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Certificated Course Outline

Wholistic Skin & Body RejuvenationTM

FOR HEALTH-CARE PROFESSIONALS · Certification as a Wholistic RejuvenistTM (CWR) · Health Enrichment Training in Pluralistic Medicine principles-- non-drug methods of getting and staying well through: I detoxification I lifestyle changes I environmental modifications I nutritional support I aging without looking or feeling old Presented by

Gloria Gilbère,

D.A.Hom., Ph.D., D.S.C., EcoErgonomistTM, Wholistic RejuvenistTM


Gloria Gilbère,

loria Gilbère is a doctor of natural health, a homeopath, environmental health consultant, wholistic rejuvenist, EcoErgonomistTM, certified dietary supplement counselor, health journalist, and medical researcher. She is internationally respected as an authoritative influence in uncovering the causes, effects and drug-free solutions for leaky gut syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, digestive and chemicallyinduced immune system disorders. She is respectfully known by the thousands she has helped as their "health detectiveTM" and "health architect" because she leaves no clue uncovered in order to provide her clients and students the blueprint and "tools" necessary to rebuild their health.


· Doctors for customized rejuvenation protocols & environmental modifications · Dentists for pre- and post-procedural protocols to reduce body burden · Spas and skin care professionals for rejuvenation from the inside-out · Nutraceutical companies for product formulation · Hospitals, medical facilities, architects, and builders to create non-toxic, healthy environments · Corporations to design and implement proactive wellness programs for employees


· · · · · Nutritional biochemistry Detoxification protocols for rejuvenation Environmental health (residential and commercial) Nutrition-based medicine Custom health plans to age without feeling old or showing your age · Chemically-induced immune system disorders · EcoErgonomics · Non-toxic lifestyle modifications

D.A.Hom., Ph.D., D.S.C., EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist Founder/Director/ Chief Executive Officer... ·Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation ·EcoErgonomics Environmental Health ·Gilbère Research Associates ·Gilbère Spa Associates

divisions of Gloria E. Gilbere, LLC A Private Healthcare Membership Association

She designs custom health plans (nationally and internationally) via telephone, e-cam, WebinarTM, through consultations, and at her office. She has authored over 900 articles for newspapers, health magazines and trade journals published in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Gloria is a keynote presenter and conducts seminars on varied disciplines of wholistic health, multiple chemical sensitivities, leaky gut, color psychology, chemicallyinduced immune system disorders, and skin care from the inside-out. Her work has taken her throughout the U.S. and to more than nineteen countries. As a consultant, educator, and trainer in preventive environmental health and EcoErgonomics, her client list includes Fortune 500 companies, universities, hospitals, health care organizations, government agencies, educational facilities, corporations, insurance companies, and professional associations. She has authored 9 courses and 9 books including best-sellers, I was Poisoned by my body and Pain/Inflammation Matters.

A Leading Voice in Wholistic Rejuvenation


· · · · · · American Academy of Environmental Medicine American Naturopathic Medical Association Coalition for Natural Health American Association of Nutritional Consultants American Society of Safety Engineers (R) American Holistic Nurses Association


· Fibromyalgia Coalition International · NBCHT; Member at Large


· Vista Magazine of Canada · Environmental Illness Research (U.K.) · Panic and Anxiety Disorder Resource Center


· American Academy of Homeopathy · Holt Institute of Medicine


· Clayton College of Natural Health


· Total Health magazine, Digestive and Environmental Health--Editor · MundoNatural newspaper--Puerto Rico (Spanish edition), Environmental and Natural Health--Editor · Dolphin Publishing--Developing Healthy Habits · Country Coop Newspaper · The Wise Guide--A Guide for Caregivers


· Recovery Program Advisor, Christian Wellness Center & Transitional Residential Program for Veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq · Health thru EducationTM Foundation · Institute for Wholistic RejuvenationTM

For updated information regarding certificated courses, lectures, keynote presentations, and individualized consultation, visit her website For information on sponsoring a class, lecture or interview, call (208) 255-5252 (PST, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, CLOSED Friday).


Author of over 900 articles appearing in natural health publications and newspapers including, but not limited to...

D.A.Hom., Ph.D., D.S.C., EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist Founder/Director/ Chief Executive Officer... ·Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation ·EcoErgonomics Environmental Health ·Gilbère Research Associates ·Gilbère Spa Associates

divisions of Gloria E. Gilbere, LLC A Private Healthcare Membership Association

Gloria Gilbère,

· · · · · · · · · ·

Total Health magazine Doctor's Prescription for Healthy Living Skin Inc. Vista Magazine of Canada Alive Magazine of Canada Natural Awakenings Natural Health North County Co-op magazine (regular column) Fibromyalgia News (Fibromyalgia Coalition Int'l) Healthy Habits

· · · · · ·

Fibro & Fatigue Centers newsletter Kootenai Valley Times newspaper (weekly column) Spokane Woman magazine Alternative Medicine magazine Townsend Letters for Doctors Mundo Natural (Spanish), Puerto Rico (regular column) · Your Health Detective--weekly investigative health reports

Author of the following books, publications and courses...

I was Poisoned by my body Nature's Prescription Milk Pain / Inflammation Matters Skincare from the inside-out Wholistic Skin & Body Rejuvenation (I, II, Advanced and Instructor Levels) · Multiple Allergic Response Syndromes (MARS) · · · · · · · · · · · The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines Chemical Cuisine I was Poisoned by my teeth Sweet Deceptions Living Healthy in a Toxic World, Naturally Are Your Infant & Child Being POISONED?

A Leading Voice in Wholistic Rejuvenation


· Program for general public--Living Healthy in a Toxic World--Cruise seminar co-sponsored by Clayton College of Natural Health, · Program for Estheticians, Nurses and Spa Professionals Cruise seminar by DeBara Enterprises · Program for health care professionals--Cruise seminar sponsored by Total Health magazine · Program for health professionals--Environmental Health and Immunity--Cruise seminars and land lectures in cooperation with the University of Beijing and University of Shanghai, 1985 · Color Psychology--The subliminal response and effects of color in the environment--sponsored by Rx for Color, Danville, CA, held in Hong Kong. · Color Psychology and Insurance Underwriting Guidelines--Color feeds the subconscious like nutrients feed the body-- sponsored by Martinez Insurance, Mexico City · Color Psychology in Healthcare--The subliminal response and effects of color in the environment-- sponsored by Washoe Medical Center, Reno, NV course approved by the Board of Registered Nurses for C.E. credits in CA, AZ, NV · The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines--sponsored by ReNew Life, Tampa, FL, approved for C.E. credits by NBCHT · Wholistic Skin & Body Rejuvenation (WSBR) courses consisting of 4 levels (One, Two, Advanced, Instructor) for certification as wholistic rejuvenists. Approved for C.E. credits by NBCHT. · Preventing and Reversing Inflammation-- sponsored by American Naturopathic Medical Association, Annual Conference, Las Vegas ­ Chemically-induced Immune System Disorders (Presentation given in English and Spanish) · Chemically-induced Immune System Disorders-- Fibromyalgia Coalition Int'l, Annual Conference, Kansas City ­ Chemical Calories ­ The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines · Color Feeds the Subsconscious like Nutrients Feed the Body--American Association of Architects, Moscone Center, San Francisco · Chemical Cuisine: Dangerous Food Additives-- Int'l Association of Colon Therapists, Annual Conference ­ Leaky Gut Syndrome ­ Avoiding & Reversing Inflammation, Naturally · Chemical Calories Prevent Weight Loss, Add to Toxic Load, and Compromise Immune System Function--Int'l Iridology & Integrated Health Care Congress · Chemical Calories--Is Your Cuisine Killing You?-- The West Texas Natural Health Expo · Detoxification, Naturally--Int'l Gerentology Medical Congress, Vancouver, B.C. · Chemically-induced Immune System Disorders-- presented in Shanghai and Nanjing, China for medical schools and hospitals and for The Foundation for East/West Medicine

For updated information regarding certificated courses, lectures, keynote presentations, and individualized consultation, visit her website Email: [email protected] For information on sponsoring a class, lecture or interview, call (208) 255-5252 (PST, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, CLOSED FRIDAY.).


· Natural Health Journal · IWR Press (publisher of health books and related material)


Student Testimonials / Class Endorsements


Thank you SO much for your awesome Level One class filled with great information. Russell and I are still talking about it daily and how we can fit all this knowledge into our everyday work with clients. We are looking forward to future classes and to spread your vast knowledge once we complete the Instructor Level. We had a wonderful time in Sandpoint and thank you so much for making the class fun as well as all the time we spent together and the great meals at all the restaurants where you had trained the chefs how to cook without nightshades....only city I know where we received no menus and they just asked you, and us, what we felt like eating.... ONLY you could accomplish such a feat! --Dr. Russell Kolbo (President of I-ACT, D.C., C.T. Instructor) --Cherie Kolbo (C.T. Instructor), Gig Harbor, WA


I am SOOOOO excited about this class. Almost all the things you share I have said for years. However, you teach it with authority and I say it out of fear because of how these situations affect me and people just do not believe it and think I'm crazy. As you have said over and over, I know I do not have a Prozac Deficiency! After last week's class I cried for about a half an hour because you validated everything I have experienced and said for 15 years. Thank you Dr. Gloria and your assistant Sharon for sharing your wisdom, support, sensitivity and experiences. --G.G. (Colorado)


Please consider this my endorsement for the WSBR course you taught. This is a must take course for any health care professional. Dr. Gilbère has done in-depth research and created a fun, informative and exciting class to help you become knowledgeable on how to create a healthy environment and achieve pluralistic methods of detoxification. The extensive full-color loose leaf textbook is wonderful! It's a valuable tool to use in your practice to help educate your clients as well as an invaluable reference. When you return to the office after completing your classes, you will be motivated to begin using the material you've learned. --Bekki Medsker, C.T.N., D.Ch., C.N.C., Florence, SC


Wanted to send you an update since the Level One class. Thanks for offering to assist me with my son's health challenges. I'm happy to report that I don't think I'll need your help with my little boy. I followed suggestions from the class and took him off nightshades and MSG and he is SO much better--I feel like I have a different child. Many people commented to me they thought he could be autistic. Since implementing changes suggested by you in the WSBR class, he is communicating and focusing better and is much calmer--and it's only been 5 days! Also, I have decided to try the same diet plan and my bowels are so much better without having to depend on laxatives. Other bowel cleanses never helped and that was one of my main clues that I maybe had inflammation in the colon as you suggested in the class. Thanks for all your great wisdom. --S.J. (CNC)


Your Level One Wholistic Rejuvenation course was surprisingly indepth regarding so many aspects of health analysis. I have been in wholistic health for 20+ years and what you offer is the latest information for helping solve health problems that traditional methods fail to address. Great teacher, fun class, inspirational approach! --Deirdre Thornton, Founder, Spruce Haven Wellness Centers, Bozeman, MT



I feel compelled to write this letter to I recently attended your Level 1 Wholistic Rejuvenation Certification in Bozeman, MT. Background: I worked in Toxic Mold for 9 years at the company I was with for 31 years. Year after year (not knowing I was working in Toxic Mold) I got sicker and sicker to the point where I became allergic to almost everything, had no immune system, was loosing my memory, and was tired 24/7.... I mean TIRED!!! Physicians only offered to put me on drugs, which of course would not and could not get to the root of my problem. So, I went on a quest for health...and through natural means and holistic healing modalities, I am now approximately 7580% back to FULL HEALTH. My compulsion to write you is, I now have a way to get to the "Root" of many other illnesses through the knowledge I have gained (and will continue gaining as I attend the next three levels!) from your class. I will be using that knowledge at Spruce Haven Wellness Center to help other people, like myself, who do not want to merely mask the problem, but get to the root of it and allow the body to rejuvenate. In closing, I can not thank you enough for giving me the tools necessary to help, truly help, so many people. To your health Dr. G, --Lashell R. Meidinger, Billings, MT


I have more hope now to heal myself and others. I have been overwhelmed with so many health issues that I basically gave up as I continued to get sicker. I have gone to practitioners and they all have bits and pieces of the puzzle but I'm not healing; now I know why! I've also had recent trauma in my life by the loss of my sister who tragically died 1.5 years ago as a result of a doctor's mistake on the operating table! --C.P. (C.T.)


Dr. G is a phenomenal teacher! The information is invaluable to any health practitioner. It has helped my health practice in so many ways. Now I have more skills to offer my clientele and a better understanding of environmental toxins and how they can affect our health. As a colon hydrotherapist and microscopist, I see the effects of food and outside environmental toxins on our bodies. Since taking the training, I really can better understand the source of these toxins and how to avoid and offer various ways of detoxifying from them--each custom-tailored to the individual. Since taking the course I am constantly re-reading the course training manual it is filled with so much valuable information. What a wealth of knowledge! Thank you Dr. G for your wisdom and training. --Carmen Barnhart, Colon hydrotherapist, Darkfield Phase Contrast Microscopists, Licensed phlebotomist, Yoga teacher


WOW! What a class, so much we don't wonder people are getting sicker and conventional health care just contributes to these chronic conditions without either having the desire, knowledge or time to find the causes. You are truly an inspirational speaker and motivator and I'm honored to be able to assist you in your goal of "cloning" your knowledge and expertise for the benefit of those who are sick and yet told "everything is within normal range," as you were told during your personal life-threatening challenges. My prayer is that other professional health organizations, educational facilities, and practitioners come to understand the value of your teachings and swarm to your classes. May God continue to bless you and keep you healthy and strong to guide us all in our journey to absorb as much wholistic health knowledge from you as possible. --R.S.R. (Belfast, Ireland)


Navigating This Course Outline

Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 What is Wholistic Skin & Body Rejuvenation? The Course What knowledge will I gain? Program Highlights Who should attend? Program Features Training Levels Page 14 Course/Class Details Venues

What is Wholistic Skin & Body Rejuvenation?

· Living longer and experiencing life while not showing evidence of those experiences; · Realizing that, although conventional methods may not validate your symptoms and show "everything is within normal range," you know your body, and you know your dis-order is NOT a Prozac® deficiency; · Realizing our life is half-full, not half-empty, and that 50 is the new 30, 60 the new 40 and 70 the new much to look forward to; · Creating a healthy glow from the inside-out that defies chronological aging; · Making dietary changes to enhance rejuvenation and slow aging processes; · Living wholistically healthier (body, mind & spirit); · Acknowledging that, while chronological aging is inevitable, showing, acting and feeling our age is a part of life in which we can decide not to participate; · Preserving and rejuvenating mental capacities--the skin and mind need similar nourishment; · Understanding the implications of inflammation on health and aging; · Remembering that you don't stop laughing because you age-- you age because you stop laughing.

Memorandum of Understanding

As a registered student, you will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) attesting that you will abide by, and you have a clear understanding of, the following: · The Certification Program for Wholistic Rejuvenists is offered as an educational program of The Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation, under the direction of its creator and director, Dr. Gloria Gilbère. · Successful candidates are authorized to use the initials C.W.RTM after their names, upon receipt of their certificate of completion for each of the four levels of education, as determined by The Institute's Commission on Certification. · The title Certified Wholistic RejuvenistTM, and the acronym C.W.R.TM, are registered trademarks and intellectual property owned exclusively by The Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation, a division of Gloria E. Gilbère, LLC., and may not be used or issued by any person, company, or entity without specific written authorization from The Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation, and it's principal, Dr. Gloria Gilbère. · It is the responsibility of each candidate/graduate to become aware of current legislation that may affect their ability to provide non-medical nutrition advice without dietetics licensure or registration within each individual state or province.

Body Rejuvenation is Not a Novel, New Idea

Your body is continually on "auto-pilot," cleansing and rejuvenating itself without conscious effort. This entire biomechanical process was automatically activated while you were still in your mother's womb and has continued around the clock ever since. Unfortunately, because the process is "invisible," many individuals go about the process of daily living without giving any thought to the accumulated toxins that are stored within the body-- "dumping" them into the organs of detoxification faster than their ability to be neutralized, often manifesting as unexplained, undiagnosed and misdiagnosed disorders including those of the skin and aging. We know it's a good idea to avoid toxic exposures from, let's say, pesticides, volatile paints/thinners/varnishes, insecticides, petrochemicals, etc. What we don't often consider is that merely living in a modern chemical world exposes us to thousands of chemicals daily (air, water, food, household and laundry products, personal care products, synthetic fragrances, food

BABY BOOMERS PRAYER "As I grow older, grace me with the wisdom to forget the people I never liked, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference."

--Gloria Gilbère, D.A.Hom., Ph.D., D.S.C., EcoErgonomist, CWR

All WSBRTM onsite programs are fragrance-free. No exceptions.


preservatives/additives/flavor enhancers, etc.). Chemicals that we inhale and absorb--every one a foreign, un-natural substance that is either metabolized by our organs or stored within the body--cause premature aging and eventual dis-ease. Internal cleansing protocols, specific periodic deep cleaning and daily maintenance increase your body's ability to detoxify and regenerate itself by reducing the overall toxic load-- allowing the organs to proceed with their self-cleaning duties. Researchers at the U.S. Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) analyzed samples of blood and urine from 2,500 men, women and children and identified hundreds of man-made chemicals that were being stored within the body--rejuvenation requires finding safe alternatives as well as safe methods of providing the body the "tools" it needs to rebuild. Wholistic rejuvenation addresses health through a process of safe, time-proven protocols to reduce the overall toxic load of the specific organs that make up the body's self-cleansing and rejuvenation processes, including the: · liver ·intestines · skin · lungs ·kidneys · lymphatics The skin and bodily manifestations of premature aging are a direct reflection of intestinal and liver health. In order to stay looking and feeling radiant, our internal operating systems must be able to "shine" rather than be "clogged" with toxic accumulation. WSBRTM programs teach how to grow old chronologically without aging biologically.

The Course

Certification and health enrichment training for skin and health care professionals in non-drug methods of getting well and staying well through detoxification, environmental and lifestyle modifications. Presented by Gloria Gilbère, consulting practitioner, author of 11 books, over 900 articles, 7 courses, and talk-show host on the topics of natural and environmental health, chemically-induced immune system disorders, inflammatory and digestive disorders, and wholistic skin and body rejuvenation, naturally.

What it IS, What it is NOT...

It IS--A philosophy of healthcare that views physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected and using equally important approaches to achieve wellness and avoid premature aging. It IS--A philosophy that recognizes the healing power of nature--incorporating diet, exercise, pure water, rest, sunlight, fresh air and generally toxin-free living. It IS--A discipline that focuses the client's or patient's attention on attaining, fine-tuning, and maximizing his/her own metabolic equilibrium. It IS--A pro-active model for wellness, rather than a re-active (allopathic or conventional) model of health care that often becomes symptom-care. It IS--Designed to educate and empower the student to inform and guide their clients, patients and the public to consciously choose a healthier lifestyle. It IS--An educational approach rather than a diagnostic one. It IS--An educational tool to prepare each student with a solid foundation in what, when and why human health is so rapidly being depleted from a variety of causes including, but not limited to, environmental toxins, total body burden and toxic substances ingested. It IS--Supportive of complimentary therapeutic cooperation that incorporates conventional medicine and wholistic pluralistic methodologies for the benefit of the individual. It IS--Based upon a pluralistic approach that encompasses nutrition, detoxification, environmental modifications, and life-style choices to achieve wellness and quality of life. It is NOT--A method of wellness based on orthodox medical study or methodologies or endorsement or intent to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure an illness, disorder or medical condition. It does not include recommendations for synthetic medications or drugs. It is NOT--Opposed to conventional orthodox medicine principles when medically necessary. It is NOT--A wellness practice or profession endorsed, approved or reviewed by the FDA.

Scientists validate that all disease is a result of environmental and/or internal toxicity. WSBRTM certificated courses allow you, the skin- and health-care professional, to understand, implement and teach rejuvenation principles, naturally.

All WSBRTM onsite programs are fragrance-free. No exceptions.


What knowledge will I gain?

Gloria will share with you 30+ years of experience in dentistry and natural health in successfully coaching thousands of victims worldwide from multiple health disorders to wellness including, but not limited to: · Fibromyalgia · Chronic fatigue · Psoriasis · Eczema · Leaky gut syndrome · Yeast overgrowth · Lupus · Scleroderma · Multiple chemical sensitivities · Multiple allergic response syndromes · Chemicallyinduced immune system disorders · Irritable bowel · Digestive disorders · Parasitic infestations · Rosacea · ADD/ADHD · Depression/ anxiety · Benzo withdrawal

Program Features

· Certificate of Completion as rejuvenation for the skin and a Certified Wholistic body from the inside-out. Rejuvenist (CWR) · Ability to expand services · Level-specific complete fulloffered to your clientele/ color manual (minimum of patients by providing 300 pages). education and coaching for · Educational complete life-style, materials/handouts and environmental and dietary protocols to educate your modifications as well as clients/patients guide them through · Take your practice to a detoxification protocols that higher level by teaching your have changed thousands of clients, patients, and lives through wholistic students wholistic rejuvenation techniques.

Program Highlights

Highlights include, but are not limited to: · How to create a · Rejuvenation pro- · Improved skin safe, non-toxic tocols to achieve appearance and home and office overall reduction texture environment of the body's · Enhanced immunity toxic load in · Achieving a healthy pregorder to live · Enhanced digestion/elimination nancy, healthy healthy in a toxic infant and creatworld · Non-drug options for health and ing a non-toxic · Aging without rejuvenation nursery/bedroom showing or feeling your age

Training Levels

Level I: Audio = 8 hrs. + extensive course project = 20 hrs., On-site = 16 hrs. + course project = 20 hrs. Level II: Audio = 8 hrs. + extensive course project = 20 hrs., On-site = 16 hrs. + course project = 20 hrs. Advanced: Audio & On-site = 16 hrs. + project = 20 hrs. Instructor: Audio = 16 hrs. + Practicum, On-site (recommended but not mandatory) 16 hrs. + Practicum = 24 hrs. Discounts apply for groups and some professional organizations. Email [email protected] for group prices. Additional credits to equal 20 CEUs for NBCHT are available if class project and/or Practicum is completed. Additionally, CEUs also approved for chiropractors in Georgia for 16 hours (many states are reciprocal for credits, check with your state office). Approved for 16 CEUs for massage therapists in Florida (many states reciprocal, check with your local state).

Who should attend?

· Colon therapists · Nutrition professionals · Integrative Health Professionals, ie: · Individuals with M.D.s, D.O.s, immune system O.D.s, N.D.s, and digestive D.C.s disorders, skin conditions, · Holistic nurses multiple allergies, · Nurse practitioners and those seeking to age without · Physician's assistants looking or feeling their age · Massage therapists · Aestheticians · Spa owners

Level One (16 hours)

Introduction--Rejuvenation is a journey, not a destination SECTION I · Health & Beauty...Parallel Philosophies ­ What's Your Philosophy? ­ Beauty Cannot Be Achieved Without Health ­ When Is Your Biological Clock Set to Ring ­ Clearing the Body's Detoxification System ­ Staying Ahead of Aging ­ A Metamorphosis of Rejuvenation ­ Wear Out, Don't Rust Out ­ To Avoid Pre-mature Aging, Outsmart It ­ The Mind/Body Connection ­ Tired of losing what you'd rather keep... and gaining what you'd rather lose?

Approved C.E. Credits

· Nat'l Board for Colon Hydrothery (NBCHT), 20 hrs. for each of the four levels · American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB), 20 hrs. for each of the four levels · Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners, approval #1103 for 15 hrs. Many states allow reciprocal CE credits. Check with your state. · Approved for 16 CEUs for massage therapists in Florida. Many states reciprocal. Check with your local state. · Approval for other health modalities, applied for.

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Level One continued

­ Social...izing ­ Slim Chances ­ Rhythm Healthy Rhythm ­ Dancing Burns More Than Shoe Leather ­ Emotional Spa Treatment ­ Give Your Heart Ten Times Three ­ Skin Care and Anti-aging from the inside-out · Perils of a Polluted World ­ The Bird Barometer--21st Century Human Canaries ­ Health Effects and Sources of Indoor Combustion Pollutants · Bio-accumulation...Defining the Concept of "Toxic Load" ­ The Chemical Revolution ­ Innocent Until Proven Guilty ­ Current Events--Toxic Chemical Approved for Crops ­ A Physician's Perspective ­ Origins of Destruction ­ Poisons Within ­ Gathering Clues to Invisible Invaders with Long-term Consequences ­ Beware--Heavy Metals ­ Open Wide...Poisons Entering ­ Fear in the Field...Legally Turning Hazardous Wastes into Fertilizer ­ Pesticide Attack ­ Health Problems Associated with Halogens ­ Health Problems Associated with Organophosphates ­ Health Problems Associated with Solvents ­ Health Problems Associated with Plastics and Plasticizers ­ The Concept of "Toxic Load"--Bio-accumulation ­ There Are Three Major Pathways by which Chemicals Get into the Body ­ The Process of Bio-accumulation ­ Measuring Toxicity ­ Measurable Contamination Within ­ Everyone Is Affected--Some Most Vulnerable ­ The Role of Genetics ­ Beyond Genetics · "Chemical Calories"... Toxic Chemicals Prevent Weight Loss, Cause Pain and Sabotage Immune Defenses ­ Healthy Reduction ­ Second-hand Reactions ­ Metabolic Damage ­ Origin of Chemicals in Our Foods (Classification/Definition/Fattening Ability) SECTION II · Health-Depleting Ingredients in Personal Care Products ­ Toxic Messages Delivered in Flowery Misleading Language ­ Chemical Criminals--Synthetic Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid ­ About Face ­ Deadly Nine of Beauty · Scents & Non-Sense...Hidden Hazards of Synthetic Fragrances ­ Your Perfume--My Poison






­ Visiting Kathy--A Severe MCS Sufferer ­ Label Reading 101 ­ Making Sense of Scents ­ Fragrances and the Law ­ Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography ­ Need More Proof??!! ­ Special Notice... ­ The Only Safe Assumptions ­ Taking Personal Responsibility ­ "I've Used Fragrances for Years and I Feel Just Fine" ­ Fragrance Scorecard ­ Second-Hand Reactions ­ Understand, Don't Mis-Understand ­ Becoming a Health Detective Chemicals that Clean, Chemicals that Contaminate ­ Kitchen Problems ­ Bathrooms ­ Basements ­ Garages and Storage Units ­ Living, Family and Media Rooms ­ Yard and Garden Arsenic Alert! ­ Poisonous Wood ­ The Problem ­ Unnecessary Contamination ­ Pressure Treated Wood ­ Target Health-Depleting Materials Dangers in the Kitchen...Take a Bite Out of This! ­ Cooking Your Goose--You That Is! ­ Cooking Your Goose While Maintaining Your Health ­ Tips for Healthy Cooking ­ Author's Perspective ­ Eating Well, Naturally Creating the Healthiest Room in the Home ­ Cotton-Pickin' Facts ­ Hazards to Growers ­ Flora and Fauna ­ The Tolerance Trap ­ Why Buy Organic? ­ Foundation of Bedroom, Foundation of Health ­ Getting Started--Creating a Healthier Sleeping Environment ­ Unhealthy Charge ­ The Sick Get Sicker ­ Additional Toxins in the Bedroom ­ Recipe for Toxic the Bedroom! ­ Coming Out of the Closet ­ Toxins in Your Bedroom, Quick Reference Summary Healthy Pregnancy + Healthy Nursery = Healthy Baby ­ Healthy Pregnancy--A Child's Foundation of Health ­ Avoiding Chemicals Known to Cause Birth Defects ­ Chemicals and the Developing Fetus ­ Damaging Consequences of Disposable Diapers ­ Ditching Disposable--Why Cloth Diapers Rule ­ A Rash Decision ­ Supplement BEFORE You're Pregnant ­ Folic Acid ­ Vitamin B12 ­ In the News

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Level One continued

­ Nutrition During Pregnancy ­ Fish Oil vs. Fresh Fish ­ Chemical Avoidance = A Healthy Environment for Mother and Child ­ Biological Effects of Toxic Chemicals ­ Breast Feeding--Clearly a Difficult Benefit/Risk Decision SECTION III · Understanding, Preventing and Overcoming Brain Allergies ­ Defining Brain Allergies ­ Food Ingredients ­ What Is MSG? ­ What Is Aspartame? ­ Environmental Contributors · Toxic Effects of Chemicals and Medications ­ Your Internal Toxic Tocsin (ITT) ­ Helpful Drugs--Serious Side Effects · Legally Addicted...Accidentally ­ Second-Hand Reactions ­ Closing Thoughts · What's in Your Food? (Additives, Coloring, Flavor-enhancers, Preservatives, Pesticides, Insecticides, Antibiotics, Growth Hormones, etc.) ­ Make Smart, Healthy Choices ­ MSG and Artificial Sweeteners ­ The Following Testimonials... ­ Food Coloring ­ Artificial Flavors ­ Preservatives ­ Autoimmune Diseases and Neurotoxic Chemicals ­ Growth Hormones/Antibiotics ­ Categories of Food Additives SECTION IV · The Food Factory...The Ins and Outs of Digestion ­ The Digestive Process ­ Internal Cannibalism--The Body's Survival Mechanism ­ Antacidss--A Quick-fix Adds to the Problem ­ Health Investment--Your Digestive Account ­ Antibiotics vs. Diet and Probiotics ­ Digestive Fitness...Aerobics for Life! ­ The Blend, the Blend, and Everything in the Blend ­ In Conclusion · Is Your Mind Writing Checks Your Body Can't Cash? ­ Minerals--The Body's Electrical System ­ The Body's Fiber-Optic Communication System ­ Four Essential Minerals--Their Job Description ­ Food Sources of Minerals · Uninvited Guests...In Our Body, That Is! ­ Defining Brain-Fog ­ Intestinal Ecology--Creating a Balance in the Battle for Health ­ Identifying the Saboteurs ­ Candids--Its History ­ Causes/Contributors of Candida Fungal Yeast Overgrowth ­ Consequences of Yeast Overgrowth ­ Candida--Immune System Command Center ­ Candids--A "Shifty" Character ­ Combating Candida, Nutritionally

­ ­ ­ ­ ­






Candida--Fighting Your Fungus, Naturally Parasites...Not Me! The Great Masqueraders--Endo and Ecto Parasites Personalized Wellness Plan Anti-aging and Body Rejuvenation Are Only as Effective as the Body's Intestinal Health ­ Another Uninvited Guest...Outside Your Body, That Is! The Second Brain ­ The Brain in Your Gut ­ Internal Operating Systems ­ The Gut Brain Connection ­ Wisdom of the Gut ­ Gut Reactions ­ Poetic Justice from a Scientist Immunity...Understanding and Protecting It ­ Your Personal Surveillance System--Win the BATTLE and the WAR on Disease ­ Metabolic Cannibalism ­ Outsmarting Smart Bugs, Naturally ­ Boosting the Immune System...Go Out and Graze ­ Deadly Cleanliness ­ Driven to Immune Destruction--Toxic at Any Speed The Skin...Immunity from the inside-out ­ Climbing the Wall of Skin Disorders ­ Visible Evidence ­ Psoriasis ­ Urticaria ­ Eczema ­ Fungal Infection ­ Infestation ­ Lupus Erythematosus ­ When a Rash Is NOT from Intestinal Toxicity ­ How Intestinal Invaders Affect Our Skin ­ Symptoms of Candida to Note Multiple Allergic Response Syndromes (MARSTM) ­ WE Are All Potential Victims ­ Validation of Invisible Illnesses ­ Protein ­ Colostrum The Road to Skin and Body Rejuvenation Is Paved with Good Intestines ­ A Paradigm Body Rejuvenation, That Is! ­ Credit Where Credit Is Due ­ What Can You Do to Enhance Cleansing and Rejuvenation? ­ Fibro-gut--A Non-Generational Invisible Illness ­ The Grip of Fibromyalgia Crosses Generations ­ Dead-end Fitness--The Diagnostic Treadmill ­ Looking for Solutions in All the Wrong Places ­ Combating Fibro-gut ­ Different Strokes ­ Additional Gut Support ­ Connecting the Dots--Overall Circulation, Colon, Liver, and Fibromyalgia ­ Once Is NOT Enough ­ A Doctor's Solution to Plumbing Problems... in Your Gut, That Is! ­ A Poison by Any Name Is Still a Poison! ­ Why Fiber and Colon Cleanses Need a "Plunger"

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Level One continued

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

"You Lose What You Don't Use" A Strong Foundation MATTERSTM A Healthy Foundation Is Paved with Good Intestines! Transit Time--The Commute Building a Strong Foundation Intestinal Pollution MATTERS

­ Looking Trim ­ Child's Choices of Color--Reflection of Developmental Stages ­ The Three "Cs" for Children ­ Signs of Importance ­ You Are What You Radiate! APPENDIXES · Guide to Safe Cosmetics · Guide to Safe Drinking Water · Guide to Non-toxic Light Bulbs · Total Health Article on CFLs · Guide to Children's Personal Care Products · Personal Care & Cleaning Products · Food Sources of Minerals · Parasite Detoxification Protocol · Intestinal Health Diagram · Detoxification Diagram · Pollution Q & A · Eco-IQ Test · 15 Ways to Improve Brain Function & Overcome Brain-fog, Naturally · ph Level Meter Chart · Zinc Tally Test · Colon Cleansing Protocol · Thyroid/Iodine Testing Protocol · 8 Steps to Controlling Anxiety/Panic Attacks · Phenylpropanolamine (PPA)--Deadly Ingredient · Level 1 Course Project

SECTION V · Artificial Light and Its Biological Effects ­ Attempts to Medicate Instead of Remediate ­ Dungeons and Dragons ­ Display Terminals and Radiation ­ What Is Blood Made Up Of? ­ Artificial Lighting in Healthcare ­ Animals, Artificial Light and Breast Tumors ­ The Importance of Internal Time-keeping ­ Light and Life ­ Effects on Human Health and Psychology ­ Light Flicker ­ Headaches, Fatigue, Stress and Performance ­ Lighting and Sleep ­ SAD Syndrome ­ Price of Environmental Impact ­ Summary ­ Lighting Your World ­ Going Green ­ New Light Technology ­ Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health ­ What Is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)? ­ What "WHO" is Doing · Color Psychology 101 ­ Color Ignorance--Its Implications ­ Physiological Primaries ­ Psychological Effects of Color ­ Black and White ­ Color Illumination ­ Color Is Temperature ­ Color as a Preservative ­ Color Is Biological ­ Color as a Symbol ­ Geographic Color and Ethnic Sensitivity ­ The Personality of Hues ­ Mental Color Blindness ­ Influence of Color ­ Music vs. Color Science Education ­ Color and Dis-harmony ­ Second-Hand Reactions of Color on Skin ­ Simultaneous Contrast (SC) Tables ­ Pigment and Luminosity ­ Color--Its Personality and Actions ­ Brightness, Color Saturation and Illumination Level Effects on the Perception of Volume ­ Effects of Color on Perception of Time, Size, Weight and Volume ­ Inter-relationships in Living Areas ­ Problem/Solution--Post-op Hospital Wing ­ Examples of Color Schemes--How Do You React to Each? ­ Colors Lie

Level Two (16 hours)

Reduction of toxic load = Rejuvenation from the inside-out INTRODUCTION WSBR COURSE PARAMETERS FOR STUDENTS STUDENT TESTIMONIALS/ CLASS ENDORSEMENTS WELCOME... SECTION 1 · Inflammation-The Invisible Killer ­ Epidemic of Epidemics ­ Historical Perspective & Human Evolution ­ Cell Communication Thwarted ­ Too Much of a Good Thing ­ Oriental Medicine and Inflammation ­ Circulation, Anti-Aging & Health ­ Skin Conditions--The Infection/Inflammation Components · Heart Matters ­ Heart Health--The Inflammatory Components ­ Measuring Inflammation Markers ­ Elevated CRP Increases Heart Attack Risk ­ Identifying the Risk Factors ­ Measuring CRP Levels ­ Gearing-up for Heart Health, Naturally! ­ Avoiding Blood Clots

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Level Two continued

­ Nat to Worry: A Natural Solution ­ Cautionary Matters ­ Antioxidants--A Chain Is only as Strong as Its Weakest Link ­ Free-Radicals--Guilty as Charged ­ The Great Defender: R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)-- Antioxidant Extraordinaire ­ The Origin of CoQ10 ­ A Life Saved, A Lesson Learned ­ Heart Protectors, Naturally ­ Warning Signs of a Heart Attack ­ "Heart Talk" Matters · Inflammation & Diet­The Connection ­ Historical Perspective ­ Defining Pro- & Anti-inflammatory Foods ­ Priming the Pump of Inflammation ­ Extinguishing the Fire of Inflammation ­ Dangerous Inflammatory Fats ­ Expert Advice--Combating Possible Metal Toxicity in Fish ­ Foods that Cripple ­ Identifying the Saboteurs ­ Nightshade Quick Reference ­ Other Substances to Avoid ­ Eating Away from Home ­ Defeat Pain & Inflammation in 12 Weeks, Naturally ­ Cooking to Combat Pain & Inflammation ­ Initial Elimination Challenge ­ Beware of Some Medications & Homeopathics ­ Cause & Effect--A "Shift" in View = A Renewed You ­ Inflammation: Attack by Friendly Fire ­ The Anti-inflammation Dietary Plan, other than Nightshade Elimination ­ Non-drug Pain & Inflammation "Phyters" ­ Pain & Inflammation MATTERS ­ pH & Health ­ Salt--A Habit Worth Shaking ­ Solutions for Fibromyalgia (FM) ­ New Views on Fibromyalgia (FM) ­ Inflammation Phyters--Challenges, Symptoms, Considerations & Solutions ­ Understanding the JARGON...Bone, Joint, Ligament, & Tendon Health 101 SECTION 2 · The Second Circulatory System­Misunderstood & Abused ­ Understanding It's Plumbing ­ Massage & Lymphatic Stimulation ­ Retrograde Flow ­ Listening to the Body's Clues ­ Mirror Mirror on the Wall... ­ Rebounding to Rejuvenation ­ Castor Oil Pack--Lymphatic Value ­ Brush Away Toxins (Up to One Pound Daily) ­ Detox Rap; NOT a New Type of Music ­ Detox Bath Ingredients & Benefits of Each SECTION 3 · Diseases of Modern Man ­ Inflammation & Premature Aging

­ ­ ­ ­ ­

The Sugar Connection--The Bitter Results Carbohydrate Intolerance Sugar in the Body & Diet Carbohydrates & Food Energy Blood Sugar Levels

SECTION 4 · With Every Breath You Take...or Don't Take ­ Historical Perspective ­ Reflections of Emotions ­ O2 & Your Body ­ Breathing Purification Protocols ­ Deep Breathing, Menopause, & Hot Flashes ­ Breathing, Ultradian Rhythms, & Headaches ­ Breathing, Hyperventilation, & Anxiety ­ Diaphragmatic Breathing & Your Heart ­ Relaxing Face Muscles for Better Breathing & More Energy ­ Conscious Breathing--Reduce Stress & Pain ­ Digestive Breathing--Improve Digestion ­ Breathing for Relaxation & Stress Reduction ­ Deep Breathing for Improved Fitness ­ Nose-breathing--Nature's Filter ­ Health Application of Deep-breathing SECTION 5 · With Every Drink You Take... ­ Water, of Course! ­ Two Legs Holding a Water Bag? ­ Leaks in the Water Bag ­ Principles of Physiology ­ Neurotransmitters Require Water ­ Blood, Sweat & Tears ­ Water & the G.I. Tract ­ Signs & Symptoms of Dehydration ­ Winter Dehydration ­ How Much is Enough? ­ A Good Barometer of Dehydration ­ Mobilizing Motilin ­ Water's Digestive Journey ­ Defining "Anti-peristalsis" ­ Dry Mouth--Wrongful Assumptions ­ Why Your Body Needs Water ­ Can You Consume Too Much Water? SECTION 6 · Reflexes & What They Say: Foot Power-- Abused, Overworked & Neglected ­ Sole Revival ­ Sole Power ­ Fittingly Sole'd ­ Consider Your Shoes ­ Foot Pain--Warning of Diabetes? ­ Foot Reflexology ­ Treatment 101 (Foot Reflexes) ­ Documented Benefits ­ Reflexology vs. Massage ­ Training ­ Pain Management, Naturally · Hand Reflexes & What They Say ­ Getting a Handle on De-Stressing ­ It's in Your Hands ­ Mapping of the Hand

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· Ear Reflexes & What They Say ­ Calling All Ears ­ Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Ear Reflexes ­ Your Ear is Connected to Your What? · Facial Reflexes & What They Say ­ Expressions of Neuro-anatomy ­ Reflexonary Works ­ Beginning the Face-off ­ Flexing those the Face, That Is! ­ Tissue Regeneration ­ Across-the-Face Benefits SECTION 7 · Brain-Gym® ­ Get Fit, Get Smart, Stay Young AFTERWORD FINAL THOUGHTS APPENDIXES · Appendix 1--What You Eat Matters-- Recipes for Living Pain-free · Appendix 2--Reflex Charts · Appendix 3--Health Detective Education Pages ­ Nature's Pharmacy ­ Clammy Skin--Potentially Serious Findings ­ Lymphatic Transfer Stations ­ Rebounding--Total Calories Spent ­ Brush Away Toxins (Up to One Pound Daily) ­ Anti-inflammatory Dietary Protocol ­ If you have these disorders you're probably sensitive to nightshades ­ Protocol for Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse ­ Chemical Calorie Content of Fruits & Vegetables · Appendix 4--Anti-Candida Yeast Dietary Modification Protocol · Appendix 5--Level Two Course Project (to earn additional 12 CEUs)


· · ·


Advanced Level--

(16 hours) Preparing the Terrain-- Steps for Renewal SECTION 1--Steps for Renewal--Dental, Jaw, and Head Connection · The Perfect Casting Stage...for Potential Destruction, that is! · Chew on This! · Oral Immunity--An Exemplary Defense System · Identifying Mercury Toxicity "Quick Reference" ­ Who Needs Amalgam Removal Most? ­ Early Warning Signs of Mercury Toxicity ­ Other Factors Indicating Special Scrutiny · Diagnostic Testing Procedures "Quick Reference" · Root Canals 101 ­ Purpose ­ Procedural Specifics ­ Gassed Canals ­ Root Canals connected with the following disorders/diseases

­ Root Canal Challenges ­ Oral Bacteria + Hairy Tongue ­ Antibiotics "Quick Reference" ­ Removal of Dead Tooth "Quick Reference" ­ Periodontal Ligament ­ Specifics ­ Identifying Jawbone Necrosis + Cavitat Language ­ Dental Facts to Chew-on ­ Key Dental Terms "Quick Reference" Porphyria ­ Inherited Porphyria ­ Acquired Porphyria ­ Triggers ­ Symptoms of Porphyria ­ Diagnosing Porphyria ­ Medical Treatment of Porphyria ­ Case Studies + Case Overview/Discussion ­ Porphyria Key Points ­ Organizations & Websites for Porphyria Information General Inflammation Lessons Learned Mouth-Body Connection ­ "Open Wide" ­ Oral Health & Diabetes ­ Oral Health & Heart Disease + Peripheral Arterial Disease + Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) + Mechanisms Forming an Association between Periodontitis and Artherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease + Cerebrovascular Disease ­ Oral Health & Osteoporosis + Boning-up, Generally + Bone Cancer, What is It? + Warning Signs of Bone Cancer Dangers of Fluoride ­ Fluoride ­ Its Chemical Makeup ­ Cell Death ­ Murder or Suicide? ­ Dangerous, Even at Much Lower Doses ­ How Cell-Death from Fluoride Occurs ­ Fluoridation Increases Lead Absorption in Children ­ Bone Cancer & Fluoride ­ The Connection ­ Caught Red-handed ­ Fluoride in the News ­ Historical Perspective ­ Evidence of Fluoride's Health Hazards ­ Test Your Fluoride I.Q. ­ Research Conference Summarized ­ Fluoride and the Pineal Gland + Normal Pineal Function + Fluoride Effects on Pineal Function: Possible Mechanisms and Implications + Glucose Metabolism + Effects of Fluoride on Glucose Metabolism: > Human Studies > Possible Mechanisms > Possible Implications + Endocrine Effects of Fluoride Exposure: > Summary of Effects > Potential Significance

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Advanced Level continued

· ·

· · · · ·


· ·

­ How Did We Get Stuck With This Stuff? ­ Fluoride Adverse Health Effects "Quick Reference" Oral Health ­ The Female Factor Oral Health & Tobacco ­ Chewing Tobacco ­ Smokeless Doesn't Mean There's No Fire! ­ Health Risks of Chewing "Quick Reference" ­ Damage to Tongue, Jaw & Lips ­ Oral Cancer ­ Lung Cancer ­ Ignorant Denial ­ Two Testimonies Get Mouthy ­ Communicate with Your Dentist The Role of Saliva Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Key Dental Definitions "Quick Reference" Fibromyalgia & Dental Restorations ­ A Connection to Consider ­ Fibromyalgia, TMJS, & Mercury ­ Toxic levels of mercury can cause or exacerbate the following... Body Balance & Alignment ­ Important Muscles of the Oral Cavity ­ Jaw Muscle Problems ­ Romancing the Masseter ­ Head, Neck & Jaw Pain + Upper Trapezius + Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) + Scalenes + Masseter + Temporalis + Pterygoids + Buccinator + Diagastric + Orbicularis + Zygomaticus + Occipitofrontalis + Splenius Capitis + Splenius Cervicis + Splenius Capitis + Longus Capitis, Longus Colli + Multifidi and Rotatores + Levator Scapula + Suboccipitals + Omohyoid + Soleus Force & Power vs. Resistance Resources

· Brain-cell Damage from Amino Acid Isolates ­ Protein & Amino Acids ­ Amino Acid Isolates · Pheny What? · Excitotoxic Amino Acids' Pathway to the Brain · Brain Pathways 101 · Ventricle Network · Parkinson's Disease · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) · Additional Considerations · Of Special Note · Aspartame & Pilots · Notes from the World Environmental Conference · Targeted Detox · The Aspartame Detox Program ­ 13 Step Protocol · Other Protective Nutrients · Dietary Changes /Considerations · Sweet Toxicity ­ Bitter Results SECTION 3--"Surge-protecting" Your Health · Defining EMF's ­ What is EMF? ­ Types of Electromagnetic Energy ­ Natural EMFs or ELFs ­ Artificial EMFs · The Electromagnetic Spectrum 101 ­ Wavelength Range of Electromagnetic Waves ­ Doesn't Earth Produce EMFs · What Happens When Exposed to EMFs? ­ A Heated Discussion ­ Pocket Exposure ­ What is the Range of the Radiation? ­ Radiation Talk ­ Electric Currents vs Electromagnetic ­ Epidemiologic Studies Involving EMFs, Besides Cancer ­ EMF Effects on the Hormone Melatonin ­ Electrical Fields Aggravate Tinnitus ­ How Close is Too Close? ­ EMFs from Electric Power Substations ­ There is No Such Thing as a SAFE Distance ­ A Researchers Perspective ­ Simple Test, Complex Results ­ Historical Perspective of Magnetic Fields ­ EMF Sources While Traveling + Motor Vehicles and EMF Dangers + Hybrid Cars + Trains + Aircraft Flying, EMFs and Jetlag · Q & A's · Understanding EMFs ­ When are EMFs Dangerous? ­ Waves of Destruction + Disorders, Symptoms or Destruction from EMFs ­ Taming the Waves...of EMFs, That is! + Detect EMFs in your home and work environment (a check list) + Diminish your exposure to the EMFs you find · Did You Know? · Humans and EMF Waves

Above information and protocols were adapted and summarized from work by Dr. Hal Huggins, renowned biological dentist SECTION 2--Sweet Poisons · Aspartame & Invisible Illnesses ­ The Connection · Case History · Legal Undercover Killers · Sweet Whistle-blower · Sweet Deception · Truth in Labeling...Just Ignore the Dead Bodies! · Sweet Witches' Brew

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· Dangerous Radiation · The Impact of the BioProTM Cell Chip ­ Thermography Testing Details · Let's Talk Cell Phones · Exposing Our Next Generation ­ A Disastrous Investment ­ Potential risk for children's health is very high because... · Author's Conclusion ­ Electromagnetic fields at high frequencies · Closing Thoughts from a Scientist · References SECTION 4--Identifying Your Invisible Metabolic Blueprint · Clinical Validity of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA) · The Health-energy Continuum · Shedding Light on Hypothyroidism · Identifying Clinical Validity for TMA · Blood vs TMA · TMA: Synchronizing the Body's "Spark Plugs" · Understanding Symptom Clusters · Metabolic Types: Oxidation ­ Excess Copper ­ Copper deficiency · Stress: Its Many Faces ­ The Alarm ­ Resistance Stage ­ Exhaustion Stage · A Balanced Oxidizer: The Ideal · Chronic Fatigue: The "Cellular" Connection · Copper, Chronic Fatigue and Brain-fog · Environmental Factors of Excess Copper · Liver and Copper Homeostasis · Excessive Copper: The Biochemistry/Psycho-diagnostic Connection · Estrogen Replacement Therapies ­ A Case History · Excess Copper and Thyroid · Excess Copper: Estrogen Production, Pregnancy, Learning and Behavioral Disorders ­ Symptoms Associated with Excess Copper ­ Elimination of Excess Copper ­ Case Illustrations #s 1, 2, and 3 SECTION 5--Fundamentals of Body Mechanics · Ergonomics and Overall Health ­ Definition · Hand and Arm Basics · A Dozen Things You Should Know about Eyestrain · 14 Things You Should Know About Back Pain ­ Ergo Checklist · Demystifying Chair Adjustability ­ Chair Adjustability Chart · Body Mechanics and Patient Transfers ­ Rules When Moving Patients ­ Three Ways to Transport Patients · "Conventional Wisdom" vs. Current Ergonomics · Current Positioning Guidelines ­ Monitor ­ Keyboard ­ Chair ­ Case History

· Other Ergonomic Tips · Computer Electromagnetic Radiation ­ Author Recommendations · Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ­ Phalen's Test ­ Keyboards · Therapeutic Body Work · Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) ­ The Body's Connective Force ­ MFR ­ Its History ­ Basis of MFR Techniques + Example of Pulling Fascia ­ Therapy Goals ­ Fascia 101 + Types of Fascia ­ Fascia "Quick Reference" ­ Functions of MFR Therapy ­ Sporting Solutions · Trigger Points ­ Historical Perspective ­ The Physiology of a Trigger Point ­ Identifying Trigger Points ­ Viewing a Trigger Point ­ Active and Latent Triggers ­ Causes of Trigger Points ­ Trigger Point Fast Facts ­ Use-Abuse-Disuse ­ Referred Pain ­ Sore Spots of Muscle Knots ­ Nervous System ­ Pain Signals ­ Get a Proper Diagnosis · Trigger Point Therapy ­ What is the Purpose of Trigger Point Therapy? ­ Applying Trigger Point Therapy ­ Trigger Point Therapy Research · Resources SECTION 6--Aging without Getting Old, Naturally · Aging is an Attitude ­ it isn't a disease, it's a process · Brain Health ­ keeping those neurons healthy · Brain-Boosting Practices & Protocols ­ Brain-food ­ Smart Supplements + Magnesium + Folic Acid + B6 and B12 + Vitamin E + Selenium + Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) > EFAs, "Quick Reference" > Omega-3 (Linolenic Acid), "Quick Reference" > Omega-3 in Foods, "Quick Reference" > Omega-6 (Linoleic Acid), "Quick Reference" > Omega-6 in Foods, "Quick Reference" > Omega-9 (Oleic Acid), "Quick Reference" > Omega-9s in Foods, "Quick Reference" > Food Tips for Maximizing EPAs ­ Antioxidants

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· ·

· · ·

­ Vitamin C > Vitamin C & Diabetes > Researchers Stop Diabetes with High C ­ CoQ10 > What Is Coenzyme Q10? > CoQ10 and Diabetes > Synthetic vs. Natural CoQ10 > CoQ10 and Allergies > CoQ10 ­ Universal Health Support > Protecting against Melanoma > Protecting against Photo-aging...topically speaking > Help Averting Prostate and Breast Cancers > Conclusion + Resveratrol > Resveratrol 101 "Quick Reference" > Caloric-Restriction Mimetic > Certainly Sirtuin > Support for Endothelial Health > Resveratrol Produces Favorable Metabolic Changes > Resveratrol & Cancer > Red vs White > Resveratrol Protects Heart Muscle > How Much Should You Take? > Then and Now > Closing Thoughts ­ Mango What? ­ Herbal Anti-inflammatories ­ AGEs (Advanced glycation end-products) + What are AGEs? + Where do AGEs come From? + AGE Formation in Food + AGE Formation in the Body + The Role of AGEs in the Body + How to Protect Yourself + Historical Perspective Social...izing Brain Aerobics ­ Lateral Thinking + Exercise #1 ­ The Diamond + Exercise #2 ­ Retro Breakthrough ­ Use it or Lose it ­ Bonus Years ­ A Little Sharpness Can Dig Deep ­ ElderSpeakTM Fat-cell Communication & the Brain Anatomy of a Fat Cell Female Mid-life Fat Cells ­ Stressed-out Fat Cells ­ Mega-menopause ­ Outsmarting Menopausal Fat Cells ­ Menopausal Physiology ­ Not all Good Things Come in Small Packages ­ Lessons from History ­ "In Menopause We Trust"

· The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging ­ A Life-giving Chemical ­ Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Cellular Energy Production Supercharger + ALC ­ What it Does + Benefits of ALC Supplementation ­ What is Lipoic Acid? + Actions of Lipoic Acid + Lipoic Acid's Antioxidant Benefits + How Long Do You Want to Live? + Watch Out World ­ Supercharged Boomers on the Loose! + An Anti-aging Partnership ­ LA & ALC > Different Forms of Lipoic Acid > Natural vs. Synthetic Lipoic Acid ­ 100+ Years? + The Free Radical Theory of Aging ­ A New Perspective + Mitochondria ­ The Engine ­ Telomeres ­ our body's biological clock ­ Cell Senescence ­ Telomerase & Cancer ­ Telomeres ­ Programmed to Die? ­ Telomeres' On/Off Switch ­ Protecting Your Telomeres ­ Your DNA Shoelace · Baby-boomer Syndromes ­ Leptin: The Communication Hormone ­ Leptin, Leptin-resistance & Inflammation ­ Insulin Resistance (aka Metabolic Syndrome, Type-2 Diabetes, Syndrome X) and Exercise ­ Growth Hormone (GH) & Leptin ­ Their Rhythm ­ Taming Leptin-induced Inflammation + Benefits of CLA ­ Cortisol Levels, Thyroid Function & Aging + Saliva Testing & Cortisol + Cortisol ­ The Good, Bad & the Gray + Cortisol & Melatonin + Normal Saliva Cortisol Levels for Perimenopausal Woman SECTION 7--First-hand Solutions to Second-hand Reactions · Acupressure Natural Intervention Techniques for Urgent Care · Potent Point Therapy for Fainting & Shock · Acupressure Points for: ­ Relieving Anxiety & Stress ­ Hiccups ­ Nausea, Reflux, Motion Sickness, and Hiccups ­ Promoting Flow of Qi to Reduce Toxic Substances ­ Relieve Headaches ­ Relieve Nasal Congestion · Female Heart Attacks ­ A Nurse's Experience Could Save a Life... IT Could be Yours! · Resources

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Instructor Level--

Teaching the Teachers

· Eating for rejuvenation · The mitochondrial theory of

SECTION 8--Hands of Time · Hand Signals ­ Clues to Your Health ­ Specific "Hand Signals" List · Midlife Hand-grip Strength ­ Predictor of Aging Disability · Chinese Method of Diagnostics Using Palmar Lines ­ Chinese Hand Diagnosis ­ Language of Color "Quick Reference" · Non-injury Finger, Hand, & Wrist Problems ­ Conditions of Overuse ­ Bone, Muscle, or Joint Signals ­ Symptoms Caused from Medical Conditions ­ Medical Emergencies ­ Work Posture and Body Mechanics ­ Protect Hands from Cold · RSI, CTD, and Tendinosis vs. Tendinitis · Time Leaves its Mark · Hands of Time · Resources SECTION 9--Nails ­ Tapping into Their Clues · Physicians' Perspectives · Chart: Signals that Nails Communicate · Closing Comments SECTION 10--Visually-speaking · Losing Focus · Vision ­ Myths & Facts ­ Vision & Eyeglasses ­ Myths & Facts ­ Cataract ­ Myths & Facts ­ Glaucoma ­ Myths & Facts · Vision Tune-up · Vision Enhancers · A Feast for Your Eyes · Eyestrain ­ Relieving it with Chinese Acupressure Point Therapy · Understanding Eye Health Jargon · What's Clear · Natural Vision Correction Method · Natural Vision Correction Exercises ­ Vision Correction Exercises #1­#6 · In a Blink of an Eye · Why Do We Blink? · Two = One · Tearfully Complex · Looking at Vision Health through New Lens · Resources


· Telomeres--our body's

biological clock

· Sirtuins--the body's 911 call · Nature's "green" miracle food · Emphasizing methods of · · · · · · · · ·

reducing the toxic load Creating a "healing" haven in your clinic or spa Understanding the uses and benefits of pulse testing Personalized wellness plans for your clients/patients How to naturally get out of an allergic reaction from food or environmental triggers "The Natural TravelerTM"--creating a kit for healthy travel Staying healthy during a disaster, naturally Coaching your client/patient to encourage compliance When it's appropriate to "divorce" your client/patient A Practicum in solving 4 difficult cases of invisible illnesses

The above titles are general categories for the Instructor Level but not a completed list of all the information presented as it is a work in progress. The Institute reserves the right to change, add, or delete any of the working titles presented until the final version is complete.


Class/Course Details

· · · On-site classroom setting, wear comfortable clothing (season appropriate). Register early to reserve your space. A list of WSBR consultants and their level of certification will be listed by state and country on

At Your Facility

Dr. Gilbère will teach a class at your location with minimum attendees depending on your location. Please email for more information to [email protected] or call toll-free (888) 352-8175 within the U.S. or direct (208) 255-5252.

Classes in the U.S. & Internationally Other Than at The Institute

For locations and dates of on-site classes, refer to the "calendar" on our website at

Venues TELESEMINAR CLASSES (from the convenience

of your home)

All course levels are now offered via live Webinar. All you need is a telephone along with your class manual. Each audio class lecture is two hours. After registration... · You'll be mailed your 300-page, full-color course manual. · The Advanced Level Course manual is 430+ pages. · You'll be emailed specific instructions on how to log onto the audio class lecture presentation on your computer.

Professional Continuing Education Credits

· NBCHT Continuing education credits approved for colon health professionals for 20 contact hours through the Bekki Medsker School of Colon Hydrotherapy in compliance with Int'l Association of Colon Therapists (I-ACT). · ANCB (American Naturopathic Certification Board) approved for 20 continuing education credits for naturopath practitioners and associated professions for all four levels. · Florida Board of Massage Therapy · Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners You may want to contact your professional organization and ask or request credit for attendance. As other professional organizations authorize C.E. credits, the name of the organization and credit hours will be posted on our website at NOTICE: The Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation and its founder, Dr. Gloria Gilbere, reserve the option to exercise their legal right to refuse enrollment to any person solely at their discretion. It is the intent of the Institute to provide Rejuvenists worldwide and, at times, there may be a conflict for specific regional areas regarding the ability to teach the WSBR principles for a variety of reasons.


Sandpoint, Idaho (Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation) All course levels are offered 4 times per year in our corporate headquarters in Sandpoint, Idaho--70 miles northeast of Spokane, Washington, and 45 miles north of Coeur d'Alene,Idaho. You would fly into Spokane, Washington (GEG). Shuttle services are available, however, most prefer to take in the scenery and rent a car for the easy drive to Sandpoint. Northern Idaho is a 5-star destination resort area with pristine deep-water lakes, mountain ski resorts, championship golf courses, a charming historical district, and an abundance of outdoor activities in a mountain environment that resembles northern Italy, Switzerland and the Alps.* Classes in Sandpoint are educational and fun. We eat meals together in a variety of gourmet eateries that accommodate special WSBR dietary needs, sightsee, visit local galleries, take a lake cruise (weather permitting), and even participate in a Pub Crawl--all within walking distance in the downtown Gas Light District. Dr. Gilbère will not only be your instructor but also your local guide. Refer to the "calendar" on our website under "WSBR programs" at for dates and times.

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