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Founded in 1950 by Tom Giel, our company was incorporated in 1974. During the 1980's, father and son worked to transform the business from a "mom and pop shop" to a corporation that today has 25 to 30 full-time employees, with 18 full-time trucks to service our customers' needs.


Edward B. Giel assumed ownership and presidency of the company following his father's retirement in 1990. His business education at Robert Morris University has been a valuable asset, both in his position as president and working with the managers of the corporation. Key staff members also play important roles. Thomas V. Giel Corporation is a Master Distributor for all leading garage door companies, and in 2003/2004 was recognized by the International Door Association as the 29th top door dealer worldwide. The company furnishes and installs garage doors for residential and commercial customers in a wide range of colors, sizes, and models, including carriage house doors, as well as electric garage door operators. We've expanded our corporation to offer additional products which include: entry doors, storm doors, interior doors, retractable and fixed aluminum awnings, privacy and solar shades for home and business. We work with customers to help discover what is important to them when replacing, maintaining, and servicing any of our products. A fair amount of Giel's business is in the retrofit area for individual homeowners. Proud to offer honest, quality workmanship, Thomas V. Giel backs it up with a written labor warranty, and proudly follows the IDA Code of Business Conduct, plus regional and national safety and building codes. Employees are required to attend monthly safety training courses, and installation and service crews are trained in First Aid and CPR. What do other builders say about Thomas V. Giel Corporation? "Thomas V. Giel provides what we need, when we need it, at a price we feel is justified" and "Thomas V. Giel is able to meet many special needs because of their size and dependable service of their employees".

Thomas V. Giel Corporation is a member of the Better Business Bureau, North Suburban Builders Association, Westmoreland Professional Builders Association, National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Builders Club. Ed has served on the advisory board of the Clopay Corporation for the tri-state area and the advisory board and the president's council of the North Suburban Builders Association, and is a member of the Tri-State Construction Network board of advisors. Ed lives in the North Hills with his wife, Jacqueline. They have three children - Candice, Lindsay and Taylor. Ed and his family are active in sports, cultural, and community activities. Ed also likes giving back to the community through many volunteer hours and corporate sponsorships.

you'll get the Best Giel in town!

We promise with Thomas,


Residential, Commercial & Industrial

At Thomas V. Giel Corporation, we work with you to determine the door style, construction, and size that complements your home, addresses your family's needs and fits your budget. Once you've made your selection we'll make sure it's installed with the utmost attention to detail.

During and after the warranty periods we will be available to provide prompt, professional, and quality service and repairs should the need arise. Thomas V. Giel Corporation is a Master Distributor, Master Dealer or retailer for products from the following garage door manufacturers: · Clopay · Summit · C.H.I. · Plycraft · Wayne-Dalton · Haas · Sawmill Creek · Gaudett Walk-Thru Doors · Amarr · Door Engineering Whether you are looking for a standard, custom, semi-custom, wood or a walk-thru garage door, we have the people and the products to help you receive that perfect end result! Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. is a Clopay Master Authorized Dealer and Clopay products are the only garage doors in the industry that offer both a manufacturer's warranty and the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal & Warranty. When you combine these two warranties with our own warranties and guarantees, you have peace of mind in knowing you really are getting nothing but the best!

Thomas V. Giel Corporation has always provided professional grade door openers from leaders in the industry that continue to produce products incorporating state-of-the-art technology to maximize safety, longevity and versatility. Although we sell and service most major professional brands, our lead products are supplied by the LiftMaster Division of The Chamberlain Group, Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of residential and industrial door openers. In addition to LiftMaster, we also offer parts, installation, service and sales* for the following:



Thomas V. Giel Corporation offers you the following accessories for your garage, garage doors and entry doors: · Decorative Hardware · Garage Hockey Net · Garage Organizers · Opener Accessories (remotes, wireless keypads, garage door monitors, etc)

Garage Door

· Chamberlain · Linear* · Sears · Stanley · Genie · Allstar (aka Allister) · Sommer*

· Cookson* · Kinnear/North American* · McKeon* · Warren Door* · Wayne-Dalton* · Manaras Opera* · Janus*

The seal represents Good Housekeeping's limited warranty that carries the full weight of Good Housekeeping Magazine. The limited warranty is the magazine's pledge to consumers, published in its entirety in each issue of Good Housekeeping, that if any product that carries the seal is found defective within two years from the date of purchase, Good Housekeeping will either replace it or refund the purchase price. No other publications make this promise to it's readers.

Garage Doors Manufacturers paint/rust warranty void if doors not washed/waxed twice a year.

7 years


CLOPay Model 4400 Or any door on which an upgraded lifetime parts warranty has been purchased - TorSion SPrinGS onLy (Example: Clopay 4050; CHI 2285; Wayne-Dalton 8300) 24 gauge steel · 2" thick · has a thermal break FaCTory WarranTiES: Limited lifetime rust through · Lifetime Hardware · 20,000 Cycle Spring GiEL WarranTy: Seven (7) years parts & labor Clopay 4300, 9200 2" Gallery (GD2) Avante Wayne-Dalton 8500, 9800 amarr 3000 Haas 700 Garaga Township & Tech Series CHi 2216, 5216, 2285, 2298, 2700, 5600, 5700, 5800 Sawmill Creek Gold Finish warranty varies on wood & fiberglass doors Sawmill Creek Silver Finish warranty varies on wood & fiberglass doors CHi Pan Doors, Plywood 5430, Carriage House Sawmill Creek

Bronze, Standard Wood & Raised Panels

Sawmill Creek Platinum

tHOmas V. GieL's eXCLUsiVe Parts anD LabOr Warranties

5 years

All doors are 2" thick with thermal break FaCTory WarranTiES: Steel: Limited lifetime rust through · 5 year Hardware (3 factory/2 Giel's) · 10,000 Cycle Springs GiEL WarranTy: Five (5) years parts & labor Clopay 4050,9130 Wayne-Dalton 8300, 9700 amarr 2000 Haas 600 Garaga Standard CHi 2283, 5283, 5300, 5400, 5500

3 years

1-3/8" Gallery (GD1), Custom Reserve, Coachman

All doors are 1-3/8" to 2" thick · No thermal break ­ may frost across inside seams at 20° or below FaCTory WarranTiES: Steel: Limited lifetime rust through · 3 year Hardware · 8,000 Cycle Springs GiEL WarranTy: Three (3) years parts & labor Clopay Wayne-Dalton 9100, 9600, Pan Doors amarr 1000, Pan Doors Haas Pan Doors Garaga Alterna

1 year

Pan Doors, Semi Custom Reserve

No thermal break ­ may frost across inside seams at 20° or below FaCTory WarranTiES: Steel: Limited lifetime rust through · 1 year Hardware · 8,000 Cycle Springs GiEL WarranTy: one (1) year parts & labor

Finish warranty varies on wood & fiberglass doors

Garage Door Openers

1 year 3 years 5 years

elite SerieS: Super Quiet, DC Belt Drive with Battery Backup Premium SerieS: Quiet, 1/2 HP Machine ContraCtor SerieS: Noisy, 1/2 HP Chain Machine

Circuit boards and batteries are eXCLUDeD. it is highly recommended that the customer install surge protection on all garage door openers purchased through thomas V. Giel Corporation.

Thomas V. Giel Corporations' warranties are separate and apart from factory warranties. Transferrable to the next home owner for a minimal charge of $69.00 to the buyer. Models above are listed in Series only.

External radio controls, including radio controlled transmitters, keypads and wall buttons 6 months from date of installation (batteries excluded)

Entry, Storm & Interior



A beautiful entry and storm door are the key to a grand front entrance and gives your home personality. Thomas V. Giel Corporation offers a wide selection of fiberglass and steel entry door systems from ProVia, ThermaTru and Clopay. These energy-efficient entry doors feature the stunning beauty of wood without the maintenance. A wide variety of beautiful hand-crafted glass patterns, door styles hardware and colors are available, all with a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own your home. But if you prefer natural woods, we have them too. Both exterior and interior. Call today for complete details on all entry doors, storm doors, and patio doors colors and accessories available.




A solar shade from SUNAIR® can significantly reduce indoor temperature while lowering cooling costs by blocking the sun before it enters your home. The ideal solution for keeping sunlight at bay and at the same time enjoy its advantages. You can eliminate glare, and control the amount of light that enters the window or door while still keeping a view of the outside. Simply push a button and the optional motor lowers or raises the shade. SUNAIR® shades also protect your furniture, curtains, and floor coverings from UV damage. With three screen models, hundreds of fabric and mesh colors, seven standard frame colors and custom frame colors available to choose from to fit your needs.




Strength. The exclusive Heavy Duty H Beam support and extruded runner are unique characteristics of every awning that is manufactured. With this type of construction and quality material, these products can withstand the heaviest snowfalls or the most powerful windstorm. Outdoor Living Space. Awnings will enhance your outdoor living areas. You can enjoy every picnic or outdoor event by escaping the intense sun or unexpected rainstorm. Awnings will protect your porch and patio furnishings and extend years to the surface of your deck, porch or patio! Your aluminum cover now creates "the entertainment center" for your family and friends, rain or shine! Energy Savings. By installing over your windows and doors you can reduce the cost of cooling your rooms. Aluminum awnings offer protection from sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and harsh heat. While the white enamel underside will reflex light into the room, the shade will keep the house cooler and lower air conditioning cost. The awnings will also act as a buffer to protect windows and doors from fierce winter weather, shield woodwork and paint from rain, wind and snow.


They were very honest when I asked their opinion on adding the garage door extras. That is hard to find these days. They were both great! Made me want to find more jobs for them.

­ Karyn, Wexford, PA


The guidelines by which installing/servicing dealer members of the International Door Association are governed in relationship with their customers are:

Customer Satisfaction.

Of utmost importance to dealers is customer satisfaction. Dealers should establish customer satisfaction as a top priority, and deal with all complaints in an honest, fair and timely manner.


All contracts, verbal and written, shall be free of ambiguities or omissions that may obscure or confuse either party's obligations.

Truth in Selling.

Consultation Services.

Dealers should avoid misleading selling techniques and practices that encourage customers to purchase unnecessary products or services. The necessity and reasons for the selling of enhanced products should be documented in writing to customers.

Responsible Conduct.

A door and access systems dealer's professional knowledge is a valuable result of their training and experience, and when called upon for service or for technical advice, it is proper that they be paid for rendering these service. If applicable, such charges should be acknowledged by the dealer prior to providing the service or technical advice.

Dealers should avoid practices likely to discredit their companies or the door and access systems industry as a whole, and shall honor their obligations and commitments to customers, employees and suppliers. Dealers should avoid discrediting their competition or customers.

Bid Procedures.

When the sealed bid process is utilized, the following should apply: Dealers should not seek to obtain price information concerning a competitor's bid or proposal before all bids are submitted.

Truth in Advertising.

Advertising, corporate and product literature, letters, and sales presentations should be strictly truthful, avoiding claims which are misleading or inaccurate.

Proposal Compliance.

Proposals and product installation shall comply with all applicable building codes, ordinances, regulations and laws.

Product Installation.


Products shall be installed in accordance with the specific installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Dealers shall present all warranties in writing, and shall respond to warranty service on a timely basis.

Safety Compliance.

Dealers shall provide a safe working environment for employees and shall comply with applicable safety regulations. In addition, dealers shall inform customers regarding safety features of products and safety precautions to be taken in the operation and maintenance of a door system.


Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. If not measured and installed properly, they could become your largest source of aggravation. Selecting the right dealer to measure, install and service your door and/or operator correctly is a serious matter. When selecting your garage door dealer, keep in mind the Attorney General's Office of Pennsylvania states that must be included in a home improvement contract: · Contractor is registered with the Attorney General's Office (Pennsylvania Contractors Registration Number). · Check your contractor's references and standings with the Better Business Bureau. additionally: · The contract must be in writing and include the contractor's registration number. · The entire agreement between the contractor and the consumer including the date of the transaction. · The name, telephone number, and address of the contractor and subcontractors. · A description of the work to be performed including the approximate starting and completion dates of the project. · The total sales price due under contract. · The amount of any down payment plus any amount paid in advance for the purchase of special order materials. · The amount of liability insurance coverage maintained by the contractor. · The toll-free number maintained by the Bureau of Consumer Protection. · A notice of the consumer's right to rescind the contract.

Dear Homeowner,

How to reach the Better Business Bureau of Pennsylvania:

412-456-2700 (phone) 412-922-8656 (fax) [email protected]


Visit our North Hills showroom & parts department.

Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, with evening and weekend hours by appointment. 5799 Grubbs Road · Gibsonia, PA 15044 · [email protected]

1-800-641-GIEL (4435)


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