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Project 2 ­ Magician's Hat


· · · · · 1 sheet of black poster board 6 sheets of plain paper Scissors Tape Glue stick

For assembly, refer to the accompanying illustration.


1. Print the hatband on plain paper. Allow to dry completely. 2. Cut out the hatband pieces following the guides. 3. Glue the hatband pieces together to make one long piece, then set it aside to dry. 4. Print the pattern pieces on plain paper. Allow to dry completely. 5. Cut out the pattern pieces. 6. Assemble the three pieces of the hat's crown along the guides by aligning the letters. Join them together with tape. This will create one hat crown pattern. 7. Arrange the patterns on the poster board and secure each piece with at least two rolled pieces of tape. Be sure to leave enough room for the half-brim piece to flip over and form a full-circle brim. 8. Trim around each pattern. Trim around the hat brim pattern and then flip it over to trim out the other half of the brim (the final brim should be donut-shaped). Remove the pattern pieces from the cut poster board and set them aside for reference. 9. Form a tube with the hat's crown. Make sure that it fits snugly inside the hole on the brim and fasten it with glue. You can use tape on the inside of the crown to hold it in a tube shape while the glue dries. 10. Fold the triangular tabs on the top of the hat toward the inside of the hat. Fold the triangular tabs on the bottom of the hat crown toward the outside of the hat.

Project 2 ­ Magician's Hat (continued)

11. Rub glue on each of the outward folded bottom tabs, and then place the brim over the crown from the top so that it rests on top of the bottom tabs. Press the brim down onto the tabs and allow the glue to set. 12. Put a dab of glue on each of the inward folded tabs, and then affix the top of the hat to the crown. 13. Wrap the hatband around the crown so that it rests on the brim, and then glue it in place. Now your hat is finished. Just add one rabbit.

Project 2 / Page 3 Magician's Hat: Diagram

Project 2 / Page 4 Magician's Hat: Band

Project 2 / Page 5 Magician's Hat: Crown One

Section 1 of Crown Pattern


Project 2 / Page 6 Magician's Hat: Crown Two


Section 2 of Crown Pattern


Project 2 / Page 7 Magician's Hat: Crown Three

Glue to here


Section 3 of Crown Pattern

Project 2 / Page 8 Magician's Hat: Brim

Hat Brim Pattern

Project 2 / Page 9 Magician's Hat: Top

Hat Top Pattern



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