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Military Accessories

Part V (B): Panniers and Tool Boxes

Ernie Franke [email protected] 03/2010

Russian Motorcycles


(Silver Goose @, and Bill Glaser @

Ammo Canisters vs. Panniers

Contrary to popular myth, panniers are not ammo boxes. Ammo might have been carried in them, but they were not designed with that purpose in mind. These are general purpose panniers for tools, parts, vodka, etc. Panniers are available through European vendors. IMWA (Irbit MotorWorks of America) sells a modernized version of these through their dealer network. Most are new-made copies, not NOS (new old stock).


M-72 K-750

K-750 CJ750

Pannier is derived from the old French "panier," meaning basket for bread. A Pannier is either of a pair of bags or boxes attached to the sides of the motorcycle or sidecar and is used to carry gear, clothes or tools.

Dnepr MW-750 (MB-750) and MW-650 (MB-650)

The mounting frame is bolted to the sidecar body and the pannier is then attached to the frame using the traditional spring loaded rotating handles.

K-750 Equipment Diagram

Early equipment lay-outs show "rounded" mounting brackets.



German Tool Boxes (Wehrmacht) WWII-Reproduction with C-profile Frame)

(Old Timer Garage)

Mounting Frame

Short Model (001.972): 135 x 245 x 335 mm

Tall Model (002.667): 135 x 355 x 335 mm

The frame is bolted to the sidecar body and the box is then fitted to the frame using the traditional spring loaded rotating handles. This design hasn't changed much since the originals by MMZ (Moscow Motorcycle Factory) in 1941.

Detachable Panniers or Toolboxes

Ural-Hamburg f2motorcycles S1331 Blitzbikes

S3513 01-0034 with Early Bracket 01-0014 with Later Bracket S1331A

This design hasn't changed much since the originals made by MMZ in 1938.

Comparative Pricing of Panniers and Tool Boxes

Item Tool Box Tool Box, black Ammo Toolbox with Early Mount Ammo Toolbox with Later Mount Ammo Box, repro Ammo Box, original, w/o bracket Ammunition box with bracket Tool Box and Holder, black Cartridge Box and Holder, black Pannier, short model Pannier, tall model Pannier Box with quick release mounts Replica WW II German Military Ammo Box Pannier box with quick release mounts Supplier ( Ural-Hamburg Blitzbikes Ural-Zentrale (Germany) Ural-Zentrale (Germany) ARBALET-UKRAINE [email protected] MO-BOX-BMW-DNEPR-URALsidecar-/380077096049 WWII 32 001.972 002.667 WWII 32 135 x 245 x 335 mm 135 x 355 x 335mm original pair of R75 style Brand New & Unpainted original pair of R75 style Sidecar Sidecar Sidecar Sidecar Part # 01-0034 01-0014 S1331A S1331 S3513 Sidecar H=33cm D =14cm L= 32cm Sidecar Sidecar Sidecar Fits Dnepr, Ural, K-750, M-72 Sidecar or Bike Mount Approx 2010 Price (USD) $116 $175 $90 $100 $109 $80 $157 $142 (£90) $80 $135 $135 $207 $120 $207










Reproductions of Tool Boxes Showing Two Types of Mounts (


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