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The Voyagers books are remarkable achievements. They are destined to become classics, not only within the category of metaphysical literature, but also within the emerging paradigms of practical psychology, spirituality, cosmology and quantum science. They are literally road maps to the stars and beyond, and hold a place of singular significance for us as we stand poised on the brink of a New Millennium.

VOYAGERS series the

Volume I: The Sleeping Abductees Volume II: The Secrets of Amenti

--The Quantum Access Group

by Ashayana Deane

The Voyagers Series books take you on an incredible journey deep into the most pertinent, perplexing mysteries of our times. Discover the realities of Alien Abduction, ET visitation and the monumental events to occur between 2002-2017. The hidden truth behind the ancient mysteries of the Arc of the Covenant, the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, the Hall of Records, the Halls of Amenti, the Melchizedek Races and humanity's evolutionary destiny are all uniquely explored through the Voyagers' perspective. Also discover Keylontic Morphogenetic Science and a model of inter-dimensional physics, time mechanics, cosmological order, multi-dimensional identity, DNA structure, spirituality and Bio-Spiritual Evolution that will revolutionize your understanding of the world, the universe and ourselves. Following 30 years of physical and communicative contact with an immense group of inter-time Visitors called the Guardian Alliance or G.A., Ashayana Deane brings us enormous volumes of detailed, accurate information about the nature of our present circumstances, revealing advanced scientific and spiritual concepts and practical applications, in order to assist us through these turbulent times. The first volume introduces the Guardian Alliance, a powerful, benevolent group of extraterrestrials, Metaterrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial races who reside within a myriad of different locations within and beyond the Time Matrix. You will find out about some of the ET cultures that comprise the G.A. organization and what their purposes are. Meet the Rhanthunkeana, Aethiens, Zeta Reticuli, Drakons and many more. Learn to distinguish between the Guardians who have our best interests at heart, and the Intruders, who serve themselves, often at our expense. Ashayana Deane introduces Keylontic Morphogenetic Science--the science of the blueprints of consciousness and creation, which holds the secret mechanics of the multidimensional universe and evolution of consciousness and biology. This science provides the framework and tools through which we can choose conscious evolution and through which we can learn to protect ourselves from the manipulation of present-day Intruder ET Visitors. Learn why and how people are being abducted and experimented with as part of Intruder ET hybrid breeding programs and Guardian ET genetic/spiritual acceleration efforts, and how certain Intruder factions are using the Keylontic technologies of frequency fences and holographic inserts to manipulate our perceived realities to their ends. Discover how we can use Keylontic Science to accelerate our bio-spiritual evolution, to protect our evolutionary blueprint and create immunity to Intruder manipulations. Voyagers--The Sleeping Abductees is the most comprehensive guide available on the hidden truth of the contemporary UFO phenomenon, ET/Visitor agendas, covert government dealings with Intruder ETs, hybridization, historical involvement of visitor races and evolution of human consciousness. In addition, this book introduces the Silicate Matrix gene code, the Soul Matrix and six Primary Levels of Human Identity, time and


DNA mechanics and the 15-Dimensional Model of universal physics. It also includes Keylontic Exercises for Visitor contact/abduction recall. This book contains vital information for understanding and taking effective action regarding Earth's present covert confrontation with ET intelligence.


The 2nd edition of Voyagers II was instigated on September 12, 2000, when a global event of paramount significance occurred within the covert infrastructure of the New Age, UFO and Illuminati movements. On September 11, 2001, in preparation for the first anniversary of the September 12, 2000, event, the Trigger Event of the WTC/Pentagon Terrorist Attack was launched as the first step in the intended 2011 fulfillment of a hidden global agenda that reaches far backward in time. Earth is poised at the cusp of a "Great New Age," long predicted in Hopi prophecies as the "Fifth World," the Mayan Calendar and Biblical Revelation. Humanity will now determine whether this New Age is destined to become a Free Age of Genuine Enlightenment, or a New Dark Age of One-World-Order dominion. The origins of our contemporary dilemma and its SOUL-U-TIONS extend back into the greatest secrets of the ancient past. Voyagers II, 2nd Ed., reaches from the heart of legendary Atlantis, Lemuria and Nibiru, through the ancient Ascension mysteries of the Arc of the Covenant, the Great Pyramid, "Inner Earth," "Visitor" races, Biblical Revelation and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates, emerging to reveal the contemporary secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, HAARP, Montauk Project, the Philadelphia Experiment, the New Age Movement, the 9/11/2001 disaster and over 70 years of covert UFO cover-up and Infra-sound Scalar Pulse testing. Revealing the truth of 500 million years of 12-Tribe Human evolution--as directly translated from the Ancient CDT-Plate Holographic Recorder Discs--the Forbidden History of Humanity's Original Sacred Mission, and the coveted Secrets of Amenti are now being returned to assist us in our contemporary confrontation with destiny. In rediscovering our Human heritage, which includes Visitors from the Stars, the Checkerboard DNA Mutation, and the Secrets of the Templar, we will also rediscover the real divinity within the "Human Condition" and reclaim the Sacred Knowledge and Eternal Healing Power that is the Human Birthright.

Author Bio: Ashayana Deane has had physical encounters with ET intelligence since the age of 4. At age 7, she participated in physical, consensual abductions with the Guardian Alliance through which she received training in Keylontic Morphogenetic Science, Multidimensional Physics and the Science of Ascension. After a Near-Death Experience at age 18, Ashayana entered training in the Melchizedek Cloister (the governing body of the Melchizedek Priesthood) via the Guardian Alliance. Ashayana has worked as a professional studio artist and within the Commercial Printing and Theater Management industries. In 1996 the G.A. asked Ashayana to go public with their teachings to help humanity prepare for 2000-2017. A husband-wife team, Ashayana and Michael Deane presently work as speakers, teachers and spiritual consultants, bringing the G.A. knowledge of Conscious Evolution, Keylontic Science and the Science of Dimensional Ascension to the public via books, audio-visual programs, private consultations, workshops and seminars all over the world. Together they have developed a Facilitators Course and Keylontic Healing Program based upon the teachings of the G.A. They currently run The Azurite Temple, a Keylontic Healing-Spiritual Development Center in Florida and England.

Vol. I: Voyagers (2nd Ed.) -- The Sleeping Abductees Vol. II: Voyagers (2nd Ed.) -- The Secrets of Amenti Ashayana Deane

Vol. I: Tradepaper - $16.00; ISBN: 1-893183-24-6 Vol. II: Tradepaper - $26.00; ISBN:1-893183-25-4 2nd Edition Publication Date: January 2002


Granite Publishing, P.O. Box 1429, Columbus, NC 28722

National Publicity Contact: Eileen Duhné Public Relations Phone/Fax: 415.459.2573 [email protected] Distributed through New Leaf, BookPeople, Baker & Taylor and Ingram


Press release.VOY.2nd ed.

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