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Business Office Explorer Post Civil Division Highway Patrol Division Motorcycle Unit K ­ 9 Unit Marine Unit Community Policing/DARE Detective Division/ Juvenile/ Warrants Broome County Special Investigations Task Force Law Enforcement Training Division Records Division Identification Division Corrections Division


3 4-5 6-9 10 - 15 16 - 17 18 - 19 20 21 - 24 25 - 31 31 - 38 38 - 43 44 - 55 56 - 59 69 - 84



The Business Office maintains all departmental financial functions such as Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements and Accounts Payable. The accounts involved are Commissary/Inmate Funds, Bail & Fine Funds, Pistol Permits & Identification Funds, Records Funds and all Civil Account Funds. The staff assigned is as follows: One Principal Account Clerk One Senior Account Clerk/Typist Two Account Clerk/Typists The Business Office maintains the payroll records for the 260 employees of the Sheriff's Office, as well as the input, auditing and disposition of paychecks, and employee attendance records. Worker's Compensation files and all necessary reports are also maintained in the Business Office. In 2007, the business office processed 12 Worker Compensation Claims. Of these, 3 were from Highway Patrol and 9 were from Corrections. Purchase order and claim voucher records are maintained through an Excel program, which allows for up-todate data needed to make necessary financial decisions. In 2007, 378 purchase orders and 420 claim vouchers were processed. 768 transactions and funds handled as bails and fines amounted to $720,980.00. The Business Office processed transactions for open civil accounts, of which 1,509 were new income executions and 212 were new property executions. This represents a 10.1% increase over 2006. Income executions that required additional service upon employers (generating additional fee income) amounted to 1112 cases. 1,645 cases were closed as satisfied; nulla bona's and balance nulla bona's. The number of receipts processed in 2007 was 24,092 which are approximately 92 payments a day. Disbursements relevant to these accounts amounted to 3,149 which is approximately 262 per month. . Sheriff's fees (Poundage ­ 5% of all payments received) amounted to $132,592.81. Fees generated for Income and Property Executions amounted to $96,977.00. All inmates and commissary funds are processed through the Business Office. Daily funds are received, deposited and posted to the inmate accounts through the Swanson Banking System. $456,631.18 was receipted through the inmate funds account and $444,639.72 was disbursed. Audits are conducted using the automated system and balanced to the manual control accounts on a weekly basis. Swanson Corporation processes all commissary orders and delivers the orders to the facility. This procedure has helped diminish inventory shortages and employee expenses. Receipts amounting to $71,994.58 were processed through the commissary funds account and $89,239.73 was disbursed in 2007. Net sales generated from the commissary account for 2007 were $269,086.13 and commissions from these sales amounted to $69,962.40.



Since 1996 the Broome County Sheriff's Office has sponsored a Law Enforcement Explorer Program that is open to males and females ages 14-20. Its purpose is to introduce our youth to Law Enforcement careers and to the Criminal Justice System. Additionally, our goal is to promote character development, self-esteem and citizenship training among Broome County's youth. The Explorers meet once a week for two hours. During this time they receive training and instruction on child fingerprinting, traffic enforcement, crime scene investigation, officer survival, shoot-don't-shoot, the use of force, K-9, criminal procedure law, domestic violence, etc. The program is similar to a basic recruit police academy. The Explorers are issued uniforms that were purchased with funds from grants, fundraising, and donations. This hands-on approach provides valuable experiences that are challenging, thought provoking and essential to the development of young people interested in law enforcement. Explorers learn about career opportunities in Law Enforcement at the local, state, federal, and military levels while analyzing criminal justice education requirements and visiting law enforcement training academies. They have the opportunity to assist Sheriff's Deputies in different training exercises, such as certain alcohol and tobacco stings. The Sheriff's Detectives partner with Explorers and take them to various business establishments to attempt to purchase 4

cigarettes or alcohol. The purpose is to check these establishments for compliance with Local and State laws regarding the sale of alcohol and tobacco products to anyone underage. They are under the direct supervision of the detectives to ensure that problems do not occur. In the past year Explorers have also worked with other local police agencies. Endicott Police, Johnson City Police and Vestal Police have used the Sheriff's Explores to conduct similar type investigations in their communities with great results. In February of 2007, the Explorers defended their title in the annual "Explorer Post Mall Show" by taking first place honors. This made it the eighth consecutive year they have enjoyed first place honors. The exhibit consisted of child fingerprinting where over 175 children were processed. Demonstrations were done in K-9, defensive tactics and handcuffing procedures. The Explorers also ran a ten-minute video that they produced highlighting the different material and topics that are covered in the program. In 2007, the Explorers worked over 85 events including: the Speidi Fest/Balloon Rally, Discovery Center Truck Days, YESCAP, Teammates for Life, Winter Carnival, and Summer Events, Lourdes Wellness Relay for Life, Survival walk at McArthur Park, Boy Scouts overnighter camping event, Arthritis Foundation Walk/Run, and the annual Lee Barta run, just to name a few. They also assist with the Sheriff's Summer Camp program. In October of 2005, the explorers were introduced to Operation Safe Child. Explorers have been assisting Deputies in downloading information into a database and transmitting that information to the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). This data collection enhances the ability of law enforcement to locate missing or abducted children. Continued requests for the Explorers are indicative of the success of the program. By working these events each year, the Explorer Program has created a cost savings to the community. Money that would have been spent in overtime to have 2 or 3 police officers present at community events is now reduced to paying just one police officer while having 4 or 5 Explorers assigned to assist with that agency. This also helps build a better working relationship and understanding between our youth and law enforcement officers. The Sheriff receives numerous requests each year for the Law Enforcement Explorers to assist in community events. Traffic control, security and child fingerprinting are a large portion of their community service programs. The Broome County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Explorer Post is one of the more successful exploring posts in the county. Many exploring posts have started using our curriculum and course outlines as a guide. The success rate is a result of continual adult leadership and programs that encourage youth development. The increase of responsibility and accountability with the development of positions, such as Sergeant and Lieutenant have helped to secure the popularity and success. The Explorers are presently working on fundraisers and donations so they may compete in many local law enforcement competitions and also to purchase equipment. At the present time we have 15 students enrolled in the Law Enforcement Explorer Program. We also have students who are acting as instructors, teaching search and rescue procedures to local Boy Scout Troops in the area using course outlines and training they received while in the explorer program. Over the past ten years this program has helped many of Broome County's youth come together to learn about law enforcement and how it affects not only themselves but also their community. It has helped many of its students to know that whether they become police officers, security guards, Secret Service or FBI agents, or any career in law enforcement that this is what they want to do. They also know that the Broome County Explorer program has helped them in many ways and has brought them one step closer to their goal. Over the past year the Broome County Sheriff's Office has hired a former member of the explorer post to their Corrections Division.


2 Civil Deputies

2 Keyboard Specialists


The Broome County Sheriff's Office Civil Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of all civil processes in Broome County which include Summonses, Property Executions, Evictions, Income Executions and Subpoenas just to name a few. The Courts in Broome County and the surrounding counties depend on our Deputies to handle matters received from various Towns, Cities, Supreme, Surrogates and Family Courts. Our division often receives Orders of Protections, Summons and Petitions and other orders from all counties in New York as well as other states requesting us to affect service for them within our county. In the year 2007, the Civil Division brought in 6,543 cases, an increase of 199 from the previous year. The Civil Division processed over 700 Summonses, 745 Evictions, 231 Property Executions and 1,520 Income Executions. . Family Court services, which include Neglect, Juvenile Delinquency cases, support petitions, Orders of Protection, Sexual Abuse petitions, modification hearings, and other kinds of orders and petitions totaled 2,761 services, an increase of 98 from the previous year and an increase of 578 from 2005 . A more detailed breakdown of these services is included in this report. When attempting to effect service, our Deputies spend vast amounts of time investigating and locating people to be served. Incorrect addresses, names and information are given to our office and it becomes a time-consuming process to search for the correct information. Oftentimes the Deputies must send inquires to local Post Offices or question friends, relatives and neighbors of the address in which they must service. They will also investigate former employers to seek current information or research names in the office from the computer and other resources that are available to them. As a result of their countless hours of investigation, 6,201 services out of 6,543 were served. Only 342 services were unable to be served. 250 services were returned either at the request of the courts or attorneys. The Civil Enforcement Division handles numerous warrants of evictions for Broome County. The process for enforcing an eviction would include the Deputies overseeing the actual removal of a tenant's personal property. The Deputy would ensure that the rights of both the landlord and tenant are being observed and seeing that proper procedures and laws are being followed. A Deputy could spend several hours on each eviction depending upon the situation. On the occasion of enforcing a warrant for a business such as a restaurant or an established business, our Deputies have spent 6 to10 hours assuring the removal of equipment, furniture, and inventory. Revenue brought in for services in 2007 was $ 200,710.05 for Sheriff fees including mileage, $132,592.81 for poundage and $420.50 for storage fees totaling $333,723.36. This money is all turned over to Broome County. 6

The County Attorney's Office, Real Property Tax, The District Attorney's Office, the County Health Department, Support Collection and the Department of Social Services utilize the Civil Enforcement Office in servicing their legal process and violation notices. These county offices also seek assistance in service and procedure of Civil Law.

Civil Division



602 494

607 567 530 474

618 567 515 587 533 449

January February March April May June July August September October November December








Monthly Numbers



2002 JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 496 435 537 468 457 408 505 546 481 524 441 466 5764 TOTAL 2003 571 473 479 599 496 574 526 473 483 546 428 453 6101 2004 440 426 552 553 484 505 626 497 602 569 560 496 6310 2005 535 472 524 488 528 516 551 600 597 553 550 501 6415 2006 537 483 655 457 573 529 500 548 477 620 469 496 6344 2007 602 494 607 530 474 567 618 567 515 587 533 449 6543



Citations Divorce Actions Evictions Income Executions Information Subpoenas Notice To Tenants Order To Show Cause Other Order Of Seizure Order Of Attachment Petition and Petition Postings (Notice Of Sale) Property Executions Personal Property Sales Personal Property Seizures Real Property Sales Returns Subpoenas Summons With Notice/Complaint Warrants Of Arrest (Civil Warrants) SUBTOTAL Family Court Personal Services Family Court OrderProt/TempOrderProtection Family Court SUBTOTAL 14 32 745 1,520 31 45 18 64 1 0 34 4 217 8 3 6 342 52 642 4 3,782 1,698 1,063 2,761





The Patrol Division serves the residents of Broome County, being the primary law enforcement agency for 48% of the county's residents. Our Deputies serve the county's residents within the local municipalities as they attend school, work and shop outside the city and villages within the county. In an effort to further serve the residents of Broome County our Deputies provide service to the five municipal police agencies within the county and answers calls for service in those jurisdictions whenever a need arises. This Division is responsible for enforcing the laws of the State of New York while patrolling 1008 miles of state highways, 350 miles of county roads, and 927 miles of town roads on a twenty four hour, seven day a week basis. It is also responsible for patrolling the waterways throughout the county. The Broome County Sheriff's Patrol Division is staffed as follows: 1 Captain 1 Lieutenant 6 Sergeants 28 Deputy Sheriffs


Deputy Goodwin examines vehicle from a June 21st fatal accident in the Town of Maine

The Patrol Division handled 18,463 calls for service and an additional 9,201 deputy generated "quick calls" in 2007. Quick calls are generated by Broome Communications dispatchers when a deputy conducts a vehicle stop or exits his patrol vehicle to investigate a suspicious condition or check on a vehicle. A quick call may or may not be turned into an incident depending upon what the deputy finds. The following is a breakdown of the calls:

Breakdown by shift

0700 ­ 1500 1500 ­ 2300 2300 ­ 0700 7,012 (37.8%) 8,163 (44.4%) 3,288 (17.7%)

Breakdown by day of week

Calls for service - Breakdown by shift 9,000 8,000 7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 0700-1500 1500-2300 2300-0700

Calls for service Breakdown by shift


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

2,323 (12.6%) 2,706 (14.7%) 2,588 (14.0%) 2,643 (14.3%) 2,629 (14.2%) 3,014 (16.3%) 2,560 (13.9%)

Calls for Service - Breakdow n by Weekday

3,500 3,000 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 500 0

ay ay ay da da sd sd ay nd on es Fr tu rd id ay y y

Calls for Service Breakdown by W eekday










CHUCK HAUPT / Press & Sun-Bulletin

Wreckage is scattered between Interstate 88 near exit 6 in Harpursville following a fatal tractor-trailer accident Thursday morning. When police and fire crews arrived, the truck was on fire, said Capt. Michael Fedish from the Broome County Sheriff's Office. The driver had been eastbound on I-88 when he lost control of his vehicle on the overpass, going through the guard rail to the other side of the highway, Fedish said. He then crashed onto Route 79, which goes under the span, scattering wreckage and cargo along the embankment where it came to rest after catching on fire.


2007 Complaints by Jurisdiction

City of Binghamton Town of Afton Town of Barker Town of Binghamton Town of Chenango Town of Colesville Town of Conklin Town of Deposit Town of Dickinson Town of Fenton Town of Greene Town of Kirkwood Town of Lisle Town of Maine Town of Nanticoke Town of Sanford Town of Triangle Town of Union Town of Vestal Town of Windsor Village of Deposit Village of Endicott Village of Johnson City Village of Lisle Village of Port Dickinson Village of Whitney Point Village of Windsor Out of County Multi-jurisdictional Total Complaints 378 2 501 668 2,672 885 772 7 2,996 1,381 3 1,095 381 835 157 67 160 3,846 76 491 8 156 232 45 78 274 110 22 165 18,463

Photos of the debris field from the November 20th single engine plane crash in the Town of Maine,


Patrol Division Arrests

Vehicle & Traffic Offenses

DWI over .08 DWI/DWAI Drugs Miscellaneous Other Seat Belts Cell Phone Reckless Driving Speeding Signs & Signals Failure to Comply ATV/Boat/Snowmobile Leaving the Scene of an MVA Driving while Suspended/Revoked Unlicensed Operation Registration/Plate Violations Equipment/Inspection Violations Parking Violations Total of Violations 39 65 493 549 468 21 2153 1794 38 28 60 379 462 602 2483 245 9879

Penal Law, State Law and Violations Arrests

Felony Misdemeanor Violation Warrant Arrests Total 96 365 529 119 1109

800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Felony Mis. Violations Warrants 2007 2006 2005


Fleet Mileage

During the year 2007, Deputies and Supervisors of the Broome County Sheriff's Patrol Division traveled 549,383 miles using county owned vehicles. A mileage breakdown for the individual vehicles follows. Car Number 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 K9-1 K9-2 K9-3 Total Miles Mileage 27,743 30,558 15,143 42,062 52,911 35,422 21,880 47,814 37,807 14,137 18,197 48,458 50,446 31,684 10,843 4,619 21,824 16,835 21,000 549,383

Stop DWI Task Force

The Broome County Sheriff's Office has shown a continued commitment to the community by actively participating in the Stop DWI Program. Throughout 2007, Patrol Division Deputies logged 293.5 man-hours enforcing Vehicle and Traffic Laws in an effort to make the roadways of Broome County safer. Fifteen Deputies participated in the Stop DWI Program during 2007. In their effort to stop and arrest DWI drivers, Deputies also found other Vehicle and Traffic Law violations. Statistics for the STOP DWI Patrol are as follows: Deputies participating: Man-hours worked: DWI arrests: V&T arrests: 15 293.5 13 296


Patrol Division Motorcycle Unit


Deputy Ed Sakowski on MC 1

In 2007, The Broome County Sheriff's Motorcycle Unit consisted of only three full-time riders. Due to an accident last year, the Motor Unit began the 2007 season equipped with only ONE Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle. It is a 2000 model FLHPI 88 Police Road King, designated as MC1. By the middle of the season, we took delivery on our new 2007 Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle, designated as MC2. The new Motorcycle is also a FLHPI Police Road King, but with several upgrades, including a 95 cubic inch engine, a 6 speed transmission and an ABS Braking System. Both MC1 and MC2 are in serviceable condition at this time. Additionally, we can transport one or both units in our 9x12 enclosed transport trailer. MC1 is equipped with a portable STALKER handheld radar unit that can be used for stationary speed enforcement. MC2 is equipped with a new hard-mounted STALKER DUAL radar unit that can be utilized for both stationary and moving radar with both a front and rear antennae.


2007 Unit Mileage

MC1 - 1361 miles MC2 - 522 miles Total - 1883 miles


The Motor Unit's patrol season began on March 3rd, continuing through early November. The Motorcycle Unit was again deployed only sporadically during the 2007 season for regular patrol duties, due to the continual shortage of manpower for regular Highway Patrol duties, along with the delayed delivery of our new motorcycle as earlier described. In addition, only ONE of the three full-time operators was assigned to the 7am3pm shift, with the other two working the 3-11pm shift. This made for little patrol coverage during dayshift hours. A review of the summer's assigned shifts revealed that the motor unit was only deployed a total of 7 times for routine Uniformed Patrol duties. Motor Unit members issued 36 traffic citations, 1 Penal Law arrest and generated more citations for other Sheriff's patrols by participating in seatbelt enforcement and road rage campaigns throughout the summer. In addition to routine patrol duties and traffic enforcement, Motor Unit assignments also include parades and special details. Despite earlier described shortages of staffing and our lack of a second motorcycle for half of the season, the Motor Unit was able to INCREASE our participation in these types of events by nearly onethird, thereby increasing our exposure to the public. A list of included details is as follows; St. Patrick's Day Parade, March 3. West Corners Little League Parade, April 21. Norminster Pre-School Detail, May 1 B.C. Police Week Display, Oakdale Mall, May 3 - 5. Broome County Special Olympics, May 5. Danielle 5K Run, May 6. American Legion Veterans Walk, May 20. Detective Gerald Hoyt Funeral Detail, May 22. Memorial Day Parade Detail, May 28. Chenango Bridge Ice Cream Social, June 1. Hillcrest Booster Days Parade, June 9. Homer Brink Elementary School Detail, June 14. Broome County Air Show, June 29 ­ 30. Broome County Parks Triathlon (Dorchester Park), July 7. PAL Camp Family Resource Center picnic, July 27. Spiedie Fest, August 3 - 5. Speidie Fest Motorcycle Escort Detail, August 4. Town of Maine National Night Out, August 7. Chris Thater Memorial Race, August 26. Conklin Field Days Parade Detail, September 6. H.O.G. / Toys for Tots Run, September 8. BAE Systems Veteran's Ride, September 15. Columbus Day Parade, October 8. Geno DeAngelo Benefit Ride, October 20. Veteran's Day Parade, November 11.


K-9 Unit

Deputy Wilcox and K-9 Kobi instructing the 2007 Law Enforcement Academy

The Unit is comprised of three Deputies with German shepherd partners, two of which are trained in bomb detection and one in narcotics detection. Unit members are Deputy Daniel Wilcox with K-9 Kobi {Narcotics}, Deputy Daniel Balmer with K-9 Luke {Bombs} and Deputy Alan Bennett with K-9 Torre {Bombs}. Throughout the year, twelve law enforcement agencies requested the service of the Unit. These agencies were the Binghamton Police Bureau, Endicott Police Department, Port Dickinson Police Department, Johnson City Police Department, Vestal Police Department, the New York State Police, the Pennsylvania State Police, Cornell University Police, Tioga County Sheriff, Greene Village Police, Norwich City Police and the Cortland County Sheriff's Office. Ten area School Districts, as well as BOCES and Binghamton University, requested the service of the K-9 Unit. The districts were the Whitney Point School District, Maine-Endwell School District, Windsor School District, Chenango Valley School District, Harpursville School District, Johnson City School District, Vestal School District, Norwich School District, Newark Valley School District and the Greene School District.

In total, the Unit had 145 deployments for the year 2007. The following is a breakdown of the deployments. Bomb Searches: Narcotic Searches: Tracks: 4 18 49 18

Building Searches: Officer Safety Uses: Suspect Apprehensions: Public Demonstrations: Persons {other} located:

8 33 16 30 5

Deputy Bennett and K-9 Torre



The Marine Patrol is comprised of two Patrol Sergeants and seven Deputies who are responsible for the enforcement of boating safety regulations, as well as conducting search, rescue, and recovery operations. These officers are also responsible for the verification and assignment of Hull Identification Number for registration purposes. This unit utilizes three boats to patrol the waterways of Broome County, a 14 foot Grumman aluminum boat powered by a 30 horse power Mercury motor, a 14 foot Quicksilver inflatable boat powered by a 25 horse power Mercury motor, and a 16 foot Rivercraft air boat. The Marine Patrol is also equipped with an underwater video camera and a Global Positioning System. On March 15, 2007, the Marine Patrol was dispatched to the area of Stillwater Road in the Town of Conklin for an evacuation detail due to an ice jam in the Susquehanna River causing the river to back-up. In June 2007 two members attended a three day training session for Swift Water Rescue. On July 7th the Marine Patrol was deployed to Dorchester Park in the Town of Triangle to provide safety and security for the Broome County Parks Triathlon.


Community Policing Division

The Community Policing Divisions employs one full ­ time Deputy. This Deputy is responsible for all Community Service Projects as well as serving as a full time School Resource Officer.

School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer program is a collaborative effort by certified law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents and the community to offer educational programs in the schools to reduce crime, drug abuse, and violence and provide a safe environment. It is the responsibility of the Deputy to focus on the needs of the school and assist the administration in accomplishing their goals. The School Resource Officer is committed to promoting a concept of school based law enforcement. This TRIAD concept allows the School Resource Officer to act as a Teacher, Counselor and Law Enforcement Officer. School Resource Officers work with students, parents and school staff on a daily basis. The Deputy is required to develop and teach lessons to students on numerous subjects. These lessons include but are not limited to; Alcohol Use, Adolescence, Community Policing, Delinquent Behavior, Drivers Education, Laws and Policies, Safety, Self-Esteem, Special Law Enforcement Units, Substance Abuse and Violence. Officers also assist students, parents and staff as counselors. Counseling sessions may be for behavioral problems or for persons in crisis. The Deputy talks to students regarding careers in Law Enforcement. The Deputy also assists the school in their disaster planning issues. They conduct investigations of incidents in and around the school. They also make any arrests as a result of these investigations. The Broome County's School Resource Officer works in the Maine Endwell School District, as well as the Chenango Valley School District. This partnership of law enforcement, school district, parents and the community, provides a safe and successful learning environment.

School Resource Officer ­ Activities for 2007

Complaints Arrests Problem solving/students Problem Solving/ Parents Meetings in School Classroom Presentations Assist Road Patrol Outside Agency Referrals Parking Complaints 7 0 22 2 6 12 19 2 22



The Broome County Sheriff's Office participates in several parades throughout the County during the year. We utilize the Community Policing vehicle and Community Policing Patrol car, as well regular patrol vehicles, motorcycles, and our boat. The parades we participated in for the year of 2007 are - Johnson City, Kirkwood, Windsor, Conklin, Vestal, Boscov's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Endicott's Christmas Parade, the Town of Maine Veterans Parade, Hillcrest Field Days, Binghamton St. Patrick's Day Parade and the Binghamton Veteran's Day Parade.

Neighborhood Watch Programs

The Broome County Sheriff's Office continually works with citizens within the County helping them establish Neighborhood Watch. The program encourages citizens to be active within their neighborhood in preventing crime and assisting the police by being good observers in the community. The Broome County Sheriff's Office added 2 new Neighborhood Watch communities to the existing 17. Our program now has over 700 Broome County families involved in the program.

Safe Senior Programs

The community policing division trained over 1,800 seniors this year on the issues of telemarketing fraud, investment scams, auto safety and theft prevention. Programs were offered at local senior centers and housing, area churches, the AARP Senior Picnic at Highland Park, the Senior Picnic at Broome Community College.

Safe Boating

The Community Policing Division gave 4 New York State Safe Boating courses in 2007 and certified 130 new safe boaters.

Child Safety Seat Checkpoints

The Broome County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the Broome County Health Department, held several child safety seat checkpoints. These check points are located at the Broome County Public Safety Building on the first Tuesday of each month from 9:00 AM until Noon. The checkpoints are locations where parents come to learn the proper use and installation of a child safety seat. During the year, 101 child seats were inspected, and an additional 230 Child Safety Seats were distributed. There were also several special checkpoints held at 22

the Empire Federal Credit Union, the GHS Federal Credit Union and the Broome Community College Child Safety Day.


The Community Policing Office authored 3 grants for the 2007 year. These grants totaled $35,526.40. Grant number one was for the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP). The $12,300.80 paid for 240 hours of additional patrol on Broome County Highways. Deputies used these hours to curb aggressive driving habits, thus lowering motor vehicle accidents attributed to aggressive driving. Grant number two was from the Governor's Traffic Safety Council for the Buckle Up New York (BUNY) Campaign. This grant was for a total of $9,225.60 and was used to place 200 additional Deputy Patrol hours on Broome County Highways to curb the non-use of seat belts. Grant number three was for Child Safety Seats. The grant of $14,000.00 allowed the Sheriff to purchase 360 new child safety seats and distribute them to needy families in Broome County. In 2007 the Sheriff's Office distributed 230 FREE child seats.

Speed Tracker Trailers

The Broome County Sheriff's Office obtained two new Speed Tracker Trailers through funding from Senator Thomas Libous. The Speed Tracker Trailers are self-contained units. They are equipped with their own power source and speed-measuring equipment. When they are set up in a specific area, they read vehicle speeds. The trailers are pre-programmed to light up the speed of the vehicle and if the vehicle exceeds a predetermined speed, the unit will flash the speed and inform the driver of the violation. These Tracker Trailers have proven to be very effective in curbing speeding vehicle problems. They are also available for all Police Agencies in Broome County.

Stealth Stat

The Broome County Sheriff's Office operates a Stealth Stat, which is a computer generated speed-measuring device. The device may be placed in neighborhoods to monitor speeds of motor vehicles while maintaining a stealth appearance. This allows the Broome County Sheriff's Office to track and compute types of vehicles, speeds, and the time of day which vehicles travel the road. The Stealth Stat is available to all police agencies in Broome County. It has proven valuable to administrating manpower needs for traffic enforcement.


The Broome County Sheriff's Community Policing Office represents our agency in the local TRIAD. TRIAD is community organizations that assist senior citizens, law enforcement, as well as seniors themselves working together for the betterment of the senior citizen population in our community. The year 2007 was committed to several projects, such education programs for seniors in telemarketing fraud, home repair fraud and identity theft.


Safe Child I.D. Program

The Broome County Safe Child I.D. program is offered by the Broome County Sheriff's Office. To date, we are the only Law Enforcement Agency in the Southern Tier of New York operating the Safe Child I.D. Program. A total of 2421 children were entered into the program in 2007. The Safe Child I.D. Program was established by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services along with the New York State Sheriff's Association, the New York State Police and the New York State Chief's of Police Association. It is designed to have children between the ages of three and eighteen entered into a central data base through the Missing and Exploited Children Clearing House. When a child is entered into the data base the information may be obtained only by Law Enforcement Agencies to locate missing children. The information is available Twenty Four Hours a day for any Law Enforcement Agency. This information will assist Law Enforcement to rapidly locate a missing child. It is one of the most valuable tools in the fight to keep our children safe.

Deputy Leo Skiba working the Safe Child ID Program



The Broome County Sheriff's Detective Division is comprised of one Lieutenant who supervises two Detective Sergeants. The General Investigations Sergeant supervises four General Investigations Detectives, one Juvenile Detective and two Deputy Sheriff's assigned to the Warrant Division. The Special Investigations Sergeant supervises five SIU Detectives. Members assigned to the Division maintain the sex offender registry, DNA gathering registry and evidence control. Members are assigned to the Southern Tier Child Predator Task Force, Operation Impact, Child Advocacy Case Review Committee, Gang Task Force Meetings, Counter Terrorism Zone Meetings, Bank Security Meetings and Retail Security Meetings. Members also provide presentations to various government and private groups.

General Investigations Unit






General Investigations Unit

MONTH FELONY MISDEMEANOR JANUARY 41 5 FEBRUARY 24 5 MARCH 24 8 APRIL 16 15 MAY 17 3 JUNE 8 3 JULY 8 2 AUGUST 28 3 SEPTEMBER 5 6 OCTOBER 53 5 NOVEMBER 6 2 VIOLATION 1 5 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 2 JUVENILE 5 2 6 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 25


11 241

12 69

0 12




The CVSA is much like a polygraph instrument, (lie detector). The CVSA uses a microphone plugged into the computer to analyze the subject's voice responses to questions asked by the examiner. As the subject speaks, the computer displays each voice pattern, numbers it, and saves each chart to file. Unlike the polygraph, drugs do not affect the results of the exam and there are no known counter measures that will cause the ubiquitous, inconclusive results associated with the polygraph. The CVSA is effective in all investigative situations as well as pre-employment examinations for background investigators. In 2007, we had two Detective trained in the use of the CVSA. Tests given 5 7 Other Agencies Sheriff's Office


The Warrant Control Unit of the Broome County Sheriff's Office is comprised of two, (2) Deputy Sheriffs under the direction of the Detectives Sergeant assigned to General Investigations. The unit is responsible for the management of warrants issued to the Broome County Sheriff's Office by Broome County Supreme Court, Broome County Family Court and local Justice Courts throughout Broome County. The deputies assigned to the unit insure entry of each warrant received into the Broome County Public Safety System and NYSPIN (New York State Police Information System) to readily identify wanted persons who may be encountered by Police Officers locally or nationwide. The Warrant Control Unit distributes the warrants issued by Local Criminal Courts to Highway Patrol Deputies for execution and monitors the action taken. The Unit is responsible for the execution of all Broome County Court and Broome County Family Court warrants. In addition to New York State, the Unit is responsible for the extradition of wanted subjects that are located outside New York State.


MONTH JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST FELONY 10 7 12 9 7 10 4 4 MISDEMEANOR 8 16 6 8 5 5 7 8 VIOLATIONS 6 3 0 2 1 1 1 1 PROBATION 21 14 9 7 8 7 6 10 26


5 30 26 14 138

5 0 14 11 93

0 1 1 0 17

15 7 0 1 105







From May until September of 2007 the Town of Union area has several day and night time burglaries of residences. Subjects entered the residences often through unlocked doors or areas that were not visible from the roadway. During the five month on going investigation, numerous items were taken, including three handguns, computers, play stations, I-pods, jewelry and a vehicle which was later recovered. In early September a female contacted police, stating she had found a handgun in her son's bedroom. The gun had been taken in one of the burglaries. Subsequently, four teenage youths were arrested for numerous counts of burglary which brought an end to the string of burglaries that were occurring. As a result of this investigation a heroin dealer 27

was arrested in the Town of Union and at the time of arrest was found to be in possession of 15.1 grams of heroin package for sale

Above boxes containing handguns and ammunition recovered in the Town of Maine

NBT Bank Robbery

On August 11, 2007 a male walked into the NBT Bank on Upper Front Street in the Town of Chenango. The male handed a note to a bank teller stating he wanted money and that he had a gun. The teller gave the male money; he then fled on foot toward the North Otsiningo Park. Patrol officers identified a male in the park that had come from the direction of the bank. He was questioned at which time he fled from patrol officers and after a short chase was taken into custody. The male was identified as Edward Greco, a Federal Correction elope from New York City. A subsequent search recovered a large quantity of money from Greco's pocket. He was charged by the United States Attorney's Office with bank robbery.

Money recovered from the pocket of Edward Greco


BURGLARY CONKLIN RELIEF CENTER On August 27, 2007 a report of a burglary was taken from the Conklin Flood relief center. During the investigation it was learned that a former volunteer was suspect in the theft of tools and kitchen cabinets from the center. The volunteer was identified as Joseph Clapper. Subsequent interviews led to the recovery of the kitchen cabinets from Clapper's former residence where he was storing them. He later admitted to the theft and was charged with one count of Burglary.

Kitchen cabinets recovered during the investigation

PLANE CRASH TOWN OF MAINE On November 20, 2007 a plane crash was reported on Knapp Road in the Town of Maine. A single engine airplane piloted by Martin Grab of Michigan had taken off from the Binghamton Regional Airport. Within minutes the plane crashed into a wooded area off Knapp Road. Sheriff's Detectives assisted the National Transportation Safety Board with the investigation of the crash scene. A final cause of the accident has yet to be released from the NTSB.

The crash scene off Knapp Road



Although these cases are separate there was a common link in that all of these individuals used their positions of authority to commit sex acts against children. In February 2007, a report was filed with the Sheriff's Office regarding an 11 year old female that was molested by a 47 year old male, later identified as Anthony Cebula. Cebula worked at the time as a school crossing guard and an auxiliary police officer. He used his position of authority and trust to gain access to an under aged girl with whom he took photos of and raped. Sheriff's Detectives worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Cebula was charged in Federal Court as well as State Court. He pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

Anthony Cebula

In April 2007, a report was filed with the Sheriff's Office regarding an after school program teacher who sexually abused an 11 year old boy in the Town of Union. Further investigation of the complaint helped to identify four other victims ranging in age from 7 to 9 years of age. Tyrell Sinclair, 20, of Endicott was arrested and charged with Criminal Sexual Act. He was then subsequently indicted on four other Criminal Sexual Act charges. He pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to 10 years to life in state prison.

Tyrell Sinclair


In December of 2007, a forcible rape was reported to the Sheriff's Office. A 17 year old female reported that her field hockey coach had forcibly raped her in Town of Union. During the investigation, five other victims came forward stating that they had various sex acts performed on them by Broxmeyer. Evidence was obtained that revealed Broxmeyer also had obtained sexually explicit photos of underage girls. Broxmeyer was charged with several counts of rape. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, always a willing partner in cases like this, assisted and charged Broxmeyer in Federal Court with production, attempted production, and possession of child pornography. He was charged in Federal Court with transporting a minor across state lines for sexual purposes. The investigation is ongoing with other victims being sought.

Todd Broxmeyer


The Task Force is the result of a merger between the Special Investigations Units of the Binghamton Police Department and the Broome County Sheriff's Office. Members assigned from the Binghamton Police include two sergeants and up to seven investigators. Members assigned from the Sheriff's Office include a detective sergeant and up to five detectives. The Task Force currently operates with five two man teams and covers two working shifts each day. However, for much of 2007 the Task Force was without 4 permanently assigned members because of manpower shortages and health-related issues. The Task Force operates from a central location and also maintains space at each respective agency. The Task Force worked closely with the Binghamton Police Community Response Team and also worked cases with every other local agency in the area. Targeting drug dealers by using undercover operations and the execution of search warrants in an attempt to remove the products and proceeds of illicit drug operations from our communities continues to be the main focus of our efforts on an everyday basis. In 2007 the Task Force experienced a 38% increase in investigations conducted over the previous year, which resulted in a 37% increase in search warrants executed and a 31% increase in arrests made over the same time period. 31

Task Force Activity

Investigations Search Warrants (inc. body & vehicle warrants) Confidential informant buys Undercover officer buys Handguns Recovered Cash seized 483 166 217 96 9 $100,908.00

Breakdown of 2007 Arrests

Felony narcotics possession Felony narcotics sale Misdemeanor narcotics possession Marijuana related felony Marijuana related misdemeanor Marijuana violations Felony weapons charges Misdemeanor weapons charges Prostitution related charges Felony Forgery Loitering Felony Criminal nuisance Criminal use of drug paraphernalia ABC related arrests Tampering with evidence Felony Escape Resisting arrest Criminal possession of hypodermic instrument Sale of imitation substance misdemeanor Possession of imitation substance misdemeanor Warrant arrests Criminal possession of stolen property Offering false instrument for filing Endangering welfare/child Felony larceny Petit larceny Criminal solicitation Public Health Law violations Harassment Disorderly Conduct Total: 175 113 47 7 28 82 21 11 13 7 16 6 39 6 11 1 8 11 2 2 19 2 1 13 1 5 1 2 1 1 652


Notable Cases

Cocaine: In January one person was arrested and 5 ounces of cocaine along with 4 ½ ounces of marihuana were seized as a result of a search warrant on Arthur Street in the City of Binghamton.

Seized drugs from Arthur St

In January one person was arrested and 3 ½ ounces of cocaine along with a Smith & Wesson .32 cal handgun and a New England Arms 12 gauge shotgun were seized as a result of a search warrant on Park Street in the City of Binghamton.

Illegal drugs and handgun seized from Park St.


In April, one person was arrested and charged with having an ounce of cocaine, an ounce of marihuana, a Cobray Leinad 9mm handgun, a New England Arms 12 gauge shotgun, and a Marlin .22 caliber rifle. These were seized as a result of a search warrant on Chestnut Street in the City of Binghamton.

Handguns seized on Chestnut St.

In September, two people were arrested and 2 ounces of crack and powder cocaine and $5,422.00 cash were seized as a result of a search warrant on Seminary Avenue in the City of Binghamton.

Illegal drugs located on Seminary Ave.


In April five people were arrested and 300 packets of heroin, 10 hypodermic needles, a small amount of marihuana and $7,784.00 cash were seized as a result of two search warrants on Mitchell St and E. Main St in the Town of Union.

Money seized at East Main St in the Town of Union.

In July, two people were arrested and 178 packets of heroin, a loaded Dan Wesson 357 magnum revolver, a loaded Beretta .25cal semi-automatic handgun, a Mitchell 12 gauge shotgun and $3,964.00 cash were seized as a result of a search warrant on St. Charles Street in the Village of Johnson City.

Weapons and illegal drugs seized


In April two people were arrested and 7 ounces of crack cocaine, 290 packets of heroin along with a small amount of marihuana and $600.00 cash were seized as a result of a search warrant on Front Street in the City of Binghamton.

Illegal drugs seized on Front St.

In October, four people were arrested and an ounce of crack cocaine, 46 packets of heroin, an ounce of marihuana and a Hi-Point .380cal semi-automatic handgun were seized as a result of a search warrant on Conklin Avenue in the City of Binghamton.

Cocaine, Heroin and handgun seized on Conklin Ave.


In June, three people were arrested and 11 ounces of marihuana was seized as a result of a search warrant on Clarke Street in the City of Binghamton.

Note the packaging already completed and electronic scales

In September, three people were arrested and 6 ounces of marihuana and $509.00 was seized as a result of a search warrant on Crandall Street in the City of Binghamton.

Marijuana packaged and ready for sale

In October, three people were arrested in connection with an undercover investigation into the transportation and selling of illegal weapons in the City of Binghamton. One High Standard .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun, one Diamondback .22 caliber revolver and one Browning .22 caliber revolver were seized in connection with this investigation.


Note the different styles of the weapons


Law Enforcement Training Division

2007 Recruit Officers learning traffic direction and control from Lt. Wayne Steffen of the Johnson City Village Police Department

The Law Enforcement Training Division is also the home of the New York State Zone 6 Law Enforcement Academy. The Zone 6 Academy provides training for 40 police agencies in 7 counties. Agencies of and in those 7 counties, Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Tioga, Tompkins and Otsego depend on the Academy to provide a wide range of in-service training for veteran officers as well as the Basic Course for Police Officers to train new recruits.

Cortland City Police Recruit Jeffrey Fitts learning about crack cocaine


Recruit Officers performing physical fitness drills

Throughout 2007 the Law Enforcement Training Division sponsored or assigned 1,760 hours of training for several hundred sworn law enforcement officers. The following are examples of that training: 1. Basic Course for Police Officers {Rookie School} 2. Course in Police Supervision 3. Police Field Training Office Course 4. Physical Fitness Instructor Course 5. SWAT Wooded Terrain Operations and Tactics 6. Homicide Seminar 7. Drugs that Impair Driving 8. Clandestine Labs 9. Accreditation In-Service 10. Police K-9 Advanced Training Seminar 11. SWAT Sniper 12. Crisis Negotiator Course 13. Courtroom Testimony and Demeanor 14. Fraudulent Documents 15. Animal Abuse Cases 16. Prescription Drug Abuse 17. Tactical Officers Conference 18. Officer Safety, Surviving Armed Encounters 19. Defensive Tactics Instructor Course 20. Interview and Body Language Techniques 21. Homicide Investigations 22. Child Passenger Safety Technician 23. MP5 Machine Gun Instructor 24. Computer Crimes 25. Active Shooter/Rapid Deployment Instructor 26. Breath Analysis Operators Course 27. Radar/Lidar Speed Enforcement Course 40

28. Current Trends in Gangs 29. Search Warrant Training 30. Identification Procedures/Lineups and Show-ups 31. Marihuana Grow Operations 32. Legal Issues for New York Law Officers 33. Patrol Supervisor and Investigator Conference 34. DNA Evidence Recognition 35. Breath Analysis Upgrade Course 36. Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Course

Broome County Sheriff Recruit Will Andres demonstrates the heel to toe test during standardized field sobriety training held at the Law Enforcement Academy


The Law Enforcement Training Division continued to evaluate the quality of instruction during 2007 especially in the seven month Basic Course for Police Officers. Input from recruit officers and instructors was sought after on a regular basis. This effort has lead to an increase in positive feedback from the Chief's and Sheriff's who utilize our Academy to train their recruit officers. The effort has also allowed us to draw recruits from agencies who are further out in the zone and have academies closer to them. The Chemung County Office of Sheriff, for example, will be sending recruits for the third consecutive year in 2008. In the fall of 2007 the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services selected the Broome County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Academy as one of only nine other academies in the state to receive a reality based training grant. This grant will allow the Academy to purchase equipment to take its reality based training to another level. As part of the grant, two Academy instructors will receive specialized instruction in the use of reality based training from a leading expert in the field. The next page shows the Broome County Law Enforcement Class of 2007. This class was one of the largest classes in recent years. It contained 36 Officers from several agencies in the Southern Tier.


Broome County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Academy Class of 2007

Row 1 left to right: Officer Mark Silverio Binghamton University, Deputy Rich Merrell Broome County Sheriff, Deputy Kelly Hayner Chenango County Sheriff, Officer Amanda Rose Binghamton Police Bureau, Officer Stephanie Gooch Binghamton University, Officer Akoko Viengkham Johnson City Police, Officer Chris Marshall Binghamton Police Bureau, Deputy Gary Williams Cortland County Sheriff Row 2 left to right: Sheriff David Harder Broome County, Officer Melissa Eccleston Cortland City Police, Deputy Chad Burhans Cortland County Sheriff, Deputy Anthony Phelps Cortland County Sheriff, Deputy Leon Brown Broome County Sheriff, Officer Ted Schwartz Johnson City Police, Officer Daniel Burns Binghamton Police Bureau, Officer Jeffrey Fitts Cortland City Police, Director Mark Oliver Broome County Sheriff Row 3 left to right: Officer Douglas Hyde Cortland University, Deputy William Mathis Broome County Sheriff, Deputy Rich Matthews Chemung County Sheriff, Deputy Tom Sienko Broome County Sheriff, Deputy Ben Harting Broome County Sheriff, Deputy Willard Andres Broome County Sheriff, Deputy Michael Reksc Broome County Sheriff Row 4 left to right: Officer Jasmin Mujcic Binghamton Police Bureau, Officer Ryan Wood Binghamton Police Bureau, Officer Sean Ahern Endicott Police, Officer James Conrad Vestal Police, Officer Conor Talbut Vestal Police, Deputy Jeff Alexander Chemung County Sheriff, Officer Brendan Whalen Binghamton Police Bureau Row 5 left to right: Officer Cody Petrella Cortland City Police, Officer John Dunham Endicott Police, Officer Dale Lane Endicott Police, Officer Allen Saxby Binghamton University, Officer Justin Carpenter Norwich City Police, Officer Camaron Hillman Johnson City Police, Officer Mike Mason Johnson City Police, Officer Brandon Clarke Norwich City Police



The Records Division of the Broome County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the recording and maintaining of all official records and documents relative to the police operations of the Broome County Sheriff's Office. This Division is responsible for entering all Incident/Case and Accident Reports investigated by the officers of the Broome County Sheriff's Office into the AS-400 Computer System and filing monthly reports to the Division of Criminal Justice Services in Albany using Incident Based Reporting. Personnel that are assigned to the Records Division are as follows: 1 Stenographic Specialist 2 Keyboard Specialists The members of this Division are responsible for providing the public with copies of Motor Vehicle Accidents, New York State Incident Reports and photographs as required. Accident and Burglary/Theft reports are generally available through the Records Office at a fee of 25 cents per page, with the charge for photographs being the actual reproduction cost. In 2007, $559.50 was collected for these services. More sensitive reports are required to be requested through the County Freedom of Information Officer. Additionally, the Records Division is responsible for providing an Alarm Permit to the residents and businesses in our jurisdiction that maintain a burglar alarm on their premises. This Division also maintains an account of all false and avoidable alarms occurring at these locations, and provides billing as required. There is no fee for an Alarm Permit. However, fees do come into effect for excessive avoidable alarms within each calendar year. A breakdown of these fees is listed below: Alarm Permit ------------------------------------------- No charge First, Second, Third & Fourth Avoidable Alarm _ No charge Fifth Alarm --------------------------------------------- $25.00 charge Sixth Alarm (and any thereafter) -------------------- $50.00 charge each Monies generated for the County of Broome for various services conducted by the Records Division is recapitulated as follows: $ 559.50 ­ Collected directly by Records for reports/photographs $ 1,775.00 ­ Collected directly by Records for avoidable alarm fines $ 2,334.50 ­ Total monies generated by the Records Division in 2007 The Office of Emergency Services Communications Center recorded 18,463 incidents called in and assigned to the Broome County Sheriff's Office. The Records Division categorized them as follows:

Non-Criminal Incidents

911 Hang-up/Nuisance Calls 911 Misuse 195 6 44

Accident ­ BB Gun Accident ­ Casualty/Injury Aircraft Alert Alarms ­ Business Alarms ­ Residence Alarms ­ Other Animal Complaints Bites/Attacks Miscellaneous Possible Rabies Annoying Persons Annoying Youths Assist Ambulance Fire NYSP BPD EPD VPD JCPD PDPD State Park PD Broome Security Dog Control Officers DSS Environmental Conservation Department All Other Attempt to Locate PR-Community Policing PR-Other PR-Marine Patrol PR ­ K9 PR-Ride Along Bomb Threat Check the Welfare Deaths Accidental Suicide Unattended Dispute ­ All Other Dispute ­ Civil Dispute ­ Employer/Employee Dispute ­ Landlord/Tenant Dispute ­ Neighborhood Dispute ­ Domestic Disturbance Involving Violence

1 3 2 874 566 21 253 20 212 21 313 145 1,349 179 220 634 54 42 13 59 28 1 6 9 6 2 96 3 20 173 1 40 20 2 416 46 1 4 41 392 292 2 24 90 747 236 45

Domestic Standby Electronic Monitoring Escort (non domestic) Firearms/Property For Safekeeping Fire ­ Structure Fire ­ Vehicle Fire ­ Grass Fireworks K-9 Use Local Law ­ Burning Local Law ­ Dumping Local Law ­ Peddlers Lockout ­ Vehicle/Building Mental Health Transport ­ Voluntary Miscellaneous Missing Persons Missing Persons Located Motor Vehicle Accident Motor Vehicle Accidents ­ Fatalities ATV Fatality Noise Complaint Notifications Off Duty Jobs Officer Discharging Firearm Officer Use of Physical Force Parking Violation Officer Injured Police Information Property Check Property Found/Recovered Property Lost Road Rage Service Request ­ Order of Protection Service Request ­ Subpoena Service Request ­ Warrants Court ­ Other Shots Fired Snowmobiles Suicide Attempts Special Assignments & Traffic Detail Suspicious Persons Suspicious Vehicles Traffic and Road Conditions Transport Organs Transport Other Transport Prisoner

13 6 25 12 7 13 3 56 40 7 32 1 13 16 54 155 130 2,133 6 1 205 21 167 40 14 85 7 78 24 94 168 8 154 580 722 9 53 2 12 36 502 157 204 1 38 14 46

Unsecured Buildings, etc... Vehicle & Traffic ­ Other Vehicle ­ Abandoned Vehicle ­ Disabled Vehicle ­ Miscellaneous Damage Vehicle ­ Recovered Vehicle ­ Repossession

26 737 18 587 21 9 114

Criminal Incidents

Alcohol Beverage Control Law Agricultural & Market Law Corrections Law ­ Sex Offenders - Failure to Register Environmental Conservation Law Local Law Public Health Law Solicitation Conspiracy Assault 3rd Assault 2nd Vehicular Assault Gang Assault Menacing Reckless Endangerment Stalking Sexual Misconduct Rape Criminal Sex Act Forcible Touching Sexual Abuse Unlawful Imprisonment Custodial Interference Coercion Trespass Burglary Criminal Mischief Criminal Tampering Making Graffiti Arson Petit Larceny Grand Larceny Grand Larceny ­ Auto Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle Robbery 28 5 14 3 7 1 3 2 64 21 1 3 22 20 1 4 16 11 9 12 4 1 1 67 144 409 1 1 4 464 153 12 27 5 47

Theft of Services Unlawful Use of Credit Card Fraudulent Accosting Criminal Possession of Stolen Property Forgery Possession of a Forged Instrument Falsifying Business Records Criminal Tampering Offering/Filing False Instrument Fraud Issuing a Bad Check False Personation Criminal Impersonation Scheme to Defraud Identity Theft Obstructing Governmental Administration Promoting Prison Contraband Resisting Arrest Hindering Prosecution Making a False Sworn Statement Tampering With Physical Evidence Criminal Contempt Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance Criminal Possession of a Hypodermic Instrument Criminal Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance Criminal Possession of Marijuana Unlawful Possession of Marijuana Criminal Sale of Marijuana Disorderly Conduct Harassment Criminal Nuisance Falsely Reporting an Incident Placing False Bomb Public Lewdness Endangering the Welfare of a Child Endangering the Welfare of an Incompetent Person Unlawful Dealing with a Child Possessing Sexual Performance by a Child Criminal Possession of a Weapon Criminal Sale of a Weapon Fireworks Unlawful Fleeing of a Police Officer Worker's Compensation Law Driving While Intoxicated DWAI ­ Drugs

13 2 2 17 42 20 6 1 13 1 1 1 15 8 21 7 10 15 1 4 2 32 41 3 4 1 4 90 1 43 387 1 8 1 3 45 2 5 2 13 1 4 2 16 60 2 48

Refusal of Breath Screening Aggravated Unlicensed Operator

3 393

Adult Arrests

The Records Division recorded 1,968 adult arrests in 2007. This number includes all felony, misdemeanor and violations. The only V&T Arrests included are Driving While Intoxicated and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation. Felony Misdemeanor Violation Mental Health 274 874 563 257

Penal Law

Criminal Solicitation Misdemeanor Violation Conspiracy Felony Misdemeanor Assault Felony Misdemeanor Vehicular Assault Felony Gang Assault Felony Menacing Misdemeanor Reckless Endangerment Felony Misdemeanor Rape Felony Sexual Misconduct Misdemeanor Criminal Sex Act Felony Forcible Touching Misdemeanor Aggravated Sexual Abuse Felony Unlawful Imprisonment Felony Misdemeanor Coercion Felony Custodial Interference Misdemeanor Trespass Violation Criminal Trespass Misdemeanor 1 1 5 1 4 12 34 1 9 13 12 16 6 3 6 4 3 4 3 1 1 1 36 14 49

Burglary Felony Criminal Mischief Felony Misdemeanor Welfare Fraud Misdemeanor Petit Larceny Misdemeanor Grand Larceny Felony Robbery Felony Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle Felony Misdemeanor Unlawful Use of Credit Card Misdemeanor Fraudulent Accosting Misdemeanor Theft of Services Misdemeanor Criminal Possession of Stolen Property Felony Misdemeanor Forgery Felony Misdemeanor Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument Felony Misdemeanor Falsifying Business Records Felony Misdemeanor Offering/Filing False Instrument Felony Criminal Tampering Felony Insurance Fraud Felony False Personation Misdemeanor Criminal Impersonation Misdemeanor Scheme to Defraud Misdemeanor Identity Theft Felony Misdemeanor Obstructing Governmental Administration Misdemeanor

27 14 26 1 52 29 4 1 2 1 1 5 11 3 12 3 16 2 5 3 12 1 1 2 12 1 3 2 7 50

Hindering Prosecution Misdemeanor Promoting Prison Contraband Felony Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest Misdemeanor Making False Written Statement Misdemeanor Criminal Tampering w/Evidence Felony Criminal Contempt Felony Misdemeanor Criminal Possession Controlled Substance Felony Misdemeanor Criminal Possession of Hypodermic Instrument Misdemeanor Criminal Sale Controlled Substance Felony Criminal Use of Drug Paraphernalia Misdemeanor Unlawful Possession of Marijuana Violation Criminal Possession of Marijuana Misdemeanor Criminal Sale of Marijuana Felony Disorderly Conduct Violation Harassment Misdemeanor Violation Criminal Nuisance Misdemeanor Falsely Reporting an Incident Felony Misdemeanor Placing False Bomb Misdemeanor Public Lewdness Misdemeanor Endangering the Welfare of a Child Misdemeanor

1 2 6 15 4 2 15 15 15 22 1 1 3 117 3 1 56 38 304 1 1 4 1 2 39


Endangering the Welfare of an Incompetent Person Misdemeanor Unlawfully Dealing with a Child Misdemeanor Possession of Sexual Performance by a Child Felony Criminal Possession of a Weapon Felony Misdemeanor Unlawfully Dealing with Fireworks Violation Unlawfully Fleeing a Police Officer Misdemeanor

2 6 1 5 7 3 2

Other Laws

ABC Laws ­ Prohibited Sale Misdemeanor ABC Laws ­ Underage Possession Violation Agricultural & Market Law Misdemeanor Corrections Laws ­ Registered Sex Offender Failure to Register 1st Offense Misdemeanor Failure to Register 2nd Offense Felony Environmental Conservation Law Misdemeanor Local Law Violation Mental Hygiene Law Threat to Self/Others Incapacitated by Alcohol Doctor's Request 2 44 5

6 3 2 2 213 42 2

Vehicle & Traffic - Misdemeanors/Felonies

Aggravated Unlicensed Operator Felony Misdemeanor Facilitation Aggravated Unlicensed Operation Misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated First Offense Misdemeanor 7 386 1



Second Offense Felony Third Offense Felony More Than .08% BAC Felony Misdemeanor More Than .18% BAC Misdemeanor Driving While Ability Impaired / Drugs Misdemeanor Refusal of a Breath Screening Worker's Compensation Law Felony Misdemeanor 5 8 29 2 2 3 8 8 10

Juvenile (15 and under)

In 2007, the Records Division recorded 32 arrests for juveniles 15 years of age and under. This total includes all felony, misdemeanor and violations, excluding Vehicle and Traffic Violations. Assault Felony Misdemeanor Menacing Misdemeanor Sexual Abuse Felony Criminal Trespass Misdemeanor Burglary Felony Criminal Mischief Felony Misdemeanor Petit Larceny Misdemeanor Grand Larceny Felony Falsely Reporting an Incident Felony Misdemeanor 1 1 2 1 6 3 1 1 1 1 14 1 13



The Records Division recorded 257 incidents created by and assigned to the Broome County Special Investigations Task Force. The Task Force made 435 arrests as follows: Felony Misdemeanor Violation 223 130 82

ABC Law - Unlawful Possession Alcohol Violation Public Health Law Imitation Controlled Substance Misdemeanor Substance in Non Original Container Violation Escape Felony Resisting Arrest Misdemeanor Tampering with Physical Evidence Felony Criminal Possession Controlled Substance Felony Misdemeanor Criminal Possession Drug Paraphernalia Misdemeanor Criminal Sale Controlled Substance Felony Criminal Possession Hypodermic Instrument Misdemeanor Criminal Sale Marijuana Felony Misdemeanor Unlawful Possession of Marijuana Violation Criminal Possession of Marijuana Felony Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct Violation Prostitution Misdemeanor Promoting Prostitution Felony

5 3 2 1 1 9 11 134 39 18 48 14 2 1 74 2 1 1 2 6


Loitering Misdemeanor Criminal Nuisance Felony Endangering the Welfare of a Child Misdemeanor Unlawful Dealing with a Child Misdemeanor Criminal Possession of a Weapon Felony Misdemeanor Drinking Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle Violation 16 3 3 5 16 2 1



The function of the Broome County Sheriff's Identification Division is to maintain the criminal records from the Detectives, Highway Patrol and Jail Divisions. This division is the Broome County Pistol Permit Office, issuing Pistol permits to the public. Other services that are provided to the public are fingerprinting for adoptions, permits, job applications, security clearances and other numerous types of fingerprinting needs. We also issue personal identification cards. The office also conducts record checks for many of the law enforcement agencies in Broome County. The Identification Division is also the location where convicted Sex Offenders living in the jurisdiction of the Broome County Sheriff's Office must come in and register. This office maintains the sex offender registry. This registry is open for viewing to the public on certain levels of sex offenders. We also conduct arson background checks on perspective volunteer firefighters. The office is staffed by the following: 1 Correction Officer 2 Civilian Staff


Adoptions Air Patrol Alarms Systems Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms Australian Citizenship Background Checks Bar Exam Border Patrol Bus Drivers Broome Community College Arrest Broome Security Broome Tioga ARC Bus Drivers Canadian Police Clearance Child / Day Care Children's Fingerprinting Court Employee Criminal (i.e. HP, Detectives, Summons, etc...) Dealer / Gunsmith License Department of Health Department of Social Services Disaster Relief DNA Emergency Services Employee Employment Federal Aviation Administration 67 3 2 2 1 2 2 6 38 3 6 1 41 2 317 1 8 9 6 6 8 1 19 15 178 52 56

Federal Firearms License FEMA Employee Florida Bail Bondman's License Florida Health Care Florida Insurance License Foster Care Homeland Security Horse Racing Immigration Immigration (Canadian) Insurance Employment Insurance Fraud Liquor License Lottery Medical License Military Miscellaneous National Assoc. Securities Dealers National Guard National Instant Criminal Background Check System Nursing Nursing Home N.Y.S. Educational Department Office of Court Administration Out of State Physicians License Out of State Pistol Permits Out of State School Employment Peace Corps Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Pennsylvania School Employment Pistol Permits Police Officer Employment Post Office Employment Probation Real Estate License Records Review Security Clearance Security Guard Sex Offender Registry Social Security Administration Teaching Certification Vendor/Volunteer/Clergy Background for Jail Total People Fingerprinted: Total Fingerprint Cards Completed:

8 16 1 1 6 34 4 2 5 5 23 2 44 12 19 2 2 335 3 6 32 949 1282 1 1 6 1 6 3 9 671 24 7 23 6 79 9 99 20 2 4 33 2629 4556



Weapons Placed on Permits Weapons Taken off Permits Permits Transferred In Permits Transferred Out Gunsmith Applications Submitted Dealers Applications Submitted Gunsmith License Issued Dealers License Issued Gunsmith / Dealer Renewals Pistol Applications Submitted Pistol Licenses Issued Address Changes Co-registrations Pistol Permit Suspensions Pistol Permit Reinstatements Duplicate Permits Issued Photos for Permits Name Changes Amendments Money received from Pistol Permits 667 273 15 23 1 2 1 2 23 174 220 68 226 11 6 91 79 3 1104 $6,323.00


Sheriff ID Cards Of these ID Cards issued, no charge was required for: ARC Catholic Charities Council of Churches Department of Social Services Fairview Halfway House Miscellaneous New Horizons Rescue Mission 68 1 4 1 1 12 1 2 58 1529

Parole Probation Salvation Army Social Services Volunteers of America Wyoming Conference Home Money received from Sheriff ID Cards

2 2 10 1 4 7 $12,877.00

Total Inmates / Arrestee's Processed Youthful Offender / Seal Orders Record Checks Gun Locks Given Out Photo Arrays made No Seatbelt Stickers given out Sex Offenders That Registered Number of times Sex Offenders Registered Volunteer Firefighter Arson Checks DNA'S

4500 106 11,296 115 32 8 102 182 160 30


Sheriff David E Harder

Undersheriff Gary F O'Neill

1st Asst. Corr Fac Adm Mark Smolinsky

2nd Asst. Corr Fac Adm Kevin Moore

Correction Division Broome County Sheriff Officer 2007

5 Correction Lieutenants

16 Correction Sergeants

135 Correction Officers

2 Inmate Record Clerks

1 Laundry Worker 1 Keyboard Specialist 2 Clerks 1 Library Clerk

2 Chaplains


Correction Division 2007 Jail Administrator Deputy Administrator Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Mark W. Smolinsky Kevin J. Moore Robert K. Irwin William O. Lillie Thomas A. Mollo Wes Shear Timothy Hill

Civilian support staff Jail Chaplain BOCES Supervisor Health Services Adm. Food Services Mgr. Maintenance Supervisor Rev. Chris Mogenson Ms. Mary Kay Karsko Ms. Michele Parsons, RN Mr.RickMachalek Mr.KeithWhittig

Sgt Jellick and Sgt Gillette at shift briefing

Sgt Martone working in the Supply Room

Cells in one of the Pods


Admissions Male Female ADP Sentenced Un-sentenced State Prison Inmate Hearings

2004 3471 2928 543 402 694 2777 370 396

2005 3902 2969 620 412 830 3528 439 498

2006 3859 2921 638 449 808 3051 458 452

2007 3895 2919 668 449 802 3093 607 585



Corrections Training Officer Sgt Chris Guinan

The Corrections Training Unit of the Broome County Sheriff's Office was staffed by Sergeant Christopher Guinan. Since the Corrections Profession is continuing to change the Corrections Training Unit has sustained its endeavor to meet these changes. The 160 hour Basic Course for Correction Officers graduated 26 officers from 6 different counties. Supervisors from 8 different counties attended the 40 hour Basic Supervisors Training. Supervisory personnel were trained in the constantly changing laws which govern facilities. The training for the Emergency Response Team continued to be directed at the always present threat of physical violence within the correctional facility. Six different counties attended the 40 hour Basic SERT Training Course. Training was enhanced for the Gang Intelligence Unit so they can continue to identify and collect intelligence of incarcerated gang members and share that information with other area law enforcement agencies.

18000 16000 14000 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 TOTAL HOURS

2004 2005 2006 2007

Sheriff David E Harder


SUBJECT Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Total

TRAINING COURSE 1 Hour Civilian Security Orientation Overview 4 Hour Civilian Security Orientation Inmate Classification Officer New Officer Orientation Basic Training Course for Corrections Basic Firearms Training Direct Supervision Training for Supervisors Supervisors Basic Direct Supervision Training for Line Staff Suicide Prevention for Medical Staff Chemical Aerosol Agents Expandable Baton Certification

# PARTICIPANTS 20 27 120 7 26 27 9 24 26 4 11 11 312 130 20 129 70 37 134 134 654 19 2 5 15 10 5 1 24 9 22 5 2 1 4 1 2 2 25 154

COURSE HOURS 1 4 8 2 160 40 40 40 24 8 8 8 343 32 24 4 8 1 5 2 76 12 28 1.5 2 24 1 1 40 40 2 40 28 24 8 24 4 40 8 327.5 746.5

TOTAL HOURS 20 108 960 14 4160 1080 360 960 624 32 88 88 8494 4160 480 516 560 37 670 268 6691 228 56 7.5 30 240 5 1 960 360 44 200 56 24 32 24 8 80 200 2555.5 17740.5

In-service 2007 In-service Training for Line Staff In-service 2007 In-service Training for Supervisors In-service Monthly S.E.R.T. Entire Team In-service Monthly S.E.R.T. Special Operations In-service Blood borne Pathogens Refresher - Patrol In-service Firearms Requalification In-service Expandable Baton Recertification In-service Total Specialized Specialized Specialized Specialized Specialized Specialized Specialized Specialized Specialized Specialized Specialized Specialized Fire Inspections for Correctional Facilities 10th Annual Capital District Gang Conference IC - 100 IC - 200 IC - 300 NIMS - 700 NIMS - 800 S.E.R.T. PHASE I S.E.R.T. PHASE II F.O.I.L AJA Training Conference and Expo Magloclen Annual Gang Conference Patrol Response to Active Shooter Instructor Specialized Certification Specialized NYS DCJS Current Trends in Gang Training Specialized Basic Pattern & Recognition FBI-CJIS Specialized Instructor Evaluator Workshop Specialized Basic Crisis Negotiation Training Specialized Grievance Procedure Training Specialized Total Grand Total



Defensive Tactics

Sheriff Harder and new Corrections officers Huffcut and Dennis



The positions of Hearing Officer and Grievance Officer are vital to the safe and secure operation of the facility. The staff that makes up the team ranges from the line officer, the programs Sgt., security lieutenants, and the jail administrator. This structure provides for timely assessment of the inmates actions along with lawful due process. Jails must be able to respond to an infraction of their rules quickly and decisively. Though courts insist that the disciplinary process follow certain steps, it does not require courtroom-like formality. This process is respected by staff and inmates alike and benefits the institution. The grievance program is similar in its structure to the hearing program.


Violent Offenses Assault/attempted assault/fighting Death threat Riots or any Disturbance using violence Physical obstruction of employee Escape or attempted escape Intentionally setting a fire Self mutilation Intentional damage or tampering any security device Any sexual act using force or threat of force Throwing or spitting blood or any other potentially infectious body fluid or material at any staff member. Bribery/extortion of any person Possession of any key, badge, uniform or facsimile thereof. Possession or manufacture of any weapon or drug. Major Offenses Any sexual act between persons Refusal to obey any order during an emergency Interference with formal count Impersonation of any person Failure to voluntarily comply with any searches Spitting at any staff member Unauthorized contact with the public Larceny Refusing to lock in when ordered Possession of any contraband item from outside the facility Possession or manufacture of gang or security risk group paraphernalia Using or tampering with any officer equipment. Unauthorized contact with inmates of a different classification Failure to return or tampering with any razor Damage to County Law Library resources


Minor Offenses Withholding eating utensils Throwing any item, material or liquid Harassment Refusing an order Any threat to a person Possession of tattoo making implements or making tattoos Possession of contraband Gambling Refusal to participate in hygiene/sanitation Refusal to work (sentenced inmates only) Any sexual offer or proposal Lying or providing any false statement Any conduct which disrupts the safety or operation of the facility Non-compliance with any housing rule or regulation Damaging property

In 2007 we had: 154 Violent Offenses 104 Major Offenses 327 Minor Offenses 585 Total Offenses for the year 2007

Classification Officer and Hearing / Grievance Officer hard at work



In order to provide an effective and impartial procedure for the timely resolution of inmate complaints, the chief administrative officer of each local correctional facility shall establish, implement and maintain a formal inmate grievance program. Every effort shall be made to resolve inmate complaints in an informal manner. "Grievance" shall mean a written inmate complaint concerning either written or unwritten facility policies, procedures, rules, practices, programs or the action or inaction of any person within the facility. Dispositions, surcharges, and sanctions resulting from disciplinary hearings and administrative segregation housing decisions shall not be the subject of a grievance. The chief administrative officer or his designee shall ensure that each grievance is investigated to the fullest extent necessary by an impartial person who was not personally involved in the circumstances giving rise to the grievance; provided, however, that a grievance that is too vague to understand or fails to set forth supporting evidence or information may be returned to the inmate. Failure to supply sufficient information or evidence within two days shall be cause to deny the grievance. Grievances regarding dispositions or sanctions from disciplinary hearings, administrative segregation housing decisions, issues that are outside the authority of the chief administrative officer to control, or complaints pertaining to an inmate other than the inmate actually filing the grievance are not actionable and may be returned to the inmate by the grievance coordinator. Such grievances may not be appealed to the chief administrative officer or the Citizens' Policy and Complaint Review Council. Appeal to the Commission of Correction (a) Within three business days of the receipt of the chief administrative officer's determination, any grievant may appeal any grievance denied by the facility administrator, in whole and in part, to the State Commission of Correction by indicating his/her desire to appeal on the inmate grievance form in the space provided for such purpose. The Citizens' Policy and Complaint Review Council shall issue a written determination to the appeal within 45 business days of receipt, copies of which shall be sent to the grievant, the chief administrative officer and the grievance coordinator. If such determination is in favor of the grievant as a matter of law, the chairperson of the Citizens' Policy and Complaint Review Council shall direct the chief administrative officer to comply with the grievance and provide an appropriate remedy. The chairperson of the Council may issue written determinations to appeals of classes of grievances as determined by the Council. Such determinations shall be issued within ten business days of receipt and copies shall be provided to the grievant, the chief administrative officer, and the grievance coordinator. A copy shall also be given to the members of the Council for their review. If such determination is in favor of the grievant as a matter of law, the chairperson of the Citizens' Policy and Complaint Review Council shall direct the chief administrative officer to comply with the grievance and provide an appropriate remedy.



RESOLVED, 24, 65%








ACTIVE, 2, 11% NON-GRIEVABLE, 5, 26% RESOLVED, 8, 42%




ACTIVE, 0, 0%


RESOLVED, 12, 60%









ACTIVE, 0, 0%


RESOLVED, 6, 50%



Medical Services

The Health Services Unit of the Correctional Facility was complete changed in 2006 by a comprehensive unit medical approach that combined both the medical services and forensic mental health service under one provider. The combined contract was awarded to Correctional Medical Care. The facility and county has benefited by a continuity of care not seen in the past. The unit is working very well in meeting the demanding needs of a growing population, while continuing to control costs. The transition to a cohesive medical unit was smooth with most of the former medical service employees retaining employment. The unit has worked hard in maintaining a high level of service demanded by the Sheriff's Office. The current National Commission Correctional Health Care accreditation was reviewed in early 2007 and both Medical and Mental Health did receive full accreditation. But what exactly is accreditation? Established in the 1970s, it's a process of external peer review in which NCCHC, a private, not-for-profit organization, grants public recognition to correctional institutions that meet its nationally accepted Standards for Health Services. Through the accreditation process, NCCHC renders a professional judgment regarding health services provided and assists correctional facilities in their continued improvement.


Developed by experts from the professions of health, law and corrections, separate standards exist for health care delivery in jails, prisons, and juvenile detention and confinement facilities. The areas covered by the Standards include: Facility governance and administration Maintaining a safe and healthy environment Personnel and training Health care services support Inmate care and treatment Health promotion and disease prevention Special inmate needs and services Health records Medical-legal issues Health services accreditation confers many benefits. It promotes and documents an efficient, well-managed system of health care delivery. It lends prestige to the facility, increases staff morale, aids recruiting efforts, helps to obtain community support and provides additional justification for budgetary requests. Accreditation can help protect financial assets by minimizing the occurrence of adverse events. In many instances, accreditation reduces liability premiums and protects facilities from lawsuits related to health care. Accreditation also benefits the health of the public, staff and inmates by assuring that those incarcerated and released receive adequate and appropriate health care. The current staff enjoys a strong working relationship with the Broome County Health Department. The Health Department continues to provide clinical services, as well as educational services to combat the every growing problem of Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.


Statistical Summary 2007

Patients Seen by MD RN Patients Seen Dental Patients Seen Medical Intake Screenings Patients Seen by Psychiatrist Emergency Room Visits 3010 4686 511 3343 740 86


Therapeutic Unit

The Therapeutic Unit has completed its 7th year of operation. The results continue to be impressive with recidivism rates of 25%. Participation in the unit is strictly voluntary. Again violence in the unit continued to be negligible. The Therapeutic Unit focuses on three main areas, Drug & Alcohol addiction counseling, Mental Health Counseling, and Educational & Vocational Training. All inmates entering the unit are screened for their needs and then given a schedule which maps out their individual participation in the above mentioned areas. Some inmates are involved in one or all three areas as determined by their individual need. Additionally all inmates in the unit participate in Life Skills presentations daily.

Inmates in class room in Therapeutic Pod

Life Skills Program: The program helps the residents forge direct, face-to-face relationships with the organizations that can best serve them after their release. Regular presenters like the BOCES Transition Program, Broome County Council of Churches, the Broome Employment Center, and Broome County Jail Health Services conduct Life Skill sessions at least once or twice a month; many other agencies such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, Broome County Probation, Legal Aid, and the Addiction Center of Broome County schedule presentations as often as they can. Some of the other organizations involved are the Southern Tier AIDS Project, Planned Parenthood, Stepping-Stone Drop-In Center, Education Talent Search, the Family and Children's Society.

Inmate and Therapeutic Staff going over paperwork

Inmate Art work done in Therapeutic Pod

Therapeutic Pod Inmates working together


Chaplaincy in the Therapeutic Unit The Broome County Council of Churches Chaplaincy Staff has continued to be a major supporter of the Therapeutic Unit. During the year they filled in for Life Skills and Anger Management training when the usual presenters were unable to fulfill their obligations. They have continued to facilitate AA meetings, discharge planning, follow-up worship services and pastoral care. The Therapeutic unit program is 6 weeks long. In 2007, 109 inmates did complete the program. Out of the 109 inmates, 29 were rearrested and returned to jail. This return rate gave C-pod a recidivism rate of 25%.

29, 25%

85, 75%



Corrections Investigations Unit 2007

Security Risk Groups

Approximately 118 interviews were conducted on suspected risk group members coming into the facility in 2007. Although an investigator is not interviewing all suspected risk group members that are booked in, an increased number of them are. The increase in interviews is largely due to the federal impact grant we are currently receiving. There are over 700 names in the Risk Group database. The risk groups inside the jail are currently being monitored regarding their location.


In 2007 over ninety investigations were recorded, of which thirty-four resulted in arrests consisting of thirteen felonies and twenty-one misdemeanors. Some cases involved more than one charge. The amount of custodial crimes that are prosecuted has increased and a few inmates are now getting consecutive time rather than concurrent to their outside charges. According to the number of arrests as compared to the past years, there was a slight increase in amount of crime inside the facility. Custodial Crimes Violent Felonies Felonies Narcotics and Contraband Other Cases Arrests 19 10 24 56 13 10 16 11


Inmates picking trash on RT. 81 South West Windsor Fire Dept Work done by Inmates

Broome County Sheriff Office

Weekender Work Program


The "8 to 4" weekend work program continued to provide a valuable asset to the Broome County community in 2007. This is accomplished by using County Sentenced inmates in community service operations. Instead of sentencing inmates strictly to the Jail, Judges in our community sentence inmates to weekends only. They report to the Jail on Saturday & and Sunday at 8:00am and are done at 4:00pm, at which time they can go home. They do this each and every weekend until the time the Judge sentenced them to is complete. When an inmate is sentenced by the court to work on the program they agree by signing an agreement in court to follow all the rules given to them, or they risk being violated by the court and re-sentenced by the court. This program saves money by not having inmates in jail for lesser charges. They are not housed in the jail and inmates do not lose their Mon - Fri, jobs that they have. The weekender work program is a program available to any not for profit groups in Broome County. Having this program has helped put back valuable hours of labor into the community from individuals who have committed min crimes. Most work done would never get done do to the cost. The Weekender Program presents a saving of $90,000.00 by cleaning the Broome County Arena. The Weekender Program cleans after half of the Events held during the year. Broome County Parks cleans the Arena the rest of the time. In 2007, the program was provided to the following Municipalities and not-for-profit groups: BROOME COUNTY ARENA BMX TRACK BOY SCOUTS BROOME CEMETERYS BROOME CHURCH'S BROOME COUNTY BASEBALL FIELDS BROOME COUNTY SOLID WASTE DRIVE BROOME COUNTY FIRE DEPT.S BROOME COUNTY ROADS TRASH PICK UP NYS ROADS TRASH PICK UP CITY OF BINGHAMTON ROADS TRASH PICK UP CITY BINGHAMTON FIRST NIGHT GRASS CUTTING FOR NOT-FOR­PROFIT GROUPS LEAF PICK UP FOR NOT-FOR-PROFIT GROUPS TOWN OF KIRWOOD BROOME COUNTY PSB SNOW AND ICE CLEAN UP ROBERSON CENTER LEAF PICK UP ROSS PARK ZOO BROOME COUNTY FIRE HYDRANT PAINTING AND SNOW CLEAN UP V/ENDICOTT TRASH PICK UP WILLOW POINT YWCA


8 to 4 Inmates picking trash on Old Vestal RD Trash pick up done by Office of the Sheriff Inmate Work Program

Inmates Working at the West Windsor Fire Station





$330,600.00, 57%

By not housing the 8 to 4 inmates in the Broome County Jail at the cost of $100.00 a day per inmate, the savings to the County was $330,600.00. The same inmates put back into the County a work value of $246,144.06. This is a value that the county and state would have had to pay to do the same job the inmates did for free. Jobs like picking trash on the state roads in the county and doing work at the county owned properties, and all the other jobs the work crew does all year long.



$48,720.00, 8%


$576,744.06, 92% SAVINGS

The savings by not housing the inmates in jail and the work value done by the inmates put back into the county is $576,744.06 for the year of 2007. Our expenses for the year was $48,720.00, expenses like overtime. But in the end the total savings to the County of Broome was $528,024.06.












$470,000.00 YEAR 2006 YEAR 2007

Officer Joe Spaziano and his 8 to 4 work crew at the West Windsor Fire Station




225 106 83 8 68 20 0

201 96 79 13 36 10 0

230 100 45 19 45 11 0

145 85 92 11 49 14 0

249 82 76 10 43 9 8

176 66 59 43 29 4 5

163 89 91 10 45 6 2

220 110 81 9 23 15 3

207 82 83 20 44 12 4

236 98 77 26 46 9 5

129 99 78 14 51 6 8

163 48 90 11 37 6 8

2344 1061 934 194 516 122 43


14 16 0 2

6 15 0 1

7 16 0 6

1 4 0 11

4 8 0 2

3 15 0 3

3 17 0 7

1 18 0 2

2 12 0 2

2 10 0 2

3 10 0 2

1 17 0 1

47 158 0 41


28 17 0 0

22 18 0 0

17 23 0 0

18 23 0 0

26 23 2 0

23 13 0 0

12 14 2 0

17 21 1 0

26 23 0 0

21 11 0 0

14 14 0 0

23 15 0 0

247 215 5 0


15 20 0 0 622

11 30 0 0 538

13 22 0 0 554

22 15 0 0 490

18 27 0 0 587

15 26 0 0 480

125 31 0 0 617

18 27 0 0 566

22 30 0 0 569

24 33 0 1 601

30 39 0 1 498

37 50 0 0 507

350 350 0 2



Broome County Sheriff's Correctional Facility Chaplains Office 2007

Rev. Cris Mogenson with the Franklin Graham Festivals

The Broome County Council of Churches has collaborated with the Broome County Office of the Sheriff for 28 years in providing full-time services and pastoral care to the inmates and staff of the Broome County Sheriff's Correctional Facility. It is the vision of the program to provide fine quality religious programming, education, intervention and support on multiple levels for all who are involved with the facility. We conduct a variety of programs and implement discharge planning both in and beyond the facility with the intention of restoring lives of entire families and thereby reducing recidivism. It is the mission of the Jail Ministry team to assist each inmate gain self-disclosure and positive living skills, as well as to develop practical spiritual "tools" in order to sharpen their ability in making constructive choices and a healthy transformation internally and relationally. It is with this multifaceted approach that we endeavor to reduce recidivism by assisting each person to become a more productive citizen who contributes, strengthens and enriches his or her community rather then being a burden to it. The Jail ministry staff delivers a wide array of services through the full time coordinating Chaplain, The Rev. Cris Mogenson M.Div; The Muslim Chaplain, Imam Kasim Kupuz; The Roman Catholic Chaplain, Fr. Stanley Gerlock; and about 95 volunteers with security clearances. Additionally, we have several dozen volunteers who serve in a wide spectrum of areas beyond the walls of the facility as well as a cadre of others who volunteer at special events or within their own faith communities and organizations. At any given time approximately one half of the jail population has, or is, using at least one of the services being provided by this team.

Franklin Graham Festivals

The Coordinating Chaplain is on 24-hour call for pastoral care for the entire inmate population, as well as all of the uniformed and civilian staff and their families. The Coordinating Chaplain personally provides worship services in each of the Special and Restricted Housing Units at least once a week. The Chaplin serves as coordinator of numerous volunteer teams who conduct two weekly nondenominational worship services in the chapel for each general housing unit. Communion services are held for each unit at least once a quarter. Pastoral care, premarital/marital counseling and 24 hour crisis intervention is provided for inmates and staff. Death notifications and bereavement care. The chaplain is part of a Multi disciplinary team with other departments in order to assist in providing continuity of care, staffing, programming, crisis intervention, religious and social needs as well as the Therapeutic Housing Unit programming. Oversight of religious needs such as rituals, diets, attire, accoutrements, and medallions. 82

Assistance and provision of religious needs of all faiths Coordination of local clergy visits Distribution of Bibles and religious literature. Coordination of special events for the inmates such as drama troupes, band and choral concerts and special services for Holy Days. Supervision of Social Work/Criminal Justice/ Theological/ graduate students and interns when available. The coordination chaplain conducts spiritual formation/ relationship classes weekly in the Therapeutic Housing Unit. Weekly faith-based elective seminars covering a variety of topics are conducted in the Therapeutic Housing Unit. Through our staff and volunteers, a wide spectrum of religious services are provided and coordinated which include "one-on-one" visitation, worship services, Bible studies and religious instruction Coordination of correspondence Bible study courses. Tangible daily needs between the inmates and outside parties with issues such as family communication, children's needs, conflict resolution, pet adoption, tenant issues, dialogue with employers, coordination of bail issues, receiving needed personal effects and advocacy wherever possible, providing these needs can be met without a breach in security, court order or facility protocol. The coordinating chaplain tracks security clearances and training for a variety of volunteers both secular and religious. In the secular realm the staff and volunteers provide discharge planning, numerous recovery groups, conflict resolution, educational tutoring, literacy, and a variety of classes in parenting, goal setting, healthy relationships, spirituality, anger management, creative writing, poetry and "Life Skills". Liaison with the NY State Department Of Correctional Services in regards to religious issues as they pertain to programming, policies, standards, and services offered to the Broome County inmates. Composition, implementation and oversight of Standard Operating Procedures in regard to ethical, legal, confidential and procedural conduct of service providers under our jurisdiction. Community involvement by staff membership on various boards and committees including, but not limited to, Salvation Army, Broome County Youth Partnership Program, The Broome County Youth Bureau Advisory Board, U.C.A.S.A., Sheriff's Office Work Release Committee, inter-faith committees, local clergy associations, and guest speaking, pulpit supply and teaching engagements outside of the facility. All of our paid staff are active members of the American Correctional Chaplains Association (ACCA). The Coordinating Chaplin is active with the N.Y.S. Protestant Chaplains Association. Each staff member maintains multiple memberships in various other professional associations in respect to their vocational and religious affiliation.

Discharge Planning

Discharge Planner Dorothy Pierce

Discharge planning is made available to all inmates in order to assist in referrals and planning for shelter, food, clothing, medical needs, transportation, employment, education, case management, support groups, recovery groups and rehabilitation as well as Coordination of services through numerous community services, counseling and advocacy agencies. The Discharge planner inquires with every inmate two weeks prior to discharge with all those who are not under the care of another agency, as to their needs on the outside. With nearly 3,900 inmates booked into the facility in 2007, this is a monumental task. 83

The Discharge planner is available by, appointment, throughout the week for follow-up care and support for recently released inmates by appointment at the Jail Ministry Office at Broome County Council of Churches The Discharge planner meets weekly with other departments in a multidisciplinary approach in order to assist in the facilitation, discharge planning as well as programming facilitation for the Therapeutic Housing Unit. Provision of seasonally appropriate clothing, coats, and work shoes as needed for discharged inmates, which is paid for by the Broome County Council of Churches. Transportation is often arranged and paid for through the Council of Churches for those inmates who are returning to their homes outside of the Binghamton area. Several days of local bus fare is often paid by the Council of Churches in order to enable discharged inmates to follow up with appointments and/or employment. Hygiene kits containing basic needs and foodstuffs are supplied at the Broome County Council of Churches for each released inmate upon request. Assistance in helping inmates secure documentation that is necessary to have after release so as to secure employment, education and services. The Broome County Council of Churches bears the cost of these fees. Oversight of Christmas gift boxes, uniformly assembled by volunteers, for each inmate. The discharge planner and coordinating chaplain work with of volunteers to distribute children's books as Christmas gifts for children of inmates Coordination of donated Easter basket distribution to children of inmates. Assistance in coordination of classes in parenting, relationships, living skills and marriage enrichment. Liz Hayes, our intensive case manager, address life skills, housing, employment and recovery referrals for recently discharged inmates. Through this service, it is our hope that families will be able to make strides in moving away from dysfunction and toward wholeness. The Jail Ministry conducts "The Family Literacy Program" whereby inmates are assisted in reading story books to children in their family. These recordings are put onto CD and they are sent with the book for the child to keep. Many families have been touched by this program and communication, parenting skills and literacy have been strengthened in the process. We are thrilled to have finished our 7th year of service in partnership with the Therapeutic Housing Unit of The Broome County Correctional Facility where a reduction of recidivism translates into a healthier community with less collateral damage to human lives as well as a significant taxpayer savings. We remain commented to the concept of this unit and are active members of the service provider's team, which conducts multiple services and meets weekly to coordinate programming.

Rev. Mogenson in Female Pod Doing Programs

The best and most exciting fulfillment in this challenging work is the joy, which comes when we encounter former inmates in and around our community who are ready to share their victories and accomplishments. Hardly a day goes by without at least one chaplaincy staff member having the privilege of hearing a success story.




Microsoft Word - Office of the Sheriff Annual Report 2007A.doc

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