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Departure Locations: Greene Coach Tours takes great pride in presenting our 2012 Morristown: White pine (exit 8) showcase of motor coach travel adventures. This year is special Best Western to the Greene Coach family as it marks the 67th anniversary of the company's founding in 1945. That milestone makes Greene Greeneville: Greene Coach Coach Company, Inc., the oldest continuously operated bus company in Tennessee. That achievement alone represents the hard Johnson City: Carnegie Hotel work and dedicated professional ethic instilled in our employees (State of Franklin) who contribute so much to the success of our company. Near parking Like any other business, Greene Coach has felt the crunch of garage the economic crisis that faces our nation. But, we have learned Kingsport: Meadowview Conference new methods of streamlining our business and actually strengthCenter ened our position in the past year. One of the major changes you Bristol/Abingdon: Holiday Inn will notice immediately is the new SETRA motor coaches we have (exit 7) added to our fleet. These coaches, manufactured by Mercedes, Convention are state of the art technology and are undisputedly the finest Center luxury coaches that money can buy. These vehicles are equipped Knoxville: Days Inn with every amenity imaginable, to include wireless internet, Satel(Merchant Road) lite DirecTV, individual passenger seat belts, the latest in EPA Please Note: certified clean air engine technology as well as Global Position Even though we have secured tracking systems. Climb aboard one of these coaches and you permission and there is no will be swept away by the "smooth as silk ride" and the panoramic charge for parking at any of view provided by the "Top Sky" sky-light windows. the departure points, neither One of the key factors in our decision to update our tour fleet Greene Coach, the hotels/ is the fact that the Department of Transportation has mandated motels, shopping centers, seat belts on all buses.This along with the SETRA certification businesses, etc., accepts of European roof strength standards makes the coach the safest responsibility for the safety of commercial tour coach available on our highways today. your vehicle. The above deIt won't be hard to spot one of these beauties as we sport parture locations are pick up a new look, complete with scenes of the majestic Great Smoky only. You are encouraged not Mountains, lake scenes and other iconic features of this beautiful to leave your vehicle at any East Tennessee area we are blessed to live in. location. Our tours, continue to maintain the highest standards available in lodging, dining and sightseeing attractions. Our staff of travel professionals work hard to insure you get the very most for your travel investment ­ and of coarse we include a lot of the main ingredient, "FUN on the RUN" in our itineraries. Now, kick back ­ take ya shoes off ­ relax and enjoy reading about our destinations this year. After all, there's never been a better time to enjoy the benefits of motor coach touring.

Thanks and God Bless You Russ and Sheila Ooten Owners


2012 Greene Coach Tours


Due to the limited number of people we can comfortably accommodate per tour, we encourage you to make reservations early. This assists us in making hotel reservations and purchase necessary tickets in advance.

CANCELLED TOURS: If Greene Coach Tours has the need to cancel an entire tour, your money will be fully refunded.Cancellation on fly tours will result in a fee. Cancellation fees are determined by the individual airline. You will be charged according to their policy. REVISION FEES: A handling fee of $25.00 per transaction will be assessed for any change or revision made to a reservation. A change of departure date within 90 days of departure will be treated as a cancellation and cancellation charges will apply. TOUR PRICE INCLUDES: Roundtrip transportation on Greene Coach deluxe motorcoaches which have all the latest amenities such as air-conditioning, restroom, adjustable seats, stereo & PA system, panoramic viewing windows, and a luxurious, smooth ride. Frequently, it may be necessary to pick-up and return passengers in vans, etc., in order to alleviate any unnecessary transport time. You will be notified of such transportation requirements. GRATUITIES: All tips/gratuities to bellmen, doormen, maids, step-on-guides, and meals included are inclusive in the tour price. Tip/gratuities are not included for the Tour Director and Motorcoach Drivers. Please do so on an individual basis ACCOMMODATIONS: Accommodations are selected based on safe environment, convenient location, cleanliness, hospitality and available dining facilities. In some areas, such as National Parks, the accommodations may be a bit rustic, but the views and natural surroundings make it quite worthwhile. Room assignments are made at random by hotel/motel staff.

Single Twin/Double Triple Quad


By Phone: Reservations may be made by calling one of our office numbers between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday - Friday. NO reservation will be considered valid until deposit has been received. Deposit will determine seat assignment. By Mail: Mail in deposit along with a reservation form or a note telling us which trip the payment is for. Reservation forms are on page 5.

423-638-8271 or 423-639-4481 Fax 423-638-5541

BAGGAGE DISCLAIMER: Although every effort is made to handle passengers' luggage as carefully as possible, Greene Coach is not responsible for and does not assume liability or accept claims for loss of or damage to luggage due to breakage, theft or wear and tear through hotel and group carrier handling. It is recommended for your own self interest and protection that you have adequate insurance to cover these eventualities. Check with your sales agent for low cost insurance to cover these risks. TRAVELERS NEEDING SPECIAL ASSISTANCE: In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, Greene Coach Tours will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the special needs of tour participants. It is strongly recommended that persons requiring assistance be accompanied by a companion who is capable of and totally responsible for providing the assistance. Neither Greene Coach personnel nor its suppliers may physically lift or assist clients onto transportation vehicles. Travelers needing special assistance for other than personal needs must notify Greene Coach at the time of booking to determine what assistance may reasonably be made available by Greene Coach. Greene Coach regrets that it cannot provide special individual assistance to a tour member with special needs for walking, dining or other special needs. No member of our staff is insured or protected by laws which would enable them to assist any person/persons with disabilities. Any special requests for transporting any medical equipment, etc. will be handled on each individual basis, as the request is received in the office. FINAL TOUR INFORMATION DOCUMENTS:

MOTORCOACH TOUR FAMILY DISCOUNT PLAN: For children 6 years and under please consult office personnel for discounts and information.

DEPOSITS: Please see each individual tour itinerary for deposit amount. METHOD OF PAYMENT: Greene Coach Tours accepts payment on tours in the form of cash, personal check or credit card. We gladly accept Mastercard and Visa. Refund & Cancellation Policy: Should it become necessary for the customer to cancel a tour, and you are participating have purchased Travel Safe travel insurance then recovery will be between you, the customer and the Insurance company. (Phone number is located on your Insurance documents). If a cancelation is received 90 days before departure, only recoverable monies will be refunded. Therefore you are urged to purchase the safest method of recouping your monies!


TravelSafe Insurance

Travel Insurance services Endorsed by the ABA

One person/One bed Two persons/Two beds Three persons/Two beds Four persons/Two beds

Forty five to thirty days before your tour departure you will receive final tour information, including your specific departure point and time, luggage tag, hotel/motel list with phone numbers, insurance information, and any changes to itinerary.

1-800-338-5469 · 423-638-8271



Trip #

Trip Name

Single Price

Double Each

Tripe/Quad Each

April 6-8 1201 April 9-11 1202 April 20-22 1203

Savannah Scenes Tunica Mississppi Casino Charleston Charms


$569.00 $319.00 $559.00

$449.00 $239.00 $459.00

$399.00 $199.00 $419.00

May 19-22


Ohio Amish





June 4-6 June 7-10 June 16-24 June 21-25

1205 1206 1207 1208

Tunica Mississppi Casino New York Quickie Maine's Rugged Coast Niagara Falls


$319.00 $1269.00 $1799.00 $969.00

$239.00 $699.00 $1349.00 $759.00

$199.00 $669.00 $1179.00 $719.00

July 3- 6 1209 July 12-15 1210 July 231211 Aug 7

Washington DC 4th July Gettysburg, PA Amish California's Sunshine


$769.00 $769.00 $1,699.00

$569.00 $569.00 $1,499.00

$529.00 $519.00 $1,299.00

Aug. 2-5 Aug 15-19 Aug 20-22

1212 1213 1214

New York On Your Own Blackbeard's Outer Banks Tunica Mississppi Casino


$1299.00 $869.00 $319.00

$749.00 $699.00 $239.00

$699.00 $619.00 $199.00


2012 Greene Coach Tours


Trip #

Trip Name

Single Price

Double Each

Tripe/Quad Each

Sept 6-15


Colarado Aspen





Oct 1-9 Oct 7-13 Oct 20-21

1216 1217 1218

New England Fall Colors Louisiana Bayou Tenn River Cruise


$1999.00 $1299.00 $499.00

$1499.00 $1099.00 $359.00

$1299.00 $929.00 $319.00

Nov 5-7 Nov 20-24

1219 1220

Tunica Mississppi Casino Thanksgiving in New York


$319.00 $2199.00

$239.00 $1499.00

$199.00 $1299.00

Dec 7-9


Opryland Country Christmas





-- Tour Reservation Form --

Tour Name: Departure Date: Passenger Name(s); (With Full First Names): Rooming With: Email: Address: Home Phone: ( ) Work Phone: ( ) Boarding Point: DO NOT CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION Accommodations: Single: Twin Double: Triple: Quad: Amount of Deposit Enclosed: Payment Method: Personal Check: Visa: Master Card: Credit Card # Expires: Names To Appear on Name Badge:


and explore River Street and the many unique restaurants, shops and antique markets to mention a few. Tonight we enjoy a southern dinner.(D) DAY 3: We depart this morning and journey homeward with great memories of our Savannah vacation.

#1201 APRIL 6-8 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/QUAD: $399 DOUBLE: $449 SINGLE: $569 DAY 1: Today we board our motorcoach and make our journey to a city where southern hospitality was born and bred. That city is Savannah, GA. where we are spending the next 2 nights. One of the most enchanting and exquisite seaside port cities in the world and has charmed visitors for centuries. Founded in 1733 by Englishman James Edward Oglethorpe, Savannah was one of America's first planned cities, and Georgia's first capitol. DAY 2: Today begins with a tour as a native Savannahian joins our motorcoach for an indepth view of history, past and present, of this fascinating city. We are anxious to see the historic landmarks, factors walk, cotton exchange, customs house and much more and leave with a deeper southern appreciation. After our tour, we have "free" time to have lunch



#1202 APRIL 9-11 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/QUAD: $199 DOUBLE: $239 SINGLE: $319 DAY 1: Welcome aboard your deluxe motor coach as we journey to Tunica MS and listen for bells and whistles as we play to win!! DAY 2: Our 2nd night stay is at the fabulous Gold Strike Casinos Hotel where we will play, stay and eat our time away from home. While here you will also be a guest at the Harrah's with time to play and eat. Then it's check-out time and homeward bound with our pockets full and memories of our great time in Tunica! DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON



2012 Greene Coach Tours



DAY 1: Today we board our motorcoach and make our journey to a city where southern hospitality was born and bred. That city is Charleston, SC where we are spending the next 2 nights. One of the most enchanting and exquisite seaside port cities in the world and has charmed visitors for centuries. Day 2: Charleston-the 300 year old city renowned for its splendid architecture, embelished with fanciful wrought iron, whimsical rainbow hues, all that delights the eye. We begin our day with a narrated tour of this historic city. Then its "free" time for lunch and to further explore the charming city on your own. You might choose to visit the old city market and watch as artists from generations down create their beautiful "sweetgrass" baskets or enjoy a narrated boat tour of the harbor and Fort Sumter. There will be lots to see and do as you wish. We'll stay another night in Charleston, enjoy a delightful meal together.(D) DAY 3: We depart this morning and journey homeward with great memories of our Charleston vacation.

DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON #1204 May 19-22 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/QUAD $519 DOUBLE $569 SINGLE $669 DAY 1: Welcome to an unforgettable journey of sights and memories as we travel through the wild , wonderful state of West Virginia At Williamstown, we will visit the Fenton Art Glass Co. where tours cover the entire glassmaking process, from the furnace to the finished product. Also located here is the Fenton Glass Museum and Factory Outlet. Later we'll cross the Ohio River into the Buckeye State, for our 3 night stay.. Day 2: This morning we will visit Warther's Carvings


Museum. Earnest "Mooney " Warther, "World Master Carver," presents an amazing display of hand carved wooden wonders, including steam locomotives , a carving of the Dover Steel Mill where the artist first worked and a plier tree carved out of a solid piece of walnut. Also featured is Mrs. Warthers 73,000 button collection (no two alike)in beautiful quilt patterns, a Swiss style garden and Indian relics. The museum has been family owned and operated for 80 years. After lunch, we will drive to Berlin, Ohio. In Historic Berlin we will have the remainder of the afternoon to explore the many sights and sounds of the city. We return to the hotel. Day 3: What a day we have in store for you as we travel to the heart of the Amish Country. We'll be joined by a local guide for a day of sightseeing


to include: a visit to the cheese factory, a stop at a working forge, see the Amish at the Mt. Hope Auction and Flea Market and tour an Amish farm and home . Later we'll visit one of the Amish country's top attractions at Lehmans "Acre Under Roof." The Los Angeles Times called Lehman's "One of the most extraordinary hardware stores anywhere.". We will see non -electric housewares and oil lamps , cook stoves, butter churns, garden tools, gas refrigerators, pickle kegs and kettles. Nowhere else, but Lehman's still carries them for local Amish customers. After a great day of sight-seeing we return to the hotel. Day 4: Homeward bound.. We will treasure our visit with our new-found Ohio Amish friends. DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON #1205 JUNE 4-6 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/QUAD: $199 DOUBLE: $239 SINGLE: $319 DAY 1: Welcome aboard your deluxe motor coach as we journey to Tunica MS and listen for bells and whistles as we play to win!! DAY 2: Our 2nd night stay is at the fabulous Gold Strike Casinos Hotel where we will play, stay and eat our time away from

home. While here you will also be a guest at the Harrah's with time to play and eat. Then it's check-out time and homeward bound with our pockets full and memories of our great time in Tunica! DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON


#1206 JUNE 7-10 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/QUAD: $669 DOUBLE: $699 SINGLE: $1269 DAY 1: All aboard for the Big Apple! New York City may not be the center of the universe, but it does occupy a central place in the world's imagination. We have all day to get acquainted as we travel through Virginia and Maryland to our 3-night destination in Jersey. DAY 2: This morning we travel to New Jersey's Liberty


Park. Here we board a ferry for a ride to Liberty Island, where we'll visit the Statue of Liberty. The Lady celebrated her 100th birthday in 1986 and a $230 million dollar restoration took place to get her in tip-top shape. Now this 151-foot tall, copper statue has a new torch and her crown's seven spikes have been strengthened. The spikes represent the seven seas and the seven continents. Tonight we attend a fabulous Broadway production. DAY 3: This morning we are joined by a native New Yorker for a tour of this exciting city. We'll see such sights as Wall Street, Chinatown, Broadway, Times Square, Central Park and much more. This afternoon is free for shopping where you can visit flagship stores of famous retail chains; Tiffany's, Saks, F.A.O. Schwartz just to mention a few, browse in specialty shops, or just indulge in people


2012 Greene Coach Tours

watching. Tonight, we take a trip to the observation level of the Empire State Building where you'll experience a spectacular view of the city. DAY 4: Now we understand why New York City is the world's largest, number one attraction. It seems that the sights and the fun never cease. We have sampled only a small part of the Big Apple, but what an awesome New York Quickie. DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON

#1207 JUNE 16-24 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/QUAD: $1,179 DOUBLE: $1,349 SINGLE: $1,799 Jagged angles of the coast echo the crash of the surf against the rocks. Picturesque fishing villages in the shadows of guardian lighthouses, and a flat Yankee twang that makes its speech as salty as its sea - This is Maine, inspiration to artists, poets, and travelers throughout the world. DAY 1: Enjoy the beautiful Shenandoah Valley today as we travel to our Nation's Capitol, Washington, D.C. where we'll spend our first night. Tonight we'll make a brief tour of the city to view some of the lighted memorials and WW II Memorial. DAY 2: Skylines of some of the largest cities on the eastern


seaboard loom in the distance today as we travel to our overnight destination in Rhode Island. DAY 3: We begin sightseeing today as we travel through Boston to beautiful Cape Ann on the north shore. At Gloucester we'll see the Fisherman's Memorial, then view the rocky coastline up to nearby Rockport, a serene old fishing village that has become a year-round artists' colony. We continue on to York Harbor, Maine where we'll stop for lunch at the Cape Neddick Lighthouse, one of the most photographed in Maine. Later we continue along the jagged shoreline to Kennebunkport, our home for tonight. (L) DAY 4: Our first stop today is at the Portland Headlight, the oldest continuously used lighthouse in America - erected on orders from President George Washington.

Next we'll have time for shopping at the L.L. Bean Factory Outlet in Freeport, Maine. Our journey continues along the rockbound shoreline of Penobscot Bay to Bar Harbor our home for 2 nights. DAY 5: Enjoy a tour of breathtaking Acadia National Park this morning. Surrounded by coastline, the park offers a spectacular view of the mountains, lakes, forest and the ocean from atop Cadillac Mountain. There will be free time this afternoon to explore the quaint village with its delightful shops. Tonight we complete our day with a traditional Maine lobster dinner. (D) DAY 6: Count on some photo stops today as we travel through the capitol city of Augusta enroute to the serene lakes region of New Hampshire. After our lunch stop we journey


to a beautiful estate, Castle in the Clouds, located in the heart of the Ossipee Mountains. Afternoon we'll travel to our overnight lodging at Lake Winnepesaukee, NH. (D&B) DAY 7: This morning you'll have free time to explore this quaint seacoast village, then board the Lake Winnipesaukee boat for a delightful cruise of the lake area. Then its all aboard our motorcoach and journey to Connecticut for our overnight lodging. DAY 8: We travel today through lower New England and the mountains of PA enroute to Chambersburg, PA for overnight. DAY 9: Homeward bound with the sights and sounds of Maine's Rugged Coast etched in our minds forever. DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON



DAY 1: We're off on a journey that includes scenery, excitement and one of the world's natural wonders, Niagara Falls. We'll travel to Ohio, our first overnight stop. DAY 2: We travel along the south shore of Lake Erie today and arrive in Niagara Falls in the early afternoon. Tonight for those who wish, we return to view the nightly illumination of the falls by a splendor of colored lights. The scene is breathtaking. DAY 3: Today, we continue to explore the Niagara area. We will have first hand information as we are joined by a native Canadian for a guided tour. We will journey up the gorge and stop at the famous School of Horticulture to view 100 acres of horticultural delights. Set

your watch by the massive floral clock, 40 feet in diameter. After we say farewell to our guide we'll visit Niagara On The Lake. A picturesque town with a long and distinguished history which parallels the growth of the province. The town's attractions include beautiful gardens and historic Queen Street, where we will have free time for lunch and shopping in the unique shops. Afterwards, we will stop by the Welland Canal Visitor's Center and Viewing Platform. If we are lucky, we can watch a giant Great Lakes freighter pass through one of the eight locks connecting Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. We return to our hotel in Niagara. DAY 4: We bid farewell to lovely Niagara, as we head back to the good ol' USA. Our destination is Pittsburgh, PA, where you will be our guests for dinner aboard a riverboat. We'll enjoy a view of the city, as we cruise along the Golden Triangle. DAY 5: Depart for home as we relive our favorite sights and adventures of this Canadian Wonder - Niagara Falls. PASSPORT REQUIRED DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON


2012 Greene Coach Tours

and Robert Kennedy.(D)



DAY 1: If you want an actionpacked, fun way to spend the Fourth of July this year, look to Washington, D.C., our Nation's Capitol. Today we board our deluxe motorcoach and get acquainted as we travel through the beautiful Shenandoah Valley to our destination. Late this afternoon, we will check into our hotel for a 3-night stay. Tonight, we take a night tour of the monuments. See the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building and the Jefferson Memorial, doused in illuminating light. DAY 2: This morning, our guide will show us such sights as the Department of Engraving and Printing, the National Cathedral, Ford Theater, the Capitol Building, and the White House and New WWII Memorial. Afternoon we visit Arlington National Cemetery, the National Military Cemetery for fallen war heroes. See the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, the Changing of the Guard and the grave sites of President John Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Natural History, or any of the 14 museums at the Smithsonian. You can also take the subway to the National Zoo. Don't miss the 4th of July parade down Constitution Avenue and the fireworks after dark. These can be viewed from the mall area, the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial. Our motorcoach will pick you up after the fireworks at a designated area. DAY 4: This morning, we board our coach for a restful trip home. What an Independence Day celebration! DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON

DAY 3: Rise and Shine! It's Independence Day. It is also your independent day. We will drop everyone off at the Smithsonian Institute, where all 4th of July activities will be held in the mall area. You may also wish to visit the Air & Space Museum, the Museum of



# 1210 July 12-15 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/ QUAD $519 DOUBLE $569 SINGLE $669

DAY 1: All aboard for an exciting getaway to the Amish area of Pennsylvania. There'll be plenty of time to get acquainted as our coach travelers through the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia en route to historic Gettysburg PA, where we'll spend the night. DAY 2: Hear the roar of the cannons, smell the gunpowder and feel the anguish in the hearts of men as our licensed battlefield guide joins our group for a tour of the battlefield. We'll learn interesting facts and figures about the battle that forever changed the destiny of America History. After lunch, we travel to Lancaster, PA. Here, a local guide will join us and familiarize us with the beautiful Amish Countryside, as well as the culture and faith of the "plain

people". We'll stay in Lancaster 2 nights. DAY 3: Another busy day of sightseeing as we board our coach and travel to Longwood Gardens. Once the country estate of industrialist Pierre S.du Pont, Longwood is famous for its superb grounds that include elaborate fountains, two lakes, woodlands, a formal rose garden, a conservatory and greenhouses. The house, occupied by du Pont family until 1954, contains an exhibit tracing the 300-year historical and horticultural evolution of Longwood Gardens. Tonight, we'll enjoy an Amish feast- family style before visiting the beautiful Sight & Sound Christian Theatre for the performance of "Joseph". This Broadway style production based on the first 3 chapters of Genesis will leave you spellbound and spiritually up lifted. (D) DAY 4: We bid farewell to

our Amish friends this morning as we travel back home filled with memories of our exciting tour. DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON


2012 Greene Coach Tours

#1211 JULY 23-AUGUST 7 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/QUAD: $1,699 DOUBLE: $1,499 SINGLE: $1,299 DAY 1: Sit back, relax and "leave the driving to us". We'll get acquainted with our new traveling family as our drier takes us through Tennessee, Alabama and on to Meridian, MS for the night. DAY 2: We'll continue west this morning, crossing the mighty Mississippi River, passing through Louisiana and on into the Lone Star State of Texas. Late this afternoon, we'll visit the Kennedy Memorial before heading on the Fort Worth area for overnight and dinner with Western Flair! (B)(D) DAY 3: We'll see first hand how big the State of Texas is as we travel west via the west Texas cow towns of Abilene, Sweetwater and Big Spring. Late this afternoon we'll cross the Pecos River into Carlsbad, New Mexico, our home for the night. (CB) DAY 4: We'll tour Carlsbad Caverns this mourning. This is considered one of the largest and most beautiful caverns in the world. After our visit we head to the beautiful White Sands National Monument at Alamogordo. Later we drive to


Las Cruses, New Mexico for an overnight stay. (B) DAY 5: Tombstone, AX "the town to tough to die", is now a Registered National Historic Landmark. Tombstone was made famous by the gunfight between Wyatt and Virgil Earp and the Clantons at the O.K. Corral. We visit Book Hill Cemetery, the O.K. Corral and the offices of the Tombstone Epitaph. Later, We travel west by the Painted Rock Mountains to Tucson, AZ. for an overnight stay. (B) DAY 6: This morning we visit Saguaro National Park where giant Saguaro cactus tower above the desert horizon. Then we'll cross the Colorado River into the "Golden State," California. We'll skirt along the Mexican border as we drive to San Diego for a (2) night stay. (B) DAY 7: A visit to San Diego just wouldn't be complete without a stop at the world famous

San Diego Zoo, where we'll see every kind of animal imaginable. We'll spend the night in San Diego. (B) DAY 8: Today we drive north toward Los Angeles, Along the way we'll visit the Old mission at San Juan Capistrano, where the swallows return each year. This afternoon we'll be joined by a local guide for a tour of Los Angeles to include the downtown area, Mann's Chinese Theatre, Farmers Market, the Star's Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive and much more. We stay tonight in L.A. (B) DAY 9: We say good-bye to Los Angeles this morning and head east passing through the desert country to sparking Las Vegas, Nevada for an overnight stay. (B) DAY 10: What an exciting day this will be! Get your cameras ready as we leave Las Vegas and head for Hoover Dam. One of the largest man-made struc-


tures in the world, it rises 726 feet above the Colorado River. This great dam impounds the waters of Lake Mead, which is one of the largest man-made bodies of water in the entire world. We'll take a tour of the dam and then travel east to Kingman and on to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is as much as 18 miles wide and approximately a mile deep. This magnificent spectacle has been said by many to be the highlight of their tour. We'll stay overnight in the Canyon area. (B)(D) DAY 11: The natural beauty of the west continues this mourning as we visit the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Parks. Here, we'll see tree trunks that are possibly millions of years old. The painted Desert is like a giant rainbow in the sands along the Little Colorado River. Later we'll drive to Albuquerque, NM for our overnight stay. Enjoy the authentic flavor of the southwest tonight when you'll be our guest for inner. (B)(D) DAY 12: Enjoy a spectacular view this morning when we visit 10,378 ft. Sandia Peak via the aerial tramway. This afternoon our route takes us through the panhandle country to Amarillo, TX for overnight. (B) DAY 13: You're in for a real treat today when we travel to Cheyenne, OK and experience life like the "cowhand's" do at Coyote Hills guest ranch.

Tonight we'll take a hay ride to our chuck wagon site where we can pitch horse shoes, play checkers or learn to rope "steel" calves while "cookie" prepares dinner over a campfire. (B)(L) (D) DAY 14: After a good nights rest in the bunkhouse we'll enjoy a buffet cowboy breakfast in the social barn. There'll be a few minutes to browse through the trading post before we bid farewell to our host and travel to Oklahoma City. This afternoon we'll visit the Cowboy hall of Fame and Heritage Center before checking into our hotel for the night. (B) DAY 15: The terrain will begin to change today as we leave the oil well country of Oklahoma behind and enter the rolling hills of Arkansas. We'll stop in fort Smith for a tour of Judge Isaac Parker's Courtroom (also known as The Hanging Judge and the Law West of the Mississippi). We'll travel on by Little Rock and then late this afternoon, cross the Mississippi River into Memphis, TN to stay overnight. (B)(D) DAY 16: Homeward bound! Along the way, we'll stop at Jackson, TN for a rest and refreshment stop at the Old Country Store. We'll have lunch near Nashville and arrive in East TN soon. This tour will have covered about 5,000 miles in 13 states and Old Mexico. We'll have enough memories to last a

long time and enough pictures to fill our albums (B) DEPOSIT $500 PER PERSON

Must have a Passport


2012 Greene Coach Tours

For you shoppers, you can easily bring your packages back to your room and then head back for more. Also, the subway station is just around the corner making travel from the Battery to the Bronx as easy as pie. And of course, since you're an experienced New Yorker, you'll want to bring a friend or relative so you can show them your New York.



#1213 AUG 15-19 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/QUAD:$619 DOUBLE:$699 SINGLE:$869 DAY 1: Know what one of the Atlantic Coast's best-kept secrets is? You guessed..... North Carolina's Coastal Region. A string of narrow islands and peninsulas along the NC coast make up this region. Rich in history, and in spite of years


of raging storms and shipwrecks, the area has developed a distinctive culture; yet retained its primitive charm. We'll travel across this beautiful State of NC, to New Bern, where our lodging tonight has been secured. DAY 2: This morning we will make our way to the first Colonial Capital of NC, the famed Tryon Palace. When it was complete in 1770, the Palace was considered the finest government building in Colonial America. You'll enjoy a narrated tour, by a costumed guide, of this fabulous palace. You also have an opportunity to enjoy the incredible 18th century English Garden. As we approach lunchtime, we'll stop in the beautiful, quaint, seaport village of Beaufort, NC. Here we will have our lunch and free time for shopping in some of the unique village shops.

DAY 1-4: For the experienced New York traveler, we'll travel to the Big Apple for a 3 night stay in the heart of the Times Square Theater District. The convenience of your hotel easily puts you within walking distance to: Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza, 5th Avenue, Macy's, The Empire State Building, dozens of theaters and more.


Afternoon we will continue our journey to Morehead City, NC, for our overnight stay. After some rest and relaxation, we'll enjoy a great musical drama " Worthy is the Lamb". This powerful and inspiring drama of the Life of Christ will leave you spellbound and spiritually uplifted. The set includes a river representing the Sea of Galilee and replicas of Jerusalem, Golgotha and the nearby Garden Tomb. Magnificent is the word to describe this drama. DAY 3: This morning we will travel to Cedar Island where we will board a ferry to cross the Pamlico Sound to Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks. This island is said to have been a hangout for Blackbeard, the Pirate. The "Old World" flavor still appears in the irregularity of its houses and sandy streets. We will continue our drive north along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The National Seashore is considered to be the most extensive stretch of undeveloped seashore on the Atlantic Coast. Here we will visit the famed Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the tallest such "brick structure in the U.S." This light house received notoriety in news papers, magazines and news as to its moving due to the ocean's approach and damage to the protective seawall around the light house. This 208 ft. structure warns ships

away from Diamond Shoals, TUNICA, MS CASINO "the Graveyard of the Atlantic," #1214 APRIL 20-22 where countless numbers of PRICE PER PERSON vessels, old and new, lie at the TRIPLE/QUAD: $199 bottom of the ocean. After our DOUBLE: $239 visit and pictures we will journey SINGLE: $319 on to the beautiful resort area of DAY 1: Welcome aboard Nags Head, NC, our stay for the your deluxe motor coach as we next 2 nights. journey to Tunica MS and listen for bells and whistles as we play DAY 4: Today we will board to win!! our motorcoach and travel to DAY 2: Our 2nd night stay is Kill Devil Hills, NC, and visit the at the fabulous Gold Strike CaWright Brothers Memorial to sinos Hotel where we will play, learn how flight began. It was stay and eat our time away from here in Kill Devil Hills in 1903 home. While here you will also that Orville and Wilbur Wright be a guest at the Harrah's with successfully launched the first time to play and eat. Then it's of a powder driven airplane. check-out time and homeward This afternoon finds us at the bound with our pockets full and Ft. Raleigh National Historic memories of our great time in Site, where we'll learn about Tunica! the mysterious disappearance of the first permanent English DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON settlement known as "The Lost Colony". You will also have an opportunity to visit the Elizabethan Gardens. These are recreated 16th century formal gardens, with a splendor of their own. We will return to our hotel at Nags Head, and prepare to attend playwright, Paul Greene's "The Lost Colony" drama. DAY 5: Today we will load up our memories and experiences and make our journey back to East Tennessee with a better understanding of the Coastal Region of North Carolina. DEPOSIT $200 PER PERSON


2012 Greene Coach Tours

#1215 SEPTEMBER 6-15 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/QUAD $1,299 DOUBLE $1,499 SINGLE $1,799 DAY 1: Our colorful journey begins today, as we travel through KY to our first overnight stop in Mount Vernon, Illinois. DAY 2: The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri sets the mood this morning, as we cross the mighty Mississippi River. We will travel west through Kansas City to our overnight stop in Abilene, KS. DAY 3: Our destination today is the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado. Glass and steel towers cut the skyline of this city as do the Rocky Mountains to the west. We'll make a visit to the Capitol building where you may stand on the step that marks the "Mile High" City. We will check into our hotel here in Denver for the night. DAY 4: Today starts with a visit to Lookout Mountain where we'll make a brief stop at the gravesite of the famous frontiersman, Buffalo Bill Cody. After lunch in Granby, we will drive a short distance to the western entrance of the Rocky Mountain National Park. The 417 square mile park offers an abundance of peaks, meadows, canyons, streams and mountain


lakes. We will travel through the park on theTrail Ridge Road. A highway that roughly parallels an old Indian trail above the timberline. We will be surrounded by the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains and warmed by the magnificent autumn gold of the Aspen. On the eastern edge of the Park lies the snowcapped resort town of Estes Park, where we will stay tonight. DAY 5: There are more breathtaking sights in store for us today, as we travel south to Colorado Springs. First we will visit the impressive campus of the United States Air Force Academy, where cadets undergo four years of training and study. We will visit the "Garden of the Gods," a national landmark famous for its beautiful red stones and dramatic late afternoon colors. Tonight, we will head out to a working cattle and horse ranch,

for a chuck wagon supper and a western stage show. We know you'll enjoy spending the night in Colorado Springs.(D) DAY 6: Today, we will take a ride on the world's highest cog railroad to the top of Pike's Peak. The view from the top is said to have inspired the writing of the famous song, "America the Beautiful." Later, we travel to the Royal Gorge, near Canon City. A magnificent canyon with cliffs rising over 1,000 ft. above the Arkansas river. You will have an opportunity to walk over the world's highest suspension bridge, or take a trip to the bottom of the gorge aboard an incline railway or an aerial tram to the other side of the gorge. Following our visit, we will travel to our overnight destination, Pueblo, Colorado. DAY 7: Today's destination is Dodge City, Kansas. Fittingly called "Hell on the Plains" and "The Wickedest Little City in


America." Dodge City was wide open in the late 1800's. It's famous Front Street was the wildest on the frontier. We will have a chance to visit Front Street, a 2-block area reconstructed to appear as it did in the 1870's. Sites include the Long Branch Saloon, Saratoga Saloon, the Blacksmith Shop, a drugstore and other businesses. We will also see the original Boot Hill Cemetery, named for gunmen and lonely strangers who were killed on the spot and buried with their boots on. Overnight in Dodge City. DAY 8: We will continue through the "National Breadbasket" this morning to Wichita, Kansas, and on to Oklahoma. Just east of Tulsa is the small town of Claremore, where we will visit the Will Rogers Memorial. Built on a 20-acre site where the humorist once planned to build his home, the memorial includes a museum displaying Rogers' personal mementos, such as a saddle collection, riding whips and murals depicting his life as a rodeo and film star. Overnight in Claremore. DAY 9: Today's journey takes us across the "Show Me" State, Missouri. At Springfield we'll have time for lunch and browsing at the Bass Pro Shop, one of the world's largest sporting goods stores featuring an indoor cascading waterfall, a two-story log cabin and five

and figures about the battles that forever changed the destiny of American history. Following our tour of the battlefield, we will visit the nearby country home of the late President and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower. After our lunch stop, we will travel to Lancaster, PA. Here a local guide will join us and familiarize us with the beautiful Amish countryside, as well as the culture and faith of the "Plain People." Overnight will be in Lancaster. (D) DAY 3: After a restful night, we'll bid our new-found Amish friends farewell and board our DEPOSIT $200 PER PERSON motorcoach to continue our journey northward, passing NEw ENGLAND through Reading & Allentown, FALL COLORS PA to our destination in AL#1216 BONY, NY, our overnight stay. OCTOBER 1-9 DAY 4: Today we will enjoy PRICE PER PERSON a leisurely drive through the TRIPLE/QUAD: $1,299 colorful Adirondack mountains. DOUBLE: $1,499 These are the world's oldest SINGLE: $1,999 mountains, a complete range in DAY 1: Welcome aboard our themselves, and not part of the deluxe motorcoach as we begin Appalachian chain as is often assumed. The region includes our 9-day Fall Colors of New Adirondack National Park, with England. As we become acforest on all horizons. Early afquainted, we will travel through the beautiful Shenandoah Valley ternoon finds us in Lake Placid, on our way to our first overnight NY, the "Winter Wonderland," of New York and the site of the stay, Gettysburg, PA. 1932 & 1980 Winter Olympics. Following a tour of the Lake DAY 2: Excitement fills the air this morning as we board our Region, we will check into our magnificent hotel for the evemotorcoach for a narrated tour, by a Licensed Battlefield Guide, ning.(D) DAY 5: This morning, our of the historic Gettysburg Battlefield. We'll learn interesting facts adventure continues with a

aquariums. This afternoon we continue on to Sikeston, MO located in the fertile Mississippi River Delta. Tonight you'll be our guest for a farewell dinner at Lambert's "Throwed Rolls" Restaurant. We will overnight in Sikeston.(D) DAY 10: Homeward Bound! Today is the final day of our Colorado "Aspen Gold" adventure. We've seen magnificent scenery and brilliant golden color. Top it all off with a coach full of new found friends and enough memories to last a lifetime.


2012 Greene Coach Tours

ferry ride across beautiful Lake Champlain to Burlington, VT. We will drive across Vermont to its capital city, Montpelier. Following a brief picture stop at the impressive capitol building , we will cross the Connecticut River into the White Mountains of New Hampshire. An afternoon drive to our overnight stop in NH, will hopefully be rewarded by the dazzling fall colors for which this area is particularly noted.(B) DAY 6: This morning finds us traveling through the southeastern tip of Maine, where we will make some brief picture stops along this scenic seacoast drive. By noon we will arrive in historic Boston, where a local guide will board our coach for an enlightening and informative tour of this bustling city. Some of the sights included in our tour along The Freedom Trail are the Old North Church, "Old

Ironsides," at the Boston Navy Yard, Beacon Hill, the original Statehouse, the city's business district and much more! Following our tour, we will drive a short distance to Plymouth. It was here the Pilgrims, in search of religious freedom, sought refuge in the New World in 1620. We will make a brief picture stop at Plymouth Rock before checking into our hotel for the evening. Tonight we will experience a New England lobster dinner. (A substitution will be made for those who do not eat seafood.) (D) DAY 7: A special treat awaits us this morning as we depart Plymouth and drive to Newport, Rhode Island. Newport's fame as a summer resort began after the Civil War when many wealthy families made the town a center for lavish and sometimes outrageous social events. Parties for dogs were

among the more bizarre occasions. Today Newport is famous for its boating and yachting, and for the restoration and preservation of its many historic mansions. While here, we will visit the Breakers, a 70-room summer home built in 1895 for millionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt. The architecture resembles 16th century Northern Italian palaces and the beautifully landscaped grounds overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Afterwards we will cross the scenic Narragansett Bay and drive through Connecticut, to New Jersey, where our overnight accommodations await our arrival. DAY 8: This morning we will depart and travel across the Delaware River into PA and south to, WVA. Where accommodations await our arrival. (D) DAY 9: All good things must come to an and so is the case of our New England Fall Colors experience.(B) Deposit $200.00 Per Perso




DAY 1: Cajun Bayou, a magical place deep in the Louisiana Bayous where life moves slowly and quietly, is our final destination. This morning we will leave Tennessee and travel south to our overnight stop in Meridian, MS. DAY 2: It's only a short drive this morning to the historic town of Vicksburg, MS. During the Civil War, this city was held under siege as Union troops attempted to starve out the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi. Today, this peaceful river town still has an antebellum atmosphere. We will get a sample of this Old South grace and charm, as a costumed guide takes us on a tour of Cedar Grove, a grand, old plantation home, which overlooks the lazily winding river. This afternoon, we will continue to our overnight destination, Natchez, MS. Here we will be joined by a guide for an enlightening tour of this beautiful antebellum town. DAY 3: Today we will continue south through Baton Rouge and Lafayette to Vermillion Village. This is a charming

re-creation of an old-time Cajun village. We will see Cajun craft people at work and get a sample of their music and culture. Next, we're on to the town of Chauvin, deep in the heart of Cajun country. An authentic Cajun feast will be served by a native family, who might even sing us a few Cajun songs. Our hotel awaits us in Houma this evening.(D) DAY 4: Think you've seen true Cajuns? Wait until we take a guided boat journey into the heart of the bayous. We might even see alligators and other native wildlife up close and personal. This is not for the weakhearted. After our breathtaking tour, we will continue to New Orleans, the city that never sleeps. A local guide joins us this afternoon for a tour of this city created by the union of Cajuns, Creoles and the French. Following the tour, we will check into

our hotel. DAY 5: Hope you got some sleep last night, because today we will enjoy a cruise on an authentic steamboat down the Mississippi. The afternoon belongs to you to take a stroll along the Riverwalk or dine in a romantic cafe in the French Quarter. We will stay again in New Orleans tonight. DAY 6: This morning we are on the road again. We will travel along the sugar-white shores of the Gulf of Mexico to Alabama our overnight stay. DAY 7: We've had a magnificent journey deep into the seldom seen Cajun Bayou country. This was surely a most memorable tour, Cajun style! Deposit $100.00 Per Person


2012 Greene Coach Tours



DAY 1 : So much to see and do right in our own backyard. Sit back and relax as our motorcoach makes it's way to Chattanooga, TN. We will go directly to Hale's Bar Marina where we board the Southern Belle Riverboat for a five hour fall foilage cruise with lunch included. Our voyage takes us through the Tennessee River canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the South, just in time to see natures brilliant canvas of vivid fall colors. We arrive at Ross's Landing in Chattanooga where our coach is waiting to take us to our destination.Tonight enjoy dinner at a special place. (D) Day 2: Rise and Shine! We have a full day of sightseeing and we will begin at world famous Rock City. Take an unforgettable journey along the enchanted trail where each step reveals nautral beauty and wonders. Next we'll go from high atop Lookout Mountain to deep within as we descend into the heart of the mountain at Ruby Falls. We'll enjoy a guided tour through the cavern to the

high chamber that's home to the spectacular falls. This afternoon we'll visit the Tennessee Aquarium where we can learn all about aquatic life from colorful displays and exhibits on both fresh and saltwater ecosystems. And you don't want to miss "Penquins Rock," an exciting new exhibit filled with gentoo and macaroni penguins, two cold climate species that will amaze you with their playful antics. Afterwards, we'll depart Chattanooga and return home. DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON

#1219 NOVEMBER 5-7 PRICE PER PERSON TRIPLE/QUAD: $199 DOUBLE: $239 SINGLE: $319 DAY 1: Welcome aboard your deluxe motor coach as we journey to Tunica MS and listen for bells and whistles as we play to win!! DAY 2: Our 2nd night stay is at the fabulous Gold Strike Casinos Hotel where we will play, stay and eat our time away from home. While here you will also be a guest at the Harrah's with time to play and eat. Then it's check-out time and homeward bound with our pockets full and memories of our great time in Tunica! DEPOSIT $100 PER PERSON





DAY 1: Climb aboard our executive motorcoach and we're off for an exciting Thanksgiving holiday like no other, in the Big Apple, New York City! New York may not be the center of the universe, but it does occupy a central place in the world's imagination. No other city has quite the style or sheer abundance. No where else are things done in such grand style as in "The Big Apple!" We'll travel across the beautiful Virginia countryside and continue through the Shenandoah Valley to our overnight destination in Washington, D.C. After checking into our hotel, we will travel to the heart of our nation's capital to view breathtaking sights of illuminated buildings, monuments, the White House, and the Capitol, just to mention a few. DAY 2: This morning, we will continue our journey to New York. Early afternoon we check into our NY hotel. Tonight, we will attend a Broadway play. DAY 3: Happy Thanksgiving! Rise and shine. Let's go see a parade! Yes, it's the fabulous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Pa-


2012 Greene Coach Tours

rade. The breathtaking pageantry includes bands, floats, dignitaries and celebrities in festive costumes. What a treat! Of course, for youngsters of all ages, there will be "Jolly Ole St. Nick" from the North Pole. After the parade, we will be joined by a native New Yorker for a guided tour of the city. You'll see such sights as Wall Street, Chinatown, Broadway, Times Square, Theatre District, Central Park and much more. This evening you will have Thanksgiving dinner. (D) DAY 4: Sleep in, relax and enjoy the hotel. Whatever your pleasure, this is your FREE day. Shopping will be great with "after Thanksgiving Day" sales - or maybe you'd like to take in another Broadway play. Late afternoon we will attend the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular with the world famous Rockettes. We will spend another night here in the city. DAY 5: Today we reluctantly leave our hotel in the city and travel to East Tennessee, with a renewed sense of Thanksgiving for all that we have seen and done on this fantastic holiday tour. Deposit $250.00 Per Person



DAYS 1 & 2: Today we will travel to Nashville, TN for a 3 day holiday! We will check into the Opryland Hotel, dressed in millions of lights, trees, flowers, and garlands for the holiday season.. Just enjoying the hotel's splendor whether its walking through the festive atrium or sitting by the fireplace enjoying fellowship, the Christmas atmosphere will fill your heart and soul. This weekend we will experience the Grand Ole Opry,General Jackson Showboat, Treasures of the Holiday's craft show and a festive dinner and Christmas show at the hotel. (Schedule of events is determined by Opryland Hotel.) (B)(L)(D) DAY 3: Afternoon departure for home. Deposit $250.00 Per Person Opryland hotel DOES NOT refund ANY money due to cancellation. Travel insurance is HIGHLY recomended.



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