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Issue 13

October 2011

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will add a new dimension to the GippsAero product range, and with M250-B17F/2 power will open new market segments across the globe since the aircraft will offer lowest cost per seat in its class and best in class STOL capability" The agreement also provides Rolls-Royce with the opportunity to examine the potential of using the RR500 turboprop engine, currently in development, for future applications

Development agreement with Rolls-Royce signed

In July 2011 GippsAero and Rolls-Royce announced the signing of an agreement to partner on engine technology for a new aircraft. At a signing, held at AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh, WI, representatives from Rolls-Royce and GippsAero established an agreement to integrate the M250-B17F/2 Rolls-Royce engine into the new GA10 turbo prop utility aircraft. The GA10, GippsAero's latest offering in general aviation, is currently being developed by GippsAero at its Morwell, Australia plant. The parties will work together to obtain Type Certification for the GA10 aircraft. The GA10 project is currently in the prototype design phase with certification process to begin in March 2012 and entry into service scheduled for 2013. GippsAero predicts that sales could reach up to 20 aircraft per year, in India, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The GA10 is aimed at a niche in the utility aircraft market and will also provide operators with an affordable option to transition from piston engine power to turbo prop operations. "We are proud to be associated with Rolls-Royce, which is a worldleading provider of power systems and services in the civil aerospace market. We look forward to strengthening our relationship and developing further long term opportunities together," said Mr. Arvind Mehra, Executive Director and CEO of GippsAero's parent company, Mahindra Aerospace Private Limited. "We are extremely pleased to partner with Rolls-Royce in the development of a new 10 seat turboprop utility aircraft", said Dr Terry Miles, CEO of GippsAero. "The development of the GA10 turbo prop

Gippsland Business Awards Win for GippsAero

GippsAero was announced winner of the Manufacturing and Fabrication Category in the Bendigo Bank Gippsland Business Awards at a gala dinner held in the Auditorium of the Monash University Churchill Campus in late August. The Gippsland Business Awards have enjoyed enormous success and growth in its present format since 1998. Bendigo Bank Gippsland is the major sponsor of the Awards. The Gippsland Business Awards is a nonprofit event, with a Committee of Management made up of a cross representation of key stakeholders, that promotes and encourages excellence in and recognition for Gippsland businesses. The Business Awards enjoys support provided by WIN Television, Victorian Employer's Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) and Australian Chamber of Manufacturers (ACM).

GippsAero Pty Ltd

Latrobe Regional Airport PO Box 881 Morwell Victoria 3840, Australia Phone: + 61 3 5172 1200 Fax: + 61 3 5172 1201 Email: [email protected] Website: ABN 33 140 764 138

Tim Wills, AusIndustry's Gippsland Regional Manager, presents GippsAero's Customer Care Manager, Graeme Morgan, with a trophy and certificate to mark the event.

Scott Atkinson with Airvan VH-CQK on arrival at Cranfield UK at the conclusion of their successful flight.



CEO Blog

What a year! What a company! Over the past 12 months, GippsAero has reinvigorated its market position under the auspices of Mahindra Aerospace; leveraging the best of Gippsland ingenuity and matching that with the strength of a global brand, to relaunch the GA8 Airvan and commence development of its first turbo-prop, the 10 seater GA10 and a twin turbo-prop 18 seater, the GA18. The new aircraft family represents a unique acquisition and upgrade path for our customers, from a single manufacturer, while offering aircraft that comply with latest safety standards. The GA8 was first certified in 2000 and now certified and sold into 34 countries, while GA10 and GA18 are to be certified in 2013 and 2014 respectively for global distribution. In the past year our staff have attended multiple air shows around the globe, and the feedback I have received suggests we have the right strategy. The new aircraft will continue the tradition set by the GA8, to present highest safety compliance for operators and their customers, while offering lowest cost per seat kilometre of any aircraft in its class. Arvind Mehra, CEO Mahindra Aerospace recently stated "GippsAero products are market leaders in terms of customer value creation, which aligns very well with Mahindra company philosophy to achieve high customer satisfaction".

UK ferry flight

The first ferry flight of a GA8 Airvan to Europe has been successfully completed. Previous Airvans delivered to European clients have been shipped by sea but in this case the Airvan, which is to be the company's European demonstrator aircraft, was required to be in Europe in time to attend a number of aviation events. The Airvan VH-CQK was flown by Scott Atkinson, an experienced ferry pilot from the Sydney NSW based aircraft ferry service Boomerang Air. Scott completed the journey of over 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km) from the factory at Latrobe Regional airport in South Eastern Australia to Cranfield, Bedfordshire in UK taking 95 flying hours. During the flight Scott cruised at Flight Level 200 (20,000 feet) for significant portions of the journey. Within days of arrival the GippsAero European Sales Team, headed by Kerry Ashcroft, had detanked the Airvan and had set off on a busy schedule of client demonstrations flights and Airshow appearances. First stop was to display the new aircraft at the 2011 PAvCon Police Aviation Conference in Bilbao, Spain. Following PAvCon the Airvan was displayed at Aviation Expo Europe 2011 held in Bitburg, Germany, the Cannes Airshow and Aero Expo at Sywell in the UK.

Airvan for Luxembourg Skydivers

In early July Prince Félix of Luxembourg presented a new GA8 TC-320 Turbo-Charged Airvan to Cercle Para, Luxembourg's Skydive Club on behalf of the Luxembourg Government who contributed to its purchase. Luxembourg, with a population of approximately half a million people is the world's last remaining Grand Duchy. The ceremony took place at Noertrange Airfield, the home of Cercle Para, the only parachuting facility in Luxembourg. Noertrange Airfield is one of only two airports in Luxembourg, the other being the international airport, which makes it a hot spot for skydiving enthusiasts in the area. The Airvan will enable Cercle Para to deliver parachutists safely and efficiently for operations up to 14,000 feet. The turbo-charged GA8 Airvan is currently the only piston engine aircraft certified by EASA for parachuting operations. The aircraft's large square section cabin, flat floor, impressive payload and strong climbing performance make it a perfect Skydive platform. With a large in-flight opening cabin door, skydive operators can effectively deliver tandem jumps.

Besides the exciting aeronautical engineering environment being created to develop the GA10 and GA18, GippsAero is expanding its production facilities to meet the increased demand for the GA8. The company now employs 143 employees at the Australia-based factory, with plans underway to open final assembly plants overseas; the first of which will be in USA. Looking forward, GippsAero and Mahindra Aerospace together represent a most exciting opportunity for all stakeholders: staff, partners, suppliers, and distributors to work together and grow together, to meet the current and future needs of our customers. What a future!

Hooray and Up she rises

Building commences

Work has commenced on the construction of an additional 1400 square metre assembly hall at the GippsAero aircraft manufacturing facility at Latrobe Regional Airport. The new building will provide additional space for the planned increased production rate of manufacture for the GA8 Airvan and forthcoming GA10. Both the GA8 and the GA10 will be built on the same production line. The building is scheduled for completion at the end of October.

After the formal presentation, the Prince, amongst others, enjoyed a tandem parachute jump from the Airvan with Cercle Para instructors.


By Marketing Manager Mark McNamara In our last edition, we spoke about GippsAero's expansion plans and preparation for the Airshow season in the northern hemisphere. Three months later, and many thousands of miles travelled later, our representatives have worked tirelessly across several continents and many countries, to present the Airvan at events such as Bitburg, New Orleans, Bundaberg, Cannes, and Oshkosh. One of the real treats of the show season for our team was the GippsAero Grande Aussie BBQ at Oshkosh. The feedback that I have received has been great, and I it was a real pleasure to relax with our partners in between the busy show days. Thank you to all who attended the BBQ and made it a memorable event. These events provided a great opportunity to connect with operators, each with unique business and aircraft needs. A consistent theme from the discussions was the uncertainty in the global economy and the growing recognition of the need to reduce operating costs without impacting revenue opportunities. We saw a greater awareness of the Airvan as a viable platform to achieving this, and appreciation that GippsAero, supported by Mahindra Aerospace, is committed to this concept and intends to be at the forefront of this type of aircraft developments within a shorter time than previously could have been imagined. An example of this is the recent first flight of the C-NM5 (see adjacent Technolgy Council column for story). This of course, is just one of the development projects that our team is working on, and, towards the end of the year, we expect to announce another milestone with the first flight of GA10. We also continue to work on developing the GA8, including a range of new improvements that will be ready for release in early 2012. In addition to new aircraft developments, other visible changes you may see in the coming months include a new website, which is now under construction and will be deployed towards the end of 2011. The new site will feature a number of improvements on our current site, including a "Build your own Airvan" interactive concept which we think will make it easier for clients to understand the various options that are available. Finally I'd like to announce a new partnership with Deccan Aviation. Deccan Aviation has a long history in the Sri Lankan aviation market and has recently been awarded the dealer rights for the Sri Lanka market. We are delighted to welcome Deccan to the GippsAero family.


GA10 and GA18 Development Projects. The GippsAero Technology Council recently presented the latest projects status and plans at the annual Mahindra Operational War Room in Mumbai during which the Mahindra top management has expressed their trust in the GA and MAPL engineering teams to develop and certify the GA10 and GA18 prototypes. With these high expectations, the project teams are already hard at work behind the scenes. The GA10 prototype construction has started and the aim date for its first flight is by the end of 2011. This will be followed by a busy test program in 2012 with a CASA certification date aimed for March 2013. An N24 Nomad development platform for the GA18 prototype has been purchased from Air Safaris in New Zealand and will arrive at the GippsAero Latrobe facility during October 2011. The GA18 will see a series of improvements over the original N24, including engines, propellers, improved aerodynamics and various system upgrades. C-NM5 prototype - First Flight The C-NM5 is a multi-role, five seat, single engined aircraft being jointly developed by the Indian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - National Aerospace Laboratories and Mahindra Aerospace. Earlier this year GippsAero was contracted to build and fly the prototype airframe. This was completed to an exceptional standard by our Prototyping Team and then put in the hands of our Flight Test Team, headed by test pilot Keith Engelsman and Mike Beresford as project engineer. A successful first flight was made on September 1st. This milestone is the result of teamwork across three development teams CSIR-NAL, Mahindra Aerospace and GippsAero. GA8 Product Improvements for 2012 The marketing team has provided the technical council with a proposed roadmap for the GA8 improvements, which will include some long outstanding features such as improved seat comfort and a selection of seat fabric colours, exterior paint schemes and avionics packages. In addition a "North American Package" will include winterization kits, skis, tundra tires and foldable seats.


Forty years ago this month the Australian designed and built GAF Nomad multi role aircraft first flew. A healthy number of Nomads are still active around the world and GippsAero, which holds the Type Certificate for the type, is working hard to bring its Nomad based GA18 twin turbine multi role aircraft into production. The Nomad began life in the late 1960s at the Government Aircraft Factories (GAF), as Project N. The first prototype first flew 23 July 1971 and the initial production run, which included 11 examples for the Australian Army, was approved in 1972. A total of 172 Nomads, including the two prototypes, were manufactured in two versions, the 12 Seat N22B and the 18 seat N24A. Nomads were used in various roles by civil and military forces around the world. In 2008, GippsAero acquired Certificate with a view to production. GippsAero's parent Mahindra Aerospace, has since the Type restarting company, committed funding to return the type to manufacture as the GA18. The GA18 will be re-engineered with upgraded engines, new propellers, glass cockpit, weight-saving measures, reduced maintenance requirements and aerodynamic refinements. Following an extensive development and test program, the type will be certificated to FAR 23 at Amendment 59. GippsAero plans to bring the GA18 to the market place in 2014. At September 2011 there are several operational Nomads in the armed services of Indonesia (15), Thailand (16) and the Philippines (3), with another 26 aircraft classed as being in storage. In the civil world there is one Nomad in the UK, three in Sabah and an amphibian in the USA. In Australia there is one operational Nomad, an N22C VH-ATO, with another four in New Zealand. One of these, an N24A ZK-NMC, has now been purchased by GippsAero and following its return to Australia will become the developmental aircraft for the GippsAero GA18.

Skydiving Randy Juen

Our, normally well-balanced, Sales Manager for North America, Randy Juen, recently undertook a tandem parachute jump. Randy had demonstrated the turbocharged Airvan to Jen Sharp, owner of Skydive Kansas in Osage City KA. The demo was so successful that Jen offered to give Randy his first parachuting Jump. As the age old question asks: "Why would somebody jump out of a perfectly serviceable airplane?" Randy's answer: "To make an Airvan Sale!" With apologies to Neil Armstrong; "This is one small step for Airvan, one giant leap for Randy Juen."

An Airvan for Stichting Hoogvliegers

ill to fly by themselves, have been disappointed until now. To alleviate their disappointment Hoogvliegers recently purchased a GippsAero GA8 Airvan, fitted with a specially designed stretcher supplied by GippsAero, to fill the role of a private air ambulance. Due to its physical features, which include a large cabin with a flat floor and individual panoramic windows that provide outstanding visibility, the Airvan provides an excellent and enjoyable environment to safely and comfortably provide the experience of flight for these special children. Easy access to the Airvan cabin via a large sliding door facilitates the loading of handicapped children and accompanying persons. The Hoogvliegers Airvan, PH-KMR, is painted in a unique colour scheme that makes it instantly recognisable as the Hoogvliegers Plane. Four Thousand children have had the opportunity to be Pilot for a Day in less than four years and in 2011 Hoogvliegers plans to fly 1,250 children.

MAF Airvan to the Rescue

A MAF GA8 Airvan in Papua New Guinea has again been instrumental in saving a life, this time following a vicious attack in the country's southwest. A New Zealand man visiting the remote village of Suabi was attacked as he tried to protect his girlfriend, a French anthropologist, from being sexually assaulted. This was an emergency requiring a swift response by skilled professionals using reliable equipment including the aircraft necessary to reach the badly injured man - as quickly as possible, so an emergency call was placed to the MAF base at Rumginae, about 100km to the west. MAF Pilot Nick Swalm, dropped what he was doing on that quiet Sunday afternoon and readied the MAF GA8 Airvan as two doctors from Rumginae Hospital boarded with their medical equipment. On arrival at Suabi they found the young man had been speared in both lungs and in the stomach and beaten on the head with a rock. The doctors assessed and stabilised him for the 50-minute flight to the hospital. They commented later that, had the aircraft arrived only a little later, the man most likely would have died. MAF performed 495 medevac flights in PNG last year. They find the sturdy, utilitarian 8-seat Airvans are ideally suited for emergency medical evacuation flights.

Hoogvliegers Chief pilot Cess Kamminga with High Flyer Jacco van Oudheusden ­ Photo - Joris van Boven, Netherlands The objective of Stichting Hoogvliegers (High Flyers Foundation), a Dutch charitable organisation, is to provide flight experience for chronically and terminally ill and intellectually and physically disabled children (ages 6 to 16). Private and professional pilots volunteer their time and make helicopters and aircraft available throughout the year to fly with children from any airport in The Netherlands. However, a large number of children, at least 1,500 per year, who are too

Global Representation

AUSTRALASIA AND OCEANIA PRUE MORGAN GippsAero Pty Ltd AUSTRALIA Tel: + 61 3 5172 1200 Fax: + 61 3 5172 1201 Email: [email protected] EUROPE KERRY ASHCROFT European Sales and Support GippsAero Pty Ltd Tel: +44 (0)7540 162002 Fax: +44 (0)208 711 5713 Email: [email protected] SOUTH AMERICA DIEGO CARDAMA Presidente Aerodromo Aerotech 5577 Rivadavia Mendoza Argentina SOUTH AMERICA Tel: 54 262 344 3212 Fax: 54 262 344 4967 Email: [email protected], USA RANDY JUEN General Manager STOL Aviation, Inc. New Richmond Regional Airport 625 W Hangar Road Hangar 11-12, Suite 101 New Richmond, WI 54017 USA Tel: 1866 511 0783 Fax: + 1 (888) 503.0316 Cell: + 1 (651) 253.8136 Email: [email protected] SOUTH AFRICA PATRICK HANLY Airvan Africa PO Box 2102 Port Alfred, 6170 SOUTH AFRICA Tel: +27 46 624 5332 Fax: + 27 46 624 5245 Website: Email: [email protected]


GippsAero recently received a letter and this photo from Ian Loney, a happy traveler from Tasmania. "We recently returned from a safari camp in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. While on the flight out to our camp I found some info in the seat pocket about the plane and was surprised to find it was made in Morwell, Victoria. The Airvan was two months old and had that brand new smell about it. Lots of passenger space and very smooth flying. On the way back to Maun we were crammed into an old Cessna 206; like going from chocolates to boiled lollies!!"

FRANCE RICHARD MARSDEN Agent Commercial - France GippsAero Sales Pty Ltd Tel: 0218 00 60 55 Cell: 0677 59 47 63 Email: [email protected] INDIA AIR MARSHAL J S GUJRAL (RETD) Regional Head - Business Development (Aircraft Division) GippsAero Pty Ltd Advisor - Aerospace Business | Systech Sector. Mahindra & Mahindra Limited Touch Down Building 3rd Floor HAL Industrial Area Vibuthipura Bangalore 560037 Tel + 91 80 4252 1444 / 2523 2046 Fax +91 80 2523 2048 Mobile +91 900 430 9769 Email: [email protected]

GippsAero Pty Ltd

Latrobe Regional Airport PO Box 881 Morwell Victoria 3840, Australia Phone: + 61 3 5172 1200 Fax: + 61 3 5172 1201 Email: [email protected] Website: ABN 33 140 764 138


MARGUERITE MORGAN GippsAero Pty Ltd AUSTRALIA Tel: + 61 3 5172 1200 Fax: + 61 3 5172 1201 Email: [email protected]


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