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Speaker Ready Room

Minneapolis Convention Center, Room 201AB Sat ., 8 Oct ., 8 a .m .­8 p .m . Sun .­Tues ., 9­11 Oct ., 6:30 a .m .­6:30 p .m . Wed ., 12 Oct ., 6:30 a .m .­1:30 p .m . We highly recommend that all speakers visit the speaker ready room for an opportunity to run through their presentations and get comfortable with the equipment . Technicians will be on-hand to offer assistance . To submit your presentation during the meeting, please do so in the speaker ready room the day before your presentation . If you have a Sunday presentation and are unable to get to the speaker ready room on Saturday, please take your presentation directly to your session room at least 30 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin . Acceptable file types: PowerPoint ( .ppt or .pps), Microsoft Word ( .doc), or PDF ( .pdf) . If your graphics or video clips are not embedded in your presentation, please be sure that you bring them as well . Mac users: If your presentation was created on a Mac and converted to run on a PC, please test it before you come to the meeting . Make sure that the hyperlinks still function, and avoid using a rewritable CD (CD-RW), as we've encountered compatibility problems with them . If your presentation includes embedded video, your video will most likely NOT play automatically on the PC platform . You will need to either convert your .mov files to .avi format or create a link in your slide show to an external .mov file . If you choose the latter, your animation will play in a separate QuickTime window, outside of your PowerPoint presentation . We strongly recommend that you test your Mac-produced presentation on a Windows-based system before coming to the meeting . If you are unable to run your Mac presentation from a PC, we will be able to accommodate you . Please talk to the technicians in the Speaker Ready Room for more information .


Minneapolis Convention Center, Hall C

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Hardcopy Poster Presentations

You will be provided with one horizontal, freestanding 8-ft-wide by 4-ft-high display board along with Velcro for hanging your poster in the Exhibit Hall . Each poster booth will share a 6-ft by 30-in table, and electricity will be available in the poster area at no charge . Posters will be on display throughout the scheduled day (9 a .m .­ 6 p.m.); authors should be present either 9­11 a .m . or 2­4 p .m . and are encouraged to be at their posters during the 4:30­6 p .m . beer reception as well .

Digital Poster Presentations

Supported in part by Annual Reviews, Oxford University Press You will be provided one horizontal, freestanding 8-ft-wide by 4-ft-high display board along with Velcro for hanging your poster, an electronic monitor (~40 to 46 inch) placed on a 6-foot by 30-inch table; electricity for the monitor and your laptop (bring your own laptop); and a VGA cable along with sound. Mac users: Bring your own white dongle .

9­12 October


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 105

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2011 Joint Technical Program

Committee Representatives

2011 Technical Program Chair

Dave Bush

Associated Societies

Association of Earth Science Editors: Monica Easton Geochemical Society: David Borrok Geoscience Information Society: Rusty Kimball Mineralogical Society of America: James S . Beard and Philip Brown National Association of Geoscience Teachers: Elizabeth Wright and Sadredin (Dean) C . Moosavi The Paleontological Society: Thomas D . Olszewski, Caroline A .E . Stromberg, and Matthew E . Clapham Society of Economic Geologists: Harold Noyes

GSA Divisions

Archaeological Geology: Catherine H . Yansa and Kathleen Nicoll Coal Geology: Sue Rimmer and Margo D . Corum Environmental and Engineering Geology: William H . Schulz and Norman S . Levine Geobiology & Geomicrobiology: Stuart Birnbaum and Nora Noffke Geoinformatics: Stephen M . Richard Geology and Health: Syed Hasan and Robert B . Finkelman Geology and Society: Richard C . Berg and Karen McCurdy Geophysics: Audrey D . Huerta Geoscience Education: Steven H . Schimmrich and Sadredin (Dean) C . Moosavi History and Philosophy of Geology: John A . Diemer and Kenneth R . Aalto Hydrogeology: Madeline E . Schreiber and Alicia M . Wilson Limnogeology: Dan Deocampo and Amy E . Myrbo Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology: Russell S . Harmon and Calvin G . Barnes Planetary Geology: David Williams and Simon Kattenhorn Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology: Kyle House, Jim O'Connor, and Sara L . Rathburn Sedimentary Geology: Brenda Beitler Bowen and Tracy D . Frank Structural Geology and Tectonics: David P . West Jr . and Phil Resor

Representatives at Large

Petroleum: Ann V . Givan Environmental Geoscience Division: John F . Bratton Marine/Coastal Geology: David J .W . Piper Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology: Sharon L . Kanfoush Precambrian Geology: Joe Meert

Annual Program Committee

Chair: J . Christopher Hepburn (term ends 30 June 2013) Richard C . Berg (term ends 30 June 2011) Wendy A . Bohrson (term ends 30 June 2013) David M . Bush (term ends 30 June 2012) Arthur G . Goldstein (term ends 30 June 2014) Alan F . Halfen (term ends 30 June 2013) Nancy J . McMillan (term ends 30 June 2015) Kevin L . Mickus (term ends 30 June 2015) Roger D .K . Thomas (term ends 30 June 2014)


2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

Our Thanks to The Following

Session Cosponsor Organizations

AASP - The Palynological Society Affiliation of Christian Geologists Alta Vertical American Association of State Geologists American Geological Institute American Geophysical Union American Quaternary Association American Water Resources Association American Water Resources Association, Wisconsin Section Association of American State Geologists Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists Association of Geoscientists for International Development Australian National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training British Geological Survey Canadian Quaternary Association Chinese Academy of Sciences Clay Minerals Society Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science Inc . CoreLabs Council on Undergraduate Research Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research EarthScope Edwards Aquifer Authority ExxonMobil/Upstream Research Company Foundation for Glacier and Environmental Research GSA Archaeological Geology Division GSA Coal Geology Division GSA Diversity in the Geosciences Committee GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division GSA Geoinformatics Division GSA Geology and Health Division GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee GSA Geology and Society Division GSA Geophysics Division GSA Geoscience Education Division GSA History and Philosophy of Geology Division GSA Hydrogeology Division GSA International Section GSA Limnogeology Division GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division GSA Planetary Geology Division GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division GSA Sedimentary Geology Division GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division Geochemical Society Geological Association of Canada Geological Survey of Canada Geoscience Information Society Google Inc . ICS Subcommission on Precambrian Stratigraphy IRIS Data Management System Institute on Lake Superior Geology International Advisory for Geoscience Diversity International Association of GeoChemistry International Association of Hydrogeologists International Association of Sedimentologists International Continental Drilling Program International Society of Groundwater for Sustainable Development International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Classification International Union for Quaternary Research Karst Waters Institute LacCore/Limnological Research Center Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University Leica Micropaleontology Press Mineralogical Society of America Minnesota Ground Water Association Minnesota Planetarium Society Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology National Association of Geoscience Teachers National Cave and Karst Research Institute National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics National Center for STEM Elementary Education National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training National Earth Science Teachers Association National Ground Water Association North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature OneGeology On the Cutting Edge Outdoor Industry Association Oxford University Press Paleontological Research Institution Paleontological Society PEMEX/PEP Petzl Precambrian [At Large] REI SEPM North American Micropaleontology Section SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) Salewa Society of Concrete Petrographers Society of Economic Geologists Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Soil Science Society of America Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center State Key Laboratory of Palaeobiology and Stratigraphy The Mineralogical Society University of Minnesota U .S . Geological Survey U .S . National Chapter of International Association of the Hydrogeologists UMD Precambrian Research Center USDA Forest Service VERTIMANIA YES Network

9­12 October


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 107


2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future


These unique interdisciplinary sessions cover issues on the leading edge of a scientific discipline or area of public policy and address broad, fundamental issues in the geosciences . Selection is on a competitive basis, all speakers are invited, and all sessions will take place at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Room 101A-C . P1 . The Frontiers of Quaternary Geochronology: Extension or Overextension of Dating Methods for Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology?: Sun ., 9 Oct ., 8 a .m .­noon . P2 . Honoring British Geologist Arthur Holmes (1890­1965) for Contributions to Geochronology, Plate Tectonics, and the Origin of Granite: Sun ., 9 Oct ., 1:30­5:30 p .m . P3 . Exploration of the Deep Biosphere: Mon ., 10 Oct ., 8 a .m .­noon . P4 . Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals for a Sustainable and Secure Future: Mon ., 10 Oct ., 1:30­5:30 p .m . P5 . The EarthScope Program: Recent Results and Future Projects: Tues ., 11 Oct ., 8 a .m .­noon P6 . Prairie Ice Streams: Tues ., 11 Oct ., 1:30­5:30 p .m .

Joseph T. Pardee

P7 . Earth's Early Atmosphere and Surface Environment: Wed ., 12 Oct ., 8 a .m .­noon P8 . Global Water Sustainability: Wed ., 12 Oct ., 1:30­5:30 p .m .

1972 GSA Annual Meeting Presidential Address

"Better Get the Garbage Before it Gets You"

Luna B. Leopold the ground" to augment flow records and water-quality deterThe last time GSA met in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, was minations. "Geologists," he writes, "more so than most people, November 1972. Luna B. Leopold was outgoing GSA president know how the natural world operates and what beauty lies in and delivered his address to meeting participants on "River these mechanisms of natures. If some of the beauty of undisChannel Change with Time" (published in GSA Bulletin in 1973 turbed processes is to exist within the reach of cities, the pres[v. 84, no. 6, p. 1845­1860]). Leopold's talk focused on Watts ent practices of planning, design, and construction must Branch, "a small tributary of the Potomac River, north of Washinclude some geologic knowledge." ington, D.C." He notes that he chose this river and its small basin because it had been the spot where, years earlier, he had taken his children on picnics and to play catch. Over time, he writes, suburban growth resulted in a basin filled with "muddy trash heaps" and "the little stream ... littered with bricks, concrete, trash, plastic bottles, and old tires." To counteract such adverse effects, Leopold calls for "observations [to be] made on Leopold's article includes a song, "Better get the garbage before it gets you," (lyrics written by him, set to a traditional tune). Find it and the entire 1972 presidential address article at (open access).

9­12 October


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 109

Technical Program At-A-Glance

Arranged by Scientific Category and Session Number

Please use the session numbers below to find the title and time of the session on pages 112­121. Bold numbers--Pardee Keynote sessions; DP and P--poster and digital poster sessions, which run all day.

Discipline Category A.M. SUN. P.M. A.M. MON. P.M. A.M. TUES. P.M. A.M. WED. P.M.

Archaeological Geology Coal Geology Economic Geology Engineering Geology Environmental Geoscience 39(P) 19; 40(P); 41(P); 42(P); 43(P) 8 23

90; 95(P); 111(P) 87

161 159(P); 190(P) 169(P) 160

213 206 212 219; 241(P) 220; 236; 237; 243(P) 280 240(P) 264


Geochemistry Geoinformatics Geology & Health Geomicrobiology

50 68

73; 89 92 93 72 81; 82; 96(P); 107(P)

137 140 141 165 166; 170(P)

263(P) 282; 283 242(P)




129; 133

144; 154; 180(P); 181(P); 182(P); 183(P); 184(P) 143

194; 210

Geophysics/Tectonophysics/ Seismology

9; 34(P) 1; 21; 22; 25(P); 44(P); 45(P)


104(P) 70; 71; 97(P); 113(P); 114(P); 116(P)


244(P) 193(DP); 195; 215; 216 217 218 221; 222; 245(P); 260(P) 223; 262(P)

Geoscience Education

46; 66; 67

115(DP); 118; 139

163; 164; 171(P)

261(DP); 265; 266

Geoscience Information/ Communication History and Philosophy of Geology 2; 3; 17; 26(P); 37(P) 18 83; 84; 85; 38(DP); 108(P); 60; 61; 62 109(P); 110(P) 63 86 119; 134; 135; 136 155; 156; 157; 158; 185(P); 187(P); 191(P) 188(P); 189(P)


186(DP); 196

232; 233; 235

269; 278; 279; 281

Limnogeology Marine/Coastal Science


234 246(P); 259(DP)


2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

Discipline Category













Mineralogy/Crystallography Neotectonics/Paleoseismology Paleoclimatology/ Paleoceanography Paleontology, Biogeography/ Biostratigraphy Paleontology, Diversity, Extinction, Origination Paleontology, Paleoecology/ Taphonomy Paleontology, Phylogenetic/ Morphological Patterns Petroleum Geology Petrology, Igneous Petrology, Metamorphic Planetary Geology Precambrian Geology Public Policy Quaternary Geology Remote Sensing/Geographic Information System Sediments, Carbonates Sediments, Clastic Stratigraphy Structural Geology Tectonics Volcanology


47 98(P) 58 80


147 153; 172(P) 150; 173(P)


247(P); 252(P) 224; 258(P) 254(P) 225; 255(P); 256(P) 277 267



4 14 15; 27(P) 57 121 28(P) 12; 29(P) 24 53 69 94; 100(P); 117(P) 74; 101(P) 91; 102(P); 112(P) 142 126 124 5; 7; 20 64; 65 48 30(P) 13 54 105(P) 77; 106(P) 122 6; 31(P); 32(P) 10; 11 33(P); 35(P) 49; 52 76 75; 103(P) 128 127 138 55; 56 78; 79; 99(P) 120; 131

151; 152

207; 208

257(P) 226; 231

275 276


203 204 273 284

167 175(P) 162; 192(P)

199 200

239 228 238


198; 214 248(P)

149; 174(P); 179(P) 145; 146; 178(P) 176(P); 177(P)


227; 253(P) 249(P) 250(P); 251(P) 229; 230


202 201

271 270 272

9­12 October


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 111

Sessions by Category

All sessions will take place in the Minneapolis Convention Center .

NO. 123 90 95 111 161 213 Archaeological Geology T130 . Topics in Geoarchaeology: Reconstructions of Ancient Landscapes and Paleoenvironments Archaeological Geology (Posters) T130 . Topics in Geoarchaeology: Reconstructions of Ancient Landscapes and Paleoenvironments (Posters) T132 . The History of Humans and the Hydrologic System: Exploring Relationships between Cultures, Climate, and Hydrology through Time I T132 . The History of Humans and the Hydrologic System: Exploring Relationships between Cultures, Climate, and Hydrology through Time II T47 . Coal Systems: Sedimentation, Petrology, Natural Resources, and Environmental Sustainability Coal Geology (Posters): New Developments in Environmental and Geochemical Coal Research T112 . Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift I T112 . Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift II Economic Geology (Posters) T113 . Tectonics and Metallogeny (Posters) T113 . Tectonics and Metallogeny Economic Geology Engineering Geology (Posters): Recent Advances and Studies in Engineering Geology T119 . Sigma Gamma Epsilon Undergraduate Research (Posters) T117 . Uranium in Groundwater: Biogeochemical Controls on Mobility and Persistence T118 . International Development and the Geosciences Environmental Geoscience Environmental Geoscience (Posters) T127 . Tropical Small Mountainous River Biogeochemistry: Terrestrial Losses, Internal Processing, Coastal Inputs, and Marine Burial T125 . Assessing Potential Impacts of Geological Carbon Sequestration on Groundwater Quality: Geochemical and Hydrological Approaches (Posters) T128 . EARTHTIME Geochronology: Improving Age Interpretations through Integration and Intercalibration (Posters) T124 . Potentially Toxic Elements in the Environment: A Session for Students (Posters) T122 . Sources, Transport, and Fate of Trace and Toxic Elements in the Environment (Posters) P2 . Honoring British Geologist Arthur Holmes (1890­1965) for Contributions to Geochronology, Plate Tectonics, and the Origin of Granite Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . Room 101FG Hall C Hall C Room 101FG Room 101FG SESSION TITLE 2011 GSA Gold Medal Lectures DAY Monday TIME 1:30 p .m .­3:30 p .m . ROOM Room 101FG

Coal Geology 206 240 87 159 168 190 212 264 169 39 88 160 219 241 19 42 43 41 40 50 Tuesday Wednesday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . Room M100FG Hall C Room 101H-J Room 101H-J Hall C Hall C Room 101H-J Room 101H-J Hall C Hall C Room 211AB Room 211AB Room 211AB Hall C Room 102BC Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Room 101A-C

Economic Geology

Engineering Geology

Environmental Geoscience



2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

NO. 73 89 137 220 237 236 243 280

SESSION TITLE Special Session: The Past Yucca Mountain Project--Advancing Science and Technology for the Future: Was It Worth the Cost? T129 . Spectroscopy for the Geosciences in the 21st Century T122 . Sources, Transport, and Fate of Trace and Toxic Elements in the Environment Geochemistry: Recent Advances in Geochemistry

DAY Monday Monday Monday Wednesday

TIME 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m .

ROOM Room 102BC Room 102D-F Room 102D-F Room 102BC Room 102D-F Room 101H-J Hall C Room 102D-F

T128 . EARTHTIME Geochronology: Improving Age Interpretations through Wednesday Integration and Intercalibration T126 . Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Development: Geology, Geochemistry, and Engineering Geochemistry (Posters) T121 . Uranium Ore Deposits: From Genesis to Mine Tailings and Mining Wastes Special Session: Crossing the Digital Divide: Availability of Geoscience Knowledge for Resolving Environmental and Societal Challenges T195 . Data Preservation and Management in the Coming Decade T194 . Decision Support for the Geosciences: The Interface between Public, Policy, and Science T193 . Complexity in Modeling: How Much Is Too Much? T197 . Seeing the True Shape of Earth: Quantitative and Qualitative Applications of Airborne LiDAR T196 . Geoinformatics in Action (Posters) T203 . Climate, Water, and Health T199 . A Healthy Society, Geosciences, and Natural Resources I T199 . A Healthy Society, Geosciences, and Natural Resources II T202 . Coal Combustion Products and Impacts on the Society Geology and Health (Posters) T204 . Advances in Characterizing Sources and Release of Naturally Occurring Trace Elements to Aquatic Systems and Groundwater T201 . Intersection of Geology and Health: Impacts of Geologic Materials on Public Health P3 . Exploration of the Deep Biosphere Geobiology & Geomicrobiology (Posters) T76 . A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of Sinuous Channel Evolution in Different Environments T69 . Fluvial Biogeomorphology: The Interconnection of Biological and Geomorphological Processes in Rivers T67 . Landslides and Debris Flows: Understanding Past, Present, and Future Events T74 . Processes of Subglacial Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Deposition Geomorphology (Posters) T70 . Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Physical Properties of Atmospheric Mineral Dust: Influences on the Atmosphere, the Cryosphere, Ecosystems, and Humans (Posters) T29 . Microbial Mediation of Authigenic Minerals: From Precipitation to Dissolution T70 . Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Physical Properties of Atmospheric Mineral Dust: Influences on the Atmosphere, the Cryosphere, Ecosystems, and Humans Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

Geoinformatics 8 68 92 140 165 263 23 93 141 166 170 283 282 72 242 16 59 81 82 96 107 129 133 Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Sunday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Monday Wednesday Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday 9­12 October 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . Room 101DE Room 101DE Room 101DE Room 101DE Room 101DE Hall C Room M100BC Room M100BC Room M100BC Room M100BC Hall C Room M100FG Room M100BC Room 101A-C Hall C Room L100FG Room L100DE Room L100FG Room L100DE Hall C Hall C Room 211AB Room L100DE sessions by category

Geology and Health




Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 113

NO. 144 154 180 181 182 183 184 194 210

SESSION TITLE Special Session: Water and Sediment Dynamics in Agricultural Landscapes: Toward Prediction of Watershed Sediment Yield T72. Defining Rates of Landscape Evolution in Drylands Using Numerical Dating Methods T67 . Landslides and Debris Flows: Understanding Past, Present, and Future Events (Posters) T68 . Water and Sediment Dynamics in Agricultural Landscapes: Toward Prediction of Watershed Sediment Yield (Posters) T73 . Quaternary Landscape Dynamics Beyond the Ice Margin in the Upper Mississippi Valley (Posters): A Tribute to the Career of James C . Knox T74 . Processes of Subglacial Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Deposition (Posters) T76 . A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of Sinuous Channel Evolution in Different Environments (Posters) Geomorphology T73 . Quaternary Landscape Dynamics Beyond the Ice Margin in the Upper Mississippi Valley: A Tribute to the Career of James C . Knox T4 . Advancement in the Exploration Practices used to Characterize Geothermal Resources T4 . Advancement in the Exploration Practices used to Characterize Geothermal Resources (Posters) T6 . Combining Geology and Geophysics T6 . Combining Geology and Geophysics (Posters) Special Session: GSA Geophysics Division 40th Anniversary P5 . The EarthScope Program: Recent Results and Future Projects Geophysics/Tectonophysics/Seismology (Posters) Geoscience Education I: Field- and Place-Based Approaches to Geoscience Education T174 . Identifying and Addressing K­16 Student Misconceptions in the Earth-Science Classroom T182 . Teaching Geoscience Online Geoscience Education (Posters) I T157 . Innovative Hands-on Geoscience Lab and Class Activities for use in Undergraduate Teaching (Posters) T146 . Student-Involved Research Experience in Earth-System Science: An Effective Tool for Recruitment and Retention in the Geosciences (Posters) Geoscience Education II: Teaching and Assessment Strategies for Enhancing and Monitoring Student Learning in Geoscience Courses T158 . Sense of Place, Geoparks and National Parks: Strategies for Improved Earth Science Education T167 . Time, Events, and Places: Understanding Temporal and Spatial Learning in Geoscience Education Geoscience Education III: Broadening Participation in the Geosciences through Access, Accommodation, and Inclusion Geoscience Education IV: Geoscience for All--Addressing Challenges in Open Door Institutions and/or Small Geoscience Programs Geoscience Education (Posters) II T145 . Geology in the National Parks: Research, Mapping, Outreach, and Resource Management (Posters) T147 . What Are Undergraduates Learning in/from Our Programs? (Posters) T149 . Virtual Reality in Geoscience Education I (Digital Posters)

DAY Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

TIME 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m .

ROOM Room L100FG Room L100DE Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Room L100FG Room L100DE

Geophysics/Tectonophysics/Seismology 9 34 51 104 125 143 244 1 21 22 25 45 44 46 66 67 70 71 97 113 114 115 114 Sunday Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . Room 101H-J Hall C Room 101H-J Hall C Room 101H-J Room 101A-C Hall C Room 208AB Room 211AB Room 208CD Hall C Hall C Hall C Room 208AB Room 211AB Room 208CD Room 208CD Room 208AB Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C

Geoscience Education

2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

NO. 116 118 139 163 164 171 193 195 215 216 221 222 245 260 261 265 266

SESSION TITLE T159 . Sense of Place, Geoparks and National Parks: Strategies for Improved Earth Science Education (Posters) Geoscience Education V: Innovations in Geoscience Education T169 . Geo-Workforce Preparation for 21st-Century Challenges T170 . Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Teach Geoscience in the 21st Century T178 . Reaching the Next Generation: Tales of Successful Strategies and Frustrating Challenges from Teaching Earth-Science Courses for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers Geoscience Education (Posters) III T149 . Virtual Reality in Geoscience Education II (Digital Posters) Geoscience Education VI: National and International Outreach in Geoscience Education T171 . Developing the Global Geoscientist through International Geoscience Networks and Research Projects T176 . Innovative Methods for Broadening Participation in the Geosciences through In-Service Teacher Professional Development Geoscience Education VII: Geocognition Research in Classroom, Field, and Laboratory Settings Geoscience Education VIII: Effective Practices for Broader Impacts in K­12 Education Geoscience Education (Posters) IV T179 . Results from Undergraduate Research in the Geosciences (Posters) T184 . The 21st Century Geoscience Classroom: Creating Learner-Centered Environments for Undergraduates (Digital Posters) Geoscience Education IX: The Roles of Learning, Development and Science Literacy in the Earth Sciences Geoscience Education X: Overcoming Threats to Earth and Space Science at K­12 Levels T189 . Geological Mapping: Key to Successful Management of Water and Land Resources Geoscience Information/Communication: Printed Past, Digital Future--We Hold the Key T188 . Geologic Maps, Digital Geologic Maps, and Derivatives from Geologic and Geophysical Maps (Posters) T198 . International Collaboration and the Evolution of Geology Hydrogeology I: Water Resources and Water Balances Hydrogeology II: Hydrostratigraphy and Water Quality T90 . Gas Bubbles and Dissolved Gases in Groundwater Hydrogeology (Posters) T90 . Gas Bubbles and Dissolved Gases in Groundwater (Posters) T95 . Visualizations in Geology: Advancing the Science Using Digital Tools I (Digital Posters) T92 . Buried Valley Aquifers: What Do We Know and How Do We Move Forward for Sustained Groundwater Management? T80 . Environmental Problems in Karst Terranes/Terrains and Their Solutions: In Honor of James F . Quinlan T86 . Groundwater­Surface Water Interaction: Relating Understanding That Spans the Water-Rich Midwest to the Scarcity of the Outback T79 . Analytic Modeling of Groundwater Flow: Advances and Applications

DAY Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

TIME 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m .

ROOM Hall C Room 208CD Room 208AB Room 208CD Room 208AB Hall C Hall C Room 211AB Room 208AB Room 208CD Room 208CD Room 208AB Hall C Hall C Hall C Room 211AB Room 208CD

Geoscience Information/Communication 217 223 262 218 2 3 17 26 37 38 62 60 61 83 Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Tuesday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Monday 9­12 October


1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon

Room 101DE Room 101DE Hall C Room M100BC Room M100FG Room M100HI Room M101AB Hall C Hall C sessions by category Hall C Room M101AB Room M100FG Room M100HI Room M100HI

History and Philosophy of Geology Hydrogeology

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 115

NO. 84 85 108 109 110 135 136 134 119 155 156 157 158 185 186 187 191 196 232 233 235 269 278 279 281

SESSION TITLE T84 . Recent Advances in Studies of Dissolved Arsenic and Other Metals in Global Hydrologic Systems I T94 . Advances in Characterization of Groundwater Flow Processes T80 . Environmental Problems in Karst Terranes/Terrains and Their Solutions (Posters): In Honor of James F . Quinlan T94 . Advances in Characterization of Groundwater Flow Processes (Posters) T100 . Exploration of Karst Aquifer Systems Using New and Innovative Techniques and Methods (Posters) T85 . Dynamic Gradients in Karst Aquifers T89 . Innovative Field Investigations to Assess Natural Attenuation and Engineered Remediation of Subsurface Contamination T84 . Recent Advances in Studies of Dissolved Arsenic and Other Metals in Global Hydrologic Systems II GSA Hydrogeology Division Lecture Series: Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecture T81 . Springs as Sites of Dynamic Physical, Geochemical, and Ecological Processes T88. Identification and Quantification of Groundwater Flow Using Heat as a Tracer T97 . Advances in Understanding at the Groundwater­Surface Water Interface and Challenges for the Future: A Reflection on Tom Winter's Legacy T98. Advancements in Sub-Seafloor Hydrogeology and Variable-Density Systems T89 . Innovative Field Investigations to Assess Natural Attenuation and Engineered Remediation of Subsurface Contamination (Posters) T95 . Visualizations in Geology: Advancing the Science Using Digital Tools II (Digital Posters) T97 . Advances in Understanding at the Groundwater­Surface Water Interface and Challenges for the Future (Posters): A Reflection on Tom Winter's Legacy T123 . Monitoring and Understanding Our Landscape for the Long Term through Small Catchment Studies (Posters): A Tribute to the Career of Owen P . Bricker GSA Hydrogeology Division Lecture Series: Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecture T96 . Carbon and Water Dynamics in Peatlands and Their Relationship to Climatic Change T99 . Hydrogeology of Glaciated Terrain: Linking Glacial Geology, Quaternary History, and Groundwater Research T123 . Monitoring and Understanding Our Landscape for the Long Term through Small Catchment Studies I: A Tribute to the Career of Owen P . Bricker P8 . Global Water Sustainability T82 . Impact of Winter De-Icing Chemicals on the Environment T83 . Pathogens and Fecal Indicators in Soil, Groundwater, and Surface Water T123 . Monitoring and Understanding Our Landscape for the Long Term through Small Catchment Studies II: A Tribute to the Career of Owen P . Bricker T107 . Lacustrine Carbonates T103 . Processes within Extreme Lake Systems T102 . Shallow Lakes and Wetlands: Sedimentary Records and Modern Dynamics of Small Systems That Pack a Big Punch in the Carbon Cycle

DAY Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

TIME 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 5 p .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 4:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m .

ROOM Room M100FG Room M101AB Hall C Hall C Hall C Room M101AB Room M100HI Room M100FG Room M100DE Room M100DE Room M100HI Room M101AB Room M100FG Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Room M100HI Room M101AB Room M100HI Room M100FG Room 101A-C Room M101AB Room M100DE Room M100HI

Limnogeology 18 63 86 116 Sunday Sunday Monday 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon Room M100DE Room M100DE Room M100DE

2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

NO. 189 188 211 234 246 259 36 47 130 147 197 247 252 98

SESSION TITLE T109 . Limnogeology: Interdisciplinary Studies of Lakes and Paleolakes (Posters) T104 . Urban and Suburban Lakes: Paleorecords of Human Impacts and Opportunities for Geoscience Education (Posters) T106 . The Mono Lake Basin: A Gathering of Disciplines T104 . Urban and Suburban Lakes: Paleorecords of Human Impacts and Opportunities for Geoscience Education Marine/Coastal Science (Posters) T110 . Techniques for Measuring Shoreline Change (Digital Posters) T28 . Basic and Applied Aspects of Clays and Clay Minerals in Continental Settings (Posters) Mineralogy/Crystallography T31 . Monazite: The Ultimate Geologic Record T30 . Earth's Deep Interior: In Honor of Motohiko Murakami, 2011 MSA Awardee Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) Awards Lectures, Presidential Address, and Annual Business Meeting Mineralogy/Crystallography (Posters) T31 . Monazite: The Ultimate Geologic Record (Posters) Neotectonics (Posters): Active Deformation of Plate Boundaries and Interiors T66 . Advances in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology: Geochemical Techniques and Examples Using Inorganic and Organic Molecules in Fossil Soils, Plants, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates I T66 . Advances in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology: Geochemical Techniques and Examples Using Inorganic and Organic Molecules in Fossil Soils, Plants, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates II T65 . Paleoclimate, Terrestrial Ecosystems, and Human Evolution in Africa from the Pleistocene to the Present T63 . Permian-Triassic Changes and Extinction Event: New Insights from Sedimentary, Geochemical, and Paleobiological Records and Modeling Approaches I Paleoclimatology/Paleoceanography (Posters) T63 . Permian-Triassic Changes and Extinction Event: New Insights from Sedimentary, Geochemical, and Paleobiological Records and Modeling Approaches II Paleoclimatology/Paleoceanography T66 . Advances in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology: Geochemical Techniques and Examples Using Inorganic and Organic Molecules in Fossil Soils, Plants, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates (Posters) T64 . Soils as Archives of Past Climates Paleontology I: Paleoecology and Environment T50 . Applications of Bio-, Chemo-, and Lithostratigraphy to Sequence Stratigraphy Paleontology (Posters) III: Biogeography, Biostratigraphy, and Taphonomy T50 . Applications of Bio-, Chemo-, and Lithostratigraphy to Sequence Stratigraphy (Posters) Paleontology V: Biostratigraphy and Taphonomy

DAY Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Sunday Sunday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Monday

TIME 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 3 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m .

ROOM Hall C Hall C Room M100DE Room M100DE Hall C Hall C Hall C Room 102BC Room 102BC Room 102BC Room 102BC Hall C Hall C Hall C

Marine/Coastal Science



Paleoclimatology/Paleoceanography 58 80 132 153 172 209 224 258 277 4 150 173 254 267 Sunday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Sunday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday 9­12 October


1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m .

Room 200FG Room 200FG Room 200FG Room 200FG Hall C Room 200FG Room 200FG Hall C Room 200FG Room 205AB Room 200H-J Hall C Hall C Room 205AB sessions by category

Paleontology, Biogeography/Biostratigraphy

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 117






Paleontology, Diversity, Extinction, Origination 14 55 56 78 79 99 120 131 225 256 255 15 27 151 152 207 208 257 275 57 226 231 276 121 28 148 203 T54 . Multidisciplinary Approaches to Studying the Causes and Consequences of Mass Extinction: Geochemistry, Paleoecology, and Paleoenvironments I T54 . Multidisciplinary Approaches to Studying the Causes and Consequences of Mass Extinction: Geochemistry, Paleoecology, and Paleoenvironments II T55 . New Horizons in Precambrian Palynology and Paleobiology T52 . Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record I T53 . The Triassic: Turning Point for Phanerozoic Life Paleontology (Posters) II: Extinction and Environment Paleontology II: Paleobotany and Behavior T52 . Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record II Paleontology III: Diversity, Extinction, and Origination T55 . New Horizons in Precambrian Palynology and Paleobiology (Posters) T52 . Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record (Posters) T59 . New Ideas on Studying Exceptionally Preserved Fossils: What to Do Next? Paleontology (Posters) I: Ecology and Phylogeny T58 . Whole Organism Paleoecology: Exploring Ecology through Time I T60 . Lessons from the Living: Paleontological Investigations Using Modern Analogs I T58 . Whole Organism Paleoecology: Exploring Ecology through Time II T60 . Lessons from the Living: Paleontological Investigations Using Modern Analogs II T58 . Whole Organism Paleoecology: Exploring Ecology through Time (Posters) T57 . Hard Substrate (Sclerobiont) Community Ecology and Evolution through Mass Extinctions T61 . Phylogenetic Approaches to Paleobiology: Diversity, Rates, and Trends Paleontology IV: Morphology and Phylogeny T62 . Frontiers in Foraminiferal Research I: Biology/Ecology/Paleoecology T62 . Frontiers in Foraminiferal Research II: Paleoceanography and Polar Biotas Petroleum Geology: A Walk around the Oil Patch Petrology, Igneous (Posters) T33 . Reconstructing Supercontinents and the Global Large Igneous Province (LIP) Record T32 . Ophiolites, Ultrahigh Pressure Minerals, and the Origin of Podiform Chromitites: Implications for Mantle Heterogeneity T34 . Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism: Observations from Nano- through Outcrop- to Plate-Tectonic Scales I: In Honor of J .G . Liou, 2011 MSA Roebling Medalist Petrology, Metamorphic (Posters) T35 . Turning up the Heat: Metamorphic Perspectives on Mineral Equilibria, Heat Transport, Tectonics, and Thermochronology Sunday Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Sunday Sunday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Sunday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Monday Sunday Tuesday Tuesday 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . Room 200H-J Room 200H-J Room 205CD Room 205CD Room 205AB Hall C Room 205AB Room 205CD Room 205AB Hall C Hall C Room 205CD Hall C Room 205CD Room 205AB Room 205CD Room 205AB Hall C Room 205CD Room 205AB Room 205CD Room 200H-J Room 200H-J Room L100A-C Hall C Room 102D-F Room 102D-F

Paleontology, Paleoecology/Taphonomy

Paleontology, Phylogenetic/Morphological Patterns

Petroleum Geology Petrology, Igneous

Petrology, Metamorphic 12 29 53 Sunday Sunday Sunday 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . Room 102D-F Hall C Room 102D-F


2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

NO. 204 273

SESSION TITLE T34 . Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism: Observations from Nano- through Outcrop- to Plate-Tectonic Scales II: In Honor of J .G . Liou, 2011 MSA Roebling Medalist T36 . Comprehensive Data Sets for the Reconstruction of Geological Histories: Combining Double and Triple Dating with Geochemical Fingerprinting T210 . Impact Cratering: Geology's Latest Revolution T212 . Impact Cratering on the Earth, Moon, and Planets: Remote, Field, and Lab Studies T211 . 30+ Years of Teaching about Planetary Geology: Past Lessons Learned and Future Possibilities Planetary Geology (Posters) T212 . Impact Cratering on the Earth, Moon, and Planets: Remote, Field, and Lab Studies (Posters) T214 . Exploring Mercury by Spacecraft: First MESSENGER Results from Orbit T213 . Robotic Exploration of Planetary Surfaces: The G .K . Gilbert Award Session Special Session: Planetary Geology Division 30th Anniversary--Then And Now: The Past 30 Years Of Solar System Exploration T217 . Dawn at Vesta: Initial Results from the Survey Orbit T215 . Terrestrial Analogs in Solar System Studies T3 . The Archean of North America: The Core of a Continent Precambrian Geology (Posters) T2 . The Ediacaran Period: Tectonic, Climatic, and Biological Enigmas T3 . The Archean of North America: The Core of a Continent (Posters) T1 . Oceanic and Juvenile Continental Crust Formation in the Precambrian P7 . Earth's Early Atmosphere and Surface Environment P4 . Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals for a Sustainable and Secure Future T206 . STEMming the Tide: How Can We Promote Science Literacy? Public Policy: The Not-So Great Divide--Where Science Meets Public Policy Quaternary Geology P1 . The Frontiers of Quaternary Geochronology: Extension or Overextension of Dating Methods for Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology? T143 . Glacial Geology and Cryogenic Processes T135 . Quaternary Geology and Its Applications: In Honor of David M . Mickelson T141 . Quaternary Paleoclimate Studies of the Western and Southwestern United States T138. Honoring Maynard M. Miller, Founder of the Juneau Icefield Research Program Quaternary Geology (Posters): Recent Developments and Applications in Quaternary Geochronology T140. Glacial Lake Agassiz--Its History and Influence on North America and on Global Systems (Posters): In Honor of James T . Teller T140. Glacial Lake Agassiz--Its History and Influence on North America and on Global Systems: In Honor of James T . Teller

DAY Wednesday Wednesday

TIME 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m .

ROOM Room 101FG Room 102BC

Planetary Geology 24 69 94 100 117 142 167 199 239 284 74 101 126 175 200 228 124 238 268 5 7 20 64 65 91 102 112 138 Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Monday Wednesday Wednesday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Monday Monday 9­12 October


8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m .

Room L100H-J Room L100H-J Room L100H-J Hall C Hall C Room L100H-J Room L100H-J Room L100H-J Room L100H-J Room L100H-J Room 200H-J Hall C Room 200H-J Hall C Room 200H-J Room 101A-C Room 101A-C Room L100FG Room L100FG Room L100DE Room 101A-C Room L100A-C Room L100A-C Room L100FG Room L100A-C Hall C Hall C Room L100FG

Precambrian Geology

Public Policy

Quaternary Geology

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 119

sessions by category

NO. 162 192 198 214 48 248 30 105 13 54 77 106 149 174 179 205 227 253 274 122 249 6 31 32 76 128 145 146 178 202 250 251 271

SESSION TITLE T139 . Extreme Climate and Weather Events: Past, Present, and Future T143 . Glacial Geology and Cryogenic Processes (Posters) P6 . Prairie Ice Streams T136 . Wind, Water, and Ice: The Geomorphology and Quaternary Geologic History of Great Lakes' Coasts Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System (Posters) Sediments, Carbonates (Posters) T37 . New Frontiers in Sedimentary Geology: SGD/SEPM Students (Posters) T39 . Integrated Sedimentary Systems: Applying Source-to-Sink Concepts across Geologic Time T40 . Thresholds and Pathways of River Avulsion T38 . Provenance Analysis in Modern and Ancient Sedimentary Systems T39 . Integrated Sedimentary Systems: Applying Source-to-Sink Concepts across Geologic Time (Posters) T42 . Sediment Transport in Modern and Ancient Environments Sediments, Clastic (Posters) T38 . Provenance Analysis in Modern and Ancient Sedimentary Systems (Posters) T45 . Formation, Development, and Preservation of Bed Morphologies Sedimentary Geology: Clastic Sediments from the Cambrian to the Quaternary T41 . Paying Attention to Mudstones: Priceless! (Posters) T41 . Paying Attention to Mudstones: Priceless! Stratigraphy Stratigraphy (Posters) Structural Geology: Recent Advances in Structural Geology Structural Geology (Posters): Advances in Structural Geology Tectonics (Posters) I: New Discoveries in Global Tectonics T20 . Beyond Balanced Sections: New Horizons in Structural and Mechanical Modeling T23 . Multidisciplinary Studies of Fault System Deformation T22 . Deformation of the Lithosphere: Field Observations, Experimental Investigations, and Numerical Studies I T24 . Structural Geology and Tectonics of Foreland Basins T24 . Structural Geology and Tectonics of Foreland Basins (Posters) T22 . Deformation of the Lithosphere: Field Observations, Experimental Investigations, and Numerical Studies II T22 . Deformation of the Lithosphere: Field Observations, Experimental Investigations, and Numerical Studies (Posters) T23 . Multidisciplinary Studies of Fault System Deformation (Posters) T21 . Constraints on Strain Rates, Stresses, and Deformation Processes During Shear Zone Localization at Different Lithospheric Levels

DAY Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Sunday Wednesday Sunday Monday Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Monday Wednesday Sunday Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

TIME 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m .

ROOM Room L100A-C Hall C Room 101A-C Room L100A-C Room M100BC Hall C Hall C Hall C Room 211CD Room 211CD Room 211CD Hall C Room 211CD Hall C Hall C Room 211CD Room 211CD Hall C Room 211CD Room 211CD Hall C Room 200A-C Hall C Hall C Room 200A-C Room 200A-C Room 200A-C Room 200DE Hall C Room 200A-C Hall C Hall C Room 200DE

Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System

Sediments, Carbonates

Sediments, Clastic


Structural Geology


2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

NO. Tectonics 11 10 49 52 75 103 127 176 177 201 229 230 270 33 35 272

SESSION TITLE T16 . Linking Modern and Ancient Orogens T15 . Sedimentary Provenance and Evolution of the Continental Crust: Precambrian to Present Tectonics: Recent Advances in Tectonics T10 . Toward a Better Understanding of the Uplift History and Mechanisms of the Tibetan Plateau T18 . Proterozoic to Modern Rifts: Sedimentary and Volcanic Processes and the Role of Inherited Structures Tectonics (Posters) II: Tectonics of the Basin and Range from Bottom to Top T12 . From Nuna to Rodinia: Proterozoic Growth and Evolution of Laurentia I T7 . Exploring Subsurface Terranes and Buried Basins of Eastern and Central North America--Geology, Geophysics, and Geochronology (Posters) T9 . Tectonic Development of the Northern North American Cordillera (Posters) T12 . From Nuna to Rodinia: Proterozoic Growth and Evolution of Laurentia II T7 . Exploring Subsurface Terranes and Buried Basins of Eastern and Central North America--Geology, Geophysics, and Geochronology T9 . Tectonic Development of the Northern North American Cordillera T8 . Tectonic Evolution of Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho Volcanology (Posters) T25 . Recent Advances in Studies of Large-Volume Silicic Volcanism: Stratigraphy, Architecture, Evolution (Posters) T25 . Recent Advances in Studies of Large-Volume Silicic Volcanism: Stratigraphy, Architecture, Evolution

DAY Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Sunday Sunday Wednesday

TIME 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 8 a .m .­noon 8 a .m .­noon 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 9 a .m .­6 p .m . 1:30 p .m .­5:30 p .m .

ROOM Room 200FG Room 200DE Room 200A-C Room 200DE Room 200DE Hall C Room 200DE Hall C Hall C Room 200DE Room 200A-C Room 200DE Room 200A-C Hall C Hall C Room 101FG


9­12 October


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 121

sessions by category

Sessions Calendar

All 284 Technical Sessions, eight Pardee Symposia, and five special sessions will take place in the Minneapolis Convention Center . Check and live monitors onsite for updates and details and to browse the abstracts database, or download GSA's smart-phone app at

NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 TIME 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . DESCRIPTION (COSPONSORS) Geoscience Education I: Field and Place Based Approaches to Geoscience Education Hydrogeology I: Water Resources and Water Balances Hydrogeology II: Hydrostratigraphy and Water Quality Paleontology I: Paleoecology and Environment Quaternary Geology Structural Geology: Recent Advances in Structural Geology P1 . The Frontiers of Quaternary Geochronology: Extension or Overextension of Dating Methods for Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology? (American Quaternary Assoc.; Assoc. of Women Geoscientists; Colorado Scientific Society; GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) Special Session: Crossing the Digital Divide: Availability of Geoscience Knowledge for Resolving Environmental and Societal Challenges (American Assoc. of State Geologists; British Geological Survey; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; U.S. Geological Survey) T4 . Advancement in the Exploration Practices used to Characterize Geothermal Resources (GSA Geophysics Division) T15 . Sedimentary Provenance and Evolution of the Continental Crust: Precambrian to Present T16 . Linking Modern and Ancient Orogens (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; SEPM [Society for Sedimentary Geology]) T34 . Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism: Observations from Nano through Outcrop to Plate-Tectonic Scales I: In Honor of J .G . Liou, 2011 MSA Roebling Medalist (Mineralogical Society of America) T39 . Integrated Sedimentary Systems: Applying Source-to-Sink Concepts across Geologic Time (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T54 . Multidisciplinary Approaches to Studying the Causes and Consequences of Mass Extinction: Geochemistry, Paleoecology, and Paleoenvironments I (Paleontological Society) T59 . New Ideas on Studying Exceptionally Preserved Fossils: What to Do Next? (Chinese Academy of Sciences; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology; State Key Laboratory of Palaeobiology and Stratigraphy) T76 . A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of Sinuous Channel Evolution in Different Environments (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics) T90 . Gas Bubbles and Dissolved Gases in Groundwater (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division) T107 . Lacustrine Carbonates (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T127 . Tropical Small Mountainous River Biogeochemistry: Terrestrial Losses, Internal Processing, Coastal Inputs, and Marine Burial (International Assoc. of GeoChemistry) T143 . Glacial Geology and Cryogenic Processes T174 . Identifying and Addressing K­16 Student Misconceptions in the Earth-Science Classroom (National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers) T182 . Teaching Geoscience Online (GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers) T203 . Climate, Water, and Health (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division) LOCATION Room 208AB Room M100FG Room M100HI Room 205AB Room L100DE Room 200A-C Room 101A-C SUNDAY, 9 OCTOBER


8 a .m .

Room 101DE

9 10 11 12 13 14 15

8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m .

Room 101H-J Room 200DE Room 200FG Room 102D-F Room 211CD Room 200H-J Room 205CD

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m .

Room L100FG Room M101AB Room M100DE Room 102BC Room L100A-C Room 211AB Room 208CD Room M100BC


2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

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TIME 8 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m .

DESCRIPTION (COSPONSORS) T210 . Impact Cratering: Geology's Latest Revolution (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Planetary Geology Division) Geoscience Education (Posters) I Hydrogeology (Posters) Paleontology (Posters) I: Ecology and Phylogeny Petrology, Igneous (Posters) Petrology, Metamorphic (Posters) Sediments, Carbonates (Posters) Structural Geology (Posters): Advances in Structural Geology Tectonics (Posters) I: New Discoveries in Global Tectonics Volcanology (Posters) T4 . Advancement in the Exploration Practices used to Characterize Geothermal Resources (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division) T25 . Recent Advances in Studies of Large-Volume Silicic Volcanism: Stratigraphy, Architecture, Evolution (Posters) (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America) T28 . Basic and Applied Aspects of Clays and Clay Minerals in Continental Settings (Posters) (GSA Limnogeology Division; Clay Minerals Society; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; Mineralogical Society of America) T90 . Gas Bubbles and Dissolved Gases in Groundwater (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division) T95 . Visualizations in Geology: Advancing the Science Using Digital Tools I (Digital Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division) T119 . Sigma Gamma Epsilon Undergraduate Research (Posters) T122 . Sources, Transport, and Fate of Trace and Toxic Elements in the Environment (Posters) (International Assoc. of GeoChemistry) T124 . Potentially Toxic Elements in the Environment: A Session for Students (Posters) (Geochemical Society) T125 . Assessing Potential Impacts of Geological Carbon Sequestration on Groundwater Quality: Geochemical and Hydrological Approaches (Posters) T128 . EARTHTIME Geochronology: Improving Age Interpretations through Integration and Intercalibration (Posters) T146 . Student-Involved Research Experience in Earth-System Science: An Effective Tool for Recruitment and Retention in the Geosciences (Posters) (Council on Undergraduate Research; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers) T157 . Innovative Hands-on Geoscience Lab and Class Activities for use in Undergraduate Teaching (Posters) (National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers; National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics) Geoscience Education II: Teaching and Assessment Strategies for Enhancing and Monitoring Student Learning in Geoscience Courses

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Hall C

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Hall C Room 208AB Room 102BC Room M100BC Room 200A-C

1:30 p .m . Mineralogy/Crystallography 1:30 p .m . Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System 1:30 p .m . Tectonics: Recent Advances in Tectonics P2 . Honoring British Geologist Arthur Holmes (1890­1965) for Contributions to Geochronology, Plate Tectonics, and the Origin of Granite (Geological Society London; GSA History and Philosophy 1:30 p .m . of Geology Division; GSA International Section; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; International Assoc. of GeoChemistry) 1:30 p .m . T6 . Combining Geology and Geophysics (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)


Room 101A-C


Room 101H-J

9­12 October


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 123

NO. 52




T10 . Toward a Better Understanding of the Uplift History and Mechanisms of the Tibetan Plateau 1:30 p .m . (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T35 . Turning up the Heat: Metamorphic Perspectives on Mineral Equilibria, Heat Transport, 1:30 p .m . Tectonics, and Thermochronology (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America) 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . T40 . Thresholds and Pathways of River Avulsion (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T54 . Multidisciplinary Approaches to Studying the Causes and Consequences of Mass Extinction: Geochemistry, Paleoecology, and Paleoenvironments II (Paleontological Society) T55 . New Horizons in Precambrian Palynology and Paleobiology (AASP - The Palynological Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society) T61 . Phylogenetic Approaches to Paleobiology: Diversity, Rates, and Trends (Paleontological Society)

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Room 102D-F Room 211CD Room 200H-J Room 205CD Room 205AB


T66 . Advances in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology: Geochemical Techniques and Examples Using Inorganic and Organic Molecules in Fossil Soils, Plants, Invertebrates, and 1:30 p .m . Vertebrates I (Geochemical Society; GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society) T69 . Fluvial Biogeomorphology: The Interconnection of Biological and Geomorphological 1:30 p .m . Processes in Rivers (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T80 . Environmental Problems in Karst Terranes/Terrains and Their Solutions: In Honor of James F . Quinlan (Edwards Aquifer Authority; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA 1:30 p .m . Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; Karst Waters Institute; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.; National Cave and Karst Research Institute) T86 . Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction: Relating Understanding That Spans the Water-Rich Midwest to the Scarcity of the Outback (American Water Resources Assoc. Wisconsin Section; 1:30 p .m . Australian National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.) T92 . Buried Valley Aquifers: What Do We Know and How Do We Move Forward for Sustained Groundwater Management? (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering 1:30 p .m . Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . T103 . Processes within Extreme Lake Systems (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division) T135 . Quaternary Geology and Its Applications: In Honor of David M . Mickelson (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division) T141 . Quaternary Paleoclimate Studies of the Western and Southwestern United States (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T158 . Sense of Place, Geoparks and National Parks: Strategies for Improved Earth Science Education (GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers) T167 . Time, Events, and Places: Understanding Temporal and Spatial Learning in Geoscience Education (National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers; Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center)

Room 200FG


Room L100DE


Room M100FG


Room M100HI


Room M101AB

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Room M100DE Room L100A-C Room L100FG Room 211AB Room 208CD Room 101DE

T195 . Data Preservation and Management in the Coming Decade (Assoc. of American State 1:30 p .m . Geologists; Geoscience Information Society; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; U.S. Geological Survey) T212 . Impact Cratering on the Earth, Moon, and Planets: Remote, Field, and Lab Studies (GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA 1:30 p .m . Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; International Continental Drilling Program) 8 a .m . 8 a .m . Geoscience Education III: Broadening Participation in the Geosciences through Access, Accommodation, and Inclusion Geoscience Education IV: Geoscience for All--Addressing Challenges in Open Door Institutions and/or Small Geoscience Programs


Room L100H-J

MONDAY, 10 OCTOBER 70 71 124 Room 208CD Room 208AB

2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

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TIME 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m .

DESCRIPTION (COSPONSORS) P3 . Exploration of the Deep Biosphere (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division) Special Session: The Past Yucca Mountain Project--Advancing Science and Technology for the Future: Was It Worth the Cost? T3 . The Archean of North America: The Core of a Continent (Geological Assoc. of Canada; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America) T18 . Proterozoic to Modern Rifts: Sedimentary and Volcanic Processes and the Role of Inherited Structures (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T20 . Beyond Balanced Sections: New Horizons In Structural and Mechanical Modeling (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T38 . Provenance Analysis in Modern and Ancient Sedimentary Systems (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T52 . Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record I (Paleontological Society; Society of Vertebrate Paleontology; Cushman Foundation; Paleontological Research Institution) T53 . The Triassic: Turning Point for Phanerozoic Life (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society) T66 . Advances in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology: Geochemical Techniques and Examples Using Inorganic and Organic Molecules in Fossil Soils, Plants, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates II (Geochemical Society; GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society) T67 . Landslides and Debris Flows: Understanding Past, Present, and Future Events (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T74 . Processes of Subglacial Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Deposition (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T79 . Analytic Modeling of Groundwater Flow: Advances and Applications (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.) T84 . Recent Advances in Studies of Dissolved Arsenic and Other Metals in Global Hydrologic Systems I (GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA International Section; International Society of Groundwater for Sustainable Development) T94 . Advances in Characterization of Groundwater Flow Processes (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division) T102 . Shallow Lakes and Wetlands: Sedimentary Records and Modern Dynamics of Small Systems That Pack a Big Punch in the Carbon Cycle (GSA Limnogeology Division) T112 . Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift I (GSA Geophysics Division; Institute on Lake Superior Geology; Society of Economic Geologists; UMD Precambrian Research Center) T117 . Uranium in Groundwater: Biogeochemical Controls on Mobility and Persistence (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division) T129 . Spectroscopy for the Geosciences in the 21st Century (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; International Assoc. of GeoChemistry) T130 . Topics in Geoarchaeology: Reconstructions of Ancient Landscapes and Paleoenvironments (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T138. Honoring Maynard M. Miller, Founder of the Juneau Icefield Research Program (Foundation for Glacier and Environmental Research; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T194 . Decision Support for the Geosciences: The Interface between Public, Policy, and Science (GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.; National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training; U.S. National Chapter of International Assoc. of Hydrogeologists) T199 . A Healthy Society, Geosciences, and Natural Resources I (GSA Geology and Health Division; Society of Economic Geologists) T211 . 30+ Years of Teaching about Planetary Geology: Past Lessons Learned and Future Possibilities (GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Planetary Geology Division) Archaeological Geology (Posters) 9­12 October


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Room 200FG

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Room 101DE

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Room M100BC Room L100H-J Hall C

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 125

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DESCRIPTION (COSPONSORS) Geomorphology (Posters) Geoscience Education (Posters) II Neotectonics (Posters): Active Deformation of Plate Boundaries and Interiors Paleontology (Posters) II: Extinction and Environment Planetary Geology (Posters) Precambrian Geology (Posters) Quaternary Geology (Posters): Recent Developments and Applications in Quaternary Geochronology Tectonics (Posters) II: Tectonics of the Basin and Range from Bottom to Top T6 . Combining Geology and Geophysics (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T37 . New Frontiers in Sedimentary Geology: SGD/SEPM Students (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; SEPM [Society for Sedimentary Geology]) T39 . Integrated Sedimentary Systems: Applying Source-to-Sink Concepts across Geologic Time (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T70. Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Physical Properties of Atmospheric Mineral Dust: Influences on the Atmosphere, the Cryosphere, Ecosystems, and Humans (Posters) (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; Mineralogical Society of America; The Mineralogical Society) T80 . Environmental Problems in Karst Terranes/Terrains and Their Solutions (Posters): In Honor of James F . Quinlan (Edwards Aquifer Authority; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; Karst Waters Institute; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.; National Cave and Karst Research Institute) T94 . Advances in Characterization of Groundwater Flow Processes (Posters) (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division) T100 . Exploration of Karst Aquifer Systems Using New and Innovative Techniques and Methods (Posters) (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; Karst Waters Institute) T130 . Topics in Geoarchaeology: Reconstructions of Ancient Landscapes and Paleoenvironments (Posters) (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T140. Glacial Lake Agassiz--Its History and Influence on North America and on Global Systems (Posters): In Honor of James T . Teller (American Quaternary Assoc.; Canadian Quaternary Assoc.; GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; International Union for Quaternary Research) T145 . Geology in the National Parks: Research, Mapping, Outreach, and Resource Management (Posters) (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T147 . What Are Undergraduates Learning in/from Our Programs? (Posters) (National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers) T149 . Virtual Reality in Geoscience Education I (Digital Posters) (Google Inc.; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Minnesota Planetarium Society; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers; Oxford University Press) T159 . Sense of Place, Geoparks, and National Parks: Strategies for Improved Earth Science Education (Posters) (GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers) T212 . Impact Cratering on the Earth, Moon, and Planets: Remote, Field, and Lab Studies (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; International Continental Drilling Program) GSA Hydrogeology Division Lecture Series: Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecture

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Hall C

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9 a .m .

Hall C Room 208CD Room M100DE Room 205AB Room L100A-C

1:30 p .m . Geoscience Education V: Innovations in Geoscience Education 5 p .m . 1:30 p .m . Paleontology II: Paleobotany and Behavior 1:30 p .m . Petroleum Geology: A Walk around the Oil Patch

2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

NO. 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132



LOCATION Room 101FG Room 101A-C Room 101H-J Room 200H-J Room 200DE Room 200A-C Room 211AB Room 102BC Room 205CD Room 200FG sessions caLendar Room 211CD

1:30 p .m . Stratigraphy 1:30 p .m . 2011 GSA Gold Medal Lectures P4 . Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals for a Sustainable and Secure Future (GSA Geology 1:30 p .m . and Public Policy Committee; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division) 1:30 p .m . Special Session: GSA Geophysics Division 40th Anniversary (GSA Geophysics Division) 1:30 p .m . T2 . The Ediacaran Period: Tectonic, Climatic, and Biological Enigmas (Precambrian [At Large]) T12 . From Nuna to Rodinia: Proterozoic Growth and Evolution of Laurentia I (Geological Assoc. 1:30 p .m . of Canada; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America) 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . T23 . Multidisciplinary Studies of Fault System Deformation (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T29 . Microbial Mediation of Authigenic Minerals: From Precipitation to Dissolution (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

T31 . Monazite: The Ultimate Geologic Record (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and 1:30 p .m . Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America) 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . T52 . Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record II (Cushman Foundation; Paleontological Research Institution; Paleontological Society; Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) T65 . Paleoclimate, Terrestrial Ecosystems, and Human Evolution in Africa from the Pleistocene to the Present (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division)


T70. Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Physical Properties of Atmospheric Mineral Dust: Influences on the Atmosphere, the Cryosphere, Ecosystems, and Humans (GSA Quaternary Geology and 1:30 p .m . Geomorphology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; Mineralogical Society of America; The Mineralogical Society) T84 . Recent Advances in Studies of Dissolved Arsenic and Other Metals in Global Hydrologic 1:30 p .m . Systems II (GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA International Section; International Society of Groundwater for Sustainable Development) 1:30 p .m . T85 . Dynamic Gradients in Karst Aquifers (GSA Hydrogeology Division; Karst Waters Institute; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.; National Cave and Karst Research Institute)

Room L100DE

134 135 136 137

Room M100FG Room M101AB Room M100HI Room 102D-F

T89 . Innovative Field Investigations to Assess Natural Attenuation and Engineered Remediation 1:30 p .m . of Subsurface Contamination (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.) 1:30 p .m . T122 . Sources, Transport, and Fate of Trace and Toxic Elements in the Environment (International Assoc. of GeoChemistry)


T140. Glacial Lake Agassiz--Its History and Influence on North America and on Global Systems: In Honor of James T . Teller (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA 1:30 p .m . Limnogeology Division; American Quaternary Assoc.; Canadian Quaternary Assoc.; International Union for Quaternary Research) 1:30 p .m . T169 . Geo-Workforce Preparation for 21st-Century Challenges (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers)

Room L100FG


Room 208AB


T193 . Complexity in Modeling: How Much Is Too Much? (American Water Resources Assoc. Wisconsin Section; Australian National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training; GSA 1:30 p .m . Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.) 1:30 p .m . T199 . A Healthy Society, Geosciences, and Natural Resources II (GSA Geology and Health Division; Society of Economic Geologists)

Room 101DE

141 142

Room M100BC Room L100H-J

T214 . Exploring Mercury by Spacecraft: First MESSENGER Results from Orbit (GSA Geophysics 1:30 p .m . Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) P5 . The EarthScope Program: Recent Results and Future Projects (GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

TUESDAY, 11 OCTOBER 143 8 a .m . Room 101A-C

9­12 October


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 127



DESCRIPTION (COSPONSORS) Special Session: Water and Sediment Dynamics in Agricultural Landscapes: Toward Prediction of Watershed Sediment Yield (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; Soil Science Society of America) T22 . Deformation of the Lithosphere: Field Observations, Experimental Investigations, and Numerical Studies I (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T24 . Structural Geology and Tectonics of Foreland Basins (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T30 . Earth's Deep Interior: In Honor of Motohiko Murakami, 2011 MSA Awardee (GSA Geophysics Division; Mineralogical Society of America) T33 . Reconstructing Supercontinents and the Global Large Igneous Province (LIP) Record T42 . Sediment Transport in Modern and Ancient Environments (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T50 . Applications of Bio-, Chemo-, and Lithostratigraphy to Sequence Stratigraphy (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; Paleontological Society) T58 . Whole Organism Paleoecology: Exploring Ecology through Time I (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society) T60 . Lessons from the Living: Paleontological Investigations Using Modern Analogs I (Paleontological Society) T63 . Permian-Triassic Changes and Extinction Event: New Insights from Sedimentary, Geochemical, and Paleobiological Records and Modeling Approaches I (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T72. Defining Rates of Landscape Evolution in Drylands Using Numerical Dating Methods (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T81 . Springs as Sites of Dynamic Physical, Geochemical, and Ecological Processes (GSA Hydrogeology Division) T88. Identification and Quantification of Groundwater Flow Using Heat as a Tracer (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division) T97 . Advances in Understanding at the Groundwater­Surface Water Interface and Challenges for the Future: A Reflection on Tom Winter's Legacy (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.) T98. Advancements in Subseafloor Hydrogeology and Variable-Density Systems (GSA Hydrogeology Division) T112 . Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift II (Institute on Lake Superior Geology; GSA Geophysics Division; Society of Economic Geologists; UMD Precambrian Research Center) T118 . International Development and the Geosciences (Affiliation of Christian Geologists; American Geological Institute; Assoc. of Geoscientists for International Development; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; YES Network) T132 . The History of Humans and the Hydrologic System: Exploring Relationships between Cultures, Climate, and Hydrology through Time I (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T139 . Extreme Climate and Weather Events: Past, Present, and Future (American Quaternary Assoc.; American Water Resources Assoc.; Assoc. of Environmental & Engineering Geologists; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; International Union for Quaternary Research; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers) T170 . Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Teach Geoscience in the 21st Century (GSA Geoscience Education Division; On the Cutting Edge)



8 a .m .

Room L100FG

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8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m .

Room 200A-C Room 200DE Room 102BC Room 102D-F Room 211CD Room 200H-J Room 205CD Room 205AB


8 a .m .

Room 200FG

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Room L100DE Room M100DE Room M100HI


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Room M101AB

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8 a .m . 8 a .m .

Room M100FG Room 101H-J


8 a .m .

Room 211AB


8 a .m .

Room 101FG


8 a .m .

Room L100A-C


8 a .m .

Room 208CD


2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

NO. 164

TIME 8 a .m .

DESCRIPTION (COSPONSORS) T178 . Reaching the Next Generation: Tales of Successful Strategies and Frustrating Challenges from Teaching Earth-Science Courses for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers (GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers) T197 . Seeing the True Shape of Earth: Quantitative and Qualitative Applications of Airborne LiDAR (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T202 . Coal Combustion Products and Impacts on the Society (GSA Geology and Health Division) T213 . Robotic Exploration of Planetary Surfaces: The G .K . Gilbert Award Session (GSA Planetary Geology Division) Economic Geology (Posters) Engineering Geology (Posters): Recent Advances and Studies in Engineering Geology Geology and Health (Posters) Geoscience Education (Posters) III Paleoclimatology/Paleoceanography (Posters) Paleontology (Posters) III: Biogeography, Biostratigraphy, and Taphonomy Sediments, Clastic (Posters) T3 . The Archean of North America: The Core of a Continent (Posters) (Geological Assoc. of Canada; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America) T7 . Exploring Subsurface Terranes and Buried Basins of Eastern and Central North America-- Geology, Geophysics, and Geochronology (Posters) (EarthScope; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; U.S. Geological Survey) T9 . Tectonic Development of the Northern North American Cordillera (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T24 . Structural Geology and Tectonics of Foreland Basins (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T38 . Provenance Analysis in Modern and Ancient Sedimentary Systems (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T67 . Landslides and Debris Flows: Understanding Past, Present, and Future Events (Posters) (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T68 . Water and Sediment Dynamics in Agricultural Landscapes: Toward Prediction of Watershed Sediment Yield (Posters) (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; Soil Science Society of America) T73 . Quaternary Landscape Dynamics Beyond the Ice Margin in the Upper Mississippi Valley (Posters): A Tribute to the Career of James C . Knox (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T74 . Processes of Subglacial Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Deposition (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T76 . A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of Sinuous Channel Evolution in Different Environments (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics) T89 . Innovative Field Investigations to Assess Natural Attenuation and Engineered Remediation of Subsurface Contamination (Posters) (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.) T95 . Visualizations in Geology: Advancing the Science Using Digital Tools II (Digital Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division) T97 . Advances in Understanding at the Groundwater­Surface Water Interface and Challenges for the Future (Posters): A Reflection on Tom Winter's Legacy (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.) 9­12 October


LOCATION Room 208AB sessions caLendar

165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175

8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m .

Room 101DE Room M100BC Room L100H-J Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C


9 a .m .

Hall C

177 178 179 180

9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m .

Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C


9 a .m .

Hall C

182 183 184

9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m .

Hall C Hall C Hall C

185 186

9 a .m . 9 a .m .

Hall C Hall C


9 a .m .

Hall C

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 129

NO. 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199

TIME 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m .

DESCRIPTION (COSPONSORS) T104 . Urban and Suburban Lakes: Paleorecords of Human Impacts and Opportunities for Geoscience Education (Posters) (GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers) T109 . Limnogeology: Interdisciplinary Studies of Lakes and Paleolakes (Posters) (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T113 . Tectonics and Metallogeny (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Society of Economic Geologists) T123 . Monitoring and Understanding Our Landscape for the Long Term through Small Catchment Studies (Posters): A Tribute to the Career of Owen P . Bricker (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T143 . Glacial Geology and Cryogenic Processes (Posters) T149 . Virtual Reality in Geoscience Education II (Digital Posters) (Google Inc.; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Planetary Geology Division; Minnesota Planetarium Society; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers; Oxford University Press)

LOCATION Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Room L100FG Room 211AB Room M100HI Room 102BC Room 101A-C Room L100H-J

1:30 p .m . Geomorphology 1:30 p .m . Geoscience Education VI: National and International Outreach in Geoscience Education 4:30 p .m . GSA Hydrogeology Division Lecture Series: Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecture 3 p .m . Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) Awards Lectures, Presidential Address, and Annual Business Meeting Special Session: Planetary Geology Division 30th Anniversary--Then and Now: The Past 30 Years of Solar System Exploration (GSA Planetary Geology Division)

1:30 p .m . P6 . Prairie Ice Streams (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) 1:30 p .m .


T1 . Oceanic and Juvenile Continental Crust Formation in the Precambrian (Geochemical Society; GSA International Section; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; 1:30 p .m . GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America; Precambrian [At Large]) T12 . From Nuna to Rodinia: Proterozoic Growth and Evolution of Laurentia II (Geological Assoc. 1:30 p .m . of Canada; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America) 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . T22 . Deformation of the Lithosphere: Field Observations, Experimental Investigations, and Numerical Studies II (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T32 . Ophiolites, Ultrahigh Pressure Minerals, and the Origin of Podiform Chromitites: Implications for Mantle Heterogeneity (GSA International Section; Mineralogical Society of America) T45 . Formation, Development, and Preservation of Bed Morphologies (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; International Assoc. of Sedimentologists; SEPM [Society for Sedimentary Geology]) T47 . Coal Systems: Sedimentation, Petrology, Natural Resources, and Environmental Sustainability (GSA Coal Geology Division) T58 . Whole Organism Paleoecology: Exploring Ecology through Time II (Paleontological Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division) T60 . Lessons from the Living: Paleontological Investigations Using Modern Analogs II (Paleontological Society)

Room 200H-J

201 202 203 205 206 207 208

Room 200DE Room 200A-C Room 102D-F Room 211CD Room M100FG Room 205CD Room 205AB


T63 . Permian-Triassic Changes and Extinction Event: New Insights from Sedimentary, Geochemical, and Paleobiological Records and Modeling Approaches II (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; 1:30 p .m . GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division) 1:30 p .m . T73 . Quaternary Landscape Dynamics Beyond the Ice Margin in the Upper Mississippi Valley: A Tribute to the Career of James C . Knox (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

Room 200FG


Room L100DE


T106 . The Mono Lake Basin: A Gathering of Disciplines (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; 1:30 p .m . GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

Room M100DE


2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

NO. 212

TIME 1:30 p .m .

DESCRIPTION (COSPONSORS) T113 . Tectonics and Metallogeny (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Society of Economic Geologists)

LOCATION sessions caLendar Room 101H-J


T132 . The History of Humans and the Hydrologic System: Exploring Relationships between Cultures, Climate, and Hydrology through Time II (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA 1:30 p .m . Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) 1:30 p .m . T136 . Wind, Water, and Ice: The Geomorphology and Quaternary Geologic History of Great Lakes' Coasts (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

Room 101FG

214 215

Room L100A-C Room 208AB

T171 . Developing the Global Geoscientist through International Geoscience Networks and Research 1:30 p .m . Projects (American Geological Institute; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation; YES Network) T176 . Innovative Methods for Broadening Participation in the Geosciences through In-Service 1:30 p .m . Teacher Professional Development (American Geological Institute; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers; National Earth Science Teachers Assoc.) T189 . Geological Mapping: Key to Successful Management of Water and Land Resources (Assoc. of American State Geologists; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA 1:30 p .m . Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) 1:30 p .m . T198 . International Collaboration and the Evolution of Geology (GSA History and Philosophy of Geology Division) T34 . Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism: Observations from Nano- through Outcrop- to PlateTectonic Scales II: In Honor of J .G . Liou, 2011 MSA Roebling Medalist (Mineralogical Society of America) Environmental Geoscience Geochemistry: Recent Advances in Geochemistry Geoscience Education VII: Geocognition Research in Classroom, Field, and Laboratory Settings Geoscience Education VIII: Effective Practices for Broader Impacts in K­12 Geoscience Information/Communication: Printed Past, Digital Future--We Hold the Key Paleoclimatology/Paleoceanography Paleontology III: Diversity, Extinction, and Origination Paleontology IV: Morphology and Phylogeny Sedimentary Geology: Clastic Sediments from the Cambrian to the Quaternary P7 . Earth's Early Atmosphere and Surface Environment T7 . Exploring Subsurface Terranes and Buried Basins of Eastern and Central North America-- Geology, Geophysics, and Geochronology (EarthScope; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; U.S. Geological Survey) T9 . Tectonic Development of the Northern North American Cordillera (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T62 . Frontiers in Foraminiferal Research I: Biology/Ecology/Paleoecology (Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society; SEPM [Society for Sedimentary Geology]; SEPM North American Micropaleontology Section) T96 . Carbon and Water Dynamics in Peatlands and Their Relationship to Climatic Change (GSA Hydrogeology Division) T99 . Hydrogeology of Glaciated Terrain: Linking Glacial Geology, Quaternary History, and Groundwater Research (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; International Assoc. of Hydrogeologists; National Ground Water Assoc.) T104 . Urban and Suburban Lakes: Paleorecords of Human Impacts and Opportunities for Geoscience Education (GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers)


Room 208CD


Room 101DE


Room M100BC

WEDNESDAY, 12 OCTOBER 204 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m . Room 101FG Room 211AB Room 102BC Room 208CD Room 208AB Room 101DE Room 200FG Room 205AB Room 205CD Room 211CD Room 101A-C Room 200A-C

230 231 232

8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m .

Room 200DE Room 200H-J Room M101AB


8 a .m .

Room M100HI


8 a .m .

Room M100DE

9­12 October


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 131

NO. 235 236 237

TIME 8 a .m . 8 a .m . 8 a .m .

DESCRIPTION (COSPONSORS) T123 . Monitoring and Understanding Our Landscape for the Long Term through Small Catchment Studies I: A Tribute to the Career of Owen P . Bricker (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T126 . Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Development: Geology, Geochemistry, and Engineering (GSA Hydrogeology Division) T128 . EARTHTIME Geochronology: Improving Age Interpretations through Integration and Intercalibration T206 . STEMming the Tide: How Can We Promote Science Literacy? (American Assoc. of State Geologists; American Geological Institute; American Geophysical Union; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers) T217 . Dawn at Vesta: Initial Results from the Survey Orbit (GSA Planetary Geology Division) Coal Geology (Posters): New Developments in Environmental and Geochemical Coal Research Environmental Geoscience (Posters) Geobiology & Geomicrobiology (Posters) Geochemistry (Posters) Geophysics/Tectonophysics/Seismology (Posters) Geoscience Education (Posters) IV Marine/Coastal Science (Posters) Mineralogy/Crystallography (Posters) Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System (Posters) Stratigraphy (Posters) T22 . Deformation of the Lithosphere: Field Observations, Experimental Investigations, and Numerical Studies (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T23 . Multidisciplinary Studies of Fault System Deformation (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T31 . Monazite: The Ultimate Geologic Record (Posters) (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America) T41 . Paying Attention to Mudstones: Priceless! (Posters) (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T50 . Applications of Bio-, Chemo-, and Lithostratigraphy to Sequence Stratigraphy (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; Paleontological Society) T52 . Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record (Posters) (Cushman Foundation; Paleontological Society; Paleontological Research Institution; Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) T55 . New Horizons in Precambrian Palynology and Paleobiology (Posters) (AASP - The Palynological Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society) T58 . Whole Organism Paleoecology: Exploring Ecology through Time (Posters) (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society) T66 . Advances in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology: Geochemical Techniques and Examples Using Inorganic and Organic Molecules in Fossil Soils, Plants, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates (Posters) (Geochemical Society; GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society) T110 . Techniques for Measuring Shoreline Change (Digital Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) T179 . Results from Undergraduate Research in the Geosciences (Posters) (National Center for EarthSurface Dynamics) T184 . The 21st Century Geoscience Classroom: Creating Learner-Centered Environments for Undergraduates (Digital Posters) (National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers)

LOCATION Room M100FG Room 101H-J Room 102D-F

238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257

8 a .m . 8 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m .

Room L100FG Room L100H-J Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C Hall C


9 a .m .

Hall C

259 260 261

9 a .m . 9 a .m . 9 a .m .

Hall C Hall C Hall C


2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future



DESCRIPTION (COSPONSORS) T188 . Geologic Maps, Digital Geologic Maps, and Derivatives from Geologic and Geophysical Maps (Posters) (Assoc. of American State Geologists; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T196 . Geoinformatics in Action (Posters) (Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science Inc.; GSA Geoinformatics Division; IRIS Data Management System; LamontDoherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University) Geoscience Education IX: The Roles of Learning, Development, and Science Literacy in the Earth Sciences



9 a .m .

Hall C

263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271

9 a .m .

Hall C Room 101H-J Room 211AB Room 208CD Room 205AB Room L100FG Room 101A-C Room 200A-C Room 200DE

1:30 p .m . Economic Geology 1:30 p .m .

1:30 p .m . Geoscience Education X: Overcoming Threats to Earth and Space Science at K­12 Levels 1:30 p .m . Paleontology V: Biostratigraphy and Taphonomy 1:30 p .m . Public Policy: The Not-So Great Divide--Where Science Meets Public Policy 1:30 p .m . P8 . Global Water Sustainability (Geochemical Society; Mineralogical Society of America) T8 . Tectonic Evolution of Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA 1:30 p .m . Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T21 . Constraints on Strain Rates, Stresses, and Deformation Processes During Shear Zone 1:30 p .m . Localization at Different Lithospheric Levels (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) T25 . Recent Advances in Studies of Large-Volume Silicic Volcanism: Stratigraphy, Architecture, 1:30 p .m . Evolution (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America) 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . 1:30 p .m . T36 . Comprehensive Data Sets for the Reconstruction of Geological Histories: Combining Double and Triple Dating with Geochemical Fingerprinting T41 . Paying Attention to Mudstones: Priceless! (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division) T57 . Hard Substrate (Sclerobiont) Community Ecology and Evolution through Mass Extinctions (Paleontological Society)

272 273 274 275

Room 101FG Room 102BC Room 211CD Room 205CD

276 277 278 279 280 281 282

T62 . Frontiers in Foraminiferal Research II: Paleoceanography and Polar Biotas (Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; 1:30 p .m . Paleontological Society; SEPM [Society for Sedimentary Geology]; SEPM North American Micropaleontology Section) 1:30 p .m . T64 . Soils as Archives of Past Climates (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) 1:30 p .m . T82 . Impact of Winter De-Icing Chemicals on the Environment (GSA Hydrogeology Division) 1:30 p .m . T83 . Pathogens and Fecal Indicators in Soil, Groundwater, and Surface Water (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

Room 200H-J Room 200FG Room M101AB Room M100DE Room 102D-F Room M100HI Room M100BC

1:30 p .m . T121 . Uranium Ore Deposits: From Genesis to Mine Tailings and Mining Wastes T123 . Monitoring and Understanding Our Landscape for the Long Term through Small Catchment 1:30 p .m . Studies II: A Tribute to the Career of Owen P . Bricker (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division) 1:30 p .m . T201 . Intersection of Geology and Health: Impacts of Geologic Materials on Public Health (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division)


T204 . Advances in Characterizing Sources and Release of Naturally Occurring Trace Elements to Aquatic Systems and Groundwater (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; 1:30 p .m . GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Assoc.) T215 . Terrestrial Analogs in Solar System Studies (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA 1:30 p .m . Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

Room M100FG


Room L100H-J

9­12 October


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 133

2011 Organizing Committee

A very special thank you goes out to the 2011 Organizing Committee . If you have a chance to meet them during the meeting, please let them know how the meeting is going for you!

General Chair

Harvey Thorleifson, State Geologist of Minnesota

K­12 Education Co-Chairs

Kent Gordon, Minnesota Earth Science Teachers Assoc . Lee Schmitt, Hamline Univ .

Vice Chair

Carrie Jennings, Minnesota Geological Survey


Stephen Allard, Winona State Univ . Dick Bottenberg, Geological Society of Minnesota William Cordua, Univ . of Wisconsin­River Falls Cameron Davidson, Carleton College Juan Fedele, St . Cloud State Univ . Will Gosnold, Univ . of North Dakota Tom Hickson, Univ . of St . Thomas Peter Hudleston, Univ . of Minnesota­Twin Cities Lindsay Iredale, Normandale Community College Carl Jacobson, Iowa State Univ . Bruce Johnson, Summit Envirosolutions Inc . Lisa Johnston, Univ . of Minnesota Libraries Steve Kissin, Lakehead Univ . Bill Last, Univ . of Manitoba Bill McClelland, Univ . of Iowa Kate Pound, St . Cloud State Univ . Raymond Rogers, Macalester College Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat, North Dakota State Univ . Laura Scheid, American Institute of Professional Geologists Kent Syverson, Univ . of Wisconsin­Eau Claire Basil Tikoff, Univ . of Wisconsin­Madison Sara Welna, Kraemer Mining & Materials Inc . Jim Welsh, Gustavus Adolphus College Laurel Woodruff, USGS

Technical Program Chair

Dave Bush, Univ . of West Georgia

Field Trip Chair & Co-Chairs

Jim Miller, Univ . of Minnesota­Duluth George Hudak, Univ . of Minnesota­Duluth Patrick McLaughlin, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Chad Wittkop, Minnesota State Univ .­Mankato

Sponsorships Chair

Curt Hudak, Foth Infrastructure & Environment LLC

Special Events Co-Chairs

Amy Myrbo, Univ . of Minnesota­Twin Cities Valerie Stanley, Univ . of Minnesota­Twin Cities Laura Triplett, Gustavus Adolphus College

Undergraduate Education Co-Chairs

Kent Kirkby, Univ . of Minnesota­Twin Cities Cathy Manduca, Carleton College

Short Course Co-Chairs

Mindy Erickson, USGS Dan Hunter, Summit Envirosolutions Inc .

Community Education Co-Chairs

Karen Campbell, Univ . of Minnesota­Twin Cities Pat Hamilton, Science Museum of Minnesota Molly Phipps, Science Museum of Minnesota


2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: ArcheAn to Anthropocene: the past is the key to the future

Technical Sessions

Meeting policy prohibits the use of cameras or sound-recording equipment at technical sessions and poster sessions. A no-smoking policy has been established by the Program Committee and will be followed in all meeting rooms for technical sessions.



In the interest of public information, the Geological Society of America provides a forum for the presentation of diverse opinions and positions. The opinions (views) expressed by speakers and exhibitors at these sessions are their own and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Geological Society of America.

Note iNdex system Numbers (3-4, 15-4) indicate session and order of presentation within that session. *denotes speaker

SUnDaY, 9 ocToBer 2011

morning oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 1

Geoscience Education I: Field and Place Based Approaches to Geoscience Education

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208AB SadredinC.Moosavi,DavidW.Mogk,andEmiIto,Presiding 1-1 1-2 8:00AM Teruya,LeAnne*:geologY iS eVerYWhere: USing The Familiar To Teach The UnFamiliar 8:15AM Mahoney,J.Brian*:The TieS (ThemaTic inTerDiSciPlinarY eXPerienTial SemeSTer) Program: a neW concePT in eXPerienTial immerSion eDUcaTion 8:30AM Mogk,D.W.*;Henry,D.J.:reconnaiSSance or FocUSeD FielD eXPerienceS: WhaT WorKS? 8:45AM Reams,MaxW.*:FielD inVeSTigaTion oF a carBonaTe TemPeSTiTe ThaT DeFieS eaSY enVironmenTal inTerPreTaTion: helPing STUDenTS aPPlY The meThoD oF mUlTiPle WorKing hYPoTheSeS 9:00AM Moosavi,SadredinC.*:The granD iSle ProJecT: hoW a Place-BaSeD SerVice-learning ProJecT eVolVeD inTo a reSearch eXPerience For UnDergraDUaTeS DUring The BP oil SPill 9:20AM Johnson,AdamN.*:comPaTiBle inDigenoUS anD geoScienTiFic KnoWleDge, FlaTheaD inDian reSerVaTion, norThWeST monTana 9:40AM Wojick,ChristopherL.*;Huntoon,JacquelineE.; Bluth,GreggJ.S.:inTegraTing earTh Science anD engineering in a FielD-BaSeD coUrSe For TeacherS 10:00AM Break 10:15AM Duggan-Haas,Don*;Kissel,RichardA.;Ross,Robert: USing The DeVeloPmenT oF VirTUal 2-3 1-12 1-11

enVironmenTS aS moTiVaTion To STUDY acTUal enVironmenTS 1-9 1-10 10:30AM Magloughlin,J.F.*:geoPhoTograPhY aS a SUBFielD WiThin The geoScienceS 10:45AM Miller,MarliB.*;Bishop,EllenM.:BriDging Science anD arT: reaching The PUBlic ThroUgh geological PhoTograPhY 11:00AM Rose,WilliamI.*:KeWeenaW BoUlDer garDen--a reViTaliZeD Kame Terrace on camPUS, USeD aS a Teaching laBoraTorY 11:15AM Padden,Maureen*:connecTing To The WaTerSheD: a UniVerSiTY-commUniTY ParTnerShiP in hamilTon, onTario 11:30AM Discussion

SeSSion no. 2

Hydrogeology I: Water Resources and Water Balances

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100FG AliciaM.Wilson,Presiding 2-1 8:00AM Rautio,AnneBrita*;Korkka-Niemi,KirstiInkeri;Kivimäki, Anna-Liisa;Karhu,Juha;Nygård,Maria;Lahti,Kirsti; Salonen,Veli-Pekka;Vahtera,Heli:groUnDWaTer-riVer WaTer inTeracTionS in The caTchmenT oF The riVer VanTaa anD iTS TriBUTarieS, SoUThern FinlanD 8:15AM Korkka-Niemi,KirstiInkeri*;Rautio,AnneBrita:Tracing SUrFace WaTer­groUnDWaTer inTeracTionS aT laKe PYhÄJÄrVi anD iTS inFloWing riVerS, SW FinlanD 8:30AM McLane,CharlesF.III.*:analYTic elemenT moDeling oF TranSienT SalTWaTer inTerFace reSPonSe in a laYereD FreShWaTer lenS aQUiFer 8:45AM Bauer,Florian*;Scheytt,TraugottJ.:FreSh- SalTWaTer inTeracTion in a melioraTeD coaSTal area oF The BalTic Sea, germanY

1-3 1-4







9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 135



2-5 9:00AM Eissa,Mustafa*;Thomas,James;Pohll,Greg;ShouakarStash,Orfan;Dahab,Kamal;Hershey,Ronald;Dawoud, Maher;Gomaa,MohammadA.:groUnDWaTer recharge anD SeaWaTer inTrUSion oF The QUaTernarY coaSTal Plain aQUiFer in WaDi WaTir DelTa, Sinai, egYPT 9:15AM Alhawas,AssafA.*:Socio imPacTS oF DUST STormS on DailY WaTer conSUmPTion in The ciTY oF riYaDh, SaUDi araBia 9:30AM Break 9:45AM Maharaj,Anuradha*;Mandal,A.:caUSe anD eFFecT or Vice VerSa? - riVer FlooDing, climaTe change anD The PeoPle oF PorT maria, ST. marY, Jamaica 10:00AM Mandal,A.*;Maharaj,Anuradha:WaTer reSoUrceS oF The KingSTon BaSin, KingSTon, Jamaica, aVailaBiliTY anD challengeS 10:15AM Fischer,Kimberly*:groUnDWaTer FloW moDel inVerSion To aSSeSS WaTer aVailaBiliTY in The FoX hillS-hell creeK aQUiFer 10:30AM Coupe,RichardH.*;Barlow,JeannieR.B.;Capel,Paul: comPleXiTY oF agricUlTUral anD hUman inTeracTionS on WaTer QUaliTY anD QUanTiTY in The miSSiSSiPPi DelTa 10:45AM Berg,JamesA.*;Pearson,ScottR.:SoUTh-cenTral minneSoTa groUnDWaTer moniToring oF The mT. Simon aQUiFer 11:00AM McBryde,Will;Mylroie,John*;Schmitz,DarrelW.;May, James;McIlwain,Jason:inFlUence oF coaSTal Plain carBonaTeS on reSerVoir DeVeloPmenT: BienVille naTional ForeST, SmiTh coUnTY, miSSiSSiPPi 11:15AM Congdon,RogerD.*;Gurrieri,JosephT.:a moDeling ParaDigm For WaTer Balance in cenTral oregon Fen enVironmenTS 3-10 3-8 9:50AM Mallams,Jerry*;Arthur,JonathanD.: hYDroSTraTigraPhic nomenclaTUre change? nomenclaTUral challengeS WiTh The FloriDan aQUiFer SYSTem 10:05AM Break 10:20AM Anderson,RaymondR.*;Alexander,E.CalvinJr.;Schilling, KeithE.;Peate,DavidW.;Dorale,Jeffrey:The geologY anD geochemiSTrY oF ancienT groUnDWaTer in The cenTral PeaK aQUiFer oF The manSon imPacT STrUcTUre, ioWa 10:35AM Schuh,WilliamM.*;Bottrell,SimonH.:eFFecTS oF Soil recharge anD DiScharge regimeS on The moDern DiSTriBUTion oF SUlFaTe, oXiDiZeD DUring The hYPSiThermal inTerVal, in an UnconFineD glacioFlUVial aQUiFer 10:50AM West,TerryR.*:engineering geologY STUDY To DeTermine SoUrce oF eleVaTeD arSenic ValUeS in groUnDWaTer near mT. Vernon, in 11:05AM Earman,Sam*;Manning,AndrewH.;Gleeson,Tom: STaBle iSoToPe aPPlicaTionS in a STUDY oF PoTenTial climaTe-change imPacTS on hYDrologic SYSTemS--Sagehen BaSin, caliFornia










SeSSion no. 4

Paleontology I: Paleoecology and Environment

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205AB AndrewV.MichelsonandFelisaSmith,Presiding 4-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Carlucci,Jesse*;Westrop,StephenR.;Amati,Lisa;Brett, CarltonE.;Saltzman,MatthewR.:laTe orDoVician TriloBiTe BioFacieS oF eaSTern laUrenTia: Paleoecological PaTTernS DUring ForelanD BaSin DeVeloPmenT 8:30AM Nagel-Myers,Judith*;Dietl,Gregory;Brett,CarltonE.: ecological STaSiS in The miDDle DeVonian hamilTon FaUna: hoW STaBle are SPecieS inTeracTionS? 8:45AM Bartlett,Rickey*;Elliott,DavidK.:The PaleoecologY oF The coconino SanDSTone DePoSiTional enVironmenT: The caSe For aVailaBle SUrFace WaTer 9:00AM Hendy,Austin,J.W.*:DiVerSiTY anD PaleoecologY in The neoTroPicS: TaKing a cloSer looK aT marine BioTaS oF The FamoUS gaTUn FormaTion, Panama 9:15AM Greenstein,BenjaminJ.*;Pandolfi,JohnM.:coral reeF accreTion anD coral commUniTY SUcceSSion PaTTernS in laTe PleiSTocene coral reeFS eXPoSeD on cUracao 9:30AM Peterson,DawnE.;Finger,KennethL.*;Iepure,Sanda; Mariani,Sandro;Montanari,Alessandro;Namiotko, Tadeusz:reconnaiSSance oF oSTracoDeS in The FraSaSSi caVeS anD aDJacenT SUlFiDic SPring anD SenTino riVer in The norTheaSTern aPennineS oF iTalY 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Kiessling,Wolfgang*:ancienT marine locaTionShiFTS in reSPonSe To climaTe-change: a longTerm PerSPecTiVe 10:15AM Lockwood,Rowan*;Reed,DavidJ.;McClure,KateJ.: eFFecTS oF Paleogene climaTe change on morPhoSPace anD morPhological DiSPariTY oF VenericarD BiValVeS 10:30AM Lyons,S.Kathleen*;Faith,J.Tyler;Behrensmeyer,AnnaK.; Amatangelo,KathrynL.;Blois,Jessica;DiMichele, WilliamA.;Du,Andrew;Eronen,JussiT.;Gotelli,NicholasJ.;




SeSSion no. 3

Hydrogeology II: Hydrostratigraphy and Water Quality

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100HI JonathanD.Arthur,Presiding 3-1 8:00AM Rivera,Alfonso*:TranSBoUnDarY aQUiFerS along The canaDa-US BorDer anD linKS To The iSarmamericaS regional STraTegY 8:20AM Wunsch,DavidR.*:iDenTiFYing hYDroSTraTigraPhic UniTS in glaciaTeD areaS UnDerlain BY comPleX crYSTalline rocKS-- iSSUeS anD eXamPleS From neW hamPShire 8:35AM Lemke,LawrenceD.*;Frahm,AndrewL.:FUSion oF liThoSTraTigraPhic, alloSTraTigraPhic, anD hYDroSTraTigraPhic aPProacheS To characTeriZe a glacial aQUiFer SYSTem 8:50AM Maharjan,Madan*;Eckstein,Yoram:DeTecTion oF TranSmiSSiVe BeDrocK FracTUreD ZoneS UnDer coVer oF glacial FormaTionS USing reSiDenTial WaTer Well ProDUcTion DaTa 9:05AM Sweetkind,Donald*;Belcher,WayneR.;Halford,KeithJ.: DeVeloPmenT anD USe oF hYDroSTraTigraPhic nomenclaTUre in The SoUThWeSTern neVaDa Volcanic FielD, neVaDa 9:20AM Blome,CharlesD.*;Clark,AllanKoehl;Golab,JamesA.: hYDroSTraTigraPhY oF The TriniTY aQUiFer, SoUTh-cenTral TeXaS: a geologic maPPer'S PerSPecTiVe 9:35AM Arthur,JonathanD.*;Mallams,Jerry:a FloriDa PerSPecTiVe on hYDroSTraTigraPhic nomenclaTUre challengeS 4-7 4-3












136 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


Graves,GaryR.:a comPariSon oF PlanT anD mammal commUniTY STrUcTUre From DeeP Time To The recenT 4-10 10:45AM Smith,Felisa*;Balk,Meghan:Some liKe iT hoT? or noT? The aSYmmeTrY oF eVolUTionarY reSPonSe To climaTe change acroSS DiFFerenT TemPoral ScaleS 11:00AM Terry,RebeccaC.*;Koch,PaulL.:DriVerS oF holocene aBUnDance DYnamicS in DeSerT mice 11:15AM Michelson,AndrewV.*;Park,LisaE.:laTe holocene climaTe change recorDS From Three laKeS on San SalVaDor iSlanD, BahamaS 11:30AM Kowalewski,Michal*;Mulsow,Sandor;Schiffbauer, JamesD.:Shell aSSemBlageS aS recorDerS oF Salmon inDUSTrY: anThroPogenic Decline oF marine BenThic commUniTieS aroUnD chiloe iSlanD, chile 11:45AM Feser,KelseyM.*;Miller,ArnoldI.:TemPoral anD geograPhic VariaTion in mollUScan aSSemBlageS From SeagraSS BeDS aroUnD ST. croiX, US Virgin iSlanDS: ToWarDS The DelineaTion oF naTUral VerSUS anThroPogenic DriVerS 5-12 From BUrieD ValleYS anD DeSerTS To The DeeP ocean anD oUTer SPace 5-11 11:00AM Easterbrook,DonJ.*:climaTic imPlicaTionS oF The imPenDing granD Solar minimUm anD cool PaciFic DecaDal oScillaTion: The PaST iS The KeY To The FUTUre--WhaT We can learn From recUrring PaST climaTe cYcleS recorDeD BY glacial FlUcTUaTionS, ice coreS, Sea SUrFace TemPeraTUreS, anD hiSToric meaSUremenTS 11:15AM Missimer,ThomasM.*;Dagher,MohamadH.;Tao,Weichen: geologY oF WaDi QiDaYD, WeSTern SaUDi araBia


4-11 4-12


SeSSion no. 6

Structural Geology: Recent Advances in Structural Geology

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200A-C ArloWeilandWalterA.Sullivan,Presiding 6-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Diem,BridgetC.*;Campbell-Stone,Erin;Erslev,EricA.: FracTUre analYSeS anD origin oF normal FaUlTS, rocK SPringS UPliFT, SW WYoming 8:20AM Sullivan,WalterA.*;Beane,RachelJ.:neW eViDence For SiniSTral TranSPreSSion in The cheYenne BelT 8:35AM Balmat,JenniferL.*;Leite,MichaelB.:neogene STrUcTUral anD SeDimenTologic connecTion BeTWeen The Pine riDge anD BlacK hillS, neBraSKa-SoUTh DaKoTa, USa 8:50AM Andrew,JosephE.;Walker,J.Douglas*;Monastero, FrancisC.:iniTiaTion anD SliP hiSTorY oF The cenTral SegmenT oF The garlocK FaUlT, caliFornia 9:05AM Huebner,MatthewT.*;Hatcher,RobertD.Jr.:SiniSTral meSoZoic inVerSion oF The DeXTral alleghanian ToWaliga FaUlT 9:20AM Tomlinson,DonaldW.Jr.*;Copeland,Peter;Lapen, ThomasJ.;Murphy,Michael:oligocene ShorTening in The liTTle BUrro moUnTainS, SW neW meXico 9:35AM Break 9:50AM Judy,K.A.*;Bartholomew,MervinJ.:laYer Parallel ShorTening: a mechaniSm For DeTermining The SeQUence oF DeFormaTion oF The liTTle WaTer SYncline, TenDoY moUnTainS, SoUThWeSTern monTana 10:05AM Weil,ArloBrandon*;Gutierrez-Alonso,Gabriel; Johnston,StephenT.:KinemaTic conSTrainS on liThoSPheric-Scale oroclinal BenDing oF The iBero-armorican arc along The norThern margin oF gonDWana: a PaleomagneTic anD STrUcTUral SYnTheSiS 10:20AM Kleinspehn,KarenL.*:PleiSTocene To PoSTBYZanTine TranSTenSional SUBSiDence anD UPliFT oF The leFKoS anD KarPaThoS SUPraDeTachmenT BaSinS: hellenic Forearc, greece 10:35AM Jacob,Lauren;Catlos,Elizabeth*;Oyman,Tolga;Sorensen, SorenaS.:remoTelY SenSeD imageS, Zircon ageS, caThoDolUmineScence, anD geochemiSTrY oF norThern menDereS maSSiF graniToiDS: eViDence For long-Term eXhUmaTion oF an aegean meTamorPhic core comPleX 10:50AM Elliot,DavidH.*;Isbell,JohnL.;Hulett,SamR.W.; Koch,ZelendaJ.;Sieger,Danielle:a large-Scale TecTonicallY-DriVen SliDe in The Permian macKellar FormaTion, VicToria groUP, anTarcTica 11:05AM Hosseini,Mehrdad*;Pezeshk,Shahram:comPariSon oF PhaSe VelociTieS anD Shear-WaVe VelociTY



SeSSion no. 5

Quaternary Geology

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100DE P.KyleHouseandJamesE.O'Connor,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 5-1 8:15AM Carson,EricC.*;Attig,JohnW.;Hanson,PaulR.;Young, AaronR.:geochronologY oF laTe WiSconSin ice margin FlUcTUaTionS oF The SoUThern laUrenTiDe ice SheeT 8:30AM Curry,B.Brandon*:conSTrainTS on The age oF The laKe michigan loBe (laST glaciaTion) in illinoiS, USa: From STarT To FiniSh 8:45AM Arends,HeatherE.*;Mooers,HowardD.;Larson,Phillip: mUlTiPle inDePenDenT lineS oF eViDence For The SYSTemaTic aDVance anD reTreaT oF The DeS moineS loBe, norTh-cenTral USa 9:00AM Hobbs,HowardCory*:minneSoTa glaciaTionS From olDeST To YoUngeST 9:15AM Johnson,MarkD.*;Adams,RobertaS.;Gowan,AngelaS.; Harris,KennethL.;Hobbs,HowardC.;Jennings, CarrieE.;Knaeble,AlanR.;Lusardi,BarbaraA.;Meyer, GaryN.:a Formal liThoSTraTigraPhY For The QUaTernarY oF minneSoTa 9:30AM Ridge,JohnC.*;Balco,Greg;Beck,CatherineC.; Voytek,EmilyB.:The neW norTh american VarVe chronologY: a recorD oF SoUTheaSTern laUrenTiDe DeglaciaTion anD climaTe: 18.2-12.5 KYr BP 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Cohen,KimM.*;Busschers,FreekS.;Hijma,Marc:miS4 anD miS3 in nW eUroPe: norTh Sea BaSin anD The riVer rhine BeTWeen ScanDinaVian ice FronT anD aTlanTic ShelF eDge 10:15AM Markewich,H.W.;Pavich,M.J.*;Litwin,R.J.;Smoot, JosephP.:eViDence For laTe oiS3 aBrUPT climaTe change PreSerVeD in The DelmarVa PeninSUla STraTigraPhic recorD 10:30AM Riedel,Jon*;Tucker,DavidS.;Scott,KevinM.:laTe glacial anD holocene hiSTorY oF BaKer riVer ValleY, WaShingTon 10:45AM Blackwell,BonnieA.B.*;Skinner,AnneR.;Blickstein,Joel; Deely,AislinnE.:eSr DaTing in The 21st cenTUrY:








5-4 5-5











9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 137



inVerSion reSUlTS oF SaSW meThoD oBTaineD BY UniForm receiVer SPacing analYZeD BY SurfSeis PacKage SoFTWare WiTh non-UniForm receiVer SPacing analYZeD BY The geneTic algoriThm inVerSion Scheme 6-13 11:20AM Kimball,SuzetteM.*:The cooPeraTiVe geologic maPPing acT -- From The ToWn To The WorlD 8-5 9:50AM Break 10:10AM Hughes,Richard*:generaTing Socio-economic imPacTS anD BeneFiTS From geoScience DaTa anD moDelS 10:30AM D'Agnese,FrankA.*:WiSSDom: a WeB-BaSeD earTh-SYSTemS KnoWleDge PorTal anD collaBoraTion enVironmenT 10:50AM O'Keeffe,Andrew*;Napier,Bruce;Keefer,DonaldA.: ViSUaliZaTion oF large DaTa SeTS USing highreSolUTion 3-D ToolS For imProVeD geologic maPPing anD moDeling 11:10AM Sobisch,Hans-Georg*:PUBliShing oF inTegraTeD SUBSUrFace moDelS 11:30AM panel discussion 11:55AM concluding remarks


SeSSion no. 7

P1. The Frontiers of Quaternary Geochronology: Extension or Overextension of Dating Methods for Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology? (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Archaeological Geology Division; American Quaternary Association; Association of Women Geoscientists; Colorado Scientific Society)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101A-C KennethLepperandShannonA.Mahan,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 7-1 8:05AM Gosse,JohnC.*;Phillips,FredM.:TerreTrial coSmogenic nUcliDe meThoDS: Taming elePhanTS in The room 8:35AM Berger,GlennW.*:The `ecoSYSTem' oF lUmineScence DaTing 9:05AM Southon,John*:coming oF age: raDiocarBon in 2011 9:35AM questions to panel 9:50AM Break 9:55AM Willenbring,Jane*:reSUrgence oF meTeoric 10Be: raTeS anD DaTeS From a neW, olD geochronomeTer 10:15AM Lifton,NathanielA.*:emerging aPPlicaTionS For in SiTU coSmogenic 14c in geochronologY 10:35AM Discussion 10:45AM Rhodes,EdwardJ.*:PrinciPleS anD PoTenTial oF oSl ThermochronologY 11:05AM Rink,W.Jack*:lighT-SenSiTiVe elecTron SPin reSonance DaTing oF QUarTZ SeDimenT 11:25AM Pigati,JeffreyS.*:TeSTing neW maTerialS For raDiocarBon DaTing: TerreSTrial gaSTroPoD ShellS 11:45AM questions to panel/concluding remarks



SeSSion no. 9

T4. Advancement in the Exploration Practices Used to Characterize Geothermal Resources (GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101H-J MichaelB.Hillesheim,Presiding 9-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Faulds,JamesE.*;Hinz,NicholasH.;Coolbaugh,MarkF.; Cashman,PatriciaH.;Kratt,Chris;Dering,Gregory; Edwards,Joel;Mayhew,Brett;Mclachlan,Holly: aSSeSSmenT oF FaVoraBle STrUcTUral SeTTingS oF geoThermal SYSTemS in The greaT BaSin region, WeSTern USa 8:25AM Wannamaker,PhilipE.*;Maris,Virginie;Hasterok,Derrick: UnDerSTanDing magmaTic-hYDroThermal relaTionShiPS in geoThermal SYSTemS oF The greaT BaSin ThroUgh inTegraTeD magneToTellUricS, iSoToPe geochemiSTrY anD STrUcTUral geologY 8:40AM Sabin,Andrew*:geoThermal eXPloraTion in DiXie ValleY, The WalKer lane anD gUam: naVY geoThermal Program oFFice 8:55AM Shervais,John*:ProJecT hoTSPoT: The SnaKe riVer geoThermal Drilling ProJecT 9:10AM Koteas,G.Christopher*;Rhodes,J.Michael;Mabee, StephenB.;Goodhue,Nathaniel;Adams,SharonA.: iDenTiFYing anD eXamining PoTenTial geoThermal reSoUrceS in non-TraDiTional regionS, eXamPleS From The norTheaSTern U.S 9:25AM Gosnold,WillD.*:geoThermal DemonSTraTion ProJecTS in a SeDimenTarY BaSin 9:40AM Crowell,AnnaM.*;Gosnold,William:DeTermining The VolUmeS, PoroSiTieS, anD aVailaBle energY oF SelecTeD reSerVoirS UTiliZing giS meThoDS: WilliSTon BaSin, norTh DaKoTa 9:55AM Break 10:10AM Randolph,JimmyB.*;Saar,Martin:carBon-DioXiDe PlUme geoThermal (cPg) SYSTemS, an alTernaTiVe engineereD geoThermal SYSTem (egS): neT energY ProDUcTion PoTenTial comPareD To TraDiTional WaTer-BaSeD geoThermal SYSTemS 10:30AM Anderson,ArleneF.*;Cuyler,David;Snyder,WalterS.; Allison,M.Lee;Blackwell,DavidD.;Williams,ColinF.: naTional geoThermal DaTa SYSTem 10:45AM Love,DianeS.;Coleman,Celia;Pape,Esty;Clark, RyanC.;Richard,StephenM.;Allison,M.Lee*:STaTe geological SUrVeY conTriBUTionS To The naTional geoThermal DaTa SYSTem 11:00AM Allis,RickG.*;Moore,Joseph;Blackett,Robert;Gwynn, Mark;Kirby,Stefan;Sprinkel,Douglas:high heaT

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7-5 7-6 7-7 7-8


9-4 9-5

SeSSion no. 8

Special Session: Crossing the Digital Divide: Availability of Geoscience Knowledge for Resolving Environmental and Societal Challenges (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; American Association of State Geologists; U.S. Geological Survey; British Geological Survey)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101DE A.KeithTurner,DonaldA.Keefer,andHolgerKessler,Presiding 8-1 8-2 8-3 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:10AM Jackson,Ian*:onegeology - Sharing DaTa anD KnoW hoW gloBallY 8:35AM vanderMeulen,Michiel*:DUTch eXPerienceS WiTh inTegraTeD geoScience moDeling 9:00AM McKay,E.DonaldIII.*;Keefer,DonaldA.;Thomason, JasonF.;Brown,StevenE.:geologic FrameWorK moDelS For SocieTal DeciSion maKing in The meTro-chicago UrBan Fringe 9:25AM Gundersen,LindaC.S.*;Jacobsen,Linda;Gallagher, KevinT.:DYnamic DigiTal geoScience For a changing WorlD: recenT eXamPleS From The U.S. geological SUrVeY 9-9 9-6 9-7





138 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


FloW BaSinS - The neXT maJor incremenT in geoThermal PoWer DeVeloPmenTS in The U.S.? 9-12 9-13 11:15AM Gosnold,WillD.*;Klenner,R.C.L.;Hauck,Steven: minneSoTa geoThermal PoTenTial 11:30AM Walsh,Patrick*;Martini,Brigette;Lane,Richard;Spragg, Kirk:3D geologic moDeling imProVeS Well TargeTing in glaSS BUTTeS, oregon 11:50AM Discussion 10-13 10-12 imPlicaTionS For cenoZoic anD meSoZoic UPliFT anD DiSSecTion 11:20AM Sharman,GlennR.*;Graham,StephanA.:reeValUaTion oF The BUTano-PoinT oF rocKS croSS-FaUlT Tie USing DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY: imPlicaTionS For eocene PaleogeograPhY anD earlY DiSPlacemenT on The San anDreaS FaUlT 11:35AM Sylvester,P.J.*;Souders,A.K.;Myers,J.S.:The recorD oF earlY crUSTal eVolUTion PreSerVeD in DeTriTal ZirconS From moUnT mUrchiSon meTaSeDimenTarY rocKS, WeSTern aUSTralia 11:50AM concluding remarks


T15. Sedimentary Provenance and Evolution of the Continental Crust: Precambrian to Present

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200DE ToddLaMaskin,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 10-1 8:05AM Easton,R.Michael*;Heaman,LarryM.:DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY oF The UraniFeroUS PaleoProTeroZoic maTinenDa FormaTion (hUronian SUPergroUP), ellioT laKe, onTario 8:20AM Gärtner,Claudia*;Bahlburg,Heinrich;Berndt,Jasper; Gerdes,Axel:ProVenance analYSiS From DeTriTal ZirconS in loWer PaleoProTeroZoic SiliciclaSTic SeDimenTS - inDicaTionS For crUSTal eVolUTion oF The BalTic ShielD 8:35AM Gee,DavidG.*;Lorenz,Henning;Frei,Dirk:DeTriTal ZirconS in The PaleoZoic SUcceSSion oF noVaYa ZemlYa -- eViDence oF grenVille SVeconorWegian BaSemenT in The caleDonian hinTerlanD oF The high arcTic 8:50AM Sorota,KristinJ.*;Hepburn,J.Christopher;Kuiper,YvetteD.; Tubrett,MikeN.:age anD origin oF The merrimacK Terrane, SoUTheaSTern neW englanD: a DeTriTal Zircon U-PB geochronologY STUDY 9:05AM Boothroyd,JeremyJ.*;Hampton,BrianA.;Velbel, MichaelA.;Fujita,Kazuya:PreliminarY ProVenance TrenDS From UPPer PaleoZoic STraTa oF The michigan BaSin: imPlicaTionS For conTinenTScale SeDimenT DiSPerSal acroSS eaSTern norTh america 9:20AM Break 9:35AM Surpless,KathleenDeGraaff*;Beverly,EmilyJ.:DeTaileD ProVenance oF The hornBrooK FormaTion, oregon anD caliFornia: UnDerSTanDing a criTical linK in creTaceoUS corDilleran PaleogeograPhY 9:55AM LaMaskin,Todd*:SeQUenTial regUlariTY oF DeTriTal Zircon U-PB ageS in WeSTern norTh american TerraneS: SeconD-orDer TecTonic conTrol on SeDimenT ProVenance 10:15AM Ernst,W.G.*;McLaughlin,R.J.;Blake,M.ClarkJr.: mineralogic STUDY oF coaSTal BelT FranciScan FelDSPaThic SanDSToneS, nW caliFornia: DeTriTal Zircon U-PB ageS 10:30AM Dumitru,TrevorA.*;Ernst,W.Gary;Wright,JamesE.; Wooden,JosephL.;Wells,RayE.;Gehrels,GeorgeE.: DiD The eocene TYee riVer TranSPorT DeTriTUS From eXTenSional highlanDS aroUnD The iDaho BaTholiTh anD BiTTerrooT core comPleX To The FranciScan Trench in norThern caliFornia? 10:45AM Chapman,AlanD.*;Saleeby,Jason;Eiler,JohnM.:SlaB FlaTTening Trigger For iSoToPic DiSTUrBance anD magmaTic Flare-UP in The SoUThernmoST Sierra neVaDa BaTholiTh, caliFornia 11:05AM Ingersoll,RaymondV.*:comPoSiTion oF moDern anD creTaceoUS SanD(STone) DeriVeD From The Sierra neVaDa, caliFornia, USa, WiTh

SeSSion no. 11

T16. Linking Modern and Ancient Orogens (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology); GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200FG ClintonI.BarineauandChristopherS.Holm-Denoma,Presiding 11-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Hames,WillisE.*;Uddin,Ashraf;Pashin,JackC.;Eriksson, KennethA.;Moore,MitchellForrest:From SoUrce To SinK: a comPariSon oF mUScoViTe ageS From The SoUThern aPPalachian BeDrocK anD carBoniFeroUS BaSin 8:20AM Thomas,WilliamA.*:DiachronoUS TecTonic loaDing anD SYnorogenic claSTic WeDgeS along The SoUThern aPPalachian-oUachiTa orogen 8:35AM Hatcher,RobertD.Jr.*:comPariSon oF aPPalachian anD himalaYan ForelanD claSTic WeDgeS 8:50AM Rowley,DavidB.*:STraTigraPhic recorD oF The inDia-aSia colliSion: imPlicaTionS For conVergence hiSTorY anD colliSion-relaTeD maSS Balance 9:05AM Moores,Eldridge*:orogenic BelTS ThroUgh Time 9:25AM Gee,DavidG.*;Juhlin,Christopher;Ladenberger,Anna; Claesson,Stefan:The norTh aTlanTic caleDoniDeS --- a himalaYa -TiBeT analogUe 9:40AM Goodge,JohnW.*;Fanning,C.Mark;Norman,MarcD.; Bennett,VickieC.:TemPoral, iSoToPic anD SPaTial relaTionS oF earlY PaleoZoic gonDWana-margin arc magmaTiSm, cenTral TranSanTarcTic moUnTainS, anTarcTica 9:55AM Break 10:10AM Waldron,JohnW.F.*;Murphy,J.Brendan;Schofield,D.I.: a cariBBean-STYle PlaTe in The iaPeTUS ocean 10:25AM Dilek,Yildirim*:colliSion-inDUceD SlaB BreaKoFF, liThoSPheric Tearing anD relaTeD magmaTiSm in cenoZoic anaTolia, anD comPariSon WiTh oTher orogenic BelTS 10:45AM Barineau,ClintonI.*:UnDerSTanDing The FormaTion anD emPlacemenT oF BacK-arc BaSin rocKS: From The PaciFic To The SoUThern aPPalachianS 11:00AM Southworth,Scott*:laTe PaleoZoic Pangea To cenoZoic aPPalachianS: analog For laTe meSoProTeroZoic roDinia To camBrian eaSTern laUrenTia? 11:15AM Merschat,ArthurJ.*;Southworth,Scott:The raZor riDge Volcanic cenTer anD imPlicaTionS For The moUnT rogerS anD KonnarocK FormaTionS 11:30AM Hagen-Peter,GrahamA.*;Cottle,John;Tulloch, Andrew:eXPloring The PeTrochronologY oF SUBDUcTion-relaTeD magmaTiSm in The roSS





11-3 11-4


11-5 11-6




11-8 11-9









9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 139


SeSSion no. 10


orogen: a caSe STUDY From The DrY ValleYS, SoUThern VicToria lanD, anTarcTica 11:45AM concluding remarks 13-2 13-3 8:30AM Perlmutter,Martin*;Francis,JasonM.:SUn To SinK: hoW To PreDicT STraTigraPhY USing PaleoclimaTe 8:45AM Ryer,MihaelaS.*;Wroblewski,Anton;Armitage, Dominic;Hudson,Sam;McGee,David;Sanchez,Carla; Allwardt,JeffreyR.:QUanTiTaTiVe STraTigraPhic PreDicTion: TUrning DooDleS inTo DigiTS 9:00AM Castelltort,Sebastien*:reSPonSe TimeS in lanDScaPe eVolUTion: PromiSeS anD PiTFallS 9:20AM Blair,NealE.*;Aller,RobertC.;Leithold,ElanaL.:gloBal PaTTernS oF The FaTe oF TerreSTrial organic carBon in The marine enVironmenT 9:35AM Break 9:50AM Pickering,JenniferL.*;Goodbred,StevenJr.;Hartzog, ThomasR.;Briel,HaleyE.;Mondal,Dhiman;Hossain, Saddam;Mahmud,Zobayer:SoUrce-To-SinK ProceSSeS recorDeD in a DelTaic gaTeWaY: a PoST-glacial hiSTorY oF The BrahmaPUTra riVer in The Bengal DelTa 10:05AM Scholl,DavidW.;vonHuene,Roland*;Kirby,StephenH.: TecTonic SinK oF The TUrBiDiTe SYSTemS oF TrencheS anD DeeP Sea FanS--BUilDing The coaSTal rocK recorD anD The rUPTUring oF greaT anD gianT SUBDUcTion Zone earThQUaKeS 10:25AM Painter,ClaytonS.*;York,CarlyC.;Carrapa,Barbara; DeCelles,PeterG.;Gehrels,GeorgeE.: geochronologY anD ThermochronologY oF UPPer creTaceoUS anD Paleocene DePoSiTS in The charleSTon-neBo SalienT anD Their DiSTal ForelanD eQUiValenTS 10:40AM Rahl,JeffreyM.*;Harbor,David;Galli,C.I.;Staffo,Kristin; Hartman,Ryan;Sberna,Doug:USing SeDimenTarY ProVenance To reconSTrUcT The riSe oF The eaSTern corDillera, nW argenTina 10:55AM Cowie,Patience*;Attal,Mikael;Finch,Emma;Gawthorpe, Rob;Whittaker,AlexanderC.;Tucker,GregoryE.;Roberts, GeraldP.:conTrolS on SeDimenT SUPPlY From relaY Zone caTchmenTS along eXTenSional FaUlT SYSTemS anD The imPlicaTionS For riFT BaSin STraTigraPhY 11:10AM Kamola,Diane*;Thompson,Jesse;Hoffmeister,Kathryn: USing STraTal PaTTernS To UnDerSTanD The inTeracTion BeTWeen The SeVier ForelanD BaSin anD The creTaceoUS WeSTern inTerior SeaWaY

SeSSion no. 12

T34. Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism: Observations from Nanothrough Outcrop- to Plate-Tectonic Scales I: In Honor of J.G. Liou, 2011 MSA Roebling Medalist (Mineralogical Society of America)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102D-F W.G.Ernst,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 12-1 8:15AM Dobrzhinetskaya,Larissa*;Wirth,Richard;Sumino, Hirochika;Green,Harry:manTle-crUST inTeracTion DUring DeeP SUBDUcTion: recorDS in microDiamonDS From UhPm TerraneS 8:35AM Holsing,NicholasA.*;Jenkins,DavidM.: characTeriSTicS oF SYnTheTic DiamonD oVergroWThS on crUSheD naTUral SeeDS in meTal, SilicaTe, anD carBonaTe FlUXeS 8:50AM Ogasawara,Yoshihide*;Hashiguchi,Yoko;Igarashi,Mina; Harada,Yohei:mYSTerioUS raman BanDS From UhP meTamorPhic microDiamonDS: a relicT oF inTermeDiaTe PhaSe For DiamonD FormaTion 9:05AM Hwang,Shyh-Lung;Chu,Hao-Tsu;Yui,Tzen-Fu*;Shen, Pouyan;Sobolev,NikolaiV.:aem characTeriZaTion oF meTamorPhic microDiamonDS From garneTclinoPYroXene rocK (KUmDY Kol) anD gneiSS (Barchi Kol), KoKcheTaV maSSiF 9:20AM Hacker,BradleyR.*;Kylander-Clark,Andrew: laSer-aBlaTion SPliT-STream (laSS) PeTrochronologY oF The UlTrahigh-PreSSUre WeSTern gneiSS region 9:40AM Break 9:55AM Kylander-Clark,Andrew*;Hacker,BradleyR.;Ginsburg, Adam:(UlTra)high-PreSSUre TecToniSm: inSighTS From laSer aBlaTion SPliT-STream (laSS) PeTrochronologY 10:10AM Robinson,Peter;Terry,Michael*:eXhUmaTion oF hP anD UhP rocKS relaTeD To earlY DeVonian ThrUST anD eXTenSional FaUlTS, norThern WeSTern gneiSS region, norWaY 10:25AM Zhang,LifeiSr.*:a hUge UhP meTamorPhic BelT oF oceanic-TYPe in SW TianShan, china: Zircon U-PB DaTing anD PeTroTecTonic eVolUTion 10:40AM Tracy,RobertJ.*;Loehn,Clayton;Caddick,MarkJ.:a VerY cloSe looK aT a VerY claSSic UhP WhiTeSchiST From Dora maira, iTalian alPS: emP monaZiTe DaTing anD PhaSe eQUiliBria 10:55AM Medaris,L.GordonJr.*;Wang,HerbF.: eUroPean orogenic garneT PeriDoTiTeS: geoThermoBaromeTrY, cooling raTeS, anD TecTonoThermal imPlicaTionS 11:10AM Baldwin,SuzanneL.*;Fitzgerald,PaulG.;Webb,LauraE.: SUBDUcTion, oBDUcTion, anD SlaB graVeYarDS in The neW gUinea region 13-10 13-8 13-6 13-4 13-5












SeSSion no. 14

T54. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Studying the Causes and Consequences of Mass Extinction: Geochemistry, Paleoecology, and Paleoenvironments I (Paleontological Society)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200H-J MarcLaflammeandSimonA.F.Darroch,Presiding 14-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:10AM Peters,ShananE.*:macroSTraTigraPhY: a QUanTiTaTiVe FrameWorK For TeSTing The caUSeS anD conSeQUenceS oF maSS eXTincTionS 8:30AM Heim,NoelA.*;Rook,Deborah;Peters,ShananE.: macroSTraTigraPhY anD The non-marine FoSSil recorD oF norTh america 8:45AM Hannisdal,Bjarte*;Peters,ShananE.:PhaneroZoic earTh SYSTem eVolUTion anD marine BioDiVerSiTY 9:00AM Kidder,DavidL.*;Worsley,ThomasR.:hoThoUSe climaTe PUlSeS aS DriVerS oF mUlTiPle, SYSTemicallY-linKeD eXTincTion-FaVoring FacTorS



SeSSion no. 13

T39. Integrated Sedimentary Systems: Applying Source-to-Sink Concepts across Geologic Time (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211CD AndreaFildaniandJacobA.Covault,Presiding 13-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:10AM Paola,Chris*;Martin,JohnM.;Petter,AndrewL.: SeDimenT maSS eXTracTion aS a PreDicTiVe Tool in SoUrce To SinK STUDieS




140 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


14-5 9:15AM Thomas,BrianC.*;Melott,AdrianL.:aSTroPhYSicS anD eXTincTionS: neW raTe eSTimaTeS For PoTenTiallY leThal ioniZing raDiaTion eVenTS 9:30AM Laflamme,Marc*;Tweedt,Sarah;Darroch,SimonA.F.; Erwin,DouglasH.:eXTincTion oF The eDiacara BioTa 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Pruss,SaraB.*;Bush,AndrewM.:The meeK Shell inheriTS The earTh: PhYSiological anD enVironmenTal conTrolS on earlY PaleoZoic eXTincTion anD raDiaTion 10:20AM Finnegan,Seth*;Peters,ShananE.;Heim,NoelA.; Fischer,WoodwardW.:macroSTraTigraPhic anD macroecological DeTerminanTS oF eXTincTion riSK DUring The laTe orDoVician maSS eXTincTion 10:35AM Cramer,BradleyD.*;Condon,Daniel;Söderlund,Ulf; Marshall,Carly;Worton,Graham;Thomas,Alan;Calner, Mikael;Ray,DavidC.;Perrier,Vincent;Patchett,P.Jonathan: WhaT'S in a name: eXTincTionS, eXcUrSionS, eVenTS anD ePiBoleS (or WaS ThiS hYPerBole?) 10:50AM Zambito,JamesJ.IV.*;Brett,CarltonE.;Baird,GordonC.: gloBal enVironmenTal changeS anD eXTincTion on a regional Scale: PaleoecologY, iSoToPe geochemiSTrY, anD SeDimenTologY oF The miDDle DeVonian Taghanic BiocriSiS in iTS TYPe region 11:05AM Bush,AndrewM.*;Csonka,Jayme;DiRenzo,GraziellaV.; Tuite,MichaelL.Jr.;Over,D.Jeffrey:geochronologY anD eXTincTion in The FraSnian/Famennian BoUnDarY inTerVal (laTe DeVonian) in ShalloWmarine PaleoenVironmenTS oF neW YorK 11:20AM Tuite,MichaelL.Jr.*;delaRue,SarahR.;Macko,Stephen: maSS eXTincTion aS regime ShiFT WriT large: geochemical anD PalYnological eViDence From The FraSnian/Famennian BoUnDarY 11:35AM Nowaczewski,VincentStephen*;OlcottMarshall,Alison: BiomarKer anD PaleonTologic inVeSTigaTion oF The UPPer anD loWer WooDForD Shale, SoUTh-cenTral oKlahoma 15-7 15-5 9:05AM Rahman,ImranA.*:non-DeSTrUcTiVe, ThreeDimenSional ViSUaliZaTion oF FoSSil echinoDermS 9:20AM Nowaczewski,VincentStephen;OlcottMarshall,Alison; Marshall,CraigP.*:FTir micro-SPecTroScoPY oF ScolecoDonT anD conoDonT microFoSSilS From The WooDForD Shale, SoUTh-cenTral oKlahoma 9:35AM McNamara,MariaE.*;Briggs,DerekE.G.;Orr,PatrickJ.; Wedmann,Sonja;Noh,Heeso;Cao,Hui:The original colorS oF FoSSil moThS 9:55AM Leng,Qin*;Yang,Hong:in SiTU BiomolecUleS anD iSoToPic SignalS From eXcePTionallY PreSerVeD coniFer FoSSilS in cenoZoic arcTic DePoSiTS reVealeD UniQUe inFormaTion on PlanT PhYSiologY anD PaleoclimaTe 10:10AM Smith,SelenaY.*;Collinson,MargaretE.;Wilde,Volker; Marone,Federica;Stampanoni,Marco:PaleoBoTanical aPPlicaTionS oF SYchroTron X-raY TomograPhic microScoPY: enhanceD ViSUaliZaTion anD UnDerSTanDing oF eocene PlanT lagerSTÄTTen 10:25AM Hastings,Alexander*;Krigbaum,John;Steadman,David; Albury,Nancy:collagen iSoToPe analYSiS oF eXTremelY Well-PreSerVeD FoSSilS From a BlUe hole SiTe in The BahamaS 10:40AM Muir,LucyA.*;Botting,JosephP.;VanRoy,Peter;Zhang, Yuandong;Lin,Jih-pai:a comPariSon oF Three earlY orDoVician lagerSTäTTen 10:55AM VanRoy,Peter*;Briggs,DerekE.G.:anomalocariDiDS From The orDoVician FeZoUaTa BioTa oF morocco 11:15AM Lin,Jih-Pai*;Ivantsov,AndreyYu:PHYTOPHILASPIS: a BonY arThroPoD From loWer camBrian oF SiBeria 11:30AM Botting,JosephP.*:reaSSeSSing The eVolUTionarY FrameWorK For earlY SPongeS: neW lineS oF eViDence From BUrgeSS Shale-TYPe FaUnaS 11:45AM Yang,Zaichun*;Lin,Jih-Pai;Zhang,Yaoping;Wu, Yishan:The SicK arThroPoDS: eViDence oF PaleoPaThologY From loWer camBrian STraTa oF SoUTh china



















SeSSion no. 15

T59. New Ideas on Studying Exceptionally Preserved Fossils: What to Do Next? (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Chinese Academy of Sciences; State Key Laboratory of Palaeobiology and Stratigraphy; Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205CD Jih-PaiLin,AlisonOlcottMarshall,andCraigP.Marshall,Presiding 15-1 8:00AM Xiao,Shuhai*;Schiffbauer,JamesD.;Laflamme,Marc; Meyer,Michael;Anderson,EvanP.;Cai,Yaoping;Hua,Hong: aUThigenic mineraliZaTion anD eXcePTional PreSerVaTion 8:20AM Creveling,JessicaR.*;Johnston,DavidT.;Poulton, SimonW.;Schrag,DanielP.;Knoll,AndrewH.: geochemical conTrolS on PhoSPhaTiZaTion TaPhonomY in The miDDle camBrian 8:35AM Gill,Benjamin*;Johnston,DavidT.;Knoll,AndrewH.: inVeSTigaTing geochemiSTrY oF The Wheeler FormaTion oF UTah, USa: inSighTS inTo The reDoX enVironmenT oF BUrgeSS Shale-TYPe FoSSil PreSerVaTion 8:50AM Wehrbein,RandolLouis*;Marshall,CraigP.;Lin,Jih-Pai; Lieberman,BruceS.;OlcottMarshall,Alison:aPPlicaTion oF raman SPecTroScoPY on BUrgeSS Shale TYPe PreSerVaTion

SeSSion no. 16

T76. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of Sinuous Channel Evolution in Different Environments (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100FG AnjaliM.FernandesandVirginiaB.Smith,Presiding 16-1 8:00AM Mohrig,David*;Straub,Kyle;Buttles,James:a laBoraTorY PerSPecTiVe on The groWTh oF SUBmarine channel BenDS BY TUrBiDiTY cUrrenTS 8:20AM Eke,EstherC.*;Parker,Gary:BanKFUll hYDraUlic geomeTrY oF meanDering riVerS 8:35AM Gough,SteveC.*:aDVanceS in The USe oF non-liThic meDia anD cloSe range PhoTogrammeTrY in PhYSical moDeling oF FlUVial ProceSS 8:50AM Armstrong,ChristopherP.*;Mohrig,David;Steel,Ronald: SeiSmic geomorPhologY anD STraTigraPhY oF inciSeD ValleYS cUT BY meanDering riVerS in The laTe miocene miSSiSSiPPi riVer DelTa, la 9:05AM Smith,Virginia*;Mohrig,David:PoinT Bar reSPonSe To UPSTream channel cUT oFFS, The loWer TriniTY riVer, TeXaS


16-2 16-3





9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 141



16-6 9:20AM Fernandes,AnjaliM.*;Mohrig,David;Steel,RonaldJ.; Henriksen,Sverre;Smith,VirginiaB.:geomeTrieS anD inFerreD FormaTiVe ProceSSeS oF BanKaTTacheD BarS in SinUoUS SUBmarine channelS 9:35AM Hunter,Katrina;Keevil,Gareth;Kane,Ian;McCaffrey, William*:neW inSighTS From eXPerimenTal DaTa inTo The concePT oF eQUiliBriUm in comPoSiTe SUBmarine channel-leVee SYSTemS anD channel DePoSiT characTer 9:50AM Break 10:05AM Braudrick,ChristianA.*:The reSPonSe oF SinUoUS channelS To changeS in SeDimenT SUPPlY 10:25AM Eggenhuisen,JorisT.*;McCaffrey,William:The DYnamic DeViaTion oF FlUiD PreSSUre From hYDroSTaTic PreSSUre in TUrBiDiTY cUrrenTS 10:40AM Kashouh,MicheleV.*;Carlin,DanielE.;Holbrook,JohnM.; Goble,RonaldJ.:USing oSl DaTing To conSTrain UP-DiP To DoWn-DiP coUPling raTeS oF a meanDer-BraiD TranSiTion: The laST naTUral change in riVer PaTTern oF The loWer miSSoUri riVer 10:55AM Reece,RobertS.*;Gulick,SeanP.S.;Barth,Ginger; LeVoir,Maureen:conTrolS on high VariaTion in SinUoSiTY anD aVUlSion in neighBoring DeePSea channelS in The gUlF oF alaSKa 11:10AM Kang,Seokkoo*;Hajit,Mohammad;Sotiropoulos,Fotis: comPUTaTional STUDY oF FloW DYnamicS in a FielD-Scale eXPerimenTal meanDering STream WiTh a Pool-riFFle SeQUence 11:25AM Eke,EstherC.;Shimizu,Yasuyuki;Parker,Gary*: TheoreTical anD nUmerical moDeling oF riVer meanDer migraTion WiTh FreelY-aDJUSTaBle WiDTh 17-11 17-8 9:55AM Martin,E.J.*;Kueper,B.H.:oBSerVaTion oF TraPPeD gaS DUring elecTrical reSiSTance heaTing oF TrichloroeThYlene UnDer PaSSiVe VenTing conDiTionS 10:10AM Break 10:25AM Slater,Lee*;Comas,Xavier;Parsekian,Andrew: imProVing UnDerSTanDing oF Biogenic gaS DYnamicS in norThern PeaTlanDS USing groUnD PeneTraTing raDar 10:45AM Carlson,DouglasA.*;Horn,Marty:eXaminaTion oF FacTorS inFlUencing meThane concenTraTion WiThin WilcoX aQUiFer in norThWeST loUiSiana 11:00AM Rostron,BenjaminJ.*;Whittaker,Steve;Johnson,JamesW.; White,Don;Hawkes,Chris;Gardner,Craig;Chalaturnyk, Rick:DiD DeaD animalS reallY SPeW From The iea-ghg WeYBUrn-miDale co2 moniToring anD STorage ProJecT? 11:15AM Deng,Hailin*;Stauffer,PhilipH.;Dai,Zhenxue;Carey, J.William;Lichtner,Peter:co2 FaTe in geological reSerVoirS WiTh TheoreTical conSTrainTS on SYSTem d13c(co2) anD co2/3he 11:30AM Tsypin,M.A.*;Macpherson,G.L.:The eFFecT oF Soil co2 on DiSSolVeD inorganic carBon in ShalloW groUnDWaTer, KonZa Prairie, ne KanSaS 11:45AM Hackley,KeithC.*:TraPPeD gaSeS anD eleVaTeD carBon DioXiDe in The SUBSUrFace creaTe maJor ProBlemS near reSiDenTial areaS



16-8 16-9








SeSSion no. 18

T107. Lacustrine Carbonates (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100DE ElizabethGierlowski-KordeschandWalterE.Dean,Presiding 18-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Valero-Garces,BlasLorenzo*;Moreno,Ana;Mata,M.Pilar; Giralt,Santiago;MorellonMarteles,Mario;Corella,Pablo; MartinPuertas,Celia;Barreiro-Lostres,Fernando:The carBonaTe FacTorY in KarSTic enVironmenTS: SoUrceS anD ProceSSeS in QUaTernarY iBerian laKeS 8:30AM Last,FawnM.*;Last,WilliamM.:an oVerVieW oF Saline laKe carBonaTeS, The norThern greaT PlainS oF WeSTern canaDa 8:45AM Liutkus,CynthiaM.*:The PoTenTial oF laKe-margin SeDimenTS To PreSerVe DYnamic lacUSTrine conDiTionS: leSSonS From riFT BaSin laKeS 9:00AM Wittkop,Chad*;Lubenow,Brady:lacUSTrine PaleoenVironmenT oF holocene SiDeriTe cYcleS, oTTer laKe, michigan USa 9:15AM Morrissey,AmyJ.*;Scholz,ChristopherA.: laTe-QUaTernarY STraTigraPhY anD PaleolimnologY oF The SoUTh BaSin oF laKe TUrKana, KenYa 9:30AM Hicks,Melissa*;Hargrave,JenniferE.;Scholz, ChristopherA.:DiageneSiS oF Plio-PleiSTocene lacUSTrine carBonaTeS From laKe TUrKana, KenYa 9:45AM Dean,WalterE.*:hiSTorY oF SeDimenTaTion in Bear laKe, UTah anD iDaho, USa, oVer The laST 240,000 YearS: linKS To PaciFic climaTe 10:00AM Break 10:15AM Kopp,Jessie*;Hickson,Thomas:a SUPerBlY eXPoSeD laTe miocene laKe margin in The UPPer horSe SPring FormaTion oF SoUThern neVaDa: PaleoenVironmenTal conTrolS on microBial


SeSSion no. 17

T90. Gas Bubbles and Dissolved Gases in Groundwater (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM101AB JamesW.Roy,M.C.Ryan,andKevinG.Mumford,Presiding 17-1 8:00AM Solomon,D.Kip*:ToTal DiSSolVeD gaS PreSSUre in groUnDWaTer: an oVerVieW anD SelecTeD caSe STUDieS 8:20AM Heilweil,VictorM.*:USe oF DiSSolVeD gaSeS anD oTher enVironmenTal TracerS For eValUaTing SoUrceS oF recharge To The liTTleFielD SPringS comPleX, norThWeSTern ariZona 8:35AM Manning,AndrewH.*;Clark,JordanF.;Diaz,StephanieH.; Rademacher,LauraK.;Earman,Sam:USing DiSSolVeD gaSeS To oBSerVe The eVolUTion oF groUnDWaTer age in a moUnTain WaTerSheD oVer a PerioD oF ThirTeen YearS 8:50AM Grundl,Tim*;Magnusson,Nathan;Brennwald,Matthias,S.; Kipfer,Rolf:DYnamicS oF Paleorecharge in a DeeP conFineD aQUiFer SYSTem USing noBle gaS, 14c anD STaBle iSoToPe TracerS 9:05AM Geistlinger,Helmut*;Samani,Shirin;Kalia,Sumit;Pohlert, Mark;Lazik,Detlef;Peter,Anita:gaS inJecTion eXPerimenTS aT DiFFerenT ScaleS: TranSiTion BeTWeen BUBBlY anD channeliZeD FloW 9:25AM Sukop,MichaelC.*;Ngachin,Merlin;Galdamez,RinaldoG.; Villamizar,Viviana;Gokaltun,Seckin;Pearson,AndrewJ.; Comas,Xavier:laTTice BolTZmann SimUlaTion oF riSing BUBBleS USing an eFFecTiVe BUoYancY aPProach 9:40AM Siemens,GregoryAllen*;Take,Andy;Peters,Stephen: inVeSTigaTion oF mUlTi-PhaSe FloW Phenomena USing TranSParenT Soil














142 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


carBonaTe DePoSiTion in a hYPerSaline laKe SYSTem 18-9 18-10 10:30AM Awramik,StanleyM.*;Buchheim,H.Paul:lacUSTrine microBialiTeS 10:45AM Buchheim,H.Paul*;Awramik,StanleyM.:PreDicTing lacUSTrine microBialiTe DiSTriBUTion anD FacieS aSSociaTionS: The eocene green riVer FormaTion analogUe 11:00AM Petryshyn,VictoriaA.*;Frantz,Carie;Corsetti,FrankA.; Berelson,WilliamM.;Marenco,PedroJ.:STaBle iSoToPe anD carBonaTe aSSociaTeD SUlFaTe recorD oF a lacUSTrine STromaToliTe, green riVer FormaTion (eocene) 11:15AM Glumac,Bosiljka*:lacUSTrine DolomiTe From hYDrologicallY cloSeD earlY JUraSSic laKeS oF The DeerFielD riFT BaSin in maSSachUSeTTS: inSighTS From iSoToPic analYSiS oF VarioUS carBonaTe comPonenTS oF The TUrnerS FallS FormaTion 11:30AM Gierlowski-Kordesch,Elizabeth*;Finkelstein,DavidB.; TruchanHolland,JessieJ.;Kallini,KevinD.:carBonaTe laKeS on DiSTal Perennial riVer FlooDPlainS 11:45AM concluding remarks 19-11 19-10 10:25AM Longbottom,ToddL.*;Townsend-Small,Amy:Soil organic carBon DiSTriBUTion in The Semi-ariD himalaYa anD The PoTenTial eFFecTS oF climaTe change on regional carBon STorage 10:40AM Moyer,Ryan*;Grottoli,Andréa;Bauer,James:c) BiogeochemiSTrY oF Small moUnTainoUS riVerS anD coaSTal coral SKeleTonS in PUerTo rico 10:55AM McAdams,BrandonC.*;Welch,SusanA.;Restrepo,Carla; Grottoli,Andréa;Matsui,Yohei;Carey,AnneE.:DrY SeaSon FlUVial carBon DYnamicS relaTeD To lanDSliDeS in The Sierra De laS minaS, gUaTemala 11:10AM Goni,Miguel*;Aalto,Rolf;Alin,Simone;Aufdenkampe, Anthony;Kurtz,Andrew;Lauer,J.Wesley;Moore, Eric;Nittrouer,Charles;Portier,Evan:SoUrceS, DiSTriBUTion anD FaTe oF ParTicUlaTe organic maTTer along The FlY riVer-gUlF oF PaPUa lanD-ocean conTinUUm







SeSSion no. 20

T143. Glacial Geology and Cryogenic Processes

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100A-C AndersSchomacker,MarkD.Johnson,ÍvarÖrnBenediktsson,and MichaelL.Prentice,Presiding 20-1 8:00AM Bishop,MichaelP.*;Shroder,JohnF.Jr.: geomorPhomeTric analYSiS oF ToPograPhY For UnDerSTanDing alPine glacier DYnamicS in The himalaYa 8:15AM Fu,Ping*;Harbor,JonathanM.;Stroeven,ArjenP.; Hättestrand,Clas;Zhou,Liping;Caffee,MarcW.:a comPleX aSSemBlage oF glacial lanDFormS SUggeSTS PaST regional ice caP STYle glaciaTion in ParT oF The SoUTheaSTern TiBeTan PlaTeaU 8:30AM Owen,LewisA.*:DeVeloPing QUaTernarY glacial chronologieS For The himalaYanTiBeTan orogen To helP DeFine The naTUre oF PaleoclimaTe change For high-laTiTUDeS in SUBTroPical regionS 8:45AM Heyman,Jakob*;Harbor,JonathanM.;Hubbard,Alun; Stroeven,ArjenP.:limiTeD glaciaTionS, glacier moDeling, anD Paleo-climaTic imPlicaTionS For The TiBeTan PlaTeaU 9:00AM Tulaczyk,Slawek*:SUBglacial BeDFormS - BaSal imPrinTS oF inTernal ice FolDS? 9:20AM Larsen,NicolajKrog*;Kjær,KurtHenrik;Funder, Svend;Kjeldsen,KristianK.:neW inSighTS in The laTeglacial anD holocene glacial hiSTorY oF The SoUThWeST greenlanD ice SheeT 9:40AM Benediktsson,ÍvarÖrn*:glacioTecTonic enD moraineS oF SUrge-TYPe glacierS in icelanD 9:55AM Schomacker,Anders*;Johnson,MarkD.;Benediktsson, ÍvarÖrn;Ingólfsson,Ólafur;Jónsson,SverrirA.:The acTiVe DrUmlin FielD aT The mÚlaJÖKUll SUrgeTYPe glacier, icelanD ­ geomorPhologY anD SeDimenTologY 10:10AM Break and/or time for discussion 10:25AM Mason,Cody*;Ruleman,C.A.;Kenny,Ray:raTe anD Timing oF DeglaciaTion USing 10Be coSmogenic nUcliDe SUrFace eXPoSUre DaTing, mT. maSSiVe WilDerneSS, coloraDo, USa 10:40AM Johnson,MarkD.*;Benediktsson,ÍvarÖrn;Björklund, Lennart:SUBmarine PUSh moraineS oF The miDDle SWeDiSh enD moraine Zone

SeSSion no. 19

T127. Tropical Small Mountainous River Biogeochemistry: Terrestrial Losses, Internal Processing, Coastal Inputs, and Marine Burial (International Association of GeoChemistry)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102BC StevenGoldsmithandRyanMoyer,Presiding 19-1 8:00AM Larson,RebekkaA.*;Brooks,GreggR.;Devine,Barry; Reichart,Gert-Jan;Jilbert,Tom;Soelen,Elsvan;Holmes, CharlesW.;Schwing,Patrick:high-reSolUTion elemenTal recorD oF TerrigenoUS SeDimenT rUnoFF aSSociaTeD WiTh rainFall eVenTS: US Virgin iSlanDS 8:15AM Ogden,FredL.*;Lyons,W.Berry;Harmon,RussellS.; Mojica,Alexis:hYDrogeochemical STUDY oF rUnoFF generaTion in The SeaSonal TroPicS oF cenTral Panama 8:35AM Goldsmith,Steven*;Mage,Susanna;Porder,Stephen:The inFlUence oF rocK TYPe, ForeST commUniTY, anD ToPograPhic PoSiTion on Soil nUTrienTS anD SolUTe FlUXeS in The lUQUillo moUnTainS oF PUerTo rico 8:50AM Harmon,RussellS.*;Lyons,W.Berry;Pribil,MichaelJ.; Ogden,FredL.;Welch,SusanA.;Welch,KathleenA.; Wegner,Wencke;Worner,Gerhard:liThologic conTrol on riVer chemiSTrY in cenTral Panama 9:05AM Forbes,ToriZ.*:STrUcTUral characTeriZaTion oF amorPhoUS alUminUm hYDroXiDe: imPlicaTionS For conTaminanT TranSPorT 9:20AM Flynn,ShannonL.*;Fein,JeremyB.:moDeling BacTerial meTal ToXiciTY USing a SUrFace comPleXaTion aPProach 9:35AM Baumeister,JulieL.*;Tu,Valerie;Evert,MaryH.;Metcalf, RodneyV.;Olsen,AmandaA.;Hausrath,ElisabethM.: chemical WeaThering oF SerPenTiniTe in The KlamaTh moUnTainS, caliFornia 9:50AM Brereton,RichardL.*;McDowell,WillamH.:STream SolUTe eXPorT anD BiogeochemiSTrY in The lUQUillo moUnTainS, PUerTo rico 10:05AM Townsend-Small,Amy*:VUlneraBiliTY oF organic carBon TranSPorT in TroPical riVerS To gloBal change: a coUPleD TerreSTrialaQUaTic aPProach






20-5 20-6



20-7 20-8







9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 143



20-11 10:55AM Prentice,MichaelL.*;Sauer,PeterE.;Arcone,Steven; Sletten,RonaldS.;Sparrow,Amy:eXTenT oF The roSS Sea ice SheeT in mcmUrDo SoUnD, anTarcTica, aT The local laST glacial maXimUm: neW conSTrainTS on The age anD origin oF a Terminal moraine 11:10AM Kowalewski,DouglasE.*:lanDForm STaBiliTY DUring PleiSTocene inTerglacialS in The anTarcTic mcmurdo DrY ValleYS: a regional climaTe moDeling STUDY 11:25AM Henry,LindseyC.*;Isbell,JohnL.;Fraiser,MargaretL.; Fielding,ChristopherR.;Frank,TracyD.;Domack, EugeneW.:glacial SeDimenTologY anD micromorPhologY oF The WYnYarD FormaTion, TaSmania, aUSTralia: imPlicaTionS For climaTe aT The PeaK oF The laTe PaleoZoic ice age 21-13 11:30AM Newton,Steven*:coUnTering creaTioniST miSconcePTionS in The earTh ScienceS 11:45AM concluding remarks

SeSSion no. 22

T182. Teaching Geoscience Online (GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208CD KarinB.KirkandWilliamH.Hirt,Presiding 22-1 8:00AM Clary,ReneeM.*;Wandersee,JamesH.:DeVeloPmenT oF an online geoScience cUrricUlUm: The USe oF "Scale" To enhance Science learning 8:15AM Kirk,KarinB.*:KeY STraTegieS For DeSigning online coUrSeS From ON THE CUTTING EDGE 8:30AM Wynne,DanielB.*;Hadsell,Jory:geoScience online: Becoming The JUJiTSU maSTer To inViTe anD conTrol cheaTing 8:45AM Hirt,WilliamH.*:BUilDing inTeracTiVe eXerciSeS inTo online coUrSeS 9:00AM Guth,Alexandria*;Huntoon,JacquelineE.:The DigiTal claSSroom: more Than JUST online lecTUre noTeS 9:15AM Break 9:30AM Cervato,Cinzia*;Kerton,Charles;Hassall,Lesya;Peer, Andrea;Schmidt,Allan:The Big crUnch: linKing earTh anD SPace Science in an online coUrSe or oUr JoUrneY ThroUgh The maZe oF DiSTance eDUcaTion 9:45AM Harder,VickiM.*:Teaching a large-enrollmenT enVironmenTal Science coUrSe online USing Team-BaSeD learning 10:00AM Clark,ChristineM.*:DeVeloPing an online geologY oF The naTional ParKS coUrSe 10:15AM Schellenberg,StephenA.*:oceanS oF change: an UPPer-DiViSion ge DiSTance eDUcaTion coUrSe connecTing gloBal change, FiSherieS, anD FoSSil FUelS 10:30AM Discussion 10:45AM Wenner,JenniferM.*;Burn,HelenE.;Baer,EricM.D.: eFFecTiVe maThemaTicS remeDiaTion in inTroDUcTorY geoScience coUrSeS USing THE MATH YOU NEED, WHEN YOU NEED IT 11:00AM Brey,JamesA.*;Geer,IraW.;Moran,JosephM.;Mills, ElizabethW.;Nugnes,KiraA.:amS ocean, WeaTher, anD climaTe STUDieS: USing real-WorlD DaTa To Teach geoScience in an e-claSSroom 11:15AM Viskupic,Karen*;Schmitz,MarkD.;Snelson,Chareen; Perkins,Ross;Cossette,Greg:online acTiViTieS For Teaching The Science oF geochronologY 11:30AM Samson,PerryJ.*:eXTra creDiT For noT coming To claSS?! USing hYBriD meThoDS To Teach large coUrSeS 11:45AM Discussion



22-2 22-3

SeSSion no. 21

T174. Identifying and Addressing K­16 Student Misconceptions in the Earth-Science Classroom (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211AB LauraA.Guertin,TanyaFurman,JasonPetula,andScottMcDonald,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 21-1 21-2 8:15AM Petula,Jason*;Palma,Chris:graDe 4-12 STUDenT concePTionS oF aSTronomical Phenomena 8:30AM Pickard,Megan*;Licona,Peter;Guertin,Laura:UPPer elemenTarY ThroUgh high School STUDenT anD Teacher miSconcePTionS oF The inTerior oF The earTh 8:45AM Licona,Peter*;Pickard,Megan;Guertin,Laura:UPPer elemenTarY ThroUgh high School STUDenT anD Teacher miSconcePTionS oF The caUSeS oF The BreaKUP oF Pangaea 9:00AM Guertin,LauraA.*;Licona,Peter;Pickard,Megan:miDDle anD high School Teacher miSconcePTionS oF geologic Time 9:15AM Teed,Rebecca*;Wright,Carrie;Basista,Beth:learning gainS From a BrieF lecTUre/DemonSTraTion oF moon PhaSeS 9:30AM Merritt,Mark*;Zembal-Saul,Carla;Larcom,Elizabeth; Crane,Robert;Furman,Tanya:acTiViTieS groUnDeD in eViDence-BaSeD eXPlanaTionS helP PreSerVice elemenTarY eDUcaTorS moVe ToWarDS DeePer UnDerSTanDing oF climaTe Science 9:45AM Theissen,KevinM.*:WhaT Do oUr STUDenTS KnoW aBoUT climaTe change? 10:00AM Break 10:15AM Mead,Chris*;Semken,Steven;Anbar,ArielD.: iDenTiFYing miSconcePTionS aBoUT BiogeochemiSTrY among UnDergraDUaTeS 10:30AM Rowbotham,KatherineL.*;Petcovic,HeatherL.; Koretsky,CarlaM.:green, STinKY, anD SicK: UnDergraDUaTeS' concePTionS oF eUTroPhicaTion 10:45AM Furman,Tanya*;Witter,Molly:VolcanoeS in conTeXT: iSlanD arcS anD hoT SPoTS 11:00AM Wandersee,JamesH.*;Clary,ReneeM.:The eFFecTiVeneSS oF PeTriFieD WooD aS a geoBiological PorTal To iDenTiFY miSconcePTionS in geologic Time, FoSSiliZaTion, anD mineralogical comPoSiTion 11:15AM Fichter,LynnS.*;Baedke,SteveJ.:leSSonS anD aPPlicaTionS From comPleXiTY TheorY To The geoScienceS 22-12 22-6 22-4 22-5



22-8 22-9






21-7 21-8



21-10 21-11

SeSSion no. 23

T203. Climate, Water, and Health (GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100BC SaugataDatta,SyedE.Hasan,HatimSharif,andDeonvanderMerwe, Presiding 23-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Polizzotto,Matthew*:climaTe-inDUceD changeS To groUnDWaTer QUaliTY in SoUTh anD SoUTheaST aSia


144 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


23-2 8:25AM Polya,DavidA.*;Sovann,Chansopheaktra;Sauer, Johannes;Gibson,Jonathan:climaTe change anD hUman healTh riSKS From geogenic chemicalS in groUnDWaTerS 8:45AM Telfeyan,Katherine;Chevis,DarrenA.;Rosenheim,Brad; Johannesson,Karen*:rare earTh elemenTS in STromaToliTeS: WinDoWS inTo earlY liFe anD climaTe? 9:05AM Sharif,Hatim*:WaTer anD healTh: FlooD FaTaliTieS in The US SoUTh 9:20AM Singh,Andrew*;Dhar,Ratan:SorPTion oF nUTrienTS anD heaVY meTalS BY Biochar amenDeD PoTTing Soil aS a Vehicle For climaTe change 9:35AM Break 9:50AM Hasan,SyedE.*;Willoughby,Tyler;Adegoke,Jimmy: climaTe change aDaPTaTion BY local groUPS 10:05AM vanderMerwe,Deon*;Gehring,Ronette:Trace elemenT comPoSiTion oF BoVine milK in KanSaS anD neBraSKa 10:20AM Hsu,KennethJ.*;Dickson,FrankW.:iS niTriTe inDiSPenSaBle For The groWTh oF Some cancer cellS BecaUSe oF Their anammoX moDe oF meTaBoliSm? 10:35AM Eke,O.C.*;Ocheltree,Troy;Nippert,JesseB.;Oviatt, CharlesG.;Ford,Sophia;Datta,Saugata:niTraTe DYnamicS in a KanSaS graSSlanD - eFFecT on ecoSYSTem healTh 10:50AM Yang,Haining*;Carbone,Michele:hmgB1 meDiaTeS mineral FiBerS carcinogeneSiS 11:05AM Shaman,Jeffrey*:aBSolUTe hUmiDiTY anD The TranSmiSSion anD SeaSonaliTY oF inFlUenZa 11:20AM Powers,NicholasS.*;Seymour,MichaelD.;Peterson, JonathanW.:PharmaceUTical TranSPorT in The enVironmenT: inTeracTionS BeTWeen TeTracYcline anTiBioTic anD nanoParTicle meTal oXiDeS in aQUeoUS SolUTionS 11:35AM concluding remarks 25-2 24-10 24-7 10:05AM Deutsch,Alexander*;Artemieva,Natalia;Schulte,Peter; Berndt,Jasper:heUreKa! ProJecTile maTTer in The creTaceoUS-Paleogene (K-Pg) BoUnDarY eVenT BeD ­ on The BeneFiT oF ree 10:25AM Denne,RichardA.*;Scott,ErikD.;Kaiser,JamesS.; Eickhoff,DavidP.:imPacT generaTeD SoFT-SeDimenT reSUSPenSion anD calcareoUS nannoFoSSil miXing ProDUceD BY The chicXUlUB anD manSon imPacTS 10:45AM Gulick,SeanP.S.*;Christeson,Gail;Morgan,JoannaV.; Barton,Penny;Warner,MikeR.:inSighTS inTo The geologic ProceSS oF PeaK ring FormaTion From The chicXUlUB imPacT craTer 11:00AM Panel Discussion: The K/Pg event 11:15AM Basu,Rwiti*;Bose,Santanu:mechanical DiSconTinUiTY anD iTS imPlicaTion in The morPhologY oF imPacT craTer: an eXPerimenTal inVeSTigaTion 11:30AM Cox,Rónadh*;Bauer,AaronW.:crUST-Breaching imPacTS aT eUroPa: hYDrocoDe moDelS anD geomorPhologic conSTrainTS on ice ThicKneSS 11:45AM concluding remarks




23-4 23-5

23-6 23-7




23-10 23-11 23-12

PoSTer Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 25

Geoscience Education (Posters) I

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 25-1 1 Ward,EmilyM.Geraghty*;Semken,Steven;Libarkin,Julie: collaBoraTiVe DeVeloPmenT oF Place-BaSeD, cUlTUrallY inFormeD geoScience aSSeSSmenT 2 Clark,Jeffrey*;Knudsen,AndrewC.:locaTion anD releVance: a FielD anD laB eXerciSe in maPPing Soil leaD conTaminaTion near laWrence UniVerSiTY 3 Zurn-Birkhimer,SuzanneM.;Kroeger,TimothyJ.*;Filley, TimothyR.;Welle,PatrickG.;Jenkins,MichaelA.:creaTing a collaBoraTiVe moDel For Place-BaSeD eDUcaTion For naTiVe american STUDenTS 4 Love,ErinA.*;Fleming,JamesR.;Rueger,BruceF.: encoUraging STaKeholDer engagemenT BY DeFining, creaTing, anD Sharing a SenSe oF Place in The BelgraDe laKeS region oF cenTral maine 5 Judge,ShelleyA.*;Collinson,JamesW.;Elliot,DavidH.;Wilson, TerryJ.:ohio STaTe UniVerSiTY'S FielD camP: 65 YearS oF PeDagogical ScaFFolDing anD SeQUencing in The SanPeTe ValleY oF cenTral UTah 6 Mallette,AlainaL.*;Siegel,DonaldI.:Teaching WaTer QUaliTY To YoUTh in a FoUr-WeeK SUmmer camP Program, norThern Dominican rePUBlic 7 Hendricks,WesleyG.*;Birkemeier,TristanC.:DinoSaUr acaDemY: a PoST-SeconDarY Program ProViDing high School graDUaTion STanDarDS anD college creDiT For STUDenTS inTereSTeD in PaleonTologY 8 Nord,JuliaA.*;Deems,Nikolaus;Wood,ThomasC.: eXPerienTial learning anD commUniTY SerVice in UnDergraDUaTe coUrSeS aT george maSon UniVerSiTY, FairFaX Va 9 Oates,Kaylyn*;Pinkey-Drobnis,Aurora;Reeves,Jonathan; Wilson,ThomasM.;Gravley,DarrenM.:geTTing The meSSage righT: a meaSUre oF hoW Well The meDia eDUcaTeD The PUBlic on geoScience DUring The

SeSSion no. 24

T210. Impact Cratering: Geology's Latest Revolution (GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100H-J GordonR.OsinskiandTamaraJ.Goldin,Presiding 24-1 24-2 24-3 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Schmitt,HarrisonH.*:KeYnoTe SPeaKer: DeFining The haDean From The lUnar imPacT recorD 8:30AM Osinski,GordonR.*:The role oF meTeoriTe imPacTS in The origin anD eVolUTion oF liFe 8:50AM Johnson,B.C.*;Melosh,Jay:neW eSTimaTeS oF The SiZeS anD imPacT VelociTieS oF archean imPacTorS 9:05AM Goldin,TamaraJ.*;Koeberl,Christian:Thermal hiSTorY oF imPacT eJecTa DUring aTmoSPheric DeScenT: TemPoral anD SPaTial PaTTernS 9:20AM Newsom,Horton*;Wright,ShawnP.;Caine,JonathanSaul: The SanTa Fe imPacT STrUcTUre: clUeS To DecaDeS-olD geologic PUZZleS in The SoUThern Sangre De criSTo moUnTainS anD regional ProTeroZoic TecTonicS oF neW meXico, USa 9:35AM Cavosie,AaronJ.*;Erickson,TimmonsM.;Thomson, OliviaA.;Radovan,HenriA.;Moser,DesmondE.: DeTriTal ShocKeD mineralS: eViDence oF ancienT imPacTS in The SeDimenTarY recorD 9:50AM Panel Discussion: ancient impacts and Spherules











9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 145




2010-2011 earThQUaKe SeQUence in chriSTchUrch, neW ZealanD 25-10 10 Doane,VictoriaDoane*;Allard,StephenT.:USing VirTUal ToUrS anD google earTh To PromoTe geoToUriSm; BoUnDarY WaTerS, ne mn 11 Surpless,Benjamin;Surpless,Kathleen*;Bushey,Michelle; Corona,Madeline;Hirschfeld,Nicolle;Ritson,Kate: inTegraTing The PorTaBle XrF inTo The UnDergraDUaTe cUrricUlUm: earlY SUcceSSeS anD leSSonS learneD 12 Matson,SamuelD.*;Viskupic,Karen:moBile TechnologY aS a Tool For enhancing STUDenT learning in geoScienceS 13 Heinrich,MadelineA.*;Anderson,JenniferL.B.;Zwiefelhofer, Luke:DeSigning a loW-coST, loW-VelociTY imPacT craTering laBoraTorY For USe in UnDergraDUaTe claSSeS anD reSearch 14 Boles,Austin*;Morris,ThomasH.:a SeDimenTologY coUrSe PacKeT For STUDenT-cenTereD learning: TranSiTionS From ToolBoX To ProBlem SolVing 15 Rempe,NorbertT.*:Teaching VariaBiliTY oF raDiaTion anD raDioacTiViTY in geological Time anD SPace 16 Liu,Feng*;Stapleton,ColleenP.:aUgmenTeD realiTY, VirTUal realiTY, anD aDUlT learnerS 17 Matheney,RonaldK.*;Stempien,JenniferA.;BykerkKauffman,Ann:STalKing The elUSiVe learning gain in inTroDUcTorY PhYSical geologY: real WorlD comPlicaTionS 18 Collins,Andrew*;Appleton,Sarah;Judge,ShelleyA.; Clemons,Jessica;Bansberg,Marsha;Wiles,Gregory: The USe oF geoPhoTograPhY aS a PermanenT reSoUrce in higher eDUcaTion: a caSe STUDY in The DocUmenTaTion oF FlUVial lanDScaPeS in norTheaST ohio 19 Cotter,JamesF.P.*;Gilbertson,Lea;Adams,Doug:The UniVerSiTY oF minneSoTa morriS WinD-STeP Program: ParT oF a "PiPeline" To encoUrage naTiVe american ParTiciPaTion 26-10 26-7 26-6 25 Kirk-Lawlor,N.E.*;Reinfelder,Y.F.;Jordan,T.E.;Edwards,E.C.: WaTer reSoUrceS aS a limiT on hUman SYSTemS in The hYPerariD calama BaSin oF norThern chile: inVeSTigaTing recharge USing BaSin-Scale groUnDWaTer moDeling 26 Zeid,Salah*;AbuBakr,Mostafa;El-Baz,Farouk;Hassan, Taher:aSSeSSmenT oF The groUnDWaTer-Bearing FormaTionS For SUSTainaBle DeVeloPmenT in WaDi el-aSYUTi, eaSTern DeSerT, egYPT 27 Jovanelly,Tamie*:iS BUilDing a STriP mall on a BroWnFielD in a FlooD Plain a gooD iDea? a commUniTY-engagemenT ProJecT 28 Page,WilliamR.*;Gray,Floyd;Menges,ChristopherM.;Berry, MargaretE.;Cosca,MichaelA.;Callegary,JamesB.:reeValUaTing The STraTigraPhY, STrUcTUre, anD hYDrogeologY oF The miocene nogaleS FormaTion, UPPer SanTa crUZ BaSin, SoUThern ariZona anD norThern Sonora, meXico 29 Bradbury,KennethR.*;Pruitt,AaronH.;Schoephoester, PeterR.;Mauel,StephenW.;Juckem,PaulF.;Hunt,Randy:an aPProach For eValUaTing The hYDrogeologY oF naTional ForeST UniTS in norThern WiSconSin 30 Ito,Narimitsu*;Hebig,Klaus;Scheytt,TraugottJ.;Machida, Isao;Marui,Atsunao:PUSh-PUll TeST For SalTWaTer / FreShWaTer inTerFace SUrVeY aT a coaSTal area 31 Shepeck,JenniferM.*;Iqbal,MohammadZ.:loW coST meThoDS To DeVeloP raTing cUrVeS in a Small ioWa WaTerSheD 32 Pappas,LenaK.*;Lemke,L.D.:connecTing STochaSTic anD DeTerminiSTic hYDroSTraTigraPhic moDelS oF The QUaTernarY ForT WaYne moraine glacial aQUiFer SYSTem, ann arBor, michigan, USa 33 Kong,Xiangzhao*;Saar,Martin:an eValUaTion oF relaTiVe PermeaBiliTY anD The caPillarY PreSSUreSaTUraTion relaTionShiP in PoroUS meDia USing laTTice-BolTZmann meThoDS 34 Auvenshine,SarahD.*;Steward,DavidR.:hill SloPe Scale moDel oF The VaDoSe Zone aT KonZa Prairie 35 Gates,JohnB.*;Shen,Y.J.;Zhang,Y.:VaDoSe Zone iSoToPic moniToring WiTh a large Weighing lYSimeTer. norTh china Plain 36 Skeets,BreannaA.*;Barnard,HollyR.:TranSPiraTion SoUrce WaTer anD geomorPhological PoTenTial oF rooT groWTh in The BoUlDer creeK criTical Zone oBSerVaTorY, coloraDo 37 Carnicle,MelissaM.*;Ahlstrom,AnnaKathleen;Moody,John: The hYDrologic imPacT oF STraW mUlch on a BUrneD area For DiFFerenT Soil moiSTUreS, FoUrmile canYon WilDFire near BoUlDer, coloraDo 38 Millar,Dave*;Cooper,DavidJ.;Dwire,Kate;Hubbard,Robert: linKing hYDrologY anD carBon FlUXeS To climaTe in rocKY moUnTain PeaTlanDS 39 Steward,DavidR.*:The inTerDiSciPlinarY STUDY oF groUnDWaTer, iT'S USe BY SocieTY, anD iT'S inTeracTionS WiTh naTUre USing The oPen moDeling inTerFace (openmi) 40 Cihan,Abdullah*;Zhou,Quanlin;Birkholzer,JensT.: analYTical SolUTionS For PreSSUre PerTUrBaTion anD leaKage ThroUgh aQUiTarDS anD WellS in mUlTilaYereD aQUiFer SYSTemS 41 Allen,AndyJ.*;Steward,DavidR.:analYTic elemenT moDeling oF a SloPing BaSe aQUiFer: non-linear moDel oPTimiZaTion USing a leVenBerg-marQUarDT algoriThm







25-15 25-16 25-17







26-15 26-16

SeSSion no. 26

Hydrogeology (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 26-1 20 Cummings,MichaelL.*:hYrogeologic reSPonSe To The holocene erUPTion oF moUnT maZama, caScaDe Volcanic arc, oregon 21 Gottardi,Raphaël*;Kao,Po-Hao;Teyssier,Christian;Saar, Martin:eFFecTS oF PermeaBiliTY STrUcTUre, TemPeraTUre FielD, anD ToPograPhY on oXYgen iSoToPe eXchange BeTWeen FlUiDS anD rocKS in meTamorPhic core comPleXeS 22 Preston,ToddM.*;Tangen,BrianA.;Chesley-Preston,TaraL.; Gleason,RobertA.;Haines,SethS.;PostvanderBurg,Max; Smith,BruceD.;Sojda,RichardS.;Thamke,JoannaN.:riSK oF conTaminaTion oF aQUaTic reSoUrceS From energY DeVeloPmenT in The WilliSTon BaSin BaSeD on a SPaTial, chemical, anD geoPhYSical aSSeSSmenT 23 Kidmose,Jacob*;Troldborg,Lars;Refsgaard,JensChristian; Seaby,Lauren:eFFecTS oF FUTUre climaTe change on groUnDWaTer leVelS aT a SUB-groUnDWaTer TaBle moTorWaY conSTrUcTion in DenmarK 24 Cortes,AlejandraC.S.*;Pérez-Quezadas,Juan;Hirata,Ricardo; Ramirez-Guzman,Alejandro:aSSeSS oF The eFFecTS oF lanD managemenT anD caTchmenT hYDrologY on Well WaTer QUaliTY oF niTraTe in leon, gUanaJUaTo, meXico 26-18 26-17









146 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


SeSSion no. 27

Paleontology (Posters) I: Ecology and Phylogeny

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 27-1 42 Matt,RachelM.*;Wilson,MarkA.;Fedorchuk,NicholasD.; Vinn,Olev:PaleoecologY oF The hilliSTe FormaTion (loWer SilUrian, llanDoVerY, rhUDDanian) hiiUmaa iSlanD, eSTonia: an eXamPle oF a ShalloW marine recoVerY FaUna 43 Thomka,JamesR.*;Brett,CarltonE.:PelmaToZoan aTTachmenT STrUcTUreS From a microBiohermal harDgroUnD in The miDDle SilUrian oSgooD FormaTion, SoUTheaSTern inDiana 44 Sams,JoshuaM.*;Bartels,WilliamS.:a giS analYSiS oF The DiSTriBUTion oF ePiZoanS on mUcroSPiriFer TheDForDenSiS (BrachioPoDa, SPiriFeriDa) From The miDDle DeVonian oF onTario 45 Singer,Amy*;Stanley,GeorgeD.Jr.:The Bear gUlch FaUna anD The reSearch ValUe oF The UniVerSiTY oF monTana PaleonTologY cenTer collecTionS 46 Monarrez,PedroM.*;Woods,AdamD.:laTe miSSiSSiPPian BrachioPoD commUniTY reSPonSe To The onSeT oF The laTe PaleoZoic ice age, arroW canYon, nV 47 Badyrka,KiraA.*;Clapham,MatthewE.:reSPonSe oF marine commUniTieS To laTe PaleoZoic ice age climaTe change in BoliVia 48 Moss,DavidK.*;Westrop,StephenR.:TriloBiTe BioFacieS anD liThoFacieS oF The UPPer orDoVician (SanDBian) leBanon limeSTone, naShVille Dome, TenneSSee 49 Hawkins,A.D.*;Mitchell,C.E.;Sheets,H.David;Loxton,Jason; Belscher,Kristi;Melchin,M.J.;Finney,StanleyC.;STorch,Petr: eVenneSS anD SPecieS aBUnDance in graPToliTe commUniTieS: a neW ProXY For climaTe change DUring The enD orDoVician maSS eXTincTion 50 Martindale,Rowan*;Bottjer,DavidJ.;Corsetti,FrankA.;Krystyn, Leopold:DePTh TranSecT oF an UPPer TriaSSic reeF From goSaU, aUSTria; microFacieS anD commUniTY ecologY 51 Slattery,JoshuaS.*;Harries,PeterJ.;Sandness,AshleyL.: laTe creTaceoUS FaUnal reSPonSeS To Sea-leVel change in an oFFShore DePoSiTional SeTTing oF The WeSTern inTerior SeaWaY 52 Garcia,William*;Hippensteel,Scott:neW VerTeBraTe maTerial From The PeeDee FormaTion oF eliZaBeThToWn, nc anD The SeVern FormaTion oF BoWie, mD anD The ShalloW marine VerTeBraTe FaUna oF The UPPer camPanian-UPPer maeSTrichTian oF eaSTern norTh america 53 Yamaguchi,Tatsuhiko*;Norris,RichardD.;Dockery,DavidT. III.:laTe eocene­earlY oligocene oSTracoDe TUrnoVerS in The moSSY groVe core, hinDS coUnTY, miSSiSSiPPi 54 Dennis,MeredithE.*;Sheldon,NathanD.;Smith,SelenaY.: regional PaleoVegeTaTion recorDS oF The eoceneoligocene TranSiTion oF monTana 55 Wittmer,JacalynM.*;Scarponi,Daniele;Dexter,TroyA.; Kowalewski,Michal:ecoSPace ParTiTioning in mollUSK aSSemBlageS acroSS QUaTernarY TranSgreSSiVeregreSSiVe cYcleS oF Po Plain, iTalY 56 Sprinkle,James*;Guensburg,ThomasE.:The comPleTe STem anD holDFaST oF The earlY orDoVician crinoiD TITANOCRINUS anD iTS DeVeloPmenT 57 Sprinkle,James*;Gahn,ForestJ.:origin oF hemicoSmiTiD rhomBiFeranS anD imPlicaTionS For rhomBiFeran PhYlogenY anD claSSiFicaTion 27-18 27-17 58 Kammer,ThomasW.*;Sumrall,ColinD.;Ausich,WilliamI.; Deline,Bradley:recogniTion oF UniVerSal elemenTal homologieS in crinoiDS anD BlaSToZoanS 59 Parsley,RonaldL.*;Rozhnov,SergeyV.;Sumrall,ColinD.: morPhologY anD reViSeD SYSTemaTicS oF The SolUTe maennilia eSTonica (homoSTelea, echinoDermaTa) From The UPPer orDoVician oF eSTonia 60 Syverson,V.J.*;Baumiller,TomaszK.:morPhological VariaBiliTY anD DeVeloPmenTal conSTrainTS in crinoiD armS 61 Thompson,JeffreyR.*;Ausich,William:FoUr neW crinoiDS From The loWer DeVonian oF BoliVia 62 Rhodes,KristopherJ.S.*;Baumiller,TomaszK.:eValUaTing moDern anD FoSSil DiVerSiTY in The comaTUliD crinoiDS 63 Kloss,TristanJ.;Domke,KirkL.;Dornbos,StephenQ.*:The miDDle camBrian eocrinoiD GOGIA LONGIDACTYLUS aS a ShalloW SeDimenT STicKer: imPlicaTionS For chiSholm Shale FaUna PaleoecologY 64 Anderson,JacobL.*;Melstrom,KeeganM.;Panosky,JoannaM.: TerreSTrial VerTeBraTe TracKWaYS oF The earlY JUraSSic nUggeT FormaTion aT DinoSaUr naTional monUmenT, UTah 65 Sorensen,DanielW.*;Ballewske,Lauren;CurryRogers,Kristina: comParaTiVe oSTeohiSTologY oF RAPETOSAURUS KRAUSEI (SaUroPoDa: TiTanoSaUria) From The laTe creTaceoUS oF maDagaScar 66 King,M.Ryan*;Gingras,MurrayK.;Pemberton,S.George; Walisser,BrettA.:commiSSUre orienTaTion anD aSSeSSmenT oF PaleocUrrenT DirecTion From oYSTer DePoSiTS oF The Ferron SanDSTone 67 Johnson,K.A.Burke*;Hadden,CarlaS.;Walker,SallyE.; Bowser,SamuelS.:FinicKY ForamS: heTerogeneiTieS in recrUiTmenT on eXPerimenTal SUBSTraTeS, roSS Sea, anTarcTica 68 Leonard-Pingel,JillS.*;Jackson,JeremyB.C.:changeS in aBUnDance oF PreDaTorY gaSTroPoD FamilieS in neogene cariBBean mollUScan commUniTieS 69 Klompmaker,AdiëlA.*:Drill hole PreDaTion on FoSSil SerPUliD PolYchaeTeS, WiTh neW DaTa From The Pliocene oF The neTherlanDS 70 Hendricks,JonathanR.*;Dietl,GregoryP.:a STanDarDiZeD TeST oF The inVerSe relaTionShiP BeTWeen Drilling anD rePair FreQUencieS 71 Cortijo,Iván*;MartíMus,Mónica;Jensen,Sören;Palacios, Teodoro:The elaBoraTe SKeleTon oF CLOUDINA, one oF The earlieST BiomineraliZeD meTaZoanS 72 McMenamin,MarkA.S.*:FoSSil chiTonS anD monomorPhichnUS From The eDiacaran clemenTe FormaTion, Sonora, meXico 73 VanRoy,Peter*;Tweedt,Sarah:neW non-TriloBiTe arThroPoDS From The earlY orDoVician FeZoUaTa BioTa oF morocco 74 Ford,RobertC.*;Clark,GeorgeR.:conUlariiD TeSTS: microSTrUcTUre, organic maTriX, anD mineralogY 75 Rivera,AlexeiA.*:FUncTional morPhologY anD eVolUTion oF SWimming aBiliTY in PlaniSPirallY coileD naUTiloiD mollUSKS 76 Schemm-Gregory,Mena;Feldman,HowardR.*:SYSTemaTicS oF The ParaSPiriFeriDae Termier & Termier, 1949 77 Feldmann,RodneyM.*;Schweitzer,CarrieE.;Hu,Shixue;Zhang, Qiyue:miDDle TriaSSic loBSTerS From The lUoPing BioTa in china: morPhological innoVaTionS ProViDe neW PerSPecTiVeS on PhYlogenY anD eVolUTion




27-20 27-21























27-33 27-34


27-35 27-36



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 147



27-37 78 Robins,CristinaM.*;Feldmann,RodneyM.;Schweitzer,CarrieE.: olDeST KnoWn memBerS oF mUniDiDae (DecaPoDa, anomUra, galaTheoiDea) DiScoVereD From laTe JUraSSic aSThenoSPhere BoUnDarY BeloW SoUThern oregon anD norThern caliFornia 28-16 94 Potter,LeeS.;Benedict,MarcD.*:geochemiSTrY oF SilicaSaTUraTeD inTrUSiVe anD VenT FacieS rocKS oF The chico Sill comPleX, norTheaST neW meXico 95 Brown,KennethL.*;Stuck,Richard;Hart,WilliamK.: geochemical heTerogeneiTieS along a PaleoconTinenTal margin: an eXamPle From laTe creTaceoUS inTrUSionS, SanTa roSa range, norThWeSTern neVaDa 96 Stifter,EricC.*;Ripley,Edward;Li,Chusi:SUlFiDe-SilicaTe TeXTUreS anD reacTionS in The DUKe iSlanD comPleX, SoUTheaSTern alaSKa

SeSSion no. 28

Petrology, Igneous (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 28-1 79 Ingram,StantonIII.*;Schwartz,JoshuaJ.;Johnson,Kenneth: U-PB Zircon anD monaZiTe geochronologY anD haFniUm iSoToPic geochemiSTrY oF neoacaDian anD earlY alleghenian PlUTonic rocKS in The alaBama eaSTern BlUe riDge, SoUThern aPPalachian moUnTainS 80 Maulana,Adi*;Watanabe,Koichiro;Imai,Akira;Yonezu,Kotaro: PeTrologY, geochemiSTrY, anD geoDYnamicS SigniFicance oF graniTic rocKS From SoUTh SUlaWeSi, inDoneSia 81 Gammel,ElizabethM.*;Duke,GenetI.:PeTrologY anD geochemiSTrY oF The JUDiTh moUnTainS alKalic igneoUS cenTer, monTana, USa 82 Murphy,J.Brendan*;Blais,StephanieA.;Middleton,Matthew; MacNeil,Dan;Tubrett,MikeN.:maJor, Trace anD rare earTh elemenT geochemiSTrY oF amPhiBole near The rooF oF a maFic magma chamBer 83 Davis,LindaL.;Eno,Kyle*;Westhuis,Austin;McIntosh,William: The geneSiS oF cenoZoic aPiShiPa 2QUaDrangle2 DiKeS near SPaniSh PeaKS anD DiKeS From norTheaSTern neW meXico 84 McGregor,Heath;Hamil,Brooke*;Sarafian,Adam;Roden, MichaelF.;Patiño-Douce,AlbertoE.;Davis,LindaL.: PeTrogeneSiS oF conTemPoraneoUS SoDic anD PoTaSSic alKaline magmaS aT SPaniSh PeaKS, coloraDo 85 Johanesen,Katharine*;Platt,JohnP.:UnraVeling comPleX microSTrUcTUreS in PeriDoTiTeS: neW eViDence For The Timing oF melT PercolaTion in The ronDa PeriDoTiTe maSSiF, SoUThern SPain 86 Mader,Sandra*;McMillan,NancyJ.:liThiUm analYSiS: The PoTenTial aPPlicaTion oF laSer inDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroScoPY (liBS) 87 Bollen,ElizabethE.*;Hollabaugh,CurtisL.:PeTrograPhic anD Scanning elecTron microScoPY inVeSTigaTion oF PegmaTiTe mineralS From SenTinel rocK, PiKeS PeaK BaTholiTh 88 Balta,Joseph*;Baker,MichaelB.;Stolper,E.M.:oliVine conTrol lineS in haWaiian rocKS 89 White,JohnCharles*:a meThoD For eSTimaTing TemPeraTUre anD oXYgen FUgaciTY For an aSSemBlage oF clinoPYroXene, aenigmaTiTe, ilmeniTe, anD QUarTZ in PeralKalic rhYoliTe 90 Denny,Adam*;Harrison,Benjamin;Haileab,Bereket: geochemiSTrY oF The eocene creScenT FormaTion BaSalT, WaShingTon STaTe: imPlicaTionS For manTle PlUme acTiViTY 91 Dargahi,Sara*;Babaei,Abbed;Yuanming,Pan;Arvin,Mohsen: anDeSiTe anD co-magmaTic anDeSiTe inclUSionS in The KUhe-langar area, SW oF Kerman, iran: conSTrainTS on mineralogical comPoSiTion For magma chamBer ProceSSeS 92 Wendt,CodyC.*;Allard,StephenT.:inVeSTigaTion oF comPleX PegmaTiTeS, BlacK hillS, SoUTh DaKoTa 93 Till,Christy*;Grove,Tim;Carlson,Richard;Donnelly-Nolan, JulieM.:ShalloW anhYDroUS aSThenoSPheric melTing anD The locaTion oF The liThoSPhere-



SeSSion no. 29

Petrology, Metamorphic (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 29-1 97 Kohn,MatthewJ.*;Corrie,StaceyL.:PreSerVeD ZrTemPeraTUreS anD U-PB ageS in high-graDe meTamorPhic TiTaniTe: eViDence For a STaTic hoT channel in The himalaYan orogen 98 Ryan,PaulD.*;Wintsch,R.P.:regional conTacT meTamorPhiSm: The nanao meTamorPhic eVenT in TaiWan 99 Jørgensen,TausR.C.*;Tinkham,DouglasK.;Lesher,C.Michael: iDenTiFicaTion oF PYroXene hornFelS FacieS maFic rocKS WiThin The meTamorPhic aUreole oF The SoUTh range oF The SUDBUrY igneoUS comPleX, on, canaDa 100 Foster,C.T.Jr.*;Dutrow,BarbaraL.:The Thermal eVolUTion oF a regional-conTacT Terrane in norThWeST maine 101 Levine,Jamie*;Daczko,Nathan;Mosher,Sharon; Barquero-Molina,Miriam:geochemical eViDence For DehYDraTion melTing in granUliTe-FacieS migmaTiTeS DUring crUSTal eXTenSion in The alBanY-FraSer orogen, SoUThWeSTern aUSTralia 102 Meyer,AmandaLynn*;Fischer,TimothyB.;McCoy,Zach; Krekeler,Mark:a PreliminarY TranSmiSSion elecTron microScoPY inVeSTigaTion oF comPleX eXchange anD inTeracTionS oF SelecTeD rare earTh elemenTS WiTh SYnTheTic crYPTomelane 103 Jenkins,DavidM.*;Carpenter,MichaelA.;Zhang,Ming: aSYmmeTrY oF The TremoliTe-glaUcoPhane miSciBiliTY gaP DeFineD BY ir SPecTra 104 Gerson,LauraM.*;Allard,StephenT.:conTrolS on garneT groWTh in meTaBaSalT; minneSoTa riVer ValleY, SW mn 105 McCoy,Zach*;Fischer,TimothyB.;Almquist,Catherine; Krekeler,Mark:iniTial TranSmiSSion elecTron microScoPY inVeSTigaTionS oF SYnTheTic Zn-DoPeD crYPTomelane For UnDerSTanDing BehaVior oF ZnPollUTion in naTUral manganeSe oXiDe coaTingS 106 Hazle,DeanG.*;LaBarge,Leah;Erber,Nathan;Johansson,Leif; Hansen,EdwardC.:calc-SilicaTe enclaVeS in highgraDe gneiSSeS From hallanD, SoUThWeST SWeDen 107 Wise,JuliaLinnaea*;Dietsch,C.;Martinez,F.J.:earlY VariScan meTamorPhiSm anD garneT SPecieS in The gUillerieS maSSiF, caTalan coaSTal rangeS, norTheaSTern SPain 108 Strickland,Ariel*;Russell,AshleyK.;Quintero,Raiza;Spicuzza, MichaelJ.;Valley,JohnW.:oXYgen iSoToPe raTioS oF QUarTZ inclUSionS in garneT anD imPlicaTionS For mineral Pair ThermomeTrY















28-10 28-11







28-14 28-15


148 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


29-13 109 Cordua,WilliamS.*:geologY oF neW eXPoSUreS oF The 1100 ma (KeWeenaWan age) KallanDer creeK VolcanicS in iron coUnTY, WiSconSin 110 Vorhies, SarahH.*;Ague,JayJ.;Schmitt,AxelK.:Zircon BehaVior DUring ProgreSSiVe meTamorPhiSm, BarroVian ZoneS, ScoTlanD 111 Chen,Yanying*;Nabelek,Peter:imPlicaTionS oF Zoning in garneT For iTS groWTh anD reeQUiliBraTion in BlacK hillS, SoUTh DaKoTa, meTaPeliTeS 112 Manzanares,AmandaD.*;Ekstrand,AngelaL.;Rougvie, JamesR.;Sorensen,SorenaS.;Rose,TimothyR.: rePlacemenT mechaniSmS in alTereD arc Volcanic rocKS: caThoDolUmineScence oF The inYo moUnTainS Volcanic comPleX, eaSTern caliFornia 113 Kidder,Steven*;Avouac,Jean-Philippe;Chan,Yu-Chang: TeSTing TiTaniUm-in-QUarTZ ThermoBaromeTrY aT loW TemPeraTUreS in VeinS anD DeFormeD QUarTZiTe 30-12 125 Nyznyk,Rachel*;Dattilo,BenjaminF.;Evans,Kevin: ProVenance, SorTing, anD SecUlar VariaTion in laTe camBrian anD earlY orDoVician carBonaTe FlaT-PeBBle conglomeraTeS in WeST-cenTral UTah 126 Castagno,Katherine*;Pruss,SaraB.;Hurtgen,MatthewT.: geochemical analYSiS oF The camBro-orDoVician coW heaD groUP, WeSTern neWFoUnDlanD 127 Matuszewski,DerekJ.*:ThromBoliTe FaBricS in The conococheagUe FormaTion oF WeSTern marYlanD: DiageneTic alTeraTion oF original STromaToliTic FaBricS 128 Bartley,JulieK.*;Kah,LindaC.:cemenT STraTigraPhY SUggeSTS chemicallY DiSTincT WaTer maSSeS in The meSoProTeroZoic ocean








SeSSion no. 31

Structural Geology (Posters): Advances in Structural Geology

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 31-1 129 Conner,Jeremy*;Morgan,Sven;Student,JamesJ.;Horsman, Eric:mineral orienTaTion, amS DaTa, anD imPlicaTionS For mUlTiPle SheeT emPlacemenT oF The maiDen creeK Sill, henrY moUnTainS, SoUThern UTah 130 Swede-Grakowsky,Ashley*;Horsman,Eric;Giorgis,Scott: PaleomagneTic inSighT inTo The conSTrUcTion oF The BUcKhorn riDge Sill, henrY moUnTainS, UT 131 Pinan-Llamas,Aranzazu;Temple,Preston*;Leon-Moreano,Ivan; Lopez,JosePablo;Escamilla-Casas,JoséC.:STrUcTUral analYSiS oF a Shear Zone in TacUil (ProVince oF SalTa), nW argenTina 132 Thalhamer,ErnestJ.*;Czeck,DyannaM.:analYZing DUcTile Shear Zone neTWorK geomeTrieS in The graSSY PorTage Sill, rainY laKe region, norThWeSTern onTario, canaDa 133 O'Brien,Tim*;vanderPluijm,BenA.:ar geochronologY oF PSeUDoTachYlYTeS USing SUB-SamPle DaTing, illUSTraTeD BY DaTing The ST. laWrence riFT SYSTem, SoUThern QUeBec: 613-614ma riFT iniTiaTion oF The iaPeTUS ocean 134 Barszewski,ChristineE.*;Czeck,DyannaM.;Yonkee,Adolph; Pantone,Spenser;Nachbor,Amelia:microSTrUcTUral STUDY oF DeFormeD DiamicTiTeS along The WillarD ThrUST FaUlT, WiTh imPlicaTionS For FlUiD inTeracTion along a FaUlT 135 Geary,JesseD.*;Craddock,JohnP.;Malone,David: VerTical inJecTiTeS oF DeTachmenT carBonaTe UlTracaTaclaSiTe aT WhiTe moUnTain, hearT moUnTain DeTachmenT, WYoming 136 Seidman,LilyE.*;Burger,H.Robert:origin oF The enigmaTic Breccia anD FolDS in The TUrnerS FallS FormaTion, DeerFielD BaSin, WeSTern maSSachUSeTTS 137 Tewksbury,Barbara*;Kattenhorn,SimonA.;Sayler,Frances; Tewksbury-Christle,Carolyn;Saint-Jacques,David:PolYgonal PaTTernS anD DeSerT eYeS: reconnaiSSance SaTelliTe image STUDY oF FolD anD FaUlT STrUcTUreS in laTe creTaceoUS anD earlY TerTiarY limeSToneS oF The WeSTern DeSerT, egYPT 138 Tewksbury,Barbara*;Dokmak,AsmaaA.;Tarabees, Elhamy;Mansour,AhmedSadekM.;Fattah,TharwatAbdel; Rashed,MohamedA.:a PreVioUSlY UnrecogniZeD SYSTem oF FolDS anD relaTeD FaUlTS in STaBle PlaTForm limeSToneS oF The el rUFUF anD DrUnKa FormaTionS, WeSTern DeSerT, egYPT 139 Oakes,WilliamJ.III.*;Brunstad,KeithA.:The eFFecTS oF JoinTing on naTUral gaS Drilling, hYDraUlic

SeSSion no. 30

Sediments, Carbonates (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 30-1 114 Ortega-Ariza,Diana*;Franseen,EvanK.:The UTiliTY oF KUPHUS INCRASSATUS BiValVeS For DeTermining aBSolUTe ageS anD ShalloW WaTer marine enVironmenTS in TerTiarY carBonaTe anD SiliciclaSTic SYSTemS in The cariBBean 115 Glumac,Bosiljka;Curran,H.Allen*;Savarese,Michael;Hoeflein, FritzJ.IV.:SPongiForm TeXTUre in Bahamian holocene grainSTone: origin BY liThiFicaTion oF Beach anD DUne carBonaTe SanD aroUnD VegeTaTion 116 Govoni,Bonnie*;Husinec,Antun:PeTrograPhic comPoSiTion anD carBonaTe mineralogY oF moDern SUBTiDal SeDimenTS From TWo SUBTroPical lagoonS, San SalVaDor iSolaTeD PlaTForm, BahamaS 117 Opdyke,BradleyN.*;Nash,Merinda:holocene DolomiTe iS a Biological PreciPiTaTe anD iS aBUnDanT in crUSToSe coralline algae 118 Oates,AmeliaC.*;Husinec,Antun;Read,J.F.:FacieS STacKing PaTTern, SeQUence STraTigraPhY anD carBon-iSoToPe SignaTUre oF alBian PlaTForminTerior carBonaTeS, SoUThern croaTia 119 Aina,Eyitayo*;Kirkland,BrendaL.:eVolUTion anD occlUSion oF PoroSiTY in The loWer creTaceoUS aPTian-alBian Sligo FormaTion, SoUTh TeXaS 120 Hendricks,JenniferK.*;Gong,Jian;Jones,Page;Hsiung,Shih-yi; Tao,Kai;Metz,CherylL.;Raymond,Anne;Pope,MichaelC.: DePoSiTional moDel For The TePee BUTTeS meThane SeePS - ZoneD anD conical, or FlaT anD PaTchY? 121 Davis,AdamJ.*;Videtich,PatriciaE.:STaBle iSoToPic anD minor mineral eViDence For earlY FormaTion oF DolomiTe in The miSSiSSiPPian michigan FormaTion, SUBSUrFace oF WeSTern michigan 122 Fedorchuk,NicholasD.*;Wilson,MarkA.;Matt,RachelM.; Vinn,Olev:STraTigraPhY anD PaleoecologY aT The WenlocK/lUDloW BoUnDarY on Saaremaa iSlanD, eSTonia 123 Drzewiecki,Peter*:microBial origin oF laTe SilUrian carBonaTe mUD-moUnDS, norTh-cenTral inDiana 124 Lubitz,RachaelL.;Marenco,KatherineN.*;Marenco,PedroJ.: reeXamining The DePoSiTional SeTTing oF The KanoSh FormaTion (miDDle orDoVician, UTah): inTegraTing geochemiSTrY inTo a SeDimenTarY anD Paleoecological STUDY


















30-10 30-11


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 149




FracTUring, anD groUnD WaTer QUaliTY in cenTral UPSTaTe neW YorK 31-12 140 Howard,ChristopherW.;Mies,JonathanW.*;Bodkin,TomE.; Brackett,DixonG.:BenToniTe-conTrolleD DeFormaTion oF miDDle orDoVician limeSTone aT chicKamaUga Dam, chaTTanooga, TenneSSee 141 Simmons,AndrewWilliam*;Allard,StephenT.:DiSharmonic FolDing anD FaUlTing in a ProTeroZoic PhYlliTe, cUSTer, SD 142 Wallace,JamesW.*;King,AmberR.;DiPietro,JosephA.: eXPloring large-Scale Shear FolD geomeTrY USing Three-DimenSional google earTh moDeling 143 Thomas,Andrew*;Bauer,RobertL.:laTe-STage laramiDe reacTiVaTion oF PrecamBrian STrUcTUreS: eViDence For ~ n-S laramiDe ShorTening along The SoUTheaSTern margin oF The WinD riVer moUnTainS 144 Weil,ArloBrandon;Yonkee,Adolph;Schultz,Mary*;LeeZhiYi, Amelia:earlY lPS PaTTernS along The SWeeTWaTer arch- ShirleY moUnTain SYSTem oF The laramiDe ForelanD: regional reFracTion oF STreSS FielD anD DeVeloPmenT oF mUlTiPle STrUcTUral TrenDS 32-13 32-10 154 Buddington,A.M.*;Doughty,P.T.;Cheney,E.S.;Balholm,P.: TeSTS oF The neWlY recogniZeD PenD oreille riVer FolD anD ThrUST BelT in norTheaSTern WaShingTon 155 Kuiper,YvetteD.*;Shields,Caroline;Tubrett,MikeN.:DeTriTal age conSTrainTS on The age oF DePoSiTion anD ProVenance oF The meTaSeDimenTarY coVer SeQUence oF The Thor-oDin Dome, BriTiSh colUmBia, canaDa 156 Willingham,JakeT.*;Cope,TimD.;Li,Chengming;Teng,Fei; Zhang,Changhou:crUSTal eXTenSion anD VolcaniSm inTerleaVeD WiTh JUraSSic ShorTening in The YanShan FolD-ThrUST BelT, norTh china 157 King,AmberR.*;Wallace,JamesW.;DiPietro,JosephA.: meTamorPhic analYSiS oF The marghaZar FormaTion WiThin The KoTah Dome, SWaT, PaKiSTan, WeSTern himalaYa







SeSSion no. 33

Volcanology (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 33-1 158 Bridges,DavidL.*;Bottenberg,H.C.;Abdelsalam,Mohamed: meaSUring inFlaTion anD DeFlaTion oF acTiVe VolcanoeS WiThin The aFar DePreSSion USing inSar 159 Tanner,L.H.*:SUrFace morPhologY oF BaSalT colUmnS aT SVarTiFoSS, VaTnaJÖKUlSÞJoÐgarÐUr, SoUThern icelanD 160 Nullo,FranciscoEudoro*;Haller,MiguelJ.:iS The recenT Volcanic acTiViTY in norThern PaTagonian anDeS DriVen BY norThWarDS ShiFTing oF FracTUreD oceanic crUST? 161 Bowman,Lindsey;Pollock,Meagen;Edwards,Ben*;Alcorn, RebeccaJ.:geochemical anD FielD relaTionShiPS oF PilloW anD DiKe UniTS in a SUBglacial PilloW riDge, UnDirhliThar QUarrY, SoUThWeST icelanD 162 Curtis,AaronG.*;Kyle,Philip:microclimaTe anD morPhologY oF a FUmarolic ice caVe on ereBUS Volcano, anTarcTica 163 Wise,JuliaLinnaea*;Jones,MatthewL.;Maynard,J.Barry; Huff,Warren:The UniQUe laharS From The Same TecTonic SoUrce: geochemical anD PeTrological DiScriminaTorS 164 Conde,GiselleD.*;Ihinger,PhillipD.;Frahm,Ellery:chemical eXchange accomPanYing oBSiDian-PerliTe TranSiTion in The naTUral enVironmenT 165 Hudak,GeorgeJ.III.*:neoarchean PePeriTeS near FiVemile laKe, Vermilion DiSTricT, norTheaSTern minneSoTa 166 Duffy,AshleyP.*:correlaTing Volcanic So2 emiSSionraTeS, SeiSmiciTY, anD erUPTiVe ProceSSeS 167 Finn,KielD.*;McHenry,LindsayJ.:meliliTe-Bearing laPilli From olDoinYo lengai, TanZania:eViDence oF changing mineralogY WiThin a Single erUPTion

SeSSion no. 32

Tectonics (Posters) I: New Discoveries in Global Tectonics

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 32-1 145 Hayden,TravisG.*;Kominz,MichelleA.;Gonzalez,Jhon; EscutiaDotti,Carlota;Brinkhuis,Henk:one DimenSional BacKSTriPPing reSUlTS From ioDP eXPeDiTion 318, SiTe U1356: TecTonic imPlicaTionS For The WilKeS lanD margin oF anTarcTica 146 Contreras,AshleyA.*;Siddoway,ChristineS.;Reiners,PeterW.; Gehrels,GeorgeE.:neW inSighTS onn The Timing anD eXTenT oF creTaceoUS eXhUmaTion in The WeST anTarcTic riFT SYSTem, From U-PB anD (U-Th)/he Zircon analYSiS 147 Hall,JohnLuke*;Cox,RandelTom:TriaSSic/JUraSSic riFT STrUcTUreS anD The earlY oPening oF The gUlF oF meXico 148 Riggs,NancyR.*;McConnell,Brian;Crowley,QuentinC.:The Timing oF TecTonic moVemenTS DUring The Taconic orogenY in WeSTern irelanD: eViDence From The roSroe FormaTion 149 Baird,GrahamB.*;Chamberlain,KevinR.;Korhonen,FawnaJ.: U-PB SPhene anD Zircon geochronologY oF The TarFala ValleY, norThern SWeDiSh caleDoniDeS: DeciPhering The conSTrUcTion oF a ThrUST-STacK 150 Condit,CaileyB.*;West,DavidP.Jr.:igneoUS PeTrogeneSiS anD SUPerimPoSeD DeFormaTion oF The Blinn hill PlUTonic comPleX, eaST-cenTral maine 151 Buzon,MarianE.*;Vollmer,FrederickW.;Walsh,James: UnraVeling The DeFormaTion hiSTorY oF The noXon roaD oUTcroP in DUTcheSS coUnTY, neW YorK anD imPlicaTionS For The relaTiVe roleS oF comPreSSional anD graViTY TecTonicS in The emPlacemenT oF The giDDingS BrooK Slice, Taconic orogen 152 Hefferan,Kevin*;Admou,Hassan;Samson,S.D.;Inglis,Jeremy; Saquaque,Ali;Heywood,Neil:Pan aFrican claSTic DePoSiTS in TriFYa BaSin, BoU aZZer, morocco: STraTigraPhic relaTionS anD ore PoTenTial 153 Munson,WilliamJ.*;Kimbrough,DavidL.;Abeid,JohnA.;Herzig, CharlesT.:ProVenance oF Volcanic claSTS From laTe creTaceoUS Forearc BaSin conglomeraTeS, norThern PeninSUlar rangeS oF SoUThern caliFornia













33-9 33-10


SeSSion no. 34

T4. Advancement in the Exploration Practices used to Characterize Geothermal Resources (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 34-1 168 Bell,JohnW.*:SeiSmicallY acTiVe FaUlT conTrolS aT high-TemPeraTUre geoThermal SiTeS in The WeSTern BaSin anD range: a neW eXPloraTion Tool 169 Bennett,Mitchell;Cunningham,MatthewL.;Garchar, LauraA.;Hanneman,HaroldP.;Johnson,Teresa;Nicholls,




150 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


OwenG.;Pesicka,ConorJ.;Reinshagen,MandiB.*;Ritts, AndrewD.;Sterling,AmeliaT.:geochemical analYSiS oF hoT SPringS aT STeamBoaT SPringS, coloraDo: conTrolS on PeriPheral hYDroThermal FlUiD PaThWaYS 34-3 170 Payne,JonathanF.*;Bell,JohnW.;Calvin,WendyM.;Spinks, Karl:acTiVe FaUlT maPPing For iDenTiFicaTion oF STrUcTUral PaTTernS aT The gaBBS VallY, nV, geoThermal ProSPecT: inTerPreTaTionS From liDar anD loW SUn-angle PhoTograPhY analYSiS 171 Kessler,JamesA.;Evans,JamesP.*;Schmitt,DouglasR.: FracTUre Zone iDenTiFicaTion From core anD Borehole geoPhYSical DaTa in Slimhole WellS DrilleD For ProJecT hoTSPoT: The SnaKe riVer geoThermal Drilling ProJecT 172 Makovsky,KyleA.*;Pezzopane,Silvio;Mink,LelandR.: characTeriZing geoThermal SYSTemS ThroUgh geologic, geochemical, anD geoPhYSical TechniQUeS: a caSe STUDY From PaiSleY, oregon anD FairFielD, iDaho 173 Ochsner,Aaron*:aPPlicaTion oF The harriSon correcTion To neBraSKa BhT DaTa 174 Crowell,AnnaM.*;Zimny,Eric;McDonald,Mark;Barse, Kirtipal;Dahal,Samir:PoTenTial geoThermal PoWer ProDUcTion in The rio granDe riFT: TUlaroSa BaSin 175 Crowell,JamesJ.*;Crowell,AnnaM.;McDonald,Mark;Barse, Kirtipal;Bubach,Bailey;Dahal,Samir;Zimny,Eric:eValUaTion oF geoThermal PoTenTial For SelecTeD reSoUrceS in The rio granDe riFT: Dona ana coUnTY 35-7 182 Manaois,Alexander*;Lundstrom,CraigC.;Chakraborty,Pinaki; Finlayson,Valerie;Li,Xiaoxiao:an alTernaTiVe ProceSS For large Silicic calDera erUPTionS 183 Eichler,CarlaM.*;Spell,TerryL.:PeTrogeneSiS oF The eaST ForK memBer rhYoliTeS, ValleS calDera, neW meXico, USa 184 Konstantinou,Alexandros*:oFF-aXiS SnaKe riVer Plane magmaTiSm along an acTiVe eXTenSional DeTachmenT: an eXamPle From The Jim Sage Volcanic SUiTe, SoUThern iD 185 Wolff,John;Boroughs,Scott*;Starkel,WilliamA.:a SimPle geochemical moDel For BaSalT anD rhYoliTe geneSiS along The YelloWSTone hoTSPoT TracK 186 Ellis,Ben*;Wolff,John;Mark,DarrenF.;Bindeman,IlyaN.; Boroughs,Scott:JUST hoW Big iS coUgar PoinT TUFF Xiii? 187 Andrews,Graham*;Robert,Genevieve:Some PhYSical conSTrainTS on The erUPTion anD emPlacemenT oF laVa-liKe TUFFS






35-11 35-12


34-6 34-7

SeSSion no. 36

T28. Basic and Applied Aspects of Clays and Clay Minerals in Continental Settings (Posters) (GSA Limnogeology Division; Clay Minerals Society; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; Mineralogical Society of America)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 36-1 188 Salazar,Susana*;McCarthy,Paul;Trainor,ThomasP.; Fowell,SarahJ.:origin oF claY mineralS anD Their SigniFicance in PeDogeneTic enVironmenTS oF The laTe creTaceoUS Prince creeK FormaTion, norTh SloPe, alaSKa 189 Scheevel,CarolineR.*;Haileab,Bereket:STUDY oF claY mineralS From The morTon gneiSS SaProliTe 190 Morissette,Claude*;Stillings,LisaL.:The imPacT oF geological enVironmenT on The liThiUm concenTraTion anD STrUcTUral comPoSiTion oF hecToriTe claYS 191 Curtin,LoreleiG.*;Gaines,RobertR.:BUrgeSS Shale-TYPe PreSerVaTion anD DeTriTal claY mineralogY: a TeST oF The "reacTiVe-claY" hYPoTheSiS 192 Xu,Huifang*;Konishi,Hiromi;Roden,EricE.:STrUcTUreS anD DeFecTS oF FerrihYDriTe: DirecT oBSerVaTion USing Z-conTraST imaging 193 Wu,Tao*;Shelobolina,Evgenya;Kukkadapu,RaviK.;Xu, Huifang;Konishi,Hiromi;Roden,EricE.:iSolaTion anD microBial reDUcTion oF naTUral Fe(iii)-Bearing PhYlloSilicaTeS From SUBSUrFace SeDimenTS 194 Mattei,Michael*;Heist,ChristopherA.;McGuire,MollyM.: DeTerminaTion oF SWelling raTeS oF nau-1 QUaSicrYSTalS DUring caTion eXchange USing aTomic Force microScoPY 195 Tutolo,BenjaminM.*;Seyfried,WilliamE.Jr.;Saar,Martin: a comPariSon BeTWeen PoPUlar geochemical ThermoDYnamic DaTa SeTS anD near-eQUiliBriUm eXPerimenTal DaTa 196 Zhou,Mo*;Xu,Huifang;Teng,H.Henry;Konishi,Hiromi:eFFecT oF BioTiTe (001) SUrFace on The PreciPiTaTion oF calciTe 197 Roth,JustinV.T.;Heist,ChristopherA.;McGuire,MollyM.*:The role oF SUrFace charge anD eXchange caTion SPeciaTion on The STrUcTUre oF inTerFacial WaTer in nonTroniTe SUSPenSionS 198 Deocampo,Daniel*;Perry,V.R.;Chin,K.J.:BioDegraDaTion oF DeePWaTer horiZon crUDe oil enhanceD BY na-monTmorilloniTe amenDmenT in imPacTeD SalT marSheS, BaraTaria BaY, loUiSiana


SeSSion no. 35

T25. Recent Advances in Studies of Large-Volume Silicic Volcanism: Stratigraphy, Architecture, Evolution (Posters) (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 35-1 176 Perkins,JonathanP.*;Finnegan,NoahJ.:SUPerVolcano groWTh conSTraineD From geomorPhologY on The BoliVian alTiPlano 177 Mori,Laura*;Morán-Zenteno,DanteJ.;Martiny,BarbaraM.; González-Torres,EnriqueA.;Chapela-Lara,María;DíazBravo,BeatrizA.;Roberge,Julie:Thermomechanical maTUraTion oF The conTinenTal crUST anD iTS eFFecTS on The laTe eocene-earlY oligocene Volcanic recorD oF The Sierra maDre Del SUr ProVince oF meXico 178 Gonzalez-Torres,Enrique*;Morán-Zenteno,Dante;Mori,Laura; Roberge,Julie;Luna-Gonzalez,Laura;Martiny,BarbaraM.: geologY oF The hUaUTla Volcanic FielD anD iTS SigniFicance For UnDerSTanDing The origin anD TemPoral eVolUTion oF Silicic magmaTiSm in The norTh-cenTral Sierra maDre Del SUr oF meXico 179 Orozco,MariaTeresa*;Ferrari,Luca;Petrone,ChiaraMaria; LópezMartínez,Margarita:geologY, geochemiSTrY anD geochronologY oF large VolUme Silicic VolcaniSm in The TranS-meXican Volcanic BelT 180 Murray,BryanP.*;Busby,CathyJ.;Ferrari,Luca;Solari,Luigi: eViDence oF SYnVolcanic crUSTal eXTenSion DUring The miD-cenoZoic ignimBriTe Flare-UP in The norThern Sierra maDre occiDenTal, chihUahUa, meXico 181 Barth,AndrewP.*;Pignotta,Geoffrey;Riggs,NancyR.;Walker, J.Douglas;Wooden,J.L.:PeTrogeneTic connecTionS BeTWeen aSh-FloW TUFFS anD inTrUSiVe SUiTeS ToWarD an inTegraTeD moDel For UPPer-crUSTal magma SYSTem eVolUTion in The caliFornia arc 36-4

36-2 36-3













9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 151



SeSSion no. 37

T90. Gas Bubbles and Dissolved Gases in Groundwater (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 37-1 199 Moore,JohnathanE.*;Vesper,DorothyJ.;Edenborn,HarryM.: DiSSolVeD carBon DioXiDe in Thermal SPringS in SWeeT creeK ValleY, near gaP millS, WV 200 AlFaitouri,Mohamed*;Sanford,WilliamE.;Saeed,Fawzi:noBle gaS recharge TemPeraTUreS anD reSiDence TimeS oF Three aQUiFerS in liBYa 201 Haase,KarlB.*;Busenberg,Eurybiades;Plummer,L.Niel; Bernier,ChadM.;Casile,GerolamoC.;Widman,PeggyK.: DeVeloPmenT oF a maSS SPecTromeTer For meaSUremenTS oF DiSSolVeD noBle gaSeS in groUnDWaTer 202 Singleton,MichaelJ.*;Visser,Ate;Hillegonds,DarrenJ.;Velsko, CarolA.;Moran,JeanE.;Esser,BradleyK.:a memBrane inleT maSS SPecTromeTrY (mimS) SYSTem To meaSUre DiSSolVeD noBle gaSeS in WaTer 203 Krol,MagdalenaM.*;Mumford,KevinG.;Johnson,RichardL.; Sleep,BrentE.:maSS TranSPorT BY gaS BUBBle FloW DUring SUBSUrFace Thermal remeDiaTion 204 Randell,J.;Roy,JamesW.;Ryan,M.C.*:chooSing The righT FielD meThoDS To oBTain TrUe IN SITU TDgP 205 Macpherson,G.L.*;Tsypin,M.A.;Roberts,J.A.;Ching,G.B.: naTUral groUnDWaTer aciDiFicaTion BY increaSing co2 39-5 38-10 DP10 Olsen,MichaelJ.*:aPPlicaTionS oF 3D laSer Scanning To earThQUaKe reconnaiSSance 38-11 DP11 Johnson,RobertJ.*:SeiSmic geomorPhologY aPPlicaTion oF VolUmeTric DaTa ScUlPTing TechniQUeS

SeSSion no. 39

T119. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Undergraduate Research (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 39-1 206 Neira,NicoleM.*;Simpkins,WilliamW.;Wanamaker,AlanD.Jr.: SUmmer 2011 ValUeS oF 18o anD 2h From SUrFace WaTer, groUnDWaTer, anD PreciPiTaTion in ameS, ioWa: eViDence oF recenT climaTe change? 207 Prugue,Rodrigo*;Levitan,DeniseM.;Schreiber,MadelineE.: aPaTiTe DiSSolUTion raTeS aS a FUncTion oF grain SiZe 208 Flores,Scott;Wohnoutka,Kyle;Nelson,Kaitlyn;Rodriguez, Gerardo;Leonard,KarlW.*:The STraTigraPhic SigniFicance oF a FoSSiliFeroUS Shale in The loWer ParT oF The raYToWn limeSTone memBer oF The iola limeSTone (UPPer PennSYlVanian) in eaSTern KanSaS 209 Wells,ShaneMichael*;Shaffer,Christopher;Talmage,Grace; O'Brien,Rachel:BeDrocK eleVaTion anD ShalloW hYDrologic SYSTemS in a glaciaTeD region, norThWeSTern PennSYlVania 210 Banteah,ReynaLynn*;Weissmann,GaryS.;Scuderi,LouisA.; Hartley,AdrianJ.;Nichols,Gary;Owen,Amanda;Davidson, StephanieK.:SUBSUrFace maPPing oF morriSon FormaTion SanD DiSTriBUTion in The San JUan BaSin, neW meXico 211 Boling,Joshua*;Bassett,DamonJ.;Evans,KevinR.: liThologY anD originS oF mUD moUnDS in The comPTon limeSTone (KinDerhooKian SerieS), mcDonalD coUnTY, miSSoUri 212 Kornecki,KrystynaM.*;Husinec,Antun:SeDimenTarY FacieS archiTecTUre oF The UPPer orDoVician reD riVer FormaTion, norTh DaKoTa 213 Freeman,IanF.*;Moore,RebeccaJ.;Syverson,KentM.: DeVeloPing glacial lanDForm eDUcaTional maTerialS For The ice age naTional Scenic Trail in STraighT laKe STaTe ParK, PolK coUnTY, WiSconSin 214 Mickulesku,Kristy*;Robinson,Marci;Dowsett,Harry:Sea SUrFace TemPeraTUre eSTimaTeS From The Pliocene BengUela cUrrenT UPWelling SYSTem 215 Sanderfoot,Benjamin*;Mode,WilliamN.;Hooyer,ThomasS.: chronologY oF laTe WiSconSin glacial laKeS in FonD DU lac coUnTY, eaST-cenTral WiSconSin 216 Baumgardt,Elisa*;Negron,Lorraine;Anthony,ElizabethY.; Perkins,Dexter;Wirth,Karl:XenoliThS 217 Simonson,Scott*;Wampler,PeterJ.;Pontius,Amberjane; Stockoski,Michael:USing ToTal SUSPenDeD SeDimenT DaTa To eValUaTe The imPacTS oF STorm WaTer DiVerSion To a conSTrUcTeD WeTlanD aT granD ValleY STaTe UniVerSiTY, allenDale, michigan 218 Kiser,KarenE.*;Sandstrom,RobertM.;Platsky,AllisonLee-Ann; Rayburn,JohnA.;DeSimone,DavidJ.:moDeling The glacial hiSTorY oF The aShoKan WaTerSheD in The caTSKill moUnTainS oF neW YorK USing giS 219 Kelly,AndrewL.*;Kraushaar,BenjaminS.;Schroeder, Kat;Bardwell,JamieL.;Malone,David;Craddock,JohnP.: ProVenance analYSiS oF The WillWooD anD WaPiTi FormaTion (eocene) SanDSToneS in The aBSaroKa BaSin, WY USing DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY








37-6 37-7

SeSSion no. 38

T95. Visualizations in Geology: Advancing the Science Using Digital Tools I (Digital Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 38-1 DP1 Finkelman,Emily;Bond,Stephen*;Pierce,SuzanneA.: gViz: eXPloring groUnDWaTer inFormaTion WiTh mUlTi-DimenSional graPhicS anD a naTUral USer inTerFace DP2 Milewski,Adam*;Sultan,Mohamed;Chouinard,Kyle;Welton, Benjamin;Becker,Richard;ElSayed,Mohamed;Becker,DorisB.: mUlTi-Scale hYDrologic aPPlicaTionS USing a WeB-BaSeD giS SerVer anD cUSTom geoProceSSing ToolS DP3 Dustman,JohnE.;Bell,Peter;Gregg,William*:real-Time groUnDWaTer ViSUaliZaTion TechnologY DP4 Whittemore,DonaldO.*:migraTion oF a nearlY 80-Year olD SalTWaTer PlUme in The high PlainS aQUiFer, KanSaS DP5 Gary,MarcusO.*;Reyes,Reuben:3-D ViSUaliZaTion oF SiSTema ZacaTón: inTegraTing mUlTiPle SPaTial DaTaSeTS To characTeriZe eXTreme KarST DP6 Halihan,Todd*;Stonecipher,MarcyA.;McDonald,Stuart: ViSUaliZaTion oF Biogeochemical ZonaTion USing eri: aPPlicaTion To The enVironmenTal inDUSTrY DP7 Jensen,Niels-Peter*;Nebel,Lars:large DaTaSeTS anD hYDro geological moDeling USing geoScene3D DP8 Curl,DouglasC.*:WeB-BaSeD giS aPPlicaTionS For ViSUaliZing geologic anD hYDrologic DaTa in KenTUcKY DP9 Ditkof,Julie*;Meckel,TimothyA.;Zeng,Hongliu;Hovorka, SusanD.:Time laPSe SeiSmic reSPonSe (4D) relaTeD To inDUSTrial-Scale co2 inJecTion aT an eor anD ccS SiTe, cranFielD, mS 39-14 39-7 39-6




38-3 38-4


39-11 39-12




38-7 38-8


152 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


39-15 220 Schaen,AllenJoseph*;Krol,MichaelA.:PreliminarY 40 ar/39ar laSer DaTing oF DeTriTal BioTiTe From cenoZoic SanDSToneS, rUBY ValleY, monTana 221 Main,JoelClifford*;Wilson,TerryJ.:reconSTrUcTing FaUlT hiSTorY From FaUlT rocKS anD TraVerTine DePoSiTS, rocK canYon FaUlT, UTah 222 MacNamee,Alison*;Kravitz,KatherineA.;Kenderes,Stuart; Mathisen,Maren;Malone,David;Craddock,JohnP.:neW inSighTS on The STrUcTUral eVolUTion oF The eocene SoUTh ForK DeTachmenT, WYoming 223 Sacco,Brittany*;Johnson,ElizabethA.;Belkin,HarveyE.:DePTh anD TemPeraTUre oF The manTle BeneaTh mole hill, an eocene BaSalT near harriSonBUrg, Va 224 VanDyke,MaryN.*;English,LydiaP.;Haileab,Bereket: geochemical analYSiS oF SUrFace WaTer QUaliTY in rice coUnTY, minneSoTa 225 Braun,NicoleL.*;Hanger,RexA.:earlY Permian TerreSTrial VerTeBraTe FaUna From richarDS SPUr, comanche coUnTY, oKlahoma: comPariSon oF coUnTing meThoDS 226 Griswold,Frances*;Peterson,Elizabeth;Schwandt,CraigS.; Greenberg,Jeffrey:WiDeSPreaD, laTe-STage FlUiD inDUceD meTamorPhiSm in a BUchan-TYPe SeTTing, SoUTh DaKoTa BlacK hillS 227 Stempniewicz,VictoriaA.*;Johnson,ElizabethA.:hYDraTion ProFileS in clinoPYroXene manTle XenocrYSTS From The eocene mole hill BaSalT, rocKingham coUnTY, Va 228 Pedro,JaniceTumba*;Hattori,KéikoH.;Desrochers,AndréL.: geochemical characTeriZaTion oF The reSerVoir hoSTing Shale-gaS anD oil in The SUBSUrFace oF anTicoSTi iSlanD, canaDa 229 Kiracofe,ZacharyA.*;Johnson,ElizabethA.;Haynes,JohnT.: The origin oF SanDSTone XenoliThS aT mole hill, an eocene Volcanic necK near harriSonBUrg, Va 230 Hiatt,ChadN.*;Kinner,David;Lord,Mark;Tanner,BenjaminR.; Campbell,Ted;Padgett,MarkC.:hYDrogeologic ProPerTieS oF DiFFerenT geomorPhic SeTTingS in a Small DiSTUrBeD WaTerSheD, WeSTern norTh carolina 231 May,SkylerB.*;Leavitt,RogerE.;MacLean,JohnS.:eXTenT oF FooTWall Shear aDJacenT To The rUBY'S inn ThrUST FaUlT, SoUThern UTah 232 Richards,KimberlyD.*;MacLean,JohnS.:TWo PhaSeS oF conTracTional DeFormaTion in The carmel FormaTion, ceDar ciTY, UTah 233 Stetz,MollyM.*;Maliekal,JoseA.;Noll,MarkR.:PoTenTial imPacT oF climaTe change on long-Term STream DiScharge in neW YorK STaTe 234 Napieralski,AmandaM.*;Noll,MarkR.:PaTTernS in SeDimenT P FracTionaTion WiThin a miXeD lanD-USe WaTerSheD 235 McElwain,AlisonL.*;Cordua,WilliamS.:mineralogY anD STaBle iSoToPe chemiSTrY oF The carBonaTe Zone aT The FlamBeaU coPPer mine, laDYSmiTh, rUSK coUnTY, WiSconSin 236 Erickson,SamanthaD.*;Rougvie,JamesR.;Woodard,HenryH.: caThoDolUmineScence oF SoDic calcic alTeraTion, WhiTe rocK STocK conTacT aUreole, elK moUnTainS, coloraDo 237 Prejeant,Kathryn*;Perez,Michelle;White,JohnCharles;Ren, Minghua:geologY oF The ellioTT coUnTY KimBerliTe, KenTUcKY 238 Heyob,KatieM.*;White,JohnCharles;Prejeant,Kathryn: geochemiSTrY oF The Bee moUnTain BaSalT FormaTion, Big BenD naTional ParK, TeXaS 39-49 39-34 239 Paul,JustinM.*;Campbell,Gwenette:inVeSTigaTing rare earTh elemenT mine DeVeloPmenT in ePa region 8 anD The PoTenTial enVironmenTal imPacTS 240 Halligan,Theresa*;Korth,Ryan;Maher,HarmonJr.;Shuster, RobertD.:The relaTionShiP oF claSTic DiKeS in norThWeSTern neBraSKa To ThoSe in BaDlanDS naTional ParK 241 LaVine,RhiannonJ.*;Wagner,PeterJ.;Erwin,DouglasH.: a PhYlogeneTic DiSSecTion oF The gaSTroPoD SUBFamilY KnighTiTinae acroSS The PermianTriaSSic BoUnDarY 242 Hillier,RyanA.*;Chan,Marjorie:STUDenT-maDe JacoB'S STaFFS For Teaching anD meaSUring STraTigraPhic SecTionS 243 Williams,AbigailM.*;HIday,AaronD.;Wilch,ThomasI.: aSSeSSmenT oF Diel cYcling in agricUlTUral STreamS in SoUTh-cenTral michigan- a FocUS on TUrBiDiTY 244 Seo,Ji-Hye*;Michalski,Greg;Wang,Fan;Caffee,M.W.:Be oF hYPer-ariD SoilS in The aTacama DeSerT, chile 245 Hansen,KristieL.*;Hanger,RexA.:ecologY anD TaPhonomY oF PleUroceriD gaSTroPoDS aS a moDel For ancienT FlUVial FaUnaS, mUKWonago riVer, WaUKeSha coUnTY, WiSconSin 246 Stencil,JonathanC.*;McFarlin,Heather,L.;Ejnik,John,W.; Saylor,BrittanyJ.;DeVasto,Michael,A.;Bhattacharyya,Prajukti: FaBric anD geochemical changeS WiThin Small Scale SheareD graniTic rocKS From moUnTain, Wi 247 Bernau,JeremiahA.*;Walker,Jeff:loWeST graDeS oF meTamorPhiSm in aUTochThonoUS ShaleS oF neW YorK'S miD-hUDSon ValleY 248 Doran,BrittaniM.*:relaTing Soil healTh To agronomic SUSTainaBiliTY in oneiDa coUnTY, neW YorK 249 Saylor,BrittanyJ.*;Stencil,JonathanC.;DeVasto,Michael,A.; Bhattacharyya,Prajukti:geochemiSTrY anD FaBric analYSeS oF SelecTeD SheareD graniTic SamPleS From moUnTain Shear Zone, moUnTain, Wi 250 Even,MatthewJ.*;Even,Wesley;Roth,M.W.;Iqbal,Mohammad: a nUmerical moDel For conTaminaTion TranSPorT in groUnDWaTer 251 Young,EvanM.*;Skala,GeorgeIV.;Mayer,JamesR.;Bhattji, ParnaT.:SoUrce oF iron-rich WaTerS in FlooDPlain allUViUm oF The liTTle TallaPooSa riVer, PieDmonT PhYSiograPhic ProVince, georgia, USa 252 Nobles,RebeccaR.*;White,AshleyL.;Hollabaugh,CurtisL.: Sem anD Thin SecTion STUDY oF ToPaZ, BiXBYiTe, PSeUDoBrooKiTe anD hemaTiTe From The ThomaS range, JUaB coUnTY, UTah 253 Wellborn,ChristineF.*;Hollabaugh,CurtisL.:comPariSon oF TeSTing meThoDS oF naTUrallY occUrring inorganic arSenic in Well WaTer in carroll coUnTY, georgia 254 White,AshleyL.*;Nobles,RebeccaR.;Hollabaugh,CurtisL.: Thin SecTion anD Scanning elecTron microScoPe STUDY oF inclUSionS in ToPaZ From The ThomaS range, JUaB coUnTY, UTah 255 Day,DanielleN.*;Smith,ValarieJ.;Hollabaugh,CurtisL.:a mineralogical inVeSTigaTion oF roSe QUarTZ anD BanDing in QUarTZ From The hogg mine, lagrange, georgia 256 Smith,ValarieJ.*;Hollabaugh,CurtisL.:DiSTriBUTion oF leaD Wheel WeighTS in an UrBan SeTTing anD leaD conTaminaTion in Soil along UrBan roaDSiDeS: DeTermining The haZarD To healTh anD The enVironmenT anD increaSing PUBlic aWareneSS 257 Lunsford,JoelD.*;Hollabaugh,CurtisL.:Scanning elecTron microScoPe STUDY oF ToUrmaline From PegmaTiTeS in The SoUTheaSTern UniTeD STaTeS











39-39 39-40






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9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 153



39-53 258 Runyan,RyannM.*;Perison,ElizabethM.;Jackson, ChesterW.Jr.;Bush,DavidM.;Petruccelli,RochelleF.;Neal, WilliamJ.:moniToring Beach ProFile changeS: loWcoST coaSTal aSSeSSmenT TechniQUeS For coaSTal comParTmenT managemenT Planning 259 Perison,ElizabethM.*;Runyan,RyannM.;Siemer,KyleW.; Petruccelli,RochelleF.;Jackson,ChesterW.Jr.;Bush,DavidM.; Llerandi-Román,PabloA.;Neal,WilliamJ.:DeTaileD SUrFicial maPPing oF Small iSlanDS For coaSTal managemenT, PUerTo rico 260 Mayer,JamesR.*:Teaching UnDergraDUaTe hYDrogeologY USing an on-camPUS reSearch SiTe: reSUlTS From The UniVerSiTY oF WeST georgia geoScienceS DeParTmenT

SeSSion no. 41

T124. Potentially Toxic Elements in the Environment: A Session for Students (Posters) (Geochemical Society)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 41-1 41-2 272 Kappus,Eric*;Goodell,PhilipC.:lanDScaPe geochemiSTrY oF The SUPerior UPlanD ProVince, USa 273 Bugdalski,Lauren*;Lemke,LawrenceD.;McElmurry,ShawnP.: SPaTial VariaTion oF Soil leaD in an UrBan commUniTY garDen 274 Moore-Nall,Anita*;Lageson,DavidR.:eleVaTeD leaD in The Bighorn riVer maY Be naTUrallY DiSTriBUTeD ThroUgh reacTiVaTeD PrecamBrian FaUlT SYSTemS 275 Semrod,Kelsey*;Gourley,Jonathan:geomorPhological aPProach To ToXic Trace meTal DiSTriBUTion in The ParK riVer WaTerSheD (harTForD, cT) 276 Martin-Black,William*;Gourley,Jonathan:ToXic Trace meTal analYSiS anD TriBUTarY conFlUence SeDimenT maPPing WiThin The SoUTh Branch oF The ParK riVer, harTForD connecTicUT 277 Genden,TashiG.*;Gourley,Jonathan:WaTer anD SeDimenT QUaliTY in The TeeSTa riVer WaTerSheD, inDia 278 Dellea,Michael*;Allen,Douglas:DiSTriBUTion oF ToXic meTalS in SUrFace SeDimenT oF The norTh riVer anD ForeST riVer eSTUarieS, Salem, ma 279 Hall,VeronicaO.*;Webb,CathleenJ.;Kochasic,Michael; Polk,Jason;Davis,Celia:a recorD oF mercUrY accUmUlaTion in BaT gUano DePoSiTS 280 Romano,GinaYolanda*;McKibben,MichaelA.:KineTicS oF PYrrhoTiTe oXiDaTion in SeaWaTer: imPlicaTionS For mining SeaFloor hoTSPringS 281 Bilenker,Laura*;McKibben,MichaelA.:aBioTic oXiDaTion raTe oF chalcoPYriTe in SeaWaTer: imPlicaTionS For SeaFloor SUlFiDe mining 282 Montgomery,StephanieDanielle*;McKibben,MichaelA.: KineTicS oF ScheeliTe DiSSolUTion in groUnDWaTer: imPlicaTionS For enVironmenTal anD economic geologY 283 Robertson,WendyM.*;Sharp,JohnM.Jr.:VariaBiliTY oF niTraTe concenTraTionS aS an inDicaTor oF raPiD recharge To DeeP BaSin groUnDWaTerS, TranSPecoS TeXaS 284 Botzum,CathrineJ.*;Ejnik,John,W.;Converse,Kathryn;LaGarry, HannanE.;Bhattacharyya,Prajukti:UraniUm conTaminaTion in DrinKing WaTer in Pine riDge reSerVaTion, SoUThWeSTern SoUTh DaKoTa 285 Gamboa,Yaneth*;Fernandez,Waldy;Clapp,LeeW.:SUrVeY oF groUnDWaTer concenTraTionS oF UraniUm, raDon anD oTher conSTiTUenTS in KleBerg coUnTY, TeXaS 286 Baird,Matthew*;Horvath,LisaM.;Fredrick,KyleC.:SeaSonal anD chemical VariaBiliTY oF amD DiScharge in a PaSSiVe WeTlanD TreaTmenT SYSTem




SeSSion no. 40

T122. Sources, Transport, and Fate of Trace and Toxic Elements in the Environment (Posters) (International Association of GeoChemistry)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 40-1 261 Vannier,Ryan*;Grieve,Paul;Long,DavidT.:analYSiS oF PeaK DDT concenTraTion leVelS VS. PeaK ProDUcTion anD conSUmPTion leVelS oF DDT in michigan inlanD laKeS 262 Banzhaf,Stefan*;Krein,Andreas;Scheytt,TraugottJ.: laBoraTorY colUmn eXPerimenT on reDoXSenSiTiViTY anD TranSPorT BehaVioUr oF SelecTeD PharmaceUTical comPoUnDS 263 Woodruff,LaurelG.*;Cannon,WilliamF.;Smith,DavidB.: DiSTriBUTion oF Trace anD PoTenTiallY ToXic elemenTS in SoilS aT The naTional Scale ­ The USgS geochemical lanDScaPeS ProJecT 264 Rakshit,Sudipta*;Sarkar,Dibyendu;Elzinga,Evert;Punamiya, Pravin;Datta,Rupali:ciProFloXacin aDSorPTion on magneTiTe-WaTer inTerFace 265 Burns,DouglasA.*;Riva-Murray,Karen;Bradley,PaulM.;Aiken, GeorgeR.;Brigham,MarkE.:SPaTial conTrolS on ToTal anD meThYl hg in The UPPer hUDSon riVer BaSin, neW YorK, USa 266 Baker,Leandra*;Lowry,Fiona;Hasbargen,Leslie;Castendyk, DevinN.:eSTaBliShing a BaSeline anD a FingerPrinT oF groUnDWaTer chemiSTrY Prior To high VolUme horiZonTal gaS Drilling in oTSego coUnTY, neW YorK 267 Duzgoren-Aydin,NurdanS.;Jovanovic,Vladimir;Freile,Deborah; Shaw,RichardK.;Benimoff,AlanI.*:comParaTiVe STUDY oF DiSTriBUTion anD concenTraTionS oF heaVY meTalS in UrBan- anD ForeSTeD-SoilS in JerSeY ciTY, nJ anD STaTen iSlanD, nY 268 McDaniel,GabriellaR.*;Rademacher,LauraK.;Faul,KristinaL.; Burmeister,KurtisC.:The FaTe oF Trace meTalS in an UrBan WaTerSheD imPacTeD BY aciD mine Drainage 269 Kendall,MatthewR.*;Madden,AndrewS.;ElwoodMadden, MeganE.:raTeS anD ProDUcTS oF arSenoJaroSiTe DiSSolUTion 270 Rajapaksha,AnushkaUpamali*;Vithanage,Meththika;Oze, Christopher;Weerasooriya,R.;Bandara,W.M.A.T.:FormaTion oF cr(Vi) relaTeD To cr(iii)-mUScoViTe in Soil anD groUnDWaTer SYSTemS 271 McCleskey,R.Blaine*;Clor,Laura;Lowenstern,JacobB.;Evans, WilliamC.;Heasler,HankP.:geoThermal SolUTe FlUX moniToring USing elecTrical conDUcTiViTY in The Firehole riVer, YelloWSTone naTional ParK



41-6 41-7

















SeSSion no. 42

T125. Assessing Potential Impacts of Geological Carbon Sequestration on Groundwater Quality: Geochemical and Hydrological Approaches (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 42-1 287 Kraemer,StephenR.*:moDeling anD maPPing The area oF PoTenTial imPacT aSSociaTeD WiTh co2 inJecTion WellS 288 Smith,StanleyD.*;Solomon,D.Kip:aSSeSSing caProcK PermeaBiliTY USing heliUm SolUBiliTY in QUarTZ




154 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


42-3 289 Yang,Changbing*;Sheffer,Marisa;Scanlon,Bridget;Reedy, RobertC.;Romanak,KatherineDuncker;Lu,Jiemin;Nicot, Jean-Philippe:carBon DioXiDe inJecTion inTo ShalloW SeDimenTarY aQUiFer SYSTemS To aSSeSS PoTenTial DegraDaTion oF groUnDWaTer QUaliTY aT geological carBon SeQUeSTraTion SiTeS 290 Mulder,MichonL.*;Sharma,Shikha;Bevans,HughE.;White, JeremyS.;Paybins,KatherineS.:amBienT geochemical anD iSoToPic VariaTionS in WaTerS oF an area oF acceleraTing marcellUS Shale gaS DeVeloPmenT 291 Sharma,Shikha*;Sack,Andrea;Adams,JamesP.;Vesper, DorothyJ.;Edenborn,HarryM.;Capo,RosemaryC.:USing STaBle iSoToPeS To TracK SoUrceS anD FaTe oF carBon in high co 292 Barker,Robinson*;Watney,W.Lynn;Bhattacharya,Saibal; Strazisar,Brian;Kelly,Logan;Ford,Sophia;Datta,Saugata: mineralogY anD geochemiSTrY oF arBUcKle Saline aQUiFer in SoUTh cenTral KanSaS anD imPlicaTionS For co2 SeQUeSTraTion 293 Hellevang,Helge*;Alemu,BinyamLema;Aagaard,Per: moBiliZaTion oF elemenTS BY co2-mineral inTeracTionS 294 Thomas,Burt*;Kharaka,YousifK.;Rosenbauer,Robert;Janesko, David;Trutna,Jean-Marc:eXPerimenTal DeTerminaTion oF The co2-Brine ParTiTion BehaVior oF organic conTaminanTS anD Tracer comPoUnDS WiThin a geologic carBon STorage P-T enVeloPe 295 Yang,Qiang*;Goldberg,David;O'Mullan,Gregory;Matter,Juerg; Stute,Martin;Takahashi,Taro;Zakharova,Natalia;Clauson,Kale; Umemoto,Kelsey;Ai,Siyue:Biogeochemical reacTionS in reSPonSe To co2 leaKage in a TeST Well in The neWarK BaSin crYSTalliZaTion hiSTorieS in magmaTic SYSTemS anD inTerPreTing aShBeD geochronologY 43-8 303 Hill,Melissa*;Schmitz,MarkD.:origin oF The crYSTal loaD in Silicic magma SYSTemS: TanDem Zircon geochemiSTrY anD geochronologY in rhYoliTeS oF The WeSTern moUnT BenneTT hillS, SnaKe riVer Plain, iD



SeSSion no. 44



9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 44-1 304 Wulff,AndrewH.*;May,MichaelT.;Celestian,AaronJ.;Siewers, FredrickD.:PorTalS in The geologY cUrricUlUm For UnDergraDUaTe reSearch 305 Kluge,Steve*;Gulick,JamesII.:JUneaU iceFielD reSearch Program'S Pre-college SeSSion geTS TeacherS anD STUDenTS onTo glacierS anD inTo crYoSPhere reSearch 306 Schleifer,Stanley*;Khandaker,NazrulI.;Shami,Malek; Chaturgan,Thakur;Charles,Adisa:PoSSiBle eViDence oF "ParaconFormiTY" BeTWeen The manhaTTan SchiST anD The inWooD marBle, neW YorK ciTY 307 Price,BuddyJ.*;Driver,ChristopherB.;Conn,MarvinK.; May,MichaelT.:UnDerSTanDing The earTh SYSTem ThroUgh FielD anD DigiTal maPPing TechniQUeS in The miSSiSSiPPian anD PennSYlVanian oF WeSTern KenTUcKY 308 Yarbrough,LanceD.*;VanOploo,Angelle;Padgett,Alexander; Krieger,Amanda:USe oF SmarTPhoneS (relaTeD DeViceS anD aPPlicaTionS) in FielD geologY 309 Fukumoto,KathrynD.*:aSSeSSmenT oF raDon PoTenTial For SiTe-SPeciFic locaTionS on The miocene monTereY FormaTion in caliFornia: a raPiD anD coST-eFFecTiVe Screening meThoD 310 Fukumoto,LaurenE.*:imProVemenT in The accUracY oF raDon PoTenTial maPS USing localiZeD groUnD gamma raY SPecTromeTrY 311 Khandaker,NazrulI.*;Schleifer,Stanley;Ahmed,Masud; Ali,Zarine;Scott,Leah:DiSSeminaTion oF geological inFormaTion in aVoiDing geoTechnical riSKS aSSociaTeD WiTh TUnnel conSTrUcTion: leSSonS learneD From DeeP VoiDS in marBle in loWer manhaTTan, neW YorK ciTY 312 Soderlund,Lily*;Ransohoff,RebeccaWeiss;Townsend-Small, Amy:hoW mUch carBon can laWnS anD ForeSTS aBSorB in an UrBan enVironmenT? 313 Defabio,Darlene*;Solis,Stephanie;Gopal,Sneha;Ramraj, Shoma;Dhar,Ratan:TemPoral anD SPaTial VariaTion in occUrrence oF Fecal inDicaTor BacTeria (FiB) in meaDoW laKe, QUeenS, neW YorK ciTY 314 Klarner,JanineM.;Kissin,StephenA.*:hYDroThermal Bleaching oF ameThYST aT The ThUnDer BaY ameThYST mine, onTario 315 Khandaker,NazrulI.*;Schleifer,Stanley;Ahmed,Masud; Singh,Andrew;Defabio,Darlene;Tirmizi,Atiqa;Molteni, Andrew:Sharing geological inFormaTion in UrBan inFraSTrUcTUre DeVeloPmenT, managemenT, anD creaTing PUBlic aWareneSS: cloSe collaBoraTion BeTWeen neW YorK ciTY goVernmenTal agencieS anD acaDemia 316 Lobato,Andrea*;Torres,Tiffany;Huerta,Cristina;Ortega,Maritza; Sanders,Daquasia;Bloomfield,Florence;Newton,Robert;Allen,







SeSSion no. 43

T128. EARTHTIME Geochronology: Improving Age Interpretations through Integration and Intercalibration (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 43-1 296 Ditchburn,R.G.*;Barry,B.J.;Graham,I.J.;Levy,R.; Vandergoes,M.;Zondervan,A.:raDiomeTric DaTing oF SeDimenT From laKeS ohaU anD TeKaPo, neW ZealanD 297 Rivera,TiffanyA.*;Storey,Michael;Palike,Heiko;Zeeden, Christian:conSTraining The age oF The maTUYamaBrUnheS reVerSal USing inTercaliBraTeD 40ar/39ar anD aSTronomical ageS oF The BiShoP TUFF anD aUSTralaSian TeKTiTe 298 Ma,Chao*;Meyers,StephenR.;Sageman,BradleyB.;Joo, YoungJi;Singer,BradS.:TeSTing The aSTronomical Time Scale For oceanic anoXic eVenT 2, anD iTS eXTenSion inTo cenomanian STraTa oF The WeSTern inTerior BaSin (U.S.a.) 299 Joo,YoungJi*;Hurtgen,MatthewT.;Sageman,BradleyB.: laTe creTaceoUS STaBle carBon iSoToPe chemoSTraTigraPhY, WeSTern inTerior BaSin 300 DeVleeschouwer,David;Whalen,MichaelT.;Day,JamesE.; Claeys,Philippe*:cYcloSTraTigraPhic caliBraTion oF The FraSnian (laTe DeVonian) Time-Scale (WeSTern alBerTa, canaDa) 301 Davydov,Vladimir*;Schmitz,Mark;Korn,Dieter:The hangenBerg eVenT WaS aBrUPT anD ShorT aT The gloBal Scale: The QUanTiTaTiVe inTergraTion anD inTercaliBraTion oF BioTic anD geochronologic DaTa WiThin The DeVonian-carBoniFeroUS TranSiTion 302 Schoene,Blair*;Schaltegger,Urs;Samperton,KyleM.:U-PB TimS-Tea: a neW Tool For UnDerSTanDing Zircon
















9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 155


T146. Student-Involved Research Experience in Earth-System Science: An Effective Tool for Recruitment and Retention in the Geosciences (Posters) (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; Council on Undergraduate Research)


Katherine;Vincent,Susan:haBiTaT USe oF FUnDUlUS heTerocliTUS in a marSh DominaTeD BY inVaSiVe PhragmiTeS aUSTraliS in The hUDSon riVer eSTUarY 44-14 317 Singh,Andrew*;Singh,Kevin;Ramesh,Rachita;Pasram, Kirendra;Dhar,Ratan:The eValUaTion oF The eFFiciencY oF BiocharS in remoVal oF enVironmenTal conTaminanTS 318 Finan,Katherine*;Townsend-Small,Amy;Nash,David: increaSeD STream DiScharge in UrBaniZeD SoUThern caliFornia WaTerSheDS 319 Torres,Destiny*;Fernandez,Rossibel;Lopez,Marshalee;Lopez, Cristal;Haroon,Areej;Peteet,Dorothy;Allen,Katherine;Vincent, Susan:inFlUence oF VegeTaTion TYPe on The carBon conTenT oF SeDimenT in PiermonT marSh, hUDSon riVer eSTUarY 320 Rouzyi,Zulekha*;Shami,Malek;Khandaker,NazrulI.;Schleifer, Stanley:a geochemical anD SeDimenTological SUrVeY oF The norThern gaTeWaY nra, neW YorK ciTY, ParT ii 321 Tirmizi,Atiqa*;Singh,Andrew;Khandaker,NazrulI.;Schleifer, Stanley;Quadros,Roselina;Dhar,Ratan:hanDhelD X-raY FlUoreScence (XrF) aS a raPiD anD reliaBle Tool For enVironmenTal moniToring oF SoliDS 322 Doughty,TravisM.*;Johnson,AaronW.:PiloT STUDY oF heaVY meTal chemiSTrY oF caVe SeDimenTS in The SPringFielD (mo) PlaTeaU 323 Maldonado,Lisa;Parvin,Momana;Dhar,Sutapa;Anciro, Stephanie;Singh,Andrew;Tirmizi,Atiqa;Dhar,Ratan*: occUrrence oF Fecal inDicaTiVe BacTeria (FiB) in laKeS anD PonDS oF QUeenS coUnTY, neW YorK ciTY, USa 324 Nissen,ChelseaI.*;Walsh,EmilyO.:DiFFUSion in eclogiTe garneTS From The norTh QaiDam (U) hP meTamorPhic BelT, china, anD iTS imPlicaTionS For ThermoBaromeTrY 325 Reiners,James*;Hall,Cynthia:leaD conTaminaTion analYSiS in PhilaDelPhia, Pa 326 Powers,Michael*;Celestian,AaronJ.:ion SelecTiViTY STUDieS on nanoPoroUS crYSTal STrUcTUreS 327 Dhar,Sutapa;Anciro,Stephanie;Dhar,Ratan*:SimUlTaneoUS DeTerminaTion oF coPPer, caDmiUm, leaD anD Zinc in naTUral WaTerS BY DiFFerenTial PUlSe caThoDic STriPPing VolTammeTrY (DPcSV) 328 Ransohoff,RebeccaWeiss*;Soderlund,Lily;Townsend-Small, Amy:eValUaTion oF niTroUS oXiDe anD meThane FlUXeS in UrBan laWnS anD ForeSTrY 329 Parvin,Momana;Dhar,Sutapa;Anciro,Stephanie;Maldonado, Lisa;Quadros,Roselina;Singh,Andrew;Chan,Joyce;Dhar, Ratan*:The imPacT oF UrBaniZaTion anD lanD-USe on SUrFace WaTer QUaliTY in QUeenS coUnTY oF neW YorK ciTY 45-7 45-4 333 Lincoln,BethZ.*;Lincoln,TimothyN.;Wilch,ThomasI.;Menold, Carrie;McRivette,MichaelW.:alBion college'S ore eXPloraTion game: an inTegraTiVe eXerciSe 334 Kluge,Steve*;Goodwillie,AndrewM.:geomapapp learning acTiViTieS: "oFF The ShelF" learning acTiViTieS For The geoScience claSSroom 335 Buss,AlanR.*;Myers,JamesD.:PreParing STUDenTS To aDDreSS granD challengeS ThroUgh miXeD moDe caSe STUDieS: i. golD, SoUTh aFrica anD reSoUrce aVailaBiliTY 336 Myers,JamesD.*;Buss,AlanR.:PreParing STUDenTS To aDDreSS granD challengeS ThroUgh miXeD moDe caSe STUDieS: ii. coal, china, anD The energYclimaTe neXUS 337 Mitchell,SaraGran*;Kelley,JudeA.:marS rocKS! USing laSer-inDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroScoPY (liBS) in an inTroDUcTorY geologY coUrSe 338 Harris,Sara*;Gilley,Brett:"inVenTion" acTiViTieS in an inTroDUcTorY laB: mineralS, rocKS, BioDiVerSiTY, anD earThQUaKeS 339 Callahan,CaitlinN.*;Hayden,TravisG.;Sibert,RyanJ.;Ewald, StephanieK.:an inQUirY-BaSeD aPProach To Teaching aBoUT The inTernal STrUcTUre oF The earTh 340 Barney,JeffreyA.*;Petcovic,HeatherL.:DiScoVering michigan'S geologic PaST: a hanDS-on acTiViTY For Teaching regional geologic hiSTorY 341 Glesener,Gary*:analog moDelS From The moDeling anD eDUcaTional DemonSTraTionS laBoraTorY aT Ucla 342 Slator,BrianM.*;Saini-Eidukat,Bernhardt;Schwert,DonaldP.; Borchert,Otto;Hokanson,Guy;Forness,Sara;Kariluoma,Matti: The egeo VirTUal WorlD For enVironmenTal Science eDUcaTion 343 Savarese,Michael*;Schmidt,Diane:conFronTing anD correcTing miSconcePTionS in PaleonTologY ThroUgh USe oF The concePTUal change moDel 344 Hall,Cynthia*:heaVY meTalS in WeST cheSTer, Pa: an oPen-enDeD, inQUirY-BaSeD ProJecT BY STUDenTS in enVironmenTal geochemiSTY 345 Campbell,Karen*:riVer on The roaD: The PoWer oF FloWing WaTer anD moVing SanD 346 Pound,KateS.*;Campbell,KarenM.:eXerciSeS For 3D anaglYPh maPS: USing SimPle ViSUal oBSerVaTion To inTroDUce comPleX geologic hiSTorieS

















44-22 44-23 44-24


45-16 45-17



aFTernoon oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 46

Geoscience Education II: Teaching and Assessment Strategies for Enhancing and Monitoring Student Learning in Geoscience Courses

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208AB LeilaniArthurs,SarahBeanSherman,andJohnR.McDaris,Presiding 46-1 1:30PM McConnell,David;Iverson,Ellen*;Budd,David;Henry, Darrell;Kraft,KatrienJ.vanderHoeven;McDaris,JohnR.; Macdonald,Heather;Manduca,Cathryn;Srogi,LeeAnn; Viskupic,Karen:a PreliminarY SnaPShoT oF geoScience Teaching aT US collegeS anD UniVerSiTieS 1:45PM Jones,Francis*;Johnson,CatherineL.:aSSeSSing The imPacTS oF a highlY inTeracTiVe PlaneTarY Science elecTiVe coUrSe For Senior Science STUDenTS

SeSSion no. 45

T157. Innovative Hands-on Geoscience Lab and Class Activities for use in Undergraduate Teaching (Posters) (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 45-1 330 King,ChrisJ.H.*;Kennett,Peter;Devon,Elizabeth: earThlearningiDea, a gloBal on-line reSoUrce oF earTh Science learning acTiViTieS 331 Urban,MichaelJ.*:analYZing reFlecTance SPecTra oF mineralS anD PlaneTarY SUrFaceS 332 Teruya,LeAnne*:USing STicK FigUre DraWingS anD PerliTe hillS To eXPlore The caUSeS anD eFFecTS oF maSS WaSTing

45-2 45-3


156 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


46-3 2:00PM Kortz,KarenM.*;Smay,JessicaJ.:aSSeSSing learning gainS From imPlemenTing lecTUre TUTorialS in The claSSroom 2:15PM Gilley,BrettHollis*:WhaT Do YoU See? USing ViDeo For Pre/PoST aSSeSSmenT oF inTeracTiVe engagemenT 2:30PM Arthurs,Leilani*:aSSeSSing STUDenT learning in inTroDUcTorY-leVel oceanograPhY coUrSeS 2:45PM Berg,ChristopherA.*:engaging a miXeD aUDience oF geoScience maJorS anD non-Science maJorS in an enVironmenTal geologY coUrSe: eXamPleS oF inTeracTiVe aPProacheS anD acTiViTieS 3:00PM Break 3:15PM MacLean,JohnS.*:a TriSecTeD enVironmenTal geologY coUrSe 3:30PM Sherman,SarahBean*:engaging STUDenTS To learn WiTh inTeracTiVe acTiViTieS anD aSSeSSing learning 3:45PM Lutz,Tim*:PUTTing PeoPle anD riSK in The Same PicTUre Via haZarD enSemBle DiagramS 4:00PM Reese,JosephF.*:USing homeWorK aSSignmenTS in a lecTUre-onlY geologic haZarDS coUrSe To SimUlaTe a laBoraTorY eXPerience anD enhance STUDenT learning 4:15PM Cornell,SeanR.*:Teaching geohaZarDS in oUr BacKYarD: USing caSe STUDieS in cenTral PennSYlVania anD coaSTal Virginia To engage STUDenTS in geoScience 4:30PM McDaris,JohnR.*:Teaching aBoUT haZarDS in The geoScience claSSroom 4:45PM Snow,Eleanour*;Ratcliff,DouglasC.:aDDreSSing inaDeQUaTe maTh PreParaTion, a geoScience maJor'S FirST STUmBling BlocK 5:00PM Chan,MarjorieA.*;Hatch,Ammon:SmarTPhone anD PoDcaST aPPlicaTionS To eXPanD The eDUcaTional enVironmenT 5:15PM Mandia,Scott;Abraham,John*;Weymann,Ray;Ashley, Michael:The climaTe Science raPiD reSPonSe Team ­ a moDel For Science commUnicaTion

SeSSion no. 48

Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100BC N.SethRose,Presiding 48-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Hanson,KevinJohn*:DeVeloPmenT anD aSSeSSmenT oF a giS BaSeD moDel To iDenTiFY SanD anD graVel reSoUrce PoTenTial To aSSiST in The acceleraTion oF aggregaTe reSoUrce maPPing BY The minneSoTa DeParTmenT oF naTUral reSoUrceS 2:00PM Gaber,Ahmed*;Koch,Magaly;Sato,Motoyuki;El-Baz, Farouk:aloS/PalSar SUBSUrFace imaging oF a BUrieD FoUnDaTion in The WeSTern DeSerT, egYPT 2:15PM Held,Bjorn*;Gomez,Francisco:aPPlicaTion oF remoTe SenSing TechniQUeS To DeTermine The KinemaTicS oF The BUll laKe creeK lanDSliDe, WinD riVer moUnTainS, WYoming 2:30PM McAlpin,DavidB.*;Meyer,FranzJ.:meaSUremenT oF PoST-erUPTiVe Volcanic DeFormaTion anD DePoSiTional FeaTUreS USing high-reSolUTion remoTe SenSing DaTa 2:45PM Weaver,StephenG.*:BeYonD The SnaPShoT: maKing The eXcellenT geo-PhoTograPh in The FielD 3:00PM Break 3:15PM Matthews,NeffraA.*;Noble,TommyA.;Musiba,Charles; Breithaupt,BrentH.:STePPing From The PaST To The FUTUre: cloSe-range PhoTogrammeTrY aT The laeToli FooTPrinT SiTe in TanZania 3:30PM Benimoff,AlanI.*:FUrTher giS geologic anD lanDUSe STUDieS oF STaTen iSlanD, neW YorK 3:45PM Rose,N.Seth*;Ghoneim,Eman:aSSeSSing FlaSh FlooD riSK in JeDDah, SaUDi araBia UTiliZing SPace DaTa anD hYDrological moDeling 4:00PM Ghoneim,Eman*:ancienT mega riVerS, inlanD DelTaS anD laKe BaSinS oF The eaSTern Sahara: a raDar remoTe SenSing inVeSTigaTion 4:15PM Pollyea,Ryan*;Fairley,JerryP.:eValUaTing errorS in leaST-SQUareS BaSeD SUrFace roUghneSS moDelS For analYZing TerreSTrial liDar DaTa 4:30PM AbuBakr,Mostafa*;Ghoneim,Eman;El-Baz,Farouk; Zeineldin,Mahmoud;Zeid,Salah:USe oF raDar DaTa To UnVeil The STrUcTUrallY conTrolleD PaleolaKeS along The anceSTral channel oF WaDi el-ariSh, Sinai, egYPT 4:45PM concluding remarks


46-5 46-6


46-7 46-8


46-9 46-10


48-5 48-6


46-12 46-13

48-7 48-8





SeSSion no. 47


1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102BC R.C.Tacker,Presiding 47-1 1:30PM Veni,George*:TecTonic DeVeloPmenT anD mineralogY oF a rhYoliTe caVe in Big BenD naTional ParK, TeXaS, USa 1:45PM Dutch,StevenI.*:mUSheralS: hYPer-hYDroUS mineralS 2:00PM Steele,IanM.*:comPariSon oF erioniTe From n. DaKoTa anD cenTral TUrKeY 2:15PM Russell,AshleyK.*;Kitajima,Kouki;Strickland,Ariel; Medaris,L.G.Jr.;Spicuzza,M.J.;Valley,J.W.:o Zoning in eclogiTe garneT - a recorD oF eVolVing high PreSSUre FlUiDS 2:30PM Triplett,Jason*;Saini-Eidukat,Bernhardt: characTeriZaTion oF FiBroUS ZeoliTeS From WeSTern norTh DaKoTa 2:45PM Tacker,R.C.*;Douglas,N.K.;Torres,C.R.;Brown,C.: eValUaTion oF naTUral aPaTiTeS aS FTir STanDarDS 3:00PM Ihinger,PhillipD.*;Prechel,RyanD.;Kawatski,DavidJ.; Steltz,DanielJ.:eUheDral hYDroThermal QUarTZ: QUanTiFYing groWTh TimeS anD ViSUaliZing The morPhologic eVolUTion oF naTUral crYSTalS 48-11

47-2 47-3 47-4

SeSSion no. 49

Tectonics: Recent Advances in Tectonics

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200A-C YildirimDilekandBernardGuest,Presiding 49-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Dilek,Yildirim*:TecTonic eVolUTion oF The aFrica/ araBia­anaTolia PlaTe BoUnDarieS anD The cenoZoic orogenic BelTS in The eaSTern meDiTerranean region 1:50PM Guest,Bernard*;Matthews,WilliamA.:a reaSSeSSmenT oF The Timing oF The araBia-eUraSia colliSion WiTh regional anD gloBal imPlicaTionS 2:05PM Matthews,WilliamA.*;Guest,Bernard:meSoZoic moDiFicaTion oF The araBian riFT margin: conSeQUenceS For cenoZoic eVolUTion






9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 157



49-4 2:20PM Huber,KathrynG.*;Catlos,Elizabeth:geochemiSTrY anD geochronologY oF oPhioliTic rocKS in The ToKaT maSSiF, norTh-cenTral TUrKeY 2:35PM Shin,TimothyA.*;Catlos,Elizabeth:TecTonic relaTionShiPS BeTWeen VerY high PreSSUre SUBDUcTion comPleX aSSemBlageS anD coeXiSTing graniToiDS in The TaVSanli Zone, SiVrihiSar maSSiF, TUrKeY 2:50PM Kaymakci,Nuretdin*:TecTonicS anD TeThYan eVolUTion oF Se anaTolian orogen 3:05PM Discussion 3:20PM Oner,Zeynep*;Dilek,Yildirim:SUPraDeTachmenT BaSin eVolUTion in conTinenTal eXTenSion: The aegean ProVince oF WeSTern anaTolia, TUrKeY 3:35PM Mushkin,Amit*;Gillespie,AlanR.;Feathers,JamesK.; Bayasgalan,A.:neW conSTrainTS on laTe QUaTernarY SliP raTeS along The goBi-alTaY FaUlT in SW mongolia 3:50PM Chatterjee,Sankar*;Goswami,Arghya;Scotese, ChristopherR.:The longeST JoUrneY: manTle PlUme, conTinenTal riFTing, colliSion TecTonicS anD eVolUTion oF The inDian PlaTe 4:05PM Break 4:20PM Howard,ChristopherW.*;Huebner,MatthewT.;Hatcher, RobertD.Jr.:DeTaileD geologic maPPing oF a PlUTonic comPleX in The SoUThern aPPalachian inner PieDmonT: geochemical anD geochronologic analYSeS anD Their TecTonic imPlicaTionS 4:35PM Carter,MarkW.*;Southworth,Scott;Merschat,Arthur J.;Smoot,Joseph;Aleinikoff,JohnN.;Tollo,RichardP.; Holm-Denoma,ChristopherS.:neW geologic maPPing anD reSearch in The george WaShingTon, JeFFerSon, cheroKee anD PiSgah naTional ForeSTS, aPPalachian BlUe riDge, Va-nc-Tn 4:50PM Crook,PaulaJ.*:PlaTe TecTonicS oF The norTh american conTinenT aT The KP BoUnDarY anD imPlicaTionS For a TerreSTrial caUSe in The greaT KP eXTincTion conTroVerSY 50-10 50-11 50-7 3:45PM Hawkesworth,ChrisJ.*;Cawood,PeterA.;Dhuime,Bruno: arThUr holmeS anD The eVolUTion oF The conTinenTal crUST 4:15PM Busby,CathyJ.*:groWTh oF conTinenTS aT eXTenSional arcS: a VieW From The UPPer crUST 4:30PM Dickson,FrankW.*;Dickson,EllizabethE.:holme'S conVecTiVe oVerTUrn, graniTeS, rhieDS; DicKSon'S reacTion cellS, SolUTionS, liQUiD To SoliD raTionS (l/X) 4:45PM Dalziel,IanW.D.*:arThUr holmeS: a 21st cenTUrY legacY in conTinenTal DriFT 5:00PM Gurnis,Michael*:The FoUr DimenSional DYnamic earTh




49-6 49-7


SeSSion no. 51

T6. Combining Geology and Geophysics (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101H-J KevinMickusandAudreyHuerta,Presiding 51-1 1:30PM Pierce,HerbertA.*;Doctor,DanielH.:mUlTi-reSolUTion geoPhYSical inVeSTigaTionS anD geologic maPPing oF a manTleD KarST aQUiFer, BrierY Branch QUaDrangle, Virginia, USa 1:45PM Berglund,JamesL.*;Mickus,Kevin;Gouzie,Douglas: reSiSTance iS noT FUTile: geoPhYSical SUrVeYS oF KarST FeaTUreS USing elecTrical reSiSTiViTY, SPringFielD, miSSoUri 2:00PM Dailey,DaleR.*;Sauck,WilliamA.;Sultan,MohamedI.; Milewski,Adam;Laton,Richard;Foster,John: geoPhYSical anD remoTe SenSing aPPlicaTionS For BeTTer UnDerSTanDing oF The STrUcTUral (FaUlTS/BaSemenT UPliFTS) conTrolS on groUnDWaTer FloW in The lUcerne ValleY, caliFornia 2:15PM Harry,DennisL.*;Sanford,WilliamE.;Woodworth,Josh; Damiata,BrianN.:eSTimaTing hYDrogeologic ProPerTieS From Time-laPSe graViTY meaSUremenTS: a FielD STUDY oF an UnconFineD allUVial aQUiFer 2:35PM Hamilton,EvanMatthew*;Elmore,R.Douglas;Weaver, Barry:PaleomagneTic anD PeTrological inVeSTigaTion oF long moUnTain graniTe, WichiTa moUnTainS, oKlahoma 2:50PM Wamalwa,AntonyMunika*;Serpa,LauraF.;Mickus, KevinL.:geoPhYSical characTeriZaTion oF The menengai Volcano, cenTral KenYa riFT From The analYSiS oF magneToTellUric anD graViTY DaTa 3:05PM Break 3:20PM Drenth,BenjaminJ.*;Grauch,V.J.S.;Thompson,RenA.; Turner,KenzieJ.;Rodriguez,BrianD.:STrUcTUre anD Volcanic geologY oF The rio granDe riFT in The SoUThern San lUiS BaSin, norThern neW meXico ­ inSighTS From geoPhYSicS 3:40PM Chandler,Val*;Lively,RichardS.:aPPlicaTion oF The h/V PaSSiVe SeiSmic meThoD in minneSoTa: Some PreliminarY inSighTS 3:55PM Keller,G.Randy*:inTegraTeD geological anD geoPhYSical STUDieS oF STrUcTUre anD eVolUTion oF cenTral eUroPe 4:15PM Fultz,TravisL.*;Mickus,KevinL.:a graViTY anD magneToTellUric analYSiS oF The greaT FallS TecTonic Zone anD WYoming craTonic BoUnDarY 4:30PM Huerta,Audrey*;Blythe,AnnE.;Utevsky,Elinor: collaPSe oF a meSoZoic WeST anTarcTic








SeSSion no. 50

P2. Honoring British Geologist Arthur Holmes (1890­1965) for Contributions to Geochronology, Plate Tectonics, and the Origin of Granite (Geological Society London; GSA International Section; International Association of GeoChemistry; GSA History and Philosophy of Geology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101A-C RussellS.HarmonandJonDavidson,Presiding 50-1 50-2 50-3 1:30PM Lewis,CherryL.E.*:arThUr holmeS'S ScienTiFic legacY 1:55PM Parrish,RandallR.*:The earlY geniUS anD legacY oF arThUr holmeS To U-PB geochronologY 2:25PM Collins,WilliamJoseph*;Belousova,Elena.A.;Kemp, TonyI.S.;Murphy,J.Brendan:TWo conTraSTing PhaneroZoic orogenic SYSTemS on earTh reVealeD BY hF iSoToPe DaTa From Zircon 2:40PM Galvin,Cyril*:incremenTal eVolUTion oF The age oF The earTh 2:55PM Davidson,Jon*:iniTial raTioS, inDiViDUal mineralS anD inconSiSTenT ageS 3:15PM Selby,David*:a hiSTorY anD FUTUre inSighTS oF rheniUm-oSmiUm geochronologY oF SeDimenTarY rocKS, PeTroleUm SYSTemS, anD ore DePoSiTS





50-4 50-5 50-6




158 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


PlaTeaU: eViDence From loW TemPeraTUre ThermochronologY anD geoDYnamical moDelling 51-12 51-13 4:45PM Stein,CarolA.*:inVeSTigaTing The caUSeS oF oceanic DePTh anomalieS 5:00PM Ebeling,CarlW.*;Stein,Seth:SeiSmic iDenTiFicaTion oF hUrricaneS: SeeKing The Signal neeDle in The noiSe haYSTacK 52-11 4:45PM From,Richard*;Larson,Kyle;Kellett,Dawn:geologic FrameWorK oF The UPPer liKhU Khola region, eaST-cenTral nePal 5:00PM Rowley,DavidB.*;Currie,BrianS.;Polissar,PratigyaJ.: PaleoalTimeTrY oF The TiBeTan PlaTeaU 5:20PM concluding remarks


SeSSion no. 53

T10. Toward a Better Understanding of the Uplift History and Mechanisms of the Tibetan Plateau (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200DE JunshengNieandGregoryD.Hoke,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 52-1 1:35PM Nie,Junsheng*;Song,Yougui;Stockli,DanielF.;Möller, Andreas;Oalmann,JeffreyA.;King,JohnW.;Fang,Xiaomin: TecTonic anD PaleoclimaTic hiSTorY recorDeD BY a 8-mYr-long loeSS SeQUence in china: PreliminarY reSUlTS From rocK magneTic anD Zircon Thermo- anD geo-chronologY STUDieS 1:50PM Passey,Benjamin*;Suarez,Marina;Kaakinen,Anu:laTe miocene anD Pliocene eaST aSian monSoon circUlaTion inFerreD From mUlTiPleiSoToPologUe SignaTUreS oF PaleoSol carBonaTeS From norThern china 2:05PM Saylor,JoelE.*;DeCelles,PeterG.;Quade,Jay:a higheleVaTion TerreSTrial recorD oF orBiTal cYcliciTY DriVen enVironmenTal change From The ZhaDa BaSin, SoUThWeSTern TiBeTan PlaTeaU 2:20PM Fang,Xiaomin*;Song,Chunhui;Yan,Maodu;Gao,Junping; Zhang,Weilin:TWo PhaSeS oF increaSeD TecTonic acTiViTY oF The Qilian moUnTain anD The alTYn Tagh FaUlT: eViDence From SeDimenTarY BaSin analYSiS in The heXi corriDor BaSin, ne TiBeT 2:40PM Zhuang,Guangsheng*;Hourigan,Jeremy;Koch,Paul; Ritts,Bradley;Kent-Corson,MalindaL.:iSoToPic conSTrainTS on inTenSiFieD ariDiTY in cenTral aSia aroUnD 12 ma 2:55PM Clark,MarinK.*;Duvall,AlisonR.;Farley,KennethA.; Lease,Richard;Burbank,Doug;Craddock,William;Kirby, Eric;Zheng,Dewen;Wang,Zhicai:DeFormaTion anD eXhUmaTion hiSTorY oF norTheaSTern TiBeT 3:15PM Discussion 3:30PM Break 3:45PM Zhao,Zhijun*;Granger,DarrylE.;Zhang,Maoheng;Hu, Erya;Yan,Yujing;Li,Ying:a 4 million Year recorD oF Paleo-eroSion raTeS From The Qilian Shan, china 4:00PM Kirby,Eric*;Wang,Erqi;vanSoest,Matthijs;Xu,G.; Furlong,KevinP.;Kamp,Peter;Hodges,K.V.;Shi,X.: When DiD The eaSTern TiBeTan PlaTeaU Become eleVaTeD? 4:15PM McCallister,AndrewT.*;Taylor,MichaelH.;Stockli,DanielF.; Murphy,Michael:The laTe cenoZoic TecTonic eVolUTion oF The gUrla manDhaTa DeTachmenT SYSTem, SoUThWeST TiBeT 4:30PM Styron,RichardH.*;Taylor,MichaelH.;Stockli,DanielF.; Sundell,KurtE.;McCallister,AndrewT.;Ding,Lin;Liu, Deliang:The SoUTh lUnggar riFT, WeSTern TiBeT: raTeS, Timing anD eVolUTion oF an acTiVe DeTachmenT SYSTem From STrUcTUral maPPing anD (U-Th)/he ThermochronologY

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102D-F EmilyM.PetermanandMatthewJ.Kohn,Presiding 53-1 1:30PM Kelly,Nigel*;Koenig,AlanE.;Harley,SimonL.:Trace elemenTS in maJor anD acceSSorY mineralS aS gUiDeS To UnDerSTanDing The geochemical anD TecTonoThermal eVolUTion oF orogenic BelTS 1:50PM Cubley,JoelF.*;Pattison,DavidR.M.;Tinkham,DouglasK.: monaZiTe PeTrogeneSiS in The granD ForKS comPleX, B.c.: comBining ThermoDYnamic moDeling anD geochronologY To eXamine core comPleX eXhUmaTion 2:05PM Moore,StephanieJ.*;Carlson,WilliamD.;Hesse, MarcA.:imPacT oF TemPeraTUre-Time PaThS on groWTh Zoning oF rare earTh elemenTS in meTamorPhic garneT 2:20PM Dutrow,BarbaraL.*;Miller,NathanR.;Carlson,WilliamD.: liThiUm anD Trace-elemenT incorPoraTion inTo meTaPeliTic mineralS: neW DaTa From la-icP-mS meaSUremenTS 2:35PM Carrigan,CharlesW.*;Eccles,KathrynA.;Eddy,Tim; Schkerke,Chris:Zr-in-rUTile ThermomeTrY oF PeliTic SchiSTS in The SoUThern aPPalachian BlUe riDge 2:50PM McAleer,RyanJ.*;Proctor,Brooks;Kunk,M.J.;Wintsch, R.P.:eXceSS argon in micaS From The claSSic BarroVian meTamorPhic SeQUence in DUTcheSS coUnTY, neW YorK 3:05PM Break 3:20PM Carlson,WilliamD.*:PhYSicochemical conTrolS on reacTion KineTicS anD eQUiliBraTion: SomeTimeS TUrning UP The heaT DoeSn'T maTTer mUch... 3:40PM Chakraborty,Sumit*:KineTic conTrolS on ThermoBaromeTrY: The comPlimenTarY STrengThS oF PSeUDoSecTionS anD inDiViDUal reacTionS 3:55PM Nabelek,Peter*;Whittington,Alan;Hofmeister,Anne: imPlicaTionS oF TemPeraTUre-DePenDenT Thermal DiFFUSiViTY For heaT FloW in The meTamorPhic realm 4:10PM Brown,Michael*:The crUSTal archiVe oF meTamorPhic TemPeraTUreS: a recorD oF SecUlar change in The Thermal enVironmenTS oF crUSTal reWorKing DUring orogeneSiS 4:25PM Hickey,KennethA.;Dipple,GregoryM.*;Barker,ShaunL.L.: The BreViTY oF hYDroThermal FlUiD FloW reVealeD BY Thermal haloeS aroUnD gianT aU-DePoSiTS 4:40PM Drivenes,Kristian*;Sorensen,BjornEske;Larsen,R.B.: meTaSomaTiSm oF maFic gneiSS in aSSociaTion WiTh Brine inFilTraTion ­ FlUiD inclUSionS, Semcl anD mineralogical recorD oF The FlUiD inFilTraTion





















9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 159


SeSSion no. 52

T35. Turning up the Heat: Metamorphic Perspectives on Mineral Equilibria, Heat Transport, Tectonics, and Thermochronology (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America)


53-13 4:55PM Ferry,JohnM.*:mgPV DiSTingUiSheD geologic career aWarD lecTUre: When The heaT iS TUrneD UP, looK oUT For The hoT WaTer

SeSSion no. 55

T54. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Studying the Causes and Consequences of Mass Extinction: Geochemistry, Paleoecology, and Paleoenvironments II (Paleontological Society)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200H-J MarcLaflammeandSimonA.F.Darroch,Presiding 55-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:40PM Zakharov,YuriD.*;Popov,AlexanderM.:recoVerY oF BrachioPoD anD ammonoiD FaUnaS FolloWing The enD-Permian criSiS: aDDiTional eViDence From The loWer TriaSSic oF The rUSSian Far eaST anD KaZaKhSTan 1:55PM Clapham,MatthewE.*;Payne,JonathanL.:The enDPermian maSS eXTincTion ­ a TemPlaTe For co2DriVen BioTic criSeS 2:15PM Bachan,Aviv*;vandeSchootbrugge,Bas;Payne, JonathanL.:coUPleD organic anD carBonaTe 13c recorDS oF The laTe TriaSSic anD earlY JUraSSic in norThern iTalY: imPlicaTionS For carBon cYcling DUring The aFTermaTh oF The enD-TriaSSic maSS eXTincTion 2:30PM Pálfy,József*;Zajzon,Norbert:conSTrainTS on TriaSSic-JUraSSic BoUnDarY eVenTS From geochemiSTrY anD mineralogY oF The KenDlBachgraBen SecTion (norThern calcareoUS alPS, aUSTria) 2:45PM Miller,JoshuaH.*;Bahn,Volker:BiogeograPhY oF The norTh american PleiSTocene megaFaUnal eXTincTion 3:00PM Alroy,John*:neW STaTiSTical meThoDS SUggeST greaTer SeVeriTY oF The creTaceoUSPaleogene maSS eXTincTion anD FaSTer recoVerieS From iT 3:15PM Esmeray-Senlet,Selen*;Olsson,RichardK.;Miller, KennethG.;Sherrell,RobertM.;Browning,JamesV.; Field,PaulM.;Gallagher,WilliamB.;Sugarman,PeterJ.; Tuorto,Steven;Wahyudi,Hendra:neW JerSeY aS a microcoSm oF The creTaceoUS/Paleogene BoUnDarY eVenT: maSS eXTincTion, recoVerY anD moBile iriDiUm 3:30PM Hsiang,AllisonY.*:an oXYgen iSoToPe TemPeraTUre recorD oF The hell creeK FormaTion oF norTh DaKoTa/monTana anD iTS aPPlicaTion To TUrTle PaleoecologY acroSS The K-P BoUnDarY 3:45PM Break 4:00PM Keller,Gerta*;Adatte,Thierry;Reddy,A.N.;Jaiprakash,B.C.; Bhowmick,P.K.;Upadhyay,H.;Dave,A.:Deccan TraPS DirecTlY linKeD To KTB maSS eXTincTion anD DelaYeD recoVerY 4:15PM Gertsch,Brian*;Keller,Gerta;Adatte,Thierry: enVironmenTal eFFecTS oF Deccan VolcaniSm acroSS The creTaceoUS-TerTiarY TranSiTion in meghalaYa, inDia 4:30PM Adatte,Thierry*;Keller,Gerta:age oF The chicXUlUB imPacT anD maSS eXTincTion, BraZoS riVer, TeXaS, USa 4:45PM Denne,RichardA.*;Scott,ErikD.;Kaiser,JamesS.; Eickhoff,DavidP.:Single K/Pg imPacT aT chicXUlUB: neW eViDence From The gUlF oF meXico BaSin Floor 5:00PM Thomas,Ellen*;Alegret,Laia;Lohmann,KygerC.:enDcreTaceoUS marine maSS eXTincTion noT caUSeD BY ProDUcTiViTY collaPSe 5:15PM Chin,Karen*;Ekdale,A.A.;Pearson,Dean:Trace FoSSil eViDence For Some oF The earlieST KnoWn animal acTiViTY BY SUrViVorS oF The

SeSSion no. 54

T40. Thresholds and Pathways of River Avulsion (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211CD ElizabethHajekandDouglasEdmonds,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 54-1 1:35PM Wolinsky,Matthew*;Hajek,Elizabeth:SimPliFieD moDelS oF riVer aVUlSion anD allUVial archiTecTUre: connecTing To FielD DaTa 1:50PM Gibling,MartinR.*;Davies,NeilS.:The PaleoZoic riSe oF aVUlSiVe FlUVial SYSTemS aS TerreSTrial VegeTaTion eVolVeD 2:05PM Weissmann,GaryS.*;Buehler,HollyA.;Scuderi,Louis; Hartley,AdrianJ.;Davidson,StephanieK.;Nichols,Gary: aVUlSionS anD allUVial riDge eVolUTion DiSPlaYeD on The TaQUari riVer DFS, PanTanal BaSin, BraZil 2:20PM Edmonds,Douglas*;Hajek,Elizabeth;Smith,Preston; Millard,Craig:conTrolS on heTeroliThic DePoSiT ThicKneSS BeloW aVUlSion channelS 2:35PM Heller,PaulL.*;Hajek,Elizabeth;LaReau,HeatherJones: inSighTS inTo aVUlSion oFFSeT DiSTance USing STraTigraPhic inDicaTorS: eXamPle From The morriSon FormaTion 2:50PM Straub,Kyle*;Wang,Yinan; Hajek,Elizabeth: relaTionShiP BeTWeen aVUlSion BehaVior anD BaSin-Filling SeDimenTaTion PaTTernS: leSSonS learneD From PhYSical eXPerimenTS 3:10PM Ganti,Vamsi*;Straub,Kyle;Foufoula-Georgiou,Efi;Paola, Chris:From eXPerimenTal BaSinS To DelTaS: STaTiSTical characTeriZaTion oF SUrFace DYnamicS in DelTaic SYSTemS 3:25PM Break 3:40PM introductory remarks 3:45PM Nittrouer,Jeffrey*;Petter,Andrew;Mohrig,David; Chatanantavet,Phairot;Lamb,MichaelP.:BacKWaTer FloW DYnamicS in loWlanD riVerS, inFlUence on channel aVUlSionS, anD The DeVeloPmenT oF FlUVial-DelTaic STraTigraPhic archiTecTUre 4:05PM Shaw,John*;Mohrig,David:WaTer anD SeDimenT ParTiTioning ThroUgh BacKWaTer channel BiFUrcaTionS 4:20PM Prokocki,Eric*;Waterman,David:UnDerSTanDing The Timing anD geomorPhological conTrolS on holocene UPSTream aVUlSionS anD SUBSeQUenT channel BelT DeVeloPmenT: loWer miSSiSSiPPi riVer, USa 4:35PM Halbur,Julia*;Birkemeier,Ryan;Swenson,JohnB.: SPaTial DiSTriBUTion oF aVUlSionS on moDern DelTaS 4:50PM Toms,LeahC.*;Hajek,Elizabeth;Foreman,BradyZ.: characTeriZing relaTionShiPS BeTWeen channel, FlooDPlain, anD aVUlSion DePoSiTS in The WaSaTch FormaTion (Paleocene/eocene, coloraDo) 5:05PM Millard,Craig*;Hajek,Elizabeth;Edmonds,Douglas: comPariSon oF FlooDPlain anD aVUlSionaSSociaTeD DePoSiTS in ancienT FlUVial SUcceSSionS: imPlicaTionS For creVaSSe-SPlaY DePoSiTion anD aVUlSion STYle


























160 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


creTaceoUS-Paleogene eXTincTion eVenT, mUD BUTTeS localiTY, SoUThWeSTern norTh DaKoTa 57-2 1:45PM Stolarski,Jaroslaw*;Kitahara,MarceloV.;Miller,DavidJ.; Cairns,StephenD.;Mazur,Maciej;Meibom,Anders: DeeP-WaTer coralS reVeal mUch DeePer eVolUTionarY origin oF ScleracTinia 2:00PM Congreve,CurtisR.*;Lieberman,BruceS.:QUanTiFYing caTaSTroPhe: eSTimaTing SPeciaTion anD eXTincTion raTeS in TriloBiTeS DUring The enD orDoVician maSS eXTincTion eVenT 2:15PM Fadiga,Troy*:an aBc aPProach To The coeSTimaTion oF TaPhonomic ParameTerS anD eVolUTionarY raTeS 2:30PM Brown,JosephW.*;FitzJohn,RichardG.;Slater,GrahamJ.; Alfaro,MichaelE.;Harmon,LukeJ.:incorPoraTing FoSSil richneSS inFormaTion inTo DiVerSiFicaTion eSTimaTeS From molecUlar PhYlogenieS 2:45PM King,EmilyA.*:STaTiSTical PoWer To DeTecT changeS in raTeS oF morPhological eVolUTion 3:00PM Marcot,JonathanD.*;Wagner,PeterJ.:PhYlogeneTic TeSTS For inTerVal-SPeciFic VariaTion in raTeS oF morPhologic change 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Sims,Hallie*:conTraSTing morPhological raTeS oF SeeD eVolUTion 3:45PM Hopkins,SamanthaS.B.*:role oF Volcanic acTiViTY in The eVolUTion oF eVer-groWing cheeK TeeTh in aPloDonTiD roDenTS 4:00PM Slater,GrahamJ.*;Harmon,LukeJ.;Alfaro,MichaelE.: FoSSilS, molecUlar PhYlogenieS, anD moDelS oF TraiT eVolUTion 4:15PM Gapp,I.Wesley*;Holder,MarkT.;Lieberman,BruceS.: BUilDing PhYlogeneTic TreeS For TriloBiTeS USing maXimUm liKelihooD 4:30PM Hunt,Gene*:TeSTing PUncTUaTeD eQUiliBriUm in The oSTracoDe genUS PoSeiDonamicUS 4:45PM Mitchell,Jonathan*:raTeS anD TrenDS in ecomorPhological DiVergence DUring earlY BirD eVolUTion 5:00PM Sakamoto,Manabu*:The role oF PhYlogenY in The eVolUTion oF craniomanDiBUlar FUncTional morPhologY in FoSSil anD eXTanT FeliDS 5:15PM Bapst,DavidW.*:comParing meThoDS For TimeScaling TreeS oF eXTincT TaXa

SeSSion no. 56

T55. New Horizons in Precambrian Palynology and Paleobiology (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; AASP - The Palynological Society; Paleontological Society)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205CD FranciscaE.Oboh-Ikuenobe,LannyH.Fisk,DebraA.Willard,and PaulK.Strother,Presiding 56-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Hu,Shusheng*;Siver,PeterA.;Wolfe,AlexanderP.: PalYnologY anD age oF PoST-erUPTiVe laKe SeDimenTS From The WomBaT KimBerliTe localiTY, norThWeST TerriTorieS, canaDa 1:50PM Discussion 1:55PM Mander,Luke*;Collinson,MargaretE.;Chaloner, WilliamG.;Brain,AnthonyP.R.;Long,DavidG.:The UlTraSTrUcTUre anD BoTanical aFFiniTY oF The ProBlemaTic miD-meSoZoic PalYnomorPh RICCIISPORITES TUBERCULATUS lUnDBlaD 2:10PM Edwards,LucyE.*:ProBlemS SolVeD anD mYSTerieS remaining: DinocYSTS From coaSTal Plain coreS 2:25PM Discussion 2:30PM Porter,SusannahM.*:The earlY BoDY FoSSil recorD oF eUKarYoTeS 2:50PM Strother,PaulKlee*;Wellman,CharlesH.:SUrPriSinglY high BioTic DiVerSiTY in a neoProTeroZoic Shale 3:05PM Sheldon,NathanD.*:eViDence For eXTenSiVe liFe on lanD 1100 ma ago 3:25PM Beraldi,Hugo;Farmer,J.D.;Garcia-Pichel,Ferran*: eViDence For meSoProTeroZoic liFe on lanD anD iTS moDern coUnTerParT in ariD SoilS 3:40PM Break 3:55PM Schiffbauer,JamesD.*;Xiao,Shuhai;SenSharma,Kriti; Wang,Ge:The origin oF inTracellUlar STrUcTUreS in eDiacaran meTaZoan emBrYoS 4:15PM Papineau,Dominic*;Purohit,Ritesh;Fogel,Marilyn: The PaleoProTeroZoic riSe oF aTmoSPheric oXYgen caUSeD BY algal BloomS STimUlaTeD BY high PhoSPhaTe in The loWer araValli groUP, inDia 4:30PM Stevens,Eric*;Sumner,DawnY.:archean PlUmoSe microBialiTeS: Three DiSTincT groWTh morPhologieS & ecological imPlicaTionS 4:45PM Noffke,Nora*;Christian,DanielR.;Hazen,RobertM.:a (cYano-)BacTerial ecoSYSTem in The archean 3.49 ga DreSSer FormaTion, PilBara, WeSTern aUSTralia 5:00PM Schopf,J.William*:BiogeniciTY oF WorlD'S olDeST FoSSilS: hoW The ProBlem WaS SolVeD 5:15PM Discussion 57-4 57-3






57-8 57-9

56-4 56-5


56-6 56-7


57-12 57-13






SeSSion no. 58

T66. Advances in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology: Geochemical Techniques and Examples Using Inorganic and Organic Molecules in Fossil Soils, Plants, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates I (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society; Geochemical Society; GSA Archaeological Geology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200FG CelinaSuarez,SamuelMatson,AishaAl-Suwaidi,and PatrickWheatley,Presiding 58-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Li,Weiqiang*;Chakraborty,Suvankar;Beard,BrianL.; Johnson,ClarkM.;Romanek,ChristopherS.: eXPerimenTal DeTerminaTion oF mg iSoToPe FracTionaTion DUring PreciPiTaTion oF inorganic calciTe 1:50PM Versteegh,EmmaA.A.*;Black,Stuart;Hodson,MarkE.: earThWorm SecreTeD calciUm carBonaTe ­ a neW PaleoThermomeTer? 2:05PM Abouelmagd,Abdou*;Krishnamurthy,R.V.;Sultan, Mohamed;Kehew,Alan;Milewski,Adam:PaleoclimaTic inSighT inTo The DePleTeD iSoToPic raTioS



SeSSion no. 57

T61. Phylogenetic Approaches to Paleobiology: Diversity, Rates, and Trends (Paleontological Society)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205AB DavidW.BapstandEmilyA.King,Presiding 57-1 1:30PM Simpson,Carl*;Kiessling,Wolfgang:UnDerSTanDing The role oF PhoToSYmBioSiS in coral macroeVolUTion WiTh molecUlar PhYlogeneTicS anD The FoSSil recorD



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 161



oF FoSSil aQUiFer WaTerS, norThern aFrica, BaSeD on a raleigh DiSTillaTion moDel 58-4 2:20PM Wheatley,PatrickV.*;Hofmann,AmyE.;Holroyd,PatriciaA.; Goodwin,MarkB.;Brown,ShaunT.:calciUm iSoToPe FracTionaTionS in VerTeBraTeS From moDern anD FoSSil ecoSYSTemS 2:35PM Anné,Jennifer*:Bone mineral calciUm PercenTage in BirDS VerSUS oTher VerTeBraTeS: WhaT XrF can Tell US aBoUT moDern Bone chemiSTrY 2:50PM Peek,Stephanie*;Clementz,MarkT.:onTogeneTic VariaTion in elemenTal raTioS (Sr/ca anD Ba/ca) oF TooTh enamel To aSSeSS DiageneTic alTeraTion 3:05PM Manning,PhillipL.*;Wogelius,Roy,A.;Bergmann,Uwe: SYnchroTron lighT reVealS chemical ghoSTS oF PaST liFe 3:25PM Break 3:40PM Drewicz,AmandaE.*;Grandstaff,DavidE.;Ash,Richard; Terry,DennisO.Jr.:QUanTiFYing PerioDS oF FoSSiliZaTion in TerreSTrial anD marine enVironmenTS USing rare earTh elemenTS 3:55PM Suarez,MarinaB.*;Passey,Benjamin:carBonaTe clUmPeD iSoToPe ThermomeTrY oF FoSSil Bone anD DenTin: ProSPecTS For USe aS a groUnD TemPeraTUre ThermomeTer 4:10PM Tobin,ThomasS.*;Wilson,GregoryP.;Eiler,JohnM.: reconSTrUcTing PaleoTemPeraTUre USing clUmPeD iSoToPe PaleoThermomeTrY acroSS The K-Pg BoUnDarY From garFielD coUnTY, mT, USa 4:25PM Suarez,Celina*;Ludvigson,Greg;González,LuisA.; Fiorillo,AnthonyR.;McCarthy,PaulJ.;Lollar,J.Chad;Flaig, PeterP.:inVeSTigaTionS oF laTe creTaceoUS arcTic PaleohYDrologY BY inTegraTion oF TerreSTrial STaBle iSoToPe ProXieS 4:40PM Kraft,RebeccaA.*;Levin,NaomiE.;Passey,Benjamin; Rose,KennethD.;Chew,AmyE.:earlY eocene PaleoenVironmenTS in WYoming BaSeD on STaBle iSoToPe ecologY oF FoSSil mammalS 4:55PM Fricke,Henry*;Snell,KathrynE.;Nave,Julia;Davidson, Cameron:STaBle anD clUmPeD iSoToPe STUDY oF aUThigenic carBonaTeS From The KooTZnahoo FormaTion, alaSKa, anD imPlicaTionS For STUDY oF Paleogene climaTe anD hYDrologY 5:10PM Discussion 60-3 59-8 59-4 eroDing riVer BanKS From STaBle or accreTing riVer BanKS 2:15PM May,ChristineL.;Eaton,L.Scott*;Roering,Joshua;Burnett, KellyM.:The eFFecTS oF DeeP-SeaTeD lanDSliDeS on The WiDTh oF ValleYS anD The haBiTaT For Salmon 2:30PM Remo,JonathanW.F.*;Khanal,Anish;Pinter,Nicholas: aSSeSSmenT oF neW cheVron STrUcTUreS For increaSing PhYSical haBiTaT DiVerSiTY WiThin The miDDle miSSiSSiPPi riVer, USa 2:45PM Break 3:00PM Blaser,Lenna;Everett,Austin;Mora,German*: geochemical STUDY oF Small STreamS in The BalTimore area SUggeSTS enhanceD carBon eXPorT From UrBan SeTTingS 3:15PM Lenhart,ChristianF.*;Nieber,John:conSeQUenceS oF increaSeD loW anD mean STreamFloW in miDWeSTern agricUlTUral WaTerSheDS on geomorPhic - ecological inTeracTionS 3:30PM Triplett,LauraD.*;Kettenring,KarinM.;Smith,CarsonA.: inVaSion! hoW The SeDimenTological eFFecT oF one PlanT SPecieS iS changing The geochemiSTrY oF The PlaTTe riVer, neBraSKa 3:45PM Vanderklein,Dirk*;Galster,JoshuaC.;Scherr,Robert: meaSUring The imPacT oF inVaSiVe JaPaneSe KnoTWeeD on STream DiScharge in neW JerSeY 4:00PM Galster,JoshuaC.*;Vanderklein,Dirk:The regional imPacT oF an inVaSiVe SPecieS, JaPaneSe KnoTWeeD, on SUrFace WaTer SYSTemS 4:15PM Discussion













SeSSion no. 60

T80. Environmental Problems in Karst Terranes/Terrains and Their Solutions: In Honor of James F. Quinlan (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; Edwards Aquifer Authority; National Cave and Karst Research Institute; Karst Waters Institute; Minnesota Ground Water Association)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100FG E.CalvinAlexanderandGearyM.Schindel,Presiding 60-1 60-2 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Ford,DerekC.*:QUinlan in canaDa 1:55PM Schindel,GearyM.*:eVolUTion oF The recharge Zone oF The BalconeS FaUlT Zone eDWarDS aQUiFer, SoUTh cenTral TeXaS USa 2:10PM Johnson,Steve*;Schindel,Geary;Veni,George;Hauwert, NicoM.;Hunt,BrianB.;Smith,BrianA.;Gary,MarcusO.: DeFining The SPringSheDS oF TWo maJor SPringS in TeXaS: San marcoS anD BarTon SPringS 2:25PM Green,RonaldT.*;Bertetti,F.Paul;McGinnis,RonaldN.: hYDraUlic DePenDencieS among regional PoroUS meDia anD KarST aQUiFerS in cenTral TeXaS 2:40PM Diaz,Nathan*;Gouzie,DouglasR.:eValUaTing miSSoUri'S oZarK aQUiFer WaTer-QUaliTY For a PoTenTial carBon SeQUeSTraTion inJecTion moniToring Program 2:55PM Land,LewisA.*;Veni,George:elecTrical reSiSTiViTY SUrVeYS oF anThroPogenic KarST Phenomena aSSociaTeD WiTh Brine Well oPeraTionS: SoUTheaSTern neW meXico, USa 3:10PM Bair,E.Scott*;Torres,Michelle:ProBlemS Drilling anD comPleTing geoThermal WellS in a PaleoKarST Terrain 3:25PM Break



SeSSion no. 59

T69. Fluvial Biogeomorphology: The Interconnection of Biological and Geomorphological Processes in Rivers (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100DE JoshuaC.GalsterandDirkVanderklein,Presiding 59-1 1:30PM Kennard,PaulM.*;Abbe,Timothy;Ericsson,Michael; Bjork,Jack;Beason,ScottR.:The role oF riParian ForeSTS in riVer aVUlSion anD FlooDPlain DiSeQUiliBriUm in aggraDing Pro-glacial BraiDeD riVerS: a neWlY recogniZeD moDel in FlUVial geomorPhologY 1:45PM Beckman,Natalie*;Wohl,Ellen:log Jamming: QUanTiFYing The relaTionShiP BeTWeen ForeSTS anD STreamS in The coloraDo FronT range 2:00PM Stotts,Stephanie*;Pizzuto,JamesE.;O'Neal, Michael:characTeriSTic riParian Tree anD inTerrelaTeD BanK geomeTrieS DiFFerenTiaTe







162 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


60-8 60-9 3:40PM White,WilliamB.*:The QUinlan claSSiFicaTion oF KarST: hoW haS it helD UP? 4:00PM Gao,Yongli*:inVeSTigaTing SinKhole haZarDS anD groUnDWaTer anD SUrFace WaTer conTaminaTionS in The SoUTheaSTern aPPalachian KarST region 4:15PM Polk,Jason*;Groves,Chris;Haaff,Benjamin;Miller, BenjaminV.;Vanderhoff,Sean:aDVanceS in ePiKarST Zone hYDrogeologY in The PennYroYal PlaTeaU oF SoUTh-cenTral KenTUcKY: imPlicaTionS For conTaminanT TranSPorT 4:30PM Green,JeffreyA.*;Alexander,E.CalvinJr.:DYe Tracing oBSerVaTionS From The Prairie DU chien groUP in minneSoTa 4:45PM Patalano,Robert;Davis,R.Laurence*:a PreliminarY inVeSTigaTion oF The groUnD WaTer geochemiSTrY anD microBiologY aT The line hole anD airPorT Well FielDS, San SalVaDor, BahamaS 5:00PM Davies,GarethJ.*:carrYing on Jim'S leaD WiTh a comBinaTion oF mUlTiPle Tracer DaTa anD moDeling 5:15PM Swezey,ChristopherS.*;Garrity,ChristopherP.: geological anD meTeorological DaTa From SiTeS inFecTeD WiTh WhiTe-noSe SYnDrome (WnS) BeFore JUlY 2011 in eaSTern norTh america 61-13 61-9 geoPhYSical STUDieS oF The SanD hillS oF WeSTern neBraSKa 3:40PM Shanafield,MargaretA.*;Cook,PeterG.;Brunner, Philip;Simmons,CraigT.:The inFlUence oF DiSconnecTion on aQUiFer reSPonSe To SUrFace WaTer TranSience 3:55PM Therrien,R.*;Brunner,Philip:recenT aDVanceS in The inTegraTeD SimUlaTion oF SUrFace anD SUBSUrFace FloW anD maSS TranSPorT






4:30PM Mohammad,redaG.Jr.*;Tempel,ReginaN.;Korany, EzzatA.;Poulson,SimonR.;Gomaa,MohammadA.Jr.: geochemical anD hYDrological ProceSSeS conTrolling groUnDWaTer QUaliTY in aSSiUT goVernoraTe, egYPT: geochemical anD iSoToPic eViDence 4:45PM Traylor,JonathanP.*;Zlotnik,VitalyA.:concePTUal moDel oF irrigaTion anD lanD USe change eFFecTS on STreamFloW in Semi-ariD conDiTionS 5:00PM Ou,Gengxin;Chen,Xunhong*;Cheng,Cheng: moDeling The STream-aQUiFer DYnamicS USing STreamBeD FielD DaTa in The loWer PlaTTe riVer BaSin, neBraSKa




SeSSion no. 61

T86. Groundwater­Surface Water Interaction: Relating Understanding That Spans the Water-Rich Midwest to the Scarcity of the Outback (GSA Hydrogeology Division; American Water Resources Association, Wisconsin Section; Minnesota Ground Water Association; Australian National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training; GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100HI PhilipBrunner,PeterG.Cook,andRandallHunt,Presiding 61-1 1:30PM Fleckenstein,JanH.*:conTrolS oF groUnDWaTerSUrFace WaTer eXchange aT neSTeD ScaleS ­ WhaT maTTerS Where anD When? 1:50PM Soltero,EvelynM.*;Murphy,WilliamM.:geochemical relaTionS BeTWeen SUrFace WaTer anD groUnDWaTer in neVaDa coUnTY, caliFornia 2:05PM Gardner,W.Payton*;Harrington,Glenn;Smerdon,Brian; Lamontagne,Sebastien;Batlle-Aguilar,Jordi:he To iDenTiFY The PreSence oF ancienT groUnDWaTer in riVer SYSTemS 2:20PM Cantafio,Leanne*;Ryan,M.Cathy:UrBan riVer SamPling For non-PoinT SoUrce conTaminanTS in The conTeXT oF groUnDWaTer­SUrFace WaTer inTeracTion 2:35PM Hollingshaus,Becky*;Solomon,D.Kip;Kimball, BriantA.;Stolp,BertJ.:a comPariSon oF SamPle collecTion DeViceS For iSolaTing SUB-SUrFace FloW PaThS in a gaining moUnTain STream 2:50PM Hatch,ChristineE.*;Prudic,DavidE.;Tyler,ScottW.; Jackson,Tracie;Dotson,K.Elaine:looKing aT STreamBeD SeePage in greaT BaSin, neVaDa STreamS: WhaT mUlTiPle meThoDS Tell US aBoUT SUrFace WaTer ­ groUnDWaTer inTeracTionS 3:10PM Hausner,MarkB.*;Wilson,KevinP.;Gaines,D.Bailey; Suárez,Francisco;Tyler,ScottW.:DeVilS hole: The inTerSecTion oF groUnDWaTer anD SUrFace WaTerS aS an inDicaTor oF climaTe change 3:25PM Cannia,James*;Smith,BruceD.;Abraham,JaredD.: hYDrogeologic FrameWorK BaSeD UPon

SeSSion no. 62

T92. Buried Valley Aquifers: What Do We Know and How Do We Move Forward for Sustained Groundwater Management? (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM101AB HazenA.J.Russell,DavidR.Sharpe,RobertShaver,and BruceD.Smith,Presiding 62-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:40PM Sharpe,DavidR.*;Cummings,DonI.;Russell,HazenA.J.: geologY anD hYDrogeologY oF Prairie BUrieD ValleYS 1:55PM Schwartz,RobertK.*;Schwartz,TheresaM.:TerTiarY PaleoValleY SYSTem, allUVial archiTecTUre, anD BUrieD aQUiFer imPlicaTionS For The norThern BaSin-anD-range oF SoUThWeST monTana 2:10PM Thomason,JasonF.*;Keefer,DonaldA.;Lau,JodiA.; Larson,Timothy;Ismail,Ahmed:geologic FrameWorK moDel oF a glaciallY-FilleD BeDrocK ValleY in mchenrY coUnTY, illinoiS 2:25PM Burt,AbigailK.*;Rainsford,DesmondR.B.;Bajc,AndyF.: aQUiFer or Drain? The SoUThern onTario rocKWooD BUrieD BeDrocK ValleY 2:40PM Shaver,RobertB.*:hYDraUlic BarrierS in PleiSTocene BUrieD-ValleY aQUiFerS in norTh DaKoTa - TYPeS, DeTecTion, anD origin 2:55PM Jacobs,MichaelA.*;Smith,BruceD.;Thamke,JoannaN.: glacial geologic FrameWorK oF The WolF PoinT QUaDrangle, norTheaSTern monTana, BaSeD on hYDrogeologic anD geoPhYSical STUDieS 3:10PM Jørgensen,Flemming*;Sandersen,PeterB.E.:DeTaileD geoPhYSical maPPing oF BUrieD TUnnel ValleYS - a PrereQUiSiTe For SUSTainaBle groUnDWaTer managemenT in DenmarK 3:30PM Larson,Timothy*;Ismail,Ahmed;Thomason,JasonF.; Keefer,DonaldA.:comBining SeiSmic reFlecTion















9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 163



4:15PM Gerard,BrettR.*;Schwartz,Benjamin;Schwinning, Susan:moDeling The PreciPiTaTion ThreSholD reQUireD For recharge in a KarST aQUiFer oF cenTral TeXaS


anD reSiSTiViTY ProFiling To imProVe The inTePreTaTion oF a BUrieD ValleY aQUiFer in norTheaST illinoiS 62-9 3:45PM Vittecoq,Benoit*;Deparis,Jacques;Auken,Esben;Nehlig, Pierre;Perrin,José;Puvilland,Pascal;Martelet,Guillaume: BUrieD ValleYS reVealeD BY helicoPTer Borne TranSienT elecTromagneTic anD hYDrogeological imPlicaTionS: eXamPle oF The Volcanic iSlanD oF maYoTTe 4:00PM Russell,H.A.J.*;Crow,H.;Hinton,M.J.;Knight,R.D.; Oldeborger,G.;Pugin,A.M;Pullan,S.E.;Sharpe,D.R.: SPiriTWooD BUrieD ValleY aQUiFer maniToBa: emerging UnDerSTanDing For groUnDWaTer managemenT 4:15PM Seyoum,WondwosenMekonnen*;Eckstein,Yoram: hYDraUlic relaTionShiPS BeTWeen BUrieD ValleY SeDimenTS anD aDJacenT BeDrocK FormaTionS 4:30PM Patch,JonC.*:a QUaliTaTiVe aSSeSSmenT oF recharge To BUrieD ValleY aQUiFerS in norTh DaKoTa USing STaBle iSoToPe analYSeS 4:45PM Discussion 4:55PM concluding remarks 63-9 4:20PM Cullis,JamesD.S.*;Stanish,Lee;Kohler,Tyler;McKnight, DianeM.:XTreme STreamS aS inPUTS To XTreme laKeS: QUanTiFYing The DailY DoSe oF ParTicUlaTe organic maTTer To laKeS in The DrY ValleYS oF anTarcTic 4:35PM Balistrieri,LaurieS.*;Seal,RobertR.II.;Pribil,MichaelJ.; Piatak,NadineM.:The geochemical cYcling oF cU, Fe, anD Zn in a meromicTic, marine PiT laKe, callahan mine SUPerFUnD SiTe, maine, USa 4:50PM Johnson,Emmon*;Castendyk,DevinN.:The inaP PiT laKeS DaTaBaSe ­ a Tool For PreDicTing FUTUre PiT laKe WaTer QUaliTY 5:05PM Park,LisaE.*;Michelson,AndrewV.;Hoeflein,FritzJ.IV.; Rothfus,Erin:hoW anD WhY laKeS Form on carBonaTe PlaTFormS: a neW moDel For laKe FormaTion in The Bahamian archiPelago 5:20PM Discussion







SeSSion no. 64

T135. Quaternary Geology and Its Applications: In Honor of David M. Mickelson (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100A-C WilliamN.Mode,JohnW.Attig,andKentM.Syverson,Presiding 64-1 1:30PM Johnson,MarkD.*;Mickelson,DavidM.;Clayton,Lee;Attig, JohnW.;Ham,NelsonR.;Syverson,KentM.:SoUThern laUrenTiDe ice SheeT DeaD-ice ToPograPhY: The `WiSconSin VieW' anD neW oPPorTUniTieS 1:50PM Carlson,AndersE.*:reTreaT oF ice in WiSconSin anD norTh aTlanTic climaTe change oF The laST DeglaciaTion 2:05PM Ullman,DavidJ.*;Carlson,AndersE.;Syverson,Kent; Caffee,MarcW.:enhancing The DeglaciaTion chronologY oF WiSconSin USing in-SiTU coSmogenic raDionUcliDe 2:20PM Brown,StevenE.*;Thomason,JasonF.;Barnhardt, MichaelL.:recogniTion oF lacUSTrine SeQUenceS in norTheaST illinoiS anD Their imPlicaTionS For inTerPreTaTionS oF FlUcTUaTionS oF The laKe michgian loBe margin: haVe We oVerlooKeD alloSTraTigraPhY? 2:35PM Kozlowski,AndrewL.*;Bird,Brian;Kehew,Alan: SUBglacial lanD SYSTem eVolUTion: inSighTS From norThern caYUga coUnTY, neW YorK 2:50PM Fleming,AnthonyH.*:conVUlSiVe melTWaTer oUTBUrSTS in The UPPer WaBaSh ValleY oF norTheaSTern inDiana: imPlicaTionS For ice SheeT collaPSe, moDern Biological DiVerSiTY, anD geo-ToUriSm 3:05PM Break 3:20PM Simpkins,WilliamW.*;Johnson,BethL.;Eidem,JamesM.; Helmke,MartinF.;Christianson,EvanG.;Carter, JonathonT.;VanIten,Heyo;Parkin,TimothyB.:holiSTic hYDrogeologY: elUciDaTing a > 500 Ka recorD oF chemical anD PhYSical inTeracTionS in a QUaTernarY aQUiTarD/aQUiFer SYSTem 3:40PM Edil,TuncerB.*:eFFecT oF climaTe change on coaSTal eroSion anD maSS WaSTing along WiSconSin'S greaT laKeS Shoreline 3:55PM Reuter,GregoryR.*:inTerPreTaTion oF STrengTh anD STreSS hiSTorY oF glacio-lacUSTrine claY DePoSiTS BY cPTU 4:10PM Syverson,KentM.*;Mickelson,DavidM.:laTeral melTWaTer channelS oBSerVeD Forming along The marginS oF a TemPeraTe glacier, glacier

SeSSion no. 63

T103. Processes within Extreme Lake Systems (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100DE DevinN.CastendykandLaurieS.Balistrieri,Presiding 63-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Gammons,ChristopherH.*;Henne,William;Poulson, Simon:geochemiSTrY anD STaBle iSoToPeS oF a eUTroPhic laKe in WeSTern monTana, USa 1:55PM Shanks,W.C.Pat*;Morgan,LisaA.;Balistrieri,LaurieS.: YelloWSTone laKe: an eXTreme laKe inFlUenceD BY SUBlacUSTrine hoT SPringS anD The YelloWSTone magmaTic SYSTem 2:15PM Varekamp,J.C.*;Kading,Tristan:laKe caViahUe (argenTina) nearing SchWerTmanniTe SaTUraTion 2:30PM Renaut,RobinW.*;Owen,R.Bernhart;Lowenstein, TimK.:SeDimenTaTion anD earlY DiageneTic ProceSSeS in naSiKie engiDa: a hoT-SPring FeD, Perennial Saline, alKaline laKe in The magaDi BaSin, KenYa riFT ValleY 2:45PM Story,Stacy*;BeitlerBowen,Brenda;Benison,KathleenC.; Oboh-Ikuenobe,FranciscaE.;SanchezBotero,Carlos: a mineralogical aPProach To DiSTingUiShing DiageneTic alTeraTion From STraTigraPhic change in The coWan BaSin, WeSTern aUSTralia 3:00PM Benison,KathleenC.*;Bowen,BrendaB.:rUnaWaY SUlFUr-cYcling in ePhemeral aciD Saline enVironmenTS oF WeSTern aUSTralia 3:15PM Discussion 3:30PM Break 3:45PM Lyons,W.Berry*;Welch,KathleenA.;Gardner, ChristopherB.;Fortner,SarahK.;Deuerling,KellyM.; Priscu,JohnC.:The geochemiSTrY oF The TaYlor ValleY laKeS, anTarcTica 4:05PM Castendyk,DevinN.*;Gallagher,HughA.Jr.;Priscu, JohnC.;Lyons,W.Berry:oBSerVaTionS oF SUB-ice SUrFace Seiche in laKe hoare, anTarcTica, USing an acoUSTic DoPPler cUrrenT ProFiler (aDcP)

















164 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


BaY, alaSKa -- imPlicaTionS For inTerPreTing Paleo-Thermal regimeS 64-11 4:25PM Becker,RichardA.*;Streveler,GregoryP.;Mickelson, DavidM.:a 1:100,000-Scale maP oF SUrFicial DePoSiTS in glacier BaY naTional ParK anD PreSerVe, SoUTheaST alaSKa 4:40PM Carson,EricC.*;Hanly,BrittanyR.;Wilson,DesireeS.: laTe holocene relaTionS BeTWeen WilDFireS anD allUVial Fan FormaTion in The SoUThern UinTa BaSin, norTheaSTern UTah 5:00PM Laabs,BenjaminJ.*;Munroe,JeffreyS.:glaciologY oF The laST glacial maXimUm, UinTa moUnTainS, norTheaSTern UTah 5:15PM Munroe,JeffreyS.*;Crocker,ThomasA.;Giesche,AlenaM.; Rahlson,LukasE.;Laabs,BenjaminJ.C.:DeVeloPing a holocene neoglacial chronologY For glacier naTional ParK, monTana 65-12 4:15PM Locatelli,EmmaRose*;Bradtmiller,Louisa;Myrbo, Amy;MacGregor,Kelly;Kutvirt,Jacqueline;Riihimaki, CatherineA.;Brady,Kristina:VegeTaTion hiSTorY oF The laTe holocene in eaST glacier naTional ParK, monTana: a PaleoenVironmenTal STUDY 4:30PM Berry,MichaelS.*:The DiSPerSion oF maiZe agricUlTUre in The american SoUThWeST 4:45PM Griffin,EleanorR.*;Benson,Larry;Stein,John;Friedman, Richard:When iS an archeological DePreSSion noT a reSerVoir?

65-13 65-14



SeSSion no. 66

T158. Sense of Place, Geoparks and National Parks: Strategies for Improved Earth Science Education (GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211AB WilliamI.Rose,ErikaC.Vye,andMarkF.Klawiter,Presiding 66-1 66-2 1:30PM Semken,Steven*:imPlicaTionS oF SenSe oF Place For earTh-Science inTerPreTaTion in ParKS 1:45PM Lillie,RobertJ.*:inTerPreTing ParK lanDScaPeS anD Their DeePer meaningS: USing SenSe oF Place To helP ParK rangerS anD ViSiTorS linK geologY, ecologY anD hUman hiSTorY 2:00PM Vye,ErikaC.*;Rose,WilliamI.;Nash,BruceL.:USing The naTional ParKS aS WaY To engage DiVerSe learnerS in earTh Science eDUcaTion 2:15PM Kyriazis,StephanieF.*:SenSe oF Place, emoTionS, anD inTerPreTaTion: leVeraging naTional ParK inFormal eDUcaTion TechniQUeS To increaSe geoScience liTeracY 2:30PM Olson,JustinG.*;Rose,WilliamI.:earTh Science inTerPreTaTion eFForTS aS a geological inTern aT iSle roYale naTional ParK 2:45PM Clough,KathleenL.*:imProVing earTh Science eDUcaTion ThroUgh learner cenTereD acTiViTieS (camPing) WiTh STUDenTS 3:00PM Kenworthy,JasonP.*;Santucci,VincentL.:The naTional ParK SerVice JUnior PaleonTologiST Program: eXPloring PaleonTologY, learning aBoUT FoSSilS ThroUgh Time, anD ProTecTing nonreneWaBle PaleonTological reSoUrceS 3:15PM Kissel,RichardA.*;Duggan-Haas,Don;Ross,RobertM.: PeBBleS To PiXelS: VirTUal FielD eXPerienceS anD The ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT ThaT BUilDS Them 3:30PM Zolynsky,DebraL.*;Klawiter,MarkF.:VirTUal VS. ViSceral FielD eXPerienceS: TWo PaThS DiVergeD... TaKe BoTh 3:45PM Gochis,Emily*;Rose,WilliamI.;Engelmann,CarolA.; Klawiter,MarkF.;Vye,ErikaC.:USing earthcache To PromoTe PlaceD BaSeD eDUcaTion in PUBlic SchoolS 4:00PM Klawiter,MarkF.*;Engelmann,CarolA.;Vye,ErikaC.; Gochis,E.;Huntoon,JacquelineE.;Mattox,Stephen; Rose,WilliamI.:For Place-BaSeD earTh Science learning oPPorTUniTieS, There'S no `Place' liKe home 4:15PM RubioCisneros,IgorIshi*;RamirezFernandez,Juan Alonso;MonroyOjeda,Alan:a geoParK in ne meXico: a ProPoSal inTo The Big hiSTorY oF The Social conglomeraTe 4:30PM Rose,WilliamI.*;Vye,Erika:DiScUSSion oF a KeWeenaW geoParK


SeSSion no. 65

T141. Quaternary Paleoclimate Studies of the Western and Southwestern United States (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100FG JosephC.Liddicoat,BerryLyons,SteveP.Lund,JosephP.Smoot,and RobertM.Negrini,Presiding 65-1 65-2 1:30PM Lyons,W.Berry*:acKnoWleDging The conTriBUTionS oF larrY V. BenSon 1:45PM Smoot,JosephP.*;Benson,Larry:The USe oF oXYgen iSoToPeS anD carBonaTe mineralogY For inTerPreTaTion oF SeDimenTarY FaBricS in coreS oF QUaTernarY laKe DePoSiTS in The WeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 2:00PM Lund,S.P.*;Benson,Larry;Kirby,MatthewE.:The laST 3000 YearS oF caliFornia hYDrologic VariaBiliTY: comPariSon oF laTe holocene SeDimenT PaleoclimaTe recorDS From The WeSTern USa 2:15PM Liddicoat,JosephC.*:mono laKe eXcUrSion in The lahonTan BaSin, nV 2:30PM McCuan,DanielT.;Negrini,Rob*;Arredondo,Pedro; Lopez,James;Danley,Kevin;Rodriguez,Rebecca;Kylasa, Abhishek:a heinrich 4-ageD UnconFormiTY in The SeDimenTS oF PlUVial laKe cheWaUcan, oregon 2:45PM Mensing,ScottA.*;Sharpe,SaxonE.;Sada,Don;Thomas, James:eViDence From The cenTral greaT BaSin For an eXTenDeD DrY PerioD BeTWeen 3000 anD 2000 cal Yr BP anD iTS PoTenTial geograPhic eXTenT 3:00PM Adams,KennethD.*:The hiSTorY oF laKe lahonTan VieWeD ThroUgh The PriSm oF iTS reSearch hiSTorY 3:15PM Phillips,FredM.;Marrero,ShastaM.*;Roof, StevenR.;Smith,RogerS.U.:reinTerPreTaTion oF chlorine-36 DePTh ProFileS anD The PaleoclimaTe imPlicaTionS oF Shoreline DePoSiTS in PanaminT ValleY, ca 3:30PM Reheis,Marith*:PlUVial laKeS in The WeSTern U.S.--a VieW From The oUTcroP 3:45PM Kowler,Andrew*:hYDrologic anD climaTic imPlicaTionS oF laTe QUaTernarY PaleolaKeS in The SoUThern BaSin anD range ProVince 4:00PM MacGregor,Kelly*;Kutvirt,Jacqueline;Myrbo,Amy; Riihimaki,CatherineA.;Brady,Kristina;Locatelli,Emma Rose:a 13,000 Yr Fire hiSTorY aT SWiFTcUrrenT laKe, glacier naTional ParK, monTana, USa






65-4 65-5









65-9 65-10




9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 165



SeSSion no. 67

T167. Time, Events, and Places: Understanding Temporal and Spatial Learning in Geoscience Education (National Association of Geoscience Teachers; Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208CD ThomasShipley,StevenSemken,andCarolJ.Ormand,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 67-1 67-2 1:35PM Gentner,Dedre*;Goldwater,Micah;Jee,Benjamin,D.: analogY in geoScience learning 1:50PM Resnick,Ilyse*;Shipley,ThomasF.;Newcombe,Nora; Massey,Christine;Wills,Theodore:ProgreSSiVe alignmenT oF geologic Time 2:05PM Cervato,Cinzia*;Manduca,CathrynA.;Mogk,DavidW.; Ormand,CarolJ.;Shipley,ThomasF.;Smrecak,TrishaA.: raTeS, DaTeS anD geologic Time: a JoUrnal clUB rePorT on Teaching aBoUT TemPoral aSPecTS oF geoScience 2:20PM vanderHoevenKraft,KatrienJ.*;Husman,Jenefer;Brewer, GeneA.Jr.:hoW Do We rememBer? imPlicaTionS For learning DeeP Time 2:35PM Cheek,KimA.*:ThinKing aBoUT DeeP Time: The inTerSecTion oF TemPoral, SPaTial, & nUmeric reaSoning 2:50PM Dolliver,HollyA.S.*:The 4th DimenSion: Teaching The concePT oF Time USing google earTh 3:05PM Jolley,Alison;Jones,Francis*;Harris,Sara;Rhajiak, Jamil:correlaTing KnoWleDge oF lanDScaPe FormaTion TimeScaleS anD geologic Time USing a neW ValiDaTeD concePT TeST 3:20PM Kastens,KimA.*;Pistolesi,Linda;Passow,MichaelJ.: SPaTial ThinKing in The neW YorK STaTe high School earTh Science eXam 3:35PM Krantz,RobertW.*:Teaching 3D SUBSUrFace inTerPreTaTion: a neW inDUSTrY PerSPecTiVe 3:50PM Murphy,Rachel;Ormand,CarolJ.*;Goodwin,Laurel; Shipley,ThomasF.;Manduca,Cathryn;Tikoff,Basil: imProVing STUDenTS' ViSUo-PeneTraTiVe ThinKing SKillS ThroUgh BrieF, WeeKlY PracTice 4:05PM Wertheim,Jill*;Edelson,Daniel:a roaD maP To reForming aSSeSSmenT oF geograPhic ThinKing 4:20PM Boxerman,JonathanZ.*;Horn,MichaelS.:maShing moDelS: helPing learnerS comPrehenD changeS oVer Time anD SPace on a geological Scale 4:35PM McNeal,KarenS.*;Libarkin,Julie;Ledley,Tamara; Dutta,Saranee;Templeton,MorrisC.;Geroux, Jonathan:meaSUreS oF high School STUDenTS UnDerSTanDing oF TemPoral anD SPaTial ThinKing relaTeD To earTh SYSTem Science 4:50PM Frus,RebeccaJ.*;Semken,Steven;Dodick,Jeff;Crow, Ryan:ViSiTorS' USe oF The lanDScaPe To UnDerSTanD geologic Time While eXPeriencing The Trail oF Time aT granD canYon naTional ParK 5:05PM Richards,Samantha*;Hagadorn,JamesW.;Kruger, Frances;Kilpatrick,Tommy;Pierce,Lindsey:PrehiSToric Time TraVel: a neW VieW oF earTh'S FirST 4 Billion YearS aT The DenVer mUSeUm oF naTUre anD Science

SeSSion no. 68

T195. Data Preservation and Management in the Coming Decade (GSA Geoinformatics Division; U.S. Geological Survey; Association of American State Geologists; Geoscience Information Society; GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101DE FrancesW.Pierce,BrianJ.Buczkowski,BettyM.Adrian,JohnC.Steinmetz,and M.LeeAllison,Presiding 68-1 68-2 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Detrick,Robert*:neW iniTiaTiVeS in DaTa-enaBleD Science aT The naTional Science FoUnDaTion 2:05PM Glaves,Helen*:geo-SeaS: a eUroPean iniTiaTiVe For managing anD Sharing marine geological anD geoPhYSical DaTa in eUroPe anD BeYonD? 2:20PM Dunn,LisaG.*:acceSS aS The FUTUre oF geoScience DaTa PreSerVaTion 2:35PM Ramdeen,Sarah*:engaging USerS in The PreSerVaTion ProceSS 2:50PM Lehnert,KerstinA.*;Walker,J.Douglas:From DarKneSS To lighT: The long Tail oF SamPle-BaSeD DaTa in The neXT DecaDe 3:05PM Break 3:20PM Huffine,Richard*:The eVolUTion oF DaTa managemenT in The geoScienceS 3:35PM Tahirkheli,Sharon*:emBeDDing DigiTal oBJecT iDenTiFierS For DaTa SeTS in BiBliograPhic ciTaTionS: iniTial imPreSSionS 3:50PM Bristol,R.Sky*:ScienceBase: maKing connecTionS WiTh meTaDaTa inTegraTion 4:05PM Cooper,Jason*:The eVolUTion oF WeaTher recorDS archiVal aT noaa's naTional climaTic DaTa cenTer 4:20PM Faundeen,John*:FUTUre DirecTionS in DaTa PreSerVaTion 4:35PM Burton-Kelly,MatthewE.*;Hartman,JosephH.; Poltenovage,Michael:inTroDUcing nodakPaleo, an online SPecimen anD localiTY DaTaBaSe aT The UniVerSiTY oF norTh DaKoTa 4:50PM Papp,KennethR.*;Johnson,K.J.;Riordan,J.A.:hoW To inVenTorY anD moVe 4 million PoUnDS oF rocKS 5:05PM concluding remarks


68-3 68-4 68-5



68-6 68-7

67-6 67-7

68-8 68-9


67-9 67-10

68-10 68-11




SeSSion no. 69

T212. Impact Cratering on the Earth, Moon, and Planets: Remote, Field, and Lab Studies (GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; International Continental Drilling Program)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100H-J ChristianKoeberlandJeffreyPlescia,Presiding 69-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Wasserburg,GeraldJ.*:KeYnoTe SPeaKer: The Terminal lUnar caTaclYSm & The laTe heaVY BomBarDmenT oF The inner Solar SYSTem 2:00PM Bottke,William*:The greaT archean BomBarDmenT, or The laTe laTe heaVY BomBarDmenT 2:20PM Jirsa,MarkA.*;Fralick,Philip:The SUDBUrY imPacT laYer in The WeSTern laKe SUPerior region 2:40PM Kring,DavidA.*;Abramov,Oleg:imPacT melT VolUmeS in oBliQUe imPacTS on The earTh, moon, anD marS 2:55PM Schedl,Andrew*:WhaT mighT The PhYSical characTeriSTicS oF imPacT eJecTa Tell US aBoUT meTeoriTe imPacTS?




69-2 69-3 69-4


166 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


69-6 69-7 3:10PM Plescia,JeffreyB.*:inSighTS inTo The craTering ProceSS From lUnar imPacT craTerS 3:25PM Neal,CliveR.*;Fagan,AmyL.;O'Sullivan,Katie;Donohue, Patrick:non-DeSTrUcTiVe iDenTiFicaTion oF lUnar imPacT melTS 3:40PM Ernst,Bryan*;Paulsen,Timothy:neW conSTrainTS on The Timing oF DeFormaTion aT The gloVer BlUFF STrUcTUre near coloma, Wi From a calciTe TWinning analYSiS 3:55PM Reimold,WolfUwe*;Raschke,Ulli;Schmitt,RalfT.: STraTigraPhY anD PeTrograPhic-geochemical reSUlTS For The imPacTiTe SecTion oF icDP Drill core D1, el'gYgYTgYn imPacT STrUcTUre (rUSSia) 4:15PM Pittarello,Lidia*;Koeberl,Christian:The comPleXiTY oF ShocK FeaTUreS in a Volcanic liThologY: The el'gYgYTgYn "SUeViTe" 4:30PM Erickson,TimmonsM.*;Cavosie,AaronJ.;Radovan, HenriA.;Moser,DesmondE.:crYSTallograPhic moDeling anD oBSerVaTionS oF {112} Planar FracTUreS in naTUrallY ShocKeD Zircon 4:45PM Koeberl,Christian*;Moynier,Fred:Zinc iSoToPeS anD The FormaTion anD FracTionaTion oF TeKTiTeS 5:00PM McKay,Robert*;Liu,Huaibao;Witzke,BrianJ.;French, BevanM.;Briggs,DerekE.G.:PreSerVaTion oF The miDDle orDoVician WinneShieK Shale in a ProBaBle imPacT craTer 5:15PM Tapanila,Leif*;Sheffield,Joseph;Thomason,Carrie;Myers, Reed:The hiKo ScarP: a Paleo-ToPograPhic BoUnDarY marKing The oUTer rim FaUlT oF The alamo imPacT craTer, neVaDa 70-7 10:00AM deSilva,Shanaka*;Duncan,Robert;Wright,Dawn;deSilva, Lynette;Guerrero,Eduardo:increaSing DiVerSiTY in earTh ScienceS (iDeS): an oregon Program 10:15AM Sloan,Valerie*;Carlson,David:SUcceSSFUl recrUiTmenT STraTegieS For a SUmmer inTernShiP Program 10:30AM Maygarden,DianeF.*;Egger,HeatherL.;Gill,IvanP.:a SUmmer geoScience FielD TriP For minoriTY high School STUDenTS in loUiSiana: SUcceSSeS anD challengeS 10:45AM Kelso,PaulR.*;Brown,LewisM.;Beelen,NathanielJ.; Dougherty,DennisJ.;Frush,Samuel;Goetz,ElizabethR.; Sabatine,Stephanie;Spencer,MatthewK.;Whealy, Christopher:graniTe: a geoScience FielD eXPerience For naTiVe-american high School STUDenTS 11:00AM Ponce-Zepeda,Moises*:m.e.S.a, noT JUST a SeaT aT The TaBle: a chicano geologY STUDenT'S eXPerience WiTh inVeSTigaTiVe FielD reSearch 11:15AM Voglesonger,KennethM.*;Hemzacek,JeanM.; Sanders,LauraL.:engaging earlY career UnDergraDUaTeS in The geoScienceS ThroUgh FielD anD reSearch acTiViTieS











69-12 69-13

SeSSion no. 71

Geoscience Education IV: Geoscience for All--Addressing Challenges in Open Door Institutions and/or Small Geoscience Programs

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208AB EricM.D.BaerandJanisTwerogy,Presiding 71-1 8:00AM Lukes,LauraA.*:realiTY checK: PerSPecTiVe oF a commUniTY college aDJUncT FacUlTY memBer in geologY 8:15AM Low,Russanne*;Tenenbaum,LauraFaye;Schwerin, Theresa:creaTing a BUZZ in The claSSroom: ProVen TechniQUeS For inTegraTing naSa earTh Science ViSUaliZaTionS, mUlTimeDia anD inTeracTiVeS inTo TWo-Year college coUrSeS 8:30AM Hams,Jacquelyn*:creaTing laB TracKS To accommoDaTe DiVerSe STUDenT PoPUlaTionS in an inTroDUcTorY laBoraTorY claSS aT a TWoYear college 8:45AM Voorhees,DavidH.*:earThQUaKeS acroSS BorDerS 9:00AM Oughton,JohnR.*;Osborn,Joe;Force,Geoffrey: inTroDUcTorY geoScience eDUcaTion aT commUniTY college: challengeS anD conFirmaTionS amiDST 21st cenTUrY DiVerSiTY 9:15AM Branlund,Joy*:giVing inTroDUcTorY STUDenTS The SUPPorT neceSSarY To meeT high eXPecTaTionS 9:30AM Wynne,DanielB.*:The caliFornia commUniTY collegeS: a neeD For aDaPTaBiliTY anD innoVaTion in Teaching geoScienceS 9:45AM Shomo,Susie*:"VarieD inSTrUcTion PromoTeS STUDenT engagemenT" 10:00AM LeMay,LynseyE.*;Berquist,PeterJ.;Layou,KarenM.: Teaching The releVancY oF geologY in an online SeTTing: eXamPleS From ThomaS nelSon commUniTY college, hamPTon, Va 10:15AM Baer,EricM.D.*;Wenner,JenniferM.;Burn,HelenE.:The maTh YoU neeD, When YoU neeD iT: helPing more Than JUST The UnDer-PrePareD STUDenT 10:30AM Break 10:45AM Anderson,StevenW.*:STraTegieS emPloYeD To DeVeloP ParTnerShiPS DUring a 17-Year career aS a SoliTarY geoScience FacUlTY memBer


monDaY, 10 ocToBer 2011

morning oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 70

Geoscience Education III: Broadening Participation in the Geosciences through Access, Accommodation, and Inclusion

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208CD ChristopherAtchisonandSharonLocke,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 70-1 8:15AM Stokes,PhilipJ.*;Levine,Roger;Fuhrman,Miriam; Gunckel,KristinL.;Flessa,KarlW.:TroUBleShooTing The PiPeline: DeVeloPing a criTical inciDenT TaXonomY For minoriTY anD non-minoriTY STUDenT PaThWaYS inTo The geoScienceS 8:30AM Langford,Neal*:challengeS Facing PeoPle WiTh moBiliTY DiSaBiliTieS To STUDY anD WorK in The geoScienceS 8:45AM Vesel,Judy*:Signing earTh Science 9:00AM Neuhauser,Kenneth*:on Teaching a ToTallY BlinD STUDenT PhYSical anD hiSTorical geologY 9:15AM Ceylan,GinaM.*:BlinD inSighTS on geoScience eDUcaTion: a PerSonal PerSPecTiVe 9:30AM Atchison,Christopher*:inTroDUcTion oF The inTernaTional aDViSorY For geoScience DiVerSiTY (iagD) 9:45AM Break



71-4 71-5

71-6 71-7


71-8 71-9

70-3 70-4 70-5 70-6



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 167


71-12 11:00AM Fredrick,KyleC.*;Halchak,Jennifer;Nicholson,Bryan;Lohr, Lisa:inTegraTing local WaTerSheD aSSociaTion acTiViTieS To aUgmenT STUDenT reSearch oPPorTUniTieS 11:15AM Smaglik,SuzanneM.*;Lautz,LauraK.:a reSearch anD learning collaBoraTion BeTWeen one TWoYear anD TWo FoUr-Year inSTiTUTionS 11:30AM Hageman,ScottA.*;Blevins,Lacy;Gleason,Joshua; Hoffman,BrianL.;Mikulich,Kathryn;Jensen,John; Youngblood,Lucas:maYmeSTer: Bringing geologY To geograPhY anD BiologY maJorS TWo WeeKS aT a Time 11:45AM DavisTodd,Carrie*;Lee,Karen:The camPUS naTUre area aS a Focal PoinT For inTerDiSciPlinarY reSearch anD Teaching 73-11 73-7 9:55AM Swift,PeterN.;Nutt,Mark*:rePoSiTorY PerFormance moDeling in The UniTeD STaTeS aFTer YUcca moUnTain 10:15AM Robinson,Bruce*;Dixon,Paul:DeVeloPing an aDVanceD SimUlaTion caPaBiliTY For enVironmenTal managemenT aPPlicaTionS 10:35AM Buscheck,ThomasA.*;Sun,Yunwei;Hao,Yue;Blink,James A.:leVeraging Thermal-hYDrological Science anD TechnologY aT YUcca moUnTain To acTiVe managemenT oF inTegraTeD geoThermal co2STorage reSerVoirS 10:55AM Birkholzer,JensT.*:ScienTiFic iSSUeS relaTeD To geologic STorage oF carBon SeQUeSTraTion: learning From nUclear WaSTe anD YUcca moUnTain r&D 11:15AM Belcher,WayneR.*;Sweetkind,DonaldS.;Faunt, ClaudiaC.:The DeaTh ValleY regional groUnDWaTer FloW SYSTem moDel: SoUnD Science 11:35AM Discussion







SeSSion no. 72

P3. Exploration of the Deep Biosphere (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101A-C BrandyM.TonerandJeffreyGralnick,Presiding 72-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Colwell,F.S.*;Sogin,M.;Briggs,B.R.;Lavalleur,H.:The cenSUS oF DeeP liFe: a neW ProJecT To eXPlore liFe UnDergroUnD 8:35AM Amend,JanP.*:geoBiological eXPloraTion oF The DeeP SUBSeaFloor 9:05AM SherwoodLollar,Barbara*;vanHeerden,Esta;Onstott, Tullis;Kieft,Thomas;Itavaara,Merja:FolloW The WaTer - a Search STraTegY For eXPloraTion oF The earTh'S DeeP BioSPhere 9:35AM Break 9:50AM Onstott,Tullis*;Chehoud,C.;vanHeerden,E.;Litthauer,D.; Jugdave,A.;Albertyn,K.;Kieft,Thomas;Borgonie,G.; García-Moyano,A.;Chivian,D.:From BacTerial FincheS To BacTiVoroUS meioFaUna: microBial BiogeograPhY oF The DeeP crUSTal BioSPhere 10:20AM Templeton,AlexisS.*;Swanner,ElizabethD.:microBial Fe, mn anD ammoniUm oXiDaTion in The DeeP TerreSTrial SUBSUrFace aT henDerSon mine, co 10:50AM Macalady,JenniferL.*:DirecT hUman eXPloraTion oF The TerreSTrial SUBSUrFace

SeSSion no. 74

T3. The Archean of North America: The Core of a Continent (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America; Geological Association of Canada)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200H-J M.E.Bickford,PaulA.Mueller,andJosephL.Wooden,Presiding 74-1 8:00AM Vel,SenthilS.*;Johnson,ScottE.;Cook,AldenC.;Goupee, AndrewJ.;Song,WonJoon;Okaya,David:inTegraTeD analYTical-comPUTaTional FrameWorK For The calcUlaTion oF BUlK elaSTic ProPerTieS anD SeiSmic WaVe SPeeDS in PolYcrYSTalline maTerialS 8:15AM Okaya,David*;Johnson,Scott;Vel,SenthilS.;Christensen, NikolasI.:FacTorS For The USe oF SeiSmic aniSoTroPY To eXamine crUSTal DeFormaTion anD meTamorPhiSm WiThin craTonS 8:30AM Johnson,ScottE.*;Vel,SenthilS.;Gerbi,ChristopherC.; Cook,AldenC.;Song,WonJoon;Okaya,David: eValUaTing The eFFecTS oF Shear Zone DeVeloPmenT on SeiSmic aniSoTroPY in The DeeP craTonic crUST: naTUral eXamPleS anD comPUTaTional meThoDS 8:45AM Mahan,K.H.*;Leslie,S.;Schulte-Pelkum,V.;Regan,S.; Williams,M.L.:SeiSmic aniSoTroPY PaTTernS in DeeP conTinenTal crUST: eXamPleS From an eXhUmeD high PreSSUre Terrane in The WeSTern canaDian ShielD 9:00AM Holm,Daniel*;Chandler,Val:The archeanPaleoProTeroZic BoUnDarY in The UPPer greaT laKeS region: iTS FormaTion anD inFlUence on crUSTal archiTecTUre 9:15AM Lin,Shoufa*;Parks,Jen;Heaman,LarryM.;Simonetti, Antonio:VerTical TecToniSm SYnchronoUS WiTh horiZonTal TecToniSm in The neoarchean: STrUcTUral anD geochronological eViDence From The norThWeSTern SUPerior ProVince, canaDa 9:30AM Brownlee,SarahJ.*;Erdman,Monica;Wagner, Kelsey;Hacker,BradleyR.;Seward,Gareth:SeiSmic aniSoTroPY in The miD- anD loWer-crUST 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Hamilton,WarrenB.*:The mYTh oF PreneoProTeroZoic PlaTe TecTonicS 10:15AM Shirey,StevenB.*;VanKranendonk,Martin;Richardson, StephenH.:Sclm anD crUSTal eViDence For 3 ga

72-2 72-3






SeSSion no. 73

Special Session: The Past Yucca Mountain Project--Advancing Science and Technology for the Future: Was It Worth the Cost?

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102BC RichardR.Parizek,ClaudiaM.Newbury,andArdythM.Simmons,Presiding 73-1 8:00AM Newbury,ClaudiaM.*;Simmons,ArdythM.:The PaST YUcca moUnTain ProJecT - aDVancing Science anD TechnologY For The FUTUre: WaS it WorTh The coST? 8:05AM Dyer,J.Russell*:oVerVieW oF The YUcca moUnTain ScienTiFic inVeSTigaTion Program 8:25AM Long,RoyC.;Soeder,Dan*:neW anD innoVaTiVe Drilling TechnologieS 8:45AM Stuckless,John*:earTh Science innoVaTionS SPaWneD BY The YUcca moUnTain ProJecT 9:05AM Coppersmith,KevinSr.*:DeVeloPmenT oF Volcanic haZarD analYSiS meThoDologieS For YUcca moUnTain, neVaDa 9:25AM Wong,Ivan*:aDVanceS maDe in eValUaTing SeiSmic haZarDS aT The YUcca moUnTain SiTe 9:45AM Break



73-2 73-3 73-4 73-5



74-8 74-9


168 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


onSeT oF PlaTe TecTonicS WiTh imPlicaTionS For The SUPerior ProVince 74-10 74-11 10:35AM Bleeker,Wouter*:The SlaVe craTon oF norTh america: an oVerVieW 10:55AM O'Neil,Jonathan*;Carlson,RichardW.;Moser,DesmondE.; Darling,James;Heaman,Larry;Francis,Don:a remnanT oF haDean crUST PreSerVeD in The nUVVUagiTTUQ greenSTone BelT 11:10AM Satkoski,A.M.*;Samson,S.D.;Bickford,M.E.:neW geochemical DaTa For archean crUST in The minneSoTa riVer ValleY: eViDence For conTinenTal crUSTal recYcling in The Paleoarchean? 11:25AM Frost,CarolD.*;Fanning,C.Mark;Frost,B.Ronald;Swapp, SusanM.;McLaughlin,J.Fred:The archean WYoming ProVince: nUcleUS oF norTh america 11:45AM McLaughlin,J.Fred*;Frost,CarolD.;Swapp,SusanM.; Frost,B.Ronald:TecTono-STraTigraPhY oF The meSoarchean SacaWee BlocK, cenTral WYoming ProVince 75-9 Parallel FolDing in The TecTono-SeDimenTarY DeVeloPmenT oF The earlY To miDDle miocene KYmi-aliVeri BaSin, eVia, greece 10:30AM LeMasurier,WesleyE.*:conTinenTal SignaTUre imPoSeD on The eVolUTion oF oceanic-iSlanDTYPe VolcanoeS in The marie BYrD lanD SecTor oF The WeST anTarcTic riFT 10:45AM Hickman,JohnB.*:eViDence oF crUSTal-Scale Thermal SUBSiDence SUrroUnDing camBrian inTracraTonic riFT STrUcTUreS in The SoUThern illinoiS BaSin 11:00AM Price,JonathanD.*:TiTaniUm Zoning in QUarTZ: conSTrainTS on The crYSTalliZaTion anD cooling oF The moUnT ScoTT graniTe PlUTon, SoUThern oKlahoma aUlacogen, USa






SeSSion no. 76

T20. Beyond Balanced Sections: New Horizons in Structural and Mechanical Modeling (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200A-C GaryG.GrayandJuliaK.Morgan,Presiding 76-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Gray,GaryG.*;Chikichev,Ivan:USe oF FiniTe elemenT ForWarD moDeling in analYZing geologic STrUcTUreS 8:20AM Albertz,Markus;Lingrey,Steven;Sanz,Pablo*:FiniTe elemenT moDelS oF conTracTional FaUlTrelaTeD FolDing 8:35AM Zhang,Jie*;Morgan,JuliaK.;Gray,GaryG.;Harkins, NathanW.;Sanz,PabloF.;Chikichev,Ivan:Fem anD Dem moDeling oF BaSemenT-inVolVeD FolDS anD ThrUSTS, WiTh aPPlicaTion To SheeP moUnTaingreYBUll area, WYoming 8:50AM Dean,SarahL.*;Fournier,Tom;Morgan,Julia:The FormaTion anD eVolUTion oF Triangle ZoneS in FolD-anD-ThrUST-BelTS: inSighTS From Dem SimUlaTionS 9:05AM Thornton,DeanA.*;Roberts,DanielT.;Crook,AnthonyJ.L.; Yu,JianG.:regional-Scale SalT TecTonicS moDelling: Bench-Scale ValiDaTion anD eXTenSion To FielD-Scale PreDicTionS 9:25AM Cooke,MicheleL.*:There iS no SUch Thing aS a Free FaUlT 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Cruz,Leonardo*;Hilley,GeorgeE.:FricTional anD graViTaTional eFFecT on FaUlT reacTiVaTion: a minimUm-WorK aPProach 10:15AM Morgan,JuliaK.*:The mechanicS oF ThrUST FaUlT iniTiaTion anD FolD anD ThrUST BelT eVolUTion: inSighTS From DiScreTe elemenT SimUlaTionS 10:30AM Benesh,NathanP.;Hughes,AmandaN.;Alt,RichardC.III.; Shaw,JohnH.*:mechanical BaSiS oF FaUlT-BenD FolDing 10:50AM Hughes,AmandaN.*;Benesh,NathanP.;Alt,RichardC.III.; Shaw,JohnH.:mechanical moDeling oF FaUlTProPagaTion FolDS anD comPariSon WiTh oBSerVaTionS From SeiSmic reFlecTion DaTa anD analog moDelS 11:05AM Yin,Hongwei*;Morgan,Julia;Wang,Xin;Wu,Zhengyun; Wang,Zhe:Dem moDeling oF KUQa SalT-relaTeD FolD-anD-ThrUST BelT, china 11:20AM Hudleston,Peter*;Treagus,Susan:FleXUral FloW FolDing reViSiTeD 11:35AM concluding remarks


SeSSion no. 75

T18. Proterozoic to Modern Rifts: Sedimentary and Volcanic Processes and the Role of Inherited Structures (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200DE MelissaA.Lamb,ThomasHickson,andPaulJ.Umhoefer,Presiding 75-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:10AM Stein,Seth*;vanderLee,Suzan;Stein,CarolA.;Merino, Miguel;Jurdy,DonnaM.;Wysession,MichaelE.;Wiens, Douglas;Revenaugh,Justin;Frederiksen,Andrew; Darbyshire,Fiona:learning From FailUre: neW inSighTS inTo conTinenTal riFTing From norTh america'S FaileD miD-conTinenT riFT 8:30AM Umhoefer,PaulJ.*:inFlUence oF inheriTeD FeaTUreS on The BoUnDarieS anD FaUlT PaTTernS oF The eXTenSional BelTS From The gUlF oF caliFornia To norThern BaSin anD range 8:45AM Stock,Joann*;Martin-Barajas,Arturo;Vidal-Solano, JesusRoberto;Paz-Moreno,Francisco;Olguin-Villa, AngelE.;Skinner,Steve:inTerPlaY BeTWeen VolcaniSm anD STrUcTUre oF The norThern BaSinS WiThin The gUlF oF caliFornia riFT SYSTem 9:00AM Langford,RichardP.*;Marrufo,SandyS.;Doser,Diane: aBrUPT changeS in DePoSiTion reSUlTing From hYDrologic anD TecTonic eVenTS, PlioPleiSTocene hUeco BaSin, rio granDe riFT 9:15AM Wawrzyniec,TimothyF.*;Magill,R.Charlie:a TranScUrrenT emPlacemenT moDel For The creSTeD BUTTe laccoliTh anD aSSociaTeD STrain TranSFer From The rio granDe riFT To The UinTa arch, SoUThern rocKY moUnTainS, USa 9:30AM Break 9:45AM DePascale,GregoryP.*;Matsinhe,Mauricio: PreliminarY aSSeSSmenT anD geological eViDence For The SeiSmogenic PoTenTial oF SoUThernmoST PorTion oF The eaST aFrican riFT, moZamBiQUe 10:00AM Farris,DavidW.*:eXTenSion DUring FormaTion oF The Panama orocline anD colliSion WiTh SoUTh america 10:15AM Bradley,KyleEdward*;Buchwaldt,R.;Royden,LeighH.; Burchfiel,B.Clark:The role oF eXTenSion-







76-6 76-7











9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 169


SeSSion no. 77

T38. Provenance Analysis in Modern and Ancient Sedimentary Systems (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211CD ChristopherM.FedoandMichaelC.Pope,Presiding 77-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Samson,ScottD.*;Hietpas,Jack;Moecher,David:The gooD, The BaD anD The UglY: aSSeSSing The UTiliTY oF DeTriTal mineralS in ProVenance analYSiS 8:20AM Balgord,Elizabeth*;Dehler,CarolM.;Yonkee,Adolph;Link, PaulKarl;Hayes,DawnS.;Keeley,JoshuaA.;Osterhout, ShannonL.;Richey,Dave:FiTFUl riFTing, glaciaTion, anD The BirTh oF The corDilleran miogeocline: a neoProTeroZoic-camBrian DeTriTal Zircon recorD From norThern UTah anD SoUThern iDaho 8:35AM Southworth,Scott*;Satkoski,AaronM.;Samson, ScottD.;Aleinikoff,JohnN.:The greaT PaleoZoic UnconFormiTY: ProVenance oF neoProTeroZoic-camBrian rocKS oF The aPPalachianS USing DeTriTal ZirconS 8:50AM Anfinson,Owen*;Leier,Andrew:neW inSighTS inTo arcTic TecTonicS: U/PB, (U-Th)/he, anD hF iSoToPic DaTa From The FranKlinian BaSin, canaDian arcTic iSlanDS 9:05AM Pope,MichaelC.*;Baar,EricE.;Hutto,Andrew;Workman, Benjamin;Wulf,Tracy;Pickell,MichaelJ.:2nd- anD 3rdorDer SeQUence STraTigraPhY, DePoSiTional enVironmenTS, anD ProVenance oF miDDle-laTe orDoVician SUPermaTUre QUarTZ areniTeS, norTh america 9:20AM Link,PaulK.*;Beranek,LukeP.;Fanning,C.Mark: DeTriTal ZirconS DeFine norTh american ProVenance oF miSSiSSiPPian anTler BaSin anD BalTic-caleDonian ProVenance oF milligen FormaTion anD YoUnger STraTa oF The Pioneer ThrUST PlaTe, cenTral iDaho 9:35AM Tochilin,Clare*;Dickinson,WilliamR.;Felgate,MatthewW.; Pecha,Mark;Sheppard,Peter;Damon,FrederickH.; Bickler,Simon;Gehrels,GeorgeE.:USing U-PB ageS oF DeTriTal ZirconS To SoUrce TemPer SanDS in ancienT ceramicS: a caSe STUDY From The SoUThWeST PaciFic 9:50AM Break 10:05AM Vervoort,JeffD.*:caVeaTS in The USe oF hF moDel ageS in ProVenance (anD oTher) STUDieS 10:20AM Modi,AubreyL.;Fedo,ChristopherM.*;Young,GrantM.: mineralogical anD geochemical comPariSon BeTWeen FirST-cYcle SeDimenTS FormeD in an ariD SeTTing anD Their granoDioriTic SoUrce rocKS 10:35AM Phillips,Stephen*;Morris,ThomasH.:DelineaTion oF The J-1 UnconFormiTY in SoUTh-cenTral UTah USing a PorTaBle XrF 10:50AM Bassett,KariN.*;Williams,TessaJ.;Storey,Bryan: The SecreT liFe oF QUarTZ; SemcaThoDolUmineScence on QUarTZ From anDrill SmS core inDicaTeS recYcling oF grainS 11:05AM Hietpas,Jack*;Samson,ScottD.;Moecher,DavidP.:a mUlTiVariaTe STaTiSTical analYSiS oF DeTriTal garneT maJor elemenT chemiSTrY aS a Tool For QUanTiTaTiVe SeDimenT ProVenance 11:20AM Shah,AnjanaK.*;Stanley,Richard;Hofstra,AlbertH.: aeromagneTic DaTa ProViDe maP-VieW conSTrainTS on SeDimenT ProVenance: aPPlicaTion To cooK inleT anD circle, alaSKa

SeSSion no. 78

T52. Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record I (Paleontological Society; Society of Vertebrate Paleontology; Cushman Foundation; Paleontological Research Institution)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205CD WarrenD.AllmonandMargaretM.Yacobucci,Presiding 78-1 8:00AM Allmon,WarrenD.*:The "JanUS concePT" oF PaleonTological SPecieS: are FoSSil SPecieS criTicallY imPorTanT or are We KiDDing oUrSelVeS? 8:20AM Zink,RobertM.*:DemYSTiFYing DarWin'S mYSTerY oF mYSTerieS 8:40AM Miller,WilliamIII.*:The "SPecieS ProBlem" in PaleoBiologY--iT'S mUch more comPlicaTeD For US 9:00AM Lieberman,BruceS.*:TemPo anD moDe in eVolUTion reFrameD in The lighT oF PhYlogeneTic ThinKing 9:15AM Geary,DanaH.*:FoSSil SPecieS: PlaY The hanD YoU'Ve Been DealT 9:30AM Hageman,StevenJ.*:morPhologY anD molecUleS aT The SPecieS leVel: SolVing a SiX-PoinT ProBlem 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Liow,LeeHsiang*:DeTecTing neW SPecieS anD SPeciaTion in The FoSSil recorD 10:15AM Harries,PeterJ.*;Allmon,WarrenD.:conSTrainTS on eXamining SPeciaTion in The FoSSil recorD: The role oF Sea leVel 10:30AM Budd,AnnF.*;Pandolfi,JohnM.:conTraSTing PaTTernS oF SPeciaTion in reeF coralS anD Their relaTionShiP To PoPUlaTion connecTiViTY 10:45AM Hendricks,JonathanR.*:The relaTionShiP BeTWeen local SPecieS aBUnDance anD larVal DeVeloPmenTal moDe in a remarKaBle SamPle oF CONUS (neogaSTroPoDa) From The earlY Pliocene oF The Dominican rePUBlic 11:00AM Stigall,AlyciaL.*:analYZing linKS BeTWeen SPeciaTion, BiogeograPhY, anD niche STaBiliTY: The role oF comPleX FeeDBacKS in DriVing macroeVolUTionarY PaTTernS 11:15AM McRoberts,Christopher*:haBiTaT heTerogeneiTY anD SPeciaTion among DeeP-Sea TriaSSic BenThic BiValVeS From The eXaeroBic Zone 11:30AM Discussion


78-2 78-3



78-5 78-6


78-7 78-8








77-8 77-9

SeSSion no. 79

T53. The Triassic: Turning Point for Phanerozoic Life (Paleontological Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205AB DavidJ.Bottjer,Presiding 79-1 8:00AM Melott,Adrian*;Bambach,RichardK.;Pach,GregoryF.: a SYSTemaTic increaSe in originaTion oF longliVeD genera 8:15AM Bonuso,Nicole*:Who maKeS iT To reDemPTion iSlanD? an eXaminaTion oF TaXonomic recoVerY aFTer The enD-Permian maSS eXTincTion 8:30AM Clapham,MatthewE.*;Fraiser,MargaretL.;Marenco, PedroJ.:TemPoral anD enVironmenTal DiSTriBUTion oF miXeD FaUna SUrViVorS aFTer The enD-Permian maSS eXTincTion 8:45AM Schaefer,ScottN.*;Fraiser,MargaretL.;Marenco,PedroJ.; Clapham,MatthewE.:haBiTaBle Zone DiSTriBUTion oF earlY TriaSSic rhYnchonelliForm








170 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


BrachioPoDS in The DinWooDY BaSin oF The WeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 79-5 9:00AM Marenco,PedroJ.*;Lepes,ErinM.;Clapham,MatthewE.; Fraiser,MargaretL.;Orchard,MichaelJ.:conoDonT BioSTraTigraPhY oF The Virgin limeSTone aT loST caBin SPring: imPlicaTionS For The STUDY oF earlY TriaSSic BioTic eVenTS 9:15AM Griffin,JulieM.*;Marenco,PedroJ.;Fraiser,MargaretL.; Clapham,MatthewE.:geochemical, PeTrograPhic anD SPaTial analYSeS oF microBialiTeS From The Virgin limeSTone, neVaDa: inSighTS inTo earlY TriaSSic BioTic recoVerY From The enDPermian maSS eXTincTion 9:30AM Dineen,AshleyA.*;Fraiser,MargaretL.;Tong,Jinnan;Chen, Jing:When anD Where DiD liFe recoVer From The enD-Permian maSS eXTincTion? 9:45AM Tarailo,David*;Fastovsky,DavidE.:PoST PermoTriaSSic TerreSTrial VerTeBraTe recoVerY: SoUThWeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 10:00AM Break 10:15AM Stanley,GeorgeD.Jr.*:The miDDle TriaSSic recoVerY, reeFS, coralS anD "naKeD" laZarUS TaXa 10:30AM Kelley,BrianM.*;Yu,Meiyi;Lehrmann,DanielJ.;Payne, JonathanL.:The FirST SKeleTal, PlaTForm-margin reeFS oF The meSoZoic anD The aPPearance oF ScleracTinian coralS: enVironmenTal DiSTriBUTion oF reeF-BUilDerS acroSS a STeeP, ShalloW- To DeeP-WaTer SloPe 10:45AM Martindale,Rowan*;Bottjer,DavidJ.;Corsetti,FrankA.; Zonneveld,John-Paul:The imPorTance oF microBialiTeS anD oTher microFaUna aS FrameWorK elemenTS in UPPer TriaSSic reeFS From eaSTern PanThalaSSa 11:00AM Tackett,LydiaS.*;Bottjer,David:macroeVolUTion oF ShalloW marine BenThoS in The norian (laTe TriaSSic) 11:15AM Ritterbush,KathleenA.*;Bottjer,DavidJ.: PaleoecologY oF DiSaSTer FaUna SPongeS aFTer The enD-TriaSSic maSS eXTincTion 11:30AM Schoepfer,ShaneD.*;Ward,PeterD.:eXTreme niTrogen limiTaTion coinciDeS WiTh marine eXTincTionS DUring The TriaSSic-JUraSSic TranSiTion 11:45AM Greene,SarahE.*;Bottjer,DavidJ.;Corsetti,FrankA.; Martindale,RowanC.;Ritterbush,KathleenA.;Berelson, WilliamM.:an earlY DiageneTic carBonaTe FacTorY acroSS The TriaSSic-JUraSSic TranSiTion 80-10 80-7 80-6 80-3 From high-reSolUTion carBon iSoToPe meaSUremenTS acroSS FoSSil Tree-ringS 8:35AM Jahren,A.Hope*;Schubert,BrianA.;Sternberg, LeonelS.L.;Ellsworth,Patricia:a neW moDern analog For The eocene arcTic ForeST From oXYgen iSoToPeS in cellUloSe-DeriVeD PhenYlglUcoSaZone 8:50AM Morón,Sara*;Fox,DavidL.;Feinberg,JoshuaM.;Bayona, Germán;Jaramillo,Carlos:PaleoSol carBon iSoToPe STraTigraPhY anD a rocK magneTic recorD oF climaTe change acroSS The Paleocene-eocene BoUnDarY in The BogoTa BaSin, colomBia 9:05AM Fox-Dobbs,Kena*;Haveles,AndrewW.;Fox,DavidL.: hoW FaiThFUllY Do Small mammalS recorD c4 graSS aBUnDance in graSSlanD ecoSYSTemS? iSoToPic inSighTS From moDern anD FoSSil commUniTieS 9:20AM Tütken,Thomas*;Poppe,Henry:PaleoenVironmenT anD haBiTaT oF laTe miocene mammalS From höWenegg, SW germanY inFerreD From o, c anD Sr iSoToPe comPoSiTionS oF FoSSil TeeTh 9:40AM Break 9:55AM Henderson,Anna*;Freeman,Katherine;Fox,DavidL.: The role oF TreeS in The eVolUTion oF c4 graSSlanD ecoSYSTemS in norTh america, a molecUlar PerSPecTiVe 10:10AM Dhillon,RyanS.*;Mintz,JasonS.;Atchley,Stacy: inFlUence oF climaTe anD The eXPanSion oF c4 graSSeS on SeQUence-Scale cYcliciTY anD lanDScaPe DeVeloPmenT DUring The laTe miocene To PleiSTocene oF WeST TeXaS 10:25AM Kingston,AndrewW.*;Patterson,WilliamP.: TemPeraTUre changeS DUring The laST glacial-inTerglacial TranSiTion BaSeD on oXYgen iSoToPe analYSeS oF aUThigenic laKe carBonaTeS From SPiriT laKe in The SoUThern YUKon TerriTorY 10:40AM Bowen,MarkW.*;Johnson,WilliamC.: liThoSTraTigraPhY anD PaleoenVironmenTS oF PlaYa-lUneTTe SYSTemS on The KanSaS high PlainS 10:55AM Hardt,BenjaminF.*;Banner,Jay;Jenson,JohnW.;Partin, Judson:moniToring calciTe groWTh anD caVe air anD WaTer comPoSiTion in a TroPical caVe WiTh imPlicaTionS For SPeleoThem PaleoclimaTe recorDS 11:10AM Dorale,Jeffrey*:a high-reSolUTion climaTe recorD ThroUghoUT miS 3-4 From creVice caVe, miSSoUri, USa 11:25AM Lindquist,Anna*;Feinberg,JoshuaM.;Waters,Michael: rocK magneTic ProPerTieS oF an allUVial Soil aT BUTTermilK creeK, TeXaS, USa anD Their Bearing on The ProPoSeD 12.9 Ka comeTarY imPacT 11:40AM Discussion



















SeSSion no. 80

T66. Advances in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology: Geochemical Techniques and Examples Using Inorganic and Organic Molecules in Fossil Soils, Plants, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates II (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society; Geochemical Society; GSA Archaeological Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200FG CelinaSuarez,SamuelMatson,AishaAl-Suwaidi,andPatrickWheatley, Presiding 80-1 8:00AM Diefendorf,AaronF.*;Freeman,KatherineH.;Wing, ScottL.;Currano,EllenD.:PlanT TerPenoiDS anD iSoToPe ToolS To reconSTrUcT The TerreSTrial carBon cYcle anD PaleoecologY: reSUlTS From moDern anD ancienT STUDieS 8:20AM Schubert,BrianA.*;Jahren,A.Hope;Eberle,JaelynJ.; Sternberg,LeonelS.L.;Eberth,DavidA.;Sweet,ArthurR.: WeT SUmmerS in The eocene arcTic QUanTiFieD

SeSSion no. 81

T67. Landslides and Debris Flows: Understanding Past, Present, and Future Events (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100FG DennisM.StaleyandWilliamH.Schulz,Presiding 81-1 8:00AM Burns,WilliamJ.*;Mickelson,KatherineA.;Saint-Pierre, EvanC.:The neW anD imProVeD STaTeWiDe lanDSliDe inFormaTion DaTaBaSe oF oregon 8:15AM Ruiz,Paulo*;Carr,MichaelJ.;Alvarado,GuillermoE.; Soto,GerardoJ.;Sáenz,LuisF.;Feigenson,MarkD.: coSeiSmic lanDSliDe inVenTorY For The



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 171


cinchona earThQUaKe (01-08-2009, mw 6.2), coSTa rica. a caSe oF high lanDSliDe DenSiTY aT PoÁS Volcano 81-3 8:30AM Crawford,MatthewM.*:inVenTorY maPPing anD characTeriZaTion oF lanDSliDeS USing liDar: KenTon anD camPBell coUnTieS, KenTUcKY 8:45AM Garrett,JordanD.*;Zhou,Wendy:giS-BaSeD lanDSliDe SUScePTiBiliTY analYSiS oF WeSTern coloraDo SPringS, el PaSo coUnTY, coloraDo 9:00AM Kean,JasonW.*;Coe,JeffreyA.;McCoy,ScottW.;Tucker, GregoryE.;Staley,DennisM.;Wasklewicz,ThadA.: moniToring DeBriS-FloW iniTiaTion ProceSSeS aT chalK cliFFS, coloraDo, USa 9:20AM Staley,DennisM.*;Kean,JasonW.;Cannon,SusanH.: oBJecTiVe rainFall inTenSiTY-DUraTion ThreSholDS For The iniTiaTion oF PoST-Fire DeBriS FloWS in SoUThern caliFornia 9:35AM Watts,ChesterF.*;Underwood,StephenA.:a FracTUre PermeameTer For eXamining The role oF cleFT WaTer PreSSUre in Triggering rocK SliDeS anD a comPariSon WiTh WaTer-TriggereD DeBriS FloWS 9:50AM Break 10:05AM Schulz,WilliamH.*;Galloway,SarahL.;Wang,Gonghui; Higgins,JerryD.:eViDence For earThQUaKe Triggering oF large lanDSliDeS in coaSTal oregon, USa 10:20AM Kozlowski,AndrewL.*;Bird,Brian;Kappel,William:The 2011 Keene ValleY lanDSliDe: a comPleX, DeeP, roTaTional FailUre in The aDironDacK moUnTainS oF neW YorK STaTe 10:35AM Molnia,BruceF.*;Angeli,KimM.;Noyles,ChristopherC.; Bratton,DavidA.;Keeler,RonaldH.:melTWaTer origin For The 2005 moUnT STeller, alaSKa lanDSliDe 10:50AM Cordes,ShaunE.*;Stock,GregM.;Schwab,BrandonE.; Burke,RaymondM.:characTeriZing BoUlDer DePoSiTion To aSSeSS rocK-Fall haZarD in UPPer PineS camPgroUnD, YoSemiTe naTional ParK, caliFornia 11:05AM Haneberg,WilliamC.*:richarD h. JahnS DiSTingUiSheD lecTUre: The lanDSliDe ThaT aTe laPraK 82-12 82-6 9:15AM Anderson,RobertS.*;Dühnforth,Miriam;Colgan,William; Anderson,Leif:Far-FlUng moraineS anD riDgecaPPing TillS: eXPloring The FeeDBacKS oF long-Term alPine glacial lanDScaPe moDiFicaTion 9:35AM Boulton,Geoffrey*:meaSUring Time-DePenDenT TranSPorT anD DeDUcing eroSion anD DePoSiTion in a moDern glacier 9:50AM Break 10:05AM Evenson,Edward*;Gentoso,Matt;Kodama,Kenneth; Iverson,Neal;Alley,RichardB.;Berti,Claudio;Kozlowski, AndrewL.:eXPloring Till BeD KinemaTicS USing amS magneTic FaBricS anD PeBBle FaBricS: norTh cenTral, neW YorK 10:20AM Bierman,P.*;Corbett,LeeB.;Finkel,Robert;Graly, JosephA.;Hughes,John;Lini,Andrea;Neumann, ThomasA.;Rood,Dylan:ancienT, SloWlY-eroDing Soil PreSerVeD BeneaTh The SUmmiT oF The greenlanD ice SheeT 10:35AM Rempel,AlanW.*:geTTing STUcK: SeDimenT enTrainmenT anD glacier SliDing 10:55AM Creyts,TimothyT.*;Ferraccioli,Fausto;Bell,RobinE.; Wolovick,Michael;Corr,Hugh;Jordan,Tom;Frearson, Nicholas;Damaske,Detlef;Rose,KathrynC.;Braaten, David:Thermal FeeDBacKS To BaSal WaTer neTWorKS alloW PreSerVaTion oF SUBglacial moUnTain ToPograPhY 11:15AM Moore,PeterL.*;Iverson,NealR.;Uno,KevinT.;Brugger, KeithA.;Dettinger,Matthew:enTrainmenT anD UPliFT oF BaSal SeDimenT To The SUrFace oF a PolYThermal glacier margin, STorglaciÄren, SWeDen 11:30AM Mickelson,D.M.*:QUaTernarY geologY anD geomorPhologY DiViSion DiSTingUiSheD career aWarD: changeS in glacial lanDFormS anD SUBglacial conDiTionS in The ice-marginal Zone oF The laUrenTiDe ice SheeT From SoUThern WiSconSin To minneSoTa








82-10 82-11







SeSSion no. 83

T79. Analytic Modeling of Groundwater Flow: Advances and Applications (GSA Hydrogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Association; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100HI HenkHaitjema,DanielBruceAbrams,andRandalBarnes,Presiding 83-1 83-2 8:00AM Hunt,RandallJ.*:an aPPlieD VieW: The analYTic elemenT meThoD 1988-2011 8:20AM Fienen,MichaelN.*;Hunt,RandallJ.;Juckem,PaulF.; Feinstein,DanielT.;Saad,DavidA.;Krohelski,JamesT.: 20 YearS oF analYTic elemenT moDeling in WiSconSin 8:35AM Gusyev,MaksymA.*;Haitjema,Henk;Carlson, ChristopherP.;Gonzalez,MarkA.:SUrFacegroUnDWaTer moDeling in The SheYenne naTional graSSlanD, norTh DaKoTa, USa 8:50AM Steward,DavidR.*:PUTTing The local DeTail oF a PhreaToPhYTeS groUnDWaTer UPTaKe inTo a regional conTeXT USing The analYTic elemenT meThoD 9:05AM Bakker,Mark*;Anderson,ErikI.:TranSienT mUlTilaYer moDeling WiThoUT a griD anD TimeSTePPing 9:25AM Soule,Richard*;Barnes,Randal:The caliBraTion Dilemma: reDUcing moDel UncerTainTY When caliBraTing To meaSUreD heaDS

SeSSion no. 82

T74. Processes of Subglacial Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Deposition (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100DE NealIverson,ScottLundstrom,ThomasHooyer,andKellyMacGregor,Presiding 82-1 8:00AM Landowski,ClaireM.*;Humphrey,Neil;Harper,JoelT.;Sims, KennethW.W.:SUBglacial SilicaTe WeaThering characTeriZeD USing Borehole anD oUTleT STream WaTerS From WeST greenlanD 8:15AM Adams,RobertaS.*;Jennings,CarrieE.;Lusardi, BarbaraA.;Ross,MartinA.:eVolUTion oF a norTh american miD-conTinenTal Paleo-ice STream SYSTem 8:30AM Cline,MitchellD.*;Iverson,NealR.;Harding,Chris: SPaTial analYSiS oF DeS moineS loBe WaShBoarD moraineS USing liDar DaTa 8:45AM Kehew,AlanE.*;Esch,JohnM.;Ewald,StephanieK.; Kozlowski,AndrewL.:conSTrainTS on TUnnel ValleY FormaTion From DePThS oF inciSion anD SeDimenT FillS 9:00AM Iverson,NealR.*:a neW moDel oF BeDrocK QUarrYing BY glacierS









172 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


83-7 83-8 83-9 9:40AM Strack,OttoD.*;Barnes,Randal:imProVing ParameTer eSTimaTion BY oPTimiZeD DaTa USe 9:55AM Break 10:10AM Verruijt,Arnold*:analYTical anD nUmerical SolUTion oF inTerFace ProBlemS 10:30AM Haitjema,Henk*;Kuzin,Sergey;Kelson,V.;Abrams,Daniel Bruce:moDeling FloW inTo horiZonTal WellS in a DUPUiT-Forchheimer moDel 10:45AM Anderson,ErikI.*:STaBle PUmPing raTeS For horiZonTal WellS in riVer BanK FilTraTion SYSTemS 11:00AM Kraemer,StephenR.*:hiSTorY oF analYTic elemenT moDel DeVeloPmenT anD aPPlicaTionS aT The US enVironmenTal ProTecTion agencY (1994 PreSenT) 11:15AM Martin-Hayden,JamesM.*:analYTical moDeling oF FloW regimeS WiThin anD SUrroUnDing ScreeneD moniToring WellS UnDer amBienT anD PUmPeD conDiTionS 11:30AM Huang,Ching-Sheng*;Yeh,Hund-Der:an analYTical SolUTion For groUnDWaTer FloW To VarioUS WellS in a FiniTe UnconFineD aQUiFer 11:45AM Barr,KeltonD.L.*:comPariSon oF The reSUlTS oF analYTic elemenT moDeling To SUBSeQUenT moDelS anD FinDingS: a reTroSPecTiVe 84-11 84-10 84-9 10:00AM Eastridge,EmilyM.;Mukherjee,Abhijit;Hatch,Rachel; Fryar,AlanE.*:SPaTial VariaBiliTY in SeDimenT arSenic concenTraTionS, mUrShiDaBaD DiSTricT, WeST Bengal, inDia 10:15AM Neal,Andrew*;Mohajerin,Jade;Johannesson,Karen; Hettiarachchi,Ganga;Datta,Saugata:linKing SeDimenT geochemiSTrY To arSenic anD manganeSe moBiliTY in aQUiFerS in mUrShiDaBaD, WeST Bengal, inDia 10:30AM Johnston,RichardB.*;Bretzler,Anja;Amini,Manouchehr; Johnson,Annette:WaTer reSoUrce QUaliTY: DeVeloPing a FrameWorK For The miTigaTion oF geogenic conTaminaTion oF DrinKing WaTer 10:45AM Break 11:00AM Hoque,MohammadA.;Burgess,WilliamG.*: groUnDWaTer FloW anD arSenic DiSTriBUTion in The Bengal BaSin 11:15AM Rahman,Md.Tauhid-Ur-*;Mano,Akira;Udo,Keiko; Ishibashi,Yoshinobu;Han,YounHee:accUmUlaTion anD DiSTriBUTion oF arSenic in The gangeS FlooD Plain SeDimenT DePoSiTS, SoUThWeSTern BanglaDeSh 11:30AM Mozumder,M.RajibHassan;Bhattacharya,Prosun*; Ahmed,KaziMatin;Hossain,Mohammed;Hasan,M.Aziz; Islam,M.Mainul;Jacks,Gunnar;vonBrömssen,Mattias: goUnDWaTer reDoX-FacieS anD aQUiFer SeDimenT color characTeriSTicS in maTlaB UPaZila, Se BanglaDeSh 11:45AM Al,Ramanathan*;Nil,Kushagra;Prabha,Shashi; Bhattacharya,Prosun:arSenic hoTSPoT along an aBanDoneD channel in miDDle ganga Plain anD iTS PoSSiBle linKageS WiTh groUnDWaTer chemiSTrY anD aQUiFer liThologY










SeSSion no. 84

T84. Recent Advances in Studies of Dissolved Arsenic and Other Metals in Global Hydrologic Systems I (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA International Section; International Society of Groundwater for Sustainable Development)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100FG ProsunBhattacharya,AbhijitMukherjee,D.KirkNordstrom,HollyA.Michael, andJochenBundschuh,Presiding 84-1 8:00AM Gammons,Christopher*;Lee,Joshua:geochemiSTrY oF arSenic in SeDimenT Pore WaTerS oF ShalloW laKeS TreaTing heaVY meTalS near BUTTe, monTana 8:15AM Torrance,KeithW.*;Keenan,HelenE.;Munk,LeeAnn; Hagedorn,Birgit:arSenic SPeciaTion in SUrFace WaTer aT lUcKY ShoT golD mine, alaSKa 8:30AM Bonin,B.J.*:USing Drill cUTTingS To iDenTiFY arSenic riSK DUring Well conSTrUcTion in UnconSoliDaTeD aQUiFerS 8:45AM Oyewumi,Oluyinka*;Schreiber,Madeline:geochemical aSSeSSmenT oF The imPacT oF PoUlTrY liTTer aPPlicaTion on Trace elemenT DiSTriBUTion in BroaDKill riVer SeDimenTS, DelaWare, USa 9:00AM KretsingerGrabert,VickiJ.*;Dalgish,BarbaraA.: characTeriZaTion oF naTUral chromiUm in DeeP groUnDWaTer in cenTral caliFornia 9:15AM Cáceres,LuisFernando*;Valdez,SulemaN.;Choque, Rigoberto;Ramos,Oswaldo;Choque,RocioM.;Fernandez, Samuel:FracTionaTion oF heaVY meTalS anD eValUaTion oF Their moViliZaTion in SeDimenTS in TiTicaca laKe, BoliVia 9:30AM Beckie,RogerD.*;Pal,Taraknath;Desbarats,AlexanderJ.; Mukherjee,Pradip;Koenig,CassandraE.M.:arSenic releaSe Zone characTeriZaTion, goTra, naDia DiSTricT, WeST Bengal, inDia 9:45AM Bhattacharya,Prosun;Biswas,Ashis*;Nath,Bibhash; Chatterjee,Debashis;Halder,Dipti;Mukherjee,Abhijit: TUBeWell PlaTForm color - a Tool For Screening arSenic, iron anD manganeSe in TUBeWell WaTer 85-2 84-15

SeSSion no. 85

T94. Advances in Characterization of Groundwater Flow Processes (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM101AB RemkeL.VanDamandVitalyA.Zlotnik,Presiding 85-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Famiglietti,James*;Rodell,Matthew;Swenson, Sean;Chambers,Don;Lo,MinHui;Reager,JT;Voss, Katalyn;RozierdeLinage,Caroline;Ho,Stephanie: groUnDWaTer DePleTion aS a gloBal Phenomenon 8:25AM Stotler,RandyL.*;Butler,JamesJ.Jr.;Reboulet,EdwardC.: reViSiTing The hYDrograPh in large, oVerDeVeloPeD aQUiFerS ­ neW inSighTS on WaTer aVailaBiliTY in The high PlainS aQUiFer From eaSilY collecTeD DaTa 8:40AM Asante,Joseph*;Kreamer,DavidK.:BaSin hYDrochemiSTrY anD relaTeD FloW SYSTemS: inTegraTeD DaTa analYTic meThoDS 8:55AM Parsen,MichaelJ.*;Krause,JacobJ.;Hart,DavidJ.; Bradbury,KennethR.:eViDence oF FracTUre FloW WiThin The WoneWoc FormaTion in SoUThcenTral WiSconSin 9:10AM Break 9:25AM Dietrich,Peter*;Lamert,Hendrik;Schneidewind,Uwe; Leven,Carsten:The comBinaTion oF DirecT PUSh inJecTion logging anD heaT Tracer TeST For The inVeSTigaTion oF connecTiViTY in heTerogeneoUS aQUiFerS 9:45AM Schillig,PeterC.*;Devlin,J.F.;Rudolph,DavidL.;Critchley, Catherine,E.;Shaw,H.Jane:USing PoinT VelociTY ProBeS To aSSeSS SiTe characTeriZaTion in a heTerogeneoUS aQUiFer












9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 173


85-7 10:00AM Dogan,Mine*;Meerschaert,MarkM.;Benson,DavidA.; Hyndman,DavidW.;VanDam,Remke,L.;Butler, JamesJ.Jr.;Bohling,GeoffreyC.:comPariSon oF 2D conDiTional anD UnconDiTional FracTal SimUlaTionS oF highlY heTerogeneoUS hYDraUlic conDUcTiViTY FielDS 10:15AM Hebig,KlausH.*;Ito,Narimitsu;Scheytt,TraugottJ.; Marui,Atsunao:hYDraUlic anD hYDrochemical characTeriZaTion oF DeeP coaSTal SeDimenTarY BaSinS BY Single-Well PUSh-PUll TeSTS 10:30AM Break 10:45AM Cassiani,Giorgio*;Deiana,Rita;Camporese,Matteo; Salandin,Paolo;Vignoli,Giulio;Rossi,Matteo;Perri, MariaTeresa:hYDro-geoPhYSical TechniQUeS For groUnDWaTer characTeriZaTion: The linK BeTWeen meaSUremenTS anD moDeling 11:05AM Ong,JohnT.*;Zlotnik,VitalyA.;Lane,JohnW.Jr.; Halihan,Todd;Swinehart,JamesB.;Cardenas,M.Bayani; Befus,KevinM.;Fritz,SherilynC.;Lenters,JohnD.; Raanan-Kiperwas,Hadas:comBineD hYDraUlic, geoPhYSical, anD geochemical inVeSTigaTionS To characTeriZe groUnDWaTer FloW anD maSS TranSPorT near Saline laKeS in The Semi-ariD neBraSKa SanD hillS, USa 11:20AM Joeckel,R.M.*;Korus,J.T.;Hanson,P.R.;Divine,D.; OlafsenLackey,S.:inTegraTeD helicoPTer elecTromagneTic anD Borehole inTerPreTaTion oF aQUiFerS in allUVial ValleYS anD UnDer DiSSecTeD Till PlainS, neBraSKa, USa 11:35AM Johnson,CaroleD.*;Lane,JohnW.Jr.;Walsh,DavidO.; LeBlanc,Denis:comPariSon oF nUclear magneTic reSonance (nmr) logS in WellS comPleTeD in glacial SeDimenTS in The norTheaSTern UniTeD STaTeS 11:50AM concluding remarks in relaTion To DeForeSTaTion, DroUghT anD laKe lanDScaPe PoSiTion 86-7 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Milleson,MaryE.*;Tabor,NeilJ.:geochemical analYSiS oF laKe SeDimenTS aS a ProXY For WaTerSheD UrBaniZaTion, WhiTe rocK laKe, DallaS, TX 10:15AM Ballard,NathanielC.*:climaTe change eFFecTS on The mechaniSmS oF inTernal PhoSPhorUS loaDing anD algal ecologY in alKaline eUTroPhic laKeS 10:30AM Domine,LeahM.*;Zimmer,Kyle;Cotner,JamesB.: PoTenTial imPacT oF miXing anD STraTiFicaTion PaTTernS on carBon BUrial in macroPhYTeanD PhYToPlanKTon-DominaTeD ShalloW laKeS 10:45AM Rockwell,RachelE.*;Zimmer,Kyle;Domine,LeahM.; Cotner,JamesB.:eFFecTS oF WaTer DePTh, TYPe oF PrimarY ProDUcer, anD VariaTion among laKeS on DecomPoSiTion raTeS in ShalloW laKeS 11:00AM Probst,DanT.*;Goding,AnnT.;Zimmer,Kyle;Domine, LeahM.;Herwig,BrianR.;Hobbs,Will;Cotner,JamesB.: conSUmPTion oF organic carBon From laKe SeDimenTS BY DeTriTiVoroUS FiSh: imPlicaTionS For carBon SeQUeSTraTion in ShalloW laKeS 11:15AM Ireland,AlexW.*;Booth,RobertK.;Schmitz,Jennifer; Hotchkiss,SaraC.:hYDroclimaTic VariaBiliTY DriVeS PUlSeS oF PeaT FormaTion anD carBon STorage in glacial KeTTleholeS 11:30AM Rodengen,Thomas*;Pellatt,Marlow;Barlow,Celeste; Kohfeld,KarenE.:holocene carBon DYnamicS in SoUThern BriTiSh colUmBia'S ForeSTS: a Paleoecological PerSPecTiVe 11:45AM Discussion












SeSSion no. 87

T112. Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift I (Society of Economic Geologists; UMD Precambrian Research Center; Institute on Lake Superior Geology; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101H-J JamesD.Miller,SuzanneNicholson,R.MichaelEaston,andJoshuaFeinberg, Presiding 87-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Cannon,WilliamF.*;Schulz,K.J.;Woodruff,L.G.:The 1.1 ga miDconTinenT riFT in The laKe SUPerior region 8:30AM Feinberg,JoshuaM.*;Chandler,Val;Swanson-Hysell, NicholasL.:geoPhYSical oVerVieW oF The miDconTinenT riFT SYSTem 8:45AM Swanson-Hysell,NicholasL.*;Vaughan,AngusA.; Feinberg,JoshuaM.:PerSPecTiVeS on FaileD riFTing anD FaST DriFTing USing neW anD olD PaleomagneTic DaTa From The miDconTinenT riFT 9:00AM Weiblen,PaulW.*;Vislova,Tatiana;Peterson,DeanM.; Chandler,ValW.:magma emPlacemenT DUring riFTing aS eXemPliFieD BY The eaST PaciFic riSe anD The BalD eagle inTrUSion in The miDconTienT riFT 9:15AM Green,JohnC.*;Boerboom,TerrenceJ.;Schmidt, SusanneT.;Fitz,ThomasJ.:The norTh Shore Volcanic groUP: meSoProTeroZoic Volcanic rocKS oF The miDconTinenT riFT SYSTem: a reVieW 9:30AM Ojakangas,RichardW.*:SeDimenTaTion in The meSoProTeroZoic miDconTinenT riFT, laKe SUPerior region

SeSSion no. 86

T102. Shallow Lakes and Wetlands: Sedimentary Records and Modern Dynamics of Small Systems That Pack a Big Punch in the Carbon Cycle (GSA Limnogeology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100DE KevinM.Theissen,WillHobbs,andJoyRamstackHobbs,Presiding 86-1 8:00AM Cotner,JamesB.*;Domine,LeahM.;Zimmer,KyleD.; Hobbs,Will;Hobbs,JoyRamstack;Theissen,KevinM.: ShalloW laKeS anD The gloBal carBon cYcle 8:20AM Heathcote,AdamJ.;Downing,JohnA.*;Balmer,MichelleB.: The eFFecTS oF eUTroPhicaTion on carBon BUrial anD aTmoSPheric carBon eXchange in ShalloW laKeS 8:40AM Dietz,RobertD.*;Anderson,N.J.;Engstrom,DanielR.: SPaTial anD TemPoral VariaBiliTY in The accUmUlaTion oF organic carBon in laKe SeDimenTS reFlecTS nUTrienT enrichmenT anD caTchmenT DiSTUrBance: an eXamPle From 116 minneSoTa laKeS 9:00AM Hobbs,Will*;Hobbs,JoyM.Ramstack;Theissen,KevinM.; Cotner,JamesB.;Domine,LeahM.;Edlund,MarkB.; Zimmer,Kyle:carBon BUrial anD ecological regime change in a maniPUlaTeD ShalloW laKe 9:15AM Theissen,KevinM.*;Hobbs,Will;Hobbs,JoyM.Ramstack; Cotner,JamesB.:a PoST-SeTTlemenT TranSiTion ToWarDS PhYToPlanKTon Dominance in ShalloW WeST-cenTral minneSoTa laKeS 9:30AM Schmitz,JenniferE.*;Hotchkiss,SaraC.:SeDimenT carBon DYnamicS in norThern WiSconSin laKeS











174 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


9:45AM Break 87-7 10:00AM Nicholson,SuzanneW.*;Schulz,KlausJ.:geochemical eVolUTion oF 1.1 ga miDconTinenT riFT magmaTiSm 10:15AM Good,DavidJ.*:geochemical comPariSon oF miD conTinenT riFT relaTeD gaBBroic rocKS oF The colDWell comPleX anD maFic SillS anD DiKeS locaTeD along The norTh Shore oF laKe SUPerior, canaDa 10:30AM Cundari,Robert*;Hollings,Peter;Smyk,Mark:recenT aDVanceS in geochemiSTrY oF ~1.1 ga miDconTinenT riFT relaTeD inTrUSiVe rocKS aroUnD ThUnDer BaY, onTario, canaDa 10:45AM Zieg,MichaelJ.*;Ryan,AndrewJ.;Franze,AndrewE.; Spigler,Callahan:PeTrologic eVolUTion oF a niPigon DiaBaSe Sill, onTario, canaDa: inSighTS From comPoSiTional anD TeXTUral ProFileS 11:00AM Goldner,BrianD.*;Miller,JamesD.Jr.:emPlacemenT anD crYSTalliZaTion hiSTorY oF The TamaracK inTrUSion, minneSoTa 11:15AM Miller,JamesD.Jr.*;Goldner,BrianD.;Foley,DanielJay; Hollings,Pete:ParenT magma characTeriSTicS oF earlY miDconTinenT riFT UlTramaFic inTrUSionS 88-10 88-8 88-7 10:10AM Zachara,John*;Davis,JamesA.;Long,PhilipE.; Williams,KennethH.;Freshley,Mark;McKinley,JamesP.: PerSiSTence oF UraniUm groUnDWaTer PlUmeS: conTraSTing mechaniSmS aT TWo conTaminaTeD Doe SiTeS 10:30AM Long,PhilipE.*;Williams,KennethH.;Peacock,AaronD.; Bargar,JohnR.;Bush,RichardP.;Davis,JamesA.;Fox, PatriciaM.;Hatfield,Kirk;Newman,MarkA.;Campbell, KateM.:UnPreDicTeD PerSiSTence oF a UraniUm PlUme aT a Former mill TailingS SiTe in riFle, coloraDo: eViDence For mUlTiPle SoUrceS oF UraniUm 10:45AM Qafoku,NikollaP.;Gartman,Brandy*;Kukkadapu, RaviK.;Arey,Bruce;Murray,ChristopherJ.;Resch, CharlesT.;Williams,KennethH.;Long,PhilipE.: characTeriZaTion oF U conTaminaTion anD SoliD PhaSe mineralogY anD geochemiSTrY in The riFle SUBSUrFace SeDimenTS 11:00AM Conrad,MarkE.*;Williams,KennethH.;Bill,Markus; Gupta,Manish;Berman,Elena;Davis,JamesA.;Long, PhilipE.:The eFFecT oF BicarBonaTe generaTeD From microBial oXiDaTion oF aceTaTe DUring BioSTimUlaTion oF UraniUm reDUcTion aT The olD riFle UmTra SiTe 11:15AM Laubach,Parker*;Johnson,Thomas;Lundstrom, Craig;Williams,KennethH.;Long,Philip:FielDScale DeTerminaTion oF UraniUm iSoToPe FracTionaTion inDUceD BY U(Vi) aDSorPTion anD DeSorPTion: The SUPer 8 eXPerimenT aT Doe'S riFle, coloraDo SiTe 11:30AM Cabezas,Jose;Clapp,LeeW.*;Gamboa,Yaneth;McCoig, Dain;Grant,Ronald:PiloT STUDY To eValUaTe hYDrogen inJecTion For STimUlaTing reDUcTion anD immoBiliZaTion oF UraniUm in groUnDWaTer aT an iSr mining SiTe 11:45AM concluding remarks









SeSSion no. 88

T117. Uranium in Groundwater: Biogeochemical Controls on Mobility and Persistence (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211AB PhilipE.Long,KennethH.Williams,RichardDayvault,RichardBush,and DavidPeterson,Presiding 88-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Lloyd,JonathanR.*;Geissler,Andrea;Law,Gareth T.W.;Kimber,Richard;Boothman,Christoper;Livens, FrancisR.;Morris,Katherine:harneSSing microBial ProceSSeS For The BioremeDiaTion oF UraniUm anD oTher raDionUcliDeS 8:25AM Scheibe,TimothyD.*;Fang,Yilin;Tartakovsky,GuzelD.; Zhao,Jiao;Zhuang,Kai;Mahadevan,Radhakrishnan; Lovley,DerekR.:imPlicaTionS oF genome-BaSeD microBiological UnDerSTanDing For UraniUm FaTe anD TranSPorT 8:40AM Fang,Yilin*;Yabusaki,StevenB.;Wilkins,MichaelJ.;Long, PhilipE.:eValUaTion oF an in Silico geoBacTer meTallireDUcenS moDel USing ProTeomic DaTa From a FielD BioSTimUlaTion eXPerimenT 8:55AM Newman,MarkA.*;Stucker,Valerie;Cho,Jaehyun; Peacock,Aaron;Klammler,Harald;Hatfield,Kirk;Ranville, James;Cabaniss,Stephen;Leavitt,Janet;Annable,Michael: QUanTiFYing The in SiTU FlUX oF WaTer, UraniUm, anD microBial BiomaSS 9:10AM Handley,KimM.*;Wrighton,KellyC.;Wilkins,MichaelJ.; Williams,KennethH.;VerBerkmoes,NathanC.;Thomas, BrianC.;Sharon,Itai;Hettich,Robert;Long,PhilipE.; Banfield,JillF.:ProTeogenomicS: UnDerSTanDing microBial commUniTY FUncTion DUring UraniUm BioremeDiaTion 9:30AM LezamaPacheco,JuanS.*;Bargar,JohnR.;BernierLatmani,Rizlan;Suvorova,ElenaI.;Williams,KennethH.; Long,PhilipE.;Giammar,DanielE.;Davis,JamesA.; Stubbs,JoanneE.:SPecTroScoPic inSighTS on U(iV) SPecieS in BiologicallY reDUceD SeDimenTS aT The olD riFle aQUiFer 9:45AM Discussion 9:55AM Break


SeSSion no. 89

T129. Spectroscopy for the Geosciences in the 21st Century (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; International Association of GeoChemistry)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102D-F RussellS.HarmonandNancyMcMillan,Presiding 89-1 8:00AM Wolff,JohnA.;Conrey,RichardM.*:aPPlicaTion oF PorTaBle X-raY FlUoreScence SPecTromeTrY To ProBlemS in VolcanologY 8:15AM Gerke,TammieL.*;Scheckel,Kirk;Maynard,J.Barry: inSighTS To The SPeciaTion anD DiSTriBUTion oF VanaDiUm aSSociaTeD WiTh DrinKing WaTer iron PiPe corroSion From SYnchroTron-BaSeD -XrF maPPing anD -XaneS 8:30AM Dyar,M.Darby*;Nelms,Melissa;Speicher,EllyA.; Ozanne,MarieV.;Gunter,Mickey;Lanzirotti,Antonio: mUlTiVariaTe analYSiS oF XaneS SPecTra For meaSUremenT oF Ferric iron in garneTS, amPhiBoleS, micaS, anD glaSSeS 8:45AM Gerke,TammieL.;Luxton,ToddP.;Sheckel,KirkG.*; Maynard,J.Barry;Szabo,Jeff:imPacT oF DiSinFecTion TreaTmenT changeS on Sr aDSorPTion anD accUmUlaTion in iron DrinKing WaTer PiPe: an UnForeSeen aDVerSe conSeQUence To hUman healTh 9:00AM Bartholomew,PaulR.*:iS raman reaDY For Prime Time? comParing The mineral iDenTiFicaTion SUcceSS raTe oF raman SPecTroScoPY anD PoWDer XrD 9:15AM Chou,I-Ming*;Lu,Wanjun;Chi,Guoxiang;Yuan,Shunda; Song,Yucai;Ding,Junying;Ni,Pei;Burruss,RobertC.: caliBraTing raman SPecTroScoPic SYSTemS











9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 175


For QUanTiTaTiVe analYSiS oF geological FlUiDS USing STanDarDS PrePareD in FUSeD Silica caPillarieS 89-7 9:30AM Sharma,ShivK.*;Misra,AnupamK.;Lucey,PaulG.: STanD-oFF raman SPecTroScoPY oF PlaneTarY SUrFaceS 9:50AM Hasbrouck,KristenH.*;Brokus,Sarah;Silletti, Danielle;Buscaglia,JoAnn;Peaslee,GrahamF.: caThoDolUmineScence oF FelDSPar mineralS 10:05AM Russo,Rick*:laSer aBlaTion molecUlar iSoToPe SPecTroScoPY - a neXT generaTion liBS TechnologY For real-Time iSoToPe meaSUremenTS 10:25AM McMillan,N.J.*;Carpenter,Sam;Dawkins,Matthew; Montoya,CarlosJr.;Chesner,Warren:correlaTion oF aSh-FloW TUFFS anD limeSToneS USing laSerinDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroSoPY (liBS): moVing ToWarDS real-Time geochemiSTrY in The FielD 10:40AM Hark,RichardR.*;Harmon,RussellS.;Bristol,SamanthaK.; Potter,IanK.;Remus,Jeremiah;East,LucilleJ.;Baron,Dirk; Yohe,RobertM.II.;Haverstock,GregoryJ.;Wan,Elmira: DeTermining The origin oF archaeological oBSiDian SamPleS From caliFornia USing laSer-inDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroScoPY (liBS) 10:55AM Likes,Tristan*;McManus,CatherineE.;McMillan,NancyJ.; Dowe,James;Buckley,StevenG.:USe oF laSerinDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroScoPY (liBS) anD chemomeTricS To SolVe comPleX geochemical ProBlemS: The caSe oF emeralD ProVenance 11:10AM Montoya,CarlosJr.*;Chesner,Warren;McMillan,N.J.: aPPlicaTion oF laSer- inDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroScoPY (liBS) To KanSaS highWaY aggregaTe analYSiS: raPiD iDenTiFicaTion oF high-QUaliTY aggregaTeS 11:25AM Dyar,M.Darby*;Carmosino,MarcoL.;Speicher,EllyA.; Ozanne,MarieV.;Clegg,SamM.;Wiens,RogerC.: aPProacheS To caliBraTion oF QUanTiTaTiVe elemenTal analYSiS WiTh laSer-inDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroScoPY (liBS) 11:45AM Stipe,ChristopherB.*;Rossman,GeorgeR.;Guevara, Edward;Buckley,StevenG.:in-SiTU geochronologY on marS BY laSer inDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroScoPY 90-4 8:50AM Cruz-Cruz,Tamara;Solleiro-Rebolledo,Elizabeth*; Sedov,Sergey:laTe PleiSTocene-holocene PaleoenVironmenTS anD earlY PeoPling in Sonora DeSerT, ne meXico: STUDY caSe in la PlaYa archaeological SiTe 9:05AM Murphy,LauraR.*;Hurst,StanceC.;Holliday, VanceT.;Johnson,Eileen;Sanderson,Bridget; Walden,JacquelineW.:geoarchaeologY anD PaleoenVironmenTal conTeXT oF TWo DraWS on The eaSTern eScarPmenT oF The SoUThern high PlainS oF TeXaS, USa 9:20AM Mandel,RolfeD.*;Murphy,Laura:geoarchaeologY anD PaleoenVironmenTal conTeXT oF PaleoinDian cUlTUral DePoSiTS aT The Beacon iSlanD SiTe (32mn234), norThWeST norTh DaKoTa 9:40AM Break 9:55AM Rinck,BrandyA.*:micromorPhological analYSiS oF a STraTigraPhic ProFile aT The PaleoinDian liThic SiTe oF Bear creeK, reDmonD, Wa 10:10AM Hurst,StanceC.*;Johnson,Eileen;Cunningham,Doug: eXPerimenTS in The heaT-TreaTmenT oF ogallala FormaTion SiliciFieD SeDimenT noDUleS 10:30AM Scholl,NathanC.*:geoarchaeological inVeSTigaTionS on The mohaWK riVer in SchenecTaDY coUnTY, neW YorK 10:45AM Break 11:00AM Pike,Scott*:PXrF analYSiS oF Floor SUrFaceS in STrUcTUre 10 aT The neSS oF BroDgar, a UneSco WorlD heriTage SiTe in The orKneY iSlanDS, ScoTlanD 11:15AM Besonen,MarkR.*;Doonan,Owen;Dogan,Ugur: holocene geomorPhic eVolUTion oF The aKliman riVer ValleY (SinoP, TUrKeY) 11:30AM Gath,EldonM.*;Rockwell,ThomasK.;VerdugoMadugo, Danielle;Williams,Patrick;Gonzalez,Tania;Franceschi, Pastora:The aD 1621 Panama VieJo earThQUaKe, The camino De crUceS, anD The PeDro migUel FaUlT in Panama: an archeoSeiSmologY SUcceSS STorY

















SeSSion no. 91

T138. Honoring Maynard M. Miller, Founder of the Juneau Icefield Research Program (Foundation for Glacier and Environmental Research; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100A-C P.JayFleisherandGuyAdema,Presiding 91-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Beedle,MatthewJ.*:Bringing STUDenTS inTo naTUre: The JUneaU iceFielD reSearch Program anD Dr. maYnarD m. miller 8:25AM Kluge,Steve*;Gulick,JamesII.:high-SchoolerS on ice-JUneaU iceFielD reSearch Program'S Precollege eXPerience iS oFF anD rUnning 8:40AM Heavner,MatthewJ.*;Connor,Cathy;Sauer,D.;Kugler, NathanielW.;Hood,Eran;Fatland,DennisR.:The UaS-SeamonSTer ProJecT: a glacier SenSor neTWorK on The lemon creeK anD menDenhall glacierS inSPireD BY The 1958-59 inTernaTional geoPhYSical Year (igY) anD The JUneaU iceFielD reSearch Program (JirP) 8:55AM Marston,Richard*;Guneralp,Inci:meanDer migraTion in SUPraglacial STreamS, JUneaU iceFielD, alaSKa 9:10AM Pinchak,AlfredC.;Lokey,WilliamM.*:mUlTi-Year FielD oBSerVaTionS anD heaT TranSFer eFFecTS on

SeSSion no. 90

T130. Topics in Geoarchaeology: Reconstructions of Ancient Landscapes and Paleoenvironments (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101FG KathleenNicollandLauraMurphy,Presiding 8:00AM Welcome and introductory remarks 90-1 8:05AM Johnson,WilliamC.*;Macpherson,G.L.;Dobbs,KevinE.; Mein,Alicia:ancienT KariZ groUnDWaTer acQUiSiTion SYSTemS in The conTeXT oF The SoUThern aFghaniSTan lanDScaPe 8:20AM Bataille,Clement*;Bowen,Gabe:maPPing 87Sr/86Sr VariaTionS in BeDrocK anD WaTer For regional migraTion STUDieS 8:35AM Goman,MichelleF.*;Joyce,Arthur;Mueller,RaymondG.; Middleton,William;Kearns,Catherine;Malik,Farah;Mnich, Marissa:PaleoenVironmenTal reconSTrUcTion anD occUPaTion hiSTorY aT The U2 archaeological FeaTUre, rio VieJo, oaXaca







176 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


TWo SUPraglacial STreamS, JUneaU iceFielD, alaSKa 91-6 9:25AM Pinchak,AlfredC.*;Lokey,WilliamM.;Pinchak,StephenJ.: mUlTi-Year STaTiSTical analYSiS oF aValanche acTiViTY on The VaUghan leWiS iceFall, JUneaU iceFielD, alaSKa 9:40AM Dittrich,W.*:earlY SUrVeYS oF The VaUghan leWiS WaVe BUlgeS 9:55AM Break 10:10AM Fleisher,P.Jay*:JUneaU iceFielD glacial regime aPPlieD To laUrenTiDe reTreaT From cenTral neW YorK STaTe 10:25AM Pinchak,AlfredC.;Asher,RobertA.*;Pinchak,StanleyG.: analYSiS oF air TemPeraTUreS elecTronicallY recorDeD aT SiX WeaTher STaTionS on The JUneaU iceFielD From 1986 To 2010 10:40AM Ramage,Joan*;Semmens,KathrynAlese:microWaVe melT SignaTUreS oF miD-laTiTUDe moUnTain glacierS 10:55AM Nelson,FrederickE.;Morrison,CharlesC.*:ViDeo DocUmenTaTion oF The JUneaU iceFielD reSearch ProJecT c. 1949, From The archiVeS oF The american geograPhical SocieTY 11:10AM Molnia,BruceF.*;Angeli,KimM.:DYnamicS oF The cUrrenT SUrge oF Bering glacier, alaSKa 11:30AM Schutt,JohnW.*;Harvey,R.P.;Cassidy,WilliamA.: meTeoriTeS anD ice - a coSmic cocKTail 11:45AM Discussion 93-3 93-4 93-5 93-6 93-7 92-11 92-9 oF The TeXaS eDWarDS aQUiFer recoVerY imPlemenTaTion Program 10:05AM Holland,W.F.*;Smith,BrianA.;Hunt,BrianB.:a DeciSion SUPPorT SYSTemS aPProach To managing The BarTon SPringS SegmenT oF The eDWarDS aQUiFer, cenTral TeXaS 10:25AM Booth,Nathaniel*;Everman,Eric;Kuo,I-Lin;Sprague,Lori; Murphy,Lorraine:a WeB-BaSeD DeciSion SUPPorT SYSTem For aSSeSSing regional WaTer-QUaliTY conDiTionS anD managemenT acTionS 10:45AM Guillaume,JosephH.A.;Pierce,SuzanneA.*;Ciarleglio, Michael.I.:DeciSion ProBlem FormUlaTion For groUnDWaTer allocaTion Planning 11:00AM Rubin,JeffreyN.*:geoScienTiSTS' roleS in naTUral-haZarD DeciSionS: BeFore, DUring, anD aFTer

91-7 91-8





SeSSion no. 93

T199. A Healthy Society, Geosciences, and Natural Resources I (GSA Geology and Health Division; Society of Economic Geologists)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100BC H.CatherineSkinnerandEricCheney,Presiding 93-1 93-2 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Rubin,JeffreyN.*:can We TalK? hoW geoScienTiSTS can DeliVer UnPoPUlar meSSageS 8:30AM Dorsch,Joachim*:eDUarD SUeSS' ForaY inTo `geologY & healTh' 8:45AM VanOrden,DrewR.*;Sanchez,M.S.:aSBeSToS ­ WhaT'S in a name? 9:00AM VanBaalen,M.R.*;Arlauckas,S.M.;Sanchez,M.S.: amPhiBoleS From neW iDria, caliFornia 9:15AM Heintz,NicholasH.*:aSBeSToS anD The PaThogeneSiS oF hUman cancerS 9:30AM Break 9:45AM Rose,Deborah*:iS geologY riSKY To hUman healTh? hoW Do We KnoW? 10:00AM Mielke,HowardW.*:geogUiDelineS For UrBan areaS: The neeD For clean Soil PolicieS To ProTecT US chilDren liVing in UrBaniZeD areaS 10:15AM Bell,Trevor*;Allison,David;David,Jacinthe;Foley, Robert;Pickard,Felicia;Stares,Joanne;Valcour, James:aSSeSSing The role oF hoUSing age in enVironmenTal leaD leVelS anD chilDren'S leaD eXPoSUre in norTh america'S olDeST ciTY 10:30AM McManus,CatherineE.*;Likes,Tristan;Dowe,James; McMillan,NancyJ.;Yetter,Kristen;Buckley,StevenG.: aSSeSSmenT oF ProVenance oF conFlicT mineralS USing laSer-inDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroScoPY (liBS) 10:45AM Discussion



91-12 91-13

SeSSion no. 92

T194. Decision Support for the Geosciences: The Interface between Public, Policy, and Science (GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; U.S. National Chapter of International Association of the Hydrogeologists; Minnesota Ground Water Association; National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101DE SuzanneA.PierceandAnthonyJohnJakeman,Presiding 92-1 8:00AM Jakeman,AnthonyJohn*;Guillaume,JosephH.A.; ElSawah,Sondoss;Mitchell,Michael:PrinciPleS anD eXPerienceS oF DeciSion SUPPorT For WaTer managemenT 8:15AM Plante,MichaelC.*;Sopiwnik,RoscoeF.;Hume,DavidS.: giS-BaSeD SPaTial moDeling For groUnDWaTer eXPloraTion anD DeVeloPmenT 8:30AM Jakeman,AnthonyJohn;Blakers,Rachel*;Croke, BarryF.W.;Kelly,RebeccaA.:inTegraTeD groUnDWaTer-SUrFace WaTer managemenT: a moDeling aPProach To eXPlore Socioeconomic oPPorTUniTieS anD enVironmenTal imPacTS in an oVer-allocaTeD SYSTem 8:45AM Welti,NinaD.*;Jakeman,AnthonyJohn;Lockington, David;Hunt,RandallJ.:ecoSYSTem reSPonSe To hYDrologic STreSS--STUDieS in aUSTralia anD The UniTeD STaTeS 9:00AM Wang,Yi*;Zheng,Chunmiao:DeciSion SUPPorT For enVironmenTal PolicY maKing: a caSe STUDY From china 9:20AM Loughry,Joy*;Sehl,Jim;Leete,Jeanette:minneSoTa groUnD WaTer managemenT areaS 9:35AM Stiff,BarbaraJ.*;Roadcap,GeorgeS.; Stumpf,AndrewJ.; Dey,WilliamS.;Berg,RichardC.:ViSUaliZing The mahomeT aQUiFer For PlannerS in cenTral illinoiS 9:50AM Votteler,ToddH.*;Gulley,RobertL.:inTegraTing Science anD PolicY in The DeciSionmaKing






SeSSion no. 94

T211. 30+ Years of Teaching about Planetary Geology: Past Lessons Learned and Future Possibilities (GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100H-J EricJ.PyleandJayneC.Aubele,Presiding 94-1 8:00AM Klug,SheriL.*;Christensen,PhilipR.:USing The marS STUDenT imaging ProJecT aS a Vehicle For ParTiciPaTorY eXPloraTion: leSSonS learneD anD neW DirecTionS For enhancing K- 14 STem eDUcaTion 8:20AM Newsom,Horton*;Burkemper,LauraK.:PlaneTarY geologY eDUcaTion-engaging The neXT generaTion anD Sharing The eXciTemenT


92-6 92-7



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 177


94-3 8:35AM Viotti,Michelle*:ParTiciPaTorY eXPloraTion oF marS: eDUcaTional eXPerienceS noW anD in The FUTUre 8:50AM Pyle,EricJ.*:The laST ThirTY YearS oF PlaneTarY Science in K-12 eDUcaTion: geTTing onBoarD The reForm Train? 9:05AM Tewksbury,Barbara*:From inTro geo To giS: eXamPleS From creaTiVe FacUlTY acroSS The coUnTrY For Teaching UnDergraDUaTe geoScience coUrSeS USing PlaneTarY DaTa 9:25AM Burr,DevonM.*:laBoraTorY eXerciSeS in PlaneTarY geologY For non-Science maJorS 9:40AM Kraal,Erin*:miSSion To Teach: USing naSa miSSionS To Teach non-maJor, general eDUcaTion Science 9:55AM Lang,NicholasP.*:JmarS: a DigiTal laB-manUal For PlaneTarY Science claSSeS 10:10AM DePaor,DeclanG.*;Dordevic,MladenM.;Wild,StevenC.: moDeling earTh'S crUST, manTle, anD core WiTh google marS anD google moon 10:25AM Allen,Jaclyn*;Galindo,Charles;Asplund,Shari: PUBlic? YeS TheY can Be engageD in PlaneTarY Science 10:45AM Aubele,J.C.*;Shinabery,Michael;Stanley,Judy: increaSeD PUBlic SUPPorT anD PlaneTarY geologY liTeracY ThroUgh inFormal Science eDUcaTion: leSSonS From 30 YearS oF mUSeUm anD Science cenTer eDUcaTion anD eXhiBiTS 95-12 95-10 DUring anD aFTer The meDieVal climaTe PerioD: PreliminarY reSUlTS 95-9 9 Hill,ChristopherL.*:laTe QUaTernarY enVironmenTS in The norThern rocKY moUnTainS: eViDence From geoarchaeologY, PaleonTologY anD hiSTorical ecologY 10 Elswick,ErikaR.*;Hanselmann,Fredrick;Beeker,CharlesD.; Kauffman,ErleG.;Conrad,Geoffrey:originS oF Volcanic BallaST SToneS ­ cara (QUeDagh) merchanT ShiPWrecK 1699 iSla caTalina, Dominican rePUBlic 11 Babcock,LoriN.*;Swanson,SamuelE.:comPariSon oF The acceSSorY mineral conTenT From The ancienT marBle QUarrieS oF mT. PenTeliKon (aTTica, greece) anD ProconneSUS (marmara iSlanD, TUrKeY): meTamorPhic PeTrologY aPPlieD To ProVenance 12 Huang,Jennifer*;Blackwell,BonnieA.B.;Cho,EdwardK.; Skinner,AnneR.;Dibble,Harold;McPherron,Shannon;Guibert, Pierre;Blickstein,Joel:ThinKing inSiDe The SPhere: calcUlaTing eXTernal raDiaTion DoSe raTeS For eSr DaTing aT roc De marSal, France 13 Fadem,CynthiaM.;Lewis,PiperE.*;Fordyce,SamuelW.:Soil & SeDimenT mineralogY oF The PoKroVniK SiTe, DalmaTia, croaTia: eViDence From XrD analYSiS 14 Fadem,CynthiaM.;Young,NathanL.*;Carus,CelineM.: geoarchaeologY oF The norThern DeBeD riVer ValleY, armenia: PreliminarY reSUlTS 15 Huska,Andrea*;Powell,Wayne;Bankoff,H.Arthur;Mitrovic, Slobodan;Boger,Rebecca;Bulatovic,Aleksander:Tin-Bearing STream SeDimenTS SPaTiallY aSSociaTeD WiTh BronZe age SeTTlemenTS in WeSTern SerBia 16 Adelsberger,KatherineA.;Kasaju,Supriya*;Routledge, Bruce;Farahani,Alan;Wilson,Andrew;Porter,BenjaminW.; Fatkin,DanielleS.:SloPe SeDimenTaTion anD Soil DeVeloPmenT aT Tall DhiBan, JorDan 17 Adelsberger,KatherineA.*;Routledge,Bruce;Wilson,Andrew; Porter,BenjaminW.;Fatkin,DanielleS.:eViDence For KarST UTiliZaTion in WaTer STorage aT Tall DhiBan, JorDan 18 Martin,R.Linda*;Feibel,CraigS.:PaleoenVironmenTal reconSTrUcTion oF laTe PleiSTocene To holocene BeDS near loBolo SPringS WeST TUrKana, KenYa 19 Lewis,Jonathan*;Smith,Jennifer;Garcea,Elena:PaleoenVironmenTal imPlicaTionS oF The iSoToPe geochemiSTrY anD granUlomeTrY oF QUaTernarY allUVial SeDimenTS anD aSSociaTeD PaleoSolS From Sai iSlanD, SUDan 20 Greer,SeanY.*;Vietti,LauraA.;Soderberg,John:error raTeS oF SUrFace roUghneSS ParameTerS USing oPTical microScoPY anD leica STereoeXPlorer SoFTWare



94-6 94-7


94-8 94-9






PoSTer Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 95

Archaeological Geology (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 95-1 1 RubioCisneros,IgorIshi*;Blanco,Alberto:anThroPocene: geologic Time DePenDing oF The eVolVing STaTe oF The hUman ProDUcTiVe ForceS 2 Sayers,June*;Thompson,Robert;Lusteck,Robert:PhYToliThS From FooD reSiDUeS ProViDe The olDeST DaTe For USe oF WilD rice in minneSoTa 3 Salas,Daniel*;Mickus,Kevin;Sobel,Elizabeth:groUnD PeneTraTing raDar SUrVeY oF The hiSToric cemeTerieS aT The naThan Boone homeSTeaD STaTe hiSToric SiTe, SoUThWeST miSSoUri 4 Ledezma,Abraham*;Mickus,Kevin;Sobel,Elizabeth: elecTrical reSiSTiViTY SUrVeY oF The naThan Boone homeSTeaD STaTe hiSToric SiTe, SoUThWeST miSSoUri 5 Grossman,Tiffany*;Stafford,C.Russell:UTiliZing geochemiSTrY To STUDY commUniTY STrUcTUre aT a miDDle WooDlanD Village in The loWer WaBaSh ValleY, inDiana 6 Aldridge,DavidE.*;Aharon,Paul:an aSSeSSmenT oF aSh occUrring in Three coeVal STalagmiTeS From DeSoto caVernS, alaBama, USa 7 Josephs,RichardL.*;Brake,JamieE.S.;Neilsen,ScottW.: geoarchaeological eViDence For holocene PaleoenVironmenTal change aT aShUaniPi laKe, laBraDor, canaDa 8 Napier,Tiffany*;Goble,R.J.;Wandsnider,L.;Douglass, MatthewJ.:The SanD hillS cUlTUral lanDScaPe in reSPonSe To a FlUcTUaTing enVironmenT








SeSSion no. 96

Geomorphology (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 96-1 21 Appleton,Sarah*;Wiles,GregoryC.;Lawson,DanielE.; Weisenberg,Nick;Wilch,Joseph:Tree-ring DaTing oF The glacial hiSTorY oF WachUSeTT inleT, glacier BaY naTional ParK anD PreSerVe, Se alaSKa 22 Sexton,CarolynE.*;Miller,MarkE.;Giardino,JohnR.: correlaTing FlUVial geomorPhologY anD TamariSK PoPUlaTion on The coloraDo riVer WiThin canYonlanDS naTional ParK, UT 23 Littlewood,Ryan*:Biological SUrFaceS anD Fine SeDimenT TraPPing in DelTaic WeTlanDS 24 Madoff,Risa*;Putkonen,Jaakko:lanDForm DegraDaTion in high reSolUTion: USing TerreSTrial liDar To meaSUre eroSion raTeS oF moraineS in The eaSTern Sierra neVaDa moUnTainS






96-3 96-4


178 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


96-5 96-6 25 Gemperline,Johanna*;Anders,AlisonM.:co-VariaTion oF annUal PreciPiTaTion anD riDge-ValleY relieF 26 Luehmann,MichaelD.*;Schaetzl,RandallJ.:maPPing anD characTeriZing Thin loeSS DePoSiTS aT The norTheaSTern marginS oF The norTh american loeSS SheeT 27 Carrara,Paul;Pigati,JeffreyS.*;Bryant,Bruce:FormaTion oF The "SnoWmaSToDon" SiTe - a DeaTh TraP For laTe PleiSTocene animalS, SnoWmaSS Village, coloraDo 28 Gardner,Thomas*:laTe holocene DeFormaTion, FolD groWTh anD The SeiSmic cYcle, KaiKoUra PeninSUla, SoUTh iSlanD, neW ZealanD 29 Austin,StevenA.*;Strelin,JorgeA.:megaFlooDS on The SanTa crUZ riVer, SoUThern argenTina 30 Kasprak,Alan*;Wheaton,JosephM.:a neW STeP-lengThBaSeD morPhoDYnamic moDel oF graVel BeD riVer eVolUTion 31 Matzek,CarlD.*;Ely,LisaL.;O'Connor,JimE.:liDar aSSeSSmenT oF SeDimenT TranSPorT relaTeD To The remoVal oF marmoT Dam, SanDY riVer, oregon 32 Garcia,AntonioF.;Mahan,ShannonA.*:TWo STream'S DiSSimilar reSPonSeS To The climaTe oF The laTeST PleiSTocene, gaBilan meSa, cenTral coaST rangeS oF caliFornia 33 Keen-Zebert,Amanda;Shepherd,StephanieL.*;Hudson, MarkR.;Turner,KenzieJ.:characTeriZaTion oF QUaTernarY allUVial TerraceS in The BUFFalo naTional riVer ValleY, arKanSaS 34 DeWitt,AndrewR.*;Pavlowsky,RobertT.;Harrington,Megan: Drainage area-regime eQUaTionS To QUanTiFY channel morPhologY oF an oZarKS riVer, SoUThWeST miSSoUri 35 Burns,DianeM.;Viertel,DavidC.*:eighT DecaDeS oF geomorPhological change To The liTTle WaBaSh riVer, eaST-cenTral illinoiS, USa 36 Jennings,KarenL.*;Hubbard,Matthew:a STaBiliTY aSSeSSmenT oF STream reSToraTion SiTeS in The coaSTal Plain oF marYlanD 37 McDonald,JacobM.*;Leigh,DavidS.:geomorPhic maPPing oF holocene allUViUm USing liDar in The UPPer liTTle TenneSSee riVer ValleY, norTh carolina 38 Baumgardner,Sarah*:The inFlUence oF laBoraTorY Scale TiDeS on DelTa morPhologY 39 Sinak,LeslieA.*:characTeriZaTion oF SUgar riVer WiSconSin hYDrologY: a 95-Year aSSeSSmenT oF The imPacTS oF ShiFTing climaTe anD lanD-USe 40 Breckenridge,AndyJ.*:a giS aPProach To maPPing anD analYZing Former ShorelineS WiThin The laKe SUPerior BaSin 41 Zunker,MatthewT.*:The role oF lee VorTiceS in The PaTTernS anD ProceSSeS oF cUrrenT riPPleS, neTarTS BaY, oregon 42 Stefanic,MichaelJ.*;Cornell,SeanR.:a mUlTiPhaSe moDel For The FormaTion oF enigmaTic coaSTal geomorPhic FeaTUreS oF nW cUraÇao; a caSe STUDY oF BoKaS From SheTe BoKa naTional ParK 43 Wood,JohnR.*;Forman,StevenL.:aerial PhoTograPhic analYSiS oF acTiVe aeolian lanDFormS in SoUThWeST KanSaS DUring The DUST BoWl DroUghT (ca. 1936) 44 Loope,DavidB.*;Goble,RonaldJ.;Johnson,JoelP.L.: BlocKage oF BroaD SanDSTone canYonS BY eolian SanD anD SUBSeQUenT cUTTing oF SloT canYonS in SoUTh-cenTral UTah From ~ 55 To 42 Ka 45 Venturelli,Ryan*;Graves,Nolan;Kilibarda,Zoran: geomorPhologY oF coaSTal DUneS near SoUThern ShoreS oF laKe michigan 96-26 46 Sweeney,MarkR.*;Mason,Joseph;Hanson,PaulR.: FormaTion oF large linear TroUghS anD STreamlineD riDgeS BY DirecT DeFlaTion oF Peoria loeSS, neBraSKa, USa 47 Myers,Brittany*;Hausrath,ElisabethM.;McDonnell,Steven:The imPacT oF creoSoTe BUSh (larrea TriDenTaTa) anD Biological Soil crUST on ca DiSTriBUTion in ariD SoilS oF The moJaVe DeSerT, SoUThern neVaDa 48 Eppes,M.C.;Aldred,JenniferL.*;Aquino,Kim;Deal,RebeccaM.; Garbini,Jacob;Swami,Suraj;Tuttle,Alea;Xanthos,George: DocUmenTaTion oF PreFerenTial orienTaTionS oF cracKS in BoUlDer FielDS oF TemPeraTe climaTeS: FUrTher eViDence For The inFlUence oF DirecTional inSolaTion in PhYSical WeaThering 49 Carisio,Sebastian*;Conlon,Alexander;O'Neal,Michael;Hanson, Brain:DeVeloPing TerreSTrial-liDar moDelS oF Periglacial BoUlDer-FielD FaBric 50 Bruthans,Jiri;Svetlik,Daniel;Soukup,Jan;Schweigstillova, Jana*;Mayo,AlanL.:SelF organiSeD conDUiT neTWorK in SanDSTone QUarrY: characTeriZaTion anD eVolUTion 51 Larson,ErikB.*;Stuntebeck,JessicaJ.:KarST FeaTUreS oF The hiaWaTha naTional ForeST, UPPer PeninSUla, michigan 52 Inners,JonD.*;Schwie,DaleR.;Fleeger,GaryM.;Inners, RebeccaB.:From concorD To The loWer SioUX agencY anD BacK: geograPhic anD geologic oBSerVaTionS oF henrY DaViD ThoreaU anD horace mann, Jr., on Their eXcUrSion To minneSoTa, maY­ JUlY 1861





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SeSSion no. 97

Geoscience Education (Posters) II

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 97-1 53 Gillespie,Dianne*;Sandeno,CynthiaM.;Hildreth-Werker,Val: SUSTainaBle caVe reSoUrce managemenT in a PoST-WnS WorlD: a PracTical WorKShoP For lanD managerS 54 Cordua,WilliamS.*:geological DeSTinieS oF naTionS ­ a mUlTiDiSciPlinarY coUrSe For UPPer leVel UnDergraDUaTeS 55 Jones,MeganH.*;St.John,Kristen;Pound,KateS.;Krissek, Lawrence;Leckie,R.Mark:From Teaching anchor concePTS oF climaTe change To reconSTrUcTing earTh'S climaTe hiSTorY: WraPPing UP WiTh leSSonS learneD, Winning STraTegieS anD UneXPecTeD oUTcomeS 56 Phipps,Molly*;Kirkby,Kent;Murphy,AnthonyP.:USing mUSeUmS For college-leVel geologY FielD TriPS 57 Riemersma,PeterE.*:USing a mocK Trial To eDUcaTe, moTiVaTe, anD challenge STUDenTS in an UPPer leVel general eDUcaTion geoScience coUrSe 58 Voorhees,DavidH.*;Widga,Chris;Ritter,Paul:Bring aUThenTic reSearch in YoUr K­16 claSS or laB WiTh The aUrora maSToDonT ProJecT 59 Luetkemeyer,P.Benjamin*;Boomgarten,Erich;Kelly,Brian; Kirschner,David:maTlaB coDe For QUaliTaTiVe anD QUanTiTaTiVe XrD analYSeS oF common rocKForming mineralS 60 Kirkby,Kent*:reVolUTioniZing SamPle iDenTiFicaTion: USing Scanning TechnologieS To linK conTenT anD PaTTern recogniTion To earTh maTerialS 61 Cotter,JamesF.P.*:The UniVerSiTY oF minneSoTa morriS STeP Program: an iniTiaTiVe To encoUrage The ParTiciPaTion oF naTiVe americanS (nSF/DUe-0653063)





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9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 179


97-10 62 BuenoWatts,Nievita*:naTiVe american earTh ScienTiSTS DiScUSS BarrierS To comPleTing earTh Science DegreeS 63 Zurn-Birkhimer,SuzanneM.*;Geier,SusanR.:gemscholars Program: BeST PracTiceS For BroaDening ParTiciPaTion 64 Lemke,LawrenceD.*;vanHees,EdmondH.:recrUiTing, reTaining, anD graDUaTing DiVerSe geologY anD enVironmenTal Science STUDenTS aT a large UrBan UniVerSiTY 65 Paiva,KathleenA.*;Venn,Cynthia;Harris,MarthaC.:Teaching geograPhic FeaTUreS To The ViSUallY imPaireD ThroUgh TacTile meThoDologY 66 vanderHoevenKraft,KatrienJ.*;Stempien,JenniferA.; Matheney,RonaldK.;McConnell,DavidA.:a Tale oF TWo claSSroomS: WhaT ShaPeS The claSSroom DYnamicS? 67 Bruckner,MonicaZ.*;Beane,RachelJ.;Macdonald,R.Heather: ON THE CUTTING EDGE WeBinar SerieS SUPPorTS graDUaTe STUDenTS anD PoST-DocS PUrSUing an acaDemic career 68 Teasdale,Rachel*;Budd,David;Cervato,Cinzia;Iverson,Ellen; Kraft,KatrienJ.vanderHoeven;Manduca,Cathryn;McConnell, DavidA.;McDaris,JohnR.;Murray,DanielP.;Slattery,William: enhancing STUDenT-cenTereD Teaching PracTiceS: aPProacheS DeVeloPeD on The neW cUTTing eDge geoScienceS rToP WeBSiTe 69 Kirk,KarinB.*;Wiese,Katryn;Manduca,CathrynA.;Ledley, TamaraShapiro:SUPPorTing UnDergraDUaTe reSearch in climaTe anD energY WiTh ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT For FacUlTY 70 Layou,KarenM.*;Berquist,PeterJ.:DeTermining STUDenT PercePTionS oF coUrSeS anD careerS in The geoScienceS aT ThomaS nelSon commUniTY college 71 Wolfe,BenjaminA.*;Martin,ToddC.;Kitchell,SeanK.: meaSUring The eFFecTiVeneSS oF inTerDiSciPlinarY FielD STUDieS For general STUDenT PoPUlaTionS aT commUniTY collegeS 72 Vislova,Tatiana*;Stempien,JenniferA.;Budd,David;McConnell, DavidA.:role oF an inSTrUcTor'S genDer on moTiVaTionS anD aTTiTUDeS oF Female STUDenTS in inTroDUcTorY PhYSical geologY 73 Hibbs,BarryJ.*;Ellis,Andre:mS Degree oPTion in hYDrogeologY increaSeS recrUiTmenT, graDUaTion nUmBerS, anD DiVerSiTY 74 Padin,Carlos*:PUerTo rico geomoDel PromoTing a reSearch agenDa 75 Turner,SheldonP.*;Steffke,Christy;Person,Deanna;Libarkin, Julie:DeVeloPmenT oF a SemeSTer-long, acceSSiBle FielD laBoraTorY 76 Ceperley,Elizabeth;Delatolas,Nikiforos;Derry,LouisA.;Huth, Alexander;Levine,Robert;Mnich,Meagan;Moore,Alexandra*; Webster,Dylan;Yost,Jacqueline:The carBon-neUTral claSSroom: a USer'S gUiDe 77 Chamberlain,ElizabethL.*;Webb,A.AlexanderG.;Bergeron, PhilipG.:FielD aPPrenTice-inSTrUcTorS: a meanS oF enhancing graDUaTe anD UnDergraDUaTe eDUcaTion in eXerciSe-BaSeD geologY FielD TriPS 78 Hekkers,M.L.;Shinn,JenniferJ.*;Sauer,D.;Connor,C.L.: glacier FielD SUrVeYing coUrSe eXPoSeS alaSKan UnDergraDUaTeS To glacier-climaTe reSearch meThoDS

SeSSion no. 98

Neotectonics (Posters): Active Deformation of Plate Boundaries and Interiors

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 98-1 79 Otsubo,Makoto*;Shigematsu,Norio;Takahashi,Miki;Azuma, Takashi;Imanishi,Kazutoshi;Ando,Ryosuke:STriaTionS FormeD on The SUrFace rUPTUre DUe To The earThQUaKe in The FUKUShima PreFecTUre on 11th oF aPril, 2011, JaPan 80 Hooks,BenjaminP.*;Koons,Peter;Upton,Phaedra;Pavlis, TerryL.:long reTUrn PerioDS For greaT QUaKeS maKe characTeriSTic geological anD ToPograPhic SignalS oF greaT imPorTance 81 Garibaldi,Nicolas*;Tikoff,Basil;Hernández,Walter;Pullinger, Carlos:inTeracTion BeTWeen STriKe-SliP FaUlTing anD magmaTiSm along The San migUel SegmenT, el SalVaDor FaUlT Zone 82 Peterson,DanaE.*;Montz,WilliamJ.;Tikoff,Basil;Hernández, Walter:FaUlTing WiThin The San SalVaDor PUll aParT, PaSTel oUTcroP, el SalVaDor 83 Wilson,James*;Wetmore,PaulH.;Fletcher,John;Teran,Orlando; Yelil,Roberto;Courtland,LeahM.:The norThWeSTern San migUel-ValleciToS-calaBaSaS FaUlT SYSTem, BaJa caliFornia, meXico: ToTal oFFSeT conSTrainTS 84 Ewing,CavanS.*:"STrUcTUral geologY oF The cenTral coYoTe moUnTainS, imPerial coUnTY, caliFornia." 85 Kemp,ChristopherD.*;Hartleb,RossD.;Lutz,AndrewT.; Frost,ErikK.;Lindvall,ScottC.;Alm,Steven;Tiedeman, Andrew;Rittase,WilliamM.;Walker,J.Douglas:PreliminarY PaleoSeiSmic reSUlTS From The neW echo PlaYa Trench SiTe on The cenTral garlocK FaUlT, china laKe naWS, near riDgecreST, ca 86 Allison,AliviaJ.*;Niemi,TinaM.:PaleoSeiSmic Trenching along The DeaD Sea TranSForm in The TaBa SaBKha in WaDi `araBah, JorDan 87 Chestler,ShelleyR.*;Beganskas,Sarah;Marshall,EdwardW.; Mason,Megan;Gravely,Darren:U.S. STUDY aBroaD STUDenTS' PerSPecTiVe on The chriSTchUrch earThQUaKeS anD Their imPacT on The commUniTY 88 Witt,Harrison*:inTerPreTaTion oF laTe-cenoZoic Paleo-STreSS regimeS oF WeST TenneSSee





















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SeSSion no. 99

Paleontology (Posters) II: Extinction and Environment

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 99-1 89 Wu,Shuang-Ye*;Miller,ArnoldI.:The ShorTeST DiSTance BeTWeen TWo PoinTS iSn'T alWaYS a greaT circle: geTTing aroUnD lanD maSSeS in The caliBraTion oF marine geoDiSPariTY 90 Augustin,Michael*;Payne,JonathanL.:iS eXTincTion SiZe SelecTiVe? a caSe STUDY oF BrachioPoDS ThroUgh The PhaneroZoic 91 Zhong,Ling*;Wang,SteveC.:eSTimaTing The nUmBer oF PUlSeS in a maSS eXTincTion 92 Csonka,JaymeD.*;Bush,AndrewM.:PaleoecologY oF The FraSnian/Famennian BoUnDarY inTerVal (laTe DeVonian), Tioga, PennSYlVania 93 Boyer,Diana*;Wilcox,Ellen:DYnamic Paleo-reDoX Signal PreSerVeD in The KellWaSSer inTerVal in neW YorK STaTe





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180 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


99-6 94 Hellert,SpencerM.*;Crandal,JakeR.;Smith,NathanD.; Hammer,WilliamR.;Makovicky,PeterJ.:anaTomY anD aFFiniTieS oF large archoSaUromorPhS From The loWer FremoUW FormaTion (earlY TriaSSic) oF anTarcTica 95 Larina,Ekaterina*;Landman,NeilH.;Garb,MatthewP.;Myers, Corinne;Rovelli,Remy;Klofak,SusanM.:climaTic anD FaUnal changeS aT The enD oF The maaSTrichTian: ammoniTe BioSTraTigraPhY anD iSoToPic analYSeS aT The TYPe localiTY oF The oWl creeK FormaTion, miSSiSSiPPi 96 Garb,MatthewP.*;Landman,NeilH.;Larina,Ekaterina;Rovelli, Remy;Myers,CorinneE.;Phillips,GeorgeE.:FirST recorDeD occUrrence oF imPacT SPherUleS aT The K/Pg BoUnDarY in miSSiSSiPPi 97 Rivera,AlexeiA.*:eViDence For a neogene regional maSS eXTincTion oF reeF-BUilDing coralS in The TroPical americaS 98 Kelley,PatriciaH.;Stanford,SamanthaD.;Allen,KerriAlexandra*; Bennink,DylanL.;Hilliard,VictoriaL.;Johnston,IanP.; Kilburn,AlexandraR.;Willis,AshleyR.;Badyrka,KiraA.;Dietl, GregoryP.:eFFecT oF PleiSTocene eXTincTionS on PaleoecologY oF loWer anD UPPer WaccamaW FormaTion mollUScan aSSemBlageS in SoUTheaSTern norTh carolina anD norTheaSTern SoUTh carolina 99 Kelley,PatriciaH.;Stanford,SamanthaD.*;Ervin,I.Drew;Ferreira, DenisH.;Umling,NatalieE.;Zappulla,AnnaM.;Badyrka, KiraA.;Dietl,GregoryP.:mollUScan DiVerSiTY PaTTernS in The loWer anD UPPer WaccamaW FormaTion (PleiSTocene) oF SoUTheaSTern norTh carolina anD norTheaSTern SoUTh carolina 100 Thornberg,HannaM.*;Visaggi,ChristyC.;Parnell,BradleyA.; Mason,PatriciaH.;Kelley,PatriciaH.;Dietl,GregoryP.: PaleoecologY oF ForaminiFeral aSSemBlageS From Plio-PleiSTocene localiTieS in norTh carolina 101 Parnell,BradleyA.*;Visaggi,ChristyC.;Thornberg,HannaM.; Kelley,PatriciaH.;Dietl,GregoryP.;Laws,RichardA.: inFerring Plio-PleiSTocene PaleoenVironmenTS in SoUTheaSTern norTh carolina USing oSTracoDa 102 Evraets,BradlyJ.*:PaleoclimaTe analYSiS oF TWo PeTrologicallY DiSTincT SanDSTone BoDieS oF The TerTiarY manaSTaSh FormaTion, cenTral WaShingTon: PoSSiBle climaTe conTrol on SanDSTone PeTrologY 103 Haveles,AndrewW.*;Fox,DavidL.:reconSTrUcTing laTe cenoZoic PaleoenVironmenTS in The greaT PlainS USing oVerlaPPing geograPhic rangeS oF moDern SPecieS 104 Zaborac-Reed,Stephanie*;Strömberg,CarolineA.E.;Leopold, EstellaB.:inDicaTionS oF local climaTe From a miDDle miocene FoSSil SiTe in cle elUm, WaShingTon 105 Ferguson,ShannonM.*;Warny,Sophie;Popescu,Speranta; Escarguel,Gilles:eValUaTion oF The laST glacial cYcle (miS 5 To 1) enVironmenTal changeS in SoUThWeSTern BlacK Sea BaSeD on organicWalleD PhYToPlanKTon aT DSDP SiTe 380 106 Bonde,AubreyM.;Rowland,StephenM.*:SoUThern greaT BaSin laTe PleiSTocene SeaSonaliTY anD PaleoenVironmenT recorDeD in BISON LATIFRONS TooTh enamel 107 Madan,MeenaA.*;Prothero,DonaldR.;Sutyagina,Anastasiya: SiZe anD ShaPe STaSiS in rancho la Brea FeliDS DUring The laTe PleiSTocene: UniVariaTe anD mUlTiVariaTe STaTiSTical aPProacheS 108 Fragomeni,Ashley;Prothero,DonaldR.*:STaSiS in laTe QUaTernarY BirDS From The la Brea Tar PiTS DUring The laST glacial-inTerglacial cYcle 99-37 99-35 99-21 109 Raymond,Kristina*;Prothero,DonaldR.:STaSiS in The laTe PleiSTocene groUnD SloThS (ParamYloDon harlani) From rancho la Brea Tar PiTS, caliFornia 110 Widga,Chris*;Saunders,Jeff;Lengyel,StaceyN.:ongoing inVeSTigaTionS inTo The laTe QUaTernarY DYnamicS oF ProBoSciDeanS in The UPPer miDWeST 111 Grabel,Lutfia*;Schlarman,Kate;SanchezBotero,Carlos; Oboh-Ikuenobe,FranciscaE.:PalYnoFacieS SignalS oF neUTral anD aciD hYPerSaline laKe coreS SoUTh oF norSeman, WeSTern aUSTralia 112 Anderson,DeborahK.*;Casey,Katherine:imProVeD TechniQUe For ProDUcing high QUaliTY PhoTograPhS oF FoSSil roDenT TeeTh 113 Sivaguru,Mayandi;Mander,Luke*;Fried,Glenn;Punyasena, SurangiW.:The morPhologY oF Pollen anD SPoreS: Which microScoPY TechniQUe? 114 Elliott,Sara*:PreliminarY characTeriZaTion oF a Precolonial riParian ForeST USing SUB-FoSSil leaVeS From liTTle coneSToga creeK, SoUTheaSTern PennSYlVania 115 Goldsmith,DavidW.*:SUBFoSSil mollUSKS oF The Bear laKe BaSin, UTah-iDaho BorDer 116 Becker,MartinA.;Bartholomew,Alex*;Cutuli,JohnD.;Koney, AmberS.;O'Brien,AndrewJ.:Schoharie FormaTion (loWer DeVonian) glacial erraTicS From The PreaKneSS FormaTion (loWer JUraSSic) oF high moUnTain, PaSSaic coUnTY, neW JerSeY 117 Engelmann,GeorgeF.*;Chure,DanielJ.;Britt,BrooksB.;Loope, DavidB.:inTerDUne FacieS conTaining a DinoSaUr Bone BeD in The loWer JUraSSic nUggeT SanDSTone in norTheaSTern UTah 118 Fowell,SarahJ.*;Druckenmiller,Patrick;McCarthy,PaulJ.; Blodgett,RobertB.;May,Kevin:PaleoecologY oF alaSKa'S JUraSSic ParK 119 Parker,NancyE.*;Richards,MariahE.;Reitman, NadineG.;Capps,DennyM.:geocorPS america 2011 PaleonTologY inVenTorY oF The laTe creTaceoUS loWer canTWell FormaTion in Denali naTional ParK, alaSKa 120 Boss,StephenK.;Kvamme,JoAnn*;Suarez,Celina;Platt, BrianF.;Ludvigson,GregA.;Suarez,Marina:SalVage SUrVeY oF an earlY creTaceoUS DinoSaUr TracKWaY SiTe in arKanSaS 121 Hanks,H.Douglas*;Erickson,BruceR.;Haire,ScottA.: VerTeBraTe remainS From The laTe creTaceoUS oF SoUTh DaKoTa anD minneSoTa 122 Bartels,WilliamS.*;Gunnell,GreggF.;Zonneveld,John-Paul; McHugh,LukeP.;Fontana,ThomasM.:an UnUSUal VerTeBraTe aSSemBlage PreSerVeD in DiSTal allUVial Fan anD laKe margin DePoSiTS oF The caTheDral BlUFFS TongUe, WaSaTch FormaTion, BUSh rim, reD DeSerT, WYoming 123 Zalmout,IyadS.*;Antar,MohammadSamehM.;Hatab, EL-BialyE.;Gingerich,PhilipD.:laTe eocene VerTeBraTe FaUnaS From The QaTTara DePreSSion in The WeSTern DeSerT oF egYPT 124 Racicot,Rachel*;Field,Daniel;Vinther,Jakob;Behlke,AdamD.B.; Jónasson,Kristján;Asbjórndöttir,Lovisa:The FirST maJor VerTeBraTe FoSSil From The Pliocene oF icelanD: an oDonToceTe (ceTacea: oDonToceTi) From The TJorneS FormaTion 125 Brady,SerinaS.*;Allmon,WarrenD.:USing moDern llama BrainS anD cranial enDocaSTS To STUDY Brain eVolUTion in FoSSil camelS 126 Stucky,Richard*;Sertich,Joseph;Johnson,KirkR.;Miller, Ian;Fisher,DanielC.;Graham,RussellW.;McDonald, H.Gregory;Pigati,JeffreyS.:Ziegler reSerVoir anD The SnoWmaSToDon ProJecT: neW high-eleVaTion











99-27 99-28



















9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 181


FoSSil VerTeBraTe FaUnaS From SnoWmaSS Village, coloraDo 99-39 127 Mata,ScottA.*;Corsetti,CaraL.;Corsetti,FrankA.;Awramik, StanleyM.;Bottjer,DavidJ.:large earlY camBrian Sea anemone BUrroWS From The UPPer memBer oF The WooD canYon FormaTion, DeaTh ValleY region, UniTeD STaTeS 128 Mankiewicz,Carol*:a comPleX, VerTical Trace FoSSil From The UPPer camBrian galeSVille SanDSTone near BaraBoo, WiSconSin 129 Erickson,J.Mark*:When Trace FoSSilS are acTUallY BoDY FoSSilS: meDUSoiD (cniDaria) TenTacleS From The PoTSDam groUP oF neW YorK 130 Lovelace,DavidM.*:SeDimenTologY anD ichnologY From The earlY anD miDDle TriaSSic FormaTionS oF The chUgWaTer groUP, cenTral WYoming, USa 100-14 144 Estlin,Tara*;Anderson,RobertC.;Castano,Rebecca;Bornstein, Benjamin;Gaines,Daniel;Thompson,DavidR.;Burl,Michael; Judd,Michele:mer aUTomaTeD Science TargeTing on The roaD To enDeaVoUr 100-15 145 Buczkowski,Debra*;Barnouin,OlivierS.;Wyrick,Danielle; Prockter,Louise;Kahn,EliezerG.:analYSeS oF 433eroS FracTUre PaTTernS: The gloBal lineamenT maP 100-16 146 Chakraborty,Suvankar*;Romanek,ChrisS.;Moecher, DavidP.:Whole-rocK geochemiSTrY, mineralogY, PeTrograPhY anD ThermomeTrY oF an l6 chonDriTe From PemBina coUnTY, norTh DaKoTa



SeSSion no. 101

Precambrian Geology (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 101-1 147 Metelkin,Dimitri;Ernst,RichardE.*;Hamilton,Michael:a ca. 1640 ma maFic magmaTic eVenT in SoUThern SiBeria, anD linKS WiTh norThern laUrenTia 148 Smith,EmilyF.*;Macdonald,FrancisA.;Jones,DavidS.; Creveling,JessicaR.;Bold,Uyanga:The eDiacaran To earlY camBrian in mongolia: STraTigraPhY, geochemiSTrY anD PaleonTologY oF a TecTonicallY reacTiVeD BaSin 149 Bold,Uyanga*;Macdonald,FrancisA.;Johnston,DavidT.;Wing, Boswell;Hoffman,Paul;Smith,EmilyF.:The origin anD SigniFicance oF eDiacaran BariTe in mongolia 150 VanKranendonk,MartinJ.*:conTingenT eVenTS ThroUgh The PrecamBrian anD Their SigniFicance For a reViSeD geological TimeScale 151 Forbes,CarolineJ.*;Giles,David;vanderWielen,Simon:The 1.60-1.57 ga eVenT oF aUSTralia 152 Heim,NicholasJ.*;Allard,StephenT.:STrUcTUral analYSiS oF ProTeroZoic Shearing anD FolDing; norTheaST BlacK hillS, SD 153 Aaltonen,IsmoS.*;Front,KaiA.;Gehör,SeppoA.:ePiSoDic alTeraTion in ProTeroZoic high graDe gneiSSeS aT SPenT nUclear FUel rePoSiTorY SiTe, olKilUoTo, SW FinlanD 154 Aaltonen,IsmoS.*;Front,KaiA.:geological SiTe DeScriPTion anD geochronologY oF SPenT nUclear FUel rePoSiTorY SiTe, olKilUoTo, SW FinlanD 155 Cope,NatalieJ.*;Schneider,D.A.;Holm,DanielK.:hoT BeFore colD: orogenic PUlSeS oF The grenVille ProVince, WeSTern QUeBec


SeSSion no. 100

Planetary Geology (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 100-1 100-2 131 Noble,SarahK.*:SPace WeaThering oF rocKS 132 Williams,DavidA.*;Keszthelyi,LaszloP.;Crown,DavidA.; Bleacher,JacobE.;Garry,W.Brent:laVa FloW emPlacemenT on marS anD io: inSighTS From geologic maPPing 133 Lang,NicholasP.*;Kneuer,Carly;Grincius,Adam:Volcanic hiSTorY oF amPhiTriTeS anD PeneUS PaTerae, marS: a Tale oF TWo VolcanoeS 134 DeFazio,Elizabeth*;Lang,NicholasP.:The eroDeD SUrFace oF The meDUSae FoSSae FormaTion eaST oF anD SUrroUnDing aPollinariS PaTera 135 Blewett,DavidT.*;Chabot,NancyL.;Denevi,BrettW.;Ernst, CarolynM.;Izenberg,NoamR.;Xiao,Zhiyong;Baker,DavidM.H.; Braden,Sarah;Head,JamesW.;Murchie,ScottL.:MESSENGER VieWS oF UnUSUal BrighT-haloeD DePreSSionS on mercUrY: PoSSiBle recenT VolaTile-relaTeD acTiViTY 136 Edmundson,KennethL.*;Weller,LynnA.;Becker,KrisJ.;Becker, TammyL.;Rosiek,MarkR.;Robinson,MarkS.;Solomon, SeanC.:PreliminarY PhoTogrammeTric conTrol oF meSSenger orBiTal imageS oF mercUrY 137 Graupner,Melanie*;Hansen,VickiL.:geologic anD STrUcTUral maPPing oF SoUTh TellUS regio, VenUS: imPlicaTionS For crUSTal PlaTeaU eVolUTion 138 Anderson,RobertC.*;Dohm,JamesM.:UnraVeling The TemPoral anD SPaTial hiSTorieS oF The Terra SirenUm region, marS 139 Williams,RebeccaM.E.*;Chuang,FrankC.:ValleY neTWorK PreSerVaTion in oXia PalUS, marS






101-5 101-6









101-10 156 Raharimahefa,Tsilavo*;Tinkham,DouglasK.;Lafrance,Bruno: neW U-PB geochronological conSTrainTS on The STrUcTUral eVolUTion oF The SoUThern ProVince, SUDBUrY, canaDa 101-11 157 Martin,Adam,P.*;Condon,Daniel;Prave,Anthony;Melezhik, Victor,A.;Gärtner,Claudia:chronological conSTrainTS For The PalaeoProTeroZoic large, PoSiTiVe carBon iSoToPe eXcUrSion (The lomagUnDi-JaTUli eVenT) 101-12 158 Turner,CandlerC.*;Meert,JosephG.;Kamenov,GeorgeD.; Pandit,ManojK.:a geological TranSecT acroSS The Son ValleY SecTor oF The VinDhYan BaSin, inDia: U-PB anD hF iSoToPic conSTrainTS on BaSin eVolUTion 101-13 159 Theriault,StephanieA.*;Miller,JamesD.;Berndt,MichaelE.; Ripley,Edward:The mineralogY, SPaTial DiSTriBUTion, anD iSoToPe geochemiSTrY oF SUlFiDe mineralS in The BiWaBiK iron FormaTion 101-14 160 Jenkin,KielRyan*;Allard,StephenT.:correlaTion oF SUPracrUSTal rocKS in The liTTle elK Terrane, BlacK hillS, S.D

100-10 140 Schneider,Richard*;Lang,NicholasP.:reaSSeSSing The ProPoSeD araBia Shoreline near aPollinariS PaTera anD gUSeV craTer 100-11 141 Greenberger,RebeccaN.*;Mustard,JohnF.;Kumar,P.Senthil; Dyar,M.Darby;Speicher,EllyA.;Skulte,E.C.:a VerTical SecTion oF Deccan BaSalTS aS a SPecTroScoPic anD mineral aSSemBlage analog To PhYlloSilicaTe STraTigraPhieS on marS 100-12 142 Seelos,KimberlyD.*;Mustard,JohnF.;Ehlmann,BethanyL.; Fraeman,AbigailA.;Wray,JamesJ.:PhYlloSilicaTeS in TYrrhena Terra, marS: a SYSTemaTic eValUaTion USing criSm DaTa 100-13 143 Zahrai,Shayda*;Madden,MeganElwood;Madden,Andrew; Rimstidt,J.Donald:DiSSolUTion raTeS oF na-JaroSiTe: conSTraining The DUraTion oF aQUeoUS DiageneSiS on marS

182 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


101-15 161 Owens,BrentE.*;Hamilton,MichaelA.;Berquist,C.R.Jr.; Harner,PatrickL.:FielD, geochemical, anD geochronological eViDence For TWo PUlSeS oF neoProTeroZoic magmaTiSm in The roanoKe raPiDS Terrane, eaSTern PieDmonT ProVince, Virginia 101-16 162 Dalton,LillyA.*;Pruss,SaraB.;Lahr,Daniel;Macdonald, FrancisA.;Bosak,Tanja:enVironmenTal DiSTriBUTionS oF microFoSSil aSSemBlageS PreSerVeD in a PoSTSTUrTian caP carBonaTe, The raSThoF FormaTion, norThern namiBia 102-13 175 Krueger,CharlesR.*;Laabs,BenjaminJ.C.;Leggett,Andrea: melTWaTer conTriBUTion oF glacierS in The UinTa anD WaSaTch moUnTainS To PlUVial laKe BonneVille, UTah, U.S.a 102-14 176 Sosa-Gonzalez,Veronica*;Bierman,PaulR.;Nichols,KyleK.; Rood,DylanH.:DeTermining long Term eroSion raTeS in Panama- an aPPlicaTion oF 10Be 102-15 177 Nichols,KyleK.*;Webb,RobertH.;Bierman,PaulR.;Rood, DylanH.:meaSUremenTS oF coSmogenic 10Be reVeal raPiD reSPonSe oF granD canYon TriBUTarY hillSloPeS To coloraDo riVer inciSion 102-16 178 McCracken,RebeccaG.*;Morgan,Daniel;Wernke,Steve:USe oF archaeological SiTeS in DeVeloPmenT oF lichen groWTh cUrVe, colca ValleY, PerUVian anDeS 102-17 179 Williams,Michelle*;Johnson,MarkD.;Rittenour,Tammy;Brugger, KeithA.:conSTraining The hiSTorY oF glacial laKe granTSBUrg 102-18 180 Jordan,T.E.*;Kirk-Lawlor,NaomiElizabeth;Rech,JasonA.: raTeS oF lanDScaPe moDiFicaTion in reSPonSe To PaleoclimaTe VariaBiliTY Since ~12 ma, aTacama DeSerT, PamPa Del TamarUgal, chile 102-19 181 Hobbs,Daniel;Neumann,Christian;O'Brien,Maura*;Targos, Courtney;Rawling,J.ElmoIII.;Hanson,PaulR.;Hart,DavidJ.: geomorPhologY anD oSl DaTing oF laKe michigan'S niPiSSing Shoreline FeaTUreS, eUroPe laKe, Door PeninSUla, WiSconSin 102-20 182 Branecky,Carolyn*;Chavez,Natalia;Oien,Rachel;Ruiz, Jacob;Rawling,J.ElmoIII.;Hanson,PaulR.;Hart,DavidJ.: geomorPhologY, oSl ageS anD VolUme eSTimaTeS oF a niPiSSing Beach riDge/DUne comPleX near Kangaroo laKe, Door PeninSUla, Wi 102-21 183 Spencer,JoelQ.G.*;Oviatt,Charles;Pathak,Manas;Fan, Yuxin;Leggett,Andrea:TeSTing anD reFining The Timing oF hYDrologic eVolUTion DUring The laTeST PleiSTocene regreSSiVe PhaSe oF laKe BonneVille

SeSSion no. 102

Quaternary Geology (Posters): Recent Developments and Applications in Quaternary Geochronology

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 102-1 163 Carey,MeganR.*;Laabs,BenjaminJ.C.;Applegate, PatrickJ.:TeSTing The relaTionShiP oF heighT anD coSmogenic eXPoSUre age oF moraine BoUlDerS 164 Kadegis,Jeffrey*;Sewall,Jacob;Riihimaki,CatherineA.: orBiTal eccenTriciTY, clinKer FormaTion, anD The climaTe-lanDScaPe eVolUTion linK in The norTh american rocKieS anD high PlainS 165 Gaylord,DavidR.*;Foit,FranklinF.Jr.;Anfinson,Owen: TePhrochronologY oF laTe PleiSTocene anD holocene SanD DUne DePoSiTS, hanForD reach naTional monUmenT, Wa 166 Hedrick,KathrynA.*;Owen,LewisA.;Dietsch,Craig;Caffee, MarcW.:raTeS oF lanDScaPe eroSion in ZanSKar, norThern inDia 167 Aslan,Andres*;Karlstrom,KarlE.;Kirby,Eric;Rosenberg,Russell; Darling,Andy:laTe cenoZoic riVer inciSion raTeS From The coloraDo rocKieS anD imPlicaTionS For neogene DiFFerenTial UPliFT 168 Shiroya,Kazuyo*;Yokoyama,Yusuke;Matsuzaki,Hiroyuki; Nakamura,Atsunori:VarioUS eroSion raTeS oF WeaThereD graniTic Soil SUrFaceS in aBUKUma, eaSTern JaPan USing in-SiTU TerreSTrial coSmogenic nUcliDe DePTh ProFile 169 Bibby,Theodore*;Putkonen,Jaakko;Morgan,Daniel;Balco,Greg; Matheney,RonaldK.:WhaT coUlD PoSSiBlY haPPen in a million YearS? lanDScaPe eVolUTion in The SoUThern TranSanTarcTic moUnTainS 170 Day,SarahE.*;SchmeisserMcKean,RebeccaL.;Ham, NelsonR.:oPTicallY STimUlaTeD lUmineScence DaTing (oSl) oF STaBiliZeD SanD DUneS in norTheaSTern WiSconSin: eViDence For holocene climaTe change 171 Pederson,Joel*;Jackson,MelissaS.;Sohbati,Reza;Rittenour, Tammy;Murray,Andrew:noVel aPPlicaTionS oF lUmineScence DaTing conSTrain The age oF Barrier canYon STYle rocK arT in canYonlanDS naTional ParK, UTah







SeSSion no. 103

Tectonics (Posters) II: Tectonics of the Basin and Range from Bottom to Top

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 103-1 184 Schroeder,Timothy*;Riggs,NancyR.;Ort,MichaelH.;Tinnin, Beau:naTUre oF The miD-TerTiarY loWer crUST in The TranSiTion Zone oF ariZona aS SUggeSTeD BY XenoliThS anD Their hoST laVa; UhP meTamorPhiSm FolloWeD BY reTrogreSSion anD melT inTeracTion 185 Metcalf,RodneyV.*;Drew,Jordan:creTaceoUS anD eocene-oligocene U-PB Zircon migmaTiTe ageS From The eaST hUnBolDT range meamorPhic core comPleX, neVaDa 186 Sauer,KatrinaM.*;Duebendorfer,ErnestM.:KinemaTicS anD SigniFicance oF mYloniTeS in The loWer PlaTe oF The neWBerrY DeTachmenT FaUlT, clarK coUnTY, nV 187 Lexvold,Angela*;Diedesch,Timothy;Vogl,JamesJ.;Rodgers, DavidW.:eXTenSion SUPerPoSeD on ShorTening in The Pioneer moUnTainS meTamorPhic core comPleX, SoUTh cenTral iDaho 188 Tremblay,MarissaM.*;Christie-Blick,Nicholas;Hemming, SidneyR.:laTe miocene TilTing oF The reSTing SPring range, caliFornia 189 Vankeuren,MarcA.*;Christie-Blick,Nicholas:neW conSTrainTS on The inTerPreTaTion oF loW-angle normal FaUlTS in SoUTheaSTern iDaho 190 Templeton,JohnA.*;Anders,MarkH.;Adler,AlexD.:ramPFlaT DeTachmenT eXTenSional FaUlTing on The TUle SPringS DeTachmenT?






102-10 172 Gray,Harrison*;Mahan,ShannonA.;Pigati,JeffreyS.:a Well-PreSerVeD SeQUence oF high-eleVaTion ice age ecoSYSTemS: can The Ziegler reSerVoir SiTe, SnoWmaSS, co Be DaTeD USing oPTicallY STimUlaTeD lUmineScence? 102-11 173 Blackwell,BonnieA.B.;Florentin,Jonathan*;Tüysüz,Okan; Tari,Ufuk;Genc,S.Can;Imren,Caner;Blickstein,Joel;Skinner, AnneR.;Leung,Eric;Kim,Maria:an UPliFTing iDea: eSr DaTing marine TerraceS in haTaY ProVince, TUrKeY 102-12 174 Blackwell,BonnieA.B.;Constantinidis,Maria*;Vougioukalakis, GeorgeE.;Blickstein,Joel;Skinner,AnneR.;Lee,Alex: conSTraining acTiViTY in The niSYroS Volcanic comPleX: eSr DaTing on Yali anD PYrgoUSSa, greece





9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 183


103-8 191 Schanzenbach,AnaMaria*;Lamb,MelissaA.;Tobin,BrettJ.; Hickson,ThomasA.:laTe miocene FoSSil laKeS oF The laKe meaD region: imPlicaTionS For PaleogeograPhY anD TranSTenSional FaUlTing DUring BaSin anD range eXTenSion 192 Bidgoli,TandisS.*;Stockli,DanielF.;Walker,J.Douglas:loWTemPeraTUre Thermochronologic conSTrainTS on The KinemaTic hiSTorieS oF The mormon PeaK, TUle SPringS, anD caSTle cliFFS DeTachmenT FaUlTS, SoUTheaSTern neVaDa anD SoUThWeSTern UTah

SeSSion no. 105

T37. New Frontiers in Sedimentary Geology: SGD/SEPM Students (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology))

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 105-1 205 Chentnik,BrentonM.*;Bowen,BrendaB.:FracTUre analYSiS in The moUnT Simon SanDSTone anD imPlicaTionS For carBon SeQUeSTraTion 206 Bandy,RalphEdwardIII.*;Greb,StephenF.;Solis,MichaelP.: characTeriZaTion oF The camBrian eaU claire FormaTion aS caProcK For carBon SeQUeSTraTion inTo The moUnT Simon SanDSTone in KenTUcKY 207 Hurd,TrevorJ.*;Fielding,ChristopherR.;Hutsky,AndrewJ.; Clark,C.Kittinger:loBe geomeTrY anD laTeral FacieS DiSTriBUTion in The UPPer creTaceoUS PeaY SanDSTone memBer (FronTier FormaTion), norTheaST Bighorn BaSin, WYoming 208 Moran,KelliL.*;Mallinson,DavidJ.;Culver,StephenJ.;Mulligan, Ryan;Leorri,Eduardo:laTe holocene geologic anD morPhoDYnamic reSPonSe To Sea-leVel riSe in a BacK Barrier lagoon: PreliminarY FinDingS 209 Mahon,RobertC.*;Link,Paul:SeiSmiTeS anD eViDence For SYn-DePoSiTional eXTenSional TecToniSm From The neoProTeroZoic BecK SPring DolomiTe (PahrUmP groUP), SoUTheaSTern DeaTh ValleY, caliFornia 210 Weeks,SummerRose*;Chadwick,ArthurV.:a ProminenT SeiSmiTe in The UPPer creTaceoUS lance FormaTion in norTheaSTern WYoming aS a STraTigraPhic marKer 211 Thress,RyanJ.*:DimenSional anD SPaTial PaTTernS oF DiSrUPTeD BlocKS oF meSSinian gYPSUm, WeSTern calTaniSSeTTa BaSin, SicilY 212 Kromhout,Stephanie*;Hasbargen,Leslie:WhaT are The hallmarKS oF FlooDS in lacUSTrine DelTaS in cenTral neW YorK? 213 Jones,Slade*;Langford,RichardP.;Gill,ThomasE.: correlaTion oF DUne geomorPhologY WiTh grain SiZe anD DiSTriBUTion, WhiTe SanDS, neW meXico


103-10 193 Carmenate,Alberto*;Vogl,JamesJ.;Min,Kyoungwon:(U-Th)/ he eViDence For miocene YelloWSTone hoTSPoTrelaTeD UPliFT in SoUTh-cenTral iDaho 103-11 194 Camilleri,PhyllisA.*;Deibert,JackE.;Breeden,Sue: PreliminarY geologic maPPing anD QUaTernarY FaUlTing oF The WeSTern margin oF The granT range, eaST-cenTral neVaDa 103-12 195 Verdel,Charles*;Stockli,DanielF.:laTe cenoZoic eXTenSion anD SYn-TecTonic SeDimenTaTion in WeSTcenTral neVaDa: imPlicaTionS For linKage oF The eaSTern caliFornia Shear Zone anD WalKer lane




SeSSion no. 104

T6. Combining Geology and Geophysics (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 104-1 196 Oladunjoye,MichaelA.;Olayinka,AbelI.;Amidu,SikiruA.*: aSSeSSing The enVironmenTal imPacT oF an aBanDoneD reFUSe DUmP SiTe in iBaDan, SoUThWeSTern nigeria, USing geoelecTrical imaging anD ToPograPhical moDeling 197 Johnson,CalvinE.Jr.*;Minsley,Burke;Caine,JonathanSaul; Fitterman,DavidV.;Grauch,V.J.S.:DelineaTion oF aQUiFer heTerogeneiTieS USing TranSienT elecTromagneTic SoUnDingS in The greaT SanD DUneS naTional ParK 198 Høyer,Anne-Sophie*;Jørgensen,Flemming;Lykke-Andersen, Holger;Christiansen,AndersVest:aDVanceD inVerSion oF airBorne TranSienT elecTromagneTic DaTa (SkyTem) USing geological Prior inFormaTion 199 Alvino,FrancisA.*;Hasbargen,Leslie;Aucoin,ChristopherD.: reFining FlooDPlain STraTigraPhY aT The Pine laKe enVironmenTal camPUS archaeological SiTe USing gPr, emi, anD gPS 200 Lente,JennaLouise*;Mencin,David:STrainmeTer meaSUremenTS oF PoSSiBle SeicheS in laKe YelloWSTone 201 Gilbert,LisaA.*;Salisbury,MatthewH.:geological anD geoPhYSical oBSerVaTionS oF normal oceanic crUST 202 Byler,JeremyB.*;Gray,MaryBeth;Jacob,RobertW.:BoUgUer graViTY STUDY oF The ST. JameS FaUlT comPleX WiThin The niTTanY anTiclinoriUm, cenTral PennSYlVania 203 Powell,ChristineA.*;Langston,CharlesA.;Chapman,MartinC.; Vlahovic,Gordana;Thomas,WilliamA.;Chiu,Jer-Ming;Ammon, Charles:SoUTheaST U.S. liThoSPhere eXPerimenT ­ conTinenTal groWTh anD manTle DYnamicS (SeUSle) 204 Cabolova,Anastasija*;Brown,LarryD.:crUSTal STrUcTUre acroSS The rio granDe riFT anD coloraDo PlaTeaU From aUTocorrelaTion oF amBienT noiSe recorDeD BY USarray 105-6 105-5







105-10 214 Hutsky,AndrewJ.*;Fielding,ChristopherR.;Hurd,TrevorJ.; Clark,C.Kittinger:accommoDaTion-limiTeD DelTa PrograDaTion recorDeD in The UPPer creTaceoUS (cenomanian-TUronian) FronTier FormaTion, norTheaST Bighorn BaSin, WYoming, USa 105-11 215 Boks,Krystle*;Huntoon,JacquelineE.;Mankowski,Len; Wyrembelski,Tara:laTe PennSYlVanian climaTe in WeSTern eQUaTorial Pangea 105-12 216 Clark,MatthewA.*;Ellwood,BrooksB.:high-reSolUTion cYcloSTraTigraPhY oF a laTe gUaDalUPian ­ ochoan TranSiTional SeQUence: neW conSTrainTS on DePoSiTional raTeS in a BaSinal conDenSeD marine SeQUence, DelaWare BaSin, WeST TeXaS 105-13 217 Felda,GarrettRobert*:DeVeloPmenT oF a 3-DimenSional SeQUence STraTigraPhic moDel For The laTe TriaSSic (norian) oWl rocK memBer locaTeD aT PeTriFieD ForeST naTional ParK, ariZona: a reconSTrUcTion oF PaleoDePoSiTional enVironmenTS anD PaleoclimaTic conDiTionS 105-14 218 Gordon,GregoryS.*;Pyles,DavidR.;Clark,Julian:DePoSiTion oF a STrUcTUrallY conFineD SUBmarine Fan in an eVolVing BaSin : The gUaSo i TUrBiDiTe SYSTem, ainSa BaSin, SPain 105-15 219 Zabrecky,Justin*;Schieber,Juergen:an occUrrence oF The miDDle DeVonian PorTWooD memBer oF The neW alBanY Shale in The illinoiS BaSin






184 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


105-16 220 Srinivasaraghavan,Vishnu*;VanDeVelde,JustinH.;Bataille, Clement;Bowen,Gabriel:VerTical anD laTeral VariaTion oF carBonaTe iSoToPe raTioS WiThin PaleoSol ProFileS oF The WillWooD FormaTion, WYoming 105-17 221 Shufflebarger,John*;Bowen,BrendaB.;Neufelder,Ryan: PeTrograPhic anD STaBle iSoToPe analYSiS oF carBonaTeS in The eaU claire FormaTion: 105-18 222 Esmeray-Senlet,Selen*;Altiner,Demir;Özkan-Altiner, Sevinç:microFacieS analYSiS oF The creTaceoUS/ Paleogene BoUnDarY in The haYmana BaSin, cenTral anaTolia, TUrKeY 105-19 223 Conner,AmberJ.*;Saelens,Ashley;Benison,Kathleen; Tecklenburg,MaryM.:coUPleD PeTrograPhic oBSerVaTionS anD raman analYSiS oF microFoSSilS anD organic comPoUnDS From aciD-Saline eVaPoriTeS: PreliminarY reSUlTS 107-4 107-2 232 Wyshnytzky,CiannaE.*;McCarthy,James:meTeoric 10Be, FeD, anD claY in criTical Zone SoilS, FronT range, coloraDo 233 Neff,JasonC.;Fernandez,DanielP.;Munson,SethM.;Reynolds, RichardL.*:ToTal SUSPenDeD ParTicUlaTeS, Pm10, anD Pm2.5 meaSUremenTS For USe in Biogeochemical STUDieS; The role oF large ParTicleS in aeroSol concenTraTionS anD FlUX eSTimaTeS 234 Goldstein,HarlandL.*;Reynolds,RichardL.;Lawrence, Corey;Landry,Chris;Painter,ThomasH.;Kokaly,RaymondF.; Flagg,Cody;Munson,SethM.;Moskowitz,Bruce;Redsteer, MargaretHiza:ProPerTieS oF aTmoSPheric mineral DUST DePoSiTeD on moUnTain SnoW coVer in The WeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 235 Selkin,PeterA.*;Story,JasonD.;Cole,MichaelP.:magneTic ProPerTieS aS a ProXY For airBorne SmelTer DUST conTaminaTion, Tacoma, Wa 236 Harrington,AndreaD.*;Szema,AnthonyM.;Tsirka, Styliani-AnnaE.;Schoonen,MartinA.A.:The UnSeen caSUalTieS oF UrBan WarFare ­ cellUlar inJUrY inDUceD BY ParTicle inhalaTion in The War on Terror 237 Housen,BernardA.*;Jovane,Luigi:magneTic ProPerTieS oF ParTicUlaTe maTTer collecTeD BY Tree leaVeS in Bellingham, Wa: imPlicaTionS For air QUaliTY moniToring in UrBan enVironmenTS



SeSSion no. 106

T39. Integrated Sedimentary Systems: Applying Source-to-Sink Concepts across Geologic Time (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 106-1 224 Hasbargen,Leslie*;Matteson,DamonK.:linKing FlUVial ProceSSeS To allUVial STraTigraPhY in oTSego coUnTY, neW YorK 225 Kim,Wonsuck*;Petter,Andrew;Fouke,BruceW.;Quinn, TerrenceM.;Kerans,Charles:Sea-leVel riSe, DePThDePenDenT carBonaTe groWTh, anD The ParaDoX oF DroWneD PlaTFormS 226 Oliver,BenjaminP.*;Barbeau,DavidL.Jr.;Hemming,SidneyR.: ProPoSeD reSearch: DoeS The SeDimenT maSS Balance oF The larSen BaSin, anTarcTic PeninSUla, SUPPorT ePhemeral creTaceoUS glaciaTion? 227 Harbor,DavidJ.*;Rahl,JeffreyM.;Bovay,A.Caroline;Galli,C.I.; Sberna,Doug;Hartman,Ryan:geomorPhic change anD SeDimenT ProDUcTion in reSPonSe To UPliFT oF The anDean eaSTern corDillera, nW argenTina 228 Akin,Sara*;Pufahl,PeirK.;Hiatt,EricE.;Pirajno,Franco: DePoSiTion oF iron FormaTion in nearShore PaleoProTeroZoic ShelF enVironmenTS, Frere FormaTion, earaheeDY BaSin, WeSTern aUSTralia 229 Williams,EricM.*:DiFFerenTial PreSerVaTion aS a PreDicTiVe chronoSTraTigraPhic Tool: an oUTcroP BaSeD eXamPle From The (eocene) WilKinS PeaK memBer, WYoming 230 Roberts-Ashby,TinaL.*;Craddock,William;Merrill,MatthewD.: PreDicTion oF BaSin-Scale carBon DioXiDe STorage PoTenTial in carBonaTe anD SiliciclaSTic reSerVoirS oF The gUlF oF meXico BaSin




SeSSion no. 108

T80. Environmental Problems in Karst Terranes/Terrains and Their Solutions (Posters): In Honor of James F. Quinlan (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; Edwards Aquifer Authority; National Cave and Karst Research Institute; Karst Waters Institute; Minnesota Ground Water Association)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 108-1 238 Watkins,Justin*:The relaTionShiP oF niTraTe-niTrogen concenTraTionS in TroUT STreamS To roW croP lanD USe in KarSTlanD WaTerSheDS oF SoUTheaST minneSoTa 239 Ferrari,JoséAntonio*;Hiruma,SilvioTakashi;Armani,Gustavo: eSTimaTing STeaDY anD UnSTeaDY TranSPorT in The KarST SYSTemS USing QUanTiTaTiVe Tracer TeSTS anD correlaTion analYSiS 240 Brick,Greg*;Alexander,E.CalvinJr.;Watkins,Justin;Lundy, JamesR.:SUrFace anD groUnDWaTer niTraTe DaTaBaSeS For SoUTheaSTern minneSoTa, USa 241 Ladd,BethanyS.*;Alexander,E.CalvinJr.:DYe Tracing in The JorDan SanDSTone near The crYSTal SPringS STaTe FiSh haTcherY, Winona coUnTY, minneSoTa 242 Mylroie,JohnE.;Mylroie,JoanR.*;Larson,ErikB.;Sumrall, Jonathan;Lace,Michael;Infante,Louis;Ho,Derrick;Kambesis, PatriciaN.:a moDel For PreDicTing The occUrrence oF collaPSe FeaTUreS on carBonaTe iSlanDS anD coaSTlineS 243 Schneider,ChrisL.*:eFFecTS oF Prairie FormaTion haliTe DiSSolUTion on oVerlYing BeaVerhill laKe groUP STraTa in norTheaSTern alBerTa 244 Gary,MarcusO.*:reFining The SPaTial regUlaTorY ZoneS oF The eDWarDS aQUiFer: can We imProVe UrBan groWTh PaTTernS? 245 Beddows,PatriciaA.*;Metcalfe,ChrisD.;GoldBouchot,Gerardo; Metcalfe,TracyL.;Li,Hongxia;VanLavieren,Hanneke:Tracing FloW PaThS USing conTaminanTS in The coaSTal KarST aQUiFer SYSTem along The cariBBean coaST oF The YUcaTan PeninSUla, meXico











SeSSion no. 107

T70. Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Physical Properties of Atmospheric Mineral Dust: Influences on the Atmosphere, the Cryosphere, Ecosystems, and Humans (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; The Mineralogical Society; Mineralogical Society of America)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 107-1 231 Prouty,NancyGrumet*;Roark,E.Brendan;Koenig,AlanE.: chronologY oF anThroPogenic rheniUm aS DeriVeD From BlacK coral recorDS, gUlF oF meXico 108-8



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 185


SeSSion no. 109

T94. Advances in Characterization of Groundwater Flow Processes (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 109-1 246 Socha,BettyJ.*;Clark,Sherren;Gregg,Anndelee: hYDrogeologic characTeriZaTion oF FracTUreD DolomiTe For regUlaTorY moniToring ­ a mUlTiPle meThoD aPProach 247 Hart,DavidJ.*:comPariSon oF groUnDWaTer FloWS inTo Three cloSelY SPaceD crYSTalline BeDrocK WellS 248 English,LydiaP.;Bethune,James;VanDyke,MaryN.*;Haileab, Bereket:USing chloroFlUorocarBonS anD TriTiUm To DaTe groUnDWaTer From The JorDan aQUiFer in rice coUnTY, minneSoTa 249 Mercuri,Matthew*;Toran,Laura;Nyquist,Jonathan;Kuntz, Brad;Singha,Kamini:USing groUnDWaTer moDelS To UnDerSTanD The eFFecTS oF FracTUreS on The TranSPorT oF SolUTeS aT The Shale hillS criTical Zone oBSerVaTorY 250 Machida,Isao*;Ikawa,Reo;Koshigai,Masaru;Nishizaki,Seiji; Ito,Narimitsu;Marui,Atsunao:VerTical ProFile oF Pore WaTer chemiSTrY To 1000m DePTh aT a coaSTal area 251 Albano,J.A.*:PneUmaTic SlUg TeSTing ­ an eFFecTiVe meThoD For hYDraUlic conDUcTiViTY acQUiSiTion For haZarDoUS WaSTe SiTeS 252 Hebig,KlausH.*;Ito,Narimitsu;Scheytt,TraugottJ.;Marui, Atsunao:hYDrochemical BehaVior oF TWo DiFFerenT arTiFicial FlUiDS in a coaSTal SeDimenTarY BaSin DUring Single-Well ("PUSh-PUll") TeSTS 253 Pickel,Alexandra*;Frechette,JedediahD.;Weissmann, GaryS.;McNamara,KelseyC.;Carlone,David;Kalinovich, Indra;Allen-King,Richelle:USe oF oUTcroP analogS To analYZe liThoFacieS anD hYDroFacieS DiSTriBUTionS WiThin BorDen aQUiFer SeDimenTS, onTario, ca 254 Sicking,VictoriaGeDon*;Menichino,GarrettT.;Hester,ErichT.; Ward,AdamS.:characTeriZing The eFFecTS oF macroPoreS on hYPorheic Zone hYDraUlicS in meanDer BenDS 110-6 110-4 260 Anderson,Julia*;Runkel,Anthony;Tipping,RobertG.;Barr, KeltonD.;Alexander,E.CalvinJr.:hYDroSTraTigraPhY oF a FracTUreD, UrBan aQUiTarD 261 Laskoskie,Amanda*;Edenborn,HarryM.;Alshawabkeh,Akram; Padilla,Ingrid;Vesper,DorothyJ.:USe oF hYDrogel Tracer BeaDS To BeTTer UnDerSTanD conTaminanT FaTe anD TranSPorT in KarST aQUiFerS 262 Henry,KatrinaKoski*;Wilson,JohnL.;Kincaid,ToddR.: eXPerimenTal DeSign oF DYe Trace To oBSerVe WaTer FloW From conDUiT To maTriX 263 Berglund,JamesL.*;Gouzie,Douglas:DoUBle- inJecTion DYe Tracing anD concenTraTion SamPling: a meThoD For DeTecTing FloW VariaTionS in KarST BeDrocK 264 Ball,CarolynE.*;Martin,JonathanB.;Kurz,MarieJ.;Cohen, MatthewJ.;Foster,ChadR.:DiSSolVeD organic carBon imPacTS on BiologicallY meDiaTeD carBonaTe mineral DiageneSiS in KarST riVer SYSTemS 265 Hasenmueller,ElizabethA.*;Criss,RobertE.:a noVel TechniQUe To DiScoVer oPen caVe PaSSage in KarST SPring SYSTemS








110-10 266 Covington,MatthewD.*;Luhmann,AndrewJ.:WaTer TemPeraTUreS anD heaT TranSPorT in KarST: a reVieW oF recenT aDVanceS 110-11 267 Swinea,Tyler*;Halihan,Todd:a ThermallY-STaBle colD SPring enVironmenT WiTh a negaTiVe geoThermal graDienT: arBUcKle-SimPSon aQUiFer, SoUThern oKlahoma 110-12 268 Wilson,JohnL.;Henry,KatrinaKoski*:conDUiT FlooD PUlSeS aS DriVerS oF DYnamic graDienTS 110-13 269 Spellman,Patricia*;Screaton,Elizabeth;Martin,JonathanB.; Gulley,Jason;Brown,Amy:USing moDFloW-2005 anD conDUiT FloW ProceSSeS (cFP) To UnDerSTanD The DYnamicS oF groUnDWaTer FloW in a KarST SPringSheD DUring FlooDS 110-14 270 Muhlbauer,Jason*;Herman,EllenK.:SeParaTing chemical anD PhYSical eroSion ProceSSeS in FlUVioKarST: aBraSion mill eXPerimenTS WiTh limeSTone 110-15 271 Herman,EllenK.*;Crowell,BryanE.:SeParaTing chemical anD PhYSical eroSion ProceSSeS in FlUVioKarST: FlUme eXPerimenTS 110-16 272 Simmons,AndrewWilliam*;Dogwiler,Toby:geomorPhic aSSeSSmenT oF KarST TroUT STreamS in SoUTheaSTern minneSoTa For eValUaTing The eFFecTiVeneSS oF agricUlTUral BeST managemenT PracTiceS 110-17 273 Schreiber,MadelineE.*;Schwartz,Benjamin;Orndorff,WilliamD.; Gerst,Jonathan;Scott,Heather:ePiKarST conTrol on QUanTiTY anD QUaliTY oF recharge To KarST aQUiFerS: cUrrenT reSUlTS From long-Term moniToring WiThin JameS caVe, Virginia 110-18 274 Adams,Ryan*;Carpenter,Philip:geoPhYSical iDenTiFicaTion oF SUBSUrFace caViTieS anD FracTUreS near a SUPerFUnD SiTe SoUTh oF rocKForD, illinoiS 110-19 275 Vanderhoff,Sean*;Polk,Jason;Groves,Chris;Miller,BenjaminV.; Bolster,CarlH.:mUlTiPle STorm eVenT imPacTS on ePiKarST STorage anD TranSPorT oF organic Soil amenDmenTS in SoUTh-cenTral KenTUcKY 110-20 276 Hawkridge,ChelseaA.*;Breid,HeidiM.;Dogwiler,Toby: eSTaBliShing a lYSimeTer neTWorK in SoUTheaSTern minneSoTa To aSSeSS niTraTe TranSPorT ThroUgh The rooT Zone oF agricUlTUral anD non-agricUlTUral SoilS






109-10 255 Folnagy,AttilaJ.B.*;Sprenke,KennethF.;Osiensky,JamesL.: aQUiFer STorage ProPerTieS From groUnDWaTer FlUcTUaTionS inDUceD BY SeiSmic raYleigh WaVeS 109-11 256 Buckley,SeanF.*;Hupman,Jenabay;Toohey,Bryan;Lane, JohnW.Jr.:DeVeloPmenT oF a SimPle mUlTi-SenSor SYSTem For The STUDY oF groUnDWaTer/SUrFaceWaTer inTeracTion

SeSSion no. 110

T100. Exploration of Karst Aquifer Systems Using New and Innovative Techniques and Methods (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; Karst Waters Institute; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 110-1 110-2 110-3 257 Jacoby,Brianne*;Peterson,EricW.:conSTraining The Timing oF caVe DeVeloPmenT WiTh giS 258 Sumrall,Jonathan*;Mylroie,JohnE.:caVeS FormeD in cenoZoic iSlanD DolomiTe oF The cariBBean 259 Myre,Joe*;Covington,MatthewD.;Luhmann,AndrewJ.;Saar, Martin:acceleraTing The characTeriZaTion oF KarST aQUiFer SYSTemS

186 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


SeSSion no. 111

T130. Topics in Geoarchaeology: Reconstructions of Ancient Landscapes and Paleoenvironments (Posters) (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 111-1 277 Stillinger,MicheleD.*;Feinberg,JoshuaM.;Frahm,Ellery: archaeoinTenSiTY anD DaTing oF PoTTerY SherDS From The ancienT ciTY oF UrKeSh, Tell moZan, SYria 278 Moshier,StephenO.*;Master,Daniel;Lepori,Jacob;Wheatley, David;Felker,Benjamin;LaVigne,Elisabeth:geological FoUnDaTionS oF ancienT SeaPorT aShKelon, iSrael 279 Johnson,ClaudiaC.*;Beeker,CharlesD.;Green,RobinM.; Kauffman,ErleG.:SUBmergeD cUlTUral reSoUrceS in The cariBBean reVeal SUcceSSional STageS oF BioTa 280 Iizuka,Fumie*:PoTTerY SoUrcing anD WeaThering ProceSSeS in The WeT loWlanD TroPicS: a caSe STUDY From Panama (ca. 4,500-3,200 B.P.) 281 Stinchcomb,Gary*;Driese,StevenG.;Messner,Timothy;Nordt, LeeC.:climaTic anD hUman conTrolS on holocene VegeTaTion changeS in eaSTern PennSYlVania BaSeD on The iSoToPic comPoSiTion oF Soil organic carBon 282 DeSimone,DavidJ.*;Kilkenny,Christopher:archaeologY anD geomorPhologY - hUDSon riVer TerraceS, TroY norTh QUaDrangle, nY 283 Bolger,AllisonJ.*;Rueger,BruceF.;Korsmeyer,LeaN.; Nelson,RobertE.;Lind,Brianna;Yzeiraj,Dhokela; Morgan,BrianJ.;Batarags,Nikolajs;Bourque,BruceJ.: PaleoenVironmenTal reconSTrUcTion oF The TUrner Farm archeological SiTe, maine, BaSeD on PalYnological remainS 284 DeRego,KathrynG.*;Stafford,C.Russell;Cantin,Mark: SeDimenTologY anD geochronologY oF holocene Paleochannel FeaTUreS in The loWer ohio riVer ValleY, inDiana 285 Korsmeyer,LeaN.*;Nelson,RobertE.;Bolger,AllisonJ.;Rueger, BruceF.;Morgan,BrianJ.;Yzeiraj,Dhokela;Batarags,Nikolajs; Bourque,BruceJ.:PaleoeVironmenTal reconSTrUcTion oF The TUrner Farm archeological SiTe, maine, BaSeD on PlanT anD inSecT macroFoSSil remainS

SeSSion no. 112

T140. Glacial Lake Agassiz--Its History and Influence on North America and on Global Systems (Posters): In Honor of James T. Teller (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; American Quaternary Association; Canadian Quaternary Association; International Union for Quaternary Research)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 112-1 291 Colman,Steven;Voytek,EmilyB.*;Wattrus,Nigel;Gary,Jessica L.;Lewis,C.F.M.:Drainage oF glacial laKe agaSSiZ inTo The SUPerior BaSin 292 Carlson,Krystal*;Breckenridge,AndyJ.;Lowell,ThomasV.; Evans,GiannaL.:a 1000 Year PaleomagneTic SecUlar VariaTion recorD (inclinaTion anD DeclinaTion) From glacial laKe oJiBWaY VarVeS 293 Gustafson,DanielJ.*;Wattrus,NigelJ.:laKe agaSSiZ'S role in The FormaTion oF laKe SUPerior'S laKe Floor ringS 294 Evans,GiannaL.*;Lowell,ThomasV.;Breckenridge,AndyJ.:ice raFTeD DeBriS From reiD laKe, onTario relaTiVe To The VarVe STraTigraPhY oF laKe oJiBWaY









SeSSion no. 113

T145. Geology in the National Parks: Research, Mapping, Outreach, and Resource Management (Posters) (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 113-1 295 Lundstrom,ScottC.*;Berry,MargaretE.;Alexander,JasonS.: holocene inciSion inTerrUPTeD BY aggraDaTional ePiSoDeS along The miDDle nioBrara riVer, norThern neBraSKa: comPleX lanDScaPe reSPonSe To PoSTglacial climaTe hiSTorY 296 Jenkins,Chelsea*;Cox,Mary;Bailey,Christopher:KinemaTic anD TemPoral hiSTorY oF BriTTle DeFormaTion in ShenanDoah naTional ParK, BlUe riDge ProVince, Virginia 297 Leavitt,RogerE.*;May,SkylerB.;MacLean,JohnS.: PreliminarY FielD inVeSTigaTion inTo The relaTionShiP BeTWeen hooDoo FormaTion anD FooTWall Shearing oF The rUBY'S inn ThrUST FaUlT, BrYce canYon, UTah 298 Blythe,AnnE.*;Crow-Willard,Emma;Kleinsasser,Eric;Latin, Malia;Linden,Edward;Utevsky,Elinor;Wros,John:acTiVe DeFormaTion along The BlUe cUT FaUlT in JoShUa Tree ParK: reSUlTS From an UnDergraDUaTe FielD maPPing ProJecT 299 Ames,DorotheaV.*;Riggs,StanleyR.;Mallinson,DavidJ.;Culver, StephenJ.:The "PerFecT conFlicT": inFraSTrUcTUre VerSUS naTUral DYnamic ProceSSeS in naTional coaSTal ParKS anD reFUgeS: norTh carolina oUTer BanKS 300 Kranz,AdamJ.*;Moran,JamesJ.;Ehrhardt,Christopher;Inskeep, William;Kreuzer,Helen:iniTial characTeriZaTion oF carBon FloWS ThroUgh microBial commUniTieS in BeoWUlF SPring, an aciDic hoT SPring in YelloWSTone naTional ParK 301 Wiles,Gregory*;Lawson,Daniel;Appleton,Sarah;Weisenberg, Nick;Jarvis,Stephanie;Mennett,Colin;Wilch,Joseph;D'Arrigo, RosanneD.;Frank,DavidC.:a mUlTiSPecieS neTWorK oF Tree-ring chronologieS From glacier BaY naTional ParK anD PreSerVe, alaSKa: a Tool For eValUaTing ForeST healTh







111-10 286 Rossi,RebeccaK.*;Key,MarcusM.Jr.:SoUrcing BlacK limeSTone graVeSToneS in laTe 17th cenTUrY colonial Virginia 111-11 287 Moore,SabrinaA.*;Besonen,MarkR.;Drolet,RobertP.: PeTrograPhic analYSiS oF ToYah PhaSe ceramicS recoVereD aT ForT liPanTiTlan STaTe hiSToric SiTe 111-12 288 Rossman,NathanR.*;Freed,TimothyW.Sr.;Cooper,RyanM.: PoTenTial For PreSerVaTion oF archaeological arTiFacTS aT The BaD Village cUlTUral SiTe BaSeD on geomorPhologic anD giS maPPing eFForTS 111-13 289 Kaufmann,KiraE.*;Kean,WilliamF.;Baierlipp,Michael: inTerPreTaTion oF laTe WooDlanD eFFigY moUnD conSTrUcTion TechniQUeS From Three geoelecTrical TechniQUeS 111-14 290 Buck,PaulE.*;Sabol,DonaldEdwinJr.:DeTecTing PrehiSToric lanDScaPe USe ThroUgh remoTe SenSing in nW ariZona, USa





9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 187


113-8 302 Driscoll,NicholausDavid*;Morris,ThomasH.:geologic maP oF The Deer PoinT 7.5' QUaDrangle, caPiTol reeF naTional ParK, UTah 303 Rosenthal,Jeffrey*;Fitzpatrick,Faith;Seitz,Brandon;Pound, KateS.:maPPing FlUVial TerraceS To DeTermine The inFlUence oF PoST-glacial laKe leVel hiSTorY on granD PorTage creeK, granD PorTage, minneSoTa geoScienceS eDUcaTion aT The UnDergraDUaTe anD graDUaTe leVelS 114-10 318 Rhodes,DallasD.*:cUrricUlUm anD Program learning oUTcomeS maPPing To enhance Program aSSeSSmenT 114-11 319 Koziol,AndreaM.*;McGrew,Allen:a FrameWorK For learning-cenTereD cUrricUlar innoVaTion in The DeParTmenT oF geologY aT The UniVerSiTY oF DaYTon 114-12 320 Davis,John*;Bohlscheid,Jeff:higher eDUcaTion STUDenT PerSPecTiVeS on claSSroom inSTrUcTional meThoDS


113-10 304 Niles,JohnH.*;Owen,DouglassE.:an UPDaTeD 1:24,000-Scale geologic maP oF The core ViSiTaTion area oF The craTerS oF The moon naTional monUmenT anD PreSerVe inclUDing 38 PoinTS oF geologic inTereST 113-11 305 Turner,KenzieJ.*;Berry,MargaretE.;Page,WilliamR.;Lehman, ThomasM.;Bohannon,RobertG.;Scott,RobertB.;Miggins, DanielP.;Budahn,JamesR.;Cooper,RogerW.;Williams,VanS.: geologic maP oF Big BenD naTional ParK, TeXaS: a neW DigiTal geologic maP 113-12 306 Thompson,R.A.*;Hudson,MarkR.;Minor,S.A.;Turner,KenzieJ.; Sawyer,DavidA.:cerroS Del rio Volcanic FielD--linKS To The geologY oF BanDelier naTional monUmenT 113-13 307 Tweet,JustinS.*;Santucci,VincentL.;Kenworthy,JasonP.:an inVenTorY oF PaleonTological reSoUrceS From naTional ParK SerVice areaS in The norThern greaT PlainS neTWorK 113-14 308 Kenworthy,JasonP.*;KellerLynn,Katie;Graham,John; Thornberry-Ehrlich,TristaL.;Reiker,Philip:naTional ParK SerVice geologic reSoUrceS inVenTorY rePorTS: inTegraTing geologic DaTa, ParK lanDScaPeS, anD eFFecTiVe reSoUrce managemenT

SeSSion no. 115

T149. Virtual Reality in Geoscience Education I (Digital Posters) (GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Planetary Geology Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; Google Inc.; Oxford University Press; Minnesota Planetarium Society)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 115-1 115-2 DP1 Duggan-Haas,Don*;Kissel,RichardA.;Ross,Robert:BUilDing a VirTUal FielDWorK DaTaBaSe DP2 Parham,ThomasL.Jr.*;Cervato,Cinzia;Gallus,WilliamA.Jr.; Magnidjem,Dela;Barberan,Cj;Borrell,JordanA.:VirTUal Volcano 2.0: DaTa-DriVen anD STUDenT-cenTereD DeSign oF an inTeracTiVe Volcano SimUlaTion DP3 Dokka,RoyK.*;Kent,JoshuaD.:harneSSing SimUlaTeD realiTY TechnologieS To enaBle geological DiScoVerY DP4 Kellogg,LouiseH.;Bernardin,Tony;Billen,MagaliI.;Cowgill, Eric;Crutchfield,J.;Elliott,AustinJ.*;Hamann,Bernd;Harwood, CaraL.;Kreylos,Oliver;Sumner,Dawn:KecKcaVeS: enaBling inTeracTiVe ViSUal eXPloraTion in VirTUal realiTY For The geoScienceS DP5 Aucoin,ChristopherD.*;Hasbargen,Leslie:WalKing inTo The DigiTal WorlD: DinoSaUr TracK maPPing anD DaTa collecTion DP6 Boggs,Katherine*;Thompson,Robin:canaDian corDilleran: SeamleSS imagerY ThroUgh geological maPS To microScoPe USing google earTh anD gigaPanS DP7 Doctor,DanielH.*:ViSUaliZaTion oF a geologic maP WiThin google earTh: The WhiTe hall 7.5 minUTe QUaDrangle, Virginia anD WeST Virginia DP8 Burchfiel,B.Clark*;Chen,Zhiliang:DigiTal, laYereD anD maniPUlaTaBle maPS For Se anD e ParT oF The TiBeTan PlaTeaU: a neW TYPe oF maP PreSenTaTion DP9 Chappell,JamesR.*;O'Meara,StephanieA.;Stanton,HeatherI.: The naTional ParK SerVice gri google earTh ProDUcT For rocKY moUnTain naTional ParK, coloraDo

SeSSion no. 114

T147. What Are Undergraduates Learning in/from Our Programs? (Posters) (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 114-1 309 Manduca,CathrynA.*;Bralower,TimothyJ.;Clemens-Knott, Diane;Doser,Diane;Feiss,P.Geoffrey;Macdonald,R.Heather; Ormand,CarolJ.;Rhodes,DallasD.;Richardson,RandallM.; Savina,MaryE.:Bringing TogeTher DeSign anD eValUaTion To UnDerSTanD STUDenT learning 310 Keane,ChristopherM.*;Gonzales,LeilaM.;Houlton,HeatherR.: meaSUring The maTch oF graDUaTing SKillS PorTFolio To The DemanD BY geoScience emPloYerS 311 Gonzales,LeilaM.*;Keane,ChristopherM.;Houlton,HeatherR.: The naTional geoScience eXiT SUrVeY: maPPing The acaDemic anD career PaThWaYS oF geoScience UnDergraDUaTeS 312 Wilch,ThomasI.*;Bartels,WilliamS.;Lincoln,BethZ.;Lincoln, TimothyN.;Menold,CarrieA.;McRivette,MichaelW.:USing aSSeSSmenT anD Program reVieW To STrengThen geologY ProgramS- an eXamPle From alBion college 313 Earman,Sam*;Marquez,L.Lynn;Price,JasonR.: DeVeloPmenT anD iniTial reSUlTS oF an eXam To aSSeSS learning oUTcomeS For geologY maJorS 314 Krekeler,MarkP.S.*;Fischer,TimothyB.;Rakovan,John;Dong, Hailiang:meThoDS, PerSPecTiVeS anD aSSeSSmenT oF PUre anD aPPlieD mineralogical UnDergraDUaTe reSearch: a criTical eDUcaTional acTiViTY 315 Isiorho,S.A.*:eXaminaTion oF STUDenTS' ProDUcTS aS a WaY oF aSSeSSing learning oUTcomeS: The iPFW ShoW caSe 316 Wohlpart,SashaLinsin*;Demers,Nora;MacDonald,JamesH. Jr.;Hair,Thomas:The BonDing ProPerTieS oF WaTer: an aSSeSSmenT oF STUDenT UnDerSTanDing 317 Fischer,TimothyB.*;Dong,Hailiang;Krekeler,MarkP.S.: USing TranSmiSSion elecTron microScoPY (Tem) in













115-10 DP10 Lageson,DavidR.*;Larsen,MortC.;Lynn,HelenB.;Treadway, WhitneyA.:aPPlicaTionS oF google earTh Pro© To FaUlT anD FracTUre STUDieS oF laramiDe anTiclineS in The rocKY moUnTain ForelanD 115-11 DP11 Andrew,JosephE.*;Walker,J.Douglas;Monastero,FrancisC.: SliP hiSTorY moDel oF The garlocK FaUlT Zone: BaSin anD range eXTenSion oVerPrinTeD BY eaSTern caliFornia Shear Zone TranSTenSion 115-12 DP12 Similox-Tohon,Dominique;Clelland,StevenM.*;Moccia,Andrea; Davis,GeorgeH.:3D STrUcTUral moDel BUilDing ­ The mT. lYKaion (greece) SancTUarY oF ZeUS caSe STUDY 115-13 DP13 Karabinos,Paul*:creaTing inTeracTiVe 3-D moDelS From geologic maPS anD croSS SecTionS USing google SketchUp




188 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


115-14 DP14 Dordevic,MladenM.*;Wild,StevenC.;DePaor,DeclanG.:a geological maPPing game in google earTh 115-15 DP15 Wang,Miao*;Alvarado,M.Iris;Aiken,CarlosL.V.;Ferguson, JohnF.:inTeracTing WiTh 3D PhoTorealiSTic oUTcroP moDelS USing an iPaD 117-2 UniT oF rooiBerg groUP, STaVoren inlier, 2.06 ga BUShVelD comPleX, SoUTh aFrica 332 Tegtmeier,EricL.*;Brearley,Adrian;Elston,WolfgangE.; Spilde,MichaelN.:PreliminarY STUDieS oF coeXiSTing micron-Scale Zircon anD BaDDeleYiTe in SiliceoUS rocKS From The BaSal rooiBerg groUP, BUShVelD comPleX, SoUTh aFrica 333 Jirsa,MarkA.*;Weiblen,PaulW.:The SUDBUrY imPacT laYer aT gUnFlinT laKe, minneSoTa: inFerenceS From geochemiSTrY aBoUT eJecTa SoUrceS anD DeliVerY mechaniSmS 334 Huber,MatthewS.*;Koeberl,Christian:VariaTion oF FalloUT eJecTa WiTh DiSTance From The SUDBUrY craTer 335 Bart,GwendolynD.*;Nickerson,Ryan;Johnson,Andrew: TYcho SeconDarY craTerS iDenTiFieD Via eJecTeD BoUlDerS 336 Nolan,PatrickR.*;Lang,NicholasP.:The morPhologY oF marTian imPacT craTerS in `SoFT' VS. `harD' Terrain 337 Piatek,JenniferL.*;Tornabene,Livio:ThermoPhYSical ProPerTieS oF marTian laYereD craTer eJecTa: relaTionShiP To emPlacemenT ProceSSeS 338 Dypvik,Henning*;Hellevang,Helge;Kalleson,Elin:The alTeraTion oF imPacT melT - a FirST STeP 339 Renard,GeneM.*:eJecTa STraTa oF recenT origin haVe Been iDenTiFieD in cenTral WiSconSin aT gloVer BlUFF imPacT SiTe

SeSSion no. 116

T159. Sense of Place, Geoparks and National Parks: Strategies for Improved Earth Science Education (Posters) (GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 116-1 321 Mills,AllisonWhitney*;Al-Twaijri,HaniAhmed;Hall,Leah Ruth;Cramer,MartinAndrew;Kendall,JamieAnderson;King, RachelShanti;Furst,Severine:a mUlTi-TiereD aPProach To geoScience eDUcaTion aT The oregon caVeS naTional monUmenT 322 Wilson,J.L.*:ParTnering WiTh The naTional ParK SerVice: an eXPerience in linKing maThemaTical moDeling, Science, anD hiSTorY ThroUgh The KeWeenaW hiSTorical naTional ParK 323 Olson,JustinG.*;Rose,WilliamI.:geologic eXPoSUreS oF iSle roYale naTional ParK For The geologiST anD The PUBlic 324 Burd,Todd*;Slade,Paul:ParTnering WiTh The naTional ParK SerVice: PicTUreD rocKS naTional laKeShore 325 Kappus,Eric*:WalKing in The FooTPrinTS oF DinoSaUrS: SenSe oF Place in el PaSo, TeXaS 326 Deur-Vis,Patricia*;Vye,Erika;Bowen,Lindsay;Diekema,Beth; Rizley,Kurt;Rose,WilliamI.;Griebel,Lisa;Myers,Lisa:a SenSe oF Place aT SleePing Bear DUneS naTional laKeShore - imProVing TeacherS' earTh Science liTeracY = imProVing STUDenTS' earTh Science liTeracY 327 Bowen,Lindsay*;Vye,Erika;Rizley,Kurt;Deur-Vis,Patricia; Diekema,Beth;Rose,WilliamI.;Griebel,Lisa;Myers,Lisa: TaKing SleePing Bear DUneS naTional laKeShore BeYonD iTS BorDerS: USing TechnologY To Bring Place To The claSSroom 328 Diekema,Beth*;Bowen,Lindsay;Rizley,Kurt;Deur-Vis, Patricia;Vye,Erika;Rose,WilliamI.;Griebel,Lisa;Myers,Lisa: aWaKening The SleePing Bear! Bringing To liFe The geologY, hiSTorical anD cUlTUral liFe oF SleePing Bear DUneS To STUDenTS anD TeacherS eVerYWhere 329 Rizley,Kurt*;Deur-Vis,Patricia;Diekema,Beth;Bowen,Lindsay; Vye,Erika;Rose,WilliamI.;Griebel,Lisa;Myers,Lisa:USing The naTional ParKS aS a WaY To engage STUDenTS in UrBan SchoolS 117-3

117-4 117-5

117-6 117-7


117-8 117-9


116-4 116-5 116-6

117-10 340 King,DavidT.Jr.*;Ormo,Jens;Petruny,Lucille;Harris,R.Scott; Markin,JamesK.;Johnson,ReubenC.;TabaresRodenas, Pascual;Rodesney,StevenN.;Neathery,ThorntonL.:ShalloW STraTigraPhic croSS-SecTion oF WeTUmPKa imPacT STrUcTUre, alaBama 117-11 341 Evans,Kevin*;Miller,JamesF.;Ethington,Raymond: XenoclaST BioSTraTigraPhY: eViDence For miDmiSSiSSiPPian anD laTe orDoVician imPacTS aT WeaUBleaU anD DecaTUrVille STrUcTUreS, miSSoUri 117-12 342 Jaret,Steven*;Jacobsen,S.B.;Petaev,MichailI.:Timing anD emPlacemenT oF inJecTion DiKeS aT The garDnoS imPacT STrUcTUre 117-13 343 Gyollai,Ildiko*;Popp,Friedrich;Mader,Dieter;Koeberl,Christian: Search For eXTraTerreSTrial SignaTUreS oF a PoSSiBle imPacT eVenT in The DiamicTiTe/caP carBonaTe TranSiTionS aFTer SnoWBall earTh glaciaTionS (STUrTian, marinoan), oTaVi groUP, nWnamiBia 117-14 344 Peate,DavidW.*;UkstinsPeate,Ingrid;Lim,Chungwan; Kloberdanz,Christine:PeTrograPhic anD comPoSiTional characTeriZaTion oF meTallic SPherUleS in imPacT melT aT monTUraQUi craTer, chile 117-15 345 Rodesney,StevenN.*;Harris,R.Scott:raPiD ShocK leVel DeTerminaTion in SilicaTeS USing PoWDer X-raY DiFFracTion




116-10 330 Baldus,Lorentyna*;Vye,Erika;Rose,WilliamI.;Valencia,Liz; Martin,Valerie:DeVeloPing inTerPreTiVe maTerialS For iSle roYale naTional ParK - Bringing geologY To The UrBan claSSroom

SeSSion no. 117

T212. Impact Cratering on the Earth, Moon, and Planets: Remote, Field, and Lab Studies (Posters) (GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; International Continental Drilling Program)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 117-1 331 Elston,WolfgangE.*;Tegtmeier,EricL.:SeTTing anD SigniFicance oF Zircon/BaDDeleYiTe in BaSal

aFTernoon oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 118

Geoscience Education V: Innovations in Geoscience Education

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208CD JohnR.McDaris,LeilaniArthurs,andSarahBeanSherman,Presiding 118-1 1:30PM Heise,ElizabethA.*:cUrricUlUm DeSign WiTh SUcceSSFUl UnDergraDUaTe reSearch ProJecTS aS a goal 1:45PM Kovscek,AnthonyRobert*:engaging UnDergraDUaTeS in The STUDY anD reSearch oF energY reSoUrceS


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 189



118-3 2:00PM Connor,CathyL.*:UTiliZing JUneaU, alaSKa area TemPeraTe glacierS To Train The neXT generaTion oF climaTe ScienTiSTS anD eDUcaTe alaSKan ViSiTorS 2:15PM Iqbal,Mohammad*;Clayton,Maureen:BUilDing a real Time hYDrologic DaTa acQUiSiTion anD TranSmiSSion FaciliTY aT The UniVerSiTY oF norThern ioWa 2:30PM Pacheco,Heather*;Semken,Steven;Taylor,WendyL.; Benbow,AnnE.:maXimiZing The imPacT ThroUgh reSoUrce-rich ParTnerShiP: The agi-aSU-naSa TriaD 2:45PM Roberts,SheilaM.*;Zaspel,CraigE.:regional hiSTorical DaTa SeTS lUre relUcTanT STUDenTS To ScienTiFic UnDerSTanDing oF climaTe change 3:00PM Glumac,Bosiljka*:archaeological geologY oF rocK arT anD STone arTiFacTS: a croSSDiSciPlinarY inTroDUcTorY-leVel liBeral arTS college coUrSe 3:15PM Samson,PerryJ.*;vanderPluijm,Ben:imageQUiZZeS: a STUDenT reSPonSe SYSTem For imageS 3:30PM Break 3:45PM St.John,Kristen*;Jones,Megan;Leckie,R.Mark;Pound, KateS.;Krissek,Lawrence:maKing STraTegic DeciSionS aBoUT DiSSeminaTion oF neW inSTrUcTional maTerialS: leSSonS learneD anD STraTegieS USeD in The BUilDing core KnoWleDge - reconSTrUcTing earTh hiSTorY ProJecT 4:00PM Ryker,Katherine*;McConnell,DavidA.;Moyer,Alison; Greene,Lauren:reForming inTroDUcTorY geoScience laBS 4:15PM Bhattacharyya,Prajukti*:The FallacY oF eaSY co1UrSeS 4:30PM Grove,Karen*;Dempsey,Dave;Dekens,Petra: DeliBeraTelY creaTing a Teaching anD learning commUniTY To aDVance graDUaTe STUDenT anD FacUlTY innoVaTion in inTroDUcTorY geoScience claSSeS 4:45PM Boggs,Katherine*:SeTTing UP a STrUcTUre To maSTer The STereoneT in STrUcTUral geologY 5:00PM Szymanski,DavidW.*;Wohlers,ElvaR.:Teaching WaTer QUaliTY ThroUgh TechnologY-enhanceD laBoraTorY moDUleS in UnDergraDUaTe BUSineSS eDUcaTion 5:15PM Discussion 120-13 120-10 120-7 conDiTionS in The camBrian oF The greaT BaSin, WeSTern USa 120-2 1:45PM Marshall,MadelineS.*;Rogers,RaymondR.: eXcePTional lUngFiSh BUrroWS in The UPPer creTaceoUS maeVarano FormaTion, mahaJanga BaSin, norThWeSTern maDagaScar 2:00PM McMenamin,MarkA.S.*;SchulteMcMenamin,DiannaL.: TriaSSic KraKen: The Berlin ichThYoSaUr DeaTh aSSemBlage inTerPreTeD aS a gianT cePhaloPoD miDDen 2:15PM Klompmaker,AdiëlA.*;Fraaije,RenéH.B.:animal BehaVior FroZen in Time: Three earlY JUraSSic erYoniD loBSTerS in an ammonoiD Shell 2:30PM Getty,PatrickRyan;Bush,AndrewM.;Judge,Aaron*: Were earlY JUraSSic DinoSaUrS gregarioUS? neW eViDence From DinoSaUr FooTPrinT reSerVaTion in holYoKe, maSSachUSeTTS 2:45PM Belcher,ClaireM.*;Yearsley,JonathanM.;Hadden, RoryM.;McElwain,JenniferC.;Rein,Guillermo:The FireoX moDel anD The BaSeline FlammaBiliTY oF earTh'S ecoSYSTemS eSTimaTeD From PalaeoaTmoSPheric oXYgen oVer The PaST 350 million YearS 3:00PM Boyce,C.Kevin*;Zwieniecki,MaciejA.:aSSeSSing PlanT microenVironmenT anD ForeST STrUcTUre From FoSSil leaF anaTomY 3:15PM Break 3:25PM Warny,Sophie*;Askin,Rosemary;Anderson,John;Wellner, Julia;Bohaty,Steve:The DemiSe oF anTarcTica'S laST reFUgiUm: PalYnological eViDence anD PoTenTial mechaniSmS 3:45PM Griener,KathrynW.*;Warny,Sophie;Nelson, DavidM.;Raine,J.Ian;Askin,Rosemary:coUPleD PalYnological anD carBon iSoToPic analYSeS oF noThoFagUS To QUanTiFY neogene anTarcTic climaTe change 4:00PM Harris,ElishaB.*;Leopold,EstellaB.:PalYnological eViDence For VegeTaTion change DUring The laTe miocene-Pliocene in The PaciFic norThWeST 4:15PM SanchezBotero,Carlos*;Oboh-Ikuenobe,FranciscaE.; Story,Stacy;Benison,KathleenC.;Bowen,BrendaBeitler: DiSPerSeD organic maTTer in TWo laKe BroWn coreS, WeSTern aUSTralia: Do TheY reFlecT changeS in liThologY? 4:30PM Adekanmbi,OlusolaHelen*:PalYnomorPh DiSTriBUTion comPareD To VegeTaTion in moDern TroPical lagoS lagoon SeDimenTS 4:45PM Jud,NathanA.*:DiVerSiTY oF a loWer creTaceoUS Pre-angioSPerm Flora in The cloVerlY FormaTion, WY 5:00PM Haiar,Brooke*;Lupia,Richard:PaleoBoTanY anD PaleoecologY oF localiTieS From The creTaceoUS cloVerlY FormaTion, Bighorn BaSin, WYoming 5:15PM Allen,SarahE.*:PaleoBoTanical DiVerSiTY aT The BlUe rim SiTeS oF The eocene BriDger FormaTion, SoUThWeSTern WYoming









118-8 118-9




118-11 118-12

118-13 118-14



SeSSion no. 119

GSA Hydrogeology Division Lecture Series: Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecture

5:00PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100DE WilliamM.Alley,Presiding 5:00PM introductory remarks 119-1 5:05PM Silliman,StephenE.*:henrY DarcY DiSTingUiSheD lecTUre: DeVeloPmenT oF reliaBle hYDrologic DaTa SeTS in DiFFicUlT enVironmenTS: caSe STUDieS From Benin, WeST aFrica



SeSSion no. 121

Petroleum Geology: A Walk around the Oil Patch

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100A-C 121-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Jackson,JamesS.*:hYDrocarBon ProSPecTS, PlaYS, anD ProDUcTion ForecaSTS: inDUSTrY anD goVernmenT PracTice

SeSSion no. 120

Paleontology II: Paleobotany and Behavior

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205AB FranciscaE.Oboh-IkuenobeandLidyaG.Tarhan,Presiding 120-1 1:30PM Tarhan,LidyaG.*;Droser,MaryL.:eXcePTional Trace FoSSil PreSerVaTion anD enigmaTic SUBSTraTe

190 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


121-2 2:00PM Pearson,KrystalM.*:geologic aSSeSSmenT oF conTinUoUS oil in The aUSTin chalK, U.S. gUlF coaST 2:15PM Yang,Tao*;Wu,Xiaozhi;Zhang,Guosheng:PeTroleUm eXPloraTion anD DiSTriBUTion characTeriSTicS oF carBoniFeroUS Volcanic rocKS in norTh XinJiang oF china 2:30PM Woock,Robert*;Boerner,Sean:QUanTiFYing BYPaSSeD PaY ThroUgh 4-D PoST-STacK inVerSion 2:45PM Brice,WilliamR.*:The DraKe Well anD UninTenDeD conSeQUenceS ­ PeTroleUm geologY anD eXPloraTion geoPhYSicS 3:00PM Break 3:15PM Vandeginste,Veerle*;John,CedricM.:STYloliTiZaTion oF laTe eocene To earlY miocene carBonaTeBearing liThologieS From ioDP hole 317-U1352c (canTerBUrY BaSin) 3:30PM Spence,GuyH.*;Hodgetts,David;Horsfall,Chris;Rarity, Frank;Redfern,Jonathan:liDar oUTcroP analogUeS oF a naTUrallY FracTUreD carBonaTe reSerVoir: inFlUenceS oF STraTigraPhic heTerogeneiTY anD SUrFaceS - a SeQUence STraTigraPhic FrameWorK: eocene, TheBeS FormaTion, WeST cenTral Sinai, egYPT 3:45PM Banas,RyanM.*;Pennington,WayneD.:The collingWooD memBer in The michigan BaSin 4:00PM Monson,CharlesC.*;Damico,JamesR.;Okwen,RolandT.; Grube,JohnP.:oVerVieW oF acTiViTieS For an eor carBon SeQUeSTraTion PiloT WiThin The illinoiS BaSin 4:15PM Givan,AnnVasko*:DoeS YoUr moTher KnoW WhaT an UnconVenTional reSerVoir iS? Do YoU? 4:30PM Discussion 122-12 122-9 122-8 geochronologY oF The BlacK Warrior BaSin DePocenTer 122-7 3:00PM Martínez-Paco,Margarita*;Gutiérrez-Alejandro,Alejandra Guadalupe;Santana-Salas,LauraAlejandra;OcampoDíaz,YamZulErnesto;Rubio-Cisneros,IgorIshi: SeDimenTologY anD ProVenance oF San FeliPe FormaTion (UPPer coniacian), Sierra maDre orienTal, norTheaST meXico 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Chamberlin,EllenP.*;Schwartz,RobertK.:FacieS anD ProVenance analYSiS oF eocene DePoSiTS in The raDerSBUrg-ToSTon region: UnDerSTanDing The role oF cenoZoic TecTonicS on changing inTermonTane BaSin geomeTrY in SoUThWeSTern monTana 3:45PM Heydari,Ezat*:hYDrocarBon PoTenTial oF The loWer SmacKoVer FormaTion in arKanSaS, loUiSiana, anD miSSiSSiPPi 4:00PM Gomes,SonnetW.*;Uddin,Ashraf;Pashin,JackC.: SeQUence STraTigraPhic analYSiS oF The UPPer PoTTSVille FormaTion, cahaBa SYnclinoriUm, alaBama 4:15PM Clark,AllanKoehl*;Blome,CharlesD.;Morris,RobertR.; Golab,JamesA.:The hYDroSTraTigraPhY oF The gUaDalUPe riVer STaTe ParK anD honeY creeK STaTe naTUral area, comal anD KenDall coUnTieS, TeXaS 4:30PM Mousavi,MaryamA.*;Hammes,Ursula;Bonnaffé, FlorenceL.;Granjeon,Didier:STraTigraPhicForWarD moDeling oF a groWTh-FaUlTeD SUBBaSin, Frio FormaTion, corPUS chriSTi area, SoUTh TeXaS gUlF coaST 4:45PM Kopriva,BryantT.*;Kim,Wonsuck:conTrol oF inTernal DYnamicS oF SalT DeFormaTion DUe To STraTigraPhic archiTecTUre: eXPerimenTal moDeling








121-8 121-9



SeSSion no. 122


1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211CD AshrafUddinandEzatHeydari,Presiding 122-1 1:30PM Hauck,TylerE.*;Peterson,Jesse;Bachu,Stefan;Jensen, Gavin;Peck,WesleyD.;Knudsen,Damion;Gorecki, Charles:The BaSal aQUiFer ProJecT: a canaDaUniTeD STaTeS collaBoraTion For geological characTeriZaTion anD moDeling oF a maJor DeeP Saline-aQUiFer in The alBerTa anD WilliSTon BaSinS For co2 STorage 1:45PM McKenzie,N.Ryan*;Hughes,NigelC.;Myrow,PaulM.; Xiao,Shuhai;Jiang,Ganqing:The ProTeroZoiccamBrian conFigUraTion oF The norTh inDian margin: inSighTS From DeTriTal ZirconS anD neoDYmiUm iSoToPeS 2:00PM Lasemi,Yaghoob*:camBro-orDoVician TranSiTion in illinoiS: naTUre oF The c-o BoUnDarY anD criTeria For iTS recogniTion in The DeeP ParT oF The illinoiS BaSin 2:15PM Witzke,BrianJ.*;McKay,RobertM.;Liu,HuaibaoP.;Briggs, DerekE.G.:The miDDle orDoVician WinneShieK Shale oF norTheaST ioWa -- correlaTion anD PaleogeograPhic imPlicaTionS 2:30PM Uddin,Ashraf*;Alam,Md.I.;Sitaula,RajuP.;Hames, WillisE.:ProVenance reconSTrUcTion oF ParT oF eaSTern gonDWanalanD: PermocarBoniFeroUS gonDWanan SeQUenceS oF nePal himalaYa anD The Bengal BaSin 2:45PM Moore,MitchellForrest*;Hames,WillisE.;Uddin, Ashraf;Pashin,JackC.:VoiceS From The DeeP: The SeDimenTologY anD DeTriTal mineral

SeSSion no. 123

2011 GSA Gold Medal Lectures

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101FG JohnW.Geissman,Presiding 1:30PM WelcomeandIntroduction:JohnGeissman 1:45PM Donath medal lecture: lost Between Two Shores. JasperA.Vrugt,UniversityofCaliforniaatIrvine 2:10PM Discussion 2:15PM Day medal lecture: Back to the Future as a geochemist. SusanL.Brantley,PennsylvaniaStateUniversity 2:40PM Discussion 2:45PM Penrose medal lecture: how adolescent earth made continents but messed up the carbon cycle.PaulF. Hoffman,HarvardUniversity 3:10PM Discussion



SeSSion no. 124

P4. Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals for a Sustainable and Secure Future (GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101A-C CraigSchiffries,Presiding 124-1 1:30PM Schiffries,Craig*:nonreneWaBle reSoUrce conSTrainTS on The DePloYmenT oF reneWaBle energY TechnologieS 1:45PM Wadia,Cyrus*:a naTional criTical maTerialS STraTegY -- PerSPecTiVe From The WhiTe hoUSe





9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 191



124-3 2:05PM McNutt,Marcia*:criTical mineralS For The 21st cenTUrY - a STraTegY For SUPPlY SUSTainaBiliTY 2:25PM Benedetto,Kathleen*:legiSlaTion on criTical mineralS anD maTerialS in The 112th congreSS 2:45PM Anderson,Allyson*:BeTWeen a rocK anD a harD Place: ShaPing FeDeral PolicieS on criTical mineralS anD maTerialS 3:05PM Panel Discussion 3:20PM Eggert,RoderickG.*:rare earThS anD oTher criTical elemenTS: economic anD PolicY PerSPecTiVeS 3:40PM Price,JonathanG.*;Hitzman,MurrayW.:energY criTical elemenTS: SecUring maTerialS For emerging TechnologieS 4:10PM Doebrich,JeffL.*:criTical mineralS Science aT The U.S. geological SUrVeY 4:30PM Kerr,Andrew*:rare-earTh elemenT (ree) reSoUrceS in norTheaSTern canaDa: aDVanceD ProJecTS anD PoTenTial eXPloraTion enVironmenTS 4:50PM Meinert,LawrenceD.*:ree anD criTical maTerialS ­ The role oF eXPloraTion anD economic geologY 5:10PM Panel Discussion 126-7 126-8

SeSSion no. 126

T2. The Ediacaran Period: Tectonic, Climatic, and Biological Enigmas (Precambrian [At Large])

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200H-J MercedesBelica,Presiding 126-1 1:30PM Hoffman,PaulF.*:`glacial laKe harlanD' anD The calciUm iSoToPe recorD oF The marinoan glaciaTion 1:45PM Mitchell,RossN.*;Kilian,TaylorM.;Raub,TimothyD.; Evans,DavidA.D.;Bleeker,Wouter;Maloof,Adam:SUTTon hoTSPoT: reSolVing eDiacaran-camBrian TecTonicS anD TrUe Polar WanDer For laUrenTia 2:00PM Davis,JoshuaKane*;Meert,JosephG.;Pandit,M.K.; Kamenov,G.D.:iniTial PaleomagneTic analYSiS oF The marWar BaSin, raJaSThan, inDia 2:15PM Meert,JosephG.*;Levashova,NataliaM.;Liebe,Kevin: eDiacaran PaleomagneTiSm: reVieW anD neW DaTa From BalTica 2:30PM Werner,JohnE.*:a PoSSiBle coeloScleriToPhoran/chorDaTe hYBriDiZaTion anD The eDiacaran origin oF TUnicaTeS 2:45PM She,Zhenbing*;Papineau,Dominic:microFoSSilS From The DoUShanTUo FormaTion oF SoUTh china: PeTrograPhic anD raman hYPerSPecTral STUDieS 3:00PM Bengtson,Stefan*:SYmmeTrY in eDiacaran STemgroUP cTenoPhoreS 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Ghisalberti,Marco;Jacobs,DavidK.*;Gold,DavidA.; Laflamme,Marc;Clapham,MatthewE.;Narbonne,GuyM.; Johnston,DavidT.;Summons,Roger:canoPY FloW moDelS iDenTiFY a Scaling aDVanTage For large SiZe in The miSTaKen PoinT rangeomorPhS, The WorlDS olDeST commUniTY oF mUlTicellUlar eUKarYoTeS 3:45PM Joel,LucasV.*;Droser,MaryL.;Gehling,James:Trace FoSSilS anD Trace FoSSil-liKe BoDY FoSSilS oF The eDiacara memBer, raWnSleY QUarTZiTe, SoUTh aUSTralia 4:00PM Domke,Kirk*;Corsetti,Frank;Bottjer,DavidJ.: QUanTiTaTiVe microSTrUcTUral anD DiageneTic comPariSon oF CLOUDINA From namiBia anD WeSTern norTh america: inSighT For The eDiacaran BiomineraliZaTion eVenT 4:15PM Retallack,GregoryJ.*:PaleoSol eViDence For eDiacaran glaciaTionS near BoSTon, maSSachUSeTTS, USa 4:30PM Becker,Harry*;Baero,Wiebke;Quiring,Manuel; Hammerschmidt,Konrad;Wiechert,Uwe:reaDing The Trace elemenT anD iSoToPic coDe recorDeD in SloPe FacieS eDiacaran carBonaTeS From The YangTZe PlaTForm (SoUTh china) 4:45PM Kaufman,AlanJ.*;Peng,Yongbo;Passey,Benjamin: mineralogical conTrol on carBonaTe clUmPeD iSoToPe TemPeraTUreS From a neoProTeroZoic caP carBonaTe in BraZil 5:00PM Wu,Nanping*;Farquhar,James;Fike,David;Harms,Brian: eDiacaran ocean chemiSTrY: inSighTS From mUlTiPle SUlFUr iSoToPe meaSUremenTS oF PaireD SUlFaTe- PYriTe in The hUQF SUPergroUP, oman

124-4 124-5





124-8 124-9





SeSSion no. 125

Special Session: GSA Geophysics Division 40th Anniversary (GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101H-J WalterMooney,G.RandyKeller,KevinMickus,andAudreyHuerta,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 125-1 125-2 1:40PM Holbrook,W.Steven*:SeiSmic imageS oF SeaWaTer: From The manTle To The oceanS 2:00PM Stein,Seth*;Geller,Robert;Liu,Mian:BaD aSSUmPTionS or BaD lUcK: TohoKU'S emBarraSSing leSSonS For earThQUaKe haZarD maPPing 2:25PM Geissman,J.W.*:reconciling DiFFerenceS among amS anD aarm FaBricS in igneoUS rocKS: DaTa anD a neW aPProach (Thermal DemagneTiZaTion oF Three orThogonal comPonenT anhYSTereTic remanenT magneTiZaTion (arm)) 2:45PM Jordan,ThomasH.*;Paulson,ElizabethM.:reallY noW, hoW ThicK ARE The craTonS? 3:10PM Break 3:30PM Artemieva,IrinaM.*:STrUcTUral anD comPoSiTional heTerogeneiTY oF The conTinenTal liThoSPhere From geoPhYSical DaTa 3:50PM Forsyth,DonaldW.*;Wang,Yun;Rau,ChristinaJ.;Savage, Brian;Eichenbaum-Pikser,Jacob;Carriero,Nina:FoSSil SlaBS aTTacheD To UnSUBDUcTeD FragmenTS oF The Farallon PlaTe 4:15PM citation 4:25PM Royden,LeighH.*:george P. WoollarD Technical lecTUre: PlaTe TecTonicS anD SUBDUcTion; From regional To gloBal?




125-4 125-5







192 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


SeSSion no. 127

T12. From Nuna to Rodinia: Proterozoic Growth and Evolution of Laurentia I (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; Geological Association of Canada; Mineralogical Society of America)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200DE DavidCorrigan,DanielK.Holm,SallyPehrsson,ValW.Chandler, MarionE.Bickford,andKevinL.Mickus,Presiding 127-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Williams,M.L.*;Karlstrom,KarlE.;Jones,JamesV.III.; Doe,MichaelF.:The ProTeroZoic eVolUTion oF SoUThWeSTern norTh america: neW conSTrainTS anD on-going challengeS 1:55PM Jones,JamesV.III.*;Daniel,ChristopherG.;Doe, MichaelF.;Karlstrom,KarlE.;Williams,MichaelL.: ProTeroZoic meTaSeDimenTarY SUcceSSionS aS inDicaTorS oF liThoSPheric STaBiliZaTion anD reacTiVaTion in SoUThWeSTern laUrenTia 2:10PM Colberg,MarkR.*:neW conSTrainTS on The PaleoProTeroZoic aSSemBlY oF The SoUThWeSTern margin oF laUrenTia: high (UlTra-high?) PreSSUre meTamorPhiSm in The moJaVe-YaVaPai SUTUre, UTah, neVaDa anD ariZona 2:25PM Daniel,ChristopherG.*;Jones,JamesV.III.:neW FinDingS From DeTriTal Zircon STUDieS in norTh-cenTral neW meXico, USa: reViSeD regional correlaTionS anD eViDence For meSoProTeroZoic SeDimenTaTion anD inTracraTonic reacTiVaTion 2:40PM Gifford,JenniferN.*;Mueller,PaulA.;Foster,DavidA.; Mogk,DavidW.:meDicine haT BlocK eXPoSeD in The liTTle rocKY moUnTainS 2:55PM Break 3:10PM Ansdell,KevinM.*:The enDS oF The TranS-hUDSon orogen 3:30PM Corrigan,David*:ProTeroZoic crUSTal groWTh: inSighTS From geological maPPing anD liThoProBe geoPhYSical ProFileS in canaDa 3:45PM Pehrsson,Sally*;Eglington,Bruce;Evans,DavidA.D.: The UniTeD PlaTeS oF laUrenTia anD BeYonD: The PaleoProTeroZoic orogenic recorD anD aSSemBlY oF earTh'S FirST SUPerconTinenT 4:00PM Mueller,PaulA.*;Foster,DavidA.;Gifford,JenniferN.; Vogl,JamesJ.;Wooden,Joseph;Mogk,D.W.:cloSUre oF a PaleoProTeroZoic ocean recorDeD BY hF iSoToPeS in ZirconS 4:15PM Bryant,Katie*;Davis,Peter:The PeTrogeneTic relaTionShiP BeTWeen The TreS PieDraS anD TUSaS moUnTain graniTe orThogneiSS, TUSaS moUnTainS, neW meXico 4:30PM Pfeifer,LilyS.*;Daniel,ChristopherG.;Jones,JamesV.III.: conFirmaTion oF meSoProTeroZoic (ca. 1.47 ga) DeTriTal Zircon From The meTamorPhoSeD marQUenaS FormaTion, PicUriS moUnTainS, neW meXico, USa 4:45PM Whalen,JosephB.*;Wodicka,Natasha:crUSTal eVolUTion anD TecTonic aSSemBlY oF The TranS-hUDSon orogen oF BaFFin iSlanD: conSTrainTS From graniToiD rocKS 5:00PM Eglington,B.M.*;Pehrsson,Sally;Ansdell,KevinM.; Lescuyer,J.-L.;Quirt,D.;Milesi,J.-P.;Brown,P.A.:laTe archaean To meSoProTeroZoic geologY oF nUna illUSTraTeD aS a Time-SPace correlaTion charT anD Time-Slice PalaeogeograPhic reconSTrUcTionS 128-6 127-14 5:15PM Eglington,B.M.*;Lahtinen,R.:laTe archaean To meSoProTeroZoic geologY oF FennoScanDia illUSTraTeD aS a Time-SPace correlaTion charT anD Time-Slice PalaeogeograPhic reconSTrUcTionS

SeSSion no. 128

T23. Multidisciplinary Studies of Fault System Deformation (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200A-C EricHorsmanandSarahTitus,Presiding 128-1 1:30PM Lageson,DavidR.*;Lynn,HelenB.:FaUlT rocK anD hYDroThermal "PiPeS" aSSociaTeD WiTh The aBSaroKa ThrUST SYSTem, WeSTern WYoming 1:45PM Karabinos,Paul*;Aronoff,RuthF.;Nemser,ElizaS.: eViDence For KilomeTer-Scale FlUiDconTrolleD reDiSTriBUTion oF graPhiTe in The Taconic ThrUST BelT on moUnT greYlocK, maSSachUSeTTS: imPlicaTionS For STrain localiZaTion anD FaUlT groWTh 2:00PM McClymont,AlastairF.*;Kaiser,AnnaE.;Green,AlanG.; Villamor,Pilar;Langridge,RobertM.;Horstmeyer,Heinrich: high-reSolUTion gPr anD SeiSmic reFlecTion SUrVeYing oF ShalloW FaUlT DeFormaTion 2:20PM Horsman,Eric*;Graymer,RussellW.:QUanTiFYing VariaTion in FaUlT SliP anD DiSTriBUTeD oFFFaUlT DeFormaTion, SanTa crUZ moUnTainS, cenTral caliFornia 2:35PM Sibson,RichardH.*;Ghisetti,FrancescaC.:incremenTal eVolUTion oF an immaTUre FaUlT SYSTem BY conJUgaTe STriKe-SliP FaUlTing: The 20102011 canTerBUrY, neW ZealanD, earThQUaKe SeQUence 2:50PM Rittase,WilliamM.*;Walker,J.Douglas;Kirby,Eric; McDonald,Eric;Gosse,John;Herrs,AndrewJ.: imPorTance oF reconciling PaleoSeiSmic, aVerage rUPTUre DiSPlacemenT anD geologic SliP raTe DaTa For The garlocK FaUlT, caliFornia 3:05PM Tobin,HaroldJ.*;Kington,Joe;Streiff,Carolyn:FaUlT Zone ProPerTieS anD ProceSSeS in The nanKai TroUgh SUBDUcTion Zone: a SYnTheSiS 3:25PM Break 3:40PM Giorgis,Scott*;Weber,John;Glose,AnneMarie;Ward, Mitchell;Hocking,Benjamin;Sharman,Kathleen: PaleomagneTic conSTrainTS on ShorTening acroSS The cenTral range FaUlT Zone, TriniDaD 3:55PM Roeske,SarahM.*;Benowitz,Jeff;Huff,Casey;Riccio, Steven;Fitzgerald,PaulG.;Perry,StephanieE.;Layer, PaulW.:VariaBle STrain ParTiTioning WiTh DePTh along The DeXTral Denali FaUlT in The eaSTern alaSKa range 4:10PM Arrowsmith,J.Ramón*:FaUlT SYSTem DeFormaTion anD eVolUTion aT meTer To KilomeTer lengTh ScaleS oVer Single To TenS oF earThQUaKe cYcleS 4:30PM Lingrey,Steven*;Lopez,CarlosJ.:inFerreD STrUcTUral-STraTigraPhic eVolUTion oF The laTe miocene eaSTern niger DelTa: eViDence From SeQUenTial reSToraTion 4:45PM Stockli,DanielF.*;Horton,Brian;Taylor,MichaelH.;Sundell, KurtE.;Woodruff,William;Kapp,Paul;Hager,Christian; Ding,Lin:reconSTrUcTion oF The TecTonic anD eXhUmaTion hiSTorY oF The norTh lUnggar riFT, SoUThern TiBeT, ThroUgh inTegraTeD









127-6 127-7













9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 193



FooTWall anD DeTriTal hanging Wall ThermochronomeTrY 128-13 5:00PM Gallen,Sean*;Wegmann,Karl;Fassoulas,C.:VerTical FaUlT DiSPlacemenTS reSolVeD From PleiSTocene marine TerraceS, creTe, greece: imPlicaTionS For earThQUaKe haZarDS anD ToPograPhic DeVeloPmenT oF The hellenic margin 5:15PM Singleton,JohnS.*:DeVeloPmenT oF eXTenSionParallel DeTachmenT FaUlT corrUgaTionS in The BUcKSKin-raWhiDe meTamorPhic core comPleX, WeST-cenTral ariZona 129-11 4:30PM Wallace,AdamF.*;DeYoreo,J.J.;Banfield,JillF.:earlY STageS oF carBonaTe mineraliZaTion reVealeD From molecUlar SimUlaTionS: imPlicaTionS For aUThogenic mineral FormaTion in naTUral enVironmenTS 4:45PM Melim,LeslieA.*;Spilde,MichaelN.;Northup,DianaE.: STaBle iSoToPic eViDence For microBial PreciPiTaTion oF calciTe in caVe Pool FingerS 5:00PM Paul,VarunG.*;Wronkiewicz,DavidJ.;Mormile,MelanieR.: BiomineraliZaTion oF carBonaTeS in moDern microBial SeDimenTS 5:15PM Monger,H.Curtis*;Feng,Yanhua:microBial PreciPiTaTion oF PeDogenic carBonaTe





SeSSion no. 129

T29. Microbial Mediation of Authigenic Minerals: From Precipitation to Dissolution (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211AB JakeV.Bailey,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 129-1 1:35PM Chan,ClaraS.*;Saini,Gaurav;Krepski,SeanT.;HredzakShowalter,PatriciaL.;Luther,GeorgeW.III.:archiTecTS oF rUST: mineral PreciPiTaTion anD eVaSion STraTegieS oF Fe-oXiDiZing microBeS 1:55PM Shelobolina,Evgenya*;Xu,Huifang;Konishi,Hiromi; Wu,Tao;Roden,EricE.:liThoTroPhic oXiDaTion oF Fe(ii)-SilicaTeS aS The BaSiS For a DeeP graniTic BioSPhere 2:10PM Briscoe,LindseyJ.*;Alexander,E.CalvinJr.;Alexander, ScottC.;Berquó,T.;Gralnick,Jeffrey;Michel,F.Marc; Moskowitz,Bruce;Salomon,ChristineE.;Toner, BrandyM.:iron mineral FormaTion in microBial maTS FormeD From ShielD BrineS along an oXiDaTion-reDUcTion graDienT 2:25PM Wu,Lingling*;Percak-Dennett,ElizabethM.;Beard,BrianL.; Roden,EricE.;Johnson,ClarkM.:eQUiliBriUm iron iSoToPe FracTionaTion BeTWeen aQUeoUS Fe(ii) anD moDel archean ocean Fe-Si coPreciPiTaTeS 2:40PM Bower,DinaM.*;Hummer,Daniel;Kyono,Atsushi;Steele, Andrew:The co-eVolUTion oF Fe-,Ti-oXiDeS anD microBial FoSSiliZaTion DUring earlY DiageneSiS in SanDY SeDimenTS: eSTaBliShing PoTenTial mineral BioSignaTUreS 2:55PM Bailey,JakeV.*;Corsetti,FrankA.;Greene,SarahE.; Orphan,VictoriaJ.:PhoSPhaTiZeD FilamenToUS SUlFUr BacTeria in moDern anD ancienT PhoSPhoriTeS 3:10PM Break 3:25PM Garcia-Pichel,Ferran*:mechaniSmS For BioeroSion in eUenDoliThic cYanoBacTeria: mineralS, enZYmeS anD BUgS 3:45PM Jones,DanielS.*;Polerecky,Lubos;Dempsey,BrianA.; Galdenzi,Sandro;Macalady,JenniferL.:Biological anD aBioTic conTrolS on SUlFiDe oXiDaTion, aciD ProDUcTion, anD carBonaTe DiSSolUTion in The FraSaSSi caVe SYSTem, iTalY 4:00PM Zhang,Fangfu*;Xu,Huifang;Konishi,Hiromi;Yan,Chao; Teng,H.Henry;Roden,EricE.:aQUeoUS SUlFiDecaTalYZeD nUcleaTion anD groWTh oF DiSorDereD DolomiTe, a PoTenTial PrecUrSor oF SeDimenTarY DolomiTe 4:15PM Shen,Zhizhang*;Liu,Yun;Zhang,Fangfu;Kemp,Joshua; Szlufarska,Izabela;Xu,Huifang:moDeling The eFFecT oF DiSSolVeD hYDrogen SUlFiDe on mg2+-WaTer comPleX on DolomiTe {104} SUrFace

SeSSion no. 130

T31. Monazite: The Ultimate Geologic Record (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102BC GregoryDumondandCallumJ.Hetherington,Presiding 130-1 1:30PM Parrish,RandallR.*:The eVolUTion anD FUTUre oF meThoDS anD aPPlicaTionS oF monaZiTe geochronologY anD geochemiSTrY To earTh Science 1:45PM Cottle,John*:micro-SamPling oF loW PB ("YoUng") monaZiTe ­ oPTionS, reSTricTionS anD PoTenTial 2:05PM McFarlane,Chris*:conSTraining The Timing oF monaZiTe groWTh in meTaPeliTic leUcoSomeS BY moniToring melT SaTUraTion ProXieS in PeriTecTic PhaSeS 2:25PM Kelsey,DavidE.*;Hand,Martin;Clark,Chris;Cutts, KathrynA.;Powell,Roger:linKing acceSSorY mineral groWTh anD BreaKDoWn To maJor mineral eVolUTion in meTamorPhic rocKS ­ Where are We aT For monaZiTe? 2:40PM Goncalves,Philippe*;Trap,Pierre;Dumond,Gregory; Marquer,Didier;Feybesse,Jean-Louis;Paquette, Jean-Louis:monaZiTe aS a moniTor oF melTing in conTinenTal crUST 2:55PM Hallett,BenjaminW.*;Spear,FrankS.:linKing meTamorPhic monaZiTe groWTh To The P-T PaTh USing maJor anD Trace elemenT Zoning in garneT anD monaZiTe From migmaTiTic PeliTeS oF The eaST hUmBolDT range, neVaDa 3:10PM Williams,MichaelL.*;Mahan,K.H.;Dumond,G.; Jercinovic,M.J.;Regan,S.;Leslie,S.:linKing meTamorPhiSm anD DeFormaTion WiTh in-SiTU monaZiTe geochronologY: inTerPreTaTion oF mUlTiSTage TecTonic hiSTorieS 3:25PM Break 3:40PM Allaz,Julien*;Selleck,BruceW.;Williams,MichaelL.; Jercinovic,MichaelJ.:DaTing FlUiD migraTion eVenTS ThroUgh microProBe DaTing oF DeTriTal monaZiTe From The PoTSDam FormaTion, nY 3:55PM Lillydahl-Schroeder,HosannaG.*;Kuiper,YvetteD.; Williams,MichaelL.;Allaz,Julien:neW PeTrological anD in-SiTU elecTron microProBe monaZiTe age conSTrainTS on The Timing oF The FoXe orogenY, melVille PeninSUla, nUnaVUT, canaDa 4:10PM Catlos,Elizabeth*;Çemen,Ibrahim:Timing eXTenSional eVenTS USing monaZiTe: eXamPleS From The menDereS maSSiF (WeSTern TUrKeY)



















194 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


130-11 4:25PM Peterman,EmilyM.*;Grove,Marty;Hourigan,Jeremy: DeVeloPmenT anD inTercaliBraTion oF monaZiTe (U-Th)/ he ThermochronologY: caTniP Sill, caTalina core comPleX 4:45PM Cherniak,DanieleJ.*;Watson,E.Bruce:heliUm DiFFUSion in naTUral monaZiTe anD SYnTheTic ree anD Y PhoSPhaTeS 5:00PM Fayon,Annia*;Gombosi,DavidJ.;Ruscitto,Daniel: FiSSion TracK DaTing oF monaZiTe: eTching eFFiciencieS aS a FUncTion oF U conTenT 5:15PM Dacheux,Nicolas*;Clavier,Nicolas;Podor,Renaud:WhY monaZiTe STrUcTUre aPPearS aS a PromiSing long-Term raDWaSTe maTriX ? conSeQUence oF STrUcTUral FleXiBiliTY anD high chemical DUraBiliTY 132-4 132-1 132-2 1:35PM Potts,Richard*:hominin eVolUTion in SeTTingS oF STrong enVironmenTal VariaBiliTY 1:55PM Cowling,SharonA.*:climaTe-VegeTaTion moDel SimUlaTionS oF aFrica DUring glacial anD inTer-glacial PerioDS: imPlicaTionS For TranSaFrican migraTion 2:15PM Ochiagha,Chiji*;Fox,DavidL.;Badgley,Catherine: ecological BiogeograPhY oF aFrican mammalS in relaTion To climaTe anD ToPograPhY 2:30PM Uno,KevinT.*;Fisher,DanielC.;Quade,Jay;Wittemyer, George;Cerling,ThureE.:PaleoecologY From ProBoSciDeanS: DeVeloPing a moDel For TooTh enamel maTUraTion in moDern elePhanTS (loXoDonTa aFricana) 2:45PM Urban,MichaelA.*;Nelson,DavidM.;Verschuren,Dirk; Hu,FengSheng:hoW Fire, Pco2, anD climaTe conTrol c3/c4 VariaTion: a laTe-QUaTernarY PerSPecTiVe From eQUaTorial eaST aFrica 3:00PM Break 3:15PM Johnson,ThomasC.*;Abbott,April;Werne,JosefP.;Berke, MelissaA.;Brown,ErikT.;Schouten,Stefan;Sinninghe Damsté,Jaap:a 1.2 ma hiSTorY oF TemPeraTUre anD ariDiTY in The laKe malaWi BaSin, eaST aFrica 3:35PM Blome,MargaretWhiting*;Cohen,AndrewS.;Lopez, MatthewJ.:a 1,200,000 Year Paleoecological recorD From oSTracoDeS, charcoal, anD oTher PaleoclimaTe inDicaTorS From laKe malaWi, eaST aFrica 3:50PM Peppe,DanielJ.*;Faith,J.Tyler;Tryon,Christian;Fox, DavidL.;Garrett,Nicole;VanPlantinga,Alexander;Keegan, William;Nightingale,Sheila;Ogondo,Julian;Zaarur,Shikma: TerreSTrial eViDence For laTe QUaTernarY laKe leVel changeS From The laKe VicToria BaSin, eQUaTorial aFrica 4:05PM McHenry,LindsayJ.*;Stanistreet,IanG.;Stollhofen, Harald:a crYPTic Volcanic SoUrce: imProVing The TePhroSTraTigraPhic reSolUTion oF The "ZinJanThroPUS" archeological SUrFace aT olDUVai gorge, TanZania 4:20PM Beverly,EmilyJ.*;Ashley,GailM.;Driese,StevenG.: high-reSolUTion PaleoenVironmenTal anD PaleoclimaTic reconSTrUcTion oF a PleiSTocene caTena USing PaleoPeDologY anD geochemiSTrY oF laKe margin PaleoVerTiSolS, olDUVai gorge, TanZania 4:35PM Discussion 4:45PM Wildgoose,MayaM.*;Schwartz,HildeL.;Renne,PaulR.; Lippert,PeterC.;Morgan,LeahE.;Frost,StephenR.; Schrenk,Friedmann;Harvati,Katerina;Saanane,Charles: geochronologY oF The manYara BeDS, norThern TanZania: STraTigraPhY anD neW magneToSTraTigraPhY anD 40ar/39ar ageS 5:00PM DiMaggio,ErinN.*;Arrowsmith,J.Ramón;Campisano, ChristopherJ.;Deino,AlanL.:ar raDiomeTric ageS oF rare Plio-PleiSTocene STraTa For inTerPreTing BaSin eVolUTion anD hominin PaleoenVironmenTS in SoUThern aFar, eThioPia 5:15PM Haileab,Bereket*:SUlFUr, FlUorine anD chlorine DegaSSing oF Plio-PleiSTocene VolcanoeS in eaST aFrica





SeSSion no. 131

T52. Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record II (Paleontological Society; Society of Vertebrate Paleontology; Cushman Foundation; Paleontological Research Institution)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205CD WarrenD.AllmonandMargaretM.Yacobucci,Presiding 131-1 1:30PM Yacobucci,MargaretM.*:ToWarDS a moDel For SPeciaTion in ammonoiDS: DeVeloPmenTal Timing anD ecological SPeciaTion maY PlaY comPlemenTarY roleS in PromoTing raPiD DiVerSiFicaTion 1:45PM Prothero,DonaldR.*;Raymond,Kristina;Madan,MeenaA.; Fragomeni,Ashley;DeSantis,SylvanaN.;Syverson,V.J.; Molina,Sarah;Linden,Edward:Bergmann'S rUle, climaTe change, anD STaSiS in laTe PleiSTocene mammalS anD BirDS From rancho la Brea 2:00PM Hopkins,MelanieJ.*;Lidgard,Scott:DoeS TraiT SelecTion BY PaleonTologiSTS inFlUence PaTTernS oF TemPo anD moDe in The FoSSil recorD? 2:15PM Jarrett,MattB.*;Harries,PeterJ.:comPariSon oF ShaPe BeTWeen moDern anD FoSSil SPecieS oF chione SPP.: STaSiS or eVolUTion? 2:30PM Zachos,LouisG.*;Molineux,Ann:PhenoTYPic PlaSTiciTY or SPeciaTion? PaTTernS oF morPhologic change in eocene SanD Dollar echinoiDS 2:45PM Break 3:00PM DeVore,MelanieL.*;Pigg,KathleenB.:FoSSil eViDence For hYBriDiZaTion in The roSaceae 3:15PM Spearing,KurtD.*:on The PhYlogenY oF The machairoDonTinae 3:30PM Wright,DavidF.*;Stigall,AlyciaL.:PhYlogeneTic reViSion oF The orDoVician BrachioPoD genUS GLYPTORTHIS 3:45PM Schweitzer,CarrieE.*;Feldmann,RodneyM.:SPecieS oF DecaPoDa in The FoSSil recorD 4:00PM Hughes,NigelC.*:DiKelocePhalUS reViSiTeD: SPecieS DiScriminaTion anD meThoDological ProgreSS 4:15PM Discussion











131-6 131-7 131-8


131-9 131-10


SeSSion no. 132

T65. Paleoclimate, Terrestrial Ecosystems, and Human Evolution in Africa from the Pleistocene to the Present (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200FG DanielJ.Peppe,DavidL.Fox,andChristianTryon,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 195



SeSSion no. 133

T70. Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Physical Properties of Atmospheric Mineral Dust: Influences on the Atmosphere, the Cryosphere, Ecosystems, and Humans (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; The Mineralogical Society; Mineralogical Society of America)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100DE RichardL.Reynolds,J.M.Feinberg,andSuzetteA.Morman,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 133-1 1:45PM Dethier,DavidP.*;McCarthy,JamesA.;Ouimet,WilliamB.: reViSiTing long-Term DUSTFall raTeS anD chemiSTrY, coloraDo FronT range 2:00PM Hynek,ScottA.*;Fernandez,DiegoP.;Mackey,GlenN.; Cerling,ThureE.;Ehleringer,James:mineralogY anD geochemiSTrY oF VeSicUlar SoilS aS an archiVe oF DUST DePoSiTion anD ProXY For a regional DUST SoUrce, cenTral UTah, USa 2:15PM Reheis,MarithC.*;Honke,JeffreyS.:changeS in DePoSiTeD DUST chemiSTrY in The SoUThWeSTern U.S., 1984-2010 2:30PM Roberts,AndrewP.*;Rohling,EelcoJ.;Grant,KatharineM.; Larrasoaña,JuanC.;Liu,Qingsong:enVironmenTal magneTic recorDS oF aTmoSPheric DUST VariaBiliTY From araBia anD aSia oVer The laST 500,000 YearS 2:50PM Painter,ThomasH.*;Deems,JeffreyS.;Skiles,S.McKenzie: imPacT oF DUST on SnoW alBeDo, SnoWmelT, anD rUnoFF in The coloraDo riVer BaSin 3:10PM Discussion 3:25PM Break 3:40PM Reynolds,Richard*;Goldstein,HarlandL.;Moskowitz, Bruce;Berquó,T.;Landry,Chris;Flagg,Cody;Kokaly, RaymondF.;Redsteer,Margaret;Munson,S.;Painter, ThomasH.:characTeriZaTion oF iron mineralS in aTmoSPheric DUST 3:55PM Ghio,AndrewJ.*:iron homeoSTaSiS anD Biological eFFecTS oF mineral oXiDe ParTicleS 4:15PM Morman,SuzetteA.*;Reynolds,RichardL.:eFFecTS oF mineral DUST on hUman healTh--roleS oF earTh Science 4:30PM Buck,BrendaJ.*;Soukup,Debbie;Goossens,Dirk; McLaurin,BrettT.;Keil,Deborah;Peden-Adams,Margie; Proper,Steve;Teng,Yuanxin;Baron,Dirk;Ulery,AprilL.: ohV-generaTeD anD naTUral DUST conTaining arSenic: PreliminarY healTh eFFecTS DUe To acUTe eXPoSUre, nelliS DUneS recreaTion area, neVaDa USa 4:45PM Diedrich,TamaraR.*;Oelkers,Eric;Schott,Jacques: QUanTiFYing TremoliTe, SerPenTine, anD Talc DiSSolUTion raTeS: imPlicaTionS For The BioDUraBiliTY oF mg-SilicaTe DUST 5:00PM Discussion 134-10 134-8 134-4 134-1 1:35PM Blake,JohannaM.T.*;Peters,StephenC.:hoW TecTonic hiSTorY anD geochemical ProceSSeS coUlD inFlUence arSenic in DrinKing WaTer 1:50PM Al,Ramanathan*;Kumar,Alok;Bhattacharya,Prosun: arSenic conTaminaTion FacTorS aSSeSmenT in The miDDle gangeTic Plain USing WaTer QUaliTY anD SeDimenT SPeciaTion analYSiS 2:05PM Sovann,Chansopheaktra;Polya,DavidA.*: geoSTaTiSTical/giS moDelling oF groUnDWaTer arSenic haZarD anD aTTriBUTaBle healTh riSKS in camBoDia 2:20PM Neupane,Ghanashyam*;Donahoe,RonaJ.:comPeTiTiVe aDSorPTion oF arSenaTe anD PhoSPhaTe aT The Ferric hYDroXiDe-WaTer inTerFace 2:35PM Mahanta,Chandan*;Sailo,Lalsangzela;Bhattacharya, Prosun:SorPTion KineTicS anD SUrFace comPleXaTion aS FacTorS conTrolling releaSe anD moBiliZaTion oF arSenic in ParTS oF The BrahmaPUTra FlooDPlainS, norTheaSTern inDia 2:50PM Sarkar,Dibyendu*;Datta,Rupali:amenDmenT WiTh WaTer TreaTmenT reSiDUalS loWer hUman healTh riSK From eXPoSUre To arSenical PeSTiciDe-aPPlieD SoilS 3:05PM Majumder,Santanu*;Neidhardt,Harald;Roman-Ross, Gabriela;Datta,Saugata;Sarkar,Simita;Berner,Zsolt; Chatterjee,Debashis:monSoonal inFlUence on STaBle iSoToPe SignaTUre anD arSenic DiSTriBUTion in groUnDWaTerS: a caSe STUDY From WeST Bengal, inDia 3:20PM Chatterjee,Debashis*;Kundu,AmitKumar;Biswas,Ashis; Halder,Dipti;Bhattacharya,Prosun;Bhowmick,Subhamoy; Majumder,Santanu:arSenic in groUnDWaTer oF YoUng Bengal DelTa SeDimenT: iTS DiSTriBUTion anD geochemiSTrY in ShalloW aQUiFer 3:35PM Break 3:50PM AlLawati,Wafa;Rizoulis,Athanasios;Boothman, Christoper;Polya,DavidA.*;Lloyd,JonathanR.;Berg, Michael;Eiche,Elisabeth;vanDongen,Bart:organic maTTer (inclUDing From ThermallY maTUre SoUrce rocKS) in conTraSTing (high arSenic) holocene anD (loW arSenic) PleiSTocene ShalloW reDUcing aQUiFerS, reD riVer DelTa, VieTnam 4:05PM Jacks,K.Gunnar;Slejkovec,Zdenka;Nilsson,Elin; Bhattacharya,Prosun*:arSenic in STreamS anD laKeS in norThern SWeDen 4:20PM Hossain,Mohammed*;Bhattacharya,Prosun;Rofiuddin,M.; Rahman,Marina;Jacks,Gunnar;vonBrömssen, Mattias;Hasan,M.Aziz;Ahmed,KaziMatin:Social PerSPecTiVe oF arSenic miTigaTion anD ViaBiliTY oF VarioUS SaFe WaTer oPTionS in maTlaB, SoUTheaSTern BanglaDeSh 4:35PM Halder,Dipti*;Bhowmick,Subhamoy;Biswas,Ashis; Mondal,Ujjal;Bhattacharya,Prosun;Chatterjee,Debashis: arSenic accUmUlaTion in BroWn (UnPoliSheD) rice grain: a FielD Scale STUDY in rUral WeST Bengal, inDia 4:50PM Ramos,Oswaldo*;Ribeiro,Luis;Bhattacharya,Prosun; Jacks,Gunnar;Choque,Rigoberto;Thunvik,Roger: SeQUenTial eXTracTion oF arSenic anD oTher Trace elemenTS in SoilS anD iTS imPlicaTionS on BioaVailaBiliTY To croPS in mining areaS oF BoliVia 5:05PM concluding remarks












133-7 133-8





SeSSion no. 134

T84. Recent Advances in Studies of Dissolved Arsenic and Other Metals in Global Hydrologic Systems II (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA International Section; International Society of Groundwater for Sustainable Development)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100FG ProsunBhattacharya,AbhijitMukherjee,D.KirkNordstrom,HollyA.Michael, andJochenBundschuh,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 134-13

196 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


SeSSion no. 135

T85. Dynamic Gradients in Karst Aquifers (GSA Hydrogeology Division; National Cave and Karst Research Institute; Karst Waters Institute; Minnesota Ground Water Association)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM101AB DanielH.DoctorandE.CalvinAlexander,Presiding 135-1 1:30PM Bradbury,KennethR.*;Hart,DavidJ.;Gotkowitz, MadelineB.;Muldoon,MaureenA.:The SigniFicance oF hYDraUlic anD Thermal graDienTS in BoreholeS 1:50PM Schwartz,BenjaminF.*;Gerard,BrettR.;Tobin, BenjaminW.;Ramirez,Philip;Hutchins,Benjamin; Schwinning,Susan;Schreiber,MadelineE.: hYDrogeochemical reSPonSeS aT in-caVe SiTeS aS inDicaTorS oF ePiKarST ProceSSeS: caVe WiThoUT a name, cenTral TeXaS, USa 2:10PM Gulley,Jason*;Martin,JonathanB.;Spellman,Patricia; Moore,Paul;Screaton,ElizabethJ.:eFFecTS oF ParTial conFinemenT oF moDern carBonaTe PlaTFormS on groUnDWaTer circUlaTion anD geochemical eVolUTion 2:30PM Infante,LouisR.*;Mylroie,JohnE.;Kambesis,PatriciaN.; Leist,JasonW.:carBonaTe DiSSolUTion in a DYnamic FreSh-WaTer lenS: lenS margin migraTion anD The ProDUcTion oF Banana holeS aS SYngeneTic caVeS, San SalVaDor iSlanD, BahamaS 2:45PM Henry,KatrinaKoski*;Wilson,JohnL.:reSiDence TimeS oF KarST conDUiT hYPorheic FloW 3:00PM Break 3:15PM Covington,MatthewD.*;Prelovsek,Mitja;Gabrovsek,Franci: longiTUDinal VariaTion in DiSSolUTion raTeS in a caVe STream: leSSonS From lengTh ScaleS 3:30PM Luhmann,AndrewJ.*;Covington,MatthewD.;Alexander, E.CalvinJr.:USing a mUlTi-Tracer eXPerimenT To eSTimaTe FloW PaTh geomeTrY 3:45PM Wong,CorinneI.*;Mahler,BarbaraJ.;Musgrove,MaryLynn; Banner,JayL.:QUanTiFYing conTrolS on KarST SPring anD groUnDWaTer QUaliTY DUring a TranSiTion From eXTreme DroUghT To WeTTer Than aVerage conDiTionS 4:00PM Tobin,BenjaminW.*;Schwartz,BenjaminF.:STormeVenT reSPonSeS oF FiVe KarST SPringS in The KaWeah riVer BaSin, Sierra neVaDa, caliFornia 4:15PM Florea,LeeJ.*;Wynn,JonathanG.;Lawhon,Nicholas; Stinson,ChasityL.;Walden,William:VariaTion oF 13c in The carBonaTe aQUiFerS oF The cUmBerlanD PlaTeaU in SoUTheaST KenTUcKY 4:30PM Discussion 136-4 136-3 2:15PM Sihota,Natasha*;Mayer,K.Ulrich:a neW meThoD For raPiD SoUrce Zone DelineaTion anD DeTerminaTion oF VaDoSe Zone conTaminanT BioDegraDaTaTion raTeS USing SUrFicial gaS eFFlUXeS 2:30PM Radny,Dirk*;Scheytt,TraugottJ.:moniToring oF a FielD-Scale TranSPorT eXPerimenT WiTh gaSoline comPoUnDS: groUnDWaTer SamPling VS. PieZomeTric heaD meaSUremenTS 2:45PM Slater,Lee*;Atekwana,Estella;Revil,Andre;Mewafy, Farag;Heenan,Jeffrey;Trost,JaredJ.;Lane,JohnW.Jr.; Skold,Magnus;Werkema,Dale;Herkelrath,WilliamN.: elecTrical anD magneTic meaSUremenTS aT The BemiDJi, minneSoTa, crUDe oil conTaminaTeD SiTe: imPlicaTionS For The BiogeoBaTTerY moDel 3:00PM McGuire,JenniferT.*;Cozzarelli,IsabelleM.; Phanikumar,M.S.;Olson,Lucas:USing PUSh-PUll TeSTS To eValUaTe FaTe anD TranSPorT oF miXeD hYDrocarBon PlUmeS (BTeX anD eThanol) in aQUiFer anD WeTlanD SYSTemS 3:30PM Lorah,MichelleM.*;Walker,Charles;Brayton,Michael; Gebhardt,Frederick:in SiTU microcoSm STUDieS oF inTrinSic anD enhanceD DegraDaTion oF organic conTaminanTS in a FracTUreD rocK aQUiFer anD in WeTlanD PoreWaTer 3:50PM Revesz,KingaM.*;SherwoodLollar,Barbara;Shapiro, AllenM.;Kirshtein,J.D.;Voytek,Mary;Busenberg, Eurybiades;Imbrigiotta,ThomasE.;Tiedeman,ClaireR.; Goode,DanielJ.:TracKing The ProgreSS oF BioaUgmenTaTion in The remeDiaTion oF chlorinaTeD eTheneS in groUnDWaTer From FracTUreD rocK USing STaBle iSoToPeS oF carBon anD hYDrogen, DiSSolVeD gaS conSTiTUenTS, anD microBial commUniTieS 4:05PM McClellan,Kristin*;Kalinowski,Tomasz;Bruton,ThomasA.; Roll,IsaacB.;Halden,RolfU.:in SiTU microcoSm arraY (iSma) VS. STanDarD laBoraTorY aSSeSSmenT oF canDiDaTe remeDiaTion TechnologieS ­ a PerchloraTe caSe STUDY 4:20PM Yuretich,RichardF.*;Gillmor,AnnaM.:STimUlaTing The naTUral remeDiaTion oF aciD-mine Drainage (amD) aT DaViS mine, roWe ma 4:35PM Killey,R.W.Douglas;Hartwig,DaleS.;Lee,DavidR.*:in SiTU raDiaTion meaSUremenTS in SUBSUrFace inVeSTigaTionS 4:50PM Stroes-Gascoyne,Simcha*;Hamon,Connie;Audette-Stuart, Marilyne;Beaton,Danielle;King-Sharp,Karen;Festarini, Amy;Serran,Mandy;Kramer-Tremblay,Sheila;Rose, Steve;Bellan,Lee:microBial characTeriZaTion oF groUnDWaTer From BoreholeS cr9 anD cr18 aT crl - imPlicaTionS For a PoSSiBle FUTUre rePoSiTorY For raDioacTiVe non-FUel WaSTe







135-5 135-6










SeSSion no. 136

T89. Innovative Field Investigations to Assess Natural Attenuation and Engineered Remediation of Subsurface Contamination (GSA Hydrogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Association; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100HI IsabelleM.Cozzarelli,MelindaL.Erickson,JenniferT.McGuire,and JenniferR.McKelvie,Presiding 136-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:40PM Nieber,John*;Severson,Leigh;Grewe,Nick:hYDrologic characTeriSTicS oF conTaminaTeD SoilS aT The naTional crUDe oil SPill FaTe anD naTUral aTTenUaTion reSearch SiTe 2:00PM Warren,Ean*;Bekins,BarbaraA.;Sihota,Natasha; Campbell-Swarzenski,Pamela:UnSaTUraTeD Zone TemPeraTUre increaSeS DUe To aeroBic meThanoTroPhic acTiViTY 137-2

SeSSion no. 137

T122. Sources, Transport, and Fate of Trace and Toxic Elements in the Environment (International Association of GeoChemistry)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102D-F LeeAnnMunk,DavidT.Long,andW.BerryLyons,Presiding 137-1 1:30PM Wang,Bronwen*;Gough,Larry;Wanty,Richard;Lee, Gregory;Vohden,Jim;O'Neill,J.Michael:eFFecT oF UlTramaFic inTrUSionS anD aSSociaTeD mineraliZaTion on The aQUeoUS geochemiSTrY oF The Tangle laKeS area, alaSKa 1:45PM Ilgen,Anastasia*;Majs,Frantisek;Barker,Amanda; Douglas,Thomas;Trainor,ThomasP.:conTrolS on oXiDaTion anD moBiliZaTion oF meTallic


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 197


3:15PM Break


anTimonY in aQUeoUS SYSTemS WiTh SimUlaTeD groUnD WaTer 137-3 2:00PM Vengosh,Avner*;Merola,BrittanyR.;Ruhl,Laura;Warner, Nathaniel;Lindberg,Ty;DiGiulio,RichardT.:STronTiUm iSoToPe VariaTionS aS a ProXY For SeleniUm conTaminaTion From moUnTainToP mining 2:15PM Johnson,CraigA.*:DiUrnal cYcleS in DiSSolVeD SeleniUm in Drainage From a PrecioUS meTal ore heaP 2:30PM Jubb,AaronM.*;Allen,HeatherC.:ProBing aDSorPTion oF aQUeoUS SelenaTe aT mineral SUrFaceS Via ToTal inTernal reFlecTion raman SPecTroScoPY 2:45PM Hayes,SarahM.*;Chorover,Jon:inVeSTigaTion oF changeS in leaD SPeciaTion DUring mineral WeaThering in ariD mine TailingS 3:00PM Vannier,Ryan*;Yohn,SharonS.;Long,DavidT.: eValUaTing changeS in SoUrceS anD PaThWaYS oF Trace meTalS oVer Time USing laKe SeDimenTS 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Duzgoren-Aydin,NurdanS.*:aSSeSSmenT oF Trace meTal conTaminaTion in UrBan SUrFace enVironmenT 3:45PM Long,DavidT.*;Vannier,RyanG.;Pijanowski,Bryan; Parsons,MatthewJ.:aSSeSSing lanDScaPe reSPonSe To lanD-USe change USing SeDimenTchemical chronologieS, clUSTer analYSiS, anD BacKcaST moDeling 4:00PM Gourley,Jonathan*:DeTaileD maPPing oF ToXic Trace meTal conTaminaTeD SeDimenTS USing The geomorPhological-geochemical aPProach, TroUT BrooK, WeST harTForD, connecTicUT 4:15PM Keimowitz,AlisonR.*;Lee,Ming-Kuo;Saunders,JamesA.; Lamborg,CarlH.;Okeke,Benedict;Natter,Michael;Keevan, Jeffrey;Lewis,Deirdre;Chung,Hansol:aFTer The SPill: meTal cYcling in gUlF coaST WeTlanDS 4:30PM Rocheford,Kat*:imPacTS oF lanD-USe acTiViTieS on The PreSence anD PerSiSTence oF Trace meTalS in Soil 4:45PM Banzhaf,Stefan*;Krein,Andreas;Scheytt,TraugottJ.: moBiliTY oF SelecTeD PharmaceUTical comPoUnDS in The hYPorheic Zone oF a loW PermeaBle riVerBanK 5:00PM Duster,ThomasA.*;Fein,JeremyB.:comPariSon oF The aggregaTion BehaVior oF Tio2 nanoParTicleS eXPoSeD To FUlVic aciD anD BACILLUS SUBTILIS eXUDaTeS 5:15PM Shouakar-Stash,Orfan*;Vakili,Fatemeh;Illman,Walter; Frape,ShaunK.:UTiliZing comPoUnD SPeciFic STaBle iSoToPeS in eValUaTing DiFFUSion anD STorage oF TrichloroeThelene in loWPermeaBiliTY ZoneS 138-7 138-4 138-2 inDUceD SloPeS, anD eSTimaTing Their ageS USing liDar Dem DaTa 1:50PM Björck,Svante*;Holmgren,Sofia;Ljung,Karl;Rundgren, Mats;Unkel,Ingmar:The onSeT oF giS-1/YoUnger DrYaS in The cenTral SoUTh aTlanTic 2:05PM Breckenridge,AndyJ.*;Lowell,ThomasV.;Stroup,JustinS.; Evans,GiannaL.:a reVieW anD analYSiS oF The VarVe ThicKneSS recorDS From glacial laKe oJiBWaY (onTario anD QUeBec, canaDa) 2:20PM Lewis,C.F.M.*;Todd,B.J.;Anderson,T.W.;King,J.W.;Matile, G.L.D.;Rodrigues,C.G.;Thorleifson,L.H.:eVolUTion oF laTe glacial laKe agaSSiZ aS ShoWn BY iTS oFFShore SeDimenTarY recorD BeneaTh norThern laKe WinniPeg, maniToBa, canaDa 2:35PM Ito,Emi*:holocene hYDrologic anD hYDrochemical changeS oF laKe maniToBa, canaDa, The oSTracoDe Shell chemiSTrY anD STaBle iSoToPe recorD 2:50PM Ashworth,Allan*;Rock,Jessie;Yansa,Catherine: The Timing anD PaleoenVironmenT oF The moorheaD loW WaTer PhaSe oF laKe agaSSiZ in The SoUThern BaSin 3:05PM Froese,Duane*;Smith,DeraldG.;Reyes,Alberto:The norThWeST oUTleT oF glacial laKe agaSSiZ: a caTaSTroPhic FlooD, oil-conTaminaTeD raDiocarBon DaTeS anD PermaFroST 3:20PM Hillaire-Marcel,Claude*;Maccali,Jenny;Not,Christelle; Poirier,André:"canaDian" raDiogenic iSoToPe SignaTUre oF YoUnger DrYaS age ice-raFTeD SeDimenTS in SeDimenTarY SeQUenceS From lomonoSoV riDge anD Fram STraiT 3:35PM Break 3:50PM Lepper,Kenneth*;Buell,AlexW.;Fisher,TimothyG.; Lowell,ThomasV.:Searching For Warren UPham'S PocKeT WaTch: a chronologY For glacial laKe agaSSiZ UPPer ShorelineS along The nameSaKe TranSecT 4:05PM Fisher,TimothyG.*;Lowell,ThomasV.;Lepper,Kenneth: no-man'S-lanD anD The hiSTorY oF norThWeST Drainage From glacial laKe agaSSiZ 4:20PM Lowell,Thomas*;Fisher,Timothy;Lepper,Kenneth; Applegate,PatrickJ.:The moorheaD loW: The FirST Prairie DroUghT? 4:35PM Rayburn,JohnA.*;Cronin,ThomasM.;Thunell,RobertC.; Franzi,DavidA.:neW eViDence For laKe agaSSiZ Drainage ThroUgh The ST. laWrence aT YoUnger DrYaS onSeT 4:50PM deVernal,Anne;Paiement,Maxime;Occhietti,Serge; Hillaire-Marcel,Claude*:Sea-SUrFace conDiTionS anD FreShWaTer eXPorT TroUgh The ST. laWrence loWlanD anD gUlF DUring The Deglacial chamPlain Sea ePiSoDe 5:05PM Carlson,AndersE.*:DiD laKe agaSSiZ caUSe The YoUnger DrYaS colD eVenT?























SeSSion no. 138

T140. Glacial Lake Agassiz--Its History and Influence on North America and on Global Systems: In Honor of James T. Teller (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; American Quaternary Association; Canadian Quaternary Association; International Union for Quaternary Research)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100FG StevenColmanandNatRutter,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 138-1 1:35PM Teller,JamesT.*;Yang,Zhirong:maPPing laKe agaSSiZ BeacheS, meaSUring Their iSoSTaTicallY-

SeSSion no. 139

T169. Geo-Workforce Preparation for 21st-Century Challenges (GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Geophysics Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208AB MarilynJ.Suiter,DavidJ.Matty,andLinaC.Patino,Presiding 139-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Boss,StephenK.*;Messadi,T.;Fitzpatrick,K.;Popp, J.H.;Benton,G.M.;Gattis,C.S.;Johnson,J.;Matlock,M.; Needy,K.L.;Pittman,H.M.:an inTerDiSciPlinarY UnDergraDUaTe minor in SUSTainaBiliTY

198 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


To enhance The 21ST cenTUrY geoScience WorKForce 139-2 2:00PM Manduca,CathrynA.*;Blockstein,David;Bralower, TimothyJ.;Doser,Diane;Egger,AnneE.;Feiss,P. Geoffrey;Gosselin,DavidC.;Matson,Pamela;McConnell, David;Ormand,CarolJ.:inTegraTing geoScience learning in UnDergraDUaTe eDUcaTion 2:15PM Londre,Tristan*;Wolfe,BenjaminA.:geoScienceS anD career anD Technical eDUcaTion aT The TWoYear college: eXPloring a neW reSerVoir oF WorKForce PoTenTial 2:30PM Suiter,MarilynJ.*:WorKForce DeVeloPmenT in UnDergraDUaTe STem eDUcaTion ProgramS 2:45PM Schoonen,MartinA.A.*;Tsirka,Styliani-AnnaE.:leSSonS learneD From The 3mT igerT Program aT STonY BrooK UniVerSiTY 3:00PM Jordan,TeresaE.*;Tester,JeffersonW.;Clancy,Paulette; Ingraffea,AnthonyR.;Koch,DonaldL.;Allmendinger, RichardW.;Brown,LarryD.;Cathles,LawrenceM.III.;Derry, LouisA.;Riha,SusanJ.:igerT: Training Program in SUSTainaBle energY recoVerY From The earTh ­ eDUcaTional innoVaTion aT The inTerSecTion oF geoScienceS anD engineering 3:15PM Nord,JuliaA.*:neW concenTraTionS enaBle STUDenTS To aDDreSS crUcial SocieTal neeDS in The geoScienceS 3:30PM Break 3:45PM Keane,ChristopherM.*;Gonzales,LeilaM.;Houlton, HeatherR.:gloBal Science, gloBal ProBlemS, local DePenDencieS 4:00PM Block,KarinA.*;Snyder,WalterS.;Adams,Charlla: Training a DiVerSe geoThermal WorKForce: a DaTa-DriVen eFForT 4:15PM Young,MichaelH.*;Or,Dani;Hopmans,JanW.:The FUTUre oF Soil in earTh ScienceS 4:30PM Oches,EricA.*;Szymanski,DavidW.;Davis,P.Thompson: PreParing The neXT generaTion oF BUSineSS leaDerS To conFronT enVironmenTal challengeS 4:45PM Loudin,MichaelG.*;Cogswell,JulieM.:one PeTroleUm comPanY'S PerSPecTiVe on The gloBal geoScience WorKForce oF The 21st cenTUrY 5:00PM Wayland,KarenG.*;Slakey,Francis:Teaching STUDenTS To ShaPe naTional Science PolicY 5:15PM Henning,Alison*;Sawyer,Dale;Beck,Dagmar: ProFeSSional maSTer'S Program in SUBSUrFace geoScience PrePareS STUDenTS For The WorKForce oF The 21st cenTUrY 140-7 140-8 140-4 moDelling oF comPleX geologY - BaSeD on aem, SeiSmicS anD BoreholeS 2:20PM Nebel,Lars*;Jensen,Niels-Peter;Jørgensen,Flemming; Møller,RasmusRønde:manUal anD Semi aUTomaTeD 3D VoXel moDeling oF comPleX geologY USing geoScene3D 2:35PM Abrams,DanielBruce*;Haitjema,Henk:groUnDWaTer TranSiT Time DiSTriBUTionS in WaTerSheDS WiTh recharge conTrolleD or ToPograPhY conTrolleD WaTer TaBleS 2:50PM Molz,Fred;Demirkanli,Deniz*;Thompson,Shannon; Kaplan,DanielI.:maThemaTical moDelS, comPUTeraiDeD ThinKing anD The ScienTiFic meThoD 3:05PM Doherty,John*:moDel comPleXiTY anD SimPliciTY: comBining The STrengThS oF BoTh 3:25PM Moore,CatherineR.*;Wolf,Leif:USing SUB-SPace meThoDS To DeFine inFormaTion TranSFer From caliBraTion DaTa To moDel BaSeD eSTimaTeS 3:40PM Hughes,Andrew;Peach,Denis*;Jackson,Chris;Bricker, Stephanie;Mansour,Majdi;Ford,Jon;Kessler,Holger: ToWarDS holiSTic BaSin Scale inTegraTeD moDelling: a caSe STUDY USing The ThameS BaSin, UK 3:55PM Hunt,RandallJ.*;Walker,JohnF.:The Big hammer: comPleXiTY, coUPling, anD caliBraTion oF groUnDWaTer anD SUrFace WaTer SYSTemS 4:10PM Starn,J.Jeffrey*;Green,ChristopherT.:SimPliFYing comPleXiTY--comPariSon oF ParTicle anD griD meThoDS WiTh coarSe griDS 4:25PM Haitjema,Henk*:moDel comPleXiTY: a coST ­ BeneFiT iSSUe




139-4 139-5









SeSSion no. 141

T199. A Healthy Society, Geosciences, and Natural Resources II (GSA Geology and Health Division; Society of Economic Geologists)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100BC H.CatherineSkinnerandEricCheney,Presiding 141-1 1:30PM Cheney,EricS.*:eighT negaTiVe PUBlic miSconcePTionS aBoUT mineral, FUel, anD WaTer reSoUrceS 1:45PM vanOss,HendrikG.*:eaTing oUT oF The garBage can--The U.S. cemenT inDUSTrY'S conSUmPTion oF WaSTe FUelS anD raW maTerialS 2:00PM Hobbs,G.WarfieldIV.*:FaileD anD conFlicTing energY PolicY agenDaS: imPlicaTionS For The USa anD PlaneT earTh 2:15PM Ames,RobertM.;Corridore,AnthonyC.;Hirs, EdwardA.III.*;MacAvoy,PaulW.:crUDe imPorTS anD naTional SecUriTY 2:30PM Warwick,PeterD.*:geologic carBon DioXiDe SeQUeSTraTion anD enhanceD oil recoVerY 2:45PM Schwartzman,PeterD.*;Schwartzman,DavidW.:a Solar TranSiTion: The Timing oF a FUllY reneWaBle energY SYSTem 3:00PM Cherry,Jon*:iT SeemS liKe mining iS The eaSY ParT: aDDreSSing SocieTal iSSUeS aS ParT oF DeVeloPing The reSolUTion coPPer mine in ariZona 3:15PM Meinert,LawrenceD.*:PeaK eVerYThing ­ mineral reSoUrceS anD hUman neeDS 3:30PM Kesler,StephenE.*:SleePWalKing ThroUgh The TWenTY-FirST cenTUrY mining Boom 3:45PM Hitzman,MurrayW.*;Dilles,JohnH.:acaDemic mineral reSoUrce ("economic") geologY in The USa ­ Where We are anD Where To go?

139-10 139-11


139-13 139-14




SeSSion no. 140

T193. Complexity in Modeling: How Much Is Too Much? (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; American Water Resources Association, Wisconsin Section; Minnesota Ground Water Association; Australian National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101DE CraigT.SimmonsandRandallHunt,Presiding 140-1 140-2 1:30PM Zheng,Chunmiao*:moDel comPleXiTY: a PerSonal oDYSSeY 1:50PM Brunner,Philip*;Doherty,John;Christensen,Steen; Simmons,CraigT.:To WhaT eXTenT DoeS The Degree oF meaningFUl moDel comPleXiTY DePenD on oBSerVaTion DaTa? 2:05PM Høyer,Anne-Sophie*;Jørgensen,Flemming; Møller,RasmusRønde;Christiansen,AndersVest: geoSTaTiSTicallY TUneD hYDrogeological 3D 141-5 141-6


141-8 141-9 141-10


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 199



141-11 141-12 4:00PM Cathles,LawrenceM.III.*;Scott,StevenD.:oceanS anD oceanS oF mineral reSoUrceS 4:15PM Enders,M.Stephen*:Seg PreSiDenTial aDDreSS: in mY BacK YarD - The role oF mineral reSoUrceS For a healThY SocieTY 4:45PM Discussion 5:00PM Cathles,LawrenceM.III.*:SocieTY oF economic geologiSTS DiSTingUiSheD lecTUre: hUmaniTY'S greaTeST riSK iS riSK aVoiDance 142-11 Head,JamesW.;Xiao,Zhiyong:STrain analYSiS oF eXTenSion in VolcanicallY FlooDeD imPacT craTerS on mercUrY 4:15PM Prockter,LouiseM.*;Baker,DavidM.H.;Head,JamesW.; Murchie,ScottL.;Ernst,CarolynM.;Chapman,ClarkR.; Denevi,BrettW.;Solomon,SeanC.;Watters,ThomasR.; Massironi,Matteo:The geologY oF meDiUm-SiZeD imPacT BaSinS on mercUrY 4:30PM Baker,DavidM.H.*;Head,JamesW.;Prockter,LouiseM.; Solomon,SeanC.:mercUrY'S PeaK-ring BaSin PoPUlaTion anD The FormaTion oF PeaK ringS: oBSerVaTionS From meSSenger FlYBY anD orBiTal DaTa 4:45PM Chapman,ClarkR.*;Merline,WilliamJ.;Ostrach,LillianR.; Xiao,Zhiyong;Solomon,SeanC.;Head,JamesW.;Whitten, JenniferL.:STaTiSTicS oF morPhologieS oF Small PrimarY anD SeconDarY craTerS on mercUrY'S norThern PlainS 5:00PM Ostrach,LillianR.*;Chapman,ClarkR.;Fassett,CalebI.; Head,JamesW.;Merline,WilliamJ.;Robinson,MarkS.; Solomon,SeanC.;Strom,RobertG.;Xiao,Zhiyong: craTer STaTiSTicS For The norThern Polar region oF mercUrY DeriVeD From MESSENGER orBiTal DaTa 5:15PM Klima,RachelL.*;D'Amore,Mario;Denevi,BrettW.;Ernst, CarolynM.;Gillis-Davis,JeffreyJ.;Helbert,Jörn;Izenberg, NoamR.;Pashai,Pegah;Strom,RobertG.;Vilas,Faith: SPecTral ProPerTieS oF an UnUSUal imPacT melT FloW on mercUrY: inTegraTing color imagerY WiTh SPecTral DaTa acQUireD BY maScS on meSSenger



SeSSion no. 142

T214. Exploring Mercury by Spacecraft: First MESSENGER Results from Orbit (GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100H-J LouiseProckterandSeanC.Solomon,Presiding 142-1 1:30PM Murchie,ScottL.*;Robinson,MarkS.;Head,JamesW.; Strom,RobertG.;Prockter,Louise;Solomon,SeanC.; Watters,ThomasR.;Blewett,DavidT.;Chabot,NancyL.; Denevi,BrettW.:reSUlTS From meSSenger's FirST Solar DaY oF orBiTal imaging oF mercUrY 1:45PM Hauck,StevenA.II.*;Zuber,MariaT.;Smith,DavidE.; Johnson,CatherineL.;Phillips,RogerJ.;Lemoine,FrankG.; Margot,Jean-Luc;Neumann,GregoryA.;Peale,StantonJ.; Solomon,SeanC.:The geoPhYSicS oF mercUrY: meSSenger's VieW From orBiT 2:00PM Nittler,LarryR.*;Weider,ShoshanaZ.;Starr,RichardD.; McCoy,TimothyJ.;Ebel,DentonS.;Lawrence,DavidJ.; McNutt,RalphJr.;Schlemm,CharlesE.II.;Solomon, SeanC.;Sprague,AnnL.:maJor elemenTS on mercUrY'S SUrFace From meSSenger X-raY SPecTromeTrY 2:15PM Evans,LarryG.*;Peplowski,Patrick;Hauk,StevenA.II.; McCoy,TimothyJ.;Boynton,WilliamV.;Goldsten, JohnO.;Hamara,DaveK.;Rhodes,EdgarA.;Sprague, AnnL.;Solomon,SeanC.:raDioacTiVe elemenTS meaSUreD on mercUrY BY meSSenger: imPlicaTionS For The PlaneT'S FormaTion anD eVolUTion 2:30PM Ebel,DentonS.*;Alexander,ConelM.O'D.;Hauck, StevenA.II.;Lawrence,DavidJ.;Nittler,LarryR.; Peplowski,Patrick;Solomon,SeanC.;Sprague,AnnL.; Starr,RichardD.;Stewart,SarahT.:meSSenger: imPlicaTionS For mercUrY FormaTion hYPoTheSeS 2:45PM Fassett,CalebI.*;Denevi,BrettW.;Whitten,JenniferL.; Goudge,TimothyA.;Baker,DavidM.H.;Hurwitz,DebraM.; Ostrach,LillianR.;Xiao,Zhiyong;Byrne,PaulK.;Klimczak, Christian:WiDeSPreaD anD VolUminoUS FlooD VolcaniSm in The norThern loWlanDS oF mercUrY reVealeD BY meSSenger 3:00PM Byrne,PaulK.*;Klimczak,Christian;Denevi,BrettW.; Watters,ThomasR.;Solomon,SeanC.;Enns,Andrew; Head,JamesW.;Hurwitz,DebraM.;Baker,DavidM.H.: SUrFace laVa FloW FeaTUreS on mercUrY 3:15PM Ernst,CarolynM.*;Murchie,ScottL.;Barnouin,OlivierS.; Chabot,NancyL.;Head,JamesW.;Prockter,LouiseM.; Solomon,SeanC.;Watters,ThomasR.:ThicKneSS oF Volcanic Fill in imPacT BaSinS on mercUrY 3:30PM Break 3:45PM Watters,ThomasR.*;Solomon,SeanC.;Head,JamesW.; Ernst,CarolynM.;Denevi,BrettW.;Robinson,MarkS.; Klimczak,Christian;Goudge,TimothyA.:eXTenSion in The norThern PlainS oF mercUrY 4:00PM Klimczak,Christian*;Watters,ThomasR.;Byrne,PaulK.; Ernst,CarolynM.;Solomon,SeanC.;Goudge,TimothyA.; 142-15 142-14 142-13



TUeSDaY, 11 ocToBer 2011

morning oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 143

P5. The EarthScope Program: Recent Results and Future Projects (GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101A-C MatthewJ.Fouch,KevinMickus,andPaulA.Bedrosian,Presiding 143-1 143-2 8:00AM Gilbert,Hersh*:liThoSPheric STrUcTUre oF WeSTern norTh american 8:15AM Pavlis,Gary*;Sigloch,Karin;Burdick,Scott;Fouch, MatthewJ.;Vernon,Frank:UnraVeling The geomeTrY oF The Farallon PlaTe: SYnTheSiS oF ThreeDimenSional imaging reSUlTS From The USarray 8:30AM Kelbert,Anna*;Meqbel,Naser;Egbert,Gary: magneToTellUricS in WeSTern US: neW challengeS anD PerSPecTiVeS From earthScope mT TranSPorTaBle arraY 8:45AM Bedrosian,PaulA.*:STrUcTUre anD TecTonicS oF The PaciFic norThWeST From earthScope magneToTellUric DaTa 9:00AM Fouch,MatthewJ.*;James,DavidE.;Kelbert,Anna;Egbert, Gary;Wagner,LaraS.;Carlson,RichardW.;Roth,JeffreyB.: Three-DimenSional geoPhYSical STrUcTUre oF The YelloWSTone / SnaKe riVer Plain hoTSPoT SYSTem: iS a DeeP manTle PlUme reQUireD? 9:15AM Tikoff,Basil*;Braudy,Nicole;Gaschnig,RichardM.; Vervoort,Jeff;Lewis,ReedS.;Russo,RaymondM.;Hole,












200 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


JohnA.;Davenport,Kathy;Mocanu,Victor:TecTonic anD magmaTic eVolUTion oF cenTral iDaho: PreliminarY reSUlTS oF The iDor ProJecT 143-7 9:30AM Hammond,WilliamCharles*;Blewitt,Geoffrey;Li, Zhenhong;Plag,Hans-Peter;Kreemer,Corné:earthScope PlaTe BoUnDarY oBSerVaTorY reVealS acTiVe UPliFT oF The Sierra neVaDa, WeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Fuis,GaryS.*;Sickler,RobertR.;Goldman,MarkR.;Rose, ElizabethJ.;Murphy,JaniceM.;Ferguson,AlexJ.;Hole, JohnA.;Stock,JoannM.:inVeSTigaTing earThQUaKe haZarDS in The SalTon TroUgh, SoUThern caliFornia--The SalTon SeiSmic imaging ProJecT (SSiP) 10:15AM Stock,Joann*;Hole,JohnA.;Fuis,GaryS.;GonzalezFernandez,Antonio;Lazaro-Mancilla,Octavio;Driscoll, NealW.;Kent,Graham;Klemperer,Simon;Skinner, Steve;Persico,Jamie:The SalTon SeiSmic imaging ProJecT (SSiP): riFT ProceSSeS in The SalTon TroUgh 144-3 9:40AM Flanagan,DennisC.*:USDa ProceSS-BaSeD ToolS For eSTimaTing rUnoFF, Soil loSS, anD SeDimenT YielD ­ The WePP moDel 10:20AM Break 10:25AM Discussion

SeSSion no. 145

T22. Deformation of the Lithosphere: Field Observations, Experimental Investigations, and Numerical Studies I (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200A-C PatriceRey,EricGoergen,andSethC.Kruckenberg,Presiding 145-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Moresi,Louis*:gSa STrUcTUral geologY anD TecTonicS DiViSion 2011 KeYnoTe lecTUre: inTUiTiVe nUmerical moDelling in STrUcTUral geologY anD TecTonicS 8:45AM Discussion 9:00AM Upton,Phaedra*;Craw,Dave;Walcott,Rachel: ToPograPhic eXPreSSion on a WeaK crUST: FielD oBSerVaTionS anD mechanical conSTrainTS 9:15AM Yonkee,Adolph*;Weil,ArloBrandon:UnraVeling The earlY lPS-STreSS hiSTorY oF The laramiDe ForelanD: inTegraTing FielD STUDieS oF minor FaUlTS WiTh STreSS inVerSion anD amS STUDieS 9:30AM Mookerjee,Matty*:Three-DimenSional STrain analYSiS USing maThemaTica 9:45AM Discussion 10:15AM Behr,WhitneyM.*;Platt,JohnP.:STYle oF eXhUmaTion anD rheological eVolUTion oF a meDiTerranean SUBDUcTion comPleX 10:35AM Discussion 10:45AM Dasgupta,Sujoy*;Mandal,Nibir:TranSPreSSion in DUcTile Shear ZoneS UnDer conSTanTVolUme conDiTionS: eSTimaTeS From analogUe eXPerimenTS 11:00AM Carter,MatthewJ.*;Teyssier,Christian:FielD anD PeTrograPhic oBSerVaTionS oF FlUiD inclUSion DiSTriBUTion anD relaTeD STrUcTUreS WiThin The norThern SnaKe range, nV DeTachmenT SYSTem aT hamPTon creeK 11:15AM Byerly,Ad*;Davis,Peter;Kruckenberg,SethC.: meTamorPhiSm anD STrain localiZaTion aSSociaTeD WiTh YaVaPai-maZaTZal-ageD SYnTecTonic PlUTon emPlacemenT in The TUSaS moUnTainS, neW meXico 11:30AM Davis,JoshuaR.*;Titus,Sarah:DeFormaBle anD rigiD elliPSoiDS in ViScoUS FloWS: comPUTaTional TechniQUeS 11:45AM concluding remarks 10:00AM Break




143-10 10:30AM Friedman,Sarah*;Ferre,EricC.;Martin-Hernandez,Fatima; Feinberg,JoshuaM.;Conder,JamesA.;Ionov,Dmitri: manTle XenoliThS oF The norTh american SUBconTinenTal manTle: magneTic ProPerTieS anD PeTrologic anD TecTonic imPlicaTionS 143-11 10:45AM Erslev,EricA.*;Worthington,LindsayLowe;Miller,KateC.; Sheehan,AnneF.;Siddoway,ChristineS.;Yeck,William; Aydinian,Karen:FormaTion oF BaSemenT-inVolVeD ForelanD archeS: neW reSUlTS From The earthScope Bighorn ProJecT 143-12 11:00AM Pulliam,Jay*;Rockett,Carrie;Xia,Yu;Grand,Stephen: liThoSPheric eroSion aT The SoUThern eDge oF laUrenTia? 143-13 11:15AM Marshak,Stephen*;Pavlis,GaryL.;Hamburger,MichaelW.; Gilbert,Hersh;Larson,Timothy;Shoemaker,Kimberly: The oZarK-illinoiS-inDiana-KenTUcKY (oiinK) earthScope ProJecT: characTeriZing craTonicPlaTForm liThoSPhere in norTh america'S miDconTinenT 143-14 11:30AM Pazzaglia,FrankJ.*;Berti,Claudio;McKeon,Ryan; Gunderson,KellenL.;Semmens,KathrynAlese:TecTonic geomorPhologY anD earthScope in eaSTern norTh america 143-15 11:45AM Dumond,Gregory*;Flowers,RebeccaM.;Gurrola,Harold; Keller,G.Randy;Liner,ChristopherL.;Mickus,KevinL.; Mueller,PaulA.;Teng,Fang-Zhen;Xie,Xiangyang;Zhou, Hua-wei:icon: a FUTUre earthScope ProJecT reSolVing The 4D-recorD oF inciPienT conTinenTal colliSion in The oUachiTa orogen


145-4 145-5





SeSSion no. 144

Special Session: Water and Sediment Dynamics in Agricultural Landscapes: Towards Prediction of Watershed Sediment Yield (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; Soil Science Society of America)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100FG PatrickBelmont,KarenB.Gran,andCarrieE.Jennings,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 144-1 144-2 8:20AM Trimble,Stanley.W.*:The SeDimenT BUDgeT aPProach in eroSion anD SeDimenT STUDieS 9:00AM Walling,DesmondE.*:SeDimenT SoUrce anD SeDimenT DeliVerY: KeY conSiDeraTionS in PreDicTing SeDimenT YielD


SeSSion no. 146

T24. Structural Geology and Tectonics of Foreland Basins (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200DE IbrahimÇemen,JackPashin,andYucelYilmaz,Presiding 146-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Hatcher,RobertD.Jr.*:The alleghanian aPPalachian ForelanD-FolD ThrUST BelT

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 201


146-2 8:25AM Ettensohn,FrankR.*:FleXUral anD SeDimenTarY reSPonSeS oF The aPPalachian ForelanD BaSin To neoacaDian orogenY 8:45AM Udgata,DeviB.P.;Ettensohn,FrankR.*:SeDimenT STarVaTion in The cenTral anD DiSTal aPPalachian ForelanD BaSin DUring The neoacaDian orogenY, The FloYDS KnoB BeD oF KenTUcKY, inDiana, TenneSSee anD Virginia: caUSeS anD imPlicaTionS 9:00AM White,ShawnaE.*;Waldron,JohnW.F.:aPPalachian ForelanD BaSinS BeneaTh The gUlF oF ST. laWrence 9:15AM Pashin,JackC.*;Groshong,RichardH.Jr.:STrUcTUral chronologY oF The BlacK Warrior ForelanD BaSin 9:30AM Çemen,Ibrahim*:STrUcTUral eVolUTion oF The arKoma ForelanD BaSin, oKlahoma 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Yilmaz,Yucel*:regional geologY anD TecTonicS oF The SoUTh eaST anaTolian FolD anD TrUST BelT anD iTS ForelanD eVolUTion 10:15AM Ozdogan,Tugba*;Kaya,Ozge;Acikbas,Inci;Bahtiyar, Ismail;Siyako,Muzaffer:The miocene lice BaSin oF SoUTheaSTern TUrKeY: an eXamPle oF a ShalloW marine To non-marine ForelanD BaSin 10:30AM Robinson,DeloresM.*:eXTracTing The UnrooFing hiSTorY From ForelanD BaSin SeDimenTS 147-9 147-7 147-5 9:35AM Sang,Liqin*;Farber,Daniel;Aracne,C.R.;Zhang,JinS.; Zhang,Guimiao;Prakapenka,Vitali;Kantor,I.;Tkachev,S.; Zhuravlev,K.;Bass,JayD.:eQUaTion oF STaTe oF WaTer anD melTing cUrVe oF ice Vii BaSeD on SimUlTaneoUS meaSUremenTS oF SoUnD VelociTY anD X-raY DiFFracTion oF ice Vii To 19 gPa anD 873 K 9:50AM Kamada,Seiji*;Fukui,Hiroshi;Ohtani,Eiji;Sakai,Takeshi; Terasaki,Hidenori;Shibazaki,Yuki;Takahashi,Suguru; Baron,AlfredQ.R.;Ohishi,Yasuo;Hirao,Naohisa: SoUnD VelociTieS oF Fe3S UP To 85 gPa aT room TemPeraTUre USing inelaSTic X-raY ScaTTering 10:05AM Borkholder,EricE.*;Gray,MarteveR.;Frank,MarkR.; Meng,Yue;Scott,HenryP.:increaSing The YielD oF aBiogenic meThane From carBonaTe aT manTle PreSSUreS anD TemPeraTUreS 10:20AM Cotter,EricaL.*;Scott,HenryP.:amBienT TemPeraTUre P-V eQUaTion oF STaTe For garneT SanD oF PFeiFFer Beach 10:35AM Doçzy,VincentM.*;Scott,HenryP.;Frank,MarkR.;Hasan, Maggie:DirecT oBSerVaTionS oF magneSiTe FormaTion From miXeD oXiDeS aT manTle PreSSUreS anD TemPeraTUreS





146-6 146-7




147-10 10:50AM Zhang,JinS.*;Dera,Przemyslaw;Bass,JayD.:a neW high-PreSSUre PhaSe TranSiTion in ironBearing orThoenSTaTiTe: an aniSoTroPY DiSconTinUiTY in The UPPer manTle? 147-11 11:05AM Zhang,Guimiao*;Béjina,Frédéric;Bystricky,Misha;Zhang, JinS.;Liebermann,RobertC.;Gwanmesia,Gabriel;Bass, JayD.:The elaSTic ProPerTieS oF Fine-graineD PolYcrYSTalline SamPleS BY BrilloUin ScaTTering 11:20AM Discussion

146-10 10:50AM Mitra,Shankar*;Paul,Debapriya:eXPerimenTal moDeling oF The conTrolS oF BaSemenT FaUlTS on STrUcTUral geomeTrY: 1. Single anD oPPoSiTe VergenT STrUcTUreS 146-11 11:05AM Paul,Debapriya*;Mitra,Shankar:eXPerimenTal moDeling oF The conTrolS oF BaSemenT FaUlTS on STrUcTUral geomeTrY: 2. oFFSeT anD relaY STrUcTUreS 146-12 11:20AM Horton,BrianK.*;Siks,BenjaminC.:ParTiTioning oF The anDean ForelanD BaSin DUring eaSTWarD aDVance oF ThrUSTing: cianZo BaSin, PUnaeaSTern corDillera BoUnDarY, norThern argenTina 146-13 11:35AM Veloza-Fajardo,Gabriel*;Taylor,MichaelH.;Mora,Andres; Stockli,DanielF.:QUaTernarY FolDing oF The Tame anTicline, llanoS BaSin, colomBian anDeS 11:50AM concluding remarks

SeSSion no. 148

T33. Reconstructing Supercontinents and the Global Large Igneous Province (LIP) Record

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102D-F DavidA.D.Evans,KevinR.Chamberlain,RichardE.Ernst,andWouterBleeker, Presiding 148-1 8:00AM Ernst,RichardE.*;Bleeker,Wouter:comPleTing The PlaTe TecTonic reVolUTion USing The liP recorD 8:15AM Hamilton,Michael*;Kumar,Anil;Halls,HenryC.:a gianT raDiaTing DYKe SWarm in The DharWar craTon, SoUThern inDia: imPlicaTionS For PaleoProTeroZoic conTinenTal reconSTrUcTionS 8:30AM Belica,Mercedes*;Meert,JosephG.;Pandit,ManojK.; Kamenov,G.D.;Turner,CandlerC.:honing inDia'S PaleoProTeroZoic PaleogeograPhY; a STUDY oF DharWar maFic DYKe SWarmS 8:45AM D'Souza,RamesesJ.*;Chacko,Tom;Heaman,LarryM.; Creaser,RobertA.:1.83 ga UlTraPoTaSSic anD maFic magmaTiSm in The chUrchill ProVince: a Tale oF TWo SoUrceS 9:00AM Kouyaté,Djiky*;Söderlund,Ulf;Youbi,Nasrrddine;Ernst, RichardE.;Hafid,Ahmid;Soulaimani,Abderahmane; Ikenne,Moha;Rkha,ChahamKhalid:The greaT aiT KoUZoUD DYKe oF The Zenaga inlier (anTi-aTlaS, morocco): eViDence For PalaeoProTeroZoic riFTing on The norThern margin oF The WeST aFrican craTon 9:15AM ElBahat,Abdelhakim*;Ikenne,Moha;Söderlund,Ulf; Ernst,RichardE.;Youbi,Nasrrddine:1.38 ga U-PB BaDDeleYiTe ageS For DoleriTic DYKeS in The anTi-aTlaS oF morocco


SeSSion no. 147

T30. Earth's Deep Interior: In Honor of Motohiko Murakami, 2011 MSA Awardee (Mineralogical Society of America; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102BC JayD.Bass,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 147-1 8:10AM Ohtani,Eiji*;Sakai,Takeshi;Kamada,Seiji;Fukui,Hiroshi; Shibazaki,Yuki;Baron,AlfredQ.R.;Tsutsui,Satoshi; Asanuma,Hidetoshi:PhaSe relaTionS, DenSiTY, anD SoUnD VelociTY oF Fe-ni-Si alloYS anD comPoSiTion oF The inner core 8:30AM Wentzcovitch,Renata*;Hsu,Han:SPin croSSoVer SYSTemS in The DeeP manTle 8:45AM Hernlund,JohnW.*:DeeP earTh, DeeP Time: imPlicaTionS oF recenT mineral PhYSicS DiScoVerieS 9:05AM Break 9:20AM Ross,Nancy*;Yu,Yonggang: STrUcTUre in DichalcogeniDeS aT high PreSSUre 148-4 148-3


147-2 147-3



202 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


148-7 9:30AM Hanson,RichardE.*;Rioux,Matthew;Bowring,SamuelA.; Gose,WulfA.;Bartholomew,L.Taylor;Kilian,TaylorM.; Evans,DavidA.D.;Panzik,Joseph;Hoffmann,KarlHeinz; Reid,DavidL.:conSTrainTS on neoProTeroZoic inTraPlaTe magmaTiSm in The Kalahari craTon: geochronologY anD PaleomagneTiSm oF ~890795 ma eXTenSion-relaTeD igneoUS rocKS in SW namiBia anD aDJacenT ParTS oF SoUTh aFrica 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Chamberlain,KevinR.*;Schmitt,AxelK.;Swapp,SusanM.; Swoboda-Colberg,Norbert;Moser,DesmondE.;Wright, JamesE.;Bleeker,Wouter;Khudoley,AndreiK.:in-SiTU micro-BaDDeleYiTe U-PB SimS DaTing oF maFic rocKS: ProgreSS rePorT anD SUcceSSeS; an age From eVerY DiKe 10:15AM Taylor,Jordan-Leigh*;Stockli,DanielF.:PracTical gUiDe To imProVeD magneTiTe (U-Th)/he geochronomeTrY - a caSe STUDY From The colUmBia riVer BaSalT groUP 149-6 9:20AM Rankey,EugeneC.*;Reeder,StacyLynn;Sparks, AndrewG.:ProceSS DYnamicS oF holocene ooiD TiDal SanD ShoalS: emergenT ProPerTieS anD PreDicTion acroSS ScaleS 9:40AM Viparelli,Enrica*;Yeh,Tzu-hao;Cantelli,Alessandro;Leslie, Edgar;Parker,Gary:TranSPorT anD DePoSiTion in linKeD SUBmarine miniBaSinS: PreliminarY eXPerimenTal reSUlTS 9:55AM Walsh,Daniel*:PaleogeograPhY anD geomorPhologY oF a DeVonian iSlanD-reeF SYSTem, canning BaSin, WeSTern aUSTralia 10:10AM Break 10:25AM Abeyta,Antoinette*;Paola,Christopher:TranSPorT DYnamicS oF maSS FailUreS along WeaKlY coheSiVe clinoForm ForeSeTS






148-10 10:30AM McEnroe,SuzanneA.*;Brown,Laurie:correlaTion oF PaleomagneTiSm anD magneTic mineralogY oF grenVille meTamorPhic anD igneoUS rocKS, aDironDacK highlanDS, USa inDicaTe a coUnTer-clocKWiSe looP From 990 To 960 ma 148-11 10:45AM Ferre,EricC.*;Geissman,J.W.;Gillum,Aneesa;Maes, Stephanie;Marsh,Michael:magma FloW aBoVe The Karoo manTle PlUme 148-12 11:00AM Burgess,SethD.*;Fleming,ThomasH.;Elliot,DavidH.; Bowring,SamuelA.:high-PreciSion U-PB Zircon geochronologY oF The Ferrar large igneoUS ProVince: can Sill emPlacemenT Be linKeD WiTh The PlienSBachian-Toarcian eXTincTion eVenT? 148-13 11:15AM Mataracioglu,MehmetOnur*;Magnani,MariaBeatrice; DeShon,HeatherR.;Cox,RandelTom:inVeSTigaTion oF colliSional STYleS oF The cariBBean large igneoUS ProVince (cliP) VS. normal oceanic crUST USing SeiSmic reFlecTion ProFileS 148-14 11:30AM Jowitt,SimonM.;Ernst,RichardE.*:geochemical aSSeSSmenT oF The meTallogenic PoTenTial oF ProTeroZoic liPS oF canaDa 11:45AM Discussion

149-10 10:40AM Swanson,Travis*;Mohrig,David;Kocurek,Gary: inciDence angle DePenDenT SeDimenT roUTing: a ProPoSeD mechaniSm For FlUVial BeDForm inTeracTionS 149-11 10:55AM Perignon,MarielaC.*;Tucker,GregoryE.;Griffin, EleanorR.;Friedman,JonathanM.;Vincent,KirkR.: PreDicTing The eFFecTS oF FlooDPlain VegeTaTion on PaTTernS oF SeDimenT DePoSiTion USing a morPhoDYnamic lanDScaPe eVolUTion moDel 149-12 11:10AM Petter,AndrewL.*;Steel,RonaldJ.;Mohrig,David; Nittrouer,Jeffrey:reconSTrUcTing The BacKWaTer reacheS oF Paleo-riVerS anD Their inFlUence on FlUVial FacieS DiSTriBUTion, camPanian loWer caSTlegaTe SanDSTone, UTah 149-13 11:30AM Schleicher,JillianM.*;Strong,Nikki;Sklar,Leonard: meTeogenic TraVerTine DePoSiTion ThroUgh VarieD FloW VelociTieS: a moDel oF The FoSSil creeK TraVerTine SYSTem in VerDe, ariZona 149-14 11:45AM Hofmann,MichaelH.*;Staub,JamesR.;Hendrix,MarcS.; Hauer,Jörn:characTeriZing The DeTaileD archiTecTUre oF channeliZeD STraTa in The creTaceoUS eagle FormaTion, SoUTh-cenTral monTana


SeSSion no. 150

T50. Applications of Bio-, Chemo-, and Lithostratigraphy to Sequence Stratigraphy (Paleontological Society; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200H-J AliciaC.M.Kahn,DouglasMcCarty,andMiriamE.Katz,Presiding 150-1 8:00AM Mountain,Gregory*;Proust,Jean-Noel:eUSTaTic hiSTorY, SeQUence archiTecTUre, anD liThoFacieS SUcceSSionS along The nJ TranSecT: a ProgreSS rePorT 8:20AM McHugh,CeciliaM.G.*;Fulthorpe,CraigS.;Blair, StacieA.;Blum,Peter;Hoyanagi,Koichi;RyanMishkin, Katherine:liThologic correlaTion To SeiSmic STraTigraPhY in The canTerBUrY BaSin, neW ZealanD, ioDP eXPeDiTion 317 8:40AM Ratcliffe,KennethT.*;Meddaugh,W.S.;Montgomery,P.; Playton,T.E.;Spain,D.:linKing rePeTiTiVe PSeUDocYclical VariaTionS in inorganic Whole rocK geochemical DaTa To Sea leVel FlUcTUaTionS; eXamPleS From DeVonian reeF comPleXeS, Palaeocene / eocene inTerTiDal DolomiTeS (1st eocene reSerVoir) anD UPPer JUraSSic BlacK ShaleS (haYneSVille FormaTion) 9:00AM Khodjanyazova,Rimma*;Davydov,VladimirI.;Schmitz, MarkD.:FUSUliniD BioZonaTion aS a ProXY oF milanKoViTch cYcliciTY: The recorD From moScoVian-KaSimoVian TranSiTion in DoneTS BaSin (UKraine)

SeSSion no. 149

T42. Sediment Transport in Modern and Ancient Environments (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211CD BrandonMcElroyandWonsuckKim,Presiding 149-1 8:00AM Wilk,Jewels*;Kraal,Erin;Simpson,EdwardL.;Heness, ElizabethA.:characTeriZing Shoreline ProceSSeS in Barnacle BeacheS: The SalTon Sea, caliFornia 8:15AM Beason,ScottR.*;Anderson,ScottW.;Walkup,LauraC.; Kennard,PaulM.;Floyd,CorrieT.;Stifter,AnnaC.:WaVeliKe moTion oF coarSe BeD maTerialS in highgraDienT Pro-glacial BraiDeD riVerS aT moUnT rainier, WaShingTon, USa 8:30AM Jerolmack,DouglasJ.*:roUghneSS conTrolS on SPaTial PaTTernS oF SeDimenT TranSPorT, VegeTaTion anD groUnDWaTer in a DeSerT DUne FielD 8:50AM Pelletier,JonD.*:QUanTiFYing The long-Term SUSPenDeD SeDimenT DiScharge anD DeliVerY raTio oF Drainage BaSinS 9:05AM McElroy,Brandon*;Abraham,David:DiSTingUiShing BeD-loaD anD BeD-maTerial-loaD FlUXeS WiTh rePeaT BaThYmeTric DaTa








9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 203


150-5 9:15AM Dattilo,Benjamin*;Miller,JamesF.;Freeman, RebeccaL.;Ripperdan,RobertL.:hoW conoDonTS, BrachioPoDS, carBon iSoToPeS, anD SeQUence STraTigraPhY moVeD The camBrian-orDoVician BoUnDarY in SoUThern neVaDa 9:30AM Mikulic,DonaldG.*;Kluessendorf,Joanne:DiSTriBUTion oF eXcePTional BioTaS in large-Scale DePoSiTional SeQUenceS in SilUrian rocKS oF The greaT laKeS region 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Lees,BarryM.T.*;Pearce,TimothyJ.;Meadows,Neil; Martin,John:The role oF chemoSTraTigraPhY in DeVeloPing a SeQUence STraTigraPhic Scheme For The miDDle To UPPer JUraSSic SUcceSSionS oF The UK cenTral graBen 10:15AM Miller,JamesF.*;Dattilo,BenjaminF.;Ethington, RaymondL.;Evans,KevinR.;Freeman,RebeccaL.; Loch,JamesD.;Repetski,JohnE.;Ripperdan,RobertL.; Runkel,AnthonyC.;Taylor,JohnF.:inTegraTing Bio, chemo-, chrono-, gamma-raY, liTho-, anD SeQUence STraTigraPhY in The UPPer camBrian anD loWer orDoVician: ProgreSS ToWarD a comPrehenSiVe STraTigraPhic FrameWorK 10:30AM Wilson,Andrew*;Flint,Stephen;Ratcliffe,KennethT.; Hildred,Gemma;Tohver,Eric;Lanci,Luca; Rittersbacher,Andreas;Vermeulen,Jösta;Palfrey, Andy;Payenberg,Tobias:correlaTion in FlUVial DePoSiTS: inTegraTion oF PhYSical STraTigraPhY, chemoSTraTigraPhY anD magneToSTraTigraPhY, Karoo BaSin, SoUTh aFrica 151-7 a TeST oF The hYPoTheSiS oF coeVolUTionarY alTernaTion in The moDern naTiciD gaSTroPoD PreDaTor-PreY SYSTem 151-5 9:00AM Stafford,EmilyS.*;Leighton,LindseyR.:VermeiJ crUShing analYSiS: eSTimaTing PreDaTion morTaliTY in FoSSil gaSTroPoD aSSemBlageS 9:15AM Casey,MichelleM.*;Dietl,GregoryP.;Post,DavidM.: mUlTiPle anThroPogenic STreSSorS in long iSlanD SoUnD anD Their imPacTS on mollUScan PreDaTion: There'S no one-SiZe-FiTS-all reSToraTion STraTegY 9:30AM Leonard-Pingel,JillS.*;Jackson,JeremyB.C.:haBiTaT change DroVe raTeS oF PreDaTion in cariBBean neogene BiValVe commUniTieS 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Jackson,JeremyB.C.*;Leonard-Pingel,JillS.: DiFFerenceS in PreDaTion raTeS among BiValVe TaXa 10:15AM Leighton,LindseyR.*:The eVolUTionarY conSeQUenceS oF one in The hanD VS. TWo in The BUSh








151-10 10:30AM Huntley,JohnW.*;Scarponi,Daniele:TremaToDe ParaSiTiSm oF moDern anD FoSSil norThern aDriaTic BiValVeS 151-11 10:45AM Hancock,Leanne*;Walker,SallyE.;Bowser,SamuelS.: ParaSiTiSm BY The ForaminiFeran, CIBICIDES, on iTS hoST, The anTarcTic ScalloP, ADAMUSSIUM COLBECKI: a KeY To DePTh anD enVironmenT 151-12 11:00AM Leckey,ErinH.*;Smith,Dena:Do Warm climaTeS alWaYS haVe high leaF herBiVorY? a STUDY oF inSecT Damage on leaVeS oF WeSTern oaKS 151-13 11:15AM Fall,LeighM.*;Flessa,KarlW.;Dettman,DavidL.;Dietz, RobertD.;Rowell,Kirsten:niTrogen iSoToPeS in PreSerVaBle harD ParTS inDicaTe TroPhic leVel: a caSe STUDY From The gUlF oF caliFornia 151-14 11:30AM O'Donnell,KennethH.*;Xiao,Shuhai:ShiFTing microFoSSil FooD WeBS: are acriTarchS The caTalYSTS To maJor DiVerSiTY anD ecological ShiFTS aT The camBrian-PrecamBrian BoUnDarY?

150-10 10:45AM Herrmann,AchimD.*;Algeo,ThomasJ.:Tracing SeQUence STraTigraPhic SUrFaceS oF cYcloThemic BlacK ShaleS USing niTrogen iSoToPeS 150-11 11:00AM Wendler,JensE.*;Meyers,StephenR.;Wendler,Ines; Vogt,Christoph;Kuss,Jochen:DriVerS oF cYclic Sea leVel change DUring The creTaceoUS greenhoUSe: a neW PerSPecTiVe From The leVanT PlaTForm (JorDan) 150-12 11:15AM Lowery,ChristopherM.*;Corbett,Matthew;MiceliRomero, Andrea;Leckie,R.Mark;Watkins,DavidK.;Donovan,Art; Staerker,Scott:mUlTi-ProXY correlaTion oF The eagle ForD Shale in WeST TeXaS To The BriDge creeK limeSTone (cenomanian-TUronain gSSP) in cenTral coloraDo

SeSSion no. 152

T60. Lessons from the Living: Paleontological Investigations Using Modern Analogs I (Paleontological Society)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205AB DanielI.Hembree,JonJ.Smith,andBrianF.Platt,Presiding 152-1 8:00AM Groves,JohnR.*;Pike,Madison;Westley,Kasey:a TeST For The PoSSiBiliTY oF PhoToSYmBioSiS in FUSUliniDS: SiZe anD ShaPe TrenDS relaTeD To DePTh oF haBiTaT 8:15AM Hieronymus,TobinL.*;Cooper,LisaNoelle;Vinyard, ChrisJ.;Thewissen,J.G.M.Hans:inFerring DieT in earlY WhaleS From morPhological PaTTernS in eXTanT TaXa: morPhomeTric analYSiS oF PreY caPTUre in REMINGTONOCETUS 8:30AM Plotnick,RoyE.*;Dattilo,BenjaminF.;Corrie,Joshua; Piquard,Daniel;Bauer,JenniferE.:PUSh me ­ PUll YoU: eXPerimenTal BiomechanicS oF immoBile SUSPenSion FeeDerS on SoFT SUBSTraTeS 8:45AM Platt,BrianF.*;Hasiotis,StephenT.:neTWorK analYSeS oF The DinoSaUr-DominaTeD ecoSYSTem oF The UPPer JUraSSic morriSon FormaTion, WeSTern inTerior norTh america 9:00AM Smith,JonJay*;Platt,BrianF.;Retrum,JulieB.;Hasiotis, StephenT.:neoichnologY oF eXTanT earThWorm (anneliDa: oligochaeTa) caSTS To eSTimaTe

SeSSion no. 151

T58. Whole Organism Paleoecology: Exploring Ecology through Time I (Paleontological Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205CD AmelindaE.WebbandWilliamAusich,Presiding 151-1 8:00AM Kelley,PatriciaH.*;Friend,DanaS.;Visaggi,ChristyC.; Hansen,ThorA.:laBoraTorY oBSerVaTionS oF DiFFerenT PreDaTion TacTicS BeTWeen naTiciD gaSTroPoDS are SmoThereD BY TeSTS oF The FoSSil recorD 8:15AM Visaggi,ChristyC.*;Dietl,GregoryP.:eXamining The inFlUence oF SeaSonaliTY on Drilling FreQUencY oF NEVERITA DUPLICATA ThroUgh FielD anD laBoraTorY eXPerimenTS: imPlicaTionS For PaTTernS oF Drilling PreDaTion in The FoSSil recorD 8:30AM Dietl,GregoryP.*:coeVolUTion oF a marine gaSTroPoD PreDaTor anD iTS DangeroUS BiValVe PreY: a criTical reaPPraiSal 8:45AM Friend,DanaS.*;Kelley,PatriciaH.;Dietl,GregoryP.: geograPhic moSaicS oF eVolVeD aDaPTaTionS:








204 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


EDAPHICHNIUM LUMBRICATUM TracemaKer BoDY SiZeS 152-6 9:15AM Hembree,DanielI.*:large, comPleX BUrroWS are For TerreSTrial inVerTeBraTeS Too: neoichnologY oF PANDINUS IMPERATOR anD HETEROMETRUS SPINIFER (ScorPioneS: ScorPioniDae) 9:30AM Halfen,AlanF.*;Hasiotis,StephenT.:Soil miXing raTeS oF The WeSTern harVeSTer anT: a neoichnological PerSPecTiVe on The imPorTance oF The anT in The PaleoPeDological recorD 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Catena,Angeline*;Hembree,DanielI.:SWimming ThroUgh The SUBSTraTe: neoichnologY oF The SanD SKinK CHALCIDES OCELLATUS 10:15AM Dzenowski,Nicole*;Hembree,DanielI.:iDenTiFicaTion oF Biogenic STrUcTUreS ProDUceD BY TerreSTrial SalamanDerS USing moDern analogS 153-7 153-5 on ocean BiogeochemiSTrY DUring The enDgUaDalUPian BioTic criSiS From STaBle calciUm iSoToPeS 9:05AM Tabor,NeilJ.*;Myers,TimothyS.;Mack,GregH.;Looy, CindyV.;Renne,PaulR.;Mundil,Roland;Geissman, J.W.:"ochoan" QUarTermaSTer FormaTion oF norTh TeXaS, USa, ParT i: liTho- anD chemoSTraTigraPhY 9:20AM Geissman,J.W.*;Renne,PaulR.;Tabor,NeilJ.;Mundil, Roland;Mitchell,WilliamS.III.;Chang,Su-Chin; Mack,GregH.:"ochoan" QUarTermaSTer FormaTion oF norTh TeXaS, USa, ParT ii: magneToSTraTigraPhY anD geochronologY 9:35AM Looy,CindyV.*;Kirchholtes,RenskeP.J.;Mack, GregH.;vanHoof,TomB.;Tabor,NeilJ.:"ochoan" QUarTermaSTer FormaTion oF norTh TeXaS, U.S.a., ParT iii: FirST Sign oF PlanT liFe 9:50AM Gastaldo,RobertA.*;Kamo,SandraL.;Looy,CindyV.; Neveling,Johann;Prevec,Rose;Tabor,NeilJ.: chronomeTric conSTrainTS on The enDPermian criSiS in The Karoo BaSin, SoUTh aFrica 10:05AM Break 10:20AM Meyer,KatjaM.*;Yu,Meiyi;Payne,JonathanL.: conSTrainTS on earlY TriaSSic carBon cYcle DYnamicS From PaireD organic anD inorganic carBon iSoToPe recorDS






152-10 10:30AM Martin,AnthonyJ.*;Skaggs,SheldonA.;Vance,R.Kelly; Greco,Veronica:groUnD-PeneTraTing raDar inVeSTigaTion oF goPher-TorToiSe BUrroWS: reFining The characTeriZaTion oF moDern VerTeBraTe BUrroWS anD aSSociaTeD commenSal TraceS 152-11 10:45AM Carvalho,MonicaR.*;Wilf,Peter;Barrios,Hector;Currano, EllenD.;Windsor,DonaldM.;Jaramillo,Carlos;Labandeira, ConradC.:TroPical canoPY inSecTS linK leaF Damage in FoSSil anD liVing ForeSTS 152-12 11:00AM Anderson,LaurieC.*:UlTra-elongaTe FreShWaTer BiValVeS: an eXamPle oF morPhologic conVergence noT reFlecTing ecologic SimilariTY 152-13 11:15AM Pierrehumbert,NadiaD.*;Allmon,WarrenD.:Who'S maKing all ThoSe ScarS? FreQUencY anD iDenTiTY oF craB PreDaTion on FoSSil anD liVing TUrriTelline gaSTroPoDS From FloriDa anD Panama 152-14 11:30AM Dexter,TroyA.*;Schimmel, MajkenK.;Kowalewski, Michal:PreDaTion on regUlar anD irregUlar echinoiDS BY caSSiD gaSTroPoDS on San SalVaDor iSlanD, The BahamaS


153-10 10:40AM Brainard,JamieL.*;Ohmoto,Hiroshi:DiD meThane From marine meThane hYDraTe DecreaSe The aTmoSPheric po2 leVel To caUSe The P-T eXTincTion? 153-11 10:55AM Fristad,KirstenE.*;Pedentchouk,Nikolai;Roscher,Marco; Svensen,Henrik:eViDence oF carBon DegaSSing ThroUgh SiBerian TraP PiPe STrUcTUreS aT The Permian-TriaSSic BoUnDarY 153-12 11:10AM Cui,Ying*;Kump,LeeR.;Ridgwell,Andy;Meyer,KatjaM.: carBon inJecTion DUring The enD-Permian maSS eXTincTion: moDel inVerSion oF carBon iSoToPe eXcUrSion 153-13 11:25AM Grasby,StephenE.*;Sanei,Hamed;Beauchamp,Benoit: caTaSTroPhic coal FlY-aSh anD ToXic meTal DePoSiTion in The laTeST Permian ocean


SeSSion no. 153

T63. Permian-Triassic Changes and Extinction Event: New Insights from Sedimentary, Geochemical, and Paleobiological Records and Modeling Approaches I (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200FG ArneM.E.WinguthandThomasJ.Algeo,Presiding 153-1 8:00AM Isozaki,Yukio*:The enD-gUaDalUPian eVenT: When all geologicallY STrange Phenomena STarTeD 8:20AM Hinojosa,JessicaL.*;Brown,ShaunT.;DePaolo,D.J.; Paytan,Adina;Shen,Shuzhong;Chen,Jun;Payne, JonathanL.:a calciUm iSoToPe TeST oF enDPermian ocean aciDiFicaTion USing Biogenic aPaTiTe 8:35AM Saitoh,Masafumi*;Isozaki,Yukio;Yao,Jianxin;Ji, Zhansheng;Nakamura,Hitomi;Iwamori,Hikaru: caPiTanian anD changhSingian (Permian) anomaloUS calciTe PreciPiTaTeS in norThern SichUan, china: Pre-eXTincTion UnUSUal SeaWaTer conDiTionS in The `aragoniTe Sea' ? 8:50AM Jost,AdamB.*;Mundil,Roland;He,Bin;Brown,ShaunT.; DePaolo,DonaldJ.;Payne,JonathanL.:conSTrainTS

SeSSion no. 154

T72. Defining Rates of Landscape Evolution in Drylands Using Numerical Dating Methods (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100DE EdwardJ.RhodesandLewisOwen,Presiding 154-1 8:00AM Thomas,DavidS.G.*:FaroUK el-BaZ aWarD lecTUre: DUneS aS geoProXieS: can The PreSenT Be The KeY To The PaST anD FUTUre 8:30AM Fitzsimmons,KathrynElizabeth*:inVeSTigaTing The FormaTion oF linear DUneS in ariD aUSTralia USing oPTicallY STimUlaTeD lUmineScence DaTing 8:50AM Lancaster,Nicholas*:DUne change in Time anD SPace ­ gloBal anD regional PaTTernS 9:10AM Lyons,J.Richard*;Tooth,Stephen;Duller,Geoff: lUmineScence chronologY highlighTS climaTe conTrolS on SeDimenTaTion anD eroSion acroSS The SoUTh aFrican inTerior 9:25AM Break 9:40AM Matmon,Ari*;Enzel,Yehouda;Mushkin,Amit;Grodek, Tamir;Placzek,ChristaJ.:coSmogenic analYSeS in The hYPerariD enVironmenT



154-3 154-4




9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 205


154-6 10:00AM Phillips,FredM.*:raTeS oF lanDScaPe eVolUTion: UnDer The hooD oF The neW cronUS-earTh calcUlaTor 10:15AM Reynhout,Scott*;Owen,LewisA.;Dietsch,Craig;Dortch, JasonM.;Caffee,MarcW.:QUanTiFYing The glacial BUZZSaW WiThin an ariD moUnTain range: laDaKh, norThWeSTern himalaYa 10:30AM Wang,Fan*;Michalski,Greg;Seo,Ji-Hye;Granger,Darryl; Caffee,MarcW.:cl DaTing oF Soil FormaTion in The hYPer-ariD aTacama DeSerT, chile 10:45AM Break 11:00AM Quade,Jay*;Reiners,PeterW.;Placzek,ChristaJ.;Matmon, Ari;Murray,Kendra;Pepper,Martin:SeiSmiciTY anD The STrange rUBBing BoUlDerS oF The aTacama DeSerT, norThern chile 155-8 10:05AM Springer,AbrahamE.*;Davis,ChristinaJ.:aSSeSSing SPringS ecoSYSTemS DaTa oF TWo naTional ForeSTS 10:20AM Break 10:35AM Gerla,Phil*;Askin,Corey;Bongard,Andrew:relaTing WaTer BUDgeT anD geochemiSTrY To The conSerVaTion anD ProTecTion oF a groUnDWaTer-DePenDenT Prairie WeTlanD





155-10 10:50AM Schaller,Elizabeth*;Springer,AbrahamE.;Ledbetter, Jeri;Stevens,Larry:inFlUence oF SPringS WaTer geochemiSTrY on geomorPhologY anD VegeTaTion coVer aT SPringS ecoSYSTemS 155-11 11:05AM Corsetti,FrankA.*;Berelson,WilliamM.;Spear,JohnR.; Pepe-Ranney,C.;Mata,Scott:The eFFecTS oF SPring leVel on STromaToliTe laminaTion anD morPhologY, YelloWSTone naTional ParK 155-12 11:20AM Headd,Brendan*;Maas,BenjaminJ.;Engel,Annette Summers:16S rrna anD SOXB gene SeQUence analYSiS oF a SUlFiDic SPring in BromiDe, oKlahoma 155-13 11:35AM Ibarra,Yadira*;Corsetti,FrankA.:PeTrograPhY, microBiologY, anD DiageneSiS oF holocene (?) SPring carBonaTeS, SanTa BarBara coUnTY, caliFornia

154-10 11:15AM Roder,Belinda*;Lawson,Mike;Stang,Dallon;Rhodes, EdwardJ.;Dolan,JamesF.;McGill,Sally:oPTical DaTing oF FlUVial SeDimenTS in The moJaVe DeSerT, caliFornia, USeD To reconSTrUcT FaUlT SliP raTeS 154-11 11:30AM Enzel,Yehouda*;Amit,Rivka;Grodek,Tamir;Ayalon, Avner;Lekach,Judith;Porat,Naomi;Bierman,Paul;Blum, JoelD.;Erel,Yigal:a laTe QUaTernarY ePiSoDe oF WeaThering, eroSion, anD DePoSiTion in nahal Yael, iSrael: To The `imPacT oF climaTic change on an ariD WaTerSheD' 154-12 11:45AM Nereson,Alexander*;Karlstrom,KarlE.;McIntosh,William; Heizler,Matthew;Kelley,ShariA.;Brown,StephenW.: DYnamic ToPograPhY oF The WeSTern greaT PlainS: ProPoSeD SUrFace eXPreSSionS oF manTle DYnamicS in The raTon SecTion oF neW meXico anD coloraDo

SeSSion no. 156

T88. Identification and Quantification of Groundwater Flow Using Heat as a Tracer (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100HI ChristopherLowry,ChristineHatch,andLauraLautz,Presiding 156-1 8:00AM Ma,Rui;Zheng,Chunmiao*;Zachara,JohnM.;Tonkin, MatthewJ.:USing heaT aS a groUnDWaTer Tracer For aQUiFer characTeriZaTion in a highlY DYnamic FloW enVironmenT 8:20AM Brookfield,AndreaE.*:Pairing TemPeraTUre DaTa WiTh FUllY-inTegraTeD hYDrologic moDelS To ProViDe inSighT inTo groUnDWaTer-SUrFace WaTer inTeracTionS 8:40AM Neilson,BethanyT.*;Bandaragoda,Christina;Chapra, StevenC.;Stevens,DavidK.;Schmadel,NoahM.;Bingham, QuintenG.;Neale,ChristopherM.U.;Cardenas,M.Bayani: USe oF inSTream heaT BUDgeTS anD SUPPorTing DaTa For PreDicTing SUrFace anD SUBSUrFace TranSienT STorage inFlUenceS 9:00AM Briggs,MartinA.*;Lautz,LauraK.;Gordon,RyanP.; McKenzie,JeffreyM.;Hare,DanielleK.:eVolVing hYPorheic eXchange FlUX DUring BaSeFloW receSSion: USing high-reSolUTion heaT DaTa To QUanTiTaTiVelY aSSeSS TemPoral PaTTernS 9:15AM O'Donnell,David*;Toran,Laura;Nyquist,Jonathan;Ryan, RobertJ.:characTeriZing hYPorheic FloW in an UrBan STream USing hYDrogeoPhYSicS anD heaT FloW 9:30AM McClymont,AlastairF.*;Hayashi,Masaki;Bentley,L.R.: SUBSUrFace ThaW oF DiSconTinUoUS PermaFroST in norThWeSTern canaDa: eViDence From geoPhYSical imaging anD Thermal conDUcTion moDeling 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Eddy-Miller,Cheryl;Constantz,Jim*;Wheeler,Jerrod; Essaid,Hedeff;Stonestrom,David:analYSiS oF iSoToPic anD Thermal TracerS To eXamine regional VerSUS local groUnDWaTer conTriBUTionS To SeaSonal STreamBeD FlUX PaTTernS

SeSSion no. 155

T81. Springs as Sites of Dynamic Physical, Geochemical, and Ecological Processes (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100DE SueSwansonandAbeSpringer,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 155-1 8:15AM Wilcox,JeffreyD.*;Johnson,KathyM.;Wuttke,MichaelP.: TrichloroeThYlene (Tce) in Tree coreS collecTeD aT a conTaminaTeD SPring comPleX in aSheVille, nc 8:30AM Muldoon,MaureenA.*;Borski,Jack;Bradbury,KennethR.: PreliminarY hYDrogeologic characTeriZaTion oF The minK riVer eSTUarY, Door coUnTY, WiSconSin 8:45AM Swanson,Susan*;Muldoon,MaureenA.: hYDroSTraTigraPhic anD climaTe conTrolS on SPring FloW anD PercheD groUnDWaTer in The DriFTleSS area oF WiSconSin 9:00AM Maas,BenjaminJ.*;Headd,Brendan;Wicks,Carol: PhYSical heTerogeneiTieS anD Saline SPring geochemiSTrY 9:15AM Winter,JessieR.*;Harvey,F.Edwin:a WaTcheD SPring neVer BoilS? characTeriZing Small SUBaQUeoUS arTeSian SPringS in liTTle SalT creeK near lincoln, neBraSKa 9:30AM Wronkiewicz,DavidJ.*;Rybacki,K.S.:ProceSSeS conTrolling mg-calciTe colloiD PreciPiTaTion WiThin maramec SPring, miSSoUri 9:45AM Carlson,ChristopherP.*;Gurrieri,JosephT.;Coles-Ritchie, MarcC.:inVenTorY anD moniToring oF groUnDWaTer-DePenDenT ecoSYSTemS: ProTocol DeVeloPmenT anD TeSTing For naTional ForeSTS anD graSSlanDS 156-6 156-3 156-2










206 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


156-8 10:15AM Tripathi,Ganesh*;Fryar,AlanE.;Mukherjee,Abhijit: Thermal ProFiling oF FocUSeD groUnDWaTer DiScharge along a channeliZeD STream in WeSTern KenTUcKY 10:30AM Fleckenstein,JanH.*;Schornberg,Christina;Schmidt, Christian;Kalbus,Edda:eFFecTS oF geologic heTerogeneiTY anD TranSienT BoUnDarY conDiTionS on groUnDWaTer-SUrFace WaTer eXchange FlUX eSTimaTeS From VerTical TemPeraTUre ProFileS 157-10 10:45AM Harvey,JudsonW.*:From BeDFormS To BaSinS: mUlTi-Scale inTeracTionS BeTWeen groUnDWaTer anD SUrFace WaTer anD imPlicaTionS For managing WaTer reSoUrceS 157-11 11:00AM Conant,BrewsterJr.*:The neeD For mUlTi-Scale heaT aS a Tracer anD Semi-QUanTiTaTiVe meThoDS To characTeriZe groUnDWaTer SUrFace-WaTer inTeracTionS 157-12 11:15AM Stolp,BertJ.*;Flint,LorraineE.;Danskin,WesleyR.: SimUlaTion oF Drainage-BaSin-Scale SUrFaceWaTer/groUnDWaTer inTeracTion USing The BaSin characTeriZaTion moDel anD moDFloW, San Diego coUnTY, caliFornia 157-13 11:30AM Costain,JohnK.*;Bollinger,G.A.:The hYDrologic cYcle anD earThQUaKeS


156-10 10:45AM Gordon,RyanP.*;Lautz,LauraK.;Briggs,MartinA.; McKenzie,JeffreyM.:aUTomaTeD calcUlaTion oF VerTical Pore-WaTer FlUX From real-WorlD TemPeraTUre Time SerieS USing The VFlUX meThoD anD comPUTer Program 156-11 11:00AM McPherson,BenjaminJ.*;Crowley,Jeremy;Lowry, Christopher:laBoraTorY anD nUmerical SimUlaTion oF VerTical groUnD WaTer FloW anD heaT TranSPorT USing DiSTriBUTeD TemPeraTUre SenSing 156-12 11:15AM Parizek,RichardR.*;Zulkifli,ZharifA.;Achey,ElisabetT.; Zagorski,MicheleM.;Fielder,JamesD.:geoThermal SUrVeYS reVeal eXoThermic reacTionS 27 YearS FolloWing aciD aBaTemenT, olD ForTY mine, clarion co, Pa

SeSSion no. 158

T98. Advancements in Sub-Seafloor Hydrogeology and VariableDensity Systems (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100FG BrandonDuganandAliciaWilson,Presiding 158-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Bratton,JohnF.*:concePTUaliZing anD STUDYing SUBmarine groUnDWaTer FloW anD DiScharge aT Beach To ShelF ScaleS 8:25AM Sanford,WardE.*;Hunt,AndrewG.:iS high SaliniTY creTaceoUS SeaWaTer TraPPeD in The DeeP aTlanTic coaSTal Plain, USa? 8:40AM Konikow,Leonard*:coaSTal recircUlaTion oF SalTWaTer DUe To coUPleD eFFecT oF VarYing BaThYmeTrY anD DenSiTY 8:55AM Defoor,Whitney;Person,Mark*;Dugan,Brandon; Lizarralde,Dan;Larsen,HansChristian;Cohen,Denis: ice-SheeT-DeriVeD SUBmarine groUnDWaTer DiScharge on greenlanD'S conTinenTal ShelF 9:10AM Wilson,AliciaM.*;Wortmann,Ulrich;Huuse,Mads; McIntosh,JenniferC.:reFlUX circUlaTion anD groUnDWaTer age BeloW The greaT aUSTralian BighT 9:25AM Kraemer,Thomas;Wood,WarrenW.*:regional DolomiTiZaTion: The leaKY-aQUiFer aScenDing Brine moDel 9:40AM Break 9:55AM Palombi,Dan*:meThoDologY For Saline aQUiFer maPPing in The conTeXT oF PreVioUS WorK on UnDerSTanDing regional hYDrogeologY in The WeSTern canaDa SeDimenTarY BaSin 10:10AM Leatherman,MarkA.*;Appold,MartinS.;Hofstra,AlbertH.; Person,Mark;Sweetkind,DonaldS.:reacTion PaTh moDeling oF The BeoWaWe geoThermal FielD, neVaDa: imPlicaTionS For The FormaTion oF ePiThermal aU-ag mineraliZaTion 10:25AM McCammon,MilesA.*;Hanor,JeffreyS.:VariaTionS in Pore WaTer SaliniTieS From The ToP oF allochThonoUS SalT To The SeaFloor in Some oFFShore gUlF oF meXico SeDimenTS imPlicaTionS For mechaniSmS oF SolUTe TranSPorT

SeSSion no. 157

T97. Advances in Understanding at the Groundwater­Surface Water Interface and Challenges for the Future: A Reflection on Tom Winter's Legacy (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Association; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM101AB DonaldO.Rosenberry,WalterE.Dean,andMelindaL.Erickson,Presiding 157-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:10AM Pfannkuch,HansOlaf*:T. c. WinTer'S conTriBUTion To The analYSiS anD UnDerSTanDing oF inTeracTiVe laKe-groUnDWaTer SYSTemS 8:30AM Dean,Walter*:The SigniFicance oF groUnDWaTerSUrFace WaTer inTeracTionS To The accUmUlaTion oF iron anD manganeSe in The SeDimenTS oF laKeS in norTh-cenTral minneSoTa: a geological PerSPecTiVe 8:45AM LaBaugh,JamesW.*:Tom WinTer'S Well-FielDS oF DreamS (hYPoTheSeS TeSTS): iF oBSerVaTion WellS are inSTalleD, TheY (oTher ScienTiSTS) Will come (collaBoraTe in reSearch) 9:00AM Rosen,MichaelR.*;Reidy,Liam;Starratt,ScottW.;Byrne, Roger;Ingram,Lynn:Big SoDa laKe aS a WinDoW inTo The groUnDWaTer: imPlicaTionS For DeTermining holocene PaleoclimaTe inDUceD FlUcTUaTionS in groUnDWaTer inPUT 9:15AM Rosenberry,DonaldO.*:The inTeracTion BeTWeen groUnDWaTer anD SUrFace WaTer: From Tom WinTer'S moDelS To The real WorlD 9:30AM Zlotnik,VitalyA.*:Tom WinTer STUDieS anD eVolUTion oF hYDroDYnamic moDelS oF graViTY-DriVen FlUXeS in laKe-aQUiFer SYSTemS 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Siegel,DonaldI.*:Tom WinTer'S inFlUence on The moDern UnDerSTanDing oF WeTlanD hYDroDYnamicS 10:15AM Hayashi,Masaki*;vanderKamp,Garth:hYDrologic STUDieS oF norThern Prairie WeTlanDS: PaST, PreSenT anD FUTUre 10:30AM Keen,KerryL.*:a FiniTe-elemenT aPProach For ViSUaliZing groUnDWaTer FloW VariaTionS aT a WeTlanD in The neBraSKa SanD hillS

















158-10 10:40AM Paull,Charles*;Caress,David;Lundsten,Eve; Anderson,Krystle;Gwiazda,Roberto:DiSTincTiVe geomorPhologY oF gaS VenTing anD near SeaFloor gaS hYDraTe-Bearing SiTeS 158-11 11:00AM Dugan,Brandon*;Chatterjee,Sayantan;Daigle,Hugh; Bhatnagar,Gaurav;Gu,Guangsheng;Dickens,GeraldR.; Hirasaki,GeorgeJ.;Chapman,WalterG.:eFFecTS oF FloW FocUSing anD geologic STrUcTUreS on gaS hYDraTe SaTUraTion anD DiSTriBUTion


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 207


158-12 11:15AM Saffer,Demian*:QUanTiFicaTion oF Pore FlUiD PreSSUre in acTiVe SUBDUcTion ZoneS: imPlicaTionS For FaUlT STrengTh anD SliP BehaVior 11:35AM Discussion and concluding remarks 160-3 160-1 8:15AM Greenberg,JeffreyK.*:geoScience TaKing a righTFUl Place, leaDing The WorlD To a more eQUiTaBle anD SUSTainaBle FUTUre 8:30AM Bethune,DavidN.;Cherry,JohnA.;Ryan,M.Cathy*: hYDrogeologiSTS WiThoUT BorDerS 8:45AM Limaye,ShrikantD.*:role oF groUnD WaTer in imProVing rUral healTh anD in miTigaTing rUral PoVerTY in DroUghT Prone, Semi-ariD, harD rocK areaS in loW-income coUnTrieS & The UneSco-iUgS-igcP ProJecT 523 "groWneT" 9:00AM Guebert,MichaelD.*:Training STUDenTS For inTernaTional DeVeloPmenT ThroUgh WaTer reSoUrceS anD aPProPriaTe TechnologY 9:15AM Isiorho,SolomonA.*:collaBoraTion WiTh local STUDenTS anD ProFeSSionalS aS one WaY oF SolVing SocieTal enVironmenTal iSSUeS in DeVeloPing naTionS 9:30AM Yates,Jonie*;Engel,Allison;Brice,Peter;Webb,Forrest; Greenberg,Jeffrey:local geologY aS gUiDe To DeVeloPmenT ProJecTS in KoSoVa 9:45AM initial Discussion 10:00AM Break 10:15AM Lavanchy,GaryT.*:geoScience anD The conFlUence oF hUman-enVironmenTal inTeracTion in Peri-UrBan DaKar 10:30AM Foss,Laura*;Wong,Stephanie;Yelderman,JoeC.Jr.; Clapp,AdamG.:groUnDWaTer managemenT To PreVenT SalTWaTer encroachmenT, hacienDa BarU coSTa rica 10:45AM Adamson,James*;Dykstra,Stuart;Yongote,Alain: groUnDWaTer eXPloraTion in The creTaceoUS BaSin oF The cenTral aFrican rePUBlic


SeSSion no. 159

T112. Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Midcontinent Rift II (Society of Economic Geologists; UMD Precambrian Research Center; Institute on Lake Superior Geology; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101H-J JamesD.Miller,SuzanneNicholson,R.MichaelEaston,andJoshuaFeinberg, Presiding 159-1 159-2 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Ripley,EdwardM.*:ni-cU-Pge DePoSiTS in The miDconTinenT riFT SYSTem: geneSiS anD TYPeS 8:30AM Peterson,DeanM.*:DiSSeminaTeD cU-ni-Pge DePoSiTS in The SoUTh KaWiShiWi inTrUSion oF The DUlUTh comPleX; enD reSUlT oF an inTrUSion oF SUlFiDe-Bearing magmaTic SlUrrieS 8:45AM Heggie,Geoff*;MacTavish,Allan;Johnson,Justin;Ma, Leon;Chaffee,Matt:ThUnDer BaY norTh PT-PD-ni-cU DePoSiT 9:00AM Taranovic,Valentina*;Ripley,EdwardM.;Li,Chusi;Rossell, Dean:SUlFUr iSoToPe STUDieS oF ni-cU-(Pge) mineraliZaTion aSSociaTeD WiTh The TamaracK inTrUSion, minneSoTa 9:15AM Foley,DanielJay*;Miller,JamesD.Jr.:PeTrologY anD cU-ni-Pge mineraliZaTion oF The BoVine igneoUS comPleX, Baraga coUnTY, norThern michigan 9:30AM Break 9:45AM Gál,Benedek*;Molnár,Ferenc;Mogessie,Aberra;Peterson, DeanM.:SegregaTion oF magmaTic FlUiDS DUring The crYSTalliZaTion oF The cU-ni-PgemineraliZeD SoUTh KaWiShiWi inTrUSion oF The DUlUTh comPleX, minneSoTa, USa 10:00AM Cervin,DanielO.*:characTeriZaTion oF PrecioUS meTal mineral occUrrenceS in The northmet DePoSiT oF The ParTriDge riVer inTrUSion, DUlUTh comPleX, minneSoTa 10:15AM Ruthart,Ryan*;Linnen,Robertl.;Samson,IainM.;Good, DavidJ.:eViDence For SUlPhUr loSS in The maraThon Pge-cU DePoSiT, onTario 10:30AM Lundstrom,CraigC.*;Scherer,Erik;Ireland,Kayla:a neW VieW oF PeTrogeneSiS oF The SonJU laKeFinlanD graniTe SYSTem WiTh imPlicaTionS For Pge concenTraTion mechaniSm











160-10 11:00AM Smidt,SamuelJ.*;Brewer,Kevin:analYSiS anD reDeSign oF a BioSanD WaTer FilTer ThroUgh comPUTer moDeling anD PhYSical TeSTing 160-11 11:15AM Clark,JamesA.*;Page,RichardT.:ineXPenSiVe geoPhYSical inSTrUmenTS For groUnDWaTer eXPloraTion in DeVeloPing coUnTrieS 160-12 11:30AM Bracht,Ginny*:an eValUaTion Scheme To increaSe The eFFecTiVeneSS oF inTernaTional WaTer DeVeloPmenT WorK 160-13 11:45AM Alsaaran,Nasser*:giS-BaSeD SPaTial inTerPolaTion oF rainFall acroSS araBia



SeSSion no. 161

T132. The History of Humans and the Hydrologic System: Exploring Relationships between Cultures, Climate, and Hydrology through Time I (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101FG GailM.Ashley,GaryStinchcomb,andTimothyMessner,Presiding 161-1 161-2 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Ruddiman,WilliamF.*:a (re-)emerging VieW on PaST lanD clearance 8:25AM Discussion 8:40AM Nevle,R.J.*;Bird,D.K.;Ruddiman,W.F.;Dull,R.A.; Stinchcomb,G.E.:ecological-hYDrological eFFecTS oF reDUceD BiomaSS BUrning in The neoTroPicS aFTer a.D. 1500 8:55AM Luzzadder-Beach,Sheryl*;Beach,Timothy;Doctor, KatarinaZ.;Flood,JonathanM.;Hutson,Scott;Terry, RichardE.:geoarchaeologY anD hYDrologY oF The chUnchUcmil anD Uci-canSahcaB maYa archaeologY SiTeS, YUcaTan, meXico


159-10 10:45AM Bornhorst,TheodoreJ.*;Williams,WilliamC.:The coPPerWooD ProJecT: The neXT neW coPPer mine in michigan 159-11 11:00AM Pals,DavidW.*;Anderson,RaymondR.:reaSSemBling ioWa: SPaTial anD TemPoral eVaUaTion oF The mineral PoTenTial oF The ioWa SegmenT oF The miDconTinenT riFT anD relaTeD PlUTonS

SeSSion no. 160

T118. International Development and the Geosciences (GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geology and Health Division; American Geological Institute; YES Network; GSA Hydrogeology Division; Association of Geoscientists for International Development; Affiliation of Christian Geologists; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211AB JeffreyGreenbergandMichaelD.Guebert,Presiding 8:00AM intro Session overview


208 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


161-4 9:10AM Beach,Timothy*;Luzzadder-Beach,Sheryl;Howard, DouglasA.:groUnD WaTer inTeracTionS in naTUral anD ancienT maYa WeTlanD FormaTion anD USe 9:25AM Break 9:40AM Gulyás,SándorJr.*;Sümegi,Pál:climaTe-inDUceD TranSFormaTion oF allUVial enVironmenTS in ShaPing Social, cUlTUral DeVeloPmenT DUring The neoliThiZaTion oF The carPaThian BaSin (6th milleniUm Bc) 9:55AM Jarrett,Robert*:eXTreme FlooDing DUring The holocene For SelecTeD regionS in The WeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 10:15AM Blumentritt,Dylan*;Engstrom,DanielR.;Schottler,Shawn; Balogh,StevenJ.:a DeTaileD STUDY oF SeDimenT, PhoSPhorUS, anD mercUrY DePoSiTon in a UniQUe riVerine laKe USing a noVel rePeaT coring aPProach 10:30AM Schuldenrein,Joseph*;Wright,RitaT.:climaTe, lanDScaPe anD The inDUS ValleY ciViliZaTion in SoUTh aSia 10:45AM Break 11:00AM Munoz,Samuel*;Gajewski,Konrad;Peros,Matthew: SYcnhronoUS enVironmenTal anD cUlUTral change in The PrehiSTorY oF The norTheaSTern UniTeD STaTeS 163-2 163-3 162-7 10:15AM Riggs,StanleyR.*:eXTreme WeaTher eVenTS reSUlTing From The cUmUlaTiVe imPacTS oF mUlTiPle- STorm SeTS: caSe STUDY oF The 500Year 1999 FloYD FlooD in norTh carolina 10:30AM Callahan,TimothyJ.*;Amatya,DevendraM.;Griffin, MichaelP.;Vulava,VijayM.:UncerTainTY in eSTimaTing STorm FloW anD BaSe FloW reSPonSe To eXTreme WeaTher eVenTS in coaSTal ForeSTeD WaTerSheDS 10:45AM Discussion 11:00AM concluding remarks




SeSSion no. 163

T170. Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Teach Geoscience in the 21st Century (GSA Geoscience Education Division; On the Cutting Edge)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208CD BarbaraTewksburyandBrianM.Hynek,Presiding 163-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:10AM O'Meara,StephanieA.;Chappell,JamesR.;Stanton, HeatherI.*:nPS gri DeVeloPmenT oF DigiTal geologic DaTa For USe in google earTh 8:25AM Thaisen,KevinGlenn*:USing giS To Teach geoScience: BeneFiTS anD limiTaTionS 8:40AM Teletzke,Allison*;Kulo,Violet;Bodzin,Alec;Anastasio, David;Sahagian,Dork;McKeon,Ryan:DeSigning learning acTiViTieS To Teach "SPaTiallY" WiTh WeB giS 8:55AM Fu,Wei-Hsin*;Haileab,Bereket;Nega,Tsegaye: reThinKing an inTroDUcTion To geologY coUrSe: leSSonS learneD From incorPoraTing a giS moDUle 9:10AM Hynek,BrianM.*:UTiliZing PlaneTarY giS anD remoTe SenSing DaTa in The claSSroom 9:25AM Molnia,BruceF.;Price,SusanD.*:gloBal FiDUcialS Program imagerY: neW oPPorTUniTieS For geoSPaTial reSearch, oUTreach, anD eDUcaTion 9:40AM Break 9:55AM Tranel,LisaM.*:USing online giS reSoUrceS To Teach naTUral DiSaSTerS 10:10AM White,Scott*:USing giS To maP anD TracK hUrricaneS 10:25AM Rothenberg,Miriam*;Gelb,Lucy;Appleby,ChristinaA.; Sherrod,BrittneiM.;Taylor,Samantha;HenckSchmidt, Amanda:giS anD commUniTY-BaSeD learning in an UnDergraDUaTe claSSroom




161-10 11:15AM Stinchcomb,Gary*;Messner,Timothy:The caUSeS anD conSeQUenceS oF earlY agricUlTUre anD FlUVial acTiViTY ThroUghoUT eaSTern norTh america 161-11 11:30AM Hoffmann,Thomas*:TrenDS anD conTrolS in holocene FlooDPlain SeDimenTaTion in The rhine caTchmenT




SeSSion no. 162

T139. Extreme Climate and Weather Events: Past, Present, and Future (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; The American Quaternary Association; American Water Resources Association; GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; International Union for Quaternary Research; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100A-C GeorgeT.Stone,AndrewM.Buddington,MichaelE.Mann,and MarkA.Chandler,Presiding 162-1 162-2 162-3 162-4 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Trenberth,KevinE.*:The rUSSian heaT WaVe anD oTher climaTe eXTremeS oF 2010 8:35AM Woodhouse,Connie*:DroUghTS oF The PaST, analogUeS For The FUTUre? 8:55AM Emanuel,Kerry*:hUrricaneS in The climaTe SYSTem 9:15AM Mann,M.E.*:climaTe change imPacTS on aTlanTic TroPical cYclone acTiViTY: inSighTS From The PaleoclimaTe recorD 9:30AM Break 9:45AM Denniston,Rhawn*;Asmerom,Yemane;Polyak,VictorJ.; Wyrwoll,Karl-Heinz;Humphreys,Bill;Cugley,John;Woods, David:TroPical cYlone origin oF mUD laYerS in STalagmiTeS From TroPical aUSTralia 10:00AM Udall,BradleyH.*:aUSTralia 2001-2010: a DecaDe oF climaTe eXTremeS anD PUBlic PolicY reSPonSeS 163-6

163-7 163-8 163-9

163-10 10:40AM Riihimaki,CatherineA.*:USing giS To Teach naTUral DiSaSTerS (anD Vice VerSa) To non-geologY STUDenTS 163-11 10:55AM Boger,Rebecca*;Montgomery,William:miXeD STraTegieS To Teach giS To DiVerSe UrBan STUDenTS: leSSonS learneD anD STUDenT eXamPleS 163-12 11:10AM Robinson,SarahE.*;Beard,Sue;Felger,TraceyJ.:laB eXerciSe USing Thermal-inFrareD imagerY For geologic maPPing 163-13 11:25AM Helper,Mark*:giS analYSiS oF anTarcTica BeneaTh The ice anD eFFecTS oF ice remoVal anD iSoSTaTic reBoUnD 163-14 11:40AM Tewksbury,Barbara;Tewksbury,DavidA.*:WhaT ShoUlD We Be Teaching in inTroDUcTorY giS anD remoTe SenSing coUrSeS?



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 209


SeSSion no. 164

T178. Reaching the Next Generation: Tales of Successful Strategies and Frustrating Challenges from Teaching EarthScience Courses For Pre-Service Elementary Teachers (GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208AB KyleGrayandAnnBykerk-Kauffman,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 164-1 8:05AM Kean,WilliamF.*:earTh Science For Pre-eD maJorS aT The UniVerSiTY oF WiSconSin -milWaUKee 8:20AM Barney,JeffreyA.*;Bentz,AmyE.;McCowen,RobertH.: reaching PreSerVice TeacherS in a general eDUcaTion ocean SYSTemS coUrSe ThroUgh The USe oF TechnologY 8:35AM Fox,LydiaK.*:PreParing FUTUre elemenTarY School TeacherS BY helPing Them oVercome Their Fear oF Science 8:50AM Foster,Tom;Springer,Cathryn;Locke,Sharon*:regional collaBoraTion To imProVe Science conTenT coUrSeS For Pre-SerVice elemenTarY TeacherS 9:05AM Anderson,JenniferL.B.*;Beatty,WilliamLee;Nosek,John; Bates,Kim;Ferstl,Andrew:The "inVeSTigaTiVe Science" SerieS ­ inTerDiSciPlinarY Science conTenT coUrSeS For elemenTarY eDUcaTion maJorS 9:20AM Ellwein,AmyL.*;Nyman,MatthewW.;Connealy,Selena; Strong,Mel;Daniel,MaryJo:inVeSTigaTing anD imProVing The Science anD DaTa liTeracY oF Pre-SerVice elemenTarY eDUcaTorS 9:35AM Miller,Heather*;Llerandi-Román,PabloA.;Mattox,Stephen; Dobson,Christopher;Ludwig,MatthewA.:inTegraTing climaTe change For elemenTarY Pre-SerVice TeacherS: TaleS From The FielD 9:50AM Break 10:05AM Bykerk-Kauffman,Ann*:learning BY Teaching: emBeDDing Teaching eXPerienceS inTo an earTh Science coUrSe For Pre-SerVice elemenTarY School TeacherS 10:20AM Petcovic,HeatherL.*:STraTegieS For conFronTing PreSerVice elemenTarY TeacherS' alTernaTe concePTionS 165-9 165-8

SeSSion no. 165

T197. Seeing the True Shape of Earth: Quantitative and Qualitative Applications of Airborne LiDAR (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101DE IanP.MadinandD.E.Luman,Presiding 165-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:10AM Passalacqua,Paola*:nonlinear DiFFUSion anD geoDeSic PaThS For aUTomaTic channel neTWorK anD geomorPhic FeaTUre eXTracTion From liDar 8:30AM Olsen,MichaelJ.*;Butcher,Shawn;Silvia,EvonP.:in-SiTU change DeTecTion USing 3D laSer Scanning 8:50AM DeLong,StephenB.*;Murphy,BrendanP.;Henderson, WhitneyM.;Yokelson,IntanN.;Ferre,MeganD.: STormS, FlooDS anD Fire: changing DrYlanD lanDScaPeS DUring The norTh american monSoon 9:05AM Niebuhr,SpencerR.*;Herried,Bradley;Obryk,Maceij; Doran,Peter:ProJecTing laKe-leVel riSe From airBorne liDar anD climaTe moDelS in TaYlor ValleY, anTarcTica 9:20AM Rengers,FrancisK.*;Tucker,GregoryE.;Phillips,DavidA.; Okal,Marianna:eXPloring KnicKPoinT reTreaT mechanicS WiTh rePeaT TerreSTrial liDar ScanS 9:35AM White,LionelS.Jr.*;Cline,JarvisR.;Alfarhan, MohammedS.;Mills,Graham;Aiken,CarlosL.V.:high reSolUTion PhoTorealiSTic oUTcroP moDel acQUiSiTion, conSTrUcTion, anD analYSiS 9:50AM Break 10:05AM Haneberg,WilliamC.*:STrUcTUral SigniFicance oF lineamenTS inFerreD From high-reSolUTion liDar DigiTal eleVaTion moDelS in areaS WiTh heaVY VegeTaTion or Soil coVer 10:20AM Flaig,PeterP.*;vanderKolk,Dolores;Burton,Darrin; Dunlap,DallasB.;Garrard,Richard;Wood,Lesli: liDar-enhanceD FacieS, archiTecTUral, anD STaTiSTical analYSeS oF a PoTenTial Paleocene reSerVoir: The Prince creeK FormaTion aT SagWon BlUFFS, norTh SloPe, alaSKa 10:35AM Davias,Michael*;Gilbride,JeanetteL.:liDar DigiTal eleVaTion maPS emPloYeD in carolina BaY SUrVeY


165-2 165-3












164-10 10:35AM Linneman,ScottR.*;DeBari,S.M.:geologY anD eVerYDaY ThinKing: a meTacogniTiVe learning eXPerience DeSigneD To inSPire FUTUre elemenTarY TeacherS To Teach earTh Science 164-11 10:50AM Teed,Rebecca*;Williams,Tiffany;Slattery,William: increaSeS in ScienTiFic logical ThinKing SKillS in a Program For Pre-SerVice TeacherS 164-12 11:05AM Gray,Kyle*:aSSeSSing gainS in Science Teaching SelF-eFFicacY anD geoScience conTenT For Pre-SerVice elemenTarY eDUcaTion maJorS TaKing an inQUirY-BaSeD earTh Science coUrSe 11:20AM Discussion

165-10 10:50AM Nourzad,Seyed;Pradhan,Anu*:mUlTi-claSS claSSiFicaTion oF airBorne liDar USing aDaBooST algoriThm 165-11 11:05AM Legg,NicholasT.*;Meigs,Andrew;Grant,GordonE.; Kennard,Paul:liDar-BaSeD geomorPhic maPPing in ForeSTeD lanDScaPeS: USing TreeS To YoUr aDVanTage 165-12 11:20AM Pelletier,Jon*;McGuire,LukeA.;Ash,Jeanine;Engelder, Todd;Hill,LorenE.;Leroy,KennethW.;Orem,CaitlinA.; Rosenthal,W.Steven;Rasmussen,Craig;Chorover,Jon: caliBraTion anD TeSTing oF UPlanD hillSloPe eVolUTion moDelS USing airBorne liDar: an eXamPle From The DaTeD lanDScaPe oF Banco BoniTo, neW meXico, U.S.a 11:35AM Discussion

210 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


SeSSion no. 166

T202. Coal Combustion Products and Impacts on the Society (GSA Geology and Health Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100BC AvnerVengosh,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 166-1 8:15AM Carriker,NeilE.*;Rogers,WilliamJ.;Yankee,DennisH.: The TVa KingSTon coal aSh SPill--oVerVieW oF reSearch UnDerWaY anD iniTial eValUaTion oF enVironmenTal eFFecTS 8:35AM Ruhl,Laura*;Vengosh,Avner;Dwyer,GaryS.: geochemical anD iSoToPic characTeriZaTion oF The enVironmenTal imPacTS oF coal comBUSTion ProDUcTS: leSSonS From The TenneSSee ValleY aUThoriTY coal aSh SPill 8:50AM Craven,AlisonM.*;Ryan,JosephN.;Aiken,GeorgeR.:The eFFecT oF DiSSolVeD organic maTTer on The releaSe oF Trace elemenTS From coal aSh in naTUral SUrFace WaTerS 9:05AM LeGalley,Erin*;Krekeler,MarkP.S.;Widom,Elisabeth; Kuentz,DavidC.:USing elecTron microScoPY anD iSoToPe geochemiSTrY To aSSeSS ParTicUlaTe PollUTion in STreeT SeDimenT near a coalFireD PoWer PlanT in hamilTon, ohio 9:20AM Break 9:35AM Hower,JamesC.*;Mardon,SarahM.;Silva,LuisF.: FUllereneS anD meTalloFUllereneS in coal-FireD SToKer FlY aSh: eXamPleS From a KenTUcKY PoWer PlanT 9:55AM Finkelman,RobertB.*:recenT coal-relaTeD hUman healTh iSSUeS 10:10AM Bhattacharyya,Sidhartha*;Donahoe,RonaJ.:a SeQUenTial chemical eXTracTion STUDY oF The leachaBiliTY oF Trace elemenTS From UnTreaTeD anD TreaTeD coal FlY aSh 10:25AM Lee,JinCheol;Bradshaw,SabrinaL.;Edil,TuncerB.*; Benson,CraigH.:liFe cYcle analYSiS oF USing coal comBUSTion ProDUcTS in SUSTainaBle conSTrUcTion 10:40AM Lundy,Sherman*:USing coal aSh For limeSTone QUarrY reclamaTion 167-6 laBoraTorY: eXamining JaroSiTe DiSSolUTion anD coUPleD hemaTiTe PreciPiTaTion To conSTrain ancienT aQUeoUS enVironmenTS aT meriDiani PlanUm 9:15AM Farrand,WilliamH.*;Bell,JamesF.III.;Johnson,JeffreyR.; Schroeder,Christian:USing ViSiBle anD near inFrareD mUlTiSPecTral imagerY From roVerBaSeD PlaTFormS To DiSTingUiSh alTereD Volcanic TePhraS anD oXiDiZeD maTerialS 9:30AM Wray,JamesJ.*:roVerS anD orBiTerS reVeal WiDe-ranging aQUeoUS conDiTionS on marS 9:45AM Grotzinger,JohnP.*:The marS Science laBoraTorY miSSion 10:00AM Jewell,Paul*;Chan,Marjorie;Nicoll,Kathleen;Parker, Timothy;Okubo,ChrisH.;Komatsu,Goro;Ormo,Jens; Barker,Donald:iDenTiFYing SUiTaBle TerreSTrial analogS oF marS ShoreZone FeaTUreS: PlaneTarY eXPloraTion gUiDelineS

167-7 167-8 167-9




167-10 10:15AM Allen,CarltonC.*;Sephton,Mark;McLennan,ScottM.; Beaty,DavidW.;Boston,Penny;Grady,Monica;Heber, Veronika;Herd,Chris;Ruff,StevenW.;Symes,Steve: mePag recommenDaTionS For a 2018 marS SamPle reTUrn caching lanDer ­ SamPle TYPeS, nUmBer, anD SiZeS 167-11 10:30AM Karunatillake,Suniti*;McLennan,ScottM.:SegmenTing imageS aUTomaTicallY For granUlomeTrY anD SeDimenTologY oF marTian Soil 167-12 10:45AM Elphic,RichardC.*;Colaprete,Anthony;Heldmann,J.; Beyer,Ross;Fong,Terry;Cockrell,James;Pedersen,Liam: FeaSiBiliTY STUDY oF a limiTeD-Scale lUnar Polar VolaTileS ProSPecTing miSSion 11:00AM g.K. gilbert award Presentation: Steven W. Squyres


166-6 166-7



PoSTer Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 168

Economic Geology (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 168-1 168-2 1 Xu,ZhengqiSr.*:UraniUm meTallogeneSiS oF moTianling maSSiF in The norTh oF gUangXi 2 Zhang,ChengjiangSr.*;Xu,ZhengqiSr.;Ni,Shijun:maJor geological eVenTS anD UraniUm meTallogeneSiS in SoUTh-WeST china 3 Fields,Andrew*;Hitzman,MurrayW.;Wood,Dave:The geologY oF The cenTral Zone, SenTinel coPPer DePoSiT, nW ZamBia 4 Losh,Steven*;Rague,Ryan:PoSSiBle earlY oXiDaTion oF The BiWaBiK iron FormaTion, minneSoTa 5 Bitner,Joshua*;Heimann,Adriana;Wise,MichaelA.;Rodrigues Soares,Dwight;MousinhoFerreira,AnaCláudia:garneT anD gahniTe From The BorBorema PegmaTiTe ProVince, norTheaSTern BraZil, aS inDicaTorS oF PegmaTiTe eVolUTion anD PoTenTial For rare-meTal mineraliZaTion 6 Ni,Shijun*;Zhang,Chengjiang;Xu,Zhengqi:UraniUm eXPloraTion anD The ProSPecTing DirecTion, in SoUThWeST china 7 Zhang,Chengjiang*;Xu,Zhengqi;Ni,Shijun:maJor geological eVenTS anD UraniUm meTallogeneSiS in SoUTh-WeST oF china


SeSSion no. 167

T213. Robotic Exploration of Planetary Surfaces: The G.K. Gilbert Award Session (GSA Planetary Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100H-J DavidA.WilliamsandLarrySoderblom,Presiding 167-1 8:00AM Crumpler,LarryS.*:SPiriT'S TraVerSe aroUnD home PlaTe, colUmBia hillS, marS: meThoDS anD Some reSUlTS 8:15AM Cole,ShoshannaB.*;Watters,WesleyA.;Squyres, StevenW.:STrUcTUre oF hUSBanD hill anD The WeST SPUr oF The colUmBia hillS, gUSeV craTer 8:30AM Arvidson,Raymond*:coorDinaTeD criSm anD oPPorTUniTY oBSerVaTionS To DeTermine The mineralogY anD geologic hiSTorY oF meriDiani PlanUm 8:45AM Andrews-Hanna,JeffreyC.*:The Filling oF enDeaVoUr craTer, marS: a moDeling aPProach To UnDerSTanDing hiriSe, criSm, anD oPPorTUniTY oBSerVaTionS 9:00AM ElwoodMadden,MeganE.*;Madden,AndrewS.;Pritchett, Brittany;Kendall,MatthewR.;Zahrai,Shayda;Rimstidt, J.Donald;Hamilton,VictoriaE.:From roVer To



168-4 168-5






9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 211


168-8 8 Xu,Zhengqi*;Zhang,Chengjiang;Ni,Shijun:UraniUm meTallogeneSiS anD characTeriSTicS oF moTianling maSSiF in The norTh oF gUangXi 9 Chen,Youliang*:The carBon anD oXYgen iSoToPic characTeriSTicS anD Trace elemenT geochemiSTrY in Zoige 510-1 UraniUm DePoSiT, rUoergai,china 10 White,JoshuaM.*;Gammons,ChristopherH.;Zieg,G.A.: ParageneSiS oF coBalT anD nicKel in The ProTeroZoic SheeP creeK maSSiVe SUlFiDe DePoSiT, cenTral monTana 11 Ayorinde,AdebayoOlujinmi*;Elliott,W.Crawford;Kogel, JessicaElzea:mineralogY anD geochemiSTrY oF The BaUXiTe DePoSiTS (creTaceoUS), WilKinSon coUnTY, georgia 12 Steiner,R.Alex*;Brake,SandraS.;Saunders,JamesA.; Hames,WillisE.;Aseto,CollinsO.:PrecioUS meTal mineraliZaTion aT FloriDa moUnTain, SilVer ciTY DiSTricT, iDaho 13 Tharalson,ErikR.*;Monecke,Thomas:igneoUS STraTigraPhY, SUlFiDe mineralogY, anD PrecioUS meTal DiSTriBUTion oF The SerPenTine cU-ni DePoSiT, DUlUTh comPleX, minneSoTa 14 Donoghue,Kellie*;Ripley,EdwardM.:SUlFUr iSoToPic eViDence For DiSTincT SoUrceS oF SUlFUr in The Bic anD liTTle Bic inTrUSionS, Baraga BaSin, michigan 15 Wu,Zhongwei*;Sun,Xiaoming;Konishi,Hiromi;Xu,Huifang: occUrrence anD DiSTriBUTion oF PrecioUS meTalS in SUlFaTe-rich hYDroThermal PreciPiTaTeS From The eDmonD VenT FielD, cenTral inDian riDge 16 Meighan,CoreyJ.*;Hitzman,MurrayW.;Zhao,Xin-Fu;Bennett, Mitchell;Zhou,Mei-Fu;Anderson,Eric:meSoProTeroZoic SeDimenTarY-rocK hoSTeD STraTiForm coPPer DePoSiTS oF YUnnan ProVince, SW china 17 Hall,WesleyS.*;Nelson,EricP.;Hitzman,MurrayW.;MacKay, WallaceG.:STrUcTUral conTrolS on mineraliZaTion, BoSeTo coPPer DePoSiTS, norThWeST BoTSWana 18 Frank,MarkR.*;Fraley,Kendle;Vaccaro,DavidM.;Kerwin, Sean:high-TemPeraTUre mineral alTeraTion in The alBiTe-anDalUSiTe-QUarTZ-Brine SYSTem 19 Ni,ShijunSr.*;Zhang,ChengjiangSr.;Xu,ZhengqiSr.:PreSenT conDiTion oF UraniUm eXPloraTion anD The ProSPecTing DirecTion, in SoUThWeST china 20 Fraley,Kendle*;Frank,MarkR.:golD in SUlFiDeS mineralS in The high TemPeraTUre PorPhYrY enVironmenT 21 Chen,YouliangSr.*:The carBon anD oXYgen iSoToPic characTeriSTicS anD Trace elemenT geochemiSTrY in Zoige 510-1 UraniUm DePoSiT 22 Larese-Casanova,Philip*;Blake,RuthE.;Schellenger, AlexandraE.:aS anD Se immoBiliZaTion eXamineD WiTh oXYgen iSoToPe meaSUremenTS 170-5 169-10 169-4 The animaS riVer ThroUgh SilVerTon, coloraDo: an aPPlieD engineering geomorPhologY claSS ProJecT 26 Koralegedara,NadeeshaH.*;Maynard,J.Barry:chemical, mineralogical, TeXTUral ProPerTieS oF The KoPe FormaTion mUDSToneS: hoW TheY aFFecT iTS DUraBiliTY 27 Zhang,Mingyi*;Harbor,JonathanM.:moDeling The Thermal BehaVior oF highlY PoroUS meDia emBanKmenTS in PermaFroST regionS 28 Abudulawal,Lukuman;Amidu,SikiruA.*:geoTechnical inVeSTigaTion oF Some SUBgraDe SoilS in iBaDan, SoUThWeSTern nigeria 29 Vermeulen,Luke*:eValUaTing The relaTionShiP BeTWeen moiSTUre inDUceD eXPanSion anD horiZonTal STreSS orienTaTion in SamPleS From The noneSUch Shale FormaTion 30 Berg,AshleyR.M.*;Stephens,IsaacJ.;Olsen,RichardS.; Pearson,MonteL.:correlaTion oF mineralogY anD inDeX ProPerTieS WiTh FUllY-SoFTeneD Shear STrengTh oF The DallaS FlooDWaY SYSTem 31 Chesner,Warren*;McMillan,NancyJ.;Montoya,CarlosJr.; Jonell,Tara;Mader,Sandra:aPPlicaTion oF laSerinDUceD BreaKDoWn SPecTroScoPY (liBS) anD chemomeTricS To eXTenD PeTrograPhic STUDieS To raPiD, real-Time conSTrUcTion aggregaTe analYSiS 32 Hermosilla,Rodolfo*:neW inFormaTion on The gUaTemala ciTY SinKholeS From PoST collaPSe inVeSTigaTionS














SeSSion no. 170

Geology and Health (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 170-1 33 Scheytt,TraugottJ.*;Grützmacher,Gesche;Müller,Beate: TreaTmenT oF naTUral SeDimenTS aS oPTion To inFlUence reDoX Zoning 34 Ibaraki,Motomu*;Tseng,Kuo-Hsin;Lee,Hyongki;Shum,C.K.; Liang,Song:moniToring ParaSiTic DiSeaSe TranSmiSSion ThroUgh mUlTiPle SPaceBorne SenSorS: SchiSToSomiaSiS in PoYang laKe, china 35 Bishop,EllenMorris*;Miller,MarliBryant:The imPorTance oF image: caPTUring geologic FielD relaTionS aT mUlTiPle ScaleS anD ViSUal FormaTS 36 Carbone,Michele*;Yang,Haining;Brass,Brian;Dogan, AhmetUmran;Partridge,CharlesR.;Pass,HarveyI.;Steele, IanM.;Tuncer,Murat;Way,Steve;Miller,Aubrey:erioniTe eXPoSUre in norTh DaKoTa anD in The TUrKiSh VillageS WiTh meSoThelioma 37 Breithaupt,BrentH.*;Matthews,NeffraA.:PaleonTological "Big game hUnTing:" caPTUring The acTiViTieS oF ancienT organiSmS WiTh a camera: PhoTogrammeTric ichnologY in norTh america, eUroPe, aSia, anD aFrica 38 Dogan,AhmetUmran*:erioniTe anD meSoThelioma: ProPoSeD rUleS For QUanTiTaTiVe erioniTe characTeriZaTion 39 Matsumoto,Andrew*;Schwartz,GraceE.;Deonarine,Amrika; Hsu-Kim,Heileen:aSSeSSmenT oF mercUrY SPeciaTion in coal aSh BY SeQUenTial eXTracTionS 40 Bartov,Gideon*;Johnson,ThomasM.:Tracing mUlTiPle mercUrY SoUrceS in riVer SeDimenTS near The TVa KingSTon SiTe USing hg STaBle iSoToPe raTioS 41 Allison,M.Lee*;Gallagher,KevinT.:U.S. geoScience inFormaTion neTWorK: a criTical PaTh For DaTa inTegraTion in The U.S. earTh ScienceS





168-20 168-21




SeSSion no. 169

Engineering Geology (Posters): Recent Advances and Studies in Engineering Geology

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 169-1 23 Stirewalt,GerryL.*;Plaza-Toledo,Meralis;Bauer,LaurelM.: geologY in The regUlaTorY reVieW ProceSS For neW nUclear PoWer FaciliTY aPPlicaTionS aT The U.S. nUclear regUlaTorY commiSSion 24 Jamshidi,Hossein*;Sheshpari,Morteza:engineering geological STUDieS For STaBiliZing TelecommUnicaTion STaTion SiTe in The ciTY oF ahVaZ 25 Orts,Alison*;Giardino,JohnR.;Vitek,JohnD.;Gamache, Kevin;Gamache,Garrett;VanWinkle,Scott:reSToraTion oF







212 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


170-10 42 Patten,Kimberly*;Allison,M.Lee;Richard,StephenM.:U.S. geoScience inFormaTion neTWorK: DiSTriBUTeD DePloYmenT acroSS 50 STaTeS 43 Cline,JarvisR.*;Alfarhan,MohammedS.;White,LionelS.Jr.; Mills,Graham;Aiken,CarlosL.V.:comBining a roBoTic camera SYSTem WiTh TerreSTrial liDar To ProDUce VerY high reSolUTion PhoTorealiSTic oUTcroP moDelS 44 Gallagher,KevinT.*;Gundersen,LindaC.:U.S. geoScience inFormaTion neTWorK: The USgS commUniTY on DaTa inTegraTion 45 Forsman,NelsF.*;Eylands,KurtE.:nD erioniTe reSearch Timeline 46 Knudsen,AndrewC.*;Clark,Jeffrey;Blount,James;Blair,Hava; Trotter,Joshua;Luedtke,Megan:chemical anD geoSPaTial DiSTriBUTion oF PB in SoilS oF Smaller UrBan cenTerS 172-7 creTaceoUS) in cenTral meXico, anD Their relaTion To oceanic anoXic eVenT 2 (oae 2) 172-5 57 Benison,KathleenC.*;Bowen,BrendaB.;Haagsma,AutumnJ.; Oboh-Ikuenobe,FranciscaE.;SanchezBotero,Carlos;Story, Stacy:mUlTiPle PaleoclimaTe ProXieS From eocene ­ holocene laKe, eolian, anD PaleoSol FacieS in WeSTern aUSTralia coreS: PreliminarY reSUlTS 58 Smith,AlexanderR.*;Lewis,AdamR.;Ashworth,AllanC.: PreSerVeD Till SeQUenceS anD The reorganiZaTion oF glacial PaTTernS DUring miocene Time ­ FriiS hillS, anTarcTica 59 Ji,Junfeng*;He,Tong;Balsam,William;Chen,Jun: ProToDolomiTe in The laTe miocene-Pliocene reD claY FormaTion, chineSe loeSS PlaTeaU: TeleconnecTion To The Pliocene PermanenT el niÑo-liKe climaTe 60 Winkelstern,IanZ.*;Surge,Donna:eViDence From BiValVe SclerochronologY For a cool laTe Pliocene climaTe in The WeSTern norTh aTlanTic 61 Freeman,TiffanyC.*;Latimer,JenniferC.:Fine FracTion mineralogY aS an inDicaTor oF DeTriTal ProVenance in The SoUTheaSTern aTlanTic ocean 62 Johnson,WilliamC.*;Halfen,AlanF.;Spencer,JoelQ.G.; Hanson,Paul;Young,Aaron:eolian SanD eViDence For lanDScaPe inSTaBiliTY in The cenTral greaT PlainS DUring miS 3 63 Deal,RebeccaM.*;Eppes,M.C.;Diemer,J.A.;Armour,J.;Brazell, Seth;Johnson,B.G.:TemPoral anD SPaTial VariaBiliTY oF high reSolUTion PoST-laST glacial maXimUm (lgm) climaTe recorDS, SoUThern San JUan moUnTainS, coloraDo 64 Cooke,KristenA.*;Dallimore,Audrey;Hay,MurrayB.;Enkin, RandolphJ.:a laTe holocene PaleoenVironmenTal hiSTorY oF maSS moVemenT in an anoXic marine FJorD oF The cenTral BriTiSh colUmBia coaST moUnTainS 65 Bose,NicholasR.*;Cola,ElizabethC.;Culver,Emily;Huff, WarrenD.;Krekeler,EvanM.;Longbottom,ToddL.;Maynard, J.Barry;Schneider,AndrewG.;Sigward,DanielE.;Young, SpencerA.:ohio'S miami anD erie canal: a SeDimenT recorD oF anThroPogenic anD climaTic change 66 Mackall,BenjaminT.*;Leonard,EricM.:eSTimaTeS oF laST glacial maXimUm climaTe oF The SnoWY range, SoUThern WYoming, USing nUmericallY moDeleD Paleoglacier reconSTrUcTionS 67 Anderson,AlyssaJ.*;Banner,Jay;Musgrove,MaryLynn; Hagemann,MarkW.;Folk,RobertL.:microScoPic groWTh BanDing in a STalagmiTe From cenTral TeXaS: imPlicaTionS For PaleoclimaTe reconSTrUcTion




170-13 170-14


SeSSion no. 171

Geoscience Education (Posters) III

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 171-1 47 Morrow,SavannahLee*;Fenner-Aubin,WendyMarie;Krekeler, MarkP.S.:aFTer School geoScience acTiViTieS For UnDerPriVilegeD aFrican-american 7th anD 8th graDerS aT The Ymca in The ciTY oF hamilTon, BUTler coUnTY, ohio 48 Houlton,HeatherR.*;Gonzales,LeilaM.;Keane,ChristopherM.: oUTreach eFForTS geareD ToWarD increaSeD inVolVemenT in anD PUrSUiT oF geoScience careerS 49 Cole,RonaldB.*;Boynton,Eric:inTegraTing geoScience anD hUmaniTieS DUring an UnDergraDUaTe TraVel coUrSe in WeSTern TUrKeY 50 Johnson,AaronW.*;Rohs,C.Renee:FielD geologY oF The BriTiSh iSleS: an acTiViTY-BaSeD inTernaTional FielD coUrSe 51 Reynolds,Jim*;Carlile,Olivia;McKee,Stephen;Reynolds,Elena; Sonner,Madeline:BreVarD college'S 2011 FielD TriP To The galÁPagoS iSlanDS 52 Briedis,CynthiaA.;Seid,MaryJ.*:illinoiS STaTe geological SUrVeY PUBlic FielD TriPS: FielD-BaSeD eDUcaTional oUTreach SerVing all-ageS in illinoiS 172-14 172-10 172-9










SeSSion no. 172

Paleoclimatology/Paleoceanography (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 172-1 53 Gouwy,SofieA.*;MacLeod,KennethG.;Leslie,StephenA.; Herrmann,AchimD.:neW STaBle oXYgen iSoToPe analYSiS on Single-TaXon conoDonT SamPleS From a SecTion in DicKeYVille, Wi ProViDe no SUPPorT For VolcanicallY ForceD climaTic ShiFT in The laTe orDoVician 54 Beard,JamesAndrew*;Ivany,Linda;Runnegar,Bruce: SeaSonal VariaTionS oF carBon anD oXYgen iSoToPe raTioS in ShellS oF The circUmPolar gonDWanan BiValVe eUrYDeSma, anD Their imPacT on inTerPreTaTionS oF earlY Permian climaTeS 55 LeBlanc,Stephanie*;Dworkin,S.I.;Atchley,Stacy;Nordt,Lee: reconSTrUcTing laTe TriaSSic enVironmenTal conDiTionS USing PaleoSol mineralS aSSemBlageS From The chinle FormaTion, ariZona, USa 56 Blanco,Alberto*;Maurrasse,FlorentinJ.;Duque,Fabian; Delgado,Agustin:anoXic­DYSoXic­oXic conDiTionS in The cenomanian agUa nUeVa FormaTion (UPPer


SeSSion no. 173

Paleontology (Posters) III: Biogeography, Biostratigraphy, and Taphonomy

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 173-1 68 Mering,JohnA.*;Gaines,RobertR.;Zhao,Yuanlong;Peng,Jin: STraTigraPhic anD microFacieS analYSiS oF The Kaili FormaTion aT Balang Village, gUiZhoU, china 69 Li,Xiangfeng*;Lin,Jih-Pai:Three TaPhonomic WinDoWS From The Kaili FormaTion (camBrian SerieS 2-3), SoUTh china 70 Rolls,MonicaV.*;Pruss,SaraB.:SeDimenTologY, ichnologY, anD SoFT-BoDieD PreSerVaTion oF The SerieS 3 camBrian march PoinT anD PeTiT JarDin FormaTionS, WeSTern neWFoUnDlanD






9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 213


173-4 71 Clark,GeorgeR.*:organic maTriX PreSerVaTion in loWer PaleoZoic BrachioPoDS iS more common Than We ThinK 72 Peterson,Stephen;Myer,GeorgeH.;Grandstaff,BarbaraS.; Grandstaff,DavidE.*:a mUlTiSTage moDel oF PreSerVaTion in FoSSil PlanTS From The lleWellYn FormaTion (PennSYlVanian), ST. clair, PennSYlVania, USa 73 Xu,Hong-He*:a miDDle DeVonian PlanT lagerSTäTTe From norTh XinJiang, china 74 Karr,Jered*;Clapham,MatthewE.:BioTic anD enVironmenTal conTrolS on long-Term TrenDS in inSecT TaPhonomY 75 Colombi,CarinaE.*:The TaPhonomic moDeS in The FlUVial SYSTem oF The UPPer TriaSSic iSchigUalaSTo FormaTion, nW argenTina 76 Brundridge,KristaM.*;Barta,DanielE.;Jackson,FrankieD.; Varricchio,DavidJ.;Jin,Xingsheng:FoSSil eggS From ZheJiang ProVince, china: eViDence oF a reDUcing enVironmenT FaciliTaTeD BY organic DecomPoSiTion 77 Brandau,DeannaL.*:Digging inTo BoneBeDS: a QUanTiTaTiVe meThoD For analYSiS oF DinoSaUr DePoSiTS USing QemScan, KaiParoWiTS FormaTion, UTah 78 Heness,ElizabethA.*;Wilk,Jewels;Kraal,Erin;Malenda, H.Fitzgerald;Simpson,Edward:TaPhonomY oF Barnacle anD FiSh Shoreline accUmUlaTionS oF The SalTon Sea, caliFornia, USa 79 Vietti,LauraA.*;Flood,BeverlyE.;Bailey,JakeV.:The role oF Whale-Fall microBial commUniTieS on Bone corroSion eXPloreD WiTh meTagenomicS 80 Hanson,Kathleen*;Bartholomew,Alex:The FaUna oF The STonY holloW memBer oF The Union SPringS Fm. (laTe eiFelian) oF neW YorK STaTe 81 Morgan,Ryan*:PaleoBiogeograPhic anD Paleoecologic aSSociaTionS among miSSiSSiPPian BrYoZoanS 82 Gorman,MarkII.*;Miller,IanM.:TemPoral anD laTiTUDinal Flora graDienTS in The laTe JUraSSic morriSon FormaTion 83 Dasková,Jirina*;Harrington,Guy:PlanT inTerchange BeTWeen eUroPe anD norTh america acroSS The Paleocene/eocene TranSiTion 84 Hendy,Austin,J.W.*:The earlY miocene cUleBra FormaTion oF Panama: BiogeograPhY anD BioDiVerSiTY oF neoTroPical mollUScS BeFore The iSThmUS 85 Knight,Cassi*;Wilf,Peter:rare leaF FoSSilS oF monimiaceae anD aTheroSPermaTaceae (laUraleS) From eocene PaTagonia: BiogeograPhY oF ancienT SoUThern rainForeST lineageS 86 RojasBriceno,Alexis*;Hendy,Austin,J.W.;Schemm-Gregory, Mena:The FirST recorDS oF cenoZoic BrachioPoDS From The iSThmUS oF Panama: imPlicaTionS For BiogeograPhY anD The QUaliTY oF The FoSSil recorD 87 Palacios,Teodoro*;Jensen,Sören;Barr,SandraM.;White, ChrisE.;Miller,RandallF.:neW BioSTraTigraPhical conSTrainTS on The loWer camBrian raTcliFFe BrooK FormaTion, in aValonia oF SoUThern neW BrUnSWicK, canaDa, From organic-WalleD microFoSSilS 88 Swisher,RobertE.*;Westrop,StephenR.;Brett,CarltonE.: comParaTiVe STraTigraPhY oF The UPPer orDoVician (SanDBian-KaTian) SUcceSSionS oF eaSTern miSSoUri anD cenTral TenneSSee 173-25 173-22 89 Casier,Jean-Georges*;Devleeschouwer,Xavier;Maillet, Sébastien;Petitclerc,Estelle;Préat,AlainR.Y.:oSTracoDeS, rocK FacieS anD magneTic SUScePTiBiliTY oF The giVeTian / FraSnian TranSiTion aT SoUrD D'aVe (DinanT SYnclinoriUm, BelgiUm) 90 Wendler,JensE.*;Wendler,Ines;Logan,M.AmeliaV.;Rose, TimothyR.;Huber,BrianT.:eXcePTionallY PreSerVeD TUronian calcareoUS microFlora From TanZania: imPlicaTionS oF PreSerVaTion on TaXonomY 91 Santos,CarlosEnrique*;Warny,Sophie;Jaramillo,Carlos; DelaParra,Felipe:PalYnoSTraTigraPhY oF The maaSTrichTian Umir FormaTion, miDDle magDalena ValleY BaSin (mmVB), colomBia -PreliminarY reSUlTS- 92 Hayes,KennethM.*;Buynevich,IlyaV.;Grandstaff,DavidE.;Terry, DennisO.Jr.:correlaTionS in magneTic SUScePTiBiliTY acroSS The creTaceoUS/Paleogene BoUnDarY in cenTral anD SoUThern neW JerSeY 93 Zonneveld,John-Paul*;Bartels,WilliamS.;Gunnell,GreggF.; Ciochon,Russell;Zaim,Yahdi;Rizal,Yan;Bettis,E.ArthurIII.: Paleogene STraTigraPhY anD PaleonTologY oF The Brani, SangKareWang, anD SaWahlUnTo FormaTionS, WeST SUmaTra 94 Harrison,Michael*;Fluegeman,RichardH.;Nicholson,KirstenN.; Maurizot,P.:macroForaminiFeral BioSTraTigraPhY anD PaleoBiogeograPhY oF The UiToÉ limeSTone (eocene; BarTonian) oF neW caleDonia, SoUTh PaciFic 95 Frederick,DanielL.*;Parker,Brandon:TriloBiTe FaUna oF The BroWnSPorT FormaTion (UPPer SilUrian) WeST TenneSSee 96 Couri,GeorgeM.Jr.*;Malgieri,ThomasJ.;Bartholomew, Alex:reDiScoVerY oF The "TriloBiTe BeD" oF The PorT JerViS FormaTion (UPPer lochoVian-loWer Pragian?) aT TriloBiTe moUnTain, PorT JerViS, neW YorK 97 DeVore,MelanieL.*;Pigg,KathleenB.;Hoganson,JohnW.; Benedict,JohnC.:TaXoDiaceoUS coniFer remainS aT a laTe Paleocene VerTeBraTe SiTe near meDora, norTh DaKoTa 98 Filipiak,Pawel*:non-calciFieD algae From The UPPer DeVonian oF The holY croSS moUnTainS, cenTral PolanD 99 Cuffey,RogerJ.*:SUBFoSSil anD moDern encrUSTing reeFal BrYoZoanS on miDWaY aToll, cenTral PaciFic ocean: PreliminarY oBSerVaTionS



173-6 173-7




















173-33 100 Haire,ScottA.*;Hanks,H.Douglas;Schroeder,AdamJ.: a hYmenoPTeran BrooDing chamBer From The coleraine FormaTion (UPPer creTaceoUS, cenomanian) oF The meSaBi iron range DiSTricT oF norThern minneSoTa 173-34 101 Liu,Huaibao*;Witzke,BrianJ.;Briggs,DerekE.G.;McKay, Robert;Spencer,Marc:a gianT PrionioDiniD conoDonT From The miDDle orDoVician WinneShieK lagerSTäTTe oF norTheaSTern ioWa, USa 173-35 102 Hoffman,BrianL.*;Hageman,ScottA.:a DiVerSe chonDrichThYan FaUna From The KanSaS ciTY groUP (PennSYlVanian) oF miSSoUri



SeSSion no. 174

Sediments, Clastic (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 174-1 103 Michel,LaurenA.*;Peppe,DanielJ.;Driese,Steven; McNulty,KieranP.;Lehmann,Thomas;Dunsworth,HollyM.; Harcourt-Smith,WilliamE.H.:PaleoenVironmenTal


214 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


reconSTrUcTion oF earlY miocene caTarrhine localiTieS USing FoSSil ForeST PaleoSolS From rUSinga iSlanD, laKe VicToria, KenYa 174-2 104 Burdsall,AdamC.*;Zaleha,MichaelJ.:PaleoenVironmenTal reconSTrUcTion oF a FoSSil-rich PennSYlVanianPermian oUTcroP, DUnKarD groUP, SoUTheaSTern ohio, USa 105 Edmunds,JordanA.*;Fluegeman,RichardH.:PaleocologY oF BenThic ForaminiFera From The cocKFielD FormaTion (eocene; BarTonian) oF The moBilmiSSiSSiPPi coreS, WaYne coUnTY, miSSiSSiPPi 106 Loope,DavidB.*;Kettler,RichardM.;Weber,KarrieA.;Hinrichs, NathanL.;Burgess,Derek:rinDeD concreTionS FormeD BY oXiDaTion oF SiDeriTe: raTTleSToneS anD marBleS From non-marine SanDS anD SanDSToneS oF QUaTernarY, creTaceoUS, anD JUraSSic age 107 Kettler,RichardM.*;Loope,DavidB.;Zlotnik,VitalyA.: DiSTincTiVe remnanTS oF SiDeriTe concreTionS oXiDiZeD in aDVecTing groUnDWaTer (naVaJo SanDSTone, SoUTh-cenTral UTah) 108 Emery,MatthewK.*;Maithel,SarahA.;Whitmore,JohnH.:can comPacTion accoUnT For loWer-Than-eXPecTeD croSS-BeD DiPS in The coconino SanDSTone (Permian), ariZona? 109 Lippert,PeterGregory*;Möller,Andreas;Kelly,Nigel: reDUcing BiaSeS in DeTriTal ProVenance U-(Th)-PB geochronologY analYSeS 110 RubioCisneros,IgorIshi*;OcampoDíaz,YamZulErnesto: SoUrce-To-SinK: a reTroSPecTion oF The SeDimenTarY PeTrograPhY eVolUTion 111 Ronghu,Zhang*;Guohua,Zhu;Jianfeng,Shou;Huiliang,Zhang; Ge,Chen;Chun,Liu;Bo,Wang:characTeriSTicS anD geological SigniFicance oF carBonaTe DeBriS in conTinenTal SanDSTone 174-17 119 Dahlqvist,Peter*;Gee,David;Frei,Dirk;Ladenberger,Anna: DeVeloPmenT oF The BalToScanDian ForelanD BaSin DUring cloSUre oF The iaPeTUS ocean anD BalTica-laUrenTia colliSion 174-18 120 Johnson,Grace*;Middleton,LarryT.;Umhoefer,PaulJ.:a SeDimenTological analYSiS oF The miDDle ThUmB conglomeraTe oF The horSe SPring FormaTion, laKe meaD area, nV 174-19 121 Hofmann,MichaelH.*;Hart,Bruce:claSSiFYing mUDrocKS BY USing a mUlTi-comPonenT clUSTer analYSiS 174-21 123 Yamaguchi,Naofumi*;Sekiguchi,Tomohiro:riPPleS UnDer laBoraTorY ParTiallY STanDing WaVeS 174-22 124 Scappaticci,NicholasI.*;Bodenbender,BrianE.:Time-laPSe camera SYSTem For moniToring ShorT- anD longTerm SeDimenTarY ProceSSeS 174-23 125 Medina,RachelA.*;Scappaticci,NicholasI.;Bodenbender, BrianE.:high DYnamic range imageS in SanD DUne PhoTogrammeTrY 174-24 126 Sekiguchi,Tomohiro*:riPPleS UnDer TWo-DimenSional oScillaTorY FloW: a TWo-DirecTional oScillaTorYBeD eXPerimenT 174-25 127 Ostfeld,Rosemary*;O'Connell,Suzanne;Patton,Peter; Resor,Phillip;Geiger,Lynn:BeDForm FormaTion in The glaSTonBUrY meanDerS oF The connecTicUT riVer 174-26 128 Whitmore,JohnH.*;Forsythe,Guy;Strom,Raymond;Garner, PaulA.:UnUSUal BeDDing STYleS For The coconino SanDSTone (Permian), ariZona







SeSSion no. 175

T3. The Archean of North America: The Core of a Continent (Posters) (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America; Geological Association of Canada)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 175-1 129 Teklehaimanot,Lulu*;Ferre,EricC.;Gébelin,Aude;Teyssier, Christian;Conder,JamesA.;Christensen,NikolasI.: archean crUSTal PeTroFaBricS in The minneSoTa riVer ValleY comPleX, SUPerior ProVince anD imPlicaTionS For SeiSmic aniSoTroPY 130 Liodas,NathanielT.*;Ferre,EricC.;Gébelin,Aude;Lin,Shoufa; Misgna,Grimay:PeTroSTrUcTUral aniSoTroPY oF an archean gneiSS Dome: eXamPle oF The PUKaSKWa BaTholiTh, SUPerior ProVince, canaDa 131 Lehrer,MaliaL.*;Aird,HannahM.;Boudreau,Alan:eXamining acceSSorY mineralS aSSociaTeD WiTh The PicKeT Pin PlaTinUm-rich Zone 132 Shirley,EmeraldK.*;Schmitz,MarkD.:a hiSTorY oF STaBiliZaTion anD moDiFicaTion oF craTonic norTh american crUST oF The eaSTern SnaKe riVer Plain, iDaho USing ThermochronologY oF DeeP crUSTal XenoliThS anD BaSemenT eXPoSUreS 133 Mueller,PaulA.*;Wooden,Joseph;Mogk,DavidW.;Henry, Darrell:craTonS, KeelS, anD earlY crUSTal groWTh in norTh america 134 McGrew,AllenJ.*;Premo,W.R.:The angel laKe gneiSS comPleX oF norTheaSTern neVaDa anD The SoUThWeSTern limiTS oF archean To PaleoProTeroZoic BaSemenT in norTh america 135 Yuan,Huaiyu*;Romanowicz,Barbara;Ford,Heather;Fischer, KarenM.:aniSoTroPY in The norTh american craTon 136 Staffenberg,JenniferConstance*;Mueller,P.A.;Mogk,David; Henry,D.J.;Wooden,J.L.:TeSTing a moDel oF 2.8 ga arc magmaTiSm WiTh Trace elemenTS



174-10 112 Griffing,DavidH.*;Johnson,EricL.;Haas,Skylar:a PaleoSol origin For an UnUSUal BroWn BaSalTic inTerVal WiThin Koloa VolcanicS, PoiPU Beach, KaUai, haWaii 174-11 113 Graves,NolanBradley*;Dorton,Melissa;Dorton,Richard; Venturelli,Ryan;Kilibarda,Zoran:nearShore graVel comPoSiTion in SoUThern laKe michigan 174-12 114 Hokanson,WilliamH.*;Keach,R.WilliamII.;Birgenheier, LaurenP.;McBride,JohnH.;Currie,BrianS.:iDenTiFYing comPleX FlUVial SanDSTone reSerVoirS USing core, Well log, anD 3D SeiSmic DaTa. creTaceoUS ceDar moUnTain anD DaKoTa FormaTionS, SoUThern UinTa BaSin, UTah 174-13 115 Schwartz,RobertK.;O'Brien,TaylorJ.;Barber,DouglasE.*; Ness,JamesB.;Weislogel,AmyL.:BraiDeD channel SYSTem in The Paleogene BeaVerheaD inTermonTane BaSin: a longiTUDinal SegmenT in The PaleomiSSoUri heaDWaTer SYSTem oF SoUThWeST monTana 174-14 116 Roy,SandipKumar*;Paul,Swagata;Sadhu,Rajib;Banerjee, Santanu:ProVenance anD TecTonic SeTTing oF a coarSe graineD FlYSch: caSe STUDY From anDaman FlYSch aT Trench SloPe BreaK, norTh anDaman iSlanDS 174-15 117 Dasgupta,Sudipta*;Buatois,LuisA.;Zavala,CarlosA.:an UnUSUal occUrrence oF The GLOSSIFUNGITES ichnoFacieS on SUBmarine canYon WallS ­ an eXamPle From Pliocene Paleo-orinoco ShelFeDge DelTaic SeDimenTS oF The maYaro FormaTion, SoUTheaST TriniDaD iSlanD, TriniDaD anD ToBago 174-16 118 Moore,MitchellForrest*;Hames,WillisE.;Uddin,Ashraf;Pashin, JackC.;Priester,Catherine:PeTrologY anD DeTriTal mineral geochronologY oF The carBoniFeroUS SeDimenTarY aPPalachianS, SoUTheaSTern USa






175-7 175-8

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 215


175-9 137 Siddoway,Christine*:PoTenTial SoUrceS oF crUSTal aniSoTroPY in The WYoming ProVince: inSighTS From BaSemenT STrUcTUreS oF The Bighorn moUnTainS, WYoming 176-11 150 Bultman,Mark*:eSTimaTing concealeD liThologY UnDer glacial anD PaleoZoic coVer in The WiSconSin magmaTic TerraneS WiTh groUnD-BaSeD magneTic ProFile DaTa 176-12 151 Keng,RachelVictoria*:FielD-BaSeD conSTrainTS on The STrUcTUral eVolUTion oF The BenTon UPliFT, oUachiTa moUnTainS

175-10 138 Frost,B.Ronald*;Frost,CarolD.;Swapp,SusanM.;Chamberlain, KevinR.:mUlTiPle TerraneS in The TeTon range, WYoming: eViDence For TecTonic aSSemBlY aT 2.68 anD 2.62 ga 175-11 139 Foster,DavidA.*;Mogk,DavidW.;Henry,DarrellJ.;Mueller, PaulA.:eVolUTion oF archean rocKS oF The SoUTh SnoWY BlocK, YelloWSTone naTional ParK: reSUlTS oF an reU SiTe ProJecT

SeSSion no. 177

T9. Tectonic Development of the Northern North American Cordillera (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 177-1 152 Malone,ShawnJoseph*;McClelland,WilliamC.:DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY oF DeVonian anD carBoniFeroUS SeDimenTarY rocKS oF The PearYa Terrane: imPlicaTionS For TeSTing Terrane reconSTrUcTionS 153 Hampton,BrianA.*;Deloge,Jennifer;Malkowski,MatthewA.: ProVenance anD BaSin DeVeloPmenT DUring The earlY meSoZoic eVolUTion oF The chUliTna Terrane: imPlicaTionS For STiKinia BacKarc relicTS in The alaSKa range SUTUre Zone? 154 Riccio,Steven*;Fitzgerald,P.G.;Benowitz,Jeff;Roeske,Sarah: aPaTiTe (U-Th)/he DaTing oF The SUSiTna glacier ThrUST FaUlT region, eaSTern alaSKa range, aK 155 Benowitz,Jeff*;Roeske,SarahM.;Layer,Paul:DeeP eXhUmaTion, neoTecTonicS, anD conSTrainTS on The Denali FaUlT SYSTem long-Term oFF-SeT hiSTorY: The ToTSchUnDa STranD anD The SoUTh-eaSTern alaSKa range 156 Birsic,Erin*;Cole,RonaldB.;Carrion,Lucas;Kindler,Kathryn; Chung,Sun-Lin;Lin,I-Jhen:eVolUTion oF a laTe creTaceoUS-earlY TerTiarY graniTic PlUTon anD aSSociaTeD garneT-Bearing DiKeS anD migmaTiTe in a colliSional Terrane SUTUre Zone, TalKeeTna moUnTainS, SoUTh-cenTral alaSKa 157 Donaghy,Erin*;Trop,Jeffrey;Idleman,Bruce:DeTriTal geochronologY anD SeDimenTologY oF Paleogene SeDimenTarY anD Volcanic rocKS eXPoSeD on The SoUThWeSTern FlanK oF The TalKeeTna moUnTainS, alaSKa: imPlicaTionS For eXhUmaTion anD BaSin DeVeloPmenT WiThin a remnanT Forearc DePocenTer 158 Szwarc,Tyler*;Trop,Jeffrey;Idleman,Bruce:neW STraTigraPhic anD DeTriTal geochronologic conSTrainTS on DeFormaTion, DePoSiTion, anD DeXTral DiSPlacemenT along The caSTle moUnTain FaUlT, SoUTh-cenTral alaSKa 159 Idleman,Bruce*;Trop,JeffreyM.;Ridgway,KennethD.: geochronological eViDence For raPiD Forearc SUBSiDence anD SeDimenTaTion DUring Paleogene SPreaDing riDge SUBDUcTion along The SoUThern alaSKa conVergenT margin 160 Mahjoor,Amirsasan*;Farris,DavidW.:DeTriTal Zircon DaTing oF KoDiaK accreTionarY comPleX; SoUTh alaSKa

SeSSion no. 176

T7. Exploring Subsurface Terranes and Buried Basins of Eastern and Central North America--Geology, Geophysics, and Geochronology (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; EarthScope; U.S. Geological Survey)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 176-1 140 Langston,CharlesA.*;DeShon,HeatherR.;Horton,StephenP.; Powell,ChristineA.;Thomas,WilliamA.;Ammon,CharlesJ.; Herrmann,RobertB.:ScienTiFic ProBlemS anD liThoSPheric TargeTS: The norThern emBaYmenT liThoSPhere eXPerimenT 141 Wagner,LaraS.*;Fischer,KarenM.;Hawman,RobertB.: imaging The ancienT margin: UPDaTeS From The SoUTh eaSTern SUTUre oF The aPPalachian margin eXPerimenT: SeSame 142 Heffner,DavidM.*;Knapp,JamesH.:TranSFer FaUlTS oF The SoUTh georgia riFT 143 Cumbest,R.J.*;Unruh,Jeffery;Lindvall,ScottC.;Hartleb,Ross: high-reSolUTion SeiSmic reFlecTion imaging oF a reacTiVaTeD TriaSSic BaSin BorDer FaUlT: The characTer oF BaSemenT-inVolVeD FaUlTing in coaSTal Plain STraTa 144 Kemp,ChristopherD.*;Hartleb,RossD.;Lindvall,ScottC.; Finley,JasonP.;Cumbest,RandolphJ.;Syms,FrankH.: negaTiVe eViDence For TecTonic SUrFace DeFormaTion BY reVerSe-reacTiVaTeD SUBSUrFace FaUlTS aSSociaTeD WiTh TriaSSic riFTing anD BaSin FormaTion: a geomorPhic aSSeSSmenT oF The SaVannah riVer SiTe, ga 145 Dennis,AllenJ.*;Shervais,JohnW.;Maher,HarmonJr.: SUBSUrFace crYSTalline TerraneS oF SoUTh carolina 146 Wilhelm,Helmut;Burkhardt,Hans;Popov,Yuri;Heidinger,Philipp*; Mayr,SibylleI.;Romushkevich,Raisa;Gorobtsov,Denis:The Thermo-hYDraUlic regime oF The cheSaPeaKe BaY imPacT STrUcTUre 147 Gibson,RogerL.*;Townsend,GabrielleN.;Horton,J.WrightJr.; Kunk,MichaelJ.;Zack,Thomas:age oF miD-amPhiBoliTe FacieS alleghanian meTamorPhiSm in rocKS From The icDP-USgS eYreVille-B core, cheSaPeaKe BaY imPacT STrUcTUre, Virginia 148 Holm,D.K.*;Hull,Angie;Schneider,D.A.:40ar/39ar ThermochronologY oF Drill core SamPleS From The cenTral YaVaPai ProVince, U.S. miDconTinenT





176-3 176-4











176-10 149 Puckett,RobertE.Jr.*;Hanson,R.;Eschberger,AmyM.; Bulen,CaseyL.;Brueseke,M.:USing BaSemenT WellS To inVeSTigaTe The SUBSUrFace camBrian BimoDal Volcanic recorD in The SoUThern oKlahoma aUlacogen

177-10 161 Davidson,Cameron*;Garver,JohnI.;Hilbert-Wolf,HannahL.; Carlson,Benjamin:maXimUm DePoSiTional age oF The Paleocene To eocene orca FlYSch, Prince William SoUnD, alaSKa 177-11 162 Lowey,Grant*:The leWeS riVer groUP (TriaSSic) arcFringing carBonaTe PlaTForm: SeDimenTological eViDence WhiTehorSe TroUgh WaS an eaST-Facing Forearc BaSin

216 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


177-12 163 Mora-Klepeis,Gabriela*;Klepeis,Keith:magma reSerVoir characTeriZaTion anD TecTonic TranSiTionS DUring conSTrUcTion oF The coaST moUnTain BaTholiTh, Se alaSKa, BriTiSh colUmBia 177-13 164 Mahoney,J.Brian*;Nelson,JoAnne;Gehrels,George;Karl, SusanM.;Diakow,Larry;Angen,Joel:PaleoZoic eVolUTion oF The SoUThern aleXanDer Terrane, norThWeST BriTiSh colUmBia 177-14 165 Pignotta,Geoffrey*;Mahoney,J.Brian;Meyers,JessicaL.: characTeriZaTion oF a laTe PaleoZoic arc SecTion in The Terrace-KiTimaT area, BriTiSh colUmBia 177-15 166 O'Brien,Tim*;Pana,Dinu;vanderPluijm,BenA.:JUraSSic To earlY eocene DeFormaTion PUlSeS in The norThern rocKieS FolD-ThrUST BelT; neW eViDence From 40ar/39ar DaTing oF claY-rich FaUlT goUge in The alBerTa SegmenT 177-16 167 Meigs,Andrew*;Grunder,AnitaL.:BlocKS, PoleS, eXTenSion, anD conTracTion - The BacKarc STorY oF caScaDia 177-17 168 Hislop,Ann*;Guest,Bernard:The SoUThern TerminaTion oF The STaTeline FaUlT, eaSTern caliFornia Shear Zone, caliFornia anD neVaDa: PreliminarY conSTrainTS From geologic maPPing

SeSSion no. 179

T38. Provenance Analysis in Modern and Ancient Sedimentary Systems (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 179-1 176 Soreghan,GerilynS.;Soreghan,MichaelJ.*:Tracing claSTic DeliVerY To The Permian DelaWare BaSin USing DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY 177 Heydweiller,ErichC.*;Aschoff,Jennifer:an imProVeD nUmerical moDel oF conglomeraTe ProVenance 178 Hyodo,Ayumi*;Kozdon,Reinhard;Pollington,AnthonyD.; Valley,JohnW.:BUrial hiSTorY oF The camBrian eaU claire FormaTion BaSeD on in SiTU oXYgen iSoToPe analYSiS oF QUarTZ oVergroWThS anD healeD FracTUreS 179 Ramarao,Thejashwini*;Gilotti,JaneA.;McClelland,WilliamC.: ProVenance oF The carBoniFeroUS BaSin in holm lanD, norTh-eaST greenlanD 180 Scholonek,Kornelia;Huber,Barbara;Gärtner,Claudia*;Bahlburg, Heinrich:lighT anD heaVY mineral PeTrograPhY anD geochemiSTrY oF PaleoProTeroZoic SanDSToneS DrilleD DUring The Far-DeeP ProJecT ­ DeciPhering The PaleoProTeroZoic SeDimenTarY ProVenance oF The BalTic ShielD 181 Lovell,ThomasR.*;Bowen,BrendaB.;Fischietto,Nick: TemPoral changeS in comPoSiTion anD DeTriTal Zircon U-PB ageS in The UPPer camBrian moUnT Simon SanDSTone, miDWeST UniTeD STaTeS: imPlicaTionS For FlUcTUaTion in SeDimenTarY ProVenance 182 Doebbert,AmaliaC.*;LaMaskin,Todd;Peters,Shanan;Meyers, StephenR.;Carroll,Alan:a neW conFiDence-limiTS BaSeD meThoD For comParing DeTriTal Zircon U-PB age DiSTriBUTionS

179-2 179-3



SeSSion no. 178

T24. Structural Geology and Tectonics of Foreland Basins (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 178-1 169 Mandal,Subhadip*;Robinson,DeloresM.;Paul,SudipK.: neW U-PB DeTriTal Zircon age conSTrainTS From The leSSer himalaYan SeQUenceS, himachalUTTaranchal area, norThWeSTern inDia 170 Shami,Malek*;Rouzyi,Zulekha;Schleifer,Stanley;Khandaker, NazrulI.:The origin oF TecTonic eXTrUSionS anD comPleX STrUcTUral FeaTUreS in The WeST-cenTral region oF Yemen (miDDle eaST) 171 Witte,Jan*;Bonora,Massimo;Oncken,Onno;Carbone,Carlos: migraTion mechaniSmS in naTUrallY FracTUreD oil-ProDUcing SillS, norThern neUQUen BaSin, argenTina 172 Perez,NicholasD.*;Horton,BrianK.:iniTial ShorTening in The norThern alTiPlano: STraTigraPhic, STrUcTUral anD geochronological conSTrainTS From The aYaViri BaSin, PerU 173 Klepeis,Keith*;McAtamney,Janelle;Mehrtens,Charlotte; Thomson,StuartN.;Betka,Paul;Mosher,Sharon:alongSTriKe VariaBiliTY oF coUPleD hinTerlanDForelanD ProceSSeS DUring FormaTion oF The magallaneS ForelanD BaSin, PaTagonian anDeS 174 Betka,Paul*;Klepeis,Keith;Mosher,Sharon:alongSTriKe change in STrUcTUral STYle anD TecTonic ShorTening DUring The DeVeloPmenT oF The PaTagonian reTroarc FolD-ThrUST BelT, SoUThern anDeS 175 Welcome,LeiakaT.*;Zachry,DoyL.;Dumond,Gregory: STraTigraPhic eViDence inDicaTing SYnDePoSiTional FaUlTing along The caSS FaUlT SYSTem in The SoUThern oZarKS, norThWeSTern arKanSaS 179-7 179-6



SeSSion no. 180

T67. Landslides and Debris Flows: Understanding Past, Present, and Future Events (Posters) (GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 180-1 183 Smith,JacquelineA.*;Johnson,BradleyG.;Diemer,JohnA.; Cirone,AshleyM.:iniTial lanDScaPe eVolUTion imPlicaTionS From a large lanDSliDe in The SoUTheaSTern San JUan moUnTainS, SoUThern coloraDo 184 Dillon,JeremyS.*;Joeckel,R.M.;Hanson,P.R.;Howard,L.M.; Kuzila,M.S.:maSS moVemenTS on nW-Se TrenDing YarDang-liKe riDgeS in norTh-cenTral neBraSKa, USa 185 Cole,KevinC.*:DeBriS FloWS From ForeST lanDScaPeS along The mainlanD BriTiSh colUmBia coaST 186 Riley,Kerry*;Pierce,JenniferL.:DeBriS FloWS VS. SheeTFlooDS: hoW Fire, VegeTaTion anD climaTe conTrol eroSional reSPonSe in Small STeeP BaSinS 187 Fitch,ErinP.*;Meyer,GrantA.:UnDerSTanDing The role oF Fire anD SloPe aSPecT in hillSloPe ProceSSeS in The JemeZ moUnTainS, neW meXico, USa 188 Yuan,Zhaode*;Chen,Jie;Owen,LewisA.;Li,Wenqiao; Hedrick,KathrynA.;Caffee,MarcW.;Schoenbohm,LindsayM.: coSmogenic nUcliDe DaTing oF lanDSliDeS/rocK aValancheS in ne Pamir, china











9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 217


180-7 189 Knochenhauer,KaseJames*;Weber,John:lichenomeTrY anD coSmogenic SUrFace eXPoSUre DaTing oF PoSSiBle FoSSil TalUS DePoSiTS, DeVil'S laKe STaTe ParK, WiSconSin 190 Schaefer,LaurenN.*;Corazzato,Claudia;Manzoni,Patrick; Oommen,Thomas;Tibaldi,Alessandro:nUmerical moDeling oF Volcanic FlanK inSTaBiliTY: a caSe STUDY oF PacaYa Volcano, gUaTemala 191 Nakamura,Shinya*;Vithana,ShriwanthaBuddhi;Kimura,Sho: eFFecTS oF arTiFicial oVerconSoliDaTion raTioS on The Shear BehaVioUr anD Shear STrengTh oF lanDSliDe SoilS 181-6 SeDimenTS in The STreamS oF an agricUlTUral WaTerSheD in The PrairieS USing 137cs aS a Tracer 181-5 203 Welch,HeatherL.;Merten,GustavoH.;Coupe,RichardH.*; Capel,Paul:eFFecTS oF naTUral ProceSSeS anD anThroPogenic acTiViTieS on SeDimenT DeliVerY From TWo highlY manageD agricUlTUral WaTerSheDS locaTeD in miSSiSSiPPi anD ioWa, 2006 To 2008 204 Gao,Peng*;Josefson,Maria:SUSPenDeD SeDimenT DYnamicS DUring hYDrological eVenTS in a cenTral neW YorK WaTerSheD 205 Stout,JustinC.*;Belmont,Patrick;Schottler,Shawn;Willenbring, Jane:SeDimenT FingerPrinTing For SoUrceS anD TranSPorT PaThWaYS in The rooT riVer 206 Shurr,GeorgeW.*;Gehrke,Arlyn:STream TranSParencY ProFileS in an agricUlTUral lanDScaPe, eaSTern greaT PlainS, USa 207 Papanicolaou,A.N.Thanos;Dermisis,Dimitrios*;Wacha, Kenneth;Abban,Benjamin;Wilson,Chris:agricUlTUral Soil eroSion anD Soil organic carBon (Soc) DYnamicS in The U.S. miDWeST: BriDging The KnoWleDge gaP acroSS ScaleS




180-10 192 Sexton,CarolynE.*;Giardino,JohnR.;Vitek,JohnD.: DeTermining acTiVe ePiSoDeS oF The DonalD DUcK lanDSliDe comPleX on granD meSa, co BY DenDrogeochronologY 180-11 193 Regmi,NetraR.*;Giardino,JohnR.;Vitek,JohnD.:The conTriBUTion oF lanDSliDeS To lanDScaPe eVolUTion in The Paonia-mcclUre PaSS area, coloraDo, USa 180-12 194 Ahlstrom,AnnaKathleen*;Gamache,Kevin;Giardino,JohnR.; Vitek,JohnD.:The oUraY amPhiTheaTer lanDSliDe: a PreliminarY analYSiS 180-13 195 ElKadiri,Racha*;Milewski,Adam;Sultan,Mohamed;Becker, RichardH.;Sefry,Saleh;Youssef,AhmedM.;AlHarbi,Talal; ElSayed,Mohamed;Sanders,JonathonDaniel:inTegraTeD meThoDologieS (FielD, remoTe SenSing, giS) For The aSSeSSmenT oF lanDSliDe DiSTriBUTion, haZarDS, anD conTrolling FacTorS in The JaZan area, SaUDi araBia 180-14 196 HenckSchmidt,Amanda*;Collins,BrianD.;Goh,K.Xenna; Schmidt,JoshuaP.;Tang,Ya;Li,Yongxian;Deng,Guiping: lanDSliDeS, haBiTaBle lanD, anD haZarDS For TiBeTan VillageS in JiUZhaigoU naTional ParK, SichUan, china 180-15 197 Jover,M.Laila*;Buell,Rebecca;Schmitz,Darrel;Cherry, WilliamE.;Ladner,Corey:STUDY oF SPoil SloPe STaBiliTY oF The oPen PiT ligniTe coal mine in chocTaW coUnTY, mS 180-16 198 Ries,Adam*;Yarbrough,LanceD.:characTeriZaTion oF BanKS anD SloPe FailUreS along The Shoreline oF laKe SaKaKaWea, norTh DaKoTa, USa



181-10 208 Pizzuto,JamesE.*;Skalak,KatherineJ.;Roman,Mary; Kulkarni,S.A.;Barbieri,Andrea;Hess,Jacquelyn;Pearson, AdamJeffrey;Lusas,Amanda:PoST-SeTTlemenT "legacY" FlooDPlainS oF The eaSTern U.S. maY noT Be TerraceS: eViDence From mercUrY inVenTorieS, SoUTh riVer, Virginia 181-11 209 Braun,Shanna*;Magner,Joe:WhiPPS raVine: a concePTUallY neW aPProach For SolVing an olD ProBlem 181-12 210 Hoppie,Bryce;Merlini,Michael*:TemPoral anD SPaTial VariaBiliTY oF SeDimenT YielD in The BlUe earTh riVer WaTerSheD, SoUTh cenTral minneSoTa anD norTh cenTral ioWa 181-13 211 Whiting,Peter*;Matisoff,Gerald;Stubblefield,AndrewP.;Fondran, Carol:inTegraTeD SeT oF meThoDS For eValUaTing Soil eroSion anD TranSPorT 181-14 212 Gellis,AllenC.*;Clune,J.W.;Myers,M.K.;Kraemer,Thomas: agricUlTUre raTeS oF eroSion in The cheSaPeaKe BaY WaTerSheD 181-15 213 Lenhart,ChristianF.*;Nieber,John;Ulrich,Jason;Titov,Mikhail: STreamBanK eroSion anD FlooDPlain DePoSiTion ProceSSeS in The loWer minneSoTa riVer 181-16 214 Mosley,BrittonJr.*;Rengers,FrancisK.;Tucker,GregoryE.: FacTorS conTrolling inFilTraTion raTeS in a SemiariD lanDScaPe 181-17 215 Stohr,Christopher*;Stumpf,Andrew;Stiff,BarbaraJ.;Haneberg, William:DeScriBing inacceSSiBle oUTcroPS along The miDDle ForK oF The Vermilion riVer, illinoiS 181-18 216 Ulrich,JasonS.*;Schottler,Shawn;Engstrom,DanielR.;Moore, Richard;Almendinger,JamesE.:WaTerSheD lanD USe changeS anD Their eFFecTS on hYDrologY anD SeDimenT YielD in The laKe PePin BaSin 181-19 217 Fitzpatrick,FaithA.*;Knox,JamesC.;Hansis,RobertD.;Good, LauraWard;Panuska,John;Carvin,Rebecca;Lamba,Jasmeet: imPlicaTionS oF legacY anD lag eFFecTS For connecTing WaTerSheD SeDimenT YielDS To moDeleD FielD eroSion, agricUlTUral BmPs, riParian BUFFerS, anD STream reSToraTion, DriFTleSS area, WiSconSin 181-20 218 Williams,Nekesha*;Dixon,Barnali:PreDicTing SeDimenT YielD in a TroPical WaTerSheD: a giS-BaSeD concePTUal moDel 181-21 219 Theisen,JonR.*;Wiles,GregoryC.;Lowell,ThomasV.;Brady, Kristina:The imPacT oF agricUlTUral PracTiceS on SeDimenT SUPPlY To Three Small laKe BaSinS in

SeSSion no. 181

T68. Water and Sediment Dynamics in Agricultural Landscapes: Toward Prediction of Watershed Sediment Yield (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; Soil Science Society of America)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 181-1 199 Mulling,AdamD.*;Howard,SamuelM.;Colgan,PatrickM.: maSS anD raTe oF STorage oF PoST-SeTTlemenT Soil organic carBon in allUVial SoilS, oTTaWa coUnTY, michigan 200 Yoo,Kyungsoo*;Chen,Chunmei;Aufdenkampe,Anthony; Ji,Junling:imPacTS oF lanD USe on mineralS' inTeracTion WiTh organic carBon: From SoilS To WaTerSheD ScaleS 201 Schiller,AndrewL.*;Pavlowsky,RobertT.:TraP eFFiciencY anD SUSPenDeD SeDimenT leVelS For oZarK mill PonD, oZarK, mo 202 Koiter,Alexander*;Owens,PhilipN.;Lobb,DavidA.;Tiessen, Kevin;Li,Sheng:aSSeSSing The SoUrceS oF SUSPenDeD




218 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


norTheaST ohio BaSeD on The recorD oF SeDimenT coreS From norTheaST ohio 181-22 220 Omoth,Darren*;Dogwiler,Toby:a DigiTal Terrain analYSiS TechniQUe For aSSeSSing SeDimenT eroSion anD eFFicienTlY TargeTing BeST managemenT PracTiceS WiThin agricUlTUral WaTerSheDS in SoUTheaSTern minneSoTa 183-4 TemPoral VariaBiliTY in glacier eroSion anD The PreSerVaTion oF glacial lanDFormS 232 Lundstrom,Scott*;Abraham,JaredD.;Smith,BruceD.;Cannia, JamesC.:geologic anD geomorPhic relaTionS BeTWeen DrUmlin FielDS anD TUnnel ValleY neTWorKS: conSTrainTS on FormaTiVe SUBglacial ProceSSeS 233 Kelly,Marissa*;Anders,Alison;MacGregor,Kelly:inFlUence oF rocK harDneSS VariaBiliTY on cYcloPean STePS: nUmerical moDeling anD FielD oBSerVaTionS From The UinTa moUnTainS, UT 234 Zoet,LucasK.*;Anandakrishnan,Sridhar;Alley,RichardB.; Marone,Chris;Jackson,Miriam:The eFFecT oF BaSal ice DeBriS loaD on SliDing regime anD ThUS eroSion raTeS 235 Jacobson,WilliamR.Jr.*;Hooyer,ThomasS.:laBoraTorY STUDY oF FaBric DeVeloPmenT in Shearing Till: eXPloring The imPorTance oF eFFecTiVe normal STreSS anD Shearing raTe 236 Petersen,BenjaminB.*;Iverson,Neal:an eXPerimenTal STUDY oF ice-BeD SeParaTion DUring glacier SliDing 237 Jacobel,Robert*;Christianson,Knut;Gobel,Rebecca;Keisling, Ben;Snyder,Lauren:geoPhYSical characTeriSTicS oF an acTiVe anTarcTic SUBglacial laKe reVealeD BY groUnD PeneTraTing raDar

SeSSion no. 182

T73. Quaternary Landscape Dynamics Beyond the Ice Margin in the Upper Mississippi Valley (Posters): A Tribute to the Career of James C. Knox (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 182-1 182-2 221 Gurke,Katharine*;Kuchta,Matthew:Terrace DeVeloPmenT WiThin The loWer reD ceDar ValleY 222 Bellomo,Laura*;Hanson,PaulR.;Jennings,CarrieE.;Alexander, E.CalvinJr.:oPTicallY STimUlaTeD lUmineScence (oSl) DaTing oF glacial SeDimenT in crYSTal caVe, Wi 223 Halfen,AlanF.*:PreliminarY liDar analYSiS oF channel morPhologY anD aSSociaTeD lanDFormS oF The loWer WiSconSin riVer ValleY, SaUK coUnTY, WiSconSin 224 Miao,Xiaodong*;Hanson,Paul;Young,AaronR.:in Search oF holocene loeSS, reSUlTS From The haVana loWlanD, cenTral illinoiS 225 Mason,JosephA.*;Jacobs,PeterM.;Hanson,PaulR.; Stanley,KristineE.;Loope,HenryM.;Young,AaronR.:laTe QUaTernarY eolian anD hillSloPe ProceSSeS anD The DiSTriBUTion oF Xeric PlanT commUniTieS in The UPPer miSSiSSiPPi ValleY 226 Konen,Michael*;Indorante,Samuel;Follmer,Leon;Gerhard,Erik: lanDScaPe eVolUTion anD moDern Soil geomorPhic relaTionShiPS aSSociaTeD WiTh PaTTerneD groUnD in SoUTh cenTral illinoiS 227 Reyerson,Paul*;Mason,Joseph:The imPacT oF VegeTaTion on Soil laBile Silica: a caSe STUDY USing loeSSDeriVeD SoilS oF The UPPer miSSiSSiPPi ValleY 228 Fitzpatrick,Faith*;Osterkamp,W.R.;Emmett,WilliamW.;Knox, JamesC.;Gray,JohnR.;Peppler,MarieC.;Collins,MathiasJ.: long-Term geomorPhic moniToring oF STream SYSTemS inTo The 21st cenTUrY ­ UnDerSTanDing The caUSeS anD linKS among alTereD climaTe, lanD USe, FlooDS, anD FlUVial aDJUSTmenTS acroSS DiVerSe lanDScaPeS




183-8 183-9



SeSSion no. 184

T76. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of Sinuous Channel Evolution in Different Environments (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 184-1 238 Kim,Wonsuck*;Connell,SeanD.;Smith,GaryA.;Paola,Chris; Steel,Elisabeth:SeDimenT inTeracTionS in aXial anD TranSVerSe allUVial SYSTemS 239 Duncan,NatalieE.;Eggenhuisen,JorisT.*;Cartigny, MatthieuJ.B.:meanDer-WaVelengTh / FloW-DimenSion raTioS in FreelY meanDering eXPerimenTal SanDY TUrBiDiTY cUrrenTS 240 Fernandes,AnjaliM.*;Petter,Andrew;Mohrig,David;Steel, RonaldJ.:DePoSiTional conDiTionS aSSociaTeD WiTh eDDY BarS in SUBmarine channelS oF The UPPer BrUShY canYon FormaTion, WeST TeXaS 241 Petter,Andrew*:The characTer anD origin oF inclineD heTeroliThic STraTa DePoSiTeD WiThin SinUoUS Paleo-riVerS oF The camPanian loWer caSTlegaTe SanDSTone, UTah 242 Jacobsen,RobertE.*;Burr,DevonM.;Howard,AlanD.: maPPing anD PreliminarY PaleoDiScharge eSTimaTeS oF inVerTeD FlUVial channelS in The aTacama DeSerT 243 Clayton,JordanA.*:SeDimenT SorTing in meanDering graVel BeD riVerS anD imPlicaTionS For The eVolUTion oF reach ToPograPhY 244 Konsoer,KoryMatthew*;Zinger,JessicaAnn;Parker,Gary; Hernandez,Javier:hYDraUlic geomeTrY oF SinUoUS channelS: a comPariSon BeTWeen SUBmarine anD SUBaerial enVironmenTS 245 Kozarek,Jessica*;Hill,C.;Kang,Seokkoo;Khosronejad,A.; Hajit,Mohammad;Guentzel,K.;Hondzo,M.;Sotiropoulos,Fotis: ecogeomorPhic reSPonSe To STream reSToraTion PracTiceS in an eXPerimenTal meanDering STream channel









SeSSion no. 183

T74. Processes of Subglacial Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Deposition (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 183-1 229 Kochel,R.Craig*;Trop,JeffreyM.:morPhologY anD DYnamicS oF icY DeBriS FanS: lanDForm eVolUTion along DegraDing eScarPmenTS UnDergoing raPiD DeglaciaTion in alaSKa anD neW ZealanD 230 Stumpf,AllisonR.*;ElwoodMadden,MeganE.;Soreghan, GerilynS.;Hall,BrendaL.:chemical WeaThering anD geochemical moDeling WiThin glacial melT WaTer STreamS, WrighT anD TaYlor ValleY, anTarcTica 231 Stewart,AlexanderK.*;Owen,Lewis;Szabo,JohnP.; Lowell,Thomas:Timing anD FormaTion oF laTe QUaTernarY KameS in norTheaSTern ohio: imPlicaTionS For UnDerSTanDing The SPaTial anD 184-6 184-5





9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 219


184-9 246 Depke,TylerJ.;Giardino,Rick*:USing conSUmer cameraS anD TerreSTrial PhoTogrammeTrY To eValUaTe eFFecTS oF anThroPogenic STream moDiFicaTion: UncomPahgre riVer, coloraDo, USa 186-3 DP3 White,LionelS.Jr.*;Cline,JarvisR.;Alfarhan,MohammedS.; Burnham,BrianS.;Mills,Graham;Wang,Miao;Aiken,CarlosL.V.: The DiSPlaY anD inTeracTiVe analYSiS oF large high reSolUTion PhoTorealiSTic geological oUTcroP moDelS

184-10 247 Irham,Muhammad*;Giardino,JohnR.:TWo DimenSional morPhological DYnamic moDeling oF a comPleX riVer SYSTem 184-11 248 Lu,Jiemin*;Cook,Paul;Hosseini,SeyyedA.:FlUiD FloW in a FlUVial FormaTion reVealeD BY conTinUal moniToring oF FlUiD chemiSTrY DUring inJecTion oF carBon DioXiDe

SeSSion no. 187

T97. Advances in Understanding at the Groundwater­Surface Water Interface and Challenges for the Future (Posters): A Reflection on Tom Winter's Legacy (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Association; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 187-1 257 Whittecar,G.Richard*;McLeod,John;Thornton,TracyL.: eSTimaTe hiSToric groUnDWaTer FlUcTUaTionS in WeTlanDS WiTh eFFecTiVe monThlY recharge (Wem) moDel 258 Eggleston,Jack*;Carlson,CarlS.;Zarriello,Phil:SimUlaTing The eFFecT oF groUnDWaTer WiThDraWalS From a glacial DriFT aQUiFer on STream anD WeTlanD hYDrologY 259 Tuladhar,Sushil*;Iqbal,Mohammad:UnDerSTanDing The criTical role oF a WeTlanD in mainTaining The ecoSYSTem 260 McLeod,John*;Whittecar,G.Richard;Dobbs,KerbyM.: analYSiS oF geologic SeTTingS anD hYDrologic conDiTionS ThaT aFFecT reSToreD PiTcher PlanT Bog haBiTaT, SUSSeX coUnTY, Virginia 261 Thomas,Kaitlin*;Malzone,Jonathan;Bank,Tracy;Lowry, Christopher:iDenTiFicaTion oF groUnDWaTerSTream inTeracTionS WiTh imPlicaTionS For Biogeochemical hoTSPoTS in elTon creeK, WeSTern neW YorK 262 Wenning,QuinnC.*;Mercier,L.Joy;Bass,Benjamin; Rodriguez,Gerardo;Sharp,JohnM.Jr.:hYDrogeological inVeSTigaTion oF The DecKer anD gillelanD creeK WaTerSheDS, TraViS coUnTY, TeXaS--imPlicaTionS For allUVial groUnDWaTer DeVeloPmenT 263 Donaghy,Jacob*;Iqbal,Mohammad:calcUlaTing The nUTrienT FlUX From FoUr SUBWaTerSheDS oF The ceDar riVer in ioWa 264 Markovich,Katherine*;Befus,KevinM.;Forster,Rachel; Reyes,Daniel;Robertson,WendyM.;Sharp,JohnM.Jr.: hYDrogeologY oF an allUVial aQUiFer SYSTem WiTh high leVelS oF niTraTe anD ammonia 265 Malzone,Jonathan*;Thomas,Kaitlin;Kalinovich,Indra;Lowry, Christopher:DeTermining The hYPorheic inTerFace anD Scale oF ecological SigniFicance in Three WeSTern neW YorK STreamS

SeSSion no. 185

T89. Innovative Field Investigations to Assess Natural Attenuation and Engineered Remediation of Subsurface Contamination (Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Association; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 185-1 249 Trost,JaredJ.*;Boland,Kimberly;Bekins,BarbaraA.;Cozzarelli, Isabelle;Baedecker,MaryJo;Eganhouse,RobertP.;Jaeschke, JeanneB.;Erickson,MelindaL.:UnDerSTanDing The longTerm DYnamicS oF naTUral aTTenUaTion oF crUDe oil in The SUBSUrFace 250 Ellenberg,R.Miles*;Singh,Gargi;Pruden,Amy;Widdowson, MarkA.:DiSSolUTion characTeriSTicS oF WeaThereD PeTroleUm DePoSiTS From The 2010 DeePWaTer horiZon BloWoUT: an eXPerimenTal STUDY 251 Ackison,Laurel*;Cozzarelli,Isabelle;Fahrenfeld,Nicole; Widdowson,MarkA.;Pruden,Amy:BTeX BioDegraDaTion in microcoSmS conTaining WeTlanD VerSUS aQUiFer SeDimenTS From a crUDe-oil conTaminaTeD SiTe, BemiDJi, mn 252 Kalinowski,Tomasz*;McClellan,Kristin;Bruton,ThomasA.; Roll,IsaacB.;Halden,RolfU.:in SiTU microcoSm arraY (iSma): a noVel DeVice For conDUcTing TreaTaBiliTY STUDieS 253 Lee,GyuSang*;Uhm,JaeYeon;Kim,YoungIn;Choi, JongHak;Kam,SeungIhl:eValUaTion oF SUrFacTanT enhanceD aQUiFer remeDiaTion ProceSSeS For TrichloroeThYlene recoVerY in a FielD-Scale Three-DimenSional SanDPacK 254 Ji,Sang-Woo*;Yim,Gil-Jae;Cheong,Young-Wook:FielD STUDY For The alTernaTiVe organic SUBSTraTeS For SUlFaTe remoVal in aciD mine Drainage 255 Punamiya,Pravin*;Sarkar,Dibyendu;Datta,Rupali:alUminUmBaSeD DrinKing-WaTer TreaTmenT reSiDUalS a "green" SorBenT For TeTracYclineS 256 Attinti,Ramesh*;Sarkar,Dibyendu;Datta,Rupali:aDSorPTion oF arSenic (V) From aQUeoUS SolUTionS BY goeThiTe-coaTeD Silica nanoParTicleS
















SeSSion no. 186

T95. Visualizations in Geology: Advancing the Science Using Digital Tools II (Digital Posters) (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 186-1 DP1 Lively,Joshua*:anaTomY anD PaleoBiogeograPhic imPlicaTionS oF a neW BaeniD TUrTle From The KaiParoWiTS FormaTion oF SoUThern UTah 186-2 DP2 Douglas,JessicaR.*;Curry,KennethJ.;Bennett,RichardH.: ViSUaliZaTion oF Three-DimenSionallY reconSTrUcTeD marine claY FaBric aT The nanoanD micromeTer Scale

187-10 266 Barlow,JeannieR.B.*;Coupe,RichardH.;Clark,BrianR.: changeS in groUnDWaTer FloW PaThS WiThin The miSSiSSiPPi riVer ValleY allUVial aQUiFer: 1870­2007 187-11 267 Zarella,PaulJ.*;Rayne,ToddW.:moDeling The imPacTS oF DeVeloPmenT anD climaTe change on groUnDWaTer DiScharge To a STream 187-12 268 Pruitt,AaronH.*;Bradbury,KennethR.;Bahr,JeanM.;Juckem, PaulF.;Higgins,Dale;Hunt,RandallJ.:USing nUmerical moDeling To eXPlore The PoTenTial eFFecTS oF climaTe change on groUnDWaTer/SUrFace WaTer SYSTemS, FoUlD'S creeK WaTerSheD, cheQUamegonnicoleT naTional ForeST, Wi 187-13 269 Putnam,ShaneM.*;Chowdhury,ShafiulH.;Halton, CaseyR.;Hughes,NatalieJ.;Johnson,ElizabethK.:The hYDrogeologY oF a highlY UnSTaBle STreamBanK aFFecTing neW YorK ciTY'S DrinKing WaTer SUPPlY

220 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


187-14 270 Parkhurst,Renee*;Andreasen,Mie:aDVanTageS anD USeS oF long-Term DaTaSeTS aS Seen aT The ShingoBee heaDWaTerS aQUaTic ecoSYSTemS ProJecT in minneSoTa 187-15 271 Marciulionis,Jackie*;Amelse,Ann;Goetz,Staci: iDenTiFicaTion oF ShalloW groUnDWaTer inUnDaTion FlooD riSK areaS, SPring green area, WiSconSin 187-16 272 Gierke,Casey*;Newton,BradT.:a neW meThoD oF Tree XYlem WaTer eXTracTion For iSoToPic analYSiS For TracKing Tree WaTer SoUrceS in The SacramenTo moUnTainS, neW meXico 187-17 273 Reeves,HowardW.*;Seelbach,PaulW.:linKing groUnDWaTer WiThDraWalS To PoTenTial ecological imPacTS in glacial SeTTingS: challengeS, Science, anD legiSlaTion 187-18 274 Henning,Russell*;Gotkowitz,MadelineB.;Goetz,Staci; Marciulionis,Jackie:USing gSFloW To moDel groUnDWaTer FlooDing recUrrence inTerValS

SeSSion no. 189

T109. Limnogeology: Interdisciplinary Studies of Lakes and Paleolakes (Posters) (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 189-1 287 Beck,CatherineC.*;Feibel,CraigS.;Ashley,GailM.: UnDerSTanDing conTriBUTionS From ePhemeral riVerS To The norTh BaSin, laKe TUrKana, KenYa 288 Weismiller,HeatherC.*;Gierlowski-Kordesch,ElizabethH.: SeDimenTaTion BeTWeen BaSalT FloWS (JUraSSic KalKranD FormaTion, namiBia) 289 Chorn,BenjaminT.*;Johnson,ThomasC.;Lane,ChristineS.: geochemical characTeriZaTion oF Some laKe malaWi TePhra laYerS 290 Yan,Weipeng*;Guo,Bincheng;Li,Hui;Zhang,Min: hYDrocarBon eXPloraTion PoTenTial anD DiSTriBUTion characTeriSTicS oF lacUSTrine carBonaTeS in china 291 Tanner,LawrenceH.*;Lucas,SpencerG.:carBonaTe FacieS oF The laTe TriaSSic (carnian) oJo hUeloS memBer (chinle groUP), cenTral neW meXico: regional anD PaleoclimaTic conTeXT 292 Dasková,Jirina*;Konzalová,Magda;Kadlec,Jaroslav;Schnabl, Petr;Chadima,Martin;SIfnerová,Kristýna;SLechta,Stanislav; Pruner,Petr;Vacek,Frantisek:PaleoecologY oF laKe SeDimenTS: caSe STUDY From miocene oF The cZech rePUBlic (eUroPe) 293 Pack,J.M.;Soreghan,M.J.*;Soreghan,G.S.;Benison, KathleenC.:eXTracTing PaleoclimaTic DeTailS From Permian reDBeDS oF The miDconTinenT: a caSe STUDY From The WellingTon FormaTion (oKlahoma 294 Benavente,CeciliaAndrea*;Mancuso,AdrianaCecilia; Cabaleri,NoraGraciela:PeDogenic mUD aggregaTeS oF an allUVial-lacUSTrine SYSTem (cUYana BaSin, argenTina) 295 Gazzetti,EdwardW.*;Castendyk,DevinN.:oBSerVaTionS oF SUB-ice cUrrenTS in FoUr neW YorK laKeS USing aDcP




SeSSion no. 188

T104. Urban and Suburban Lakes: Paleorecords of Human Impacts and Opportunities for Geoscience Education (Posters) (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 188-1 188-2 275 Abbott,April*;Curtin,TaraM.:hiSToric mercUrY DePoSiTion in TWo neW YorK Finger laKeS 276 Rocchio,AndreaM.*;Curtin,TaraM.:PhoSPhorUS cYcling anD The eFFecTiVeneSS oF recenT alUm TreaTmenTS in honeoYe laKe, nY (USa) 277 Hart,KarolineH.*;Bradtmiller,Louisa:a recorD oF minneSoTa SeTTlemenT hiSTorY From riVer laKe 278 Mann,Kristofer*;Peck,JohnA.:USing Dam Pool SeDimenT aS an archiVe oF UrBan anD SUBUrBan WaTerSheD change: an eXamPle From The cUYahoga riVer, ohio 279 Czeck,BenC.;Hagen,SeanM.*;Bruchu,CharlesW.; Theissen,KevinM.;Hobbs,Will;Hobbs,JoyM.Ramstack:a mUlTi-cenTUrY Biogeochemical recorD From a Small ShalloW laKe: eViDence oF a SUcceSSFUl conSerVaTion eFForT 280 Read,Jeff*;Last,WilliamM.;Last,FawnM.:laTe holocene PaleohYDrologY anD PaleolimnologY oF TWo aDJacenT meromicTic laKeS, norThern greaT PlainS oF WeSTern canaDa 281 Lascu,Ioan*;Myrbo,Amy:anThroPogenic inFlUence on SeDimenT comPoSiTion anD magneTic ProPerTieS oF BroWnie laKe, minneaPoliS, minneSoTa 282 Ustipak,KelsiR.*;Myrbo,Amy:20th cenTUrY VarVe FormaTion in UrBan TWin laKe, golDen ValleY, mn: eViDence For DePoSiTion oF mUlTiPle laminae Per Year 283 Zazzera,Michael*;Myrbo,Amy:eFFecTS oF UrBan DeVeloPmenT anD roaD SalT inPUT on SeDimenTaTion raTeS, hiSTorical STraTiFicaTion regime, anD VarVe FormaTion in TannerS laKe, oaKDale/WooDBUrY, mn 189-5




188-3 188-4




189-10 296 Pritchett,Brittany*;ElwoodMadden,MeganE.;Madden, AndrewS.:eFFecTS oF acTiViTY oF WaTer on The DiSSolUTion raTeS oF K-JaroSiTe 189-11 297 Last,FawnM.*;Dowsett,AdrianE.I.;Last,WilliamM.;Read,Jeff; Halden,NormanM.:are Shoreline microBialiTeS a TrUe reFlecTion oF laKe hiSTorY: a caSe STUDY From WeSTern canaDa 189-12 298 Macdonald,Meg*;Minor,ElizabethC.:DiSSolVeD organic maTTer in laKe SUPerior TriBUTarieS: an inVeSTigaTion oF carBon concenTraTion, oPTical ProPerTieS, anD PhoToDegraDaBiliTY 189-13 299 Noble,PaulaJ.*;Kreamer,DavidK.;Chandra,Sudeep: limnological moniToring oF Fallen leaF laKe, ca; TranSlaTion oF SeaSonal, VerTical, anD eXTraBaSinal conTriBUTionS To The SeDimenTarY recorD 189-14 300 Cummings,Emily*;Halfman,JohnD.:nUTrienT loaDing in The oWaSco laKe WaTerSheD: reSUlTS From an aUTonomoUS SamPler, r2D2 189-15 301 Stewart,Maggie*;Halfman,JohnD.:iDenTiFicaTion oF nUTrienT SoUrceS in TWo oWaSco laKe TriBUTarieS 189-16 302 Loomis,ShannonE.*;Russell,JamesM.;Heureux, Ana;SinningheDamsté,JaapS.:lacUSTrine PaleoThermomeTrY: SeaSonal VariaBiliTY oF BrancheD gDgTs in a TemPeraTe laKe SYSTem





188-10 284 Varekamp,J.C.*:WeTherSFielD coVe, harTForD, cT ­ a 300 Year UrBan PollUTion recorD 188-11 285 Triplett,LauraD.*;Carlson,Benjamin;Degner,Ethan;Johnston, Jessica:a Team-BaSeD aPProach To Teaching enVironmenTal hiSTorY USing laKe SeDimenTS 188-12 286 Shinneman,AveryL.C.*;Myrbo,Amy:WhaT To Do WiTh Ten 10-Year-olDS in 10 minUTeS: reSoUrceS For Teaching aBoUT PaleorecorDS in K-12 inFormal eDUcaTion anD oUTreach SeTTingS

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 221


189-17 303 Carlson,DouglasA.*;Horn,Marty:iniTial eXaminaTion oF chemical VariaBiliTY WiThin aTchaFalaYa BaSin DUring SPring-SUmmer FlooD oF 2011 189-18 304 Brown,ErikT.*;Myrbo,Amy;Trull,ThomasW.:recenT climaTe recorDeD in laKe SeDimenTS From The TaSmanian highlanDS 189-19 305 Smokovitz,JacobA.*;Simpkins,WilliamW.;Wanamaker, AlanD.Jr.;Downing,JohnA.:aSSeSSing groUnDWaTer anD nUTrienT FlUX To Deer laKe near granD raPiDS minneSoTa USing a mUlTi-Scale hYDrogeological aPProach 189-20 306 DeVries-Zimmerman,SuzanneJ.;Erber,Nathan*;Hansen, EdwardC.;Fisher,Timothy:PlanT macroFoSSilS anD oTher PaleoenVironmenTal inDicaTorS in an allegan coUnTY, michigan PeaT Bog 189-21 307 DeVries-Zimmerman,SuzanneJ.*;Hansen,EdwardC.:a SUrVeY oF The geologic hiSTorieS oF allegan coUnTY, michigan PeaT BogS: a recorD oF hYDroSeral SUcceSSion 189-22 308 Shilling,Andrea*;Ashley,GailM.:iDenTiFicaTion anD STUDY oF groUnDWaTer DiScharge SiTeS USing remoTe SenSing, geohYDrologY, anD WeTlanD coreS, laKe eYaSi BaSin, TanZania 189-23 309 Gilley,AmyL.*;Lobegeier,MelissaK.:aSSeSSing The PoTenTial oF ThecamoeBianS aS WaTer QUaliTY inDicaTorS in WeTlanDS eSTonoa, Virginia 189-24 310 Johnson,BrianaE.*;Noble,PaulaJ.;Chandra,Sudeep;Heyvaert, AlanC.;Trowbridge,Wendy:cYcloTelloiD To araPhiDDominaTeD DiaTom commUniTY ShiFT in caSTle laKe, SiSKiYoU coUnTY, caliFornia 189-25 311 Myrbo,Amy;Morrison,Alexander*;McEwan,Reed:Smear SliDeS maDe eaSier BY a neW online reSoUrce: Tmi (Tool For microScoPic iDenTiFicaTion) 189-26 312 Lusteck,Robert*;Thompson,Robert;Myrbo,Amy:helP me, oPal PhYToliThS. YoU're mY onlY hoPe 189-27 313 Thompson,Robert*;Myrbo,Amy;Misquadace,Shelden;Peterson, MistyRose;Weingarten,Matthew;Locatelli,EmmaRose: correlaTing PhYToliTh anD Pollen DaTa From WilD rice laKeS anD DeSignaTion oF FirST occUrrence ­ a caUTionarY noTe 189-28 314 Curtin,TaraM.*;Spencer,Benjamin;Rayburn,JohnA.;Platsky, AllisonLee-Ann:PoST-glacial relaTiVe laKe leVel FlUcTUaTionS in The Seneca laKe BaSin, nY 189-29 315 Manor,MatthewJ.*;Brown,ErikT.;Ortega,Beatriz;Caballero, Margarita;Lozano,Socorro:laTe PleiSTocene climaTe in SeDimenTS oF laKe chalco, BaSin oF meXico 189-30 316 Stefanova,Ivanka*;Shuman,Bryan;Plank,Colin;Wright,Herbert: PaST laKe-leVel anD VegeTaTional changeS aS inDicaTorS oF regional moiSTUre Balance: laKe moSomo, norThern minneSoTa 189-31 317 Sümegi,Pál;Gulyás,SándorJr.*;Persaits,Gergõ;SümegiTörõcsik,Tünde;Jakab,Gusztáv;Molnár,Mihály;Schöll-Barna, Gabriella;Bodor,Elvira:PaleohYDrologY oF The largeST FreShWaTer laKe in cenTral eUroPe: reSUlTS oF a mUlTiProXY Paleoecological STUDY From laKe BalaTon, WeSTern hUngarY 189-32 318 Hendrix,MarcS.*;Hofmann,MichaelH.;Skudder,PaulA.III.; Almquist,Heather;Huber,Maritha:SeDimenTarY recorD oF DeglaciaTion aS oBSerVeD in laKeS oF norThWeSTern monTana 189-33 319 Karlin,Robert;Noble,PaulaJ.*;Zimmerman,SusanH.;Stratton, Laurel;Smith,ShaneB.;Kent,Graham;Maloney,Jillian;Driscoll, NealW.:BollY ProJecT - PreliminarY mUlTi-ProXY DaTa From holocene coreS, Fallen leaF laKe, Tahoe BaSin, caliFornia, USa 189-34 320 Rodysill,JessicaR.*;Donnelly,Jeffrey:a neW recorD oF eXTreme climaTe eVenTS USing an innoVaTiVe aPProach To reconSTrUcT FlooDS in norThWeST FloriDa 189-35 321 Calcote,Randy*;Lynch,ElizabethA.;Hotchkiss,SaraC.;NevalaPlagemann,Chris:holocene DroUghTS inFerreD From loW laKe leVelS in norThern WiSconSin 189-36 322 Woods,Phillip*;Drake,Christa;Calcote,Randy;Lynch, ElizabethA.;Hotchkiss,SaraC.:inTeracTion oF Soil TYPe, climaTe, Fire, anD VegeTaTion: hiSTorY oF The norThWeSTern WiSconSin SanDPlain 189-37 323 Ortega,Beatriz*;Lozano,Socorro;Caballero,Margarita;Brown, Erik;Herrera,Dimitri:a ca. 220 KYr STraTigraPhic SeQUence From laKe chalco, cenTral meXico 189-38 324 Rubesch,Meg*;Werne,JosefP.;Brown,ErikT.;Ortega, Beatriz;Caballero,Margarita;Lozano,Socorro:a 45,000 Year geochemical recorD oF TemPeraTUre anD ariDiTY From laKe chalco, meXico 189-39 325 Mihindukulasooriya,Lorita*;Ortiz,JosephD.;Abott,Mark; Pompeani,David:reconSTrUcTion oF holocene PaleoclimaTic VariaBiliTY USing high reSolUTion DiFFUSe SPecTral reFlecTance DaTa From clelanD laKe, BriTiSh colUmBia 189-40 326 Retrum,JulieB.*;González,LuisA.;Martin,JamesE.: a PaleoclimaTic anD PaleohYDrologic reconSTrUcTion oF PleiSTocene FoSSil laKe, oregon USing oSTracoDe FaUnal aSSemBlageS anD STaBle iSoToPe geochemiSTrY 189-41 327 Stone,JefferyR.*;Saros,Jasmine:coherenT ShiFTS in holocene climaTe anD Thermal laKe STrUcTUre reconSTrUcTeD From FoSSil DiaTom aSSemBlageS 189-42 328 Spencer,JonE.*;Sarna-Wojcicki,AndreiM.;Patchett, P.Jonathan;Roskowski,JenniferA.;Pearthree,PhilipA.;House, P.Kyle;Faulds,JamesE.:circa 4.8 ma age For incePTion oF The moDern coloraDo riVer

SeSSion no. 190

T113. Tectonics and Metallogeny (Posters) (Society of Economic Geologists; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 190-1 329 Berger,AlexandraJ.*;Schneider,D.A.;Grasemann,B.:miocene magmaTiSm anD mineraliZaTion oF laVrion, WeSTern cYclaDeS (greece) 330 Taylor,RyanD.*;Goldfarb,RichardJ.;Lee,JohnP.:age conSTrainTS on The emPlacemenT oF The graSS ValleY granoDioriTe, caliFornia, anD relaTion To loDe golD FormaTion 331 Zoheir,Basem*;Goldfarb,RichardJ.;Weihed,Par:graniToiDhoSTeD loDe golD DePoSiTS in The cenTral eaSTern DeSerT oF egYPT 332 VanLankvelt,A.*;Schneider,D.A.;Hattori,K.;Biczok,J.: PUncTUaTeD magmaTiSm in The norTh cariBoU greenSTone BelT, SUPerior ProVince 333 Duff,J.*;Hattori,K.;Schneider,D.A.;Biczok,J.:geochemiSTrY anD neoDYmiUm iSoToPe comPoSiTionS For The norTh cariBoU greenSTone BelT, archean SUPerior ProVince 334 Kalbfleisch,T.*;Duff,J.;Schneider,D.A.;Hattori,K.;Biczok,J.: eViDence For 2.45 ga TecToniSm recorDeD in The norTh cariBoU greenSTone BelT, norThWeSTern onTario 335 Chen,Lei*;Li,Jianwei;Wang,Lijuan:occUrrence anD DiSTriBUTion oF golD in The QiUling carlin-TYPe golD DePoSiT, WeSTern Qinling orogen, china 336 Bennett,Mitchell*;Monecke,Thomas;Reynolds,T.James;Kelly, Nigel:caThoDolUmineScence inVeSTigaTionS on








222 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


Vein QUarTZ From The Far SoUTheaST PorPhYrY cU-aU DePoSiT, PhiliPPineS: hYDroThermal QUarTZ alTeraTion anD inheriTance oF earlier FlUiD inclUSion aSSemBlageS 190-9 337 Ikehata,Kei*;Ishibashi,Junichiro;Suzuki,Ryohei;Shimizu, Hiroshi;Matsushima,Takeshi;Matsumoto,Satoshi;Uehira,Kenji; Hirata,Takafumi:in SiTU coPPer iSoToPic analYSiS oF SUlFiDe mineralS in hYDroThermal ore DePoSiTS anD igneoUS rocKS BY FemToSeconD la-mc-icP-mS 192-4 348 Ewald,StephanieK.*;Kehew,AlanE.;Esch,JohnM.:a PreliminarY STraTigraPhic FrameWorK For The SaginaW loBe, BarrY anD calhoUn coUnTieS, michigan 349 Lowell,ThomasV.*;Curry,Brandon:The SoUThern margin oF The laUrenTiDe ice SheeT DUring TerminaTion 1 350 Wang,Jie*;Pan,Baotian;Zhang,Guoliang;Cao,Bo;Geng, Haopeng:QUaTernarY glacial geomorPhologY anD chronologY oF The eaSTern SloPe oF mT. gongga, china 351 Gowan,AngelaS.*;Thorleifson,L.Harvey:ProVenance oF near-SUrFace glacial SeDimenTS in minneSoTa 352 Shroder,JohnF.Jr.*;Bishop,MichaelP.;Burget,Angela;Ali, Ghazanfar:eValUaTion oF glacierS in PaKiSTan anD in-coUnTrY caPaciTY BUilDing For USaiD: ProBlemS anD PoSSiBiliTieS 353 Benediktsson,ÍvarÖrn*;Möller,Per:glacioTecTonicS inDicaTe SoUTherlY FloW DirecTionS on TaYmYr, SiBeria

192-5 192-6

SeSSion no. 191

T123. Monitoring and Understanding Our Landscape for the Long Term through Small Catchment Studies (Posters): A Tribute to the Career of Owen P. Bricker (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 191-1 338 McClenning,Bree*;Sexton,CarolynE.;Marcantonio,Franco; Giardino,JohnR.;Allison,MeadA.:moDeling geomorPhic anD geochemical characTeriSTicS oF alPine Fen SYSTemS in The San JUan moUnTainS, coloraDo 339 Lopes,JaredM.*;Galster,JoshuaC.:a hiSTorical, emPirical analYSiS oF The relaTionShiP BeTWeen UrBaniZaTion anD STream BaSeFloW in The eaSTern UniTeD STaTeS 340 Waska,Karel*;Lenczewski,Melissa:hYPer-alKaline aQUiFerS oF calUmeT WeTlanDS (SoUTh chicago, il): BioDiVerSiTY anD remeDiaTion STUDY 341 Busenberg,Eurybiades*;Plummer,L.Niel;Haase,KarlB.; Shapiro,StephanieD.;Casile,GerolamoC.;Coplen,TylerB.; Doughten,MichaelW.;Wayland,JulianE.;Widman,PeggyK.: an 11-Year recorD oF groUnDWaTer age, chemiSTrY anD STaBle iSoToPic comPoSiTion oF DiScharge From FUrnace SPring, ShenanDoah naTional ParK, Virginia 342 Jean,Jiin-Shuh*;Kar,Sandeep;Liu,Chia-Chuan: BioaVailaBiliTY oF arSenic in ecoSYSTem WiTh SPecial reFerence To aQUacUlTUral FiSh anD PoTenTial healTh riSKS 343 Zimmer,Margaret*;Bailey,Scott;McGuire,Kevin:Fine Scale VariaTionS oF SUrFace WaTer chemiSTrY in an ePhemeral To Perennial Drainage neTWorK in The hUBBarD BrooK eXPerimenTal ForeST, nh, USa 344 Ahamed,Aakash*;Merritts,DorothyJ.;GrandPre,CandaceA.: BeDloaD enTrainmenT in a long-Term FlooDPlain WeTlanD reSToraTion eXPerimenT, Big SPring rUn, Pa

192-7 192-8


192-10 354 Humphries,ElizabethE.*;Mitchell,SaraGran:laTiTUDinal VariaTion in glacial cirQUe alTiTUDeS 192-11 355 Jónsson,SverrirA.*;Schomacker,Anders;Benediktsson,ÍvarÖrn; Johnson,MarkD.;Brynjólfsson,Skafti;Ingólfsson,Ólafur:The mÚlaJÖKUll DrUmlin FielD - SeDimenTologY anD geomorPhologY 192-12 356 Hauzenberger,BarbaraM.*;Heyman,Jakob:maSS Balance moDeling anD PleiSTocene Paleo-climaTe oF The cenTral eUroPean UPlanDS 192-13 357 Wittkop,Chad;Brugger,KeithA.*;Boley,TylerD.;Bleess,Ryan; German,Questor:SUrFace eXPoSUre DaTing anD climaTic inTerPreTaTion oF PleiSTocene glacierS along The conTinenTal DiViDe, monTana, USa 192-14 358 Siegel,Jacob*;Dugan,Brandon;Lizarralde,Dan;Person, Mark;Miller,Nathaniel;Defoor,Whitney:geoPhYSical eViDence anD imPlicaTionS oF an earlY PleiSTocene glaciaTion oFFShore maSSachUSeTTS, USa 192-15 359 Ishman,Scott*;Domack,EugeneW.;Leventer,Amy;Brachfeld, Stefanie;Lavoie,Caroline;Huber,Bruce;Wellner,Julia;Matulaitis, Ilona:lariSSa: UnDerSTanDing The imPacT oF climaTe change on an ice ShelF SYSTem 192-16 360 Longbottom,ToddL.*;Owen,Lewis;Caffee,M.W.;Murari, MadhavK.:QUaTernarY hiSTorY oF glacier morPhologY anD lanDForm DeVeloPmenT in The garhWal anD lahUl himalaYa 192-17 361 Schmid,GingerL.*;Wilkerson,ForrestD.:liThologY anD PaTTern SiZe oF Periglacial PaTTerneD groUnD, WhiTe moUnTainS, caliFornia 192-18 362 Vermeulen,Michael*;Todd,Claire;Balco,Greg;Huybers, Kathleen;Campbell,Seth;Simmons,Christopher:glacial geomorPhologY oF The WilliamS anD SchmiDT hillS, PenSacola moUnTainS, anTarcTica








SeSSion no. 192

T143. Glacial Geology and Cryogenic Processes (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 192-1 345 Lusardi,BarbaraA.*;Johnson,MarkD.;Adams,RobertaS.; Gowan,AngelaS.;Harris,KennethL.;Hobbs,HowardC.; Jennings,CarrieE.;Knaeble,AlanR.;Meyer,GaryN.: QUaTernarY STraTigraPhY oF minneSoTa-- characTeriZaTion anD correlaTion oF UniTS 346 Mickelson,D.M.*;Bricknell,M.S.;Attig,John;Clark,JamesA.: laUrenTiDe ice SheeT eXTenT maPS coVering WiSconSin anD ParTS oF aDJacenT STaTeS--The nUcleUS oF a long Term ProJecT 347 Kilgore,SusanM.*;Bettis,E.ArthurIII.;Quade,DeborahJ.: liThologic characTeriZaTion oF The miDWiSconSinan ShelDon creeK FormaTion, norThcenTral ioWa

SeSSion no. 193

T149. Virtual Reality in Geoscience Education II (Digital Posters) (GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Planetary Geology Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; Google Inc.; Oxford University Press; Minnesota Planetarium Society)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 193-1 DP4 Hansen,VickiL.*;Dordevic,MladenM.;DePaor,DeclanG.; Bannister,RogerA.:a VirTUal FielD TriP To VenUS'S arTemiS--oUr Solar SYSTem'S largeST PlUme / SUPer-PlUme: a JoUrneY acroSS The crUST anD To The core



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 223


193-2 DP5 Granshaw,Frank*;Cady,Sherry;Wells,Jennifer:marS analogS in YelloWSTone naTional ParK - a VirTUal FielD enVironmenT (VFe) conSTrUcTion aS a FielD acTiViTY in Teacher eDUcaTion in aSTroBiologY DP6 Downey,AnnaC.*;Powers,EllyseM.;Hasbargen,Leslie:lYell riDeS again in UPSTaTe neW YorK: a PeDagogical VirTUal eXPeDiTion To eXPlore The PaST BaSeD on moDern FlUVial ProceSSeS anD DePoSiTS DP7 Beck,EmmaN.*;Rueger,BruceF.:a google earTh FlYoVer illUSTraTing The geologY anD ToPograPhY oF arnolD'S march on QUeBec, 1775 DP8 Morgan,BrianJ.*;Rueger,BruceF.;Croft,Melvin:VirTUal geologic FielD gUiDe To The KenneBec highlanDS, cenTral maine DP9 Eusden,J.DykstraJr.*;Duvall,MathieuL.;Bryant,Marita: googleearth maShUP: linKing real anD VirTUal FielD TriPS For an inTroDUcTorY geologY claSS 194-8 194-4 2:30PM Osterman,LisaE.*;Smith,ChristopherG.:TWo hUnDreD YearS oF coaSTal change in The moBile BaY eSTUarY, norThern gUlF oF meXico 2:45PM Anders,AlisonM.*;Colberg,JessicaS.;Nesbitt, Stephen:coUPleD nUmerical moDeling oF PaSSiVe margin eScarPmenT eVolUTion anD orograPhic PreciPiTaTion 3:00PM Wegmann,Karl*;Runnels,Curtis;Strasser,ThomasF.; McCoy,FloydW.;Gallen,Sean;Panagopoulou,Eleni: marine TerraceS, PalaeoliThic homininS, anD STone age SeaFaring: TecTonic geomorPhologY aBoVe The hellenic SUBDUcTion Zone, creTe, greece 3:15PM Foufoula-Georgiou,Efi*;Singh,Arvind:inTeracTion oF BeD ToPograPhY, FloW TUrBUlence anD SeDimenT TranSPorT: harneSSing The PoWer oF laBoraTorY eXPerimenTS For imProVing PreDicTiVe aBiliTY in real riVerS 3:30PM Pinter,Nicholas*;Heine,ReubenA.;Flor,Andrew;Remo, JonathanW.F.:FlUVial geomorPhologY aPPlieD: leVee SaFeTY anD FlooDPlain managemenT 3:45PM Break 4:00PM Ouchi,Shunji*:eVolUTion oF eXPerimenTal lanDForm WiTh rainFall eroSion anD UPliFT 4:15PM Rhodes,EdwardJ.*;Lawson,Mike;Stang,Dallon;Roder, Belinda:UnDerSTanDing SPeciFic ProBlemS aSSociaTeD WiTh oSl DaTing in acTiVe TecTonic SeTTingS 4:30PM Ren,Fang*;Encarnación,John:linKS BeTWeen ToPograPhY, TecToniSm, climaTe change, anD liThologY: inSighTS From The STUDY on The DanXia lanDForm 4:45PM Hoffmann,Thomas*:a holocene carBon STorage PerSPecTiVe on collUVial anD allUVial SeDimenT STorage in The rhine BaSin 5:00PM Pinta,StevenM.*;Chan,MarjorieA.:WeaThering PaTTernS on The JUraSSic naVaJo SanDSTone in granD STaircaSe eScalanTe anD Vermilion cliFFS naTional monUmenTS: imPlicaTionS For microclimaTeS 5:15PM Adamovic,Jiri*;Mikulas,Radek;Schweigstillova,Jana: iS There a FiniTe nUmBer oF SanDSTone WeaThering PaTTernS? eViDence From The hUmiD TemPeraTe Zone oF eUroPe








193-7 DP10 Stiff,BarbaraJ.*:VirTUal VS acTUal 3D anD The ancienT miSSiSSiPPi riVer in illinoiS 193-8 DP11 Lang,KelleyT.*;Lang,NicholasP.;Camodeca,BrianM.: learning aBoUT Volcanic ProceSSeS anD lanDFormS ThroUgh a VirTUal FielD TriP To TeneriFe, SPain 193-9 DP12 Shipley,ScottT.*;Peterlin,Albert:4D KmZ aPProach To geoPhYSical analYSiS in VirTUal gloBeS 193-10 DP13 Guertin,LauraA.*:STUDenT-generaTeD google earTh coUrSe PorTFolioS in earTh Science coUrSeS 193-11 DP14 Hochstaedter,Alfred*;Sullivan,Deidre:oceanograPhY anD google earTh: oBSerVing ocean ProceSSeS WiTh Time animaTionS anD STUDenT BUilT ocean DriFTerS 193-12 DP15 VanHoesen,John*:a moDel For USing oPen laYerS aS a meDiUm For VirTUal geoScience eDUcaTion: eXPloring ioDP coreS anD Smear SliDeS USing gigaPiXel imagerY 193-13 DP16 Richards,BillD.*:gigaPiXel imagerY in The VirTUal laBoraTorY eXPerience 193-14 DP17 Campbell,CarlE.*;Kuster,Stephanie:gigaPaning in monTana'S hell creeK FormaTion 193-15 DP18 Connor,Cathy*;Shinn,JenniferJ.;Pechacek,ZacharyA.; Piscoya,Cameron;Freeman,TristanB.:USing gigaPan imagerY anD google earTh PaTh anD ProFile ToolS To enrich alaSKan lanDScaPe inTerPreTaTion in an inTroDUcTorY geomorPhologY coUrSe

194-9 194-10





aFTernoon oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 194


1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100FG NicholasPinterandLisaE.Osterman,Presiding 194-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Persico,LymanP.*;McFadden,Leslie;Frechette,Jedediah; Meyer,GrantA.:aPliTe collUViUm anD DUST inFlUX ProDUce accreTionarY hillSloPe SoilS in The SanDia moUnTainS, neW meXico 2:00PM Kastning,ErnstH.*:a KarST-PSeUDoKarST morPhogeneTic SPecTrUm BaSeD on Form, ProceSS, anD STage 2:15PM Goeke,J.W.*;Joeckel,R.M.;Kuzila,M.S.:loeSS PSeUDoKarST in WeST-cenTral neBraSKa: PiPing, collaPSe, caTaSTroPhic Drainage, gUllYing, anD canYon DeVeloPmenT

SeSSion no. 195

Geoscience Education VI: National and International Outreach in Geoscience Education

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211AB ElizabethWright,Presiding 195-1 1:30PM Szymanski,DavidW.;Bucci,GregoryD.*;Adams, VictoriaE.;Green,DanielV.;Markow,WilliamN.: engaging UnDergraDUaTe STUDenTS in energY PolicY ThroUgh SerVice-learning 1:45PM Sperazza,Michael*;Rasbury,Troy:challengeS anD BeneFiTS oF inTernaTional geoScience eXPerienceS: FielD Program in The TUrKana BaSin, KenYa 2:00PM Hiatt,EricE.*;Kyser,T.Kurt:inTegraTing QUanTiTaTiVe geochemical analYSeS in an inTernaTional FielD coUrSe in BermUDa: increaSing geological meTacogniTion anD ProBlem-SolVing SKillS ThroUgh FielD inVeSTigaTionS 2:15PM Heinzel,Chad*;Gray,Kyle;Bosshart,Nicholas;Shultz, Josh;Hogan,Stephanie;Thompson,Chelsie;Chesley,John; Johnson,Elle:The geologY oF SoUThern iTalY - a geoarchaeological PerSPecTiVe






224 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


195-5 2:30PM MattiettiKysar,Giuseppina*;Placidi,Marco;Straccali, Vania;Weustink,Inge:UrBan geologY oF ancienT rome: inTroDUcTion To geoarchaeologY anD SPeleoarchaeologY 2:45PM Dahl,Robyn*;Mrofka,DavidD.;Droser,MaryL.: engaging TomorroW'S leaDerS ToDaY: geoScience oUTreach in a DiVerSe commUniTY 3:00PM Lukes,LauraA.*:JoinT Science eDUcaTion ProJecT (JSeP): a mechaniSm To engage ScienTiSTS anD STUDenTS To DeSign anD conDUcT oUTreach acTiViTieS 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Plankell,EricT.*;Briedis,CynthiaA.:naTUrallY illinoiS eXPo - a moDel For PromoTing The geoScienceS To YoUng anD olD 3:45PM Cronin,Kelly;Smrecak,TrishaA.;Ross,RobertM.*; Carmichael,Celeste:comBining ciTiZen Science WiTh cUrricUlUm anD commUniTY engagemenT For climaTe change eDUcaTion 4:00PM Levine,NormanS.*;Colgan,Mitchell;Hall,Cynthia: geoSPaTial inSTiTUTe For STUDenTS anD TeacherS in climaTe change ­ a SoUTh carolina SPace granT WorKForce eDUcaTion anD PreParaTion Program 4:15PM Viskupic,Karen*;Rylee,Jennie;Busche,Cindy;Focht, Sara;Cannamela,David;Carleton-Hug,Annelise;Belthoff, James;Wilkins,David:ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT For graDUaTe STUDenTS ThroUgh oUTreach ParTnerShiPS WiTh Science learning cenTerS 4:30PM MacFadden,BruceJ.*:oUTreach Training anD inTegraTion oF Formal anD inFormal learning acTiViTieS For earlY career PaleoBiologiSTS 4:45PM Saltzman,Jennifer*:DeVeloPing high School geoScienTiSTS ThroUgh SUmmer inTernShiPS 5:00PM Bentley,Callan*:a naTional Blog aS a meDiUm For STUDenT engagemenT 5:15PM Ellis,ToddD.*:PUBlic eDUcaTion anD oUTreach ­ eSSenTial SKillS For earlY career SUcceSS 198-3 198-4 198-5

SeSSion no. 198

P6. Prairie Ice Streams (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101A-C CarrieE.Jennings,MartinA.Ross,andB.BrandonCurry,Presiding 198-1 198-2 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Hulbe,ChristinaL.*;Fahnestock,MarkA.:ice STreamS SToP anD STarT 1:55PM Tulaczyk,Slawek*;Beem,Lucas;Walter,Jacob:acTiVe SUBglacial laKeS anD Their inFlUence on ice STream DYnamicS? 2:15PM Boulton,Geoffrey*:moDeS oF Drainage BeneaTh ice STreamS 2:35PM Christoffersen,Poul*;Bougamont,Marion:raPiD SeDimenT TranSFer BY `erraTic' ice STreamS 2:55PM Iverson,NealR.*:Till Shear reSiSTance anD DeFormaTion KinemaTicS BeneaTh ice STreamS: hYDrologY rUleS 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Evans,DavidJ.A.*:glacial geomorPhologY anD SeDimenTologY oF TerreSTrial-TerminaTing FaST FloW loBeS/ice STream marginS in The SoUThWeST laUrenTiDe ice SheeT 3:50PM Piotrowski,JanA.*:Three lanD-BaSeD Palaeo-ice STreamS oF The SoUThern ScanDinaVian ice SheeT: SUBglacial ProceSSeS, SeDimenTS anD lanDFormS 4:10PM Ross,Martin*;Adams,RobertaS.:ShiFTing Paleo-ice STreamS anD inTer-ice STream ZoneS oF The canaDian PrairieS











195-14 195-15


4:50PM Jennings,CarrieE.*:eVolUTion oF laUrenTiDe ice caTchmenT areaS ThroUgh ice loBe acTiViTY anD Till ProVenance 5:10PM Curry,B.Brandon*:ForenSic reconSTrUcTion oF SeDimenTS anD enVironmenTS aT The Termini oF Prairie ice STreamS


SeSSion no. 196

GSA Hydrogeology Division Lecture Series: Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecture

4:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100HI F.EdwinHarvey,Presiding 4:30PM introductory remarks 196-1 4:35PM McDonnell,JeffreyJ.*:BirDSall-DreiSS DiSTingUiSheD lecTUre: Where DoeS WaTer go When iT rainS? concePTUaliZing rUnoFF ProceSSeS in heaDWaTer caTchmenTS

SeSSion no. 199

Special Session: Planetary Geology Division 30th Anniversary-- Then And Now: The Past 30 Years Of Solar System Exploration (GSA Planetary Geology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100H-J SimonA.KattenhornandDavidWilliams,Presiding 199-1 199-2 199-3 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Squyres,StevenW.*:Three DecaDeS oF marS eXPloraTion 1:50PM Moore,Jeffrey*;Stern,S.Alan:The PlUTo SYSTem 2:05PM Moore,Jeffrey*;McKinnon,WilliamB.;Pappalardo, RobertT.;Schenk,PaulM.:The maJor moonS oF UranUS anD nePTUne 2:20PM Barnes,JasonW.*:From VoYager To caSSini: 30 YearS oF eXPloring TiTan'S geologY 2:35PM Schenk,PaulM.*:SaTUrn'S icY moonS: From caSSini (gioVanni) To caSSini (orBiTer) 2:50PM McKinnon,WilliamB.*:icY moonS oF JUPiTer: WorlDS in Their oWn righT 3:05PM Break 3:20PM Lopes,RosalyM.C.*;Williams,David:io: From VoYager To neW horiZonS 3:35PM Rivkin,AndrewS.*:ThirTY YearS oF aSTeroiD Science: an emBarraSSmenT oF richeS 3:50PM Bussey,Ben*:eXPloring The lUnar PoleS

SeSSion no. 197

Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) Awards Lectures, Presidential Address, and Annual Business Meeting

3:00PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102BC MichaelF.Hochella,Presiding 197-1 3:00PM Liou,JuhnG.*:mSa roeBling meDal lecTUre: PeTrochemiSTrY anD geochronologY oF The DaBie-SUlU UlTrahigh-PreSSUre meTamorPhic Terrane oF eaST-cenTral china ­ a SUmmarY 3:30PM Murakami,Motohiko*:mSa aWarD lecTUre: mineralogY anD chemiSTrY oF The earTh'S loWer manTle 4:00PM Bish,DavidL.*:mSa PreSiDenTial aDDreSS: "WaTer" in mineralS iS noT reallY WaTer 5:00PM Business meeting

199-4 199-5 199-6 199-7 199-8 199-9



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 225




4:30PM Thorleifson,Harvey*:SoUThWeSTern laUrenTiDe ice STreamS DUring Final DeglaciaTion


199-10 4:05PM Limaye,SanjayS.*;Saunders,R.Stephen:VenUS: STill The laBoraTorY For UnDerSTanDing The origin anD eVolUTion oF haBiTaBle PlaneTS 4:20PM Solomon,SeanC.*:a Tale oF TWo SPacecraFT: The eXPloraTion oF mercUrY 4:35PM Head,JamesW.*;Fassett,CalebI.:a BrieF hiSTorY oF WaTer anD climaTe on marS 4:50PM Discussion

SeSSion no. 201

T12. From Nuna to Rodinia: Proterozoic Growth and Evolution of Laurentia II (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; Geological Association of Canada; Mineralogical Society of America)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200DE DavidCorrigan,DanielK.Holm,SallyPehrsson,ValW.Chandler, MarionE.Bickford,andKevinL.Mickus,Presiding 201-1 1:30PM Foster,DavidA.*;Mueller,PaulA.;Dutrow,BarbaraL.; Wooden,JosephL.:ProTeroZoic accreTion oF WeSTern laUrenTia WiTh imPlicaTionS For nUna anD roDinia reconSTrUcTionS 1:45PM Doe,MichaelF.*;Karlstrom,KarlE.;Jones,JamesV.III.; Pecha,Mark;Gehrels,GeorgeE.:reconSTrUcTing roDinia: haFniUm reSUlTS From The SW laUrenTian "magmaTic gaP" (1470-1600 ma) PoSSiBle linKS BeTWeen The YanKee Joe BaSin anD cenTral aUSTralia 2:00PM Rivers,Toby*:The inTerior grenVille orogen aS a collaPSeD orogenic PlaTeaU 2:15PM Condie,KentC.*:ProTeroZoic SUPerconTinenTS, orogenS, anD gianT DYKe SWarmS: neW inSighTS From Zircon age DiSTriBUTionS 2:30PM Quinn,R.J.*;Moecher,D.P.;Samson,S.D.;Tohver,E.: The naTUre anD eXTenT oF eXoTic crUSTal comPonenTS in SoUThern laUrenTia: neW age anD nD-PB iSoToPe eViDence From grenVille BaSemenT gneiSSeS, eaSTern greaT SmoKY moUnTainS 2:45PM Kelsey,DavidE.*;Smithies,R.Hugh;Woodhouse,AilsaJ.; Hand,Martin;Kirkland,ChrisL.;Howard,HeatherM.: imPlicaTionS For The TecTonic SeTTing oF long-liVeD grenVillian-ageD TecToniSm in The mUSgraVe ProVince, cenTral aUSTralia, BaSeD on conSTrainTS From large-Scale iSoToPic homogeneiTY anD ThermoBaromeTrY 3:00PM Regan,SeanP.*;Chiarenzelli,JeffreyR.;McLelland, JamesM.;Cousens,Brian:coroniTic meTagaBBroS WiThin The aDironDacKS: a ProBe oF PoST ShaWinigan aSThenoSPheric manTle anD relaTeD inSighTS inTo amcg magmaTiSm 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Tersmette,DanielB.*;Chacko,Tom;Heaman,LarryM.; DuFrane,S.Andrew:geochronologY oF The QUeen maUD BlocK: imPlicaTionS For The eVolUTion oF The norThWeSTern canaDian ShielD 3:45PM LaFlamme,Crystal*;McFarlane,Chris;Corrigan,David: The rePUlSe BaY BlocK: a WinDoW inTo The miDDle crUST oF a ProTeroZoic colliSional orogen 4:00PM Kuiper,YvetteD.*;Buchwaldt,Robert;Lillydahl-Schroeder, HosannaG.;Castle,JeffreyW.:PoST-(?)TranShUDSonian FolDing in The FoXe FolD BelT, melVille PeninSUla, nUnaVUT, canaDa 4:15PM Partin,Camille*;Corrigan,David;Wodicka,Natasha;Bekker, Andrey:BaSin analYSiS oF The PaleoProTeroZoic PenrhYn anD Piling groUPS, arcTic canaDa 4:30PM Jansen,AndrewC.*;Vervoort,JeffD.;Lewis,ReedS.: PrecamBrian BaSemenT rocKS oF The clearWaTer meTamorPhic core comPleX: a neW Piercing PoinT along The WeSTern laUrenTian margin 4:45PM Discussion

199-11 199-12

SeSSion no. 200

T1. Oceanic and Juvenile Continental Crust Formation in the Precambrian (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA International Section; Precambrian [At Large]; Geochemical Society; Mineralogical Society of America)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200H-J YildirimDilek,HaraldFurnes,andA.Polat,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 200-1 200-2 1:45PM Condie,KentC.*:DiD earlY archean conTinenTal crUST Form WiThoUT PlaTe TecTonicS? 2:05PM Gregory,RobertT.*;Banerjee,Sandeep:linKing The STaBle iSoToPe eVolUTion oF SeaWaTer To moDeS oF crUSTal eVolUTion 2:20PM Bjornerud,MarciaG.*:The limiTS oF UniFormiTarianiSm: reaSonS To conSiDer alTernaTiVe TecTonic STYleS on archean earTh 2:35PM Furnes,Harald*;Dilek,Yildirim;Robins,Brian:The Paleoarchean onVerWachT SUiTe oF The BarBerTon greenSTone BelT (SoUTh aFrica) aS amalgamaTeD oceanic crUST anD iSlanD arcS 2:55PM Keim,RaeDawn*;Ansdell,KevinM.;Sanborn-Barrie, Mary;Young,Mike:KaraSJoK-TYPe KomaTiiTeS anD aSSociaTeD Volcanic rocKS in The PaleoProTeroZoic oF SoUTheaSTern BaFFin iSlanD, canaDa: FielD relaTionShiPS anD conSTrainTS on PeTrogeneSiS 3:10PM Discussion 3:25PM Break 3:40PM Murphy,J.Brendan*;Nance,R.Damian:roDinia, coeVal JUVenile crUST FormaTion anD Their PaleoZoic legacieS 4:00PM Foster,DavidA.*;Mueller,PaulA.:PhaneroZoic crUSTal groWTh in oceanic TUrBiDiTeDominaTeD orogenS oF gonDWana: inSighTS inTo PrecamBrian crUSTal groWTh ProceSSeS 4:15PM Lodge,RobertW.D.*;Gibson,Harold;Stott,GregM.: comParing The VolcanologY anD geochemiSTrY oF neoarchean VmS-enDoWeD anD VmS-DePriVeD greenSTone BelTS in The WaWa SUBProVince oF The SUPerior craTon 4:30PM Paixão,MarcoA.P.*;Dantas,EltonLuiz:crUSTal eVolUTion oF The neoProTeroZoic oPhioliTeS in SoUTh america 4:45PM Long,LeonE.*;Hassan,AdelM.:origin oF DoKhan VolcanicS, eaSTern DeSerT oF egYPT, aS reVealeD BY Pearce elemenT raTioS 5:00PM concluding remarks


201-3 201-4

















226 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


SeSSion no. 202

T22. Deformation of the Lithosphere: Field Observations, Experimental Investigations, and Numerical Studies II (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200A-C PatriceRey,EricGoergen,andSethC.Kruckenberg,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 202-1 1:35PM Boutelier,David*;Rosenau,Matthias;Ziegenhagen, Thomas;Neumann,F.;Oncken,Onno;Cruden,Alexander: large-Scale STreSS anD STrain PaTTernS caUSeD BY oceanic SUBDUcTion along a SeaWarD-concaVe PlaTe BoUnDarY: inSighTS From 2D nUmerical anD 3D Thermo-mechanical laBoraTorY eXPerimenTS anD aPPlicaTion To The cenTral anDeS 1:55PM Discussion 2:05PM Denèle,Yoann*;Barbey,Pierre;Paquette,Jean-Louis; Laumonier,Bernard;Olivier,Philippe:Time Scale oF gneiSS Dome FormaTion anD DUcTile FloW: The monT-loUiS anD aX-leS-ThermeS PlUTonS anD relaTeD gneiSS DomeS in The French PYreneeS 2:20PM Kruckenberg,SethC.*:moBiliZaTion oF ParTiallY molTen crUST DUring eXTenSion anD The inTernal DYnamicS oF The naXoS migmaTiTe Dome, greece 2:35PM McFadden,RoryR.*;Teyssier,Christian;Siddoway, ChristineS.;Cosca,MichaelA.:roTaTion oF The STrain FielD DUring emPlacemenT anD eXhUmaTion oF The FoSDicK moUnTainS migmaTiTe-coreD gneiSS Dome, WeST anTarcTica 2:50PM Rey,PatriceF.*:STrain regime ParTiTioning in The conTinenTal crUST: leSSonS From nUmerical eXPerimenTS 3:05PM Discussion 3:20PM Break 3:35PM Miller,MeghanS.*;PianaAgostinetti,Nicola:eVolUTion oF The iTalian liThoSPhere From S receiVer FUncTionS 3:50PM Mondy,LukeS.;Rey,Patrice*;Quevedo,Leonardo: SeiSmic eXPloraTion oF nUmerical Thermomechanical geoDYnamic moDelS 4:05PM Platt,JohnP.;Becker,ThorstenW.*:KinemaTicS oF roTaTing PanelS oF e-W FaUlTS in The San anDreaS SYSTem: WhaT can We Tell From geoDeSY? 4:20PM Scharman,MitchellR.*;Pavlis,TerryL.:KinemaTicS oF The chUgach meTamorPhic comPleX, SoUThern alaSKa: PlaTe geomeTrY in The norTh PaciFic margin DUring The laTe creTaceoUS To eocene 4:35PM Seid,MaryJ.*;Kolata,DennisR.:neWlY DiScoVereD eViDence For laTe orDoVician STrUcTUral DeFormaTion in ogle coUnTY, illinoiS 4:50PM Discussion 5:05PM concluding remarks 204-6 204-3 204-2 203-7 203-4 203-2 203-3 2:00PM Arai,Shoji*:oPhioliTic chromiTiTeS: originS anD imPlicaTionS For manTle DYnamicS 2:20PM Stern,Fabio*;Hattori,KéikoH.;Bédard,JeanH.:manTle eVolUTion recorDeD in cr-SPinel From The BaY oF iSlanD oPhioliTic comPleX, norThern aPPalachianS 2:35PM Yang,Jingsui*;Xu,Xiangzhen;Li,Yuan;Liu,Zhao;Li, Jinyang;Ba,Denzhu;Robinson,PaulT.:DiamonD DiScoVereD From SiX DiFFerenT UlTramaFic maSSiFS along The YarlUng ZangBU SUTUre BeTWeen The inDian anD eUraSian PlaTeS 2:50PM Robinson,PaulT.*;Yang,Jingsui;Trumbull,Robert;Schmitt, Axel:crUSTal mineralS in oPhioliTic manTle rocKS 3:05PM Zhai,Qingguo;Jahn,Bor-ming*:carBoniFeroUS oPhioliTe in The miDDle oF The QiangTang BlocK, norThern TiBeT: geochemiSTrY, ShrimP U-PB DaTing anD TecTonic imPlicaTionS 3:20PM Furnes,Harald*;Dilek,Yildirim;deWit,Maarten: PrecamBrian greenSTone BelTS aS DiFFerenT oPhioliTe TYPeS 3:40PM Discussions and concluding remarks





SeSSion no. 204

T34. Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism: Observations from Nano through Outcrop to Plate-Tectonic Scales II: In Honor of J.G. Liou, 2011 MSA Roebling Medalist (Mineralogical Society of America) noTe: ThiS SeSSion haS moVeD To WeDneSDaY, 8 a.m. To noon, room 101Fg

W.G.Ernst,Presiding 204-1 1:45PM Konishi,Hiromi*;Xu,Huifang:Z-conTraST imaging oF caTionS anD caTion orDering in omPhaciTe From SUlU Terrane, eaSTern china 2:00PM Christensen,BenjaminD.J.*;Mattinson,ChristopherG.: PreSSUre-TemPeraTUre eSTimaTeS anD Zircon U-PB anD Trace elemenT analYSiS oF hP-granUliTeS WiThin The norTh QaiDam UhP Terrane, DUlan, WeSTern china 2:15PM Whitney,DonnaL.*;Teyssier,Christian;Seaton, NicholasC.A.;Toraman,Erkan:UlTraloW PreSSUre anD TemPeraTUre UhP meTamorPhiSm oF laWSoniTe eclogiTe anD BlUeSchiST, SiVrihiSar, TUrKeY 2:30PM Gordon,Stacia*;Whitney,Donna;Teyssier,Christian; Kylander-Clark,AndrewR.C.;Hacker,BradleyR.;Renedo, Roxanne:TimeScaleS anD conDiTionS oF crUSTal melTing in The WeSTern gneiSS UhP Terrane, norWaY 2:45PM Renedo,RoxanneN.*;Whitney,DonnaL.;Teyssier, Christian;Seaton,Nicholas;Gordon,StaciaM.:eclogiTe To mYloniTe: PeTrologic STUDY oF The SalTa Shear Zone, WeSTern gneiSS region, norWaY 3:00PM Break 3:15PM Johnston,ScottM.*;Kylander-Clark,AndrewR.C.; Brueckner,HannnesK.:ProTracTeD high-PreSSUregranUliTe FacieS meTamorPhiSm Prior To high-PreSSUre eXhUmaTion in an orogenic hangingWall, liVerPool lanD, eaST greenlanD 3:30PM Agustsson,Kenjo*;Johnston,ScottM.;Kylander-Clark, Andrew:Timing anD Trace elemenT geochemiSTrY oF migmaTiTic hoST gneiSSeS in The liVerPool lanD eclogiTe Terrane, ne greenlanD caleDoniDeS










SeSSion no. 203

T32. Ophiolites, Ultrahigh Pressure Minerals, and the Origin of Podiform Chromitites: Implications for Mantle Heterogeneity (Mineralogical Society of America; GSA International Section)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102D-F JingsuiYangandPaulT.Robinson,Presiding 203-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:40PM Dilek,Yildirim*;Furnes,Harald;Robinson,PaulT.:a neW claSSiFicaTion oF oPhioliTeS


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 227


1:30PM introductory remarks


204-8 3:45PM Lang,HelenM.*;Gilotti,JaneA.:inTerPreTaTion oF The DecomPreSSion PaTh oF ParTiallY melTeD UhP meTaPeliTeS From The ne-greenlanD caleDoniDeS BY correlaTion oF oBSerVeD aSSemBlageS anD comPoSiTionS oF ZoneD garneT anD oTher mineralS WiTh iSochemical PhaSe Diagram SecTionS 4:00PM Gilotti,JaneA.*:eclogiTe FormaTion BY SUBDUcTion eroSion oF The oVerriDing PlaTe 4:15PM Cho,Moonsup*;Cheong,Wonseok;Ernst,W.G.;Yi, Keewook;Kim,Jeongmin:U-PB ageS oF DeTriTal ZirconS From Korean FolD-ThrUST BelTS: imPlicaTionS For The PaleoZoic crUSTal archiTecTUre oF eaST aSia 4:30PM Newton,RobertC.*;Manning,CraigE.:KYaniTeSillimaniTe eQUiliBriUm aT 900 c BY crYSTal WeighT change 4:45PM Discussion comBineD FloWS WiTh 4- anD 6-SeconD oScillaTion PerioDS

SeSSion no. 206

T47. Coal Systems: Sedimentation, Petrology, Natural Resources, and Environmental Sustainability (GSA Coal Geology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100FG KevinB.Jones,MargoD.Corum,ScottD.Elrick,SusanM.Rimmer, MarkA.Engle,andJackC.Pashin,Presiding 206-1 1:30PM Engle,MarkA.*;Gallo,Michele;Sams,James; Zupancic,John;Schroeder,Karl;Geboy,NicholasJ.: SUBSUrFace DriP irrigaTion aPPlicaTion oF coalBeD meThane ProDUceD WaTerS: a ThreeWaY analYSiS oF The imPacTS To ShalloW groUnDWaTer comPoSiTion anD STorage 1:45PM Pashin,JackC.*;McKinney,GeorgeM.;Mann,StevenD.; Kopaska-Merkel,DavidC.;McIntyre,MarcellaR.: DeVeloPing ProDUceD WaTer managemenT STraTegieS For coalBeD meThane oPeraTionS in The BlacK Warrior BaSin 2:00PM Gribb,NikolausWaters*;Hays,Ricardo;McLaughlin,J.Fred: TracKing The imPacT oF cBng ProDUcTion on groUnDWaTer reSoUrceS From 2006-2009, PoWDer riVer BaSin, WYoming; The reSerVoir reSPonSe To DecreaSing ProDUcTion in maTUre cBng FielDS 2:15PM Jones,KevinB.*;Corum,MargoD.:FacTorS aFFecTing carBon DioXiDe STorage PoTenTial in UnmineaBle coal BeDS 2:30PM Pantano,ChristopherP.*;McIntosh,JenniferC.;Anderson, FredJ.:hYDrogeochemical conTrolS on microBial coalBeD meThane accUmUlaTionS in The WilliSTon BaSin, norTh DaKoTa 2:45PM Yoksoulian,Lois*;Rimmer,SusanM.;Rowe,Harry: eFFecT oF conTacT meTamorPhiSm on coal geochemiSTrY anD PeTrograPhY: imPlicaTionS For The The large Scale releaSe oF 12 c-enricheD meThane 3:00PM McPherson,Margaret*;Rimmer,SusanM.;Rowe,Harry: geochemiSTrY anD PeTrograPhY oF ThermallY meTamorPhoSeD anTarcTic coal: imPlicaTionS For 13c ­DePleTeD meThane releaSe 3:15PM Crelling,JohnC.*;Anderson,KenB.;Huggett, WilliamW.:chemicalS From coal BY oXiDaTiVe hYDroThermal DiSSolUTion (ohD) 3:30PM Break 3:45PM Lorenzo-Trueba,Jorge*;Voller,Vaughan;Paola,Chris: a moDel FrameWorK For DelTa eVolUTion ThaT accoUnTS For organic SeDimenT DYnamicS 4:00PM Davies-Vollum,K.Sian*;Guion,Paul;Satterfield,Dorothy; Suthren,Roger:TWo conTraSTing lacUSTrine DelTa DePoSiTS anD Their eFFecTS on coal mining in a SUrFace mine in DerBYShire, englanD 4:15PM Cohen,ArthurD.*;Marsh,PamelaE.;Wyche,Gregory: oBSerVaTionS on The PeTrograPhic anD chemical eFFecTS oF The DroUghTS anD FireS oF 2007 anD 2011 on The PeaT DePoSiTS anD PeaT-Forming ecoSYSTemS oF The oKeFenoKee SWamP 4:30PM Hower,JamesC.*;O'Keefe,JenniferM.K.;Eble,Cortland; Raymond,Anne;Valentim,Bruno;Wagner,NicolaJ.;Volk, ThomasJ.:inSPiraTion anD inSighTS inTo maceral FormaTion: ThoUghTS on The role oF nonFloral inPUT inTo coal FormaTion 4:45PM Scott,AndrewC.*;Collinson,MargaretE.;Hudspith,Victoria: occUrrence anD recogniTion oF coProliTeS

204-9 204-10



SeSSion no. 205

T45. Formation, Development, and Preservation of Bed Morphologies (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology); International Association of Sedimentologists)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211CD MauricioM.PerilloandPaulM.Myrow,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 205-1 1:40PM Mohrig,David*:inTeracTionS BeTWeen channelBoTTom ToPograPhY ThaT ProDUce SeTS oF DUne croSS-STraTa in a SanDY BraiDeD riVer 2:00PM Archer,AllenW.*:hYPerTiDal rangeS anD SeDimenTaTion in carBoniFeroUS anD moDern TiDal rhYThmiTeS 2:15PM Prokocki,Eric*;Best,James:DeciPhering The longiTUDinal changeS in channel BoTTom BeDForm morPhologieS WiThin TiDallYmoDUlaTeD FlUVial SYSTemS: The colUmBia riVer, oregon anD The chehaliS riVer, WaShingTon 2:30PM Martin,RaleighL.*;Jerolmack,DouglasJ.:TranSienT reSPonSe oF SanD BeDFormS To changeS in FloW 2:45PM Nelson,TimothyR.*;Voulgaris,George:PreDicTing The TemPoral anD SPaTial eVolUTion oF regUlar anD irregUlar riPPle geomeTrY UnDer VarYing hYDroDYnamic Forcing 3:00PM Break 3:15PM Southard,John*:BroaDening oUr conSiDeraTion oF BeD FormS 3:30PM Perillo,MauricioM.*;Best,James;Garcia,MarceloH.: SeDimenTological FlUiD DYnamic "TriniTY": WhY iS ThiS concePT So imPorTanT? 3:45PM Kamola,Diane*;Louni,Nazim:DenSiTY FloW aS The PrimarY ProceSS oF SeDimenT emPlacemenT in The DelTa FronT SUBenVironmenT 4:00PM Hanes,DanielM.*:The groWTh anD DiSaPPearance oF an inTer-FielD marine SanDWaVe anD The aSSociaTeD anTi-aSYmmeTrY migraTion oF neighBoring creSTS 4:15PM Bhattacharya,JanokP.*:UniT moUTh BarS anD Their role in The conSTrUcTion oF riVer-DominaTeD DelTa FronTS 4:30PM Yokokawa,Miwa*;Sekiguchi,Tomohiro;Takagawa, Tomohiro;Perillo,MauricioM.;Garcia,MarceloH.;Best, Jim;Pedocchi,Fransisco:BeDForm morPhologY anD Their SeDimenTarY STrUcTUreS UnDer 206-12 206-4 206-3










205-6 205-7








228 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


in coalS: reSUlTS From laTe PalaeoZoic coalS anD eXPerimenTal charring 206-14 206-15 5:00PM Raymond,Anne*:WooD DecomPoSiTion in PaleoZoic anD moDern mires 5:15PM O'Keefe,Jen*;Hower,JamesC.;Hatch,Rachel;Bartley, RussellH.;Bartley,SylviaE.:FUngal FormS in miocene eel riVer coalS: correlaTing BeTWeen reFlecTeD lighT PeTrograPhY anD PalYnologY 207-14 5:00PM Ausich,William*;Kammer,Thomas;Sallan,Lauren: climaTe change VerSUS PreDaTion: DriVerS For macroeVolUTionarY TranSiTionS WiThin PaleoZoic crinoiDS

SeSSion no. 208

T60. Lessons from the Living: Paleontological Investigations Using Modern Analogs II (Paleontological Society)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205AB DanielI.Hembree,JonJ.Smith,andBrianF.Platt,Presiding 208-1 1:30PM Bernhard,JoanM.*;Edgcomb,VirginiaP.;Summons, RogerE.;Visscher,PieterT.;McIntyre-Wressnig,Anna: Were ProTiSTS The Beginning oF The enD For STromaToliTeS? 1:45PM Myshrall,KristenL.*;Stork,NatalieJ.;Visscher,PieterT.; Dupraz,Christophe:PaTTernS in microBialiTeS ThroUghoUT geologic Time: iS The PreSenT reallY The KeY To The PaST? 2:00PM Harwood,CaraL.*;Sumner,DawnY.;Mackey,TylerJ.; Brady,AllysonL.;Slater,GregF.;Lim,DarleneS.S.: inFlUenceS oF microBial commUniTieS on carBonaTe FaBricS in recenT lacUSTrine microBialiTeS, PaVilion laKe, BriTiSh colUmBia 2:15PM Mackey,TylerJ.*;Sumner,DawnY.;Hawes,Ian; Andersen,DaleT.:changeS in microBial ecologY aSSociaTeD WiTh a TranSiTion From conoPhYTon To JacUToPhYTon in moDern laKe JoYce, anTarcTica 2:30PM Butts,SusanH.*;Krause,RichardA.Jr.;Briggs,DerekE.G.: eXPerimenTal SiliciFicaTion oF BiValVeS: UnDerSTanDing TaPhonomic BiaS

SeSSion no. 207

T58. Whole Organism Paleoecology: Exploring Ecology through Time II (Paleontological Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205CD AmelindaE.WebbandWilliamAusich,Presiding 207-1 1:30PM Kidwell,SusanM.*;Tomasovych,Adam:aBiliTY oF DeaTh aSSemBlageS To TracK Km-Scale SPaTial anD DecaDe-Scale TemPoral VariaBiliTY in liVing commUniTieS: a TeST on The UrBan SoUThern caliFornia conTinenTal ShelF 1:45PM Forcino,FrankL.*:mUlTiVariaTe aSSeSSmenT oF The minimUm reQUireD SamPle SiZe For commUniTY Paleoecological reSearch 2:00PM Belanger,ChristinaL.*:ecologY on geologic TimeScaleS: ThreSholD DYnamicS in reSPonSe To climaTe change 2:15PM Webb,AmelindaE.*:eXPloring The eFFecTS oF aciD on aQUaTic microorganiSm commUniTieS acroSS Time anD SPace: changing commUniTY STrUcTUre reFlecTS increaSing STreSS 2:30PM Korpanty,ChelseaA.*;Greenstein,BenjaminJ.:eFFicacY oF The cUraÇao marine ParK: a PleiSTocene PerSPecTiVe 2:45PM Saupe,ErinE.*;Hendricks,JonathanR.;Halloran,Paul; Lieberman,BruceS.:climaTe change anD marine mollUSKS: a Tale oF inVaSionS, immigraTion anD eXTirPaTion 3:00PM McGuire,Jenny*;Davis,EdwardByrd:USing The PaleonTological recorD oF microTUS To TeST SPecieS DiSTriBUTion moDelS anD reVeal reSPonSeS To climaTe change 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Myers,CorinneE.*;Lieberman,BruceS.:TrUe iS iT ThaT We haVe Seen BeTTer DaYS? BiogeograPhY anD SUrViVorShiP in The creTaceoUS WeSTern inTerior SeaWaY 3:45PM Waite,Richard*;Allmon,Warren;Téllez-Duarte, MiguelA.:creTaceoUS nerineoiD gaSTroPoD PaleoecologY From PUnTa china, BaJa caliFornia, meXcio 4:00PM Green,RobinM.*;Johnson,ClaudiaC.;Beeker,CharlesD.; deLeon,Ramon;Elswick,ErikaR.;Wiegand,NicoleR.: SPaTial anD TemPoral VariaTion in Bonaire ScleracTinian coral commUniTieS 4:15PM delValle,TanyaM.*;Meyer,DavidL.:comParaTiVe groWTh raTeS oF The eXTincT coral MONTASTRAEA NANCYI: a DominanT FrameWorK BUilDer in The PleiSTocene (miS 5e) reeFS oF cUraÇao, neTherlanDS anTilleS 4:30PM Marenco,KatherineN.*;Akhtar,AlliyaA.:miDDle orDoVician SPonge-microBial moUnDS From WeSTern UTah: TranSiTional PrecUrSorS oF laTer meTaZoan-DominaTeD reeFS 4:45PM Waters,JohnnyA.*;DeReuil,AubryA.:echinoDerm commUniTY eVolUTion in The miDDle PaleoZoic










3:00PM Tyler,CarrieL.*;Kowalewski,Michal:liVe-DeaD FiDeliTY oF mUlTi-TaXic aSSemBlageS: relaTiVe TaPhonomic BiaSeS acroSS maJor groUPS oF marine BenThoS (norTh carolina, USa) 3:15PM Kosloski,MaryElizabeth*;Dietl,Gregory:The USe oF moDern DeaTh aSSemBlageS To TeST The geograPhic moSaic TheorY oF coeVolUTion 3:30PM Hyland,Ethan*;Smith,SelenaY.;Sheldon,NathanD.: rePreSenTaTional BiaS in PhYToliThS From eXTanT SoilS 3:45PM Chen,StephanieT.*;Smith,SelenaY.:PhYToliTh VariaBiliTY in ZingiBeraleS: a Tool For The reconSTrUcTion oF PaST TroPical VegeTaTion







SeSSion no. 209

T63. Permian-Triassic Changes and Extinction Event: New Insights from Sedimentary, Geochemical, and Paleobiological Records and Modeling Approaches II (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200FG ArneM.E.WinguthandThomasJ.Algeo,Presiding 209-1 1:30PM Algeo,ThomasJ.*:The earlY TriaSSic ceSSPool: marine conDiTionS FolloWing The enD-Permian maSS eXTincTion 1:45PM Woods,AdamD.*;Zonneveld,J.-P.;Keffer,Sean;Liodas, Nate;Wakefield,Ryan:raPiD recoVerY oF PrimarY ProDUcerS From The laTe Permian maSS eXTincTion anD earlY TriaSSic ProDUcTiViTYDriVen anoXia in The WeSTern canaDa SeDimenTarY BaSin 2:00PM Schoepfer,ShaneD.*;Algeo,ThomasJ.;Griggs,Galen; Henderson,Charles;Ward,PeterD.:increaSing







9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 229




2:45PM Darroch,SimonA.F.*;Laflamme,Marc;Schiffbauer, JamesD.;Briggs,DerekE.G.:eXPerimenTal FormaTion oF eDiacaran-STYle DeaTh maSK


niTrogen limiTaTion aT The P-Tr BoUnDarY: a Pan-oceanic Phenomenon? 209-4 2:15PM Skonieczna,Lucyna*;Korn,Dieter;Ghaderi,Abbas;Korte, Christoph;Reimold,WolfUwe;Struck,Ulrich:carBonaTe microFacieS anD 13ccarb anD 15n SYSTemaTicS acroSS The Permian-TriaSSic BoUnDarY near JUlFa (nW iran) 2:30PM Schaal,EllenK.*;Paytan,Adina;Payne,JonathanL.: STronTiUm iSoToPe conSTrainTS on PermianTriaSSic gloBal change 2:45PM Hasiotis,S.T.*;Flaig,PeterP.:neW inSighTS on The Permian-TriaSSic BoUnDarY From BearDmore glacier area, cenTral TranSanTarcTic moUnTainS, anTarcTica: imPlicaTionS From The inTegraTeD ichnologY, SeDimenTologY, PaleonTologY, anD PaleoSolS oF The UPPermoST BUcKleY FormaTion anD loWermoST FremoUW FormaTion 3:00PM Yurchyk,Stephanie*;Elrick,Maya;Atudorei,Nicu-Viorel: inTerPreTing earlY TriaSSic (SmiThian) climaTe USing oXYgen iSoToPeS oF conoDonT aPaTiTe 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Winguth,ArneM.E.*;Kiehl,Jeffrey;Shields,Christine: inFlUence oF cloUD FeeDBacKS on The enDPermian marine maSS eXTincTion 3:45PM Osen,Angela*;Winguth,ArneM.E.;Winguth,Cornelia; Scotese,ChristopherR.:climaTe SenSiTiViTY To ToPograPhic changeS DUring The laTe Permian anD imPlicaTionS For maSS eXTincTionS 4:00PM Korn,Dieter*;Ghaderi,Abbas;Skonieczna,Lucyna:high reSolUTion STraTigraPhY anD eXTincTion PaTTernS oF The ammonoiDea aT The PermianTriaSSic BoUnDarY oF nW iran 4:15PM Pietsch,Carlie*;Mata,ScottA.;Bottjer,DavidJ.: comParing earlY TriaSSic PaTTernS oF BenThic ecological recoVerY FolloWing The enD-Permian maSS eXTincTion: a TeST oF The haBiTaBle Zone hYPoTheSiS in DiSParaTe ShoreFace enVironmenTS 4:30PM Bottjer,DavidJ.*:The enD-Permian maSS eXTincTion ocean aS a moDel For The FUTUre gloBal Warming ocean 210-6 2:50PM Hajic,EdwinR.*;Hudak,CurtisM.;Forman,StevenL.: geomorPhologY anD oSl DaTing oF earlY laTe WiSconSin TerraceS in The UPPer miSSiSSiPPi riVer ValleY 3:05PM Kuchta,Matthew*:laTe QUaTernarY Terrace anD long ProFile DeVeloPmenT in The loWer chiPPeWa ValleY 3:20PM Break 3:35PM Faulkner,DouglasJ.*;Jol,HarryM.;Running, GarryLeonardIV.:laTe QUaTernarY inciSion anD Terrace FormaTion in The loWer chiPPeWa riVer ValleY, WeST-cenTral WiSconSin 3:50PM Bettis,E.ArthurIII.*;Theiling,C.;Hajic,EdwinR.: QUaTernarY STraTigraPhic BaSiS For DelineaTing hYDrogeomorPhic PaTcheS in The UPPer miSSiSSiPPi riVer ValleY 4:10PM Pavlowsky,RobertT.*;Lecce,ScottA.:DoWnSTream changeS in hiSTorical FlooDPlain SeDimenTaTion along The Big riVer, meramec BaSin, miSSoUri oZarKS 4:25PM Jacobs,PeterM.*:QUaTernarY loeSS DePoSiTS oF The UPPer miSSiSSiPPi ValleY DriFTleSS area: a KeY QUaTernarY recorD anD FUTUre ProSPecTS, a TriBUTe To J.c. KnoX 4:45PM Loope,HenryM.*;Mason,JosephA.;Knox,JamesC.; Goble,RonaldJ.;Hanson,PaulR.;Young,AaronR.:laTe WiSconSinan eolian SanD acTiViTY in The UPPer miSSiSSiPPi riVer BaSin 5:00PM Johnson,DonaldL.*;HorwathBurnham,Jennifer;Johnson, DianaN.:hiSToric FormaTion anD re-FormaTion oF mima moUnDS 5:15PM Kite,J.Steven*;Henry,Cathy;Yager,Timothy; Edenborn,HarryM.:algiFic TalUS SloPeS in ioWa'S PaleoZoic PlaTeaU anD The cenTral aPPalachianS
















SeSSion no. 211

T106. The Mono Lake Basin: A Gathering of Disciplines (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100DE SusanHerrgesellZimmermanandSidneyR.Hemming,Presiding 211-1 1:30PM Jayko,A.S.*;Hill,DavidP.;Bursik,MarcusI.:QUaTernarY TecTonicS oF mono laKe BaSin, eaSTern caliFornia 1:50PM Putkonen,Jaakko*;Madoff,Risa;Giusti,Collin;Grady, Catherine;Miller,Megan:DegraDaTion oF regoliTh SUrFaceS in The annUal anD 100 KYr Time ScaleS, mono BaSin, ca 2:05PM Bursik,MarcusI.*;Sieh,Kerry:holocene erUPTionS oF The mono--inYo craTerS, caliFornia 2:25PM Stine,Scott*:laTe holocene VolcaniSm in anD aDJacenT To mono laKe, caliFornia 2:40PM Colman,Steven*;Hemming,SidneyR.;Stine,Scott; Hemming,Gary;Liu,Xiuju:chirP SeiSmicreFlecTion ProFileS From mono laKe: The eFFecT oF Volcanic erUPTionS on lacUSTrine STraTigraPhY 2:55PM Zimmerman,SusanHerrgesell*;Hemming,SidneyR.; Ali,GuleedA.H.;Hemming,N.Gary;Wang,Xianfeng; Stine,Scott:holocene SeDimenTaTion PaTTernS anD Volcanic hiSTorY From Bingo eXPeDiTion SeDimenT core, mono laKe, caliFornia, USa


SeSSion no. 210

T73. Quaternary Landscape Dynamics Beyond the Ice Margin in the Upper Mississippi Valley: A Tribute to the Career of James C. Knox (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100DE JosephA.Mason,DouglasJ.Faulkner,andPeterM.Jacobs,Presiding 210-1 1:30PM Magilligan,FrancisJ.*:emPirical anD TheoreTical conTriBUTionS oF Jim KnoX To oUr UnDerSTanDing oF The QUaTernarY geomorPhologY oF The UPPer miSSiSSiPPi riVer 1:50PM Carson,EricC.*;Knox,JamesC.:QUaTernarY lanDScaPe DeVeloPmenT in The DriFTleSS area oF SoUThWeST WiSconSin 2:05PM Prince,PhilipS.*:TranSienT inciSion in The UPPer neW (TeaYS) riVer BaSin, SoUThern aPPalachianS: eViDence oF The Far-reaching eFFecTS oF glaciallY-ForceD Drainage rearrangemenT? 2:20PM Grimley,DavidA.*;Phillips,AndrewC.:miDDle To laTe QUaTernarY BaSe leVel FlUcTUaTionS in The KaSKaSKia loWlanD, SoUThWeSTern illinoiS 2:35PM Wickert,Andrew*;Anderson,Robert;Mitrovica,JerryX.: QUaTernarY inciSion oF The UPPer miSSiSSiPPi riVer acroSS a glacial ForeBUlge



211-3 211-4 211-5





230 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


3:10PM Discussion: Drilling a long core in mono lake 3:25PM Break 211-7 3:40PM Hemming,SidneyR.*;Zimmerman,SusanH.;Wang, Xianfeng;Hemming,Gary:SUrVeY oF ThinoliTic TUFa ToWerS in The mono BaSin, caliFornia, USa 3:55PM Wang,Xianfeng*;Hemming,SidneyR.;Zimmerman, SusanH.;Hemming,N.Gary;Ali,GuleedA.H.:a U/Th BaSeD Deglacial hYDroclimaTe hiSTorY in The mono BaSin, USa 4:15PM Jayko,A.S.*;McGeehin,JohnP.;Paces,JamesB.; Firby,JamesR.;Reheis,MarithC.:oiS-2 anD oiS-6 highSTanDS oF laKe rUSSell, mono laKe BaSin, eaSTern caliFornia 4:30PM Spokowski,Emily*;Liddicoat,JosephC.;Coe,RobertS.; Smith,Roxanne;Mailloux,Brian;Kenna,TimothyC.;Iorio, Marina:origin oF The remanence recorDing The mono laKe eXcUrSion in The mono BaSin, ca 4:45PM Liddicoat,JosephC.*;Coe,RobertS.:PoSSiBle recorDing oF The hilina Pali eXcUrSion in The mono BaSin, caliFornia 5:00PM Ali,GuleedAH*;Hemming,Sidney;Wang,Xianfeng; Zimmerman,SusanH.:USing giS-BaSeD eSTimaTeS oF PaleoVolUme: imPlicaTionS For mono laKe Deglacial hYDroclimaTe 5:15PM Sahajpal,Rahul*;Sahajpal,Ritvik;Hemming,N.Gary; Hemming,SidneyR.;Rouff,AshakiA.;Zimmerman, SusanH.:geochemical moDeling oF mineral STaBiliTY DUring eVaPoraTion anD miXing oF WaTerS in The mono BaSin, caliFornia, USa 212-9 3:50PM Saunders,JamesA.*;Kamenov,G.D.;Brueseke,Matthew E.;Hames,WillisE.;Mathur,Ryan:hYDroThermal PrecioUS-meTal anD SUlFiDe nanoParTicle TranSPorT anD DePoSiTion anD The geneSiS oF BonanZa ePiThermal oreS 4:05PM Prevec,Steve*:DYnamic emPlacemenT anD aUTomeTamorPhiSm oF SUBlaYer FacieS oF The SUDBUrY igneoUS comPleX, canaDa 4:20PM Kong,Sitha*;Watanabe,Koichiro;Imai,Akira:magneTic SUScePTiBiliTY, geologY, PeTrograPhY, anD geochemiSTrY oF The graniTe hoST rocK oF BaSeTh mo-cU mineraliZeD STocK, camBoDia: imPlicaTion For iTS origin 4:35PM Bekker,A.*:relaTionShiP among SUPerconTinenT aSSemBlY, SUPerPlUme eVenTS, anD SecUlar TrenDS in VmS anD iron FormaTionS 4:55PM Ordóñez-Calderón,JuanCarlos*;Lafrance,Bruno;Gibson, Harold;Schwartz,Tim;Pehrsson,Sally;Rayner,Nicole: Volcanic STraTigraPhY anD geochemical characTeriSTicS oF The PaleoProTeroZoic (~ 1878 mA) TroUT laKe Volcanogenic maSSiVe SUlPhiDe (VmS) DePoSiT, Flin Flon, maniToBa, canaDa 5:10PM Discussion











SeSSion no. 213

T132. The History of Humans and the Hydrologic System: Exploring Relationships between Cultures, Climate, and Hydrology through Time II (GSA Archaeological Geology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

GaryStinchcomb,TimothyMessner,andGailM.Ashley,Presiding 213-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Quade,Jay*;Rech,JasonA.;Olsen,John;Hudson, Adam;Betancourt,JulioL.;Latorre,Claudio:The archeological recorD oF hUmanS aroUnD SPringS 2:00PM Ashley,GailM.*;Delaney,JeremyS.:SPringS anD Their "SPhere oF inFlUence" on archaeological SiTeS 2:15PM Smith,Jennifer*:eViDence For hominin USe oF SPringS acroSS norTh aFrica DUring The laTe QUaTernarY: a SYnTheSiS 2:30PM Blackwell,BonnieA.B.;Mashriqi,Faizullah*;Skinner, AnneR.;Kleindienst,MaxineR.;Smith,JenniferR.; Deely,AislinnE.;Blickstein,Joel;Churcher,CharlesS.: eSr DaTing QUaTernarY SPring acTiViTY anD aSSociaTeD hominiD arTeFacTS aT Kharga oaSiS 2:45PM Glumac,Bosiljka;Berrios,Lisa;Curran,H.Allen*; Greer,Lisa:laS cariTaS, enriQUillo ValleY, SoUThWeSTern Dominican rePUBlic: iS There a linK BeTWeen ThiS Taino inDian PeTroglYPh SiTe anD SPringS? 3:00PM Day,Mick*:The role oF KarST hYDrologY in The 17th cenTUrY maroon WarS in The cocKPiT coUnTrY, Jamaica 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Edenborn,HarryM.*;Vesper,DorothyJ.:oBSerVaTionS on The KarST anD mineral WaTerS oF Virginia anD WeST Virginia ­ 177 YearS laTer 3:45PM Porter,CharlesJr.*:KarST WaTerS aS PrelUDe To commUniTY FormaTion in San anTonio, TeXaS 4:00PM Connors,CatherineM.*;Clendenon,CynthiaJ.:KarSTic analogS For ancienT greeK concePTionS oF oceanUS anD TarTarUS

SeSSion no. 212

T113. Tectonics and Metallogeny (Society of Economic Geologists; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101H-J DavidSchneiderandJohnJamieson,Presiding 212-1 212-2 1:30PM Goldfarb,RichardJ.*;Groves,DavidI.:TecTonicS anD golD meTallogY 1:50PM Barley,MarkE.*:TecTonic conTrolS on golD mineraliZaTion in arcS oF Se aSia anD The SW PaciFic 2:05PM Simon,Adam*;Muntean,John;Cline,JeanS.:The imPorTance oF PlaTe TecTonic archiTecTUre For The FormaTion oF carlin-TYPe golD DePoSiTS 2:20PM Hill,MaryLouise*;Kolb,MauraJ.;Stinson,VictoriaR.; Scott,RobertJ.:STrUcTUral conTrol oF mineraliZaTion in Shear-Zone-hoSTeD golD DePoSiTS 2:35PM Khan,Shuhab*;Shah,MohammadTahir;Biber,Kivanc: ToWarDS The BeTTer UnDerSTanDing oF golD mineraliZaTion in The norThern areaS oF PaKiSTan 2:50PM Cosca,MichaelA.*;Rye,RobertO.;Landis,GaryP.; Hofstra,AlbertH.;Lee,JohnP.:ar/ar geochronologY oF magmaTic-STeam alUniTe From alUniTe riDge, marYSVale Volcanic FielD, UTah: Timing oF magmaTic FlUiD DiScharge anD age oF concealeD inTrUSionS 3:05PM Wilkinson,BruceH.*;Kesler,StephenE.:TecTonic conTrol oF ageS oF eXPoSeD hYDroThermal ore BoDieS 3:20PM Break 3:30PM Richards,JeremyP.*:PorPhYrY cu±mo±au DePoSiTS in a conVergenT orogenic conTeXT













213-8 213-9

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 231




213-10 4:15PM Jones,WilliamK.*:KarST anD TrainS: hoW railWaYS inFlUenceD The DeVeloPmenT oF KarST geomorPhologY 4:30PM Perez,MariaAlejandra*:hoW Science TranSFormeD VeneZUela'S gUácharo caVe: a caSe oF SPeleologY aT The PeriPherY 4:45PM Brinkmann,Robert*:KarST, PicTUreSQUe america, anD VicTorian imageS oF naTUre 214-12 4:45PM Wilcox,DouglasA.*;Baedke,SteveJ.;Thompson,ToddA.: The role oF laKe-leVel FlUcTUaTionS in DeVeloPing greaT laKeS coaSTal WeTlanDS 5:00PM Bratton,JohnF.*;Nalepa,ThomasF.;Fusaro,AbigailJ.: eVolUTion oF The greaT laKeS ecoSYSTemS ThroUgh Time: ice, innoVaTion, inTroDUcTion, anD inVaSion 5:15PM Bird,Brian*;Kozlowski,AndrewL.:a reeXaminaTion oF melTWaTer roUTing in cenTral neW YorK





SeSSion no. 214

T136. Wind, Water, and Ice: The Geomorphology and Quaternary Geologic History of Great Lakes' Coasts (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100A-C EdwardC.HansenandTimothyFisher,Presiding 214-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Hansen,EdwardC.*;Fisher,Timothy;DeVries-Zimmerman, SuzanneJ.;Hanes,BarbaraE.:SanD in SeDimenT coreS From Small laKeS in laKe michigan coaSTal DUne comPleXeS: a ProXY For DUne groWTh anD migraTion? 2:00PM Yurk,Brian;Bodenbender,BrianE.*;Kilibarda,Zoran; vanDijk,Deanna;Hansen,EdwardC.:The role oF STorm WinDS in ShaPing DUneS along SoUThern anD SoUTheaSTern laKe michigan 2:15PM LaBarge,Leah*;Mulcahy,Connor;Yurk,Brian;Hansen, EdwardC.:maThemaTical moDel oF DUne graSS (ammoPhila BreViligUlaTa) PoPUlaTion DYnamicS: TeSTing a PoSSiBle mechaniSm For BloWoUT iniTiaTion 2:30PM Kilibarda,Zoran*;Goble,RonaldJ.;Venturelli,Ryan; Graves,Nolan:laTe holocene DUne DeVeloPmenT anD ShiFT in PreVailing WinD DirecTion along SoUThern laKe michigan 2:45PM Rawling,J.ElmoIII.*;Hanson,PaulR.;Hart,DavidJ.:laTe holocene Shoreline DeVeloPmenT anD eolian acTiViTY in Three BaYS oF The Door PeninSUla, WiSconSin, USa 3:00PM Arbogast,AlanF.*;Monaghan,G.William;Lovis,WilliamA.: eXPloring The PoTenTial linKage BeTWeen coaSTal SanD DUne acTiVaTion anD DroUghT ePiSoDeS in The norThern laKe michigan BaSin 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Lowell,ThomasV.*:The laUrenTiDe ice SheeT in The greaT laKeS region DUring The YoUnger DrYaS 3:45PM Loope,WalterL.*;Jol,HarryM.;Fisher,TimothyG.; Goble,RonaldJ.:Danaher, michigan: a PaTh oF inTerBaSin melTWaTer eXchange DUring earlY holocene TranSgreSSionS oF laKe minong? 4:00PM Clark,JamesA.*;Befus,KevinM.;Sharman,GlennR.: geoPhYSical PreDicTionS oF The hYDrologic hiSTorY oF The greaT laKeS 4:15PM Johnston,JohnW.;Thompson,ToddA.*;Argyilan,ErinP.; Lepper,Kenneth;Baedke,SteveJ.;Wilcox,DouglasA.: a SaUlT-oUTleT-reFerenceD miD- To laTeholocene PaleohYDrograPh For laKe SUPerior 4:30PM Argyilan,Erin*;Lepper,Kenneth;Thompson,ToddA.; Johnston,JohnW.;Wilcox,DouglasA.:a highreSolUTion laTe holocene laKe-leVel chronologY For laKe hUron generaTeD From oPTical DaTing oF coaSTal STranDPlainS

SeSSion no. 215

T171. Developing the Global Geoscientist through International Geoscience Networks and Research Projects (GSA Geoscience Education Division; YES Network; American Geological Institute; Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation; GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208AB LeilaM.GonzalesandSophieJ.Hancock,Presiding 215-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Greenberg,JeffreyK.*:a greaT oPPorTUniTY For gloBaliZeD Science Via on-SiTe, SerVice learning anD geologY STUDenTS 1:50PM Gaines,SarahM.*:inTernaTional geoScience neTWorKS: 40 YearS YoUng 2:05PM Cherry,WilliamE.*;McNeal,KarenS.;Schmitz,DarrelW.; McBryde,William;Burtnett,EmilyN.;Irvin,ShaneA.: DeVeloPing gloBal geoScienTiSTS: From PolanD To aUSTralia 2:20PM Rivera,TiffanyA.*:gTSneXT: an inTernaTional neTWorK To DeVeloP The neXT generaTion geologic Time Scale 2:35PM Morgan,HilaryAnne;Schaefer,LaurenN.*:FirST Year eXPerienceS in a neW inTernaTional DUal maSTerS Degree Program in VolcanologY/ geoTechniQUeS 2:50PM Gonzales,LeilaM.*;Venus,Joanne:The YeS neTWorK: connecT, collaBoraTe, anD conTriBUTe To The gloBal geoScience commUniTY 3:05PM Break 3:20PM Popovici,AlexanderMihai*:geoScienTiSTS WiThoUT BorDerS: miSSion, hiSTorY anD FUTUre 3:35PM Webb,SusanJ.;Ngobeni,David;Jones,Michael;Abiye, Tamiru;Ashwal,Lewis;Lee,MadelineD.*;Pellerin,Louise; Burrows,Darren:hYDrogeoPhYSical inVeSTigaTion For groUnDWaTer aT The DaYSPring chilDren'S Village, SoUTh aFrica 3:50PM Hornbach,MatthewJ.*;Brown,Lyndon;Mann,Paul;Ellins, KatherineK.;Frohlich,Cliff:aSSeSSing geohaZarDS near KingSTon Jamaica: neW reSUlTS From chirP SeiSmic imaging 4:05PM Moysey,StephenM.*:DeFining The imPacTS oF a gWB ProJecT in rUral inDia 4:20PM Skokan,Catherine*:an inTegraTeD groUnDWaTer STUDY, chaSnigUa, VillanUeVa, honDUraS: a geoScienTiSTS WiThoUT BorDerS ProJecT 4:35PM Inverarity,Kent*;Costar,Adrian;Boren,Goran;Heinson, Graham:locaTing groUnDWaTer reSoUrceS For aBoriginal commUniTieS in remoTe anD ariD ParTS oF SoUTh aUSTralia


215-2 215-3








215-7 215-8

214-7 214-8



215-10 215-11




232 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


SeSSion no. 216

T176. Innovative Methods for Broadening Participation in the Geosciences through In-Service Teacher Professional Development (GSA Geoscience Education Division; American Geological Institute; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; National Earth Science Teachers Association)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208CD CarolEngelmann,WilliamI.Rose,JacquelineE.Huntoon,MarkF.Klawiter, ErikaVye,StephenR.Mattox,andAnnE.Benbow,Presiding 216-1 1:30PM King,ChrisJ.H.*:TaKing earTh Science eDUcaTion To Science TeacherS ­ eSeU, The FirST Ten YearS 1:45PM Benbow,AnnE.*:BroaDening The imPacT: comBining Face-To-Face anD online Teacher ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT 2:00PM Rose,WilliamI.*;Klawiter,MarkF.;Engelmann,CarolA.; Vye,Erika;Gochis,E.:Teaching TeacherS aBoUT The earTh--miTeP'S SUmmer claSS DeSign 2:15PM Rudd,LawrenceP.*;Rowland,StephenM.;Buck,PaulE.: inVigoraTing high School anD miDDle School earTh Science ThroUgh inQUirY anD STUDenT reSearch: a FielD-orienTeD geoScience WorKShoP For SeconDarY Science TeacherS in SoUThern neVaDa 2:30PM Walters,JamesC.*;Heinzel,Chad;Groves,JohnR.; Iqbal,Mohammad;Lundy,Sherman:an inDUSTrYFUnDeD one-WeeK geologY ShorT coUrSe For in-SerVice TeacherS 2:45PM Nam,Younkyeong*;Campbell,Karen;Dalbotten,Diana; Roehrig,Gillian:cYcleS: TeacherS DiScoVering climaTe change From a naTiVe PerSPecTiVe 3:00PM Clary,ReneeM.*;Wandersee,JamesH.;Wax,Charles: Teacher acaDemY in The naTUral ScienceS (TanS): imProVing miDDle School Science TeacherS' geoScience conTenT ThroUgh ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT 3:15PM Ellins,KatherineK.*;Olson,HilaryClement;Snow, Eleanour;Willis,Marsha;Odell,Michael;Stocks,Eric; Manganella,Katy:characTeriSTicS oF The TeXaS earTh anD SPace Science (TXeSS) reVolUTion moDel oF in-SerVice Teacher ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT 3:30PM Engelmann,Carol*;Huntoon,JacquelineE.;Hungwe, Kedmon:imPorTance oF STaTe anD naTional STanDarDS in BUilDing BriDgeS BeTWeen acaDemia anD PUBlic SchoolS 3:45PM Shuster,RobertD.*;Grandgenett,NealyF.:in-SerVice ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT ThroUgh an online earTh SYSTem Science coUrSe 4:00PM Tacker,R.C.;Phillips,P.Lee*:engaging TeacherS in earTh Science reSearch in SoUTheaSTern norTh carolina 4:15PM Smrecak,TrishaA.*;Ross,RobertM.;Capps,DanielK.; Crawford,BarbaraA.:aSSeSSing Pre-college STUDenT DeVonian marine PaleonTological DaTa From a Teacher ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT ProJecT 4:30PM Hopkins,Jenelle*:reT - WhaT'S in iT For me? 4:45PM Moses,MaureenN.*;Brey,JamesA.;Geer,IraW.;Mills, ElizabethW.;Nugnes,KiraA.:16,000 TeacherS anD coUnTing: imProVing The comPeTence anD conFiDence oF Precollege TeacherS ThroUgh amS ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT coUrSeS 5:00PM Mattox,Stephen*;Rose,WilliamI.;Klawiter,MarkF.; Engelmann,CarolA.;Huntoon,JacquelineE.;Vye,Erika; Gochis,E.;Petcovic,HeatherL.:imPlemenTing longTerm ProFeSSional DeVeloP For UrBan earTh 217-10 216-16 Science TeacherS, inSighTS From The michigan inSTiTUTe For Teacher eXcellence Program 5:15PM Stephens,PamelaA.*;Dodge,Rebecca:YoU can Teach earTh Science, righT? PreParing high School BiologY, chemiSTrY, anD PhYSicS TeacherS To Teach earTh Science in TeXaS

SeSSion no. 217

T189. Geological Mapping: Key to Successful Management of Water and Land Resources (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; Association of American State Geologists; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101DE RichardC.Berg,HolgerKessler,LindaJacobsen,E.DonaldMcKay,HazenA.J. Russell,DavidR.Soller,andHarveyThorleifson,Presiding 217-1 217-2 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Jackson,Ian*:Time To reach oUT 2:00PM Keaton,JeffreyR.*:eVolVing neeDS For geologic maPPing USeD in engineering riSK anD reliaBiliTY ProJecTS 2:15PM Busschers,FreekS.*;Stafleu,Jan;Maljers,Denise; Gunnink,JanL.;Sobisch,Hans-Georg:neW geological inSighTS From STochaSTic 3D VoXel moDelS 2:30PM Discussion 2:45PM Ford,Jon*;Arora,Baneet;Bell,Patrick;Kessler,Holger; Mathers,Steve;Shelley,Wayne;Terrington,Ricky;Wood, Ben:raiSing The ProFile oF The 3D aPProach To geologY ­ acceSS anD ViSUaliSaTion aS a KeY To moDel QUaliTY anD USe 3:00PM MacCormack,KelseyE.*;Brodeur,JasonJ.;Eyles, CarolynH.;Parker,BethL.:aSSeSSing The imPacT oF Program SelecTion on moDel accUracY 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Gunnink,JanL.*;Maljers,Denise;Hummelman,Jan.H: QUanTiFYing UncerTainTY oF geological anD geohYDrological moDelS 3:45PM Sobisch,Hans-Georg*:one VieWer To PUBliSh 3D SUBSUrFace moDelS oF anY moDelling origin 4:00PM House,P.Kyle*:maKing The geologic maP oF The oWYhee riVer, or: conFlaTing moDern anD TraDiTional meThoDS To characTeriZe a FaScinaTing FlUVial SYSTem 4:15PM Discussion 4:30PM Ford,Jon*;Aldiss,Don;Bee,Emma;Hughes,Andrew; Jackson,Chris;Mathers,Steve;Mee,Katy;Royse, Katherine;Terrington,Ricky;Watson,Carl:inTegraTeD 3D geological moDelling anD aPPlieD geoScience in lonDon anD The ThameS BaSin 4:45PM Hughes,Richard*:hoW Will We DeliVer geoScience DaTa anD inFormaTion in 2015?: TrenDS, challengeS anD oPPorTUniTieS 5:00PM Discussion











217-7 217-8






216-13 216-14

SeSSion no. 218

T198. International Collaboration and the Evolution of Geology (GSA History and Philosophy of Geology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100BC JohnDiemerandKennethR.Aalto,Presiding 218-1 1:30PM Rosenberg,GaryD.*:oVerlaPPing magiSTeria: JUDeo-chriSTian TheologY PreDiSPoSeD WeSTern eUroPeanS To eVolUTionarY Science


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 233




218-2 218-3 1:45PM Newcomb,Sally*:richarD KirWan'S (1733-1812) JoUrneY 2:00PM Hartford,SamanthaL.*;Goldsmith,DavidW.:a PreliminarY DiScoUrSe? TeXTUal analYSiS oF georgeS cUVier'S WarTime correSPonDence 2:15PM Hoffman,PaulF.*:John leSlie on The PaleoclimaTic SigniFicance oF SWiSS moraineS in 1796 2:30PM Bork,KennardBaker*:TranS-aTlanTic cUrrenTS: The BrongniarT (France)­cleaVelanD (USa) eXchangeS anD The maTUraTion oF mineralogY in The earlY nineTeenTh cenTUrY 2:45PM Baker,VictorR.*:William WheWell anD The naTUre oF geological inQUirY 3:00PM Break 3:15PM Wandersee,JamesH.*;Clary,ReneeM.:The SUrVeY maPPeD aroUnD The WorlD: The inTernaTional DiSPerSal oF henrY De la Beche'S geological SUrVeY meThoDS 3:30PM Diemer,John*;Krzywiec,Piotr:mUrchiSon in PolanD: an eXamPle oF inTernaTional collaBoraTion leaDing To aDVancemenT oF KnoWleDge 3:45PM Krzywiec,Piotr*;Narkiewicz,Marek;Slaczka,Andrzej; Diemer,John:roDericK i. mUrchiSon (UK) anD lUDWiK ZeJSZner (PolanD): Prime eXamPle oF geological collaBoraTion in The miD-19Th cenTUrY 4:00PM Rosenburg,MargaretA.*:g. K. gilBerT, DiSciPline BoUnDarieS, anD The imPacT hYPoTheSiS 4:15PM Aalto,K.R.*:The meiJi reSToraTion anD imPorT oF Foreign geologiSTS, laTe 19th cenTUrY JaPan 4:30PM Malakhova,IrenaG.*:an aTTemPT oF cooPeraTion in geoTecTonicS: hiSTorY oF The igc commiSSion "crUST oF The earTh" 220-2 219-9 219-6 comPoUnDS on The WaTer QUaliTY oF alUm creeK 9:15AM Break 9:30AM Du,Xizhen*;Odom,Leroy:VariaBiliTY anD PerioDiciTY in PreciPiTaTion anD DiScharge oF The reD riVer 9:45AM Singer,Jill*;Manley,ThomasO.;Manley,Patricia;McLaren, Patrick;Hughes,William:UnDerSTanDing SeDimenT DYnamicS in The BUFFalo riVer: conTriBUTing To The reSToraTion oF a greaT laKeS area oF concern 10:00AM Barnard,KathrynNora*;Beard,ChristopherM.;Burns, ScottF.:Soil analYSiS oF a caTena in orDer To UnDerSTanD The Terroir aT JohnSon School VineYarD, WaShingTon coUnTY, oregon 10:15AM Dalzell,BrentJ.*;Fissore,Cinzia;Nater,Edward;Yoo, Kyungsoo;Wu,An-Min:reDiSTriBUTion oF Soil organic carBon in agricUlTUral SoilS





218-6 218-7


219-10 10:30AM Abongwa,PrideT.*;Atekwana,EliotA.:aSSeSSing TemPoral loSS oF co2 From naTUral WaTerS USing DiSSolVeD inorganic carBon concenTraTionS anD STaBle carBon iSoToPeS


SeSSion no. 220

Geochemistry: Recent Advances in Geochemistry

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102BC W.C.PatShanksandWilliamE.Seyfried,Presiding 220-1 8:00AM Kulp,ThomasR.*;Blum,JodiS.;Webb,SamuelM.;Kocar, BenjaminD.;Oremland,RonaldS.:microBiological reDUcTion oF SB anD aS in anoXic SeDimenTS From a conTaminaTeD mine SiTe 8:15AM Alstadt,Kristin*;Katti,Kalpana;Katti,Dinesh:an inVeSTigaTion oF The Kerogen-mineral inTeracTionS in green riVer oil Shale 8:30AM Sun,Hongbing*;Huffine,Maria;Sinpatanasakul,Leeann; Husch,Jonathan:USing na/cl molar raTio For eSTimaTing SoDiUm reTenTion in arTiFiciallY SalTeD WaTerSheDS 8:45AM Cuomo,Carmela*:FacTorS aFFecTing The FormaTion oF hYPoXic anD anoXic BoTTom WaTerS in neW englanD coaSTal WaTerS 9:00AM Johannesson,Karen*;Mohajerin,T.Jade;Yang,Ningfang; Telfeyan,Katherine;Datta,Saugata:geochemiSTrY oF ToXic anD PoTenTiallY ToXic oXYanion-Forming meTalS anD meTalloiDS in groUnDWaTerS 9:15AM Rose,ClaireE.*;Welch,HeatherL.;Coupe,RichardH.: miSSiSSiPPi emBaYmenT aQUiFer PoSSiBle SoUrce oF PhoSPhorUS in SUrFace WaTerS 9:30AM Break 9:45AM McCarney,MaryKate*;Chopping,CurtisG.;Kaszuba,John: eXPerimenTal aSSeSSmenT oF carBon-SUlFUr co-SeQUeSTraTion in a SiliciclaSTic Brine aQUiFer 10:00AM Bassett,DamonJ.*;Evans,KevinR.;Boling,Joshua: carBon anD oXYgen iSoToPe analYSiS oF a carBonaTe mUD-moUnD in SoUThWeST miSSoUri 10:15AM Syverson,DrewD.*;Shanks,WayneC.III.;Seyfried, WilliamE.Jr.:FeS2-Fecl2(aQ) iSoToPe eXchange KineTicS aT hYDroThermal conDiTionS

218-10 218-11 218-12


WeDneSDaY, 12 ocToBer 2011


morning oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 219

Environmental Geoscience

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211AB BrentJ.DalzellandJillK.Singer,Presiding 219-1 8:00AM Rempe,NorbertT.*:a Tale oF TWo coUnTrieS: ScienTiFic inTegriTY V. PoliTical eXPeDiencY in SelecTing anD eValUaTing geologic rePoSiTorieS For raDioacTiVe WaSTe 8:15AM Lyle,ShaneA.*;Buchanan,RexC.;Evans,Catherine; Sawin,RobertS.:The KanSaS FielD conFerence: DemonSTraTing naTUral reSoUrce iSSUeS To STaTe legiSlaTorS anD goVernmenT DeciSionmaKerS 8:30AM Odukoya,AbiodunMary*:aSSeSSmenT oF heaVY meTal PollUTion in The UrBan SoilS oF Some ParTS oF SoUThWeSTern nigeria 8:45AM Ycas,TrevorW.*;Kenny,Ray;Bigio,Erica: DenDrochemical SignaTUreS oF anThroPogenic meTal PollUTion in engelmann SPrUce 9:00AM Svitana,Kevin*;Kopas,Lauren:real eSTaTe DeVeloPmenT anD The eFFecTS oF Deicing









220-10 10:30AM Shanks,W.C.Pat*;Syverson,DrewD.;Seyfried, WilliamE.Jr.;Ono,Shuhei;McDermott,Jill:PreliminarY eXPerimenTal DeTerminaTion oF hYDroThermal eXchange oF mUlTiPle S iSoToPeS aT 350°c anD 500 BarS: PYriTe anD naTiVe SUlFUr reacTion in aciDic nacl FlUiDS 220-11 10:45AM Pester,NicholasJ.*;Seyfried,WilliamE.Jr.:KineTic anD ThermoDYnamic conTrolS on The


234 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


concenTraTionS oF carBon gaSeS in hYDroThermal FlUiDS 220-12 11:00AM Lorenson,ThomasD.*:greenhoUSe gaSeS generaTeD From The BioDegraDaTion oF naTUral SeeP oilS oFFShore caliFornia

SeSSion no. 222

Geoscience Education VIII: Effective Practices for Broader Impacts in K­12 Education

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208AB JacquelineE.Huntoon,KarenCampbell,andNicoleLaDue,Presiding 222-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Klawiter,MarkF.*;Klawiter,FranklinP.:one Teacher'S Tale oF 50+ YearS oF inVolVemenT in nSF geoScience Teacher eDUcaTion iniTiaTiVeS aT michigan Technological UniVerSiTY 8:35AM Johnson,Roberta*;Herrold,Ardis;Holzer,Margaret; Passow,Michael:haVing a PoSiTiVe imPacT in The K-12 earTh anD SPace Science claSSroom For TeacherS anD STUDenTS ThroUgh eDUcaTion anD oUTreach eFForTS ­ BeST PracTiceS For eFFecTiVe BroaDer imPacTS 8:55AM Ebert,JamesR.*:DUal creDiT geoScience coUrSeS: Prime VenUeS For BroaDer imPacT acTiViTieS 9:15AM Swanson,KevinD.*;LaDue,Nicole;Franklin,Kent:a DaY in The liFe oF a K-12 Teacher: BroaDening imPacTS ThroUgh eFFecTiVe ParTnerShiPS 9:30AM Larsen,Krista;Bohacek,PeterH.*;Kirk,KarinB.;Manduca, CathrynA.;Ledley,TamaraShapiro;Schmitt,Lee:K-12 Science: a neW Serc PorTal To claSSroom acTiViTieS anD PeDagogic gUiDance 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Harbor,Jon*;Weeks,Faith;Lynch,Cyndi;Childress,Amy: a locallY-SUSTaineD gK-12 ParTnerShiP ProViDeS an eFFecTiVe WaY For DiVerSe graDUaTe STUDenTS To reach K-12 STUDenTS anD SUPPorT SchoolS 10:15AM Grammer,Susan*;Porter,Jennifer;Grammer,Michael: coreKids: inTegraTing SUBSUrFace geological DaTa anD analYSiS inTo claSSroomS 10:30AM Capps,DanielK.*;Crawford,BarbaraA.;Patel,MayaR.; Ross,RobertM.;Smrecak,TrishaA.:comBining innoVaTiVe cUrricUlUm WiTh ProFeSSional DeVeloPmenT To SUPPorT TeacherS in Teaching earTh Science ThroUgh inQUirY 10:45AM Puckette,JamesO.*;Ivey,ToniA.;Thomas,Julie; Harankhedkar,Shweta:geTTing Their FeeT WeT: engaging TeacherS in FielD-BaSeD hYDrogeologic reSearch To FaciliTaTe liTeracY anD inTegraTion oF geoScience concePTS inTo The claSSroom

SeSSion no. 221

Geoscience Education VII: Geocognition Research in Classroom, Field, and Laboratory Settings

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208CD SheldonP.TurnerandKarlR.Wirth,Presiding 221-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Kastens,KimA.*;Rivet,Ann;Lyons,Cheryl;Riley, Alison:BriDging The gaP BeTWeen TaBleToP moDelS anD The earTh SYSTem: claSSroomBaSeD reSearch on hoW TeacherS Teach anD STUDenTS learn From PhYSical moDelS 8:30AM Orion,Nir*:DeVeloPmenT oF SYSTem ThinKing SKillS From K-12 in conTeXT oF earTh SYSTemS 8:45AM Kortz,KarenM.*:miSconcePTionS oF rocK FormaTion in miDDle School STUDenTS 9:00AM LaDue,Nicole*;Sibley,DuncanF.;Goldwater,Micah; Libarkin,Julie;Gentner,Dedre:caUSaliTY in analogieS generaTeD BY eXPerT anD noVice geoScienTiSTS 9:15AM Ivey,ToniA.*;Puckette,JamesO.;Thomas,Julie; Harankhedkar,Shweta:g.e.T. in The FielD: moVing BeYonD rocKS in a BoX To imProVe TeacherS' geoScience liTeracY 9:30AM Bair,Andrea*:Teaching anD learning aBoUT claDogramS in geologY coUrSeS: inSighTS From Prior WorK in BiologY, a PiloT STUDY in a PaleoBiologY coUrSe, anD cogniTiVe Science 9:45AM Maltese,AdamV.*;Balliet,RussellN.;Riggs,Eric:FielD learning: are YoUr STUDenTS Doing WhaT YoU ThinK TheY are While oUT maPPing? 10:00AM Feig,AnthonyD.*:on The USe oF ViSUal eThnograPhic meThoDS in FielD anD inFormal SeTTingS 10:15AM Petcovic,HeatherL.*;Caulkins,JoshuaL.;Stokes,Alison: geologiSTS' PercePTionS oF The ValUe oF FielD camP



221-2 221-3 221-4













221-10 10:30AM Balliet,RussellN.*;Riggs,EricM.:eViDence For DiSTincT TemPoral SignaTUreS For DiFFerenT hYPoTheSiS generaTion STYleS in FielD geologY eXaminaTionS 221-11 10:45AM Callahan,CaitlinN.*;Petcovic,HeatherL.:USing ThinKaloUD aUDio recorDingS To UnDerSTanD PaTTernS oF ThoUghTS DUring geologic maPPing 221-12 11:00AM Clark,ScottK.*;Thomas,StephenR.;Haas,BradyJ.; Libarkin,JulieC.:imProVing commUnicaTion oF geologic concePTS ThroUgh eFFecTiVe inFormaTion DeSign 221-13 11:15AM Herrera,JuanS.*;Riggs,EricM.:geSTUre anD concePTUal meTaPhor aS a WinDoW inTo STUDenT UnDerSTanDing oF SeDimenTarY SYSTemS 221-14 11:30AM Glesener,Gary*:a Pre-analogY STeP: a ProPoSeD cogniTiVe SUPPorT For learning BY analog moDelS 221-15 11:45AM Libarkin,Julie*;Singer,Thomas;Drost,RobertE.;McNeal, KarenS.;Ledley,TamaraShapiro:Search eFFiciencY anD USaBiliTY in an online climaTe change cUrricUlUm

222-10 11:00AM Kleinknecht,GaryC.*;Last,GeorgeV.;Barton,BaxR.: geoScience eDUcaTion anD Paleoecological reSearch in laTe PleiSTocene FlooD DePoSiTS near KenneWicK, WaShingTon

SeSSion no. 223

Geoscience Information/Communication: Printed Past, Digital Future--We Hold the Key

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101DE RustyKimballandJanetB.Heagy,Presiding 223-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Marley,Lauren*:neW maP-BaSeD Search ToolS anD oTher FeaTUreS DeBUTing on geoScienceWorlD 8:30AM Pereira,Monica*;Prosser,CynthiaL.:greY liTeraTUre in a DigiTal age: WhaT anD Where iS iT? 8:45AM Zellmer,LindaR.*:analYZing geoBase: a comPariSon WiTh general anD SUBJecT DaTaBaSeS

223-2 223-3

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 235


223-4 9:00AM Musser,LindaR.*:imProVing acceSS To geoScience reSoUrceS Via conTenT enhancemenT 9:15AM Meyer,CarolBeaton*:eSiP FeDeraTion: enhancing inTeroPeraBiliTY ThroUgh enaBling collaBoraTion among PracTiTionerS acroSS earTh Science DomainS 9:30AM Clement,Gail*:coPYrighT UncerTainTY anD geoScience inFormaTion 9:45AM Discussion 10:00AM Break 10:15AM Huffine,Richard*;Adamo,Lisa:DiScoVering The ValUe oF hiSToric maTerialS in The geoScienceS 10:30AM Broome,John*:geoScience DaTa managmenT anD DiSSeminaTion in canaDa 10:45AM Williams,DonaldG.*;Sorensen,JustinB.;Chaufty,LisaM.: JUST DigiTiZe iT! : The J. WillarD marrioTT liBrarY `S enDeaVor To Bring geological ScholarShiP To The WorlD 224-9 PaleoeleVaTion oF The PUna PlaTeaU (norThWeSTern argenTina) inFerreD From geochemical analYSeS oF Volcanic glaSS 10:15AM Hudley,JoelW.*;Surge,Donna:inVeSTigaTion oF groWTh PaTTernS anD climaTe SignalS USing iSoToPe SclerochronologY in ShellS oF TWo Pliocene marine BiValVeS:


223-6 223-7 223-8 223-9

224-10 10:30AM Aldridge,DavidE.*;Aharon,Paul:aTlanTic mUlTiDecaDal oScillaTion archiVeD in The 18o Time SerieS oF a laTe holocene STalagmiTe From DeSoTo caVernS, alaBama, USa 224-11 10:45AM Flannery,JenniferA.*;Poore,RichardZ.:moDern anD holocene SST recorDS From The coral monTaSTraea FaVeolaTa, DrY TorTUgaS naTional ParK 224-12 11:00AM Lane,Philip*;Donnelly,Jeffrey;Woodruff,Jonathan; Hawkes,AndreaD.:SigniFicanT VariaBiliTY in norThern gUlF coaST hUrricane acTiViTY archiVeD in The laTe holocene SeDimenTS oF a FloriDa SinKhole 224-13 11:15AM Miller,ThomasE.*;Winter,A.;Stott,Lowell;Kushnir, Yochanan;Sinha,Ashish;Timmermann,Axel;Jury,Mark; Gallup,C.;Cheng,Hai;Edwards,R.Lawrence:a PUerTo rico SPeleoThem anD inFerreD DrYing oF The eaSTern cariBBean climaTe in The PaST 800 YearS 224-14 11:30AM Miller,ArgieJames*;Peteet,Dorothy:long-Term VegeTaTional change in a neW YorK ciTY FreShWaTer WeTlanD

223-10 11:00AM Jackson,Ian*;Broome,John;Allison,M.Lee:DeliVering geoScience KnoWleDge in FeDeral SYSTemS 223-11 11:15AM Stamm,NancyR.*;Soller,DavidR.;Wardlaw,BruceR.; Orndorff,RandallC.;Wardwell,RobertC.:The naTional geologic maP DaTaBaSe ProJecT'S aDVenTUreS in managing olD FoSSilS anD geologic nameS 223-12 11:30AM Joseph,LuraE.*:reconSiDer BeFore DiScarDing PrinT JoUrnalS; an analYSiS oF The eFFecTiVeneSS oF elSeVier'S JoUrnal BacKFileS image reScanning ProJecT

SeSSion no. 225

Paleontology III: Diversity, Extinction, and Origination

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205AB MaxChristieandMatthewG.Powell,Presiding 225-1 8:00AM Leighton,LindseyR.*;Schneider,ChrisL.;Stafford, EmilyS.;Molinaro,DarrinJ.;Forcino,FrankL.:The role oF comPeTiTion anD liFe-moDe on gloBal BioDiVerSiTY ThroUgh Time 8:15AM Patzkowsky,Mark*;Holland,StevenM.:BioTic inVaSion anD The aSSemBlY oF regional ecoSYSTemS in DeeP Time 8:30AM Powell,MatthewG.*;Beresford,VincentP.;Smith,TravisJ.: The eFFecT oF TemPeraTUre anD haBiTaBle area on The laTiTUDinal DiVerSiTY graDienT 8:45AM Miller,JustinM.*;Walker,SallyE.:The eXTraTroPicS aS a cenTer oF DiVerSiFicaTion For irregUlar echinoiDS 9:00AM Zaffos,Andrew*:laTiTUDinal PreFerenceS in cenoZoic mollUSKS: a change From conSerVaTiSm To DYnamiSm WiTh The PaSSage oF Time 9:15AM Miller,ArnoldI.*;Foote,Michael:ePiconTinenTal SeaS VerSUS ocean-Facing SeTTingS: The KineTicS oF originaTion anD eXTincTion DUring The PaleoZoic era 9:30AM Harnik,PaulG.*;Payne,JonathanL.:enVironmenTal anD ecological DriVerS oF DiVerSiTY DYnamicS among carBonaTe- anD claSTic-loVing genera 9:45AM Holland,StevenM.*;Christie,Max:DePoSiTion-DriVen changeS in haBiTaT area: The ShoreFace aS a DiVerSiTY FacTorY 10:00AM Break 10:15AM Christie,Max*;Holland,StevenM.;Bush,AndrewM.: DoeS ecological change Scale WiTh PercenT eXTincTion? QUanTiFYing The DiFFerence BeTWeen TaXonomic loSS anD FUncTional ecologY

SeSSion no. 224


8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200FG PhilipLaneandSamuelMatson,Presiding 224-1 8:00AM Robles,MatthewR.*;Hughes,NigelC.:inTegraTeD analYSiS oF Shell groWTh, micro-STrUcTUre, anD oXYgen iSoToPe comPoSiTion in camBrian lingUliD BrachioPoD ShellS From The UPPer miSSiSSiPPi ValleY, WiSconSin 8:15AM Kah,LindaC.*;Thompson,CaraK.:inVeSTigaTing The origin oF marine Sr-iSoToPe change in The orDoVician: eViDence From ParTiTioning oF magneSiUm anD STronTiUm inTo marine calciTe 8:30AM Jarochowska,Emilia*:UPPer SilUrian loeSSliKe SeDimenTS ­ a caSe oF eXcePTional PreSerVaTion or inDeeD a climaTic recorD? 8:45AM MacLeod,KennethG.*;IsazaLondoño,Carolina; Martin,EllenE.;JiménezBerrocoso,Álvaro;Basak, Chandranath:nD iSoToPic eViDence For norThern comPonenT WaTer FormaTion in The norTh aTlanTic aT The enD oF The creTaceoUS greenhoUSe climaTe 9:00AM Matson,SamuelD.*;GibertBeotas,Lluís;Fox,DavidL.; Scott,GaryR.:WeT climaTe in SoUTheaST SPain DUring The meSSinian SaliniTY criSiS 9:15AM Ivany,LindaC.*;Sessa,JocelynA.:an iSoToPe-BaSeD PaleoTemPeraTUre recorD For The Paleogene SUBTroPicS DeriVeD From ShelF macroFaUna, US gUlF coaSTal Plain 9:30AM Kern,AndreaK.*;Harzhauser,Mathias;Piller,WernerE.; Mandic,Oleg;Soliman,Ali:Solar cYcleS in laTe miocene laKe SeDimenTS anD Their imPacT on laKe-relaTeD enVironmenTS 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Canavan,RobinR.*;Clementz,MarkT.;Carrapa,Barbara; Quade,J.;DeCelles,Peter;Schoenbohm,LindsayM.:
















236 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


225-10 10:30AM Foote,Michael*;Miller,ArnoldI.:geograPhic range anD SPecieS richneSS oF PoST-PaleoZoic marine animal genera originaTing in recoVerieS From maSS eXTincTionS 225-11 10:45AM Krug,AndrewZ.*;Jablonski,David:long-Term originaTion-raTeS are re-SeT aT maSS eXTincTionS 225-12 11:00AM Peters,ShananE.*;Gaines,RobertR.:The greaT UnconFormiTY: a SmoKing gUn For The camBrian eXPloSion? 225-13 11:15AM Freeman,RebeccaL.*;Miller,JamesF.;Holmer,LarsE.; Streng,Michael:lingUlaTe BrachioPoD eXTincTion anD gloBal migraTion coinciDing WiTh Three laUrenTian TriloBiTe eXTincTion eVenTS DUring The laTe camBrian­earlieST orDoVician 225-14 11:30AM Piller,WernerE.*;Suttner,ThomasJ.;Kido,Erika:gloBal Warming or ice age? - The olDeST recorD oF ocean aciDiFicaTion on SKeleTal reeFS ProViDeS an anSWer 225-15 11:45AM Christensen,Hilary*:mammalian commUniTY change aFTer The K/T eXTincTion in norTh america orDoVician WinneShieK lagerSTäTTe oF norTheaST ioWa, USa 226-12 11:15AM Muscente,A.Drew*;Allmon,WarrenD.:PaleoecologY anD oTher FeaTUreS oF PLUMALINA INCERTAE SEDIS 226-13 11:30AM Zaton,MichalP.*;Wilson,Mark;Vinn,Olev;Taylor,PaulD.: microconchiD TUBeWormS: a ShorT STorY aBoUT Their long eVolUTionarY hiSTorY 226-14 11:45AM Miller,DanielJ.*;Pappas,JaniceL.:3D characTeriZaTion oF mollUScan Shell microScUlPTUre USing SUrFace meTrologY

SeSSion no. 227

Sedimentary Geology: Clastic Sediments from the Cambrian to the Quaternary

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211CD JesseT.KorusandChristopherR.Fielding,Presiding 227-1 8:00AM Mata,ScottA.*;Bottjer,DavidJ.:loWer camBrian granD cYcleS reViSiTeD: imPlicaTionS For The inTerPreTaTion oF miXeD carBonaTeSiliciclaSTic SYSTemS 8:15AM Koch,ZelendaJ.*;Isbell,JohnL.;Sieger,Danielle: eXaminaTion oF laTe PaleoZoic groUnDingline Fan DePoSiTS aT TilliTe glacier, cenTral TranSanTarcTic moUnTainS, anTarcTica 8:30AM Ocampo-Díaz,YamZulErnesto*;Jenchen,Uwe; Guerrero-Suastegui,Martín:TecTono-SeDimenTarY imPlicaTionS oF claSTic inTercalaTionS in The JUraSSic/creTaceoUS BoUnDarY WiThin The monTerreY TroUgh, ne meXico 8:45AM Li,Yangyang*;Bhattacharya,Janok:FacieS archiTecTUral STUDY oF a STePPeD, ForceD regreSSiVe comPoUnD inciSeD ValleY SYSTem in The Ferron noTom DelTa, SoUThern UTah 9:00AM Fielding,ChristopherR.*:ForelanD BaSin STrUcTUral groWTh recorDeD in The TUronian Ferron SanDSTone oF The WeSTern inTerior SeaWaY BaSin, USa 9:15AM Zaleha,MichaelJ.*:Paleochannel hYDraUlicS, geomeTrieS, anD aSSociaTeD allUVial archiTecTUre oF earlY creTaceoUS riVerS, SeVier ForelanD BaSin, WYoming, USa 9:30AM Break 9:45AM RubioCisneros,IgorIshi*;OcampoDíaz,YamZulErnesto: USing a DiScriminanT FUncTion For DeTermining a relaTionShiP BeTWeen DeTriTal moDeS anD TecTonic SeTTingS: an aPProach ToWarD UnVeiling Some SoUrce-To-SinK FacTorS 10:00AM Foreman,BradyZ.*;Heller,PaulL.;Clementz,MarkT.: eValUaTing climaTic anD TecTonic conTrolS on FlUVial DePoSiTion SPanning The Paleoceneeocene BoUnDarY in The Piceance creeK BaSin (WeSTern coloraDo, USa) 10:15AM Krause,Marcelo*;Cúneo,N.Ruben:calDera-laKe SeDimenTarY SUiTeS From The earlY eocene oF PaTagonia, argenTina

SeSSion no. 226

Paleontology IV: Morphology and Phylogeny

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205CD BradleyDelineandSarahTweedt,Presiding 226-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Deline,Bradley*;Greenwood,Jennifer;Peterson,KevinJ.; Donoghue,PhilipC.J.:eXPloring The STrUcTUre anD origin oF meTaZoan morPhologY 8:30AM Gerber,Sylvain*;Eble,GuntherJ.:on The relaTionShiP BeTWeen The macroeVolUTionarY TraJecTorieS oF PhenoTYPic inTegraTion anD morPhological DiSPariTY 8:45AM Novack-Gottshall,PhilipM.*:DoeS ecologY imiTaTe morPhologY anD TaXonomY? camBrianDeVonian TriloBiTeS SUggeST no! 9:00AM Tweedt,Sarah*;Erwin,DouglasH.;Laflamme,Marc; Sperling,ErikA.;Pisani,Davide;Peterson,KevinJ.:The camBrian conUnDrUm: earlY DiVergence anD laTer ecological SUcceSS in The earlY hiSTorY oF animalS 9:15AM Lamsdell,JamesC.*:TieS ThaT BinD: SegmenT arTicUlaTionS in arThroPoDS anD Their imPlicaTionS For BaSal cheliceraTe PhYlogenY 9:30AM Aubry,Marie-Pierre*:FUncTional morPhologY oF coccoliThS: PhYlogeneTic eViDence in The orDer DiScoaSTeraleS 9:45AM Leslie,AndrewB.*;Boyce,C.Kevin:FUncTion, conSTrainT, anD The eVolUTion oF SeeD PlanT reProDUcTiVe allocaTion 10:00AM Break 10:15AM MartíMus,Mónica*;Jeppsson,Lennart;Malinky,JohnM.: a comPleTe reconSTrUcTion oF The hYoliThiD SKeleTon 10:30AM Moore,JohnL.*;Li,Guoxiang;Porter,SusannahM.: chancelloriiD ScleriTeS From The loWer camBrian (meiShUcUnian) oF eaSTern YUnnan, china


















227-10 10:30AM Michalak,SamuelA.*;Schwartz,RobertK.:eViDence oF PaleoToPograPhY anD eVolUTion oF The DePoSiTional SYSTemS WiThin The SoUThern ToWnSenD BaSin, SoUThWeST monTana From The laTe eocene To earlY miocene 227-11 10:45AM Korus,JesseT.*;Joeckel,R.M.:neW inSighTS inTo The BaSin-Scale allUVial archiTecTUre oF The ogallala groUP (neogene, cenTral neBraSKa) USing STaTiSTical analYSeS oF grain SiZe TrenDS

226-10 10:45AM Hegna,Thomas*;Briggs,DerekE.G.:UnmineraliZeD eXoSKeleTal morPhologY oF ISOTELUS (arThroPoDa, TriloBiTa, aSaPhiDa): PoSSiBle eViDence oF cePhalic limB DiFFerenTiaTion 226-11 11:00AM Liu,Huaibao*;Witzke,BrianJ.;Briggs,DerekE.G.; McKay,Robert:PrimiTiVe FiSh From The miDDle

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 237


227-12 11:00AM Ferrusquía-Villafranca,Ismael*;Ruiz-González,José; Torres-Hernández,JoséRamónSr.;Martínez-Hernández, EnriqueSr.:DePoSiTional SYSTemS oF The San nicolÁS UniT, PeoTilloS graBen, Sierra maDre orienTal aT San lUiS PoToSÍ, cenTral-eaST meXico: a FirST aPProach 229-9 10:30AM Thomas,WilliamA.*:aPPalachian-oUachiTa BaSinS anD TerraneS BeneaTh The gUlF coaSTal Plain

229-10 10:45AM Woodward,Robert*;Busby,Robert;Hafner,Katrin;Gridley, James;Schultz,Adam;Frassetto,Andy:The earthScope USarray in The miD-conTinenT anD eaSTern US: STaTUS anD reSUlTS 229-11 11:00AM Hatcher,RobertD.Jr.*;Horton,J.WrightJr.;Zietz,Isidore; Daniels,DavidL.;Steltenpohl,MarkG.:aeromagneTic clUeS To The Final aSSemBlY oF Pangea: WaS FloriDa The laST aDDiTion? 229-12 11:15AM Robinson,DeloresM.*;Weislogel,AmyL.;Hunt,BryanW.; Lovell,ThomasR.;Wilson,K.Lance:laTe JUraSSic SeDimenT TranSPorT PaThWaYS inTo The eaSTern gUlF oF meXico anD imPlicaTionS For Terrane conFigUraTionS 229-13 11:30AM Chapman,MartinC.*;Beale,JacobN.;Buckner,JesseC.: TerTiarY-QUaTernarY reacTiVaTion oF earlY meSoZoic FaUlTS in The SoUTh georgia riFT 229-14 11:45AM Clendenin,C.W.Jr.*;Waddell,MichaelG.;Addison,A.D.: reacTiVaTion anD oVerPrinTing oF SoUTh georgia riFT eXTenSion

SeSSion no. 228

P7. Earth's Early Atmosphere and Surface Environment

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101A-C RobertO.PepinandGeorgeH.Shaw,Presiding 228-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Shaw,GeorgeH.*:eViDence anD argUmenTS For earlY meThane anD ammonia in earTh'S aTmoSPhere, anD an organic-comPoUnD-rich earlY ocean 8:55AM Kasting,JamesF.*:aTmoSPheric comPoSiTion on The haDean/earlY archean earTh: The imPorTance oF co 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Zahnle,Kevin*:WaiTing For o2: The role oF hYDrogen eScaPe in The oXiDaTion oF earTh 10:50AM Ohmoto,Hiroshi*;Lasaga,AntonioC.;Watanabe,Yumiko; Yamaguchi,KoseiE.:eViDence For The FUllYoXYgenaTeD oceanS anD aTmoSPhere DUring The archean eon


228-3 228-4

SeSSion no. 230

T9. Tectonic Development of the Northern North American Cordillera (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200DE JeffreyM.Trop,BrianA.Hampton,andJohnI.Garver,Presiding 230-1 230-2 8:00AM Saltus,RichardW.*;Roeske,SarahM.:alaSKa in 3 acTS ­ a PoTenTial FielD/TecTonic STorY 8:15AM Till,AlisonB.*;Calvert,AndrewT.;Houseknecht,DavidW.: arcTic alaSKa-chUKoTKa crUSTal reSPonSe To JUraSSic-creTaceoUS PlaTe-margin TecTonicS 8:30AM Bradley,Dwight*;Till,Alison;Miller,MartiL.;O'Sullivan, Paul:DeTriTal Zircon-BaSeD ProToliTh ageS, aFFiniTieS, anD TecTonic inTerPreTaTionS oF TWo geologic "BlacK holeS" in alaSKa 8:50AM Fitzgerald,P.G.*;Roeske,Sarah;Benowitz,Jeff;Perry, StephanieE.;Riccio,Steven;Huff,Casey:ToPograPhic anD eXhUmaTion aSYmmeTrY oF The alaSKa range relaTiVe To The Denali FaUlT: a reFlecTion oF liThoSPheric heTerogeneiTY 9:05AM Benowitz,Jeff*;Armstrong,PhillipA.;Fitzgerald,Paul; Haeussler,PeterJ.;Layer,PaulW.;O'Sullivan,Paul; Perry,Stephanie;Riccio,Steven;Roeske,SarahM.: The ToPograPhicallY aSYmmeTrical alaSKa range: mUlTiPle TecTonic DriVerS ThroUgh SPace anD Time 9:20AM Hults,ChadP.*;Wilson,FredericH.;Donelick,Raymond; O'Sullivan,PaulB.:ProVenance oF JUraSSic To creTaceoUS FlYSch along The TalKeeTnachilchiTna FaUlT SYSTem highlighTS The norThern BoUnDarY oF The Wrangellia comPoSiTe Terrane, alaSKa 9:35AM Huff,CaseyJ.*;Roeske,SarahM.;Mooney,PhilipR.; Wimpenny,Josh;Yin,Qing-zhu;Gehrels,GeorgeE.:neW U-PB ageS anD hF iSoToPic ValUeS From The KahilTna aSSemBlage in The eaSTern alaSKa range, SoUTh-cenTral alaSKa 9:50AM Bier,SaraE.*;Fisher,DonaldM.:STrUcTUreS anD STrain hiSTorieS acroSS The SUTUre: imPlicaTionS For The KinemaTicS oF The colliSion oF The Wrangellia comPoSiTe Terrane WiTh The margin oF norTh america 10:05AM Cole,RonaldB.*;Stewart,BrianW.;Layer,PaulW.:earlY cenoZoic TalKeeTna moUnTainS magmaTiSm in SoUTh-cenTral alaSKa: recorD oF crUST-

SeSSion no. 229

T7. Exploring Subsurface Terranes and Buried Basins of Eastern and Central North America--Geology, Geophysics, and Geochronology (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; EarthScope; U.S. Geological Survey)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200A-C J.WrightHorton,MarionE.Bickford,andPaulA.Mueller,Presiding 229-1 8:00AM vanderLee,Suzan*;Spree,Team:SPree: FielD eXPerimenT To STUDY DeeP STrUcTUre oF The miD-conTinenT riFT 8:20AM VanSchmus,W.R.*;Bickford,M.E.:ProTeroZoic orogenic anD magmaTic DomainS in The miDconTinenT region, USa: geochemical anD geoPhYSical eViDence 8:40AM Keller,G.Randy*:geoPhYSical imageS oF The FormaTion anD DeFormaTion oF SoUThern laUrenTia 9:00AM Powell,ChristineA.*:miD To UPPer crUSTal VelociTY STrUcTUre aSSociaTeD WiTh The eaSTern TenneSSee SeiSmic Zone 9:15AM Wagner,LaraS.*;Stewart,KevinG.;Metcalf,Kathryn: crUSTal Scale ShorTening STrUcTUreS BeneaTh The BlUe riDge moUnTainS, nc, USa 9:30AM Sinha,A.Krishna*;Hanan,BarryB.:BreaKUP oF SUPerconTinenT roDinia - riFT To DriFT aSSociaTeD magmaTiSm 9:45AM Kunk,MichaelJ.*;Horton,J.WrightJr.;Gibson,RogerL.; Zack,Thomas;McAleer,RyanJ.;Townsend,GabrielleN.: alleghanian Thermal hiSTorY oF BaSemenTDeriVeD TargeT rocKS in The icDP-USgS eYreVille-B core From The cheSaPeaKe BaY imPacT STrUcTUre 10:00AM Break 10:15AM Horton,J.WrightJr.*;Daniels,DavidL.;Powars,DavidS.; Kunk,MichaelJ.:eXPloring Pre-creTaceoUS TerraneS anD BaSinS BeneaTh The aTlanTic coaSTal Plain















238 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


manTle VariaTionS, Terrane accreTion, anD PlUTon eXhUmaTion 230-10 10:20AM Garver,JohnI.*;Davidson,Cameron;Izykowski,TylerI.; Milde,EdwardR.:Thermal eVolUTion oF FlYSch oF The chUgach-Prince William TerraneS, eaSTern Prince William SoUnD, alaSKa 230-11 10:35AM Armstrong,PhillipA.*;Arkle,JeanetteC.;Haeussler, PeterJ.;Prior,MichaelG.;Hartman,Sean:FocUSeD rocK UPliFT relaTeD To FlaT-SlaB SUBDUcTion in SoUThern alaSKa: inBoarD, oUTBoarD, anD in BeTWeen 230-12 10:50AM Pavlis,Terry*;Chapman,J.B.;Bruhn,Ron;Ridgway, Kenneth;Worthington,LindsayLowe;Gulick,SeanP.S.: STrUcTUre oF The acTiVelY DeForming FolDThrUST BelT oF The ST. eliaS orogen WiTh imPlicaTionS For glacial eXhUmaTion anD 3D TecTonic ProceSSeS 230-13 11:05AM Pavlis,GaryL.*;Pavlis,Terry;Hansen,Roger;Elliot,Julie; Bauer,Mark:Three DimenSional DeFormaTion in The eaSTern ST. eliaS SYnTaXiS 230-14 11:20AM Crider,JulietG.*;Callahan,OwenA.:PerSiSTenTlY high geoThermal graDienT aBoVe The oKanogan DeTachmenT: Thermal WeaKening iS a caUSe BUT noT Trigger oF orogenic collaPSe 230-15 11:35AM Wyld,SandraJ.*;Wright,JamesE.:miDDle To laTe JUraSSic BacK-arc magmaTiSm in The U.S. corDillera: neW age DaTa anD TecTonic imPlicaTionS 231-8 231-9 anD The oFFShore DiSPerSal oF moDern ShalloW-WaTer TaXa 10:30AM Lipps,JereH.*;Goldstein,SusanT.:liFe hiSTorY anD DiSPerSal in ForaminiFera 10:45AM Weinmann,AnnaE.*;Langer,MartinR.;Lötters,Stefan; Rödder,Dennis:home iS Where YoUr niche iS ­ SPecieS DiSTriBUTion moDelS in ForaminiFeral reSearch

231-10 11:00AM Hallock,Pamela*;Triantaphyllou,MariaV.;Dimiza, MargaritaD.;Koukousioura,Olga:inVaSiVe ForaminiFera in coaSTal ecoSYSTemS oF The eaSTern meDiTerranean: imPlicaTionS For UnDerSTanDing larger ForaminiFeralDominaTeD BioFacieS in The cenoZoic 231-11 11:15AM Payne,JonathanL.*;Groves,JohnR.;Jost,AdamB.; Nguyen,Thienan;Myhre,SarahB.;Hill,TessaM.;Skotheim, JanM.:laTe PaleoZoic FUSUlinoiDean giganTiSm DriVen BY aTmoSPheric hYPeroXia 231-12 11:30AM Rego,BriannaL.;Wang,SteveC.*;Altiner,Demir; Payne,JonathanL.:WiThin- anD among-genUS comPonenTS oF ForaminiFeran SiZe DYnamicS DUring maSS eXTincTion, recoVerY, anD BacKgroUnD inTerValS 11:45AM concluding remarks

SeSSion no. 232

T96. Carbon and Water Dynamics in Peatlands and Their Relationship to Climatic Change (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM101AB PaulGlaser,DonaldI.Siegel,andAndrewS.Reeve,Presiding 232-1 8:00AM WalterAnthony,Katey*:regional Scale VariaBiliTY in meThane emiSSionS From ThermoKarST laKeS 8:20AM Sebestyen,StephenD.*:aSSeSSing eFFecTS oF climaTic change on WaTer anD carBon aT PeaTlanD caTchmenTS oF The marcell eXPerimenTal ForeST in norThern minneSoTa 8:40AM Olson,Donna*;Griffis,Tim;Kolka,Randy;Noormets,Asko: inTerannUal VariaBiliTY in The carBon BUDgeT oF a TemPeraTe PeaTlanD 8:55AM Hines,MarkE.*;Chanton,JeffreyP.:TroPhic STaTUS anD The PaTh To meThane in PeaTlanDS: imPlicaTionS For meThanogeneSiS in a changing WorlD 9:15AM Corbett,J.Elizabeth*;Chanton,JeffreyP.;Tfaily, Malak;Cooper,WilliamT.;Burdige,David;Glaser,Paul: ParTiTioning PeaT reSPiraTion in The caToTelm 9:30AM Burdige,DavidJ.*;Chanton,JeffreyP.;Cooper,WilliamT.; Corbett,J.Elizabeth;Glaser,PaulH.;Tfaily,Malak: linKing DiSSolVeD organic carBon DYnamicS WiTh Terminal remineraliZaTion ProceSSeS in PeaTlanDS 9:45AM Tfaily,MalakM.*;Corbett,J.Elizabeth;Chanton,JeffreyP.; Glaser,PaulH.;Cooper,WilliamT.:molecUlar characTeriZaTion oF DiSSolVeD organic maTTer (Dom) in norThern PeaTlanDS: iDenTiFYing The chemical SignaTUreS oF climaTe change 10:00AM Matthews,Elaine*;Prigent,Catherine;Papa,Fabrice: naTUral WeTlanDS: characTeriZing VegeTaTion anD gloBal inUnDaTion DYnamicS For meThane moDeling 10:15AM Glaser,Paul*;Rosenberry,Donald;Siegel,Donald;Reeve, A.S.;Chanton,Jeffrey;Slater,Lee;Burdige,David;Cooper, WilliamT.;Comas,Xavier;Rhoades,JoshuaL.:The reD laKe PeaTlanD oBSerVaTorY (rlPo): a mUlTiSenSor inSTrUmenT arraY For moniToring

SeSSion no. 231

T62. Frontiers in Foraminiferal Research I: Biology/Ecology/ Paleoecology (Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research; SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology); SEPM North American Micropaleontology Section; Paleontological Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200H-J PamelaHallockandSusanT.Goldstein,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 231-1 8:10AM Bernhard,JoanM.*;Edgcomb,VirginiaP.;Casciotti, KarenL.;McIlvin,MatthewR.;Beaudoin,DavidJ.:iS ForaminiFeral DeniTriFicaTion PerFormeD BY The eUKarYoTe or BY ProKarYoTic aSSociaTeS? 8:30AM Borrelli,Chiara*;Sabbatini,Anna;Luna,GianMarco; Nardelli,MariaPia;Sbaffi,Tomasa;Morigi,Caterina; Danovaro,Roberto;Negri,Alessandra:DeTerminaTion oF The meTaBolicallY acTiVe FracTion oF BenThic ForaminiFera BY meanS oF FlUoreScenT in SiTU hYBriDiZaTion (FiSh) 8:45AM Frail-Gauthier,JenniferL.*;Scott,D.B.;Romanuk, TamaraN.:ecologY anD haBiTS oF TemPeraTe SalT marSh ForaminiFera anD aSSociaTeD meioFaUna From a laBoraTorY SalT marSh SYSTem 9:00AM Martínez-Colón,Michael*;Easley,Regina: ForaminiFeral ecoToXicologY: conSiDering meTal SPeciaTion 9:15AM Richardson,SusanL.*:Tree-ThinKing anD molecUlar PhYlogenieS oF ForaminiFera: Where Do FoSSilS FiT in? 9:30AM Thomas,Ellen*;Foster,Laura;Hussaini,BushraM.; Landman,NeilH.;Schmidt,DanielaN.:ForaminiFera in 3D 9:50AM Discussion 10:00AM Break 10:15AM Goldstein,SusanT.*;Edgcomb,VirginiaP.;Bernhard, JoanM.:ProPagUleS oF BenThic ForaminiFera
















9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 239


carBon-WaTer DYnamicS in a large norThern PeaTlanD 232-10 10:30AM Reeve,A.S.*;Glaser,PaulH.;Rosenberry,DonaldO.: SeaSonal reSPonSe oF SUrFace moVemenT anD hYDraUlic heaD in The glacial laKe agaSSiZ PeaTlanDS, norThern minneSoTa 232-11 10:45AM Rhoades,JoshuaL.*;Reeve,Andrew:characTeriZing The DiSTriBUTion oF hYDraUlic ProPerTieS in The glacial laKe agaSSiZ PeaTlanDS USing a Three-DimenSional nUmerical moDel 232-12 11:00AM Parsekian,Andrew*;Slater,Lee;Giménez,Daniel: DielecTric ProPerTieS oF PeaT WiTh Biogenic Free PhaSe gaS 232-13 11:15AM Comas,Xavier*;Slater,Lee;Reeve,A.S.:USing groUnD PeneTraTing raDar To inVeSTigaTe VariaBiliTY in The VerTical DiSTriBUTion oF Biogenic FreePhaSe gaS in a norThern PeaTlanD DUe To changeS in aTmoSPheric PreSSUre 232-14 11:30AM Hribljan,JohnA.*;Chimner,RodneyA.:eFFecTS oF long-Term WaTer TaBle alTeraTionS on PlanT SPecieS, Soil QUaliTY, Pore WaTer chemiSTrY anD carBon cYcling in a greaT laKeS PeaTlanD 232-15 11:45AM Loisel,Julie*;Yu,Zicheng:SoUThern PeaTlanDS: a neW PerSPecTiVe on long-Term carBon DYnamicS 233-8 10:15AM Christianson,EvanG.*:incorPoraTing DeTaileD QUaTernarY hYDroSTraTigraPhY inTo groUnDWaTer FloW moDelS 10:35AM Letsinger,SallyL.;Prentice,MichaelL.*;Olyphant, GregA.;Riddle,AlexanderD.:Three-DimenSional groUnDWaTer FloW moDeling USing a geologic FrameWorK moDel oF near-SUrFace glacial SeQUenceS: norTheaSTern inDiana


233-10 10:50AM Warner,Kelly*;Ayotte,JosephD.:anThroPogenic anD naTUrallY DeriVeD conTaminanTS aFFecT The WaTer QUaliTY oF The glacial aQUiFer SYSTem 233-11 11:05AM Plummer,L.Niel*;Eggleston,JackR.;Andreasen, DavidC.;Raffensperger,JeffP.;Hunt,AndrewG.; Casile,GerolamoC.:olD groUnDWaTer in ParTS oF The UPPer PaTaPSco aQUiFer, aTlanTic coaSTal Plain, marYlanD, USa: eViDence From raDiocarBon, chlorine-36 anD heliUm-4 233-12 11:20AM Hooyer,Thomas*;Hart,DavidJ.;Batten,William;Moeller, Carrie:VerTical DiSTriBUTion 18o in a claYrich aQUiTarD conSiSTing oF Proglacial laKe SeDimenT in eaST-cenTral WiSconSin: imPlicaTionS For groUnDWaTer recharge To BeDrocK aQUiFerS 233-13 11:35AM Gerber,RichardE.*;Holysh,Steven;Doughty,MichaelE.: inTegraTeD FloW SYSTem analYSiS in glaciaTeD Terrain, SoUTh-cenTral onTario 11:50AM concluding remarks

SeSSion no. 233

T99. Hydrogeology of Glaciated Terrain: Linking Glacial Geology, Quaternary History, and Groundwater Research (GSA Hydrogeology Division; International Association of Hydrogeologists; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; National Ground Water Association; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100HI WilliamW.SimpkinsandRichardGerber,Presiding 8:00AM introductory remarks 233-1 8:05AM Nilsson,Bertel*;Klint,KnudErik;Troldborg,Lars;Jakobsen, PeterRoll:a neW aPProach For eValUaTing geological heTerogeneiTY in areaS coVereD WiTh claY Till USing "The PolY morPhological concePT" 8:25AM Keefer,DonaldA.*;Thomason,JasonF.;Larson,Timothy; Ismail,Ahmed;Lau,JodiA.:Three-DimenSional geologic maPPing anD hYDrogeologic inVeSTigaTionS To SUPPorT groUnDWaTer managemenT in mchenrY coUnTY, illinoiS 8:45AM O'Brien,Rachel*;Shaffer,Christopher:BeDrocK STrUcTUreS anD glacial hiSTorY: PhYSical anD chemical conTrolS on ShalloW aQUiFer SYSTemS in norThWeSTern PennSYlVania 9:00AM Atkinson,LisaA.*;Ross,MartinA.;Stumpf,Andrew;Ismail, Ahmed:SeDimenTologY anD 3-D archiTecTUre oF SUBSUrFace FacieS oF The illinoian DeglaciaTion in eaST-cenTral illinoiS, UniTeD STaTeS 9:15AM Møller,RasmusRønde*;Jørgensen,Flemming;Sandersen, Peter;Nebel,Lars;Jensen,Niels-Peter:DeTaileD 3D geological moDelling in a glacial Terrain WiTh FocUS on groUnDWaTer inTereSTS 9:30AM Dunkle,KallinaM.*;Hart,DavidJ.;Anderson,MaryP.: hYDroSTraTigraPhic & groUnDWaTer FloW moDelS For glacial laKe oShKoSh SeDimenT, oUTagamie coUnTY, Wi 9:45AM Quinn,JohnJ.*;Mooers,HowardD.:correlaTion iSSUeS in moDeling STrUcTUre anD FloW in glacial-DriFT aQUiFerS anD aQUiTarDS 10:00AM Break

SeSSion no. 234

T104. Urban and Suburban Lakes: Paleorecords of Human Impacts and Opportunities for Geoscience Education (GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100DE AmyMyrboandKateS.Pound,Presiding 234-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:10AM Engstrom,DanielR.*;RamstackHobbs,JoyM.;Swain, EdwardB.:There are So manY laKeS anD mY corer iS So Small: ProViDing regional conTeXT For SeDimenT-core STUDieS oF anThroPogenic change 8:30AM Cooke,ColinA.*;Hobbs,Will;Wolfe,AlexanderP.:inSighT inTo anDean meTallUrgY From laKe SeDimenT coreS 8:45AM Reidy,Liam*;Byrne,Roger:a recorD oF heaVY meTal conTaminaTion aT moUnTain laKe in The PreSiDio naTional ParK, San FranciSco, caliFornia, USa 9:00AM Lobegeier,MelissaK.*;Gilley,AmyL.;Tackett,KathrynA.: USing microScoPic inVerTeBraTeS To aSSeSS WaTer QUaliTY in UrBan anD non-UrBan laKeS in TenneSSee anD Virginia 9:15AM Tackett,KathrynA.*;Lobegeier,MelissaK.: USing ThecamoeBianS aS inDicaTorS oF enVironmenTal change WiThin ToDDS laKe, mUrFreeSBoro, TenneSSee 9:30AM Break 9:45AM Riihimaki,CatherineA.*;MacGregor,Kelly;Myrbo,Amy; Bradtmiller,Louisa;Brady,Kristina;Oddo,PerryC.;Griffith, Jonathan:UnDergraDUaTe lacUSTrine reSearch FocUSing on enVironmenTal change aT glacier naTional ParK, monTana 10:00AM Myrbo,Amy*:limnogeologY oF UrBan anD SUBUrBan laKeS in inTerDiSciPlinarY geoScience eDUcaTion 10:15AM Baron,Dirk*;Negrini,Rob;Wigand,PeterE.;PalaciosFest,ManuelR.:eXamining The laTe-QUaTernarY














240 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


PaleoclimaTe recorD in a SeDimenT core From TUlare laKe, caliFornia: reSearch ParTiciPaTion oPPorTUniTieS For high School anD college STUDenTS anD K-12 TeacherS 234-9 10:30AM Howes,Thomas*;Myrbo,Amy;Thompson,Robert; Drake,Christa;Woods,Phillip;Locatelli,EmmaRose; Pellerin,Holly;Dalbotten,Diana;Ito,Emi:nanDagiKenDaaSoWin naaWiJ gaa-iZhiWeBaKin manoomini-Zaaga'iganiing: core-BaSeD reSearch BY naTiVe STUDenTS on WilD rice laKeS in norThern minneSoTa 235-10 11:00AM Murphy,Jenny*;Hornberger,GeorgeM.:SUrFace coal mining imPacTS on concenTraTion-DiScharge relaTionShiPS: iDenTiFYing SPaTial anD TemPoral changeS in The neW riVer, TenneSSee 235-11 11:15AM Fortner,SarahK.*;Lyons,W.Berry;Shipitalo,MartinJ.; Owens,LloydB.;Bonta,JamesV.:conTrolS oF ca anD mg YielDS in Small agricUlTUral WaTerSheDS, coShocTon, ohio 235-12 11:30AM Katz,BrianG.*;Heffernan,JamesB.;Verdi,RichardJ.: niTrogen SoUrceS anD FaTe in a large KarSTic SPringS BaSin

234-10 10:45AM Schoeneck,Marlene*;Pound,KateS.:STUDenT aSSignmenTS For WorKing WiTh laKe SeDimenT coreS 234-11 11:00AM Kirkby,Kent*;Myrbo,Amy;Engstrom,DanielR.:STill WaTerS, SilenT WiTneSSeS: USing laKe SeDimenT recorDS in The claSSroom 11:15AM Discussion

SeSSion no. 236

T126. Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Development: Geology, Geochemistry, and Engineering (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101H-J TracyBankandCarlS.Kirby,Presiding 236-1 236-2 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:15AM Soeder,Daniel*:The SUcceSSFUl DeVeloPmenT oF Shale gaS reSoUrceS in The UniTeD STaTeS 8:35AM Rowan,ElisabethL.*;Engle,MarkA.;Kraemer,ThomasF.: maJor anD minor elemenT anD raDiUm geochemiSTrY oF ProDUceD WaTer SamPleS From The marcellUS Shale in neW YorK, PennSYlVania, anD WeST Virginia 8:55AM Chapman,ElizabethC.*;Capo,RosemaryC.;Stewart, BrianW.;Johnson,JasonD.;Graney,JosephR.;Hammack, RichardW.:geochemical anD STronTiUm iSoToPe STUDY oF SeQUenTiallY eXTracTeD meTalS From marcellUS Shale Drill core 9:10AM Fortson,LaurenA.*;Bank,Tracy;Yatzor,Brett:a SPaTial inVeSTigaTion oF meTal anD mineral aSSociaTionS in The marcellUS Shale 9:25AM Johnson,JasonD.*;Graney,JosephR.:coUPling leaD iSoToPe raTioS anD elemenT concenTraTionS To TracK ProceSSeS inVolVeD in reSoUrce eXTracTion From The marcellUS Shale 9:40AM Warner,Nathaniel*;Osborn,Stephen;Jackson,Robert; Vengosh,Avner:Boron anD STronTiUm iSoToPeS aS SenSiTiVe TracerS For inDicaTing PoTenTial ShalloW groUnDWaTer conTaminaTion From marcellUS FormaTion BrineS 9:55AM Break 10:10AM Sharma,Shikha*;Mulder,MichonL.;Edenborn, HarryM.;Hammack,RichardW.:STaBle iSoToPe FingerPrinTing oF co-ProDUceD WaTerS aSSociaTeD WiTh marcellUS Shale naTUral gaS eXTracTion 10:25AM Osborn,Stephen*;Warner,Nathaniel;Vengosh,Avner; Jackson,Robert:DiSSolVeD gaS geochemiSTrY oF ShalloW groUnDWaTer SYSTemS in PennSYlVania anD neW YorK, aSSociaTeD WiTh naTUral gaS eXTracTion 10:40AM Mroz,Thomas*:reSerVoir characTeriZaTion oF The DeVonian Shale FormaTionS in The aPPalachian BaSin anD The imPacT on cUrrenT gaS DeVeloPmenT

SeSSion no. 235

T123. Monitoring and Understanding Our Landscape for the Long Term through Small Catchment Studies I: A Tribute to the Career of Owen P. Bricker (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100FG KarenC.Rice,PierreD.Glynn,andJillS.Baron,Presiding 235-1 8:00AM introductory remarks 8:05AM Bricker,SuzanneB.*:oWen BricKer'S legacY: WaTerSheD Science For SolUTionS To enVironmenTal iSSUeS 8:25AM Price,JasonR.*;Szymanski,DavidW.:maSS Balance moDeling oF mineral WeaThering raTeS in The haUVer Branch WaTerSheD, caTocTin moUnTain, marYlanD: The role oF BiomaSS, SolVing more eQUaTionS in more UnKnoWnS USing SoliDPhaSe DaTa, anD carBon DYnamicS 8:45AM Rice,KarenC.*;Deviney,FrankA.;Cosby,BernardJ.; Lynch,Jason:UnDerSTanDing SUlFaTe DYnamicS in UnglaciaTeD eaSTern U.S. caTchmenTS 9:00AM Hruska,Jakub*;Fottova,Daniela;Oulehle,Filip;Paces, Tomas:ThirTY-FiVe YearS oF recoVerY From aciDiFicaTion aT JeZeri caTchmenT, cZech rePUBlic ­ iS ThaT enoUgh For SUcceSS STorY? 9:15AM Scholl,MarthaA.*;Shanley,JamesB.;Scatena, FrederickN.;Occhi,MarcieE.;Willenbring,Jane; McDowell,WillamH.;Buss,Heather:UnDerSTanDing recharge anD STreamFloW generaTion in Small WaTerSheDS USing STaBle iSoToPeS oF WaTer: STUDieS in The lUQUillo moUnTainS, PUerTo rico 9:30AM Jefferson,AnneJ.*;Moore,Cameron:SPaTial VariaBiliTY in groUnDWaTer-STream inTeracTionS in FirST-orDer norTh carolina PieDmonT STreamS 9:45AM Break 10:00AM Merritts,DorothyJ.*;Walter,RobertC.:KirK BrYan aWarD lecTUre: The riSe anD Fall oF miDaTlanTic STreamS 10:30AM Niemitz,JeffreyW.*;Haynes,CourtneyE.;Lasher, G.Everett:legacY SeDimenT chemiSTrY anD lanD USe: USing Small caTchmenT BaSinS To DeTermine PoTenTiallY harmFUl inPUTS To DoWnSTream enVironmenTS 10:45AM Nordstrom,D.Kirk*:naTUral PYriTe WeaThering raTe in a Small caTchmenT comPareD WiTh mineD caTchmenTS
















236-10 10:55AM Llewellyn,GarthT.*:STrUcTUral anD ToPograPhic aSSeSSmenT oF ShalloW BeDrocK PermeaBiliTY VariaTionS ThroUghoUT SUSQUehanna coUnTY, Pa: a FocUS area oF marcellUS Shale gaS DeVeloPmenT 236-11 11:10AM Silin,DmitriyB.*;Kneafsey,TimothyJ.:TighT gaS: From Pore-Scale To Well Decline cUrVe analYSiS 11:25AM concluding remarks


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 241


SeSSion no. 237

T128. EARTHTIME Geochronology: Improving Age Interpretations through Integration and Intercalibration

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102D-F MarkD.Schmitz,LindaA.Hinnov,andBlairSchoene,Presiding 237-1 8:00AM Meyers,StephenR.*;Singer,BradS.;Siewert,SarahE.; Sageman,BradleyB.;Condon,Daniel;Jicha,BrianR.; Sawyer,DavidA.;Obradovich,JohnD.:coUPling orBiTal anD raDioiSoToPic chronomeTerS: leSSonS learneD From The creTaceoUS WeSTern inTerior BaSin (U.S.a.) 8:20AM Sahy,Diana*;Fischer,Anne;Condon,Daniel;Terry, DennisO.Jr.;Hiess,Joe;Abels,Hemmo;Huesing,SiljaK.; Kuiper,Klaudia:high PreciSion raDio iSoToPic age conSTrainTS on The laTe eocene ­ earlY oligocene geomagneTic PolariTY Time Scale 8:35AM Singer,BradS.*;Condon,Daniel;Jicha,BrianR.;Kuiper, Klaudia;Siewert,SarahE.;Meyers,StephenR.;Sageman, BradleyB.;Sawyer,DavidA.;Obradovich,JohnD.:a creTaceoUS To PleiSTocene PerSPecTiVe on inTercaliBraTing 40ar/39ar anD U-PB raDioiSoToPic clocKS 8:50AM Mitchell,WilliamS.III.*;Renne,PaulR.;Mundil,Roland; Deino,AlanL.;Kuiper,KlaudiaF.;Smit,Jan:U-PB anD ar/ar DaTing oF The creTaceoUS-Paleogene BoUnDarY inTerVal in eaSTern monTana 9:05AM Sell,Bryan*;Bartolini,Anachiara;Guex,Jean;Spangenberg, Jorge;Vicente,J-C.;Schaltegger,Urs:TeSTing gloBal correlaTionS in The JUraSSic Toarcian STage WiTh U-PB Zircon anD chemoSTraTigraPhY 9:20AM McLaughlin,Patrick*;Sell,Bryan;Emsbo,Poul; Emerson,Norlene:PreciSion in carBon iSoToPe STraTigraPhY--The imPorTance oF SamPling inTerVal in recogniZing Form anD raTeS 9:35AM Smith,M.Elliot*;Singer,BradS.;Simo,Toni:TiereD inTerPolaTion oF raDioiSoToPic anD BioSTraTigraPhic geochronologY reSolVeS The TemPo oF The orDoVician icehoUSe To greenhoUSe TranSiTion 9:50AM Noble,StephenR.*;Carney,JohnN.;Condon,Daniel:U-PB chronologY oF The eDiacaran geologY anD aSSociaTeD FoSSilS oF charnWooD ForeST, UK 10:05AM Break 10:20AM Ogg,JamesG.*:eXTraPolaTing nUmerical ageS For The meSoZoic geologic TimeScale ­ a STaTUS rePorT 238-8 FelDSPar XenocrYSTS: conSTrainTS From Ba DiFFUSion ProFileS

SeSSion no. 238

T206. STEMming the Tide: How Can We Promote Science Literacy? (GSA Geology and Society Division; American Geological Institute; American Geophysical Union; GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; American Association of State Geologists; National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100FG J.E.Fryxell,DavidW.Szymanski,andJamesF.Davis,Presiding 238-1 238-2 8:00AM Benbow,AnnE.*:engaging The PUBlic in The geoScienceS 8:15AM Ledley,TamaraShapiro*:enaBling Science liTeracY: BriDging The commUnicaTion gaP BeTWeen The ScienTiFic/Technical commUniTY anD The PUBlic anD eDUcaTional commUniTY 8:30AM Ridky,Robert*:an oPPorTUniTY To heighTen geoScienceS releVance, aPPlicaTion anD USeFUlneSS 8:45AM Radencic,SarahP.*;McNeal,KarenS.;Pierce, DonnaM.:enhancing STem graDUaTe STUDenT commUnicaTion SKillS ThroUgh The iniTiaTing neW Science ParTnerShiPS in rUral eDUcaTion (inSPire) 9:00AM Richards,Samantha*;Johnson,Kirk;Miller,IanM.;Hays, Karen;Schoemer,Jodi:a commUniTY DigS The ice age: real-Time Science oUTreach on a WorlDclaSS PleiSTocene FoSSil SiTe in SnoWmaSS Village, co 9:15AM Discussion 9:30AM Break 9:45AM Hamilton,Patrick*:hoW Do We commUnicaTe BoTh The KnoWnS anD UnKnoWnS oF climaTe change? 10:00AM Ledley,TamaraShapiro*;McCaffrey,MarkS.;Gold,AnneU.; Buhr,Susan;Manduca,Cathryn;Fox,SeanP.;Grogan, Marian;Kirk,KarinB.;Niepold,Frank;Howell,Cynthia: The climaTe liTeracY anD energY aWareneSS neTWorK (clean) ­ FaciliTaTing climaTe anD energY liTeracY 10:15AM Ruetenik,Gregory*;Steffke,Christy;Thomas,StephenR.; Libarkin,Julie:analYZing ViSUal rePreSenTaTionS oF climaTe change 10:30AM Stone,GeorgeT.*:climaTe change miTigaTion: PlaneTarY imPeraTiVe anD geoScience reSPonSiBiliTY














237-10 10:40AM Munnecke,Axel*;Cramer,BradleyD.;Söderlund,Ulf; Aiken,CarlosL.V.;Schofield,D.I.;Kharwat,Ranyah; Boon,D.:The DigiTal inTegraTeD STraTigraPhY ProJecT (DiSP): QUanTiFYing The DeeP Time highreSolUTion chronoSTraTigraPhic reVolUTion 237-11 10:55AM Kharwat,Ranyah*;Aiken,CarlosL.V.;Munnecke,Axel; Boon,D.;Schofield,D.I.;Cramer,BradleyD.:The DigiTal inTegraTeD STraTigraPhY ProJecT (DiSP): a WeB BaSeD oPen-acceSS DigiTal reSoUrce For earThTime 237-12 11:10AM Schmitt,A.K.*:SPaTiallY SelecTiVe UraniUm SerieS geochronologY oF acceSSorY mineralS anD The DUraTion oF magmaTic crYSTalliZaTion 237-13 11:30AM Schmitz,MarkD.*;Olin,PaulH.;Crowley,JamesL.: inTegraTing geochemiSTrY, ThermomeTrY anD iSoToPe raTioS To imProVe age inTerPreTaTion ThroUgh TanDem QUaDrUPole la-icPmS anD caTimS on The Same Zircon crYSTalS 237-14 11:45AM Renne,PaulR.*;Mulcahy,SeanR.;Cassata,WilliamS.; Morgan,LeahE.;Hlusko,LesleaJ.;Njau,JacksonK.: reTenTion oF inheriTeD argon in alKali


238-10 10:45AM Miller,JeremyJ.*;Geissman,J.W.:meDia anD The connecTion among ScienTiSTS, ciTiZenS, anD PolicYmaKerS 238-11 11:00AM Titus,RobertC.*:commUnicaTing oUr Science aS a geologic neWSPaPer colUmniST 11:15AM concluding remarks

SeSSion no. 239

T217. Dawn at Vesta: Initial Results from the Survey Orbit (GSA Planetary Geology Division)

8:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100H-J DebraBuczkowskiandDavidA.Williams,Presiding 239-1 8:00AM Raymond,CarolA.*;Russell,C.T.;Jaumann,R.;McSween, H.Y.;Konopliv,A.S.;Asmar,S.;Coradini,A.S.;DeSanctis, M.C.;Nathues,A.;Prettyman,T.H.:eXPloring The SmalleST TerreSTrial PlaneT: DaWn aT VeSTa

242 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


239-2 8:20AM Mottola,Stefano*;Jaumann,Ralf;Yingst,R.Aileen;Pieters, CarleM.;Williams,DavidA.;Buczkowski,DebraL.;Schenk, PaulM.;Raymond,CarolA.;Neukum,Gerhard;McSween, HarryY.:FirST reSUlTS oF DaWn'S inVeSTigaTion oF The geomorPhologY oF VeSTa 8:40AM McSween,HarryY.*;Prettyman,T.H.;DeSanctis,M.C.; Capria,M.T.;Jaumann,Ralf;McCord,ThomasB.; Nathues,A.;Pieters,CarleM.;Raymond,C.A.;Russell,C.T.: FirST reSUlTS oF DaWn'S inVeSTigaTion oF The SUrFace comPoSiTion oF VeSTa 9:00AM Keller,H.Uwe*;Nathues,Andreas;Coradini,Angioletta; Jaumann,Ralf;Jorda,Laurent;Li,Jian-Yang;Mittlefehldt, DavidW.;Mottola,Stefano;Raymond,C.A.;Schröder, StefanE.:imaging aSTeroiD 4 VeSTa USing The Framing camera 9:15AM DeSanctis,MariaCristina;Coradini,Angioletta;Ammannito, Eleonora;Capaccioni,Fabrizio;Capria,MariaTeresa; Filacchione,Gianrico;Tosi,Federico*;McCord,ThomasB.: 4 VeSTa mineralogY: SUggeSTionS From Vir oBSerVaTionS 9:30AM Reddy,V.*;LeCorre,L.;Nathues,A.;Pieters,C.M.; Russell,C.T.;Raymond,C.A.;Sierks,H.;Christensen,U.; Jaumann,R.;Keller,H.Uwe:colorS oF VeSTa From DaWn SUrVeY orBiT: SUrFace mineralogical PerSPecTiVe 9:45AM Tosi,Federico*;Capria,MariaTeresa;Coradini,Angioletta; Grassi,Davide;DeSanctis,MariaCristina;Capaccioni, Fabrizio;Filacchione,Gianrico;Combe,Jean-Philippe;Titus, Timothy;Russell,C.T.:VeSTa'S TemPeraTUre: FirST reSUlTS From DaWn'S SUrVeY orBiT 10:00AM Schenk,PaulM.*;Neukum,Gerhard;Schmedemann, Nico;O'Brien,David;Hiesinger,Harald;Jaumann,Ralf; Schmidt,Britney;Marchi,Simon;Vincent,Jean-Baptiste; Wagner,Roland:imPacT craTer morPhologY anD chronologY oF VeSTa 10:15AM McCord,ThomasB.*;Coradini,Angioletta;Combe, Jean-Philippe;DeSanctis,M.C.;Prettyman,T.H.; Ammannito,E.;Capaccioni,Fabrizio;Capria,M.T.; Filacchione,Gianrico;Raymond,C.A.:WaTer on VeSTa: FirST reSUlTS From DaWn'S SUrVeY orBiT 240-2 Carroll,Ryne;Coker,NathanL.;O'Keefe,Jen*:TrenDS in elemenTal leaching anD PeTrograPhY From coal comBUSTion BY-ProDUcTS From TWo SToKer BoilerS BeFore anD aFTer moDerniZaTion oF The aSh hanDling SYSTem 2 Martin,LukeC.*;Branam,Tracy;Naylor,Shawn;Olyphant, GregA.:mineral characTeriZaTion oF coal comBUSTion ProDUcTS USeD aS STrUcTUral Fill anD caPPing maTerial aT an aBanDoneD coal mine in SoUThWeSTern inDiana 3 Liu,Yu-Ting*;Mackebee,WilliamGreer;Hsu-Kim,Heileen: SPeciaTion anD releaSe oF SeleniUm in coal aSh From The TenneSSee ValleY aUThoriTY KinSTon FoSSil PlanT 4 Wuyep,ElizabethO.*;Obaje,NuhuG.:enVironmenTal imPacTS oF coal mining anD coal UTiliZaTion in nigeria 5 Zeng,Zhengwen;Pei,Peng*:characTeriZaTion oF coal-Bearing FormaTion For UnDergroUnD coal gaSiFicaTion in norTh DaKoTa 6 Swanson,SharonM.*;Mastalerz,MariaD.;Warwick,PeterD.; Hackley,PaulC.:VariaTionS in Pore characTeriSTicS For SUBBiTUminoUS coalS oF The WilcoX groUP, gUlF coaSTal Plain, in relaTion To coalBeD gaS 7 Rahman,MohammadW.*;Moorehead,Anthony;Flora, Charanpreet;Rimmer,SusanM.:geochemiSTrY oF ThermallY alTereD coalS: a caSe STUDY oF The SPringFielD (no. 5) coal, illinoiS BaSin 8 Jennifer,Elick*:eViDence For mUlTiPle coal BeDS on Fire in cenTralia, Pa 9 Barber,KellyM.*;Acton,PeterM.;Fox,JamesF.;Jones,Alice: carBon STorage anD cYcling oF reclaimeD mine SoilS in SoUTheaSTern KenTUcKY 10 Motter,MatthewA.*;Fredrick,KyleC.;Horvath,LisaM.: SeDimenT anD PreciPiTaTe accUmUlaTion raTeS in a PaSSiVe WeTlanD amD TreaTmenT FaciliTY 11 Maral,Mehmet*;Hower,JamesC.;O'Keefe,JenniferM.K.; Eble,CortlandF.;Temel,Didem:FUngal remnanTS anD FragmenTS oF loW ranK coal in Biga PeninSUla, nW TUrKeY











240-8 240-9





9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 241-1 12 Ismail,Esam*;Faid,Abdalla;Niesner,Erich:moniToring lanD­USe change DeTecTion in The area WeST TahTa, Sohag goVernoraTe, UPPer egYPT 13 Zimmerman,AmandaJo*:SPeciaTion oF heaVY meTalS in DiSTUrBeD anD UnDiSTUrBeD SeDimenTS From aTchaFalaYa BaY, hoUma naVigaTion canal, anD SoUThWeST PaSS; loUiSiana 14 Harston,WalterA.*;Morris,ThomasH.:reSerVoir characTeriZaTion oF The Permian WhiTe rim SanDSTone anD BlacK BoX DolomiTe anD analYSiS oF The WooDSiDe FielD For co2 SeQUeSTraTion, San raFael SWell, emerY coUnTY, eaST-cenTral UTah 15 Mose,Douglas*;Metcalf,James:Tracing a 5000 Barrel SUBSUrFace hYDrocarcarBon PlUme ThroUgh a SUBUrBan commUniTY 16 Mose,Douglas*;Metcalf,James:ShorT-Term anD longTerm inDoor raDon meaSUremenTS anD inTerValS oF heaVY rainFall 17 Tessema,SisayGirma*:reacTiVe PreciPiTaTeS conTrolling The groUnDWaTer chemical comPoSiTion oF The groUnDWaTer oF BioDiVerSiTY eXPerimenT FielD

239-11 10:45AM Yingst,R.Aileen*;Williams,DavidA.;Garry,W.Brent; Jaumann,Ralf;Pieters,CarleM.;Schenk,PaulM.; Buczkowski,DebraL.;Mest,ScottC.;Roatsch,Thomas; Russell,C.T.:geologic maPPing oF The SoUTh Polar FeaTUre oF VeSTa 239-12 11:00AM Buczkowski,Debra*;Kahn,EliezerG.;Barnouin,OlivierS.; Yingst,R.Aileen:large Scale STrUcTUral FeaTUreS on 4VeSTa



PoSTer Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 240

Coal Geology (Posters): New Developments in Environmental and Geochemical Coal Research

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 240-1 1 Layne,AdamR.;Ward,April;Gray,B.Lauren;Harris, ElizabethAnn;Matteson,EricJ.;Miller,Jacob;Noel,Miranda; 241-6 241-4


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 243


239-10 10:30AM Mittlefehldt,DavidW.*;Blewett,DavidT.;Denevi,BrettW.; DeSanctis,M.C.;Jaumann,Ralf;Keller,H.Uwe;Nathues, Andreas;Pieters,CarleM.;Raymond,C.A.;Zuber,MariaT.: The regoliTh oF 4 VeSTa: PerSPecTiVeS From hoWarDiTe meTeoriTeS anD DaWn miSSion oBSerVaTionS

SeSSion no. 241

Environmental Geoscience (Posters)



241-7 18 Balimuttajjo,Midar*;Hromis,AngelG.;Litwin,Douglas;Herridge, Aaron;Vieyra,Deysy;VaughtWright,Julie;Morris,Penny; Musselwhite,Donald:gUlF coaST aTmoSPheric oZone STUDieS BY mUceSS conSorTiUm UnDergraDUaTe STUDenTS 19 Burns,PatrickJ.*;Nolin,AnneW.:aSSeSSmenT oF a DiSTriBUTeD hYDrological moDel aPPlieD To a glacieriZeD BaSin in The corDillera Blanca, PerU 20 Hega,BradD.*;Berry,KatherineE.;Rauch,Henry:The enVironmenTal eFFecTS oF geologicallY SeQUeSTereD carBon DioXiDe gaS anD The enhanceD recoVerY oF coal BeD meThane From an UnminaBle coal Seam 21 Scheitlin,KaraE.*;Murphy,WilliamM.:chemical analYSiS anD aQUeoUS SPeciaTion oF SUrFace WaTerS aT The hiSToric lighTS creeK mineral DiSTricT, PlUmaS coUnTY, caliFornia 22 Diaz,Kayla*;Reyes,Nunny;Gribbin,Sarah;Newton,Robert: nUTrienT BUDgeT For PiermonT marSh: reSUlTS From iniTial SamPling 23 Gao,Jing*:inFlUence oF glacial melTWaTer on WaTer Balance ProceSSeS oF TWo TiBeTan laKeS inDicaTeD BY ä18o 24 Castle,JamesW.*;Rodgers,JohnH.Jr.;Spacil,MichaelM.; Ritter,ChristinaL.:TreaTing SeleniUm in energYDeriVeD ProDUceD WaTerS For SUrFace WaTer DiScharge USing conSTrUcTeD WeTlanD TreaTmenT SYSTemS 25 Schwartz,GraceE.*;Deonarine,Amrika;Matsumoto,Andrew; Ruhl,Laura;Bartov,Gideon;Johnson,Thomas;Vengosh,Avner; Hsu-Kim,Heileen:moBiliZaTion anD meThYlaTion oF mercUrY DeriVeD From coal aSh holDing PonD eFFlUenTS 26 Qiao,Xiaoying*;Wang,Wenke:STUDY on The groUnDWaTer reneWaBiliTY in The SoUTh eDge oF JUnggar BaSin 27 Hall,AndreaB.*:WaTer aS a FocUS For ecoToUriSm in The KarST oF norThern PUerTo rico 28 Garcia,JenniferNicole*;Deocampo,Daniel:The USe oF a chelaTing agenT To DiSTingUiSh BeTWeen crYSTalline anD PoorlY crYSTalline Silica: aPPlicaTionS To alKali - Silica reacTiViTY 29 Henderson,BrandyM.*;Bitting,Chuck;Lipanovich,Jacob: aBanDoneD mine lanDS SUrVeY on The BUFFalo naTional riVer 30 MacCrea,Duncan*;Keefe,Christopher;Krikorian,Joseph; Brunstad,KeithA.;Zalatan,Fred:BiomineraliZaTion oF golD anD heaVY meTalS From mine WaSTe BY Three microBial SPecieS 31 Ferraro,AlyssaKathryn*;Meyer,AmandaLynn;Burnette, ChristopherS.;Barrett,HeatherAnn;Krekeler,Mark: enVironmenTal mineralogY anD geochemiSTrY oF Some SPenT alKaline BaTTerieS From a rePreSenTaTiVe WaSTe STream, BUTler coUnTY, ohio: imPlicaTionS For lanDFill leachaTe 32 Baldauf,Paul*;Burkhart,Patrick:maSS WaSTing anD QUaTernarY lanDScaPe DeVeloPmenT, BaDlanDS naTional ParK, SoUTh DaKoTa 33 Alley,Bethany*;Rodgers,JohnH.Jr.;Castle,JamesW.: PerFormance oF conSTrUcTeD WeTlanD TreaTmenT SYSTemS DeSigneD To renoVaTe FreSh oilFielD ProDUceD WaTerS For BeneFicial USeS 34 Pardue,Michael*;Castle,JamesW.;Rodgers,JohnH.Jr.: a Biogeochemical aPProach To renoVaTion oF energY-DeriVeD ProDUceD WaTer USing a PiloTScale conSTrUcTeD WeTlanD TreaTmenT SYSTem 35 Beebe,D.Alex*;Song,Yun;Castle,JamesW.;Rodgers, JohnH.Jr.:PiloT STUDY oF conSTrUcTeD WeTlanD 241-31 241-32 TreaTmenT SYSTemS DeSigneD For remoVal oF ammonia in oilFielD ProDUceD WaTer 241-25 36 Doskey,Claire;Sarkar,Dibyendu;Datta,Rupali*: PhYToremeDiaTion oF heXahYDro-1,3,5-TriniTro-1,3,5TriaZine (rDX) USing CHRYSOPOGON ZIZANIOIDES 37 Anderson,DanielS.*;Hasbrouck,KristenH.;Alexander,Kyle; Brokus,Sarah;Callam,DanielJ.;Maley,AdamM.;Zandstra, Lauren;Peaslee,GrahamF.:SeDimenT FingerPrinTing in The laKe macaTaWa WaTerSheD 38 Heinzel,Chad*;DeNault,KennethJ.;Madsen,Elizabeth; Bosshart,Nicholas;Shultz,Josh:ioWa'S enVironmenTal SUSTainaBiliTY (SoilS anD lanDScaPeS): an inVeSTigaTion oF heaVY meTal conTaminaTe TranSPorT 39 Biber,Kivanc*;Khan,Shuhab;Shah,MohammadTahir;Tariq, Shahina;Ul-Hadi,Shams:mercUrY FaTe anD TranSPorT in hUnZa anD gilgiT riVerS, norThern areaS, PaKiSTan ­ a nUmerical moDeling aPProach 40 Bowersox,J.Richard*;Williams,DavidA.;Hickman,JohnB.; Harris,DavidC.: STorage in U.S. miDconTinenT camBroorDoVician carBonaTeS: imPlicaTionS oF The WeSTern KenTUcKY carBon STorage TeST 41 Das,Padmini*;Datta,Rupali;Punamiya,Pravin;Sarkar, Dibyendu:PhYToremeDiaTion PoTenTial oF VeTiVer graSS (chrYSoPogon ZiZanioiDeS l.) For 2,4,6-TriniTroTolUene (TnT) From Soil: UreacaTalYZeD UPTaKe anD niTroreDUcTaSe enZYme meDiaTeD TranSFormaTion 42 Paslawski,Cynthia*:UrBan agricUlTUre in DeTroiT; a FeaSiBiliTY STUDY 43 Rodrigues,Lisa*:aSSeSSing enVironmenTal conDiTionS on reeFS USing STaBle carBon anD niTrogen iSoToPeS From TWo gorgonianS 44 Potter,LeeS.*:Baseemap: BaSeline concenTraTionS oF elemenTS oF enVironmenTal inTereST in ioWa'S STream SeDimenTS - Year Three rePorT 45 Manes,Beth*;Acton,PeterM.;Jones,Alice;Fox,JamesF.:Soil TeXTUre DeVeloPmenT in reclaimeD minelanDS WiTh conTraSTing leVelS oF comPacTion 46 Defabio,Darlene*;Dhar,Ratan:microBial conTaminaTion From nUTrienT-rich FreShWaTer inFloWS in laKeS anD UrBan eSTUarieS oF neW YorK ciTY, USa 47 Lizárraga,Liliana*;Blanco,Alberto;Tapia,HéctorJ.;Olguín, F.Javier;Ostos,J.A.:alTernaTiVeS For rainWaTer STorage: PachUca De SoTo (cenTral meXico)­a PreliminarY caSe STUDY 48 Kalenuik,Alexander*;Deocampo,Daniel:PB in UrBan roaD DUST oF aTlanTa, georgia: DiSTriBUTion anD geoSTaTiSTical analYSeS 49 Pletta,HilaryN.*;Dogwiler,Toby:eValUaTing The caUSeS oF high BaSeFloW SUSPenDeD SeDimenT concenTraTionS in a Small SoUTheaSTern minneSoTa STream 50 Abousif,AlsedikM.*;Wronkiewicz,DavidJ.:mineralogical anD geochemical aTTriBUTeS oF miDconTinenT riFT: aPPlicaTion aS a TargeT For co2 SeQUeSTraTion 51 Dieterman,KristenE.*;Dogwiler,Toby:TemPeraTUre conTrolS in a SoUTheaSTern minneSoTa TroUT STream 52 Latimer,JenniferC.*;Terrell,Natash;Major,Laura;McBride, WindyJ.:imPacTS oF coal mining on The Soil PhoSPhorUS reSerVoirS: reSUlTS From The aBanDoneD Friar TUcK mine SiTe, SUlliVan coUnTY, inDiana 53 Arnold,CarlB.*;Harris,KatieM.;Dogwiler,Toby:aSSeSSing The aBiliTY oF elecTrical reSiSTiViTY imaging To DiScern laTeral changeS in Soil moiSTUre













241-15 241-16 241-17


















244 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


241-43 54 Allen,Victoria*;Polk,Jason;North,Leslie;Groves,Chris; Hutchison,Taylor:an eVolVing online Tool For The aSSeSSmenT anD eValUaTion oF hUmanenVironmenTal inTeracTionS in KarST lanDScaPeS rocKS in eaSTern FinlanD: PoTenTial eViDence For The Thermochemical SUlFaTe reDUcTion PaThWaY To miF-SUlFUr 243-2 68 Kitajima,Kouki*;Ushikubo,Takayuki;Kita,NorikoT.;Maruyama, Shigenori;Valley,JohnW.:oXYgen iSoToPe anD Trace elemenT comPoSiTionS oF Zircon From archean rhYoliTe, Panorama FormaTion, norTh Pole Dome, PilBara craTon, WeSTern aUSTralia 69 Kofukuda,Daisuke;Isozaki,Yukio*;Kani,Tomomi;Hisanabe, Chihiro;Ishimura,Toyoho:The STronTiUm anD carBon iSoToPe STraTiPraPhY acroSS The gUaDalUPianloPingian BoUnDarY oF The miD-PanThalaSSan Paleo-aToll limeSTone aT aKaSaKa in JaPan 70 Pape,DawnElena*;Spell,TerryL.;Bonde,JoshuaW.;Fish, Brandon;Rowland,StephenM.:40ar/39ar iSoToPic DaTeS For The FoSSiliFeroUS WilloW TanK FormaTion (creTaceoUS) in ValleY oF Fire STaTe ParK, neVaDa 71 Chaumba,JeffB.*:PeTrograPhY anD geochemiSTrY oF The greenWooD inTrUSiVe BoDY, carolina SUPerTerrane, cenTral SoUTh carolina 72 Peterson,VirginiaL.*;Ryan,JeffreyG.;Collins,Nathan:maFic rocK geochemiSTrY aS a Tool To conSTrain cenTral BlUe riDge TerraneS in WeSTern norTh carolina 73 Jones,MatthewL.*;Maynard,J.Barry;Huff,Warren;Gunasekera, Kapila:möSSBaUer STUDY oF magneTiTe aS ParT oF a corroSion Scale FoUnD WiThin a DrinKing WaTer DiSTriBUTion SYSTem 74 Zhao,Liang*;Zhu,Chen;Ji,Junfeng;Teng,H.Henry: ThermoDYnamic anD KineTic eFFecT oF organic SolVenT on The nUcleaTion oF neSQUehoniTe 75 Ricci,JaimeS.*;Peate,DavidW.:inVeSTigaTion oF WheTher oligocene carBonaTe SeDimenTS From oDP leg 115 SiTe 709, inDian ocean recorD an enVironmenTal reSPonSe To aFro-araBian FlooD BaSalT VolcaniSm 76 Calik,Ayten*;Bozcu,Mustafa:geochronologY, PeTrograPhY, anD geochemiSTrY, oF The KaZDag meTamorPhic rocS in The Biga PeninSUla ­ nW TUrKeY 77 Temel,Didem*;Romanek,ChrisS.;Chakraborty,Suvankar; Unrine,JasonM.;Maral,Mehmet:comPariSon oF Trace-elemenT conTenT oF DiFFerenT SUlFUr mineraliZaTionS in KalKim region (Yenice - Biga PeninSUla, TUrKeY) 78 Burch,KyleR.*;Comer,JohnB.;Wolf,StephenF.;Brake, SandraS.:ree geochemiSTrY oF an aciD mine Drainage SYSTem in WeSTern inDiana 79 McQuade,TheresaL.*;Senko,John:hYDrogeochemical characTeriZaTion oF aciD mine Drainage: ohio ValleY mUShroom Farm SiTe in norTh lima, oh 80 Nyznyk,Rachel*;Dattilo,BenjaminF.:PoSSiBle SoUrceS For nicKel anD chromiUm in The miDDle ParT oF The Fillmore FormaTion in WeST-cenTral UTah 81 Craig,EllenJanine*;Nandi,Arpita;Dubey,Brajesh;Whitelaw, MichaelJ.:mineralogY anD geochemiSTrY oF The mageTiTe ore anD graniToiD hoST rocK in The cranBerrY iron mine, WeSTern norTh carolina 82 Pavlowsky,JohannaM.*;Wronkiewicz,DavidJ.;Pavlowsky, RobertT.:accUracY anD PreciSion oF geochemical analYSeS oF conTaminaTeD anD BacKgroUnD SeDimenTS USing a PorTaBle X-raY FlUoreScence analYZer 83 Buckles,Jessica*;Rowe,Harry;Gao,Yongli;Cheng,Hai; Edwards,R.Lawrence;Springer,Gregory;Hardt,Benjamin:a noVel meThoD For Trace elemenTal analYSeS oF SPeleoThemS USing -XrF

SeSSion no. 242

Geobiology & Geomicrobiology (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 242-1 55 Baghai-Riding,Nina;Choudhary,Vinod;Collins,JoeD.Jr.*;Degny, Assonman;Guthrie,CalistaL.;Kirkland,BrendaL.;Putnam, Barbara;Williams,KerstenLee:microBial PreciPiTaTion oF iron oXiDe in SanDSTone, cenTral miSSiSSiPPi 56 Mansour,AhmedSadekM.*:a comParaTiVe STUDY oF hYDrocarBon-DeriVeD aUThigenic carBonaTeS along The norThern gUlF oF meXico conTinenTal SloPe 57 Roble,LeighAnne*;Carmichael,SarahKatherine;Santelli,Cara; Brauer,SuzannaL.:mn oXiDe BiomineraliZaTion BY FUngi in SoUThern aPPalachian caVeS 58 Smart,SaundraM.*;Buren,DouglasD.;Brake,SandraS.; Wolf,StephenF.;Hasiotis,StephenT.:eSTaBliShing STromaToliTe-BUilDing eUKarYoTic BioFilm in a conTrolleD laBoraTorY SeTTing 59 Cron,Brandi*;Crossey,LauraJ.;Karlstrom,KarlE.;Northup, DianaE.:microBial DiVerSiTY anD geochemical cYcling oF UniQUe carBonaTe SPingS in noThern neW meXico:The geomicroBiologY oF Tierra amarilla anTicline 60 Liu,Chang*;Engel,AnnetteS.:BacTerial DiVerSiTY anD heTeroTroPhic BioDegraDaTion raTe From coaSTal marSheS in gUlF oF meXico 61 Gupta,AxitaA.*;Engel,AnnetteSummers:longiTUDinal aSSeSSmenT oF ShiFTing microBial commUniTY comPoSiTion in SanDY BeacheS FolloWing The 2010 DeePWaTer horiZon oil SPill anD remeDiaTion eFForTS 62 Dick,GregoryJ.;Marcus,DanielN.*;Sheldon,NathanD.;Long, StephenA.;Biddanda,BopaiahA.:carBonaTeS aSSociaTeD WiTh cYanoBacTerial maTS in SinKholeS oF laKe hUron 63 Kolesar,CourtneyA.*;Jones,DanielS.;Larson,LanceN.; Burgos,WilliamD.;Macalady,JenniferL.:aBUnDance anD DiSTriBUTion oF aciDoPhilic gallionella-liKe BacTeria in PennSYlVania coal mine Drainage 64 Hancock,Leanne*;Olson,SannieJ.;Flood,BeverlyE.;Bailey, JakeV.:groWTh oF chemoliThoaUToTroPhic SUlFUr BacTeria in aSSociaTion WiTh The DiSSolUTion oF aUThigenic carBonaTe rocKS 65 Miller,SamuelE.*;Sauvage,JustineF.;Bahniuk,AnelizeM.; Jarrett,AmberJ.M.;Corsetti,FrankA.;Petryshyn,Victoria; Shapiro,R.S.:eValUaTion oF BiogeniciTY anD Branching in STromaToliTeS From The TiPTon memBer, green riVer FormaTion 66 Lapo,Kristiana*;Johnson,Skylar;Landis,Erica;Wilson, Jessica;Hegland,Matthew;Todd,Claire;Siegesmund,Amy: glacier melTWaTer comPoSiTion aS an inDicaTor oF SUBglacial geoThermal acTiViTY onn moUnT rainier, Wa 243-3


























SeSSion no. 243

Geochemistry (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 243-1 67 Young,SethA.*;Pratt,LisaM.;Loukola-Ruskeeniemi,Kirsti: mUlTiPle SUlFUr iSoToPeS oF PaleoProTeroZoic 243-17

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 245


243-18 84 Saumur,B.-M.;Hattori,KéikoH.;Stern,Fabio*;Jackson, Simon:maJor anD Trace elemenT comPoSiTionS oF cr-SPinel From SerPenTiniZeD Forearc manTle PeriDoTiTeS: inSighTS on geochemical ProceSSeS DUring melT eXTracTion anD meTamorPhiSm 85 Sinpatanasakul,Leeann;Sun,Hongbing*;Husch,Jonathan: eFFecT oF WinTer Deicing SalT miXTUreS oF cacl2 anD nacl on WaTerSheD SoDiUm reTenTion 86 Dong,Weihong*;Shi,Xufei;Wang,Zhaowei:eValUaTion oF groUnDWaTer reneWaBiliTY in The henan PlainS, china 87 Wang,Zhaowei*;Dong,Weihong:eVolUTion oF UrBan groUnDWaTer QUaliTY UnDer hUman DiSTUrBance in harBin, china: iron aS an inDicaTor 88 Portier,AndreaM.*;Welch,SusanA.;Carey,AnneE.: DiSSolUTion KineTicS oF Volcanic aSh- imPlicaTionS For co2 DraWDoWn From WeaThering oF Volcanic aSh 89 Ncube,Sinikiwe*;Wilson,Allan:The origin oF The XenoliThS in The SelUKWe SUBchamBer, greaT DYKe, ZimBaBWe 90 Luetkemeyer,P.Benjamin*;Kirschner,David;Solum,JohnG.; Naruk,Steve:naTUral co2 DiScharge anD imPlicaTionS For SeQUeSTraTion 91 Louvain,Travis*;Pollock,Meagen;Lydell,Rob:ZeoliTe DiSTriBUTion along VaTnSDalFJall, SKagi PeninSUla, norThWeST icelanD 92 Resner,KitE.*;Yoo,Kyungsoo;Sebestyen,StephenD.; Aufdenkampe,Anthony;Lyttle,AmyM.;Hale,CindyM.: DiFFerenceS in Soil chemical WeaThering anD nUTrienT FlUXeS along an earThWorm inVaSion chronoSeQUence in a minneSoTa SUgar maPle ForeST 93 Lyttle,AmyM.*;Yoo,Kyungsoo;Aufdenkampe,Anthony;Hale, CindyM.;Sebestyen,StephenD.:organic-mineral inTeracTionS along an earThWorm inVaSion chronoSeQUence 94 Fornash,Katherine*;Patchett,P.Jonathan;Gehrels,GeorgeE.; Spencer,JonE.:origin anD eVolUTion oF graniTeS in The SanTa caTalina core comPleX, ariZona 95 Poage,MichaelA.*;Virginia,RossA.;Johnson,KelseyG.: relaTionShiPS BeTWeen Soil geochemiSTrY anD nemaToDe haBiTaT SUiTaBiliTY, TaYlor ValleY, anTarcTica 244-9 244-6 101 Twelker,Eric*:can a horiZonTal aSTronomical DriVing Force anD an inDePenDenT VerTical conVecTiVe Force eXPlain gloBal TecTonicS? 102 Al-Lazki,AliIbrahim*:maPPing The araBian PlaTe liThoSPhere 103 Novak,BethA.*;Housen,BernardA.;Kanamatsu,Toshiya; Kitamura,Yujin;Kawamura,Kiichiro:magneTic FaBric analYSeS oF DeeP-Sea SeDimenTS: iDenTiFYing DePoSiTional ProceSSeS aT ioDP eXPeDiTion 333 SiTeS c0018 anD c0011, nanKai TroUgh anD ShiKoKU BaSin 104 Katsiaficas,NathanJ.*;Hall,PaulS.:geoDYnamic conSTrainTS on FloW oF Samoan-PlUme manTle inTo The norThern laU BaSin

244-7 244-8





244-10 105 Finnes,EvanM.*;Feinberg,JoshuaM.;Peterson,DeanM.: conSTrainTS on The STrUcTUral emPlacemenT oF The noKomiS cuni-Pge DePoSiT ProViDeD BY aniSoTroPY oF magneTic SUScePTiBiliTY (amS) 244-11 106 Carpenter,Philip*;McMakin,Dean;Albrecht,Mark:SeiSmiciTY oF norThern illinoiS: inSighTS From recenT earThQUaKeS anD a neW reVieW oF hiSTorical SoUrceS 244-12 107 McDonell,AmandaP.*;McPhee,DarcyK.;Ponce,DavidA.; Battaglia,Maurizio:geoPhYSical inVeSTigaTionS oF The mono-inYo Volcanic chain, mono BaSin, caliFornia 244-13 108 AhmadAbir,Ismail*;Khan,Shuhab;Qadir,Anwar:eXPloring SalT TecTonicS in norThern PaKiSTan USing inSar anD geoPhYSical TechniQUeS 244-14 109 Nelson,GregC.*;Pavlis,Gary;Shoemaker,Kimberly;Naylor, Shawn:mUlTi-comPonenT near-SUrFace SeiSmic reFlecTion eXPerimenTS in a glacigenic reSerVoir SYSTem 244-15 110 Brown,Larry*;Quiros,Diego;Irie,Keisuke;Vargas,Wanda; Caboleva,Anastasija:DeeP SeiSmic reFlecTion ProFiling in The DaYlighT






SeSSion no. 245

Geoscience Education (Posters) IV

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 245-1 111 Pyle,EricJ.*;St.John,Kristen:loW-STaKeS eValUaTion VS. high-STaKeS aSSeSSmenT: STUDenT PerFormance moTiVaTion For PaleoclimaTe conTenT in a general eDUcaTion geoScience coUrSe 112 Berry,StacyJ.*:USing a learning cYcle Teaching moDel To inVeSTigaTe STUDenT learning oUTcomeS anD aTTiTUDeS aBoUT geologY in a large enrollmenT inTroDUcTorY geologY coUrSe 113 Sisson,Virginia*;Wellner,JuliaS.;Barnard,Alex;Mead, KimberlyA.:USing SoilS To Teach geologic maPPing: an inTroDUcTorY-leVel in-claSS eXerciSe 114 Forshee,Patricia*;Giardino,JohnR.;Schroeder,Carolyn; Vitek,JohnD.:The eFFecTiVeneSS oF The caUSe-maP SYSTem in Teaching inTerconnecTeD comPleX earTh SYSTemS in TeXaS SeconDarY SchoolS 115 Ivey,ToniA.*;Puckette,JamesO.;Thomas,Julie;Harankhedkar, Shweta:mining For earTh Science in high School BiologY anD chemiSTrY: BarrierS, roaDBlocKS, anD lanD-mineS 116 Guthrie,CalistaL.*;McNeal,KarenS.;Rutherford,DavidJ.;Smith, RebeccaC.;Carroll,Julian;Hill,JessicaA.;Geroux,JonathonM.: SUPPorTing climaTe liTeracY in The SoUTheaST UniTeD STaTeS ThroUgh aligning 6-12 graDe eDUcaTion reSoUrceS WiTh STaTe STanDarDS 117 Mattox,Stephen*;Rutherford,Sandra:SUcceSSeS anD challengeS oF eSTaBliShing a STaTeWiDe creDiT-BYeXam high School geologY coUrSe in michigan



SeSSion no. 244

Geophysics/Tectonophysics/Seismology (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 244-1 244-2 244-3 96 Jaye,Michael*:PlaUSiBle eXPlanaTionS For TWo maJor eVenTS in earTh hiSTorY 97 Howell,L.E.*;Hoefer,M.A.:nUmerical SimUlaTion oF DiSPerSiVe magma ShocK WaVeS 98 Graw,JordanH.*;Powell,ChristineA.;Langston,CharlesA.: receiVer FUncTion analYSiS oF The eaSTern TenneSSee SeiSmic Zone 99 Gardner,MaxA.*;Ramirez-Guzman,Leonardo;Hartzell,Steve; Mooney,WalterD.:a 3D crUSTal VelociTY moDel oF The longmen Shan FaUlT Zone in SichUan, china 100 Piispa,ElisaJ.*;Smirnov,AlekseyV.;Pesonen,LauriJ.; Hollings,Pete;Smyk,Mark;Campbell,Dorothy;Scott,John: PaleomagneTiSm oF miD-conTinenTal riFT SYSTem rocKS From The ThUnDer BaY area (onTario, canaDa): neW DaTa anD neW QUeSTionS









246 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


245-8 118 Kiouses,Stephen*;Knight,Pamela;Baron,Dirk;Gillespie, JaniceM.:a Teacher'S PerSPecTiVe on The challengeS anD reWarDS oF Teaching a DUalcreDiT earTh Science high School claSS 119 Johnson,AndrewC.*;Baker,KathleenM.;Petcovic,HeatherL.: eXPerT-noVice STraTegieS in ProPoSing FielD roUTeS DUring BeDrocK maPPing 246-12 134 Giri,Sharmila*;Fulton,JamesM.;Baums,Iliana:aSSeSSing The eFFecT oF Thermal STreSS on larVal liPiD reSerVeS oF The ThreaTeneD elKhorn coral, acroPora PalmaTa


SeSSion no. 247

Mineralogy/Crystallography (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 247-1 135 Burke,Michelle*;Fischer,TimothyB.;Krekeler,MarkP.S.: TranSmiSSion elecTron microScoPY (Tem) inVeSTigaTionS reVeal microTeXTUre anD nanoTeXTUre comPleXiTY in naTiVe coPPer From norThern michigan'S KeWeenaW PeninSUla 136 Lamb,WilliamM.*;Guillemette,RenaldN.;Popp,RobertK.; Chmiel,GregoryJ.;Fritz,StevenJ.:DeTerminaTion oF Fe3+/ FeTotal in amPhiBoleS USing The elecTron microProBe 137 DeAngelis,MichaelT.*;Rondinone,AdamJ.;Pawel,MichelleD.; Labotka,TheodoreC.;Anovitz,Lawrence:Sol-gel SYnTheSiS oF nanocrYSTalline FaYaliTe (Fe2Sio4) 138 Hollabaugh,CurtisL.*:VaPor PhaSe origin oF SPlenDiD mineralS in VUgS in Volcanic rocKS 139 Klopfstein,Megan*;Fischer,TimothyB.;Krekeler,Mark: mineralogical inVeSTigaTionS oF WeTlanD SoilS DeVeloPeD in a DiSTUrBeD lanDScaPe oF an emergencY SPillWaY aT caeSar creeK STaTe ParK, SoUThWeST ohio 140 Skala,GeorgeIV.*;Hollabaugh,CurtisL.:goeThiTe PSeUDomorPhS: The PreSence oF PYriTe crYSTalS WiThin goeThiTe aFTer PYriTe PSeUDomorPhS From The PieDmonT ProVince oF WeSTern georgia 141 Bandli,BryanR.*;Gunter,MickeyE.:ParTicUlaTe PhaSe iDenTiFicaTion USing Scanning elecTron microScoPY, energY DiSPerSiVe X-raY SPecTroScoPY anD elecTron BacKScaTTer DiFFracTion (Sem/eDS/eBSD): YoU WanT me To PoliSh WhaT!?! 142 Belkin,HarveyE.*;DeVivo,Benedetto;Lima,Annamaria: DoUBlY-TerminaTeD eUheDral K-rich marialiTic ScaPoliTe in The camPanian ignimBriTe, iTalY: FormaTion BY VaPor-PhaSe groWTh 143 Brokus,Sarah*;Silletti,Danielle;Earlywine,EllyB.;Borycz, JoshuaD.;Peaslee,GrahamF.;DeYoung,PaulA.;Peters, NidkieJ.;Robertson,DavidJ.;Buscaglia,JoAnn:raDiaTioninDUceD caThoDolUmineScenT SignaTUreS in calciTe

245-10 120 Maltese,AdamV.*;Harsh,Joseph:inTerPreTaTion oF graPhical rePreSenTaTionS along The noVice ­ eXPerT conTinUUm 245-11 121 LaDue,Nicole*;Thomas,Stephen;Libarkin,Julie:earTh Science graPhicS: WhaT STUDenTS are eXPecTeD To Do WiTh ScienTiSTS' rePreSenTaTionS 245-12 122 Gilfert,AmberR.*;Kortz,Karen;Murray,DanielP.;Caulkins, JoshuaL.;Saul,Karen:eFFecTS oF TechnologYenhanceD inQUirY on miDDle School STUDenTS' UnDerSTanDing oF The rocK cYcle


SeSSion no. 246

Marine/Coastal Science (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 246-1 123 Poppe,L.J.*;Ackerman,S.D.;McMullen,K.Y.;Schaer,J.D.; Doran,E.F.:Sea-Floor characTer anD SeDimenTraY ProceSSeS oFFShore oF rocKY PoinT, neW YorK 124 McMullen,K.Y.*;Poppe,L.J.;Schaer,J.D.;Doran,E.F.: SUrFicial geologY oF The Sea Floor in long iSlanD SoUnD oFFShore oF orienT PoinT, neW YorK 125 Bernier,JulieC.*;Morton,RobertA.:QUanTiFYing hiSTorical accommoDaTion FormaTion, SaBine naTional WilDliFe reFUge, SoUThWeST loUiSiana 126 Brooks,GreggR.*;Larson,RebekkaA.;Flower,Benjamin; Valente,Alexandra;Moore,Christopher;Hill,Kacie;Comer,Norris: raPiD increaSe in SeDimenT accUmUlaTion in The ne gUlF oF meXico FolloWing The 2010 BP BloWoUT: a noVel aPPlicaTion oF 234Th anD 210PB 127 Garner,PaulA.*;Whitmore,JohnH.:WhaT Do We KnoW aBoUT marine SanD WaVeS? a reVieW oF Their occUrrence, morPhologY anD STrUcTUre 128 Ellis,AlishaM.*;Culver,StephenJ.;Corbett,D.Reide; Mallinson,DavidJ.;Leorri,Eduardo;Shazili,NoorA.M.;Rouf, AjmA.;Buzas,MartinA.:DeTermining The imPacTS oF aQUacUlTUre on The SeTiU eSTUarY anD lagoon oF TerengganU, malaYSia USing ForaminiFera, SeDimenT grain-SiZe, anD STaBle carBon anD niTrogen iSoToPe raTioS 129 Smith,ChristopherG.*;Marot,MarciE.;Osterman,LisaE.: hiSTorical DePoSiTional TrenDS in moBile BaY, al (USa), anD Their imPlicaTion For moDeling FUTUre coaSTal change 130 Cox,Rónadh*;Kirchner,BrianJ.;Zentner,DanielleB.;Cook, MeaS.:STorm WaVeS moVe large BoUlDer riDgeS on The aran iSlanDS, irelanD 131 Tichenor,HalR.Jr.*;Culver,StephenJ.;Corbett,D.Reide; Buzas,MartinA.;Walsh,J.P.:The ForaminiFeral SignaTUreS oF hUrricane eVenTS From The miSSiSSiPPi riVer DelTa, USa


247-4 247-5












247-10 144 Fields,Lori*;Daniels,Lee;Martin,Mike;Lake,Dr.Charles: TremoliTe Var. heXagoniTe crYSTal STrUcTUre characTeriZaTion BY X-raY meThoDS 247-11 145 Moore-Nall,Anita*;Lageson,DavidR.:herKimer DiamonDS in The PennSYlVanian TenSleeP FormaTion maY inDicaTe hYDroThermal inFlUenceS For mineraliZaTion oF The reD PrYor moUnTain UraniUm/ VanaDiUm DePoSiTS



SeSSion no. 248

Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 248-1 146 Abdelkareem,Mohamed*;El-Baz,Farouk;Ghoneim,Eman; Akawy,Ahmed;Askalany,Mohamed:maPPing TecTonic TrenDS oF WaDi maTUla, egYPT 147 Abedin,M.Nurul*;Hibberd,J.;Refaat,T.F.;Bradley,A.T.; Ismail,S.;Robinson,B.;Mau,Johnny;Sharma,ShivK.;Misra, AnupamK.;Sandford,Sandford:PlaneTarY SUrFaceS anD aTmoSPhere characTeriZaTion From roBoTic

246-10 132 Radford,DylanT.*;Overstreet,LaurenD.;Bernhard,JoanM.; Goldstein,SusanT.:eXPerimenTallY groWn ForaminiFeral aSSemBlageS From The "mUD PaTch" conTinenTal ShelF SiTe (caPe coD, USa): The roleS oF TemPeraTUre anD DieT 246-11 133 Rabien,KatrinaA.*;Culver,Stephen;Corbett,D.R.;Buzas, MartinA.;Walsh,J.P.:The ForaminiFeral SignaTUre oF hUrricaneS riTa, KaTrina, anD iVan in coreS From SoUThWeST PaSS To The miSSiSSiPPi canYon, gUlF oF meXico, USa


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 247


PlaTForm USing remoTe raman, FlUoreScence, anD liDar inSTrUmenT 248-3 148 MoralesRivera,AnieriM.*;Carn,SimonA.:comPariSonS BeTWeen omi So2 DaTa anD groUnD-BaSeD So2 meaSUremenTS aT TUrrialBa Volcano 149 Suh,Jangwon*;Choi,Yosoon;Oh,Sungchan;Kim,Sungmin; Park,Hyeong-Dong;Kwon,Hyunho:DeVeloPmenT oF giSBaSeD moDeling Program For mine reclamaTion 150 McConaghy,ChristopherL.*;Sablock,Peter:geoPhYSical SUrVeY oF a hiSToric colonial neighBorhooD in PorTSmoUTh, neW hamPShire 151 Tewksbury,DavidA.*:maPPing hiSTorY: maPS anD giS analYSiS oF eVenTS relaTeD To aValanche VicTimS inTerreD aT hillSiDe cemeTerY, SilVerTon, coloraDo 152 AbuBakr,Mostafa*;Ghoneim,Eman;El-Baz,Farouk:remoTe SenSing inDicaTionS oF PoTenTial reneWaBle groUnDWaTer locaTionS in ariD lanDS 153 AbuBakr,Mostafa;Kaiser,Mona*;El-Baz,Farouk:remoTe SenSing inDicaTionS oF recenT Drainage reVerSal oF WaDi WaTir, eaSTern Sinai PeninSUla 249-10 163 Currie,BrianS.*;McPherson,MaryL.;Pierson,JustinS.; Dark,JoshuaP.;Hokanson,WilliamH.;Homan,MindyB.; Purcell,RyanM.;Pyden,ThomasJ.;Schellenbach,WilliamL.: SeQUence STraTigraPhY oF The miD-creTaceoUS DaKoTa FormaTion anD moWrY Shale, UinTa BaSin, UTah anD coloraDo 249-11 164 Dolliver,HollyA.S.*;Middleton,MichaelD.;Payne,ChelseaJ.: rocKS, leaVeS, anD Soil: DiScoVering The creTaceoUS oF WeSTern WiSconSin 249-12 165 McMullen,SharonK.*;O'Keefe,F.Robin;Holland,StevenM.: The occUrrence oF VerTeBraTe anD inVerTeBraTe FoSSilS in a SeQUence STraTigraPhic conTeXT: The JUraSSic SUnDance FormaTion, Bighorn BaSin, WYoming, USa 249-13 166 Lucas,SpencerG.*;Tanner,LawrenceH.:regional loWer JUraSSic UnconFormiTY on The SoUThern coloraDo PlaTeaU, USa 249-14 167 Flaig,PeterP.*;Isbell,JohnL.;Hasiotis,StephenT.: TecTonicallY DriVen FacieS anD archiTecTUral change acroSS The Permian-TriaSSic BoUnDarY: BearDmore glacier region, cenTral TranSanTarcTic moUnTainS, anTarcTica 249-15 168 Sieger,Danielle,N.*;Isbell,JohnL.;Koch,ZelendaJ.;Flaig, PeterP.:reeXaminaTion oF changeS in FlUVial STacKing PaTTern acroSS The Permian-TriaSSic BoUnDarY in The cenTral TranSanTarcTic moUnTainS, anTarcTica 249-16 169 Anderson,Heidi*:glacial cYcleS oF The laTe PaleoZoic ice age: TariJa-chaco BaSin, SoUThern BoliVia 249-17 170 Alam,Md.I.*;Uddin,Ashraf;Hames,WillisE.:PeTroFacieS anD PaleoTecTonic eVolUTion oF PermocarBoniFeroUS gonDWanan SeQUenceS oF The Bengal BaSin, BanglaDeSh 249-18 171 Nelson,W.John*;Elrick,ScottD.;AskariKhorasgani,Zohreh: reViSeD UPPer PennSYlVanian STraTigraPhY oF illinoiS BaSin WiTh regional correlaTionS 249-19 172 Haines,Forest*:origin oF loWer miSSiSSiPPian SeDimenTarY SeQUenceS in norTh america 249-20 173 Sedlacek,AlexaR.C.*;Saltzman,MatthewR.;Algeo,ThomasJ.; Horacek,Micha;Foland,Kenneth;Linder,J.S.;Howard,Amanda; Sedlak,Christopher;Walters,AndrewP.:STronTiUm iSoToPe STraTigraPhY From The laTe Permian To earlY TriaSSic oF Zal, iran 249-21 174 Edwards,ColeT.*;Saltzman,MatthewR.:carBon iSoToPe STraTigraPhY oF The laTe iBeXian (Floian) To earlY WhiTerocKian (DaPingian) aT Shingle PaSS, SoUTh egan range, neVaDa, USa 249-22 175 Sullivan,Nicholas*;Brett,CarltonE.;Thomka,JamesR.: co-occUrrence oF a BUrroWeD FirmgroUnD anD a negaTiVe ShiFT in magneTic SUScePTiBiliTY: imPlicaTionS For correlaTion anD SeQUence STraTigraPhY 249-23 176 Chatterjee,Sumanta*;Cohen,ArthurD.:ParameTerS conTrolling STraTigraPhY oF a miDDle PennSYlVanian inciSeD ValleY Fill in eaSTern KenTUcKY 249-24 177 Dattilo,Benjamin;Schramm,ThomasJ.;Mosser,SashaL.*; Mark,Lydia;Ward,William:The mollUSK-rich orDoVician miamiToWn Shale maPPeD From cincinnaTi To The BlUegraSS: ProBing conTemPoraneoUS PeriTiDal DePoSiTS To DeciPher The PaleoBaThYmeTric ProBlem oF a PUZZling PeliTe






SeSSion no. 249

Stratigraphy (Posters)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 249-1 154 Salles,TristanB.*;Duclaux,Guillaume:TellUS: a neW hPc moDel BaSeD on ParTicle-in-cell TechniQUe To inVeSTigaTe STraTigraPhY eVolUTion 155 Galloway,JulieLouise*;Niemi,TinaM.;Goodman,BeverlyN.; Ben-Avraham,Zvi;Tibor,Gideon;Al-Zoubi,Abdallah: PaleoclimaTe reconSTrUcTion oF The gUlF oF aQaBa USing ForaminiFera aS a ProXY 156 Roberts,EricM.;Hendrix,MarcS.*;Jinnah,Zubair:comBining TePhroSTraTigraPhY WiTh SanDSTone ProVenance anD DeTriTal Zircon geochronologY To aSSeSS along-STriKe conTinUiTY oF allUVial SeQUence STraTigraPhic PaTTernS in The camPanian WeSTern inTerior BaSin, From WeSTern monTana To SoUThern UTah 157 Hart,Austin*;Suczek,ChristopherA.;Horton,Travis: STraTigraPhic analYSeS on laramiDe SYnorogenic DePoSiTS: UnrooFing oF The BearTooTh PlaTeaU, monTana & WYoming 158 Cahoon,EmilyB.*;Gaylord,DavidR.;Felt,KristopherJ.; Ferns,MarkL.;McClaughry,JasonD.:Paleogene-neogene STraTigraPhY, VolcaniSm, anD Volcanogenic SeDimenTaTion in The greenhorn 7.5' QUaDrangle, or 159 Felt,KristopherJ.*;Gaylord,DavidR.;McClaughry, JasonD.;Cahoon,EmilyB.;Ferns,MarkL.:maPPing anD correlaTing enigmaTic Paleogene To neogene Volcanogenic SeDimenTarY anD Volcanic STraTa in ne oregon 160 Wooden,S.R.Jr.*;Joeckel,R.M.;Korus,J.T.;Diffendal,R.F.Jr.: liThoFacieS anD STraTigraPhic archiTecTUre oF The aSh holloW FormaTion, ogallala groUP in The general TYPe area 161 Hartman,JosephH.*;Butler,R.D.;Clemens,W.A.;BurtonKelly,Mathew:WhaT'S in a name? BarnUm BroWn'S hell creeK locaTion anD hell creeK FormaTion oBSerVaTionS 162 Borrero,CarlosA.*;Osorio,JairoA.;Jaramillo,CarlosM.;Arenas, Alejandro:cUrcUel FormaTion: a neW SanTonian To camPanian SeDimenTarY DePoSiTS oVerlYing ccoP BaSemenT in WeSTern colomBia









248 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


SeSSion no. 250

T22. Deformation of the Lithosphere: Field Observations, Experimental Investigations, and Numerical Studies (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 250-1 178 Thomas,CharmaineM.*;Rey,PatriceF.:eTernallY DiViDeD: PoSSiBle manTle originS For long-liVeD BaSin DiViSionS 179 Duclaux,Guillaume*;Salles,TristanB.;Rey,Patrice:nUmerical moDelling oF TecTonic anD SUrFace ProceSSeS: inSighTS inTo conTinenTal riFTing anD The FormaTion oF PaSSiVe marginS 180 Grijalva,AshleyNichole*;Torrens-Bonano,Angel;McGill,Sally; Borsa,Adrian:SliP raTeS oF The norThern San JacinTo anD San anDreaS FaUlTS From gPS meaSUremenTS 181 Torrens-Bonano,Angel*;Grijalva,AshleyNichole;McGill, Sally;Borsa,Adrian:gPS SiTe VelociTieS in The San BernarDino moUnTainS 182 Schneider,D.A.*;Camacho,A.;Milne,G.;Holm,D.K.: mUScoViTe ar-ar laSer ProBe ageS anD Thermal moDelS coUPleD WiTh liThoSPheric mechanical moDelling 183 Vollmer,FrederickW.*:aUTomaTic conToUring oF TWo-DimenSional FiniTe STrain DaTa on The UniT hYPerBoloiD anD The USe oF hYPerBoloiDal STereograPhic, eQUal-area anD oTher ProJecTionS For STrain analYSiS 184 Chesley,ChristineJ.*;LaFemina,Peter;Puskas,C.M.;Kobayashi, Daisuke:The 1707 m8.7 hoei earThQUaKe TriggereD The largeST hiSTorical erUPTion oF mT. FUJi 185 Harburger,AleezaM.*;Ramsey,MichaelS.:meaSUring BaSalTic FloW ViScoSiTY From crUSTal ThicKneSS 186 Kruckenberg,SethC.*;Toy,VirginiaG.:STrain ParTiTioning anD Shear Zone localiZaTion aSSociaTeD WiTh reacTiVe melT migraTion in manTle PeriDoTiTeS oF The reD hillS maSSiF, DUn moUnTain oPhioliTe BelT, neW ZealanD 251-6 SegmenT oF The San anDreaS FaUlT, DUrmiD hill, SalTon TroUgh, caliFornia 192 Thornton,GarrettM.*;Smith-Konter,BridgetR.:inVeSTigaTing geoDeTic anD geologic VerTical VelociTY DiScrePancieS along The SoUThern San anDreaS FaUlT SYSTem USing mUlTiPle comPariSon TechniQUeS anD DeVeloPing a groUnDWaTer correcTion 193 Titus,Sarah*;Newman,AliceC.;Yourd,AmandaR.:USing DeFormaTion BanDS To characTeriZe DeFormaTion aT KeTTleman hillS, caliFornia: imPlicaTionS For oFF-FaUlT DeFormaTion in The San anDreaS FaUlT BorDerlanDS 194 DePascale,GregoryP.*;Langridge,Robert:PreliminarY onFaUlT eViDence For The moST recenT alPine FaUlT SUrFace rUPTUre, gaUnT creeK, neW ZealanD 195 Wang,XinSr.*:SeiSmic reFlecTion imaging oF STriKeSliP FaUlT Zone oF The nW margin oF The JUnggar BaSin, XinJiang, china







251-10 196 Allen,GeorgeHenry*;Barnes,JasonB.;Pavelsky,TamlinM.: QUanTiTaTiVe maPPing oF channel morPhologY aS an inDicaTor oF FaUlT SYSTem DeFormaTion 251-11 197 Foley,Daniel;Stump,Edmund*;vanSoest,Matthijs;Whipple, Kelin;Hodges,Kip:DiFFerenTial moVemenT acroSS BYrD glacier, anTarcTica, aS inDicaTeD BY geomorPhological analYSiS anD aPaTiTe (U-Th)/he ThermochronologY



SeSSion no. 252

T31. Monazite: The Ultimate Geologic Record (Posters) (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 252-1 198 Langille,Jackie*;Jessup,Micah;Cottle,John;Lederer,Graham; Ahmad,Talat:inSighTS inTo meTamorPhiSm, crUSTal melTing, anD eXhUmaTion oF The leo Pargil Dome, WeSTern himalaYa, From monaZiTe geochronologY 199 Samson,ScottD.*;Hietpas,Jack;Moecher,David:age anD nD iSoToPic comPoSiTion oF DeTriTal monaZiTe crYSTalS: TecTonic eVenTS recorDeD in high FiDeliTY 200 Didier,Amélie*;Bosse,Valérie;Boulvais,Phillipe;Bouloton, Jacky;Paquette,Jean-Louis;Montel,Jean-Marc:FlUiDinDUceD DiSTUrBance oF The U-Th-PB chronomeTerS in monaZiTe: la-icP-mS in-SiTU DaTing STUDY in micrograniTeS (VelaY, France) 201 Forbes,CarolineJ.*;Giles,David;Suzuki,Kazuhiro;Jourdan, Fred;Sato,Kei;Omori,Soichi;Bunch,Mark:The P-T hiSTorY oF The norTheaSTern gaWler craTon, SoUTh aUSTralia From monaZiTe chime analYSiS, 40ar/39ar BioTiTe geochronologY anD Thermal hiSTorY moDelling 202 Kim,Yoonsup*:aPPlicaTion oF allaniTe, monaZiTe anD Zircon geochronologY To a graniTe gneiSS coBBle From meTaDiamicTiTe oF The ogcheon meTamorPhic BelT, Korea 203 Dacheux,Nicolas*;Costin,Dan;Mesbah,Adel;Clavier,Nicolas; Poinssot,Christophe:hoW To eXPlain The eXPerimenTal DiFFicUlTieS in The coFFiniTe PreParaTion? hinTS From The STUDY oF UranoThoriTe SoliD SolUTionS 204 Lederer,Graham*;Cottle,John;Jessup,Micah;Langille,Jackie; Ahmad,Talat:monaZiTe in himalaYan leUcograniTeS: inVeSTigaTing melT SYSTemaTicS in The miD-crUST 205 Bosbyshell,Howell*;Srogi,LeeAnn;Henson,RichardA.Jr.:neW conSTrainTS on The meTamorPhic hiSTorY oF The


250-8 250-9


SeSSion no. 251

T23. Multidisciplinary Studies of Fault System Deformation (Posters) (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 251-1 187 King,DanielS.H.*;Marone,Chris:The role oF PreSSUre SolUTion creeP anD comPacTion in FaUlT Zone reSTrengThening: eXPerimenTS on gYPSUm 188 Behr,WhitneyM.*;Platt,JohnP.:caUghT in The acT: eViDence For SeiSmic arreST on naTUral FricTionmelT-Bearing FaUlTS? 189 Johnson,EricL.*;Harris,Lyal:cenTriFUge moDeling oF The eFFecTS oF PlUTon emPlacemenT on Shearing anD FolDing in TranSTenSional Shear ZoneS: aPPlicaTionS To The carThage colTon Shear Zone, aDironDacK moUnTainS, neW YorK STaTe 190 VanBoskirk,Elizabeth*;Mencin,David;Hodgkinson,Kathleen; Johnson,Wade;Gottlieb,Mike;Gallaher,Warren;Fox,Otina; Henderson,Brent;Jackson,Michael:PBo STrainmeTer neTWorK: geoPhYSical anD geologic reSoUrceS For FUrTher UnDerSTanDing oF The WeSTern norTh american PlaTe 191 Strauss,Becky*;Wojtal,StevenF.;Feinberg,JoshuaM.:BiShoP aSh amS FaBricS aDJacenT To The SoUThernmoST 252-5 252-4 252-3









9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 249


cenTral aPPalachian PieDmonT: PreliminarY ePma U-Th-ToTal PB monaZiTe ageS From The mT. cUBa WiSSahicKon TUrnoVer, iSoToPic carBon eXcUrSion, anD SUBaerial eXPoSUre 254-7 218 Metzger,J.Garrecht*;Fike,David;Smith,LanghorneB.:c STraTigraPhY From Well cUTTingS To linK laTe orDoVician SeDimenTS in miSSoUri anD neW YorK acroSS liThological graDienTS 219 McLaughlin,Patrick;Hurth,Michael*:UnraVeling The orDoVician-SilUrian BoUnDarY inTerVal in The UPPer miDWeST--inTegraTeD FacieS analYSiS anD high-reSolUTion carBon iSoToPe STraTigraPhY in a SeQUence STraTigraPhic FrameWorK 220 Stencil,BenjaminT.*;Dewey,C.P.;Peck,RobertL.:analYSiS oF UPPer miSSiSSiPPian oSTracoDeS From The BlUeFielD FormaTion in mercer coUnTY, WeST Virginia

SeSSion no. 253

T41. Paying Attention to Mudstones: Priceless! (Posters) (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 253-1 206 Riese,DavidJ.*;Schieber,Juergen:Trace FoSSil morPhologieS in The neW alBanY Shale oF SoUThern inDiana helP To DeriVe SeDimenT hiSTorY 207 Nishida,Naohisa*;Ikehara,Ken:claY FaBric oF hemiPelagiTeS recorDing oXic-anoXic BoTTom WaTer FlUcTUaTion in Sea oF JaPan 209 Miller,NathanR.*;Cahalan,Ryan:WhaT Do rare earTh elemenT DiSTriBUTionS in Pelagic-anD hemiPelagic SeQUenceS reVeal aBoUT DePoSiTion anD DiageneSiS? 210 Larsen,Daniel*;Ashe,Daniel;Gustavson,JohnB.: mineralogY anD PeTrologY oF The loWer Paleocene claYTon anD PorTerS creeK FormaTionS, SoUTheaSTern miSSoUri, USa 211 Herbst,StevenR.*;Morris,ThomasH.;Hicks,Tanner: UneXPecTeD reSerVoir QUaliTY SanDSTone WiThin The mUDSTone-rich PorTion oF The miDDle JUraSSic enTraDa SanDSTone, San raFael SWell, UTah 254-9 254-8



254-10 221 Howard,ChristopherS.*;Kammer,ThomasW.:age oF The loWer miSSiSSiPPian ScioToVille Bar localiTY (cUYahoga FormaTion, PorTSmoUTh memBer) in SoUThern ohio BaSeD on BioSTraTigraPhY anD SeQUence STraTigraPhY


SeSSion no. 255

T52. Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record (Posters) (Paleontological Society; Society of Vertebrate Paleontology; Cushman Foundation; Paleontological Research Institution)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 255-1 222 Casebolt,Sahale*;Budd,AnnF.:a QUanTiTaTiVe aPProach To aSSeSSing coral SePTal DenTiTion 223 Tibbits,Matthew*;Budd,AnnF.:VariaTion in lighT inTenSiTY caUSeS PlaSTic change in hermaTYPic coral micromorPhologY 224 Hammersburg,SeanR.*;Wicander,Reed:The BioSTraTigraPhic anD BiogeograPhic DiSTriBUTion oF The miDDle DeVonian BrachioPoD ATRYPA SP. ehlerS anD KeSling, 1970 225 Duijnstee,IvoA.P.*;Hordijk,Kees;vanderMeulen,AlbertJ.: FUZZiFicaTion oF Failing DiScreTe PaleoTaXonomY WiThin lineageS 226 Kolbe,SarahE.*;Miller,ArnoldI.:morPhological VariaTion in cariBBean chione reViSiTeD: The SigniFicance oF a UniQUe morPhoTYPe From The SoUTheaSTern BahamaS 227 Mitchell,KristenL.*;Watkins,DavidK.:miD-creTaceoUS eVolUTion oF The calcareoUS nannoFoSSil genUS PreDiScoSPhaera in The WeSTern norTh aTlanTic 228 Hunda,BrendaR.*;Webber,Andrew:STaBiliTY anD inTenSiTY oF clinal regimeS oVer longer Time inTerValS: imPlicaTionS For inTerPreTing STraToPheneTic PaTTernS in The FoSSil recorD


SeSSion no. 254

T50. Applications of Bio-, Chemo-, and Lithostratigraphy to Sequence Stratigraphy (Posters) (Paleontological Society; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 254-1 212 Wright,Amelia*;Martinez-Kulikowski,Nahysa;Decker,PaulL.; Wartes,Marwan:a comBineD chemoSTraTigraPhic, liThoSTraTigraPhic anD SeQUence STraTigraPhic aPProach To The characTeriZaTion oF loWer creTaceoUS To Paleocene FormaTionS oF The BrooKian SeQUence, alaSKan norTh SloPe FooThillS 213 Jones,DavidS.*;Fike,DavidA.;Fischer,WoodwardW.:BaSinScale VariaBiliTY oF SUlFUr iSoToPe recorDS From a miXeD carBonaTe-SiliciclaSTic SUcceSSion (orDoVician-SilUrian STraTa oF anTicoSTi iSlanD, QUeBec) 214 Bartek,LouisR.III.*:greenhoUSe VerSUS ice hoUSe high-FreQUencY TranSgreSSiVe/regreSSiVe cYcleS in ForelanD BaSin Fill 215 Katz,MiriamE.*;Miller,KennethG.;Monteverde,Donald; Mountain,Gregory:SeQUence STraTigraPhic inTerPreTaTionS From BenThic ForaminiFera: inSighTS on nJ margin archiTecTUre, ioDP eXP. 313 216 Corbett,Matthew*;Lowery,ChristopherM.;MiceliRomero, Andrea;Watkins,DavidK.;Leckie,R.Mark;Li,Weiguo; Pramudito,Aris;Donovan,Art;Staerker,Scott:a BiochemoSTraTigraPhic FrameWorK oF oceanic anoXic eVenT 2 aT loZier canYon, TX: correlaTionS To The WeSTern inTerior SeaWaY anD comPariSon To SeQUence STraTigraPhic SUrFaceS 217 Demski,MatthewW.*;Wheadon,BenjaminJ.;Stewart,LoriA.; Elias,RobertJ.;Young,GrahamA.;Nowlan,GodfreyS.; Dobrzanski,EdwardP.:laTeST orDoVician glacioeUSTaTic FlUcTUaTion in The WilliSTon anD hUDSon BaY BaSinS oF maniToBa, canaDa: conoDonT 255-4 255-2








SeSSion no. 256

T55. New Horizons in Precambrian Palynology and Paleobiology (Posters) (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; AASP The Palynological Society; Paleontological Society)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 256-1 229 Cummings,Katherine*;Bjornerud,MarciaG.:PoSSiBle nonmarine eUKarYoTe FoSSilS in The 1.1 ga coPPer harBor Fm., michigan 230 Cohen,Phoebe*;Knoll,AndrewH.:eXPanDeD DiVerSiTY oF Scale microFoSSilS From The miD neoProTeroZoic FiFTeenmile groUP, YUKon




250 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


256-3 231 Riedman,LeighAnne*;Porter,SusannahM.:PreliminarY PaleonTological DaTa For FiVe crYogenian SiliciclaSTic UniTS 232 Nagy,Robin*;Dehler,CarolM.:organic-WalleD microFoSSilS From neoProTeroZoic caP carBonaTe UniTS anD aSSociaTeD STraTa oF The WeSTern UniTeD STaTeS 258-6 244 Zanazzi,Alessandro*;Edwards,Sarah;Kohn,MatthewJ.; Tabrum,AlanR.:laTe eocene SPaTial VariaBiliTY in ariDiTY anD ecoSYSTem STrUcTUre in norTh america BaSeD on carBon iSoToPe raTioS in FoSSil TeeTh anD BoneS 245 Kita,ZacharyA.*;Secord,Ross:STaBle iSoToPe recorD oF Paleoecological change in The laTe neogene oF neBraSKa From enamel in large mammalS 246 Bedaso,ZelalemK.*;Norman,JessicaR.;Wynn,JonathanG.; Alemseged,Zeresenay:neW Trace elemenT (Sr, Ba) DaTa For Paleoecological reconSTrUcTion anD eValUaTion oF enamel DiageSeSiS From DiKiKa, eThioPia 247 Murphy,LauraR.*;Ludvigson,Greg;Joeckel,R.M.;Gonzalez, L.A.:earlY creTaceoUS BaSeline aTmoSPheric pco2 anD BUilDUP eSTimaTeD From a calcreTe SUcceSSion, ceDar moUnTain FormaTion, UTah, USa



SeSSion no. 257

T58. Whole Organism Paleoecology: Exploring Ecology through Time (Posters) (Paleontological Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 257-1 257-2 233 Young,GrahamA.*;Rudkin,DavidM.:hUgging The Shore: The emergence oF marginal marine BioTaS 234 Morgenthien,JamesN.*;Johnson,ClaudiaC.;Kauffman,ErleG.; Elswick,ErikaR.;Martínez-Colón,Michael;Santos,Hernán: PaleoecologY oF The maaSTrichTian el raYo FormaTion, SoUThWeSTern PUerTo rico 235 Oyewumi,AdeolaA.*;Peck,RobertL.:PaleoecologY oF The UPPer miSSiSSiPPian aViS limeSTone, miDDle hinTon FormaTion: eViDence For DroWning eVenTS in The aPPalachian BaSin 236 Smith,JansenA.*;Dietl,GregoryP.;Kelley,PatriciaH.; Christie,Max;Lockwood,Rowan;Layou,K.M.:conFamilial PreDaTion on naTiciD gaSTroPoDS ThroUgh a PUlSeD eXTincTion in The Plio-PleiSTocene oF The carolinaS 237 Durham,StephenR.*;Dietl,GregoryP.:on The aDaPTiVe FUncTion oF Shell ornamenTaTion in The mUriciD gaSTroPoD ECPHORA 238 Lemons,CaseeR.*;Peppe,DanielJ.;Royer,DanaL.;Wright, IanJ.;Lusk,ChristopherB.:are moDern Fern leaF economicS coherenT enoUgh To USe aS a ProXY For FoSSil inTerPreTaTionS?



258-10 248 Lugo-Centeno,CristinaM.*;Pigati,JeffreyS.;Schweig, EugeneS.:The SnoWmaSToDon SiTe: inVeSTigaTion oF The YelloW-BanDeD SilT 258-11 249 Payton,BrittneyM.*;Johnson,WilliamC.;Terwilliger,Valery; Geiss,Christoph:magneTic analYSiS oF FlUVial SoilS maY aiD in reconSTrUcTion oF eThioPian PaleoenVironmenTS 258-12 250 Wan,Zhenzhu*:eVolUTion oF carBon iSoToPic comPoSiTion oF DeVonian anD earlY carBoniFeroUS PlanTS 258-13 251 Wilkins,ChristieL.*;Cotton,JenniferM.;Sheldon,NathanD.: BUlK PlanT anD Single organ carBon iSoToPic VariaBiliTY along a PreciPiTaTion graDienT 258-14 252 Bataille,Clement*;Bowen,Gabriel:high reSolUTion carBon iSoToPic VariaTionS oF BUlK organic maTTer in PaleoSolS 258-15 253 Tanner,BenjaminR.*;Kinner,David;Parris,JessicaE.;Reinke, Randy;Moser,Elizabeth:PaleoenVironmenTal recorD aT PanTherToWn Bog (nc), an earlY holocene PeaT-accUmUlaTing WeTlanD in The SoUThern aPPalachianS 258-16 254 Villarreal,MarkA.*;Ludvigson,G.A.;Fowle,D.A.;Gonzalez,L.A.; Roberts,JenniferA.;Smith,JonJ.;Driese,S.G.;McKay,LarryD.: acTUaliSTic caliBraTion oF The PeDogenic SiDeriTe PaleoclimaTe ProXY 258-17 255 Bradbury,Cynthia*;Hill,ChristopherL.;Kohn,MatthewJ.; Evans,Samantha:miDDle PaleoliThic hominin laKe enVironmenTS in Saharan norTh aFrica





SeSSion no. 258

T66. Advances in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology: Geochemical Techniques and Examples Using Inorganic and Organic Molecules in Fossil Soils, Plants, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates (Posters) (GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; Paleontological Society; Geochemical Society; GSA Archaeological Geology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 258-1 239 Monson,JessicaLB*;Chua,Teresita;Thompson,MichaelL.; Bettis,E.ArthurIII.:characTeriZaTion oF Som in holocene PaleoSolS 240 Norman,JessicaR.*;Bedaso,ZelalemK.;Wynn,JonathanG.: The eFFecTS oF iSoToPicallY VariaBle WaTer USeD For TooTh enamel PreTreaTmenT Prior To STaBle iSoToPic analYSiS 241 Clementz,MarkT.*;Peek,Stephanie:recoVering liFe hiSTorY inFormaTion From onTogeneTic VariaTion in The carBon anD oXYgen iSoToPic comPoSiTion oF TooTh enamel From mammalS 242 Rountrey,AdamN.*;Fisher,DanielC.;Lee,Wah-Keat: SYnchroTron X-raY PhaSe-conTraST imaging oF mammoTh DenTin 243 Lund,Andrew*;Rogers,RaymondR.:DiageneTic anD TaPhonomic imPlicaTionS oF aUThigenic mineraliZaTion in FoSSil BoneS From The UPPer creTaceoUS TWo meDicine anD JUDiTh riVer FormaTionS, monTana


SeSSion no. 259

T110. Techniques for Measuring Shoreline Change (Digital Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 259-1 DP1 McDermott,JohnK.*;Strong,Nikki;Rovira,Beatriz:raTeS oF coaSTal eroSion anD aggraDaTion For The Panama VieJo UneSco WorlD heriTage SiTe 259-2 DP2 Olsen,MichaelJ.*;Johnstone,Elizabeth;Driscoll,NealW.: SeacliFF eroSion analYSiS USing 3D laSer Scanning 259-3 DP3 Himmelstoss,Emily*;Thieler,E.Robert:The DigiTal Shoreline analYSiS SYSTem (DSaS), a geoSPaTial Tool For eValUaTing Shoreline change 259-4 DP4 McDowell,KatieL.*;Young,RobertS.;Holliday,MarkA.;Gaskey, RussellT.;Korb,CristinaE.;Lenau,BrianM.;Dalton,AndrewR.; Kreahling,William:The naTional STorm SUrge DaTaBaSe: PUBlic acceSS ThroUgh The STorm SUrge VieWer anD moBile aPPlicaTion





9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 251


259-5 DP5 Griffith,Adam*;Young,RobertS.;Staton,Joseph;Morgan,Daniel: PoTenTial imPacTS oF Sea leVel riSe on hilTon heaD iSlanD, Sc 259-6 DP6 Culp,BrianM.*;Venn,Cynthia;Brunskill,JeffreyC.;Shepard, MichaelK.:aPPlicaTion anD eValUaTion oF DeVeloPeD remoTe SenSing TechniQUeS To iDenTiFY anD TracK changeS oF SUBZoneS WiThin a SalT marSh near WalloPS iSlanD, Va 260-15 270 Ringerwole,NealA.*;Weber,John;Hippolyte,Jean-Claude; Giorgis,Scott;Johnson,Monique:FaUlT SliP anD PaleomagneTic analYSiS oF The TecTonicS oF ToBago, WeST inDieS 260-16 271 Wilkening,JeanV.*;Ader,VincentN.:2011 JoinT Science eDUcaTion ProJecT: reSearch eXPerience in Polar Science

SeSSion no. 260

T179. Results from Undergraduate Research in the Geosciences (Posters) (National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 260-1 256 Misquadace,Shelden*;Locatelli,EmmaRose;Peterson, MistyRose;Weingart,MatthewSteven;Thompson,Robert; Sayers,June;Kochen,Andrew;Howes,Thomas;Myrbo,Amy: Tracing The hiSTorY oF FonD DU lac reSerVaTion'S WilD rice (ZiZania PalUSTriS) laKeS ThroUgh PhYToliThS 257 Paizis,Nicole*;LePera,Alan;Stargel,Dustin;Guderian, Emily;Mphinyane,Thato;Kgaodi,Oratile;Jeshango,Taboka; Batlhomamisi,BagomotsiDavid;Atekwana,Eliot;Molwalefhe, LoagoN.:geologiSTS VS. The WilD: a TrUe STorY oF conDUcTing UnDergraDUaTe anD graDUaTe reSearch in The oKaVango DelTa, BoTSWana 258 Metzger,Alicia*;Mickus,Kevin:mineralogY oF The DeScarTeS region on The moon USing moon mineralogY maPPer hYPerSPecTral DaTa 259 Cox,Tami;Hill,ChristopherL.*:oSTeologY anD geologY oF The an ice age FoSSil From iDaho: The BelloWSFrUiTlanD mammoTh 260 Burgett,Angela*;Bishop,Michael;Shroder,JohnF.Jr.: eValUaTion oF meSo-Scale ToPograPhic eFFecTS on glacierS in The WeSTern himalaYa oF PaKiSTan 261 Valente,Alexandra*;Brooks,GreggR.;Larson,Bekka; Holmes,CharlesW.:aSSeSSing PoTenTial SoUrceS oF VariaBiliTY aSSociaTeD WiTh 210PB age DaTing oF SeDimenTS 262 Voegerl,RyanScott*;Chambers,ThomasBryce;Durbin, JamesM.:FlUVial hiSTorY oF meanDer aBanDonmenT in The WaBaSh riVer oF PoSeY coUnTY, inDiana 263 Walter,Jessica*;Rohs,C.Renee:mineralogical comPoSiTion oF DiaBaSe anD alTereD DolomiTe near annaPoliS, miSSoUri 264 Kandola,ShelleyB.*;Kratzmann,DavidJ.;Torrey,Lisa:gPVPlot: SimPle anD eFFicienT graPh generaTion For geochemical DaTa

SeSSion no. 261

T184. The 21st Century Geoscience Classroom: Creating LearnerCentered Environments for Undergraduates (Digital Posters) (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 261-1 DP7 Urban,MichaelJ.*;Saunders,Gerry;Sprangers,Don: comBining FielD- anD ViSUaliZaTion-BaSeD Science For STUDYing YoUr oWn BacKYarD 261-2 DP8 Hirsch,DavidM.*:modeQuiz: a STUDenT-inTeracTiVe Program For learning moDe eSTimaTion 261-3 DP9 Ellis,ToddD.*:comPUTer DaTa analYSiS For meTeorologY - ProJecT-cenTereD SKill DeVeloPmenT For The earlY UnDergraDUaTe career 261-4 DP10 Anderson,JenniferL.B.*;Beatty,WilliamLee;KairiesBeatty, CandaceL.;Dolliver,HollyA.S.:inTerDiSciPlinarY inVeSTigaTion oF craTer-relaTeD DePoSiTS in The UPPer miDWeST USing gigaPan TechnologieS 261-5 DP11 Bravo,TammyK.*;Coleman,Ben;Taber,John:FaciliTaTing STUDenT inTeracTion WiTh real-Time earThQUaKe DaTa





SeSSion no. 262

T188. Geologic Maps, Digital Geologic Maps, and Derivatives from Geologic and Geophysical Maps (Posters) (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; Association of American State Geologists; GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA Geoinformatics Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom2to4PM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 262-1 272 Hubbard,TrentD.*;Reger,RichardD.;Gallagher,PatriciaE.: USing liDar To reFine geologic maPPing anD inTerPreTaTionS in The UPPer Tanana riVer ValleY, cenTral alaSKa 273 Easton,R.Michael*:liThoSTraTigraPhY oF inTrUSiVe rocKS ­ can We Do BeTTer? 274 Clelland,StevenM.*;Similox-Tohon,Dominique;Gibbs, AlanD.:DigiTal geologic maPPing ­ DeVeloPing SoFTWare To aDDreSS The neeDS oF STUDenTS anD ProFeSSionalS 275 Garrity,ChristopherP.*;Soller,DavidR.:acceSS To The naTional geologic maP DaTaBaSe (ngmDB) maP caTalog Via arcgiS image SerVer 276 MacCormack,KelseyE.*;Slomka,JessicaMarie;Arnaud, Emmanuelle;Parker,BethL.;Eyles,CarolynH.;Meyer, JessicaR.:oPTimiZing The imPacT oF localiZeD high QUaliTY DaTa in regional Scale SUBSUrFace moDelling 277 Haugerud,RalphA.*;Soller,DavidR.;Thoms,EvanE.;Richard, StephenM.:ncgmP09 -- DraFT STanDarD FormaT For DigiTal PUBlicaTion oF geologic maPS 278 Peterson,ChristopherD.*;Murray,J.D.;Trexler,J.H.Jr.;Cashman, P.H.;Heaton,J.S.;Grimmer,A.:geologic FielD maPPing USing DigiTal Pen TechnologY





262-2 262-3

260-10 265 Morrison,Lynda*;Anderson,Mary;Howes,Riley;Pyawasit,Mary; Drake,Christa;Howes,Thomas;Myrbo,Amy:macroFoSSil analYSiS anD VegeTaTion hiSTorY oF Three FonD DU lac (norThern minneSoTa) WilD rice laKeS 260-11 266 Gallant,Michael*;Gravely,Darren;Stelmack,Sarah: conSTrUcTing an erUPTiVe hiSTorY: an analYSiS oF The TeKoa TUFF in iSlanD hillS, neW ZealanD 260-12 267 Moore,Cheyenne*;Bunch,Cristina;Woods,Phillip;Myrbo,Amy; Howes,Thomas;Shinneman,AveryL.C.;Kochen,Andrew: DiaTom inFerreD laKe leVel anD haBiTaT TranSiTion in Three WilD rice (ZIZANIA PALUSTRIS) laKeS on The FonD DU lac reSerVaTion 260-13 268 Howes,Riley*;Thompson,Robert:giDaa iZhi'aag ina JigaagiigiDoWaaD ingiW aKiKoog? can YoU maKe The PoTS TalK? 260-14 269 Marcaida,Mae*;Mangan,Margaret:PeTrograPhY anD geochemiSTrY oF BlacK PoinT anD reD coneS BaSalTS, mono-inYo Volcanic chain, eaSTern caliFornia





252 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


262-8 279 Jørgensen,Flemming*;Scheer,Wolfgang;Thomsen,Steen; Burschil,Thomas;Wiederhold,Helga;Kirsch,Reinhard;Roth, Bjarke;Auken,Esben:inTegraTeD geological maPPing in The BorDer region BeTWeen germanY anD DenmarK BaSeD on geoPhYSical TechniQUeS 280 Emery,Eleanor*;Contreras,Ashley;Cowling,Margaret; Porter,Claire;Siddoway,Christine;Morin,Paul:USe oF STereoScoPic SaTelliTe imagerY For 3D maPPing oF BeDrocK STrUcTUre in WeST anTarcTica: eXamPleS From The ForD rangeS anD neogene VolcanoeS oF marie BYrD lanD 262-25 296 Adams,RobertaS.*;Jennings,CarrieE.;Regan,CharlesP.: SeamleSS SUrFicial geologic maP anD DaTaBaSe comPilaTion To SUPPorT WaTerSheD moDeling in minneSoTa 262-26 297 Phillips,AndrewC.*;Grimley,DavidA.;Keefer,DonaldA.: SPaTial errorS For Well logS USeD in geologic maPPing: The conSeQUenceS oF Being Wrong 262-27 298 Olsen,WilliamC.*:aPPlicaTion oF a morPhologic elemenT inTerPolaTor To maPPing geologic SUrFaceS 262-28 299 Atkinson,LisaA.*;Ross,MartinA.;Stumpf,Andrew;Dey, WilliamS.:3-D geological moDeling oF SUBSUrFace FacieS aSSemBlageS correlaTeD To The illinoian DeglaciaTion in eaST-cenTral illinoiS, UniTeD STaTeS 262-29 300 Heinzel,Chad*;Bosshart,Nicholas;Vastine,Jordan;Kreman, Drew;Schmitz,Jessica:maPPing The SUrFicial geologY oF The ioWan eroSion SUrFace 262-30 301 Luczaj,John*:BeDrocK geologY oF BroWn coUnTY, WiSconSin 262-31 302 Creason,C.Gabe*;Hekman,MarjorieS.;Vallotto,Marco;Halfen, AlanF.;Johnson,WilliamC.:ValleY-Fill archiTecTUre anD allUVial lanDFormS WiThin The UPPer KanSaS riVer: an UnDergraDUaTe USgS eDmaP eXPerience 262-32 303 Muscietta,Annelise*;Growdon,Martha:DeciPhering The conTacT BeTWeen SeDimenTarY UniTS anD PlUTonic rocKS BY DeTaileD BeDrocK geologic maPPing oF maTinicUS iSlanD, maine 262-33 304 Smith,TheresaL.*;Boothroyd,JonC.:non-SYnchronoUS reTreaT oF loBeS oF The SoUTheaSTern margin oF The laUrenTiDe ice SheeT reVealeD BY DigiTal DeriVaTiVe maPPing in rhoDe iSlanD 262-34 305 Seck,Alimatou*;Welty,Claire;Cole,Joshua;Myers,Thomas: hYDrogeological DaTa aSSimilaTion For a 3D inTegraTeD SUrFace-SUBSUrFace moDel oF The cheSaPeaKe BaY WaTerSheD 262-35 306 Sen,Pragnyadipta*;Marshak,Stephen;Burmeister,KurtisC.; Majerczyk,Chris;Yakovlev,Petr;Kuiper,YvetteD.:The STrUcTUre oF TranSiTionS BeTWeen cUlminaTionS anD DePreSSionS in The leeDS-roBerTS hill SegmenT oF The hUDSon ValleY FolD-ThrUST BelT, eaSTern neW YorK 262-36 307 Davias,Michael*;Gilbride,JeanetteL.:liDar-DeriVeD DigiTal eleVaTion maPS oF The Delmarva PeninSUla anD SoUThern neW JerSeY USeD To iDenTiFY carolina BaY lanDFormS; Their PlanForm ShaPe anD orienTaTion changeS SYSTemaTicallY WiTh laTiTUDe 262-37 308 Bassett,Seth*;Green,RichardC.;Williams,ChristopherP.; Burdette,Kevin:a neW giS BaSeD meThoD For gaThering geological FielD DaTa 262-38 309 Brock,Candice*;Larsen,Daniel;Machin,Sarah;Munger,Zack: geological conTrol oF recharge ProceSSeS in The memPhiS aQUiFer in WeSTern TenneSSee: FielD maPPing anD SeDimenTological DaTa 262-39 310 Allison,DavidT.*;Tull,JamesF.:DelineaTion oF maPScale TighT To iSoclinal F1 FolD STrUcTUreS in The hanging Wall oF The TallaDega ThrUST: reSUlTS oF mUlTiPle eDmaP ProJecTS along 180Km oF STriKe lengTh 262-40 311 McClellan,Elizabeth*;Jessee,Marcus;Yonts,Jason:DeTaileD maPPing oF The loWer moUnT rogerS FormaTion, SW Virginia: eViDence For crUSTal inSTaBiliTY PreceeDing BreaKUP oF roDinia 262-41 312 Andrews,William*:eXPanDing From 2D To 3D geologic maPPing aT The KenTUcKY geological SUrVeY


262-10 281 Abdelkareem,Mohamed*;El-Baz,Farouk;Ghoneim,Eman; Akawy,Ahmed;Askalany,Mohamed:imPlicaTionS oF TecTonic moVemenTS To PaleoDrainage DeVeloPmenT anD groUnDWaTer accUmUlaTion in The cenTral eaSTern DeSerT oF egYPT 262-11 282 Hendrickson,MatthewJ.*;Strong,Nikki;Farris,DavidW.;O'Dea, Aaron;Rodriguez,Felix:geological maP oF The KUna Yala, Panama 262-12 283 Schumacher,Matthew*;Wehrfritz,Andrew;Ross,Martin: ToWarDS a SeamleSS moDel oF QUaTernarY SeDimenTS For conTinenTal-Scale hYDrogeologY in norTh america 262-13 284 Werdon,MelanieB.*;Burns,LaurelE.:alaSKa airBornegeoPhYSical/geological mineral inVenTorY Program: inTegraTing airBorne geoPhYSical SUrVeYS, geologic maPPing, anD mineral-reSoUrce aSSeSSmenTS 262-14 285 Labusch,L.;Rowland,A.R.*;Kunk,M.J.;Guccione,M.J.: TerTiarY-QUaTernarY DeBriS FloW anD FlUVial graVel DePoSiTS ThaT Form The melroSe/JeFFerSon riVer DiViDe, SW monTana 262-15 286 Sasser,StanH.*;Boyer,LaneM.;Wallace,DebraA.:maPPing The TerTiarY megaFan graVelS oF maDiSon coUnTY, monTana 262-16 287 Ma,Lina*;Madin,IanP.;Duplantis,Serin;Williams,Kendra: SUrFicial geologic maPPing oF The PorTlanD meTroPoliTan area, oregon 262-17 288 Faunt,ClaudiaC.;Sweetkind,DonaldS.*:Three-DimenSional geologic anD hYDrogeologic SUBSUrFace maPPing oF The cUYama ValleY, ca 262-18 289 Harvey,JanetC.*;Miller,D.M.;Stock,Joann:BriSTol moUnTainS WilDerneSS/SoUTh BriSTol moUnTainS FaUlT Zone geologic maP 262-19 290 Mnich,Marissa*;Condit,ChristopherD.;Santangelo,Leah: geologic maPPing comPleTeD in The SPringerVille Volcanic FielD, eaST-cenTral ariZona 262-20 291 Cook,JosephP.*;Pearthree,PhilipA.;House,P.Kyle;Bigio,Erica; Onken,JillA.;Youberg,Ann:maPPing oF riVer allUViUm along The VerDe riVer anD maJor TriBUTarieS, cenTral ariZona 262-21 292 Ianno,AdamJ.*;Paterson,ScottR.:eDmaP-SUPPorTeD maPPing oF a TilTeD arc crUSTal SecTion in JoShUa Tree naTional ParK, caliFornia 262-22 293 Kowler,Andrew*:DiSTriBUTion anD STraTigraPhY oF laTe QUaTernarY lacUSTrine DePoSiTS in The WillcoX BaSin, SoUTheaSTern ariZona, inclUDing ParTS oF The reD BirD hillS, WillcoX SoUTh, cochiSe, anD SUlPhUr SPringS 7.5' QUaDrangleS 262-23 294 Miao,Xiaodong*;Thomason,JasonF.;Brown,StevenE.;Stohr, Christopher:UPDaTeD SanD anD graVel reSoUrceS oF mchenrY coUnTY, illinoiS 262-24 295 Carlin,DanielE.*;Kashouh,MicheleV.;Holbrook,JohnM.: maPPing The mighTY miSSoUri riVer: DeVeloPing an inTegraTeD maP DaTa SeT From SUrFicial alloSTraTigraPhic maPS oF a reach oF The miSSoUri riVer ValleY Floor From YanKTon, SD To monDamin, ia


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 253


SeSSion no. 263

T196. Geoinformatics in Action (Posters) (GSA Geoinformatics Division; Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University; Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science Inc.; IRIS Data Management System)

9:00AM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,HallC Authorswillbepresentfrom9to11AM,and4:30to6PM Booth# 263-1 313 Ogg,JamesG.*;Ault,Aaron;Chunduru,NagVarun;Palem, Gangi;Balmos,Andrew;Buening,Jon;Pflug,Justin;Block,Jane; Shafer,Cecilia:earTh hiSTorY ViSUaliZaTion SYSTem 314 Crosby,ChristopherJ.*;Nandigam,Viswanath;Krishnan,Sriram; Baru,Chaitanya;Arrowsmith,J.Ramón:openTopography: geoSPaTial cYBerinFraSTrUcTUre For liDar ToPograPhY DaTa 315 Ahern,Tim*;Trabant,Chad;Casey,Rob;Benson,Rick: aDVanceS in DaTa DiSTriBUTion SYSTemS, high leVel ProDUcT generaTion, anD The meaSUremenT oF DaTa QUaliTY meTricS aT The iriS DaTa managemenT cenTer 316 Rupp,RobinF.;Hasenmueller,NancyR.*;Karaffa,MarniD.; Brown,StevenE.;Fleming,AnthonyH.;Ferguson,VictoriaR.; Hasenmueller,WalterA.;Daniels,MichaelS.;Rohwer,PaulD.: WeB-BaSeD geologic maPS, DaTaBaSeS, anD hTml PageS For marion coUnTY, inDiana 317 Hasenmueller,WalterA.*;Hasenmueller,NancyR.;Daniels, MichaelS.;Rohwer,PaulD.:neW Search oPTionS For The inDiana geologic nameS inFormaTion SYSTem 318 Morgan,HilaryAnne*;Harris,AndrewJ.L.;Rose,WilliamI.:laVa DiScharge raTe eSTimaTeS From Thermal inFrareD SaTelliTe DaTa For PacaYa Volcano, gUaTemala: imPlicaTionS For Time-aVerageD erUPTion ProceSSeS anD haZarDS 319 Fatland,DennisR.*:oPen DaTa ProTocol (oDaTa): a PracTical WeB ProTocol For DaTa QUerY anD reTrieVal 320 Bristol,R.Sky*;Latysh,NatalieE.;Kern,Tim:ScienceBase: DaTa anD inFormaTion managemenT For ScienTiSTS 321 Clark,RyanC.;Richard,StephenM.*:U.S. geoScience inFormaTion neTWorK: DaTa inTegraTion FrameWorK 264-4 263-18 330 Reeves,HowardW.*;Zellner,MoiraL.:inTegraTing groUnDWaTer-FloW anD lanD-USe-Planning moDelS To aDDreSS comPleXiTY anD To FaciliTaTe ParTiciPaTorY moDeling 263-19 331 Hooper,RichardP.*;Zaslavsky,Ilya;Maidment,DavidR.; Piasecki,Michael:cUahSi hYDrologic inFormaTion SYSTem: a SerViceS-orienTeD archiTecTUre For Time-SerieS DaTa 263-20 332 Krajewski,Witold;Demir,Ibrahim*;Goska,Radoslaw; Mantilla,Ricardo;Weber,Larry;Young,Nathan:ioWa FlooD inFormaTion SYSTem (iFiS) 263-21 333 Booth,Nathaniel*;Brodaric,Boyan;Boisvert,Eric;Lucido, Jessica;Kuo,I-Lin;Cunningham,WilliamL.:DeVeloPmenT oF a groUnDWaTer DaTa eXchange neTWorK For inTeroPeraBle DaTa eXchange anD meDiaTion BeTWeen The U.S. anD canaDa




aFTernoon oral Technical SeSSionS

SeSSion no. 264

Economic Geology

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101H-J 264-1 1:30PM Dustman,JohnE.;Gulbranson,Brian;Bell,Peter;Gregg, William*:characTeriSTicS oF high QUaliTY Frac SanD, anD Where To FinD iT in The UPPer miDWeST 1:45PM Pelch,MichaelA.*;Appold,Martin:comPoSiTion oF FlUiD inclUSionS From The caVe-in-rocK BeDDeD-rePlacemenT FlUoriTe DePoSiTS in The illinoiS-KenTUcKY DiSTricT 2:00PM Hnatyshin,Danny*;Morden,Robert;Turner,Elizabeth; Kontak,Daniel;Creaser,RobertA.:re-oS anD FlUiD inclUSion conSTrainTS on The Timing anD naTUre oF SUlFiDe mineraliZaTion aT naniSiViK anD haWKer creeK, BaFFin iSlanD, nUnaVUT 2:15PM Pilles,Eric*;Bridge,NathanJ.;Ward,Jeff;Berry,Andrew; Banerjee,NeilR.:aPPlicaTion oF Whole-rocK oXYgen iSoToPe ProFileS To STUDY FlUiD migraTion anD mineraliZaTion aT The lac cinQUanTe UraniUm DePoSiT, nUnaVUT, canaDa 2:30PM Break 2:45PM Dendas,Molly*;Mathur,Ryan;Ruiz,Joaquin;Porter,John: PB anD cU iSoToPe TracerS oF FlUiD FloW aT Bingham canYon PorPhYrY coPPer DePoSiT 3:00PM Hanson,CoryM.*;Kyle,J.Richard;Lassiter,JohnC.: iSoToPic STraTigraPhY anD FlUiD Tracing in The gUnUng BiJih SKarn, erTSBerg DiSTricT, PaPUa, inDoneSia 3:15PM Larson,PeterB.*;Pritchard,ChadJ.:geochemical changeS DUe To ProPYliTiZaTion in The eocene SaWTooTh ring Zone, iDaho BaTholiTh, USa 3:30PM Yano,ReidI.*;Price,JonathanG.;Emsbo,Poul;Ohlin, HankN.;Koenig,AlanE.;French,GregoryMcN.:SUlFiDe mineralogY, analYTical DiScrePancieS, anD Trace elemenT VariaTionS aT The PUmPKin holloW Fe-cU DePoSiT, lYon coUnTY, neVaDa 3:45PM Break 4:00PM O'Brien,JoshuaJ.*;Spry,PaulG.;Teale,GrahamS.; Jackson,Simon;Rogers,Dean:maJor, minor, anD Trace elemenT conTenTS oF gahniTe (Zincian SPinel) aS gUiDeS in The Search For BroKen hill-TYPe mineraliZaTion near BroKen hill, aUSTralia: a PreliminarY STUDY






263-8 263-9

263-10 322 Devarakonda,Ranjeet*;Palanisamy,Giri:a SerVice orienTeD WeB-BaSeD SYSTem For FinDing anD reTrieVing geological DaTa 263-11 323 Soller,DavidR.*;Wardwell,RobertC.;Stamm,NancyR.: acceSSing TWo cenTUrieS oF Science, ThroUgh The naTional geologic maP DaTaBaSe 263-12 324 Tolliver,RobertL.*;Wilkins,JoshuaD.:SUBJecT liBrarY WeB PageS: UniQUeneSS anD conTinUiTY acroSS The liBrarY'S WeBSiTe 263-13 325 Kawula,JohnD.*:reFerence SoUrceS anD DaTaBaSeS For WilDerneSS anD oTher ProTecTeD areaS 263-14 326 Wehner,JeniferE.*;Pierce,SuzanneA.;Groat,CharlesG.: USing inFormaTicS To gUiDe FacT-BaSeD Shale gaS enVironmenTal regUlaTion 263-15 327 Malin,ReedA.;Benavides,EugenioFigueroa;Rich,RoyL.*; Pierce,SuzanneA.:geoThermal energY For el TaTio, chile: a PiloT ProJecT For DiFFUSion oF geoScienTiFic DaTa To SUPPorT DeciSionS For energY, ToUriSm, anD Social eQUiTY 263-16 328 Asato,CarlosGabriel*:The ProBlem oF Technological accePTance, DiFFUSion anD DeVeloPmenT. eXPerienceS From argenTina 263-17 329 Robida,Francois*:can a legal FrameWorK helP US To Share geoScience KnoWleDge? The eXPerience oF inSPire in eUroPe






254 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


264-10 4:15PM Lueth,VirgilW.*;Peters,Lisa;Casey,Heather: neW aPPlicaTion oF manganeSe oXiDe mineraliZaTion aS a PaThFinDer To magmaTichYDroThermal SUlFiDe mineraliZaTion 4:30PM Coveney,RaymondM.Jr.*;Murowchick,James:originS oF hYPer-enricheD DePoSiTS oF heaVY meTalS in BlacK ShaleS 4:45PM Carmichael,SarahKatherine*;Wilson,CrystalG.: The origin oF manganeSe oXiDe DePoSiTS in norTheaST Tn 265-16 5:15PM North,Leslie*;vanBeynen,Philip:miSconcePTionS among US: inSighTS From inFormal KarST learning enVironmenTS


SeSSion no. 266

Geoscience Education X: Overcoming Threats to Earth and Space Science at K­12 Levels

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room208CD NicoleLaDue,JacquelineE.Huntoon,andKarenCampbell,Presiding 266-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM VanNorden,WendyE.*;Ingersoll,RaymondV.:When UniVerSiTieS reJecT high School earTh Science 2:00PM Newton,Steven*:creaTioniST ThreaTS To earTh Science eDUcaTion 2:15PM Huntoon,JacquelineE.*;Baltensperger,Brad:USing maSTer'S eDUcaTion To imProVe earTh Science Teaching 2:30PM Schrauben,MeganRenee*;Korpi,LucyK.:oVercoming BarrierS For K-12 earTh anD SPace Science eDUcaTion 2:45PM Buchanan,RexC.*;Williamson,Carol:earTh Science eDUcaTion in KanSaS: iSSUeS change, challengeS remain 3:00PM Buhr,Susan*;Kellagher,Emily;Lynds,Susan;McCaffrey, MarkS.;Moin,Laura:STaYing oUT oF The hoT SeaT: SUPPorTing TeacherS in climaTe eDUcaTion 3:15PM Schoeneck,Marlene*:The FUTUre oF earTh Science eDUcaTion in oUr SchoolS 3:30PM Korpi,LucyK.*;Schrauben,MeganRenee:UneXPecTeD conSeQUenceS oF School imProVemenT eFForTS in K-12 eDUcaTion in michigan 3:45PM Campbell,Karen*;Murphy,AnthonyP.:earTh Science aS a conTeXT For imProVing The comPeTence anD conFiDence oF elemenTarY TeacherS 4:00PM Smaglik,SuzanneM.*:enhancing The earTh Science comPeTence anD conFiDence oF Pre-SerVice elemenTarY TeacherS USing a ParTiciPaTorY mUlTi-leVel aPProach 4:15PM Kirst,ScottR.*;Flood,TimP.:inTegraTing an inTroDUcTorY geologY coUrSe anD a Science eDUcaTion coUrSe For K-8 Pre-SerVice TeacherS 4:30PM Murphy,AnthonyP.*;Ng,Yvonne;Campbell,KarenM.; Kaback,Suzy:changemaKerS: inTegraTing The geoScienceS WiTh engineering anD liTeracY 4:45PM Murphy,AnthonyP.*;Maxfield,LoriR.:USing SoilS To eXciTe KiDS aBoUT Science


SeSSion no. 265

Geoscience Education IX: The Roles of Learning, Development and Science Literacy in the Earth Sciences

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211AB SheldonP.TurnerandKarlR.Wirth,Presiding 265-1 1:30PM Perkins,Dexter*;Wirth,KarlR.:WhaT can We Do aBoUT Declining STUDenT PerFormance in oUr claSSroomS? 1:45PM Harris,Sara*:eFFecTiVe inTerVenTionS: helPing loW PerFormerS learn hoW To learn 2:00PM Wirth,KarlR.*;Perkins,Dexter:STUDenTS learning aBoUT Their oWn learning: WhY noT in YoUr coUrSe? 2:15PM McConnell,DavidA.*;Yuter,Sandra;Burleyson,CaseyD.; Hardin,NathanR.;Ryker,Katherine;Stempien,JenniferA.: BUilDing SUcceSSFUl SelF-regUlaTeD learnerS: WhaT 2000+ STUDenTS haVe To Tell US 2:30PM Streepey,Margaret*:USing claSS ParTiciPanTS To FaciliTaTe The learning anD inTellecTUal DeVeloPmenT oF all STUDenTS: leSSonS From an inTroDUcTorY geologY coUrSe 2:45PM Graziano,RobertJ.*:engaging geoScience maJorS emBeDDeD in a large general eDUcaTion laB coUrSe 3:00PM Nuhfer,Edward*;Cogan,ChristopherB.;Kloock,CarlT.: FirST reSUlTS From The Science liTeracY concePT inVenTorY: The reaSoning We Don'T ProDUce ThroUgh gen-eD 3:15PM Cogan,ChristopherB.*;Nuhfer,Edward;Kloock,CarlT.: DeVeloPing a concePT inVenTorY For imProVeD Science liTeracY 3:30PM Moss,Elizabeth*;Cervato,Cinzia;Ihrig,Lori:Science liTeracY/naTUre oF Science gainS in non-STem UnDergraDUaTeS inVolVeD in reSearch: looK cloSe anD See! 3:45PM Dmochowski,JaneEllen*:gaining concePTUal aWareneSS oF earTh Science in an inTroDUcTorY oceanograPhY coUrSe: iS iT PoSSiBle? 4:00PM Kortz,KarenM.*;Gilfert,AmberR.:geologY aS a Foreign langUage: The caSe oF langUage VerSUS concePTUal UnDerSTanDing 4:15PM Olson,MelissaA.*:USing Science noTeBooKS To increaSe STUDenT inTereST anD SUcceSS 4:30PM Slattery,William*;Davis,Craig;Teed,Rebecca:WhaT Do TheY Bring To The TaBle? DeTermining The logical ThinKing SKillS oF STUDenTS Beginning an earTh Science general eDUcaTion coUrSe 4:45PM Reid,LeslieFrances;Meyer,Rudi;Nicholls,James*:a Peer reVieW oF coUrSe DeSign 5:00PM Steffke,Christy*;Libarkin,Julie:QUanTiFYing PoinT DaTaSeTS (eYe TracKS) USing eSri arcgiS SPaTial analYST anD geoSTaTiSTical analYST eXTenSionS

266-2 266-3

265-2 265-3






266-7 266-8












SeSSion no. 267

Paleontology V: Biostratigraphy and Taphonomy

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205AB MaraE.BradyandKevinMcCartney,Presiding 267-1 1:30PM Sato,Tomohiko*;Isozaki,Yukio;Komiya,Tsuyoshi; Tahata,Miyuki;Yoshida,Naohiro;Shu,Degan:liThoanD chemo-STraTigraPhY oF The loWermoST camBrian aT hongJiachong, YUnnan, SoUTh china 1:45PM Gouwy,SofieA.*;MacLeod,KennethG.:miDDle DeVonian conoDonT BioSTraTigraPhY anD STaBle oXYgen iSoToPe analYSiS in The monT PeYroUX area (SoUThern monTagne noire , France) 2:00PM Remin,Zbyszek*:DiPlomoceraS maXimUm anD D. cYlinDraceUm ­ The gianT UPPer creTaceoUS

265-12 265-13

265-14 265-15



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 255



heTeromorPh ammoniTeS anD Their STraTigraPhic SigniFicance 267-4 2:15PM Huber,BrianT.*;Petrizzo,MariaRose;Gale,AndrewS.; Barchetta,Alessia:neW criTeria For DeFining The BaSe oF The alBian STage 2:30PM McCartney,Kevin*;Witkowski,Jakub;Harwood,David: neW inTerPreTaTionS oF laTe creTaceoUS SilicoFlagellaTe eVolUTion anD BioSTraTigraPhY: recenT DiScoVerieS From The canaDian arcTic 2:45PM Break 3:00PM Dzaugis,MatthewP.*;Gehling,James;Droser,MaryL.; Dzaugis,MaryE.;Rice,Dennis:STranDeD anD STreTcheD in The eDiacara memBer (raWnSleY QUarTZiTe, SoUTh aUSTralia): PreSerVaTion oF The TaPhonomicallY eliTe BoDY FoSSil, DicKinSonia 3:15PM Droser,MaryL.*;Gehling,James;Dzaugis,MaryE.; Rice,Dennis;Dzaugis,MatthewP.:occUrrence oF nama anD aValon aSSemBlage FoSSilS in The eDiacara memBer oF SoUTh aUSTralia: The SigniFicance oF FacieS in The recorD oF The DiSTriBUTion anD eXTincTion oF The eDiacara BioTa 3:30PM Gaines,RobertR.*;Peters,ShananE.:SeaWaTer chemiSTrY anD The Decline oF BUrgeSS ShaleTYPe PreSerVaTion 3:45PM Brady,MaraE.*:miDDle To laTe DeVonian SKeleTal concenTraTionS From TroPical carBonaTeDominaTeD SeTTingS oF norTh america: eValUaTing The eFFecTS oF BioclaST inPUT anD BUrial raTeS 4:00PM Parsons-Hubbard,Karla*:Shell BeD FormaTion, BioTUrBaTion, anD Sea leVel riSe: DeVeloPmenT oF a reeF-lagoon SeDimenT PacKage, ST. croiX, USVi 4:15PM Olszewski,ThomasD.*:The inFlUence oF DePoSiTional SeTTing on Time aVeraging in a moDern eSTUarine emBaYmenT (coPano BaY, TX) 4:30PM SchmeisserMcKean,Rebecca*:PreSerVaTion oF marine VerTeBraTeS in The laTe creTaceoUS (cenomanian-TUronian) TroPic Shale oF SoUThern UTah 4:45PM Thoene,Jenell*;Smith,DenaM.;Nufio,CésarR.;Meyer, Herb:hoW imPorTanT iS liThologY in The PreSerVaTion oF FoSSil inSecTS? a STUDY oF laTe eocene inSecTS From The FloriSSanT FormaTion oF coloraDo 5:00PM Johnson,KirkR.*;Miller,IanM.;Sertich,Joe;Stucky, Richard;Fisher,DanielC.;Pigati,JeffreyS.:Ziegler reSerVoir anD The SnoWmaSToDon ProJecT: oVerVieW anD geologic SeTTing oF a recenTlY DiScoVereD SerieS oF high-eleVaTion PleiSTocene ecoSYSTemS near SnoWmaSS Village, coloraDo 5:15PM early end 268-2 2:00PM Turner,SheldonP.*:hoW The PUBlic DeciDeS: The role oF ViSUaliZaTionS on enVironmenTal DeciSion maKing 2:15PM Rennert,KevinJ.*:FeDeral climaTe PolicY aS a caSe STUDY For Science-PolicY inTeracTion 2:30PM McCurdy,KarenM.*:SPanning The geoSciencegoVernmenT DiViDe: The imPorTance oF congreSSional Time 2:45PM Grifo,FrancescaT.*:Science anD DemocracY: meeTing The challenge 3:00PM Thornhill,Alan*:ScienTiFic inTegriTY aT The DeParTmenT oF inTerior 3:15PM Foss,ScottE.*:PaleonTologY, PolicY, anD PUBlic DiPlomacY 3:30PM Break 3:45PM Phillips,MichaelA.*:hoW To USe YoUr geoTechnical TranSlaTion SKillS To engage PolicY-maKerS anD PromoTe The inclUSion oF The geoScience PerSPecTiVe 4:00PM Wilson,MichaelC.*:The UrBan geological SUrVeY: an emerging neeD in a changing WorlD 4:15PM Schiffries,Craig*:BroaDening canaDa-UniTeD STaTeS cooPeraTion on TranSBoUnDarY geoScience iSSUeS 4:30PM Halpern,MichaelH.*;Huertas,Aaron:SomeThing'S roTTen in The STaTe oF Virginia 4:45PM Nelson,Cary*:acaDemic FreeDom anD inSTiTUTional reSPonSeS To aTTacKS on reSearcherS 5:00PM Boland,MaeveA.*:ScienTiSTS, PUBlic PolicY, anD erioniTe in norTh DaKoTa 5:15PM Pearthree,PhilipA.*;Young,JeriJ.;Youberg,Ann: geologic maPPing along The SoUThern BorDer in ariZona: aVoiDing anD managing cloSe encoUnTerS

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268-9 268-10


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268-13 268-14



SeSSion no. 269

P8. Global Water Sustainability (Mineralogical Society of America; Geochemical Society)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101A-C MartinB.Goldhaber,JohnB.Brady,andChenZhu,Presiding 269-1 269-2 269-3 269-4 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Konikow,Leonard*:groUnDWaTer DePleTion: a conSTrainT on SUSTainaBle DeVeloPmenT 2:05PM Oelkers,Eric*;Hering,Janet;Zhu,Chen:gloBal WaTer SUSTainaBiliTY 2:35PM Edmunds,W.Michael*:WaTer-BaSeD DeVeloPmenT in Semi-ariD regionS 3:05PM Zhu,Chen*;Schwartz,FranklinW.:hYDrogeochemical ProceSSeS anD Their conTrol on WaTer QUaliTY anD WaTer managemenT 3:35PM Break 4:00PM Johnston,RichardB.*;Berg,Michael;Tilley,Elizabeth; Johnson,C.Annette;Hering,Janet:WaTer anD SaniTaTion in DeVeloPing coUnTrieS: geochemical aSPecTS oF QUaliTY anD TreaTmenT 4:30PM Gregory,KelvinB.*;Vidic,Radisav;Dzombak,DavidA.: aDDreSSing DiVerSe WaTer managemenT challengeS DUring hYDraUlic FracTUring oF Shale For naTUral gaS ProDUcTion 5:00PM Siegel,DonaldI.*:The FUnDamenTal QUeSTionS goVerning WaTer SUSTainaBiliTY anD The hUman conDiTion





SeSSion no. 268

Public Policy: The Not-So Great Divide--Where Science Meets Public Policy

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100FG RichardC.BergandKarenM.McCurdy,Presiding 268-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Mann,MichaelE.*:climaTe ScienTiSTS in The PUBlic arena: Who'S goT oUr BacKS? 269-7 269-6

256 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


SeSSion no. 270

T8. Tectonic Evolution of Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200A-C BasilTikoff,RichardM.Gaschnig,ToddLaMaskin,andClydeJ.Northrup, Presiding 270-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Vogl,JamesJ.*;Diedesch,Timothy;Rodgers,DavidW.; Lexvold,Angela:a STrain graDienT WiThin The FooTWall oF The Pioneer core comPleX, iDaho: comPleX oVerPrinTing oF creTaceoUS STrUcTUreS BY eocene eXTenSional STrain anD PoSSiBle SYn-eXTenSional ShorTening 1:50PM Fouch,MatthewJ.*;James,DavidE.;Wagner,LaraS.; Long,MaureenD.;Carlson,RichardW.;Eagar,KevinC.; Roth,JeffreyB.:SeiSmic STrUcTUre oF The high laVa PlainS anD SUrroUnDing regionS 2:10PM Lewis,ReedS.*;Schmidt,KeeganL.;Schwartz,DarinM.: STrUcTUre, inTrUSiVe hiSTorY, anD locaTion oF The eaSTern margin oF The WalloWa Terrane, WeSTern iDaho 2:25PM LaMaskin,Todd*;Dorsey,RebeccaJ.;Vervoort,Jeff: linKing The WalloWa Terrane To norTh america: laTeST JUraSSic­earlieST creTaceoUS coon holloW FormaTion, BlUe moUnTainS ProVince, norTheaSTern oregon anD WeSTern iDaho 2:40PM Starns,EdwardC.*;Snoke,ArthurW.:an eXPoSeD croSS SecTion ThroUgh a laTe PaleoZoic­ meSoZoic accreTionarY comPleX: The SoUThern margin oF The BaKer Terrane, BlUe moUnTainS ProVince, norTheaST oregon 2:55PM Schwartz,JoshuaJ.*;Johnson,Kenneth;Mueller,Paul; Valley,JohnW.;Strickland,Ariel;Wooden,Joseph: magmaTic conSTrUcTion oF The BalD moUnTain BaTholiTh, ne oregon: inSighTS From U-PB Zircon geochronologY anD haFniUm-oXYgen iSoToPe geochemiSTrY 3:10PM Break 3:25PM MacDonald,JamesH.Jr.*;Pecha,Mark:PreliminarY geochronologY anD geochemiSTrY oF The hicKS BUTTe comPleX, cenTral caScaDeS, WaShingTon: PoSSiBle linKS BeTWeen PolYgeneTic meSoZoic arc rocKS oF The cenTral caScaDeS anD The BlUe moUnTainS ProVince 3:40PM Ware,Bryant*;Schmitz,Mark:neW U-PB (ca-TimS) age conSTrainTS on The DePoSiTion oF The WeaTherBY FormaTion, BlUe moUnTainS ProVince, norTheaSTern oregon 3:55PM Stowell,Harold*;McKay,MatthewP.;Schwartz,JoshuaJ.; Gray,KeithD.:loaDing anD meTamorPhiSm WiThin The Salmon riVer SUTUre Zone, WeST-cenTral iDaho 4:10PM Braudy,Nicole*;Tikoff,Basil;Gaschnig,Richard;Vervoort, Jeff:The WeSTern iDaho Shear Zone, WeST moUnTainS, iDaho: PreliminarY STrUcTUral geologY reSUlTS oF iDor ProJecT 4:25PM Gaschnig,Richard*;Vervoort,Jeff;Tikoff,Basil;Lewis, ReedS.:The manY (anD SomeTimeS loST) arcS oF iDaho 4:40PM Ihinger,Phillip*;Mahoney,J.Brian;Johnson,BreckR.; Kohel,Chris;Guy,AlexandraK.;Kimbrough,DavidL.; Friedman,RichardM.:laTe creTaceoUS magmaTiSm in SoUThWeST monTana: The BoUlDer BaTholiTh anD elKhorn moUnTainS VolcanicS 271-9

SeSSion no. 271

T21. Constraints on Strain Rates, Stresses, and Deformation Processes During Shear Zone Localization at Different Lithospheric Levels (GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200DE JulieNewman,DavidKohlstedt,BasilTikoff,andSethC.Kruckenberg,Presiding 271-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Price,NancyA.*;Johnson,ScottE.;Gerbi,ChristopherC.: USing heTerogeneoUS QUarTZ cPo DaTa To inTerPreT The DeFormaTion hiSTorY oF a Shear Zone aT The BaSe oF The SeiSmogenic Zone 2:00PM Nevitt,JohannaM.*;Pollard,DavidD.;Warren,JessicaM.: conSTiTUTiVe BehaVior oF graniTic rocK WiThin a conTracTional FaUlT STeP aT The BriTTleDUcTile TranSiTion 2:15PM DeVasto,Michael,A.*;Czeck,DyannaM.;Bhattacharyya, Prajukti:QUanTiFYing The relaTionShiPS BeTWeen geochemical anD microTeXTUral changeS acroSS Small-Scale graniTic Shear ZoneS 2:30PM Stahr,DonaldW.III.*;Law,RichardD.:hoW SenSiTiVe are rigiD grainS To changing FloW VorTiciTY? 2:45PM Frieman,BenM.*;Johnson,ScottE.;Gerbi,Christopher: microSTrUcTUral anD elecTron BacKScaTTer DiFFracTion eViDence For PorPhYroBlaST roTaTion DUring non-coaXial FloW 3:00PM Discussion 3:15PM Gottardi,Raphaël*;Teyssier,Christian;Seaton,Nicholas: ThermomechanicS oF a meTamorPhic core comPleX: raFT riVer moUnTainS (nW UTah) 3:30PM Casale,GabrieleM.*:origin oF The calcare caVernoSo anD The aBSence oF TecTonic FaBric in a Shear Zone; alPi aPUane meTamorPhic core comPleX, iTalY 3:45PM Break 4:00PM Swanson,ErikaM.*;Wernicke,BrianP.;Eiler,JohnM.; Losh,Steven:TemPeraTUreS anD FlUiDS on FaUlTS BaSeD on carBonaTe clUmPeD­iSoToPe ThermomeTrY 4:15PM Francsis,MatthewK.*;Law,RichardD.:mUlTiPle PaleoSTreSS anD STrain-raTe graDienTS aBUTTing The greaTer himalaYan SerieS: inSighTS From The SoUTh TiBeTan DeTachmenT SYSTem, SoUThern TiBeT, anD The main cenTral ThrUST, nW inDia 4:30PM Koch,LeahJean*;Terry,MichaelP.:SeiSmic aniSoTroPY anD FiniTe STrain in amPhiBoliTe From The DeeP UnDergroUnD Science anD engineering laB, leaD, SoUTh DaKoTa, USa 4:45PM Terry,MichaelP.*:an eXamPle oF heTerogeneoUS DeFormaTion anD STrain ParTiTioning aPPlieD To crUSTal FloW anD eXhUmaTion oF hP anD UhP rocKS, BlacK hillS SD, USa 5:00PM Hansen,Lars*;Zimmerman,Mark;Dillman,Amanda; Kohlstedt,David:STrain localiZaTion in oliVine aggregaTeS aT high TemPeraTUre: a laBoraTorY comPariSon oF conSTanTSTrain-raTe anD conSTanT-STreSS BoUnDarY conDiTionS 5:15PM concluding remarks





271-4 271-5
















9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 257



SeSSion no. 272

T25. Recent Advances in Studies of Large-Volume Silicic Volcanism: Stratigraphy, Architecture, Evolution (GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; Mineralogical Society of America)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room101FG GrahamD.M.Andrews,MatthewE.Brueseke,andBenEllis,Presiding 272-1 1:30PM Ferrari,Luca*;Orozco,MariaTeresa;Petrone,ChiaraMaria; LópezMartínez,Margarita:geoDYnamic SigniFicance oF large VolUme Silicic VolcaniSm in The TranS-meXican Volcanic BelT 1:50PM UkstinsPeate,Ingrid*:aFro-araBian oligocene FlooD Volcanic STraTigraPhY anD eXTreme geochemical heTerogeneiTY: inSighTS inTo eVolUTion oF VolUminoUS Silicic PYroclaSTic erUPTionS 2:10PM Kay,SuzanneMahlburg*:loS FraileS ignimBriTeS oF The cenTral anDean alTiPlano PlaTeaU: chemiSTrY, eVolUTion anD TecTonic SeTTing 2:25PM Drenth,BenjaminJ.*;Keller,G.Randy;Thompson, RenA.:geoPhYSical imaging oF The San JUan moUnTainS BaTholiTh comPleX, SoUThWeSTern coloraDo 2:40PM Goff,Fraser*;Dunbar,Nelia;Kelley,ShariA.;Peters,Lisa; McIntosh,William;Heizler,LynnL.;Goff,CathyJ.:Three riVerS STocK anD PaliSaDeS TUFF: correlaTing inTrUSiVe SoUrce WiTh ignimBriTe SheeT in The TecTonicallY DiSrUPTeD Sierra Blanca igneoUS comPleX, neW meXico 2:55PM Gregg,PatriciaM.;deSilva,Shanaka*;Grosfils,EricB.; Parmigiani,JohnP.:DeVeloPmenT, eVolUTion anD Triggering oF SUPererUPTionS 3:10PM Zou,Haibo*;Fan,Qicheng;Zhang,Hongfu:9000-YearolD ZirconS From The large-VolUme millenniUm erUPTion oF changBaiShan Volcano: eViDence For raPiD magma DeVeloPmenT 3:25PM Break 3:40PM Hanson,RichardE.*;Puckett,RobertE.Jr.;Burkholder, BarbaraK.;Eschberger,AmyM.;Finegan,ShaneA.;Frazier, StephenJ.;McCleery,DavidA.;Philips,ChristineM.; Pollard,JulieB.:VolUminoUS a-TYPe rhYoliTeS WiThin a maJor, largelY BUrieD camBrian riFT Zone in SoUThern oKlahoma 4:00PM Coble,MatthewA.*;Mahood,GailA.:WiDeSPreaD miDmiocene Silicic VolcaniSm conTemPoraneoUS WiTh colUmBia riVer FlooD BaSalTS in The WeSTern USa 4:15PM Hasten,ZacharyE.L.*;Brueseke,MatthewE.: miD-miocene Silicic VolcaniSm in The oWYhee moUnTainS (iD): local PhYSical anD geochemical characTeriSTicS anD imPlicaTionS For regional magmaTiSm linKeD To The incePTion oF The YelloWSTone hoTSPoT 4:30PM Cathey,HenriettaE.*;Nash,BarbaraP.;Valley,JohnW.; Kita,NorikoT.;Allen,CharlotteM.;Campbell,IanH.:a neW moDel For large-VolUme loW 18o Silicic magmaTiSm? inSighTS From ZirconS oF The coUgar PoinT TUFF 4:45PM Boroughs,Scott*;Wolff,J.A.;Ellis,Ben;Bonnichsen,Bill; Larson,PeterB.:o rhYoliTe ProDUcTion in The cenTral SnaKe riVer Plain 5:00PM Pritchard,ChadJ.*;Ellis,Ben;Larson,PeterB.; Mark,DarrenF.:neW high PreciSion 40ar/39ar meaSUremenTS oF The hUcKleBerrY riDge TUFF: memBer c - a calDera-Forming, PoST-calDera rhYoliTe, YelloWSTone, WY, USa 273-7 273-2 272-14 5:15PM Kingsbury,C.G.*;Fowler,A.D.;Denis,D.:oBSiDian Dome, caliFornia: a comPleX recorD oF emPlacemenT oF a YoUThFUl laVa Dome

SeSSion no. 273

T36. Comprehensive Data Sets for the Reconstruction of Geological Histories: Combining Double and Triple Dating with Geochemical Fingerprinting

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102BC AndreasMöllerandDanielF.Stockli,Presiding 273-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Baldwin,JuliaA.*;Crowley,JamesL.:inTegraTing U-PB geochronologY WiTh Trace elemenT geochemiSTrY oF Zircon To conSTrain The ProVenance, meTamorPhic, anD magmaTic hiSTorieS oF rocKS in The BiTTerrooT core comPleX, WeSTern monTana 2:00PM Riggs,NancyR.*;Reynolds,StephenJ.;Barth,AndrewP.; Lindner,Philip;Richard,StephenM.;Walker,J.Douglas: PB/U ageS anD Th/U raTioS oF ZirconS in earlY meSoZoic SeDimenTarY UniTS SoUTh anD SoUThWeST oF The coloraDo PlaTeaU: age anD TecTonic SigniFicance 2:15PM Souders,A.K.*;Sylvester,P.J.;Myers,J.S.: FingerPrinTing SoUrceS oF archean anorThoSiTeS: an in-SiTU iSoToPic STUDY comBining PB-PB iSoToPeS in PlagioclaSe WiTh lU-hF iSoToPeS in Zircon 2:30PM Shallaly,Nahla*:microFaBricS, coUnTerclocKWiSe P-T PaTh anD monaZiTe DaTing oF The PrecamBrian WaDi el miYah meTaPeliTeS, eaSTern DeSerT, egYPT 2:45PM Buchwaldt,Robert*;Ring,Uwe;Tulloch,Andrew: DecoDing The Timing WiThin The PaParoa meTamorPhic core comPleX, neW ZealanD: neW inSighTS oF The BreaK-UP oF eaSTern gonDWana 3:00PM Rohs,C.Renee*:maFic inTrUSionS anD Thermal oVerPrinTS in The SilVermineS graniTe, ST. FrancoiS moUnTainS 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Saylor,JoelE.*;Stockli,DanielF.;Horton,BrianK.;Nie, Junsheng;Mora,Andrés:DeTriTal Zircon DoUBle DaTing aS a Tool For iDenTiFYing Volcanic ZirconS anD eXhUmaTion PaTTernS in The eaSTern corDillera oF colomBia 3:45PM Miller,JosephC.*;Stockli,DanielF.;Möller,Andreas; Oalmann,JeffreyA.:Zircon U-PB-he DoUBle DaTing oF norThern alPine ForelanD BaSin, SWiTZerlanD ­ imPlicaTionS For orogenic DYnamicS anD SUBSiDence 4:00PM Rhatigan,Caleb*;Stockli,DanielF.;Bosworth,William; Möller,Andreas;Oalmann,JeffreyA.;Glauser,Travis: Zircon U-PB anD (U-Th)/he DoUBle DaTing oF TeThYan SYnriFT in WeSTern DeSerT, egYPT ­ inSighTS inTo crUSTal STrUcTUre anD TecTonic eVolUTion oF ne aFrica 4:15PM Schoolmeesters,Nicole*;Cheadle,Michael;John, BarbaraE.;Reiners,PeterW.:DeTermining cooling hiSTorieS anD DePTh oF DeTachmenT FaUlTing oF oceanic core comPleXeS USing U-PB anD (UTh)/he ThermochronomeTrY 4:30PM Toraman,Erkan*;Fayon,Annia;Whitney,DonnaL.; Teyssier,Christian;Reiners,PeterW.;Thomson,StuartN.; Kruckenberg,SethC.:aPaTiTe-Zircon U-Th/he anD FiSSion-TracK DaTing oF The oKanogan Dome eXhUmaTion (Wa, USa)





















258 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


273-12 4:45PM Nadin,ElisabethS.*;Martin,AaronJ.:aPaTiTe FiSSionTracK anD (U-Th)/he DaTing reVeal no eViDence For acTiVe FaUlTing aT a large KnicKZone on The moDi Khola, cenTral nePal

SeSSion no. 275

T57. Hard Substrate (Sclerobiont) Community Ecology and Evolution through Mass Extinctions (Paleontological Society)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room205CD PaulD.TaylorandMarkWilson,Presiding 275-1 1:30PM Wilson,MarkA.*;Taylor,PaulD.:maSS eXTincTionS anD marine ScleroBionT commUniTY eVolUTion in The PhaneroZoic 1:45PM Casadio,Silvio*;Pereyra,Julieta;Brezina,Soledad: macroBorerS in a loWer Danian coral reeF oF norThern PaTagonia, argenTina 2:05PM Sogot,CarolineE.*;Taylor,PaulD.:SiZe change in colonial ScleroBionTS aT The K­T maSS eXTincTion 2:20PM Innis,Megan*;Wilson,MarkA.:BioeroSion on oYSTerS acroSS The creTaceoUS-Paleogene BoUnDarY in alaBama anD miSSiSSiPPi (USa) 2:35PM Brezina,Soledad;Taylor,PaulD.;Casadio,Silvio*: The recorD oF ScleroBioTic commUniTieS changeS ThroUgh The creTaceoUS-Paleogene TranSiTion in PaTagonia, SoUThern argenTina 2:50PM Harper,ElizabethM.*;Crame,J.Alistair;Sogot,CarolineE.: Drilling oVer maSS eXTincTionS: The VieW From anTarcTica 3:10PM Hubbard,Dennis*;Whitcher,Elizabeth;Parsons-Hubbard, Karla;Miller,Jeff:hoW gooD iS The "limeSTone-ona-STicK meThoD" aT characTeriZing PaThWaYS anD raTeS oF BioeroSion? 3:25PM Break 3:40PM Taylor,PaulD.*:BrYoZoan ScleroBionTS acroSS maSS eXTincTionS: PreDicTeD eFFecTS oF maJor enVironmenTal changeS 3:55PM Sumrall,ColinD.*;Zamora,Samuel:eDrioaSTeroiDS aS ePiBionTS: a common harD SUBSTraTe TYPe For encrUSTing echinoDermS 4:10PM Shroat-Lewis,RenéA.*;Sumrall,ColinD.;McKinney, MichaelL.:SPaTial DiSTriBUTion, orienTaTion, anD TaPhonomY oF The Florence eDrioaSTeroiD PaVemenT, UPPer orDoVician, KenTUcKY, USa 4:25PM Schneider,ChrisL.*:a comPariSon oF Pre-anD PoST-eXTincTion ScleroBionT commUniTieS acroSS The laTe DeVonian maSS eXTincTion in norTh america 4:40PM Zaton,MichalP.*:encrUSTing commUniTieS in The lighT oF The FraSnian-Famennian (laTe DeVonian) maSS eXTincTion 5:00PM Hadden,CarlaS.*;Johnson,K.A.Burke;Walker,SallyE.; Hakala,Sarah;Rosenberg,Morgan;Bowser,SamuelS.: raPiD recrUiTmenT oF BenThic ForaminiFera To eXPerimenTal arraYS in mcmUrDo SoUnD, roSS Sea, anTarcTica

SeSSion no. 274

T41. Paying Attention to Mudstones: Priceless! (GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room211CD NeilFishmanandSvenEgenhoff,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 274-1 1:45PM Schieber,Juergen*:graDing Phenomena in mUDSToneS ­ ancienT ShaleS anD moDern ShelF mUDS in The conTeXT oF recenT FlUme STUDieS 2:00PM Newby,Warren;Egenhoff,SvenO.*;Fishman,NeilS.; Maletz,Joerg;Ahlberg,Per:high-liFe ona DeeP ShelF: SeDimenTaTion anD BioTUrBaTion graDienTS in The camBrian alUm Shale in SoUThern SWeDen 2:15PM Wilson,RyanD.*;Schieber,Juergen:USing BioTUrBaTion To eValUaTe PaleoreDoX conDiTionS anD iDenTiFY cYcliciTY in The miDDle DeVonian geneSeo FormaTion oF neW YorK 2:30PM Deng,JohnC.*;Harms,Brian;Dennie,Devin;Manning, EarlB.;Elmore,R.Douglas:inTegraTeD DiageneTic STUDY oF The miSSiSSiPPian BarneTT Shale, ForT WorTh BaSin, TeXaS 2:45PM Fishman,NeilS.*;Hill,Ronald;Lowers,HeatherA.: The "hole" TrUTh--PoroSiTY in organic-rich ShaleS oF The UPPer JUraSSic KimmeriDge claY FormaTion, oFFShore UniTeD KingDom 3:00PM Bohacs,KevinM.*;Ottmann,JeffryD.;Lazar,Remus; Dumitrescu,Mirela;Klimentides,Robert;Schieber, JuergenS.;Montelli,Rafaela;Liu,Chengjie:DeciPhering geneTic conTrolS on The occUrrence, DiSTriBUTion, anD characTer oF Fine-graineD rocKS (mUDSTone/Shale)-- an inTegraTeD SeQUence-STraTigraPhic analYSiS oF The cenomanian-TUronian oF norTh america 3:15PM Break 3:30PM Taylor,KevinG.*;Macquaker,JoeH.S.:DiageneTic PaThWaYS in Fine graineD SeDimenTS are DriVen BY PrimarY SeDimenTological comPoSiTion: PreDicTing mUDSTone ProPerTieS 3:50PM Gilleaudeau,GeoffreyJ.*;Kah,LindaC.: conSiDeraTionS on The USe oF iron, carBon anD SUlFUr PaleoreDoX ProXieS in loW SUlFaTe ProTeroZoic oceanS: an eXamPle From The meSoProTeroZoic ToUiriST FormaTion, maUriTania 4:05PM Gierlowski-Kordesch,Elizabeth*;Weismiller,HeatherC.: PeDogenic mUD aggregaTeS in SeDimenTarY laYerS BeTWeen BaSalT FloWS 4:25PM Potter,SallyL.*;Chan,MarjorieA.;McPherson,Brian:iron PreciPiTaTion in The BrUShY BaSin memBer oF The JUraSSic morriSon FormaTion: clUeS To DiageneTic Biogeochemical cYcleS 4:40PM Discussion





















SeSSion no. 276

T62. Frontiers in Foraminiferal Research II: Paleoceanography and Polar Biotas (Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research; SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology); SEPM North American Micropaleontology Section; Paleontological Society; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200H-J PamelaHallockandSusanT.Goldstein,Presiding 276-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:40PM Berggren,WilliamA.;Aubry,Marie-Pierre*: BreaKThroUghS in DeciPhering The role oF coccoliThS: inSighTS From ForaminiFera


9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 259



276-2 2:00PM Ando,Atsushi*;Huber,BrianT.;MacLeod,KennethG.: STaTionarY or moBile? recenT aDVanceS in STaBle iSoToPic DePTh-ecologY anD PaleoceanograPhic aPPlicaTion oF miDcreTaceoUS PlanKTonic ForaminiFera 2:15PM Wendler,Ines*;Huber,BrianT.;MacLeod,KennethG.; Wendler,JensE.:TUronian PriSTine ForaminiFera From TanZania ­ SYSTemaTic STaBle iSoToPeS anD Shell carBonaTe geochemiSTrY 2:30PM Diner,Richard*;Leckie,R.Mark;Eicher,DonL.:niche DYnamicS in laTe creTaceoUS PlanKTic ForaminiFera: an eXamPle From The WeSTern inTerior SeaWaY 2:45PM Falzoni,Francesca*;Petrizzo,MariaRose;Huber, BrianT.:eVolUTion anD SigniFicance oF The ornamenTaTion in laTe creTaceoUS PlanKTonic ForaminiFeral gloBigeriniForm TaXa 3:00PM Hilding-Kronforst,Shari*;Wade,BridgetS.:liFeSTYleS oF The hanTKeniniDS 3:15PM Discussion 3:30PM Break 3:45PM Williams,Carlie*;Flower,BenjaminP.;Hastings,DavidW.; Brown,ElizabethA.;Lowell,ThomasV.:Deglacial melTWaTer inPUT To The gUlF oF meXico: a marine-BaSeD recorD oF laUrenTiDe ice SheeT chronologY 4:00PM Best,KellyM.*;Polyak,L.;Crawford,K.A.;Gray,R.E.:a long recorD oF ForaminiFera helPS reSolVe QUaTernarY WeSTern arcTic STraTigraPhY 4:15PM Mello,RenataM.*;Strohschoen,Oscar:eViDence oF corroSiVeneSS WaTer maSSeS in The SoUTh aTlanTic 4:30PM Bedrava,Steven*;Paddack,BrendanD.;Taylor,RonaldD.; Rathburn,Anthony;Perez,M.Elena;Lang,DarinM.; Martin,JonB.;Miner,Dylan;Ishman,Scott:BenThic ForaminiFera inhaBiTing The WeSTern anTarcTic PeninSUla margin 4:45PM Scott,DavidB.*:TeSTaTe rhiZoPoDS in The DrY ValleY laKeS, anTarcTica-an analogUe For a marS enVironmenT? 5:00PM Martínez-Colón,Michael*;Hallock,Pamela: conSiDeraTionS in The DeSign oF cUlTUre eXPerimenTS: ammonia SPP. in cU-enricheD SeaWaTer? 5:15PM concluding remarks 277-11 277-12 From PaleoSolS oF The laTe TriaSSic chinle FormaTion, PeTriFieD ForeST naTional ParK, ariZona, USa 277-5 2:40PM Cotton,JenniferM.*;Hyland,Ethan;Sheldon,NathanD.: organic carBon iSoToPic reconSTrUcTion oF c3/c4 PhoToSYnTheSiS anD imPlicaTionS For The TecTonic eVolUTion oF The SanTa maría BaSin, norThWeST argenTina 2:55PM Break 3:10PM Michalski,Greg*;Wang,Fan;Seo,Ji-Hye:oXYgen iSoToPeS in Soil niTraTe: a neW ProXY For Paleo-PreciPiTaTion in ariD enVironmenTS? 3:25PM Morón,Sara*;Fox,DavidL.;Turner,BenjaminL.;Jaramillo, Carlos;Montes,Camilo;Bloch,JonathanI.:PeDogenic inDeX oF Paleo-PreciPiTaTion in TroPical rain ForeSTS 3:40PM Egli,Ramon*;Orgeira,MariaJulia:PeDogenic iron oXiDeS, Soil WaTer Balance, anD climaTe 4:00PM Nie,Junsheng*;Song,Yougui;King,J.W.;Fang,Xiaomin: SiX million YearS oF TemPeraTUre anD rainFall hiSTorY on The chineSe loeSS PlaTeaU: eViDence From a noVel aPPlicaTion oF TWo magneTic grain SiZe ProXY ParameTerS To The chineSe loeSS recorD 4:15PM Driese,StevenG.*;Nordt,LeeC.;Mintz,JasonS.; Robinson,AmeliaC.;Miller,WesleyL.:The oVerlooKeD Soil-Forming FacTorS: DiSTingUiShing inFlUenceS oF Soil age anD hYDrologY From climaTe inFlUenceS on VerTiSolS, anD aPPlicaTionS To inTerPreTing PaleoSolS 4:30PM Ewing,Stepanie*;O'Donnell,Jonathan:PermaFroST anD The climaTe FingerPrinT in SoilS 4:50PM Geiss,Christoph*:eFFecT oF Fire on The magneTic ProPerTieS oF loeSSic SoilS






276-6 276-7

277-8 277-9





SeSSion no. 278

T82. Impact of Winter De-Icing Chemicals on the Environment (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM101AB RudolphHon,WaltonR.Kelly,andSamuelV.Panno,Presiding 278-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Corsi,Steven*;Graczyk,David;Geis,Steven;Booth, Nathaniel;Richards,Kevin;Hirsch,RobertM.:The increaSing imPacT oF roaD SalT: WiDeSPreaD aQUaTic ToXiciTY anD WaTer QUaliTY imPacTS on local, regional, anD naTional ScaleS 1:55PM Kelly,WaltonR.*;Panno,SamuelV.;Hackley,KeithC.: roaD SalT anD The SaliniZaTion oF SUrFace WaTerS anD groUnDWaTer oF The chicago region 2:10PM Coefer,Josh*;Hon,Rudolph;Tedder,Newton: correlaTionS BeTWeen lanD USe anD The eXTenT oF roaD SalT conTaminaTion in SUrFace WaTerS anD groUnDWaTer BaSeFloW - eaSTern maSSachUSeTTS 2:25PM Heath,Douglas*;Belaval,Marcel:WinTer Deicing SalT conTaminaTion oF TWo mUniciPal WellFielDS in WilmingTon, maSSachUSeTTS 2:45PM Allen,Douglas*;Bull,Nick:Tracing roaD SalT aPPlicaTion ThroUgh SUrFace WaTer in The naShUa riVer WaTerSheD, maSSachUSeTTS 3:00PM Hon,Rudolph*;Dillon,Peter;Duggan,AmandaM.; McInnis,JohnR.;Clabby,PeterA.:heTerogeneiTY oF groUnDWaTer QUaliTY WiThin a WaTer SUPPlY aQUiFer aFFecTeD BY roaD SalT chemicalS 3:15PM Break



SeSSion no. 277

T64. Soils as Archives of Past Climates (GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room200FG ChristophGeissandEdwardNater,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 277-1 1:35PM Nordt,Lee*;Driese,Steven;Dworkin,SteveI.: TerreSTrial PaleoclimaTe FUTUreS: gamBling on inVeSTmenTS in moDern analogS 1:55PM Zung,AshleyB.*;Feddema,JohannesJ.:a QUanTiTaTiVe aPProach To reconSTrUcTing greaT PlainS climaTe From Soil ProPerTieS 2:10PM Meier,HollyA.*;Driese,Steven;Nordt,Lee;Dworkin, SteveI.;Forman,StevenL.:inTerPreTaTion oF DYnamic laTe QUaTernarY climaTe anD lanDScaPe VariaBiliTY BaSeD UPon PaleoSol macro- anD micromorPhologY anD STaBle iSoToPeS oF Soil organic maTTer, oWl creeK, cenTral TeXaS, USa 2:25PM Dworkin,SteveI.*;Nordt,Lee;Atchley,Stacy:carBon iSoToPe raTioS in BUlK organic maTTer









260 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


278-7 3:30PM Quinn,JohnJ.*;VanLonkhuyzen,RobertA.;Kamiya, MarkA.:eValUaTing roaD SalT PerSiSTence in a WeTlanD 3:50PM Green,SophieM.*;Cresser,MalcolmS.:DoeS roaD SalTing Damage To Soil c anD n cYcling caUSe more Than a SalT loaD Damage To local STreamS? 4:05PM Roy,JamesW.*;Gillis,PatriciaL.;McInnis,Rodney; Bickerton,Greg:riSK To BenThic organiSmS, SUch aS The FreShWaTer mUSSel lamPSiliS SiloQUeoDea From groUnDWaTer conTaminaTeD WiTh roaD SalT anD DiScharging To an UrBan STream 4:20PM Conko,KathrynM.*;Landa,EdwardR.:eFFecT oF Deicing SalTS on The moBiliZaTion oF Zinc From Tire ParTicleS 4:35PM Schmitkons,Jonathan*;Graney,Joseph;Zhu,Weixing: FacTorS inFlUencing meTal DePoSiTion anD moBiliTY near roaDWaYS in The BinghamTon, nY UrBan corriDor 4:50PM Sibert,RyanJ.*;Koretsky,CarlaM.;Snyder,Christine; MacLeod,Andrew;Wyman,DavinaA.;Gilchrist,AnnM.; Barone,Steven:meromiXiS in an UrBan KeTTle laKe: eFFecTS oF roaD De-icing SalTS 279-9 4:00PM Britt,Christopher*;Iqbal,Mohammad:STUDY oF e. coli anD oTher WaTer QUaliTY inDicaTorS in a Small SUBUrBan WaTerSheD 4:15PM Barton,AshleyM.*;Romanek,ChrisS.;Brion,GailM.; Fryar,AlanE.:PoTenTial aTTenUaTion oF STaBle iSoToPe laBel DUring PreDaTion oF 15n-TaggeD WilD-TYPe ESCHERICHIA COLI BY ProToZoa 4:30PM Mondal,PulinK.*;Sleep,BrentE.:eFFecTS oF WaTer ionic STrengTh on VirUS anD VirUS-SiZeD ParTicle TranSPorT in a VariaBle-aPerTUre DolomiTe rocK FracTUre 4:45PM Feriancikova,Lucia*;Johanson,Jennifer;Xu,Shangping: eFFecTS oF enTerococcal SUrFace ProTein (eSP) on The TranSPorT oF enTerococcUS FaeciUm WiThin SaTUraTeD aQUiFer SanDS








SeSSion no. 280

T121. Uranium Ore Deposits: From Genesis to Mine Tailings and Mining Wastes

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,Room102D-F RuizhongHu,ChenZhu,andMostafaFayek,Presiding 280-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Kyser,Kurt*:moVing UP The learning cUrVe For DiScoVerY oF UraniUm DePoSiTS anD UraniUm geochemiSTrY 1:55PM Chi,Guoxiang*:hYDroDYnamic conTrol on localiZaTion oF UraniUm DePoSiTS in SeDimenTarY BaSinS 2:15PM Zhu,Chen*:aPPlicaTionS oF geochemical moDeling To remeDiaTion oF UraniUm conTaminaTion anD UraniUm ore DePoSiT FormaTion 2:30PM Hu,Ruizhong*;Bi,Xianwu;Peng,Jiantang;Su,Wenchao; Liu,Shen;Qi,Huanwen:UraniUm meTallogeneSiS in SoUTh china 2:45PM Pan,Wei*;Li,Hanbo;Li,Ziyiny;Wang,Ju;Huang,Shutao: image FracTal FeaTUre oF hYDroThermal UraniUm ore-FielDS in SoUTh china 3:00PM Break 3:15PM Spencer,JonE.*;Wenrich,KarenJ.:The granD canYon Breccia-PiPe UraniUm DiSTricT, norThWeSTern ariZona, anD PoTenTial mining-relaTeD imPacTS To coloraDo riVer WaTer QUaliTY 3:30PM Levitan,DeniseM.*;Schreiber,MadelineE.;Seal, RobertR.II.;Bodnar,RobertJ.;Aylor,JosephG.Jr.: characTeriZaTion oF STream WaTerS in The ViciniTY oF The UnDeVeloPeD coleS hill UraniUm DePoSiT, PiTTSYlVania coUnTY, Virginia 3:45PM Xiaozhong,Han*;Rongrong,Liu;Xiaochao,Hui; Mingtai,Wang:The UraniUm meTallogeneSiS iS conTrolleD BY ShUangQiao FaUlT in ZheJiang ProVince 4:00PM Leibold,Julie*;Monecke,Thomas;Kelly,Nigel:SUlFiDe morPhologY anD DiSTriBUTion aT The Three croW roll-FronT UraniUm DePoSiT, neBraSKa 4:15PM Istok,Jonathan*:oVerVieW oF cUrrenT remeDiaTion TechnologieS For UraniUm conTaminaTeD groUnDWaTer aQUiFerS 4:35PM Discussion


SeSSion no. 279

T83. Pathogens and Fecal Indicators in Soil, Groundwater, and Surface Water (GSA Hydrogeology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100DE LarryD.McKayandMarkBorchardt,Presiding 279-1 1:30PM McKay,Larry*;Layton,AliceC.;Knappett,PeterS.K.; Culligan,PatriciaJ.;Mailloux,BrianJ.;Ferguson,Andrew; Feighery,John;Emch,Michael;Serre,MarcL.;vanGeen, Alex:The ValUe oF FielD occUrrence STUDieS oF Fecal conTaminaTion in aQUiFerS anD WellS 1:50PM Bradbury,KennethR.*;Borchardt,MarkA.;Gotkowitz, MadelineB.;Zhu,Jun;Gellasch,ChristopherA.;Spencer, SusanK.;Hunt,Randy:hYDrogeological anD STaTiSTical eViDence For WiDe-SPreaD enTeric VirUS conTaminaTion oF DeeP mUniciPal WellS 2:05PM Gellasch,ChristopherA.*;Bradbury,KennethR.;Gotkowitz, MadelineB.;Borchardt,Mark;Bahr,JeanM.:eValUaTion oF mechaniSmS ThaT mighT conTrol TranSPorT oF WaSTeWaTer conTaminanTS in BeDrocK mUlTi-aQUiFer SYSTemS 2:20PM Wampler,PeterJ.*;Sisson,AndrewJ.:PaThogen PaThWaYS, conTaminaTion, anD SUSTainaBle WaTer reSoUrce SolUTionS For haiTi 2:35PM Hruby,Claire*;Soupir,Michelle;Moorman,ThomasB.: TranSPorT oF SALMONELLA SPP. anD inDicaTor BacTeria To Drainage Tile WaTerS UnDer cornFielDS receVing PoUlTrY manUre 2:50PM Borchardt,Mark*;Spencer,Susan;Kieke,BurneyJr.; Lambertini,Elisabetta;Loge,Frank:VirUSeS in nonDiSinFecTeD groUnDWaTer USeD For mUniciPal DrinKing WaTer anD The inciDence oF acUTe gaSTroinTeSTinal illneSS 3:10PM Break 3:25PM Baloch,MansoorA.*;Gelting,RichardJ.:role oF hYDrologY in The irrigaTion WaTer relaTeD e. coli oUTBreaKS aSSociaTeD WiTh leaFY green ProDUce 3:45PM Corsi,Steven*;Hughes,Peter;Borchardt,Mark;Spencer, SusanK.;Baldwin,Austin:hUman anD BoVine VirUSeS in UrBan anD rUral STreamS: hYDrologic anD SeaSonal PaTTernS oF WaSTeWaTer inFlUence 280-8 280-3 280-2














9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 261



SeSSion no. 281

T123. Monitoring and Understanding Our Landscape for the Long Term through Small Catchment Studies II: A Tribute to the Career of Owen P. Bricker (GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100HI KarenC.Rice,PierreD.Glynn,andJillS.Baron,Presiding 281-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:35PM Paces,Tomas*:UnDerSTanDing one hUnDreD TWenTY YearS oF changeS in WaTer QUaliTY in cenTral eUroPe ­ a TriBUTe To oWen BricKer 1:55PM Dhar,Ratan*:BiogeochemiSTrY oF arSenic in groUnDWaTer anD iTS imPlicaTion For eValUaTing The SUSTainaBiliTY oF aQUiFerS aS a long-Term SaFe WaTer SoUrceS 2:15PM Griffin,MichaelP.*;Callahan,TimothyJ.;Vulava,VijayM.; Garrett,C.Guinn;Hitchcock,Dan;Amatya,DevendraM.; Williams,ThomasM.:USing enD-memBer miXing analYSiS To UnDerSTanD STorm-eVenT STream FloW in Three Small caTchmenTS oF coaSTal SoUTh carolina 2:30PM Gerla,Phil*;Dinger,Matthew;McCoy,Ernie;OvermoeKenninger,Kate;Roehrdanz,Nicholas:moniToring anD moDeling long-Term changeS oF rainFallrUnoFF reSPonSe anD WaTer QUaliTY in a Small agricUlTUral WaTerSheD reSToreD To Prairie 2:45PM Break 3:00PM Burns,DouglasA.*;Shanley,JamesB.:long Term TrenDS anD PaTTernS in SUlFaTe BUDgeTS aT TWo caTchmenTS in The norTheaSTern US 3:15PM Stottlemyer,Robert*;Toczydlowski,David:concUrrenT TrenDS in Small WaTerSheD SnoW coVer, Soil mineraliZaTion raTeS, anD eXPorT oF DiSSolVeD organic carBon anD niTrogen inTo laKe SUPerior 3:30PM Glynn,PierreD.*;Rice,KarenC.;Baron,JillS.:Small WaTerSheD ecoSYSTem STUDieS: BrieF hiSTorY anD FUTUre DirecTionS 3:45PM Panel Discussion 4:00PM open Discussion 282-12 282-7 282-8 282-6 282-5 2:45PM Horwell,Claire*;Baxter,PeterJ.;Williamson,Ben; Donaldson,Ken;Tetley,Terry:inTegraTing mineralogY, geochemiSTrY anD ToXicologY For The raPiD DeTerminaTion oF The reSPiraTorY healTh haZarD oF Volcanic aSh: reSUlTS From 10 erUPTionS 3:05PM Damby,DavidE.*;Horwell,Claire:WhaT The lUngS See: mineralogical FacTorS aFFecTing The PoTenTial ToXiciTY oF Volcanic aSh 3:20PM Break 3:35PM Finkelman,RobertB.*:The imPacTS oF coal on PUBlic healTh 3:55PM Torrance,KeithW.*;Switzer,Christine;Rein,Guillermo; Hadden,Rory;Belcher,ClaireM.;Carvel,Ricky: inVeSTigaTion oF SelF-SUSTaining comBUSTion oF a coal WaSTe heaP in ScoTlanD 4:10PM Harrington,AndreaD.*;Tsirka,Styliani-AnnaE.; Schoonen,MartinA.A.:BriDging The gaP ­ an inTerDiSciPlinarY aPProach For DeTermining The caUSe oF coal WorKerS' PneUmoconioSiS 4:25PM Graney,JosephR.*;Landis,MatthewS.;Krupa,Sagar: coUPling leaD iSoToPe raTioS anD elemenT concenTraTionS in ePiPhYTic lichenS To TracK ProceSSeS in The aThaBaSca oil SanDS region 4:40PM Brabander,DanielJ.*;Estes,Emily;Fitzstevens,MaiaG.; Chien,Jiayang;Heiger-Bernays,Wendy:geochemicallY FingerPrinTing SoUrceS in The UrBan comPoST STream: ToWarDS DeSigning BeST PracTiceS For managing FaciliTieS anD aPPlicaTion 4:55PM Zheng,Jiajia*;Edraki,Mansour;Huynh,Trang;Gasparon, Massimo;Ng,Jack;Harris,HughH.;Noller,Barry: comPariSon oF BioacceSSiBiliTY USing PBeT anD X-raY aBSorPTion TechniQUeS For riSK aSSeSSmenT oF SelecTeD leaD conTaining maTerialS 5:10PM Bove,DanaJ.*;Lowers,HeatherA.;Morman, SuzetteA.;Chaffee,MauriceA.;Plumlee,GeoffreyS.: a SimPle meThoDologY For DeTermining The BioacceSSiBiliTY oF aS, cD, anD PB in SmelTer conTaminaTeD Soil SamPleS: a caSe STUDY oF SoilS in The DeSerT SoUThWeSTern UniTeD STaTeS conTaminaTeD BY PB-ag ore SmelTer eFFlUenT











SeSSion no. 282

T201. Intersection of Geology and Health: Impacts of Geologic Materials on Public Health (GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100BC GeoffreyS.PlumleeandJeanM.Morrison,Presiding 282-1 282-2 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:40PM Schoonen,MartinA.A.*:mineral-inDUceD raDical FormaTion: The gooD anD The BaD 2:00PM Plumlee,Geoffrey*;Morman,SuzetteA.;Meeker, GregoryP.:a comPariSon oF ToXicologicallY imPorTanT characTeriSTicS oF aTmoSPheric ParTicUlaTe maTTer From DiVerSe SoUrceS 2:15PM Morrison,JeanM.*;Goldhaber,MartinB.;Hooper,RobertL.; Morman,SuzetteA.:The TranSPorT oF geogenic chromiUm anD nicKel From UlTramaFic SoUrceS in norThern, caliFornia: iS There a hUman healTh riSK? 2:30PM Ulrich,Sarah*;Hooper,RoberL.:TranSmiSSion elecTron microScoPe analYSiS oF Trace elemenTS in inDiViDUal air ParTicUlaTeS From The cenTral ValleY oF ca: a PreliminarY aSSeSSmenT oF PoTenTial imPacTS oF air ParTicUlaTeS on hUman healTh

SeSSion no. 283

T204. Advances in Characterizing Sources and Release of Naturally Occurring Trace Elements to Aquatic Systems and Groundwater (GSA Geology and Health Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division; Minnesota Ground Water Association; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomM100FG SarahL.NicholasandBrandyM.Toner,Presiding 283-1 1:30PM introductory remarks 1:45PM Ayotte,JosephD.*;Gronberg,JoAnn;Apodaca, Lori;Dubrovsky,NeilM.:Trace elemenTS in groUnDWaTer in The UniTeD STaTeS 2:05PM Hibbs,BarryJ.*:eVolVing arSenic anD SeleniUm TrenDS BeneaTh a DraineD TerreSTrial marSh 2:20PM Vinson,DavidS.*;Lundy,JamesR.;Alvarez,Tom; Vengosh,Avner:raDiUm iSoToPe reSPonSe To aQUiFer STorage anD recoVerY: eXamPle oF a minneSoTa SanDSTone aQUiFer 2:35PM Gotkowitz,MadelineB.*;Schreiber,MadelineE.;Root, TaraL.;West,Nicole:characTeriZing The role oF Well FielDS in DiSTriBUTion oF arSenic in groUnDWaTer SYSTemS


283-2 283-3



262 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future


283-5 2:55PM Nicholas,SarahL.*;Toner,BrandyM.;Erickson,MelindaL.; Knaeble,AlanR.;Woodruff,LaurelG.;Meyer,GaryN.: SPeciaTion anD mineralogY oF arSenic in glacial SeDimenTS anD Their eFFecT on arSenic concenTraTionS in groUnDWaTer, minneSoTa, USa 3:10PM Goddard,Coreyn*;Dhar,Ratan:oPTimiZaTion oF a colorimeTric meThoD To DeTermine arSenic SPeciaTion in colUmn eXPerimenTS To STUDY The eFFecTS oF iron, manganeSe, anD PhoSPhaTe concenTraTion in groUnDWaTer in arSenic remoVal ProceSS 3:25PM Break 3:40PM Polizzotto,Matthew*:mUlTi-Scale aPProacheS For aSSeSSing arSenic SPeciaTion anD moBiliTY in aQUiFerS oF SoUTh anD SoUTheaST aSia 4:00PM Weinman,Beth*;Goodbred,StevenJr.;Zheng,Yan; vanGeen,A.;Singhvi,Ashok:The SUrFace anD SUBSUrFace conTrolS on groUnDWaTer arSenic: can SUrFace morPhologY alWaYS helP in DeTermining VUlneraBiliTY To ShalloW groUnDWaTer arSenic? 4:15PM Hallett,BethanM.;Burgess,WilliamG.*;Valsami-Jones, Eva:mineralogical DiSTriBUTion oF F anD SoUrceS oF groUnDWaTer FlUoriDe in The gneiSSic BeDrocK/regoliTh aQUiFer oF anDhra PraDeSh, inDia 4:30PM Discussion 284-1 1:35PM Mustard,JohnF.*;Greenberger,Rebecca;Salvatore, MarkR.;Ehlmann,BethanyL.:TraVerSing The aQUeoUS hiSTorY oF marS ThroUgh analogS 1:55PM Burr,DevonM.*;Howard,AlanD.:PlaneTarY FlUVial geomorPhologY STUDieS USing TerreSTrial analogS 2:15PM Kula,Joseph*;Kraus,MaryJ.;Brock-Hon,AmyL.; Baldwin,SuzanneL.:neogene Drainage raTeS in The Bighorn BaSin From JaroSiTe 40ar/39ar chronomeTrY; a hYDrologic analog For meriDiani PlanUm, marS 2:30PM Kelley,CherylA.*;Poole,JenniferA.;Tazaz,AmandaM.; Chanton,JeffreyP.;Bebout,BradM.:13c-enricheD meThane ProDUceD BiologicallY aT hYPerSaline marS analog SiTeS 2:45PM Williams,RebeccaM.E.*;Irwin,RossmanP.III.;McClelland, Phillip;Burr,DevonM.:The miracKina Paleochannel in SoUTh aUSTralia aS an analog For PaireD SinUoUS riDgeS on marS 3:00PM Gregg,TracyK.P.*;Roberts,Carolyn:SinUoUS rilleS in heSPeria PlanUm, marS: WaTer, laVa, or SomeThing elSe? 3:15PM Salvatore,MarkR.;Mustard,JohnF.*;Head,JamesW.; Seeley,Jack:VeriFicaTion oF SPecTral maPPing oF The mcmUrDo DrY ValleYS USing in SiTU anD laBoraTorY TechniQUeS 3:30PM Diniega,Serina*;Smrekar,SuzanneE.;Anderson, StevenW.;Stofan,EllenR.:laVa FloW DYnamicS DriVen BY TemPeraTUre-DePenDenT ViScoSiTY VariaTionS 3:45PM Pendleton,MatthewW.*;Bleacher,JacobE.;Hamilton, ChristopherW.;Glaze,LoriS.:The DiSTriBUTion oF Volcanic VenTS acroSS The eaSTern TharSiS PlainS, marS 4:00PM DeHon,R.A.*:craTer morPhologY in monogeneTic Volcanic FielDS oF WeSTern neW meXico 4:15PM Halliday,WilliamR.*;Stefansson,Arni;Favre,Gerald:PiT craTerS anD oPen VerTical Volcanic conDUiTS oF earTh anD marS 4:30PM Kattenhorn,SimonA.*:TerreSTrial DilaTional FaUlTS: analogS For normal FaUlTS on marS anD PoSSiBlY icY moonS












SeSSion no. 284

T215. Terrestrial Analogs in Solar System Studies (GSA Planetary Geology Division; GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division; GSA Geophysics Division; GSA Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division; GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division; GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division; GSA Limnogeology Division; GSA Hydrogeology Division)

1:30PM,MinneapolisConventionCenter,RoomL100H-J SimonA.KattenhornandLarryS.Crumpler,Presiding 1:30PM introductory remarks 284-12 284-9



9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 263


Index of Authors

How to use the indexing system: The first number (preceding the dash) represents the session number in which the paper will be presented. The second number (following the dash) indicates the presentation order of the paper within its session. Example: Eaton, L. Scott ..... 59-4* Find Session #59 in either the Abstracts volume or the Technical Session portion of the Program, and look at the fourth paper in the session. Page numbers are not listed in this index. Refer to session number and order of presentation to locate the author you are searching for.


Aagaard, Per 42-7 Aalto, K.R. 218-11* Aalto, Rolf 19-13 Aaltonen, Ismo S. 101-7*,101-8* Abban, Benjamin 181-9 Abbe, Timothy 59-1 Abbott, April 132-6,188-1* Abdelkareem, Mohamed 248-1*,262-10* Abdelsalam, Mohamed 33-1 Abedin, M. Nurul 248-2* Abeid, John A. 32-9 Abels, Hemmo 237-2 Abeyta, Antoinette 149-9* Abiye, Tamiru 215-8 Abongwa, Pride T. 219-10* Abott, Mark 189-39 Abouelmagd, Abdou 58-3* Abousif, Alsedik M. 241-39* Abraham, David 149-5 Abraham, Jared D. 61-8,183-4 Abraham, John 46-15* Abramov, Oleg 69-4 Abrams, Daniel Bruce 83-9,140-5* AbuBakr, Mostafa 26-7,48-11*,248-7*, 248-8 Abudulawal, Lukuman 169-6 Achey, Elisabet T. 156-12 Acikbas, Inci 146-8 Ackerman, S.D. 246-1 Ackison, Laurel 185-3* Acton, Peter M. 240-9,241-34 Adamo, Lisa 223-7 Adamovic, Jiri 194-14* Adams, Charlla 139-9 Adams, Doug 25-19 Adams, James P. 42-5 Adams, Kenneth D. 65-7* Adams, Roberta S. 5-5,82-2*,192-1, 198-8,262-25* Adams, Ryan 110-18* Adams, Sharon A. 9-5 Adams, Victoria E. 195-1 Adamson, James 160-9* Adatte, Thierry 55-9,55-10,55-11* Addison, A.D. 229-14 Adegoke, Jimmy 23-6 Adekanmbi, Olusola Helen 120-12* Adelsberger, Katherine A. 95-16,95-17* Ader, Vincent N. 260-16 Adler, Alex D. 103-7 Admou, Hassan 32-8 Ague, Jay J. 29-14 Agustsson, Kenjo 204-7* Ahamed, Aakash 191-7* Aharon, Paul 95-6,224-10 Ahern, Tim 263-3* Ahlberg, Per 274-2 Ahlstrom, Anna Kathleen 26-18,180-12* Ahmad Abir, Ismail 244-13* Ahmad, Talat 252-1,252-7

Ahmed, Kazi Matin 84-14,134-11 Ahmed, Masud 44-8,44-12 Ai, Siyue 42-9 Aiken, Carlos L.V. 115-15,165-6,170-11, 186-3,237-10,237-11 Aiken, George R. 40-5,166-3 Aina, Eyitayo 30-6* Aird, Hannah M. 175-3 Akawy, Ahmed 248-1,262-10 Akhtar, Alliya A. 207-12 Akin, Sara 106-5* Al Faitouri, Mohamed 37-2* Al Harbi, Talal 180-13 Al Lawati, Wafa 134-9 Al, Ramanathan 84-15*,134-2* Al-Lazki, Ali Ibrahim 244-7* Al-Twaijri, Hani Ahmed 116-1 Al-Zoubi, Abdallah 249-2 Alam, Md.I. 122-5,249-17* Albano, J.A. 109-6* Albertyn, K. 72-4 Albertz, Markus 76-2 Albrecht, Mark 244-11 Albury, Nancy 15-10 Alcorn, Rebecca J. 33-4 Aldiss, Don 217-9 Aldred, Jennifer L. 96-28* Aldridge, David E. 95-6*,224-10* Alegret, Laia 55-13 Aleinikoff, John N. 49-11,77-3 Alemseged, Zeresenay 258-8 Alemu, Binyam Lema 42-7 Alexander, Conel M. O'D. 142-5 Alexander, E. Calvin Jr. 3-9,60-11,108-3, 108-4,110-4,129-3,135-7,182-2 Alexander, Jason S. 113-1 Alexander, Kyle 241-26 Alexander, Scott C. 129-3 Alfarhan, Mohammed S. 165-6,170-11, 186-3 Alfaro, Michael E. 57-5,57-10 Algeo, Thomas J. 150-10,209-1*,209-3, 249-20 Alhawas, Assaf A. 2-6* Ali, Ghazanfar 192-8 Ali, Guleed A.H. 211-6,211-8 Ali, Guleed AH 211-12* Ali, Zarine 44-8 Alin, Simone 19-13 Allard, Stephen T. 25-10,28-14,29-8, 31-13,101-6,101-14 Allaz, Julien 130-8*,130-9 Allen, Andy J. 26-22* Allen, Carlton C. 167-10* Allen, Charlotte M. 272-11 Allen, Douglas 41-7,278-5* Allen, George Henry 251-10* Allen, Heather C. 137-5 Allen, Jaclyn 94-10* Allen, Katherine 44-13,44-16 Allen, Kerri Alexandra 99-10* Allen, Sarah E. 120-15*

Allen, Victoria 241-43* Allen-King, Richelle 109-8 Aller, Robert C. 13-5 Alley, Bethany 241-22* Alley, Richard B. 82-8,183-6 Allis, Rick G. 9-11* Allison, Alivia J. 98-8* Allison, David 93-8 Allison, David T. 262-39* Allison, M. Lee 9-9,9-10*,170-9*,170-10, 223-10 Allison, Mead A. 191-1 Allmendinger, Richard W. 139-6 Allmon, Warren 207-9 Allmon, Warren D. 78-1*,78-8,99-37, 152-13,226-12 Allwardt, Jeffrey R. 13-3 Alm, Steven 98-7 Almendinger, James E. 181-18 Almquist, Catherine 29-9 Almquist, Heather 189-32 Alroy, John 55-6* Alsaaran, Nasser 160-13* Alshawabkeh, Akram 110-5 Alstadt, Kristin 220-2* Alt, Richard C. III 76-9,76-10 Altiner, Demir 105-18,231-12 Alvarado, Guillermo E. 81-2 Alvarado, M. Iris 115-15 Alvarez, Tom 283-3 Alvino, Francis A. 104-4* Amatangelo, Kathryn L. 4-9 Amati, Lisa 4-1 Amatya, Devendra M. 162-8,281-3 Amelse, Ann 187-15 Amend, Jan P. 72-2* Ames, Dorothea V. 113-5* Ames, Robert M. 141-4 Amidu, Sikiru A. 104-1*,169-6* Amini, Manouchehr 84-11 Amit, Rivka 154-11 Ammannito, E. 239-9 Ammannito, Eleonora 239-5 Ammon, Charles 104-8 Ammon, Charles J. 176-1 Anandakrishnan, Sridhar 183-6 Anastasio, David 163-3 Anbar, Ariel D. 21-8 Anciro, Stephanie 44-20,44-24,44-26 Anders, Alison 183-5 Anders, Alison M. 96-5,194-5* Anders, Mark H. 103-7 Andersen, Dale T. 208-4 Anderson, Allyson 124-5* Anderson, Alyssa J. 172-15* Anderson, Arlene F. 9-9* Anderson, Daniel S. 241-26* Anderson, Deborah K. 99-24* Anderson, Eric 168-16 Anderson, Erik I. 83-5,83-10* Anderson, Evan P. 15-1 Anderson, Fred J. 206-5

Anderson, Heidi 249-16* Anderson, Jacob L. 27-23* Anderson, Jennifer L.B. 25-13,164-5*, 261-4* Anderson, John 120-8 Anderson, Julia 110-4* Anderson, Ken B. 206-8 Anderson, Krystle 158-10 Anderson, Laurie C. 152-12* Anderson, Leif 82-6 Anderson, Mary 260-10 Anderson, Mary P. 233-6 Anderson, N.J. 86-3 Anderson, Raymond R. 3-9*,159-11 Anderson, Robert 210-5 Anderson, Robert C. 100-8*,100-14 Anderson, Robert S. 82-6* Anderson, Scott W. 149-2 Anderson, Steven W. 71-11*,284-8 Anderson, T.W. 138-4 Ando, Atsushi 276-2* Ando, Ryosuke 98-1 Andreasen, David C. 233-11 Andreasen, Mie 187-14 Andrew, Joseph E. 6-4,115-11* Andrews, Graham 35-12* Andrews, William 262-41* Andrews-Hanna, Jeffrey C. 167-4* Anfinson, Owen 77-4*,102-3 Angeli, Kim M. 81-10,91-12 Angen, Joel 177-13 Annable, Michael 88-4 Anné, Jennifer 58-5* Anovitz, Lawrence 247-3 Ansdell, Kevin M. 127-6*,127-13,200-5 Antar, Mohammad Sameh M. 99-35 Anthony, Elizabeth Y. 39-11 Apodaca, Lori 283-1 Appleby, Christina A. 163-9 Applegate, Patrick J. 102-1,138-11 Appleton, Sarah 25-18,96-1*,113-7 Appold, Martin 264-2 Appold, Martin S. 158-8 Aquino, Kim 96-28 Aracne, C.R. 147-5 Arai, Shoji 203-2* Arbogast, Alan F. 214-6* Archer, Allen W. 205-2* Arcone, Steven 20-11 Arenas, Alejandro 249-9 Arends, Heather E. 5-3* Arey, Bruce 88-9 Argyilan, Erin 214-11* Argyilan, Erin P. 214-10 Arkle, Jeanette C. 230-11 Arlauckas, S.M. 93-4 Armani, Gustavo 108-2 Armitage, Dominic 13-3 Armour, J. 172-11 Armstrong, Christopher P. 16-4* Armstrong, Phillip A. 230-5,230-11* Arnaud, Emmanuelle 262-5

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 265

Arnold, Carl B. 241-42* Aronoff, Ruth F. 128-2 Arora, Baneet 217-4 Arredondo, Pedro 65-5 Arrowsmith, J. Ramón 128-10*,132-12, 263-2 Artemieva, Irina M. 125-5* Artemieva, Natalia 24-7 Arthur, Jonathan D. 3-7*,3-8 Arthurs, Leilani 46-5* Arvidson, Raymond 167-3* Arvin, Mohsen 28-13 Asante, Joseph 85-3* Asanuma, Hidetoshi 147-1 Asato, Carlos Gabriel 263-16* Asbjórndöttir, Lovisa 99-36 Aschoff, Jennifer 179-2 Aseto, Collins O. 168-12 Ash, Jeanine 165-12 Ash, Richard 58-8 Ashe, Daniel 253-5 Asher, Robert A. 91-9* Ashley, Gail M. 132-10,189-1,189-22, 213-2* Ashley, Michael 46-15 Ashwal, Lewis 215-8 Ashworth, Allan 138-6* Ashworth, Allan C. 172-6 Askalany, Mohamed 248-1,262-10 Askari Khorasgani, Zohreh 249-18 Askin, Corey 155-9 Askin, Rosemary 120-8,120-9 Aslan, Andres 102-5* Asmar, S. 239-1 Asmerom, Yemane 162-5 Asplund, Shari 94-10 Atchison, Christopher 70-6* Atchley, Stacy 80-8,172-3,277-4 Atekwana, Eliot 260-2 Atekwana, Eliot A. 219-10 Atekwana, Estella 136-5 Atkinson, Lisa A. 233-4*,262-28* Attal, Mikael 13-10 Attig, John 192-2 Attig, John W. 5-1,64-1 Attinti, Ramesh 185-8* Atudorei, Nicu-Viorel 209-7 Aubele, J.C. 94-11* Aubry, Marie-Pierre 226-6*,276-1* Aucoin, Christopher D. 104-4,115-5* Audette-Stuart, Marilyne 136-12 Aufdenkampe, Anthony 19-13,181-2, 243-26,243-27 Augustin, Michael 99-2* Auken, Esben 62-9,262-8 Ault, Aaron 263-1 Ausich, William 27-20,207-14* Ausich, William I. 27-17 Austin, Steven A. 96-9* Auvenshine, Sarah D. 26-15* Avouac, Jean-Philippe 29-17 Awramik, Stanley M. 18-9*,18-10,99-39 Ayalon, Avner 154-11 Aydinian, Karen 143-11 Aylor, Joseph G. Jr. 280-7 Ayorinde, Adebayo Olujinmi 168-11* Ayotte, Joseph D. 233-10,283-1* Azuma, Takashi 98-1


Ba, Denzhu 203-4 Baar, Eric E. 77-5 Babaei, Abbed 28-13 Babcock, Lori N. 95-11* Bachan, Aviv 55-3* Bachu, Stefan 122-1 Badgley, Catherine 132-3 Badyrka, Kira A. 27-6*,99-10,99-11 Baedecker, Mary Jo 185-1 Baedke, Steve J. 21-12,214-10,214-12 Baer, Eric M.D. 22-10,71-10* Baero, Wiebke 126-12 Baghai-Riding, Nina 242-1 Bahlburg, Heinrich 10-2,179-5 Bahn, Volker 55-5 Bahniuk, Anelize M. 242-11 Bahr, Jean M. 187-12,279-3 Bahtiyar, Ismail 146-8 Baierlipp, Michael 111-13 Bailey, Christopher 113-2 Bailey, Jake V. 129-6*,173-12,242-10 Bailey, Scott 191-6

Bair, Andrea 221-6* Bair, E. Scott 60-7* Baird, Gordon C. 14-10 Baird, Graham B. 32-5* Baird, Matthew 41-15* Bajc, Andy F. 62-4 Baker, David M.H. 100-5,142-6,142-7, 142-11,142-12* Baker, Kathleen M. 245-9 Baker, Leandra 40-6* Baker, Michael B. 28-10 Baker, Victor R. 218-6* Bakker, Mark 83-5* Balco, Greg 5-6,102-7,192-18 Baldauf, Paul 241-21* Baldus, Lorentyna 116-10* Baldwin, Austin 279-8 Baldwin, Julia A. 273-1* Baldwin, Suzanne L. 12-11*,284-3 Balgord, Elizabeth 77-2* Balholm, P. 32-10 Balimuttajjo, Midar 241-7* Balistrieri, Laurie S. 63-2,63-10* Balk, Meghan 4-10 Ball, Carolyn E. 110-8* Ballard, Nathaniel C. 86-8* Ballewske, Lauren 27-24 Balliet, Russell N. 221-7,221-10* Balmat, Jennifer L. 6-3* Balmer, Michelle B. 86-2 Balmos, Andrew 263-1 Baloch, Mansoor A. 279-7* Balogh, Steven J. 161-7 Balsam, William 172-7 Balta, Joseph 28-10* Baltensperger, Brad 266-3 Bambach, Richard K. 79-1 Banas, Ryan M. 121-8* Bandara, W.M.A.T. 40-10 Bandaragoda, Christina 156-3 Bandli, Bryan R. 247-7* Bandy, Ralph Edward III 105-2* Banerjee, Neil R. 264-4 Banerjee, Sandeep 200-2 Banerjee, Santanu 174-14 Banfield, Jill F. 88-5,129-11 Bank, Tracy 187-5,236-4 Bankoff, H. Arthur 95-15 Banner, Jay 80-11,172-15 Banner, Jay L. 135-8 Bannister, Roger A. 193-1 Bansberg, Marsha 25-18 Banteah, Reyna Lynn 39-5* Banzhaf, Stefan 40-2*,137-13* Bapst, David W. 57-15* Barbeau, David L. Jr. 106-3 Barber, Douglas E. 174-13* Barber, Kelly M. 240-9* Barberan, Cj 115-2 Barbey, Pierre 202-2 Barbieri, Andrea 181-10 Barchetta, Alessia 267-4 Bardwell, Jamie L. 39-14 Bargar, John R. 88-6,88-8 Barineau, Clinton I. 11-10* Barker, Amanda 137-2 Barker, Donald 167-9 Barker, Robinson 42-6* Barker, Shaun L.L. 53-11 Barley, Mark E. 212-2* Barlow, Celeste 86-13 Barlow, Jeannie R.B. 2-10,187-10* Barnard, Alex 245-3 Barnard, Holly R. 26-17 Barnard, Kathryn Nora 219-8* Barnes, Jason B. 251-10 Barnes, Jason W. 199-4* Barnes, Randal 83-6,83-7 Barney, Jeffrey A. 45-11*,164-2* Barnhardt, Michael L. 64-4 Barnouin, Olivier S. 100-15,142-8,239-12 Baron, Alfred Q.R. 147-1,147-6 Baron, Dirk 89-11,133-9,234-8*,245-8 Baron, Jill S. 281-7 Barone, Steven 278-12 Barquero-Molina, Miriam 29-5 Barr, Kelton D. 110-4 Barr, Kelton D.L. 83-14* Barr, Sandra M. 173-20 Barreiro-Lostres, Fernando 18-1 Barrett, Heather Ann 241-20 Barrios, Hector 152-11 Barry, B.J. 43-1

Barse, Kirtipal 34-7,34-8 Barszewski, Christine E. 31-6* Bart, Gwendolyn D. 117-5* Barta, Daniel E. 173-9 Bartek, Louis R. III 254-3* Bartels, William S. 27-3,99-34*,114-4, 173-26 Barth, Andrew P. 35-6*,273-2 Barth, Ginger 16-11 Bartholomew, Alex 99-28*,173-13, 173-29 Bartholomew, L. Taylor 148-7 Bartholomew, Mervin J. 6-7 Bartholomew, Paul R. 89-5* Bartlett, Rickey 4-3* Bartley, Julie K. 30-15* Bartley, Russell H. 206-15 Bartley, Sylvia E. 206-15 Bartolini, Anachiara 237-5 Barton, Ashley M. 279-10* Barton, Bax R. 222-10 Barton, Penny 24-9 Bartov, Gideon 170-8*,241-14 Baru, Chaitanya 263-2 Basak, Chandranath 224-4 Basista, Beth 21-5 Bass, Benjamin 187-6 Bass, Jay D. 147-5,147-10,147-11 Bassett, Damon J. 39-6,220-8* Bassett, Kari N. 77-11* Bassett, Seth 262-37* Basu, Rwiti 24-10* Bataille, Clement 90-2*,105-16,258-14* Batarags, Nikolajs 111-7,111-9 Bates, Kim 164-5 Batlhomamisi, Bagomotsi David 260-2 Batlle-Aguilar, Jordi 61-3 Battaglia, Maurizio 244-12 Batten, William 233-12 Bauer, Aaron W. 24-11 Bauer, Florian 2-4* Bauer, James 19-11 Bauer, Jennifer E. 152-3 Bauer, Laurel M. 169-1 Bauer, Mark 230-13 Bauer, Robert L. 31-15 Baumeister, Julie L. 19-7* Baumgardner, Sarah 96-18* Baumgardt, Elisa 39-11* Baumiller, Tomasz K. 27-19,27-21 Baums, Iliana 246-12 Baxter, Peter J. 282-5 Bayasgalan, A. 49-8 Bayona, Germán 80-4 Beach, Timothy 161-3,161-4* Beale, Jacob N. 229-13 Beane, Rachel J. 6-2,97-15 Beard, Brian L. 58-1,129-4 Beard, Christopher M. 219-8 Beard, James Andrew 172-2* Beard, Sue 163-12 Beason, Scott R. 59-1,149-2* Beaton, Danielle 136-12 Beatty, William Lee 164-5,261-4 Beaty, David W. 167-10 Beauchamp, Benoit 153-13 Beaudoin, David J. 231-1 Bebout, Brad M. 284-4 Beck, Catherine C. 5-6,189-1* Beck, Dagmar 139-14 Beck, Emma N. 193-4* Becker, Doris B. 38-2 Becker, Harry 126-12* Becker, Kris J. 100-6 Becker, Martin A. 99-28 Becker, Richard 38-2 Becker, Richard A. 64-11* Becker, Richard H. 180-13 Becker, Tammy L. 100-6 Becker, Thorsten W. 202-8* Beckie, Roger D. 84-7* Beckman, Natalie 59-2* Bédard, Jean H. 203-3 Bedaso, Zelalem K. 258-2,258-8* Beddows, Patricia A. 108-8* Bedrava, Steven 276-10* Bedrosian, Paul A. 143-4* Bee, Emma 217-9 Beebe, D. Alex 241-24* Beedle, Matthew J. 91-1* Beeker, Charles D. 95-10,111-3,207-10 Beelen, Nathaniel J. 70-10 Beem, Lucas 198-2

Befus, Kevin M. 85-10,187-8,214-9 Beganskas, Sarah 98-9 Behlke, Adam D.B. 99-36 Behr, Whitney M. 145-5*,251-2* Behrensmeyer, Anna K. 4-9 Beitler Bowen, Brenda 63-5 Béjina, Frédéric 147-11 Bekins, Barbara A. 136-2,185-1 Bekker, A. 212-12* Bekker, Andrey 201-11 Belanger, Christina L. 207-3* Belaval, Marcel 278-4 Belcher, Claire M. 120-6*,282-8 Belcher, Wayne R. 3-5,73-11* Belica, Mercedes 148-3* Belkin, Harvey E. 39-18,247-8* Bell, James F. III 167-6 Bell, John W. 34-1*,34-3 Bell, Patrick 217-4 Bell, Peter 38-3,264-1 Bell, Robin E. 82-11 Bell, Trevor 93-8* Bellan, Lee 136-12 Bellomo, Laura 182-2* Belmont, Patrick 181-7 Belousova, Elena.A. 50-3 Belscher, Kristi 27-8 Belthoff, James 195-11 Ben-Avraham, Zvi 249-2 Benavente, Cecilia Andrea 189-8* Benavides, Eugenio Figueroa 263-15 Benbow, Ann E. 118-5,216-2*,238-1* Benedetto, Kathleen 124-4* Benedict, John C. 173-30 Benedict, Marc D. 28-16* Benediktsson, Ívar Örn 20-7*,20-8, 20-10,192-9*,192-11 Benesh, Nathan P. 76-9,76-10 Bengtson, Stefan 126-7* Benimoff, Alan I. 40-7*,48-7* Benison, Kathleen 105-19 Benison, Kathleen C. 63-5,63-6*,120-11, 172-5*,189-7 Bennett, Mitchell 34-2,168-16,190-8* Bennett, Richard H. 186-2 Bennett, Vickie C. 11-7 Bennink, Dylan L. 99-10 Benowitz, Jeff 128-9,177-3,177-4*, 230-4,230-5* Benson, Craig H. 166-8 Benson, David A. 85-7 Benson, Larry 65-2,65-3,65-14 Benson, Rick 263-3 Bentley, Callan 195-14* Bentley, L.R. 156-6 Benton, G.M. 139-1 Bentz, Amy E. 164-2 Beraldi, Hugo 56-7 Beranek, Luke P. 77-6 Berelson, William M. 18-11,79-15,155-11 Beresford, Vincent P. 225-3 Berg, Ashley R.M. 169-8* Berg, Christopher A. 46-6* Berg, James A. 2-11* Berg, Michael 134-9,269-5 Berg, Richard C. 92-7 Berger, Alexandra J. 190-1* Berger, Glenn W. 7-2* Bergeron, Philip G. 97-25 Berggren, William A. 276-1 Berglund, James L. 51-2*,110-7* Bergmann, Uwe 58-7 Berke, Melissa A. 132-6 Berman, Elena 88-10 Bernardin, Tony 115-4 Bernau, Jeremiah A. 39-42* Berndt, Jasper 10-2,24-7 Berndt, Michael E. 101-13 Berner, Zsolt 134-7 Bernhard, Joan M. 208-1*,231-1*,231-7, 246-10 Bernier, Chad M. 37-3 Bernier, Julie C. 246-3* Bernier-Latmani, Rizlan 88-6 Berquist, C.R. Jr. 101-15 Berquist, Peter J. 71-9,97-18 Berquó, T. 129-3,133-6 Berrios, Lisa 213-5 Berry, Andrew 264-4 Berry, Katherine E. 241-9 Berry, Margaret E. 26-9,113-1,113-11 Berry, Michael S. 65-13* Berry, Stacy J. 245-2*

266 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future

Bertetti, F. Paul 60-4 Berti, Claudio 82-8,143-14 Besonen, Mark R. 90-11*,111-11 Best, James 205-3,205-7 Best, Jim 205-11 Best, Kelly M. 276-8* Betancourt, Julio L. 213-1 Bethune, David N. 160-2 Bethune, James 109-3 Betka, Paul 178-5,178-6* Bettis, E. Arthur III 173-26,192-3,210-9*, 258-1 Bevans, Hugh E. 42-4 Beverly, Emily J. 10-6,132-10* Beyer, Ross 167-12 Bhatnagar, Gaurav 158-11 Bhattacharya, Janok 227-4 Bhattacharya, Janok P. 205-10* Bhattacharya, Prosun 84-8,84-14*,84-15, 134-2,134-5,134-8,134-10*,134-11, 134-12,134-13 Bhattacharya, Saibal 42-6 Bhattacharyya, Prajukti 39-41,39-44, 41-13,118-11*,271-3 Bhattacharyya, Sidhartha 166-7* Bhattji, Parna T. 39-46 Bhowmick, P.K. 55-9 Bhowmick, Subhamoy 134-8,134-12 Bi, Xianwu 280-4 Bibby, Theodore 102-7* Biber, Kivanc 212-5,241-28* Bickerton, Greg 278-9 Bickford, M.E. 74-12,229-2 Bickler, Simon 77-7 Biczok, J. 190-4,190-5,190-6 Biddanda, Bopaiah A. 242-8 Bidgoli, Tandis S. 103-9* Bier, Sara E. 230-8* Bierman, P. 82-9* Bierman, Paul 154-11 Bierman, Paul R. 102-14,102-15 Bigio, Erica 219-4,262-20 Bilenker, Laura 41-10* Bill, Markus 88-10 Billen, Magali I. 115-4 Bindeman, Ilya N. 35-11 Bingham, Quinten G. 156-3 Bird, Brian 64-5,81-9,214-14* Bird, D.K. 161-2 Birgenheier, Lauren P. 174-12 Birkemeier, Ryan 54-11 Birkemeier, Tristan C. 25-7 Birkholzer, Jens T. 26-21,73-10* Birsic, Erin 177-5* Bish, David L. 197-3* Bishop, Ellen M. 1-10 Bishop, Ellen Morris 170-3* Bishop, Michael 260-5 Bishop, Michael P. 20-1*,192-8 Biswas, Ashis 84-8*,134-8,134-12 Bitner, Joshua 168-5* Bitting, Chuck 241-18 Björck, Svante 138-2* Bjork, Jack 59-1 Björklund, Lennart 20-10 Bjornerud, Marcia G. 200-3*,256-1 Black, Stuart 58-2 Blackett, Robert 9-11 Blackwell, Bonnie A.B. 5-10*,95-12, 102-11,102-12,213-4 Blackwell, David D. 9-9 Blair, Hava 170-14 Blair, Neal E. 13-5* Blair, Stacie A. 150-2 Blais, Stephanie A. 28-4 Blake, Johanna M.T. 134-1* Blake, M. Clark Jr. 10-8 Blake, Ruth E. 168-22 Blakers, Rachel 92-3* Blanco, Alberto 95-1,172-4*,241-36 Blaser, Lenna 59-6 Bleacher, Jacob E. 100-2,284-9 Bleeker, Wouter 74-10*,126-2,148-1, 148-8 Bleess, Ryan 192-13 Blevins, Lacy 71-14 Blewett, David T. 100-5*,142-1,239-10 Blewitt, Geoffrey 143-7 Blickstein, Joel 5-10,95-12,102-11, 102-12,213-4 Blink, James A. 73-9 Bloch, Jonathan I. 277-7 Block, Jane 263-1

Block, Karin A. 139-9* Blockstein, David 139-2 Blodgett, Robert B. 99-30 Blois, Jessica 4-9 Blome, Charles D. 3-6*,122-11 Blome, Margaret Whiting 132-7* Bloomfield, Florence 44-13 Blount, James 170-14 Blum, Jodi S. 220-1 Blum, Joel D. 154-11 Blum, Peter 150-2 Blumentritt, Dylan 161-7* Bluth, Gregg J.S. 1-7 Blythe, Ann E. 51-11,113-4* Bo, Wang 174-9 Bodenbender, Brian E. 174-22,174-23, 214-2* Bodkin, Tom E. 31-12 Bodnar, Robert J. 280-7 Bodor, Elvira 189-31 Bodzin, Alec 163-3 Boerboom, Terrence J. 87-5 Boerner, Sean 121-4 Boger, Rebecca 95-15,163-11* Boggs, Katherine 115-6*,118-13* Bohacek, Peter H. 222-5* Bohacs, Kevin M. 274-6* Bohannon, Robert G. 113-11 Bohaty, Steve 120-8 Bohling, Geoffrey C. 85-7 Bohlscheid, Jeff 114-12 Boisvert, Eric 263-21 Boks, Krystle 105-11* Boland, Kimberly 185-1 Boland, Maeve A. 268-13* Bold, Uyanga 101-2,101-3* Boles, Austin 25-14* Boley, Tyler D. 192-13 Bolger, Allison J. 111-7*,111-9 Boling, Joshua 39-6*,220-8 Bollen, Elizabeth E. 28-9* Bollinger, G.A. 157-13 Bolster, Carl H. 110-19 Bond, Stephen 38-1* Bonde, Aubrey M. 99-18 Bonde, Joshua W. 243-4 Bongard, Andrew 155-9 Bonin, B.J. 84-3* Bonnaffé, Florence L. 122-12 Bonnichsen, Bill 272-12 Bonora, Massimo 178-3 Bonta, James V. 235-11 Bonuso, Nicole 79-2* Boomgarten, Erich 97-7 Boon, D. 237-10,237-11 Booth, Nathaniel 92-10*,263-21*,278-1 Booth, Robert K. 86-12 Boothman, Christoper 88-1,134-9 Boothroyd, Jeremy J. 10-5* Boothroyd, Jon C. 262-33 Borchardt, Mark 279-3,279-6*,279-8 Borchardt, Mark A. 279-2 Borchert, Otto 45-13 Boren, Goran 215-12 Borgonie, G. 72-4 Bork, Kennard Baker 218-5* Borkholder, Eric E. 147-7* Bornhorst, Theodore J. 159-10* Bornstein, Benjamin 100-14 Boroughs, Scott 35-10*,35-11,272-12* Borrell, Jordan A. 115-2 Borrelli, Chiara 231-2* Borrero, Carlos A. 249-9* Borsa, Adrian 250-3,250-4 Borski, Jack 155-2 Borycz, Joshua D. 247-9 Bosak, Tanja 101-16 Bosbyshell, Howell 252-8* Bose, Nicholas R. 172-13* Bose, Santanu 24-10 Boss, Stephen K. 99-32,139-1* Bosse, Valérie 252-3 Bosshart, Nicholas 195-4,241-27,262-29 Boston, Penny 167-10 Bosworth, William 273-9 Bottenberg, H.C. 33-1 Botting, Joseph P. 15-11,15-14* Bottjer, David 79-12 Bottjer, David J. 27-9,79-11,79-13,79-15, 99-39,126-10,209-11,209-12*,227-1 Bottke, William 69-2* Bottrell, Simon H. 3-10 Botzum, Cathrine J. 41-13*

Boudreau, Alan 175-3 Bougamont, Marion 198-4 Bouloton, Jacky 252-3 Boulton, Geoffrey 82-7*,198-3* Boulvais, Phillipe 252-3 Bourque, Bruce J. 111-7,111-9 Boutelier, David 202-1* Bovay, A. Caroline 106-4 Bove, Dana J. 282-13* Bowen, Brenda B. 63-6,105-1,105-17, 172-5,179-6 Bowen, Brenda Beitler 120-11 Bowen, Gabe 90-2 Bowen, Gabriel 105-16,258-14 Bowen, Lindsay 116-6,116-7*,116-8, 116-9 Bowen, Mark W. 80-10* Bower, Dina M. 129-5* Bowersox, J. Richard 241-29* Bowman, Lindsey 33-4 Bowring, Samuel A. 148-7,148-12 Bowser, Samuel S. 27-26,151-11,275-13 Boxerman, Jonathan Z. 67-12* Boyce, C. Kevin 120-7*,226-7 Boyer, Diana 99-5* Boyer, Lane M. 262-15 Boynton, Eric 171-3 Boynton, William V. 142-4 Bozcu, Mustafa 243-10 Braaten, David 82-11 Brabander, Daniel J. 282-11* Brachfeld, Stefanie 192-15 Bracht, Ginny 160-12* Brackett, Dixon G. 31-12 Bradbury, Cynthia 258-17* Bradbury, Kenneth R. 26-10*,85-4, 135-1*,155-2,187-12,279-2*,279-3 Braden, Sarah 100-5 Bradley, A.T. 248-2 Bradley, Dwight 230-3* Bradley, Kyle Edward 75-8* Bradley, Paul M. 40-5 Bradshaw, Sabrina L. 166-8 Bradtmiller, Louisa 65-12,188-3,234-6 Brady, Allyson L. 208-3 Brady, Kristina 65-11,65-12,181-21, 234-6 Brady, Mara E. 267-9* Brady, Serina S. 99-37* Brain, Anthony P.R. 56-2 Brainard, Jamie L. 153-10* Brake, Jamie E.S. 95-7 Brake, Sandra S. 168-12,242-4,243-12 Bralower, Timothy J. 114-1,139-2 Branam, Tracy 240-2 Brandau, Deanna L. 173-10* Branecky, Carolyn 102-20* Branlund, Joy 71-6* Brass, Brian 170-4 Bratton, David A. 81-10 Bratton, John F. 158-1*,214-13* Braudrick, Christian A. 16-8* Braudy, Nicole 143-6,270-10* Brauer, Suzanna L. 242-3 Braun, Nicole L. 39-20* Braun, Shanna 181-11* Bravo, Tammy K. 261-5* Brayton, Michael 136-7 Brazell, Seth 172-11 Brearley, Adrian 117-2 Breckenridge, Andy J. 96-20*,112-2, 112-4,138-3* Breeden, Sue 103-11 Breid, Heidi M. 110-20 Breithaupt, Brent H. 48-6,170-5* Brennwald, Matthias, S. 17-4 Brereton, Richard L. 19-8* Brett, Carlton E. 4-1,4-2,14-10,27-2, 173-21,249-22 Bretzler, Anja 84-11 Brewer, Gene A. Jr. 67-4 Brewer, Kevin 160-10 Brey, James A. 22-11*,216-14 Brezina, Soledad 275-2,275-5 Brice, Peter 160-6 Brice, William R. 121-5* Brick, Greg 108-3* Bricker, Stephanie 140-9 Bricker, Suzanne B. 235-1* Bricknell, M.S. 192-2 Bridge, Nathan J. 264-4 Bridges, David L. 33-1* Briedis, Cynthia A. 171-6,195-8

Briel, Haley E. 13-6 Briggs, B.R. 72-1 Briggs, Derek E.G. 15-7,15-12,69-13, 122-4,173-34,208-5,208-6,226-10, 226-11 Briggs, Martin A. 156-4*,156-10 Brigham, Mark E. 40-5 Brinkhuis, Henk 32-1 Brinkmann, Robert 213-12* Brion, Gail M. 279-10 Briscoe, Lindsey J. 129-3* Bristol, R. Sky 68-8*,263-8* Bristol, Samantha K. 89-11 Britt, Brooks B. 99-29 Britt, Christopher 279-9* Brock, Candice 262-38* Brock-Hon, Amy L. 284-3 Brodaric, Boyan 263-21 Brodeur, Jason J. 217-5 Brokus, Sarah 89-8,241-26,247-9* Brookfield, Andrea E. 156-2* Brooks, Gregg R. 19-1,246-4*,260-6 Broome, John 223-8*,223-10 Brown, Amy 110-13 Brown, C. 47-6 Brown, Elizabeth A. 276-7 Brown, Erik 189-37 Brown, Erik T. 132-6,189-18*,189-29, 189-38 Brown, Joseph W. 57-5* Brown, Kenneth L. 28-17* Brown, Larry 244-15* Brown, Larry D. 104-9,139-6 Brown, Laurie 148-10 Brown, Lewis M. 70-10 Brown, Lyndon 215-9 Brown, Michael 53-10* Brown, P.A. 127-13 Brown, Shaun T. 58-4,153-2,153-4 Brown, Stephen W. 154-12 Brown, Steven E. 8-3,64-4*,262-23, 263-4 Browning, James V. 55-7 Brownlee, Sarah J. 74-7* Bruchu, Charles W. 188-5 Bruckner, Monica Z. 97-15* Brueckner, Hannnes K. 204-6 Brueseke, M. 176-10 Brueseke, Matthew E. 212-9,272-10 Brugger, Keith A. 82-12,102-17,192-13* Bruhn, Ron 230-12 Brundridge, Krista M. 173-9* Brunner, Philip 61-9,61-10,140-2* Brunskill, Jeffrey C. 259-6 Brunstad, Keith A. 31-11,241-19 Bruthans, Jiri 96-30 Bruton, Thomas A. 136-9,185-4 Bryant, Bruce 96-7 Bryant, Katie 127-10* Bryant, Marita 193-6 Brynjólfsson, Skafti 192-11 Buatois, Luis A. 174-15 Bubach, Bailey 34-8 Bucci, Gregory D. 195-1* Buchanan, Rex C. 219-2,266-5* Buchheim, H. Paul 18-9,18-10* Buchwaldt, R. 75-8 Buchwaldt, Robert 201-10,273-5* Buck, Brenda J. 133-9* Buck, Paul E. 111-14*,216-4 Buckles, Jessica 243-17* Buckley, Sean F. 109-11* Buckley, Steven G. 89-12,89-15,93-9 Buckner, Jesse C. 229-13 Buczkowski, Debra 100-15*,239-12* Buczkowski, Debra L. 239-2,239-11 Budahn, James R. 113-11 Budd, Ann F. 78-9*,255-1,255-2 Budd, David 46-1,97-16,97-20 Buddington, A.M. 32-10* Buehler, Holly A. 54-3 Buell, Alex W. 138-9 Buell, Rebecca 180-15 Buening, Jon 263-1 Bueno Watts, Nievita 97-10* Bugdalski, Lauren 41-2* Buhr, Susan 238-7,266-6* Bulatovic, Aleksander 95-15 Bulen, Casey L. 176-10 Bull, Nick 278-5 Bultman, Mark 176-11* Bunch, Cristina 260-12 Bunch, Mark 252-4

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 267

Burbank, Doug 52-6 Burch, Kyle R. 243-12* Burchfiel, B. Clark 75-8,115-8* Burd, Todd 116-4* Burdette, Kevin 262-37 Burdick, Scott 143-2 Burdige, David 232-5,232-9 Burdige, David J. 232-6* Burdsall, Adam C. 174-2* Buren, Douglas D. 242-4 Burger, H. Robert 31-8 Burgess, Derek 174-4 Burgess, Seth D. 148-12* Burgess, William G. 84-12*,283-9* Burget, Angela 192-8 Burgett, Angela 260-5* Burgos, William D. 242-9 Burke, Michelle 247-1* Burke, Raymond M. 81-11 Burkemper, Laura K. 94-2 Burkhardt, Hans 176-7 Burkhart, Patrick 241-21 Burkholder, Barbara K. 272-8 Burl, Michael 100-14 Burleyson, Casey D. 265-4 Burmeister, Kurtis C. 40-8,262-35 Burn, Helen E. 22-10,71-10 Burnett, Kelly M. 59-4 Burnette, Christopher S. 241-20 Burnham, Brian S. 186-3 Burns, Diane M. 96-15 Burns, Douglas A. 40-5*,281-5* Burns, Laurel E. 262-13 Burns, Patrick J. 241-8* Burns, Scott F. 219-8 Burns, William J. 81-1* Burr, Devon M. 94-6*,184-5,284-2*,284-5 Burrows, Darren 215-8 Burruss, Robert C. 89-6 Burschil, Thomas 262-8 Bursik, Marcus I. 211-1,211-3* Burt, Abigail K. 62-4* Burtnett, Emily N. 215-3 Burton, Darrin 165-8 Burton-Kelly, Mathew 249-8 Burton-Kelly, Matthew E. 68-11* Busby, Cathy J. 35-5,50-8* Busby, Robert 229-10 Buscaglia, JoAnn 89-8,247-9 Busche, Cindy 195-11 Buscheck, Thomas A. 73-9* Busenberg, Eurybiades 37-3,136-8, 191-4* Bush, Andrew M. 14-7,14-11*,99-4, 120-5,225-9 Bush, David M. 39-53,39-54 Bush, Richard P. 88-8 Bushey, Michelle 25-11 Buss, Alan R. 45-6*,45-7 Buss, Heather 235-5 Busschers, Freek S. 5-7,217-3* Bussey, Ben 199-9* Butcher, Shawn 165-2 Butler, James J. Jr. 85-2,85-7 Butler, R.D. 249-8 Buttles, James 16-1 Butts, Susan H. 208-5* Buynevich, Ilya V. 173-25 Buzas, Martin A. 246-6,246-9,246-11 Buzon, Marian E. 32-7* Byerly, Ad 145-8* Bykerk-Kauffman, Ann 25-17,164-8* Byler, Jeremy B. 104-7* Byrne, Paul K. 142-6,142-7*,142-10 Byrne, Roger 157-4,234-3 Bystricky, Misha 147-11


Cabaleri, Nora Graciela 189-8 Caballero, Margarita 189-29,189-37, 189-38 Cabaniss, Stephen 88-4 Cabezas, Jose 88-12 Caboleva, Anastasija 244-15 Cabolova, Anastasija 104-9* Cáceres, Luis Fernando 84-6* Caddick, Mark J. 12-9 Cady, Sherry 193-2 Caffee, M.W. 39-39,192-16 Caffee, Marc W. 20-2,64-3,102-4,154-7, 154-8,180-6 Cahalan, Ryan 253-4

Cahoon, Emily B. 249-5*,249-6 Cai, Yaoping 15-1 Caine, Jonathan Saul 24-5,104-2 Cairns, Stephen D. 57-2 Calcote, Randy 189-35*,189-36 Calik, Ayten 243-10* Callahan, Caitlin N. 45-10*,221-11* Callahan, Owen A. 230-14 Callahan, Timothy J. 162-8*,281-3 Callam, Daniel J. 241-26 Callegary, James B. 26-9 Calner, Mikael 14-9 Calvert, Andrew T. 230-2 Calvin, Wendy M. 34-3 Camacho, A. 250-5 Camilleri, Phyllis A. 103-11* Camodeca, Brian M. 193-8 Campbell, Carl E. 193-14* Campbell, Dorothy 244-5 Campbell, Gwenette 39-34 Campbell, Ian H. 272-11 Campbell, Karen 45-16*,216-6,266-9* Campbell, Karen M. 45-17,266-12 Campbell, Kate M. 88-8 Campbell, Seth 192-18 Campbell, Ted 39-25 Campbell-Stone, Erin 6-1 Campbell-Swarzenski, Pamela 136-2 Campisano, Christopher J. 132-12 Camporese, Matteo 85-9 Canavan, Robin R. 224-8* Cannamela, David 195-11 Cannia, James 61-8* Cannia, James C. 183-4 Cannon, Susan H. 81-6 Cannon, William F. 40-3,87-1* Cantafio, Leanne 61-4* Cantelli, Alessandro 149-7 Cantin, Mark 111-8 Cao, Bo 192-6 Cao, Hui 15-7 Capaccioni, Fabrizio 239-5,239-7,239-9 Capel, Paul 2-10,181-5 Capo, Rosemary C. 42-5,236-3 Capps, Daniel K. 216-12,222-8* Capps, Denny M. 99-31 Capria, M.T. 239-3,239-9 Capria, Maria Teresa 239-5,239-7 Carbone, Carlos 178-3 Carbone, Michele 23-10,170-4* Cardenas, M. Bayani 85-10,156-3 Caress, David 158-10 Carey, Anne E. 19-12,243-22 Carey, J. William 17-12 Carey, Megan R. 102-1* Carisio, Sebastian 96-29* Carleton-Hug, Annelise 195-11 Carlile, Olivia 171-5 Carlin, Daniel E. 16-10,262-24* Carlone, David 109-8 Carlson, Anders E. 64-2*,64-3,138-14* Carlson, Benjamin 177-10,188-11 Carlson, Carl S. 187-2 Carlson, Christopher P. 83-3,155-7* Carlson, David 70-8 Carlson, Douglas A. 17-10*,189-17* Carlson, Krystal 112-2* Carlson, Richard 28-15 Carlson, Richard W. 74-11,143-5,270-2 Carlson, William D. 53-3,53-4,53-7* Carlucci, Jesse 4-1* Carmenate, Alberto 103-10* Carmichael, Celeste 195-9 Carmichael, Sarah Katherine 242-3, 264-12* Carmosino, Marco L. 89-14 Carn, Simon A. 248-3 Carney, John N. 237-8 Carnicle, Melissa M. 26-18* Carpenter, Michael A. 29-7 Carpenter, Philip 110-18,244-11* Carpenter, Sam 89-10 Carr, Michael J. 81-2 Carrapa, Barbara 13-8,224-8 Carrara, Paul 96-7 Carriero, Nina 125-6 Carrigan, Charles W. 53-5* Carriker, Neil E. 166-1* Carrion, Lucas 177-5 Carroll, Alan 179-7 Carroll, Julian 245-6 Carroll, Ryne 240-1 Carson, Eric C. 5-1*,64-12*,210-2*

Carter, Jonathon T. 64-7 Carter, Mark W. 49-11* Carter, Matthew J. 145-7* Cartigny, Matthieu J.B. 184-2 Carus, Celine M. 95-14 Carvalho, Monica R. 152-11* Carvel, Ricky 282-8 Carvin, Rebecca 181-19 Casadio, Silvio 275-2*,275-5* Casale, Gabriele M. 271-7* Casciotti, Karen L. 231-1 Casebolt, Sahale 255-1* Casey, Heather 264-10 Casey, Katherine 99-24 Casey, Michelle M. 151-6* Casey, Rob 263-3 Cashman, P.H. 262-7 Cashman, Patricia H. 9-1 Casier, Jean-Georges 173-22* Casile, Gerolamo C. 37-3,191-4,233-11 Cassata, William S. 237-14 Cassiani, Giorgio 85-9* Cassidy, William A. 91-13 Castagno, Katherine 30-13* Castano, Rebecca 100-14 Castelltort, Sebastien 13-4* Castendyk, Devin N. 40-6,63-8*,63-11, 189-9 Castle, James W. 241-13*,241-22,241-23, 241-24 Castle, Jeffrey W. 201-10 Catena, Angeline 152-8* Cathey, Henrietta E. 272-11* Cathles, Lawrence M. III 139-6,141-11*, 141-13* Catlos, Elizabeth 6-10*,49-4,49-5, 130-10* Caulkins, Joshua L. 221-9,245-12 Cavosie, Aaron J. 24-6*,69-11 Cawood, Peter A. 50-7 Celestian, Aaron J. 44-1,44-23 Çemen, Ibrahim 130-10,146-6* Ceperley, Elizabeth 97-24 Cerling, Thure E. 132-4,133-2 Cervato, Cinzia 22-6*,67-3*,97-16,115-2, 265-9 Cervin, Daniel O. 159-7* Ceylan, Gina M. 70-5* Chabot, Nancy L. 100-5,142-1,142-8 Chacko, Tom 148-4,201-8 Chadima, Martin 189-6 Chadwick, Arthur V. 105-6 Chaffee, Matt 159-3 Chaffee, Maurice A. 282-13 Chakraborty, Pinaki 35-7 Chakraborty, Sumit 53-8* Chakraborty, Suvankar 58-1,100-16*, 243-11 Chalaturnyk, Rick 17-11 Chaloner, William G. 56-2 Chamberlain, Elizabeth L. 97-25* Chamberlain, Kevin R. 32-5,148-8*, 175-10 Chamberlin, Ellen P. 122-8* Chambers, Don 85-1 Chambers, Thomas Bryce 260-7 Chan, Clara S. 129-1* Chan, Joyce 44-26 Chan, Marjorie 39-37,167-9 Chan, Marjorie A. 46-14*,194-13,274-10 Chan, Yu-Chang 29-17 Chandler, Val 51-8*,74-5,87-2 Chandler, Val W. 87-4 Chandra, Sudeep 189-13,189-24 Chang, Su-Chin 153-6 Chanton, Jeffrey 232-9 Chanton, Jeffrey P. 232-4,232-5,232-6, 232-7,284-4 Chapela-Lara, María 35-2 Chapman, Alan D. 10-10* Chapman, Clark R. 142-11,142-13*, 142-14 Chapman, Elizabeth C. 236-3* Chapman, J.B. 230-12 Chapman, Martin C. 104-8,229-13* Chapman, Walter G. 158-11 Chappell, James R. 115-9*,163-1 Chapra, Steven C. 156-3 Charles, Adisa 44-3 Chatanantavet, Phairot 54-8 Chatterjee, Debashis 84-8,134-7,134-8*, 134-12 Chatterjee, Sankar 49-9*

Chatterjee, Sayantan 158-11 Chatterjee, Sumanta 249-23* Chaturgan, Thakur 44-3 Chaufty, Lisa M. 223-9 Chaumba, Jeff B. 243-5* Chavez, Natalia 102-20 Cheadle, Michael 273-10 Cheek, Kim A. 67-5* Chehoud, C. 72-4 Chen, Chunmei 181-2 Chen, Jie 180-6 Chen, Jing 79-7 Chen, Jun 153-2,172-7 Chen, Lei 190-7* Chen, Stephanie T. 208-10* Chen, Xunhong 61-14* Chen, Yanying 29-15* Chen, Youliang 168-9* Chen, Youliang Sr. 168-21* Chen, Zhiliang 115-8 Cheney, E.S. 32-10 Cheney, Eric S. 141-1* Cheng, Cheng 61-14 Cheng, Hai 224-13,243-17 Chentnik, Brenton M. 105-1* Cheong, Wonseok 204-10 Cheong, Young-Wook 185-6 Cherniak, Daniele J. 130-12* Cherry, John A. 160-2 Cherry, Jon 141-7* Cherry, William E. 180-15,215-3* Chesley, Christine J. 250-7* Chesley, John 195-4 Chesley-Preston, Tara L. 26-3 Chesner, Warren 89-10,89-13,169-9* Chestler, Shelley R. 98-9* Chevis, Darren A. 23-3 Chew, Amy E. 58-12 Chi, Guoxiang 89-6,280-2* Chiarenzelli, Jeffrey R. 201-7 Chien, Jiayang 282-11 Chikichev, Ivan 76-1,76-3 Childress, Amy 222-6 Chimner, Rodney A. 232-14 Chin, K.J. 36-11 Chin, Karen 55-14* Ching, G.B. 37-7 Chiu, Jer-Ming 104-8 Chivian, D. 72-4 Chmiel, Gregory J. 247-2 Cho, Edward K. 95-12 Cho, Jaehyun 88-4 Cho, Moonsup 204-10* Choi, Jong Hak 185-5 Choi, Yosoon 248-4 Chopping, Curtis G. 220-7 Choque, Rigoberto 84-6,134-13 Choque, Rocio M. 84-6 Chorn, Benjamin T. 189-3* Chorover, Jon 137-6,165-12 Chou, I-Ming 89-6* Choudhary, Vinod 242-1 Chouinard, Kyle 38-2 Chowdhury, Shafiul H. 187-13 Christensen, Benjamin D.J. 204-2* Christensen, Hilary 225-15* Christensen, Nikolas I. 74-2,175-1 Christensen, Philip R. 94-1 Christensen, Steen 140-2 Christensen, U. 239-6 Christeson, Gail 24-9 Christian, Daniel R. 56-11 Christiansen, Anders Vest 104-3,140-3 Christianson, Evan G. 64-7,233-8* Christianson, Knut 183-9 Christie, Max 225-8,225-9*,257-4 Christie-Blick, Nicholas 103-5,103-6 Christoffersen, Poul 198-4* Chu, Hao-Tsu 12-4 Chua, Teresita 258-1 Chuang, Frank C. 100-9 Chun, Liu 174-9 Chunduru, Nag Varun 263-1 Chung, Hansol 137-11 Chung, Sun-Lin 177-5 Churcher, Charles S. 213-4 Chure, Daniel J. 99-29 Ciarleglio, Michael.I. 92-11 Cihan, Abdullah 26-21* Ciochon, Russell 173-26 Cirone, Ashley M. 180-1 Clabby, Peter A. 278-6 Claesson, Stefan 11-6

268 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future

Claeys, Philippe 43-5* Clancy, Paulette 139-6 Clapham, Matthew E. 27-6,55-2*,79-3*, 79-4,79-5,79-6,126-8,173-7 Clapp, Adam G. 160-8 Clapp, Lee W. 41-14,88-12* Clark, Allan Koehl 3-6,122-11* Clark, Brian R. 187-10 Clark, C. Kittinger 105-3,105-10 Clark, Chris 130-4 Clark, Christine M. 22-8* Clark, George R. 27-33,173-4* Clark, James A. 160-11*,192-2,214-9* Clark, Jeffrey 25-2*,170-14 Clark, Jordan F. 17-3 Clark, Julian 105-14 Clark, Marin K. 52-6* Clark, Matthew A. 105-12* Clark, Ryan C. 9-10,263-9 Clark, Scott K. 221-12* Clark, Sherren 109-1 Clary, Renee M. 21-11,22-1*,216-7*, 218-7 Clauson, Kale 42-9 Clavier, Nicolas 130-14,252-6 Clayton, Jordan A. 184-6* Clayton, Lee 64-1 Clayton, Maureen 118-4 Clegg, Sam M. 89-14 Clelland, Steven M. 115-12*,262-3* Clemens, W.A. 249-8 Clemens-Knott, Diane 114-1 Clement, Gail 223-6* Clementz, Mark T. 58-6,224-8,227-8, 258-3* Clemons, Jessica 25-18 Clendenin, C.W. Jr. 229-14* Clendenon, Cynthia J. 213-9 Cline, Jarvis R. 165-6,170-11*,186-3 Cline, Jean S. 212-3 Cline, Mitchell D. 82-3* Clor, Laura 40-11 Clough, Kathleen L. 66-6* Clune, J.W. 181-14 Coble, Matthew A. 272-9* Cockrell, James 167-12 Coe, Jeffrey A. 81-5 Coe, Robert S. 211-10,211-11 Coefer, Josh 278-3* Cogan, Christopher B. 265-7,265-8* Cogswell, Julie M. 139-12 Cohen, Andrew S. 132-7 Cohen, Arthur D. 206-11*,249-23 Cohen, Denis 158-4 Cohen, Kim M. 5-7* Cohen, Matthew J. 110-8 Cohen, Phoebe 256-2* Coker, Nathan L. 240-1 Cola, Elizabeth C. 172-13 Colaprete, Anthony 167-12 Colberg, Jessica S. 194-5 Colberg, Mark R. 127-3* Cole, Joshua 262-34 Cole, Kevin C. 180-3* Cole, Michael P. 107-5 Cole, Ronald B. 171-3*,177-5,230-9* Cole, Shoshanna B. 167-2* Coleman, Ben 261-5 Coleman, Celia 9-10 Coles-Ritchie, Marc C. 155-7 Colgan, Mitchell 195-10 Colgan, Patrick M. 181-1 Colgan, William 82-6 Collins, Andrew 25-18* Collins, Brian D. 180-14 Collins, Joe D. Jr. 242-1* Collins, Mathias J. 182-8 Collins, Nathan 243-6 Collins, William Joseph 50-3* Collinson, James W. 25-5 Collinson, Margaret E. 15-9,56-2,206-13 Colman, Steven 112-1,211-5* Colombi, Carina E. 173-8* Colwell, F.S. 72-1* Comas, Xavier 17-6,17-9,232-9,232-13* Combe, Jean-Philippe 239-7,239-9 Comer, John B. 243-12 Comer, Norris 246-4 Conant, Brewster Jr. 157-11* Conde, Giselle D. 33-7* Conder, James A. 143-10,175-1 Condie, Kent C. 200-1*,201-4* Condit, Cailey B. 32-6*

Condit, Christopher D. 262-19 Condon, Daniel 14-9,101-11,237-1, 237-2,237-3,237-8 Congdon, Roger D. 2-13* Congreve, Curtis R. 57-3* Conko, Kathryn M. 278-10* Conlon, Alexander 96-29 Conn, Marvin K. 44-4 Connealy, Selena 164-6 Connell, Sean D. 184-1 Conner, Amber J. 105-19* Conner, Jeremy 31-1* Connor, C.L. 97-26 Connor, Cathy 91-3,193-15* Connor, Cathy L. 118-3* Connors, Catherine M. 213-9* Conrad, Geoffrey 95-10 Conrad, Mark E. 88-10* Conrey, Richard M. 89-1* Constantinidis, Maria 102-12* Constantz, Jim 156-7* Contreras, Ashley 262-9 Contreras, Ashley A. 32-2* Converse, Kathryn 41-13 Cook, Alden C. 74-1,74-3 Cook, Joseph P. 262-20* Cook, Mea S. 246-8 Cook, Paul 184-11 Cook, Peter G. 61-9 Cooke, Colin A. 234-2* Cooke, Kristen A. 172-12* Cooke, Michele L. 76-6* Coolbaugh, Mark F. 9-1 Cooper, David J. 26-19 Cooper, Jason 68-9* Cooper, Lisa Noelle 152-2 Cooper, Roger W. 113-11 Cooper, Ryan M. 111-12 Cooper, William T. 232-5,232-6,232-7, 232-9 Cope, Natalie J. 101-9* Cope, Tim D. 32-12 Copeland, Peter 6-6 Coplen, Tyler B. 191-4 Coppersmith, Kevin Sr. 73-5* Coradini, A.S. 239-1 Coradini, Angioletta 239-4,239-5,239-7, 239-9 Corazzato, Claudia 180-8 Corbett, D. Reide 246-6,246-9 Corbett, D.R. 246-11 Corbett, J. Elizabeth 232-5*,232-6,232-7 Corbett, Lee B. 82-9 Corbett, Matthew 150-12,254-5* Cordes, Shaun E. 81-11* Cordua, William S. 29-13*,39-30,97-2* Corella, Pablo 18-1 Cornell, Sean R. 46-11*,96-22 Corona, Madeline 25-11 Corr, Hugh 82-11 Corridore, Anthony C. 141-4 Corrie, Joshua 152-3 Corrie, Stacey L. 29-1 Corrigan, David 127-7*,201-9,201-11 Corsetti, Cara L. 99-39 Corsetti, Frank 126-10 Corsetti, Frank A. 18-11,27-9,79-11, 79-15,99-39,129-6,155-11*,155-13, 242-11 Corsi, Steven 278-1*,279-8* Cortes, Alejandra C.S. 26-5* Cortijo, Iván 27-30* Corum, Margo D. 206-4 Cosby, Bernard J. 235-3 Cosca, Michael A. 26-9,202-4,212-6* Cossette, Greg 22-12 Costain, John K. 157-13* Costar, Adrian 215-12 Costin, Dan 252-6 Cotner, James B. 86-1*,86-4,86-5,86-9, 86-10,86-11 Cotter, Erica L. 147-8* Cotter, James F.P. 25-19*,97-9* Cottle, John 11-13,130-2*,252-1,252-7 Cotton, Jennifer M. 258-13,277-5* Coupe, Richard H. 2-10*,181-5*,187-10, 220-6 Couri, George M. Jr. 173-29* Courtland, Leah M. 98-5 Cousens, Brian 201-7 Coveney, Raymond M. Jr. 264-11* Covington, Matthew D. 110-3,110-10*, 135-6*,135-7

Cowgill, Eric 115-4 Cowie, Patience 13-10* Cowling, Margaret 262-9 Cowling, Sharon A. 132-2* Cox, Mary 113-2 Cox, Randel Tom 32-3,148-13 Cox, Rónadh 24-11*,246-8* Cox, Tami 260-4 Cozzarelli, Isabelle 185-1,185-3 Cozzarelli, Isabelle M. 136-6 Craddock, John P. 31-7,39-14,39-17 Craddock, William 52-6,106-7 Craig, Ellen Janine 243-15* Crame, J. Alistair 275-6 Cramer, Bradley D. 14-9*,237-10,237-11 Cramer, Martin Andrew 116-1 Crandal, Jake R. 99-6 Crane, Robert 21-6 Craven, Alison M. 166-3* Craw, Dave 145-2 Crawford, Barbara A. 216-12,222-8 Crawford, K.A. 276-8 Crawford, Matthew M. 81-3* Creaser, Robert A. 148-4,264-3 Creason, C. Gabe 262-31* Crelling, John C. 206-8* Cresser, Malcolm S. 278-8 Creveling, Jessica R. 15-2*,101-2 Creyts, Timothy T. 82-11* Crider, Juliet G. 230-14* Criss, Robert E. 110-9 Critchley, Catherine, E. 85-6 Crocker, Thomas A. 64-14 Croft, Melvin 193-5 Croke, Barry F.W. 92-3 Cron, Brandi 242-5* Cronin, Kelly 195-9 Cronin, Thomas M. 138-12 Crook, Anthony J.L. 76-5 Crook, Paula J. 49-12* Crosby, Christopher J. 263-2* Crossey, Laura J. 242-5 Crow, H. 62-10 Crow, Ryan 67-14 Crow-Willard, Emma 113-4 Crowell, Anna M. 9-7*,34-7*,34-8 Crowell, Bryan E. 110-15 Crowell, James J. 34-8* Crowley, James L. 237-13,273-1 Crowley, Jeremy 156-11 Crowley, Quentin C. 32-4 Crown, David A. 100-2 Cruden, Alexander 202-1 Crumpler, Larry S. 167-1* Crutchfield, J. 115-4 Cruz, Leonardo 76-7* Cruz-Cruz, Tamara 90-4 Csonka, Jayme 14-11 Csonka, Jayme D. 99-4* Cubley, Joel F. 53-2* Cuffey, Roger J. 173-32* Cugley, John 162-5 Cui, Ying 153-12* Culligan, Patricia J. 279-1 Cullis, James D.S. 63-9* Culp, Brian M. 259-6* Culver, Emily 172-13 Culver, Stephen 246-11 Culver, Stephen J. 105-4,113-5,246-6, 246-9 Cumbest, R.J. 176-4* Cumbest, Randolph J. 176-5 Cummings, Don I. 62-1 Cummings, Emily 189-14* Cummings, Katherine 256-1* Cummings, Michael L. 26-1* Cundari, Robert 87-9* Cúneo, N. Ruben 227-9 Cunningham, Doug 90-8 Cunningham, Matthew L. 34-2 Cunningham, William L. 263-21 Cuomo, Carmela 220-4* Curl, Douglas C. 38-8* Curran, H. Allen 30-2*,213-5* Currano, Ellen D. 80-1,152-11 Currie, Brian S. 52-12,174-12,249-10* Curry Rogers, Kristina 27-24 Curry, B. Brandon 5-2*,198-11* Curry, Brandon 192-5 Curry, Kenneth J. 186-2 Curtin, Lorelei G. 36-4* Curtin, Tara M. 188-1,188-2,189-28* Curtis, Aaron G. 33-5*

Cutts, Kathryn A. 130-4 Cutuli, John D. 99-28 Cuyler, David 9-9 Czeck, Ben C. 188-5 Czeck, Dyanna M. 31-4,31-6,271-3


D'Agnese, Frank A. 8-6* D'Amore, Mario 142-15 D'Arrigo, Rosanne D. 113-7 D'Souza, Rameses J. 148-4* Dacheux, Nicolas 130-14*,252-6* Daczko, Nathan 29-5 Dagher, Mohamad H. 5-12 Dahab, Kamal 2-5 Dahal, Samir 34-7,34-8 Dahl, Robyn 195-6* Dahlqvist, Peter 174-17* Dai, Zhenxue 17-12 Daigle, Hugh 158-11 Dailey, Dale R. 51-3* Dalbotten, Diana 216-6,234-9 Dalgish, Barbara A. 84-5 Dallimore, Audrey 172-12 Dalton, Andrew R. 259-4 Dalton, Lilly A. 101-16* Dalzell, Brent J. 219-9* Dalziel, Ian W.D. 50-10* Damaske, Detlef 82-11 Damby, David E. 282-6* Damiata, Brian N. 51-4 Damico, James R. 121-9 Damon, Frederick H. 77-7 Daniel, Christopher G. 127-2,127-4*, 127-11 Daniel, Mary Jo 164-6 Daniels, David L. 229-8,229-11 Daniels, Lee 247-10 Daniels, Michael S. 263-4,263-5 Danley, Kevin 65-5 Danovaro, Roberto 231-2 Danskin, Wesley R. 157-12 Dantas, Elton Luiz 200-9 Darbyshire, Fiona 75-1 Dargahi, Sara 28-13* Dark, Joshua P. 249-10 Darling, Andy 102-5 Darling, James 74-11 Darroch, Simon A.F. 14-6,208-6* Das, Padmini 241-30* Dasgupta, Sudipta 174-15* Dasgupta, Sujoy 145-6* Datta, Rupali 40-4,134-6,185-7,185-8, 241-25*,241-30 Datta, Saugata 23-9,42-6,84-10,134-7, 220-5 Dattilo, Benjamin 150-5*,249-24 Dattilo, Benjamin F. 30-12,150-8,152-3, 243-14 Dave, A. 55-9 Davenport, Kathy 143-6 Davias, Michael 165-9*,262-36* David, Jacinthe 93-8 Davidson, Cameron 58-13,177-10*, 230-10 Davidson, Jon 50-5* Davidson, Stephanie K. 39-5,54-3 Davies, Gareth J. 60-13* Davies, Neil S. 54-2 Davies-Vollum, K. Sian 206-10* Davis Todd, Carrie 71-15* Davis, Adam J. 30-8* Davis, Celia 41-8 Davis, Christina J. 155-8 Davis, Craig 265-13 Davis, Edward Byrd 207-7 Davis, George H. 115-12 Davis, James A. 88-6,88-7,88-8,88-10 Davis, John 114-12* Davis, Joshua Kane 126-3* Davis, Joshua R. 145-9* Davis, Linda L. 28-5,28-6 Davis, P. Thompson 139-11 Davis, Peter 127-10,145-8 Davis, R. Laurence 60-12* Davydov, Vladimir 43-6* Davydov, Vladimir I. 150-4 Dawkins, Matthew 89-10 Dawoud, Maher 2-5 Day, Danielle N. 39-50* Day, James E. 43-5 Day, Mick 213-6*

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 269

Day, Sarah E. 102-8* Dasková, Jirina 173-16*,189-6* De Hon, R.A. 284-10* De la Parra, Felipe 173-24 de la Rue, Sarah R. 14-12 de Leon, Ramon 207-10 De Nault, Kenneth J. 241-27 De Paor, Declan G. 94-9*,115-14,193-1 De Pascale, Gregory P. 75-6*,251-8* De Rego, Kathryn G. 111-8* De Sanctis, M.C. 239-3,239-10 De Sanctis, Maria Cristina 239-5,239-7 de Silva, Lynette 70-7 de Silva, Shanaka 70-7*,272-6* De Simone, David J. 39-13,111-6* de Vernal, Anne 138-13 De Vivo, Benedetto 247-8 De Vleeschouwer, David 43-5 de Wit, Maarten 203-7 Deal, Rebecca M. 96-28,172-11* Dean, Sarah L. 76-4* Dean, Walter 157-2* Dean, Walter E. 18-7* DeAngelis, Michael T. 247-3* DeBari, S.M. 164-10 DeCelles, Peter 224-8 DeCelles, Peter G. 13-8,52-3 Decker, Paul L. 254-1 Deely, Aislinn E. 5-10,213-4 Deems, Jeffrey S. 133-5 Deems, Nikolaus 25-8 Defabio, Darlene 44-10*,44-12,241-35* DeFazio, Elizabeth 100-4* Defoor, Whitney 158-4,192-14 Degner, Ethan 188-11 Degny, Assonman 242-1 Dehler, Carol M. 77-2,256-4 Deiana, Rita 85-9 Deibert, Jack E. 103-11 Deino, Alan L. 132-12,237-4 Dekens, Petra 118-12 del Valle, Tanya M. 207-11* Delaney, Jeremy S. 213-2 Delatolas, Nikiforos 97-24 Delgado, Agustin 172-4 Deline, Bradley 27-17,226-1* Dellea, Michael 41-7* Deloge, Jennifer 177-2 DeLong, Stephen B. 165-3* Demers, Nora 114-8 Demir, Ibrahim 263-20* Demirkanli, Deniz 140-6* Dempsey, Brian A. 129-8 Dempsey, Dave 118-12 Demski, Matthew W. 254-6* Dendas, Molly 264-5* Denèle, Yoann 202-2* Denevi, Brett W. 100-5,142-1,142-6, 142-7,142-9,142-11,142-15,239-10 Deng, Guiping 180-14 Deng, Hailin 17-12* Deng, John C. 274-4* Denis, D. 272-14 Denne, Richard A. 24-8*,55-12* Dennie, Devin 274-4 Dennis, Allen J. 176-6* Dennis, Meredith E. 27-13* Denniston, Rhawn 162-5* Denny, Adam 28-12* Deocampo, Daniel 36-11*,241-17,241-37 Deonarine, Amrika 170-7,241-14 DePaolo, D.J. 153-2 DePaolo, Donald J. 153-4 Deparis, Jacques 62-9 Depke, Tyler J. 184-9 Dera, Przemyslaw 147-10 DeReuil, Aubry A. 207-13 Dering, Gregory 9-1 Dermisis, Dimitrios 181-9* Derry, Louis A. 97-24,139-6 DeSanctis, M.C. 239-1,239-9 DeSantis, Sylvana N. 131-2 Desbarats, Alexander J. 84-7 DeShon, Heather R. 148-13,176-1 Desrochers, André L. 39-23 Dethier, David P. 133-1* Detrick, Robert 68-1* Dettinger, Matthew 82-12 Dettman, David L. 151-13 Deuerling, Kelly M. 63-7 Deur-Vis, Patricia 116-6*,116-7,116-8, 116-9 Deutsch, Alexander 24-7*

Devarakonda, Ranjeet 263-10* DeVasto, Michael, A. 39-41,39-44,271-3* Devine, Barry 19-1 Deviney, Frank A. 235-3 Devleeschouwer, Xavier 173-22 Devlin, J.F. 85-6 Devon, Elizabeth 45-1 DeVore, Melanie L. 131-6*,173-30* DeVries-Zimmerman, Suzanne J. 189-20, 189-21*,214-1 Dewey, C.P. 254-9 DeWitt, Andrew R. 96-14* Dexter, Troy A. 27-14,152-14* Dey, William S. 92-7,262-28 DeYoreo, J.J. 129-11 DeYoung, Paul A. 247-9 Dhar, Ratan 23-5,44-10,44-14,44-18, 44-20*,44-24*,44-26*,241-35,281-2*, 283-6 Dhar, Sutapa 44-20,44-24,44-26 Dhillon, Ryan S. 80-8* Dhuime, Bruno 50-7 Di Giulio, Richard T. 137-3 Diakow, Larry 177-13 Diaz, Kayla 241-11* Diaz, Nathan 60-5* Diaz, Stephanie H. 17-3 Díaz-Bravo, Beatriz A. 35-2 Dibble, Harold 95-12 Dick, Gregory J. 242-8 Dickens, Gerald R. 158-11 Dickinson, William R. 77-7 Dickson, Ellizabeth E. 50-9 Dickson, Frank W. 23-8,50-9* Didier, Amélie 252-3* Diedesch, Timothy 103-4,270-1 Diedrich, Tamara R. 133-10* Diefendorf, Aaron F. 80-1* Diekema, Beth 116-6,116-7,116-8*,116-9 Diem, Bridget C. 6-1* Diemer, J.A. 172-11 Diemer, John 218-8*,218-9 Diemer, John A. 180-1 Dieterman, Kristen E. 241-40* Dietl, Gregory 4-2,208-8 Dietl, Gregory P. 27-29,99-10,99-11, 99-12,99-13,151-2,151-3*,151-4,151-6, 257-4,257-5 Dietrich, Peter 85-5* Dietsch, C. 29-11 Dietsch, Craig 102-4,154-7 Dietz, Robert D. 86-3*,151-13 Diffendal, R.F. Jr. 249-7 Dilek, Yildirim 11-9*,49-1*,49-7,200-4, 203-1*,203-7 Dilles, John H. 141-10 Dillman, Amanda 271-12 Dillon, Jeremy S. 180-2* Dillon, Peter 278-6 DiMaggio, Erin N. 132-12* DiMichele, William A. 4-9 Dimiza, Margarita D. 231-10 Dineen, Ashley A. 79-7* Diner, Richard 276-4* Ding, Junying 89-6 Ding, Lin 52-10,128-12 Dinger, Matthew 281-4 Diniega, Serina 284-8* DiPietro, Joseph A. 31-14,32-13 Dipple, Gregory M. 53-11* DiRenzo, Graziella V. 14-11 Ditchburn, R.G. 43-1* Ditkof, Julie 38-9* Dittrich, W. 91-7* Divine, D. 85-11 Dixon, Barnali 181-20 Dixon, Paul 73-8 Dmochowski, Jane Ellen 265-10* Doane, Victoria 25-10* Dobbs, Kerby M. 187-4 Dobbs, Kevin E. 90-1 Dobrzanski, Edward P. 254-6 Dobrzhinetskaya, Larissa 12-1* Dobson, Christopher 164-7 Dockery, David T. III 27-12 Doctor, Daniel H. 51-1,115-7* Doctor, Katarina Z. 161-3 Doçzy, Vincent M. 147-9* Dodge, Rebecca 216-16 Dodick, Jeff 67-14 Doe, Michael F. 127-1,127-2,201-2* Doebbert, Amalia C. 179-7* Doebrich, Jeff L. 124-8*

Dogan, Ahmet Umran 170-4,170-6* Dogan, Mine 85-7* Dogan, Ugur 90-11 Dogwiler, Toby 110-16,110-20,181-22, 241-38,241-40,241-42 Doherty, John 140-2,140-7* Dohm, James M. 100-8 Dokka, Roy K. 115-3* Dokmak, Asmaa A. 31-10 Dolan, James F. 154-10 Dolliver, Holly A.S. 67-6*,249-11*,261-4 Domack, Eugene W. 20-13,192-15 Domine, Leah M. 86-1,86-4,86-9*,86-10, 86-11 Domke, Kirk 126-10* Domke, Kirk L. 27-22 Donaghy, Erin 177-6* Donaghy, Jacob 187-7* Donahoe, Rona J. 134-4,166-7 Donaldson, Ken 282-5 Donelick, Raymond 230-6 Dong, Hailiang 114-6,114-9 Dong, Weihong 243-20*,243-21 Donnelly, Jeffrey 189-34,224-12 Donnelly-Nolan, Julie M. 28-15 Donoghue, Kellie 168-14* Donoghue, Philip C.J. 226-1 Donohue, Patrick 69-7 Donovan, Art 150-12,254-5 Doonan, Owen 90-11 Dorale, Jeffrey 3-9,80-12* Doran, Brittani M. 39-43* Doran, E.F. 246-1,246-2 Doran, Peter 165-4 Dordevic, Mladen M. 94-9,115-14*,193-1 Dornbos, Stephen Q. 27-22* Dorsch, Joachim 93-2* Dorsey, Rebecca J. 270-4 Dortch, Jason M. 154-7 Dorton, Melissa 174-11 Dorton, Richard 174-11 Doser, Diane 75-4,114-1,139-2 Doskey, Claire 241-25 Dotson, K. Elaine 61-6 Dougherty, Dennis J. 70-10 Doughten, Michael W. 191-4 Doughty, Michael E. 233-13 Doughty, P.T. 32-10 Doughty, Travis M. 44-19* Douglas, Jessica R. 186-2* Douglas, N.K. 47-6 Douglas, Thomas 137-2 Douglass, Matthew J. 95-8 Dowe, James 89-12,93-9 Downey, Anna C. 193-3* Downing, John A. 86-2*,189-19 Dowsett, Adrian E.I. 189-11 Dowsett, Harry 39-9 Drake, Christa 189-36,234-9,260-10 Drenth, Benjamin J. 51-7*,272-4* Drew, Jordan 103-2 Drewicz, Amanda E. 58-8* Driese, S.G. 258-16 Driese, Steven 174-1,277-1,277-3 Driese, Steven G. 111-5,132-10,277-10* Driscoll, Neal W. 143-9,189-33,259-2 Driscoll, Nicholaus David 113-8* Drivenes, Kristian 53-12* Driver, Christopher B. 44-4 Drolet, Robert P. 111-11 Droser, Mary L. 120-1,126-9,195-6, 267-6,267-7* Drost, Robert E. 221-15 Druckenmiller, Patrick 99-30 Drzewiecki, Peter 30-10* Du, Andrew 4-9 Du, Xizhen 219-6* Dubey, Brajesh 243-15 Dubrovsky, Neil M. 283-1 Duclaux, Guillaume 249-1,250-2* Duebendorfer, Ernest M. 103-3 Duff, J. 190-5*,190-6 Duffy, Ashley P. 33-9* DuFrane, S. Andrew 201-8 Dugan, Brandon 158-4,158-11*,192-14 Duggan, Amanda M. 278-6 Duggan-Haas, Don 1-8*,66-8,115-1* Dühnforth, Miriam 82-6 Duijnstee, Ivo A.P. 255-4* Duke, Genet I. 28-3 Dull, R.A. 161-2 Duller, Geoff 154-4 Dumitrescu, Mirela 274-6

Dumitru, Trevor A. 10-9* Dumond, G. 130-7 Dumond, Gregory 130-5,143-15*,178-7 Dunbar, Nelia 272-5 Duncan, Natalie E. 184-2 Duncan, Robert 70-7 Dunkle, Kallina M. 233-6* Dunlap, Dallas B. 165-8 Dunn, Lisa G. 68-3* Dunsworth, Holly M. 174-1 Duplantis, Serin 262-16 Dupraz, Christophe 208-2 Duque, Fabian 172-4 Durbin, James M. 260-7 Durham, Stephen R. 257-5* Duster, Thomas A. 137-14* Dustman, John E. 38-3,264-1 Dutch, Steven I. 47-2* Dutrow, Barbara L. 29-4,53-4*,201-1 Dutta, Saranee 67-13 Duvall, Alison R. 52-6 Duvall, Mathieu L. 193-6 Duzgoren-Aydin, Nurdan S. 40-7,137-8* Dwire, Kate 26-19 Dworkin, S.I. 172-3 Dworkin, Steve I. 277-1,277-3,277-4* Dwyer, Gary S. 166-2 Dyar, M. Darby 89-3*,89-14*,100-11 Dyer, J. Russell 73-2* Dykstra, Stuart 160-9 Dypvik, Henning 117-8* Dzaugis, Mary E. 267-6,267-7 Dzaugis, Matthew P. 267-6*,267-7 Dzenowski, Nicole 152-9* Dzombak, David A. 269-6


Eagar, Kevin C. 270-2 Earlywine, Elly B. 247-9 Earman, Sam 3-12*,17-3,114-5* Easley, Regina 231-4 East, Lucille J. 89-11 Easterbrook, Don J. 5-11* Easton, R. Michael 10-1*,262-2* Eastridge, Emily M. 84-9 Eaton, L. Scott 59-4* Ebel, Denton S. 142-3,142-5* Ebeling, Carl W. 51-13* Eberle, Jaelyn J. 80-2 Ebert, James R. 222-3* Eberth, David A. 80-2 Eble, Cortland 206-12 Eble, Cortland F. 240-11 Eble, Gunther J. 226-2 Eccles, Kathryn A. 53-5 Eckstein, Yoram 3-4,62-11 Eddy, Tim 53-5 Eddy-Miller, Cheryl 156-7 Edelson, Daniel 67-11 Edenborn, Harry M. 37-1,42-5,110-5, 210-14,213-7*,236-7 Edgcomb, Virginia P. 208-1,231-1,231-7 Edil, Tuncer B. 64-8*,166-8* Edlund, Mark B. 86-4 Edmonds, Douglas 54-4*,54-13 Edmunds, Jordan A. 174-3* Edmunds, W. Michael 269-3* Edmundson, Kenneth L. 100-6* Edraki, Mansour 282-12 Edwards, Ben 33-4* Edwards, Cole T. 249-21* Edwards, E.C. 26-6 Edwards, Joel 9-1 Edwards, Lucy E. 56-3* Edwards, R. Lawrence 224-13,243-17 Edwards, Sarah 258-6 Eganhouse, Robert P. 185-1 Egbert, Gary 143-3,143-5 Egenhoff, Sven O. 274-2* Eggenhuisen, Joris T. 16-9*,184-2* Egger, Anne E. 139-2 Egger, Heather L. 70-9 Eggert, Roderick G. 124-6* Eggleston, Jack 187-2* Eggleston, Jack R. 233-11 Egli, Ramon 277-8* Eglington, B.M. 127-13*,127-14* Eglington, Bruce 127-8 Ehleringer, James 133-2 Ehlmann, Bethany L. 100-12,284-1 Ehrhardt, Christopher 113-6 Eiche, Elisabeth 134-9

270 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future

Eichenbaum-Pikser, Jacob 125-6 Eicher, Don L. 276-4 Eichler, Carla M. 35-8* Eickhoff, David P. 24-8,55-12 Eidem, James M. 64-7 Eiler, John M. 10-10,58-10,271-8 Eissa, Mustafa 2-5* Ejnik, John, W. 39-41,41-13 Ekdale, A.A. 55-14 Eke, Esther C. 16-2*,16-13 Eke, O.C. 23-9* Ekstrand, Angela L. 29-16 El Bahat, Abdelhakim 148-6* El Kadiri, Racha 180-13* El Sawah, Sondoss 92-1 El Sayed, Mohamed 38-2,180-13 El-Baz, Farouk 26-7,48-2,48-11,248-1, 248-7,248-8,262-10 Elias, Robert J. 254-6 Ellenberg, R. Miles 185-2* Ellins, Katherine K. 215-9,216-8* Elliot, David H. 6-11*,25-5,148-12 Elliot, Julie 230-13 Elliott, Austin J. 115-4* Elliott, David K. 4-3 Elliott, Sara 99-26* Elliott, W. Crawford 168-11 Ellis, Alisha M. 246-6* Ellis, Andre 97-21 Ellis, Ben 35-11*,272-12,272-13 Ellis, Todd D. 195-15*,261-3* Ellsworth, Patricia 80-3 Ellwein, Amy L. 164-6* Ellwood, Brooks B. 105-12 Elmore, R. Douglas 51-5,274-4 Elphic, Richard C. 167-12* Elrick, Maya 209-7 Elrick, Scott D. 249-18 Elston, Wolfgang E. 117-1*,117-2 Elswick, Erika R. 95-10*,207-10,257-2 Elwood Madden, Megan E. 40-9,167-5*, 183-2,189-10 Ely, Lisa L. 96-11 Elzinga, Evert 40-4 Emanuel, Kerry 162-3* Emch, Michael 279-1 Emerson, Norlene 237-6 Emery, Eleanor 262-9* Emery, Matthew K. 174-6* Emmett, William W. 182-8 Emsbo, Poul 237-6,264-8 Encarnación, John 194-11 Enders, M. Stephen 141-12* Engel, Allison 160-6 Engel, Annette S. 242-6 Engel, Annette Summers 155-12,242-7 Engelder, Todd 165-12 Engelmann, Carol 216-9* Engelmann, Carol A. 66-10,66-11,216-3, 216-15 Engelmann, George F. 99-29* Engle, Mark A. 206-1*,236-2 English, Lydia P. 39-19,109-3 Engstrom, Daniel R. 86-3,161-7,181-18, 234-1*,234-11 Enkin, Randolph J. 172-12 Enns, Andrew 142-7 Eno, Kyle 28-5* Enzel, Yehouda 154-5,154-11* Eppes, M.C. 96-28,172-11 Erber, Nathan 29-10,189-20* Erdman, Monica 74-7 Erel, Yigal 154-11 Erickson, Bruce R. 99-33 Erickson, J. Mark 99-41* Erickson, Melinda L. 185-1,283-5 Erickson, Samantha D. 39-31* Erickson, Timmons M. 24-6,69-11* Ericsson, Michael 59-1 Eriksson, Kenneth A. 11-1 Ernst, Bryan 69-8* Ernst, Carolyn M. 100-5,142-8*,142-9, 142-10,142-11,142-15 Ernst, Richard E. 101-1*,148-1*,148-5, 148-6,148-14* Ernst, W. Gary 10-9 Ernst, W.G. 10-8*,204-10 Eronen, Jussi T. 4-9 Erslev, Eric A. 6-1,143-11* Ervin, I. Drew 99-11 Erwin, Douglas H. 14-6,39-36,226-4 Escamilla-Casas, José C. 31-3 Escarguel, Gilles 99-17

Esch, John M. 82-4,192-4 Eschberger, Amy M. 176-10,272-8 Escutia Dotti, Carlota 32-1 Esmeray-Senlet, Selen 55-7*,105-18* Essaid, Hedeff 156-7 Esser, Bradley K. 37-4 Estes, Emily 282-11 Estlin, Tara 100-14* Ethington, Raymond 117-11 Ethington, Raymond L. 150-8 Ettensohn, Frank R. 146-2*,146-3* Eusden, J. Dykstra Jr. 193-6* Evans, Catherine 219-2 Evans, David A.D. 126-2,127-8,148-7 Evans, David J.A. 198-6* Evans, Gianna L. 112-2,112-4*,138-3 Evans, James P. 34-4* Evans, Kevin 30-12,117-11* Evans, Kevin R. 39-6,150-8,220-8 Evans, Larry G. 142-4* Evans, Samantha 258-17 Evans, William C. 40-11 Even, Matthew J. 39-45* Even, Wesley 39-45 Evenson, Edward 82-8* Everett, Austin 59-6 Everman, Eric 92-10 Evert, Mary H. 19-7 Evraets, Bradly J. 99-14* Ewald, Stephanie K. 45-10,82-4,192-4* Ewing, Cavan S. 98-6* Ewing, Stepanie 277-11* Eylands, Kurt E. 170-13 Eyles, Carolyn H. 217-5,262-5


Fadem, Cynthia M. 95-13,95-14 Fadiga, Troy 57-4* Fagan, Amy L. 69-7 Fahnestock, Mark A. 198-1 Fahrenfeld, Nicole 185-3 Faid, Abdalla 241-1 Fairley, Jerry P. 48-10 Faith, J. Tyler 4-9,132-8 Fall, Leigh M. 151-13* Falzoni, Francesca 276-5* Famiglietti, James 85-1* Fan, Qicheng 272-7 Fan, Yuxin 102-21 Fang, Xiaomin 52-1,52-4*,277-9 Fang, Yilin 88-2,88-3* Fanning, C. Mark 11-7,74-13,77-6 Farahani, Alan 95-16 Farber, Daniel 147-5 Farley, Kenneth A. 52-6 Farmer, J.D. 56-7 Farquhar, James 126-14 Farrand, William H. 167-6* Farris, David W. 75-7*,177-9,262-11 Fassett, Caleb I. 142-6*,142-14,199-12 Fassoulas, C. 128-13 Fastovsky, David E. 79-8 Fatkin, Danielle S. 95-16,95-17 Fatland, Dennis R. 91-3,263-7* Fattah, Tharwat Abdel 31-10 Faul, Kristina L. 40-8 Faulds, James E. 9-1*,189-42 Faulkner, Douglas J. 210-8* Faundeen, John 68-10* Faunt, Claudia C. 73-11,262-17 Favre, Gerald 284-11 Fayon, Annia 130-13*,273-11 Feathers, James K. 49-8 Feddema, Johannes J. 277-2 Fedo, Christopher M. 77-9* Fedorchuk, Nicholas D. 27-1,30-9* Feibel, Craig S. 95-18,189-1 Feig, Anthony D. 221-8* Feigenson, Mark D. 81-2 Feighery, John 279-1 Fein, Jeremy B. 19-6,137-14 Feinberg, Joshua M. 80-4,80-13,87-2*, 87-3,111-1,143-10,244-10,251-5 Feinstein, Daniel T. 83-2 Feiss, P. Geoffrey 114-1,139-2 Felda, Garrett Robert 105-13* Feldman, Howard R. 27-35* Feldmann, Rodney M. 27-36*,27-37, 131-9 Felgate, Matthew W. 77-7 Felger, Tracey J. 163-12 Felker, Benjamin 111-2

Felt, Kristopher J. 249-5,249-6* Feng, Yanhua 129-14 Fenner-Aubin, Wendy Marie 171-1 Ferguson, Alex J. 143-8 Ferguson, Andrew 279-1 Ferguson, John F. 115-15 Ferguson, Shannon M. 99-17* Ferguson, Victoria R. 263-4 Feriancikova, Lucia 279-12* Fernandes, Anjali M. 16-6*,184-3* Fernandez, Daniel P. 107-3 Fernandez, Diego P. 133-2 Fernandez, Rossibel 44-16 Fernandez, Samuel 84-6 Fernandez, Waldy 41-14 Ferns, Mark L. 249-5,249-6 Ferraccioli, Fausto 82-11 Ferrari, José Antonio 108-2* Ferrari, Luca 35-4,35-5,272-1* Ferraro, Alyssa Kathryn 241-20* Ferre, Eric C. 143-10,148-11*,175-1, 175-2 Ferre, Megan D. 165-3 Ferreira, Denis H. 99-11 Ferrusquía-Villafranca, Ismael 227-12* Ferry, John M. 53-13* Ferstl, Andrew 164-5 Feser, Kelsey M. 4-14* Festarini, Amy 136-12 Feybesse, Jean-Louis 130-5 Fichter, Lynn S. 21-12* Field, Daniel 99-36 Field, Paul M. 55-7 Fielder, James D. 156-12 Fielding, Christopher R. 20-13,105-3, 105-10,227-5* Fields, Andrew 168-3* Fields, Lori 247-10* Fienen, Michael N. 83-2* Fike, David 126-14,254-7 Fike, David A. 254-2 Filacchione, Gianrico 239-5,239-7,239-9 Filipiak, Pawel 173-31* Filley, Timothy R. 25-3 Finan, Katherine 44-15* Finch, Emma 13-10 Finegan, Shane A. 272-8 Finger, Kenneth L. 4-6* Finkel, Robert 82-9 Finkelman, Emily 38-1 Finkelman, Robert B. 166-6*,282-7* Finkelstein, David B. 18-13 Finlayson, Valerie 35-7 Finley, Jason P. 176-5 Finn, Kiel D. 33-10* Finnegan, Noah J. 35-1 Finnegan, Seth 14-8* Finnes, Evan M. 244-10* Finney, Stanley C. 27-8 Fiorillo, Anthony R. 58-11 Firby, James R. 211-9 Fischer, Anne 237-2 Fischer, Karen M. 175-7,176-2 Fischer, Kimberly 2-9* Fischer, Timothy B. 29-6,29-9,114-6, 114-9*,247-1,247-5 Fischer, Woodward W. 14-8,254-2 Fischietto, Nick 179-6 Fish, Brandon 243-4 Fisher, Daniel C. 99-38,132-4,258-4, 267-14 Fisher, Donald M. 230-8 Fisher, Timothy 138-11,189-20,214-1 Fisher, Timothy G. 138-9,138-10*,214-8 Fishman, Neil S. 274-2,274-5* Fissore, Cinzia 219-9 Fitch, Erin P. 180-5* Fitterman, David V. 104-2 Fitz, Thomas J. 87-5 Fitzgerald, P.G. 177-3,230-4* Fitzgerald, Paul 230-5 Fitzgerald, Paul G. 12-11,128-9 FitzJohn, Richard G. 57-5 Fitzpatrick, Faith 113-9,182-8* Fitzpatrick, Faith A. 181-19* Fitzpatrick, K. 139-1 Fitzsimmons, Kathryn Elizabeth 154-2* Fitzstevens, Maia G. 282-11 Flagg, Cody 107-4,133-6 Flaig, Peter P. 58-11,165-8*,209-6, 249-14*,249-15 Flanagan, Dennis C. 144-3* Flannery, Jennifer A. 224-11*

Fleckenstein, Jan H. 61-1*,156-9* Fleeger, Gary M. 96-32 Fleisher, P. Jay 91-8* Fleming, Anthony H. 64-6*,263-4 Fleming, James R. 25-4 Fleming, Thomas H. 148-12 Flessa, Karl W. 70-1,151-13 Fletcher, John 98-5 Flint, Lorraine E. 157-12 Flint, Stephen 150-9 Flood, Beverly E. 173-12,242-10 Flood, Jonathan M. 161-3 Flood, Tim P. 266-11 Flor, Andrew 194-8 Flora, Charanpreet 240-7 Florea, Lee J. 135-10* Florentin, Jonathan 102-11* Flores, Scott 39-3 Flower, Benjamin 246-4 Flower, Benjamin P. 276-7 Flowers, Rebecca M. 143-15 Floyd, Corrie T. 149-2 Fluegeman, Richard H. 173-27,174-3 Flynn, Shannon L. 19-6* Focht, Sara 195-11 Fogel, Marilyn 56-9 Foit, Franklin F. Jr. 102-3 Foland, Kenneth 249-20 Foley, Daniel 251-11 Foley, Daniel Jay 87-12,159-5* Foley, Robert 93-8 Folk, Robert L. 172-15 Follmer, Leon 182-6 Folnagy, Attila J.B. 109-10* Fondran, Carol 181-13 Fong, Terry 167-12 Fontana, Thomas M. 99-34 Foote, Michael 225-6,225-10* Forbes, Caroline J. 101-5*,252-4* Forbes, Tori Z. 19-5* Force, Geoffrey 71-5 Forcino, Frank L. 207-2*,225-1 Ford, Derek C. 60-1* Ford, Heather 175-7 Ford, Jon 140-9,217-4*,217-9* Ford, Robert C. 27-33* Ford, Sophia 23-9,42-6 Fordyce, Samuel W. 95-13 Foreman, Brady Z. 54-12,227-8* Forman, Steven L. 96-23,210-6,277-3 Fornash, Katherine 243-28* Forness, Sara 45-13 Forshee, Patricia 245-4* Forsman, Nels F. 170-13* Forster, Rachel 187-8 Forsyth, Donald W. 125-6* Forsythe, Guy 174-26 Fortner, Sarah K. 63-7,235-11* Fortson, Lauren A. 236-4* Foss, Laura 160-8* Foss, Scott E. 268-7* Foster, C.T. Jr. 29-4* Foster, Chad R. 110-8 Foster, David A. 127-5,127-9,175-11*, 200-7*,201-1* Foster, John 51-3 Foster, Laura 231-6 Foster, Tom 164-4 Fottova, Daniela 235-4 Fouch, Matthew J. 143-2,143-5*,270-2* Foufoula-Georgiou, Efi 54-7,194-7* Fouke, Bruce W. 106-2 Fournier, Tom 76-4 Fowell, Sarah J. 36-1,99-30* Fowle, D.A. 258-16 Fowler, A.D. 272-14 Fox, David L. 80-4,80-5,80-7,99-15, 132-3,132-8,224-5,277-7 Fox, James F. 240-9,241-34 Fox, Lydia K. 164-3* Fox, Otina 251-4 Fox, Patricia M. 88-8 Fox, Sean P. 238-7 Fox-Dobbs, Kena 80-5* Fraaije, René H.B. 120-4 Fraeman, Abigail A. 100-12 Fragomeni, Ashley 99-20,131-2 Frahm, Andrew L. 3-3 Frahm, Ellery 33-7,111-1 Frail-Gauthier, Jennifer L. 231-3* Fraiser, Margaret L. 20-13,79-3,79-4, 79-5,79-6,79-7 Fraley, Kendle 168-18,168-20*

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 271

Fralick, Philip 69-3 Franceschi, Pastora 90-12 Francis, Don 74-11 Francis, Jason M. 13-2 Francsis, Matthew K. 271-9* Frank, David C. 113-7 Frank, Mark R. 147-7,147-9,168-18*, 168-20 Frank, Tracy D. 20-13 Franklin, Kent 222-4 Franseen, Evan K. 30-1 Frantz, Carie 18-11 Franze, Andrew E. 87-10 Franzi, David A. 138-12 Frape, Shaun K. 137-15 Frassetto, Andy 229-10 Frazier, Stephen J. 272-8 Frearson, Nicholas 82-11 Frechette, Jedediah 194-1 Frechette, Jedediah D. 109-8 Frederick, Daniel L. 173-28* Frederiksen, Andrew 75-1 Fredrick, Kyle C. 41-15,71-12*,240-10 Freed, Timothy W. Sr. 111-12 Freeman, Ian F. 39-8* Freeman, Katherine 80-7 Freeman, Katherine H. 80-1 Freeman, Rebecca L. 150-5,150-8, 225-13* Freeman, Tiffany C. 172-9* Freeman, Tristan B. 193-15 Frei, Dirk 10-3,174-17 Freile, Deborah 40-7 French, Bevan M. 69-13 French, Gregory McN. 264-8 Freshley, Mark 88-7 Fricke, Henry 58-13* Fried, Glenn 99-25 Friedman, Jonathan M. 149-11 Friedman, Richard 65-14 Friedman, Richard M. 270-12 Friedman, Sarah 143-10* Frieman, Ben M. 271-5* Friend, Dana S. 151-1,151-4* Fristad, Kirsten E. 153-11* Fritz, Sherilyn C. 85-10 Fritz, Steven J. 247-2 Froese, Duane 138-7* Frohlich, Cliff 215-9 From, Richard 52-11* Front, Kai A. 101-7,101-8 Frost, B. Ronald 74-13,74-14,175-10* Frost, Carol D. 74-13*,74-14,175-10 Frost, Erik K. 98-7 Frost, Stephen R. 132-11 Frus, Rebecca J. 67-14* Frush, Samuel 70-10 Fryar, Alan E. 84-9*,156-8,279-10 Fu, Ping 20-2* Fu, Wei-Hsin 163-4* Fuhrman, Miriam 70-1 Fuis, Gary S. 143-8*,143-9 Fujita, Kazuya 10-5 Fukui, Hiroshi 147-1,147-6 Fukumoto, Kathryn D. 44-6* Fukumoto, Lauren E. 44-7* Fulthorpe, Craig S. 150-2 Fulton, James M. 246-12 Fultz, Travis L. 51-10* Funder, Svend 20-6 Furlong, Kevin P. 52-8 Furman, Tanya 21-6,21-10* Furnes, Harald 200-4*,203-1,203-7* Furst, Severine 116-1 Fusaro, Abigail J. 214-13


Gaber, Ahmed 48-2* Gabrovsek, Franci 135-6 Gahn, Forest J. 27-16 Gaines, D. Bailey 61-7 Gaines, Daniel 100-14 Gaines, Robert R. 36-4,173-1,225-12, 267-8* Gaines, Sarah M. 215-2* Gajewski, Konrad 161-9 Gál, Benedek 159-6* Galdamez, Rinaldo G. 17-6 Galdenzi, Sandro 129-8 Gale, Andrew S. 267-4 Galindo, Charles 94-10 Gallagher, Hugh A. Jr. 63-8

Gallagher, Kevin T. 8-4,170-9,170-12* Gallagher, Patricia E. 262-1 Gallagher, William B. 55-7 Gallaher, Warren 251-4 Gallant, Michael 260-11* Gallen, Sean 128-13*,194-6 Galli, C.I. 13-9,106-4 Gallo, Michele 206-1 Galloway, Julie Louise 249-2* Galloway, Sarah L. 81-8 Gallup, C. 224-13 Gallus, William A. Jr. 115-2 Galster, Joshua C. 59-9,59-10*,191-2 Galvin, Cyril 50-4* Gamache, Garrett 169-3 Gamache, Kevin 169-3,180-12 Gamboa, Yaneth 41-14*,88-12 Gammel, Elizabeth M. 28-3* Gammons, Christopher 84-1* Gammons, Christopher H. 63-1*,168-10 Ganti, Vamsi 54-7* Gao, Jing 241-12* Gao, Junping 52-4 Gao, Peng 181-6* Gao, Yongli 60-9*,243-17 Gapp, I. Wesley 57-11* Garb, Matthew P. 99-7,99-8* Garbini, Jacob 96-28 Garcea, Elena 95-19 Garchar, Laura A. 34-2 Garcia, Antonio F. 96-12 Garcia, Jennifer Nicole 241-17* Garcia, Marcelo H. 205-7,205-11 Garcia, William 27-11* García-Moyano, A. 72-4 Garcia-Pichel, Ferran 56-7*,129-7* Gardner, Christopher B. 63-7 Gardner, Craig 17-11 Gardner, Max A. 244-4* Gardner, Thomas 96-8* Gardner, W. Payton 61-3* Garibaldi, Nicolas 98-3* Garner, Paul A. 174-26,246-5* Garrard, Richard 165-8 Garrett, C. Guinn 281-3 Garrett, Jordan D. 81-4* Garrett, Nicole 132-8 Garrity, Christopher P. 60-14,262-4* Garry, W. Brent 100-2,239-11 Gartman, Brandy 88-9* Gärtner, Claudia 10-2*,101-11,179-5* Garver, John I. 177-10,230-10* Gary, Jessica L. 112-1 Gary, Marcus O. 38-5*,60-3,108-7* Gaschnig, Richard 270-10,270-11* Gaschnig, Richard M. 143-6 Gaskey, Russell T. 259-4 Gasparon, Massimo 282-12 Gastaldo, Robert A. 153-8* Gates, John B. 26-16* Gath, Eldon M. 90-12* Gattis, C.S. 139-1 Gawthorpe, Rob 13-10 Gaylord, David R. 102-3*,249-5,249-6 Gazzetti, Edward W. 189-9* Ge, Chen 174-9 Geary, Dana H. 78-5* Geary, Jesse D. 31-7* Gébelin, Aude 175-1,175-2 Gebhardt, Frederick 136-7 Geboy, Nicholas J. 206-1 Gee, David 174-17 Gee, David G. 10-3*,11-6* Geer, Ira W. 22-11,216-14 Gehling, James 126-9,267-6,267-7 Gehör, Seppo A. 101-7 Gehrels, George 177-13 Gehrels, George E. 10-9,13-8,32-2,77-7, 201-2,230-7,243-28 Gehring, Ronette 23-7 Gehrke, Arlyn 181-8 Geier, Susan R. 97-11 Geiger, Lynn 174-25 Geis, Steven 278-1 Geiss, Christoph 258-11,277-12* Geissler, Andrea 88-1 Geissman, J.W. 125-3*,148-11,153-5, 153-6*,238-10 Geistlinger, Helmut 17-5* Gelb, Lucy 163-9 Gellasch, Christopher A. 279-2,279-3* Geller, Robert 125-2 Gellis, Allen C. 181-14*

Gelting, Richard J. 279-7 Gemperline, Johanna 96-5* Genc, S. Can 102-11 Genden, Tashi G. 41-6* Geng, Haopeng 192-6 Gentner, Dedre 67-1*,221-4 Gentoso, Matt 82-8 Gerard, Brett R. 61-11*,135-2 Gerber, Richard E. 233-13* Gerber, Sylvain 226-2* Gerbi, Christopher 271-5 Gerbi, Christopher C. 74-3,271-1 Gerdes, Axel 10-2 Gerhard, Erik 182-6 Gerke, Tammie L. 89-2*,89-4 Gerla, Phil 155-9*,281-4* German, Questor 192-13 Geroux, Jonathan 67-13 Geroux, Jonathon M. 245-6 Gerson, Laura M. 29-8* Gerst, Jonathan 110-17 Gertsch, Brian 55-10* Getty, Patrick Ryan 120-5 Ghaderi, Abbas 209-4,209-10 Ghio, Andrew J. 133-7* Ghisalberti, Marco 126-8 Ghisetti, Francesca C. 128-5 Ghoneim, Eman 48-8,48-9*,48-11,248-1, 248-7,262-10 Giammar, Daniel E. 88-6 Giardino, John R. 96-2,169-3,180-10, 180-11,180-12,184-10,191-1,245-4 Giardino, Rick 184-9* Gibbs, Alan D. 262-3 Gibert Beotas, Lluís 224-5 Gibling, Martin R. 54-2* Gibson, Harold 200-8,212-13 Gibson, Jonathan 23-2 Gibson, Roger L. 176-8*,229-7 Gierke, Casey 187-16* Gierlowski-Kordesch, Elizabeth 18-13*, 274-9* Gierlowski-Kordesch, Elizabeth H. 189-2 Giesche, Alena M. 64-14 Gifford, Jennifer N. 127-5*,127-9 Gilbert, Hersh 143-1*,143-13 Gilbert, Lisa A. 104-6* Gilbertson, Lea 25-19 Gilbride, Jeanette L. 165-9,262-36 Gilchrist, Ann M. 278-12 Giles, David 101-5,252-4 Gilfert, Amber R. 245-12*,265-11 Gill, Benjamin 15-3* Gill, Ivan P. 70-9 Gill, Thomas E. 105-9 Gilleaudeau, Geoffrey J. 274-8* Gillespie, Alan R. 49-8 Gillespie, Dianne 97-1* Gillespie, Janice M. 245-8 Gilley, Amy L. 189-23*,234-4 Gilley, Brett 45-9 Gilley, Brett Hollis 46-4* Gillis, Patricia L. 278-9 Gillis-Davis, Jeffrey J. 142-15 Gillmor, Anna M. 136-10 Gillum, Aneesa 148-11 Gilotti, Jane A. 179-4,204-8,204-9* Giménez, Daniel 232-12 Gingerich, Philip D. 99-35 Gingras, Murray K. 27-25 Ginsburg, Adam 12-6 Giorgis, Scott 31-2,128-8*,260-15 Giralt, Santiago 18-1 Giri, Sharmila 246-12* Giusti, Collin 211-2 Givan, Ann Vasko 121-10* Glaser, Paul 232-5,232-9* Glaser, Paul H. 232-6,232-7,232-10 Glauser, Travis 273-9 Glaves, Helen 68-2* Glaze, Lori S. 284-9 Gleason, Joshua 71-14 Gleason, Robert A. 26-3 Gleeson, Tom 3-12 Glesener, Gary 45-12*,221-14* Glose, AnneMarie 128-8 Glumac, Bosiljka 18-12*,30-2,118-7*, 213-5 Glynn, Pierre D. 281-7* Gobel, Rebecca 183-9 Goble, R.J. 95-8 Goble, Ronald J. 16-10,96-24,210-12, 214-4,214-8

Gochis, E. 66-11,216-3,216-15 Gochis, Emily 66-10* Goddard, Coreyn 283-6* Goding, Ann T. 86-11 Goeke, J.W. 194-3* Goetz, Elizabeth R. 70-10 Goetz, Staci 187-15,187-18 Goff, Cathy J. 272-5 Goff, Fraser 272-5* Goh, K. Xenna 180-14 Gokaltun, Seckin 17-6 Golab, James A. 3-6,122-11 Gold Bouchot, Gerardo 108-8 Gold, Anne U. 238-7 Gold, David A. 126-8 Goldberg, David 42-9 Goldfarb, Richard J. 190-2,190-3,212-1* Goldhaber, Martin B. 282-3 Goldin, Tamara J. 24-4* Goldman, Mark R. 143-8 Goldner, Brian D. 87-11*,87-12 Goldsmith, David W. 99-27*,218-3 Goldsmith, Steven 19-3* Goldstein, Harland L. 107-4*,133-6 Goldstein, Susan T. 231-7*,231-8,246-10 Goldsten, John O. 142-4 Goldwater, Micah 67-1,221-4 Gomaa, Mohammad A. 2-5 Gomaa, Mohammad A. Jr. 61-12 Goman, Michelle F. 90-3* Gombosi, David J. 130-13 Gomes, Sonnet W. 122-10* Gomez, Francisco 48-3 Goncalves, Philippe 130-5* Gong, Jian 30-7 Goni, Miguel 19-13* Gonzales, Leila M. 114-2,114-3*,139-8, 171-2,215-6* Gonzalez, Jhon 32-1 Gonzalez, L.A. 258-9,258-16 González, Luis A. 58-11,189-40 Gonzalez, Mark A. 83-3 Gonzalez, Tania 90-12 Gonzalez-Fernandez, Antonio 143-9 Gonzalez-Torres, Enrique 35-3* González-Torres, Enrique A. 35-2 Good, David J. 87-8*,159-8 Good, Laura Ward 181-19 Goodbred, Steven Jr. 13-6,283-8 Goode, Daniel J. 136-8 Goodell, Philip C. 41-1 Goodge, John W. 11-7* Goodhue, Nathaniel 9-5 Goodman, Beverly N. 249-2 Goodwillie, Andrew M. 45-5 Goodwin, Laurel 67-10 Goodwin, Mark B. 58-4 Goossens, Dirk 133-9 Gopal, Sneha 44-10 Gordon, Gregory S. 105-14* Gordon, Ryan P. 156-4,156-10* Gordon, Stacia 204-4* Gordon, Stacia M. 204-5 Gorecki, Charles 122-1 Gorman, Mark II 173-15* Gorobtsov, Denis 176-7 Gose, Wulf A. 148-7 Goska, Radoslaw 263-20 Gosnold, Will D. 9-6*,9-12* Gosnold, William 9-7 Gosse, John 128-6 Gosse, John C. 7-1* Gosselin, David C. 139-2 Goswami, Arghya 49-9 Gotelli, Nicholas J. 4-9 Gotkowitz, Madeline B. 135-1,187-18, 279-2,279-3,283-4* Gottardi, Raphaël 26-2*,271-6* Gottlieb, Mike 251-4 Goudge, Timothy A. 142-6,142-9,142-10 Gough, Larry 137-1 Gough, Steve C. 16-3* Goupee, Andrew J. 74-1 Gourley, Jonathan 41-4,41-5,41-6, 137-10* Gouwy, Sofie A. 172-1*,267-2* Gouzie, Douglas 51-2,110-7 Gouzie, Douglas R. 60-5 Govoni, Bonnie 30-3* Gowan, Angela S. 5-5,192-1,192-7* Grabel, Lutfia 99-23* Graczyk, David 278-1 Grady, Catherine 211-2

272 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future

Grady, Monica 167-10 Graham, I.J. 43-1 Graham, John 113-14 Graham, Russell W. 99-38 Graham, Stephan A. 10-12 Gralnick, Jeffrey 129-3 Graly, Joseph A. 82-9 Grammer, Michael 222-7 Grammer, Susan 222-7* Grand Pre, Candace A. 191-7 Grand, Stephen 143-12 Grandgenett, Nealy F. 216-10 Grandstaff, Barbara S. 173-5 Grandstaff, David E. 58-8,173-5*,173-25 Graney, Joseph 278-11 Graney, Joseph R. 236-3,236-5,282-10* Granger, Darryl 154-8 Granger, Darryl E. 52-7 Granjeon, Didier 122-12 Granshaw, Frank 193-2* Grant, Gordon E. 165-11 Grant, Katharine M. 133-4 Grant, Ronald 88-12 Grasby, Stephen E. 153-13* Grasemann, B. 190-1 Grassi, Davide 239-7 Grauch, V.J.S. 51-7,104-2 Graupner, Melanie 100-7* Gravely, Darren 98-9,260-11 Graves, Gary R. 4-9 Graves, Nolan 96-25,214-4 Graves, Nolan Bradley 174-11* Gravley, Darren M. 25-9 Graw, Jordan H. 244-3* Gray, B. Lauren 240-1 Gray, Floyd 26-9 Gray, Gary G. 76-1*,76-3 Gray, Harrison 102-10* Gray, John R. 182-8 Gray, Keith D. 270-9 Gray, Kyle 164-12*,195-4 Gray, Marteve R. 147-7 Gray, Mary Beth 104-7 Gray, R.E. 276-8 Graymer, Russell W. 128-4 Graziano, Robert J. 265-6* Greb, Stephen F. 105-2 Greco, Veronica 152-10 Green, Alan G. 128-3 Green, Christopher T. 140-11 Green, Daniel V. 195-1 Green, Harry 12-1 Green, Jeffrey A. 60-11* Green, John C. 87-5* Green, Richard C. 262-37 Green, Robin M. 111-3,207-10* Green, Ronald T. 60-4* Green, Sophie M. 278-8* Greenberg, Jeffrey 39-21,160-6 Greenberg, Jeffrey K. 160-1*,215-1* Greenberger, Rebecca 284-1 Greenberger, Rebecca N. 100-11* Greene, Lauren 118-10 Greene, Sarah E. 79-15*,129-6 Greenstein, Benjamin J. 4-5*,207-5 Greenwood, Jennifer 226-1 Greer, Lisa 213-5 Greer, Sean Y. 95-20* Gregg, Anndelee 109-1 Gregg, Patricia M. 272-6 Gregg, Tracy K.P. 284-6* Gregg, William 38-3*,264-1* Gregory, Kelvin B. 269-6* Gregory, Robert T. 200-2* Grewe, Nick 136-1 Gribb, Nikolaus Waters 206-3* Gribbin, Sarah 241-11 Gridley, James 229-10 Griebel, Lisa 116-6,116-7,116-8,116-9 Griener, Kathryn W. 120-9* Grieve, Paul 40-1 Griffin, Eleanor R. 65-14*,149-11 Griffin, Julie M. 79-6* Griffin, Michael P. 162-8,281-3* Griffing, David H. 174-10* Griffis, Tim 232-3 Griffith, Adam 259-5* Griffith, Jonathan 234-6 Grifo, Francesca T. 268-5* Griggs, Galen 209-3 Grijalva, Ashley Nichole 250-3*,250-4 Grimley, David A. 210-4*,262-26 Grimmer, A. 262-7

Grincius, Adam 100-3 Griswold, Frances 39-21* Groat, Charles G. 263-14 Grodek, Tamir 154-5,154-11 Grogan, Marian 238-7 Gronberg, Jo Ann 283-1 Grosfils, Eric B. 272-6 Groshong, Richard H. Jr. 146-5 Grossman, Tiffany 95-5* Grottoli, Andréa 19-11,19-12 Grotzinger, John P. 167-8* Grove, Karen 118-12* Grove, Marty 130-11 Grove, Tim 28-15 Groves, Chris 60-10,110-19,241-43 Groves, David I. 212-1 Groves, John R. 152-1*,216-5,231-11 Growdon, Martha 262-32 Grube, John P. 121-9 Grunder, Anita L. 177-16 Grundl, Tim 17-4* Grützmacher, Gesche 170-1 Gu, Guangsheng 158-11 Guccione, M.J. 262-14 Guderian, Emily 260-2 Guebert, Michael D. 160-4* Guensburg, Thomas E. 27-15 Guentzel, K. 184-8 Guerrero, Eduardo 70-7 Guerrero-Suastegui, Martín 227-3 Guertin, Laura 21-2,21-3 Guertin, Laura A. 21-4*,193-10* Guest, Bernard 49-2*,49-3,177-17 Guevara, Edward 89-15 Guex, Jean 237-5 Guibert, Pierre 95-12 Guillaume, Joseph H.A. 92-1,92-11 Guillemette, Renald N. 247-2 Guion, Paul 206-10 Gulbranson, Brian 264-1 Gulick, James II 44-2,91-2 Gulick, Sean P.S. 16-11,24-9*,230-12 Gulley, Jason 110-13,135-3* Gulley, Robert L. 92-8 Gulyás, Sándor Jr. 161-5*,189-31* Gunasekera, Kapila 243-7 Gunckel, Kristin L. 70-1 Gundersen, Linda C. 170-12 Gundersen, Linda C.S. 8-4* Gunderson, Kellen L. 143-14 Guneralp, Inci 91-4 Gunnell, Gregg F. 99-34,173-26 Gunnink, Jan L. 217-3,217-6* Gunter, Mickey 89-3 Gunter, Mickey E. 247-7 Guo, Bincheng 189-4 Guohua, Zhu 174-9 Gupta, Axita A. 242-7* Gupta, Manish 88-10 Gurke, Katharine 182-1* Gurnis, Michael 50-11* Gurrieri, Joseph T. 2-13,155-7 Gurrola, Harold 143-15 Gustafson, Daniel J. 112-3* Gustavson, John B. 253-5 Gusyev, Maksym A. 83-3* Guth, Alexandria 22-5* Guthrie, Calista L. 242-1,245-6* Gutiérrez-Alejandro, Alejandra Guadalupe 122-7 Gutierrez-Alonso, Gabriel 6-8 Guy, Alexandra K. 270-12 Gwanmesia, Gabriel 147-11 Gwiazda, Roberto 158-10 Gwynn, Mark 9-11 Gyollai, Ildiko 117-13*


Haaff, Benjamin 60-10 Haagsma, Autumn J. 172-5 Haas, Brady J. 221-12 Haas, Skylar 174-10 Haase, Karl B. 37-3*,191-4 Hacker, Bradley R. 12-5*,12-6,74-7, 204-4 Hackley, Keith C. 17-14*,278-2 Hackley, Paul C. 240-6 Hadden, Carla S. 27-26,275-13* Hadden, Rory 282-8 Hadden, Rory M. 120-6 Hadsell, Jory 22-3 Haeussler, Peter J. 230-5,230-11

Hafid, Ahmid 148-5 Hafner, Katrin 229-10 Hagadorn, James W. 67-15 Hagedorn, Birgit 84-2 Hageman, Scott A. 71-14*,173-35 Hageman, Steven J. 78-6* Hagemann, Mark W. 172-15 Hagen, Sean M. 188-5* Hagen-Peter, Graham A. 11-13* Hager, Christian 128-12 Haiar, Brooke 120-14* Haileab, Bereket 28-12,36-2,39-19, 109-3,132-13*,163-4 Haines, Forest 249-19* Haines, Seth S. 26-3 Hair, Thomas 114-8 Haire, Scott A. 99-33,173-33* Haitjema, Henk 83-3,83-9*,140-5, 140-12* Hajek, Elizabeth 54-1,54-4,54-5,54-6, 54-12,54-13 Hajic, Edwin R. 210-6*,210-9 Hajit, Mohammad 16-12,184-8 Hakala, Sarah 275-13 Halbur, Julia 54-11* Halchak, Jennifer 71-12 Halden, Norman M. 189-11 Halden, Rolf U. 136-9,185-4 Halder, Dipti 84-8,134-8,134-12* Hale, Cindy M. 243-26,243-27 Halfen, Alan F. 152-7*,172-10,182-3*, 262-31 Halfman, John D. 189-14,189-15 Halford, Keith J. 3-5 Halihan, Todd 38-6*,85-10,110-11 Hall, Andrea B. 241-16* Hall, Brenda L. 183-2 Hall, Cynthia 44-22,45-15*,195-10 Hall, John Luke 32-3* Hall, Leah Ruth 116-1 Hall, Paul S. 244-9 Hall, Veronica O. 41-8* Hall, Wesley S. 168-17* Haller, Miguel J. 33-3 Hallett, Benjamin W. 130-6* Hallett, Bethan M. 283-9 Halliday, William R. 284-11* Halligan, Theresa 39-35* Hallock, Pamela 231-10*,276-12 Halloran, Paul 207-6 Halls, Henry C. 148-2 Halpern, Michael H. 268-11* Halton, Casey R. 187-13 Ham, Nelson R. 64-1,102-8 Hamann, Bernd 115-4 Hamara, Dave K. 142-4 Hamburger, Michael W. 143-13 Hames, Willis E. 11-1*,122-5,122-6, 168-12,174-16,212-9,249-17 Hamil, Brooke 28-6* Hamilton, Christopher W. 284-9 Hamilton, Evan Matthew 51-5* Hamilton, Michael 101-1,148-2* Hamilton, Michael A. 101-15 Hamilton, Patrick 238-6* Hamilton, Victoria E. 167-5 Hamilton, Warren B. 74-8* Hammack, Richard W. 236-3,236-7 Hammer, William R. 99-6 Hammersburg, Sean R. 255-3* Hammerschmidt, Konrad 126-12 Hammes, Ursula 122-12 Hammond, William Charles 143-7* Hamon, Connie 136-12 Hampton, Brian A. 10-5,177-2* Hams, Jacquelyn 71-3* Han, Youn Hee 84-13 Hanan, Barry B. 229-6 Hancock, Leanne 151-11*,242-10* Hand, Martin 130-4,201-6 Handley, Kim M. 88-5* Haneberg, William 181-17 Haneberg, William C. 81-12*,165-7* Hanes, Barbara E. 214-1 Hanes, Daniel M. 205-9* Hanger, Rex A. 39-20,39-40 Hanks, H. Douglas 99-33*,173-33 Hanly, Brittany R. 64-12 Hanneman, Harold P. 34-2 Hannisdal, Bjarte 14-3* Hanor, Jeffrey S. 158-9 Hanselmann, Fredrick 95-10

Hansen, Edward C. 29-10,189-20,189-21, 214-1*,214-2,214-3 Hansen, Kristie L. 39-40* Hansen, Lars 271-12* Hansen, Roger 230-13 Hansen, Thor A. 151-1 Hansen, Vicki L. 100-7,193-1* Hansis, Robert D. 181-19 Hanson, Brain 96-29 Hanson, Cory M. 264-6* Hanson, Kathleen 173-13* Hanson, Kevin John 48-1* Hanson, P.R. 85-11,180-2 Hanson, Paul 172-10,182-4 Hanson, Paul R. 5-1,96-26,102-19, 102-20,182-2,182-5,210-12,214-5 Hanson, R. 176-10 Hanson, Richard E. 148-7*,272-8* Hao, Yue 73-9 Harada, Yohei 12-3 Harankhedkar, Shweta 221-5,222-9, 245-5 Harbor, David 13-9 Harbor, David J. 106-4* Harbor, Jon 222-6* Harbor, Jonathan M. 20-2,20-4,169-5 Harburger, Aleeza M. 250-8* Harcourt-Smith, William E.H. 174-1 Harder, Vicki M. 22-7* Hardin, Nathan R. 265-4 Harding, Chris 82-3 Hardt, Benjamin 243-17 Hardt, Benjamin F. 80-11* Hare, Danielle K. 156-4 Hargrave, Jennifer E. 18-6 Hark, Richard R. 89-11* Harkins, Nathan W. 76-3 Harley, Simon L. 53-1 Harmon, Luke J. 57-5,57-10 Harmon, Russell S. 19-2,19-4*,89-11 Harms, Brian 126-14,274-4 Harner, Patrick L. 101-15 Harnik, Paul G. 225-7* Haroon, Areej 44-16 Harper, Elizabeth M. 275-6* Harper, Joel T. 82-1 Harries, Peter J. 27-10,78-8*,131-4 Harrington, Andrea D. 107-6*,282-9* Harrington, Glenn 61-3 Harrington, Guy 173-16 Harrington, Megan 96-14 Harris, Andrew J.L. 263-6 Harris, David C. 241-29 Harris, Elisha B. 120-10* Harris, Elizabeth Ann 240-1 Harris, Hugh H. 282-12 Harris, Katie M. 241-42 Harris, Kenneth L. 5-5,192-1 Harris, Lyal 251-3 Harris, Martha C. 97-13 Harris, R. Scott 117-10,117-15 Harris, Sara 45-9*,67-7,265-2* Harrison, Benjamin 28-12 Harrison, Michael 173-27* Harry, Dennis L. 51-4* Harsh, Joseph 245-10 Harston, Walter A. 241-3* Hart, Austin 249-4* Hart, Bruce 174-19 Hart, David J. 85-4,102-19,102-20, 109-2*,135-1,214-5,233-6,233-12 Hart, Karoline H. 188-3* Hart, William K. 28-17 Hartford, Samantha L. 218-3* Hartleb, Ross 176-4 Hartleb, Ross D. 98-7,176-5 Hartley, Adrian J. 39-5,54-3 Hartman, Joseph H. 68-11,249-8* Hartman, Ryan 13-9,106-4 Hartman, Sean 230-11 Hartwig, Dale S. 136-11 Hartzell, Steve 244-4 Hartzog, Thomas R. 13-6 Harvati, Katerina 132-11 Harvey, F. Edwin 155-5 Harvey, Janet C. 262-18* Harvey, Judson W. 157-10* Harvey, R.P. 91-13 Harwood, Cara L. 115-4,208-3* Harwood, David 267-5 Harzhauser, Mathias 224-7 Hasan, M. Aziz 84-14,134-11 Hasan, Maggie 147-9

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 273

Hasan, Syed E. 23-6* Hasbargen, Leslie 40-6,104-4,105-8, 106-1*,115-5,193-3 Hasbrouck, Kristen H. 89-8*,241-26 Hasenmueller, Elizabeth A. 110-9* Hasenmueller, Nancy R. 263-4*,263-5 Hasenmueller, Walter A. 263-4,263-5* Hashiguchi, Yoko 12-3 Hasiotis, S.T. 209-6* Hasiotis, Stephen T. 152-4,152-5,152-7, 242-4,249-14 Hassall, Lesya 22-6 Hassan, Adel M. 200-10 Hassan, Taher 26-7 Hasten, Zachary E.L. 272-10* Hasterok, Derrick 9-2 Hastings, Alexander 15-10* Hastings, David W. 276-7 Hatab, EL-Bialy E. 99-35 Hatch, Ammon 46-14 Hatch, Christine E. 61-6* Hatch, Rachel 84-9,206-15 Hatcher, Robert D. Jr. 6-5,11-3*,49-10, 146-1*,229-11* Hatfield, Kirk 88-4,88-8 Hättestrand, Clas 20-2 Hattori, K. 190-4,190-5,190-6 Hattori, Kéiko H. 39-23,203-3,243-18 Hauck, Steven 9-12 Hauck, Steven A. II 142-2*,142-5 Hauck, Tyler E. 122-1* Hauer, Jörn 149-14 Haugerud, Ralph A. 262-6* Hauk, Steven A. II 142-4 Hausner, Mark B. 61-7* Hausrath, Elisabeth M. 19-7,96-27 Hauwert, Nico M. 60-3 Hauzenberger, Barbara M. 192-12* Haveles, Andrew W. 80-5,99-15* Haverstock, Gregory J. 89-11 Hawes, Ian 208-4 Hawkes, Andrea D. 224-12 Hawkes, Chris 17-11 Hawkesworth, Chris J. 50-7* Hawkins, A.D. 27-8* Hawkridge, Chelsea A. 110-20* Hawman, Robert B. 176-2 Hay, Murray B. 172-12 Hayashi, Masaki 156-6,157-8* Hayden, Travis G. 32-1*,45-10 Hayes, Dawn S. 77-2 Hayes, Kenneth M. 173-25* Hayes, Sarah M. 137-6* Haynes, Courtney E. 235-8 Haynes, John T. 39-24 Hays, Karen 238-5 Hays, Ricardo 206-3 Hazen, Robert M. 56-11 Hazle, Dean G. 29-10* He, Bin 153-4 He, Tong 172-7 Head, James W. 100-5,142-1,142-7, 142-8,142-9,142-10,142-11,142-12, 142-13,142-14,199-12*,284-7 Headd, Brendan 155-4,155-12* Heaman, Larry 74-11 Heaman, Larry M. 10-1,74-6,148-4,201-8 Heasler, Hank P. 40-11 Heath, Douglas 278-4* Heathcote, Adam J. 86-2 Heaton, J.S. 262-7 Heavner, Matthew J. 91-3* Heber, Veronika 167-10 Hebig, Klaus 26-11 Hebig, Klaus H. 85-8*,109-7* Hedrick, Kathryn A. 102-4*,180-6 Heenan, Jeffrey 136-5 Hefferan, Kevin 32-8* Heffernan, James B. 235-12 Heffner, David M. 176-3* Hega, Brad D. 241-9* Heggie, Geoff 159-3* Hegland, Matthew 242-12 Hegna, Thomas 226-10* Heidinger, Philipp 176-7* Heiger-Bernays, Wendy 282-11 Heilweil, Victor M. 17-2* Heim, Nicholas J. 101-6* Heim, Noel A. 14-2*,14-8 Heimann, Adriana 168-5 Heine, Reuben A. 194-8 Heinrich, Madeline A. 25-13* Heinson, Graham 215-12

Heintz, Nicholas H. 93-5* Heinzel, Chad 195-4*,216-5,241-27*, 262-29* Heise, Elizabeth A. 118-1* Heist, Christopher A. 36-7,36-10 Heizler, Lynn L. 272-5 Heizler, Matthew 154-12 Hekkers, M.L. 97-26 Hekman, Marjorie S. 262-31 Helbert, Jörn 142-15 Held, Bjorn 48-3* Heldmann, J. 167-12 Heller, Paul L. 54-5*,227-8 Hellert, Spencer M. 99-6* Hellevang, Helge 42-7*,117-8 Helmke, Martin F. 64-7 Helper, Mark 163-13* Hembree, Daniel I. 152-6*,152-8,152-9 Hemming, Gary 211-5,211-7 Hemming, N. Gary 211-6,211-8,211-13 Hemming, Sidney 211-12 Hemming, Sidney R. 103-5,106-3,211-5, 211-6,211-7*,211-8,211-13 Hemzacek, Jean M. 70-12 Henck Schmidt, Amanda 163-9,180-14* Henderson, Anna 80-7* Henderson, Brandy M. 241-18* Henderson, Brent 251-4 Henderson, Charles 209-3 Henderson, Whitney M. 165-3 Hendricks, Jennifer K. 30-7* Hendricks, Jonathan R. 27-29*,78-10*, 207-6 Hendricks, Wesley G. 25-7* Hendrickson, Matthew J. 262-11* Hendrix, Marc S. 149-14,189-32*,249-3* Hendy, Austin, J.W. 4-4*,173-17*,173-19 Heness, Elizabeth A. 149-1,173-11* Henne, William 63-1 Henning, Alison 139-14* Henning, Russell 187-18* Henriksen, Sverre 16-6 Henry, Cathy 210-14 Henry, D.J. 1-3,175-8 Henry, Darrell 46-1,175-5 Henry, Darrell J. 175-11 Henry, Katrina Koski 110-6*,110-12*, 135-5* Henry, Lindsey C. 20-13* Henson, Richard A. Jr. 252-8 Hepburn, J. Christopher 10-4 Herbst, Steven R. 253-6* Herd, Chris 167-10 Hering, Janet 269-2,269-5 Herkelrath, William N. 136-5 Herman, Ellen K. 110-14,110-15* Hermosilla, Rodolfo 169-10* Hernandez, Javier 184-7 Hernández, Walter 98-3,98-4 Hernlund, John W. 147-3* Herrera, Dimitri 189-37 Herrera, Juan S. 221-13* Herridge, Aaron 241-7 Herried, Bradley 165-4 Herrmann, Achim D. 150-10*,172-1 Herrmann, Robert B. 176-1 Herrold, Ardis 222-2 Herrs, Andrew J. 128-6 Hershey, Ronald 2-5 Herwig, Brian R. 86-11 Herzig, Charles T. 32-9 Hess, Jacquelyn 181-10 Hesse, Marc A. 53-3 Hester, Erich T. 109-9 Hettiarachchi, Ganga 84-10 Hettich, Robert 88-5 Heureux, Ana 189-16 Heydari, Ezat 122-9* Heydweiller, Erich C. 179-2* Heyman, Jakob 20-4*,192-12 Heyob, Katie M. 39-33* Heyvaert, Alan C. 189-24 Heywood, Neil 32-8 Hiatt, Chad N. 39-25* Hiatt, Eric E. 106-5,195-3* Hibberd, J. 248-2 Hibbs, Barry J. 97-21*,283-2* Hickey, Kenneth A. 53-11 Hickman, John B. 75-10*,241-29 Hicks, Melissa 18-6* Hicks, Tanner 253-6 Hickson, Thomas 18-8 Hickson, Thomas A. 103-8

HIday, Aaron D. 39-38 Hieronymus, Tobin L. 152-2* Hiesinger, Harald 239-8 Hiess, Joe 237-2 Hietpas, Jack 77-1,77-12*,252-2 Higgins, Dale 187-12 Higgins, Jerry D. 81-8 Hijma, Marc 5-7 Hilbert-Wolf, Hannah L. 177-10 Hilding-Kronforst, Shari 276-6* Hildred, Gemma 150-9 Hildreth-Werker, Val 97-1 Hill, C. 184-8 Hill, Christopher L. 95-9*,258-17,260-4* Hill, David P. 211-1 Hill, Jessica A. 245-6 Hill, Kacie 246-4 Hill, Loren E. 165-12 Hill, Mary Louise 212-4* Hill, Melissa 43-8* Hill, Ronald 274-5 Hill, Tessa M. 231-11 Hillaire-Marcel, Claude 138-8*,138-13* Hillegonds, Darren J. 37-4 Hilley, George E. 76-7 Hilliard, Victoria L. 99-10 Hillier, Ryan A. 39-37* Himmelstoss, Emily 259-3* Hines, Mark E. 232-4* Hinojosa, Jessica L. 153-2* Hinrichs, Nathan L. 174-4 Hinton, M.J. 62-10 Hinz, Nicholas H. 9-1 Hippensteel, Scott 27-11 Hippolyte, Jean-Claude 260-15 Hirao, Naohisa 147-6 Hirasaki, George J. 158-11 Hirata, Ricardo 26-5 Hirata, Takafumi 190-9 Hirs, Edward A. III 141-4* Hirsch, David M. 261-2* Hirsch, Robert M. 278-1 Hirschfeld, Nicolle 25-11 Hirt, William H. 22-4* Hiruma, Silvio Takashi 108-2 Hisanabe, Chihiro 243-3 Hislop, Ann 177-17* Hitchcock, Dan 281-3 Hitzman, Murray W. 124-7,141-10*,168-3, 168-16,168-17 Hlusko, Leslea J. 237-14 Hnatyshin, Danny 264-3* Ho, Derrick 108-5 Ho, Stephanie 85-1 Hobbs, Daniel 102-19 Hobbs, G. Warfield IV 141-3* Hobbs, Howard C. 5-5,192-1 Hobbs, Howard Cory 5-4* Hobbs, Joy M. Ramstack 86-4,86-5, 188-5 Hobbs, Joy Ramstack 86-1 Hobbs, Will 86-1,86-4*,86-5,86-11, 188-5,234-2 Hochstaedter, Alfred 193-11* Hocking, Benjamin 128-8 Hodges, K.V. 52-8 Hodges, Kip 251-11 Hodgetts, David 121-7 Hodgkinson, Kathleen 251-4 Hodson, Mark E. 58-2 Hoefer, M.A. 244-2 Hoeflein, Fritz J. IV 30-2,63-12 Hoffman, Brian L. 71-14,173-35* Hoffman, Paul 101-3 Hoffman, Paul F. 126-1*,218-4* Hoffmann, Karl Heinz 148-7 Hoffmann, Thomas 161-11*,194-12* Hoffmeister, Kathryn 13-11 Hofmann, Amy E. 58-4 Hofmann, Michael H. 149-14*,174-19*, 189-32 Hofmeister, Anne 53-9 Hofstra, Albert H. 77-13,158-8,212-6 Hogan, Stephanie 195-4 Hoganson, John W. 173-30 Hokanson, Guy 45-13 Hokanson, William H. 174-12*,249-10 Holbrook, John M. 16-10,262-24 Holbrook, W. Steven 125-1* Holder, Mark T. 57-11 Hole, John A. 143-6,143-8,143-9 Hollabaugh, Curtis L. 28-9,39-47,39-48, 39-49,39-50,39-51,39-52,247-4*,247-6

Holland, Steven M. 225-2,225-8*,225-9, 249-12 Holland, W.F. 92-9* Holliday, Mark A. 259-4 Holliday, Vance T. 90-5 Hollings, Pete 87-12,244-5 Hollings, Peter 87-9 Hollingshaus, Becky 61-5* Holm, D.K. 176-9*,250-5 Holm, Daniel 74-5* Holm, Daniel K. 101-9 Holm-Denoma, Christopher S. 49-11 Holmer, Lars E. 225-13 Holmes, Charles W. 19-1,260-6 Holmgren, Sofia 138-2 Holroyd, Patricia A. 58-4 Holsing, Nicholas A. 12-2* Holysh, Steven 233-13 Holzer, Margaret 222-2 Homan, Mindy B. 249-10 Hon, Rudolph 278-3,278-6* Hondzo, M. 184-8 Honke, Jeffrey S. 133-3 Hood, Eran 91-3 Hooks, Benjamin P. 98-2* Hooper, Richard P. 263-19* Hooper, Rober L. 282-4 Hooper, Robert L. 282-3 Hooyer, Thomas 233-12* Hooyer, Thomas S. 39-10,183-7 Hopkins, Jenelle 216-13* Hopkins, Melanie J. 131-3* Hopkins, Samantha S.B. 57-9* Hopmans, Jan W. 139-10 Hoppie, Bryce 181-12 Hoque, Mohammad A. 84-12 Horacek, Micha 249-20 Hordijk, Kees 255-4 Horn, Marty 17-10,189-17 Horn, Michael S. 67-12 Hornbach, Matthew J. 215-9* Hornberger, George M. 235-10 Horsfall, Chris 121-7 Horsman, Eric 31-1,31-2,128-4* Horstmeyer, Heinrich 128-3 Horton, Brian 128-12 Horton, Brian K. 146-12*,178-4,273-7 Horton, J. Wright Jr. 176-8,229-7,229-8*, 229-11 Horton, Stephen P. 176-1 Horton, Travis 249-4 Horvath, Lisa M. 41-15,240-10 Horwath Burnham, Jennifer 210-13 Horwell, Claire 282-5*,282-6 Hossain, Mohammed 84-14,134-11* Hossain, Saddam 13-6 Hosseini, Mehrdad 6-12* Hosseini, Seyyed A. 184-11 Hotchkiss, Sara C. 86-6,86-12,189-35, 189-36 Houlton, Heather R. 114-2,114-3,139-8, 171-2* Hourigan, Jeremy 52-5,130-11 House, P. Kyle 189-42,217-8*,262-20 Houseknecht, David W. 230-2 Housen, Bernard A. 107-7*,244-8 Hovorka, Susan D. 38-9 Howard, Alan D. 184-5,284-2 Howard, Amanda 249-20 Howard, Christopher S. 254-10* Howard, Christopher W. 31-12,49-10* Howard, Douglas A. 161-4 Howard, Heather M. 201-6 Howard, L.M. 180-2 Howard, Samuel M. 181-1 Howell, Cynthia 238-7 Howell, L.E. 244-2* Hower, James C. 166-5*,206-12*,206-15, 240-11 Howes, Riley 260-10,260-13* Howes, Thomas 234-9*,260-1,260-10, 260-12 Hoyanagi, Koichi 150-2 Høyer, Anne-Sophie 104-3*,140-3* Hredzak-Showalter, Patricia L. 129-1 Hribljan, John A. 232-14* Hromis, Angel G. 241-7 Hruby, Claire 279-5* Hruska, Jakub 235-4* Hsiang, Allison Y. 55-8* Hsiung, Shih-yi 30-7 Hsu, Han 147-2 Hsu, Kenneth J. 23-8*

274 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future

Hsu-Kim, Heileen 170-7,240-3,241-14 Hu, Erya 52-7 Hu, Feng Sheng 132-5 Hu, Ruizhong 280-4* Hu, Shixue 27-36 Hu, Shusheng 56-1* Hua, Hong 15-1 Huang, Ching-Sheng 83-13* Huang, Jennifer 95-12* Huang, Shutao 280-5 Hubbard, Alun 20-4 Hubbard, Dennis 275-7* Hubbard, Matthew 96-16 Hubbard, Robert 26-19 Hubbard, Trent D. 262-1* Huber, Barbara 179-5 Huber, Brian T. 173-23,267-4*,276-2, 276-3,276-5 Huber, Bruce 192-15 Huber, Kathryn G. 49-4* Huber, Maritha 189-32 Huber, Matthew S. 117-4* Hudak, Curtis M. 210-6 Hudak, George J. III 33-8* Hudleston, Peter 76-12* Hudley, Joel W. 224-9* Hudson, Adam 213-1 Hudson, Mark R. 96-13,113-12 Hudson, Sam 13-3 Hudspith, Victoria 206-13 Huebner, Matthew T. 6-5*,49-10 Huerta, Audrey 51-11* Huerta, Cristina 44-13 Huertas, Aaron 268-11 Huesing, Silja K. 237-2 Huff, Casey 128-9,230-4 Huff, Casey J. 230-7* Huff, Warren 33-6,243-7 Huff, Warren D. 172-13 Huffine, Maria 220-3 Huffine, Richard 68-6*,223-7* Huggett, William W. 206-8 Hughes, Amanda N. 76-9,76-10* Hughes, Andrew 140-9,217-9 Hughes, John 82-9 Hughes, Natalie J. 187-13 Hughes, Nigel C. 122-2,131-10*,224-1 Hughes, Peter 279-8 Hughes, Richard 8-5*,217-10* Hughes, William 219-7 Huiliang, Zhang 174-9 Hulbe, Christina L. 198-1* Hulett, Sam R.W. 6-11 Hull, Angie 176-9 Hults, Chad P. 230-6* Hume, David S. 92-2 Hummelman, Jan. H 217-6 Hummer, Daniel 129-5 Humphrey, Neil 82-1 Humphreys, Bill 162-5 Humphries, Elizabeth E. 192-10* Hunda, Brenda R. 255-7* Hungwe, Kedmon 216-9 Hunt, Andrew G. 158-2,233-11 Hunt, Brian B. 60-3,92-9 Hunt, Bryan W. 229-12 Hunt, Gene 57-12* Hunt, Randall J. 83-1*,83-2,92-4, 140-10*,187-12 Hunt, Randy 26-10,279-2 Hunter, Katrina 16-7 Huntley, John W. 151-10* Huntoon, Jacqueline E. 1-7,22-5,66-11, 105-11,216-9,216-15,266-3* Hupman, Jenabay 109-11 Hurd, Trevor J. 105-3*,105-10 Hurst, Stance C. 90-5,90-8* Hurtgen, Matthew T. 30-13,43-4 Hurth, Michael 254-8* Hurwitz, Debra M. 142-6,142-7 Husch, Jonathan 220-3,243-19 Husinec, Antun 30-3,30-5,39-7 Huska, Andrea 95-15* Husman, Jenefer 67-4 Hussaini, Bushra M. 231-6 Hutchins, Benjamin 135-2 Hutchison, Taylor 241-43 Huth, Alexander 97-24 Hutsky, Andrew J. 105-3,105-10* Hutson, Scott 161-3 Hutto, Andrew 77-5 Huuse, Mads 158-5 Huybers, Kathleen 192-18

Huynh, Trang 282-12 Hwang, Shyh-Lung 12-4 Hyland, Ethan 208-9*,277-5 Hyndman, David W. 85-7 Hynek, Brian M. 163-5* Hynek, Scott A. 133-2* Hyodo, Ayumi 179-3*


Ianno, Adam J. 262-21* Ibaraki, Motomu 170-2* Ibarra, Yadira 155-13* Idleman, Bruce 177-6,177-7,177-8* Iepure, Sanda 4-6 Igarashi, Mina 12-3 Ihinger, Phillip 270-12* Ihinger, Phillip D. 33-7,47-7* Ihrig, Lori 265-9 Iizuka, Fumie 111-4* Ikawa, Reo 109-5 Ikehara, Ken 253-2 Ikehata, Kei 190-9* Ikenne, Moha 148-5,148-6 Ilgen, Anastasia 137-2* Illman, Walter 137-15 Imai, Akira 28-2,212-11 Imanishi, Kazutoshi 98-1 Imbrigiotta, Thomas E. 136-8 Imren, Caner 102-11 Indorante, Samuel 182-6 Infante, Louis 108-5 Infante, Louis R. 135-4* Ingersoll, Raymond V. 10-11*,266-1 Inglis, Jeremy 32-8 Ingólfsson, Ólafur 20-8,192-11 Ingraffea, Anthony R. 139-6 Ingram, Lynn 157-4 Ingram, Stanton III 28-1* Inners, Jon D. 96-32* Inners, Rebecca B. 96-32 Innis, Megan 275-4* Inskeep, William 113-6 Inverarity, Kent 215-12* Ionov, Dmitri 143-10 Iorio, Marina 211-10 Iqbal, Mohammad 39-45,118-4*,187-3, 187-7,216-5,279-9 Iqbal, Mohammad Z. 26-12 Ireland, Alex W. 86-12* Ireland, Kayla 159-9 Irham, Muhammad 184-10* Irie, Keisuke 244-15 Irvin, Shane A. 215-3 Irwin, Rossman P. III 284-5 Isaza Londoño, Carolina 224-4 Isbell, John L. 6-11,20-13,227-2,249-14, 249-15 Ishibashi, Junichiro 190-9 Ishibashi, Yoshinobu 84-13 Ishimura, Toyoho 243-3 Ishman, Scott 192-15*,276-10 Isiorho, S.A. 114-7* Isiorho, Solomon A. 160-5* Islam, M. Mainul 84-14 Ismail, Ahmed 62-3,62-8,233-2,233-4 Ismail, Esam 241-1* Ismail, S. 248-2 Isozaki, Yukio 153-1*,153-3,243-3*,267-1 Istok, Jonathan 280-10* Itavaara, Merja 72-3 Ito, Emi 138-5*,234-9 Ito, Narimitsu 26-11*,85-8,109-5,109-7 Ivantsov, Andrey Yu 15-13 Ivany, Linda 172-2 Ivany, Linda C. 224-6* Iverson, Ellen 46-1*,97-16 Iverson, Neal 82-8,183-8 Iverson, Neal R. 82-3,82-5*,82-12,198-5* Ivey, Toni A. 221-5*,222-9,245-5* Iwamori, Hikaru 153-3 Izenberg, Noam R. 100-5,142-15 Izykowski, Tyler I. 230-10


Jablonski, David 225-11 Jacks, Gunnar 84-14,134-11,134-13 Jacks, K. Gunnar 134-10 Jackson, Chester W. Jr. 39-53,39-54 Jackson, Chris 140-9,217-9 Jackson, Frankie D. 173-9

Jackson, Ian 8-1*,217-1*,223-10* Jackson, James S. 121-1* Jackson, Jeremy B.C. 27-27,151-7, 151-8* Jackson, Melissa S. 102-9 Jackson, Michael 251-4 Jackson, Miriam 183-6 Jackson, Robert 236-6,236-8 Jackson, Simon 243-18,264-9 Jackson, Tracie 61-6 Jacob, Lauren 6-10 Jacob, Robert W. 104-7 Jacobel, Robert 183-9* Jacobs, David K. 126-8* Jacobs, Michael A. 62-6* Jacobs, Peter M. 182-5,210-11* Jacobsen, Linda 8-4 Jacobsen, Robert E. 184-5* Jacobsen, S.B. 117-12 Jacobson, William R. Jr. 183-7* Jacoby, Brianne 110-1* Jaeschke, Jeanne B. 185-1 Jahn, Bor-ming 203-6* Jahren, A. Hope 80-2,80-3* Jaiprakash, B.C. 55-9 Jakab, Gusztáv 189-31 Jakeman, Anthony John 92-1*,92-3,92-4 Jakobsen, Peter Roll 233-1 James, David E. 143-5,270-2 Jamshidi, Hossein 169-2* Janesko, David 42-8 Jansen, Andrew C. 201-12* Jaramillo, Carlos 80-4,152-11,173-24, 277-7 Jaramillo, Carlos M. 249-9 Jaret, Steven 117-12* Jarochowska, Emilia 224-3* Jarrett, Amber J.M. 242-11 Jarrett, Matt B. 131-4* Jarrett, Robert 161-6* Jarvis, Stephanie 113-7 Jaumann, R. 239-1,239-6 Jaumann, Ralf 239-2,239-3,239-4,239-8, 239-10,239-11 Jaye, Michael 244-1* Jayko, A.S. 211-1*,211-9* Jean, Jiin-Shuh 191-5* Jee, Benjamin, D. 67-1 Jefferson, Anne J. 235-6* Jenchen, Uwe 227-3 Jenkin, Kiel Ryan 101-14* Jenkins, Chelsea 113-2* Jenkins, David M. 12-2,29-7* Jenkins, Michael A. 25-3 Jennifer, Elick 240-8* Jennings, Carrie E. 5-5,82-2,182-2, 192-1,198-10*,262-25 Jennings, Karen L. 96-16* Jensen, Gavin 122-1 Jensen, John 71-14 Jensen, Niels-Peter 38-7*,140-4,233-5 Jensen, Sören 27-30,173-20 Jenson, John W. 80-11 Jeppsson, Lennart 226-8 Jercinovic, M.J. 130-7 Jercinovic, Michael J. 130-8 Jerolmack, Douglas J. 149-3*,205-4 Jeshango, Taboka 260-2 Jessee, Marcus 262-40 Jessup, Micah 252-1,252-7 Jewell, Paul 167-9* Ji, Junfeng 172-7*,243-8 Ji, Junling 181-2 Ji, Sang-Woo 185-6* Ji, Zhansheng 153-3 Jianfeng, Shou 174-9 Jiang, Ganqing 122-2 Jicha, Brian R. 237-1,237-3 Jilbert, Tom 19-1 Jiménez Berrocoso, Álvaro 224-4 Jin, Xingsheng 173-9 Jinnah, Zubair 249-3 Jirsa, Mark A. 69-3*,117-3* Joeckel, R.M. 85-11*,180-2,194-3, 227-11,249-7,258-9 Joel, Lucas V. 126-9* Johanesen, Katharine 28-7* Johannesson, Karen 23-3*,84-10,220-5* Johanson, Jennifer 279-12 Johansson, Leif 29-10 John, Barbara E. 273-10 John, Cedric M. 121-6 Johnson, Aaron W. 44-19,171-4*

Johnson, Adam N. 1-6* Johnson, Andrew 117-5 Johnson, Andrew C. 245-9* Johnson, Annette 84-11 Johnson, B.C. 24-3* Johnson, B.G. 172-11 Johnson, Beth L. 64-7 Johnson, Bradley G. 180-1 Johnson, Breck R. 270-12 Johnson, Briana E. 189-24* Johnson, C. Annette 269-5 Johnson, Calvin E. Jr. 104-2* Johnson, Carole D. 85-12* Johnson, Catherine L. 46-2,142-2 Johnson, Clark M. 58-1,129-4 Johnson, Claudia C. 111-3*,207-10, 257-2 Johnson, Craig A. 137-4* Johnson, Diana N. 210-13 Johnson, Donald L. 210-13* Johnson, Eileen 90-5,90-8 Johnson, Elizabeth A. 39-18,39-22,39-24 Johnson, Elizabeth K. 187-13 Johnson, Elle 195-4 Johnson, Emmon 63-11* Johnson, Eric L. 174-10,251-3* Johnson, Grace 174-18* Johnson, J. 139-1 Johnson, James W. 17-11 Johnson, Jason D. 236-3,236-5* Johnson, Jeffrey R. 167-6 Johnson, Joel P.L. 96-24 Johnson, Justin 159-3 Johnson, K.A. Burke 27-26*,275-13 Johnson, K.J. 68-12 Johnson, Kathy M. 155-1 Johnson, Kelsey G. 243-29 Johnson, Kenneth 28-1,270-6 Johnson, Kirk 238-5 Johnson, Kirk R. 99-38,267-14* Johnson, Mark D. 5-5*,20-8,20-10*, 64-1*,102-17,192-1,192-11 Johnson, Monique 260-15 Johnson, Reuben C. 117-10 Johnson, Richard L. 37-5 Johnson, Robert J. 38-11* Johnson, Roberta 222-2* Johnson, Scott 74-2 Johnson, Scott E. 74-1,74-3*,271-1, 271-5 Johnson, Skylar 242-12 Johnson, Steve 60-3* Johnson, Teresa 34-2 Johnson, Thomas 88-11,241-14 Johnson, Thomas C. 132-6*,189-3 Johnson, Thomas M. 170-8 Johnson, Wade 251-4 Johnson, William C. 80-10,90-1*, 172-10*,258-11,262-31 Johnston, David T. 15-2,15-3,101-3, 126-8 Johnston, Ian P. 99-10 Johnston, Jessica 188-11 Johnston, John W. 214-10,214-11 Johnston, Richard B. 84-11*,269-5* Johnston, Scott M. 204-6*,204-7 Johnston, Stephen T. 6-8 Johnstone, Elizabeth 259-2 Jol, Harry M. 210-8,214-8 Jolley, Alison 67-7 Jónasson, Kristján 99-36 Jonell, Tara 169-9 Jones, Alice 240-9,241-34 Jones, Daniel S. 129-8*,242-9 Jones, David S. 101-2,254-2* Jones, Francis 46-2*,67-7* Jones, James V. III 127-1,127-2*,127-4, 127-11,201-2 Jones, Kevin B. 206-4* Jones, Matthew L. 33-6,243-7* Jones, Megan 118-9 Jones, Megan H. 97-3* Jones, Michael 215-8 Jones, Page 30-7 Jones, Slade 105-9* Jones, William K. 213-10* Jónsson, Sverrir A. 20-8,192-11* Joo, Young Ji 43-3,43-4* Jorda, Laurent 239-4 Jordan, T.E. 26-6,102-18* Jordan, Teresa E. 139-6* Jordan, Thomas H. 125-4* Jordan, Tom 82-11

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 275

Jørgensen, Flemming 62-7*,104-3, 140-3,140-4,233-5,262-8* Jørgensen, Taus R.C. 29-3* Josefson, Maria 181-6 Joseph, Lura E. 223-12* Josephs, Richard L. 95-7* Jost, Adam B. 153-4*,231-11 Jourdan, Fred 252-4 Jovane, Luigi 107-7 Jovanelly, Tamie 26-8* Jovanovic, Vladimir 40-7 Jover, M. Laila 180-15* Jowitt, Simon M. 148-14 Joyce, Arthur 90-3 Jubb, Aaron M. 137-5* Juckem, Paul F. 26-10,83-2,187-12 Jud, Nathan A. 120-13* Judd, Michele 100-14 Judge, Aaron 120-5* Judge, Shelley A. 25-5*,25-18 Judy, K.A. 6-7* Jugdave, A. 72-4 Juhlin, Christopher 11-6 Jurdy, Donna M. 75-1 Jury, Mark 224-13


Kaakinen, Anu 52-2 Kaback, Suzy 266-12 Kadegis, Jeffrey 102-2* Kading, Tristan 63-3 Kadlec, Jaroslav 189-6 Kah, Linda C. 30-15,224-2*,274-8 Kahn, Eliezer G. 100-15,239-12 Kairies Beatty, Candace L. 261-4 Kaiser, Anna E. 128-3 Kaiser, James S. 24-8,55-12 Kaiser, Mona 248-8* Kalbfleisch, T. 190-6* Kalbus, Edda 156-9 Kalenuik, Alexander 241-37* Kalia, Sumit 17-5 Kalinovich, Indra 109-8,187-9 Kalinowski, Tomasz 136-9,185-4* Kalleson, Elin 117-8 Kallini, Kevin D. 18-13 Kam, Seung Ihl 185-5 Kamada, Seiji 147-1,147-6* Kambesis, Patricia N. 108-5,135-4 Kamenov, G.D. 126-3,148-3,212-9 Kamenov, George D. 101-12 Kamiya, Mark A. 278-7 Kammer, Thomas 207-14 Kammer, Thomas W. 27-17*,254-10 Kamo, Sandra L. 153-8 Kamola, Diane 13-11*,205-8* Kamp, Peter 52-8 Kanamatsu, Toshiya 244-8 Kandola, Shelley B. 260-9* Kane, Ian 16-7 Kang, Seokkoo 16-12*,184-8 Kani, Tomomi 243-3 Kantor, I. 147-5 Kao, Po-Hao 26-2 Kaplan, Daniel I. 140-6 Kapp, Paul 128-12 Kappel, William 81-9 Kappus, Eric 41-1*,116-5* Kar, Sandeep 191-5 Karabinos, Paul 115-13*,128-2* Karaffa, Marni D. 263-4 Karhu, Juha 2-1 Kariluoma, Matti 45-13 Karl, Susan M. 177-13 Karlin, Robert 189-33 Karlstrom, Karl E. 102-5,127-1,127-2, 154-12,201-2,242-5 Karr, Jered 173-7* Karunatillake, Suniti 167-11* Kasaju, Supriya 95-16* Kashouh, Michele V. 16-10*,262-24 Kasprak, Alan 96-10* Kastens, Kim A. 67-8*,221-1* Kasting, James F. 228-2* Kastning, Ernst H. 194-2* Kaszuba, John 220-7 Katsiaficas, Nathan J. 244-9* Kattenhorn, Simon A. 31-9,284-12* Katti, Dinesh 220-2 Katti, Kalpana 220-2 Katz, Brian G. 235-12* Katz, Miriam E. 254-4*

Kauffman, Erle G. 95-10,111-3,257-2 Kaufman, Alan J. 126-13* Kaufmann, Kira E. 111-13* Kawamura, Kiichiro 244-8 Kawatski, David J. 47-7 Kawula, John D. 263-13* Kay, Suzanne Mahlburg 272-3* Kaya, Ozge 146-8 Kaymakci, Nuretdin 49-6* Keach, R. William II 174-12 Kean, Jason W. 81-5*,81-6 Kean, William F. 111-13,164-1* Keane, Christopher M. 114-2*,114-3, 139-8*,171-2 Kearns, Catherine 90-3 Keaton, Jeffrey R. 217-2* Keefe, Christopher 241-19 Keefer, Donald A. 8-3,8-7,62-3,62-8, 233-2*,262-26 Keegan, William 132-8 Keeler, Ronald H. 81-10 Keeley, Joshua A. 77-2 Keen, Kerry L. 157-9* Keen-Zebert, Amanda 96-13 Keenan, Helen E. 84-2 Keevan, Jeffrey 137-11 Keevil, Gareth 16-7 Keffer, Sean 209-2 Kehew, Alan 58-3,64-5 Kehew, Alan E. 82-4*,192-4 Keil, Deborah 133-9 Keim, Rae Dawn 200-5* Keimowitz, Alison R. 137-11* Keisling, Ben 183-9 Kelbert, Anna 143-3*,143-5 Kellagher, Emily 266-6 Keller, G. Randy 51-9*,143-15,229-3*, 272-4 Keller, Gerta 55-9*,55-10,55-11 Keller, H. Uwe 239-4*,239-6,239-10 KellerLynn, Katie 113-14 Kellett, Dawn 52-11 Kelley, Brian M. 79-10* Kelley, Cheryl A. 284-4* Kelley, Jude A. 45-8 Kelley, Patricia H. 99-10,99-11,99-12, 99-13,151-1*,151-4,257-4 Kelley, Shari A. 154-12,272-5 Kellogg, Louise H. 115-4 Kelly, Andrew L. 39-14* Kelly, Brian 97-7 Kelly, Logan 42-6 Kelly, Marissa 183-5* Kelly, Nigel 53-1*,174-7,190-8,280-9 Kelly, Rebecca A. 92-3 Kelly, Walton R. 278-2* Kelsey, David E. 130-4*,201-6* Kelso, Paul R. 70-10* Kelson, V. 83-9 Kemp, Christopher D. 98-7*,176-5* Kemp, Joshua 129-10 Kemp, Tony I.S. 50-3 Kendall, Jamie Anderson 116-1 Kendall, Matthew R. 40-9*,167-5 Kenderes, Stuart 39-17 Keng, Rachel Victoria 176-12* Kenna, Timothy C. 211-10 Kennard, Paul 165-11 Kennard, Paul M. 59-1*,149-2 Kennett, Peter 45-1 Kenny, Ray 20-9,219-4 Kent, Graham 143-9,189-33 Kent, Joshua D. 115-3 Kent-Corson, Malinda L. 52-5 Kenworthy, Jason P. 66-7*,113-13, 113-14* Kerans, Charles 106-2 Kern, Andrea K. 224-7* Kern, Tim 263-8 Kerr, Andrew 124-9* Kerton, Charles 22-6 Kerwin, Sean 168-18 Kesler, Stephen E. 141-9*,212-7 Kessler, Holger 140-9,217-4 Kessler, James A. 34-4 Keszthelyi, Laszlo P. 100-2 Kettenring, Karin M. 59-8 Kettler, Richard M. 174-4,174-5* Key, Marcus M. Jr. 111-10 Kgaodi, Oratile 260-2 Khan, Shuhab 212-5*,241-28,244-13 Khanal, Anish 59-5

Khandaker, Nazrul I. 44-3,44-8*,44-12*, 44-17,44-18,178-2 Kharaka, Yousif K. 42-8 Kharwat, Ranyah 237-10,237-11* Khodjanyazova, Rimma 150-4* Khosronejad, A. 184-8 Khudoley, Andrei K. 148-8 Kidder, David L. 14-4* Kidder, Steven 29-17* Kidmose, Jacob 26-4* Kido, Erika 225-14 Kidwell, Susan M. 207-1* Kieft, Thomas 72-3,72-4 Kiehl, Jeffrey 209-8 Kieke, Burney Jr. 279-6 Kiessling, Wolfgang 4-7*,57-1 Kilburn, Alexandra R. 99-10 Kilgore, Susan M. 192-3* Kilian, Taylor M. 126-2,148-7 Kilibarda, Zoran 96-25,174-11,214-2, 214-4* Kilkenny, Christopher 111-6 Killey, R.W. Douglas 136-11 Kilpatrick, Tommy 67-15 Kim, Jeongmin 204-10 Kim, Maria 102-11 Kim, Sungmin 248-4 Kim, Wonsuck 106-2*,122-13,184-1* Kim, Yoonsup 252-5* Kim, Young In 185-5 Kimball, Briant A. 61-5 Kimball, Suzette M. 6-13* Kimber, Richard 88-1 Kimbrough, David L. 32-9,270-12 Kimura, Sho 180-9 Kincaid, Todd R. 110-6 Kindler, Kathryn 177-5 King, Amber R. 31-14,32-13* King, Chris J.H. 45-1*,216-1* King, Daniel S.H. 251-1* King, David T. Jr. 117-10* King, Emily A. 57-6* King, J.W. 138-4,277-9 King, John W. 52-1 King, M. Ryan 27-25* King, Rachel Shanti 116-1 King-Sharp, Karen 136-12 Kingsbury, C.G. 272-14* Kingston, Andrew W. 80-9* Kington, Joe 128-7 Kinner, David 39-25,258-15 Kiouses, Stephen 245-8* Kipfer, Rolf 17-4 Kiracofe, Zachary A. 39-24* Kirby, Eric 52-6,52-8*,102-5,128-6 Kirby, Matthew E. 65-3 Kirby, Stefan 9-11 Kirby, Stephen H. 13-7 Kirchholtes, Renske P.J. 153-7 Kirchner, Brian J. 246-8 Kirk, Karin B. 22-2*,97-17*,222-5,238-7 Kirk-Lawlor, N.E. 26-6* Kirk-Lawlor, Naomi Elizabeth 102-18 Kirkby, Kent 97-4,97-8*,234-11* Kirkland, Brenda L. 30-6,242-1 Kirkland, Chris L. 201-6 Kirsch, Reinhard 262-8 Kirschner, David 97-7,243-24 Kirshtein, J.D. 136-8 Kirst, Scott R. 266-11* Kiser, Karen E. 39-13* Kissel, Richard A. 1-8,66-8*,115-1 Kissin, Stephen A. 44-11* Kita, Noriko T. 243-2,272-11 Kita, Zachary A. 258-7* Kitahara, Marcelo V. 57-2 Kitajima, Kouki 47-4,243-2* Kitamura, Yujin 244-8 Kitchell, Sean K. 97-19 Kite, J. Steven 210-14* Kivimäki, Anna-Liisa 2-1 Kjær, Kurt Henrik 20-6 Kjeldsen, Kristian K. 20-6 Klammler, Harald 88-4 Klarner, Janine M. 44-11 Klawiter, Franklin P. 222-1 Klawiter, Mark F. 66-9,66-10,66-11*, 216-3,216-15,222-1* Kleindienst, Maxine R. 213-4 Kleinknecht, Gary C. 222-10* Kleinsasser, Eric 113-4 Kleinspehn, Karen L. 6-9* Klemperer, Simon 143-9

Klenner, R.C.L. 9-12 Klepeis, Keith 177-12,178-5*,178-6 Klima, Rachel L. 142-15* Klimczak, Christian 142-6,142-7,142-9, 142-10* Klimentides, Robert 274-6 Klint, Knud Erik 233-1 Kloberdanz, Christine 117-14 Klofak, Susan M. 99-7 Klompmaker, Adiël A. 27-28*,120-4* Kloock, Carl T. 265-7,265-8 Klopfstein, Megan 247-5* Kloss, Tristan J. 27-22 Kluessendorf, Joanne 150-6 Klug, Sheri L. 94-1* Kluge, Steve 44-2*,45-5*,91-2* Knaeble, Alan R. 5-5,192-1,283-5 Knapp, James H. 176-3 Knappett, Peter S.K. 279-1 Kneafsey, Timothy J. 236-11 Kneuer, Carly 100-3 Knight, Cassi 173-18* Knight, Pamela 245-8 Knight, R.D. 62-10 Knochenhauer, Kase James 180-7* Knoll, Andrew H. 15-2,15-3,256-2 Knox, James C. 181-19,182-8,210-2, 210-12 Knudsen, Andrew C. 25-2,170-14* Knudsen, Damion 122-1 Kobayashi, Daisuke 250-7 Kocar, Benjamin D. 220-1 Koch, Donald L. 139-6 Koch, Leah Jean 271-10* Koch, Magaly 48-2 Koch, Paul 52-5 Koch, Paul L. 4-11 Koch, Zelenda J. 6-11,227-2*,249-15 Kochasic, Michael 41-8 Kochel, R. Craig 183-1* Kochen, Andrew 260-1,260-12 Kocurek, Gary 149-10 Kodama, Kenneth 82-8 Koeberl, Christian 24-4,69-10,69-12*, 117-4,117-13 Koenig, Alan E. 53-1,107-1,264-8 Koenig, Cassandra E.M. 84-7 Kofukuda, Daisuke 243-3 Kogel, Jessica Elzea 168-11 Kohel, Chris 270-12 Kohfeld, Karen E. 86-13 Kohler, Tyler 63-9 Kohlstedt, David 271-12 Kohn, Matthew J. 29-1*,258-6,258-17 Koiter, Alexander 181-4* Kokaly, Raymond F. 107-4,133-6 Kolata, Dennis R. 202-10 Kolb, Maura J. 212-4 Kolbe, Sarah E. 255-5* Kolesar, Courtney A. 242-9* Kolka, Randy 232-3 Komatsu, Goro 167-9 Kominz, Michelle A. 32-1 Komiya, Tsuyoshi 267-1 Konen, Michael 182-6* Koney, Amber S. 99-28 Kong, Sitha 212-11* Kong, Xiangzhao 26-14* Konikow, Leonard 158-3*,269-1* Konishi, Hiromi 36-5,36-6,36-9,129-2, 129-9,168-15,204-1* Konopliv, A.S. 239-1 Konsoer, Kory Matthew 184-7* Konstantinou, Alexandros 35-9* Kontak, Daniel 264-3 Konzalová, Magda 189-6 Koons, Peter 98-2 Kopas, Lauren 219-5 Kopaska-Merkel, David C. 206-2 Kopp, Jessie 18-8* Kopriva, Bryant T. 122-13* Koralegedara, Nadeesha H. 169-4* Korany, Ezzat A. 61-12 Korb, Cristina E. 259-4 Koretsky, Carla M. 21-9,278-12 Korhonen, Fawna J. 32-5 Korkka-Niemi, Kirsti Inkeri 2-1,2-2* Korn, Dieter 43-6,209-4,209-10* Kornecki, Krystyna M. 39-7* Korpanty, Chelsea A. 207-5* Korpi, Lucy K. 266-4,266-8* Korsmeyer, Lea N. 111-7,111-9* Korte, Christoph 209-4

276 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future

Korth, Ryan 39-35 Kortz, Karen 245-12 Kortz, Karen M. 46-3*,221-3*,265-11* Korus, J.T. 85-11,249-7 Korus, Jesse T. 227-11* Koshigai, Masaru 109-5 Kosloski, Mary Elizabeth 208-8* Koteas, G. Christopher 9-5* Koukousioura, Olga 231-10 Kouyaté, Djiky 148-5* Kovscek, Anthony Robert 118-2* Kowalewski, Douglas E. 20-12* Kowalewski, Michal 4-13*,27-14,152-14, 208-7 Kowler, Andrew 65-10*,262-22* Kozarek, Jessica 184-8* Kozdon, Reinhard 179-3 Koziol, Andrea M. 114-11* Kozlowski, Andrew L. 64-5*,81-9*,82-4, 82-8,214-14 Kraal, Erin 94-7*,149-1,173-11 Kraemer, Stephen R. 42-1*,83-11* Kraemer, Thomas 158-6,181-14 Kraemer, Thomas F. 236-2 Kraft, Katrien J. van der Hoeven 46-1, 97-16 Kraft, Rebecca A. 58-12* Krajewski, Witold 263-20 Kramer-Tremblay, Sheila 136-12 Krantz, Robert W. 67-9* Kranz, Adam J. 113-6* Kratt, Chris 9-1 Kratzmann, David J. 260-9 Kraus, Mary J. 284-3 Krause, Jacob J. 85-4 Krause, Marcelo 227-9* Krause, Richard A. Jr. 208-5 Kraushaar, Benjamin S. 39-14 Kravitz, Katherine A. 39-17 Kreahling, William 259-4 Kreamer, David K. 85-3,189-13 Kreemer, Corné 143-7 Krein, Andreas 40-2,137-13 Krekeler, Evan M. 172-13 Krekeler, Mark 29-6,29-9,241-20,247-5 Krekeler, Mark P.S. 114-6*,114-9,166-4, 171-1,247-1 Kreman, Drew 262-29 Krepski, Sean T. 129-1 Kretsinger Grabert, Vicki J. 84-5* Kreuzer, Helen 113-6 Kreylos, Oliver 115-4 Krieger, Amanda 44-5 Krigbaum, John 15-10 Krikorian, Joseph 241-19 Kring, David A. 69-4* Krishnamurthy, R.V. 58-3 Krishnan, Sriram 263-2 Krissek, Lawrence 97-3,118-9 Kroeger, Timothy J. 25-3* Krohelski, James T. 83-2 Krol, Magdalena M. 37-5* Krol, Michael A. 39-15 Kromhout, Stephanie 105-8* Kruckenberg, Seth C. 145-8,202-3*, 250-9*,273-11 Krueger, Charles R. 102-13* Krug, Andrew Z. 225-11* Kruger, Frances 67-15 Krupa, Sagar 282-10 Krystyn, Leopold 27-9 Krzywiec, Piotr 218-8,218-9* Kuchta, Matthew 182-1,210-7* Kuentz, David C. 166-4 Kueper, B.H. 17-8 Kugler, Nathaniel W. 91-3 Kuiper, Klaudia 237-2,237-3 Kuiper, Klaudia F. 237-4 Kuiper, Yvette D. 10-4,32-11*,130-9, 201-10*,262-35 Kukkadapu, Ravi K. 36-6,88-9 Kula, Joseph 284-3* Kulkarni, S.A. 181-10 Kulo, Violet 163-3 Kulp, Thomas R. 220-1* Kumar, Alok 134-2 Kumar, Anil 148-2 Kumar, P. Senthil 100-11 Kump, Lee R. 153-12 Kundu, Amit Kumar 134-8 Kunk, M.J. 53-6,262-14 Kunk, Michael J. 176-8,229-7*,229-8 Kuntz, Brad 109-4

Kuo, I-Lin 92-10,263-21 Kurtz, Andrew 19-13 Kurz, Marie J. 110-8 Kushnir, Yochanan 224-13 Kuss, Jochen 150-11 Kuster, Stephanie 193-14 Kutvirt, Jacqueline 65-11,65-12 Kuzila, M.S. 180-2,194-3 Kuzin, Sergey 83-9 Kvamme, Jo Ann 99-32* Kwon, Hyunho 248-4 Kylander-Clark, Andrew 12-5,12-6*, 204-7 Kylander-Clark, Andrew R.C. 204-4, 204-6 Kylasa, Abhishek 65-5 Kyle, J. Richard 264-6 Kyle, Philip 33-5 Kyono, Atsushi 129-5 Kyriazis, Stephanie F. 66-4* Kyser, Kurt 280-1* Kyser, T. Kurt 195-3


La Femina, Peter 250-7 Laabs, Benjamin J. 64-13* Laabs, Benjamin J.C. 64-14,102-1, 102-13 Labandeira, Conrad C. 152-11 LaBarge, Leah 29-10,214-3* LaBaugh, James W. 157-3* Labotka, Theodore C. 247-3 Labusch, L. 262-14 Lace, Michael 108-5 Ladd, Bethany S. 108-4* Ladenberger, Anna 11-6,174-17 Ladner, Corey 180-15 LaDue, Nicole 221-4*,222-4,245-11* LaFlamme, Crystal 201-9* Laflamme, Marc 14-6*,15-1,126-8,208-6, 226-4 Lafrance, Bruno 101-10,212-13 LaGarry, Hannan E. 41-13 Lageson, David R. 41-3,115-10*,128-1*, 247-11 Lahr, Daniel 101-16 Lahti, Kirsti 2-1 Lahtinen, R. 127-14 Lake, Dr. Charles 247-10 LaMaskin, Todd 10-7*,179-7,270-4* Lamb, Melissa A. 103-8 Lamb, Michael P. 54-8 Lamb, William M. 247-2* Lamba, Jasmeet 181-19 Lambertini, Elisabetta 279-6 Lamborg, Carl H. 137-11 Lamert, Hendrik 85-5 Lamontagne, Sebastien 61-3 Lamsdell, James C. 226-5* Lancaster, Nicholas 154-3* Lanci, Luca 150-9 Land, Lewis A. 60-6* Landa, Edward R. 278-10 Landis, Erica 242-12 Landis, Gary P. 212-6 Landis, Matthew S. 282-10 Landman, Neil H. 99-7,99-8,231-6 Landowski, Claire M. 82-1* Landry, Chris 107-4,133-6 Lane, Christine S. 189-3 Lane, John W. Jr. 85-10,85-12,109-11, 136-5 Lane, Philip 224-12* Lane, Richard 9-13 Lang, Darin M. 276-10 Lang, Helen M. 204-8* Lang, Kelley T. 193-8* Lang, Nicholas P. 94-8*,100-3*,100-4, 100-10,117-6,193-8 Langer, Martin R. 231-9 Langford, Neal 70-2* Langford, Richard P. 75-4*,105-9 Langille, Jackie 252-1*,252-7 Langridge, Robert 251-8 Langridge, Robert M. 128-3 Langston, Charles A. 104-8,176-1*,244-3 Lanzirotti, Antonio 89-3 Lapen, Thomas J. 6-6 Lapo, Kristiana 242-12* Larcom, Elizabeth 21-6 LaReau, Heather Jones 54-5 Larese-Casanova, Philip 168-22*

Larina, Ekaterina 99-7*,99-8 Larrasoaña, Juan C. 133-4 Larsen, Daniel 253-5*,262-38 Larsen, Hans Christian 158-4 Larsen, Krista 222-5 Larsen, Mort C. 115-10 Larsen, Nicolaj Krog 20-6* Larsen, R.B. 53-12 Larson, Bekka 260-6 Larson, Erik B. 96-31*,108-5 Larson, Kyle 52-11 Larson, Lance N. 242-9 Larson, Peter B. 264-7*,272-12,272-13 Larson, Phillip 5-3 Larson, Rebekka A. 19-1*,246-4 Larson, Timothy 62-3,62-8*,143-13, 233-2 Lasaga, Antonio C. 228-4 Lascu, Ioan 188-7* Lasemi, Yaghoob 122-3* Lasher, G. Everett 235-8 Laskoskie, Amanda 110-5* Lassiter, John C. 264-6 Last, Fawn M. 18-2*,188-6,189-11* Last, George V. 222-10 Last, William M. 18-2,188-6,189-11 Latimer, Jennifer C. 172-9,241-41* Latin, Malia 113-4 Laton, Richard 51-3 Latorre, Claudio 213-1 Latysh, Natalie E. 263-8 Lau, Jodi A. 62-3,233-2 Laubach, Parker 88-11* Lauer, J. Wesley 19-13 Laumonier, Bernard 202-2 Lautz, Laura K. 71-13,156-4,156-10 Lavalleur, H. 72-1 Lavanchy, Gary T. 160-7* LaVigne, Elisabeth 111-2 LaVine, Rhiannon J. 39-36* Lavoie, Caroline 192-15 Law, Gareth T.W. 88-1 Law, Richard D. 271-4,271-9 Lawhon, Nicholas 135-10 Lawrence, Corey 107-4 Lawrence, David J. 142-3,142-5 Laws, Richard A. 99-13 Lawson, Daniel 113-7 Lawson, Daniel E. 96-1 Lawson, Mike 154-10,194-10 Layer, Paul 177-4 Layer, Paul W. 128-9,230-5,230-9 Layne, Adam R. 240-1 Layou, K.M. 257-4 Layou, Karen M. 71-9,97-18* Layton, Alice C. 279-1 Lazar, Remus 274-6 Lazaro-Mancilla, Octavio 143-9 Lazik, Detlef 17-5 Le Corre, L. 239-6 Lease, Richard 52-6 Leatherman, Mark A. 158-8* Leavitt, Janet 88-4 Leavitt, Roger E. 39-26,113-3* LeBlanc, Denis 85-12 LeBlanc, Stephanie 172-3* Lecce, Scott A. 210-10 Leckey, Erin H. 151-12* Leckie, R. Mark 97-3,118-9,150-12, 254-5,276-4 Ledbetter, Jeri 155-10 Lederer, Graham 252-1,252-7* Ledezma, Abraham 95-4* Ledley, Tamara 67-13 Ledley, Tamara Shapiro 97-17,221-15, 222-5,238-2*,238-7* Lee Zhi Yi, Amelia 31-16 Lee, Alex 102-12 Lee, David R. 136-11* Lee, Gregory 137-1 Lee, Gyu Sang 185-5* Lee, Hyongki 170-2 Lee, Jin Cheol 166-8 Lee, John P. 190-2,212-6 Lee, Joshua 84-1 Lee, Karen 71-15 Lee, Madeline D. 215-8* Lee, Ming-Kuo 137-11 Lee, Wah-Keat 258-4 Lees, Barry M.T. 150-7* Leete, Jeanette 92-6 LeGalley, Erin 166-4* Legg, Nicholas T. 165-11*

Leggett, Andrea 102-13,102-21 Lehman, Thomas M. 113-11 Lehmann, Thomas 174-1 Lehnert, Kerstin A. 68-5* Lehrer, Malia L. 175-3* Lehrmann, Daniel J. 79-10 Leibold, Julie 280-9* Leier, Andrew 77-4 Leigh, David S. 96-17 Leighton, Lindsey R. 151-5,151-9*, 225-1* Leist, Jason W. 135-4 Leite, Michael B. 6-3 Leithold, Elana L. 13-5 Lekach, Judith 154-11 LeMasurier, Wesley E. 75-9* LeMay, Lynsey E. 71-9* Lemke, L.D. 26-13 Lemke, Lawrence D. 3-3*,41-2,97-12* Lemoine, Frank G. 142-2 Lemons, Casee R. 257-6* Lenau, Brian M. 259-4 Lenczewski, Melissa 191-3 Leng, Qin 15-8* Lengyel, Stacey N. 99-22 Lenhart, Christian F. 59-7*,181-15* Lente, Jenna Louise 104-5* Lenters, John D. 85-10 Leon-Moreano, Ivan 31-3 Leonard, Eric M. 172-14 Leonard, Karl W. 39-3* Leonard-Pingel, Jill S. 27-27*,151-7*, 151-8 Leopold, Estella B. 99-16,120-10 Leorri, Eduardo 105-4,246-6 LePera, Alan 260-2 Lepes, Erin M. 79-5 Lepori, Jacob 111-2 Lepper, Kenneth 138-9*,138-10,138-11, 214-10,214-11 Leroy, Kenneth W. 165-12 Lescuyer, J.-L. 127-13 Lesher, C. Michael 29-3 Leslie, Andrew B. 226-7* Leslie, Edgar 149-7 Leslie, S. 74-4,130-7 Leslie, Stephen A. 172-1 Letsinger, Sally L. 233-9 Leung, Eric 102-11 Levashova, Natalia M. 126-4 Leven, Carsten 85-5 Leventer, Amy 192-15 Levin, Naomi E. 58-12 Levine, Jamie 29-5* Levine, Norman S. 195-10* Levine, Robert 97-24 Levine, Roger 70-1 Levitan, Denise M. 39-2,280-7* LeVoir, Maureen 16-11 Levy, R. 43-1 Lewis, Adam R. 172-6 Lewis, C.F.M. 112-1,138-4* Lewis, Cherry L.E. 50-1* Lewis, Deirdre 137-11 Lewis, Jonathan 95-19* Lewis, Piper E. 95-13* Lewis, Reed S. 143-6,201-12,270-3*, 270-11 Lexvold, Angela 103-4*,270-1 Lezama Pacheco, Juan S. 88-6* Li, Chengming 32-12 Li, Chusi 28-18,159-4 Li, Guoxiang 226-9 Li, Hanbo 280-5 Li, Hongxia 108-8 Li, Hui 189-4 Li, Jian-Yang 239-4 Li, Jianwei 190-7 Li, Jinyang 203-4 Li, Sheng 181-4 Li, Weiguo 254-5 Li, Weiqiang 58-1* Li, Wenqiao 180-6 Li, Xiangfeng 173-2* Li, Xiaoxiao 35-7 Li, Yangyang 227-4* Li, Ying 52-7 Li, Yongxian 180-14 Li, Yuan 203-4 Li, Zhenhong 143-7 Li, Ziyiny 280-5 Liang, Song 170-2

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 277

Libarkin, Julie 25-1,67-13,97-23,221-4, 221-15*,238-8,245-11,265-15 Libarkin, Julie C. 221-12 Lichtner, Peter 17-12 Licona, Peter 21-2,21-3*,21-4 Liddicoat, Joseph C. 65-4*,211-10, 211-11* Lidgard, Scott 131-3 Liebe, Kevin 126-4 Lieberman, Bruce S. 15-4,57-3,57-11, 78-4*,207-6,207-8 Liebermann, Robert C. 147-11 Lifton, Nathaniel A. 7-5* Likes, Tristan 89-12*,93-9 Lillie, Robert J. 66-2* Lillydahl-Schroeder, Hosanna G. 130-9*, 201-10 Lim, Chungwan 117-14 Lim, Darlene S.S. 208-3 Lima, Annamaria 247-8 Limaye, Sanjay S. 199-10* Limaye, Shrikant D. 160-3* Lin, I-Jhen 177-5 Lin, Jih-Pai 15-4 Lin, Jih-pai 15-11 Lin, Jih-Pai 15-13*,15-15,173-2 Lin, Shoufa 74-6*,175-2 Lincoln, Beth Z. 45-4*,114-4 Lincoln, Timothy N. 45-4,114-4 Lind, Brianna 111-7 Lindberg, Ty 137-3 Linden, Edward 113-4,131-2 Linder, J.S. 249-20 Lindner, Philip 273-2 Lindquist, Anna 80-13* Lindvall, Scott C. 98-7,176-4,176-5 Liner, Christopher L. 143-15 Lingrey, Steven 76-2,128-11* Lini, Andrea 82-9 Link, Paul 105-5 Link, Paul K. 77-6* Link, Paul Karl 77-2 Linneman, Scott R. 164-10* Linnen, Robert l. 159-8 Liodas, Nate 209-2 Liodas, Nathaniel T. 175-2* Liou, Juhn G. 197-1* Liow, Lee Hsiang 78-7* Lipanovich, Jacob 241-18 Lippert, Peter C. 132-11 Lippert, Peter Gregory 174-7* Lipps, Jere H. 231-8* Litthauer, D. 72-4 Littlewood, Ryan 96-3* Litwin, Douglas 241-7 Litwin, R.J. 5-8 Liu, Chang 242-6* Liu, Chengjie 274-6 Liu, Chia-Chuan 191-5 Liu, Deliang 52-10 Liu, Feng 25-16* Liu, Huaibao 69-13,173-34*,226-11* Liu, Huaibao P. 122-4 Liu, Mian 125-2 Liu, Qingsong 133-4 Liu, Shen 280-4 Liu, Xiuju 211-5 Liu, Yu-Ting 240-3* Liu, Yun 129-10 Liu, Zhao 203-4 Liutkus, Cynthia M. 18-3* Lively, Joshua 186-1* Lively, Richard S. 51-8 Livens, Francis R. 88-1 Lizárraga, Liliana 241-36* Lizarralde, Dan 158-4,192-14 Ljung, Karl 138-2 Llerandi-Román, Pablo A. 39-54,164-7 Llewellyn, Garth T. 236-10* Lloyd, Jonathan R. 88-1*,134-9 Lo, MinHui 85-1 Lobato, Andrea 44-13* Lobb, David A. 181-4 Lobegeier, Melissa K. 189-23,234-4*, 234-5 Locatelli, Emma Rose 65-11,65-12*, 189-27,234-9,260-1 Loch, James D. 150-8 Locke, Sharon 164-4* Lockington, David 92-4 Lockwood, Rowan 4-8*,257-4 Lodge, Robert W.D. 200-8* Loehn, Clayton 12-9

Logan, M. Amelia V. 173-23 Loge, Frank 279-6 Lohmann, Kyger C. 55-13 Lohr, Lisa 71-12 Loisel, Julie 232-15* Lokey, William M. 91-5*,91-6 Lollar, J. Chad 58-11 Londre, Tristan 139-3* Long, David G. 56-2 Long, David T. 40-1,137-7,137-9* Long, Leon E. 200-10* Long, Maureen D. 270-2 Long, Philip 88-11 Long, Philip E. 88-3,88-5,88-6,88-7, 88-8*,88-9,88-10 Long, Roy C. 73-3 Long, Stephen A. 242-8 Longbottom, Todd L. 19-10*,172-13, 192-16* Loomis, Shannon E. 189-16* Loope, David B. 96-24*,99-29,174-4*, 174-5 Loope, Henry M. 182-5,210-12* Loope, Walter L. 214-8* Looy, Cindy V. 153-5,153-7*,153-8 Lopes, Jared M. 191-2* Lopes, Rosaly M.C. 199-7* López Martínez, Margarita 35-4,272-1 Lopez, Carlos J. 128-11 Lopez, Cristal 44-16 Lopez, James 65-5 Lopez, Jose Pablo 31-3 Lopez, Marshalee 44-16 Lopez, Matthew J. 132-7 Lorah, Michelle M. 136-7* Lord, Mark 39-25 Lorenson, Thomas D. 220-12* Lorenz, Henning 10-3 Lorenzo-Trueba, Jorge 206-9* Losh, Steven 168-4*,271-8 Lötters, Stefan 231-9 Loudin, Michael G. 139-12* Loughry, Joy 92-6* Loukola-Ruskeeniemi, Kirsti 243-1 Louni, Nazim 205-8 Louvain, Travis 243-25* Love, Diane S. 9-10 Love, Erin A. 25-4* Lovelace, David M. 99-42* Lovell, Thomas R. 179-6*,229-12 Lovis, William A. 214-6 Lovley, Derek R. 88-2 Low, Russanne 71-2* Lowell, Thomas 138-11*,183-3 Lowell, Thomas V. 112-2,112-4,138-3, 138-9,138-10,181-21,192-5*,214-7*, 276-7 Lowenstein, Tim K. 63-4 Lowenstern, Jacob B. 40-11 Lowers, Heather A. 274-5,282-13 Lowery, Christopher M. 150-12*,254-5 Lowey, Grant 177-11* Lowry, Christopher 156-11,187-5,187-9 Lowry, Fiona 40-6 Loxton, Jason 27-8 Lozano, Socorro 189-29,189-37,189-38 Lu, Jiemin 42-3,184-11* Lu, Wanjun 89-6 Lubenow, Brady 18-4 Lubitz, Rachael L. 30-11 Lucas, Spencer G. 189-5,249-13* Lucey, Paul G. 89-7 Lucido, Jessica 263-21 Luczaj, John 262-30* Ludvigson, G.A. 258-16 Ludvigson, Greg 58-11,258-9 Ludvigson, Greg A. 99-32 Ludwig, Matthew A. 164-7 Luedtke, Megan 170-14 Luehmann, Michael D. 96-6* Lueth, Virgil W. 264-10* Luetkemeyer, P. Benjamin 97-7*,243-24* Lugo-Centeno, Cristina M. 258-10* Luhmann, Andrew J. 110-3,110-10, 135-7* Lukes, Laura A. 71-1*,195-7* Luna, Gian Marco 231-2 Luna-Gonzalez, Laura 35-3 Lund, Andrew 258-5* Lund, S.P. 65-3* Lundsten, Eve 158-10 Lundstrom, Craig 88-11 Lundstrom, Craig C. 35-7,159-9*

Lundstrom, Scott 183-4* Lundstrom, Scott C. 113-1* Lundy, James R. 108-3,283-3 Lundy, Sherman 166-9*,216-5 Lunsford, Joel D. 39-52* Lupia, Richard 120-14 Lusardi, Barbara A. 5-5,82-2,192-1* Lusas, Amanda 181-10 Lusk, Christopher B. 257-6 Lusteck, Robert 95-2,189-26* Luther, George W. III 129-1 Lutz, Andrew T. 98-7 Lutz, Tim 46-9* Luxton, Todd P. 89-4 Luzzadder-Beach, Sheryl 161-3*,161-4 Lydell, Rob 243-25 Lykke-Andersen, Holger 104-3 Lyle, Shane A. 219-2* Lynch, Cyndi 222-6 Lynch, Elizabeth A. 189-35,189-36 Lynch, Jason 235-3 Lynds, Susan 266-6 Lynn, Helen B. 115-10,128-1 Lyons, Cheryl 221-1 Lyons, J. Richard 154-4* Lyons, S. Kathleen 4-9* Lyons, W. Berry 19-2,19-4,63-7*,63-8, 65-1*,235-11 Lyttle, Amy M. 243-26,243-27*


Ma, Chao 43-3* Ma, Leon 159-3 Ma, Lina 262-16* Ma, Rui 156-1 Maas, Benjamin J. 155-4*,155-12 Mabee, Stephen B. 9-5 Macalady, Jennifer L. 72-6*,129-8,242-9 MacAvoy, Paul W. 141-4 Maccali, Jenny 138-8 MacCormack, Kelsey E. 217-5*,262-5* MacCrea, Duncan 241-19* Macdonald, Francis A. 101-2,101-3, 101-16 Macdonald, Heather 46-1 MacDonald, James H. Jr. 114-8,270-7* Macdonald, Meg 189-12* Macdonald, R. Heather 97-15,114-1 MacFadden, Bruce J. 195-12* MacGregor, Kelly 65-11*,65-12,183-5, 234-6 Machida, Isao 26-11,109-5* Machin, Sarah 262-38 Mack, Greg H. 153-5,153-6,153-7 Mackall, Benjamin T. 172-14* MacKay, Wallace G. 168-17 Mackebee, William Greer 240-3 Mackey, Glen N. 133-2 Mackey, Tyler J. 208-3,208-4* Macko, Stephen 14-12 MacLean, John S. 39-26,39-27,46-7*, 113-3 MacLeod, Andrew 278-12 MacLeod, Kenneth G. 172-1,224-4*, 267-2,276-2,276-3 MacNamee, Alison 39-17* MacNeil, Dan 28-4 Macpherson, G.L. 17-13,37-7*,90-1 Macquaker, Joe H. S. 274-7 MacTavish, Allan 159-3 Madan, Meena A. 99-19*,131-2 Madden, Andrew 100-13 Madden, Andrew S. 40-9,167-5,189-10 Madden, Megan Elwood 100-13 Mader, Dieter 117-13 Mader, Sandra 28-8*,169-9 Madin, Ian P. 262-16 Madoff, Risa 96-4*,211-2 Madsen, Elizabeth 241-27 Maes, Stephanie 148-11 Mage, Susanna 19-3 Magill, R. Charlie 75-5 Magilligan, Francis J. 210-1* Magloughlin, J.F. 1-9* Magnani, Maria Beatrice 148-13 Magner, Joe 181-11 Magnidjem, Dela 115-2 Magnusson, Nathan 17-4 Mahadevan, Radhakrishnan 88-2 Mahan, K.H. 74-4*,130-7 Mahan, Shannon A. 96-12*,102-10 Mahanta, Chandan 134-5*

Maharaj, Anuradha 2-7*,2-8 Maharjan, Madan 3-4* Maher, Harmon Jr. 39-35,176-6 Mahjoor, Amirsasan 177-9* Mahler, Barbara J. 135-8 Mahmud, Zobayer 13-6 Mahon, Robert C. 105-5* Mahoney, J. Brian 1-2*,177-13*,177-14, 270-12 Mahood, Gail A. 272-9 Maidment, David R. 263-19 Maillet, Sébastien 173-22 Mailloux, Brian 211-10 Mailloux, Brian J. 279-1 Main, Joel Clifford 39-16* Maithel, Sarah A. 174-6 Majerczyk, Chris 262-35 Major, Laura 241-41 Majs, Frantisek 137-2 Majumder, Santanu 134-7*,134-8 Makovicky, Peter J. 99-6 Makovsky, Kyle A. 34-5* Malakhova, Irena G. 218-12* Maldonado, Lisa 44-20,44-26 Malenda, H. Fitzgerald 173-11 Maletz, Joerg 274-2 Maley, Adam M. 241-26 Malgieri, Thomas J. 173-29 Maliekal, Jose A. 39-28 Malik, Farah 90-3 Malin, Reed A. 263-15 Malinky, John M. 226-8 Maljers, Denise 217-3,217-6 Malkowski, Matthew A. 177-2 Mallams, Jerry 3-7,3-8* Mallette, Alaina L. 25-6* Mallinson, David J. 105-4,113-5,246-6 Malone, David 31-7,39-14,39-17 Malone, Shawn Joseph 177-1* Maloney, Jillian 189-33 Maloof, Adam 126-2 Maltese, Adam V. 221-7*,245-10* Malzone, Jonathan 187-5,187-9* Manaois, Alexander 35-7* Mancuso, Adriana Cecilia 189-8 Mandal, A. 2-7,2-8* Mandal, Nibir 145-6 Mandal, Subhadip 178-1* Mandel, Rolfe D. 90-6* Mander, Luke 56-2*,99-25* Mandia, Scott 46-15 Mandic, Oleg 224-7 Manduca, Cathryn 46-1,67-10,97-16, 238-7 Manduca, Cathryn A. 67-3,97-17,114-1*, 139-2*,222-5 Manes, Beth 241-34* Mangan, Margaret 260-14 Manganella, Katy 216-8 Mankiewicz, Carol 99-40* Mankowski, Len 105-11 Manley, Patricia 219-7 Manley, Thomas O. 219-7 Mann, Kristofer 188-4* Mann, M.E. 162-4* Mann, Michael E. 268-1* Mann, Paul 215-9 Mann, Steven D. 206-2 Manning, Andrew H. 3-12,17-3* Manning, Craig E. 204-11 Manning, Earl B. 274-4 Manning, Phillip L. 58-7* Mano, Akira 84-13 Manor, Matthew J. 189-29* Mansour, Ahmed Sadek M. 31-10,242-2* Mansour, Majdi 140-9 Mantilla, Ricardo 263-20 Manzanares, Amanda D. 29-16* Manzoni, Patrick 180-8 Maral, Mehmet 240-11*,243-11 Marcaida, Mae 260-14* Marcantonio, Franco 191-1 Marchi, Simon 239-8 Marciulionis, Jackie 187-15*,187-18 Marcot, Jonathan D. 57-7* Marcus, Daniel N. 242-8* Mardon, Sarah M. 166-5 Marenco, Katherine N. 30-11*,207-12* Marenco, Pedro J. 18-11,30-11,79-3, 79-4,79-5*,79-6 Margot, Jean-Luc 142-2 Mariani, Sandro 4-6 Maris, Virginie 9-2

278 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future

Mark, Darren F. 35-11,272-13 Mark, Lydia 249-24 Markewich, H.W. 5-8 Markin, James K. 117-10 Markovich, Katherine 187-8* Markow, William N. 195-1 Marley, Lauren 223-1* Marone, Chris 183-6,251-1 Marone, Federica 15-9 Marot, Marci E. 246-7 Marquer, Didier 130-5 Marquez, L. Lynn 114-5 Marrero, Shasta M. 65-8* Marrufo, Sandy S. 75-4 Marsh, Michael 148-11 Marsh, Pamela E. 206-11 Marshak, Stephen 143-13*,262-35 Marshall, Carly 14-9 Marshall, Craig P. 15-4,15-6* Marshall, Edward W. 98-9 Marshall, Madeline S. 120-2* Marston, Richard 91-4* Martelet, Guillaume 62-9 Martí Mus, Mónica 27-30,226-8* Martin Puertas, Celia 18-1 Martin, Aaron J. 273-12 Martin, Adam, P. 101-11* Martin, Anthony J. 152-10* Martin, E.J. 17-8* Martin, Ellen E. 224-4 Martin, James E. 189-40 Martin, John 150-7 Martin, John M. 13-1 Martin, Jon B. 276-10 Martin, Jonathan B. 110-8,110-13,135-3 Martin, Luke C. 240-2* Martin, Mike 247-10 Martin, R. Linda 95-18* Martin, Raleigh L. 205-4* Martin, Todd C. 97-19 Martin, Valerie 116-10 Martin-Barajas, Arturo 75-3 Martin-Black, William 41-5* Martin-Hayden, James M. 83-12* Martin-Hernandez, Fatima 143-10 Martindale, Rowan 27-9*,79-11* Martindale, Rowan C. 79-15 Martinez, F.J. 29-11 Martínez-Colón, Michael 231-4*,257-2, 276-12* Martínez-Hernández, Enrique Sr. 227-12 Martinez-Kulikowski, Nahysa 254-1 Martínez-Paco, Margarita 122-7* Martini, Brigette 9-13 Martiny, Barbara M. 35-2,35-3 Marui, Atsunao 26-11,85-8,109-5,109-7 Maruyama, Shigenori 243-2 Mashriqi, Faizullah 213-4* Mason, Cody 20-9* Mason, Joseph 96-26,182-7 Mason, Joseph A. 182-5*,210-12 Mason, Megan 98-9 Mason, Patricia H. 99-12 Massey, Christine 67-2 Massironi, Matteo 142-11 Mastalerz, Maria D. 240-6 Master, Daniel 111-2 Mata, M. Pilar 18-1 Mata, Scott 155-11 Mata, Scott A. 99-39*,209-11,227-1* Mataracioglu, Mehmet Onur 148-13* Matheney, Ronald K. 25-17*,97-14,102-7 Mathers, Steve 217-4,217-9 Mathisen, Maren 39-17 Mathur, Ryan 212-9,264-5 Matile, G.L.D. 138-4 Matisoff, Gerald 181-13 Matlock, M. 139-1 Matmon, Ari 154-5*,154-9 Matsinhe, Mauricio 75-6 Matson, Pamela 139-2 Matson, Samuel D. 25-12*,224-5* Matsui, Yohei 19-12 Matsumoto, Andrew 170-7*,241-14 Matsumoto, Satoshi 190-9 Matsushima, Takeshi 190-9 Matsuzaki, Hiroyuki 102-6 Matt, Rachel M. 27-1*,30-9 Mattei, Michael 36-7* Matter, Juerg 42-9 Matteson, Damon K. 106-1 Matteson, Eric J. 240-1 Matthews, Elaine 232-8*

Matthews, Neffra A. 48-6*,170-5 Matthews, William A. 49-2,49-3* Mattietti Kysar, Giuseppina 195-5* Mattinson, Christopher G. 204-2 Mattox, Stephen 66-11,164-7,216-15*, 245-7* Matulaitis, Ilona 192-15 Matuszewski, Derek J. 30-14* Matzek, Carl D. 96-11* Mau, Johnny 248-2 Mauel, Stephen W. 26-10 Maulana, Adi 28-2* Maurizot, P. 173-27 Maurrasse, Florentin J. 172-4 Maxfield, Lori R. 266-13 May, Christine L. 59-4 May, James 2-12 May, Kevin 99-30 May, Michael T. 44-1,44-4 May, Skyler B. 39-26*,113-3 Mayer, James R. 39-46,39-55* Mayer, K. Ulrich 136-3 Maygarden, Diane F. 70-9* Mayhew, Brett 9-1 Maynard, J. Barry 33-6,89-2,89-4,169-4, 172-13,243-7 Mayo, Alan L. 96-30 Mayr, Sibylle I. 176-7 Mazur, Maciej 57-2 McAdams, Brandon C. 19-12* McAleer, Ryan J. 53-6*,229-7 McAlpin, David B. 48-4* McAtamney, Janelle 178-5 McBride, John H. 174-12 McBride, Windy J. 241-41 McBryde, Will 2-12 McBryde, William 215-3 McCaffrey, Mark S. 238-7,266-6 McCaffrey, William 16-7*,16-9 McCallister, Andrew T. 52-9*,52-10 McCammon, Miles A. 158-9* McCarney, Mary Kate 220-7* McCarthy, James 107-2 McCarthy, James A. 133-1 McCarthy, Paul 36-1 McCarthy, Paul J. 58-11,99-30 McCartney, Kevin 267-5* McClaughry, Jason D. 249-5,249-6 McCleery, David A. 272-8 McClellan, Elizabeth 262-40* McClellan, Kristin 136-9*,185-4 McClelland, Phillip 284-5 McClelland, William C. 177-1,179-4 McClenning, Bree 191-1* McCleskey, R. Blaine 40-11* McClure, Kate J. 4-8 McClymont, Alastair F. 128-3*,156-6* McCoig, Dain 88-12 McConaghy, Christopher L. 248-5* McConnell, Brian 32-4 McConnell, David 46-1,139-2 McConnell, David A. 97-14,97-16,97-20, 118-10,265-4* McCord, Thomas B. 239-3,239-5,239-9* McCowen, Robert H. 164-2 McCoy, Ernie 281-4 McCoy, Floyd W. 194-6 McCoy, Scott W. 81-5 McCoy, Timothy J. 142-3,142-4 McCoy, Zach 29-6,29-9* McCracken, Rebecca G. 102-16* McCuan, Daniel T. 65-5 McCurdy, Karen M. 268-4* McDaniel, Gabriella R. 40-8* McDaris, John R. 46-1,46-12*,97-16 McDermott, Jill 220-10 McDermott, John K. 259-1* McDonald, Eric 128-6 McDonald, H. Gregory 99-38 McDonald, Jacob M. 96-17* McDonald, Mark 34-7,34-8 McDonald, Stuart 38-6 McDonell, Amanda P. 244-12* McDonnell, Jeffrey J. 196-1* McDonnell, Steven 96-27 McDowell, Katie L. 259-4* McDowell, Willam H. 19-8,235-5 McElmurry, Shawn P. 41-2 McElroy, Brandon 149-5* McElwain, Alison L. 39-30* McElwain, Jennifer C. 120-6 McEnroe, Suzanne A. 148-10* McEwan, Reed 189-25

McFadden, Leslie 194-1 McFadden, Rory R. 202-4* McFarlane, Chris 130-3*,201-9 McFarlin, Heather, L. 39-41 McGee, David 13-3 McGeehin, John P. 211-9 McGill, Sally 154-10,250-3,250-4 McGinnis, Ronald N. 60-4 McGregor, Heath 28-6 McGrew, Allen 114-11 McGrew, Allen J. 175-6* McGuire, Jennifer T. 136-6* McGuire, Jenny 207-7* McGuire, Kevin 191-6 McGuire, Luke A. 165-12 McGuire, Molly M. 36-7,36-10* McHenry, Lindsay J. 33-10,132-9* McHugh, Cecilia M.G. 150-2* McHugh, Luke P. 99-34 McIlvin, Matthew R. 231-1 McIlwain, Jason 2-12 McInnis, John R. 278-6 McInnis, Rodney 278-9 McIntosh, Jennifer C. 158-5,206-5 McIntosh, William 28-5,154-12,272-5 McIntyre, Marcella R. 206-2 McIntyre-Wressnig, Anna 208-1 McKay, E. Donald III 8-3* McKay, Larry 279-1* McKay, Larry D. 258-16 McKay, Matthew P. 270-9 McKay, Robert 69-13*,173-34,226-11 McKay, Robert M. 122-4 McKee, Stephen 171-5 McKenzie, Jeffrey M. 156-4,156-10 McKenzie, N. Ryan 122-2* McKeon, Ryan 143-14,163-3 McKibben, Michael A. 41-9,41-10,41-11 McKinley, James P. 88-7 McKinney, George M. 206-2 McKinney, Michael L. 275-10 McKinnon, William B. 199-3,199-6* McKnight, Diane M. 63-9 Mclachlan, Holly 9-1 McLane, Charles F. III 2-3* McLaren, Patrick 219-7 McLaughlin, J. Fred 74-13,74-14*,206-3 McLaughlin, Patrick 237-6*,254-8 McLaughlin, R.J. 10-8 McLaurin, Brett T. 133-9 McLelland, James M. 201-7 McLennan, Scott M. 167-10,167-11 McLeod, John 187-1,187-4* McMakin, Dean 244-11 McManus, Catherine E. 89-12,93-9* McMenamin, Mark A.S. 27-31*,120-3* McMillan, N.J. 89-10*,89-13 McMillan, Nancy J. 28-8,89-12,93-9, 169-9 McMullen, K.Y. 246-1,246-2* McMullen, Sharon K. 249-12* McNamara, Kelsey C. 109-8 McNamara, Maria E. 15-7* McNeal, Karen S. 67-13*,215-3,221-15, 238-4,245-6 McNulty, Kieran P. 174-1 McNutt, Marcia 124-3* McNutt, Ralph Jr. 142-3 McPhee, Darcy K. 244-12 McPherron, Shannon 95-12 McPherson, Benjamin J. 156-11* McPherson, Brian 274-10 McPherson, Margaret 206-7* McPherson, Mary L. 249-10 McQuade, Theresa L. 243-13* McRivette, Michael W. 45-4,114-4 McRoberts, Christopher 78-12* McSween, H.Y. 239-1 McSween, Harry Y. 239-2,239-3* Mead, Chris 21-8* Mead, Kimberly A. 245-3 Meadows, Neil 150-7 Meckel, Timothy A. 38-9 Medaris, L. Gordon Jr. 12-10* Medaris, L.G. Jr. 47-4 Meddaugh, W.S. 150-3 Medina, Rachel A. 174-23* Mee, Katy 217-9 Meeker, Gregory P. 282-2 Meerschaert, Mark M. 85-7 Meert, Joseph G. 101-12,126-3,126-4*, 148-3 Mehrtens, Charlotte 178-5

Meibom, Anders 57-2 Meier, Holly A. 277-3* Meighan, Corey J. 168-16* Meigs, Andrew 165-11,177-16* Mein, Alicia 90-1 Meinert, Lawrence D. 124-10*,141-8* Melchin, M.J. 27-8 Melezhik, Victor, A. 101-11 Melim, Leslie A. 129-12* Mello, Renata M. 276-9* Melosh, Jay 24-3 Melott, Adrian 79-1* Melott, Adrian L. 14-5 Melstrom, Keegan M. 27-23 Mencin, David 104-5,251-4 Meng, Yue 147-7 Menges, Christopher M. 26-9 Menichino, Garrett T. 109-9 Mennett, Colin 113-7 Menold, Carrie 45-4 Menold, Carrie A. 114-4 Mensing, Scott A. 65-6* Meqbel, Naser 143-3 Mercier, L. Joy 187-6 Mercuri, Matthew 109-4* Mering, John A. 173-1* Merino, Miguel 75-1 Merline, William J. 142-13,142-14 Merlini, Michael 181-12* Merola, Brittany R. 137-3 Merrill, Matthew D. 106-7 Merritt, Mark 21-6* Merritts, Dorothy J. 191-7,235-7* Merschat, Arthur J. 11-12*,49-11 Merten, Gustavo H. 181-5 Mesbah, Adel 252-6 Messadi, T. 139-1 Messner, Timothy 111-5,161-10 Mest, Scott C. 239-11 Metcalf, James 241-4,241-5 Metcalf, Kathryn 229-5 Metcalf, Rodney V. 19-7,103-2* Metcalfe, Chris D. 108-8 Metcalfe, Tracy L. 108-8 Metelkin, Dimitri 101-1 Metz, Cheryl L. 30-7 Metzger, Alicia 260-3* Metzger, J. Garrecht 254-7* Mewafy, Farag 136-5 Meyer, Amanda Lynn 29-6*,241-20 Meyer, Carol Beaton 223-5* Meyer, David L. 207-11 Meyer, Franz J. 48-4 Meyer, Gary N. 5-5,192-1,283-5 Meyer, Grant A. 180-5,194-1 Meyer, Herb 267-13 Meyer, Jessica R. 262-5 Meyer, Katja M. 153-9*,153-12 Meyer, Michael 15-1 Meyer, Rudi 265-14 Meyers, Jessica L. 177-14 Meyers, Stephen R. 43-3,150-11,179-7, 237-1*,237-3 Miao, Xiaodong 182-4*,262-23* Miceli Romero, Andrea 150-12,254-5 Michalak, Samuel A. 227-10* Michalski, Greg 39-39,154-8,277-6* Michel, F. Marc 129-3 Michel, Lauren A. 174-1* Michelson, Andrew V. 4-12*,63-12 Mickelson, D.M. 82-13*,192-2* Mickelson, David M. 64-1,64-10,64-11 Mickelson, Katherine A. 81-1 Mickulesku, Kristy 39-9* Mickus, Kevin 51-2,95-3,95-4,260-3 Mickus, Kevin L. 51-6,51-10,143-15 Middleton, Larry T. 174-18 Middleton, Matthew 28-4 Middleton, Michael D. 249-11 Middleton, William 90-3 Mielke, Howard W. 93-7* Mies, Jonathan W. 31-12* Miggins, Daniel P. 113-11 Mihindukulasooriya, Lorita 189-39* Mikulas, Radek 194-14 Mikulic, Donald G. 150-6* Mikulich, Kathryn 71-14 Milde, Edward R. 230-10 Milesi, J.-P. 127-13 Milewski, Adam 38-2*,51-3,58-3,180-13 Millar, Dave 26-19* Millard, Craig 54-4,54-13* Miller, Argie James 224-14*

9­12 October · Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 279

Miller, Arnold I. 4-14,99-1,225-6*,225-10, 255-5 Miller, Aubrey 170-4 Miller, Benjamin V. 60-10,110-19 Miller, D.M. 262-18 Miller, Daniel J. 226-14* Miller, David J. 57-2 Miller, Heather 164-7* Miller, Ian 99-38 Miller, Ian M. 173-15,238-5,267-14 Miller, Jacob 240-1 Miller, James D. 101-13 Miller, James D. Jr. 87-11,87-12*,159-5 Miller, James F. 117-11,150-5,150-8*, 225-13 Miller, Jeff 275-7 Miller, Jeremy J. 238-10* Miller, Joseph C. 273-8* Miller, Joshua H. 55-5* Miller, Justin M. 225-4* Miller, Kate C. 143-11 Miller, Kenneth G. 55-7,254-4 Miller, Mark E. 96-2 Miller, Marli B. 1-10* Miller, Marli Bryant 170-3 Miller, Marti L. 230-3 Miller, Megan 211-2 Miller, Meghan S. 202-6* Miller, Nathan R. 53-4,253-4* Miller, Nathaniel 192-14 Miller, Randall F. 173-20 Miller, Samuel E. 242-11* Miller, Thomas E. 224-13* Miller, Wesley L. 277-10 Miller, William III 78-3* Milleson, Mary E. 86-7* Mills, Allison Whitney 116-1* Mills, Elizabeth W. 22-11,216-14 Mills, Graham 165-6,170-11,186-3 Milne, G. 250-5 Min, Kyoungwon 103-10 Miner, Dylan 276-10 Mingtai, Wang 280-8 Mink, Leland R. 34-5 Minor, Elizabeth C. 189-12 Minor, S.A. 113-12 Minsley, Burke 104-2 Mintz, Jason S. 80-8,277-10 Misgna, Grimay 175-2 Misquadace, Shelden 189-27,260-1* Misra, Anupam K. 89-7,248-2 Missimer, Thomas M. 5-12* Mitchell, C.E. 27-8 Mitchell, Jonathan 57-13* Mitchell, Kristen L. 255-6* Mitchell, Michael 92-1 Mitchell, Ross N. 126-2* Mitchell, Sara Gran 45-8*,192-10 Mitchell, William S. III 153-6,237-4* Mitra, Shankar 146-10*,146-11 Mitrovic, Slobodan 95-15 Mitrovica, Jerry X. 210-5 Mittlefehldt, David W. 239-4,239-10* Mnich, Marissa 90-3,262-19* Mnich, Meagan 97-24 Mocanu, Victor 143-6 Moccia, Andrea 115-12 Mode, William N. 39-10 Modi, Aubrey L. 77-9 Moecher, D.P. 201-5 Moecher, David 77-1,252-2 Moecher, David P. 77-12,100-16 Moeller, Carrie 233-12 Mogessie, Aberra 159-6 Mogk, D.W. 1-3*,127-9 Mogk, David 175-8 Mogk, David W. 67-3,127-5,175-5,175-11 Mohajerin, Jade 84-10 Mohajerin, T. Jade 220-5 Mohammad, Reda G. Jr. 61-12* Mohrig, David 16-1*,16-4,16-5,16-6, 54-8,54-9,149-10,149-12,184-3,205-1* Moin, Laura 266-6 Mojica, Alexis 19-2 Molina, Sarah 131-2 Molinaro, Darrin J. 225-1 Molineux, Ann 131-5 Möller, Andreas 52-1,174-7,273-8,273-9 Möller, Per 192-9 Møller, Rasmus Rønde 140-3,140-4, 233-5* Molnár, Ferenc 159-6 Molnár, Mihály 189-31

Molnia, Bruce F. 81-10*,91-12*,163-6 Molteni, Andrew 44-12 Molwalefhe, Loago N. 260-2 Molz, Fred 140-6 Monaghan, G. William 214-6 Monarrez, Pedro M. 27-5* Monastero, Francis C. 6-4,115-11 Mondal, Dhiman 13-6 Mondal, Pulin K. 279-11* Mondal, Ujjal 134-12 Mondy, Luke S. 202-7 Monecke, Thomas 168-13,190-8,280-9 Monger, H. Curtis 129-14* Monroy Ojeda, Alan 66-12 Monson, Charles C. 121-9* Monson, Jessica LB 258-1* Montanari, Alessandro 4-6 Montel, Jean-Marc 252-3 Montelli, Rafaela 274-6 Montes, Camilo 277-7 Monteverde, Donald 254-4 Montgomery, P. 150-3 Montgomery, Stephanie Danielle 41-11* Montgomery, William 163-11 Montoya, Carlos Jr. 89-10,89-13*,169-9 Montz, William J. 98-4 Moody, John 26-18 Mooers, Howard D. 5-3,233-7 Mookerjee, Matty 145-4* Mooney, Philip R. 230-7 Mooney, Walter D. 244-4 Moore, Alexandra 97-24* Moore, Cameron 235-6 Moore, Catherine R. 140-8* Moore, Cheyenne 260-12* Moore, Christopher 246-4 Moore, Eric 19-13 Moore, Jeffrey 199-2*,199-3* Moore, John L. 226-9* Moore, Johnathan E. 37-1* Moore, Joseph 9-11 Moore, Mitchell Forrest 11-1,122-6*, 174-16* Moore, Paul 135-3 Moore, Peter L. 82-12* Moore, Rebecca J. 39-8 Moore, Richard 181-18 Moore, Sabrina A. 111-11* Moore, Stephanie J. 53-3* Moore-Nall, Anita 41-3*,247-11* Moorehead, Anthony 240-7 Moores, Eldridge 11-5* Moorman, Thomas B. 279-5 Moosavi, Sadredin C. 1-5* Mora, Andres 146-13 Mora, Andrés 273-7 Mora, German 59-6* Mora-Klepeis, Gabriela 177-12* Morales Rivera, Anieri M. 248-3* Moran, James J. 113-6 Moran, Jean E. 37-4 Moran, Joseph M. 22-11 Moran, Kelli L. 105-4* Morán-Zenteno, Dante 35-3 Morán-Zenteno, Dante J. 35-2 Morden, Robert 264-3 Morellon Marteles, Mario 18-1 Moreno, Ana 18-1 Moresi, Louis 145-1* Morgan, Brian J. 111-7,111-9,193-5* Morgan, Daniel 102-7,102-16,259-5 Morgan, Hilary Anne 215-5,263-6* Morgan, Joanna V. 24-9 Morgan, Julia 76-4,76-11 Morgan, Julia K. 76-3,76-8* Morgan, Leah E. 132-11,237-14 Morgan, Lisa A. 63-2 Morgan, Ryan 173-14* Morgan, Sven 31-1 Morgenthien, James N. 257-2* Mori, Laura 35-2*,35-3 Morigi, Caterina 231-2 Morin, Paul 262-9 Morissette, Claude 36-3* Morman, Suzette A. 133-8*,282-2,282-3, 282-13 Mormile, Melanie R. 129-13 Morón, Sara 80-4*,277-7* Morris, Katherine 88-1 Morris, Penny 241-7 Morris, Robert R. 122-11 Morris, Thomas H. 25-14,77-10,113-8, 241-3,253-6

Morrison, Alexander 189-25* Morrison, Charles C. 91-11* Morrison, Jean M. 282-3* Morrison, Lynda 260-10* Morrissey, Amy J. 18-5* Morrow, Savannah Lee 171-1* Morton, Robert A. 246-3 Mose, Douglas 241-4*,241-5* Moser, Desmond E. 24-6,69-11,74-11, 148-8 Moser, Elizabeth 258-15 Moses, Maureen N. 216-14* Mosher, Sharon 29-5,178-5,178-6 Moshier, Stephen O. 111-2* Moskowitz, Bruce 107-4,129-3,133-6 Mosley, Britton Jr. 181-16* Moss, David K. 27-7* Moss, Elizabeth 265-9* Mosser, Sasha L. 249-24* Motter, Matthew A. 240-10* Mottola, Stefano 239-2*,239-4 Mountain, Gregory 150-1*,254-4 Mousavi, Maryam A. 122-12* Mousinho Ferreira, Ana Cláudia 168-5 Moyer, Alison 118-10 Moyer, Ryan 19-11* Moynier, Fred 69-12 Moysey, Stephen M. 215-10* Mozumder, M. Rajib Hassan 84-14 Mphinyane, Thato 260-2 Mrofka, David D. 195-6 Mroz, Thomas 236-9* Mueller, P.A. 175-8 Mueller, Paul 270-6 Mueller, Paul A. 127-5,127-9*,143-15, 175-5*,175-11,200-7,201-1 Mueller, Raymond G. 90-3 Muhlbauer, Jason 110-14* Muir, Lucy A. 15-11* Mukherjee, Abhijit 84-8,84-9,156-8 Mukherjee, Pradip 84-7 Mulcahy, Connor 214-3 Mulcahy, Sean R. 237-14 Mulder, Michon L. 42-4*,236-7 Muldoon, Maureen A. 135-1,155-2*, 155-3 Müller, Beate 170-1 Mulligan, Ryan 105-4 Mulling, Adam D. 181-1* Mulsow, Sandor 4-13 Mumford, Kevin G. 37-5 Mundil, Roland 153-4,153-5,153-6,237-4 Munger, Zack 262-38 Munk, LeeAnn 84-2 Munnecke, Axel 237-10*,237-11 Munoz, Samuel 161-9* Munroe, Jeffrey S. 64-13,64-14* Munson, S. 133-6 Munson, Seth M. 107-3,107-4 Munson, William J. 32-9* Muntean, John 212-3 Murakami, Motohiko 197-2* Murari, Madhav K. 192-16 Murchie, Scott L. 100-5,142-1*,142-8, 142-11 Murowchick, James 264-11 Murphy, Anthony P. 97-4,266-9,266-12*, 266-13* Murphy, Brendan P. 165-3 Murphy, J. Brendan 11-8,28-4*,50-3, 200-6* Murphy, Janice M. 143-8 Murphy, Jenny 235-10* Murphy, Laura 90-6 Murphy, Laura R. 90-5*,258-9* Murphy, Lorraine 92-10 Murphy, Michael 6-6,52-9 Murphy, Rachel 67-10 Murphy, William M. 61-2,241-10 Murray, Andrew 102-9 Murray, Bryan P. 35-5* Murray, Christopher J. 88-9 Murray, Daniel P. 97-16,245-12 Murray, J.D. 262-7 Murray, Kendra 154-9 Muscente, A. Drew 226-12* Muscietta, Annelise 262-32* Musgrove, MaryLynn 135-8,172-15 Mushkin, Amit 49-8*,154-5 Musiba, Charles 48-6 Musselwhite, Donald 241-7 Musser, Linda R. 223-4*

Mustard, John F. 100-11,100-12,284-1*, 284-7* Myer, George H. 173-5 Myers, Brittany 96-27* Myers, Corinne 99-7 Myers, Corinne E. 99-8,207-8* Myers, J.S. 10-13,273-3 Myers, James D. 45-6,45-7* Myers, Lisa 116-6,116-7,116-8,116-9 Myers, M.K. 181-14 Myers, Reed 69-14 Myers, Thomas 262-34 Myers, Timothy S. 153-5 Myhre, Sarah B. 231-11 Mylroie, Joan R. 108-5* Mylroie, John 2-12* Mylroie, John E. 108-5,110-2,135-4 Myrbo, Amy 65-11,65-12,188-7,188-8, 188-9,188-12,189-18,189-25,189-26, 189-27,234-6,234-7*,234-9,234-11, 260-1,260-10,260-12 Myre, Joe 110-3* Myrow, Paul M. 122-2 Myshrall, Kristen L. 208-2*


Nabelek, Peter 29-15,53-9* Nachbor, Amelia 31-6 Nadin, Elisabeth S. 273-12* Nagel-Myers, Judith 4-2* Nagy, Robin 256-4* Nakamura, Atsunori 102-6 Nakamura, Hitomi 153-3 Nakamura, Shinya 180-9* Nalepa, Thomas F. 214-13 Nam, Younkyeong 216-6* Namiotko, Tadeusz 4-6 Nance, R. Damian 200-6 Nandi, Arpita 243-15 Nandigam, Viswanath 263-2 Napier, Bruce 8-7 Napier, Tiffany 95-8* Napieralski, Amanda M. 39-29* Narbonne, Guy M. 126-8 Nardelli, Maria Pia 231-2 Narkiewicz, Marek 218-9 Naruk, Steve 243-24 Nash, Barbara P. 272-11 Nash, Bruce L. 66-3 Nash, David 44-15 Nash, Merinda 30-4 Nater, Edward 219-9 Nath, Bibhash 84-8 Nathues, A. 239-1,239-3,239-6 Nathues, Andreas 239-4,239-10 Natter, Michael 137-11 Nave, Julia 58-13 Naylor, Shawn 240-2,244-14 Ncube, Sinikiwe 243-23* Neal, Andrew 84-10* Neal, Clive R. 69-7* Neal, William J. 39-53,39-54 Neale, Christopher M.U. 156-3 Neathery, Thornton L. 117-10 Nebel, Lars 38-7,140-4*,233-5 Needy, K.L. 139-1 Neff, Jason C. 107-3 Nega, Tsegaye 163-4 Negri, Alessandra 231-2 Negrini, Rob 65-5*,234-8 Negron, Lorraine 39-11 Nehlig, Pierre 62-9 Neidhardt, Harald 134-7 Neilsen, Scott W. 95-7 Neilson, Bethany T. 156-3* Neira, Nicole M. 39-1* Nelms, Melissa 89-3 Nelson, Cary 268-12* Nelson, David M. 120-9,132-5 Nelson, Eric P. 168-17 Nelson, Frederick E. 91-11 Nelson, Greg C. 244-14* Nelson, JoAnne 177-13 Nelson, Kaitlyn 39-3 Nelson, Robert E. 111-7,111-9 Nelson, Timothy R. 205-5* Nelson, W. John 249-18* Nemser, Eliza S. 128-2 Nereson, Alexander 154-12* Nesbitt, Stephen 194-5 Ness, James B. 174-13 Neufelder, Ryan 105-17

280 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition: Archean to Anthropocene: The past is the key to the future

Neuhauser, Kenneth 70-4* Neukum, Gerhard 239-2,239-8 Neumann, Christian 102-19 Neumann, F. 202-1 Neumann, Gregory A. 142-2 Neumann, Thomas A. 82-9 Neupane, Ghanashyam 134-4* Nevala-Plagemann, Chris 189-35 Neveling, Johann 153-8 Nevitt, Johanna M. 271-2* Nevle, R.J. 161-2* Newbury, Claudia M. 73-1* Newby, Warren 274-2 Newcomb, Sally 218-2* Newcombe, Nora 67-2 Newman, Alice C. 251-7 Newman, Mark A. 88-4*,88-8 Newsom, Horton 24-5*,94-2* Newton, Brad T. 187-16 Newton, Robert 44-13,241-11 Newton, Robert C. 204-11* Newton, Steven 21-13*,266-2* Ng, Jack 282-12 Ng, Yvonne 266-12 Ngachin, Merlin 17-6 Ngobeni, David 215-8 Nguyen, Thienan 231-11 Ni, Pei 89-6 Ni, Shijun 168-2,168-6*,168-7,168-8 Ni, Shijun Sr. 168-19* Nicholas, Sarah L. 283-5* Nicholls, James 265-14* Nicholls, Owen G. 34-2 Nichols, Gary 39-5,54-3 Nichols, Kyle K. 102-14,102-15* Nicholson, Bryan 71-12 Nicholson, Kirsten N. 173-27 Nicholson, Suzanne W. 87-7* Nickerson, Ryan 117-5 Nicoll, Kathleen 167-9 Nicot, Jean-Philippe 42-3 Nie, Junsheng 52-1*,273-7,277-9* Nieber, John 59-7,136-1*,181-15 Niebuhr, Spencer R. 165-4* Niemi, Tina M. 98-8,249-2 Niemitz, Jeffrey W. 235-8* Niepold, Frank 238-7 Niesner, Erich 241-1 Nightingale, Sheila 132-8 Nil, Kushagra 84-15 Niles, John H. 113-10* Nilsson, Bertel 233-1* Nilsson, Elin 134-10 Nippert, Jesse B. 23-9 Nishida, Naohisa 253-2* Nishizaki, Seiji 109-5 Nissen, Chelsea I. 44-21* Nittler, Larry R. 142-3*,142-5 Nittrouer, Charles 19-13 Nittrouer, Jeffrey 54-8*,149-12 Njau, Jackson K. 237-14 Noble, Paula J. 189-13*,189-24,189-33* Noble, Sarah K. 100-1* Noble, Stephen R. 237-8* Noble, Tommy A. 48-6 Nobles, Rebecca R. 39-47*,39-49 Noel, Miranda 240-1 Noffke, Nora 56-11* Noh, Heeso 15-7 Nolan, Patrick R. 117-6* Nolin, Anne W. 241-8 Noll, Mark R. 39-28,39-29 Noller, Barry 282-12 Noormets, Asko 232-3 Nord, Julia A. 25-8*,139-7* Nordstrom, D. Kirk 235-9* Nordt, Lee 172-3,277-1*,277-3,277-4 Nordt, Lee C. 111-5,277-10 Norman, Jessica R. 258-2*,258-8 Norman, Marc D. 11-7 Norris, Richard D. 27-12 North, Leslie 241-43,265-16* Northup, Diana E. 129-12,242-5 Nosek, John 164-5 Not, Christelle 138-8 Nourzad, Seyed 165-10 Novack-Gottshall, Philip M. 226-3* Novak, Beth A. 244-8* Nowaczewski, Vincent Stephen 14-13*, 15-6 Nowlan, Godfrey S. 254-6 Noyles, Christopher C. 81-10 Nufio, César R. 267-13

Nugnes, Kira A. 22-11,216-14 Nuhfer, Edward 265-7*,265-8 Nullo, Francisco Eudoro 33-3* Nutt, Mark 73-7* Nygård, Maria 2-1 Nyman, Matthew W. 164-6 Nyquist, Jonathan 109-4,156-5 Nyznyk, Rachel 30-12*,243-14*


O'Brien, Andrew J. 99-28 O'Brien, David 239-8 O'Brien, Joshua J. 264-9* O'Brien, Maura 102-19* O'Brien, Rachel 39-4,233-3* O'Brien, Taylor J. 174-13 O'Brien, Tim 31-5*,177-15* O'Connell, Suzanne 174-25 O'Connor, Jim E. 96-11 O'Dea, Aaron 262-11 O'Donnell, David 156-5* O'Donnell, Jonathan 277-11 O'Donnell, Kenneth H. 151-14* O'Keefe, F. Robin 249-12 O'Keefe, Jen 206-15*,240-1* O'Keefe, Jennifer M.K. 206-12,240-11 O'Keeffe, Andrew 8-7* O'Meara, Stephanie A. 115-9,163-1 O'Mullan, Gregory 42-9 O'Neal, Michael 59-3,96-29 O'Neil, Jonathan 74-11* O'Neill, J. Michael 137-1 O'Sullivan, Katie 69-7 O'Sullivan, Paul 230-3,230-5 O'Sullivan, Paul B. 230-6 Oakes, William J. III 31-11* Oalmann, Jeffrey A. 52-1,273-8,273-9 Oates, Amelia C. 30-5* Oates, Kaylyn 25-9* Obaje, Nuhu G. 240-4 Oboh-Ikuenobe, Francisca E. 63-5,99-23, 120-11,172-5 Obradovich, John D. 237-1,237-3 Obryk, Maceij 165-4 Ocampo Díaz, Yam Zul Ernesto 174-8, 227-7 Ocampo-Díaz, Yam Zul Ernesto 122-7, 227-3* Occhi, Marcie E. 235-5 Occhietti, Serge 138-13 Ocheltree, Troy 23-9 Oches, Eric A. 139-11* Ochiagha, Chiji 132-3* Ochsner, Aaron 34-6* Oddo, Perry C. 234-6 Odell, Michael 216-8 Odom, Leroy 219-6 Odukoya, Abiodun Mary 219-3* Oelkers, Eric 133-10,269-2* Ogasawara, Yoshihide 12-3* Ogden, Fred L. 19-2*,19-4 Ogg, James G. 237-9*,263-1* Ogondo, Julian 132-8 Oh, Sungchan 248-4 Ohishi, Yasuo 147-6 Ohlin, Hank N. 264-8 Ohmoto, Hiroshi 153-10,228-4* Ohtani, Eiji 147-1*,147-6 Oien, Rachel 102-20 Ojakangas, Richard W. 87-6* Okal, Marianna 165-5 Okaya, David 74-1,74-2*,74-3 Okeke, Benedict 137-11 Okubo, Chris H. 167-9 Okwen, Roland T. 121-9 Oladunjoye, Michael A. 104-1 Olafsen Lackey, S. 85-11 Olayinka, Abel I. 104-1 Olcott Marshall, Alison 14-13,15-4,15-6 Oldeborger, G. 62-10 Olguín, F. Javier 241-36 Olguin-Villa, Angel E. 75-3 Olin, Paul H. 237-13 Oliver, Benjamin P. 106-3* Olivier, Philippe