4-7 Hough, Brian 254-7* Houghton, B.F. 82-10*, 202-11* Houlette, Christopher 262-2 House, Martha A. 90-10 House, P. Kyle 6-3*, 53-1*, 59-14, 225-9, 244-35 Householder, Mindy L. 172-11* Housen, Bernard A. 11-11*, 61-14, 169-17, 201-5, 208-7 Housen, Bernie 222-13 Houser, Perry 29-10*, 235-10 Houston, Brian 179-5 Hover, Victoria C. 42-11 Howard, Christopher S. 99-11*, 245-17* Howard, Douglas A. 97-6* Howard, K.A. 16-9*, 40-12 Howard, Keith A. 225-9 Howell, Evan R. 147-7* Howell, Lance D. 101-62, 102-3 Hower, James C. 121-9*, 166-4, 215-10 Hoyos, Natalia 55-14* Hoyt, Cathryn A. 187-11 Hoyt, Janet 261-9 Hromis, Angel 243-2 Hronsky, J.M.A. 93-12* Hsieh, Paul A. 127-9, 127-11, 176-12* Hsissou, Youssef 168-14, 227-9 Hsu, Leslie 240-9* Hu, Ling 173-33* Hu, Yan 273-2 Huang, C.M. 122-2 Huang, Chunju 160-2 Huang, Lumeng 170-15* Huard, John J. 26-7 Hubbard, Stephen M. 102-4, 200-8 Hubbard, Trent D. 247-1* Huber, Brian T. 86-12* Hubscher, Rodney M. 258-10* Huckleberry, Gary 71-1* Huda, S.A. 42-13* Hudak, George J. 101-2*, 208-5 Hudgins, Thomas R. 106-14* Hudleston, Peter 157-13, 268-10* Hudson, David 161-11 Hudson, Mark R. 136-12* Huebner, Matthew T. 268-12, 268-13*, 268-14 Huff, Breanna L. 258-1, 258-2* Huff, Warren D. 171-8 Huffine, Richard 238-1* Huffman, Kristopher M. 245-3 Hughes, Gwyneth R. 41-12* Hughes, Kaitlyn J. 150-6 Hughes, Kevin 139-10 Hughes, Kristin L.H. 157-6* Hughes, Meghan 248-17 Hughes, Michael L. 225-6 Hughes, Nigel C. 267-13 Hughes, Niki 168-9* Hughes, Richard 7-7* Hughes, Richard III 29-1* Hughes, Zoe J. 42-27 Hugo, Richard C. 25-15*, 25-16, 144-10, 187-4* Hulbe, Christina L. 59-7, 169-14 Hulpke, Kate 45-1 Hults, Chad P. 108-13 Humphreys, Eugene D. 60-8 Hund, Silja 251-15 Hunda, Brenda R. 4-3, 265-10 Hundt, Kasey R. 170-7 Hung, Chien-Hui 33-32 Hungwe, Kedmon 91-15 Hunsaker, Donald 72-11 Hunt, Adrian P. 96-15*, 96-17 Hunt, Andrew G. 57-5, 204-1, 204-12, 204-13* Hunt, Caroline G. 266-5 Hunt, Gene 196-7*, 205-7 Hunt, Lindsey Elise 246-16*, 258-28* Hunt, Randall 175-3* Hunter, Jerry 180-11, 216-14

Hunter, Lewis E. 165-4* Hunter, Nancee C. 235-12* Huntington, Katharine 200-10 Huntley, John W. 146-1, 219-16 Huntoon, Jacqueline E. 91-15, 210-2* Huntsman-Mapila, Philippa 134-9, 134-10 Huret, Emilia 160-2 Hurst, Richard W. 212-10* Hurtado, Jose M. Jr. 236-1 Hurtado, Jose Miguel Jr. 244-36 Hurtgen, Matthew T. 86-4*, 222-8 Hurwitz, Shaul 204-12 Husinec, Antun 34-7*, 42-14, 42-15 Husman, Jenefer 45-2, 210-3, 237-2 Husson, Dorothée 160-2 Huston, David 256-3 Hutcheon, Ian 22-9 Hutchinson, D. 16-3 Hutchinson, Jesse Alexander 169-10* Huth, Anne K. 192-12 Hutnik, Joseph J. 26-11* Hyde, Deborah L. 209-14* Hylton, Shavonne Nyoka 212-11* Hyndman, Roy D. 154-7, 224-6, 273-8 Hynek, Scott A. 81-9* Hynes, Andrew 230-13


Ianno, Adam J. 181-7* Ibanez-Mejia, Mauricio 257-2* Ibaraki, Motomu 70-2 Ibarra, Yadira 245-1* Ibarra, Yesenia 32-50* Ibes, Catherine 278-7* Ibrahim, Mohamed I. 199-7 Iceman, Christopher 64-3, 64-4 Icenhower, Jonathan P. 256-2* Igisu, Motoko 10-5* Iglseder, C. 12-13 Ihinger, Phillip 216-13 Ilbeyli, Nurdane 104-8* Illman, Walter 119-6 Im, Chang-Bock 27-12 Imamverdiyev, Nazim A. 60-7 Imayama, Takeshi 230-7* Imbrigiotta, Thomas E . 127-11 Impellitteri, Christopher 119-3 Indela, Rani 24-5 Ineshin, Evgenii M. 242-5 Ingebritsen, Steven E. 6-4*, 155-5* Ingersoll, Raymond V. 115-15, 223-8* Inglefield, Colin E. 109-8 Inokuchi, Hiroo 248-23 Insel, Nadja 203-1* Inverno, Carlos M.C. 263-3* Iqbal, Mohammad 29-17*, 243-15 Iriondo, Alexander 40-6 Irmis, Randall B. 50-7*, 180-14 Irwin, James J. 1-9 Isaacson, Peter E. 25-9, 36-8 Isaacson, Robert G. 246-8* Isbell, John L. 133-14 Ishibashi, Yoshinobu 126-4 Ishikawa, Masahiro 162-6 Ishman, Scott 171-13, 180-16 Islam, Fariha 156-5 Islam, M. Mainul 126-3, 174-6, 174-7 Ismail, Ahmed 139-12* Isozaki, Yukio 10-5, 98-7, 133-2*, 162-3* Isphording, Wayne C. 113-13, 147-12* Israde-Alcantara, Isabel 198-4 Israel, Steve A. 108-4 Issawi, Bahay 94-2 Ito, Emi 217-10, 252-1 Ivanov, Boris A. 135-2 Ivany, Linda C. 151-14* Iverson, Richard M. 190-5, 240-4*, 240-11 Ivester, Andrew H. 242-16* Ivory, Sarah 134-8* Iwachiw, Isabel 247-22* Izbekov, Pavel 82-8 Izenberg, Noam R. 197-8 Izsak, Gabriel 201-8


Jablonski, Jon R. 238-2* Jachens, R.C. 7-3, 101-31 Jachens, Robert C. 101-25* Jackofski, D.S. 88-4

Jacks, Gunnar 126-2, 126-3, 174-3*, 174-6, 174-7, 174-8 Jackson, Brian P. 119-9 Jackson, Chester W. 258-25 Jackson, D.W.T. 244-5 Jackson, Derek W.T. 5-2 Jackson, Frankie D. 32-13 Jackson, Garrett W. 226-5* Jackson, Ian 7-1*, 53-2*, 144-3* Jackson, Jeremiah S. 42-30* Jackson, Jeremy B.C. 219-5 Jackson, Lionel E. Jr. 171-10* Jackson, Mark 164-4 Jackson, Michael 182-12 Jackson, Tracie 128-9 Jacob, Noble 175-4* Jacobs, Bonnie F. 87-11, 134-2*, 134-3 Jacobs, Joachim 60-2*, 104-3 Jacobs, Louis L. 87-11*, 217-14 Jacobs, Peter M. 94-4 Jacobsen, Benjamin 264-4 Jacobsen, Preston 244-43 Jacobson, C.E. 33-12 Jacobson, Carl 124-6* Jacobson, Joel M. 251-24 Jacobson, Robert B. 44-4 Jacobson, Steve 29-18 Jacskon, Jeremy B.C. 50-13 Jade, Sridevi 169-1 Jadkowski, Margosia 266-5 Jaeger, Hartmut 98-6 Jaeger, John 11-5 Jaeger, John M. 108-17, 108-20, 179-6 Jagniecki, Elliot 34-4* Jagoda, Susan Kaschner 67-1* Jahnke, Linda L. 10-3* Jahraus, Tim 122-14 Jahren, A. Hope 19-12 Jaiprakash, Bomma 86-5 Jaiswal, Kishor 164-1 Jakubiak, Jim 271-4 Jalufka, Dona 207-10 James, David E. 224-7 James, Matthew J. 194-5* Jamieson, Heather E. 24-2 Jamison, Jonathan A. 243-18 Jamshidi Badr, Mahboobeh 33-21* Janak, Marian 230-9 Janecke, Susanne 61-5 Janevski, G. Alex 86-9* Janies, Daniel A. 172-5 Janousek, Hilary 250-1 Jansen, John 8-10 Jaramillo, Carlos 37-11, 38-9, 51-7, 79-1, 186-2, 203-11 Jaret, Steven 112-6* Jarrett, Matt B. 151-13* Jarrett, Robert D. 225-12* Jarvis, Stephanie K. 260-1* Jasinski, Steve 32-37 Jaume, Steven C. 278-10 Javaux, Emmanuelle J. 205-5 Jaworowski, Cheryl 39-5, 44-9, 89-3, 89-6, 165-10* Jay, Jennifer 276-8 Jayko, A.S. 60-9*, 152-12* Jean, Jiin-Shuh 77-8, 126-1*, 126-9, 126-11 Jee, Benjamin 68-5 Jefferson, Anne J. 59-10*, 177-7*, 210-12, 244-24 Jeffres, Carson A. 9-8 Jeffrey, Danielle 245-36 Jeffries, Teresa E. 1-5 Jelsma, Hielke 87-12 Jenevein, Steve 23-12 Jenkins, Chris 101-6 Jenkins, David 34-4, 246-14, 246-15* Jenkins, John E. 92-8* Jenner, Frances 33-3*, 158-3 Jennings, Carrie 174-1 Jennings, Carrie E. 54-10*, 75-2, 81-8 Jennings, Morgan 119-27 Jensen, Britta J.L. 5-14, 247-14 Jensen, Jerry L. 102-4 Jepson, Wayne E. 218-7* Jercinovic, Michael J. 98-23, 132-5 Jermyn, Courtney E. 171-10 Jerram, Dougal A. 159-3* Jerris, Thomas J. 173-17 Jervis, Freddy X. 159-13 Jessup, Micah 12-14, 230-1* Jessup, Micah J. 37-26

286 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

Jewett, Amy E. 150-10 Jewett, David 9-4 Jezek, John J. 240-7 Jiang, Dazhi 223-1 Jiang, Ganqing 267-13 Jiang, Haishui 133-12 Jiang, Pingan 198-5 Jicha, Brian R. 41-7, 160-4, 160-8, 231-13 Jimenez, Nestor 41-7 Jimenez-Moreno, Gonzalo 99-19 Jin, L. 168-6 Jin, Lixin 141-4* Jin, Zhihe 16-4 Jiracek, George R. 277-4 Jirsa, Linda 115-18 Joachimski, Michael 222-2 Joeckel, R.M. 122-12*, 244-8 Johanesen, Katharine 246-11* Johannesson, Karen 70-10*, 77-7*, 174-9 Johansson, Annika K. 163-6* Johansson, Leif 246-10 John, Barbara E. 103-8 John, David A. 26-23, 37-16, 44-1, 204-7, 204-8*, 248-7 Johnsen, James W. 38-6* Johnson, Ajeet 139-9 Johnson, Andrea L. 54-10, 81-8 Johnson, Ann 114-2 Johnson, Benjamin W. 16-2* Johnson, Bradley G. 99-19*, 249-6 Johnson, Brent M. 258-4 Johnson, C.A. 26-15*, 93-1, 105-9 Johnson, Cari 68-10*, 254-3, 257-9 Johnson, Carole 127-11 Johnson, Catherine Louise 11-2 Johnson, Charissa 216-12, 262-4* Johnson, Chris N. 202-7 Johnson, Clark M. 64-6, 160-4, 206-14 Johnson, Claudia C. 242-12 Johnson, Dan 18-10 Johnson, Dawn M. 69-12, 243-20* Johnson, Eileen 94-9 Johnson, Elizabeth A. 132-11*, 208-6, 208-15*, 258-16 Johnson, Emmon 242-11 Johnson, Eric L. 187-7, 246-2* Johnson, Eric M. 14-11, 14-12* Johnson, Gareth 22-9 Johnson, Gary S. 145-10 Johnson, Gwynn R. 250-3*, 251-13, 251-14* Johnson, Isaac L. 251-23 Johnson, Jacques R. 258-26* Johnson, Jenda 67-3, 67-10, 235-1, 235-9 Johnson, Jerelean M. 274-1*, 274-2* Johnson, Julia K. 49-1 Johnson, Katherine 219-14* Johnson, Kenneth 61-9*, 61-10 Johnson, Kevin 217-11 Johnson, Kimberly R. 157-11 Johnson, Kirk 160-11* Johnson, Kirk R. 160-1, 160-9 Johnson, Lindsey Renee 77-12* Johnson, Natalie C. 117-7* Johnson, Paul A. 83-9, 83-13* Johnson, Peggy 7-12 Johnson, Peter J. 147-5* Johnson, Ralph O. 32-42 Johnson, Raymond H. 89-1*, 102-7 Johnson, S amuel Y. 101-36 Johnson, Sarah 258-58 Johnson, Scott E. 16-4*, 124-8* Johnson, Taylor 216-8 Johnson, Thomas M. 264-7 Johnson, Torrence V. 97-15 Johnson, Vern 106-3, 131-5 Johnson, Wade 182-12 Johnson, William C. 143-9*, 143-10, 247-24 Johnson, William P. 116-6, 119-23 Johnsson, Mark J. 178-7*, 229-9* Johnston, D.M. 202-11 Johnston, David 46-10, 74-8*, 140-6, 140-10, 164-10, 164-11, 164-12, 189-1, 189-2, 248-18 Johnston, Lisa 238-7* Johnston, Michelle 245-25 Johnston, Scott M. 257-4* Johnston, Stephen T. 79-8* Jolley, Alison 29-25* Jona, Kemi 114-3*, 114-8 Jones, Adam 110-6* Jones, Alice 166-2, 251-7, 260-1, 260-2

Jones, Blair F. 119-2 Jones, Christie Ann 180-9* Jones, D. 138-13* Jones, Daniel S. 150-12*, 266-4* Jones, Emily 244-35 Jones, Francis 237-5 Jones, Greg 270-1* Jones, James V. III 208-9, 211-13* Jones, Julia A. 228-3*, 243-19* Jones, Katie 251-15 Jones, Kevin B. 180-9 Jones, Krista L. 69-1 Jones, Lucile M. 140-7 Jones, Matt 258-17 Jones, Megan H. 29-12, 29-14, 29-16, 29-19*, 90-8*, 237-10, 237-11, 237-12, 237-13 Jonsson, Caroline 64-9 Jonsson, Christopher 64-9 Joo, Young Ji 222-8* Jordan, Benjamin R. 33-6*, 33-29 Jordan, Brennan T. 98-20* Jordan, Eric W. 101-67* Jordan, Ryan 37-1*, 168-24, 169-15 Jordan, Sarah C. 258-21* Jordan, Teresa 203-6 Jordan, Teresa E. 22-7, 203-9, 244-33 Jordan, Thomas 127-2 Jordan, Tom 164-2 Jorgensen, David 280-2 Joseph, Craig 42-6* Joseph, Emily C.S. 112-2 Joseph, Lura E. 238-4* Joshi, Varun 169-1 Jovane, Luigi 11-10*, 11-11 Jovanelly, Tamie 252-3* Joyce, Arthur 247-17 Joyce, James 173-3, 263-12 Juárez-Arriaga, Edgar 34-9 Jubb, Mary 37-20* Juckett, Miriam 214-5*, 214-6 Jud, Nathan A. 220-10* Judge, Phoebe A. 253-2* Julander, Randall 228-5* Jull, A.J.T. 247-13 Jungmann, Damian 26-10 Juracek, Kyle E. 226-10* Justice, Tiffany 122-6


Kaback, Suzy 278-7 Kading, Tristan 155-10, 187-24*, 248-19* Kadish, Seth J. 20-7* Kafri, Uri 149-11 Kah, Linda C. 97-9, 112-6, 222-1*, 245-9 Kahle, Sue C. 58-2, 131-10* Kairies Beatty, Candace 192-5* Kaiser, Nicholas 141-4 Kaitna, Roland 240-8* Kaka, SanLinn I. 277-5* Kakolewski, Christopher 244-14* Kaktins, Uldis 76-9, 76-10 Kaler, Goose Z. 191-6, 202-9 Kalicki, Tomasz 249-9 Kalkhoff, Steven J. 264-6 Kambhammettu, B.V.N.P. 58-13 Kamenetsky, Vadim 158-11 Kamenov, G.D. 33-27, 40-5, 79-3, 98-9, 206-4 Kamenov, George 33-39 Kamenov, George D. 98-14 Kamerling, Marc J. 13-2 Kaminski, Michael A. 196-4* Kaminsky, George M. 229-11* Kammer, Thomas W. 172-1, 172-2, 172-3* Kamp, Ulrich 244-32 Kampf, Anthony R. 31-5 Kanda, Jun 27-7 Kang, Jinhee 170-10* Kao, Shuh-Ji 258-6 Kaplan, Michael R. 99-16 Kaplan, Samantha W. 243-13 Kapp, Paul 37-3, 231-1 Kappel, Ellen 30-2 Kappel, William 247-28 Kappelman, John W. Jr. 134-1 Karabinos, Paul 68-11* Karacan, C. Özgen 215-6* Karanovic, Marinko 131-5 Kargel, Jeffrey S. 20-12 Karim, Talia S. 32-5* Kariminia, Seyed Mohsen 153-3*

Karimpour, Mohammad H. 33-18, 33-19, 183-3 Karlin, Robert 182-5 Karlstrom, Karl 3-1, 3-2, 16-1, 37-30, 37-31, 60-3*, 108-30, 170-21*, 211-11, 211-13 Karlstrom, Karl E. 33-35, 116-4, 157-2, 168-22, 258-7 Karmanocky, Francis J. III 179-5* Karpilo, Ronald D. 30-6 Karsten, Jill 278-1* Kasprak, Alan 261-5* Kassab, Christine M. 108-14, 108-15*, 108-16, 244-28 Kastens, Kim A. 47-6, 91-1, 91-2* Kastrosky, Karl 179-12 Kaszuba, John 117-14, 117-15 Kato, Terence T. 152-11* Kattenhorn, Simon A. 14-13, 112-3, 156-8, 156-10, 173-16 Katvala, Erik Cowing 108-4 Katz, Brian G. 57-5* Katz, Jordan E. 84-6* Katz, Oded 142-9* Katzenstein, Kurt W. 27-16* Katzman, Danny 251-22 Kauffman, Erle G. 242-12 Kauffman, John D. 80-11, 106-11* Kaufman, Alan J. 10-7, 10-14, 148-6*, 265-2 Kaufman, Charlie C. 140-13, 259-1, 277-6*, 278-10* Kaufman, Darrell S. 219-16 Kaufman, Seth 186-9 Kaunda, Rennie 27-2* Kaur, Manpreet 115-7 Kavner, Abby 17-13* Kavouras, Ilias 244-16 Kawamura, Kiichiro 162-9, 162-10*, 172-23* Kay, Jonathan P. 156-8* Kay, Paul J. 161-11* Kaya, Basak Sener 142-8 Kaya, Murat 190-4*, 190-6 Kaye, Jason 141-4 Kays, M. Allan 231-14* Kean, Jason W. 83-1, 165-11, 240-1*, 240-2 Kearns, Joe 178-1 Keating, Gordon N. 72-4* Keating-Bitonti, Caitlin 151-14 Keaton, Jeffrey R. 92-7* Kebede, Girma 72-15, 243-21 Keefer, D.A. 7-2* Keeley, Joshua A. 232-2* Keenan, Sarah W. 245-4* Keffer, Sean 245-31 Kehew, A.E. 247-29 Kehew, Alan E. 75-3*, 111-6 Kehl, Winifred A. 146-15* Kehr, Linda S. 46-3* Keith, Mackenzie K. 38-4* Keith, Matthew 23-11 Kelemen, Peter 181-2 Kelemen, Peter B. 22-6 Keller, Barry 253-7 Keller, C. Kent 141-5 Keller, C.K. 141-7 Keller, E.A. 129-5 Keller, Edward 107-10 Keller, Edward A. 244-46 Keller, G. Randy 182-10, 224-9* Keller, G.R. 37-31 Keller, Gerta 86-5*, 86-6, 86-7 Keller, Kinsey 270-8 Keller, Randall 33-39 Kelley, Janetta 33-1* Kelley, Joseph 179-10 Kelley, Joseph T. 48-3 Kelley, Karen D. 1-10, 188-9, 188-10 Kelley, Patricia H. 50-12, 96-23, 146-8, 146-12, 275-8* Kelley, Richard E. 33-11 Kelley, Shari 16-1, 40-1*, 43-7 Kelley, Simon P. 106-9 Kellogg, Karl 101-61* Kellogg, Karl S. 14-2* Kellogg, L.H. 122-2 Kellogg, Seth 76-13 Kelly, Colleen 274-12 Kelly, Eric D. 85-3* Kelly, Marissa 78-3 Kelly, Nigel M. 16-13, 85-13*, 185-10

Kelly, Peter J. 184-2, 184-3* Kelly, R. Scott 73-16* Kelsey, Harvey M. 182-2, 244-27 Kelsey, Harvey M. III 154-3, 182-7 Kelsh, Michael A. 274-12* Kelso, Paul R. 208-10* Kelson, Keith 261-1 Kelson, Keith I. 165-4 Kemp, Andrew 171-19*, 179-9, 205-6 Kemp, Christopher 60-10* Kempe, Stephan 66-4 Kempe, Ulf 123-8 Kendall, Brian 10-7* Kendall, Christopher 35-16 Kendall, Jerry 231-1 Kendall, Matthew R. 168-5 Kendelewicz, Tom 117-7 Kendrick, Jackie E. 248-5* Kendrick, Katherine J. 56-2 Kenna, Timothy C . 47-5, 258-32 Kennard, Paul M. 8-2 Kennedy, Allen 185-9 Kennedy, Ben 29-13 Kennedy, Christopher B. 64-6 Kennedy, Katie 144-14 Kennedy, Lori A. 82-7* Kennedy, M.R. 20-15 Kennedy, Megan R. 135-2 Kent, Adam J.R. 18-13, 18-14, 110-9, 253-8 Kent, Allen 12-7 Kent, Dennis 160-7 Kenworthy, Jason P. 96-15, 96-17, 136-5*, 136-6, 136-7 Kenworthy, Megan K. 81-3* Keppel, Mark 3-2 Keppens, Eddy 151-1 Keppie, J. Duncan 79-14 Keranen, Katie 200-13 Kerber, Laura 197-2 Kerr, Laura 67-4* Kerrigan, Julia 167-7 Kerski, Joseph 114-2* Kesel, Richard H. 8-9* Kessler, Holger 7-5, 68-9*, 101-8, 101-12* Keszthelyi, Laszlo 80-1 Keszthelyi, Laszlo P. 95-2, 276-4, 276-11 Kettler, Richard M. 25-3, 25-4* Keulen, N.T. 132-12 Key, Thomas B . 118-4* Khainovski, Oleg 164-2 Khalidi, Lamya 216-10* Khalsa, Niranjan 12-9 Khalsa, Sopurkh 107-7 Khan, Abdul Salam 227-14 Khan, Ikhlas A. 218-11 Khan, Shuhab D. 227-14 Khandaker, Nazrul I. 115-5, 115-7, 115-8, 115-9, 115-17 Khangaonkar, Tarang 9-2 Khanolkar, Sonal 189-6* Kharaka, Yousif K . 22-5*, 117-6 Kharinskii, Artur V. 242-5 Kholeif, Suzan 199-7 Kidder, David L. 86-2* Kidder, Steven 231-10, 231-11 Kief, Jerome M. 258-18 Kiefer, Walter S. 2-9, 97-2*, 156-3* Kieffer, Susan W. 82-12* Kiehl, Jeffrey 222-7 Kienholz, Christian 193-1* Kiernan, Joseph D. 9-8 Kiessling, Wolfgang 196-15 Kihm, Allen J. 267-12 Kilb, Debi 235-7* Kilbourne, K. Halimeda 151-8* Kiley, Thomas P. Jr. 49-4 Kilham, Nina 38-2* Kilibarda, Zoran 35-8*, 39-6, 244-4* Kilinc, Attila 33-4, 168-4 Kill Eagle, John L. 218-7 Killian, Christopher 109-6 Kim, Christopher S. 77-4*, 84-9* Kim, Jae Gon 243-7* Kim, Jonathan 77-3 Kim, Jung-Rack 20-10, 97-11 Kim, Karl 140-4* Kim, Sang-Yun 27-12 Kim, Wonsuck 8-11 Kimbrough, David L. 253-7* King, Bradley D. 235-4 King, David T. Jr. 35-7*, 112-5* King, Helen L. 91-9*, 192-10* ·

2009 GSA Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon 287

King, James L. 32-31* King, John W. 32-3 King, Norman R. 42-16 King, Penelope L. 85-10 King, Robert W. 14-13, 83-3, 273-11* King, Steven D. 96-22* Kingston, Andrew W. 180-10* Kingston, John D. 134-4* Kinner, David A. 244-43*, 280-2* Kinner, Freya 187-5* Kinsland, Gary L. 37-29* Kiran Yildirim, D emet 168-4* Kirby, Eric 62-9, 62-11, 108-30, 244-30, 249-13, 254-8 Kirby, James H. III 179-3* Kirby, Steven H. 200-13 Kirk, Karin B. 47-8*, 49-10, 53-7, 192-18*, 192-19 Kirk, Ray 140-6 Kirkby, Kent 29-34* Kirkland, Brenda L. 42-17 Kirkland, Douglas W. 42-17 Kirschbaum, Dalia Bach 92-5* Kirschner, D.L. 157-13 Kirschtel, David 114-3 Kirschvink, Joseph L. 168-19 Kiryukhin, Alexey 184-1 Kish, Adrienne 141-14 Kisila, Ben Odhiambo 258-24 Kissel, Richard A. 144-9, 192-20 Kistler, R.W 40-11 Kita, N oriko T. 85-12, 98-11, 204-1 Kitajima, Kouki 230-7 Kite, J. Steven 244-47 Kitto, Felix 170-4 Kiura, Purity W. 94-1 Kiyosugi, Koji 155-3 Klaeschen, Dirk 273-4 Klaus, James S. 32-26*, 111-7, 245-40 Klawiter, Mark F. 49-8* Klein, Janneke 271-8 Kleindienst, Maxine 143-3 Kleinhanns, Ilka 60-2 Kleinhanns, Ilka C. 104-3* Klemetti, Erik W. 18-11, 41-11*, 103-5 Klemetti, EW 43-8 Klenner, R.C.L. 113-7 Klepeis, Keith 13-7, 13-8* Klima, Kurt 27-11 Kline, Douglas 160-9 Kline, Mark 115-18 Klink, Cynthia 242-11 Kloppenburg, A. 16-3 Klos, P. Zion 177-16*, 223-14* Kloss, Tristan J. 96-3* Klotchko, Kateryna 64-9 Kluessendorf, Joanne 267-3 Kluge, Steve 53-7, 144-11* Knaeble, Alan R. 174-1 Kneeshaw, Tara A. 258-39 Knierim, Katherine J. 150-9* Knight, Cassi 32-1*, 32-6 Knight, Catharine 237-10, 237-11, 237-12, 237-13 Knight, Pamela 115-11 Knight, Terrell K. 32-30* Knight, Yolande 192-10 Knott, Jeffrey R. 56-4*, 56-5, 81-11, 258-40, 258-43 Kobahyashi, Yoshitsugu 51-6 Koballa, Thomas R. Jr. 236-15 Koch, Johannes 89-5 Koch, Paul L. 19-1*, 111-2, 151-2 Koch, Zach W. 42-3* Koch, Zelenda J. 2-11 Kochel, R. Craig 244-28 Kochelek, Evan J. 200-6 Kochnev, Boris 148-6, 265-2 Kodali, Bharathi Kumari 174-11 Kodali, Lakshmi Narasimharao 174-11* Kodama, Kenneth 107-3 Kodama, Kenneth P. 62-5 Koeberl, Christian 198-7, 207-1, 207-10, 207-11*, 207-13, 234-8 Koenig, A.E. 93-1, 204-10 Koenig, Alan 93-5, 120-2 Koerner, Alice A. 101-22*, 104-4 Koestner, Daniel W. 168-26 Koger, Curtis J. 76-2*, 170-16 Kohl, Daniel R. 35-12* Kohn, Matthew J. 132-1*, 230-3* Kohut, Edward 33-15* Kokaly, Raymond F. 212-5, 233-9

Kolbe, Sarah E. 4-3 Koler, Thomas E. 118-2, 191-14*, 213-6 Koleszar, Alison M. 18-13*, 18-14 Kolker, Alexander S. 247-18 Kolker, Allan 119-13, 166-4* Kolvoord, Roger 26-20 Komuro, Kosei 170-9* Kong, Laura 164-8 Konishi, Hiromi 84-10, 84-13 Kooi, Henk 272-11 Kool, Lesley 51-5 Koons, Peter 136-8 Koons, Peter O. 16-4, 108-21 Kooser, Ara 150-3 Kopec, David W. III 119-24 Kopstein, Mickey 64-9 Koretsky, Carla 109-9 Koretsky, Carla M. 113-15, 119-11 Kortemeyer, Gerd 2-7 Kortyna, Cullen D. 108-14*, 108-15, 108-16 Kortz, Karen 91-13* Kortz, Karen M. 90-7* Korus, Jesse T. 101-55 Kosel, Thomas H. 84-8 Koski, Katrina 127-14, 150-11* Koski, Randy 204-4 Kosloski, Mary Elizabeth 96-27* Kosnik, Matthew A. 4-14*, 196-1 Koteas, G. Christopher 16-11, 63-6* Kothari, Jinal 227-11* Kotra, Janet P. 214-6 Kottachchi, Niranjala 172-14 Koukharsky, Magdalena 33-25 Kouremenos, Peter 129-9* Kouwenberg, Lenny 32-22* Kovarik, Johanna L. 213-1* Kowalczuk, Ranae L. 67-7* Kowalewski, Michal 50-1*, 51-13, 96-24, 96-28, 146-1, 146-3, 196-1, 219-16 Kowallis, Bart J. 36-18, 101-46, 267-11 Kowalski, Julia 240-5* Kowler, Andrew 198-6* Koy, Karen A. 115-1*, 209-8*, 260-3 Kozdon, Reinhard 98-11 Koziol, Andrea M. 246-13* Kozlov, Kostj 119-13 Kozlowski, Andrew L. 75-3, 244-13*, 247-27*, 247-28, 247-29, 247-30 Krabbenhoft, David 78-7* Krabbenhoft, David P. 69-13 Kraft, Katrien J. 45-2*, 90-8, 210-3, 237-2, 237-10, 237-11, 237-12*, 237-13 Krahling, Mark D. 119-24 Krainer, Karl 34-1, 245-15 Krajenta, Richard J. 218-9 Kramer, Kelly 258-42 Kratz, Rene 279-1 Kratzmann, David J. 255-1* Kratzmann, Meredith G. 179-7*, 229-10 Kraus, Mary J. 86-13 Krause, Joachim 16-8 Krause, Richard A. Jr. 50-1, 146-1, 196-1, 219-16, 275-10 Kravet, Emma 205-2 Krekeler, Mark 26-11, 31-4*, 218-3, 243-9, 243-10, 243-14, 243-16 Kreman, Drew 101-64* Kreslavsky, Mikhail 20-8*, 20-14 Kretzschmar, Thomas 227-7 Kreusel, Lucy 188-7* Krigbaum, John 222-9 Kring, David A. 135-1* Krinsley, David 147-4* Krishnamurthy, R.V. 111-6 Krissek, Lawrence 29-12, 29-14, 29-16, 29-19, 99-13* Kroeger, Kevin 149-2 Kroeger, Kevin D. 149-8*, 149-9 Krøgli, Svein Olav 207-12 Krol, Michael A. 258-14 Kroll, A.J. 122-6 Kronz, Andreas 151-7 Krotkov, N.A. 155-12 Krouse, Helene J. 218-9 Krueger, A.J. 155-12 Krueger, Daniel W. 258-28 Krug, Kate D. 122-7* Krugh, William C. 14-7 Kruijer, Thomas 16-6 Krumdieck, Newton W. 244-13, 247-27, 247-28*, 247-30 Krumhansl, James L. 109-3

Krzyzanowski, Stan E. 32-11 Kuby, Michael 72-6 Kuchta, Matthew 275-11* Kudryavtsev, Anatoliy B. 4-4 Kuehn, Stephen C. 247-19 Kuehne, Paul A. 267-11 Kuerschner, Wolfram M. 4-13, 61-7 Kugel, Max 102-7* Kuhlman, Robert S. 209-5* Kuhn, Jeffrey A. 271-11* Kuiper, Yvette D. 173-21, 223-1* Kuivila, Kathryn M. 3-7, 218-8* Kuizon, Lucia 51-15 Kulagina, Natalia 242-5 Kulkarni, U.P. 175-4 Kulo, Violet 114-11 Kulp, Mark A. 229-5 Kumar, Arun 32-45* Kumar, K. Vijaya 33-38*, 123-2* Kumar, Manish 126-7 Kumar, Mukesh 228-7*, 228-10 Kumar, Naresh 139-11 Kumar, Pankaj 126-7 Kumar, Rajeev 60-2 Kump, Lee R. 133-1*, 148-13*, 159-5 Kundargi, Rohan 17-13 Kundu, M. 126-8 Kung, Robert 142-10, 171-10 Kunimatsu, Yutaka 134-5 Kunk, Michael J. 101-68, 136-2, 234-10* Kunkel, Kenneth E. 228-2 Kunze, Jay F. 72-8 Kuo, Christine 36-14* Kurtz, Martha 29-36 Kurz, Gene Alan 61-8* Kurz, Marie J. 177-11* Kurz, Mark 249-15 Kurz, Walter 27-11 Kuscu, Ilkay 241-4 Kusky, Tim 13-12 Kusler, Jennifer 198-3 Kuzila, M.S. 244-8 Kuznetsov, Oleg V. 242-5 Kvitek, Rikk 101-36 Kwicklis, Edward Michael 251-10, 251-17* Kwon, Man Jae 25-7* Kwon, O-il 27-6 Kyle, J. Richard 26-20 Kyle, Jennifer E. 260-4* Kyle, Phil 82-2 Kyncl, Rhonda 47-4 Kysar Mattietti, Giuseppina 279-3*


Laabs, Benjamin J. 193-5 Labadie, Julia E. 105-6* Labandeira, Conrad C. 32-40*, 51-7, 87-6*, 141-9 Laber, Jayme L. 164-4 LaBlanc, Kelly J. 75-2* LaBold, John Alan 259-6* LaBolle, Eric 145-5 Labrecque, Phillip A. 102-4* Lachmar, Thomas E . 76-6* Lachniet, Matthew S. 178-6 Lackey, Jade Star 246-5 LaClair, Deidre 34-4, 198-12* Lacombe, Pierre J. 127-11 Lacovara, Kenneth J. 73-5 Ladig, Kathryn 5-13 LaDue, Nicole 30-2, 278-3 Laflamme, Marc 196-15, 245-10* LaFromboise, Eli J. 259-3 LaGarry, Hannan E. 118-6 Lageson, David R. 14-4, 14-8* Lagomarcino, Anne J. 196-3* Lagos, Marcelo 88-5, 154-5 LaGreca, Anthony J. 38-8* Lahm, Terry 29-23* LaHusen, Richard G. 190-5, 240-11 Lai, Han 271-13 Lai, Jianqing 1-6 Lai, Xulong 133-12 Laincz, Jozef 3-4* Laird, Jamie S. 1-5 Lam, Bao V. 245-5* Lamanna, Matthew C. 73-5, 87-9 LaMaskin, Todd 61-12*, 73-3 Lamb, Andrew P. 182-3* Lamb, Melissa A. 198-14, 252-8 Lamb, William L. 132-10

Lambert, Dale P. 248-2, 248-9* Lambert, Ian 264-5* Lana, Cristiano 207-1 Lancaster, Jer emy T. 101-7* Lancaster, Nicholas 122-9* Lancaster, S tephen T. 8-2, 225-2, 249-11, 280-6 Lanceleur, Laurent 116-3, 119-22 Land, Lewis A. 150-7* Landa, Edward R. 119-13 Landau, Brian 90-11 Landing, Ed 50-3 Landis, Carol 2-4 Landis, G.P. 93-1, 93-9, 120-1, 204-9*, 204-13 Landis, Gary P. 204-1 Landman, Neil H. 32-42, 245-36 Landmeyer, Nils 247-2 Lane, Erin 29-25 Lane, Melissa J. 210-2 Lang, Darin M. 25-10* Lang, Helen M. 61-1, 185-3* Lang, James R. 188-9, 188-10 Lang, Nicholas P. 244-3, 248-13, 276-9* Lange, Rebecca A. 158-4 Langenheim, V.E. 101-31* Langenheim, Victoria E. 101-25, 101-26, 101-36, 182-9, 273-10 Langenhorst, Falko 234-11 Langford, Richard P. 147-9*, 236-1* Langille, Jackie 12-14* Langner, Heiko W. 119-16* Langridge, Robert 223-14 Langridge, Robert M. 173-2, 173-6, 268-5* Langston, Abigail L. 176-1*, 177-4 Lanphier, Henry W. 32-6 Lansbery, Leslie Ann 258-3 Laó-Dávila, Daniel Alberto 37-12 Lapen, T.J. 231-13 LaPorta, Philip C. Jr. 36-23* Lara, Hernan J. 113-2 Lara, Luis L. 248-17 Larin, P.N. 202-11 Larmat, C. 83-9* Larrose, Aurélie 116-3, 119-22 Larsell, Evan 110-3 Larsen, Christopher 136-9 Larsen, Daniel 170-7* Larsen, Darren 5-11* Larsen, Isaac J. 107-8* Larsen, Mar k T. 40-8 Larson, Erik B. 261-8* Larson, Peter 26-23, 41-2, 65-6, 204-11 Larson, Peter A. 41-1 Larson, Phil 101-2 Larson, Toti 243-17 Lasarwe, Reneilwe 211-2 LaScala-Gruenewald, Diana 96-29* Laska, Shirley 189-5 Last, George V. 42-13, 55-6* Latham, Rebecca S. 92-12, 244-43 Latimer, Jennifer 134-9 Latimer, Jennifer C. 99-5, 168-27 Lato, Leon 56-6 Laton, Richard 188-5 Lau, Edmund 274-12 Laubach, Stephen E. 93-4 Lauer, J. Wesley 39-8, 54-10, 226-9*, 226-11 Laursen, Charles 258-57 Lautz, Laura 113-3, 128-10*, 177-3 LaVack, Cody E. 266-11* Lavé, Jérôme 153-11 Lavina, Barbara 17-3* Lavoie, Dawn 229-5 Law, Brian 16-5 Law, Richard D. 16-7, 268-2 Lawrence, Martin S. 165-13 Lawrence, Rebecca L. 211-9 Lawson, Daniel 99-7 Lawton, Timothy F. 40-6* Layer, Paul 33-31, 108-7, 130-13 Layzell, Anthony 247-21 Layzell, Anthony L. 249-6* Lazic, Biljana 132-13 Le Blond, Jennifer 28-2* Le, Kim 81-14 Lea, Jolyne K. 228-4* Lea, Peter D. 192-1* Leach, Peter A. 23-7*, 221-6 Leaf, A ndrew T. 176-14* Leakey, Meave G. 134-5

288 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

Lear, Caroline 151-12 Leary, Ryan J. 5-13 Lease, Richard 254-7 Leatham, W. Britt 32-34*, 171-16* Leatherman, Mark A. 123-14 Leavitt, Steven W. 247-13 Leavy, Tracy 177-15 Lebedeva, Marina 141-1 Lebednik, Phillip 151-7 Leckey, Erin H. 51-8* Leckie, R. Mark 29-12, 29-14, 29-16*, 29-19, 86-12 LeComte, Alysia A. 108-14 Ledbetter, Jeri 213-3 Ledgerwood, Rob 36-1 Ledley, Tamara Shapiro 278-2* Lee, Adam A. 244-20*, 244-40, 244-41 Lee, Angela 114-2 Lee, Cin-Ty 40-11, 52-1*, 231-9, 264-4 Lee, David R. 57-6* Lee, Hyunwoo 27-12* Lee, Jung-Eun 219-11 Lee, Lindsey 198-14, 252-8* Lee, Lopaka 66-6 Lee, Ming-Kuo 126-1, 126-9, 170-14 Lee, Namhey 64-9 Lee, Patricia E. 37-26* Lee, Robert 258-57 Lee, Robert G. 158-8*, 204-8 Lee, S.Y. 16-9 Lee, Sang Soo 64-1 Lee, Seung Hyun 171-17* Lee, Yong Il 162-7, 257-8 Leech, Mary 185-8 Leelanandam, C. 33-38, 123-2 Leeman, William P. 18-5*, 41-2, 65-1, 65-4, 65-5, 110-5, 123-11 Leeson, Dylan 115-1 Lefticariu, Liliana 121-6, 121-7 LeGalley, Erin Michelle 243-10* Legg, Mark R. 13-2* Leggett, William J. 40-6 Leggitt, V. Leroy 198-9 Legorreta-Paulin, Gabriel 202-9 Lehane, Jim 2-6* Lehman, Thomas 134-6 Lehmann, Sophie 32-23, 244-33* Lehnert, Kerstin A. 163-6, 217-9*, 238-12 Lehnert, Oliver 222-2, 245-2 Lehto, Heather L. 155-3 Leier, Andrew 253-6, 253-9* Leighton, Lindsey R. 146-1, 146-2, 146-8* Leite, Breno 270-10* Leite, Michael B. 118-6 Lemelle, Laurence 10-6 Lemieux, Jean-Michel 272-12* Lemke, Lawrence D. 35-1, 42-4, 47-2*, 218-9, 258-37 Lenczewski, Melissa 141-12 Leng, Qin 19-11, 220-13* Leonard, Eric M. 247-20 Leonard, Graham S. 15-10, 21-3, 164-10, 164-11, 164-12*, 189-1, 189-2, 248-18 Leonard, Lucinda J. 154-7* Leonard-Pingel, Jill S. 219-5* Leonov, Vladimir 41-3 LePain, David L. 108-1, 108-11, 108-12 Lepland, Aivo 148-3 Lepper, Kenneth 213-12, 258-48 Lerma, Jose L. 236-5 Lerner, Allan J. 245-15* Lerner-Lam, Arthur 92-5 LeRoy, Sverre L. 252-7 Leroy, Thomas H. 182-6, 229-2* Lerud-Heck, Joanne V. 2-10* Lesemann, Jerome-Etienne 55-9*, 247-7* Leslie, Andrew B. 220-12* Leslie, Bret W. 214-5, 214-6* Leslie, Shannon R. 56-3, 173-7* Leslie, Stephen A. 105-11, 159-5, 159-9, 208-6 Lesti, Chiara 41-6 Letsinger, Sally L. 54-2* Leung, Yu-Fai 29-39 Lev, S. 119-2 Levander, Alan 139-6*, 139-7*, 200-4 Levashova, Natalia M. 98-8, 98-9 Leveille, Richard J. 66-10* Levering, David 172-7 Levin, Naomi E. 19-2*, 19-4 Levine, Jamie 63-4, 63-7* Levine, Norman S. 140-13*, 259-1, 278-10 Levitan, Denise M. 24-4

Levy, Joseph 20-6* Lewis, Caitlin M. 32-38*, 32-39 Lewis, Gary B. 278-3 Lewis, Reed S. 7-11, 79-5, 101-48*, 231-7 Lewis, Ronald D. 32-27, 245-21, 245-24 Lewis, Ronald D. 32-30 Lewis, S.M. 44-5 Lewis, Tracy 187-3 Lézine, Anne-Marie 134-8 Lgourna, Zineb 168-14, 227-9 Li, Baoguo 198-5 Li, Bo 274-15* Li, Chun-Xiang 220-13 Li, Chusi 1-11 Li, Guoxiang 265-3 Li, J. 122-2 Li, Ling 149-4 Li, Qingsong 139-14 Li, Yuan 215-14 Li, Zhongquan 13-12 Lian, Olav B. 247-25 Liang, Chuan 225-10 Liang, Xin 68-12 Libarkin, Julie C. 2-7, 68-4*, 91-6, 91-7, 91-14, 258-21, 277-11 Liben, Lynn S. 91-3 Liberi, Francesca 152-1 Liberty, Lee M. 182-3 Licciardi, Joseph 249-15 Licht, Kathy 266-10 Liddell, W. David 161-2* Liddicoat, Joseph 56-4 Liddicoat, Joseph C. 11-6*, 11-7*, 56-5*, 198-8* Lidke, David J. 44-8 Lieberman, Bruce 196-12, 220-1 Lieberman, Bruce S. 73-10, 73-13, 137-2* Liebermann, Robert C. 17-1* Liermann, Laura 141-10 Lifton, Nathaniel 81-12*, 249-15* Lightbody, Anne 177-18 Lightsom, Frances 238-13* Lillie, Robert J. 21-7, 89-10, 136-5, 235-8* Lilly, Richard 26-10 Lilova, Kristina 109-1* Limarino, Carlos O. 133-14 Lin, Henry 141-4 Lin, Jih-Pai 172-5*, 196-15 Lin, Jinyan 252-4 Lin, Kuo-Wan 164-1 Lin, Qing 28-1 Lin, Shih-Yuan 20-10, 97-11 Lin, Shoufa 223-1 Linck, Guthrie 238-13 Lincoln, Beth Z. 98-19 Lincoln, Timothy N. 98-19* Lind, Pollyanna 225-6* Lind, Richard 265-12 Lindamood, Edwin J. 101-62, 102-3 Lindberg, David R. 219-7 Linde, A. 255-3 Lindemann, Christie D. 12-10 Linden, Michael 213-5 Lindline, Jennifer 29-9*, 173-23 Lindsay, Lowell E. 2-1* Lindsay, Matthew B.J. 24-7* Lindsay, Thomas C. 187-6* Lindsey, Kevin A. 80-2, 106-2, 106-3, 131-2*, 131-4, 131-5 Liner, Tiffany 258-22* Lingjian, Meng 173-12 Linhoff, Benjamin 243-17* Lini, Andrea 244-9 Link, Paul 266-6 Link, Paul K. 232-2 Link, Paul Karl 61-5*, 98-15*, 232-3 Link, Tim 228-6 Linneman, Scott R. 191-12, 274-6*, 279-1 Linnen, Robert L. 263-2* Linteris, Justin W. 172-9* Lintinen, Petri 272-4 Linzmeier, Benjamin J. 245-16* Liou, J.G. 130-7 Liou, Juhn G. 17-7* Lipiec, Eva 101-65 Lipps, Jere H. 125-2*, 205-1 Lipske, Joanna L. 158-6 Lisle, Tom 225-2 Lite, Kenneth E. Jr. 131-7* Litter, Marta I. 77-8 Littke, Heather A. 173-9* Little, Mathew 247-12 Little, William W. 105-8

Litwin, Ronald J. 129-10 Liu, Chia-Chuan 126-1 Liu, Fengjing 177-12 Liu, Hong 117-16 Liu, Jie 170-12 Liu, Kaijian 139-6, 139-7 Liu, Mian 62-1, 139-14 Liu, Qingsong 84-7 Liu, Shengfeng 84-5 Liu, Xiao-Ming 158-12* Liu, Yiqun 252-4 Liu, Yuping 173-11 Liutkus, Cynthia M. 248-26 Lively, Joshua 245-24* Livelybrooks, Dean 45-1*, 273-7 Livingston, David M. 225-11* Livsey, Daniel North 35-21* Lizárraga Mendiola, Liliana 243-22* Llerandi-Román, Pablo A. 258-49, 277-13* Lloyd, Andrew 235-11 Lloyd, Geoffrey E. 124-3, 268-2 Lloyd-Davies, Thomas 198-3 Loague, Keith 58-1* Lobegeier, Melissa K. 205-10* Locklair, Robert 160-2 Lockner, David A. 157-4 Lockwood, John P. 194-6* Lockwood, Rowan 172-21*, 196-1, 219-4* Locock, Andrew 132-13 Loehn, Clayton 268-2 Logan, Graham A. 256-3 Logan, M. Amelia V. 258-16 Logan, Matthew 190-5*, 240-11 Logan, Robert L. 101-32, 202-7, 202-9 Loheide, Steven P. II 9-5*, 78-9 Lohff, Kathleen 137-4* Lohse, Kathleen A. 121-3, 131-6 Lokas, Edyta 249-9 Long, Antony J. 129-6, 129-7 Long, Colin J. 202-2 Long, D avid T. 24-11, 70-9* Long, Jared K. 152-3* Long, Maureen D. 224-7 Long, Philip 64-8 Long, Philip E. 264-7 Long, Ryan D. 26-13 Long, Sean P. 230-4*, 253-6 Long, Terri 279-5 Longinotti, Nicole 107-7 Longmire, Patrick 243-17, 251-22 Longo, Anthony A. 158-7*, 204-5, 263-6, 263-7* Longo, Antonella 82-1 Longo, Bernadette M. 212-6* Lonn, Jeffrey D. 101-48 Loope, David 5-16 Loope, David B. 25-3*, 25-4 Loope, Garrison R. 32-16* Looy, Cindy V. 87-2* Lopes, Jared 226-12 López de Luchi, Monica G. 43-3* Lopez, Alexis 271-13* Lopez, Andrew 169-8* Lopez, Jose Pablo 37-8, 173-31 Lopez, Margarita 37-10 Lorah, Michelle 9-11 Lord, Edwin 32-7* Lord, Mark 9-4, 244-29* Lorentz, Nathaniel J. 232-5* Loring, Arthur P. 115-17 Lorrain, Anne 151-5* Lothrop, Jonathan C. 244-13 Lotimer, Tim 35-23, 75-9 Loudin, Michael G. 161-6*, 208-1* Lough, Trevelyn 276-10* Loughlin, Susan C. 54-7 Loukola-Ruskeeniemi, Kirsti 98-21 Love, Andrew 3-1*, 3-2, 128-13, 170-21 Love, Jonathan 258-34 Lovelock, Elizabeth Clare 32-21* Lovera, Oscar M. 186-5* Lovis, William A. 94-5 Low, P.C. 33-35* Lowe, Donald R. 207-5 Lowell, Robert 239-8 Lowell, Thomas 99-21 Lowenstein, Tim K . 34-4, 99-12, 198-5, 198-12 Lowenstern, Jacob B. 204-12* Lowers, H.A. 204-10 Lowers, Heather A. 212-5, 212-8, 233-9 Lowery, Darrin L. 23-6*

Loxsom, Fred 47-8, 49-9*, 49-10 Loyd, Sean J. 168-25 Lu, Ning 190-4, 190-8 Lu, Zhong 191-4 Lucas, Spencer 220-10 Lucas, Spencer G. 32-11, 32-12, 32-36*, 32-37, 34-1, 35-5, 36-3, 61-7, 96-5, 96-13, 96-14*, 96-15, 96-17, 133-13*, 213-11, 245-15 Luce, Elise 258-32* Luce, J.M. 152-4* Luckman, Brian 5-6 Ludois, James M. 168-18* Ludvigson, G.A. 19-15* Ludvigson, Greg 36-21 Ludvigson, Greg A. 51-4, 111-10 Ludvigson, Greg A. 19-16 Ludwig, Matthew A. 237-8*, 237-9 Ludwig, Rolf Rüdiger 101-16 Luettich, Richard 229-8 Luffi, Peter 231-9 Lugowski, Adam 160-14 Luhmann, Andrew J. 127-6*, 176-15 Luke, Barbara 188-6 Lukens, William E. 213-10 Lumsden, David N. 170-7 Lund, K. 232-7* Lund, Steve P. 252-6 Lundblad, Steven P. 167-11* Lundin, Jessica 274-12 Lundquist, Jessica D. 9-5, 228-11 Lundstrom, Craig C. 264-7 Lundstrom, Scott 44-4*, 75-1* Lundstrom, Scott C. 225-9 Lundy, James R. 272-7 Luo, Vivian 72-11 Luo, Wei 9-9, 54-6*, 59-2* Lupia, R. 32-10* Lupton, Daniel M. 9-12* Lupulescu, Marian V. 123-3 Lusardi, Barbara A. 174-1 Lusardi, Robert A. 9-8 Lutat, Petra 159-11 Luther, Amy 12-9 Luthi, Stefan M. 179-5 Luttge, Andreas 256-2 Lutz, Michelle 78-7 Lutz, Tim 258-12 Lyakhovsky, Vladimir 149-11 Lyman-Holt, Alicia 21-13* Lynch, F. Leo 42-17 Lynch, Josh M. 245-17 Lynch, K. 244-5 Lynch, Katherine 177-15 Lynds, Ranie 117-2* Lyons, John J. 82-5, 82-6* Lyons, S. Kathleen 50-1, 50-15, 196-1 Lyons, Timothy W. 10-7, 111-1, 168-25 Lyons, W. Berry 69-3, 212-4, 264-11* Lyons, W.B. 264-10 Lythgoe, P.R. 126-8 Lyttle, Peter 92-14 Lyubetskaya, Tanya 85-8


Ma, Lichun 198-5* Ma, Lina 101-37*, 142-8 Ma, Ning 115-3 Ma, Rui 3-14* Ma, Teng 77-13 Ma, Ying 58-8* Maas, Benjamin J. 100-1* Mabee, Stephen B. 136-3 Mabey, Matthew A. 233-7 Mac Low, Mordecai-Mark 239-12 Macalady, Jennifer L. 150-12 MacCord, Erin 115-6 MacCormack, Kelsey E. 7-6*, 75-8, 101-10* Macdonald, David 257-3 Macdonald, Francis A. 4-4 MacDonald, James H. Jr. 33-30, 173-9, 201-6* Macdonald, Maritza 214-3 Macdonald, R. Heather 49-13, 90-3*, 209-1* Maceira, Monica 83-11* MacFadden, Bruce J. 172-21 Macfarlan, Shane 167-10 Macfarlane, Andrew W. 168-3 Macfarlane, P. Allen 36-21 MacGillivray, Holly M. 33-23* ·

2009 GSA Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon 289

Machado, Maria 81-4 Machette, M.N. 14-4 Machette, Michael N. 56-5, 56-9 Mack, Sheridan 42-2* Mack, Thomas J. 227-15 MacKenzie, Richard A. III 179-6* Mackey, Ben 142-7, 191-10* MacKinnon, Karen A. 266-8 Macko, Stephen 159-10 Macko, Stephen A. 175-7, 239-11, 251-3 Mackown, Jennifer 276-3 MacLean, Ashley 77-2 MacLeod, Kenneth G. 86-12, 159-9 Macnab, Ian 39-10 MacNaughton, Robert B. 133-7 Macpherson, G.L. 57-7*, 258-1, 258-2 MacQuarrie, K.T.B. Sr. 272-14 MacQueen, Patricia 83-1 Madden, Andrew 109-5 Madden, Andrew S. 168-5 Madden, Marguerite 127-2 Madej, Mary Ann 225-1* Madin, Ian 165-5 Madin, Ian P. 101-37 Madison, Frederick W. 54-3* Mádl-Szõnyi, Judit 78-13*, 157-5 Maechling, Phil 164-2 Maekawa, Takano 48-4 Maest, A.S. 119-14* Magilligan, Francis J. 261-5 Magirl, Christopher S. 280-5 Magura, Bonnie 67-10, 235-1 Mahan, Kevin H. 124-4*, 132-5, 181-3 Mahan, Shannon A. 56-3, 94-10, 143-14*, 173-7 Mahar, James 261-3 Mahar, James M. 72-8 Maharjan, Dev K. 42-11* Maher, Harmon Jr. 13-9*, 157-1 Maher, Kate 64-7, 117-7 Mahle, Ryan J. 171-8 Mahler, Barbara J. 176-3* Mahmood, Khalid 227-14 Mahmoudi, Shahryar 183-1 Mahoney, J. Brian 232-1, 253-7 Mahony, Dan 89-6 Mahood, Gail A. 41-12 Mahrabi, Behzad 33-21 Mailloux, Jason M. 168-21* Main, Derek J. 32-14* Maine, Aviva 20-14 Maistros, Lauren M. 172-19* Majcher, Emily 9-11 Majkowski, Lisa 56-1 Major, Jon 38-3, 38-4 Majumder, Santanu 126-6 Majzlan, Juraj 84-11* Makahnouk, Michael 272-4* Makovsky, Kyle A. 249-7 Makurat, Axel 22-3, 117-9 Malcuit, Robert J. 97-1*, 266-2* Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, Azadeh 33-18* Malick, Geoffrey T. 32-6 Malin, Michael C. 97-12 Malinconico, Lawrence L. 208-12 Maliva, Robert G. 145-13 Malizia, Thomas 168-7 Malkowski, Matthew A. 108-2*, 108-3 Mallery, Christopher S. Jr. 172-10 Mallinson, David 229-8* Mallinson, David J. 205-6 Malmon, Daniel 8-8, 225-9* Malone, David 101-53, 101-56, 101-57, 235-4 Malone, Steve 164-3, 202-1 Maloney, Dave F. 172-20 Maloof, Andrew 258-26 Maltese, Adam V. 277-10* Maltman, Alex 270-3* Mancheno, Miguel-Angel 96-24 Manchester, Kenneth R. 271-11 Mancini, Ernest A. 36-26* Mancktelow, Neil 37-4 Mandal, Subhadip 35-17* Mandel, Rolfe 36-21 Mandel, Rolfe D. 94-6*, 249-5 Mander, Luke 4-13*, 159-13 Mandeville, Charles 33-14 Manduca, Cathryn 68-5, 208-8, 237-2 Manduca, Cathryn A. 29-35, 47-7, 47-8, 49-10, 49-13*, 91-1*, 91-2, 192-18 Manecki, Maciej 109-8 Manetti, Piero 184-6, 248-24

Manga, Michael 216-1* Mangan, Erica A. 142-13 Manger, Walter L. 245-17 Mango, Helen 170-17* Mangold, Nicolas 156-4 Manion, Jennifer Leigh 204-11* Manley, Patricia 9-3 Manley, Thomas 9-3 Manning, Andrew H. 251-8 Manning, Ashley R. 244-23* Manning, Craig E. 132-11, 239-4* Manning, Earl B. 157-8, 157-9 Mano, Akira 126-4 Manon, Matthew R.F. 236-13 Mansfield, Michael R. 79-4 Manske, Scott L. 26-6, 26-7 Manson, Connie J. 238-3* Mansour, Majdi 54-7 Manthi, Frederick Kyalo 134-7 Manthi, Fredrick K. 19-4* Mao, Jingdong 199-12*, 215-14* Mapes, Gene 220-11 Mapes, Royal 245-18 Mapes, Royal H. 245-16 Mapes, Russell W. 211-9 Marano, Kristin 164-1 Marble, Justin C. 250-1, 271-1 Marcano, Eugenio 165-14 Marcantonio, F. 264-10 Marcantonio, Franco 175-6 March, Kate 233-14* Marchant, David R. 20-3*, 20-4, 20-5, 20-6, 20-11 Marchenko, Sergei 269-2* Marchetti, David W. 81-9, 101-39* Marcott, Shaun A. 5-7* Marenco, Pedro J. 159-15 Marich, A.S. 75-8 Mariner, Robert H. 155-5, 155-6 Marino, Domenico 48-1* Mark, Darren F. 133-3 Mark, Linda E. 38-3* Markewich, Helaine W. 129-10 Markham, Jennifer 157-10* Marko, Wayne T. 246-9 Markowski, Michael 128-1, 128-11 Marks, Danny 228-6, 228-7, 228-10* Marks, Mano 53-6 Markson, Angela 101-62 Markson, Angela M. 45-11* Markussen, Lars Møller 174-6 Maron, Jason 239-12 Marone, Chris 83-13 Marot, Marci E. 171-1 Marrero, Shasta M. 249-16* Marrett, Randall 223-12 Marrocchi, Yves 10-6 Marrufo, Sandy S. 147-9 Mars, John C. 241-4, 241-12* Marsala, Peter 188-5, 227-1*, 227-11, 227-14 Marsh, E.E. 93-1, 93-5, 93-7, 93-9*, 120-2 Marsh, Jeffrey H. 132-13 Marsh, Julian S. 245-27 Marshak, Stephen 173-21, 192-2, 223-6* Marshall, Charles R. 196-5* Marshall, Jeffrey S. 236-14*, 259-3 Marshall, Nathan 267-2* Marshall-Bowman, Karina 64-9 Martens, Uwe 130-7*, 248-11 Martí, Eugènia 128-5 Martin, Anthony J. 51-5* Martin, Bart S. 106-8* Martin, Darren 166-2 Martin, Deborah A. 212-3, 212-5 Martin, Erwan 15-3* Martin, James E. 32-44 Martin, Jon B. 19-9 Martin, Jonathan B. 69-7, 127-8, 149-1*, 149-6, 171-13, 176-1, 177-4, 177-11, 180-16 Martin, Kylara M. 200-4 Martin, Luke C. 35-22* Martin, M.E. 202-6* Martin, Robert S. 119-26* Martin, Ron 196-14* Martin, Ruth A. 171-14* Martin-Izard, A. 26-5 Martindale, Rowan 50-8* Martinell, Jordi 96-24, 96-28* Martínez Catalán, J.R. 37-7 Martinez, Cindy M. 37-31 Martinez, Cynthia 37-30

Martinez, Edward 29-9 Martinez, Francisco J. 230-10 Martínez, María 155-9 Martinez, Nicole D. 248-13* Martinez, Robert J. 260-6* Martínez-Colón, Michael 29-11*, 171-6* Martini, Anna M. 239-7 Martini, Rossana 73-2 Martiny, Barbara M. 37-10*, 41-4 Maruyama, Shigenori 10-5 Marvin, Rich 30-7* Marvinney, Robert 77-2 Mary, Michelle 129-3* Mary, Michelle L. 51-15 Mas, Rémy 151-1* Maslennikov, Valeriy 241-8 Mason, Charles E. 119-19 Mason, Jon P. 122-8*, 228-13 Mason, Paul R.D. 206-12* Mason, Sara E. 64-3, 64-4* Mason, Stephanie N. 139-2, 161-5, 210-10* Masoudi, Fariborz 33-21 Masoudi, Freborz Sr. 183-1 Masour, Janna 127-2 Massey, Christine A. 244-49* Masson, Matthieu 69-10, 116-3*, 119-22* Mastalerz, Maria 215-4, 215-12, 215-14 Mastera, Lawrence J. 170-20* Masterlark, Timothy 157-6 Masterson, John 229-7 Mastin, Larry G. 82-9*, 82-14 Masura, Julie E. 114-1*, 192-11 Masutsubo, Nobuaki 201-11* Mata, Scott A. 133-5* Mateus, Octávio 87-11 Matheney, Ronald K. 237-11 Matheney, Ronald K. 237-12, 237-13 Mather, Tamsin A . 119-26 Mathers, Genevive R. 163-9* Mathers, Steve 7-5*, 68-9 Mathes, Samuel B. 32-6 Mathewes, Rolf W. 219-12 Mathieson, Allan 22-8 Mathieux, Paul 101-68 Mathis, Allyson C. 235-8 Mathison, Mark E. 258-23 Mathur, R. 168-6 Mathur, Ryan 26-8 Matin, Abdul 169-1 Matmon, Ari 56-12, 244-39 Matson, Dennis L. 97-15 Matson, Samuel D. 222-12* Matsuo, Motoyuki 98-7 Matsuzaki, Hiroyuki 129-8 Matter, Juerg M. 22-6* Matthews, Francis Alex 32-24 Matthews, Neffra A. 118-6 Mattinson, Christopher G. 98-18, 130-7, 246-6 Mattox, Stephen 49-5* Mattox, Stephen R. 49-7 Matty, David 16-7 Matyjasik, Marek 109-8, 161-1* Matzinger, Gia 5-13 Mauel, David J. 40-6 Mauel, Stephen W. 54-3 Maurer, Malyssa 5-6 Mauri, Guillaume 155-2* Maurice, Patricia A. 84-8 Maurrasse, Florentin J. 25-13 Mauz, Barbara 143-11 Mavrogenes, John A. 33-3, 93-11*, 158-3*, 263-1 Maxson, Julie 187-12* Maxwell, Reed 58-5 Maxwell, Ted A. 94-2* May, Christine L. 225-2* May, James 27-1 Maya, Jorge 26-6, 26-7 Mayer, Bernhard 22-9* Mayer, Brian M. 80-2 Mayer, Jonathan 74-3* Mayer, K. Ulrich 119-4, 176-9, 251-15, 272-14 Mayer, Larry 138-11 Mayer, Paul M. 9-7 Mayerle, Matthew 101-47* Mayers, C. Justin 116-2 Mayhew, Michael A. 67-6*, 114-5, 192-12 Mayo, Alan, L. 76-11*, 76-12 Mayr, Gerald 4-11 Mazdab, F.K. 33-12, 33-27, 158-8

Mazur, Piotr 272-3 Mazzotti, Stephane 154-7, 273-8 Mc Kay, Hannah 124-7, 185-7 McAdams, Neo E.B. 220-2* McAdoo, Brian G. 164-8, 179-5 McAleer, Ryan J. 234-10 McAndrew, Rose M. 251-11* McArdell, Brian W. 240-3* McAtamney, Janelle 13-7* McAuliffe, Carla 68-13*, 114-4* McAuliffe, Joseph R. 5-15 McBride, Windy 134-9 McBride, Windy J. 168-27 McCaffrey, Robert 14-13, 83-3*, 224-12, 273-11 McCall, G. Wesley 250-7 McCallum, I. Stewart 110-2 McCandless, Diana 229-11 McCarthy, Andrew L. 32-6 McCarthy, Edward James 101-66* McCarthy, Kathleen 119-12 McCarthy, Paul J. 35-10 McCarthy, Peter M. 14-14 McCartney, Tannis 253-6 McCarville, Katherine 172-13*, 187-13* McCausland, Wendy 83-6 McClain, Craig R. 50-1, 196-1 McClaughry, Jason D. 101-35, 168-1, 233-7, 248-1, 248-2, 248-6*, 248-9 McClay, Ken 13-6 McClelland, Lindsay 125-1* McClelland, William C. 61-1 McClenning, Bree 175-6*, 244-20, 244-40, 244-41 McCleskey, R.B. 24-2 McClure, Kate J. 219-4 McColloch, Anne Lindsey 101-3 McCollor, D.P. 113-7 McCollum, Linda B. 55-4* McCollum, Michael B. 55-4 McConnell, David 237-10*, 237-11, 237-12 McConnell, Vicki S. 92-1* McCorkle, Daniel C. 245-1 McCormack, John K. 119-7 McCormick, Tim 238-8* McCowen, Robert H. 237-9 McCoy, Curtis 242-15 McCoy, Curtis A. 244-3* McCoy, Jennifer, M. 245-32* McCoy, Kurt J. 127-5* McCoy, Scott W. 240-1, 240-2, 280-6* McCoy, Timothy J. 197-4 McCrary, Rachel 114-6 McCray, John E. 3-13, 9-10, 250-8, 271-2, 271-3 McCrory, Patricia A. 83-5* McCurry, Michael 266-6 McDonald, Eric 56-12, 62-9, 244-6, 249-13 McDonald, Eric V. 249-4 McDonald, Kyle 169-12* McDonald, Philip A. 122-9 McDonough, Brianne M. 258-13* McDowell, Emily A. 185-2* McDowell, Meryl L. 97-4 McDowell, Patricia F. 225-6 McDowell, Robin John 214-15* McElmurry, Shawn P. 70-9 McElwain, Jennifer C. 4-13, 159-13, 159-14 McElwee, Gr egg T. 264-11 McEwen, A. 20-15 McEwen, Alfred S. 97-10, 135-2*, 135-4 McFaddan, Mark D. 101-48 McFadden, Kathleen A. 148-7 McFadden, Leslie D. 5-15*, 94-10 McFadden, Rory 79-12 McFadden, Rory R. 16-12* McFarland, Andrew 252-9* McGee, Dorien K. 111-9 McGill, George 156-5 McGill, Sally 115-18, 169-2, 173-8, 235-3* McGimpsey, Chelsea 258-20* McGimsey, Game 184-2 McGinnis, Kate J. 248-26* McGinnis, Ronald N. 176-6 McGinnis, Ronald N. Jr. 147-8 McGrail, B. Pete 106-1, 243-4, 243-8 McGrail, Bernard Peter 131-11 McGraw, Jennifer L. 230-5* McGrew, Allen J. 98-16* McGuire, Jenny L. 73-15, 219-8* McHenry, Lindsay J. 66-5*, 242-2* McHone, J. Gregory 160-7

290 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

McHugh, Andrea C. 258-47* McHugh, Kelly 101-34 McInerney, Francesca A. 86-13 McIntosh, Jennifer 272-13 McIntosh, Jennifer C. 121-3, 131-6, 239-7, 272-6* McIntosh, William 223-9 McIntyre, Marcella R. 166-12* McIntyre-Wressnig, Anna 245-1 McKay, Alan 128-6 Mckay, Daniele 18-12, 202-2* McKay, David 97-3 McKay, E. Donald III 7-13*, 101-63 McKay, Larry D. 19-15, 111-10 McKay, Levi 248-4 McKay, Robert 199-5 McKean, Adam P. 101-46* McKean, James A. 191-10 McKee, Arlo 36-21 McKee, Brent 264-10 McKee, Margaret Haack 99-13 McKellar, Ryan C. 19-10* McKenna, Jonathan P. 240-7* McKenna, Ryan T.P. 245-38* McKenney, Rose 102-5* McKenzie, Jeffrey 272-10* McKenzie, N. Ryan 267-13* McKeon, Ryan 40-1, 114-11* McKinley, James P. 250-6 McKinney, C.L. 7-2 McKinney, Kevin C. 32-38, 32-39, 101-51, 101-54* McKinney, Michael L. 51-14, 172-6 McKitrick, Scott 70-13 McKnight, Diane M. 69-8* McLane, Charles F. III 176-5 McLaren, Patrick 9-3 McLaughlin, J. Fred 101-40*, 215-7* McLaughlin, R.J. 248-11 McLaughlin, Robert J. 201-10* McLaughlin, Win N. 258-19* McLean, N. 130-9 McLean, Noah M. 130-10*, 160-1, 160-13 McLeod, John 170-13 McLin, Kristie S. 85-11* McLing, Travis L. 117-5 McLoughlin, Nicola 206-9, 206-13* McMillan, Margaret E. 107-13, 208-9*, 243-20 McMillan, N.J. 242-10 McNab, Walt W. 22-11 McNamara, Kelsey C. 61-13* McNeal, Karen S. 116-1 McNeil, C. 193-2 McNeil, Jennifer 186-4 McNeill, Don 111-7 McNeill, Donald F. 32-26 McNeill, Lisa 200-4 McNulty, Kieran P. 134-6, 134-7, 258-55 McPhee, Darcy K. 182-9*, 273-10, 277-4 McPhie, Jocelyn 158-11 McQuarrie, Nadine 153-6*, 173-22, 200-9*, 230-4, 253-1, 253-6 McQueen, David R. 73-8* McQuillan, Dennis 243-17 McQuillan, Patrick James 235-9* McShea, Dan 50-1, 196-1 Meachen-Samuels, Julie 32-48 Mead, Chris 29-29 Mead, Kimberly A. 275-1, 275-2, 275-3* Meadows, Guy A. 23-9 Medaris, L.G. Jr. 231-13* Medenbach, Olaf 132-13 Meeker, Gregory P. 140-7, 212-5, 233-2*, 233-5* Meert, Joseph G. 98-8, 98-9* Meglioli, Andres 88-4, 248-20 Mehrabi, Behzad IV 183-1* Mehrotra, Naresh M. 50-9 Mehrtens, Charlotte 13-7 Meibom, Anders 10-6 Meier, Dan 142-4 Meigs, Andrew 108-24*, 224-10, 224-11, 253-8 Meinhold, Guido 211-1 Meinsen, Janine 247-2 Meir, Amnon J. 170-14 Meirovitz, Casey 58-10, 145-5* Meixell, Katherine J. 249-7* Melady, Jason 131-9 Melbourne, Timothy 83-2* Melfos, Vasilios 1-13 Meli, Sandro 63-5

Melim, Leslie A. 150-3, 150-4* Melles, Martin 198-7, 207-11 Mellon, Michael T. 20-13, 20-15 Melnichenko, Yuri 215-4* Melnick, Daniel 154-5 Melosh, Benjamin L. 107-10* Melott, Adrian L. 159-6 Meltzer, Anne S. 200-4 Meltzer, David J. 234-2 Meltzner, Aron J. 154-11, 154-12*, 179-1* Memeti, Vali 16-8* Menchaca, Michael 39-6*, 244-4 Mencin, David 182-12 Mendes, Stephanie 155-9 Mennett, Colin 99-7*, 242-6 Menounos, Brian 5-6*, 89-5, 258-54 Mentzer, Susan M. 94-8* Menzie, W. David 241-1 Mercer, Celestine N. 204-2* Merchan, Gregory 77-12 Mercurio, Emily C. 276-6* Meredith, Elizabeth L. 145-3*, 145-4 Mergenthal, Zachary 258-61* Merino, Enrique 239-10* Merkel, Stephen 242-10 Merkler, Doug 56-6 Merline, William J. 197-5 Mernagh, Terry P. 1-5 Merrill, Matthew D. 166-10 Merritt, Joanne E. 54-7 Merschat, Arthur 37-20 Merschat, Arthur J. 264-2 Mesa, Andres 186-2 Messner, Timothy 249-8 Meteer, Laura 75-12 Metesh, John J. 145-4 Metz, Joannah M. 97-10* Metz, Kyle M. 185-4* Metzger, Christine A. 2-5*, 115-10 Metzger, Ellen P. 201-6 Metzger, Ronald A. 46-2*, 209-4* Meyer, Brian K. 236-15 Meyer, Grant 5-15 Meyer, Grant A. 8-4*, 8-6, 8-7, 81-1 Meyer, Herbert W. 194-2*, 220-15 Meyer, Jacqueline 113-8 Meyer, Katja M. 133-1 Meyer, Lauren 242-10 Meyer, Michael 29-9, 265-1* Meyer, Michael T. 3-7, 218-8, 264-6 Meyers, Cassaundra 115-16* Meyers, Philip A. 99-3 Meyers, Stephen R. 160-8 Miao, Ziheng 251-13, 251-14, 251-16 Mibeck, Blaise 117-1 Michael, John A. 240-10 Michealson, Gary 218-2 Michel, F. Marc 84-7* Michel, Lauren 267-1* Micheli, Therese L. 119-2 Michiguchi, Yoko 173-10* Michno, Anna 249-9 Mickelson, Andrew M. 14-10 Mickelson, D.M. 179-12* Mickelson, David M. 75-6 Mickelson, Katherine Anne 92-6* Mickus, Kevin 169-16, 188-11* Middleton, Richard S. 72-6* Miele, Eleanor 29-28* Mikell, Taylor 135-11* Mikkelson, Kristin M. 9-10* Mikulic, Donald G. 267-3* Milan, Anna 217-11* Milazzo, Moses 276-11* Mileti, Dennis S. 74-1* Milewski, Adam 111-6, 188-5, 227-1, 227-2, 227-3*, 227-4, 227-11, 227-12, 227-14 Milici, Robert C. 215-3* Milkovich, Sarah 20-2 Millar, Ian L. 133-3 Miller, Arnold I. 196-3 Miller, Barry C. 33-29 Miller, Brendan 169-17* Miller, Brent V. 99-18 Miller, C. Dan 18-1 Miller, C.C. 238-6* Miller, C.F. 16-10 Miller, Calvin 41-9 Miller, Calvin F. 16-11*, 65-2, 276-2* Miller, D.M. 40-12 Miller, David J. 117-1 Miller, David M. 56-3*, 98-18, 173-7, 252-6

Miller, Eric Lawrence 145-12* Miller, Fred K. 40-11 Miller, Gifford 11-3 Miller, Gifford H. 5-11, 247-19 Miller, Gregory H. 135-10 Miller, Ian M. 160-9*, 220-14 Miller, James D. Jr. 33-36, 101-2, 101-59, 168-2, 208-5* Miller, Jeremy J. 97-8* Miller, Jerry 9-4, 244-29 Miller, Jonathan 16-10*, 41-9 Miller, Jonathan S. 16-6*, 16-11, 201-6, 276-2 Miller, Joshua H. 275-6* Miller, Julianne J. 244-16 Miller, Justin M. 146-9* Miller, Kristen E. 10-14* Miller, Lauren 99-10* Miller, Lindsay 218-9 Miller, M.M. 236-10 Miller, Mark 212-1 Miller, Matthew 109-5* Miller, Matthieu 24-10 Miller, Meghan S. 139-6, 139-7 Miller, Molly F. 42-1, 275-1*, 275-2, 275-3 Miller, Nathan R. 99-20* Miller, Richard D. 261-6 Miller, Robert 130-10 Miller, Robert B. 130-9* Miller, Robert B. 33-30, 201-6 Miller, Scott R. 130-8, 244-30* Millette, Thomas L. 165-14 Milliard, Justin B. 224-11* Milliken, Ralph E. 97-10 Millis, Stuart 122-7 Mills, Aaron L. 69-4 Mills, C hristopher T. 70-12* Mills, Elizabeth W. 49-4 Mills, Hugh H. 125-9* Mills, Peter R. 167-11 Mills, Scott V. 165-3 Mills, Stuart J. 22-2, 31-5*, 243-3* Mims, Alison L. 136-7 Min, Kyoungwon 160-3 Miner, Dylan 171-13, 180-16* Miner, Michael D. 229-5* Minnick, Matthew 170-23 Minsely, Burke 127-1 Minsley, Burke 188-10 Mintz, Jason S. 19-16*, 258-15 Minyard, Morgan L. 141-10* Minyuk, Pavel 198-7, 207-11 Mirus, Benjamin B. 58-1 Mirzaii, Norbakhsh 183-2 Misi, Aroldo 10-14 Misra, Kshipra Sr. 174-12* Misra, Santanu 63-8*, 173-28* Missimer, Thomas M. 145-13 Mitasova, Helena 165-12*, 264-11 Mitchell, Christopher C. 200-12* Mitchell, Ria L. 10-12 Mitchell, Robert 228-9 Mitchell, Sara Gran 209-11*, 258-56 Mitchener, Michael E. 33-5 Mithen, Steven 180-3 Mitra, Gautam 169-1, 268-1 Mix, Alan C. 11-5, 180-13 Miyawaki, Ritsuro 63-9 Miyoshi, Masaya 248-23 Mnich, Marissa 113-8 Mobilia, Michael P. 151-10* Modi, Aubrey L. 163-4* Modisi, Motsoptse P. 169-16 Modun, Nicole 43-6 Moersch, Jeffrey E. 20-9 Moffat, Ian 96-9 Mofjeld, Harold O. 182-4 Mogk, D.W. 68-6*, 91-5, 98-13 Mogk, David W. 47-8, 237-2 Mohamed, S.A. 205-8* Mohamed, Saad A. 32-43 Mohney, Curran E. 92-10* Mohr-Westheide, Tanja 207-1 Moidaki, Moikwathai 169-16 Moiola, Richard J. 42-17 Mojzsis, Stephen 148-2* Mojzsis, Stephen J. 25-6 Molaroni, Shannon M. 218-9* Molina, Sarah 219-9 Molina-Garza, Roberto 268-4 Molinari, Mark P. 165-2* Molineux, Ann 192-17* Möller, Andreas 185-9*, 185-10

Molnar, Ferenc 1-12 Molnia, Bruce 100-5, 236-10* Molnia, Bruce F. 55-10* Moloney, Timothy 89-3, 89-6* Molteni, Edward A. 115-9 Monaghan, Alison A. 54-7 Monaghan, G. William 94-5 Monarrez, Pedro M. 245-33* Mondal, D. 126-8 Mondro, Claire A. 38-12, 252-2, 258-4*, 258-6 Monecke, Katrin 179-5 Monet, Julie 29-5 Monger, James W.H. 61-2* Moniz-Nakamura, Jadelyn 167-11 Monk, S.M. 119-2 Montagna, Chiara 82-1 Montana, Giuseppe 167-12 Montanez, Isabel P. 199-3, 267-1 Montayne, Simone 217-6 Montenegro, Omar 203-11 Montes, Camilo 37-11, 38-9, 55-14, 79-1, 79-2*, 203-11 Montgomery, David R. 107-8, 225-10, 244-48, 244-49 Montoya, Andrés C. 143-1* Montoya, Diane S. 244-27 Moody, John 280-2 Mookerjee, Matty 13-4, 105-5 Moon, Charles J. 241-4 Mooney, B.J. 113-7 Mooney, Philip R. 108-9* Mooney, Walter 139-13* Mooney, Walter D. 101-13*, 139-8, 139-9*, 254-9 Moore, Alexandra 113-8*, 236-8* Moore, Andrew 171-4 Moore, Anni 141-12* Moore, Cameron 177-7, 244-24* Moore, Casey 100-6 Moore, Dan K. 33-6, 33-29* Moore, David W. 44-8 Moore, Diane E. 157-4*, 248-11 Moore, Gregory F. 162-10, 200-4 Moore, Jason R. 4-12* Moore, John L. 265-3* Moore, Kathleen 228-3 Moore, Megan J. 171-8 Moore, N.E. 65-7*, 224-3 Moore, Paul J. 127-8* Moorehead, Anthony 26-9 Moores, Eldridge 125-3*, 162-13* Moorman, Zachary T. 119-24 Moosavi, Sadredin C. 39-2* Moothal, Rajeevan 34-3* Mora, Andrés 36-10 Mora, Andres 186-2 Mora, Andrés 200-1 Mora, Andres 203-11, 257-2 Moradi, Mehrab 33-19* Moraes, Renato 185-9 Morais, Maria Luísa 87-11 Morales, María P. 84-7 Morales, Sara 149-3 Morán Zenteno, Dante J. 37-10, 41-5* Moran, Dante 41-4 Moran, Joseph M. 49-4 Moran, Kelli L. 35-5, 96-8* Moran, Michael James 251-1* Morán, Sergio 130-3 Morealli, Sarah 173-18* Moreira, Eugénia 263-3 Moreland, Sara A. 169-2 Morell, Kristin 62-11* Morell, Mallory A. 258-49* Moreno, Marcos 154-5 Moreno, Patricio I. 99-16 Moretti, Roberto 82-2 Morey, Ann 154-8 Morgan, Daniel 122-14 Morgan, David S. 59-3*, 131-8, 131-10 Morgan, Julia K. 142-9, 173-11, 273-3* Morgan, Leah E. 216-3 Morgan, Lisa A. 136-11*, 204-4 Morgan, Paul 12-12* Morgan, Sven 173-29 Morgan, Sven S. 16-7* Mori, Laura 41-4 Morin, Paul 29-34 Morin, Robert L. 182-9 Morkeski, Kate 128-2 Morman, Suzette 212-1, 212-5, 212-7 Morman, Suzette A. 140-7, 212-8* ·

2009 GSA Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon 291

Moron, Sara 79-2 Morris, Aisha 135-6 Morris, Penny 141-13*, 243-2 Morris, Thomas H. 36-13, 242-13 Morris, Vernon 28-3 Morrish, Shawn C. 259-3* Morrison, Jean M. 70-12, 212-7* Morrison-Ibrahim, Deborah E. 28-1* Morrissey, Eric A. 121-11 Morrissey, Sheila K. 272-9 Morrow, Jared 207-7, 207-8* Morse, Michael S. 190-6* Morse, Sarita Amy 35-13, 125-11 Mortensen, James K. 36-3 Mortimer, Estelle 253-4 Mortimer, Nick 103-4*, 201-4* Mortka, Gregory E. 5-13 Morton, Andrew 211-1* Morton, Douglas M. 40-11*, 264-4 Morton, Patrick Thomas 31-10* Moser, Jessa 99-21 Moser, Jessa V. 171-8 Moses, Maureen N. 33-37* Mosher, Daniel 245-21 Mosher, David 42-14, 42-15* Mosher, Sharon 63-4, 63-7 Moshier, Stephen O. 23-2* Mosier, Dan 204-4 Mosley, Kelsey 169-16 Mostafa, M.G. 126-11* Mostefaoui, Smail 10-6 Motani, Ryosuke 146-5 Mothes, Patricia A. 15-11 Motley, A aron T. 112-4 Motti, Sarah A. 34-2, 34-5 Motz, Gary 219-6* Mouginis-Mark, Peter 135-6*, 276-3* Moulin, Maud 86-1, 245-27 Mount, Jeffrey F. 9-8 Moussallam, Yves 230-9* Mowat, Fionna 274-12 Moya, Monica 66-9 Moyers, Austin 258-42 Mozley, Peter S. 147-5 Muehlberger, William R. 37-30*, 37-31 Muehlenbachs, Karlis 19-10, 206-10*, 206-13 Mueller, Amy V. 177-14* Mueller, Erich R. 42-18 Mueller, P.A. 33-27, 79-13, 98-13*, 101-72, 162-14 Mueller, Paul A. 98-14, 105-1, 185-4, 206-4 Muffler, L.J. Patrick 18-8*, 110-10, 204-8 Mukasa, Samuel 138-11* Mukasa, Samuel B. 123-11 Mukherjee, Abhijit 77-9 Mukherjee-Goswami, A. 126-6 Mukul, Malay 62-4, 169-1* Mukwakwami, J. 138-13 Mulcahy, Sean 184-8 Mulch, Andreas 12-3, 12-5, 37-19, 60-4*, 203-5* Muldoon, Maureen A. 127-4* Mull, Jeremy 229-12* Mullen, Emily K. 110-2* Mullen, Zachary W. 245-17 Muller, Jan-Peter 20-10, 97-11 Mulligan, R.P.M. 35-23 Munakata-Marr, Junko 3-13, 250-8 Munasinghe, P. Sumudu 168-5* Mundil, Roland 33-22, 136-2, 160-3 Munk, Jens 258-36 Munk, LeeAnn 69-3, 119-30*, 258-36 Munnecke, Axel 160-5, 264-9 Muñoz-Salinas, Esperanza 226-3*, 280-10* Munroe, Jeffrey S. 5-8* Munson, Nathan 113-5 Muntean, John L. 204-5, 263-6*, 263-7 Muraoka, Satoru 162-11* Murchey, Benita L. 201-2* Murchie, Scott 20-15 Murchie, Scott L. 197-3, 197-4, 197-6, 197-7 Murgulet, Dorina 251-4 Murowchick, James 242-17 Murphy, Anthony P. 278-7 Murphy, Brandon H. 100-6 Murphy, Christopher M.D. 161-9* Murphy, J. Brendan 79-14* Murphy, Laura R. 36-21, 94-9* Murphy, Margaret 221-10*

Murphy, Michael 37-28 Murphy, William M. 239-3*, 251-6 Murphy, Yarrow M. 243-19 Murray, Abigail P. 258-23* Murray, Bruce C. 135-4 Murray, Bryan P. 15-6 Murray, Daniel P. 91-13 Murray, Joseph 149-5 Murray, Katherine T. 42-1*, 275-1, 275-2 Murray, Rachel H. 245-5 Murray, Robert B. 231-14 Murray, Sean 111-7* Murray, Thomas L. 140-9 Musgrove, MaryLynn 178-5, 199-4 Musilek, Jennifer A. 138-14 Musselwhite, Donald 243-2 Mutamina, Daniel 37-1, 169-15 Muto, Tetsuji 8-11* Myers, A. 71-9 Myers, Brittany R. 258-9* Myers, Carl W. 72-8* Myers, Corinne 73-13* Myers, Deborah K. 117-11, 117-12 Myers, James D. 47-8, 49-10*, 117-11, 117-12* Myers, James L. 147-8 Myers, Kimberly D. 25-11* Myers, Reed 76-10 Myers, Reed A. 76-9 Myers, Robert J. 49-11* Myers, Timothy S. 87-7* Myneni, Padma Bharathi Devi 174-11 Myrbo, Amy 217-10, 252-1* Myre, Elizabeth A. 227-6 Myrold, Dave 128-5 Myrow, Paul M. 267-13


N'Guessan, A. Lucie 264-7 Nabelek, Marc A. 177-13 Nabelek, Peter 63-3, 123-12*, 173-29 Naber, Michael D. 175-5 Nachlas, William O. 37-19* Nadeau, Patricia A. 184-4*, 184-5 Nadelson, Louis 160-12 Nadin, Elisabeth S. 60-12, 85-9* Naeser, Charles N. 101-68, 136-2 Naeser, Nancy 101-68, 136-2 Naftz, David 119-23 Naftz, David L. 69-13*, 116-6 Nag, Divya 168-10 Nagovitsin, Konstantin 148-6, 265-2 Nagy, Szabolcs 123-8 Nagy-Shadman, Elizabeth 90-10* Nahm, Amanda L. 156-4* Naish, Tim 269-7 Nakashima, Satoru 10-5 Nakatsukasa, Masato 134-5 Nakaya, Hideo 134-5 Nance, John D. 268-4 Nance, R. Damian 79-14 Nandigam, Viswanath 144-4 Napier, Bruce 101-9* Napier, Jeffrey 33-28 Napieralski, Jacob 277-13 Naranjo, Jose-Antonio 255-1 Naraoka, Hiroshi 264-8 Narbonne, Guy M. 245-10 Narine, Keshaw 115-17 Narinesingh, Pramenath 24-12 Narter, Matt 250-2 Nash, Barbara P. 16-2 Nash, Merinda 199-11 Natapov, Lev 266-1 Natawidjaja, Danny 154-3 Natawidjaja, Danny H. 154-11, 154-12 Nath, Bibhash 126-6, 126-9* Nathan, Stephan A. 136-3 Nauman, Brandon 220-9 Naus-Thijssen, Félice M.J. 124-8 Naval, Peter W. 102-5 Navar-Chaidez, Jesus 243-22 Navarre-Sitchler, Alexis 117-14*, 117-15 Navarrete, Jesica 70-3* Navarro, Hector 2-3 Navrotsky, Alexandra 17-12, 17-14, 109-1, 109-2, 109-3, 109-6, 109-10, 109-13, 168-10, 195-2* Naylor, Shawn 54-2 Nazarian, Soheil 27-8 Nazaroff, Adam 262-1* Ndiema, Emmanuel 94-1

Neal, Andrew 174-9*, 177-16 Neal, Christina 184-2, 212-2 Neale, Christopher M.U. 165-10 Needy, S.K. 33-12* Neff, Hector 258-43 Nega, Tsegaye 258-35 Negrau, Iosif Mircea 173-4 Neiswanger, Lila 257-5* Neitzke, Lauren C. 29-5 Neiva, A.M.R. 98-10 Nell, Ryan M. 237-11, 237-12, 237-13 Nelles, Ed 82-7 Nelson, Alan R. 154-4*, 261-4 Nelson, Bruce 110-4 Nelson, David 168-23 Nelson, Glenn 177-16 Nelson, John 220-10 Nelson, Jon 38-8 Nelson, Kenneth D. 36-24* Nelson, Mark R. 24-6* Nelson, Nathan A. 8-7 Nelson, Robert S. 235-4* Nelson, S tephen T. 167-3* Nelson, Steve 76-11 Nemecek, Matthew 171-8 Nenoff, Tina M. 109-3 Nereson, Nadine 65-8 Neri, A. 82-13 Neri, Leee Anthony M. 216-7* Nesaraja, Pauline 64-11 Nesbitt, Elizabeth A. 171-14 Nesbitt, H. Wayne 163-4 Nesbitt, Sterling 87-4 Nesheim, Timothy O. 61-1* Neshyba-Bird, Dolores 250-7* Nestola, Fabrizio 17-10, 109-7 Netoff, Dennis I. 38-11 Neuhauser, Doug 164-2 Neuhoff, Philip S. 84-2, 127-8, 239-14* Neumann, Thomas 244-9 Neumann, Thomas A . 244-10 Neupane, Naba Raj 263-4* Neurath, Rachel A. 205-2 Neveling, Johann 32-1, 32-2, 87-5 Neville, Sara 192-3 New, Michael H. 148-9* Newberry, Rainer 101-33, 188-3 Newbrough, Ashley 123-9 Newby, Warren M. 119-24 Newcomb, Sally 194-8* Newell, Dennis 12-14, 22-13*, 243-17 Newlin, Gary E. 90-4 Newman, Andrew 62-1 Newman, Julie 169-18 Newstead, Brittany L. 79-13* Newton, Robert 47-5 Newton, Robert J. 133-12 Newton, Steven 214-2* Newville, Matt 1-4, 64-13 Ng, Yvonne 278-7 Ngo, My My 40-8* Nguyen, Y-Lan Le 115-3*, 115-4 Niagolova, Nedialka D. 70-9 Nicholas, Sarah L. 174-1* Nicholls, Jim 31-3* Nichols, Andrew L. 9-8* Nichols, Douglas J. 160-9 Nichols, Elizabeth M. 101-4* Nichols, Kimberly A. 242-7, 242-8* Nichols, Kyle K. 244-39 Nicholson, Suzanne W. 138-12* Nick, Kevin E. 245-6 Nickerson, John 92-12 Nickle, Cassandra 258-29 Nicolaysen, Kirsten P. 106-7, 216-8*, 243-4 Nicoletti, Jeremy 236-6 Nicoll, Kathleen 94-11* Nicot, Jean-Philippe 214-12* Nie, Junsheng 200-1 Nielsen, Roger 110-9 Nielson, Kristine 19-5 Nielson, Mark 214-8 Niem, Alan 191-7 Niem, Wendy A. 191-7 Niemi, Nathan 105-13 Niemi, Tina M. 173-1, 242-17 Niemitz, Jeffrey W. 113-14 Niewendorp, Clark A. 101-37, 233-7* Nightingale, Michael 22-9 Nikitina, Daria 179-9*, 259-6 Nikolich, George 244-16 Nilsen, Odd 207-12

Nimick, David A. 69-2* Nimmo, John R. 3-6 Ninagawa, Kiyotaka 109-11 Nishido, Hirotsugu 109-11 Nislow, Keith H. 261-5 Nitsche, Frank 258-32 Nixon, Gr aham T. 108-4 Noakes, Lindsay 237-9 Noble, Donald C. 15-13*, 41-8 Noble, Paula 105-10 Noble, Paula J. 105-11 Noffke, Nora 148-12* Noga, Michael Mark 238-5* Nokleberg, Warren J. 108-8* Nold, Kathryn D. 242-12* Nolin, Anne W. 8-2, 228-3 Nordstrom, D. Kirk 8-5*, 24-1*, 24-2, 77-1*, 77-9 Nordt, Lee C. 199-9, 249-8 Noren, Anders 217-10, 252-1 Norman, Dave 202-3, 202-10 Norman, Jessica R. 32-11* Norris, Jodi 228-13* Norris, Richard D. 219-15 North, Colin P. 147-6 Northrup, C.J. 105-12 Northrup, Clyde J. 61-8 Northup, Diana E. 66-8, 66-9*, 66-11, 95-6, 116-4, 150-3, 150-6 Norton, Ian O. 37-15* Norton, Terry 236-15 Norvell, Nancy 136-1 Nourse, Jonathan A. 1-9*, 236-14, 259-4 Novack-Gottshall, Philip M. 50-1, 196-1 Novak, Anthony M. 5-7 Novák, Milan 31-6 Novali, Fabrizio 22-8 Nowinski, John 177-10 Nowinski, John D. 128-1, 128-11, 177-18* Nuhfer, Edward 279-6* Nullo, Francisco 248-20* Nunes, Kristina 171-12 Nunez, Jorge 95-11* Nunn, Jeffrey A. 192-4*, 277-3* Nunn, Richard 101-54 Nunnery, Andrew 99-12* Nutaitis, James Rhett 37-18* Nyberg, Johan 151-8 Nyblade, Andrew A. 87-1, 113-12 Nyborg, Torrey 198-13* Nye, Christopher J. 82-8, 255-4 Nyers, Alex 167-10 Nygaard, Runar 113-4 Nyman, Matthew 187-9, 237-10, 237-11, 237-12, 237-13, 278-9* Nyquist, Jonathan 78-8, 177-17


O'Brien, Gary 71-3 O'Brien, Rachel 141-5* O'Brien, Wendy 274-11* O'Connell, Daniel R.H. 55-12 O'Connell, Kristin 201-5 O'Connell, Suzanne 29-2, 210-5* O'Connor, Jim 6-3, 38-4, 143-14 O'Connor, Jim E. 55-7*, 225-6, 244-35, 247-5 O'Connor, Marianne C. 5-2 O'Connor, Matthew 142-11 O'Connor, Patrick M. 87-12 O'Connor, William K. 22-12* O'Daniel, Scott J. 69-1 O'Day, Peggy A. 256-5 O'Dea, Aaron 32-24, 38-9, 50-13*, 219-5 O'Dochartaigh, Brighid E. 54-7 O'Donnell, Kenneth H. 42-12* O'Keefe, Jennifer M.K. 121-9, 166-4, 187-22*, 215-10* O'Loughlin, Edward J. 25-7 O'Meara, Stephanie A. 30-6 O'Neal, Michael 226-2 O'Neal-Caldwell, Marianne 2-13* O'Neill, Hugh St.C. 33-3, 158-3 O'Neill, J. Michael 158-10, 188-3 O'Reilly, S uzanne Y. 266-1 O'Shea, Bethany 77-2* O'Shea, John M. 23-9* O'Sullivan, Paul 108-1 O'Sullivan, Paul B. 108-13 Oakes, Jeffery A. 32-6 Oalmann, Jeffrey A. 246-9* Oberlin, Chr. 23-4

292 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

Oberst, Jürgen 197-6 Oboh-Ikuenobe, Francisca E. 198-1 Oboh-Ikuenobe, Francisca E. 199-7* Obradovich, John D. 101-51, 160-8 Obrebski, Mathias 18-7 Obrist, Jonathan 34-8 Oches, Eric 247-12* Odier, Georges 51-3 Odom, Olivia 89-9 Ogawa, Y. 162-10 Ogawa, Yujiro 162-8*, 162-9, 162-11, 173-10 Ogden, Darcy E. 82-11*, 133-4 Ogg, James G. 160-2*, 160-14* Ogretim, Egemen O. 22-10*, 117-8 Ohkouchi, Naohiko 129-8 Ohman, Karin A. 219-4 Ohmes, Karen S. 258-1* Ohneiser, Christian 11-10 Ohta, Hiroyuki 10-5 Okaya, David 124-1, 124-2*, 124-6, 124-8 Okonkwo, Churchill 72-9* Okubo, Chris H. 66-4 Okumura, Tasuku 109-11 Okure, Maxwell S. 224-9 Olafsdottir, Saedis 11-3* Olds, Shelley E. 144-6* Olea, Ricardo 121-5, 166-4 Olgin, John 97-14*, 156-9 Oliphant, Daniel Quinn 100-6 Olive, Anthony 156-2 Oliver, Benjamin P. 173-22 Oliver, Grahame J.H. 16-13 Oliver, Nicholas H.S. 26-10, 26-12, 26-13 Oliver, Sofia 222-14 Olivero, Eduardo B. 168-19, 219-2* Olsen, Nellie J. 119-10* Olsen, Paul 160-7 Olsen, Rebecca 84-5 Olson, Carolyn 249-2* Olson, Hilary Clement 29-42 Olson, Holly 198-3 Olson, Julie B. 151-9 Olson, Keith V. 101-37 Olson, Michelle E. 42-29* Olson, Neil 102-6* Olszewski, Thomas D. 99-18, 196-8 Olyphant, Greg A. 54-2, 251-21 Onac, Bogdan 180-17 Onac, Bogdan P. 178-1* Onasch, Charles 157-10 Oner, Zeynep 37-5* Ong, Jaimie 252-5 Ong, John B. 78-12, 170-6* Onishi, Celia Tiemi 254-9* Onken, Jill 101-50* Oostrom, Mart 271-7, 271-12* Opdyke, Bradley N. 199-11* Oppenheimer, Clive 15-1*, 28-2, 82-2*, 216-10 Oppenheimer, David 164-2 Orchard, Michael J. 267-10 Orcutt, John D. 73-14, 220-8* Orem, Caitlin A. 59-14*, 88-5 Orescanin, Mara M. 82-12 Orihashi, Yuji 257-8 Orlando, James L. 3-7 Orloff, Travis C. 20-14* Ormachea, Mauricio 77-10, 77-11* Ormand, Carol J. 47-7, 49-13, 68-5*, 237-2* Ornduff, Tina 144-14 Orr, Tim R. 39-3*, 255-2* Ort, Michael H. 40-4, 41-7* Ortega, Diana 36-15 Ortega-Ariza, Diana 267-14* Ortiz, Alejandra C. 42-27* Ortiz, John 55-14 Ortiz, Joseph D. 100-2, 171-4 Orzol, Leonard L. 59-3 Osborn, Gerald 5-6, 39-11*, 89-5, 193-7, 258-54 Osborn, Stephen G. 239-7* Oskin, Michael E. 81-14, 200-9 Ostachowicz, Beata 272-3 Oster, Jessica 199-3* Osterman, Lisa E. 205-9* Ostermann, Dorinda 143-4 Ostrowski, Summer 146-7 Osuchowski, Monica 92-4* Oswald, John A. 182-6 Oswald, Oliver 215-13 Otero, Valerie K. 144-13

Othberg, Kurt L. 7-11* Ott, Holger 22-3*, 117-9* Otto, Elise L. 106-7* Ouchi, Shunji 107-14* Ouimet, Will 108-30 Oveisi, Behnam 153-11* Overpeck, Jonathan T. 32-3 Overton, Margery 165-12 Oviatt, Charles G. 81-12 Owen, Lewis 37-9, 81-11, 129-5 Owen, Lewis A. 5-3, 5-12, 56-11, 244-32 Owen, R. Bernhart 42-11 Owens, Brent E. 246-3 Owens, Katharine 68-12 Owinyo, Michael 101-62, 102-3 Oxley, Mark 167-11 Oyewumi, Oluyinka 126-10* Ozbun, Terry L. 262-3* Ozdemir, Burcu 259-2 Oze, Christopher 6-7 Ozerov, A lexey Yu. 248-22 Özgül, Necdet 268-3*


Pabian, Roger K. 245-21 Paces, James 251-17 Paces, James B. 44-4, 171-1* Pack, J.M. 32-10 Pack, Skip 54-8* Padian, Kevin 137-3* Pagani, Mark 19-11 Page, F. Zeb 98-11 Pagnac, Darrin 32-47 Painter, Clayton S. 35-6, 36-16* Palandri, James 222-13, 239-9 Palin, J. Michael 103-4 Pallister, John S. 65-1 Palma, Jose L. 184-4 Palmer, Emerson 266-10 Palmer, Jim R. 26-21 Palmer, Stephen P. 142-13, 165-3* Palmer-Felgate, Andy 55-2 Palmes, John Edward 122-15* Palucis, Marisa 190-7* Pamukcu, Ayla S. 41-9 pamukcu, Ayla S. 276-2 Pan, Aaron D. 134-2 Panagopoulou, Eleni 143-2 Pandey, Anoop 173-17 Pankhurst, Robert J. 79-10 Pankratov, Irena 227-9 Pannalal, S. Johari 157-8, 188-8 Pant, Pradip 140-4 Paolucci, Angela 119-3* Papale, Paolo 82-1* Papaneocleous, Andreas 245-13 Papineau, Dominic 98-3, 148-1* Pappalardo, Robert T. 97-14, 156-9 Paquay, Francois 234-3*, 234-6 Parcell, Lisa Mullikin 29-33 Parcell, William C. 29-33*, 34-8* Parent, Michel 163-7* Parenteau, Mary N. 10-3 Pares, Josep 107-3 Parham, Peter R. 205-6 Parham, Thomas L. Jr. 192-6* Parizek, Katarin A. 54-11* Parizek, Richard R. 54-11, 57-1*, 101-58 Park, Changyong 64-1, 64-2 Park, Cheol-Hee 27-6 Park, Eungyu 170-10 Park, Jeong Sik 243-7 Park, Lisa 219-6, 252-9, 265-14 Park, Lisa E. 42-11, 242-14 Park, Melissa M. 110-3* Park, Steven L. 15-13 Park, Tae-Jin 109-3* Park, Y.J. 58-9 Parker, Don F. 33-5*, 33-9, 33-16 Parker, Gary 8-11, 54-10 Parker, Lauren 8-2 Parker, Stephen R. 69-6, 78-6, 116-5 Parmenter, Robert R. 177-9 Parra, Luis A. 26-21* Parra, Mauricio 200-1, 203-11 Parrish, Judith Totman 34-10* Parrish, Randall R. 230-6 Parry, Steve 122-7 Parsley, Ronald L. 220-6* Parson, Calvin B. 113-2 Parsons, Matthew J. 24-11* Parsons-Hubbard, Karla 275-4, 275-10*

Paschke, Suzanne 127-1 Pashin, Jack 166-12 Pasqual, Daria 109-7 Pasqualini, Donatella 72-4, 72-5* Passey, Benjamin 168-19, 203-6 Passow, Michael J. 47-5*, 47-6* Patel, Jignasha H. 150-12 Patelli, Paolo 72-5 Paterson, Essa L. 227-6* Paterson, Scott 16-8, 33-23, 105-4 Paterson, Scott R. 33-22, 40-13, 181-7 Patiño Douce, A. 43-4 Patlan, Ezer 169-8 Paton, D. 202-11 Patranabis-Deb, Sarbani 211-7, 211-8 Patrick, Matthew R. 39-3, 255-2 Patridge, Karyn A. 168-1* Patterson, Gerald Wesley 156-7* Patterson, R . Timothy 199-10 Patterson, William P. 180-10 Patthoff, D. Alex 156-10* Pattison, David R.M. 43-9, 85-6* Patton, Austin C. 70-5 Patton, Jason R. 154-8*, 229-2 Paul, Debajyoti 222-6 Paul, Prabasaj 180-8* Paulet, Yves-Marie 151-5 Paulson, Anthony J. 149-10 Pavez, Andres 276-8 Pavich, M.J. 81-6 Pavich, Milan 129-10*, 244-38 Pavlis, Gary L. 136-8 Pavlis, Terry 108-22 Pavlis, Terry L. 62-12, 79-6, 108-17, 108-18, 108-19, 108-20, 136-8*, 152-10, 236-1 Payne, Forrest E. 69-12, 243-20 Payne, Jonathan 50-1, 196-1 Payne, Jonathan L. 133-1 Payne, Joshua H. 199-6 Payne, Suzette J. 14-13*, 273-11 Pazzaglia, Frank J. 62-5 Peacock, Simon M. 224-6 Pearce, Andrea 113-1 Pearce, Heidi R. 244-2 Pearce, Laurie D. 74-2* Pearcy, Christine 77-7 Pearson, David 231-1 Pearson, Evan Z. 170-26 Pearson, Monte L. 244-23 Pearson, Sophie C.P. 155-3* Pearthree, Philip A. 225-9, 280-5 Peate, David 33-7 Peate, David W. 86-3*, 123-9 Peavler, Rachael 131-10 Peck, John A. 32-3 Peck, William 246-1 Peckyno, Robert S. 95-5* Pecquerie, Laure 151-5 Pederson, D arryll T. 9-9*, 59-2, 59-13* Pederson, Joel 71-3*, 81-7 Pedler, David 242-15* Pedrick, Jane N. 258-23 Peek, Sara 148-6, 265-2 Peffer, Tamara 114-11 Pei, Peng 101-5, 166-3 Peiris, Inoka 27-1* Pellerin, Louise 277-4 Pelletier, Jon 20-12*, 231-1 Pelletier, Jon D. 60-5* Peltier, W. Richard 171-18 Peltz, Tova R . 191-3 Pena, Camila Danielle 2-3 Pence, Nicholas 236-6 Penczak, Robert S. 264-3 Peng, Jin 172-5 Penney, David 73-11 Pennington, Darrell 145-2 Pennington, Darrell W. 127-12* Pennington, Wayne D. 46-6 Penwell, Lee E. 251-7* Peppe, Daniel J. 134-6, 134-7, 220-14, 222-14*, 258-55 Percival, John 132-6 Percy, David 193-4* Peressini, G. 15-5 Perez, M. Elena 171-13 Perez-Huerta, Alberto 19-7* Perfit, Michael 161-7* Peridas, George 166-9* Perkes, Tyson Lynn 36-13* Perkins, Dexter 113-5*, 237-4*, 237-6, 237-11, 237-12, 237-13, 246-1

Perkins, George 243-17 Perkins, Kim S. 3-6 Perkins, Robert B. 119-19* Peronard, Paul 274-11 Perreault, John M. 100-4* Perry, Anna 33-5 Perry, Eugene 141-12 Perry, Frank 72-2*, 72-4 Perry, Frank A. 172-20 Perry, Stephanie 108-7 Perry, Suzanne C. 140-7 Persico, Lyman P. 8-4, 8-6* Persoiu, Aurel 180-17* Persoiu, Ioana 249-10* Person, Mark 272-13* Personius, Stephen F. 261-4 Peryam, Thomas C. 40-6, 222-13* Peryt, Danuta 267-6 Peryt, Tadeusz M. 267-6* Pessagno, Emile A. Jr. 153-3 Petcovic, Heather L. 68-4, 91-6*, 91-7, 91-14, 113-15, 237-8, 277-11 Peterman, Emily M. 132-3* Peterman, Zell E. 3-11* Peters, Andrew J. 127-6 Peters, Erin E. 279-3 Peters, Roger 177-15 Peters, Shanan E. 196-10* Peters-Lidard, Christa 92-5 Petersen, Erich U. 29-40, 42-5 Petersen, Scott W. 250-6 Peterson, Bruce J. 128-2 Peterson, Christopher D. 34-13* Peterson, Dean M. 1-12, 101-2, 208-5 Peterson, Eric W. 9-1, 100-1 Peterson, Jonathan W. 251-18*, 251-19, 251-20 Peterson, Joseph E. 245-3* Peterson, Robert E. 271-9* Peterson, Steve 170-2 Peterson, V.L. 37-22* Petitclerc, Estelle 32-35 Petito Boyce, Cathy 271-4 Petitto, Sarah C. 64-5* Petriello, Michael A. 73-1 Petrizzo, Daniel A. 180-1* Petronis, Michael 29-9, 43-5*, 113-2, 173-23* Petrov, O.V. 241-7 Petruccelli, Rochelle F. 258-25*, 258-26, 258-29* Petruny, Lucille 35-7, 112-5 Petryshyn, Victoria A. 10-2* Petsios, Elizabeth 245-42* Petterson, Ryan 232-4* Pettke, Thomas 1-7 Petuch, Edward 172-18 Pezzopane, Silvio 173-6 Pezzotta, Federico 31-6 Pfeffer, Melissa A. 184-2 Pfeffer, W. Tad 269-4* Phelps, G.A. 7-3* Phelps, Geoffrey A. 101-31 Philibosian, Belle E. 154-11*, 154-12 Philippot, Pascal 148-3, 148-5* Phillips, Allison R. 26-23* Phillips, Bruce 143-8 Phillips, F.M. 249-16 Phillips, Fred 81-12, 177-12 Phillips, Fred M. 56-1* Phillips, Maurice 189-5 Phillips, Michael A. 144-12*, 214-1* Phillips, Patrick J. 70-14 Phillips, Roger J. 20-1*, 20-13, 197-2 Phillips, William M. 101-44* Phipps Morgan, Jason 230-12 Phipps, Molly 29-34 Piatak, Nadine M. 24-4, 204-4 Piatek, Jennifer L. 20-9* Piatt, David R. 191-15 Piccoli, Philip 1-7, 1-8, 120-3 Pickering, Jennifer 258-17 Pierce, Elizabeth L. 163-2* Pierce, Eric M. 256-2 Pierce, Herbert A. 89-12* Pierce, Jennifer 81-3 Pierce, Jennifer L. 8-7*, 81-1* Pierce, Kenneth L. 14-4, 81-3 Pierce, Suzanne A. 72-7*, 214-13* Pierson, James 143-5 Pierson, Thomas C . 142-1*, 191-4* Piestrzeniewicz, Peter 259-3 Pietsch, Carlie 96-26*, 146-11* ·

2009 GSA Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon 293

Piety, Lucille A. 261-2 Pigati, Jeffrey S. 258-20 Pigg, Kathleen B. 29-37, 32-17, 32-18*, 32-19 Pilkey, Orrin H. 229-14 Piller, Werner E. 25-14*, 198-15* Piluso, Eugenio 152-1 Pimentel, Francis 245-20 Pinan-Llamas, Aranzazu 37-8, 173-31 Pinchin, S. 122-10 Ping, Chien-Lu 218-2 Pinkerton, Kent E. 28-4 Piñones, Juan 77-9 Pinter, Nicholas 234-1*, 243-12, 244-17, 244-26, 247-6 Pinto, Jesus A. 207-7 Piotrowski, Jan A. 247-7 Pipan, John 236-8 Piper, David Z. 119-19 Pipis, Stefanie 235-4 Pirie, Melissa S. 187-6 Pirot, Rachel 280-7, 280-8* Pisias, Nicklas 163-5 Pitblado, Bonnie L. 167-6 Pitlick, John 38-8 Pitombeira, Ernesto 127-7 Pitrucha, Rachell M. 113-2 Pittman, Paul 274-6 Pitts, Patricia 115-18 Pizzolon, Lino 164-11 Pizzuto, James 24-13 Pizzuto, James E. 24-12*, 226-2* Plafker, George 62-12 Plake, Terri 279-1 Planavsky, Noah 267-13 Plant, Nathaniel 229-3, 229-7, 229-10 Platt, Brian F. 51-4, 96-2* Platt, John P. 181-4, 246-11 Plaut, Jeffrey J. 20-1, 20-2*, 20-13 Playton, Ted E. 159-12 Pletka, Crystal Renae 172-18* Plotnick, Roy 96-11 Plotnick, Roy E. 51-10 Pludow, Bryce A. 32-2* Pluhar, Christopher J. 40-8, 44-10, 104-4, 104-9 Plumlee, Geoffrey 212-1, 212-2, 212-3, 218-2 Plumlee, Geoffrey S. 140-7*, 212-5*, 212-8, 233-5 Plummer, L. Niel 57-5 Plummer, Mitchell A. 193-5 Podgorney, Robert K. 117-5 Podlesak, David 221-8 Podolak, Charles J. 38-5, 225-4* Podoll, Andrew 234-1 Podolsky, Dean M.W. 46-10*, 248-18* Pogue, Kevin 270-5* Pogue, Kevin R. 6-7* Pohll, Greg 251-24 Pohlman, John 42-6 Poirier, Glenn 31-5 Pokrovski, Gleb S. 1-3* Poland, Michael P. 82-3*, 192-7* Polat, Ali 206-1, 206-3* Polcyn, Michael J. 87-11, 217-14 Polenz, Michael 39-12, 101-32*, 191-6, 202-9* Poletaev, Vladislav I. 186-7 Polito, Anna Maria 167-12 Polivka, Holly 244-34* Polivka, Peter M. 247-3* Polk, Jason 99-22* Pollack, Gerald D. 90-6 Pollen-Bankhead, Natasha 226-7, 226-8 Pollock, Erik D. 150-9 Pollyea, Ryan 117-5* Polotskaya, Lidia 242-5 Polya, D.A. 126-8* Polyak, Victor J. 66-7, 150-6, 168-22, 178-6*, 180-15 Poma, S. 43-4 Poma, Stella 33-25* Pomeroy, John 228-6 Poole, Donald 176-6 Poole, Geoffrey C. 69-1* Poore, Richard Z. 205-9 Pope, Allen 266-8 Pope, Emily C. 26-24* Pope, Michael C. 42-26, 55-5, 220-1, 232-9, 232-10*, 232-11 Poppe, L.J. 171-5* Poppeliers, Christian 40-3

Porat, Naomi 55-1, 55-3, 56-12 Porcello, John 131-2 Porcello, John J. 106-2*, 131-3, 131-4* Porder, Stephen 141-3* Porges, Robert 54-4 Porritt, Robert 18-7, 224-8 Portenga, Eric W. 244-1* Porter, Courtney M. 243-4* Porter, Ryan C. 124-1 Porter, Steve 145-10 Porter, Susannah M. 265-3 Portis, Douglas 13-10 Porush, David 210-11 Posner, Esther S. 42-28* Post, David M. 19-8 Post, Jeffrey E. 109-12 Post, Stephen 143-8 Potra, Adriana 168-3* Potter, Graeme 55-2 Potter, Noel Jr. 113-14* Potter, Sally L. 42-5* Potts, Richard 167-8 Poulain, Celine 151-5 Poulsen, Christopher J. 203-1 Poulson, Simon 1-12, 69-6, 116-5 Poulson, Simon R. 78-6, 264-8* Pound, Kate S. 29-12*, 29-14, 29-16, 29-19 Powars, David S. 234-7, 234-8, 234-9* Powell, Jack 39-12, 191-6 Powell, Kathryn E. 197-8 Powell, Matthew G. 265-5 Powell, Roger 85-7 Powell, Ross D. 236-12*, 269-7* Powell, Wayne 29-28, 187-19*, 245-13* Power, Ian 22-2 Pradhan, Vimal Roy 98-8* Praetorius, Summer 180-13* Prakapenka, Vitali 17-4 Prakash, Anupma 166-4, 193-1 Prasad, Vandana 86-6 Prata, A.J. 155-12 Pratt, Levi R. 172-20 Pratt, Lisa M. 98-21, 168-23 Pratt, Thomas L. 182-1 Pratt-Sitaula, Beth 29-36, 67-10, 90-2*, 235-1 Prave, Anthony 232-4 Prayudi, Dudi 154-11 Préat, Alain 32-35 Préat, Alain R.Y. Sr. 25-1* Premo, Wayne 40-11 Premo, Wayne R. 16-9, 98-16 Presnell, Ricardo 158-2* Preston, Todd 3-11, 251-5 Preusser, Frank 23-3 Price, Curtis V. 251-1 Price, Jonathan D. 168-26* Price, Raymond A. 12-2*, 200-7* Price, René M. 149-3, 149-7 Price, Simon 54-7, 101-12 Price, Van Jr. 77-6* Pride, Carol 179-8 Priest, George R. 191-7*, 273-5, 273-6* Priestley, Stacey 128-13, 170-21 Prince, Philip S. 122-13* Principato, Sarah M. 209-13* Pringle, P.T. 21-6* Pritcard, Matthew 276-8 Pritchard, Chad J. 41-1* Pritchett, Brittany 188-8 Probst, Anna C. 132-12 Prockter, Louise 197-3, 197-7 Proffett, John M. 158-6*, 239-6 Prokoph, Andreas 199-10 Prose, Douglas V. 125-5* Prose, Whitney 187-16 Prothero, Donald 36-6, 36-7 Prothero, Donald R. 219-9* Protti, Marino 236-14, 259-3 Prouhet, Jeremy 171-15* Prudic, David E. 128-9 Pruett, Preston A. 50-5* Prum, Richard, O. 4-11 Prush, V. 168-6* Pruss, Sara B. 34-2, 34-5, 275-7* Pryor, Bonnie 225-2 Psutka, John F. 165-13 Ptacek, Carol J. 24-7 Puchkov, Victor N. 133-3 Puchtel, Igor 206-7 Puckering, Stacey 244-12* Puffer, John H. 274-3

Pugh, Emily R. 168-27* Pullen, Alex 37-3* Pun, Aurora 29-21* Punke, Michele 71-4* Punuel, William R. 279-9 Punyasena, Surangi W. 32-22 Purkait, Baren 174-9 Purvance, Matt D. 56-2 Putirka, Keith 104-4, 104-5 Putkonen, Jaakko 122-14* Putzig, Nathaniel E. 20-1, 20-2, 20-13* Pyburn, Joseph 119-27 Pyenson, Nicholas D. 219-7* Pyle, David M. 119-26 Pyle, Douglas G. 110-11, 138-4*, 138-10 Pyle, Eric J. 29-16, 208-6, 277-15*


Qafoku, Nikolla P. 250-6 Qamar, Tony 273-11 Qiao, X. 122-2 Qu, Hongjie 192-16 Quade, Jay 150-2, 163-10, 203-10* Queija, Vivian R. 280-3 Quenardelle, Sonia 33-25 Quental, Tiago B . 196-5 Quick, James E. 15-5* Quicksall, Andrew N. 84-8* Quidelleur, Xavier 245-27 Quigley, Jason, T. 226-15 Quigley, Mark 56-10*, 81-2*, 253-5* Quilichini, Antoine 37-19 Quillinan, Scott 215-8* Quinn, Allen 242-15 Quinn, Ashley E. 178-3* Quinn, Terrence M. 151-8 Quinonez, Sarah M. 147-9 Quintanilla, Jorge 77-10, 77-11 Quinton, William L. 175-2 Quitadamo, Ian 29-36


Raanan, Hadas 128-7*, 170-8* Racki, Grzegorz 159-11 Rademacher, Laura K. 29-18*, 131-6, 258-18, 258-19 Radha, A.V. 109-6* Radhakrishnan, Premkrishnan 30-3 Radke, Lawrence F. 166-4 Radlinski, Andrzej 215-4 Radulovic, Novo 35-8 Radwanek-Bak, Barbara 249-9 Raeburn, Stuart 2-7 Raff, Elizabeth C. 168-23 Raff, Rudolf A. 168-23 Rager, A.H. 135-9* Rahl, Jeffrey M. 35-12 Rahman, M. Tauhid-Ur- 126-4* Rahman, Mohammad W. 121-6, 121-7* Rahman, Moklesh 126-2* Rahman, Moklesur 126-3, 174-6, 174-7* Rainsford, D.R.B. 75-8 Rajkumar, Adrianna 98-3* Rakotonandrasana, Nirihaja Othon Thierry 63-9* Rakovan, Monica 244-22* Raleigh, Mark S. 228-11* Ramage, Joan M. 102-5 Ramanathan, A.L. 126-7* Ramanathan, Ramya 145-6, 145-7*, 170-15 Ramatchandirane, Cyndhia G. 42-27 Rambeloson, Roger Andriamampianina 63-9 Ramdeen, Sarah 217-2* Ramezani, Jahandar 160-6*, 183-6 Ramirez, Juan C. 36-10 Ramirez-Carvalho, Monica 51-7* Ramirez-Sanchez, Hermes U. 198-4 Ramos Rosique, Aldo 15-7 Ramos, Frank C. 80-5*, 80-6, 242-10, 263-5 Ramos, Oswaldo 77-11 Ramsburg, Andrew 145-12 Ramsey, David W. 18-1*, 110-7* Ran, Qihua 58-1 Ranasinghage, Pradeep 171-4* Randolph, Jimmy 57-8 Rangel, Evelyn 33-33* Rankin, Andrew 15-7

Rao, Alexandra 149-5 Rapalini, Augusto.E. 43-3 Rapp, George 242-4 Rasbury, E . Troy 163-7, 203-10 Rasbury, Troy 160-7 Rasic, Jeffr ey T. 262-2* Rasmussen, David Tab 87-8* Rasmussen, Jessica B.T. 178-6 Rasor, Bart 245-18* Ratcliff, Douglas C. 210-9 Rath, Amy 179-8* Rathburn, Anthony 19-9, 171-13 Rathburn, Anthony E. 25-10, 180-16 Rathburn, Sara L. 225-7* Ratschbacher, Lothar 230-5 Rattenbury, Mark 7-8 Raudsepp, Mati 22-1, 22-2, 31-5, 243-3 Ravizza, Greg 234-3, 234-6* Rawat, M.S. 169-1 Rawling, J. Elmo III 122-1, 247-10* Raymond, Anne 4-10*, 32-8, 99-18 Raymond, Kristina 219-9 Rayne, Todd 76-5 Rayner, Nicole 132-6 Raynolds, Robert G. 30-2 Razack, Moumtaz 59-8 Rea, James C. 33-14* Read, J.F. 34-7, 42-14, 42-15 Read, Tom 272-11 Real, Charles R. 92-11* Rearick, Michael 243-17, 251-22 Reba, Michele 228-6*, 228-7, 228-10 Rech, Jason 244-22 Rech, Jason A. 37-9, 56-11*, 203-9, 244-33, 258-20 Reckendorf, Frank F. 226-1* Reddy, A.N. 86-5 Redman, Cory 73-12* Redmond, Kelly T. 228-2* Redwine, Joanna L. 247-16* Reece, Robert S. 108-17, 108-19, 108-20* Reed, Brad 212-2 Reed, Chelsea M. 99-14* Reed, Donald 29-35 Reed, John C. Jr. 103-8 Reed, Mark 204-1, 204-2, 239-9* Reed, Robert M. 132-14* Reeder, Matthew 251-21* Refsnider, Kurt A. 247-20 Regan, Sean P. 42-14*, 42-15, 266-11 Reger, Richard D. 247-1 Regier, Orin 3-3* Regmi, Netra 244-42* Reheis, Marith 56-3, 101-19, 212-1, 252-6* Reich, Robin 244-18 Reichow, Marc K. 133-3* Reid, Curtis A. 101-52 Reid, Jane A. 101-6 Reid, Leslie F. 47-3* Reid, Leslie Frances 68-14 Reid, Mark E. 240-11* Reidel, Stephen P. 6-2*, 80-2, 80-10, 80-11*, 106-7, 106-8, 106-9 Reifenstuhl, Rocky R. 108-11 Reifschneider, Meredith A. 54-12 Reilly, Mark 96-9 Reilly, Timothy J. 3-7*, 218-5 Reimer, Thomas 206-12 Reimold, Wolf Uwe 207-1*, 234-8 Rein, Guillermo 159-13 Reiners, John J. Jr. 218-9 Reiners, Peter 163-3 Reiners, Peter W. 8-12, 13-11, 181-6 Reinhard, Chris 10-7, 111-1 Reinhardt, Eduard G. 180-10 Reiten, Jon 251-5 Reiter, Maryanne 122-6 Rember, William C. 24-8 Remien, Christopher 221-8 Remo, Jonathan 243-12, 244-26 Remo, Jonathan W.F. 244-17*, 247-6 Rempe, N orbert T. 278-5* Rempel, Alan W. 26-3 Remus, Jeremiah 216-15 Ren, Minghua 33-5, 33-16 Rench, Tara A . 91-6 Renella, Nicole 171-16 Renik, Byrdie 40-7 Renne, Paul R. 15-4, 160-3*, 186-1, 216-3* Renwick, William H. 244-22 Reston, Timothy 273-4 Restrepo, Carla 38-12 Restrepo, Pedro 164-4

294 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

Restrepo-Moreno, Sergio A. 79-3* Retallack, Gregory J. 10-13* Retelle, Michael J. V 113-9 Reusser, Lucas J. 244-9, 244-38, 244-39, 244-48* Reuther, Joshua 262-2 Revesz, Kinga M. 155-6 Revielle, Jordan 145-8 Rey, Patrice 230-2* Rey, Patrice F. 79-9* Reyes, Francisco 258-7*, 258-8 Reynhout, Scott 81-11* Reynolds, James H. III 112-4* Reynolds, M.R. 251-14 Reynolds, Richard 212-1* Reynolds, Richard L. 11-8 Reynolds, Robert G. 23-9 Reynolds, Stephen J. 49-1*, 68-7, 68-8 Reynolds, T. James 26-6 Reynolds, Valerie S. 29-26, 29-27 Reza, A.H.M. Selim 126-1 Rezaie-Boroon, Mohammad Hassan 174-4* Rhéaume, Pierre 163-7 Rhenberg, Elizabeth C. 172-1* Rhode, Abigail 38-4 Rhoden, Machel 115-5 Rhodes, Dallas D. 39-9* Rhodes, Kristopher 172-8* Ribaudo, Rachel 177-3* Ribeiro, M.L. 98-10 Rice, Melissa S. 97-7* Rice-Snow, Scott 244-31 Rich, Andrew 244-46* Rich, Frederick 236-15 Rich, Fredrick J. 247-21, 277-2 Rich, Kelley Whatley 151-4* Rich, Thomas H. 51-5 Richard, Glenn A. 53-7, 192-19* Richard, Laurent 148-5 Richard, Stephen M. 7-10, 30-8*, 30-9, 30-10*, 101-17* Richards, Ian 33-33 Richards, Jeremy P. 26-1, 241-4 Richardson, C. Doc 66-5 Richardson, Christopher A. 151-6 Richardson, Ellery R. 42-1, 275-1, 275-2 Richardson, Emily 272-9 Richardson, Jeffery 45-3* Richardson, Joshua P. 169-6* Rickard, Sarah 142-2* Rickard, Sarah L. 142-3 Ricker, Christopher 33-13* Rico, Mayte 81-4 Ridgway, Kenneth 108-12, 108-26, 200-14 Ridgway, Kenneth D. 108-14, 108-15, 108-17, 108-25 Ridgwell, Andy 133-1 Ridky, Robert W. 30-2 Ridley, John 24-3*, 98-12 Ridley, W. Ian 204-4 Rieboldt, Sarah 199-5 Riedel, Jeffrey J. 107-1 Riedel, Jon 89-5 Riedel, Michael 42-6 Ries, Adam J. 121-1 Ries, William 173-2, 268-5 Riese, David J. 51-3*, 96-10* Rigaud, Sylvain 73-2 Riggins, Annelise M. 242-10* Riggs, Eric M. 12-10*, 68-2*, 277-8*, 277-9, 277-10 Riggs, Nancy 40-4, 211-4* Riggs, Stanley 229-8 Riggs, Stanley R. 205-6, 269-3* Rigsby, Catherine A. 99-12 Rigsby, Chad M. 187-14 Riihimaki, Catherine A. 8-12*, 209-11 Riis, Fridtjof 207-12 Riley, Kerry 8-7 Riley, Paul 223-5* Rimmer, Susan 215-11 Rimmer, Susan M. 215-9* Rimstidt, J. Donald 109-5, 239-8 Rinck, Brandy A. 94-12* Rindsberg, Andrew K. 245-24 Rinehart, Larry F. 32-11, 96-14 Ringrose, Philip 22-8 Ringrose, Susan 134-9, 134-10 Rinkleff, Peter 212-2 Rioux, M. 138-13 Ripley, Edward M. 1-11, 26-2, 208-2 Riquelme, Rodrigo 203-9, 244-33

Risley, John 58-6 Ritchie, Amber 258-57 Ritchie, L.A. 202-11 Ritsema, Jeroen 139-13 Rittase, William 62-9* Rittenour, Tammy 71-3, 81-3, 81-7, 143-12, 244-2* Rittenour, Tammy M. 14-10, 81-1, 249-3, 249-7 Ritter, John B. 187-14* Ritterbush, Kathleen Anita 245-34* Ritz, Matthew S. 175-5* Ritzi, Robert W. Jr. 145-6, 145-7, 170-15, 170-20 Rivera, Alexei A. 245-28*, 245-29* Rivera, Keith 171-16 Rivera-Monroy, Victor H. 149-3 Rividi, Nicolas 148-3 Rizzo, Donna M. 8-3, 113-1, 244-1 Roberge, Julie 41-4, 155-4 Robert, François 10-6 Robert, Stephanie 27-10 Roberts, Bruce A. 141-15 Roberts, Eric M. 87-12*, 146-4 Roberts, Gerald P. 122-3 Roberts, J.J. 216-2 Roberts, Jennifer A. 19-15, 111-10 Roberts, Leah 5-15 Roberts, M.A. 101-30 Roberts, Michael B. 137-1*, 137-5* Roberts, Nicholas J. 140-5*, 165-13* Roberts, Sheila M. 277-12 Roberts-Ashby, Tina L. 117-4* Robertson, Elizabeth C. 167-9* Robertson, James M. 30-5* Robertson, Kelly 184-1 Robertson, Kelly L. 184-8* Robertson, Wendy M. 69-4 Robin, Christophe 206-7 Robins, Brian 206-8 Robinson, Amelia C. 69-12, 243-20 Robinson, C.E. 174-8* Robinson, Clare E. 149-4* Robinson, Curt 145-1* Robinson, Mark S. 135-2, 197-2, 197-3, 197-4, 197-7 Robinson, Neville 175-8 Robinson, Paul T. 60-13* Robinson, R. 71-9 Robles, Matthew R. 32-34, 171-16 Rockhold, Mark 3-14, 117-10* Rockow, Michael 115-12* Rockwell, Thomas K. 81-14 Rodbell, Donald T. 5-5 Roddey, James 21-10*, 101-35, 164-6* Roden, Eric 84-13 Roden, Eric E. 64-6 Rodgers, David W. 12-7, 14-11 Rodgers, John H. Jr. 86-10 Rodland, David L. 51-13* Rodosovich, Daynna K. 244-20, 244-40, 244-41* Rodriguez, Antonio 99-10 Rodriguez, Brian D. 101-43 Rodríguez, Cecilia M. 265-8 Rodriguez, Iris 236-5* Rodriguez, Linda A. 259-8* Roeloffs, Evelyn 83-6* Roerdink, Desiree 206-12 Roering, Joshua 142-7*, 191-10 Roeske, Sarah 108-7, 108-9, 201-5* Rogers, J. David 27-9*, 56-8 Rogers, Raymond R. 36-24 Rogov, Vladimir 148-6, 265-2 Rohay, Virginia 250-4 Rohr, David M. 32-33, 44-2*, 108-5*, 136-4 Roig-Silva, Carla 27-10*, 263-12* Roig-Silva, Coral 173-3* Roland, Norbert W. 104-3 Roll, Laura 58-10, 145-5 Román-Colón, Yomayra 166-4 Romanchock, Charles M. 32-9* Romanek, Christopher S. 151-9, 151-13, 219-16 Romanovsky, Vladimir 269-2 Romans, Brian W. 200-8*, 253-3 Romão, J. 98-10 Ronan, Kevin 140-6 Rondenay, Stephane 224-6 Rood, Dylan 81-12, 244-9, 244-38, 244-39 Rood, Dylan H. 56-2, 244-10 Roof, Steven R. 113-9*

Rooney, Tyrone 106-14, 130-13, 130-14*, 138-2 Roopnarine, Peter 96-29 Roopnarine, Peter D. 245-41, 265-9 Root, Tara L. 29-4* Rosario, Juan Jose 203-6 Rose, Adam Z. 140-11 Rose, Claire E. 3-6*, 264-6 Rose, Kelly 42-6 Rose, Ronn S. 165-4 Rose, Tim P. 251-17 Rose, William I. 15-2*, 82-6, 190-3 Roseberry, John C. 275-2 Rosen, Gillian P. 11-5 Rosen, Michael Robert 251-24* Rosenau, Nicholas A. 222-3* Rosenbauer, Robert 22-4*, 117-6, 117-7 Rosenbaum, Joseph G. 11-8* Rosenberg, L.I. 101-30 Rosenberg, Lewis I. 101-36 Rosenberg, Philip E. 263-5* Rosenberry, Donald 177-17 Rosenberry, Donald O. 78-8*, 177-16 Rosenblatt, Megan R. 73-2, 73-3* Rosenheim, B.E. 247-18 Rosenmeier, Michael F. 198-2 Rosenthal, Yair 151-12 Rosenzweig, Cynthia 72-12 Ross, Martin E. 80-4 Ross, Nancy L. 195-3* Ross, Robert M. 30-2, 144-9, 186-9*, 192-20 Rostron, Benjamin J. 78-5* Roth, Jeffrey B. 224-7 Roth, Richard J. Jr. 92-7 Rothfuss, Jennifer L. 257-7* Rothwell, Gar W. 220-11* Rotman, Holly M.M. 246-6* Rougvie, James R. 168-18 Rounds, Stewart 58-6 Rountrey, Adam N. 19-6* Rousseau-Gueutin, Pauline 3-1, 128-13 Rouzaud, Jean-Noël 10-6 Rovelli, Remy 245-36* Rovere, Elizabeth I. 164-10, 164-12, 189-2 Rovira, Beatriz 48-4 Rowe, Charlotte A. 83-11 Rowe, Harold 215-11, 258-51, 260-1 Rowe, Harry 166-2, 168-9 Rowe, Michael C. 33-7, 110-9, 123-9* Rowland, Julie V. 15-10 Rowland, Raena J. 64-5 Roy, Amitava 77-12 Roy, James W. 78-14* Roy, Moutusi 149-6* Royer, Dana L. 220-14*, 222-11, 222-14 Royse, Katherine 54-7 Rubin, Charles 154-3 Rubin, Jeffrey N. 164-5* Rubin, Zan K. 225-7 Rubinstein, J. 83-12* Rucci, Alessio 22-8 Rudd, Abigail 119-23* Rudnick, Roberta L. 158-12 Rueda-Gaxiola, Jaime 211-3* Rueger, Bruce F. 29-27, 119-25 Ruez, Dennis R. Jr. 245-37* Ruggiero, Peter 229-10, 229-11, 229-12 Ruhl, Laura 121-8* Ruidíaz-Santiago, Cyd M. 36-22* Ruiz, Joaquin 257-2 Ruiz-González, José 279-4 Ruleman, C.A. 14-5*, 101-45* Rumble, Douglas III 132-9 Runkel, Anthony C. 199-5 Runnegar, Bruce 180-1 Runnegar, Bruce N. 148-10*, 151-14 Runyon, Simone 101-53* Rupp, John A. 272-13 Ruppert, Kelly 5-3 Ruppert, Leslie F. 166-10 Ruscitto, Daniel 18-12*, 202-2 Rush, Gilbert E. 22-12 Rusk, Brian 239-9 Rusk, Brian G. 1-5, 26-10*, 26-12*, 26-13*, 31-8*, 204-1* Ruskauff, Gregory J. 251-10* Ruskeeniemi, Timo 272-4 Russell, Ashley K. 113-5, 246-1* Russell, Gail S. 101-73* Russell, Hazen A.J. 75-7* Russell, J. Kelly 247-26, 280-11 Russell, Jamie 244-50*

Russell, Kelly 82-7 Russell, Scot Allan Jr. 76-4*, 258-62 Russin, Teresa Z. 26-22* Russo, Ann 250-2*, 271-1 Russo, R.M. 139-4* Rust, Alison 216-1 Ruthrof, Katinka 175-9 Rutledge, David B. 215-1* Ruwe, Emily E. 49-4 Ryan, Chris G. 1-5 Ryan, Holly 200-13 Ryan, Jeff 29-35* Ryan, Nathaniel A. 173-32* Ryan, Peter C. 77-3* Ryan, Robert J. 177-17 Ryan, William B.F. 217-9 Rybacki, K.S. 168-17* Ryberg, Patricia E. 219-10 Rye, R.O. 93-1, 204-1, 204-10 Rye, Robert O. 65-6, 204-8, 204-9 Rygel, Michael C. 42-21, 42-22, 42-24, 42-25 Ryter, Derek 58-4* Rytuba, James J. 77-4, 204-7*, 204-13


Saadat, Saeed 183-3* Saar, M.O. 216-2 Saar, Martin 176-4 Saar, Martin O. 57-8*, 59-1* Sabacka, Marie 212-4 Saballos, Jose Armando 155-3 Sablock, Jeanette M. 35-11 Sablock, Peter 221-7*, 242-14 Saccorotti, Gilberto 82-1 Sachan, H. 230-3 Sacks, S. 255-3 Sadofsky, Seth J. 152-8 Sadorski, Joseph 173-29 Saenger, Abigail L. 90-6 Saffaraval, Farhad 82-14 Safran, Elizabeth 6-3, 59-14, 244-35 Sageman, Bradley B. 86-4, 160-8, 222-8 Sager, Jeannette 58-10*, 145-5 Sagintayev, Zhanay 227-3, 227-4, 227-14* Sagnotti, Leonardo 11-10 Sagredo, Esteban A. 99-16* Saha, Debasree 126-6 Sahagian, Dork 114-11 Saines, Marvin 72-14 Saito, Satoshi 162-6 Sak, Peter B. 113-14, 173-22*, 244-30 Salazar, Joseph S. 173-8* Saleeby, Jason 37-30, 37-31, 60-12* Saleeby, Jason B. 60-11, 231-10, 231-11 Saleeby, Zorka 37-30, 37-31, 60-11*, 60-12 Salim, Hassan 188-5 Salisbury, Morgan 41-7, 160-4 Sallenger, Asbury 229-3 Salome, Kathleen 260-6 Salomé, Murielle 10-6 Salomon, Ferreol 23-3* Salters, Vincent J. 65-6 Saltonstall, Jennifer Hilden 76-2, 170-16* Saltus, Richard W. 188-3* Saltzman, Matt 199-5 Saltzman, Matthew R. 133-9, 159-5*, 160-5, 222-4, 264-9 Salvioli-Mariani, Emma 63-5, 185-1 Samolczyk, Mary A. 89-5* Sams, James 214-10 Samson, Iain M. 93-6 Samson, Scott D. 258-16 Samuel, M.D. 266-7 Samuels, Joshua X. 32-48 Sanchez Botero, Carlos 198-1 Sanchez, Matthew S. 233-11*, 274-14* Sanchez-Azofeifa, G. Arturo 19-10 Sanchez-Miranda, Guadalupe 94-7 Sánchez-Moya, Yolanda 81-4 Sandberg, Charles A. 207-8 Sanders, Michael 192-10 Sanders, William 194-6 Sanderson, Dewey 33-28 Sandness, Ashley L. 245-35 Sandoval, Laure 143-11 Sandstrom, Mark W. 3-7, 168-12*, 264-6* Sandvol, Eric 113-3 Sanford, Jason 173-26 Sanford, Robert A. 25-5 Sanford, Ward E. 155-3 ·

2009 GSA Annual Meeting

Portland, Oregon 295

Sang, Joseph K. 38-1* Sano, Yuji 230-7 Sant, Christopher J. 33-6, 33-29 Santi, Paul 161-4*, 240-7, 280-1*, 280-3 Santillan, E.F.U. 25-2* Santo, Alba Patrizia 184-6, 248-24 Santos, Alison 35-11* Santos, Hernán 36-15, 36-22 Santos-Mercado, Hernan 267-14 Santucci, Vincent L. 96-15, 96-17*, 136-6, 136-7* Sappenfield, Aaron 32-4, 245-12* Saraceno, John Franco 69-14 Sarah, Alexis 202-9 Sardsud, Apsorn 159-11 Sares, Matthew 12-12 Sarifakioglu, Ender 104-7* Sarikhan, Isabelle 39-12, 101-32, 191-6*, 202-3, 202-9, 202-10* Sarkar, Debjani 174-9 Sarma, J.N. 35-17 Sarna-Wojcicki, Andrei M. 56-4, 258-43 Sarp, Gulcan 259-2 Sartono, Ori 176-13 Sarture, Charles 95-11 Sas, Robert J. 44-10 Sasao, Eiji 170-9 Sasnett, Peri 249-14* Satkoski, Aaron M. 206-4* Sato, Tomohiko 98-7* Satterfield, Joseph I. 40-3* Saucedo, George 101-27 Sauck, William A. 188-5, 227-3, 227-4 Sauer, D. 193-3 Sauer, Peter 215-12 Saul, EuGene 170-4 Saunders, Andrew D. 133-3, 133-6* Saunders, James A. 158-1 Saupe, Erin E. 73-11* Savage, Heather M. 107-1* Savage, Kaye 29-24*, 239-1* Savage, Norman M. 159-11* Savrda, Charles E. 32-30 Sawai, Yuki 154-2* Sawlan, M.G. 106-5 Sawyer, Audrey H. 128-1, 128-4*, 128-11, 177-10 Sawyer, David A. 101-51*, 160-8 Sawyer, J. Foster 32-44 Sawyer, Thomas L. 249-12 Saxe, Jennie 119-3 Saxena, A. 230-3 Sayit, Kaan 123-7 Saylor, Joel E. 200-1 Sbisa, A. 15-5 Scarberry, Kaleb C. 101-34, 248-3* Scasso, Roberto A. 255-1 Schaefer, Charles E. 271-2, 271-3 Schaefer, Joerg M. 81-12, 249-14, 249-15 Schäfer, Jörg 116-3, 119-22 Schaider, Laurel 119-12 Schaller, Elizabeth 100-3* Schaney, M. 71-9 Schaperdoth, Irene 150-12 Scharman, Mitchell R. 79-6* Schaub, Ron 179-6 Scheick, Jessica 205-2 Scheirer, Daniel S. 101-26*, 101-36 Scheitlin, Kara E. 251-6* Schellenberg, Stephen A. 151-2 Scheller, Kent W. 70-8* Schemm-Gregory, Mena 96-12* Scherer, George 168-8 Scherer, Reed P. 245-3 Schermer, Elizabeth R. 105-6, 182-2, 208-11* Scherrenberg, A. 101-1 Scherrenberg, Arne 54-13 Scheu, B.E. 135-9 Scheu, Bettina 82-9 Scheurer, Rachel E. 78-10 Schick, James 261-7* Schieber, Juergen 34-6, 42-12, 147-1*, 147-2, 147-4 Schiffbauer, James D. 148-7, 148-8*, 245-10 Schiffman, Celia 67-3 Schijf, Johan 119-8 Schimmel, Majken K. 146-3* Schimmelmann, Arndt 215-12, 215-14 Schimmrich, Steven H. 187-18* Schindler, Eberhard 4-3 Schlanser, Kristen 83-8

Schlegel, Melissa 76-11, 272-13 Schleicher, Jillian 198-14 Schleifer, Stanley 115-5, 115-7, 115-8, 115-9, 115-17* Schlom, Tyanna M. 258-40* Schlumbohm, Molly 114-12 Schmandt, Brandon 60-8* Schmeider, Jens 170-6 Schmeisser, Rebecca L. 5-16* Schmerge, Joshua 96-10 Schmidt, Christian 93-6 Schmidt, David 58-12, 142-7, 273-7 Schmidt, Keegan L. 79-5* Schmidt, Kevin M. 56-3, 190-2, 261-12* Schmidt, Mariek 18-6* Schmidt-Rohr, Klaus 199-12 Schmitt, A. 12-13, 206-5 Schmitt, Axel K. 183-4, 186-5, 230-14 Schmitt, James G. 61-13 Schmitt, Jean-Michel 239-2 Schmitt, Laurent 23-3 Schmitz, Darrel W. 27-1 Schmitz, Mark 168-2 Schmitz, Mark D. 61-8, 61-11, 160-12, 186-7*, 268-8 Schneider, Chris L. 220-7* Schneider, D.A. 12-13, 206-5, 230-9 Schneider, William H. 9-11* Schöberg, Hans 158-9 Schoenbachler, Tiffany 99-5* Schoenberg, Ronny 60-4, 203-5 Schoenbohm, Lindsay 60-6, 200-10, 203-4 Schoenbohm, Lindsay M. 104-2 Schoephoester, Peter R. 30-5 Schofield, D.I. 160-5 Schofield, Susan 76-13 Scholl, David 200-13* Scholl, Nathan C. 71-7* Scholz, Christopher A. 32-3 Scholz, Henning 86-8 Schoonen, Martin A.A. 212-11 Schoonmaker, Adam 33-30* Schopf, J. William 4-4 Schott, Ronald C. 53-5*, 192-14* Schottenfeld, Mariel T. 173-13* Schottler, Shawn 54-10 Schouten, Stefan 151-1 Schrader, Christian M. 123-4* Schramm, Thomas J. 36-12* Schreiber, Holly A. 265-9* Schreiber, Madeline 126-10 Schreiber, Madeline E. 127-10 Schreier, Hans 274-7* Schreiner, Henry F. III 40-3 Schriffiries, Craig 72-1 Schriver, Martha L. 236-15 Schroeder, K. 16-3 Schroeder, Karl 214-10 Schroeder, Timothy 40-4* Schubert, Brian A. 19-12* Schubert, Christopher 149-2 Schueller, D. 101-35 Schuiling, Amanda B. 251-19, 251-20 Schuldenrein, Joseph 71-10* Schulmann, Karel 63-2*, 230-8* Schulmeister, Marcia K. 250-7 Schulp, Anne S. 87-11 Schulte, Peter 234-11 Schultz, Arthur P. 101-68 Schultz, Peter A. 166-7* Schultz, Peter H. 135-8 Schultz, Richard A. 156-4, 223-2 Schultz-Fellenz, Emily S. 33-11, 161-5*, 210-10 Schulz, Klaus J. 138-12, 204-4, 207-2 Schulz, Marjorie 141-8* Schulz, Marjorie S. 141-2, 260-5 Schulz, William 83-1 Schulz, William H. 142-2, 142-3* Schumacher, Bruce A. 213-11* Schumacher, John C. 132-12* Schumaker, K.K. 113-7* Schupack, Benjamin B. 247-19* Schur, Emilie 42-19* Schwab, Brandon Edward 29-38*, 33-1, 33-2 Schwab, Mark 213-5 Schwarcz, Henry P. 150-5* Schwartz, Benjamin 89-13, 136-10 Schwartz, Benjamin F. 127-10, 150-8 Schwartz, D.P. 14-4* Schwartz, Haylee 168-15

Schwartz, Jonathan 118-2 Schwartz, Joshua J. 61-9, 61-10*, 105-3 Schwartz, Matthew C. 45-4 Schwartz, Robert K. 36-17, 36-19*, 257-7 Schwartz, Theresa M. 33-32, 36-17*, 36-19, 257-7 Schwarz, Jacob J. 32-6, 266-5 Schweitzer, Linda 218-6 Schwendemann, Andrew B. 219-10 Schwerin, Theresa 49-11 Schworbel, Gabriela 167-1 Scoates, James S. 108-4*, 138-8, 138-9 Scotchmoor, Judith G. 186-9 Scotese, Christopher R. 222-7 Scott, Andrew C. 234-1 Scott, David B. 32-43, 205-1*, 205-5, 205-8, 205-11 Scott, Jenni J. 198-11 Scott, Kevin M. 89-5 Scott, W.E. 82-8 Scott, William E. 18-13 Scourse, James D. 151-6 Screaton, Elizabeth 127-8, 176-1, 177-4 Scuderi, Louis 5-15 Scuderi, Louis A. 42-20, 42-29 Scurlock, John 65-8 Seal, R. II 24-5 Seal, Robert R. II 24-4*, 204-4 Seaman, Sheila J. 33-35, 63-6 Sears, James 61-4* Seaton, Nicholas 173-32 Seaton, Nicholas C. 85-5 Secord, Ross 86-13, 222-9* Sedberry, George R. 151-9 Sederquist, David 274-8* Sedlacek, Alexa R.C. 133-9* Seedorff, Eric 204-3, 239-6 Seeger, Eric 37-1, 168-24*, 169-15 Seelos, Kim D. 20-15, 156-6 Sege, Jon E. 218-4 Sehlke, Gerald 214-14 Seifert, Karl E. 138-14* Seitz, Susan 217-6 Selden, Paul A. 73-11 Self, Stephen 15-8*, 80-1*, 106-9*, 106-10 Self, Steve 80-7 Self-trail, Jean M. 234-7 Selker, John 128-8* Selkin, Peter A. 53-7*, 192-11* Sell, Bryan K. 159-7* Sellar, R. Glenn 95-11 Sellers, Cale B. 42-17 Sellers, Taylor I. 119-24 Seltmann, R. 241-7 Seltmann, Reimar 26-14, 241-6*, 241-11 Selverstone, Jane 12-8*, 12-9, 85-10 Selyangin, Oleg 184-1, 184-8 Semken, Steven 29-29, 186-4, 187-8*, 210-3, 235-6* Semple, Ian 68-10 Sen, Pragnyadipta 173-21* Senay, Gabriel 59-3 Sendziak, Kassandra 103-3* Sener Kaya, Basak 190-6, 190-8* Sengör, A.M. Celâl 194-4*, 268-3 Senkowski, C.A. 12-13* Seo, Jung Hun 1-8 Seong, Yeong B ae 5-12 Sepulveda, Luis 101-67 Serbet, Rudolph 219-10 Serdakowski, Mary 9-11 Serdar, Carol 191-13* Serna, C. José 84-7 Serne, R. Jeffrey 271-9 Serpa, Laura F. 2-3*, 236-1 Serrano, Susana 256-5* Sessions, Alex L. 168-20* Setoyama, Eiichi 196-4 Seu, Roberto 20-1, 20-13 Severson, Mark J. 101-2 Sevon, W.D. 36-20* Seward, Gareth 124-7, 185-7 Sewell, Roderick J. 15-14 Sexton, Julie M. 47-1*, 47-3, 68-14* Seymour, Andrea 5-13 Seymour, Keith 54-1 Seymour, Michael D. 251-18 Shabaga, Brandi 258-46* Shackleton, J. Ryan 107-1 Shackley, M. Steven 216-6*, 262-1 Shad Manaman, Navid 183-2* Shafaii Moghadam, Hadi 153-5 Shafer, David S. 244-16*

Shafer, T. D evaja 119-29* Shah, Anjana K. 188-9*, 188-10 Shahin, Abdalla M. 32-43 Shahin, Safaa M. 32-43* Shakun, Jeremy D. 5-7 Shalev, Eyal 149-11 Shami, Malek 115-8*, 115-17 Shanahan, Timothy M. 32-3 Shanks, W.C. Pat 89-13, 136-11, 204-4* Shannon, Caitlin 258-17 Shannon, Casey 27-3 Shapiro, Allen M. 127-9*, 127-11, 176-12 Shapiro, Benjamin M. 170-5* Shapiro, Rachel J. 243-11* Shapiro, Russell 34-13 Shapiro, Russell S. 36-11 Shapley, Mark D. 14-11, 14-12 Sharma, Ritu 86-8 Sharma, Shikha 168-16, 215-7, 215-8 Sharp, John M. Jr. 76-7, 170-26 Sharp, Thomas G. 17-6 Sharp, W.D. 6-1 Sharp, Warren D. 81-14, 152-11, 199-3, 201-9 Sharpe, David R. 75-7 Sharpe, Meredith 32-23 Shatov, V.V. 241-7* Shaver, Stephen A. 26-6*, 26-7* Shaw, Alison 248-25 Shaw, Barbara J. 187-6 Shaw, Drew C. 251-19, 251-20* Shaw, Kelly A. 187-14 Shaw, Shannon 218-7 Shea, Erin 130-9 Shea, Karen 46-7 Shean, David E. 20-15 Shearer, Katie 47-4* Sheehan, Peter M. 86-11 Sheldon, Erin Patricia 42-24* Sheldon, Nathan D. 10-12*, 199-8, 222-5 Shemang, Elisha 169-16 Shempert, Jenifer M. 110-5* Shen, Bing 264-4* Shen, Chuan-Chou 154-12 Shen, Zhixiong 143-11* Sheng, Jiandong 198-5 Shennan, Ian 62-12, 129-1*, 129-2, 129-6, 154-1* Shepeck, Jennifer M. 258-11* Shepherd, Stephanie L. 244-25* Sherman, Janelle R. 258-37* Sherman, Sarah Bean 279-8* Sherrod, Brian L. 80-8, 182-1, 261-4 Sherrouse, Benson C. 189-3* Sherson, Lauren R. 177-9* Shervais, John 138-3 Shervais, John W. 138-6*, 161-2, 201-9* Shevalier, Maurice 22-9 Shevlin, Tim 240-6 Shiba, Conrad F. 2-8* Shields, Christine 222-7 Shields, William 144-12 Shiffman, Celia Rose 235-9 Shiller, Thomas 115-2* Shim, Sang-Heon 17-4 Shim, Taek-Mo 27-12 Shimabukuro, David H. 152-1* Shimhai, Ori 56-12 Shimojima, Mie 10-5 Shin, Ji-Yeon 146-5* Shin, Timothy A . 259-2* Shine, James P. 119-12 Shinmura, Taro 248-23 Shipley, Niccole 41-3* Shipley, Thomas 68-1* Shipley, Thomas F. 47-7, 68-5, 217-11 Shipp, Stephanie S. 2-9 Shirk, Aubrey M. 32-15* Shlemon, Roy 189-4 Shomali, Hossein 183-2 Shomo, Susie 45-7* Shonsey, Cara W. 227-6 Shope, Christopher 128-6 Short, William R. 101-7 Shouakar-Stash, Orfan 119-6, 227-10* Shrady, Catherine 268-9 Shriver, Andy J. 102-2*, 104-10* Shroat-Lewis, René A. 51-14* Shroba, Ralph R. 101-45 Shroder, John F. Jr. 125-12* Shtober, Nurit 150-5 Shufeldt, Owen P. 211-11* Shulman, Deborah J. 139-8*, 185-8*

296 From Volcanoes to Vineyards: Living with Dynamic Landscapes

Shumaker, Lauren 101-21 Shuster, Robert D. 157-1* Sibert, Ryan J. 119-11 Sibley, Duncan F. 278-6 Sibray, Steve 170-2 Sickafoose, D.K. 223-15 Siddoway, Christine 79-12*, 173-30 Siddoway, Christine S. 16-12, 223-14 Sidle, W.C. 99-1* Sidor, Christian A. 87-3*, 87-4 Siegel, Donald 113-3 Siegel, Donald I. 252-5* Siegel, Michelle 34-11 Siegfried, Matthew R. 119-9* Siegner, Michael 258-44* Sieh, Kerry 154-11, 154-12 Siewert, Sarah E. 160-8 Sigman, Jessica 132-10 Sigmon, Mickey 115-1, 260-3 Siks, Benjamin C. 42-26* Silva Romo, Gilberto 37-10 Silva, Cesar 79-2 Silva, Gonzalo Pulido 176-10 Silva, Jeff A.K. 3-13 Silva, Vesta 29-20 Silver, Paul G. 83-6 Silverman, Shari Maria 221-3* Silvertooth, Maggie 248-16* Silvis, Nicholas V. 170-22 Sime, John 51-12 Sime, Timothy S. 96-20* Similox-Tohon, D. 101-1 Similox-Tohon, Dominique 54-12, 54-13* Simino, Joe 247-21 Simionovici, Alexandre 10-6 Simmons, Craig T. 175-8, 177-1 Simms, Alexander 35-21, 129-9, 171-3 Simms, Alexander R. 99-2 Simms, Alexander Ray 99-10, 129-4* Simoes, Marcello 51-13, 219-16 Simon, Adam 1-7, 184-1*, 184-8, 204-5 Simon, Andrew 226-7*, 226-8 Simon-Labric, Thibaud 130-3 Simoneit, Bernd R.T. 198-4 Simonson, Bruce M. 98-11, 207-3*, 207-4 Simpkins, Sunny 270-9* Simpkins, William W. 78-10* Simpson, Duane 71-7 Simpson, Edward L. 35-5, 35-14, 35-15, 96-5*, 96-7, 96-8, 96-13 Simpson, R.W. 7-3, 101-25 Sims, Kenneth 248-25 Sims, W. Jay 208-9 Sinclair, W. David 241-2* Singer, Amy 96-11* Singer, B.S. 231-13 Singer, Brad S. 41-7, 101-51, 160-4, 160-8*, 186-6 Singer, David M. 64-7* Singer, Donald A. 241-1* Singer, Jill K. 9-3* Singer, Michael B. 38-2 Singh, Andrew 115-5, 115-7 Singh, Rajesh 121-6*, 121-7 Sinha, A. Krishna 138-2*, 138-3 Sinha, Rajiv 62-4 Sinigoi, S. 15-5 Sinsabaugh, Robert L. 66-11 Sinton, Christopher 138-10*, 209-6* Sirbescu, Mona-Liza 123-12 Sirbescu, Mona-Liza C. 93-6, 123-14*, 158-12 Siriwardana, Chandawaimal 171-4 Sisson, Andrew J. 227-5 Sisson, Thomas W. 65-6*, 255-4 Sisson, Virginia 85-4 Sit, Stefany 224-8 Sitaula, Raju P. 257-1* Sivarajan, Saravanan 165-10 Sivasubramanian, Poovalingam 123-7 Sjogren, Darren B. 193-7 Skalac, Priscilla Field 279-2 Skalak, Katherine 24-13* Skalak, Katherine J. 24-12 Skerbeck, Tia 187-5 Skibicki, Patrick J. 271-11 Skilling, Ian P. 276-6 Skinner, Anne R. 143-1, 143-2, 143-3, 143-4 Skinner, H. Catherine W. 233-3* Skinner, Kelly A. 25-7 Skinner, Tina M. 258-30* Sklar, Leonard S. 225-3, 240-9

Skov, Rian 39-12 Slack, John F. 26-15, 105-9, 158-10, 204-4, 266-3* Slane, Daniel C. 42-22* Slater, Brian 22-7 Slattery, Joshua S. 245-35* Slattery, William 91-8* Slaughter, Stephen L. 261-10* Sleep, Norman H. 133-4* Sleezer, Richard O. 243-6 Sliko, Jennifer 50-11* Sliter, Ray W. 217-11 Sliter, William V. 201-10 Sloan, A