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Greg Branch

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Leading the way in Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Efficiency

Common Courtesy

GCC's Core Purpose is "Working together to improve ourselves, our industry and our communities". The crew on Common Street, Job 1086, recently received comments from local businesses showing how their commitment to our core purpose is paying off. The Common Street project is in a high traffic area lined with several schools, side streets, and businesses with no alternate routes. Two of these businesses have contacted us to say how thankful they are for the team's efforts to keep their traffic flow running smoothly. True Blue Water Sports stated that the road remains clean and their temporary drive -ways are maintained without having to ask for additional fill or grading. Also, the manager of Family Auto Care called and shared his gratitude for making a temporary drive when our work tied up entrance to his business. To keep business owners happy during any construction project takes effort, initiative and dedication by everyone on the crew. It is easy to go about our jobs without thinking of how our traffic cues may compel someone to avoid the area, thus affecting local businesses. But, by planning the work, thinking about the delays, and trying to minimize business disruptions, Gilchrist crews are able to leave the job with people saying not only did they improve the road but they were a 'good neighbor'. Congratulations to everyone on Job 1086 for doing a safe, quality job while keeping the business owners and traveling public in mind. -Jay Carli Annual

Employee Recognition Jack Frost

Jack Frost was a recent new hire and a very dedicated employee here at GCC. Jack worked on Job 1065, Winnfield/Dodson. A special thanks goes out to Charles Poindexter and Carl Bolden for forming this ice cold new comer into a friendly and enthusiastic employee. Although he wasn't with us for longer than a few days, he was an excellent morale booster for Job 1065 and will be dearly missed. -Donald (BamBam) Hagar

Meche Bridge Job 1095

Job 1095 is nearly complete without any incidents or injuries. This winter was long, wet and cold for everyone but created some additional `creative opportunities' for Shawn Stevens and his crews. The weather caused many work delays, so when the sun would shine, there would be embankment and dirt work going on simultaneously with pile driving and pipe installation. This meant a lot of people and equipment working together in a tight space. But, with careful planning, good communication and attention to safety, the crews were able to get quality work done on time. Also, several nearby residents were so pleased with the progress of the project through such disheartening weather, they prepared meals each day for Shawn and his crews. Thanks for everyone's hard work on Job 1095! -Jay Carli

Leading the way in Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Efficiency

I-10 NAPA Award

Gilchrist Construction Company, LLC was the recipient of a National Asphalt Pavement Association Award (NAPA) for the Interstate 10 project from Kayouche-Coulee to US 165. The quality in construction award recognizes excellence in asphalt pavements for 2009. NAPA quality in construction awards are judged on control band data relative to performance categories such as plant voids, IRI quality and roadway density. The Interstate 10 project had very consistent control band data which is outstanding considering the quantity of asphalt (385,000 tons) placed on the project. This achievement is a testament to the commitment towards a quality product on a quality project by the teams that put the work in place. I want to thank these teams as well as the project, plant and Q.C. teams for maintaining the focus towards quality throughout the duration of the project. As our peers, our customers and taxpayers travel this project for years to come the commitment to quality from our company will be in place for all to view and enjoy. Thanks for everyone's involvement in the direct and indirect achievement of this award. -Mike Hudnall

Project 1085 Receives Award

Gilchrist Construction Company's mission statement is "By 2011, to be the contractor of choice in every market we serve". For us to achieve our mission it takes commitment from all of our employees to go the extra mile. We must move beyond the way we have always done things before, and strive to be the best. Recently GCC was honored with an award from the "England Economic Industrial Development District Board". The award was presented to GCC and our partner Pan American Engineers for "Outstanding Effort, Initiative, and Commitment to the Rehabilitation of Runway 14/32". The award was presented as project 1085 was wrapping up. The project was built concurrently with Project 1060. Below are some interesting facts about the two projects:

1060 Project Values Total Man Hours Worked DBE contractor $ Tons of Concrete recycled Number of 1.5" holes drilled Cubic Yards of Concrete Linear Miles of sealant Tons of HMAC Total Truck deliveries 4,964,133 37,765 583,326 10,145 7,280 10,325 5.75 1,360 1085 4,809,560 37,661 469,351 11,081 12,132 10,294 32.80 858.99 Total 9,773,693 75,426 1,052,677 21,226 19,412 20,619 38.55 2,218.99 3,597

Dirk Fontenot-Justin Gaspard-Scott Douzart

The 1085 Project had 180 calendar days to complete with $15,000 per day Liquidated Damages. The project consisted of closing the 14/32 runway and replacing concrete panels. The project required both day and night time operations. At the award ceremony the owner told those gathered that this is the first project to be completed at AEX ahead of schedule! Through the use of our GP2S system the project team was able to complete the work 15 days ahead of schedule. Not only was the original contract completed, but the owner identified an additional 60 panels to be removed and replaced. This added work was completed without adding any extra time to the contract. Operations were planned in detail before the project began. When the operations in the field were not performed as planned, the project team immediately stopped, and made adjustments to bring the

operation into the established parameters. Because these projects participated in weekly progress meetings, and monthly partnering meetings the owner, engineer and GCC maintained open lines of communication throughout the project. It is very uncommon in our industry to receive an unsolicited thank you from an owner. This award is one more example of GCC taking the necessary steps to achieve our Mission Statement. Special thanks to the project team and crews as well as the support departments that made these projects successful. It truly was a "team effort". -Doug Spivey

Leading the way in Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Efficiency

Students Continue to Build a Bright Future

The Construction Technology Course (CTC) developed by Gilchrist Construction Company for area high school students is now in its second year. CTC began as a pilot during the 20082009 school year at Glenmora High School. Ten students successfully completed the class ­ all equipped with dual credits (high school and technical college) and an industry certification (NCCER). Focused on project-based learning and the development of skills that can be taken directly to the workplace, the program has continued to gain attention. In the summer of 2009, GCC approached The Orchard Foundation to assist with facilitation of the program and the growth to other area schools. The course is now offered at Alexandria Senior High (ASH), Glenmora High School, Peabody Magnet High School, and Slocum Learning Center. On February 9th, the 12 CTC students from Alexandria Senior High School visited our offices, equipment yard and shop as part of a field trip. The students toured the main office, where they were able to see firsthand the employment opportunities available within the company and learn more about the industry. Next, they toured the equipment shop with Equipment Repair Manager, Greg Reynaud. Greg began in the shop and moved outside to the yard, explaining the various pieces of equipment; the work each piece performs; and how it is serviced and maintained. Students were allowed to sit in several dozers and excavators to get a feel for the machine controls. And finally, they moved on to the equipment yard on Eddie Williams Boulevard to participate in a rigging demonstration with a Terex Crane. The students were allowed to handle some of the ropes and chains and apply what they have learned in class ­ utilization of hand signals to communicate with the crane operator. It was a cold (39 degrees) and windy day, but these students were all smiles! They learned more about our industry, and had a great time doing it. Their enthusiasm was priceless! To view a news clip of the field trip, visit our website at http:// Future plans for CTC include expansion of the year I curriculum (CTC 101) to schools outside of Rapides Parish and the introduction of year II curriculum (CTC 102) that will focus on project management skills. Gilchrist Construction Company and The Orchard Foundation will host an informational meeting for potential partners on Thursday, April 15th, 10:00 am at The Rapides Foundation Building, 1101 Fourth Street, Alexandria, LA. Interested parties are invited to attend. -Valerie Aymond Vice President of Human Resources

Jobsite Updates

Job 1105 US 90 @ LA 85 Interchange

Job 1105 is the first Design Build Project that Gilchrist has been awarded. This Project consists of constructing two overpasses along with related road work at the intersection of US 90 and LA 85 south of New Iberia. GCC partnered with ABMB Engineers, Inc. and GeoEngineers, Inc. to complete the design. Both of these companies have played a large role in helping GCC obtain this contract. The overpasses will span 1540' over LA 85. It will consist of nineteen girder units with 40' approach slabs. The bridge will have 33,708 linear feet of concrete piles, 18,280 linear feet of precast girders, 6,203 cubic yards of concrete, and 1,075,000 lbs. of steel. We will also be performing concrete paving. There is a total of 39,092 square yards of 11" and 9" thick PCCP. Other items of work consist of pipe structures, a box culvert extension, realigning a drainage ditch, guardrails, striping, and relocating a communication tower. Daily Tower will be performing the tower relocation for GCC. We also have a contract with AECOM who will be handling all Quality Control items for the duration of the project. The contract end date for Job 1105 is June 15, 2011. -Kevin Saltzman

Leading the way in Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Efficiency

Job 1087 Susek Drive

Job 1078 Hwy 28 West

Job 1087 is located on Susek Drive in Pineville, LA. This is a federally funded job with high priority on maintaining local traffic in the area. We recently placed one lane of concrete from Edgewood Dr to Bayou Marie Bridge. We are planning to pave the other lane starting on April 7th and open this section to traffic the following week. We have had great support from DOTD, the City of Pineville and most of all the citizens in the community. We also received excellent remarks from the Federal Government and the DOTD Head Quarters in regards to our Traffic Control inspection prior to our first pour! We believe that our partnering efforts along with DOTD and the City of Pineville have contributed tremendously to the advancement of this project. - J.J. Knowles & Vernita Montgomery

It has been a successful quarter on Job 1078 thanks to everyone's dedication and enthusiasm! Working together with the Asphalt Division and planning out the needs ahead of time with the Trucking Department, Jimmy Lachney and his crew were able to lay over 10,000 tons of mainline in three days! We would especially like to recognize Tommy Dauzat and his crew for their devoted efforts in completing the Calcasieu River Bridge on time and under budget. On a safety note, as of March 31st, Job 1078 has no lost time injuries or recordable incidents! We would like to thank the entire safety division; specifically Chad Herrington for helping us make this happen. Great job guys and thanks for all your hard work! -Brittany Gilchrist

Job 1099 US 90 Frontage Roads (LA 83-Darnall Rd)

Job 1099 is a 290 calendar day, DOTD project, located in Iberia Parish, which began on March 29, 2010. It consists of new construction of the Left Frontage Road and reconstruction of the existing Right Frontage Road of US 90. The items of work include general excavation, installation of embankment; subgrade layer; class II base course; and superpave asphaltic concrete pavement. The drainage structure will be completed by Brudd Construction. Our project goals are no accidents or incidents, and a quality project that exceeds the budget expectations. The project team is looking forward to a good project kickoff and would like to thank all involved for their assistance. 1099 Project Team Mike Hudnall - Division Manager Leanne Bagley - Project Coordinator Matt Armand - Superintendent

Safety Initiative on Job 1059 Shreveport

On February 25, 2010 Field Manager, James Ryder was recognized as a Safety Achiever for taking the initiative to invite David Page with Page Wire & Rope out to the jobsite and give a training presentation on Basic Rigging Techniques. Those in attendance for the training session with James were Jose Palacios, Parco Scott, Abel Palacios, Kodie Brouillette, Roberto Palacios, and Francisco Gonzales. A BIG thank you goes out to David Page for accepting James' invitation. Also, thanks to James Ryder for going above and beyond to help close the circles on his crews Individual Development Plans. The Safety Department is extremely grateful to Job 1059 for taking time out to put safety first. Job well done! -Chris Chelette, North Area Safety

Leading the way in Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Efficiency

SAFE: Staying Accident-Free Everyday

1065 Winn/Dodson

As of March 19, 2010, Job 1065 Winn/Dodson has gone 417 days without an OSHA recordable injury. A lunch was given to the employees provided by the project management team back in February when the jobsite reached a goal of one full year without an OSHA recordable injury. Congratulations to James Rhodes, the project management team and all the crews that contributed to this milestone and are still progressing forward to work injury free as they continue to build LA 167.

1041 Georgetown

As of March 19, 2010, Job 1041 Georgetown has gone 467 days without a Lost Time Accident and still counting. Congratulations to the project management team and the crews that contributed to reaching this goal. There's just a few weeks left to go on this project and we, the safety department, really appreciate each crew staying focused and working hard to be strong on safety.

-Chris Chelette, North Area Safety

GCC Transportation Division...As The Wheels Turn

Scheduling the Transportation Division of Gilchrist Construction Company is a daily challenge for Joe Pollock and Jamie Jeansonne. They are responsible for the daily scheduling of all the various trucking demands. Each day trucks are routed to different jobsites carrying the required materials needed to fulfill the expectations of the project and site managers. All material is expected to arrive in a safe, efficient, and timely manner to ensure that quality is maintained at the highest level possible. Drivers are a critical part of the overall team working on the jobsites. Gilchrist drivers are a professional team who are skilled and trained to drive a large variety of trucks. The responsibility of these trucks is to haul stone, concrete, crushed concrete, hot mix, select dirt, reclaim, gravel, limestone, rip-rap, water, fly-ash, and dry cement. They are also used on a regular basis to transport equipment. Gilchrist drivers go through an assortment of training including a screening with our Fleet Driver Evaluator, David Armstrong, as well as safe driving classes given by Butch Mackey, Fleet Safety Director. Our drivers are enthusiastic and committed to achieving the goals set forth each day.

They strive to do their best and are encouraged to work together and hold each other accountable while delivering results. Truck Drivers are dependent on mechanics, dispatchers, project managers, and traffic control to best fulfill their responsibilities. We'd like to recognize everyone involved with Transportation for their dedication and hard work. It is our hope that everyone working together will continue to make our company a leader in this industry! -Jamie Jeansonne

Debra Durrett

Leading the way in Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Efficiency

"Live for Life" Walking Challenge

Gilchrist Construction Company held its first ever Walking Challenge, "Walk South Louisiana." The Challenge was to complete a trip across South Louisiana beginning in Alexandria and tracking miles/steps walked to Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and ending in New Orleans. The total trip was approximately 312 miles. Participants were given a pedometer to track their steps on a daily basis and weekly progress reports were distributed. The walk began on February 1 and ended March 31, 2010. We started out with 19 teams of 3 members each, and 14 of these teams completed the challenge. Several of the teams recorded enough steps to walk to New Orleans and back a few times. This challenge brought awareness to the participants on just how much or how little exercise they get in their daily lives; realizing that in order to live a fit life they needed to step it up and walk more to reach the 8,000 steps required per day to be heart healthy. Thanks to all of the participants for making this such a successful and fun challenge! -Jan Williams

Congratulations to our winning teams!

2010 American Heart Walk

Since 1924 the American Heart Association has helped protect people of all ages and ethnicities from the ravages of heart disease and stroke. Coronary heart disease is our nation's number one killer; stroke is number three and a leading cause of serious disability. Every year about 870,000 Americans die from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. That's about 36 percent of all deaths. These diseases may remain critical problems in the future because of poor lifestyle habits among American adults and children. "CenLa Start! Heart Walk" sponsored by the American Heart Association was held on Saturday, March 7, 2009 at England Air Park. Gilchrist Construction Company, in support of the American Heart Association, sponsored the Hydration Station for the second year in a row. Supporting the fight against heart disease and stroke is a rewarding experience and is really very simple. In support of "CenLa Start! Heart Walk" this year GCC employees donated $518! Walking the 3.3 miles were Brandi James, Christina Goodrich, Caelib Sillavan and Jan Williams. Passing out water to the hundreds of thirsty walkers were Sandy Nagle, Jeannette Bentancourt, Erik Green, and Betty MacFarlane. We'd also like to give a special "Thanks" to John Hastings at JPS/Volvo Rents for donating the cases of water. -Betty MacFarlane

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Jeff Cupp, Roger Martinez, Gerald Hayward

Ground Pounders

Donald Tipton, Chris James, Mark Ponthier


Christina Goodrich, Sarah Van Mol, Brandi James

Leading the way in Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Efficiency

Prsrt Std US Postage PAID Alexandria, LA Permit #51

Service Anniversary Milestones



February Curnest Guillot



March Thomas Welch


January Tommy Dauzat




Harlan Patten March

David Shorter

Larry (Bubba) Dauzat Raymond Boniol

Mike Hudnall

Ronny Rush

Employee News

Kimberly & Gerald McManus-Granddaughter-Haylyn Olivia-October 26, 2009 Parents: Tyler & Bridgett Owens Rachel Gilcrease & Ben Russell-Daughter-Presley Isabella-December 22, 2009 Kimberly & Gerald McManus-Granddaughter-Annabelle Grace-January 5, 2010 Parents:Matthew & Ashley Carr Paula & David Roper-Daughter-Abigail Grace-March 18, 2010

Important Dates to Remember

April 23rd - Arthur F. Smith Middle School Fish Fry April 30th - Catfish for Casa Fundraiser

May 22nd, 9am to 1pm - 2010 Wellness Rodeo


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